1- "Shinpi-tekina ningyō no kishi" ("The Mysterious Doll Knights")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 0122:44

Super Doll Licca - Episode 01

Airdate: 6 October, 1998

Upon seeing a newspaper article about the Fantasy Kingdom setting up a museum exhibit in her hometown, Nanae Kayama reaches for a suitcase to examine one of the three dolls in it, predicting rough sailing ahead for her granddaughter Licca. The Fantasy Kingdom's collaborative prologue with Nanae and her daughter Orie is briefly but vividly illuminated when Licca is given the Doll Licca Calling Ring along with her bento lunch; while Licca races to join her classmates, Dr. Scarecrow gives his henchmen Pull and Wire some last minute zero-hour instruction that details the goal of their group: successfully capturing and transporting the crown princess to the Doll Kingdom. Dr. Scarecrow declares zero hour for the operation to begin upon Sister Chiaki arriving at the museum with her Saint Terejia Gakuen students; in spite of some conspicuous red flags raised by their chosen techniques, the operation runs like clockwork. Tomonori Michitani and Sumire Shinohara detect several red flags but fare no better at freeing themselves or even derailing the operation than their other classmates except for Licca and her suitor Dai Takabayashi who have broken away from the pack to explore the rest of the museum on their own. A chance encounter with the university student Rui Makiyama who tells them about the Doll Kingdom and the Doll Knights prior to rushing off to class becomes the genesis of Licca developing a crush on Rui in contrast to Dai being jealous of the "weird" young man before both kids soon discover that there is something wrong when they are the only ones at the lunchtime rendezvous point. Things quickly come to a head when Pull successfully isolates and illuminates Licca as the Doll Kingdom crown princess prior to Dr. Scarecrow's hasty capture attempt which ultimately implodes the whole operation when Nanae bootstraps Doll Licca for battle when her granddaughter's Calling Bracelet activates; a short battle later, Doll Licca demolishes the entire operation and easily foils her mistress's abduction.

2- "-Ai uranai ibuningumūn no kokuchi" ("Love Fortune-Telling of the Evening Moon")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 0218:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 02

Airdate: 13 October, 1998

As if she had telepathically sensed it in her sleep, Licca dreams about Rui Makiyama after he arrives at the Kayama residence where Nanae and Orie greet him in earnest prior to leading him to his rented room; undaunted by Nanae extinguishing her voyeurism the next morning, Licca speculates on Rui's personality while Sumire daydreams about Dai during class. While Licca and Sumire revel at the pleasant surprise that is Rui Makiyama coming upon the girls exploring his room, Pull and Wire have set up a detective shop to acquire information to plan their next abduction attempt -- Licca and Sumire appraising the efficacy of a girlish superstition the backdrop thereof. While Dai and Sumire initially find their adversaries too well prepared to repulse their inhibitory efforts on Licca's behalf, they ultimately buy time for Nanae to bootstrap Doll Licca for battle and Rui follows soon after as a supplement; the collaborative intercession is not enough to forestall the price Nanae pays for wielding the Doll Knights in battle.

3- "Seibo Maria no bishō" ("The Virgin Mary's Smile")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 0318:27

Super Doll Licca - Episode 03

Airdate: 20 October, 1998

Sister Satomi is in for a blitzkrieg lesson of curiosity killing the cat when Dr. Scarecrow's attempt to take her captive panics the poor nun into being sidelined with a broken arm and sets the stage for demonstrating why it is a bad idea to leave too much to the imagination -- especially one not unlike what Dai possesses. Tomonori seconds the motion to investigate the mystery only for Sister Chiaki to abruptly extinguish the initial after-school attempt in its tracks; daunted only into exercising more discretion in their next attempt, the four kids turn their steps homeward in a bid to groom the family politics in their favor. Licca finds Orie admonishing silence as she presents a postcard from her husband Pierre who is exploring Prague while Dai and Tomonori decide upon another late night visit to the chapel unaware that Pull and Wire have decided to capitalize upon the legend in order to capture Licca. Pull and Wire ultimately find it no trouble at all to isolate Licca in all the hullabaloo and also to stalemate Doll Licca since Nanae is an unreliable power source; while Doll Licca successfully drives Pull and Wire now driven into retreat thanks to some swift and innovative maneuvering during battle, she cannot prevent the headmistress from charging a clean chapel of Licca and her companions as the consequence of their adventure that night.

4- "Harou~īn gesuto" ("The Halloween Guest")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 0416:58

Super Doll Licca - Episode 04

Airdate: 27 October, 1998

While the Pumpkin King looks with delight upon the citywide Halloween preparations, Licca is eager to begin her home commute to appraise the status of Orie's efforts on synthesizing her costume -- after Dai leads Tomonori through demonstrating his perspective of how Halloween should be spent. Rui explaining Licca his perspective of the prologue behind Halloween as the festival it is becomes the backdrop for Dr. Scarecrow to lead Pull and Wire through yet another abduction attempt which Licca unwittingly facilitates by racing off to rendezvous with Sumire. Apparently having picked up on Dr. Scarecrow's plan, the Pumpkin King decides to lead Rui on a wild goose chase and offer itself in Rui's place so it can turn the tables on Pull and Wire. Dr. Scarecrow is astonished to find that two can play the deception game when the Pumpkin King leading Pull and Wire right into his midst ultimately forces him to take the direct approach when Licca detects his subterfuge; after a soft landing for the free-falling Licca and a luminous intercession from the Pumpkin King, Doll Licca defeats Dr. Scarecrow and sets the stage for Licca to wake up surrounded by the people important to her.

5- "Haha no tanjō-bi" ("Mother's Birthday")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 0522:44

Super Doll Licca - Episode 05

Airdate: 3 November, 1998

Considering his previous embarrassing defeat, it is no surprise that Dr. Scarecrow is facing an obdurate objurgation to capture Licca who is merging computations with Nanae over the logistics of Orie's birthday party. Licca easily galvanizing her classmates obfuscates Pull fuming in frustration as she computes how to comply Dr. Scarecrow's order to steal Doll Licca before directing Wire to follow Nanae as she arranges the catered food; while dejected at not having Nanae's sage counsel available to her, Licca gets a gift idea when she sees an old photograph of Orie with her father Pierre. Acquiring the necessary data and materials to synthesize the mittens is the least of Licca's worries as Orie sharing her prologue with Pierre in an attempt to confirm her suspicions of background subterfuge becomes the forum to demonstrate the constraints endemic to Licca being a child. Orie's birthday is a fusillade of activity as Nanae leads the caterers in setting up the scene alongside Rui when the guests arrive ahead of schedule starting with Dai and Tomonori while Licca desperately tries to finish the dexter mitten when Orie returns home. The unfinished dexter mitten's ultimate irony is that its unraveling correlates to Pull's mission to capture the Doll Knights whose animation has no distance restriction; Dr. Scarecrow's abduction attempt foiled yet again is cold comfort to Licca until Orie interjects her perspective of the best birthday present she has ever received.

6- "Yumemiru sutā shūhen" ("Around The Dreaming Star")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 0622:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 06

Airdate: 10 November, 1998

Never one to spurn an opportunity to observe the stars at dusk, Tomonori Michitani is in seventh heaven as he prosecutes an investigation of the Naruhu Comet's arrival after its thirty year journey around the solar system oblivious to the fact that he has attracted the attention of Dr. Scarecrow who plans to wield him in his next attempt to abduct Licca. Tomonori quickly finds that he has quite an imbroglio on earth when Licca suggests that the whole class put on a play based on Sumire's recently completed story as part of a school festival: continuing the investigation of the Naruhu Comet abounds profuse personal euphoria from contributing to science but draws his classmates' ire; in contrast, contributing to the class play secures his classmates' good will but is a flagrant insult to his own personal interests. Disguising himself as the missing Professor Kanga Kurou, Dr. Scarecrow begins his operation in earnest by capitalizing on Tomonori's ambivalence about having to exclusively decide for science or his friends which leaves behind a lot of collateral damage that quickly brings things to a head. Panicked that Licca realizing the truth will soon implode his operation, Dr. Scarecrow ultimately adopts the direct approach only to have it nullified by a decisive Hold it right there!!! intercession from Tomonori prior to Doll Licca driving him into retreat; as an unexpected bonus, the real Professor puts in a cameo appearance with a "Keep up the good work!!!" commendation for Tomonori.

7- "Za Mahō no Hābu no Kōhī" ("The Magical Herbal Tea")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 0722:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 07

Airdate: 17 November, 1998

It turns out that there is somebody that Dr. Scarecrow answers to that is none too pleased with his efforts thus far in successfully capturing Licca; the tense conversation that follows suggests that the Doll Kingdom is in some kind of danger that Licca is needed to resolve and that Dr. Scarecrow is not exactly evil. Regardless of whether he is a good guy or a bad guy, Nanae knows that Dr. Scarecrow has not abandoned his plans to capture Licca and is loath to heed Orie's injunction against continuing to exert herself or to abide Orie's counsel to keep Licca at home. Nanae and Orie's compromise ironically becomes the forum for Pull and Wire to successfully abduct Licca as she awaits her rendezvous with Rui Makiyama; if that is not enough, Pull thinks nothing of engaging in a matador bullfight of almost plowing through Doll Licca whose powers in combat are unreliable because of Nanae's injury. Perplexed and racked with guilt about the costly victory, Licca talks things over with Rui who has a medicinal herb native to the Doll Kingdom reputed to cure any ailment. Rui bailing Licca a few leaves becomes the ultimate deus ex machina against another of Dr. Scarecrow's abduction attempts when Nanae and Doll Licca easily foil the attempt; even with Dr. Scarecrow licking his wounds and plotting a rematch, Nanae and Orie have no idea what to make of Rui who is just as confused about the diary his grandfather left him.

