1 (79)- "I cacciatori di fate" ("The hunters of fairies")

Winx Club - Episode 79

Winx Club - Episode 79

("The Fairy Hunters" / "The Wizards of the Black Circle")

Airdate: April 15, 2009

Another school year starts at Alfea. The Winx, are very happy to return back to Alfea, and rush to their room. But they are surprised when they realize that the room is taken over by other fairies.

Headmistress Faragonda, explains to the Winx that they now have different room since they are now teachers. She then takes the Winx to her office, and shows them a secret room, the Hall of Enchantments.

She explains everything, and gives them the Book of Fairies. Bloom searches the room and finds another hall, a hall with pictures of past villains which Faragonda explains is the hall where the pictures of all the enemies of Magix are found. Bloom finds a picture of the Wizards of the Black Circle.

The Winx go to their classroom, where they will be teaching. They announce that they will do a hard obstacle course, to show how special Enchantix is. Aisha, Bloom and Flora, do the course themselves. When Flora does the course she is stuck in an obstical with a bomb-like object. The Winx accuse a fairy, Alice, for putting the bomb in the obstacle, thus expelling her. Flora, who recovered quickly after the incident, wants to talk to her, and looks for her.

Then the Wizards of the Black Circle, comes to Alfea, for the search for Bloom. Flora refuses to tell them where Bloom is, and they attack her. Alice runs to the Winx trying to explain everything. Tecna and Stella doesn't believe her but they follow the others to find out what is happening.

The Wizards of the Black Circle attack the Winx, while everyone is watching. The Winx are defeated. Headmistress Faragonda, explains about the Wizards. Alice's friend and roommate, Clarice, confesses that she was responsible for the explosion. In the end Alice and Clarice were not expelled.

2 (80)- "L'albero della vita" ("The tree of life!)

Winx Club - Episode 80

Winx Club - Episode 80

("The Tree of Life" / "Fear in Pixie Village")

Airdate: April 17, 2009

At Alfea, Palladium shows them the history of the Fairy Hunters and how they caught fairies and took their powers. They learn how magic on Earth disappeared and how humans forgot about fairies. Faragonda gives them a new task, bringing magic to Earth and finding the last fairy on Earth.

The Specialists come to Alfea and Sky surprises Bloom by being there. Faragonda asks the specialists to tag along and keep an eye on the Winx without them knowing. The Winx are nervous about their mission and Bloom suggests they go to Pixie Village to the Tree of Life. Flora tells them that the tree could tell them where the last fairy is.

The Winx fly to Pixie Village and finds it deserted. They miniaturize to go into one of the houses and find Piff asleep. A monster then comes into the village and the Winx use their Enchantix powers defeat it.

Piff dreams of how they were captured by the Shadow Phoenix and the monster comes back. The Winx transform and Stella is swallowed by the monster. They find out all the pixies are also trapped inside the monster’s stomach and the Winx use Enchantix convergence against the monster but it is useless. Aisha finds out a dream eater butterfly was feeding on Piff’s nightmares and creating the nightmare. When Aisha removed the butterfly, the monster disappears and the Winx reunite with the pixies.

The pixies then take the Winx to the Tree of Life and Flora finds out the last fairy is the Gardenia. The pixies wanted to come along with the Winx, but they won’t let them because it is too dangerous. The Winx then set out to find the last fairy.

3 (81)- "L'ultima fata della terra" ("The Last Fairy of Earth")

Winx Club - Episode 81

Winx Club - Episode 81

("The Last Fairy of Earth" / "Winx on Earth")

Airdate: April 20, 2009

The Winx arrive in Gardenia to live with Bloom's adoptive parents, but soon realize that the arrangement won't work. They try out many jobs to pay their own way, but thanks to Stella, they are fired from each and every one of them.

However Mr. Roney who happened to be at the places where the Winx got fired, offer them a job to sort out flawed stuffed animals. With a little help from Flora's magic, the stuffed animals become alive and, they discover many new, surprising, magical friends.

Bloom suggests that the people of Gardenia could adopt the little pets and hopefully show people that magic is real. Bloom also mentions how this can bring them closer to finding the last fairy on Earth.

With the help of Vanessa, the Winx are able to open their own pet shop, Love & Pet. Each girl has their own job: Stella, who grooms and dresses the pets, Flora, who is in charge of the pets health and diet, Aisha, who is in charge of the pets physical activity, Musa, who teaches music to the pets, Tecna, who looks over the website that allows those to adopt pets online, and Bloom who welcomes the clients.

Roxy, the last fairy on Earth, is introduced when she passes by the Winx's shop while walking her dog. She seems very interested in the pets, but walks away due to the rudeness of Stella. She presses her hand against the window which sends a powerful burst of positive energy.

The Winx feel this energy, and think the Wizards of the Black Circle have found them. They all transform into Enchantix fairies and try to find the Wizards but fail.

4 (82)- "Love & Pet" ("Love & Pet")

Winx Club - Episode 82

Winx Club - Episode 82

("Love & Pet" / "Magic Pets")

Airdate: April 22, 2009

The Wizards of the Black Circle arrive on Gardenia, disgusted at their surroundings. Police officers question what they were doing, but the wizards scare them off and begins their search of the last fairy.

Roxy is sleeping and has a dream. She meets a mysterious women and reaches out to her but she disappears.

It is opening day for Love and Pets. Tecna is amazed by the internet, discovering the multiple uses of the web. Faragonda gets in contact with Bloom and Tecna, discussing about their mission. Bloom hopes that Love and Pet would spread the appreciation of magic to the civilians on Earth. Soon the Winx open up their shop. Though nobody had shown up, Tecna finds another solution, the internet, and creates a website which enable others to download their magic pets.

Love and Pet starts to become more popular as people start pouring in. Bloom sees her ex-boyfriend Andy. Bloom learns a lot about him; he got contacts and has his own band. Andy invites the Winx to the Frutti Music Bar where his band would be playing. The Specialists arrive at Gardenia, but they stick out as they were in uniform. Confused, Riven questions why the other people give them weird looks. Riven dislikes Gardenia and wants to go back to Magic but Sky reminds them that they were there for the Winx. Sky trades in his Seal of Eraklyon for money.

