1 (195)- "Fukkatsu! Purikyua Faibu" ("Return! PreCure 5")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 1

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 1

Airdate: February 3, 2008

Nozomi is writing a letter to Coco. After his departure with Natts and Milk, the Pretty Cure have been moving on with their normal lives. Rin has designed some more accessories, Urara is becoming famous, Komachi is writing a novel and Karen is studying to become a doctor.

The girls meet at school on how they miss the mascots. Nozomi is wondering how she will deliver the letter to the Palmier Kingdom. Out of nowhere, a mysterious boy appears saying he can deliver the letter and he gives her one. Nozomi opens it and rose petals erupt out. A hologram of a woman appears and introduces herself as Flora, guardian of the Cure Rose Garden. She asks for help to protect her. They are reluctant but Nozomi reassures them and they all agree. The hologram disappears and the letter morphs into the Rose Pact.

In the Palmier Kingdom, everyone is helping re-build it when a mysterious force has attacked the council. Milk tells Coco that this mysterious force was from 'Eternal'. Coco and Natts see the five lights are flying to Earth, which means Pretty Cures' power is needed again. The boy wants to talk about the Rose Pact but the girls all start asking questions simultaneously. Out of frustration, he takes Nozomi to a bell tower. He talks to Nozomi when

Scorp appears asking Syrup why he has been running from Eternal. Nozomi bluntly shows the Rose Pact to Scorp, thus causing a chase it ensue, resulting in Syrup getting heavily injured. The rest of the group catch up with Nozomi when Scorp appears, inquiring the Rose Pact. The group soon runs away since their Pinky Catches have been taken from them in the last episode of Yes! Pretty Cure 5. Soon the Five Lights appear again and turn into CureMos. Coco and Natts arrive again as well. The Cures transform with different outfits than before. Pretty Cure 5 is back...

2 (196)- "Nozomi to Koko Nayameru Saikai" ("Nozomi and Coco: A Distressing Reunion")

(のぞみとココ 悩める再会)
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 2

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 2

Airdate: February 10, 2008

The introduction begins with Nozomi narrating the story of Flora, the guardian of the Cure Rose Garden, asking Nozomi and friends to help her and they agreed. Then they met a mail boy name Syrup. When they decided they should go to the rose garden, a weird villain, Scorp, suddenly attacked. Then Coco and Natts came back and they don't know what is happening. Then they received new powers and transformed into Pretty Cures again. Right now, they noticed their clothing is different. This shocked Scorp when they transformed and then he attacked but the Pretty Cure fought back. After a few short minutes, Scorp said he had enough and left. Syrup discovered they are Pretty Cure and this depressed Coco. After it was over, Dream was happy to see Coco and Natts and the others began to question them why are they here and how they got here. Dream then went to Coco and gave him the letter. She told her that was worried about how to mail this to him but now she can give it to him right here. She then noticed what's wrong with Coco before he took it and Natts suspects it too. Syrup then comes in and asks "Whats going on?" Natts and Coco recoginized him and Aqua asked if he's a friend. Coco answers he was sort of a friend. Dream stared at Coco, wondering what's wrong.

The next day at Karen's House, they were talking about how they were going to the Rose Garden but why they sent the letter to Nozomi and what and where's the Rose Garden. Coco and Natts told them that the Rose Garden is a flower garden that spanned the Kingdom long ago. It's said to be somewhere around the world but not recorded where it is. In order to get to the Rose Garden, they must open the Rose Pact that'll lead to the Rose Garden and to open it, they must gather the power of the monarchs that surround Palmier Kingdom. But they've all gone missing because Eternal attacked. Meanwhile somewhere, the scene moved on to a building that looked like museum and inside were Anacondy telling Bunbee what they did in Eternal. They steal valuable objects from every era and every place that their goal is that one day every valuable thing will be would soon be in their hands, impressing Bunbee. When they entered the office, Scorp was there and said he found the Rose Pact but couldn't get it because the Pretty Cure won't give it to him. When Bunbee heard Pretty Cure, he was enraged and told them all about them but Anacondy and Scorp ignored him and Anacondy ordered Scorp to get the Rose Pact.

Back to the Pretty Cure, they were talking about that it was the same people that attacked Nozomi and the 4 Monarchs. Natts said they are scattered in Earth and appeared as "Palmins." Since Coco and Natts are going to live on Earth again, they should revive Natts House. Komachi worried about Palmier Kingdom and asked if it was OK. Natts said its their duty to save the monarchs. Natts also mention they should contact Syrup and ask if he could write a letter. Syrup rejected because doesn't want to and left leaving a breeze. Later they came to the new Natts House. It looked like the original but bigger and with a small warehouse. Rin asked if Natts is going to run the shop again and Natts said sure if he's going to live in this world. Urara commented that they should clean up the shop first. Just as Nozomi going to say her catchphrase, Coco interrupted her and said that he and Natts will do the cleaning because they had a hard day. This worried Nozomi because she noticed that Coco was sad.

That night, Nozomi is looking at the stars until Syrup surprised her and commented that Coco is cold-hearted, but Nozomi objected and went to her room. Syrup said to Mailpo that he's just worried about her. At Natts House, Coco was cleaning until Natts told him not to push himself and told him there's more ahead. Natts said that the Cures are different than before. The butterflies obtain the Red Rose from the Rose Pact and the Rose Garden grows Red and Blue Roses and if they meet, a new power will emerge. Coco said it sound like the legend of the Cure Rose Garden. The Cures are the red rose, but who is the Blue Rose? And why was the Rose Pact given to them? They know that Nozomi and her friends are dragged into it again. They were the only ones that are Pretty Cures but if Coco and Natts haven't came... Natts said that he wanted to see them and now's the chance and cannot change.

The next day at school, Coco is teaching again and Rin said it great to have him as the teacher again but Nozomi is sad. In the library, Komachi told Nozomi that it's great to see Coco again. Coco was reading Nozomi's letter and when she came, she said to him that she was really happy to see him but she doesn't think he is happy about it. This worries Coco and when Nozomi was going to leave, he grabbed her hand and looked her into the eyes. He tried to say that he is happy to be here. Suddenly, Syrup appeared and asked if she has the Rose Pact and when he saw Coco, he asked if he's coming with them. He said that he's disgusting and doesn't understand her feelings. Just then, Coco and Syrup sensed that an evil presence appeared. It was Scorp in the library asking Nozomi to give him the Rose Pact. Nozomi rejected and Coco yelled at him for using force to steal from others and not hesitating if he's going to harm others. Scorp told him to be quiet and attacked with enough force to knock Coco and Syrup into a wall and turn back into mascots. Nozomi asked if they are alright and gave Coco the Rose Pact and told Syrup to let Coco ride on him and fly out of here. Nozomi transformed to Cure Dream and was ready to battle. Just as it was getting started, Scorp said it's different from the other day. He threw a ball at the book shelf and it transformed into a Hoshina. It was a hard fight for Dream. She tried her best but couldn't go on. Coco went to check if she's OK. Coco apologized to Dream and said that everything was his fault. If he haven't came to see Nozomi and her friends, they wouldn't become Pretty Cures again. He was caring for the kingdom so Nozomi could visit and have a great time. But now he's believing he's torturing them. Dream was touched that he still cares about her and her friends. She comforted him and told him that she's glad to see Coco is still kind as before. When she stood up, she yelled at Scorp for making Coco sad and he wants to fulfill people's dreams. When Scorp said it was foolish, but Rin said it wasn't. She and the other Cures arrived and transformed. Scorp attacked them but they managed to get through and said that they were really happy to see Coco and Natts. Scorp commanded the Hoshina to attack them, but they dodged it and Nozomi put Coco somewhere safe and request him to give them strength. Dream went back to the Cures and they fought at their best. They said they decided to become Pretty Cures and not anyone's fault. They must believe in everyone and themselves through pain because they are going to the Rose Garden. Coco believes that if they combine their powers, they'll succeed. Then, Cure Dream finishes the Hoshina with her new power, Shooting Star. Scorp, angered by this loss, fled, and Dream shocked and amazed by this new power. When the others got outside, Coco gave the Rose Pact back to Nozomi and showed her the letter she gave him and was really happy to know how she feels, but don't know how to help her. But then Natts appeared out of the bushes and said that they can help. He asked if he feels something. Coco found it and lead the the Pretty Cures. It was a Palmin that Coco sensed. They are hard to find but Natts and Coco now have the ability to sense Palmins. Coco tell Nozomi to snapshot the Palmin with her Curemo. Her snapshot was a success but it wasn't the Monarch. It was a tatami bed but wasn't a failure because it was useful. Nozomi cheered her friends that they can find them and Coco says that he believes if they combine their powers and work together, they'll will find the monarchs and go to the Cure Rose Garden. Syrup spying on them on a tree branch and confused about the word "together".

3 (197)- "Hakobiya Shiroppu no Tomodachi" ("Delivery Boy Syrup's Friend")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 3

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 3

Airdate: February 17, 2008

The episode begins with Coco and Natts at Natts House replying to a letter Milk sent. Syrup comes in with a plethora of them. Everyone is shocked. Nozomi suggests that they should reply to every one of them. This overwhelms everyone. But she suggests that they should buy snacks to relieve them. At the bell tower, Mailpo gives a recent letter from Milk to Syrup. He refuses to deliver it and claims that the group has received enough. Everyone is at the supermarket and Komachi says she will go to her family's shop to get some daifuku. As Komachi leaves the supermarket, Mailpo appears. He gives her a recent letter from Milk. Nozomi appears to help her with the daifuku when she sees the letter. She claims a small pink object gave it to her but when she looks, Mailpo's gone.

At Eternal, Scorp is giving his report to Anacondy. He is explaining why he failed in retrieving the Rose Pact. Bunbee appears, telling them of his previous encounters at Nightmare. He tells them to ask anything about Pretty Cure. Anacondy suggests writing as much as he knows such as powers, techniques, goals and weaknesses, but to finalize he must fight them once more.

Nozomi and Komachi are wondering why Mailpo suddenly vanished. They soon see Syrup. Syrup is looking for Mailpo. Komachi and Nozomi offer to help him but he refuses. They reason with him and he soon lets them. Mailpo is running around and is approached by Bunbee. He gives him a letter to give to the Pretty Cure. Rin, Urara and Karen catch their second Palmin. It turns out it wasn't a monarch. Syrup soon finds Mailpo. Mailpo delivers Bunbee's letter and they are extremely confused. The other Cures arrive and still can't comprehend the letter. Bunbee appears before the girls and the they are shocked. They say Nightmare has already been defeated. However Bunbee explains how he survived. He attacks Pretty Cure and they transform.

Bunbee is surprised by their power accelerations and admires their new strength. He creates a Hoshina that slows the Cures. He attacks the mascots but Mint defends them. She showcases her new attack, Emerald Saucer.

At Natts House, Coco and Natts are extremely tired from replying to all of Milk's letters. Karen says that they hadn't slept for three days. However Syrup denies to deliver them. Mailpo soon sucks them up to deliver them himself. Syrup stops him. Syrup proclaims he will definitely NOT deliver them.

4 (198)- "Urara no Daihon o Todokero!" ("Deliver Urara's Script!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 4

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 4

Airdate: February 24, 2008

The episode starts with Syrup delivering letters from Milk to Natts House, when he saw Urara practicing. Nozomi said Urara's been put in a top 10 list out of 5000 people over the country. This is the final audition for a movie and if Urara passes, she gets the role. Meanwhile, at Eternal, Bunbee presented his report to the secretary. He said the Pretty Cure were different from what he remembered. He went to put the reports and bumped to Scorp. He called him various names pretending not to remember his true name when Scorp teleported. Back at Natts House, Urara was practicing when the mascots felt the presence of a Palmin. Urara stayed inside to practice when she noticed a Palmin. She tried taking a snapshot of it, but Washio-san appeared. Urara dragged him out, not noticing she left her script. Everyone wished her luck and she left. Then she arrived and noticed her script is not here. Nozomi and the others noticed that too. They all hurried to deliver it. Urara picked up the number seven. Her turn was getting closer and closer and everyone hurried to deliver her script, when Scorp attacked. He summoned a Hoshina from the ground and the girls gave the script to Syrup to deliver. He went to deliver it while the Cures transformed. Scorp changed to his monster form. The Cures started fighting the Hoshina. With minutes to spare before her audition, Urara got the script back from Syrup. He told her to look at it fast, but Urara said she already knows everything what's written in there. Syrup was confused as to why she still needs the script, but Urara said everyone's advice is written in there and it gives her courage. Then Syrup was surprised for this and Urara asked what happened to everyone. Syrup told her, but then her turn came. Syrup told her to go because this is her dream. Urara went on, but couldn't say her lines because she was worried about everyone. She then ran away and met with Syrup. When the Cures were about to lose, Urara with Syrup came. She told them she got out from her audition because she was worried about them. Then she transformed into Cure Lemonade.They all fought and in the end Urara used her new attack - Prism Chain - to defeat the Hoshina. Scorp escaped. Later, Washio came and Urara apologized to him. He wasn't mad and said there will be other chances too. When he left, everyone found the same Palmin from before. Urara took a snapshot, revealing that it was King Donuts.

5 (199)- "Seito Kaichō Karen he no Tegami" ("The Letter to Student Council President Karen")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 5

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 5

Airdate: March 2, 2008

The episode starts with the girls and mascots coming to student council room and Urara showed them the still-asleep King Donuts. Coco suggested Urara to give him the Rose Pact and he might awaken, which she did, but King Donuts was still asleep. Nozomi transferred the futon she got from a Palmin to the Rose Pact at Natts' suggestion to give the king something to sleep on. Nozomi tried introducing herself, but King Donuts was still sleeping. Then some girls came to Karen to bring her the suggestion box, which was used so students can share opinions on improving the school. One of the letters was asking to put more novels to the library. Komachi agreed with it saying that many people were looking for new novels and already read the existing books. She said the budget will be enough and Karen said she'll put a list later. Other suggestions involved decorating the lobby, which Karen left to the art room. Another was to put flowers outside. Karen consulted this with the vice-principal and they started working on it. Meanwhile, Bunbee was teasing Scorp, saying his name wrong again. Next day, Nozomi and Rin barely made it to school on time. Nozomi overslept again because she was busy writing suggestions to Karen like "make the summer vacation longer" and "make yakisoba bread portions bigger". Then one girl put the suggestion at the suggestion box and it started shining. Then the letter came out from Mailpo, who gave it to Syrup. He went to school to look for Karen when he saw a can of tomato rolling his side. He brought it to Otaka-san, and she asked him to help more. After helping, Syrup wanted to go back, but he got hungry and Otaka-san gave him some delicious hotcakes. Meanwhile, Karen was reading a suggestion saying to shorten the waiting lines at the cafeteria. She went to consult Otaka-san and saw Syrup there. She almost said his name loud, but then fixed it to Shiroh. They went to the student council room and she told Syrup. Then he gave Karen the letter that said there are missing major works from Art Club. Karen and Syrup went to find out together because he was curious why Mailpo would give him this letter. They went to the club and saw Bunbee stealing things. He looked at his book and saw these things have no value. He started shouting at Karen for all the energy he wasted. He transformed to his monster form and attacked Karen and Syrup. They ran outside and Karen ordered him to return everyone's works and transformed into Cure Aqua. Bunbee made a Hoshina from the monument and Karen fought it, despite Syrup telling her to escape. She said she can't escape because that letter was delivered to her, asking her to resolve this. Then the rest of the Cures arrived and transformed. As they fought, Bunbee tried to destroy the Art Club, but Aqua stopped the Hoshina. She felt strongly about answering the request and saving the club and she used her new attack - Sapphire Arrow to defeat the Hoshina. Next day, the Cures went to the cafeteria and saw that the line got smaller but there were more people here. Then the girls saw Syrup in his human form working there. Otaka-san introduced him as her new helper - Amai Shiroh. The girls noticed there was also a new menu. Then a girl from student council came with the suggestion box, which was filled with thank-you letters. One of the letters had a drawing with Karen and the other Cures and written "do your best, Karen-san". This made Karen really happy.

