1 (128)- "Unmei no deai! Pegasasu no mau yoru" ("Meeting of Fate! The Night where a Pegasus Flies")

(運命の出会い!ペガサスの舞う夜) ("Dreams Take Flight")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 1

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 1

Airdate: March 4, 1995

In a crystal forest, a voice laments that the forest is crying, and asks that anyone who hears him respond. The speaker is revealed to be a Pegasus with a gleaming golden horn. In her dream, Chibiusa hears a voice calling her and, after going in search of it, finds the Pegasus in his forest. As she reaches out to touch him, a wave of golden energy washes over her, leaving her in her princess form. The Pegasus asks her not to tell anyone about their meeting.

The next day, everyone meets at the park to watch a solar eclipse. As they wait, Unazuki notices that Chibiusa is distracted, and teases her about having a boyfriend, which she denies. Her brother turns the teasing on her and asks if she has a boyfriend as well, and Unazuki is glad to be interrupted by the start of the eclipse.

During the eclipse a mysterious floating circus tent appears. Usagi notices it as they leave the park and wonders if it was always there, but is quickly distracted. Nobody else seems to notice anything out of the ordinary, however. The strange creatures which inhabit the circus mock the citizens of Tokyo for being so blind not to notice their appearance, but are finally silenced when Zirconia appears. Zirconia summons the Amazon Trio and orders them to find those who have beautiful dreams, because the one they are searching for must be hiding in one.

The members of the Trio sort through a pile of photographs in search of a target, and Tiger's Eye finally decides on a picture of Unazuki.

At the Fruits Parlor Crown, Usagi and Chibiusa ask Unazuki about the boyfriend her brother mentioned, and she finally admits that she has a boy she likes but he has never said he loves her. Chibiusa observes that girls can't just wait for a prince to appear on a white horse, and sometimes need to go ride the white horse to find their own prince.

As Unazuki rides the bus home, a disguised Tiger's Eye takes her wallet to give himself an excuse to talk to her. In the meantime, Chibiusa and Usagi are out walking; Chibiusa asks about any forests or lakes nearby, and Usagi, surprised, says there isn't anything like that in the city. They hear Unazuki scream as Tiger's Eye attacks her, and arrive as he removes her Dream Mirror. When he goes to check the mirror, Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon confront him, and he summons his Lemures, Karakuriko, to deal with them. The girls are quickly overwhelmed by the Lemures, and Tuxedo Mask arrives to help. Though he seems to be winning against Tiger's Eye, Tuxedo Mask falls into the man's trap and is left unable to move.

With his enemies incapacitated, Tiger's Eye checks the Dream Mirror, but does not find anything there. He regretfully says that he can't let Unazuki live, because "he" might come and hide in her dream later. Tiger's Eye orders the Lemures to finish off the girl and his enemies, and in desperation, Sailor Chibi Moon prays for someone to help them. The Pegasus arrives in a flash of golden light, and Tiger's Eye recognizes it as the one he was looking for.

Pegasus gives Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon the power to transform into their "Super" forms, and Sailor Moon receives a new wand, which she uses to destroy the Lemures. Tiger's Eye quickly retreats, and Unazuki's Dream Mirror returns to her body. Pegasus disappears then, and the two Senshi power down into their "regular" forms once more.

As Sailor Chibi Moon muses that it wasn't just a dream after all, Sailor Moon observes that she seems to know something about what just happened, but she denies it.

2 (129)- "Supā henshin futatabi! Pegasasu no pawā" ("Super Transformations Again! Pegasus' Power")

(スーパー変身再び!ペガサスの力) ("No Ordinary Horsepower")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 2

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 2

Airdate: March 11, 1995

Usagi and the others go back to the spot where Pegasus appeared. Usagi asks Chibi-Usa if she knows anything about Pegasus, but, keeping to her promise, Chibi-Usa says nothing. After hearing a horse, the team run to look, where they see Reika, who has returned from Africa. Usagi becomes concerned that she and Motoki are having romantic relationship problems. Meanwhile, Tiger's Eye selects Reika as a target. During the battle Pegasus once again saves them.

3 (130)- "Mamore haha no yume! Daburu mūn no shin hissatsu waza" ("Protect a Mother's Dream! The New Attack for Double Moon")

(守れ母の夢!Wムーンの新必殺技) ("Sweet Dreams")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 3

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 3

Airdate: March 18, 1995

Chibi-Usa has another dream about Pegasus, in which he tells her that whenever she and the Sailor Guardians are in trouble, she just has to call his name, though he disappears when she poses more questions. Meanwhile, the Dead Moon Circus plots to find more beautiful dreams. Hawk's Eye picks Ikuko Tsukino, Usagi's mother. During the battle, the Sailor Guardians are in trouble. Chibi-Usa summons Pegasus, he appears and changes Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon's lockets into their new Dream Crisis broaches with the words Moon Crisis Make-Up to activate them. Pegasus also gives them new and much stronger weapons, the Moon Kaleidoscopic for Sailor Moon, and the Crystal Carillon for Sailor Chibi-Moon.

4 (131)- "Pegasasu wo toraero! Amazon no wana" ("Capture the Pegasus! The Amazon's Trap")

(ペガサスを捕えろ!アマゾンの罠) ("Baiting The Trap")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 4

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 4

Airdate: March 25, 1995

Zirconia gets mad about the Amazon Trio's failure to capture Pegasus, but Hawk's Eye assures him that they will capture him. As the three sit at a bar, Hawk's Eye says that he has come up with a way to capture Pegasus, even if it means not finding the dream he hides in. Hawk's Eye devises a cage that can create an inter-dimensional portal to capture and trap Pegasus. Tiger's Eye uses Naru as a bait in order to force Pegasus to appear so that he can trap him in the cage. The cage proves worthless and Pegasus simply goes through the cage as if it wasn't there.

5 (132)- "Oniai no futari! Usagi to Mamoru no ai" ("A Couple Made for Each Other! Usagi and Mamoru's Love")

(お似合いの二人!うさぎと衛の愛) ("Perfect Couple")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 5

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 5

Airdate: April 15, 1995

Mamoru's friends from college, Saori and Kobayashi, drop by for a visit. Kobayashi can tell that Saori has a crush on Mamoru, though he doesn't say anything in front of his friend. They are supposed to meet Usagi the same day, but their plans fall apart when she shows up with Chibiusa and make a scene.

Saori can't help but burst into laughter, and thinks that Usagi is not the suitable person for Mamoru. While everyone talks cheerfully, Chibiusa thinks that there's something strange about Saori. She can also tell there is something fishy about Kobayashi's relationship with Saori.

The Amazon Trio are planning their next target. Tiger's Eye picks Saori.

Usagi and Chibiusa are shopping. Usagi is indecisive about which doll to pick while Chibiusa questions her worries. As tension escalates, Chibiusa leaves the store.

Tiger's Eye disguises himself as a tourist and sets out to seduce Saori, but when Mamoru arrives Saori leaves with him, angering Tiger's Eye and amusing Hawk's Eye and Fisheye.

Chibiusa images Mamoru dumping Usagi for Saori and worries that she would never be born because of it. She tries to find Mamoru and sees him walking the streets with Saori. Only to realize that Kobayashi is stalking them as well. While they continue to stalk them, Chibiusa finds out that Kobayashi is in love with Saori and decides to cheer for him. Chibiusa then runs back to the store and finds Usagi still unable to make her decision. Though she tells her about the "problem" at hand, Usagi is determined that Mamoru's love for her is pure. So Chibiusa drags her away to find Mamoru.

