1 (103)- "Genki Ippai Tenkōsei!" ("The Super-Peppy Transfer Student!")

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 01

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 01

Airdate: October 3, 2009

Amu Hinamori along with her four Shugo Charas were walking down to school until they see a young girl carrying a hand palm of water to a nearby flower. Amu greets her as the girl turns around, clumsily slips, about to crush the flowers. Amu grabs her in time saving the helpless plant. The girl then thanks Amu for not making her crush the flower and she sees her Shugo Charas in midair. Amu was surprised that she can be able to see them, which means she had a Heart's Egg. The Shugo Charas check upon her and they sense no egg within her. Amu then gives a long speech about Shugo Charas to her new friend while walking to school. During Amu's speech, Amu notices that the girl was not even paying some attention of her words as she plays a butterfly nearby. The girl then introduces herself as Rikka Hiiragi as she is a new transfer student to the same school as Amu.

Later at the Royal Garden, the Guardians were talking about the new student, Rikka. Rima mentions to Yaya that she will be the only Guardian left in the group to become responsible of taking new recruited members and situations. Yaya says that she will be fine about it, which everyone are most worried about that.

Suddenly, Ran alerts the others that something terrible is happening with Rikka. Everyone dashed off to see her on top of a very tall tree trying to get a kitten off from it. As Rikka finally took in the feline in her arms, the branch snaps which she fatefully falls. Amu then Character Change with Ran and jumped off to save her in time. As they landed, Tadase and Nagihiko caught the branch from hitting them as all the other Seiyo Academy students where cheering for Amu and the Guardians saving the day. Rikka was astounded upon their amazing moves.

Sometime later, the Guardians were talking to Rikka that she have to be more careful and always either call an adult or themselves if their is any other trouble. Rikka was asking them about being Guardians. Yaya and Rima explained to her about it, but she did not listen to some of it while looking at the Royal Capes, which causes Rima to become shocked and furious as Nagihiko tries to calm her down. Rikka was asking them that she want to wear a cape too. But Amu explains to her that she will be wearing one someday. The kitten jumps off from Rikka's arms and was reunited with her mother and siblings nearby as Rikka was happy for the little fellow.

Moments later, the Shugo Charas senses an X-Egg nearby as everyone went to separate ways while telling Rikka to return to class, which she did not pay much attention and followed Amu and Tadase. Kiseki then tells Amu and Tadase that the X-Egg is at the Art's Room, which it is and making a lot of mess. Tadase and Amu transforms into Platinum Royale and Amulet Spade then started battling against the X-Egg. During battle, Rikka came into the room and was surprised of what she was seeing. Rikka understood the X-Egg's words as it was saying that people thinks that its drawings were terrible. Amu, Tadase, and the Shugo Charas were shocked that Rikka can be able to understand the X-Egg very clearly. Amu asks Rikka to communicate with the X-Egg again as she did to understand the feelings for it. The X-Egg threw some desks towards Rikka, but Amu defend it off and talks back to the X-Egg of its troubled reasons. Amu then purifies the X-Egg with no further trouble at hand.

As the sunsets, while watching the purified egg returning to where it came from, Rikka decides that someday she wants to be a Guardian just like Amu. She also asks them about the X-Eggs and Tadase explains to her about it. Rikka felt a bit sad about those X-Eggs, which makes Amu ponder.

In the evening, Rikka finally arrived home in her new apartment. As she layed on her bed, dozens of X-Eggs appeared in her room surrounding her. Rikka stood up and tells the wandering X-Eggs that she will become a Guardian while befriending them and nobody will stop her goal. The X-Eggs however were telling her not to do it, but she paid not much attention of what they were telling her.

2 (104)- "Tanjō! Gādian Minarai!?" ("Enter the Guardian Apprentice!?")

(誕生! ガーディアン見習い!?)
Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 02

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 02

Airdate: October 10, 2009

One morning, at Rikka Hiiragi's apartment home, she was awakened from bed by her X-Egg friends jumping ontop of her. She was really worried that if the Guardians would ever find out that she has X-Eggs in her room, she would never become a Guardian. Rikka tried to do the action 'Open Heart' pose that Amu Hinamori did when she purified the X-Eggs, but did not work as the X-Eggs laughed in excitement. Later, as Rikka was walking to school, she notice another X-Egg inside the bushes. She tries to forget that she did not see the little black egg, but could not help herself as she tells the X-Egg to get into her bag and rescues another one again.

