1 (105)- "Minaccia dall'oceano" ("Threat from the ocean")

Winx Club - Episode 105

Winx Club - Episode 105

("The Spill")

Airdate: October 16, 2012

The Winx advertise their concert in Gardenia at Frutti Music Bar during the night. The Winx use their powers to impressed the people of Gardenia. After they advertise their concert, they meet Roxy in the Frutti Music Bar. She tells them that that day is her last day working at the Frutti Music bar as she was accepted to Alfea. She shows Bloom an admission letter. She is thankful to Bloom and says that Bloom helped her a lot like a big sister, reminding Bloom of her sister Daphne.

At the oil tank in the middle of the sea of Gardenia, the machines are broken where it may lead to oil spill. The Winx check out a smoke occurring there, but luckily, no oil spill occurs after Tecna scans it with her techno device. The Specialists are on their way to meet the Winx at the Frutti Music Bar. Sky is so nervous as he is about to give Bloom the pendant of Eraklyon to prove his love to her. Then, Sky continues walking with the others to the Frutti Music Bar to meet the Winx.

When the Specialists arrive, the Winx happily greet them. The Winx hang out with the Specialists where Helia gives Flora a special origami while Brandon is serving Stella a glass carrot juice in which she doesn't like it. Sky is telling Bloom about his summer and when he is about to give Bloom the pendant, Musa interrupts their conversation. Kiko who wants to drink the carrot juice in front of him almost has Sky drop the precious pendant. Flora sees what's in Sky's hand and asks him whether that is for Bloom and he answers yes.

Bloom is searching for Aisha as she sitd far from the rest of them. Aisha is crying missing Nabu when she sees Nabu's photo on her phones. When the Winx approach her and ask her whether she's fine. She quickly changes Nabu's picture to Tressa's picture and says that she's alright. Aisha introduces the Winx to her family's picture and says that the coronation day is on that day where her uncle will pick one of his sons as the next king of Andros. A moment later, Tressa calls as the ceremony is about to begin and she picks it up.

Tressa is in King Neptune's throne room, where mermaids and selkies come to watch the historical moment of underwater Andros. The Winx and the sSpecialists greet Tressa through Aisha's webcam on her cellphone. Two mermaids are talking about the ceremony when they enter the throne room. Tritannus who sneaks behind them overheard their conversation in which one of the mermaids says Tritannus is not great, causing him to be angry.

King Neptune continues the ceremony without Tritannus. He honorably announces Nereus as the next king of Andros to Andros citizens. All crowd cheers and applause and hail Nereus as their next king. When King Neptune is about to give him the crown, he is attacked by a stranger causing him to be furious. A fight breaks out between King Neptune and the stranger until the strangers's mask is removed accidentally. Everyone gasps as it is Tritannus.

Tritannus then explain his jealous feeling about his brother to his father. Her father, angrily command the guards to put him in the dungeon. Aisha's connection is lost making her worry about the thing that is happening on Andros. Then, the winx and the specialists rushed out to save the workers from the oil tank which machines are broken.

2 (106)- "L'ascesa di Tritannus" ("The Rise of Tritannus")

Winx Club - Episode 106

Winx Club - Episode 106

("The Rise of Tritannus")

Airdate: October 17, 2012

The Winx Club hold a benefit concert instead to help clean up the oil spill. Tritannus escapes from prison with the help of the Trix after absorbing the pollution from the oil spill. This transforms him into a monster. The Winx find out that the Trix have escaped from prison and that a mutated monster has control of the Gate from Andros to Earth. Aisha learns that the monster is her cousin, Tritannus. Flora, Tecna and Aisha find that it is difficult to swim underwater with only their Believix abilities and magic does not work well and is less effective under the ocean as well.

3 (107)- "Ritorno ad Alfea" ("Return to Alfea")

Winx Club - Episode 107

Winx Club - Episode 107

("Return to Alfea")

Airdate: October 18, 2012

The new school year begins in Alfea. Headmistress Faragonda warmly welcomes all returning and new students, especially introducing Roxy. Everyone watches the Winx appear and return to Alfea to consult with Faragonda on how to deal with Tritannus as their Believix powers lose effectiveness in the water. She brings up the matter of the Sirenix power, which could give the girls an edge against the new threat. However, the book containing the secrets is hidden somewhere in Alfea, that even Faragonda herself doesn't know its exact location. The only one who does is Daphne. Bloom sets out to talk with Daphne and asks about the book's location, but the ghostly fairy is reluctant to tell her since the Sirenix is too dangerous to use as she knows firsthand. Daphne relents and tells Bloom it's in the secret archive of the library. As the Winx go to find the book, the Trix break in and a fight ensues. The girls have a bit of trouble since the Trix had gotten a serious power-up from Tritannus to overcome the Believix. Icy gets Bloom cornered as she is about to deal out the killing Bloom, Sky intervenes and takes the hit for her and falls from a great height. Once Faragonda and Griselda arrive, the Trix retreat. Bloom frantically checks Sky's condition, and is elated to see him awaken, but he lost his memory when he fell.

4 (108)- "Il Libro Sirenix" ("The Sirenix Book")

Winx Club - Episode 108

Winx Club - Episode 108

"The Sirenix Book"

Airdate: October 19, 2012

Continuing from the previous episode, Bloom despairs over what had transpired. Sky had been sent to the school's infirmary to tend to his injuries. The other girls try to lift her spirits, assuring that Sky will eventually regain his memories. Stella then provides everyone with new outfits, which Flora comments that she ought to become a fashion designer, where Stella gets psyched on the prospect.

Meanwhile, Icy reports to Tritannus of what had transpired, and he was angry that they didn't finish off the Winx. Icy was quick to put the blame on Darcy and Stormy for "being too weak". Tritannus then tells Icy to do whatever she can to prevent the Winx from finding the Sirenix Book while he goes on his own search for the Sirenix power. Icy heads for Alfea again with Darcy and Stormy in tow, who were more than annoyed at how she portrayed them to Tritannus.

Back at Alfea, Bloom goes to visit Sky in the infirmary. While they are able to heal his physical wounds, they could not restore his memories. He gets a call from Erendor, which lead to an awkward conversation. Flora then comes in with Princess Krystal, in that her healing powers will be able to do something for Sky. Once she tries, she was startled that she had come across a barrier, which prevented the healing process as well as a vision of the Pendant of Eraklyon. She tells Bloom that there might be something Sky is trying to forget, which is causing the barrier, but tells her to try and get him reacquainted with familiar sights to at least get some inkling back.

Tecna was in her room putting together a program sent by Timmy that will help her use her own phone to track the Sirenix Book. Unknown to her, the Trix were spying in stealth, and Darcy plants a spell upon the phone.

Outside, Bloom takes Sky out for a walk through a spot they usually go through. He still can't remember anything about it, so she tries showing him photos. Again, this was met with little result. Sky despairs at not being able to even remember who he is, or the red-haired girl before him, and promptly excuses himself, leaving a saddened Bloom. She is then called back to the Secret Archives.

In the Archives, Tecna shows off her phone's newest feature, which will zero in on the Book of Sirenix. After activating it, they get a certain book, but once Bloom touched it, it shocked her with negative energies. She gets cautious and wonders if this book really is what they're looking for, but Tecna admonishes her, saying that her technology is flawless, and before anyone could stop her, she opens the book. She then gets cursed and turned into a robot, much to the horror of the other girls.

Underwater, Nereus and Ligea go to try and find Tritannus and reason with him. Unfortunately, they do encounter him and his mutant servants. They were shocked to see him now as a monster and he immediately attacks Nereus. Ligea begs him to stop, and then he makes her tell him all she knows about the Sirenix power. All Ligea could tell him was that it's an ancient power of Fairies that hasn't been attained for years, and the last known one to do so was Daphne. Tritannus is not satisfied with the answer, and turns her and Nereus into his mutant servants. Phylla observes this in shock and hurries back to the kingdom.

Back in the archives, the Winx girls were shocked at Tecna's sudden transformation. Robo-Tecna then goes about to "initiate her programming", which is finding the Sirenix Book. All she winds up doing was making a complete mess of the place. The others transform to Believix to try and undo the curse the book made on her, but were confused when convergence didn't do anything, as they soon discovered that the book wasn't the culprit. Aisha then discovered that the phone attached to Robo-Tecna's chest was the thing responsible for the curse. They quickly try to get it off of her, but the robot proved to be too fast. After opening elemental books, which unleashed wind, ice, and water, the girls finally remove the phone from Robo-Tecna's chest, completely undoing the robot curse and reverting her back to normal. Tecna was shocked over the mess she had made, and now it will be even more difficult to locate the book. Bloom tells Tecna to try using her phone again now that the dark magic on it has been dispelled. She does, and now they found the Book of Sirenix. However, Bloom is reluctant to open it. She informs the others that once they've opened this book, there's no turning back. Tritannus then tells the Trix their next course of action: tracking down Daphne.

5 (109)- "Il magico Lilo" ("The magical Lilo")

Winx Club - Episode 109

Winx Club - Episode 109

("The Lilo")

Airdate: October 22, 2012

The Trix show their powers, wondering if they are strong enough to go up against the Winx Club. As the Trix get stronger, so do the Winx, Flora is seen flying over a river. The river sprays up, trying to block Flora's path. The other members of the Winx watch on. Professor Palladium tells Flora to focus, Flora then thinks of her boyfriend, Helia, and she feels stronger. Once Flora evades more of the water attacks, she thinks she has passed the test, but one last spray of water hits her and she failed her test. Bloom tells Flora to believe in herself.

Then Griselda comes and informs that Faragonda wants to see the Winx. Faragonda tells them that a magical plant, the Lilo, is in Gardenia and it has to be planted before sunset. The Lilo is in the hands of Macy, the younger sister of Mitzi, who wants to plant it in the community garden. However Mitzi, who's babysitting Macy, wants to do her errands first. So the Winx, led by Flora who can track the Lilo, end up unknowingly following these two across the city. They finally end up at the mall, which leads some of the Winx to doubt Flora's abilities, but she's sure of herself and they meet Macy and Mitzi in front of a music store. The Trix, who have been following the Winx, reveal themselves and demand the plant. But Macy refuses to give up the Lilo, and Mitzi, despite supporting the Trix, ends up fleeing the mall with her sister, plant still in hand. Icy follows them to the community garden while Flora chases after her; the other Winx and Trix still fight in the mall, but eventually go to the garden themselves. Two of the Trix capture Macy and hold her high in the air, but she tosses the Lilo. The Trix drop her and she's rescued by Flora, but the Lilo crashes to the ground and its pot breaks. But while it starts to bloom, the Trix are still able to be powered up by it. However, the Winx, powered up by the people who believe in them, are still able to beat the Trix.

6 (110)- "Potere Harmonix" ("Harmonix Power")

Winx Club - Episode 110

Winx Club - Episode 110

("The Power of Harmonix")

Airdate: October 23, 2012

Following the events of the previous episode, Tecna and Aisha try to open the Sirenix Book but found that it won't open because they don't have the power. Musa and Flora come in to tell them Ms. Faragonda wanted to talk to them. Meanwhile outside in the courtyard, Bloom continues to attempt to jog Sky's memories. As it looks like she is finally reaching him, Princess Krystal arrives to tell Sky she's brought someone who can help restoring his memories. To Bloom's shock, it is Diaspro. Diaspro immediately pulls Sky away to "reacquaint him" about his past. An oblivious Krystal looks pleased with herself, thinking that bringing Diaspro would help, which Stella makes a sarcastic remark about. Stella and Bloom are not happy but they don't show it. Stella tells Bloom the others are waiting for her in Faragonda's office.

In Faragonda's office, the headmistress tells the Winx that they must complete the quest of Sirenix in one lunar cycle or they will lose their powers forever. This is not a decision to be taken lightly, and that in order to truly attain it, all of them must agree to the decision. She then tells them to go to Graynor to represent Alfea and compete in a little competition with other fairies of the Magic Dimension.

The girls arrive at Graynor where other fairy teams have already situated and meet the Ancestral Spirit of Nature. She will grant the winning fairies Nature's Boon which would increase their powers dramatically. The contest is to search for the Creature of the Rainbow Mantle. She warns that the creature is elusive and will only show herself to those who are worthy. Stella, Musa, and Tecna search the mountains while Bloom, Flora, and Aisha search the riverbed areas. Unknown to them, Tritannus was spying on them and sends the Trix to finish them off.

In the mountains, Tecna is filled with self-doubt due to the robot incident in the previous episode, which she ties to her upbringing on Zenith where it is revealed that Zenith inhabitants don't show their emotions, making her wonder how the others can even trust her anymore. Stella and Musa put her fears to rest, saying they trust her wholeheartedly. Musa calls a few birds down with her singing. When asked about it, she replies it was something her mother taught her. Tecna mentiones that Musa hardly talked about her mother, and she replies that maybe she should start now.