The Winx watch Andy and his band perform at the Frutti Music Bar. After their gig, Musa shows of her music skills, putting Andy's band in awe. The Specialists are also at the Frutti Music Bar. Riven gets jealous as Musa shows off, and Sky gets jealous as well when Bloom kisses Andy on the cheek. The rest of the girls enjoy smoothies, ice cream and fruit salad as they did not have these products in Magix. Stella asks for another around of smoothies stating it was good for her hair. Roxy works at the Frutti Music Bar with her dad and makes the drinks. Artu, her dog, becomes upset and she calms him down releasing positive energy that surprises Bloom.

They mistaken another girl for releasing positive energy and go after her, but the Wizards of the Black Circle beat them to her. The Winx and the Wizards fight each other, and the Specialists intervene. After they discover the girl was not the right girl, the fight is over. The Winx and the Specialists have a quarrel over trust and both walk away, however Nabu and Aisha look back at each other and finally walks away.

5 (83)- "Il regalo di Mitzi" ("The gift of Mitzi")

Winx Club - Episode 83

Winx Club - Episode 83

("Mitzi's Present" / "Ogron's Spell")

Airdate: April 24, 2009

As the Winx fly around Gardenia, Bloom tries to rally the team to keep looking for the last fairy of Earth and fight the Wizards of the Black Circle. Stella almost falls asleep and crashes into a tree before flying up to the girls. Stella confesses she is sad about their fight and Bloom speaks of Earth’s lack of harmony. They realize they must gain Believix to help the people.

In the pet shop, Dumon sneaks under the door in the form of water. Kiko tries to clean the water up, but Duman transforms into human form and lets the rest of the members of the Wizards in. Ogron rants on how the Winx are like insects and the wizards use their powers to cast a spell to make them monsters when they eat.

The specialists hang back in their apartment and Timmy brings them some Earth clothes. They realize they need to make some money to live in Gardenia and protect the Winx. They are mad that the Winx don’t trust them and are hanging out with other guys.

They try to become mechanics because they are good at repairing ships. The manager throws a wrench at Sky and tells him to fix a car. They realize the parts ate totally different.

Tecna is working on the website and they understand that someone is pulling a scam and using different names to adopt all different animals. Aisha deducts that they need to go to this address and track down the thief. Mitzi comes into the lobby and Musa comes to help her. Mitzi grabs a dog from Mitzi’s hand and demands that she take the pet. She hurries out of the shop as the animals start to make a fuss. The girls start to feed them and the pets turn into monsters.

The girls transform and Aisha tries to use her magic to try to stun them. Their magic doesn’t work and they lead the pets away from the shop. The pets start to overwhelm them put the Winx capture them. The Wizards watch from afar and Gantlos makes them stronger. They start to fight the Winx again and Musa uses loud music to stun them and Anagan uses his magic to have them break free of the music. Bloom uses her dragon flame to try to stop them and the people on the street see them. Stella convinces everyone that they are shooting a film.

Back at the shop, Nabu uses his magic to start the car. It doesn’t work and they head out onto the street to help the Winx. The specialists arrive and distract the pets and the Winx use they convergence to give the pets food. The pets transform back to normal and the Wizards disappear.

The Winx fly away to stop Mitzi’s pet and the arrive at her house. Mitzi refuses to give up her pet and drives away. Nabu uses his magic to make their car bigger and the Winx pile in. Her pet starts to turn into a monster and Brandon saves her as the Winx defeat the monster. Mitzi kisses Brandon as a thank you for saving her and Stella has a fight with him.

6 (84)- "Una fata in pericolo" ("A fairy in danger")

Winx Club - Episode 84

Winx Club - Episode 84

("A Fairy in Danger" / "A Fairy Found")

Airdate: April 27, 2009

Brandon and Stella are both very upset because of their fight, but don't want to show it to each other and Mitzi's meddling makes trouble for all the couples. Things are made even more complicated when Andy, Bloom's ex-boyfriend, and his friends show up to assist the girls in renovating.

Tecna manages to find out who's been adopting numerous pets from her site using different usernames every time and the girls go to investigate.

They follow the culprit to a hidden room, and it turned out the culprit is Roxy. Before a confrontation could be made between Stella and Roxy, Bloom tries to diffuse the situation, but then notices Roxy unknowingly using her powers to calm down her dog, Artu.

Bloom decides to take a chance and tells Roxy the truth of her origins, and that she's, in reality, a Fairy. Naturally, Roxy doesn't believe her, calling the girls crazy. She tells the Winx to stay away from her before she and Artu run off. Roxy and Artu run to an empty industrial lot, thinking they lost the Winx, but unfortunately, they run into the Fairy Hunters. The Hunters attack Roxy, attempting to absorb her into the Black Circle, only to be thwarted by Artu and the arrival of the Winx.

Like at Alfea, the Winx, even in their Enchantix forms, couldn't fight effectively against the Fairy Hunters and were getting soundly beaten. Roxy cries in denial, that what she was witnessing wasn't happening and that this was all just a bad dream. Denying the existence of fairies, denying the existence of wizards, denying the existence of magic. Ogron mockingly tells her that this was ALL real, that's she's the last remaining Fairy of Earth, and that's she's doomed.

Bloom and the others plead to Roxy to believe in their existence and to have faith in them so that they can fight the Fairy Hunters. Thanks to Roxy, who finally starts to believe in fairies, all the Winx girls earn their Believix and are finally able to put up a decent fight against the Black Circle.

7 (85)- "Winx Believix" ("Winx Believix")

Winx Club - Episode 85

Winx Club - Episode 85

("Winx Believix" / "I Believe in You")

Airdate: April 29, 2009

The girls are excited that they had earned their Believix, all thanks to Roxy. The Wizards of the Black Circle seemed surprised at their new transformation, but go back to trying to capture Roxy. The Winx Club use their new powers which somehow affects the Wizards but not too much.

Roxy is scared and runs away. The Wizards go after Roxy, where they find Artu's footprints. A woman finds Roxy and offers her a ride to the Frutti Music Bar but the Wizards find her and try to capture her again. The Winx then arrive and fight off the Wizards.

Artu leads Roxy to a hiding place, inside a sewer. Roxy is disgusted at Artu's finding but she is now safe but she openly admits that she is scared. Morgana's voice could be heard and tells Roxy that she is a fairy, a fairy of animals. Morgana also states that Roxy should believe in herself.

The Wizards keep on attacking the Winx and find Roxy again. The Specialists come in and attack the Wizards as well. The Wizards end up surrendering but vow that this isn't over.

At the Frutti Music Bar, Roxy introduces the Winx to her father. And her father introduces Roxy to the new people who he just hired, who happened to be the Specialists, minus Timmy. The Specialists start their job and they seem distracted as they serve drinks. The Winx go back to the Love & Pet shop.

