1 (52)- "Meippai no Kirakira!" ("Sparkle With All Your Might!")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 01

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 01

Airdate: October 4, 2008

Kiseki has called another meeting with the Guardians Characters, but no one is paying attention to him. Diamond suddenly hatches, much to the delight of Ran, Miki, and Su. Ran tells everyone of her crazy history with Amu, as does Miki and Su. They begin to fight over whose helped Amu the best, and everyone laughs. Then, they talk about all the Guardians, and then how Diamond hatched. They all begin to feel Amu's radiance in them. Later that day, Amu appears at the Royal Garden and Ran is about to show the hatched Diamond to her, when they see that Diamond has gone back into her egg. Amu questions Ran, and then Su points over to Kiseki. All of the Guardians make fun of Kiseki, causing him to "become a spirit." Diamond momentarily hatches and giggles.

2 (53)- "Butchake Ōisogashi!?" ("Hectic Day to Speak Frankly!?")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 02

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 02

Airdate: October 11, 2008

The episode starts out with the Guardians gathered around eating doughnuts. Then it shows the Easter workers reminiscing about the past when Nikaidou and Yukari were still working for Easter and when Utau was producing the Black Diamonds CD. Amu goes to talk to Tsukasa, and he talks to her about how she changed, and the people who care about her will notice the changes, but she will not.When Amu is going home, it was raining, so she stops under a tree. After saying Ikuto's name aloud, he pops down suddenly from the tree. To Amu's shock, she accidentally slips, leaving Ikuto preventing her from falling and the two talk.Ikuto says that Amu has changed a lot, and it makes her remember what Tsukasa had said. Tadase shows up, gets angry, and fights Ikuto while they both Character Change. Amu decides to do something, and the Humpty Lock somehow increases its powers and changes Amu's Character Transformation as she becomes Amulet Heart. Somehow the Dumpty Key senses the power and responds to it. The rain clears, showing a rainbow. At the end of the episode, Kazuomi is seen talking to Gozen, showing the mysterious new character of the next episode arriving via plane.

3 (54)- "Ē? Atarashii Otomodachi!" ("Eh? A New Friend!")

(えぇ? 新しいお友達!)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 03

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 03

Airdate: October 18, 2008

Amu is walking along when the Guardians meet up with her. Yaya praises Amu for her powered-up Humpty Lock. With her classmates, Amu goes to visit Manami's flower shop. Manami tells Amu that she dreams of being a florist some day. While Amu is leaving, Lulu de Morcerf shows up to see Manami. The next day, Amu brings Manami cookies for thanks when Miki and Su sense a Guardian Egg (Ran doesn't sense it, but plays along). Amu meets Lulu, and she learns that Lulu can see Guardian Characters. Ikuto sees Lulu walking up the Easter building steps and, after she passes him, stares at her with disdain. Later, Lulu meets Manami again and turns her Heart's Egg into a ? Egg using a special ruby necklace. The Guardian Characters sense this, and the Guardians go to Manami, who Character Transforms into Flower Dream. Amu transforms into Amulet Heart. She almost gets squashed by Manami, but gets powered up pom-poms to deflect the attack. After reasoning with Manami, her ? Egg turns into an X Egg, allowing a stronger Open Heart to purify her. At the end, Amu is with the Guardians, wondering if Lulu was connected to Easter and the events.

4 (55)- "Tsubasa ni Uta no Kokoro o Nosete!" ("Put the Heart of the Song on Wings!")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 04

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 04

Airdate: October 25, 2008

At the start, Lulu shows Kazuomi a book containing information about the Wishing Eggs. She then offers to shake Ikuto's hand, but he refuses. Amu is standing outside a store when a girl walks out. The girl's cell phone rings, which Amu notices her ringtone is a song by Utau Hoshina. The two talk, and Amu ends up agreeing to show the girl, Hitomi, Utau in-person. Amu is frustrated, but goes to see Yukari. After being rejected, Amu sees Utau outside the building. The two talk, but then Miki senses the presence of a Wishing Egg. They head off to see Hitomi hypnotized, singing and putting everybody in a trance. After Utau criticizes her, Hitomi Character Transforms to Singing Dream; Amu and Miki then transform into Amulet Spade. Amu's Colorful Canvas is overpowered by Hitomi's power, so Amu tries attacking with a new move: Prism Music, and succeeds in immobilising Hitomi long enough to let Utau Character Transform into Seraphic Charm and Angel Cradles the victims into a gentle slumber and end their trance. Seeing this, Hitomi's egg becomes an X-Egg. Amu finally uses Open Heart to purify the X-Egg and free her. The Embryo shows up, so Lulu tells Ikuto to grab it, but Ikuto had already left earlier on. When Ikuto arrives home, his violin is missing; stolen by Easter.

5 (56)- "Ōzora e! Tobitatsu Kimochi!" ("To the Sky! The Feeling to Take Off!")

(大空へ! 飛び立つキモチ!)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 05

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 05

Airdate: November 1, 2008

Nadeshiko returns, but much to Kukai's surprise, he is actually a boy named Nagihiko. When Amu sees him, she is told that Nagihiko would be the new Jack's Chair. Amu still believes Nagihiko is Nadeshiko's twin even though they are the same. Rima is jealous and suspicious of Nagihiko, especially with his and Amu's friendship. Later, Amu is seeing hanging around Mamoru Mizuno who wishes to visit the town's planetarium. Lulu notices this, so she plans to get to Mamoru after he leaves the planetarium, but Amu sees her. Lulu brushes her off, angering Amu immensely. Mamoru later goes to the Guardians with his Heart's Egg turned into a ? Egg, and he Character Transforms to Space Dream. Amu Character Transforms to Amulet Heart. Thanks to the Humpty Lock; Tadase's, Rima's, Yaya's, and Kukai's transformations power-up. Using his powers, he lifts a lot of things off the ground. He tries to lift a rocket-style play set, but the Guardians hold it down. Amu acquires roller skates, Heart Speeder, to chase after him. Eventually, Mamoru realizes he is in the wrong, changing his ? Egg into an X Egg, which Amu purifies.

6 (57)- "Geki-kawa Kiki-ippatsu!" ("Real Pretty Close Call!")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 06

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 06

Airdate: November 8, 2008

When Amu makes a high school boy, Yugaku Iwagaki, angry, she gets more than she bargained for as he chases the female Guardians all around the school. While being chased, Amu finds a deer figurine. After the chase, the female Guardians return to the Royal Garden, finding Kukai and Tadase in female school uniforms due to Nagihiko (Kukai asked Nagihiko what it was like to wear a skirt and angered him). The figurine Amu found earlier belonged to Yugaku, who is not only a strong karate student, but also has a love for anything cute. Meanwhile, Easter is studying Ikuto's violin and they want to put X Egg energy into it. Lulu comes by to the Iwagaki dojo and takes advantage of his love for cute things, turning his Heart's Egg to a ? Egg. When Amu comes by, Yugaku Character Transforms to Punching Dream and makes a mess of the dojo. Amu and Rima transform to Amulet Spade and Clown Drop, but after being outnumbered, Su switches in, becoming Amulet Clover. Clearing up misunderstandings, Amu performs Open Heart to purify him.

7 (58)- "Panikku in Sumomo-gumi!" ("Panic in Class Plum!")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 07

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 07

Airdate: November 15, 2008

The Guardian Characters go to Ami's class, the Kindergarten Plum class. Everything appears to be going well for them; all of the Guardian Characters are playing with the children. Panic comes when Nana spots a frustrated student, Maa. Lulu is told of this and manipulates the child, turning his Heart's Egg to a ? Egg. Ami tags along with Amu and the Guardians to go home. Amu and the Guardians notice Maa, and Character Transforms into Amulet Heart. After fighting with clay statues, which keep molding over and over again, Miki switches with Ran. Amu tries to convince Maa to stop, but he ignores her. Finally, Amu says that she will get mad, and Maa hears. She tries to purify him, but after a while, Maa finishes his clay model of Kiseki, and is so happy, that his Egg purifies itself, which causes the statue to collapse. Kiseki mourns for the statue after the collapse. The group is glad Maa is okay, and they head home. Maa's mom comes, and Maa insists she buy him origami paper because he is "done with clay." At home, Amu and her Guardian Characters find out that Ami had gotten a "Guardian Character House" for Ran, Miki,and Su to make them happy.

8 (59)- "Hoshina Utau! Atarashii Shuppatsu!" ("Utau Hoshina! New Beginning!")

(ほしな歌唄! 新しい出発!)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 08

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 08

Airdate: November 22, 2008

Ikuto and Yoru are in the planetarium. Yoru asks Ikuto if he's planning on getting his violin back and says that Easter must have taken it. Ikuto says that he does not care what happens to the violin. Tsukasa comes and tells Ikuto that he is pleased that Ikuto came to the planetarium. He then asks Ikuto how long he plans on letting Easter control him and the two talk for a while till Tsukasa makes Ikuto charcter change to touch his cat ears. Ikuto tells Tsukasa that he was taking his love for cats too far and Tsukasa tells him that he's just a big cat and heart. Yoru says that he too wants to play. Meanwhile, Amu and her Guardian Characters are watching Utau sing on television when El shows up. She tells them that Utau needs more people to go to her concert so she can get popular again. Amu shows up, but Utau won't listen to her. Amu decides to try and bring Ikuto there. Utau begs Amu, and Amu finds Ikuto. She begs Ikuto, but he just won't go. Amu finally loses her patience and calls Ikuto a blockhead and says that he is lazy and stubborn. Ikuto asks her if that's the way she should ask someone for a favour and says that if were to ask sweetly then he might listen. Yoru asks what he meant by 'ask sweetly' and Miki suggests that maybe he wants Amu to kiss him and El says that things were getting serious between Amu and Ikuto and says that she should tell Utau and Ran, Miki and Su try to stop her. Ikuto tells Amu that she should'nt get caught up in a moment and Amu stomps away embarrassed and says that she would never ask him for his help again. Ikuto and Yoru then look at the Easter building. Amu is still upset but then she chara changes and says that she could get people excited without Ikuto and starts cheering for Utau. She waits for Ikuto for a while and then goes to tell Utau that he was'nt coming. Utau looks upset and then she asks Amu why she was so disappointed. Then Yukari interuppts them telling Amu what good girl she is to cheer Utau. Yukari then entrusts Amu to send out fliers. Meanwhile, Ikuto tries to get his violin back, but ends up getting caught and hurt. Amu has no luck sending out the fliers, until Tadase, Rima, and Yaya appear. Turns out, El had gone to look for them. Amu and El Character Transform into Amulet Angel and uses Angel Wink to attract some boys to the fliers. Tadase, Rima, and Yaya also Character Transform to help attract more people. Eventually, they get a lot of people to come. Utau sings "Heartful Song", and is still sad that Ikuto couldn't come until she sees Ikuto. She smiles and continues to sing. Amu spots Ikuto and tries to catch up with him, but he leaves before she could thank him. She is happy that he came.Yoru tells Ikuto that he should'nt have pushed himself but Utau looked happy. Ikuto, smiles that he was able to hear Utau. He and Yoru see stars at the end of the episode.

9 (60)- "Rakkī Dē wa Kokuhaku Biyori?" ("When You Confess, it's Your Lucky Day?")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 09

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 09

Airdate: November 29, 2008

Amu and her family are sitting around the television eating breakfast. A prediction is made that Amu will find love, to which each family member reacts differently. In class, a girl is using Zodiac signs, Tarot cards, etc., to predict what may happen to classmates. Amu wants to know, but in order to keep her exterior, she asks Rima to go. However, Rima says she'll only go if Amu goes first. Later on, Lulu asks the girl, Koyomi, to predict her fortune. Disappointed, Lulu makes her unhappy. The next day, Koyomi is shown with distress, but she predicts a classmate's fortune. The classmate goes to confess her love for Tadase, while Amu and Koyomi watch. The classmate is rejected, and this sends Koyomi into rage, running off. While running, Koyomi runs into Lulu, who changes her Heart's Egg into a ? Egg, making Koyomi Character Transform to Fortune Dream. While running after her, Amu's Guardian Characters sense this, and Amu Character Transforms to Amulet Clover. Seeing Koyomi causing misfortune towards the townsfolk, Amu uses with Honey Bubbles to clear their delusion and stop Fortune Dream's attack. Amu then purifies Koyomi with Open Heart.

10 (61)- "Todoke! Kiran no Omoi!" ("Notice Kiran's Feelings!")

