1 (146)- "Kibō no PuriKyua tanjō!" ("The Pretty Cure of Hope is Born!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 01

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 01

Airdate: 4 February, 2007

Nozomi is running late to school but soon sees a luminescent pink butterfly and decides to chase it. She makes an abrupt turn into an alleyway and bumps into a strange man. The butterfly almost flies away but the man manages to catch it back, placing it on his finger while telling her not to touch it. He begins to ask her if she likes butterflies, but suddenly sensing something strange, the mysterious boy takes off.

Nozomi follows after him, trying to ask for his name but she doesn't see him anywhere. So she continues to head for school, and Rin reminds her to hurry up before she misses their school bus! Upon arrival to school, Nozomi sees how everyone surrounding her is doing their own thing, including Rin, who is surrounded by all of the sports clubs asking her to join them. Nozomi decides to go on ahead, but this encourages her to work towards finding her own talent in life. She walks by a pathway to find someone rehearsing some lines and is shocked to find it's an up and coming actress who she's seen on a poster recently. A girl named Urara. She is very excited and asks her if she is there for a role, but Urara informs her that she has just begun to attend the school. Before they seperate, Nozomi tells Urara she can ask her any questions she may have.

In class, Rin explains to Nozomi that she has some plans after school so she should go home by herself instead of hanging around. Nozomi offers to say for support, but Rin is more interested in finding out if she found something of her own to do and brings up her attempt to join a club the previous week. Of course the results are less then desireable as Nozomi admits she struggled too much. Then she had also tried to join the theater group, and the wind orchestra. Nozomi tries to play it off but Rin is pretty disappointed by her and takes off after Nozomi claims she will find something. She heads to the nearby window to find the strange boy from earlier and trails after him.

She sees him head into the library and follows him there. But inside she only sees Karen and Komachi and asks if either of them had seen him. They said they haven't, however she claims she saw someone come in there. Nozomi is then surprised to find out Karen knows who she is.

With that, Nozomi asks if she can at least look around and Komachi allows it. She then leaves with a bad impression on Karen, who is so sure that nobody else came inside. After she walks away, Komachi compares Nozomi's stubborness with Karen's own. Though Karen denies it.

Suddenly Nozomi finds the strange boy, but everytime she turns and sees him for a moment he keeps vanishing. She eventually finds a weird glowing book and goes to touch it. The glow fades as the male happens to see her standing there and asks her to give him the book. Nozomi refuses and claims he's probably making fun of her, then asks him why he wants it so badly since only students are allowed to take out books. The boy claims he isn't anyone suspicious but she refuses to buy it. As they argue and fight over it, the male eventually loses energy and transforms into his animal form.

Nozomi is beyong shocked but finds him so adorable that she can't help but cuddle the fluffy tanuki. She then introduces herself to him again, and he does the same to her. Although he's pretty angry with her, he soon gets over it having to deal with the scary creature that has suddenly shown up!

As a fight breaks out, Karen and Komachi thought they heard something but pay it no mind. Despite how much pain he's in, Coco refuses to hand over the Dream Collet. Nozomi watches the confusing scene and is quick to save Coco by throwing something in the way. She then grabs Coco and takes off with the Collet just as Komachi and Karen arrive to find books all over the floor. They are soon cornered but just then, the mysterious pink butterfly from earlier shows up and floats onto her hand. It glows brightly and changes into a strange bracelet. With that Coco leaps out of her arms and tells her to use it to transform.

Nozomi is very confused but he is able to convince her to at least try using it. With the strange object, Nozomi is able to transform into Cure Dream. She takes a moment to overlook her brand new form while Coco tearfully comments on this event. The man is able to attack Nozomi but she is able to move out of the way just by jumping. The strange man tosses a mask onto the nearby painting, causing a weird creature to come out of it. It then chases after a frightened Nozomi as Coco runs into her arms. He tells her to fight the monster but she's too frightened to do so until he tells her to believe in herself.

Dream comes to a stop and tells Coco how right he is. She has him run to a safe spot and they begin to fight. She does very well but she is caught off guard by the strange man who demands Coco hands over the item he came there for. Coco considers doing it, but Dream convinces him not to and claims she won't lose. With new found strength, she tosses him aside and with the Pretty Cure power, and attacks the monster!

The mask falls to the floor and the strange man takes off while everything returns to normal. Nozomi turns back to normal as Coco runs over to her. She still doesn't understand but she's happy that he's happy. Coco thanks her for her help and with that, Nozomi realizes what her goal is. It is to become a Pretty Cure and restore Coco's land!

2 (147)- "Jōnetsu zenkai Kyua Rūju!" ("Full Force Passion, Cure Rouge!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 02

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 02

Airdate: 11 February, 2007

Nozomi is excited to tell her best friend, Rin, about her transformation into a Pretty Cure, but Rin doesn't fully believe her at first. Nozomi then offers to have Rin be a Pretty Cure as well, but Rin leaves her hanging, thinking that she's kidding. Then, later at school, Nozomi tries again to convince her friend that she's telling the truth. Rin brushes her off, and Nozomi is temporarily distracted by finding out that their new teacher is none other than Coco, under the alias Kokoda Koji!

When Nozomi confronts him about this, he tells her that it's for Pretty Cure, which Rin then overhears. Coco then explains that the Dream Collet can grant any wish that you want, and explains about the Nightmares to Rin.

Meanwhile, Girinma gets in trouble with the Board of Directors for failing to capture the Dream Collet, and is sent back to Earth with renewed resolve.

After hearing about the destruction of the Palmier Kingdom, Nozomi vows to gather four other Cures to fight, while Rin is still apprehensive. However, after Coco transforms back into his mascot form after falling down the steps to catch Nozomi, she finally believes his story but passes up on the offer to become Pretty Cure. Karen and Komachi come looking for Nozomi, investigating the destruction that went on in the school library the previous episode, but are unable to find her.

Meanwhile, Rin reflects on her long friendship with Nozomi and rethinks her rejection of Pretty Cure, worried for Nozomi's safety. However, Girinma comes and attacks Rin, asking her about where the Dream Collet is. Nozomi explains her friendship with Rin to Coco, and Coco describes Natts to Nozomi, and they talk about what it means to be best friends with someone but their conversation is interrupted by the appearance of a Pinkie. While they're chasing the Pinkie, they find Rin, running away from Girinma. Rin tries again to get Nozomi to quit Pretty Cure, worried for her safety, but Nozomi refuses, saying she has to grant Coco's wish.

Nozomi transforms and Girinma creates a Kowaina out of a lamp post. Meanwhile, Urara chases the red butterfly that has appeared. Rin admits that what she's really scared of is losing Nozomi, and vows to become Pretty Cure if it means she can protect her friend. Called by her strength of friendship, the red butterfly lands on Rin's left wrist and forms a Pinky Catch, and she transforms into Cure Rouge.

Rouge manages to defeat the Kowaina, using her Rouge Fire for the first time in combination with Cure Dream's Dream Attack. Girinma flees, and the two girls vow they will be together from now on. Nozomi also catches the Pinkie that they were originally chasing, making it the first of 55.

It is revealed at the end that Urara saw the battle and knows the two girls' identities as Pretty Cure, and now has lots of questions.

3 (148)- "Hajikeru PuriKyua wa dare?" ("Who is the Pretty Cure of Efferverscent?")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 03

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 03

Airdate: 18 February, 2007

Urara is in the middle of auditioning for a group of people who begin to ask her how she likes school. Urara takes a moment to think it over and unhappy with the answer, she is quick to lie and claim how fun she thinks school really is.

After school, Coco discusses what the girls Pretty Cure forms represent. This being Hope, and Passion. He goes on to bring up that the remaining three are Intelligence, Tranquility, and Effervescense. Rin interupts to point out they understand what Intelligence and Tranquilty mean but they are unable to figure out what Effervescense is...

At home, Nozomi feeds Coco a snack and he tries it. But when they hear someone, she quickly hides Coco to see that her dad was in that room with them the entire time. But she couldn't see him because of where he had been sleeping. He decides to start on dinner, which surprises Nozomi until he explains her mother is too busy working at the time. So she will be late. Nozomi begins to lecture him for staying up all night and he picks Coco up, so she claims he is a stuffed animal and she distracts him by mentioning the girl on the television screen is a girl she knows from school.

In Nightmare HQ, Bunbee was upset at Girinma, coming back twice without results or the Dream Collet. Girinma apologized and said that there were two Cures. Bunbee is still unimpressed and reminded him that their duty is to bring to Dream Collet for Desperaia to grant her wish. He then snapped his fingers, causing Girinma to fall into a trap hole. Bunbee then ordered Gamao to get the Dream Collet.

At school, Nozomi and Rin continue to discuss what Effervescense is. Rin scolds her for just openly discussing Pretty Cure and when the surrounding girls catch them, due to being so loud they quickly lie and claim to be discussing pudding. It happens a second time, but not a third as Nozomi happens to see Urara nearby and approaches her in order to mention how cute she thought she was on the television the other day. She and Rin sit down and Nozomi introduces Rin to Urara. They bicker slightly and she realizes she saw them yesterday fighting the bad guy. Before she can ask them a question, one of the workers approaches to speak to Urara, surprised to see her with Nozomi and Rin.

When she walks away, she openly asks what Pretty Cure is. But the bell rings before she can get an answer and they run off. This makes Urara feel sad, but she notices Nozomi left behind her pack, then turns to find her there standing. She suggests they should head to class but Nozomi offers to show Urara around instead, since she's knew to the school. Urara is worried about class, but Nozomi tells her not to worry about it.

Meanwhile in class, Rin tries to be "subtle" and inform Coco that Nozomi hasn't come back from their lunch break and her concern. Which causes Coco to become annoyed and he leaves after telling the girls to read for a while. Rin then makes an excuse to leave also and takes off after him.

Nozomi and Urara have fun looking around the school grounds. Laughing and enjoying lovely sights, such as the flowers. They end their fun in the auditorium, where Urara reveals her dream of being on stage. Nozomi is impressed, but tells Urara that her dreams are still far off. But Urara feels like she can agree with this because so far, she's only had a single line as a support character role, the one coming up. Curiously Nozomi asks her if this is true, if she spent all of lunch practicing that one single line. Urara tells her that she reads from the script and then goes straight home due to having to work. She doesn't have time to make friends but she doesn't have that much choice if she wants to make her dream come true. So it's best to be by herself.

However, Nozomi doesn't believe this and she tells Urara that they are friends. Which makes both of them happy. Then she reveals her Pinky Catch to Urara. She explains what they use it for and explains the Nightmares to her and that they have been destroying a country that she plans on restoring. This is why she becomes a Pretty Cure, and she asks Urara not to tell Rin because she would be angry...

Just then, Rin and Coco run in demanding to know where Nozomi was. Rin calls it bad manners and continues to yell at her while Nozomi tries to explain. But before she can tell her what happened, they find a strange man demanding the Dream Collet. Nozomi tells Urara to run, but the main uses this time to transform the stage curtains into a Kowaina. He again demands the Dream Collet and once again Nozomi tells her to run. Coco grabs her and they run while Nozomi and Rin transform into Cure Dream and Cure Rouge.

With that, a fight begins. Students inside seem to be aware of what's going on, and while Karen wants to go and see, Komachi insists they don't due to being in the middle of class. Coco tries to get Urara to leave the auditorium with him and suddenly runs in the way to take a hit from one of the Nightmares. Everyone keeps telling her to run and while she doesn't listen, she is forced to leave anyway after Rin yells at her. The Nightmare keeps trying to get Nozomi to hand over the Dream Collet but they refuse.

As Urura runs away she tries to find someone to tell. But she falls over and hears noise coming from the room again. She wants to go back, but is too frightened until she remembers what Nozomi told her earlier. With that, Urura gets up and makes her way back to the Auditorium.

Just as the nightmare attempts to attack Coco, Urara runs back into the room, stopping him. But suddenly, to everyone's surprise a glowing yellow butterfly appears and floats onto her hand, transforming into a pinky catch!

With that Urara quickly transforms into Cure Lemonade. She is very surprised to see herself, but she doesn't have very long to question it and quickly attacks, allowing Dream and Rouge to release themselves and attack. With the Kowaina gone, Gamao takes his leave.

Outside, the trio congradulate Urara and Coco introduces himself to her, only to inform the girls now that they have detention for skipping out on class. This makes him and Nozomi bicker for a moment, but they all express joy in having found the third Pretty Cure...

4 (149)- "Yasuragi no Kyua Minto!" ("Tranquil Cure Mint!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 04

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 04

Airdate: 25 February, 2007

In the library, Akimoto Komachi is writing a paper until a student comes to ask to borrow a book. She stamps the book and informs the girl that she can have it for a week. After she takes it and thanks Komachi, another student came up to her saying that the library is haunted and when it gets dark, you can hear someone struggling. The gossip begins to make Komachi start to worry.

The next morning in school, all the students in the halls starting to gossip about an evil spirit in the library and a monster in the auditorium, which scared some of them. Komachi is eavesdropping on their conversations and worries even more until Karen greets her and says the rumors have been spreading quickly. Then she asks Karen if they can talk in private when they see Nozomi, Rin, and Urara talking about breakfast. They walk to class and pass Komachi and Karen, causing Karen to wonder why Urara quickly became friends with Rin and Nozomi, even though they are different.

In Nightmare, Arachnea was summoned by Bunbee to get the Dream Collet. Arachnea said that she had heard the rumors of Girinma and Gamao failing, but Gamao hasn't come back yet. Bunbee is impressed and wanrs her about Pretty Cure, but she assures him that she can be trusted to get the Dream Collet.

After class everyone begins to head to lunch unti Mr. Kokoda asks them to go to the guidance counseling room with Urara so that he could talk to them privately. After everyone gathers, Coco changes into his normal form and explains how important it is that they find the remaining two cures: tranquility and intelligence, in order to release his friend. Suddenly someone knocks on the door and he quickly hides as Komachi and Karen come in to ask questions. They went to the cafeteria to talk to them because of the rumors that had been spreading around the school, and Karen and Komachi heard that they were the only three that were near the disturbances.

Nozomi attempts to say something but Rin stops her. This only makes Karen more suspicious and she asks them for an answer. Komachi tries to calm down everyone by explaining that Karen just wants to know what is going on. Then without thinking it over, Nozomi asks them if they would be interested in joining the Pretty Cure, because she thinks Komachi is good at calming things and Karen is really smart. She thinks they are the perfect candidates, but Karen leaves after claiming it to be made up. Komachi doesn't believe it either but she is happy with the story they made and asks them to be more clear the next time before leaving also.

Nozomi can't understand why they didn't believe her and Rin claims nobody would believe them before insisting that Karen wouldn't work. But Nozomi still has faith that Karen and Komachi would fit their group and she doesn't have any plans on giving up to recruit them. But suddenly, the bell rings, causing Nozomi and Rin to get depressed since they didn't get to finish their food.

After school, Rin attends to soccer club while Nozomi tries to talk to Komachi about becoming a Pretty Cure in the library. Komachi was busy writing and when Nozomi begins to ask her about it, she stops to explain her dream of becoming a novelist. Meanwhile, Coco finds Urara outside of the meeting room in hopes of speaking to Karen about Pretty Cure. She informs him of where Rin and Nozomi are and Coco transforms back into his cute form after realizing that a Pinky is near. Urara's Pinky Catch comes out and a harp forms that Coco begins to play. Then, a Pinky appears and went into Urara's Catch and they begin to discuss just what the Pinky does.

Back in the library, Komachi explains where her novelist dreams have come from. Komachi loved to read books since she was little, but people laughed at her while saying she would never become a novelist and should just give up. Nozomi encourages her to continue her dream though and tells her not to give up so easily. Because if she keeps believing in herself then one day it will come true. Komachi feels happier now and thanks Nozomi, then asks her to tell her some more about Pretty Cure.

Leaving the library, Nozomi explains Pretty Cure and the Nightmares to Komachi and this time she almost believes them. But Karen still refuses. A manhole suddenly pops open and the girls fall into the sewers, landing safely on a mattress. Arachnea appeared on the sewer river and turns into her true form while ordering them to hand over the Dream Collet. Nozomi objects and she and Komachi run away causing Arachnea to chase them.

On the surface, Coco sensed Nightmares and tells Urara. Komachi and Nozomi keep running until they reach a dead end. Arachnea now got them and demands that they hand over the Dream Collet again, but Nozomi refuses and transforms into Cure Dream. This surprises Komachi and Arachnea throws a mask onto the water to turn it into a Kowaina. After she kicks it, Cure Dream and Komachi flee again.

Urara and Coco find Rin and attempt to find Nozomi, but inside the library they see nobody is there. But they spot the opened manhole and quickly jump inside.

Cure Dream and Komachi continue to try to escape the Kowaina chasing them. They end up in a big room with no trail and as the Kowaina gets closer, Cure Dream has Komachi grab onto her an she umps out of the hole. As Rin, Urara, and Coco find them, they quickly transform into Cure Rouge and Cure Lemonade. Which surprises Komachi even further as she and Coco hide behind some nearby pillars. The Kowaina and Arachnea manage to find them and she ends up angering Komachi when she calls dreams illusions. Komachi confronts her and claims her to be lying, but Arachnea only grabs ahold of her and catches her in her web.

Cure Dream attempts to save her but gets stuck herself. Arachnea goes on to call Komachi weak, as well as saying those with no dreams are powerless. Cure Dream argues against this by informing her of Komachi's writing and how she kept at it, no matter what other people told her. She's working hard to make her dream come true!

With her strength, Cure Dream manages to save herself by pulling out of the web. As the Kowaina attacks the Pretty Cure fight back. Komachi sees how much Cure Dream suffers and begins to feel badly, wanting to support her. She thinks about how Nozomi treated her upon learning of her dreams, so now she wants to help her. A green butterfly suddenly appears and lands onto the web, causing it to break. The butterfly floats onto her wrist and turns into a Pinky Catch, allowing her to transform into Cure Mint!

Cure Mint uses Mint Protection to protect everyone from the Kowaina and allowing the other three to use their own abilities. Allowing them to destroy the Kowaina. Arachnea flees after to report the events of today while Coco cheers for them.

On the surface, Nozomi, Rin and Urara get out of the sewers and find themselves surrounded by students asking what's been going on and wonder why they were underground. Karen pushes her way through to see them, shocked when she ffinds Komachi with them. She walks up to her and asks what she was doing, but this only makes Komachi giggle while the others laugh, leaving Karen confused.

5 (150)- "Purikyua no Shikaku" ("The Qualifications of a Pretty Cure")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 05

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 05

Airdate: 4 March, 2007

Karen is walking in the hall being greeted by the students. In the meeting room, three students ask her to check the schedule for the yearbook. Karen agrees and after they leave, simply sighs while telling herself that in the end, nothing is good unless she does it by herself.

During lunch, Nozomi eats a lot of food while Rin feels awkward, only to get shocked when she sees Urara also eating a lot of food that day. Which causes her to want to eat a lot too. Komachi comes by to ask if she can sit with them and they become very impressed after seeing her lunch. She explains to them that her mother makes it every day for her, but she never can eat it all, so she lets them have some of it... but by the time she finishes speaking, the trio has already eaten it all...

Suddenly, Coco (in mascot form) jumps onto the table and tells them that they need to find the last Cure. Nozomi grabs him and hides him under the table while asking him why he chose to be in this form there. He goes on to say that he likes to relax during break, which causes them to point out he has no right to pressure them if he's lounging around. However, Komachi agrees with Coco and explains the situation once more, which impresses them. They go over their Cure meanings, then say the final one they need is Intelligence.

Otaka then hears them saying this and she offers to help since she's really smart, but Nozomi politely rejects her and she walks off. It's then Urara notices that Karen is not with Komachi and asks where she is. Komachi explains that Karen is busy with student council and all of her other responsibilities. Urara thinks if she were in the team, she would be reliable but Rin reminds her that Karen has already turned them down before. Komachi claims that Karen is sometimes stubborn and if she says no, she probably won't change her mind. But Nozomi still wants to try and declares they will go to Karen's house anyway, which surprise them.

In Nightmare HQ, Bunbee is scolding Arachnea for not getting the Dream Collet. Arachnea said that there's four Cures and asked for one more chance to defeat them. But Bunbee appears next to her before she falls into a trap door and he promises to get them himself...

After school, Karen was picked up by Jii-ya/Sakamoto. He reminds her that today that her Mother will call, which makes her happy. But before she gets into the vehicle a student runs up to her and asks Karen to come with her for the yearbook meeting. Karen told her butler to go ahead home and that she'll be late. After the girl leaves Karen once again reminds herself of what she said earlier.

