1- "Shugo Kyara Tanjō!" ("A Guardian Character is Born!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 01

Shugo Chara - Episode 01

Airdate: October 6, 2007

The episode begins far to a city. It was a beautiful, fine morning as many students were heading to Seiyo Elementary Academy. Two bullies from a different school were attempting to take a young male Seiyo Academy student with glasses, named as Seiichiro Suzuki of his money, until Amu Hinamori stepped in. The two boys instantly recognized her as the "cool and spicy" girl. They both escaped away from Amu and the young male student thanked her for his trouble including to want an autograph on behalf. Amu denied the autograph from him and also told him that he was in the way, too. The boy was still amazed by her motivated style as Amu walked pass by him.

At the Seiyo Elementary Academy, in the 5th-grade Star Class, Amu was sitting on her desk while some female students from there were talking about her that had happened today. They also gossiping more about her family and other nonsense things. Amu had overheard them and she thought about it that it is not her real self while staring next to the window at the sky.

Later that night, Amu and her family were eating dinner while a channel presents a fortune-teller, Nobuko Saeki, who was telling the today's fortune-telling about guardian spirits. Amu and her sister, Ami, become shock to hear that. Amu ponders that it is not really true, but her mother, Midori explains that she is a very famous entrepreneur. The father, Tsumugu intervened as he showed a picture of Amu's sister making the mother feel truly cheerful. Amu was little spectacle about them, then her little sister hugged her that she is starting to feel frantic of ghosts. Amu argues to her that there is no ghosts, but Nobuko in the television replied that there are ghosts. Amu wonders that it is dumb for such nonsense, but Nobuko replied that saying that would make them to die. Amu started to feel quivered and receives goosbumps of her and thinks that Nobuko was talking to her. Nobuko replied in the television with an answer "Yes." Amu stood up in shock and the mother wonders what is the matter for her daughter. She replied with a bluff to her about the guardian spirit nonsense from the television, then skips dinner to head upstairs into her room. The parents were awestruck to have their daughter being cool while the little sister did not understand what happened.

Amu sits on her bed then started to act crazily whining of what had happened today. She thought about the things about her own outer character and a flashback of when she first transferred to the Seiyo Elementary Academy. She stepped outside from her room upstairs, watching the stars and making a wish (forgiving of what she had said earlier to the guardian spirits) that she wanted to be her real would-be-self.

The next morning, Amu was shocked to find three Easter-like eggs on her bed. She touched one of them and it felt very warm as she thinks that the eggs were about to become born. Amu went downstairs to see her father taking photograph pictures of her little sister singing. Amu notices at the breakfast table to see a dish of homemade eggs. She was about to ask her mother, but the father intervened as he shows the latest photo of Amu's little sister making her feel very happy once more. The mother then asked Amu of what she was about to ask her, but Amu changed her mind.

Later, Amu was walking to her class at the school in-campus ground and stares the eggs in her bag. Then everyone started to chatter loudly as four students with royaline capes appear in the scene. The two girls from Amu's class explained to her about them as the four Guardians. They also introduced each one of them. The King's Chair: Tadase Hotori, the Queen's Chair: Nadeshiko Fujisaki, the Jack's Chair: Kukai Souma, and the Ace's Chair: Yaya Yuiki. The two also explains to Amu about their special hangout known as the Royal Garden where they held tea parties and whatsoever. Everyone admires them very much including Amu, which she uses her outer character again to hide her true feelings about it.

Suddenly, Amu notices that one of her eggs had started to wiggle. She panickingly tried to cover it, but Tadase notices her eggs and instantly grabs her shoulder. Amu was surprised as everyone were staring at them. She shoves him off scolding him not to touch her, which everyone were awestruck. Amu walked away feeling a bit upset and jealous. The four guardians had all notice her eggs and thinking that she is the chosen Character Bearer who will hold the legendary Humpty Lock. Meanwhile in another place at a grass meadow, the sleeping Ikuto Tsukiyomi had awaken to hear the Humpty Lock's sound from the academy.

In the school's gym, thousands of students were on the Guardian's Assembly as Tadase was the first to talk about the uniform issue. While he was talking, Amu was sitting with all the other students in the assembly, thinking that she wanted to tell him that she likes him, but she is unable to say it. All a sudden, a voice was heard out of nowhere from within her head and told her to do it already. Amu's X-shape clip on her hair had merged into a heart-shape and blurted her confession in front of thousands of students and Tadase. Everyone was awestruck as Tadase replied to her that he already has someone that he likes. Amu felt more jealous than earlier, then runs out crying from the gym. Kukai took over Tadase's position to continue the assembly topics as he told Tadase to follow Amu.

Amu kept on running until she accidentally fell on a construction site ditch. She tried to call someone for help but there was nobody in the area who heard her. Amu hear someone calling her name and one of her eggs had popped out from her bag. In another scene, Ikuto finally stole the Humpty Lock in the Royal Garden then smell the essence of eggs nearby. Back where Amu is at the ditch, the glowing egg then hatched into a chibi fairy-like cheerleader whom told her to jump out from the bottom ditch. The tiny cheerleader made her character change (turning the X-shape clip to the heart-shape again) with additional energy pink wings from Amu's wrists and ankles. Amu instantly jumps very high almost into flying as she cannot control her own body.

She finally land atop a very high unfinished construction building where she looks down feeling frightened. Amu asked the tiny cheerleader who she is and the tiny fairy answered that she is Ran her Guardian Character. Ran also explains that she is also her would-be-self, but Amu does not believe her one bit. Suddenly, Ikuto appeared in his Character Change form (cat ears and tail). Amu thinks he is a weirdo as she notices the cat ears on his head. Ikuto walk towards her then smells the eggs that she has with her. His Guardian Character, a chibi cat fairy that almost resemble to him, implies that she has two. Ran tries to warn Amu about the eggs, but Ikuto flicks her away. He then sneaked into her right side pocket and snatched the two eggs away.

Amu, felt dishearten, rushed towards him wanted her eggs back. Ikuto felt surprised as he accidentally slipped off the two eggs from his hand as Amu bumps into him. She finally got her eggs back, but she is falling off from the building. Ran tries to tell Amu to Character Change with her again, but she cannot. Ran also implies to her that she needs to believe her would-be-self. Amu realized of the wish she had made, really do want to be her true self. The Humpty Lock glowed very bright from Ikuto's Shugo Chara, then flew off to Amu's aide. Amu sees the Humpty Lock near her then grabs it, instantly Character Transform with Ran into Amulet Heart. Tadase finally arrived at the scene to see Amu's transformation.

Amu finally landed safely on the ground then jumps really high into the sky. She was surprised and thinks that that is not her actual self upon the new outfit she was wearing, but she felt light as a feather and was happy while flying through the air. Ikuto and Tadase were stunned to see Amu character transform for the first time. Ran was happy that she can character transform. Amu does not know what character transform is about, but Ran explains to her for when someone with a Guardian Character transforms in 120% of its full strength and power, they can be able to transform as they are now.

Amu still does not get about the character transformation until she looks down then starts to panick as she was too high up in the air. Ran tries to tell Amu to continue believing, but it was too late as she instantly returned herself to normal and fell back down once again. Tadase in his Character Change form (a crown on his head) made it in time with his royal sceptor by creating a giant crown bubble. The bubble depleted and Tadase was holding Amu in his arms. Ikuto jumps down ontop of a crane machine and was meeted again with Tadase. He told Ikuto that it was against the rules to steal the eggs and the Humpty Lock. He also tells him that he would never let him have the Embryo as Amu overheard him. Ikuto summon his energy cat claw from his right hand then throws at Tadase and Amu. Tadase managed to block it with his Holy Crown move. After the explosion, Ikuto and his Guardian Character disappeared.

Tadase returns to his normal self then brought out his handkerchief and gently wipes Amu's face asking her if she is okay. Amu felt awestruck and answered that she is fine. Nadeshiko arrived and tells Tadase that he is needed back at the assembly as everyone is waiting for him. Before Tadase leaves, he told Amu to rest at home. Amu asked about the Humpty Lock, but he replied that she needs to hold it for now. After that, Amu was very excitedly filled with love and affection, but Ran intervened. Amu realized that she almost forgot that Tadase already likes someone earlier. Ran implies to her that they will not give up hope yet as there are plenty of chances to get that affection around. Amu felt a grudge at her then leaves away. Ran follows along as Amu narrates wondering what type of characters that her two eggs will be as the blue egg started to move in the end.

2- "Kokoro no Tamago!" ("The Heart's Egg!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 02

Shugo Chara - Episode 02

Airdate: October 13, 2007

Amu's sitting in her room wondering what happened the day before when she Character Transformed. She thinks it was probably just a dream, but Ran pops up and tells her it wasn't. When Ran finishes exclaiming about how cool the Transformation was, Amu blames her for Character Changing in front of the entire student body and proclaiming her love for Tadase Hotori, only to be turned down. Ran tries to cheer her up, but to no avail. Amu says that saying her feelings in front of people wasn't anything like her, making Ran retreat to her egg, looking forlorn.

At school, Amu is standing outside of her classroom door, not wanting to go in because of the incident. Finally, she slides the door open, causing everyone inside the room quiet down and glance over at her. She's thinking everyone's realizing she wasn't as cool as they thought and that there were probably new rumors flying around. She walks on by her peers, who are still silent, with these thoughts and sits down at her desk. As soon as she sits down, some girls crowd around and sparkle at her, saying that she was brave to confess and that she and Tadase would look good together. One girl also says that Amu may be cool and collected, but she has that side to her, too, making Amu blush and smile along with Ran who peeks out of Amu's bag. The classroom door opens again, and in comes Nadeshiko Fujisaki. The students look at her mesmerized as she makes her way over to Amu, giving her compliments and asking why she was in the Star class. Nadeshiko steps over to Amu and, after making sure it was indeed the Amu she was to find, she hands her an invitation to come to the Royal Garden with the Student Council Guardians, along with a message from Tadase saying that he would tell her about heart's eggs. Then she says she would see Amu after school and exits the room, everyone still gazing at her. When she's gone, some students begin to flock to Amu's desk saying it was amazing that she had been invited.

During P.E. class, Amu contemplates about the tea party again. She isn't sure about it, but she says she needed to return the Humpty Lock and she would be able to see the prince again. Ran flies toward her and asks about the tea party. Amu quickly grabs her, trying to hide her from everybody, but Ran never obey her, after escaping from Amu's grip, flies over in front of a group of girls and begins cheering. When none of them react, Ran explains that regular people couldn't see Guardian Characters.

Amu cools down a bit after that information and turns when a boy in a third grade class falls down while trying to do the horizontal bar. After making sure the boy, Suzuki, was alright, the coach asks any of his students if they would demonstrate how to rotate backwards on the bar. When no one volunteers, he turns to Amu's fifth grade class and asks if he could borrow one of them. A couple of the girls who usually crowd around Amu's desk say that Amu could probably do it since she seemed to be good at anything. She tries telling them that she was awful at the bar, but Ran cheers her on before Character Changing. Ran controls Amu's body as she runs over to the bar and begins to rotate, but not backwards, faster than what really should be possible. Ran was still cheering her on, causing her to not notice the blue egg slipping out of Amu's bag and hatching to look at Amu.

Amu finally hops back down to the ground when she finishes to a cheering crowd. Suzuki looks at her with a sparkle in his eye, but the sparkle soon disappears. Later, in a restroom stall, Amu is yelling at Ran and threatening to flush her down a toilet so she could never do anything like that when Character Changing again. Ran tries to tell her that everyone liked it and asks what the problem was and Amu says someone couldn't go around changing and rewriting peoples' personalities as it would get on their nerves. The blue egg sees Amu's outburst and, with an unhappy look on her face, rolls out of the stall before hopping off. Amu tells Ran to get in her bag if she understood, so Ran flies over and was about to get in only to notice that the blue egg was missing.

After notifying Amu, she says thay have to go look for it, but Amu's next class was about to begin. Ran says they should try after school which reminds Amu of the tea party. Suddenly, Amu begins to say there was nothing good about Guardian Characters, that they only are and bring trouble. Once again, Ran tries to let Amu change her mind, but Amu's mind is set: once she finds the blue egg, she wants them to leave out of her life.

Amu's next class is Arts and Crafts where her teacher wants the students to draw a portrait of the person sitting in front of them. Saaya Yamabuki, the person sitting in front of Amu, claims to be taking private art classes. Then she tells Amu that if she didn't capture her every feature correctly, she would never forgive her. That makes Amu nervous and, from the look of Amu's portrait of Saaya, she wouldn't've been forgiven in awhile. She's thinking about her awful skills at drawing when a voice asks why she didn't change. Amu's hair clip turns into a spade and she begins to draw very quickly. Saaya couldn't believe it was her as it was drawn so beautifully and while everyone in the class looks over it awestruck, Amu asks Ran if that was her, but Ran quickly diminishes the thought seeing as she was only good at sports. They turn to the window and notice a blue floating character.

Amu rushes from the room saying she has to use the restroom and follows her character. Every technique she uses to try and catch the blue character fails. Ran speaks up for Amu since she's out of breath, asking why the blue character was running as Amu was her Guardian keeper. The blue character introduces herself as Miki, the self Amu wanted to be. Then she explains that Amu wasn't sure about the self she wanted to be and if she didn't believe in Miki, she'd disappear. Amu seems to be shocked by the news and Ran goes over to Miki and agrees. She says she needed to believe in them because all the things she did (the picture and drawing) were things she had the power to do. Amu tells them that they get in the way and she didn't fully understand them, but she supposes she can believe in them a little. The clouds that had begun to darken up, lighten and Ran and Miki smile. Then Amu turns to Miki saying she was coming with them and didn't want people to think she was in the "restroom" for a long time. Miki happily agrees and they turn to walk off, not knowing that behind a tree somewhere, someone had been watching and listening.

A cutscene shows Ikuto thinking about what happened to Amu when the Humpty Lock fell into her hands the day before. Ikuto's Guardian Character asks about Amu, saying he had never heard of anyone having three Guardian Characters. Then he says that one of them might be the Embryo and Ikuto says it's possible.

Next, Amu is outside of the Royal Garden with her invitation, Ran, and Miki, but was extremely nervous. With a slight blush, she enters and looks around, liking everything she sees. There she is greeted by Tadase. When everyone is seated, Nadeshiko tells them they would be having maca tea and scones which leads to Yaya bursting out how she loved Nadeshiko's scones. Tadase notices Amu's anxious face and suggests they introduce themselves. He introduces himself as the King's Chair, a fifth grader, and then his Guardian Character, Kiseki. Nadeshiko's a fifth grader also, has the Queen's Chair and her Character Temari. Yaya's the Ace Chair, a fourth grader, and her Guardian is Pepe. The Jack's Chair is Kukai, a sixth grader and Daichi as his buddy.

As Amu jumps up to introduce herself, they say they already know everything about her, giving her some bits of information, like her how she was shy, and didn't really like scary movies. She asks how they knew and Nadeshiko replies that it is the Guardians' job to look after students' personal information, though Amu thinks it's just the same as invading their privacy.

Nadeshiko mentions they also knew of Ran and Miki, too, which prompts Amu to ask what Guardian Characters were. Tadase lets Amu retrieve a picture book called The Heart's Egg. She begins t read, but near the end, she noticed that a page is missing. They explain who wrote the story and what Guardian Characters are before the say that was why they wanted her to join the Guardians. Then he explains how X-Eggs were formed and Kukai and Nadeshiko say that her Character Transformation will be very helpful when dealing with those type of eggs. Amu tries to tell them that she didn't know how she had done it.

Behind her, using his handy sparkle attack, Tadase asks if she'll become a Guardian. She blushes and fidgets a little as Ran and Miki came up to either of her sides. Then she unexpectantly yells out "no!" and Yaya asks her why saying that there were plently of benefits. Amu refuses to wear the Royal Cape prompting them to look at her and ask if that was all; it was a big deal because it clashed with her sense of style. Kukai busts out into a fit of laughter saying that Amu was hilarious and that she "passed" to becoming a Guardian as he thought she was joking. She says again she wasn't joining so Tadase tries to use a sad face, which nearly works, but Amu quickly runs off, Ran and Miki trying to catch up to her and with Kukai laughing at her funny ways.

Ran and Miki wonder if it was such a great idea to not join and Amu says yes, bacause she thought joining the Guardians would pull her away from her classmates who she was just getting closer to. She says she was fine with being normal and only wanted to be normal. Miki says she missed a chance of getting close to the prince, leading Amu to say she didn't have any special powers and that lead her to remember she had forgotten to return the Humpty Lock. She's thinking about what to do when a shout from in front of her catches her attention. Looking, she saw it was the kid from the third grade class who fell during P.E trying to rotate on the horizontal bar over and over again, but not succeeding. He notices her and she goes over and leans on the bar while he sits on the ground.

Seiichiro apologizes to her for having to see him do something embarassing, but she says there was no need for him to apologize. He admits to being a fan of hers, but he says he doesn't have the right to be one anymore which confuses Amu. He says it was because he had no athletic ability, was clumsy, and some say he acted like an old man for his young age. As a mysterious figure appears on the roof of the school ahead of them, he goes on, neither of them noticing the figure. He says he figured his dream wouldn't come true and, after asking him, Amu learns his dream was to have the best grades in school and to become president of an IT company or a charismatic programmer. As he says it was apparent that they could never happen, his heart's egg gets glazed over by a film of gray. Then the mysterious figure on the roof manages to turn it black and sporting a white "x".

It comes before Amu and she realizes it was her first time dealing with an X-Egg. Suzuki begins to say awful things about himself and says that Amu probably agrees too. She says she didn't, but he doesn't believe her and his egg emits a powerful blast of black energy at her. Then he begins to say his dream wasn't possible, making Amu say nothing was impossible and that he had to believe in his dream or it would vanish as he was too young to think about giving up on something. As she says that, the Humpty Lock flashes pink and a huge light shoots up; so huge in fact the Guardians can see it as they're leaving the Royal Garden. Tadase is the only one who recognizes it and he goes running after it.

Meanwhile, Amu unlocks her heart and allows a Character Transformation with Ran becoming Amulet Heart once again. Miki's amazed while Amu can't believe she Transformed again. The Guardians show up at the end of the walkway above the field and look on. The X-Egg launches up and shoots an even more powerful blast of black energy toward her. Amu isn't sure of what to do, but Ran reassures her saying her power's getting stronger and Amu agrees. Then, planting her feet firmly on the ground, she locks on to Seiichiro's Negative Heart and uses Open Heart to purify it. The Guardians are awed as they watch it return to normal as is Amu. Ran takes apart the Transformation and congratulates Amu, but Amu freaks out about what just happened. Miki calls it cool and that calms Amu down some.

The mysterious person smiles from the roof at what he just saw and walks off. As he is walking off, Suzuki's heart's egg is coming back to him before entering his heart once again. He "wakes" up trying to figure out what happened and notices Amu standing in front of him. She tells him that they're no different from each other and says she didn't think he was worthless. He is touched and the sparkle comes back into his eyes. He claims her words filled him with energy and he would make all of his dreams come true. But other than that, he says, he would always be Amu's number one fan.

The Guardians announce their presence and say they had been watching and compliment her. Once again, she tries to tell them it wasn't her. Ran and Miki wonder if she'll leave and right on cue she runs off with them behind her. Nadeshiko tells Tadase she wasn't going to leave things like that meaning she was going to get Amu to join somehow.

At her house and in her room, Ran is saying how cool it was to Character Transform like earlier that morning. Miki and Amu insult each other as the latter lies about how awesome it is to do a Character Transformation and Amu tries to catch Miki as Ran looks at them before joining in. Amu realizes that she may be cynical, stubborn, and a scaredy cat, but she was okay with it.

3- "Saku to Fuwa to Sū ni Omakase!" ("Flaky and Fluffy, Leave it to Su!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 03

Shugo Chara - Episode 03

Airdate: October 20, 2007

Nadeshiko tells Amu that the two should become friends. However, Amu sees it as a trick to get her to join the Guardians. Nadeshiko can't believe she figured it out, so instead she tries to bribe her with pictures of Tadase. Amu nearly caves in, but Ran and Miki manage to help her. Nadeshiko then convinces Amu to go together to Tadase's house. The two meet in the school's kitchen to make some snacks. Amu aks if they're even allowed in the school's kitchen, but Nadeshiko tells her it's a benefit of being a Guardian. Nadeshiko warns Amu about using the word "Prince" around Tadase. Together, the two begin to make the tart for Tadase while Ran, Miki, and Temari watch. Miki even draws a picture of what the completed tart would look like.

Nadeshiko leaves to get some fruit for the garnish when the sweet has come out of the oven and tells Amu to take care of the rest. Amu ponders about why she does not improves any domestic skills, but a last voice encourage her. Ikuto interrupts the two and attempts to steal the last egg. After Ikuto and Amu have a "moment", Nadeshiko comes back in and Character Changes with Temari, becoming an agressive character wielding a naginata. During the fight between Nadeshiko and Ikuto, Ikuto makes the nearly finished tart fall to the ground trying to dodge from the naginata. Ran and Miki try to encourage Amu to Character Change, also, but she's frozen as she looks on as the tart falls down before breaking and becoming ruined. Then the green egg hatches as Su, Amu's third Guardian Character, emerges. Trying to make things better, she Character Changes with Amu and makes a giant whirlpool of batter, pulling the six inhabitants of the room into it.

Amu tries to get Ikuto to tell her what the Embryo is, but Ran distracts her by revealing the fate of the tart. Tears on her eyes and consumed by sober, Amu hides her sadness, tries to make her alright. Ikuto watches her with a unemotional expression before leaving with Yoru. Nadeshiko suggests remaking the tart, but Amu explains how there wasn't enough time or supplies. Su then comforts her, saying there was not enough dough to make another tart, but they could make something else and Character Changes once again. Miki draws another picture, this time of the completed cookies. Su almost drops the cookies when she lands on the tip of the plate they were set on, but Amu manages to catch them on her apron.