Meanwhile, at the Royal Garden, Tsukasa visited the Guardians' place as everyone were surprised to see him. He introduces to them a new first-year transfer student into Seiyo Academy, Hikaru Ichinomiya. Amu was surprised to see him again and Nagahiko was wondering about the Easter Company. Hikaru explained to him and the others about it and he decided that he wants to get to know more of the outside environment from his office. Rima agrees with him that the school will be a good place, while drinking her cup of tea. She also says that the school have made her feel a whole lot better than she once was. Amu smiles upon Rima's encouraged words. Tsukasa then mentions to them about the upcoming new future Guardians in Seiyo Academy as everyone stares towards at Yaya as she will be the only Guardian left while they move on into middle school. Yaya shrugs upon their stares as Kiseki says that it would be a bit worrisome. Tsukasa tells the others that though Hikaru does not have a Guardian Character yet, but someday he will have one in the near future, he suggest making Hikaru a Guardian Apprentice which everyone agrees except for Yaya. The Guardian Characters were all thinking what kind of Guardian Character that Hikaru will have while Suu suggest some sparkly-type character, which Ran and Miki disagrees with her idea.

Outside in the sports field, Nagihiko demonstrates Hikaru the sports of playing basketball. Everyone nearby cheered them both of their best skills as Tadase mentions to the others that Hikaru have done studying of his whole life, but he never experienced playing physical activities. Finally, Hikaru managed to block the ball off from Nagihiko as the game shortly ends. Rhythm tells him that he did a great job as Hikaru was a bit exhausted afterwards. Tadase, Rima, and Yaya tells Amu that they are going to water the garden.

In another area of the school grounds, Rikka was searching in the bushes for the X-Egg that she rescued earlier until she hears a scream nearby. Amu, Nagihiko, and Hikaru also heard the scream then they went to the place of where it was located. They arrived at the sports equipment storeroom and sees two female students running away from flying sports balls. Amu and Nagihiko transformed with Ran and Rhythm into Amulet Heart and Beat Jumper then went inside the storeroom to stop the X-Egg of throwing the bouncing balls. Nagihiko uses Blaze Shooter to halt the X-Egg from doing anymore trouble in public as Amu was wondering why it would be here. Rikka came in time and tells Amu and Nagihiko that the X-Egg is having trouble of becoming a sports starter and want to make all sports balls to be thrown away. Amu tells the X-Egg a solution to its problem then uses her Open Heart skill to purify the egg.

As the Heart's Egg flew away to return to its owner, Hikaru finally caught up with Amu and Nagihiko in exhaustion. They told him that he should have waited for them, but Hikaru says that it is his duty as a Guardian Apprentice. This makes Rikka felt very shocked and surprised as she screams really loud next to Amu. She immediately ask her of what is a Guardian Apprentice as Amu explained to her that it is for future Guardian candidates. Rikka screams again as she begs Amu that she really wants to become a Guardian Apprentice as well. Amu and Nagihiko thought over for a moment until Amu tells her that she is okay to become a Guardian Apprentice too. Rikka felt rejoice of finally becoming one of them.

3 (105)- "Kokoro Kagayake! Uta Pawā!" ("Sparkle my Heart! The Power of Song!")

(ココロ輝け! 歌パワー!)
Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 03

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 03

Airdate: October 17, 2009

Amu takes Rikka and Hikaru to an Utau concert and takes them backstage to let them meet her. Rikka becomes embarrassed and tells her when she hears her songs, she feels re-energized. Amu tells Utau that she wishes Ikuto could've come, but Utau tells her that he is traveling the world to find their father. The concert begins, and Rikka discovers one of the X Eggs have followed her. She tells Amu and Hikaru that she forgot something at home and runs off. It turns out that the X Egg loves Utau's songs. Diamond senses an X Egg nearby, and Amu transforms into Amulet Spade. Rikka tries to calm the X Egg down, but Hikaru tells her that she can't help and to just let Amu handle it. Amu uses Prism Music and tells the X Egg to listen to Utau's song. Amu tells the egg that Utau struggled a lot to get where she is now. The X Egg settles and Amu purifies it. They go back to watch the concert, and Utau says that she'll always keep singing no matter what. When the concert is over, the former Easter employees come to pick Hikaru up. Hikaru tells Rikka that she is fascinating and that he has never had someone like her in his life. He leaves, making Rikka angry, wondering how she is fascinating.

4 (106)- "Hikaru vs Usagi? Hatsu-shigoto wa Taihen!" ("Hikaru vs. Bunny?")

