1- "Fāsuto Operēshon" ("The First Operation")

Vividred Operation - Episode 01

Vividred Operation - Episode 01


Airdate: January 11, 2013

In the middle of a vast metropolis, a lone girl with black hair and a scarf on her neck watches as the sun rises in the east. Then, she mutters, "I must do it," before looking up at the lone star that shines in the morning sky.

The story begins in "a future everyone dreamed of", a world where energy is limitless and science has solved most of the world's problems, thanks to a machine called the Manifestation Engine, which is located on an artificial island in the middle of Sagami Bay called Blue Island. A girl by the name of Akane Isshiki goes on her daily trips across town as she brings over the daily newspaper, and prepares a great day ahead, although she continues to suffer from her fear of heights.

After finishing her part-time job, Akane goes to take a rest. There, she receives a message from her friend Aoi, and is soon called by her sister Momo. With that, she heads back home.

Shortly after helping her sister prepare breakfast, Akane goes to visit her grandfather Kenjirou, who is often found in his secret lab located inside the house. Just like always, Kenjirou and Akane exchange a rather energetic hug to each other, and Momo appears to feel awkward about it.

Breakfast soon starts and Akane puts her favorite mayonnaise on her bowl of rice before eating. Meanwhile, Momo asks Akane about Aoi's trip to Blue Island, and Akane reveals that she plans to meet with Aoi after school ends, although Momo tells Akane that she can't come due to a sale at a nearby store. Kenjirou is rather disappointed that Momo is held back by a carton of eggs sold for only ten yen, but Momo points out that he and his expensive purchases of different scientific tools is the reason why they are currently living an impoverished life.

Akane can't help but feel down after finding out that Momo can't come, but Momo tries to cheer her up while giving her some money for her trip to their mother. Momo then reminds Akane that they will be late if they don't leave at once, so Akane quickly prepares to leave alongside Momo to school.

As the two Isshikis leave, Kenjirou heads back to his laboratory, where he tries to finish his latest project: a rather unique-looking red key, enclosed in a steel chamber.

Elsewhere, the Blue Island Unified Defense Command Center is on alert, with a group of three F-22 Raptors engage an unidentified object that towers in the skies over the Pacific. However, mere seconds after visual sighting of the unknown object, a hail of red careens towards the approaching fighter planes, and the sortie is wiped out immediately. The command center, shocked by the display of might of the unknown force, raises the situation to the highest alarm.

Meanwhile, in Oshima North Hill Elementary and Junior High School, Akane hears great news about Aoi, who was allowed to proceed to the next grade due to her diligence in studies despite her sickness. However, her bright mood is interrupted when a schoolmate almost fell from a tree while trying to return a chick from its nest; fortunately, Akane managed to catch him in time, and she decides to climb up the tree herself.

However, her acrophobia kicked in as soon as she made it up the tree, and his teacher ended up doing what she is supposed to do instead.

Akane seems affected by what just happened, but she assures her sister Momo by giving her a pat on the head.

On Tanegashima Space Port, Aoi is fetched by two pilots and her journey to Blue Island by Osprey begins, and she sends a message to Akane, telling her to wait for her arrival. The message brings joy to Akane and Momo, and they soon make their way to prepare for Aoi's arrival to Blue Island.

However, the skies aren't as safe as it looks, as the mysterious object -- a gigantic four-legged machine -- destroys yet another sortie sent towards it. The governor of Blue Island voices her concern as possibilities of terrorist attacks or another country eyeing the Manifestation Engine begin to surface. However, the governor has other ideas, particularly that an entity called the "Alone" is responsible for the newest threat.

After ordering the initiation of countermeasures, the governor thinks about the man who gave a warning about a mysterious force seven years ago... the man who was shunned for his research... the man who was supposed to be behind the Manifestation Engine... Dr. Kenjirou Isshiki.

This man, now living with his granddaughters in a simple house, detects the same "Alone" that he had predicted seven years ago. As he prepares his own countermeasures against them, an explosion rips through his laboratory.

Akane and Momo saw a plume of smoke where their house is located and rushes to get back home, only to see their grandfather motionless on the ruins of the lab. Akane then discovers that her grandfather is not breathing, and she and Momo break into tears the moment they realize that their grandfather is dead.

However, they hear their grandfather's voice in the laboratory, and they are shocked to see that the voice came from the stuffed toy Momo gave to him some time ago.

Kenjirou and his granddaughters are shocked to find out that he is now inside a stuffed toy, and soon theorized that he was ejected from his body due to the explosion that was caused by his transfer of energy to his latest project. He soon decides to show the fruits of the labors or half his lifetime, which now comes in the form of a key that he entrusts to Akane.

Soon, an alarm followed by an evacuation announcement was heard throughout Oshima. Momo thought that it was an imminent volcanic eruption, but Kenjirou assumes something much worse than that, and that threat is fast approaching Blue Island. The mention of Blue Island reminds Akane of Momo, so the Isshiki family decides to prepare for the attack; while they shove Kenjirou's body in the freezer for the meantime, Momo goes in the emergency bunker. Afterwards, Akane, along with Kenjirou, prepare to head for Blue Island.

As another sortie engages the mysterious object that is close approaching Blue Island, Akane and Kenjirou use the flying bike to skim through the waves in an effort to reach the island quickly. As Akane struggles with her fear of heights, Kenjirou remembers what happened seven years ago, when a meltdown inside the Manifestation Engine almost killed Akane's mother Mashiro and caused Akane's fear of heights. Kenjirou is certain that the Alone wants the Manifestation Engine for some reason, and it will be the end of the world if the Alone manages to destroy it.

Nearby, the opposition against the Alone reaches the seas, but no force was capable to matching its destructive power. Then, things become more complicated when a civilian plane is sighted in the same airspace as the Alone, the plane where Aoi is located. The quick response of the Raptor fleet barely helped in shielding the plane from harm, but one shot from the Alone swiftly destroyed the tail rudder of the Osprey, rendering the plan impossible to control.

As the plane teeters towards the Manifestation Engine, Akane, who manages to reach the road towards Blue Island, sees Aoi inside the damaged plane. In response, Akane puts the throttle on her flying bike while Kenjirou helps Akane in navigating through the Manifestation Engine. After accessing the lift to the highest point in the building complex, Akane hurries to reach Aoi in time.

She soon sees the downed plane at the topmost floor, with its fuselage split in two. Inside, Aoi, although uninjured, is still in danger inside the plane. Akane wanted to get to her, but her fear of heights kept her from getting closer. As the dilemma brings Akane to tears, Aoi calmly tells her to not come to her aid.

Then, the tail section of the plane slides off the 1000-foot building, bringing along Aoi with it.

With the safety of her friend Aoi now at stake, Akane throws away the fear in her heart as she drives the flying bike off the rooftop and into Aoi as she plummets to the ground.

Then, as Akane and Aoi's hand join together, the key hanging by Akane's neck shines, and the two are enveloped by a blinding light.

As the light disappears, Akane is now wearing an unusual set of clothes, and she and Aoi are now floating inside what appears to be a bubble.

Kenjirou congratulates Akane for the success of his project, called the Vivid System, but the danger is not yet over. The Alone continues to approach Blue Island despite the efforts of the defense forces, and the city around Blue Island is now in danger of destruction.

With this, Kenjirou asks Akane and Aoi if they want to help, and upon hearing the two affirm their intention to help, Kenjirou reveals the way for the two to help...

...and it is through "docking"!

2- "Kasanari Au Toki" ("Moment of Resonance")

Vividred Operation - Episode 02

Vividred Operation - Episode 02


Airdate: January 18, 2013

Aoi is safe, Akane has saved her friend, and Kenjirou is pleased with the success of his latest creation, the Vivid System. However, the threat that is the Alone still stands unopposed, and Kenjirou gives them the choice to use their newly-acquired power to save others. Upon hearing the affirmative responses of both Akane and Aoi, Kenjirou declares that "it is docking time"!

As the Blue Island United Defense Force continues to engage the Alone in the distance, Kenjirou reveals that this "docking" will allow them to defeat the Alone. Akane quickly prepares to perform the docking procedure, but Aoi is a bit reluctant, doubting if they are actually capable of taking down a huge enemy such as the Alone. Fortunately, Akane's inspiring words was enough for Aoi to make her decision.

Upon declaring her willingness to join the battle alongside Akane, Aoi watches as a key, like that of Akane's, emerges from her Palette Suit. Kenjirou tells Aoi that it is her personal key that will allow her to use the Vivid System. Then, as soon as Aoi receives her key from Akane, she uses it to transform, changing her clothes into the same Palette Suit that Akane is wearing, with a blue motif.

Suddenly, a beam of red light comes dangerously close to Aoi. Fortunately, Akane was able to move her to safety, but the beam ends up destroying a portion of Oshima. Then, as a series of displays appear right in front of her, and she decides to call forth what she just saw in the displays. As soon as she says the words "Operation Nakederang!", a red boomerang-shaped weapon appears over her head, and she decides to use this to retaliate to the Alone for firing upon Oshima.

Upon throwing the Nakederang towards the Alone, Akane ends up dispelling the beam that was careening towards a fighter jet, and another throw deals a direct hit, slicing open the orb-like center of the Alone. The Alone fights back by firing even more beam shots, one of which hits the tail of another fighter jet. Aoi is suddenly caught by the out-of-control fighter, but to the shock of many, including herself, she was able to slow down the flight of the fighter jet to a complete stop, using only her bare hands. She then lowers the plane safely to the upper deck of a nearby aircraft carrier.

