1- "Umi no Kokoro Sora no Kokoro" ("Heart of the Sea, Heart of the Sky")

(海の心 空の心)

Airdate: June 24, 2009

The story starts off with two underwater beings, (that aren’t mermaids) who finds a ring falling through the water. Marin, the older sister decides that she will try and find its owner and return it. Her younger sister Urin protests, but follows along with her anyways. So the two sisters go to the surface to find the ring’s owner, and by chance they encountered a girl named Kanon, who was seriously moody at the time – and so happened to be the ring’s owner. Except, the girl only takes the ring back to toss it back into the ocean – only to be stopped by Marin. It turns out that the ring was given to Kanon by her ex-boyfriend who had recently broken up with her, and was the reason why she was so irradiated about every thing, every thought, every time he has something to do with, or his very appearance. Kanon soons get the ring after sighting her ex and launches it afar into the distance, where then Urin and Marin goes after it. During their search, the sisters get separated. Marin and Kanon re-encounter each other once more, only this time Kanon helps Marin search for her sister …and fireworks are set off, scaring both of them. Frightened, Urin dashes into the woods only to stumble and find herself lost, while at the same time, retrieving the ring, without knowing she had torn a seal off the mysterious coffin and then hears an eerie call of “open the coffin”, and so she opens it. As result a dark cloud emerges from it, and surrounds the island, but at the same time it takes over the ring, and hides itself inside of it. The fair weather changes into a furious storm. Heavily raining as the waves in the ocean waver dangerously, and the lightning strikes a turtle statue that was next to the coffin – which begins to glow.

2- "Yubiwa no Kokoro Miko no Kokoro" ("Heart of the Ring, Heart of the Shrine Maiden")

(指輪の心 巫女の心)

Airdate: July 01, 2009

The episode starts off where we were left off last time the two girls searching for the lost little one; starting with Kanon finding Urin and the two sisters reunite together, while all in the mean time the mysterious turtle statue glows once more and transforms, revealing a shell and a hat. Marin thanks Kanon and they finally introduce each other properly when then the turtle we just saw emerges from the bushes in the shadows wondering if he had finally found the Sea Priestess, Marin the choosen one, therefore removing his hat for an instance to let out a glowing blue stone. Kanon thinks that all this is some sort of rubish sale plot into getting her to buying their “product”, even though that’s not the case. With that she leaves alone. The turtle name is Matsumoto the Turtle Elder, also known in the sea as the one who left the sea and never returned. He explains to Marin and Urin why he came to the surface and how Sedna (the one that was released from the sealed coffin) is a being who has the power of darkness, and how only the Priestess of the Sea and the Sky can seal her. While walking back, Kanon runs into her mother who wouldn’t stop praising her being evil and how she’ll be an Evil Fortune Teller – as happens to be the family’s business that she does not want to take part of, and instead go to University. Just as that happens, an evil spirit emerges from the sea just as Kanon walks onto the beach, only to then be attacked. Unfortunitely even after running, Kanon gets caught by the evil servant who emerged from the sea trying to take her “evil soul”. Luckily Marin appears on time along with the Matsumoto and Urin and tranforms into her priestess form, freeing Kanon and battling the creature, telling her to runaway. Kanon gets confused by her kindness and doesn’t understand, a glowing red stone appears from under the Elder’s turtle hat and into her hands, who makes her the choosen one for the Priestess of the Sky. However, Kanon continues to deny it until Urin begs her to save her sister and confesses that it was her fault that Sedna was released. Moved by the Urin’s request, Kanon aims to destroy the creature only to be stopped by Marin who exclaims that she knows who it is, and saves the possessed servant and then gives her a hug and basically purified her back into its original form, an Octopus.

The episode ends after they put the purified sea creature back into the ocean, and the Turtle Elder explainning how it’s their fate to be companions. Kanon on the other hand whines about how she would have to wear that outfit and how the octopus nearly stole her first kiss. Marin retrieves the ring that has just fallen out of Urin’s hands since she fallen asleep and gives it back to Kanon who this time accepts, and walks away telling herself, “It doesn’t concern me.”

