1 (390)- "Tanjō! Egao Manten Kyua Happī!!" ("She's Born! The Perfect Smile, Cure Happy!!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 01

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 01

Airdate: February 5, 2012

Hoshizora Miyuki is late for the first day attending her new school, having just transferred from another town. She introduces herself while running and remarks that she likes picture and fairy tale books. She still takes the time to look around and thinks that something happy might just happen. As she scoots around a corner she sees nothing at first, but then hears something suddenly cry out. As she starts to look around, a pink book flaps down and opens to a picture of Candy, which becomes real and pops out of the book.

The mascot hits Miyuki in the face, however, causing both of them to fall back. When Miyuki gets a good look she picks up Candy and hugs the mascot while saying she's cute. Miyuki starts asking Candy questions about what and who she is. Candy then jumps back to introduce herself while Miyuki thinks this is fate. Candy then runs off, leaving the book behind. After picking it up, Miyuki remembers that she is late for school and runs to class.

Miyuki gets to school and is trying to introduce herself to the class, but she is really nervous and does a very small, un-informative introduction. Its then Hino Akane gets up out of her seat and says she'll do the introduction, saying that Miyuki seems friendly but out of it and has a younger brother who likes to look at the stars and says his name is Mitaro. Akane then attempts to keep telling jokes but is then interrupted by Midorikawa Nao and Aoki Reika who say that Miyuki should do her own introduction. Akane then proceeds to introduce Miyuki to Nao, Reika, and then herself.

Kise Yayoi then chimes in, then apologizes by saying that Akane only did that to break the ice. Akane on the way back to her seat then introduces Yayoi and calls her a crybaby, though Yayoi claims she has only cried three times so far. Since she is a lot less nervous now, Miyuki redoes her introduction and does a better job of it this time. She also says that it is nice to meet the class and that she loves happy things and looks for Happiness everyday. The teacher and Akane remark that Miyuki's seat is right behind her and Miyuki sits down. Shortly after she notices Candy hopping about but when she tries to tell Akane, she looks to see nobody is there which ends up distrupting class...

Later after class Miyuki starts looking for Candy again by exploring the school. First she looks in the music room and then the science lab and finally the library. While looking at the books, she spots a shelf with a glowing book titled "The Magical Door" and pulls out the book before noticing a light behind it. She then shoves some books aside, and it seems to start working something like a combination lock. This continues as she notices several other lights on the shelf that work the same way until a portal opens and pulls Miyuki in. She then finds herself in the Magical Library. Candy is still searching but runs into Wolfrun and has to run away. Inside the magical library, Miyuki puts Candy's book on the shelf and then pulls it off to see Candy running from a crack in one of the books. Trying to get to Candy, she drops the book and manages to operate the same combination that pulls her through the portal and back to the human world, outside of a bookstore near Candy.

Miyuki then manages to follow Candy and catches the mascot as she falls off a building. Candy who is freaked out from Wolfrun tries to run away, again saying that the wolf is coming from the sky. Miyuki doesn't believe Candy at first, but soon sees Wolfrun, who blacks out a book with some ink and creates negative energy from sad people which he absorbs into a book. Wolfrun and Candy explain about the bad end scenario and then Candy says everything will be happy if you work for it.

Miyuki says that Candy is right. She then remembers how her day was earlier and wants to protect Candy. Miyuki's power then triggers; with Candy's help she transforms into Cure Happy. At first Miyuki is really scared and she freaks out after transforming. Cure Happy runs away scared and hides behind a wall of a brick house, thinking the wolf wouldn't chase her there. Wolfrun laughs, then turns the house into an Akanbe. When the monster attacks she jumps sky high, but still can't control her powers and gets freaked out more.

She manages to knock the Akanbe down in this state and lands on it by accident, freaking out again when she sees where she landed. As she again runs away, Candy tells Cure Happy to use "Happy Shower" to purify the monster but nothing comes out. Cure Happy then gets over her fear, and with new found confidence and the determination not to lose to Wolfrun she concentrates really hard, pulls off the attack, and acquires the first piece of Cure Decor. Wolfurun runs away and everyone goes back to normal. Candy then asks Miyuki to help save her world to which Miyuki agrees.

2 (391)- "Moero! Nekketsu Kyua Sanī yade!!" ("On Fire! The Hot-Blooded Cure Sunny is Here!!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 02

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 02

Airdate: February 12, 2012

After her transformation into Cure Happy, Miyuki is now officially a Pretty Cure. Candy tells her that there are a total of 5 Cures, causing Miyuki to fall backwards and hit her head from excitement. The search of the other team members begins.

During gym class, Miyuki decides that the kind-hearted Yayoi, and the energetic Akane, could become Pretty Cure too. When Miyuki says that she wants Akane and Yayoi to become Pretty Cure, the two girls become confused, as they don't understand what is it. Candy, who is hiding behind a bush hears this and throws herself into Miyuki, taking her somewhere a little futher away, warning Miyuki that "not everyone can become Pretty Cure". Upon finding Miyuki a little bit later, Akane turns down the offer stating that she is busy with the volleyball club.

Later, when Miyuki goes to watch and support Akane during her volleyball practice trials, Akane seems to not be doing her best. Two girls beside Miyuki doubt if Akane really is the ace, saying that they thought that Yuka, the current volleyball ace, was better. Miyuki, looking back at Akane, sees that she looks frustrated.

After school, Miyuki sees Akane working hard underneath the upcoming bridge. She thinks that Akane is crying. But she isn't crying. Akane says to Miyuki that she isn't sad. Miyuki offers her support and she begins to help with training. The next day, Miyuki goes to support Akane again at the volleyball practice trials. Just as Akane delivers powerful attacks at the opposing team, Wolfrun appears to collect Bad Energy and causes everyone to fall into despair.

Miyuki transforms into Pretty Cure, and Wolfurun creates a giant volleyball Akanbe to go after her. Unable to fight properly, Cure Happy is in a pinch when Akane wakes up. Identifying Miyuki, she risks herself to help her friend, and thus gains her Smile Pact and transforms into Cure Sunny.

Sunny easily defeats the Akanbe with her strength and finishing attack, Sunny Fire, saving another Cure Decor piece. A strong friendship starts to form between Miyuki and Akane as Miyuki expresses just how happy she is that Akane can be a Pretty Cure with her.

3 (392)- "Jankenpon♪ de Kyua Pīsu!!" ("Rock-Paper-Scissors♪ Cure Peace!!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 03

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 03

Airdate: February 19, 2012

Yayoi, a girl from Miyuki and Akane's class, is a crybaby and a weakling. However, she loves manga and anime, and is really good at drawing.

One day, Miyuki and Akane were having lunch on the rooftop, when they spotted Yayoi sitting alone. Creeping up on her, they noticed that she was drawing a manga scene of superheroes. Miyuki and Akane praised Yayoi's drawing and said that she should show it off to the rest of the class, but Yayoi asks them not to say anything and ran away.

In class, Reika was telling everyone about a poster competition the school was organizing, and requested for volunteers to take part. Nobody came forward, and Miyuki, remembering Yayoi's talent for drawing, nominated for Yayoi to be their class representative. Yayoi was afraid at first, pointing out how the representatives of other classes were better than her. However, Miyuki told her to just try her best, and Yayoi admitted that she really wanted to try this out too. Thus, Yayoi started working on the poster. Miyuki and Akane also happily volunteered to help her out by modelling and providing refreshments for her.

A few days later, the results of the competition were announced. Yayoi was a little disappointed that she had only been awarded the "Good Effort Award", and when students from the winning class jeered at her, she tore her poster from the board and ran away with it. Sitting outside on the steps, Yayoi was feeling depressed about her lack of talent when Akaoni appeared. Calling her a "weakling" and feeding off her sadness, Akaoni created a Bad End alternate reality and plunged everyone into sorrow. Miyuki and Akane appeared to battle, and Akaoni created an Akanbe to fight them.

The girls transformed into Pretty Cure, but the Akanbe was strong and they had a hard time fighting it. Frustrated, the Cures performed their finishing moves on the Akanbe, but as they did not have enough fighting spirit, the Akanbe could not be purified. Angry at Akaoni for insulting Yayoi, Happy shouted that she would never forgive him. Hearing this woke Yayoi up, and the Cures did their best to protect her from the Akanbe. However, they were easily defeated. Feeling afraid, Yayoi almost ran away, but in the end, she plucked up her courage and ran to protect her friends.

Yayoi's strong wish to protect her friends gained her the Smile Pact, and she transformed into Cure Peace! Although excited at becoming a real-life superhero, Peace was still a timid girl inside, and ran away from the frightening Akanbe instead of fighting it. In her terror, she unknowingly released a bolt of lightning which struck the Akanbe and stopped it in its tracks. Candy explained that Peace has the power of lightning, and taught her to use her finishing move. Charging up her Smile Pact, Peace performed her move Peace Thunder, successfully purifying the Akanbe and gaining a Cure Decor piece.

After the battle, Yayoi admitted that although she lost the competition, she learnt that friends will always be there for her. Shyly, she asked if she could call Miyuki "Miyuki-chan" instead of the formal term "Hoshizora-san", and Miyuki happily agreed. Still a crybaby, Yayoi started to cry out of happiness.

4 (393)- "Chokkyū Shōbu! Kaze no Kyua Māchi!!" ("A Straight Up Bout! Cure March of the Wind!!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 04

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 04

Airdate: February 26, 2012

Hoshizora Miyuki helps Candy make her ears look like rabbit ears, but Miyuki soon realized that she was running late again.

Meanwhile at the Bad End Kingdom, Akaoni gets himself a new cloth, however, he was vaguely ready to attack the Pretty Cure. At school, Kise Yayoi creates herself a lunchbox that looks like Candy. Two girls then interrupt Miyuki, Yayoi, and Akane saying that the three girls would have to move over but Midorikawa Nao came by and explained that the courtyard was for everyone. Seeing this, President Irie comes by and agrees with Nao saying that the spot belongs to everybody. The two girls then apologise to Miyuki and the others and walk off with the President. Aoki Reika was shown to have seen the situation.

When Nao starts her soccer practice, the girls see her running rapidly to score a goal. While the girls cheered for her; Miyuki wanted Nao to become the fourth Pretty Cure, but as she was about to go talk to Nao, a horde of girls gathered around her. Which meant that Miyuki was not able to talk to her as Nao had already left.

The next day, since Miyuki still wanted to talk Nao, she left her house to find her, but she became lost since she does not know where Nao lives. Soon she starts panicking. Suddenly Nao appears and sees this and asks if she was Miyuki. Nao then invites Miyuki to have lunch at her place. Next, Miyuki meets Nao's six siblings: Keita, Haru, Hina, Yuuta, and Kouta. While Nao prepares dinner, the siblings wanted to play with Miyuki. The siblings chased Miyuki before the toddler Kouta spotted Candy and tried to play with her, thinking that she was a plush toy. The siblings almost threatened Candy, accidentally tossing her outside, and making her dizzy. An hour later, Miyuki and Nao watched the children play soccer by themselves when Akane and Yayoi, who was holding Candy, came by because Miyuki had called them. The siblings challenged Miyuki, Akane, and Yayoi to a soccer match by using their bonds, but Akaoni interrupted to use the Bad Energy to weaken Nao and the siblings. Miyuki, Akane, and Yayoi transformed into their Smile Pretty Cures. Cure Happy uses her Happy Shower to dodge Akanbe's attacks, but was captured by the Akanbe's net. Then, Akanbe defeated Cure Sunny and Cure Peace. Nao tries to protect the siblings.

Nao who is now Cure March, goes after the Akanbe, but she slightly runs too fast, making her crash into the pole. She almost defeated Akanbe, but uses her March Shoot to purify it. The team receive a butterfly Cure Decor, and Nao's siblings are free at last. Nao joins the Pretty Cure at the end of the episode.

5 (394)- "Utsukushiki Kokoro! Kyua Byūti!!" ("A Beautiful Heart! Cure Beauty!!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 05

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 05

Airdate: March 4, 2012

One day, Miyuki was late and running to school again, when she spotted Reika watering the flowers outside the school building. Reika told Miyuki that she loves flowers, and having lots of them in school made everyone feel happy. Hearing the bell, the two rushed off to class. Miyuki continued keeping a close eye on Reika, and thinking her responsible, clever and gentle, she decided to ask Reika to become the fifth Pretty Cure.

During their lunch break, Miyuki announced to Akane, Yayoi and Nao that she had decided on a potential person to become the last Pretty Cure. She then led them to the sports hall where Reika was practising archery. The four asked for Reika to become Pretty Cure, but Reika turned down the offer as she was busy. When asked why she was busy, Reika admitted that the student council was busy preparing for a storytelling event which they organize for a nearby elementary school each year. As the council president was sick, Reika as vice-president had to take over his duties.

Upon hearing that the story to be told was "Snow White", Miyuki enthusiastically agreed to help out. Reika was initially hesistant at first, not wanting to burden the girls with work, but when the other girls also happily volunteered to help with the preparations, she gave in with gratitude. Everyone worked together, drawing and designing various props, and at the end, Reika was extremely grateful for their help.

The next day, the girls continued to help out at the storytelling event. Just as everyone was enjoying the show, Majorina suddenly appeared and offered her poisoned apple to the girls. She then created a Bad End alternate reality and plunged everyone into sorrow. The girls transformed into Pretty Cure to fight.

Majorina summoned a mirror Akanbe, which reflected itself to create 7 other replicas to surround the Cures. Unable to tell which was the real monster, the Cures aimed their purification attacks at different monsters, only to fail each time. In the midst of battle, the Snow White prop for the storytelling event flew towards Majorina, who called it meaningless and stepped on it. Seeing this woke Reika up from her sorrow, and when she heard Majorina insult the efforts everyone put into the event, she stepped out to shield the Cures and said that she would not forgive Majorina for what she did. This gained Reika her Smile Pact, and with Candy's guidance, she transformed into Cure Beauty!

The remaining Akanbe replicas attacked Beauty at once, but with her wisdom, Beauty easily spotted the real monster and hit it to the ground. Then gathering her fighting spirit into her Smile Pact, she performed Beauty Blizzard and purified the Akanbe.

In the end, the girls finished the storytelling event successfully, and Reika asked to become part of the Pretty Cure team. The others were overjoyed and said that they really liked Reika, and welcomed her to the team.

6 (395)- "Chīmu Kessei! Sumairu Purikyua!!" ("The Team is Complete! Smile PreCure!!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 06

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 06

Airdate: March 11, 2012

The girls gathered at Miyuki's place to celebrate the completion of their team and to find out more about being Pretty Cure. However, Candy had no answers to their questions, aside from the fact that they were "legendary warriors". Just then, a blue picture book flew down from the sky and hit Miyuki in the face. A lion-like mascot holding a pink trunk popped out from within the pages and introduced himself as Pop. Candy, overjoyed at seeing her big brother, flung herself at him and knocked him to the ground.

Unlike Candy, Pop seemed to know more about the Pretty Cures' goal. When he asked for the storybook about the Legendary Pretty Cure, Candy panicked because she thought she had lost it. Miyuki then remembered placing it on a bookshelf in the Magical Library. Pop then opened a portal to the library using Miyuki's bookcase, and the girls were sucked in. At the magical library, Pop explained that the library was where all the fairytales of the world were stored. In her excitement, Miyuki tripped over Candy's pink storybook, and Pop began to tell the story of the Legendary Pretty Cure.

A long time ago, there was a peaceful place known as Märchenland, where fairies from all the different fairytales lived in harmony. One day, the evil emperor Pierrot came to wreak havoc. Märchenland's queen, Royal Queen fought to protect her land, but her source of happiness, the Cure Decor, were stolen from her. Pierrot used the Cure Decor to create Red Noses which he gave to his subordinates. With her last energy, Royal Queen managed to seal Pierrot away, and the battle ended. Pop then told the Cures that their goal was to purify the Red Noses and gain back the Cure Decor pieces for storage in the Decor Décor. When the Decor Décor is filled up, Royal Queen would be revived.

At the time, the Bad End Kingdom commanders were playing a game of cards to determine who should go out to collect Bad Energy that day. Joker then made his appearance through one of the poker cards and reminded the commanders of their goal to revive Pierrot and to plunge the entire universe into a Bad End. To prevent that, Royal Queen sent 5 miraculous lights to Earth, and Candy was given the task of looking for the Pretty Cure to help her. However, after Cure Beauty's page in the storybook, the pages were blank, and the Cures were told to continue creating the story in the future.

Fired up with excitement, the girls were eager to help revive Royal Queen, but Miyuki would not let them get on without a good signature phrase. Akane and Nao were not as keen as Miyuki and Yayoi, but when Reika pointed out that a phrase could help unite them, the girls decided to come up with one. However, they failed to come up with a satisfactory phrase.

