1- "Una Fata a Gardenia" ("A fairy from Gardenia")

Winx Club - Episode 01

Winx Club - Episode 01

("An Unexpected Event" / "It Feels Like Magic")

Airdate: January 28, 2004

One summer morning in Gardenia, Bloom's mother wakes her up for school, even though it is summer vacation, as a prank. Bloom’s mother finds out that Bloom was reading a book of fairies and thinks it is silly, and that Bloom is too old. Bloom’s parents give her a present, which she thinks is a scooter, but is really a bicycle.

Bloom passes a girl named Mitzi on the street, who tends to be a show-off about her new scooter. Bloom continues her journey to the park. Kiko returns, screaming and clearly going crazy about something in the woods. It turns out to be Stella, a fairy who came to Earth.

Bloom observes as Stella fights monsters in the woods. The monsters are beating Stella, and she has fallen, until Bloom jumps out, without any powers. Suddenly, when Bloom holds out her hand, she discovers that she has magic, too. Bloom defeats the bad guys, and saves Stella. A strange burst of power erupts from Bloom, and Stella stands again and grabs her scepter to defeat the evil beast.

After Stella and Bloom defeat the beasts, Stella collapses on the ground, unconscious. The monster reports back to his masters, and is accused of failing. He shows a piece of Bloom’s clothes and hands it to a troll, so the troll can search for Bloom.

Stella awakens in Bloom’s living room, and explains to Bloom’s family what happened to Stella and Bloom. Bloom realizes she is a fairy, and Stella attempts to explain to Bloom’s parents that she really is. The ogre and the ghouls return, with a troll to search for Bloom. Stella and Bloom enter Bloom’s room, and explores Bloom’s room. Stella starts explaining what is happening, and tries to explain to Bloom how to use her powers, and about Alfea, a college in the Magic dimension.

The villains are on the hunt for Bloom, and they lose the scent when Bloom disappears into the Magic realm. Bloom and Stella journey in a postcard, enter the Magic realm, and visit Alfea, a college for fairies.

Kiko goes to warn Bloom’s parents of the approaching monsters outside of the kitchen door. Kiko piles objects in front of the door. The monsters enter and attack Bloom’s parent’s house and Bloom’s parents.

Stella transforms into her fairy form and flies into battle and attacks the monsters. As Stella attacks the villains which still remain, Bloom attacks the ghouls. Stella appears and told Bloom that she called the Specialists, whom Bloom has never seen before. The Specialists defeat the beasts and save the girls.

After the Specialists defeat the monsters, Stella introduces Bloom to the specialists: Sky, Brandon, Riven and Timmy. They imprison the monsters before they leave to the Magic dimension.

A new day dawns in Gardenia, as Bloom packs to leave for Alfea and the Magic dimension. Her family then insists to come. Stella transports the entire family to the Magic dimension and Alfea, where they land and head to Alfea.

2- "Benvenuti a Magix!" ("Welcome to Magix!")

Winx Club - Episode 02

Winx Club - Episode 02

("Welcome to Magix!" / "More Than High School")

Airdate: January 30, 2004

Bloom and Stella arrive at Alfea, but Bloom’s parents cannot walk through the barrier around Alfea. After saying their goodbyes Stella sends Bloom’s parents home and the girls continue to Alfea across the barrier. They arrive at school, and meet Griselda. Stella tells Griselda that Bloom is Varanda, the Princess of Callisto. The head of discipline tells them that Stella did something bad last year.

Griselda tells the girls about the rules, and shows Bloom what Stella did. The headmistress appears and introduces Alfea. The girls all enter Alfea to give them a tour. Faragonda tells the girls to avoid the witches of Cloud Tower. Stella explains who the witches are, and about the three schools.

Bloom journeys to her room and Bloom discovers that her roommate is Flora. Bloom tells Flora that she’s really Varanda. The girls, Tecna, Flora, Bloom, Stella and Musa, meet, and Flora feeds Kiko. Griselda spies on the girls as they walk around. Meanwhile, the girls take a bus to Magix.

Knut appears and runs after the girls. His masters scream at him, and orders him to steal Stella’s scepter. Meanwhile, Bloom calls home from the magic phone in Magix. Bloom also spots Knut watching her friends. Curious as to what he is doing she follows him into an alley where she discovers the Trix who attacks her, and Stormy spins up a tornado. The Trix girls freeze Bloom in ice, and then her friends appear in order to help her. Icy orders the ogre to attack her friends instead. The Winx undergo their transformations to become fairies.

The Winx use their powers to attack the ogre, and they beat him. The Trix then attack the Winx girls. The Winx then vanish back to Alfea.

