1 (53)- "Il ballo della principessa" ("The ball of the princess")

Winx Club - Episode 53

Winx Club - Episode 53

("The Princess' Ball" / "The Princess' Ball")

Airdate: January 29, 2007

Semester break is about to start for Alfea. The girls pack up for break, except Musa and Aisha, who were going to go to the beach together. Bloom is upset and doesn't want to leave for break since she and Sky recently had an argument.

As the girls set off on their own, a Solaria messenger arrives and announces that there will be a princess ball for Stella. Her father, King Radius, tells her that there will be a surprise that will make her very happy. Stella assumes that her parents are getting back together and is very happy. She invites the Winx to her princess ball, and they all depart for Magix.

The Winx are at a pizza place, where they meet Chimera and her two friends from Beta Academy. Chimera snatches the pie and Stella argues saying it was her pie. They fight over it. Bloom tries to get everyone to get along and tries to introduce herself. Chimera makes fun of Flora and Stella is angered. Chimera and her friends leave.

The girls break up, Aisha and Musa to the beach, Tecna and Flora to check out the rest of the mall, and Bloom and Stella are finding the dresses. Bloom and Stella encounter Chimera again when Stella finds her perfect dress. They both race to the store. Chimera beats them. Stella demands to the cashier why Chimera got the dress and she didn't. The cashier told Stella that Chimera was going to be the princess of Solaria.

They all meet back at the beach. Musa has a new hairdo, longer pigtails. The Specialists arrive and they greet the Winx. The ocean nearby starts acting weird, and Aisha notices it. When an enormous wave hits, the Winx and the Specialists save all the people in the water. A mermaid from Andros appears and tells Aisha that Andros is in trouble. Aisha leaves to Andros.

Meanwhile, throughout the episode, the Trix were sent to the Omega Dimension. Icy was able to break out of her cell and break Stormy's and Darcy's. They encounter a wizard, Valtor, who was sentenced there for eternity. Icy break his cell and he vowed to get all his powers back from before. He takes the power of Andros, and transforms all the mermaids nearby into horrible creatures. Musa changes her hairstyle.

2 (54)- "Il marchio di Valtor" ("The mark of Valtor")

Winx Club - Episode 54

Winx Club - Episode 54

("Valtor's mark" / "Beauty is a Beast")

Airdate: January 31, 2007

Aisha is not back from Andros, and this worries the Winx. On a happier note, Bloom and Stella are leaving to Solaria to help prepare Stella for her upcoming Princess Ball. King Radius happily greets Bloom and Stella, and Stella gives Bloom a private tour. They then meet Countess Cassandra, a noble. Stella also sees Chimera, in which they both argue.

Countess Cassandra is curious why are they fighting already, and Bloom responds, it is a start of a loving-friendship.

The next morning, Stella forces Bloom to wake up early and to help her prepare for her ball. Bloom is very helpful around Stella. Chimera tries many different ways to ruin Stella's day, but fails each time.

Chimera goes up to her mother, crying and complaining, saying how much she hates Stella because Stella gets everything.

Countess Cassandra seems a bit jealous at the way Stella is treated. Valtor then appears, looking for the light of Solaria, and makes a deal with Cassandra and Chimera. He would make them powerful if Cassandra showed him where the light of Solaria was. The Winx, Sky and Brandon arrives at Solaria. The Princess Ball has finally started. King Radius announces that Countess Cassandra will be his new wife. Stella is upset at the news. Chimera and Cassandra respectively casted a spell on Stella and King Radius. Stella becomes a hideous monster, and King Radius is put under Cassandra's control.

Stella and the Winx are chased out of the castle, because Cassandra told King Radius that Stella was not his daughter. Stella and the Winx are then cornered by the guards.

3 (55)- "La principessa e la bestia" ("The princess and the beast")

Winx Club - Episode 55

Winx Club - Episode 55

("The Fairy and the Beast" / "Pretty Pretty Princess / Monster's Escape")

Airdate: February 2, 2007

As Sky and Brandon race out of the castle, the guards catch up to the Winx. Stella falls through a window and Bloom catches her although with the dark magic in the rain, she can’t hold on. The Winx use a convergence spell to catch Stella and land her safely. Stella is disgusted with how she looks, and then Brandon and Sky come join them. They explain to them what happened in the palace and as the guards run after them, the specialists hold them off and Bloom gives them a communicator and tells them to go to the ship.

Stella leads them through the forest to a secret exit and the guards release the hounds of Solaria. Stella trips and falls, but the hounds recognize her and she tells the dogs to go home. She tells the girls how she found a hollow tree and tied a ribbon it to remember which tree it was. They find the tree and journey into the tunnels.

There is much more mud and narrower tunnels than Stella remembers, and Stella gets stuck. The Winx pull her but they realize that dirt and rocks are falling on them and soon they are running from a giant builder. The tunnel splits and they decide to go into the left tunnel and the boulder gets stuck. There are giant holes in the walls and giant spiders coming out of them. The Winx all get trapped in the sticky nets, and the spiders tie them all up except for Tecna. Tecna crates an illusion of the Winx girls are she is able to distract the spiders long enough to free the Winx. They reaching a lake and the Winx try to make a breathing bubble, but leeches grab onto all the Winx and they all fall down except for Stella. Stella breaks a wall the current washes them away. They are able to escape and Bloom sends their coordinates to Sky and Brandon.

Meanwhile on Andros, Valtor celebrates in the capture of Solaria, but is still puzzled over who Bloom is. The Trix tell her that she is Bloom and Valtor sends them to destroy the Winx but safe Bloom for him.

On the ship, Bloom contacts Alfea and tells them we will be arriving soon. Brandon is surprised by Stella’s weird behavior and she tells him it is nothing. At Alfea, Knut develops a romantic interest for Stella. The Winx look all over the library for ideas to break the spell. Flora decides to put a spell on Brandon so he only sees Stella’s inner beauty. Knut comes up to Stella and presents her with flowers. Concorda tells the Winx about the Mirror of Truth and the Winx decide to go after it.

Knut overheats Stella talking about Brandon and thinks she is talking about him. The Winx board the ship to go get the Mirror of Truth. They fly through the Barrier Mountains and as they approach the cave, they are hit by the guardian ice storms. The ice building up to the hull of the ship is dangerous, and Bloom tells them to do a power dive. The plan works but soon they are attacked by the guardians of the mirror.

4 (56)- "Lo specchio della verità" ("The mirror of truth")

Winx Club - Episode 56

Winx Club - Episode 56

("The Mirror of Truth" / "Mirror of Truth / Stella's Truth")

Airdate: February 5, 2007

When the Winx reach the ice caves (after defeating the terrible weather and the griffins) they come across the Guardians of the mirror of truth, who tell Stella she must go and find the mirror of truth if she is to turn back to normal. So the Winx split up to go find it.