Just then, Majorina won the card game and flew off to the human world to collect Bad Energy, which was picked up by Pop. Pop then taught the girls how to use the Book Door to get to wherever they wanted. The girls focused on travelling to the point where smiles were being stolen, but at the last minute, Miyuki spotted a book with a penguin on the cover, resulting in her travelling to the South Pole instead. Pop went after her to bring her back, and along the way, he confessed that although Candy always tried her best, she was a crybaby and afraid of loneliness. Miyuki assured Pop that they would look after Candy and protect her smile, which led her to think of a good signature phrase.

At the park, Akane, Yayoi, Nao and Reika tried to stop Majorina, but she created an Akanbe out of an empty drink can. Just then, Miyuki arrived and the girls all transformed, using their signature phrase and group pose for the first time. However, they were quickly defeated by the Akanbe. To protect them, Pop used his special transformation powers to turn into a drink can crusher. Together with the Cures, Pop crushed the drink can Akanbe, weakening it considerably and allowing Happy to purify it with Happy Shower.

At the end of the day, Pop returned to Märchenland, leaving Candy with the girls. Although upset, Candy was happy to know that she had friends around.

7 (396)- "Dokonano? Watashitachi no Himitsu Kichi!?" ("Where Could It Be? Our Secret Base!?")

(どこなの? わたし達のひみつ基地!?)
Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 07

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 07

Airdate: March 18, 2012

During their lunch break in school, the girls gathered at their usual pavilion and used the phone Cure Decor piece to call Pop. However, they were soon interrupted by their classmates, and Akane had to distract them with a lie about seeing UFOs while the others quickly hid Candy and the Decor Décor. The girls then set off looking for a quiet place around school, but had no luck. That led Miyuki to speculate on a secret place for the Pretty Cure, and the girls decided to search for a suitable place.

The next day, the girls got ready for their search, each bringing some items which they would like to have in their secret base. Miyuki brought along some of her favorite books, Akane an okonomiyaki hotplate, Yayoi a bead bracelet maker, Nao a picnic basket, and Reika a wall scroll. Using the Book Door code on their own bookshelves, they met up in the Magical Library. Initially, Akane commented that the Magical Library seemed a great place as their secret base. However, Yayoi fell into a hole when she went exploring, Miyuki got caught up in the branches of a tree, and the other three fell into the hole as well. Angered, the girls abandoned the idea of the Magical Library being their secret base, and went in search of another location.

Firstly, Reika brought the girls onto the top of Mt Fuji, through a bookshelf in the research station at the summit. Reika explained that the way of the Pretty Cure is rugged, but their goal is something special and mighty, like Mt Fuji. However, the other girls did not really understand her deep logic, and they felt that the place was too cold anyway.

Yayoi, disappointed, stated that Reika did not know what a real secret base should be like. With that, she led the others to a place which resembled a high-tech secret base normally featured in movies. The girls were extremely impressed, but it turned out that the spot was really just a scene from a movie.

Next, Nao led the girls to a room decorated all in pink and filled with soft toys. Everyone was impressed and pleased with the place, but just when they decided to have their picnic lunch, a man came to tell them that eating was prohibited in the store, revealing the spot to be a display inside a toy shop. A little girl mistook Candy as one of the soft toys, and she was almost sold away.

Akane then led the girls to the gorilla enclosure inside the zoo, through a picture of a bookshelf drawn inside the exhibit. Her logic was that nobody would intrude on them there, but Reika pointed out that they were intruding on the gorillas instead. Disappointed, the girls were moping back in the Magical Library as Miyuki tried to cheer them up, and Reika asked why Miyuki believed in the existence of a secret base so much. Miyuki explained that she once read the story "Anne of Green Gables", and the scene in which Anne and Diana pledged their eternal friendship in a secret place fascinated her. The young Miyuki used to have a secret spot of her own in the woods near her home, where she often visited with her friends. The girls then decided to check the place out.

After trekking through the woods and reaching the spot, the girls found that the spot was now the secret playground for a couple of little girls. Seeing their happy faces, they decided not to intrude. Just as they were leaving, Wolfrun appeared and created a Bad End alternate reality and plunged the little girls into sorrow. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure to fight, and Wolfurun created a tree Akanbe to battle them.

Although the girls were initially overpowered by the Akanbe, Happy's strong wish to protect the place where she used to play and talk with her friends gave her enough fighting spirit to perform Happy Shower. The Akanbe tried to attack her, but was stopped by the other 4 Cures, allowing Happy to complete her attack and purify the Akanbe. The Cures gained their 7th Cure Decor piece, the Ring.

While walking back from the woods, Miyuki had the idea of asking the Magical Library to take them to a suitable place. United in their wish for a wonderful secret base, the Magical Library brought them back to the same spot. With this, the girls realized that their initial choice was actually the best one.

Satisfied, the girls each sat on a toadstool, but realized that they were really far apart. While trying to pull the toadstools closer together, Candy suggested using the Star Decor piece to decorate the place. To their amazement, the Decor piece decorated a large tree stump nearby and turned it into an indoor library. Excited, the girls decorated the place with their own belongings and made a toast to celebrate their new base.

8 (397)- "Miyuki to Kyandi ga Irekawa~ru!?" ("Miyuki and Candy Switch Places~!?")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 08

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 08

Airdate: March 25, 2012

One day, Miyuki was running to school when Candy, who was in her schoolbag, spotted a couple of "shooting stars" which had fallen somewhere nearby. Going to investigate, Miyuki and Candy found a pair of couple rings. Suddenly, the couple rings attached themselves onto Miyuki and Candy, causing them to switch bodies. Just then, Akane, passing by on her way to school, spotted the two. Hearing Akane calling out to them, the two called out good morning, only to realize that they had switched bodies.

Meanwhile, at Bad End Kingdom, Majorina was busy searching for her magic rings, which she calls the "irekawa~ru" or "swa~pping places". Akaoni admitted that he had found the rings on the table, but had blown them away with his mighty sneeze. Enraged, Majorina rushed out into the human world to look for her rings.

At school, the girls were at first skeptical, but Candy showed how she was able to move Miyuki's ears at will, proving that she was really Candy. Reika suggested that they try removing the rings to swap back, but to no avail. Yayoi then suggested using the ring Cure Decor piece to negate the magic, but it did not work as well. As such, they had no choice but to let Candy go to class in Miyuki's place. While Candy was excited and eager to do her best, Miyuki was not so sure if Candy could be trusted.

The first lesson of the day, English, had Miss Sasaki giving the class a pop quiz. Extremely worried, Miyuki popped out from under the table to check on Candy, and was almost caught when Miss Sasaki saw her moving on her own. Luckily, Nao and Reika quickly diverted attention back to the test. Candy ended up drawing a picture of herself over Miyuki's testpaper, earning Miyuki a visit to the staffroom after school to explain herself.

Next, in Japanese class, Miyuki was called upon to read a passage from the textbook. Miyuki tried to get Candy to repeat after her, but Candy kept adding comments after each sentence, arousing the teacher's suspicion. Asking why she kept adding "kuru" after each sentence, Yayoi had to cover by suggesting that Miyuki meant to say that she felt awful (kurushii). The teacher then told Miyuki to go to the infirmary, and Akane had to further cover up to keep Candy in class and out of trouble.

During social studies lesson, Candy drew a picture of Märchenland's palace on the board when called out to solve a problem. Again, Nao and Reika had to cover up for her, but it was no use as Candy continued her uncharacteristic behavior. Throughout the rest of the day, Candy continued to wreak havoc in science, home economics and gym class, wearing the other girls out as they tried to keep her out of trouble repeatedly.

At the end of the day, the girls were gathered at the rooftop, exhausted after a day of chasing after Candy. Just then, Candy appeared with a marked testpaper of 0 marks and a whole stack of extra homework. Angered, Miyuki screamed at Candy, telling her that she had totally messed up. Not understand why Miyuki was so angry, Candy ran away from school.

Somewhere in town, Majorina was at a police station, filing a report for her lost rings. Confused at her answers of "magic" and "bad endings", the officer thought she was a novelist. Just then, Candy ran past the station, and Majorina spotted her ring on her finger and gave chase. Candy, sulking alone at the town's communal playground, saw some kids at play and decided to join them in their games. Meanwhile, Miyuki and the other girls could not find Candy, and Miyuki realized that though Candy had made a mess of things, she was actually trying her best. Feeling regret for yelling at Candy, she was determined to find Candy and apologize.

At the end of the day, Candy was left alone at the playground as all the kids left to go home. There, she was cornered by Majorina, who created a Bad End alternate reality and stole everyone's happiness. Finding Miyuki's Smile Pact, Candy tried to transform but failed. Luckily, the other girls reached her in time, and Akane, Yayoi, Nao and Reika transformed to fight Majorina.

Majorina then created a rocking horse Akanbe to battle. Although small, the Akanbe was quick and nimble, easily defeating the 4 Cures and trapping them in giant metal springs. Majorina then explained that Miyuki and Candy could never take off the magic rings without the remedy, a medicine which she calls the "motonimodo~ru" or "swi~tching back". The Akanbe moved to attack, but Miyuki's strong wish to protect Candy's happiness caused her Smile Pact to glow. With that, she was able to transform into Cure Candy.

Cure Candy, with her long agile ears and fast speed, was able to defeat the Akanbe easily. In the midst of battle, the Cures managed to snatch the remedy medicine from Majorina, and Cure Candy purified the Akanbe with Happy Shower. The Cures gained their eighth Cure Decor piece, the Sakura. Using the remedy medicine, Miyuki and Candy successfully swapped back to their original selves.

9 (398)- "Usō! Yayoi-chan ga Tenkō!?" ("No Way! Yayoi's Being Transferred!?")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 09

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 09

Airdate: April 1, 2012

On the morning of April Fool's Day, Yayoi was lured out of bed by her mother Chiharu's promise of hotcakes for breakfast. In fact, Chiharu was telling a lie. In return, Yayoi lied that she had gotten a boyfriend, and seeing her mother's shocked expression, Yayoi got excited at the thought of shocking her friends at school as well. Before she left, Chiharu warned Yayoi to be sure to clarify the situation if she decided to play any pranks.

In Bad End Kingdom, Akaoni was also getting into the mood of April Fool's, drawing up a new bad ending in which he defeats Momotarou. Wolfrun commented that since their job was to create bad endings, Akaoni technically was not lying. This got Akaoni confused, and he decided to go out to the human world to steal everyone's happiness through lies.

In school, Yayoi first met up with Miyuki and Candy at the shoe lockers. Wanting to surprise her friends, Yayoi came up with a lie about having to transfer to another school. After seeing Miyuki's shocked expression, Yayoi decided to have a little more fun, adding that today was her last day in school. Just as she wanted to confess her lie, she turned around to see Miyuki already gone.

A panicked Miyuki ran to look for Akane, telling her about Yayoi's imminent transfer. Akane insisted that they keep the fact a secret; as the both of them had experiences with school transfers, they felt that Yayoi would have wanted to keep it a secret so as not to make a fuss. Just then, Yayoi came to confess her lie, but with the two fussing over her, she could not get a word in. In the end, she still could not get her confession out.

After homeroom period, Miyuki and Akane told Reika and Nao about Yayoi's transfer, and the four were devastated. Nao and Reika came to confront Yayoi before music class, asking why she did not tell them about the transfer earlier, but Miyuki and Akane, the two transfer students, came to her defence, saying that it was understandable as Yayoi wanted to spend her last day happily with her good friends. In her mind, Yayoi knew that she had to confess to stop things from getting worse, but she was constantly interrupted by the others and could not say a word.

After music class, Yayoi was staring at the mirror in her Smile Pact when the others came to look for her. Mistakenly thinking that Yayoi was worried about leaving the Pretty Cure team, the other girls assured her that they would do their best to cover for her, and told her not to worry. During lunch break, Yayoi went to the school rooftop alone, drawing a manga picture to help her in apologizing to the rest since she was now too afraid to confess in words. However, her drawing was blown away by the wind before she could show it to the rest.

Just then, Miyuki came to fetch Yayoi back to class, where the entire class had prepared a farewell party, organized by Reika, for Yayoi. Panicked that the entire class would be angry should she confess and not want to be her friend anymore, Yayoi started to cry and ended up running out of class. Just then, Akaoni found Yayoi's drawing, and created a Bad End alternate reality and stole everyone's happiness. The girls transformed into Pretty Cure to fight.

Akaoni created a tennis court roller Akanbe to battle the Cures, and successfully beat them by lying about his next moves. Angered, the Cures demanded a fair fight, stating that they hated liars. Akaoni then teased Peace about being a liar herself, and Peace had no choice but to confess her lie. However, the Cures were relieved at hearing the truth, and were glad that Peace was not going to transfer after all. With renewed determination, Peace easily defeated the Akanbe and purified it with Peace Thunder, earning the pudding Cure Decor piece.

Back in class, Yayoi apologized to the entire class for lying, and everyone was relieved. However, the other girls stated that they did not like Yayoi much anymore because of this incident, causing her to panic, but she was relieved when they confessed that they were lying too, and actually really liked Yayoi.

10 (399)- "Nekketsu! Akane no Okonomiyaki Jinsei!!" ("Hot-Blooded! Akane's Okonomiyaki Life!!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 10

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 10

Airdate: April 8, 2012

One night, as Daigo was closing up shop, he strained his back while trying to lift a crate of cabbages. Having been sent to the hospital, the Hino family was worrying about what to do about the mayor's visit to their restaurant this weekend, when Akane volunteered to stand in for her father as a temporary restaurant owner.

At Bad End Kingdom, Wolfrun was starving when he noticed Majorina cooking a new medicine. Majorina threw a magazine at him, telling him to read while she finished the medicine before cooking for him. However, Wolfrun spotted a photo of an okonomiyaki in the book, and immediately flew to the human world to look for food.

In school, the girls heard about Akane's temporary role as restaurant owner and were excited as the restaurant was known to serve great food. Akane then told the others about the mayor's visit on Sunday, and Reika added that the mayor was a known lover of gourmet food. The mayor had once praised Daigo's okonomiyaki to be the best he had ever eaten, and Akane was determined not to disappoint him this time. With all this talk, Miyuki exclaimed that she was getting hungry, and Candy also expressed her wish to eat some okonomiyaki. With that, Akane invited everyone to the restaurant after school.

At the restaurant, the girls were amazed at Akane's skill at cooking and her delicious okonomiyaki. Just then, Genki returned home from school, and Akane introduced him to the girls. Seeing Akane's cooking, Genki took a bite and said that it tasted of Akane's style, quite different from Daigo's. Akane grew upset at this, as she felt that her okonomiyaki was not up to standard and would disappoint the mayor. Genki then remembered Daigo once telling him about a secret ingredient, and Akane was determined to find out that ingredient and replicate Daigo's okonomiyaki. The girls gladly volunteered to help out.

Reika first volunteered the idea of mixing sweet and spicy ingredients together, a cooking tip recommended by her grandfather. Nao added that she also used the same tip when cooking for her family. Hearing this, Miyuki, Yayoi and Candy decided to add a sweet pudding to the spicy okonomiyaki sauce, and used the pudding Cure Decor to create a giant pudding. The girls then tried making the okonomiyaki with various ingredients, including fresh cream, oranges and honey. However, they could not get the okonomiyaki to taste like Daigo's.

The girls were afraid that Akane would be upset, but she remained cheerful and even more determined to find the secret ingredient. Akane told the girls that she really respected Daigo. The okonomiyaki he makes always brought smiles to people's faces, no matter how dejected they looked, just like magic. She always thought that he was the only person who could make okonomiyaki like that, and so it was understandable why she could not replicate his style. Akane then decided to just ask Daigo about the secret ingredient.

At the hospital, Daigo reprimanded Akane for not truly observing what he had been doing all this while, and told her she was not living up to the restaurant's name as owner. Angered, Akane vowed to find the secret ingredient on her own. Having just 2 more days before the mayor's visit, the girls continued to search for the secret ingredient, while Akane worked late into the night trying to replicate Daigo's okonomiyaki, but to no success.

Seeing her dejected expression, Hino Masako asked if Akane remembered the first okonomiyaki she ever made. Akane's first okonomiyaki was made for her sick mother, in hopes of her getting well again, and Masako commented that it was delicious for her, even though it was badly burnt. Not getting the meaning behind her words, Akane continued to wish to replicate Daigo's okonomiyaki.

During the weekend, the girls helped out at the okonomiyaki food stand at a food fair held in the downtown area. Meanwhile, Wolfrun's search for food was highly unsuccessful. Mistaken for dressing in weird costume, he was thrown out of restaurants and so did not eat for three days. Catching the aroma of good food coming from the food fair, he spotted people eating okonomiyaki, and created a Bad End alternate reality to steal everyone's happiness and their food.