The other girls discover Stella’s lie, and Faragonda and Griselda, catch Bloom, and discovers her lie as well. She has to convince them that she deserves to be there. Headmistress Faragonda lets Bloom stay. The girls finish back in the room, and they talk about the name. They choose Bloom’s idea, the Winx.

3- "L'anello di Stella" ("The ring of Stella")

Winx Club - Episode 03

Winx Club - Episode 03

("Alfea College for Fairies" / "Save the First Dance")

Airdate: February 2, 2004

Their professor appears to teach them how to transform. The teacher gives them mirrors, and the girls try to change the color of their hair. Everyone but Bloom can do it. The girls try to help Bloom fix her hair. Flora tries to help Bloom feel better and then the girls explain their dreams. Stella tells about her parents, and Flora explains that she wants to learn. The girls all sit together. Miss Faragonda explains that the new students will meet the Specialists and that the gala will happen that night, and that the girls will make the dining room into a ballroom. Cloud Tower’s headmistress explains that the fairies have snubbed Cloud Tower, and Griffin decides that they much be evil to defeat the fairies. The witches decide to attack the castle’s party.

The Winx girls are planning for the ball. The girls dress up for the party. Stella takes Bloom shopping in Magix city for the ball. Bloom has trouble finding a dress because everything is very expensive. Then the girls get dressed for the ball are get ready.

Griffin allows the Trix to use their plan to ruin the party. Bloom hurries the fix the dress for the party. Bloom uses her powers to cut the dress, but it sets it on fire. The Trix follow tunnels to Alfea to enact their plan. Bloom spots the Trix, and they follow her. She overhears the Trix hatching their plan. They look at Stella’s gifts and steal the gifts from Red Fountain. They turn them into rat-snake eggs that hatch when fairies touch them. The Trix depart to watch from afar.

The Trix attack and they steal the ring. Bloom is stuck, and Bloom transforms for the first time. The Trix try to beat Bloom, but she figures out how to stop Darcy’s illusion spell. Icy attacks Bloom, and Bloom gets knocked down. Icy then shoots a spell to freeze Bloom, and then leaves.

However, Bloom manages to get away. The Winx gathers around Bloom, and Flora reveals that Stella's ring is safe.

Bloom finishes her dress and go to the ballroom, where Flora tells her that she has put a spell that transports Stella's ring somewhere safe. The ring is replaced with an egg.

Back with the Trix, Icy opens Stella's box and found an egg. She gets a duck, instead of Stella ring.

Sky asks her to dance. They dance together, finishing the episode.

4- "La palude di Melmamora" ("The swamp of Melmamora")

Winx Club - Episode 04

Winx Club - Episode 04

("The Black-Mud Swamp" / "The Voice of Nature")

Airdate: February 4, 2004

In the middle of the swamp, the girls are preparing for an exercise in the woods. They have three hours to escape the forest without using magic. The girls begin by getting stuck in the swamp.

Bloom smells something bad and after discovering that it smelled like gas they retreated and the bubbles pop revealing the dangerous gas that was trapped inside it.

At Cloud Tower, the Trix appear in their room, after they had used a spell that made them invisible so that they could skip class, and called for the ogre. The ogre heard that the Specialists are going to deliver the troll that was captured at Bloom's house to the police, Stormy suspects that the troll will reveal to the police what the Trix are planning. Thus, they hatch a plan to eliminate him before he is turned in. As the Specialists were transferring the captured troll that worked for the Trix, the Trix girls, who wanted to free the troll that would give them the evidence they needed to convict the Trix, attacked the Specialists while they were in mid-air.

The Winx girls find the ship that fell from the sky. The troll escaped, and the Winx and the Specialists get into an argument, and the Specialists leave to find the troll.

The girls notice that the prints disappear. They come to the conclusion that someone helped the troll escape. The girls keep on moving, trying to find the troll and make it through their assignment. Living vines catch the Specialists due to the loud noises they were making. The plants that captured the Specialists then attacks Stella because she did not believe what Flora said about the plants - they like silence, and so Flora helps calm the plants down. Riven mocks Prince Sky’s squire, and almost gets kicked off the team.

The group continues on their way. They stand on moving clumps of turf, and the clumps begin getting sucked in by a whirlpool. The Winx and Specialists jump from clump to clump. Riven falls in, and they work together to pull him up to the bank. After resting on the bank, they head off, undiscouraged.

As they continue to search for the troll, they heard screaming and found the troll attacking the girls of Alfea. They devise a plan of attack, and go to capture the troll. The Winx insult and distract the troll, and the Specialists attempt to cuff the troll, but he throws them off. The fairies tease the Specialists and run off. The troll disappears into the woods.

