1 (342)- "Nyapunyapu! Suīto Purikyua Tanjō Nya♪" ("Nyapunyapu! The Suite PreCure are Born Nya♪")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 01

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 01

Airdate: February 6, 2011

Under a clear blue sky, the annual music festival in Major Land was being held. Amidst cheers, Hummy, the Fairy of Songs, mounted the stage. Just as Hummy was about to sing the Melody of Happiness, a song that promises happiness to the world and peace to everyone, Mephisto, along with his minions, Siren and Trio the Minor, appeared, bringing along darkness. Snatching up the Legendary Score on which the Melody of Happiness was written, Mephisto and his minions rewrote the score into the Melody of Sadness. To protect the Legendary Score, Aphrodite immediately scattered the Score's notes into the human world. Siren and Trio the Minor set off to the human world to chase after the notes. Hummy, told by Aphrodite to search for the notes, left for the human world as well.

Aphrodite told Hummy about fighting warriors who live in the human world; the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure--- At that moment, in the playing field of Private Aria Academy, Hojo Hibiki, with her catchphrase "I'm betting my pride as a woman on this!", victoriously landed a soccer goal. Hungry, the Soccer Club helper headed over to the Sweets Club to snitch some cake. However, she was caught by Sweets Club member Minamino Kanade, who commented on Hibiki's "bad manners", rousing her to anger. The other students were shocked at Hibiki and Kanade, who bicker whenever they see each other. Though they were like this now, they used to be best friends who played together everyday when they were kids. After they went their separate ways, both Hibiki and Kanade felt regret about quarrelling.

Alone, Hibiki went to the Concert Hall where she used to spend time with Kanade. There, she met a mysterious girl, Ellen. With stinging words, Ellen swayed Hibiki's heart, then, seeing the G Clef residing in Hibiki, Ellen reverted suddenly to her cat form to steal it. Hibiki tried to escape, but were surrounded by Trio the Minor. At this moment, Hummy appeared along with the Fairy Tones, and somehow started bickering with Siren. Looking at Siren and Hummy, Hibiki was reminded of herself and Kanade. Just then, Kanade appeared, holding a record. That record was a precious one, holding memories for the two of them.

Spotting a note sitting on the record, Siren charged up the record, turning it into a Negatone. Hibiki and Kanade were shocked to see their precious record turned into a monster. With their feelings united, the G Clefs in their hearts started to glow. Shouting in harmony "We won't forgive this!", their Cure Modules appeared and they transformed into Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm! However, due to their shock at suddenly becoming Pretty Cure, the two could do nothing but run away from the Negatone's attacks. Unable to unite as Pretty Cure, the two started to bicker again.

2 (343)- "Gagān! Hayaku mo Purikyua Kaisan no Kiki Nya!" ("Gaga~n! The PreCure Might Be Splitting Up Already Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 02

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 02

Airdate: February 13, 2011

Hibiki and Kanade, now as Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm, still could not work together, and so took the brunt of the Negatone's attack. Reverted back to their civilian forms, the two could only watch as Siren and the others took their record and the musical note away. After being defeated so easily by the enemy, Hibiki and Kanade started bickering again. To soothe the two, Hummy told them the story of how the Legendary Score, on which the Melody of Happiness was written, was stolen by the enemy, and how she needed Hibiki and Kanade's help as Pretty Cure to collect the musical notes back before Siren did. Even so, Kanade did not believe that she could work together with Hibiki as Pretty Cure, and ran from the scene.

Hummy, not understanding why Hibiki and Kanade always quarrel, asked Hibiki for a reason. On the first day of middle school, Hibiki and Kanade initially agreed to meet up and enter the school together, but Kanade never appeared at the appointed place. Feeling deserted, Hibiki entered school, and saw Kanade already inside, smiling and talking with other friends. Hummy felt that there must be a reason for Kanade's behaviour, but Hibiki had no heart to listen. Meanwhile, Siren and the other reported to Mephisto about the shortcomings of the new Pretty Cure. Mephisto told Siren that, as long as their hearts could not unite, the two girls could not transform into Pretty Cure.

Thinking about each other, Hibiki and Kanade remained depressed. Just then, Hibiki met a little girl, Arisa, waiting for a friend in front of the school gates. Just like Hibiki on the first day of school, they had promised to meet under the third Sakura tree from the school gates. Kanade came by then, and led Arisa to another Sakura tree at the opposite side of school. And waiting there was Arisa's friend, Rena. After witnessing how Arisa and Rena mixed up the meeting place, Hibiki and Kanade realized how they made the same mistake on the first day of school. Just then, Siren and Trio the Minor appeared, planning to steal their Cure Modules so they could not transform into Pretty Cure.

The record Negatone created by Siren started to resound with a sorrowful melody, causing Arisa, Rena and other people around to fall into sorrow. United by anger, Hibiki and Kanade transform into Pretty Cure! Admitting their mistake during the first day of school, Melody and Rhythm got through to each other. As one, they chased after the Negatone, took back their precious record, and returned the musical note to Hummy. Acknowledging their misunderstanding from that first day of school, Hibiki and Kanade apologized, embarrassed. Together, they told Hummy that they would work together as Pretty Cure from now on.

3 (344)- "Jajān! Hibiki wa Ongaku Kirai Nya?" ("Tada! Hibiki Hates Music Nya?")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 03

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 03

Airdate: February 20, 2011

Morning. As Hibiki and Hummy slept, loud music suddenly started playing. Hibiki's father, Dan Hojo, also the music teacher at Hibiki's school, was listening to classical music. Hibiki, who claimed to hate music, was in a bad mood after being awakened by music in the morning. On her way to school, Hibiki met with senior Ouji Masamune, who invited her to attend a concert that day held by the Musical Princes, conducted by Dan. However, Hibiki had no wish to attend a concert conducted by Dan. Hibiki revealed that she decided to stop playing music in third grade, during a piano recital in which she performed. No matter how Kanade tried to find out what happened on that day, Hibiki only demanded to be left alone.

Alone at home, Hibiki thought back to the days when she was a kid. Her father conducting, her mother playing the violin, and Hibiki playing the piano. Born into a family of musicians, Hibiki practiced on the piano with all her might under the loving eyes of her parents. Alone with her thoughts, Hibiki remained depressed. Kanade and Hummy arrived bearing cake, hoping to hear about what happened during that recital in third grade. Kanade insisted that Hibiki did not make a single mistake, so why did she grow to hate music... Kanade wished to understand the reason behind Hibiki's hatred of music, and hear Hibiki play the piano once again. Touched by Kanade's words, Hibiki told her story.

When Hibiki was in third grade, there was a time when a much-anticipated trip to the amusement park was cancelled at the last minute as Hibiki was made to perform at a piano recital. Even though she made no mistakes and thought that her father would praise her, Dan appeared stern and told Hibiki that she did not perform well. Shocked at this, Hibiki started to hate music. She felt that Dan had said that she had no talent. Kanade suggested that Hibiki go to ask Dan about what he really meant. With her catchphrase "I'm betting my pride as a woman on this!", Hibiki decided to attend the concert conducted by Dan.

At the concert venue, Siren and Trio the Minor appeared. Changing a cello into a Negatone, Siren and her minions sounded a sorrowful melody, causing the audience to fall into sorrow. Hibiki and Kanade transformed into Pretty Cure to fight the Negatone. Halfway through the battle, the Negatone headed towards Dan. Unruffled, Dan played the piano, returning the audience to smiles. Looking at Dan, Melody realized how reluctant she had been when she played the piano during the recital. Melody and Rhythm then dispatched the Negatone easily, capturing the musical note. Hibiki learn from Dan that music needed to be played with joy, and found a new acceptance for music.

4 (345)- "Mogumogu! Kanade ga Miseru Kiai no Reshipi Nya♪" ("Mogumogu! Kanade's Screaming Recipe Nya♪")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 04

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 04

Airdate: February 27, 2011

Kanade's family owns a popular cake shop called "Lucky Spoon". In the kitchen, Kanade was making cakes vigorously, with her catchphrase "I'll show you my spirited recipe". She was practising at making a showy, attractive cake for a contest. But when Kanade presented her carefully-made cakes to Hibiki for a taste test, Hibiki's review was somewhat lacking. Witnessing this, Siren saw a chance to hurt Hibiki and Kanade's friendship so that they could not transform into Pretty Cure. Siren disguised herself as contest judge Yamaguchi Yoko to get close to Kanade. The fake-Yoko praised Kanade's attractive cakes, and also told her that Hibiki's lack of criticism of Kanade's cakes was because she was jealous of Kanade's talent.

After being taught by fake-Yoko, Kanade made cakes in the Sweets Club kitchen. Although the other members were amazed by the attractiveness of Kanade's cake, Hibiki told her that it did not taste good, and refused to give praise, saying that she preferred the usual strawberry cake. As suggested by fake-Yoko, Kanade started to think that Hibiki was jealous of her talent. Back home that night, Kanade's mother, Misora, was tasting a cake made by her husband, Sousuke. Sousuke remarked that he "made cakes just to see Mama's smile". Kanade told herself that smiles did not help one win a contest.

The next day, Hibiki told Kanade honestly that she would not lie to Kanade, and that she was the biggest fan of Kanade's cakes. Hearing that, Kanade got angry at Hibiki, but without realizing it, she started to make the strawberry cake which Hibiki loved. However, fake-Yoko insulted the strawberry cake, and told Kanade that she would be stronger without Hibiki's friendship. Kanade did not know what to reply, and fake-Yoko, finding a musical note residing in a strawberry on the cake, discarded her disguise and morphed back to Siren. The cake was then changed into a Negatone.

Melody and Rhythm emerge to fight the cake Negatone, but had difficulty handling the Negatone's fierce attacks. The hungry Melody started seeing the cake Negatone as a delicious cake, and Rhythm realized that she made cakes because she wanted to see Hibiki's smile. From then on, she decided that she wanted to make cakes not to win contests, but to make people smile, and with that, Rhythm attacked and subdued the Negatone. With their final attack, the cake Negatone was defeated and the musical note captured successfully. Back at the Lucky Spoon, Hibiki dug into the destroyed cake, enjoying it. "It's delicious", said Hibiki with a smile, and Kanade smiled too.

5 (346)- "Dotabata! Terebi Repōtā ni Chōsenda Nya♪" ("Slapstick! The Television Reporter's Challenge Nya♪")


Airdate: March 6, 2011

Battling a Negatone, Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm could not unite, and thus failed to conjure their final attack. In order to boost their Harmony Power, Hummy suggested that Hibiki and Kanade practice piano together. However, Hibiki was still not enthusiastic about music and refused to practise, resulting in a quarrel with Kanade again.

Depressed at home, Hibiki received a call from her mother Maria, who was working overseas. She had volunteered Hibiki and Kanade as reporters for a friend's TV show, which would focus on Kaon Town. Although Hibiki and Kanade thought that they would reject the offer, they were tempted by a buffet and an interview with Ouji respectively, and agreed to become reporters.

On the day of filming, Kanade was nervous about being a reporter, while Hibiki was too relaxed. With their contrasting personalities, their reporting style was totally opposite as well. On one hand, having written a script and memorized it, Kanade explained the town's history, as if giving a lecture. On the other hand, Hibiki reported on anything and everything she could lay her eyes on. Pointing out each other's faults, "You're too precise", "You're too vague", the two started to bicker again. Witnessing this scene, Siren and Trio the Minor smiled. Siren then decided to take over the TV camera and use the network to broadcast the Melody of Sadness.

Hibiki started to introduce the busking musicians about town, but soon met an old lady along the way and started to chat about irrelevant things. Just as things were getting out of hand, Kanade stepped in and followed up on Hibiki's report. Next, it was Kanade's turn to report on the Musical Princess. Being too nervous, Kanade could not deliver her report well. Just then, Hibiki delivered a pinch to Kanade's butt, bringing her back to herself, prompting Kanade to ask Ouji about why he loved playing music. "Why do I love playing music?... Because I managed to meet these precious bandmates whom I can unite with," he told Hibiki and Kanade. He added that Hibiki and Kanade were at that moment united.

Hibiki and Kanade had finally come together as one. At that point, Siren and Trio the Minor appeared, planning to use TV to broadcast Siren's voice. However, Siren spotted a musical note hiding inside the TV camera, and changed it into a Negatone. Melody and Rhythm had a hard time battling the Negatone, until they remembered how they helped each other during the reporting session. Working in harmony, they rained strong blows upon the Negatone, and subdued it successfully with their final attack. Knowing that their hearts have become one, Hibiki and Kanade raised their Harmony Power, and began their piano practice.

6 (347)- "Gamigami! The Miracle Belltier Appears Nya♪" ("Gamigami! Osekkyo ga Unda Mirakuru Berutie Nya♪")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 06

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 06

Airdate: March 20, 2011

Kanade always gets angry at her younger brother, Souta's pranks. Even so, like a big sister, Kanade still worries about Souta, inciting envy in Hibiki. As an only child, Hibiki wished she had siblings, just like Kanade and Souta. Hibiki also witnessed how Souta always looked out for Shirabe Ako, a loner from his class. Walking back to the Lucky Spoon together, Souta was reprimanded by Kanade to "help out around the house". Hibiki tried to assure Kanade that Souta was a good boy, but was told that "Hibiki won't understand the pains of having a little brother". Plagued by her loneliness, Hibiki was shocked by Kanade's words and fled.

After returning home on White Day, Kanade spotted Souta making sweets in Lucky Spoon's kitchen. Souta was making cupcakes for Kanade as a White Day gift. Not knowing that, Kanade got angry at Souta for messing up the kitchen. After screaming that he hated Kanade, Souta rushed from the house, leaving behind the cupcakes he had been making for Kanade. After hearing from Hibiki about how Souta always thought about his big sister, Kanade went into town with the cupcakes, searching for Souta. At the moment, Siren and Trio the Minor also went into town, after being screamed at by Mephisto again about not gathering enough notes.

Kanade found Souta by the beach, where he told her that he did not wish to see her anymore. Just then, Siren spotted the musical note residing in Souta's cupcake, and changed it into a Negatone. Weakened by Souta's words, Rhythm could not muster any power. Siren then captured the crying Souta, weighing him down with the Negatone's power. Melody went against the Negatone so Rhythm could rescue Souta. Rhythm told Souta that his sister got angry at him because she cared, and told him her true feelings. With that, Souta gradually calmed down.

Fighting the Negatone alone, Melody blocked the Negatone from getting to Rhythm and Souta. Siren tried to take advantage of Melody's weakness for being a lonely only child, but Melody wanted to protect Kanade and Souta's relationship, and with that, a new Pretty Cure power, the Miracle Belltier was born. With the Miracle Belltier's light, Melody subdued the Negatone. After making up with Kanade, Souta presented his cupcakes to Kanade as well as Hibiki, who always looked out for him. Kanade told Hibiki that "the three of us are just like siblings", making Hibiki glad.

7 (348)- "Tettekete! Otokichi-san no Himitsu Ni Semaru Nya♪" ("Tettekete! Press Mr. Otokichi on his Secret Nya♪")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 07

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 07

Airdate: March 27, 2011

Hibiki and Kanade were practicing piano in the Concert Hall. However, the two just could not work together, and soon started bickering. Just then, Otokichi asked the two to help him carry a stepladder. Watching them work reluctantly, Otokichi turned to Hummy, who was pretending to be a normal cat, and told her that "sometimes, it's important to let them spend some time together". After the task, Hibiki and Kanade returned to find neither Otokichi nor Hummy, just an Otokichi-shaped doll from Otokichi's granddaughter left behind. Realizing that Otokichi had dropped it, the two set out to search for Otokichi and return the doll.

In town, they saw Otokichi on a strange bike, riding off to somewhere. Soon, it became noon, and hunger made Hibiki give up the search. Kanade got angry because Hibiki always gave up before things got done, and the two started bickering again. Then, they discovered that the Otokichi doll was actually a purse. Knowing that Otokichi would be anxious about his lost purse, the two were just about to start searching again when they spotted Otokichi. Stunned by his sudden appearance, Hibiki and Kanade dressed themselves up as foreigners for some reason. Then, in the frazzle of being asked directions by real foreigners, they lost sight of Otokichi yet again. Each tickled by the other's strange behaviour, Hibiki and Kanade stopped bickering, and talked and laughed together like they used to do as kids.

Hibiki and Kanade told each other about their crushes, as well as their ambitions, and managed to harmonize with each other. Searching for Otokichi, they came to the beach, where Kanade fell and sprained her ankle. Unable to walk, Hibiki gave Kanade a piggyback ride. In the evening, they found Otokichi in front of the train station, playing a harmonica. Seeing how the people around were cheered up by the music, Hibiki and Kanade honestly apologized for quarrelling with the other throughout the day. Just then, Hibiki remembered that they had forgotten Otokichi's purse, which they had left by the beach. Alarmed, they returned to see Siren changing the note inside the purse into a Negatone.