As Aoi apologizes to the crew of the carrier, Akane catches up to her and voices out her amazement at her superhuman strength. Soon, an array of displays appears in front of Aoi, and realizes that this is her weapon. Upon calling forth her personal weapon called Naked Impact, a blue hammer appears out of nowhere and lands on her hands. To her surprise, the hammer was so heavy that it caused a crater to form from beneath Aoi's feet.

The crew of the carrier soon began running when several beams of energy from the Alone came dangerously close to the runway. As one beam approaches Aoi and Akane, Aoi tries her weapon on it, and she ends up deflecting the beam upwards, contributing even more to the confusion of the carrier crew.

Aoi, still dumbfounded by her newly-acquired powers, soon leaves with Akane for a closer battle against the Alone.

Meanwhile, at the Manifestation Engine System Oversight Center, as the events outside are watched closely, Yuuri Shijou, the manager of the facility listens to reports of tremendous amounts of energy being consumed by the Manifestation Engine. Then, their system suddenly shuts down by itself, and the familiar emblem of the Isshiki Laboratory surprises Yuuri.

What seems like a reunion between Kenjirou and Yuuri happened as the two talk over the line, with Yuuri mentioning Kenjirou's accurate predictions of the arrival of the Alone and the possibility of a different scenario had this prediction was heeded. Kenjirou believes that the time is not for regret, and he tells Yuuri to fight on, as he himself borrows some energy from the Manifestation Engine.

Soon, Yuuri's orders quickly reached the sea and air, and an all-out effort to support the users of the Vivid System has been given.

Akane and Aoi continue their assault on the Alone when fighter jets decide to initiate a team effort to take down the Alone. As Akane spearheads the attack by slicing open the tough skin of the Alone, a squadron of fighter jets closely follow her movements, firing at the gash left by Akane's attack before quickly retreating. Meanwhile, Aoi switches from defense to offense, using her Naked Impact to block incoming fire while she approaches the Alone. Aoi notices that there is something different with the particular part of the Alone's body at the opposite end of it's round "head" and quickly contacts Akane about. With the squadron of fighter planes by her tail, Akane unleashes the Nakederang into the underside of the Alone, giving the fighter jets some time to fire at the object inside.

An explosion rocks the Alone as it limps over the ocean. Meanwhile, the Manifestation Engine System Oversight Center confirms that the Alone is no longer operational.

However, Kenjirou is not contented with mere defeat. He tells the girls to use Docking Operation to finish off the downed Alone, and the only way to do this is through a kiss... in the forehead.

Aoi was uncomfortable at the thought of being kissed in the lips by her friend, but after finding out that a kiss on the forehead would suffice, she promptly presses her lips on Akane's forehead.

Initially, the Docking Operation is going smoothly. However, the two are suddenly thrown away from each other.

Kenjirou is clearly shocked at what happened, and discovers that the problem lies in the strength of their friendship — that someone is subconsciously rejecting the Docking process.

Two years into the past, Aoi, an inhabitant of Oshima, longs for the presence of her father who is unable to visit her due to his work while she undergoes the treatment of her sickness. As she sees an unusual girl riding a bike floating in the air, Aoi is startled as a newspaper goes flying straight into her... and into the mailbox just outside of the car she is riding in.

Akane Isshiki, the girl who just threw a newspaper at her, apologizes for startling her and decides to hand over a tomato as an "I'm sorry" gift to her. Before Aoi could say a word, Akane was gone on her flying bike.

Soon, Aoi began to watch out for Akane from her lavish house in Oshima, and when Aoi was able to catch up to Akane as she passes by, she thanks Akane for the tomato. At that moment, Aoi and Akane introduce themselves to each other.

Back at the present, Akane refuses to believe that Aoi is the one at fault for the failed Docking Operation, and she insists that there shouldn't be any problems with her or Aoi. However, Aoi feels uneasy inside...

To make things worse, a mysterious girl and her bow and arrow suddenly powers up the Alone one again!

The Alone, now glowing red and with a completely different form than before, continues its assault against the Blue Island United Defense Force and Oshima. Akane and Aoi used their weapons, thinking that it will be enough to take down the Alone, but the Alone reveals strength way above their league. As they halt their attacks for the meantime, Aoi, overwhelmed by guilt, decides to reveal the reason why they end up failing to Dock for the first time.

Aoi actually hated tomatoes.

Akane, in response, tells her that she knew all along, as Aoi would make a disgusted face every time she tries to eat one at school. However, she understood what Aoi felt, and she was filled by an overwhelming, vivid, feeling of joy, knowing that they will be inseparable bestfriends. Aoi is moved to tears, but Akane tells her not to cry as she holds their hands together.

Then, Aoi's lips press once more on Akane's forehead, and Operation Vivid Blue initiates.

Aoi and Akane's bodies are merged into one, with Akane's voice and Aoi's colors and weaponry in their arsenal. They quickly fly towards the Alone, shrugging away anything the Alone throws at them. Then, Akane and Aoi unleash their weapon, the Vivid Impact, and with one feel swoop, the Alone is crushed by the force of Akane and Aoi's Final Operation.

Celebration begins at the Manifestation Engine System Oversight Center and Yuuri heaves a sigh of relief. However, Kenjirou reminds her that the battle for the future is far from over.

The next day, Momo and Akane go to school as usual, although Akane had overslept the night before due to the overexcitement of taking down the Alone with Aoi. Momo remembers hearing about the feat from her grandfather and voices out her worries for her sister and her helplessness about her duty. Akane, in response, runs to school with Momo on piggyback, as if imitating the words she recite as she took down the Alone with Aoi on her side.

To their surprise, the road to school is closed, and what remains of their school is a large gash in the ground.

Aoi, Momo and Akane, shocked by the fate of their school, are soon joined by a woman wearing sunglasses. There, the mysterious woman declares that the three girls need to transfer schools.

3- "Hontō no Tsuyosa" ("True Strength")

Vividred Operation - Episode 03

Vividred Operation - Episode 03


Airdate: January 25, 2013

Akane is late for school, and to make things more unfortunate for her, her airbike "Wanko" is running out of juice. As she pulls out her drastic measure to get to school on time, her younger sister Momo and her friend Aoi head to Blue Island by monorail, both worried that the longer-than-usual newspaper deliveries might cause Akane to be later for her first day at school.

Then, to Aoi's amazement, Akane manages to catch up to the train to Blue Island, wearing the same Palette Suit she wore when she fought against an Alone for the very first time.

Due to the damages received by Oshima Elementary and Junior High School during the Alone's attacks a few days ago, the students of the said school, including Momo, Akane and Aoi, are transferred to National Shin Oshima School in Blue Island.

Meanwhile, after showing off the kendo skills that earned her a slot in the national championships, Wakaba Saegusa begins her routine training at the shores of Blue Island. However, she was distracted by an unusual sight of a girl dressed in red, hovering above the sea. That girl, startled upon seeing someone else see her dressed in her Palette Suit, tries to cover her identity on a pair of futuristic sunglasses and ends up crashing into a small shack nearby.

Wakaba, mistaking Akane as an intruder, decides to go on an offensive using attacks from the Natural Harmony school, but even the school's secret technique "Hazanken" (lit., "Mountain Cutter") was blocked by Akane. Akane even threw Wakaba aside. As Wakaba is left stunned by her swift defeat against a total stranger, Akane flies off after sending off a quick apology.

Akane manages to reach the school, but someone ends up catching her in the Palette Suit.

Back in Oshima, Kenjirou Isshiki receives a visit from Blue Island's Yuuri Shijo. She aims to discuss the encounter with the Alone with him, and he first remarked that he was relieved that both Akane and Aoi escaped the limelight after what happened. Yuuri soon reveals that analysis of the events showed that the Alone was responsible for the drastic drop in power output of the Manifestation Engine, causing Kenjirou to conclude that the Alone may have attacked to drain away the current power source of 95% of Earth's population or to destroy it entirely. Regardless of the circumstance, shutting down the Manifestation Engine is not an option.

Yuuri wonders about the origins of the Alone, and asks what would happen at the worst-case scenario of the Alone reaching the Engine. Not knowing the true answer himself, Kenjirou could only say that the outcome would be much worse than the incident that happened seven years in the past.

Then, Yuuri decides to ask the decisive question: how exactly he ended up in the plush sea otter body he is right now. Kenjirou is rather shocked at the suddenness of the question.

In National Shin Oshima School, Momo, Akane and Aoi are brought to the Principal's Office, where they are scolded by Mizuha Amagi of the Blue Island United Defense Force for almost exposing their identities. She reminded them that they are currently categorized as military secrets, and unauthorized use of the Palette Suits are prohibited.

Akane continues to apologize for her reckless use of the Vivid System, and soon reveals what happened between her and Wakaba Saegusa, a brilliant girl with both brains and brawn, considered to be the pride of National Shin Oshima School. As Mizuha shows her shock at Akane's confession, the principal comments about coincidence of Akane and Aoi ending up at the same class as her.

Soon, Class 2-A of National Shin Oshima School is surprised by two new changes to the class: first, Mizuha Amagi ends up replacing the old homeroom teacher "due to certain reasons", and two new classmates join the class, Aoi Futaba and Akane Isshiki.

