First Season: Slayers

1- "Angry? Rina Ikari no Doragu Sureibu" ("ANGRY? Lina's Furious Dragon Slave!")

Slayers - Episode 01

Slayers - Episode 01

(Angry? リナ怒りのドラグスレイブ)

Airdate: April 7, 1995

In the shadow of a massive black dragon, a bandit gang called the Dragon Fangs enjoys the results of their latest raid. However, their celebration is cut short when their fortress explodes. Out of the flames strolls Lina Inverse, a young and notorious sorceress. Before the bandits can do more than panic and try to run, Lina starts lobbing fireballs around, making short work of the gang. She begins packing up her treasures, entertaining herself with an internal monologue about how she "lives as a warrior to defeat the tyranny of evil bandit gangs", and even with this battle won, "so long as evil exists in this world, Lina's battle will never end." Among the troves of gold within the bandit's lair, Lina finds a small green statue of a woman, and it's obvious that she's delighted by this find.

The next day, Lina finds herself being hunted by some of the disgruntled Dragon Fangs. She is approached by one of the bandits, who tries – rather poorly – to flatter her, remarking that he doesn't want to fight her because she'd "kick his butt in two seconds", and that she seemed so macho, she was almost like a little boy. This doesn't impress Lina too much, and she also notices that the rest of the Dragon Fangs have managed to surround her during this exchange. The bandit continues to try and flatter her, and even offers her a place among the Dragon Fangs. This manages to finally offend Lina, who doesn't associate with criminals. Finally, realizing that he's not going to get his way, the bandit calls the other gang members to come out and fight Lina. They quickly rush in, and Lina prepares to blast them away with another fireball.

Her attack is interrupted by the arrival of a tall and blond warrior, the gallantly reckless Gourry Gabriev. He doesn't introduce himself at this point, however, letting the bandits know, "If I gave you my name, you'd get it dirty." Gourry makes short work of the bandits, chopping up their weapons and tossing them about. At first, Lina tries to help, and then decides it would be in her best interests to act like a distressed maiden. Finally, the acting bandit leader is all that's left, and Gourry grabs him and tosses him into the air. His sword makes several quick flashes and then the bandit's clothes fall to the ground, followed by the bandit himself.

With the bandits defeated, Gourry turns his attention to Lina, and we see for the first time how petite she is. Lina's convinced that Gourry's "dazzled by her looks", but Gourry is disappointed that the girl he rescued isn't the babe he thought, but instead a "flat-chested girl". Lina's hurt by his observations, but decides to just thank him for "saving" her and then moving on. Instead, Gourry decides he'd better continue to protect her, since it's too dangerous for a "little girl" to be out in the wild on her own. Since Lina is heading towards Atlas City, that means she'll be stuck with Gourry during a ten-day journey! She decides to just make the most of it; after all, Gourry seems genuinely concerned about her.

The duo reaches a nearby village and stop to eat. The pair completely dazzle a waiter by the sheer amount of food they order and demolish. However, all is not well and a dark cloud gathers over the village. Meanwhile, back at the Dragon Fangs' lair, the black dragon has escaped from his confinement. Back at the restaurant, the elder of the village approaches the table, and asks if Lina is truly is the famous sorceress. When she admits that she is, Gourry is completely surprised, because he thought Lina's outfit was something like a waitress would wear. The elder interrupts their argument, and says that their village has need of the famous "bandit killer and Dragon Spooker, Lina Inverse". Lina's confused, because she's never been called the Dragon Spooker before, and the elder explains that "It's short for 'Dragons Step Past Out of Clear Revulsion". Naturally, this really irritates Lina and her temper flares up. Gourry stops her from killing the elder, who quickly explains that the village is being attacked by the Dragon Fangs gang. Lina proudly admits that she already trashed their fortress, and Gourry had finished off the rest of the gang. The elder is ecstatic, and believes that this means Lina's also defeated the black dragon the Fangs were keeping.

The elder then races out of the restaurant, eager to tell everyone the good news. Gourry asks Lina if she killed the dragon, but Lina didn't even know the dragon was at the fortress. Lina's not worried about it, convinced that it's not their problem, and besides, there's no telling where the dragon is at the moment. Right on cue, the dragon flies over the town and starts causing havoc. The elder comes rushing back in, shouting, "You didn't kill the dragon? What's the meaning of this?" Lina explains that she never claimed to have killed the dragon, she just defeated the gang. Of course, this means the dragon is now running around completely unchecked, which is a much worse situation than the village had before. Lina offers to defeat the dragon, but only if the price is right. They finally settle on twenty-five gold pieces, and Lina and Gourry race out to confront the dragon. The elder explains that the Dragon Fang leader bought the dragon at a festival for three bronze pieces, and raised it as a pet. Naturally, the dragon got bigger over time, and learned to follow the bandit leader's orders.

Lina throws a fireball at the dragon, but it has no effect. Lina is about to admit defeat when Gourry runs past her and prepares to attack with his sword. Instead, he gets hit by the dragon's tail and falls on top of Lina. Lina panics because she can't get Gourry's unconscious form off her, and the dragon comes stomping their way. When the dragon is about to step on them, it suddenly gets a queasy look on its face, and steps over them, stomping away to another part of the town. Lina is upset that the dragon ignored her, and uses her levitation spell to float after the dragon. She tells Gourry to distract the dragon while she prepares to cast another spell. Lina kicks Gourry to the dragon, and he spears the dragon by its nose (more by luck than intent). Gourry starts running away from the dragon, while Lina chants the words to her most powerful spell: "Darkness beyond twilight, crimson beyond blood that flows. Buried in the flow of time is where your power grows. In thy great name, I pledge myself to darkness. All the fools who stand in our way shall be destroyed by the power you and I possess. Dragon Slave!" This mighty spell not only kills the dragon, but destroys the entire village!

The elder appears out of the wreckage, and Lina asks about her payment. The elder refuses to pay after she destroyed their whole town. Lina tells Gourry to handle it and she runs away. Gourry's not quite that dumb however, and he runs after Lina with the entire village giving chase!

2- "Bad! Miira Otoko wa Shumi ja nai!" ("BAD! Mummy Men Aren't My Type!")

Slayers - Episode 02

Slayers - Episode 02

(Bad! ミイラ男は趣味じゃない!)

Airdate: April 14, 1995

After Lina destroys the Dragon, and consequently the town, two onlookers look at the damage in awe. One, a man wrapped in bandages (and by Lina is affectionately called "Mummy Man") stares in anger as he remembers how Lina burned his entire body with a Fireball, causing him to look like some mummy. Declaring that he was going to get her back, the Mummy Man, or Zolf, is ordered by the other onlooker, a man, hidden within a tan colored cape, to retrieve the item that Lina stole from the Dragon Fangs.

Lina and Gourry managed to run away from the angry villagers, and arrive in another town. Lina stops by a magic shop but doesn't go in and tells Gourry to wait for her, while she runs off.

Lina starts to sort out her treasures which includes gems, old coins, an enchanted knife, and a rare Orihalcon statue. With the gems, and her powers, Lina proceeds to make several magical amulets. She returns to the shop where she proceeds to sell the items. When the shopkeeper looks at the knife, he is put under a spell. He suddenly turns very violent and throws the counter at the door, preventing them to escape. They take it outside, where Lina and Gourry debate on how to defeat the guy without hurting him. Lina, however, refuses to cast a sleep spell on the storekeeper under the effects of the cursed knife because she doesn't feel like it. When they feel that they have no choice to hurt him, Gourry takes out his sword and is ready to attack. They are interrupted by the shopkeeper's wife, telling him to stop goofing around or he'll get no dinner. They both aren't surprised that the wife is stronger than a spell.

They proceed to go to the next town where they are confronted by Zolf, armed with several trolls. He asks Lina not to fight but just to give back their item. She tells them no, and proceeds to fight them. Lina and Gourry manages to kill them off, and tricks them into running away by doing a light spell instead of a fireball, which they mistaken it for.

The owner of the restaurant is angry that his place is ruined, but Lina manages to use her charm to cheat her way out by just giving him a gem.

In a room at an inn, Lina explains to Gourry that they must have found her by using magic. Suddenly, a knock on the door disturbs them. It turns out to be the man from the beginning asking to make a purchase from an item that Lina had recently acquired.

Who is this man?

3- "Crash! Gekitotsu! Akai no Shiroi no Ayashii no!" ("CRASH! Red and White and Suspicious All Over!")

Slayers - Episode 03

Slayers - Episode 03

(Crash! 激突!赤いの白いの怪しいの!)

Airdate: April 21, 1995

Lina allows Gourry to open the door, allowing the men inside because, according to her "woman's inuition", it'll be okay.

When she lets them in, a masked man enters, revealing himself as Zelgadiss. His associate, Zolf (or, as Lina affectionately calls him: Mummy Man) is at his side. Zelgadiss tells her of his wish to purchase the item that Lina stole from the Dragon Fangs, but doesn't tell her which one so that Lina will not overprice him. The only two things that come to mind are the statue and the knife. However, Lina over prices both of the items. She even prices the Enchanted Knife at 100 times the street value. As for the Orihalcon statue, she prices it at a price that could buy a castle. (Servants included.)

Unfortunately, the prices are too high, so Zelgadiss offers to have Lina join up with them. As an added incentive, he offers her two or three times the value she requested if she agreed to give them the item and joins up with them. Lina, however, shoots his proposition down cold.

Zelgadiss and Zolf leave quietly. He tells them they are sworn enemies as soon as Lina leaves the inn. Gourry is worried about them being ambushed in the night, but Lina knows better. Someone like Zelgadiss keeps his word.

The next day, when they leave the inn, they are ambushed by Zelgadiss' minions. Lina defeats many of the berserkers, but by the end she leaves Gourry to defeat the rest (and most) of them. As Gourry complains, he notices Lina had gotten injured during the fight. Ignoring Lina's protests, he carries her to town until they reach another inn.

When they are finally about to fall asleep, more minions attacks them, this time an old man and a bunch of trolls. Lina, sensing their presense before they arrived, traps them in her room and fireballs them. As Gourry comes rushing out, Lina informs him that the old man had a bunch of trolls with him and soon enough the trolls come rushing out. Gourry ends up being preoccupied by the old man, who turns out to be a very talented swordsman. Just as they were about to continue their attack, all of Zelgadiss' minions begin to look drowsy. A man in red snaps his fingers, and they walk away quietly.

They find that the man who helped them was none other than the legendary Rezo the Red Priest, who puts a spell on all of Zelgadiss' minions and make them leave quietly. Lina thanks him, and Rezo explains that Zelgadiss is part golem, and part demon which makes him utter evil.

Rezo then explains that Zelgadiss is trying to ressurect the demon king, Ruby Eye Shabranigdu. Lina has the item that Zelgadiss wants and Rezo tells her to give him the item to saver her the trouble.

Lina wants to hold on to it after hearing that Zelgadiss is trying to ressurect the demon king, because it's her concern too. Rezo agrees reluctantly, and leaves.

Lina doesn't want to be a bother so she heads into Gourry's room, just in case Zelgadiss minions come back and tries to attack them. She sleeps on the floor, but Gourry instists she get the bed. She doesn't listen, so Gourry to join her onto the floor.

Lina thinks about Rezo, and how he helped people. Rezo had gone about the world healing people, healing people's blindness, but never being able to heal his own blindness. Lina then wonders about this Zelgadiss fellow... "Just who is he?"

4- "Dash! Nigero! Mahō ga Tsukaenai?" ("DASH! Run for it! My Magic Doesn't Work?")

Slayers - Episode 04

Slayers - Episode 04

(Dash! 逃げろ!魔法が使えない?)

Airdate: April 28, 1995

Shocked to the core of what Rezo said, Lina wrestles the thought of the ressurection of the demon king. To help Gourry understand the true volume of the threat Rezo spoke of, she explains, in simpler terms, the war of the monsters and gods.

Lina: According to the legend, a long long time ago, this world we live on had a great staff thrust into it. There was the world sitting on top of it, smooth and round like... like... how can I explain it? Take this egg on the end of my fork. Try think of it like that. Around the edge of the world, two groups waged an ancient battle. One was the race of demons, the other the race of Gods. Leading them was Ruby Eyed Shabranigdu, the Demon King / Dark Lord and Flare Dragon Ceifeed, the Dragon God. The war raged for hundreds, for thousands of years. Finally, Ceifeed was able to break Shabranigdu into seven parts. And then he sealed them somewhere in our world.

However, Ceifeed didn't beat him. Even though Shabranigdu was split into seven peices, the Demon King was so powerful that it didn't stop him. However, it took all of Ceifeed's strength to stop the Demon King. A thousand years ago, one of the peices imprisoned by Ceifeed was reborn inside one of the Five Great Sages called Lei Magnus. With the help of Aqualord Ragradia, Ceifeed sealed the piece (as well as Lei) into the earth. And because the balance was broken, monsters like trolls and werewolves began to appear in their world. (This version of the legend had several errors in it which Lina wasn't aware of then.)

While heading for Atlas City, Lina tells Gourry to stick close to her during a battle (if any) because she has lost her power for two or three days. She doesn't say how, but Gourry thinks it has to do with the fact that it's "that time of the month".

Suddenly, Zelgadiss and his minions appears out of nowhere, and challeges them. Dilgear, who is half-werewolf and half-troll, says how they need to take the Orihalcon statue from them, but Zelgadiss gives him the glare to shut up. Lina runs away while Gourry fights with Rodimus (the old man who attacked her in the last episode), and Dilgear.

Zelgadiss corners Lina, and she manages to stun him with a light spell to his eyes. She runs away to a dead end where she is just surrounded by water. Zelgadiss is right behind her, and Lina tries to use her Flare Arrow, but it goes limp before reaching him.

Lina runs away, but Zelgadiss uses a Shadow Snap, preventing Lina from moving. When she breaks the spell with a light spell, Zelgadiss then hits Lina with a Mono Volt, that knocks her unconscious... will Lina wake up in time?

5- "Escape! Honō no Hangyojin Nunsa!" ("ESCAPE! Noonsa, the Flaming Fish Man!")

Slayers - Episode 05

Slayers - Episode 05

(Escape! 炎の半魚人ヌンサ!)

Airdate: May 5, 1995

Zelgadiss and his two minions watch over Lina, when she finally awakens, tied to the ceiling. Rodimus is standing guard outside. They tell her about how Gourry abandoned her, and asks her about the location of the Orihalcon statue.

Zelgadiss figures out that she doesn't have it, and must have given it to Gourry. Lina then tells him she did a protection spell on the statue so that no magic whatsoever could locate it.

Lina whispers... "The Orihalcon statue..." and Zolf leans in. Lina screams in his ear, which pisses him off. Zolf calls for Noonsa, a fish man, to kiss her. Noonsa does a deep kiss (which is putting her whole head into his mouth), and she is very disgusted about it. Lina kicks Noonsa away and starts to call Zolf a third-rate wizard, which really pisses him off now. He gags her, and starts to call her names (a fifth-rate wizard, a boobless girl, a girl with ugly hair) and she screams for him to stop.

Gourry wanders to the next town and sees a girl who looks like Lina. He approaches her, and sees it's definitely not Lina (the girl's breasts were too large). The girl calls him a pervert, and slaps him.

In a bar-like place, Gourry recalls the events yesterday, and wonders why the guys he was fighting just stopped, and turned their backs. Gourry then finally figures out that they must have captured Lina, and that's why she isn't with him!

While Zelgadiss' minions are sleeping, Zelgadiss wakes up from a nightmare he was having. It was about how Rezo, the Red Priest turned him into what is he today, after wanting power when he was an early teen.

Lina wakes up to Zelgadiss staring at her. He cuts her loose, and he escapes with her. They stop by at a lake, where Lina drinks water. Lina then gets captured by Noonsa, who was in the lake. Zelgadiss gets antsy when Lina doesn't surface quickly, and decides to take care of Noonsa who picked a fight with Lina. Zelgadiss traps Noonsa in the bubble he was in when he got in the lake, and uses a fireball to take care of him.

Lina and Zelgadiss run away. But Rezo is in front of them.

What does this mean for the heroes?

6- "Focus! Hontō no Teki wa Rezo?" ("FOCUS! Rezo's the Real Enemy?!")

Slayers - Episode 06

Slayers - Episode 06

(Focus! 本当の敵はレゾ?)

Airdate: May 12, 1995

Zelgadiss and Rezo bicker about how Zelgadiss turning against Rezo. When Rezo is just about to make his move, Zelgadiss grabs onto Lina. However, Rezo isn't afraid that Zelgadis is using Lina as a shield. Zelgadiss then reveals that he isn't using her as a shield. Zelgadiss throws Lina towards Rezo, and Rezo dodges her. Zelgadiss then runs towards Lina and picks her up, and throws a couple of fireballs at Rezo to slow him down. Then the pair run for their lives.

Dilgear is upset at the fact that Lina escaped, and is yelling at the guards. Dilgear then gets a message from Rezo, telling him to get Zelgadiss... the traitor.

Meanwhile, Gourry is ultra bored and hungry and tries to entertain himself in his search for Lina.

Lina and Zelgadiss get some rest nearby a lake. Lina asks for answers, and Zelgadiss tells Lina that the Orihalcon statue is holding the infamous Philosopher's Stone, that is very powerful. Lina then figures out that Rezo used the story of resurrecting the Demon King as a decoy in order to get the stone. Zelgadis then starts to tell the story about Rezo, and why he studied the art of white magic. He wanted to cure his blindness. After curing everyone else, Rezo decided to turn to black magic, in hope to cure his blindness. Zelgadiss then reveals Lina that he is related to Rezo.

Lina and Zelgadiss then notice they are surrounded by trolls guided by Dilgear. Zelgadiss using a Dug Haut (which causes the land to turn into spikes) spell, to get most of them. Lina manages to get caught up with a troll herself, while Zelgadiss and Dilgear fight in a whole manly swordfight.

Dilgear leaves himself open, while Zelgadiss slices his shoulder. Dilgear instantly heals and reminds Zelgadiss that he is part troll. Dilgear manages to hit Zelgadiss, but Zelgadiss reminds Dilgear, he's one third golem, and cannot be wounded easily. Zelgadiss tells him the only way Dilgear could hurt him, is with the sword of light! Dilgear then retreats.

After a few words, Zelgadiss decides to join Lina to her journey to Atlas City, where Gourry would be waiting for them.

7- "Give Up Sunzen? Deta Hissatsu no Ken!!" ("GIVE UP! But, Just Before We Do, the Sure Kill Sword Appears!")

Slayers - Episode 07

Slayers - Episode 07

(Give Up寸前? 出た必殺の剣っ!!)

Airdate: May 19, 1995

Rezo calls for Zorom, of the Monster race for his help to get the Philosopher's Stone, as well as to kill the traitor.

Lina and Zelgadiss wander into an uninhabited town, where they are "ambushed" by Dilgear and several trolls, as well as other hideous creatures.

Lina manages to use her fireball to get some of them. Lina and Zelgadiss separate, as they try to take them on. However, they seem only interested in Zelgadiss, as they chase him, not Lina.

Lina meets her match as Zorom challenges her. After using her fireballs fails against Zorom, Gourry comes to her rescue. Lina explains that no sword or magic will do good against Zorom, who is a pure-bred monster, whose body is like a ghost.

Meanwhile, Zelgadiss manages to kill all of the creatures and takes on Dilgear himself. Just before they fight, Zolf and Rodimus appear. Dilgear is happy, but he is unaware that Rodimus and Zolf's true loyalty is with Zelgadiss. Rodimus and Zolf then take out Dilgear.

Gourry is pretty confident against Zorom, and calls forward light!! With one swing, he kills Zorom, with the legendary Sword of Light. Lina wants it, but Gourry doesn't give it up.

Zelgadiss, Zolf and Rodimus find them. Gourry is about to attack, but Lina holds him back, saying that they are on their side. After calling a truce, Zolf proceeds to take off his bandages...

Can the five of them defeat the real enemy, Rezo, the Red Priest?

8- "Help! Shaburanigudu Fukkatsu!!" ("HELP! Shabranigdo is Reborn!")

Slayers - Episode 08

Slayers - Episode 08

(Help! シャブラニグドゥ復活!!)

Airdate: May 26, 1995

While in a town, Lina and company get a message from Rezo. He shows his power when he turns a little boy into stone, and demands Lina and her companions go to his tower. Rezo tells them he could easily kill off the whole village. They have no choice but to "talk" with Rezo, which ends up badly.