Meanwhile, the foursome visit Karen's home and are amazed by the mansion. Komachi rings the door bell, used to such a home already, but nobody answers the gates. Suddenly the gate opens and the Cures move so that the car can get inside, but the man stops to greet the girls. They ask where Karen is and he informs them that she's busy with student council, but he does allow them to come inside to wait for her return.

At school the meeting has come to an end. The girl thanks Karen for coming with her, but Karen feels saddened. She keeps it to herself while on her way home, but it stopped by Otaka and stops to converse with her. Otaka says that Karen must be busy all of the time going to Student Council, but she thinks she wont get to enjoy herself more often if she's doing everything by herself. However, Karen doesn't make much conversation and leaves. Otaka then says she herself could use a friend to talk to.

At the mansion the girls all look around when Karen comes inside, stunned to find the four girls there. Nozomi comments on how big the house is before asking how many people liv there. But Sakamoto informs her that it's just himself and Karen, because her parents are overseas as famous touring musicians. Rin comments on how lonely this must be, but Karen claims she isn't.

When Nozomi sees pictures of Karen with her parents, they all gather around to look. Komachi notices how sad Karen looks, then reveals the Bean Jelly she brought from the shop. Karen takes it and asks the others to wait in the garden while she cuts it up for them.

Unknown to the girls, Bunbee is outside waiting too...

Everyone enjoys the bean jelly out in the backyard soon after while Karen explains to them how Komachi's family has run a Sweet Shop for over one hundred years. Before they can say much else, Karen recieves a call from her mother and she seperates from them to have some privacy. Curious, Nozomi gets up and trails behind to listen to the conversation. Karen explains how well things are to her mother, and tells her she doesn't need to worry about her or getting lonely. Then when she realizes she is hanging up, Nozomi flees back to the others.

Karen returns and apologizes for keeping them waiting. She asks them why they have came and because none of them can admit it, Nozomi steps up to mention that they would like her to become a Pretty Cure. But once again Karen refuses. In order to get her to believe, Nozomi pulls Coco from her pocket, which surprises Karen and she thinks he is just a robotic toy. Coco claims he isn't, then senses a Pinky. When Nozomi spots it, he jumps to Komachi and tells her to catch it. Komachi's Pinky Catch comes out and a piccolo appears for Coco to play. Komachi attemps to show Karen how to catch a Pinky and it begins to get closer. But just as it was about to go into Komachi's Pinky Catch, something quickly ran and grabbed it!

As the garden begins to darken, Nozomi demands Bunbee return the Pinky. But he orders them to hand over the Dream Collet. When Nozomi refuses, he throws a mask at the Gazebo and transforms it into a Kowaina. Everyone got out and ran away.

The girls get out of it and run away, but as they stop they transform into Pretty Cure. Karen is very shocked by this before she is sent to hide with Coco. Bunbee appears once again while still holding the Pinky. He orders them to hand over the Dream Collet and again Dream refuses. He turns into his true form and begins to attack them. But due to some quick thinking Mint is able to shield everyone by using Mint Protection. It protects them from the bullet but Bunbee launched a bigger one that destroys the force field.

Now frightened, Karen begins to worry until a blue butterfly appears. Everyone stops upon seeing it and Coco tells her to transform with it, but Karen is too scared and is unable to do it. Coco tells her to hurry up and save them and she tries to remember what was said to her. She is able to calm down by reminding herself of what she's said all day and the butterfly floats onto her wrist. But Karen accidentally scares it away which shocks everyone.

This frightens Karen enough to paralyze her. Bunbee has his Kowaina attack but the girls quickly manage to destroy it with Lemonade Flash and Dream Attack. Everything turned back to normal but Bunbee escaped with the Pinky. The Cures are sad that he got away with the important Pinky and Karen begins to feel remorse and guilt for not doing anything to help them.

Soon afternoon comes along and she realizes that the Pretty Cure are real. But now they have no use for her and she tells them not to bother asking her for help again. This makes everyone said, but Nozomi claims she will come back because she wants Karen to join them, something that surprises her. No matter what it takes she's going to see to it that it happens and she leaves with the others.

Karen takes a moment to observe her hand where the butterfly landed and begins to ask herself why she couldn't transform.

6 (151)- "Purikyua Faibu Zen'in Shūgō!" ("Pretty Cure 5, All Together!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 06

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 06

Airdate: 11 March, 2007

In a flashback/memory in Karen's Mansion, Jii-ya enters the room were young Karen is sleeping. She wakes up to see a plane and wonders if that was her parents plane before asking if they will ever come back. But then Jii-ya hears her and Karen starts to worry and distracts him by saying they should have a tea party. He goes to prepare for it, but before shutting the door he happens to notice how sad she looks. Karen walks back to the window and begins to look out of it...

Presently, Karen is still lonely and gazing out of the same window. She wonders why she couldn't transform again and thinks about the past days events.

Nozomi, Rin, Urara, Komachi and Coco are walking home and Coco is depressed because they lost the Pinky. Nozomi said not to worry and they'll rescue the Pinky when all of the Precures are here. Rin then complains by asking about Karen again. Komachi and Urara hoped she was the 5th Precure, but Rin wasn't convinced it's her. Nozomi already decided that Karen is the one and said she was going to her house, but Komachi informs her she's still back in Student Council. When Nozomi happens to look by she sees Jii-ya and they greet each other.

Back at the Student Council meeting room. Karen is still deep in thought and isn't paying attention, which catches her off guard when someone says something. In the cafeteria, Jii-ya was drinking tea with everyone and he asks them to become friends with Karen, because he had noticed how much fun he had the other day when they had been there. She is very lonely and misses her parents. But she hid her sadness out of worry she would only disturb their work. When she was with them she was having a great time.

Suddenly, Karen appears and asks why Jii-ya is there. Nozomi explained that he was here to pick her up, saying "the more the merrier." But Karen suddenly told her to stop asking her and leave her alone, then asks Jii-ya to wait for her in the car and he leaves. Nozomi asks her again to become Pretty Cure and Karen just says she saw the butterfly disappear and Nozomi asks everyone why that happened. Coco answered that if she doesn't wish to become a Pretty Cure, she won't. Karen wanted to help, but remembered the words she said about it's no good unless she does it herself and leaves while saying she will neve become a Pretty Cure. But Nozomi follows after her anyway. Once again she asks for her to become a Pretty Cure and Karen begins to wonder why she wants this so much. Nozomi explains that she had decided Karen was perfect for the role because she is smart, reliable, and mature. She also knows that they both love their parents which means they have that in common. This stuns Karen and Nozomi continues to say that she believes Karen is very caring and she can be a Pretty Cure. This touches Karen and she tells her that Pretty Cure or not, they can still be friends.

They began to laugh together, but then, Bunbee came and ordered her to give him the Dream Collet. Nozomi yells at him to give back the Pinky and he shows them it before throwing a black sphere. It vanishes as he releases the Pinky, then just as it jumps to get to Nozomi it makes contact with one of the masks and transforms into a Kowaina. Coco transforms into his true self to inform the trio that a Pinky is near, but he senses something wrong.

Nozomi transformed into Cure Dream and was going to attack the Kowaina, but remembered it was the Pinky. She was distracted and the Kowaina slammed her. The Precures came and saw Cure Dream hurt. They transformed and were going to attack the Kowaina, but Cure Dream stopped them saying that it was the Pinky, shocking them and Coco now knows what's going on with the Pinky. They dodged the attack and Dream gave Karen Coco so they could hide. Bunbee transformed into his true form and attacked the Pretty Cure.

The Pretty Cures were hurt by the Kowaina and Bunbee, too weak to continue. Karen was scared and worried about them. When Bunbee was about to give the final blow, Karen brought up her confidence and yelled at him to stop hurting them. She said she wants to help, saying it was fun and even though she can't be a Cure, she wants to be with everyone. The Precures got their stregnth and guarded Karen. Suddenly, Karen's words reach out to the blue butterfly and it came back and landed on Karen's wrist and finally turned into a Pinky Catch, surprising Karen and transformed into Cure Aqua. This shocked Bunbee as they recited their group introduction for the first time. Bunbee attacked them and the Precures dodged it. Cure Aqua said that the mask is keeping the Pinky into a Kowaina and if they break the mask, the Pinky goes back to normal. Now they got intelligence, they planned a strategy to defeat it. Cure Mint will distract the Kowaina, while Aqua and Rouge break the mask while Dream and Lemonade fight with Bunbee. Mint goes to Pinky and the Kowaina went to her until she used Mint Protection to distract the Pinky on trying to get into it. Aqua used Aqua Stream and Rouge used Rouge Fire directly at the mask and broke causing the Pinky to go back to Normal. Bunbee fought with Lemonade and Dream. Cure Lemonade used Lemonade Flash and Cure Dream used Dream Attack on him and again dodged. Now that he see's he's in defeat, he fled.

Now that the Pinky is back to normal, Mint finally caught the Pinky. Coco is glad that all the 5 cures are here. Everyone was glad that Karen turned to a Pretty Cure and she thanked Cure Dream for believing. Last night, Karen is calling her mother asking when will she come back. She said it was nothing and she only wanted to see them. Jii-ya was spying on her and happy that she is calling her parents. The next morning, Karen and the student council were outside writing out the students name that are in time. Rin and Nozomi were coming late and Nozomi was last after the bell rang. Nozomi was getting detention and asked Karen if she could pass but Karen said no with a smile. Nozomi is now depressed of getting it.

7 (152)- "Shin'yū Nattsu arawaru!" ("The Close Friend, Nuts, Appears!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 07

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 07

Airdate: 18 March, 2007

Coco looked at the Dream Collet and can't wait to open and awake his friend and turned to Nozomi to say thank you, but Nozomi was still asleep. He tried to wake her up, but Nozomi, still asleep, pushed him. Coco said that he got no choice and turned into his human form. Nozomi's Mom, Megumi, was knocking on the door wondering if Nozomi woke up. When she opened the door, she found Coco next to her bed. Both of them were shocked while Nozomi is sleeping peacefully. Nervous Coco said good morning and that he'll wake Nozomi up. Megumi apologized for disturbing and closed the door. She was confused and then got scared opened the door and yelled out Nozomi, waking her up. Megumi told her that a man was in her room Nozomi saw Coco and panicked. She told her mom that there is no man and she must have been so tired, she must have seen an illusion. Megumi fell for it and remembered that she has appointments for work. When she left, Coco and Nozomi were relieved.

Back in school, Nozomi, Rin and Urara were in the cafeteria explaining about the Coco's best friend trapped in the Dream Collet until two students came to them. One said that she saw Urara on TV and the other asked Rin to be on tomorrow's game. Karen and Komachi came to see the Pretty Cures until two girls came to them like the ones that came to Rin and Urara to thank Karen for the advice and Komachi the book recommended was good. All of the commotion made Nozomi depressed that they can't talk alone because of the students around. The Pretty Cures were now in the Student Council room so nobody could disturb them. Coco told them to put their Pinky Catches near the Dream Collet. When they did that, the Pinky Catches gave out glittery light into the Dream Collet and it now opened, surrounding the room in rainbow colors as a little ball of light came out and Natts appeared and opened his eyes to see the girls. The Pretty Cures were amazed. When the light show was over, Coco came to hug Natts, but instead, Natts hit him with his tail saying that he is dumb to release the Dream Collet in front of people. As they start to fight, the Pretty Cures watched and wondered if they are really best friends.

Back in Nightmare HQ, Bunbee is walking around in circles thinking what he should say to his superiors. Suddenly, Kawarino appeared saying that it's important for people to do their jobs and that the person that has a problem and does not report, it'll be a real problem. Bunbee apologized, saying he had been busy with some things that he was too late to report. Kawarino said the "something" is the Pretty Cures and tells the legend "when despair begins to devour the world, 5 warriors holding power of Hope will appear." Kawarino reminded him that they need the Dream Collet for Desperaia and left. Finally, Bunbee opened the trap door and Girinma came out. Bunbee yelled at him and told him to defeat the Pretty Cures and get the Dream Collet no matter what. Girinma agreed with fear.

Back in school, Natts asked which one is the leader. They said they hadn't decided and Nozomi thinks that Karen should be, but Karen said that Nozomi brought them all together and should be. Nozomi wasn't sure but she'll try. Everyone cheered except for Natts said that this isn't a game and he couldn't trust them. He said that they might use it for themselves. Rin said that they would never deceive and wants to help, but Natts said he didn't ask. Karen said he could at least say thank you to Nozomi for releasing him out of the Dream Collet but Natts shrugged. Then the bell rang and they had to go to class. They leave and Coco was sad for him and left him in the Student Council room alone. Rin nagged about how rude Natts was. Coco then stopped and asked Rin and Nozomi to forgive Natts for saying those bad words and couldn't trust anyone because something happened. In the Student Council room, Natts sat thinking what happened. Nozomi cheered him up and if he's his friend, she'll try to be his friend and ran off. Coco was happy and said she was a good girl. Rin agreed and chased Nozomi to wait up. Coco cheered up and smiled.

After school and leaving, the Pretty Cures went for a walk and Nozomi said that her mom saw Coco, shocking them, but said she manage to trick her. Coco was embarrassed and then Natts popped out of his bag so he could hear their conversation. Komachi said that Coco should stay in someone elses house. Karen said they need to discuss privately somewhere. Nozomi then shouted out the Pretty Cure Hideout and Rin punished her and Nozomi said they should discuss it in Karen's house. Karen doesn't mind but it's too far away, but her family owns a warehouse near here and all of them visited. Coco then noticed that Natts came out and then went inside. They visited the warehouse and it was full of teddy bears and Karen said it used to be a factory. It was too big and Karen mention that her family also owns a storehouse nearby surprising Rin that she owns more. When they were going there, Girinma was spying them. They visited the small storehouse, but it was dirty and needed cleaning up, so they begin cleaning. Everyone dusted and cleaned the house. Rin's face was dirty and Nozomi mocked her. Rin came to her and patted dirt on her face making her mad and chase Rin around the room. Urara said they should continue to clean up. Then they both patted on her face too and ran away and Urara begins to chase them. Karen was brooming until Komachi found a living lizard and hold it to show Karen, making her crept out.

Natts was in another room sulking and Coco appeared saying that he should help, but Natts refused. Nozomi then came running in to clean her face and took off the Pinky Catch. Natts scolded her not to put her Pinky Catch over there. Nozomi apologizes and remembered that there's a Pinky . Natts asked why she didn't say so and told her to transfer it into the Dream Collet. Nozomi asked how. The Dream Collet opened again and then the Pinky was transferred into the Dream Collet. Nozomi saw Natts smiling and said they are sure cute. Natts blushed and shrugged. Suddenly, Coco sensed something and then got hit from the behind and transformed into his true form. It was Girinma here to take the Dream Collet and said hello to Nozomi and took the Dream Collet, but Natts climbed to his hand to get the Dream Collet and then Girinma teleported outside. Nozomi went outside and soon the other four were out surprising Girinma. They transformed into Pretty Cures to battle him. He then fled with the Dream Collet and Natts. Coco and the Pretty Cures tried to chase him and ended up in the same warehouse they visited. Suddenly Girinma tossed a Mask on a large pile of Teddy Bears and transformed it all into one big Kowaina and it grabbed four Precures in both hands. Natts tried to get the Dream Collet so he hurt the man's hand and grabbed the Collet and jumped to the air from him and caught by Dream.

When she said his name, Girinma heard it and then laughed because he explained that he opened the gates to Palmier. Palmier was protected by five lights and that the power of Nightmare couldn't get through. To get in, they disguised themselves as an injured Pinky and Natts opened the gates for them. Natts was now feeling guilty after remembering the tragedy. The Pretty Cure were sad after hearing. Girinma said it was his fault for opening them in. Natts was in grief, until Dream said it was their fault for taking advantage of Natts' kindness. He only wanted to save the Pinky. They're the ones that destroyed and if they did that, why they have to blame other people? Girinma said that the one who are tricked are fault, but Dream said it wasn't and the Pretty Cure broke out from the grasps of the Kowaina's hands. Girinma was angry and then jumped to attack then but Lemonade attacked him first by using Lemonade Flash on him.

When Dream put him down, she asked what is his dream. Coco said that his dream is to restore Palmier and they both have the same dream. The Pretty Cure said they'll help make that dream come true. But Girinma interrupted them and said they their wish won't get granted because he'll defeat them and get the Dream Collet, but Natts said it won't come true because they'll never lose or give him the Dream Collet making Girinma made and attacked Natts, but Dream protected him and Rouge and Lemonade attacked him. The Kowaina went to fight them, but then kicked by Mint and Aqua and then was blasted by Dream's Dream Attack and destroyed. Girinma then fled with anger. Natts now looks up to the Pretty Cure and now trusts them.

When they visited the storehouse the next day, it was cleaned and looked brand new and was called "Natts House". The Pretty Cures were amazed outside but more amazed inside when there was merchandise and wonder who done it. Suddenly, a man appeared in the store and the girls blushed when they saw him. Coco said it was Natts and he did all of this and Natts asked if he could keep the place and Karen said he could. They can't believe that the handsome guy is Natts. Natts then handed them out some boxes for the Cures to put their Pinky Catches in. Nozomi thanked him and the Cures looked around the store and loved the designs of the merchandise. Coco smiled at Natts and said from now on, they'll trust the Pretty Cures. Natts said he'll try since the Nightmares are stubborn and have to be on their guards. And also said that he prepared a room for Coco to live in. Coco was happy and said that he's Natts alright and end a scene Natts with Coco and behind are the Pretty Cures.

8 (153)- "Aishō saiaku Rin to Karen" ("The Worst Compatibility, Rin and Karen")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 08

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 08

Airdate: 25 March, 2007

Rin was running in the street to get to Natts House carrying a small pot of red tulips . She imagined her and the group gathered to put the plant on the window and that she says it's the perfect flower for the shop. Back in reality, she was about to get into the store until Karen came with a pot of blue Chinese bellflowers . She greeted Rin and Rin notices the bell flowers and Karen notices the tulips. Rin asked if they were Chinese bell flowers and Karen amazed that she has a sharp eye on flowers. Rin thanked and looked at the Bell flowers while Karen watched her tulips and that is where their rivalry starts.

Everyone is in the shop and fascinated of the snacks and tea they brought. Coco and Natts are looking at everyone and Coco said that Natts should be happy they brought them things for the shop but Natts was ungrateful saying that they're bringing things as they please. Coco then says there's pretty flowers making Rin happy and the red color is the best, but Karen said blue is nice. Rin complains that blue gives out a gloomy image, but Karen said that blue gives calm to the heart and fits the store and Rin said that red flowers gives out a bright taste in the shop with a flash and to leave all the flowers to her because her family owns a flower shop. Komachi tried to calm things down between the two of them saying both of the flowers are pretty. Nozomi agreed that both the red and blue are beautiful. Urara never knew that Rin's family has a flower shop. Rin said that she does and raised the tulips with tender care. She said to ask her if she need any flower. Nozomi commented that Karen's flower are pretty and Karen was grateful and said these flowers grew in her greenhouse at home so we could enjoy summer flowers before their season. Rin muttered she see the summer flowers in the summer. Karen heard that, but Komachi interrupted them, offering tea. Urara and Nozomi agreed and everyone went upstairs. Karen and Rin are still mad and scoffed.

Urara brought black tea, Nozomi brought green tea and Komachi brought Japanese snacks. Nozomi was excited to eat the snacks. Komachi nervously passed the snacks to Rin and Karen as they still mad at each other. They sat down and asked what tea they should drink. Rin consider black tea, but Karen said they should have green tea because it is a tradition for Japanese snacks to go with green tea. Rin said it doesn't matter and she feels like having black. Then Urara shouted out that she likes tea with milk confusing everyone. Komachi tried to reason that it doesn't matter with the snacks and they should drink whatever they like. Then Nozomi just had an idea and said that they should combine black and green tea with milk, confusing everyone. Suddenly Coco and Natts said before they drink tea, they should transfer the Pinkies in the Dream Collet. Rin and Karen were going to get the Collet but took turns to be polite. When Rin called Karen senpai, Karen appreciates her calling her that, but then Rin muttered she's senpai when they're Pretty Cure. Karen heard this and asked what did she said. But then Urara transferred her Pinky to the Dream Collet. Coco cheered and Nozomi told Rin and Karen to transfer theirs. Rin and Karen were going to but then bumped to each other and told each other they should go ahead and transferred theirs causing Nozomi to be depressed and sigh.

Back in Nightmare HQ, Bunbee summoned Arachnea from her punishment. Bunbee order her to get the Dream Collet quick and Arachnea said she already knows and was gone. Meanwhile, there was a camera in Bunbee's meeting room and the people who are watching were Kawarino and Desperaia in the top floor. Kawarino told her that the Pretty Cure are in their way, but they will try in their power to keep everything under control. Desperaia said that she only have one wish to become immortal with the power of the Dream Collet and rule the world with Despair. Kawarino obeys and left.