Transforming into Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm, they fought the Negatone, and managed to resolve their issues in the midst of battle. Fighting hard against the squalls emitted from the Negatone's harmonica, the two could not work together at first. However, they came to understand each other's feelings, and chased down the Negatone as one. With her Miracle Belltier, Melody purified the Negatone. In the end, Hibiki and Kanade managed to return the purse to Otokichi. Having spent the day together, they finally understood each other, and realized that they had fun. That night, they signalled Good Night to each other from their own bedrooms using flashlights.

8 (349)- "Chararān! Seirēn no Nise Shinnyū Daisakusen Nya♪" ("Charara~n! Siren's Fake Friendship Plan Nya♪")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 08

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 08

Airdate: April 3, 2011

Hibiki and Kanade are finally best friends. As a helper for an upcoming Judo match, Hibiki asked to borrow Kanade's hairtie as a good-luck charm. Witnessing this scene, Siren decided on a plan to destroy their friendship by usurping Kanade's status as Hibiki's best friend. Disguised as a cleaning lady, Siren started to find out about Hibiki. Hibiki likes martial arts, Hibiki likes strawberry cream macarons, Hibiki hates people who litter, Hibiki likes primroses--- With all this information, Siren was ready to start her fake-best friend plan.

The next morning, Hibiki was walking to school when a mysterious girl, Hojo Sakura, appeared in front of her. Sakura was in fact one of Siren's disguises. Not knowing that, Hibiki warmed up to Sakura, who said she was a new transfer student. Matching up to Hibiki's interests, Sakura talked about primroses, martial arts and strawberry cream macarons with Hibiki. Hibiki began to think that Sakura matched herself well, and accepted Sakura's request for friendship. That night, Siren made a call to Hibiki. Pretending to be Kanade, Siren confessed that she had made a new best friend, and did not want to be friends with Hibiki anymore. Hibiki was shocked, thinking that the real Kanade had made the call.

The next day, Hibiki and Kanade met in school. Not knowing about the previous night's call, Kanade could not understand when Hibiki told her that their friendship was over. Hibiki then told Kanade that her best friend was Sakura, and begged Sakura to help out for that day's Judo match. Left alone, Kanade also headed down to the match venue to pass the good luck hairtie to Hibiki. During the match, Hibiki's opponent unfairly attacked Hibiki's leg, causing it to swell and forcing Hibiki to renounce the match. Everyone encouraged her to give up, but Kanade knew that Hibiki would regret it if she did not continue to fight. After receiving Kanade's good luck hairtie again, Hibiki fought and won.

Having won the match, Hibiki was ecstatic. Siren, then lured into a conversation with Hummy, returned to her original form as Ellen. Seeing this, Hibiki realized that she had been deceived all along. Just then, Siren spotted a musical note on Kanade's hairtie, and turned it into a Negatone. Having mended their friendship, Melody and Rhythm increased their Harmony Power and battled the Negatone as one. Melody then defeated the Negatone with her final attack. Days after, Hibiki wrote about Kanade in a school assignment: "She knows my true feelings, and though she says harsh things, she is still a best friend who always encourages me".

9 (350)- "Hanyanya? Kanade ni Tarinai Monotte Nani Nya?" ("Hanyanya? What is the Thing Kanade Lacks Nya?")


Airdate: April 10, 2011

One night, Kanade had a dream about fighting a Negatone. Without a Belltier, Rhythm was just a nuisance to Cure Melody. Kanade realized that she would become a burden to Melody in battle if she did not have a Belltier. Hibiki heard from Souta that Kanade had been having nightmares, and wondered if there was anything bothering her. Even so, Kanade handled her duties in school perfectly. All along, she had always been a perfect example in class. Classmates asked Hibiki if Kanade had always been so perfect, and Hibiki replied that Kanade had always put in lots of effort.

On a holiday, Kanade came to the park where Hummy was looking for musical notes, bearing lots of cupcakes. Kanade asked Hummy if there was a way to make her Belltier appear, but received a vague answer that it was Hibiki's Pretty Cure Power that became her Belltier. After receiving some power from the Fairy Tone, Kanade decided to look for Hibiki's power, and left for Hibiki's house. At home, Hibiki was making curry rice for lunch. Kanade lent a hand to make some delicious curry. Watching Hibiki eat lots of curry, Kanade forced herself to eat lots as well, hoping to get some power.

In the afternoon, Hibiki as helper was training for the Track Club. Kanade wondered if sports was the source of Hibiki's power, and so decided to run with her. She felt that if she could match up to Hibiki's pace, her Belltier would appear soon. However, when they started running, Kanade just could not keep up with Hibiki. Worried about the depressed-looking Kanade, Hibiki asked if she was facing any problems, but Kanade just answered that she felt pathetic. Just then, Siren spotted a musical note hiding in a Sakura petal opposite the embankment they were sitting on, and turned it into a Negatone. Emitting soundwaves of sorrow, the Negatone plunged the surrounding people into sadness. Finding the scene unforgivable, Hibiki and Kanade transformed into Pretty Cure.

Without her Belltier, Rhythm fought hard against the Negatone so that she would not be a burden to Melody. However, she went too far, and Melody got hurt. Feeling that she was just a nuisance to Melody without her Belltier, Rhythm lost her courage as Pretty Cure. However, Melody told her that as comrades, she need not keep her troubles to herself. Hearing that, Rhythm felt a strong wish to protect Melody and the people around her. With that, a new power was born, and the Fantastic Belltier appeared in her hands. Using a final attack with her Belltier, Rhythm easily subdued the Negatone.

10 (351)- "Uhhohhō! Hibiki-sensei, Yōchien de Dai Funtō Nya♪" ("Uhhoho! Hibiki-sensei, Struggle at the Kindergarten Nya♪")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 10

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 10

Airdate: April 17, 2011

Now that both Hibiki and Kanade had their Belltiers, they felt no need to continue their piano practice. Hearing about this from Hibiki, Dan requested for her help in directing a group of kindergarten kids for their recital. Hibiki was reluctant to go, but Kanade was glad to be asked along once she knew senior Ouji would be going too. However, the kindergarten kids had no ears for anything they said, and would rather play instead of practice. Hibiki, Kanade and Ouji were thus forced to become playmates. After practice, the girls felt that it was impossible to teach the kids how to sing together. The next morning, on his way to the kidergarten, Ouji saved Siren from danger. Siren developed a liking for her saviour Ouji, and followed him to the kindergarten.

As usual, the kids did not take the practice session seriously. After hearing Hibiki say that she would do anything to help them concentrate, the kids requested for a gorilla impersonation. Seeing the kids' excitement at Hibiki's gorilla dance, Dan, Ouji and Kanade started dancing with the kids too. From there, Hibiki used the gorilla dance to get the kids to sing together. But even as the kids could sing together with energy, they still could not perform the song well. At that point, Ako , who was bad at singing according to Souta , told Hibiki and Kanade that, just because she was bad at singing did not mean she did not like to sing. The girls felt that the same was true for the kindergarten kids.

On the day of the recital, the kids sang with lots of energy. After the performance, the kids told Hibiki and Kanade that they would love to sing even after the performance. The kids' goal was not the performance, nor to sing well, they just liked to sing. That was the message Dan was telling Hibiki, that music does not need a purpose. However, Dan also said that Hibiki and Kanade were the reason why the kids started to love singing. The kids presented handmade gorilla dolls to Hibiki and Kanade as gifts. Spotting musical notes within the dolls, Bassdrum turned them into Negatones.

The 2 gorilla Negatones managed to repel Melody and Rhythm's finishing attacks. With Belltiers in hand, Melody and Rhythm worried that the attacks might fail again. However, thinking of the kids, who had so much fun even if they did not perform well, Melody and Rhythm summoned their final attacks with their Belltiers. Subduing the Negatones, they retrieved their gorilla dolls, and Hummy captured the musical notes as well. Hibiki and Kanade learnt from the kindergarten kids that music need not have a purpose, and on their way home, they decided to head to the Concert Hall and enjoy playing the piano together.

11 (352)- "Gyogyogyo! Nazo no Purikyua Arawaru Nya!" ("Gyogyogyo! The Mysterious PreCure Appears Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 11

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 11

Airdate: April 24, 2011

One night, in the clock tower, Siren was being reprimanded by Mephisto, as Bassdrum had told him that Siren had fallen for Ouji. Siren was stripped of her position as leader, and Bassdrum named the new leader in her place. Bassdrum confidently boasted that he had a plan to collect many musical notes at one go. The next day, the number of buskers around Kanon Town seemed to have increased. Thinking it strange, Hibiki and Kanade were told that there would be a 『Music Talent Show』 held in Kanon Town the next day. Hibiki and Kanade decided to attend the show with a piano performance. That night, the girls put all their effort into a special practice session.

On the day of the show, lots of participants gathered in front of the clock tower. Intimidated by the sight of pro players, Hibiki and Kanade decided to just try their best. Higashiyama Seika, who was passing out sweets to the participants in the crowd, also cheered them on. Suddenly, they realized that they had no piano to perform on. An old man passing by said he would lend his piano to the panicking girls. With the help of Hibiki's friend Waon and a few passers-by, the girls had their piano ready. Finally, the time for the show came around, and as the clock tower chimed 12, the mechanical doll orchestra appeared and played their happy fanfare. However, the music suddenly turned sorrowful, and Trio the Minor appeared on stage.

The Music Talent Show was actually Bassdrum's plan to gather everyone in town so that he could gather the musical notes as well. Finally spotting musical notes residing in a pair of cymbals, Bassdrum turned them into Cymbal Negatones. Seeing the townspeople gathered together to have a good time, Hibiki and Kanade transformed into Pretty Cure to defeat the Negatones. However, under the fierce attacks from the 2 Negatones, Melody and Rhythm could not perform their combination attack and were tossed aside. On the other hand, Bassdrum could not find any more musical notes, and so ordered the Negatones on a search. Trying to stop them, Melody and Rhythm still could not match up to the Negatones.

Cornered by the Negatones, Melody and Rhythm were in big trouble when a girl wearing a black mask appeared, accompanied by the beautiful sound of a harmonica. With rhythmical movements, the masked girl managed to dodge the Negatones' attacks, to Melody and Rhythm's surprise. Angered by the appearance of the girl, Bassdrum realized that Otokichi had somehow fixed the mechanical doll orchestra, stopping its sorrowful music. The masked girl sealed the Negatones away, allowing Melody and Rhythm to defeat them. Fairy Tone Dodory, who was accompanying the masked girl, introduced her as Cure Muse. After declaring that she was nobody's ally, the two left. That night, Bassdrum quizzed Siren on her whereabouts that day. When he received no answer, he turned suspicious of Siren.

12 (353)- "Rirīn♪ Kyua Myūzu no Koto Oshiete Nya♪" ("Ririn♪ Tell Us About Cure Muse Nya♪")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 12

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 12

Airdate: May 1, 2011

Hibiki and Kanade were puzzled over the black masked girl who saved them when they were in trouble. If she was Pretty Cure, why did she hide her identity? What did she mean when she said she was not an ally? When they asked Otokichi what Muse meant, he replied that Muse was the "goddess of music". Hummy, who was not informed about the existence of Cure Muse, asked Aphrodite in Major Land about her, but Aphrodite appeared not to know anything as well. However, when Hummy asked to know more about Cure Muse, Aphrodite seemed to recall something, but kept it from Hummy.

Meanwhile, Bassdrum reported the possibility of Siren being Cure Muse to Mephisto. Mephisto also seemed thoughtful when he heard the name of Muse. On the other hand, Hummy went in search of Siren, wanting to ask about Cure Muse, but could not find her anywhere. After asking around, Hummy still had no information about Cure Muse's real identity. Hibiki and Kanade also decided to look for Cure Muse among the people around them. When Hibiki was in trouble, her friend Waon always came to her aid. Kanade fixed on Sweets Club president Seika , who had a strong sense of justice and had faith in everyone. Even so, they could not bring themselves to ask about Cure Muse. However, they both agreed that, looking at Cure Muse's eyes, they were sure that they had met her before.

Bassdrum, sure of Siren's betrayal, went looking for her. However, Siren was nowhere to be found. Hummy, who was also looking for Siren, met with Baritone and Falsetto. They asked Hummy if it was possible for Siren to be Cure Muse. Just then, they spotted a musical note residing in a car parked nearby. In the midst of fighting over the musical note, Bassdrum turned it into a Negatone. Noticing the sorrowful music emitted from the Car Negatone's horn, Hibiki and Kanade finally arrived and transformed into Pretty Cure. Using their Belltiers, they tried to defeat the Negatone with their attacks, but the Negatone managed to repel their Tone Rings.

Just then, Cure Muse made an appearance again. Kicking back the rushing Negatone, she then taught Melody and Rhythm how to use their Belltiers through Fairy Tone Dodory's voice. With her instruction, the Cures split their Belltiers into two. Using the two parts in each hand like bells, they shook out musical notes and used them to create a final attack to throw at the Negatone. They successfully defeated the Negatone and returned it to its original form, while Hummy captured the musical note. Cure Muse was about to leave when Melody and Rhythm called out to her. However, Cure Muse replied that she could not join them as an ally yet. As she left, Bassdrum called out, naming her as "Siren", leaving Melody and Rhythm in even more confusion.

13 (354)- "Mumumūn! Seirēn to Hami no Himitsu Nya♪" ("Mumumu~n! Siren and Hummy's Secret Nya♪")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 13

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 13

Airdate: May 8, 2011

After hearing Bassdrum call Cure Muse by the name of Siren, Hummy strongly wished for it to be true. When Siren returned to the clock tower, Bassdrum asked her if she was really Cure Muse. Siren told them that it was not true, but in order to make sure that Siren's heart was not wavering, Mephisto considered reminding her of the wonder of Minor Land. After leaving for town, Siren encountered Hummy, who also asked if she was Cure Muse. Siren again clearly denied the fact. Just then, Hummy and Siren got into a misunderstanding with a local boss cat. In the chaos, Siren dropped the bundle she was carrying with her.

In the park, Hummy, Hibiki and Kanade unravelled the bundle that Siren dropped. Inside was a musical score which held the memories of Hummy and Siren's past. Hummy started to tell Hibiki and Kanade the story of the Melody of Happiness contest held regularly in Major Land --- Every year, Siren was the fairy chosen to sing the Melody of Happiness. Though Hummy and Siren were good friends then, they went their separate ways to practice for the contest as practicing together would prevent them from doing their best. However, Hummy received a fake contest musical score from another fairy named Diva. When Siren realized this, she handed Hummy the real score.

On the day of the contest, Hummy was extremely nervous, but after receiving encouragement from Siren, she sang the contest song splendidly. Due to her magnificent performance, Hummy was chosen to sing the Melody of Happiness, but Hummy and Siren started to drift apart from then on --- After Hummy's story, Siren reappeared. Though Siren claimed that she regretted passing Hummy the real musical score, Hummy replied that Siren was the one who always supported her since young, and Siren was the reason why Hummy managed to sing so well. Hearing Hummy say that she still treated Siren as her best friend, Siren's heart began to waver.

However, after being made to listen to Mephisto's evil noise, Siren was made to think that Hummy was the reason why she was not chosen to sing the Melody of Happiness. Bassdrum turned Hummy and Siren's treasured musical score into a Negatone, causing Hibiki and Kanade to transform into Pretty Cure. Siren turned into her human form Ellen and joined the Negatone to fight against the Cures. Just then, Cure Muse appeared and protected Melody and Rhythm from Ellen's attacks. Melody and Rhythm then used their final attacks to defeat the Negatone, and Hummy captured the musical note safely. Seeing how Siren, who had opened her heart, had reverted back to her evil self, Hummy could not hide her shock.

14 (355)- "Awawawā! Myūzu Tai Myūzu, Honmono wa Dotchi Nya?" ("Awawawa~! Muse VS Muse, Who Is the Real One Nya?")


Airdate: May 15, 2011

After proving that she was not Cure Muse, Siren returned to Trio the Minor as leader. Full of confidence, Siren reported to Mephisto that she had a plan to defeat Pretty Cure this time. At the same time, Hibiki and Kanade cheered Hummy up with cupcakes, seeing that she was depressed about being unable to regain her friendship with Siren. Restored, Hummy left to look for musical notes. Hibiki and Kanade were left to discuss who Cure Muse really was. A Cure who loved music, wore pants, and was smart and cool -- Pondering this, Kanade seemed sure that she had discovered Cure Muse's true identity.

The next day, Kanade confirmed that senior Ouji, who was practising on the piano in school, was definitely Cure Muse. However, much to Kanade's disappointment, Ouji replied that he did not know the name of Muse. Hibiki tried calling out "Muse!" in class, but nobody gave her a true reply. In addition, Hibiki led Kanade to the announcement room, making a schoolwide broadcast for Muse to reply. After class, Hibiki and Kanade waited for Muse, and finally, Higashiyama Seika made an appearance. However, Seika denied that she was Cure Muse, but told the girls that the Muse they were looking for will surely reveal herself in time.