At home, Amu starts deciding on how to wrap up the cookies. Ran Character Changes with Amu and leads her to write a very embarrassing note to Tadase. Then the Guardian Characters wrap up the note with the cookies, almost tricking Amu. She rewraps it saying she can't give him something as embarrassing as the first package. The one she wrapped had a big red ribbon while the one the three wrapped had a big green ribbon, the major difference between the two.

A cutscene shows Ikuto and Yoru lying under the stars eating cookies. Yoru is complaining of how the green egg belonging to Su wasn't the Embryo while Ikuto seems a little distracted. Ikuto shrugs his thoughts about Amu off.

While Amu waits for Nadeshiko at a park with Ran, Miki, and the package she placed in a bag, Su shows up, hitting Amu in the face with a similar bag, but inside is the package with the green ribbon. That bag slips into her hands while the one she had been holding falls onto the ground. She is reprimanding Su and is surprised when Tadase arrives instead of Nadeshiko. Panicking, she inadvertently gives him the snacks containing a love note inside, but doesn't know it until Ran, Miki, and Su hold up the bag with the package inside that has the red ribbon on it. Amu sneaks into Tadase's house with the two Guardian Characters to retrieve the gift, but, just as she's about to grab it from Tadase's desk in his room, she meets his Guardian Character, Kiseki. He explains to her what the Embryo is and what it is capable of. When Amu tries to get Kiseki to tell her what Tadase's wish is, Tadase himself comes into his room to check on Kiseki and finds her. Amu creates a loud scream, after Tadase caught her.

The two, along with their guardian Characters, go outside and Tadase brings up her joining the Guardians. He explains that with her, the Guardians would become stronger, as she can do a Character Transformation, which none of the Guardians have mastered yet. While she thinks about her crush on him, she calls him "prince" and discovers that Tadase Character Changes into someone set on world domination whenever he hears the word. She freaks out wondering what to do when Nadeshiko, Kukai, and Yaya show up. She then learns that Tadase's wish is for world domination. Putting the pieces together, she asks the three if they were helping and when they all said yes, she asked why. They all answered with "because it's something to do." Amu doesn't believe their answer and calls the Guardians ridiculous.

Soon after, Tadase returns to his normal self and sulks in a corner by himself. Hesitantly, Amu tries to talk to him, but he cuts in and tells her that's how he is every time he Character Changes. He says she must be disgusted with him, yet she says she isn't and nearly called him "prince" again. Tadase says he wished to become stronger and that leads to Amu seeing that he, that they all were like her, as they had all wished to become someone else. Before she could get distracted again, Ran, Miki, and Su hold out the gift with the red ribbon. She gives it to Tadase, stuttering over her words. Yaya says they smell like cookies and starts whining, saying she wants some, so Tadase suggests that they share them.

At her home, Amu is feeling very tired and Su is upset because they couldn't give away the gift with the green ribbon. The former gets angry and says that everything that happened that day was because of the latter and she should think about what she did. Amu steps outside and glances at the Humpty Lock and looks as her Guardian Characters follow her outside. She tells them that nothing good has happened since they showed up in her life, but then says that not all of it was so bad as they look up at the stars.

The next day, the Guardians announce Amu as their new member, the Joker. She blushes as everyone turns to look at her, and Amu let out a yell that a suprise struck at her that she b=is becoming a Joker.

4- "Atashi ga Kirifuda!?" ("I'm The Trump Card!?")

Shugo Chara - Episode 04

Shugo Chara - Episode 04

Airdate: October 27, 2007

Amu protests to the Guardians about making her a member. However, the Guardians explain that while they have to do boring work, the Joker's responsibility is dealing with her own affairs and handling the X Eggs. Amu receives the Humpty Lock and a pouch to carry her Guardian Characters. Nevertheless, Amu refuses wearing the cape that the Guardians wear. At home, Ikuto drops by and gives Amu a bag of cookies and candies as a way to make up, but warns Amu to not search for the Embryo or they will be enemies. The next day, Amu chases after an X Egg, but bumps into the new teacher, Yuu Nikaidou, and loses track of it. The egg hatches into an X Character and finds Amu at the school's planetarium where Amu Character Transforms into Amulet Heart and purifies the X Character.

5- "Shūto! Batsu Kyara o Yattsukero!" ("Shoot! Get that X-Character!")

(シュート! ×キャラをやっつけろ!)
Shugo Chara - Episode 05

Shugo Chara - Episode 05

Airdate: November 3, 2007

Nadeshiko and Amu watch Kukai's soccer team practice where Amu encounters Yamada, one of Kukai's teammates. However, when the coach announces the starters for the next match against a top ranked team, Yamada does not make the list. At the match, Yamada sneaks away while feeling that he cannot match Kukai's abilities. Nikaidou takes advantage of Yamada's feelings and extracts Yamada's Heart's Egg, which turns into an X Egg and hatches into an X Character. Amu transforms and is able to purify the X Character just in time for the coach to declare Yamada as a substitute one of the starters. With Yamada's efforts, the team is able to tie the game.

6- "Kyara Nari! Amyuretto Supēdo!" ("Character Transformation! Amulet Spade!")

(キャラなり! アミュレットスペード!)
Shugo Chara - Episode 06

Shugo Chara - Episode 06

Airdate: November 10, 2007

Amu accompanies Yaya to the guardian's ballet class. While there, Amu meets with the class's prima, Maika Himekawa. During practice, Maika sprains her ankle and Yaya is chosen to be Maika's stand-in for the upcoming performance. While thinking about Maika, Amu goes to the planetarium she discovered in episode four and meets with the planetarium's caretaker. Meanwhile, Nikaidou meets with Ikuto on the street and informs him that that Maika's egg may be the Embryo, but if it is not, Ikuto will need to clean up. During dress rehearsals, Nikaidou extracts Maika's egg, but it turns into an X Egg and hatches an X Character. Yaya Character Changes to combat the X Character but her attack is reflected back to her. Amu does her first Character Transformation with Miki and the two become Amulet Spade. As Amulet Spade, Amu is able to purify the X Character.

7- "Chiisana Tamago!" ("The Small Egg!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 07

Shugo Chara - Episode 07

Airdate: November 17, 2007

Amu takes her little sister, Ami, with her to a guardian meeting. Amu learns that Ami is also able to see the Guardian Characters. While the Guardians hold their meeting, the Guardian Characters play with Ami and find a treasure map to a magical egg protected by a dragon. Ami and the Guardian Characters sneak out of the Royal Garden in search for the magic egg and, along with Yoru who left Ikuto to search for the Embryo by himself, get into lots of trouble at the school. When the Guardians discovered that Ami and the Guardian Characters are missing, they run off to look for them. Amu and the Guardian Characters uncover a time capsule under a dragon-shape tree when the Guardians finally find them. Inside, the capsule contained essays that each class member wrote about what they dreamed of becoming, including Tadase's dream of dominating the world.

8- "Kimi no Hitomi ni Koishiteru!" ("I've Fallen in Love with Your Eyes!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 08

Shugo Chara - Episode 08

Airdate: November 24, 2007

Amu encounters Misaki Watarai, an energetic girl who is also in love with Tadase. Misaki suggests that the two should team up to have a better chance for Tadase, but also reminds Amu that she was "safe" since Tadase has already rejected her. The two scope out the competition, including Saaya Yamabuki, head of Tadase's fan club, and Nadeshiko. But when Misaki meets with Tadase, she runs away. The next day, Misaki recruits Amu again and the two frantically search for Tadase until they find him. However, Misaki accidentally calls Tadase "Prince" and Tadase Character Changes into his egotistical king personality. After Saaya chides Misaki for Misaki's energetic personality and misunderstanding Tadase's conversation with Nadeshiko, Misaki becomes heartbroken and Nikaidou extracts Misaki's egg, but it hatches into an X Character. While Tadase provides cover, Amu Character Transforms into Amulet Heart and purifies the X Character.

9- "Fujisaki-ke no Nana Fushigi!?" ("The Seven Mysteries of the Fujisaki Family!?")

Shugo Chara - Episode 09

Shugo Chara - Episode 09

Airdate: December 1, 2007

Nadeshiko invites Amu to a sleep over so that the two can get to know each other better. But in order to keep Ami home, Amu makes up a story about the Seven Mysteries of the Fujisaki house. As Amu arrives at Nadeshiko's home, she begins to believe her own story. Amu and Nadeshiko enjoy their time together, but after Amu takes her bath, she gets lost inside the house. Meanwhile, the Guardian Characters chase a mouse and the ruckus they make terrifies Amu. At night, Amu attempts to sneak out, but she gets lost again. Amu comes across the dance hall where Nadeshiko is practicing for an upcoming performance and Amu thinks that she has failed as a friend for being selfish. However, the housekeeper informs Amu that this was not true. The next morning, Amu is happy that her first sleepover was with Nadeshiko.

10- "Kyara Nari! Amyuretto Kurōbā!" ("Character Transformation! Amulet Clover!")

(キャラなり! アミュレットクローバー!)
Shugo Chara - Episode 10

Shugo Chara - Episode 10

Airdate: December 8, 2007

Ami wants to decorate a Christmas tree with Amu, so after school, Amu and the Guardians shop for decorations. As the group leaves the store, Yoru steals Su's decoration and Su is separated from the rest of the group. Amu, Ran, and Miki search for Su, but eventually call it a night. Meanwhile, Su befriends a white shaggy puppy who is also lost. The next day, Amu and the Guardians search for Su. Su and the puppy come across an X Egg and the two chase after it. However, Ikuto catches the egg and is about to break before Su prevents him by taking the egg. Utau Hoshina interrupts the confrontation and uses a Character Change to take the egg back from Su. But before Utau can break it, Amu arrives. Amu does a Character Transformation with Su, becoming Amulet Clover and purifies the egg.

11- "Yukiyama no Kyūjitsu!" ("The Snow Mountain Holiday!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 11

Shugo Chara - Episode 11

Airdate: December 15, 2007

The Guardians go to a winter training camp and stay with Kukai's grandfather, who is the priest at a temple near a ski resort. The Guardians enter a snow-sculpting contest, each building a part of a castle. However, Amu becomes discouraged with her gate. When Amu asks Miki to do a Character Change, Miki refuses. On the way back to the temple, Amu asks Tadase about the person he said he already liked when he rejected her. Tadase explains that he was referring to his family's dog. Nevertheless, Tadase confesses that he has come to like Amu's alter ego, Amulet Heart. That night, Amu becomes depressed that Tadase likes Amulet Heart, but that Amulet Heart is not her. Ran reminds Amu that Amulet Heart is Amu's would-be self and that Amulet Heart exists within Amu. Amu then becomes determined to work towards becoming her would-be selves.

12- "Kanashimi no Kurisumasu Ibu!" ("A Sad Christmas Eve!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 12

Shugo Chara - Episode 12

Airdate: December 22, 2007

Amu goes shopping with Nadeshiko and Yaya for a Christmas party. When Amu sees a music video by Utau, Yaya informs Amu that Utau is a new idol singer. Elsewhere, Utau is practicing her performance, but when she becomes disheartened, her manager, Yukari Sanjo, brings up Ikuto. Utau is then determined to work harder. As Amu hurriedly runs home, she comes to a park where different groups are performing music. Amu hears a sorrowful melody and when she follows it, she discovers that it is Ikuto playing his violin. After the Guardian's Christmas party the next day, Amu returns home. However, the Guardian Characters feel the presence of X Eggs. They return to the park and find that everyone's eggs have been extracted en masse and have turn into X Eggs. In the middle of them stood Ikuto who disappears in a burst of wind along with the eggs.

13- "Daiharan! Nyū Iyā Raibu!" ("Big Disturbance! New Year Live!")

(大波乱! ニューイヤーライブ!)
Shugo Chara - Episode 13

Shugo Chara - Episode 13

Airdate: January 5, 2008

Amu and the Guardians go to a live New Year's concert where Utau will be performing. While waiting, the Guardians realize that the Easter Company is the sponsor of the concert. Amu also sees Ikuto and follows him into a back area where she inadvertently overhears a conversation between Nikaidou, Yukari, and another person discussing the events that took place on Christmas Eve. As the concert begins, everything is going well until Utau sprouts tiny batwings and four X Eggs appear. The concert ends when part of the scaffolding above the stage falls due to the shenanigans of the Guardian Characters. Amu transforms into Amulet Heart and purifies the X Eggs, but not before Ikuto Character Transforms into Black Lynx and shatters one of the eggs. Amu learns what happens when someone's Heart's Egg is destroyed.

14- "Gerende ni Shugo Kyara!? Sunoppe Tōjō!" ("A Guardian Character at the Ski Slope!? Snoppe's Appearance!")

(ゲレンデにしゅごキャラ!? スノッペ登場!)
Shugo Chara - Episode 14

Shugo Chara - Episode 14

Airdate: January 12, 2008

The fifth and sixth graders are being taught how to snowboard by a top snowboarder in Japan, 11-year-old Mifuyu Torii. Amu's Guardian Characters detect that Mifuyu is about to create a powerful Heart's Egg, which also doesn't go unnoticed by Nikaidou. That evening, Mifuyu is about to compete in the preliminaries for a snowboarding competition. However, she becomes scared. When Mifuyu wishes to become brave and break her habit of becoming frightened before competing, her Guardian Egg appears and Snoppe hatches from it. With Snoppe's help, Mifuyu is able to compete calmly in the preliminaries. Nikaidou sees Snoppe and realizes that Guardian Characters are born from powerful Heart's Eggs. Attempting to harness that power, he confronts Mifuyu and causes her to begin to doubt herself. These negative emotions cause Snoppe to turn into an X Egg and Nikaidou quietly makes off with it.

15- "Setsugen no Daikōbō! Sunoppe o Sukue!" ("The Battle at the Snowfield! Save Snoppe!")

(雪原の大攻防! スノッペを救え!)
Shugo Chara - Episode 15

Shugo Chara - Episode 15

Airdate: January 19, 2008

The Guardians learn that Snoppe is missing and set out in search for her. However, there is not much time left before Mifuyu competes. Meanwhile, Nikaidou analyzes Mifuyu's X Egg in a remote cabin, but is interrupted by Suzuki, Amu's admirer. Later, Amu nearly runs into Suzuki and brings him back to the resort where he tells the Guardians about the egg he saw. The Guardians find the cabin, but Nikaidou is alerted to their presence. However, as he slips off, Amu catches a glimpse of him. When the guardians enter the cabin, Snoppe hatches from the egg as an X Character. Amu and Ran transform into Amulet Heart and purify Snoppe. Snoppe returns to Mifuyu and the two are finally able to compete and win the competition. As the group returns home, Amu begins to suspect that Nikaidou is the one creating the X Eggs.

16- "Wan Tsū Surī☆Hāto no Majikku!" ("One Two Three☆Heart's Magic!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 16

Shugo Chara - Episode 16

Airdate: January 26, 2008

The Guardians meeting with the child magician Zero, who is also the fourth-grade student at the school, named Takuya Nakagura. Takuya tells the Guardians about how he loves performing magic. However, as he became more popular, his manager did not want Takuya to perform real magic on stage, instead relying on CG affects. To help, the Guardians organize a magic show where Takuya performs under an alias. Amu undergoes a Character Change with Miki to create a new and precise attire and alter ego for him, named as "Shining Zero", the newer version of Zero. The performance begins as Takuya was shown, standing on a building, but disappears. Takuya appears on stage, as Amu was hiding on the building as a clone of Shining Zero. Takuya then presents real magic, making the students awed in surprise and excitement. Ran forced a Character Change with Amu on stage, thanking Takuya for his performance.

After the performance, the Guardians celebrates Takuya's pride, except for Amu, as she was stressed and upset by Ran, who Character Changed with her. Takuya talks about an imaginary friend named Zero, who turns out to be his Guardian Character. Amu also confides her suspensions about Yuu Nikaidou with the other Guardians. At the studio, Takuya learns that he has been fired, and Nikaidou attempts to turn Zero into an X Egg. The Guardians arrive at the studio just in time to see Nikaidou leave, but Zero has already become an X Character. Amu does a Character Transformation with Miki, becoming Amulet Spade and purifies Zero.

17- "Supīchi Kontesuto Kiki Ippatsu!" ("The Breathtaking Speech Contest!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 17

Shugo Chara - Episode 17

Airdate: February 2, 2008

Yuu Nikaidou is in his secret hideout looking back over data from two kids' heart's egg he took: Mifuyu Torii and Takuya Nakagura. He notices that since they were both prodigies, they managed to create powerful X-Eggs. He was thinking he was able to get wonderful data off of them when his phone rings. It's the Director of Easter saying Yuu has yet to have found the Embryo and asking how long he was going to have to wait to get it. Yuu only says for him to wait a little longer for his plan was progressing at the moment. The Director asks about the plan, but Yuu wouldn't give away to much information, saying that a miracle was about to happen and they should just leave it as that. The Director asks again what kind of plan it is, but Yuu still wouldn't relent; he said he would tell the Director the details later and hangs up. The Director wonders to himself what the plan is while Yukari looks on.

Later, in a cab with Utau in the pouring rain, Yukari begins to wonder what Yuu's plan is. Since Utau wasn't there when the Director was talking to Yuu as Yukari was, she asks her manager if she was talking about Nikaidou. She also asks what it matters because she wasn't interested people who put on a fake smile and mentions that Ikuto didn't either.

Back at his hideout, Nikaidou's looking out of a window at the rain saying he was going to make an Embryo with the data he collected. As he says that, thunder cracks and lightning strikes. As he goes on, he says he should get one more sample before he begins making his own Embryo. He says he'll use an egg that is as powerful as its owner and at a table, his hands roam over five cards that are face down. Yuu picks the one in the middle and says his next target will be the Jack as they show the card, revealing that it was indeed a Jack. A transparent picture of Kukai appears across the screen.

Amu is on top of a roof asking a person if he has been behind everything that was happening with the X-Eggs. His back is to her, so when he turns around she falters a bit to find Nikaidou. He asks her what would happen if he was behind all of this and starts to grow taller and taller until she's only about level with the middle of his shoe. She freaks out and before she has time to react, he stomps the roof with his foot and she falls down the hole that was created.

It was just a dream as Amu is leaning against a wall with her Guardian Characters trying to wake her. Ran and Miki were unsuccessful, but with a pinch on the cheek from Su, she wakes up. Apparently, though, the pinch hurt as Amu leaps out of her chair screaming. She stops when she sees where she is. In the front a smiling Tadase says they have found their representative and some girls cry out Amu's name. Everyone begins to clap and congratulate her, but she doesn't have a clue of what was going on. A fan of her explains: she was just chosen to represent them at the speech contest. Amu asks about the speech contest and another fan explains that they all voted on it (while Amu was asleep) and says Amu got three more votes than Tadase. Misaki tells Amu she's really good and Amu shyly thanks her while Saaya is angry and wondering why she only got one vote.

At the Royal Garden, everyone hears of Amu being the representative and wish her luck. Kukai says they've always had Tadase as the rep and needed to pick someone else; someone lesss typical that year. Amu gets mad at him for calling her less typical, but then asks what the speech contest was about. Yaya decides to explain and says that the speech contest is a contest for speeches held by their school. Amu says that really didn't help her, so Yaya goes on saying that every year the most outstanding honor students give speeches. Amu freaks out when Yaya said honor students. Yaya also adds on that only the best one wins. Tadase puts in that there is one rep from every elementary school participating. Amu says she's never been chosen as a rep and has never written or said a speech. Then she asks why she was selected and Miki says it was because she was sleeping. Kukai asks about that and she says she couldn't stop thinking about Nikaidou. It's been the third consecutive day that he's been absent from their school and Nadeshiko asks if he's doing that to stop them from getting proof. Tadase doesn't seem to think so; he says Nikaidou would just show up with a new plan and that they had to be very careful and they nod in agreement.

Kuaki stands up and says they should help Amu with her speech and they decided to go to the library to look at past speeches. While they walk to the library, Yaya asks the theme of the speech and Amu says it is "what you value most." Amu starts to think what that could be and Yaya says it has to be friends and Amu says that she'll use that for her speech. What they don't know is that Nikaidou is right behind a tree near them listening in. Daichi stops and looks behind him, so Kukai asks if there was something wrong. Daichi replies that he had the feeling Nikaidou was just there.

In the library, the Guardians are sitting around at a table with Amu while she writes her speech. It begins off with her saying that she may possibly value her friends, but she thinks being stylish is also important. She also adds in her allowance while Su tries to clean up the table that had plently of balled of papers from her last attempts; Ran is looking at Amu and Miki is asleep. Amu bursts out that something is wrong and falls face down on the table. Kiseki gives his advice, saying she should write about world domination. Daichi flies in front of him saying it's being the best at soccer and Pepe says it's naps. Miki flies up to Amu with a bored expression on her face and asks for paint. Su follows and asks for a sewing set and Ran tries to think of something she wants. Amu says it's not about what they want, but about what's important. Temari says she would love to have a new kimono making Amu yell at her, too.

Tadase says that friendship must be the important thing and Kukai laughs at the honor students. Tadase says that with any challenges you may face, friends could help you overcome them. Kukai calls that lame so Tadase asks what he thought it was. Kukai says it has to be giving your all without regrets and adds that Tadase was too serious. Nadeshiko tells the two to listen to Amu and they apologize. Adjacent to them behind a bookcase was Saaya. She was staring at Amu sitting with Kukai and Tadase.