In an instant, Akane and Wakaba exchange glares at each other, and Akane feels uncomfortable being with the same person who attacked her earlier. Nonetheless, Akane tries to be friendly, especially with a "girl" named Himawari, whose presence is replaced by a camera mounted on the chair beside Akane's.

Also, a mysterious girl in black, the same girl who is seen earlier in the attack by the Alone, is also present in class...

At lunchtime, Aoi and Akane eat together and give out their comments on their first day in their new school. However, the atmosphere becomes tense when Wakaba confronts the two after Akane's connection with the intruder who defeated her earlier. Akane tried to be friendly to her, but the stubborn Wakaba declares that they should finish what they started.

Akane, in response, frantically runs away, and the chase between the two begins.

In an instant, Wakaba notices the acrobatic moves of Akane, but this doesn't stop the chase from going on, even amidst students at the hallway and helping a teacher in need.

Soon, Akane sees her sister Momo near the locker rooms and quickly asks her to stall Wakaba for some time. Momo had little time to refuse, and she did end up acting as a good diversion for Wakaba, who after colliding with Momo brought her straight to the infirmary even though she only got a sore forehead due to the collision.

Akane manages to lose Wakaba, but now she has to worry about Momo, who is now in the hands of Wakaba.

At the school infirmary, Wakaba places a piece of bandage on Momo's forehead and talks to her for a while. There, Wakaba discovers that she came from the school that was destroyed during the Alone attack, and that she is Akane's younger sister. Wakaba pleads to Momo, telling her that she is obligated to fight Akane once again to restore the pride of the Natural Harmony School. Meanwhile, Akane and Aoi, who were outside eavesdropping at the two, heard the conversation well, and Akane was clearly uneasy about it.

Back at the Isshiki Residence, the two Isshiki siblings talk about the events that involved Wakaba, and Akane finds herself in a dilemma, whether to fight her or not, especially with her identity at stake.

Meanwhile, at the Natural Harmony School Saegusa Dojo (天え理心流三枝道場), Wakaba just finished her training with her father. Although she did well in her training, her defeat in the hands of Akane still make her feel down. As she asks her father about how he sees true strength, and he tells his daughter that true strength lies in properly knowing when and how to use one's power.

The next day, an uneasy Akane prepares to run away from Wakaba yet again, when she sees what looks like a love letter in her shoe locker. Momo and Aoi become excited at the thought of Akane getting the attention of a boy in school, but it turns out that the letter is a challenge letter addressed to Akane.

Akane decides to meet up with Wakaba at the same shore where she defeated Wakaba and brings along a bokken. Meanwhile, Wakaba readies herself for the fight, even as Akane declined using the armor often used for kendo, with Aoi and Momo watching from a distance.

Upon the start of their "duel", Wakaba goes on an offensive, using her skills to overwhelm Akane's fighting style. However, as Akane began to take the fight seriously, Wakaba notices that Akane's strength is greater than she expected... and the feeling of fighting against an equal, a feeling she had forgotten for a long time, slowly dawns on Wakaba.

Then, an Alone in the shape of an enormous worm emerges from the sea.

Akane prepares to fight with Aoi against the Alone, but Wakaba refuses to take shelter. Regardless, Aoi and Akane use the Vivid System to take down the Alone, leaving behind the two to return to safety. Wakaba watches in disbelief as Akane and Aoi try to defeat the worm-shaped Alone, but the more agile Alone was able to evade their attacks, and is endangering the lives of Momo and Wakaba nearby.

Wakaba realizes that the way for her to show her true strength is by protecting others, and after Akane and Aoi fall back to check up on her and Momo, Wakaba declares her willingness to fight against the Alone.

Akane quickly accepts her declaration and gives her a green key, making her the third user of the Vivid System.

As Wakaba and Akane head towards the Alone, the worm-shaped Alone changes form, surrounding itself with countless spikes. Kenjirou sees this as the chance for Akane and Wakaba to dock, and they promptly do so, calling forth Wakaba's empowered form: Vivid Green Operation.

With one slash of the overcharged Vivid Blade, the Alone is swiftly defeated, and the girl wielding a bow that empowered the Alone earlier, nonchalantly leaves.

Aoi, Akane and Momo soon declare that Wakaba will be their new friend, and for a moment, Wakaba shows her weakness on cute things, particularly Momo.

As Akane gets a new friend, from a distance, a pair of artificial eyes gaze at their direction...

4- "Yakusoku" ("Promise")

Vividred Operation - Episode 04

Vividred Operation - Episode 04


Airdate: February 1, 2013

Blue Island is under attack once again, and Akane, Aoi and Wakaba, armed with the Vivid System, take on the crustacean-shaped Alone. Their actions are watched very carefully, not only by the United Defense Force, but — albeit by accident — by a certain recluse. With the help of Vividblue, Akane and Aoi takes down the Alone in a single hit of their Vivid Impact.

Mizuha Amagi soon reports the outcome of the battle to Yuuri Shijou, telling her superior of the victory brought by the Vivid System and the efforts by the salvaging teams go acquire samples of the destroyed Alone. Meanwhile, she can't help but be unsure if the stuffed toy who is casually sitting on the table in front of Yuuri is none other than the inventor of the Manifestation Engine, Kenjirou Isshiki himself.

Soon, Yuuri reveals the true agenda behind her request for Kenjirou to come over to her office. Upon showing him several lines of code in her portable device, Yuuri reveals that confidential data from Blue Island are being infiltrated by someone.

After their battle with yet another Alone, Akane returns to her morning duties as a newspaper girl. On her way back home, she sees Aoi and Wakaba by their front gate. Wakaba soon discusses about what happened during their last battle, commenting on how open two users of the Vivid System are when they undergo a Docking Operation. Because of this, Wakaba prepares a training session in an attempt to fix this; by attaching three logs of wood on an A-frame, Wakaba tries to train Akane and Aoi to gain better reflexes while fighting.

Meanwhile, during the salvage operation, the navy of Blue Island United Defense Force reports that they haven't seen any debris left by the Alone. As the ship returns to port, however, a luminous red shines faintly at the ocean floor...

Wakaba's training left Aoi's butt sore throughout the morning classes. As Akane and Wakaba try to lift her spirits, their classmate-that-never-appears-in-class named Himawari, through a binocular camera, observes the classroom while she is in he comfort of her room, accompanied only by the warm glow of the computer screen and her kotatsu.

Soon, PE class starts and Akane, Aoi and Wakaba play softball together, with Akane as batter, Aoi as catcher and Wakaba as pitcher. As Wakaba wows Akane with her powerful pitch, their classmate-away-from-class is napping in her room.

Then, she wakes up at the sound of an elderly man from near her classroom camera.

She is surprised to see a stuffed toy moving as if it was a living thing. Meanwhile, that stuffed toy named Kenjirou is actually investigating on who is hacking the systems of Blue Island, and is quite amazed that the hacker actually belongs to Akane's class. Outside, Akane prepares for Wakaba's powerful pitch one more time, while Kenjirou finds himself staring straight into the eyes of a camera.

Kenjirou becomes nervous at the thought that someone might have actually seen him in his current form.

Then, the sharp sound of a bat hitting a ball is heard, followed by the crashing sound of breaking glass.

Akane frantically looks closely as she holds Himawari's camera on her hand, broken due to Akane's homerun earlier. Aoi tries to calm Akane down, and Wakaba offers to join her in apologizing to Himawari in person, with Aoi following suit. Meanwhile, Kenjirou remains cautious, knowing that camera might have caught some footage of him.

Soon, the three girls head to Himawari's apartment unit. Despite Akane's calls, Himawari, who is watching them through a camera mounted near the front door, does not respond to the calls of her visitors. However, Akane shows her perseverance by stating her willingness to wait until Himawari comes out. Then, Kenjirou appears from Akane's bag and talks to his granddaughter, much to the girl's surprise.

Himawari is surprised to see the mysterious stuffed toy talking and moving a second time and, as if interested to meet the girls who are with this peculiar creature, decides to let them in.

Himawari soon brings them to her bedroom, which is so cold that even the tolerant Wakaba voices out how cold Himawari's bedroom is, and she responds by telling them that it is necessary for the various electronics that she is using; because of this cold, however, Himawari often stays inside her kotatsu most of the time. Akane soon decides to hand over Himawari's broken camera and apologizes. Himawari quickly forgives Akane, but asks her to let her see Kenjirou.

The three girls watch with anxiety as Kenjirou is stretched and pressed by the inquisitive Himawari. Soon, Himawari tells Akane that she wants to see Kenjirou's insides, and this alarms Akane and Kenjirou (the latter of which suddenly getting the nickname "Uso-kun" due to Himawari's questioning).

Akane then pleads to Himawari to give him back in one piece because Uso-kun is her important friend.

Himawari then suddenly becomes quiet. She hands Kenjirou back to Akane, then tells then that she doesn't need friends.

As the mood becomes dreary, Aoi decides to change the topic, commenting about Himawari's love for machineries. Soon, Aoi asks about one of the pictures on the wall in Himawari's room. Himawari reveals that it is a picture of the Streamer Plant, the facility designed to send the energy from the Manifestation Engine around the world. The girls seemed interested, but Akane showed the greatest interest, calling it something "beautiful". Himawari is a bit surprised by Akane's comment, and suggests that the Streamer Plant is best seen at sunset, a smile slowly emerging from her lips.