The Trix then meet up with the troll, and obliterate it. They then return to Cloud Tower, and the Winx and Specialists arrived too late to retrieve the runaway troll. However, they do succeed in their assignments, and the Specialists learn to work together.

5-"Appuntamento al buio" ("Blind date")

Winx Club - Episode 05

Winx Club - Episode 05

("Date with Disaster" / "Date with Disaster")

Airdate: February 6, 2004

While the Winx are preparing food, Stella comes in and tells them that Sky has asked her out on a date. The Winx are happy for her, but disappointed that she won't be helping them make dinner.

Stella asks the Winx to help her pick out an outfit for her date. After she gets ready, she asks Bloom to hold the ring of Solaria for her.

The next morning, Stella is acting strange. The Winx notice, but ignore it and go to class. Stella never shows up for class, and Bloom returns and sees that their rooms are trashed. She then confronts Stella and she attacks.

They go to Sky and ask if he knows anything wrong with Stella but reveals that he did not write the letter or go on the date.

They then go to Magix and ask people if they knew the place Stella had gone too. They don't know where it is but a man, who is Knut in disguise, tells the Winx where to go.

When they go there, Flora noticed that the tree is dead, and the Winx notice there is something wrong. The Trix sets a trap for the girls. Stella starts attacking the Winx and Bloom figures out something is not right.

Stella is unable to use her powers without her Ring of Solaria. Darcy has been disguised as Stella the entire time. Icy demands for the ring as she points to the real Stella who is trapped.

Icy blackmails the Winx and the Winx surrender by giving the Trix the ring.

6- "Missione a Torrenuvola" ("Mission at Cloudtower")

Winx Club - Episode 06

Winx Club - Episode 06

("Mission at Cloudtower" / "Secret Guardian")

Airdate: February 9, 2004

At Alfea, Bloom is searching through the Alfea Library looking for information on Stella’s ring. They are wondering why the ring is so important and learn that the ring has been in Stella’s family forever.

Bloom goes back to the library to learn more about the Great Dragon. Miss Faragonda takes Bloom back to her office and tells her about the Dragon. Bloom learns that out of darkness, the Great Dragon emerged and created different worlds and spread life, light, and heat throughout the universe. Eventually, it settled down in Domino. When Bloom asks why Domino is cold now, Miss Faragonda tells her that it used to be beautiful before evil forces destroyed it.

Bloom leaves and journeys back to her room. They start to plan how to get the ring back. They decide to journey to Cloud Tower through the tunnels under the school.

At Cloudtower, the Trix meditate to try to activate the ring, but it doesn't work. Knut tries to ask them what is happening, but Stormy sends him back to bed. Icy is disappointed she can’t find the ring’s energy, and they find out the Dragon’s Fire is not inside the ring. Pepe journeys out as Icy collapses.

In the tunnels, Bloom is leading them to Cloud Tower as Knut is cleaning up the witches’ mess. The Trix journey into the woods and the Winx go above ground. They go up to the Trix’s room. Tecna finds a weird doll and Musa finds a spiky bat. Stella finds the ring and puts in on. They start to leave, but Tecna can’t open the door to the tunnels. Bloom finds a door and decides to go in it.

They end up in Cloud Tower's archives. Headmistress Griffin sees them and decides to send something bad to them. Tecna wants to leave but Bloom insists they stay so she can find more about herself. Bloom finds a book all about herself and even though Tecna warns her not to, Bloom opens the book. They make a breach, and Flora conjures a spider-eater to take care of them. Bloom and Tecna speculate that there is more coming, but Stella dismisses the idea.

The spider remains join to together to make a disgusting monster, so the Winx try to fly out of Cloud Tower. They reach a dead end and start attacking the monster. They defeat the monster and enter a room with tons of junk. A bake-o-monster comes out and Stella’s magic backfires and the room catches on fire. Bloom, who fells responsible, hears Daphne and lets Daphne lead her out. The Winx follow Bloom and safely journey back to Alfea.

Back at Alfea, Griselda stops them and takes them to Faragonda’s office. Faragonda learns about where they went last night, and Griselda suggests their powers are removed. Faragonda revokes their powers. In their room, Bloom decides that they need to get their powers back.

7- "A che servono gli amici?" ("What are friends for?")

Winx Club - Episode 07

Winx Club - Episode 07

("Friends in Need" / "Grounded")

Airdate: February 11, 2004

The Winx are punished for their infiltration into Cloud Tower and have their powers revoked. Griselda, however, not satisfied with their punishment, forces them to clean the school.

After the rest of Alfea goes to a concert in Magix, the Winx invite the Specialists to come over and help with the cleaning, and after that they can have a party.