At the riverbed area, Bloom, Flora, and Aisha have no more luck finding the Rainbow Mantle Creature. Flora then conjures up some enchanted strawberries to attract magical creatures. Instead, she wind up attracting a monster the Trix summoned. The girls quickly transform to fight it off. While they are busy with it, the Trix go off to find the Creature of the Rainbow Mantle and kill her so that no one will get the Nature's Boon.

Back with Stella, Musa, and Tecna, they find a stag with rainbow-colored horns. One of the fairy teams had been following them and tried to get it. Tecna doesn't care since she believes that's not the creature they were looking for. Suddenly, a horse shows itself, disappointing the girls. The stag runs off, but the Trix arrive to attack. The fairy team shoot at them, which has no affect, and are evidently scared out of their minds. Just as the Trix are about to kill them, Stella quickly blocks the attack, and a fight ensues. Unfortunately, due to Tritanus's power-up, the Trix are too strong and knock the three Winx out. In the fight, the horse from before is knocked off the cliff and is hanging for dear life onto a branch. As per her sick and twisted nature, Icy decides to drop the horse to its death for fun, but is stopped by Bloom, Flora, and Aisha, who arrive in time. The branch broke, causing the helpless horse to fall, and Bloom quickly saves it with her powers. She sets it on the cliff and tells it to stay clear from the fight. The three are hard-pressed trying to fight the Trix and protect the unconscious Stella, Musa, and Tecna, and don't look so well. The horse then suddenly rushes past and reveals itself to be the real Creature of the Rainbow Mantle, healing the Winx. The Trix go in to kill her off, but the Rainbow Creature easily repels them, forcing the three witches to retreat. The Winx return back to the Ancestral Spirit of Nature with the Rainbow Mantle Creature, winning the competition and the right to Nature's Boon.

Back at Alfea, the girls use their powers to open the Sirenix Book. A voice from the book tells them that this is the start of their long and perilous journey, and that if they can't attain Sirenix within a lunar cycle, they will lose their powers forever. Their task is to find the Gems of Self-Confidence, Empathy, and Courage, which are hidden somewhere in the vast oceans of the Magic Dimension. They are each granted Sirenix Boxes, containing guardian spirits of Sirenix. The voice then leaves them a riddle to finding the first gem.

Tecna, Musa, and Flora stay behind at Alfea to research on the Cove of Shimmering Shells, which is somewhere on Andros, but no one knows where it is. Bloom, Stella, and Aisha go to Andros to find the cove, going on directions found by Tecna. The three girls then activate their new power of Harmonix to begin their search...

7 (111)- "Le Conchiglie Luccicanti" ("The Shining Shells")

Winx Club - Episode 111

Winx Club - Episode 111

("The Shimmering Shells")

Airdate: October 24, 2012

Continuing from the previous episode, Bloom, Stella, and Aisha swim through the ocean of Andros in search of the Cove of Shimmering Shells. They encounter Lemmy, who then bonds with Aisha and regains her power which are stolen from Tritannus. She tells them that Tritannus had indeed passed through. Aisha asks Lemmy to lead them to the Cove of Shimmering Shells.

Back at Alfea, Flora, Musa, and Tecna were going through the virtual ocean simulation to help the other three get to the Cove. Tecna contacts them to warn that the place is like a labyrinth and to keep their guard up, which does indeed tie in with the riddle they were given. Bloom, Stella, Aisha, and Lemmy enter the cove, which was filled with pollution. Lemmy falls victim to it, followed by the other Winx girls. Once the oil overtook them, they were separated and each subjected to a personal nightmare. For Bloom, she was met by an image of Diaspro who taunts Bloom that Sky no longer loves her. For Stella, she meets a dark version of herself who tells her she's nothing but a spoiled talentless fairy who'd amount to nothing. For Aisha, she was shocked to see an image of Nabu, who asks her why she allowed him to die when she could have done something to prevent it. Aisha breaks down from the words, but then recovered, realizing that the real Nabu wouldn't say something like that to her. She stood her ground and repelled the illusion. She figured.

Bloom and Stella were also experiencing the same thing and reached out to them to fight the illusions. They heard her words, and Bloom tells Diaspro image that Sky does indeed love her and is confident she'll help him remember that, making Diaspro vanish. Stella defiantly tells her dark half that she has grown as a person and that she's not worthless, making the dark half vanish. Once the girls were free of the illusions, they rescue Lemmy. The shells covered in oil were indeed the Shimmering Shells and the Winx use their powers to make them shine. The shells were sentient, congratulating them for proving their self-confidence. They give them another riddle to finding the Gem of Self-Confidence, much to Stella's disappointment. According to the Shells, it is located in the dark depths that shine.

Regrouping at Alfea, the Winx were no closer to solving the latest riddle location. Stella then tries to use her Sirenix Box to ask her Sirenix Guardian Spirit to solve it for her. The Guardian replies of course she won't solve it for her, but she gives her a subtle hint when she tells Stella to think about it more, and addressing her as "Princess of Solaria". Stella is disappointed at the answer, but Bloom, Tecna, and Aisha pick up on the hint as the answer having something to do with Solaria. Stella then inadvertently remembered a place on Solaria called the Royal Deeps, where light shined in its dark depths.

Meanwhile, Tritannus goes to invade the oceans of Solaria and heads for the gate, but is stopped by another Gate Keeper, Illiris. Tritannus isn't phased and simply drains her power as well before passing through the gate then mutating a passing jellyfish. Once he does, he reverts to his normal state. He immediately calls Icy to get him more pollution on Earth. The Trix then pay a visit to Gardenia...

The next day at Alfea, Bloom is with Sky, trying to come to terms about him talking with Diaspro to gain some of his memories back. However, he tells her that his talk with Diaspro was nothing more than a waste of time, that all she could talk about was herself, and that she was really boring to him. Bloom laughs at this, her fears about them put to rest. She then gets a call from Vanessa, who tells her that something is polluting he coasts of Gardenia. Bloom, Musa, Tecna, and Sky go to Gardenia to see what was going on, while Stella, Flora, Aisha, and Brandon go to Solaria to find the Gem of Self Confidence.

At a local waste facility, the workers had been hypnotized by the Trix to dump barrels of toxic waste and oil into the water, causing Tritannus to regain his demon form. Bloom's group meets up with Vanessa and Mike, who tell them about the situation. The oceans suddenly started to become dark with oil. They quickly head for the source.

At Solaria, Stella's group use their Harmonix to explore the ocean and run into Lemmy, who was also accompanied by Illiris. She and Stella bond and regains her powers stolen from Tritannus. The Keepers lead the girls through the Azure Valley and into the Royal Depths. They also find the place filled with pollution and quickly advance to escape it. In the central cove, they find a silver shield that reflects light from the sun into the depths, which answers how there's light down there to begin with. Suddenly, the Winx get ambushed by the mutated Jellyfish from earlier. During the fight, Flora gets Lemmy and Illiris out of harm's way of the jellyfish, but then it petrifies her to stone, much to the horror of Stella and Aisha.

At the waste facility, Bloom's group managed to sneak in and noticed something wrong with the workers. The Trix suddenly appear and attack. Bloom, Musa, and Tecna activate their Harmonix and fight the Trix while Sky deals with the helper demons. To the Trix's shock, the Winx were easily manhandling them, then whine about how the fairies are not supposed to be stronger than them.

Unfortunately, due to his amnesia, Sky has also forgotten how to fight. When Bloom dove in to help, she gets blind-sided by Icy. Musa managed to repel the sea demons and Tecna stopped the oil outflow. Icy, Darcy, and Stormy then unleash a combined assault to kill Bloom who was still recovering. Seeing Bloom in danger awakened a memory in Sky, in which he jump in and destroyed the combined attack spell with his sword, shocking the Trix. Bloom then attacks the Trix, causing them to fly back. The three witches run like the cowards they are once they realize the fight was not in their favor. The workers were freed of the hypnosis, and Bloom assures them that they'll set things right.

At the Royal Deeps, Stella and Aisha were still tangling with the jellyfish monster. Thinking fast, Stella takes the silver shield and taunts the monster to shoot at her. It does, and she used the shield to reflect the beam back at it, causing it to petrify to stone by it's own attack. Once it was, Stella reverts Flora out of being petrified from stone, undoing the jellyfish's spell, returning her back to normal and moving again. Aisha asked Stella how she knew that would work, and the blond admits that she didn't, and merely took a chance. She also discovered the Gem of Self Confidence in the shield's center. Suddenly, their Sirenix Boxes, which had a red gem and orange gem on two of its points, were now joined by a blue gem. Three gems down and two to go. Bloom's group meets up with Mike and Vanessa, who were very pleased to see the oceans clear again. The Trix complain to Tritannus that their powers currently were no match for the Winx' new Harmonix powers. He reassures that there's a way to overcome it, and all they need is Bloom's sister, Daphne.

8 (112)- "La melodia del rubino" ("The Melody of the Ruby")

Winx Club - Episode 112

Winx Club - Episode 112

("Secret of the Ruby Reef")

Airdate: October 25, 2012

The annual mixer party with Alfea and Red Fountain takes place in Alfea's courtyard. All the Winx exept Tecna are there. Tecna was in her dorm talking with Timmy, until the Sirenix Book activates. Tecna opens it expecting another clue. It does, but rather than being written, it was in the form of music. Tecna quickly records it to play the song for Musa.

At the party, Bloom and Sky dance, the latter happy that he at least retrieved some of his memory back. He admits that he still may have forgotten how to dance, which Bloom was happy to help him remember. Kiko also helps out by imitating some dance moves for Sky to copy.When Sky was about to say something Kiko trips and so does Sky.

The girls are enjoying the party, all except for Aisha, who was still saddened about Nabu. Stella attempts to lighten her spirits by introducing three Specialists to her. Aisha wasn't in the mood and left with a huff, talking to them meanly. Musa comes out to find Riven listening to a female guitarist, making her jealous. Riven follows her trying to explain things, but stopped when Musa stopped after hearing the musical message Tecna recorded from the Sirenix Book. It awakened memories of Musa's mother as it was revealed the music was a melody her mother once sung to her. The next clue is hidden somewhere on Melody.

In the dorm, Musa recalls the lyrics to the song about a ruby reef, and coral strings. She suggests that they go to her summer home on Melody where her mother first sang it to her. Stella and Aisha go to accompany her while Bloom, Flora, and Tecna remain at Alfea. They've now only got ten more days to find the Gems.

Meanwhile, Tritannus is lurking the oceans of Andros. He chats with Icy that he's preparing to meet his father for a little "family reunion". Icy sweet-talks him, saying she would like to be by his side to see that happen, much to Darcy and Stormy's disgust. Tritannus tells them to go find Daphne.

At Neptune's palace, King Neptune gets word of the fates of Ligea and Nereus. He vows to kill Tritannus for his treachery, but Tritannus arrives with his mutated servants. The palace guards rush him, but they were no match and were soon mutated by Tritannus. The fallen prince soundly defeats Neptune before also mutating him to be his servant. Tressa soon followed. Now Tritannus has mutated his entire family. All that's left is Aisha. Before leaving, he absorbs the power from Neptune's sword. He then heads for the gate leading to Melody's oceans. Sonna, the gatekeeper of Melody, tries to stop him, but she was overwhelmed and drained of her power. Tritannus passes through the gate and into Melody, as Sonna managed to sneak after him. Stella, Musa, and Aisha arrive on Melody to head for Musa's summer home. As Musa reminisces about her home, much friction is going on between Stella and Aisha as Aisha was still pretty sour at Stella because of the incident at the party. Arriving at Musa's summer home, Musa remembers her mother as the beach house held a special memory of her. She suggests going into the water from there to find out the next clue, so they transform to Harmonix. Before they could advance, Tritannus appeared before them.

He fires a transformation beam at Aisha, but she gets shoved out of the way by Musa, who turned into a monstrous mutant seal. Stella and Aisha were forced to try and get away from the mutated Musa in the water. It wasn't made any easier as they tried hard not to seriously injure their friend. The two fairies rendezvous with Lemmy and Illiris, who tell the girls that there's a chance to revert Musa if they could find Sonna. Aisha and Lemmy go to search for Sonna while Stella and Illiris try to lure Mutant Musa to the gate. They succeed in getting Mutant Musa to encounter a weakened Sonna, who tries to calm her down. Slowly, Musa reverts back to her real self after she bonded with Sonna, who then recovered her lost power. Stella and Aisha were relieved that Musa has been restored. Stella and Aisha also patch things up between them.

The three find the Ruby Reef then remember the next part of the musical riddle. Musa seeks help from her Sirenix Guardian, who tells her to think about what her mother taught her when she sang the song to her. Musa then figured out that there might be something in the coral resembling a string instrument. They fan out to find such a coral. Musa then discovered a coral formation shaped like a harp, calling over the others, they play the coral harp, activating the next part of the riddle in the Sirenix Book back at Alfea.