The girls transformed into Pretty Cure to fight. Wolfurun created an okonomiyaki sauce pot Akanbe, capable to firing sauce that harden upon contact, effectively trapping all the Cures except for Beauty. Spotting the bags of okonomiyaki, Wolfurun happily devoured everything, and with renewed energy, the Akanbe got stronger as well. Wolfurun commented that the okonomiyaki was delicious, and when he learnt that Sunny was the one who made them, he brushed her off by saying that all food tasted the same, no matter who made it, and called her a failure for not being able to replicate her father's okonomiyaki. The Cures grew angry at his words, and Happy shouted that Akane's okonomiyaki tasted delicious no matter what, because she had put her true feelings into making it.

Hearing that, Sunny recalled Daigo and Masako's words, and finally understood that her feelings were the secret ingredient which made the okonomiyaki delicious. With renewed determination, she called for Beauty to fire Beauty Blizzard at her, which she melted with her power of fire to create rain to wash away the hardened sauce. She then delivered a fiery punch to the Akanbe, before purifying it with Sunny Fire, earning the Cures their tenth Cure Decor piece, the Umbrella.

On Sunday, the mayor was impressed by Akane's okonomiyaki. Having returned home, Daigo was also impressed that Akane had found out his secret ingredient, though Akane decided to keep it a secret, refusing to tell him what it was.

11 (400)- "Purikyua ga Chīsaku Na~ru!?" ("The PreCures Have Shrunk~!?")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 11

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 11

Airdate: April 15, 2012

On their way home from school, Yayoi was showing the others a pillbug she had found in the bushes. Nao, who is terrified of insects, hurriedly backed away and tripped over a strange mallet. The girls speculated that the mallet could have magical powers, and Miyuki told Candy the story of "Issun Boushi", in which an inch-high warrior boy became large after being hit by a magic mallet. In her excitement, Candy swung the mallet and hit Miyuki in the face, causing all the girls to shrink down to an inch tall!

At Bad End Kingdom, Majorina was once again searching for a lost invention, when she saw Akaoni trying to swat a fly. She asked if he had seen her invention, the "turning ti~ny", he told her that he thought it was a fly swatter and had used it on the fly, but threw it away in a rage because it was a bad fly swatter. Majorina then rushed out to the human world to search for her magic mallet.

Having been shrunk, the girls realized that the mallet in Candy's hand had magical shrinking powers. Candy, thinking the girls suddenly disappeared, went into a panic! Though the girls shouted to get Candy's attention, she could not hear their tiny voices. Running around, Candy almost stepped on the girls many times. In the end, she ran off in her search, and the girls gave chase to try to catch up with her.

In their chase after Candy, the girls realized that normal everyday objects now seemed like great obstacles to them. A puddle of water was now a lake they had to cross on a leaf boat, a flight of stairs seemed like a mountain, and the edge of their school desk was like a high cliff, the gaps between desks a wide canyon, a challenge for Akane and Nao, who both had a fear of heights. However, the girls just could not catch up with Candy. Using the umbrella Cure Decor to produce tiny umbrellas, the girls managed to float close to Candy and make themselves heard, but as Candy whirled around, a gust of wind blew the girls into the grasses.

Among the forest-like grass, the girls found many different insects, causing Nao to go into a panic and forcing her to admit her fear of insects. While running away from the bugs, Nao climbed a flower stalk and slipped, falling to the ground, but her fall was broken by a group of pillbugs. With too much shock, Nao finally fainted.

When she came to, she was lying on a bed of leaves, and a baby pillbug came to offer her leaves. Miyuki exclaimed that the pillbug was worried about Nao too, causing Nao to realize that insects had feelings too. As the other girls played around with the bugs, Reika introduced Nao to the insects' world, making her see the bugs in a different light.

Majorina visited the police station to report her lost invention, meeting up with the same police officer again. Just then, she spotted Candy running past with the magic mallet, and gave chase to the school grounds. While trying to catch Candy, Majorina spotted the shrunken girls, and seeing how powerless they were, she took the chance to create a Bad End alternate reality. Around the girls, the insects' happiness were all stolen, and the girls transformed to Pretty Cure to fight.

Majorina created a tiny flower Akanbe to battle the Cures. As they battled, the Akanbe fired pollen missiles at the girls, causing damage to the surrounding plants and the insects' home. Seeing the other Cures doing their best to protect the insects, March remembered the kindness of the baby pillbug and was determined to fight for the insects as well. Working together, the Cures deflected the pollen missiles back at the Akanbe, while Happy and Sunny blasted an empty drink can at the Akanbe, stunning it temporarily and allowing March to purify it with March Shoot. The Cures then earned their eleventh Cure Decor piece, the lipstick.

With the Akanbe defeated, Majorina was throwing a fit at her loss when she realized that she could still defeat the tiny Cures. Snatching the magic mallet from Candy, she tried to hit the Cures with it, but the magic reverted them back to their original size. Realizing she had lost, Majorina disappeared.

After detransforming, Candy talked to the insects and told the girls they were saying "thank you" for saving them. With this, the girls hoped that Nao would be cured of her fear of insects, but when a ladybug landed on her nose, Nao found that she had not yet gotten over her fear at all.

12 (401)- "Mezameru Chikara! Reinbō Hīringu!!" ("The Awakened Power! Rainbow Healing!!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 12

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 12

Airdate: April 22, 2012

One day in school, the girls were on the rooftop, busy discussing their upcoming school excursion to Kyoto and Osaka. Miyuki was excited to ride on the bullet train, Akane was looking forward to visiting her hometown in Osaka and eating good food, Yayoi talked about having secret sharing sessions at night, Nao hoped to buy lots of souvenirs, while Reika politely reminded everyone that it was a learning journey as much as a leisure trip. Hearing them talk, Candy was eager to go on the excursion as well. However, Miyuki had other plans; Candy was to stay at home and watch the house instead.

That night, after Miyuki had gone to bed, Candy phoned Pop using the Phone Cure Decor piece and complained that she wanted to go on the school excursion too.

At Bad End Kingdom, the commanders were playing the "Old Maid" game again when Joker appeared. He praised them for doing well so far, regularly collecting Bad Energy that would lead to the reawakening of Evil Emperor Pierrot. However, he remarked that the Pretty Cure had held strong so far, and presented them with some Blue Noses. Unlike the Red Noses so far, the Blue Noses were not created from Cure Decor pieces, and so the Cures' purification attacks would not work against it. However, the catch was that the Blue Nose Akanbe would be weaker. Regardless, the commanders were eager to try out the Blue Nose, and soon got into an argument about who should go out to battle that day. Out on the balcony, Joker hoped that the Blue Noses would help him to locate something which he called the Miracle Jewel, that grants wishes.

The next day in class, Reika was hosting a discussion on where the class should visit on their free day in Osaka. Many opinions were heard, as everyone was eager to do their favorite activities or visit famous places. Soon, the classmates were talking amongst themselves excitedly, and Reika's pleas for silence went unheeded. Seeing this, Candy jumped out of Miyuki's bag to the front of the class and screamed for everyone to listen to Reika. Luckily, Reika managed to catch her before anyone saw her. After that, the class was divided into teams to aid in the discussion. The 5 girls were in a group and trying to decide on a group leader, but Candy kept interrupting in a loud voice, causing suspicious looks from the rest of the class. She did not understand why she could not join the girls, and had to hide away instead.

After school, the girls went to the Magical Library to make their journals for the excursion trip. After much hard work, they were almost finishing up, and were looking forward to their trip to the candy store to stock up on snack for the trip. Candy, who had been pouting, was eager to be of help, but in her haste, she knocked over a mug and spilt drink all over the journals. Disappointed, the girls started cleaning up, and while they were busy, Candy ran away in disappointment.

Back in the human world, Candy was moping by the fountain when Reika came to look for her. Candy confessed that she felt like a useless fairy, who could not help the girls but failed in everything she did instead. Crying, she ran away from Reika, and was spotted by Wolfrun. Wolfrun boasted about the power of the new Blue Noses, and declared that he would defeat the Cures today. Hearing this, Candy wanted to go to warn the girls, but Wolfrun captured her in a bird cage and left her alone on a rooftop.

After finishing up the journals, the girls were happily picking out snacks at a shop when Wolfrun found them. Calling out a Gachapon machine Akanbe using the Blue Nose, he created a Bad End alternate reality to steal everyone's happiness, and the girls were forced to transform into Pretty Cure and fight. First, Happy used Happy Shower to try to purify the Akanbe, but the attack had no effect. Next, Sunny, Peace and March fired their attacks at the same time, but the Akanbe was still undefeated. Taking advantage of their confusion, the Akanbe fired giant glass capsules out of its mouth, trapping Happy, Sunny, Peace and March inside. Beauty alone was left to battle, but after deflecting numerous attacks and using Beauty Blizzard to immobilize the Akanbe, she was tired out as well.

Just then, Candy, having escaped at last from the cage, rushed to the Cures and told them what she had found out, only to realize that they had already found it out by themselves. The Cures then looked to Candy on how to defeat the Akanbe, but Candy had no clue. Seeing this, Wolfrun insulted Candy and called her a useless fairy. The Cures grew angry at Wolfrun and came to Candy's defence, saying that she had always tried her best and they could not do without her. Their energy broke the glass capsules, and Candy's strong wish to become the Cures' power allowed her to produce the Miracle Jewel Decors. With these new Decors, the Cures powered-up to their next form, Tiara Mode, and successfully defeated the Akanbe with group attack Rainbow Healing.

As they were walking back home after the battle, Miyuki declared that Candy was the sixth Pretty Cure in their team, and offered to bring her along for the school excursion.

13 (402)- "Shūgaku Ryokō! Miyuki, Kyōto de Donzoko Happī!?" ("School Trip! Miyuki, Happy in the Depths of Kyoto!?")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 13

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 13

Airdate: April 29, 2012

Finally, the much-awaited school excursion trip to Kansai was here! On the bullet train ride, Miyuki was extremely excited. Just as she was about to bring out her snacks to share with everyone, she discovered that Candy had broken into her stash and ate up most of her snacks. However, Miyuki declared that she would not get angry today because she was ultra happy and excited about the trip.

The class' first stop was the Golden Pavilion. Reika was introducing the Pavilion to the other girls, stating that she did some research on Kyoto beforehand because she was excited about the trip. Just then, Candy appeared on top of Miyuki's head, claiming that she did not want to remain on the bus alone. In her haste to hide Candy, Miyuki slipped on the road and fell into the pond surrounding the Pavilion. In the end, she alone had to change into jersey attire.

Next, the girls went to draw their fortunes at a shop near the Pavilion. Expecting to get a "Great Blessing" fortune, Miyuki was devastated to receive a "Great Curse" fortune instead. The other girls hastened to comfort her, but just as she was feeling a little better, bird poo dropped onto her head.

During their free time, the girls visited the Togetsukyo Bridge, a symbol of Arashiyama. The girls decided to take a commemorative shot, but no matter how many times they tried, they just could not get a good photo. Next, they visited a souvenir shop, where Miyuki decided to get a Kyoto doll for her mother. Just as she was going to pay for the doll, the shopkeeper knocked over a series of dolls which ended up hitting Miyuki on the head. When they were eating macha softcream, a kid knocked into Miyuki, smashing the softcream into her face. As they were strolling in a bamboo grove, Miyuki's souvenir bag slipped out of her hand and smashed onto the ground, breaking the doll she bought for her mother.

That night in the hotel room, Miyuki was feeling sorry for herself. To cheer her up, Akane started a pillow fight, and soon all the girls were having a good time. Suddenly, Miyuki's flying pillow hit a tea kettle, knocking it into the air. Nao and Akane tried to save it, and just as Miyuki managed to catch the kettle, Miss Sasaki came in to ask the girls to turn in. The kettle upended the tea onto Miss Sasaki, earning a long lecture for the 5 girls.

After lights out, the girls were having a sharing session in their room when the subject of Miyuki's love interest came up. The other girls were extremely excited when Miyuki admitted that she indeed had a crush on someone, and they speculated about various boys in their school. In the end, Miyuki revealed her crush to be Peter Pan.

The next day, Miyuki was sure that the "Great Curse" had worn off, but unlucky things continued happening to her throughout the entire day. However, she did not let the bad happenings get to her, choosing to remain happy. The girls ended up at Gion Street, and Yayoi was extremely excited to spot a maiko or apprentice geisha. Candy offered herself as a maiko by using the lipstick Cure Decor to transform herself, but the girls did not manage to find a real maiko. Discouraged, Miyuki suspected that her "Great Curse" was rubbing off on everyone, making them have bad luck as well.

Just then, Akaoni, who read a story about demons terrorizing people in an old folktale book, identified the location in the story as Kyoto, and hence travelled there to wreak havoc too. However, the girls' classmates mistook him for a mascot character and took commemorative photos with him. Angered, Akaoni created a Bad End alternate reality at the temple, stealing everyone's happiness.

The girls rushed to where Akaoni was. Candy, who was holding on to Miyuki's fortune, lost her grip, and the fortune floated to Akaoni, who changed it into an Akanbe. The girls transformed into Pretty Cure to fight, but as the Cures dodged and blocked the Akanbe's attacks, the stray missiles always ended up striking Happy. Sunny tried to purify the Akanbe with Sunny Fire, but it failed to work on the Blue Nose Akanbe.

Just as the Cures were going to try Rainbow Healing, Happy lost her grip on her Smile Pact, and it fell into the river nearby. While she was busy searching for it in the water, the other Cures were defeated by the Akanbe. Happy rushed to save her friends, and feeling awful because of her bad luck, she apologized to the others. However, the other Cures assured her that they were blessed to have her around, and with renewed strength, the Cures sent the Akanbe flying and purified it with Rainbow Healing.

After the fight, Miyuki thanked the other girls for their support. Just then, they managed to spot a couple of maiko out for a walk, and finally managed to take a good commemorative photo.

14 (403)- "Shūgaku Ryokō! Ōsaka de Maigo ni Nacchatta!?""School Trip! Getting Lost in Osaka!?"

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 14

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 14

Airdate: May 6, 2012

After the girls visit to Kyoto and met the maiko, the girls are heading to Osaka. Nao was pondering about all kinds of Osaka food, such as takoyaki, okimayaki, and more. Reika was looking foward to give her first taste of takoyaki, even Akane was very excited to the takoyaki shop. Miss Sasaki gives attention to the students that they should be together when going on a school trip. Miyuki explains the girls that they should be better to focus on themselves. Reika checks the schedule that the girls have with three locations: Osaka Castle, Nakanoshima, and the Tennouji Zoo. At first, the girls hurried at the Osaka Castle, thought that they will be having lunch. When exploring the castle, Reika guided them inside at the artifactual room. Miyuki, Candy, and Yayoi are standing and staring at the koi and tiger statues. Candy asked Miyuki that she wanted to dress up, but Miyuki was not sure if she can help her. Candy begged them that she wanted her hair different. Akane, Nao, and Reika became worried that they lost Miyuki, Yayoi, and Candy. After making Candy a ice cream-style hairstyle the two girls and Candy are worried, too, that they did not focus on their group. Majorina was searching for her candy jar and found it, but the candy are gone. Majorina was furious that she cannot find any candy, so the TV advisement shows her the natto gyoza candy. Majorina decided to go to Osaka and buy some natto gyoza candy. The other three girls tried to find Miyuki and the others, but they went to the left of the Osaka Castle. Wothout knowing that they are seeing Miyuki and Yayoi, the three female tourists arrived and gave them two pieces of candy. Yayoi declares that they are going to have an adventure to Osaka, thinking that it will be an RPG game. Reika was hoping that the two other girls will be following the schedule. Before meeting at Nakanoshima, Nao complains about her starvation. Miyuki, Yayoi, and Candy are goofing off by taking photographs by themselves and looking at the large view of Osaka. Next, the girls and Candy are checking their schedule that they are heading to Nakanoshima, hoping that they will find Akane, Nao, and Reika. Yet, Yayoi was confused about the map and did not read well to it. Again, the tourists met them and gave them the kitsune udon at the shop. The second tourist joked the girls that the udon cost 6.3 million yen, but cheap. The tourist asked the girls that they are heading to Nakanoshima by boat. The others searched, but Nao dazed off and was ready to taste the kitsune noodles. Reika tells the tourists that they are looking for Miyuki and Yayoi. The two tourists shows the hint of Miyuki. The girls run off, but Nao keeps complaining that she wants to eat. Getting on a boat, the other tourists gave two pieces of orange candies. Yayoi thanked them right before

Candy eat the piece. Akane and the others wasted their energy to catch up with Miyuki, Yayoi, and Candy. Tiredly, Nao was very famished. Wondering about Reika, waiting for her first taste of takoyaki, Miyuki commands the two that they cannot try the takoyaki yet, until Reika comes back. The third time, the tourists gave the girls several of natto gyoza candies. Akane and the others and very tired and famished. Nao feels uncomfortable with her stomach growling. The three are more famished after they passed the takoyaki shop.