Mamoru and Saori finish their shopping and stop for a talk in the park. Mamoru can tell that she likes someone. Just when she is about to tell him, Tiger's Eye shows up and makes his move on Saori and immobilizes Mamoru. Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon arrive just in time to stop Tiger's Eye from killing Saori after he realizes that Pegasus is not in her dreams either. Tiger's Eye summons the balloon monster, Puko, to fight them, and leaves. Puko attacks Sailor Chibi Moon and then goes after Saori, but when Mamoru calls out to her, the Lemures turns to him and immediately falls in love with his handsome looks. As she makes a move on him, Sailor Moon jumps in and takes in the hit. As she begins to suffocate, Mamoru calls her "Usako." Saori hears this and realizes that Sailor Moon is actually Usagi. Mamoru manages to break free and stab Puko's balloon, saving Sailor Moon. Seizing their chance, Sailor Chibi Moon summons Pegasus and Sailor Moon defeats Puko. Seeing the power of their bond and that Mamoru's love is a girl of justice, Saori decides to keep her feelings to herself and gives the tie she'd bought to Kobayashi instead. Though he asks her why she decides to keep those feelings to herself, she just replies that there's no way she can win against a girl who is fighting to keep peace all over the Earth.

Meanwhile, Usagi and Chibiusa continue to fight over Mamoru.

6 (133)- "Arutemisu no uwaki? Nazo no koneko tōjō" ("Artemis' Affair!? A Mysterious Kitten Appears")

(アルテミスの浮気?謎の子猫登場) ("Much Ado About Kitten")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 6

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 6

Airdate: April 29, 1995

Luna grows jealous of Artemis' alleged love with a nun, though Artemis says it's a misunderstanding. Not long after, a gray kitten with a crescent moon mark on her forehead appears. She proclaims that she is Artemis' daughter, much to Luna's disgust. Meanwhile, the nun is targeted by Tiger's Eye. After a brutal battle, it is revealed that the gray kitten is Diana, Luna and Artemis' daughter from the future Crystal Tokyo and Chibi-Usa's guardian cat.

7 (134)- "Makoto no yūjō! Tenba ni akogareta shōjo" ("Makoto's Friendship! A Girl Who Adores a Pegasus")

(まことの友情!天馬に憧れた少女) ("A Pegasus Page Turner")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 7

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 7

Airdate: May 13, 1995

A novel named "A Moonlit Pegasus" becomes popular. The girls discover that the author of their new favorite book, is Makoto's friend Tomoko. They try to use this relationship to get autographs, but instead Makoto learns that Tomoko has lost her inspiration. Makoto remembers her pre-scout days and the times when Tomoko was still inspired. Zirconia orders the Amazon Trio to check out the author since Pegasus might be in her dream. Tiger's Eye targets Tomoko and it's up to Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Chibi Moon to save her.

8 (135)- "Fureau kokoro! Chibiusa to Pegasasu" ("Hearts that Communicate! Chibi-Usa and Pegasus")

(触れ合う心!ちびうさとペガサス) ("A Teacher's Lesson")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 8

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 8

Airdate: May 20, 1995

Chibiusa meets with Pegasus in a dream and asks him to tell her more about himself, because she wants to be his friend. Pegasus apologizes and says that he cannot do that.

Zirconia lectures the Amazon Trio about how to capture Pegasus, saying that he will never tell his host about his true power. Tiger's Eye plots to use his Lemures Hebihanabiko, to search for Pegasus's host.

Chibiusa and her friends are on a field trip with their art class, with an assignment to paint the scenery exactly as they see it. Momoko and Kyuusuke join her and their teacher, Morino, comes over to see their progress. The teacher sees that Chibiusa had added a pegasus to her painting of the lake, and she says that while it is good she can't give a good grade for it, as the assignment was to draw exactly what she saw. Chibiusa disagrees, saying she thought it fit the scene very well. As Morino tries to explain her reasoning, Kyuusuke interrupts, saying that is why she is still single. Morino seems upset by the comment and turns away, telling Chibiusa she should paint over the pegasus before she turns in her painting. As she walks away, Momoko says Morino seems rather cold or hard to approach, while Kyuusuke thinks she just doesn't like kids. Morino sits alone on a bench and wonders if she is really cut out for being a teacher, as she has a hard time dealing with children.

The Amazon Trio selects Morino as their next target, but both Hawk's Eye and Fisheye aren't interested. Tiger's Eye asks Fisheye if older men like him are more his type and Fisheye blushes, telling him to quit joking.

As Usagi and Chibiusa walk home from grocery shopping they bump into Morino, who is having second thoughts about her job as a teacher. As the three of them talk, Morino says that she is a bit jealous of Chibiusa, who seems to make friends so easily. They soon part ways and as she walks Morino passes Tiger's Eye, who is disguised as a fortune teller. He calls out to her, asking to read her fortune. She talks about how she's wanted to be a teacher ever since she was a child, but now that she is one, she can't seem to get along with the children. She admits she is not sure she can continue to be a teacher like this, while inwardly Tiger's Eye complains to himself about how it's hard to get into his role when he's only trying to lure out the Sailor Senshi. Morino says she would at least like to be someone the children would like. Tiger's Eye takes her hand, saying she can easily be rid of her tough life, but she quickly tries to leave. Tiger's Eye trips her up and resumes his true guise.

Usagi and Chibiusa are continuing their walk home when Mamoru drives up and offers them a ride. Before they can get into the car, though, they hear a scream. Tiger's Eye reveals Morino's Dream Mirror and looks inside it, but finds no sign of Pegasus. Usagi and Chibiusa see this and transform into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon, but when they arrive and introduce themselves, Tiger's Eye quickly attacks them with his whip and knives. Soon Tuxedo Mask shows up and restrains Tiger's Eye, giving Sailor Chibi Moon the chance to call Pegasus.

As soon as Pegasus appears, Tiger's Eye summons Hebihanabiko, who flies up and throws herself into Pegasus's body, using her power to corrupt the beautiful dream of Pegasus' host. Tiger's Eye retreats as Pegasus turns to stone and Chibiusa falls into a trance as she is overcome by the Lemures' power. Hebihanabiko tries to convince Chibiusa to take control of Pegasus and his power, but Chibiusa refuses, saying that she wants to be friends with Pegasus, not own him. She tells Hebihanabiko to get out of her dreams, and Chibiusa wakes, forcefully throwing the Lemures out and restoring Pegasus. Super Sailor Moon then uses Moon Gorgeous Meditation, destroying the Lemures and saving Morino.

When Morino awakens, Chibiusa explains that Sailor Moon had saved her and that everything was all right. They say their goodbyes and Chibiusa starts to walk away, but Morino remembers something and asks Chibiusa why she submitted the painting with the pegasus still in it. Chibiusa replies that she thought it made a better picture that way: when she saw the scenery she thought it would look nice if a pegasus were there, and she wanted to cherish the feeling she had. Morino tells her that no matter how good an artist she was, she could not give her a good grade. Chibiusa's says that she likes herself better this way. Morino admits she really likes the picture too, and as she walks off she has a renewed sense of ambition as a teacher.

Later that night as Chibiusa was in her bedroom, Pegasus appears to Chibiusa with the Stallion Rêve, saying that he would like to be her friend as well and that the Stallion Rêve will allow her to speak to Pegasus whenever she would like, as long as they were alone. Chibiusa asks him his name, but he says he is unable to reveal it right now, Chibiusa smiles and says it is all right, because they can take their time and become good friends now.

9 (136)- "Mamoru wo mamore! Ninja Usagi no yakimochi" ("Protect Mamoru! Jealousy of Usagi the Ninja")

(衛を守れ!忍者うさぎのヤキモチ) ("The Trouble With Love")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 9

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 9

Airdate: May 27, 1995

The girls are studying at Mamoru's and over-react to smoke in the building, leaving his apartment trashed. Rei invites him to stay at the temple. Mamoru's apartment is wrecked, so he moves in with Rei at the shrine temporarily. Usagi gets jealous and hides out at the shrine while wearing a ninja costume. Meanwhile, Yuuchirou becomes jealous of Mamoru when he thinks that Mamoru and Rei like each other. Rei is then targeted by Tiger's Eye, preventing her from transforming into Sailor Mars.

10 (137)- "Ayakashi no mori! Utsukushiki yōsei no izanai" ("Forest of Illusion! Invitation of a Beautiful Fairy")

(あやかしの森!美しき妖精の誘い) ("Phony Fairy")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 10

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 10

Airdate: June 3, 1995

Chibiusa buys a book with paintings of Fairies in it, and talks to the creator of the book. She bumps into the author of the book and makes good friends with him. Fisheye sees the author's picture and decides to finally take on a mission and disguises himself as a fairy in order to be much closer to him. When he finally makes her move, the Sailor Scouts are there to try and stop him. Will they be able to save the illustrator?