While at the tower, Lina wants to know the truth, but figures that Rezo must have struck a deal with that monster (from the previous episode) to cure his blindness (for the Philosopher's Stone) in exchange for ressurecting the Demon King. They ask why does he want to meet them in the tower, and he replies that this is one of the places that Shabrangidu's parts are. Rezo steals the statue and manages to control Zelgadiss (something that Rezo did when he changed Zelgadiss into a chimera). He forces Zelgadiss to fight against Lina and the others.

Rezo runs off into another room, while Lina snaps Zelgadiss out of it. Rezo completes the ritual, but things turn bad when they realize he had wrong information. It turns out that Shabranigdu only needed a ceremony there, and none of his pieces was sealed in the tower. So the ritual backfires, and Shabranigdu is being reborn into Rezo's body...

9- "Impact! Kyōi no Kessen Zen'ya!" ("IMPACT! The Eve of the Great Life or Death Struggle!")

Slayers - Episode 09

Slayers - Episode 09

(Impact! 脅威の決戦前夜!)

Airdate: June 2, 1995

Rezo finally opens his eyes, but his blindness has turned him into the Demon King, Ruby Eye Shabranigdu. Shabranigdu offers to have Lina and her companions join him as he destroys the world, in exchange for their lives, but they refuse.

After a few words, Zolf tries to stop him using a Dragon Slave but it has no effect on Shabranigdu. Shabranigdu then fires back, and Rodimus runs to save Zolf. They are caught in Shabranigdu's attack and die, leaving Lina, Zelgadiss and Gourry all alone. They decide to run for it, and decide to sleep on it for one night.

While at dinner, Zelgadiss mourns the loss of his two servants and friends, and explains he did a spell against Shabranigdu, that was almost as powerful as Dragon Slave that uses the Astral Plane. Gourry doesn't get most of it, and Lina tries to explain that using Dragon Slave, or any other black magic is not an option, due to the fact that Shabranigdu is the Demon King. The only way for them in hopes to at least hurt him in some way is by using the Sword of Light. They all embark in this adventure, whether they die or not.

They are interrupted by trolls running amuck in the village, and they try to take care of it. Lina uses her Dragon Slave, killing all of them, and they sleep it off right after.

The next morning, they are confident about winning... and Shabranigdu suddenly appears...

10- "Jackpot! Noru ka Soru ka no Ō-Bakuchi!" ("JACKPOT! The Great Life or Death Gamble!")

Slayers - Episode 10

Slayers - Episode 10

(Jackpot! のるかそるかの大バクチ!)

Airdate: June 9, 1995

In the battle for their lives (and everyone elses), Gourry tries to use the Sword of Light but it doesn't work against Ruby Eye Shabranigdu. Shabranigdu then attacks Gourry and Zelgadiss, leaving Lina all to Shabranigdu by herself.

Shabranigdu is about to attack Lina, but Zelgadiss stops him by calling Rezo who is still a part of Shabranigdu. Gourry then throws his Sword of Light, and Lina decides to use the Giga Slave. This spell, combined with the sword and with help from the Lord of Nightmares, is more powerful than the Dragon Slave.

She takes a swipe, but Shabranigdu blocks it. Shabranigdu thinks he can't lose, but with Rezo's help, Lina breaks the barrier and kills Shabranigdu.

Lina's hair turns white as part of the outcome. Zelgadiss decides to part ways with Lina and Gourry. Lina reminds Gourry that he was supposed to join her until they reached Atlas City, but he asks where is she headed next. Lina tells him that she'll be with him until he gives her the Sword of Light.

What is in store for our heroes next...?

11- "Knock Out! Seirūn Oie Sōdō!" ("KNOCK OUT! The Saillune Family Feud!")

Slayers - Episode 11

Slayers - Episode 11

(Knock out! セイルーンお家騒動!)

Airdate: June 16, 1995

Lina, wishing to meet Prince Philionel of Saillune, waits by a roadside where it is rumored that the Prince will be traveling that day. Gourry becomes bored and decides to go to the next town. While Gourry is refreshing himself in a river, he hears someone calling for help. Nearby, a bandit is threatening a traveler, demanding his money. Gourry is about to save him, but a clumsy girl named Amelia appears ands drives him off.

Meanwhile, Lina still waits, but no one seems to be coming. She eventually gives up and goes to spend the night at an inn in the next town. While having dinner, she is approached by two men, who tell her they need her help. One of them then explains that he is in fact Prince Philonel, traveling in disguise, and shows Lina his dagger with the royal crest of Saillune on it to prove it. The other man is Randy, Philionel's attendant priest. After Lina gets over the initial shock that Prince Philionel is not the handsome prince she imagined, Phil and Randy explain why they need her help. Monsters have been terrifying a nearby village and they want her help to defeat them and their boss, who are staying nearby in a cave. Lina agrees to take the job after they promise her a reward.

The next day, they enter the cave and fight the various monsters living there. Eventually, they reach the part of the cave where the sorcerer controlling the monsters is. There it is revealed that Randy is in fact Phil's younger brother, who is in league with the sorcerer. Randy had the sorcerer summon the monsters as a trap for his brother, hoping to kill him and inherit the throne. All of a sudden, Gourry and Amelia appear. Amelia reveals that she is actually Philionel's daughter.

Randy and his sorcerer ally summon their army of monsters and several different mazoku to attack them; however, Amelia and, surprisingly, Phil, defeat them all easily. Having run out of monsters, Randy fires a Fireball, and Amelia does the same. When the two spells collide, they cause an enormous explosion. Lina, Gourry, Amelia, and the prince escape as the cave collapses.

Outside, Lina asks for her reward so she can be on her way. Unfortunately, Randy, who died along with the evil sorcerer in the cave, had all of Phil's money, so he is unable to pay her. Reluctantly, Lina agrees to travel with Phil and Amelia to Saillune so she can collect her reward.

12- "Lovely! Ameria no Mahō Shugyō" ("LOVELY! Amelia's Magic Training!")

Slayers - Episode 12

Slayers - Episode 12

(Lovely! アメリアの魔法修行)

Airdate: June 23, 1995

Amelia wants to learn how to do the spell Dragon Slave, after Lina uses it against some bandits.

Amelia goes through with Lina's training (doing Lina's dirty work) on top of a mountain between two towns. While getting food for Lina, Amelia almosts crashes into a old woman. Phil, asks why doesn't she go around the mountain. She replies that it would take a whole day, but taking the shortcut through this rough mountain seems shorter. Amelia comes up with the idea for Lina to blow up the mountain so that the villagers have it easy.

Lina uses her Dragon Slave to blow up the mountain. People are shocked why Lina did that because on top of the mountain there was a shrine that a priest had sealed some evil spirits in (that is now gone). Lina tells Amelia that the Dragon Slave is for important things only and should be used only when needed.

The evil spirits run amuck in the town, and manage to go into Lina's body, making her a little girl, a tough guy, and a sex-crazed girl.

Amelia learns her lesson, by going to the crater of the mountain and begins to recite a spell which kills the spirits.

They all walk away from the town, and Amelia understands why Lina did not want to teach her the Dragon Slave.

13- "Money! Shōkin Kasegi o Buchinomese!!" ("MONEY! Crush Those Bounty Hunters!")

Slayers - Episode 13

Slayers - Episode 13

(Money! 賞金稼ぎをブチのめせっ!!)

Airdate: June 30, 1995

Lina, Gourry, Amelia and Phil reach Saillune city, and are surprised to see Lina, Gourry, and Zelgadiss' pictures on wanted posters.

Shortly after, some knights come after Lina and Gourry. Amelia, who is fighting for justice, decides to turn her back and wants to help catch Lina and Gourry.

Lina and Gourry manage to outrun them, but they are approached by a group of people wanting the money. After beating group and group that keep on coming, Lina falls for a not so smart trick (a unicorn's horn hanging in a cage) and gets captured by Amelia.

They all are approached by Zangulus, a bounty hunter, and Vrumugun, a sorcerer. They tie up Lina in small balls and chains, along with a circlet around her head that shocks her everytime she casts a spell. Along with Gourry, they put them in a cell. Lina is fed up and does a spell, despite the pain, that breaks the all the balls/chains while getting shocked herself.

Zangulus and Vrumugun want to give the award money to Amelia, who does not take it. They hear the crash, and they head to the cell. Halfway, they see Lina and are shocked to see her out. She wraps the metal around all of the three and proceeds to shock them and herself.

Lina and Gourry then get their swords from another room, and Gourry cuts off the circlet off Lina's head. Lina and Gourry try to escape, but they are caught by Zangulus and Vrumugun, who want to fight them.

After a while, Amelia comes out and questions Lina, asking, "Who is the bad guy?" Lina isn't surprised and asks who looks bad to her? She responds that both of them look bad, and Lina falls over. Lina then explains to Amelia that Zangulus and Vrumugun set up the fake reward in order to get her. Amelia still doesn't get it and casts a fireball that breaks one of the towers in Saillune.

Zangulus and Vrumugun escape, while Lina and Gourry decide to go to Sairaag. Amelia wants to join them, but Lina knows that the only reason she wants to come with them is that Phil would be furious when they find out she broke one of the towers.

Phil comes looking for Amelia, and Amelia runs with Lina and Gourry as they head to Sairaag city.

14- "Navigation! Sairāgu e no Shōtaijō!" ("NAVIGATION! An Invitation To Sairaag!")

Slayers - Episode 14

Slayers - Episode 14

(Navigation! サイラーグへの招待状!)

Airdate: July 7, 1995

Lina and Gourry are caught by a group of bandits, paid by Zangulus and Vrumugun, that want to bring Lina to Sairaag. They are about to fight, but Lina and Gourry retreat after Lina's stomach growls loudly.

Amelia, with a whole bag full of food, spots Lina and Gourry running away. Lina spots Amelia with the food and uses her Levitation to fly up. Gourry grabs onto Lina's cape, and the bandits grab onto Gourry, creating a whole chain. Amelia then jumps down, wanting to help, but accidentally lands on Lina's face. They all fall, and the food is ruined.

Amelia is clueless why Lina isn't talking to her much after asking a few questions about where they are heading on the map. Lina clues her in by body-slamming her (and more) saying that she gave all the money that they had for the food that is all ruined.

Lina and Gourry stop after smelling chicken. Both of them go into a cave, where they smelled the chicken.

Amelia is cautious, saying that it is a trap, but Lina and Gourry are too hungry to listen. They head for the chicken, but are then chased by a boulder, thanks to Vrumugun.

Three of them then reaches the end of the cave where a raft is just waiting there. They ride it down the river. Amelia questions about the raft being convient just being there at the right time.

Soon after, they are greeted by Vrumugun, who surrounds them by ice. Lina throws her Digger Bolt at Vrumugun, while Gourry cuts a piece, and they are off. They hear another voice and spot a bridge. It's Zangulus. He jumps and tries to land on the raft, but misses. His body then rises up from the river, riding a big fish. Amelia then kicks the fish away, while Zangulus gets into a swordfight with Gourry. They then meet the point where the river turns into a waterfall.

They hit the bottom, where Vrumugun takes Amelia hostage. Lina is fed up and very hungry uses her Dragon Slave. Gourry and Amelia take cover, as Vrumugun and Zangulus get hit.

Back on the raft, Lina, Gourry and Amelia can't wait to reach Sairaag because they're starving.

15- "Oh no! Rina no Kekkon Kyōsōkyoku?" ("OH NO! Lina's Wedding Rhapsody?")

Slayers - Episode 15

Slayers - Episode 15

(Oh no! リナの結婚狂想曲?)

Airdate: July 14, 1995

Lina, Gourry and Amelia run into a young man named Hallas Ryzu. Hallas has been slapped with a girl repel spell, which Lina tells Amelia to cure.

Hallas explains that a woman named Cally, is forcing him to marry her tenth daughter. He refused, and made a deal with Cally that if he was able to find someone else within a week to marry him, they would ship out.

Hallas is uber happy on what Lina did, and asks her hand in marriage. She tells him no, but he reminds her that it will be a fake marriage. He then offers Lina a carriage ride to Sairaag, as well as 1,000 gold pieces. She hesitates, and he offers 2,000 gold pieces. She isn't quite too sure, and he offers 5,000 gold pieces. She accepts!

Lina, Gourry, and Amelia (in disguise) meet Cally, and her daughter Paula. Hallas tells Cally that their wedding will be in the morning. Cally then hires a group of bandits to capture Lina and Gourry who are in disguise.

Things go sour at the wedding, when they are called to kiss each other. Lina refuses, and Cally calls out, saying that the girl is the criminal Lina Inverse. Things become even worse when Vrumugun and Zangulus show up, wanting to take Lina.

Vrumugun, Zangulus and Cally want Lina dead. They all throw Flare Arrows and Freeze Arrows. The spells cancel out, and Lina blasts them, destroying the house and presuming killing Hallas, Cally, and Paula as well (Vrumugun and Zangulus manage to survive).

Lina, Gourry and Amelia rush off in an average-looking carriage to the road leading to Sairaag as the bandits try to catch up...

16- "Passion! Butai ni Kakeru Seishun?" ("PASSION! Shall We Give Our Lives for the Stage?")

Slayers - Episode 16

Slayers - Episode 16

(Passion! 舞台にかける青春?)

Airdate: July 21, 1995

Lina, Gourry and Amelia are hungry and can't go into the nearest town without fear of being arrested. With no bandits in sight to steal from, things look pretty grim until they smell something cooking close by, which turns out to be stew. They eat it, unaware (and uncaring) who it belongs to.

It turns out that the stew's owner is a director of a theater on the road show. Lina, Gourry and Amelia eat their food and are forced to join the play when some actors quit. They find out that the play is about the "the Death of the Abominable Fiend Lina Inverse". Lina is upset, but both Gourry and Amelia calm her down, saying that she might blow their cover. Amelia lands the lead, and thus had the intended star thrown out. The director claims that she reminds him of his sister, although Actor A tells Lina and Gourry of how Mr. Rossburg mixes reality and fantasy all the time. Lina and Gourry are stuck with being a dragon.

Zangulus and Vrumugun argue a bit, and Zangulus takes off. He ties up the actor who was fired from his role as the star (the role Amelia took) and he gives them information about Lina and the others.

Lina tries to convince Gourry and Amelia to run away, and not go through with the play. However, Gourry is too attached to his dragon role, and Amelia feels that she has found "her true calling". Upset, Lina takes off before the play starts, only to get cornered by a few guards. Her back, literally, to the wall (and her wanted posters), Mr. Rossburg, the director, saves her by calling out to her as "his daughter". Lina and Mr. Rossburg return to the stage.

It's time for the play to go on, and Zangulus crashes it. Lina and Gourry fall through a trap door, and see that the director is being held by one of the foes. After saving him, he tells Lina and Gourry that they're the worst actors, as they left the stage in the middle of the play.

Lina decides to still be in the play because "the show must go on". The critics are dazzled with the "special" effects, unaware that it is happening for real. Everyone in the crowd cheers on as Lina, Gourry and Amelia fight. Vrumugun appears and is surprised when Lina blasts him with a fireball even though there are people behind him in the audience (that could get hurt). After that, they literally blow Zangulus away, and the other minions retreat.

The play turns out to be a sucess for all.

17- "Question? Ano Ko? ni Puropōzu!" ("QUESTION? He's Proposing to THAT Girl?")

Slayers - Episode 17

Slayers - Episode 17

(Question? あの娘?にプロポーズ!)

Airdate: July 28, 1995

Lina, Gourry, and Amelia reach the port city, Sandoria where they can either climb the steep snowy mountain, or go by boat to reach Sanboa.

Lina decides to go by boat, but since they cannot go into town without being noticed as fugitives, they decide to go into town in disguises.

Lina adopts the name Lili, Amelia's name is Lulu, and Gourry's is Lala, and together they are "three loving and beautiful sisters".

To make sure the plan will work, Lina shrieks when she sees a cockroach. As she assummed, dozens of "warriors" come to slay the "evil beast".

When they go into a restaurant, Gourry scarfs down his food, and when Amelia asks him to be more ladylike so they don't blow their covers, Gourry replies that he is just copying Lina's mannerisms. Lina tells a sob story to the restaurant owner about "their poor mother" and how they are trying to get back to their homeland. Dazzled by Gourry's beauty, a man named Volun falls for Gourry and states that he will slay the dragon for "Miss Lala". Recent reports are buzzing around Sandoria of a sea dragon terrorizing each boat that sets out to the sea.

They go onto the boat, and Volun has prepared an especially girly room for Gourry, who is beginning to freak out. With Lina threatening him, Gourry doesn't blow their cover, and him and Volun "enjoy" the outdoors of the ship. Volun then asks Gourry to marry him, tomorrow. Volun walks away, and Gourry is ready for the sea dragon to eat him, rather being married to another man... and at that moment sea dragon attacks.

They notice that the sea dragon picks out the handsomest men of the crew, while throwing out the ugly ones. After falling overboard, Gourry comes to find that the girly-looking dragon is actually a male.

After completely destroying the boat, they levitate (Lina is holding Gourry, while Amelia is holding a knocked out Volun) back to Sandoria. Amelia casts a fog-like spell so that no one could see them, and Gourry and Lina transform out of their disguises.

Gourry then figures out something after the sea dragon starts to powder itself. Gourry throws his sword onto the sea dragon's face (thanks to Lina'a Ray Wing), and tells Lina to cast a spell. Lina casts Dig Volt, which shocks the sea dragon (destroying its appearance) so much that it runs off sobbing.

Back on a boat to Sanboa, Lina asks how Gourry defeated the sea dragon. He tells them he knew it was gay, and knew that attacking its face would have horrified it to the point of not wanting to fight anymore. Amelia wonders what happened to Volun, and tells them that the last time she'd seen him when the powder bag hit him.

At that moment, Volun appears out of a powder bag that just happened to be loaded onto the ship they were on. Volun looks for his precious Miss Lala, and heads to Gourry because he looks like her. Gourry tells him straight up that he is a man, but Volun doesn't care and chases Gourry.

Lina watches over them, as she wonders what else may happen on their trip...

Back at the steep Mountain of Tears, Zangulus and Vrumugun are waiting for Lina, Gourry, and Amelia who thought they would of climb the mountain instead of taking a boat... Zangulus finally explodes, screaming that they're not coming. While Vrumugun tells him to be patient, Zangulus just screams: "Damn it all!!!".

18- "Return! Aka Hōshi Futatabi!" ("RETURN! The Red Priest Is Back!")

Slayers - Episode 18

Slayers - Episode 18

(Return! 赤法師ふたたび!)

Airdate: August 4, 1995

To enter Sairaag, Lina, Gourry and Amelia sneak in the city during the night, so they won't get caught. They hide in an alley, but after a mishap with Gourry saying the wrong thing about Lina, they make such a racket that a girl named Sylphiel is able to find them. Sylphiel claims to know Gourry and brings them to her house home. Gourry faintly remembers her because of her cooking.

Her father, Elc, explains that a month ago, a young woman named Eris had told them that an evil sorceress named Lina Inverse had Gourry under mind control and is planning on destroying the world. Elc, until hearing about the mind control didn't want to believe the worst about Gourry, but Eris turned out to have great references. The plot thickens as Lina finds that she used to work for Rezo, the Red Priest.

They decide to see this girl named Eris who is staying at a mansion in town. When they enter (through a hole they made in the wall), they enter a laboratory that Lina claims to be used for the study of chimeras. When they get upstairs they see a potrait of Rezo. At this point Eris (along with Vrumugun and Zangulus) welcome the intruders, telling them that this is one of many of Rezo's mansions.

Vrumugun fights Lina while Zangulus spars with Gourry. Thinking she would go up against Eris, Amelia is startled when Eris sends a disgusting chimera to fight her. Amelia is too scared to move, much less fight the chimera, so their fight is a standstill at first. Lina beats Vrumugun with her sword and slices and dices him. However, after Gourry defeats Zangulus (not killing him) and Amelia uses Blam Blazer against her opponent, the chimera, another Vrumugun shows up. Lina uses him as a shield against a spell that turns him into ice. But then another Vrumugun shows up next to his icy counterpart. And then another one beside the new Vrumugun. More start to appear, and Lina reveals that they all must be copies.

At that moment, Zelgadiss breaks in, and starts to kill off all of the copies. He then tells them that Eris is controlling them. Eris then welcomes the traitor. She then tells them that Zelgadis used to work for Rezo.

At that moment, Rezo comes out of the shadows...

19- "Shock! Sairāgu Hōkai!" ("SHOCK! Sairaag Falls!")

Slayers - Episode 19

Slayers - Episode 19

(Shock! サイラーグ崩壊!)

Airdate: August 11, 1995

Lina and company argue among themselves if it's the real Rezo. He then picks a fight with them, and Lina, Amelia and Zelgadiss do a protection barrier spell. Thanks to a protective barrier Sylphiel places, they escape from Rezo's clutches.