Stella searches for it, and stumbles across it not realizing it was the pool she was staring in. Brandon soon joins the frustrated Stella, who is under the impression that Brandon can't see how she really looks.

Brandon then confesses that he could see all along how she really looked and the spell they put on him didn't work. They share a deep conversation and embrace each other. Then Brandon gives Stella the present he gave to her at her princess ball.

Knowing now that Brandon loved her even as a monster, the mirror of truth turns Mon-Stella back in to Stella. The Guardians congratulated the Fairy of the Sun and the Moon, and with that they headed back to Alfea.

Upon returning to Alfea, all the girls are moving in for the new semester. Musa meets Galatea, the princess of Melody, as Stella runs into Nova. Nova catches Stella up on some gossip about Solaria, to which she discovers that Countess Cassandra is taking more control than King Radius. Meanwhile, Aisha reveals that a wizard called Valtor has taken over Andros and placed a dark spell on the mermaids. The Winx decide to go to Andros to stop further destruction.

5 (57)- "Il Mare della Paura" ("The Sea of Fear")

Winx Club - Episode 57

Winx Club - Episode 57

("Sea of Fear" / "Mission to Tides / Andros in Danger")

Airdate: February 7, 2007

As the situation on Andros grows worse, the Winx decide to go to Andros. Bloom wants to help Aisha so her planet doesn’t end up like Domino. Stella decides to stay at Alfea and cover for them, as well as come up with a plan to save her father from Countess Cassandra.

They use Tecna’s dimensional passage creator to travel to Andros. Stella calls the nurse and tells them that they are sick. They crash into the main hall on the palace of Andros, where Aisha embraces with her parents. Aisha explains to her parents that they want to help save Andros, and through the try to convince her not to, the Winx decide to save Andros. They travel to the sea, now dirty and filthy, and one of the dark mermaids comes out. Aisha figures out that the mermaids have Valtor’s mark on them. They try to transform the dark mermaid back to its regular form, but it does not work.

Back at Alfea, Grizelda comes to the room and Stella transforms the pixies into the Winx. As the Winx battle Valtor’s magic, Valtor sends the Trix to defeat the Winx. The Trix successfully start defeating the Winx but as they are fighting Valtor takes a certain interest in Bloom and the Winx make a comeback in the fight. Aisha ties Darcy and Stormy up, but Icy keeps attacking and hits Bloom. As Bloom falls to the bottom of the ocean, a ruin climbs up out of the ocean with Bloom on it. Valtor appears and as Bloom wakes up, he tells her that he used to be powerful and now he is taking back what was his.

As the Icy keeps attacking the Winx, the Winx use convergence to defeat Icy. The Winx fly to Valtor and Aisha stands up to Valtor. Valtor takes her sight in return for standing up to him. When she wakes up, she is blind.

6 (58)- "La scelta di Aisha" ("The choice of Aisha")

Winx Club - Episode 58

Winx Club - Episode 58

("Layla's Choice" / "The Mermaid Queen / Aisha's Courage")

Airdate: February 9, 2007

At Alfea, Stella is worried about the Winx and her father. Stella turns the pixies into the Winx to convince Grizelda that they are still at Alfea. Meanwhile on Andros, a mermaid rises from the water and Aisha recognizes her as Tressa, princess of the mermaids, and she tells the Winx that Valtor captured her mother. She reveals she was scared and fled from the fight against Valtor. Aisha gives the Winx some Morphix power to help them breathe underwater. They transform and swim to the bottom of the sea.

Meanwhile, Nova tells Stella that Chimera is the new Princess of Solaria and that she is disinherited. Back on Andros, The Winx journey down to the city of mermaids and they swim to the bottom of the trench to get Queen Ligea. The mermaids, turned by Valtor’s magic, began to attack them.

As the Winx fight the mermaids, Stella decides to go to Solaria and transforms the pixies into fairies. Piff, as Stella, leaves the room and starts traveling around Alfea. While Stella looks for Piff, the Winx fend off the mermaids and hurry to the prison. Tecna uses her magic to keep the mermaids away.

The pixies, as fairies, look around Alfea and try to find Piff, but Grizelda catches them and learns about the Winx are missing.

The Winx swim to the bottom of the trench as living coral attacks them, and they find Queen Ligea’s crown and see the Kraken’s lair. They journey into the lair and the Kraken attacks them. It grabs Aisha and takes her into the depths of its lair. Bloom and the Winx follow the Kraken and find Queen Ligea in a prison cell. Tressa frees her mother and as Queen Ligea exits the cave, Tress hurries to catch up to the Winx.

As the Winx try to free Aisha, Tressa cuts of some of its tentacles and frees Aisha. They swim out of the lair and catch up to Queen Ligea. Queen Ligea reveals that the Coral Gem in her scepter can restore Aisha’s sight. They hurry to the surface to catch the last rays of sunlight for the scepter. As the Winx swim up, the Kraken pursues them and they use convergence to seal of the cave. The cave starts to collapse and the Kraken breaks free. It impales Queen Ligea with one of its sharp tentacles and the Kraken retreats back to its lair. Bloom uses her power to get them to the surface of the water. Aisha decides to use the scepter’s power to heal Queen Ligea instead of curing her blindness. Because of this, she receives her Enchantix but she is still blind.

7 (59)- "La compagnia della luce" ("The company of the light")

Winx Club - Episode 59

Winx Club - Episode 59

("The Company of the Light" / "Royal Behavior / Heroes of the Past")

Airdate: February 12, 2007

The episode starts of with Valtor and the Trix's attack on Espero. They successfully steal all the magic spells.

The Winx return to Alfea from Andros. Their nearby classmates are shocked and amazed to see Aisha as an Enchantix fairy. Griselda first scolds at the girls, but notices that they are all upset and directs them to Faragonda's office.

Faragonda reveals to Aisha that she has the ability to save herself, including spells, by using her Fairy Dust. Aisha was able to restore her eyesight, however Griselda punishes the girls for leaving campus and lieing. The punishment is to reorganize the restricted area of the library.

Bloom meets up with Sky, who had decided to pay her a visit. Sky tells Bloom that Eraklyon is having a Millenium Party and invites her, along with the Winx. He wants to take the opportunity to announce at the party how much he loved Bloom. Bloom is nervous, but happily accepts the invitation.

Soon a mysterious barrier is placed around Alfea. Faragonda calls a meeting to explain the reasoning for the barrier. She reveals that Valtor is a dangerous threat, thus a barrier was made to prevent any sort of attack. Because this barrier was placed around the school, no one may enter or leave without authorization from Griselda.

After the meeting, the Winx start their detention. They all work hard to finish, except Stella, who lets a monster loose from an old book. The Winx defeat it rather quickly and continue their work.