(届け! キランの思い!)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 10

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 10

Airdate: December 6, 2008

Amu finds a Heart's Egg on her way to school and brings it to the Royal Garden where their Guardian Characters can watch over it while they go to class. The Guardian Characters attempt to make the egg hatch by performing and calling, but nothing happens. However, Dia's spirit comes out while everyone is asleep and helps the egg hatch. When it does, it hatches into a sparkling Guardian Character named Kiran. Turns out, her egg was dropped from the truck when her owner moved to a new house this morning. She tries to find her owner Hinako, but gets easily distracted by people in need. During sundown, she begins to fade away because her owner is beginning to lose faith in her. The Guardian Characters, including El, Il, and Yoru, do everything in their powers to help Kiran find her owner. Somehow, Hinako hears their calling and that saves Kiran from fading away. As Kiran and Hinako reunite, they see a little girl fall and help her up and then play together. The Guardians find their Guardian Characters after they got a message from Utau that told them to look for her Guardian Characters and decide to join in.

11 (62)- "Rima vs. Nagihiko! Futari wa Raibaru?" ("Rima vs. Nagihiko! Are the Two Rivals?")

(りまvsなぎひこ! ふたりはライバル?)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 11

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 11

Airdate: December 13, 2008

The episode started when the group in Easter collects X-Eggs. The X-Eggs' energy will be used for Ikuto's violin. The day is also the Guardians' do day. They cleaned up the library in the Royal Garden. Yaya was making a fuss in the cleaning such as tripping on a bucket and sitting on Nagihiko's back and bumping Amu who is holding the books, causing Rima to laugh. Meanwhile, the Guardian Characters are also doing their cleanup with Su as the boss. Kiseki doesn't like to clean up so Pepe-chan grabbed and polished his crown. Rima realized that Amu is spending less and less time with her and more time for Nagihiko so she feels sad and lonely, affecting Kusukusu. Amu and Nagihiko then try to make Rima happy again so they went out to a shopping mall. Amu tries to be funny and she did the funny face Kusukusu taught her many times but to no avail. After a while, the Guardian Characters made traps for Amu but Rima still is not happy. While Amu is pulling off a clown body trap, Rima and Nagihiko had a talk and declared rivalry to each other, which made the situation worse. Then the Easter group came and one member was struggling to walk with a heavy backpack so he fell, causing the X-Eggs to fly away. Ran, Miki and Su sense the X-eggs. Amu and Rima Character Transform then Rima didn't follow Nagihiko's instruction so she was attacked. The episode ends with, still, the rivalry of Rima and Nagihiko over Amu.

12 (63)- "Ruru no Kanpeki Kurisumasu!" ("Lulu's Flawless Christmas!")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 12

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 12

Airdate: December 20, 2008

Amu and her family are invited over to a friend's house for Christmas, but little did Amu know that it was going to be at Lulu's place. While inside, Amu noticed that Lulu was a good host. When seeing Lulu trying to assemble a Christmas Tree all by herself, Amu went outside to help. At first, Lulu refused help, but eventually, they both were in-sync. When they got back inside, Lulu saw her parents dressed in Christmas costumes. Being embarrassed, Lulu ran outside to get away. While wandering through the city, she saw a man dressed as Santa Claus being treated rudely by the crowd. Seeing the opportunity, she turned his egg into a Mystery Egg. This backfired, however, as the man chased after her, eventually Character Transforming into Santa Dream. He confiscated everyone's presents including Lulu's gift, a necklace for her mother. The Guardian Characters sensed this, and Amu transformed into Amulet Heart after catching up with the man. At first, Amu wasn't sure how to defeat him, but Miki told Amu to fill his gift sack with pom-poms, she used Open Heart and purified the Mystery Egg. The episode ends Lulu and her family enjoyed themselves happily.

13 (64)- "Shinshun! Kyara Nari Hatsu Warai!?" ("The New Year! First Laughter in Character Transformation!?")

(新春! キャラなり初笑い!?)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 13

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 13

Airdate: December 27, 2008

This is the Guardians' first visit to this year's New Year Festival. Two festival performers, Kiko and Rin, are practicing for the festival's show. The Guardians decide to help them, with Rima coaching. Lulu joins in and impresses everyone with her skills. An Easter worker calls Lulu away from the festival and informs her that Ikuto has stolen his violin away from Easter. Lulu later finds Ikuto, with his violin over his shoulder, struggling to walk from the previous escape. Ikuto convinces her not to tell that she saw him and she lets him leave. The Guardians are waiting for the show to start, and are wondering where Kiko and Rin are. Lulu finds Kiko and Rin, who have lost their self-confidence. Lulu turns their Heart's Eggs into ? Eggs, causing them to Character Transform to Happy Dream 1 and 2. She stands behind a tree while all of the Guardians Character Transform, except for Nagihiko, who stands nearby. After the Guardians blocked the performers' attacks, Amu changes the ? Eggs into X Eggs, and then purifies them. After that, everyone, except for Lulu who had left, finishes watching the show. Amu returns home and gets ready to go to bed. When she goes to bed, she is surprised to see Ikuto asleep beside her.

14 (65)- "Yuki no Hi wa Naisho ga Ippai?" ("Snow Days are Full of Secrets?")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 14

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 14

Airdate: January 10, 2009

Yoru tells Amu the reason why Ikuto is sleeping in her room. During breakfast, Amu's parents asked her to take her little sister out. Reluctantly, Amu complies. She goes to play with Ami, but Tadase and the others meet up with her. Irritated, she thinks of ways to get home to make sure Ikuto is okay. All her methods end up failing, and she ends up playing for a long time. Meanwhile, her mother goes to clean her room, and Yoru has to hide Ikuto somewhere. When Amu goes back to her room, she doesn't see Ikuto or Yoru. Relieved, she goes to the closet, only to have Ikuto fall out of it, onto her. After Ikuto wakes up, Amu shows gladness that Ikuto was showing signs of being stronger than earlier, when he was weak. She gives him some food that she bought on her way back. Ikuto gets Amu to admit that she watched him sleep, which bothered Amu immensely. Amu's mother then calls her down to dinner, with Ikuto left deciding whether to stay at Amu's place or camp elsewhere.

15 (66)- "Osawagase! Neko Mimi Shōjo!?" ("Uproar! A Cat-Eared Girl!?")

(お騒がせ! 猫耳少女!?)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 15

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 15

Airdate: January 17, 2009

As the Guardians are leaving their meeting, Amu hears about a cat-eared person showing up, only to find out that it's a girl named Chiyoko Nakayama, or, as the girl stated, "Choco" as a nickname. As an anime fan, she states that she feels useless normally dressed. Lulu notices this and keeps a close eye on her. Meanwhile at Amu's house, Amu is unable to sleep due to having Ikuto in the same bed as her. The next day, Choco sees a man painting graffiti and tries to stop him while dressed up in her cat outfit, but it turns out the guy was actually drawing a mural. After Choco ran off, Lulu met up with her and turned her Heart's Egg into a ? Egg. Choco Character Transforms to Pretty Transforming Heroine Magical Choco-tan Dream, and the Guardians respond by transforming as well. Choco's giant dinosaur attack is warded off by Holy Crown, Yaya's duckies, and Juggling Party, but they are stopped by Choco's Cat's Ear Supersonic Wave, Pretty Transforming Heroine Magical Choco-tan Special. Choco's Magical Choco-tan Dream Special is matched in power by Amu's Spiral Heart Special, and after some reasoning, Choco's ? Egg turns into an X Egg, which is purified by Open Heart. Meanwhile, Ikuto has left Amu's room.

16 (67)- "UFO Shōjo Arawaru!" ("A UFO Girl Appears!")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 16

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 16

Airdate: January 24, 2009

Being troubled by Ikuto leaving suddenly, Amu dreams about Ikuto still being there. At the meeting with the Guardians, they notice Amu spacing out. Amu explains that it was just a "stray cat." Later, Lulu and Nana are looking for somebody who is down so they could turn the person's Heart's Egg into a ? Egg. Nana, using the idea of UFOs on the television she saw earlier with Lulu, decided to make a crop circle. As a result, they meet a girl named Nayuta Kusanagi. At first, Nayuta is highly enthusiastic about UFOs, but after she learns the crop circle was a prank, her self-esteem lowers to the point where Nana could detect it. Lulu saw Nayuta as a friend, but after Nana reminded Lulu of the mission of finding the Embryo for her mom, Lulu changes her Heart's Egg to a ? Egg. Amu finds Nayuta in a circle with other people chanting for UFOs to come down. After Nayuta Character Transforms to UFO Dream, Amu transforms to Amulet Heart. With Heart Speeder, she chases after Nayuta. After that doesn't work, Amu Character Transforms to Amulet Spade and uses Prism Music to purify the people under the ? Egg's control. Nayuta's ? Egg turns into an X Egg, and Amu purifies the X Egg with Open Heart.

17 (68)- "Sayōnara, Yamabuki Saaya..." ("Fare Thee Well, Yamabuki Saaya...")

(さようなら, 山吹沙綾...)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 17

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 17

Airdate: January 31, 2009

Amu becomes the #1 popular girl at school. Saaya Yamabuki has to transfer to another school, because her father's company is going overseas. She then throws a farewell party. At the party, she surprises Amu and challenges her to three duels to settle who's the most popular before she leaves. Amu wins two and partially the last one. The next day, Amu invites Saaya to the Royal Garden. There, she flirts around Tadase, who tells her he likes girls with spunk. Yaya teases him, causing Amu and Tadase to blush and Saaya to become upset. She runs off, and Lulu finds her. Although Saaya proves to be stubborn, Lulu changed her Heart's Egg to a ? Egg. Saaya transforms into Hinamori Dream. Amu, dumbfounded, transforms into Amulet Heart, with Saaya transforming to Gorgeous Heart. She tries a Spiral Heart Special, but Saaya uses Gorgeous Heart Special, matching in strength. Amu changes to Amulet Spade, and Saaya to Gorgeous Spade. Amu tries using Prism Music, but fails to Saaya's Break Music. Amu changes to Amulet Clover, and Saaya to Gorgeous Clover. Saaya ruined some trees earlier, so Amu fixes them with Remake Honey, but Saaya uses Break Honey. Amu then tells Saaya she is perfect the way she is. Saaya's ? Egg transforms to an X Egg, which Amu purifies, and Saaya is back to normal. Saaya stays in Japan, while her parents left.

18 (69)- "Hatsukoi? Rabu Atakku!" ("First Love? Love Attack!")

(初恋? ラブアタック!)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 18

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 18

Airdate: February 7, 2009

Today is Rima's birthday. As she is walking to school, a boy with a crush on her catches her eye. The rest of the Guardians are throwing a surprise party for her. While in the school, Rima takes out a love letter she received two weeks earlier from the same boy, Fuyuki Kirishima. Amu agrees to help Fuyuki get a chance to talk to Rima. With some unexpected help from El (who went to do errands, but didn't come back to Utau), they formulate a plan. Nana senses the confesser's nervousness and Lulu turns his Heart's Egg into a ? Egg. The plan goes awry, and he Character Transforms to First Love Dream. Amu and Su transform to Amulet Clover; the rest following suit. Due to flustering, his attacks are uncontrollable. A stray heart aims for Rima, but Nagihiko jumps and takes it, almost confessing he's Nadeshiko to the rest of them. Tadase gets hit and he nearly confesses, but is stopped by Kiseki. Amu uses Remake Honey to clear everyone's delusion, tells Fuyuki to keep trying, and uses Open Heart to purify him. He confesses, Rima rejects the confession kindly, saying she can't see herself going out with someone yet, and the party goes by without a hitch.

19 (70)- "Choko nanka Daikkirai!?" ("I Hate These Stupid Chocolates!?")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 19

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 19

Airdate: February 14, 2009

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Amu wants to make chocolate for Tadase. Involuntarily going to a cooking class (ran by Lulu's father), she meets Yukina Kogure, a patissier who's entering a contest. Amu compliments Yukina's goods, and Yukina says she is giving them to Daisuke, a boy who hates chocolate. Last year didn't go well, so she tries again, only to back out, making her a target for Lulu. Many others are celebrating Valentine's Day today. Yukina is not present at the contest. By the time Amu gets to Yukina, she has Character Transformed to Chocolate Dream and is wreaking havoc, blowing Amu's chocolate away. Character Transforming to Amulet Clover, Amu takes a wave of chocolate with whisk and bowl and makes some of her own, curing everyone of hypnosis. Reasoning with Yukina, she uses Open Heart to get her back to normal. Yukina wins the contest and finally wows Daisuke (who actually liked chocolate, but was too embarrassed to show it) with her chocolates, and Amu's chocolates have made its way to Yoru and Ikuto.

20 (71)- "Kewashiki Makoto no Michi! Kairi Futatabi!" ("The Arduous Path of Truth! Kairi Returns!")