Cure Muse appeared in front of Hummy, who was searching for musical notes by the seashore. Following the Fairy Tones' calls, Hibiki and Kanade rushed to the scene as well. For the first time, Cure Muse spoke to the girls, saying that she wished to become their comrade. In order to complete the Legendary Score, Muse needed Hibiki and Kanade's Cure Modules, and the girls passed the Modules to Muse willingly. However, Muse threw the Modules into the sea, and captured the girls. Hummy had already been captured. Shocked at Cure Muse's actions, Hibiki and Kanade were even more surprised when another Cure Muse appeared before them. The Muse who was talking to them all this while was actually Siren in disguise.

Siren created a seaweed Negatone to fight Cure Muse. Hibiki and Kanade, after getting back their Cure Modules, transformed and joined in to help Muse. Muse helped to deflect the seaweed Negatone's projectiles, and the Negatone was then defeated by the Belltiers' Bell Mode attacks. Cure Muse was about to leave the scene without saying anything, when Melody and Rhythm asked her to become their comrade. Cure Muse replied that when the right time comes, she will take off her mask and join the Cures. Hibiki and Kanade believed that the day will come soon, and though they still did not know Muse's identity, they believed that she was truly their comrade.

15 (356)- "Meromerō! Kanade no Rakkīsupūn Nya♪" ("Attracted~! Kanade's Lucky Spoon Nya♪")


Airdate: May 22, 2011

As senior Ouji's birthday neared, Kanade and the other members of band Musical Princes planned to hold a birthday party for him at the Lucky Spoon. Kanade worked hard in order to make the best cupcakes so that Ouji could have the best birthday party. Kanade, Hibiki and the Musical Princes agreed to hold the birthday party on the terrace of the Lucky Spoon. Siren, who was hidden and listening in to their conversation, plotted to do something to disrupt the party. Without a clue, Kanade put her heart into cake-making practice. Watching Kanade work, Hibiki also volunteered to help out. Hibiki and Hummy hoped that Kanade's hard work would make Ouji really happy.

The next day, Kanade went to look for the Musical Princes to discuss birthday party details, but overheard Ouji talking about his "princess" not feeling well. Kanade thought that Ouji's princess must be his girlfriend, and when she returned home, she lost the drive to make cupcakes. Hibiki and Hummy encouraged the depressed Kanade, saying that if she really wished for Ouji to be happy with her Lucky Spoon, she had to finish making the cakes. With Hibiki's words, Kanade got back the energy to continue. On the day of the party, the Lucky Spoon's interior was decorated, and Kanade completed a cupcake tower for the celebration.

Ouji, unaware of the party, was heading to the Lucky Spoon. Siren, who was planning to waylay him along the way, hypnotized Ouji. Hibiki, Kanade and Hummy rushed to the scene. Siren, spotting a musical note residing on the Lucky Spoon in Hummy's hand, turned it into a Negatone. Hibiki and Kanade transformed into Pretty Cure, but despite attempts to fight, the once-Lucky Spoon now possessed unlucky power as a Negatone, causing the Cures to keep tripping over stones. However, once Melody and Rhythm managed to get their act together, they defeated the Negatone using final attacks with their Belltiers.

Back at the Lucky Spoon, Ouji's birthday party celebration was already underway. Kanade planned to present her cupcake tower to Ouji as a gift, but Souta had unknowingly passed out most of the cupcakes to the guests. Kanade was shocked, but did not get angry since Souta was trying to help out. When Kanade went to congratulate Ouji, she overheard Ouji talking about his pet dog named Princess. Ouji told Kanade that the best present for him was seeing Kanade's cupcakes bringing smiles to his friends. Hearing that, Kanade became happy again.

16 (357)- "Pinpōn! Kōkan Sutei de Besuto Furendo Nya♪" ("Ding Dong! Best Friends Switching Places Nya♪")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 16

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 16

Airdate: May 29, 2011

Recently, Hibiki and Kanade had been good friends. In order to break their friendship, Siren turned into Kanade to start a fight with Hibiki. Deceived by Siren, Hibiki and Kanade started quarelling in school when their teacher in-charge announced that the two had been chosen to receive the school's best friend award. Hibiki and Kanade smiled in answer to applause from their classmates. The award ceremony was not only for the students, but parents of the students could attend as well. Kanade wanted to practice piano together for presentation during the ceremony, but Hibiki could not bring herself to have a practice session with Kanade so soon after their quarrel.

In order to let Hibiki and Kanade see each other's good points, Hummy suggested that the two stay over at each other's homes for a day. Obeying Hummy's command, Hibiki and Kanade made their way to each other's homes. When Hibiki arrived at Kanade's home, she was immediatedly subjected to Souta's pranks. On the other hand, Kanade could not settle in at Hibiki's home due to Dan, who loved listening to classical music at high volume. Hibiki tried to follow Kanade's schedule of helping Souta with homework and helping out at the store. Kanade also followed Hibiki's schedule of alternately preparing meals with Dan.

That night, Kanade made an international call with Maria, Hibiki's mother. Kanade wondered if Hibiki was lonely, since she could not spend time with Maria. Even so, Hibiki was always cheerful and energetic. On the other hand, Hibiki felt that Kanade was great as she managed to easily handle both having a little brother and helping out at the store. Knowing each other's good points, the two made up. After surveillance at Hibiki's home, Siren had come up with a new plan, knowing that Maria was Hibiki's weakness. Finally, on the day of the best friend award ceremony, the students and Kanade's parents came to watch Hibiki and Kanade receive their awards. Just then, Maria, who was supposed to be overseas, also appeared.

Maria told Hibiki that Kanade told her via the international call that "Hibiki really hates her Mama", and whispered that Kanade was a bad girl. In order to embarrass Kanade, Maria told Hibiki to mess up the piano performance. Hibiki did not know whether to believe Kanade or Maria. Just then, the real Maria appeared. The one who was whispering to Hibiki just now was Siren in disguise. Having her disguise blown, Siren spotted a musical note residing in a metronome and turned it into a Negatone. Transforming into Pretty Cure, Melody and Rhythm had a hard time defeating the Negatone with their usual attacks, but after coming up with a new technique by exchanging their Belltiers, they managed to defeat the Negatone easily.

17 (358)- "Ururun! Mama wa Itsudemo Kodomo no Mikatana no Nya♪" ("Ururun! Mama is Always by her Child's Side Nya♪")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 17

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 17

Airdate: June 5, 2011

Early morning, Hibiki's mother Maria was busy preparing breakfast. Though the Hojo family could finally get together for a meal, Maria had to return to France that night, making Hibiki feel slightly disappointed. However, Hibiki left for school with a smile. Since Maria was often overseas, Hibiki did not spend much time with her, and so did not know how to ask Maria for favours. Kanade told Hibiki that she could try asking Maria for something which only a mother could do. Hibiki confided that, if she could ask for something, she would like her mother to sing her a lullaby once...

Just then, Maria suddenly made an appearance in school. Since she normally could not join in the school's activities, the principal allowed Maria to observe classes for that day. Hibiki felt embarrassed that Maria would be there to watch her have lessons. When it was time for music lessons, Hibiki decided to try her best and sing in front of Maria, but in the end, the class was made to listen to Maria's violin performance instead. During lunch break, Hibiki and Maria were going to host a DJ show over the announcement system, but senior Ouji joined the DJ team at the last moment, and the session was mainly conducted by Maria and Ouji. Watching the scene, Siren decided on a plan against Hibiki, and conspired to wreak havoc in front of Maria.

After class, Maria wished to see how Hibiki normally spent her time, and so followed Hibiki and Kanade to the Concert Hall. The two put up a piano performance for Maria, but she was so tired that she fell asleep. In the end, Hibiki felt that Maria totally did not pay her any notice throughout the day. Just then, Fairy Tones Dory and Rery appeared to inform the girls that a Negatone had appeared. When Hibiki and Kanade rushed to the scene, Ellen disguised as Hibiki was using a remote control Negatone's sorrowful sound to bring suffering to the surrounding people. When she spotted Hibiki, Ellen reverted to her original form and called out "Enemy of peace!" while pointing at Hibiki. Believing Ellen's lie, the people chased Hibiki down.

Maria, seeing Hibiki in a pinch, gave a beautiful performance on the violin to wake everyone up to save Hibiki. Having escaped, Hibiki and Kanade transformed into Pretty Cure and successfully defeated the Negatone. Before Maria left, Hibiki brought her to her favorite spot in town. That turned out to also be Maria's favorite spot. While looking over the town dyed in sunset colours, Maria told Hibiki that no matter how far away she was, her heart would always be with Hibiki --- Listening to Maria, Hibiki cried. Watching as Maria's flight left, Dan told Hibiki that Maria always used her violin to play lullabies for Hibiki. Hearing that, Hibiki had the dream to become a pianist someday and perform on the same stage as her parents.

18 (359)- "Fuwawan! Onpu Atsume mo Raku Janai nya!" ("Fuwawān! Collecting Notes Isn't Easy Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 18

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 18

Airdate: June 12, 2011

Beautiful music resounded from the pipe organ in the Concert Hall, and the musical notes were all attracted to the sound. At that time, both Mephisto in Minor Land and Aphrodite in Major Land realized that their groups had not collected much notes. Early the next morning, an excited Hummy forcefully awakened Hibiki, saying that she sensed many notes in Kanon Town that day. The unusually enthusiastic Hummy recruited Hibiki and Kanade to help her with note collection using insect nets. In response to Hummy, Hibiki and Kanade started to collect the notes, which they could not see, with all their mights.

With Hummy's power, Hibiki and Kanade could finally see the notes, and they went to the park to collect the many notes which had gathered there. Souta, who was passing by, saw the girls waving the nets around, and was determined to find out what they were catching. However, with the help of Ako, who was with Souta, the girls managed to escape detection. At the same time, Siren and gang were also frantically collecting notes. They decided to have a competition, whereby the one who collected the most notes would become leader.

Hibiki and Kanade went to a bench to rest. Having been awake since early morning, Hibiki grew sleepy and fell asleep on Kanade's shoulder. Senior Ouji, who was passing by, noted that the two were really good friends. At that moment, music started to play from somewhere, and the notes drifted by airily, attracted to the sound. The sound was the pipe organ in the Concert Hall being played. Hibiki and Kanade bumped into Siren and the others in front of the Concert Hall. In order to steal the notes from the girls, Siren created a Negatone. Transforming into Pretty Cure, the girls were caught by the Negatone and in great trouble. Trio the Minor then attempted to steal the notes gathered by the girls.

Just then, beautiful music emitted from the pipe organ played by Otokichi. Cure Muse also appeared, stealing the notes from Trio the Minor. Empowered by the beautiful music, Melody and Rhythm defeated the Negatone quickly with their final attacks. Plagued by the pipe organ's music, Siren and gang also left the scene. Then, for some reason, Cure Muse let all the notes she was holding out of their bottles. Hibiki and Kanade went into the Concert Hall to listen to Otokichi play the pipe organ. Otokichi told them that the pipe organ's music was still not complete and added that "If I don't complete this quickly, the world will encounter a disaster".

19 (360)- "Gunya Gunya! Purikyua ni Henshin Dekinai Nya!" ("Gunya Gunya~! The PreCure can't Transform Nya!")


Airdate: June 26, 2011

Siren was vexed that the Pretty Cure were the only ones accumulating musical notes. Reprimanded by Mephisto, she thought about ways to defeat the Pretty Cure. Suddenly, she realized a weakness: Hibiki and Kanade would not be able to transform if they could not shout out together. Quickly, Siren went to the school grounds to trick Hummy and imprison her, turning a school door into a Negatone. Next, she changed into Hummy and approached Hibiki and Kanade. Noting Hummy's strange behaviour and Siren's necklace, the girls realized that Siren was impersonating Hummy.

In order to save Hummy, Kanade suggested to pretend not to notice anything and observe Siren quietly, then looking for Hummy. However, the plan did not go well. Then, chasing after the fake Hummy, Hibiki suddenly disappeared. In a panic, Kanade gave chase, falling into another door trap set up by Siren. On the other side of the door was a flexible alternate dimension. Siren returned to the imprisoned Hummy, who declared that the girls would surely come to save her. However, Siren told her that the girls would never be able to become Pretty Cure ever again.

Hibiki and Kanade were trapped in different alternate dimensions. Unable to see nor hear each other, they could do nothing. In the real world, the Negatone broadcasted dark sound waves, causing everyone in school to fall in sorrow. Their cries reached Hibiki and Kanade in the alternate dimension. The girls took out their Cure Modules in order to save the students, but were unable to transform as they could not shout out together. In the real world, Cure Muse appeared to try to stop the sound waves of sorrow, but she could not protect all the students. Hearing more cries, the girls remembered each other, and with united feelings of perseverance, they shouted out the same words.

With that, the girls escaped from the alternate dimension and transformed into Pretty Cure. While in discussion, they still managed to defeat the Negatone together, saving the imprisoned Hummy. Hummy, now released, invited the vexed Siren to eat snacks with her, saying that they would always be friends. Shocked by these words, Siren screamed that friends could not be trusted before running away. Even though Siren tricked her, Hummy believed that they would make up someday, like Hibiki and Kanade. As if to repel Hummy's feelings, Siren closed off her heart.

20 (361)- "Aaaaa~♪ Seirēn, Saigo no Sakusen Nya!" ("Aaaah~♪ Siren's Last Scheme Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 20

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 20

Airdate: July 3, 2011

Siren was telling Mephisto about a new battle plan: to capture the Fairy Tones and steal all the musical notes which Hummy had collected. That way, they could bring the score for the Melody of Sadness closer to completion quickly. To do that, Siren decided to make use of Hummy. Siren requested for Mephisto to let her listen to the evil noise, so that her heart would not waver. With an evil heart, Siren got close to Hummy, lying that Mephisto told her that she was no longer needed. She told Hummy that she wished to become Hummy's comrade. Not knowing she was being tricked, Hummy was extremely glad to become Siren's comrade.

Siren suggested that Hummy and her use all the notes they had so far to create the Melody of Happiness. Siren made Hummy promise to keep the plan a secret, and told her to bring the Fairy Tones along tomorrow. Hibiki and Kanade noticed Hummy's strange behaviour, and heard from Souta and Ako that Hummy was seen with a black cat in the woods. The girls realized that Siren was tricking Hummy again and told her so, but Hummy believed in Siren and did not heed their advice. On the other hand, Trio the Minor had no idea of Siren's plan, and were searching for her and the notes she took as well.

As Hummy was bringing the Fairy Tones to Siren, Hibiki and Kanade managed to catch her. Hearing about their plan, the girls suspected foul play and doubted Siren. However, Hummy ran off to find Siren. Dory and Rery managed to escape from the group after collecting all the notes from the other Fairy Tones, and made their way to Hibiki and Kanade. Just then, Trio the Minor found Hummy and Siren, and tried to snatch the jar containing the notes from them. In order to protect the jar, Siren stood between Hummy and Trio the Minor, but the jar was turned into a Negatone.

Hibiki and Kanade transformed into Pretty Cure. However, the Negatone was filled with many notes, and the Cures could not match up to its strength. Siren made the notes within the Negatone turn against each other, stopping the Negatone in its movements. With their final attack, Melody and Rhythm defeated the Negatone. With lots of new notes coming in, Hummy was happy, and passed all the Fairy Tones to Siren. However, once the Fairy Tones were handed over, Siren confessed that she had tricked Hummy all along, and flew off to Minor Land with the Fairy Tones as Hibiki, Kanade and Hummy looked on helplessly. Even so, Hummy continued to tell herself that she believed in Siren.

21 (362)- "Dokkun! Kiseki no Purikyua Tanjō Nya!!" ("Boom! The PreCure of Miracles is Born Nya!!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 21

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 21

Airdate: July 10, 2011

Siren brought all the notes stolen from Hummy into Minor Land. Mephisto seemed satisfied that Siren would now be able to sing the Melody of Sadness and bring sorrow to everyone. On the other hand, Hummy continued to believe in Siren, and Aphrodite showed support for her decision. Hibiki and Kanade could not understand how Aphrodite could support Hummy's belief in Siren. However, Aphrodite told them that as long as Hummy continued to believe, Siren's heart would return to its old self.

A weird stage was set up in front of the clock tower for Siren to perform the Melody of Sadness. Hummy remained in the forest where she had sang with Siren, continuing to sing to reach Siren's heart. Siren in Minor Land was also getting ready for the concert. When the Fairy Tones tried to tell Siren of Hummy's feelings, Siren declared that she hated Hummy. Finally, the stage was set for Siren to sing the Melody of Sadness. Hibiki and Kanade decided to transform to put a stop to the concert, but Mephisto had captured Hummy and placed her on top of the clock tower, threatening to hurt her if the girls did anything.