Back at Alfea, the girls try to figure out the next part of the riddle that would lead them to the Gem of Empathy. Bloom leaves to solve another riddle: the riddle of Sky's memories. She and Sky take a nightly stroll around Alfea, where they both find two halves of a shell known as the Destiny Stone. According to Bloom, when two people who find both halves that fit, they will be together.

Daphne watches the scene from a viewing orb. Suddenly, it was shot down by Icy, as she, Darcy, and Stormy had found her. To Daphne's horror, Tritannus was there as well. He demands to know the secrets of Sirenix before shooting her with his trident. Bloom suddenly gets a headache as she sensed something horrible has happened...

9 (113)- "La Gemma dell'Empatia" ("The Gem of Empathy")

Winx Club - Episode 113

Winx Club - Episode 113

("The Gem of Empathy")

Airdate: October 26, 2012

Bloom gets nightmares about Daphne being taken away and wakes up with a start, realizing she's late for class.

At Wizgiz's class, he talks about age-changing spells that can drastically change a person's age should they come in contact with it. Stella, Flora, and Musa attend the class, but Stella was concentrating more on designing possible fashions in her sketchpad, but not satisfied with some entries. During break, she asks the opinions of Flora and Musa. Flora was about to comment until she got a call from Helia. Stella immediately tries to get Flora's attention back since this was a "matter of utmost importance". Flora and Musa are a bit vexed at Stella's behavior, saying that she's acting like a 3-year-old. Stella then calls her Sirenix Guardian Spirit to ask for her opinions on her fashion designs. The Spirit is annoyed, telling Stella that she is only to be used in finding the next gem and not for trivial things before leaving. Stella gets annoyed, then decides to call Brandon over. Then she asks some of the Alfea students if they want to help her out on an exhibition fashion show of her designs. Unfortunately, the dresses she spelled for them were unwieldly at best, causing all the girls to leave in a huff. Stella cries to Brandon, who had arrived earlier to see the debacle. He tells her that she really needs to think about how other people and that she's not a 3-year-old any more. When he leaves, Stella also leaves in a huff.

In the dorm room, Aisha and Tecna find out the location of the Gem of Empathy, which is in a place called Data Bridge Castle somewhere on Zenith. Bloom, Tecna, and Aisha head for the techno planet, Zenith. Meanwhile, Tritannus and his mutated family is also on his way to Zenith now that he can sense where Aisha is headed. He encounters Lithia, who tries to stop them from entering the gate, but fails and gets her powers absorbed. He invades Data Bridge Castle, contaminating the place with his oil and mutating the guards.

At Alfea, Stella goes to a museum room in Alfea to get some inspiration for her fashion designs. Flora and Musa find her there and admonish Stella for taking a broach off of a mannequin. She says she's just using it for inspiration, then suddenly it flashed with light. Once the light died down, Flora and Musa became shocked to find Stella regressed into a 3-year-old version of herself.

At Zenith, Bloom, Tecna, and Aisha prepare to dive into the ocean, who was then joined by Roy. Underwater, they meet up with Lemmy, and a weakened Lithia, who bonds with Tecna and her powers restored. She leads the group to Data Bridge Castle where the next gem is located.

At Alfea, Brandon arrives on Flora and Musa's request, and was shocked to see the child Stella. The two girls have Brandon help them out on sitting for her until the age-changing spell wears off. Brandon had a hard time, due to Stella's annoyance.

At Data Bridge Castle, Bloom's group are shocked to see the place immersed in oil. Tecna calls her Sirenix Spirit to ask where the gem is located, who replies to search for the one that rules over many. Bloom figured it has something to do with the throne and on top was the gem. However, when Tecna and Aisha try to get it, the attempts fail. Aisha then tries to clear out the spiked vines ensnaring the throne, but Tecna stops her, saying the vines have a chance of being poisonous. Unfortunately, she was right, and it was contagious. Aisha and Tecna were suddenly emitting green auras and acting very antagonistic towards each other. Suddenly, the mutated guards come in and attack. Bloom and Roy try to fight them off, while Tecna and Aisha fight the mutants while fighting each other, saying they don't need the other's help, they began to fight. Bloom was wondering why the two were acting this way, then realized the solution to getting the gem. She quickly reverts Tecna's and Aisha's behavior and tells them that the only way to get the Gem of Empathy is to get it together. They use convergence to repel the mutants and retrieve the Gem of Empathy, a purple gem. Their Sirenix Boxes are now adorned with four gems each, with only one to go.

Back at Alfea, Flora, Musa, and Brandon apparently had a harrowing time baby-sitting Child Stella. Later in the night after tucking her in for bed, she finally reverts back. She wondered what has happened, and was told she spent the whole day as a child. They get word the second gem was found and Stella feels like partying. Brandon, Flora, and Musa just groan, leaving Stella confused.

10 (114)- "Natale ad Alfea" ("Christmas at Alfea")

Winx Club - Episode 114

Winx Club - Episode 114

("A Magix Christmas")

Airdate: October 29, 2012

It begins in the Winx dorm where a festive Bloom is happily packing to head to her Earth home for Christmas. The other girls come in noticing Bloom's mood, who tells them of her plan to go visit Mike and Vanessa for the Holidays. The Winx are happy for her, but then ask what Christmas is in the first place, as they are not natives of Earth. Bloom explains about the holiday, about Christmas cheer, tree decorating, and giving out presents. The last part they understood, but Bloom tells them that it's more than that. She can't quite explain it, but all she could say is that Christmas is magic. Meanwhile in their hideout, the Trix eavesdrop on the Winx's conversation. They also don't know a thing about Christmas, but they believe it to be a source of magic and they intend to get it for themselves. During Christmas Eve on Earth, Mike and Vanessa were preparing the festive atmosphere as local neighborhood kids were there. They all eagerly awaited for Bloom's arrival.

At Alfea, Bloom prepares to leave as the Specialists arrive to see her off as well. Unknown to anyone, the Trix were around under invisibility stealth. They summon a pack of ice dragons to attack, causing a panic in the courtyard. The Winx quickly transform to fight them, but were shocked to see that no matter how many times they destroy the ice dragons, they would just regenerate. The Specialists and Faculty quickly get the other students inside as the fight goes on. It was bad timing as during the fight, Bloom misses Mike's call to her, who gets worried about her absence.

The Trix then have the dragons seal all of Alfea inside an indestructible dome of ice to prevent anyone from leaving or entering. Faragonda comes out and tells them that the only way to destroy the ice dragons and the dome is to take out the source of magic causing it. This means that Bloom can't go home.

Mike and Vanessa get worried that their next few calls weren't getting through, and that this Christmas won't be the same without her. The kids believe Bloom will find a way to get back.

Bloom also finds out her calls weren't going out due to the dome, making her upset and going inside. Stella gets the Winx and the Specialists to help her out by "bringing Christmas to Bloom". But first, they've got to get themselves familiar with the holiday first...

Tecna does some research on the holiday of Christmas, only getting the vague details (Stella inadvertently volunteering herself to play Santa Claus), but they try their best to make it happen. Bloom walks the halls of Alfea feeling saddened by the events.The Trix turn invisible and go to Alfea where they shove a girl down. Unknown to her, the Trix stalk her, but get thwarted when Faragonda finds Bloom, who tells her that the source of magic sealing them all in is right there in Alfea.

Bloom comes outside to see the Winx and Specialists near draped-over objects. They tell her that they've brought Christmas over to her and show them the objects. This consisted of a "Christmas tree" (which was just a normal tree haphazardly decorated), Christmas stockings (which were ACTUAL stockings), and an oversized gingerbread house. Stella comes in dressed as the "jolly man in red". Musa, Tecna, and Aisha do a "Christmas cheer", which they thought was a cheerleader routine. Bloom was a bit perplexed and amused by this, but appreciates the efforts anyway. She then presents them with friendship bracelets with each of their colours.

The Trix finally make themselves known and attack. The Winx transform to fight against them as well as the ice dragons. Icy then demands for Bloom to "give up her Christmas magic to her". Bloom immediately realized that this attack was based on a stupid assumption and fights back. She then gets angry when Icy destroys the setup her friends made and immediately blasts the Trix away with a huge flaming dragon, which also destroyed the ice dragons and the ice dome, shattering it to form a beautiful snowfall.

Bloom explains that this is a White Christmas due to the snowfall. Faragonda comes out to congratulate Bloom and that the holiday wasn't over just yet. She then used her powers to summon a portal, which produced a table, a Christmas tree, a gingerbread house, and Christmas stockings. All of Alfea then gets decorated with Christmas lights. Apparently, Faragonda had done her research.

Bloom was met with another surprise. From the portal, Mike and Vanessa come out, along with the neighborhood kids. Bloom was happy to see them for Christmas after all. She and the other Winx give the visiting Earth children a flying session around Alfea.

11 (115)- "Le Trix in agguato" ("The Trix in the ambush")

Winx Club - Episode 115

Winx Club - Episode 115

("Trix Tricks")

Airdate: October 30, 2012

The episode starts with the Trix torturing the captured Daphne as Tritannus interrogates her about the secret of Sirenix. She refuses to say anything despite the pain she's experiencing. Icy then suggests they go after Bloom in order to force Daphne to talk.

At Alfea, a windriding event with the Specialists takes place. Brandon, Riven, and another Specialist take the course first, and Bloom worries about Sky, who is still trying to regain more of his lost memory. Bloom goes over to encourage him that he can do this.

Unknown to everyone else, the Trix arrive via stealth invisibility to locate Bloom. Stormy goes down to mess around with Flora a bit. The witches were surprised to see that Kiko was able to sense them, so Darcy makes invisible shadow clones of himself chase after him.

In the dorm room, Bloom finds the Sirenix Book opened up to tell her the next clue. According to it, they must find the Flower of the Depths. She goes down to tell the others. Flora theorized it must be on her home planet, Linphea, in the Ocean of Flowers.

Tritannus swims towards the Linphea Gate to invade its waters. He ambushes Desiryee, the Gate Keeper, and absorbs her power before porting to Linphea's oceans. Desiryee quickly follows him through before passing out. Tritannus finds the Flower of the Depths and prepares a little surprise on it...

Sky, Helia, and Timmy are to race next. Sky had a bad start but quickly recovered, gradually remembering how to use a wind rider. That was when the Trix made their move and caused the wind riders to mutate into mutant lions, causing a panic in the courtyard. Bloom, Tecna, and Aisha stay behind to fight them while Stella, Flora, and Musa go to Linphea.

At Linphea, Stella, Flora, and Musa arrive at the Ocean of Flowers. Flora warns that the flowers underwater can be quite carnivorous and tells them to watch their backs. They transform and go underwater where they meet up with Illiris and Sonna. They guide the girls to see a weakened Desiryee. Flora goes over to her and they bond, restoring her powers. She leads them to the Flower of the Depth.

At Alfea, Bloom, Tecna, and Aisha continue to fight the monster lions. Sky noticed that the lions seemed to target only Bloom. She then tries to lead them away after knowing this, but Sky had a different plan in mind. He has her position herself in one of the wind rider course obstacles, flaming cages, and taunt the lions to come get her. After taking the bait, Sky pulls Bloom away once the mutant lions get trapped in the flame cages and revert back to wind riders again, ending the threat.

Back with Stella's group, they find the Flower of the Depths, where Flora enters it, finding a small white flower in its center. Unfortunately, Tritannus had cursed it with his pollution, causing it to mutate and attack the girls. Stella and Musa try to fight it, but Flora tells them to stop. She attempts to use her powers to heal the Flower back to its original state and succeeds. It appeared to be talking to them, so Flora calls upon her Guardian Spirit to help translate. She tells them that there is one more test they must complete to find the Gem of Courage, and the Sirenix Book will give them the final clue.

At Alfea, Sky takes Bloom for a ride on his wind rider, and she suggests the Gorge of Roccaluce, hoping that would also awaken more memories in her. Tecna and Aisha think it's too risky as they've still no idea what caused the incident earlier.

At the Gorge, Sky and Bloom were enjoying the scenery, until Stormy appeared and shot them down. Sky gets angry at the sight of the Trix, who intend to capture Bloom.

Tecna and Aisha get worried as Bloom wasn't answering their calls. Aisha then gets a call from Stella to report their success. She's happy for them, but then tells her to meet her and Tecna at Roccaluce Gorge as she has a feeling Bloom is in danger.

Bloom was too hurt to try and transform to fight the Trix. Sky tries to fight them off, but was incapacitated by Icy. She, Darcy, and Stormy were about to finish him off, but Bloom quickly jumped in to take the blow. They were about to capture her, until the Harmonix powered Winx fly in and curb-stomp them. The Trix angrily retreat, promising that they will capture Bloom. Sky was thankful Bloom was all right, and that was a brave thing she had done. She replied that that's what he did for her back then. Bloom, however, is still scared that the times they've had together may just vanish, but she wants them to form a future without regrets.