8 (86)- "Il cerchio bianco" ("The white circle")

Winx Club - Episode 86

Winx Club - Episode 86

("The White Circle" / "Hidden in the Country")

Airdate: May 1, 2009

After another day at Love & Pet, the Winx get a phone call from Roxy claiming something strange is happening. At her home, the girls discover some old photos arranged in a certain order; including one of an old farm.

The next day the girls go to visit the farm in hopes of finding an answer, With the Wizards of the Black Circle following them, but then realize it is now owned by a man named Mr. Baston. After a short fight with the Black Circle, Roxy discovers a White Circle within the barn while it catches fire.

Realizing what this is, she uses it to summon the creatures of the forest who come to her aid, scaring the Wizards away. Seeing that Badson has been injured by the Wizards, the Winx decide to cure him and Flora restores the forest to its original beauty. Badson now believes in fairies, and the Winx return to the Fruity Music Bar with the Specialists and a sing-out between Stella and Mitzi takes place. On an ending note, Musa receives a card from a man named Jason Queen, a record producer.

9 (87)- "Nebula" ("Nebula")

Winx Club - Episode 87

Winx Club - Episode 87

("Nebula" / "Nebula's White Circle")

Airdate: May 4, 2009

The episode starts with the Wizards stating that they need Roxy and the White Circle's powers to become stronger.

Back at Love and Pet, Stella is seen using the White Circle as a hoop for their pets. Meanwhile, Musa is curious if Jason Queen was really serious about him offering her to become a star. Musa decides to call Jason Queen, and Musa is very happy when Jason lets her audition. At the Frutti Music Bar, Musa is performing and the rest of the Winx are dancing. Bloom talks to Roxy about being a fairy. Roxy feels unsure about how being a fairy felt like, but Bloom reassures Roxy, stating that she is smart. Then she gives Roxy the White Circle.

Riven feels jealous of how Musa hangs out with a lot of guys, when in reality they have been helping her get ready for the audition. Bloom states how those guys were just friends. Sky then walks over and flirts with another girl and Bloom becomes jealous. Helia and Nabu come by and observe Riven is jealous and Nabu offers to talk to him.

Sky's father appears at the Frutti Music Bar, with Bloom's foster dad, Mike. Sky's father is looking for Sky.

Roxy picks up the White Circle and Artu barks at it. Roxy states she doesn't like it, but a voice is heard. Artu and the pets run back all scared. That voice happened to belong to Nebula, who demands to be let free and get revenge against the Fairy Hunters. She goes into Roxy's body then tells the White Circle to lead her to Ogron and the Wizards.

The Winx notice that Roxy is acting strange, so they transform and try to find her before its too late. The White Circle has lead Roxy/Nebula to the Wizards. The Wizards start attacking but find out that the White Circle was very powerful then what they actually thought. The Winx come in and attack the Wizards. The Wizards once again, surrender to the Winx and Nebula.

Nebula blames the surrender on the Winx, and tries to attack them. The Winx prevent Nebula from becoming too powerful and Nebula goes back into the White Circle. Roxy faints but is healed by Bloom. Roxy is very clueless to what happened but they go back to the Frutti Music Bar.

Sky's Father is angry that Sky has sold the royal seal. They go to the shop were Sky has sold the seal. The owner thought it was a joke when Sky's Father offered him a bag of gems. Musa used her power and got the owner to believe in magic, the owner then hands back the seal. Sky's father is happy that he received the seal back and goes back to Eraklyon.

10 (88)- "La canzone di Musa" ("The song of Musa")

Winx Club - Episode 88

Winx Club - Episode 88

("Musa's Song" / "The Audition")

Airdate: May 6, 2009

Bloom and Flora are visiting Roxy at her house, worrying about the last incident that happened to her. Roxy is still trauma as Nebula took control of her after she touch the white circle. Bloom and Flora left and gave her time to relax.

At the Love and Pet Shop, Bloom and Flora explained about Roxy's condition to the other Winx girls. Then, they discussed about how they are about to fight the Wizard of Black Circle. Tecna then show her new gadgets which enable them to help any emergency that occur in Gardenia while Musa is still worried about the white circle. Bloom turns the white circle as a ring to solve their problems.

Then, the Winx are on a mission to convince people to believe in magic. Suddenly, Roxy appear and apologized to Bloom on how she acted. The Winx invite her on their mission. However, Musa can't go along with the rest of her friends as she have an audition at Jason's recording studio. The Winx wish her a good luck, while she's still worried on how will Riven act when she's there as he will accompany her.

The Winx walk around the city of Gardenia, suddenly saw two girls is arguing over a dress. Tecna decided to use her Believix spell to make them believe in magic. However, she failed but she managed to calm them down. Then, Stella saw an angry man talking on his phone. Stella takes her turn and makes him calm. However, the man is afraid of her when she said she's a fairy. Meanwhile, Gantlos is spying on what their doing.

Musa and Riven is on their way for her audition. Riven is unsatisfied when Musa keep saying Jason's name. At the recording studio, they meet Jason and Musa apologized for being late. Riven is so mad and jealous when Musa is so flirty with him.

The Winx are tired of their mission as they failed. They discussed about it and Roxy suggest that they should change their approach and tells them that situation doesn't really affect people's heart. Bloom thanked her. A moment later, Tecna's new gadget specialized for emergency beep as there's a fire on a building. The Winx transform to help the people that is trapped inside.

At the recording studio, Musa sing beautifully from her heart and impressed Jason, while Riven is mad and jealous. In the meantime, the Winx help the people that is trapped form her building, impressing a little girl and believe that fairies are real. Somehow, the Winx is curious about the fire and believe that the source comes from dark magic. Suddenly, the wizards appear causing Bloom and the Winx to be furious.

In the fired building, Bloom and the winx face Ogron and the wizard, causing a fight to break out between them. The wizards tricked Boom by screaming for help. Bloom who is angry by the wizards trick unleashed a powerful fire attack causing the wizards to escape with their dark fire energy. Suddenly, a man cried for help who is Bloom's father. He is healed by Bloom with Bloom's special believix power.

At the recording studio, Jason praised Musa for her beautiful voice and he convince her that she can be popular anytime with her lovely song, causing Riven to be angry. Meanwhile, the winx received a huge spotlight outside the building. Unfortunately, they left before the reporter could ask them of who they are. The winx's mission was accomplished as many people starts to believe in fairies and magic.