Once they reach a resting place in some old ruins, everyone introduces themselves to each other find out about the chimera, the Seyrunn Princess, and Gourry's friend who have entered into Lina and Gourry's group.

Back to their argument about whether or not this Rezo is the real one, Lina decides to take everyone to the Sorcerer's Guild where they can learn some more about copies. Zelgadiss tells them he'll do some researching of his own. When they reach the Guild, an old man and his apprentice are there. He tells them that, in theory, all of the experiences and strengths can be passed on to a copy. However, he woefully adds that he has no specimens to check the theory with as master swordsmen don't "grow on trees". After a scuffle, Sylphiel steals a lock of Gourry's hair, exclaiming that it would be wonderful to have more of Gourry around. In revenge, Gourry steals a lock of Lina's hair.

Because the old sorcerer said it would take a day and a night, they speed up the process, which makes their clones ultra little. The small Gourry and Lina clones show the real Gourry and Lina's personality by exclaiming that they are hungry. More clones of Lina and Gourry start to appear and the two forces fight like the real Lina and Gourry. In the end the chibi Linas win. Soon after, the machine blows up because they overloaded it. They run for it, and meet Zelgadiss the next day.

Zelgadiss reveals that Rezo had made a sealed lab in the old ruins of Sairaag, a city that is ultra dangerous. Sylphiel wanted to tell her father, so together they head at night for Sairagg. There, they are attacked by Rezo, Eris and Zangulus.

Gourry goes up against Zangulus and Zelgadiss goes against Rezo, telling Amelia to not interfere. Rezo hardly flinches at the greatest of Zel's attacks, and instead starts to power up a huge spell. Feeling the horrible spell Rezo was about to cast, Zelgadis sets up a wind barrier, Sylphiel sets up a protective barrier, Amelia sets up levitation, and Lina reinforces the wind barrier. They fly up when Rezo unleashes the spell.

The large Mega Brand destroys half of the city of Sairaag and Sylphiel screams when she sees that her father died.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the blazing inferno, the red priest starts laughing his head off about how pathetic his foes were against him and how foolish they were to think they could defeat him.

20- "Trouble! Arashi no Hangyojin Rahanimu" ("TROUBLE! Rahanimu, the Furious Fish Man!")

Slayers - Episode 20

Slayers - Episode 20

(Trouble! 嵐の半魚人ラハニム)

Airdate: August 18, 1995

Lina and company take refuge in an abandoned house, where they plan out what to do with Rezo. Gourry asks why Lina can't use the same spell she used to kill the other Rezo. But Sylphiel strongly objects to using the Giga Slave, saying that one wrong move could not only kill them, but destroy the world and turn it into a world of nothingness!

While travelling to Rezo's lab, they are caught in the middle by dozens of monsters. One is a fish man, Rahanimu, sent by Eris. Gourry and Sylphiel get split up with Lina, Amelia, and Zelgadiss who are fighting Rahanimu and other creatures.

Zangulus shows up and picks a fight with Gourry. In the midst of battle, Zangulus almost kills Sylphiel, but stops short. Realizing this, Gourry only uses Sylphiel's staff instead of his sword when he hits Zangulus in the face. Zangulus, is embarrassed when Gourry yells that he could have killed Sylphiel, but he stopped short of doing so on purpose. So, Zangulus retreats.

Meanwhile, Lina can't defeat Rahanimu. After Zelgadiss kills the other creatures (with no help from Amelia after he told her to get out of his way) with a fireball, he kills Rahanimu with a swipe of his sword. Lina thanks him, and Zelgadiss comments how he just used his brain, making Lina fume.

They walk into the forest where they find Gourry and Sylphiel. Thinking they were having a personal moment, Amelia hides the scene from Lina because she thinks Lina will get jealous. Unfortunately, she jumped on Lina so that her breasts were in Lina's face, making Lina so angry that she starts to "beat" Amelia up.

After greetings, they make it to Rezo's lab...

21- "Upset! Gaurii VS Zangurusu" ("UPSET! Gourry vs. Zangulus")

Slayers - Episode 21

Slayers - Episode 21

(Upset! ガウリイVSザングルス)

Airdate: August 25, 1995

At last, Lina and the others reach Rezo's laboratory, only to find that they are not able to unlock the door sealing the great priest's secrets inside. Lina attempts a fireball, and then talks of trying a Dragon Slave, but thankfully due to Zelgadiss' intervention, she doesn't. Zelgadiss brings up the point that Eris, herself, knows the location of Rezo's laboratory and yet hasn't broken through the seal herself. This, he explained, must be why Eris needed the Sword of Light so badly. So, Gourry steps up, casting the Sword of Light into his hands and breaks the seal.

Not much farther away, Eris and her company realize that the seal has been broken. Rezo is unconcerned about this development, while Zangulus is anxious to have a match with Gourry and win back his honor. He walks away from them, telling them how he is the one who will do away with Lina and the others.

Meanwhile, Lina enter into Rezo's laboratory. Lina, excited about his secrets and in a hurry, runs into a door. Gourry says he was about to tell her to watch out but...

As they continue, they reach a room covered in large crystals. There, they meet Eris and Rezo. Zangulus shows up challenging Gourry to a duel when Eris sends Lina and her group away. She explains that the room is for transporting to the underground part of the laboratory. Angry that his fight was interrupted, Zangulus disappears as well, in search for Gourry.

Lina and Sylphiel end up together alone in a room filled with golem statues. A relief of Rezo is on the wall. As Lina and Sylphiel try to find a way out, they don't notice that one of the golems just moved...

Meanwhile, Zelgadiss and Amelia are in a library, where Zel is determined to look through all of the books, in search for his cure. Amelia wanders around not too far off. Just when Zelgadiss tells her to be careful not to fall into any traps, she falls into one. Her body begins to disappear through the wall. Trying to help her, he grasps her hand, only to find that the force pulling her through the wall is far too strong. He disappears along with her. A relief of Rezo is on the wall.

Lina and Sylphiel are having trouble with a golem problem as all of the golems come to life. Sylphiel tries to help, and casts a Flare Arrow, which turns into a Flare Carrot and tickles the golem.

Gourry shouts, finding an echo in the arena he appeared in. As he goes giddy over the echo, Zangulus appears, challenging him.

Lina fights the golems off when Amelia and Zelgadiss literally pop in. Lina tells Sylphiel to find what is controlling the golems while they back her up and try to keep the golems off of her. The barrier is dropped and Sylphiel clasps in her hands in prayer trying to sense what is controlling the golems. Sensing evil from the relief of Rezo, Lina destroys the relief and the golems fall to pieces with Lina's line of "Rest in pieces, fellas".

Wondering where Gourry is, Lina hears sword fighting nearby and they blast through the walls to get there.

With neither side having the advantage, Gourry and Zangulus continue to fight. Lina and the others appear, and Zangulus is afraid that she will interfere with their battle. Lina stops everyone from trying to help Gourry, knowing that he would never forgive them if they interfered.

Glad for that, Zangulus unleashes a powerful blast from the Howling Sword, and Gourry dodges it. However, every time he does it reflects off the wall and gets stronger. Just when it seems Gourry has his back to the wall, Lina shouts that she will buy him dinner if he wins. With that promise, Gourry absorbs the blast into the Sword of light and redirects the energy to Zangulus. Zangulus, trying to hold the blast off, cringes as the blast connects with his sword and breaks it. Defeated, Zangulus asks for Gourry to finish him off, but Gourry says that it isn't his style.

Coming to collect his reward, Lina remarks that she never promised to pay for a dinner, rather, she would love it if he would pay her if he won.

After Zelgadiss remarks on how Lina and Gourry are so talented and yet, so stupid, Zangulus tells them that the item they are looking for lies in the deeper chamber. Thanking him, Lina and company leaves. Gourry remarks that Zangulus is a great swordsman, and Zangulus says the same about Gourry.

The race is on for Rezo's legacy!

22- "Vice! Nokosareshi Monotachi" ("VICE! The One Who Was Left Behind")

Slayers - Episode 22

Slayers - Episode 22

(Vice! 残されしものたち)

Airdate: September 1, 1995

After seemingly walking forever, Lina and the group reach a door, hoping to be the deep chamber. However, it turns out to be more stairs. They reach another door leading down to more stairs, but notice another door. When they open the other door, the door which held the staircase fills up with flames, and then a blast of fire is directed at them! They close the door quickly and walk the pathway that was hidden behind the door.

As they walk, the path splits into two paths, and they ask Sylphiel or Amelia to uncover the right path, because they are psychics. Sylphiel uprights her staff, and tells them to follow the left path because that is the direction that her staff fell to. Lina is angry that this was all it took to choose the left path, and gets even angrier when the path Sylphiel told them to go through ends up a dead end. Amelia, by knocking on the wall, is able to uncover the switch to make the wall give way. The path Sylphiel chose was the right one after all.

They enter a room, where they meet this chicken monster named Tiiba. He reveals Rezo hired him to do some research in his lab. Lina demands him to take them to the deepest chamber, or she'll turned him into fried chicken. He walks them to a room and stands on a what seems to be a platform. This is a shortcut to the deepest chamber.

They reach a door door that only can be open with magic. Naturally, Lina steps up and opens the door. They enter the chamber, filled with many items. Sylphiel can't determine which is Rezo's legacy because all of the items have magical properties. They have to look at every item that might be Rezo's legacy.

Sylphiel notices that Tiiba is wandering off, and she follows him. He proceeds to put on a mask, which allows him to grow ten times in size and most likely in power. Lina and the group try to fight him, but they decide to hold him off for now with a barrier of the protection spell. When Lina is about to cast an Elmekia Lance, a stone tablet falls on her head, which turns out to be Rezo's legacy. She uses it, to guard them from Tiiba's attacks, and with Amelia and Zelgadis help, they kill Tiiba. They are ultra happy that they found Rezo's legacy, but then the tablet falls out of Lina's hand. It then flies into Eris' hand, who is at the door with Rezo. Eris reveals that it's the manuscript of the Claire Bible!

23- "Warning! Erisu no Shūnen!" ("WARNING! Eris' Wrath!")

Slayers - Episode 23

Slayers - Episode 23

(Warning! エリスの執念!)

Airdate: September 8, 1995

Eris, having just snatched Rezo's legacy from Lina's hands, now intends to kill them all!

Lina releases a Burst Rondo at Eris, who just laughs it off using the legacy as a shield. However, their true plan is revealed, which was for Zelgadiss, under the cover of the blast from the spell, to slice off the bandana Rezo was wearing. When they do this, they finally have proof that he is a copy. On his forehead lies the same gem that Eris used to have complete control of the copies of Vrumugun.

Angry, Eris tells her story of how Rezo's quest to cure his blindness hurt him and herself. So, when he quested from the legendary Philosopher's Stone he... and she stops speaking. Zelgadiss tells her that it is misplaced resentment, but crying she silences him.

She levitates with the intention of releasing the power from the tablet. Sylphiel cries out that she shouldn't, that something terrible will happen, but she continues anyway chanting a spell... a spell to release Zanaffar!

Zanaffar had destroyed ancient Sairaag and had only been defeated by the Sword of Light.

Lina flies up to stop her, and Rezo tries to stop Lina. Zelgadiss interferes, insisting that he be the one who fights Copy Rezo. Sylphiel carries Gourry upwards.

Eris, in an attempt to control Lina uses the gems. However, Lina's bandana is "special" and the gems won't work on it. Instead, Eris flicks one to Gourry's forehead, forcing him to kill Lina!

Meanwhile, Zelgadiss is doing badly in his fight with Copy Rezo. Amelia saves him, but Copy Rezo isn't at all frightened by a two to one ratio.

Lina, Gourry, and Sylphiel land on the ground with Gourry still trying to kill Lina. Zelgadiss, annoyed, commands Sylphiel to give him a Flare Arrow. Amelia wants to do it, but Zelgadiss forcefully tells her 'no'. Sylphiel summons one, but it again, turns into a Flare Carrot. He flicks it over to Gourry's forehead, breaking the gem. Amelia finally then, understands why Zelgadiss did that.

However, while they are fooling around, Eris has released the power from the tablet, laughing. Just when things couldn't get any worse, they get worse. Copy Rezo delivers a killing blow to Eris. In pain, and losing blood, Eris is disbelieving that "her" Rezo would kill her.

Copy Rezo then surprises everyone again by removing and crushing the gem, saying that his original will be avenged, but it will be on his own terms.

24- "X-DAY Yomigaeru Majū!" ("X-DAY! The Demon Beast Is Reborn!")

Slayers - Episode 24

Slayers - Episode 24

(X-DAY よみがえる魔獣!)

Airdate: September 15, 1995

Eris, having just been slain by her own creation, disbelieving takes her last breaths as Copy Rezo laughs and stops Sylphiel and the others from saving her.

Copy Rezo infuses himself with Zanaffar and his power, and now Zanaffar remains in a form of a twisted monster, working as a shield around Rezo's body.

Lina and the others really don't have much they can do except to hope for the best. Gourry's Sword of Light fails, despite the legend of the Swordsman of Light being able to slay the demon beast Zanaffar. Magic refuses to penetrate as well. Copy Rezo throws relentless attack spells against them, without expending much effort.

However, just as they are covered with debris and rocks from the force of the spells, Copy Rezo stops, demanding that they fight him with all their power. His true goal was to surpass Rezo, after all. He needed them to fight and die at their best, to surpass the original.

They tell Copy Rezo that they can't really fight with all their might in a narrow place like the lab. Copy Rezo gladly obliges, as he levitates them away from danger and demolishes the lab in one single spell.

An attack plan is put into place and it happens to be... RUN! Lina take this time to Ray Wing it out of there, but then find that they won't be able to escape for long, so they all throw seemingly meaningless spells at him. All of this was to distract him as Lina goes underground and attacks him with a Dragon Slave from directly underneath! She claims that even his shield can't hold up against a close range Dragon Slave.

Despite her boasting, the shield does hold up as Copy Rezo tells her that he absorbed the spell. Then, Copy Rezo demands that she perform her Giga Slave, because it was that spell that defeated Rezo, and it is by that spell that he can surpass Rezo.

At first Lina rejects his offer, but then Copy Rezo begins to brutally beat up Lina's friends, excluding Sylphiel. Shortly after seeing Gourry in pain on the ground, she decides to cast the spell. Sylphiel stops her in the middle, which angers Copy Rezo.

Apparently, using the same spell he used to kill Eris, he fires the spell at Sylphiel, only... Lina jumps in the way, to save Sylphiel! Sylphiel looks horrified as she watches the blood seep from the wound quickly.

Zelgadiss and Amelia disbelieving look at Lina's wounded form. But Gourry... he calls her name painfully until he falls to the ground pitifully, calling her name.

25- "Yes! Saigo no Kibō Buresu Burēdo" ("YES! A Final Hope: The Bless Blade")

Slayers - Episode 25

Slayers - Episode 25

(Yes!最後の希望 祝福の剣[ブレス·ブレード])

Airdate: September 22, 1995

The smart and slightly irritable heroine has fallen.

To get her and Sylphiel out of harm's way, Zelgadiss wraps them in a protective shield which flies them to a safer location while they battle it out with Copy Rezo. In the midst of battle, Copy Rezo admits that after killing Lina Inverse and surpassing Rezo, he doesn't care what happens next.

Meanwhile, Sylphiel is trying desperately to save Lina when her heart stops beating. Using our modern CPR, she gets Lina's heart beating long enough to cast a Resurrection spell on Lina.

On the battlefront, Gourry is determined to end this battle right here, when our prince comes on a horse, to save the day... or not. Stupidly, Prince Phil uses his Pacifist Crush and is thankfully saved by Gourry.

Thus, the family reunion takes place as Amelia and Prince Phil greet each other, weirding out the male protagonists.

Having finished the healing spell and taking a small rest, Sylphiel carries Lina to a lake which holds the Blessed Blade. When Lina awakens, Sylphiel explains her theory about how the Blessed blade and Flagoon may be able to help defeat Copy Rezo/Zanaffar.

Will the last hope, the blessed blade, all be for nothing?

26- "Zap! Shōri wa Atashi no Tame ni Aru" ("ZAP! Victory is Always Mine!")

Slayers - Episode 26

Slayers - Episode 26

(Zap! 勝利はあたしのためにある)

Airdate: September 29, 1995

Almost losing all hope, everyone is hiding out, thinking about the situation. Prince Phil is determined to get their hopes up so they don't give up, but he isn't much help. They begin to form a plan after Gourry laments that Lina can't be there to power up his sword.

Meanwhile, Lina and Sylphiel run as they try to get to Copy Rezo, with the Blessed Blade. Gourry uses his powered up Sword of Light, thanks to Amelia and Zelgadiss, and manages to hurt Copy Rezo. However, only having one plan, Copy Rezo is still too strong from them, but just when all hope is lost; Lina shows up! She gives them her orders with her plan to kill Copy Rezo by using the tree, Flagoon.

They proceed to attack Rezo with Gourry's powered up Sword of Light, with Ra Tilts courtesy of Zelgadiss and Amelia. Lina, then, puts the final thrust of the Blessed Blade into Rezo's body and pins him against the tree. Sylphiel uses a Recovery spell against the tree, and Flagoon, tied with the power of the Blessed Blade, proceeds to suck out Zanaffar from Copy Rezo. Copy Rezo gives his last dying wish to be buried under Flagoon.

After burying Copy Rezo, they return back to Sairaag as the villagers proceed to build back their city. The gang (except Sylphiel) is eating like wild animals (even Zelgadiss got into the spirit). Sylphiel decides to stay back in her town, helping to rebuild it. Zelgadis wants to still find a cure. Then, Prince Phil comes riding, and Sylphiel is shocked to see that he is a prince. She faints as she finds out that stories aren't always true...

Suddenly, a messenger arrives to alert Phil about an emergency back in Saillune. He is promptly punched out by Sylphiel for calling him a prince. Upon hearing the news, Phil gets fired up and heads back towards his kingdom while dragging Lina behind him and with Gourry, Amelia, Zelgadis, and Sylphiel coming along for the ride.

Second Season: Slayers Next

1 (27)- "Ikinari Pinchi! Majin Zoamerugusutā no Kyōfu!" ("The Sudden Pinch! The Terror of the Monstrous Zoamelgustar!")

Slayers Next - Episode 01

Slayers Next - Episode 01

(いきなりピンチ! 魔人ゾアメルグスターの恐怖!)

Airdate: April 5, 1996

In the season's opener, Lina and Gourry stuff their faces with their three-portioned meal. As they continue to fight over their food, a real fight breaks out, and one man is slammed into Lina's table, breaking it, and thus, spilling all of the food. Angry, Lina casts a Dill Brand, and together Lina and Gourry end up fighting a couple of thugs that didn't like how she handled the situation.

Amelia, traveling to Zoana as well, wonders what Lina is up to before she ends up actually seeing Lina. In the middle of battle, Lina casts a Boo Brymer, which allows her control of a statue nearby that ends up being a statue of Rezo, the Red Priest. After handling those guys, Lina notices Amelia, and a very dramatic hugging scene between the pair occurs.

Lina reveals she is here to see the Xoana book, which had several connections with Shabringo 1,000 years ago. Word is, it's about valuable as the Claire Bible, and is only being shown every fifty years. Amelia is about to say something else (why her being there) but lies and tells Lina that she is there for that reason too. Amelia then wanders off to the castle.

At the castle, King Moros, and his daughter, Martina, plot away the kidnapping of Saillune's daugther. They think their forces will be sucessful in invading, Saillune, and taking over the world! HAHA!... with the help of Zelgadiss of course.

Meanwhile Lina figures out that Amelia is up to something and talks it over with Gourry, ending in her blasting him when he doesn't pay attention.

At the castle, Amelia tries unsuccessfully to give the message to Zoana to stop any further military buildup or risk Saillune as an enemy. Martina laughs it off, calling in Zelgadiss, who according to Amelia uses psychological warfare when she finds herself tied up. Really though, as she was pondering why Zelgadiss was an enemy, she got herself captured without noticing.

Lina blasts the tower where Amelia is being held. After introducing themselves and after King Moros stupidly reminds her of all of her nicknames (Enemy of All who Live, etc.), Martina calls for Zelgadiss. Amelia warns Lina that he is a bad guy, and he reveals he is only helping them so that in return, his reward would be the Zoana book. He thinks the book might be able to cure his curse, and for that cure he says he is willing to kill Lina.

"You mean this?" Lina asks, as she shows him the book. She then later reveals that the book is useless for him, since it's only a book on how to make golems.