Majorina arrived at the shop that she wanted some natto gyoza candies, but the customer tells her politely that the shop ran out of candy. Majorina was shocked and angry, and uses her Bad Energy to summon the blue-nosed Akanbe as a tower. The girls are stuck inside Akanbe then Yayoi spilled her natto gyonza candies, causing the Akanbe to choke. Akane, Nao, and Reika found the girls and all transform into Pretty Cure, but Cure Happy and Cure Peace are still stuck. Cure Sunny have an idea that they will let the Akanbe open his mouth to free Cure Happy and Peace. Combining Sunny Fire, March Shoot, and Beauty Blizzard, it does not affect the motion of Akanbe. Candy let Cure Happy use the Butterfly Decor, that will allow Cure Sunny, March, and Beauty to use butterfly wings to fly. Cure March throw the natto gyoza candy to the Akanbe, making him choke again and freeing the two cures out of his mouth. Finally, the Cures used Rainbow Healing to purify the Akanbe.

After Majorina escapes, Reika tries her first takoyaki, especially the other girls tried some. After the school trip to Osaka and Kyoto, the students went home.

15 (404)- "Dotabata! Miyuki no Haha no Hi Daisakusen!!" ("Slapstick! Miyuki's Big Mother's Day Plan!!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 15

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 15

Airdate: May 13, 2012

The girls are in their tree house and Miyuki is wondering what the rest are doing. They were making presents for their mothers as it is Mother's Day today. Miyuki then realised that she has not prepare anything for Mother's Day! Miyuki returned home and decided to help her mother in the household. She tried her best but with bad results (Putting Salt in the coffee, wrong detergent in the laundry machine, the bed covers flew away and tripping on the vacuum cleaner)

Miyuki deciced to get some pointers from the others and see what are they preparing. Yayoi paint a portrait of her mother, Akane sew a decor on an apron, Nao make a tissue cover and Reika make a pottery cup. The girls tried to help Miyuki with her present which she finally decide to make a necklace using the jewel machine.

After some trial and error, she finally make a necklace but it wasn't done very well. Yayoi suggested to get a greeting card to go along with it and they went to the real world. Meanwhile Wolfrun saw people celebrating Mother's Day and began to suck the Bad End Energy from them. The girls saw it and transform immediately. Wolfrun used a Red Ball to create an Akanbe from a Carnation flower. The Precures began to battle and in the midst, Candy accidentally drop Miyuki's necklace which Wolfrun picked it up.

Wolfrun commented it to be bad which Cure Happy nearly gave in. However Cure Sunny and Cure March fought to get back the necklace and they claimed it is the thoughts that counts!Cure Happy realised it and they fought back the Akanbe. Cure Happy finally defeated it with Happy Shower and a new decor is recovered from the Akanbe.After the battle, the necklace was a bit chipped off. Miyuki's mother arrived and she gladly accepted the necklace and thank Miyuki

16 (405)- "Reika no Nayami! Dōshite Benkyō suru no!?" ("Reika's Worries! Why Do I Study!?")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 16

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 16

Airdate: May 20, 2012

Miyuki, Akane, Yayoi and Nao were upset that they failed in their tests. Reika tried to cheer them up which the girls asked her on how to study better. The next day, Reika go through her morning routine-Jogging with her elder brother, cooking breakfast with her mother and getting her homework done. She has doubts on how to answer her friends' questions and seek her grandfather for advice.

Her grandfather told her to quit all her clubs and tried another approach. She agreed with the idea and announce to her club members including Miyuki and gang that she is quitting the clubs. Everyone were shocked about it however Nao stood for her, telling everyone to give Reika some space. The following day, Reika's family told her to not follow their routine instead do something that she want to do. She tried to follow Miyuki and gang on what they do after school.

Miyuki spend her time reading fairy tales in the library. Reika spent time with Akane and Yayoi on their volleyball practice and drawing. Finally spending time with Nao's family in babysitting her siblings. Meanwhile Joker gave a stack of data for Akaoni to study about the Pretty Cures. Akaoni hate studying and decided to defeat the Pretty Cures himself. Later Miyuki and gang wondered if they can fight without Reika when suddenly Akaoni appeared and suck out Bad End energy from some kids.

They confronted Akaoni and transformed. Akaoni used a red ball to turn a textbook into an Akanbe. The Akanbe then began asking questions on the Pretty Cures. Cure Sunny was first and failed a English question. Next was Cure Peace who can't answer a maths question. Cure March was unable to answer a history question and Cure Happy an idiom question. They got trapped by the Akanbe when Reika arrived. She transformed and was to answer all the questions by the Akanbe, weakling him every time.

Finally the last question was presented to Cure Beauty which she replied correctly. It weaken the Akanbe and Cure Beauty finished it with Beauty Blizzard and a new decor appeared. Akaoni retreated and everything went back to normal. Reika finally gave advices to the rest on how to improve their studies which they took it well in the end...

17 (406)- "Nekketsu! Akane no Owarai Jinsei!!" ("Hot-Blooded! Akane's Comedy Life!!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 17

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 17

Airdate: May 27, 2012

Akane and Miyuki were doing Mansai (Skit Talk) in the tree house. Everyone laughed at their performance expect Reika who couldn't understand the joke. Akane explained that the comedy duo-Fujiwara is coming to town for a skit talk contest and want to see them live. Meanwhile, Majorina who got hold of the same news, created a pair of neck rings for her next scheme. Wolfrun and Akaoni who are clueless decide to enter the same contest too.

The girls decided to go backstage hoping to see Fujiwara and indeed they meet the duo. The duo even welcome the girls to their dressing room. Candy nearly blew her cover which the girls tried to hide it. Fujiwara find them amusing and suggested to them to enter the contest. The contest begin and Wolfrun and Akaoni who are in disguise tried to get their act together but the audience were stumped by their performances. Next it was the girls' turn. However Miyuki and Akane were shocked to find their parents among the audiences and got stage fright. The others tried to help but everything went haywire and the audiences think it was part of the act.

They returned backstage disappointed but Fujiwara gave them words of encouragement and began their performance. Majorina used the neck rings on the duo who suddenly lost their sense of humor. She then proceed to suck Bad End Energy on the people. The girls realised what was going on and quickly transformed. Majorina then used both red and blue ball to create two Akanbes from two Fujiwara signboards.

The girls tried their best but were overwhelmed and the Akanbe landed on them. Majorina told them laughter is useless in this world which Fujiwara overheard and broke free from the Bad End Energy. Fujiwara told Majorina that Laughter is the best weapon in the world and the girls were surprised too. Candy (who blow her cover) claimed they could be the next Precure which they tried to transform like the girls.

Their act cause Aoibe to laugh and fell on his head which free the girls. The Akanbe tried to attack Fujiwara but was stopped by Cure Sunny. She began to fight back and finally used Sunny Fire to defeat Akanbe. The others also fought the Aoibe and used Rainbow Healing to destroy it. Everything went back to normal and Fujiwara thank the girls. Akane asked them to keep their identifies secret however during a television program, Fujiwara imitated the Precures which embarrassed Akane...

18 (407)- "Nao no Omoi! Baton ga Tsunagu Minna no Kizuna!!" ("Nao's Feelings! The Baton That Connects Everyone's Bonds!!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 18

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 18

Airdate: June 3, 2012

The girls were having a race during their physical lesson and Nao breeze through easily. The other classmates were suggesting that Nao can enter the inter class female relay race during the sports meet. Later, the class were nominating on who should enter the female relay race in which after peer pressure from the others, Nao nominate herself and her friends to enter the race.

Meanwhile, Akaoni was instigated by Joker claiming that joining forces is necessary to defeat the Precures however Akaoni wanted to beat them alone and left to the human world. The girls were training hard for the race with Yayoi being the weakest in the group. After training, Yayoi asked Nao why did she choose them to join the race. Nao apologize to everyone for being inconsiderate in nominate them however she want everyone to run with her in the race. They accepted it and went home.

Miyuki trained with Candy on Baton passing and used the trophy tact to summon a medal to congrat herself. The next day, the girls continued their training and soon, everyone has improved in their running. After class, Yayoi went to collect her book in her class when she overheard her classmates said that Yayoi could be the weakest link in the race which demoralise her. She returned to the rest but did not say anything about it.

Finally, the sports meet begin and after several events, it was the female relay race. The girls were about to get ready when Akaoni appeared and suck Bad End Energy from everyone. The girls transformed and Akaoni use a blue ball to create an Akanbe from a basket. The Akanbe used it's rope as a wipe to attack the Pretty Cures which they caught hold of it and began a tug-of-war against it. Akaoni told them that combining their strength is useless however Cure March rebutted that by joining forces, they can overcome anything. The Pretty Cures finally pull the Akanbe to the ground and used Rainbow Healing to defeat it.

After Akaoni retreated, it was back to the relay race. Akane was the first runner followed by Miyuki, Reika and then Yayoi. Yayoi was losing speed when suddenly her classmates started cheering for her which she managed to give Nao the baton. Nao ran as fast as she could and was chasing to the leader. Suddenly she tripped and fell which resulted her coming in last.Nao started to cry however the other girls consoled her which even their classmates cheered for them in the end...

19 (408)- "Papa, Arigatō! Yayoi no Takaramono" ("Thank You, Papa! Yayoi's Treasure")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 19

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 19

Airdate: June 10, 2012

It was raining all day and the class was asked to find out what their names mean from their parents. Everyone was excited except Yayoi who was worried about it. Wolfrun was pissed off after reading a book about life and went to the human world. Yayoi's mother, Chiharu returned from work and both her and Yayoi began to make dinner. She asked her mother who give her name when she was born.

Chiharu replied it was her father, Yuuichi who gave her name but she too does not know the meaning of her name. Yayoi wasn't satisfied about the answer as she has little memories of her father when she was only five years old before Yuuichi passed away.The other girls also asked their parents about their names and Yayoi found a general meaning of her name in a dictionary. The next day, everyone gave their reports which Miyuki spotted Yayoi was unhappy after the reports.

After school, the girls walked home and Yayoi explained her memories of her late father to the rest. The girls encouraged her to talk with her mother about her uneasiness which she agreed. Chiharu saw Yayoi outside her working place and invited her in. The others decided to leave after that. After explaining her uneasiness to Chiharu, she show a drawing to Yayoi. The drawing was done by Yayoi when she was young for her father and her father folded a fox origami as a present for her. She was happy about it but still could not recall memories of her father.

Suddenly Wolfrun appeared and suck all the Bad End energy on the people. He then turned the fox origami to an Akanbe. The other girls arrived and transformed together with Yayoi. They began to fight against the Akanbe but Cure Peace was hesitate to attack the Akanbe. She was punched away and when she landed on the ground, she saw the sliding water and finally recalled what happened.

Years ago, Yuuichi took Yayoi to a church and he explained that her name represents gentleness like her mother and hope she will grow up to be a gentle person. Cure Peace was touched by it and with her new determination, she defeated the Akanbe with Peace Thunder and a new Decor was recovered. After the battle, Yayoi and Chiharu went to the church again and they both love their names more and thank Yuuichi for all the love he has given to them while the rest of the girls smiled behind...

20 (409)- "Tōmei Ningen? Miyuki to Akane ga Mienakuna~ru!?" ("Invisible People? Miyuki and Akane Become Invisible~!?")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 20

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 20

Airdate: June 24, 2012

Miyuki, Akane, and Candy were walking to school when Candy found a strange looking camera. She took a picture on the two girls and the next moment, they disappeared. However Candy could hear the two girls' voices and think she heard a ghost. Akane looked at the mirror and realised they have became invisible! Meanwhile Majorina found out her special camera was thrown away by Wolfrun and went to the Human world.

Miyuki and Akane entered the school hoping the others could help. Candy told the rest of the girls what she saw earlier when both Miyuki and Akane tried their best to communicate. They were freaked out at first but realised what has happened to them. They decided to give them some sports gears in order to hide their appearance which puzzled their teacher. Later, the class were playing basketball and Akane remove her gears and played the game. Nao was angry about it but Akane teased her in front of everyone.

Miyuki and Akane also found out the invisibility affect their belongings and they could not present their home works despite having it. During Art class, they removed their head gear due to the hot weather which freaked Nao (again!) Yayoi tried to help by drawing a mask for them however she forgot the rear of their head and it frighten some students and their teacher. Meanwhile, Majorina found her camera in the police post and used it on herself. Candy found out about it and tried to warn the girls. Majorina created trouble in the park and only Miyuki and Akane was able to see her.

She began to suck Bad End energy on the people in the park and used the camera on Miyuki and Akane. They returned back to normal however they are now unable to see Majorina. She started playing pranks on them and used a blue ball to change a Jack-in-a-Box into an Akanbe. The girls transformed however they were unable to see the Akanbe which started ambushing them. They were having problems with it until Cure Beauty used Beauty Blizzard on the sky. The snow covered the park and it also exposed the Akanbe's location.

Cure Sunny punched the Akanbe and it knocked Majorina and damaged the camera too. The girls used Rainbow Healing and defeated the Akanbe. After Majorina retreated, Joker was watching everything and decided to keep an eye on Candy. Candy found a new camera and take a shot on Akane and Miyuki. However it caused the two girls to become invisible again and Candy ran off with the camera....

21 (410)- "Hoshi ni Negai o! Minna Zūtto Issho!!" ("Wish To The Stars! Everyone Together Forever!!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 21

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 21

Airdate: July 1, 2012

Miyuki was looking out her window when Pop arrived and Candy cried in joy at his arrival. Meanwhile, Joker looked at the countdown clock and proclaimed that Pierrot will be revived in two more turns. The girls welcomed Pop to their secret base and he congratulated them for collecting most of the Cure Decor pieces. He then informed them that they just needed one more piece to revive Royale Queen and save Märchenland.

Miyuki gave an encouragement speech to everyone, and they went ahead to write their tanzaku for the Tanbata festival. Nao and Reika explained the story behind Tanbata and in return, Pop told them about a similar festival celebrated in Märchenland - Pegasus Day. The natives of Märchenland laid out candles and wished on a shooting star, hoping that Pegasus would grant their wishes. The girls began to hang their tanzaku on the bamboo tree and Miyuki decided to use the Star Decor piece as part of the decorations.

After everyone had hung up their tanzaku, they went to the park hoping to see the shooting stars at night. Akaoni met Joker and they began to plan for their next scheme. The girls went to a top spot and waited for the shooting stars. While waiting, Miyuki told Candy that she was glad to have met her, as Candy had made her life interesting and happy. She then asked Candy what she wrote on her tanzaku, but Candy kept mom about it.

Suddenly, Akaoni appeared and stole Bad energy on the people. The girls transformed and Akaoni turned a bamboo tree into an Akanbe. The girls began to fight the Akanbe but were overwhelmed by the Akanbe's chains and a giant paper fan kept them trapped on the ground. Akaoni laughed at them for making wishes that would never come true. Happy rebutted that people work hard for their wishes and the girls would protect those wishes and smiles. They fought back and finally everyone used their purification attacks on the Akanbe.

The Akanbe released the last Cure Decor piece and Akaoni retreated. Just as they were about to place the last piece into the Decor Décor, Joker snatched both it and Candy away. The girls and Pop could only watch as Joker took Candy away. A gust of wind blew Candy's tanzaku showing that her wish was to be with the girls forever...

22 (411)- "Ichiban Taisetsu na Monotte, Nāni?" ("What's The Most Important Thing?")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 22

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 22

Airdate: July 8, 2012

The girls returned to the tree house after Joker abducted Candy and snatched the Decor decor. However, Miyuki showed them the star decor that she left was on the Tanbata tree. They took the wish tags that Candy had wrote for the girls. Pop suggested that Candy has been taken to Bad End Kingdom and they quickly used the magic book to teleport to Märchenland.

Meanwhile Joker tried to extract information from Candy about the Miracle Jewels but she refused to tell anything. He check the Decor decor and found one decor short. Joker then decided to set a trap for the Precures who are on their way. The girls arrived and found Märchenland to be quiet due to the natives living in fear from the Bad End Kingdom. Joker appeared in front of them and they quickly transformed.

They tried to take down Joker but couldn't even touch him. Cure Happy tried Happy Shower and her attack was reflected by Joker's magic cards. Pop shield them but was weaken after that. The other Cures combine their attacks on Joker but didn't hurt him. Instead the attacks got reflected on them and they were defeated. Joker took the last decor and began to suck Bad End energy from the Cures. Using psychological tauting, it cause them to be despair and the Bad End energy were contained by Joker. He fled immediately after that.

The girls retreated to a shelter and questioned what should they do now. They were worried if they tried to confront Joker or Pierrot, they will failed and they might not return home. Pop decided to confront Pierrot alone however he hesitate as he is worried for Candy's safety. The girls then decided to cool their mind and go their separate ways. Pop remind them to meet tonight under the full moon as it is only the time they will able to enter Bad End Kingdom.