11 (138)- "Tengoku made hashire! Yume no kuruma ni kakeru ai" ("Drive to Heaven! Love Riding on the Car of Dreams")

(天国まで走れ!夢の車にかける愛) ("Driven Dreamer")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 11

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 11

Airdate: June 10, 1995

After thinking Mamoru is two-timing, Ami learns that the woman seen with Mamoru is repairing a classical car in memory of her late husband. The woman is targeted by Hawk's Eye, who disguises himself as a look-alike of her husband.

12 (139)- "Mezase Nippon ichi! Bishōjo kenshi no nayami" ("Try for the Best of Japan! The Worries of a Beautiful Girl Swordsman")

(目指せ日本一!美少女剣士の悩み) ("Cutting It Close")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 12

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 12

Airdate: June 17, 1995

A young girl named Miharu is training to be the best sword fighter in the country. She is so serious she concentrates on nothing else. She cannot beat her mother, who is a better swordswoman. However, her mother doesn't believe she can accomplish her dream and puts her down, so Usagi and Chibiusa decide to talk to her. Tiger's Eye pretends to be a samurai master in order to get close to Miharu. Targeted by Tiger's Eye, the Sailor Guardians show the girl not to concentrate on one thing only.

13 (140)- "Mini ga daisuki! Oshare na Senshitachi" ("Love Those Minis! The Fashionable Soldiers")

(ミニが大好き!おしゃれな戦士達) ("Clothes Call")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 13

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 13

Airdate: July 1, 1995

A famous fashion designer is at a loss for inspiration. Fisheye targets the fashion designer and poses as his muse, but this new direction reeks havoc on all the people around the designer. Serena seeks out the designer to see if he will design a wedding dress for her. In the process she re-inspires him in a good way. This, however, does not please Fish-Eye and battle ensues. After being rescued by Sailor Moon, the fashion designer gets a new inspiration.

14 (141)- "Koi no arashi! Minako no futamata daisakusen" ("Storm of Love! Minako's Grand Two-Timing Plan")

(恋の嵐!美奈子のフタマタ大作戦) ("Double Trouble")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 14

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 14

Airdate: July 8, 1995

In town, Usagi and Chibiusa are fighting over Mamoru. Usagi wants him to see a movie with her, while Chibiusa wants him to take her shopping. Their fighting is interrupted by Mamoru, who notices Minako, and the two girls turn and see her with a man.

Usagi later tells Ami, Rei, and Makoto about Minako. The girls ask what type of guy he seemed like. While Chibiusa and Usagi answer that he looked studious and serious looking, Diana also asks if he had long hair and seemed bad-looking while looking out the window. The girls head to the window to see Minako talking to a man on a motorcycle, while Usagi says that is not the guy they saw Minako with earlier. After he drives away, Minako enters the parlor and greets the girls. Chibiusa asks her who that guy was, and Minako says that he was Mr. Torijima, a roadie aspiring to be a musician who she meet at a club. Usagi then asks who the guy was that she was with earlier, and Minako responds that he was Mr. Takano, a student attending art college who asked for her to be a model for his next drawing. Luna reminds her that that is two-timing, but she goes on a rant about their good qualities, ignoring the others.

Down in the Amazon Bar, it is revealed that Mr. Torijima is actually Tiger's Eye, while Mr. Takano is actually Hawk's Eye. The two ask each other how they are doing with their targets. The two soon begin fighting, but Fish Eye comes in, saying that they shouldn't fight over him. Tiger's Eye says that they aren't fighting over him, and he then turns to Hawk's Eye, claiming that he will capture his target before him, and says that the one who loses has to leave. The two bring out a picture of Minako, who both of them are targeting.

Minako is seen by her best friends to be two-timing two men. They are Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye, both assigned to look inside her dream mirror. Minako accidentally arranges to go on a romantic date with both of her suitors at the same time.

15 (142)- "Himitsu no yakata! Ai no menyū wo anata ni" ("Mansion of Secrets! The Menu of Love to You")

(秘密の館!愛のメニューを貴方に) ("Recipe For Danger")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 15

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 15

Airdate: July 15, 1995

Usagi and Chibiusa are food shopping when they overhear an old woman demanding a discount from a cashier, despite the fact that the time for the discount's has expired. When the cashier gives in, the old woman goes back for another of the same item, much to Usagi and Chibiusa's disbelief and the cashier's dismay. Shortly afterwards, Mamoru offers the same woman his umbrella at a pedestrian crossing, only to be accused of being kind to her only to get something in return. Mamoru is so startled by this that he is almost run over by a truck.

Diana is annoyed at the old woman for treating Mamoru so rudely, and announces that she is going to tell her off, then follows her, alarming Luna and Artemis. Diana trips and falls against the woman's feet, and the woman spots the kitten and takes her inside. She washes Diana and gives her some stew, and Diana notes that she is acting very kindly and that everything in the house is set for two people even though the woman seems to live alone.

Mamoru and the girls meet up in Fruits Parlor Crown where Usagi is upset that he offered his umbrella to another woman. Mamoru tries to explain he was only trying to be kind, and the others wonder why the old woman was so mean to him. Rei says the woman is famous for acting that way, and that rumour has it she suspects everyone who tries to get close to her of being a gold-digger after property.

Makoto spots someone sitting few tables away who she thinks is Ichirou Ohno, the world famous chef and French Cuisine master; she then decides it couldn't be him as she wouldn't expect someone of his fame being a customer of the Parlor. In the Dead Moon Circus bar the Amazon Trio are looking over photographs of people with beautiful dreams. Hawk's Eye picks out a photograph of the old woman, who both Tiger's Eye and Fisheye find unattractive, but Hawk Eye belittles them for this.

Chibiusa tells Pegasus about the woman, finding her suspicious, but Pegasus says she is probably just setting the house up for two people because she is waiting for someone who is very important to her to visit. Chibiusa decides to check out the house the next day anyway, as she still finds it peculiar. While doing so she sees the man Makoto spotted the day before looking longingly at the house. She asks him if he is a famous chef and he answers that he is not: he is only a lonely traveller who has had his heart muddled by a past love, and is too old to do anything about it. She reassures him that peoples' hearts don't change with age, and he thanks her for such kind words, calling her "Little Mademoiselle" as he leaves. Chibiusa then turns to inspect the house herself, and the woman walks up the street and sternly confronts her. Diana mews and the woman's sternness disappears.

Once inside the house, the old woman is much kinder, and serves Chibiusa some tea. She asks her how she knew Diana had come to the house previously and Chibiusa makes a hurried excuse, muffling Diana with her hands to stop her from speaking. Chibiusa asks the woman if she lives alone, and the woman replies that she does, but she had bought the house with the intention of having many guests. She begins to tell Chibiusa why she never has these guests but the doorbell rings.

In the meantime, Usagi visits the house with Artemis and Luna as she wants to see what the woman looks like, because she is still upset with Mamoru about the other day. They notice a ruckus outside the mansion gates, which turns out to be a group of thuggish looking men who having been trying to bully the woman into selling her house. When she refuses, they make a thinly veiled threat, but are confronted by a disguised Hawk's Eye. The thugs try to attack him, but he overpowers them and they drive off, frightened. Once again the woman spurns the act of apparent kindness, saying that Hawk's Eye must want something in return, and he could be part of a set-up by the thugs. She goes back into the house, but Hawk's Eye doesn't leave, because he is very annoyed by the woman's actions and words.

