Vividred Operation
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Team Vivid


Years on Air 2013
Episodes 12

ECCHI WARNING: This Magical Girl may contain nude scenes and some scenes may refer to sexual themes. The level of it depends on the Show. Be careful about this.

Vividred Operation logo

Japanese Title: ビビッドレッド・オペレーション


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Friendship is the key to protecting the world.

That is everyone's wish. Here in a world where science has solved all questions.

This story is set in Oshima. The happy, carefree 14 year old Akane Isshiki lived a poor, but well loved life together with her reliable little sister, Momo, who does all the housework, and her grandfather, Kenjirou, a genius inventor who only created useless devices. When the weather is clear, they can see the artificial island, Blue Island, across the sea. In the center of that island rises the revolutionary Manifestation Engine, a discovery that solved the world's energy problems.

It is a pe
aceful future, just like everyone dreamed of. One where everyone can smile and be happy...

But suddenly, the world is visited by danger. An unknown enemy, the Alone, appear, targeting the Manifestation Engine. As none of their weapons worked and they fell into despair, a lone girl takes a stand wearing a red "Palette Suit" which wields a great, hidden power. Before long, allies gather around her to fight.

And their friendship becomes the only hope for saving the world!

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Vividred Operation - Opening01:33

Vividred Operation - Opening


Vividred Operation - Ending 101:30

Vividred Operation - Ending 1

Vividred Operation - Ending 201:30

Vividred Operation - Ending 2

Vividred Operation - Ending 301:30

Vividred Operation - Ending 3

Vividred Operation - Ending 401:31

Vividred Operation - Ending 4

Vividred Operation - Ending 501:31

Vividred Operation - Ending 5


Vividred Operation - Some Transformations09:31

Vividred Operation - Some Transformations

Vividred Operation - Vivid Red Transformation02:25

Vividred Operation - Vivid Red Transformation

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