The next day in school, Nozomi was worried about Rin and Karen because they weren't talking to each other since yesterday. Rin said it wasn't a big deal and they never talk a lot and if she won't talk to her, she won't talk to her. Nozomi said that she's stubborn and so if they have different tastes on flowers, tea and timing on the Dream Collet, it would be a big problem for the Pretty Cures, but Rin said not to talk about Pretty Cures. Urara interrupted them saying that it wasn't a big deal that they argue, but why it's a big problem for Rin and Karen. Rin guessed that they are just different and don't go together. Meanwhile, Karen was talking to Komachi saying that she and Rin don't go together, and that she can't stand people like Rin. Komachi said that she would like her if Karen wasn't stubborn, but Karen said that Rin is the stubborn one and everything she says is right. Komachi said it isn't about right or wrong and that everyone doesn't agree on everything. Karen said that she and Rin aren't going to agree, which was not what Komachi meant. While everyone was having lunch, Karen ate her bento and Rin is eating a hot dog while Urara is eating her food, but Nozomi and Komachi worrying about their best friends. Nozomi said the weather was nice and Rin said it's perfect for a soccer game, but Karen said it's going to rain. Rin and Karen looked at each other and became irked, worrying Nozomi and Komachi. Nozomi asked Komachi what should they do. Komachi quietly cheered that Nozomi can do it. Nozomi up to her next strategy and complimented what a lovely bento she has. Karen thanked her, but Rin muttered her lunch is good for high-class people. Karen heard that and was angrily ate. Then Rin notices her eating and quickly ate her hot dog in one bite. Later, it became an eating contest between Rin and Karen and already stacked their finished plates and all of the students surrounded them to watch. Urara was amazed that there are people that eat more than she does and Komachi and Nozomi are surprised as well, and Nozomi though she said too much. Komachi said that Karen may eat slow, but eat a lot.

In the afternoon, Nozomi, Urara and Komachi are walking to Natts House and Coco says that it's a pain that Rin and Karen won't give in. Komachi wondered what they should do, but Coco said there's nothing they can do and Nozomi gathered all of them and they don't know each other and intelligence and passion don't go well. Coco had an idea, for the both of them to get along, the girls had to find what Rin and Karen. Urara then asked where are the both of them. Nozomi said she's in her club and Komachi is in the Student Council Meeting and when they're done, they go back to Natts House and have a chance of bumping into each other. Suddenly, Coco sensed Nightmares and an echo of Arachnea's voice came and a manhole cover near them popped out and Arachnea appeared and changed to her true form and ordered them to give her the Dream Collet. The girls transformed into Pretty Cures and ran to attack Arachnea but she shooted her webbing. The Precures dodged it but landed on the web and Arachnea pulled the net and them into the sewers. Coco ran to the manhole and Arachnea yelled to him to bring the Dream Collet if he want to save his friends, then bring the other two Cures and the Dream Collet.

Back in school, Rin and Karen finished and going to Natts house until they bumped into each other and surprised and annoyed of meeting each other. Rin asked if she is picked up and Karen said she's late so she doesn't need it and asked about the activities, Rin said it was a great game and her forecast about rain was wrong. Just as they began to argue again, Coco appeared and said that the other Pretty Cures are in danger and said that if they wanted to save them, they had to give them the Dream Collet. Rin and Karen both said to not give it to them and they're going to save them. They got to the sewers and ended on a sewer river and a fork on the sides. They want to go the others way, but Coco said they're in other side of the sewer river. Rin jumped easily to show off in front of Karen. Karen was mad but took a long step back and jumped to the side and showed off Rin, angering her. They ran until Coco said they're getting close and got to a room full of columns. Arachnea appeared and ordered them to give them the Dream Collet. They saw Dream, Lemonade and Mint on a web unconcious. Rin and Karen said they'll never give the Dream Collet and transformed into Pretty Cures. Arachnea then pulled out a mask and transformed a water pipe into a Kowaina. Rouge and Aqua battled the Kowaina and Arachnea. Suddenly, they slammed to the wall, amusing Arachnea seeing them weak, but stops when she sees them stand up and the Precures said that they aren't giving up.

Coco ran to Dream and tried to wake her up. Dream woke up and saw Rouge and Aqua fighting and Mint and Lemonade woke up and saw it too. Rouge and Aqua are still fighting them, but argue at each other when one of them done something wrong. Dream, Mint and Lemonade think that they're still competing and that they're movements are perfect but if they worked together at least, it would be better. Arachnea yelled at Rouge and Aqua why they are so stubborn and don't like each other, but still work together. Both of them said that it's totally obvious, that they against each other, they are not going to lose. Finally they used Rouge Fire and Aqua Stream on the Kowaina and was destroyed. The other Cures escaped from the web and congratulate them on defeating the Kowaina, but Arachnea interrupted them and said they're a mismatch of fools. Lemonade and Mint said that they aren't mismatched. Archanea shot her webs at them, but the Cures grabbed them and said that they may be different and may clash sometimes, but there's a reason for all five to be here and all of them are one team. Cure Dream kicked Arachnea and used Dream Attack on her. Arachnea dodged and fled. The crumble and cracks of the columns from the Battle repaired and Nozomi complemented Rin and Karen that they were awesome and Komachi and Urara said they were perfect, had great sync and were a pretty good match. Karen and Rin said it was just a fluke and they wanted to save them. Karen and Rin looked at each other and smiled and said to each other that they did a great job and hi-five.

They went back to the surface and in Natts Shop. Karen and Rin were in the window and gazed on their flowers. Rin asked if she could see Karen's greenhouse the next time they come over. Karen accepts and asks if she could visit her family's flower shop and Rin said yes. Nozomi, Urara, Komachi, Coco and Natts are glad that they are getting along great and think they're going to be good friends and a great pair. Coco says that's similar to him and Natts, of course Natts says's he's not sure about it, but Coco told him to just accept it. Nozomi then realized what they have in common. She remembered what they said back in the sewers and says that they don't want to lose and that's what they have in common. Suddenly, Rin yelled and the group heard it. Rin and Karen are arguing of what place Karen's flowers should be placed on. The group are seeing them argue and thinking they have a long way to go again. The episode ends Rin and Karen pushing the flower back and forth.

9 (154)- "PuriKyua ga Barechatta!?" ("Pretty Cure Exposed!?")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 09

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 09

Airdate: 1 April, 2007

The next morning in school, Nozomi, Rin and Urara were walking to class until they saw the Cinq Lumieres Newspapers board. It is very interesting and have a good reputation. When they looked, it was about what they ate for lunch. Rin was angry at the staff for adding this to the news, but Nozomi and Urara seems to be okay with it. Rin can't believe that they're okay with the news board putting this in public. Suddenly, the Cinq Lumieres News Chief Editor, Masuko Mika, but who prefers to be called Masukomi, appeared. She wanted to interview Urara, Cinq Lumieres' first idol. Just as Urara was going to answer her question, Rin pushed Urara and told Mika about the article about them and she just couldn't go adding their pictures and summaries on the news without their permission. Mika posed and said to get the entire school information is a great mission for the Cinq Lumieres News and must be quick, impressing all of the students around, except Rin and can't believe her best friend is impressed even though she added something about her. Mika continued to ask Urara after Rin interrupted her and asked what she ate. Rin told her not to tell Mika, but Urara told her what she ate (which is quite embarrassing information and a lot of food), disappointing Rin. When Mika asked if Urara has a boyfriend, Urara said she doesn't, but she has a person she looks up to and it was Nozomi shocking Mika and the students, and embarrassing Nozomi.

At lunch, Mika is spying behind the bush and taking photos and writing notes on what Urara is eating with the group. Otaka came over and said that if she keeps doing this, it'll get old really soon. Mika said she was right and doesn't know what to do. Otaka asked if she should do a scoop on her fashion or clothes. Mika rejected it and Otaka understands. When she looked at the group, she realized all of the most popular students are on there and included Nozomi and wondered why she's in their group, even though she's not that popular. Otaka says it's nice to have friends who are in different classes and left. Mika was curious about why Nozomi is with the most popular people in the school and noticed something fishy. After taking a few pictures on her camera, Rin asked Nozomi to get her a plate and Komachi a straw because she's the leader. Nozomi remembers and says that being the leader is hard work. Karen said it's the same for being the Student President and Nozomi understands more about being leader. Nozomi was going to get the plate and straw and Mika heard their conversation and shocked that among all the amazing people, why a normal student is the leader and her glasses flashed.

In Nightmare HQ, Bunbee scolded Arachnea and told her that Kawarino came the other day and told her that he said that they must get the Dream Collet. He doesn't blame Arachnea, but they must defeat the Pretty Cures and get the Dream Collet. Arachnea told him that she will get the Dream Collet .

Back at school, the Pretty Cures and all of the students gathered around the news board and the article was about why those five students are always together. Mika came over and told all of the students about the positions of Karen the Student President, Komachi the Library Committee, Rin an all-round sports star, and Urara a popular idol. All of them a popular, but the only question is how did Nozomi got close to all of them. She pointed the mystery person on her newspaper that has the source, of course the mystery person is Otaka and Rin spoils it. Mika says according to the person, she says that the five always go to lunch almost every day and just before they all got together, there were strange things happening in the school. Mika suspects that there must be a connection between them and the occurrences. The Pretty Cures were nervous and worried about her discovering their secret and Urara spilled out that it's almost pretty much right and Rin scolded her. Mika went to Karen and asked what the connection between the girls is. Karen was nervous and didn't know what to say. Mika then asked what happened to her sharp tongue on telling everything and asked to give her answer clearly, but Karen gave up. Mika said that in the name of Cinq Lumieres News, she recited the motto that she won't give up until she has all of the answers of their connections. Since Karen won't say anything, she goes up to Nozomi and said that she was called the "leader" and asked what leader is she. Nozomi was nervous and then her mouth said that she's the leader of a fictional but almost true team called the Allies of Justice. Mika yelled to tell her more clearly. Karen saved Nozomi by telling Mika people would or wouldn't say that way, making Mika more curious.

After school, Mika was spying on Nozomi, Rin and Urara walking home from school, but then Mr. Kokoda was walking with them. She was curious and was about to take a picture of the four of them in the other street but then a truck blocked her from seeing them and the truck passed, the teacher disappeared, shocking Mika. When the Precures went on the right to a corner, Coco was in his true form and in Nozomi's arms. Nozomi asked if it's okay to revert back to his form in a public place. Coco said it's tiring to be in that form. Mika was chasing them and heard a voice. Suddenly Coco yelped that a Pinky is near. Mika hid behind a wall and wanted to see what's going on but they were far away and on their back side. Nozomi's Pinky Catch popped out a bell for Coco to play. The Pinky was caught and everyone was happy, except for Mika who doesn't know what was going on back there.

Mika continued to follow them until they stopped at Natts House. She looked through the shop window and saw Karen and Komachi and wondered why they are here. Then she saw Coco and Natts posing as dolls and saw their tails move shocking Mika and wanted to find out about it. She entered the store and asked what they are all doing here. Karen said all of them are just browsing and lied that it's just a coincidence. Mika believes this is suspicious and asked what kind of store is this. Komachi said it's Natts House and it sells accessories and frames. Mika looks around the store and then said that she saw these dolls move. Rin and Nozomi said that they're toys that move when she claps. Nozomi clapped her hands and Coco moved but Natts didn't. Coco tickled his tail to tell him to move. Natts was annoyed of him doing that and attacked him. Rin and Nozomi separated them and told Mika that they can talk and fight and they're amazing toys. Mika was suspicious and asked where are the employees. They told her they're not here and Mika said that they came in the store with no one inside and thinks it's weird for them to do. Mika left and believes that the shop is suspicious and took a picture of the store outside. Suddenly, Arachnea appears behind her and Mika asked if she is the employee of the store. Arachnea asks if she is a friend of those girls and Mika said yes.

Suddenly, Mika's scream is heard and the Precures ran outside. Mika was being kidnapped by Arachnea and the Precures chased them to a creepy abandoned mall with Arachnea on the working escalator and Mika as her hostage telling them to give her the Dream Collet or Mika will pay the price. Everyone was shocked. Mika brought her recorder and asked who is the woman and what is a Dream Collet. Arachnea threw away the recorder and asked again and turned into her true form. Nozomi tried to transform, but Rin stopped her because Mika is here and they can't transform in front of her or else she knows their secret. Karen and Urara said if they don't, Mika will get hurt. Mika then got out her camera and took a picture of Arachnea and she took away her camera and tossed a mask on it and turned it into a Kowaina. Mika quickly got out of Arachnea's grasp and hid behind a column and was scared. Now that Mika covers her eyes, Coco and Natts told the girls to transform. The Precures finally transformed and then Mika overheard their introduction and saw the Pretty Cures and wondered who they are. Arachnea ordered the Kowaina to attack them. The Precures dodged the Kowaina's moves and blasts and were distracted by Mika staring them and worried she knows their secret. It was getting rough and Arachnea then lassos Mika in her web and painfully squeezing her. Cure Dream yelled at Arachnea that she has nothing to do with this battle. Arachnea yelled at her to bring out the Dream Collet with Cure Dream refusing. Then Arachnea squeezed Mika more to make her suffer and the Cures were worried. When they got closer, the Kowaina blasted them and the Cures moved away.

They couldn't reach Mika and became worried. They then devised a plan where Cure Dream, Aqua and Mint will battle Arachnea while Rouge and Lemonade attack the Kowaina. They soon go to their positions. Rouge and Lemonade distracted the Kowaina and it chases them. Then the other Cures got close to Arachnea and Mika and Arachnea attacked them with purple webs and Mint protected them with Mint Protection . The web bounced from the shield and Aqua ambushed behind her using Aqua Stream, which hit her and made her release Mika from her grip. The Kowaina soon faced all five and Lemonade used Lemonade Flash , Rouge used Rouge Fire and finally Dream used Dream Attack to destroy the Kowaina and turned back into Mika's camera. Arachnea fled and said she'll remembers this. Mika came out of hiding and meets her mysterious heroines. Cure Dream gave her her camera and Mika thanked them and begins to ask questions and was about to take their picture when they told her not to and left, leaving Mika curious.

She went back to the store where the girls were. She's beginning to be curious of who were those girls and it's going to be a big scoop. When she got to the store, she saw Natts in his human form and asked if he saw five girls and he says he hasn't. She blushed when she saw his face and fell for him. She told him about a scary monster and five girls saved her. It was amazing and wants to report it. Natts pretended he was confused and told her that there are some things in the world better off not knowing and asked if she could just forget about it. Because she fell for his beauty, she agreed to not tell anyone. The next morning, Nozomi, Rin and Urara were walking together to see the article on the Cinq Lumieres News and bet they're going to be on the paper. They saw Karen and Komachi looking on the paper and asked if they're on it. Karen said that there's no scoop about them but something else there was an article about Natts with the headline "New Hottie found in town" with his pictures! Mika appeared saying that she met a hottie and the Cinq Lumieres News will from now on will report about him and left. Rin can't believe she wrote about a face instead of them saving her life. Urara now felt lonely and Nozomi tried to cheer them up that it's for the best for all of them to not let anyone know about them. Suddenly, the Pretty Cures noticed a small, unreadable article about them with the headline "5 girls drove away mysterious person." Though they can't believe she added a small article about them, they were happy they were in the news.

10 (155)- "Harapeko Nattsu o Sukue!" ("Save the Starving Nuts!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 10

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 10

Airdate: 8 April, 2007

Natsu-san was alone at the shop, when the 5 girls and Koji returned, talking about snacks. Natsu-san said, that he expected them to be customers, trying to sit back on his chair, but he fell down and reverted to his mascot form. Natts looked fainted. Later, Komachi gave him some mamedaifuku. Coco said, that he wasn't eating for two whole days. Natts said that he'll pay back, but Komachi said it's OK. Suddenly, Rin realized that this store had no customers at all. Meanwhile, Kawarino was scolding Bunbee for just sitting here, reminding him of Gamao, who, after battling the Cures, was nowhere to found. At the same time, Gamao was sitting in some alleyway hungry, thinking it was Pretty Cure's fault, remembering his battle with Dream and Rouge and later Lemonade. Because he didn't get Dream Collet, he didn't get paid for the job and is now starving. Meanwhile, Natts was full, and everyone wondered why aren't there customer coming to the store even though the accessories are good there. Urara then said that everything in this world have to be told about, no matter how good thing is. In order to break out, publicity, promotions and sales are crucial. The girls wanted to advertise the accessories at school, but Karen said it's forbidden to bring accessories to school. She suggested to advertize them without bringing actual items. Komachi tried talking with some girls, but they didn't listened to her and kept talking about boys. Karen tried talling everyone about it at the student council meeting, but she was too pushy. Nozomi and Rin tried asking Masukomi-ka, but she refused to do any advertising in her newspaper. After school, nobody came to the store. Nozomi said they still have Urara. She had to appear on a live TV program wearing one of Natts House's necklaces. When a celebrity wears accessory, everyone wants one. Urara appeared near the end near lots of similar girls. It was hard to even find her, not talking about necklace. In the end, text covered the close-up of Urara and other girls. Later, Komachi thought of idea to spread flyers. She said when her grandfather was chef of her shop, the amount of customers started to decrease. Then he started giving out flyers, and customers returned. Everyone started making flyers. Nozomi drew one, and Karen with Natsu-san gave her more empty papers. They said they can't give out flyers if they have only one. Then a voice from the Dream Collet came. Natsu-san slashed a card, and a Pinky named Kuriakuman came. It scanned Nozomi's flyer and copied it on all the empty papers. Natsu-san said this Pinky's speciality is copying. Later, everyone were handling out flyers, and Nozomi gave one to Gamao, who was sitting by. He got angry at them because he had no money for them, and opened a hole for Nozomi to fall in. Other girls came too, and Gamao widened his hole for everyone else to fall in. He changed to his monster form and jumped in too. Then he made a walled Kowaina. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure. Gamao attacked Dream. She stopped him, but he used his tongue. Lemonade came to her rescue. The Kowaina kept attacking everyone, and Mint used her protection. Lemonade used her flash on Gamao. Aqua and Rouge destroyed the Kowaina, and Dream used her attack on Gamao, after tossing him on his tongue. Gamao jumped out, opening the hole. Cures jumped out. Later, everyone gave out flyers, and Masukomi-ka took one from Natsu-san. Then she wrote a huge scoop on her newspaper about him and the store. Later, all the girls at school were coming to see him and buy some accessories. Nozomi thanked her for promoting the store, and she said it was called journalism and it's a scoop.

11 (156)- "Nozomi to Koko no netsu-kikyū" ("Nozomi and Coco's Hot-Air Balloon")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 11

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 11

Airdate: 15 April, 2007

Nozomi got 18 from her test, and Rin forced her to show it to everyone. Karen decided that after school, everyone will be studying together. Meanwhile, at Nightmare, Arachnea's progress chart had fallen, while the Pretty Cure's raised. She said she will go and defeat them. After school, everyone were studying. All had difficulties, but senpais Komachi and Karen helped them. Nozomi did not understand anything at all. She looked at the window and saw a hot air balloon, but Karen brought her back to reality, making her answer the problems. Then Coco and Natts came with snacks. Nozomi was happy, but Karen told her to solve the problems first. Later, Rin and Urara finished their homework, and started eating. Nozomi had not made any progress, even though it was first-year problems. Karen was worried about her test, and she said she will just make Kokoda-sensei answer her questions, but everyone opposed her. Karen decided that Nozomi should take a break from being Pretty Cure so she could focus on her studying more, which they would be Pretty Cure 4. Nozomi got upset and ran off, which lead to Kouji chasing after her. Rin said she will be fine after she cools her head off. Natsu-san came upstairs and said that forcing someone to study something they do not want to to learn would not teach them anything; it will just painful them. The girls realized that they did wrong and wanted to go after her, but Natsu-san said that Kouji already chased after her. He said she will be fine with him. He told the story that at Palmier Kingdom, Coco was loved by everyone - he was reading for kids, cheering up everyone who had problems. Meanwhile, Nozomi was going, and Kouji was following her. He decided to take Nozomi to the balloon, and the man in charge offered them to take a ride. At the balloon, Nozomi saw the school and Natts House. She was worried about everyone. She confessed to Kouji that she sucks at studying, and that it was always like that. It even took her twice as long to learn the kanji table everyone already knew. Then Kouji asked her why is the balloon flying and she answered correctly. Kouji said that it is easy to remember things you are interested in. Nozomi said that she is not interested in studying at all. He said that the balloon is still on the ground. It has to be filled with her potential. It is being filled, when you hear, see or learn something. Nozomi wondered will her balloon fly and asked if she will be able to prepare for the test, because it took her so long to make it that far. He said everything is going to be fine, because she has friends to help her. Meanwhile, at Natts House, everyone was worried about Nozomi and could not focus on what they were doing. Even snacks did not taste as good without her. Komachi said that it is not like they do not trust Coco, but something is wrong without her. Natsu-san told them to meet her. Meanwhile, at the balloon, the wind started blowing, and they decided to fly down. The man in charge got out to secure the bag before they get out. Then Arachnea came, transforming the balloon to Kowaina. It flew up, breaking the rope, and was surrounded by a black cloud. Kouji was kicked out and turned back to Coco. Nozomi was thrown out too. Arachnea appeared, and Nozomi transformed to Dream. She was dodging Kowaina's attacks, and Arachnea caught her. Other girls saw her inside that cloud, and transformed to their Cure forms too. Rouge tried reaching the balloon alone, but could not do it. Then Mint and Aqua helped her jump by forming her chair with hands. Kowaina was about to kill Dream, but Rouge came, and used Rouge Fire on Kowaina. Arachnea caught her with a web, and Lemonade jumped in. She used her flash, breaking others free. Dream used her attack, defeating Kowaina. The cloud disappeared, making Rouge and Lemonade fall. Mint used her protection, catching the girls and Aqua used her stream, making the girls slide. Nozomi and Kouji flew down with the balloon. He asked her question about school - what is the four-kanji word meaning feelings without speaking, and she answered correctly - Ishindenshin. They started laughing together. Later, at lunch, Nozomi showed her test results - it was still 37 and 39, but at least she did not failed any of them. Then she thanked Komachi for letting her borrow the book about hot-air balloons, and she said, that she read everything without falling asleep. Karen said her next goal will be 50 percent, and Nozomi decided that too.

