1 (167)- "Akumu hana wo chirasu toki! Yami no Joō fukkatsu" ("Resurrection of the Queen of Darkness! When Scattered Flowers Create Nightmares")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 1

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 1

Airdate: March 9, 1996

As baby Hotaru sits in an baby seat beneath a sakura tree, she sees a vision of Neo-Queen Serenity standing on a white spire of crystal in front of the moon, her eyes closed, and her hands joined together in front of her chest as if she is praying. A pair of large angelic wings sprouts from the Queen's back. Then she stretches her arms forward, and a wave of golden energy washes over her, changing her outfit to that of a new, never before seen form of Sailor Moon: this Sailor Moon has a pair of wings, albeit smaller, her tiara is gone and replaced with a crescent mark, the suit is colored differently, and she is holding a long staff in front of her.

The vision fades away. Hotaru stretches her arms happily, looking at cherry blossom petals flying by, and her father picks her up. His health has visibly improved since the Mugen Academy accident, as he is standing on his legs instead of being bound to a wheelchair. He turns around to see Setsuna Meiou, who announces that she has arrived to take Hotaru with her.

Usagi is looking at the sky; she hears her name and turns around to see the other four girls, and happily bumps into them. Usagi, Ami, Makoto, and Minako are now wearing new, identical school uniforms, as they are now attending Juuban Municipal High School. Only Rei is still attending T·A Academy for Girls, which has a ladder system, meaning she did not have to pass entrance exams to get into high school.

Mamoru and Chibiusa greet the girls; Chibiusa and Diana are now preparing to go back to the future, and are saying their farewells.

Meanwhile, Queen Nehellenia, her youth restored, is floating in what appears to be a parallel universe, relaxed and confident that she will retain her beauty forever. A disembodied voice then announces its intent to break the seal locking Nehellenia in her small world, and does so. Nehellenia finds herself in outer space, floating above Earth.

Back in Tokyo, Chibiusa uses the Key of Space-Time to project a beam that will transport her through time. Nehellenia sees the beam from space; she is shown visions of the girls and Mamoru, and she is shocked and angered to find her enemies alive and well. A mirror appears out of her chest, in appearance like a Dream Mirror, only black; the disembodied voice tells her that the mirror is the embodiment of Nehellenia's hate and desire for revenge, and urges her to break it — which she, after some hesitation, does.

The mirror shards fall over Tokyo, appearing like a meteor shower. They disrupt Chibiusa's beam, which disappears, preventing her from traveling through time, and one of the shards falls into Mamoru's right eye. The eye glows for a moment, and Mamoru feels some pain, but he quickly forgets about it. The girls ask Chibiusa what happened to the beam, but nobody is able to give a definite answer.

Haruka and Michiru are standing in front of an aquarium, looking at the fish. They leave the building and go outside, to a courtyard on the rooftop. The mirror shards are still falling. Michiru, feeling dark energy close to the moon, consults the Deep Aqua Mirror; it shows a vision of a blackened planet, but it almost immediately disappears, and Haruka dismisses it.

Behind them, a man and a woman are sitting on a bench. A shard hits the man, and the woman begins tending to him. Another shard cuts Haruka's hand; Michiru takes her hand and sucks the shard out of the wound, spitting it out onto a handkerchief. The shard suddenly starts emitting light, and Haruka throws the handkerchief on the ground; once it lands, the shard begins to grow and transforms into a glass statue, in appearance like a nude woman whose features resemble those of Nehellenia. More statues materialize around them; Nehellenia speaks through her images, announcing her intent to destroy the "people of the White Moon" and identifying the (animate) statues as Mirror Paredri, although she does not identify herself.

Sailor Pluto appears, shattering the Mirror Paredri with Dead Scream. She is holding baby Hotaru, saying that the time when they will need her power is approaching. The Mirror Paredri reassemble from the shards, and while Sailor Pluto sets Hotaru down in the bushes, Haruka and Michiru transform into Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. The three Senshi fight the Mirror Paredri, but they get outnumbered as the creatures only multiply from the fragments as they are shattered; one of them rushes to Sailor Uranus and pushes her off the roof, and Sailor Neptune barely manages to grab Sailor Uranus's hand while the creature plummets down.

Sailor Pluto, struggling with a Mirror Paredri, helplessly watches in horror as another one exposes her claws, preparing to tear Hotaru apart. As soon as she tries to touch Hotaru, however, she is disintegrated by an energy sphere that forms around Hotaru, and the Saturn symbol appears on the baby's forehead.

The three Outer Senshi find themselves floating together, wrapped in energy ribbons of their Senshi colors; they sense the birth of a new power as the symbols of their respective planets appear on their foreheads, in a fashion similar to Hotaru's. A stream of light goes through them upwards, simultaneously transforming them back into their Senshi forms. With their newfound powers, they destroy the Mirror Paredri for good using World Shaking, Deep Submerge, and Dead Scream.

Standing on the edge of the now-clear rooftop, the Outer Senshi wonder who this new enemy is. They turn around to see Hotaru, who appears to have rapidly grown from a baby into a small child. Hotaru's vision is repeated, only this time, the moon is eclipsed, and when the light returns Sailor Moon is trapped in thorny vines, unconscious. Hotaru says that the princess is in danger, while above Earth, the disembodied voice laughs, saying that everything is set up now.

2 (168)- "Satān no mezame! Sērā jũ Senshi shūketsu" ("Gathered warriors! The Awakening of Sailor Saturn")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 2

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 2

Airdate: March 23, 1996

Mamoru and Usagi are sitting on a bench in the park, talking about themselves. She is holding a balloon, which appears to be of a metallic silver color and asks Mamoru romantic stuff about their relationship. He answers every one of them with a simple "Yes". When Usagi realizes this, she starts asking silly questions but Mamoru's answers don't change. Having enough of his behavior, she stands up with the intention to leave, completely mad and reproaches him that "this is our first date in a long time", so, he should take it more seriously. As he listens to all of this, sunlight is reflected by the balloon's surface and hurts Mamoru's right eye (the one which has the shard inside it), causing to appear a vision of Queen Nehellenia. He can't resist the pain and falls down to the floor. Usagi tries to help him, but because she is still holding the balloon, it keeps on reflecting sunlight, hurting Mamoru. He knocks it away, hitting Usagi's hand, and apologizes, saying that he hasn't been feelling well lately, so he decides to go home and rest more, leaving her girlfriend very confused and worried.