Chibiusa asks Diana why the woman is so much nicer when she is in the house than when she is out of it, and the woman overhears and tells her she is protecting it. The woman tells Chibiusa that she knows that people in her neighbourhood consider her to be a miserly old hag, but Chibiusa replies that she doesn't think that and that she thinks the woman is nice. The woman thanks her, but then her French doors blow open and Hawk's Eye appears. He switches to his Amazon Trio costume and removes the woman's Dream Mirror. Chibiusa is horrified as she can't transform to help. Hawk's Eye finds that Pegasus is not in the woman's dream, and is about to kill her when Diana jumps on him and claws his face. Chibiusa goes to find Usagi, who luckily was snooping about the garden, and the two transform.

Hawk's Eye leaves his Lemures Autobiko, the motorcycle acrobat, to deal with the two Sailor Senshi. Autobiko starts to cause a lot of damage to the room, so they lure her outside. Tuxedo Mask appears, stopping Autobiko from running them down, and reassures Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon, who then perform Twinkle Yell and Moon Gorgeous Meditation and eliminate the Lemures. Back in the house, Usagi, Chibiusa, and Mamoru make sure the woman is unharmed, but when she awakens she is dismayed by the state of the room. Suddenly the man from before appears, calling her "Mayako." It turns out he is, indeed, Ichirou Ohno, and that twenty years earlier the two were lovers who were going to open a restaurant together in the house. But he left just after Mayako managed to buy it, saying he wanted to go to France to find the best taste in the world. He said that he couldn't open a restaurant in such a place, and in the process broke Mayako's heart. He explains that he has since realized how selfish he was and that he doesn't think any of his own, critically acclaimed food tastes as good as Mayako's stew. She forgives him by saying that she'd be willing to warm up some stew for him whenever he wants.

Sometime later the two act on their old dream and convert the house into Rokuten Restaurant. The girls and Mamoru visit the finished restaurant as customers, Chibiusa and Usagi bickering as usual.

16 (143)- "Pegasasu wo shinjiru toki! Yon Senshi no supā henshin" ("Time to Believe in the Pegasus! The Super Transformations of the Four Soldiers")

(天馬を信じる時!4戦士の超変身) ("Kicking Into High Gear")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 16

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 16

Airdate: July 22, 1995

When an ersatz Pegasus destroys cars and trucks, it is actually the work of a Lemures. A young soccer prodigy named Robert takes an interest in Rini, but she only has eyes for Pegasus. Fish Eye takes an interest in Robert, however he does not return her feelings. In rejection and anger, Fish Eye attacks him, and then later traps Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon within an energy dome when they try to rescue Robert. After getting trapped in the barrier, Pegasus offers the sailors his power, but after seeing reports of a horse attacking people, they are skeptical of him. Sailor Chibi-Moon begs the four Guardian Sailors to believe in Pegasus, and they are given their newly strengthened and evolved Super Sailor forms and transformations by Pegasus; and are now much stronger and more powerful than ever just like Super Sailor Moon, and Super Sailor Chibi-Moon. Will the Sailor Scouts be able to stop Fish Eye and her monster.

17 (144)- "Kirameku natsu no hi! Shiokaze no shōjo Ami" ("Sparkling Summer Days! Ami, the Girl in the Ocean Breeze")

(きらめく夏の日!潮風の少女亜美) ("Beach Blanket Bungle")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 17

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 17

Airdate: August 12, 1995

The Sailor Scouts spend a day at the beach, with Usagi's little brother, Shingo, as a tag along. As the day progresses, everyone (with the exception of Usagi and Ami) begins to notice Shingo's distinct crush upon Ami. Meanwhile, Zirconia is getting fed up with the Amazon Trio's failures, and picks a target for them. Realizing that Ami is smart, none of them know how to target her. Tiger's Eye decides that he can and he makes his move while Ami and Shingo are alone.

18 (145)- "Purima wo nerae! Usagi no barei" ("Aim for the Prima! Usagi's Ballet")

(プリマをねらえ!うさぎのバレエ) ("Tutu Treachery")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 18

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 18

Airdate: August 19, 1995

Usagi and Chibiusa stand in front of the studio of the Yamagishi Ballet Company, reading a poster advertising a performance of Giselle. According to the poster the studio offers free lessons for beginners and they are looking for new members for the cast of the upcoming ballet; the two girls immediately imagine themselves as star ballerinas and decide they will take lessons.

At the Fruits Parlor Crown, Usagi tells her friends about how she signed up for lessons and will be performing in Giselle - not as the title role, of course, but she says the role will be perfect for her. Chibiusa mournfully admits that they wouldn't allow children in. Rei teases Usagi about being part of such a romantic story, and when Usagi declares that her talent was clear to see, though the others wonder what will happen when people who actually know ballet see Usagi try to dance.

As Usagi changes for her first lesson at the ballet studio she finds a tack inside her shoe. At first she wonders aloud who could have done such a thing, then declares that she will rise above such torment and become the best prima ballerina in the world. Chibiusa looks in in disgust and asks if she put the tack there herself, whereupon Usagi looks embarrassed.

Once inside the studio Usagi and Chibiusa attempt the barre exercises, and as they do they overhear Yamagishi lecturing Kiriko on how she is dancing the role of Giselle. The girls are amazed that even a dancer as good as she still needs to improve.

Back in the locker room Fisheye admires himself in the mirror, musing that he always wanted to wear a leotard. He smiles at his reflection and declares that the star role will now be his.

In the studio Yamagishi announces it is time for the beginners class, but asks Kiriko to stay so they can keep working on her part after the class is over. When the other members of the class enter the studio, though, Usagi is amazed to see her friends have joined as well. Fisheye shyly greets the others, while inwardly sighing over how rowdy they seem. As the lesson progresses Usagi and her friends prove to be not at all talented at ballet, but Fisheye performs perfectly. Yamagishi stares at "her" in awe, realizing that she would be perfect for Giselle, and asks her to stay after the class ends. Kiriko overhears this and confronts Yamagishi, declaring that she is the same as Giselle: doomed to be betrayed by the one she loves. She runs off in tears while Fisheye smirks, determined to win not only the starring role but Yamagishi's heart as well.

After the class is over Usagi lingers in the locker room, whining about how tired she is. Her friends finally go on ahead, leaving her with Chibiusa, and the two of them overhear members of the troupe gossiping about the newcomer playing Giselle and what that will mean for Kiriko.

As Usagi and Chibiusa walk home they see Kiriko standing alone and stop to talk to her. She says that she overreacted and Yamagishi gave the role to another because she wasn't skilled enough. Chibiusa disagrees and says that when she saw Kiriko dance it made her feel warm and happy; she guesses that Kiriko likes Yamagishi, and Kiriko confirms it. She explains that Giselle was betrayed by her love and killed, but still tried to save him because she loved him; she wanted to be like Giselle and help Yamagishi with the ballet, even if he didn't love her in return. Chibiusa and Usagi encourage her and say that all she needs to do is her best, and Kiriko agrees, cheered up by their words.

Later that night, Chibiusa talks to Pegasus with the Stallion Rêve and tells him about Kiriko and Yamagishi. Pegasus replies that people who want the same thing can understand each other, and he is certain that Yamagishi is thinking about Kiriko as well. Chibiusa sighs that grown-ups are complicated, but hopes that Kiriko will be happy in the end.

At the ballet studio, Yamagishi and Fisheye call a halt to their practice, and Yamagishi suggests that they should practice on stage soon. As he does, though, he is momentarily distracted by thoughts of Kiriko. Fisheye guesses what he is thinking and chides him, saying he should think about how girls feel and how they want to be taken care of by the one they love. He gets close to Yamagishi and asks to see his dream - but just then Usagi and Chibiusa fall through the door where they've been listening. Embarrassed, Usagi says she just forgot her shoes and wasn't listening. Fisheye becomes angry and storms off, and Yamagishi tells the girls to go home, but asks Usagi to come to the theater the next day.

Kiriko arrives at the theater with her ballet shoes in hand, telling herself that even if she couldn't be Giselle she wants to help somehow.