(ひかるvsウサギ? 初仕事は大変!)
Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 04

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 04

Airdate: October 24, 2009

Amu and Tadase arrange for Hikaru to take care of a rabbit. When he tries to feed it, he gets bitten and calls Amu a liar because she said it was tame. Ran, Miki, Su, and Diamond explain to Hikaru that the rabbit is timid and that he needs to gain its trust. He takes the rabbit out for a walk later on, but it runs off and into a patch of flowers; Rikka tries to stop it and nearly falls on them, but Hikaru manages to stop her. The two talk and the rabbit had eaten some flowers that make it ill. Amu's guardians characters suggest some ways to cure the illness, but Rikka yells at them for thinking of ways that can't help it. She lies down and strokes its back, and tells the story of if she was sick, her mom would do the same. The four guardian characters feel bad for Hikaru because his parents had died when he was little. Near the end, Hikaru is seen stroking the rabbit's back as an Easter worker comes to pick him up. He refuses to go home, but Tsukasa explained that he called a vet in to help. Hikaru wonders why people care for such annoying things, and Tsukasa explains that they're a lot of work, but you can't help but fall in love with them. The next day, Rikka, Amu, and Hikaru run towards the pen to see the rabbit healthy and up again, and Hikaru feels warmth in his heart.

5 (107)- "Yaya no Harikiri Gādeningu!!" ("Yaya's Enthusiastic Gardening!")

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 05

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 05

Airdate: October 31, 2009

Yaya is in charge of the guardian apprentices. So,Yaya assigns Rikka and Hikaru work to help her with the school's gardening. She tries to show them how to do the work right. As Amu stared at Yaya through the school's window, Yaya tells Amu to help. She notices that Yaya is working harder than ever in the garden usually she dosen 't like working inthe garden. Pepe starts telling every one the reason that Yaya is working hard. Rikka is so inspired that she tells Yaya that she is going to help her with gardening every day. The next day Rikka comes back to help Yaya with the gardening. Yaya is running late. Hikaru is not showing up either. Rikka is getting impatient and bored. She tries to do the gardening. But, feels that this will take along time to finish by herself. Rikka sees an X-egg. She ask for its help.

Yaya remembered that she is late for gardening as she ran to the gardening, she passes by Amu. Pepe tells Amu that Yaya got detention for sleeping in class and Yaya scolded Pepe for spilling beans.Suddenly, they heard Rikka shouting. Both hurry to the school garden. They see an X-egg attacking the garden. Rikka tries to explain what had happened. Yaya gets mad that the X-egg is destroying the garden she worked on so hard to take of. Amu character transformed with Su and Yaya character Transform with Pepe.

Yaya and Amu sees it destroy the garden. Yaya tries to use her special attack:Go Go little Duckies to destroy it. But, it starts to toy with the special attack by turning the little duckies into cards. This amaze the three girls and shugo charas. Amu asks Rikka what it is saying. Rikka tells them that its trying to become a magician and wanted to try to do a kind of magic that surprise everyone to make them happy by his magic. But, it couldn't surprise no one. The shugo charas figure out the reason for attacking the garden. The X-egg continues toying with the attack.

Rikka tries to encourage the x egg that its trick is really surprising. But, Hikaru (out of no where) comes out and comments in a critical way that the trick is boring and just an ordinary magic trick. Rikka tells that Hikaru to read the situation. Amu tells Rikka that Hikaru is right. The X-egg is doing it all wrong. Amu tells the X-egg messing with someone's flower bed will get it in trouble and cause people trouble. Magic is suppose to bring people happiness not trouble. She ask it that why is it causing trouble. She tells the X-egg to think about people being happy, and surely this will give it an idea to make up new tricks to surprise even Hikaru that commented it was boring and prove him that he is wrong. The X-egg is feeling ashamed of itself for causing troubles just for this problem. Amu uses this opportunity to cleanse it.

After that, Yaya cheers. Rikka remembered about the destroyed flower bed. Rikka feels bad about this. Miki tells Rikka not to worry. Amu will fix it. Yaya smiles at Rikka to reassure her. Amu uses remake honey. The attack somewhat effected Yaya. It turned her back to a spoiled child and acting like a normal baby would. Amu, and Rikka sigh. While, Hikaru just looks at her.

6 (108)- "Tamago no Kaeru Basho!" ("The Place Eggs Return To")

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 06

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 06

Airdate: November 7, 2009

Rikka forgets about her job and spaces out in the Royal Garden, so to get her mind back in the game she’s asked to get Yaya and Hikaru from the flower garden. Amu is a little worried so she has her Guardian Characters go with her, but just as expected Rikka gets distracted on the way. She hears a bird chirping. She runs into a tree with a bird soaring around it. She tries to help the bird. She tries searching the ground. The shugo charas ask her what is she doing? They find a baby bird egg. They see a nest in one of the branches of the tree. Su thinks the egg could fell form the tree.