Even seeing Hummy captured, Siren declared that her heart was set. Just then, Hummy shouted that no matter what, she and Siren would always be friends, then started to sing with all her heart. Hummy's voice made Siren remember their friendship, and she could not sing the Melody of Sadness. Mephisto then tried to make Hummy sing the Melody of Sadness instead, and made her listen to the evil noise. Without thinking, Siren scattered the notes written on the Legendary Score. Mephisto fixed all the notes onto the clock tower and made it into a Negatone. Hibiki and Kanade transform for battle!

Melody and Rhythm battled hard with the clock tower Negatone. Mephisto tried to make Hummy listen to the evil noise again. The Trio Minor managed to capture Hummy, and when Siren witnessed that, she screamed for them to stop. In that moment, Siren transformed into a human, with a blue battle costume, and swooped in to save Hummy. Surprised at her own transformation, Siren fled. Cure Muse stopped Siren, telling Siren that there was justice in her heart, the heart of a Pretty Cure. However, Siren did not understand what had happened, and after witnessing Melody and Rhythm defeat the Negatone with their hearts of justice, fled the area and disappeared.

22 (363)- "Rarā♪ Tamashii no Shirabe, Sono na wa Kyua Bīto Nya!!" ("Lalaa♪ The Soulful Tune, Her Name is Cure Beat Nya!!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 22

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 22

Airdate: July 17, 2011

A cloudy day, Hibiki and Kanade walking home from school with Hummy happy for Siren/Ellen becoming a Pretty Cure, remembering what happened in the last episode . Hibiki and Kanade weren't so sure because she used to be their enemy and would be awkward to have her as their ally all of a sudden. Kanade thinks it might be part of her plan that she transformed without a Cure Module. Hummy pointed out that when Siren transformed, she saved Hummy. Hummy then leaves the duo to find Siren/Ellen so she could talk to her. Suddenly it started to rain and Hibiki and Kanade quickly run to Lucky Spoon. In Minor Land, Mephisto is angry about Siren betraying him, but changes into a question of wondering if she is a Pretty Cure? In Major Land, Aphrodite wonders if she is a Pretty Cure, how did she transform without a Cure Module? Somewhere in Kanon town, Siren was wandering around, gloomily and wondered, why she became a Pretty Cure?

Siren/Ellen was under a slide in the playground to shelter her from the rain. She then starts to remember on how she was brainwashed. All of a sudden, she heard a voice and standing next to her were Souta and Ako staring. Siren/Ellen remembers Souta when she was evil and put sorrow upon himSPC06. Feeling remorse and guilty (of what she had done), she ran away from him. Running through the rain on the streets, she looks at the people she saw, reminding her of the people she cast and spread sorrow upon, remembering the tears and sadness she caused and felt more guilty. She runs to an alley and tries to transform into her catform again, but sees she didn't transfrom. She looked at the street and sees a woman nearby. She tries to transform into her, it didn't work. She discovers she can't shapeshift and suddenly remembers her pendant was destroyed when she transformed into a Pretty Cure and now permanently "stuck" being human. She lays on the ground in distress wondering what she will do now.

In Minor Land, Mephisto was trying to get contact with Siren and with no respond, he believes that she awoken from the "noise of evil". An image appeared, thinking it was Siren, but instead the Trio Minor. When Mephisto asked if they have Siren, they said no and asked why they need Siren. Mephisto told them he needs her to sing the Melody of Sorrow. Bassdrum tells him that he has a plan to bring Siren, if Mephisto allows him to become leader now that Siren left the group. Mephistio accepts and hears the plan. At Lucky Spoon, Hibiki was impressed by the Strawberry Cupcake Kanade made. When Kanade mentioned Hummy loves them, they remembered Hummy was looking for Siren and became silent, looking at the rain wondering how they are. Hibiki decided to go find them and Kanade comes along. Meanwhile, Siren was walking, wandering around until she heard an organ playing from the church. She tried to cover her ears knowing good music hurts her, but feels no pain at all. She went inside the church to hear the music seeing Otokichi playing. Admiring the Music until she got frightened when Otokichi shouted out to her, asking if she likes to come closer to listen. Siren tells him she has no right because she used music for evil purpouses. Otokichi comforts her telling about beats and the beats of her heart. Otokichi tells her that if she is confused or frusterated, listen to the beats of her heart. Siren then leaves the church and the rain finally stopped bringing clear skies. She put her hand to her heart, influenced from Otokichi words, "the beats of her heart". Suddenly, coming out of nowhere, Hummy appeared, hugging Sirens face, happy to see her, but it irriated Siren for "attacking" her by landing and squeeze tightly on her face. Hummy apologized and when she told her that she was happy to see her, it made Sirens anger fade away into sadness from her regrets on Hummy. Hummy asks Siren to come with her to see Hibiki and Kanade. Siren/Ellen asked what will they talk about and she hurt many people and how will she make up with them. Hummy said they could hold a party and the Fairy Tones appeared. Siren shouts out confused and doesn't understand why Hummy doesn't understand she done many cruel things and hurt people. She told Hummy she tricked her. Hummy thinking about it, she said she forgotten about it. Siren exclaimed she brought sorrow, misfortune, and tears to many people and Siren stills remembers and holds deep remorse of what she done to them. Hummy tells her that she is now a Pretty Cure who protects them now. Siren/Ellen refuse to believe that and says she has no right to be a Pretty Cure and runs away from Hummy. Hummy and the Fairy Tones follow her.

Siren/Ellen walks in a path with Hummy and the Fairy Tones following her. Sory and Lary came to Siren/Ellen introducing themselves. Hummy begins to sing with the Fairy Tones sing along with her and Siren/Ellen secretly listens. Hummy hears the tree's leaves, believing it's singing too and all of them tries to sing along with the tree. The fairy tones surround Siren/Ellen stopping her. Hummy come up to her singing making Siren/Ellen starts singing along with them. Suddenly Siren/Ellen's chest began to glow noticed by Hummy and the Fairy Tones, causing all of them to stop singing. When Siren/Ellen asks what was wrong, Hummy lies to her that it was nothing. Suddenly, Hummy spotted a Note on a tree and tells Siren/Ellen that they could sing the Melody of Happiness together once they gather all of the notes. Siren/Ellen shocked by the request and asks her why she isn't mad after the terrible things she did. When Hummy asked if she should be and Siren/Ellen said yes, Hummy quickly gets mad and yells at her. But in seconds, Hummy calms down and happy again causing confusing Siren/Ellen.

When Siren tries to hear the music, she heard a growling noise. Behind the trees were Hibiki and Kanade, which Hibiki's stomach exposed Hibiki and Kanade's cover on spying on Siren and Hummy. When Hibiki said she hadn't ate lunch, it gave her a thought and asks Siren if she was hungry and Kanade offers Siren to join them to Lucky Spoons to eat cupcakes. Siren asked "why", Hibiki explain she couldn't do anything with a empty stomach and Hummy plead to Siren to join them and that Kanades cupcakes are delicious and wants to eat them together. Suddenly, the Minor Trio appeared landing on the tree's branches. Bassdrum founds Ellen/Siren and tells her he is now leader. Hummy got upset of him thrashing the tree, telling him that if he does that, the leaves won't sing. Bassdrum responds by breaking the branch and throws it at Hummy, thinking Nature's Music is ridiculus. Hibiki and Kanade were angry. Bassdrum then corrupts the note turning it along with tree into a Negatone. Hibiki and Kanade transform and fight the Negatone. Just when they start their next attack, the Negatone inserted roots to the ground and came out near where the Precures were standing, ambushing and wrapping around Melody and Rhythm, now unable to move. Hummy and Ellen/Siren were

Upon saying these words, her chest suddenly glowed, astonishing everybody. Hummy shouts out that the glow is the light of a G clef, coming out of Sirens heart after being activated by Sirens urge to save Hummy and turning into a Cure Module. Hummy calls out to Lary to insert itself into Sirens Module and Siren transforms into Cure Beat, astonishing everyone, including Mesphisto and Aphrodite who were watching. Cure Beat quickly rescues Hummy from Bassdrum. Next she fights the Negatone, dodging its attacks and showing her incredible fighting abilites. After she mobolized the Negatone, Bassdrum yelled at her saying she wanted to spread sorrow and now she is a Pretty Cure. Sadly hearing it, Beat tells him that he is right and she cannot erase what she had done in the past, but tells him that she don't want to spread sorrow and now wants to be stronger to protect her friends. It is what the "Beat" of her Heart want. She (with Sory) summons the Love Guitar Rod and performs Heartful Beat Rock and purifies the Note and Tree. The roots vaporized freeing Melody and Rhythm and the Minor Trio retreats. After the battle, Hibiki, Kanade, and Hummy thanked Ellen/Siren for saving them, but Ellen/Siren felt guilty for looking at the branches on the ground from the fight, thinking/feeling the tree got hurt from her and ran away, rejecting to join them as "Pretty Cure".

23 (364)- "Zazān! Namida wa Sekai de Ichiban Chiisana Umi Nya!" ("Zazan! A Tear is the World's Smallest Ocean Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 23

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 23

Airdate: July 24, 2011

Ellen was too sad because she was alone had nowhere to go and worst she coudn't either transform into her real form, while thinking Kanade and Hibiki with Hummy came than Ellen was going away. Than Ellen stoped as she heard Hibiki say to join Pretty Cure, than Ellen told them she wasn't going to because she didn't have the right to be one as she made people cry. And went away, Hibiki and Kanade were sad because she left.

In the other side, Trio the Minor found they place to stay, than they said to defeat Ellen. Ellen was playing on the piano as she was in Otokichi's place, than she saw a cat and holded in her hands than a young boy called Mamoru had the cat and he was running away from his father, when his father was going to come, he had to hid himself and Ellen so his father coudn't see him, after he was gone, than they laughed. In the streets, Kanade and Hibiki were talking about Ellen and that she was in a bad place, after talking Mamoru's father came in a hurry which made Hibiki's lunch bag fall than they were worried what happened.

In Otokichi's place Ellen and Mamoru were talking as they were being watched by the two Fairy Tones, Sory & Lary, Mamoru was telling info about him, he was in elementary school and he was only 10 years old, after they got inturupted by Kanade and Hibiki with cupcakes made by Kanade. Then they asked Ellen if she was hungry, while eating Hibiki asked about the suitcase which belonged to his father but than he went away telling them that he didn't care, the girls felt bad and chased him, alone in the cold the girls came as they asked about his father.

Mamoru was sad and told the story, he said that his father was a doctor and most he had to somewhere for a whole year which made Mamoru crazy and than went away with his father's suitcase. The girls heard it and Hibiki told her story as her mother left her when she was a child, while the girls felt better they were cheering him up as telling he wasn't alone but Ellen said everyone was alone leaving Hibiki and Kanade sad, then Hibiki was curious as in what day was his father going to go, than he said in the same day, Hibiki and Kanade were shocked and went to find him.

Mamoru was trying to wait but than Ellen said to come with her, than they went. While walking Ellen was seeing people as they were talking and she still thought if she was alone. While walking Mamoru was walking but than he didn't see the light and was in the middle of the road and the car was coming, Ellen was scared and saved but the suitcase went away and opened as it went down, in there Mamoru saw a doll cat and was curious as why his father had it, than he remebered when his father got his hand in the shoulder he had a band aid and than Mamoru knew that doll was for Mamoru.

Than he said sorry to Ellen said he was going home, Ellen was sad but, than Mamoru said that she have someone she wanted and in her mind she thinked of Hummy and Kanade with Hibiki, than she was happy. Than he went and saw his father and said to him that he was sorry, and the doll was also made for him as a good luck charm, while seeing Hummy came and said to Ellen that she was going to come back no matter what happened, than Trio the Minor were there and summoned a Negatone out of Mamoru's lucky doll. Hibiki and Kanade then turned into Cures.

The Cures attack as the Negatone dodges them, while seeing Ellen was thinking why did they work hard, Hummy said that they worked hard because they wanted to save people, from that sentence Ellen got sad and than was ready to be a Cure, then she transformed. Cure Beat than made her Love Guitar Rod and made a Barrier which protected her than Beat Sonic which made big notes around her as than they turned into arrows and flew to Trio the Minor and than the Neagtone was right behind her but luckily Cure Rhythm and Melody came and kicked the Negatone, Cure Beat was pleased and was happy.

Than it was time for Cure Beat to finish the Neagtone, and she did Heartful Beat Rock and than the Neagtone was finished. Everything got back to normal and it was time for Mamoru to say goodbye to his dad than he said goodbye as then Ellen was becoming to cry and lead to tears, Otokichi was there said,"A tear makes the world's smallest sea.",than Ellen saw herself as she was full with tears. Then Ellen was telling a story that she loved the Melody of Happiness, but she was jealous of Hummy getting choosen to sing, than she said she became better when Hibiki and Kanade were saying good things, than she saw the sunset and the sea and shouted as she could that she was sorry for doing bad things and then said thank you to the girls.

24 (365)- "Sansan! Osuna no Hamyi de Yūjō no Kansei Nya!" ("Sansan! Become friends with Sand-Hummy Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 24

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 24

Airdate: July 31, 2011

Ellen woke up, and she opens the windows and saw the sun. Later on, she though of that one day on the beach with Hibiki and Kanade, she had said, "I want to bond with Hummy and everyone, heart to heart!". SPC23 Still confused why she said that, the girls evntually came at Ellen, trying to take her to the beach, Ellen later excepts.

While they were going to the beach, they saw a contest. The person said, the winner would get one year's worth of Lucky Spoon's cupcakes, which made Hibiki really surprised. The announcer also said that the judge would be Ouji, which made Kanade really surprised. Ellen was happy that they were doing a contest. While people were deciding what should choose to make out of sand, Hibiki and Kanade where choosing between a cake and a hamburger. When the judge came to Ellen, Ellen was confused because she didn't knew what to choose. She thought Hummy would help her but she ended up telling the judge they were going to do a cat, which was Hummy.

After Hibiki, Kanade and Ellen chose a cat, Ellen goes to get a namecard. Hummy comes with her too, and they talked about Kanade and Hibiki. Ellen always wanted to be friends with them, but it was difficult for her after what happened. Hummy told her to pretend like Hummy was Kanade and Hibiki. When she gets back with the namecard, Ellen pretended it the wrong way as she pictured both, Kanade, and Hibiki to be Hummy. Doing it the wrong way, Ellen was confused, and did not remember their names. Later on, they were done. Ellen, about to put the name card, she fails to do so, and the sculpture falls down and destroyes it.

Hibiki and Kanade say to Ellen that they are going to redo it, but Ellen tells them that she wants to be friends with them. Hibiki and Kanade smile and tell Ellen that she is not alone. They also tell her she has a lot of friends. Hibiki and Kanade hug her and Ellen cheers up. Ellen looks at Hummy, yet Hummy smiles happily at her. The girls rebuild Sand Hummy, and later as they are done Trio de Minor shows up. They were drinking cold drinks, after Bassdrum saw Ellen.

Hummy does not see them, but Bassdrum grabs Hummy and throws her away. Bassdrum then summons a Negatone, and everyone falls into sorrow. Ellen got really mad because she had been having fun, and transforms with the others. Bassdrum told Ellen that she'll regret being a Pretty Cure, but Ellen did not care, and was fighting. She wanted to fight and defeat the negatone because it was making everyone sad. Cure Rhythm, and Cure Melody fought and once they had used Music Rondo the Negatone was defeated.

Everyone got back to normal. They then chose the winner of the contest. It wasn't Hibiki and Kanade who won, another child did. Ellen was happy. Ellen then told her friends that even if she didn't win, she had a lot of fun. After that a Hermit Crab appeared crawling at Ellen's dress, and yet Hibiki showed it to her, causing Ellen to scream, and cry, later everyone starts to laugh at her.

25 (366)- "Hyū Dorō! Eren no Jakuten Mitsuketa Nya!" ("Hyuu Doroo! I Found Eren's Weakness Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 25

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 25

Airdate: August 7, 2011

The summer festival is being celebrated in Hibiki and Kanade's school and everyone is celebrating. Ellen is still being scared. Ellen wants to be happy and have friends. Viewing a labiynth with full of children and than it shows a tree where Ellen is seeing and think to be happy. In there it sees Hummy spying on her and seeing what is happening. Hummy askes her that why is she spying, but than Ellen tells it is a, "Precure Operation", and Hummy says to her to do her best. In there she sees a Souta in the ground trying to escape from the monster, and leaving Ellen that is a Negatone. While going there with her Cure Module ready, she sees two big monsters then she jumps and shouts.

After she sees Hibiki and Kanade telling her if she was okay, Ellen remembered that there were monsters that looked like Negatones and asked Hibiki and Kanade that where was the Negatone, after Hibiki and Kanade show the maskes that Ellen was scared of. Than Hibiki askes Ellen that if she was scared of monsters. After Kanade asked Ellen if she could help decorate the Haunted House, and Ellen was thinking, ghosts and scary things. Kanade says to Ellen that she is going to be the "Umbrella Monster", when Ellen sees that the umbrella had one eye, she shouted and ran back and forward, and Kanade and Hibiki said to her that she was cute when she was scared. After Ellen gets mad and runs away from Hibiki and Kanade, leaving them suprised.