At Eraklyon, Diaspro is notably upset and angry at the fact that Sky would present Bloom, rather than herself. Valtor arrives, asking Diaspro if she wanted to get rid of Bloom, and presents her with a potion.

Bloom becomes worried about the party, afraid that she would make a fool of her self since she didn't know how to act "royal". Aisha and Stella, already being princesses, helps Bloom learn how to become a perfect princess. Bloom becomes successful, her worries squared away.

With all the books organized and cleaned, Faragonda and Griselda grants permission to the Winx to go to Eraklyon. As they all leave, Bloom is asked to talk to Faragonda. Faragonda reveals another piece of Bloom's history- specifically the Company of Light and the connection between her birth parents and Valtor.

8 (60)- "Una sleale avversaria" ("A disloyal adversary")

Winx Club - Episode 60

Winx Club - Episode 60

("Disloyal Adversary" / "Dark Sky / Diaspro's Deception")

Airdate: February 14, 2007

Bloom has a nightmare about her not being able to become a true fairy. The Winx fly circles around her, teasing her that she could not, and Aisha appears in her Enchantix form. Bloom wakes up from her nightmare and sees that she is on the Red Fountain ship with Brandon, Timmy, Sky, and the Winx. Sky reassures Bloom that his parents are going to love her.

Sky leaves the group to get ready, as the Winx are on their own. The rulers of the other realms are announced, including King Radius with Countess Cassandra and Chimera. Stella becomes angry, but is calmed down by the Winx.

The group finds Sky again. Sky and Bloom dances together, as the Winx are in awe (even putting Flora into tears). He tells Bloom that he will be right back, and runs into Diaspro. Diaspro tries to converse with Sky, but Sky feels uncomfortable, trying to walk away, but later gives in and shares a drink with Diaspro, which happens to be Valtor's spell. Sky drinks the drink and falls under Diaspro's spell.

Under Diaspro's spell, Sky announces to everyone that he truly loves Diaspro, shocking the Winx. Bloom is upset and Stella demands an explanation. As she storms towards Sky, the Winx running behind her, Diaspro tells Sky that they are witches. Sky demands the guards to get rid of the Winx. The party erupts into chaos.

The Winx run into the gardens and are chased but later gets out to face Sky. Sky assumes he can beat them, but Aisha reveals that she is much more powerful by transforming into an Enchantix Fairy. She puts up a morphix shield. As the girls leave, Bloom tells them that she wants to talk to Sky. The conversation fails, and Bloom leaves in tears.

As the girls run to the ship, Flora is hit be flames by a dragon. The Winx transform, as Brandon and Riven carry Flora back to their ship. Sky accuses Brandon of being a traitor and the two end their friendship. The Winx fight of the guards but the fight ends. As the Winx walk back to their ship, Stella notices her father is in trouble.

Stella quickly flies to King Radius, and protects him from a charging dragon. Using all her power, she saves King Radius then passes out. She earns her Enchantix but sacrificing herself for her father. Before she takes off, King Radius gives her a hug, and is very proud of her.

As the Winx and Specialists successfully flee Eraklyon, Diaspro and Sky remain together, with Diaspro being more confident than ever.

9 (61)- "Il cuore e la spada" ("The heart and the sword")

Winx Club - Episode 61

Winx Club - Episode 61

("The Heart and The Sword" / "Operation Boyfriend Rescue / Breaking the Mark")

Airdate: February 16, 2007

Bloom is devastated about Sky's sudden change. The Winx and the pixies along with Kiko try to cheer her up by setting up a surprise breakfast picnic.

The parents of many students talk to Faragonda, expressing their concerns about Bloom's presence at Alfea. With the recent events, and the connection to Valtor, Faragonda is asked to remove Bloom. Faragonda then calls for a school meeting and announces to the school that there was a danger presence, and it was tied to Bloom. Faragonda decides to keep Bloom at Alfea, but Bloom decides to leave to take a break and go home to Gardenia.

Sky announces his engagement with Diaspro. Brandon is shocked, as he was present during the announcement. Stella hears about this and goes to Gardenia and tells Bloom. Bloom comes back to Magix. She, Stella, Flora and Musa decides to go to Eraklyon and talk to Sky. Aisha is on Andros and Tecna decides to stay back at Alfea, so she can let the Winx back in to the school by going through the barrier.

Riven takes the girls to Eraklyon. He shows a lot of negativity, stating what if Sky didn't want to see them. Musa is very angry at Riven. Riven distracts the guards when they land in Eraklyon, and the girls are able to get into the castle. The Winx find Sky and Bloom tries to talk to him and get answers as to why he did what he did at the party. Sky tells them to get out.

Diaspro, who had been evacuated due to a ship landing, comes back fuming at the guards and walks in to see Bloom trying to talk to Sky. Bloom says that they wanted to congratulate them on their engagement. Diaspro is angry and tells the guards to go after them. The Winx run. Brandon catches Stella and tell her and the Winx what happened to him. He covers the Winx as they run off.

Sky then corners them in a room of armor and tells them that it won't be easy getting out of the castle. Stella transforms into her Enchantix form and tries to fight Sky. He then attacks the others. Bloom blasts him and says that she doesn't want to fight him but to talk to him. He then goes to attack her but Stella attacks and knocks him into some armor. A piece of armor cuts Sky's clothes, and reveals the mark of Valtor. The other Winx transform and realize that only a spell could make him act the way he did and that only Diaspro could've put him under the spell. Musa tells the other that they can't fight him but that they need to break the spell with their Fairy Dust. With Stella's Fairy Dust, she was able to remove the spell.

On the way back, Bloom is worried that Sky's spell was not removed, while Stella was worried that Brandon would be hurt and felt bad that they left him behind.

Tecna sets up a device that allows a portal in the protective border, for thirty seconds. All the girls make it through but are caught by Griselda.

When they come back to their room, Aisha is seen crying. Her parents have announced that she will marry a man that they chose, because of a tradition, and she will marry to a man named Nabu.

10 (62)- "Alfea sotto assedio" ("Alfea under siege")

Winx Club - Episode 62

Winx Club - Episode 62

("Alfea Under Siege" / "Attack of the Zombie Witches / Taking Over Cloudtower")

Airdate: February 19, 2007

Bloom and Stella are upset after the events on Eraklyon. Bloom still does not know if the Fairy Dust broke Sky's spell, and Stella hasn't heard from Brandon since. Flora makes tea to cheer the Winx up.

Valtor and the Trix become unsatisfied with Andros as all the magic spells are taken, and Andros in near total destruction. They decide to go and take over Cloud Tower. Disguising himself as a dear, and the Trix as wolves, they are let into Cloud Tower, and Valtor takes over by bewitching the girls and locking up Griffin. Under Valtor's power, he unleashes the attack on Alfea.