(険しき誠の道! 海里再び!)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 20

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 20

Airdate: February 21, 2009

The students are taking a trip to a summit for two days. Amu at first doesn't want to go, but thinks about the things she'll be able to do with Tadase and changes her mind. It turns out one of the Chairmen is Kairi. Tadase, Amu, and Kairi sit in silence. The Guardian Characters break the tension. After that, they decide to go to the lake the next day. While Kairi gets water, he overhears some girls saying that Tadase and Amu are a cute couple. Later, Amu overhears Kairi saying he doesn't want to see Amu anymore, because of what he lacks. Amu gets angered by this, and asks why he can't stay the way he is. At the lake, a little boy, Saito, ends up getting lost. Kairi, who recovered and took Amu's advice, starts searching for him, while Amu and Tadase already were. Amu finds Saito later. A storm comes, and a tree falls over, resulting in a log targeting Amu, Tadase, and Saito. Kairi then Character Changes in time. Tadase and Kairi transform into Platinum Royale and Samurai Soul to stop the logs. The summit ends with everyone safe. Kairi apologizes to Amu, and Amu starts blushing again. Kairi tells Tadase that even though he's far away, he shouldn't let his guard down.

21 (72)- "Gekishin! Obaasama Tōjō!!" ("All Shook Up! The Grandmother Appears!!")

(激震! おばあさま登場!!)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 21

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 21

Airdate: February 28, 2009

Lulu's grandma appears, and Lulu's mom and dad must show her that they are high class enough to stay in Japan. Meanwhile, when Lulu's grandma meets Amu, she tells her to dress nicely by tucking in her shirt. Amu leads Lulu's grandma to Lulu's house and Amu joins them for lunch. Lulu's grandma asks Lulu what her dream is. Lulu replies she does not know yet, but her grandma says she recalls Lulu saying that she always wanted to become an artist when she grows up. Lulu laughs and says that was when she was a kid, and now it is embarrassing. Meanwhile, Ikuto is in the garden in the amusement park, sitting down on the grass. Easter has made a device that causes Ikuto's violin to hurt him using X Egg energy, and they set it on high for a test. Ikuto feels some pain but it goes away later because the device had lost connection. Ikuto stays there with Yoru, and Yoru tries to help him. Lulu goes to find a lost soul and finds a girl who can't choose which type of food she likes. Her Heart's Egg is turned into a ? Egg and she Character Transforms to Temple Festival Dream and makes everyone eat "taiyakisoba," a term Amu's Guardian Characters coin. Amu first says that the girl's dream is pretty weird, but apologizes later. Amu transforms with Ran and says to just follow your own dream and performs Open Heart. Amu's words went to Lulu's heart and she is speechless. Lulu's grandma is leaving to Paris, and Lulu and Amu say goodbye to her. Lulu's grandma asks Lulu what her dream is again. Lulu says her dream is to make her mom high class. Lulu's grandma chuckles and asks Lulu what her dream is. Lulu is speechless again and her grandma leaves. It ends with Lulu lying on her bed, thinking about what her dream is. Lulu's grandma thinks that Amu can change Lulu to being a little more outgoing and fun, so Lulu's grandma accepts Amu as Lulu's friend.

22 (73)- "Maruhi! Nakanaori no Reshipi?" ("Classified! Make-up Recipe?")

((秘)! 仲直りのレシピ?)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 22

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 22

Airdate: March 7, 2009

The episode starts with all the Guardians at a cafe, and Miki is observing some cake, which Ran steals and eats. Both get in a fight, and Su tells them to stop fighting. Ran calls her cheeky, they all get angry at each other, and Su flies off. Su then finds Mimori, a girl that loves cooking but isn't good at it so instead, she says she wants to be a critic. Mimori thinks Su is a cooking fairy and asks her for help. Back at the Royal Garden, the rest of the Guardian Characters are trying to help Ran and Miki become friends again. While they are having a meeting, Dia appears and tells Ran and Miki to make up quickly. Then, she returns to her egg and flies away, with Ran and Miki following her. After a while, Ran and Miki lose track of where Dia is and begin fighting again. However, they see Nagihiko talking with Dia, expressing his enviness towards Amu and wondering when his two eggs will hatch. Later, Lulu finds Mimori, and turns her Heart's Egg to a Mystery Egg, making her Character Transform into Delicious Dream. Amu tries to Character Transform to stop her, but can't because her Guardian Character's hearts are not aligned. Mimori captures Su, then Ran and Miki work together to save her. All three make up, Amu Character Transforms into Amulet Heart, then Amulet Spade, and then Amulet Clover to stop Mimori. The episode ends with Yoru finding Amu and begging her to help him, because Ikuto is in trouble and Amu running with Ran, Miki, Su, and Yoru following her.

23 (74)- "Dokki Doki no Howaito Dē!" ("An Exciting White Day!")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 23

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 23

Airdate: March 14, 2009

Amu Hinamori woke up one morning and notice Ikuto Tsukiyomi sleeping next to her in bed. She wishes him good morning and then feels uncomfortable thinking about what went wrong of herself lately. Amu tells Ikuto to sleep on the floor, but he replies that he is ill. He also told her that she was the one who dragged him back into her house. A flashback occur from the recent episode, showing Amu and her three Shugo Charas following Yoru, Ikuto's Shugo Chara, where he told Amu that Ikuto was in trouble. Amu carried Ikuto back to her house and told him that he will feel a lot better back at her place or so she had thought. Amu and the three Shugo Charas think that they had picked up a stray as Ikuto and Yoru were stretching their arms.

Sometime later, Amu and her family had began to eat their breakfast. Ami Hinamori notices that she was eating green peppers and she does not like it very much. Her mother told Ami that she need to eat them or she would not grow up big and strong as a fine lady. Her father thinks that she wanted her to stay as she was, causing the mother to feel a bit upset at him. Amu finishes her breakfast and secretly scamper around the kitchen. The mother asked Amu of what she was doing and she replied that the breakfast she ate did not make her full enough. She rushes back into her room with a piece of banana and a bag of dried sardines in her arms.

When Amu got back, Yoru smelled the dried sardines and snatched it away from her. Amu notices Ikuto sleeping on the floor with one of her big pillows. She asked Ikuto to eat the banana that she had brought, but he did not move. Ran wonders if he had never eaten a banana before while Su tries to explain it to Ikuto. Yoru told them that he can eat a banana as he chews down the sardines in his mouth. Ikuto slowly gets up and ate the banana. Amu wonders if he is still okay. Ikuto laid back down and replied that he is indeed okay. But insulted her that he does not want to be as fat as her, making Amu really mad.

Meanwhile, at Tadase Hotori's house, Tadase was making a special gift bag as his Shugo Chara, Kiseki, was telling him that there are plenty of leftover chocolate from Valentine's Day while eating a big chunk of chocolate in his mouth. In Amu's house, Amu is having some difficulty studying as Ikuto is laying on her bed reading one of her Mangas. Yaya Yuiki called her in her cellphone as Amu answered it accidentally yelling at her. Yaya asked what was wrong and Amu replied that there was some stuff going on lately. She also asked Amu if she wanted to come to the sale today as there wer bargains, but she denied Yaya's offer as she have other things that she needs to do. Yaya tries to peek through her cellphone, but Amu hung up on her.Amu looks at Ikuto again and he asks 'what' and she angrily replied that it was nothing.

In another place, Tadase is walking down a path as Nagihiko Fujisaki notices him and asking him where he was going. He also notice that Tadase is carrying a gift bag. Nagihiko wonders if that bag is for White Day and the place where he was going leads to Amu Hinamori's house. Before he even finishes his sentence, Tadase told him not to say it and dashes off towards the Hinamori residence. Nagihiko smiles with a flower holding in his right hand thinking that Tadase had finally made his decision.

In Amu's room, Amu still continues of her assignment but still being distracted by Ikuto's nuissance behavior on her bed. She is about scold him when suddenly Ami enters the room by surprise as Amu instantly covers Ikuto with her blanket. Ami glares for a moment and sees Yoru and says that she found him calling him 'Super Kitty Character'. She hugs him tightly as Amu and the other Shugo Charas fall to the ground. Amu asked Ami why she was here, when her father from downstairs yelled "Amu, did you invited a boy in the house?" causing her to feel shocked thinking that she had been found out.

Amu went downstairs and to her surprise,it was Tadase. The father was shocked to see that her daughter actually have a boyfriend while the mother said to him that it was okay for her in her current age to have one. Amu asked Tadase why he came to her house. He was about to reply, but her mother told them that they can chat in Amu's room with some tea. Amu told Tadase she had to go back to her room to clean some certain things and ran up her room at top speed. As she arrived back to her room, she instantly tossed Ikuto and Yoru into the air and closed the door and closed her closet, giving Ikuto and Yoru a serious facial expression and said ,"Not a peek!"

Tadase told Amu that her room is nice. Amu is starting to feel nervous over him. Back downstairs, Ami asked her mother why her father was running around outside the house. She replies that he is still upset over Amu having a boy in her room. In Amu's room, Amu is staring at Tadase with aweness, but was shortly interrupted by Yoru's cat sound. Tadase wonders who is making that sound. Amu replies that it was Ran making that sound, giving her some appreciation and Ran tried to make some cat sounds to accomodate Amu while Yoru laughs in joy. Amu was not really happy about it and reminds herself to get back at them later. She asked again towards him why the sudden visit. Tadase gave Amu a small bag of small cookies. Amu realized that today is March 14, the holiday of White Day. She reminded him that since Valentine's Day, she had lost the chocolate that she made for him. Tadase gave her comments that he was glad that she told him about the chocolate. Ran, Miki, and Su were happy for Amu even though she lost the chocolate with the marking K on it. Ikuto realized that the chocolate he had ate was hers. Tadase also explains further the reason of the sudden visit. After the long conversation and many flashbacks, Tadase finally made his confession to her that he actually loves her. Amu was little surprised and happy for him that he had confess.

Later that night, Amu thought over Tadase's confession but Ikuto intervened saying the same words from what Tadase had said to her earlier. Amu was shocked that he was eavesdropping. She also remind him to get off from her bed and to sleep on the floor. He replies that it is cold on the floor, but Amu does not care about it. He then drags onto Amu's bed and hugs her. He told her that she is like a hot water bottle to keep him warm. Amu got mad and forcingly tossed him to the floor. Yoru asked him if he was alright. She immediately goes to bed and ask Ran to turn off the light. Everyone is now asleep except for Amu as she had a rough day. In moments, she fell fast asleep.

During the night, she woke up realizing that Ikuto is sleeping next to her. She became angry again and repeatedly told him to sleep on the floor, but he does not want to go back there. Both of them grudgingly fights over the bed until Amu won in victory as she tossed him back to the floor. Amu asked Ikuto why the violin was important to him. He replied that it was a memento from his parents, though he cannot remember what they had looked like. He also explains more about the reason why he works for Easter. Amu thought about his situation then asked another question about the Dumpty Key. Ikuto changed the subject and never reveal about it. Amu thinks that he is in a rebel phase, always treating her as a kid including that he is a kid as well. Ikuto stood then laid next to Amu on the side of the bed. He thought about Tadase's confession to her. Amu asked why he brought it up. She asked him if he love someone too. Ikuto answered that he does love someone and confesses that it is her. Amu was shocked a bit but then she taps his head,saying that she hates people who lie. Ikuto then says that she does not believe him and Amu says that it is because he is always teasing her and Ikuto says " he might be the one who cried wolf" as there was a short moment of silence between the two. He was about to ask Amu something, but changes his mind. Ikuto then tells her to grow up making her not understand what he meant about that. Both of them fell to sleep afterward as the scene shows Tadase's cookies on Amu's desk glittering in the moonlight along with Amu, Tadase, and Ikuto's faces showing.

24 (75)- "Bareta!? Utau ga Uchi ni Yattekita!" ("The Jig is Up!? Utau Pays a Visit!")

(バレた!? 歌唄が家にやってきた!)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 24

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 24

Airdate: March 21, 2009

The episode starts with Amu sitting at her desk while reading a magazine. As she reads, she notices a picture of Utau there. She thinks about her, and finds out that she hasn't seen her since the concert.

Ikuto is sitting with his back against the bed while eating some snacks. To Amu’s question whether he has seen her lately, he replies with a simple no. This makes Amu wonder and, when she asks why, Yoru starts saying that it's for Utau's own sake, but he is cut off by Ikuto. Ikuto says he has his reasons, but won't say anymore. Amu comments that Utau probably misses him, and that she feels lonely.