Martina manages to quietly sneak away, but they catch her father. They try to think of away of punishment, with each choice being one of them beating him up. The last choice, distastefully, is Lina's offer of no bruises for money. Just as they are about to beat him up however, Martina shows up with a golem machine. Martina explains that no common spells will work on the Orihalcon Golem, that was passed on with the book of Zoana. When she begins to attack, however, it breaks because it is too old, and starts to go out of control and destroy the city.

Martina and Moros ask for help, after being trapped under the debris to save the city.

Lina comes up with a way to destroy the machine, with a uncommon spell, which would be Dragon Slave!

Gourry and Amelia warns the city, and they evacuate. Lina then shoots her Dragon Slave, and manages to destroy the machine, and the whole city in the process.

Walking away from the new crater, Amelia agonizes over how she had just been sent to deliver a message and not to destroy a city. Despite Lina's cheerful attitude, the group believes that Martina and King Moros couldn't have possibly survived.

However, after getting out of the debris, Martina hails for revenge!

2 (28)- "Fuzaketa Purīsuto! Sono Na wa Zerosu!" ("The Roguish Priest! His Name is Xellos!")

Slayers Next - Episode 02

Slayers Next - Episode 02

(ふざけた神官[プリースト]! その名はゼロス!)

Airdate: April 12, 1996

Lina Inverse starts off the episode with a quick rundown of the events of the previous episode and we see scenes of the aftermath, namely, Amelia changing back into her traveling clothes, and the group eating a fireside dinner. We also get a glimpse of a mysterious figure in the trees before the title flashes.

At present, Lina, Gourry Gabriev, and Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune are lying in the grass, enjoying their reunion and the pleasant weather. The moment is interrupted when they realize Zelgadiss Graywords has wandered off alone again. At dinner that night at an inn, Zel tells them that he wants to continue searching for the Claire Bible in order to change back into a human, and is frustrated that the others don't seem to take him seriously. He seems to think this should be a personal effort on his part, but the others insist on helping. In an effort to cheer him up, Lina (intentionally) and Amelia (unintentionally) tease him into leaving the table and turning in early.

Before bed, Lina takes a moment to contemplate the Claire Bible and decides to start a search for information. For Lina, this entails terrorizing a bandit gang on the outskirts of town, and the explosions from this activity wake the others at the inn. They manage to find her just as she ascertains that the bandit gang she just decimated actually knows nothing about the Claire Bible.

She explains to her stunned friends that bandit gangs can be a very reliable source of information, and all are surprised to hear a round of applause. We see the unfamiliar figure that has been tailing the four friends, balanced precariously on a high wooden pole. It is a man with purple hair, eyes hidden in shadow, carrying a staff, dressed in priest's robes. He leaps from his perch and gets up in Lina's face, then explains that he is on the trail of a Claire Bible manuscript currently being held by another bandit gang. He asks for their help before introducing himself as Xelloss, the "Trickster Priest," and we see for the first time that his eyes are actually closed and happy.

The group then retreats to a cabin where Xelloss sits back while Lina, Amelia, and Gourry debate on his trustworthiness. When asked questions, Xelloss makes various suspicious comments, including "That is a secret." Zel gets fed up and leaves, declaring his distrust of the priest. Lina agrees to sneak into the bandits' hideout and locate the manuscript, but clearly does not trust Xelloss either. Xelloss seems perfectly happy.

Lina and Gourry approach the hideout of the dragon's blood Macho Battlers dressed as bounty hunters. Amelia is tied up as a gift for the bandit gang. The ruse gets Lina and Gourry an audience with the bandits' leader, while Amelia gets thrown into a jail cell. When Lina asks the bandit leader for the manuscript, we discover that he had been tipped off to their arrival, and they are attacked. In the ensuing fight, the bandit leader flees and Lina follows only to be joined unexpectedly by Xelloss. He admits that he was the one who gave the leader the tip, to trick him into running straight to his most prized possession-- the manuscript. While Lina and Xelloss discuss the matter, however, Zelgadiss attacks the bandit leader and walks off with the manuscript. Witnessing that, Xelloss vanishes, leaving a very confused Lina. He reappears in Zel's path, and takes the manuscript. Xelloss deflects Zel's Flare Arrow with no effort at all. Lina arrives on the scene in time to get caught in Zel's Bomb Di Wind. The spell destroys the rest of the hideout, crushing Amelia, Gourry, and Lina in the process. Zel reclaims the manuscript from the rubble but barely gets to look at it before it combusts, with Xelloss's voice echoing in the background. Xelloss says that the manuscript was of no use to Zel anyway, and that they would surely meet again on a future task.

Later, the four are walking into the sunrise and discussing the outcome. Amelia and Lina want Zel to explain how he was able to find the hideout on his own, to which he responds, "That is a secret!"

Lastly, elsewhere, rooting through garbage cans, is a presumably homeless Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova, smudged in dirt and miserable. Seems like we haven't seen the last of her!

3 (29)- "Suteki na Shōbai! Yōjinbō mo Raku ja nai!" ("A Wonderful Business! Being a Bodyguard isn't Easy!")

Slayers Next - Episode 03

Slayers Next - Episode 03

(素敵な商売! 用心棒も楽じゃない!)

Airdate: April 19, 1996

The episode starts out as Lina Inverse, paired up with Gourry Gabriev, and Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune, paired up with Zelgadiss Graywords, fight over which restaurant serves the best food in the town they currently reside in. Conflict inevitably arises and the two pairs of divided friends take their separate ways.

Lina and Gourry, after feasting for a few moments, are encountered by the swordsman Rajara who is currently seeking bodyguards for his employer. Rajara's employer, Tarim, is a candidate for the Sorcerer's Guild's new director spot. Coincidentally, Amelia and Zelgadiss encounter the sorcerer Karuas, whose employer, Daymia, is also in the same position as Tarim. Oddly enough, the group of separated friends decide to finish their food before even considering the offers they were given.

The two pairs a bought to their respective employers' mansion and are briefed on how the opposing candidates are trying to "kill" each other to eliminate them from the position. Both Tarim and Daymia say that the opposite man hired mercenaries and that the need of Lina and Gourry / Amelia and Zelgadiss' help were strictly for self-defense. Both sides are sent out to rid the mercenaries of the opposing sides and the pairs set out.

Lina and Gourry meet Karuas that enlisted Amelia and Zelgadiss. Karuas casts Bogardic Elm and is able to swamp Gourry but Lina was lucky enough to use instant Levitation to escape. She soon finds that Karuas is able to simultaneously cast three (3) spells due to his shoulder guards that seem very well alive. Lina uses Lighting to blind him and he falls miserably to the ground which Lina then freezes over. Unfortunately, she forgot about getting Gourry out of the mess first.

Back to Amelia and Zelgadiss, they meet Rajara. They find that Rajara's sword is a enhanced Black Magic sword given to him by Tarim. Amelia innocently insults him by saying that he wasn't really using his own abilities. Both Amelia and Zelgadiss make a quick disposal of Rajara and return to Daymia.

After Lina and Gourry return to Tarim's mansion, telling him that they had taken care of the mercenary, they find that their mercenary had been wounded rather badly. Rajara describes the pair that injured him to be a "Heartless Swordsman" and "Crazy Girl". Tarim sends the pair back to Daymia's to finish the unfinished business.

Amelia and Zelgadiss were met with a rather unhappy Daymia. Karuas than told them that a "Smartass Sorceress" and an "Idiot Swordsman" had took him out. Amelia, thinking that they were working for the "good guys" decided what they did was unjust and planned to get revenge for what they did. Just as they were planning to leave, a rather cold chill hit them--or rather the mansion they resided within. Lina, unknown to them, had repeatedly casted Freeze Arrow on the mansion to make it look like a pretty ice sculpture. As she leaves with Gourry, Zelgadiss blows through the front door with Fireball and finds that the mansion was covered in ice, leaving a now extremely angered Daymia with them.

Lina and Gourry report back to Tarim that the job was done and just when he reached into his drawer to grab their money for them, an awfully large gust of wind blew through the windows. Outside the mansion, Zelgadiss had been casting what seemed to be a Air Shamanistic Magic spell that caused quite a whirlwind.

The process was repeated again as Gourry had thought of a great plan to fill Daymia's mansion with fresh garbage and Amelia had plastered beautifully drawn graffiti on Tarimu's mansion. Unable to take it anymore, both Tarim and Daymia decide that their "bodyguards" should meet at the city's ruins up north for a final showdown.

The two pairs of friends are left speechless as they see who their opponents are. Both groups accuse the other of working for the "bad guy" but they soon find that both parties had low grade demons pouring out from around their mansions. They finally come to their consensus and Amelia quickly rids the demons with Elmekia Lance.

Tarim and Daymia were both put away for such acts but both accuse the other of doing so. Lina, Gourry, Amelia and Zelgadiss finally settle down only to realize that with their employers in jail, their payment would have a slight problem. They run after the carts that they were contained in, both Lina and Amelia begging for their employers to be released.

Upon a rooftop's tip stands a rather suspicious and shady figure, who wears a long cape. Who is this person?

4 (30)- "Inishie no Keiyaku! Fushi o Motomeru Mono!" ("An Ancient Pledge! One Who Seeks Immortality!")

Slayers Next - Episode 04

Slayers Next - Episode 04

(いにしえの契約! 不死を求める者!)

Airdate: April 26, 1996

After Tarim and Demia get put into Jail, Lina and the others decide to pay them a visit to enquire about the simultaneous summoning of the beasts from both houses. They're told that the only person they know who could perform such a spell would be Halciform, who was once working on research into immortality. So they continue to Halciform's house (the only one untouched by the beasts), where they find out that Halciform has allied himself with a Mazoku called Seigram and that Halciform has been somewhat successful in his efforts to become immortal by making a pledge with Seigram. Lina reluctantly decides to put a stop to it and a showdown ensues resulting in Halciform being sealed in ice. Xellos appears and confirms what Lina says about destroying the Pledge stone being one of the few ways to defeat him...

5 (31)- "Nokosareshi Ai Yue ni!" ("Staying Behind For the Sake of Love!")

Slayers Next - Episode 05

Slayers Next - Episode 05


Airdate: May 3, 1996

Lina and the others frantically search for the pledge stone in Halciform's house but to no avail. Soon they are confronted with the recently thawed Halciform and to avoid a futile battle they escape into the sewers. As Lina and Gourry are teleported away, Amelia and Zelgadis are left to defeat the slugs (of which Lina has an acute fear) that live in the sewers. Lina and Gourry were summoned to a room where Seigram was sitting. He claimed that he has been looking for powerful people to join him and proposes that Lina does the same and will be freed from her "ridiculous fate" and granted immortality. Lina refuses and finds out that Amelia and Zelgadis have been captured and their life energy will be drained so that Halciform can bring back his girlfriend, Rubia, from the dead. Lina discovers that the pledge stone is Seigram's mask and challenges Halciform to one last battle. The pledge stone is destroyed and Halciform becomes weak. Rubia becomes animated by the life energy. She softly whispers to Halciform "Kill me...". Halciform casts Burst Flare; killing Rubia and himself.

6 (32)- "Nigasanai! Shūnen no Maruchina Futatabi!" ("You Can't Escape! The Return of the Obsessive Martina!")

Slayers Next - Episode 06

Slayers Next - Episode 06

(逃がさない! 執念のマルチナふたたび!)

Airdate: May 10, 1996

In a quiet village near the mountains, where birds sing in the trees, Lina Inverse and Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune have finally found what they've been searching for: The All-You-Can-Eat-For-A-Silver-Piece Restaurant! They are about to enter when Zelgadiss Graywords grabs Lina and throws her to the ground. He's in a hurry to get to Saillune to continue his search for a spell that will return him to normal, and doesn't appreciate taking a detour just so Lina and Amelia can have a big meal. Xelloss pops out of nowhere to observe that Saillune will still be there when they finish eating. The priest has his own business in Saillune, ostensibly related to the Claire Bible manuscripts, and intends to follow the group there. He disappears. Lina and Amelia try again to enter the restaurant, but a suspicious blonde woman with huge sunglasses and a mask grabs Lina and offers her a rare coin in trade. Lina can't resist, but before she can think of something to trade, the woman takes one of the jewels from Lina's shoulder guards, hands her the coin, and runs away. Gourry Gabriev chases her into an alley, where follows an explosion. Lina explains that the jewels are fake and explode if someone removes them. Meanwhile, Gourry has cornered the woman, whom he believes to be a thief. He doesn't recognize her, but she is Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova, and his strength seems to make an impression on her. By the time the others arrive though, she has escaped.

Afterwards, Martina wanders the countryside and divulges her plot. In vengeance for the destruction of Zoana and all of her subsequent misery, she has lain the foundation for a curse using the powers of Zoamelgustar and a cursed dagger of her own creation. All she needs to complete it is a possession of Lina's. This train of thought leads her to a flashback of the encounter with Gourry in the alley, and it's evident that she is infatuated with him. But she shakes it off, since he's one of Lina's friends.

It's evening back in the town, and the quartet are spending it at a hot spring/inn. Lina's in the changing room gleefully examining her proportions in the mirror, convinced that her breasts have grown at least slightly. She joins Amelia in the bath, it's called to our attention that yes, Amelia is younger but has much larger breasts, to Lina's chagrin. The girls soak and take joking potshots at each other's appearance while, in the men's bath, Zelgadis drinks wine and addresses various grooming concerns (exfoliation and split-ends, specifically).

Inside, Martina snoops around for Lina's discarded clothes and runs into Gourry on his way to the bath. Flustered, she introduces herself as the maid and asks for laundry, which prompts him to strip and hand her all of his clothes. She collapses at the sight and runs through a mental list of his assets. Martina is convinced that Gourry would be the perfect companion, and is more determined than ever to succeed. With Lina out of the way, Gourry could be hers! However, it takes her so long to deliberate this point that Lina and Amelia have already left the bath with their things.

Martina sneaks in on Lina and Amelia while they sleep, tangled in an uncomfortable heap. She manages to get a hold of Lina's bandana just as Amelia sits up and gives justice speech... in her sleep. Lina responds by shouting a defense and chucking Martina out of the window... also in her sleep. Martina wastes no time in chanting the curse and piercing the bandana with her cursed dagger. She wins!

The next morning, Lina finds Amelia with a black eye. Amelia explains that Lina tosses and turns too much in her sleep, and at one point had to be tied down to the bed. Lina takes offense and gets Amelia in a kind of stranglehold. Suddenly, she collapses in pain, and is very confused as to why. At breakfast, Gourry takes the meat that Lina was eyeing, so she deals him a blow to the back of the head. Moments later, she receives a similar invisible blow and is slammed into the table. Lina performs a series of experiments: tugging on Gourry's cheek and jump-kicking Zel in the chest, and feels the same effects they do. Xelloss appears and observes that she must be under a curse. He demonstrates the effects placing Gourry's hand on Lina's breasts. Gourry can't help but note that they're small, and Lina kicks him viciously in the crotch. He collapses in pain and, shortly after, so does she. Seems as though any pain Lina inflicts upon anyone is strengthened and inflicted upon her as well.

Martina makes her grand entrance, but sadly, Lina doesn't remember her at all. Anyways, she reveals that she is the architect behind the curse. Amelia questions how, since Zoamelgustar is a made-up mazoku and Zelgadiss supposes that the power must actually come from Martina's obsession. The plot thickens when Martina summons a bunch of goons to draw Lina into a fight. Battle ensues, which ends up involving only Zelgadis and Amelia, since the goons refuse to fight Gourry, and Lina and Xelloss are dangling from the ceiling to avoid injury. Xelloss disappears.

The others cease the fight and run out the door to where Martina is waiting for them with an ambush. When she calls Gourry her fiance, the others turn on him to demand an explanation. Of course, he has no idea what's going on, and asks what "fiance" means. As he ticks through possible definitions, Martina realizes that he's not so bright, and her fantasies crumble. She renews her threat, but drops the cursed dagger, burying it in her boot. Xelloss appears and observes that now she's cursed too, and she realizes that she can't remove the curse without freeing Lina as well.Martina decides to kill Lina first and remove the curse second and sets out to do it... by grabbing and pulling Lina's cheek. In the girl-fight that follows, there's a lot of name-calling that ends when Martina makes fun of Lina's chest size. Incensed, Lina throws a Fireball, incinerating them both. And the curse is lifted...

The companions, minus Xelloss, retreat to the hot springs for the night. Lina is covered in burns and other scars, still lamenting the slight made to her chest. Amelia suggests that they find a hot spring that increases breast size, and is presumably attacked. Zelgadis and Gourry listen to the girls spashing and screaming from the tranquility of the men's bath and prepare to enjoy some wine.

Martina, for her part, is hobbling through a generic wasteland, still swearing revenge. Her ravings cause some nearby rocks to tumble, and they fall, naturally, right onto her head.

7 (33)- "Bikkuri Kukkingu! Maboroshi no Doragon o Oe!" ("Sudden Cooking! Follow the Phantom Dragon!")

Slayers Next - Episode 07

Slayers Next - Episode 07

(びっくり料理[クッキング]! 幻のドラゴンを追え!)

Airdate: May 17, 1996

Lina Inverse, Gourry Gabriev, Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune, Zelgadiss Graywords, and Xelloss, while looking for something to eat, find a restaurant that specializes in dragon cuisine. Lina explains that dragon cuisine is supposedly the most delicious and sublime type of gourmet food available, and the gang sets out to enjoy this culinary delight. (Although it is obvious that Zelgadis is not as excited as the others about it).

The Slayers order their food. Unfortunately, the chefs, realizing that they have no dragon meat to serve, decide to give them whale and orc meat instead. When the Slayers try to eat it, they find it disgusting (except for Gourry - he loves it for some reason). They march into the kitchen and confront the deceitful chefs, demanding that their order be corrected.

Suddenly, out of the shadows steps Ashford, the head chef of the restaurant, and he is not pleased that the Slayers have invaded his domain. He demands that the Slayers explain themselves. Just at that moment, Gourry enters the kitchen and offers Lina the last morsel of bad meat. In a display of fantastic agility, Ashford takes the meat from Gourry and tastes it and spits it out.

Realizing that his chefs have committed a grave mistake, Ashford apologizes to the Slayers and swears that he will redeem the honor of his kitchen by preparing a full course dragon feast for them. This, of course, means that they will first have to capture a dragon.

The Slayers, led by Ashford, set sail to locate a lake dragon, said to be the tastiest of all dragons. Unfortunately, despite his culinary skills, Ashford seems woefully unprepared for their journey, having forgotten the anchor. As a result, they must employ Zelgadis as a makeshift anchor, forcing him to breathe through a garden hose.

In their first attempt, they employ a giant anti-dragon net. As they are having tea, the dragon appears and attacks Zelgadis. Lina attempts to slay the dragon with a Dragon Slave, but Ashford stops her, declaring it is the worst way to kill one.

That night, while the other Slayers are eating fish and discussing their quest, Amelia approaches Ashford and asks him why their quest is so important to him. He explains that he once had a sick granddaughter who wanted to eat dragon cuisine before she died. As a result, he trained under a great dragon cuisine master until he became proficient in the technique himself. However, his granddaughter had died before he could complete his quest. He then reveals that his granddaughter looked just like Amelia. Turns out, he had also told Lina that she resembled his daughter, Gourry that he looked like his son-in-law, and Zelgadis that he reminded him of his beautiful, young, delicate wife. This led the Slayers to believe that the chef was delusional.

Their second attempt at capturing the dragon involved disguising the boat as another dragon. The disguise initially works, but once again, Ashford's lack of preparation becomes his downfall, and the dragon destroys the boat.

After they repair the boat, they make one more attempt, this time using Gourry as bait. The lake dragon mistakes Gourry for a large shiny fish and attacks, but this time, the plan works: they manage to reel in the dragon, allowing Ashford to invoke his Secret Strike Shooting Star Cleaver Slash, slaying the beast with a santoku.

During the epic battle with the dragon, Ashford drops his locket. Xelloss, who had been observing the Slayers from a distance, finds it and picks it up.

Back at the restaurant, Ashford is hard at work preparing the lake dragon feast. Unfortunately, it turns out that it will take six months of cooking before it will be edible - otherwise, it is extremely poisonous. Out of sheer frustration, Lina attempts to eat the raw dragon meat, but luckily the other Slayers stop her before she can kill herself.

As the Slayers remove Lina from the kitchen, Xelloss leaves Ashford's locket on the table. It opens to reveal a picture of Ashford's family, all of whom bear a striking resemblance to the Slayers. It turns out the old chef wasn't delusional after all.

8 (34)- "Eien Nare! Firu-san ga Shinda Hi?" ("Be Eternal! The Day Prince Phil Died?")