At Cloud Tower, after the Trix discovered the Winx's intrusion they were furious and wanted revenge. Mirta stood up to them saying that there is no need for such angst against the fairies and that they should all try to get along. However, her efforts were proven to be futile as she was mocked and laughed at. Icy then decides to trash Alfea at night when supposedly everyone had left for the concert.

That night, while the Winx and Specialists were enjoying their party, the Trix teleport themselves to Alfea but were surprised to see that there were people. And at a safe distance, Icy feels that the energy the Trix are searching for is at Alfea and summons the vacuums to track it.

In order to distract the Winx as they continue their search for the Dragon Flame, the Trix summons a Cretan Minotaur. This Cretan Minotaur disrupts the party and goes on a rampage.

The Winx and Specialists fought hard against the Cretan Minotaur; until Stella came up with the idea to use their cleaning supplies to first get its attention, and then make it slip on the spilled cleaning fluid, thus defeating it. As the creature lays on the floor unconscious, Pepe - it had followed the Trix - appeared from underneath it alerting the group that it was the Trix who had summoned it. For their safety and the school's Bloom suggests that they go into Faragonda's office to use her crystal ball to inspect the situation at hand.

The Trix, Specialists and the Winx wind up in Faragonda's office, and are caught by the headmistress. Faragonda asks Griselda to remind her to send a letter to Saladin to thank him for his students' help, she also scolds the Trix for their inappropriate behavior and sends them back to Cloud Tower, and gives the Winx back their powers.

8- "La festa della rosa" ("The festival of the rose")

Winx Club - Episode 08

Winx Club - Episode 08

("A Friendship Sundered" / "The Day of the Rose")

Airdate: February 13, 2004

It's the Day of the Rose, where everybody celebrates their own mother. Flora and Tecna goes home, while Musa, Bloom and Stella stay on campus. Stella reveals that her parents are getting divorced, and Musa reveals that her mother had passed away when she was young. The girls then comfort each other and Stella receives an invitation to the big rose ball by Prince Sky (Brandon).

At Cloud Tower, Griffin angrily scolds the Trix for their failure to ruin Alfea instead of breaking into the school, but instead of discipiling them, she gives them one more chance. This time; ruining the blossoming alliance between the Red Fountain specialists and Alfea fairies.

Musa spends her time alone at Alfea as she remembers her mother while Bloom and Stella go to Magix for the festival of the Rose. After Bloom and Riven have an argument, the Trix disguise Knut as Timmy, who gives Bloom a helmet as a peace-offering to Riven.

What Bloom does not know is that Timmy went home for the day and the helmet is more of a hypno-gadget. Bloom finds out, and tries to stop Riven, but Darcy interferes and activates the helmet, causing Riven to lose control and he crashes, Darcy appears and heals him. Bloom then tries to get Darcy away from Riven and explains that it was the Trix who did this, but Riven does not believe her.

He then blames his loss on Bloom, and is mad at his fellow Specialists for believing Bloom over him. He leaves with Darcy, who healed him, making Riven think she saved him. But despite this unfortunate event, the bond between the Winx and Specialists continues to grow.

9- "Il tradimento di Riven" ("The betrayal of Riven")

Winx Club - Episode 09

Winx Club - Episode 09

("Betrayed!" / "Spelled")

Airdate: February 16, 2004

Bloom begins to get prophetic dreams about Daphne, making her grow concerned. Stella tells her that she's blowing her situation out of proportion in a way that sounded insensitive, angering Bloom.

When Stella teases Musa about Riven, Musa then runs off to Magix, where she catches Darcy with Riven - on a date. Icy and Stormy catch her 'spying'.

After Icy emotionally torments her, Musa slaps her in the face (In the 4Kids version, she gave her a wart, due to them not accepting physical damage).

The Trix round up some witches and chase her where she runs into Riven, who doesn't want to help her. The Winx, Timmy, Brandon and Sky show up and help her.

Before the Trix could defeat the Winx, Bloom releases a massive amount of energy, defeating the Trix, but she also unknowingly reveals to Icy that she has the power that the Trix desires. They escape and Musa admits that she did like Riven, but after the events of that day, she never wanted to see him again.

10- "La fiamma del drago" ("The flame of dragon")

Winx Club - Episode 10

Winx Club - Episode 10

("Bloom Tested" / "Magical Reality Check")

Airdate: February 18, 2004

After learning Bloom has the prize they so desperately want, the Trix decides to test Bloom.

Palladium takes them into the simulator for a test and Bloom's first to take the plunge because she was alphabetically first on the list.

A dead planet was randomly selected, the most desolate place possible: Domino. While she is trying to improve the environment, the Trix use their Vacuums to project themselves and challenge Bloom.

She fights back, but after Kiko (who followed Bloom into the simulator) falls of a cliff and into a fiery pit, she dives after him to save him.

