Tasya Fantasya
General Information
Type Philippine Live Action
Created by Carlo J. Caparas
Years on Air 2008
Seasons 2
Episodes 15


First Season

Tasya Fantasya centers on the enchanting and colorful world of Tasya (Yasmien Kurdi), an ugly but kind-hearted sales assistant in an optical shop, who willfully yearns for her Prince Charming’s affection. But she quickly finds out that her fate is entangled with that of a magical pair of eyeglasses that will lead her to a series of colorful adventures.

The storyline centers on Tasya, who at a very young age was orphaned and adopted by her abusive Aunt Kelay (Vangie Labalan). But Tasya, being the simple and benevolent person that she is, ignores the awfulness of her aunt.

She escapes from her unpleasant world by spending romantic moments with her prince charming, Donald (Wendell Ramos), the optical shop’s handsome model in all her dreams and fantasies. Thus, her best friend Mateng (Gladys Reyes) who patiently listens to Tasya’s fantasies, dubs her Tasya Fantasya.

Second Season

After she left Aunt Kelay's house with Raz, she begins her new adventure with the items that she had gathered in the past, a magical book, a tiara, a ring, a pair of eyeglasses and a boxing gloves. She is now uncovering the mysteries that uncover her true identity.