6 (200)- "Dōnatsu Kokuō Mezameru!" ("King Donuts Awakens!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 6

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 6

Airdate: March 9, 2008

Rin was tired because she stayed up all night yesterday. She was walking with Nozomi to Natts House when Syrup came. He said he got a letter from Milk so he came here when suddenly the Rose Pact started shining. The three kids ran inside and it was actually King Donuts awakening. Nozomi looked from up close to the King when he started scolding her for her rude behaviour. He thinks he's in Eternal, but when Coco and Natts change to their mascot forms, he scolds them too, because it's in their kingdom where they got abducted. Rin is tired so she yawned, only to get scolded by the King. He wanted to return to his kingdom and prepared to jump, but he just hit the shield. Meanwhile, at Eternal, Scorp stayed for six days to finish report, but Anacondy didn't accept it because it had some typos, page numbers were missing and there was no table of contents. She told him to redo everything and include information from last time. Back at Natts House, King Donuts was angry that they are keeping him in such a small place and asked to let him go. Coco said he has to stay there until he gets better and he tried showing how healthy he was but he got dizzy. Karen gave him the apple she got earlier but he refused to eat it. Then everyone left to prepare for the store's opening by handing out the flyers, but Rin fell asleep. Nozomi said to leave her. Then she gave some to Syrup. At first he refused to hand them, saying if they need someone to do that they should ask Rin, but Nozomi says she stayed up all night playing futsal, helping at the store and designing accessories so they should give her some rest. Everyone was surprised because Rin didn't say that to anyone. Nozomi says she knows Rin was always like that. Everyone except Syrup left to hand out the flyers. Syrup stayed at home. Suddenly, Rin woke up. When she found out everyone was handing flyers she hurried but then saw a note from Nozomi. She said to take it easy and they'll hand out the flyers. She then said to Syrup how much of an idiot she is doing so many jobs at once and doing everything halfway. King Donuts appeared, who was listening to everything. He gave some advice to Rin, when she headed out to futsal practice. Then King Donuts asked Syrup how come he and others know so much about the Rose Pact and he turned back to his mascot form. King Donuts said he has a poor reputation in kingdom, making him angry. Meanwhile, Rin kicked a ball over the fence due to lacking of sleep and Scorp came. He changed to his monster form and transformed Rin's ball into a Hoshina. Everyone felt that something's appeared. Rin transformed to Cure Rouge. The Hoshina attacked her, but Syrup saved her. Then Scorp attacked, making Syrup turn from his bird form back to mascot and he caught the Rose Pact. King Donuts then went out, making Scorp lose the Pact. Scorp was happy that King Donuts was inside, because then the value of it increases. Then the rest of the cures came and transformed. They all fought while Scorp came for the Rose Pact. King Donuts returned to the Pact and Coco and Natts protected it. Then Rouge came saving them. Scorp captured her, saying she does only half work and was about to attack with the Hoshina but everyone else saved her. She said she might not have enough time to do everything fully but that doesn't matters because she has everyone to support her. Then she used her new attack - Fire Strike - defeating the Hoshina. Later, everyone opened Natts House and asked for Syrup's help but he said he came to deliver Milk's letter. Then Coco read the letter and Milk said the kingdom is in danger and that everyone should come too (not forgeting to add -mil after every sentence). At first Syrup was reluctant to deliver them, but King Donuts said for him to deliver everyone's emotions. Or he can't do that. Syrup said he can and decided to do it. Everyone jumped on his back and flew to Palmier Kingdom. Natts was sad that they had to close freshly reopened Natts House.

7 (201)- "Rettsugō! Parumie Ōkoku" ("Let's Go! Palmier Kingdom")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 7

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 7

Airdate: March 16, 2008

After receiving Milk's letter, everyone worriedly hurries back to Palmier Kingdom. King Donuts is still unhappy and does not recognize Coco and Natts as the rulers of Palmier Kingdom. Meanwhile, Papaya scolded Milk for slacking while everyone were working and suddenly shadow of a bird passed by. Milk thought it was a letter but then it was revealed to be the Cures with Coco Natts. It got Milk all teary-eyed and she went to hug her kings she missed so much. Meanwhile, at Eternal, new denizen Nebatakos returned with a new prize, Nanawa, which is number 85 on the list. Then he headed out to retrieve Rose Pact. Back at the kingdom, Papaya scolded Milk for writing such a letter. Milk said she was just lonely without Coco and Natts and missed them and then ran away, despite Coco and Natts saying it's ok that nothing happened to the kingdom. Later, Coco as Koji was helping to build the kingdom and Nozomi helped to. He apologised to Nozomi because he actually promised her to show the rebuilt kingdom but she didn't mind. Meanwhile, Natsu-san and Komachi were helping too when Rin and Urara came. Karen came too, saying she still didn't found Milk. Meanwhile, Milk was thinking alone at the tree near the kingdom when Syrup and Mailpo met up with her. Milk shouted at them but then confessed she became a caregiver to be closer to Coco and Natts. Then Mailpo went away but fell down. He said he's just tired from flying fast and will be fine after sleeping. Milk got worried and apologized, but Syrup was already asleep. Later, the Cures, Coco and Natts took a break and the Cures were treated to delicious sweets - fruits of the Palmier trees. Then Nozomi planted a seed too and when everyone was having fun, Coco and Natts felt something. Then something shot from the sky, shaking the ground and grabbing the attention of Milk and Syrup. It was Nebatakos. He changed to his monster form and started demolishing the Palmier trees. Nozomi and others transformed to Pretty Cure. Nebatakos summoned a Hoshina from the rock and Coco and Natts, along with Milk and Syrup, ordered the Palmier citizens to evacuate. Nebatakos tried attacking the Palmier Kingdom citizens, but Coco distracted him by saying he has the Rose Pact. He captured Coco. King Donuts wanted to help too. Natts took the Rose Pact and King Donuts attacked with a blue bright light, but it weakened him. Rose Pact was thrown out and it shot some strange blue seed. The Cures used this chance and attacked Nebatakos. Aqua used her Sapphire Arrow to back Nebatakos away and Dream used Shooting Star to defeat the Hoshina. After the battle, everyone had to leave again. Everyone were sad, but Milk said even far away they are still working hard for their sake. Milk asked Karen to take care of Coco and Natts and Nozomi asked Milk to take care of the seed she planted. After they left, everyone one by one left and Milk got teary-eyed. Then Milk noticed the blue seed behind her, wondering what was that.

8 (202)- "Shiroppu to Nazo no Tegami" ("Syrup and the Mysterious Letter")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 8

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 8

Airdate: March 23, 2008

Syrup has a strange dream where he is in some dark place and the door behind him closes. He wants to go to the door but a hand is holding his feet. Then we wakes up screaming, scaring Mailpo who emits a letter for the Cures. Next day at school Nozomi and Urara were eating dessert pancakes and Syrup came, giving them the letter. The girls opened it up and see a piece of pancake, a decorated piece of paper and a piece of flower. Nozomi guessed it was invitation to eat pancakes at Rin, but nobody agreed. They went to Natts House where King Donuts was asleep after using so much power. They were all looking for clues and Komachi noticed the letter V imprinted on the flower part and the cake. They were thinking of English words starting with V. Nozomi coudn't think of anything and leaned down. Then she smelled the crepes and led everyone to the new crepe restaurant that recently opened. Nozomi took the flyer and showed that this piece of paper was from the flyer. The restaurant and the flower led to a clock tower that Syrup said he is living in but he doesn't know anyone who sent this letter. Everyone were surprised that Syrup lived there. Nozomi offered him to come live with Coco and Natts, but he refused. Then Scorp appeared. He said the bell of clock tower is valuable so he will seize the whole tower. He made a Hoshina from the hydrant and the Cures transformed. They were fighting the Hoshina when a bird came attacking Scorp. The Cures noticed he has a nest on the tower with little birds. Komachi realized it was the bird who sent the letter, explaining the V mark. The Hoshina attacked and the Cures went to fight it when Scorp then started talking to Syrup. He said for him to return working to Eternal. He said if he gives him Rose Pact he will take him to Cure Rose Garden. He knows what he is searching there. Before Syrup could say anything, Dream interrupted him. Then the Hoshina attacked the tower making the nest fall and Dream saved it. She gave the bird to Syrup. Then she attacked Scorp and used Shooting Star attack, defeating the Hoshina. Later, everyone put the nest back. Syrup confessed about his dreams to Nozomi and she said next time he should write her a letter and she'll come to his dream and get him to that light. Suddenly, Mailpo received lots of letters from Milk and everyone took them back to Natts House.

9 (203)- "Meitantei Komachi Tōjō!" ("Detective Komachi Appears!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 9

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 9

Airdate: March 30, 2008

Everyone wanted to eat the cake that Karen had brought for the celebration of Natts House. Everyone also asked Syrup but he was acting like he didn't want to eat it. Everyone was waiting for Nozomi to divide it into eight pieces, and then everyone said they forgot something and left. While there were away, the cake appeared to be stolen. When everyone returned to get the cake, it wasn't there which shocked them. Then the noise of thunder was heard and the rain also began.

As everyone was looking for the cake, they then see Komachi wearing a detective costume and wanted to find out who ate the cake. Rin went first but she had proved she didn't. Karen was questioned next, but she had proof and said Urara or Nozomi, but they were all getting messed up as they were fighting. Coco then had a plan to get everyone to stop arguing and told them they had to close their eyes first and raise their hand but then no one did. Coco opened his eyes, making them think that he did it but Coco then got mad and said no one did it.

Then, in the same time Bunbee arrived as he was about to make a Hoshina, he was asked if he ate the cake because he had cream in his lip, then all of the girls turned into Cures. They had been fighting Bunbee but not the Hoshina and he still managed to escape. All of them were still wondering who ate the cake, but then Mailpo came and he said he did it but not to eat it. He hid the cake and showed it to them, but a piece was missing. After that Nozomi came and apologized to them for eating one piece. A letter from Milk came telling them that she was growing a blue rose and then it was shining making it grow.

10 (204)- "Deta! Aoi Bara no Chikara!" ("Appear! The Power of the Blue Rose!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 10

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 10

Airdate: April 6, 2008

Everyone is eating at Natts House when suddenly the Rose Pact starts shining. They wonder if something's wrong with King Donuts, but he was fine. Then Flora appeared and said that in the darkness, hatred is being born and it will rip off the red rose and destroy hope. She asked them to unite the power of the Red Rose and the Blue Rose, leaving everyone confused. Meanwhile, at Eternal, Scorp stayed the whole night to finish the report and was looking for Anacondy when he saw Bunbee eavesdropping. He scolded him and Bunbee said he heard something about an underground storage. Then Anacondy came out and Scorp gave her the report and left. Bunbee followed him and Scorp explained that they have done nothing but just write reports. Eternal won't keep people like that for long. Such people are given job undeground for all eternity. You will do nothing but just wander through the endless labyrinth. This is called the Disposal Area. Bunbee started panicking, saying he just transferred here. Scorp suggested to work together with him. Meanwhile, everyone was outside the school thinking about Flora's words. Nozomi was as optimistic as ever. Syrup came saying Eternal would do everything to achieve their goal. Coco told him to trust in them because this was the reason Palmier Kingdom was restored. Later, the sky was cloudy and the girls were waiting for Coco and Syrup to come when suddenly Scorp appeared. The girls transformed and Scorp distracted the Cures to follow him, getting him out of their meeting spot. When they went away, Syrup and then Coco came running late. They thought the girls have already headed home, but Natts came, saying they were not at Natts House. Then Bunbee appeared, capturing the mascots. Later, the Cures were still chasing Scorp when he suddenly stopped. Bunbee appeared behind him with the mascots and the Cures got angry and tried attacking Scorp and Bunbee head-on, but they were too strong. When Bunbee is about to leave with the mascots, strange blue rose petals start flowing. A Mysterious heroine with long purple hair and white/blue/purple suit appears, demanding Bunbee to let go of the mascots. She jumps and kicks Bunbee, making him let go of the mascots with the girl catching them. She gave the mascots to Dream and said this is not good enough. Bunbee tries attacking her from behind and Dream notices that. The girl then stops Bunbee easily and says for Dream that the most precious things are lost easily. If it's really that important for them, they have to work themselves to protect it. The Cures then attack Bunbee and Scorp with their attacks. Bunbee ends up near the girl and tries to shoot rocket at her, but she stops him. Scorp also wants to attack her, but Dream uses her Shooting Star attack on him when Bunbee appears and takes Scorp away with him. Dream crashes to the ground but was fine. Then the mysterious girl disappears and the blue rose petals are still in the air.

11 (205)-"Karei ni Henshin! Mirukī Rōzu!" ("Elegant Transformation! Milky Rose!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 11

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 11

Airdate: April 13, 2008

Everyone was talking about Milky Rose and wondering which side she's on and Karen said she had many powers, leaving everyone in curiosity. Natts said, "If the red and blue roses born frrm the Cure Rose Garden meet, a new power will blossom." Komachi reminded them that Flora said that before and that she protected them, then the girls asked Nozomi but she was smelling the fragrant blue rose petals and said she will thank her if she appears again.

From a tree far away from the house, a Mystery Girl was there watching them. In the museum, Scorp and Bunbee were telling Anacondy about Milky Rose and her powers. Anacondy then told Scorp that she will fire him and he begged her for another chance and she accepted it, with a warning: to not get defeated again. The girls were in school and still wondering about Milky Rose if she was with Eternal or not, but the girls find it hard to believe, Nozomi was not thinking she wanted to meet her.

Scorp was angry, and Bunbee wanted cheer him up but it didn't work after Scorp told him that if he failed again, he would gone and fired from him job. The girls were in their home with Coco and Natts when they heard something coming from the lake and it was Scorp. He said he was staying and then turned into his monster form and made a tornado, angrily shouting. He also said to hand over the Rose Pact. The girls were scared and turned into Cures. Coco and Natts rushed in the house and the girls began to fight.

Rouge did Fire Strike and Aqua did Sapphire Arrow. With th eir combined powers, they though it would be really hard to dodge it but Scorp did, and told them if they had more powers. Lemonade used Prism Chain and trapped Scorp. Cure Dream did Shooting Star but it didn't work. After all the fighting the Cures were having a hard time but then Milky Rose appeared again and protected them, leaving the Cures again surprised. Milky Rose used Milky Rose Blizzard and destroyed Scorp. After that, Milky Rose was running away and then Dream came and thanked her, Milky Rose smiled and went away as the blue petals floated.

12 (206)- "Mimino Kurumi ga Yattekita!" ("Kurumi Mimino has Arrived!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 12

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 12

Airdate: April 20, 2008

In Nozomi's class at L'École des Cinq Lumières everyone is chatting when a new student comes in. She is very sophisticated and writes her name on the board.

At Eternal, Bunbee mourns the death of Scorp when his substitute comes in. He disrespects Scorp's memory saying he was weak and asks Bunbee to clean his legs. At lunch Nozomi introduces the new student to the rest of the Pretty Cures and they welcome her. However they are surprised to see that she knows such much about them although she has just transfered to the school. Mika comes to interview Kurumi, who only gives brief answers.

Kokoda Koji asks the girls to tour and introduce the school to Kurumi. Kurumi shows a lot of interest in him, calling him "Coco ...da-sensei", like Nozomi does. She almost blows Syrup's cover by calling him by his real name, but gets her mouth covered by the other five girls. Kurumi is later shown to be very good at acting, has good knowledge on literature, has excellent taste in landscaping and is very athletic. Mika takes pictures of all her talents and then leaves. The school orders a new set of basketballs, which are delivered by Nebatakos. One of which is possessed by a Hoshina.

When all the girls are talking to Nozomi she drops all the balls. When the girls pick them up, one drops, freeing the Hoshina ball and bounces into the PE storehouse. The storehouse soon becomes large. The girls transform and fight the Hoshina.

After it is defeated the girls look at the school newspaper and see that Kurumi is on the board. She is seen with all her talents on acting (with Urara), literature knowledge (with Komachi), landscape design (with Karen) and athletics (with Rin). Only to see she did not do something with Nozomi. Nozomi asks the passing Kurumi why and tells hers that she needed a talent. This upsets Nozomi and the two start to argue.

13 (207)- "Akumu no Meruhen Wārudo" ("Fairy Tale World of Nightmares")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 13

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 13

Airdate: April 27, 2008

Syrup is dreaming of the Cure Rose Garden. He walks around in admiration of the roses. However as soon as he reaches his wing to touch the rose it disintegrates. He wakes up to find he's been sleepwalking. Mailpo looks extremely concerned and Syrup rebuffs his worry, saying that he's had the same dream before. He takes a quick flight around the city saying 'I can go anywhere; other than the Cure Rose Garden'.