12 (116)- "Prova di coraggio" ("Test of Courage")

Winx Club - Episode 116

Winx Club - Episode 116

("Test of Courage")

Airdate: November 1, 2012

Musa and Tecna were in the dorm doing some research as Bloom, Stella, Flora, and Aisha have gone to Domino to attend a ceremony. The Sirenix Book appears and tells that there is one test left to complete in order to obtain the Gem of Courage, which is hidden in the yellow reef, where they must "snatch courage from its jaws". Tecna isn't satisfied with the clue since it's so vague, so she consults her Guardian Spirit. The spirit tells Tecna and Musa that the yellow reef where the gem is at is on a planet that was saved by one person's courage. They find out that it's actually Domino, as it was Sky's courage that saved them from eternal ice (see Secret of the Lost Kingdom). They have to act fast since there's only a more two days left of their deadline.

At Domino, Bloom takes Sky into the Domino Palace to meet her parents, to get reacquainted with them. She reminds him that it was his bravery that saved Domino from being stuck in an ice age, though he tells her he doesn't remember that guy who did so. She's still worried about Daphne, and Sky tries to reassure her that she's probably fine.

Outside, Stella wasn't satisfied with the dresses she, Flora, and Aisha were wearing and finally puts a finishing touch on them before they enter the palace.

At Tritannus's lair, he continues to torture Daphne to make her talk, but she still remains defiant. Icy then casually brings up that a ceremony on Domino was happening today and that it would be a shame if something happened to her parents, making Daphne angry. Tritannus sends the Trix to Domino to capture Oritel and Marion while he goes to Domino's oceans.

Bloom has Sky meet Oritel and Marion, which seemed awkward for Sky since he can't remember meeting them let alone saving them. Stella, Flora, and Aisha enter to greet the royal couple, but then get a call from Musa and Tecna, telling them the final gem was on Domino. Bloom goes to tell her parents of what she must do, and Oritel tells her to go on, as Sky will cover for her, making Sky nervous.

In Earth's oceans, Phylla, Illiris, and Desiryee escort Serena, the Gatekeeper of Domino, to protect her from Tritannus. As they swim, Desiryee notices something on the ocean floor, which turned out to be the Pendant of Eraklyon that Sky lost back in The Spill. She picks it up, hoping Flora would know what it is. Unfortunately, Tritannus arrives and brushes off the other Selkies before absorbing Serena's powers. He breaks into the gate and Illiris and Desiryee follow while Phylla stays with Serena. On the Odyssey Explorer, Bloom, Stella, Flora, and Aisha arrive above the Yellow Reef and transform to go under. They encounter Illiris and Desiryee, who tell them that Tritannus has passed through and Serena weakened. They take the Fairies to Serena, being escorted by Phylla, and Serena immediately bonds with Bloom, restoring her powers. Desiryee then gives Flora the pendant she found, which she recognized as the Pendant of Eraklyon then keeps to return to Sky later.

Back at the palace, Oritel and Marion begin the ceremony of Domino's liberation as they present the Sword of Domino, and Sky, who was still nervous about the whole thing. Suddenly, the Trix crash the ceremony and attack. Darcy easily takes out the guards by forcing them to fight each other. Sky, Oritel, and Marion immediately arm themselves to fight. Sky tells them that he still can't remember how to draw his sword, but Marion tells him that there's a time for talk and a time for action before they all charge.

The Selkies lead Bloom's group to the Yellow Reef, where it gets tainted by Tritannus' pollution, causing the reef to mutate into spikey deathtraps. Bloom and the Selkies manage to escape its confines, but Stella, Flora, and Aisha were trapped within the spikes. Stella found to her horror that attacking the spikes would just only accelerate their growth. Aisha tells Bloom to do something before they wind up pin cushions. Bloom has Serena locate the source of the pollution, which was a crack in the ocean floor seeping out oil. Bloom quickly blasts it, sealing the hole and reverting the reef. They then find the Gem of Courage, a green gem, floating nearby. Just as Bloom was about to retrieve it, it gets swallowed by a monster fish, which begins to attack them. They find to their shock that none of their spells were working on it, and Bloom decides to try one more thing, which was to literally "snatch courage from its jaws". Stella, Flora, and Aisha try to stop her, but Bloom swims directly into the monster's mouth, apparently eaten. Suddenly, the monster fish glows and explodes into sparkles, leaving behind Bloom and her prize, the Gem of Courage. Their Sirenix Boxes get completed with five gems now adorning the points. At Alfea, Musa and Tecna found their Sirenix Boxes also upgraded.

At the palace, Oritel and Marion were holding their own against the Trix, saying they are nothing compared to their ancestors. The Trix employ dirty tactics to capture Oritel and Marion in dark nets before finally turning them into ice statues. Sky gets angry and demands them to let them go, but gets shot down. Icy then calls up Tritannus, who was with Daphne. Sky managed to catch this, realizing Daphne was being held hostage. Tritannus forces her to watch in horror as her parents were iced over. When Icy cruelly pokes Marion's ice sculpture while mockingly wondering if she'd shatter if she fell over, Daphne finally broke down and agreed to tell Tritannus everything. Tritannus calls the Trix back. Before heading back, Icy decides to shatter Oritel and Marion anyway for cruel amusement. Just as she, Darcy, and Stormy launched a combined attack on the defenseless ice sculptures, Sky jumped in and destroys the attack after arming himself with the Sword of Domino. The Trix get angry for the interruption, but then get jumped by Bloom's group. Bloom was horrified at the state her parents were in and she immediately fights back. With help from Sky and the other Winx, they curb-stomp the Trix yet again, who immediately retreat as they've done what they came to do. Sky wonders how they can revert Oritel and Marion back, and Bloom simply says together. Joining hands, power flows through the Sword of Domino, and Sky taps it on the royal couple, reverting them back to normal. Bloom was happy to see her parents alive and well again. Flora then presents Sky the lost Pendant of Eraklyon. Once Sky touched it, memories flooded back into him. Bloom was happy he regained his lost memories, and he finally presents the pendant to her. It seemed all was right, but then Sky remembered what he had witnessed earlier. He tells Bloom that Daphne had been taken hostage by Tritannus and that he had already forced her to tell him everything about the secret of Sirenix.

13 (117)- "Le fate Sirenix" ("The Sirenix Fairies")

Winx Club - Episode 117

Winx Club - Episode 117


Airdate: November 2, 2012

The Winx Club are in the simulator as Faragonda, Griselda, and Palladium watch their training progress. Unfortunately, when the winx try to converge their Harmonix power, Bloom lost her concentration as she's worried about her sister Daphne.

In an unknown location, Tritannus still threatens Daphne to tell him her knowledge about Sirenix. Daphne finally gives up and tells him that her Sirenix powers are protected by Source of Sirenix in Lake Roccaluce. Daphne tells him that he will never get Sirenix, but then Tritannus has an idea to destroy the source and calls the Trix. Icy immediately knows that Daphne told Tritannus about Sirenix. Tritannus admits this and tells Icy that she will get Sirenix after Tritannus has it. Darcy wonders if she and Stormy gets anything and then Tritannus vows to Icy again that they will rule Magic Dimension together. While leaving Icy tells Darcy and Stormy to follow them, which makes Stormy angry.

Back at the dorm in Alfea, as the girls talk about Sirenix, worried that they might lose their powers, the Sirenix Book appeared and told them the last part (riddle) to gain Sirenix and then disappears for good, much to Stella's shock. After that Aisha suggests that they should go back to Magical Archive.

After a long search in the Archive, Stella decides to ask her Guardian of Sirenix to help, but Guardian only tells to look inside herself like book already told. Flora admits that she's getting worried.

Nissa is playing with some Bollabies, telling them to line up, but then one of them turns into blowfish and starts floating up which makes Nessa a bit annoyed and she tells it not to go away by itself as it could be dangerous. While chasing it, the Ocean Gate of Magix opens and Tritannus comes through it, much to Nissa's shock. Tritannus ignores Nissa and heads to find Source of Sirenix and finds it almost immediately from a cave. He stabs it with his trident, releasing pollution around it and draining its powers. As an result, the water of Lake Roccaluce starts to subside and the oil released from Tritanus's trident creates an oil-monster. Tritannus it to guard the cave in case Winx would arrive and he flees only to be attacked by Nissa, Phylla, Lemmy, Illiris, Serena, Sonna, Lithia and Desiryee. Tritannus calls them "Little squids" and fights back in order to destroy them.

Bloom found the solution for the last riddle, by realizing that only way they can find the source of Sirenix is to look inside themselves and she communicates with her Guardian of Sirenix, which complimented the Winx and told them that they must go to the place where their quest began. The Winx realized that they have to go to Lake Roccaluce where their quest for Sirenix began to find the source of Sirenix. When they arrive with the Odessy Explorert, it stops because the water in the lake is getting drained and Tecna is detecting high levels of toxic in there, meaning that it's dying and only person who could make this happen is Tritannus. Bloom gets worried about the Source of Sirenix and they transform into their Harmonix forms and dive into the lake. Upon entering, large amount of fishes swims through them as they are scared of oil-monster created by Tritannus. as Bloom tries to block its attack, her shield breaks immediately and she is sent flying and when landing, she discovers Tritannus and Selkies fighting each others. She goes to take Aisha and Stella, so they can help the selkies, leaving Flora, Tecna and Musa to fight the monster. As they come, the selkies gets hurt. While the Winx was distracted, Tritannus attempts to escape.

Back at the cave, others are doing their best to fight the monster. But as they surround it while Tecna is used her shield, Flora bounds the monster with her vines and Musa sends it away with her sound powers. Aisha captures Tritannus by using her Morphix to wrap him. Tritannus fights back, but Bloom and Aisha attacks too and Tritannus is stuck in middle of rocks and wrapped in Morphix. Bloom uses the opportunity and tells Tritannus to reveal Daphne's location, but Serena interrupts, telling that lake is almost completely dry. Others tells Bloom to help, but Bloom still wants Daphne's location from Tritannus. Tritannus grins, saying "Go Fairy, save the pretty lake". Angered, Bloom tells him that its not over yet and flees with others. Tritannus frees himself and shouts that it is over for now and swims back to Andros through portal.

There the Trix are already waiting for him back. Tritannus tells Icy that he has gift for her, drains Daphne's Sirenix powers and gives it to the Trix. Corrupted Sirenix power surrounds the Trix and Tritannus tells them that they are invincible as they have transformed into their Dark Sirenix.

Back at the Lake Roccaluce, the Winx use Harmonix Convergence to restore Source of Sirenix with the selkies' and the fishes' help. As the source is restored, its water rises back again. The Sirenix Boxes appears with the Winx's Guardians of Sirenix and they form a circle around the Source of Sirenix. They used the powers given by the Winx's complete Sirenix Boxes to open a portal to the Infinite Ocean and disappears along with their Sirenix Boxes. The Supreme Guardian of Sirenix, Omnia, appears before the Winx and the Selkies, telling that they are now Sirenix fairies and that they can enter the Infinite Ocean. The Winx are relieved and joyful upon completing the quest of Sirenix.

The Winx enter, transforming into Sirenix fairies. Once inside the Infinite Ocean, they admire their Sirenix transformation and their new hair color. Omnia then tells the Winx that thanks to their Sirenix powers, the Infinite Ocean is open to them forever. They go around the new world and Flora discovers some fishes that doesn't exist in anywhere else. Omnia then reveals that each of them is granted a wish and that they can ask their guardians to grant it but only after they have pleased destiny by defeating Tritannus. She also tells them that something evil has entered the ocean and Bloom immediately suggests Tritannus. Omnia adds that he is accompanied by others who possess Dark Sirenix and Stella suggests the Trix. Omnia tells that in order to drive them away, they must fully develop their Sirenix, which Aisha promises they will work hard while Bloom says that they'll be beat Tritannus

Finally possessing powers of all the selkies, Tritannus opens the Ocean Gate of Infinite Ocean and enters it with the Trix, Daphne, and the mutants. Icy is excited that Tritannus fulfilled his promise of taking them there. Tritannus tells that they can enter any ocean in Magic Dimension from there and conquer them. Daphne tells Tritannus that Winx will stop him, which Tritannus disagrees and spears the green crystal near him. As pollution starts surrounding it, more and more mutants gathers around it to bow down for Tritannus, who then tells that he will destroy the Winx.

14 (118)- "Il Trono dell'Imperatore" ("The Emperor's Throne")

Winx Club - Episode 118

Winx Club - Episode 118

("The Emperor's Throne")

Airdate: April 8, 2013

The Winx enjoy a sunny day at Gardenia beach. They are going to have a picnic with Mike, Vanessa and the Specialists, but the beach is full of garbage. The Winx decide to clean up and the other people share their hands to help. Tritannus decides to take the Emperor's Throne to gain the ultimate power of the Infinite Ocean, but he is unable to and tried damaging the Throne with his trident, and because of this the Emperor's Throne attacks him and drains him of his toxic power and Icy knows where to help him regain it, on Earth. Daphne's hands are freed from the hand-cuffs, but she's arrested to the jail under the throne.