Outside she's biting on a handkerchief and begins to think about Kukai and Tadase; her current and previous favorites, respectively. She bites on the handkerchief again and says that Amu is getting close to the two of them. Someone behind her agrees and, turning around, she sees Nikaidou sitting on a bench and asks if he was still supposed to be on vacation. He ignores that and asks her if something was wrong. She lies and says nothing was bothering her, but he says that didn't seem to be the case. He goes on saying that Amu irritates him, too, which made her jealous again, asking why she was always around Kukai and Tadase. She also thinks she should've been chosen as the representative. He agrees and says she should express her feelings and, to himself, he adds it makes it easier to trick her heart. Her heart's egg is shown being glazed over with a thin coat of gray while she stands up straight, looking into space.

Kukai is leaving from soccer practice when he meets up with Saaya. He asks who she was as he forgot who she was and she introduces herself, but adds a lie saying she was a close friend of Amu's and that they tell each other everything. He asks if that's true, but she goes on saying that something's been bothering her. Saaya says that Amu's been saying some mean things about him, but he doesn't believe it. She puts in that Amu said that Tadase's a better leader and tha Kukai should just stop trying to get the King's Chair. He asks about him wanting the King's Chair and she says that it saddens Amu. Then she holds up a letter saying something about Tadase, but she "changes" her mind saying that he shouldn't read the letter and runs off, "accidentally" dropping the letter. Tucking his soccer ball under one arm, he steps forward and picks up the letter and reads it. It's mainly about Tadase saying that since Kukai had never been the rep, Tadase would lend all of his skills to helping Amu. It also says that Tadase thinks Kukai may be jealous that Tadase was the King's Chair even though he was younger than Kukai. The soccer ball falls from his arm and he lowers his head.

Amu and Tadase look for Kukai and find him on a bench. He looks over at them and hides the letter he had in his hand. Amu holds out what she was holding in her hands and says the draft of her speech was finished and she wanted him to read it. Kukai says he never wanted the King's Chair. Amu and Tadase look confuse. Kukai glares at Amu and she steps back looking sad. Kukai turns to glare at Tadase and tells him that he shouldn't be full of himself before walking off.

Kukai and Daichi are in front of a tree and while Kukai punches the tree, he says he couldn't believe that Tadase would write anything like that and that he trusted him. Kukai then wonders who he should trust not knowing that Nikaidou was standing behind a tree behind them. Daichi begins to moan and clutches at himself which gets Kukai's attention. He calls Daichi's name, but Daichi slowly falls to the ground as his egg comes to engulf him. Kukai aks what's wrong as he drops to his knees to pick up the egg. He couldn't believe that Daichi was returned to his egg. From behind his tree, Nikaidou smiles and thinks that this was exactly what he wanted.

The announcer for the 36th Speech Contest tells the audience that the contest was about to begin. She tells them that six reps had been chosen; those six being the ones sitting behind her on the stage. She asks the crowd who would come out the winner and a few of Amu's fans shout that she would, of course and that they couldn't wait to see what her speech was about. Amu had fidgeted the whole time on stage and backstage, with the Guardians excluding Yaya, she starts yelling she can't take it and asks what should she do. She gets some water and gulps it down before saying she was dizzy. Her Guardian Characters tell her to calm down. They say she should do the charm; she does and then she calms down saying she would be okay before she takes that back and begins to freak out again. Nadeshiko tells her she'll be fine because she could look at her speech and Amu agrees saying she wouldn't be able to do it if she couldn't look at it.

Kukai, sitting in a chair in a corner by himself, asks if she was going to read the speech Tadase wrote and asks if a speech was supposed to be one that expressed your own feelings. Amu stops her freaking out and Tadase tells Kukai that Amu wote the speech herself and he only gave her some pointers and advice. Holding up the pice of paper he got from Saaya, Kukai tells Tadase that he knew the truth and that he wasn't fooling him. Tadase wonders how Kukai could say all of that and thinks that maybe he did want the King's Chair. Kukai replies that he was the better choice for it. Amu come in btween the two and tells Tadase to calm and asks why Kukai was so mad. He only tells her to keep quiet and she tells him she can't and won't.

The door slides open and Yaya tells Amu her speech was the next one after the current one. Amu says she understands, but then says she can't find her speech. Yaya asks if she lost it and Tadase says that it could have been someone, but lets his sentence trail off as he looks at Kukai. Amu disagrees, but looks in his direction as the other four do. He asks if they think he hid it and Tadase says he was acting like he didn't want Amu to give the speech. He slams his hands down on a table and says he would have never done anything like that. They hear clapping and Nadeshiko says that Amu has to go on. Amu says she can't without her script so Kukai says she must have dropped it and runs off with Amu and Nadeshiko following him. Amu wants to know what was going on as she couldn't see the two as they were now.

Kukai's in the library saying he couldn't believe that they thought he did it and that he had trusted them. Behind him, someone asks if he hates his friends that much and he turns around to Nikaidou. Niakidou says that Kukai can't trust anything anymore and that some people just put themselves first. He keeps going saying that there is no such thing as friendship and Kukai begins to clutch his chest. He falls to his knees as Daichi's egg rolls out in front of him. He begins to say he doesn't understand anything anymore and that he can't believe in himself. Nikaidou only says that that's fine as his egg would make a great X-Egg. Kukai repeats the word “X-Egg” and starts to laugh, making Nikaidou wonder why. Daichi's egg begins to move and he pops out of it with a huge smile. Kukai says he caught him, but Nikaidou is still trying to figure out what happened.

From behind a bookcase, Tadase, Amu, Nadeshiko, and Yaya walk out, with Tadase complimenting Kukai's acting skills. Kukai says the same thing about him. Amu hasn't a clue what's going on. Tadase points to Nikaidou and says that's how he turned heart's eggs into X-Eggs. Kukai puts in that they have proof now and that everything had been his fault. Amu still doesn't know what happened and asks for someone to explain it to her. Kukai says that Tadase would never write a letter like the one he got off of Saaya and he didn’t deserve to be a Guardian if he didn’t know that. Tadase tells her that Kukai asked about it afterward, and it is shown that Kukai placed the letter in Tadase's pocket when Amu and Tadase came to show him the draft of the former's speech.

Amu still looks a bit confused, but she turns to Nadeshiko and Yaya and ask if they knew about the plan. Nadeshiko says she noticed it and Yaya says Nadeshiko told her. Amu gets mad and Tadase tries to calm her down with his special attack: a sad expression on his face. It nearly works, but she exclaims she wouldn't forgive them. The Guardians turn their attention back to Nikaidou and, after a little talking about how being different is what makes them their own self, Nikaidou tells them it was time for him to leave the school. He even tells them he collected data from the kids there and that will help him with his project. He turns to leave, but the Guardians won't let him go and the go back around the bookcase to get in his way. Amu wants them to leave it to her and Kukai notices that she seems fired up. She yells at Tadase and Kukai saying she "wasn't" mad about being the only one who didn't know about their plan. They apologize and Ran calls to Amu so they transform in Amulet Heart.

Amu summons her Heart Rod which makes Yaya wish she had a new item and Kukai tells her to finish it up quickly. Amu agrees, but freaks out about the rod suddenly showing up and, while shaking it all around, says that the magic wouldn't come out. Ran quickly tells her she wasn't doing it right and Nikaidou thinks that it was all a bluff on their part. That's when Amu figures out she's supposed to throw it, to Ran's delight and approval. After twirling the rod around, Amu performs Spiral Heart and throws it at him, only to have it miss. Her mouth, along with Su and Miki's, falls open and Nikaidou laughs, but Amu tells him she was only kidding. The rod comes back and knocks the briefcase out of his hands, but he manages to catch it as the Heart Rod comes back to its owner.

She tells him she won't miss the next time, but he asks her if she was supposed to be doing something else and pulls some papers out of his pockets. Amu recognizes it as her speech and in the auditorium they're getting ready to hear her speech. Amu can't believe she forgot about the speech so Nikaidou says he ought to give it back to her. She looks confused and yells when it begins to rain pieces of her speech she worked so hard on. Tadase and Kukai Character Change and tell her to leave it to them so she can go give her speech. She tells them she doesn't have her speech, but Nadeshiko says Amu'll think of something and they, along with Yaya, leave. After a quick glance behind them, Kukai and Tadase turn their attention back to Nikaidou, only to see that he was gone and a window was slowly moving back and forth.

In the auditorium, the announcer is asking if Amu was absent to some murmuring from the audience wondering where she was also. Someone laughs and says they should give a speech instead, the person turning out to be Saaya. Someone dashes by her and up to the stage, out of breath. Looking up, Amu notices all of the people staring at her and freaks out inside of her head. After a incredibly short improv about friendship and blushing like a maniac, she tells them she was finished and was greeted to the loud cheers of the audience. Saaya was nearly up on the stage when she wonders why she was there in the first place. She notices that everyone was cheering and assumes it was for and begins to wave at them.

Elsewhere, Nikaidou is walking along thinking the Embryo will soon be born and that he'll be the one laughing in the end. In the Royal Garden, Amu's Guardian Characters are congratulating her on Judges' Special Award. The Guardians congratulate her also, but she tells them it was nothing big. Kukai says they should kick Nikaidou's butt someday and she agrees. A picture is shown with the five of them and their Guardian Characters.

18- "Ureshi Hazukashi Hatsu Dēto!" ("Happy, Embarrassing First Date!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 18

Shugo Chara - Episode 18

Airdate: February 9, 2008

At the Royal Garden, Tadase is telling the Guardians that he checked up on Nikaidou, but tells them that everything on his resume turned out to be false. Kukai adds that he thinks Nikaidou stopped working there at Seiyo Academy also. Nadeshiko says that they finally found out that Nikaidou really was apart of Easter and that he wanted to turn people's heart's egg into X-Eggs. Yaya, looking angry, jumps up and says she couldn't believe he did what he wanted and got away with it. Amu smiles at Yaya's antics and looks down, thinking she was happy it wasn't Ikuto behind the X-Egg schemes. She looks surprised and blushes; wondering why she was thinking that. Nadeshiko notices the expression on Amu's face and asks her if anything was wrong, and Amu quickly shakes it off. Nadeshiko asks if she was sure, but Amu thinks back over to a time when she was telling Ikuto that she was going to fix all of the X-Eggs she thought he turned into X-Eggs with Yaya and Tadase behind her before Ikuto jumps away. The memory ending, she realizes that she hadn't seen him since then and looks up at the windows, wondering what he was doing.

As the Guardians are leaving the Royal Garden later in the day, Tadase asks if they had plans for Sunday and Kukai tells him they hadn't, so Yaya asks why and Tadase shows them five tickets. He tells them he got some free passes to the aquarium and Yaya gets excited, saying that the aquarium had just been built. Nadeshiko says she was excited because she had wanted to see it and Kukai says it was decided, but Tadase asks Amu if she was free like the others for she hadn't said anything. Ran, Miki, and Su pop up from behind her and say she was and she eagerly agrees, before stopping herself and moving away so her back was to the four and says that since they were going, she would go as well. Yaya smiles and says that Amu's famous "cool and spicy" self had just shown up to the amusement to the three other Guardians while Amu yells at Yaya asking her what she had meant by famous. Yaya tells her she loved it and Kukai concurs, saying he did, too, but Amu tells the two to shut up while Su tells Ran and Miki she was excited to see the aquarium.

On Sunday, Amu and her Guardian Characters are waiting at the bus stop. Ran says it was the perfect weather for visiting the aquarium and she, Miki, and Su sing "The aquarium! The aquarium! Our first time at the aquarium!" Amu smiles at them before looking away, though still smiling, and thinking there was something exciting about going to the aquarium with her friends and that she was excited. Someone calls to her and looking in the direction, she sees Tadase coming toward her. When he reaches her, he bids her a good morning and apologizes for making her wait, but she tells him it was okay for none of the others had arrived. He explains that before he left his house, he had gotten calls from the three: Nadeshiko apologizes to him because she had a dance practice she couldn't get out of like she thought she'd be able to, Yaya gives her apology, telling him she had to go out with family all of a sudden, and Kukai apologizes because he had a soccer match that came up unexpectedly. Tadase sums it up for Amu and tells her that the other couldn't make it, shocking Amu, Ran, Miki, and Su, though causing Tadase to smile. She tells him she had been looking forward to going, and her Guardian Characters say goodbye to the aquarium while Su also says goodbye to the dolphins. He tells Amu, who has her shoulders slumped, that they could go together and the bus arrives. On the bus, Tadase and Amu are sitting next to each other, Amu now realizing that she was alone with him and begins to freak out, so Ran tries to calm her down.

At the same time at Easter, on the roof, Utau is trying to wake up Ikuto, who has his back to her, and begins to shake him. He tells her not to because he was really sleepy, causing her to tell him that she had noticed him acting strange lately. She asks if it was because of Amu Hinamori and his eyes open slightly as he remembers the last time he saw her before they close again. Utau tries again, and asks if he was giving her the time of day because she had the lock that went with his key. Then she begins to ask, wondering if it was something else, but lets her sentence trail and stands up. Yoru flies over to the now standing Utau and asks if the key she was talking about was the one looped around Ikuto's violin case's handle. He asks her what the lock was and what was to happen if the lock and the key got together, but she tells him she had no idea before walking off. Yoru turns back to the key and laughs, saying he could have some fun with the lock and key. In an alley, Yoru holds up a crudely drawn picture of Amu, Ran, Miki, and Su with a headline of "wanted" and tells his cat friends that the girl was their target. He tells them to find her and they all meow in response, most likely meaning they were.

At the aquarium, while Tadase is looking at a pamphlet, Amu is dazed, her left eye twitching and her mouth open, saying she couldn't believe she was alone with Tadase, though Kiseki, Ran, Miki, and Su try to remind her that they were there was well before confirming she had forgotten about them, but Su only wonders where the dolphins were. She comes out of her daze when she hears someone laugh and sees a couple on a date and freaks out again, wondering if being alone with Tadase would be considered the same thing as a date. The words "Congratulations! First Date!" are shown in the background as Ran, Miki, and Su blow on horns, confetti coming out of the ends and Amu's eyes alight with sparkles and a huge smile shows up on her face. She asks God if it was okay for a wonderful development to happen to her.

She turns to look back at Tadase and sees he was still reading his pamphlet, but notices that his hair was silky, his eyes pretty, and overall, him being cute again. He looks at her and calls her name, she responding in a lovey dovey trance before she figures out what she had done and asking what he had wanted, him asking if they should go on and he begins to walk. Amu smiles, blushes, and agrees before running to catch up with him. When she reaches him, he smiles at her and she smiles back at him, Ran saying the mood was good. The two go to see a whale which Amu comments on it being big, and are looking at an otter before Su appears next to it. Amu yells at Su and Ran and Miki appear to get Su out of the tank. Tadase and Amu then go look at some fish and jellyfish prior to going to a penguin exhibit where a man allows Amu to feed some penguins. Amu smiles excitedly as the penguin eats the fish she fed it and behind her, Tadase also smiles.

They leave the exhibit and are in a hallway where Amu exclaims that everything was fun while her Guardian Characters say everything was cute; Su once again saying they should go see the dolphins. Amu, Ran, Miki, and Su turn to Tadase and Kiseki ands Amu asks what they should go see next. Suddenly, a spotlight shines on Amu, causing everything around her to freeze. She realizes that she was getting carried away, thinking Tadase would think she was childish since it wasn't like her. She pauses and remembers the moment when Tadase told Amu he liked Amulet Heart and wonders if she should just transform into Amulet Heart. She has a daydream where she was Amulet Heart and had met up with Tadase at the bus stop, causing him to smile and his eyes to become hearts. They walk away with smiles and are laughing, also holding hands, making the Amu dreaming this smile happily. That is, until she thinks about people would say about her dressed like that.

In the aquarium, Amu has her back to Tadase, her head down and her soul hanging out of her mouth, saying she couldn't turn into Amulet Heart for that purpose. Ran, Miki, Su, and Kiseki call out "hey" and Tadase, smiling, asks Amu if it was about time for her to come back to the world they were currently in. Her soul goes back into her mouth and she gasps before turning around. She apologizes and asks him if she was acting strange and was about to ask unlike her usual self, but Tadase cuts her off. He tells her he was happy she was having fun for it was the first time he had been alone with a girl like this. He says he didn't want things to be dull or boring because it was her and says because she was, but lets his sentence trail, though Amu was wondering if he was going to say because she was Amulet Heart. His gaze on her strange, Tadase tries to tell Amu something, she listening as were the Guardian Characters. Tadase's hand starts to come up toward Amu, but someone else's hand grabs it. Amu and Tadase turn to look at the person and see a little girl who blinks at them before smiling. Amu and Tadase are confused, so Amu asks the little girl who she was.

Back on Eater's roof, Ikuto stands up, and stretches before sighing. He looks down at his violin's case and sees something was missing and sighs again, closing his eyes. Yoru, with the Dumpty Key around his neck, is in front of the new aquarium. He congratulates his cat friends on their good work and gives them some catnip as a reward, to their appreciation. He flies off toward the entrance saying he couldn't wait until he saw what was going to happen.

Inside, the little girl that befriended Amu and Tadase is running ahead of them, but she turns around and tells Tadase, calling him "brother", to hurry up. Amu comments on the fact that the little girl took a liking to him, but Tadase tells her it was bothersome and wonders if she was lost. They catch up to her and see she was just staring at them. Amu asks what was the matter and the little girl asks if they were going out and asks Tadase if Amu was his girlfriend. Nervously, Tadase and Amu look at each other before turning back to the little kid and Tadase says they were just friends. Amu agrees that they were just friends, but repeats it and panics. The little girl hugs Tadase and tells him she was glad because she loved him. She looks at Amu and sticks her tongue out at her, causing Amu to freak out. Amu, shocked, is standing in front of the little girl with a line of electricity coming from her eyes to the girl and she calls her a brat. Kiseki, Miki, and Ran appear and Miki asks Amu why she was getting all worked up, and Kiseki agrees, calling it pathetic. Su, though, reminds them that they haven't gone to see the dolphins yet. Yoru, on the other hand, instead of finding Amu, gets distracted by some fish which he claims looks tasty.

The little girl calls Tadase cool, and he thanks her, but Amu looks mad and is thinking "Give me a break!" while the little girl goes on. She tells Tadase that that the morning, she had seen Nobuko Saeki's Lucky Colors Fortune-Telling and says that Saeki said that little girl's destined partner would be wearing a beige coat and black shoes, as Tadase was. She hugs him again and says he was her destined partner. Tadase, smiling, asks Amu what they should do next and she sighs, saying the little girl's parents must've been looking for her and that they should take the kid to the Lost Children Center. Looking at the girl, Amu sees she was looking very, very angry and wonders why. Suddenly, Amu and the little girl are on a high cliff with water and huge rocks below them, Amu being closer to the edge than the girl. Amu looks behind her and panics, so the little girl explains that Amu was the bad person who wanted to break Tadase and her up, but she says their love could stand through anything.

Back in the aquarium, the little girl smiles and walks off while Amu lets her head droop. Ran, Miki, and Su fly over tot her, calling her name. Still depressed, Amu doesn't look up and asks if it was time for the dolphin show, but Ran tells her it was something else and Miki and Su force her head up, making Amu see an X-Egg floating in the air. She asks Tadase what they should do and the little girl asks them what was wrong, though they don't answer her. The X-Egg flies off, so Tadase says they should catch it and tries to run after it, but the little girl grabs his coat and tells him not to go; here, Tadase addresses her as Chisa. Amu tells Tadase that she would handle it and that he should look after Chisa and she runs off, both Tadase and Chisa watching her go.

Outside, Yoru is following an employee who is carrying a bucket full of fish and says they look tasty when the X-Egg goes by before Amu comes by them after it. Yoru says he found Amu, while Su tells Amu she should Character Transform, but Amu says she couldn't with so many people around, so Ran says she should Character Change, Amu concurring as she could do that without so many people noticing and she Character Changes with Ran to hop, step, and jump. The X-Egg notices her catching up to it and it panics, flying off faster. Amu touches down to the ground to grab a net before hopping back in the air; Su calling out that they were just going to borrow it. Amu tries to catch it in the net, but is unsuccessful and the X-Egg notices this and makes some noise: Miki saying she felt as if it was making fun off them. Amu gets mad and runs toward it with the net, but Yoru comes in front of her and calls her name and she tells him to watch out, but they both put their hands on the heads saying "ow".

She asks Yoru why he was there and looks around, wondering if Ikuto was around somewhere, too. Yoru, smiling with a bump on his head, says Ikuto wasn't there and says he was a stray cat character who loved his freedom. Ran tells him to stop trying to look cool, but Miki, with a light blush, says he was kind of cool, shocking Ran. Yoru notices this and asks if she had been overcome by his charm before the X-Egg knocks into him, causing Yoru to fly over to Amu who catches him. She asks if he was okay and he says he was. Pulling him closer to her face a little, Amu notices the key around his neck. Yoru comes to and says that the key was the one that could open her lock. She repeats what he said and looks at the key, calling it pretty. She opens her hip bag and pulls out the Humpty Lock and when Yoru comes closer with the key, Miki says that their designs looked alike while Su says they went together. Yoru tells them he would open the lock and moves the key toward the hole on the lock, but before he could, the X-Egg gets mad, Su the only seeing it and begins to scream. The others look up and the X-Egg swoops toward them, ransacking them while they try to dodge it.

The X-Egg stops and flies off, so Amu asks what was wrong, Miki thinking it was mad because they were ignoring it. Yoru glances down at his neck and sees the key was gone and, looking at the X-Egg, they see the key around it. Yoru panics and tears stream down his face, he saying Ikuto was going to be mad. Amu hears this and asks if it was Ikuto's and wonders what Ikuto was doing with the key that opened her lock. Ran calls to Amu and she looks up, seeing the X-Egg coming at her very fast. Amu panics and tells it to hold on for it had caught her by surprise. The X-Egg misses her, though, for Ikuto shows up and picks her up, moving her away from its attack, so the X-Egg flies off again. When he places her back on the ground, Yoru comes over to Ikuto. Ikuto gives Yoru his punishment for taking off with the Dumpty Key: a flick in the face with his finger. He then tells Yoru he would get the key back and Character Changes before jumping off. Amu watches him and asks herself if Ikuto had just saved her, but her Guardian Characters tell her she should go, too, so she unlocks her heart and becomes Amulet Heart.