3- "Chikazuku Kokoro" ("Hearts Getting Closer")


Airdate: July 08, 2009

Kanon was looking forward for a quiet morning, only to see that Marin, Urin, Matsumoto and her mother sitting at the table watching television. It turns out they came so that they can awaken hers and Marin’s true powers. Her mother also supports the idea of Kanon being a priestess. Kanon protests that she doesn’t have time to be a priestess due to her preparation for the entrance exams for University, and how she isn’t going to become a fortune-teller either. She rants about how much she is sick of island, and how she wants to live a stylish life in the city, how she wants to see the whole world. She then leaves for a bath. Her mother suddenly starts telling Marin and the others about how she thinks that Kanon has been storing up evil feelings since she was young. Her mother also finds out from Marin and Urin that Kanon was dumped by her ex. Later after Kanon gets out of the bath, she receives a call from an ‘annoying person’ called Suzuki who was inviting her to join a hang out with the girls in their class. Kanon refuses the invitation by exclaiming how she has to study and work. Mean while, Marin and Urin gets some clothes, and accompany Kanon to work. While handing out ads, Marin explains how when she found the ring, she suddenly had the urge to go to the surface, to see a whole new world. Kanon asks whether that means she wants her to attend university rather than be a priestess. Suddenly Kanon spots Suzuki whom she was talking to on the phone earlier who was looking for her, leaving Marin to fill her for her while she hides. Marin offers a “fortune telling” but instead the conversation leads on to how Suzuki is friends with Kanon and explained further why Kanon was always considered scary, but how she noticed that Kanon always taken the jobs that no one else wanted to do, probably because she hated seing people quarrel. Kanon who is eavesdropping becomes confused, not quite understanding why Suzuki was saying those things, and why Marin replied saying that she’s a kind person.

After Suzuki leaves, Marin who did not realize that was Suzuki but was told by Kanon, explains that she probably wants to be Kanon’s friend. However Kanon jerks about how that can’t be true since she is evil and people avoid her. Marin tells her that she’ll always be her friend with a hug, but Kanon pushes her away and claims that she will just do the same as every else does and runs away.

Urin goes chasing after her and yells at her asking why does Kanon always says evil things, and how she can’t become the pristess of the sky. Kanon replies that she doesn’t want to be a priestess, but then Urin starts hitting her back and exclaiming how she wants to be the priestess of the sky, and how she wants to defeat Sedna, but as much as she wants to be it, she can’t.

Suddenly two evil servants of Sedna’s appears, targetting Kanon just like the previous servant claiming that they found an evil soul. One attack Urin while the other tries to kiss Kanon, only Kanon to be saved by Marin, who appeared just on time, telling her and Urin to runaway.

Indeed Kanon runs away without hestation at first claiming how she’ll never do another dirty job, and how she doesn’t do stupid things because she wants to. But in the end she returns and takes on the role of being the sky priestess as much as she doesn’t want to be one and aids Marin in battle.

Kanon attacks the servants, with one of them tries to protect the other who gets hurt. Marin approaches them and purifies them, returning them back into the sea. Later on Kanon goes to see Suzuki and gives her a coupon for Fortune-Telling and how that she’ll do it herself and that she is starting to think that she won’t go to university, and how she’ll try and become more pure.

4- "Tamesareru Kokoro" ("Heart Under Trial")


Airdate: July 15, 2009

With a storm taking place above the sea – while down below, Warin goes through a sunken ship in search for a weapon, claiming that she wants to save Marin and Urin while her friend Sam tells her that they are probably fine. Warin ignores him then questions Sam if he had felt that strange aura after Urin and Marin went to the surface and that she feels something bad is about to happen.