On the stage inside the theater Fisheye dances the role of Giselle with Yamagishi, and when they finish Yamagishi thanks Fisheye, saying that thanks to "her" he has almost finished Kiriko's Giselle. Fisheye is stunned to hear this, and Yamagishi apologizes for not explaining, but says that he never intended for anyone else to play Giselle. Though he offers another role, Fisheye insists that anything other than the starring role is worthless, especially since he's a better dancer than Kiriko. Yamagishi says that Fisheye is better technically, but a warm-hearted, technically imperfect Giselle is better, in order to touch the hearts of those who are watching. Kiriko steps out onto the stage from the wings where she was listening, tearfully declaring that she understands now, and she and Yamagishi embrace.

Furious, Fisheye drops his disguise and attacks Kiriko, saying that he is the only one allowed to deceive people. He counts to three and removes Yamagishi's Dream Mirror, just as Usagi and Chibiusa arrive backstage. The girls transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon and confront Fisheye just as he expresses disappointment that Pegasus wasn't in Yamagishi's Dream Mirror. Fisheye says that he was already in a bad mood and summons his Lemures, Kurumiwario, before vanishing.

Kurumiwario begins to act as a dance instructor before declaring his special attack, grand fouetté en tournant. The two Sailor Senshi are awed by his skill and applaud, but the Lemures shoves a tutu onto Sailor Moon and chides her for being overweight. He declares that he will give her extra training and makes her spin until the tutu breaks and she collapses. He announces his next attack, grand battement, in which he flings explosive walnuts at the Senshi. After they successfully dodge the attacks he says that he has no more to teach them, so now they will dance in hell - but before he can attack again a red rose strikes the stage and Tuxedo Mask appears. Kurumiwario mishears Tuxedo Mask's name, and while they talk Sailor Chibi Moon uses Twinkle Yell to summon Pegasus so Sailor Moon can destroy the Lemures with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Kiriko and Yamagishi revive and embrace each other, and following their example Sailor Moon rushes over to Tuxedo Mask. He asks her if maybe she should go on a diet after all, which makes Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon start squabbling again.

Later, the girls watch the performance of Giselle and are impressed by the beautiful dancing, but wonder where Usagi is on stage. Chibiusa says that Usagi didn't want to tell them, and points out where she's playing the moon amidst the scenery. Usagi wails that this can't be the role most suited for her.

19 (146)- "Jūbangai no kyūjitsu! Mujaki na ōjosama" ("Holiday in Juban City! A Carefree Princess")

(十番街の休日!無邪気な王女様) ("The Duchess's Day Off")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 19

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 19

Airdate: August 26, 1995

Usagi and Chibiusa stumble across the Duchess Rubina, a sheltered visiting dignitary on the run because she is tired of being bound to her royal duties. While Rubina, as a result of her unavoidable naivety of the outside world, runs amok throughout Tokyo, she is chased by Usagi, Chibiusa and Mamoru (who only wish to keep her safe). They go to the summer festival together, but the princess is chased by her government and targeted by Hawk's Eye who is after her dream mirror..

20 (147)- "Unmei no pātonā? Makoto no junjō" ("The Fated Partner? Makoto's Innocence")

(運命のパートナー?まことの純情) ("No Prince Charming")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 20

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 20

Airdate: September 2, 1995

The girls are at a college school festival, with the intended hope to meet potential boyfriends. Meanwhile, Tiger’s Eye, in disguise, also shows up to the festival and focuses his attention upon an unsuspecting Makoto. Tiger's Eye targets Makoto, who believes that she has met her destined lover. After Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon get trapped, Sailor Jupiter uses her greatly strengthened "Super Supreme Thunder" attack and stops the Lemure.

21 (148)- "Kyoaku no kage! Oitsumerareta torio" ("Shadows of the Great Evil! The Trio is Cornered")

(巨悪の影!追いつめられたトリオ) ("A True Reflection")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 21

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 21

Airdate: September 23, 1995

Zircon chooses Mamoru as the Amazon Trio's next target. Zirconia questions why they can never capture Pegasus, even though he always helps the scouts. Meanwhile, Queen Nehelenia, the queen of the Dark Moon Circus finally appears and tells the trio she is fed up with waiting, and that if they fail again, the spell that was cast on them will wear off at the next full moon. After discovering what they truly are, Fish Eye, learning that only Pegasus can help the Amazon Trio to remain in present human form, targets Mamoru, with whom he falls in love, and is later befriended by Usagi.

22 (149)- "Yume no kagami! Amazon saigo no sutēji" ("Mirror of Dreams! Amazon's Final Stage")

(夢の鏡!アマゾン最後のステージ) ("Eternal Dreams")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 22

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 22

Airdate: October 21, 1995

While staying with the Tsukino's, a depressed Fish Eye realizes that Usagi and Sailor Moon are one in the same after Usagi makes an accidental slip. After learning that Pegasus is hiding in Chibi-Usa's dream, Fisheye freezes her and reports back to Zircona. Before returning to the circus, Fish Eye manages to make another startling, fruitful discovery. The magic that has transformed the Amazon Trio into humans is in the process of at last wearing off and, aware of this (in addition to Fish Eye's new found confusion and conflictual feelings over the mission). Zirconia sends Hawk's Eye after an unprepared Serena, and after the Trio leaves, he arranges their demise. When Hawk's Eye is about to look into Usagi's dream mirror, Fisheye stops him. Soon after, a Lemure breaks Usagi's mirror, killing her, then later killing Hawk's Eye, who protects Fisheye. The trio dies after wishing for Usagi's dream mirror to repair itself. However, Pegasus uses the tremendous strength of the Golden Crystal to return them to life and transform them into complete humans with their very own beautiful dreams.

23 (150)- "Amazonesu! Kagami no ura kara kita akumu" ("Amazones! The Nightmare From Behind the Mirror")

(アマゾネス!鏡の裏から来た悪夢) ("A New Nightmare")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 23

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 23

Airdate: October 28, 1995

Queen Nehelenia, the mastermind behind the dream hunters, tells Zirconia that the person harboring Pegasus has a glittering gold dream mirror. The Amazon Quartet takes over for the Trio, and Momoko is targeted by the Amazoness Quartet.

24 (151)- "Shin no pawā bakuhatsu! Ami kokoro no shirabe" ("True Power Explodes! Ami's Song of the Heart")

(真のパワー爆発!亜美心のしらべ) ("Heartfelt Melody")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 24

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 24

Airdate: November 4, 1995

As Ami listens to music on her laptop, Chibiusa suddenly appears behind her and startles her. Ami quickly covers what she was writing and observes that Chibiusa is early, but Luna says they aren't, and Ami realizes that everyone has arrived while she wasn't paying attention. Artemis chides her for not staying alert when the enemy is active. As she apologizes, Usagi steals her notebook and the girls start to pass it around and read what Ami was working on. The cats watch, dismayed that the girls are distracted from the enemy again.

Once Ami gets her notebook back, she plays the song she had been listening to earlier, explaining that someone had posted it on a computer network. She says that she was writing down words that came into her mind as she listened to the song. Usagi is confused about what a computer network is, and Diana explains that it is like a bulletin board between computers, and people can post their works there. Chibiusa asks what kind of person wrote the song, and Ami says all she knows is that the person's initials are "N.T." The girls start to speculate on who could have written the song. Chibiusa says she wishes she could meet that person, and Ami agrees.

At the Dead Moon Circus tent, the Amazoness Quartet chase Zircon around, trying to catch it. VesVes hits it with her whip and knocks it down so she can grab it, but Zirconia sets off a small explosion at the girls' feet and forces VesVes to let Zircon go. She snaps at the girls that if they have time to play around, they should hurry up and find the Golden Mirror. She gives them a picture of their next target, but it turns out all blurry. The Quartet wonder if they broke Zircon, and declare that they can't search after all because they can't figure out who is in the picture. Zirconia yells at them to go and accompanies her words with a blast of energy that sends the girls flying.

Back in their base, the Quartet whine about Zirconia and wonder how they're supposed to find the target with such a bad picture. PallaPalla takes the picture and uses her power on it, and it begins to play the song Ami had been listening to. PallaPalla says that their target must be a musician. VesVes says that doesn't help them, and the other three girls tell her that she broke Zircon, so they'll leave the search to her.