At Alfea, Ms. Faragonda suspects there is something wrong with the weather, and the other teachers suspect it too. The Witches start attacking Alfea, but with the barrier, they cannot attack the fairies.The barrier breaks due to the impact, Valtor challenges Ms. Faragonda and they fight in the forest. While the witches are attacking, all the Winx girls transform and, along with the other Alfea girls, attack the witches. Stella shows Aisha where Ms. Faragonda is fighting Valtor. Aisha goes to help but Stella says that they're needed at Alfea and that Faragonda can handle herself. They're pushed back by and explosion and they wonder what happened. The Trix show up and says that he finished her off. Griselda rallies the girls to keep fighting while Palladium takes some of the Alfea students and creates a new barrier around the school. The Trix manage to get inside the barrier and find the Hall of Enchantments to get the spells.

The Winx, except Aisha and Stella, and a couple of the other fairies patrol inside the school to prevent any witches from reaching the Hall of Enchantments.

Princess Galatea finds the Trix first. The Trix make her show them the Hall of Enchantments. She sends sound waves, which catches the attention of Bloom and Musa. Musa confirms that the sound waves were from Galatea, and that they are a way of communication they use on Melody and that she was in danger.

As the Trix examine the books, a couple of books fall on them. Galatea tries to get away but Icy freezes her and breaks her wings. The Winx comes in, and fight off the Trix. Musa helps Galatea, who is still in shock over losing her wings, get away. Darcy sets the library on fire and the Trix leave. Flora tries to put the fire out with leaves but they burn up. Bloom tries to use reverse magic and make the fire come to her, but the magic is too strong for her.

The Winx gets out but Galatea runs into the fire. She tries to collect the spell books because she doesn't want her wings to be lost for nothing. Musa runs in after her to save her before it was too late. She tries to get out but the heat is too much for her. Galatea tells her to leave her and get out but Musa refuses. She receives her Enchantix and figures out that she can now stop the fire. With her Fairy Dust, she was able to stop the fire and get Galatea's wings back..

The witches retreat back to Cloud Tower and Alfea is safe again. As they have won the battle, confusion and sadness clouds the place as Faragonda has disappeared.

11 (63)- "Trappola per fate" ("Trap for fairies")

Winx Club - Episode 63

Winx Club - Episode 63

("A Trap for Fairies" / "Missing in Action / Facing the Enemy")

Airdate: February 21, 2007

For the Winx to find out what happened to Faragonda, they need to go to Gloomy Wood Forest. All the clues then lead them to Cloud Tower. While the Winx travel to Cloud Tower, the Pixies stay behind looking for some clues. The Trix and Valtor spot them in Cloud Tower, and they come up with a plan to trick the fairies.

At Cloud Tower, the Winx run into Mirta, who wishes to know what happened to Lucy and the other witches. With no answers, the Winx leave. The Winx then stumble upon the witches, where they are suspended in animation to recharge their energy so they can fight again.

Mirta then spots Lucy, but it was actually a trap. Valtor then comes to battle the fairies, and negates their convergence. The fairies later realize that it wasn't their convergence which was blocked, only their ability to touch one another. So, they instead use convergence without touching each other and then defeat the witches.

Mirta then leads the Winx to Professor Griffin, who tells them they need to seek out Cloud Tower's Guardians, for they hear and see everything that happens within the castle walls. The Winx find them, but they are under Valtor's control. Aisha then uses her fairy dust to set them free.

Grateful, the Guardians tell the Winx what happened to Miss Faragonda. Meanwhile, the Pixies were attacked by lion creatures, but, thanks to Amore, all they had in their hearts was love. Also, because of the decrease in negative energy, Lockette was able to track down Faragonda. When the Winx returned to the Pixies, they found Faragonda trapped in an old oak tree. The Winx then promise Faragonda that they will save her.

12 (64)- "Le lacrime del salice nero" ("The tears of the black willow")

Winx Club - Episode 64

Winx Club - Episode 64

("The Black Willow's Tears" / "Tears From the Black Willow / A Journey to Lynphea")

Airdate: February 23, 2007

Faragonda is still stuck as a tree and is being tended by the pixies. Lockette reveals that the Winx will find a way to reverse the spell and is overheard by Lucy who delivers the news to Valtor and the Trix.

At Cloud Tower, Valtor and the Trix are still in control. Valtor gives Stormy a new power which sparks jealousy among Icy and Darcy. Lucy reveals that the Winx are going to Linphea to reverse the spell placed on Faragonda. With tensions growing, the Trix go off on their own, lying to each other to sneak off to Linphea.

The Winx go to Flora's home planet, Linphea to find a way to restore Faragonda back to her former appearance and they meet up with Flora's little sister, Miele there.

The Winx arrive at Flora's home planet, Linphea. They meet Flora's little sister, Miele and travel to the Sage of Linphea. They must travel to the City of Trees, which Flora reveals that technology is forbidden in her realm. The Winx plus Miele ride leaves to travel up but encounter Stormy's acts. Being able to defeat Stormy's attack, the Winx continue on their journey.

Meanwhile, the Trix are trying to prove Valtor who is the better witch. They end up arguing, but make up at the end and think of a plan that will prevent the Winx from saving Faragonda. Miele takes the Winx to the Sage of Linphea who tells them the story of the Black Willow and informs them that only the Willow's tears can give Faragonda back her real appearance. The Winx go to collect the tears to save Faragonda.

As a protective sister, Flora tells Miele to go home because the mission was to dangerous for her. When the Winx get up by the Black Willow, Miele appears. She reminds them that they can not touch the water. Stella creates a cup and collects the water by the time the Trix arrive.

The Trix prevent the Winx from getting the tears and gang up on Flora. As they shoot a combined shot at Flora, Miele jumps in front of the blast and gets hit, going into the water. Flora becomes angry and summons an attack aimed at the Trix and goes after Miele and saves her. She saves her and asks why she came and she tells her that she wanted to see what would happen. Flora tells her she loves her and tell the bubble that is protecting her to take her up but the vines tangle Flora and she is stuck. Miele makes it back to the surface. The Trix break free of Flora's spell and Stormy points out that Flora didn't make it. Bloom breaks free of the trap Icy put her in and asks Miele what happened and where Flora was. Miele says that she saved her and starts crying. The Black Willow then starts to change back into its normal appearence and a drop from the tree falls into the water. Flora then receives her Enchantix underwater and she uses her new powers to release herself and come back to the surface.

With her fairy dust, she was able to save the Black Willow. The Trix are carried into the river by the willow and become children again due to the effects of the Black Willow's tears. With the tears of the black Willow, the Winx were able to save Headmistress Faragonda.