She releases a enormous amount of energy , defeating the Trix, thus saving Kiko. She, unaware, confirms the witches' suspicions that she has their ultimate prize: The Dragon Flame. She passes the test afterwards.

11- "Il regno delle ninfe" ("The reign of the nymphs")

Winx Club - Episode 11

Winx Club - Episode 11

("The Monster and The Willow" / "Junior League")

Airdate: February 20, 2004

Stella complains about Flora's flowers in her room, and Tecna yells at her after she is saved from one of her plants.

After being confronted about her plants, Flora leaves to Black Mud Swamp to study her plants where they won't bother anyone leading Bloom to scold them saying that even Flora shouldn't live in a swamp. The Winx then go along to Black Mud Swamp in search for the Cheerful Gladioulus. They then meet up with the Undines (Water Nymphs).

The Undines reveal that the monster of the Black Island threatens them daily. They say they can't leave because their survival depends on a plant called Xylith, which can only be found on that island. The Winx decided to help them by going to the island to find an Undine named Lusiz who disappeared sometime ago and fight the monster. There they find that a Red Willow tree growing on the island making all living creatures on the island fall asleep.

They find little Lusiz, who tells them that the monster was actually a turtle which is sleeping because of the Willow and is sleepwalking. The Undines take it for a monster when it will move its head in and out of his shell during its sleep. Bloom and Flora in combine efforts, remove the Red Willow. Flora uses her rapid growth formula which multiplies the Xylith leaves. The Undines are so grateful that they reward Flora a Cheerful Gladiolus.

12- "Miss Magix"

Winx Club - Episode 12

Winx Club - Episode 12

("Miss Magix" / "Miss Magix")

Airdate: February 23, 2004

The Miss Magix contest is on the horizon and Stella plans to make a clean sweep. After not quite making the cut the previous year, she's determined to win.

So determined, in fact, that she missed her exam in the simulator. She reveals to the Winx that she's going to enter, Bloom tries to get her to study, but she and the other Winx are instead convinced to accompany Stella.

Lucy, one of the witches from Cloud Tower, also wants to enter, and solicits help from the Trix.

When Icy tells them that they are going to do a 'good deed' -- by making Lucy more attractive -- Darcy and Stormy are confused, but then she explains the conclusion of the plan: As Lucy is crowned Miss Magix, they will break the spell and reveal Lucy's true self.

The contestants all perform a special skill, but the Trix sabotage each one of them, except Lucy, who performed a stunning ballet routine, and Stella, who managed to dodge every sabotage attempt during her performance.

Ultimately, Lucy is crowned the winner, but the Trix keep there promise and ends the night their way: breaking the beauty spell and exposing Lucy. Stella is then crowned the new Miss Magix. She wants to celebrate, but Bloom reminds her of a certain promise she had forgotten: STUDY!

Because of her lack of attention of what she was doing due to fatigue of pulling an all-nighter, Stella added too much of a grass-growing formula. She got trapped and unfortunately failed the test. Bloom encourages her that she still has time to catch up on her grades. The girls then get excited about the upcoming summer break.

13- "La figlia del fuoco" ("The daughter of fire")

Winx Club - Episode 13

Winx Club - Episode 13

("A Great Secret Revealed" / "Meant to Be")

Airdate: February 25, 2004

It's time for vacation and Bloom decides to go to Gardenia. Her mother is then approached by two strange men. Bloom, discovering her new power to see people's auras, sees that these counterparts are plotting something bad. They then decide, in order to get Vanessa to agree to let them take over her business, they have to vandalize her shop. Bloom has a strange feeling one night and while she was sleeping, saw a vision of the shop on fire! Bloom, Mike and Vanessa go check out the scene, and Bloom, using her improved powers, puts out the fire. The driver of the business men's limo told them everything that happened, and was really sorry about it.

Bloom saw that his aura also felt the same way. In the end, Bloom told her parents that she had a vision in the shop, a vision where she saw her father saving a new born baby. Her father reveals that that baby was Bloom, and Bloom's parents also revealed that she was adopted by them. Bloom is devastated and returns to Alfea, where she plans to get some answers.

14- "Il segreto di Bloom" ("The secret of Bloom")

Winx Club - Episode 14

Winx Club - Episode 14

("Bloom's Dark Secret" / "Witch Trap")

Airdate: February 27, 2004

After the events at Gardenia, Bloom decides to get some answers. Along with Brandon, they sneak into Cloud Tower. However, Riven warns Darcy. Bloom's curiosity about her past and magical powers begin to interfere with her confidence and she arranges to go to Cloud Tower with the Winx Club and Brandon to seek answers.

The Trix plan to tell Bloom a lie which will strike her with terror, and it succeeds. Mirta - angered by the Trix's effect on Lucy, goes to tell Bloom the truth.