The X-Egg sees that Ikuto and Yoru were catching up to it, so it flies up to the roof of the building, them following. Amu, Miki, and Su appear next to them and Amu gives Ikuto a smile. On the roof, Amu says that no one would notice her Character Transformation from way up there and Miki and Su both give a thumps up. To Ikuto, Amu asks if he was going to get the key back and that she would help him, but he asks why for he thought she hated him. Amu gets confused, but remembers when she had told him she hated him and freaks out, saying that back then, but she stops herself and calms down. She says he was right, that she did hate him, so she was only helping him for saving her earlier because she would have no other reason to otherwise. Ikuto doesn't respond, causing Amu to look at him angrily before she yells out that she really did hate him, Ikuto only looking amused at her little outburst. He tells her it didn't matter and that they should hurry before the X-Egg got away, as that was what it was trying to do behind Amu's back. Amu turns to look at it and says she forgot, making the X-Egg angry again.

In the aquarium, Tadase is asking Chisa if her parents were there and she lets go of his hand before walking forward some. She turns to him, mad, and tells him not to mention her parents because she didn't need them anymore, shocking Tadase. She goes on, turning from him with tears in the corners of her eyes and says that as long as he was with her, everything was fine. Her expression changes to happy and she tells him that hey should go live by themselves in a far-off city, causing Kiseki to appear and tell her to hold on.

Back on the roof of the aquarium, Amu is chasing after the X-Egg, telling it she wouldn't let it get away again. She manages to catch up to it in the air and makes a grab for it, but it dodges. She tries again and aagin, but each time it got away before it flies off to a nearby building. Amu gets mad again, saying it wouldn't stop moving, Su telling her to stay calm. A cat's paw comes toward the X-Egg, but it dodges that, also. Amu looks back at Ikuto and Yoru comes to her, saying that Ikuto would distract it so Amu could get it. Amu tells him she understood, so Ikuto sends multiple cat paws in the X-Egg's direction, but again it dodges them all. Ran tells Amu they should act now because the X-Egg was paying no attention to them and Amu agrees before summoning Amulet Heart's Heart Rod and using her attack, Spiral Heart. With the X-Egg trapped in place, Amu locks onto the negative heart and uses Open Heart, purifying the X-Egg. Amu lands on the rooftop and Ran comes out of the Character Transformation. Now a heart's egg, it shakes the key off and flies away.

The key begins to fall, so Amu runs toward it, saying she had it and catches it, her Guardian Characters saying nice catch. The bad thing is that she ran toward the edge of the roof to catch it and begins to fall, her Guardian Characters saying "what?" Amu panics, her arms moving up and down and she's screaming, but Ikuto grabs her wrist and some of her arm to stop her, but he begins to fall off, too. Ran, Miki, and Su cry out Amu's name while Yoru yells out Ikuto's. Ikuto grabs onto Amu who shut her eyes, and front flips before landing on the ground on his knees, Amu still in his arms. She opens her eyes and jumps out of his arms, telling him not to scare her like that. He smiles, lets go of his Character Change, and walks off, but not before he thanks her, holding up the Dumpty Key.

She stops him and asks if what Yoru had said was true, that being if the key could open the lock. She then asks what the lock was and why he had the key that opened it. He tells her he didn't know, making her angry and she says that the least he could do was tells her the truth. Amu says that he was always like this, not telling him the important stuff and asks why he didn't tell her he wasn't the one turning heart's eggs into X-Eggs. He asks her who cared about that and she said she did before running toward him, but he was quicker, grabbing her right wrist with his left hand. Looking at her, he asks if she was going to thank him for jumping down to save her. She starts off saying who would thank, but her sentence trails off as she averts her eyes and thinks about what the feeling she was going through was. He says "Dumpty Key" causing her to look at him again, so he tells her it was the key to her Humpty Lock. She asks if the key and lock went together, but someone from behind calls out to her.

Tadase sees them, making Ikuto drop Amu's wrist and hop back. Tadase runs in front of Amu and asks if she was okay and she says she was. Tadase turns his attention back to Ikuto; Ikuto saying he was looking well and calling him little king. Tadase ignores that and tells Ikuto that he was after the lock again. Ikuto turns and walks off, Tadase saying after him that they were never going to give the Humpty Lock to him and that he was going to protect it. This causes Ikuto to stop walking and call Tadase adorable, so Tadase tells him to shut up, but Ikuto goes on saying that the lock might not be the only thing he was after. Amu looks confused at this while Tadase still looks mad and before he could say something, Ikuto jumps up and onto a streetlamp, having Character Changed again. Yoru flies next to him and Ikuto says "See you later" to Amu, catching her off guard. Tadase tries to stop Ikuto, but he already jumped away.

Amu asks about Chisa and Tadase tells her he ended up finding her parents, but it was a little hard to leave her because she had jumped on him and started crying. He tells Amu that he finally calmed her down when he promised to go on a date with her. Amu looks away and calls Chisa a little imp before Ran comes toward her and says that since they took care of the X-Egg, and Miki finishes the rest of the sentence: they should go see the rest of the aquarium. Su tells them that they should hurry before the dolphin show began and Amu, in her head, agrees, saying she couldn't lose to Chisa and that she had to enjoy her first date as much as she could. Amu's Guardian Characters fly forward and tell her to hurry and she runs after them before turning to Tadase and telling him they should go. Tadase looks a little surprised because he had just seen Amu for who she was and not Amulet Heart and she begins to run off. Kiseki asks Tadase if something was wrong because he still had the look of surprise on his face, but Tadase tells him nothing was, the little blush that appeared on his face disappearing.

Tadase then begins to walk after Amu, but someone grabs his hand and he and Kiseki turn around to find Chisa. Tadase is surprised again while Kiseki looks somewhat mad and Amu appears again, also surprised. She tells him that she just couldn't leave him, calling him by his name, shocking Amu even more since she called him by name. Chisa gives Amu a look, making Amu faint, her soul coming out of her mouth, saying she gave up for she had been defeated. Ran, Miki, and Su tell her to hang in there while Chisa is happily hugging Tadase, saying as long as she had him, she needed nothing else. And, like before, Su is saying they had to hurry because the dolphins were going to get away.

19- "Papa to Mama no Omoide!" ("Papa and Mama's Memories!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 19

Shugo Chara - Episode 19

Airdate: February 16, 2008

On the way home from a park, Amu's parents get into an argument about when they first went on a date. Eventually, they make up, but when they search for the photo Amu's father took when he first met with Amu's mother, they discover that it was missing. Amu's parents get into another argument because Amu's father placed the photo in a bird magazine and Amu's mother donated the magazine to a bazaar. With the help of Nadeshiko and Yaya, Amu searches the bazaar for the magazine and eventually finds it. However, Yoru steals the magazine thinking it contains a clue about the Embryo. Amu chases after Yoru in order to get the picture back, but the picture is torn in the process. Amu and Su transforms into Amulet Clover and use Remake Honey to repair the picture and a broken clock.

20- "Kimi e no Okurimono!" ("A Present for You!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 20

Shugo Chara - Episode 20

Airdate: February 23, 2008

Amu, Nadeshiko, and Yaya are shopping at the mall in a music department. Yaya decided to get a fan of Sho from DARTS while Nadeshiko settled for a Kagawa Masashi hand towel. Yaya asks Amu if she had a favorite singer, and while Amu thought it over, she catches sight of a Utau Hoshina poster. As they leave the mall and are walking around thinking of what to do next, Amu sees Kukai in a restaurant. Yaya and Nadeshiko see him, too, making Yaya want a hamburger since he was eating one. Kukai waves them in and they admire the cafe, Yaya saying it didn't seem like the kind of place Kukai would be. He agrees, but says he had been going there ever since he was a kid.

A waitress welcomes them and says that instead of drinking milk to become bigger, Kukai ate burgers. Kukai introduces his friend Sion to the three girls, saying he had known her ever since he was a kid. Yaya asks her what Kukai was like as a kid and she replies he was the type to "laugh like nothing was wrong even if he peed in his pants." Kukai seems embarassed as his friends laugh, and tries to cover up with a laugh saying he didn't really remember that. Sion saddles over to Kukai and asks him which girl he was serious about, confusing Kukai. When he didn't say anything, she pulls him into a headlock, but releases him when he kept saying he gave up. Kukai then asks her to do the thing she always did. She tells him no as she was busy serving customers, but her boss tells her it was okay for they could wait a bit. The customers even request she do it, too. Amu asks Kukai what was about to happen, but he only tells her that something good was.

Sion walks over to a black piano and, after taking a deep breath, begins to play it. Miki, with a delighted face, says that she was playing jazz. The customers enjoy it, as do the Guardian Characters so Daichi suggests they dance and they happily oblige. They fly over to the piano and dance, though no one else other than their owners could see them. She soon finishes and everyone claps and cheers for her.

At school, Yaya tries to play the piano in the music room, but doesn't do so well according to the looks on the Guardians' faces. She asks them if it was just like Sion's, but Amu tells her it wasn't at all. Nadeshiko tells Yaya it sounded more like she was trying to get rid of some stress. The door slides open and Kukai shows up with Daichi, asking why they were meeting in the music room. Tadase tells him Yaya insisted that they did. Miki tells him she wanted to act a little like Sion. Yaya says that Sion looked cool playing the piano and wanted to give it a shot too.

Nadeshiko tells Kukai she never knew he had a delightful friend and he tells her that his house is close to hers and she was a family friend, so she felt like a big sister to him. Nadeshiko asks how old she was, so Kukai tells her she was about to be 19 as her birthday was somewhere in the following week. Yaya says there was a big chance and, when asked, says that they could make Sion Kukai's girlfriend. Nadeshiko agrees, but Kukai asks them what they were talking about as their ages were too far apart, the thing Amu comments on. Yaya tells Amu that in love, age difference doesn't matter, Nadeshiko finishing up the sentence. Amu says she didn't know, but Kukai tells them again that Sion and he were like siblings. Yaya and Nadeshiko say that's the chance for them to change it and, blushing slightly, Tadase tells Kukai to tell him if he could help in any, causing Kukai to call him clueless.

Later on in the day, at Sion's workplace, Sion and her boss are the only ones left; Sion cleaning a table and her boss playing the piano. She tells him that even though there weren't any customers, he was slacking off, but he says that he might not get to hear her play anymore which made him sad. She tells him not to say things like that and he apologizes, saying he was cheering for her to do her best.

Kukai's walking home telling Daichi that he was going to be caught up in their plans for him and Sion, but he says that maybe if he told her, she would play along and they laugh. At a railroad crossing, Kukai sees a sad looking Sion and calls to her with a wave. She waves back before a train comes by, blocking their view of the other. Presumably after the train passes, they go to a field where Daichi falls asleep and Sion scopes around in the grass, Kukai watcing her. He finally asks her what she was doing and she tells him she was looking for a four-leaf clover. He asks her why she was looking for something like that and she says it was for a good luck charm. He asks her another question about her still believing in things like that and she tells him he used to believe in things like that. She also tells him it was okay to believe in things like that forever and says Kukai hadn't been very cute lately only to have him laugh.

They look out into the river and he notices that they hadn't been there in awhile. She agrees and looks down sadly before telling him she was going to leave the city. She goes on, saying she was going to go to a music school where the piano instructor was someone she respected. She wanted to know how far her music would take her and he tells her it was great as it was her dream to play the piano. He tells her her piano playing would take her as far as she wanted to go. Sion tells him it wasn't that simple because a lot of people could play like she did. He says he loves to hear her play the piano, saying it was the truth when she asked him.

She lies down on the grass saying she couldn't find a four-leaf clover, but Kukai told her not to give up and he would help her. She looks over at him from the spot she was still lying and smiles. She rolls over and tells him she would leave the work to him, but he tells her not to fall asleep. He tries to wake her and she says she can't eat anymore to his reply of "that's so unoriginal!"

At the Shopping Mall SKOP, Amu has finished her errand for her dad: getting camera batteries. Su suggests that since the errand was done and they were there, they should browse around and Miki says her dad had given her extra money. Amu agrees with a glint in her eye and Ran says they should go. Amu sees Kukai and Daichi looking at a monkey that was clanging some cymbals together. Appalled, she asked him if he was going to buy it, making him see and greet her. In another store, while they're looking at stuffed animals, Amu finds out he was looking for a present for Sion. Off to the side, she says she knew it was love, but Kukai tells her it wasn't, having heard her. She says he was looking for a present so he clarifies that it was more of a farewell gift than a birthday one. He holds up an animal hitting some drums and she tells him it wasn't any good and he wonders why, causing Amu to call him clueless.

On an escalator going down, Kukai tells Amu that even though Sion was chasing her dream, she really wasn't motivated. On the up escalator, Yukari and a Utau hidden under a cap and behind glasses are shown. In a secluded room (an authorized personnel only room), Yukari is telling Utau they were going to see how big of an audience she could draw on her own for their new strategy. Yukari tells her she expects some good results and leaves; Utau thinking she would get the Embryo all by herself for Ikuto. From her bag, a laugh is heard and Utau's Guardian Character pops up and tells her they should just do what they wanted. She agrees with a "yes, Il."

Kukai and Amu are walking through the mall, him saying he couldn't find anything and that Amu kept complaining about everything. She tells him it was because he kept picking out weird things. From behind them, someone asks if they were shopping together and, turning to face the person, they see Sion. Sion nods to Amu and tells Kukai that she must've been the one he was serious about. Amu freaks and tries to tell her that she was never interested in Kukai in the first place, making Kukai wonder why she was getting all worked up over it seeing as Sion was kidding.

On the top of a building, Sion is telling them how she would never be able to see that view anymore, so Kukai tells her she was chasing her dream and not to be so weak spirited. She smiles and says uncertainty, doubt, and dreams come in a set. Kukai looks at her shocked and remembers she was looking for a four-leaf clover. She bids them a goodbye and leaves. Amu glances over at Kukai, wondering what he was thinking about.

In the center of the mall, some music starts to play, interesting the people near enough to hear. Some kids are thinking it was Utau's when she suddenly appears on the center of a stage where the music was coming from. Everyone gets excited and begins crowding around the stage. Sion is passing by and hears some people exclaiming that Utau was there. She wonders if it was Utau Hoshina they were talking about and comes to the stage in awe. As Utau is singing, batwings appear on her back. Sion looks at Utau excited until Utau begins the X-Eggs extraction, making Sion's face fall along with some other children. Daichi, Ran, Miki, and Su sence the presence of X-Eggs so Kukai and Amu hurry along. Kukai was running faster than Amu, so she lost him in the crowd.

Reaching the area, Kukai looks around and sees Sion, sitting down. He rushes over to her and sees the blank stare in her face, but tries to wake her anyway. Daichi points to the X-Eggs while Yukari calls them all junk since none of them were the Embryo. Kukai tells Daichi they were going to follow the eggs and says they come back for Sion when asked. Elsewhere, Amu is in an authorized personnal hallway when she meets Amu. Utau asks her why she was there and when Amu tries to think of an excuse, Ran points out two Guardian Eggs on Utau's waist. Il pops out and tells them to shut up, surprising Amu when she sees her.

Kukai and Daichi manage to get the X-Eggs shut up in one spot so they couldn't escape, so they Character Change, and begin catching them to put in a bag. Daichi notices that one X-Egg smelled like Sion and Kukai asks him what he meant. Diachi tells him that the X-Egg was definitely hers and Kukai asks why her heart's egg was turned into a X-Egg, but remembers earlier when Sion said uncertainty, doubt, and dreams were a part of the same set. He tells himself he was going to protect Sion's egg and calls to Daichi, both trying to catch the remaining eggs.

Still in the authorized personnel only hallway, Il asks Utau if Ran, Miki, and Su were Amu's Guardian Characters. When Utau tells her they were, Il goes over and checks them out, saying that they didn't look like they amounted to much making Su look sad, Ran look shocked, and Miki look mad. Amu sees that Utau was a Character Bearer, and Utau says she was, asking if she should say Amu was better than herself because she had three. Amu tells her no as Ran tells Amu the egg they sensed was Il's. They tell her they needed to go find the X-Eggs, causing Utau to call her stupid for trying. Amu tells her that wasn't how she thought and that a long time ago that she was going to fix them all. Utau says "whatever" and leaves with Il while Amu and her Guardian Characters go in the other direction.

Kukai and Daichi only had a few more eggs to round up when Amu finally finds them. She apologizes and unlocks her heart to Character Transform with Miki into Amulet Spade. Miki tells Amu to get all the eggs in one spot while Kukai cheers her on. Amu uses Colorful Canvas, making the eggs flee from it in the same direction. Kukai throws out the eggs he and Daichi caught so Amu uses Colorful Canvas to get them in the same area also. Then she locks on to their negative hearts and purifies them. Kukai congratulates her and the heart's eggs go back to their rightful owner. Kukai and Amu look on as Sion gets her heart's egg back, Amu saying that everyone looked okay; Kukai agreeing.

At the train station, Amu and Sion are waiting for Kukai who was running late. Ran thinks he may have had trouble figuring out a farewell gift, Su thinking the same thing. Sion tells Amu she had to go, thanks her for coming, and is about to board the train, Amu trying to stop her. Someone calls Sion's name, making the two girls look in the direction it came from, seeing Kukai run up the stairs toward them. He stops in front of Sion, catches his breath, and apologizes for being late. He is covered in dirt, but they don't seem to mind as he pulls out his gift: a four-leaf clover. She's surprised and he tells her it was a farewell gift and a birthday present. Amu smiles while Ran makes the connection that he was out looking for it. Daichi, also covered on dirt, tells them he and Kukai had a hard time finding it.

Kukai tells Sion it was a gift that would take care of her doubts and uncertainties, making her smile and agree. He says that no one knows how far they will go while chasing a dream, but says that was what made it exciting. She rushes forward and hugs him, much to his and Daichi's shock, but to Amu's delight. As the train leaves, Amu waves at its retreating form before turning to Kukai. She sees him in shock and asks him if it could've been love he felt for Sion. That breaks him out of his shocked state and he tells that it may have been. She smiles and he tells her that since it had been awhile, they should do the thing they had always done. She asks him what he meant and he says, with a huge smile, running dash and grabs her before he begins running. Amu wonders how it could have possibly ended like this.

On the train, Sion is blushing and still looking at her four-leaf clover, thinking that Kukai was going to be a good one.

21- "Shugo Kyara Yūkai Sareru!" ("Kidnapping of Guardian Characters!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 21

Shugo Chara - Episode 21

Airdate: March 1, 2008

Amu is home alone while her parents go to Ami's school play. Her parents ask her to sign for a crab, that was sent by her grandmother. After a bad encounter with the crab where Miki is caught, Amu goes to meet her parents at a French restaurant. Because Miki is pouting, Amu decides to leave the three at the front of the restaurant. However, Nikaidou steals them. Thinking that they ran away, Amu searches for the Guardian Characters. While searching, she encounters Yoru, who tells Amu that he and Ikuto saw Nikaidou steal Amu's Guardian Characters. Yoru takes Amu to Nikaidou's place, but he leads her through all of the weird cat trails. Amu almost falls off a tall wall, but Ikuto saves her and takes her to confront Nikaidou. Nikaidou is too powerful and he gets away while Ikuto protects her from Nikaidou's powerful X Egg magic.

22- "Shugo Kyara Kyūshutsu Daisakusen!" ("Guardian Characters Rescue Mission!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 22

Shugo Chara - Episode 22

Airdate: March 8, 2008

The Guardians offer to help Amu find her eggs. They run into Utau and Nobuko Saeki, the spiritualist, along the way. Turns out, Saeki can see the Guardian Characters and is at first frightened by them. But she agrees to help the Guardians in their search. Utau also comes along because she does not like Nikaidou's methods. Saeki drives like a maniac and eventually finds Nikaidou. As the Guardians confront Nikaidou, Utau manager, Yukari Sanjo, appears and scolds her, asking if Utau is fine with whatever happens to Ikuto. Utau's Character Transforms with Iru, becoming Lunatic Charm, and attacks the Guardians. Ikuto comes to help and Utau de-transforms upon seeing him. After a struggle, Ran and Miki are freed, but Su is still with Nikaidou. Nikaidou makes a deal with Amu: he will give her a chance to get Su back, but she has to come get Su from his laboratory. Alone.

23- "Rimeiku Hanī! Naritai Jibun!" ("Remake Honey! My Would Be Self!")

(リメイクハニー! なりたい自分!)
Shugo Chara - Episode 23

Shugo Chara - Episode 23

Airdate: March 15, 2008

While awaiting Amu to arrive, Su convinces Nikaidou to let her clean up the messy laboratory and make a fresh cup of coffee. While cleaning, Su discovers an old photo of Nikaidou when he was a boy and his mentor. Nikaidou recalls his dream of being a robotics professor and when his own Guardian Egg appeared. However, Nikaidou gave up his dream when his mentor retired due to his wife's illness and Nikaidou's Guardian Egg was broken. Amu arrives at the laboratory, fights a bunch of robots, rescues Su, and purifies all of the X Eggs that Nikaidou had collected. Nikaidou's Guardian Egg reappears and his Guardian Character hatches. The Guardian Character greets Nikaidou, then disappears. Su tells Nikaidou that his "would-be self" can be renewed as many times as needed. Nikaidou stops working for Easter and discovers his mentor did not give up on his dream either.

24- "Kokoro no Suketchi!" ("Sketch of Heart!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 24

Shugo Chara - Episode 24

Airdate: March 22, 2008

Amu's class is assigned to draw a composition about their favorite place at school. Amu also learns that Nikaidou has returned to the school as an actual teacher. As she visits various locations around the school, Amu reflects back to the events since her Guardian Characters appeared. When Amu turns in her composition, it is of the other Guardians sitting around the table at the Royal Garden.