13 (65)- "Un ultimo battito d'ali" ("One last beat of wings")

Winx Club - Episode 65

Winx Club - Episode 65

("One Last Fluttering of Wings" / "Point of No Return / Tecna's Sacrifice")

Airdate: February 26, 2007

Andros is in danger of total destruction due to the out-of-control Omega portal. Farigonda is notified and gives Aisha the news. The Winx all agree to travel to Andros and save the planet. They arrive to Andros, but Aisha's father does not approve, due to how dangerous the conditions are, however Aisha convinces him that she and the Winx will do their best.

Valtor reveals to the Trix that Andros will fall, taking out everything, including the Winx. The Trix become upset at the fact that they were not the ones to defeat the Winx and want to go to Andros to defeat them, but Valtor keeps them back telling them that they would be destroyed with Andros.

As the Winx fight Valtor's creatures, Aisha's father reveals to Aisha that his mind had been changed and would not lose hope.

Taboc, a powerful wizard on Andros, leads Bloom, Tecna and Aisha to seal the portal. Taboc reveals that the creation of the portal was his doing, and created it to have it escape proof. He states that he did not expect the portal open, and was weak against Valtor's powers. He also reveals that the only way to close the portal is closing it from the inside out, and that it would require a great sacrifice and greater courage.

Bloom offers to close it, since she would not allow another planet to face the same doom as Domino had faced. Aisha refuses to let Bloom close the portal by herself but joins her in closing it but fail. Tecna volunteers to close it. As Stella, Flora and Musa joins the Winx, they all protest for her to stop, but Taboc tells them that it is her destiny.

Tecna becomes sucked in the portal and gains her Enchantix. Using her Fairy Dust, she seals the portal but falls into the Omega Dimension, and the portal closes.

Upset, the Winx become very upset, notably Musa, who runs to the closed portal, telling Taboc that they must do something. Also upset, Taboc reveals that there was nothing else that could be done.

14 (66)- "Furia!" ("Fury!")

Winx Club - Episode 66

Winx Club - Episode 66

("Fury!" / "Payback / Revenge!")

Airdate: February 28, 2007

After the events on Andros, Bloom has decided to disband the Winx Club since Tecna was assumed to be dead. Timmy refused to believe that Tecna was gone for good and has decided to do something about it.The Winx began to cry and Riven decides to have a

talk with Timmy and he calms down.

After that the fairies decide to pay Valtor another visit, they reach Cloud Tower and transform. They then blast the windows and Bloom asks where Valtor is. The Witches start to attack but Stormy, under a spell put on her by Valtor, is nice to them and tells them where Valtor is. They split up, Bloom, Flora and Musa go to find Valtor while Stella and Aisha go to find Griffin. Stella and Aisha find Griffin but their spells have no effect on the bars. They then use their Fairy Dust and end up freeing her. Meanwhile, Bloom and the others find Valtor but he is prepared this time around with spells that counter their elements: A polluted bubble for Flora, a sphere of silence for Musa and something special for Bloom. Valtor tells Bloom more about her parents and how he defeated and trapped them, Bloom starts to get angry. She fires her Dragon Fury at him but he freezes her. The teachers show up and defend the girls. Flora and Musa free Bloom.

But with help from the teachers the fairies escape and the attack Valtor blasts at the fairies and the teachers hit the Trix instead.

Faragonda tells Bloom to go to the island of Pyros, for it will be there that Bloom might become stronger.

As soon as Bloom left, Sky arrived at Alfea. Stella seemed distrustful of him, until it was revealed that he was free of Diaspro's spell thanks to Stella, and she was banished from Eraklyon.

It took so long for him to arrive because he had to get Brandon out as well. Sky wanted to talk to Bloom and apologize to her but Stella said it was too late and Bloom just left for Pyros to try and beat Valtor.

15 (67)- "L'isola dei draghi" ("The island of dragons")

Winx Club - Episode 67

Winx Club - Episode 67

("The Island of Dragons" / "The Island of Dragons / Dragon Quest")

Airdate: March 2, 2007

Faragonda sends Bloom to Pyros - the Island of Dragons. The Winx are extremely worried cannot sleep. They try to look into the positive side with success.

Bloom arrives in Pyros. She hears the voices of dragons and her heart starts to beat very fast. Bloom suddenly was in face to face with a dragon. The dragon sends Bloom flying and as it rushes to attack her, Bloom quickly attacks it instead. She faces even more dragons, and gets knocked into a lake. She gets chased by one, and falls into a pit.

At Redfountain, Timmy figures out a way to find Tecna. The others gets worried about Timmy, but Timmy says that he's fine. Sky decides to help him with his satellite device

Meanwhile, Valtor gets angry that he cannot morph. The Trix say he's fine and strong as he is, but Valtor says that if he is unable to morph, he cannot conquer the Magic Dimension. Icy volunteers to help Valtor, but ignoring her, Valtor continues to complain. Darcy says it's because he's tired, and that he should conquer another world. Valtor says that it's a great idea, and Icy gets jealous. Valtor goes to the realm of Ohm, And Darcy and Icy begin to argue.

In Pyros, Bloom is lying unconcious. In her dreams, she communicates with Daphne. Daphne tells Bloom to find her dragon, and Bloom wakes up. Facing her was a green little dragon. Bloom scares it away by screaming. Then, she goes near the dragon and asks it's name. The dragon says he's Buddy and he and Bloom haves a little conversation.

In Red Fountain, Timmy and Sky works on the Satellite device. It does not work, but Sky encourages him to continue, and tells Timmy to describe Tecna's nature, but he's not able express it clearly. Sky decides to call someone.

In Pyros, Buddy and Bloom decides to go to Fire Mountain, Buddy's home.

Valtor arrives at Ohm, and destroys their scource of Magic, and steals it'\s powers.Weird things begin to happen in the realm.

It seems Sky had called the Winx to help Timmy. By expressing his feelings completly, they get a signal.

In Pyros, Buddy says that to beat a dragon, Bloom has to be a dragon. He shows Bloom how to be one.

Valtor reappears in Cloud Tower where the Trix were lazing around. He gives Icy and Stormy ridiculous gifts, but gives Darcy a magic bracelet. Valtor was able to figure out how to morph.

In Pyros, Bloom and Buddy arrives on fire mountain. They see the mountain dragon, and wake it up. Bloom manages to scare it off and save Buddy.

in Redfountain the group was not able make it work and find Tecna. They leave, but Timmy stays. He sees flashbacks about her and falls asleep, just as Tecna gave a signal and spoke.

On Fire mountain, Bloom realizes Buddy was her dragon. A dragon appears behind Bloom and attacks her.