The Winx come to save Mirta and Bloom, and after Mirta gets the advantage, Icy gets angered and turns Mirta into a pumpkin. Flora takes Mirta the pumpkin back to Alfea and promises to take care of it until further notice.

15- "Voci dal passato" ("Voices from the past")

Winx Club - Episode 15

Winx Club - Episode 15

("Honor Above All" / "Pushing the Envelope")

Airdate: March 1, 2004

Bloom finds the answers to a quiz in Wizgiz's class and Faragonda takes Bloom on an astral journey to reveal Daphne, the voice in her head. More coming soon...

16- "Il nemico nell’ombra" ("The Enemy in the Shadows")

Winx Club - Episode 16

Winx Club - Episode 16

("Cold Spell" / "The Nightmare Monster")

Airdate: March 3, 2004

In order to weaken Bloom and the Winx, the Trix create the nightmare gargoyle, to feed off their nightmares. With each nightmare he becomes more powerful. Mirta in a pumpkin form warns the Winx about the Trix's plan, so the Winx plan to take on the monster the next time he appears.

However, Stella, Musa and Tecna were too weak, since their nightmares have been been fed off. Just when Flora and Bloom were about to bite the dust, Headmistress Faragonda appeared and defeated the beast, and also chased away the Trix. When the Trix returned to Cloud Tower, Headmistress Griffin appeared before them, scolds and then expels them. They swore revenge.

17- "Il segreto di Brandon" ("The secret of Brandon")

Winx Club - Episode 17

Winx Club - Episode 17

("Secrets Within Secrets" / "Royal Heartbreak")

Airdate: March 5, 2004

Red Fountain is holding an Exhibition. All specialists are competing against each other, and a dragon show is being shown. Saladin has high hopes that everything will run smoothly, and has pride in his exhibition.

Sky and Bloom are on bad terms with each other. After the events at Cloud Tower, Bloom suspects that Brandon doesn't have the same feelings as she does for him. Stella urges Bloom to call him, but Brandon sounds distance and upset. Bloom still feels that he doesnt love her back. However, Brandon is face with his own conflict; he is to marry Diaspro despite his love towards Bloom.

Brandon talks it over with Timmy to which Riven eavesdrops. He and Brandon get in a fight, but are stopped by Brandon and Timmy. Sky tells Riven that Darcy is using him, and the tension thickens. Saladin interrupts the boys, reminding them of the exhibition.

Bloom wants to go to the exhibition, however the rest of the Winx are reluctant. It is revealed that the exhibition is invite only, but all the Winx agree to go.

They arrive at Red Fountain, the Bloom splits up from the rest of the Winx. She notices the royality and in awe, she accidently bumps into Diaspro. She sees Diaspro carry and talking to a holographic projection of Brandon. Bloom is confused, and angry, believing that the Trix are tricking her again.

During the exhibition, the tension between Riven and Brandon is thickening. Performing on their hoverbikes, Riven knocks down Brandon, to which Sky rushes to his aid. Before they get into another quarrel with Riven, Timmy stops them telling them that it isn't the time.

The rest of the Winx finds a crack through a door and are able to watch the exhibition. Since they could only see a little bit, they take turns and later argue who gets to see what.

Bloom escorts Diaspro to "meet Brandon" but instead fights her, demanding which Trix she was. Diaspro fights back.

The dragon show starts and the specialists start controlling their dragons. Everyone is impressed however another quarrel is brought up again between Riven and Brandon. Cortadora stops the fighting dragons. Suddenly, Bloom and Diaspro emerge, still fighting each other. Diaspro is defeated but runs to Brandon.

Confused, Bloom calls out his name, but it is revealed that Brandon is actually Prince Sky of Eraklyon, as Sky is Brandon. Brandon is scolded by the King. Stella is enraged that "Sky" isn't a prince, rather he is the squire to the prince.

Saladin is also angry at the fact that his exhibition is ruined. Farigonda is embarrassed as Griffin states that her students aren't always bad.

18- "Addio Magix!" ("Goodbye Magix!")

Winx Club - Episode 18

Winx Club - Episode 18

("The Font of Dragon Fire" / "Senior Witches Go to Earth")

Airdate: March 8, 2004

Bloom, believing she'll be expelled from Alfea, leaves Magix and returns to Gardenia. Stormy sees this and goes to inform Icy Winx club 118 senior witches go to earthThe Trix and Knut capture Mike and Vanessa Winx Club RoxAdded by Winx Club Rox and Darcy.

The Trix decides to follow Bloom, feeling this is the perfect opportunity to snatch her powers. The Trix goes to attack Bloom.

