General Information
Type Korean Cartoon
Years on Air 2006
Seasons 1
Episodes 26

Z-Squad logo

"Z-Squad" is a South Korean computer animated show that premiered in 2006.


Echipa Z
Z-Squad chronicles the adventure of Chaney, Haemi, and Jeanie - school girls turned superheroes and their newfound, cuddly alien counterparts, Zoots, as they search for 144 enchanted crystals in order to save the Earth and Z-Nation from a cast of bumbling baddies.

The three were known as the most athletic girls in the school, defeating all the boys in everything they do. For example, in the first episode the audience is told that Haemi beat the boys at archery, Chaney defeated the boys in Tennis and Jeanie defeated the boys in track.

Whilst the three are the most athletic girls in the school their title becomes threatened by the three new boys more likely known as the drop dead gorgeous three or the DDG3 for short. They are known to be the most athletic boys as well as being cute. They come across arrogant and cheaters when facing the girls.

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