8- "Dai Sa Ichi Ritoru Naito" ("Dai is a Little Knight")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 0822:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 08

Airdate: 24 November, 1998

It seems that Saint Terejia Gakuen has an autumn ritual known as the weekend home-stay in which the students are randomly chosen as a guest or a host along with the association thereof in an attempt to foster a more comprehensive perspective of appreciation for the concept of family -- case in point when the teacher indicates that Licca's family is hosting the college student Rui Makiyama. Dai is none too thrilled at being charged as a host as he explains Licca the dynamics of his family prior to beginning his home commute. Arriving at the empty Takabayashi house becomes the forum for Licca to make herself right at home as one of the family while picking up on the mechanics of the Takabayashi family such as Dai's harridan grandmother being quite perceptive for an elderly lady when she detects Pull and Wire skulking around -- the anxiety about the plight of the Doll Kingdom foremost on their minds. For Licca, the Takabayashi-ke backstage pass does nothing to extinguish the threat of Dr. Scarecrow -- this time taking advantage of the fact that the Doll Knights' existence is never to be community discourse among humans. The ironic silver lining is that Pull and Wire's repulsing Dai climbing to Licca's rescue ultimately allows Doll Licca to do her thing; for Dai, Dr. Scarecrow's ambush still costs valuable time in transporting his edible payload home much to the family's consternation.

9- "Beru no oto no himitsu" ("The Secret of the Sound of the Bell")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 0922:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 09

Airdate: 1 December, 1998

Licca has a lengthy prologue of always hearing the bells at her school ring at approximately 0700 every morning; it is extremely difficult to deny the presence of a deviant diagnostic when the bells stay silent -- an injured dove in the bell tower whose proximity by the students Sister Chiaki has been enjoined to always inhibit. Galvanized by compassion and a germane family memory, Dai leads the way to the acme of the bell tower in a bid to aid the dove in spite of the objections Tomonori and the girls raise only to end up before the headmistress that charges the four kids sustenance of the infirm until an ornithologist arrives; thanks to Sumire unwittingly confirming the data necessary for their plan to work, Pull and Wire ready themselves to capture Licca. Licca being even more frightened for the safety of the caged dove than for her own is ultimately the Achilles heel for yet another of Pull and Wire's operations to backfire horribly; a regimen of collaborative TLC later, the now-healed dove is returned to the wild with Sister Chiaki resuming her bell-ringing duties.

10- "Betsu no Rika" ("Another Licca")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 1022:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 10

Airdate: 8 December, 1998

Licca has had it demonstrated that Doll Licca will intercede fiercely on her behalf whenever Dr. Scarecrow launches an abduction attempt but has really never made the connection in her mind as to what her guardian looks like -- until Dai comes upon a traveling artist named Mark whose artwork is based on what he sees in his dreams. Upon having it explained that he plans to spend the night in the park, Licca insists upon Mark dining and housing himself with her enhanced by the blessing of her family government. One day when he has attained a certain milestone with his art, Mark explains Licca his prologue of searching for a certain young lady that he has seen in his dreams and actually encountered in real life packaging a "Hang in there!!!" that does little to prepare anyone for Dr. Scarecrow wielding the art exhibit Orie has arranged as the back drop for another abduction attempt. Dr. Scarecrow successfully trapping Licca within a painting in spite of raising some very serious and obvious red flags has the ironic silver lining of Licca and Doll Licca ultimately meeting face-to-face; as an unexpected bonus, Mark finds his mystery admirer while Nanae acknowledges that she will have to explain things in more detail to her granddaughter.

11- "Omoide no shiroi u~edingudoresu" ("The White Wedding Dress of Memories")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 1122:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 11

Airdate: 15 December, 1998

As Tomonori points out before Dai suppresses him, Licca would normally set course for home after school as charged by the teachers; however, Orie is expecting her daughter to participate in the exhibition of some recently completed clothing designs and inadvertently gives Pull a skeleton key for defining the logistics of the next abduction attempt while contemplating the conundrum of needing more models than she has. Nanae's jubilation at being able to have a meal with Orie and Licca as a family quickly gives way to Orie pining for her husband Pierre as she reminisces about her prologue with him. It seems that Pierre and Orie have led a Thelma & Louise kind of romance as they spent time together having fun while on the run -- the incomplete dress intended for her wedding to Pierre being the most poignant example of the turbulent life Orie was forced to lead at that time. Dr. Scarecrow's next abduction attempt disguised as the clumsy Reiko has as its ultimate irony that it was subtle and dexterous enough to actually succeed even though Doll Licca easily repels the attempt; the ancillary silver lining of the fashion show is that it answers the question of what Orie decided to do with the incomplete wedding dress: adjusting its dimensions so that Licca could wear it in her place.

12- "Gifuto no yuki no furu hi" ("The Gift of the Snowy Day")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 1222:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 12

Airdate: 22 December, 1998

Licca intercepting Dai and Tomonori with the cleaning duties prior to beginning her own home commute from school quickly gives way to Dr. Scarecrow savagely upbraiding Pull and Wire to step up their efforts since the Doll Kingdom designates December 25 as the Day of Gratitude where it is illegal to do anything but observe it. Licca's actual destination is to the workshop of Xmas Jii-san who spends his time telling tales of his travels as he repairs the damaged toys he finds to later deliver as gifts; while Dr. Scarecrow is mobilizing for action, Licca finding Dai dejected from the divergent concourse with his family government prompting her to encourage him to spend Xmas Eve with her family becomes the preamble for an exchange of perspectives while Xmas Jii-san computes a counter-strike for Pull and Wire skulking around outside that even catches Dr. Scarecrow by surprise. The ultimate irony of the whole night is that Xmas Jii-san is instrumental in circuitously timing out Licca's abduction and paying forward his prologue as an ignorant thief before a nun interjected unto him the Xmas spirit; Dr. Scarecrow is not so easily dissuaded from his volition of abducting Licca who is being directed through a choir sequence.

13- "Neko o wasuremashita Aji" ("Aji the Lost Cat")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 1322:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 13

Airdate: 29 December, 1998

An ill-designed animal carrier and an inattentive old lady become the preamble for François to play a pivotal role in Dr. Scarecrow's latest attempt to capture Licca whose first encounter with the feline is in the front yard of her house just as she is beginning her school commute before Orie's maternal inquiries disrupt Licca's sincere but ill-fated attempt to win François's trust. Licca's computations about how to succeed in the subsequent encounter with François during the school-home commute and the school day obfuscate Pull and Wire being lucratively commissioned for that very job along with François undergoing a series of misadventures culminating into the encounter with Dai who is shocked to learn that his family government has a dim view of his compassionate intercession for the poor feline; while Orie and Nanae are not hostile toward housing François/Aji, Licca is crestfallen when she has it explained that the feline already has an owner searching for it. Having proactively computed the logistics, Dr. Scarecrow charges zero hour of Pull and Wire to begin the operation to capture Licca. The bitter irony of the whole operation is that while Dr. Scarecrow is on the right track with understanding the mechanics of how Doll Licca is dispatched to Licca's aid, this data is ultimately of no utility when Wire literally lets the cat out of the bag; Dr. Scarecrow's operation now foiled, Licca forgoes a furry friend for a music box of her father's design.

14- "Nichiyōbi shūto" ("The Sunday Shootout")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 1422:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 14

Airdate: 5 January, 1999

The collaborative prologue Hide and Tetsu have built with Dai along with Licca's frustration at being left out of their dodgeball game is scant preparation for an encounter with Souta Mizushima who leads the group of friends Dai spent time with in kindergarten -- the ensuing adversarial dodgeball volley vividly illuminating the rivalry between the two boys. Dai's smoldering frustration over the prologue itemized by this family government again becomes red-hot when Souta delivers him a hatashijou signalling an interest in having a seven-on-seven dodgeball match to resolve their differences that Sumire initially fears is something far more serious. Dai soon finds that assembling a competent team from scratch is far easier said than done with Sumire and Tomonori's first instinct being to dive for cover as soon as the ball comes their way; while the kids soon have fun, Dai's ego manifests itself when Rui offers his counsel during their strategy meeting that evening. Pull and Wire approach the kids to offer their instruction caring nothing of the very obvious red flags it raises of Dr. Scarecrow prosecuting another abduction attempt; Dai's team now galvanized by false confidence, the dodgeball match -- and Dr. Scarecrow's operation -- begins in earnest while Nanae is at home wishing that she could activate the other two Doll Knights. Dr. Scarecrow's conspicuous abduction attempt becomes the ultimate skeleton key for Dai and Souta to finally resolve their differences once Doll Licca drives Dr. Scarecrow into retreat after a short battle.