Rikka grabs the egg and climbs the tree. The shugo charas tell Rikka that is dangerous. Rikka tells them that she have to try. She starts to get tire and falls from the tree. She ask them what is she suppose to do? The shugo chara tells her that to just leave to them. They carry the egg like in episode 27. The mother bird comes back. They leave and while going to the flower garden Rikka starts asking about what happen after Amu uses open heart to cleanse lost x-egg goes back to the heart's egg go back to it's original owner? What happens if it's original owner has already a new egg?

Maybe they'd turn back a heart's egg, but stay lost? She starts feeling bad for them and so does the shugo chara. The shugo charas see a x-egg. As Rikka turns she sees the x-egg , and chases after it by herself. Rikka asked if there's nowhere to return, the egg's going to be wonder around? Then they found x-egg. They said they should inform Amu and others, but Rikka went back to follow x-egg. Rikka was able to calm it down. Amu and Rima comes to the sports field and Amu is amaze how she could calm the wannabe Designer x- egg. Amu was able to character transform with ran so she to do only open heart. Amu was going to instruct her, but she ran away.

Shugo Charas know where she's going. She want's to see if there's owner for the egg. Kusukusu informs Rima and Amu that she is going to find the egg's owner. Meanwhile, the shugo chara guide Rikka to a bridge over a river. They found the owner! At the other side of the river, there is a girl. The egg goes inside of the girl's body. They watch the girl walk away back with her dream. While thanking them, she starts to realize that they are small, but reliabe.

Rikka says that it's weird that the first place that x-eggs and shugo chara born the same way. Su tells her that her egg will be born with the same radiant as her. Rikka ask if they think so. The shugo chara just nodded. Later at home, Rikka starts to wondering that how would it be her own shugo chara be like.Rikka starts to say the same talk that she gave to the shugo chara and what Su said to her. But, this time to the group of x-egg in her house. She tells them that they would some day to become shugo charas. Rikka continues wondering about her own shugo chara.

7 (109)- "Okaeri! Nadeshiko!" ("Welcome Back, Nadeshiko!")

(おかえり! なでしこ!)
Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 07

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 07

Airdate: November 14, 2009

Amu and Rima come across a poster, much to Amu's surprise, announcing an upcoming performance by Nadeshiko just as Nagihiko comes along and is dragged into a predicament. Amu pleaded to him that she wants to see Nadeshiko. The three of them go to the stage where the perfomance is going to be held and Amu asks to see Nadeshiko. Nagihiko worries and quickly changes into Nadeshiko, surprising both girls. The charas meet again and KusuKusu almost spills the beans by saying, "Long time no see, Temari!" After many more wardrobe changes, a Character Change, and Rima's teasing, they all take a walk as Nadeshiko explains that she has missed Amu and always thinks of her. To interrupt this "reunion" a soccer ball is taken over by an X-Egg and Amu and Nadeshiko transform into Amulet Heart and Yamato Maihime. Nadeshiko performs new attacks, "Robe of Feathers" and "Dance of the Cherry Blossoms." She surprises the X-Egg and catches it. Amu uses Open Heart to purify it. In the end, Nadeshiko explains that she found her true dance and performs on stage. Later at school, Rima once again gives Nagihiko a hard time, saying that the only reason he keeps on being Nadeshiko is not to please Amu, but that he enjoys "cross-dressing." The two come to terms as Rima cutely pronounces his name as Na-gi-hi-ko and asks him to do her some favors in exchange for her keeping his secret for him. The first favor was to treat her to a parfait after school.

8 (110)- "Miwaku no Kyara Chenji!" ("The Miraculous Character Change!")

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 08

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 08

Airdate: November 21, 2009

Amu and Tadase are on their way home when Yoru sends Amu a picture of Ikuto sleeping, and causes her to blush. When Tadase asks Amu to join him to the park, she tries to hide her nervousness. Ran then Character Changes with Amu to help her express her honesty, and inefficiently catches Rikka's attention. Rikka learns about Character Changing and views Amu's different personality changes: Su turns Amu into a girly maiden, Miki turns her into an artist. Then, they ask Diamond to Character Change with Amu, because they had never seen it before. Diamond fulfills their request and Character Changes with Amu, thus turning her into a sparkling person and smile, much to their disappointment. Later, Amu runs to the park to meet Tadase. Tadase expresses his feelings to Amu. Ran then Character Changes with Amu to make her express her feelings just as Rikka arrives to watch the occasion, but Amu accidentally destroys a sand castle that two kids had made. Miki then Character Changes with Amu again to remake the sand castle, but her passion to art causes her to make an overwhelmingly big castle. Rikka asks Miki to help her finish an artistic homework of clay by Character Changing with her. Miki then tells her that Guardian Characters can only use Character Change on their bearers, which disappoints Rikka. Just then, Amu, Tadase and their Guardian Characters arrive. Amu volunteers to help Rikka with her homework. And though Rikka felt hopeless at first, Tadase tells her how Amu's desire to do her best makes her special, which encourages Rikka to direct her energy into doing her best. Eventually, Rikka is able to make a catfish out of clay. Rikka accidentally says the word "prince" in front of Tadase, and unwittingly triggers his Character Change. The changed Tadase forces Rikka to give him ´massage, and Rikka finds the scary side of Character Changing, despite she found it fun at first.