16 (68)- "Dalle ceneri" ("From the ashes")

Winx Club - Episode 68

Winx Club - Episode 68

("From the Ashes" / "The Power Within / Building Hope")

Airdate: March 5, 2007

After staying up all night, Timmy is able to locate Tecna through a transmission. He wakes up Brandon and Sky to which the Winx finds out as well. Sky is upset that Bloom is unable to come find Tecna since she is on Pyros.

Bloom is on Pyros, running away from dragons. There she meets Maia, who saved her from falling into a pit. She bring her back to her cave and Bloom explains why she is on Pyros. Maia offers to help Bloom, who gratefully accepts. She will have to pass three challenges before she can earn her Enchantix form and abilities.

The Specialists and the Winx leave to rescue Tecna. Sky and Riven had to stay behind to protect Red Fountain. Timmy is very excited to find Tecna. When they land, they find that the Omega Dimension is very cold; being entirely composed of solid ice.

Timmy leads the group to Tecna's transmitter, but he does not find Tecna. The guards in the Omega Dimension finds the group and starts attacking them. The Specialists defend themselves and the Winx transform and attack. The girls are backed up to the edge of a cliff and fall off it

Bloom receives a vial that contains the magical essence of Pyros, given by Maia. The Trix appear and attack Bloom. They gain the upper hand and Icy says that Valtor sends his regards. Bloom is reminded of her encounters with Valtor. Bloom concentrates her full inner strength and power.The Trix combine their powers for an attack. Bloom says that Valtor won't win and in believing in herself and her powers, she transforms into an Enchantix. She then uses her Enchantix Powers against the Trix. Although Bloom earned her Enchantix Powers her Enchantix Form is still incomplete, since she didn't save someone from her realm.

The guards on the Omega Dimension attack the group. They start heading towards the Winx who falls of a cliff. Brandon and Helia are in shock and rage, and attack the guards but fail.

17 (69)- "Nella tana del serpente" ("In the lair of the snake")

Winx Club - Episode 69

Winx Club - Episode 69

("In the Snake's Lair" / "The Omega Mission / The Omega Mission")

Airdate: March 7, 2007

After her adventures on Pyros, Bloom returns to Alfea and discovers from the Pixies that the rest of the Winx girls had left for the Omega Dimension, in an attempt to search for Tecna.

After reconciling with Sky, Bloom travels with him to the Omega Dimension herself, where they are the first to encounter Tecna, who is indeed alive and well. Tecna explains what happened to her since they last saw her and that the others are in danger, and the three of them set off to rescue the Specialists first.

After rescuing the boys, Tecna and Bloom set out to find the other Winx girls.They go to where the guys last saw them. Tecna calls out for them but with no response. Bloom suggest they go down there while Tecna suggests they transform. Just when they are about to, an Ice Serpent attacks them and they fall off the cliff. They land safely but the serpent attcks again. Tecna transforms and holds it off, but needs Blooms help. Bloom falls off the cliff and is teleported safely and they find the girls. Tecna hold off the snake while Musa heals Bloom with her Fairy Dust. With her healed, the others then battle a giant white snake. The giant serpent easily defeats them, until Bloom summons her Enchantix (her transformation powers had been inexplicably negated until Musa healed her wounds with Fairy Dust) and then use a convergence of Fairy Dust to make a ring around the snakes mouth while Bloom uses her Dragon Energy attack which temporarily knocks out the Ice Snake.

With the serpent supposedly defeated, the Winx girls cheer up, but Bloom explains that as soon as she'd made contact with the snake, they shared a intense psychic link and the snake communicated with her, explaining that it is the main guardian of the Omega Dimension.

Once its secret is discovered, the Ice Snake becomes angry and chases the girls upward and on their way out of the pit. Bloom gets the snake to follow her, and as soon as they escape the pit, the snake follows them out, lands on the ground, and begins battling the escapes, allowing the Winx and Specialists to all escape in one piece.

With Tecna's rescued, the Winx celebrate their reunion back at Alfea with a slumber party.

18 (70)- "Lo scrigno di Valtor" ("The casket of Valtor")

Winx Club - Episode 70

Winx Club - Episode 70

("Valtor's Box" / "Day at the Museum / The Museum of Magic")

Airdate: March 9, 2007

Bloom was having trouble sleeping, so Flora made some dream tea for her. Bloom was so worried about Sky and wanted to call him to say goodnight, but he didn't pick up. He was at Cloud Tower helping out. The next day, it was the Winx's training, they had to defeat monsters.

They all defeated them but, during the training session Bloom uses a powerful spell but faints because of her incomplete Enchantix powers. Faragonda catches her before she hits the ground. She then tells her that she is worried that her powers will fail her when she needs them most because her Enchantix powers are dangerously incomplete.

The girls are then granted a day to relax. They go shopping in Magix. Bloom is scared that it is not safe to be out in the open with Valtor still on the loose. Stella then gives all the girls raincoats as disguises. Tecna then sees that someone is watching them. She uses a fly cam to see who it is.

It is a cute guy shopping. They start talking about him when Aisha says that she is upset that her parents what her to marry a complete stranger. Stella then moves the bush he was hiding behind.

He tries to explain himself but, Aisha yells at him saying he is listening to her private conversation and she runs away. The guy says he usually makes a better first impression.

Aisha says she just wants to be left alone when an image of Valtor and the Trix appear in the sky. He says he wants the Eye of the Ancestresses in the Museum of Magic. He then proceeds to say that you can hand it over or fight. The Winx go the the museum.

The security in the museum move the eye to the central vault. Ophir shows up. He says he can use magic. The girls are suspicious. Valtor comes and attracts the security system. The Winx, in the museum, see the Trix heading in the opposite direction of the battle, and realize that its been a trick, as Valtor wanted the Agador Box.

The Winx battle the Trix and get the box. They then try to attack Valtor. Bloom fights Valtor while the others fight the Trix. The Trix are caught in a morphix bow. Valtor is about to attack Aisha when Ophir jumps in front of her. Valtor says if she gives him the box and the Trix he will let him go. She does and the Winx think that Ophir should go explain what happened to Faragonda since it was his fault (that never happens).

19 (71)- "All'ultimo minuto" ("At the last minute")

Winx Club - Episode 71

Winx Club - Episode 71

("At the Last Moment" / "Biker Chick Wedding Crashers / Back to Solaria")

Airdate: March 12, 2007

King Radius and Countess Cassandra get prepared for their wedding ceremony and Stella soon learns about this. She and the Winx Club learn that they can only get in if they can perform a bike stunt show. Thanks to the Specialists, they are able ride hoverbikes and perform tricks. Musa starts having trouble with her bike, but Riven doesn't believe her. This causes her to have second thoughts on Riven and thinks about breaking up with him.