Slayers Next - Episode 08

Slayers Next - Episode 08

(永遠なれ! フィルさんが死んだ日?)

Airdate: May 24, 1996

The group finally makes it to Seyruun only to be greeted by ominously deserted streets. They get to the palace and find out Prince Phil, Amelia's father, was assassinated. Amelia tearfully swears to bring the criminals to justice and drags everyone along to the crime scene to look for evidence. There they are attacked by monsters and saved by a masked figure who turns out to be Crown Prince Phil! When Phil was attacked he pretended to be dead so he could find out who was behind the plot to seize the throne.

9 (35)- "Himerareshi Yabō! Shōgeki no Kokuhaku?" ("Hidden Ambitions! The Shocking Confession?")

Slayers Next - Episode 09

Slayers Next - Episode 09

(秘められし野望! 衝撃の告白?)

Airdate: May 31, 1996

Lina's party finds out that the evils are after Seyruun kingdom, and go into the castle with Phil. What waited them there were, the second successor of the kingship, Christopher, and Kanzel and Magenta who hang out in the castle. Kanzel and Magenta are apparently suspicious, but since there's no proof, Lina can't do anything about them. Then she receives a letter from Christopher's son, Alfred. Lina and Amelia go to Alfred's house as the letter requested. Alfred confesses to them that Christopher's behind the whole incident. And he asks them to give him the time to persuade Christopher to turn himself in. Then the monsters, which found out about the Christopher's betrayal, come to attack. Lina's party manage to chase them away by widening the barrier around the kingdom. However, as a result, Lina loses her magical power.

10 (36)- "Kuse Mono Zoroi no Chindōchū?! Maryoku o Torimodose!" ("On a Journey With a Pack of Scoundrels?! Take Back That Magic Power!")

Slayers Next - Episode 10

Slayers Next - Episode 10

(クセ者ぞろいの珍道中?! 魔力を取り戻せ!)

Airdate: June 7, 1996

Lina decides to visit a magic doctor who resides deep in the mountains in order to regain her magical power. However, on the way, Xellos and Martina, who now is in love with him, forcefully join her. Although Xellos' told Martina not to seek revenge on Lina, she hasn't forgotten about it and starts harassing her. To make the matter worse, the evils appear to attack her. Xellos chases them away with his strong spell, which the power was increased by his Talisman. Lina sort of "snatches" it away from him and makes it her own.

11 (37)- "Semari Kuru Yami no Koe! Kirisake Raguna Burēdo!" ("Voices from the Darkness! Slash 'em to Bits, Ragna Blade!")

Slayers Next - Episode 11

Slayers Next - Episode 11

(迫り来る闇の声! 切り裂けラグナ·ブレード!)

Airdate: June 14, 1996

Oblivious to what she had found in the previous episode, Xelloss briefly explains to Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova what the Claire Bible is. Lina Inverse, quickly takes possession of the Claire Bible manuscript. As she reads on, she finds that it contains a spell that's power can match the Giga Slave; the Ragna Blade. Upon approaching the last pages of the book, Lina finds that nothing is readable since it was beautifully scribbled on by Kira.

Meanwhile, within Saillune, Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune puts her father, Philionel El Di Saillune, in a six pointed star with Gourry Gabriev and Zelgadiss Graywords. Amelia states that within the six pointed star, they would be very well protected. Unfortunately, Mazenda was able to warp the four into sub-space, leaving them quite helpless.

As Lina, Xelloss and Martina make their way down the mountain; they see a fire signal in a distance. Lina immediately knows that Phil is in danger and makes haste of their travel. They reach a cliff with a rather large and rushing river at its base. Martina devises a plan to push Lina off the cliff but instead, she threw herself off, cursing Lina on the way down. Lina finds a good sized log and jumps down the cliff, surfing her way to Saillune. She finds that some of her magic has returned and was able to cast Fireball at Martina and maintain a short period of Levitation.

Arriving at Saillune, Lina finds that her friends and Phil are indeed missing. Kanzel lets her hear the voices of her friends suffering in sub-space and taunts the fact that she wouldn't be able to help them since her powers were amiss. Lina throws a Fireball at the dome-like ceiling since Kanzels voice emitted from it but nothing reacted. Lina then notices cracks in the dome-like ceiling but none crossing the goddess statue and figures that it reinforced the sub-space barrier. With not a lot of powerful spells for her to use that didn't included blowing up part of the city, she was left with the new Ragna Blade spell. She manages to cast the spell but finds that she didn't have enough control of it and misses the statue by a fraction. Both Lina and Kanzel thought that she had failed to break the barrier but the Ragna Blade proved to be more powerful than that. The Ragna Blade still managed to break the barrier and teleported everyone back to the room including Mazenda.

Seemingly quite beaten, Lina's gang assumed that Kanzel and Mazenda would leave but they didn't expect them to take Phil with them. Lina begins to think that the Mazoku's true intensions were never to kill Phil; their goal was her.

12 (38)- "Dondengaeshi? Igai Naru Shinjitsu!" ("The Unexpected End? The Shocking Truth!")

Slayers Next - Episode 12

Slayers Next - Episode 12

(ドンデン返し? 意外なる真実!)

Airdate: June 21, 1996

Lina's party is depressed from Phil being captured by the demons. In the meantime, Christopher, who they thought would be the next king because of what Alfred told them, declares that he won't be the king. Then what was with Alfred's word which told them that Christopher was behind the whole incident? Lina and others go to Alfred's house in the suburb to find out the truth. Having lain in wait for them, Alfred tells them that he was the one who was behind the incident. He did it because he was going to let his father be the king first and then afterwards himself. However, then, the demon, Magenta, releases an arrow, and it goes through Alfred's body. The evils finally show their true intentions that they were gonna betray Alfred and rule Seyruun.

13 (39)- "Tsuiraku Sunzen! Yabō no Tsuieru Toki!" ("Impending Fall! The Moment of Ambition's Defeat!")

Slayers Next - Episode 13

Slayers Next - Episode 13

(墜落寸前! 野望のついえる時!)

Airdate: June 28, 1996

Lina's party beats Magenta, and are psyched up for beating Kanzel. However, Kanzel's power was incomparable to Magenta's and strong. They struggle, but get thrown out of the air garden. However, Lina's regained her magical power by beating Magenta. She pretends that she still doesn't have the power, and gets Kanzel off guard. However, since Kanzel's spell was gone, the air garden above Seyruun starts descending. There was no time to let the people escape. Lina takes a chance on blowing away the air garden with Dragon Slave, which she increased its power.

14 (40)- "Kindan no Dansu? Saikyō Jumon wa Doko da!" ("The Forbidden Dance? Where is the Strongest Spell?")

Slayers Next - Episode 14

Slayers Next - Episode 14

(禁断のダンス? 最強呪文はどこだ!)

Airdate: July 5, 1996

Lina's party learns about the presence of a high level monster, called evil Dragon Lord, Garv, behind the series of recent evil activity. They hit the road to get a copy of Claire Bible to fight him. The first clue they get is a map they bought from a man, named Dio. The map shows the location of a copy which includes the most powerful spell. They go out to get it, and end up fighting with the sisters who got the book first. Finally, they get the book, only to find out it was not the Bible. Lina and Amelia try out the spell which requires a party of two to chant, and find out it is just a dance instruction. Outraged Lina uses Dragon Slave on Dio, who sold the map to her, and the dance instruction becomes the sisters' possession.

15 (41)- "Dai Gekitotsu? Tatakai no Arteme Tō!" ("A Big Crash? The Battle at Artemay Tower!")

Slayers Next - Episode 15

Slayers Next - Episode 15

(大激突? 戦いのアルテメ塔!)

Airdate: July 12, 1996

Lina's party continues their journey to find the Claire Bible. They get the information from Xellos that one of the copies of the Bible is in the tower, called Arteme, which turns its intruders into a doll. They get to the tower to see dolls just as they were told. Lina's party disguises themselves as teddy bears and go in. They encounter a monster who calls himself, Joe. They survive the battle with the dolls which Joe controls, and face Joe at the highest floor. However, no matter how much spell they use on him, he gets no damage. They struggle, find out the doll beside him is Joe himself, and win the battle. But again, it turned out, they wasted time without finding the Bible..

16 (42)- "Urami no Makyū! Konjō no Gōsokkyū!" ("Bitter Curve Balls! Gutsy Fast Balls!")

Slayers Next - Episode 16

Slayers Next - Episode 16

(恨みの魔球! 根性の豪速球!)

Airdate: July 19, 1996

Lina's party gets to a town and gets the information that a copy of the Bible is on the trophy which is given to the winner of a magic tennis competition. However, Martina, who also joined the competition, beats Lina to a pulp with her magical service. Outraged Lina starts a hard practice with a coach, named Rude. Lina and Martina reenter the competition and make wins by fast balls and magical services. They face each other at the finals. Martina presses Lina with split magical balls. However, with her guts and sly means to blind Martina with a light, Lina wins. However, the copy of the Bible is fake as was easily anticipated, and again, they wasted their time.

17 (43)- "Uwasa no Kanojo wa Zerugadisu?" ("They're Talking About a Girl Named Zelgadis?")

Slayers Next - Episode 17

Slayers Next - Episode 17


Airdate: August 2, 1996

Lina's party gets the information that a copy of the Bible is in the country where only women live. Of course, the guys are not allowed to go in, so they get into drags. Zelgadis absolutely hates it. Lina's party meets the daughter of the king, Mivan. She escaped from the country because she was forced to be a princess. Zelgadis relates to her, who's having problem with her status as the daughter of the king, and grows sympathetic feelings for her. Then monsters appear and take her hostage. Lina's party fights a hard battle with the monsters that are made of water. Zelgadis lights up himself and hurls himself at the monsters and beats them. But because of this, his identity as a man is revealed. Mivan is encouraged by what he did and reveals her own identity. She tells him she is a boy who's been forced to be in drags to live in the country.

18 (44)- "Suna no Shinden! Giga Sureibu no Himitsu!" ("The Temple of the Sand! The Secret of the Giga Slave!")

Slayers Next - Episode 18

Slayers Next - Episode 18

(砂の神殿! ギガスレイブの秘密!)

Airdate: August 9, 1996

While Lina's party continues to look for a copy of the Bible, Xellos brings them the information that a perfect copy is at a castle nearby. They get there to be stunned by the volume of the copies. They go through the pile to get the information they want, and they meet the librarian who calls himself Aqua. He tells them that he'd lead them to the information they are looking for, and they go deep into the castle. The same night, when Lina wakes up unexpectedly, Aqua shows her one of the copies of the Bible. It is about what happens if the sealed spell, Giga Slave gets out of control. Lina is stunned to learn that the spell has perished the world to end. Then the evil dragon lord, Gaav appears..

19 (45)- "Tsui ni Hakkaku? Zerosu no Shōtai!" ("Disclosure at Last? Xellos's True Form!")

Slayers Next - Episode 19

Slayers Next - Episode 19

(ついに発覚っ? ゼロスの正体!)

Airdate: August 11, 1996

The evil Dragon Lord, Gaav, presses Lina's party. He came to kill Lina so he can stop the evil's plan to perish the world. He requests Xellos who has been behind the plan to confess it. Xellos, who has been one of Lina's travel companions, turns out to be a demon. However, since Xellos does not give up, Gaav attacks them relentlessly and puts Lina's party into a pinch. Aqua stops Gaav's attack and have Lina's party warped to outside of the castle. Aqua turns out to be a presence which was created by the remained will by the aqua lord who was perished by Gaav. Lina's party barely escapes and, following Aqua's word, leaves to Catart mountain range where the real Claire Bible is.

20 (46)- "Ikukkya nai! Doragon no Tani o Mezase!" ("No Other Choice! Set Course for Dragon Valley!")

Slayers Next - Episode 20

Slayers Next - Episode 20

(いくっきゃないっ! ドラゴンの谷を目指せ!)

Airdate: August 16, 1996

After barely escaping from Gaav, Lina's party heads to Dragon Valley in Catart mountain range to find a copy of Claire Bible. They meet a boy who offers to lead them to the valley. They get to the valley with him to meet the old head of the Dragon tribe, Milgasia. Xellos asks him to take them to the Bible, so he does, but Gaav's monsters attack them again.

21 (47)- "Sen Nen no Shinjitsu! Uragiri no Maryūō!" ("The Thousand Year Old Truth! The Traitorous Demon Dragon King!")

Slayers Next - Episode 21

Slayers Next - Episode 21

(千年の真実! 裏切りの魔竜王!)

Airdate: August 23, 1996

Lina's party gets away from the monsters and go into the cave where the Bible is supposed to be. Deep inside the cave, Lina enters the gate to the other side where the Bible is sealed. Martina rushes in to enter with her. Lina reaches the Bible to hear the truth about the Lord of Nightmare, which is the power source of Giga Slave and Ragna Blade. On the other hand, Gourry and others fight the monsters outside of the gate. Gaav appears, injures Xellos, puts Lina in a pinch when she comes out of the gate.

22 (48)- "Ubawareta Hikari no Ken! Maryūō Saigo no Toki!" ("The Stolen Sword of Light! The End of the Demon Dragon King!")

Slayers Next - Episode 22

Slayers Next - Episode 22

(奪われた光の剣! 魔竜王最後の時!)

Airdate: August 30, 1996

Gaav puts Lina's party in a pinch. Then appears the most powerful evil Lord, Phibrizzo, who came after the traitor Garv. With his power, he beats Gaav easily. He tells Lina's party to come to Sairaag for another plan. He leaves, taking Gourry hostage for it.

23 (49)- "Kyōi no Makenshi! Saikai no Tabiji!" ("The Menacing Swordsman! A Journey of Reunion!")

Slayers Next - Episode 23

Slayers Next - Episode 23

(脅威の魔剣士! 再会の旅路!)

Airdate: September 6, 1996

Lina's party gets depressed for having lost Gourry. Sylphiel, who fought with them in Sairaag, appears, learns of Gourry, and decides to fight with them. On their way to Sairaag, they get attacked by a sorcerer with the Sword of Light. His incredible skill puts them in a pinch, but Zangulus, who once was their enemy, appears and helps them. With his help, Lina gives the sorcerer a blow. Under his mask appears brain-washed Gourry's face.

24 (50)- "Jaaku naru Wana! Maboroshi no Shiryō Toshi!" ("Sinister Trap! The Mysterious City of Ghosts!")

Slayers Next - Episode 24

Slayers Next - Episode 24

(邪悪なる罠! 幻の死霊都市!)

Airdate: September 13, 1996

Lina's party gets to Sairaag to rescue Gourry. Sairaag was destroyed by the battle with clone Rezo, but now it's revived as the town of the dead by Phibrizzo's magic. Sylphiel and others get angry to find out about it. Lina decides to go into Phibrizzo's castle by herself because Phibrizzo is powerful and she didn't want to get the others involved. Sylphiel notices it and forcefully joins her, and also Zangulus..

25 (51)- "Shiseru Mono no Tamashii! Rina Saigo no Ketsudan!" ("The Souls of the Dead! Lina's Final Decision!")

Slayers Next - Episode 25

Slayers Next - Episode 25

(死せる者の魂! リナ最後の決断!)

Airdate: September 20, 1996

Lina's party faces Phibrizzo, but none of their magic works on him. Phibrizzo intends to have Lina use Giga Slave and let it out of control, so he tries to make her exhausted and press her. Zangulus and Sylphiel are beaten, Zelgadis and others are confined into crystals. Phibrizzo pushes Lina, who's left alone, to use Giga Slave, saying Gourry will die otherwise. The moment the crystal, which Gourry's in, starts cracking, Lina finally uses Giga Slave.

26 (52)- "Go to NEXT! Soshite Mata..." ("Go to NEXT! And Then Again...")

Slayers Next - Episode 26

Slayers Next - Episode 26

(Go to NEXT! そしてまた...)

Airdate: September 27, 1996

Giga Slave gets out of control, and the golden space beyond Lord, the Lord of Nightmares puts Lina unconscious. Phibrizzo attacks her without knowing it, and gets destroyed easily. Gourry and others are freed from Fiblizo's magic now, but Lina's about to be swallowed into chaos. Gourry rushes out to rescue Lina and when he did, the Lord of Nightmares let's Lina go proving that she isn't evil at all. Lina and Gourry kiss as they and Zelgadis and Amelia went to Martina and Zangulas' wedding.

Third Season: Slayers Try

1 (53)- "Ifū Dōdō? Tabidachi no Ho o Agero!" ("Majestic? Hoist Sails for the Journey!")

Slayers Try - Episode 01

Slayers Try - Episode 01


Airdate: April 4, 1997

It's morning, and Lina Inverse wakes up in her hotel room in a seaport city. She sees that an envelope has slid under her door, and she begins reading the letter inside. It's from someone named "Filia," but Lina doesn't know who that is.

Meanwhile, a giant pillar of light reaches up to the sky in the distance. In the foreground, a parliamentary hall stands, and Saillune's Crown Prince Philionel El Di Saillune speaks to a group of leaders and representatives from different nations. He explains that since the mazoku barrier has been destroyed, the nations within it are free to travel to the outside world. He says that the only evidence of the barrier's destruction is the pillar of light, and no one knows its source.

Meanwhile, Zelgadiss Graywords stands in the city, looking at the pillar of light.

Back in the parliamentary hall, the delegates begin to panic. They suspect that the nations outside the former barrier are getting ready to launch an attack. Phil interrupts and asks for the cooperation of every nation in sending a peace delegation to the outside world. His daughter, Princess Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune, explains the delegation plan to the delegates.

Later, Lina and Gourry Gabriev eat at a seaside table, and Gourry asks Lina what the "outer world" is. She explains that it's the area of the world outside of the area where they live, and it's just now available to them. He asks why no one had gone there before, and she explains the story of the mazoku barrier erected by Ruby Eye Shabranigdu's subordinates and how it prevented movement outside the area. She tells him that a "beautiful sorcery genius" defeated Hellmaster Phibrizzo, and thus, the barrier was destroyed. He remarks that the sorceress must have been "something," and Lina gets angry and yells at him that she was the sorceress. She then explains that the pillar of light has been visible ever since the barrier's destruction.

Lina and Gourry turn around as Zelgadiss approaches them. They enthusiastically greet him. Later, the three stand on top of a building and catch up on life. Zelgadiss tells Lina and Gourry that he could never imagine them being unhappy together, and Lina, embarrassed, threatens to fight him. Gourry, also embarrassed, changes the subject and asks Zelgadiss why he came to the delegation. Lina correctly guesses that he hopes the outside world will have a cure for his chimera body. Lina suggests that he stow away with the peace delegation; he sees this as an option, but he doesn't rule out taking his own boat. Meanwhile, Gourry has fallen asleep. Zel asks what they are doing there on top of the building, and Lina tells him she wants to find out what the letter she received is about.

Suddenly, a bell on the roof rings, and Zel hurries to cover his head and face. A woman with long blond hair and flowing white robes emerges, startling Gourry. She says she sent the letter to Lina, and she is Filia Ul Copt. She already knows who Gourry and Zel are, too. She explains that she knows how they defeated Hellmaster. Lina asks what Filia's offer is, and she says she wants to confirm their power. Before she can elaborate, she freaks out because Gourry is lifting up her dress to find a tail that he saw. Lina panics and asks him what he's doing, and he tells her that it's not what it looks like. Filia reaches under her dress and pulls out a huge mace, slamming Gourry in the face and sending him flying backward to ricochet off the tower walls and into the sea. She runs off, embarrassed, and leaves her mace behind.

Later, Lina, Gourry, and Zel sit inside, Gourry frantically trying to explain that Filia had a tail. Zel, holding the mace, jokes that he assumed Gourry had "finally given up on Lina for not being sexy at all," and this angers Lina. He throws the mace at her, and she finds it too heavy to hold. She drops it, breaking part of the tile floor. Zel uses that as an example that because Filia could hold it up with no problem and because she is very attractive, she's special in some way. The trio worries that they're about to be involved in big trouble, and Lina wonders if Filia will give her the money she promised in exchange for the meeting.

Later, Phil presides over the setting-off of the peace delegation. Amelia and another delegate stand below him on a platform. He places his hand on a globe and stresses the importance of such a journey. Amelia unfurls a big map of the route that the delegation will take. She explains that it will sail along the cost to avoid the Desert of Destruction, and that Saillune's ship, Ceifeed, will be the leader. In the crowd, Lina spots Amelia and excitedly tells Zel before jumping up and down and yelling to Amelia, much to the dismay of everyone around her. Amelia suddenly shivers and thinks she hears Lina, but declares that she's "hearing things." Zel reminds Lina about Filia, and just as he does, she appears. She apologizes for the previous day. Lina looks and doesn't see a tail and tells Gourry, but he insists he saw one. Filia interrupts and embarrassingly asks for her mace, which Zel hands over. She wants to continue the talks from the previous day. She again explains that she will test their power. Suddenly, she teleports away, surprising Lina's group.