9 (111)- "Dōshite!? Rima-senpai!" ("But Why!? Rima-senpai!")

(どうして!? りま先輩!)
Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 09

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 09

Airdate: November 28, 2009

Rikka drags Amu to the flower beds, showing her the new buds that have grown. Rima follows them and says that they need to thin out the flowers, because the buds can't absorb sunlight properly if they're too close together. Rikka disagrees, saying all buds should have a chance to become flowers. Amu tries to reason with Rikka, but she misunderstands and runs off. Later on, she finds an X Egg. She starts to say that the egg isn't needed. The X Egg quickly retreats, Rikka running after it. Amu and Rima discover the X Egg and transform into Amulet Heart and Clown Drop. Rikka explains to them that the egg wants to be a baseball player, but is no good at catching the ball. Amu tells the egg that it won't happen if it doesn't try. Amu purifies the egg. Rikka sees that the buds that Rima pulled out were now set in individual pots. Amu tells her that Rima is actually a very kind person. Rikka understands now that every bud has the potential to grow. Rikka calls Rima super amazing, causing Rima to blush furiously and become modest.

10 (112)- "Eh! Tadase-kun ni Suki na Hito!?" ("Eh! Tadase-kun has a crush on someone!?")

(えっ! 唯世(ただせ)くんに好きな人!?)
Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 10

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 10

Airdate: December 5, 2009

Amu, Ran, Miki, Su, and Diamond overhear Tadase talking to Kukai. He says that there is a girl he that is always on his mind and he can't sleep at night when he thinks over her. He also says that she is really cute. Kukai decides to help Tadase with the girl. Amu is shocked and devastated. Her stubborn character comes out again and at the Royale Garden Kukai stops by and meets Rikka and Hikaru. Hikaru addresses him as the former jack who stops by because he has nothing to do. Kukai defends himself by saying that he gives the Guardian's advice and brings up Tadase's "cute little problem". Amu goes home and consoles herself with food. Amu's Shugo Chara go to Tadase's to investigate and see him, Kukai, and a pretty girl conversing. Kiseki sees them and apologizes that he and Tadase already have a guest before he could finish his line Amu's Shugo Chara yell at him angrily then go home. Amu is in bed and her phone rings. She runs over to pick it up thinking it is Tadase, but it is Ikuto. Ikuto guesses that Amu was dumped by Tadase and hits the mark. Ikuto teases Amu that if he were there he would kiss her and give her a hug to console her. Amu's Shugo Chara tell her about the girl and Amu decided to confront Tadase. An X Egg appears and is upset because it was dumped and never wants to love again. Amu can't talk to it because she feels the same way and agrees with it. Tadase intervenes and says that Even if you are dumped that you should not give up on love because like them you can fall in love with someone else too. Amu purifies the X Egg and Tadase explains that it was a cute female dog and that he had asked Kukai to find a foster home for her. The girl who was there had been the one to take the dog in. Again Tadase says "I love you" to Amu which causes her to blush.

11 (113)- "Kira kira na Takaramono!" ("Sparkling Treasure!")

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 11

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 11

Airdate: December 12, 2009

Hikaru's Grandfather gives him a brand new fountain pen, as a gift for joining Seiyo Elementary School, but he says he doesn't use a fountain pen but keeps it anyway. Rikka loses her special treasure, a necklace that her dad gave her when she entered elementary school, and is desperately retracing her steps in order to find it. Amu and her Guardian Characters all help Rikka out, but Hikaru doesn't understand what all the fuss is about. Hikaru can't comprehend how something as trivial as a gift from someone can be so precious. Amu and her Guardian Characters help Rikka to find it. At the end of the episode Hikaru puts the pen on his pocket, when his grandfather sees it he becomes very happy and Hikaru smiles a little too.

12 (114)- "Hero hero~ Amu-chan, Mama ni Naru?" ("Exhausted~ Amu-chan, Becomes a Mommy?")