In Eternal, Anacondy is showing The Director a new item that they've retrieved. She asks if it's quality is satisfactory and whether it can be stored in Eternal. He is pleased and Anacony asks that if he has any other requests that they should be named. 'Rose Pact' he says. He claims the Cure Rose Garden cultivates life and once its power has been brought into his power, only then will his collection be complete. Anacondy apologizes and the Director cuts her off by saying they should use another employee. After his order he leaves. Syrup is up at the church bell tower. Nozomi and Kokoda appear bringing him some cake and tea. Syrup refuses the offer and walks away. Unbeknownst to them, Kurumi was eavesdropping on their whole conversation. Nozomi tries to change his mind but Syrup vehemently denies he wants any. Shibiretta is pleased to hear she has been summoned to retrieve the Rose Pact. A dark void appears on top of the tower and then engulfs Nozomi, Coco and Syrup into it. Kurumi tries to bring them back but they are taken away. Nozomi, Coco and Syrup arrive in a forest at what seems to be in the night. They are in weird clothes and are extremely confused. They all agree to find out what cause this. They go into a seemingly abandoned wooden puppet workhouse. A woman appears and tells Syrup he is troubled in life. She tells him to be a good boy and his troubles will be solved. He tells her he has no troubles and refuses to be a good boy. The woman says he's lying and with her magic makes his nose longer. Coco explains the story of Pinnoccio to Syrup and the woman morphs into Shibiretta.

The others are increasingly worried over how the three are taking long to arrive at Natts House. Kurumi runs in saying they've disappeared. Meanwhile Shibiretta creates a puppet Hoshina. It constricts the three and Shibiretta is surprised to find they haven't got the Rose Pact. Seeing this she turns to Natts House. The others try to go to the clock tower where Nozomi and the others disappeared but once they open the door they realize they're on a boat in the middle of the sea. A whale Hoshina appears and consumes the four and Natts.

Shibiretta seizes the Rose Pact and says that if Syrup wants it he can easily return to Eternal. She narrates how Syrup only remembers standing in front of the Palmier Kingdom gate, not knowing why he was there or even who he was. He felt different in the Palmier Kingdom being the only one who could fly. Shibiretta claims he doesn't fit in anywhere and that the only place he will feel contented is Eternal. The other four appear and after Dream retorts to Shibiretta's claims Syrup refuses to work for Eternal again. They defeat the puppet Hoshina and Milky Rose retrieves the Rose Pact from Shibiretta. Enraged, Shibiretta leaves and the four and Natts are taken back to Natts House and Nozomi, Coco and Syrup are transported to the church tower. They hand Syrup the snacks and Coco informs Syrup they have an extra room in Natts House and is okay with him moving in. Syrup asks what he's trying to saying and tries the cake. He enjoys it.

14 (208)- "Mirukī Rōzu no Himitsu!" ("Milky Rose's Secret")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 14

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 14

Airdate: May 4, 2008

The episode starts when Kurumi is walking on the street and sees Natsu-san dressed up in strange clothes. Later, Kurumi gave tea to everyone at Natts House. Nozomi wanted to eat some mamedaifuku too, but Kurumi says there is only enough for two. They get into a fight over food and Rin sees this strangely familiar. Meanwhile, at Eternal, Anacondy came to Bunbee, saying his report is pretty good, but there is a problem - he didn't sign it as Bunbee. Bunbee said this was based on Scorp's data, so he signed his name too. Anacondy said there is no one at Eternal with such name. Remembering the scary Anacondy, he agreed to delete Scorp's name from the report. Back at Natts House, the girls noticed Kurumi is acting a bit strange and she told them everything. Natsu-san said he is going to the store and the girls decided to follow him. Koji, Shiroh and Kurumi stayed at the store. Kurumi told Koji to take it easy and Shiroh will finish cleaning because he isn't doing anything right now. Shiroh started defending himself, saying Milk isn't sending letters anymore. Kurumi then started panicking, saying if she's not writing means she's doing good and she heard that Milk is a wonderful person. Kouji said there were no stories about Milk and grew suspicious. Meanwhile, the Cures were following Natsu-san shopping. He saw him buying peppers and some strange fabric. Nozomi got an idea and rushed home to tell everyone. She said Natts House will become ramen store and the fabric is for uniforms. Everyone got their crazy idea out, saying that besides this they have no idea about anything. Natts returned and everyone decided to not tell him anything. Later, King Donuts decided to talk with Natts and said he should unite with everyone. To succeed, they need to unite the powers of red and blue roses. He suggested him to tell everyone about the identity of Kurumi. Later Natsu-san met Kurumi and they had a talk near the store. He asked where she is living and knew she has nowhere to go and said he'll welcome her to Natts House. Kurumi also asked about why is he acting like that and Natsu-san replied he is just learning about this world's history and he feels that by knowing it, he can help Palmier Kingdom and prevent similar tragedy. Suddenly Bunbee came and Kurumi transformed into Milky Rose. Scorp said from Scorp's data he knows she is lacking experience. Then the five Cures came and transformed. Bunbee created a boat Hoshina and the Cures started fighting it. He used his rockets on the mascots and Rose took the move. Bunbee caught the mascots and threw them away taking the Rose Pact, but Natts didn't wanted to let it go. He said in this world where bigger nations took over smaller because of pepper and other cultures destroying many unique cultures in process. He won't let this happen again. When Bunbee was about to throw off Natts, King Donuts came using his move. Then Rose appeared in front of him kicking him away and then used her Blizzard defeating the Hoshina. Rose was about to leave when Dream started shaking her hand. She wanted to leave but couldn't and then disappeared in the puff of smoke. The Cures thought she disappeared again until they heard brief -mil. They saw that Milk was standing where Milky Rose stood. Everyone realized Rose was Milk except for Nozomi, who said that Milk just missed Rose, and Urara, who was surprised after the others said Rose was Milk. King Donuts left and gave them a card to contact him just in case. He asked Syrup to take him back to the kingdom because there is a delicious food called donuts. Later, Nozomi and Kurumi, who was living at Natts House again, were arguing about how to clean the store. Natsu-san said thanks to Coco he decided to learn about history by his own experience. He asked what the colored clothing was for and the screen showed a sign on the door decorated by colorful fabric with Milk written on it.

15 (209)- "Rinchan to Mame no Ki" ("Rin and the Bean Tree")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 15

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 15

Airdate: May 11, 2008

The episode starts with Nozomi and Urara's cleaning game when Kurumi stops them, saying it's dangerous. Rin warns Nozomi too, but she doesn't listen and accidentally knocks out two things. Luckily Rin caught them. She started scolding Nozomi and said she won't help her anymore. Meanwhile, at Eternal, Shibiretta came up with the plan to separate the Cures and Milky Rose. Back at Natts House, Rin was worried that she was too hard on Nozomi, but Nozomi wasn't mad at all. Suddenly they sensed a Palmin and Nozomi, Rin, Urara and Kurumi ran after it. They suddenly appeared in Fairy Tale world again. Rin was dressed as a boy and had a bag of beans in her hand. They put the beans away but one of them fell. Suddenly a giant beanstalk appeared. The girls thought the giant probably has a Palmin and started climbing the beanstalk. Meanwhile, Komachi, Karen and the mascots were riding on Syrup looking for Nozomi and others. When the girls reached the giant's house, they went through the hole in the door like mice and heard the giant snoring upstairs. They climbed up and saw it sleeping. Urara sneezed, waking up the giant. It was a Hoshina. Shibiretta was there too. Rin wanted to get out as fast as possible, but Nozomi said they have to take a snapshot of the Palmin because it might be a monarch. Then the girls transformed to Cure Dream, Cure Rouge, Cure Lemonade and Milky Rose. They all tried attacking, but the Hoshina was too big to feel something. They all thought that even such a giant had to have some kind of weakness, and Nozomi remembers how she hurt her knee this morning. It really hurt. Then Dream and Rouge decided to attack its knees. They were a great combo. Lemonade and Rose helped too. Dream then used her attack to defeat the Hoshina and everything returned to normal. The girls returned to Natts House and told Komachi, Karen and the mascots everything. They thought they lost Palmin, but it came out of Rin's hair. Rin took a picture of it and it appeared to be Queen Bavarois. She was talking a lot, and the Cures decided it won't be boring with her.

16 (210)- "Karen to Komachi to Okashi no Ie" ("Karen and Komachi's Candy House")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 16

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 16

Airdate: May 18, 2008

At Cinq Lumières, it is lunch time and Rin has been tired by Queen Bavarois non-stop talking. Nozomi offers to look after the Queen. Later, at the school library, Nozomi comes to Karen and Komachi and asks if they know a way to stop Queen Bavarois' constant talking. They recommend putting her to sleep, which works. As soon as Nozomi opens the door to exit the library, she finds herself in a mysterious forest. Karen and Komachi find themselves in the same forest. However, they are separated from Nozomi. Komachi and Karen leave a trail of sweets for Nozomi to find them. Karen and Komachi find a house solely made from candy. When they enter, everything is either made of chocolate, wafers, candy canes or cookies with touches of icing. Shibiretta appears and traps the girls with prehensile candy cane. She demands the Rose Pact and takes their CureMos. Karen and Komachi soon trick Shibiretta into leaving to find Nozomi. Nozomi soon finds Karen and Komachi and shows them the enormous amount of sweets she's collected in the forest. Shibiretta returns and turns the house into a Hoshina. The girls devise a plan with their powers. Emerald Saucer slices through all the trees blocking the Hoshina, Sapphire Arrow distracts it and is finished of by Shooting Star. They return to school. The rest of the group had a hard time looking for them. Nozomi said she actually enjoyed the tale and showed them all thesweets she accquired. Queen Bavarois wakes up and starts her non-stop talking. Everyone runs away and Nozomi is forced to bear with her.

17 (211)- "Tamuken-san no Takaramono" ("Mr. Tamuken's Treasure")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 17

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 17


Airdate: May 25, 2008

The episode starts with Nozomi running late and accidentally runs into a man. He gives her a flyer that says he's looking for a partner. Nozomi volunteers to help. Meanwhile, at Eternal, Bunbee got Anacondy a "valuable item" but Anacondy says it's worthless because it's not on the list. The thing Bunbee has is actually the partner the man was looking for. Nozomi drags the man, who introduces himself as Tamuken, to the Natts House, where everyone is eating pancakes. Syrup, Rin and Kurumi fight for the last pancake when Mailpo gives everyone a letter with the flyer Tamuken-san was giving. Nozomi and Tamuken go to Natts House and she wants them to help search for Tamuken's partner. First she wants to eat something, but all the pancakes were gone already. Everyone went out to search for Shishima - Tamuken's partner. Meanwhile, Bunbee, rejected by Anacondy, wonders what to do with this thing and thinks of a plan. As they were searching, the girls say they should give away flyers, but Tamuken-san said people don't want to take them. However the girls have secret weapons - Koji and the other boys. Tamuken asked if they some kind of idols, but Nozomi introduced everyone to Tamuken. Then everyone asked how he lost his partner and he told them the story - he was out of jokes and blamed everything on his partner. He left it before going to rehersal, but during the rehersal, he missed it. He decided to try once again with it, but it was already gone by the time he came. Everyone were listening to Tamuken's story when Bunbee came with Shishima. He tried putting an act, but he said he's from Eternal and wants the Rose Pact himself. Tamuken recognizes this as his partner. Bunbee says he has no right to call Shishima as his partner because he threw it away. He summoned a Hoshina from the Shishima and changed to his monster form. Koji tried getting Tamuken out, but they both fell on the ground. The Cures couldn't wait any longer and transformed with Tamuken seeing everything. The Cures tried fighting Hoshina but the teeth were protecting the Hoshina's head and their attacks weren't working. Then Tamuken came out of his hiding spot, apologizing to Shishima and the Hoshina opened its mouth, revealing the Hoshina head. Lemonade and Dream used their attacks to defeat the Hoshina. Then they asked Tamuken not to tell anyone what they saw there. Later the girls at Natts House were watching Tamuken on TV and saw how he was making jokes about Pretty Cure. And it was actually funny. Then Urara remembered she heard him before - he is Tamuken the famous comedian.

18 (212)- "Minna ni Todoke! Urara no Utagoe" ("Send It To Everyone! Urara's Singing Voice")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 18

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 18

Airdate: June 1, 2008

After a long day, Syrup flies through the sky, feeling the wind on his face. Later, he takes a walk around the park in human form when he spots Urara sitting on a bench, suddenly noticing that she is crying silently. The next day though, Urara is just as happy as she is every day, leaving Syrup to ask himself why was she crying in first place. After school, he asks Nozomi, Rin, Komachi and Karen if they can do anything to comfort her, but they simply tell him they have other things to do. He runs off to Natts House to ask Coco to comfort Urara, but he only gives him a map to the studio where Urara is recording her new single. Syrup yells at Coco for not fully answering his request and goes to the studio. Meanwhile, at Eternal, Nebatakos is listening to Urara's previous single, Tobikkiri! Yuuki no Door, only to have Anacondy turn it into stone, making him very angry. At the studio, Syrup hides behind some bushes and notices there are two security guards in front of the door. He tries to run into the studio, but the guards just drag him off, ignoring his desperate yells. Syrup then turns into his mascot form and hides in a cart with tons of stuffed animals, successfully getting in the studio. He turns back into his human form, but is promptly spotted by the guards, who chase him down the hallways until Syrup bumps into a door, which leads to the recording room Urara was in. Afterwards, he watches her record her song, and is able to talk to her when she has a break.

19 (213)- "Urashima Karen to Kame Miruku!?" ("Fisherman Karen and Turtle Milk!?")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 19

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 19

Airdate: June 8, 2008

Karen is playing the piano. When she is finished, Jiiya tells the girls lunch is ready. Karen says she'll be late as she has to write a letter to her parents. At lunch, Kurumi leaves to help Karen. Karen is struggling on how to begin her letter Kurumi comes and tells her she was in the same position when she was writing letters to Coco at the beginning of the season. When Karen takes a break to lunch she finds herself on a beach with a bucket of fish. Meanwhile, Milk is wondering on the shore and is picked up by three young boys. They start to poke her and she finds she has a shell on her back. Karen appears and gives the boys her fishes in exchange for Milk, and they accept. They both walk around. Shibiretta turns the page on her infinite book of tales. Subsequently, a big gust of wind occurs and Karen and Milk find themselves on a rock island. Shibiretta appears demanding the Rose Pact. The two refuse so Shibiretta throws a Hoshina ball in the sea. An eel swallows it and turns into a large Hoshina and chases them into hiding. At Karen's house it has been some time now and Karen hasn't appeared for lunch so the girls try and find her she isn't on the mansion grounds. They write a letter to Karen and Milk and give it to Mailpo who directs Syrup to where Karen is. Queen Bavarois appears and gives the girls the ability to comunicate to each other via their CureMos. Shibiretta eventually finds Karen and Milk and they both transform. Both of them attack the Hoshina but are soon injured. The rest of the Pretty Cures arrive and Mailpo gives Aqua the letter they wrote. They defeat the Hoshina with Shooting Star. After that Karen finally sends her letter.