Bloom manages to stand her ground, until the Trix flee. Bloom follows them to her parent’s house and sees they are in grave danger.

After Bloom saves her parents, she lowers her guard and is trapped by Icy, who tells her about her past. The Trix steal Bloom's power and escape. Stella arrives and takes Bloom back to Alfea.

19- "Attacco ad Alfea" ("Attack on Alfea")

Winx Club - Episode 19

Winx Club - Episode 19

("The Fall of Magix" / "The Army of Decay")

Airdate: March 10, 2004

The Trix take over Cloud Tower and imprison the witches and Griffin. After they seized complete control, they went to awaken the Army of Darkness.

At Alfea, Bloom reunites with the Winx and goes to Faragonda to explain why she left.

The Trix unleash their first attack on the remaining two schools. Bloom helps Alfea repel the attack, even though she's not much help.

20- "La scomparsa di Bloom" ("The disappearance of Bloom")

Winx Club - Episode 20

Winx Club - Episode 20

("Mission to Domino" / "Sparks of Hope")

Airdate: March 12, 2004

The Trix sends a hologram to Faragonda and Saladin, giving them a choice to surrender or face annihilation when the Trix will conquer the Magic Dimension. Faragonda and Saladin then discuss what to do. They finally decide to fight, with Red Fountain and Alfea joining forces.

After that, Faragonda calls the Winx and tells them that the Trix will attack the dimension. Faragonda also says that the Trix will do the same as their ancestors did, but this time with a power that makes them invisible : the Dragon Flame's power.

Faragonda tells Bloom to go to Domino, as she thinks there are some hope of getting clues on how to restore Bloom’s Dragon power.

21- "Trappola di ghiaccio" ("Trap of ice")

Winx Club - Episode 21

Winx Club - Episode 21

("The Crown of Dreams" / "The Frozen Palace")

Airdate: March 15, 2004

The Winx go to search for Bloom, and discover the Royal Palace of Domino covered in a thick layer of snow and ice. Stella melts the castle, and when she finds the castle's courtyard, she finds Bloom as well.

The Winx then interact with Daphne's spirit, who takes them to the castle's treasure room. Bloom finds a crown and is told about her past by crown.

The Winx battle the Domino beast and an ice army and take temporary cover in the castle. Before Bloom is attacked, Sky comes to her rescue; Brandon and Timmy are with them as well.

Bloom suggests that the rest of the Winx should converge their powers. So with Tecna’s static sphere, Stella's sun magic to let Flora's petals to blossom and Musa's sound wave, the beast is defeated. In a b-story Red Fountain is destroyed.

22- "Il ritorno di Riven" ("The return of Riven")

Winx Club - Episode 22

Winx Club - Episode 22

("Storming Cloudtower" / "Mission to Cloud Tower")

Airdate: March 17, 2004

After the girls return from Domino, Bloom devises a plan to get into Cloud Tower to get her power back. Meanwhile, Riven, a prisoner in Cloud Tower, is forced to literally take a long hard look at himself, causing him to feel regret for his past actions against his real friends.

He also finds Griffin locked up as well. Bloom, Stella, Sky, and Brandon will be escorted through the tunnels by Knut. After they escaped many traps, the end up in Cloud Tower's junk yard. They come face to face with the beetle roaches until a disguised warrior comes and chases them away.

This warrior is revealed to be Riven, who decided to rejoin there group. In a B-story Alfea is once again attacked with Flora, Musa, and Tecna staying behind, and Riven does some soul searching to come to terms with his past actions against his friends.

23- "Fuga da Torrenuvola" ("Escaping from Cloudtower")

Winx Club - Episode 23

Winx Club - Episode 23

("Power Play" / "The Search for the Flame")

Airdate: March 19, 2004

After reuniting with Riven, the group continues through the many corridors in Cloud Tower. Knut finally brings Bloom to a room. There was a huge flame in this room, but then the Trix appear and reveal to Bloom's dismay that it's not Bloom's flame. They end up in a battle. Griffin then shows up and temporarily holds back the Trix.

Griffin created a magical shield and thick granite to cage them in. As the Army of Darkness was approaching everyone escaped to Alfea, except for Sky who volunteered to hold the monsters back. Bloom decided to join him. Things takes an unexpected turn when Sky and Bloom crash into the forest.

24- "Il mistero del lago" ("The mystery of the lake")

Winx Club - Episode 24

Winx Club - Episode 24

("The Witches' Siege" / "Battle for Alfea")

Airdate: March 22, 2004

After Bloom and Sky’s wind rider crashes, the two of them have no option but to hike through the forest. Bloom, dejected and defeated, gives into her doubts of self-worth.

She no longer belongs to Earth, but with her powers stolen she feels that now she does not belong to the magical community either. Sky comforts her and with her spirits rejuvenated they continue on.