Everyone pounded of what should they do and what is important to them. The girls then remember about the wish tags from Candy and realised they should go and save Candy despite the odds are against them.They finally gathered together and swore to rescue Candy and defeat Pierrot. At the same time, Joker gave the last bit of Bad End energy to Pierrot and he slowly awakened..

23 (412)- "Piēro Fukkatsu! Purikyua Zettaizetsumei!!" ("Pierrot's Revival! The PreCures are in Danger!!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 23

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 23

Airdate: July 15, 2012

The girls traveled to Bad End Kingdom with the help of Pop, who transformed into a large bird. They landed nearby the castle where Wolfrun, Akaoni, and Majorina were waiting for them. They pointed to where Candy was being held, which was on top of a tall platform behind them. The girls transformed and everyone agreed to let Happy go and rescue Candy while the rest of them held off the commanders.

Happy moved forward as Sunny took on Wolfrun, Peace against Akaoni, and March verses Majorina. Joker tried to stop Happy but Beauty and Pop battled him instead. The four villains began to chant the Bad End spell, making them stronger (Also making Majorina young!) The Cures struggled to fight against their enemies as Happy made her way towards Candy.

As Happy ran towards Candy, the ground became steep and she almost fell into a pit of lava. Luckily, she was running so fast that she was able to leap through the air. However, she didn't jump far enough and had to use Happy Shower to get to the end. After getting back onto solid ground, she spotted the Decor Décor, which turned into a yellow nose Akanbe and smashed Happy to the ground. Meanwhile, the others were losing and fell. The Cures were badly injured and appeared to be defeated. However, their willpower was so strong that it gave everyone an adrenaline charge and they fought harder than before.

With this new rush of power, the Cures gave all they had and defeated all the generals. Happy rescued Candy and they quickly took the Decor Décor and escaped. Happy and Candy were reunited with the rest of the Cures, but when they placed the last Cure Decor piece in the box, nothing happened. Suddenly, Pierrot rose from the lava and prepared to fire a Bad End Cannon. Happy told Pop and Candy to escape and they tried to use Rainbow Healing on Pierrot. However, they were overwhelmed by Pierrot's power.

As they fell, the Decor Décor shone brightly on them and they heard Royale Queen's voice. They were then given their new powers: Princess Form and the Princess Candles. They used their new powers and finally defeated Pierrot. However, a piece of Pierrot (possibly his heart) managed to escape. The Cures stood together reunited with Candy and Pop...

24 (413)- "Purikyua ga Yōsei ni Nacchatta, miyu~!?" ("The PreCures Have Become Fairies, miyu~!?")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 24

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 24

Airdate: July 22, 2012

The girls returned to Märchenland with Pop and Candy, only to find that Royale Queen had not revived despite all the Cure Decors being gathered. They began to walk around the castle, but the royal guards were afraid due to their size. Pop used a magic trick which turned everyone into fairies and decided to have a tour of Märchenland.

While Pop was researching in the library, the girls were enjoying the sights of the village. When they arrived at a house made of candies, they went to eat it. However, a sneeze by Miyuki caused everyone to revert their human forms. The fairies were afraid at first, but the girls offered them candies and they got along after that. Meanwhile, Joker found the core of Pierrot and revived the three dead Bad End commanders. He suggested they collect more Bad End energy for Pierrot to revive again, and recreated a Big Red Nose for them to defeat the Cures with.

The girls heard from the fairies about the Miracle Jewels which could grant a user any wish. However, its whereabouts was unknown. Candy also mentioned that Joker was also asking about it when she was captured. Suddenly, Wolfrun appeared and stole the Bad End energy out of the fairies. He then used the Big Red Nose to turn the candy house into a Super Akanbe. The girls transformed but the Akanbe was too strong for them and even absorbed their Happy Shower and Sunny Fire attacks. The Akanbe started going on a rampage and knocked everyone, including Wolfurun, down.

The Cures heard the faries' despair and stood up again. The Princess Candles reappeared again and they transformed to Princess Form. They defeated the Akanbe and it released two Cure Decor pieces. After Wolfrun retreated, the girls heard Royale Queen's voice and headed back to the castle. Royale Queen was speaking through telepathy and explained that the original Cure Decor pieces which was supposed to revive her was instead given to Pegasus, so that the girls could attain Princess Form.

She also informed them that Pierrot is still alive and they had to gather more Cure Decor pieces to revive her. Everyone was troubled with the thought of more battle, but Miyuki encouraged everyone to work harder and revive Royale Queen. They then said goodbye to the fairies as the girls and Candy returned to the human world...

25 (414)- "Natsu da! Umi da! Akane to Nao no Ijippari Taiketsu!!" ("The Summer! The Sea! Akane and Nao's Stubborn Showdown!!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 25

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 25

Airdate: August 5, 2012

It is the beginning of the Summer Holidays and Miyuki didn't have any plans until she received a call from Akane to come to the beach. Akaoni also find out about the beach on the telly and decided to find out more. When Miyuki arrived at the beach, she saw Akane helping her mother at their Beach Okonomiyaki Store and Nao is helping her uncle in the Ice dessert store with Reika.

Akane forced Miyuki to help because her father broke his back and her brother's at camp and leaves to her and her Mother. Akane tried to get attention of costumers and then Nao next door heard and yelled to get Ice dessert and it became a screaming contest. Nao, Akane and both stores started competing with each other. Yayoi dropped by and she came to the beach for some inspirations for her drawings. While the rest of them continued their business, Candy and Yayoi have fun in the beach. Their business were booming and finally they took a break. However Akane and Nao decided to compete again and they begin to challenge in everything;Volleyball- Akane won, Soccer- Nao won, Eating watermelons-Akane won and building sandcastles- Nao won.

Meanwhile, Candy was playing with a crab and while Yayoi is drawing, she saw something on the waters. It was Akaoni. Akaoni arrived to crash waves and having fun and began to suck Bad End energy from the people. He also turned a ice cone into a Super Akanbe. The girls quickly transformed and battled the Super Akanbe. But Cure Sunny and Cure March tried to take down the Akanbe themselves without the rest of them. Both tried several times and as a result, Cure Happy, Peace and Beauty were captured into the Super Akanbe's body.

Suddenly the Akanbe created a snow storm and Cure Sunny and Cure March were weakened by it. Both of them were losing strength but they held their hands together which somehow overcome the snow storm. They realised they have to work together and joined forces to weaken the Super Akanbe. They rescued the others and transformed to Princess Form and defeated the Super Akanbe. Two new decors were recovered and Akaoni retreated but happily because of his new tan. Akane and Nao created a new set menu-Okonomiyaki and Ice Cone set which everyone enjoyed as they continued their summer holidays...

26 (415)- "Natsu Matsuri! Yozora ni Saku Ōkina Ōkina Hana!" ("Summer Festival! A Massive Flower Blooms in the Night Sky!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 26

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 26

Airdate: August 12, 2012

The girls met at the summer night festival and everyone commented on their lovely Yukata. Even Candy wore a Yukata by using the dress decor. They started walking and saw Nao's father playing the Taiko. Candy got a taste of the candy floss which she enjoyed it. Meanwhile Majorina is also at the festival and she was disgusted by the people enjoying themselves.

The girls tried catching some goldfish with Reika being superior at catching it. Majorina caught one and was planning to eat it but was told by the stall owner the goldfish are not edible. The girls then tried the shooting gallery which Miyuki and Candy won the Natto candies. Majorina won a holiday trip by accident but was angered when the stall owner calling her an old lady.

After playing for a while, the girls took a break. Candy was distracted by the mask display and was mistaken for a toy by one of the stall. The girls went to find Candy and found her as a prize offering. They gathered their money which is enough for five tries. Everyone took turns but failed until Miyuki was the last one. Her ring was about to land on the wrong prize when Candy used her ears to catch the ring. They finally got Candy back and went outside the festival.

Majorina found them and began to suck Bad End energy on the people. The girls transformed and Majorina created Super Akanbe using the festival toys. The Super Akanbe took down the girls by surprise and Majorina started to preach of hating all the people enjoying the festival.

The girls stood up and was determined to take down the Super Akanbe. They summoned Princess Form and quickly down the Super Akanbe using Rainbow Burst. It became two new decors and Majorina retreated. The girls then went to a hill top and enjoyed the fireworks display. Candy was transfixed by the display and thank Miyuki for bringing her to the festival.

27 (416)- "Natsu no Fushigi!? Obā-chan no Takaramono" ("A Summer Mystery!? Grandma's Treasure")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 27

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 27

Airdate: August 19, 2012

Miyuki brought the others to visit her grandmother at the countryside. They took a break when an elderly lady told them a Kappa might appear in the river creek if they get too close. Miyuki recognized the lady as her grandmother, Hoshizora Tae. The girls arrived at Tae's house and told Candy to pose as a doll. Tae then brought them to a creek where they eat fresh vegetables.

Nao asked Tae if there are really Kappa around in which Miyuki offered a cucumber in the river and shouted to the Kappa to collect it. Miyuki also told the others her love of stories come from Tae who tell her folktales when she was younger. That night, while setting up the table for dinner, Miyuki noticed an extra set and Tae explained for their little guest which happened to be Candy. The girls hide her as Tae's neighbor brought some food for her.

After dinner, Miyuki asked Tae why she does not want to stay with her in the city. She explained she loved the countryside and there is a treasure here she want to protect. Miyuki asked what it was but Tae said it is a secret. Meanwhile Wolfrun was feeling the heat and decided to go to the mountains. The next day, the girls help in the fields and Candy used the elephant Decor to water the plants. Wolfrun was relaxing in the creek when he spotted something and immediately ran off.

He came across the girls who are resting and Tae called him cute. The girls tried not to laugh which angered Wolfrun to summon the Bad End Energy spell, however it has no effect on Tae which everyone was surprised. Tae told them although there will be times of bad but the sun will shine for a better tomorrow. Wolfrun was furious about it however Tae ignored him and went to the kitchen. He created a Super Akanbe with a incense holder, and the girls transformed.

The girls knocked the Super Akanbe away from the house and Cure Happy claimed is to protect Tae's treasure. This make them ask what is the treasure which gave the Super Akanbe an opening to fire a shot at them. The shot knocked them down and the Super Akanbe fired another at the house. However a huge gust of wind extinguished the shot and knocked the Super Akanbe in the water.

Cure Happy suspected it could be the Tengu who created that wind. Suddenly a creature in the water make the Super Akanbe loss its balance and Wolfrun recognized as the creature earlier. The girls transformed to Princess Form and defeated the Super Akanbe. Later, as the girls were relaxing, a gentle gust of wind blew them and Tae claimed the mountains is thanking for something the girls had done. Miyuki then told Tae it is their secret and they all laughed after that...

28 (417)- "Uso? Honto? Obake nanka Kowakunai!" ("Lies? Truths? We Aren't Afraid of Ghosts!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 28

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 28

Airdate: August 26, 2012

Miyuki entered the class and found Nao being a scary cat after reading some ghost stories the night before. Miyuki also admitted she is not very good with ghost stories either. Akane suggested they go and explore some rumors of strange sightings in their school. Majorina also read the same book and she hatched a plan to get Bad End energy from humans.

The girls were walking to the opposite block of their school when Majorina overheard their conversation. She then used two Aka balls to create trouble for the girls. The girls stop at the music room and according to the story, the piano played by itself at night. Miyuki and Nao were pushed to the room to investigate. They checked the piano and the piano really played itself. They ran out of the room to tell the others but they don't believe it. (It was Majorina playing the piano in reality)

The next story was the mirror near the staircase where people got sucked into another world. Miyuki and Nao were again send to check it out and saw a shadow appearing in the mirror. They ran out quickly and again the others didn't believe them. They went to the arts room however this time Miyuki and Nao insisted everyone entered the room and they started looking around. Majorina was in one of the pictures and she scared them away.

They run down the hallway and realised they are trapped in an old school building. Nao suddenly remember the woman is Majorina which it is supposed to be one of her spell-Majorina Time. She appeared in front of the girls and they couldn't recognize her. But the spell ran out and she reverted to her old form. She then began to suck Bad End energy from the students outside and the girls transformed. The floor started to move by itself and several mini blue-nosed Akanbes appeared, scaring Cure Happy and Cure March.

Both of them began to panic and started running all over the place. The others tried to stop them and they didn't realise they are inside the Super Akanbe's body which has used the school building as it's host. They managed to find an opening and escaped to the open. The girls realised what happened and furthermore the Super Akanbe is unable to move due to it's weight.

They transformed to Princess Form and defeated the Super Akanbe and retrieved four new decors. After Majorina retreated, the girls walked back home and talked about their experience. Reika reminded them of their summer home works and tuition which Miyuki claimed it is more scarier than ghosts...

29 (418)- "Purikyua ga Gēmu ni Suikomare~ru!?" ("The PreCures are Sucked Into a Game~!?")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 29

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 29

Airdate: September 2, 2012

The girls met their teacher, Miss Sasaki who reminded them to complete their homework before school starts. Miyuki, Akane, Yayoi and Nao got worried as they had not finished theirs. Candy and Miyuki found a strange die and roll it. Everyone got sucked into a strange world and saw that Wolfrun, Akaoni and Majorina were there too.

Majorina explained that the die is a gateway to her own theme park. She also informed the girls that they must complete all the games by 6:30 pm or else they will be trapped there forever. The girls transformed and began their first game which is Whack-A-Mole. Cure Happy volunteered to play against Majorina where the object is to whack as many moles as they can in one minute. The bell rang and the game began. The moles cheated and refused to come out of their holes. With time running out, Cure Happy used Happy Shower to force them out of their holes, giving her a chance to whack the moles many times. The Akanbe Timer rang the bell, signaling the end of the game. As the girls check the results, it revealed that the final score was 98 for Majorina and 99 for Cure Happy, which makes her the winner by one point.

Next, Cure Sunny faces Wolfrun in a Go-Kart game. As they got in their starting positions, the starting signal (Which is an Akanbe) flashed green, signaling the start of the race. Wolfrun cheated but Cure Sunny used Sunny Fire to give a big boost and won the race. The next game is Bowling with Akaoni. Cure Peace was confident as she used to come first in pushing the ball race at school. Akaoni went first and rolled the ball into the gutter but, nine Akanbe Pins went down. However the pins guard themselves but Cure Peace electrified her ball and knocked all the pins down, giving her the strike and the win.

The girls then see the clock is now 3:00 pm and they quickly rushed to the next game. Akaoni challenged Cure March in a baseball match. She hit the ball out but the scoreboard (which is an Akanbe) blew the ball back. Cure March used March Shoot (With a Header!) and won the game. Wolfrun challenged Cure Beauty in a swimming race. However there was a shark in Cure Beauty's lane. She froze the pool with Beauty Blizzard and skated her way to the finish line.

The girls won five more games and finally arrived at the last one. Majorina turned the Ferris Wheel into a Super Akanbe and instructed the girls to enter the carriage. The objective is to remain happy by saying "Ultra Happy" at the end of the ride. On the Ferris Wheel, the girls saw an image of them being scolded by Miss Sasaki. They were then reminded of their homework and how they spent the summer lazing around. When they finished the ride, while Cure Happy, Sunny, Peace and March are depressed and dejected, Cure Beauty and Candy remain 'Ultra Happy', shocking Majorina and the others.

Cure Beauty told the others they might forget their homework which is their responsibility but as long they know what they should do next, they have nothing to fear. She even told the others she will help them in their homework when this is over. The others were happy to hear that which angered Majorina. She ordered the Akanbe to attack them. Cure Peace shocked the Akanbe with Peace Thunder. The girls transformed to Princess Form and got two decors after defeating the Super Akanbe. The girls returned back and agreed to finish their homework. However they didn't finish it on time and were given extra lessons by Miss Sasaki. When Reika took a peek on how her friends are doing, the four were looking at her, and Reika concluded that they were telling her not to worry on them and go ahead home, which she did. In truth, however, they're begging Reika for help, but was snapped off when Miss Sasaki told them to concentrate on the extra lesson.

30 (419)- "Hon no Tobira de Sekai Isshū Dairyokō!!" ("An Around-the-World Trip Through the Book Door!!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 30

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 30

Airdate: September 9, 2012

Akane askes the others if they went overseas for Summer holiday, and it turns out that none of them did. Miyuki wanted to go see a real fairy tale castle, Nao wanted to run across the plains of Mongolia, Akane wanted to try Taiwanese delicacies, Reika wanted to walk the Great Wall of China and Yayoi wanted to see the Statue of Liberty in New York. Meanwhile, Joker ponders over his next action.

Candy proposes that they use the Book Door to travel to their dream vacations. They prepare themselves and go to their first destination: France. They go on a tour of the Palace of Versailles, where Miyuki and Akane admired the beauty of the old chateau, Nao enjoys macarons, Candy dresses up in a Marie Antoinette-style dress, and they take photo of their trip.