Ikuto finds this sentence as a source to another of his comments and replies: "At least she's not prone to violence when we're together, unlike a certain someone." This makes Amu confiscate his snacks. Miki then comments that if Utau had seen this, it would have been quite the predicament. Two seconds later, Utau is at her door.

Amu is afraid that Utau has discovered that she was hiding Ikuto in her room, and almost panics as Utau asks if could be possible that she was hiding Ikuto. This, luckily for Amu, was just some thinking from Utau, and she blames herself for being too paranoid when it comes to Ikuto. She then asks if she's free, and Amu says that she only has to change.

Lulu and Nana are wandering around the town looking for lost children. They notice Amu and Utau on their way into a ramen shop, and Lulu recognizes Utau as Ikuto's little sister, and says she is just a failure. At this Nana comments that one day, Lul will be in the same position, but Lulu says that she's the one using Easter, not the opposite, and the second she gets hold of the Embryo it would be "So long, Easter".

Utau and Amu enter the ramen shop, and many people recognize Utau, so Amu asks why she wasn't wearing sunglasses and a hat to disguise herself. Utau replies, "Why should I do that? It's not like I've done anything wrong."

When they are asked for what they would like to eat, Utau says she wanted "Salt Noodles, Extra-firm. Extra Back Fat. Topping: seasoned egg". Amu don't understands what she said, but says she wanted the same. They eat the ramen, and Amu says that this is the first time she had eaten real ramen. She thinks about how her family always goes to family restaurants, but her thoughts are interrupted by Utau ordering another bowl.

Amu comments that as an idol she shouldn't eat that much, but Utau says she does whatever like likes. Eru then says Utau needed the strength for recording her new song. Amu gets interested, and asks if there will be any TV appearances, but Utau says it's difficult to get in the big shows for the time being, though she doesn’t care where she sings. Amu, Ran, Miki and Suthink this is really cool, but Utau gets embarrassed and acts like she doesn’t care. Outside the window, Lulu is standing. She looks through the window, and Nana makes a comment about whether Lulu is jealous. Lulu refuses to confess this.

Inside the shop, Utau orders a bowl of rice. This makes a boy step forward. He says that it's an insult to the owner to order rice at a ramen shop, but the owner says wasn't a problem at all. The kid continues talking about ramen manners, and people around then comment that he's an elementary school boy that has his own ramen blog.

Utau say she wants to hear more, and he tells her you have to taste the soup first, then take some noodles. That way the ramen is most enjoyable. Utau asks whether the taste is better that way, but doesn’t wait for an answer. Amu follows Utau as she leaves.

Outside, Lulu has to hide behind a poster. She waits until Utau and Amu are out of sight before looking through the window again. The kid is now standing in shock after hearing what Utau said, and Lulu smiles, saying they had found a lost person.

In the next scene, Amu and Utau are walking along the river. Amu then remembers that earlier, Utau said she wanted to talk about Ikuto, and asks what it was Utau wanted to say. Utau says she has been searching for him many days now, but she couldn't find him. She also tells that there were a lot of people from Easter searching around her house.

Amu thinks about what Ikuto said earlier, and asks why Ikuto had to work for Easter. The answer is because something their father did. She tells that their father was a famous violinist, and their mother the founder of Easter.

Many people were against them marrying each other, but accepted it as their father said he would lead the company when his father-in-law died. He didn't keep that promise though, and left the night the old leader died, only taking with him his favorite violin.

There was then a great pressure on the family that was left behind. They waited in many years for his return, but one day they found his violin overseas, and then the mother the director of Easter became very ill.

Amu says that it was wrong to let the two of them take the blame, but Utau says that that’s how the real world was. She then tells Amu that she joined Easter to get the Embryo so that she could wish for Ikuto to be freed from this cruel life. However, as the time passed, she realized that she wasn't strong enough to save neither herself nor Ikuto, and that Amu was the one helping her out.

Tadase and Kukai are taking a walk along the river, and see the girls. Tadase and Amu, still embarrassed for what happened the day before, are very nervous. Kukai wonders when Amu and Utau got this close, and Utau says they weren't close, that they only ate some ramen together. Kukai then says he loves ramen, and that a new ramen place just opened, and that there was a competition where the winner would get free ramen. Utau takes this as a challenge, and they leave Tadase and Amu. Tadase asks Amu if she would like to go for a walk, which she gladly accepts.

As Amu and Tadase are walking through a park, Amu is wondering why everything felt different now that they both knew that they liked each other. Tadase then brings her back to this dimension by calling her Amu-chan. He then asks if it was okay for him to start calling her that. She gets shocked at first, but says it was fine by her.

They sit down, and Tadase thanks her for accepting his selfish feelings. Then he says that he had been thinking about going out, but that it might not be fair to Kairi since he confessed first. Amu is just staring, not believing this was happening.

He then says "I love you, Amu-Chan". This makes Amu all embarrassed, but he says he will repeat it over and over to make up for all the time she had liked him.

At the same time are Kukai and Utau eating at the new Ramen place. Kukai says she had an amazing competition spirit.

The kid from earlier is walking down the street while reading a ramen book. He then sees Utau and Kukai inside the new shop, and is impressed that she is still eating. He then shakes his head, thinking that be shouldn't praise someone that is eating ramen the wrong way, and runs away.

He stops at a dead end, and turns around where he faces Lulu. She uses the jewel, and makes him Character Transform.

Utau and Kukai are still eating, but then Eru, Iru and Daichi say that they felt the presence of a mystery-egg, and they leave the shop.

The kid is watching people making all kinds of "Ramen mistakes", and attacks them with noodles.

Utau and Kukai meets up with Amu and Tadase, and Tadase and Amu transform to Platinum Royale and Amulet Clover. Kukai and Daichi are also about to transform, but Kukai has eaten to much.

The kid attacks Amu, but Tadase blocks it. Tadase is about to be hurt, but then Amu uses Su's pepper attack, this makes the kid angry, and he captures them both in noodles. They are, however, cut free by Utau, who now has transformed to Lunatic Charm with II. The fact that Utau helped them is making Lulu, who is standing behind a tree, really irritated.

Utau blocks all attacks the kid throws at her, and says she has decided to do things her own way. Amu follows, and says it doesn’t matter how you eat it, as long you enjoy it. This turns the kid into an X-Egg, but Amu quickly uses "Open Heart" to heal him.

The kid is then seen eating in all the "wrong" ways at the ramen shop.

Amu and Utau is walking home together, and Amu calls Utau a life-saver. Utau, however, says it's all thanks to Amu. Amu doesn’t understand this, so Utau explains. She says that Amu is one of those annoying people that just have to save people, and because of this she will might allow Amu to help her save Ikuto. Amu then asks why, and Utau says Amu should be grateful to be allowed to save him.

At the Easter laboratory is the object that's connected with Ikuto’s violin making noises. Then we see lots and lots of x-egg gathering around a violin-playing person with cat ears - Later known as Ikuto in his Death Rebel transformation.

25 (76)- "Aratanaru Teki!? Tsukiyo no Batoru!" ("New Enemy!? Battle On Moonlight!")

(新たなる敵!? 月夜のバトル!)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 25

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 25

Airdate: March 28, 2009

In the start of the episode, Amu is having a dream about Tadase telling her that he loves her, and then she wakes up to find Ikuto sleeping next to her again. She gets irritated and yells at him, but he doesn't wake up. Meanwhile, Yoru looks uncomfortable, and keeps glancing at Amu's clsoet, where Ikuto's violin is stored inside. At school, Amu is talking to Ran, Miki, and Suu at the Royal Garden, holding a tea kettle. Tadase comes up next to her and surprises her, causing some tea to burn her hand. He holds a cloth to her hand, asking her if she's okay. Yaya and Rima become suspicious of Amu and Tadase when they hear him call her "Amu-chan". They ask the two if anything happened between them, but Amu keeps saying nothing has. Nagihiko looks at Tadase, who is slightly blushing guiltily, and smiles knowingly. During the Guardian meeting, Nagihiko tells the Guardians that last night he heard a strange sound, and when he went outside there were many people standing around, looking hypnotized. Nagihiko says that there were X eggs as well, so it must be Easter's doing.

After school, Tadase and Amu are looking out at a lake during sunset. He tells her that he wants to become stronger so that he can protect her and his other friends. Afterwards telling her once again that he loves her. Suddenly, Amu's Shugo Charas sense something strange happening, so they lead Amu and Tadase to the park where Ikuto usually played his violin. There are many hypnotized people standing around, and then Amu hears a strange sound that she thinks is a guitar. Tadase corrects her that it is the A string of a violin. Both of them instantly think of Ikuto, although Amu is positive that he's asleep at her house. After a tense moment, Tadase asks if she wishes to head home, so she agrees, wondering why Tadase always seems so angry whenever Ikuto is brought up.

Amu gets home to find Ikuto sitting up on her bed. She asks him if he went anywhere, and gets the reply of "Huh? Where would I go?" She is relieved that he is not the culprit. She then offers to buy him some food, but he says that he is tired and falls asleep. Yoru, looking concerned again, looks at the door of the closet where Ikuto's violin is.

The Easter building is then shown late at night, with the director speaking to Gozen, and telling him that tonight he will commence the "Death Rebel plan". The director smirks, talking to himself and saying that Ikuto will become his puppet.

At home, Ikuto's violin has a dark purple aura surrounding it, and then he opens his eyes. Yoru looks worried and cries, "Hey, Ikuto!" as there is a flash of light where Ikuto was lying.

Then Tadase is shown at the same park at night, saying that his suspicions had been right. There are X eggs shown in a large group, and then is shows the same figure as before, playing a violin. It is Ikuto, but he is in a different Character Transformation that Kiseki says he has never seen before. Tadase yells at Ikuto, he turns around and has glazed eyes, like the hypnotized victims' had been. Tadase asks Ikuto to says something, but the cat-eared boy doesn't. Yoru watches worriedly from a bush.

The next morning, Amu finds Ikuto sound asleep, as usual, except that she notices that he has a wound on his arm. She questions if he had it the night before. As she walks to school, she is thinking about Ikuto, and then Tadase comes up from behind her, and Amu notices that he looks sort of scary/serious. But he acts normal, asking if she'd like to walk to school with him. As she agrees, she spots a bandage on his left leg, as well as on his right knee. At the Guardian meeting, Tadase reveals that last night he figured out that the X egg culprit was Ikuto Tsukiyomi. The others figure that Easter is forcing him to collect X eggs. Amu doesn't think that's right, because she believes that Ikuto isn't a bad person, but she holds her tongue. Tadase noticed that she looks stressed, and asks her what's wrong, but she asks(instead of telling everyone that Ikuto is staying at her home) why he is always angry when Ikuto is in the conversation. Tadase is silent, looking serious/scary again, until Yaya breaks the silence and declares that their work is to sow the flower garden. Kiseki is furious, and tells Pepe and Kusukusu that they will search for Ikuto. Ran, Miki and Suu suddenly see Yoru hiding behind a tree, looking at them. He says that he needs to tell them something important about Ikuto, but then Kiseki appears, thinking the three have "captured Ikuto's accomplice". To keep the others Shugo Charas from finding out Ikuto's whereabouts, Ran, Miki and Suu throw Yoru far away from there, soon realizing in horror that he will surely retret back to Amu's home. Kiseki, Pepe and Kusukusu, of course, follow Yoru. Ran beats Yoru to Amu's house, and throws him down to Miki, who hits hi at Suu, but he hits the wall. He tells that he still has to tell them about Ikuto, but Miki shrugs it off, and Ran tells Yoru to stop making Amu suffer with problems. Yoru, upset, flies away, only to be chased my Kiseki, Pepe and Kusukusu.

Meanwhile, Amu and Nagihiko are having a discussion about keeping secrets, and Amu decides that he is right, that some secret are meant to be kept. On the way home, Tadase and Amu stop at a flower hop to get flowers for Tadase's grandmother. Amu gets a surge of bravery and concludes that Tadase is strong, and she dosen't want to keep any secrets from him. But, she ends up blurting out that she doesn't believe Ikuto to be bad. Tadase gets his serious face again, and tells Amu that Ikuto is a black cat who brings misfortune. The episode ends with Amu repeating those words, looking at Tadase with disbelieving eyes.

26 (77)- "Shōgeki! Kowasareta Hatsu Dēto!?" ("Shocking! First Date, Busted!?")

(衝撃! 壊された初デート!?)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 26

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 26

Airdate: April 4, 2009

At the start of the episode, Amu is in her room, with Ikuto still on her bed reading a magazine. She wonders how he is like a black cat of misfortune if he is so innocently lying there. She asks him how he got the cut on his shoulder, but he says he doesn't remember. She checks it, and he tells her, for laughs, that he hurt himself on his back as well. She looks, and he grabs her, pulling her close to him and saying "Gotcha". Of course, Amu becomes angry with him. While eating dinner that night, Ikuto hears Amu talking with her parents about Tadase, and he flashes back to his own father playing the violin for a young Utau and himself.