Akane then asks Himawari to come with them to the Streamer Plant. Himawari refuses immediately, showing her lack of ease when going outside. However, Akane refuses to give up on her. With the help of Wakaba and Aoi, Himawari changes to a more comfortable set of clothes, and is given a pair of yellow hairclips to part her fringes with, all courtesy of Wakaba.

Soon, they head to the Streamer Plant located nearby. As they enjoy the scenery, Himawari reveals her admiration of the mechanical marvels of the Streamer Plant. Akane voices out her agreement over Himawari's love of the Streamer Plant and says that she also loves the Manifestation Engine as well, but Himawari appears to be unimpressed of Akane's "love" of the Manifestation Engine, considering it too shallow compared to her own view of it.

However, Akane disagrees, pointing out that her loved the Manifestation Engine came from her father, mother and grandfather, who loved how far science and technology has been helping people.

Back in Himawari's house, Kenjirou finally confirms that it was Himawari who was hacking the systems of Blue Island. He admits that doing such a feat shows a gifted mind, but Kenjirou proudly says that he is still better than her.

Meanwhile, Himawari decides to ask for Akane's name. When Akane reveals that she is an Isshiki, Himawari is surprised, knowing that an Isshiki was known for building the Manifestation Engine.

Suddenly, alarms blare and an evacuation order is sent throughout Blue Island.

Without warning, the same Alone defeated by Akane and Aoi earlier has returned, and in one powerful shot envelopes the Streamer Plant in flames.

Himawari's hands tremble as her beloved Streamer Plant reaches a critical situation, and she is helpless in trying to save it. She then tells the girls that the only way for the Streamer Plant to continue sending energy around the world is for her to reach the control module of the plant itself.

Akane then decides that they should help out Himawari in saving the Streamer Plant.

Akane, Aoi and Wakaba activate the Vivid System once more, and as Aoi and Wakaba attempt to hold off the Alone, Akane flies Himawari to the center of the Streamer Plant, promising that she will come back for her while she joins Aoi and Wakaba. At that moment, Himawari realizes that the girls whom she watched fighting the Alone are none other than Aoi and her friends. Then, as she remembers Akane's promise to her, she rushes inside the core of the Streamer Plant.

The three girls begin their assault against the crustacean-shaped alone, and Akane notices that this Alone, although looking similar to the one they defeated, felt stronger than before. Regardless, Akane prepares to take on the Alone.

Meanwhile, Himawari was able to shut down the Streamer Plant, but structural damage from the attack has caused a section of the control module to collapse, threatening to bury her under the rubble.

Soon, Himawari remembers an experience she had with someone who asked help from her after experiencing being bullied anonymously and the promise that the girl ended up breaking in the end.

As Himawari slowly gives up hoping that promises are meant to be kept, a metal beam comes crashing down on her...

...Then, Himawari sees Akane, holding up the metal beam and saying sorry for taking longer to get back.

Akane then takes Himawari to safety, with them flying smoothly through the air. Himawari asks about Akane's decision to come back, and Akane simply answers that she is keeping her promise. As Himawari is overwhelmed by the feeling of someone showing the importance of a promise, something shining emerges from Akane's chest once again... and this is Himawari's key.

In the middle of the sunset, Akane gives Himawari her key, and declares that she now has the power to fight.

With that, Himawari becomes the fourth user of the Vivid System.

Aoi and Wakaba continue defending against the Alone's onslaught when a volley of fire went through their defenses. Aoi tried to catch up with it, but it was swiftly returned with greater power by someone else. To the surprise of Wakaba and Aoi, Himawari emerges after having used her Naked Collider, accompanied by Akane.

Soon, a beam of light strikes the Alone, empowering it into a monstrosity basked in red. Kenjirou warns Akane that the energy that he detected inside the Alone would prove to be a threat if not taken down immediately. As Kenjirou tries to come up with a plan, Himawari decides to step in...

...and performs a Docking Operation with Akane, forming Vividyellow!

With Akane and Himawari merged together, they use the Vivid Collider to deflect the Alone's energy beams with ease. Then, as the Vivid Collider dismantles itself into the Vivid Engine, it transforms into a mechanism that fires a powerful energy beam at the Alone, destroying it in the process.

As the sun slowly disappears into the horizon, Himawari is still in disbelief upon finding out that Akane is Kenjirou Isshiki's granddaughter, and notes that she doesn't possess her grandfather's genius after not being able to fix the camera by herself. Akane then apologizes once more for what happened to her camera. Himawari, with a smile, says that she no longer needs it since she will attend school starting the day after, much to Akane's delight.

Soon, Kenjirou emerges, a bit disappointed that Himawari no longer needs the camera (which he just fixed). Himawari soon asks Akane if the stuffed toy she calls Uso-kun is actually Kenjirou Isshiki and, upon finding out the truth, ends up immersed once again in her love for the Manifestation Engine, now added with her admiration for Isshiki's work.

Although her new friends end up non understanding what Himawari is trying to say, Akane is pleased enough that Himawari is having fun.

5- "Mō Hitotsu no Kagi" ("Another Key")

Vividred Operation - Episode 05

Vividred Operation - Episode 05


Airdate: February 8, 2013

Akane begins her day like always, delivering newspapers to the townsfolk of Oshima. As she passes by the marina, she sees a girl with black hair reaching her hands on the seagulls the flock by her. Akane was so fixated at the mysterious girl that she almost crashed into the forklifts in her way; fortunately, Akane was able to stop her airbike in time.

The commotion soon takes the mysterious girl's attention. Akane tries to be friendly by greeting at her, but as the seagulls suddenly fly into the sky, the black-haired girl disappears, leaving behind a confused Akane.

Later that day, Class 2-A's homeroom teacher Mizuha Amagi announces an upcoming summer camp for the students, which would take place in two weeks' time. According to Amagi's explanation, the summer camp will split the class into two — the girls will stay at Shikine Island, while the boys will spend their camp at Mt. Takao — and each group will be split into smaller groups of 4-5 people, including the leader.

As Mizuha continues explaining about the report that will be submitted by the groups after the camp, Akane seems to be more interested with the black-haired girl at the other side of the room — the same girl who she saw earlier that morning.

Soon, at lunchtime, the four friends, Akane, Aoi, Wakaba and Himawari, go for lunch together. As Akane indulges herself once more with some mayonnaise on her rice, Himawari wows the others when she shows them her three trays full of scrumptious food, which according to her was a gift of gratitude by Himawari's mother for the friends that Himawari has made in school and her return to actively attending school.

As the shy Himawari shares her food with her new friends, Wakaba soon opens the topic of the groups needed for the summer camp. The others quickly agree with Wakaba's idea of forming a group with her, Akane, Aoi and Himawari, and Aoi is so excited that she voices out the many things she wanted to do, although Wakaba points out that there might not be enough time for that.

Meanwhile, Akane's attention is once again taken by her black-haired classmate's presence. She decides to ask the others about what they know about the girl. Wakaba reveals that her name is Rei Kuroki, and Himawari comments that she has caught her on camera frequently, but she has yet to see her talk outside of class.

Then, Akane suddenly has an idea.

Together with Aoi, Wakaba and Himawari, Akane approaches Rei and asks if she could be the fifth member in their group for summer camp. Rei flatly refuses their invitations and leaves immediately.

Even the reclusive Himawari finds her a bit too weird.

At the control center of Blue Island, Kenjirou and Yuuri Shijou listens to a report about the observations taken from the past battles with the Alone. According to the report, the findings were unable to trace a particular pattern even with every possible viewpoint taken into consideration. As Yuuri suspects that it is more of a self-defense mechanism, Kenjirou pins down a possible lead, pointing out a sudden change of energy signatures at the latest Alone attack.

Kenjirou's analysis suggest that a third party is involved in the problem with the Alone.

Meanwhile, Akane, despite being rejected by Rei, refuses to give up, so she decides to follow Rei outside the school premises. As she tracks down Rei's route by foot, she discovers Rei's more caring side as she rescues a boy from a falling steel beam from a nearby construction site. Livened up by the show of courage, Akane continues her way.

Rei soon arrives at her home, a dark and mostly empty apartment unit, and greets her pet parrot Piisuke before telling it what happened to her during the day.

Then, the parrot suddenly acts hysterical.

Although alarmed, Rei expects the presence of a crow at her balcony.

After covering her parrot's cage with her purple scarf, revealing a mark made out of seven feather-shaped figures arranged in a semi-circle, Rei lets in her uninvited guest... a mysterious being who comes in the form of a bird, but speaks in the voice of a woman.

The crow spoke about Rei's rescue of a boy earlier that day and censures her for it; as the crow's eyes glow an ominous red, the feather-shaped marks on Rei's neck glow red as well, causing a painful burning sensation. As Rei twists in pain, the crow reminded her of her duty to help cause the destruction of "this world" by using her powers to transform the Alone... "for the sake of their fallen world".

After saying those words, the crow flies away, with the pain of punishment slowly wearing away as well.

Later, after she was able to take a close look at the key that is hanging by her neck as she takes a bath, Rei goes into her room filled with various different blueprints. There, she clutches a handheld device and declares that she will destroy the Manifestation Engine... and she will not need the Alone to do it for her.