In the other scene it showed Falsetto fixing something and talking about Ellen, that she betrayed them and being a Precure. Than they were thinking of a plan to get Ellen back and getting all the Notes. Than it shows a paper saying that there was a summer festival in the town, and they get ready to go. After it shows Ellen saying to herself that she was bad and scared of monsters, and the fairy tones telling her that it would be okay, and than she walks and falls down, in there she sees Ouji, and Ellen remembered that she met him when she was in cat form and suprised. After Ellen and Ouji were walking, and Ellen was telling that she was scared and some people were bullining her. Than Hummy was telling Hibiki and Kanade, that Ellen when she was young she was scared a lot.

Ellen, in the town with Ouji, heared Hibiki and Kanade calling her name, when she runs to find her friends, she finds a spot and thinking in there are her friends, but instead she sees two monsters telling her mean things. Than Ellen runs and gets lied by Trio de Minor, that they did like they were Hibiki and Kanade. When Hibiki and Kanade find Ellen, Ellen gets mad and asks them why they did that, but Hibiki and Kanade were asking that what happened and Ellen was going to run again, but when they see Trio de Minor. While Trio de Minor ask Ellen to come back, Hummy finds a note but Hummy gets stopped by Falsetto and Baritone.

Bassdrum summons a Negatone and when Hibiki and Kanade were trying to turn into Cures, Bassdrum takes their Cure Module and makes Ellen come back, but Ellen knew everything and even that Falsetto and Baritone made her scared, while she was going to Bassdrum she goes quickly and takes the Cure Modules. After Hibiki, Kanade and Ellen changed into Cures and they were fighing. Hibiki and Kanade and Ellen did, Music Rondo, and they defeated the Negatone. After Hibiki and Kanade apologised to Ellen. Ellen which was scared wanted to go to the Haunted House, a bit later it shows Ellen screaming, but that she sees Ouji as a vampire and gets not so scared and she finds the goal, Ellen was suprised and was really happy, after Hibiki and Kanade were smilng and they were happy.

26 (367)- "Pipopapo♪ Fearī Tōn no Daibōken Nya♪" ("Pipopapo♪ The Fairy Tones' Great Adventure Nya♪")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 26

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 26

Airdate: August 14, 2011

Mephisto is angry that Ellen betrayed Mephisto. He also doesn't have any notes and is angry that Trio the Minor is not paying attention to him. When Mephisto saw Falsetto, Bassdrum and Baritone playing on the beach, Mephisto gets angry and he uses evil noise to power up Trio the Minor and forced them to find the cures and get the notes. Elsewhere, Hibiki was sleeping and the Fairy Tones wake Hibiki up to find notes. When Hummy wakes up they all go into the forest to find notes. While Kanade, Ellen and Hibiki and the fairy tones are trying to find notes, Trio the Minor is doing the same thing. Trio the Minor found a note. They find more and more while elsewhere, Hibiki and the others didn't find anything.

When a blue ball hits Hummy, Hummy forgets that there is people and talks. The boys get surprised that the cat talked and they chase Hummy; however, Hummy and the others go away. While finding notes, the fairy tone, Lary, finds a note. Baritone kidnaps Lary and leaves. When Kanade asks to have a break everyone gathers together including the fairy tones but Rery, since he was kidnapped. While Kanade, Hibiki, Ellen and Hummy have a drink of water, the fairy tones count noses. Dory freaks out, because two are missing. Baritone returns with Lary and Rery, every fairy tone runs away, but Dory gets captured. Trio the Minor worked on choosing a leader, and Baritone gets the leading part.

When Bassdrum is chasing Sory, he falls down and spots Hibiki, Kanade and Ellen after Falsetto and Baritone catches up to him. Baritone then sees a note and summons a Negatone. The fairy tones try to save Lary, Rery and Dory, Tiry gets captured and gets hurt, but Tiry recovers and tells Rery, Dory and Lary to go and transform with the Pretty Cures. After Hibiki, Kanade and Ellen transform into Pretty Cures. Trio the Minor become furious and make Tiry hurt a lot. Hummy runs over and scares Falsetto; Hummy and the fairy tones then save Tiry. After, the Cures are fighting the negatone, but it was harder than the other Negatones. The negatone sent the cures flying.

Than Trio the Minor were singing and giving the negatone have more power. The Pretty Cures were tired. Sory hurries over and tells Cure Beat to use Sory's power. The Pretty Cures acquired more power with Sory's help, but the negatone was really strong. Trio the Minor wanted to finish the Pretty Cures, but Cure Beat did Beat Barrier which helped. This suprised Baritone and the cures as well. The Cures preform Music Rondo and defeat the negatone. Trio the Minor then said that they have gathered more notes, which leaves the cures sad and angry. The cures calm down and say that they will gather more notes. Hibiki yells that the melody of sorrow will never be complete. Then she hears something in her ear which makes Hibiki suprised, then they all play tag.

27 (368)- "Kachi Kachi! Sanjū Bun de Sekai o Sukuu Nya!" ("Kachi Kachi! 30 Minutes to Save the World Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 27

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 27

Airdate: August 21, 2011

Hibiki is having a dream, and sees a kingdom full of sweets and Hibiki tastes everything. However, she hears the same voice she listened a while ago, but the truth was she was hearing her dad calling, "Hibiki! Hibiki!". When Hibiki wakes up her father reminds her that she was going hiking with her friend Kanade and her family. When Hibiki sees the clock, she remembers she told Kanade that she would be there at 9 AM, but the clock said 8:30 AM. Hibiki had only 30min to get ready and meet them. While Hibiki prepares and washes the dishes, it shows Kanade doing a recipe and puts her timing 30:00, Kanade was perfect for the timing. In the other scene, Mephisto tells Trio the Minor that they are really good at gathering the notes. Baritone says to Mephisto that the Melody of Sorrow is going to be complete in 30min, leaving Mephisto, happy and surprised.

Hummy, is feeling really happy. She comes into Ellen's room and sees Ellen with a lot of clothes, leaving Hummy really surprised, Hummy said to Ellen that they were late and needed to hurry, and to take all that stuff off. The timer said it had 24min left, Hibiki was eating fast, washing the dishes and brushing her teeth and hair, and she was done. Hibiki's father comes and tells Hibiki that Hummy is missing. Hibiki goes into the other house, thinking they are in Kanade's place. Hibiki runs to go look. The timer appears and shows it has 19min left.

Meanwhile, Trio the Minor rides a bicycle in the air talking about Mephisto. Baritone then shows the rest a radio. They come to a big radio station, which means when they sing the Melody of Sorrow, the world can listen to it too. When Ellen walks with Hummy, Ellen sees Trio the Minor and follows them. Hibiki met Kanade. Hibiki asked where is Ellen and then they run to the Music place. The timer appears again; it has 14min left. Trio the Minor on their bicycle are going in the Radio Station. Ellen with Hummy were chasing Trio the Minor at the same time. Ellen chases them while Hummy goes to find Hibiki and Kanade.

When Hibiki and Kanade go into the Music Place, they don't find Hummy and Ellen. They find the Fairy Tones instead. The Fairy Tones haven't told the Cures that they have lost a lot of notes. They were tired but they still went to help find Hummy and Ellen. After a while, Hibiki hears the voice again, leaving her really surprised again.

After Hummy came she told the Cures that Ellen is chasing Trio the Minor and they have the notes to complete the Melody of Sorrow. When Hibiki and Kanade hear this, they run really fast. The timer now shows 11min left. Ellen comes and surpises Trio the Minor. Baritone then traps Ellen leaving Ellen not able to move. Than Baritone makes a Negatone out of a antenna and explains the plan to Bassdrum and Falsetto. Trio the Minor get ready to sing. Hibiki and Kanade arrive and they unlock Ellen and turn into Cures. After they fight and then perform Music Rondo, they defeat the negatone.

Hibiki, Kanade and Ellen forgot about going hiking. They then run, and when they got to Kanade's place, the stove timer says 3sec, then it counts down to 0 seconds. After Kanade finishes the cupcakes, then they get ready to go hiking. Hibiki hears the voice again, but after that she goes with her friends.

28 (369)- "Doki Doki! Eren Hajimete no Gakkō Seikatsu Nya!" ("Doki Doki! Ellen's First Day of School Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 28

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 28

Airdate: August 28, 2011

Kanade, Hibiki and Ellen go on a note hunt. Hibiki caught a beetle instead of a note. Ellen then caught a note. Tiry came to get it, but was tired, and Hummy knew something was wrong with Tiry. Tiry was trying to hide it, however. Hummy then saw all the fairy tones and was surprised that they were not feeling good. Summer was ending, and Ellen wants to attend the school too. Hibiki and Kanade were worried that school for Ellen might be hard and would keep her too busy. Ellen came and told Hibiki and Kanade that Otokichi gave Ellen clothes to go to school.

Trio the Minor were making a plan to capture the Cures and steal the notes. Kanade explains about school and things which are important, such class, lunch, clubs, learning, homework and things that Ellen was writing. Kanade explains that in the clubs there is acting, sports and festivals. After Kanade explains that Ellen needed to introduce herself. Ellen is surprised at all that. When the fairy notes come and see lots of notes they come near, but Bassdrum's plan worked and he captured the Fairy Tones. However, the cage was big and the fairy tones escaped.

Even though most of the Fairy Tones escaped, Trio the Minor took Lary, Fary and Miry. But the other fairy tones snuck up on Trio the Minor and they escaped with their friends, leaving Trio the Minor without any fairy tones. Ellen learned a lot of things about school, but she still was confused and excited. The next day, Kanade made a pencil case for Ellen, and Ellen was practicing her introduction all day. When Kanade and Hibiki were on their way to school they saw Ellen with dark rings around her eyes. Ellen told she was practicing her introduction all day and did not go to bed. Kanade and Hibiki give Ellen their presents, which were a handkerchief and a pencil case.

When Ellen arrived at class she was writing on the board, Hibiki and Kanade said that it was big writing.

When it came time to do the introduction, Ellen said it loud and it was almost the same as Hummy's introduction. Ellen got the idea to sing in class. However, when she started, the teacher interrupted. While Trio the Minor making other plans, Ellen was having a hard time having friends and answering questions. Some of the questions were easy, and some were not.

Someone asked where she lived. Ellen answered that she lived in Minor Land after Major Land without paying attention.

Hibiki tried to distract Ellen's new friend. Hibiki shouted and started explaining things after she took all of Ellen's friend's attention. Ellen, who was feeling bad, said to all her friends she wants to be a really good friend to all of them. She then fell down and woke up in a bed in school. She made a lot of friends in school. Hummy then saw a note, but Trio the Minor were there and they summoned a Negatone.

Hibiki, Kanade and Ellen turned into cures. They fought the Negatone got trapped. However, the masked Muse came and rescued them. When the cures wanted to do Music Rondo they cannot because the fairy tones were really tired. Hibiki and Kanade had to do Precure Passionato Harmony and they defeated the Negatone. When Hummy saw how many notes the Fairy Tones had, they didn't have any and the truth came out that Trio the Minor took the notes. After that, the voice appears again and tells them to go to Major Land.

29 (370)- "Hara Hara! Meijārando de Takarasagashi Nya♪" ("Suspense! Treasure in Major Land Nya♪")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 29

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 29

Airdate: September 4, 2011

Hibiki, Kanade, Ellen and Hummy are worried about the Fairy Tones as they seem to be almost completely exhausted. They head to Major Land to see Aphrodite, as they were instructed by the voice of the Crescendo Tone to head there. The Trio the Minor happen to eavesdrop on their conversation, and tell Mephisto that the Pretty Cure were heading to Major Land. Mephisto schemes to catch the Pretty Cure while the Trio the Minor are once again ordered to collect some more Notes.

The girls and Hummy arrive in Major Land and went to see Aphrodite, who explains to them that the Cresendo Tone is a fairy that gives birth to all the notes of the world and that the Fairy Tones were born from her. The Crescendo Tone resides in the Healing Chest, which was stolen by an evil force and lead Major Land to despair. During that time, the Healing Chest was sealed somewhere in the Evil Forest. Ellen happened to know of the history of the Evil Forest, where several people braved the dangers of the Evil Forest to retrieve the Healing Chest, but failed to do so. The three girls make up their mind to head into the Evil Forest to get back the Healing Chest.

The girls then realize that they could not transform into Pretty Cure without the aid of the Fairy Tones. Their transformation is made possible by Aphrodite, who lent her power for the girls to transform. The Pretty Cure and Hummy head towards a dark portal that led to the Evil Forest, but are sucked in by force. The Pretty Cure are separated into three separate dimensions, where each statue is lying in wait for them to fight. However, the strange ear devices, that took hold of Hummy in episode 21, latches onto the Pretty Cure's ears and emits sounds of despair, hindering the Pretty Cure badly.

Cure Melody begins to speak to Cure Rhythm and Cure Beat through their minds, reflecting on the fun times they had, the happy memories each of them had. The gathering of happiness in their minds and the spirit of standing back up manages to destroy the ear devices and they are able to fight back the giant statue. The three dimensions merge into one, where they reunite. The three statues combine to form a more powerful and bigger statue. Due to the statue's overwhelming power, they transform back into their normal civilian forms. The statue then summons Hummy and the Fairy Tones, trapped in a bubble-like cage. The three girls stand up once more and transform back into Pretty Cure with more burst of power. They perform Passionato Harmony on the statue and manage to defeat it, saving Hummy and the Fairy Tones, and obtain a dark key which was the size of a sword. The Evil Forest disappears to reveal a huge terrain of grass and flowers that was originally there, before it was taken over by evil.

Cure Melody, with some struggle, pulls out the key from the ground, and another rainbow road is formed. At the end of the road lies a floating door, and the key floats up to unlock the door, and this reveals the Healing Chest. The Crescendo Tone praises the Pretty Cure for being able to overcome the trials. The Fairy Tones then proceed to enter the pink jewel in the Healing Chest and this fully replenishes their energy. They return to Major Land, assuring Aphrodite that the Healing Chest is in safe hands.

30 (371)- "Waōn! Hīringu Chesuto no Fushigi Nya!" ("Waon! The Healing Chest's Mystery Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 30

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 30

Airdate: September 11, 2011

While Hibiki is walking to school, Kanade arrived with Ellen. Hibiki tells Kanade that she had a quiz and had to cram for it last night, but she fell asleep. Hibiki asked Ellen if she had studied for the test, Ellen said she had, which surprised Hibiki. Hibiki then asked if the Healing Chest would help her. Kanade thought that was a bad idea. Hibiki was confused about what you could do with the Healing Chest. Kanade thought they could use it for a piggy bank but it did not have a coin slot. Ellen said it probably was for jewelery but there was not any room for jewelery. Hibiki picked up the Healing Chest and asked the Crescendo Tone if it can help her with the test. Crescendo Tone told her no, leaving Hibiki angry. Falsetto started spying on them and said to himself something about the Healing Chest.

When Hibiki is in school and the students are studying, Hibiki calls Nishijima and asks her to help her on the test.

Nishijima knew whjy she was asking and she showed Hibiki how much she had for the test. Hibiki, Ellen and Kanade's eyes widened and Nishijima went away, leaving Hibiki really angry. In another scene, Trio the Minor were talking about the Healing Chest. When Mephisto finds out that the Cures stole it he becomes angry. Mephisto is shown the ear cuffs which made the evil noise, which meant he was being controlled by someone.

After the test, when Kanade, Ellen, and Hummy see Hibiki siting in the corner, everyone knew she had not done very well. Hummy had seen both Ellen and Kanade's tests, which had glowed. Hibiki, feeling desperate, was hoping she could pass the PE test. While walking on the stairs, Hibiki thought it was a piano. When she went into PE she was warming up. After PE, she was eating lunch and was still feeling bad. Kanade shared her lunch with her. At the same time, the Fairy Tones were being fed by the Cresendo Tone.

While walking, they heard a piano playing again. They thought that it was Otokichi, but when they go there they saw the piano play by itself. Otokichi came after that and he talked to the Crescendo Tone. Hibiki, Kanade, Ellen, and Hummy screamed because they did not know Otokichi could talk to the Crescendo Tone. Kanade and Hibiki found out that it was the Crescendo Tone which created the piano playing and the music that Hibiki took as Hibiki was playing to try to cheer her up. Just then, someone spotted a note Hibiki's paper, but Trio the Minor was there and summoned a Negatone.

After Hibiki, Kanade and Ellen transformed they found themselves in a Jeopardy!, a game where you had to answer questions. The first question was about Cure Rhythm and it was, that what did "Shiro" mean in English. Rhythm answered correctly it meant white. The second question was for Cure Beat and it was, what does "Ao in English. Cure Beat answered correctly which was blue. The other question was for Cure Melody which she answered wrong and got hit by a "X" mark. There were other questions and Cure Melody always got it wrong.