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 12

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 12

Airdate: December 19, 2009

It's finally Sunday, but Amu has a ton of homework to do. However, Amu's mom and dad both have things to do so they leave Amu to tend to Ami, along with household chores. Amu says she has no choice but to do it, and does all the chores. Ami asks Amu to play with her, but Amu says she is busy. Ami goes to Amu's room and starts playing "Cameraman" with Amu's Guardian Characters. Amu tells her to play outside instead and Ami does just that. Ami is at the playground playing with water guns and Amu is watching her. Hikaru finds her and asks what she's doing. Amu tells him and he says he is buying a new eraser. Ami comes over and tells Hikaru to play with her, then shoots some water in his face. Amu apologizes for Ami and they have a water gun war. Finally, when it's over, Hikaru leaves and Amu takes Ami home to feed her. She also gives her a bath. Ami's face gets red from staying in the bath too long, but Amu thinks she is ill. She puts Ami in her bed and searches for medicine, panicking. Ami tells her to be quiet because she can't sleep. Amu is relieved and watches Ami sleep. Ami puts her hand over Amu's and calls her mom. Amu falls asleep beside Ami. When their parents find them, they take a picture. The next morning, everyone is downstairs eating breakfast except Amu, who is rushing to get her homework finished.

13 (115)- "Naritai Atashi!" ("My Would-Be Self!")

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 13

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 13

Airdate: December 26, 2009

Amu and the others follow after their Guardian Characters when they sense something strange, and come across a young girl who has lost her heart's egg. The girl is holding a broken stuffed animal in her hand, but they don't know what happened. As they search for the X Egg, Rikka begins to think about who she want to be.

14 (116)- "Shotaimen! Kore ga Kakeru (Batsu) Kyara!?" ("First Time Meeting this X Character!?")

(初対面! これが×(バツ)キャラ!?)
Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 14

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 14

Airdate: January 9, 2010

Rikka continues to think about what kind of person she wants to become, but she can't come up with anything. Amu and the gang try to give her suggestions, but she just gets frustrated. Just then, an X Egg appears. As it's the first X Character she's ever seen, Rikka tries to calm it down, but it begins to attacks her. She then runs around saying "Mukatsuku!" (English:How Annoying!) over and over again. Amu tells the X character that it's tough being angry all the time and purifies it. They run to Rikka's aid and she starts to cry, saying that she felt sorry for the X character. Rikka wipes up her tears, and says that not all people are strong. Back at home, Rikka says she kind of understands how the X Eggs feel now and playfully try to remove their X's.

15 (117)- "Kenka wa Yamete!" ("Stop Fighting!")

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 15

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 15

Airdate: January 16, 2010

Rikka's friend, Kimi tries to read her hand, and asks Hikaru if he want to do it too. But he thinks its unscientific which upsets Kimi. Rikka talks to Hikaru about why did he hurt Kimi, and he asks if Rikka herself understands Kimi's feelings, Rikka gets angry and slaps Hikaru. Amu sees them and try to stop their fighting but Rikka gets mad and thinks that Amu didn't listen to her. Neither of them have many regrets until they are late for the meeting in the Royal Garden. Hikaru comes, Tadase and Nagihiko try their best to convince Hikaru that he should apologize to Rikka. Rima and Amu went to find Rikka but couldnt fine her their appears an X Egg, who wanted to have friends but Rikka says she's not going to tell Amu that. However Amu herself talks to the X Egg and Rikka listens and understand that she should apologize to Hikaru too and tells Amu why the egg put an X on it. At the end Rikka and Hikaru apologize to each other, shake hands and make up. The next morning when Rikka wakes up she sees a Guardian Egg on her bed.

16 (118)- "Susume, Rikka! Gādian no Machi" ("Go, Rikka! Follow the Way of the Guardians")

(進めりっか! ガーディアンへの道)
Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 16

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 16

Airdate: January 23, 2010

Rikka is excited to have her Guardian egg, and she tries to get it to hatch. However, it does not. She goes to school and tells Yaya, Amu and then Nagihiko, which immediately ends when people realize Nagihiko and Amu together. Later, the Hikaru and the girls are picking up trash. Suddenly, two boys start talking about how the Guardians are there only to pick up trash. Rikka gets upset and ask Amu and Yaya what the use of the Guardians was. She doesn't understand and runs off, only to find an X Egg. Amu purifies it with the help of Miki and Dear Baby. The next morning, Amu and Yaya find Rikka picking up more trash. The same two boys are making fun of the Guardians again, and Amu, Yaya, and Rikka defend the group. Rikka gets the wrong impression from the conversation she had with the other girls the day before, and Yaya has a good feeling that Rikka's egg won't hatch any time soon.

17 (119)- "Gurun Gurun! Mawaru Sekai!" ("Turn, Turn! A Spinning World!")