Rei soon goes into a solitary mission to infiltrate the Manifestation Engine. After taking out some of the guards and stealing some weapons from them, she attempts to scale the towering facility. However, she is taken by surprise when several flying security robots were able to detect her presence. Rei is forced to take them down immediately, and she ends up abandoning the mission after losing her chances, using a security robot as a platform and diving down at the waters off Blue Island.

The next day, Akane's routine day is once again interrupted by Rei's presence. This time, it involves her washed up ashore and unconscious. Akane quickly takes her back to the Isshiki Residence, where she was given first aid and rested for a whole day.

Rei soon wakes up from a bad dream involving her parents and a fire, and she discovers that Akane was the one who saved her. Akane soon decides to take care of her for the day, since she is the only one at home. After Akane hands over some rice porridge her sister made, she begins to ask some things about her, including what happened to her that she was found passed out at the shores of Oshima. Rei tells Akane that she just "took a walk", and is soon surprised when Akane suddenly calls her "Rei-chan". Rei soon decides to go with what Akane likes, much to the energetic girl's joy.

Later that day, Mizuha recovers one of the damaged security robots from the previous night's attack and finds out that the robot is too damaged to acquire image data from. Kenjirou is rather disappointed by this development, knowing that he designed the robots to be completely disposable.

Then suddenly, he receives a report from Yuuri, telling that Alone activity has been detected in Ogasawara.

Back at the Isshiki Residence, as Akane washes the dishes, she tells Rei that she can use their phone to call her parents about what happened to her. Rei declines the offer, saying that her parents "are somewhere where phones cannot reach". Akane comments that she might have been missing them. Rei decides to ask about Akane's parents as well, and Akane reveals that her father has died in an accident when she was seven, and her mother is currently hospitalized in Atami since roughly the same time as well. Despite this, Akane tells Rei that she is still happy, since she still has her sister and grandfather and her friends.

Soon, Rei asks Akane if she would do anything to bring back her mother and father. Akane quickly gives out an affirmative response, although she points out that she does not want to cause trouble to her friends and others. Akane soon recalls how her parents taught her to respect others and to treasure one's friends; she tells Rei that it wouldn't be worthwhile if she would ending up troubling others.

Akane's words hit Rei's heart. Rei soon clutches her chest where her most treasured key is, but she is shocked to discovered that it is not hanging by her neck. Despite being feverish and fatigued, Rei tries to get out and look for her key.

Then, Akane's phone begins to ring. Rei apologizes for her moment of hysteria and tells her that she needs to be alone. As Akane answers a call from Mizuha Amane, Rei is visited by the crow from two days before.

From two sides of the battlefield, duty calls.

An Alone which resembles a dynamo soon appears near the shores of Oshima. As Wakaba, Aoi and Himawari approach the steadily moving Alone, Akane joins them. Meanwhile, Rei remembers that incident... when the Manifestation Engine underwent a meltdown that destroyed her parents, her friends and her entire world. The crow reminds her that it was fate that brought her world to its doom, and the only ones who can help her bring her parents back are those beings who are "between the beginning and the end".

It was the moment when she took up the role of "the archer that can empower the Alone".

However, as she struggles to aim an arrow towards the Alone, she loses her consciousness.

Rei soon wakes up once again in the Isshiki Residence, now wearing a different shirt than before. She laments upon realizing that she failed once again, but her sadness was quickly doused by an overwhelming feeling of happiness when she sees her most treasured key by her side.

Several minutes later, Akane goes to check up on her, only to see Rei already dressed in her school uniform. Akane scolds her for not staying at her bed, but Rei tells her that she heard that another monster appeared; Akane reassured her, however, telling her that "the navy took care of it."

Rei soon asks about how her key was found, and Akane tells Rei that they looked for it the afternoon before at the shore where she was found unconscious. Rei reveals that the key was the key to her old house, and holds a lot of her precious memories.

Akane decides to ask Rei about joining her group at the upcoming summer camp.

Rei refuses still, and before leaving, tells Akane to not be so kind to her anymore.

At Atami Medical Plaza, Akane visits her sister Momo, who came earlier to their mother Mashiro's room. As Momo quietly sleeps, Akane tells her mother about Rei, and the feeling of being rejected. Mashiro comforts her elder daughter and lifts her spirits by telling her to not give up trying to be friends with her.

Soon, Momo wakes up, only to be jealous at Akane stealing the warmth of her mother's chest from her. Mashiro decides to welcome Momo's embrace, and the three Isshikis share a warm smile by the setting sun.

6- "Kenjirō ga Akane-tachi no Yūjō Pawā o Kyōka Shiyō to suru kedo Tondemonai Koto ni Naru Hanashi" ("The Story of How Kenjirou Tries to Intensify the Friendship Power of Akane and Friends Which Results in Something Unbelievable")

Vividred Operation - Episode 06

Vividred Operation - Episode 06


Airdate: February 15, 2013

The day of the Summer Camp now arrives, and Akane heads off to school, leaving behind Momo and Kenjirou behind. Meanwhile, Kenjirou puts his plan in action, assisted (albeit reluctantly) by Momo.

Meanwhile, the female students of National Shin Oshima School soon arrive at Shikine Island, about fifty kilometers from Oshima. Akane and her friends, upon stepping into the island, enjoy the scenery, while Rei simply walks away from the boat and into her next destination. Akane could only look at her with worry on her face.

The class, supervised by Mizuha Amagi, later heads to the dormitory assigned to them. However, Amagi calls Akane and her friends and asks them to hand over their Operation Keys to them so ensure their safety throughout the camp. Akane and the others quickly followed their adviser's instructions, oblivious to the fact that Amagi is part of Kenjirou's elaborate plan to strengthen the power of friendship of his granddaughter with the other users of the Vivid System.

The first day of the Summer Camp soon begins, and the girls change into their swimsuits. Akane shows her immediate interest on Himawari's yellow bikini, which she bought with Wakaba earlier. Wakaba tells them that she planned on lending Himawari a swimsuit, but soon discovers that the swimsuits might not fit; Akane was quick to notice the gap between Wakaba's and Himawari's cup sizes, much to the former's disappointment. However, Akane's enthusiasm is swiftly taken by Rei's presence yet again.

Later, Mizuha, now dressed in the school's swimsuit, hands over the instructions for the day's activity, which involves cleaning trash scattered along the seashore. During this activity, Rei stays alone, again rejecting Akane's friendly gesture.

Rei decides to stay somewhere away from the rest of the class. Here, she enjoys the sea as she sets free a small crab that cannot climb out of a bottle. Suddenly, she goes into a defensive stance upon seeing a submarine floating near her. However, she did not see the attack coming from behind, which is a paralyzing dart fire by none other than Kenjirou himself, who decides to use Rei in his plan.

The cleanup activity continues on, and as Akane picks up some trash from the seashore, Himawari notices a small yellow tag with the sign "DO NOT PUSH" on Akane's swimsuit, near her buttocks. The curious Himawari ends up pressing the tag, momentarily startling Akane. Then, a machine-like voice speaks, taking the attention of Aoi and Wakaba nearby.

Then, they are quickly taken aback when the lower half of Akane's swimsuit suddenly expands like a huge balloon. Akane soon reveals that the swimsuit is made by his grandfather, and the girls reveal its other use as a very large tent of sorts.

However... the girls are shocked to see Akane's fully exposed lower half dangling from the inside of the tent.

With a variety of expressions, Wakaba, Aoi and Himawari watch as an embarrassed Akane slowly descends to the shore, her swimsuit deflating to normal size.

Soon, their rather unusual experience is sidetracked when an image of an Alone appears several meters offshore. The Alone spoke in a gruff voice, revealing that it has abducted a friend of theirs (Rei), and is telling them to ride the rubber boat provided to them nearby if they want to save her. Although Wakaba points out that it is a trap, Akane pushes through the plan to save her, even without their Operation Keys.

The four girls speed off using the rubber boat towards an island with a spire-shaped mountain, and as Rei quietly rests on a house on an elaborate structure made of metal, Kenjirou, seemingly playing a villain of sorts, officially commences his plan with a press of a button.

The four girls soon head deep into the jungle in search for Rei, with Wakaba arming herself with a wooden stick. The presence of bugs soon reveal Wakaba's fear of them, but she manages to shove it aside as what looked like an Alone approached them. With the help of her knowledge of the Natural Harmony Style, she swiftly disabled the Alone with a stabbing attack.

However, Himawari's curiosity over buttons soon took over her, and she ends up activating a hatch that released a swarm of small spy drones, which resemble bees, into Wakaba. Wakaba ends up overwhelmed by her fear of bugs and takes off, carrying Himawari in the process.

Aoi and Akane simply watch as the two disappear into the foliage, while Momo shows her worry over her sister. Meanwhile, Kenjirou is disappointed that part of his plan to bring the girls together fails horribly.

Elsewhere, Rei wakes up, and soon discovers that she cannot get out of the house she was taken to. The fear of having been discovered dawned over her, and as she finds a feast of fruits prepared for her, she discovers something that might help her in escaping...

Kenjirou soon enters the second stage of his plan. Aoi and Akane soon find themselves running for their lives as a round boulder comes chasing after them, while Himawari and Wakaba end up running through a conveyor belt that would take them into a very high plunge. Suddenly, the four girls are saved by a girl whose face is covered by a purple scarf. Using a staggering amount of forks, this girl disables most of the cameras scattered throughout the island, and also takes down the machines that are endangering the girls' lives.