At school the next day, the Guardians are visited by younger kids who are writing the school newpaper, and they pester them with questions. At one point, Yaya sees Amu and Tadase talking and thinks they are being "lovey-dovey again", which makes the kids ask if they are dating. Later on, Tadase asks Amu if she would like to go to a flower exhibit with him. Amu immediately snaps at the thought of a date with him, and she agrees. She returns home "on cloud nine", at which Ikuto questions her good mood. He smirks, knowing that her and Tadase are going on a date together. Amu claims she has no clue what he means, and then Ikuto tells her that if she is going out, she should take a bath first. Amu angrily shoves him into the bathroom, saying that He is the one who needs a bath. She gets him some clothes and tells him to hurry, but he says the shower is cramped for two people. Amu shoves him in there, embarrassed and irritated, with his clothes still on. He soon takes a shower, and then Amu's mom comes home. Amu manages to keep her mother from coming into the bathroom. At one point Amu notices the time, and that she needs to hurry to meet Tadase. She changes as Ikuto is done his shower. After he puts clothes on, Amu opens the door carefully, to find that her mother is angrily staring down at her. She asks what is going on.

The three go downstairs to talk about what has been going on. Amu's mother tells her that she isn't that mad that Amu was helping him, but she wishes that Amu has trusted her parents and told them about Ikuto. She offers to get him a hotel room for the night to stay in, because he can't stay there any longer. Back in Amu's room, she is packing things for Ikuto, and wonders if she will miss him. Ikuto comments that Amu's parents are always watching over her, even if she doesn't see it. He smiles a bit sadly, saying, "That must be nice..." Just then, Tadase comes over, and Amu hastily shuts the door to her room, standing with Tadase out in the hallway. They start to head out, when Ikuto steps out of the room, revealing everything; that he was there the whole time, during Tadase's last visit, and he mocked him on how Tadase confessed his love to Amu. "Quite a passionate confession for a young boy," was what he said while smirking. Amu tries to explain her reasons, but Tadase becomes hurt, looking like he might cry of embarrassment and hurt, and runs out. Amu, tearing up, yells at Ikuto for being selfish and making that happen. She says that she never wants to see him again, and runs out with her Shugo Charas to find Tadase. Yoru, floating next to Ikuto, looks sad, while Ikuto looks like he's trying to hide sadness.

Amu is shown running to find Tadase. Then the kids from earlier show Yaya and Rima their newspaper article, with a picture of Tadase and Amu, with the caption "Best Couple". Tadase is shown silently walking down the busy streets. Ikuto is walking under a tunnel, carrying his violin. Yoru tells him that he knows that Ikuto only did that to protect Amu and her family from Easter's plans. Suddenly, there are two Easter agents ahead of Ikuto's path, and two more come up behind him, saying that he has no place to run now. The episode ends where it seems like Ikuto has been captured and Amu saying that she's never hurt anybody so deeply before in her life, asking what she can do now.

27 (78)- "Amu-chan no Nagāi Ichinichi!?" ("Amu-chan's Loong Day!?")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 27

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 27

Airdate: April 11, 2009

At the beginning of the episode, Amu is in her room, depressed, flashing back to what happened earlier that day. She says she has never hurt anyone before so deeply, but now she has hurt Tadase. The next morning, she doesn't know how she will act around Tadase, and sighs. Ran tries cheering her up, saying that smiles are not forbidden, but Amu is still depressed. Meanwhile at Tadase's house, Kiseki questions him if something happened the other day that's causing him to act strangely. Tadase doesn't resond, angering Kiseki, who calls him "Prince", to lighten to mood. Tadase doesn't Character Change, shocking Kiseki. Tadase finally replies with a fake smile that he is fine.

At school, Amu is uncomfortable walking into the Royal Garden. She is unsure how to act towards Tadase, but when she walks in, he isn't there yet. Yaya cheerfully shows Amu the article in the newspaper, pointing out the "Best Couple" picture of Amu and Tadase. Amu becomes saddened again, causing Yaya and the other Guardians to worry. Yaya asks what's wrong, but gets a "Nothing, I'm fine," from Amu. Yaya whispers to Rima that Amu is acting strange, and Rima wonders if something happened between her and Tadase. Kiseki appears, telling everyone that Tadase is absent due to a cold, but it's not serious. Amu is relieved by this, but asks herself why. Yaya says that everyone should go to visit him, and Nagihiko volunteers Amu to go representing all of them after school, as to not overwhelm him while being sick. Amu wearily agrees. Ran, Miki and Suu smile at him when he winks in their direction.

At Easter, one of the scientists tells the director that now they have control of Ikuto by using a tuning fork that they created. The director says that it's time for stage 2 of his plan, and then it shows Ikuto all alone in a dark room, looking scared and defenseless and defeated. He has indeed been captured by Easter.

Lulu and Nana are at the park, and Nana senses a lost child. Then it shows Amu walking to Tadase's house, looking nervous and sad. Suddenly Lulu and Nana round the corner, and she sees Amu. Nana wonders if the lost child is Amu. Amu, constantly sighing, makes Lulu Character Change and tell her(in an accent) to just spit out what's wrong. Embarrassed by her outburst, Lulu runs off, leaving Amu slightly smiling. Amu is then at the mall, when a girl comes up and asks her if she's seen a girl who looks exactly like her. Amu says she hasn't, and the girl sadly walks away. Then a girl who looks identical to the one before asks Amu the same thing, and the twins, Nami and Nemi, reunite. They help Amu become happy for the moment, until she remembers Tadase and reverts back to her depression. Ran, Miki, and Suu convince her that she needs to talk to Tadase and tell him the truth, instead of avoiding him forever. Cheered up a bit by their helpful words, Amu agrees. Suu then asks aloud if Tadase really has a cold, and Ran yells at her for saying something wrong again, which upsets Amu. It makes her think that Tadase made it up so that he could avoid Amu. Amu decides that she can't see him if he's trying to avoid her as well. Lulu is trying to find Amu again, but instead sees Nami and Nemi, who look lost. They both like their Senpai, causing them both jealously and sadness towards each other. Lulu gives them the pendants. Miki suddenly senses an ? egg, so Amu follows to find the twins, who are fighting. They both transform into Twin Dream, and attack each other. Amu Character Transforms into Amulet Heart, and Rima and Yaya(who caught up to her with Nagihiko) transform into Clown Drop and Dear Baby to stop the twins' fighting. Rima uses Tightrope Dancer to tie them up, but before Amu can cleanse them, they break the ropes. The twins shoot ice and fire at Amu, who blocks using her pom-poms. Then she starts to think about Tadase, getting distracted, and gets hit out of the way. Nagihiko then tells her that no matter what happened between her and Tadase, she's not alone. Amu then concludes that she needs to be herself. She uses Open Heart on them, and they apologize to each other. Amu goes to Tadase's house, but no one is home. She says she will try to talk to him tomorrow, making her Shugo Charas happy that she's back to normal. At the same time, Tadase is on a swing, telling Kiseki what happened between them. He tells Kiseki that tomorrow he will talk things over with Amu.

28 (79)- "Ikuto to Amu Kanashimi no Batoru!" ("Ikuto and Amu Sorrowful Battle!")

(イクトとあむ 悲しみのバトル!)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 28

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 28

Airdate: April 18, 2009

Ikuto is still inside the dark room. Then his step-father, the director, comes in, telling him that he can't escape and that Ikuto should have just listened to him from the beginning. He tells Ikuto to not forget that he is legally the director's son. Ikuto glances up at the ceiling after he is gone, and sees his violin, glowing with a dark purple aura.

At Amu's house, she is in her bedroom, thinking of what to say to Tadase when they get to talk. Su suggests she make him some tasty treats. Miki suggests she write him a card expressing how she feels. Ran says she should write him a song. The three then start to argue over what Amu should do. Suddenly Yoru slams into her window, looking exhausted, and they let him in. He guzzled down a whole glass of water and tells Amu that Ikuto is in trouble. Amu acts bitter to Ikuto's name, asking why she should save him even after he said those mean things to Tadase. Yoru begs her, saying that she's the only one who can save him, but Amu runs out of the house, stressed.

Kukai runs out of a market, carrying to full grocery bags. He runs by the swing where Tadase is, seeing him. Tadase sneezes, having been there the whole day. Kiseki suggests that Tadase goes home before his cold comes back. Then Kukai comes and talks to him, explaining that his older brothers are coming over. Tadase enviously tells him that he's always wanted an older brother, so Kukai says he should go over to his house. He brings him there, and introduces Tadase to his 4 older brothers. They all are upset by Kukai buying the wrong items, and when he talks back, his eldest brother, Kaido, gets angry and challenges him in a soccer match. Afterwards Kukai and Tadase retire to Kukai's room, talking about him being down. Kukai sensed that Tadase was feeling sad. Kukai mentions Ikuto being like Tadase's older brother when they were young; he reminds Tadase that the two were as close as brothers. Kiseki then says that Ikuto betrayed Tadase.

Tadase explains to Kukai that he has hated Ikuto for so long that he's forgotten that he wanted to protect everyone around him from being unhappy; that includes Ikuto.

Amu is found by Ran, Miki, and Su on the same swing Tadase has sat in. She tells them that she had lied because she didn't want anyone to hate her, but she just ended up hurting Ikuto and Tadase. Then Ran decides that her being sad time is all over, and the three remind Amu of how great she is. Then Utau texts her, saying that she's far away for work at the moment, and that Amu has to take care of Ikuto while she's gone. Then Amu Character Transforms into Amulet Heart, realizing that she shouldn't be depressed any longer. Yoru is then seen outside calling Ikuto's name in worry, until Amu shows up next to him and tells them that they'll save Ikuto.

Once again she hears the A string of a violin, just as Tadase does. They both run off to find where it came from. Amu is lead to the abandoned amusement park, where she sees people that are missing their heart's eggs. Yoru flies around looking for his owner, and Amu finally spots Ikuto atop of a merry-go-round, playing his violin, which is glowing purple. As soon as he stops playing, X eggs appear, floating above Amu. She shouts to Ikuto, but he doesn't respond. Instead, a black egg comes from the violin, and Ikuto transforms into Death Rebel. His violin turns into a long scythe. Yoru sees Ikuto's dimmed eyes and knows he is under a spell. Ikuto goes after Amu to attack, and they battle. (Amu is dodging his swings the whole time.) Finally, Amu is standing in front of the teacup ride that her and Ikuto rode on. She says she cannot fight Ikuto. Instead, as he heads to attack her, she blocks the ride, the last moment, Tadase appears, blocking Ikuto's scythe with his own staff.

29 (80)- "Shinjiru Kimochi! Purachina Hāto!" ("Believe in Each Other! Platinum Heart!")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 29

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 29

(信じるキモチ! プラチナハート!)

Airdate: April 25, 2009

After a short recap of the last episode, Ikuto tries to regain control over his mind. Amu runs toward him, but Ikuto says to stay away. Kazuomi brings out the device the has been controlling Ikuto, a tuning fork. He uses it and Ikuto falls back into the controlled state. Ikuto tries to attack Amu, but Tadase stops him. After a talk about feelings with Kazuomi, Amu and Tadase combine their powers and use Platinum Heart. All of the X Eggs are purified and the Embryo appears. When Amu is about to grab the Embryo, the Humpty Lock reacts to its light, causing Amu's transformation to dissolve. Tadase catches her, but Yoru is distressed as Kazuomi took Ikuto and left. Everyone wakes up and Amu Character Changes with Ran to tell people that it is the park's promotional free ride day. It works, and Amu and Tadase sit on a bench, talking about what has happened over the past few weeks. After she finishes explaining, Amu apologizes. Tadase says that he won't forgive Ikuto, but wants to know the truth and proposes the idea of them working together. They both go to school the next day, walking side-by-side. Rima, Nagihiko, and Yaya run up to say how worried they were about them. While drinking tea, Tsukasa Amakawa, the First King, says the Humpty Lock and Dumpty Key will soon unite.

30 (81)- "Sennyū! Īsutāsha!?" ("Infiltration! Easter Company!?")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 30

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 30

(潜入! イースター社!?)