12 (157)- "Urara no Sutēji o Mamore!" ("Protect Urara's Stage!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 12

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 12

Airdate: 22 April, 2007

Urara is eating a lot at the lunch break, and when the girls ask her why, she says she has a job later as an emcee. Later, all the girls with Coco and Natts came to cheer on Urara, and her manager, Washio, came. He brought two full bags for Urara today. Then Masukomi-ka came, wanting to write an article about Urara. Washio got excited, and they started discussing Urara's future. Meanwhile, at Nightmare, Girinma got another chance in defeating Pretty Cure and taking the Dream Collet. Later, Urara was practicing her performance, when the producers said that the girl who is playing rabbit suddenly got sick. They wanted to cancel the performace, but Nozomi volunteered to be rabbit, because it's Urara's first stage performance. Rin reminded her that she was kicked out from drama club after three days, but Komachi and Karen supported her. She tried being rabbit, but she couldn't walk properly. She almost fell from the stage. At the performance, Nozomi was really nervous and actually fell. Then Girinma came, turning the stage decoration to Kowaina. The rest of the girls ran on stage, but they couldn't transform in front of so many people. Urara made this part of the play, saying, that there's a monster in the forest, and turning the spotlights, blinding everyone, and they transformed. Then everyone saw them, but nobody seemed to recognise them. Masukomi-ka saw them and started taking pictures. She knew it's a scoop. After the battle, Masukomi-ka ran to print the pictures, but Natts as Natsu-san came and made everything a scoop about the fated encounter of her and Natsu-san. Later, Washio came, saying, that amusement park wants her to host the same show as yesterday and make those people appear again, but the other girls didn't agree.

13 (158)- "Rin-chan no Bukatsu Kettē!" ("Rin's Club Decided!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 13

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 13

Airdate: 29 April, 2007

Rin is playing futsal with some other girls, and she is really good at it. She promises to participate in next tournament together, even though she has other clubs to attend. When she returned home, her twin siblings Yu and Ai came out to greet her. Nozomi followed them. Rin's mom came out, telling Rin to watch after her siblings. Yu and Ai asked Rin to borrow her futsal ball, and she gave them, and asked not to lose this one. Nozomi asked what is futsal, calling it hot-sal (hot monkey), and Rin explained, that it's a mini-soccer with five players. Then Karen came to the shop and Nozomi mentioned that Rin is playing hot-sal. Rin said they are not official, because there are still members missing, so they are training at the park, but she promised to go play for them. She is also playing other sports. Then Karen said every club tournament is on the same day this year, so she can't play everything. At school, Masukomi-ka came, asking her about which club will she choose, when girls from other clubs came, asking her the same thing. At lunch, Rin brought one yakisoba bread, and Otaka-san was worried. Nozomi said Rin has problems about sports, telling her the story, and Otaka-san said this might be better, because she can decide which club to attend completely. Rin said because her parents own the flower shop, after seeing how hard they work, she can't not help them. Meanwhile, Gamao was looking at the job offers, but nothing seemed to fit him. He decided to do one job because he was starving. After school, Rin was running late for her futsal practice because of everyone asking her to join their club. Masukomi-ka looked interested that Rin has practice outside school. She went and heard others mentioning that Rin probably won't come. She wouldn't want to join such small club as theirs, and they were so close to becoming officials. Later, Rin returned home only to find Yu and Ai with Coco and Natts as their toys. Nozomi and Urara were chasing them, when Komachi and Karen came out. Rin knew that it was Nozomi who brought everyone along. Later, everyone went to the park with Yu, Ai, Nozomi and Urara playing with the ball so they would give Coco and Natts back, while Rin told the story about how she started playing futsal - she was walking with her siblings, when a ball came to her. She gave them that ball and started playing together. Then Yu and Ai accidentally kicked out the ball, and Gamao caught it. Nozomi and Gamao recognized each other. He wanted to trade the ball to Dream Collet, but Nozomi refused. He wanted to destroy the ball, but Yu and Ai stopped him. Then he wanted to throw the ball at the kids with all his strength, but Rin caught it in time. She told her siblings to go and play, because she has to "talk" with this person and not to come out until she calls them. They went away, and Gamao changed to his monster form, and Rin transformed to Cure Rouge. The others transformed too. Then Gamao showed them, that he has a pinky he caught while cleaning. Then he changed that Pinky to Kowaina. The Cures were battling the Kowaina, when Gamao also attacked. Mint used her protection, and Dream successfully removed the Kowaina mask with her attack. Kowaina turned back to Pinky. Rouge used her fire on Gamao because he wanted to attack her siblings, and he disappeared, not getting any money for his part-time job again. Later, Rin was saying, that she would turn down the futsal team, because her siblings are tricksters, but they came saying she should join it because she loves playing futsal. They will be good and listen to mom. When she was about to hug her siblings, Masukomi-ka came, asking will she really join futsal, and Yu with Ai confirmed that. Masukomi-ka took a picture and left. The next headline of the paper was that Natsuki Rin has finally decided her sport.

14 (159)- "Nayameru Seitokaichō Karen" ("The Worries of Student Council President, Karen")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 14

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 14

Airdate: 6 May, 2007

At lunch, Rin came to Karen, saying that their balls are too used and have holes in them. They need to buy new balls, but their budget is not big enough. They still need to buy many things. Then girls from other clubs came, saying they also need a bigger budget. Karen said every club got enough of a budget and they have to stick with what they have now. Meanwhile, at Nightmare, Kawarino came scolding Bunbee for using too much money. At school, Karen asked the vice-principal to increase the budget. He said he'll talk with the chairwoman, but chances are low. Karen came out, and Komachi was waiting for her. She said it's no good and wondered if she could do anything. Komachi said after meeting Nozomi, she and everyone have changed. Old Karen would just have said "your budget is decided" and all. At lunch break, the students attacked Karen again, when Komachi hit the table with her hand. She said they should try something themselves before accusing Karen. Rin agreed, saying everyone should try solving problems themselves. Nozomi said for everyone to stand in line and one at the time tell what everyone need. Rin asked if she had some sort of plan, and Nozomi said she didn't. She said they should work together, like at lunch when people trade lunches. Karen said it's a good idea. Meanwhile, Bunbee took a cab to school. The girls went to find out what clubs need. The drama club needed costumes for their next play. They wanted to play tale of Genji, but it needed a really large wardrobe. Then Komachi thought of idea for handicrafts club making drama club suits, because they needed a place to show their work, which will be better for the drama club. Later, Rin gave the art club their used balls, and they were happy for such materials. Futsal club needed strength-training equipment, and judo club recently brought new, heavier dumbbells, so they gave the old ones for futsal club. Now they are able to buy new balls. Nozomi noticed, that judo club have decorated suits, and Komachi with Urara came and said, that handicrafts club did that from drama club's suits leftovers. When they were heading to next club, Bunbee came. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure. Bunbee turned Rin's dumbbells to Kowaina. He was winning at first, and said he should've came already instead of relying on his subordinates. Aqua said, that she used to think the same, but if she kept thinking the same, they would've never won. Then she said code name "tamagoyaki and octopus weiners". Everyone, except Dream, understood what she maent. Mint used her protection, and Bunbee shot his rocket, wanting to destroy it like before, but Aqua used her stream, weakening his rocket. Then Lemonade used her flash on the Kowaina, while Dream and Rouge kept pulling it. Then Dream used her attack, defeating Kowaina. Bunbee disappeared. Later, Otaka-san gave the girls a full box of her experimental yakisoba bread, because of what she "heard from chairwoman". It's because Karen used her intelligence instead of simply giving up. When Nozomi wanted to eat the bread, all the girls from various clubs came, eating all the bread.

15 (160)- "Hassuru Nozomi no Otetsudai" ("Hustling Nozomi's Assistance!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 15

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 15

Airdate: 13 May, 2007

It was weekend, and Nozomi's mom, Megumi, was cleaning her beauty shop Espoir, and suddenly got a headache, when Rin with her mom arrived. She brought some flowers to her shop. Rin asked where Nozomi is, and she was still asleep dreaming about food and eating her pillow. Later, Nozomi was watching TV, when her mom returned earlier than usual. She said she has a headache, and Nozomi said she has a high fever. Megumi saidshe has still to make dinner and chores, but Nozomi said to leave everything to her so she can sleep. Meanwhile, Gamao was working as cashier at store, but instead of working he was napping in front of huge line, when his boss woke him up. He said he has no idea how to work the cash machine, and the boss told him to go stock the shelves. Later, Nozomi was trying to bring a cold towel to her mom, but slipped twice. She tried washing the dishes, but broke some. She tried washing the laundry, but she overloaded the washing machine. Meanwhile, Urara came to Natts house with a Pinky. The three girls there start worrying where Nozomi and Rin are. Karen said Rin has to help with her family's store, and Nozomi should be here. Suddenly, Rin ran into Natts House, and told everyone what happened to Nozomi's mom, saying her dad is out and knowing her she will try to do all the housework. Everyone got scared because Nozomi was really clumsy. Later, Nozomi was at the kitchen cooking, and kept thinking about the bigger mess she made, and overcooked her dish, when Rin's mom came. She said she brought some dinner to Nozomi and her mom, knowing she was sick, and they cleaned the place together. They decided to cook some tamagoyaki, but Nozomi saw there are no eggs. She went to the store, and accidentally the same store Gamao was working at. She found eggs and then saw the other girls and Coco with Natts. Nozomi told that Rin's mom came, and the girls were relieved. Meanwhile, Megumi and Rin's mom were talking, and Rin's mom revealed, that Megumi was even clumsier and worse at housework than Nozomi is now. At the same time, Gamao turned off the lights, attacking theCures in the store. He summoned a Kowaina from the cashier, and the girls transformed to Pretty Cure. Dream and Rouge were battling Gamao, while Lemonade, Mint and Aqua were battling Kowaina. After defeating it, everyone hurried to Nozomi's place. They decided to do the housework, while Nozomi's and Rin's moms rest, but even together they were still making a huge mess. The moms came worried after hearing Coco and Natts' voices, but Nozomi said it's all fine. Then Megumi decided to take a little rest and Rin's mom also got a headache.

16 (161)- "Komachi Shōsetsuka Dannen!?" ("Komachi Quits Being a Novelist!?")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 16

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 16

Airdate: 20 May, 2007

Komachi was reading her novel out loud, and everyone were impressed. Coco suggested to give it to Natts, because he really liked reading books back at Palmier Kingdom. Komachi asked him to read it. He changed to his human form and started to read. Later, Natsu-san finished reading and said he didn't understand what she wanted to say with that book. If he can't understand without author explaining, it is worthless as a book. Then Komachi went away on the verge of tears, with Karen chasing after her. The rest of the girls gave mean looks to Natsu-san. Meanwhile, at Nightmare, Kawarino was scolding Bunbee and Arachnea, when Desperaia appeared on screen. She asked why are the Palmier kingdom citizens dreaming, and Bunbee explained it's because of Dream Collet they have. She said they can't dream without hope, and asked where do they get hope from. Kawarino explained, that it's because of the Pretty Cure. Desperaia told them to defeat Pretty Cure and crush their hopes. At Natts House, the girls were scolding Natsu-san for saying so. He went down and Kouji was looking at him. He said he knows Natsu-san - he won't lie or say a compliment, but he is angry at himself for hurting Komachi. Natsu-san asked what to do, and Kouji started teasing him, saying to do something himself or if he insists Kouji can lend his hand, but he said he'll do something himself. Meanwhile, Komachi was with Karen, cheering her on, saying she loved her book. Komachi told Karen to go home and don't wait Sakamoto-san wait. Arachnea was watching them. Next day after school, the girls were going to Natts House, when a female biker arrived near the store. Natsu-san started scolding her, saying, that she is making too much noise. She said she's a customer, but he didn't cared. He said he won't be polite with someone who doesn't even show her face. The biker admitted she was rude and took off the helmet. She looked like an adult version of Komachi. Nozomi said, that Komachi said she has stuff to do, and went home. Karen went to "Komachi", and recognised her as Madoka, Komachi's sister. Meanwhile, Komachi was alone at home, and noticed a Pinky. She went away, while a spider's shadow stepped on her novel. Later, at Natts House, Madoka said she's here because Komachi asked her to deliver their store's mamedaifuku. Everyone said Komachi is very kind, and Natsu-san should learn from her. After hearing how everything went Madoka said, that if Komachi can't take that much criticism, she won't be able to become a novelist. Everyone started defending Komachi, and Madoka said she will give everything they said to Komachi. Then Natsu-san stopped Madoka, saying he has a favor to ask. Later, Natsu-san came over to talk with Komachi while everyone were spying on them. He asked if she was still writing her novel, and she said she doesn't. She put all her effort into writing that book, but if it's bad, it implies she has no talent at all. He got mad, saying, that she is not valuing her dream at all. Everyone then jumped of the bushes and went inside, scolding Natsu-san for talking like that, when Arachnea used her magic and transported everyone into Komachi's story. Arachnea then came and turned the pirate ship's mast into a Kowaina. The girls transformed into Pretty Cure. Everyone were battling, but the Kowaina was strong. Mint got depressed because of what happened to her story, but Natts encouraged her, saying she shouldn't give up on her dream, because everyone make mistakes at the beginning, but they fix them. The Kowaina attacked Natts, making him throw Dream Collet. Arachnea was about to attack him, but Mint came and saved him. Then everyone came to help Mint, defeating Kowaina and chacing away Arachnea. They returned back to Komachi's house. Then Natsu-san said, that the story needs a lot of improvement, but he likes the main character. Komachi promised to fix it, and he promised to read her story after it's done.

17 (162)- "Junjō Otome no Koi Monogatari" ("The Love Story of a Naive Maiden")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 17

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 17

Airdate: 27 May, 2007

Natts House is sold out of everything. The Cures say they should make new merchandise, but Rin was upstairs making jewelry. Nozomi said she never even wears jewelry. Rin finished the bracelet and kept talking with herself in a mirror. Nozomi said Rin was like that once before, then Rin saw the time and ran out, saying she has to take care of her siblings. Everyone noticed Rin left her sports bag, which is unusual for her. Meanwhile, at Nightmare, Bunbee wanted to fire Girinma. Later, the girls came to deliver Rin her bag and saw her interacting with a male customer, almost flirting with him. She promised to deliver him a plant later. Nozomi and everyone encouraged her to go there now. Everyone made her change clothes, and Natsu-san gave her blue bracelet, which was matching set to her red one. Rin left, and the worried Cures decide to follow her, leaving the store to Coco and Natts. Meanwhile, Rin went near the boy's home and thought of a way to give him the bracelet, with Girinma watching her. Rin was about to call him, when he came to the balcony to water the flowers and saw her. She gave him the flowers, and he thanked her. She was preparing to give him the bracelet, when a woman who turned out to be his girlfriend came. Rin gave them her two bracelets and ran away. The girls saw everything, and Karen said to let Rin be alone for a while. Rin was alone crying, when Girinma appeared. Meanwhile, Koji and Natsu-san sensed something while at the store. At the park, the rest of the girls came because they were worried about Rin, and together transformed. Girinma transformed the fountain into a Kowaina. Everyone were fighting, but the Kowaina grew. Girinma started teasing Rouge, knowing how depressed she is, but Rouge became herself again - saying even though everything looked hopeless, she wants to live her life looking to tomorrow. The Kowaina was attacking them, but Coco and Natts appeared, turning off the fountain's water. Then everyone used their attacks, with Rouge and Dream finishing it off. Later, everyone were suggesting Rin to go somewhere, but Rin remembered, that everyone is here so nobody's at the store. Nozomi said Koji and Natsu-san were supposed to look after it. Everyone hurried to the store, laughing happily.

18 (163)- "Totsugeki! Karen no Shiseikatsu" ("Assault! Karen's Private Lifestyle")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 18

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 18

Airdate: 3 June, 2007

Masukomi-ka comes to Karen, asking for an interview in her house because a lot of people are asking for it. Karen has no other choice but to agree. Meanwhile, at Nightmare, Bunbee was scolding Arachnea, and she decided to bring results this time. After school, Masukomi-ka came to Karen's house. She showed her house, and Masukomi-ka kept taking pictures. Jiiya asked if there were other reporters but she said it's only her, because Cinq Lumieres News has lot of stuff to cover. They later went out to terrace, and when Masukomi-ka started asking questions, "Karen's servants," actually the other Cures, came. Masukomi-ka didn't noticed anything, but Karen did. She apologised for a minute and went to scold her "servants" for doing that. Coco and Natts were there too. The girls said they borrowed suits from drama club. Then she went to the garden with Masukomi-ka to continue their interview. They went inside the greenhouse, and Karen had a lot of different plants there. Karen started telling her about the hot springs under here, but Rin and others interfered. As Karen ran off, Arachnea was here. Later, Masukomi-ka tried continuing her interview, but Jiiya brought some snacks, and invited everyone to join, and they did. Masukomi-ka noticed that Karen is really different when she is with everyone. When Karen went to kick them out, Masukomi-ka asked Jiiya more about Karen's relationship with everyone. When she was thinking about what he said, she noticed a figure moving at the window. She followed it, and went to the greenhouse. Meanwhile, Karen and the others caught a Pinky, when they hear Masukomi-ka shouting. They went inside, saw that Arachnea changed the greenhouse into a jungle and captured Masukomi-ka. She turned the flower pot into a Kowaina, and the girls transformed. Lemonade freed Masukomi-Ka. Kowaina and Arachnea got everyone in trap in the swampy water, but Aqua, who was with Masukomi-ka, told her to run and used her move to flush out the swamp. Then Dream defeated the Kowaina, and Arachnea escaped. Masukomi-ka lost her glasses while she was taking pictures of the girls fighting. Later, Aqua gave her back glasses. When she put them on, the Cures were gone. Later, she met Otaka-san and told her the news, but Otaka-san said she hasn't got permission to print them. Next day at school, the girls were surprised that the article was about Karen's interview, and only down where editor speaks it was written that the chief editor requests interview with Pretty Cure 5.

19 (164)- "Urara no Himitsu o Sagure!" ("Investigate Urara's Secret!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 19

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 19

Airdate: 10 June, 2007

It was peaceful afternoon at Natts House when Nozomi with Coco came running in saying there are some suspicious people outside. Natsu-san came out. The two men started running, but fell. Everyone came out, and Urara said it's her dad and grandpa. Suddenly, Washio came in, saying Urara has a new job. Then he noticed her dad and grandpa, and they started acting strange. Meanwhile, at Nightmare, Bunbee was scolding Girinma, and he promised to succeed next time. Later, at Natts House, Urara told the girls that her dad and grandpa are always like that - coming to cheer her on. Back then at amusement park they couldn't make it, and were very depressed. Then Nozomi asked her about her mother, and Urara said, that she passed when Urara was little. But she said it's OK, because she had her dad and grandpa, and Washio-san is like family to her too. Later, Urara left, and Nozomi with others said Urara was lately acting strange. Rin saw the three men following Urara. The girls joined them, and the seven people were following her. Urara was shopping, and Washio noticed her face - Urara was really concentrating. Above, Girinma was watching her too. Suddenly, Coco shouted that something appeared, and everyone hidden. Urara looked back, but then someone took Urara's notebook. She followed that someone, and that someone was Girinma. Nozomi looked, and saw that Urara was gone. Coco and Natts said to follow them, and the girls separated from the men, saying to look for Urara. The four girls arrived, and Girinma showed them a tied=-up Urara. The four girls transformed. Girinma made a Kowaina from Urara's notebook. Urara said this notebook is her mom's, and it holds precious memories of her. Girinma only laughed at that, and when Kowaina attacked, Mint used her protection. Rouge and Aqua then jumped up, freeing Urara. She transformed to Lemonade. Then Dream defeated Kowaina with her attack, and Lemonade used her flash on Girinma, making him disappear. Later, the girls went out, and the men greeted her. She apologized for worrying them, and they said everything's OK. Then her dad noticed the notebook, and Urara said she remembers the time they ate curry for the first time - it was so much fun. She said she wanted to make everyone smile too by making a curry like that. They decided to go home and try Urara's curry. Nozomi then got hungry too. Urara invited everyone to try her curry, and everyone liked it. The girls even asked for seconds.