The cures then quizzed Trio the Minor on Pretty Cure attacks. While Trio the Minor were guessing, the Precures used Music Rondo, leaving Trio the Minor angry. After that, everything got back to normal. While Hummy was getting the note, Hibiki let Hummy scold her since she was ashamed of the test. Once the note was gathered, the Cures were laughing and talking about the power of Cresendo Tone.

31 (372)- "Wan Tsū! Purikyua Kyanpu de Pawā Appu Nya!" ("One Two! Power Up at PreCure Camp Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 31

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 31

Airdate: September 18, 2011

Everyone was sitting and eating Kanade's cupcakes and they were thinking how to use and control the power of the Healing Chest. Hibiki takes the Healing Chest and asks the Crescendo Tone how can they use the Healing Chest's power, the Crescendo Tone tells them to figure it out leaving Hibiki, Ellen and Kanade really mad. Hibiki thought if going camping was a good idea. After, all of them packed their stuff to camp, Kanade and Hibiki were waiting for Ellen and than Ellen comes with a guitar, cowboy hat, and Kanade asks Ellen that what happened with those clothes. Ellen tells them that she studied by the book which Otokichi wrote.

After in the woods Trio the Minor were spying the girls and were thinking to increase their powers like the girls are doing. Then they are traveling in the woods than they arrive, Ellen and Kanade were tired, Hibiki was training and told Ellen and Kanade to train on karate, Hibiki was telling them to do more better. Kanade and Ellen were tired and Kanade said to Hibiki to be the teacher, after the girls were dancing, Ellen was heaving fun but Hibiki wasn't, Ellen said to them to do a Zen Meditation which calmed the spirit, Ellen told Hibiki and Kanade that she learned it from Otokichi's book, making Kanade and Hibiki really were suprised again.

Trio the Minor as their training they were eating powerful curry, while Hibiki's father was coming, Kanade, Ellen and Hibiki wanted to give up on the training that they were going after Hibiki gave up and said to quit training. After when the girls were standing, Crescendo Tone made them fall again and made them sit. Trio the Minor ate the powerful curry and than they started eating other things which would make them powerful. It became night in Kanon town and Trio the Minor were full, they ate many things making them fat. The girls were seeing the stars and they were going to sleep, Hummy saw a shooting star, but than she saw that everyone was sleeping after Hummy slept too.

Trio the Minor were sleeping but than a tractor came and they woked up but than they saw a note and summoned a Negatone, in the other side the girls were going to climb a mountain to go to Kanon Mountain Summit, while going, the girls didn't have enough power than, the Crescendo Tone gave them power. The Fairy Tones feeled something and told the girls that a Negatone was in Kanon Town, the girls were shocked and transformed. After a big jump they go in Kanon Town, the girls kicked the Negatone and were fighting, the girls told the Negatone that they powered up and fighted, to destroy the Negatone they used Suite Session Ensemble and defeated the Negatone. The girls were really happy to be friends and they knew the power now.

32 (373)- "Oro Oro~! Hīringu Chesuto ga Nusumareta Nya!" ("Oro Oro~! The Healing Chest is Stolen Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 32

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 32

Airdate: September 25, 2011

Cure Muse seemed concerned about the Pretty Cure's new power, feeling worried she had something into her, leaving Dodory really suprised. Hibiki, Kanade and Ellen were finding finding things to buy, while Kanade comes and tells them if they watn cupcakes, Hummy, which loves cupcakes speaks in front of two people, leaving the two people shocked, Ellen to make people not think it is a talking cake tells them that if you push Hummy's head, Hummy says always, "I love cupcakes!" ,the person which liked it wanted to buy it but Hibiki said it wasn't for sale. The person also saw the Healing Chest and he wanted that also, Kanade told him it wasn't for sale. Hummy and the Fairy Tones didn't want to be selled but than Hibiki told them to not worry.

Mephisto really angry that the precures know the power of the Healing Chest tells Trio the Minor to steal it from the precures and ive it to him. Trio the Minor, scared accept the plan and try to do it. In Kanon Town everyone is heaving a really good day, people were listening to the violin and Hbiki, Kanade and Ellen were selling stuff. A little girl passed by with her family and saw a toy rabbit made by Ellen, when she bought it, Ako came by with Souta seeing what is going on, Souta went to help his mother and the mysterious Ako went home leaving the girls feeling something. After a woman passed by an saw the Healing Chest and thought if it was for sale, Hibiki to make everyone happy played a song in the Healing Chest and made everyone happy.

Trio the Minor were wearing make-up so nobody would think that Trio the Minor were three ladies. While going to Hibiki and Kanade, Hummy and Ellen were suspicious with them like they knew them a long time ago. When they grabbed the Healing Chest they runned. Ellen, Hummy, Hibiki and Kanade were chasing them in the stairs, in the stairs Trio the Minor trip and someone picks up the Healing Chest and after it leaves it there. After a while Trio the Minor pick up and hide. After all this in a house it shows the Masked Muse in there seeing everything. When Kanade, Hibiki and Ellen were seeing for Trio the Minor, Trio the Minor think they did it, when they open it they see a heart with a tongue, which means they took the wrong Healing Chest, which made them angry.

After when the girls found Trio the Minor, they ask for the Healing Chest but than Trio the Minor show the Healing Chest and the girls get shocked, while the Masked Muse has the Chest, when she touches it the Crescendo Tone says Cure Muse and says to Masked Muse that a day will come to take the mask off. Hummy finds a note but Trio the Minor see it and summon a Negatone. The girls get angry an turn into cures. The Negatone is hard to defeat, while all cures are defeated, the Crescendo Tone tells Masked Muse to fight the Negatone, while thinking, the girl which bought the doll comes and protects the doll which turned into a Negatone, the cures tell the girl that they will fight to get the doll back.

They defeat the negatone with the attack Music Rondo when they get it back, they wonder where the Healing Chest was. While everything was back to normal they see everything was gone and Souta which was sleeping. Ako comes and gives the girls the Healing Chest, Hibiki, which was happy hugs Ako a lot and Ako gets suprised. Hummy takes the Healing Chest and asks the Cresendo Tone that did anything happen, Crescendo Tone was tired and went to sleep Hummy closed the box and gave it to Hibiki.

33 (374)- "Howawān! Minna no Yume wa Purikyua no Chikara Nya!" ("Howawan! Everyone's Dreams Make Up Pretty Cure's Power Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 33

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 33

Airdate: October 2, 2011

Hibiki was practicing on piano for the "Piano Contest" and Ellen was hearing the piano along with the Fairy Tones and Hummy all of them were shaking their heads which meant the loved the way Hibiki played the piano. When Hibiki was finished she asked Ellen if she played it correctly, Ellen said it was amazing, which made Hibiki happy. Ellen told Hibiki for the concert if her father would be there, Hibiki told Ellen that she didn't tell him yet. Ellen and Hummy were suprised why she didn't told him yet, Ellen told Hibiki if becoming a pianist was her dream and her father could help her. After Hibiki said she would keep it for a suprise for him. After Hibiki's father sneezes and asks himself why are there rumors about him.

When Hibiki came in home she saw her dad with the paper saying for the Piano concert, and told her that he was going to be the judge for the Piano concert, Hibiki was shocked that her father was going to be the judge, Hibiki's father said for her to enter, but Hibiki said no. After everyone came in Kanade's place and Kanade told them that which one of her cupcakes tasted better, everyone was eating but not Hibiki. Kanade putted a cupcake in Hibiki's mouth and Hibiki told her that it was delicious. Kanade told everyone that there was a cupcake competition on the same day when there was the piano contest. Kanade said in that day everything was special, Kanade told that her dream was to become a pâtissière and Hibiki told hers was to become a pianist.

While playing Hibiki told Kanade that she wasn't going to be on the piano contest because her father was the judge leaving Kanade and Ellen suprised. Kanade shouts at Hibiki to enter and Hibiki runs and walks alone, while walking she thinks about entering a monster face comes and scares Hibiki, when the person takes off the mask it was Souta, Hibiki thinks of a idea to be masked and no one could see her. While going to Kanade's place she was selling cupcakes. After it comes Hibiki with her big costume and acting silly. Kanade asked her (without knowing it was Hibiki) if she could buy any cupcakes, Hibiki talks and says to buy that cupcake, Kanade was thinking of someone with that voice. While seeing cupcakes, Kanade sees her and Hibiki gets nervous, when Hibiki walks she falls down and her mask is gone and Kanade sees Hibiki angry.

Hibiki outside with Kande tells her that she is always nervous in front of people, Kanade tells her to work hard and get her dream true but than Hibiki tells her that she can't do that and Kanade gets sad. While playing the piano, Ellen sees that Hibiki doesn't care for the piano contest and Ellen tells that becoming a pianist takes work and Hibiki thinks about it. While sleeping she cannot sleep and goes in her compter and talks with her mother about her dream. Kanade was staying in the night and was practicing, and her father comes and tells her to get rest. Ellen sees Otokichi and tells him that why she didn't have a dream, Otokichi tells Ellen she is going to figure it out by herself.

Mephisto, disapointed was telling Trio the Minor that they were failing getting notes, after Mephisto tells them that they had and one chance or they were fired. Bassdrum feeling angry tell Baritone and Falsetto that they had to defeat the cures no matter what. It was the day that there were the contest, Hibiki was sleepy after Kanade says to come and says to her that she made a big cupcakes and Hibiki's face becomes happy, Kanade tells that her dream was to make people happy and Hibiki said that it was her dream too and they were both in the same wish. After Ellen was hearing everything and smiled. It was the time that Hibiki was going to play piano and was excited. Trio the Minor arrived in the contest and was there to get notes and defeat the cures. After they see a note and summon a Negatone.

When they were ready to attack, Ellen showed up and transformed into a cure. While fighting she says that she will never going to leave her friends down, after falling from a rock, the Negatone makes a big rock with fire and throws it to Ellen but after Hibiki and Kanade come transformed and protect Ellen, after they do the attack Suite Session Ensemble and defeat the Negatone and Trio the Minor get scared and go. Kanade gets the trophy and wins, Hibiki gets the trophy too and all of them are proud. After Hibiki was with her father and asks him if she performed really good, her father says she performed it really good and by her heart, leaving Hibiki super happy. After Ellen and Kanade wave to Hibiki and smile. After the Masked Muse sees them and Kanade and Hibiki with Ellen spot her but to late she was gone. After Mephisto really angry says that he was going into the human world.

34 (375)- "Zudodo~n! Mefisuto ga Yatte Kichatta Nya!" ("Zudodo~n! Mephisto is Finally Here Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 34

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 34

Airdate: October 9, 2011

Cure Muse waves at the beach stare. Muse is talk that Dodory to worry something wordlessly. On the other hand, to take Mephisto on Trio the Minor has just been killed in he is going to declare himself the human world. And also eat the cupcakes sound gathered in Lucky Spoon, so, Ellen, said "I have something to protect" was considered the meaning of the word. What exactly do to protect the Muse - also listen to the Crescendo Tone, in answer Kurenai nap.

Souta is playing with stilts, which help the kitten does not work no longer climb a tree. The kitten was rescued deftly manipulating the stilts beside Ako had then seen. We had a look at how such sound is just like Ako, we're friendly and the owner of the mind something to protect the Muse. Symphony of us want to wait to open their hearts to such a Muse, so, Ellen. On the other hand, came to the human world is Mephisto, Negatone instruments was doing a live band on the street, we added noise to the city sound sad tone, so that the people feel sad.

Mephisto came to stop the sound, yes, Hibiki, Kanade, and Ellen are turned into Pretty Cures. Go toward the Negatone, we would have been driven in reverse Mephisto manipulation Cure is Negatone movement. Mephisto Negatone directing attacks there appeared to Muse. Muse does not try to fight back but just dodge attacks, the Negatone intently for some reason. Mephisto as shoot the bad language to provoke a look at how their muse. Melody, Rhythm and Beat defeated the union of the three skilled Negatone who were in desperate to stand up.

Riding into the Crescendo Tone Melody, Rhythm and Beat go towards Mephisto continues. Then they try to hit the three tricks, Muse stands in front of Mephisto. Crescendo Tone had returned to the Healing Chest and avoided chest verge of Muse. Aphrodite was watching, and Melody, Rhythm and Beat surprised even Muse helped Mephisto. We attract the Fairy Tones chance that Mephisto would steal all the notes were in the disappear while the roar sounded. We will listen to the melody of the Muses helped Mephisto and why, Muse was flee to leave without saying anything.

35 (376)- "Jakīn! Tsuini Myūzu ga Kamen wo Totta Nya!" ("Jaki~n! Muse is Finally Unmasked Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 35

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 35

Airdate: October 16, 2011

Mephisto has appeared again to battle the Cures, but just when they were about to defeat him, Cure Muse interfered, resulting in all the Cures' musical notes to be stolen away. The Cures suspected that there was a part of the story they did not know, and Ellen suggested that something was definitely up.

Just then Mephisto appeared again and created a Negatone. He was trying to gather the rest of the musical notes to finish the Melody of Sadness. In order to save the town, Hibiki, Kanade and Ellen transformed into Pretty Cures.

On the other hand, Muse was extremely troubled, knowing that if she sided with Mephisto once again, a great tragedy will occur. During the battle, the Cures realized that Mephisto was wearing the same type of headphones which caused Ellen to be evil. The Cures start to understand Muse's actions.

"We have no reason to fight Mephisto. We should be fighting the evil heart controlling Mephisto. Why must the Pretty Cures fight? I want to protect everyone's happiness. That doesn't change even when my opponent is Mephisto. Fighting the evil heart means that we are fighting for Mephisto's happiness!"

Also, rumors of Shirabe Otokichi being Ako's grandfather have been dispelled. Ako is revealed to be Mephisto's daughter. Therefore, the enemies the Cures have been fighting up till now have never been the real thing.

36 (377)- "Kiraran! Kokoro ni Todoke, Myūzu no Omoi Nya!" ("Kirara~n! Let Muse's Thoughts Reach His Heart Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 36

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 36

Airdate: October 23, 2011

After Cure Muse's true identity was revealed by Mephisto, he disappeared again. Ako is actually the princess of Major Land! Her father is Mephisto, king of Major Land, and the Queen is Aphrodite. Aphrodite's father is revealed to be Otokichi.

In the past, Mephisto was a kind and gentle king. However, he entered the Enchanted Mirror Forest one day and came out a changed man. From then on, he started to plan to immerse the world in the Melody of Sadness. When Aphrodite stood up to him, he escaped from Major Land and created Minor Land.

In order to save her Papa, Ako became a Pretty Cure and had been fighting alone up until now. It is still unclear if Aphrodite knew what Muse had done. After Ako's true identity was revealed, Ellen felt extremely awed and awkward with her, and was laughed at by the others when she kept calling Ako "princess".

After Otokichi reveals the entire story, the Cures decide to fight alongside Ako to save Mephisto. Just then, a giant powered-up Mephisto appeared in town again!

Always troubled by the fact that she is battling her own father, Ako was unable to fight Mephisto. The others transformed into Pretty Cures to fight for her. However, Mephisto had immeasureable power, and the Cures were driven into a corner in no time.

Just then, Aphrodite appeared in the human world and started to battle Mephisto. Unable to watch her parents fight, Ako placed herself between them and shouted, "I wish for Papa and Mama to stop fighting!" And with her strong wish to save Mephisto, she transformed into a Pretty Cure.

Even as Cure Muse, Ako still found it hard to battle Mephisto. Just when Muse was about to give up, Melody came in to help her. She told Muse that she and Rhythm always fought, but everytime, once they spoke out their true feelings, they managed to understand each other. Thus, this battle was not to defeat Mephisto, but to let her feelings reach into his heart. She has to let Mephisto know that she loves her father and wishes to understand and help him.

Cure Muse's feelings managed to reach out to Mephisto. "I wish for Papa to return to normal". With a final attack of love, the earphones emitting the evil noise were blasted off and Mephisto is returned to his former self.