Airdate: May 2, 2009

The episode starts with Yoru looking exhausted as he rests in Kiseki's chair. He has just came back from looking for Ikuto the night before. Kiseki, being the character he is, finds Yoru sleeping in his chair and becomes angry, scolding Yoru that it's his fault Ikuto is being controlled by Easter because he's such a coward. Yaya proposes a plan to get inside of Easter and find Ikuto and during the Guardians' attempts, Yoru, upset by Kiseki's words, tries again to find Ikuto. Kiseki notices him leave and tags along. They both manage to find the music tuner which controls Ikuto. Yoru and Kiseki manage to grab the tuner and run, but Kiseki is later caught. Yoru, caught between leaving with the tuner to helping Kiseki, has a difficult time deciding, but makes the decision of helping Kiseki. Unfortunately, Yoru loses the tuner in the process, but he and Kiseki manage to escape. Meanwhile, the other Guardian Characters go to the amusement park to look for clues, but find nothing and decide to go on the rides. They go back to meet Amu and the others, who are all wondering where Yoru and Kiseki are. In the end, they find the two of them resting on each other, exhausted from their day.

31 (82)- "Nettō! Watashi ga Ēsu ni Naru!" ("Fierce Battle! I'll Become the Ace Player!")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 31

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 31

(熱闘! 私がエースになる!)

Airdate: May 9, 2009

This episode starts out with Lulu and Nana walking down the street when they see a baseball playing girl practicing her pitches. They comment how late she is practicing as well. The next day, Amu is dozing off on the grass when a baseball comes straight for her! The same girl from yesterday, Natsuko Nishino, catches it before it can hit her. Amu decides to try baseball, seeing as how girls can play it too and is inspired by Natsuko. However, Amu ends up failing at baseball, having not done a Shugo Chara change with Ran. Amu is thrown a hard pitch by a boy. Nishino is at issue with the male player/pitcher, Fujita, who is mocking her talent and dream of being a pitcher. Amu meets with Rima and Yaya and introduces them to Natsuko, and tell them about her problem. Yaya recommends she and Nishino go see Kukai for training. Kukai drags Amu along with him and Natsuko to train, and practice pitching. He tells Natsuko that she is too squirmy and needs to calm down. She ends up being able to throw a nice pitch. Natsuko agrees to try her best at the Pitching Test. When the day of the Pitcher test comes, Nishino is not chosen as the pitcher. Instead, Fujita is chosen yet again. She leaves upset, and Lulu turns her egg into a Mystery Egg. When Amu finds her, she character transforms to Pitching Dream. Kukai and Amu become Sky Jack and Amulet Heart. Natsuko's powers are flying killer baseballs. Amu and Kukai team up, but are unable to beat her until Kukai tells Amu some tips on how to swing her bat. Then Amu tells Natsuko Nishino to try her best at the game and that next time maybe she'll be the pitcher. The next day, as Fujita pitches and the batter hits it, but Natsuko ends up catching it before the player reaches first base. All in all, the game went without a problem.

32 (83)- "Surechigai no Ongaku Hakurankai?" ("Chance Encounter at the World Music Fair?")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 32

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 32


Airdate: May 16, 2009

Amu and the other Guardians go to the World Music Fair. They are also worried that Easter will be there since it is a place where many people will gather. Amu invites Yoru to go along as well. Lulu also goes disguised as a fairy dancer. She hands out flowers to children while dancing. Lulu sees the Easter vans and dances into the one where Ikuto is being held. She ties up the workers and Nana turns off the tuning fork. Lulu frees Ikuto, because she does not want him to get the Embryo, as she wants it for her mother. Ikuto leaves the Easter van, and walks around the fair. One of the children that Lulu gave a flower to has her Heart's Egg turned into a ? Egg and becomes Dancing Dream. Amu is walking with Tadase, and is just about to walk into Ikuto when the Guardian Characters come over and tell Amu there is a ? Egg. Amu and Tadase run off to see the cause. Amu and Tadase become Amulet Spade and Platinum Royale. Yaya and Rima are caught under the girl's spell and can't stop dancing. She turns nearby people into ballerinas who surround Amu and Tadase. Suddenly, Nagihiko appears and says that he will teach the girl what dancing really is. They do a ballroom dance, and her ? Egg turns into an X Egg. Amu uses Open Heart, and everything goes back to normal. Ikuto is feeling weak again, and walking through a park, he sees Amu and Yoru, but then collapses. On Amu's way home, Yoru keeps saying he feels Ikuto's presence nearby. They turn around and search for Ikuto. Before they can find him, Easter does and takes him away.

33 (84)- "Nikaidō-sensei wa Sensei Dattā!?" ("Mr. Nikaidou is a Teacher After All!?")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 33

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 33


Airdate: May 23, 2009

Lulu is fired of Easter for her acts from the last episode. At school, Nikaidou gives an essay assignment to the Star Class about their dreams for the future. Amu meets up with the Guardians after school to speak with what they want to be when they grow up. After the meeting, Amu, Manami, and Wakana meet with Nikaidou. It turns out Wakana wants to be a teacher when she grows up. She admires Nikaidou for his kindness. That night, Amu gets a text message from Tadase, who is still searching for Ikuto. At Lulu's place, she is still wondering what her dream is after her mother asks what it is. While Wakana is walking home from school, she begins to doubt her dream, and this makes her a target for Lulu. Rima gets Amu and when they find Wakana, they try to stop her. She transforms to Teacher Dream, Rima and Amu become Clown Drop and Amulet Spade once they find her. Wakana performs a spell that makes them fall in line, but Amu protests, breaking free and attacks. Amu tells her to never lose her kindness, and performs Open Heart. Nikaidou catches up with the girls and they look ahead to their future.

34 (85)- "Chīsu! Uwasa no Gyaru Tōjō!!" ("Wassup! Here Comes the Gal Everyone's Talking About!!")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 34

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 34

(ち〜す! 噂のギャル登場!!)

Airdate: May 30, 2009

Yaya has applied to have teen model Yua Sakurai come to the school. Amu's Guardian Characters are watching a photo shoot when Su hears a voice behind her. While they are talking in the Royal Garden, a music themed Guardian Egg appears, and out comes Cecil, Yua's Guardian Character. Yua doesn't know what a Guardian Character is, and is a little annoyed at Cecil following her. The two do not get along well, and they are separate because Yua abandoned her dreams of being a singer in favor of modeling. At a photo shoot, the girl Guardians learn that she is going to sing in the next Girls' festival. When she is recording, she has flashbacks to an incident and won't sing. At the day of the festival, Amu meets with Utau, who is a guest singer for the festival. When it's Yua's turn to sing, she again has flashbacks to an incident, and falls to her knees onstage. The episode ends in a cliffhanger with Amu concerned about Yua.

35 (86)- "Hibike Utagoe! Ano Hi no Atashi ni!!" ("Resound, My Voice! To Who I Used to Be!!")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 35

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 35

(響け歌声! あの日のあたしに!!)

Airdate: June 6, 2009

When Yua was on her knees in the floor, Cecil tells her to Character Change with her but Yua declines. Utau comes forth to the stage and sings the song Yua was suppose to sing. Il and El tell Yua to come backstage with them and Amu is relieved that Utau saved the stage. When in the dressing room, one of the photo shooters she works with tells her not to let it get to her and that everyone will think it was just a mix up. Then Amu, Yaya, Rima, Tadase & Nagihiko come inside the dressing room, asking Yua if she was alright. Yua replied with a satisfied look on her face and said that she was glad to see Amu's face again. Yua then says she quits singing. Everyone tries to talk her out of it but she says "It's not like anyone believes I can sing". Yua walks out of the room and Cecil trails behind her. Cecil then calls her name but Yua replies harshy and said to leave her alone. Yua sits backstage alone and Nagihiko comes along and takes a seat next to her. He then asks if she's really going to quit singing and tells her that Cecil is always thinking of her. At first Yua doesn't really care but then Nagihiko mentions that if she doesn't sing, Cecil will dissapear. He then explains to her how important a Guardian Character is and how amazing they are. In the Royal Garden, Yaya is looking at the fashion magazine that features the pictures that all of The Guardian's took during the photoshoot with Yua. Rima gets mad when she finds out that there are 4 pictures of herself and 5 pictures of Nagihiko in the magazine. Ran, Miku and Su ask Amu if she has heard anything about Yua, which she replies with a no. They also mention that they have not seen Cecil either. That is when Cecil makes her enterance and says "And now, I'll sing 'I am Here.' "

Cecil tells Amu that Yua has not sung a single note. Amu asks why wasn't Yua able to sing in the first place and Cecil said that Yua couldn't sing in front of other people and only when she is by herself. Yua could not sing in front of Cecil either and that is why Cecil has to watch in secret. Cecil also mentions that Yua is trying to get herself to hate singing but Nagihiko says there must be some explination. Yaya asks Amu if she has any idea because Amu was in the same kindergarten as her but Amu says she does not because she's only talked to Yua once when they were little. Nagihiko reminds her that even thought it was one time, Yua remebers the conversation perfectly. Tadase then asks Amu if she believes that Yua can sing, which Amu replies that she does. Amu tells Cecil that she will do something about Yua and runs out of the Royal Garden, and Yaya follows her. Lulu and Nana are looking for lost children. Nana keeps mentioning some kids but Lulu turns them down. Lulu said that being persistant would get you no where and that she is trying to look for a target who can produce a much stronger reaction than ever before. Yua is sitting down on a bench and is remebering flashbacks about how she failed to sing in front of people. She then asks herself why she can't sing in front of people.

Back at the Royal Garden, the Guardian Character try to cheer up Cecil. Su hands Cecil a microphone and tells her that the best thing to do is sing her heart out and cheer up. Kiseki snatches the microphone away from Su and says "Naturally, the King must be first-". Kiseki is cut off by Pepe who takes away the microphone from Kiseki. Kusukusu then takes away the microphone from Pepe. Kiseki then, once again takes away the microphone away from Kususu but gets it stolen by Miki. Ran then snatches the microphone away from Miki. Then Pepe steals it, then Kusukusu, then Kiseki, then Miki, then Ran and it goes on again. Amu and Yaya are looking for Yua when they spot her sitting on a bench, singing the "Secret Princess" song. Not noticing that Amu and Yaya were there all along, she states to herself that she can sing perfectly fine when no one is around. Amu calls her name and Yua stands up in surprise. Amu tells her that she has a beautiful voice and Yaya says she could wish Yua would sing in front of a audience. Yua, taken back from their words looks away with a sad expression. Amu asks her if there is a reason she can't sing. Yua confesses that she thought that when she saw Amu again, that she could sing with Amu there. Yua says that she is hopeless and runs away.

Lulu and Nana are talking to eachother, and Nana says that it would be better to just keep stealing eggs. Lulu spots Yua running away and Nana tells her that she is a model and a huge star. Lulu runs after her. Lulu walks over to Yua and tries to turn Yua's egg into a mystery egg but notice that there is no egg coming out of her, only that she is hypnotized.

While Kiseki sings, Cecil clutched at her shirt. Su and everyone else noticed that Cecil got back into her egg.

Lulu tries to extract the egg from Yua once more, quite tired but fails.

Su asks Cecil (Who is still trapped in the egg) to come out. Ran asks is it because of Kiseki's singing, which he gets mad. Then, the egg Cecil was in flies in the air and turns into a Wishing Egg, to all of the Guardian Character's surprise. The egg then hatches and Cecil comes out as a ?- Character. She attacks all of the Guardian Characters and flies off. Ran, Miki, Su and Pepe fly to Amu and warn her that Cecil has been acting strange. Then Cecil comes out and attacks Amu and Yaya. Yua is seen walking aimlessly, repeating the word "Singing". Cecil flies off to Yua. Amu and Yaya run after Cecil. When Cecil reaches Yua, Yua says that if she can't sing, she should make music dissapear. Cecil goes back into her egg and flies up to the sky, above Yua. The egg inlarges and lets out some sparkles that hover in the air. The sparkles hypnotize any person playing music, singing or hearing music. Yua is seen surrounded by music notes that come from the people who were hypnotized. Amu and Yaya arrive just in time to see Yua transform into Bad Singer Dream. Amu transforms into Amulet Spade and Yaya transforms into Dear Baby. Amu uses Prism Music on Yua's attack but it has no affect. Amu then uses colorful canvas but it has no affect either. Yaya uses Merry Merry but it backfires. Amu is surronded by music notes and Yua tells Amu that she can't stop her. Utau then appears with Angel Cradle, making all of the music notes fall asleep. Yua gets mad at Utau for singing in front of her and tries to attack her but Utau dodges. Amu asks Yua why is she using her music to hurt other people and Yua replies by saying that she hates singing. Amu tells her that it doesn't matter if you can sing, it matters if you want too. Yua says that no one believes she could sing in the first place and that no one will even listen to her song. Amu states that she would listen to her. Amu then remebers then remebers what she had told Yua back then in kindergarten. A flash back is shown where Yua sings in front of the other students. No one wanted to listen to her, so they all ran outside to play. Yua, said that she loved singing but no one would listen to her. "I will." Amu was the only child sitting down on the floor, where the students from before sat and she was willing to listen to Yua. (After the flashback) Yua turns sad and the ?- on her forhead turns into an X. Amu then purifies the Mystery Egg. Yua runs up a hill, facing the wind and sings while being watched by Amu, Utau, and Yaya.