Later, in the cafe, the girls are reunited having a conversation about thier dreams. Ami, Rei and Makoto have been watching a TV show to learn English (although the latter two seems a bit more interested in the show's main host) and Minako has been taking dance and voice lessons, because she wants to be a famous performer. The girls note that Usagi is quiet, sad-looking and try to encourage her to tell them what is wrong, saying that she can trust them; which manages to make her reveals her problems.

Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna and Hotaru (whose body is the one of a toddler) are living in a big house (the location is unknown), surrounded by trees and a huge front garden. The first two arrives in a car and are received by Hotaru, who calls them "Mom Michiru" and "Dad Haruka" respectively. She tells them that she's been studied with her "Mom Sestuna" an ancient legend of the Moon and a few poems. Then she sees a butterfly, which distracts her of the conversation, and starts chasing it. Setsuna approachs them, saying that Hotaru hasn't just grown phisically, but also intelectually: She is now able to understand complex poetry and complete theories. After this, the three girls realize that Hotaru's gone and starts looking for her around the house. They search in every house's room only to find nothing of the little girl. After every room has been checked, they decide to take a look at the last one: Hotaru's bedroom. To their relief, she is there, but what they see, concerned them. Hotaru is kneeled, absorbed making a hologram-like image. Setsuna says that she is recreating the Universe's birth at impressive speed. Soon, the hologram changes from a few stars to the whole Solar System, to finally focus on the Moon. Its light makes Haruka reminds Usagi's and a few details of her childhood. Suddenly, Hotaru faints, but Haruka manages to grab her before she hits the floor. In a sort of trance state, she says that the Moon is in danger of being consumed by darkness and the girl with dazzling blonde hair will fall in evil hands. After this, she comes to, completely terrified and crying, as the vision she made a moment ago shows the Moon being slowly engulfed by a dark cloud.

At night, Mamoru is trying to finish some work in his computer. His eye ache has been getting more and more painful, emitting a gold-colored light more frequently, which leads him to stop working. He starts walking around the apartment, grabbing his head to ease the hurt. Quick illusions of Nehellenia shows up . As he was desperate, he snatchs the keyboard, tossing it to the floor. Suddenly, the anguish ceases. Mamoru then takes Usagi's advice and goes to sleep. She, in the other hand, is sitting in her bedroom, worrying about her boyfriend. As she sees through the window Nehellenia's voice is heard by Usagi, saying that she will come after her. A crow fly on front of her window and Usagi, even more worried about her current situation, remains sit, repeating Mamoru's name.

Across the whole city, in every reflecting surface (windows, water, glass, etc) shadows reminiscent of Nehellenia's body, become visibles. One of them slowly rises from Hotaru's window, waking her up. She is scared of it, but at that moment Sailor Saturn reveal herself. She is glowing and this glow vanishes the evil presence. When Hotaru can finally see how is it, Saturn's body is surrounded by a purple light. The Senshi tells her that the time for them to awaken has come and touches the little girl's forehead with her index finger, giving back to Hotaru all her past memories. These contains the first time she met Chibiusa (when the later was chasing her hat) and a picnic with Usagi, Makoto and the rest of the girls, raising a smile on her. Then she remembers Sailor Moon protecting her from Uranus and Neptune ' attacks; Mistress 9 taking controll of her body, and she with his dad, in the lab's explosion that almost cost their lives. Hotaru is now about crying, and a last memory of Professor Tomoe fainting in front of her makes Saturn' symbol appears in her forehead, concluding the awakening. Her Outer partners were in the living room and get very surprised as they see a full-grown Hotaru entering the room telling them that the Princess and the Inner Senshi are in danger. Haruka asks if she means Usagi. She nods, adding that darkness is coming.

In the Hikawa Shrine , Rei has something to tell her friends: the midnight before, the shrine' sacred mirror was being possesed by a unknown presence, but she could drove it using Akuryo Taisan . Minako points out that she has seen people staring their own mirrors, as if they were hypnotized. The others comment similar experiences and Makoto wonders if those strange events are related to a new enemy. At that moment, a lot of Mirror Paredri starts growing from mirror shards on the floor and quickly attempt to damage the girls with their sharp claws. Minako gives the order to transform themselves and counter the enemy's attacks, but soon realize that with every succesful hit, new ones grow from the fallen's remains, so the senshi desist their advance, giving Nehellenia' minions the opportunity to block them off. As usual, Tuxedo Mask appears as of nowhere and with a rose manages to knock out one Mirror Paredri, releasing the senshi, and then his eye begins hurting him again. The sailors, disctracted as they were by Tuxedo fainting, are surprised by the paredris, who inmobilize them, leaving the group defendless.

Sailor Uranus' voice is heard and the Outer Senshi take place in the battle. To everyone' surprise, Sailor Saturn is with them, To not lose much time, Uranus use World Shaking , which easily desintegrate the opponents, and Saturn reveals to Sailor Moon that her true form shall arise. In order to achieve this, the nine senshi must concentrate their special powers into Sailor Moon. Each senshi is soon surrounded with a light of her signature colour (Jupiter , green; Mercury , blue; etc) which envolves Sailor Moon. As she feels her friends' energy running through her body, the Crisis Moon Compact begins its transformation into the Eternal Moon Article . The Moon Kaleido Scope is upgraded as well to Eternal Tiare , allowing the senshi to be finally able to perform Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss. The attack's power is enough to definitely destroy the Mirror Paredri, but when she ends performing it, both her eternal forme and her items revert back to their original state, leaving Sailor Moon very weak. Saturn claims that the main reason of her awakening is to grant the Princess her authentic form and powers, which astonish Usagi and the rest (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto included).

At the end of the day, Usagi goes with Mamoru to his apartment and suggest him to sleep. He says goodbye and heads to the bathroom, wondering what is wrong with him, as he sees his own reflection in the bathroom' mirror. He keeps looking at it, when Nehellenia shows up, with her arms around Mamoru's reflection, and proceeds to reveal her plan: Take away from Usagi everyone who she loves. Unfortunately, he can't react to her words: the Queen has, now, complete controll over him, and all he can do is look at the mirror, completely absorbed by its image.

3 (169)- "Noroi no makyō! Akumu ni torawareta Mamoru" ("Mirror's Magic Curse! Mamoru Caught in A Nightmare")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 3

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 3

Airdate: April 13, 1996

Across the town, several girls are shown staring at her own mirrors. They also say "Who is the most beautiful in the world?", replying themselves "It's you". Shadows resembling Queen Nehellenia appear, but those don't disturb the young women; they limit to gaze at their reflections and smile.