25- "Nadeshiko! Haru Nanoni Sayonara!?" ("Nadeshiko! Goodbye Despite Spring!?")

(なでしこ! 春なのにさよなら!?)
Shugo Chara - Episode 25

Shugo Chara - Episode 25

Airdate: March 29, 2008

Nadeshiko tells the Guardians that she will be leaving for England soon. Meanwhile, Amu is having trouble deciding whether she is in love with Kukai, Tadase, or Ikuto. Amu goes to the Royal Garden to ask Nadeshiko for advice, but finds Nadeshiko is not there. Amu then goes to Nadeshiko's home where she encounters a boy named Nagihiko, who claims he is Nadeshiko's older twin brother. Nagihiko runs off with Amu and takes her for a walk in a park. The two eventually visit a shrine where one can pray to have true love with their loved ones and get matching charms. The two eventually part company. When Nagihiko arrives home, he dresses up as a female and is revealed to be Nadeshiko. It is the Fujisaki family's tradition for the males to be raised as females as part of their dance training. Amu later learns that Nadeshiko is leaving.

26- "Atarashii Hajimari!" ("The New Beginning!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 26

Shugo Chara - Episode 26

Airdate: April 5, 2008

The school year ends, but Amu is depressed because Nadeshiko has already left and Kukai will be graduating. To help cheer her up, Kukai teaches Amu a new move for Amulet Heart. Later that night, Ikuto wonders the streets and gets into a fight with two guys who were harassing two girls. Amu is also out shopping to cheer herself up, but she overhears the two girls as they escaped talking about a guy with cat-like reflexes. Worrying if it was Ikuto, Amu searches and finds him in an alleyway. After Amu tries to treat his wounds and gets teased in return, Ikuto leads Amu home. Along the way, they stop at an amusement park that would be torn down soon. After riding several of the rides by herself and with the Guardian Character, Amu finally gets Ikuto on a tea-cup ride where the two share a heart to heart moment. On graduation day, Kukai says goodbye to everyone and Amu cheerfully declares that they will soon face a new year of events.

27- "Yottsume no Shugo Tama!" ("The Fourth Guardian Egg!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 27

Shugo Chara - Episode 27

Airdate: April 12, 2008

A new school year begins and Amu wakes up to find a yellow Guardian Egg with a diamond pattern in her bed. Meanwhile, Utau steals more Heart's Eggs during a concert. This results in an argument between Il and Utau's second Guardian Character, El, causing El to fly away. Amu is excited that she and Tadase will be in the same class, but being in a new class makes her nervous. The class gets excited over a transfer student, Rima Mashiro. Ran, Miki, and Su sense another Guardian Character coming from Rima. However, when Amu's unsuccessfully attempts to become friends with Rima, a rivalry between the boys, who support Rima, and the girls, who support Amu, breaks out. The rest of the day fares no better as Amu has trouble capturing an X Egg, nearly hitting Yaya in the process. Amu becomes depressed, and her fourth Guardian Egg turns into an X Egg.

28- "Jōkā Shikkaku? Shin Gādian Tōjō!" ("Joker Disqualification? New Guardians Appear!")

(ジョーカー失格? 新ガーディアン登場!)
Shugo Chara - Episode 28

Shugo Chara - Episode 28

Airdate: April 19, 2008

Amu tries to catch her X Egg, however she literally bumps into El and takes El home. The next day, the new Guardians are announced. Rima is the new Queen's Chair and Kairi Sanjo is the new Jack's Chair. The new Guardians introduce themselves, but things starts off roughly and Amu is unable to tell anyone about the diamond egg. To deal with the rise in X Eggs, Tadase decides that the other guardians will help Amu by splitting up into teams and search for them. Amu is first paired with Rima and the two eventually find an X Egg. However, Amu is unable to capture it. Rima and her Guardian Character, Kusukusu, Character Transforms and become Clown Drop. Instead of purifying the egg, they destroy it. Amu becomes upset with Rima even though Rima does not understand why. Meanwhile, Ran and El talk about what happened between El and Utau.

29- "Kyara Nari!? Amyuretto Enjeru!" ("Character Transformation!? Amulet Angel!")

(キャラなり!? アミュレットエンジェル!)
Shugo Chara - Episode 29

Shugo Chara - Episode 29

Airdate: April 26, 2008

Amu is at her house thinking over what she had just found out from El: Utau was using impromptu concerts to steal people's heart's eggs. Ran tells Amu that they had to do something about that and Miki and Su agree; El looking hopeful. Amu's expression doesn't change for a bit before she gets a determined look on her face and says it was impossible and hides under her covers. Her Guardian Characters are shocked and Ran reminds her that even Tadase cheered her on. Amu agrees, but says that when an X-Egg suddenly appeared she couldn't do anything about it. She says that with Rima around she was no longer and lets her sentence trail before saying that even her own egg had gotten an "X" on it.

Then she hides back under her covers and says she probabaly shouldn't be a Guardian anymore. Her Guardian Characters are shocked again, but this time El joins in, but she was angry and snatches the covers off of Amu. Amu tells El she scared her, but El tells her to shut up, further scaring Amu. Then El tells her that this was the part where Amu was supposed to go "Okay! Leave it to me!" or anything along these lines. Miki looks a little surprised at El's character as El tells Amu she should start acting like the heroine she was supposed to be. Amu says it was still impossible and that she was going to eat food until she was fat and asks "How's that for a Character Change?" Ran, Miki, and Su try to stop her before El yells that she was trying to save Utau. She says she was bowing her head and begging Utau's enemies for help, so Amu asks her that if they were enemies, why hadn't she gone back to Utau, but El said she wasn't going back until Utau came for her. She also says that she had no choice but to live there for the time being and goes to her egg, telling Amu she was calling it a day before getting inside her egg and falling asleep instantly. Amu looks away from El thinking about why Utau could possibly be doing what she was.

Elsewhere, a concert headlining Utau has just ended. People are talking about it excitedly, but on a bench a girl is asking her friend if she was okay. The girl said she was, but she has the same blank stare that someone who had their heart's egg taken out and turned into an X-Egg would have. Right behind the bench, leaning against a tree is Ikuto. Yukari, Utau, and Il are in a black van leaving the area; Yukari congratulating Utua on her performance, saying it was a great success while Il says they got plenty of X-Eggs. Utau asks Yukari what happened to their other goal of getting the Embryo and Yukari tells her that for them to accomplish that goal they needed to collect a bunch of X-Eggs first. Utau looks out of the van's window and gasps as Ikuto was walking in the opposite direction the car was going. Ikuto doesn't seem to see her, but she does see the Dumpty Key hanging on his violin's case.

At Seiyo Academy in the Royal Garden, the Guardians are exclaiming over the fact that Rima could also Character Transform. Yaya asks Rima why she hadn't told them and Rima simply tells her it was because they hadn't asked, Kusukusu laughing at Rima's answer. Yaya then says that she was going to ask Rima a lot of things and asks who her favorite entertainer was, but Rima says she wasn't going to tell her, Kusukusu once again laughing. Tadase says that he and Yaya could only Character Change and Kairi adds that that was true for him, too. Tadase comments that she was the second Guardian to do so, right after Amu. Behind the top of a tree in the Royal Garden, El, Ran, Miki, and Su are hiding, El saying that this was where Utau's arch enemies hung out.

Suddenly, Ran cries out in astonishment as do Miki and Su. Kairi, Rima, Tadase, and Yaya also look surprised and before Amu could turn around to see what they were looking at, a hand lands on her head and the person says that their snacking choices were complete opposites. Yaya and Tadase get out of their seats to greet Kukai, Yaya asking if he had been kicked out of middle school. He calls her silly and asks if she remembered that the middle school's campus was right next door and says that he was passing by and decided to drop in. Yaya tells him to play with her and he laughs, Tadase looking on in amusement while Rima asks Kairi who that was, Kairi responding that he was the former Jack's Chair. He goes over to them, throws his arms around their shoulders, and ruffles their hair, seeing that they were the new Jack and Queen's Chair. Rima complains that he was messing up her hair while Kairi says "Salutations." Amu looks at Kukai sadly before looking down.

The Guardian Characters greet Daichi, while El notices that another enemy had arrived. Kukai goes back to Amu and asks if she was working hard and when she looks up at him, tears collect in her eyes and she sadly says his name, making him wonder what was wrong. Yaya and Tadase ask her if something was wrong, but she tells them nothing, wiping away the tears. Kukai's still looking at Amu when Kairi tells them it was time for patrol, saying that Amu and Rima were paired up again. Rima says she would be fine on her own, upsetting Amu, so Kukai throws an arm around Amu's shoulder and says he would go with her, making her blush, but Kairi tells him that would ruin his whole schedule. Kukai turns to walk off with Amu and tells Kairi not to be a stiff. Then to Amu he tells her it had been awhile since that had done what they always done, and he grabs her by the hand before he shouts running dash. Their Guardian Characters chase after their owners with El far behind them telling them to wait for her.

Kukai has her running all over the place until he lets her stop in the park. As she catches her breath, he asks her what was the matter, wondering if she felt better after getting out and moving around. She questions him and he tells her he figured out she had something on her mind and asks if she wasn't getting along with the new Guardians, if she lost her confidence, and if she wanted to quit being a Guardian, Amu flinching each time he hit the mark. She asks him how he knew, her Guardian Characters very intrigued he figured it out and he tells her he saw it just by looking at her, saying not to underestimate the former Jack's Chair. Then he tells her that whatever it was she could talk to him about it, making tears well up in her eyes again. He freaks out and tells her he would buy her some ice cream if she stopped crying.

El, Daichi, Ran, Miki, and Su are on the bench Amu and Kukai are with Daichi holding the double scoop ice cream Kukai had bought while the other Guardian Characters were eating some off. Amu finally tells her why she had lost confidence in being a Guardian and he thinks over it. Amu says she didn't know what being herself meant which makes Kukai touch her cheek with his cold ice cream and call her a dummy. She yells, but he pays her no attention and says that he didn't know what being his true self meant either. She's shocked and he says he didn't know if he wanted to join the soccer team or the basketball team. She tells him that since he was captain of the soccer team she thought he would join that, and he says that he did love soccer, but he wanted to challege himself to do different kinds of things. He then says that he didn't know his true self, but says it was more exciting that way. She asks "Even when you don't know yourself?" to his response of a "Sure." He goes on asking that even if he didn't know himself that meant he could be whoever he wanted to be.

Standing up, he tells Amu that that was the feeling he had when Daichi was born. Daichi smiles from where he was still on the bench and a flashback shows a younger Kukai walk by kicking a soccer ball and passing a shop store with a skateboard and skates. Present Kukai tells Amu the questions that were on his mind at the time: "What can I do?" and "How far can I go?" and says those feelings gave birth to Daichi. Daichi flies up to Kukai and smiles at him, Kukai doing the same. Amu looks at them and asks if it was okay to hesitate and to not really understand herself. He looks back at her and, with a thumbs up from him and Daichi, he tells her "sure thing".

Amu smiles as do her Guardian Characters before a pinkish butterfly comes up to them. El seems to know what it was as she gasps when she notices it. The butterfly comes up to Amu and bursts, sending a huge and powerful gust of wind at them. It was powerful enough to blow their ice cream and Guardian Characters away; Kukai running after them shouting "My ice cream!" When it ends someone tells Amu that they found her and looking up, she sees Utau. Amu stands and El flies up, a huge smile on her face. Kukai is standing behind Amu asking what was going on. El asks if Utau had come for her, but Utau only says she was wondering where she had gone and asks if she had become Amu's Guardian Character. Il calls her the enemy, but Amu tries to tell them what had actually happened, yet Utau won't listen. Utau tells Amu that she had a new Guardian Egg and holds up the Diamond X-Egg belonging to Amu.

Amu yells that it was her egg, making Kukai looked confused again. Utau tells her she was mistaken and pushes the egg in front of her only to have it come back, saying that it was staying by her side. Amu calls out to her egg, causing Utau to laugh and say that Dia didn't accept Amu as her owner, saying that was why Dia left and came to her. A bunch of X-Eggs begin to surround Utau as Amu notices that Utau was different than she was before. Utau tries to goad Amu into fighting, but Amu only wants her egg back. Utau tells Amu that she was just going to have to beat her before Kukai says that once again he had no idea what was going on and asks Daichi if it was possible to trade Guardain Characters. Daichi says that he didn't know, but does tell Kukai that Guardian Characters change according to the state of their owner's heart, saying that was why some ended up broken or get turned into X-Eggs. But he gets thoughtful and says that it might be possible if they wanted a new owner.

Utau tells Amu that if she wanted her egg back, she had to win their fight and says she didn't need El, making her cry. Then she says that in exchange she wanted the Humpty Lock, making Amu ask why she wanted to Utau's reply of that it was the Lock that matched Ikuto's Key. She then says that it suited her better and sends the X-Eggs flying toward Amu who wasn't expecting it. Kukai quickly jumps in front of her and blocks them all with his skateboard, having Character Changed, and grabs Amu before flying around so that they faced Utau again. He tells her she shouldn't just stand there for she would lose, and before Amu could say something to him, Utau tells her that she liked to compete, saying that victory and defeat were what made people improve and shine. She says that she didn't need El because she was weak and only needed Il and Dia. Amu asks that even though El was born from her heart if she was just going to abandon her, but Utau decides to Character Transform with Il, becoming Lunatic Charm and uses her attack Nightmare Lorelei.

Utau tells Amu to fight if she wanted Dia back, but Amu tells her she didn't want to fight just before she gets knocked off of her feet, falling to the ground and sliding a bit back. Utau smiles and calls her foolish, telling her that even though adults told them not to compete and it wasn't about winning or losing they were still competing for everything, like job ratings. She says that being kind and nice will only get you beaten and Kukai agrees, much to Amu's shock. He says that sports were exciting because they were rankings and you were able to improve your technique. Utau tells him he got the point and Amu asks what was up with him teaming up with Utau. Kukai tells Amu to leave the X-Eggs to him and Daichi and says that she and Utau could knock themselves out before he skates away. He comes back and calls to Amu, saying that if she lost she would have to run twenty laps around the campus, freaking her out.

Utau laughs and tells Amu that they should get started. Amu thinks that if she fought Utau she would have to win to get the diamond egg and to keep the Humpty Lock. She says aloud that she didn't want to fight with Utau and when asked why, she says it was because she liked Utau. She says that even though Utau was harsh, it was cool how straightforward she was, and that she was good at singing. Amu also says that Utau was like her that they both weren't very social. A light blush comes over Utau's cheeks and Amu goes on, putting her hand under El and telling Utau that there was a weak, yet kinder her deep down. The Humpty Lock begins the glow and a brilliant and blinding light begins shine.

Amu Character Transforms into Amulet Angel with El and Kukai with Daichi into Sky Jack. He freaks out wondering why he had transformed too, asking if his heart had been unlocked also, but Daichi tells him to calm down. Amu is looking at the Humpty Lock asking what was going on while Utau says that just looking at the light sent strange powers through her. Suddenly Dia hatches and looks at Utau, causing them to Character Transform into Dark Jewel. Il is shown flipping through the air, saying she had been given the boot. Ran, Miki, and Su talk about what just happened with all of the transforming.

El is happy, saying that she had just done her first Character Transformation, though she didn't know why it had been with Amu. Amu thinks it may have been the power of the Humpty Lock and looks down at it. Kukai is flying through the air seeing how it felt to transform and says that it was incredible and that he was bursting with power. Utau says she could feel Dark Jewel's power and, with a smile, uses Shining Black. Utau tells Amu to fight back, so Amu asks El if they had some sort of skill they could use and El says yes and uses White Flag. Utau is looking at Amu who is on her knees waving the flag around. Su wonders if they had just lost because of the unconditional surrender and Amu gets angry with El who says she couldn't fight against Utau. Utau walks up to Amu and says she was going to finish her, but falters as both her and Amu's Character Transformations come undone. Utau falls to her knees with the diamond egg next to her as Kukai goes over to Amu and lets go of his transformation, asking if she was okay.

Amu wonders why she felt so weak and someone says that she ran out of batteries. Looking over to where the voice had come from, she sees Ikuto in a tree. He hops down from it as both girls get up from their knees and congratulates them on their duel. Utau asks if he had been watching the whole time, but he says he had just been passing by. He holds up his hand and offers a bag to Amu and Kukai, saying it was compensation as Utau had made them drop theirs. It's full of ice cream as the Guardian Characters note and Amu asks him if it was to make up for the ice cream that they had dropped, Yoru telling her she was correct. Ikuto then apologizes to Amu's shock and Utau's annoyance. She asks him why he was apologizing only to have him say she should apologize, too. She tells him no and turns, but he keeps trying to get her to say it. She tells him she hadn't done anything wrong and asks why he was on Amu's side. She calls him an idiot and pushes him down on the ground where she proceeds to hit him repeatedly. Amu and Kukai watch this exchange with surprised looks on their faces as Amu and Miki observe that Utau had just snapped.

Utau asks Ikuto why it was Amu and that he knew how she felt, but apparently he didn't as he asks her, only to be met with her kissing his lips. Amu and Kukai are now shocked at this as Ikuto pushes Utau away, but she comes back and kisses him again. He pushes her back again and tells her to stop, but when she tries to tell him something, he reminds them that they were siblings. Amu and Kukai freak out again and Utau tells them that her actual name was Utau Tsukiyomi; Ikuto's little sister by blood. Then she says that her feelings for him were stronger than anyone else's and asks why it was always Amu. She says that Ikuto had never been so concerned for any girl like he was for Amu with tears in her eyes. Amu looks over at Ikuto before she senses Utau behind her.

She says that she had always gotten rid of anyone who had come near Ikuto and Amu tries to tell her that there was nothing going on between her and Ikuto. Ikuto grabs her arm and pulls her to him, wondering why she had forgotten about their date at the amusement park at night. Amu tells him to wait, but Utau had already heard and tells Amu that she would never lose to her. As Amu stands there scared, Ikuto walks by and tells Yoru that they should leave, Yoru agreeing with him. Utau tells him to wait for her and runs off, leaving Amu and Kukai with their Guardian Characters and El again. She slumps and Kukai, with an ice cream bar, comments that she was having a rough time.

At her house in her room, Amu says she was exhausted because of everything that had happened. Ran, Miki, and Su are looking at El who tells them that Character Transformations with someone other than your own owner uses a lot of energy. Miki tells Amu that it was a shock to find that Ikuto and Utau were siblings, and she agreed, thinking over what had happened with Diamond. Miki asks if Dia was their enemy when Amu says that she hadn't come back and Su wonders if she would ever come back. Amu doesn't answer, but looks down at the Humpty Lock, thinking if she would ever get Dia back.

30- "Hoshi-gumi VS Tsuki-gumi! Chia Gāru Daikatsuyaku!" ("Star Class vs. Moon Class! Great Cheerleader Activity!")

(星組VS月組! チアガール大活躍!)
Shugo Chara - Episode 30

Shugo Chara - Episode 30

Airdate: May 3, 2008

The Guardians attempt to capture an X-Egg, but Rima destroys it instead. Amu scolds Rima for not following the plan, but Rima thinks that Amu's methods are foolish. The next day, the Star and Moon classes are competing against each other in an athletic festival. Rima sits out since she does not see the point in getting all sweaty. When a girl in the Star Class is injured, Amu convinces Rima to take her place. However, Rima still does not want to participate. In the midst of the competition, another X-Egg appears and Amu transforms into Amulet Heart and chases after it with Miki, Su, and El. Eventually, Amu chases the X-Egg out to the athletic field in front of the entire school. Fortunately, everyone mistakes it for a cheerleading routine, and Amu purifies the egg, to the amazement of Rima. Seeing how Amu is doing her best to purify the egg and how she made other people want to do their best in the competition, she finally decides to join in. In the end, the Star Class is victorious. After the festival, Kairi informs his sister, Yukari Sanjo, about the events, realizing that he is working undercover.

31- "Puritī Beibī☆Daisōdō!" ("Pretty Baby☆Great Tumult!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 31

Shugo Chara - Episode 31

Airdate: May 10, 2008

Yaya convinces the Guardians to hold a special meeting at her house. It turns out that Yaya just wanted the Guardians to help babysit her baby brother, Tsubasa, because she does not want to. Yaya is jealous of her brother because he always the center of attention instead of her and Amu encourages her to be a good big sister as she recognizes her role in it. When Utau becomes the suspect in the rise of X-Eggs, El interrupts the meetings. Amu tries to explain about El and her fourth egg, but Tsubasa begins to cry. Amu is the only one who knows how to take care of a baby. Yoru smells cookies from the house and tries to steal them, but Yaya uses Character Change to stop him. However, she almost destroys the living room in the process. Thankfully, Amu Character Transforms into Amulet Clover and restores the room with Remake Honey. As the group is about to leave, Yaya discovers that Tsubasa is running a fever and become frantic. She rushes him to a doctor who gives Tsubasa some medicine to bring down the fever. Afterwards, the doctor complements Yaya for become a big sister. Later, Amu finally tells the Guardians about her egg. But instead of being mad at her recklessness, they all support her in retreating Dia.

32- "Hitoribotchi no Kuīn!" ("The Lonely Queen!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 32

Shugo Chara - Episode 32

Airdate: May 17, 2008

When Rima gets stuck with organizing the class's book collection, Amu stays behind to help out. Rima asks Amu to call her by her first name, and vice versa. While cleaning, Amu finds a popular gag comic, which Rima grabs and speedily reads. As she reads, Rima does a Character Change and cracks a joke in front of Amu. Embarrassed, Rima tells Amu not to tell anyone that she loves gag comics. Amu runs into Kairi and learns that Rima was nearly kidnapped before and there was a dispute between her parents. The next day, Rima accidentally Character Changes and cracks a joke in front of the entire class. Afterwards, Rima runs out of classroom and Amu chases after her. Amu tells Rima that a similar incident happened to her, referring to Amu's first Character Change. The two girls have a heart to heart and become best friends.