Next, they go to see the lively culture of Taiwan. They arrived to the Jiufen, a mountain area in the Ruifang District of New Taipei City near Keelung. There are markets, stores and cafés and great food. They eat noodles (with Nao eating several bowls) and drink goat milk, and Candy dresses up in a cheongsam.

Next, they arrive in a small nomadic village in Mongolia. The nomads move their little yurts depending on the weather, seasons and harvesting to better farmlands every year. Reika tells everybody that many domestic animals are found in this area. The girls play in the grassland, Candy dresses up like a lamb and they take photo.

They move on to see the Geat wall of China. Reika starts to explain the landmarks history, but no-one pays her attention. The girls climb up the Wall to see the spectacular view.

Next, they head to the USA to see the statue of Liberty. Akane and Nao enjoy some hot dogs. Yayoi stars raving about an American super-hero she loves and even demonstrates an attack, while some bystanders praise her little display. Candy dresses up like The statue of Liberty holding an ice cream cone, and they take photo.

After that, they go to see many other places too. At last they arrived in the Amazon, where they go to boating and marvel at the beauty of nature. They take many photos of animals and strange plants. In the Bad End Kingdom, Joker tells Akaoni that Pierrot is getting impatient due to his constant failure, which convinces the ogre to go defeat the Pretty Cures and snatch the Decor Décor. The girls were in boat when Akaoni shows up. He sucks the Bad End energy out of the wildlife and turns a Piranha into a Super Akanbe.

The girls transform to battle. The Super Akanbe swallows up Candy and the Decor Décor, and the girls tried to save her in the river. However they cannot move well in the water and fall back. Candy uses the dolphin decor on the girls and they get Mermaid tails to swim with. Cure Sunny tries to use Sunny Fire but it gets extinguished. Cure Peace uses Peace Thunder and everyone gets an electric shock, including the Super Akanbe. Candy escapes and the girls force the Super Akanbe to the surface.

They transform into Princess Form and defeated the Super Akanbe. They also gain the last two decors. The girls return home and place the last two decors in the Decor Décor. A strange looking clock appeared in front of them and they wondered what it is. Meanwhile, Joker is holding a strange black ball...

31 (420)- "Roiyaru Kurokku to Kyandi no Himitsu!!" ("The Royal Clock and Candy's Secret!!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 31

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 31

Airdate: September 16, 2012

Candy was shocked after seeing the Pretty Cures defeated. Before that scene happens, the girls were wondering what does the Royal Clock does however Candy has no idea what it does. Candy was hungry and Miyuki had a cookie in her hand. She suggested to share with everyone which it will taste better if they shared the cookie. Pop also arrived claiming he know what the clock does.

Meanwhile Joker show the three generals a new black ball which will create Hyper Akanbe to defeat the Pretty Cures, and he also showed three mystery cards, one for each other. He ordered Wolfrun to use the black ball to battle them. Pop explained the Royal Clock is linked to the Royale Queen's revival. The Royal Clock activated by itself and they saw an image of the Royale Queen. She told the girls in order to use Royal Clock, it will require the Pretty Cures and Candy's strength to use their new power.

Wolfrun sucked Bad End Energy from people in the park which the girls rushed to confront him. He used the new black ball on a bulldozer and become Hyper Akanbe. Wolfrun merged with the Akanbe and is able to control the Akanbe. The girls transformed to battle, but the Hyper Akanbe is too strong for them. Candy and Pop were hiding however Joker found them and trapped Candy in a crystal ball.

Joker told the girls that Candy is trapped in a place where everything is a paradise. However the girls believed Candy will overcome the illusion. The girls tried to their best to defeat Hyper Akanbe and even used Princess Form but it was useless against the Hyper Akanbe. Candy ate a large cookie and remember earlier with the girls sharing the small cookie. She realized everything is an illusion and broke free.

She saw the girls laying on the ground, defeated by the Hyper Akanbe. Cure Happy was glad Candy was all right which angered Candy. It triggered a new decor that activate the Royal Clock. The clock was able to turn the Hyper Akanbe's black nose into a red nose. Cure Happy stood up and fired a Happy Shower at the Akanbe. It was defeated and a new decor was recovered.

Wolfrun retreated and Candy had a vision of Royale Queen telling her to support the Pretty Cures in the future. Everyone was glad Candy was okay. Suddenly Joker reappeared and trapped Akane, Yayoi, Nao and Reika in a crystal ball, taunting Miyuki, Candy and Pop...

32 (421)- "Kokoro o Hitotsu ni! Purikyua no Aratanaru Chikara!!" ("All Hearts As One! The PreCures' New Power!!")

(心を一つに! プリキュアの新たなる力!!)
Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 32

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 32

Airdate: September 23, 2012

Joker captured Akane, Yayoi, Nao and Reika into a crystal ball. He told Miyuki they are now in a paradise with no worries. Miyuki volunteered to enter the realm to save them, causing her to woke up in school and lost her memory about why she enters the crystal ball. Her friends told her they are going to the amusement park but she had a strange feeling about everything. She arrived at the amusement park while Candy also volunteered to enter the realm. Akane and the others make Miyuki to enjoy yourself and she fell into the spell. Candy arrived (which Miyuki lost her memories about Candy) and tried to wake her up with the shared cookie.

Thanks to the past about the shared cookie, Miyuki remembered everything and she tried to wake up Akane and the others (Akane forgets who is she and means they really lost their memories). Candy suggested to use Happy Shower to destroy the realm. Miyuki transformed and fire a shot to the sky but Joker stopped it with his card. He used a yellow ball to transform a roller coaster into a Yellow nosed Akanbe. Cure Happy began battling Akanbe but it is too strong for her. Joker laughed at her claiming that it is useless as work hard and experience failure and sadness in the end.

Cure Happy rebutted him that ever though they encountered failure, as long her friends are around, they will work harder than before to overcome everything. She was knocked down and the Yellow nosed Akanbe was about to fire a shot when Candy went in front of her. Their actions reawaken Akane and the others. They transformed too and stood together with Cure Happy. They combine their powers with Candy and was able to break the realm. Joker transformed Yellow nosed Akanbe into Hyper Akanbe with Bad End paint.

The girls quickly transformed to Princess Form and with the power of the Royal Clock, they used Royal Rainbow Burst to defeat Hyper Akanbe and gain a new Decor. After Joker retreated, they stood with the new Royal Clock and Pop explained it is now their most powerful skill for them. They stood together as the sun began to set, more determined than ever...

33 (422)- "Eigamura de Jidaigeki de Gozaru!? no Maki!" ("History Drama in a Movie Studio!?'s Tactics!")

(映画村で時代劇でござる!? の巻!)
Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 33

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 33

Airdate: September 30, 2012

The girls went to on a tour of the Period drama village where filming are conducting for a new show. Miyuki thought they were real demons and tried to stop them. But it was just a movie set and she was reprimanded by the director. The girls then saw a poster for a new movie and tried to imitate the characters. A director saw them and asked if they are interested in acting for the new movie. They agreed to it and wore their costumes.

Pop transformed to a human and managed to convince the director that he want to act in the film. They began acting their roles however Pop stole the show and the director was impressed with him. Akaoni saw a commercial of the Period drama village and thought it is a real town for demons. He arrived at the place and wondered did he saw the Pretty Cures earlier.

The director told them it is the finale and everyone got into their roles. Akaoni crashed the set and started destroying the place. Pop told everyone to stand together which Akaoni realized it is just a movie set. He sucked the Bad End energy out of everyone and the girls transformed. Akaoni turned a video camera into a Hyper Akanbe and merged with it. Hyper Akanbe was able to control the Pretty Cure's movements and started making them go forward, backwards and pause like a real video recorder.

Pop arrived and tried to damage Hyper Akanbe but his sword got destroyed by its hard body. Candy used the elephant decor to spray water on it which damaged its system. The girls broke free and used Royal Rainbow Burst to defeat Hyper Akanbe and a new decor is collected. After Akaoni retreated, the film was completed but Pop took the video away so as to protect the girls' identifies as Pretty Cures. He told them he will edit the footage and return to the director later.

A few days later, the girls went for a screening of the movie in Cinema, but they realised that the Pop is the main focus and the girls' scenes were cut out totally....

34 (423)- "Icchi Danketsu! Bunkasai de Mirakuru Fasshon Shō!!" ("United as One! Miracle Fashion Show at the Culture Festival!!")

(一致団結! 文化祭でミラクルファッションショー!!)
Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 34

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 34

Airdate: October 7, 2012

Miyuki was happy as Reika announced there was going to be a Fashion Concert but Toyashima got mad and left leaving his friend sad and Miyuki also sad. Majorina was figuring out how to defeat the cures by checking the book and she went away and found it how to defeated them. It was sunset and the girls were sad and were talking that why did Toyashima said it was boring but Miyuki didn't want that to happen and she said she will make him join and help.

In class the girls were seeing Yayoi's book about Fashion Shows they decided to decorate first and than made the stage and do the dresses but than in Miyuki's mind she thought of a idea that people can dress up as people in stories and people decided to be in groups and loved Miyuki's idea. Than Toyashima was there and left but Miyuki said what was he going to be but than he left leaving his friends again alone. Miyuki was sad and chased and told him why he didn't want to join and he told that he wanted to be on a band.

In the morning the girls were eating and Miyuki shared the news she knew from Toyoshima and told to make him join. In class Toyoshima was going to leave but than he saw the girls and said no again leaving them mad. In the other class they were doing clothes and Nao was sewing leaving many people really curious how she did that, Reika was measuring and Yayoi was cutting the clothes to make it better, but Akane was doing a piggy nose and had a plan.

Toyoshima was in the roof and than Akane came with a piggy nose and Yayoi with Miyuki were waring them he said it was boring and Akane became angry and wanted to chase him but Yayoi and Miyuki stopped her. Reika tried also but she failed and Nao failed also leaving the girls tired. Yayoi came and had Peter Pan's hat and tried to give it to him but he didn't want to and left. Miyuki and the others were done with their clothes and than Toyoshima came and saw them but he left again, Miyuki became sad again and chased him.

Than she saw him playing the guitar and than he said to himself he wanted to join but he was afraid to Miyuki knew that he wanted and tried to say bu Majorina came and summoned a Akanbe out of Toyoshima's guitar the girls came and transformed and tried to fight but they coudn't because the Akanbe made bad music and the cures had to hold their ears, Candy wasn't affected by it and produced a banana out of the banana decor and threw it to the Akanbe.

The Akanbe fell down and it was the turn for the cures to do Royal Rainbow Burst and they defeated the akanbe. Everything got back to normal and Toyoshima finally accepted to join in, everyone got happy and the stage was done along with the dresses and people started invting people to come and Miyuki was happy like the others but her heart was paunding and she was super excited and the concert was going to begin.

It was te concert it finally started with Toyoshima and his band playing and Toyoshima was wearing Peter Pan clothes. Everyone started and they were dancing and singing. Yayoi came as Red Ridding Hood and paired with a wolf boy. Akane came as a Arabian Princess paired with a Arabian Prince. Nao came as Alice in Wonderland and Reika came as Asian Princess. Miyuki was Cindrella and was excited but than she saw Toyoshima winking at her she was cheered by her friends, she danced till the concert finished and she was Ultra Happy!

35 (424)- "Yayoi, Chikyū o Mamore! Purikyua ga Robo ni Na~ru!?" ("Yayoi, Protect the Earth! The PreCures Become Robots~!?")

(やよい、地球を守れ! プリキュアがロボニナ~ル!?)
Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 35

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 35

Airdate: October 14, 2012

Two robots were fighting and they were controlled by people and were doing the same jobs as the Pretty Cures but than it was showed that it was a movie and the toys were coming to sale which Yayoi's eyes were sparkling and she loved it leaving her friends bored, she told them that they were going to be really cool toys and Nao told her that her brother watched it, Akane said what was cool about robots, Reika coudn't understand it accept Miyuki which loved it like Yayoi. Than they were going to choose what toys would they buy about robots than Yayoi was happy about it.

Akaoni and Wolfrun were playing with robot toys too and Majorina was seeing them and was annoyed of what she was seeing than, Akaoni and Wolfrun putted down their toys as Majorina came and took them and threw them. Wolfrun and Akaoni became to cry. It was the day the robots were on sale, a big line was there..just to take those toys, in the line Yayoi and the girls were waiting, they were jumping and than two people came as it was...Akaoni and Wolfrun along with Majorina and they summoned a Akanbe. Yayoi remember how the robots protected Earth and told them that she wasn't going to give up.

After the girls turned into Cures, Majorina had a gun and shooted at the Cures but all the Cures dodged it except Cure Happy and she turned into a robot leaving everyone suprised. Candy wasn't happy, and was trying to get the gun After Akaoni and Wolfrun decided to do a two Akanbes and the one which was fast was going to win. Then Peace inturupted them and told everyone that it was like in the movie. The Cures were fighing and than entered Happy Robo's control room the Akanbe was hard to destroy and someone had to control Happy Robo but the cures were panicted.

The two Akanbes were coming and than Happy Robo got up and the two Akanbes stopped and Happy Robo was moving and doing funny moves and it showed that Sunny was controlling it. Than the two Akanbes started to come again but this time Happy Robo was standing and walking also and was controlled by Cure March but she failed also. Again Happy Robo got up and and this time it was Beauty and she was dodging every thing that the akanbes were throwing, after all that it was time for the cures to triumph and Happy Robo was fighting with Beauty's controls.

After the Akanbes did a attack together but Happy Robo dodged it and then it was time for Happy Robo to do Happy Punch and threw the Akanbes away after all that it was time to do Ultra Happy Punch also but after Happy Robo dissapeared but Peace remembered the robots again and decided to do Royal Rainbow Burst and everything got back to normal. Yayoi got her new toy and the girls learned that robots weren't just for fun but they were giving smile to every child and Yayoi got really happy.

36 (425)- "Nekketsu!? Akane no Hatsukoi Jinsei!!" ("Hot-Blooded!? Akane's First Love Life!!")

(熱血!? あかねの初恋人生!!)
Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 36

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 36

Airdate: October 21, 2012

Akane was walking and in the same time she was practicing volleyball but then her foot stepped on a rock and she fell down then Brian, a boy from United Kingdom came and raised his hand to help her then Akane became shy and said she was okay and than he walked away leaving Akane suprised. The next morning Akane was in school still thinking about him and then.....she saw him and he saw her and he was so happy he saw her. Then the teacher was explaining the new student Brian which came from England and was going to stay in Japan for three weeks and then the teacher asked Akane to show Brian the school and Akane was feeling guilty for it.

Akane first went to her friends to ask about how to speak English and she asked Miyuki but she was to busy seeing a movie with Yayoi, she asked also Nao but she had club activities with Reika, leaving her alone with Brian. Brian next asked Akane what was her name and it was hard for Akane to answer but still she answered. They went to the Music Room and it was easy for Akane to spell, after in Book Room, then in the science room but Akane couldn't say it instead of saying it Rika Room which meant Science Room in Japanese. Akane said to herself if he understanded her and than Brian stopped before hitting the door and then told she was a lady.

Then Brian was getting to samurais but it made Akane nervous and learned him Japanese things then it was noon Akane was getting ready to to go but then Brian threw her a volleyball and were playing and also Akane was learning English. Akane went to the secret house were the girls were and was telling about Brian, Yayoi was told her if she liked Brian and than Akane's face became red and then the girls got up and grouped and took Akane and putted her in the wall if she likes him and then she said yes.

The girls were in school, Miyuki took Akane's shoe and threw it and in the same time Brian was coming. Then he picked it up and gave it to her, the girls were spying and still seeing if she liked him or not. Yayoi wanted to prove if she liked him and made a picture which made Akane nervous but she tried and then when Yayoi came she saw Akane's picture which was horrible, than Reika told her if Akane would do a love letter which made Akane shy.

It was night and Akane was walking than she saw Brian with a dictionary and than he said to her he was trying to find a restaurant and Akane knew the place which was her family's restaurant and he tried Okonomiyaki which he knew it was delicious and then he asked Akane if he would tell him info for Japanese and Akane accepted, the girls were shocked and happy seeing Akane helping Brian. Then he got used to everything because of Akane, he went to meet Nao's siblings and than go to a circus, they did racing in the beach and they were really happy.

It was sunset and Akane told him that she was having fun and then Brian told her that he had to go to United Kingdom and broke Akane's heart. Wolfrun was seeing a movie about love which he was saying that it was pointless. It was the day that Brian was going to head home, everyone was there to say to him goodbye accept Akane but Miyuki saw her running, than the girls were wondering were was Akane and they saw her alone playing volleyball under the bridge and were saying to her that why didn't she go to say goodbye but Akane couldn't say it and was worring the girls, then a bigger problem got to be it was.....Wolfrun taking bad energy.