Michiru is watching the news and Haruka, who had just finished taking a shower, joins her along with Hotaru and Setsuna. It announces a new, inusual disease that is spreading mainly among young women, it being caused by mental stress. This causes the infected people to lose motivation after awakening. Hearing about this reminds Hotaru of her vision of Usagi threatened by an, still, unknown enemy, although neither her nor her partners know if it has some connection with that strange illness. Michiru seems more concerned about mirrors, however: recent monsters look like made of glass. As she looks at hers, an image of a woman appears but it vanishes quickly, so she isn't able to identify it.

It's 8:35 in the morning and, as usual, both Minako and Usagi are running late for school. On their way upstairs, Usagi sees a boy looking at his glass reflection, so she reprends him for relaxing at such inappropriate time, but her friend interrupts her pushing her to keep running. Once in the classroom Makoto and Ami tells them that the first hour is for self-study because of a teachers' last-minute meeting caused by the high amount of absentees, mainly girls. The four girls head to the bathroom, where they continue their talk about the recently discovered disease and as they leave, Makoto notices that a schoolmate is standing in the middle of the corridor, looking at her compact mirror. Usagi decides to approach to her, then she asks her what is so fun about it, but she doesn't receive any response at all, which infuriates Usagi who snatchs the little mirror to, maybe, find something that explains the schoolgirl' strange behaviour. The mirror is just like any other one, so she keeps looking at it very intrigued about it, when a dark aura starts to surround it. The aura forms a little cloud, that of a sudden releases a dark beam towards Usagi's right eye. Fortunately, Makoto had been seeing the evil aura over the mirror and with a strong slap, she tosses it to the floor causing its surface to crack. Its owner gets down on her knees, very upset about her loss, saying "How can I keep on living?", which amazes and worries the four girls at the same time, who can not understand the girl' sadness. Usagi then remembers Mamoru's recent behaviour: It is similar enough to that girl's to concern her, so she opts to meet him in his home, just to see if he is well. Once on Mamoru's front door, she sees a young man calling at it, who not receiving any answer eventually leaves the building. Usagi tries by herself ringing the bell but it seems that the apartment is empty. However, she has a spare key, so she is able to enter the his residence without many troubles.

Inside it, the lights are off, and several mirrors have been disposed around the living room. Usagi calls out his name and although she still receives no answer, she finds Mamoru in his bedroom. It is full of mirrors, as the rest of the apartment, and he's looking at a big one of them. Despite all the noise she has made, he doesn't seem to perceive her, being fully concentrated on his own reflection. As she walks towards him, his left eye starts shining and a mysterious silhouette takes form on the mirror. She runs to his side, but accidentally steps on one and breaks it. Mamoru reacts now, but he only cares about the cracked glass, as the schoolgirl did, being sorry for it, touching it very softly as it was a big lose. He cuts a finger touching it and Usagi tries to aid the hurt finger, but he yells at her for doing that. Inmediatly, as if he would've regain sense, he excuses to his girlfriend for his manners, telling her that he has been sick lately, and he wants to rest. Usagi agrees, tells her about a launch that her mom prepared for him and leaves the apartment. However, before leaving, she takes a final look at the bedroom: Mamoru is not resting as he promised, but gazing at the mirror again, completely relaxed.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Usagi finally reveals to her friends the strange behaviour of Mamoru, and her worries about him being one more infected of the new disease that has spread across the town. Alike Michiru, Rei also feels that mirrors are an important part of this mystery: the shrine holy mirror had been possesed few days ago (although she purified it later with one of her ofudas) and latest enemies seem to be made of glass. Suddenly, Hotaru's voice is heard. She is with Setsuna and her purpose is to reveal that the Usagi will be victim of evil wishes. The upcoming danger will mark the end of something and the beginning of something else but they only know that the Princess is the main target and that mirrors are, as Rei guessed, a crucial part of it: A mysterious woman who sneaked in from the darkness is the source of their dark power. Setsuna says that the Prince is in danger, as he's one of Usagi beloved ones, and asks her to protect him. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are at his home already, but they will need the assistance of the rest of the Senshi, so they all head to Mamoru's apartment, ready to protect him.

Uranus and Neptune, as Setsuna said, are on the front street of the building, trying to past their way through severals Mirror Paredris, however, although Space Sword Blaster and Submarine Reflection destroy the monsters, these keep on growing from their own remains, which makes the task almost impossible. Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn come to their help, along with the Inner Senshi. Using Dead Scream stops the monsters temporarily, which gives the opportunity to Sailor Moon and her partners to go to his boyfriend apartment. The Outer Senshi decide to stay outside the building to block the entrance, so the Mirror Paredris can't get in.

As they enter the building, lots of monsters start coming out of every mirror-like surface but Sailor Jupiter strikes them with Jupiter Oak Evolution. Sailor Moon starts running upstairs, as the lift was one of the places the monsters were coming from, and of a sudden she realizes who the enemy is: Queen Nehellenia. The voice she has heard, the monsters' body shape and the shadow in Mamoru's mirror matches with the Queen, but none of the Senshi can believe it because, as far as they know, she was sealed inside the dark moon.

Once they get to Mamoru's apartment, they discover him in the exact same position said he was, but now all the mirrors shine with dark-red light. Sailor Moon tries to speak to him, but he pushes her away. Sailor Chibi Moon is aiding her to stand up when another shadow takes place inside the mirror. However this one is not an ordinary enemy. As the body finishes forming itself, Sailor Moon terrified realizes that it is in fact the Dark Queen herself; Nehellenia.

She soon starts blaming the Senshis for her imprisonment in Dead moon, and how lonely and sad she was there, in that deep darkness, as they were happily living on Earth, making fun of her fate. Sailor Moon tells her that she has never done such thing, but Nehellenia don't listen: Now it's time for the "White Moon Princess" (Usagi) to live what she has lived to. She grabs Mamoru, slowly trapping him inside the mirror. Sailor Moon, desperate, requests for her friends' power to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon. The Queen orders Mirror Paredri to attack her, but they are destroyed by Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss. However, after the technique is executed, she is no longer able to keep on her upgraded form, so Nehellenia is free to take away Mamoru with her, but before leaving, she gives Usagi a final warning: He is now at complete mercy of her will, and he will be but only until next dawn. If Sailor Moon can't rescue him from her castle before that, he will be destroyed by her own nightmares.