The Winx girls manage to break into Solaria and stop the wedding to tell the people of Solaria that Cassandra has bewitched their King. Stella and the Winx Club fight against Cassandra and her daughter. Stella used her fairy dust to break the spell on King Radius and thus freeing him at last from Cassandra's control.

20 (72)- "La carica delle Pixies" ("The charge of Pixies")

Winx Club - Episode 72

Winx Club - Episode 72

("The Pixies' Charge" / "Little Big Shots / The Pixies Fight Back")

Airdate: March 14, 2007

After Valtor attacks the Light Rock Fortress, the Winx go there to see if they can discover his latest hiding place, leaving the pixies in charge of Alfea.

When Zing and Glim are chased by the three unrestrained witches, Livy goes to warn the Alfea Pixies about the Trix's possible attack on Pixie Village to get their spells, who ever gets the spells first, also gets Valtor. The Pixies and Pixie pets then set out to save Zing and Glim. They then wound up fighting the Trix after Digit weakened Darcy by going super-small and tickling her.

When the seahorse Pixie pet goes in to tickle Darcy, she gets mad and turns the Pixie pet, Digit, Tune and Amore super-sized. Digit takes advantage of this and charges in on the infamous trio. When Icy freezes Digit, Amore offers the Trix her special love pixie dust in exchange for Digit.

Valtor then shows up and said their games were over. Frozen Digit then moved and charged at Valtor, but falls right on Darcy and Stormy and breaks her ice prison. At Alfea, Tecna is very proud of Digit after she and the fairies found out about the events on the day.

21 (73)- "La torre rossa" ("The red tower")

Winx Club - Episode 73

Winx Club - Episode 73

("The Red Tower" / "The Golden Kingdom / Beyond the Magic Dimension")

Airdate: March 16, 2007

During training, all the Winx fight against Bloom in order to find a way to defeat Valtor, since both Bloom and Valtor draw their energy from the Great Dragon. If the Winx find a way to defeat Bloom, this would mean that they had also found a way to defeat Valtor. But unfortunately, none of the girls' spells worked.

The Winx learn of the Water Stars. They pursue their search on the water stars and learn more about their origins and they found out that they are found in the Golden Kingdom The Portal to the Golden Kingdom is found at the base of the Red Tower, which is in the Misty Forest on the other side of The Barrier of Magix. With the help of the pixies, the Winx Club and the Specialists went to the Golden Kingdom to obtain the Water Stars. In the forest, the Pixies were able to feel where the direction of the way to the Golden Kingdom and they are the only ones to know the way to the Tower but they could not go too close to it because it was dangerous for them.

On their way to the golden Kingdom, Flora makes a video and sends it to Helia, who stayed back in Red Fountain. Helia watches it after taking a shower. Riven who happens to be in Helia's room, watched the part of the video when the navigation equipment of the Specialists' aircraft began malfunctioning and saw Musa and Nabu together. He misinterpreted the scene as Musa kissing Nabu. He went to the pixie village to fetch Piff and he also went to the Golden kingdom. There are many centaur guards who guarded the Red Tower and attacked both the Winx and the Specialists At the base of the Red Tower was a small door with something written on it in. An ancient script which Bloom could read and which said that only the magical with noble hearts and pure souls could enter the Tower. The Winx used their Fairy Dust on themselves to remove all the darkness in them and except Bloom, whose Enchantix was incomplete, the Winx girls first used their Miniaturization powers, making them small enough to go through the door of the Golden Kingdom.

22 (74)- "Il labirinto di cristallo" ("The Crystal Labyrinth")

Winx Club - Episode 74

Winx Club - Episode 74

("The Crystal Labyrinth / Finding Your Way")

Airdate: March 19, 2007

In order to obtain the Water Stars that can defeat Valtor, Stella, Musa, and Tecna must find their way through a maze with obstacles testing their commitment to possess the Stars.

Tecna follows her logical sense, and finds Arcadia. There, she presents two doors: one leads to the place of numbers as the other leads to warm and happy memories. Tecna first chooses the door with the memories but is told that in order to obtain the Water Stars, she would have to choose numbers over emotion. Upset, Tecna gives in and gives up her emotions.

Stella follows the path that is "the prettiest". Arcadia presents Stella with two doors; one showing her beautiful face, and the other barely showing a face. She must give up her beautiful face to receive the water stars. Stella chooses the ugly face and gives up her beauty.

Musa follows the harmony and the vibrations of the walls. Rushing to find Arcadia, she is presented with two doors; one is the exit as the other is her mother. She is put into tears, as she misses her mother very much. Arcadia notes that Tecna and Stella had already passed the maze and presents Musa with the ultimate choice. Musa chooses the exit but before she leaves, her mother tells her that she is very proud of Musa.

The Winx are back together. Stella has no face, Tecna has no emotions and Musa is heartbroken. Because of their sacrifices, Arcadia presents the Winx with the water stars. Before they depart, Arcadia gives Tecna back her emotions because she was too boring speaking by the numbers. Stella is given back her beauty in replace of her "ugly mug". Musa, however, isn't given back her mother, but is reminded that her mother lives inside her.

23 (75)- "La sfida dei maghi" ("The challenge of magicians")

Winx Club - Episode 75

Winx Club - Episode 75

("The Wizards' Challenge" / "The Wizard's Challenge / The Water Stars")

Airdate: March 21, 2007

The episode begins with the Winx discussing whether to experiment with the Water Stars first or go shopping.

They agree on experimenting first, then going shopping later. At the lab, they noticed that the Water Stars aren't activating.

Stella suggests to hit them with a burst of magic, yet that will bring out a negative reaction. Aisha then thought of trapping the Water Stars into a Morphix ball, then transfer the energy. However, Bloom summons the Water Star with her Dragon Fire, Musa then tells her that if the Water Stars can defeat Valtor, then they could defeat her as well.

Later on, the Trix encounter Valtor who looked down because the fairies, specialists, and witches were teaming up together. He admits to want to spell himself into oblivion, in which Darcy volunteers to, but caught his attention to continue in collecting spells, specifically from Alfea.

Valtor challenges the three headmasters of the schools to a duel. The Winx realize that the duel is a diversion to occupy the headmasters while the real Valtor breaks into Alfea. The Winx find him but they become trapped in a wall of fire so that he can get to the Magic Archives. They transform and start attacking him, but before Bloom could deliver the final blow to him with the Water Stars, he tells them that he's adsorbed Bloom's parents into his body. Not knowing if he's lying or not they let him escape.