33- "Suki ni Narazu ni Irarenai!" ("I Can't Help But Fall in Love!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 33

Shugo Chara - Episode 33

Airdate: May 24, 2008

Tadase and Amu go shopping together as Kairi follows them in order to spy on Amu. Amu sees a bracelet that she likes, but Tadase buys Amu a black heart-shaped barrette. Tadase buys himself and Amu ice cream, but Amu's ice cream drips onto her skirt and he runs off to go find a fountain to wet his handkerchief. Ikuto drops by and teases Amu. Amu becomes angry and ends up tripping on one of the shopping bags, falling onto Ikuto. When Tadase returns, a fight breaks out between him and Ikuto. Kairi and El arrive and El forces Amu into a Character Transformation, much to everyone's surprise. However, Amu's effort to stop the fight is ineffective. Tadase and Ikuto continue their fight and eventually Ikuto runs off with Tadase chasing after him. Kairi, who had been watching the whole thing, gives Amu the bracelet she had wanted and then runs off.

34- "Maji!? Yūrei Yashiki Daibōken!" ("Really!? Big Adventure to the Haunted Mansion!")

(マジ!? 幽霊屋敷大冒険!)
Shugo Chara - Episode 34

Shugo Chara - Episode 34

Airdate: May 31, 2008

The episode begins where Saaya and her Tadase Fan Club, beginning outside at a person's mansion. The club are very frantic that there are numerous of ghosts, but Saaya, becoming calm and boasted, uses her machine that sucks ghosts. The girls are interrupted by a large shoadow on the window, lettign them shriek and run away. Saaya commanded them to stop, but last, she was interrupted by a noise. Saaya tries to turn on the vacuum, but tripped over. The vacuum sucked her lips, and Saaya runs away with a muffled scream. The shadow reveals to be an unknown Guardian Character, who is transparent.

The Guardians decide to investigate a house that is alleged to be haunted. However, Amu quivered, pondering that she does not want to investigate the haunted house, but Rima scares her severely with a loud blow, before Kiseki commands strictly to not scream out loud. During Tadase's conversation, the students stared at Saaya, with her injury of her mouth, which makes her desperate. Amu create a lie infront of the Guardians, that she is ill, because she cannot go to investigate. Tadase encourages her to feel better, but Amu makes a timeout ot her lie, and gives up her lie. Rima bumps into a boy at school who drops a small drawing of his family. The boy then walks away by Rima, but Rima spotted a photo that he dropped.

The next day, Amu, begins to hide on her sheets of the bed, but Ran, Miki, and Su commands her to come to the haunted house bravely. El tries to encourage Amu with her sense of "angel" victory; however, Amu starts to sleep. Amu was forced to go to the house, as she traded El with Ami to keep. Amu quickly sneaks up to avoid going ot the haunted house, but Yaya and the Guardians spotted her quickly, making Amu to become miserable in tricking people. The Guardians arrive at the house to begin their investigation, but wondering that Rima is not yet coming. Amu creates a victory to go home, but Rima appears with a second blow on her ear, letting Amu frightened out of her wits. Amu argued back that they are not alow to trespass the neighbor's house without permission, but the gate opened without a touch. The Guardians begin their investigation, and Amu let out a large scream.

Ran, Miki, and Su chase after what they think is a ghost, but turns out to be a Guardian Character, Kuuta, who is fading away. Meanwhile, Rima sees the boy she bumped into the day before, Shouta, enter the house and she returns the drawing to him. It turns out Shouta's dream was to be a painter. However, his parents argued over it and his grandfather, who supported Shouta's dream, passed away. Shouta's depression causes Kuuta to turn into an X-Character. Working together, Rima and Amu Character Transforms and purify Kuuta and convince Shouta to pursue his dreams again. Shouta then wakes up and found his art kit, that was organized neatly, but a drawing of him and Kuuta are drawn unknownly. The Guardians then leave Shouta's house, but Ran, Miki, and Su recognized that Kuuta was the reason why he set the entrance, moves the doll, and accidently set the traps. Amu begin to feel desperate and frantic, but RIma scares her again with a puff for the last time, letting Amu scream in fear and runs away. The Guardians are proud of their completed investigation, and Rima smiles, looking up at Shouta's window. The ending reveals that Shouta's Guardian Egg is inside his heart, which makes Shouta glad and follow his revived dreams again. Soon, he will be able to see Kuuta once, after he will hatch.

35- "Hatsukoi no Wedingu Kēki!" ("Wedding Cake of the First Love!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 35

Shugo Chara - Episode 35

Airdate: June 7, 2008

Amu exits the bathroom with a bottle of milk when her mother tells her they received some big news. Her father says the letter that Shuu sent them says that he was getting married while Ami bangs on an instrument. Her parents are flipping through a photo album telling Amu that Shuu used to play with her all the time when she was younger and that they couldn't believe that he was getting married. Ran asks Amu who Shuu is so Amu tells her that he is her cousin. Amu looks at a picture in the photo album of her and Shuu; she was looking away from the camera with a blush while Shuu looking in the correct direction holding up a peace sign with a smile on his face. She repeats what she had just learned: Shuu is getting married.

Amu and her family arrive at the hotel that they were to stay at for that day. The next day was the wedding day. As Ami says "wedding" over and over again, Amu looks at her before turning away with a smile and a slight blush. When they enter the hotel, Ami and her mother and father are singing "Here Comes the Bride" without the lyrics. Amu doesn't follow them, but does tell them that they were embarrassing her. Ran, Miki, Su, and El start talking about love and the wedding, so Amu jogs to catch up with her mother to ask if Shuu still worked at the hotel. Her mother replies with a yes and wonders where he could be which makes Amu ask if she could go find him.

She is granted the permission, apparently, because she is looking down a hallway. Miki notices that Amu seemed kind of nervous, making Amu blush. Amu tells her it was because she hadn't seen Shuu in a long time and with a look of peace, she thinks back on some memories of the two of them. Shuu baked some pastries and asks Amu if they looked good, but she blushes and turns from him saying they looked somewhat good; her spicy image showing through even at this young age. He tells her she can try one, and when she does, she gives a big smile which makes Shuu excited at being able to make her happy and says he was definitely going to become a patissier. The young Amu wonders what a "pati-sser" is and Shuu tells her it is someone who makes cakes. He says that anyone who eats cake can make a happy face; just one bite would make happiness overflow inside of you and he compares that to when you fall in love.

Present day Amu is still smiling at that memory when Su says that Shuu may have been her first love, but she denies it very quickly with a stutter. Miki smiles slyly and asks them what else could they expect from the girl who had many loves. Someone yells the name "Hinamori" which freaks Amu out as she thinks they were calling to her. Instead, it was someone in the kitchen asking the Hinamori what they thought they were doing. It turns out to be Shuu and his boss: his boss was yelling at him to stop slacking off just because it was the day before Shuu's wedding. His boss tells Shuu that he has a lot of responsibilities, so Shuu apologizes and tells him he found some wild blueberries and, taking one from the basket full of them he was holding, he eats it and says "yum." Shuu also says he was going to use those berries to make a perfect wedding cake as they tasted like "a fresh, juicy drop of sunlight." His boss smiles and tells Shuu that before he could do that, he had to clean the kitchen and after that, peel the one hundred apples they had. Shuu understands and the man begins to leave, but as he opens the door, he pauses and tells Shuu he was anticipating when he would be able to see his cake. Shuu places his basket of berries on a table and says he was going to clean up the kitchen when a voice from the door asks if they could help.

Shuu turns to the door wondering who could have said that and sees Amu standing there with a broom in one of her hands. Shuu runs over to her with a smile and begins to shake her shoulders back and forth, saying she had grown so much. Then he pulled her into a hug and raises her into the air and says it wasn't long ago that she was just a baby out of diapers. He sets her back on her feet and tells he again she had grown so much and Amu tells him he had grown, too, having made his dream come true. Shuu tells her he was still an apprentice, doing the cleaning, the dishes, and prep work. Amu tells him he was working hard and Shuu agrees and says he was going to work hard for tomorrow. He then tells her that his first wedding cake would be for his own wedding and that he hoped that one bite from everyone would make them overflow with hapiness.

Miki sees that he hadn't changed from what Amu told them of him and Su flies over to Shuu's side and comments that he loves to make cake. Shuu turns and looks left and right, thinking that he heard someone talking. Amu asks him what he was talking about, but her Guardian Characters take in that he could hear them, but couldn't see them, which led them to believe he still had his heart's egg. Amu smiles at that while Shuu tells her that it was weird he could hear some voices. Amu ignores that and asks what his bride was like, having heard that she was rich. Shuu grabs the broom Amu had been holding and a dreamy look comes over his face as he says his fiancee was like an angel. And he adds that she was totally into him. Amu asks if everything was okay and quotes what Madame Nobuko Saeki once said: "Every woman feels uncertain before she marries; uncertain about whether this person is really the one!" Shuu laughs at that and was about to say something, but instead drops the broom which falls at Amu and becomes as white as a sheet. Amu catches the brrom before it could hit her and asks him what was wrong. He tells her he was supposed to go pick his fiancee up but had forgotten.

A limousine appears in front of the hotel with some people inside crowding around the window to catch a glimpse of the person inside. The chauffeur opens a door of the limo and a young woman steps out and enters with two ladies holding her luggage following her. The young woman tells them that she could carry her luggage herself, but one of the women tells her that she mustn't. The young woman gets annoyed and some hotel workers in the background notice how beautiful she is. They say what they heard the young woman, some things being that she was the daughter of the super famous Otomo Cartel and had modeled in fashion magazines.

Amu runs to the lobby and sees the woman and is surprised when Shuu runs up to her and begins speaking. Eriko, as he had called her, tells him she had been waiting for him, so he apologizes and then tells her he had found some perfect ingredients to use for their wedding cake. Her face falls and she tells him that they had something more important to discuss. Shuu looks curious and she tells him she had been wavering for some time, not knowing how to tell him what was on her mind. He asks her if she was wondering if he was cheating on her and, with a sly look, he tells her not to worry and that he only did it three times. Eriko gets very angry at the news so Shuu tells her it was only twice and she slaps him, shocking Amu and her Guardian Characters and El. Eriko tells him to forget what she had just been saying, sticks her tongue out at him and walks off. The women who were carrying her bags follow her and ask if the preparations for tomorrow were ready, but she tells them she didn't care about that. Shuu is lying on the floor with tears coming out of his eyes and a red handprint on his face, saying that it was only a joke.

Amu is still shocked at what had just happened, her mouth hanging open as Eriko and her servants file pass. She hears a servant ask if she was going to cancel the wedding and once again Eriko says she didn't care about that. From what Amu had just seen, she wonders what Shuu was talking about when he had called Eriko an angel. Outside on a bench, Amu is holding a cloth to the spot where Shuu had been slapped while he was texting Eriko trying to apologize. Amu asks why he just doesn't call her, but he tells Amu Eriko must've turned her phone off, saying she must have been really angry.

Someone calls to Amu and she sees her parents and Ami running toward her. They tell her they heard the famous daughter of the Otomo Cartel was staying at the hotel. Her mother says that they heard Eriko may also break off her engagement which makes Shuu drop his cell phone in shock. Then her father says that her fiancee was a pathetic patissier novice and she might be fed up with him now. Shuu looks even more upset on the bench beside Amu, so she tries to tell them that none of it was true. They don't really listen, saying Eriko's fiancee was just an apprentice and that her would be much better not getting married but continuing her traveling of the world and modeling. Amu tries again to tell them it wasn't true and three imaginary arrows strike Shuu in the head; they were labeled "pathetic", "novice", and "fed up." Midori and Tsumugu finally notice Shuu and congratulate him on his upcoming wedding, asking where the bride-to-be was. Shuu only stands and looks at them with a very pathetic and sad face which makes Amu's parents ask her if they had said something wrong. She tells them they did and they bow their heads, ashamed of themselves.

In her room, Eriko's thinking of what Shuu had said to her and she calls him a jerk. A knock comes from her door and her father enters, wishing to have a word with her. Meanwhile, Amu and the four Guardian Characters are sneaking around in the bushes wondering if the engagement had been broken off. El says it would be a catastrophe if they did and Miki points off to they side at something. It was Eriko with her father and a woman who may have been her mother. Her father is asking if she had talked to Shuu about how her feelings had changed since they had gotten engaged, and she tells him it was true. Amu is shocked to find that she may have just changed her mind. Her father tells her he would respect her choices and that she was to make her own decisions as it was her life. Eriko tells him she already decided and that Shuu will be surprised, but she just couldn't ignore her true feelings any longer. Amu tries to figure out what to do.

In the hotel's kitchen, Shuu, while stirring some batter, is looking at the piece that was supposed to go on top of the finished cake: it was a tiny man and woman with flowers going over the top of their heads. He sighs and remembers that she wanted to tell him something about her wavering and something she wasn't able to tell him. He wonders what she was going to say and then recalls what his aunt said about her not getting married as she would be much better off. He's trying to see if that was true.

Eriko is walking out on the grounds saying that her decision was how she wanted it and that she didn't have any regrets. Amu and her Guardian Characters and El are looking at her from behind a tree. Ran says it was becoming terrible and El says that if she didn't do anything about it, she didn't deserve to be called the Angel of Love. Amu says there wasn't anything they could do to help and El calls her stupid, saying they had to do something. Amu agrees with a scared look upon her face from the tone El used at her.

Eriko is looking at a fountain with a sad expression when a light shines on her face. Turning to see where it came from, she sees Amu who introduces herself as the Angel of Love: Amulet Angel. Amulet Angel tells Eriko she'll mend her love. Amu asks El if she could really do that and El replies telling Amu to activate her Love Repair Beam. Amu asks her what that was, but El tells her to just do it. Amu complies and turns to face Eriko and, making a heart with her fingers and placing it in front of the Humpty Lock, she says "Love Repair Beam." A pink glow forms in the heart Amu made, but then it pops, startling Eriko and getting Amu to yell at El, asking her what had happened.

Suddenly, the box Amu was standing breaks and she falls down. Eriko rushes to her and sees Amu, but she wasn't wearing the dress as she previously was. Eriko asks if Amu was okay and she says she was, so Eriko asks if she was the Amu she heard about from Shuu. She tells Amu that Shuu told her that Amu was cute and stubborn; Amu getting slightly angry over the "stubborn" part. Amu then asks her if she wasn't going to get married anymore, saying that Shuu was a lot more maly than he looked. Eriko smiles and sees that Amu was worrried about the two of them.

Shuu was sitting down in the kitchen with his head down, having abandoned mixing the batter. He says that he and Eriko were incompatible, like he knew they were. He remembers that everytime he was with Eriko, people would say that she would regret marrying him and that it didn't seem like they would last long. His heart's egg then gets glazed over with a thin gray coating.

Elsewhere, Eriko and Amu are looking at the fountain, Eriko wanting to tell Amu how she and Shuu first met. She says she was studying abroad in Paris and was a little depressed as her studies weren't progressing as she had hoped. She had lost sight of her dream and her passion for piano and ballet had begun to cease. She said that was when she wanted to give up on her dreams, but she noticed someone walking by. In the memory, she laughs when he nearly fell and presently, she tells Amu that he was a student doing work in a candy store. She couldn't believed he worked so hard there and found herself happy to see him pass by each day.

Then one day he appeared at her door with a covered basket. He apologized to her, saying he made a mistake, that his actual destination was next door. She stops him and says that whatever was under the cover smelled good and asked if they were freshly baked chestnut muffins. He smiles and wonders if she'll try one for him. Inside her room, there's a muffin on a plate in front of her. She tries it and after she's done chewing, he thinks she thinks it's awful since her expression didn't change. She tells him that it had a happy taste to it, saying it reminded her of falling in love. He smiles, relieved. To Amu, Eriko says that Shuu never failed to cheer her up. She comments on how when many people become adults, their dreams vanish, but somehow Shuu was different. Eriko tells Amu that she wasn't uncertain about the wedding, making Amu and the Characters feel relieved. Then the Ran, Miki, and Su go to Amu saying they sensed an X-Egg. Eriko asks if something was wrong, but Amu only excuses herself and goes to the kitchen to find Shuu on the ground and an X-Egg.

The X-Egg hatches and produces an X-Character. Amu tries to figure out why there was an X-Character there and thinks it acme from Shuu. The Character uses an something called Black Cream to attack. Amu and her Guardian Characters dodge the hit, but the cake wasn't so lucky. Su goes to Amu requesting that Amu Character Transform with her. Amu unlocks her heart and becomes Amulet Clover. The X-Character uses Black Cream again, but Amu blocks it with her cooking pan. Then a image of Shuu appears next to the Character, saying that Eriko was too good for him. Amu tells him it was a misunderstanding, saying that because of his charging forward and trying to achieve his goal was what won Eriko over. Blushing, Amu tells him that he was her first love, making Miki realize they were right and Ran tells her she was never honest with herself. Amu goes back to Shuu saying it was bad to turn your heart's egg into an X-Egg. She changes her cooking pan into a whisk and performs Remake Honey, breaking the X from the X-Character's head and purifying it. The miniature patissier thanks Amu before going back into his egg and into Shuu once more.

Amu was about to fix the cake when she hears Eriko call her name. She quickly hides and breaks the Character Transformation off. Shuu wonders what he was doing and Eriko sees him. She tells him that since was clumsy and had no cooking experience that she would only slow him down. She says it had been bothering her, but she had finally come to the decision that she was going to learn how to make cakes. She tells him she would start from the beginning so that they could one day have their own bakery. Shuu tells her it could be hard and take time, but she tells him that she would keep going as her dream was to share her life with him. Eriko notices the ruined cake and says he would fix it, but Eriko says that the two of them, but takes that back and says the three of them, looking in the direction Amu was hiding. She pops back up looking sheepish with a smile. Su Character Changes with Amu and the three of them begin to work on a new cake.

The next day, everyone is clapping for the newlyweds when it is time for the boquet toss. Eriko tosses the boquet and Amu catches it, much to the surprise of her Guardian Characters. And her surprise also as she freaks out as it sinks in that she caught the boquet. She daydreams of herself in a wedding dress holding a boquet and wonders who the groom may be; Tadase appears on her left and takes her hand, Ikuto appears on her right and takes the boquet, and Kukai and Kairi appear with some flowers behind them. She freaks out in her dream and then asks why she was thinking of so many people. Miki tells her she was the girl of many loves. Amu says she's the worst kind of girl and starts to run, making everyone wonder what happened.

36- "Ōgon no Ōji! *Zenpen*" ("Golden Prince! *Part I*")

(黄金の王子! *前編*)
Shugo Chara - Episode 36

Shugo Chara - Episode 36

Airdate: June 14, 2008

Shuraiya, a prince from a faraway country, makes a grand entrance to Seiyo Elementary to search for his future queen. Shuraiya also has a Guardian Character, Ramira. After seeing Amu transform into Amulet Heart and purify an X Egg, Shuraiya proposes to Amu. However, Amu refuses. Shuraiya informs the Guardians that the real reason he came to Seiyo Elementary was to find the Embryo. Shuraiya is searching for the Embryo because he despises his father and wants to succeed at something his father failed. Unable to obtain any information from the Guardians, Shuraiya demands to see Utau because she works for Easter and may know more about the Embryo. When Yukari learns of this from Kairi, she forms a plan using Nikaidou's old research. Later that night, Utau appears in disguise and hands the prince a pendant telling him that it is what he seeks.

37- "Ōgon no Ōji! *Kōhen*" ("Golden Prince! *Part II*")

(黄金の王子! *後編*)
Shugo Chara - Episode 37

Shugo Chara - Episode 37

Airdate: June 21, 2008

The pendant Shuraiya receives from Utau begins to change his personality. Pearl, Shuraiya's servant since childhood, finds Ramira suffering because of the pendant's dark energy. She brings him to the Guardians and tells them that she has been able to see Ramira. Ramira informs the guardians about what happened the night before. Meanwhile, Shuraiya extracts Saaya and her followers' eggs, which become X Characters. When the Guardians arrive, their Guardian Characters are captured and Ramira is turned into an X Egg. Pearl protects Ramira's egg to keep from turning into an X Character and explains to Shuraiya that his father cares for him deeply. Pearl's strong feelings give birth to her own Guardian Character who frees the other Guardian Characters. Amu and Rima transform and purify the X Characters and Ramira. Shuraiya apologizes to Pearl for his action and decides to return home and reconcile with his father.

38- "Kī to Rokku to Aitsu to Atashi!" ("Key, Lock, He and I!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 38

Shugo Chara - Episode 38

Airdate: June 28, 2008

Yukari tells Kairi to obtain the Humpty Lock from Amu. During a meeting, Kairi stares at Amu and the other Guardians believe he is in love with her. The next day, the Guardian Characters hold a secret meeting and El brings the lock with her. When Il and Yoru show up, a fight erupts. Amu and Kairi find the Guardian Characters and Kairi obtains the lock. Tsukumo, who works under Yukari, steals the lock from Kairi and runs off. Ikuto appears, praises Kairi for his "good job", and goes after Tsukumo. Amu attempts to Character Transform, but cannot without the lock. Ikuto, as Black Lynx, catches up with Tsukumo and stops him. When Amu catches up, the Humpty Lock and the Dumpty Key react. Ikuto tries to open the lock with the key, but Amu becomes scared and the lock rejects the key. Ikuto returns the lock to Amu and leaves.

39- "Kyara Nari! Purachina Rowaiyaru!" ("Character Transformation! Platinum Royale!")