20 (165)- "PuriKyua Faibu Kashu Debyū!?" ("Pretty Cure Five's Singing Debut!?")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 20

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 20

Airdate: 25 June, 2007

At L'École des Cinq Lumières, Urara is going through a tongue twisting alphabet song. Rin and Nozomi look in awe as Urara recites it perfectly with no difficulty. She said it's because she's an actress. Nozomi tried repeating it, but failed. Rin reminded her that she was kicked from drama club after three days. Suddenly, Washio Kouta appears and informs Urara that after her performance at the parkYPC512, a talent scout wants her to debut as a singer. Later, at Natts House, Urara is trying to write lyrics and wonders if she really could try being a singer as well as an actress. Suddenly, Nozomi and Rin burst in with a poster for Urara's singing debut. Komachi and Karen didn't really liked the design, and Rin said they need a 3x bigger poster to give her passion. They asked Karen and she agreed, but on one condition: she'll do the design. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Masuko Mika appears and asks for details on Urara's live event. The performance was scheduled at a special place at a shopping mall, where many famous people have performed and has even been given the name as a 'Holy Land for idol debuts'. Mika thinks that the group should do something extra to support Urara and she comes with the idea of a cheer] After the cheer Nozomi thinks that the group should wear matching clothes. Masuko Mika says they should practice the cheer while Urara is singing, and Nozomi asked her to listen to her song. Urara said she has to write her own lyrics, and everyone said it must be hard. Nozomi says that for Urara everything will be fine, making Urara stand up and disagree. She then runs out. Nozomi comes to see Urara and apologizes. Urara says she is not sure about debuting because she wants to be actress. She is unsure if someone like her who is trying to become actress should sing. Nozomi asked her why she wants to become actress. Urara said she wants to show people their dreams. Nozomi said both things are the same, because they are related to people's dreams. She said she'll reach everyone if she tries at either of them. The girls apologized to each other. When they were going home, the rest of the girls came and apologized. At night, Urara tried her best to write the lyrics. The next day, at the shopping mall, Urara is getting ready for her debut. Gamao, who works as a bodyguard at the mall, sees the girls advertising Urara's debut, and thinks of a plan. The girls go to Urara's room, when suddenly a man comes and asks her to follow him and take her dress. He takes her to some place, and locks the door. He reveals himself as Gamao, takes Urara's dress and steps on it. Meanwhile, the lamps at the Urara's room started blinking, and Kouji with Natsu-san came. Everyone came to the place Urara was. Gamao turned Urara's dress to a Kowaina. The whole group transformed and promised to protect Urara's dream. The Kowaina was avoiding Cures' attacks, but Mint stopped it with her protection. Then Lemonade used her move, defeating the Kowaina. Dream was fighting Gamao, and chased him away with her attack. Unfortunately, Urara's dress was ruined after being turned into a Kowaina. Then Kouji and Natsu-san come give the group new matching clothes to wear. Urara manages to perform her song "Tobikkiri Yuki no Door!" with the rest of the girls being her backup dancers. Everyone loved it.

21 (166)- "Osewayaku Minarai Miruku Tōjō!" ("The Apprentice Caretaker, Milk, Appears!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 21

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 21

Airdate: 1 July, 2007

The episode starts with a hungry pink rabbit mascot wandering the streets. Suddenly, she saw Nozomi running and pretended to be a plushie. Nozomi was late and took the "plushie" to her bag and hurried to the bus. Meanwhile, at Nightmare, Bunbee ordered Girinma to focus on the mascots more, not on the Cures, much to his dismay. Later, when school started, Nozomi was thinking about food, and the pink mascot was eating all of Nozomi's lunch. Then Kokoda-sensei started the lesson, and the pink mascot came out and said his voice reminded her of Coco. At the lunch break, the girls were reading Cinq Lumieres News and article about Urara, and Nozomi took her lunch. Then she noticed it's empty. She was in shock, while the pink mascot was sleeping at class. After school, everyone went to Natts House and wondered how come Nozomi's lunch box was suddenly empty. Natsu-san came, offering her some mamedaifuku upstairs. Rin gave her some water because she knew she will start eating fast and choke. When she came, the pink mascot was eating the last mamedaifuku. Nozomi shouted, making everyone, including Coco and Natts, come. Nozomi showed everyone the mascot, and she recognized them. She said they are actually princes of Palmier Kingdom. She introduced herself as their caretaker, Milk. To celebrate, Coco and Natts put some cream puffs and mamedaifuku on the plates and started eating. Nozomi tried taking some because she was hungry, but Milk didn't let her take some. They started fighting, and to distract them, Coco asked her if she was always alone, and Milk said she was. Milk asked what happened to the kingdom and Coco with Natts told her the story, but said if they collect the 55 Pinkies to the Dream Collet, everything will be fine. And if Nightmare attack again, they have the legendary Pretty Cure. Nozomi said she can leave everything to them, and Milk then said they were talking about Pretty Cure, not her, resulting in another fight. Coco was about to explain that Nozomi is Pretty Cure, when some customers came to the store. They turned to their human forms, and Milk was impressed that they can turn to humans. The girls asked how was she surviving without being able to turn to human, and she said she sometimes pretended to be a puppy, sometimes a kitty and sometimes a plushie. When Nozomi was about to feel sorry for her, she said it was easy like taking a candy from a baby. Nozomi got mad for calling her a baby, but Rin stopped her from attacking Milk. When Kouji and Natsu-san thanked the customers, Milk was shocked that the princes have to work in a shop. Later, Milk confessed she was the one who ate Nozomi's lunch. Before Nozomi and Milk started fighting again, Rin and others left the Natts House. When they left, Milk decided to make dinner for them, and went to buy some products outside. Koji and Natsu-san followed her, but Girinma attacked them. Nozomi and others saw them and hurried. Then Milk came, trying to defend Coco and Natts. Girinma was about to attack, but Nozomi and others came. They transformed to Pretty Cure, much to Milk's surprise. Then Girinma made a bench Kowaina. Dream saved the mascots, and the Cures continued fighting. They said they won't let Milk suffer anymore, and Dream defeated the Kowaina. After the battle, Milk thanked Nozomi, but still said they are unreliable brats. Nozomi wanted to argue, but Milk fell asleep. Karen said she puts a brave face, but is actually just relieved everything is fine. Coco said she tried her best protecting him and Natts.

22 (167)- "Miruku no Iede de Ōsawagi!" ("Milk's Tumultuous Runaway!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 22

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 22

Airdate: 8 July, 2007

The episode starts with Nozomi and the others coming to help with the store, but Milk says she can do everything of her own, insulting Nozomi again. Later, everyone is preparing to open the store, and Milk wants to help, but she is too small. Then Kouji and Natsu-san tell her to go upstairs so she will not be noticed, which she sadly does. Then Urara invites the customers to come in. An distraught Milk was watching everyone from upstairs, upset because she couldn't help them at all. Then she thought of an idea. Suddenly, Masukomi-ka came to the store, and started asking the girls why the five of them are here and what is their connection to Natsu-san, when she noticed Milk acting like a doll. She wanted to buy it, but Kouji came and stopped her, saying he accidentally put it on the shelf. Later, everyone scolded Milk. She said she wanted to be useful by selling herself and then running away, returning here and selling herself again, until Coco and Natts are rich. Natsu-san said he wouldn't want such dirty money. Milk was sad. Later, she noticed how friendly Kouji is with Nozomi, and decided to run away, because she felt useless. Arachnea saw her. Meanwhile, Kouji stepped upstairs and noticed Milk is not here. Everyone went to look for her, and Coco sensed Nightmare. It was Arachnea, who found Milk alone. She took Milk, and everyone came. Arachnea grabbed Milk, and ran to the closed fish shop. She opened the gate, and the Cures with Coco and Natts entered too, knowing it's a trap. Then Arachnea teleported everyone to alternate reality, and let out the jellyfish from their tanks. She transformed one giant jellyfish into a Kowaina. Then she showed Milk wrapped in the tentacles of one jellyfish. Arachnea said if they give her Dream Collet, she'll release Milk. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure. Then Arachnea almost gave Milk to the piranhas. While the Cures were watching at Milk, the Kowaina caught them with its tentacles. It started shocking Cures. Then Dream said Milk will be going back home with them, and freed Lemonade, who, with her move, freed the rest. Mint used her protection against the Kowaina's shock attack, and Rouge saved Milk. Then Aqua used her stream on Kowaina, with Dream finishing it. Later, Milk said she was scared. After returning to Natts House, the mascots said they sold everything. Then Milk came and apologized everyone. They said it's OK. Then Komachi and Karen returned with the part of Cinq Lumieres News that wrote about their sale. It even wrote about Milk, saying she was cute and pretty plushie. Milk started praising herself again, and Coco said, that in this world Milk would be around the same age as Nozomi. Milk said she is more mature than Nozomi, but stole her mamedaifuku again. Nozomi started chasing her, and Karen stated they are on the same level after all.

23 (168)- "Dai Pinchi! Akumu no Shōtaijō" ("Big Pinch! The Nightmarish Invitation")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 23

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 23

Airdate: 15 July, 2007

The episode begins with everyone decorating for the store. Meanwhile Nozomi was playing with her bracelet. Milk, seeing Nozomi being clumsy and not helping her friends, took her bracelet and started running from Nozomi, with Nozomi giving chase. Everyone then began to worry because Nozomi was running near their butterfly decoration. Milk hid under it, and Nozomi, without thinking, hit it and made it fall as the pearls then fell in the ground and it made a mess. Everyone, seeing their butterfly decoration broken, yelled at Nozomi.

However Urara then started talking to Komachi, who told them to stop. Karen, who was also mad, then told Komachi that she was too sweet, which makes her sad. Karen apologized to her. Rin then said for everyone to yell at Nozomi however Karen said to stop, Nozomi then said to them to stop fighting. Meanwhile in Nightmare, Girinma had two options as he would die or could help Bunbee for the last time to defeat the Cures. In school, Nozomi was alone, then suddenly Kokoda came with a bracelet as a lucky charm, and told her to never give up.

While walking, Komachi and Karen got attacked by Girinma who turned into his real form and took Cure Aqua an Cure Mint to another dimension. Cure Aqua saw herself with a Kowaina Mask. Her evil self then said to Aqua that she was always alone, making Aqua fall in despair. Cure Mint was in a garden full with flowers after a few seconds the fields began to get full of dolls that Komachi had worked on when she was a child. They started to say to her that she was not needed in the group of Cures, making her depressed.

Rin and Urara then were walking but then got attacked by Girinma as he made them go to another dimension. Cure Rouge went to a lonely place where she found herself telling to her that the world was better without Nozomi, making her depressed as the others. Cure Lemonade ended up at her backstage as she saw herself telling her to become a actor and leave Pretty Cure, seeing this Cure Lemonade, got depressed. After making everyone fall in despair, Kawarino, then came at Natts House and told Nozomi to give the Dream Collet, and he invited her to Nightmare.

In Nightmare, Nozomi then hurried and said where her friends were, Kawarino showed her friends wearing Kowaina masks and were possessed.

24 (169)- "Aratanaru Gonin no Chikara!" ("The New Powers of the Five Girls!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 24

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 24

Airdate: 22 July, 2007

The episode begins with all the Nozomi seeing her friends with Kowaina Masks. Nozomi began shouting at them as she would think that they would become good again, but Desperaia said that her voice wouldn't reach them. Nozomi then started to take of their mask, when suddenly Kawarino came near her and told her it would be impossible to take the mask off. Nozomi then became mad and turned into Cure Dream. Bunbee saw it and got scared, however Kawarino came and said to him not to worry, then Cure Dream suddenly got attacked by her friends, restraining her.

Coco worried and tried to save her but Bunbee blocked him. Kawarino then got in front of Cure Dream and was holding the Mask of Despair. He tried to put it at Cure Dream but she wouldn't let it. Kawarino then saw she still had hope, and said to her that her friends didn't like her and were gone. Cure Dream then panicked as the Mask of Despair covered her face. The Cures were all in Kawarino's control and would do what he wanted, Kawarino had no idea and told them to fall in a hole, Milk then saw it and attacked Bunbee, freeing Coco.

Coco then fell in the hole to save them. Coco was in a cloudy place where he was falling. Meanwhile, in Cure Dream's mind, Nozomi was there in peace with her friends as they were eating, and then in her pocket she saw a bracelet who was Coco's. Meanwhile, Coco then saw Cure Dream and tried to reach her, and then transformed into his real form, Coco then was telling her to wake up, as then in Nozomi's mind, Nozomi became surprised at seeing her friends only smiling and then shouted Coco, as then the Mask of Despair was cracking.

Coco and Cure Dream were together and said to each other to save the other Cures. Then Nozomi woke up in her mind as her friends were there, and told them to wake up, and showed her feelings to them, the feelings reached her friends and they broke free and got back to Nightmare. Kawarino became shocked at seeing them freed and then sent them into another place, where Girinma was. The Cures fought together and with hope they were trying their best. However they were almost powerless, but Cure Dream said to her friends to fight as one, thus unlocking the Symphony Set, allowing everyone to perform Five Explosion, and Girinma was destroyed.

Everything got back to normal as the girls finished the Butterfly Decoration. Milk then said that she was sorry, and would do anything for them, and everyone smiled.

25 (170)- "PuriKyua Gasshuku Daisakusen!" ("Pretty Cure's Big Boarding Home Plan!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 25

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 25

Airdate: 29 July, 2007

Nozomi was walking as then she was thinking about how Nightmare wanted to separate everyone and make them sad. However, if they were one, they would defeat everyone in their way. Then Nozomi arrived at Natts House, and saw that her friends weren't there. Nozomi then freaked out as Coco told that they were somewhere else. Nozomi then started talking to Milk about Rin who playing a soccer game, Urara having a concert, Komachi writing a story, and Karen having a Council meeting. Then Coco came at her telling why wouldn't she do something on her own, then Nozomi showed them a plan about "Pretty Cure Camp".

Meanwhile, Kawarino was disappointed at his mission failing. He told Bunbee and Arachnea about the Cures destroying the "Mask of Despair". Then Arachnea, seeing Kawarino disappointed, then volunteered to try destroying the Cures by a plan. In the next day, everyone was in Natts House and Nozomi then talked about Pretty Cure Camp. She said that in the camp you would train to be better at things and it would be at Karen's resort. Everyone then started getting supplies. However, while getting snacks, Rin started getting useless things. Everyone then was done, but then Arachnea then attacked them.

The girls saw her and transformed. Arachnea to start fighting first summoned a Kowaina and then the Cures started fighting. They managed to kick and push the Kowaina, but Arachnea had thought about of it, and then wrapped the Kowaina with webs and made it stronger. The Cures did the same thing, however the Kowaina was to hard to defeat. Cure Dream was mad and performed Dream Attack, however the attack didn't have any effect on it. The Cures struggled with the power of the Kowaina, but Cure Dream didn't give up, she started saying that with her friends she could do everything, then suddenly from power resonated from her brooch in the form of the Dream Torch, and she was able to perform her new attack Crystal Shoot.

With that power, the Kowaina was defeated. Everything got back to normal as the girls started shopping again. But Rin became annoyed seeing many useless things. After acting childish, everyone laughed.

26 (171)- "Romansu Zenkai Rizōto Raifu!" (A Full Out Romantic Resort Life!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 26

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 26

Airdate: 5 August, 2007

The Pretty Cures are now in the ocean to go to Karen's island and they go by boat. Komachi, Rin and Karen are relaxing while Nozomi and Urara are gobbling the boat's food. Jii-ya yelled out to Karen that they're almost to the island while driving the Boat. Nozomi came up to Karen and thanked her for inviting them. Suddenly, Milk is moving in Nozomi's bag saying that Coco and Natts are uncomfortable but they argue they're uncomfortable if Milk keeps moving. Nozomi told her to stop talking because Jii-ya is here. Urara calls out that they're here. They're amazed at how big the island is. Meanwhile, Gamao is in the sea and now discovers he's stranded in Karen's island.

The Pretty Cures got to Karen's beach house which looks like a hotel. They are amazed at the room they're sleeping. Jii-ya told the girls what rooms they're sleeping in and then Rin asked him how many rooms are in the house. Jii-ya said a lot shocking Rin, Nozomi and Urara. When Jii-ya left, Nozomi jumped on the bed and then Coco and Natts climb out of her bag, while Milk is still in Nozomi's bag, sleeping.

Everyone soon got outside and Nozomi announced that they will have fun. Jii-ya brought fishing poles and Nozomi, Rin and Urara went to the beach. Komachi left to work on her book and went to the forest. Karen asked Jii-ya what she should do. Nozomi choose fishing and Coco was there cheering her on. When she threw the line, Coco was tied to the thread and was thrown to the water and nearly drowned. After being rescued and bandaged, he rested. Rin was scuba diving near him and found an octopus, which she introduces to him. When he said hi, the octopus squirted ink on him, making Coco mad.

Komachi is wandering around the island, writing out what she's sees until she stumble across Natts releasing some Pinkies. She hid behind the tree to spy. Then Natts turned into his human form to climb up the tree. A Pinky was stuck in the branch and he was getting it out. He finally did it and the Pinky thanked him making him smile. Komachi was surprised he smile and accidentally stepped on a twig and Natts heard the noise. He got down as Komachi walked to him and apologized for disturbing. Then the Pinky he saved played with Komachi and she was OK with it. Back at the beach, Rin and Urara caught fish and Nozomi said she caught something and it was Coco. Then they heard some noise on the waters and it was Jii-ya riding a small boat and Karen was water-skiing impressing Nozomi, Coco, Rin and Urara and waved hi to them.

Back in the cliff where Natts and Komachi are in, the Pinkies are sleeping and Komachi tucked them in. She sat with Natts and they began a conversation about Palmier. When Natts became depressed because he didn't protect his Kingdom, Komachi comforted saying that they'll save Palmier. That made Natts happy and see that Komachi is the Pretty Cure of Tranquility. This embarrassed Komachi and causes her to leave. Meanwhile in the beach after Karen was done water skiing, she went to get a drink and rest for a little while. Suddenly, Milk ran to Karen and asked if Coco was kidnapped by a Nightmare. Karen said no and he was with Nozomi. Milk then cried and threw a fit saying that why couldn't he had been kidnapped by a nightmare. Karen told her to calm down and got her a drink. Milk drank and compliments Karen saying she is nice.

In afternoon, everyone gathered in the buffet and had a barbaque and ate dinner. Urara and Rin gave Karen and Komachi's their food. Coco, Natts and Milk were eating. Komachi was zoned out and when she woke, she accidentally burned her finger with her food. Karen was worried and the girls came in aid. While the Mascots were eating, Natts was the only one who noticed Komachi hurt. After dinner, Nozomi lost a towel and looked for it in the boat and Coco accompany her searching for it. She finally found it and when they were going to leave, they saw the stars and lied down on the boat front to gaze. Nozomi asked Coco about Palmier Kingdom, but then Coco was a little sad. Nozomi told him to don't worry and that they will save Palmier. Coco was touched and as a thanks, he offered a dance for Nozomi.

They danced on the boat under the glistening stars and the shining moon. They looked at each others eyes, then suddenly, Nozomi tripped and Coco missed, and Nozomi nearly went overboard, and fortunately Coco got a second try and saved her and pulled her and then fell to the floor and Nozomi was on him. When she realized, she was embarrassed and blushed, but Coco instead laughed making Nozomi laughing and off of him. Coco laughed until he stopped to see Nozomi face. When she see's him, she stopped and blushed. Then their heads were close and Coco got closer to Nozomi as if they were going to kiss. Just as it was going to happen, Milk was calling for Coco and when they heard her, they quickly got off and Milk found them and jumped to Coco them. Just on the beach, Gamao appeared and several feet away from the boat.