20 (214)- "Komachi to Madoka Futari no Yume" ("Komachi and Madoka, the Two's Dreams")

(こまちとまどか 二人の夢)
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 20

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 20

Airdate: June 22, 2008

The episode starts with Komachi working at her parents' store and a woman said how big she became. She mistook the woman for Madoka. Komachi said her sister is currently out on a trip and the woman left. Meanwhile, at Eternal, Anacondy asked Nebatakos about his report. Nebatakos said he's not doing that because he's not good at it. Anacondy said these are the rules and he cannot avoid them just because he's not good at it. Then she suggests him a job underground, and Nebatakos gives up, saying he'll write the report. Later, Natsu-san was reading Komachi's novel and Nozomi, Rin and Urara were waiting on his words. Kurumi told them not to trouble him like that. Then Madoka arrived and Shiroh thought it was Komachi. Then Komachi arrived from the other side, much to Shiroh's confusion. He thought there were two Komachis. Then Madoka looked around the store, complimenting Rin's work. She gave the girls a box of mamedaifuku she bought on her trip. Then she asked about Komachi's book. Natsu-san said it's pretty good, and Madoka was happy for her sister. Then she hurried away to college and Queen Bavarois said she couldn't even say a word with Madoka. Then Nozomi realized Madoka left her bag. Then the girls and Shiroh hurried to college to give Madoka her bag back. The girls looked around the campus when Madoka's friend came, mistaking Komachi for Madoka. Komachi told her she is Madoka's sister and the girl said she is really similar to her. Then the group found Madoka sculpting something. Komachi saw how she gave her all into sculpting and this made Komachi think. Then Madoka noticed the girls and Komachi gave her the bag. Later the girls went home and Komachi was still deep in thought. Karen noticed that and after everyone left she started talking to Komachi. Komachi told her, that she's wondering about Madoka's dream. It's the first time she saw her so concentrated on sculpting. She thought her dream was to make confectionaries because she used to make sweets with their dad when she was still little. She used to make her shiratama dango. Then Komachi wrote her sister a letter and realized how great it is to express your feelings. This was when she decided to be a novelist. She really appreciates her dream and wants Madoka to chase her own dream too, but their parents probably want to run the shop by themselves. Then Karen said she wrote her parents a letter explaining her dream thanks to everyone's teaching how wonderful it is to express your feelings. Karen said she wants to help her but doesn't know how. Komachi said giving her feelings is enough. Then she went away still being sad. Next day Karen came to Komachi's store and saw Madoka there. Madoka said Komachi already left but Karen wanted to talk with Madoka. Later Komachi was alone when Madoka came. She told Komachi her dream is to make even better confectionaries than her parents while preserving the store's traditions. She reminded Komachi the time she used to make her shiratama dango. After seeing her enjoy the dango she made, Madoka wanted to make more and make much more people to smile. Then she gave Komachi her letter, saying that whenever things go tough, she picks out this letter and everything is good again. Komachi confessed this letter made her try becoming a novelist. Then Nozomi came to them saying she wants to go with Komachi to Natts House together. Then Madoka gave Komachi some mamedaifuku she made herself and said to share with everyone. The girls were walking when Nebatakos came. He thought Komachi had the Rose Pact and took the mamedaifuku package, being really surprised that it's not the Rose Pact. He scolded them for holding it like it was something important. Komachi said it is important and transformed to Cure Mint. Nozomi transformed to Cure Dream too. Nebatakos said he can't give it because because it is so important and created a house Hoshina. Nebatakos suggested trading it for the Rose Pact when Syrup came snatching the package. The rest of the girls came and transformed. They were all fighting and Mint used her attack Emerald Saucer, defeating the Hoshina. Then everyone went to Natts House and started eating the Madoka's mamedaifuku. Queen Bavarois said, that they were eating a lot and Nozomi said she ate only three and Kurumi stated it's more than enough. Then Madoka arrived saying that considering their appetite she gave them not enough. After eating, Karen asked why is the shop called "Komachi", and Madoka said when Komachi was born her cheeks were so puffy just like mamedaifuku they were making. So she suggested her parents calling the store like that. Komachi was embarassed and started making the puffy "mamedaifuku" cheeks. Also, Madoka was so happy having a sister that she decided to call the store she loves so much like that.

21 (215)- "Yūjōtappuri Minna de Obentō!" ("Full of Friendship, Making Lunch Together!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 21

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 21

Airdate: June 29, 2008

The episode begins at L'École des Cinq Lumières. In Nozomi's class, her lesson has ended and rushes off to lunch. But Rin stays behind because she has to finish some accessories for Natts House. However, Nozomi said that today they should eat lunch together, so Rin goes. Nozomi wanted to try everyone's lunch because hers was just a plain rice. She comments that her father is on a trip to promote his newest picture book, and her mother is at a beauticians' conference. Rin vows to teach Nozomi cooking after school. Meanwhile, at Eternal, Nebatakos gave his report but Anacondy said it's not even worth reading because there were typos, unnumbered pages and no cover sheet. Nebatakos got mad but Anacondy turned the pen to stone, saying the ones who don't work don't eat. Nebatakos said he'll rewrite it. Meanwhile, at Nozomi's home, everyone dragged along. Nozomi wanted to go shopping for ingredients and snacks, but Rin and Kurumi scolded them, saying bento should be made with the leftovers. Kurumi splits everyone it teams - Nozomi, Komachi, and Natts will be on Rin's team, while Urara, Karen, Syrup, and Coco will be on Kurumi's team. Karen soon runs into trouble: she's surprised that the fridge does not contain lobster, caviar or sirloin steak. Syrup suggests pancakes, and Karen is reminded of something sandwich-like she ate in Europe, probably crepes. Kurumi decides that they'll make pancake sandwiches. However only Kurumi can make food - Urara wanted to add curry powder and Karen cuts the ham in big pieces. They manage to get the food done with Kurumi's lead. Rin's team decide to make an omelet. Komachi breaks an egg but wants to add youkan into it, but Rin stops her. Nozomi tries making the omelet, but ends up making scrambled eggs. She asks if there is a simpler way and Komachi comes with an idea - wrapping the scrambled eggs in plastic warp like Japanese people used to do with sweets. Nozomi says even she would manage that. The food was complete, but they were out of salt. Nozomi and Rin go to the store, but before they get there, Nebatakos appears and turns Nozomi's spatula she was carrying into a Hoshina. Everyone appears and transform. After some kicks Milky Rose defeats the Hoshina with her Blizzard. Rouge then attacks Nebatakos with Fire Strike. Later they go to Nozomi's house to eat the bento. After seeing Nozomi's failed attempt to make takuan, because she didn't cut them properly, Rin gets an idea for an accessory. At Natts House, Rin designs a beaded bracelet. Soon Nozomi arrives with scrambled eggs she cooked herself, calling it the Nozomi Special. She added various ingredients inside like curry, chocolate or youkan. Strangely, it was delicious.

22 (216)- "Nozomi-sensei Ōini Ganbaru!" ("Teacher Nozomi Does Her Very Best!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 22

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 22

Airdate: July 6, 2008

The episode starts with Nozomi and Rin at Koji's lesson. At lunch, Nozomi says his lessons are easy to understand. Rin complains that her siblings are not studying and Nozomi volunteers to help them study. Everyone doesnt think she can do it but Koji encourages her and Rin accept Nozomi's offer. Shiroh lashes out at Koji and added that before encouraging others he should think what he does, which surprises the girls. Meanwhile, at Eternal, Bunbee spots a strange man (Boss) and starts complaining to him about Anacondy and even saying the boss of this place is strange. Anacondy says that that was the boss, which shocks Bunbee, so he runs away before Anacondy got angrier. Later, at Rin's shop, Nozomi tries to help Yu and Ai to study, but they don't think Nozomi can do that. She doesn't know what a fraction was when they ask her. Yu and Ai doubt her even more until she spots a rice cracker. She asks the kids what would they do if they want to share one rice cracker together and the kids split it in half. Nozomi asked what if Rin and her also want a cracker and the siblings split the cracker to parts. Nozomi explains what a fraction was with that. The two find that fractions are fun and Nozomi adds they are delicious too. Meanwhile, Komachi and Karen were helping Rin at the store when they hear the noises of Nozomi's "teaching" and went check it out because they think they are fighting over sweets. Rin stops them from checking because she trusts Nozomi. Then the twins ask what does the sunflower sprout looks like because they never saw one. Nozomi takes one seed from the store, but the siblings worry that flower won't grow on time. Nozomi says if their teacher is as good as hers Kokoda-sensei, she'll understand. Yuu and Ai sincerely ask Nozomi why they have to study all of this. Nobody's given them a straight answer. Nozomi doesn't know herself, but she promises to have an answer the next time she visits. At Natts House, Nozomi shows Urara and Kurumi the seed she planted and Shiroh says Nozomi acts like an elementary schooler as well. Koji scolds him for getting in the way of Nozomi's dream and Shiroh scolds him about only being there to cheer others on. He mentions a broken promise and flies off. Later, Nozomi places the sunflower outside for it to get lots of sun, but sees that Koji is still worried about what Shiroh said. She tries to cheer him up, but Bunbee comes complaining about how he didn't knew it was Boss and that he has to achieve something so he isn't fired. He turns Nozomi's sunflower into a Hoshina. The rest of the girls come out and transform. They try attacking Hoshina, but Bunbee attacks mascots, making Natts lose the Rose Pact. The Hoshina catches it and closes in its flower. The Cures struggle not wanting to hurt Nozomi's sunflower. Then Syrup appeared with the rest of the Cures. They are shocked knowing the Hoshina has the Rose Pact. Then Dream says Rouge to fire her Strike to the sky, which she did. Bunbee thought she missed, but the Strike exploded in the sky, causing a bright light. The Hoshina turned to the light and opened its head, blooming and releasing the Rose Pact. Syrup caught it and Dream used Shooting Star to destroy the Hoshina, and Bunbee retreated. Then Nozomi explained sunflowers grow by observing the sun. The Hoshina thought Rouge's attack was the Sun and opened itself. The girls complimented Nozomi's knowlege and Syrup said maybe she could be a good teacher. Then Yuu and Ai came, thanking Nozomi for the lesson and giving her an observation journal. Nozomi explained that they have to study so they can learn all sorts of things, which can nurture curiosity about the mysteries of the world. And once they know what they want to do in the future, they can use this knowledge to help them grow even more. Nozomi learned this from her own teacher - Coco. Later, while tidying up the store, Coco was thinking about Syrup's words and said that he's a bad king. Suddenly the Rose Pact started shining. Kurumi came to see what is going on and a crown of Palmier Kingdom appeared. It was twisted.

23 (217)- "Shiroppu ga Uragitta!?" ("Syrup is Betraying Us!?")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 23

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 23

Airdate: July 13, 2008

The episode starts with everyone wondering why the crown appeared, and Nozomi says together they will find out. Syrup states that as always Coco can't do anything on his own and is only relying on others. These words hurt Coco. Later, Coco was thinking about the sudden appearance of crown, but Natts knew that that was not what is troubling him. Coco told him the story - back at Palmier Kingdom, Syrup was the only one who could fly, however he was lonely not knowing his past. Coco wanted to help him. Syrup told him about the Cure Rose Garden and Coco promised to help him look. He tried all the books and people asking them but he couldn't find anything. Syrup got mad at him, calling him a liar. At present time, Natts confronts Coco, saying now they are together with the Pretty Cure, and Syrup is here too. Nozomi and others try to think of a way to get the crown back to normal. Nozomi suggests using hot water but Urara suggests calling King Donuts. They called him and he told them about the powers of the crowns - the Palmier Crown and the other crowns of the four kingdoms surrounding Palmier give their wearers special powers; King Donuts has his light, and Queen Bavarois can connect the transformation devices for communication. The Palmier Crown is created by joining everyone's powers together. Meanwhile, Nebatakos came to give his report to Anacondy but she wasn't at her desk. Syrup was at the Clock Tower and Anacondy came. She offered Syrup to bring him Rose Pact to her for all the information he wants to know. She said Eternal can defeat Pretty Cure any time they want but if he gives them the Rose Pact, his friends won't have to suffer anymore. Syrup came to Natts House and suspiciously asked to give him the Rose Pact. Nozomi immediately gives it to him, showing she trusts him completely. Syrup was shocked for a while but then started running away. He bumped into Coco and lost the Rose Pact. Coco took it and watched shocked but then Syrup took the Rose Pact and ran out. He hit Natts on the way, making Kurumi shout at him. Later Syrup waited at the Clock Tower and Kurumi came, wanting to scold him for being rude, but hears about how Syrup wants to give Rose Pact to Eternal. Kurumi confronts him, and he just flies away. The girls grow suspicious of Syrup with the Rose Pact not returning yet. Nozomi was sure he'll be back tomorrow. Nebatakos came and caused trouble, though he was disappointed that they didn't have the Rose Pact. The girls transformed. Nebatakos created a bridge Hoshina and started attacking. The Cures were in trouble and Coco stood defending them. Nebatakos was about to attack and Milky Rose came to the rescue. She told everyone Syrup brought the Rose Pact to Eternal, which shocked everyone. Meanwhile, Syrup came to Eternal, preparing to give the Rose Pact so they'll stop attacking the Cures. He then remembered the times spent with Nozomi and others and asked what will they do with the Rose Pact. Anacondy said it's not his business. Back at the battle, Dream still believed in Syrup and everyone vowed to bring him home. Dream used Shooting Star, defeating the Hoshina. When Nebatakos wanted to teleport, Lemonade used her Prism Chain to grab him. The girls and Coco grabbed the chain and Nebatakos teleported to Eternal with everyone. Meanwhile, Syrup was eager to give Anacondy the Rose Pact, but he changed his mind at the last minute. Anancondy was about to attack him, but a huge explosion disturbed them. Everyone had arrived at Eternal.

24 (218)- "Purikyua Faibu Aratana Chikara!" ("The New Power of PreCure 5!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 24

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 24

Airdate: July 20, 2008

Following from previous episode, the Palmier crown appeared, but it was twisted. Syrup took the Rose Pact, wanting to bring it to Eternal, but Nozomi still believes him and promised to bring him back home together with the Rose Pact. In present time, the Cures have arrived at Eternal. Anacondy looked to see what is going on and Syrup hid behind the door. Anacondy left and Syrup took this chance to escape. Anacondy came outside and fired Nebatakos on place so he changed to a monster. While the Cures were fighting, Coco went to bring Syrup back. Anancondy stopped him but Milky Rose came and got him inside. Coco was eager to go but Rose told him she's fine and he changed to his human form. Meanwhile, Syrup was looking for exit and found a strange room - Eternal's storage room. He finds and moves down the elevator. He enters a room where Boss is. Meanwhile, the Cures are struggling against monster Nebatakos. Syrup looks at the Boss, saying he knew him. Then Coco arrives. Syrup is sad, thinking he betrayed everyone, but Coco said he hasn't because he did not give Eternal the Rose Pact. The guys made up, but Boss wanted the Rose Pact for himself. Coco told Boss that the Rose Pact belong to Pretty Cure and that Flora chose them. This shocked Boss, and they escaped. They found exit and saw the Pretty Cure all hurt. Anacondy threatened to destroy the Pretty Cure, and Coco got mad. He started shining and so did the crown at Natts House. The Palmier Crown, together with Natts and Mailpo, got to the battle field and with the two mascots as witnesses, Coco was crowned. He gave the Cures new power - Cure Fleurets. The Cures used their new attack - Rainbow Rose Explosion - to destroy Nebatakos. After that Syrup changed to his bird form, saying he'll never be tempted again and will travel to the Cure Rose Garden with the Pretty Cure. He flew away. Back at Natts House, everyone was congratulating Coco for his powers and Syrup apologized. He wanted to give Nozomi back Rose Pact, but she told him to keep it. Syrup was about to thank them, but Queen Bavarois woke up and disturbed Syrup, making him shy. Then everyone started teasing him.