The next day, the elder turtle gives Kanon a map to a treasure that will purify her. Marin tags along while Urin is held back by Matsumoto and is told that she’d be a burden to the two of them if she goes as well. Mean while, Marin and Kanon tries to find a passage way, when Marin suddenly starts talking about a starfish and a cucumber, when then she finds a hidden passage and falls. Kanon follows only to slip and cause the two of them to tumble down the tunnel and into an open area where then they hear a sound. Kanon tells Marin to wait behind her while she checks to see what it is – as it turns out to be a beautiful cave and a large shipwreck in front of them. While Kanon goes on how the turtle may be right about the treasure, she thinks about how she wouldn’t have to hunt poisonous snakes or be a fortune teller – she is snapped out of her fantasy when Marin calls out to her to eat their lunch on the ship. The two of them eat lunch, but then hears the sound again. When then a shadowy figure appears to attack them, only to stop – as Marin realizes that it was Warin as Warin realizes that was Marin. While Warin gets all defensive and tries to get Marin back “saving her” from Kanon who repeatedly tries to explain to her that Marin followed her along – neither commenting on the fact that Marin claimed her as a friend. Before you know it, the two ladies start argueing while Marin tells them not to fight. Sam comes in to tell Warin to stop and had mentioned that Kanon is a cute girl who doesn’t look evil. Kanon however is completely turned off and kicks him and starts releasing evil aura as she rants about how she hates it when guys do that.

Suddenly, thanks to her evil energy – she “revives” the pirate captain that is a woman who declares that she will represent Kanon’s evil aura to Sedna and swings her sword after her, who then revives the skeletons to attack. Quickly, Marin transforms while Kanon starts chanting, “transforms” yet she can’t. Urin and Matsumoto appears, and Marin quickly tells Urin to escape when then she’s attacked then saved by Warin who tells Kanon to stop acting like an airhead and battle – though not realizing that Kanon had just finally got the magic stone to react, only to die out again when she started raging out. Suddenly water come crashing into the cave, sweeping everyone off the ship except for Kanon and into the water below. Once more the skeletons go after Kanon, leaving Marin having to stop them. It didn’t take long when Marin gets caught by two skeletons who tries to choke her. Luckily, Warin stabs them both in the head and frees Marin. Kanon who is watching the scene from the surface, can’t help but smile as she realizes that Warin really cares for Marin, which helps her transform and create a massage blow, wiping out all the skeletons including the captain.

When everyone escapes safely – Kanon quickly breaks into the surface for air and looks down into the water where she sees Marin smiling at her.

5- "Hikari wo Ōu Kokoro" ("Heart which Conceals the Light")


Airdatr: July 22, 2009

Swirling the oversized ring around her finger, Urin can’t help but deal with that fact that the ring would not fit properly on her finger. Kanon who notices her playing with it boredly, takes the ring decides to find a chain where she can put it through. Thus she creates a makeshift necklace and hands it back to Urin, who was absolutely delighted about what she had done for her.

When it’s time for the Solar Eclipse, it’s time for making money off tourists – but also to be conscious as the island gets bathed by the shallow darkness. The Elder turtle and the three girls go back to where Sedna was first released. He reads a special language that has the history of the events recorded down for only Turtles like himself can understand. He explains how that the Solar Eclipse makes people who have evil aura very vulnerable, since Sedna will not miss her chance of obtaining the power of evil. He pointedly said this to Kanon so that she can be cautioned and on guard – and if Sedna obtains what she needs, Kanon will not be able to transform or use any powers of the Sky Maiden. Speaking of losing the ability to love, Kanon recalls the time when she and Kojima “ended” their relationship, mainly because she felt that she was being a burden to him and told him that she didn’t mind if she were to be dumped.

Later, the three of them and the turtle are all set to watch the elispse. Marin can’t help but wince at the sight of the sun being overcomed by darkness. Just as the eclipse starts, Kanon recieves a call from Kojima, unsure whether to answer or not. Marin asked her whether she still loves him – causing her to flinch and glance warily back at the ring where then Urin defensively holds the ring away from her, Kanon then says that she doesn’t care about the ring and this kind of level of “darkness” is not something to worried about. Shortly Urin lectures her. While all this is happening, suddenly Marin gets possessed by an evil mind, who then suddenly said very cruel things to Urin, while she mentally tried to stop it and was horrified of all these things that were being said. Upset, Urin runs away just before Marin could control herself again.