Back in the buffet, everyone was cleaning up. Natts went up to them and said that Milk hasn't came back with Coco and Nozomi. Komachi volunteered to come with him. While walking, Natts was in his human form and complained about them not coming back. Komachi commented that he sure worries and cares. Then he stopped and turn back to Komachi. He raised his hand to her and Komachi got nervous and went back. He wanted to check her hand to see if it's okay. She said it's okay but Natts got closer and asked if it's really okay making her blush. Suddenly, they heard Milks scream and hurried to the beach. The Pretty Cures cleaning up heard it and went there. Milk was scared while Coco and Nozomi were brave. Gamao was angry because he has to flee from his job because of them. He then threw a mask on the sea and then it turned into a Kowaina . The girls transformed into Pretty Cure and fought the Kowaina.

Lemonade go and protected the Mascots. Cure Dream and Rouge were going to attack, but the Kowaina thrown and spread heavy sand at them throwing them to the ground. Then, the Kowaina grow bigger by absorbing the sand or water and start to attack. The Precures went to shelter and believes its too powerful. But then the Kowaina end up destroying the island making the Pretty Cures upset and screamed to stop it. Komachi was so angry that she yelled at the Kowaina. The Kowaina finally stopped after hearing her. She remembered what Natts said when they were alone and then her feelings made her summon the Mint Leaf and unleashed her most powerful new attack, Mint Shield. The Kowaina tried to attack it but the shield was powerful and slammed itself to it. Gamao tried to tell it to fight back but then now seeing it's almost being defeated, Gamao fled and the Kowaina was now destroyed. After the shield disappeared, Mint is now exhausted from using up her energy. Everyone was amazed by the power she had.

Back at the beach house, Komachi was in the balcony and looked at her finger that got burned. Suddenly, Natts in his human form appeared next to the other balcony. She was surprised and then said her finger is okay. Natts began to talk about something and that made her blushed. Suddenly, Nozomi appeared because of the conversation Komachi and Natts are talking about and now everyone appeared in different balcony's. The next morning, everyone is in the same bed, Sleeping and Jii-ya knocked on the door to wake up everyone, but decides to let them sleep peacefully.

27 (172)- "Rin-chan Ikemen Yūrei to Dēto!?" ("Rin Has a Date with a Handsome Ghost!?")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 27

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 27

Airdate: 12 August, 2007

During school that afternoon, all of the Pretty Cures and mascots gathered around Komachi as she tells a scary story of a deserted school that was once a mansion. The mansion owner was Count Rosett. He had a wonderful girlfriend who died in an unforeseeable accident. He could not accept her death and waited, hoping she would come back. But his determination and his grief turned to an illness and later passed away. Every year on the anniversary of his lover's death, the Count's ghost would appear around the school and whenever he come across a girl about his lover's age, he snatches her. This scared Rin and faints.

At Nightmare, Kawarino called for Arachnea, who was frightened to see him. Kawarino compliments her fighting the Cures diligently, but kept being defeated because the fear from her opponents that will exhaust their energy is missing. Then Kawarino disappeared, relieving Arachnea. At the school, the Pretty Cures went to the old school. Everyone were scared except Komachi, claiming it is exciting. Suddenly the rustle from the trees from the birds scared Rin and Milk. Urara commented that Rin is scared of a cat as Nozomi explained that Rin was always scared of ghosts and stuff. When they entered the castle, Arachnea was watching them from above and the window behind her had a glowing person.

In the mansion, everyone were walking looking for Count Rosett. While they are walking, Arachnea was behind them and summoned a moving skeleton behind Rin that scared her and she ran off. When everyone looked behind, no one was there and thought that she was just spooked. When Rin stopped running, someone tapped her shoulder and she got frightened. The person who did it was Masuko Mika who was here to meet Count Rosett for some scoops. Suddenly, thunder erupted, that scared Mika and Rin and they decided to go together. Somewhere in the mansion, the Pretty Cures and mascots entered the art room and Karen and Milk got startled by a statue of Count Rosett and Urara noticed he is holding a hair pin and Karen and Nozomi found a painting of Count Rosett's girlfriend and she looked like Rin.

Rin and Mika were in the science room. Mika was still trying to find the Count and Rin was still scared. The same skeleton was in the room and scared and chased the girls. Rin tripped and Mika abandoned her. Rin got up and hid in another room where the skeleton won't find her. When she looked around, she saw a ghost that looked like he was going to snatch her. Rin was so frightened that she fainted until the other Cures woke her up. Rin said she saw the ghost and they were surprised. Nozomi and Urara asked some questions. They talked about the sculpture with the hair clip and the ghost, with Komachi concluding that it must have been Count Rosett. Nozomi mentioned the girl who looked like Rin and asked if there's a connection. When Komachi recite the clues, she finally found out that Count Rosett want to give his girlfriend a hair pin and mistaken Rin for her. They believed she should fulfill the counts desires of giving her the hair pin. Rin was shocked explaining that she's not his girlfriend and that it's impossible because she's scared, but Nozomi and Urara urged her to do it.

Everyone was at the edge of the hallway and Rin is standing alone with fear. Suddenly Count Rosett's ghost appeared in front of her with Rin getting scared and soon the place turned bright and no longer in the hallway but outside of the mansion. The Count was kind and revealed his form when he was alive and confessed to Rin that he was waiting for her, thinking she was his girlfriend. Rin was not scared and tries to tell him that she's not her. Suddenly, Arachnea appeared with the skeleton Kowaina and made it bigger. The Pretty Cures transformed and fought them. The Kowaina started to destroy the mansion and Cure Rouge got mad at it destroying the Count's mansion. Arachnea said it was all false. The Pretty Cures said that it made by the Count's true feelings for his love.

Arachnea asked why they would defend the ghost they were scared in the beginning. Rouge said that once they communicated with his feelings, they didn't have any fear. With her increased passion because she communicated with him, she summoned the Rouge Tact and unleashed her most powerful attack, Rouge Burning and destroyed the Kowaina and Arachnea then fled with this defeat. The Pretty Cures were astounded with the power she had. The mansion was restored and Count thanked Rin for doing it and handed the hair pin to her. Rin declined saying it isn't for her, but the Count gave it to her because she fought for his sake and wanted her to keep it. Rin happily accepted it. Soon the background got brighter and changed into the hall of the mansion where the Pretty Cures left off and the Count peacefully disappeared into the heavens as Rin is happy now that his wishes are done.

The Pretty Cures exited the Mansion as they jokingly say he was handsome and must have been Rin's type as she got angry as the girls laughed at her stubbornness. Suddenly, Mika ran up to them telling them a skeleton was chasing her from earlier must've been the ghost. Komachi asked if she has any pictures and Mika said she never had a chance to get one, so Komachi said she should go back to the mansion, but Mika declined saying it's too scary. Rin told her that she shouldn't be scared once she knows the feelings of the ghost and won't be scared and looked at the mansion smiling and the story ends with them showing Rin's beautiful hair clip (that she is wearing now).

28 (173)- "Komachi no Natsu Matsuri Funtōki" ("Komachi's Summer Festival Chronicle")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 28

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 28

Airdate: 19 August, 2007

At Komachi's shop and house, Komachi was explaining to everyone about shaved ice with traditional topping flavors to create a new variety of shaved ice for the summer festival. Everyone was excited and suggested things to put on it. Nozomi then "decided" to help everyone with the festival. Meanwhile, at Nightmare, Bunbee is having a conference with Kawarino about the Pretty Cures and trying to find their weak point to better their progress and showing clips of the Pretty Cures. Kawarino looked up the the employees who battled them. Suddenly, he was interested in Gamao and asked Bunbee where he is. Bunbee was stunned that Kawarino was interested in him before Kawarino disappeared. Out of nowhere, Gamao is currently starving in an alley. Meanwhiile, at Komachi shop and home, everyone were drawing on the cups and papers for the "Komachi Shop Stand" for the festival. Komachi is in the kitchen preparing the dessert until Madoka came in. She reminded her about how last year's festival was a disaster because of their father's tastes and he did all of the work. Madoka suggested Komachi does it her own way and adds that she's proud she's volunteering and happy that she has a lot of friends to help her. Before she leaves, she also suggested her friends try the mandarins their grandmother sent. Komachi treated the Cures and mascots to try the new dessert. The food was approved them and praised Komachi, making her happy that the dessert is good for the festival.

The next morning, an ice truck came to deliver the ice Komachi needed for the desserts. When Komachi came out, she asks the ice man to put it on the front and she'll pick it up later and went back inside. When the ice truck was passing along the street, it passed Gamao who was very hungry until he saw Komachi's ice block on the front. When Komachi finally came out to get the ice, it was gone, alarming Komachi and she looked around for it. Gamao was holding what's left of the ice, revealing he stole it, but he still wasn't satisfied and continue to complain that he's hungry. Later, Karen came to Komachi's shop to help her, but suddenly Komachi rushed in an alarmed mood that the ice was missing, shocking Karen. They went to different ice shops and all of them didn't have any ice left.

They sat in a park and Komachi was now depressed and about to give up, but Karen encouraged her and said "If you don't use everything within your power, you'll regret it later." Karen explained those were the same words Komachi said in the past when they first met. Karen reminded her two years ago, Karen was a class rep and their class were going to a factory for social studies project, until one of the factory's machines broke down. She announced that the project is canceled. All of the students were disappointed and Karen was saddened, until quiet Komachi rose up and tells her not to give up and should rethink and find a way. She says "If you don't use everything within your power, you'll regret it later." Karen was stunned by Komachi's encouragement and she volunteered to help Karen find another factory for the project in two days. They went to places to find, but were sadly rejected, until finally the last one agreed. Komachi and Karen were happy to hear and got ready with the brochures. They cheered and manage to finish in time for the project date. Back in Komachi shop, Komachi showed her the brochure from the project and kept it because it was a memory that made them friends. Karen helps Komachi find ice by calling in other places but no luck.

Nozomi, Rin, Urara and the mascots visited and were shocked the ice was gone. Nozomi suggested they eat it without ice, but it would be too sweet. Urara said she likes it with canned mandarins and Karen suggested they need something sour so it wouldn’t be too sweet. Then suddenly Komachi remembered Grandma delivered mandarins and they could use it. Everyone believes the dessert sounded tasty and could work. Everyone got to work on the flyers, signs, and decorations. When the festival came, Komachi and Karen began making the desserts while the others advertised to attract people to the stand. Coco and Natts in their human forms came and Natts gives Komachi a small paper square lamp for the stand. Nozomi then left to get tape for the lamp. As she ran, she saw a road thinking it’s a shortcut. All alone and dark, she notices a mask stand and looked at the masks until she saw a Kowaina mask and Gamao. Nozomi was scared and tries to run away when Gamao threw the stand and attacked her. He picked up the Kowaina mask and asks rudely to give him the Dream Collect. Luckily, the Cures came to the rescue when Coco and Natts sensed the Nightmares and knew Nozomi was in trouble. The Pretty Cures transform. Gamao used the mask on the mask stand to create the Kowaina. The Cures tried to fight it, but the Kowaina ejects masks out of its body and shot an explosion of masks at the Pretty Cures. Some manage to attack it but would be pushed away by the explosion.

Gamao was pleased with the destruction and was going to cause more until Cure Mint protested saying he’ll ruin the festival. Gamao said he doesn't care and unexpectedly said off topic about his hunger and all he ate was ice which Cure Mint finally found out who was the thief. Gamao shrugged saying she shouldn't be mad about a block of ice, but Dream, Rouge and Lemonade protested shouting that it almost ruined the dessert for the stand and took all their time and effort to think and create a new one. Rouge and Lemonade were trying to fight the Kowaina and Dream went to fight Gamao, but went back to Rouge and Lemonade when they were in trouble. Gamao was going to ambush her, but Aqua and Mint defended her. Mint was nearly captured, but Aqua freed her and all of the Cures united.

Gamao shrugged again and asks if they were going to be mad if he ruins one festival. Aqua was mad and explained it may be one festival, but everyone put their hard work and effort into it and it was very important to Komachi. From the bottom of her feelings, she unlocked and summoned the Aqua Ribbon, stunning everyone and unleashed her new attack, Aqua Tornado on the Kowaina, purifying and defeating it. Gamao fled and the Cures were amazed by the power.

They later fixed the mask stand and put the masks back and went back to their stand. While making the dessert, Komachi thanked Karen for helping with the others. Karen told her that she wanted to do it to return the favor. She explained when running for president, the words of encouragement Komachi helped her to never give up and wanted to return Komachi the favor, which she appreciated. Suddenly, Nozomi interrupted them saying they have a lot of orders, shocking Komachi and Karen and got to work.

29 (174)- "Nozomi no Ichinichi Manējā" ("Nozomi's Manager for a Day")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 29

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 29

Airdate: 26 August, 2007

Nozomi, who hasn't finished independent research homework, was asking her friends if they had done it , and all her friends except Urara, who was busy with her job, said that they did . Urara said to Nozomi that she was done with the theme, but Nozomi said she hadn't choose any themes yet. Urara then had an idea of taking Nozomi to other places so she could think of a plan. Nozomi was pleased and asked her friends if they wanted to come with her, but none of them couldn't except Milk, Coco, and Natts.

Meanwhile, Bunbee was scared of Kawarino because of not treating him well, and Kawarino might take his place, Bunbee then was hurrying to Natts House. However he saw the store was closed and in vacation, and became angry. Nozomi had arrived at Urara's manager, Washio's house. He introduced himself, but then he left quickly because of the calls. Urara then went away to change, while Coco, Natts, and Milk told Nozomi that they would go for a walk. Nozomi, being left alone, started thinking about a theme.

After some minutes, the telephone rang, and Nozomi answered it. Nozomi wrote a new schedule for Urara's show. She then went to find Washio to talk to him about Urara's schedule. While searching, she went to a room with managers and they thought Nozomi was Urara's manager. Nozomi tried to tell them that she was only her friend, but always got interrupted because of people's requests. Then another person came and said there was no piano player. Nozomi quickly told them she knew someone who played piano.

The concert started as Karen played piano, and Urara was performing the song, Tobikkiri! Yuuki no Door. In the car, Karen said she was glad to perform at her concert. Then Nozomi was told that her show would shoot in many hours, in a town where you had to wear a kimono. Urara was going to wear a kimono but it didn't fit, then Nozomi called Komachi to successfully fix it. Later, another person came and said that they need new flowers, and Nozomi called Rin for it.

The shoot began, and everyone took part except Nozomi. In the film, Coco and Natts had to help the girls escape. However the shoot got interrupted by Bunbee disguised as a samurai actor. He then started to run and catch them, and then trapped them. Coco and Natts decided to fight, but they were hurt and were turned back into their mascot forms. Then suddenly Nozomi appeared riding a special bike. After seeing it, Bunbee summoned a Kowaina.

The girls saw it and turned into Cures. They fought, but were quickly defeated. Cure Lemonade, seeing her friends get beaten said she wouldn't let it happen. Then from her brooch started to shine as a new power came as she was able to perform Lemonade Shining, and the Kowaina got defeated. Next day, everyone was in the car getting back to Natts House. Then Nozomi still felt bad for not completing her homework, until Karen saw her notebook and told her to use this book as her homework, which made Nozomi happy.

30 (175)- "Miruku no Ketsui to Minna no Chikara!" ("Milk's Decision and Everyone's Powers!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 30

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 30

Airdate: 2 September, 2007

The episode begins with Nozomi running around to catch Milk with her chocolate. Once she caught her, Milk ate the chocolate, which made Nozomi angry. Everyone told the two to quiet down. Milk then started talking about how in Palmier Kingdom, people stealing things was good. Nozomi overheard Milk and said that their kingdom was pretty short-handed. Milk then got mad at her and told Nozomi she was a useless Pretty Cure and had no right to be one, which disappointed Nozomi.

Meanwhile, in Nightmare, Arachnea was searching for Kawarino. She found him and requested the black paper, which meant it would be the last attack, and she left. Bunbee saw it and got shocked. In Natts House, everyone was talking about why Nozomi left, and as Milk went to her room, everyone scolded her for what she told Nozomi. Meanwhile, Nozomi putted her Pinky Catch in a box, and went in her bed. Karen then went to Milk's room, and told her many things about Nozomi, which made her happy.

Far away from Natts House, Arachnea was looking for the girls, when Bunbee came, telling her not to use the paper, however she rejected and attacked them. The girls then came at the street, and then saw a furious Arachnea and were told to watch out. Back at Nozomi's house, her Pinky Catch started to shine. The girls then tranformed, and started fighting as soon as Arachnea attacked. The Cures started punching, and kicking, however Arachnea caught their attacks, making them hit the walls, Coco and Natts got worried and were walking near the Cures when Arachnea stopped them and requested the Dream Collet.

Nozomi woke up and noticed that her Pinky Catch was shining, meaning her friends were in trouble and left to find them. In the others side, Arachnea had taken the Collet however, Milk didn't let it happen and was annoying Arachnea. Then she attacked her and the others. Suddenly Nozomi arrived telling her to stop that and transformed. The girls regrouped and were defeating Arachnea, however she then used the black paper to become more powerful and nearly defeated them.

The Cures were losing. However, Milk apologized to Cure Dream for her words, she then wrapped herself around Cure Dream's arm and transformed into an object, and Cure Dream gained her Dream Torch, as the other Cures gave power to it. Then they performed Five Explosion and defeated Arachnea. Everything got back to normal as Nozomi and Milk were friends again.

31 (176)- "Nozomi to Koko no Raburetā Jiken!" ("Nozomi and Coco's Love Letter Mystery!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 31

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 31

Airdate: 9 September, 2007

The episode begins with Rin and Nozomi walking to the school, then Rin sees a girl giving Kokoda a love letter. She tells Nozomi and she became shocked, standing completely still. At home, everyone was talking about Pinkies. However Nozomi seemed off and was thinking of something else. Then Coco came as she felt worse. Milk asked if he received any letters, and he said yes. Komachi then asked Natts if he had too, but Natts answered that he rejected them. Milk brought out a big box to show Nozomi how many letters Coco had received.

Meanwhile, Bunbee felt disapponted at Arachnea for being defeated. However Kawarino appears telling Hadenya will be there and she said she woudn't fail on fighting the Cures. The next day, Nozomi and Rin were walking on a hallway, when Nozomi sees Kokoda with another girl. Nozomi then ran away from them and Kokoda felt bad. In the schoolyard, Kokoda was alone thinking about Nozomi, as then suddenly Natts arrived saying him not to answer the letters. After the talk, they left but then Hadenya appeared, surprising them.

Milk then ran and told the girls to save Coco and Natts. The girls arrived and saw Hadenya with Coco and Natts, and also she had the Dream Collet in her hand. The girls then transformed. The Cures fought her however she is stronger and stops their attacks. She then takes a new Kowaina mask and throws it to the river creating a mud Kowaina. While the Cures manage to fight the Kowaina, Coco and Natts remember Hadenya, as she had attacked them once.

Coco then encouraged Cure Dream to defeat the Kowaina, as she followed him and easily purified it with Crystal Shoot. Everything returned to normal as Nozomi left, and Coco got sad. The next day, Nozomi then was leaving as suddenly Coco appeared with a letter. Nozomi then said to give it to her as he did and it was a letter for her. It said, "Your feelings, got through." Then Nozomi saw it and became really happy for it, then she took his hand and went to have fun at school.

32 (177)- "Rinchan no Happī Wedingu" ("Rin's Happy Wedding")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 32

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 32

Airdate: 16 September, 2007

Rin is on her way to Natts House, and stops at the wedding shop. Suddenly, she sees Komachi's sister, Madoka, coming out of the shop. Madoka said she was here for her friend's wedding. Later, Madoka and her friend came to Natts House with Rin, and the future bride, Miku, saw Rin's bracelet design. She asked her to design her a tiara, much to everyone's surprise. Everyone supported Rin, who wasn't confident in her abilities, and Rin started imagining her own wedding in a forest chapel. Komachi imagined herself getting married, with Natsu-san coming and asking her to go with him. Urara imagined her wedding as flashy and entertainment for everyone. Karen said she wanted a Japanese-style wedding. Nozomi said she wanted to wear a bunch of dresses and eat the whole cake by herself at her wedding with Kouji. She was really disappointed when the girls told her the cake is fake and only the cutting part is real. Milk also imagined her wedding at Palmier Kingdom and her marrying to Coco as king, and Natts driving them. Later, at school, Rin worked hard at creating the design - she even skipped lunch, making the other girls worried. Komachi told Madoka and she worried if she can make it until the ceremony. Later, Miku came to Natsuki Flower Shop, and had a talk with Rin, motivating her. She said it was fun to hear about everyone's wedding ceremonies and hers will be only with close friends. Then Rin decided she'll make the best tiara for her wedding. Later, when the wedding came, Rin was really nervous, and when Miku went to change into a new outfit that included Rin's tiara, Gamao came, transforming the cake to a Kowaina. Rin gave her tiara to Coco and the other mascots to protect, and everyone transformed. Kowaina attacked them, and Gamao tried stealing the box with the tiara, thinking the Dream Collet was in there, but Dream got it back. Gamao said he doesn't care about such stuff, and Rouge got mad. She used Rouge Burning, and Dream finished with Crystal Shoot. Later, Miku came out with her new outfit and tiara, and everyone said she was pretty. Later, Miku threw her bouquet, and Milk was the one who caught it. She imagined her turn is next with Coco, which angered the five girls. Milk refused to give the bouquet away, saying she's a maiden too, and everyone started laughing.