15- "Rui no jo tomodachi" ("Rui's Girlfriend")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 1522:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 15

Airdate: 12 January, 1999

It seems that Dr. Scarecrow is in scalding hot water for his many failed abduction attempts as Orie's evil aunt Yae reads him the riot act clearly frightened for the Doll Kingdom's survival; meanwhile, Licca is oblivious to Dr. Scarecrow renewing his resolve to capture her when she repels Dai's abrasive criticism of the bookmark she wants to give Rui. However, Licca is soon crestfallen to complete her home commute only to overhear Rui's verbal recital from his grandfather's diary about a mysterious woman from the Doll Kingdom which becomes the forum for Dr. Scarecrow's next abduction attempt; when Sumire and Tomonori's observation about the lack of evidence that Rui indeed has a girlfriend fails to cheer Licca up, Dai leads Licca through following Rui through his home commute to a cafe where his classmate Hitomi offers her perspective on the love story Rui was reading earlier. Upon detection by Hajime Kuboi, Licca has all the necessary evidence to understand the circumstances; while Nanae and Orie are at a loss for how to help the crestfallen Licca, Dr. Scarecrow declares zero hour as he leads Pull and Wire through another abduction attempt that involves an abandoned amusement park. Dai galvanizing Sumire and Tomonori for an afternoon of their young lives unaware that they are being wielded as emissaries gives way to an analysis of Rui's prologue depicted in a flashback of a mysterious woman that looks like Hitomi approaching his grandfather in his doll shop. A bracelet -- most likely a call bracelet for one of the two remaining Doll Knights -- is the only avatar of the intense whirlwind romance that ensues. The abduction attempt foiled and Dr. Scarecrow driven into retreat ultimately becomes the forum for everything to be explained in detail -- Hitomi and Hajime being paramours, Rui's devotion to his research about the Fantasy Civilization, and Licca learning why the word assume is spelled the way it is once she makes her overture to Rui.

16- "Reitō sekai no majo" ("The Witch of the Frozen World")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 1622:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 16

Airdate: 19 January, 1999

Yae is dividing her energies between bristling with frustration at Dr. Scarecrow's abduction attempts imploding in on themselves because of Doll Licca's interference and seething with anxiety about the future of the helpless and deep-frozen Doll Kingdom as she contemplates a lightly utilized avenue to illuminate the necessity of her grandniece Licca ruling over the Doll Kingdom -- manifesting a "Capitulate or else!!!" blizzard unto the city. Licca confirmed safe and fast asleep, Nanae ponders to herself that Doll Licca alone might not be enough to counteract Yae and Dr. Scarecrow's collaborative onslaught. Furious at Nanae repulsing her demands, Yae steps up the blizzard while Dr. Scarecrow leads Pull and Wire through another abduction attempt ironically catalyzed in no small part by Licca's obliviousness to both the winter holiday actually being a coercion attempt on the part of her grandaunt Yae along with Dai leaving Licca behind as a sentry so that he and the other kids can get some things to have a proper winter camp-out. By the time Licca realizes how her foolish error is causing both Orie and Nanae anxiety for her safety, it is ultimately far too late to derail Dr. Scarecrow's operation even with Doll Licca flying to the rescue; fortunately, Rui being in the right place at the right time capitalizes upon the sole Achille's heel of Dr. Scarecrow's otherwise successful plan.

17- "Ki o tsukero kimyōna yosoku no tame no" ("Watch out for Strange Predictions")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 1722:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 17

Airdate: 26 January, 1999

As has been continually demonstrated, Yae is quite upset at Dr. Scarecrow having had yet another of his abduction attempts foiled as she directs him to steal her grandniece's call bracelet using deception rather than force prior to bringing in its owner along with a stern "Succeed or else!!!" admonition. Upon arriving home to find her parents Yasuyo and Noboru hard at work in their florist shop, Sumire setting right to her homework that night becomes the forum for defining Dr. Scarecrow's next operation -- scaring Sumire into having Licca hand over her call bracelet to her to repel the monsters. Dai decides to have his fortune told only to learn that it is something he is often made to do anyway; while Dr. Scarecrow is admonishing Pull and Wire to keep up the good work undaunted that his divination has fallen flat that afternoon, Rui comes upon an account about a mystical bracelet similar to what Licca is thinking of handing over to the terrified Sumire while searching around for more insight as to the Fantasy Civilization. Needless to say, Nanae and Orie are quite surprised when Licca inquires them if her call bracelet is one of three in existence like what Rui has read but ultimately play right into Dr. Scarecrow's hands when they deflect the question; even with Dr. Scarecrow driven into retreat thanks to Rui's interjected injunction against removing the call bracelet and a swift intercession from Doll Licca, there are still a lot of unanswered questions and unproven suspicions -- many of which has Yae fuming in frustration.

18- "Za San kishi No Za Yōsei Monogatari Igirisu" ("The Three Knights of the Fairy Tale Kingdom")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 1822:44

Super Doll Licca - Episode 18

Airdate: 2 February, 1999

As Sister Chiaki reminds the class, Saint Terejia Academy is to have a story recital by the selected representatives of each class -- one of which is Sumire even though she is having a bit of writer's block as she develops her story. Now bedridden with a cold from all the effort she has been exerting, Sumire exhorts that Licca take on her stewardship of finishing the story and reciting it -- which Licca does to both Nanae and Orie's astonishment. As has been sourly and incessantly demonstrated in the past, Dr. Scarecrow already has this data and it is not long before he also computes an avenue to wield it to his advantage as he effects the mirage of Sumire guiding Licca to the rendezvous of his next abduction attempt; in spite of a slight logic fallacy that Licca inadvertently perverts to his detriment, Dr. Scarecrow is confident that his plan will succeed due to Licca's lack of proficiency in story writing. Upon finding that Licca has made little progress in composing the story, Orie inadvertently defeats Dr. Scarecrow's planned abduction attempt with her decision to propose a snapshot of life in the Doll Kingdom and why Nanae has fled her homeland; while the battle against the antagonist is a very straightforward and heavily simplified version of the circumstances, it does demonstrate how all three of the Doll Knights collaboratively perform in battle. Undaunted by Sumire having recovered from her cold, Dr. Scarecrow ultimately tries to push ahead with his abduction attempt only to find to his horror that Licca has basically summarized the prologue and plight of the Doll Kingdom for the whole school!!!

19- "Ugokanai Ningyō Rika" ("The Unmoving Doll Licca")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 1922:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 19

Airdate: 9 February, 1999

Pull and Wire's collaborative confusion over the Valentine's Day hullabaloo quickly gives way to Dr. Scarecrow's surveillance orders for Licca while he goes to visit Yae whose frustration at his failed attempts becomes the preamble of the next abduction attempt; while Yae and Dr. Scarecrow are resolving the logistics of their upcoming operation, Licca and Sumire have other things on their minds as they compute how to acknowledge Valentine's Day. Dai's interjection about his wager with Hide and Tetsu along with Licca's dismissal thereof illuminating Sumire's infatuation with Dai becomes the forum for Licca and Sumire deciding to have Nanae lead them through synthesizing their chocolate treats; during the intermission necessary for the chocolate treats to cool off, Yae detects Nanae taking a recess prior to declaring zero hour for her operation -- confining Nanae so that she cannot mobilize Doll Licca to her granddaughter's aid. For Dr. Scarecrow, Licca is well-versed in perverting the circumstances to her advantage -- especially when she has some good people helping her. Although her initial concern about the chocolates gives them time to corner her, Sumire is far too wily and feisty for Pull and Wire to contain by themselves while Rui is more than enough to stalemate Dr. Scarecrow using his fiercest spells. Orie completing her home commute from work ultimately ignites the ironic deus ex machina when she knocks over the music box that Pierre had recently completed for Licca whose melody interferes with Yae's spell; while Nanae ponders the revelation of Yae being a vassal of the entity known as Devaul who is certainly preparing another abduction attempt, Sumire delivers her present to Dai in spite of her bashfulness.

20- "Himitsu no Bōsō joō" ("The Secret of the Runaway Queen")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 2022:44

Super Doll Licca - Episode 20

Airdate: 16 February, 1999

An epidemic sweeps over Saint Terejia Academy in the form of an exciting detective story series that enthralls Licca and her friends to the point where they start to forget about the dynamics of real life -- examples of which is when Dai inadvertently draws his grandmother's ire when he forgets about dinnertime while Orie has to prompt Licca to comply her bedtime. While prosecuting the school commute the next morning, Dai inadvertently offers himself as the emissary of Dr. Scarecrow's latest operation when he galvanizes Licca and her friends about the engagement with Detective Mark after school; while Dai leads Licca into Dr. Scarecrow's trap with Tomonori and Sumire close behind, Nanae compares notes with Rui to appraise what he has learned about the Doll Kingdom thus far before giving his research a huge shot in the arm. Fortunately for Dr. Scarecrow, Rui's newfound enlightenment has nothing to derail his operation as Licca and Dai are being led on a wild goose chase all over town along with Tomonori and Sumire. The bitter irony is that while Dr. Scarecrow does a good job of cornering Licca prior to transporting her back to the Doll Kingdom, it is ultimately in vain not because of a last minute intercession by Doll Licca but because the epilogue of the Calling Ring associated with Doll Isamu has already been confirmed and it will not be long before a bid is launched to secure it.

21- "Rui-san no takara" ("Rui's Treasure")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 2122:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 21

Airdate: 23 February, 1999

While out on the town for diurnal euphoria, Dai and Tomonori come upon Rui waiting with Licca and Sumire to intercept a transit coach; fuming that Licca has repulsed his inquiries, Dai decides to follow suit with Tomonori who makes some iconoclastic observations during the journey that enable the boys to closely follow Rui and the girls. Rui's objective with the girls is to search the old doll workshop for the Calling Ring associated with Doll Isamu which will enable Doll Isamu to be animated for battle when used with Yae's Calling Watch; realizing that Doll Isamu available for battle could dramatically swing the war either way, Dr. Scarecrow charges Pull and Wire that Rui and the kids be wielded as the search party while they reap the fruit. As has been the case, the logical and pragmatic theory behind Dr. Scarecrow's plan ultimately does not bring about success in practice when Dr. Scarecrow corners Licca in an arcane area of the store; what implodes the operation is not so much the intercession of Doll Licca but Dai being quick-minded enough to hide the Doll Isamu Calling Ring.