36 (87)- "Nana o Sukue! Shugo Chara Nāsu Shutsudō?" ("Save Nana! Guardian Character Nurses, Move Out?")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 36

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 36

(ナナを救え! しゅごキャラナース出動?)

Airdate: June 13, 2009

Nana becomes sick which leads to Lulu becoming very worried. She asks Amu for help, but hangs up after finding out that she is no help. However, Amu drops by Lulu's house to visit Nana. Lulu and Amu go off to buy Nana's favorites while Amu's Guardian Characters nurse her. After Nana refuses to eat, Lulu trips on the waste basket and finds out that Nana ate all of the banana yokan. Now that they know what the cause of Nana's fever is, Amu decides to go home when Lulu's mom asks Amu to sleep-over. Lulu's mom explains that she wants Lulu to become as carefree again. When Amu wakes up the next morning, Lulu thanks her. Nana is fully recovered, and temporarily forgetting that Amu and her Guardian Characters are still present, she gives away that Lulu was the one extracting ? Eggs.

37 (88)- "Gekitotsu! Nazo Tama Daibōsō!!" ("Confrontation! The Great ? Egg Calamity!!")

(激突! ナゾたま大暴走!!)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 37

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 37


Airdate: June 20, 2009

When Amu found out about the secret that Lulu kept for a very long time, She fell into despair but she did not give up. Amu wants to help Lulu. When Nana went to look for the other Guadian Characters and explain to them why Lulu really was a good person. Nana tells the other Guardian Characters that she is confused wether or not Lulu is extrating eggs for her mother or herself. Dia over hears this when she is inside her egg. Dia hatches once again and tells Nana that she truly knows the answer. Nana says that she really does not know but Dia points out that Nana is who Lulu really wants to be. Nana leaves the other Guardian Characters in search to find Lulu. Nana then sees Lulu distributing many of her Jewelry that she makes in order to extracted ? Eggs at a crowded place next to a water fountain. Lulu extracts the ?-Eggs, many of them. All the ?-Eggs form together and split into 3 giant ?-Eggs. The Guardian Characters sense the presence of the giant ?-Eggs and notify the others imediatly. Lulu stands ontop of one of the giant ?-Eggs and calls out the Embryo. Amu and the other Guardians appear. 2 of the giant ?-Eggs attack the Guardians and all of them Character Transform, except for Nagihiko. The ?-Eggs attack again, blasting out a black aurora and the aurora rotates around the 5 Guardians. Within the spinning aurora, the dreams from the ?-eggs come out such as items like baseball bats, magazines, desserts, ect. The objects attack the Guardians but Amu slips away and tries to stop Lulu. Amu tells Lulu that she knows why Lulu is going through all the trouble, extracting ?-Eggs. Amu asks her why she wants the Embryo and Nana accidenlty tells her that it's for Lulu's mother. Lulu scolds Nana but then admits that she is extracting the eggs for her mother's sake and that she wants to make her mother an A-List actress like before in order to make her shine as bright as before. Amu tells her that her mother shines brightly enough now and that if her mother knew what she was doing she'd be sad. Lulu agrees to that fact. Lulu reaches into her pocket and takes out one of the left over Jewelry she passed out earlier that day and tells Nana to forgive her. Lulu uses her own Jewelry and Nana goes back into her egg, then turning into a ?-Egg and then turning big. The episode ends with a cliffhanger.

38 (89)- "Kokoro, Wakariaete." ("Heart to Heart")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 38

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 38

Airdate: June 27, 2009

After the last episode, the ? Eggs go on a full out attack on the Guardians. While Amu is distracted, Lulu undergoes a Character Transformation, becoming Dream Dream. Amu tries to get Lulu to stop, but Lulu indirectly reveals that she has no dream and attacks her. The Guardians try to handle the ? Eggs. After helping Rima, Nagihiko asks for a retreat, but Rima says that they have to fight for everyone's dreams. Amu again tries to talk some reason into Lulu. It appears to work at first, but Lulu attacks. Amu tells her they're the same when it comes to not knowing their dreams. Lulu listens this time, and Amu uses Open Heart to purify her and the ? Eggs. Lulu sees the Embryo amidst the swarm of purified Eggs. When Lulu comes to, Nana has disappeared because Lulu had selfishly used her for her own intentions. Lulu apologizes, and the egg hatches to reveal a reborn Nana. Lulu hugs her in tears, apologizes to Amu and the Guardians, and reforms. Lulu's mother later meets her and tells her that she has worked hard for her. At home, the two talk and her mother tells her that she wanted a break from movies because Lulu was always waiting for her. The next day, Lulu leaves for France, because her mother landed a movie role. Amu and Lulu promise to meet again.

39 (90)- "Tsutaetai! Kono Kimochi!" ("I Want to Tell You These Feelings!")

(伝えたい! このキモチ!)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 39

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 39

Airdate: July 4, 2009

Yaya signs Amu and Tadase up for the "Shout Out Your Love! Doki-Doki Confession Contest," so they could investigate Easter's Death Rebel plan. At the contest, Nikaidou apologizes to Yukari, because Yukari wanted the entry prize for Utau so Nikaidou teased her. Yukari and Nikaidou blush when they realize they said that to the audience. Ami also enters the contest with the Plum Class boys. Controlled by Easter's Director, Ikuto extracts X Eggs from the audience before Tadase confesses to Amu. Amu and Tadase Character Transform into Amulet Heart and Platinum Royale. Ikuto Character Transforms into Death Rebel. For a minute, Yoru and Amu's words get to Ikuto, but he quickly changes back. Ikuto escapes and the Embryo appears when Tadase and Amu are purifying the X Eggs using Platinum Heart. Tadase thinks on how you can not only use words to tell a person how you feel, thinking back on when Amu and Yoru snapped Ikuto out of his trance with their strong feelings. Tadase remembers what he wanted to tell Amu in the contest, but he only holds Amu's hand. Amu and Tadase both smile and blush.

40 (91)- "Zenkai! Boku no Rizumu" ("Full Throttle! My Rhythm!")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 40

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 40

(全開! 僕のリズム)

Airdate: July 11, 2009

Nagihiko is filling in for some players at a basketball game. Meanwhile, Amu and Yaya tell try to make Rima feel guilty about dumping Fuyuki Kirishima. During the game, Kukai comes in and blocks Nagihiko's shoot. Later at the Garden, Nagihiko and Kukai have an arm wrestling fight as Amu sees Nagihiko's egg move. Kukai barely wins. Later, Nagihiko asks Kukai his true motive for visiting and Kukai just says if Nagihiko has found an answer yet. Also, Easter has created a machine to help lure X Eggs without Ikuto's Death Rebel. Nagihiko, Amu, and Tadase then meet three kids who call themselves "Urban Street." Nagihiko shoots a basketball and everyone is amazed. His egg moves slightly more. The next day is the exhibition game. Amu goes and gives Nagihiko his uniform for the big game. As the game starts, Easter uses its new machine and extract X Eggs from the basketball player. Amu transforms into Amulet Heart while Nagihiko challenges the X Characters to a match. He then thinks about his childhood where he remembers "Urban Street" and how playing basketball with them made him gain "his own rhythm." Rhythm finally hatches and Nagihiko Character Transforms into Beat Jumper. He makes a Beat Dunk and wins the game against the X Characters and Amu purifies them. Later as Nagihiko chats with "Urban Street," Rhythm tells Ran, Miki, Amu, and Su that they are cute, which sends Miki head over heels. Rhythm smiles and winks.

41 (92)- "Kūru ni Kimero! Bīto Janpā!" ("It's Got to Be Cool! Beat Jumper!")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 41

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 41

(クールに決めろ! ビートジャンパー!)

Airdate: July 18, 2009

When Nagihiko arrives at the Royal Garden, he says that Rhythm has worn him out by Character Changing without permission. He says on the way there were some players that accidentally kicked their ball too far, so he kicked it back, but Rhythm insisted on joining them, causing him to Character Change and get him into trouble about which club he should join. Rhythm is getting along with all the Guardian Characters except Kiseki. On Amu's way home, she bumps into a little boy. She buys him taiyaki for running into him. Meanwhile, Nagihiko hears violin sounds that are coming from the Easter employees playing their new device, so he calls Tadase and tells him to round everyone up. Nagihiko tells Rima and Yaya to go look for the source while Amu and Tadase purify the eggs. They Character Transform into Amulet Spade, Platinum Royale, and Beat Jumper. The X Eggs are too fast so Nagihiko begins worrying, but Rhythm tells him to stop stressing so much. Finally, Nagihiko hits the eggs with a Beat Dunk, and Amu and Tadase use Platinum Heart to purify them. Kiseki finally accepts Rhythm after he gives him a hug. On their way home, the kid Amu bumped into comes up to her and asks her if he got the ingredients for taiyaki right, but Amu says not to worry so much. He tells her that it's just a pointless snack and runs off.

42 (93)- "Hoshina Utau, Mirai e no Hishō!" ("Hoshina Utau, Fly to the Future!")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 42

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 42


Airdate: July 25, 2009

Amu and the others are invited to Utau's concert to introduce her new song, "Taiyou ga Niau Yo". Everyone goes and supports her while she sets everything up along with Yukari. During a conversation, Utau mentions Amu hasn't told her anything about Ikuto lately. Amu worries and suggests to the other Guardians not mention him in order to make Utau's concert a success. As the Guardians and Guardian Characters have a discussion about the situation with Utau and Ikuto, Yaya grows jealous, and Rima and El have suspicions due to seeing Utau and Kukai together. As everyone prepares for the concert, the Easter employees come out with the "Come Here Embryo Mk III" which can be heard from a longer distance. Just before the concert, the X Eggs of Utau's fans appear. Everyone transforms, but they seem to be having problem to handling them on their own. El goes and seeks Utau's help as Nikaidou and Yukari stall the concert. Utau saves everyone with Angel Cradle and purifies her fans' eggs. The concert goes on as a big success thanks to the help of the Guardians and providing the special effects from their power attacks. Amu hopes that Ikuto will be able to hear Utau's song someday.

43 (94)- "Susume! Mikeneko Sōsakutai!?" ("Onward! The Calico Cat Search Party!?")

(進め! みけねこ捜索隊!?)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 43

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 43

Airdate: August 1, 2009

Yaya brings in a stray kitten that she had found. The Guardians order their Guardian Characters to take care of the kitten, but the Guardian Characters have lost the kitten after a while. Yaya and Amu find the kitten and the Guardians propose a search party for the kitten's owner. Students from each class prepare posters, food, a cage and fliers to help find the owner. During the distribution of the fliers, Ikuto appears as Death Rebel and plays his violin, causing all the kids' eggs to turn into X Eggs. Amu, Tadase, and Nagihiko Character Transform into Amulet Heart, Platinum Royale, and Beat Jumper. As many X Eggs gather, Kazuomi shuts down the tuning fork, dissolving Ikuto's transformation. Amu and Tadase use Platinum Heart and turn all the X Eggs back to normal. Kazuomi realizes that the Embryo is not attracted to X Eggs, but the purification of X Eggs. Ikuto was forced to return to Easter. Amu, Tadase, and Nagihiko return to the normal, and everyone continues searching for the kitten's owner. The kitten's owner was then found and Yaya named the kitten Tama-chan. A poster about an upcoming violin concert features a boy bearing very strong similarities to Ikuto.

44 (95)- "Rima to Yaya, Shinju no Kizuna!" ("Rima, Yaya, and the Pearls that Bind Them!")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 44

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 44

Airdate: August 8, 2009

It's cleaning day for the entire school. Rima and Yaya are cleaning around a fountain when Yaya gets sick of it and throws her broom. She spins a statue of a frog on the fountain around and around. Suddenly, a secret passageway opens. Yaya drags Rima, Pepe, and Kusukusu into it. They come to a door and Yaya manages to get it open. They go inside to see what lies within, but instead, the door closes behind them and they are trapped. Rima begins to have flashbacks of when she was nearly kidnapped, but Yaya reassures her. Meanwhile, the others are wondering where they went off to. Kusukusu and Pepe soon find a small opening in the room they are in and crawl through it. Yaya tells Rima she is just a big baby at heart and scoots closer to her. Rima leans Yaya's head on her shoulder and tells her a story. Afterwards, they both fall asleep. They finally find the other Guardians and tell them where Rima and Yaya are. The other Guardians have found the secret passageway and soon find Rima and Yaya after opening the door. They wake them up and take them back to the Royal Garden. Tsukasa stops by and tells them that he built the room and that it was fun. However, they disagree, so he gives them cake as an apology.