As Rei makes a swift escape, the girls discover that the girl who saved them might not actually be a stranger after all...

Akane and Aoi soon take a rest in the middle of their way towards the Alone Secret Base, and Kenjirou takes this chance to deploy his Bearoid Mk. III to attack Akane and Aoi. However, the robot meets a rather anticlimactic end as Aoi throws a heavy stone to the robot's head, disabling it in one hit. The sound made by Aoi's rock throw soon reach Wakaba and Himawari, and they manage to reach Akane and Aoi by following the sound.

Soon, the four girls celebrate Aoi's victory over the bear-shaped robot. Meanwhile, the humiliated Kenjirou refuses to give in to the victorious girls' might. In a last-ditch effort to take them down, Kenjirou uses the very prototype of the Palette Suit, a larger mechanical suit which resembles a robot with a cockpit, and launches himself into the battlefield.

Just in time, the four girls reach the Alone Secret Base, and the Palette Suit Prototype emerges, with Kenjirou inside. The four girls are soon joined by the "mysterious girl with a scarf" and the girl asks why they are still there, to which Akane points out that they are there to save their friend. The girls soon listen to Kenjirou as he makes his speech before unleashing his arsenal at them; fortunately, most of his weapons are just balloons. However, Kenjirou prepares what seemed to be his final weapon — a cannon that deploys itself from the robot's belly — and Akane quickly leaps into action, using the expanding properties of her swimsuit to jam the cannon.

A blinding light envelops both Akane and the robot, and the Palette Suit Prototype lies in pieces as a naked Akane and an unconscious Kenjirou lie on the ground.

Later that afternoon, the girls enjoy a kebab grill by the seashore, and Momo breaks to Akane and the others that it was Kenjirou who was responsible for what happened that day. After Momo forces Kenjirou to apologize, Wakaba, Himawari and Aoi approach Rei, saying sorry for having been dragged into Kenjirou's prank and thanking her for the things she did. Rei denies having saved them and quickly leaves.

Meanwhile, Kenjirou and Mizuha watch as the three girls, now joined by Akane, enjoy the rest of the day. Kenjirou is rather proud that his efforts have brought the girls closer together. However, Mizuha forces Kenjirou to face the reality that his plan cost a lot of money.

7- "Yuzurenai Negai" ("Unrelenting Wish")

Vividred Operation - Episode 07

Vividred Operation - Episode 07


Airdate: February 22, 2013

The fifth Alone was successfully defeated by Akane and her friends, and now, the sleepless Akane ends up sleeping off in the middle of breakfast. Meanwhile, Rei caresses the feather-shaped marks on her neck.

As she looks at the Manifestation Engine at the other side of the sea, Rei realizes that she only has six chances of taking down the Manifestation Engine with her powers.

At school, Akane faces another challenge, and this is entirely different from battling Alones or using the Vivid System. It turns out that the duties as protector of the Manifestation Engine has affected Akane's academics, and Mizuha meets the girls, especially the struggling Akane, about it.

Mizuha warns Akane that her schedule both as a part-timer student and part of the Vivid Team would be severely affected if she fails the upcoming exams, and may be forced to pull some strings to maintain her grades up. Akane refuses to resort to cheating, and the girls decide to hold a group study at the Isshiki Residence. However, that would have to wait until Saturday, as Akane's schedule is still full on weekdays.

Aoi, Wakaba and Himawari can't help but feel worried about their friend, but Aoi decides that someone else would be able to cheer Akane up during their group study session.

Upon returning to school premises, Aoi looks for Rei and discovers her feeding a kitten. Rei, although a bit startled, was able to quickly answer Aoi's request and walks away, telling Aoi that she is busy that Saturday. As she tries to escape Aoi, however, she ends up meeting Wakaba, who is training outside. Again, she tells Wakaba that she is not free that Saturday, and walks away somewhere where there are no one around.

Eventually, Rei's patience goes away when Himawari comes to wherever she is and asks her about the same thing. As Rei runs away from Himawari, the latter remarks about how Rei is "weird, yet interesting".

That night, Rei voices out her frustrations to her pet bird, and she even has thoughts of leaving school. However, that moment of solitude was short-lived when the crow that visited her earlier came back, telling Rei that she cannot leave school despite being prohibited to interact with humans. Rei tries to argue against the crow's decisions, but she was simply powerless against the crow's ability to inflict pain using the feather-shaped marks on her neck. The crow warns her that she is in no position to argue over such matters, and forces her to confirm her compliance.

After the crow leaves once again, Rei pushes through her plan of accomplishing her mission without the help of the Alone, and as she researches on a possible weakness on the Manifestation Engine, Rei discovers news that involves the Engine's inventor, Kenjirou Isshiki, and his granddaughter Akane Isshiki.

Saturday soon arrives, and a sleepy Akane welcomes Aoi, Wakaba and Himawari into her house. However, to Akane's surprise, they also managed to invite Rei as well.

As Momo prepares some drinks, Aoi and her friends bring out the notes they have prepared for the study session. Wakaba's admiration of Momo wearing an apron soon subsides as Akane's sister leaves for some shopping. Soon, Akane notices that Rei is acting uneasy, and Rei shyly tells them that it is nothing.

With that, they start their study session... however, the discussion quickly shifts towards Rei, so Rei decides to leave for the restroom for the meantime.

Rei soon reveals her true intention in visiting the Isshiki Residence: she wanted to infiltrate Kenjirou Isshiki's lab and look for anything useful in her mission. Through her research and intuition, she quickly makes it to Kenjirou's lab, which is still a shambled mess after what happened several days ago.

Then, as she explores around the house, Rei becomes curious about the refrigerator located right next to the room where the others are. Upon opening the refrigerator, she is shocked to see Kenjirou Isshiki's lifeless corpse, holding a watermelon.

Rei lets out a scream, and Wakaba and the others are forced to knock Rei out using the Paralyzing Punch from the Natural Harmony Style.

Rei eventually regains her consciousness at the living room, and tries to tell the girls about what she saw. Fortunately, due to the quick thinking of everyone, they were able to dispel Rei's worries about a dead body inside a fridge. Afterwards, the study session continues.

To Wakaba's relief, Akane confirms Aoi's statement earlier that Akane is a bright student since elementary as she breezes through the exercises given to her. However, even Akane is not vulnerable to getting hungry. Fortunately, Momo arrives just in time and asks the girls to pick some vegetables from their garden outside for their lunch.

Elsewhere, however, a powerful Alone begins to ravage the metropolis.

As Akane lets Wakaba and Himawari try out fresh cucumbers with mayonnaise, Aoi and Rei watch them while picking tomatoes from the other side of the garden. Rei comments that Akane seems weird at times, and Aoi tells Rei that Akane has this "vivid" feeling that she has fully understood after being friends with Wakaba and Himawari. And with a smile, Aoi eats a tomato with a smile on her face for the first time.

The girls soon enjoy this moment and lets Rei on the fun. Akane soon approaches Rei and tells her that she should try eating something from the garden as well. Rei sees a tomato with a smaller one stuck on it, and Akane tells her that unusual tomatoes like that may bring one's wish come true.

At that moment, Rei is reminded of her wish... and what happened to her parents.

In an instant, her hands clench tightly on the tomato on her hand, to the shock of the others.

Rei soon stands up and prepares to leave, saying the alibi of "having something important to do". Akane and the others feel helpless in watching her go, but soon their duty abruptly calls once more. Meanwhile, Rei voices out her irritation for being forced to interact with the girls as she heads away from the home of the Isshikis. Soon, the crow appears once again, beckoning her to once again to what she needs to do.

At the metropolis of Misato, entire blocks are closed off as the United Defense Force prepare to confront the Alone which has the capability of producing immense amounts of electricity. The slow-moving Alone shuts down anything that uses electricity in its path, and it also nullifies attacks against itself by using electromagnetism.

The Vivid Team and Mizuha travel by plane towards the location of the Alone. Here, Mizuha and Kenjirou brief them about the newest threat they have to face. Mizuha explains that the Alone is maintaining a path that would go straight into the Manifestation Engine, and it will leave many parts of the capital without power if it is not stopped. With Kenjirou's pep talk, the four girls transform and confront the enemy.

The Alone encounters the Vivid Team just above Chiyoda Ward. With the joint efforts of the four girls, they managed to drastically weaken the Alone. However, Kenjirou reminds them that they must destroy the Alone and avoid collateral damage at the same time. Akane then decides to use Vivid Yellow to destroy the Alone in one shot.

Defeating the Alone becomes a race against time as Rei tries to make it while the Vivid Collider is charging.

As Rei's arrow and the powerful Vivid Collider Beam meet at the point where the Alone is, a large cloud of smoke envelops the remains of the Alone.

Victory seems to be at the side of the Vivid Team.

However, as the Manifestation Engine Control Center reports the signal of the Alone still active, the Alone that was defeated by the Vivid Collider quickly springs into life and unleashes a powerful energy blast towards the girls.

Akane tries her best to shield her friends from the attack, but her Palette Suit overloads from the excessive force.

Aoi, Wakaba and Himawari calls out Akane's name in shock as their friend plummets into the Tokyo metropolis.

Meanwhile, oblivious to everything that is going on at Misato, Momo patiently waits for the girls to arrive for dinner.