37 (378)- "WakuWaku! Harouin de Minna Henshin Nya!" ("WakuWaku! Everyone Transform for Halloween Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 37

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 37

Airdate: October 30, 2011

The girls meet up at melody hall where Otokichi tells the story of how he sealed Noise away long ago. He also explains that the pipe organ that he has been working on only plays saintly notes and was created to help defeat Noise. He also explains that Noise has been drawing off all the sorrow caused by the Negatones in order to come back and destroy all music. Otokichi also talks to Mephisto who is now in Major Land and as king he swears to protect it. Meanwhile the Trio De Minor are making plans and take on their new monster forms. Later the four girls ware walking through town as the Halloween decorations are going up for the town Halloween party. Ako doesn't quite know what to make of this so she asks Hibiki about it who explains about how Halloween is a holiday where people dress up in costumes and have fun. After bumping in to a friendly shopkeeper the girls end up helping to hang up some of the decorations. Later they dress up in costumes with Ako being a princess, Ellen being a black cat, Hibiki being a pirate and Kanade as a cute witch. Ako is abit embarrassed by her costume and not really having fun. As the girls go out they run into Souta who sorta blushes at the sight of Ako in a dress and Ako seems to share his crush but won't admit it. Still embarrassed, she walks over and leans against a tree where the shopkeeper talks to her and gives her some candy and tells Ako not to worry. Then a younger boy dressed as a monster walks up to Ako and fakes an attack then another boy dressed as a warrior walks up and says that he'll save the princess. Ako starts playing with them and actually having fun but then the Trio shows up spotting a note on a Jack O'Lantern which they turn into a Negatone. The girls transform and start to fight it but Muse tries to beat it by herself and fails. Then they try using the Crescendo Tone to do Suite Session Ensemble but get knocked back when the new leader of the trio starts singing the incomplete Melody of Sorrow. Ako still wants to handle it alone but Hibiki reminds her that she's no longer alone and that they will take care of the Melody of Sorrow while Muse gets rid of the Negatone. After it's defeated the trio once again runs but Otokichi fears the worst and the fossil Noise was imprisoned in appears to be empty.

38 (379)- "PachiPachiPachi♪ Fushigi na Deai ga Arata na Hajimari Nya!" ("Clap Clap Clap♪ A Mysterious Encounter Becomes a New Beginning Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 38

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 38

Airdate: November 13, 2011

The episode begins with Ako, who was drawing a picture for her grandfather, Otokichi, who was his birthday. Then Ako, left and Dodory. Meanwhile, Otokichi was working on a instrument, and then felt as Noise was near him. Ako then went to "Lucky Spoon" where she went to get a cake. Kanade asked for who it was, but Ako didn't want to tell. Then Ellen, and Hibiki arrived, with the letter saying about Otokichi, and they gave it back to Ako, and told Kanade about Otokichi's birthday. Then the girls decided to sing for him, but Ako told them not to, and went away.

The girls then sat together, and were trying to think why woudn't Ako sing. Ellen said that Ako was a bad singer, but then Hummy said that Ako was a good singer, then everyone thought it should have been because of her parents. While walking, Ako saw Pii-Chan, a bird who was hurt. Ako took him home, and was sayinng that the condition of the bird was the same as her's, they both felt lonely. Meanwhile, the girls came at Otokichi, and told him about a birthday party. Then Otokichi got happy, and then he said that Noise was near.

Then Falsetto, and Bassdrum along with Baritone, were thinking of a plan, but they felt tired. Falsetto then just asked Bassdrum, and Baritone, just to attack the Cures. At school, Souta saw Ako by herself and then came next to her, and asked if he could come to the party, then in the corner, the girls appeared as they said that they were family, and they coudn't sing without her, then Ako left, as she made the girls sad. Ako sat in a porch and was thinking of the word that Hibiki said as they were family, then Dodory, said that if she went with them, it would make them happy. Souta then came by and gave Ako food, and asked her why wouldn't she sing.

Ako then sat and told him without her parent's she wouldn't sing happily, then suddenly, from a tree Falsetto arrived, telling to go away, Souta rejected and came to protect Ako. But Falsetto, used magic and threw him. Then he took Ako's music box, and then summoned a Negatone out of it. Ako then transformed into Cure Muse. Cure Muse started fighting and managed to make the Negatone feel down. Then Falsetto, showed Souta to her, and Cure Muse then was about to attack Falsetto, but then suddenly Bassdrum, and Baritone, arrived.

Cure Muse started talking that she woudn't give, and because she wanted to protect her family. Cure Muse saw Falsetto who hurted Souta, and then started fighting, as then suddenly Cure Melody, Rhythm, and Beat arrived, helping her. Then as the plan went, Cure Muse saved Souta, and then everyone was ready to defeat the Negatone. Then with the help of the Healing Chest, they performed, Suite Session Ensemble Crescendo. Everything got back to normal, as Ako then accepted to sing. They all gathered, and then as Otokichi blew the candles, Ako began to sing, Kokoro no Uta (Song of the Heart). Then everyone began to sing cheerfully, and Ako was happy.

39 (380)- "Fugyā! Onpu ga Zēnbu Kiechatta Nya!" ("Fugya! All of the Notes Have Disappeared Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 39

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 39

Airdate: November 20, 2011

It was morning and the Fairy Tones waked up Hummy. Hummy ran in the window and saw birds but after Pii comes and shouts to the birds and the birds go away, Hummy's eyes opened and saw Pii and was scared. When going in Hibiki's room, Hummy checked the Fairy Tones and shocked she saw at all the Fairy Tones and was crying. Hibiki was getting anoyed and she couldn't sleep when she woke up she saw Hummy in her face and heard that the notes dissapeared and after all of them shouted.

Hibiki met with Kanade, Ako and Ellen, and she told them the notes dissapeared, and her friends couldn't believe it. While guessing who stole the notes, Hummy was eating many cupcakes which left the girls really suprised. Hibiki, angry cheered the girls and Hummy, and told them to not give up. After she said to find the notes like they did before. Falsetto, bored, was seeing at Bassdrum and Baritone and they were feeling bad because of their skin. After they were talking about the notes and they wanted all the notes to make Noise.

The girls went to Otokichi and asked to find notes, they also asked the Cresendo Tone to find the notes. The Crescendo Tone also said to the girls that she was feeling the power of Noise. Kanade told Otokichi if he could play the pipe organ, Otokichi said yes but he said to them that it would be a easy way for the Minor Land people to finish the Melody of Sadness. While playing, Hibiki was ready and was catching with Kanade with Ako and Ellen. In the other side Trio the Minor were collecting notes too.

When the girls were walking they saw a note on a football and they were waiting to get it, meanwhile Bassdrum jumped and took the note, Baritone wanted to get the notes that the girls collected but they didn't let him take them. After Falsetto came and summoned a Negatone, the girls were angry that everyone was sad and transformed. After Hibiki was fighting but Bassdrum kicked her, to protect Hibiki, Ellen did Beat Barrier but Bassdrum broke it took Ellen and Hibiki like toys and threw them away.

Kanade and Ako were heaving hard time hitting Baritone because he dodged them when they stopped he hitted them and the girls fall down while the girls were fighting, Hummy was going but Falsetto came and took all the notes. The girls came together and did plans to defeat them. The Negatone threw a ball at Kanade and Kanade was running, while she was running Ako was being chased by Baritone, Ellen did Beat Barrier to protect herself from Bassdrum. Hibiki came and kicked Bassdrum in his leg and he fall down.

Ako was still being chased by Baritone but Kanade came and the protected Ako. Ako was running and went away, and Bassdrum was chasing Ellen but Ellen came to Ako and they protected each other, after Baritone came and hit Bassdrum and they both fell down. After Hibiki and Kanade kicked the Negatone and it as the time to do Suite Session Ensemble Crescendo and they defeated the Negatone, after Ako jumped and took the notes from Falsetto's hand and gives all the notes to Hummy.

Everyone was feeling better, Hummy and Hibiki went away to get some things and the Fairy Tones were jumping, in the window it was Pii and his eyes glowed and took all the notes of the Fairy Tones, Otokichi felt something and he knew it was Noise, when Hibiki came back with Hummy the Fairy Tones said that the notes were gone again leaving Hibiki and Hummy shocked again.

40 (381)- "Rururu~! Amaoto wa Megami no Shirabe Nya!" ("LuLuLu~! Raindrops are the Tune of the Goddess Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 40

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 40

Airdate: November 27, 2011

Ako was feeling lonely in school, she was waiting for Otokichi to come when he came she said to him that he was slow and she was getting wet because of the rain. After Ako wakes up in her bed thinking it was a dream, than from the window it was Pii standing by the tree. Trio the Minor had many notes given from Noise (In Pii-Chan's form), Bassdrum asked Falsetto that why hasn't he revived yet, Falsetto says that Pii was already plotting his moves around Precure leaving Bassdrum and Baritone suprised.

The girls were in school eating but Hummy was still ready to find notes, she said to the girls to find notes quickly than the fairy notes come and Hibiki says that Noise is close after a second she said that Pii screams and the Fairy Tones go away because they were scared. Hibiki and the girls went in their schools because it was raining. Ouji was playing the piano and Kanade, Hibiki and Ellen were seeing, Hummy said that notes were close to a instrument and they saw a note in there and Hummy was proud of it.

In Ako's school it was raining and Ako was waiting again for Otokichi, she was lonely but Souta came and with a umbrella and Ako asks him that why he always had an umbrella, but than still Souta wanted to give her the umbrella, Ako was suprised and was calm, Souta was sad and he waited with her, for Otokichi to come. Otokichi had no track of time, he was rushing to pick her up when he goes, Pii was there and saw the Organs and was planing of something.

Ako still waiting told Souta that she trusted him every time Souta was suprised. Ako said in the parents's day in school he came he was there smiling, in sports festival he was cheering Ako and made Ako run faster, when she cried alone for her parents also he came and gave her a hug and told that it was going to be okay. She also said that he made a promise that he was never going to be late but than Ako thought if it was because of Noise and she started running and was going in his place leaving Souta alone.

Otokichi was ready to go with his umbrella and smiling but than Pii was planing of killing him with the Piano Organs which were big and heavy than Otokichi had nowhere to go but Hibiki, Ellen and Kanade were there and they saved him. Than Pii came in Hibiki's hands and was staying, Otokichi rembered that Noise took a bird form and said to the girls that Pii was Noise the girls coudn't believe it than he asked the Crescendo Tone to know if the bird was Noise but than she coudn't know.

When Pii was flying a screw and than Hibiki knew it was Pii who stole the notes, when Pii was flying to go away Hibiki was playing in the piano and Pii coudn't fly anymore and they knew Pii was Noise. Ako came than Pii came in her hands, Otokichi told Ako that Pii was Noise, but Ako was suprised but she knew that Otokichi never lied at her so she trusted him. Pii was trying to escape but than Trio the Minor came and summoned a Negatone and the girls had to transform into cures.

The girls were fighting bu it was hard and they did the attack, Suite Session Ensemble Crescendo and they defeated the Negatone. But too late Noise with Trio the Minor had escaped everything got back to normal, Ako and Otokichi were holding hands and were talking and Otokichi told Ako why he was late but Ako wasn't sad she was happy that he was okay and they were continuing walking and smiling.

41 (382)- "FaFā♪ Saigo no Onpu wa Zettai Watasanai Nya !" ("FaFa~♪ We'll Never Let You Have the Final Note Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 41

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 41

Airdate: December 4, 2011

It was a sunny day and Kanade was amazed seeing Ouji practice with Hibiki's father but Ellen and Hibiki were tired after a while Kanade was shouting, "Ouji! Ouji! Ouji! Ouji!",and the girls were shocked that she was shouting like that, but Ako was woried because she needed one more note, but Ellen said she was going to collect many, after Hibiki told them that it was music festival and many notes will come, than Hummy inturupted her telling that she was right. In the other side Falsetto told Bassdrum and Baritone that there was only one note left to finish the Melody of Sorrow, and he told them that the note they need it was in Fary and he told them to capture Fary and they laughed and Pii was looking at them.

Bassdrum and Baritone were riding the bike but they were cold and slow after they said to get Fary but than they were riding faster, in the tree it was Kanade and Hibiki spying on them and after they see Fary and Fary tells them that she was fast and she jumped high but Bassdrum was furious and was to close to get Fary but Hummy came and saved her leaving Bassdrum and Baritone hit the tree. Hibiki had a idea of saving Fary and the world so she decided to say to everyone that every person in the city would get a chance to play in a movie by saving Fary and capture the two monsters, Bassdrum and Baritone.

Souta along with Ako had a fake Fary and Souta said that he would never gave Fary, Bassdrum and Baritone sw it and thought it was real, Souta puted his Sun mask and told them that he was, "The Hero of Justice, Sun Man!",after Sun Man along with Ako did Super Dash! and ran away with Ako but than Bassdrum took the Fake Fary and saw behind and it said, "Nope!",and Bassdrum and Baritone were furious. After that they see the real Fary making duplicates than they decide to catch all of them, but than they stop and see many Faries as toys after Kanade came and told them that the operation that the were doing was called, "Hide Fari Among Fairs!",than Baritone and Bassdrum search all of them but nothing.

While going for nothing they see Fary again say Fa-Fa than they knew that one was real, but than Hibiki whistles and Waon comes and says, "Waon the Savior!",and comes with football and says, "Waon Hyper Special Shoot!",after Hibiki cheered her up and Bassdrum was feeling bad, after that Seika and makes Bassdrum into a cake and Kanade cheers her up, after Ouji and his friends come with ropes and make Bassdrum with many ropes, than Kanade was cheering up many times, than all the Ouji lovers come and step on Bassdrum and Baritone, Baritone and Bassdrum feeled tired after a thunder come and elecrocutes them. Than Falsetto comes and tells them to catch Fary no matter what.

Than Fary gets happy but than Trio the Minor come and Falsetto tries to guess who was Fary but fails and than Bassdrum finds out who it is and captures it. Hibiki tells her friends and her friends come again and shout Fary and Fary jumps high than Hibiki and Bassdrum jump to catch Fary but then Bassdrum gets it and Hibiki gets the fake one. But than Fary manages to escape from Bassdrum's hands but than Falsetto gets the note from Fary and summons a Negatone with Fary inside. The girls turn into Cures, Rhythm gets stuck into some fake Faries but than Beat comes and rescues her, all of them get tired but they manage to defeat every fake Fary after all those attacks Cure Melody comes and takes the real Fary from the after all that they do Suite Session Ensemble Crescendo and take the note but to late the note gets stolen from Noise.

Everything got normal but the girls were with dissapointment because of their last note, than Hibiki looks in the window and sees the people heaving fun and playing instruments than Otokichi comes and says, "As long we have as music everything will be okay.",after Hibiki says that the girls would save the world no matter how and they smile and say that they will do everything to help the world.

42 (383)- "Pikon Pikon! Nerawareta Kyua Mojūre Nya!" ("Pikon Pikon! The Cure Modules are Targeted Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 42

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 42

Airdate: December 11, 2011

Trio the Minor finally got all the notes and showed them to Noise and than Falsetto was reviving Noise by doing the Melody of Sorrow. The girls were talking to Aphrodite about the last note that it was taken, Hibiki told them that they could defeat Noise by combining powers but Ako said Noise wasn't easy to defeat, but Aphrodite gave them power by telling that Noise wound't revive. Falsetto was getting happy that the Melody of Sorrow was complete but than the four G-Clefs dissapeared and Falsetto and Noise got all crazy but than Falsetto remembered that the G-Clefs were in the girls's hearts. Aphrodite said to the girls that Otokichi made four fake G-Clefs so they can lie to Trio the Minor.

Falsetto was angry and he said to the Bassdrum and Baritone to get the G-Clefs. In school Ellen was seeing Hibiki playing soccer with Waon and Kanade doing Cupcakes and Seika was helping her. Ellen was wth Ako saying about the Cure Modules than Bassdrum and Baritone were seeing the city and Bassdrum planed a plan, he said that he would make everyperson fall into sadness and than the girls would come and to take their Cure Modules out and than they would fall into a trap and they would steel their Cure Modules. After they were digging holes but than the girls come and Ako sees them and asks them that why are they digging holes, Bassdrum had no attention and he told them their plan than they run away but Bassdrum woke up and knew it was a dream.

Baritone told Bassdrum that he had a better plan and it was to capture Otokichi than take him as a hostage than the girls would gave them their Cure Modules and they would take them. After it was night and they went to Otokichi's house but than Ako came and knew their plan making Bassdrum and Baritone really mad. Than Falsetto was feeling to go by himself and take the Cure Modules. It was day and the girls were eating and than Waon came and told the girls that Seika was taken away from Bassdrum. Than when they arrive the girls tell Waon to stay and when they go they save Seika. Than when they get out thay see Falsetto and the girls tell Seika and Waon to run.

The girls take their Cure Modules to transform and than Waon comes and take Ellen and Hibiki's Cure Module and Seika takes Kanade and Ako's Cure Modules leaving the girls shocked than they go to Falsetto. The girls ask Falsetto what happened to Seika and Waon and they say that they were being contorolled by Noise. After Falsetto sees that the Cure Modules were fake and than Ako shows that she had the real ones. After Waon and Seika try again but than they fight with the evil noise and break free from it, Falsetto tries to reach them but then Hummy takes them away. Bassdrum and Baritone take the Cure Modules and they get back into their Normal forms and give the Cure Modules back.

But Noise was really angry and he turned Bassdrum and Baritone trun more evil and than the girls turn into Cures. After fighting with them they get tired and to save their friend the do Suite Session Ensemble Crescendo and win but Bassdrum and Baritone were evil and go away. But Seika and Waon were feeling better. The girls were wondering why their Cure Modules were really important and still Baritone and Bassdrum and Falsetto were obeing Noise's rules.