33 (178)- "Dai Sukūpu! PuriKyua Faibu Dokusen Shuzai!" ("Big Scoop! Exclusive Coverage of Pretty Cure 5!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 33

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 33

Airdate: 23 September, 2007

The episode starts with new edition of Cinq Lumieres news where Masukomi-ka wrote that the captain of Rin's Futsal team, Konno, got a ball stolen from her and will probably quit being captain. Rin and other members argued that the captain hurt her leg a day before the match, and because there were no reserves, she had to play hurt. Masukomi-ka said she didn't know, even though it was her job to know everything. Meanwhile, at Nightmare, Hadenya left, ignoring Bunbee. Later, at lunch, Masukomi-ka was upset for her mistake, and was thinking alone. Nozomi and the others came talk to her, and she said she'll quit Cinq Lumieres News. She told her how she used to have friends in editing, but she started pushing them too hard, resulting in them all quitting. She didn't realize it and she was all alone. Then she started doing less research and more rumors, including the latest release. Then others came, saying they like her newspaper, but she already decided. She went alone to throw away her reporter stuff, and found the very first edition of Cinq Lumieres News - a lost dog that was carrying newspapers was found. She remembered the times she had with her friends writing that, and accidentally knocked over some photos. It had memories of her friends and some Pretty Cure pics. Then Bunbee came, asking if she's with the Pretty Cure. She ran and hid behind a wall, throwing her stuff. Bunbee changed into his monster form, and the girls came and transformed. Bunbee made a Kowaina from Masukomi-ka's newspaper, and while the Cures were battling it, Masukomi-ka was taking pictures of them. After the battle, Dream suggested her to interview them. Lemonade, as expert in interviews, decided to take this challenge. Dream was about to spill everything, but Lemonade stopped her. The last question she asked if she can find such friends as them, and everyone said "Yes!" Next day at school, Masukomi-ka got article about the captain of futsal team, and an article about Pretty Cure too. Luckily, it didn't became a hot topic. Nozomi asked her if the Pretty Cure 5 remind her of someone, and she said she doesn't see any resemblance, but they are wonderful people and she would like Nozomi and others to meet Pretty Cure 5 someday. The girls started laughing a bit and Nozomi almost blew their secret, but Rin said for her to not talk about Pretty Cure. Nozomi started singing the OP song, and Rin told her not to sing either.

34 (179)- "Miruku o Mamore! Hakuba no Kishi Karen" ("Protect Milk! Karen, the Knight on the White Horse")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 34

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 34

Airdate: 30 September, 2007

Karen was riding on a horse, and Nozomi dreamt of a prince (Coco) on a white horse. Then Karen suggested for Milk to take a ride, and she jumped on but fainted. Karen said Milk has a fever. Then Koji and Natsu-san said only a certain Pinky can cure Milk now, but this Pinky is not one they already caught. Everyone went looking for it, and Milk wanted to go too, but Karen stayed with her. Meanwhile, at Nightmare, Bunbee was sick and Hadenya decided to go today. Back at Karen's house, Milk's fever got worse, and Karen asked Jii-ya how he took care of her when she was little. He told her how he put a towel soaked in icy water on her forehead to lower the fever, how he used to feed her with peeled apples and other stuff. Karen followed his advice and started taking care of Milk. Meanwhile, everyone were looking for the Pinky. They all said they want Milk to get better. At the mansion, Hadenya attacked. Just as the Cures found the Pinky, Koji and Natsu-san felt someone appearing. Hadenya felt Milk's presence, and Karen came to defend her. Hadenya made a Kowaina from the saddles, turning it to a horse, while Karen transformed to Cure Aqua. Karen tried fighting, but was no match alone. She still tried her hardest to protect Milk. When Hadenya was about to finish, everyone else came and transformed to Pretty Cure. Hadenya made a spear from a sign and defeated the Cures. Then Karen's horse, Charlie, came to her. Aqua got on Charlie, summoning her Aqua Ribbon and making it into a spear. Aqua and Hadenya collided, and after a fierce fight, Aqua knocked over Hadenya. Then she used Aqua Tornado, defeating the Kowaina, and Hadenya disappeared. Later, everyone used the Pinky to heal Milk. Jiiya then called everyone for tea and snacks, and everyone ran, except Karen. Then Milk thanked Karen for taking care of her. Karen said she just wanted to see Milk's smile.

35 (180)- "Nattsu no Kagi to Komachi no Kokoro" ("Nuts's Key and Komachi's Heart")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 35

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 35

Airdate: 7 October, 2007

The episode begins with Natts reading Komachi's book in the same room as her. Her friends were spying her and seeing what he would tell her about the book. However, Natts kept reading the book, making Komachi wonder that he didn't like it. Suddenly, Coco came and joined the girls in seeing Natts. Natts finished the book, and told Komachi it was a nice piece of work. The girls hearing it then came up to Komachi to congratulate her. As the girls left, Natts touched his necklace called the "Key of Hope". As night came, Natts was still woried about the key, then suddenly Coco came and was playing with it, annoying Natts.

Meanwhile, in Nightmare, Kawarino was searching for Hadenya, but Bunbee told him that she had taken a day off. Kawarino summoned Bloody and told him to defeat the Cures. The next day, everyone went to a shop, where Natts was talking about a new story to Komachi and she accepted. Everyone then got divided as they were getting their own things, Urara with Karen and Rin, Komachi with Natts, and Nozomi with Coco. Komachi went to a library and was hearing Natts' story about Coco, as Coco used to sneak up on him and give him books. After telling the story, Nozomi told Coco that she wanted Natts to smile once.

Natts and Komachi decided on a book and left, when suddenly Bloody appeared next to a piano. He told them that Natts' necklace was the key to the Palmier Kingdom. After he finished, Bloody took a Kowaina mask and threw it to the ground as power spread out, making many hands. Everyone else then felt something was wrong and hurried to where Komachi and Natts were. Komachi panicked and transformed into Cure Mint. She started fighting when her friends appeared and transformed. While the Cures fought, Bloody asked how did the Palmier Kingdom go in ruins.

Natts then answered as he forgot to lock it, resulting in its ruin. Natts told Bloody it was his fault, and Bloody agreed. Cure Mint overheard and told Natts that it wasn't his fault, but then she got stuck. Bloody added that Natts didn't have the right to have the Dream Collet. Natts was about to give up. However he got stopped by Cure Mint telling him not to. She then unlocked herself and protected Natts with Mint Shield. After they regrouped, Cure Dream performed Crystal Shoot, and everything got to normal. Natts felt afraid and left. Cure Mint followed him.

At Natts House, Natts was looking at the key when Komachi entered. Natts felt it, and then went to her. He said that she had to take better care for herself. Komachi hearing it then became happy, as she was beginning to cry. Natts saw it and then touched her face as she then became flattered. The next day, Komachi began her book. Karen met up with her and asked her what it was about. Komachi answered that it was about a woman who finds someone who made her heart shine.

36 (181)- "Mezase Kansō! Marason Taikai" (Aim for the Finish Line! Marathon Championship")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 36

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 36

Airdate: 14 October, 2007

Everyone were eating snacks at Natts House, when Rin came chasing Nozomi. She said Nozomi has to train for the marathon where all students must particiate, while Nozomi couldn't just run 4 km. She tried to avoid running, but Rin said she must. Meanwhile, Gamao was looking for jobs, and Kawarino came. He recommended Gamao to use the black mask, and Gamao started begging for it. Kawarino left, leaving a card for Gamao. Later, Rin was pushing Nozomi to run, but she couldn't do it. Then Rin headed to futsal practice, and later went to help at home. At the next practice, all of the girls, along with Koji with Natsu-san, came running, with Milk in a bag. Everyone was running and almost reached the goal, but Nozomi couldn't do it. Then Rin stopped trying to get Nozomi to run again, but she collapsed herself. Later, at Natts House, everyone asked why is she trying so much for Nozomi and Rin explained that in third grade, she was the fastest and almost won, but then she tripped. She wanted to give up, but Nozomi came and helped her up. They finished it together. This is why she tried her best to help Nozomi. Later, at the marathon day, everyone started running, and Gamao lured the Cures into a dead-end by changing the direction. When everyone met up, Gamao asked them to give the Dream Collet, and the girls transformed. Gamao attacked them, but the Cures were tired from running. Gamao only started laughing at them, saying there is no point for them to run, but Dream said there is a point. Everyone said that running and reaching for the same goal is not pointless, and then Gamao took out the black mask. Before he could finish his speech, the mask glued itself to his face and turned him into a monster. It was strong, and when it started attacking the mascots, everyone, including Milk, united their feelings to stop it. Milk attached herself to Dream's arm. The Cures used Five Explosion, defeating Gamao. Later, the Cures returned to the marathon, being the last group. Nozomi declared the race among five of them, and everyone reached the goal.

37 (182)- "Koko no Herushī Daisakusen!" ("Coco's Big Healthy Plan!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 37

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 37

Airdate: 21 October, 2007

The episode starts with everyone, Coco especially, eating cream puffs. Everyone noticed he was eating a lot of them and he was a little fat. Nozomi asked him to turn to Kokoda-sensei, and he did. He looked normal, but then Natsu-san showed the girls his true belly, scaring them. Milk came in saying that Coco was eating just cream puffs and Karen said this will be bad for his health. Then everyone decided to make Coco healthy again. Meanwhile, at Nightmare, Kawarino told everyone (and Bunbee too), that Gamao was a worthless subordinate, revealing what he did to him. Later, at Natts House, Coco tried many times to get back his favorite cream puffs, but Milk forbade him from eating them. At school he was out of energy, and Nozomi then decided to work with Milk so they can make something for Coco to re-energize him. Urara peeled the apple, but she peeled too much. Karen wanted to cook Miso soup, but she added too many sardines. Then Nozomi and Komachi added Youkan to porridge. When Milk tasted it, she said the miso soup was terrible but the porridge was surprisingly good. Next day at school Kouji sensed the scent of cream puffs, and went there. He saw a cream puff store, and the saleswoman let him taste the few cream puffs, but he, remembering everyone's efforts, refused. The saleswoman was revealed to be Hadenya, and she made a Kowaina from the store, trapping Coco inside. The girls and the mascots came. Hadenya said she'll give back Coco if they give her Dream Collet, and the girls transformed. Hadenya said Coco came here on his free will, but Dream and others didn't believe her. Then Coco jumped out, and Dream caught him. Then Dream finished Kowaina with Crystal Shoot. Later, the girls gave Coco special Pretty Cure cream puffs, that had vegetables and were low-calorie. Coco tried one, and it was delicious. Milk said she'll finish the rest, because it would be too much for Coco, and then the girls noticed that Milk expanded a little too by tasting all of their food for Coco. Then Coco told for Milk to exercise too, much to her dismay.

38 (183)- "PuriKyua Faibu no Shinderera Monogatari" ("Pretty Cure Five's Cinderella Story")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 38

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 38

Airdate: 28 October, 2007

Komachi brought Milk a copy of Cinderella, and she said she will try writing a novel, but practice by rewriting Cinderella. Karen said it's good practice. Meanwhile, at Nightmare, Bunbee made team for Bloody, but he wasn't here. Then Bunbee tried sitting in one of the VIP seats, and he thought it suited him well, but nobody in the crowd answered him as always. Back at Natts House, Milk was writing her story, and decided to edit it a bit. Cinderella (Nozomi) lived with her wicked stepmother (Komachi) and 2 sisters (Rin and Karen). Cinderella was clumsy, and her family members decided to leave her minding the house and not to take her to the ball. At night, CInderella was watching the fireworks, and wished for a beautiful dress to go at the ball, when suddenly the witch (Urara) appeared. She said she'll give her a dress with her magic, and after a few unsuccessful tries, she gave CInderella a beautiful dress and glass slippers with butterflies. The witch warned her to be back at midnight, and Cinderella went off. Meanwhile, at the ball, the stepmother and stepsisters were watching the dance and Cinderella slipped. Prince Coco invited her to dance, while Prince Natts invited the stepmother. Then the witch came to the ball all dressed up, and Cinderella slipped, making everyone else fall too. Suddenly, Nozomi came to Milk's room, offering her snacks. Milk went away to find a calm place, but Bunbee found her. He decided to use Milk's script and transported the Cures, Coco, Natts and Milk into the story. The Cures were in dresses and Coco and Natts were dressed as princes. They realized it's like that time they were in Pirate Hurricane, and turned around only to see Bunbee all dressed up with Milk as hostage. He summoned a Kowaina from the glass chandelier. The girls tranformed into their Cure forms. Dream rescued Milk, and they fought Bunbee. Dream defeated the Kowaina, and the clock struck midnight. Everyone were running, and Cinderella slipped, making everyone fall down. The glass slipper returned them to normal. Later, the girls found a glass slipper under the table. Nozomi remembered that the one glass slipper fits to will be married to the prince. Nozomi and Koji looked at each other and blushed, when Milk jumped into the shoe, saying it was perfect fit. Nozomi chased her, while the rest of the girls read Milk's story.

39 (184)- "Kyōfu! Desuparaia Arawaru" ("Terrifying! Despariah Revelead")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 39

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 39

Airdate: 11 November, 2007

There is no school for the girls and it's a peaceful day. Milk said on days like this bad things happen, but Coco and Natts said she should relax too. When she left, Coco showed Natts Nozomi's test and she got 72% - much better than her last score, 30%. Then Nozomi came to the store, saying she saw a Pinky. Meanwhile, Kawarino was looking for Desperaia who was gone. Outside, Nozomi with Koji and Natsu-san were looking for the missing pinky, and Koji decided to take Nozomi and Natsu-san on the walk. A hooded figure was following them. Nozomi took the two men to a large tree, and Koji suggested to climb it. This reminded them of the event at Palmier Kingdom when Coco and Natts climbed a huge tree to see the kingdom from above, but ended up damaging the tree. They were looking for a way to fix the tree, even ended up sneaking out of the kingdom to look for the Pinky. They fixed the tree, but were busted. Koji said it was fun but Natsu-san said being scolded was not fun at all. Then the three went to the cafe, and a girl from a model magazine wanted to take a picture of Koji and Natsu-san for the magazine, and said Nozomi was in the way, thus making Koji angry. They later went to the forest to see kitties, and Koji confessed to Natsu-san that he wants to spend more time with Nozomi because he knows he will have to leave her one day. Natsu-san left them to spend time alone. Meanwhile, Karen came to Natts House, seeing Milk alone. Milk said what happened and they decided to eat cake together. Urara finished her job and met with Rin who was helping at the store and they decided to go to Natts House too. When Natsu-san went away, he met Komachi in the park. who was thinking about her novel. Back at the forest, Koji told Nozomi about her score and she said she tries Japanese only because it's his subject. Then Nozomi fell, and Koji caught her. They headed back, and Koji was thinking about his feelings for Nozomi. She was from this world, but he wasn't. Then suddenly, the hooded figure appeared to be Desperaia. Back at Natts House, everyone was there and Natsu-san sensed something appearing. Nozomi transformed into Cure Dream and started fighting Desperaia, who summoned strange shadows. Then the others came to help Dream. They all used their attacks, and Aqua realized that they disappear if they are lifted from the ground. Dream used her attack on Desperaia, but she only sucked it. She caught Dream, saying her biggest mistake was meeting Coco and others, but Dream said she'll never regret that because of what Coco taught her. Coco also said all the moments with Dream were fun for him, but Desperaia used her attack to return him to his mascot form. He said he won't forget the hope Dream gave him. The other Cures defeated the shadows and all their Pinky catches started shining. Dream's did too, burning Desperaia's hand. Then together with Milk, the Cures used Five Explosion. Desperaia made a giant shadow to avoid the attack, but it was defeated and she disappeared. She ordered Kawarino to bring her the Dream Collet faster because she could not face this power unless she is immortal. Back at Natts House, the Cures were thinking what to do now, since Desperaia appeared, but Nozomi assured they'll defeat her by working together. Then Koji said to Natsu-san he decided to live in the present and to see Nozomi's smile for a bit longer.

40 (185)- "Rijichō no Shōtai o Sagure!" ("Investigate the Chief Principal's Identity!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 40

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 40

Airdate: 18 November, 2007

The students of L'École des Cinq Lumières wonder about the unknown identity of the principal when they read the school newspaper, especially Karen. As the student council's president, who has given a statement in the newspaper, she wants to meet the principal to talk about school issues in person. Otaka-san comes, saying that maybe the principal has her own reasons to not meet the students.

Meanwhile, at Nightmare, Bunbee asked if Hadenya ever saw the true face of Desperaia, and she said no. Then Kawarino came, and Hadenya asked him as Desperaia's personal assistant if he knew, but Kawarino said he doesn't even want to see it. Hadenya said people in charge want to remain mysterious.

Rin states that the brick wall around the old school building is about to fall apart. Then, two school girls, Miyamoto Kanako and Kudou Mayu, tell Karen that they found a lost shoe at the old school garden. Karen states that some students have been losing things lately. Otaka-san hears about these problems, and afterwards, the brick wall gets a repair and the headmaster explains that a dog has stolen the items. Karen and others ask him if he met the principal, and he said yes, adding that she's a wonderful person.

Later, at Natts House, Karen is wondering about the principal, saying she wants to meet her and thank her in person and apologize for what she said in the interview. Nozomi and others decided to tag along.

However, when the Cures visit the principal's office, they are attacked by Hadenya who disguises herself as the principal, while the real principal and vice-principal are unconscious. The girls enter her office, and after Karen apologized her, she called them brats. Nozomi said she's not the principal, because she did lots of good stuff for the school. Then Hadenya reveals her identity, and summons a Kowaina by turning the brick wall to a centipede-like stone monster. The Cures transformed. They tried attacking it, but it just rebuilt itself. Hadenya kept saying that school and the principal are worthless, and the Cures then finished the Kowaina. After their victory, they found out that the principal is Otaka-san. She explains that she had a close relationship when she was a teacher, but lost her closeness to her students after she was promoted as the chief director. So, she decided to hide her identity and work in the caféteria as Otaka, so she can listen the students' problems and fix those.

Afterwards, Masuko Mika wonders what next subject can she chose after failed attempt to find out the true identity of principal. Otaka-san suggests her to write about her new menu, and she agrees.

41 (186)- "Tsutawaru Kimochi Komachi to Urara" ("Feelings Understood, Komachi and Urara")

(伝わる気持ち こまちとうらら)
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 41

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 41

Airdate: 25 November, 2007

The episode starts with Komachi trying to think what to write in her book, and then she meets Urara, who is reading her script. Later, at Natts House, Urara tells the girls she has a drama audition coming and she has to come up with the last lines. She says it's a love story and she has to come up with a farewell scene where the girl expresses her feelings to a boy she always loved. Komachi was very surprised by this. Later, Urara was reciting the line "I cannot say goodbye," and Urara asked Komachi, who was thinking about her novel, what she thought about her line, and she said it's great, but Urara didn't think it was sincere. Later, at lunch, Urara asked Komachi if she really liked it, and Komachi got upset, saddening Urara. After school, Nozomi, Rin and Karen met Komachi at the library, saying Urara probably went home, but Nozomi said she's here. They all went to look for her, with Komachi finding her at the theater. Urara said she hoped Komachi would help her, and Komachi showed her draft, saying she has the same problem. The two tried acting the scenario, and after that Urara said she would like to play one of her books. Komachi said she feels the same way and would like for her to make her characters alive. Nozomi was joining them when Bloody appeared. He told them should trust only themselves and conveying feelings is nonsense. Nozomi, Urara and Komachi transformed to Cure Dream, Lemonade and Mint. Bloody summoned his Kowaina hands, while Coco told Rin and Karen that something appeared. The three Cures defeated the Kowaina hands, but Bloody recharged them, disappearing the Cures into giant Kowaina hand balls. Rin and Karen came to the theater and seeing the hands covering the whole building they transformed to Rouge and Aqua. Everyone was fighting, and when Mint awoke, Bloody told her she won't reach anyone. Mint then used her shield and attempted to unite everyone's thoughts. She shot green rays to everyone and they used their attacks on the green rays. They all united in the middle of the shield. This defeated the Kowainas and Bloody disappeared. Later, Urara said she fixed the line at last minute. She said she won't say anything and only stare into his eyes. That way her feelings will surely be conveyed. Komachi said she'll use the same thing and the girl will only look at his eyes. Then Urara asked if this book is based on someone, making Natsu-san at the store sneeze, but Komachi blushed and said it was fictional. Urara asked how did she thought of this, and Komachi just ran away, not telling.