The sun is almost completely covered by the darkness, Urin stands by the ocean as jealousy over comes her, causing her to tear off the necklace lace and drop the chain into the sea. She then places the ring onto her finger – only as soon as she did that, something terrible happened. The ring starts glowing and deformed itself into the perfect fit, a deadly amount of evil energy starts to emerge from the ring. The moon glows eeriely crimson red, as the ocean turns black as a specific spot begins to glow as mysterious purple butterflies appears, swirling around like a twister.

6- "Ochiru kokoro" ("Falling Hearts")


Airdate: July 29, 2009

The two shrine maidens continues their search for Urin, while in the mean time the eclipse lasts longer than usual as the mysterious rare butterflies flock the island and another servant that serves Sedna appears. Marin suffers due to the darkness and had become vulnerable, causing her to bring out the dark side of her mind thanks to the Eclispse.

Unfortunitely, as they search for Urin, she had already been completely possesed by Sedna, the ring had disolved and sunk into her skin, the accesory which Sedna has secretly hid herself in and revealed a mysterious tatoo where the ring once was and disappears with the butterflies.

Back with Marin and Kanon, when all that was happening; the sea maiden admits that she is scared of the darkness, which hides the beautiful sky, the sea…everything. When things couldn’t get worse as it has come so far, the servant appears before them. Marin who is still not acting like herself, declares that the servant is unforgivable and that she will seal her imeaditely – only her powers did not work and she should not transform. Kanon quickly tells her that they got to run away.

The two of them run to the cliff where that singing person is who gives them advice when she sings (I think) and helps Marin step back into the light and cause both hers and Kanon’s powers to activate, and the two of them transform – only when they look to see the singer she is no where to be seen, but is actually watching over them.

Eventually they reunite with Urin: Kanon notices instantly that the ring is no where to be seen, as for the others, they don’t pick up any suspicion of Urin not being herself. Later while eating their meal, Marin confesses to Matsumoto that she could not use her powers at one point. Shortly after that, the elder turtle asks Urin what happened to the ring. She replies that she lost it, Kanon acts it out saying it’s not big deal since she threw it in the sea once. When Urin leaves the table, Kanon notices a strange tatoo look on Urin’s finger where the ring once was.

The turtle and Marin discuss about the eclipse and what happened, the turtle tells her that Urin should return to the sea where Sam and Warin can take her of her. Marin imeaditely protests, not wanting to be seperated from Urin.

In the evening, the butterflies arrive at Kanon’s house and the servants appears through the door where Urin is waiting for her, where she speaks with the servant and takes back the power asking who she is (the servant) who’d go as far as reject and not use the power of darkness. Before the servant can answer, Urin takes back the powers and reveals that the servant was a sea turtle. Just seconds after that, Marin and Kanon come hurrying over to what happened. Urin declares she going back to the sea, and that she despises the sky beings, specifically Kanon and leaves. Marin chases after her only to see her gone, no where to be seen. With that, Urin returns to the sea saying, “Goodbye”.

7- "Hanareyuku Kokoro" ("Separating Hearts")


Airdate: August 05, 2009

Surprise, surprise; the servant who had disobeyed Sedna’s orders and was turned back into its original form was actually the Elder Turtle’s daughter, who will join their team. However, every since Urin disappeared, Marin been depress and is determined to save her – alone. Immediately she decides to return to the sea in search for her younger sister and bring her back. Kanon who wishes accompany her is told to search somewhere in her house for the Porterius Ring, that will allow her to breathe underwater, which she eventually found.

While deep under the sea Marin reunites with Warin and Sam who joins her in search for her sister – however frustrated and desperate, Marin claims she wants to do it alone so that she proves to Urin that she sincerely cares about her. But before she could swim off into the eerie worn down shrine, a monstrous squid appears and attacks them. Marin refuses to backdown and is determined to get by it – however her powers aren’t working and is hopeless in this battle.

Luckily, Kanon appears just in time and battles the giant squid, and then tries the purifying method that Marin usually does – and successfully purified the beast, who turned out to be a pug that belonged to a fisherman who she knows of, in the mean time searching for his dog. She returns the dog back to the surface where he is reunited with his owner.