Meanwhile Proffesser Griffin and the others have managed to make it safely to Alfea. They realize that they can mutually help each other and only united can they stand a chance against the Trix.

Together they face off against the monsters when they attack. But as the monsters keep regenerating, things seem hopeless.

After a night’s rest Bloom and Sky set off again. As they are walking Bloom hears a voice calling to her. She believes it to be Daphne. She tells Sky that she has to visit Lake Roccaluce in a last attempt to get her powers back. Sky reluctantly agrees.

The two split up as Sky heads towards Magix and Bloom towards Lake Roccaluce. Faragonda and Griffin have come up with a way to stop the creatures of the dark. They want to unite the powers of the witches and the fairies. This plan proves to be successful during the next attack.

The Trix are enraged by the failure of their attack. They decide to take care of Alfea themselves and personally lead the next attack. The episode ends with Sky entering Magix to find it deserted and Bloom setting foot in Lake Roccaluce.

25- "Il sonno di Magix" ("The sleep of Magix")

Winx Club - Episode 25

Winx Club - Episode 25

("The Ultimate Challenge" / "The Great Witch Invasion")

Airdate: March 24, 2004

Alfea has suffered some damage from the previous battle and the students are showing signs of battle fatigue, yet everyone knows that the war is far from over.

Waiting is the worst part, but how much longer will they have to wait before the Trix attack again?

Bloom carefully enters Lake Roccaluce, wanting to talk to Daphne and she gets her wish. Bloom tells Daphne of all her fears and doubts.

She feels that she has let everyone down and asks Daphne if there is any way she can get her powers back. Daphne explains to Bloom that her past, like her powers, will always be part of her.

No one can take that away from her and it's only because of her doubts and belief that her powers could be stolen from her, that she had been unable of using them. Daphne tells Bloom that all she has to do is look deep within herself and she will find all her answers.

Bloom takes Daphne's advice and looks into her heart. She is no longer weighed down by doubts and with a flash of blazing glory, Bloom, in her Winx form, leaves the lake riding on the back of a dragon with her powers restored.

Around Black Mud Swamp, the Army of Darkness is marching forth, with the Trix sisters still sitting in their thrones, moving along with the Army of Darkness. Stormy notices and asks why they're not taking King's Bridge to Alfea.

Icy says the path their taking leads to the Invisible Road, the route they're taking to arrive at Alfea without warning. The miniature water nymphs of Black Mud Swamp, listening to the Trio's conversation, decide to go to warn those at Alfea.

At Alfea everyone is worried about Bloom and Sky and are wondering why haven't they returned yet. Flora is worried about Mirta she once again tries to transform Mirta, who is trapped as a pumpkin, back to her original form. As Flora tries, with all her heart, the pumpkin begins to glow and finally Mirta is no longer trapped as a pumpkin. It seems Mirta has been transformed back just in time because the wait is about to end.

The Water Nymphs from Black Mud Swamp have come to warn Alfea of the Trix's arrival. They tell Faragonda of how they saw the biggest army yet, lead by the Trix themselves, heading straight for Alfea. Being forewarned the students prepare for battle.

Sky, in the meantime, is already in a battle. Magix was not as deserted as he assumed, it was infested by some creatures of the dark, who have him surrounded. Sky refuses to go down without a fight but there seems no chance of him surviving this battle.

But the tables turn when Bloom comes to his rescue, vanquishing the monsters once and for all. She says her powers actually never left her, but just didn't realize it until just now, and hopes it isn't too late.

Bloom asks what happened to all the people, now just rot, and Sky doesn't know. Bloom asks if they can be revived, and Sky doesn't know that either. She and Sky then set off on her dragon to save Alfea.

The Trix, too, are reaching Alfea. Though Darcy and Stormy have some doubts, Icy overrides them, saying that now that they have the Dragon Flame what could they possibly be afraid of.

26- "Battaglia finale" ("Final battle")

Winx Club - Episode 26

Winx Club - Episode 26

("The Witches' Downfall" / "Fire and Ice")

Airdate: March 26, 2004

The final battle against the Trix is about to begin, but this time Sky and a fully-powered Bloom have joined the fight. While Bloom battles Icy, the rest of the Winx girls battle Darcy and Stormy. Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna prevail over the two, while a harrowing battle of fire and ice results in Bloom's victory over Icy.

With the Trix defeated and their army decimated, they are captured and promptly sentenced to rehabilitation in the Fortress of Light.

Bloom and Sky imagine themselves having their first kiss, signifying the start of their romantic relationship. Meanwhile, at the end-of-school celebration party, each of the other Winx girls, except for Flora, start dating the the Specialist of their choice.