In the meantime, Musa and Riven fight outside Jason's studio causing them to break up. Jason encourages Musa to be patient. Then, she returns to the Love and Pet shop where she meets her fellow friends the winx. She explain every single thing that happen and made up her mind to break up with Riven.

11 (89)- "Winx Club per sempre" ("Winx Club forever")

Winx Club - Episode 89

Winx Club - Episode 89

("Winx Club Forever" / "Superheroes")

Airdate: May 8, 2009

The Wizards of the Black Circle spy on Roxy and try to hatch a plan to get the White Circle. They break into her house and she warns the Winx before the Wizards of the Black Circle can get her. The Winx arrive and successfully use their Zoomix wings to teleport Roxy to a safe place. Aisha then leaves to go to Nabu.

Bloom starts teaching Roxy how to use her power and control it. Musa is still upset about how Riven acted back in her audition. Flora and Musa had a flashback on how they try to convince people to believe in magic.The Winx are having a lot of trouble introducing magic to the world. Stella, Flora, Tecna and Musa hugs each other causing Bloom's concentration to be interrupted.

Meanwhile, Nabu and Layla are dating, he propose her to be his forever girlfriend. Aisha horably accepts his proposal.

The Winx are having trouble on their mission in Gardenia and discuss on their way back to the Love and Pet Shop. While walking along the streets of Gardenia, Tecna saw a poster about a superhero, and so, she suggests that they should act as superheroes to attract people believe in magic. The Winx agree and go to the town along with Roxy as superheroes.

The Winx begin to lose confidence but they learn the Acrobat Thieves robbed another store and the radio thinks of the Winx as girls with wings. When Aisha comes in, Stella accuses Aisha of caring about Nabu more than the Winx and Aisha storms off.

The Winx go shopping and as they leave the store, the Acrobat Theives strike again. They think of leaving the problem to the police, but after they take a hostage, they transform and fight them. They use their Believix powers to stop them and Roxy tells Artu she wants to be just like them.

The Winx go and relax at the Frutti Music Bar and decide to keep being superheroes.

12 (90)- "Papà! Sono una fata!" ("Dad! I'm a fairy!")

Winx Club - Episode 90

Winx Club - Episode 90

("Dad! I'm a Fairy" / "The Pet's Pursuit")

Airdate: May 11, 2009

Roxy's powers are getting stronger and so she decides to tell her father about her being a fairy, but when she gets home, she discovers that the Wizards of the Black Circle has abducted her father and finds herself being captured as well, the Circle planning on using her to bargain for the White Circle. Roxy-rocks-the-winx-club-31333209-400-321Roxy transforming into a fairy. Mysti12817Added by Mysti12817

As the Winx rush to find her, Artu, Kiko and the pets launch their own rescue mission, Artu becoming terribly wounded in the process and prompting Roxy to finally unlock her fairy transformation. The final showdown between the Winx and the Wizards is about to begin.

13 (91)- "L'attacco degli stregoni" ("The attack of the wizards")

Winx Club - Episode 91

Winx Club - Episode 91

("The Wizards' Attack" / "Roxy's Energy")

Airdate: May 13, 2009

Klaus carries Artu to Roxy while the Winx get ready to battle the Wizards of the Black Circle. Ogron demands the Winx hand over the White Circle. Bloom tells him his threats don’t scare them.

Sky tells the Winx to protect Roxy and he will hold off the Wizards. The Wizards easily disarm the specialists. Ogron picks up Brandon’s weapon and begins to fight with sky. Sky uses his sword to block Ogron’s energy from hurting the Winx. The Winx transform into their Zoomix wings take Roxy, Klaus, and Artu away. As the Wizards run off, Timmy throws a tracker onto Anagan.

The Winx appear at the train station with Roxy, Klaus, and Artu. Klaus comforts Roxy and she is sad about Artu. Roxy yells at the Winx and blames them for what happened. Bloom tries to comfort Roxy but Aisha tells her to stop. Bloom stays with Roxy and the other Winx go to stop the Fairy Hunters.

Helia and Timmy walk through the forest looking for Anagan’s signal. The signal is distorted and Helia tells them to go. Anagan appears in a tree and crushes the tracker.

Flora’s vines appear from behind and grab Anagan. Flora traps Anagan in her vines. Anagan breaks out and catches Flora from behind. He leaves Timmy telling him he’s a coward and Timmy races after him. Timmy latches on to Anagan’s foot and gets pulled with him. Anagan run up the side of a building and cuts the cord. Tecna catches Timmy before he hits the ground and tries to blast Anagan. She gets hurt herself and Anagan gets away.

Meanwhile, Riven and Brandon try to race after Duman, but run into Gantlos instead. They blast Gantlos and Stella tells him that Roxy is safe. Another Brandon appears and tells Stella that the other one is Duman. The two Brandons battle and Stella doesn’t know which one to blast. One tells Stella that it’s me and that he’s spry for what happended to Mitzy. Stella knows that is the true Brandon and blasts the other one. It transform into Duman. Stella and Brandon reconcile.

Gantlos gets up and Riven starts to go after him. Musa tells him to stop but he doesn’t listen and then Duman blasts him. Riven tells Musa to watch out as Duman starts to prepare to blast her.

On the top of the train, Ogron is battling Nabu, Sky, and Aisha. Ogron takes Nabu’s staff and breaks it. He uses it to trip Sky and throws Nabu off the edge. Aisha catches Nabu and Sky hangs onto the edge of the train. They battle and the train pulls into the station.

Bloom starts to fight Ogron and throws he ammo back at her. She gets blasted and Bloom tells Roxy she is their last hope. Bloom tells Roxy to take the White Circle but Roxy doesn’t want to. Ogron starts to threaten Roxy and Klaus steps in front of her. Ogron punches Klaus and tells Roxy to give the White Circle to him. She starts to but Klaus tells her not to. Roxy gets overwhelmed and Ogron starts to summon a storm. Riven tells Musa to go to the group and Musa blasts him because she knows the real Riven never likes to work in groups.

At the train station, Morgana tells Roxy that she is a fairy and she can do it. Roxy gets confidence and tries to blast Ogron. It doesn’t work and she gets up again and blasts Ogron. Gantlos starts to make the train station collapse and Bloom uses her Believix power to protect the people. They people of Gardenia start to believe in magic and the Wizards instantly feel weak. Bloom blasts the Wizards and they are able to overwhelm the Wizards.