Wolfrun summoned a Akanbe which was a love necklace and started fighting and was saying bad things about love which made Cure Sunny really angry and got up but the Akanbe kicked Sunny and went away but she standed again, Candy came and told Akane to use the Sport Decor and after it made a sword made out of wood, than Akane wasn't feeling good and made the sword fire up and made the Akanbe fall down now it was time for the cures to defeat the Akanbe by doing Royal Rainbow Burst and the Akanbe got defeated.

Everything got back to normal and the bus was there and Akane told her friend to meet Brian one more time in the airport and was running to catch the bus so she could go to Brian but then it was far away after Nao came with all that speed to stop the train and then Akane forgot that she had no money and Reika came with her purse to give her money, and she was happy but than she saw the highway was full of cars with no hope to catch him but than Miyuki came along with Yayoi and Miyuki gave her bicycle and Yayoi her map and Akane got the bicycle and ran as fast as she could.

She saw the airport and was sore she would catch it but than Miyuki's bicycle broke and she was alone and than she started running really fast and she arrived but then she saw the airplane was gone and sat down and cried but after a hand raised and she knew it was Brian and said she liked him finally and Brian said that too which made her surprised she still cried but Brian said he would come back leaving her happy they got their hands joined together and enjoyed their last sunset...

37 (426)- "Reika no Nayami! Kiyoki Kokoro to Kiyoki Ippyō!!" ("Reika's Worries! A Noble Heart and a Noble Vote!!")

(れいかの悩み! 清き心と清き一票!!)
Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 37

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 37

Airdate: October 28, 2012

As Reika was walking, she was noticing that everyone was saying good morning and she was getting shy. Nao and Akane, along with Miyuki and Yayoi, came and were saying that she was a perfect as a student council president, than Candy used the Star Decor and made Reika with stars and than her friends clapped leaving Reika suprised, than she said to them that she wasn't going to enter and than her friends were freaked out. Than she said the reason, it was because the president leaded the student onto the right path.

Meanwhile, Majorina, Wolfrun and Akaoni were seeing a movie about student presidents, and they liked it, all of them wanted to be and they decided to go on the race for student council president. After they went in school in their human forms, as the went, the girls were shocked after seeing them. Than Reika was okay with that, in the bathroom she listened to Wolf Runtaro as he said that he was going to get rid of homework which made the students smile, than Majo Rina came as she said she was going to let students eat sweets during class but than Akai Onikichi made the promis that people would bring manga books, while the girls were listening, Nao and Akane didn't like it, but Miyuki and Yayoi were amazed but than Nao said to now fall for their promises.

While they were listening, Reika came and told that they weren't going to become presidents if they did promises like that, than she said she was going to run for president as her friends were really happy and suprised. Than it was a match, Yayoi did a drawing of Reika and than her friends were telling people to vote for her, than Wolf Runtaro was with papers and was saying that no homework and he threw them, and people were cheering about him than Majo Rina threw papers that said sweets everywhere, after Akai Onikichi came and said manga and games, after all this Reika was worried and said none of these, and than they were gone and the people also left, leaving them with no hope.

In the roof with her friends, Reika was depresed because she was going to lose but her friends cheered her up, while going in home she played with arrow but she lost, than she was studying but still with the word right path. It was the day of the election and they had to talk while going to talk, Wolf Runtaro was saying no homework, than Majo Rina said sweets and than Akai Onokichi said manga and games everyone was cheering, than it was time for Reika to say she said about flowers and cleaning but no one liked it than, Majorina was bored and than she bumped with Akaoni and turned into their forms and went away leaving Wolf Runtaro alone and the cures knew who it was.

Than Wolf Runtaro had othing to do and turned into his real form and summoned a Akanbe. The girls turned into cures. While fighting the Akanbe first attacked the 4 cures but not Cure Beauty and she was about to get hit from it, than the other cures were fighting and talking about things which are important for life and than Cure Beauty was attacking and pushed the Akanbe, than it was time for the cures to attack, they did Royal Rainbow Burst and the Akanbe was defeated but Wolfrun wasn't ready to go, he said he was going to stay and see who was going to win the election.

It was time again to speak in front of the school's students, Reika started talking about enviroment and kindness, watering plants was fun after that she was waiting for people to like it, a student was clapping and than everyone did than she started smiling, than the voting began after the voting, Wolf Runtaro was hoping he was but than, Reika became one and everyone was really happy.

38 (427)- "Hassuru Nao! PuriKyua ga Kodomo ni Na~ru!?" ("Hustling Nao! The PreCures Become Kids~!?")

(ハッスルなお! プリキュアがコドモニナ~ル!?)
Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 38

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 38

Airdate: November 11, 2012

Nao was leaving home and see her family playing tag. Her father asked her to join, but she declined, saying that she's not a little kid and left. He was sad to hear her say those words and said to himself she'll always be a little girl in his eyes. Outside, Nao reminded herself that she used to play tag when she was young. She met up with the girls at the park and ran up, until a bottle fell from the sky and spilled/sprinkled the potion on all of them and turned them into little kids with all of them left shocked. Meanwhile at Bad End Kingdom, Majorina was looking for her new invention/potion called Become-a-kid. When Akaoni and Wolfrun come up to her, Majorina was shocked to see her partners turned into (cute) children by her new potion. Wolfrun and Akaoni then yelled at her to turn them back and then squabbled/fought with each other, wanting to be first in becoming back to normal. Majorina was happy that the potion worked and asked the little commanders where it is. They stopped fighting and Akaoni said he got angry that he threw it out shocking Majorina and went out looking for it. Wolfrun and Akaoni followed her yelling to turn them back and squabbled/fought again wanting to go first.

Meanwhile, the Pretty cure and Baby Candy wondered what happened to them. They suggested that Majorina did it, remembering the times she did her magic on them. Yayoi drew Majorina on the ground and everyone was impressed by her drawing and began to draw in the dirt. Reika wondered if because they are now kids, their hearts are now young and act like children, even though they are 2nd year middle schoolers. Nao got their attention and acted as a leader saying they must find Majorina or they'll be like this forever. All of them agreed and cheered. Soon they were holding ropes like kindergartens. The Policeman passing by saw the children playing, making him happy and recognized Majorina in the drawing. The little Cures stopped at the forest in the park and looking for leaves and nuts. They saw a balloon floating, Miyuki and Yayoi chased after it until Yayoi tripped and started crying. Nao came up to her and did "pain, pain, go away", making Yayoi feel better. Miyuki compliments her on acting as a Big sister and Nao reminded her she is.

Suddenly, Wolfrun and Akaoni in their children form came out of the bushes and squabbled/fought again. The girls came up to stop the fight until they recognized each group. Just when Wolfrun and Akaoni did the Bad End Spell but they didn't bring the Picture Book of Darkness and black paint of Darkness. Both of them got angry at each other for not bringing them and began to squabble/fight. The Cures again said to them to stop fighting. Akaoni decided that they'll battle by doing tag and he's it. All ran away from him and played along. Akaoni was too slow to catch them. Meanwhile, Majorina was in the Human world to look for her potion. The Officer came across her and said about a drawing from her in the park and 5 children who he thought one of them is her grand-child. Majorina guessed that the Pretty Cure found it and went off to the Park.

She found the drawing and thought it doesn't look like her and drew a picture of her young self and went off. The children were playing red light, green light and Wolfurun was the light. Rieka lost and was "captured" by small Wolfrun. Nao shouted that they will save Rieka and the Cures, even Akaoni agreed and cheered until Majorina appeared. Wolfrun and Akaoni ordered her to change them back and then she was crowded by the little children wanting to change them back until she lost her temper and did the Bad End Spell making the Alternate reality causing the people in the Park giving out Bad Energy and summoned a Akanbe Acorn. The Cures were scared, until encouraged by Nao and suggested maybe they would turn back to normal if they transforrm into Pretty Cures. The Cures were glad and transform. But their transformation was in a kiddish/child and cute state and end up being Pretty Cures while being kids. Little Cure March led the girls except Small Cure Peace to fight the Akanbe. But it was unsuccessful since their tactics were too childish that they were easily but almost defeated by it with just a flick. They were so small that they couldn't fight combat. March then had an idea and played tag with it so it can chase her and the Little Cures got the idea and did tag with it so it can confuse and tire it. Wolfrun and Akaoni joined them thinking it was fun.

When it got tired, Little March then unleashed March Shoot , but because of her small size, it has small power so the Akanbe wasn't harmed. Sunny tried Sunny Fire , but the fire energy was too high for her. Peace tried Peace Thunder , but it shocked her and cried. Beauty used Beauty Blizzard , but it became a wind that cooled the Akanbe. Cure Happy then used Happy Shower , but it wasn't enough power and everyone was in shock. Wolfrun and Akaoni yelled at Majorina who is in the Hyper Akanbe to turn them back. Majorina then gave the antidote that will turn them back. Wolfrun and Akaoni fought for the antidote for changing first. While fighting, the antidote accidentally got out of their hands and the potion spilled/sprinkled all over the Cures and Candy turning back to normal. Wolfurun and Akaoni then started fighting blaming each other for dropping the Antidote. Candy then used the "Fight Decor". It was a couple of balloons that distracted and stopped Wolfrun and Akaoni from fighting and chased after it.

Now that they are back to normal, they used Royal Rainbow Burst and defeated the Hyper Akanbe and Majorina fled and Everything was back to normal. Later, everyone were now teens again happy to be normal again, but some were sad now that the fun they had was over. Miyuki cheered everyone up by saying it isn't over and played tag. At Nao home, Nao finished taking bath and her family were playing tag and one of her siblings tagged her. Nao was deppressed but seeing her father smile, she decided to play and all of them had fun until her mother annoyed shouted them to be quiet by Midorikawa Tomoko.

39 (428)- "Dōnacchauno!? Miyuki no Hachamecha Shinderera" ("What's Going On!? Miyuki's Nonsensical Cinderella")

(どうなっちゃうの!? みゆきのはちゃめちゃシンデレラ)
Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 39

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 39

Airdate: November 18, 2012

Miyuki was walking inside the library, but spots an unknown book that was on the floor. Candy was curious along with Miyuki and opens the book. She sees that it was Cinderella and touches a page. Then her hand was getting in the book and it flew and shined. Miyuki was gone leaving Candy alone and curious. Miyuki was terrified. Then she remembered that Cinderella was dirty too and her eyes shined. Majorina was seeing and saw that the Cinderella book was gone.

The girls were in school talking and trying to know why is Miyuki being late, but than Pop came and said it was that it was gone than Candy came and said it was terrible and the girls had to cover up so no one could see them talking. Than they headed up to the roof so no one could see them, than Pop showed the book where Miyuki got trapped and the girls saw a page seeing Miyuki cleaning and they thinked Miyuki was happy cleaning than Pop told that the book connected all the books of Cinderella through out the world and made her happiness and than he said if the book got in bad hands-than he got enterupted by Majorina, Wolfrun, and Akaoni and they run to get the book, Candy touched it and everyone got sent in the book and Pop was scared.

Miyuki was smiling and thinking of heaving a happy ending till the stepsisters came which were Wolfrun, Akaoni and than the stepmother which was Majorina.She was still cleaning and than the stepsister or Wolfrun came and was with mud and made the her laundry into dirty leaving Miyuki to really angry. Than she was cleaning the hallway but than the other stepsister or Akaoni came and made the floor a mess leaving her sad again. She was also doing cooking this time but than the stepmother came and made into a poison cooking and than the kitchen became dirty again.

Than in the other world Pop was seeing the book and he was seeing Miyuki being treated badly and was sad. Than the stepsisters got invitations from the prince and Miyuki was delighted and came but than the stepmother came and told Miyuki she wasn't going but Miyuki's hopes weren't gone she knew the fairy was going to save her but than she Yayoi and she telled her that she was the fairy and Miyuki's dream were gone.

It was the day and the stepsister rushed into the ball leaving Miyuki alone with Yayoi but than Akane with Nao came which were two mouses and made Yayoi break free, than Candy showed up also telling them that she was a lizard. Yayoi took her magic wand and did Peace Thunder with it which made Miyuki with Cinderella's dress. Than she turned Nao and Akane into horses and Candy into the person which rode it. When they were going in the palace, Miyuki saw Wolfrun and he broke the pumpkin which held Miyuki to go to the palace.

The prince or Reika was waiting for some one to come but than Majorina with the stepsisters came and were chaising her but Miyuki didn't give up and came to the castle and than Reika came and took her hand and danced, Pop was seeing the book and saw Reika and Miyuki happy than Miyuki saw the clock and had 5 minutes left and she was also reminded to not forget the shoe but when she was running she was getting chased by the stepgirls, Yayoi tried to help Miyuki go but than they kicked her but Reika caught her and Miyuki's shoe fell and Wolfrun summoned a Akanbe with her shoe.

Miyuki had no choice but to fight it by herself because her friends forgot the Smile Pact. She transformed and had 3 minutes left and the Akanbe was running but there was no time and Candy to help Miyuki used the Sweet Decor and made many sweets which the Akanbe felt dizzy, it was time for Miyuki to transform again to Princess Happy than she used the new attack Cinderella Happy Shower and the Akanbe by all that power Miyuki got pushed back to her house. It was morning and it was time for Cinderella to wear the missing shoe and than everything got back to normal world leaving Majorina angry but Miyuki smiled leaving everyone with a happy end.

40 (429)- "Nekketsu! Akane no Takara Sagashi Jinsei!!" ("Hot-Blooded! Akane's Treasure Hunting Life!!")

(熱血! あかねの宝さがし人生!!)
Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 40

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 40

Airdate: November 25, 2012

Akane goes on a search to find out what her own treasure is. Every student in the class knew what their treasure was, but Akane was wondering for what her treasure was. When she was playing volleyball in school outside she was wondering that if a volleyball could be a treasure, after she saw Yayoi, with her friends, drawing a volleyball. Than Akane without seeing gets hit by a volleyball. And Akane wasn't liking if her treasure was a volleyball.

After in the other scene it show Akane fliping Okonomiyaki, than she wonders if her spatulas were her treasures, but she wasn't so sure about it. After it comes her mom and it said to Akane, that a English letter came. Akane was suprised and in the door, her friend and Miyuki came and said, "English letter?", than everyone memorised that it was Brian, Akane was happy and suprised, and though if the letter that Brian gave her was her treasure, but she didn't like that idea too. She noticed in the letter it said, "Smile like the Sun", everyone was really happy that he mentioned that sentence about Akane. Than Akane was happy but embarrassed, from the letter.

While Akane was about to say goodbye to her friends, Miyuki, Yayoi and the others gave her a charm with Akane and a volleyball, and Akane was so happy. After Akane memorised that Miyuki's hand was with a lot of bandage and that was because Miyuki sewed to make this charm. Candy said that everyone made this. Yayoi made the scetch, Nao learned Miyuki how to saw and Reika choosed the materials and the colors of the charm. Akane was really happy and was crying and hugged everyone by telling, "This is going to be my treasure.", everyone was suprised and happy. When Akane went back to her room, she was happy and she decided not to lose it and to be very well in the match tomorrow.

While going in school, she spots Wolfrun, and gets angry. After Akane turns into Cure Sunny and Wolfrun turns a volleyball into a Akanbe, leaving Akane think it was the same one that Akane fought in the beggining. But Wolfrun tells her to be careful. Cure Sunny fights and attacks, protecting herself. Wolfrun tells her that he hates her and how she smiles and makes everyone happy, and most that everything about her annoys him. From the other side Candy feels the Bad End Space and tells the cures to go and help Cure Sunny.

While the cures running to go and fight, Cure Sunny's bag gets open and Akanbe finds her charm and asks Cure Sunny that what it is, and Akane answers saying, "My treasure!". Wolfrun gets Cure Sunny angry by saying her that it is a cheap doll. While Akanbe squeezes her charm, Cure Sunny attacks but no choise she gets really damaged. Thinking that everyone did that for her she attacks and gets her new decor and becomes her ultimate form and she does her new attack, "Sunny Fire Burning!", but it doesn't do a difference and after the Akanbe does a attack and wants to kill Cure Sunny after all the precures come together and defeat the Akanbe with Royal Rainbow Burst and the Akanbe gets destroyed.

Wolfrun got really tired and angry so he didn't continue fighting. While walking, Akane feeled sad that her charm broke, but Miyuki said that she can make another one, with her friends and to make it better. Akane said, "Its fine, it was one of a kind in the world.", in the end Akane gets what really is important and she was glad that she found out before she had lost it and everyone gets together and Akane hugs her friends.

41 (430)- "Watashi ga Mangaka!? Yayoi ga Egaku Shōrai no Yume!!" ("I'm a Manga Artist!? Yayoi has Illustrated Future Dreams!!")

