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Japanese Title: 厄災仔寵[やくさいこちょう

English Title: Demon Fighter Kocho

Yakusai Kochou (Anime)

Demon Fighter Kocho
TAG 48406
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Nonki Miyasu
Years on Air 1997
Episodes 1

Demon Fighter Kocho logo

Airdate: May 21, 1997


Demon Fighter Kocho - Episode28:45

Demon Fighter Kocho - Episode

Spirits begin terrorizing a school and it is left up to the sexy student Kocho Enoki to use her attractive body and magical powers to defeat the attackers. Teamed with her sister and Kosaku, their human decoy, they attempt to free the school from the spirits. Unfortunately a female spirit arrives who is immune to Kocho's sexy charms.

Yakusai Kochou (Live Action)

Yakusai Kocho
General Information
Type Live Action
Created by Katsuji Kanazawa
Years on Air 1997
Movies 2

First Movie: Yakusai Kocho - Shinigami-tachi No Wana

Airdate: April 25, 1997


Second Movie: Yakusai Kocho 2 - Akurei-tachi No Gakuen Hen

Airdate: October 2, 1997


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