24 (76)- "La rivelazione delle streghe" ("The revelation of the witches")

Winx Club - Episode 76

Winx Club - Episode 76

("Witches' Revelation" / "The Witches' Crypt / Seeking the Truth")

Airdate: March 23, 2007

Bloom has a nightmare about Valtor, and to uncover if Bloom's birth parents are alive and to verify whether Valtor was telling the truth about using an absorption spell which in turn traps Bloom's birth parents inside Valtor, she and the Winx travel to Cloud Tower to find the crypt of the Ancestresses. Before doing so they have to find what really happen to Cloud Tower. After examining the area where Cloud Tower had stood, Tecna concluded that there might be an invisible Barrier around the school. The Winx use their Enchantix powers together with the Water Stars. For a few seconds, Bloom saw Cloud Tower and Flora uses her fairy dust which in turn revealed the shape of the school. Since the barrier spell was to powerful, Flora's Fairy Dust was able to make small cracks in the barrier. The Winx (except Bloom) use their Fairy Dust to miniaturize themselves and to go through the barrier. Once inside the barrier they all together activated their Fairy Dust and the spell was gone.

Meanwhile, Valtor grants the Trix Disenchantix powers so that they can defeat the Winx. Later on, the Ancestral Witches revealed that Valtor had lied to Bloom and that her birth parents are out there somewhere it is impossible for her to reach them.

25 (77)- "L'ira dello stregone" ("The anger of the wizard")

Winx Club - Episode 77

Winx Club - Episode 77

("Wizard's Anger" / "The Spell of the Elements / Valtor's Fury")

Airdate: March 26, 2007

The Winx tell Headmistreess Faragonda that, with the Water Stars, they could defeat Valtor once and for all. Faragonda feels uneasy, mentioning that he may appear weak but he is still very strong, and doesn't allow them to fight Valtor.

Valtor, who is recovering and humiliated, is made fun of by the Trix, calling him a loser. Valtor loses his temper, and turns into a demon. He scares the Trix and presents them the most powerful spell, the four elements. He sends water to Cloud Tower, wind to Red Fountain, fire to Alfea and earth to Downtown Magix.

Faragonda, Griffin and Saladin have a meeting, discussing the destruction of their schools. Griselda rushes in to tell Faragonda that Downtown Magix had been hit with earthquakes. The forest around Alfea rages on fire, upsetting Flora. Stella attempts to put it out herself, but fails. Faragonda allows the Winx to fight Valtor.

After finding Valtor, the Winx threaten him with the Water Stars. He captures and controls the Water Stars, which shock the Winx however they do not affect them, only Bloom. Bloom attempts to fight one last time. She uses her fairy dust to unlock Valtor's box of spells. These spells are released to their own realm. Valtor was not willing to lose his most important spell, the four elements, and takes back the spell, reversing the affects.

As the water returns to the lake bed, the Winx escape, along with the Trix, telling Valtor that their alliance is now over, leaving Valtor to drown. They all return safely however the Trix is captured and sent to Light Rock.

The Winx return to Alfea to a cheering croud of students, teachers and the specialists. As Bloom hugs Sky, Bloom has an uneasy feeling, revealing that Valtor has not been officially defeated.

26 (78)- "Un nuovo inizio" ("A new beginning")

Winx Club - Episode 78

Winx Club - Episode 78

("A New Beginning" / "Fire and Flame / The Final Battle")

Airdate: March 26, 2007

After the catastrophes that befell in the Magic Dimension due to the Spell of the Elements, Musa, Flora, and Aisha patrol the charred remains of the forest caused by the magic fire, finding almost no signs of life. Aisha suggests to Flora that they use a dual convergence of their joint powers, which restores the forest. Then, Musa plays a melody with her flute to summon the animals, who are instantly grateful to see that their home has been restored.

Meanwhile, back at Alfea, as the Witches of Cloud Tower aid the Alfea students in rebuilding the School for Fairies, Bloom is deep in thought with the worry that Valtor may still be alive, while at Red Fountain, during a search-and-rescue mission, the Specialists are suddenly ambushed and kidnapped by Valtor himself - all of them, except for Helia, who is ordered by the evil wizard to relay a message to the Winx girls: Meet him on Andros for one last battle, or the other Specialists will have to pay the price. While the girls know that it's a trap, they all agree that the safety of their boyfriends must come first, so they all head for Andros, joined by Helia and Nabu.

Once arriving on Andros, the group discovers that Valtor has re-activated the Spell of the Elements, as they all discover Timmy trapped in a wind funnel. Tecna sends the rest of the group through several transporter portals to split up and search for Valtor while she concentrates on saving Timmy. Meanwhile, Stella must hold back a deluge of water to keep herself and Brandon from drowning, Musa must free Riven from a statuesque state, and Bloom must brave a wall of fire to save Sky. Meanwhile, in an abandoned cave filled with empty dungeon cells, Aisha, Flora, Helia and Nabu discovers the rest of the Specialists trapped in a lone cell, and all become confused when they found Timmy with them, as they had just seen him up on the surface. As Aisha and Flora summon their Enchantix powers so they can free the others, the impostor Specialists drop their disguises. Before too long, Tecna finds herself battling a wind monster, Stella a water monster, Musa a creature of pure earth, and Bloom a fire creature.

All four of them use their best attacks, but it seems that these Element Monsters cannot be beaten, until Bloom uses her Dragon Fury attack to track Valtor and knock him out. This breaks his concentration and destroys all four Element Monsters.

As Valtor lies unconscious, he is suddenly greeted in Limbo by the three Ancient Witches, who berate him for failure after failure to conquer the Magical Dimension, as he let his lust for power get the better of him. They trap him within his own Dark seal and transform him permanently into his bestial form, but before he can step through the portal and carry out his guardians' orders to destroy all of Magix, he is confronted by Aisha and Flora. They attack him, with no success. Then, Bloom, Stella, Musa, and Tecna arrive and launch a Convergence attack on the beast, again, without success.

Bloom informs the girls that there may be a way to beat Valtor; there was a spell she'd learned on Pyros while she trained with Maia and Buddy, but she needs some time to prepare herself. As if on cue, the Specialists arrive, and Helia restrains Valtor with his wrist cables. This gives Bloom the chance she needs, and she chants a spell to allow the essence of her Dragon Flame to locate the essence of Valtor. As Bloom falls unconscious, her spirit enters Valtor's bestial body, locating the Dark essence of his Dragon Flame. She uses Dragon Energy to weaken him, but ends up reverting him to his human form.

Valtor tries to persuade Bloom to join forces with him so they could destroy the Ancient Witches, because, he claimed, it was the only way Bloom could find out the truth about Oritel and Marion, but she adamantly refuses his offer and uses her Fairy Dust to extinguish his fire. This destroys Valtor once and for all before Bloom's essence reunites with her body a moment later.

At the traditional end-of-the-school-term party, Faragonda explains to Bloom that, although her Enchantix powers are still incomplete, she feels that Bloom is ready to complete her quest as the heiress of Domino by beginning the search for her birth parents, Oritel and Marion.