She walks away with Mamoru, who is now uncapable of hearing Usagi's call, as Sailor Moon watches from the other side of the mirror, weakened by her transformation and unable to help him.

4 (170)- "Unmei no ichiya! Sērā Senshi no kunan" ("Hardships of A Warrior! Sailor Senshi's Night of Destiny")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 4

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 4

Airdate: April 20, 1996

Once Nehellenia took Mamoru away and the Senshi were left alone in his apartment, Sailor Chibi Moon slowly started to detransform. Unable to keep on her feet, and with nothing left to do that could help Mamoru, the group left the building.

Chibiusa is now sleeping in one of Hikawa Shrine's bed and the nine Senshi discuss what they should do now: They have to rescue the Prince, but at the same time they know Nehellenia is luring Sailor Moon, so she could kill her. Setsuna says that if Mamoru isn't rescued, Small Lady, his daughter from the future will disappear, as evidenced by her previous detransorm and fainting. But Usagi stands up, and decides that not matter what, she will save both her boyfriend and her daughter, as she softly cries. A tear touches the Crisis Moon Compact, making it glow, and soon this light covers Usagi's body, starting her transformation in Eternal Sailor Moon. Once it's done, she gradually flies to the sky and Rei tries to grab her, to avoid Usagi confronting the Queen, but she leaves the ground before her friend could catch her. Now, they have no choice but to follow Sailor Moon. Chibiusa wakes up and says that she is also going (despite her weak state), so they take their Senshi form and use Sailor Teleport to get to Nehellenia's domain.

Meanwhile, Sailor Moon has reached already the Queen's palace but instead of it, she is in which appears to be an unknown dimension, and she no longer has her Senshi form. Nehellenia is before her now, and tells her that she will never escape from her imposed nightmares and vanishes: The enviroment gradually starts changing, and Usagi finds herself in the middle of a blizzard, completely alone.

After her encounter with Usagi, Nehellenia is sitting on her castle throne with Mamoru at her feet. Several mirrors are disposed around her, which helps her tracking down people. She looks at each one of them and finds out that the senshi are coming after her. This makes her really mad and toss a cup to the mirror, breaking both into pieces, but surprisingly, the mirror regenerates itself. It turns out that the cup was destroyed, and its shards are now on their way to collide with the sailor scouts. The senshi are still using Sailor Teleport when they see the crystal shards. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Venus tell everyone to hold their hands but the force's impact is too strong for them to stand and they are separated, and fall inside the Queen's own dimension.

Sailor Uranus is the first one to be shown, falling in the middle of what appears to be ancient ruins of a old civilization (something like the Silver Millenium). It seems that she is alone, but Sailor Mercury had also fallen there and she joins Uranus. The two discover that their friends aren't there, so they come up with a plan to escape from that place. Uranus suggests that if they reach a distant hill's top, they might be able to get a better look of its surroundings. When they finally get to the top they realize that past the hill, the ruins they have just leave behind are now in front of her; in fact they see that the whole place repeats itself in a pattern. Mercury tells Uranus that it must be a trick of the enemy, so they should save their energy in case it appears. As she finishes saying this, Nehellenia shows up and Uranus tries to damage her with World Shaking, but the Queen reflects the attack, denting the senshi. Mercury reacts to this and helps to stop Nehellenia with Mercury Aqua Rhapsody, but it has no effect on the latter, which returns the blow to her with no effort, and fires off a dark wave of energy at her, but she is saved by Sailor Uranus, who lifts her up to avoid the attack. Keeping in her mind that Nehellenia can reflects attacks, Uranus attempts to kick her but she easily avoids all attack, and knocks the senshi out. Sailor Mercury sees all this and thinks that Uranus' all-out ofensive methods are useless here, so it's time that she uses her own: She remembers being a child and not being able to play basketball with her schoolmates because of all the time she spent studying, but at the end she could help them in another way: designing a strategy to win the match. These memories makes her realize that she is not a fighter like a Uranus, she solves things through studying. She takes out her Super Computer and with her googles on, she analyzes the place and the Queen, who releases a dark beam at her which impacts the senshi, but she is still standing, using her computer to find a way to defeat Nehellenia. She keeps on attacking Mercury, whose defenses are almost worn down completely as her analysis isn't complete yet, until Sailor Uranus protects Mercury from the attack, placing herself in front of her partner to act as a shield from Nehellenia's attacks, however she is weakened by the fight so she won't last much. The analysis reveals that all is an illusion and the source of it is the Moon, so Uranus uses World Shaking straight to the moon, which vanishes the illusion, revealing the true aspect of the place: an empty dark-red dimension. Nehellenia detransforms too, as she wasn't the true one, it had been a Mirror Paredri the whole time, but with her Space Sword, Uranus kills it in one hit. As they contemplate the new area they are in, a pair of mirrors appears at their back, with a pair of hands coming out from them which grabs the senshi and take them inside the big mirrors, rendering Mercury and Uranus in a freeze like state, unconscious.

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Mars have fallen into a dark forest, full with tall trees and two different paths to follow. Neptune uses her Deep Aqua Mirror to decide which way they should take and Mars does the same with one of her ofudas, however both items "choose" different paths, which forces Mars to accept Neptune's mirror chosen one. They start to run, but midway Nehellenia finds her, ready to use her magic against the two senshi: A circle of purple fire is now surrounding them and at a slow pace begins making itself smaller.