42 (187)- "Rin to Karen no Hisokana Yakusoku" ("Rin and Karen's Covered Promises")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 42

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 42

Airdate: 2 December, 2007

It's almost Christmas, and Natts House is having a Christmas sale. Komachi prepared the poem for customers, Urara took care of lighting and Nozomi prepared the flyers. Then there were flowers left, and Nozomi said for Karen and Rin to take care of flowers. The two went to Rin's flower shop, and Rin's mom left to pick up Yu and Ai, so Rin had to take care of everything. She was talking on phone, and other customers came. They saw busy Rin and were about to leave, but Karen took care of everything. They were working together, while at Natts House, others missed them. Urara thought that maybe they got into a fight over flowers again. Later, Karen asked her about the future and if it's related to flowers, and Rin said she loves flowers, but is not sure about stuff like future and career. Karen said she also doesn't know what to do for her future. Then the girls realized they're not so different after all. They promised each other to say what they want to be in future when they find out. Bunbee was watching them. When the girls finally headed back with flowers, Bunbee appeared making Kowaina from some leaves. The mascots sensed it, so the three girls went after it. Rin and Karen transformed to Rouge and Aqua. They were fighting when Bunbee came, saying they shall feel despair because they have no meaningless dreams or hopes for future. He was about to defeat them, when the other three transformed and arrived, fighting it. Mint reminded when Rin made a tiara for the wedding, and Milk reminded when Karen was taking care of her when she was sick. Kowaina defeated three of the Cures but Rouge and Aqua stood their ground, combining their powers and defeating the Kowaina. They all headed back to Natts House. Rin and Karen showed everyone the flowers they bought. They agreed that two flower types are better than one. Nozomi said she knew they will be able to come up with perfect flower arrangement. They went to drink tea, and Karen and Rin both saying they got a bit further towards realizing their dreams.

43 (188)- "Komachi no Ketsui to Nattsu no Mirai" ("Komachi's Decision and Nuts's Future")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 43

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 43

Airdate: 9 December, 2007

Komachi is having trouble with her novel, and Karen suggests she should ask Natts for advice. Komachi screams that this is her own problem and has to overcome it herself. Later, at Natts House, Urara asked Komachi about her book and once again asked if it was based on something. Komachi, all red, answered, that it's pure fiction. Then she headed home to write the story. Meanwhile, at Nightmare, Kawarino gave Hadenya a black card. Hadenya said she doesn't need it. She went away and noticed a Pinky. Later, Komachi was still dealing with her writer's block. Karen came to her, and she told her about him - "the character in story". She loves him but he has to go far. They will never reach him again. She knew he will have to go away since the start, but now that the end came, she just can't say goodbye. Karen said, that the end belongs from her and if she will try, he will understand. Later, Komachi was sitting at the park, when Natsu-san came. Komachi asked why is he always helping her, and he said he's not as strong as everyone think and that he needs everyone's help. He said Karen is always telling him that Komachi taught her that, making Komachi start crying. She said she is always worried about future and is afraid to speak up, because that might ruin all the future in an instant. Natsu-san said for her to be more courageous, like Nozomi (making the latter sneeze loudly). Then suddenly Hadenya came. She showed everyone the Pinky she caught before - Goremun. She targeted Komachi and Natsu-san, making him turn back to his mascot form. Then everyone came to the rescue. The girls transformed before Hadenya finished talking. Then she summoned Kowaina from Pinky. Everyone battled it, and Dream broke the mask, with Komachi chasing her away with her epic new attack. Dream was relieved everything was over. Later, Karen asked Komachi how are things going, and Komachi said she decided to shelve it for now, but one day she will be sure to find the perfect ending.

44 (189)- "Osewayakutte Donna Hito?" ("What Exactly is a Caretaker?")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 44

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 44

Airdate: 16 December, 2007

The episode starts with Milk oversleeping, but Coco and Natts did everything by themselves. Meanwhile, at Nightmare, Kawarino was worried about Hadenya who they had no news about. Bunbee said she might quit, making Kawarino angry, saying he will not allow that. He wondered will she be still useful at the end, meaning the black mask. Later, Milk was alone in the park when Urara found her. She started crying and explained the story to Urara. She said she always admired Coco and Natts, and wanted to stay with them and to be useful by being their caregiver, but it seems they can do everything fine without her. Milk asked Urara what is a caregiver to her, and she said a caregiver should be someone who are always there even when they are not being with you to scold or praise you during important moments (with image of Nozomi's shadow in mind). Then she went to Rin's flower store, thinking Urara was talking about her. Rin explained that the person Urara was talking about is actually a major screw up and has no talents nor coordination, but she can cry, smile and worry for everyone, and Rin is glad to have her around (with an image of Nozomi running). She said it is hard to put it into words, and maybe Komachi can explain it better. Meanwhile, at Natts House, Koji and Natsu-san noticed Milk is missing, and ran to look for her. Milk then came to Komachi to the library. Komachi said it is important to believe in what they do and what they are from the bottom of their hearts. Milk said she really feels wish to be important. Komachi said, that it might be hard turning her thoughts into actions, but there is a person who can do that easily. She is a strong-willed person (Nozomi in mind reading the book). Milk thought it was Karen, and went to her. Karen said it is not her. Milk said she is jealous of that person, and Karen said she is too. Milk said she wants to meet that person, and Karen said she already did - it is Nozomi. At lunch, Milk was looking at Nozomi all the time and said she is not so special at all. She asked Nozomi what would an ideal caregiver would be for her, and she said it is someone who eats, plays, sleeps a lot and is always healthy. Milk was disappointed with her answer. Nozomi asked if she loves them, and said it is enough. Milk said it was not worth asking her at all. Then they realised Coco and Natts missing, and Milk said she left without saying a word. Meanwhile, Coco and Natts were looking for Milk, while Hadenya found them. She demanded for Dream Collet, while all the girls ran there and transformed. Coco and Natts met with Milk, and said they were worried about her. Milk blamed herself for not only being useless, but also for worrying them. Hadenya came, saying Milk is useless and they don't need her, saddening Milk, but the Cures came, saying that only Milk can be Coco and Natts' caregiver and someone like her will never understand Milk's feelings. Suddenly, Kawarino came and forced a mask on Hadenya. Milk asked, was not she her ally, but Kawarino said he did not heard of that. Hadenya turned into a monster. She blew the mascots and the Dream Collet away, and Kawarino picked it up. He said they failed to protect the Collet and will never revive their kingdom, but Milk got the Collet. She said she will protect it because it is her duty, and the Cures came to her rescue. They said Milk is the perfect caregiver, and everyone used Five Explosion, defeating Hadenya. Later, Milk was happy again, but started scolding Coco and Natts - Coco for eating only Cream Puffs instead of normal breakfast and Natts for reading all night - he would never go that far without reading all night. The girls said if she keeps that up, she will be a great caregiver someday.

45 (190)- "Nozomi to Koko no Kurisimasu no Chikai" ("Nozomi and Coco's Christmas Vow")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 45

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 45

Airdate: 23 December, 2007

Rin has caught the 54th Pinky and she, with Nozomi and the mascots, accidentally appeared at the place where Miku got married. Coco realized that there is only little time left for them to be in the human world with Nozomi. Later, at Natts House, Milk said they have almost collected all the Pinkies and that the kingdom will be restored and that either Coco or Natts will be elected as the new king. The two got into a snow fight, both saying they'll be better, but Milk stopped their fight. Nozomi said they will still visit, but Natts said it is impossible for a king because he is needed for his people, though the prince was a different deal. The other Cures started talking about saying goodbye, even though they knew that it will happen, and it shocked Nozomi. She then put on a fake smile, saying this is what they were working for. Later, at Natts House, Nozomi tried being cheerful, but everyone knew she was sad. She worked hard towards everyone's dreams, but did not think of what will happen after that. Milk said she understands Nozomi's feelings, but Coco and Natts are needed for their kingdom. Rin said Nozomi understands that really well. Meanwhile, Bloody went away after what Kawarino did to Hadenya. Then he looked at Bunbee, saying Desperaia does not need useless workers. Later, the mascots made a cake for the Cures as a thank you gift for what they did. Nozomi wanted to say the cheers, but then she remembered and got sad for a moment, but when Rin called her, she pretended to be happy again. They started eating, and Coco noticed that Nozomi did not finish her cake yet, even though she is always the first to do that. She said it is delicious, but does not go to her throat. After she saw the word "thank you" on the cake, she realized, that they will be parting. Suddenly, Bloody came, transforming Natts House to Kowaina. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure. Bloody said he discovered their weakness - if he takes out the main pillar, everyone will collapse. He attacked Dream, leaving the rest to the Kowaina. He saw hesistation in her heart, knowing she was unsure what to do next, and what she feels is called despair. He almost finished her, but the other Cures knocked the Kowaina, taking his attention. The girls said it is ok to hesistate and to take time to think about everything. Coco went to Dream, and she stood up. She said she was hesitating and lost for a bit, but now understands. She promised and she will restore Coco's country. She will make his dream come true. Then she used Crystal Shoot, defeating Kowaina. After that, Jiiya came, driving the girls home. Nozomi decided to go on foot, and Natsu-san said for Koji to walk her home. They saw some fresh snow, and went there. Koji asked her, what is left after snow melts, and the answer was memories. Nozomi realized that this path leads to the place with beautiful Christmas Tree. Nozomi suggested celebrating Christmas at Palmier Kingdom after it gets restored, and Koji said it is a good idea. They watched the Christmas Tree, when Nozomi started crying. She said she is happy because their dreams are about to come true. They worked really hard for it. Koji said Palmier Kingdom is a great place with good friends and Natts, and as Prince he has duties, but he will cherish every moment he has with her. Meanwhile, Kawarino reported to Desperaia that there is only one Pinky left.

46 (191)- "Kawarīno Hijō no Sakuryaku" ("Kawarino's Heartless Strategy")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 46

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 46

Airdate: 6 January, 2008

On New Year's Day, the Cures visit a temple for the traditional New Year's prayer. Then Milk and Nozomi get into a fight. Karen asks what Rin wished for, but when she was about to say something to Karen, Nozomi and Milk came to them, complaining of how they were being mean to each other. Meanwhile, at Nightmare, Bunbee was planning on resigning, but Kawarino saw his letter. He teleported him on the roof and when Bunbee started criticizing him, he blew him away from the roof. Next day, the girls went looking for the last Pinky and found it resting on Nozomi's head. She caught the last Pinky and then Bloody appeared. He summoned the Kowaina hands through the park. The girls transformed. The Cures battled, with Dream trying to protect the last Pinky, but Bloody trapped her in the net of hands. The other Cures went to free her and Bloody made a wall protecting the net. Lemonade and Mint jumped over it fast. Lemonade stole his hat and Mint kicked his stick away, weakening the net. Rouge and Aqua kicked through the wall and kicked the net, getting Dream to free herself. He transformed to his monster form and started attacking everyone, when suddenly the black mask appeared in his hand. Bloody ignored the mask and kept attacking. He fused all the Kowaina hands to one giant hand, and then the Cures with Milk used Five Explosion, defeating the Kowaina. Bloody retreated back to Nightmare. Kawarino scolded him for not using the mask. When Bloody said, that they gathered all the pinkies, Kawarino opened the path to eternal despair for Bloody, saying he isn't needed anymore and putting the mask on his face the last moment. Later, the Cures were putting the last Pinky to the Collet, when someone came to the store. Koji went to check it out, but nobody was here. He went outside, and Kawarino appeared. Moments later, "Koji" came down, unnaturally hurrying Nozomi to put the last Pinky to the Collet. She did, and the Collet started shining. Then Natsu-san looked at the Collet, when "Koji" asked to show it to him. Everyone, especially Natsu-san, had doubts, but Milk just took the Collet and gave it to "Koji". Natsu-san then told her to wait for a moment, but "Koji" took the Collet, transforming back to Kawarino while the real Coco was outside the store. He knocked over Natsu-san, turning him back into a mascot. Kawarino started laughing at their foolishness and disappeared, leaving everyone shocked, especially Milk.

47 (192)- "Dorīmu Koretto o Torimodose!" ("Take Back the Dream Collet!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 47

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 47

Airdate: 13 January, 2008

Following from previous episode, Kawarino blasted Bunbee off the roof, the Cures battled Bloody for the last Pinky, Kawarino sent Bloody to wander in forever despair and put the black mask on him and then he pretended to be Koji and stole the Collet with all the Pinkies. Now, Kawarino brought the full Collet to Desperaia, while Coco woke up, but it was too late. Milk was blaming herself for what happened. But Nozomi didn't lost hope, saying the sky is still clear and Desperaia still hadn't used the Collet. They all went out to search and then met up at the park. Nozomi suggested for everyone to shout for Nightmare to give them Collet back, and they all did that. Then Kawarino came to them to eliminate the loose ends. He opened the door to Nightmare and everyone went in. They appeared at the place where they first used Five Explosion and defeated Girinma, just this time the hall was full of Nightmare people and Desperaia with Dream Collet. The girls transformed. Kawarino then changed to his monster form. The Cures started fighting, but Kawarino with his tails just absorbed their moves and used them against them. He beat everyone and said that it was easy to trick the mascots twice, and that they all should just give up to despair just like everyone in the audience did. They all said, that no matter what, they'll never fall into despair. Coco asked Milk to help the Cures, but Kawarino caught her, putting the mask on her. She tried resisting, but Kawarino reminded her how she gave him the Collet. Then Desperaia used the power of the Collet, asking for eternal life. She broke her mask, turning into her ultimate form. The Pinkies were all scattered once again, and the Collet has turned to stone, unable to be used again.

48 (193)- "Kibō Tai Zetsubō Saigo no Taiketsu!" ("Hope vs Despair, The Last Battle!")

(希望VS絶望 最後の対決!)
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 48

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 48

Airdate: 20 January, 2008

Following from the previous episode, Desperaia used the Collet to achieve eternal youth and power, while Kawarino puts the Despair mask on Milk. The Dream Collet is now turned to stone after using its only wish. Kawarino says that the only thing they have left is despair. Dream tried attacking, but Kawarino was stronger. Then he used the five black cards to create despair for the Cures. Those cards became a giant puddle, that absorbs those who have lost all the hope and gave up to Despair. It absorbed the four girls, but Dream still resisted. She said she doesn't want to feel the sadness after losing her friends again, and will do everything to prevent that. Then she collapsed again, being absorbed by the despair puddle. Then a shine of beads woke them up. Rin said that she finally found the perfect beads for the accessory she's making. She said to Karen and everyone that she found what she wants to do in future. After seeing the happy faces of everyone who saw Miku wearing her tiara at the wedding, she wanted to make people happy more, and hopes to become accessory designer in the future. Then Karen said that she also found out who she wants to be - a doctor. When she met everyone, she had a feeling of wanting to help everyone. She felt the same feeling when Milk got sick, and after seeing Milk's smile when she got better, she realized she wants to keep helping everyone. Then Urara said that at first she was confused but because everyone gave her a push in right direction, she realized how fun it is to sing. Now she has another goal for her. Then Komachi said that her book - Pirate Hurricane - has won an award for effort. They all were laughing, and the despair puddle started moving back, much to Kawarino's surprise and dismay. They all stood up, making the puddle completely disappear. They all said they believe in future and will never lose hope. They all battled and Kawarino tried using the same gun as before, but it didn't worked. Then he revealed that the Nightmare's audience is actually the people of Palmier Kingdom. They lost hope and fell to despair after their country was destroyed. Then Coco and Natts said that they are very happy that everyone are here. Coco said how after everyone disappeared, he wandered alone and at times even wanted to give up, but then Nozomi and others showed him the light. They all promised to help him restore the kingdom. In Natts' case, after being tricked by Nightmare, he didn't trust anyone, but Komachi and others showed him what he was missing. They both said that with everyone here, they don't need the Dream Collet to restore the kingdom. Together they can make new kingdom. A girl from the audience shed a tear, breaking the mask a bit. Milk started crying, completely breaking the mask. She said that the words of Coco and Natts touched her deep inside. Desperaia wasn't happy at such turn of events. Kawarino then used black cards on himself, turning into bigger version of self and attacked the Cures. Milk, watching their battle, said to everyone that she had faith in Coco and Natts all the time and knows how much they worried about them and the whole kingdom. While watching the battle between the Pretty Cure and Kawarino and not losing hope, their masks broke and they turned back into mascots. They all gave their light to Pretty Cure, and with the help of Milk, the Cures used Five Explosion on Kawarino. The girls destroyed him and all the Palmier Kingdom citizens ran to their princes. Aqua said, that they can't relax just yet and Desperaia decided to show them the true meaning of Despair. She summoned Kowaina women shadows with the same mask she used to wear before getting her the ultimate power. The Cures prepared for battle, while Coco and Natts got the people of Palmier Kingdom to a safe place.

49 (194)- "Yume to Kibō no PuriKyua Faibu!" ("Pretty Cure 5 of Dreams and Hope!")

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 49

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - Episode 49

Airdate: 27 January, 2008

Following from previous episode, Desperaia summoned Kowaina women with the same mask she used to wear before gaining her youth and the Cures are ready for their final battle with Desperaia. The girls tried beating her shadows by separating them from ground, but it didn't work. The Cures still tried fighting them with brute force, destroying some, but new ones kept coming. Desperaia caught Dream while the shadows tried attacking Natts and others, but Mint shielded them. Suddenly, Dream appeared in a dream world where Coco as Koji asked her not to fight, saying he doesn't want her to get hurt even more. Meanwhile, the real Coco believed Dream will be just fine. Then Dream woke up and pushed fake Koji, saying, that the Coco she knows never gives up, puts others in front and always encourages her. Her Pinky Catch lit up and drove away some of the shadows. then dream said to coco that she loves him becaus of cocos kindness. Desperaia then asked, why aren't they giving up and doesn't aging and losing their powers doesn't scare them. Then Dream realized, that Desperaia has a heart like everyone else and went to her. Desperaia was scared of her at first, but then she turned back to Nozomi. Desperaia asked, why she did that and Nozomi said she wants to talk with her. She realised, that like others Desperaia has a heart. Her shadows started fading away. Desperaia asked, wasn't she ever afraid and Nozomi said she always was and even now she is, but she's fine. Then the others de-transformed too and came to Nozomi. Nozomi suggested Desperaia to talk this over and when she was about to give her hand to her, Kawarino appeared, saying Desperaia is too important to do that and attacked Nozomi. But Desperaia stopped him, saying she wants to hear more what they have to say. Kawarino was shocked at her words when suddenly the despair puddle appeared and Bloody caught Kawarino, taking him to the world of despair together. Desperaia was shocked and the place started breaking. Desperaia could no longer control the power because the despair started fading away. She asked them to use their powers and seal this place together with her. The Cures did what she asked by creating the butterfly from Five Explosion without Milk's power. Then Desperaia came to Coco and others and apologized for what she did by giving them Collet. The Cures sealed their world and the Nightmare building and Desperaia went in. Later, everyone went to Karen's house to stay for now. Jiiya was on vacation. All of them were eating a lot. Then they decided to choose a new king. Milk suggested making both Coco and Natts kings, because together they are unbeatable team and everyone agreed. They couldn't believe both were chosen as kings because this has never happened before. Later Komachi and Natsu-san were washing dishes together. Komachi said even though she was given award for effort, she still has a long way to go. Natsu-san said, that Komachi was still rewriting her book multiple times not giving up, while he kept looking to the past. He gave Komachi his key. Meanwhile, Nozomi and Koji were out and Nozomi reminded him his promise to invite her to Palmier Kingdom after it gets restored. Koji vowed to build a great kingdom for Nozomi to come. After eating, the mascots decided to return to their kingdom and the Cures released their butterflies from their Pinky Catches to open the portal to Palmier Kingdom. Before they left, Nozomi said she found her dream - she wants to become a teacher like Coco. Everyone was teaching her various stuff and she wants to reach her maximum potential. After they all left, Nozomi was trying hard to become a teacher but her test scores didn't go well with her dream. This is why she comes to her friends. Rin sometimes is stuck with her design, but she comes to everyone. Urara sometimes don't pass her audition but she comes to everyone. Komachi is sometimes stuck with her story but she finds peace with everyone. Karen wonders is is OK for her to be in medical business but she comes to everyone. They are all trying their best.