25 (219)- "Manatsu no Akumu no Futarigumi" ("Summer Nightmare With Two")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 25

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 25

Airdate: July 27, 2009

Following from the previous episode, the girls went to Eternal to get Syrup back and were in a pinch, but Coco released his King's power, giving the Cures a new attack - Rainbow Rose Explosion. Now everything is fine. It was summer vacation and Nozomi and the others were planning their summer vacation. Then a tired Syrup came and said he hated summer vacation and fainted, turning into a mascot. Meanwhile, at Eternal, Anacondy apologized to Boss for getting the Pretty Cure inside, but Boss said it's OK, because he wanted to see the Pretty Cure with his own eyes. Anacondy said she already has a substitute for Nebatakos. Bunbee wanted to make an impression on his new boss. He opened the door, only to see two tables. Meanwhile, two mysterious people were watching Natts House. Inside, Syrup was eating a lot. After eating, he said this was what he needed. He said that since the cafe at summer is closed, he can't eat pancakes anymore. He said he needs to get with his delivering business and asked if anyone has anything to deliver. Natts said he wants to remodel Natts House and asked Syrup for help. He said this job is long and can take the whole summer vacation. Coco suggested he should stay at Natts House at least until they are done remodeling. Syrup was eager but Coco and Natts said he's only staying for the summer and that he'll be safer that way. Nozomi dragged him and everyone shopping for his new room. The two mysterious men were still watching them. Everyone ran to the store and tried buying Syrup things they wanted for their own rooms. Karen scolded them but suggested buying him a painting herself. Syrup went away. He was sitting alone, when Queen Bavarois came from the Rose Pact. She asked why is he resting when everyone is shopping for his room, and Syrup said he is tired and being alone with just Mailpo is enough for him. Queen Bavarois encouraged him that she is getting better only because people are waiting for her at her kingdom. Then Nozomi and Kurumi came. Kurumi was carrying the job chart, saying Syrup will naturally have to do his turn or cooking, cleaning and trash. Syrup only confirmed, that it was better living with Mailpo alone. Queen Bavarois just hid herself in the Rose Pact. Later everyone returned to Natts House and the two mysterious people were at the door. Nozomi thought they were customers, but Syrup realized they're not and pushed Nozomi aside before she got hit. The two "customers" introduced themselves as Isohgin and Yadokhan and they already took the Rose Pact. They wanted to go back, but Nozomi asked them to give back the Rose Pact. Isoghin and Yadokhan decided to fight and the girls transformed. Isohgin and Yadokhan attacked them half-transformed to monster forms. They tried attacking, but then remembered that they have the Rose Pact already. They were about to escape when Syrup remembered something. He told Queen Bavarois to shine her light, blinding the duo. Syrup took back the Rose Pact and the duo got mad, fusing into one monster. Rouge, Aqua and Mint used their attacks, but they weren't working. The duo then started attacking and they were strong. They were about to attack Syrup, saying they won't harm him if he gives them the Rose Pact. Milky Rose said she won't let them hurt Syrup and used Blizzard. Dream also used her Shooting Star attack. The combined attack managed to get the duo back to human forms but didn't defeat them. Rose turned back to Milk from exhaustion. The duo retreated. Then Queen Bavarois decided to return to her kingdom. Syrup took her there. After returning he was tired because Queen Bavarois kept talking all the way. But the girls surprised him with pancakes. They wanted him to feel like home. But Milk decided it was his turn to do the dishes.

26 (220)- "Purikyua Daitokai ni Arawaru!" ("PreCure in the Big City!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 26

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 26

Airdate: August 3, 2008

Urara has to go to a big city for a job but everyone tags along. They are surprised about how huge this city is. Urara showed everyone the city's mascot character - a pink rabbit. Then she had to head to work. A man accidentally hit Nozomi. She apologized, but the man just ignored her. Syrup noticed everyone here is busy. Meanwhile, at Eternal, Bunbee gave Anacondy tea bills and she refused to pay them because he isn't actually useful to them. Meanwhile, at the city, Rin left to watch some accessory stores, Komachi went to the library and Karen wanted to look at the hospital. Koji and Natsu-san sensed a Palmin and Nozomi took a snapshot of it. It was just bananas. But then she saw a cute little cafe and everyone decided to go there until the parade. At the same time, Rin was looking at the accessory store and the saleswoman invited her inside. Komachi was at the library and she saw a badly placed. She corrected it and the woman in the library noticed how she likes books. Karen was at the hospital and saved a boy with a broken leg from falling. The nurse thanked her and asked if is she visiting someone. Karen said she wanted to look around the hospital since she's interested in medicine. The nurce decided to show her around. At the cafe, everyone else was eating and the woman working there told them a bit about the festival. It's the city's birthday festival. This cafe is from the city's creation. Meanwhile, Rin and the store keeper exchange their bracelets, Komachi was helping put books on the shelves and a boy Karen saved before gave her an pple. The old woman told them to go and see the old meeting hall - the citizens didn't wanted to tear it down or rebuild, so they built a new one besides the old one. As long as that building stands, everyone's hearts will be as one. They all love this city. Meanwhile, Bunbee came to the city by taxi wearing his old suit. Later, the girls met at the old hall and went inside. Nozomi saw the rabbit and Urara explained how important it is to the city. Urara said the people of the city taught her that. Then everyone heard Bunbee's voice calling the Cures. They hurried outside only to see Bunbee on a big screen. He told them to give him Rose Pact or he will take what is the most important for them. He changed the rabbit balloon into a Hoshina and it headed to the hall. The Cures tried fighting it but their kicks didn't harm the balloon. Meanwhile, the city's people were watching and wanted to help too. They went to the hall too. They all cheered for Pretty Cure. Milky Rose thought of a plan. She went to the place where Bunbee was, getting him off the screen and the roof. While the Hoshina watched him fall, Coco came and gave the Cures powers to use Rainbow Rose Explosion. They defeated the Hoshina. Later Urara did her job as reporter by telling the viewers about the city. There were 6 Pretty Cure and Milky Rose figures.

27 (221)- "Rin-chan tai Ōedo Yōkai!" ("Rin Vs The Monsters of Edo!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 27

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 27

Airdate: August 17, 2008

At a festival near a Shinto shrine, Komachi and Rin are shopping. Komachi says that before the festival is over, she wants to visit an isolated Shinto Shrine. Rin refuses to go as she is scared of what may be in the dark. Komachi reassures her that everything will be alright. Coco, Urara, Natts and Karen are all at the festival but Nozomi, who was running late, Kurumi and Shiroh, so Kurumi went to check on Nozomi. Shiroh is running late because of a last-minute delivery. At Eternal, Anacondy approches Shibiretta on her many failures to retrieve the Rose Pact. However, Shibiretta turns the argument around on how in the events of episode 24, Pretty Cure was able to come to Eternal and Anacondy failed to take the Rose Pact when the opportunity was right under her nose, which angers Anacondy, who leaves. Shibiretta is thinking of taking the Pretty Cures into an Edo period world, filled with yokai (Japanese monsters). Komachi and Rin are walking when they notice a sudden change in scenery. Rin asks a man where they are and suddenly he turns around to reveal himself as a Noppera-bō (faceless person). Rin runs away in intense fright. She opens a residential home door to find all of the other residents faceless as well. Elsewhere, Nozomi and Kurumi are running to the festival when they find themselves lost. They ask a woman on a gondola, but she then reveals herself to be a Rokurokubi (elongated neck yokai). Her long neck chases Nozomi, while Kurumi changes back into Milk in fright. Karen and Natts are walking when they realise they are in the Edo period. They see a load of umbrellas, Natts cautions Karen only to find the umbrellas are actually Karakasa (umbrella yokai). Urara and Koji are walking when Urara spots a beautiful girl crying. Koji approaches her, byt she is a Oni (Troll/Gobin/Demon yokai). She chases Urara and Koji turns back into Coco. Shiroh, now Syrup, is chased by Bura-Bura (Paper Lantern yokai). Komachi teaches Rin how to evade fear by evoking fear against fear. All of the pairs except Rin and Komachi meet together. Shibiretta appaers in front of Rin and Komachi and demands the Rose Pact. The two deny her demand and she turns a Karakasa troop into one gigantic yokai. The whole group appears. Cure Mint has an idea, she asks Cure Lemonade to immobilize the Hoshina with Prism Chain. Then Cure Mint uses Emerald Saucer, which is shown she can make bigger, to confuse the Hoshina. Milky Rose finishes it with Blizzard. After that, the girls go to the Shinto Shrine only for Rin to scare Coco, Nuts and Syrup. Then all of the Cures except Rin and Komachi are dressed in costumes forced by Komachi, the episode ends with the whole group chasing Komachi.

28 (222)- "Koko no Oyome-san Tōjō!?" ("Coco's Bride has Arrived!?")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 28

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 28

Airdate: August 24, 2008

A hot day in the lake near Natts Shop, no costumers and all of the Pretty Cures and Mascots are tired and complaining from the heat. So hot that Kurumi transformed back into Milk. Karen then cheered everyone up about going to one of her Villa's. Everyone was excited that they haven't noticed the Palmin near them. Once they captured the Palmin, it was Princess Crepe, but Coco and Natts weren't happy about the Monarch they found. Meanwhile at Eternal, Bunbee was hot and complaining about the heat until he saw Isohgin and Yadokhan telling Bunbee going fishing and come back with the Rose Pact and were going to the Lake near Natts house.

Once Princess Crepe was transfered to the Rose Pact and woke up, she looked around and saw Coco and embraced him shocking everyone and angering Milk. Princess Crepe explained that she is Coco's fiance and shocking everyone and angering Nozomi and Milk. Coco said it was a misunderstanding and made Crepe cry and asked if he forgotten the engagement. She told a couple stories of her, Coco and Natts in Palmier Kingdom about the kind things Coco did for her when they were young, which were the possible story of Coco engagement to Crepe. Crepe explained that he shared a fruit with her when they were young. Everyone was relieved believing it was another story, but it was the story and in the Crepe Kingdom, sharing fruit is engagements and that Coco is engaged to Crepe. Karen said that both Kingdoms must understand both of the laws and since Coco didn't know about doesn't give him the right to marry her. Crepe angered by this, said if he doesn't accept the arrangement, then the Crepe Kingdom won't accept him as King, shocking everyone and Coco. Natts secretly escapes the conversation because he can't stand Crepe. He saw a girl and her grandmother, hot and tired sitting down on the porch. Natts turned human and gave them water from Natts House. When they were done and thanked Natts, the girl saw the store filled with pretty jewelry and looked around before a group of people came across Natts house asking for water from the walk.

She said if he marries her, both Kingdoms could help each other repairing the cities. Milk shouted at Crepe that the Princess are working hard gathering all the Palmins to save her and the Monarchs. Crepe called her annoying and heard of someone named Milk as a crybaby and selfish caretaker and that she yelled at a Royalty and better be prepared scaring Milk. While their conversation, everone was gone and outside serving costumers that Natts attracted some water. Nozomi and Syrup came and asked Milk to help. Milk transformed into Kurumi and helped Syrup. Before Nozomi leaves, she noticed Crepe crying and asked if anything is wrong. Crepe said when Palmier Kingdom was destroyed, it must've painfully hurt them and now she is seeing them smiling.

The customers later left and the Pretty Cures were outside until Isohgin and Yadokhan came for the Rose Pact. They turned a crayfish they caught into a Hoshina and the girls transformed and fought the Hoshina. Isohgin and Yadokhan getting the Rose Pact, but Milky Rose fought them and Coco, Natts and Syrup hide with the Rose Pact. Soon, Coco called out the Cure Fleurets for the Pretty Cures to use Rainbow Rose Explosion and defeated the Hoshina turning back into it's original form. Milky Rose attacked Isohgin and Yadokhan with Milky Rose Blizzard , but the Eternals dodged and retreated.

After the fight, Crepe thanked the Precures for protecting Coco and Natts. Everyone surprised that Crepe changed because of of seeing that everyone brought back Coco and Natts smiles and discovered why they need to be here. She ordered Syrup to get drinks for everyone because he is a courier and Syrup reluctantly did what she said. She complimented Coco that he was realible and brave and because she still believes the engagment, she believes the Crepe-Palmier alliance should be safe once she marries him.

29 (223)- "Kōgen de Ikemen to Tenisu!?" ("A Cool Guy and Tennis!?")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 29

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 29

Airdate: August 31, 2008

The girls arrive at Karen's villa. Nozomi is excited to be there. She asks if the tennis field belongs to Karen's family and she confirms it. Urara asks about the mountain and Karen confirms it too. Rin asks does everything they see here belongs to Minazuki family and Karen confirms it. Everyone are surprised but Karen says it was just a joke. Jiiya gets teary-eyed, since Karen is now telling jokes too. Meanwhile, at Eternal, Bunbee asks Anacondy for summer vacation which she says won't happen in Eternal. Then she said she is waiting for someone and a guy comes. Anacondy stands up and introduces him as Mucardia. Anacondy confirms his theories that she called him because of Rose Pact. He left but before leaving asked for summer vacation. Bunbee tried explaining, that they don't give stuff like that here but Anacondy agreed. Bunbee was jealous at the handsome Mucardia, saying he's just like him when he was younger. Back at Karen's villa, Nozomi was pretty excited at tennis. Rin asked her did she ever played it before, with Nozomi happily confirming she didn't. Urara and Komachi confess that they also didn't played before. Kurumi said she'll be fine even if it's her first time. Rin then suggested playing something else and Karen agreed. Komachi knew that the girls wanted to play and Nozomi said they'll manage it. Kurumi played with Nozomi and Nozomi was really bad despite Kurumi teaching her. Komachi was with Urara. Urara wasn't really good but Komachi complimented that her form for a person who never played before is pretty good. Urara said she played it before for her job. Rin and Karen were looking at the rest and decided to have some fun by themselves. Meanwhile Mucardia appeared above the Cures in the sky. He decided to investigate them and summoned a chair in the sky to watch. Karen and Rin were great at tennins, making the other Cures stop their playing and look at them. Meanwhile mascots were relaxing in their mascot forms. Coco told Crepe to relax too and Crepe said she can get such kindness as proposal. Then Kurumi came, saying she would like to send a postcard to Palmier Kingdom. Syrup wanted to rest today but Kurumi who cnaged into Milk said that part of caretaker's job is to let the Kingdom know how are the Princes doing. Natts was painting something, wanting to get Milk's job easier. Back at the tennis field, Karen and Rin were playing tennis with neither giving up when Rin threw a ball and won. Then Mucardia came, introducing himself as Momoi Kyousuke. He said he's just lost and came to ask for direction. He decided to have a tennis match with both girls. At first he is strong and beats the girls easilly, but after a while the Cures beat him. During the match Nozomi and others noticed a Palmin and Karen gave them excuse to go, telling to bring them some drinks. The girls ran and caught Palmin but after catching it they realized they were lost. After the match Mucardia gave the girls red and blue flowers he created like a magician for passionate playing (Rin) and for intelligent playing (Karen). Meanwhile the girls were looking how to get back while Mucardia threw a Hoshina ball on the ground. Rin and Karen realized, that Nozomi and thers are late and decided to look for them. They went to the woods and shouted for the girls. Echo not only answered their voices but also shouted "hoshina". They tried again and "hoshina" echo again. Then actual hoshina appeared. Rin and Karen transformed to Rouge and Aqua. Hoshina attacked them maing the ground shake everywhere. Nozomi and others were holding on a tree but Nozomi's CureMo with a Palmin inside got off her neck and hang on the branch. Nozomi tried reaching it. Meanwhile Rouge and Aqua were fighting Hoshina. Above Mucardia was talking with himself saying if he defeats the brains (Aqua) and muscles (Rouge) of the team there's nothing to afraid for. Then Nozomi got her CureMo and the girls transformed to Dream, Lemonade and Mint. A plant in the balcony was about to fall on the mascots but Milk transformed to Kurumi and saved them. Then she transformed to Milky Rose and went to fight too. The team got together. Nozomi told them to use tennis moves. They managed to punch Hoshina. Then it attacked the mascots but Milky Rose managed to stop it. Then Coco gave Cures their Fleurets and they used Rainbow Rose Explosion, defeating Hoshina. Later everyone were wondering how come there was no Eternal member with Hoshina this time. Karen and Rin showed their flowers to others, saying they are from Momoi-san, Nozomi and others went to dinner while Rin and Karen were looking at their flowers.

