Super Doll Licca-chan
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Mia Ikumi
Years on Air 1998-1999
Episodes 52
Movies 1

Super Doll Licca logo

Japanese Title: スーパードール★リカちゃん

Italian Title: Super Doll Rika-chan

Spanish Title: Princesa Licca

Chinese Title: 麗佳公主


Super Doll Licca Doll Knights

The Doll Knights

Legends tell of a mystical place known as the Doll Kingdom where Doll Knights protected its royalty. Licca is a young girl who thought she was just a typical student at Saint Terejia Academy. Licca is in grave danger once she finds out that she is the princess of the Doll Kingdom after a run-in with the evil Professor Scarecrow and his two henchmen. She discovers that she is in fact the key to finding the Doll Kingdom - and the bad guys want nothing more than to capture her to get to it! Now, the evil Dr. Scarecrow is after her and her throne. Fortunately for Licca, she has protection. So Licca's grandmother gives her a set of dolls and a calling ring that allows her to signal her need for help; and to her aid comes the sentient Doll Knights.... When needed, the dolls will transform into larger versions known as the Doll Knights. Together, they will protect Licca.

Episode List

Movie: Licca-chan Zettai Zetsumei! Doll Knights no Kiseki

Super Doll Licca - The Movie30:01

Super Doll Licca - The Movie

(Rika-chan's Desperate Situation! The Doll Knights' Miracle)

(リカちゃん リカちゃん絶体絶命! ドールナイツの奇跡)

Super Doll Licca-chan Doll Knights combining powers (movie)
Airdate: 31 July, 1999

A fun day at the amusement park is interrupted when the evil witch Dana is reawakened. Queen Yae has sent her after Rika and only the Doll Knights can stop this threat. Meanwhile, Dai and the others must deal with other dangers.

Picture Gallery

Doll Licca

Doll Isamu

Doll Izumi


Video Gallery


Super Doll Licca - Opening 101:33

Super Doll Licca - Opening 1

Super Doll Licca - Opening 201:34

Super Doll Licca - Opening 2


Super Doll Licca - Ending 101:23

Super Doll Licca - Ending 1

Super Doll Licca - Ending 201:22

Super Doll Licca - Ending 2

Super Doll Licca - Ending 301:22

Super Doll Licca - Ending 3

Super Doll Licca - Ending 401:22

Super Doll Licca - Ending 4

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