Ami writes a message to "N.T." telling him that she played his song for her friends and they liked it, and that she is writing a poem to go with the song. As she stares off into the sunset and sighs about how hard it is to write the lyrics, her doorbell rings. Her father has sent her a package with a sketch of a mountain by a lake, and Ami thinks that he always sends her a picture of a place he's been instead of a letter. She declares that she has the same artist's blood as her father, and she'll do her best.

The girls meet at Fruits Parlor Crown the next day, and Ami shows them the lyrics that she'd spent all night working on. Makoto and Chibiusa say that they're very good, but when Usagi takes the notebook Rei tells her that she couldn't give any good advice on the poem and to hand it over. The two of them start to bicker, and only stop when Diana arrives and declares that she's made an important discovery.

Diana leads them to a cafe where a man is playing a piano, and they recognize the song as the one Ami had found. They wonder if the man playing must be the mysterious N.T. At the same time, however, VesVes is also in the cafe, and thinks that he must be her target.

As the man leaves the cafe, he finds the girls waiting for him. They push Ami forward, and she shyly admits that she liked his song and had been trying to write lyrics for it. He asks her if she is Ami, and when she says yes, he introduces himself as Toshiyuki Nishino, then takes hold of her hand and enthusiastically greets her, saying that he has always wondered what kind of person she is. He suggests that they all come back with him to where he works, and they agree. As they walk away together, though, VesVes is watching them from the background.

Toshiyuki takes them back to a studio where his partner, Kyouko, is giving a piano lesson. The student leaves, and he introduces Ami to Kyouko. Minako whispers to Ami that it's too bad he already has a girlfriend, which makes Ami blush all the more.

They all sit down to talk, and Toshiyuki tells them that the two of them get by with piano lessons and occasional performances, but they don't mind how difficult it is because they dream of becoming famous composers. Ami watches Toshiyuki and Kyouko talking and becomes sad, thinking that she shouldn't be trying to write lyrics for a song composed by someone who works so hard for his dream. Toshiyuki asks Ami what her dream is; her friends interject that she's going to become a doctor, and Kyouko exclaims over how she must be smart. Ami looks even more downcast, and when Toshiyuki asks to see the lyrics she wrote, she says she needs to work on them some more, apologizes, and quickly leaves. As she turns away, though, Usagi sees how upset she is. She apologizes to Toshiyuki, and the girls all run after Ami. Once they're gone, however, VesVes arrives and suggests that he can play with her instead.

The girls find Ami outside, and she says that they're working so hard and love music, and she was just trying to write the lyrics for fun and bothered them. Makoto says that as long as her feelings were honest, there's nothing wrong with that, but Ami just insists she can't show them and runs away. As they watch her leave, the girls then hear Kyouko scream inside the studio and turn back.

Ami walks down the street by herself, looking at the notebook in her hands as she thinks about what her friends said to her. As she walks, Diana rushes up and tells her that Toshiyuki had been attacked.

Inside the studio, VesVes pins Kyouko to the wall with knives, then uses her Amazon Stone to extract Toshiyuki's Dream Mirror. VesVes sighs and whines that the out-of-focus photo was no good after all. The Sailor Senshi arrive and make their speech, and VesVes asks them if they aren't embarrassed to be doing that kind of thing at their age. Sailor Chibi Moon indignantly replies that they are champions of justic, and VesVes says they just have too much time on their hands. She summons the Lemures KeroKero Musume, who appears first as a cute tadpole before "powering up" into her real form. Ami arrives and sees what's going on, then tells VesVes to leave Toshiyuki alone. VesVes says she hates being ordered around, and throws her Amazon Stone at the girls, trapping them inside of Toshiyuki's computer. She zaps them with electricity as KeroKero Musume eats Toshiyuki's Dream Mirror, and Ami cries out in dismay.

She finds herself floating alone in an empty place, wishing that she had a strong enough power to protect everyone. A voice calls to her, telling her to feel the true power within herself. Sailor Mercury appears as the scenery around them shifts to the mountain and lake from the painting Ami's father sent, and she tells Ami to remember her dreams, and the feelings she had when she heard N.T.'s song and looked at her father's paintings. Ami realizes that what is important is how pure her heart is. The illusory Sailor Mercury embraces her, telling her to open her heart, and Ami asks for the courage to find her true power and protect everyone.

Ami opens her eyes and transforms with Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up, then uses her new attack Mercury Aqua Rhapsody to break out of VesVes's trap. While VesVes is dismayed that they escaped, Sailor Chibi Moon calls Pegasus and Sailor Moon uses Moon Gorgeous Meditation to destroy the Lemures. After VesVes flees Sailor Moon smiles and hands Ami the notebook she'd dropped.

Later, Toshiyuki and Kyouko finally look at the lyrics Ami wrote, and he says that he's stunned by how good they are. Kyouko observes that she had to have really loved the song to have written lyrics with so much emotion in them. He smiles and tells Ami that he'll do his best. Ami thinks that she has to do better, as well, so that her real dream can come true.

25 (152)- "Honō no jōnetsu! Māzu ikari no chōhissatsu waza" ("Burning Passion! Mars' Furious Deadly Attack")

(炎の情熱!マーズ怒りの超必殺技) ("Dreams Of Her Own")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 25

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 25

Airdate: November 11, 1995

When Rei is featured on a magazine, she gains a huge supporter, a girl by the name of Nanako. Nanako wants to be just like Rei, and even dresses and acts like her. This is due to her being shy and not having dreams of her own. However, after hearing how Rei really thinks of Nanako, she is targeted and Sailor Mars's newest transformation, "Mars Crystal Power!" and much stronger fire/flame-based attack, Mars Flame Sniper, are used for the first time.

26 (153)- "Kyōfu no haishasan? Parapara no yakata" ("A Dentist of Terror? PallaPalla's House")

(恐怖の歯医者さん?パラパラの館) ("Dental Dilemma")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 26

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 26

Airdate: November 18, 1995

With most of the Amazon Quartet not listening to orders, Zirconia gives PallaPalla a special mission. She uses her dolls to create a fake dentist office and gives many kids cavities in order to lure them to the office so she can check many dreams at once. When Chibiusa and Usagi get cavities, they, along with Mamoru, go to the fake office. Will they realize it is a trap before it is too late?

27 (154)- "Yume taiketsu! Minako to Makoto zekkō sengen" ("Confrontation in Dreams! Minako and Makoto's Broken Friendship")

(夢対決!美奈子とまこと絶交宣言) ("Nightmare Garden")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 27

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 27

Airdate: November 25, 1995

The girls decide to help out at a bazaar at a Kindergarten. Minako and Makoto both romantically pursue the principal of the preschool and fight over him. They both makes moves on him. Minako is clearly not a kid person, and when she chases a kid she ends up destroying a whole room, causing a fight between her and Makoto. The principal is targeted by CereCere and it will be up to the two of them to save the day. Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter transform, and unleash their dormant Super Sailor powers. Their newest Super Sailor transformations - Venus Crystal Power! and Jupiter Crystal Power! - and attacks as Super Sailor Guardians, Venus Love and Beauty Shock and Jupiter Oak Evolution, are used for the first time.

28 (155)- "Kyōfu wo koete! Jiyū he no jampu" ("Over the Fear! Jump to Freedom")

(恐怖を越えて!自由へのジャンプ) ("Vaulting To Victory")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 28

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 28

Airdate: December 2, 1995

A sports festival is coming up at Chibiusa's school and she can't do the vault, and asks for help. Meanwhile, the Amazon girls don't want to go after their next target, and they leave it to JunJun. A friend of Chibi-Usa's worries about the upcoming athletics carnival, and is targeted by JunJun. After seeing that the school's star athlete can't even vault, she decides to help him, as a way to get to his dream mirror.

29 (156)- "Yume wo miushinawanaide! Shinjitsu wo utsusu kagami" ("Don't Lose Your Dreams! The Truth-Reflecting Mirror")

(夢を見失わないで!真実を映す鏡) ("Reflections Of Reality")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 29

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 29

Airdate: December 9, 1995

Usagi and Chibiusa befriend an artist who paints portraits in the park. They bring him home and give him a home cooked meal. CereCere targets the literal starving artist and he loses his dream when he paints for CereCere because he no longer is following his heart. Whens she goes after his dream, it is up to Usagi and Chibiusa to save him.