5 (171)- "Ai yue ni! Hateshinaki makai no tatakai" ("Hell Demon Battle! Love Will Prevail")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 5

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 5

Airdate: April 27, 1996

The purple fire circle that surrounds Sailor Neptune and Sailor Mars is getting narrower: It's so that it is burning Mars' fuku. She seems very nervous about the situation, unlike Neptune who seems quite calm, when all of a sudden, the outer senshi uses Deep Submerge on Nehellenia, almost hitting her, although it was enough to distract the Queen and make the fire disappear. Sailor Neptune says that they will not fall for her cheap tricks which makes Mars laugh ackwardly about the illusion (because she was actually fooled by it). Nehellenia then attacks with a different approach: She vanishes the forest and replaces it with a dark-red space, followed by her own disappearance. The two senshi are alert to a new Queen's attack but she surprise Neptune by grabbing her by her foot with her (Nehellenia) long hair. Sailor Mars quickly reacts and charges Mars Flame Sniper aiming to Nehellenia, but she's unable to fire off the fiery arrow because the Queen is using Neptune as a human shield. The hair is all over the senshi body, slowly choking her to death, so Neptune tries to encourage Mars to shoot her, even if it means her own death. She still isn't convinced about it, so she stops completely the attack, giving Nehellenia a free opportunity to release one dark beam which hits directly the fire senshi. As the Queen bursts into laughs and Neptune about to being killed, Sailor Mars decides to strike at her, charging her flame sniper technique and with fast and careful accuracy, the fire arrow pierces Nehellenia's body. Sailor Neptune is freed and the queen starts screaming: Her body slowly changes into a Mirror Paredri's one and it explodes in a lot of crystal shards. The dark forest appears again and the two senshi are exhausted by the fight: They barely can stand still and finally let themselves fall in a tiny small-lake. It's not deep so they cannot be drowned, but at that moment two mirrors take the lake place and trap Sailor Mars and Sailor Neptune inside them, who can't even react to this.

In another place, Sailor Venus and Sailor Pluto are being chased by lots of mirror-made enemies. They are running through the remains of some ancient temple and, although they are able to outrun the enemies, new ones keep on appearing on every temple's corner, and soon the two senshi find themselves completely surrounded by them, and nowhere to run. In that moment, the whole temple vanishes: Now they are at the top o a cliff and an old rope bridge materializes in front of their eyes. Underneath it, a deep dark abyss, so their only chance to escape is to cross the about-to-break bridge to, hopefully, get to the other side. Pluto realizes that the bridge won't support both body weights, so she asks Venus to cross it alone. She negates to do such thing, but Pluto insists: Only one can safely walk to the other side, so Venus, as the leader of the Inner Senshi and the Queen guardian, should do it. In the meantime, she will try to stall time fighting the mirror paredri. It convinces Venus, who agrees to follow without her; however ,midway through the bridge, she sees that Sailor Pluto, despite her best efforts, can't stand against the now impressive number of enemies: Dead Scream makes appear even more of them and she can barely defend herself with the Garnet Rod.

Queen Nehellenia is watching Usagi on her mirrors: The blizzard has severely weakened her and she can't stand on her feet anymore. Nehellenia decides that it's time for a different nightmare, so she ceases the snow storm and replaces with sunny weather. Suddenly, Usagi isn't in blizzard anymore, but in a green meadow full of flowers. She seems disconcerted about this change, and even more when the flowers start speaking to her: They ask Usagi who she is looking for. She answers that her boyfriend Mamoru has been cursed by a Nehellenia' spell. The flowers shiver when they hear the Queen's name, and tell Usagi that it should be better if she stays there with them, after all own-life is more important than any other thing. She strongly refuses to do it, and tells the flowers that she doesn't want to live without Mamoru, but something strange happens: when she is about to say "Mamoru" she forgets his name. The flowers ask her if she even remembers who she is looking, but Usagi can't: Everything related to her boyfriend seems to have been erased from her memory. She kneels down and her eyes begins to change: her pupils dissapear, meaning that the Queen's curse has succesfully reached Usagi's body.

As Sailor Pluto is being beaten by the enemies, Sailor Venus decides to help her. She uses Venus Love and Beauty Shock to destroy a few of them, but it's enough to free her partner. Holding her hand, Venus tells Pluto that as the leader, she won't leave anyone behind and they both run to cross the bridge. Unfortunately, one of its main ropes's dangerously worn down and it rips before the senshi get to other side. They and the mirror paredri are all falling to the abyss, when ,as a last resort, Venus uses Venus Love-Me Chain to grab onto the opposite cliff edge, avoiding what could've been their possible death. However their relief is interrupted by a unknown laugh: It's Nehellenia, who is now holding the chain's opposite end (in fact it's one of her minions). They can only look as she drops the chain and they fall to the dark abyss. Similar to their partners' previous situation, tall mirrors appear and trap them with little-no effort.

This time, the real Queen Nehellenia is before Usagi, although she doesn't perceive the Queen: all she does is playing with the flowers. Nehellenia finally speaks: She says that it was about time for the "White Moon Princess" to begin to suffer, to feel what she has felt all those days in the black moon and prepares to hit Usagi. Her hand is slowly coming closer and closer to Usagi's face, but someone stops her attack: It was Sailor Jupiter.

She quickly grabs Nehellenia and throws her away and then tries to wake up Usagi. The queen tells her it's useless: Usagi herself doesn't want to be awaken. She explains that when people suffer nightmares, they are able to stop them at their will, meaning that if Usagi was suffering one, she could get rid of it easily. But she doesn't, because, in fact, she is having a beatiful dream and doesn't want to be awaken. Nehellenia says that the princess has gave up everything, her friends, her boyfriend, to live in that sweet dream. Jupiter, however, doesn't believe her and accuse her to lock Usagi in a nightmare and attacks the Queen. None of her attacks affects Nehellenia: She avoids every single of Jupiter's punches and is able to block Jupiter Oak Evolution summoning a mass of petals. As long as they were fighting there no one could ever defeat her.

She reveals that that place is her own palace, situated in the deep darkness. There, she has complete control on the whole kingdom and the light of the moon will never reach such distant land. Jupiter is baffled after she discovers that it's acually Nehellenia's home, but the Queen attacks her with a dark beam saying that the next one is Usagi. Jupiter stands up as fast as she can and protects her friend of being hurt. Nehellenia laughs at Jupiter's actions, claiming that Usagi isn't worth saving, but Jupiter says that isn't true: Even though she is a crybaby, she always takes action on behalf of others, even if it means sacrificing herself. Nehellenia then remembers the sacrifice Sailor Moon did when she jumps off from a levitating platform to save Chibiusa. Sailor Jupiter, with a upset look on her face, concludes saying if she doesn't have any friends like her. Nehellenia gets mad after listen to her and restart her offensive moves with even more power. Sailor Jupiter eventually faints and her rose earring comes off in front of Usagi. A mirror again materialize, trapping her, leaving Usagi alone with the Queen.

Usagi is still under Nehellenia' spell, but she still notices her friend earring. She keeps on looking at it, as if it had something familiar. Then, Tuxedo Mask's roser come to her mind, along all of her boyfriend memories. Her eyes return to normal and the meadow illusion breaks in pieces: Now, a long, winding stairway lead to Nehellenia's Castle.