(キャラなり! プラチナロワイヤル!)
Shugo Chara - Episode 39

Shugo Chara - Episode 39

Airdate: July 5, 2008

Easter is implementing its new project, the Black Diamond CD. It is rumored that a person will have their wish granted if they listen to it. Kairi slips one of the CDs into Tadase's bag. Tadase and Kiseki get into an argument and Kiseki runs off. At home, Tadase finds the CD in his bag. When Kiseki returns, he finds Tadase listening blankly to the CD and Kiseki becomes an egg. Kiseki goes to Amu for help and they find Tadase with a group of other children around a van playing the song from the Black Diamond CD. The music extracts X Eggs from everyone and an X appears on Kiseki's egg. Amu snaps Tadase out of his depression, and Tadase and Kiseki Character Transform into Platinum Royale. Together, they round up the X Eggs and purify them. Among the eggs, one sparkles more brightly then the others and disappears.

40- "Rima! Kokoro no Anrokku!" ("Rima! Unlock The Heart!")

(りま! こころのアンロック!)
Shugo Chara - Episode 40

Shugo Chara - Episode 40

Airdate: July 12, 2008

As Kairi cooks for Yukari, she informs him that he has one last job to complete. Meanwhile, Rima's mother wants Rima to resign from the Guardians because of the shifting pickup times. At school, Amu informs the Guardians about the Black Diamond CDs and they agree to confiscate all of them. While collecting the CDs, Amu learns about Rima's resignation letter, but Rima never turns it in. That night, the van appears at the school and plays the music. Children gather around and their eggs are extracted. Amu and Tadase arrive and Character Transform, but are overwhelmed by the X Eggs. Rima receives a call from Amu and overhears the fight. Rima confronts her parents about how they bicker over her and keep her cooped up and then runs off to help. Working together, they purify the eggs, but discover Kairi with a bag of Black Diamond CDs.

41- "Honto no Jibun!" ("True Self!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 41

Shugo Chara - Episode 41

Airdate: July 19, 2008

The secret behind the Black Diamond CD is revealed and Kairi is conflicted about his sister's plans. Il becomes frustrated because Utau has been ignoring her recently. Meanwhile, the Guardians come to the realization that Kairi was an Easter spy. When Nikaidou gives the Guardians tickets to a special concert, the Guardians go to confront Kairi. As they arrive, they find Utau extracting X Eggs from the gathered crowd. Ikuto pulls Utau away and Kairi blocks the Guardians from chasing them. However, the X Eggs goes wild and form a blob. During the battle, Yaya Character Transforms into Dear Baby for the first time. Amu helps Kairi to remember his true self and Kairi Character Transforms into Samurai Soul. Together, they purify all of the X Eggs. After the battle, Tadase sees the sparkling egg again and Kairi informs the Guardians about Black Diamond's mainstream debut.

42- "Hoshina Utau! Saigo no Tatakai!" ("Utau Hoshina! The Last Battle!")

(ほしな歌唄! 最後の戦い!)
Shugo Chara - Episode 42

Shugo Chara - Episode 42

Airdate: July 26, 2008

Yukari reviews her plan to find the Embryo to her supervisor. Afterwards, she remarks about how useless Il is. Il becomes furious, but Diamond reminds Il about how Il teased El for being useless. Tadase tells Amu about his past with Utau and Ikuto, and how Utau enjoyed singing. The next day, all five Guardians confront Utau for the last time. Amu unsuccessfully tries to remind Utau about how Utau enjoyed singing. Utau transforms with Il and attacks Amu. However, when the other Guardians come to Amu's defense, Ikuto appears and prevents them. After Il is convinced by El to combine their powers to save Utau, they both side with Amu, and Amu transforms with Il, becoming Amulet Devil. However, Utau, angry at Il's abandonment, Character Transforms with Diamond. However, shortly after, Amu is finally able to believe in herself so Diamond returns to Amu and the X on her is lifted.

43- "Kyara Nari! Amyuretto Daiya!" ("Character Transformation! Amulet Diamond!")

(キャラなり! アミュレットダイヤ!)
Shugo Chara - Episode 43

Shugo Chara - Episode 43

Airdate: August 2, 2008

Amu character transforms with Dia, with the X removed, and becomes Amulet Dia. Ami arrives unexpectedly and asks Utau to sing. Though hesitant at first, she soon finds the song that she had kept inside of her heart. The X-Eggs then hatch into X-Characters, and the heroes are all forced battle them, eventually succeed. The remaining X-Characters cause the helicopter to go out of control. Wishing to save her manager, Utau Character Transforms with El, becoming Seraphic Charm. Amu and Utau fly up to where the helicopter is, and Utau purifies the X-Characters. Yukari falls from the helicopter, and Utau goes after her to save her. Amu uses Starlight Navigation to calm down the helicopter and land it safely. In the mix of the purified eggs, the shining egg shows up again. It's shaped like an oval and is rainbow-colored. It's seen roaming around aimlessly, but after a while, it flies off into the sky, with Ikuto shocked. In the end, Dia reverts back into her egg again until the next time Amu "shines" again.

44- "Kokoro no Kirameki!" ("Sparkle of the Heart!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 44

Shugo Chara - Episode 44

Airdate: August 9, 2008

It is summer vacation and Amu reflects on the time since the school year began. Meanwhile, Kairi is preparing to go back to his parents while reflecting on his time with the Guardians. Later, Amu, Yaya, Rima, and Tadase go to visit Kairi and help Utau and Yukari move into their new office. While celebrating the opening of the new business, Kairi reveals to the rest of the Guardians that he will be returning home to his parents and friends. But before Kairi boards the airplane, he confesses his love to Amu while declaring Tadase as his rival. Although flustered by the confession, Amu tells Kairi that they must certainly meet again in the future.

45- "Ganbare! Seiichirō!" ("Go for it! Seiichiro!")

(がんばれ! 誠一郎!)
Shugo Chara - Episode 45

Shugo Chara - Episode 45

Airdate: August 16, 2008

Ami is in Amu's room listening to her sing, but with the look on her face, it's obvious she doesn't really approve of it. Ami stops her and tells her she was doing it wrong before showing her the correct way to sing it. Ran, Miki, and Su show up and tell us that if we were wondering what happened, it all began some days ago. Su says it was time for a flashback, and they begin the flashback by showing us Summer School Day. Amu is walking around with her Guardian Characters and they notice how everyone seemed to be full of summer vacation spirit. Someone calls to Amu from behind, and she turns to see a younger kid coming toward her. He tells her he was happy to be able to see her during summer vacation and she asks who he was, crushing his happy mood a little. He says he was Seiichiro Suzuki, but she still doesn't know who he was, evident by the look on her face. It clicks to him and he begins to look for his glasses and places them on when he found them. Amu realizes who he was and Seiichiro is happy she remembered. He says that he screwed up by wearing contacts for a change. Su tells Amu that he was really handsome without his glasses while Miki comments that they finally learned his name.

At their school in the auditorium, Tadase is on stage with the other the Guardians telling the students in front of him that their school was going to compete in the Choral Competition. He tells them that is was taking place during summer vacation and says they should all do their best. Yaya says to them, though it may seem rushed, that they were going to pick who would be singing the solo and playing the piano. Three students tried to play the piano, but Saaya said it should be for a lady celebrity and begins to play, shocking the audience at how well she played. Amu says to Rima that Saaya was fantastic, but Rima tells her that Saaya was using her own arrangement instead of the one that the people auditioning were to play. After Saaya, a younger girl comes on stage and plays the correct arrangement.

Tadase is once again at the stage, but this time he's calling out the results. The person chosen to play the piano was the girl who come after Saaya: Marimo Hatanaka, a fourth grader from the Star Class. She's surprised as the people around her smile at her, but Saaya is angry, as are her friends, asking the students if they had not heard her play perfectly. Rima, looking bored, tells Saaya that no one would have been able to sing along with her playing. Tadase then says the soloist would be Amu Hinamori of the sixth grade Star Class. Amu is agreeing, but then freaks out as she registers it was her. She says she didn't even audition when a bunch of her fans stand up saying that no one deserved the solo but her. Seiichiro is one of them and he tells her that even though she hadn't ask, he had entered her name. Rima says that there were large voting blocks and Yaya says that no one else really even wanted the part. Amu is still looking shocked, but Tadase wishes her the best as he, Rima, and Yaya give her a thumbs up, ending the flashback.

Su tells us that that was that, while Miki says that there was no way to change it, and Ran only cheers Amu on, who is still listening to Ami sing, but with tears streaming down her face. At school, the students are in the auditorium singing the song they had. Tadase is at the front instructing them and Marimo is at the piano playing it. Amu is in the front of the group looking nervous while some students are commenting on someone's awful singing, that person being Seiichiro. The music stops playing as the students stop singing, making Seiichiro wonder if it was him that stopped it all and apologizes. He hides behind his music sheet and some people look at him, including Marimo.

Tadase tells them that they were finished for the day, so Amu's walking off with a stick acting like a cane in her right hand before she drops to the ground, saying she was tired. Miki asks if it came from just singing and Amu corrects her, saying it was from singing in front of a bunch of people. She tells them that everyone could her you and that she was even awful at karaoke. Ran, Miki, and Su then sing "Amu-chan is really bad at singing!" causing her to grip her head and tell them to stop singing. She hears something and asks if they heard before going to go see what it was.

Behind some trees they find Seiichiro singing all by himself, his back to where Amu was standing. They flinch as he hits a note that he couldn't really get right. Miki sees that he really was cut out for the performing arts just as Seiichiro is getting annoyed with himself before throwing his music sheet. Amu decides then to reveal herself, scaring him. He drops to the ground and tells her that she saw him doing something lame again and that he was going to have to ban himself from being one of her fans. She asks him what he was talking about and he explains that ever since she had become a Guardian she had been lively, active, and shining brighter each day, but he hadn't progressed any. She tells him that wasn't true, but then wonders about it as she doesn't know for sure.

He sits up and, with a dreamy expression, says it was times like that that made him think he was useless. Amu tells him he shouldn't go that far. He turns to her and says there was nothing to worry about because if he couldn't improve his singing before the competition, he would just have to fake sing. Amu is shocked, not about what he said he was going to do, but because she didn't know anyone could do that. Then she pictures herself faking at the real thing and says there wouldn't be any music.

Tadase appears behind Amu and asks her if she would do her solo because he wanted to practice his conducting. Yaya and Rima show up on either side of Amu and drag her off, her crying and whining in protest. Seiichiro looks at them and sighs before someone else comes up from behind and calls to him. Turning around, he sees Marimo who tells him that they should practice together. He looks confused and she explains that it had to be hard to sing without the accompaniment and that she would play for him. He tries to tell her it was fine as he didn't want to bother her, but she says she had to practice anyway. She tells him they should work together and he blushes and bows, saying he was looking forward to practicing with her. She tells him she looked forward to working with him and he smiles as he straightens up.

Back in the auditorium, Tadase is conducting the singing students once again and Marimo is playing the piano. Amu still looks nervous and Seiichiro is trying his best. In the Royal Garden, Yaya is telling the other that they seemed to be on the right track and that they could get the grand prize. Tadase says it wasn't about winning, but about getting everyone to work together, but before he could finish, Yaya interrupts and says there went his honor student speech, making him smile. Yaya turns to Amu to ask of her opinion, but she's only looking scared out of her mind. Yaya asks if she was still nervous, getting Amu to come out of the trance. Amu says that she wasn't and was about to go on, but Rima interrupts and says there went Amu's stubborn girl speech.

Later, Amu is walking home and notices that she was tired again. She hears some noise and peeking in the window of the room they had practiced, Amu sees Seiichiro singing and Marimo playing the piano on the stage. They come to the end and Marimo applauds him on his singing, saying it was much better than before. She says that when he sang with confidence he would sound better than when he would when he hunched over all the time as his pitch would get off. He tells her he understands and bows, making her tell him he didn't have to be so formal since they were classmates. He tells her again that he understood, but not so formal that time, asking if it was alright that way. She tells him it was fine and asks if he wanted to do it one more time. He agrees with a smile as Amu listens to her Guardian Characters comment on how nice it was before she smiles, too.

Seiichiro and Marimo are walking home, Seiichiro apologizing on keeping her out so late. She shrugs it off and says that she got to practice some also. He stops walking and hunches over, asking her if she thought he could sing well. She tells him he would be fine and says that singing well wasn't what mattered the most. He looks over at her, waiting for her to continue and she says that he should just have fun since the word "music" was written using the characters "fun" and "sound." She says there was no point in trying if you didn't have fun and he wonders if that was right.

Marimo turns to look at the scenery and says that she wasn't that good either. He tries to tell her otherwise, but she says she knew her music was okay. She goes on saying that she sometimes thought about how she wasn't that great and that she was jealous of the people who were great and would become professionals. She's about to tell him her dream, but stops to tell him not to laugh. He promises he won't and she tells him her dream was to be able to play the piano always, even after she was married, saying she wanted to be able to play with her husband and children every day. She blushes a bit, but turns around and tells him that that was her dream. He's shocked about the aspect of her getting married and she asks if that was weird, but he turns around and says it wasn't and tells her he thought her dream was a wonderful one. She asks him if something was wrong, but he tells her not to look at him.

Saaya and her friends are walking along, all of them holding shopping bags, when Saaya stops. One girl asks her what happened and Saaya notices Marimo as the girl who stole her part. Marimo tells Seiichiro that they should try their best and Seiichiro agrees, while Saaya looks content with herself; one girl saying that she had the feeling Saaya was planning something.

The next day at school in their usual practicing place, Tadase is telling everyone that tomorrow was the actual performance, making the current practice their last. Tadase begins to conduct, Marimo begins to play the accompaniment, and the students begin to sing; most noticeably, Amu isn't looking as scared as she had the first couple of times. The students stop singing when Marimo messes up. She apologizes and asks if they could start over. Tadase says that they could, but a voice tells them that they couldn't. The students look at Saaya and the other four students not on stage as Saaya goes on saying that if Marimo messed up then, what was stopping her from doing it tomorrow? One of the girls next to Saaya says that Saaya should have been chosen instead as it would've been better. Tadase tells them it would be alright and tells Marimo that could start again from the top. Saaya's friends ignore him and go on, saying that if it were Saaya playing the piano, they would definitely win and get the prize.

Amu's Guardian Characters are noticing how mean Saaya and her group were being when Marimo apologizes again and says she would try harder. Another girl asks that even if she tried her best, would it be enough, causing Marimo to gasp and Amu to step forward, but having Seiichiro beat her to it. Angry, he tells them that music was having fun with sound and that winning wasn't important as long as they had fun. Saaya asks that if they weren't in it for the prize what they were aiming for, and asks if it was just to participate, saying there was no point to it then. She asks the students if they wanted to win and they begin murmuring to each other saying that winning would be nice. Yaya gets mad and tells them that they all had chosen Marimo and Rima says that crowds were always fickle. Saaya says that if anyone was going to do something, there would be no point unless they were number one and that saying the things Seiichiro had just said were excuses for those who knew they wouldn't be number one.

Some people begin to murmur again and Tadase tries to calm them down when they hear a noise. Looking over, they see Marimo had stood up and was looking down. Tadase calls to her and she says that she okay and that someone else should play the piano. She excuses herself and runs off. Amu goes to Tadase and says that she was going to go check up on her. He agrees and Saaya is behind the piano telling Tadase to conduct. He's about to, but she begins to play a different accompaniment and starts singing not so well.

Outside, Amu has caught up to Marimo and tells her that she thought she should play the piano. Marimo looks over her shoulder at Amu and thanks her, but says that she thought someone more skilled should play along to their school's singing students. She runs off and Amu calls after her, telling her to come to the performance and that they were going to wait for her. Ran, Miki, and Su fly over to Amu and notice that she had been crying. Later that day, Seiichiro is walking home and sees that he was on the bridge he and Marimo had been on when she had told him her dream. Amu is at her house in her room thinking over the things Saaya and her group had said and is wondering if they were true; her Guardian Characters disagreeing with everything Saaya had said. She then asks if they thought Marimo would show up to the competition.

Seiyo Academy's students are at the 23rd Choral Competition Hall and Yaya's beginning to feel nervous. She asks Amu if her ribbon was crooked, but Amu is stock still and nervous as she once was before. Tadase says her name and she comes out of it. He asks if she had seen Marimo, but she tells him she hadn't. Seiichiro hears this and Tadase tells Amu that it was almost their turn to go. Yaya says they should get Saaya since there was nothing else they could do, but looking over at Saaya, they see her friends are holding her back saying that even though Saaya's playing was good, it "didn't suit an ensemble, you know?" meaning the students just couldn't sing to her playing.

Marimo is standing in front of a bench elsewhere asking herself if she should go to the Choral Competition. She then remembers some of the things Saaya had said and looks at the ground sadly while her heart's egg gets glazed over with gray before turning into an X-Egg. Amu's Guardians tell her an X-Egg had just been born, so Yaya says they had to go since they were the Guardians. Seiichiro comes up to the four and tells them he was sure Marimo was coming and goes to look for her, Amu and the Guardians following. Seiichiro finds her sitting on a bench and Marimo's X-Egg, which hatched into an X-Character, laughs, making him think he heard something. Her X-Character yells out "forte!" and sends an attack at Seiichiro using its baton, causing him to fly backward and hit the ground, losing his glasses in the process.

Marimo says that she was wrong, and Seiichiro hears her, looking back in her general direction. Yaya runs over and tells Amu she found the Marimo and Seiichiro. Amu sees that her X-Egg already hatched into an X-Character, so Tadase tells them they should go stop it, but Amu stops him when she sees Seiichiro pick himself off the ground. He tells Marimo that she wasn't wrong and Yaya thinks he couldn't see the X-Character without his glasses. He goes on saying that she had told him her dream of wanting to play the piano always and a transparent picture of Marimo appears next to her X-Character saying that everyone said there was no point unless you were the best and calls her dream worthless. Seiichiro tells her there was no thing as a worthless dream and she gasps. He tells her that he was the same as her because he wasn't good at a lot of things, but he still had dreams and says that he wanted to become president of a company someday, an astronaut, and a race car driver. Marimo calls him stupid and says there was no point in having dreams like the ones he had and her X-Character fires another attack at him.

Tadase tells Amu that it was becoming dangerous, but Seiichiro is still going, saying that there may have been no point, but that his dreams were all he had to hold onto at the moment. He slowly starts to approach Marimo the best he could because of the Character's attack and says that if he began to think his dreams were worthless, he would become pathetic. He says that his dreams were his and his alone and that his dreams were all that mattered, causing the X-Character to stop its attack. Amu steps forward and agrees with Seiichiro. Seiichiro still can't see and calls to Amu who tells him he did a good job before she unlocks her heart and does a Character Transformation with Ran, becoming Amulet Heart. Seiichiro shields his eyes and notices that she was starting to shine in a pink light.

Marimo's X-Character tries another attack, but Amu jumps to dodge and it hits Seiichiro instead, making him fall back again, and Amu apologizes to him. She goes at the character from a different angle and it tries its attack again, but she uses her Pom-poms to block it and ends up right next to it. She tells Marimo's X-Character that she liked her piano playing and then uses Open Heart to purify it. Marimo's Guardian Character appears and thanks Amu and Seiichiro, but he doesn't hear as he was still on the ground looking for his glasses. She goes back to her egg just as Seiichiro finds his glasses and puts them on. He turns to Amu and asks what she was wearing as she was still in her Character Transformation with Ran. She freaks out as he thinks it was cosplay and tells her he had never known she was into that kind of thing. He blushes and says that he found out something new about her making her blush and Miki and Su call him mean because he thought Amu was cosplaying.

Marimo wakes up and wonders what she was doing when Yaya tells her that everything was fine. Tadase steps forward to her and asks if she would play the accompaniment for them. She smiles and gladly accepts. Back at the Choral Competition, just like the practicing, Tadase is conducting, Marimo is playing, and the students are singing. He beckons Amu forward and her "x" shaped hairclip become a heart as Ran decides to Character Changes with Amu to help her sing her solo.

Backstage, Amu sighs in contentment as she is happy it was all over. Some students are congratulating Marimo on a job well done and she thanks them. Seiishiro is looking over at his friend with a smile when Amu comes over to him and says that he had been staring at her for a long time. She then thinks it was because he had "fallen for her" and he blushes, asking her what she was talking about. She compliments him on what he had said earlier and asks why he just didn't confess to her. He blushes harder and tells her no, saying that it was good enough for him to know he could do whatever if he put his mind to it. He says that if he got more confidence that he might confess and Amu looks at him in awe with a slight blush on her face.

She smiles and slaps him on the back, causing him to fall forward from the force of the slap and tells him he could do it, using his full name. She thinks she hurt him and apologizes, but he turns around with tears in his eyes saying he was touched. She looks confused and he tells her that this was the first time that she said his full name and smiles. Marimo looks over at him and smiles with a blush and he smiles back, a blush on his face, too.

46- "Rima Kōrin!? Owarai no Kamisama!" ("Rima's Advent!? The Goddess of Comedy!")

(りま降臨!? お笑いの神様!)
Shugo Chara - Episode 46

Shugo Chara - Episode 46

Airdate: August 23, 2008

Amu is at home talking into a fan that was on, saying she was an alien. Miki and Ran join in, but the three get tired of it, Miki saying she wished they could escape reality while Ran says the heat wouldn't let up. Amu asks why the AC had to break on a hot day like the one they were experiencing. She turns to look at the tv remote and suggests they should watch something cool on tv, so Miki agrees and goes over to the remote and flips the channel. It ends up on Mustachio Jirou's legendary gag, which is just Jirou's hair and mustache coming off and him noticing it before trying to cover up the spaces left. The audience laughs, but Amu says that the gag was old while Miki gives it a blank expression, but says she felt a bit cooler. Ran begins to burst out laughing at the gag and says that Mustachio Jirou was really funny, much to Miki and Amu's shock and disbelief.