22- "Me o samasu, Ningyō Isamu" ("Wake up, Doll Isamu")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 2222:44

Super Doll Licca - Episode 22

Airdate: 2 March, 1999

Successfully acquiring the Doll Isamu Calling Ring is an impressive accomplishment; still, its consistent security while successfully utilizing it against Yae and Dr. Scarecrow is what will define the war's epilogue. While Sumire and Dai speculate upon the meaning of there now being two Calling Rings in their possession, Nanae confirms the authenticity while explaining the bracelet's prologue and its limited individual capability under the present circumstances; while Nanae and Rui mull over how best to play dog in the manger with the bracelet until Yae comes to her senses, Dr. Scarecrow gets read the riot act for Dai snatching victory from the jaws of defeat prior to being sent out to retrieve the bracelet but realizes that Doll Licca will easily repel an ill-timed head-on assault as he charges observation of Pull and Wire to discern the opportune moment to act. Nanae now lured away from the house, Pull and Wire successfully do the burglar thing for the Doll Isamu Calling Ring but reason that also stealing the Doll Knights would be even better; even though they are quick-minded enough to pervert her challenge to her detriment, Pull and Wire find that Licca is a much more troublesome payload than she appears even before Doll Licca's intercession. Licca and Doll Licca ultimately have demonstrated the bitter lesson "Every dog has his day" when Pull wields the circumstantial physics to her advantage while Dr. Scarecrow wields Licca forgetting all about the Doll Isamu Calling Ring to his; back in the Doll Kingdom, Yae is ecstatic that she can now successfully stalemate Doll Licca even though Rui foils her grandniece's abduction.

23- "Rosuto Chikyū-gai seimei-tai" ("The Lost Extraterrestrials")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 2322:44

Super Doll Licca - Episode 23

Airdate: 9 March, 1999

Back in the Doll Kingdom, Yae is overjoyed at having her guardian Doll Isamu available for battle as she decides zero hour for bringing Licca back to the Doll Kingdom by having Doll Isamu streak across the sky upon returning to Earth; not realizing that what she saw last night is actually Doll Isamu being wielded as an emissary for an upcoming abduction attempt, Licca expounds upon the spectacle to Dai who has his doubts but decides to investigate the matter when Tomonori recommends against ruling it out. While Dai is directing Licca to disperse and discover with Sumire and Tomonori, Dr. Scarecrow has plenty of time to lead Pull and Wire through disguising themselves as aliens and coming up with a viable story to win the kids' trust; just as Sumire recommends that the quartet call it a day, Dr. Scarecrow and Pull appear to explain the kids their search for a lost companion before they retreat oblivious to the fact that Dai smells a rat. Licca is crestfallen at Dai's heartlessness as she completes her home commute just in time to come upon an infirm and ravenous Wire who has entered the subterfuge as the lost companion; while the astonished Licca recovers herself to compute her next move, Nanae agonizes over how to protect Licca as she takes stock of the circumstances -- Doll Isamu under Yae's control and Doll Isumi inert because of the MIA associated call bracelet. Over the course of the intermission to the next schoolday, Licca is absolutely oblivious to the huge red flags her unusual behavior is raising with Nanae and Orie along with Tomonori and Sumire who catch on that Licca bought the aliens' story hook, line, and sinker. Dai rushing onto the scene with Sumire and Tomonori rapidly brings things to a head when the panicked Dr. Scarecrow makes the error of summoning Doll Isamu whose "Do not mess with me!!!" exhibition ultimately becomes the ironic skeleton key by which his whole operation implodes; still, that is quite tame compared to the irony of Dai recklessly endangering Licca while Wire becomes the deus ex machina by which Licca is rescued from the motorcycle accident.

24- "Hora koko ni Ningyō Izumi!" ("Here Comes Doll Izumi!")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 2422:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 24

Airdate: 16 March, 1999

Incensed that an ordinary kid like Dai Takabayashi and that a curious college student like Rui Makiyama can derail her plans just as well as Doll Licca herself, Yae scolds Doll Isamu to get with the program -- in contrast to Licca who is leaving the house to spend the day at the amusement park with Sumire and the boys. After replying Nanae's inquiry about having the Doll Licca Calling Ring, Licca races off toward Sumire's house where Sumire is deciding what to wear; The girls racing off soon thereafter to join Dai and Tomonori aboard the transit coach to the park where the four kids barely make it into the first one hundred customers does not assuage Dai's frustration at being put behind schedule or that he was not the first customer into the park. Undaunted by having to pay admission, Dr. Scarecrow prepares to declare zero hour for another abduction attempt -- that is, if Pull and Wire forego their interest in the rides to help him. Licca takes great umbrage at the sexist ambiance as she leads Sumire away into having a good time all morning; still, this only kicks the problem down the road until Sumire vents her spleen about Dai and Licca's conduct. Dr. Scarecrow capitalizing upon the haunted house for his abduction attempt quickly brings things to a head when Dai finally realizes the severity of the situation only to ultimately end up being wielded as a plaything along with Sumire and Tomonori; while Doll Izumi suddenly awakening from her dormancy swiftly extinguishes the abduction attempt, it is difficult to say what new homeostasis will manifest itself once the owner of the Doll Izumi Calling Ring and Calling Choker is discovered.

25- "Kyasarin, Za Fukakaina Kōkan Gakusei" ("Catherine, The Enigmatic Exchange Student")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 2522:44

Super Doll Licca - Episode 25

Airdate: 23 March, 1999

Pull and Wire have had demonstrated the battle prowess of both Doll Licca and Doll Izumi enough times to realize that it is quite unpleasant; this has not daunted them against prosecuting another abduction attempt -- this time, taking advantage of the travel pattern that is Licca's school commute. An exchange student named Catherine introduces herself by scaring Pull and Wire out of their ambush before setting course for Saint Terejia Academy where the speculative analytical concourse about her is kicked up several notches when Catherine makes several overtures during the school day to introduce herself to the student body while maintaining a laser focus on Licca. Sumire and Tomonori's speculation gets a huge shot in the arm when Catherine signals an interest in having company in prosecuting the home commute where she inquires Licca all kinds of personal facts but balks at Licca's attempts to reply in kind when she leaves behind a handkerchief that Orie thinks is a straightforward friendship overture. Licca calling it a night with her mind at ease that evening vividly foils Nanae's bewilderment about Doll Izumi's recent behavior considering the mechanics governing the Doll Knights: an animated Doll Knight will only remain active and do its job if there is a Call Bracelet guiding it to the trouble spot. Upon learning of Licca's home commute yesterday, Dai decides for an investigation which Catherine defeats by leading the posse to a cemetery; Dr. Scarecrow reads the kids' bewilderment at Catherine eluding them as the ideal zero-hour for his next abduction attempt which takes advantage of Licca's desire to return Catherine's handkerchief. As has been the case as of late, Dr. Scarecrow ultimately foils his own operation when he panics and tries to force things; while it is no big deal for Doll Izumi to drive Dr. Scarecrow into retreat, Licca still has no more data about Catherine than when the two girls initially met.

26- "Za Fukakaina Ningyō Izumi" ("The Enigmatic Doll Izumi")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 2622:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 26

Airdate: 30 March, 1999

As has been hinted all along, Orie did not grow up in an indigenous Earth nuclear family and it is only after the parturition by which Licca began her post-natal life that Orie has come upon her own prosperity; Orie having her own micro-economy does nothing to compensate the trauma of her father's sacrifice. Right now, Orie is having a girls' day on the town with her daughter Licca when a brief encounter with Catherine gives way to witnessing the antics of an old street performer that looks like Orie's father Franz; after sending Licca to bed, Nanae and Orie compare notes about everything that has happened so far while Dr. Scarecrow upbraids Pull and Wire that it is a pink slip for all of them if they fail to capture Licca. The old street performer George nullifies Pull and Wire's desperate abduction attempt before offering Licca the opportunity to perform with him as his assistant; in her excitement to practice, Licca makes the unwise decision to remove her call bracelet that she then carries forward to the actual exhibition where Pull and Wire ironically refute George's claim of nothing happening to it when they steal the trunk. The ultimate irony of the whole circus is that Licca has indirectly offered herself to the desperate Dr. Scarecrow who is never too proud to refuse a good abduction opportunity; even with Doll Izumi successfully stalemating Doll Isamu until Doll Licca joins the fight to drive away Dr. Scarecrow, the intercession does nothing to teach Licca the importance of proactively exercising good judgment even though Nanae and Orie realize it is time to come clean.