The Wizards then disappear. However ,the girls do not know if they have won for good. In the end, they have a celebration and The Tree of Life starts having new leaves, with Ninfea saying that Earth is now ready to welcome new Fairies.

14 (92)- "7: Il numero perfetto" ("7: The perfect number")

Winx Club - Episode 92

Winx Club - Episode 92

("7: The Perfect Number" / "Bringing Magic Back")

Airdate: October 14, 2009

The Winx girls and Roxy must deal with their new popularity within Gardenia. While talking over their mission with Faragonda, she offers to look after the White Circle for further study and away from Ogron and the other wizards, to which Bloom agrees.

After meeting Roxy, Faragonda offers the chance to study at the school for the next three years, but Roxy refuses. Roxy runs off with confusion and anger and the other girls decide to follow her.

While looking for Roxy it is discovered that she found a White Tiger cub who had been kidnapped but escaped. The Winx then decide to search when evening came, and went to the Frutti Music Bar.

There, Musa confronts a jealous Riven, explaining how she needs someone who supports her and her dreams, (even after Nabu went over it with Riven earlier). Jason Queen appears suddenly and gives Musa an envelope, causing Riven to storm off once again. That evening, the Winx and Roxy find two Animal Thieves who are boarding a ship to sell them, but become captured. Thanks to the White Tiger, the Winx escape and Musa uses her Believix power, Bright Heart, to convince the thieves to release the animals. In the end, it is discovered that Jason's envelope is an invitation to his wedding, breaking Musa into tears. Also, the Wizards are shown to be alive.

15 (93)- "Lezioni di magia" ("Lessons of magic")

Winx Club - Episode 93

Winx Club - Episode 93

("Magic Lessons" / "The New Witch in Town")

Airdate: October 16, 2009

A TV store window is shown, showing various shows and news about the Winx Club fairies. One is a game show, another a news report about a relationship between Stella and Alenberg.

Duman is standing in front, watching the various shows, and then breaks the store window. After doing so, he retreats back into the sewers.

Stella arrives late and tries to get into the store, but was delayed by the customers who were lined up outside, then was recognized as Stella of the Winx Club, but she quickly denies it and enters the store.

Everybody is working hard with all the magical pets and the customers. Musa thinks about Jason Queen and how he is only interested in her voice, and when Stella arrives at her booth she sees there is a small queue.

The Winx Club close the store to try and keep a few customers out while they serve the ones inside. Stella leaves the store then to be met by Brandon, they argue about Mitzi, and Brandon tries to explain but Stella stops him, claiming she was joking.

The Wizards of the Black Circle watch Mitzi and her friends walk down the street, and seeing that they have a common goal (to take down Bloom and her friends) give the three of them dark powers and they become temporary dark fairies.

Now Dark Fairies, they attack the Winx in Gardenia Park while the Winx are teaching Roxy some new spells. They are defeated by a Believix convergence between Musa, Aisha, and Bloom, as well as the people in the park's belief in the Winx.

Musa is later shown at Jason Queen's wedding, and though she initially is apprehensive about being there, she does sing for them.

16 (94)- "Un mondo virtuale" ("A virtual world")

("A Virtual World" / "A Virtual Hideout")
Winx Club - Episode 94

Winx Club - Episode 94

Airdate: October 19, 2009

In order to hide the White Circle, Tecna hides it in her favorite video game. After doing so, Musa comes up with the idea to form a band to perform at the Frutti Music Bar with Andy's instruments. The Winx agree and and leave their apartment. Once leaving, the Wizards come looking for the White Circle and discover it in the Computer, transporting themselves inside and leaving Duman.

Roxy, who is at the Frutti Music Bar at the time, senses danger from the pets and warns the Winx to go and find the source. Once realizing the Wizards are in the Virtual World, (and capturing Duman), the Specialists send the Winx in after them despite some loss of their magical abilities. After successfully battling the Wizards, Bloom, Layla and Flora release the White Circle creating an explosion from the Positive and Negative energy freeing everyone from the Virtual World. Although Duman and the Wizards escape, the White Circle is once again safe.

On a side note, Helia tries to help Riven impress Musa with gifts, but fails every time.

17 (95)- "L'isola incantata" ("The enchanted island")

Winx Club - Episode 95

Winx Club - Episode 95

("The Enchanted Island" / "Island Tricks")

Airdate: October 21, 2009

The Winx girls travel to the island from Roxy's vision, the mystical world of Tir Nan Og sealed within the White Circle. They arrive at Tir Nan Og, and Roxy has a headache. Because of this, they put in the tent, and Aisha uses her morphix power to defend her from any outside danger. While she's in the tent, she dreams of Morgana . And this time they're inside a place full of bubbles. Soon, she wakes up and is taken by the dark force.

At the forest, Bloom suggests to split up to find the prison faster, and use their magic to tell the others. Bloom, Musa and Flora are with each other. Stella, Aisha and Tecna are together. They split up and continue to walk. While Musa and Bloom are talking, the vines start to take Flora. And when the two look behind themselves, Flora is nowhere to be found.

At Stella's group, Stella complains that they should use their wings to get to the prison faster, but Tecna tells her that if they us their wings, someone will know that they're there. While Aisha is mountain climbing, she sees the mermaids. She quickly dives into the sea and introduces herself. Unfortunately, the mermaids turns into the dark force Roxy saw, and it takes her. Tecna sees the whole incident, so she looks at her back if Stella is there. But unfortunately, she isn't. She looks everywhere for Stella and finally finds her looking at a half-naked, muscular man by the bushes. The man goes out of the bushes and the two witness that he is a centaur. The centaur turns into the dark force and takes the both of them.

Back at Bloom's group, they continue walking. Bloom sees the bushes moving, so she goes towards it. She sees a very beautiful unicorn. She is mesmerized by its beauty, and Musa told her that unicorn doesn't exist. The unicorn turns into the dark force and takes them.

They wake up in the prison, where the Earth Fairies are. They find themselves together. They transform into their Believix and converge to free themselves. They fly out and see the Worm-like dark force. It then splits into four and transforms into two dark mermaids, one dark centaur and one dark unicorn. The dark mermaids keep on using their hypertonic and supersonic voice against Flora and Aisha. To finish the mermaids, Musa from their back attacks them. The mermaids fall down and leave the three. The unicorn and Centaur attack Bloom, Stella, Tecna and Roxy. They decide that Bloom and Roxy are going to find the center of the prison. The battle continues. The creatures return into one and attack the five.