8- "Kyō yori mo Azayaka ni" ("More Vivid Than Today")

Vividred Operation - Episode 08

Vividred Operation - Episode 08


Airdate: March 1, 2013

Akane is taken to the United Defense Force Hospital. Aoi, Wakaba and Himawari can only look with worry as Akane's dismal condition is monitored by medical staff. Despite her condition, however, Akane still mutters the word "Alone" as if still trying to fight. As Aoi assures Akane that they will handle the Alone, Akane loses consciousness.

Soon, Akane is taken to an operating room. There, Himawari asks Wakaba if Akane will be alright. Wakaba, although uncertain of Akane's fate, tells Himawari that they are talking about their Akane, while Aoi clutches her hands, as if praying for Akane's speedy recovery.

Meanwhile, bad news reaches Mizuha as she receives reports of the Alone, now stronger than before, attaching itself onto the Tokyo Skytree.

The next day, the dynamo-shaped Alone is now inside a cocoon nested at the top of the Tokyo Skytree. Meanwhile, tanks and fighter jets led by Mizuha assess the situation. She knows that using conventional weapons that are conductors of electricity will be useless against their enemy, so she decides to fall back on using kinetic energy weapons. However, Mizuha discovers a barrier wrapped around the dormant Alone which renders the volley of fire useless. Then, the Alone retaliates by unleashing an energy beam that wipes out the attacking force with ease.

Mizuha decides to retreat for the meantime and visits the hospital where Akane is recovering. After reporting about their attempts at attacking the Alone, Mizuha listens to Kenjirou as he tells Akane's current status. Fortunately, Akane was protected by the attack, but the direct hit she received still injured her greatly. Mizuha decides that it is best for Aoi, Wakaba and Himawari to rest for the meantime, but neither of the three wanted to leave Akane behind. Kenjirou then points out that what they are doing would only worry Akane.

Although hesitant to leave Akane behind, the three girls retire to their quarters.

Meanwhile, Momo rushes to see her sister, and Kenjirou could look on as Momo breaks down upon seeing her sister's grave condition.

Mizuha and Kenjirou head at the lobby downstairs to take a breather. Kenjirou blames himself for pushing his granddaughter too much. Meanwhile, Mizuha reveals that she discovered why Kenjirou chose to live a simple life amidst his achievements: it was a form of repentance after what happened seven years ago.

Elsewhere, a teary-eyed Aoi wonders why the Alones are attacking people and targeting the Manifestation Engine. Wakaba admits that she doesn't know why, but she points out that the Alone are enemies and they must do whatever it takes to defeat them. On the other hand, Himawari faces fear for the first time as her clasped hands tremble. With reassuring smiles, Aoi and Wakaba hold on to their anxious friend's hand.

Then at that moment, Aoi sees Akane's Nakederang being handled by a soldier of the United Defense Force.

Due to their status, Aoi, Wakaba and Himawari was granted access to Akane's weapon, which is still fully manifested despite what happened to Akane. As Akane touches the Nakederang, Aoi feels that Akane is still fighting, and the fully manifested Nakederang is the symbol of her fighting spirit. After this moment, Aoi regains their will to fight the Alone.

At a building near the Skytree, a relaxed Rei watches over the developments over the dormant Alone, although her resolve was easily shaken by seeing a tomato in the pack of juice she is enjoying. Then, she is accompanied by the crow who has been giving her orders for some time. The crow reminds her that the fight is far from over, and her victory over one of their enemies is not enough.

Soon, the news of a casualty brought to the United Defense Force Hospital is heard over Rei's handheld device. Rei decides to give her remaining enemies a visit.

A briefing is held at a room inside the United Defense Force Hospital. Here, the remaining members of the Vivid Team and soldiers of the UDF are briefed about the Alone that is currently at the Tokyo Skytree.

Currently, the reports state that the Alone is surrounded by a strong electromagnetic field at a 500-meter radius, rendering any and all electronic devices useless inside this area. Aoi, however, points out that they were able to maneuver around the Alone without any issue. Kenjirou explains that the Palette Suits he designed contain machinery different from that of conventional electronics, but also points out that this layer of protection is not enough to withstand a direct hit from the Alone's energy blasts. Kenjirou even rules out the Naked Collider to be strong enough to defend against the Alone's attacks.

Soon, it is announced that the Alone may hatch the morning after based on its growth rate. Kenjirou then adds that although there is ample time, they might not be able to destroy the Alone, as the Vivid System is currently crippled with the absence of Akane, and Kenjirou points out that it is impossible to perform a Docking Operation without Akane.

Facing the reality of the situation, Kenjirou allows Yuuri to resort to deploying a cluster of 109 SGE bombs around the Alone to increase the chances of destroying the Alone from <1% to 4%. However, the president of Japan and his other advisers refuse to quickly give in to this scenario, especially with the destructive effects of using such bombs to the atmosphere and the environment.

And to add more pressure to the situation, Yuuri proposes the full evacuation of Tokyo if the situation worsens even further. She explains that a successful attack on the Manifestation Engine may cause the release of all of its stored energy, causing destruction on a massive scale.

The men around the President still continue to lean on the Vivid Team, but Yuuri points out that they had already exhausted the chances of the Vivid Team fulfilling this mission.

Without any options left, the President of Japan decides to follow Shijou's plans.

Throughout the rest of the day, a full evacuation order was given to all 23 districts of Tokyo, as well as three cities in Chiba Prefecture and four cities in Saitama Prefecture.

Later that afternoon, Rei already arrives at the United Defense Force Hospital, where she suspects Akane is taken to. As she approaches the hospital, she is seen by Aoi, and they had a short talk. Aoi tells Rei that Akane was worried when she abruptly left during the study session, and Rei responds by saying that she had to do something important, and it involves her reason to live.

There, Aoi tells Rei to not worry about Akane, since she is the kind of person that will forgive and support a friend no matter what happens. Rei then reminds Aoi that she might need to do something important as well, and Aoi replies to her by telling her to do her best as well.

That night, Aoi looks at the Manifestation Engine as she clutches on to her Operation Key. She, Wakaba, and Himawari, hold on to their Operation Keys as they reminisce their experiences with Akane. Then, before the sun breaks out the day after, Aoi, Wakaba and Himawari decide to head out to Tokyo... to do something important.

Meanwhile, Yuuri, Kenjirou and Mizuha prepare the SGE bombs that will be used on the Alone, and are just five minutes away from initiating the attack plan.

Then, as the sun peeks out from the east, three determined girls wearing their Palette Suits approach them, declaring their decision to fight against the Alone as Akane's Nakederang hangs by Aoi's waist.

Minutes later, the fleet of fighter jets led by Mizuha, Aoi, Wakaba and Himawari head to the Tokyo Skytree, where time slowly ticks until the Alone fully hatches. Kenjirou reminds the girls that their perfect timing is needed to accomplish the mission and widen their slim chances of destroying the Alone, and the three girls confirm that they will do the plan, no matter how slim the chances are.

As the three girls continue their route to the dormant Alone, Himawari recalls the plan, which involves attacking the Alone within the 0.5-second window where the Alone's barrier opens up when unleashing its energy beam. Then, Kenjirou lays out the entire plan. First, Aoi will initiate the attack using her hammer. Then, as Aoi gains the aggression of the Alone, Himawari will try to maintain the hole opened by the Alone within three seconds. Wakaba will then deal the finishing blow, using the SGE bomb she is carrying to destroy the Alone from within.

After a quick boost of morale, Operation Cocoon Break begins!

As the Vivid Team assembles for their operation, Rei anticipates the attack and decides to use another arrow to empower the Alone once more. Kenjirou watches in shock as the estimated hatching time seems to have gone earlier than expected. However, the girls continue with the plan.

Aoi manages to shift the Alone's attention to her and avoid the volley of fire against her, but Himawari and Wakaba are put into a dangerous situation when the empowered Alone overwhelms both girls. Himawari falls inside the barrier while one of the many tentacles that appeared from the Alone knocks Wakaba into the observation deck of the Skytree.

Soon, Kenjirou's most feared moment comes when a grotesque butterfly-like being emerged from the cocoon, and it quickly finds Wakaba and Himawari trapped at the topmost level of the Skytree. Aoi tries to fly towards the two, but soon discovers that she is too far from them.

At that moment, Aoi felt a tap on the back.

Then, the Nakederang positions itself to resemble a pair of wings on Aoi's back and gives Aoi a massive speed boost, allowing Aoi to maneuver through the countless attacks of the empowered Alone. She then sees Wakaba's Naked Blade still stuck on the head of the Alone, and uses her Naked Hammer to strike it down into the Alone's head.

In a single moment, the Alone is obliterated by the force of the SGE, and Aoi, Wakaba and Himawari make it out safely.

Meanwhile, Rei experiences bitter defeat once more. She pounds her clenched fist on the floor as she lets out a cry of extreme frustration.

After the ordeal, Aoi, Wakaba and Himawari rush back to see how Akane is doing. Upon arriving, they see Akane, fully recovered as if nothing happened, accompanied by Momo. Wakaba and Himawari are relieved to see Akane lively and cheerful again, while Aoi is moved to tears as she tells Akane and she did her best while she was resting. As Aoi cries over Akane's side, the other girls look on with relief that the Vivid Team is complete once again.