Stella tries to create an eco-fashion show, but it is ruined by Kiko. Tecna discovers that the garbage is from a floating island filled with garbage. The Winx went to that island and saw Tritannus with the Trix there. With a convergence, they break Stormy's spell. Tritannus and the Trix try to get away.

The Winx went after them and opened the Sirenix gate. With the help of the selkies, they defeat Tritannus. But Tritannus uses the mutated royal family of Andros - Queen Ligea, King Neptune, Nereus and Tressa - to stop the Winx from capturing him. He successfully escapes with the Trix and mutants to the Emperor's Throne.

15 (119)- "Il Pilastro della Luce" ("The Pillar of Light")

Winx Club - Episode 119

Winx Club - Episode 119

("The Pillar of Light")

Airdate: April 9, 2013

Tritannus is annoyed that the Emperor's Throne isn't providing him the power he wants and soon discovers the legs of the throne were broken. He then gets an idea of how to activate the throne.Tritannus takes the seal from the mystical Pillar of Light. The whole of Magix is plunged into darkness. Solaria is the most affected, especially by King Radius who gets sick because of his connection to the sun.

At Alfea, The Winx minus Aisha were in the virtual chamber, swimming through an ocean setting trying to locate the circle reef. They come across it, but were confronted by some water dragons that began to darken the area. Bloom tells Stella to disperse the darkness with her light powers, but she just froze on the spot. The virtual environment dissipated and the girls were called to the control room by Faragonda. Obviously, the exercise was a failure.

Faragonda asked Stella what happened, and she couldn't give an answer. Faragonda fears for the Winx as the simulation was just a pale imitation of what they will face, and if they couldn't handle this, they won't survive long. She dismisses them for the moment. Stella was filled with self-loathing for screwing up, but Bloom tells her not to worry about it. Musa then wonders how Aisha is doing.

On Andros, Aisha reunites with her parents and tells them of what Tritannus has done to their underwater family. King Teredor then presents Aisha with her uncle King Neptune's sword, which would give Aisha an edge in battle.

Storing it in subspace, as the princess of Andros Aisha vows to stop Tritannus and save her family. In the Infinite Ocean, Tritannus, the Trix, and the mutants find the Pillar of Light, one of the Pillars of the Infinite Ocean that stabilizes the whole of Magix. Tritannus plots to steal the seals to restore the throne and become the emperor of the Magix Dimension, with Icy as his empress. Darcy again shows her displeasure about the whole thing as she and Stormy are practically tossed aside. Before they could take its seal, they were confronted by some guardian Selkies. Unfortunately, the guardians were no match for Tritannus and the Trix.

At Alfea, the girls try to find a way to restore Aisha's family back to normal. Stella calls upon her Sirenix Guardian to ask how. She responds that once Stella opens her heart to her powers, her light will shine. When the Guardian leaves, the room suddenly became dark. It wasn't just the room as they found out that it was getting dark all over Alfea. The sun was getting eclipsed.

Even then, it wasn't limited to Alfea. On Domino, Oritel and Marion look at the eclipse in horror. On Eraklyon, Erendor looked at the eclipse in worry. On Andros, Aisha became horrified as the eclipse was causing the oceans to go wild, tossing some unfortunate mermaids about. King Teredor deduced that one of the pillars of the Infinite Oceans were being tampered with.

At Alfea, Faragonda informed the Winx that the sun is getting eclipsed by a dark power, which is beginning to affect the whole of Magix. Stella became horrified as it will no doubt affect Solaria as well. Without the sun, her father, King Radius, will die. They immediately head for Solaria.

On Solaria, Stella's estranged mother, Queen Luna, looked up in horror at the solar eclipse and immediately ran to Radius's chamber, worried for his condition. He coldly tells her that it's nothing as Solaria has two suns, so there is nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, he began to spasm and collapsed, much to Luna's horror.

Soon, the Winx arrive on Solaria. Stella was surprised to find her mother there and asked about Radius's condition. Luna gives her the bad news that he is sick in bed and there's no telling how long he can last without the sun, causing Stella to break down in tears. Aisha then calls, informing them that Tritannus has struck in the Infinite Ocean. They all transform to their Sirenix modes and rendevous with Aisha in the Infinite Ocean. They are met by the Selkies who lead them to the Pillar of Light where a fight ensues.

Flora, Musa, and Tecna immediately take down Darcy and Stormy. Bloom fights against Icy. Aisha faces Tritannus, who then noticed the seal in his hand. Seeing that he was no match for Aisha's tenacity, he once again used his mutant slaves as shields, knowing Aisha wouldn't fight back against them, Stella then comes in to fight them. Recalling what her Sirenix Guardian said, she used her powers to repel the mutants without killing them, making Tritannus scream in disbelief. While he was distracted, Bloom fires a spell at him to take him down. To her and everyone else's surprise, Icy jumps in and takes the blow, getting critically injured in the process. Tritannus gets angry and promises painful retribution for what happened...

16 (120)- "L'eclisse" ("The Eclipse")

Winx Club - Episode 120

Winx Club - Episode 120

("The Eclipse")

Airdate: April 10, 2013

Luna continues to tend to Radius as the eclipse continues. She prays for the Winx's success in their mission.

At the Pillar of Light, the pillar was getting unstable and began to collapse. While they worry about that, Tritannus escapes with the pillar's seal and Icy in tow. Flora, Musa and Tecna continue their fight with Darcy and Stormy. Flora knocks the two witches down, then they realize that Tritannus and Icy were leaving without telling them.

Tritannus once again uses his mutant slaves as shields to prevent Aisha from following. Aisha then takes out Neptune's sword and fires at two of the mutants, causing the rest to scatter and follow Tritannus again. The two mutants then revert back to normal, revealing to be Nereus and Tressa. Aisha was happy to see them back to normal, then presents Neptune's sword to Nereus, who vows to use it to stop his evil brother.

Bloom, Stella, and Aisha regroup with Flora, Musa, and Tecna with the two restored mermaids, but they have bigger problems. If the Pillar of Light collapses, the whole of Magix will be plunged into darkness. Aisha tries to heal it, but her powers were not strong enough. The Winx then try a convergence spell, but even that did not work. The Guardian Selkies say that the Pillar needed its light restored, so Stella steps up and uses her light-affinity powers to restore it. She struggled, but mustered up all the light powers she had, and managed to restore the Pillar. Stella collapses from the power output but was quickly caught by Bloom and Flora. The abandoned Darcy and Stormy chose that moment to sneak away.

All around Magix, the eclipse ended and the sun shone once again.

At Alfea, Faragonda calls a meeting with Griselda, Palladium, and Wizgiz, saying that they need to step up the Winx' training in mastering their Sirenix powers if they ever want to have any hope of defeating Tritannus.

On Solaria, the Winx return to the castle, but Stella seemed reluctant to return, feeling that now the crisis is over, her parents will go back to their usual routine. She eventually decides to head back in alone. Inside, she is greeted by Luna and Radius, who congratulate her on her success. When Stella brought up that she simply did what they would have done, and put them together, Radius immediately brushes it off and goes to return to his duties. Luna chastises him for blowing off Stella, who retorts that nothing he does is good enough for Luna and wonders why she is even still there. Luna angrily leaves the hall, as Radius leaves for his chambers grumbling about his divorced wife, leaving Stella alone and saddened at the development.

At Alfea, Faragonda has an astral meeting with Oritel, Erendor, Radius, and Teredor, who argue about their next plan to counter Tritannus. Oritel tells them that they must convene a summit of all the Magic Dimension at his castle on Domino, which they all agree on.

In the Winx's dorm, Stella is broken up that her parents are still at odds with each other despite what had happened. Kiko attempts to cheer her up, but wound up doing more harm than good. Bloom then gets a call from Sky who wanted to meet with her later, which she eagerly agrees on.

On Eraklyon, Erendor gets annoyed that Sky is gone off when he should be fulfilling his role as prince since he will soon be king. Samara tells her husband that they should not keep Sky confined in the castle all the time, and she does not know where he has gone. Diaspro, who now works at the castle, has an idea of where he is, but says she has no authority to bring him back, so Erendor dubs her as his liaison and orders her to retrieve him. Samara fears Erendor has made a mistake making Diaspro a liaison.

At Alfea, the girls are confused when a crumpled up paper ball knocks on their window. Letting it inside, they discover it is a note from Wizgiz to meet them at the Lake Roccaluce. They head to the place, and are horrified to find Wizgiz in the clutches of some tar monster. The Winx transform to fight it, then discovered the hard way that it has the power to take and use their own attack spells back on them. Wizgiz then tells the girls to "fight fire with fire", which Tecna gets an idea about. She uses a spell that absorbs attack spells, so the others use defense spells to deflect the monster's attacks into Tecna's spell. Once collecting enough energy, they shoot it back at the monster, destroying it and flinging Wizgiz away. Bloom quickly catches him, then it turned out the monster was Wizgiz's hat. He actually set the whole thing up as a battle lesson, and they passed. Bloom became shocked at how late it was and quickly returned to Alfea to meet Sky.

At Alfea's gate, Sky meets up with Bloom and share a moment, but was instantly ruined when an Eraklyon transport comes down and dispenses Diaspro, much to the couple's surprise. She tells Sky to return to the castle immediately, but he defiantly tells her that he does not take orders from her. Diaspro becomes smug and shows him her liaison seal, showing proof that she is acting on Erendor's orders, which Sky hangs his head in defeat as he could not defy that. He apologizes to Bloom that their get-together was ruined like this and reluctantly returns to Eraklyon. Diaspro mockingly tells Bloom goodbye before leaving, inwardly happy she got to spite Bloom in the process.

17 (121)- "L'occhio che ispira le fate" ("The Eye That Inspires Fairies")

Winx Club - Episode 121

Winx Club - Episode 121

("Faraway Reflections")

Airdate: April 11, 2013

Tritannus has acquired the Seal of the Pillar of Light, one step closer to activating the Emperor's Throne. He and Icy began to have dreams of grandeur together once he acquires the power, making Darcy and Stormy so disgusted that they decide to go off. The imprisoned Daphne tries to reason with the two witches to prevent Tritannus from activating the Emperor's Throne because doing so will unleash a vast, uncontrollable power that will cause the destruction of everything and everyone, including themselves. Stormy just hits her back with a miniature tornado before going off.

Daphne was disappointed at her failure to get them to see reason, and tries to contact Bloom through a dream, but was too weakened to do so as her captor is too strong. Tritannus then adds the Seal to the Throne, but then suddenly gets drained of his powers, reverting him to his normal merman form. Daphne realizes the hold on her weakening, but was still strong enough to keep her bound and shackled. However, she was able to contact Bloom.

At Alfea, Bloom lies asleep, and finds Daphne contacting her in her dreamscape. She tells Bloom that Tritannus is now going after the Pillars of Balance and Control next and she must stop him. Bloom asks how as she doesn't even know where those pillars are located. Daphne can only tell Bloom in her little time that to find them, she must find the Eye of Inspiration "which shines above and below" before vanishing. Bloom wakes up with a start, then goes to wake the other girls. Stella was the last to be woken up, and had to be literally dragged out of her bed by Bloom.

In the Infinite Ocean, Icy decides to escort Tritannus to get himself recharged. The way the two act around each other began to disgust Darcy and Stormy to new heights, as they were not included in the sharing of the power. The two witches began to think back on Daphne's words to them. Darcy then tries to tell Icy to just ditch Tritannus as she was quite worried about Daphne's words. After all, what's the point of acquiring power if you're killed in the process. Unfortunately, Darcy's words fall on deaf ears as Icy brushes her and Stormy off, saying she'll become the empress, with or without her two sisters, much to their shock and hurt. Back at Alfea, the Winx arrive in the Magical Archives to find information on the Eye of Inspiration, but they all come up at dead ends. They sit at the steps of the campus wondering what to do, then Aisha calls upon her Sirenix Guardian to find out what the Eye of Inspiration is. The Guardian plainly says it's "big, round, and shines brightly tonight". The girls soon realize that she was talking about the moon itself. It shines up above, but for the below part, Bloom figured out it was a reflection. They head to the campus well, where the moon's reflection was seen on its surface. As soon as it did, they are suddenly teleported to the hidden dimension inside the well. There, they find a map of the Infinite Ocean, more importantly, the locations of the Pillar of Balance, and the Pillar of Control. Tecna quickly gets a snapshot of it on her phone.

In the oceans of Earth, Phylla became alarmed when Tritannus and the Trix arrive. She tries to stop them, but was overpowered by Icy. Phylla quickly returns to Lake Roccaluce. She returns to a Selkie village and warns about Tritannus's actions in the Earth oceans.

In Gardenia, the garbage island from before was being cleaned up by Mike, Vanessa, and some volunteers. Tritannus becomes angry at this and uses the toxins to transform into his demon form again, then mutates the garbage into a giant monster to attack the people. Vanessa quickly calls Bloom.