The Queen couldn't believe Usagi's power was enough to break her curse, and tells her that there is one more challenge before saving Mamoru: Thorny vines begin to appear all along the stairs. Nehellenia says that she only has time until the next sunset, and returns to her palace.

In her palace, she watches on her mirror Usagi's desperate attempts to reach the castle. The thorns hurt her but she doesn't seem to give up. At that moment two figures appear in the hall. They are Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn. Wielding the Silence Glaive, Saturn aims her weapon at the Queen's neck and orders her to release both the Prince and Princess.

6 (172)-"Ai no mūn pawā! Akumu no owaru toki" ("Love and Moon Power! The End of The Nightmare")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 6

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 6

Airdate: May 4, 1996

Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Saturn face Nehellenia. Sailor Saturn attempts to use her Silence Glaive and unleash its deadly destructive powers, but Chibi Moon stops her. Usagi finally arrives in time to see Chibi Moon disappear as the curse progresses. When the nine Super Sailor Soldiers' energy and power helps Usagi transform directly into Eternal Sailor Moon, Nehellenia reveals that she experienced a lonely childhood, but that the mirror kept her company. After Nehellenia physically assaults her, Usagi's pity breaks the curse over Mamoru. Chibi Moon returns, all of the other Super Sailor Senshi are freed, and Eternal Sailor Moon's power returns Nehellenia to her childhood.

7 (173)- "Wakare to deai! Unmei no hoshiboshi no ryūten" ("Meetings and Farewells! The Stars of Destiny Turnover")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 7

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 7

Airdate: May 11, 1996

A door opens at the end of a dark hallway and three men in suits walk toward it. One pauses, wondering if they can really find "her". The other two insist that they will - it's the reason they came, and they will succeed no matter what. As they continue onward, the door opens and floods the hallway with light and the sounds of a cheering crowd.

Fans gather outside a Three Lights concert, and on stage, Kou Taiki, Kou Yaten, and Kou Seiya appear amidst the screams of their adoring fans. They strike their poses and the concert begins.

At the Fruits Parlor Crown, the girls discuss the new super popular idol group, the Three Lights. Luna has no idea who they are. The girls talk about the three members and what they like best about them, and even Ami joins in the conversation. Usagi appears completely distracted, and when they try to bring her into the conversation she tells them that Mamoru is going to study abroad, in America. Artemis tries to suggest that it's a good thing, but gets smacked by Minako for not considering Usagi's feelings. Usagi remembers when Mamoru told her the news: he said he would be gone for about a year, and would probably be very busy for a lot of that time. Usagi tries to be happy for him and insists that they won't be apart forever. The girls are worried about her, but she insists that it's his dream and she has to see him off with a smile on her face.

As Usagi leaves, her friends watch her with concern. Chibiusa has also gone back to the future, and they're worried about Usagi being lonely.

Back at the Tsukino residence, Usagi sits on Chibiusa's bed up in the attic, looking sadly at a photograph of her, Mamoru, and Chibiusa. Luna tries to cheer her up, but it doesn't work very well. Meanwhile, in Mamoru's apartment, as he packs he finds the same photograph and pauses to look at it. Usagi begins to cry, saying that she wanted to say no, she didn't want Mamoru to go, because she's not very strong. Luna points out that compared to when they first met, Usagi is much more mature now, and she's sure Usagi can see him off with a smile.

At the airport, Usagi arrives to tell Mamoru goodbye, and tells him that she'll be waiting for him. He says that he might be too busy to contact her for a while, but she insists that's fine; her words, however, are betrayed by the tears that start to fall. Dismayed, she tries to wipe them away, saying that she'd meant to see him off with a smile. Mamoru gives her a ring, telling her that he loves her. The two embrace, then kiss each other goodbye. Usagi then takes hold of his arm with a smile and they head toward the plane. Just then a commotion starts over by the escalators as the Three Lights arrive. Mamoru and Usagi walk past it, oblivious, but as Seiya passes Usagi he seems to sense something from her.

Usagi watches the plane leave, wishing Mamoru well.

Sailor Galaxia sends her minions to the Earth in search of Star Seeds. On the plane, Mamoru holds the photograph and thinks about Usagi, just as a bright golden light strikes the plane.

At that same time, the Three Lights are gathered together and Yaten says that the light of a star just went out. Taiki wishes that "she" could have been there. Seiya thinks that "she" might be close, and observes that they don't have much time left.

At the Fruits Parlor Crown, Usagi's friends notice her new ring, and wonder if it means "something". Usagi is, as usual, oblivious, and Rei gets angry at her for being a girl and still not knowing what it means. Just then Minako arrives with important news: there's something going on at the park nearby.

The girls arrive at the park to find a massive crowd watching as the Three Lights film an episode of the tv drama "Z-files of a Detective Boy Holmes". Usagi doesn't know what that is, but to everyone's surprise Ami chimes in with the information. The girls get closer, trying to see over the crowd, and notice that the idol Alice Itsuki is there as well. Minako, Rei, Ami, and Makoto squeeze their way through the crowd to get closer, but Usagi can't find a way in.

Up in a tree near the crowd, Chuuko Nezu watches, noting that Alice has all the charm of a star.

Usagi wanders off in search of a better vantage point but the crowd is far too large. She then spots the staff-only area with a large "no admittance" sign, and decides to sneak in so she can see Alice Itsuki. As she approaches, though, Seiya, partially hidden by the bench on which he's lying, tells her that she's not allowed back there. Usagi stammers excuses, but when Seiya sees her up close he recognizes her from the airport. Usagi doesn't recognize him at all, though, and Seiya is dismayed that he's not as popular as he'd thought. Usagi thinks he's trying to hit on her and says that she already has a boyfriend; Seiya just laughs at her and heads into the staff area. When Usagi yells that nobody is allowed back there he says he is, and calls her "odango". This only infuriates Usagi, as only Mamoru can call her that.

Out on the set the director calls for a break, and Alice goes back to her trailer to check her makeup.

In the staff-only area, Usagi sneaks around the staff-only area as Luna tries to get her to leave, worried that she'll get caught. In the meantime, Alice emerges from her trailer and is met by Chuuko Nezu, who reveals herself to be Sailor Iron Mouse and takes Alice's Star Seed. Usagi sees this and transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon.