Bloom uses her Speedix, then she grabs Roxy. They fly to the center and successfully put the White Circle to its place. The doors are unlocked and the creature disappears.

They all go out of the prison. The Winx, including Roxy, introduce themselves to the Queen of the Earth Fairies and to the others. They also find out who is Nebula. Morgana proposes to the Winx to join them in taking revenge against the human beings and to the Wizards of the Black Circle. The seven refuse, leaving Morgana quite mad. She tells the seven that tomorrow, they will start their vengeance and start to make Roxy agree to their plans.

18 (96)- "La furia della natura" ("The fury of nature")

Winx Club - Episode 96

Winx Club - Episode 96

("The Nature Rage" / "Diana's Attack")

Airdate: October 26, 2009

Roxy regrets freeing the Earth Fairies after learning that they wish to take revenge on humanity for not believing in them anymore. The Winx assure her that it wasn't her fault, and the magical animals help comfort her. Musa shows up telling them that she just got off the phone with Jason Queen, and tells them that he's planning on having a music contest soon. The Winx decide to enter with their new band, and decide to go practice at the Frutti Music Bar.

Sky and Riven don't seem to like the fact that Andy and his friends are helping the Winx practice, but Nabu comments that there probably isn't anything to worry about.

As the Winx are practicing, the Major Fairy of nature Diana shows up. Diana unleashes sleep inducing pollen to knock out the people in the bar, Nabu recognizes this and tells the other Specialists to hold their breaths for as long as they can.

The Winx talk to Diana, who wishes to ask Roxy to join the Earth Fairies. Roxy refuses, and before leaving, Diana uses her powers to tie up the Winx with magical roots that drain their powers. The Specialists check on the girls, and Helia tries to encourage Flora to use her nature powers to break free, but she fails. Nabu manages to weaken the vines with his own magic enabling the girls to transform.

As the Winx and Specialists go after Diana, they discover that she has turned Gardenia into a jungle. Bloom is worried about her adoptive parents, so the Winx and Specialists separate into two groups: The Winx and Roxy go check on Bloom's parents, while the Specialists go find Diana. Bloom finds her parents trapped in a giant spider web, and manages to free them. Shortly afterwards, the giant spider shows up.

The Specialists find Diana in the Gardenia park, and try to convince her to release the people of Gardenia and restore the city to normal. She refuses, and they fight, however, Diana has the upperhand and manages to defeat Riven, Sky, Brandon and Timmy.

Helia and Nabu try to talk her out of her revenge once again, but Diana refuses to believe them. Nabu manages to hold his own against Diana's plant monsters, but Diana eventually decides to unleash her true power, knocking out Helia while Nabu tries to resist her attack.

Meanwhile, the Winx are trying to figure out what to do about the giant spider. Roxy tries to gain contact with it, but is unable to. The Winx hear Mitzi calling for help, and discover that her car has gotten tangled up in Diana's vines.

The Winx end up wrecking the car as they use it to try to knock out the giant spider. Seeing that nothing is working against the spider, they realize that only the area around Gardenia is currently enchanted, and if they teleport the spider out of the area, it might return to normal.

The Winx change into their Zoomix wings and teleport out of the city. The spider shrinks back to normal size, the Winx head over to Gardenia park to check on the Specialists.

However, by the time the Winx arrive, Diana has already left, and Nabu informs them that she and her warrior fairies captured the other Specialists and took them away to Diana's kingdom. Musa starts crying, as she is worried about Riven.

Bloom assures her that he will be okay, and that they will find the Specialists and rescue them. They talk to Faragonda, and learn that Diana's kingdom is somewhere in the amazons, and in order to fight a fairy as powerful as Diana, they will have to go beyond Believix.

19 (97)- "Nel regno di Diana" ("In the kingdom of Diana")

Winx Club - Episode 97

Winx Club - Episode 97

("In Diana's Kingdom" / "In the Amazon Forest")

Airdate: October 28, 2009

The Winx, Nabu and Roxy are talking to Faragonda about Diana's kingdom, and ask her what she means about having to go beyond Believix. Faragonda says that she will leave it to someone else to explain, and three mysterious fairies appear. They explain they are the Ethereal Fairies, and tell them about the Gifts of Destiny, which will make their Believix powers much more powerful.

The first gift the Winx will receive is Sophix, the gift of wisdom, which they need to take on Diana. The second gift is Lovix, an ice and snow transformation for Aurora, Major Fairy of the North. And the last is an object that could bring someone back to life. The fairies each receive their gifts, except Roxy. The Winx and Nabu decide to travel to Diana's kingdom, while telling Roxy to stay behind to watch the pets since she doesn't have her full Believix powers. The Winx use the Zoomix wings to teleport to the Amazon Rainforest. They start searching for Diana, using the Tracix wings to confirm that they are headed in the right direction.

Stella doesn't feel like walking, and flies into a tree, where she spots Diana's castle in the distance. Some Amazon fairies appear, and go after the Winx, sensing their magical power. Nabu convinces the Winx to distract the amazon fairies, while he goes to investigate the castle.

The Winx manage to throw the amazon fairies off their trail by returning to their civilian forms. Flora discovers an area where trees have been cut down, and collapses. Bloom heals Flora, which the people who cut down the trees notice and accuse the Winx of being the Amazon fairies who chased them away. The Amazon fairies show up and begin trapping the people who cut down the trees, the Winx transform into their new Sophix forms and use their nature powers to trap the Amazon fairies and make the people who were cutting down the trees see the beauty of nature and believe in magic.

Seeing this, the amazon fairies aren't sure what to believe, as Diana had told them they were enemies. Bloom, Tecna and Stella decide to go search for the source of Diana's power, while Aisha, Musa and Flora decide to catch up to Nabu.

Bloom, Stella and Tecna are guided by the forest itself, which leads them to the sacred bud, the source of Diana and the rainforest's magic. The three meet up with some natives to the area, who witnessed them using their Sophix powers to connect with nature earlier, and are grateful to have their help. Meanwhile, Aisha, Musa and Flora are searching for the Specialists, and manage to find them chained up in one of the rooms. Aisha uses her magic to release them, while Musa talks to Riven, telling him that she hasn't really figured things out when it comes to their relationship. However, Aisha is more concerned about Nabu, and asks the other Specialists if they know where he is, as he had come to rescue them earlier. Suddenly, one of Diana's amazon fairies appear, and uses her magic to chain her, Musa and Flora to the wall, while knocking out the other Specialists with magical flower pollen. The amazon fairies then reveal that they have captured Nabu.