At Alfea, the girls were just about to return to bed until Bloom got Vanessa's call, telling about Tritannus's attack. The Winx transform and make a beeline to Earth. They arrive and protect the people from the garbage monster, while Tritannus and the Trix slip away to find the Pillar of Balance. The Winx attack the garbage monster, but nothing they try worked. Bloom then thought back to the practical lesson they had with Wizgiz in the previous episode, then instructs the others to reflect its attack back on it, which destroyed the monster and saving Mike, Vanessa, and the volunteers. The Winx then quickly follow the ones responsible.

Under the sea, Tritannus and the Trix are confronted by Phylla and some Selkies she's rounded up. Unfortunately, they were no match, and by the time the Winx arrive, they escape. The girls were forced to delay their pursuit to help the Selkies who had been captured by the toxic powers of Tritannus.

Bloom was happy her adoptive parents are alright, and that the oceans are clean once more, but now the girls strengthen their powers to stop Tritannus.

18 (122)- "Il divoratore" ("The Devourer")

Winx Club - Episode 122

Winx Club - Episode 122

("The Devourer")

Airdate: April 12, 2013

In the Infinite Ocean at the Emperor's Throne, Icy and Tritannus are admiring the seal they stole from the Pillar of Light. Tritannus decides immediatly to go after the Pillar of Balance and for once, Darcy and Stormy are happy to follow him so they can wreck havoc around. They spot a giant fish which tries to eat Icy, who dodges in time.

The Trix uses their attacks in the same time at the fish, but it isn't stopped, but instead it goes more angrier and swims after Icy, who shouts Tritannus for help. A fish bites Icy's hair, trapping her for a second. When it tries to eat her, Tritannus arrives and shoots the fish with pollution. As the Trix questions him about the fish, Tritannus explains that its a Devourer which eats everything from its way. Tritannus decides to use the

Devourer against the Winx and sends it to attack the selkies in the Pillar of Light. Daphne heard the plan and decides to contact Bloom again.

Flora and Bloom are discussing an upcoming meeting of all the royal families of the Magic Dimension and Bloom regrets that she has to miss the training session with Codatorta from Red Fountain to go to the meeting. Flora and Aisha then remind her that the Council of Sovereigns is a political and diplomatic war meeting, and therefore just as important. Stella is worried about what they should wear, so she gives special outfits to Bloom and Aisha but the style is too feirce for Kiko (and weird for the girls), so Stella changes it to a more classic princess styled dress with flowers instead.

Soon in Domino's royal palace, royal families are starting their meeting and Bloom, Stella and Aisha have arrived as well. Bloom waves to Sky, who waves back and looks a bit uncomfortable from standing next to Diaspro, who tells him to focus, much more to make Bloom feel bad. Oritel and Marion stands up and welcomes Nereus and Tressa to the palace as they come up from the pool in middle of the room. Some of the royals started clapping. Nereus then tells them to thank Bloom, Aisha and Stella who freed him and his sister from Tritannus. As Oritel and Marion explains the situation about Tritannus and that they think each realm should unite against him, the royals immediately began arguing. Erendor, Radius and Cryos claims that they don't need anyone's help.

Back at the Infinite Ocean, Sonna, Desiyree, and Lithia are playing with some bollabies, but some fishes scatter as Tritannus' Devourer fish arrives. The Selkies recognizes the giant beast and Sonna tells everyone to escape. Lithia soon realizes that the Devourer is after three of them and fires at the Devourer only to stop it for a second. They then try to drive beast against the rock, but the rock only gets smashed by it. The Selkies hide in a cave and tries to find another way out as the Devourer is blocking the entrance. Unfortunately, the cave becomes a trap and the selkies are stuck inside. The Devourer then starts to headbutt the cave, to make it bigger.

At Alfea, Flora, Tecna, and Musa meets up with Helia, Timmy, and Riven who they weren't expecting to see there. Codatorta arrives with a dragon which three specialists have to guard from getting away. Helia points out that a dragon is a wild savage dragon. Codatorta lands down and explains that they have to use their Sirenix powers to tame it. He lets the dragon go and it immediatly tries to escape but the specialists keep it from flying away from Alfea. The Winx are unsure but determined so they transform into their Sirenix forms. As they attack unsuccessfully and Tecna protects Flora and Musa, Musa states that its gonna take a while.

Still at Domino, the royals are trying to agree with each other. Bloom and Sky leaves the room to talk in private. Stella tries to convince her father to agree with Oritel's and Marion's plan but Radius states that she is too young to understand. Stella states that youth doesn't concern her as she is princess and the Guardian Fairy of Solaria. Radius then admits once again of being proud of Stella, who tells her father to think what she said. Bloom and Sky talk about their relationship and how Diaspro is coming between them by using her new high rank.

Sky states that he belongs to Bloom and they almost kiss, but Diaspro interupts them by saying that Sky's father wants him to be present in the room. As Diaspro tries to offend Bloom by telling her to give up on Sky before he does it to her, Bloom tells her to call her "Princess Bloom" and that she should stop trying to come between her and Sky because its never gonna work. Diaspro disagrees adding "Princess Bloom" to the end of her sentence and leaves. Daphne then tells telepathically to Bloom that Tritannus attacked the Selkies with a Devourer. Bloom starts to search for Stella and Aisha but realizes that the meeting isn't over, which prevents them from leaving, so she tries to warn the others as well.

Musa, Flora and Tecna are still trying to figure out how to take control of the dragon (Tecna mentioning that they tried to sing to it, reason with it and feed it with flowers, even though it only eats meat). Riven advices the Winx to stop being nice to it, much to annoy Musa. Flora realizes that the mustache in its cheeks is its weak spot. Working together, they are able to take control of the dragon without hurting it. As they ride a little and land back to the ground, Codatorta asks what they have learned. Tecna's answer is that every creature has a weak spot. Flora's answer is that finding a weak spot is a way to control a creature. Musa answers that dragons don't eat flowers, which makes everyone laugh. As soon as they finish, Flora gets a call from Bloom that the selkies are in trouble. While the Winx take a dive into Infinite Ocean, the Devourer is still trying to break into the cave. Lithia gets an idea to make an hole to the roof when the Devourer gets through. The Selkies blast the roof and swim away, but the Devourer is still on their tail. The Winx arrive just as the monster eats Desiyree. The Winx realize their attacks aren't working, and use the lessons they learned from Codatorta to find the fish's weak spot and defeat it, freeing the Devourer from Tritannus' control and Desiyree from its mouth.

Back on Domino, the royals are at an impasse. Radius agrees to join the alliance if the other kingdoms' will. But no one else agrees and he withdraws his support saying that how can he join an alliance that doesn't exist. Aisha is shocked to see how the union is falling apart. Bloom asks Sky to reason with his father which Sky states is impossible. Diaspro tells Bloom that Sky must follow his father, which makes Bloom angry. She tells Diaspro that her opinion wasn't important. Diaspro then tells Sky that Erendor is asking for him and Sky nods to Bloom as an agreement to reason with Erandor, leaving Bloom alone in hopes of success.

19 (123)- "Le Balene del Canto" ("The Whales of Song")

Winx Club - Episode 123

Winx Club - Episode 123

("The Singing Whales")

Airdate: April 15, 2013

As Tritannus and the Trix head for the seal in the Pillar of Balance, The sovereigns from Domino and Andros fail to unite the other sovereigns. Sky and Bloom try to convince King Erendor to join the other realms, but do not succeed. Musa hears Riven humming to music, and tells him about the singing whales, whose singing keeps the planet in balance. She thinks about when her family watched the whales together and how the song reminds them of her mother. When she mentions about the day of the singing whales, Riven leaves abruptly and is seen with another fairy from episode 508. As Kiko and Musa both complain about relationships, she calls her dad at the song wharf to see the singing whales. As Bloom is scared Diaspro is coming between Sky and her, Daphne contacts Bloom and tells him of his plan to take the second seal from the pillar of balance. Tritannus knocks down the guard selkies at the pillar of balance and takes the second seal. The entire magical dimension takes to shake and Darcy & Stormy get tired of Icy & Tritannus, and try to make them notice them by doing evil. Darcy and Stormy capture the Singing Whales and the Winx head to Melody together to save them. As the Magical Dimension rumbles, the Winx take the Odysey Explorer to Melody and transform before entering the Infinite Ocean to save the Singing Whales.

The selkies and the Winx try to ambush Tritannus and Icy and Icy is hurt. As Tritannus tries to save her, Stella is hurt and Tritannus accidentally throws his trident and grabs it from Aisha. Just as Aisha and Tritannus are about to fight again, Stormy and Darcy ride in on the Singing Whales.

20 (124)- "Problemi sentimentali" ("Love Issues")

Winx Club - Episode 124

Winx Club - Episode 124

("The Problems of Love")

Airdate: April 16, 2013

With Darcy's and Stormy's interruption, the plan of the Winx to stop Tritannus fails. Tritannus and Icy successfully escape with the seal in hand. Musa uses her special Sirenix power, Voice of Sirenix, to tame the Singing Whales and send them back to Melody. Tritannus activates the second seal, but it also takes away all of his powers again in the process.

Bloom is trying to contact Sky and becomes angry when she hears voicemail. Bloom tries Sky's cellphone but he does not answer. Kiko draws a picture of him possibly being at a meeting. Bloom still thinks she should call him and he does not answer again. Bloom's Sirenix Guardian appears. She tells Bloom that if she thinks Sky loves her and she loves Sky, she has no reason to be worried about their relationship.

The Winx then go to an aviary for their training. A golden eagle soon comes into view, and Bloom yells "watch out!" while she pushes Flora out of the way. They hide behind flowers, that conveniently match their hair. The eagle notices Stella but she moves to hide behind a different bush of flowers.

Later on, Stella gets distracted by a beautiful red flower with blackish accents. She comes up with a dress idea and uses her magic to put it on Flora while she was trying to feed an eagle. The eagle gets scared and flies away. Stella was about to say something to Flora but then a RED eagle comes and scoops her up because she looks like a RED flower. The Winx get on the golden eagles and go after her since their diminished powers won't allow them to transform. Stella throws another red flower in the air that breaks into pieces. The red eagle sees it and drops Flora to go get the flower. Stella catches Flora on her eagle and apologizes. Flora accepts her apology by laughing. Then they continue their training.

21 (125)- "Un appuntamento perfetto" ("A Perfect Date")

Winx Club - Episode 125

Winx Club - Episode 125

("A Perfect Date")

Airdate: April 17, 2013

The girls were at the simulator chamber. Bloom says to be on the look out for anything unusual when a giant electro-octopus appeared. Flora then gets hit by the electricity from the monster. Tecna saves the girls by using her special Sirenix spell, the Aura of Sirenix, thus passing the simulation. At the dorm, the girls celebrate Tecna's success by arranging a date with Timmy, saying they need to interact personally rather than just virtual chat and text. At Red Fountain, the Specialists were preparing Timmy for the date as well. The girls give Tecna advice on what to do and how to act during the date, while at the same time the guys give Timmy advice on what to do and how to act on the date. Hilariously, both sets of advice contradict each other.

At a restaurant, Tecna meets up with Timmy, and the date already gets into an awkward start.

At the Emperor's Throne, Daphne tries to warn Bloom that she must destroy the seal of the Pillar of Control, much to Bloom's shock. She tells what she was told to the other girls, who were also confused at Daphne's reasoning for asking them to destroy the seal. Aisha then reminds everyone that the other two seals were taken, but they've managed to stabilize the pillars anyway. If they destroy the last seal, Tritannus will never get it, thus ending his quest for power. They leave to handle the situation themselves while Tecna is out.

Back at the restaurant, the date with Tecna and Timmy just gets more and more awkward, as they both were following what their friends told them to do. Incidents include Tecna leaving for a moment then returning to tell Timmy her true feelings, but she wound up at the wrong table, and another where Timmy accidentally ordered a ridiculously spicy soup and nearly burns his mouth, forcing Tecna to splash him with the vase water to cool him down.

The Selkies takes the Winx to the Pillar of Control. At Gardenia, Icy, Darcy and Stormy, gives Tritannus toxins in order to return to his mutant form. Again, Darcy and Stormy are disgusted with what they were doing and still worrying greatly about Icy's attitude.

At the Pillar of Control, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, and Aisha attempt to destroy the seal, but get ambushed by a serpent monster. None of their attacks work on it, and they soon realize that they really need Tecna's help. They quickly call her, forcing Tecna to leave the restaurant and rendevous with the Winx. She managed to help defeat the monster. Now that the threat was gone, they destroy the seal, then use convergence to stabilize the pillar. They mock how they want to see Tritannus's face once he get here to find the seal gone.

Tecna returns back to her date with Timmy, where they resume from scratch and act on their feelings.