Alice's Star Seed turns black and Iron Mouse is disappointed. Just then, Sailor Moon appears, and Iron Mouse observes that she is a Sailor Senshi as well. Iron Mouse introduces herself and suggests that Sailor Moon play with the Phage, just as Alice turns into Sailor Buri. Iron Mouse informs Sailor Moon that everyone who loses their Star Seed becomes a Phage, then disappears. Sailor Buri attacks with her spiked microphone, but Sailor Moon only dodges her attacks, refusing to fight her because she's really an innocent person. The Sailor Starlights appear, introducing themselves as Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Maker, and Sailor Star Healer, and Sailor Moon is once again shocked to see more Senshi.

Star Fighter attacks with Star Serious Laser, stunning the Phage, but when the Starlights go to finish her off Sailor Moon jumps in the way and tells them they can't kill her. Star Maker tells her that once someone has become a Phage they can't be saved, though Fighter adds that "that person" could, but demands Sailor Moon move. Sailor Moon again refuses, the crescent moon on her forehead begins to glow, summoning the Eternal Tiare, and she uses Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss on Sailor Buri, turning her back to normal. When she looks around again, though, the Starlights have disappeared.

The Starlights, now perched up in one of the surrounding trees, exclaim over Sailor Moon's power. Star Fighter observes that it's starting to get interesting.

Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako leave the park after filming is done and find Usagi sitting on a bench, thinking about how the enemy is a Sailor Senshi and the ones who helped her were also Sailor Senshi. When the girls ask what's going on, she can't find the words to explain, much to the frustration of her friends.

8 (174)- "Gakuen ni fuku arashi! Tenkōsei wa aidoru" ("New Transfer Students! Storm's Begin")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 8

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 8

Airdate: May 18, 1996

Usagi is writing a love letter to Mamoru, telling him a few news about recent events and how much she misses him. However, as she finishes it, she realizes that Ami, Minako and Makoto have been reading her letter and they criticizes her for different reasons. All of them, except Usagi, have joined different clubs: Makoto wants to join cooking class, but a schoolmate encourages her to join athletics after she saw how strong Makoto is, Minako has tried out for volley-ball and Ami, on the other hand, has joined to the Computer lab: All her partners are amazed at Ami's computer skills; so Usagi goes home alone.

On her way home, she runs into Seiya . At first, they don't recognize each other, but when they do, Usagi gets angry and Seiya shows his overconfident attitude, which only gets Usagi angrier. Then, Taiki and Yaten come out from a store and call him, so he says goodbye to Usagi (calling her "odango") and leaves with them.

In other place, Sailor Iron Mouse watchs TV looking for another potential Star Seed carrier. After a while she finds a american football player named Yuji Kayama.

Next day, Ami, Usagi and Lita are heading to school, and to the three girls' surprise, Minako's arrived there already (Rei shows up there too, despite she assists a different high-school). A lot of schoolgirls are at the school entrance too. Then, Minako tells her friends that Three lights' members'll be Juuban school students. When, the band arrives, Rei approaches her saying that her membership number in the Three Light's Fan Club is 2906; Makoto does the same, but hers is 1606; Minako's 278 and surprisingly, Ami is 25. Seiya recognizes Usagi, to her friends surprise, and teases her.

Later, the three boys are assigned to the same class as the girls, and Seiya asks Usagi if she knows a good after-class club, but Minako interrupts him and offers herself to show him the school.

The first club Seiya tries out for is basquetball. He's really good at it, which causes admiration between the crowd and Usagi's friends. Taiki and Yaten are also there watching him playing, but they don't feel like practicing, so they leave. As he finishes practicing, Saiya asks Usagi for another activity.

The next one is american football. Unfortunately, he's violently taken down by one of the players, but he kindly offers him help to stand up. This young man introduces himself as Yuki Kayama and ask Seiya if he'd like to join the team. He gladly accepts.

After the practice's end, Yuki is taking a break when Chuuko Nezu approachs him and asks for an interview. He feels uncomfortable with that situation, so he says that now it's not a good time. Nezu, however, takes off her civilian disguise and attacks Yuki.

Usagi was already leaving when she heard a human cry. She decides to investigate and sees how Yuki' Star seed is extracted. She transforms into Sailor Moon and faces the evil Senshi. However, the star seed loses its bright, making all Sailor Iron Mouse's efforts, pointless. As she doesn't have anything else to do there, Iron Mouse leaves Sailor Moon with a new Phage: Sailor Guts.

The monster quickly attacks her with Youth's Perspiration Attack, a ball of sweat that desintegrates the ground. Sailor Moon can't directly hit him and all she does is running to avoid the sweat's balls. Suddenly Sailor Jupiter and the other Senshi appear. Jupiter uses Jupiter Oak Evolution and, with it, she's able to counter the phage's maneuver, although they still don't want to harm him, so they just limit to avoid his attacks. The phage seems to be leading the fight when the Sailor Starlights appear. They mock the inner senshi for not being able to controll the monster and Sailor Star Maker performs Star Gentle Uterus, which is enough to knock him out. Sailor Moon is now free to use Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss and heal the monster, returning him to his human form. Once the battle is over the Senshi realize that the Starlights've gone already.

At the Fruits Parlor Crown, Usagi is doing some sketches. Her friends show up and she tells them that she's joined manga club and she's now drawing some comics. Rei snatches her sketch and the four girls see it: It tells a story about an animal with a bald spot eating a fish. They compliment Usagi's drawing skills, but none of them realize what kind of animal that is, and Usagi gets angry and tells them that it's Luna.

9 (175)- "Aidoru wo mezase! Minako no yabō" ("Aim to be an Idol! Minako's Ambition")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 9

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 9

Airdate: May 25, 1996

At the school, Minako lures Seiya into a secluded part of the yard by pretending that she has something to tell him. Once there, she claims to have something in her eye, and when he leans in to investigate, Usagi, who was lurking in the bushes nearby, begins snapping photos. She forgets herself in her enthusiasm and steps out of her cover, and is spotted by Seiya.

At the Fruits Parlor Crown, the girls sort through the photos Usagi took and note that they are not very good. They discuss Minako's plan to sell a photo of her and one of the Three Lights to the newspaper, claiming that she is their girlfriend. When Minako arrives, they demand to know which of the three is her real target, but she shrugs off the question, saying that she has a new plan. She has become an assistant to the idol group, which she thinks will both help her get one of them as a boyfriend and become an idol herself.

The Three Lights are gathered in their room, discussing their search for "her," which is the entire reason they became idols.