43 (384)- "Shiku Shiku... Fukō no Merodi ga Kanseishichatta Nya!" ("Sob Sob... The Melody of Sorrow is Completed Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 43

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 43

Airdate: December 18, 2011

Trio the Minor made a plan to capture Aphrodite. Aphrodite saw a person which named himself as one of the Major Land's Three Musketeers which he captured Baritone and Bassdrum but after he takes the mask off and it was Falsetto, Aphrodite was shocked and didn't have any chance but to tell her bird for help. Mephisto was going to his wife but than he sees that his wife was taken by Trio the Minor and gets angry and shocked. After all they go in to Minor Land and hope they get the G-Clefs form the girls.

When the girls wanted to talk to Aphrodite, Falsetto's face comes and Hibiki gets shocked like all and they tell her that they captured Aphrodite. After a second, Mephisto comes and shouts because of his wife, but Ako hugs him. Otokichi says if they give their note back, Noise is going to revive, Hibiki has idea to find a way to get Aphrodite without giving their Cure Modules. The girls go to Minor Land and Aphrodite gets worried. The girls had their Cure Modules but they were worried if they could hurt Aphrodite and after get their Cure Modules.

After Falsetto lies to them and makes a tornado and tries to get the Cure Modules also and to kill Aphrodite but than Mephisto comes and lands into Bassdrum and Baritone and Hummy gets all the Cure Modules, and the girls transform. Mephisto saves his wife, but Falsetto makes Baritone and Bassdrum even stronger and the girls do Music Rondo to Falsetto but it doesn't work. Mephisto tried to defeat Bassdrum and Baritone but he couldn't because he turned them evil from all that.

Mephisto told his wife everything, Noise controlled him a long time ago and than he turned Baritone, Bassdrum and Falsetto into evil and made the group called Trio the Minor, but than he turned into good because of Ako. Mephisto decided to fight with the evil and took all the evil from Bassdrum and Baritone into himself to destory it and it happened, Baritone and Bassdrum returned into them selves and Falsetto said to them to destroy Aphrodite but Falsetto took a roppe and tried to kill Aphrodite but than Bassdrum and Baritone came and protected her.

The girls were really angry and sad and Bassdrum and Baritone were almost defeated but than they see the girls and the girls give to Falsetto the G-Clefs just to save Bassdrum and Baritone and they were crying because of that. The girls gave and Pii/ Noise was really happy that the Melody of Sorrow was complete except the girls, Mephisto, Aphrodite, Bassdrum and Baritone.

44 (385)- "DoReRaDo♪ Seinaru Yoru ni Umare ta Kiseki Nya!" ("Do Re La Do♪ A Holy Night Gives Birth to a Miracle Nya!")

(ドレラド~♪ 聖なる夜に生まれた奇跡ニャ!)
Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 44

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 44

Airdate: December 25, 2011

It was Christmas and people packed their presents. Maria came and stayed with Hibiki and cheered her up and Dan came and said that he was going to do foods for Christmas and than Hibiki felt lonely and went to Kanade's place. Kanade felt lonely also and was waiting for her friends and than Kanade saw it was snowing, after Hibiki showed up and told Kanade that snow was peaceful, after they were sad because their Cure Modules didn't work and turned grey, than Kanade asked that why didn't Noise do something yet.

Than the girls went to Otokichi's place and where telling Otokichi if there was any way if they got back their Cure Modules and with they face frowning, Otokichi came and said that it was Christmas and he fixed the Piano Organ which left the girls surpised. Healing Chest said that the Piano Organ played holy music which could defeat the evil and than when the girls turned their heads they saw all their friends and they said to help the girls with the concert.

The girls were ready to do the concert in Otokichi's place and she invited everyone, next morning Hibiki weared a christmas outfit along with the hat and told everyone was invited. The other people were selling candies and things to people, and Ellen was selling cocoa and Hibiki's parents were seeing her but Ako wasn't feeling good because she was worried of Noise's, Melody of Sorrow, but than the girls came and cheered her up by telling they were going to be okay. When Hibiki's parents were going to play music a voice comes and the girls knew who it was Falsetto.

After Falsetto took the book which held the the notes of sorrow and everyone got sad after Noise's eyes shined and in Otokichi's place things exploded, than Falsetto sang the melody of sorrow than Noise started collecting the energy of people leaving Otokichi scared again after all that Noise got in his complete form and the people started turning into stones than Hibiki saw her parents and they were turned into stones too and Hibiki got angry, than Noise came and said to Otokichi that he was going to die than Noise did a big bursting red energy and Otokichi had no way but to protect Ako than he threw her away and Ako saw Falsetto and was really angry.

Falsetto threw the Legendary Score and Noise made that into a Negatone, than they started fighting but the girls coudn't transform because Noise got their Cure Modules and than Otokichi came and protected them again, than Hibiki came and was sad and angry and was telling the Negatone that it was sad bringing sadness around the world and than the Neagtone cried which left the girls suprised and than Kanade came and suported her along with Ako and Ellen while saying really good words a new page came in the legendary score which Otokichi never knew than inthe girls a heart appeared which was the G-Clef than from all that the girls could transform, than the girls did Suite Session Ensemble Crescendo which destroyed the Negatone.

Everything got back to normal except the humans they were still in stones, than Otokichi came with all that excitment and told the girls that they were going to Minor Land and than he played the Piano Organ and they went in Minor Land from the rainbow stairs and they were proud to fight and get the music back in town.

45 (386)- "Voun♪ Noizu no Sukiniwa Sasenai Nya!" ("Vo~n♪ We Won't Let Noise Have His Way Nya!"")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 45

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 45

Airdate: January 8, 2012

Noise took all the notes and turned into his final form, Otokichi was scared but he protected the girls. Noise did a Negatone out of the Legendary Score but than Hibiki told everything to the Negatone and than the Negatone started crying after all that they got new Cure Modules and turned into cures and destroyed the Negatone, but nothing got back except the girls every human was turned into a stone because there wasn't any more music and Otokichi did a path and the cures were proud of what were they doing and they went to Minor Land.

In Minor Land Aphrodite was worried because of her husband and had to stay next to him, while Noise was invading Minor Land and scarying people and he turned them to stones and in the tower where Aphrodite was wasn't turn into a stone and the people also. Noise was getting tired but than he found out the place were Aphrodite was hidding and tried to destroy it but than Aphrodite took her harp and was fighting but than the cures arrived leaving Noise and Falsetto suprised.

Noise than told them that they brought they bodyguard and than the cures didn't knew for he was talking about but than the Healing Chest flyed and told the cures, that a long time ago when Otokichi was young and a fighter, Noise was getting all the notes but than Crescendo Tone came and she fighted after all that fight Otokichi sealed her in the Cursed Forest, Mephisto was angry and went to the forest but Noise was there and he controled Mephisto to do all those bad things, after she said that Cure Muse was mad and went to fight Noise but it was hard for her.

Noise kicked Muse and she fell down, Cure Beat was really angry and she started fighting Noise also and she started talking to Falsetto that he was being used by Noise but too late Noise kicked her but effected Falsetto. The cures were tired of fighting and did Music Rondo but it had no effect on Noise. The cures were in bad situation when Noise was going to kill them, Otokichi came with a giant rock but than the cures knew what to do and they did Suite Session Ensemble Crescendo but it Noise didn't liked it and he took Otokichi.

Muse was angry and sad again, but she went to catch Otokichi and she took his hand but than Otokichi knew he was going to die and he left her hand leaving Ako, Aphrodite and the cures to angry than Noise captured the Healing Chest, the cures got ther powers back and were shining and they did Passionato Harmony and were fighting Noise made a black energy power and threw it to the cures but all of them were gathering power till all that exploded and Noise fell down but than Crescendo Tone came also but too bad Noise trapped her and she said to the girls that they knew what to do leaving them alone without any weapons and without hope...

46 (387)- "Zukōn! Purikyua Saigo no Tatakai Nya!" ("Zukon! PreCure's Final Battle Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 46

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 46

Airdate: January 15, 2012

Everything was in despair, Kanon Town was quiet because the people were turned into stones, Major Land was also and the worst thing was that the Healing Chest and Otokichi were turned into stones also and the Cures were alone without any weapons but Noise was also in bad condition, Falsetto was trying to find him and saw Noise in the ground and he was trying to make him happy but than Noise became annoyed and took Falsetto in his body and than Noise felt better. Than he decided to make the Cures into stones like he did to Otokichi and Healing Chest.

In Major Land, Aphrodite was worried because her husband was still hurt and half of the people were turned into stones and only some of the people which were on the palace were saved and the Cures. The Cures were scared and were trying to figure out a plan of how to defeat Noise and in despair Cure Melody started singing and left her friends suprised and she said that they all had to smile and than Aphrodite came and was saying that everyone had to smile than the Fairy Tones came and said they would keep up and work for Cresendo Tone's sake.

While talking, Noise damaged the concert hall and than was saying to the Cures to show up, the Cures were ready and went, Hummy decided to do that to and went. The Cures started kicking, Cure Muse was throwing wall pieces but than Noise tried to kick her, but than all of them kicked and he went down, Cure Melody, Cure Rhythm, Cure Beat and Cure Muse were ready to do their attacks. Cure Melody and Rhythm paired up and Cure Melody did Miracle Heart Arpeggio and than Cure Rhythm also did Fantastic Piacere. Than Cure Beat got her Love Guitar Rod and did Beat Sonic, Cure Muse than did Sparkling Shower and they thinked that Noise would get destroyed but he dodged them.

The Cures were tired and were strugling but Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm said that they would never give up, Noise said that everything was never going to be the same and than he told the story, the Legendary Score was the whole point of the music, if the notes would make the Melody of Sorrow that would have been changed into Melody of Happiness but it would be changed back to Melody of Sorrow and than he attacked and he was getting Cure Melody to turn into stone but than Bassdrum and Baritone came and were saving her than Cure Melody was saved and was happy that they were okay.

Than Baritone and Bassdrum asked Noise why did he absorb Falsetto and the Cures were shocked and they were sad and angry, than Noise answered becuse he was annoying and than Bassdrum and Baritone were crying and were walking towards him but than he shooted at them and they went away, it was the tun for the Cures to get defeated but than Bassdrum and Baritone were protecting them but than they got absorbed too. After that Noise became more powerful and than he turned into a tinier form but he was strong and the Cures were supriesed like Hummy.

Than they were angry and fighted, than all the Cures did Music Rondo Super Quartet and the Cures thought it was over but than Noise was there and he made a big negative ball and threw it to the Cures and they flied away. Aphrodite had no choise but than she was doing nothing but playing music with everyone and she was hopping if that worked and than Noise came and was curious of what she was doing than people were still playing music than he froze some people but they still kept playing but no hope he froze the whole city and the girls were bad and they didn't hear anymore music.

The girls thought they had no hope but than the Fairy Tones were making music and the girls were suprised and they loved it, and than Hummy came with the Legendary Score and showed it that they could make a new song and Hibiki was proud and they got up and told to the city that there was hope!

47 (388)- "Pikān! Minna de Kanaderu Kibō no Kumikyōku Nya!" ("Pika~n! Let Everyone Hear the Symphony of Hope Nya!")

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 47

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 47

Airdate: January 22, 2012

Noise was in another place but he still knew the girls weren't gone and than he wondered where were they. Than the girls showed up that they were in a tunnel as they were thinking of a way to defeat Noise. Than Hummy inturupted them and said to not give up and than suddenly the roof was gone and Noise came. Than Noise was trying to defeat them but the girls coudn't let him, than he said that the as the girls were alive and Noise was also and than he said he was born of people sadness, as people cried from the tear, each tear made a feather after he said that the girls were shocked.

Than Noise said if they could transform and try to eliminate him and than Ako, Kanade and Ellen were ready but Hibiki was crying of Noise's story and said she wasn't going to fight him and Hummy was sad and than when she knew that Noise was going to absorb Hibiki and than she ran in front of Hibiki and opened the Legendary Score which made the dark energy go and than Hummy got in Noise's body and was singing and made every bad note into a good note and was communicating with Noise about the music which made everything better.

Than the girls were going to show Noise how to overcome sadness, and turned into Cures and knew this was the last battle. Noise became angry again and than Hummy's voice dissapeared but than Cure Melody coudn't let it and she was going to believe. Than they went to Noise but it was hard for them, Noise kept throwing dark energy and feathers and made it harder, but Melody came with her Miracle Belltier and Noise was in bad posistion, than Cure Rhythm came with her Fantastic Belltier but than Noise pushed Melody and Rhythm, after Cure Muse came but she got pushed also, than he was trying to defeat them but Cure Beat came and did Beat Barrier and protected them.

While Cure Beat was doing the Barrier she was telling about her life how she made people sad and than she felt betraited but than she overcomed sadness but than the Barrier broke, Cure Muse than came and made illusions of herself and did Shining Circle, while she was doing that she was telling about her story of how her dad dissapered and that she was alone but than her friends made her cheer up and than she became happy, than Noise pushed her but suddenly Cure Rhythm came with her Fantastic Belltier and made a yellow ring than was telling that she fought with Hibiki everytime, while telling that Cure Melody came with her Miracle Belltier and made a orange ring and was telling that now they were friends.

Than when they were done the rings exploded making Noise fall, the Cures grouped and were telling tears weren't only for sad things they would also serve for happiness, Noise got angry again and made Beat and Muse fall down than he attackted Cure Melody and Rhythm but than they got saved from Cure Beat and Muse and than they got grouped again telling Noise that they hearts as one would make a great power, than the Fairy Tones also came and made the hearts as one and made the Crescendo Tone, than Cresendo Tone gave them power, in the Cure's modules a shining came and made the Cures with wings.

Than the Cures became more powerful and than it was time for them to attack they did, Suite Session Ensemble Crescendo and from that Noise was about to get defeated but than a hand raised and took his finger and it was Cure Melody and her friends and slowely and slowely Noise got dissapered. Everything was okay the Cures were happy but than Cure Melody reminded them that were was Hummy which left the Cures curious...

48 (389)- "Rarara~♪ Sekai ni Hibike, Shiawase no Merodi Nya!" ("LaLaLa~♪ Let The World Echo The Melody of Happiness Nya!")

(ラララ~♪ 世界に響け、幸福のメロディニャ!)
Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 48

Suite Pretty Cure - Episode 48

Airdate: January 29, 2012

Hibiki, Kanade, Ako and Ellen grouped together on Otokichi's place. Hibiki had cupcakes and Ellen with Kanade had instruments to make music. Hibiki shared her cupcakes but everyone felt in despair that Hummy wasn't waking up, then Hibiki remembered that Hummy had protected the Legendary Score as all the good notes were gathered, then Hummy was about to fall down but the Legendary Score made a bubble so Hummy coudn't fall, then the big stones fell down as the stones were, Falsetto, Bassdrum and Baritone.

As Hibiki remembered in the past she wanted Hummy to wake, and told Ellen to perform a song which would make Hummy wake up. As Ellen took her guitar, she started singing. While listening Hibiki closed her eyes and also remembered Noise that he was alone and nothing could make him happy and that from each tear he was grown powerful. Then Hibiki was saying for Hummy to wake up in her mind as she opened her eyes she was somewhere with flowers which in there it was.....Hummy!

Hibiki saw Hummy playing around as she started jumping and tried to catch butterflies, then Hibiki shouted at her but nothing. Then she saw other people coming as they were her friends, Kanade said to her that she was dreaming for Hummy, then Ellen said that they were in a dream. As they were talking Hummy started calling for Ellen to sing the Melody of Happiness with her then Ellen came close to her but Hummy coudn't see them and was woried. Ellen remebered that Hibiki said about Hummy's close bond with Ellen.

Then Ellen sang a song as the song was reaching Hummy, Ellen said to the girls to join in and then everyone was singing. They made a circle around Hummy and were singing untill they woke up as they saw Hummy got up and thank Ellen about her song. After all that they were happy and...wanted to save the world! Hummy and the girls went to Aphrodite with the other people too, Hummy then sang as Hibiki was suprised with the amazing voice Hummy had. As the song gathered people's hearts they broke free from their stone forms.

Then Aphrodite awoke and saw Ako hugging as Ako had tears in her face. Then every person in Major Land broke free. Bassdrum, Falsetto and Baritone broke free too as they were happy not being controlled again. Then from that all of them jumped to catch their friend, Ellen. As then the whole city was sparkling with happiness and rainbows. Then the Crescendo Tone was alive. The girls were leaving but every person in Major Land were waving and saying goodbye. In Kanon City everyone was back too as all of them were talking.

It was sunset and they were with Otokichi and were talking then....a voice which Otokichi had known appeared it was....Pii-Chan! Pii-Chan now was in white color as now he was made from happiness. The girls said that they were always going to be Pretty Cures and that they will start a new tomorrow, as Hibiki was going to get trained by her father and everything would be all right as then in the end they said that all of them were going to be Suite Pretty Cure!!