30 (224)- "Ō no Chikara to Nattsu no Nayami" ("The Power of the King and Nuts' Worries")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 30

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 30

Airdate: September 7, 2008

The episode starts with Kokoda-sensei teaching Nozomi's class about the tale of Bamboo cutter (Princess Kaguya) and Nozomi with Kurumi start loudly discussing why did Princess Kaguya left the old couple. Then Kokoda-sensei scolded them. Kurumi took this really seriously. Meanwhile Natts finished making something. At Eternal, Boss was thinking about Flora when Anacondy came. She wanted give him a flower she preserved to add to their collection but Boss just scolded her for coming without Rose Pact. Shibiretta came and started teasing Anacondy for that. Anacondy was furious so Shibiretta went to get Rose Pact. At lunch the girls were chatting how they wait for moon-viewing party and Nozomi was talking about snacks like nothing was wrong. Kurumi was mad at Nozomi, saying they are not friends anymore. Shiroh and Princess Crepe were watching them. Later Kurumi was sitting alone when Syrup came to her. Princess Crepe also made fun of her. Kurumi told them to leave her alone but when Syrup was about to leave she asked him to help her. The 2 came to Natts House with Kurumi hiding behind Syrup. Coco said he's not mad at her because she is regreting what she did. Kurumi was happy. She wanted to talk to Nozomi but they weren't there yet. The 5 girls were at the bridge together looking at the Moon when they saw the Moon turning red. They saw a carriage coming and the mascots felt Shibiretta's strange energy. The girls appeared in strange place. Rin, Komachi and Karen were is a royal gown while Nozomi and Urara were rabbits. They saw the Earth and realized they're at the Moon. Then "Princess Kaguya" came. She was actually Shibiretta. The Cures agreed that one of them was supposed to be Princess Kaguya. Shibiretta said it's her story. She summoned Hoshina from the asteroids in a sky, saying that Moon kingdom was destroyed and everyone died. The girls transformed. They were fighting but hoshina was tough. They tried reaching them by letter, but Kurumi's letter didn't have strong feelings. They went to see Coco and Natts who were working on some kind of device. Natts said he created this based on computers to reach the girls but it wasn't working. Princess Crepe said the device is perfect but it needs something. She used her powers and it contacter with Cure Dream. Kurumi wanted to help but Princess Crepe said she's only caretaker. Kurumi said she doesn't know them since Pretty Cure have supported Coco and Natts a lot and all the people of Palmier Kingdom are grateful to them and she wants to help them. Crepe said, that now she is real caretaker, since cartaker not only helps the Princes but others too. She filled her letter with feelings and they flew to the Cures on Syrup. They saved them and Kurumi transformed to Milky Rose. After a bit of talking, hoshina attacked Milky Rose but Dream saved her. They were fighting and Milky Rose used her Blizzard, defeating Hoshina. At home, Nozomi read her letter, which was saying, that they're friends again. Then she gave Kurumi her apology gift - Moon-viewing dangos with chocolate filling - her favorite. She tried hard doing them. Meanwhile, Natts was worried, that he's useless as a King. Coco said he made this device everyone were saved because, but Natts said it worked only because of Princess Crepe. Coco just sit there with Natts.

31 (225)- "Miruki Rōzu Aratanaru Chikara!" ("Milky Rose's New Power!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 31

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 31

Airdate: September 14, 2008

The episode starts with everyone at Palmier Kingdom working hard tp rebuild the kingdom, when the faces of Coco and Milk appear in the sky. They said Natts made the device so they can now chat whenever they want now. Syrup was very cheerful because of that while Natts was still sad. The girls also appeared on the screen. They invited Natts too. He came to say hello to everyone but he had no mood. Later Natts was really closed by sitting in his room and reading only. Everyone were worried. Kurumi connected to the Palmier Kingdom people, making Coco and then Natts who accidentally came in to say something. Syrup was realy joyful about this stuff. Natts wanted to be alone so he started screaming on pushy Kurumi. She was worried. Later Natts was outside buying some books when Coco stopped him. They were talking with Coco knowing Natts was worried because Crepe started the device. He created nothing more just an empty container. He is not as great king as Coco is - he is useless. Thus he was buying all those history books to find out what were people expecting of kings and how they satisfied their expectations. Coco tried cheering him, but Natts just pushed Coco away and escaped. Meanwhile Anacondy was in the sky which got dark. When Coco returned Nozomi asked him about Natts. Kurumi said she just thought his mood will brighten up if he talks with his people. Komachi remembered how Natts helps her with her novel. She also reminded Kurumi, that Natts was the first to find out she is Milk, because he was cncerned for her. Karen reminded, that he also made her room. They all decided to help Natts as he helped them. Nozomi noticed, that weather is pretty bad, so she decided to bring him umbrella. They went out but on the way met Anacondy, who had wounded Natts. She threw the mascot back and everyone transformed. Anacondy fused Hoshina with a lighting, creating lighting dragon Hoshina. The Cures were fighting Hoshina while Anacondy was fighting Milky Rose. The Cures tried using their attacks but it didn't worked. Rose also used her attack, but Anacondy stopped it. Hoshina caught the Cures in it's lighting body. Milky Rose was fighting Anacondy with all she has, but she was really injured. Despite that she tried to protect Natts and Coco. Natts, seeing injured Rose, started talking how he wants to see everyone's smiles. He summoned the Crown and gave Milky Rose new attack - Metal Blizzard. It defeated Hoshina and the crown was twisted again. They were glad Natts is happy again. Later Kurumi gave Syrup a lot of letters to Palmier Kingdom. Syrup was angry, saying they can contact the Kingdom with Milky Note. Kurumi said, that her letters are part of kingdom's hostory. Syrup was depressed, that he'll have to deliver the letters again and the Cures realized why was he so happy before when they got the Milky Note working. They started teasing Syrup, deciding to write a lot of letters to Palmier Kingdom.

32 (226)- "Chiisana Chiisana Daibouken!" ("Small Small Big Adventure!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 32

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 32

Airdate: September 21, 2008

The episode starts with Mucardia at Eternal creating a box similar to Rose Pact, much to Bunbee's surprise. Mucardia says he created this fake copy to find out who is carrying the Rose Pact and shrunk the Cures' power. Meanwhile, the mascots were talking with Papaya and Kurumi decided to join the girls at cleaning Natts House, when Mucardia's alter ego enters asking for directions. The girls remember him when he visited Karen's villa. He tells them he is a magician and he presents a box which looks very similar to the Rose Pact. The girls are surprised. He says he needs to use the bathroom and the girls wonder about the it. Although everyone is reluctant, Nozomi carelessly opens the box. They shrink, unknown to them Mucardia was watching all of this. He comes back only to find the 6 girls gone and the box open. Koji and Natsu-san appear and see the 'Rose Pact'. Mucardia tells them he is a magician. He leaves Natts House. Syrup appears to the Rose pact only to discover it is a fake. The girls try to notify Coco, Natts and Syrup but they cannot hear them. They try and chase Syrup but he transforms to his bird form and sends a gust of wing knocking the girls into a grassy field. Then Mucardia left and the boys realized he left his "Rose Pact". The girls are chased by various hazards including a dog, a cat and a duck. Mucardia changed one hoshiina ball into many small ones. Then Nozomi saw a candy and started arguing with Kurumi. Then they decide to head to Natts House. When the girls reach it they see a heard of Hoshina possessed ants. They transform but even their transformation cannot reverse the changes. They fight but the ants hold them still and soon take Lemonade and others away. Dream soon finds a dropped candy from before and uses it to lure the ants. They let go of the girls and chace Dream wanting to eat the candy. She falls and the ants catch her. then Milky Rose and the rest come to her help. The girls use their moves to knock them out and Dream quickly jumps to join the girls. Then the ants merge into one big ant and is defeated by Milky Rose's Blizzard. However they are still small. Rose even turns back to Milk. Then Syrup returns and opens the magician's box, reverting the girls back.

33 (227)- "Hassuru Urara to Karē Yasan" ("Hustling Urara and The Curry Shop")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 33

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 33

Airdate: September 28, 2008

The episode begins at L'École des Cinq Lumières, in Urara's class. The students are packing up and Urara is talking to her friend, Yoshimi. But she can notice that something is bothering her. She finds out that her family's curry restaurant sales are plummeting because new tall apartments that have been built right in front of the shop. If sales continue like this her family might have to close down. Urara comes with the idea of making posters and handing them out to various people. They tries to advertise to different shop owners, only to be rebuffed. Instead they head to the streets to hand out to the general public, with the same outcome.

At Natts House, Rin makes tea only to see that there is one left, for Urara. Syrup leaves, lying he has to complete some deliveries. Soon everyone is giving bogus reasons to leave Natts House, with eaching of them having to do with curry. Shiroh soon finds Urara and Yoshimi, seeing they haven't distributed a single flyer. Shiro tells them that they have to be more energetic and happy about the cause they are advertising to grab the peoples attention. The trio soon return to the curry shop where Bunbee appears.

He was about to attack Urara when everyone appears. He takes one of the shop's flyers and turns it into a Hoshina. The girls try to fight the Hoshina while Bunbee attacks Cure Lemonade. Bunbee scolds Cure Lemonade on why she should help Yoshimi when it was her family business and could have done everything herself. The Hoshina soon multiplies into 5, each attacking the cures. But soon the cures use Rainbow Rose Explosion. Urara aplogizes to Yoshimi's father for not getting any business, but he comments that he got at least some customers. Soon passers by see the girls enjoying curry and become hungry. Soon the shop is packed and bussiness is back. Urara smiles for Yoshimi.

34 (228)- "Namida no Owakare! Kurēpu no Kokuhaku" ("Tears of Loneliness! Crepe's Confession")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 34

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 34

Airdate: October 5, 2008

The episode starts with human Syrup at the tower when Mailpo warns him, that something is wrong. He looks at the Rose Pact and notices Princess Crepe is gone. Meanwhile Nozomi, Kurumi and Rin say hi to Cocoda-sensei when Princess Crepe comes from his bag. Meanwhile, at Eternal, Bunbee wants to give Isoghin and Yadokhan some tea but finds them gone. He starts wondering why he joined Eternal in first place. At school the girls went to the student council room where Crepe explained she will return to her kingdom after she sees her Cocorin at work, much to Kurumi's anger. Then Syrup runs in. Later at lunch Nozomi and others are out somewhere and are acting really strange. When Coco finds the girls Nozomi runs off putting her lunch away. Suddenly Masuko Mika approaches him, wanting an interview. However a bunch of fangirls stop her. Crepe is glad her fiance is popular. After school Nozomi asks Coco a bit help with the schoolwork and he gladly helps. Crepe is a bit jealous how openly they can be. Back at Natts House Crepe returned and was looking sad. When Natts came to her she started talking about how Coco is her fiance and stuff but Natts realized she's faking. He told her to be herself and just give him a straighforward question. he will answer straightforward too. Suddenly the girls and Coco returned. They said they want to start Crepe's farewell party and Nozomi gave her a present. She unwrapped it but the duo took the ribbon, making hoshiina from it. Hoshiina captured Princess Crepe while the duo got Syrup. They took Rose Pact and wanted to get back but Coco stopped them. He said a speech about how he learned a lot from Dream and others. The duo ordered hoshina to crush Coco, but Dream saved him. Then Rose saved Princess Crepe and the girls used Rainbow Rose Explosion, defeating hoshina. After that everyone were at the party while Crepe was upstairs. Coco came to invite her down and Crepe straighforwardly confessed. However Coco said he still has much to do here and there is a person he wants to realize his dreams with, even if he knows they'll have to be apart someday. He confirmed it's Nozomi. Crepe started crying and said, that now all they are only representatives of their kingdoms. However if Coco has problems with the kingdom, she'll help. Then Crepe left on Syrup and unwrapped her gift. It was her picture from dried leaves and similar stuff, writing to be safe and that they'll meet again someday. It was from Nozomi.

35 (229)- "Bunbī Shougeki Hatsugen!" ("Bunbee's Shocking Proposal!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 35

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 35

Airdate: October 12, 2008

The episode starts with Nozomi studying for her dream of being a teacher. She finds a word "Harmonious" (Wakiaiai) and wants to ask RIn what does it mean, but Rin and others weren't here. Nozomi was the only here from the FIve. Coco comes explaining Nozomi the word. Then Kurumi comes offering everyone some tea. The mascots thanked her for searching Palmins on her free time, but Nozomi is still sad that the girls are not here. Meanwhile, at Eternal, Bunbee brought tea to Anacondy while she was flirting with Mucardia. He finally got her attention, but Mucardia changed his tea into 2 cups of different kind of tea. Anacondy was impressed. Bunbee asked about his report, but Anacondy rudely answered she didn't read it yet, and started ignoring again. Bunbee noticed his report at the trash can. He was shocked. Later Nozomi was sitting at the bench studying alone, while Bunbee was ranting about how he fell down at his job. He wondered if he should quit and sit down at the other side of the same bench as Nozomi. Nozomi wondered about the word "premature", and Bunbee said it is too early. He might quit his job after finding another. He should start searching for it. Nozomi,hearing the word "search" started thining about the others naming them aloud. Bunbee realized something, slowly turned around and shouted, noticing it's Nozomi. However before Nozomi noticed him, he hid behind a tree. He wanted to attack them, but realized he always fails at stuff like that. Then he thought of a plan. Meanwhile, Rin was catching a Palmin and met Urara. The 2 followed and caught a Palmin, but it wasn't monarch. The 2 of them talked and realized, that both have probelms with their dreams and because of that they should visit Natts House. Bunbee was here watching them. Meanwhile, Komachi and Karen met at the library. they talked and decided to visit Natts House too. Meanwhile Kurumi and Syrup were shopping and arguing with Kurumi being tsundere caring for others. Bunbee was there too. When Nozomi returned to Natts House, Bunbee was waiting for her. He had a thing to say for her, but everyone came and were not listening to his request of don't calling him Eternal. He told everyone the news - he wants to be Pretty Cure's leader, because they have trouble and Leader is to solve them. However nobody understood what is he saying. He told them to ive him as the new leader Rose Pact, but the girls refused. He summoned hoshiina from the work journal and the girls transformed. Hoshiina was strong and trapped the Cures. Bunbee said this is his power as leader, however the Cures said they don't need leader and that they all together decided to go to Cure Rose Garden, not because someone is forcing them. They got free and Rose used her Metal Blizzard, defeating hoshiina. The Cures used Rainbow Rose Explosion, but Bunbee got away. After that the girls got at Natts House together. Komachi said she'll give some acting advice to Urara. Nozomi said she learned a lot of words and will teach Karen later. EVeryone were surprised, but Karen agreed. Then Kurumi brought everyone to eat - lots of cream puffs, mamedaifuku and even pancakes. Nozomi started eating and Kurumi scolded her a bit. Others started eating too and Kurumi said it can't be helped. With everyone together Nozomi asked Coco if this is what "Harmonious" means and coco confirmed, much to others' surprise.

36 (230)- "Abunai! Faibu DE Chansu! (Zenpen)" ("Watch Out! Five DE Chance! (Part 1)")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 36

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 36

Airdate: October 19, 2008

The episode starts with the girls trying to do a coin toss, but are unlucky. Then Karen comes and the girls explain her, that they entered a quiz game show called Five de Chance. The last quiz is coin toss and they want the one with most luck to throw the coin. Karen refused and the girls started begging her, since they can't be a team of five without her. Then Karen suggested Kurumi. Coco told her and she refused, but when Syrup mentioned the prize is one year supply of chocolate, she agreed. When the show was starting, everyone except Karen came. Kurumi remembered, how she hears Natts saying the prize will also be the Five's name on the trophy. Karen was trying her luck on a coin toss but kept failing. Then Jiiya came and picked her up. He kne about the Five de Chance. Suddenly phone ringed. It was Komachi. Appearentely Kurumi got so worried she turned back to Milk and can't change back. Without Kurumi the girls get Karen on their team. Then Mucardia in disguise came warning the girls that filming starts. they went inside when Coco and others noticed real host leading the other participants inside. They realized what was happening but it was too late. The girls entered a studio and got tied to their seats. Then a bunch of hoshiina chearleaders came and the host - Mucadia in disguise - Mr Magic came. The rules were that if at least one of the members win their match, they'll be free to go. But if they all fail, they will be stuck here for eternity. First one was Rin. She had to play soccer hero and score 100 points with 5 tries.She tried but the goal moved. Rin started to get annoyed. She tried again and the goal still dodged. Rin almost went crazy.Then she shot 2 balls and both got dodged. She started going crazy but she managed to focus and kick the final shot. Everything was good until the goal stopped the ball with it's hand. Rin lost. Then she got really mad and transformed to Cure Rouge. She used her Fire Strike, but the goal took out a bat and threw her Fire back. Then the goal used a net and got Rouge thrown into the box. Next was Komachi. For her it was common knowlege quiz. She got in some traditional Japanese building. Mr Magic gave her a question - Spring, Summer Autumn - what is the remaining season. Komachi knew this but the button she had to tap was also hoshiina, so it started running away from her until her time was up. Then he gave her another question - what is the capital of Japan. Komachi knew and tried cathing hoshina, but failed. Then he gave her last question - to finish a thesis. Button hoshiina fell and Komachi almost tapped it, but it shared in half. Komachi's time was over. She got surrounded by lots of button hoshiinas. She transformed to Cure Mint but still got swallowed by all the hoshiinas. She got put into similar box like Rin. Then Nozomi volunteered. Her game was called Shadow de pon - you have to guess whose shadow is that. FIrst shadow Nozomi guessed was a giraffe, but it was Hoshiina-kun dressed as giraffe. Nozomi got tricked. The next Nozomi's guess was a kettle, but that was just Hoshiina-kun dressed as kettle. Now was her last chance. The third shadow Nozomi guessed was Hoshiina-kun dressed as penguin, but it was real penguin and Nozomi lost. Then her cute backround changed to dark one and giraffe hoshiina with a kettle came out. Nozomi transformed to Cure Dream. Giraffe hoshiina tried attacking her by spilling hot water from kettle. Dream escaped and tried to save the penguin but it appeared to be hoshiina. Nozomi was right but she got captured. 2 more girls left.