45 (96)- "Todokanai Koe, Kudakareru Omoi." ("Unheard Pleas, Shattered Feelings.")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 45

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 45


Airdate: August 15, 2009

While taking Ami shopping, Amu sees a poster that Easter has produced. It is starring DL, but it is really Ikuto under their control. They decide to go to the concert the next day. They try to interview "DL", but security is too strict. While the other Guardians distract the staff, Amu and Tadase manage to get backstage. They find Ikuto, and Yoru attempts to get him, but Ikuto won't budge. Instead Ikuto tells them that unauthorized people are not allowed. Yoru tells him to stop joking and says that he's probably really surprised to see him but Ikuto doesn't respond. Tadase asks Ikuto if he has forgotten about Yoru, Amu and himself. He also asks him to tell him what happened on that day. But the security finds Amu and Tadase. Amu tried calling out Ikuto but the security kicks them out. They decide to listen to the concert and protect everyone's hearts' eggs. When Ikuto performs, X eggs are extracted from the audience. The Guardians transform, but only Amu and Tadase go after Ikuto. Yoru joins them, but he can't get Ikuto to come to his senses. Instead, they get hit by Ikuto's attack that inables them to move. Tadase also tries to talk to him, but Ikuto walks off, still under complete control. Amu and Tadase use Platinum Heart to purify the eggs. The embryo appears and the embryo catcher is launched to capture it. Amu sees this and uses her heart rod to deflect the net. Amu asks Tadase what exactly happened between him and Ikuto, and Tadase agrees to tell her about his and Ikuto's past.

46 (97)- "Tadase to Ikuto, Unmei no Horosukōpu!" ("Tadase and Ikuto, the Horoscope of Fate!")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 46

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 46

(唯世とイクト, 運命のホロスコープ!)

Airdate: August 22, 2009

In the past, Yui entrusts a young Tadase with the Dumpty Key. One day, the Tsukiyomi siblings come to Tadase's place. Mizue talks with Tsukasa about being uneasy with them here. Tadase, Utau, and Ikuto would play together: sometimes Ikuto would play the violin for them when asked. After the kids' playing breaks a vase, Tadase mother and grandmother talk about Ikuto and Aruto Tsukiyomi. Early the next morning, Tadase and Betty see Ikuto go off without a word. When Tadase was around his current age after arriving from school, he sees Betty dead, with Ikuto by her side. He asks why, but Tadase sees the Dumpty Key in Ikuto's hands. Tadase's grandmother later falls in critical condition, and since then, Tadase believed his mother's words about Ikuto. In the present, Tadase's unsure of the past now, but things are too vague to really know. They go into a secret room behind the principal's office to see Tsukasa and find him with prepared tea. Tsukasa reveals he took Ikuto away during a bad predicament. He has arranged for someone outside the school to assist them. In Easter, Kazuomi goes to tell Gozen he will have the Embryo soon, but he's not in his office. Kazuomi says that he will get it for Hikaru.

47 (98)- "Fukkatsu! Kagayaki no Maihime!" ("Reborn!! My Radiant Dancing Princess!")

(復活! 輝きの舞姫!)
Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 47

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 47

Airdate: August 29, 2009

Amu and the Guardians meet a hesitant Yuu Nikaidou who takes them to a recently used office. Using Yukari's birthdate, they hack into the computer and learn the Death Rebel music will be broadcast on the radio. The Guardians go back to the city and find Nobuko Saeki. Thanks to a horoscope reading, Ikuto will be found in a theme park, with a violin concert held on the grand opening. At the theme park's tower, the scientists do one final check, then begin the broadcast. X Eggs gather to the tower. Ikuto begins to feel pain, but Kazuomi forces him to play again. While the Guardians go to the tower, Rima falls behind, so Nagihiko stays to help her. Rima says she won't hold hands with a liar, as she has heard Nobuko's accurate guess about Nagihiko and Nadeshiko being the same person. Amu, Tadase, and Yaya arrive at a spot where many X Eggs have gathered. The three go on ahead while Clown Drop and Beat Jumper handle them. Nagihiko remembers a time after a recital when he was still disguised. Rima tells the voices of the affected children that there are things they can't do, but it makes everyone unique and makes them try harder. Temari's egg reacts and hatches, and Nagihiko Character Transforms with her to become Yamato Maihime.

48 (99)- "Omoi wa Hitotsu! Gādian no Tatakai!" ("Our Feelings United! The Guardians' Battle!")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 48

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 48

(思いは一つ! ガーディアンの戦い!)

Airdate: September 5, 2009

Picking up from last episode, Yamato Maihime descends to meet up with Clown Drop. Temari is happy to meet Nagihiko again and she tells him to dance to his heart's content. Releasing a gentle breeze of wind energy as he dances, he sends the X Eggs head over heels. More come, so Nagihiko asks Rima to join him. Both perform Queen's Waltz, purifying the X Eggs. Tadase, Yaya, and Amu witness this, then go off. From the sound of the violin comes a black dog waiting for them in the wax museum. This dog turns out to be injected with X Egg energy, so Yaya Character Transforms to Dear Baby. She attacks with Ducky Dash, but this provokes the dog, so Amu and Tadase transform to Amulet Heart and Platinum Royale. The two attack, but when they get cornered, Yaya steps in. She says that though she wants to stay a baby character, sometimes the inexperienced have to step in and fight. Yaya uses Merry Merry Double Block to distract the dog, then uses Duckies Scramble, Go Go. An angel feather falls from the sky, it's Utau as Seraphic Charm who has come as backup. Utau also attack using White Wing. She compliments Yaya for her hard work, then tells Amu and Tadase to go. Switching to Lunatic Charm, she attacks with Nightmare Lorelei. Yaya uses Black Duckies, Go Go to seduce the dog. Switching back to Seraphic Charm, Utau uses Angel Cradle to purify the X Eggs. Amu and Tadase confront Ikuto as Death Rebel. Ikuto turns the violin to the Death Scythe and attacks. Tadase tries to get through to Ikuto, his staff turns into the Royal Sword. Holy Saber and Dark Night Storm negate one another and they fight. The Dumpty Key gets cut off and it and the Humpty Lock react. Amu sees a vision of a young boy crying. In reality, Humpty Lock and Dumpty Key unite, causing a brilliant light to wash over the area.

49 (100)- "Tanjō! Futatsu no Kyara Nari!" ("The Birth of Two Character Transformations!")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 49

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 49

(誕生! 2つのキャラなり!)

Airdate: September 12, 2009

The Humpty Lock and The Dumpty Key are united. In a shining void, Tadase, Amu, Miki, and Su are trapped in bubbles, unsure as to where they are. A bubble begins replaying past events. A young Utau and Ikuto are outside the waiting room of a hospital, waiting for their mother. Ikuto tells her not to cry. In Tadase's house, a young Tadase runs over to Ikuto and Utau. His mother says they will be living with them. Tsukasa talks to Ikuto later, and shows him a bird learning to fly. Later that evening, Ikuto has given birth to Yoru's egg. Tsukasa delivers Alto's violin to Ikuto. They talk about Alto leaving and the current state of the family. The reason why Ikuto left one day is to come with Tsukasa to learn more about his father. During a snowy day in town, Tsukasa realizes that his wallet was lost, so Ikuto plays the violin. This gets the attention of bystanders, who give money. While playing the violin one day, an old woman gives him a photo of Alto. The people at her store were happy to hear him play, and he married one of the customers daughter who was Ikuto and Utau's mother, Souko Hoshina.[clarification needed] Ikuto cries over this, and as Tsukasa comforts him, Yoru is born. Easter finally finds him, and Tsukasa is too late to get him. In the void, the bubbles flash forward to today. Tadase learns the truth of what happened to Betty. Amu says this isn't Ikuto's would-be self and triggers the full power of the Humpty Lock. Miki, Su, Tadase, and Amu are thrown back to the real world, and Ran also returns. After the light clears, Amu has Character Transformed to Amulet Diamond with a reborn Diamond. She uses Shooting Star Shower to stop the fight and comes down to embrace Ikuto. Ikuto is freed from the Death Rebel trance, Ran, Miki, Su, and Yoru arrive and Yoru happily cries now that his owner is free. The Humpty Lock again triggers and the Dumpty Key does so as well. Ikuto Character Transforms into Seven Seas Treasure. Amu also transforms, turning into Amulet Fortune.

50 (101)- "Yabukareta Ehon! Kanashiki Himitsu!" ("The Torn Picture Book! The Tragic Secret!")

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 50

Shugo Chara Doki! - Episode 50

(破かれた絵本! 悲しき秘密!)

Airdate: September 19, 2009

Amulet Fortune and Seven Seas Treasure descend to the tower. While descending, both Amu and Ikuto take note of their new forms. Platinum Royale catches up to them, and Tadase forgives Ikuto. Kazuomi tries to retake control of Ikuto, to no avail. The X Eggs gather into one giant X Character. Ikuto promptly saves Amu from an attack by using Emerald Line. Tadase and Ikuto team up, using their attacks to break the giant X Character apart. Amu uses Open Heart to purify the X Eggs. The Embryo shows up, the transformation are called off (with a now purified Black Egg), and the scientists use the Embryo Catcher to get it. Kazuomi takes it and he rushes out to the elevator. More X Eggs appear, the timely arrival of Seraphic Charm and Dear Baby drives them away. Beat Jumper and Clown Drop come in as well. The scientists tell the gang there is a secret room only accessible by elevator in the Tower. Tadase, Amu, and Ikuto go off thanks to encouragement by the rest. At Gozen's room, Kazuomi presents the Embryo to Gozen, who is revealed to be a boy named Hikaru. He dismisses the Embryo as worthless, and captures the three in cages. The Embryo loses its shine and Tsukasa comes in. Apparently, After his parents death, Hikaru was raised to be the boss for Easter, but he wasn't taught happiness and love. This in turn made his heart empty. Tsukasa shows the young Hikaru a picture book, but he angrily dismisses it as pointless and rips a page out of it. More X Eggs begin to gather, breaking the ceiling of the room. The episode ends in a cliffhanger as everyone looks up at the impending danger.

51 (102)- "Yume no Tamago, Naritai Jibun." ("The Dream Egg, Who I Want to Be.")


Airdate: September 26, 2009

After last episode, the X Eggs smash through the ceiling and smash the cages holding Amu, Tadase, and Ikuto. They take Hikaru and the Embryo up to the top of the tower. Amu becomes Amulet Heart, Ikuto becomes Black Lynx, and Tadase become Platinum Royale. They go back up to meet the group and witness the reforming of the giant X Character. Amu and Ikuto reveal that Hikaru is Gozen, Easter's boss. Slash Claw and Holy Saber break the X Character apart, but it reforms. Seraphic Charm, Clown Drop, and Dear Baby work together to get Hikaru on ground. The Giant X Character begins crying, and everyone begins to feel sad. Amu keeps fighting and tries to explain to Hikaru nothing is useless after Kazuomi blocks an attack. The Humpty Lock glows brightly and Amu uses Open Heart Full Volume! to purify the giant X Character. After the dust cleared, Hikaru explains that he collected gems in an attempt to fill the void in his heart. Amu explains that what he was actually looking for was feelings. Ran, Miki, Su, and Diamond explain that even though his Heart's Egg is gone, the Guardian Characters are always with him. The Embryo regains it radiance and is revealed to be Hikaru's Heart's Egg, which promptly goes back into its owner. Hikaru begins crying, and Kazuomi apologizes to Hikaru as what he wanted was Hikaru to be happy. After everything, Ikuto tells Amu that he has a secret to confess and kisses her on the cheek and leaves a jealous Tadase and Utau, and a burned out Amu. Everyone goes their separate ways. The next day, the Guardians have a meeting about their success. Yaya reveals that Utau is having another concert. Now that Utau is famous, Yukari is planning on moving to a bigger office. Nikaidou, Kukai, and Kairi are already packing. The Guardians are handling some stray X Characters, and Tadase asks if Amu likes Ikuto. She quickly denies any feelings for him, and she asks why. That question has been on Tadase's mind and Amu sees Tadase for who he is. The X Eggs come, and thanks to Tadase, Amu purifies them. The remaining three think that Amu and Tadase are in love, and Amu gets flustered.