Fireworks go up, sails unfurl, and the peace delegation sets off. Back on the rooftop from the previous day, Filia appears and begins to transform.

Meanwhile, Lina finds Amelia, and Amelia puts a mask over her face and tries to pretend she doesn't know her, but this fails when Phil approaches and greets Lina.

Back on the rooftop, Filia transforms into a golden dragon.

Back on the platform, Amelia asks Lina if they can talk later, because she's busy, and Lina wonders why she's being so unfriendly. Suddenly, Filia (as a dragon) flies off the tower and over the delegation, sending up waves that rock the ships. Lina asks if this is the "test of powers," and Amelia asks if the hassle is Lina's fault. Zel answers in the affirmative.

Filia flies down, nearly crashing into people and buildings. Zel says that Lina's group is the target. The group runs up the ropes onto a ship, with Amelia tagging behind, anxiously wondering why she gets caught up in such messes. Gourry and Zel use their swords to cut the ropes holding the ship down, and when Lina tells Gourry to take the wheel, the ship's captain approaches and tells them they can't take the boat. Suddenly, Filia flies over, sending a giant blast over the ship. Lina's group looks down in the water to see the captain and his crew moving away in lifeboats. He says the ship is theirs. Amelia exclaims that she'll take command of the ship, since it is Saillune's. She begins shouting orders. Gourry ends up as one of the rowers.

Filia flies overhead, and the ship speeds up to get away from the port. A team of sorcerers shoots Fireballs at Filia, but she evades by shooting laser breath at the boat. Amelia and Zel counterattack with a dual Burst Flare. The two attacks collide, sending the ship flying back in a shock wave. Everyone on board but Lina's group flies overboard. Gourry draws his Sword of Light and sends a beam straight at Filia. She dodges, and the beam hits and destroys a ship in the distance. Filia fires another Laser Breath, which hits the ship and severely damages it. Lina runs up to the front of the ship and shoots Rune Flare at Filia, who is hit. But she shakes it off and fires another Laser Breath. T01e

The explosion caused by Lina's Dragon Slave Lina tells Gourry to steer the ship hard to port, but he goes the wrong way, and Lina almost ends up in the water. She puts her hand on the sea surface and uses Sea Blast to stop the Laser Breath. Filia appears to fly away, but Gourry follows. Lina shoots a Dragon Slave, but Filia teleports away at the last second and the spell's explosion hits water, causing a tsunami which engulfs the ships.

Later, Lina's group is stuck on the Saillune ship, which is wrecked and stranded in the ocean. Amelia and Lina look through a telescope and see that the tsunami wiped out the port city. Not wanting to get in trouble, Lina decides to take the ship and run to the outer world, much to Amelia's dismay. However, Lina convinces the group to go by appealing to their weaknesses (justice for Amelia and a cure for Zel), while Gourry by default follows Lina anywhere. The group vows to set off on a new journey.

2 (54)- "Hanshin Hangi? Kokyō kara no Tegami ni!" ("Doubtful? A Letter from Home!")

Slayers Try - Episode 02

Slayers Try - Episode 02


Airdate: April 11, 1997

Lina Inverse, Gourry Gabriev, Zelgadiss Graywords, and Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune are stuck on the wrecked boat from the previous episode. Seven days have passed, and the group has no food. A flock of seagulls flies overhead; a few birds peck at the lifeless Gourry. One bird pecks at Lina, and she grabs it by the neck, wanting to eat it. Gourry joins her. Suddenly Zelgadiss realizes that if birds are around, they must be near land. The bird Lina had flies away, and land shows up on the horizon. Lina runs to the back of the ship and uses Bom Di Wind to push it to the coast.

Meanwhile, Valgarv asks Grabos Maunttop if he has found "the last one," and Grabos says he hasn't. Valgarv says that he knows who has the Sword of Light, so there is only "one more" left. Grabos bows, and a group of beasts stands behind him, only their eyes visible.

Later, Grabos and Jiras Jiros Jires ride ostrich-type creatures into a town. They carry torches, and a group of lizardmen follow behind on birds and chariots, carrying flags and swords. With them is a cannon. A monk chimes a bell in the town, but sees the pillagers coming, so he rings the bell faster. Everyone in town boards up buildings and runs to hide. Jiras lights the fuse on the cannon, which blows a hole through the town's giant door. Grabos sends Jiras and some lizardmen off to steal "anything weird" that they find, as well as treasure. The lizardmen go into houses and take everyone's valuables, depositing them in front of Grabos.

Suddenly, a giant wave crashes over the town walls, and the ship that Lina sent forward bursts into the town square, shocking everyone. The ship totally capsizes, and Lina's group run out, looking for food. They stop when they see the pillagers terrorizing the townspeople. Jiras smells the group and says they smell like strangers, and Lina gets angry and throws him at Grabos. She flies up on a pillar and yells at them for denying her food. Gourry, Zel, and Amelia do the same. Grabos, fed up with their interruption, sends lizardmen at them. The group charges at the lizardmen, Amelia hitting one with Visfarank. Zel hits one with his head, and Lina stomps on another, shooting off Flare Arrow. Gourry brings out his sword to defeat more. Grabos wonders if the group is a bunch of monsters, but Jiras notices that Gourry has the Sword of Light. Jiras throws a bomb at Gourry who, thinking it is food, catches it in his mouth. It explodes, causing a fire. Lina wonders what happened, and Zel explains the concept of a bomb.

JIras throws a bunch more bombs, but Lina uses Aqua Create to extinguish all the fuses. She then uses Mega Brand to send him flying into the air. While Lina is boasting to Grabos, he shoots the cannon at her, but Zel jumps in the way and the ball bounces off his head. He acts fine at first, but then collapses. The group charges at Grabos now, Lina using Garuk Ruhard and Amelia using Burst Flare. A huge explosion happens.

Later, an old man explains to Lina's group that their reward for saving the town is a buffet. They chow down, not even listening to him. Only Zelgadiss doesn't act like an animal fighting over food. He stands away from the group, trying to chart their position, which he says is far south of the Desert of Destruction.

A little later, the group has finished eating, and the old man explains that Grabos and Jiras have been attacking towns all over the area, stealing whatever they can find. Lina recalls how the two ran away in fright after encountering her group, and she says they probably won't bother the town again. She leans back in her chair and sees Filia Ul Copt in her golden dragon form flying toward the town; surprised, she falls over in the chair. Zel simultaneously sees Filia and runs back to the group. They run off to meet Filia, who they see as a threat. Filia lands in a group of large rocks, and the group sees her transform into a human.

Later, the group sits down at a table among the rocks as Filia pours tea for them. She acts cordial, but Lina angrily wants to know what is going on. Filia explains that she is a priestess of Flarelord Valabazard. When Gourry asks about her tail, she explains that she isn't used to becoming human, so sometimes it slips through the transformation. Amelia recalls how Milgazia could change into human form as well.

Filia explains that attacking them was the test of their power she mentioned earlier. She tells them that they have been chosen to follow "a prophecy which foretells destruction."

Meanwhile, Grabos, Jiras, and their lackeys sail on a makeshift raft into Valgarv's headquarters inside a giant rock.

Back with Lina's group, Filia explains that the dragons at Flarelord's temple recieved a premonition:

"There shall come a controller of a dark star who will call forth the light, and the world shall be flooded with darkness. Dragon's blood shall spread, and following the power between light and darkness, a single star shall be awakened. Around the star shall spin five lights, and the power shall be a darkness beyond twilight, a brilliance beyond the dawn. When the power is loosed, we shall fall to an arrow which will split the heavens apart."

Filia explains that the prophecy says the world faces danger, and that "the power between light and darkness" may refer to humans, and Lina realizes this is why she was called: to save the world. She begins laughing at the prospect that she is to serve as the representative for the human race, but Filia soberly explains that the dragons already tried to get someone else, someone who was too busy with her part-time job. Lina becomes angry knowing she's the second choice, but Filia hands a letter from the first choice to her. As Lina reads the letter, she becomes very nervous, and she asks Filia if the first choice is a waitress, which Filia confirms. Lina freaks out, builds herself a miniature pyramid and sarcophagus and buries herself underground, screaming. The letter falls into Amelia's hand, and she reads it:

"Shut up and do it." Signed, "Sis."

Lina screams that her big sister will kill her, and Filia tells the group that Luna said Lina would be punished if she refused the job. Inside her coffin, Lina yells for Luna's forgiveness.

Meanwhile, Grabos and Jiras stand in front of Valgarv, who ponders the fact that the Sword of Light, and Lina Inverse, are in the vicinity. A hologram of Armace appears behind him, and Valgarv explains the situation. Grabos vows to get the sword, but Valgarv says the job is too important for him and Jiras. He tells them to go find an equally powerful object. Valgarv declares that he will take the sword and kill Lina himself.

Later that night, Lina sits along on a cliff, her head buried in her arms, crying. Filia approaches and Lina explains that she has no choice because she can't disobey her sister. She also speculates that Luna was scared of the danger, so she sent Lina. Filia then explains that their next task is to go to the Flarelord temple.

3 (55)- "Bōjaku Bujin na Aitsu wa Doko e?" ("Where'd That Arrogant Guy Go?")

Slayers Try - Episode 03

Slayers Try - Episode 03


Airdate: April 18, 1997

The episode opens with the party (presumably at the town in the previous episode) eating, with Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev guzzling down food as usual, Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune staring out at the calm open sea wonderingly, Zelgadiss Graywords drinking tea calmly, and Filia Ul Copt getting shocked and disgusted at the party's nonchalant attitude and reluctance to make a move to the Flarelord temple. On the party's request for more information regarding the prophecy, Filia replies that she doesn't know more, as prophecies aren't weather forecasts. The party is clearly still slightly sceptical about the prophecy. Zelgadiss then proceeds to leave the party on his own mission, followed by Lina who runs off with Gourry in search of the kingdom's specialty dishes, infuriating Filia further, with Amelia still off in a world of her own.

Meanwhile, somewhere else, an explosion can be seen. A tribe of Sand People are being attacked by Grabos Maunttop, Jiras Jiros Jires and their lizardmen retainers in their search for "the final one". The elder of the village falls into Grabos's hands, and he forces him to reveal the location of the legendary Holy Sword of the Sand People. While Grabos threatens the elder, Xelloss can be seen in the background, appearing for a while on a rooftop observing the chaos before disappearing again.

Back at the town, Amelia is singing on top of the town's weather vane. The townspeople begin to gather and fear for her. An old lady is complaining about "youths these days" when Xelloss plants a frog on her, causing her to jump around, trip, and bang her forehead. Amelia, seeing the ruckus below, flies down using Levitation. She then heals the bump on the old lady's forehead. Seeing this, the townspeople, unused to the sight of magic, proclaims her to be an angel.

Zelgadiss, meanwhile, exploring the town, comes by a sorcerer with some children. The children seem awed at the sorcerer's skill at casting Lighting. He then sees a temple and tries the locked iron gate. The sorcerer explains that the unopenable temple has been locked off for centuries. Zelgadiss ignores his warning and blasts the gate with Dam Brass. Upon finding nothing in the temple, he uses the sorcerer's fear to find and blast the gates of the other temples in the town. When the town guards arrive at the last temple, they're pointed in the right direction by Xelloss.

Amelia is now reveling in her new role as the town's guardian angel, as she extols on the wonder of love and justice to a rapt audience. Just as she ends her speech, someone cries out that there's a demon attacking the town. Amelia immediately offers to "vanquish the threat". Lina and Gourry, an armful of food with each, are musing the lack of specialty dishes when they hear about the battle of the century between the angel and the devil... which turns out to be Amelia vs. Zelgadiss. Before anything happens, Filia reappears, totally angry and frustrated, and uses her mace on Zelgadiss, who proceeds to ricochet between buildings to the opposite side of town. On a rooftop, Xelloss is laughing so hard at the scene that he falls off it.

The party finally reunited, Filia angrily demands to know when they'll take this seriously and set off for the temple. The party tries to placate her while chiding her for hitting Zelgadiss (with Amelia now holding an ice pack on his forehead). When Gourry asks how they got into such a ruckus by simply walking around town, Zelgadiss and Amelia mused that the townspeople seem to be surprised by magic. Filia replies that of course they are, since the high concentration of magic within the Mazoku barrier doesn't happen without; the sorcerers in the outer world can only cast Lighting and Sleeping spells at most. Zelgadiss, now tired of being treated like a monster, suggest that they all leave town as soon as possible, leading a rejuvenated Filia to drag Lina out.

On their way to exit town, Filia feels the presence of evil (caused by Xelloss's presence, as he can be seen tiptoeing behind and around her). In her agitation, her tail shows, as if to sense the evil. The other four tries to hide it by forming a circle around her, when Lina sees the familiar back of Xelloss running off into the crowd. She follows him, leaving the others to catch up with her, only to see him disappear into thin air. She remarks to her comrades that a true demon have shown up, one that they haven't seen in a while.

At the Sand People's temple, Grabos attempts to pull the Holy Sword from its stone pedestal with his brute strength. Elsewhere, Valgarv and Armace discusses the Holy Sword and the Gorun Nova. Armace tells Valgarv that there is now no reason to hold back and allows him to go and reclaim the Gorun Nova.

Now out of town, the party quizzes Lina about her sighting of Xelloss, and connects Filia's prophecy with Xelloss's reappearance. Now that the Mazoku race appears to be involved, the party is more inclined to believe the prophecy of doom. When they turn to ask Filia's opinion, her extreme reaction at the mention of the Mazoku's possible involvement concentrates into a blast of energy, blasting the others and rendering her unconscious.

Just then, Valgarv walks out and says he's been waiting to meet Lina Inverse. He then wonders aloud how a sorceress like her was able to defeat Chaos Dragon Garv (in actuality, it was Hellmaster Fibrizo who dealt the killing blow, but perhaps Valgarv neither know nor care, and no one ever attempted to set the record straight with him). He then sends a powerful spell at the group before introducing himself as Garv's loyal servant. He then throws another spell, which Lina, Zelgadiss and Amelia counters with a Protection Barrier. But even with all three holding it up, Valgarv's spell is powerful, and Filia is still knocked out. Just as Lina screams "Where is Xelloss when we need him?" he appears in mid-air, and muses that all the players are now in place.

4 (56)- "Tōhon Seisō! Yatsu no Nerai wa Katakiuchi?" ("On the Move! He's Out for Revenge?")

Slayers Try - Episode 04

Slayers Try - Episode 04


Airdate: April 25, 1997

Continuing from the last episode, Valgarv kept attacking the Slayers. When he was going to finish off Lina Inverse, Gourry Gabriev tried to interfere. However, Valgarv was able to block the attack with a raise of his arm, and he tried to take Gorun Nova. Zelgadiss Graywords and Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune blew them apart, and when the sand cleared, Xelloss was shown holding Gourry's leg, which he then released as his true goal was Valgarv. Xelloss and Valgarv then started duelling, joined by Lina and Gourry only a moment later. Valgarv commented snidely that it wasn't really fair of them to team up, to which Lina replied that Garv took them on in the same set-up. Just as they were about to resume fighting, the ground shook violently. This was the effect of Grabos Maunttop still trying to remove the Holy Sword of the Sand People. Taking advantage of Valgarv's inattention, Xelloss tried to attack him, but Valgarv was still quick enough, and they both disappeared (presumably to the Astral plane).

During the "earthquake" pause, Xelloss reappeared and tried to pretend their meeting was just a coincidence, but Lina was one step ahead. It turned out that Xelloss used Lina's presence to lure Valgarv out (since she's the one Valgarv wanted revenge on most) in order to carry out his duty. He was sent by the Mazoku race to flush out Garv's last servant, Valgarv. However, due to an unexplained increase in power, Valgarv's movements had been difficult to follow. It was then that the party realised Filia's absence, and tried to find her among the sand.

Meanwhile, in the Sand People's temple, Valgarv discovered a protection ward etched in the stone around the Holy Sword. He formed a plan and borrowed Ragudo Mezegis from Armace, with the promise to not let its light blade cross Gorun Nova's.

Lina's party finally reunited, Filia started to berate Lina for letting a filthy Mazoku like Xelloss, the murderer of her people, into her presence. Xelloss and Filia then proceeded to score points off each other. Lina, tired of their arguments, settled them down and told Xelloss to, for once, tell them everything he knew. Xelloss listed the three objectives of the enemy: to get revenge on Lina, to get Gorun Nova, and to seek out a weapon similar to but more powerful than Gorun Nova. Amelia remembered the odd behaviour of the Lizardmen back in the second episode, who seemed to be searching keenly for something. Xelloss then mentioned casually that their eyes were currently on the Holy Sword of the Sand People, but the comment was picked up by Lina, and they witnessed the destruction of the Sand People's village. In typical Lina fashion, she flew off announcing that she's going to get the Sword for herself, leaving the rest to catch up. Filia, being the last to leave, overreacted at seeing herself left behind with Xelloss of all things. She started to call him "namagomi" (raw garbage) and warned him before hurrying off to not to come near them or he'll be sorry. Xelloss was seen to be riled for perhaps the first time in his life, as he could not believe a golden dragon would even dare to insult him and think to get away with it.

Seeing the party approaching the Temple, Jillas Jillos Jilles reported the sighting to Valgarv, who proceeded to tell Grabos to remove the sword, before vanishing from the Temple. The "earthquakes" intensified, and the flying rubble confused the Slayers. It turned out that the Sword was a key to keep a Sand monster sealed. Without it, the monster rematerialised and, in the hubbub, Lina and Gourry were separated from the others. Valgarv took the opportunity to go after Lina again while the others were busy with subduing the Sand monster. After claiming the Holy Sword from Grabos, Zelgadiss finally succeeded in using Bomb Di Wind to blow Amelia with it into the Temple and she reset the Sword in its rightful place. However, elsewhere, Valgarv managed to provoke Gourry, and, rushing to attack him, both the light blades connect and a terrifying energy started emitting. Armace broke the connection by suddenly appearing in their midst, and, to the horror of the party, was immune to the spells thrown at him by Lina and Zelgadiss. He ordered Valgarv to retreat, which Valgarv reluctantly obeyed, vowing to one day destroy Lina for good.

5 (57)- "Ryūgen Higo? Honō o Hakanakya Kemuri wa Tatanu?" ("A Wild Rumor! You Can't Have Smoke Without Fire?")

Slayers Try - Episode 05

Slayers Try - Episode 05


Airdate: May 2, 1997

Xelloss and Filia Ul Copt still couldn't get along with each other, with them arguing about everything under the sun during the entire journey until even the Slayers were sick of it. A while later in the next town, when they sat down to dinner, despite having ordered a table-full of food, Lina Inverse still wanted to order the Dradora Surprise on the menu. Filia angrily demanded whether the dinner surprise was more important than the threat to the world, to which Lina replied in favour of the dinner surprise, partly because Valgarv was going to come after them regardless, since they were in possession of Gorun Nova. Xelloss then reappeared and supported Lina's arguments, which made Filia immediately turn on him, and she started to transform into her golden dragon form. Xelloss, seizing the opportunity, made a crack about how she's proof that the ryūzoku loves to resort to violence, a comment which Filia found very hard to swallow. She ran out of the restaurant in tears as a result. After realising that without Filia they wouldn't be able to pay for their meals (since Filia's the only one with local currency), the rest of the group hurried to find her.

Even when it started raining, Filia stayed out under a covered statue petting a stray dog, and got incredibly angry when she thought about Xelloss, so much so that she didn't notice the approaching group of armed men asking her if she was the dragon priestess. They received the information in a tip-off, and the villagers told her she had a lot of nerve entering this town. In the middle of the confrontation, a strong wind blew away the covering, and the statue was revealed to be a hero fighting against a dragon. It turned out that the town had a taboo against dragons, as one destroyed the town years ago. While having her mace out, Filia remembered Xelloss's taunt, and instead, dropped her mace and surrendered willingly. However, Grabos Maunttop and Jillas Jillos Jilles suddenly appeared, revealing that they were the ones who tipped off the villagers, and intended to hold her hostage in exchange for Gorun Nova.

While in the town prison, Filia was visited by Jillas, who brought her some fruits (since Grabos told him to take good care of the hostage). Seeing the act of kindness, Filia mused that the Mazoku mix with all sorts of people, and her thoughts again turned to Xelloss (and she got furious again). Unfortunately for Jillas, when he hugged her in comfort, Filia overreacted and bashed him with her mace (breaking the cell's iron bars in the process).