20 (98)- "I doni del destino" ("The gifts of destiny")

Winx Club - Episode 98

Winx Club - Episode 98

("The Gifts of Destiny" / "Diana’s Redemption")

Airdate: October 30, 2009

After the Winx escape from Diana's fortress, they soon discover that Diana's power is connected to the forest's source of magic, so the Winx must act soon if they were to save the forest.

Later the girls try to convince Diana to release Gardenia from it's forest prison, and out of appreciation Diana drops her revenge and forges an alliance with the Winx and she says she would also try to convince the other Earth Fairies to call a truce.

21 (99)- "La caverna di Sibylla" ("The cave of Sibylla")

Winx Club - Episode 99

Winx Club - Episode 99

("Sibylla's Cave" / "The Fairy of Justice")

Airdate: November 02, 2009

The Winx Club form an unlikely alliance with the Fairy Hunters to help one of them after Duman comes down with an illness. They travel to the Sibillini Mountains in Italy, where they ask the terrestrial fairy of justice, Sibylla, for help.

22 (100)- "La Torre Gelata" ("The frost tower")

Winx Club - Episode 100

Winx Club - Episode 100

("The Frozen Tower" / "Aurora's Tower")

Airdate: November 6, 2009

Aurora, Fairy of the North, comes to Earth on Morgana's orders, freezing it over and threatening to send the planet into another ice age.

The Winx, using their new Lovix powers, a wintery-themed transformation, go to confront Aurora. The Winx and Roxy track down Aurora in her ice fortress and must do battle with her minions. After the battle, Aurora traps them in a cage constructed out of ice and snow, and worst of all, Roxy feels her body temperature slowly dropping.

23 (101)- "La prova di Bloom" ("The trial of Bloom")

Winx Club - Episode 101

Winx Club - Episode 101

("Bloom's Trial" / "Bloom's Challenge")

Airdate: November 6, 2009

To protect Roxy, Bloom must fight Nebula, the major fairy of war, with the agreement that she drop her campaign for revenge if Bloom wins. Bloom eventually wins the fight, and the Winx Club return home. Along the way the ethereal fairies give the Winx Club the third and final Gift of Destiny-the Black Gift-which is a life-reviving Gift, but which could be used to revive someone who is dead and can be used only once.

24 (102)- "Il giorno della giustizia" ("The day of justice")

Winx Club - Episode 102

Winx Club - Episode 102

("The Day of Justice" / "The Wizard's Trap")

Airdate: November 9, 2009

The day for the Wizards of the Black Circle to surrender to Morgana has finally arrived.

The Winx tell Kiko that he's in charge of looking after the other pets while they're on Tir Nan Og. The Specialists arrive, and Nabu notices that Aisha appears to be concerned about what is going to happen due to the prophecy from the Ethereal fairies. The Winx and Specialists teleport to Sibylla's cave to escort the Wizards of the Black Circle to Tir Nan Og.

Sibylla's fairies have been unable to cure Duman's illness, and they realize that he might not survive the trip to Tir Nan Og.

Nabu offers to make one last attempt to cure Duman, revealing that he has studied healing magic on Andros. Nabu opens a portal back to Gardenia, and the Specialists take Duman through the portal. Bloom returns the black circle to Ogron, as Morgana had asked for the Wizards of the Black Circle to personally hand it to her during the ceremony of truth.

Sibylla mentions the prophecy from the Ethereal fairies, and how only one of the Winx will be able to use the black gift one time in order to save someone from death.

The Winx travel to Tir Nan Og, where they're attacked by crows sent by Nebula. Morgana shows up, and one of the other Earth fairies put the black circle in a box for later. Morgana tells the Winx that Nebula used to be the fairy of peace, but is now the fairy of war, and how she hopes that the kingdom of the fairies will once again be a happy place.

Morgana then tells Roxy that she may come live in the palace with them, but Roxy explains that she already has a family in Gardenia and Morgana asks if Roxy can show her a picture of them. Roxy magically creates an image of her father, Klaus and her dog Artu, Morgana seems to be very interested in this. Nebula tells them that it's time for the ceremony.

Meanwhile, in Gardenia, Nabu manages to discover that the cause of Duman's illness was because his magically energy had become unstable due to overuse of his shapeshifting power. However, Duman transforms into a monster and starts attacking the Specialists.

Nabu hurries over to find out what it happening, only to be attacked by Duman. Duman flies off with Nabu, and Riven picks up Nabu's staff from the floor and follows them. Riven eventually manages to catch up to them, and throw Nabu's staff to him, allowing Nabu to free himself.

The Specialists catch up to Riven and Nabu at Gardenia park, and Duman shows up and prepares to attack them. Nabu tells Duman that his powers are unstable, and if he doesn't let him use his magic to stabilize it, then Duman's magical energy will soon burn out.

However, Duman reveals that in a short while, when Morgana touches the Black Crcle, all the Earth fairies will be destroyed and that what Ogron said was just a lie. Duman starts attacking the Specialists, but Nabu manages to get the upper hand and trap Duman inside a magic sphere.

Angered by the wizard's lying to them and endangering his friends lives, Nabu destroys Duman with a powerful spell. The Specialists hurry to Tir Nan Og in order to warn the fairies. Nabu opens another portal for them to travel there.

Meanwhile, the ceremony of truth has began, and Morgana places the black ring on her finger. However, this unleashes a powerful magic which creates a dark abyss that starts sucking in the Earth fairies.

The Specialists realize that they have arrived too late, and must help the Winx save the Earth fairies from being sucked into the abyss. Nabu decides to make an attempt to close the dark abyss, but Aisha tells him it's too dangerous and that since the black ring was destroyed, they don't have another magical object strong enough to contain it. Aisha asks if they might use the white circle, but Nabu reminds her that it is also the only key to the Earth fairies' kingdom, and that it must be protected.

Nabu believes that his staff might be a powerful enough magic object to fight off the abyss, and redirects it's power towards himself, then creates a barrier to shield himself from the powerful magic.

Nabu manages to close the abyss, but collapses afterwards, the abyss having taken all his strength away. Aisha holds Nabu in her arms, begging him not to leave her. Nabu assures her that he will always be with her, tells her that she must stay strong and that he loves her.