Kanon, Marin, Sam, Warn and the two turtles all hurry into the shrine where there is overflowing dark energy. The Elder Turtle is suddenly startled to see the seal removed, where then right on the cue, loads of energy erupted from the once sealed coffin, where then revealed Urin within a cocoon.

Marin desperately cries out for her sister to come back and return to her side and tells her not to accept that dark power. As she takes a step closer Urin lashes out a blinding light where the cavern starts to collapses as they are blown away, leaving them no choice but to retreat.

8- "Motomeau Kokoro" ("Appealing Hearts")


Airdate: August 12, 2009

The childhood flashback begins, where the two girls are playing hide and seek. Joyous laughter and horrified screams from being startled, and of course dancing with the whales – life couldn’t get better. While Kanon returns to the surface with Warin, the sea being explains how Marin and Urin aren’t blood related in any way, and how they sea beings are born from sea shells, so they don’t know how their parents are. However Marin waited for Urin to be born and acknowledged her as her little sister. Back where Marin is resting, she keeps on telling herself that Urin is waiting for her as if trying to reassure herself, still unable to transform.

When Kanon returns home, her mother tells her that Kojima came by to see if she was alright since he saw her swimming in the ocean. Though not too long later, Kanon receives a call from Ooshima who requests her to meet up.

Kanon learns the truth that Kojima never actually dumped her, but she has indirectly done so, but never clarified it. Ooshima also confessed that she never felt this way for anyone and that she really wants to be Kojima’s girlfriend, and asked if Kanon was still in love with him. Indeed Kanon is still in love with him, it was just her own fault from misunderstanding his actions of kindness.

Back in the sea, Marin returns to the fallen shrine that is now in ruins. Matsumoto becomes suspicious from the amount of ominous energy. Marin ignores him and tries to break her way into the strange looking bubble that suddenly starts to drag her in, harming both Sam and Warin when they came to her rescue. When they are safe, Warin scolds Marin for acting so rashly and that she can’t go and save Urin without her maiden powers. Warin then suggests that she returns to Kanon house where she can probably learn from Kanon, who has darkness in her heart – and yet she can still use her maiden powers. With that done, they all retreat leaving Urin alone, who is told that the sea beings have left, and her asking why did they have to do. How she hates being alone. The eerie voice that she speaks to tells her that no one will ever come back, no one will return…No one.

9- "Heart that Loves" ("Aisuru Kokoro")


Airdate: August 26, 2009

With the second attempt of successfully rescuing Urin failed once again, Kanon remains at home to rest while Marin stubbornly refuses to do so as well. When Marin finally returns from the sea devastated, Kanon hurries out to comfort her, as well is asked by Marin to help her get powers back. Though Kanon doesn’t know how to get their powers back, she agrees to give it a shot. In the mean time, the Turtle tells them that they cannot depend on him anymore.

Later that evening they visit Suzuki to ask if she has a way to make someone happy and calm the heart. Suzuki does and then agrees to teaching them the yoga techniques. Marin easily adapts to doing the poses while Kanon on the other hand has many difficulties doing this. Later while taking a break, Suzuki tells Marin about their childhood and how she and Kanon became friends.

After that Kanon and Marin heads to the beach and tries the techniques where Kanon gives up and decides that they should shout out but is overheard by Ooshima, acting as her usual self. After smacking her head she decides to leave, but stops to tell Kanon that she plans to confess to Kojima. With that Kanon can’t help but admit that she has been acting half hearted towards her feelings for Kojima. Kanon then promises that she will definitely rescue Urin.

Sometime later, the two of the spilt up where Marin waits for the rain to stop under a bus stop, where Kojima appears and recognizes her. Marin introduces herself as he does so himself. Kojima asks if Marin knows where she is, and is told that Kanon is thinking over a question alone at the moment. Kojima then remarks that Marin seems to know more about Kanon than he does. Marin can’t help but ask if Kojima is Kanon’s flounder. It only took Kojima a few seconds before he realized what Marin was referring to and explained that he had met her not too long ago since he had just moved onto this island and how he met Kanon. After explaining all this, he then asked Marin if she knows about the island’s song, and the meaning behind it. Elsewhere as Kojima is explaining this, Kanon is quietly singing the song to herself.