30 (157)- "Pegasasu ga kieta!? Yure ugoku yūjō" ("Pegasus is Gone?! Swinging Friendships")

(ペガサスが消えた!?ゆれ動く友情) ("Dream Believer")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 30

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 30

Airdate: December 16, 1995

Chibiusa and her friends meet a boy from their school who dreams of making his own airplane. Chibiusa, doubtful of Pegasus' friendship as he hasn't told her about himself, questions him. Pegasus leaves as he cannot reveal anything yet. When VesVes targets the young boy, the Sailor Scouts are at a loss without Pegasus. During a conversation with Usagi, Chibi-Usa realizes that there are certain things that have to remain secret, and Pegasus returns to her.

31 (158)- "Pegasasu no himitsu! Yume sekai wo mamoru bishōnen" ("The Secret of the Pegasus! The Handsome Guardian of the Dream World")

(天馬の秘密!夢世界を守る美少年) ("Pegasus Revealed")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 31

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 31

Airdate: December 23, 1995

Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon arrive at the park in order to stop PallaPalla as she tries to look at the dreams of many kids. The two begin to bicker about how Usagi would like to be younger and Chibiusa would like to be older. Chibiusa's dream of being an adult comes true when, due to an attack by PallaPalla, she artificially switches ages with Usagi, who in turn wished that she was a child so she didn't have to do "hard math problems". As Chibiusa has achieved her dream, Pegasus says that he has lost sight of hers in turn. Stating that they cannot be together if she remains an adult, Pegasus turns to leave. Not wanting to lose him, Chibiusa chooses her deep and strong friendship for Pegasus instead of her dream to be an adult, thus breaking the spell, and shares a romantic kiss with Helios, who is Pegasus' true form. Pegasus finally reveals what has happened to him.

32 (159)- "Chibiusa no chiisana koi no rapusodi" ("Chibi-Usa's Little Rhapsody of Love")

(ちびうさの小さな恋のラプソディ) ("Rini's Lovely Rhapsody")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 32

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 32

Airdate: January 13, 1996

When Usagi tells the girls and Mamoru about Chibiusa's late night gab session, they all assume that she has a boyfriend. Desperate for details, one by one, The girls try and find out who Chibiusa is in love with. Makoto insists it's a sempai, but Rei says that is not the case. When Chibiusa says she likes a pale guy with an oblong face, Ami and Minako mistake a passerby feeding fish for Chibiusa's boyfriend. Meanwhile, Queen Nehelenia is becoming impatient with waiting. JunJun goes out on a mission and her target is THE guy that the girls think is her love interest.. The passerby is targeted, and when the Sailor Guardians arrive, each say something about getting in the way of close, strong romance, leaving Sailor Chibi-Moon flustered and confused.

33 (160)- "Otona ni naru yume! Amazonesu no tōwaku" ("Dream to be an Adult! The Amazoness' Bewilderment")

(大人になる夢!アマゾネスの当惑) ("Tomorrow's Big Dreams")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 33

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 33

Airdate: January 20, 1996

Minako forces the rest of the girls to do volunteer work at a Maturity Ceremony, because there are many "cute" boys there. It's for when you turn twenty, and are finally recognized as an adult. While helping out, the Amazoness Quartet in human form come (because there will be hundreds of people to steal dream mirrors from) also volunteer and decorate the stage, but have no clue about what a Maturity Ceremony is. The Amazon Quartet make friends with the girls. When they decide to make their move, an all out battle ensues between the Quartet and Sailor Scouts.

34 (161)- "Ugoki dashita kyōfu! Yami no joō no mashu" ("Coming Terror! The Dark Queen's Evil Approach")

(動き出した恐怖!闇の女王の魔手) ("Day Of Night")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 34

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 34

Airdate: January 27, 1996

Queen Nehelenia prepares to escape from her mirror, and begins to put her final plan into action. She begins casting spider webs onto the Earth, slowly casting it into darkness. Mamoru, as Prince of Earth, is hurt as the Earth is in danger. The Sailor Scouts realize that the webs and the evil energy is coming from the circus tent, and they go to stop it. However, outside of the tent they run into the Amazon Quartet and must fight them. The Amazoness Quartet and Sailor Guardians both learn each others' identities.

35 (162)- "Yami no shingenchi Deddo Mūn Sākasu" ("The Center of the Darkness: Dead Moon Circus")

(闇の震源地デッドムーンサーカス) ("Show Time Showdown")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 35

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 35

Airdate: February 3, 1996

In the wake of Pegasus's revelation to the scouts, they discover that Mamoru is sick and hurry back to him, and realize his link to the Earth as Prince Endymion means they must return to the tent and save Earth. When they get ready to leave they find every Lemures in the circus on their doorstep. They destroy all the Lemures and reach the big top, with little ease, but what does the Dark Moon Circus have planed for them?

Queen Nehelenia grants extra abilities to the Amazoness Quartet. The Sailor Guardians fight against the Amazoness Quartet, but are easily defeated due to the imbalance of power. Sailor Moon uses her Moon Gorgeous Meditation attack, but fails when Zirconia arrives.

36 (163)- "Kagami no meikyū! Toraerareta Chibi Mūn" ("Labyrinth of Mirrors! Chibi Moon Captured")

(鏡の迷宮!捕えられたちびムーン) ("The Dark Legend")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 36

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 36

Airdate: February 10, 1996

Chibiusa has been captured and sent to Queen Nehelenia, who reveals her whole history to Chibiusa. The Sailor Scouts search the tent for Chibiusa and get separated in a Labyrinth of Mirrors. Zirconia uses the mirrors to try to force them to give up fighting, but the team knows that they still have their normal dreams, even though their bigger dream is to fight. Meanwhile, the Amazon Quartet switch Sailor Chibi Moon with a doll to capture Pegasus' head so they can have his power (and ride him).

37 (164)- "Gōruden Kurisutaru shutsugen! Neherenia no maryoku" ("The Golden Crystal Appears! Nehelenia's Spell")

(黄金水晶出現!ネヘレニアの魔力) ("One In The Hand")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 37

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 37

Airdate: February 17, 1996

Artemis, Luna and Diana wonder about Mamoru's mysterious illness, and discuss the eclipse and what the Dead Moon could be. Luna recalls something about a black moon covering the sun, and a story about a witch sealed inside the new moon. Artemis seems to recall the story as well, and feels that Queen Serenity sealed this enemy away. He says there is no way she could have broken free.

In a flashback, the Amazoness Quartet are running through a jungle. PallaPalla falls behind, trips and begins to cry. However, the other three girls return to her. VesVes tells her not to cry and helps her up. A strange light catches their attention, and they all run over to a beam of light falling from above into a clear lake. There they find a mirror in the water. VesVes lifts it out and they examine it. Suddenly, it begins to glow and speak to them.

In the Dead Moon tent, CereCere pulls petals off a flower, trying to predict if they can escape, while VesVes informs her the fortune telling is fixed. CereCere comes to the conclusion that they can get out but VesVes still does not buy it. JunJun manages to get out of her mirror with "Ball Through" but almost falls. As she climbs on top of her mirror, PallaPalla tells them that they do not have to rush and that Nehellenia will let them out eventually. JunJun wonders if maybe Nehellenia is mad at them for trying to steal Pegasus, but VesVes says Nehellenia is not like Zirconia, and figures JunJun is thinking too much.

The flashback continues. The four girls are confronted with the talking mirror in the jungle. The voice of Nehellenia tells the girls that their happy laughter has woken her up, and she will reward them with an exceptional gift: that their happy dreams will last forever.