22 (126)- "Ascolta il tuo cuore" ("Listen to Your Heart")

Winx Club - Episode 126

Winx Club - Episode 126

("Listen to Your Heart")

Airdate: April 18, 2013

In the Infinite Ocean Tritannus and the Trix are on their way to the Pillar of Control. With only one seal away from activating the Emperor's Throne, Tritannus and Icy began having dreams of grandeur, while Darcy and Stormy continue to grow even more disgusted. Meanwhile at Alfea, the Winx play a volleyball game against some other girls. Palladium then gives off advice that in the face of a strong opponent, direct attacks are not effective, but feints can mean victory.

Flora loses the game while Krystal wins after taking Palladium's words into account. Straight after Krystal's team wins, Helia is about to go over to Flora but gets interrupted by Krystal who comes over and hugs him. Seeing this, Flora gets upset and leaves but right after she does, Helia tries to speak to her but was too late. Krystal then realises that she is intervening on their relastionship.

On Eraklyon, Sky rushes out to go to Alfea thinking that he might still watch the game, but Helia calls him saying that he missed it, upsetting Sky. To make matters worse, Diaspro calls out to the guards to bring Sky back inside. Helia sympathizes with Sky and advises him to talk with Bloom as soon as he can before it's too late, thinking back on his own relationship with Flora.

In her room, Bloom is holding her half of the Destiny Shell while thinking about Sky, saying she wish they hadn't had that fight before. Flora comes in depressed, worrying Bloom. Asking what's wrong, Flora says that she thinks Helia wants to be with Krystal instead of her. Bloom says that Helia loves her just the way she is but Flora gets so upset that she doesn't think so, Tecna then appears telling Flora to tell Helia how she feels face to face, prompting Bloom to ask if she's the real Tecna. Tecna simply says that it's the best way, after all, the other girls told her the same thing when she agreed to go on a date with Timmy in the previous episode. Bloom agrees, saying that she herself will do the same with Sky. She and Tecna reach out to Flora, who was thankful to them.

Tecna's phone goes off, a message from King Cryos has been sent to all the people who live on Zenith saying that he will join the alliance but chooses to defend their own planet alone, shocking the Winx. Tecna gets angry about this, saying the decision was rational yet stupid, so she opts to head to Zenith to speak to the king to reconsider his choice. Stella then comments that she hopes there will be good shopping places on Zenith, causing the others to sigh in annoyance.

On Zenith, the girls were bundled up due to the snowy conditions, causing Stella to complain, and Tecna explaining that the climate is controlled for optimal efficiency for the security droids patrolling the kingdom. Stella then gets sidetracked by a technological mall, forcing the others to follow. She becomes intrigued by a machine called the "Shop-a-Tron" which can produce any purchase requested and decides to try it out, first asking for several dresses. Seeing the first order succeeded, Stella tries again and asks for more clothes, but Tecna warns her that she'll overload the system if she keeps it up. Stella pays her no mind and tries anyway, where she really does overload the machine and causes it to crash.

Meanwhile, Tritannus and the Trix arrive at the Pillar of Control, defeating the Guardian Selkies. Tritnnus goes to grab the seal, but was shocked and angry to find it gone. Serena taunts him that the Winx had long since destroyed it to prevent him from taking it. Icy gets angry while Darcy and Stormy just roll their eyes, the latter tauntingly asking what Tritannus' plan is now. The mutated prince gets angry, causing Darcy and Stormy to run for cover as he attacks the pillar in rage, causing all tech to go haywire. And since the Winx were on a planet where technology was abound...

On Zenith, the Winx arrive at the castle, when the clouds are darkened and lightning strikes out erratically. The techno-droids are malfunction and begin attacking the kingdom's citizens, causing a mass panic. Tecna is confused as to why this was happening, then she and the others realize that Tritannus has attacked the Pillar of Control. They transform to fight off the droids, then quickly get into the palace once they saw the droids were going for King Cryos.

The droids have already breached the throne room and have taken out the guards, leaving King Cryos and his aide defenseless. Tecna quickly bursts in and makes a barrier around them and herself against the droids' onslaught, but couldn't hold it up forever. The other girls burst in to assist, but where outnumbered. Flora reflects back on the volleyball game and Palladium's words about direct attacks and feints. Flora then tells Bloom to attack her, which greatly confused the flame fairy, but Flora tells her to just to it. Bloom reluctantly attacks Flora as requested, which cause the droids to pause due to the illogical actions of Bloom and Flora. The other girls use the distraction to destroy the droids.

At the pillar, the Selkies quickly attack the Trix and restore the pillar using its own Sirenix power infused in it. Tritannus is enraged at the turn of events and was forced to retreat in disgust. Back on Zenith, the kingdom was restored back to order. King Cryos acknowledged the efforts of the Winx and how the tech he was so proud of had failed in protecting his kingdom. Tecna urges the king to join the alliance as it is the only way to defend against Tritannus. He accepts as it is the real rational decision. Tecna's Sirenix Guardian appears who congratulates her for standing up for what she believes in and grants Tecna her Sirenix wish. Tecna wishes for the people of Zenith to feel connected to all the worlds of Mgix and understand that they are all united as one.

At Alfea, Bloom admires what Tecna has done, then is surprised to receive a royal summons from Sky for a diplomatic meeting with her. She wonders why Sky couldn't have come to her in person, but is surprised to see that he does, as he is hovering before her on his wind rider. He offers her a ride. Flying through the skies, Sky and Bloom reconcile as they reflect back on their times together through the season, from Sky's amnesia, to Bloom's attempts to restore his memories, to their finding the Destiny Stone halves, to his presenting her the Heart of Eraklyon. Later in the Infinite Ocean, Tritannus continues to rant and rave about his not being able to activate the Emperor's Throne, then angrily grills Daphne that she must know a way to. Daphne tells him not to do it as the Sirenix curse will destroy him, just as it has to another fairy, Politea.

He demands to know who this Politea is, and Daphne explains that Politea was a Sirenix fairy with a power-lust that turned her into a monster due to it. Darcy and Stormy consider going after her and ditching Tritannus, but Icy tells them that won't happen and tells her sisters to get lost. Darcy and Stormy angrily leave, having had it with their sister. They then consider going after Politea and taking her power just to spite Tritannus and Icy. They then for once tries a convergence seeing how it always quirks with the Winx.

23 (127)- "Sulle tracce di Politea" ("On The Trail of Politea")

Winx Club - Episode 127

Winx Club - Episode 127

("The Shark's Eye")

Airdate: April 19, 2013

Tritannus continues to rant about his failure to activate the Emperor's Throne and gets more angry when Icy tells him that Darcy and Stormy had deserted them. He shoots the throne in rage, which reflects the shot back at him and reverts him to his merman form. Daphne again tells Tritannus to abandon his mad quest of activating the throne as she remembers Politea, a nymph of the Magic Dimension. Tritannus then gets an idea to locate Politea to steal her Sirenix powers and use it to activate the throne. Icy goes off to search for her in hopes of reaching her before Darcy and Stormy do. Daphne quickly tries to warn Bloom.

In Stella's room, Stella laments about how her fashion designs have hit rock bottom. Bloom suggests she follows Brandon's advice to ask what people want and give it to them. Stella considers it and plans another fashion show, then thinks about inviting her parents as well, hoping that they won't be able to fight there.

Bloom later gets a warning from Daphne to find Politea before the Trix do. She tells her to use Alfea's Room of Faraway Reflections to find her before she vanished. Bloom arrives at Faragonda's class in the Fairy Clockroom, discussing Chrono Magic, which allows one to see the past. When Faragonda makes mention about the past being a "faraway reflection", Bloom realized this room was what Daphne was referring to, where she inadvertently volunteered to try out Chrono Magic. She uses her powers on a clock, causing the room to pick up strong wind. She then finds herself in another dimension lined with numerous mirrors. The mirrors then displays a scene from the past of a living Daphne and Politea, who encountered the Ancestral Witches in the Infinite Ocean. Daphne had fought them off, but the Witches do a last ditch attack upon Daphne, and for some reason, Politea left her for dead. She also gets attacked and their Sirenix powers had become cursed, turning Daphne into her spirit form and Politea into a dragon. It then shows monster Politea somewhere in the Infinite ocean, Bloom's only clue was an underwater cavern in the shape of a shark's head. Bloom is soon snapped back into reality.

At an Alfea tower, Bloom decides to head out for the Shark's Head Cavern alone, not wishing to endanger the other Winx. She transforms and goes to the Infinite Ocean. She encounters Serena, whom Bloom asks if she knows where the shark-head-shaped cave is. Serena's face fell, realizing what she was referring to, the Lair of Politea. Reluctantly, Serena leads Bloom there. They were shocked when they witness Icy entering the cavern herself and quickly follow. Inside the cave, a fight breaks out between Bloom and Icy. Before it could escalate, Monster Politea swims in, being pursued by Darcy and Stormy, who evidentally got to her first. They were in the process of draining her powers when Icy angrily tells them that Politea is her quarry.

They ignore her and both managed to absorb the Sirenix powers from the dragon, and to Bloom's shock, caused her to vanish. Darcy and Stormy then attack Bloom and Serena, proving to Icy they've got the power now. Darcy tells Icy to her face that she and Stormy have had it with Tritannus and are done with him. She then gives Icy an ultimatum that if she doesn't rejoin them, then they're done with her, too. Icy refuses to abandon Tritannus, angering Darcy and deserts her in response. The cave began to collapse on itself as Icy makes her getaway, leaving Bloom for dead. Serena managed to guide Bloom out of there before they could get sealed in.

At Alfea, King Radius and Queen Luna arrive outside Stella's room, surprised at the other's presence. Stella takes them to her room to have a serious talk that's long been overdue between them. She expresses to her parents how much it hurts her when they fight, and even though she can't get them to get along, she at least hopes she could get them to listen to each other. Radius and Luna promise Stella to give it a shot. She then invites them to a fashion show she was going to hold later on. At Stella's fashion show, taking place at the docks on the Odyssey, everyone was cheering in the crowd for the blonde, while Radius and Luna still have a bit of trouble being in each other's company. Stella's Sirenix Guardian appears, saying despite Stella's flaws, she's the best fairy she's ever known, admiring her stand to her parents and expressing how she felt about them. The Guardian offers Stella a wish, who then wishes for Radius and Luna to listen to each other and to her. Stella then begins the fashion show, this time being an arousing success as Bloom, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Aisha model her new line. Soon, the crowds cheered Stella's name, even her parents managed to get together. Stella thanks everyone for their support, and extends special thanks to the Winx for modelling for her, and to one other who had taught her to be a better person: Brandon.

Brandon gets urged to board the Odyssey by the guys and greets Stella, who thanked him for being honest in his opinion about her work even if she didn't want to hear it. Riven decides to follow Stella's lead and boards the Odyssey to make his own announcement. He dedicates a song to Musa, who learns he had taken secret guitar lessons, which was revealed to be from the blonde girl Musa had seen him with in episodes prior. She is relieved it wasn't a fling as she had first thought. Sky, Helia, Timmy, and Roy then board the Odyssey to play back-up music as Riven and Musa sing a duet.

24 (128)- "Il Respiro dell'Oceano" ("The Breath of the Ocean")

Winx Club - Episode 128

Winx Club - Episode 128

("Saving Paradise Bay")

Airdate: April 22, 2013

David is on a vacation trip with his parents. Unfortunately, while leaning over the side of their boat he falls into the water but is saved by dolphins. On Domino, all the realms and planets finally can unite. However, they have differing approaches on how to fight Tritannus. Flora then speaks up, saying the best way to battle Tritannus is to destroy his source of power, the pollution on Earth.

Back on Earth, David's family sail through Paradise Bay, admiring its beauty, only to be put off at the sight of an offshore oil refinery nearby. Icy and Tritannus then arrive, where the witch attacks the refinery, causing it to produce a deluge of acid rain, and turning Tritannus to his demon form. He then blackens the entire waters, polluting it entirely. The dolphins were in pain as the touring family were trapped in the midst of it all. Phylla meets the dolphins and got the terrible news of what's happening, then quickly makes her way to Domino.

At the meeting, Bloom backs up Flora on her suggestion to cut off Tritannus's power source by eliminating the pollution on Earth. Phylla then arrives to warn everyone about Tritannus's attack on Paradise Bay. Sky then states that he will lead an attack on them. Erendor couldn't be more proud of his son, and Oritel officializes it, saying Sky will take some willing fighters to Earth to defend Paradise Bay. Everyone agrees to this, all except for Diaspro, who says Sky shouldn't "waste his time defending some Earth puddle", angering everyone. Erendor is appalled at Diaspro's behavior and immediately removes her status as king's liaison. Diaspro rants and raves like the spoiled brat she is, blaming Bloom for ruining things for her, then proceeded to accidentally fall right into the pool, much to everyone's amusement. Going back to the situation at hand, Nereus informs that the way to purify the pollution is to find a gemstone known as the Breath of the Ocean, found on the Island World of the Infinite Ocean. The Winx transform and fly to the island above the Infinite Ocean, which is now reduced to a barren rocky wasteland.