Marin and Kojima goes back to the beach where she and Kanon were to meet up again. When Kanon appears Kojima tries to say something where he is interrupted by Kanon, who says that she has to say it. Just when she’s about to confess, Kojima is ambushed and captured by Sedna’s servants who are strangling Kojima, determined to take away the person that is dear to Kanon.

10- "Chinmoku suru Kokoro" ("Silencing Hearts")


Airdate: September 02, 2009

Kojima is held in hostage wild being strangled to his death, causing both shrine maiden’s to transform. Marin who immediately picks up that this could be Urin’s doing, she starts exclaiming Urin to stop this and the power of the servants grow weak and they collapses, dropping Kojima into the sea, still trying to catch his breath. Both Marin and Kanon help him to the surface, when then suddenly Marin notices that the sea was turning black and had started to harm them.

Deep under the sea where Urin is, an unbelievable force of power of darkness spreads throughout the sea, possessing everything in its path.In the mean time Urin is free from her cocoon, and reveals that she now has butterfly wings.

Back at the surface, the three of them on shore. The elder turtle explains that Sedna must have been completely revived for the sea to be black, as at the same time numerous zombies servants emerge from the sea. Marin then uses a powerful attack to purify the sea, then falls to her knees, trying to catch her breath – as result of the attack consumed a lot of her energy.

When Kojima regains consciousness he is under Sedna’s spell and says how he’ll never fall in love again and leaves. Matsumoto explains that pure hearts are easily under the possession of Sedna’s powers rather than the evil ones, and that’s probably why he was saying such things.

In the mean time it is shown that the whole island is under Sedna’s influence except for Ooshima, who receives double slap in the face remarks from both Suzuki and Kojima.

Later that evening, back at Kanon’s house. When Kanon and Marin was about to enter Kanon’s room, they are greeted by an unexpected visitor – no one other than Urin herself, sitting on Kanon’s windowsill with a sweet smile on her face. Instead of being overjoyed to see Urin, Marin is shocked. Urin is says that she is here to take her sister back. When Marin tries to talk to her, Kanon quickly tells her to take a good look at Urin, and explain that is definitely not the Urin they know. The elder turtle agrees as well.

Urin tells her that Light cannot defeat the Darkness, and that if her sister joins her to her side, she will be able to protect her. She giggles as she says this. Both Kanon and Marin are horrified when she reveals her butterfly wings. Though Urin is amused even more when she reveals that is was because of Kanon’s ring is what brought her and Sedna together. Shortly after unable to get Marin to come to her side, Urin departs into the night sky.

Matsumoto becomes very serious and brings the two shrine maiden to where the once sealed coffin was, and tells them that, this is the first time that Sedna possessed a body, so in other words they would have to seal her along with Urin. Marin becomes devastated and breaks down, telling Kanon that she should seal her with Urin so that she isn’t alone. Upset, Kanon starts to cry as well while she grips on to Marin’s face telling her to calm down and stop sprouting ridiculous things. At the same time she confesses that Marin is her dearest friend and that they will definitely find a way to save Urin. Kanon then decides to bring the two of them to a place where they can pray and the sea can wash away the sorrow away.

Just before they depart into the sea, the elder turtle reminds them and makes sure that they have memorized the spell that will kill Sedna along with Urin – though is shot back by Kanon claiming that they will not harm Urin, the little turtle is suddenly pulled into the water and is transformed into Sedna’s servant form again. When then along pops out Sam and Warin, also under Sedna’s possession with weapons in hands.