Back in the present day, all four girls are on one mirror and PallaPalla calls out to Nehellenia that she has repented and she is hungry. At the main mirror, Nehellenia tells Zirconia that she will remove Pegasus from Sailor Chibi Moon, and asks Zirconia to make sure she destroys those of the White Moon. When Zirconia leaves, Nehellenia calls Chibi Moon forward, tied up by her limbs and unconscious. She removes the bonds and calls Helios forward. A bright purple light flashes from below and rises up, through the walkway and through Chibi Moon’s chest causing her to cry out in agony. Nehellenia laughs as Chibi Moon’s Dream Mirror appears over her screams. It is golden. Nehellenia brings down the body of Helios, bound and caged. She tells him that if he does not want Chibi Moon’s dream mirror smashed, he must return to his original body.

Sailor Chibi Moon chokes out that he should not go and begins to cry. Pegasus comes forth from the mirror and Nehellenia tells him that if he does not do what she says, Chibiusa will die. She releases Helios’ body from the restraints and his priest robes appear. Pegasus watches Chibi Moon’s Dream Mirror return to her body, and when she falls to the ground, he turns to her. Nehellenia scolds him and tells him to come to her. He reluctantly walks to her and returns to his body. The golden horn on his head glows and Nehellenia laughs once again.

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Jupiter are following Sailor Mercury. She is working on her mini computer to calculate the location of Chibiusa. Just as they locate where she might be, Zirconia’s voice breaks in and threatens to kill them. In an instant, a spoke wheel of candles surrounds them. Zirconia appears and addresses them, telling them that they will be avenged. Mercury states that it is an illusion. Zirconia asks them if they will be able to win against her if they cannot call Pegasus, and Sailor Moon becomes more concerned for Chibiusa.

Chibi Moon still lay unconscious on the floor as Helios opens his eyes. Nehellenia addresses him, asking if he understands that he belongs to her. Helios defies her. Nehellenia asks if he is dissatisfied with being the servant to someone as beautiful as she. Helios turns to her and there is a flash of the Golden Crystal. Nehellenia retreats from him, telling him to stop while shielding her face. Helios returns to his feet and Nehellenia again tells him to stop.

Chibi Moon wakes up. Nehellenia’s face begins to wrinkle near her eyes but then she releases an attack on Helios, commanding him to stop. Helios is thrown back into Chibi Moon’s arms. She tries to wake him and holds him, crying. Helios opens his eyes and Chibi Moon gives him an affectionate hug. Nehellenia is furious, and traps them both in a net which tears them from each other. As Chibi Moon’s hand begins to slip, she tells him that that was the first time he has called her Chibiusa. Then their grasp is broken.

The Amazoness Quartet are still trapped in the mirrors, and decide that Nehellenia must really be mad at them. PallaPalla starts to cry but VesVes says it might not be true. She uses "See-Through Ball" but gets the wrong image. Instead of Nehellenia, they see the five senshi trapped in the candle circle.

The senshi use their attacks to smash through the illusions of Zirconia but more just keep appearing. The illusions blast the senshi, knocking them to the ground. Sailor Mercury tries to locate the real Zirconia and realizes that only one of them has a completed staff. She releases Mercury Aqua Rhapsody and lands a direct hit. Watching through VesVes' ball, the Quartet decide that Zirconia deserved that, then the mirror below them glows red and they fall through.

The Senshi confront Zirconia who calls out to Nehellenia. Then the Amazoness Quartet appear and tell Zirconia to leave it to them. Zirconia calls them idiots and wraps them up in restraints, zapping them with powerful attacks. The senshi are surprised to see Zirconia draw power away from the Quartet to make herself strong again. PallaPalla tells her that she will tell Nehellenia about this. Zirconia calls out a thank you to Nehellenia and tells her that she will use this energy to serve her. Nehellenia’s voice replies from above that Zirconia must use the energy to get rid of the senshi. The Amazoness Quartet then realize they have been expendable to her as Nehellenia informs them of what their true use has been to her: energy to power the Dead Moon. After hearing this, Sailor Moon runs to them, but is knocked back by the powerful attack. Zirconia attacks them again but Mercury figures out that the Amazon Stones carriued by the Quartet are responsible for draining their energy. Mercury tells them to break them in order to be freed, but the Quartet insiat that the stones are the crystals of their dreams, and if they break them they will grow up and not be able to use magic. Sailor Moon tells them that it is okay, because truly beautiful dreams cannot be taken from them. Zirconia says it is foolish and releases another attack on Sailor Moon, telling the senshi they have nowhere to run. They tell Zirconia that they would not run anyway, since the other option now is a world without dreams.

CereCere pulls petals off a flower, saying "Break, don’t break, break, don’t break" and she ends up on ‘break’ for the final petal. JunJun teases her that the fortune telling is unreliable, and then they all break their orbs and are released from Zirconia’s energy trap. Faced with four more opponents, Zirconia retreats.

Sailor Moon calls after her, but the Amazoness Quartet tell her that Zirconia sleeps at the other end of the hall.

Nehellenia is trying to pull the Golden Crystal from Helios’ head while Chibi Moon watches in agony from her restraints. In a flash, she releases the Golden Crystal. Mamoru suffers in bed and Sailor Moon senses a change. Nehellenia holds the Golden Crystal in her hands while Helios slumps foreword. Chibi Moon begs Helios to open his eyes but his body fades away into nothingness. Nehellenia tells Chibi Moon that this is nothing compared to her suffering, and says that she will receive her curse and sleep forever.

Zirconia appears before Nehellenia’s mirror and sees the Golden Crystal in her hand. Nehellenia asks Zirconia what her greatest happiness is and Zirconia replies that it would be to see with her own eyes Nehellenia's true form released from the mirror. Nehellenia asks if Zirconia remembers what her greatest sadness was, and says she no longer wants to see Zirconia in the mirror. As Nehellenia forces her way through the mirror, Zirconia turns to red energy and vanishes with a howl. The mirror shatters and frees Nehellenia – the dark eclipse is completed.

Sailor Moon arrives at the broken mirror and finds Sailor Chibi Moon lying there. She tries to wake her, but the whole place begins to tremble and shake. Outside, dark lightning bolts streak through the sky as numerous Dead Moon Circus tents descend.

38 (165)- "Kurisutaru kagayaku toki! Utsukushiki yume no chikara" ("Time for the Crystal to Shine! BeautifulPower of Dreams")

(クリスタル輝く時!美しき夢の力) ("Golden Revival")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 38

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 38

Airdate: February 24, 1996

Queen Nehelenia has placed Chibiusa in an eternal sleep in exchange for activating the golden crystal. The Sailor Scouts bravely battle the Queen, but nothing is working. The Amazoness Quartet switch the Golden Crystal with a pineapple. Nehelenia tells the Sailor Guardians that they cannot use the Crystal as it is a power/ability amplifier and enhancer. Sailor Chibi Moon manages to use the Golden Crystal to send a message across everyone, telling them not to give up their sweet dreams. A big explosion of bright golden-yellow light then happens.

39 (166)- "Yume yo itsumademo! Hikari, ten ni michite" ("Dreams Forever! Light Throughout the Sky")

(夢よいつまでも!光, 天に満ちて) ("The Sweetest Dream")
Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 39

Sailor Moon SuperS - Episode 39

Airdate: March 2, 1996

Chibiusa attempts to use the Golden Crystal to destroy Queen Nehelenia and the Dead Moon Circus, but is captured and knocked unconscious. When Sailor Moon gets to Nehelenia on the floating platform, she sees that Queen Nehelenia is an old woman. Queen Nehelenia explains that she was once Queen of an asteroid and she was worshiped for her youthful looks and wondrous beauty by her people. She asked her dream mirror if she would stay beautiful forever, but it showed her as an ugly, old woman instead. She then stole her servants' Dream Mirrors and ate them to retain her youth and beauty, and was consequently sealed away by Queen Serenity. Sailor Moon pities her; this angers Nehelenia, and she throws Chibiusa over the edge of the platform. Sailor Moon dives after her and transforms into Princess Serenity; she catches up to Chibiusa, awakens her, and together they use the Golden Crystal to land safely on Earth. Queen Nehelenia is resealed into the dream mirror of the new moon. Chibiusa says goodbye to Helios, who returns to his home world of Elysion, and says that she will see him in her dreams.