37 (231)- "Abunai! Faibu DE Chansu! (Kōhen)" ("Watch Out! Five DE Chance! (Part 2)")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 37

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 37

Airdate: October 26, 2008

Following from previous episode, the Cures got sucked into the Eternal version of famous TV game Five de Chance. AT least one of them has to win and they will be released from the game word, or else they will be trapped forever. After Rin, Komachi and Nozomi unfairly lost the only ones left are Urara and Karen. The boys were trying to break the door but couldn't. The next challenger vounteered to be Urara. Karen tried to talk her back, saying she can't win such unfair game, however Urara said she wants to win it. Karen asked if she cares for the chocolate that much, but Urara said she cares about the trophy - it will have everyone's names on it. Mr Magic only laughed at them, saying the trophy is not important. Urara's game was rhythm whack-a-mole. She had to whack moles while her song is playing and whack until the song is over, but if she misses at least one the game is over. Everything was going pretty well for her until one mole captured the hammer and she couldn't whack it. Game was over for Urara and the moles started attacking her. She transformed to Lemonade. However the moles whacked her and she fell into the box. The final participant was Karen. Her challenge was coin toss. Mr Magic had hoshiina coin, but Karen realized she has her own coin in the pocket and said she'll toss the coin and this coin. Mr Magic agreed, but said if she loses he'll take the Rose Pact. The girls protested, saying he'll still cheat, but Karen said she needs her friends and agreed. Karen tossed it and caught. It was tails. She couldn't decide and Mr Magic said he chooses heads. karen remembered his cheatings and chose heads instead. Mr Magic was happy and chose tails. He asked her to show the coin but Karen didn't move her hand. Mr Magic came and lifted her hand. The hand was sweaty and the coin got stuck on the lifted hand. It fell on heads so Karen won. Mr Magic blamed her cheating but the girls said Karen won fair and square. Nobody said about the coin having to be on her hand and he was the one who lifted her hand the coin was stuck on. The studio cracked and all the hoshiinas started attacking them. Karen transformed too. The boys turned to mascots while Milk turned to Kurumi and transformed to Milky Rose. They all were fighting hoshiinas when they fused together into one. Rose used her Metal Blizzard, defeating hoshiina. Then Cures used their Rainbow Rose Explosion but Mr Magic escaped. Then the real TV staff said that filming is about to start and the Five with Karen went to the real game. Karen asked to spare her the coin toss. Later the girls were rewatching the tournament and their victory again. Kurumi was a bit upset that her name didn't got carved on trophy, but she pretended to be happy. Then Jiiya came with the trophy. The Five were happy and Kurumi was a little bit upset. Karen called her and Kurumi saw her name on the trophy too. The 6 girls had their names there. Kurumi was surprised and Jiiya said he has a friend at the tv station so he pulled some strings. Everyone were really happy.

38 (232)- "Futari no Chikara! Dorīmu ando Rōzu!" ("Our Two Powers! Dream and Rose!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 38

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 38

Airdate: November 9, 2008

The episode starts with the girls talking about Five de Chance and their coin toss luck, while Mailpo tells Syrup to water the roses. Kurumi asks Rin to get the blue roses for decorations, but Rin explained that blue roses don't grow naturally - they are magical. Every gardener's dream is to grow a blue rose. Coco and Natts return and when Nozomi asks if they saw Blue Rose they denied. They've been to many countries but never saw a blue rose before. Suddenly Syrup got a flashback of watering roses in Cure Rose Garden and and there was Blue Rose too. He threw out a watering can, getting everyone's attention. He told them he used to live in Cure Rose Garden. His memories were faint, but he knew this dream he was seeing is real. He also told them he saw a blue rose in Cure Rose garden. Milk wondered if it had anything to do with the blue rose she is taking care after. She told them her story how she found a strange seed and it started shining and she got ability to transform. Then they called King Donuts to find out more. He said, that there's only one single blue rose in the world - the one in Cure Rose Garden with miraculous powers. He said Milky Rose is a special being and she'll have an important mission.Milk was worried about what she heard. Meanwhile, Flora was lying weak while flowers around her were wilting. Boss felt her powers weakening, Anacondy was reporting to him about Pretty Cure while he kept talking about Flora. Next day at school Kurumi was absent. She left a letter, saying she has something important to do, so she won't be coming to school. Coco said Natts is looking for her already. The girls also decided to look for her. Meanwhile, Kurumi was looking for Palmins and the last Monarch when she saw Natts. He said she can't find them so simply and only the Cures can snapshot it. Kurumi said she is the only with the power of blue rose and she needs to do it. Natts said everyone at school are worried about her so she needs to return. She wanted to run away, but Isoghin and yadokhan attacked them. Natts reverted to his mascot form. Kurumi transformed to Milky Rose. She tried fighting alone but was too weak to defeat them both. They were about to defeat Rose, but the Cures came on Syrup and saved her. Then they transformed. They asked if Rose is fine and she just went to defeat them alone. The Cures followed her and were attacked by Isoghin and Yadokhan. They all fell into the water and when Mint got Rose out, she got pulled in too. Isoghin and Yadokhan trapped the Five in their hair trap and said it's all thanks to Rose. They attacked her again, but Syrup flew and freed Dream, reverting to his mascot form. The duo went to get Rose Pact from Syrup and Rose stood in the way. Isoghin and Yadokhan tried attacking her, but Dream covered her. She said Rose plated the seed and let it bloom, so she is special. Just being around her gives Dream more than enough energy. She said Rose is not alone. They attacked together and were really strong. Then the girls used their new attack, defeating Isoghin and Yadokhan. After the battle, Rose turned back to Milk. The girls said her combination with Dream was amazing. Syrup said she'll meet Flora's expectations and Urara was happy he got more of his memories back. Milk was happy too.

39 (233)- "Monburan Kokuō o Sukue!" ("Save King Montblanc!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 39

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 39

Airdate: November 16, 2008

The episode starts with Komachi and Karen in the library, when a weak-looking Palmin flies through them. It falls on the ground and Karen snapshots it. It appears to be the last monarch. Later Nozomi returned home after hearing the good news, but Kurumi quieted her. They started quarreling again and Rin remembered how back then they were in perfect sync. Then karen transferred the monarch into Rose Pact, but he was sick and collapsed. The girls got him in a bed while Milk contacted Papaya. He didn't know anything and Natts said there re no books on how to cure him. Then they decided to contact other rulers and Rin called Queen Bavarois. She wanted to chat, but Syrup stopped her. She saw King Monblanc and said he's been in Palmin form for too long and used too much energy. However he won't be fine after a bit resting. Milk asked Karen to take care of him like she did with Milk when she was sick. Karen said she'll do what she can. Everyone brought hot stuff from their home to warm him up and Karen made some honey water. However King Monblanc started choking it. Everyone started panicking and Karen was shocked. Then Komachi calmed everyone down. Karen was still shocked and Komachi got her attention. She excused herself and went out to the balcony. Komachi came and comforted Karen. She admitted she was scared after seeing King Monblanc in so much pain and her hands started shaking. Komachi said everyone in her place would be scared. She said there is a person - Nozomi - who always supports her so she can do it. Then Nozomi invited Karen to come and she came. Meanwhile, Bunbee came at the Natts House. Karen came down and saw the king suffering. She put a wet towel on his forehead and apologized for not helping him much. He took her hand and smiled a bit. Everyone were relieved, that he was better, however Bunbee disturbed them, saying he's freezing outside. He saw the last King and decided to take him so he can return to Eternal with it. He transformed the lake to ice hoshiina. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure and Milky Rose. Aqu returned King Monblanc to Rose Pact and took it. Bunbee tried attacking her, but Rose stopped him. Everyone were protecting Aqua and Rose Pact. Bunbee caught Aqua and hoshiina attacked the rest. Aqua had to choose between protecting Rose Pact and helping her friends. King Monblanc cme out and said for her to go. He felt her determination to help her friends. She believed him and went. SHe kicked Bunbee way and together they all used Rainbow Rose Explosion, defeating hoshiina. Then ROse used her Metal Blizzard, chacing Bunbee away. Later King Monblnc awakened. He thanked Karen for being with him all the time. She said she was worried when he chocked out honey and he revealed he was just being pricky and only drinks% grape juice. Karen said there is a lot of grape juice at her place. Then he saw Syrup and said, that if he's here Cure Rose Garden is in danger before falling asleep. Karen said he didn't got all his energy back yet. Meanwhile, Bunbee reported about the last King and Anacondy destroyed his report. She said she knows he wanted to be Cures' leader and sucked him underground. After she teleported away, he came out alive and went out from Eternal.

40 (234)- "Urara no Utagoe o Torimodose!" ("Return Urara's Singing Voice!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 40

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 40

Airdate: November 23, 2008

In Natts House everyone is going on their normal lives when Kouta Washio bursts in to tell Urara she has passed the second stage of the audition. If she passes the final stage she'll be the lead heroine in the play at Imperial Hall. The girls advice her to take it easy as always and everything's gonna be fine. Urara says she's definitely going to pass this. She practices on her own whilst Shibiretta is watching her from her crystal ball. Meanwhile, Anacondy comes to her room and starts saying how failure Shibiretta is. Then Shiroh comes to Urara and she tells him, that this musical is th last her mom performed in. It's even the same place. Others join them too. They ask Urara to sing. Meanwhile Shibiretta casts a spell to take away Urara's singing voice. Urara tries to sing, but instead she keeps on coughing. They soon realise they are in the tale of The Little Mermaid and got turned to mermaids too. Also Coco has been turned into an octopus, Natts into a fugu and Syrup into a sea turtle. Shibiretta appears and tells them she's trapped Urara's in a sea-shell. She'll return Urara's singing voice if they give her the thing they trasure the most - Rose Pact. Urara decides to choose Rose Pact, because it has everyone's dreams. Syrup tries talking her back, telling everyone how important this is for her, but Urara still says no. Shibiretta let's go of the shell but Nozomi stops her. She agrees to do it because it's important to Urara. Everyone gives Shibiretta Rose Pact, but she tricks them and tries to leave but Kurumi throws Coco emiting black, dark ink. In the mist Syrup retrieves the shell and Rose Pact. The girls transform. They fight hoshiina while Shibiretta zaps Lemonade, making her let go of her shell. The voice almost disappears, but Coco and Natts catch it. They defeat a Manta Ray Hoshina with Rainbow Rose Explosion. Later Urara performs her new song - Twintail no Mahou - for her audition. Back at Natts House, Washio tells Urara she pased the audition. Soon after her audition, Urara uses her free Syrup ride ticket to fly around the city on him.

41 (235)- "Rin-chan Ikemen to Dēto!?" ("Rin has Date With a Gentleman!?")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 41

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 41

Airdate: November 30, 2008

Rin is walking thinking of her new design and sees a guy who is wearing a lot of accessories passing by. She stares at him and then just walks by. Meanwhile, Mucardia misses Bunbee and Anacondy suggests him to join Bunbee. She said she has high hopes for him. Later, at Natts House, Rin was making accessories and telling the girls about this guy she saw but Nozomi was more interested in new cake shop. When Rin said she was not listening, Nozomi said she wants to wear all accessories Rin makes, but Rin started saying that it's not why we wear accessories when Natts interrupted her, asking why is she wearing accessories. Later when Rin was helping at the flower shop she was thinking of other reasons to wear accessories when human Mucardia came. He asked her out to help her troubles when her mom came back, saying she's free to go. At Natts House, Nozomi was wondering why is she wearing accessories too. They are pretty and cute, but there's something else. Back at Rin and Mucardia, he asked her what is she doing at her free time, and she just said she hangs out with Nozomi and others. Mucardia asked about her friends' hobbies, strenghts and weaknesses, but Rin didn't hear because she went to watch accessories and kept thinking of the reason. She asked Mucardia why is he wearing his necklace and he just said it's because of fashion. He just wears what suits him the best. He asked about her friends' weaknesses again, but then Rin saw a crying little girl looking for her brother. They delivered her to the police station but the girl was still crying. Then Rin gave her the brooch she made. The girl stopped crying and thanked Rin. Then she looked at the bracelet and Rin gave it to her. The girl said her brother will like it. Rin was surprised, since it's a design for a girl but the girl said her brother will definitely wear it. Later Rin and Mucardia went to the cake shop, thinking nobody will disturb them here. They were at the new cake shop Nozomi was talking about. Rin wanted to bring something back for Nozomi. Mucardia asked why is she caring for such pointless things - first accessories, now cakes. He said the most important thing is to fulfil your own desires. Suddenly Nozomi came, saying she wants to eat the cake too, She saw Mucardia and Rin tried explaining but failed. Then the waiter brought them tea and cakes. The waiter was Bunbee. Everyone stood up, recognizing each other. Bunbee asked if he wants to be Cures' leader too. Mucardia said he betrayed Eternal and realized he said too much. Bunbee confirmed Mucardia's from Eternal and ran away. Nozomi and Rin were shocked but he confessed all those strange traps were his doing. Then he changed to his monster form - becoming humanoid crockoatch and Nozomi with Rin transformed to Cures Dream and Rouge. He summoned hoshiina from the table. The girls tried fighting it alone but other Cures came to help too. They thought he was new enemy and were shocked knowing it's Momoi-san, but soon started attacking again. Rose used her Metal Blizzard, defeating hoshiina and the Cures used Rainbow Rose Explosion trying to defeat Mucardia, but he used a shield. Shield failed so he retreated. Later at Natts House, the guy from before with lots of accessories came. He was wearing Rin's bracelet. The girl from before came too. The guy was this girl's brother. He said he wears all these accessories because if his sister. Then Rin told Natts another reason to wear accessories - to answer others' feelings. Nozomi said she knew it, since Rin always puts her all into making accessories and she wants to wear them all. Then the siblings bought more of Rin's accsessories.

42 (236)- "Komachi no Ketsui to Arabian Naito" ("Komachi's Choice and the Arabian Nights")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 42

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 42

Airdate: December 7, 2008

At Eternal, Shibiretta is confronted by Anacondy. After her failures Anacondy has informed her to be declared fired by the Boss. Filled with rage she nearly destroys her office. She picks up a book that she rarely uses, Arabian Nights. A never-ending story. Meanwhile, Komachi and Nozomi are at the public library. Nozomi notices a lot of books and Komachi wonders if her book will be noticed between all those great books. Suddenly Natts appears telling them something's here. Suddenly Shibiretta appears and transports Komachi and Natts into Arabian Nights. Nozomi, Urara and Kurumi find themselves in a desert when 40 Syrups run up to them. Shortly they are pursued by a gigantic lizard Hoshina. Meanwhile Rin , Karen and Coco are stuck on a flying carpet. It was flying where it wanted but Rin asked it to get them to Nozomi and others and it listened. When Syrups fell over the rock and hoshiina was about to trample them, Urara calls out his name, unifying him. They soon catch up with Nozomi, Urara and Kurumi but the weight of all 5 girls is too large for the carpet to fly them all. The lizard Hoshina catches up and the girls reach a sealed cave which a word will open it. Nozomi says "Open Sesame" and the cave unseals. The girls run in and they see a lot of tunnels. After Karen's requesting to go to Komachi, they arrive at a palace throne room. Komachi and Natts were angry at the way she uses books. Shibiretta says they are just simple tools and as long as they are useful to her it's fine. SHe wondered how come the girls are here if it was supposed to be never-ending story. Natts explained, that Arabian Nights is a story about a lone woman who gains courage to stop a tiron by telling him stories every night. Coco realized, that the story heard their wishes and answered them. Later, filling Shibiretta with rage she turns a pot into a Hoshina which turns into a genie. The Cures transform but cannot fight it because it is not solid and is massive. Shibiretta said that books are only tools and Mint argued her. Shibiretta asked how her using of books is different from Mint's, since she only writes to suit her own liking. Dream said, that it's wrong and people will definitely read Komachi's stories. She said books have feelings but Shibiretta said, that she was reading stories for the Boss every night, but his heart didn't even stir. Books have no feelings. She attacked Dream, but Mint saved her, saying books won't respond to selfish thoughts. Then Milky Rose used her Metal Blizzard, defeating hoshiina and the Cures used Rainbow Rose Explosion, defeating Shibiretta. After that all her stuff at her cabinet disappeared. Later, at the Natts House, Komachi admitted to Natts, that her next novel will about her friends and how fun she has with everyone. The girls and boys heard it and started arguing over who will be the main character.