27- "Rika-san no himitsu ga akasa reta" ("Rika's Secret Revealed")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 2722:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 27

Airdate: 6 April, 1999

Be it out of concern for his friend or simply for amusement, Hajime Kuboi jolts Rui out of his research about Devaul to exhort of him assistance in organizing the documents stored at the new observatory in the mountains; Licca later relaying this volition to Dai who then decides to lead an expedition with Sumire and Tomonori to the observatory is read as the ideal zero hour for Yae and Dr. Scarecrow to prosecute yet another abduction attempt -- this time importing their castle unto Earth from the Doll Kingdom. Galvanized by the data of Dai adhering a superstition involving crows and woodlands, Dr. Scarecrow decides to wield the four kids in a crass comedy skit by first panicking them into a cerebral pseudo-reality before taunting them into thinking that recovering the Doll Isamu call bracelet is a viable possibility while leading them to the castle where Yae wastes no time in demonstrating her own twisted sense of humor prior to introducing herself in earnest to explain the confused Licca what has to happen in order to save the Doll Kingdom; after demonstrating Dai that she is as much an irascible harridan as Dai's grandmother, Yae then proceeds to explain Licca her role in Orie's prologue as the crown princess of the Doll Kingdom and generally makes it clear that she is not taking no for an answer. While it is no problem for Doll Licca and Doll Izumi to make a mess of her plans by themselves, Yae is shocked to find that the ultimate irony of summoning Doll Isamu is that it summons Rui who leads Sumire and the boys in visiting unto Dr. Scarecrow their intense displeasure at being wielded as playthings; later that evening, Nanae and Orie explain Licca the whole plight of the Doll Kingdom along with the capability to summon Doll Licca to combat in real time just like how the abduction attempts occur.

28- "Za Ningyō Igirisu No Gensō" ("The Doll Kingdom of Illusions")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 2822:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 28

Airdate: 13 April, 1999

Considering the intrusion that imploded the previous attempt and how all the others have been foiled, it is no surprise that Yae would be quite frustrated with Dr. Scarecrow as she delivers him a "Succeed or else!!!" ultimatum before sending him on his way; while Dr. Scarecrow computes his next move, Dai's friends Hide and Tetsu are the vehicles by which the collateral damage caused by Devaul's occupation of the Doll Kingdom is manifesting itself unto the lives of Licca and her friends who desperately struggle for some kind of healthy perspective of their recent encounter with Yae. Licca then tries her hand in summoning Doll Licca for some answers using the magic phrase Nanae led her through; as if having sensed Sumire's subsequent suggestion to consult Nanae when the attempt fails, Dr. Scarecrow decides zero hour for his plan -- a cerebral pseudo-reality depicting the peaceful Doll Kingdom. Assured of a 0% casualty rate, Licca agonizes over her previous failed attempts before Doll Izumi arrives with the perspective that the circumstances have not yet deteriorated enough for Doll Licca to intervene and that something is seriously amiss when Orie arrives to greet everybody. What ironically brings things to a head is not so much Yae's harsh objurgation to Doll Izumi but Licca's own desire for the childhood she has enjoyed on Earth with Dai, Sumire, and Tomonori; while Doll Izumi deals with the outraged Yae, Dr. Scarecrow's subsequent interception of the kids' panicked exodus becomes the forum by which Licca successfully summons Doll Licca who tries to reason with Dr. Scarecrow that it was Devaul who polluted the Doll Kingdom using Yae as his vassal. Doll Licca and Doll Izumi collaboratively dispelling the pseudo-reality arena along with Dr. Scarecrow's counterstrike ultimately becomes the genesis of whose perspective is of greater veracity when Devaul decides that he will get much greater mileage with Yae as his sole vassal than with Dr. Scarecrow and his two assistants; while Pull and Wire divide their energies between wondering what happened not realizing that they have been put out to pasture, Dai leads Sumire and Tomonori in reaffirming their vow for Licca's security as they watch Orie comfort a very upset Licca.

29- "Otōsan no Modoru" ("Dad's Return")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 2922:44

Super Doll Licca - Episode 29

Airdate: 20 April, 1999

Even though he has not really done it that much, Rui Makiyama has contributed to the derailing of enough abduction attempts for Yae to conclude that Licca's father Pierre will cause even more damage if allowed to join the battle in earnest even though Pierre's thoughts are more on seeing his daughter and how she has grown up in his absence; Devaul's demonic assassin platoon carrying out its orders of Licca's capture along with the extermination of any active resistance while Pierre's ship converges upon Osura City becomes the backdrop for Licca to all but leap out of her seat during class in her excitement until Tomonori interjects his insight about the arrival of the inbound ships that puts things into a healthy perspective not unlike what Pull and Wire are trying to do in regards to Dr. Scarecrow's protracted absence. Pointing to the ecstasy of Licca finally being reunited with Pierre, Wire begins to have second thoughts about capturing Licca while Pull thinks that successfully capturing Licca will resolve Dr. Scarecrow's plight; after a period of protracted observation and contemplation, Pull and Wire decide to work out their ethical differences with one final abduction attempt only to find to their horror that Licca would rather put herself in mortal danger of falling to her death than to be taken back to the Doll Kingdom. As has been their prologue, Pull and Wire's abduction attempt ultimately backfires on them and literally causes them to fall from grace empty-handed; later that evening, Nanae explaining Pierre the recent prologue of the Doll Kingdom becomes the forum by which Pull and Wire see the light about their previous actions while Pierre spends time with Licca gazing at the stars.

30- "Shinrai-sei no takai hogo-sha" ("The Reliable Bodyguards")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 3022:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 30

Airdate: 27 April, 1999

While it is not at all insignificant, it seems that the euphoric engagement she has enjoyed from Pierre is not enough to extinguish the underlying anxiety of his eternal absence as Licca stares at him as if she were a love-struck adolescent before Nanae and Orie set her mind at ease prior to school commute; Dai and Tomonori comparing perspectives about Licca being much more lightweight in spirit from Pierre's perennial presence vividly contrasts the purgatory of Pull and Wire agonizing how to proceed forward without Dr. Scarecrow before Nanae challenges them prior to confirming the data they overheard. Pull and Wire are shocked to find that they might not get the choice to proceed forward when an assassin operative attacking them quickly brings things to a head; faced with extermination now or later, the siblings decide to contribute to Licca's proactive security in spite of the initial inertia and bewilderment encountered. While comparing notes about the leviathan of reversing course before predicting that the assassin operative will try to finish things that night, Pull and Wire arrive just in time to intercede for Licca who is immobilized from summoning Doll Licca while they themselves are repeatedly repulsed. The deus ex machina that ultimately extinguishes the attempt is not so much Rui's collaborative intercession with Pull and Wire but rather Pierre's unfinished melody; a brief appearance by Doll Licca and an affirmation of volition from Yae later, Pull and Wire's sincerity is confirmed quod erat demonstrandum.

31- "Akuma no yōna rerumu no purinsesu" ("The Princess of the Demonic Realm")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 3122:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 31

Airdate: 4 May, 1999

Yae leering at the sequestered Dr. Scarecrow before reaffirming acquisition of her grandniece Licca to the inert Doll Isamu becomes the genesis of Wire directing his sister Pull through bootstrapping themselves to begin the first day of their new lives as Licca's bodyguards now that Kayama-ke is confident of their sincerity even as their efforts do not always translate to success in real life such as when they prepare breakfast that morning to prepare Licca for the school commute with Dai. Pull and Wire grappling with their own internal emotions quickly gives way to Yae finding to her shock that Doll Isamu has seen the light about her and refuses to comply her orders; when the fed-up Licca ejects Pull and Wire from her room in frustration, she inadvertently facilitates the subsequent abduction attempt the disgusted Yae commissions which Pull and Wire discover is to steal the inert Doll Knights. Doll Licca ultimately finds it no trouble to dispatch the assassin operative before Yae appears in an astral projection to point out a clear and present dangerous opportunity; while Licca is in anguish over her protests being nullified by the circumstances, Devaul decides for the advent of a new emissary -- the succubus Misty.

32- "Modoru satsuei Ningyō Isamu" ("Taking Back Doll Isamu")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 3222:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 32

Airdate: 11 May, 1999

After she makes an impassioned argument for rescuing Doll Isamu in spite of it being a trap and not being able to reliably predict Doll Izumi's availability, Doll Licca sets off to the Doll Kingdom while Licca herself begins her school commute which becomes the forum for Dai to lead Sumire and Tomonori in reaffirming their vow to protect Licca before Catherine mentions the Doll Kingdom as she inquires the concourse of the four kids. Meanwhile, in the Doll Kingdom, Doll Licca finds that the desolation around her is the least of her worries when a group of knights converges on her; while the knights are easily dispatched, Doll Isamu along with his action accessories is a needle in a haystack even without Yae and Misty planning to trap Doll Licca. Doll Licca now out of action, Yae charges Misty zero hour for another abduction attempt; with her ability to animate and manipulate the shadows of her enemies, Misty easily makes crass comedy of Doll Izumi's inhibitory efforts. For Yae, Doll Licca also has an iconoclastic sense of humor that ultimately endows unto her the last laugh when she emancipates herself from her bindings to successfully steal back Doll Isamu along with both of his action accessories -- one of which is around the waist of the astonished Yae!!!

33- "Kyasarin no himitsu" ("Catherine's Secret")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 3322:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 33

Airdate: 18 May, 1999

No sooner does the ecstasy of Doll Isamu's successful rescue from Devaul's control begin to die down before Licca finds herself with another surprise: a grandpa that she has never met with the capability to animate Doll Izumi. Orie then proceeds to explain Licca an episode of her prologue as the Doll Kingdom's crown princess whose backdrop is back in the Doll Kingdom after her adventure on Earth as a sort of exchange student in which she had fallen in love with Pierre to the point where Nanae and Franz are anxious about their daughter's epilogue as the monarch; Yae comes back with far more than the skeleton-key sage counsel Nanae had asked of her. Tomonori offering his perspective on the epilogue of the Calling Choker obfuscates Yae becoming quite frustrated that she is not getting a straight answer as she charges Misty investigative acquisition of the Choker. The obfuscation over the Choker's epilogue makes a quantum leap toward ultimate abolition when Catherine approaches Rui with the perspective that his research is futile for learning Devaul's true form before Misty decides for wielding Catherine as a plaything; in spite of Doll Licca foiling the theft of the Calling Choker, Misty has the data whose acquisition Yae charged her.