As they try to search for the Breath of the Ocean, they get attacked by monstrous stealth mantises. The girls prepare to fight, but Flora tells them not to hurt them, which Stella rebukes that the mantises do not have that problem trying to kill them. Flora reasons that the mantises are acting on instinct, defending the gemstone they were looking for. Bloom then tells Flora to find the gem hidden away in a nearby rock formation while she and the others hold the mantises off. Flora flies off and uses her powers to scan the rock formation, where she finds the Breath of the Earth. Taking it, she shines its light over the entire island, causing the mantises to vanish, and the island to be returned to its former splendor.

At Paradise Bay, Tritannus and Icy are so shocked that the royal families of the whole magical universe have united. Sky leads the Specialists, Roy, some techno-droids, and Andros' triton soldiers to attack. Tritannus then summons up his army of mutants to delay them. The royals fight valiantly against the mutants as Sky, Brandon, and Riven go for Icy. Icy fights back, but is then rammed hard by Sky on his wind rider, knocking her out. Roy flies off to help David and his parents when their ship gets overrun by mutants. On Solaria, Queen Luna uses her powers to have the planet's second sun to offer its light to Earth. Thanks to Solaria's sunlight, the mutants began to weaken. Tritannus and Icy quickly retreat towards the underwater gate, but are blocked off by the Winx. They are also surrounded from behind by Roy and the tritons. Tritannus goes up against the Winx as Icy rushes Roy and Phylla. She fires a shot at Phylla, who is shoved aside by Roy, taking the hit.

Aisha is horrified at what happened, and quickly rushes to assist him, halting her own pursuit of her fallen cousin. Due to the pollution Tritannus absorbs, he easily fights off the Winx's attempts to prevent access to the gate, where he and Icy quickly retreat. Aisha frantically checks up on Roy, who is thankfully all right, much to her joy. She hugs him, but then quickly relents after realizing what she was doing. Just as they are about to have a moment, she realizes the girls are right behind her, who are giving her teasing looks.

After the battle, Flora combines the Breath of the Ocean with her Sirenix power to restore Paradise Bay to its former self. Suddenly, her Sirenix Guardian appeared before her, telling her she has gained the right to have a wish granted. Flora wishes for the people of Earth to have better understanding of their planet's nature and to help preserve it.

25 (129)- "Scontro epico" ("Epic Battle")

Winx Club - Episode 129

Winx Club - Episode 129

("Battle for the Infinite Ocean")

Airdate: April 23, 2013

At Alfea, the students have breakfast, which was magically prepared for them. Stella comments about it's her favorite meal of the day, while Bloom, Aisha, and Musa joke that lunch, dinner, and the occasional snacking is also her favorite meals of the day. Stella merely states that she's got a healthy appetite and that she'll work it off. Aisha agrees, and that the best way to do that is through dancing, saying that not only is it a good workout, it also helps to get in touch with one's true feelings. The others agree. Throughout the whole meal, Flora had been depressed as she is still bothered about the relationship between Helia and Krystal. Aisha became worried and asked if Flora was coming along, who then quickly says she will in a minute. Once Flora was alone, Krystal approaches her and asks if they could have a private talk about Helia, much to the nature fairy's surprise.

Outside, Krystal apologizes to Flora for getting in the way of her relationship with Helia. She tries to assure Flora that they're just friends, and Helia is really in love with Flora. Flora walks off unconvinced, saying she wished she could believe that. In the school's dance studio, the Winx were doing ballet dancing, all of them performing gracefully, except for Flora, who seemed tired and would make slight slip-ups. With Aisha as she danced before the mirror, she is suddenly met with a vision of Roy, and they dance together. Back in reality, the other girls were surprised when Aisha's footwear was suddenly replaced by magical ballet shoes. Tecna wondered where they came from, and Bloom guessed it was due to the mirror. Aisha explains that the mirror has the power to sense if one opens their heart. Stella goes up next, where she is visited by a vision of King Radius and Queen Luna . She then gets her ballet shoes. Tecna gets a vision of herself and Timmy enjoying each other's company like a normal couple, and gets her ballet shoes. Musa gets a vision of the Singing Whaes from her home planet of Melody, then gets her ballet shoes. Bloom gets a vision of Sky, where they held each other tenderly, then gets her ballet shoes.

Flora, seeing how all the other girls had easily gotten their magical ballet shoes, only gets depressed further and decides to leave. Bloom and the others stop her, saying that they know why she is sad and that she should try it out anyway. Flora then dances before the mirror, where she is struck with a sad thought of Helia. Suddenly, someone releases a stream of living origami birds which fly around Flora. She turned to see Helia before her. He tells her that she's the only one he truly loves and they dance together. Soon, Flora earns her ballet shoes, and she and Helia began to levitate, both dancing on air as the other girls fly dance around them.

In the Infinite Ocean, Tritannus and Icy swim through as the former rants about how he will activate the Emperor's Throne, but first, he needs a fairy who has mastered Sirenix. Icy then elects Aisha to be that fairy. We return at the Winx and at Alfea's outside campus, back in their civilian outfits.

At the Alfea well, Aisha gets a call from Nereus and Tressa, who tell them Tritannus is attacking the Pillar of Light with his army of mutant slaves. They needed help fast, as well as the Breath of the Ocean in order to purify the area and summon all the Selkies. This is made tough since they cannot risk killing the mutants as they are innocent people cruelly put under control. The Winx transform and head for the Pillar of Light. At the Pillar, the girls are surprised at the numerous amounts of mutants swimming about. The Winx fight their way through the swarm, limiting themselves to only using shield spells and physical blows to avoid seriously injuring the mutant slaves too much. Bloom tells Flora to get to Nereus and Tressa to pass on the Breath of the Ocean. Flora gives Tressa the gem, who then swims over to the Pillar of Light and makes the gem shine a beam at it, causing a light shockwave. Suddenly, gates began to appear, and the Selkies pour out. A war rages with the Winx, Selkies, Nereus, and Tressa against Tritannus, Icy, and the mutant slaves. In the midst of the battle, Tritannus corners Aisha and Lemmy, but was then encountered by Nereus. As the brothers duke it out, Icy commands the mutants to go after Aisha. Nereus quickly goes to assist Aisha, but gets shot from behind by Tritannus, mortally injuring him. Aisha was horrified and quickly swam to him, trying to get Nereus to wake up. Tritannus mocks her that it's useless as he's done for.

In rage, Aisha fires off a huge energy beam that blew Tritannus and Icy away and burying them in rubble. Next, Aisha's Sirenix Guardian appears, having been summoned for from her desire to save her cousin. Aisha uses her Sirenix wish to revive Nereus. He wakes up, to Aisha's happiness. Unfortunately, Tritannus and Icy blast themselves out of the rubble and attack. Tritannus hits Aisha with a beam of magic, ensnaring her as well as absorbing her Sirenix powers. He and Icy swim off with Aisha in tow. Bloom and the others quickly pursue.

26 (130)- "La fine dell'incubo" ("The End of the Nightmare")

Winx Club - Episode 130

Winx Club - Episode 130

("The End of Tritannus")

Airdate: April 24, 2013

Continuing from the previous episode, Bloom, Flora, Nereus, and Serena pursue Tritannus. The others were left behind defending the Pillar of Light. Bloom tells Flora to go and assist them while they continue to chase Tritannus and Icy. They had to get to the Emperor's Throne before it's too late. tritannus also took the Princess Aisha to use her sirenx power to power up the throne and now the others must free the princess before tritannus takes over the magic universe.

At the Emperor's Throne, Aisha is held prisoner in the same cell as Daphne. Tritannus and Icy began having dreams of grandeur as they were close to activating the throne. Tritannus sits upon it and uses his trident to activate the throne, causing a wave of darkness that blew Icy back.

At the Pillar of Light, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tressa, and the Selkies face off against the remaining mutant slaves. The darkness wave suddenly passes over them, causing the mutants to act strange. Another gate appeared, and the mutants leave through it. Stella and the others quickly follow.

At the Emperor's Throne, Icy witnessed Tritannus suddenly bulking up due to the power absorption. She gets excited and says she's ready to rule over the Infinite Ocean, However, the power had made Tritannus get out of control and attacks Icy, much to her horror. She tries to talk with him, but he was beyond reason now and mercilessly began to attack her, causing Icy to fear for her life. Just as she was about to get killed, she was saved by none other than Darcy and Stormy, after a long absence Icy was surprised by this, since they didn't exactly part on good terms. Darcy bluntly states that they STILL are mad at Icy, but despite that, they're still sisters, and still the Trix. They attack Tritannus, but to their horror, he just absorbs their shots, then fires a shot of his own at them, effectively ejecting the Trix from the Infinite Ocean. Completely power mad, he invades Andros.

Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Tressa, and the Selkies arrive in the waters of Andros, confused as to why they wound up there. They find the mutant slaves swimming towards the shore, where Tressa realized they were going after Aisha's parents, Teredor and Niobe. They quickly swim for the Andros Palace.

The sea level around the Andros Palace soon began to rise, threatening to flood it. The mermaid guards were forced to defend against the mutants. Inside the palace, Teredor and Niobe were trapped in the throne room, but quickly escape before it gets flooded.

Bloom, Nereus, and Serena arrive at the Emperor's Throne, where they witnessed the now powered-up Tritannus. Bloom directs Serena to find Aisha and Daphne while she and Nereus deal with Tritannus. Bloom fights against some mutants while Nereus once again faces his corrupted twin brother.

At Andros Palace, the mermaid guards were cornered by the mutants, but then get assistance from Roy. More mutants show up and a fight breaks out. Tressa soon arrives with Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna. The fighting escalates, then Roy tells the Winx they'll hold them off while they go find Teredor and Niobe.

Soon, the entire palace was nearly flooded completely, Teredor and Niobe had retreated into the tallest tower of the palace, but it was only a matter of time before it would go under as well. The floor soon began to slowly flood, causing Niobe to panic, then panics even further when some mutants break through the wall and attack. Teredor grabs a nearby spear to fend off the mutants until the four Winx arrive. After repelling the mutants, Stella encases the king and queen in a globe of light and fly them out of the tower just as the entire palace is completely flooded. The four Winx were shocked to see even more mutants show up to fight Roy and the mermaid guards. Stella leads the girls to fight off the mutant waves.

Nereus battles against Tritannus. Even with Bloom's help, Tritannus is unharmed and laughs off their attacks. She changes tactics and tells Nereus they have to separate Tritannus from his trident and destroy it. Nereus rushes Tritannus, and after a bit of effort, he managed to disarm his brother of his weapon. Bloom then quickly uses her Sirenix spell on the trident, then destroying it. The pollution vanished, and Aisha and Daphne were freed of their bonds. The cell opens as Serena swims to them. The mutant slaves Bloom fought off earlier reverted back into King Neptune and Queen Ligea. Nereus happily reunites with them. As for Tritannus, he gets surrounded by everyone as he began to rant about how he should've easily killed them all, then painfully reverts back to his original merman form.

On Andros, the water level recedes, and the mutant slaves revert back to their former selves again. Everybody cheered at the victory and Tritannus's defeat. Teredor and Niobe come down to greet their subjects, then they were met with the appearance of the now restored Neptune and Ligea, whom Tressa tearfully reunites with. Teredor was glad to see his brother all right, then Bloom, Aisha, Nereus, and Daphne show up, with Tritannus in custody. Everyone glares at the once again disgraced prince as Teredor condemns him. Nereus demands if his brother had anything to say in his defense for his crimes, which Tritannus snidely states that he's only sorry he didn't kill them all when he had the chance. Seeing he had absolutely no remorse for what he had done, Teredor decreed to banish Tritannus from the magic dimension, Neptune then passed judgement on his disowned son: He will be forever banished from the magical universe and will live out the remainder of his life beyond the dark Gate of Oblivion, never to return.

Tritannus is escorted by some guards, and the Winx Club to the Gate of Oblivion. He is forced through the gate, with Aisha commenting that it was what he deserved. Bloom's Guardian of Sirenix appeared and offered her a Sirenix wish. She uses her wish to break the Sirenix curse and end its dark legacy forever. As a result, Daphne appears before her, and is restored to her physical body of solid flesh and blood, finally restoring her to her true self at long last. Bloom tearfully reunites with her long-lost elder sister, after five seasons and two movies, they can actually touch each other.

At a seaside stage near Andros Palace, the royals of the Magic Dimension and the students and faculties of the three schools of Magix attend a victory celebration where Neptune declares that the planets of the Magix Dimension will from now on stand united as one family. Oritel, Marion, and Daphne arrive with Mike, Vanessa, and Kiko. Mike wonders where Bloom and the Winx are, and Sky merely replied they're on stage. Mike was confused as he didn't see any stage. Suddenly, a stage emerged from the pool in the center with the Winx complete with band instruments.

The Winx perform "The Magic of Tonight" while the Specialists, the other Alfea fairies (including Roxy and Krystal), and their families are seen cheering. Near the end of the song, Bloom flies over to her big sister, and they are seen happily dancing together.