(ぐるんぐるん! まわる世界!)
Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 17

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 17

Airdate: January 30, 2010

As Hikaru is researching the bar, Amu, Nagihiko, and Rikka comes by and helps Hikaru, telling him to just try and that he might have fun. Mainwhile, a X Egg who is from the volleyball team comes by and starts to attack the 4, telling them that it's never able to play in a game since it's not very good. Amu tells it not to give up, but also gave up herself at trying to do a spin on the bar. Amu tries her best to do a spin and succeeded, then purified the X Egg. Hikaru then decides to give spinning on the bar a try. He then realizes it was fun after succeeding.

18 (120)- "Doki Doki no Pikuniku!" ("An Exciting Picnic!")

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 18

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 18

Airdate: February 6, 2010

Amu and Hikaru all head out with Rikka's family together for a picnic, but Hikaru doesn't seem to understand what's so fun about it. But as he spends time with Rikka's parents, Hikaru starts to understand a little about what it's like having a family.

19 (121)- "Utau, Yureru Kokoro" ("Utau's Wavering Heart")

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 19

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 19

Airdate: February 13, 2010

Utau storms out of a recording session for her new song because the director tells her to sing in a more gentle way but she refuses, and as she storms out, Kukai asked Utau to eat ramen with him, she obliged and went to eat ramen with Kukai to cool her head. But when even her favorite ramen shop changes their recipe to a lighter base in response to customer feedback, Utau get mad and ask if this shop is selling their pride, Kukai tells her at times like this she should go talk to one of her female friends and eat something sweet.Kukai teases Utau by saying she had no female friends, she replied she does have.It is none other than Amu. Amu is shocked when Utau appears at her house, but Amu's family is very happy to see Utau. They began embarrassing themselves in front of Utau. The two of them go out to talk. Then, an X egg, which kept saying 'I don't wanna,' appears. Utau get annoyed and says to it "Why dont you try the thing you don't want to; maybe it turn out to be more greater than you ever thought." Amu says that Utau's right. Just then, Utau realizes that her behaviour in the studio was wrong. Amu purifies the X egg and Utau says 'Thank You' to Amu, though she didn't know what Utau meant. Utau goes back to the studio and apologizes to the director and records the new song, Akane iro no Sora.

20 (122)- "Doki! Tamago ni X (batsu) ga Tsuichatta?" ("Shock! My Egg got an X on it?")

(どきっ! たまごに×(バツ)が付いちゃった?)
Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 20

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 20

Airdate: February 20, 2010

Rikka is worried that her Guardian Egg will never hatch until she figures out who she wants to be, so she decides to become the coolest person in the school, Amu! But the Guardians and her friends just think she's acting weird and are worried about her. Rikka gets depressed that she can never be cool like Amu, and suddenly her Guardian Egg turns into an X Egg! How can she ever show her face to Amu again?!

21 (123)- "Hajimemashite, Hotaru to Moushimasu" ("Nice to Meet You, My Name Is Hotaru.")

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 21

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 21

Airdate: February 27, 2010

Rikka rushes to school and informs Amu that her egg has hatched. Hotaru, who is Rikka's guardian character, gets along with everybody. The Guardians tell her that next year she will become a full-fledged Guardian since she now has a Guardian Character. They ask her to perform a speech, but Rikka worries and says that she will screw it up. Hotaru quickly character changes with Rikka, improving her posture and speaking formally. However, when the day comes to read the speech, Rikka hesitates as she sees all the students watching her. She drops the papers, and scatters to pick them up. Amu was going to help, but Tadase stops her. Rikka asks Hotaru why she didn't character change with her and because of this was the reason she messed up. Hotaru says that it's fine to make mistakes, and that Rikka should do just that when she's learning new things. Rikka realizes that it's okay and performs the speech without even character changing.

22 (124)- "Hikaru to Tanoshii Yuuenchi!" ("Hikaru and Fun Amusement Park!")

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 22

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 22

Airdate: March 6, 2010

Amu and Rikka notice that Hikaru never laughs or shows any facial expression, so Amu decides to take Hikaru out to an amusement park to try and make him laugh. When they get there on Sunday, the bars are locked. But with a simple click of his fingers, Hikaru unlocks the gate. He explains that Easter has bought the amusement park and is planning to re-open it soon. They go onto the ferris wheel first, only to realize that Hotaru is unexpectedly suffering acrophobia. She says that she is okay flying at Rikka's height, but any higher than that and she becomes dizzy. They go on a series of rides and finish off with the spinning teacup, when Amu thinks back to her "date" with Ikuto. When they step off the cup, Amu, Rikka and their Charas are all dizzy and can't seem to walk properly. When Hikaru steps off, he collapses straight onto the ground, stunned. Amu and Rikka crowd around him and asks what's wrong. Hikaru then starts to roll around, laughing. Miki thinks that Hikaru hit his head, but Hikaru explains that everything was okay and that he found it unbelievable that he couldn't control his body after spinning so much, before laughing some more. Amu and Rikka are shocked for a second, then realize what's happened. They both then decide to spin some more and collapse in a dizzy heap, laughing. Hikaru and Rikka fall holding hands. Rikka says that Hikaru's smile is really something. Amu looks on and smiles.