34- "On'na no ko to Za Akarui Me" ("The Girl with the Bright Eyes")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 3422:44

Super Doll Licca - Episode 34

Airdate: 25 May, 1999

After Dr. Scarecrow having once wielded dodgeball along with his rivalry with Souta Mizushima as a premise in one of his abduction attempts, one would think that Dai would have learned to keep his zeal for sports in check; Dai's zealous ego becomes the genesis of Misty's latest abduction attempt: disguising herself as the taciturn kindergarten girl Mimi. Upon realizing that Mimi has either unavailable or nonexistent family government, Licca decides to bring Mimi home with her in the hope that her family government will have a solution; while Licca is turning her steps homeward, Rui signals an interest in a pilgrimage to gather insight about demons that he hopes will lead to illuminating Devaul's true form and lead to Devaul being successfully conquered. Modeling how she has done so with the Doll Licca call bracelet unto her granddaughter, Nanae gives Rui the Doll Isamu call bracelet to forestall whatever mortal attempt Devaul might make unto him during his travels. The irony of Mimi's operation is that it nearly succeeds in abducting Licca due to the utilization of several sound strategic principles that ultimately prove absolutely worthless not so much because of a skeptical Dai igniting a collaborative rescue with both Rui and Doll Isamu but because Misty has a much greater affinity for playing cruel mind games with her quarry instead of completing her mission; as an unexpected bonus, Dai is endowed with the Doll Isamu call bracelet modified to summon Doll Isamu in real time not unlike what Licca herself can do with Doll Licca.

35- "Kekkonshiki Beruzu No Tero" ("Wedding Bells of Terror")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 3522:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 35

Airdate: 1 June, 1999

Fuming at the circumstances of all three Doll Knights being available for battle as she watches Mark approach the Kayama house with some good news, Yae charging Misty another abduction attempt obfuscates Sumire daydreaming about her own wedding day before Dai arrives with the news of Mark paying Kayama-ke a visit with his fianceé Yuri to signal an interest in having a wedding during a trip down memory lane that gives Misty all the data she needs to wreak havoc as Kayama-ke is computing all the logistics endemic to a proper wedding. Kayama-ke and its allies marshaling all the resources needed for the wedding becomes the backdrop for Licca grappling with her conscience over whether or not to relay Misty's warning which could possibly ruin the wedding; upon seeing that the locale has been resolved, Misty decides zero-hour to begin her operation in earnest which involves interchanging herself for Yuri. The ironic Achilles's heel of Misty's operation is ultimately not so much that it is geared for mirth rather than stealth but that Misty is so clumsy with the whole thing that Licca puts the pieces together and cries foul; a collaborative battle using all three Doll Knights driving Misty into retreat becomes the forum for Catherine to introduce herself in earnest with the epilogue of Franz's fate.

36- "Za Shinpi-tekina Merodī No Ai" ("The Mysterious Melody of Love")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 3622:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 36

Airdate: 8 June, 1999

Yae and Misty licking their wounds after the collaborative effort of Kayama-ke and its allies along with all three Doll Knights quickly gives way to Orie galvanizing herself for another fashion show which Licca recalls much to her delight before Pierre chimes in with the song he has been trying to finish; while he continues to exert an emphatic effort to bring it to a satisfactory conclusion, Pierre is flattered at the attention being showered unto his handiwork as he explains Orie the prologue of how he came upon the melody who gives his personal perspective a huge shot in the arm. The excited Licca galvanizing Sumire into participating alongside Dai and Tomonori at school the next day about the upcoming fashion show is not an event that escapes Misty's notice when the four kids decide for a trip to Orie's boutique to appraise the handiwork's current status and discern their corporeal dimensions. Tomonori's misgivings about the quiescence are ultimately of little utility when Misty decides upon Licca's exploration as the ideal zero-hour for yet another abduction attempt; while it is a straightforward enterprise for Doll Licca and Doll Isamu to repel the incursion after Orie short-circuits Misty's neural network using a recording of Pierre's song, the collateral damage of the basement workshop has many parallels with Kayama-ke's prospects of defeating Devaul at its incumbent status.

37- "Ningyō Rika Kai ni" ("Two Doll Liccas")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 3722:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 37

Airdate: 15 June, 1999

As naturally predicted, Misty's propensity for making crass comedy is no laughing matter for the none-too-pleased Yae who points to the lack of headway made in bringing Licca back to the Doll Kingdom; while Yae and Misty divide their energies between their frustration with each other and computing a technique to abduct Licca, Kayama-ke is processing the nullification of Misty's previous abduction attempt the next morning to conclude that Pierre's song could even crash Devaul's central nervous system if played in its entirety. Nanae and Orie are concerned at the measures Pierre is taking to prosecute this research whose irony is that Pierre himself "throws" Licca right into Misty's hands when he harshly repulses her overture for nothing more than interrupting a cerebral contemplation detailing the remainder of the song -- a careless error that Misty is all too happy to capitalize on as she decides zero hour for her operation. The collateral damage of Misty having polluted Licca's perspective on things comes to a head during Pull and Wire's picnic lunch which becomes the forum for Misty's operation to begin in earnest and for Licca's cerebral pollution to be most vividly displayed when Misty arrives disguised as Doll Licca. The bitter ironic Achilles heel that ultimately implodes Misty's operation is not so much the heavy emphasis for crass comedy as evidenced when Misty mentions the pleasure flight with Licca but that Doll Licca is willing to deactivate herself; taken aback but by no means deflated, Misty leaves behind a parting gift for Licca: the counsel to establish and maintain a healthy homeostasis that sows the seeds for Pierre and Licca's reconciliation.

38- "Za Nōryoku De Otōsan no uta" ("The Power of Dad's Song")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 3822:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 38

Airdate: 22 June, 1999

Undaunted at the previous abduction attempt imploding in on itself, Yae takes careful notes when the assassin operatives are repulsed by nothing more than Pierre playing his song in an attempt to figure how it ends; while Yae and Misty prosecute a divergent concourse over how best to proceed, Pierre reminisces over how he first came upon the song -- a clue thereof Rui has encountered on his journeys and decided for an investigative convergent vector. Dai pays a visit at Kayama-ke with Sumire and Tomonori to guide everybody through how to ride a unicycle when Pull and Wire get into a divergent concourse over who is to blame for an accident in the kitchen; Dai's lesson having begun in earnest with Pull and Wire now re-railed, Pierre signals an interest in joining Rui on his travels in an attempt to gain more insight into how the rest of the song goes. Either having sensed Pierre's decision or simply to make crass comedy of Licca having mastered riding a unicycle, Misty declares zero-hour for another abduction attempt -- this time using energy moths and butterflies that paralyze their quarry as Doll Licca is shocked to have demonstrated unto her. As has been previous demonstrated, Misty nearly succeeds in abducting Licca but not before Pierre ultimately perverts her propensity for crass comedy to his advantage when he short-circuits Misty's peripheral neural network with his song; Misty now driven into retreat furious at her defeat, Pierre now faces a task of much greater difficulty: getting Licca to again accommodate his absence as he goes to join Rui.

39- "Za Sukoshi Ongaku no hako" ("The Little Music Box")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 3922:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 39

Airdate: 29 June, 1999

While Yae and Misty comparing notes on the capabilities of Pierre's song deteriorates into a divergent concourse over whether to do anything to counteract it, Kayama-ke discusses Pierre's upcoming journey over dinner -- this time, to join Rui in Africa. For Kayama-ke, their dinnertime camaraderie becomes an invaluable opportunity for Misty to install the infrastructure for next abduction attempt -- the quarry being both Licca and her family government this time around. The next morning, Misty reads Orie setting course for the wharf as the ideal zero hour to initiate her operation in earnest by first warming up with some crass comedy in terrorizing her quarry before attempting to induct them into a vortex leading to the Doll Kingdom; meanwhile at the wharf, Catherine and Sumire are speculating on Kayama-ke's ETA when Tomonori suspects a deviant diagnostic upon analyzing the circumstances as do Pull and Wire during their mad dash through town. The crass comedy irony of the whole thing is that Misty herself ultimately ends up giving away the upper hand in order to stalemate Doll Isamu and Doll Izumi when she forgets about why Doll Licca has not been bootstrapped for battle; even after having her arrogance perverted to her detriment, Misty still does not realize what a huge strategic error she has made as Pierre sails away.

40- "Saiseki-jō Kyasarin" ("Targeting Catherine")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 4022:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 40

Airdate: 6 July, 1999

Even though she prosecutes it with a magnificent degree of dexterity, Catherine still has yet to resolve her feelings about Franz charging her the lieutenant stewardship of wielding Doll Izumi to insure Licca's perpetual proximity to her allies and family government -- a liability that becomes an invaluable asset to Misty that enables her latest operation. The ensuing conversation that illuminates Catherine's prologue while setting the die for Misty's operation to begin in earnest quickly becomes the forum for the collateral damage to accumulate when Catherine repulses Dai's exhortation for her athletic prowess in an upcoming dodgeball match and exhibits several other behaviors that signal the presence of a cumbersome deviant diagnostic; still, even with there being so little data available, a crude sketch is drawn with enough detail that it becomes apparent that the deviant diagnostic is something that will not get better on its own as Licca races to the rescue with Sumire and the boys on her heels only to charge headlong right into a hazardous skit of Misty's crass comedy that even the three Doll Knights cannot derail. The ultimate ironic punchline of the whole circus is that Dai exhorting Catherine's assistance in the dodgeball game would have nipped Misty's subterfuge in the bud; if Catherine had agreed to it, Misty would have never been able to successfully make crass comedy of her three times in a row.