9- "Hare Tokidoki Fuwafuwa" ("Sunny with some Fluffiness")

Vividred Operation - Episode 09

Vividred Operation - Episode 09


Airdate: March 8, 2013

Inside Himawari's apartment unit, Wakaba ends up doing the cleaning one more time after her last visit there, and she can't help but scold Himawari for being a litterbug. Himawari, however, doesn't mind at all, and continues tinkering with her computer.

Soon, the facility shown on the screen piques Wakaba's attention. Himawari tells her that it is the Synthe-Polymerase, the new pilot plant of Mechanotech Company. Himawari is clearly interested in visiting the plant, so Wakaba decides to bring her there, in exchange for dressing up with another of Wakaba's clothes she brought for her. Although a bit embarrassed to do something for Wakaba again, she ends up going anyway.

That Saturday, Wakaba and Himawari go together as planned, and Himawari holds on to Wakaba's clothes as people begin to notice her cuteness. Fortunately for Himawari, Wakaba's snake-like gaze is enough for men to stay out of Himawari's comfort zone.

Soon, Himawari wonders about the name of the mall they just visited, which is "Le Mer et Le Ciel du F". Wakaba tells Himawari that the mall's name is French for "The Sea and the Sky", and the "F" stands for the Futaba Family, the owner of the shopping center; specifically, Aoi's father is the owner of the mall.

Then, Himawari notices two familiar faces dressed in a mascot resembling the Manifestation Engine, and wonders if the mall's owner's daughter needs to do such a thing.

Over a cup of tea, Akane and Aoi explain to Himawari and Wakaba that they are doing a part-time job as mascots, and it was Akane who insisted to go to work immediately after what happened to her just recently, with Aoi just tagging along because she is worried about Akane. Wakaba comments on Aoi's concern towards Akane as "mother-like", to which Aoi responds by describing Wakaba as Himawari's "bodyguard".

Wakaba is still surprised by this statement even after she and Himawari head to the mall once again, and she is startled just as much when Himawari reveals that she is not that interested in windowshopping since that thing she is interested in buying is a two-generations-old server unit.

Soon, a woman dressed like an office employee, accompanied by a photographer, approaches the two, introducing herself as someone from the amateur modeling magazine Girls Nature. Wakaba is shocked to discover that she works for a magazine which she subscribes to, she quickly agrees to have Himawari's pictures taken, despite Himawari's lack of interest for it.

During the photoshoot, Wakaba notices that Himawari is not smiling much at most of the pictures. However, the magazine staff points out that she prefers it that way, as she thinks that Himawari leaves a stronger impression that way. Then, Wakaba is overjoyed upon hearing that Himawari may be a diamond in the rough. After the shoot, Wakaba happily waves goodbye to the magazine staff, with Himawari completely drained.

The news of Himawari becoming a model for a day soon reaches Aoi and Akane, and the two show their support, although Himawari is not really interested in becoming a model. What matters for her, though, is that she got the ticket for the tour around Synthe-Polymerase. Then, to Himawari's shock, Wakaba brings news about her being chosen as a model for a full-on photoshoot.

Wakaba seems overjoyed to see Himawari on her way to becoming a professional model, but Himawari felt hurt when Wakaba forgot her promise about the factory tour. Himawari runs away from the classroom, with Wakaba only realizing about her mistake, and chases her into the school garden.

Wakaba realizes that she was overwhelmed by joy upon seeing others call Himawari cute and tells Himawari that she can cancel the photoshoot if she wants to. However, Himawari decides to go to the photoshoot. However...

Wakaba would spend the entire day of the photoshoot serving Himawari.

From putting on her footwear to serving her drinks and snacks, Wakaba did everything Himawari told her to do. And Wakaba seems to be enjoying it, although she is attracting the attention of the photoshoot crew. The day continues on, and as clouds begin to roll across the sky, Himawari's photoshoot crew prepare her for the next shoot, even while she is sleeping, by changing her hairclips.

Soon, the pouring rain delays the photoshoot, and the crew packs up while Wakaba heads out with Himawari, putting the yellow hairclips replaced by the crew on her pocket.

Eventually, the photoshoot ends at the Le Mar et Le Ciel F Mall. As the crew packs up, an exhausted Himawari requests from ashitaba cordial from Wakaba. Meanwhile, the magazine staff congratulates her for a job well done at the shoot. It was at that moment when Himawari discovers that her hairclip is different than before, much to her shock.

Himawari quickly heads back to the beach to look for her missing hairclips, but ends up seeing the entire beach covered in seawater due to high tide. Meanwhile, Rei, who is feeding the seagulls, sees Himawari with a desperate look on her face. Himawari tries asking her about her msising hairclips, but Rei tells her that she doesn't know. Despite this, however, Himawari decides to look for it herself. Rei agrees on her decision, for she refuses to give up to her mission likewise.

As Himawari tries to look for the hairclips she got as a gift from Wakaba, Wakaba herself goes to her, telling her to head back since it's dangerous. Himawari refuses, telling her that she lost her hairclips, and there, Wakaba tells her that they are in her hands, to which Himawari sheds tears in relief.

Wakaba gets the honor of putting back Himawari's hairclips on her hair, and Himawari explains that she treasures those hairclips a lot so she went to the beach to look for it, thinking that Wakaba might hate her if she loses it. Wakaba disagrees that she would hate Himawari for losing those hairclips, and those words relieved Himawari even more.

Then, duty suddenly calls.

An Alone that comes from the atmosphere comes crashing down, with its target locked on Blue Island. Aoi and Akane are already at the designated area, transforming themselves into Vividblue and confronting the Alone head on. However, Vividblue discovers that it would be difficult to aim with the multi-directional spreading attacks of the Alone. Fortunately, Wakaba and Himawari come to provide cover for Vividblue, and using the Naked Collider and Naked Blade to create an opening, Vividblue strikes the Alone with Final Operation, destroying the Alone.

Amidst all of this, Rei fails to make it to the encounter.

The next day, Wakaba and Himawari head back to the mall to have some time together. However, Himawari would shock Wakaba by her schedule for the entire year for the two of them. Wakaba could only lament at her Sundays, now days she would spend with Himawari.

Meanwhile, desperation seeps into Rei as she vows to get back her world at all costs!

10- "Hikari to Kage to" ("Light and Shadow")

Vividred Operation - Episode 10

Vividred Operation - Episode 10


Airdate: March 15, 2013

Rei decides to gamble on acting after the arrival of the next Alone. Meanwhile, owing to Himawari's analysis skills, Kenjirou figures out the source of the Alone's power-ups. The next morning, Rei goes to Akane's place to apologize for her behavior the other day and is invited to have dinner with her and Momo. Meanwhile, Kenjirou tells Yuuri about how the Alone are linked to the accident that occurred seven years ago. Rei enjoys the evening as she has dinner, takes a bath and spends the night, and hears from Akane as to why she wanted to become her friend, making a promise that they'll stay friends. The next day, after Rei goes off on her own and Akane and the others are informed of a strategy to pinpoint the source of the arrows, another Alone (Bacteriophage) appears, which Rei powers up with another arrow. Before she can fire anymore however, she is located by security droids and is forced to retreat, allowing Akane and Wakaba destroy the Alone. As Rei becomes cornered, she is discovered by Akane, both becoming shocked upon learning of each others' identities. Jumping to the conclusion that Akane knew her identity from the start, Rei feels betrayed by Akane, believing her wishes of friendship to be a lie, before she is captured by the military.

11- "Tsutaetai Omoi" ("Feelings I Want to Convey")

Vividred Operation - Episode 11

Vividred Operation - Episode 11


Airdate: March 22, 2013

Rei is put under high security and Akane and the others are forbidden to talk with her, while Kenjirou deducing she is from another world. Wanting to see Rei again and learn the true story, Aoi and the others decide to break into the facility where Rei is being held. Reaching the holding cell, Akane conveys her feelings to Rei, pushing through with her desire to get to know her better. As Rei eventually accepts Akane's feelings, the crow appears before them, revealing herself to represent the Alone. Rei reveals her world was destroyed by Manifestation energy, being told by the crow that she could bring it back if she destroyed the Manifestation Engine. The crow mentions that Rei served as a beacon to the Alone, who would've stopped coming if she was killed, but Kenjirou had protested about that, opting instead to simply keep her from being detected and avoiding a pitfall set up during the test of the Alone. However, the Alone decide no world should wield Manifestation Energy but themselves. Attacking the others, the crow reveals the Alone had no intention of reviving Rei's world before devouring her, absorbing her remaining arrows to evolve into her most powerful form, the most powerful Alone (Fallen Angel).

12- "Bibiddoreddo Operēshon" ("Vividred Operation")

Vividred Operation - Episode 12

Vividred Operation - Episode 12


Airdate: March 29, 2013

While the crow begins rampaging with her new-found power, Kenjirou deduces that Rei is still alive within the center of the Alone she has become. With the crow taking off to head towards the Manifestation Engine, Akane finds Rei's key, which she believes may hold the key to their victory. The crow arrives at Blue Island and starts draining the Manifestation Engine, causing blackouts all over the world. Akane and the others soon arrive at the scene, with each girl giving their remaining suit power to help Akane break into the crow. Akane manages to reach Rei and together they dock to become Vivid Red, allowing them to overcome the crow's power and destroy her. After the battle, the mysterious being Kenjirou saw seven years ago appears, revealing Rei's world has been restored. Promising that they'll see each other again, Rei leaves Akane her scarf before heading back to her home. Some time after life returns to normal, Akane once again sees Rei.