Su comes over and thanks the three for waiting and says that to fight off the summer heat, they needed some of Su's Stamania Juice, appearing with one large glass and two doll size glasses. They look at it happily and sip on it before the expressions on their faces change and the three spit it out. Amu, Ran, and Miki go over to Su and Ran tells her it was nasty, so Miki asks what it was. She smiles and shows them the ingredients in the juice, those being: minced garlic, pickled plum, minced ginger, garam masala, ginseng, and other various. Amu turns from the ingredients and clutches her stomach while her Guardian Characters freak out. She faints and her soul comes out of her mouth saying it could see a peaceful world on the horizon. Ran, Miki, and Su fly around her soul frantically and tell her to stay with them; Su saying it was supposed to be delicious.

Amu's phone goes off, so she gets up and says it was from Rima. Rima's text tells Amu that she was going to the doughnut shop at four. Amu is confused at it, while Miki and Ran clutch their stomachs and say it was their turn to upchuck their souls. Amu goes to the doughnut shop and Rima places two tickets on the table standing in between them. Amu asks about them and Rima says she won them. Kusukusu says that Rima had sent in about a million postcards. Rima narrows her eyes, blushing slightly and grabs Kusukusu while Amu looks a bit surprised she would send in that many. In a flashback, Rima is shown wearing a "Win the prize! Guffaw Grand Stage!" headband and has a determined gleam in her eyes. She is then shown sitting down and writing a bunch of postcards, but the flashback ends as Rima tries to tell them that wasn't what happened and that she just so happened to win.

Ran asks Kusukusu what the Guffaw Grand Stage was and Kusukusu replies, telling her it was a gathering of different kinds of comedy acts. She says Rima watched it every night on tv and busted a gut everytime. Rima tells Amu it was filmed in front of a live audience and says that amateurs could participate meaning it was open for all. She says that "Welcome, Amateurs!" was the name of the auditions the audience could watch, flipping some of her hair with her hand, scaring Amu a little since she yelled it. Kusukusu says it was going to be fun, Rima agreeing. Amu says she wasn't very interested, but Rima gets an angry gleam in her eyes and asks Amu if she was scoffing at comedy to which Amu shakes her head and says she wasn't. Amu says she loved it so Rima smiles and says it was the day after tomorrow.

Rima and Amu have left the doughnut shop and are walking, talking about how they hoped the weather would cool down soon. They suddenly hear someone saying "roar" and wonders who it was. They come to a sign in front of a playground that says "Live Performance. King of Beasts Miyako-chan: More Love than the Savanna." Miki calls it a comedy act that was so silly she wouldn't know where to start. The act is just Miyako and her two hand puppets; - a lion on her right hand and a zebra on her left hand - Miyako saving the zebra from the lion. Amu, Ran, Miki, Su, Rima, and Kusukusu are watching: Amu looking shocked out of her mind, Rima looking thoughtful, and the Guardian Characters watch it happily.

Miyako ends the act by saying "Top of the Food Chain Miyako-chan." Ran is once again laughing like crazy, Su and Kusukusu joining in while Miki looks bored. Amu asks what Miki thought and Miki begins by saying "to be honest," but doesn't finish as Rima says it sucked. Turning to her, Amu sees she was angry and Rima says there was no room for a witty comeback, but to get someone laughing, you had to lay it all out there. Rima and Amu go over to Miyako; Amu going just so she can calm Rima down.

Miyako asks who they were, but Rima only points a finger at her and says Miyako had a long way to go. Miyako agrees half heartedly and asks who they were again, so Amu introduces them. Miyako introduces herself as Kizaki Miyako and Rima asks if that was a comedy set she had, Miyako surprised she had recognized it. She says she was going to do the Guffaw Grand Stage's "Welcome, Amateurs" audition, flipping some of her hair as does Rima like she had before in the doughnut shop. Amu asks if she was and Miyako says yes as it was the first step to realizing her dream. Rima aks about her dream, so Miyako says she wanted to be a comedian, to stand on the stage and make people burst out laughing. She then thinks of her in front of an audience giving the joke "Take your feet-off the foot-on!" and having them laugh.

Amu smiles and comments on puns like that and Ran tries to contain her laughter again, and Miki and Su do look entertained. Miyako tells Amu that that was just an example while Rima looks bored. The King of Beasts says that when people were laughing they had their best smiles. She goes on and says that even if they had a bad day, a good gag could make them forget about it and she says she wanted to be a comedian to make people laugh. Amu says that her dream was pretty cool, so Miyako asks if she didn't think it was weird. Amu asks why would she and Miyako says that some people didn't think she was right in the head. A flashback shows Miyako doing her King of Beasts act, some people watching while some girls asked each other if Miyako was a bit off and having some others agree. Then it shows her mother telling her to stop her amateur act and get studying. Present day Miyako looks kind of sad, but Rima tells her none of that mattered. Amu agrees and says it was great that she had a dream for her future, so Rima says that choosing to be a comedian was not half bad. Miyako concurs and says that comedy was the best.

Rima says she would help her and asks if the Grand Guffaw Stage was the day after tomorrow, though she knew it was and Miyako says she was right; then she tells the two she had come all the way from Osaka just for it and was staying at her aunt's house and wasn't going back until she passed the audition. Rima tells her she would need special training, and tells her she had that certain spark, but it was unrefined. Ran and Su fly over to either side of Miyako: Ran says she was going to cheer her on and Su says she was sure Miyako could do it. Miyako looks left and right and asks if she had just heard something, so Amu reaches over and grabs Ran and Su and says that it had to be her imagination. Miyako disagrees and says that she definitely heard something and suggests it was the comedy fairies. Amu looks shocked, disbelieving there were fairies for comedy. Miyako tells her there were, scaring Amu and says that the legends say the comediy fairies were friends of someone, but lets her sentence trails, looking at Rima, wondering if she could possibly what she was thinking of. Rima smiles and tells Miyako to let her demonstrate.

Standing on a round, blue seat like object, Rima calls to Kusukusu and Character Changes, performing Bala-Balance. Amu and her Guardian Characters are shocked and so is Miyako. She comments on Rima's perfectly angled arms, the shape of her legs, and the expression on her face before grabbing Rima's hands and crying, saying the legend had come true and calls Rima the Goddess of Comedy. Miyako begs Rima to train her, but Rima warns Miyako that her training was hard, so Miyako said she would follow her. Amu says she would be standing elsewhere. Someone puts a sign that say Rima's Comedy Dojo on the giraffe shaped slide. Rima tells Miyako that first she was going to give one hundred straight man responses, those just being Miyako angling the lower part of her arm so it was sticking out with her palm facing the side and moving her arm back and forth, saying "what the heck?" Rima, standing behind her, says that comedy was all about timing and tells her to adjust her speed for that reason.

Amu is standing to the side of them wondering what Rima was having Miyako doing when Rima goes over to her and tells her to do them, too. Kusukusu, Ran, Miki, and Su are doing it and Amu is too, though she doesn't want to. Rima goes over to her and yells, saying Amu's voice was too soft, scaring Amu. The next task was tongue twisters and they say "bus gas explosion" over and over again before passing it on to the next person; Rima first, Miyako second, and Amu last. Rima and Miyako do it, but Amu can't, saying it wrong and Rima gets mad again, asking that if Amu couldn't say that, how she was supposed to help, so Amu apologizes. The third task is the comedic fundamental, as Rima calls it, pratfalls. Miyako does it, but says that joke or not, falling over still hurt. Rima tells her that because she could overcome the pain, laughter was the product. Miyako gets shocked again and bows before Rima, saying her souls had been cleansed. Rima places a hand on her shoulder and tells her to do it again. Amu asks where they were for they were standing in front of an ocean being colored by the sunset. Miki adds in that she thought they were just at the park.

Rima and Miyako ignore them and Rima tells Miyako that lastly, they had to race into the sunset and the two do so. Back at the park, Amu asks if there was a point to the last part (the racing into the sunset) and Miyako says that the training was pretty amazing, shocking Amu. Rima says that since Miyako was able to go through all of it, she was sure Miyako would pass the audition. Tears tream down Miyako's face and she blesses Rima, the Goddess. Rima turns and points to the sunset, telling Miyako to yell out to it, and she does, saying "You stupid sun!" Amu asks what was up with it, but they don't answer. Miyako smiles and says she was ready to make some people laugh.

That night, Miyako is at her aunt's house sitting in her room with the door open leading outside wondering if she should change one of her jokes. Her aunt comes by and asks if she was still writing jokes. She supports her and says she knew Miyako was working hard and told her to make sure she got some sleep. Miyako smiles and says she would and her aunt walks off. She wonders if she would pass the audition, but then changes her mind and says she would as she had the Goddess of Comedy on her side.

The next day, Miyako is in the "Welcome, Amateurs" participants dressing room and says it wasn't good that she was nervous. The door opens and someone calls to Miyako. She turns and sees Amu and Rima, Amu who notices Miyako looked nervous. Miyako laughs, but Rima tells her when she got nervous to do straight man responses, so Rima and Miyako do. Miyako says she wasn't nervous anymore and Amu laughs before the door comes open and a person calls out to everyone. It was two men - one skinny, the other bigger - who say that Mustachio Jirou had come to see them and tells them to do the mustache cheer. Amu whispers to Rima asking what it was, but Rima doesn't know either. Apparently, it's just clapping your hands and saying "mustache" over and over as that was what the two men were doing before Mustachio Jirou appears. He tells them he hoped they all did their best and his toupee and mustache come off, the two men by his side say there went the legendary gag, but no one laughs or claps. One of the men notices this and holds up a sign that says "laugh" so the people in the room do so, though not really heartfully.

The bigger of the men points to Miyako and tells her to clap, but she only bows and starts to suggest what she would do if she were performing that gag, but Jirou gets mad and asks who she was to criticize his gag. She tries again to say that to make it funny she would do something, but she gets interrupted again by Jirou who tells her that a young person like her wouldn't understand his greatness. He bids the people a goodbye and leaves with the two men following. A person tells Miyako Jirou was the judge for the day and says it wasn't good. She looks scared, but Amu tries to tell her it would be fine. Rima agrees and tells her to do it exactly as she had trained. Miyako, still looking scared, nods.

In the audience, Amu is smiling and looking at the stage while Rima and Kusukusu are looking at what seems to be the program of the show. Two men come on stage and thank the audience for coming the the live taping of Guffaw Grand Stage and say that the show was beginning. They welcome the amateurs and announce the judge who, just like the man in the amateurs dressing room had said, was Mustachio Jirou. Finally, the amateurs come on stage, some making the audience laugh, others not before the announcers say that the next act was a young lady in the fifth grade and call out Miyako, King of Beasts. Amu says that it was Miyako's turn, so Kusukusu, Ran, Mik, and Su cheer her on. Miyako comes out from behind the curtain with a smile on her face and hears the bigger of Jirou's men say it was rare to have elementary students while the other says it should be fun. Jirou, looking bored, says that he had high expectations for her, scaring Miyako. Amu gets mad and says that him saying things like that would make her more nervous.

Miyako starts her act, but no one laughs, though Jirou does pull a smile at her, not for her act, but for her misfortune. Rima says that since Miyako was nervous, her pace was off. Miyako goes on, but Mustachio Jirou tells her it was enough because he didn't want to see any more of it. He tells her this wasn't the place to make summer memories, but she tells him she really did want to be a comedian. He tells her that being a comedian was harder than she thought, but she tells him she knew it was and that she still wanted to be one. Jirou tells her that because she was a girl, there were other things she could be and lists an example: a ballerina. She tells him she wanted to be a comedian and he says she could be a baker, but she says it was her dream to make people laugh. He says she could get married, but she says being a comedian was all she wanted to be. He smiles again and says she was a strange little girl, causing her to look up at him in shock with tears in her eyes. She runs off and in the audience Rima and Amu stand up to follow her.

Some people say it was over for her when Jirou began to look down on her and some say they felt sorry for her, she, all the while, still running and crying. Rima and Amu split up to look for her, but can't find her until Kusukusu says she found her. They look where she says and find Miyako sitting against a wall with an X-Egg floating next to her and her puppets on the ground with her. Miyako begins to speak, saying she knew she was weird and her X-Egg hatches, becoming an X-Character. It shoots an attack at the girls with its fan, but they run to dodge it. Rima tells Amu they should Character Transform and Amu agrees, so they unlock their hearts and become Clown Drop and Amulet Heart, respectively.

The X-Character laughs and sends another hit, but Amu blocks it with her poms-poms and calls to Rima who uses Juggling Party. The X-Character dodges them and sends another attack, but they jump back this time to avoid being hit. The X-Characters attack hits some bamboo sticks, making them fall and they knock Rima down. Su and Miki go over to her and Su asks if she was okay, Rima saying she was. The X-Character says "weird" over and over until Amu tells her it wasn't weird, stopping the X-Character. She goes on and says that Miyako was shining so brightly and having lots of fun. She remembers Miyako saying it was the best when people were smiling and her saying her dream was to be a comedian and make people laugh. Amu says to believe in your own dream and that it didn't matter what other people say. She says Miyako's dream was hers alone and that the people who made fun of it were the weird ones.

The X-Character gets mad, but before it could do anything, ropes come forward and bind it; Rima having done it using Tightrope Dancer now that she was standing again. Rima tells Amu that it was her chance and Amu nods before locking onto Miyako's negative heart and using Open Heart. The X disappears from the X-Character and Miyako's Guardian Character appears, saying "King of Beasts Miyako-chan." Amu and Rima smile at each other before the Guardian Character says she was sure Miyako would make a great comedian. She says that it was Miyako's wish to make people laugh that gave birth to her. She thanks them for coming and goes back to her egg and into Miyako. Miyako's eyes open and she wonders what happened. Rima asks her if she was okay, and she says she was as the bad feelings she had been feeling before were gone.

Back on stage, Mustachio Jirou is performing his "legendary gag" and his two men hold up a sign that says "laugh" facing toward the audience. No one laughs and Jirou gets nervous. Standing on stage behind a curtain are Rima, Amu, and Miyako, Amu asking if it was bad what was happening to Jirou. Rima says that he didn't have any other jokes, but Miyako looks around. She smiles when she finds what she was looking for - rope - and swings on it across the stage, surprising everyone as they had not been expecting her to come back. She lands on the stage and throws the rope, saying it's be much faster to run and says "King of Beasts Miyako-chan!" She aks Jirou what he was doing lazing around for doing that in tha savanna would get him eaten. He says they weren't in the savanna, so she corrects him and says it was the savanna of the comedy stage. She makes a scary face and jumps into the air, saying it was eat or be eaten and scares Jirou.

She falls on the stage floor and stays that way for a bit before jumping back up and saying "Got your mustache!" which was exactly what she had on her face, under her nose. This causes the audience to burst out laughing and Jirou slumps down on his knees while the curtain closes. Even Amu, Ran, Miki, and Su were laughing and Rima and Kusukusu were moved, shocking Amu, Miki, and Su, though not Ran as she was still laughing hysterically. Rima says it was wonderful and tells Amu that Miyako had seen the postion of the mustache when she had been swinging on the rope and had worked out how she was going to get to it. Rima says it all went according to Miyako's plan, but Amu hadn't known that and neither had Su and Miki, and once again, Ran is still laughing.

Behind the curtain, Jirou is not believing his gag hadn't worked and that Miyako had saved him. A hand is placed on his shoulder and he turns to see Rima. She tells him his gag had been a once-in-a-lifetime thing, but she tells him it was old now and he tells her not to say that, but she tells him all he had to do was make a new one. He asks her how and she holds the two pieces of his mustache before sticking them firmly to the place where his eyebrows should have been and tells him he was now that from that day forward he was to be Eyebrows Jirou. He cries with a smile on his face and tells Rima that she was the Goddess of Comedy.

Back at the park, Miyako, Rima, and Amu are sitting and Miayko is asking if she had made everyone laugh. Amu says she had and Miyako says that making people laugh was the best, saying she was definitely going to become a comedian. Amu and Rima smile at each other and Miyako tells them she was thinking of making a new King of Beasts Miyako-chan. Rima agrees and Character Changes again and says she should have more complexity to her movements and begins a strange dance, alarming Amu. Miyako is shocked again and asks what those moves were, saying she was truly the Goddess of Comedy. Ran is laughing yet again and Su says that even though it was a gag, she could see how subtle it was. Kusukusu suggests they all do it, so the three of them dance like Rima had and burst out laughing at the end of it. Amu asks what it was, but Miki wasn't sure.

Miyako tells Rima they should add in some vocals and Rima says it was a good idea and they do it together with the vocals which was just them murmuring. At the end, Amu starts to laugh and Miyako gets excited as they had made her laugh. She says that since they had been able to do so, they should dash into the sunset and Rima and Miyako do so, Eyebrows Jirou and his two men right behind them. Amu pops up and says that this punchline made no sense at all.

47- "Atashi ga Utau no Manējā!?" ("I'm Utau's Manager!?")

Shugo Chara - Episode 47

Shugo Chara - Episode 47

Airdate: August 30, 2008

While Amu is busy with her summer homework, she receives a call from Yukari. Yukari asks Amu to be Utau's manager for the day because Yukari is sick. Amu grudgingly accepts and accompanies Utau to the TV station. However, they find out that Utau's appearance was canceled. Utau explains that because she broke her contract by leaving Easter, her reputation and popularity has plummeted. Amu becomes determined to help Utau and the two search for a studio to debut Utau's latest single. However, their efforts are unsuccessful. They rest at a park and begin talking about Ikuto when an X Egg appears. While Amu transforms into Amulet Spade and runs to purify it, two more X Eggs appear and hatch. Realizing the X Characters need her song, Utau transforms with El and purifies them. This attracts attention from passerbys and Utau begins singing her new song before the gathered crowd.

48- "Yaya ni Onegai!" ("Asking a Favor of Yaya!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 48

Shugo Chara - Episode 48

Airdate: September 6, 2008

Summer vacation is over and the Guardians return to school. Tadase thinks Yaya needs special training and asks Kukai to help. When a group of third graders come to the Guardians for help finding a lost bird, Kukai suggests leaving the search to Yaya. After begging from both groups, Yaya gives in. Yaya searches all day, but is unable to find the bird. The next day, Yaya dresses dress up as a detective, after seeing a television program, and continues her search, with the other Guardians following her around. Although she keeps getting sidetracked, Yaya eventually finds a bird and catches it. However, it turns out to be her pediatrician's bird. Yaya returns to the third grade classroom to resume the search, but finds the bird already in its cage. Kukai tells the Guardians that the class found it on their own, because they could not leave Yaya alone.

49- "Baiorin no Himitsu! Kaze ni Mau Onpu!" ("The Secret of the Violin! Notes Dancing in the Wind!")

(バイオリンの秘密! 風に舞う音符!)
Shugo Chara - Episode 49

Shugo Chara - Episode 49

Airdate: September 13, 2008

The episode begins with the workers of Easter showing their plan to obtain the Embryo to Kazuomi. Amu is walking and sees Ikuto playing the violin. While Ikuto plays, Amu sings along for a little while, but then one of Ikuto's violin strings breaks. Ikuto and Amu's Guardian Characters tease her that her voice broke the string. Ikuto takes Amu to a violin shop, and a guy fixes Ikuto's violin. Kotone, who has a crush on Ikuto, comes out and is greeted by a customer who gives her two violins to repair, one of which being of high value. Amu stays with Kotone while she is repairing it, and after she finishes, she falls asleep and knocks over her drink. When she wakes up, a part of that drink spills on the violin, and she becomes so depressed about it that an X-Egg is born and hatches. Amu purifies the X-Character as Amulet Spade with Ikuto mysteriously disappearing.

50- "Maji de Hakken!? Enburio!" ("Have We Really Found It?! The Embryo!")

(まじで発見!? エンブリオ!)
Shugo Chara - Episode 50

Shugo Chara - Episode 50

Airdate: September 20, 2008

One night, Kiseki sees the Embryo fly past him, but thinks it was just the moon. When Ikuto sees the Embryo the next day, he realizes that it is attracted to other eggs. Later, Kiseki tells Miki about his encounter with the Embryo, but Ran who was lisening misunderstands and starts a series of telephone-like retellings. Kazuomi Hoshina, Ikuto's stepfather, has one of Easter's employees plants a tracking device on Ikuto, but Ikuto quickly notices it. The next night, the Guardian Characters go off to find the Embryo, but Su becomes separated from the group. When the Guardians notice their Guardian Characters are missing, they go search for them. They find Su and she leads them to the other Guardian Characters, which turns out to be one of Easter's labs. The Guardians discover an X Egg and Amu transforms with Su and purifies it. Afterward, Ikuto returns the tracking device to Kazuomi.

51- "Enburio o Kono Te ni!" ("I'll Get the Embryo!")

Shugo Chara - Episode 51

Shugo Chara - Episode 51

Airdate: September 27, 2008

Amu is having a dream, talking to Dia about the Embryo and her wish. That morning, she bumps into Yukari and Yuu and Yuu tells her about his e-mail from Easter which contains their plan to obtain the Embryo. Kazoumi and Ikuto go to see Gozen. Later, the Guardians (including Kukai) meet up in a place to hang out when Amu receives a message to be somewhere, which turns out to be a trap. Ikuto overhears this and rescues Amu. Meanwhile, hundreds of X-Eggs inside UFO-shaped containers are scanning a large area in search for the Embryo. After Amu rejoins the group, they all Character Transform and attack. After the X-Eggs are purified, the Embryo is seen floating, and both Amu and Ikuto head toward it. Via laptop, Kazuomi tells the Easter workers in the helicopter to get the Embryo, and one of them accidentally presses a giant red button that launches a missile. Ikuto blocks it, but is harmed from the blast and falls down holding Amu. Kukai and Tadase rescue them both, and Ikuto leaves grinning. Though the Embryo escaped, the Guardians remain cheerful and continue their days as always.