41- "Yōkoso e modoru, Kakashi" ("Welcome Back, Scarecrow")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 4122:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 41

Airdate: 13 July, 1999

Be it absolute desperation or simply her own zeal for crass comedy, Misty exhorts Yae that she be bailed Dr. Scarecrow to aid her in her next abduction attempt; while Dr. Scarecrow revels in his new-found freedom caring nothing that Misty is wielding him for her own purposes, Pull and Wire are preparing to take Licca and her friends on an outing to collect bugs -- an activity that is also a part of their childhood. While Licca and Sumire silently compare notes with Dai and Tomonori to make sense of Dr. Scarecrow extinguishing a garrison of assassin operatives prior to a very sentimental reunion with Pull and Wire, Dr. Scarecrow acknowledges the human fallibility that caused his previous conduct as he then explains his collaborative prologue with Pull and Wire who in turn explain him their prologue of doing housework for Kayama-ke along with the ambiance that he is to follow suit. Misty watches from the shadows as the analytical divergent concourse over the pros and cons of whether to trust Dr. Scarecrow prosecuted by Tomonori against Dai and Sumire runs its course to its zenith of a chagrined Dr. Scarecrow conducting a prestidigitation exhibition and being of great euphoric situational utility in helping Licca with her homework that evening. Things quickly come to a head when Misty somehow senses the cynic misgivings of Licca's family government along with Dr. Scarecrow's proximity to the music box Pierre had given Licca and ultimately declares zero hour for her operation to begin in earnest only to find to her absolute horror that Licca has prepared some crass comedy of her own by no other avenue than having confirmed what Dr. Scarecrow already knows about himself after having had plenty of time to realize the error of complying Devaul's orders!!!

42- "Nichiyōbi wa wasurete" ("The Sunday to Forget")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 4222:44

Super Doll Licca - Episode 42

Airdate: 20 July, 1999

Embittered by Dr. Scarecrow seeing the light at the most inopportune moment when Licca confirms what he already knows about himself, Yae is furious to see Licca yearning for Pierre's prompt return as she reminds Misty of the consequences for Licca continuing to remain free on Earth; while Misty computes the logistics of her next abduction attempt, Dai is busy coordinating the logistics of a nocturnal courage exhibition exercise at the foreigner's cemetery where Catherine had previously eluded the investigative trailing attempt before his little brother Ryou belts him. Shortly before she sets course for the cemetery, Catherine wanders into the area astonished at Sumire's living arrangements; at the cemetery, Tomonori has to rush to the rendezvous where Dai is waiting after Licca has arrived with Sumire and Hide with Tetsu. What Dai fails to realize is that Misty has decided to wield his nocturnal courage exhibition exercise as the forum for her latest abduction attempt; while she is spot on with her hypothesis that it would be difficult to discern Dai's crass comedy from hers, the three Doll Knights successfully repel the abduction attempt much to Misty's delight as she ignites her real plan: rewinding that Sunday to retry the failed abduction attempt. The insidious innovation Misty has incorporated into her plan has but two flaws: Catherine who quickly realizes that Misty is wielding her in a skit of crass comedy and a sleepless Sumire who suddenly finds herself facing an almost inevitable epilogue -- Licca being successfully abducted right before her very eyes with no way to stop Misty. When the dust settles, the abduction attempt ultimately fares no better than last time when Catherine perverts Misty's subterfuge to her advantage when she and Sumire combine forces to prosecute their own skit of crass comedy; racked with guilt at Catherine being captured, Sumire takes up the stewardship of wielding Doll Izumi in battle.

43- "Za Takara Koto Ataeru Yūki" ("The Treasure That Gives Courage")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 4322:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 43

Airdate: 27 July, 1999

Helping to foil the abduction attempts targeting her best friend Licca is something that Sumire has learned to deal with even if it has always been in synergy with Dai and Tomonori; Sumire does not have a whole lot of experience being the heroine on her own aside from the previous abduction attempt that captured Catherine who lost the Doll Izumi Calling Ring in the process. In an attempt to take Sumire's mind off her lingering doubts, Licca recites from the horoscope when Dai and Tomonori arrive with the news of a diurnal euphoric engagement that inadvertently illuminates Sumire's anxieties of being able to successfully summon Doll Izumi for battle and inspires Misty with the backdrop of her next abduction attempt. Misty capitalizes on Sumire's anxieties to first play a mind game on Sumire en route to rendezvous with everybody; amused at Licca and Dai's divergent concourse, Misty utilizes all the data she has gotten in preparing to wield the water slide for her purposes as the four kids horse-play around in the pool and generally have a good time enjoying themselves. As has been previously predicted and demonstrated, Misty's arrogance ultimately proves to be the ironic Achilles heel to an otherwise well-planned operation when Sumire ultimately develops the courage to investigate the deviant diagnostic she suspects from the inordinate time period from when Licca and the boys went on the slide; after several attempts, Sumire masters the mechanics of successfully summoning Doll Izumi who quickly turns the tables on Misty alongside Doll Licca and Doll Isamu after a short battle.

44- "Misty Hantai Za Ningyō Kishi" ("Misty Against the Doll Knights")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 4422:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 44

Airdate: 3 August, 1999

Confounded that Sumire has learned to successfully summon Doll Izumi in such a short period of time, Misty is none too pleased at Yae reading her the riot act for her lack of progress in bringing Licca back to the Doll Kingdom; while Misty plots her next abduction attempt that she hopes will defeat the Doll Knights, Licca is comparing notes with Sumire and Dai over the Doll Knights' prospects of defeating Devaul when Tomonori arrives with a pair of photographs that could be argued as being a formal challenge from Misty that is to take place at the museum where Dr. Scarecrow began his abduction attempts. Oblivious to the flagrant deviant diagnostic of being able to easily enter the building, the four kids decide to investigate the museum for anything of importance; a bit of collateral damage and aimless wandering gives way to Tomonori coming upon an exhibition guide that all but places them before Misty whose vendetta is the three Doll Knights. A brief »Emancipation upon successful conquest« monologue gives way to a duel in which Misty demonstrates a broad array of mystical capabilities that easily stalemates the Doll Knights prior to being completely deep-frozen as Doll Isamu and Doll Izumi are shocked to have demonstrated unto them. With Doll Licca immobilized for Misty to personally finish off, it seems absolutely certain that Devaul has won the war once Licca is brought to the Doll Kingdom . . . if not for the fact that Misty's zeal for defeating the Doll Knights fair and square is as strong as Yae's impatient desire to capture her grandniece Licca!!!

45- "Ningyō Rika Kara Uchi Hikari" ("Doll Licca From Within the Light")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 4522:43

Super Doll Licca - Episode 45

Airdate: 10 August, 1999

Perhaps from Misty almost finishing her off or even watching Misty make crass comedy of her collaborative inhibitory efforts with Doll Isamu and Doll Izumi to secure the Crown Princess's safety, Doll Licca searches for answers in the Doll Kingdom for how to defeat Devaul whose patience with Misty has been worn very thin while Dai ponders how to defeat a demon that has easily overpowered the Doll Knights before Sumire suggests learning to use magic. For the kids, it has taken a lot for Pull and Wire to develop the powers that they have demonstrated in the past; as if to insult the significance of Tomonori successfully hypnotizing Wire on his first attempt, Misty manifests herself before Nanae and Orie to prosecute a duel with the Doll Knights to make up for the one Yae ruined. Misty finds it no trouble at all to make crass comedy about easily deep-freezing all three Doll Knights that yields to the astonished succubus ultimately getting a dose of her own medicine when Doll Isamu and Doll Izumi rally their power behind Doll Licca to forcibly reset Misty's central nervous system to have the innate mystical capability of a normal human being; if that is not enough, Misty also faces re-assimilation at the hands of the extremely disgusted Devaul!!!

46- "Natsu no akumu" ("Summer Nightmares")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 4622:44

Super Doll Licca - Episode 46

Airdate: 17 August, 1999

For the frustrated Devaul, re-assimilating Misty out of disgust because of her propensity for crass comedy insulting his expectations of her offers resolution toward neither capturing Licca nor convincing the Omniscient Owl to give up its bid to deep-freeze the Doll Kingdom; Yae and Devaul computing their next move quickly gives way to Rui getting a big break in his research about the Fantasy Civilization while Licca spends an oppressively torrid summer afternoon with Sumire and Tomonori at Dai's house catching cicadas in an attempt to cope with the summer heat. Tomonori's impromptu geography and science lesson becomes the backdrop for the heat to get the better of Licca and cause her to pass out . . . right in an African jungle where Rui comes upon her en route to a ruin whose iconoclastic attributes besides the architecture complying all known parameters from the Fantasy Civilization include the presence of a shield that dimensionally displaces Rui for doing nothing more than picking it up to more closely examine it. For Licca, Sumire-tachi (Sumire with Dai and Tomonori in convoy) and Kayama-ke both ultimately fail to realize is that Licca's nightmares about Rui being dimensionally displaced and an assassin operative easily abducting Pierre after de-energizing Doll Licca actually a precognitive syllabus of Yae and Devaul's latest abduction attempt; pleased that she has successfully wielded both Sumire-tachi and Kayama-ke in throwing her grandniece to the wolves, Yae delivers Licca a dangerous opportunity.