23 (125)- "Taihen! Rikka to Batsu Tama ga?" ("Oh No! Rikka and X Eggs?")

(大変! りっかと×たまが?)
Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 23

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 23

Airdate: March 13, 2010

Rikka is getting closer and closer to Hotaru, and starting to ignore the X Eggs. Amu the other Guardians are getting ready for graduation, and Yaya's sad that she won't be the youngest anymore. Hikaru tells her that she can be the leader from behind the scenes, and still have her baby character. Nagihiko makes a comment to Tadase that Hikaru's way of speaking hasn't changed, but the meaning behind it has. Meanwhile, not happy that they're being forgotten, the X Eggs try to help Rikka by bringing her forgotten paints to her, and cleaning up her room. But due to some mistakes they just make the mess worse. Rikka finds the X Eggs who tried to bring her paints to her but almost gets caught by Hikaru, making her go mad at the X Eggs. She takes them home and notices the incredible mess the other X Eggs have made. She goes mad and yells that she never wants to see them again. The eggs are so upset that they create a tornado. Hikaru opens the door to her room and sees the worried expression on Rikka's face. Hotaru yells at him to get Amu and the others. He runs to get Amu and the other Guardians. He trips, but Rikka's desperate facial expression makes him get up and keep running. When he reaches the Guardians, Hikaru begs Amu not to blame Rikka for whatever she sees. Amu promises that she will never lose belief in Rikka or Hikaru. After the X Eggs leave Rikka sees one that stayed behind and smiles, thinking that it chose to forgive her. But then suddenly it breaks. Being Rikka's first time seeing an X Egg break it alarms her. She picks up the pieces of the remaining X Egg and cries.

24 (126)- "Shinjite! Atashi no Pure Heart!" ("Believe! In My Pure Heart!")

(信じて! あたしのピュアハート!)
Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 24

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 24

Airdate: March 20, 2010

Amu and Tadase separate with the rest of the guardians and make their way to Rikka's room, inside, they find her room all messed up and torn. They notice Rikka hunched over crying as she explains that she was hiding X Eggs in her room. She begins explaining about the X Egg 'bursting' and Tadase explains that under too much stress, the egg will break. Rikka starts crying again as Amu gets angry and yells at Rikka, knocking some senses into her. She transforms with Diamond and heads towards the rest of the guardians. Amu uses Twinkle Hold but it failed. Rikka approaches the X Eggs only to have them back away. One egg is close to cracking but Rikka leaps towards the egg, stopping it from breaking. She promises to the other eggs that she would not make them feel lonely anymore. This triggers her transformation with Hotaru into Pure Feeling. Together, Amu and Rikka purify the eggs using Open Heart, and the eggs thank Rikka for the good times they had and that she listened to them, before returning to their owners again. After that, Amu goes home only to find that Ikuto is hiding under the blankets of her bed.

25 (127)- "Dokki Doki no Dokki Doki!!!" ("Heartbeat of Heartbeat!!!")

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 25

Shugo Chara Party! - Episode 25

Airdate: March 27, 2010

When Amu came to her room she saw Ikuto,Ikuto explains to Amu that he is back in town to fill out papers to join an orchestra. Amu's mom comes into Amu's room and Amu finds out that Ikuto was there with her permission. He takes Amu out to the amusement park and they ride on the merry go round. Ikuto says he wants to play the "prince character" and then takes it back saying that it's not his character. Amu falls off the horse and Ikuto catches her. Tadase appears, invited by Ikuto. Ikuto parts from Amu and Tadase again, telling her to grow up already. Seeing how sad Amu appears to be, Tadase kisses Amu on the cheek, saying he will always be there for her which leads to calling him "prince". Afterwords, Rikka is officially declared as the new Queen's chair and everyone discovers that Hikaru's egg has been born. Several days later, pictures are seen that everyone is at the amusement park and Ikuto is playing his violin on the streets of Europe. Tsukasa is watching him perform, and Lulu is sipping tea. The anime series ends with a giant "Thank you~!!" from the cast and characters of Shugo Chara!!