Meanwhile the others finally found out about what happened to Filia around sunset. By this time, Filia's trial had begun. The first part, of determining whether or not she was a dragon, consisted of using a tickler on all parts of Filia's face. Naturally, when it was inserted in her nose, she sneezed, and the judge proclaimed that as the proof of her dragonhood. It was then that Lina destroyed a part of the courthouse wall with a Fireball. With the group's appearance, Grabos and Jillas appeared as well. Lina, frustrated, levitated down with Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune, but were interrupted by a bomb thrown by Jillas. When the smoke cleared, the group was surrounded by the village's millitia. They were frightened at the display of sorcery, and proclaimed them to be Filia's lackeys. Seeing the rest in trouble, Filia tried unsuccessfully to free herself from her chains.

High above the rest, Xelloss mused that he had no choice, phased out and phased in next to Filia just as she was blaming herself for the turn of events. He proceeded to taunt her beyond her limits, and Filia, extremely furious now, broke free of her chains and transformed into a dragon, intent on pursuing Xelloss and make him sorry for his insults. Unfortunately, she destroyed the town in the process, as Xelloss phased in and out here and there, impossible to catch.

Sometime later, out in the desert again, the party tried to cheer up Filia while she wallowed in self-shame. Lina finally commented that it was a pity they didn't manage to eat the dinner surprise. Xelloss phased in then with a guidebook of the town that mentioned the dish was actually a fairly low quality one. Zelgadiss Graywords mused that if he had a guidebook he should have known that dragons were taboo in that town. Xelloss replied that of course he did, but it was more amusing this way, and that he had a newfound respect for Filia's violence. Infuriated, Filia transformed into a dragon again, chasing after Xelloss. The two were obviously destined to be locked in battle for an eternity.

6 (58)- "Rurō Ruten? Bōsō Shinden no Tabi o!" ("Wandering Around? The Runaway Shrine Takes a Trip!")

Slayers Try - Episode 06

Slayers Try - Episode 06


Airdate: May 9, 1997

After walking for endless days with the Flarelord's temple in sight, the Slayers were still no nearer to it than in the beginning. They hastened to the nearest town, Explaina, chiefly famous for the ruins near the town. In the restaurant, while scarfing down dinner, no one noticed Jiras Jiros Jires dropping a grooly fruit into the cooking (one fruit is capable of knocking out a giant ogre).

Zelgadiss Graywords, meanwhile, quizzed Filia about the ruins they noticed. When he showed interest, Filia told him in no uncertain terms that he is not to go snooping around there, then chastised Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev for eating so much. She then proceeded to gulp down the last course, but since it was the one doctored by Jiras, she immediately collapsed, asleep.

Taking the opportunity, Zelgadiss left the party at night to go ruin-exploring, but was caught on by the rest of the party. With Filia still asleep on Gourry's back they explored the ruins covered with some strange language. Xelloss then appeared, and mused that the ruins were at least from the time before the Kōma War, but that he didn't know further. However, Filia would be able to. Upon awakening, Filia was thrown into a panic, and her bracelet reacts to the ruin's inscription. The "ruins" turned out to be a train built by the ryuzoku as a means of transportation

While the Slayers would now reach the Flarelord's temple a lot faster, the train was essentially a runaway aiming straight for the Flarelord's temple, since it was built so long ago, and Filia did not know how to operate it. What's worse, there had been countless towns and villages built in the path of the train tracks. When the party tried to jump off the train, they were interrupted by Grabos Maunttop, Jiras and their lizardmen. While trying to fight them with magic, they discovered that all their magic were being absorbed and converted into energy to make the train move. This did not deter Lina, who proceeded to punch them off the train.

As the Slayers continued to find ways to stop the train, with interruptions from Grabos's party, they finally managed to locate and smash the energy converter. However, the inertia kept the train moving, and by now they were very close to the temple. Lina forced Filia to change into her golden dragon form, and riding on her, she cast a Dragon Slave on the train. However, it was slightly too late, as the burning ruins crashed into a part of the temple of the Flarelord Vrabazard.

7 (59)- "Wahei Kaidan? Kore ga Doragon no Shinden ka?" ("A Peace Conference? This is the Dragon Shrine?")

Slayers Try - Episode 07

Slayers Try - Episode 07


Airdate: May 16, 1997

Lina and the gang are tricked to rebuild the temple they broke. When they are done, they demand answers about the prophecy only to have Almayce show up.

8 (60)- "Yōi Shūtō! Keikaku wa Ugokidashita!" ("Be Careful! The Plan has Begun!")

Slayers Try - Episode 08

Slayers Try - Episode 08


Airdate: May 23, 1997

The Elder are sketchy with Lina, trying to save the world, but she gives them and everyone else and sample on what she could do. She uses the Ragna Blade spell, cutting (but not killing) Almayce. Valgaav is upset that Almayce told him to stay back, and decides to go to the temple, wanting his revenge on Lina. He then proceeds to become an ancient Dragon, who is powerful than other dragons--wiped out thinking they might try to rule the world. Almayce somehow gets away in all of this.

9 (61)- "Renzoku Hassha! Tatakai no Araiso!" ("Continuous Fire! The Wind-Swept Shore of Battle!")

Slayers Try - Episode 09

Slayers Try - Episode 09


Airdate: May 30, 1997

Lina and the gang split in two different groups, Xellos, Amelia and Zelgadis in one, while Lina, Gourry and Filia in another. They need to explore two different cities at the same time that seems to be holding magical vessels. The two countries, Alto, and Bantone hate each other, and Lina and the group experiences their daily cannon ball fight against each other. We find out that the King's daughter of Alto, Sera, had befriended and fallen in love with the Queen's son of Bantone, Marco. Both sides, approach each group and they have a plan on stealing the magical vessels. As they do that in the middle of the night, both sides is alerted somehow. They all head for a tiny island that seems to be in the middle of the sea that is blocking them, and each city heads there too. Wait there is even more... creatures show up wanting to take the magical vessels what will Lina and the gang do next?

10 (62)- "Tsuihō Kakugo! Futari no Ai wa Eien yo ne?" ("Ready for Exile! Isn't Two People's Love Eternal?")

Slayers Try - Episode 10

Slayers Try - Episode 10


Airdate: June 6, 1997

One of the creatures named Gravos, has the double headed Sword of Light looking weapon. He uses it against Lina and the gang, breaking the island in several pieces, separating Sera and Marco from them. Filia, Zelgadis and Amelia go after the kids, while Lina and Gourry fight Gravos. Filia, Zelgadis and Amelia catch up with the kids, and Marco starts hating Sera. They refuse to help each other, so Amelia and Zelgadis step up to use the magical vessels, which we find out it was weapons from the ancient times, representing Holy and Dark powers. Gravos starts to lose control of the weapon, and Lina decides to do a Dragon Slave to stop it. Then suddenly, it went away, thanks to Zelgadis and Amelia, but it's too late for Lina, and she casts her Dragon Slave. In the end a bridge shows up connecting the two kingdoms, and Sera and Marco truly hate each other. Lina is surprise to see that the magical vessels are broken, thanks to Zelgadis and Amelia when hitting together to hard..

11 (63)- "Nankan Toppa? Otoko Jirasu no Sokojikara!" ("The Hurdle's Cleared? Jiras' Hidden Power!")

Slayers Try - Episode 11

Slayers Try - Episode 11


Airdate: June 13, 1997

Lina and the gang get tricked by Jillas who tells them that a great power is on top of this funny looking mountain. They get paired by couples: Lina/Zelgadis, Gourry/Amelia, and Filia/Xellos, which Filia ultimately refuses. This pairing also upsets Amelia. After some minor fights and tricks by Jillas, Gourry's recklessness causes the mountain to tip over, and he loses his Sword of Light to Jillas!

12 (64)- "Selfless and Senseless! Pursuit Through the Labyrinth!" ("Muga Muchū! Meikyū no Tsuiseki-kō!")

Slayers Try - Episode 12

Slayers Try - Episode 12


Airdate: June 20, 1997

Jillas runs into a cave as the team gives chase. Once again, they are split it groups, Lina/Gourry, Amelia/Zelgadis, and Filia/Xellos. Amelia/Zelgadis runs into Jillas, and takes the Sword of Light back. Lina/Gourry find Almayce sleeping and wake him up accidentally. We find out his true plans, is not summoning Dark Star, Dark Lord of the Overworld, but wanting to destroy him. Meanwhile with Filia/Xellos, they decide to split ways when hitting a fork in the Labyrinth. Xellos isn't fooled by Filia's way to trick him also, so they both head in the same direction (even though Filia doesn't know it.) Filia hears voices, and is not surprised (yet shocked) to see Xellos trying to cut a deal with Valgaav, who tells him his objective was to bring him to the Monster side. What will Valgaav do?

13 (65)- "Isshoku Sokuhatsu! Kagi o Nigiru Mono!" ("An Explosive Situation! The One Who Holds the Key!")

Slayers Try - Episode 13

Slayers Try - Episode 13


Airdate: June 27, 1997

As Valgaav refuses Xellos's offer, Lina and the gang show up, along with Almayce. They get into a little fight with Valgaav, and Gourry again loses his sword, but to Valgaav this time. Valgaav attempts to open the gateway, but without the rest of the weapons, it is a risky maneuver.

14 (66)- "Ōkō Kappo! Owari Naki Dōkoku!" ("Striding and Swaggering! Lamentation Without End!")

Slayers Try - Episode 14

Slayers Try - Episode 14


Airdate: July 4, 1997

As Valgaav open the gate way, Lina decides to use the Giga Slave to stop him, but two figures show up with the other two Sword of Light items, and closes the gate way. As this happens, there is a big explosion, following Lina floating on a debris in the ocean somewhere.

15 (67)- "Yakunan Kinan? Koko wa Fushigi no Shima!" ("Disaster and Danger? This Place is a Wonder Island!")

Slayers Try - Episode 15

Slayers Try - Episode 15


Airdate: July 11, 1997

After being washed ashore from the events of the previous episode and inexplicably put in a dress, Lina wanders around in several worlds guided by a pig. She finds Zelgadis in costume, and decide to break out of this utter nonsense. She uses a Dragon Slave, breaking a wall, and they both find out they are in a theme park where you could travel the world, as Filia, who was busy having a good time, reunites with them.

16 (68)- "Kenken Gōgō! Norowareta Tsubo no Kyōfu!" ("Pandemonium! Terror of the Cursed Jar!")

Slayers Try - Episode 16

Slayers Try - Episode 16


Airdate: July 18, 1997

Lina, Filia and Zelgadis escape the island but their boat has a hole and they end up getting picked up by a ship which turns out to be haunted. The gang attempt to solve the mystery so the ghost can move on to the next world.

17 (69)- "Kōka Tekimen? Koi no Yukue wa Kamihitoe!" ("Immediate Results? Love is in the Tiny Differences!")

Slayers Try - Episode 17

Slayers Try - Episode 17


Airdate: July 25, 1997

We find out that Amelia on an island somewhere, saved by fish people. She finds out that one of the fish-girl, Lila, is in love with a human, Kerel, when she saved him from a ship wreck. The father of the girl, Honar, objects at first, but their love is stronger. There is an ancient spell that could change her into human. The only thing is, they need a beautiful young woman to get the stone off a sea creature from. Amelia finds a starving Gourry, dresses him up in drag, and they manage to get the jewel of the sea creatures head. When they try to do the spell, it doesn't work. The father feared this might of happen, and reveals they would have to kiss each other to prove their love. This would then transform them oppose each other (she becomes human, he becomes a fish) to prove they actually love each other. Of course, they kiss and each other turns shape.

18 (70)- "Tekizai Tekisho! Seigi no Sato no Ameria!" ("The Right Person in the Right Place! Amelia in the Village of Justice!")

Slayers Try - Episode 18

Slayers Try - Episode 18


Airdate: August 1, 1997

Still separated from their comrades, Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune teaches Gourry Gabriev how to be a true ally of justice. But suddenly, their training is interrupted by the appearance of three mighty heroes: The Peace Men.

The Peace Men, a group of octogenarian crime fighters, wish to recruit Gourry and Amelia to help them in their mission to crush evil. They take them to the Village of Justice, location of their secret base, the Institute of Absolute Justice, where two of their compatriots lie, having been struck down by evil demons (i.e., they had caught really bad colds).

Gourry and Amelia must take up the mantle of the fallen champions of justice to aid the Peace Men in their quest to destroy the demons. As the adventure unfolds, it becomes obvious that it is not merely their physical health that the elder Peace Men are losing.

In the forest of the Forbidden Land, the Peace Men are attacked by a group of dwarves that seem too easily defeated. (It turns out that these dwarves are only humoring the Peace Men in their demented worldview).

The Peace Men then do battle with a giant pink dragon named Marylin, much to the annoyance of the farmer that kept her as a pet.

Finally, the adventure comes to a close as the Peace Men catch up with the demons they had been hunting: none other than Lina Inverse, Zelgadiss Graywords, and Filia Ul Copt, who are in need of a stern lecture about keeping off the grass.

19 (71)- "Sansha San'yō! Hikari no Shimesu Saki!" ("Three People, Three Ways! Where the Light Leads!")

Slayers Try - Episode 19

Slayers Try - Episode 19


Airdate: August 8, 1997

Almayce sends out several creatures looking for the last weapon. As the monsters ravage all the towns in their way, Lina and the gang try to stop them, but end up having to deal with Erulogos and then Jillas, who has a new weapon, a bomb that is as powerful as a Dragon Slave.

20 (72)- "Yūsha Kōrin? Shōjo no Inori wa Dare no Tame?" ("A Hero's Advent? To Whom does the Young Girl Pray?")

Slayers Try - Episode 20

Slayers Try - Episode 20


Airdate: August 15, 1997

Lina and the gang goes to an old town that was once populated with a lot of people due to its water and gold source, thinking that the last weapon might be there. Once all the gold (and the water) was gone, people left. Erulogs, one of Almayce's men, shows up and fights them. He end up destroying most of the town, which was sort of a good thing. Underneath the town, water was there hidden there that they were longing for, for many years now.

21 (73)- "Mikai Mitō! Fūjirareta Rekishi!" ("Savage and Unexplored! History Sealed Away!")

Slayers Try - Episode 21

Slayers Try - Episode 21


Airdate: August 22, 1997

Lina and the gang reach a temple, which turns out to be an ancient temple for the graves of the Ancient Dragons, that was slaughter by the Golden Dragons. It is sealed off by several magical barriers that Filia could easily break through. Except for one that was sealed by the Ancient Dragons themselves, holding the final weapon. We learn the back story on why the Golden Dragons killed the Ancient Dragons, they feared their power and that's why all (except Valgaav, who escaped) was killed. While this is happening, Xellos has a plan on his own, he decided to befriend Sirus, in an attempt to bring back Dark Star. Almayce tries to talk to Xellos about this, while Lina and the gang fight of Erulogs, except for Filia who is trying to get the final weapon. To Lina's shock all of the Golden Dragons appear.

22 (74)- "Eisei Eiketsu! Taoreshi Mono e no Sakebi!" ("Eternal Death, Final Farewells! A Cry to the Fallen!")

Slayers Try - Episode 22

Slayers Try - Episode 22


Airdate: August 29, 1997

Erulogs and Sirus goes on a killing spree, killing on what it looks like to be hundred of Golden Dragons. Lina manages to get away to Filia, seeing if she could get the last item. Filia can't so Lina decides to use the Laguna Blade spell to try to break the barrier. It works, and Lina takes a hold of the cross bow, she fires a shot, displaying its power. Almayce demands the weapon, but Lina refuses to give it to him. He declarees an all out war on them, but is killed by Erulogs as they come back to the room. Xellos manages to get away and steals the weapon (by appearing in the back of Lina giving her a "karate chop" on her neck) and runs off with Erulogs and Sirius... what will happen next?

23 (75)- "Mondō Muyō! Kessen no Chi o Mezase!" ("No Time for Arguing! Head for the Showdown!")

Slayers Try - Episode 23

Slayers Try - Episode 23


Airdate: September 5, 1997

Filia tells the Elder that she is renouncing her role as a temple priestess. Lina and the gang head to the center gateway known as the Ray of Light, with hopes to stop Xellos, Sirius, and Erulogos. There, they bump into Jillias. Filia manages to save him from detonating one of his bombs, so Jillias allies with Lina's group. Xellos reveals his true plan, which is to destroy the Dark Star. Will Lina and the gang make it?

24 (76)- "Suisoku Funō! Hirakareshi Kindan no Mon!" ("No way to Guess! The Forbidden Gateway is Opened!")

Slayers Try - Episode 24

Slayers Try - Episode 24


Airdate: September 12, 1997

Sirius and Erulogos decide to join with Lina and the gang to destroy Dark Star, who manages to emerge from the gateway. They manage to close the gate, which means Dark Star's power is about half of its full potential. They fight, but then Dark Star takes off and heads to the Fire Dragon's temple. A voice calls for the Golden Dragons, and the gang realize who it is... it's Valgaav.

25 (77)- "Yami no Hoshi yori Izuru Mono!" ("He Who Emerges from the Dark Star!")

Slayers Try - Episode 25

Slayers Try - Episode 25


Airdate: September 19, 1997

Valgaav reveals both the Dark Lord, Dark Star, and the God, Vophied, wanted to purify the world. In doing so, they would recreate everything, meaning killing everyone and starting over. Lina and the gang tries to fight him, but a Dragon Slave would not work. Valgaav tries to talk to them, but moves onto another location.

26 (78)- "TRY again! Shiroku Kaerishi Toki!" ("TRY Again! When All Returns to White!")

Slayers Try - Episode 26

Slayers Try - Episode 26

(TRY again!白く還りし刻!)

Airdate: September 26, 1997

Filia figures out where Valgaav is going, and transport her last huge power to the Ancient Dragon temple. Erulogs get killed by Valgaav, so Lina decides to do something by combining all of the five weapons (that Dark Star created) and using Filia's Holy Power, and Xellos' Dark power (as well as she casting a spell.) They manage to kill him and save the world again (for the third time) where they all decide to start a new beginning. Gourry decides to give his Sword of Light to Sirius who will take the rest of the weapons back to his world. Filia spots something floating, which turns out to be what is left of Valgaav (a baby Ancient Dragon) and cares for it. In the end, they all part ways, Amelia goes back to Seyruun, Zelgadis goes on his own way, Filia opens a shop with Jillas and cares for the baby, while Lina and Gourry set off to whatever they could become.

Fourth Season: Slayers Revolution

1 (79)- "AMAZING Kyōgaku no Doragu Sureibu!?" ("AMAZING - The Astonishing Dragon Slave!?")

Slayers Revolution - Episode 01

Slayers Revolution - Episode 01

(AMAZING 驚愕のドラグスレイブ!?)

Airdate: July 2, 2008

A boat filled with pirates who are in possession of some stolen treasure charges through the ocean. The pirates celebrate their newfound fortune. The lead pirate tells another pirate to get a barrel of beer so they can "share a drink with," before selling, a woman they have captured.

Suddenly, several Fireballs hit the ship's side, sending the pirates scrambling to find the culprit. Other ships in the pirates' fleet are attacked.

Coming toward the pirates is another ship, this one with Lina Inverse standing on the bow and Gourry Gabriev using a single long oar to paddle quickly toward the pirate ships. When they get closer, Lina shoots a massive Fireball, but the pirates steer away at the last second, and the Fireball lands in the water, which splashes the pirates. They load their cannons and fire back, and the bombs hit the water around Lina and Gourry's ship. Lina retaliates with Flare Arrow, sending several flames shaped like missiles, complete with smoke trails, toward the falling bombs overhead. The bombs explode in mid-air.

Lina tells Gourry to ram the pirates' main ship, splitting it in the center and giving them a convenient entrance to the pirate ship. Lina introduces herself to the pirate leader (in typical exaggerated form), and Gourry follows (after being hit by Lina). The pirates have no idea who they are. They charge to attack Lina but she blows them up with a surprise Bram Gash. Gourry pulls out his sword while Lina rises in the air and then charges.

Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune , with a telescope on her ship nearby, watches Lina beat up the pirates. Zelgadiss Graywords, with his hood up, leans on the railing behind Amelia. Next to him is Wizer Freion, an inspector with the kingdom of Ruvignald. Amelia and Zelgadiss are leading him to Lina after he said he wanted to speak with her as a representative of his country.

Amelia orders her fleet of Saillune ships to head toward Lina and the pirates. Meanwhile, Lina has beat up some of the pirates but is about to go after the leader, who carries a big sword (as do many of the other pirates). Gourry takes down some pirates, but his sword breaks in half, prompting him to quickly forge a new one with molten metal and a hammer.