Nabu dies, much to Aisha's sorrow, but Bloom reminds her that they still have the black gift. Aisha calls for the Ethereal faires to give her the black gift so she may revive Nabu, but Ogron steals it and uses it on a dead flower before escaping with the other wizards.

Morgana tells the Winx that many fairies had died in the battle against the Black Circle, and that Nabu was the first wizard to have helped the Earth fairies. Nebula angrily blames Morgana for what happened, and offers Aisha to join the other other fairies who also want revenge on the Black Circle.

Aisha takes the offer, and asks the others to join as well, but Bloom and the others tell her that they can't do that, and that Nabu wouldn't have wanted her to follow the path of revenge, but Aisha is too upset to listen to them and goes off with Nebula.

25 (103)- "Il segreto di Morgana" ("The Secret of Morgana")

Winx Club - Episode 103

Winx Club - Episode 103

("Morgana's Secret" / "Home at Last")

Airdate: November 11, 2009

The Winx and the Specialists are sitting on the beach, brokenhearted as the screen shows flashbacks of Nabu.

Nebula is creating obstacles for Aisha to defeat and then she tells her that soon there is going be a new fairy queen. Roxy has a dream of Morgana getting trapped in a mirror.

The Winx fly over to the castle to see that the castle has been guarded by a protection spell and a green monster attacks them.

The Winx then head up to the tower to see that the Morgana is not there. The warrior fairies then come out and attack the Winx so they use their Speedix wings.

Aisha knocks Bloom, Stella, Flora and Roxy out with a scepter. It then shows Nebula sitting on her throne and Aisha and the Warrior Fairies get into a battle with them. Nebula, Aisha, and the Warrior Fairies then head to the Omega Dimension. Morgana tells Roxy she is her mother and only Roxy can free her from the mirror.

The Warrior Fairies attack Gantlos but Bloom stops them and Morgana knocks them out. Roxy uses an ice eagle to track Gantlos. Morgana says that she wants the Fairies to come back home but then the Wizards collapse the cave.

26 (104)- "Ghiaccio e fuoco" ("Ice and fire")

Winx Club - Episode 104

Winx Club - Episode 104

("Ice and Fire" / "Duel in the Omega Dimension")

Airdate: November 13, 2009

The Wizards of the Black Circle are running away from Nebula and Aisha in the Omega Dimension. The Winx shortly follow Nebula and Aisha. The Wizards manage to break a wall in the Omega Dimension, but find themselves trapped in an area.

Ogron refuses to surrender to the fairies and tries to find a way to escape but Aisha and Nebula finds them and attack.

When Ogron thinks that he has defeated Aisha and Nebula, all the other Winx all of a sudden appear and found the Wizards right on time. The other Wizards (knowing that their magic powers have weakened and became not as powerful as they used to be) become uneasy about confronting the Winx, but they all gang up and fight back.

The Winx send a Believix convergence spell and they fight. Roxy, Nebula and Aisha join the Winx to help battle the Wizards.

The Winx's Believix Magic convergence spell (with Aisha and Nebula's help) successfully outmatches and overpowers the Wizards' powers and the Wizards' joint attack become reversed in direction and directly strikes the Wizards, and made the Wizards themselves become frozen solid in the Omega Dimension, therefore, the Winx and Nebula have "finally" defeated (for the time being) the evil Wizards. Then the ice start falling from the ceiling and the Winx successfully escaped the Omega Dimension unharmed. Bloom then notices that Nebula is being left behind. Nebula has stated she thought she has been chosen on the dark side, and she wanted to remain at there to repent what she had done, but Bloom reassures her that she really has goodness in her heart. With that being said, Nebula finally agrees, and then, she decides to leave with Bloom. When Bloom and Nebula rise up from the Omega Dimension, Morgana and Nebula hugged each other, and Aisha is seen standing by next to all of the other Winx.

Bloom greets Aisha, but Aisha starts crying, her heart still broken from when Nabu sacrificed himself to save the Fairies. Sky notices that the sun beam comes out and exclaims that you do not see the sun beam in the Omega Dimension very often.

Morgana congratulates the Winx on their courage and defeating the Wizards once and for all. She also recognizes Nabu. The Earth Fairies release their magic throughout the Earth and Morgana says that from now on they will work to restore the magic of Earth and to make Earth a better place once again.

Morgana reveals that she will be going back home to her family in Gardenia. Roxy is happy that she will be living with Morgana, her mom.

Morgana appoints Nebula as the new Queen of Tir Nan Og as Roxy is still too young. Nebula is surprised and admits that she betrayed Morgana, but in the end she accepts the crown.

Back in Gardenia, Klaus is seen playing with Artu. Artu is upset because Roxy is not there. Roxy comes back with the Winx and Morgana. Klaus does not remember Morgana but after restoring his memories of her, he hugs her.

Morgana tells the Winx her past. She reveals being a queen was nice but she lost touch of reality. She wanted to be a special, without using magic, and wanted to live among ordinary people. She met Klaus and fell in love and got married. Soon they had Roxy and she was ready to give up her throne to live with her family in the human world. However the Wizards defeated Morgana and captured her, and this erased all the memories of her from the minds of all the humans who once knew her.

The Winx return back to Love and Pet. Stella is afraid to look at the store but is greeted by their pets. They are all happy but Stella notices something fishy. She tears down a picture of her room but sees her room trashed. Then two costumers appear at Love and Pet, and soon a whole line is waiting to get their pets taken care of.

Jason Queen comes and tells the Winx that they had a contract that they had signed and they have to start to work. He asks them if they were having second thoughts but, Musa chimes in and tells Jason that they will not back out and be able to perform, for the last time, at the Frutti Music Bar.

The Winx and the Specialists exchange news. The Specialists have to go back to Red Fountain and Sky has to go back to Eraklyon. The Specialists reassure the Winx that they will see each other again soon, but the Winx have their own responsibilities. For one, they have Love and Pet to look after, and the music contract that they had signed.

Aisha comes back to the Winx and recalls how she and Nabu wanted to live on Earth, and how everywhere she looks, it reminds her of Nabu. She decides to stay on Earth.

Klaus is upset that the Specialists will be leaving him, but the Specialists offer to work for him one last time. Morgana is seen at the Music Frutti Bar, and so is Headmistress Faragonda. Roxy accepts the offer to go to Alfea for more fairy training. The Winx perform at the Frutti Music Bar.

As their song plays in the background, the final scene of Season 4 shows the Winx flying over Gardenia first as Believix fairies, and later flying as Enchantix fairies as the episode and season (along with their song) concludes.