47- "Iku Ni Za Ningyō Igirisu" ("Heading to the Doll Kingdom")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 4722:44

Super Doll Licca - Episode 47

Airdate: 24 August, 1999

Galvanized and deflated by the horror of being absolutely helpless as Yae effortlessly nullifies the battle utility of Doll Licca in her bid to successfully abduct Pierre, Licca is crestfallen as she computes how to secretly go to the Doll Kingdom by herself -- a deviant diagnostic whose presence is not lost on Sumire nor Dai and Tomonori during class. While Nanae and Orie scratch their heads perplexed at Licca's odd behavior of not having an appetite and sneaking out of the house, Tomonori has figured out the deviant diagnostic behind Licca's behavior; as if to commend Tomonori for his detective work, Yae appears to inquire her grandniece's decision about whether to go to the Doll Kingdom and to resolve any long-standing compunctions but ends up having to retreat when Nanae comes out to see about her granddaughter. Galvanized by the data of Yae's return for Licca tomorrow night, Dai proposes using the Doll Knights to transport himself to the Doll Kingdom tomorrow morning with Sumire and Tomonori to rescue Pierre on Licca's behalf . . . that is, if the Doll Knights will cooperate as Licca is crestfallen to have demonstrated unto her when Doll Licca refuses to transport her to the Doll Kingdom before offering her sympathetic comfort. Licca's seemingly futile entreaty is ultimately not in vain when Doll Licca sees that Licca has really thought the matter over and leads the other two Doll Knights through transporting the three kids to the Doll Kingdom the next morning; Tomonori ends up being left behind in spite of rushing to the rendezvous in a panicked mad dash after having stayed up all night devising a battle plan for how to conduct operations in the Doll Kingdom!!!

48- "Za Wandāringu Tetsu kamen Genru!" ("The Wandering Iron Mask Appears!")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 4822:44

Super Doll Licca - Episode 48

Airdate: 31 August, 1999

Upon seeing the desolation of the Doll Kingdom, the aggregate sentiment among the three kids is a broad spectrum running the gambit between excitement and anxiety along with guilt for Tomonori having been left behind; while the Doll Knights are reconnoitering the area after ordering Dai to cool his heels with the girls, Yae merely has an emphatic belly laugh as she orders her assassin operatives to extinguish the Doll Knights while she visits unto Licca a mind game using Pierre's voice. The wild goose chase of Licca racing off to search for Pierre with Dai and Sumire right on her heels fully illuminates the ubiquitous and deleterious scope of Devaul's magic; while the three kids pause to process what they have seen of the city prior to continuing their search for Pierre, the Doll Knights find themselves in battle against a garrison of armored assassin operatives. As if he has sensed things coming to a head when Yae and Devaul easily isolate Licca, Tomonori makes his way to Kayama-ke who is not thrilled to learn of the kids' rescue mission in the Doll Kingdom; after charging Pull and Wire vigilance over the frustrated Tomonori, Nanae and Orie prepare to head to the Doll Kingdom. Licca isolated on her own, the Doll Knights mired down in battle, Dai wandering the City with Sumire after having realized too late Devaul's strategy, it is the perfect storm in Yae's favor and it looks like Devaul would ultimately win the war; the ironic crass comedy of the whole hullabaloo is that no matter how well she planned things, Yae has no available countermeasures for a passing knight that incinerates the bats dragging Licca into their cave.

49- "Za Kami no Za Ningyō Igirisu" ("The God of the Doll Kingdom")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 4922:44

Super Doll Licca - Episode 49

Airdate: 7 September, 1999

Dai and Sumire are torn between relief that Licca is safe and suspicious astonishment of the Crown Princess's armored rescuer -- a sentiment mirrored by the newly arrived Doll Knights -- while Yae fumes in frustration at another of her abduction attempts being nullified as she computes her next move while Nanae and Orie set course for the forest where the Omniscient Owl has been trying to permanently deep-freeze the Doll Kingdom in a last-ditch effort to confine Devaul's destructive powers. Setting aside her disgust at him and ignoring the fact that he has seen the light, the desperate Yae finds that the requisite programming to wield Dr. Scarecrow in her next attempt to capture her grandniece is easier said than done while the knight leads Licca-tachi (Licca with Dai and Sumire in convoy) and the Doll Knights to an abandoned house where Catherine greeting them becomes the preamble for the illumination of several back-end logistics -- not the least of which is Nanae and Orie convincing the Owl to aid them while the anxious Tomonori regroups himself after Pull and Wire rebuff his entreaties to join everybody in the Doll Kingdom. For Nanae and Orie, finding Licca-tachi safe with Rui and Catherine is cold comfort when Yae ultimately decides to »congratulate« them on their safe arrival with a field test of the power-crazed Dr. Scarecrow programmed as an engine of destruction atop a huge dragon!!!

50- "Kakashi, Ō Tejina-shi" ("Scarecrow, King of Magicians")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 5022:44

Super Doll Licca - Episode 50

Airdate: 14 September, 1999

Yae and Devaul watch in delight as Kayama-ke reels from the shock of Dr. Scarecrow once again being their adversary; while the Doll Knights lure away Dr. Scarecrow in the hope of emancipating him from being a vassal of Devaul, Tomonori desperately tries to compute a method to join Kayama-ke in the Doll Kingdom. Much to Tomonori's horror, the ironic crass comedy of successfully capitalizing upon Pull and Wire's anxiety for Dr. Scarecrow's safety is to arrive right near Yae who is monitoring Dr. Scarecrow's battle with the Doll Knights!!! In an attempt to make lemonade out of lemons, Tomonori-tachi (Tomonori with the reluctant Pull and Wire in convoy) decides to search around for Pierre who is locked in a cell at the top of a tower; as if to »commend« Tomonori-tachi's discovery, the tentacles around the castle come to life and do their best to generally make crass comedy of Tomonori-tachi's escape efforts following the aborted jailbreak. The ultimate irony of the whole circus is that Tomonori-tachi proves itself exactly what the doctor ordered to derail Dr. Scarecrow slaying the Doll Knights who then rally their powers to destroy the dragon; the dragon now neutralized, Kayama-ke and Tomonori-tachi have a very sentimental reunion while Yae and Devaul fume angrily about the foiled operation backfiring.

51- "Kiseki no merodi" ("The Melody of Miracles")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 5122:46

Super Doll Licca - Episode 51

Airdate: 21 September, 1999

While Devaul roars foul at Dr. Scarecrow coming to his senses, the Doll Knights destroying the dragon makes it crystal-clear that Licca will not become the figurehead needed to completely take over the Doll Kingdom; seeing that there is no reason for the outraged Devaul to not kill Pierre on the spot, the problem is how to actually conduct the rescue in such a way that the golden goose is not the grass that suffers in a fight between two elephants. Seeing that both Doll Licca and Dr. Scarecrow each have half of the solution, Tomonori recounts how he has observed Yae monitoring everything taking place in the Doll Kingdom as he recommends a hybrid solution: the Doll Knights confronting Yae while Dr. Scarecrow sneaks into the castle with Pull and Wire. Be it sympathy for her anxiety about Pierre's safety or simply yearning for a piece of the action, Dai pulls Licca aside into a collaborative stowaway initiative with Tomonori and Sumire oblivious to the anxiety that it causes Orie when she discovers the four kids missing; in spite of the successful infiltration and the sentimental father-daughter reunion, Yae visits unto Kayama-ke a dynamic lesson in the folly of expecting to concurrently possess and eat the cake when she sends a tentacle to capture Licca after wielding a garrison of armored assassin operatives to corner her in a dead-end ball room!!! Even with the ball room having a piano that Pierre promptly uses to play the song that easily crashed Misty's peripheral nervous system, it looks as if Devaul has ultimately won the war against Kayama-ke now that Yae is holding Licca captive; the epilogue to this nightmare depends entirely on the Omniscient Owl's perspective of Pierre's stormy-weather musical efforts.

52- "Sayōnara Rika" ("Farewell, Rika")

Super Doll Licca - Episode 5222:28

Super Doll Licca - Episode 52

Airdate: 28 September, 1999

Now emancipated from being Devaul's vassal, Yae delivers a syllabus of what will take place with Devaul in the near future and what now has to be done; as if to emphasize Yae's diatribe, an armored assassin operative walks into the room and Devaul flies along a descending hypotenuse sideswiping the castle in the form of an enormous dragon. While the Doll Knights fly off to confront Devaul's fiery frustration at having thwarted every abduction attempt directed at Licca, Rui leads Sumire and the boys in repelling the advance of the armored assassin operatives; as if he had predicted that Devaul would pull an underhanded trick in a last-ditch effort to win the war, Dr. Scarecrow decides to fly out into battle to foil Devaul's final abduction attempt. Galvanized by Dr. Scarecrow's courage and his fiery demise, Doll Isamu and Doll Izumi rally their power behind Doll Licca for a collaborative final assault against Devaul; the effulgent and luminous explosion of Devaul's demise illuminates one crucial problem: how to set the Doll Kingdom back on track for the long haul that leaves the fewest incorrigible loose ends. In spite of the connotations associated with it being polluted by Devaul, it is decided that Licca should be crowned as queen as part of a hybrid solution. Generally taking in stride the prospect of never seeing Licca again after watching the coronation ceremony, Rui and Dai-tachi (Dai with Sumire and Tomomori in convoy) return to Earth where they are shocked to find that their adventure in the Doll Kingdom has ultimately done nothing to nullify the necessity of going to school; it is that moment that the full scope of the chosen hybrid solution manifests itself: Licca assuming responsibility for the affairs of state in the Doll Kingdom after she has finished growing up alongside Dai-tachi.

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