11- "Hikari no Kokoro Yami no Kokoro" ("Hearts of Light, Hearts of Darkness")

(光の心 闇の心)

Airdate: September 09, 2009

When the two maiden just about to depart into the sea once again, only this time to seal Sedna – Warin and Sam appear with weapon in hands, as so the Turtle’s daughter who was transformed back into the Sedna’s servant. The two sea being and the turtle attacks the three of them, but the girls refuses to fight back against their friends. When Marin tries to help Kanon against Sam, Warin stops her while telling her, that because of the light, it causes you pain. Marin speaks to Warin telling her that she knows that her heart is in pain. Suddenly Marin is in her shrine maiden form, and then starts chanting the spell to purifying Warin and the others – only to fail.

Now attacked by the three of them, Marin struggles to fight them off. Kanon quickly runs to help her, realizing that her powers didn’t work. Quickly she tackles down Sam and then tries to pull the turtle off of Marin who ends up strangling the door off them, plus smacking a direct kick at her father. The the two girls then decide to try combining their powers to purify the sea beings along with the sea by touching each other’s hands.

Successful with their result, they bring Warin, Sam and the turtle back to Kanon’s house to rest. The elder turtles tells them that they may be able to defeat , when Kanon’s mother appears, she brushes her daughter off by saying Kanon wouldn’t listen to her anyways.

Now the three of them goes into the seen and into Sedna’s territory that is in ruins. Marin calls out for Urin who is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly Marin suggests maybe Urin has returned back to their home. So they all head over to Marin’s house.

When Marin enters her room, she finds Urin asleep in her bed, where she wakes up she tells marin that she has a terrible dream. The two of them cry, when suddenly Sedna slowly kicks back into gear of possessing Urin who freaked out when she spotted Kanon, unleashing a great amount of energy and flees.

They follow Urin back to the ruins, where they see her talking to Sedna, though not in person. Suddenly they can hear Sedna’s voice, where Marin cries out to her to stop torturing Urin. Then, Kanon tells signals her to start their purification spell.

However, the spell failed due to how Urin despises the Light, and starts sucking away their powers and wiping them out to the point they lose their powers and puts them back into their original form.

Out from below, a vast amount of eerie red bubbles emerges from the glowing coffin, where Urin tells them that they no longer possess the powers of the shrine maidens, and to toss away their heart of light. She then releases the strange blob bubbles that started to stick on them. Slowly they start to lose consciousness, but at the same time they have flashbacks about the sad and difficult times. Unable to stand anymore, they fall to the ground, claiming that they now understand what Sedna truly is and how the Elder Turtles misunderstood this.

With their last words before they lose consciousness, Marin whispers that they will definitely save Urin.

12- "Shima no Kokoro Hito no Kokoro" ("Heart of the Island, Hearts of the People")

島の心 人の心

Airdate: September 16, 2009

Sedna now has possession of Urin’s body, although Urin still has her consciousness. Sedna tells Urin that the only way to save Marin is for her heart to accept the darkness. Urin decides and concludes that it would have been better if Marin never met her, and it would have been better if they were never sisters/friends. And so Urin decides that she will make Marin’s heart fall into the darkness by making her hate her for destroying the place where their childhood memories began.

Marin tells her to stop, and tearfully cries out that she could never come to hate Urin, no matter what she does. She embraces her and tells her how she loves her and always will.

In the mean time, Kanon finally finds Marin and Urin, where suddenly Urin hurt by Sedna because she still has light in her heart. She screams in pain and tells Marin not to come closer. She also tells the girls that she is the only one who can seal Sedna, and is willing to seal herself with her, even if that means she will disappear.

As the sisters cry out to each other. Urin exclaims how she doesn’t want to say goodbye yet, and the two girls, Kanon and Marin jump at her and embraces her. They can hear Sedna whisper how she wants to be loved, and such. In the end Urin is purified and alive, and the sea is back to its original state.

Later that day, when Sam, Warin, Urin and Marin along with the Elder turtle and his daughter make their way to depart back into the sea. Warin and Sam discuss how they should throw a grape party. Marin asks if Kanon would like to join them, but Matsumotto denies it and tells them that originally sea-beings and the sky-beings are not allowed to interact with each other.

Urin gives Kanon back her ring before she leaves. When Marin leaves, Kanon gathers her courage to tell her that she likes her, and then screams that she loves her.