43 (237)- "Kyōfu! Etānaru no Kanchou!" ("Horrifying! Eternal's boss!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 43

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 43

Airdate: December 14, 2008

Boss remembers the time when he wanted to get Cure Rose Garden, but because all he wanted was control, Flora sealed the door of Cure Rose Garden for him. In present, Boss is looking at the pictures of Cure Dream and wants to see Flora's chosen one with his own eyes. Meanwhile, Syrup returns and sees the girls studying for their test upstairs. He noticed Nozomi wasn't there. Nozomi was actually studying in the library alone studying. Coco was there too. Later Syrup baked the girls some pancakes and asked about Nozomi. Rin said she wanted to become more self-reliant and decided to study for the test alone. She was studying all day and when she noticed she was the only left in the library and couldn't understand anything. She packed her things and went out. Outside she saw a big tree growing alone. Otaka-san came to her and told her, that this tree was still little when she was going to this school, but it grew up by itself. Then Nozomi remembered she forgot her notebook at class. She took it and stood at the teacher's desk acting like teacher, but she knew she doesn't know much. Cococame and said it's fine if she doesn't know answers now. He called her Yumehara-sensei. They were talking when suddenly a gust of wind blew. Coco looked around but all the windows were closed. Then he felt evil presence and rushed to Natts House with Nozomi, but on their way they met the Boss. He attacked Coco, making him turn back to mascot. Nozomi transformed to Cure Dream. Boss confronted Nozomi, saying she doesn't know about Flora or the value of Cure Rose Garden. He said there are 2 categories of things in the world - valuable and those with no value. Those with no value should disappear. Then he made things disappear - at first the big tree and then the whole school with forest. Dream was shocked. Then the other girls joined them. Boss threw 5 hoshiina balls into the shadows of Rouge, Lemonade, Mint, Aqua and Rose, created monsters from their shadows. The CUres tried attacking, but their powers were absorbed and only reversed as shadows and more powerful versions. Boss said they all have no value but Dream stood up, saying they each have dreams and goals for the future. He shouldn't just decide their value. Then they used Rainbow Rose Explosion and the shadows tried countering it with shadow rose, but the girls told Dream to believe in herself and to be their support. Together everyone managed defeating the hoshiinas. Boss wanted to attack them, but Anacondy caught him and teleported back to Eternal. She was worried if he's hurt. Then Boss admitted, that the Cures do have value. back at Natts House, the Cures were in tension about the Boss, when Nozomi started happily eating her dish made by everyone.

44 (238)- "Todoke! Minna no Purezento!" ("Open! Everyone's Present!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 44

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 44

Airdate: December 21, 2008

The episode starts with Rin asking Natts to wear Santa clothes. Suddenly Mailpo throws out bags on Nozomi. Then it emits a letter for the Cures. It doesn't says from who it is. When Karen opens it, a list comes out. Meanwhile, in Eternal, Mucardia was looking at Anacondy's data about the Cures and the mascots and looked really surprised about Syrup's data. Then Anacondy came and threatened him, but he just escaped. Back at Natts House, the girls and boys were investigating the new stuff. The list had names of chidren and toys. They looked at the bags which had the toys in the list. Then Nozomi decided to deliver those stuff. They all split up - Nozomi was with Rin, who knew the town pretty well because she is helping at the flower store. They came to a girl named Sayaka-chan and gave her stuffed bunny. The girl thanked them, calling them Santa. Meanwhile, Urara and Syrup were delivering the gifts and Syrup knew the path because he's a delivery boy. He saw an old man with big white beard and red pants but was in a hurry. They delivered a toy to a girl who thanked them calling them Santa too. Syrup said it's a bit too much to call him Santa since he still has a long way to go. Komachi and Karen delivered baseball glove to Makoto-kun. He was happy but asked why is Santa giving him presents so early - it's before noon. Komachi pretended to strike her beard, saying (s)he wanted to see everyone's smiles already. Later Urara and Syrup finished giving their presents. They planned on helping Nozomi and RIn but then Syrup saw the man again. He came to the man and asked what's wrong with him. He said he lost his parcels in the middle of delivery. Syrup told him to never let go of things important to him when the man fainted. Urara said he has a high fever and called the others. Syrup brought the old man back to Natts House with Karen coming back too. Urara decided to help Komachi with her remaining deliveries. The old man woke up and Kurumi was talking with the girl. The man asked if they're also delivery girls and Karen said, that they're just helping out. The man wanted to get up and look for his parcel, but Karen told him to stay in bed. Syrup said he'll help him look for the parcel. The man said he lost his sleigh and Syrup went out to look for it. Suddenly Syrup was approached by Mucardia. He said he has something important for Syrup - his past. Suddenly Coco and Natts sensed Eternal and the man said the delivery boy is in danger. The girls went out. Meanwhile Mucardia said his memory is hiding something important only he and Anacondy know. And this is keeping him from becoming Eternal's Number Two. Then the girls came and transformed. Mucardia then summoned the sleigh and turned it to hoshiina. Mucardia was trying to recover Syrup's memories while the Cures were fighting hoshiina. He told Syrup to remember why he came to Eternal before he was a delivery boy. Syrup started remembering something. SOmething he lost. A letter. To the Boss. From Flora. Syrup was suffering, so the Cures started attacking Mucardia. Mucardia said SYrup wanted to remember too. Dream said, that he'll remember everything when they go to CUre Rose Garden and meet Flora. Then hoshiina attacked again and the Cures used Rainbow Rose Explosion, defeating hoshiina. Mucardia disappeared. Meanwhile, Anacondy had the letter to the Boss from Flora. Then the Cures brought the sleigh back to Natts House and were really surprised the sleigh belonged to the man. Then he said he was travelling when he suddenly fell. He got stuck on a big tree and lost his clothes. Without them he caught a cold. When he got up his sleigh and parcels were gone. Then he prepared to leave when Syrup realized his true identity. Natts gave him his Santa clothes because he was caring about the man's health and didn't want to wear them. The man looked really good in them. When he left, Nozomi said he looks like Santa a lot. Rin said he is Santa. Nozomi and later Urara were surprised. Then Nozomi realized she forgot to buy the Christmas cake. Then Mailpo showed Nozomi and others a gift under the Christmas tree. It was Christmas cake from Santa. Everyone thanked Santa for the gift.

45 (239)- "Kyua Rōzu Gāden no Tobira Arawaru!" ("The Cure Rose Garden's Gate Appears!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 45

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 45

Airdate: January 4, 2009

The episode starts with Syrup coming to the kitchen where everyone are making pancakes. The girls ask his help and then tell him, that they'll be the ones going to Cure Rose Garden while Syrup will be staying here and making pancakes. Everyone left him alone and then Syrup woke up. It was just a bad dream. Then Kurumi came and told him to come down because her miso soup is getting cold. Later Syrup was flying. He said to Mailpo he really wants to go to Cure Rose Garden and get his memories back. he also wants to stay with his friends. When he got back the girls asked him to help him make pancakes like in his dream. Syrup got scared a bit but Nozomi got him to help. He was mixing the dough when suddenly Rose Pact started shining. King Monblanc woke up. Meanwhile, in Eternal, Anacondy was presenting her report to the boss and Boss only cared about getting the Cure Rose Garden. Back at Natts House, King Monblanc said they need to gather other monarcs. Milk said she and Syrup will take care of this. Syrup was still a bit sad about leaving his friends, but Nozomi pushed him. They flew away. Meanwhile, at Eternal, Mucardia wondered what Anacondy is hiding at her desk. He tried opening it, but it was electrified. Anacondy was coming back. Muacrdia was trying to open it. When Anacondy returned, Mucardia wasn't here anymore together with the letter. Back at Natts House, the girls were waiting for them when suddenly Mucardia came. he said he had business with Syrup. When he learned Syrup is not here, he made hoshiina from his pendant. The Cures tried fighting it but it was stronger. Then Syrup with Milk and the 4 rulers returned. Milk changed to Kurumi and hurried to help. She saved the Cures as Milky Rose. Then Mucardia exploded the fallen coins on the ground, injuring the Cures and making Syrup revert to his mascot form. Muacrdia then showed Syrup the letter he got, wanting him to remember. Syrup was worried, that when his memories come back he won't be able to be with everyone. Then Dream came and pressed Muacrdia's hand tightly, making him let go of Syrup. She promissed him to go to Cure Rose garden together. Hoshiina attacked more. Then in the mist Syrup changed to his human form and confessed to Dream, that he was worried about his memories returning to him because he might have to say goodbye to everyone. Then Coco and Natts wowed to protect everyone and go to Cure Rose Garden together. Suddenly the Palmier crown came split in 2 and the Kings called the power for Milky Rose (to defeat hoshiina with Metal Blizzard) and the Cures (who tried to defeat Mucardia with Rainbow Rose Explosion). Mucardia tried escaping but his feet were glued to the ground. It was Anacondy's work. After that the 6 Monarchs united their powers to open Cure Rose Garden door. It opened outside. The girls went to it (being able to walk on water) but when they wanted to go in, Anacondy came. She opened the door and threw away all her reports, saying she will kill Flora.

46 (240)- "Zettaizetsumei! Bosshūsareta Purikyua Faibu!" ("Unforgiving! PreCure 5 Confiscated!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 46

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 46

Airdate: January 11, 2008

Following from previous episode, the 6 Kings opened the Cure Rose Garden door, but Anacondy came first, stopping them. She created thunder hoshiina again and the girls transformed. The Cures fought hoshiina while Milky Rose fought Anacondy. She turned to her true form. In her true form she has snakes on her head and body. Meanwhile, Bunbee was looking at job advertisements when suddeny Mucardia fell in front of him. He managed to escape in time before the Cures' attack hit him but he was injured. He asked Bunbee to take him to Eternal to Boss. Bunbee said he was fired, but if he asks Boss he may return to Eternal. He took Mucardia there. Mucardia told Boss, that the 4 monarchs and the Key to Cure Rose garden have already been gathered and he gave Boss the letter. He suggested the Boss to replaca traitor Anacondy with him, but the Boss killed Mucardia. Bunbee saw this and ran away. Boss opened the letter and there were some seeds. Meanwhile, the CUres were fighting hoshiina while Milky Rose fought Anacondy. She used Milky Rose Metal Blizzard, but Anacondy easilly repelled it. The Cures were having trouble with hoshiina when Aqua thought a plan to use Syrup's help. She stood on Syrup and they were leading hoshiina ahead. Then Anacondy attacked Syrup, but everyone jumped out of the way and her attack hit hoshiina, weakening it. Then the Cures all combined their attacks, defeating it. They were about to fight Anacondy, when suddenly a huge black portal opened, sucking the Cures, Anacondy, Syrup and Mailpo inside. They were in Eternal. Boss was there too. He showed everyone the letter and Syrup regained all his memories. He was hatched in Cure Rose garden and Flora was taking care of him. She also trusted him this letter to deliver it to the Boss. He said it was Anacondy who stole it. Boss asked her to explain why she did it and she did. She worked hard adding items to their collection but the only thing he cared about was Flora. Then Boss asked her to add Pretty Cure to their collection. She used all her energy putting her life at the line to turn the 5 Cures to stone. Now that he had the Cures in collection, Boss headed to Cure Rose Garden, to Flora. Anacondy tried to stop him, but was too weak. She also got destroyed by Boss. Then he headed to CUre Rose Garden. Meanwhile, the 6 rulers tried going to Flora, because they knew she might disppear soon.

47 (241)- "Kimochi o Hitotsu ni! Aoi Bara no Kiseki!!" ("Our Feelings As One! Miracle of the Blue Rose!!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 47

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 47

Airdate: January 18, 2009

Pretty Cure have been turned into stone and the Boss has locked them in Eternal. Milky Rose and Syrup have watched all of this in horror. The Boss killed Anacondy because she was mad at him for caring only about Flora. Now he is flying to the Cure Rose Garden. There Flora was lying weak when suddenly Boss came. Meanwhile Milky Rose and Syrup try to get inside Eternal's store room, where the petrified Pretty Cure are situated. Bunbee appears, but instead offighting he decides to go to Pretty Cure, showing them the secret door. Milky Rose and Syrup wonder if they should go or if this is a trap, but they decide to go. Then they see the Pretty Cures at the top of the room. Concurrently, the Boss is at the Cure Rose Garden and is now setting his sights on destroying it. But he wants to know where the Rose Pact is from Flora. Flora right now is in a weak state all all she can do is hope that Pretty Cure help her. Boss says Pretty Cure won't come. Flora says she doesn't care what happens to her, she just wants the roses to be safe. Boss destroys some roses, destroying a city. At Eternal, Syrup tries to free the Pretty Cure from their petrified states. Syrup and Milky Rose try to get them back to normal, when Mailpo gives a letter to Syrup. It's from Pretty Cure. He opens it and huge white butterfly shines over them. Then together Syrup and Rose try getting them back, saying their hearts are alive. Syrup describes each of the Cures and when their names are mentioned, a seed in Syrup's hand starts shining in each Cure's color. When he mentions them all the seed blooms into beautiful blue rose. When he admitted he wants to be with everyone, the rose started shining and the gems in the center of the Cures' costumes starts shining, reverting the Cures to normal and giving them butterfly wings. The Cures all thank Syrup for his words and Syrup thanks them for the letter he received for the first time. Then they notice Bunbee. He admits, that the fighting has gone for too long and he decided to open a new leaf. The Cures hurry out and Dream thanks Bunbee. Meanwhile, Boss is destroying Cure Rose garden. Coco and Natts try to protect Flora. They try but in the end Boss proceeds to destroy them, but Pretty Cure intervenes. They now proceed to battle Boss. The Cures used powered-up versions of their attacks. Then he turns into his true, powered up form. He easily defeats the Pretty Cure and then sends power shocks that set large explosions in diffrent places, destroying Cure Rose Garden and the Earth. The once beautiful Cure Rose Garden is now an eyesore and the Earth is no more...

48 (242)- "Mirai e! Eien Fumetsu no Purikyua Faibu!" ("To the Future! Forever Strong PreCure 5!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 48

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - Episode 48

Airdate: January 25, 2009

With the Cure Rose Garden destroyed, everyone has lost hope. Except for Cure Dream. She encorages her fellow Pretty Cure members to continue fighting. They continue fighting the Boss, who is still easily overpowering them. The Boss explains he created Eternal so he could steal every single precious

item from diffrent worlds so he could be affluent. The Boss proceeds to kill Flora but soon Mailpo begins to emit many letters. The Cures and Milky Rose combine their powers to weaken the Boss. With the help of the Four Rulers, Coco and Natts with all of their powers and feelings sent to Mailpo the Cures and Milky Rose are able to use their final attack, Floral Explosion.

The Boss is defeated as Anacondy soon appears and distracts the Boss. The Cure Rose Garden is soon restored. Meanwhile, all of the items Eternal has stolen are soon returned to their respective worlds and the Eternal museum is diminished. Now that the Cure Rose Garden has been restored everyone is happy. Flora thanks everyone but has one thing to say to everyone one. She will die. She asks everyone to look after the Garden when she is gone, and to help the future Pretty Cure. She disappears. She leaves a seed, which will grow to be the new guardian of the Cure Rose Garden. Nozomi is writing a letter to Coco on how everyone is doing. Bunbee has his own business, Syrup has become a better postman, Rin and Karen are looking after the Cure Rose Garden's flowers, Milk is guiding tours around the garden, Mailpo and Syrup are still together and Mailpo can turn into a rose, Natts and Coco are looking after the Palmier Kingdom. All the Cures have also achieved their dreams; Rin has become an accescory designer, Urara has become a famous actress, Komachi has become a novel writer and Karen is helping the Palmier's residents medically.

Everone comes to Natts House to see that Flora's seed has grown a shoot. They all decide to look after the seed until it blossoms. They all say Nozomi's catch phrase Kettei!, the seed is looked at one more time and the show cuts to credits.