(私がマンガ家!? やよいが描く将来の夢!!)
Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 41

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 41

Airdate: December 2, 2012

Yayoi loved to draw since young but she was shy in letting others seeing her works. Today she is doing a sketch in class and the other girls were impressed by her sketch. One of the classmates suggested to Yayoi to join the Manga newcomer contest and she agreed to join after encouragement from Miyuki and the others. Yayoi started drawing and decided to do a hero Manga she created years ago Miracle Peace. She only did the front cover and later the rest of the story.

However she isn't making any progress and lacked concentration in her studies. Miyuki and the others offered to help her however she declined and continued to do it alone. Joker gave Akaoni one last chance to defeat Cure Peace and he went to the human world. Yayoi had a nightmare of the villain in her creations mocking her for being useless while battiling Miracle Peace. As she wakes up, her ink spills on her manuscript and she cries over it. She ran out of her house and met with the others however she was too upset and ran further into the park.

Akaoni spotted her and sucked the Bad Energy from the people nearby. He turned the villain in it into a Hyper Akanbe. Yayoi transformed to Cure Peace and battle him. But the Akanbe was too strong and even Akaoni mocked at her creations. Cure Peace argued back that she believe in Miracle Peace since young and she is not giving it up. Suddenly she felt a surge of power and was able to defeat the Akanbe with her new Attack Pretty Cure Peace Thunder Hurricane! But Akaoni is not giving up yet when the rest of the Cures arrived.

Cures transformed to Princess Form to defeat him with Royal Rainbow Burst and also got a new decor. Yayoi thanks the other and got a new sense of confidence. A few days later, the manuscript was completed and the girls congratulate her. Even some of their classmates like her Manga and she thanked her hero Miracle Peace...

42 (431)- "Mamorinuke! Nao to Kazoku no Taisetsu na Kizuna!!" ("Protect it! Nao and her Family's Precious Bonds!!")

(守り抜け! なおと家族のたいせつな絆!!)
Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 42

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 42

Airdate: December 9, 2012

Nao's mother is hospitalized to deliver her 7th child. While taking care of the other siblings, Nao decides to make her mother's famous curry for lunch. However, she forgets to buy an essential ingredient, the apple, and Hina and Yuuta decide to get it for her on their own. On the way, they realise they didn't bring money to but it, and are captured by Majorina - using her apple which encloses them - in order to lure Nao out to battle. Keita, Haru and Kouta meet up with her just then after trying to find Hina and Yuuta, but the siblings except Nao are drained of their bad energy. Nao has no way to save Hina and Yuuta, but just to turn into Cure March.

When she turns into Cure March, Nao's siblings get really suprised that Nao is Cure March. She fights and protects her siblings from the Akanbe (the apple that Hina and Yuuta are trapped in!), but then Keita, Haru, and Kouta protect Cure March by telling the Akanbe/Majorina "Stop bulling Nao!", than Majorina wants to dissapear Nao's siblings. After, Nao remembers everything she did with her siblings and gets in front of Keita, Kouta and Haru and protects them and tells Majorina, "I'll definitely protect my family!", than Cure March turns into her ultimate form and starts fighting, but than Majorina turns into her younger form.

Cure March which was really angry when she did her new attack, March Shoot Impact, still the Akanbe became more stronger and did a powerful attack which was sent to kill Nao's siblings, Cure March, was really freaked out at their supposed deaths and didn't have strength to reach her siblings. After the exploding, it turns Cure Happy and Cure Sunny protected the siblings, leaving Cure March really suprised/relieved, then Cure Beauty and Cure Peace free Hina and Yuuta from the Akanbe.

After the precures get together they destroy the Akanbe with the Royal Rainbow Burst and every thing gets back to normal. Than when the cures get to their normal forms they see Nao crying and she thanks them, with Miyuki hugging her. Than Nao's dad comes and tells everyone that the baby was born and in the hospital ward, Nao's parents name her Yui - in hopes that she will bring the entire family closer together - and everyone was so happy.

43 (432)- "Reika no Michi! Watashi, Ryūgaku Shimasu!!" ("Reika's Path! I will Study Overseas!!")

(れいかの道! 私、留学します!!)
Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 43

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 43

Airdate: December 16, 2012

Reika received the news from her teacher that she is being accepted as an exchange student to England. She will leave next month and will be there for a year. The other girls were happy for her however she felt uneasy between her role as a Pretty Cure and the exchange program. Reika asked her grandfather for advices and he wrote the Kanji word of Path but in two different parts. She spent the whole night asking herself but no answers.

She spoke to the others after school who told her to take it easy despite that she can't be a Pretty Cure when she leave. When Reika left for her Archery class, Miyuki and the rest got worried that Reika can't be with them anymore. Joker caught Reika by surprise and suck Bad End energy from the students. He then trapped her into his realm which she transform to Cure Beauty. Joker turn a mirror into a Hyper Akanbe and battle her.

Joker started tauting her claiming she can be free from being a Pretty Cure and become a normal and selfish person who betray her friends. Cure Beauty was shocked by it and she was unable to maintain her transformation. Cure Happy and the others arrived but was distracted by the Akanbe. Joker told them Reika has lost her powers as she has decided to leave them to pursue her dream. Cure Happy want to wish her well in her dream but realise she will be lying to herself.

Everyone respect her dreams but they don't want to lose her either. Reika too felt the same way and want to stay together. Joker laughed at their friendship however Reika got the will to stand up again and transform to a power-up version of Cure Beauty. Joker merged with the Akanbe and started battling with Cure Beauty. She finally used her new Attack Pretty Cure Beauty Blizzard Arrow and separate Joker from the Akanbe. The others followed her lead and used Princess Form to vanquish the Akanbe and a new Decor. After Joker retreated, the girls returned to their own world. Reika announced she is not going to England as her place is with her friends...

44 (433)- "Egao no Himitsu! Miyuki to Hontō no Urutora Happī!!" ("Secrets of a Smile! Miyuki and the Real Ultra Happy!!")

(笑顔のひみつ! みゆきと本当のウルトラハッピー!!)
Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 44

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 44

Airdate: December 23, 2012

It is the Christmas Season and Miyuki was running to meet her friends at the shopping district. She accidentally fell down but was help by a mother and daughter pair. Miyuki saw the girl has a mirror necklace which make her recall something from her past. Meanwhile, Wolfrun was frustrated of his failure and decided to bet on the last black ball and aim for Cure Happy. Miyuki met Akane and the others and told them about her time with her grandmother as a child.

She used to be shy among people and her only love is reading fairy tales. Tae gave Miyuki a mirror necklace and she treasure it. However she still could not get along with the neighbouring kids and ran into the forest crying. Suddenly a young girl wearing a straw hat appeared in front of her and they immediately became friends. One day, Miyuki drew a story book for the young girl to see but met up with the neighbouring kids. She want to make friends with them but was too shy. But a voice told Miyuki to be brave and she greeted them. The neighbouring kids welcome her and Miyuki was happy about it.

Later, Miyuki could not find the straw hat girl and no one knew who she was. She suspected that she could be a mirror spirit however she was glad she met her and gave her the courage to make friends and to be happy in life. The girls found the same little girl earlier and she got separated with her mother. Miyuki accompanied the girl whose name is Yura and mentioned about her mirror necklace. Yura claimed her mother gave it to her as she is a crybaby and hope she can be strong.

Suddenly Wolfrun sucked Bad End energy among the people and challenge Miyuki. She transformed and Wolfrun used the black ball to turn a house into an Akanbe. He was full of rage and was beating Cure Happy to a plup. Wolfrun claimed he hate her for everything she stands for however Cure Happy told her it was meeting her friends, families, classmates and Candy that she was able to move forward and she will protect them no matter what.

Suddenly Cure Happy got a new surge of power and overwhelmed Wolfrun. She then used her new attack Pretty Cure Happy Shower Shining to weaken him. Wolfrun was not giving up but the others have arrived. They changed to Princess Form and defeated the Akanbe and got a new decor. After Wolfrun retreated and everything went back to normal, Miyuki thanked the others for everything they went through and admired the falling snow in the night...

45 (434)- "Owari no Hajimari! Purikyua tai Sankanbu!!" ("The Beginning of the End! The PreCures vs. the Three Subordinates!!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 45

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 45

Airdate: January 6, 2013

Pierrot's egg has landed on Earth and is hovering above the city. The girls were looking at the Royal Clock when it activated by itself and turn Candy into a big jewel stone. Meanwhile, the Bad End Trio begged Joker one more chance and he gave them the last black ball. He also warned them they will lose their life if they used the black ball.

Pop has also arrived and was shocked at the events. Suddenly the Bad End Trio and sucked the Bad End energy from the people in the city. The girls transformed too however the Bad End Trio used the black ball and become Hyper version of themselves. Cure Happy battled Wolfrun, Cure Sunny and Peace battled Akaoni and Cure March and Beauty take on Majorina. However the Bad End Generals were too strong and even using their special attacks was useless.

The girls used Princess Form to defeat them but the Bad End Trio combine their powers to create a dragon and it fired a Bad End Cannon which overwhelm the girls. The girls wondered why they have become so strong and the Bad End Trio claimed they were the subjects of fear and pain. In their own worlds, nobody like them but Joker took them in and influenced them to take over the world with Pierrot.

The girls began to understand they are also victims and empathise them. However the Bad End Trio refused to believe and become a more twisted version of themselves. They tried to attack Cure Happy but somehow, the Ultra Decor appeared and a ray of light surrounded them. The Bad End Trio saw Cure Happy become a gentle giant and she took them in. She is willing to accept their weakness and pain and hope they could all become friends. The Bad End Trio accepted it, leaving the hatred away and they revert back to fairies.

Pop realised they are his friends from Märcheland who went missing years ago. The black ball turned into the last Decor but Joker snatched it from them. He then announced that Pierrot will be revived soon and proceed to merge the hatred left by the Bad End Trio with the Decor. It transformed into five evil versions of the girls which Joker announced them as the Bad End Pretty Cures...

46 (435)- "Saiaku no Ketsumatsu!? Baddo Endo Purikyua!!" ("The Worst Possible Ending!? Bad End PreCure!!")

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 46

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 46

Airdate: January 13, 2013

Joker used the 5 trap cards and made the Bad End Pretty Cure. Bad End Happy was walking to Cure Happy and told her that she always happy when she saw people in pain telling to Cure Happy that she would be one of them. After Bad End Happy does Bad End Shower and explodes. Cure Happy and the others managed to escape, but the Bad End Cures were right behind them. But the Bad End Cures shooted at them and the cures went to the different portals but Pop fell down with the miracle jewel. Joker told Pop that he would make the worst ending and telling that the Bad End Cures were strong and no one could defeat them.

Cure Happy was terrified without her friends and in a scary place with Bad End Happy. Bad End Happy was doing many of Bad End Shower and was attacking, Cure Happy was in a bad condition but she asked to Bad End Happy why she felt happy when people were in pain, but she still was attacking and threw Cure Happy in the ground and Bad End Happy smiled. In the other portal Cure Sunny was in a place which was with the sunset and was alone only with Bad End Sunny. Bad End Sunny kept using Bad End Fire without stopping, then Bad End Sunny came and told Cure Sunny that she was the sun and the sun could destroy everything, then she used Bad End Fire. Cure Sunny could escape those attacks but Bad End Sunny was faster and told her that there was only one Sunny.

In the other portal Cure Peace was falling and saw that she was alone in a place full of flowers and black clouds, after Bad End Peace came and fell down where Cure Peace was and hurt her. Then Bad End Peace apologized and Cure Peace came. But when she touched Bad End Peace, Cure Peace got electrocuted and Bad End Peace was smiling that she lied at Cure Peace. In the other portal Cure March was running fast to get away from Bad End March but then for a second Cure March did not know where Bad End March was but than Bad End March came and kicked her, making Cure March fall down. Cure March got up but Bad End March came as fast as she could and kicked her many times in the stomach and then Cure March went away falling.

In the other portal Bad End Beauty was saying about the moon that it was beautiful unlike Cure Beauty but Cure Beauty could get up and she tried to attack but it was too difficult. Bad End Beauty was with her sword and tried to catch her. In the city Pop with the miracle jewel was running away from Joker's card bombs but it was hard for Pop to run and he fell down and the card bombs were there and exploded. Joker told Pop to hand over the miracle jewel but Pop would never give up his sister, and than Joker told him that the cures would never destroy the Bad End Cures. After Joker told Pop that he would destroy the miracle jewel.

All the cures could not believe that they would destroy Candy than all the cures were trying to reach Pop but Bad End Cures came in their way and shooted at them. Than Joker took a weapon and tried to destroy Candy and Pop, but than a bright light shined from the Royal Clock and it was Royale Queen and Joker fell down but he knew that the Royale Queen did not have power anymore and this was her last power, than Royale Queen told Joker that she would not let to touch her Candy, than all the cures were suprised that Royale Queen was Candy's mother. After Joker knew it was the time for the end of the world, all the cures were trying to defeating the Bad End Cures.

Bad End Cures were doing their powerful powers to defeat the cures and Joker told the Royale Queen that Pierrot was reviving, but the cures were with power and turned into their ultimate forms and Cure Happy did Happy Shower Shining, Cure Sunny did Sunny Fire Burning, Cure Peace did Peace Thunder Hurricane, Cure March did March Shoot Impact and Cure Beauty did Beauty Blizzard Arrow and all the Bad End Cures were finally defeated, than all the cures gained their last decor which made Joker suprised but after Joker started laughing and Happy was suprised and she saw that she had a little piece of the black paint the future into a bad end than the cures see that Joker was a part of Master Pierrot and all the cures were shocked and they saw more piece of Pierrot coming to them but the last decor that they earned was Candy in her human form and the cures were really suprised.

47 (436)- "Saikyō Piēro Kōrin! Akiramenai Chikara to Kibō no Hikari!!" ("Pierrot's Strongest Advent ! Unrelinquishing Power and the Light of Hope!!")

(最強ピエーロ降臨! あきらめない力と希望の光!!)
Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 47

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 47

Airdate: January 20, 2013

The girls saw Candy becoming her new human form-Royal Candy. Royale Queen also appeared in front of them. She introduced Candy as the new successor of Märchenland and gave her the Miracle Jewel. Before her spirit left them, she told everyone to support Candy and to believe in themselves. The Magic book appeared in front of them and the pages were blank.

Royale Queen told them the future is not yet written and it is up to them to continue the story. Candy tried to suppress Pierrot's spawns and it was going well until Pierrot appeared. Pierrot created an army of Bad End spawns and the girls started battling them. They tried everything but the spawns keep coming on them. Soon they were overwhelmed and were losing. Cure Happy demanded to know what Pierrot really is.

Pierrot claimed he was created by negative human emotions and he is the embodiment of Despair. He then poured Bad End paint on the magic book which caused the girls to lose their savvy. Candy used the Miracle Jewel to bring them back as the girls found themselves falling into the pool of despair. Suddenly, they could hear Candy's voice and struggled to go back to the light.

They finally make it and just in time before Pierrot tried to kill Candy. The girls had obtained their Ultra Form and Pop brought Candy to safety. The girls make quick work on the spawns and managed to take down Pierrot. However Pierrot is still alive and he used all the Bad End energy to create a black hole to suck the Earth...

48 (437)- "Hikari Kagayaku Mirai e! Todoke! Saikō no Sumairu!!" ("The Lights Shining to the Future! Deliver it! The Greatest Smile!!")

(光輝く未来へ! 届け! 最高のスマイル!!)
Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 48

Smile Pretty cure! - Episode 48

Airdate: January 27, 2013

The girls went to confront Pierrot in the hemisphere. They used Ultra Rainbow Burst, but Pierrot was too strong and knocked them back down to the ground. The impact caused the Earth serious damage and the girls lost all their powers. Everyone was about to give up, but Miyuki didn't and it caused the Miracle Jewel to shine one more time. Pop claimed that it is their last chance to defeat Pierrot; however it also would close the link between Earth and Märchenland and they will be forced to return to their own world.

Everyone realized that they would never be able to see Candy and Pop again and they were crying in tears. Pierrot mocked them as this is what it meant to be in despair. Candy encouraged everyone not to give up and she will remember the times together with them. She would remain positive and "Ultra Happy" even when she return to her own world. The girls understood her feelings and stood up one last time. The Smile Pact recharged again and they transformed to Ultra Form including Candy.

They flew up and together with Candy, used Miracle Rainbow Burst for the first time. Pierrot was pushing them back. However at the last moment, Cure Happy became a Giant Angel and hugged Pierrot and he was defeated. The world was saved and the magic book appeared with the happy end they wanted. However Candy and Pop started to rise into the sky and were about to leave them. Miyuki told Candy to leave with a smile and she did. Once Pop and Candy were gone, the girls cried one last time as a rainbow appeared in the sky.

Everyone went on with their normal lives, and Miyuki started writing a story with Candy as the lead and named the story-The Best Smile. One day, Miyuki was running in the street when she saw a familiar book fly towards her. It was Candy, and somehow she was able to return to Earth. The others were also happy to see her, and once again, they were together as Smile Pretty Cure!