One of the pirates pulls a fishwoman, Kuppy, out of a back room, and she falls to the ground crying. The lead pirate, who was previously unaware Kuppy was a fishwoman, puts his sword to her body as a threat to Lina and Gourry, but Kuppy shrieks and lists every horrible nickname Lina has obtained over her career. The pirate leader then remembers who Lina is, drops his sword, and begins to panic. Another pirate recalls that Lina Inverse was the one who destroyed the kingdoms of Zoana and Sairaag. The pirates all bow down and surrender. Kuppy continues to cry and calls out for her mother.

Lina grabs a mace and threatens the pirates, but they hold up a white flag. Kuppy points toward the Saillune fleet, which has reached Lina and the pirates. Saillune's ships fire at the pirate ship and circle it. Lina becomes angry because a Saillune ship destroys hers and gets her wet, but she sees the Saillune flag and smiles. She hears Amelia's voice through a megaphone.

Lina and Amelia greet each other from their respective bows, with Zelgadiss standing right behind Amelia. Wizer appears from Amelia's ship and tells Lina that the pirates are escaping in their two lifeboats. After they taunt her for having a flat chest, she chases after them in the air and fires a Dolph Zoke, which sends concentrated waves through the water before exploding the pirates' lifeboats. Lina congratulates herself.

Somewhere, fully armored soldiers from Ruvignald march ahead on their horses. Meanwhile, Lina and Gourry are finishing a large meal at a local restaurant when Amelia and Zelgadiss enter. Zelgadiss is fully hooded and has most of his face covered. They apologize for being late — Amelia couldn't leave her ships in the harbor so she and Zelgadiss had to get their own boat.

Lina complains that Amelia might not have known she and Gourry were on the pirate ship, and that they were almost taken out, too. Amelia leans back and whispers to Zelgadiss to keep it a secret that they did know Lina and Gourry were there. Zelgadiss pulls down his face mask, and they turn their attention to Gourry, who struggles to remember Amelia and Zelgadiss' names.

Amelia introduces her and Zelgadiss to Gourry, which triggers his memory. Wizer enters, and Gourry looks at his friends momentarily before pointing at Wizer and calling him “John” as if he had remembered his name. Wizer's face twitches.

Meanwhile, Kuppy is hanging upside down by her tail, her legs and wrists bound. Two chefs stand next to her with butcher knives, hesitant to kill her.

In the restaurant, Wizer formally introduces himself, showing his Ruvignald badge. Lina introduces herself, and Wizer sits down across from her. Gourry says something stupid, prompting Lina to throw a bone at his face, knocking him backward. Lina asks what Wizer wants, and he laughs and handcuffs her. Amelia, Zelgadiss, and Gourry freak out. Turns out Lina is a wanted criminal. She kicks her friends aside.

Wizer throws a handkerchief over Lina's hands. The solders are outside the restaurant with cannons and arrows armed. From a top floor Lina and friends and Wizer look at the scene below. Lina is surrounded. Zelgadiss warns Wizer that he is underestimating Lina, and she breaks out of her handcuffs and flies at the soldiers, firing a Mega Brand.

Wizer emerges from the rubble, and a soldier stands on a heap to call for reinforcements, and a soldier pulls out a cannon. Lina and friends run away and pass Kuppy, who begins running with them. Bombs are exploding behind them, and they see Wizer on a roof above them. The group continues running, and Wizer follows them on a bicycle.

The group reaches a gate, which bursts open in front of them under the force of a Magic Tank Z-1, which is shaped like a turtle. Because the tank cannot be fought with conventional magic, Lina and friends decide to run away. Wizer yells at them to wait, but of course they keep going. They meet a group of soldiers in an alley and are forced to face the tank.

Lina flings a Fireball at the tank, but it does nothing. Gourry tries to hit it with his sword, but it breaks in half again, so he tries to fix it again. The tank fires at Gourry, but when the smoke clears, Zelgadiss has blocked the shot with his rock skin, but Gourry still gets burnt. Lina and Amelia charge the tank. Lina puts her hand to the ground to cast Dug Haut, causing a huge spike to emerge underneath the tank. Amelia kicks the tank with Visfarank. The tank rockets backward and hits a wall, rolling off it and ricocheting down an alley.

A bunch of soldiers are taken out by the debris. Wizer and Kuppy are essentially knocked out but are alive. Lina is about to cast a Dragon Slave when she hears another voice above her chanting the spell. Lina and friends look around to find the source of the voice, and they see a strange creature at the top of a ruined building casting the spell. This creature throws the Dragon Slave with his ears, and it hits the tank and demolishes the area. In its place lies a crater that begins to fill with ocean water.

Lina is pissed because someone else casted a Dragon Slave before her. Meanwhile, Kuppy and Wizer float on a log, and the creature flies overhead, watching Lina intently.

2 (80)- "BECAUSE Sore wa Rina Inbāsu dakara!" ("BECAUSE - You're Lina Inverse, That's Why!")

Slayers Revolution - Episode 02

Slayers Revolution - Episode 02

(BECAUSE それはリナ=インバースだから!)

Airdate: July 9, 2008

Amelia and Zelgadis explain why they brought Wizer to Lina. Wizer is still intent on arresting Lina, but Lina presses him to provide reasons for suspecting her. Wizer talks about how some mage tanks have been destroyed recently, but the evidence is still circumstantial. Wizer arranges for them to guard a mage tank at a fortress. But the little green creature who casted the Dragon Slave in the last episode causes some more shenanigans. While Amelia and Zelgadis tend to the wounded, Lina and Gourry manage to chase down the creature, who goes by the name of Pokota.

3 (81)- "CHASE Owari Naki Tsuisō" "CHASE - The Endless Pursuit!"

Slayers Revolution - Episode 03

Slayers Revolution - Episode 03

(CHASE 終わりなき追走)

Airdate: July 16, 2008

In the middle of an eating challenge between Gourry and Lina, Wiser arrests Lina for abducting pets of nearby rich nobles. Lina protests as usual, but in addition to proving her innocence, she hears that the nobles are offering a reward for their pets return. Lina and the gang attempt to cross a lake to a mysterious and dangerous island.

4 (82)- "DRIFTER Ou ka Owareru ka" ("DRIFTER - Who's Chasing Whom?!")

Slayers Revolution - Episode 04

Slayers Revolution - Episode 04

(DRIFTER 追うか追われるか)

Airdate: July 23, 2008

Lina tries to hunt down Pokota in the woods and nearly destroys all the woodland creatures. Later she and Gourry go into town. Zelgadis comes up with a plan to capture Pokota by luring him with food, and it actually works! Pokota reveals that he is trying to stop the mage tanks from destroying everything, and suddenly Amelia is sympathetic to his cause and sides with him. They go into town where they encounter one of the magic tanks shaped like a rabbit, but little do they know it's actually a fake tank created by Lina and Gourry.

5 (83)- "ETERNAL Yūkyū ni Nemureshi Mori" ("ETERNAL - The Forever-Sleeping Forest!")

Slayers Revolution - Episode 05

Slayers Revolution - Episode 05

(ETERNAL 悠久に眠れし森)

Airdate: July 30, 2008

Lina and the gang follow Pokota into a forest that suddenly grows misty. They end up encountering Xellos, who is wandering in the woods. The mist reveals a lost city of Tarofshia whose inhabitants were put into suspended animation by Rezo the Red Priest (yes, that Rezo) in order to save them from a disease that was incurable back then. But strange things are amiss as Pokota discovers that someone's invaded the king's mansion.

6 (84)- "FALL ON Kisai! Chinsai? Ano Tama o Oshiagero!" ("FALL ON - Strange Festival! Bizarre Festival? Push That Ball Up!")

Slayers Revolution - Episode 06

Slayers Revolution - Episode 06

(FALL ON 奇祭! 珍祭? あの玉を押しあげろ!)

Airdate: August 6, 2008

Lina and the gang are hired to create a golem and compete in a ball rolling contest with a large amount of food and money (just the right incentive for Lina) as a reward. But her rivals are not pushovers as they include Pokota and a duo sent by Duclis to go after the Sword of Light.

7 (85)- "GORGEOUS Nerawareta Gōka Kyakusen!?" ("GORGEOUS - The Targeted Luxury Liner?")

Slayers Revolution - Episode 07

Slayers Revolution - Episode 07

(GORGEOUS 狙われた豪華客船!?)

Airdate: August 13, 2008

On the way to Ruvinagald, the gang boards a ship and live it up with food and relaxation all thanks to poor Amelia. But instead of dealing with pirates, they get attacked by monsters and flying arrows. Lina and Pokota stage an act where they try to draw out their assassins, but are surprised at the result. Later on the assassin of assassins Zuuma makes his debut and that means big trouble for Lina.

8 (86)- "HURRY UP Tsukkome! Iya, Tsukkomu na?" ("HURRY UP! Run Through! No, Don't?")

Slayers Revolution - Episode 08

Slayers Revolution - Episode 08

(HURRY UP つっこめっ! いや, つっこむな?)

Airdate: August 20, 2008

Lina's party reaches the outskirts of Ruvinagald but Wizer is there to arrest her, and has taken the time to build an elaborate building full of traps and tricks. That should be a cinch for Lina, but thanks to Wizer's alliance with Xellos, the traps are especially devised to exploit Lina's weaknesses, such as her desire to push buttons that are marked "do not push". And when Xellos himself becomes one of the obstacles, Lina's group is in serious trouble.

9 (87)- "INSIDER shinjitsu o shiru mono!" ("INSIDER! The One Who Knows The Truth!")

Slayers Revolution - Episode 09

Slayers Revolution - Episode 09

(INSIDER 真実を知るもの!)

Airdate: August 27, 2008

Lina had surrendered to Wizer, and the group is brought to Marquess Giaconda's place, to be held in the dungeon. Wizer suggests they use Lina to fight the mage tanks to prove their power. Xellos decides that Wizer isn't aligned with his agenda and has him fall into a pit. Meanwhile, Pokota sneaks into the castle but encounters Duclis, and it is revealed they were former friends. Lina's group gets freed by Ozel, but they end up in an underground arena and now have to battle some fierce enemies.

10 (88)- "JUDGEMENT Yomigaeru shirogane!" ("JUDGEMENT - The Silver One Rises Again!")

Slayers Revolution - Episode 10

Slayers Revolution - Episode 10

(JUDGMENT 蘇る白銀!)

Airdate: September 3, 2008

The battle between Duclis and Pokota continues. Elsewhere, Lina, Gourry, Zelgadiss, and Amelia face-off against Gioconda, Zūma, and Ozel, while Xelloss watches from the stands. As Duclis and Pokota battle, they begin to argue about why they have chosen their roles. It seems the kingdom of Taforashia was infected by some kind of disease that was incurable. Rezo the Red Priest appeared and offered to put everyone to sleep in those crystal coffins until a cure was found, including Duclis and Pokota. But to make sure the people are protected, both Duclis' and Pokota's souls were transfered to their current forms. They had sworn to protect Taforashia, but instead Duclis wanted revenge on those he felt let their kingdom be devastated. This is why Duclis and Pokota have been fighting. Wizer suddenly appears and begins to share his suspicions that all the problems are Gioconda's fault. Duclis and Pokota call a truce and head off with Wizer to where Gioconda is. Back to our gang, Gourry is holding his own against Gioconda even though his giant stone sword is very cumbersome and even though Gioconda is making passes at Gourry asking him if he'd like to be her fifth husband. Lina is having a difficult time with Zuuma, and Zelgadis and Amelia are being schooled by Ozel. Zūma continues to be awesome and creates his black shadows again engulfing the arena floor. He then proceeds to attack Amelia and Zelgadiss to aggravate Lina. In desperation, Lina casts the Ragna Blade and tries to hit Zūma with it, but Ozel steps in the way and gets impaled by the blade. It looks like it kills the puppet and she says something about this being "part of her contract" whatever that means. Zūma is impressed by Lina's strategy of fighting dark with dark, but now that she is weakened and Zelgadiss and Amelia are knocked out, he begins to choke Lina. Gourry in desperation throws his giant stone sword which Zūma shatters creating a smaller stone sword. Gioconda says he's done for just like Lina because he has no sword to defend himself. Just then Pocota shows up and gives Gourry the Sword of Light. What happens next is just pure awesomeness. Gourry yells, "light, come forth!" and destroys Gioconda's sword and charges after Zūma, thus saving Lina. He and Zūma begin to battle and Zūma comments that he can't touch him with just the sword of light. Gourry notices the stone sword and begins to duel wield swords. With two swords Gourry is battling Zuuma, but Lina notices that Gourry is fatiguing so she casts Dark Mist at Zūma which distracts him enough to allow Gourry to switch swords thereby cutting off Zūma's claws with the Sword of Light. Lina then finishes the job with a Flare Arrow that blast's off Zūma's right forearm and hand. Then Zūma leaps away forming a dark barrier just as Gourry fires a blast from the Sword of Light that blows off Zūma left forearm and hand. Zūma escapes at which point Gourry complains that they'll have to fight him again. Back to Gioconda, everyone surround her and want some answers, Duclis wants revenge and the truth. Duclis stikes Gioconda with his red blade, which reveals that Gioconda is wearing a perfected Zanaffar armor underneath. So perfect in fact, that Duclis' attack cracked the armor thus releasing the Demon Beast Zanaffar.

11 (89)- "KEEP OUT shinobiyoru majū!" ("KEEP OUT - The Demon Beast Looms!")

Slayers Revolution - Episode 11

Slayers Revolution - Episode 11

(KEEP OUT しのびよる魔獣!)

Airdate: September 10, 2008

Zanaffar has arisen from the ashes, absorbing the bearer of the true Zanaffar armor. He is hungry for power and destroys Gioconda's mansion easily. Lina and the gang try all their standard spells but with no luck. Pokota even tries the sword of light, but it runs out. Lina and the gang retreat and rest up. Wizer reports the next morning that the city of Brokol has been leveled, and Zanaffar is growing stronger. Meanwhile, Duclis makes a deal with Zanaffar. Pokota feels he needs to take sole responsibility, and tries to leave the party, but Lina and the gang decline; they will help him instead.

12 (90)- "LEGACY Kessen Seirūn!" ("LEGACY - Decisive Battle In Seyruun!")

Slayers Revolution - Episode 12

Slayers Revolution - Episode 12

(LEGACY 決戦セイルーン!)

Airdate: September 17, 2008

Lina's group rush to Seyruun where Zanaffar has targeted the gate to the kingdom. Sylphiel is there; she and troops try to defend but are not having much luck. Lina and the gang arrive and get in the way. With the sword of light in Pokota's hand, Duclis has Zanaffar retreat, but they will be back. As Lina and Gourry eat up to re-energize, Pokota asks Prince Phil to help out, but Phil's advisors are uncomfortable with the idea. Phil decides to assist Pokota and Lina's party heads out to confront Duclis and Zanaffar in a neighboring abandoned part of town.

13 (91)- "MISTY furiorosareru yaiba!" ("MISTY - The Blades Are Brought Down!")

Slayers Revolution - Episode 13

Slayers Revolution - Episode 13

(MISTY 振り下ろされる刃!)

Airdate: September 24, 2008

Gourry manages to land a hit with the sword of light, but Zanaffar retreats into the ground. In an effort to create another Zanaffar, the mighty astral demon dragon strikes down Duclis. Pokota rushes to try to help his former comrade. Meanwhile Lina's group reassembles at the gates of Seyruun for one last stand against Zanaffar.

Fifth Season

1 (92)- "NEW COMER? Aratanaru Tabidachi!" ("NEW COMER? A new adventure begins!")

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 01

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 01

(NEW COMER?新たなる旅立ち!)

Airdate: January 12, 2009

Lina and her friends search for the Hellmaster's jar to bring Rezo back so he can help revive the people from the plague. Meanwhile they run into a woman whose soul was forged into armor.

2 (93)- "OH MY HEAD! Atama wa Doko da?" ("OH MY HEAD! Where did it go?")

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 02

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 02

(OH MY HEAD!頭はどこだ?)

Airdate: January 19, 2009

A headless knight and his undead minions are terrorizing a village! With Nama's assistance, Lina might be able to help the citizens with their ghoulish problem and get a step closer to the Hellmaster's Jar.

3 (94)- "PARTNER! Futari wa Isshin Dōtai?" ("PARTNER! They're sharing a body?")

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 03

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 03

(PARTNER! 二人は一心同体?)

Airdate: January 26, 2009

Amelia and Nama get separated from the crew and Amelia ends up stuck inside of Nama. The two then hear about a dragon from a nearby village and decide to take it on.

4 (95)- "QUALITY TIME? Ai aru seikatsu" ("QUALITY TIME? A loving life?")

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 04

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 04


Airdate: February 2, 2009

Kuppi, the fishwoman captured by the pirates, comes to Gourry under the pretext that he is the father of her two children. Madness ensues as Lina fights to get Gourry back.

5 (96)- "RAIDER! Yami kara no koe!" ("RAIDER! A voice from the darkness!")

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 05

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 05

(RAIDER! 闇からの声!)

Airdate: February 9, 2009

Nama finally leads the gang to ruins where the jar that sealed her soul into the armor lies. Unfortunately, as Xellos notes, this is not the right Hellmaster's Jar, and the Hellmaster's Jar lies in Zuuma's possession.

6 (97)- "SEEK! Nerawareru no wa dare da!" ("SEEK! Who is the target?")

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 06

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 06

(SEEK! 狙われるのは誰だ!)

Airdate: February 16, 2009

Upon Zuuma's demand, Lina and company go to Vezendi and find out that a merchant named Radock has the Hellmaster's Jar. As a target of Zuuma, he hires them to be his bodyguards, but they are attacked by two monsters, Gduza and Dugld.

7 (98)- "TOWN SCAPE Hito ni tsukurareta mono yue ni" ("TOWN SCAPE because it's a thing made by people")

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 07

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 07

(TOWN SCAPE 人に作られたモノゆえに)

Airdate: February 23, 2009

In order to find out more information on the Hellmaster's Jar, Lina, Gourry and Pokota follow Ozzel, encountering Zuuma along the way. Meanwhile, Amelia and Zelgadis are attacked by Gduza and Dugld while guarding Radock.

8 (99)- "UNCOVER Abakareru yami!" ("UNCOVER, the darkness unveiled!")

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 08

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 08

(UNCOVER 暴かれる闇!)

Airdate: March 2, 2009

In order to lure Zuuma out, Radock, Abel, and Lina's crew go on a business trip. While they stop, Zuuma, Gduza, Duguld, and an army of monsters attack. Lina and company learn that Radock was Zuuma all along, but he is killed by Xellos.

9 (100)- "VOICE Tsubo no nakami wa nan desu ka?" ("VOICE, what's inside the jar?")

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 09

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 09

(VOICE 壺の中身は何ですか?)

Airdate: March 9, 2009

Having obtained the Hellmaster's Jar, Lina and the party hear Rezo's voice inside. Following random instructions, they go through several tasks before finding Ozzel and the jar stolen by some bandits.

10 (101)- "WISDOM Kaeranu toki o motomete!" ("WISDOM, Wishing for times lost forever!")

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 10

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 10

(Wisdom 帰らぬ時を求めて!)

Airdate: March 16, 2009

Zelgadis steals the Hellmaster's Jar and reveals the true nature of Rezo. Rezo confirms this for Pokota and tells him that in order to save Taforashia, he must inhabit Pokota's body. Meanwhile, Zelgadis learns the truth about chimeras.

11 (102)- "XENO Fukkatsu no daishō" ("XENO, the master of resurrection!")

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 11

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 11

(Xeno 復活の代償)

Airdate: March 23, 2009

Accepting the fact that Rezo must have his body, Pokota steals the Hellmaster's Jar and goes with Ozzel to Taforashia with Lina and the gang in pursuit. Xellos attempts to stop the ceremony, while Ozzel struggles with her own feelings.

12 (103)- "YESTERDAYS MEMORY Torimodoshita hibi" ("YESTERDAYS MEMORY: The regained days")

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 12

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 12


Airdate: March 30, 2009

Having finally been revived, Rezo the Red Priest awakens the people of Taforashia and cures the disease. However, Lina, Gourry and Xellos question Rezo and find out that his soul is still host to a fragment of Shabranigdo, the Dark Lord.

13 (104)- "ZERO HOUR Horobiyuku mono!" ("ZERO HOUR! Those heading to destruction!")

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 13

Slayers Evolution-R - Episode 13

(ZERO HOUR 滅びゆくもの!)

Airdate: April 6, 2009

With the Demon King risen and more powerful than ever, Lina knows her best chance to save the world might also destroy it! Time is running out - will she risk using the Giga Slave to stop Shabranigdo?