At Ginga TV, Chuuko Nezu flips through a magazine and finds an article about the famous photographer, Saki Itabashi. She is interrupted by a summons to the President's office, and she takes the hidden elevator to Sailor Galaxia's throne room. Sailor Iron Mouse there reports that she has found her next target.

Minako watches the Three Lights at singing practice, and is surprised when Usagi shows up as well. A photographer shows up and begins snapping pictures, and brusquely shoos Minako out of her way. Later, at a fan event, the photographer shows up again and roughly pulls Minako away from the Three Lights' table, leaving the girl even more annoyed and wondering who the person could be.

After the event, the photographer is waiting for the Three Lights, and introduces herself as Saki Itabashi, the one working on the "Three Lights Unmasked" photographic project. Usagi and Minako see this, but it does not make Minako like the woman any more.

The Three Lights go out to a farm to film a commercial for "Red Soup," a vegetable drink. Usagi takes a sip of it and finds that it tastes bad, and asks Minako how the three idols can keep drinking it in take after take. Minako tells her that it is hard to be a pro, because they always have to keep smiling on the camera. Saki overhears this and mocks her for acting like she knows everything. Unseen, Nezu watches Saki from a short distance away.

Saki works with the Three Lights at a photo studio as Minako and Usagi watch from the sidelines. Usagi is hungry, and wonders when they stop to eat. Minako tells her that idols cannot take a break until the work is done; Usagi declares herself not cut out to be an idol and heads off to find something to eat. Minako announces that their time in the studio is over and everyone starts to clean up and talk about getting some dinner. Saki stops them, though, asking them to keep working until she is satisfied. Minako and Saki argue until Yaten tells the younger girl to be quiet. The Three Lights agree to keep working, on the condition that their photos are more beautiful than anyone else's. Minako is baffled, and Saki takes pity on the girl, explaining that a pro cannot make excuses and give up easily; they have to keep working until the job is done right, because you cannot succeed by just hoping for it. As the others return to work, Minako thinks that she is obviously still just an amateur, and tells herself not to be halfhearted in her efforts to become an idol.

After the photo shoot is over, Saki pauses at a vending machine outside the studio and is there approached by Chuuko Nezu, who reveals herself to be Sailor Iron Mouse. Minako hears Saki cry out and transforms into Sailor Venus.

Sailor Iron Mouse is disappointed when the Star Seed turns out to be a blank, and then dismayed when Sailor Venus arrives. Usagi, returning from her trip to the convenience store, sees the scuffle and transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon. In the meantime, Sailor Venus uses Venus Love and Beauty Shock, but Sailor Iron Mouse easily dodges it. Once Sailor Moon arrives, the Animamate departs, leaving them with the newly-transformed Phage, Sailor Gekisha.

Sailor Gekisha hits Sailor Venus with her "Shutter Chance" attack, but before she can press the attack the Sailor Starlights arrive. Sailor Star Healer uses Star Sensitive Inferno and stuns the Phage, giving Sailor Moon the chance to use Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss to return it to normal. The Sailor Starlights leave immediately afterwards, even though Sailor Moon tries to stop them to ask if they are her allies.

At the Fruits Parlor Crown, the girls discuss Minako and her plans. Minako arrives with a handful of audition pamphlets, saying that she does not want to debut as an idol's assistant, she wants to debut as an idol.

10 (176)- "Faitā no shōtai! Shōgeki no chōhenshin" ("Fighter's True Form! A Shocking Super Transformation")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 10

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 10

Airdate: June 8, 1996

Seiya, Taiki and Yaten will have main roles in a new school musical, but the play's director seems to put too much pressure on Seiya. PlotEdit

Seiya, Taiki and Yaten are practicing for a musical. They seem to be doing their best when the director stops the practice and reprehends Seiya. He asks her very mad what is wrong, but she only says "Everything", which only makes the young idol angrier.

At school, Usagi is having some issues with the math exam. Surprisingly, so is Seiya and he finally breaks and suddenly screams in the middle of the class. When he and his friends leave, Usagi teases him about having to take the make-up exam, but he says he can't concentrate because of the musical and its director. Rei, to everyone' surprise, shows up and suggest Seiya that if they want, all the boys and girls could meet at her house to studying, because that was that they (Rei, Ami, Makoto, Minako and Usagi) had done to enter a good high-school (despite her school didn't have entrance exams). With an awkward gesture, the three boys reject the proposal, saying that they have a musical practice, and then leave. Usagi, Makoto and Minako follow them, leaving only Ami and an angry Rei, but eventually they follow their friends too.

At the practice, things aren't going well to Seiya: The director still complains about him not putting all his effort. At the break, he says that he can't take it, all she does is complaining and never give an actual advice to help him to improve. Usagi tells him that there is always someone who you can't get along with, but Rei interferes and the two start arguing. The break finishes and the director shows up to tell the group it's time to work and orders the girls to get out of there. Then she starts teasing Seiya about becoming and idol to attract girls, but he strongly denies it, and she takes off her glasses which cause Rei to recognize the director as sister Angela, a nun of her catholic school. The director also recognizes Rei, but all are surprised of knowing that the director is actually a nun.

In another place Chuuko Nezu glances through some magazines in search for another victim when she finds an ideal one: Akane Gushiken, a succesful musical director about to release a new musical starring Three Lights. Then a phone rings and she says that she has her next target.

Seiya and Usagi are at Rei' school to check if the director is in fact, one of the school's nuns, so they wait until she shows up. When the nun appears, they see her face revealing her identity and Seiya decides to confront her. He follows her to the church and ask her if she isn't the musical's director. Akane says that's just one thing she does and she's not willing to give up any of the things she likes, but even then, she puts all her efforts in them, something that Seiya is not doing. These words really annoy him. When they sit down to talk, Akane tells him that she's watched one of their concerts, complimenting their performance; Seiya thanks her: They always sing with all their heart to find that one person, but then, Akane adds that his performance in the current musical is terrible. She can't understand how someone who transmits such a beautiful message on his own concerts, can't transmit her musical's message; acussing him of not burn himself completely. However, she still believes in him, so she'll push him until he shows her his true shine and she leaves the church.

On the way back, Seiya asks Usagi if she has a boyfriend. She says she has, but he's overseas. Seiya smiles and says he still has a chance. Usagi realizes he's not going home and Seiya replies he's to attend the musical practice; Usagi yells at him because the make-up exam is tomorrow, but he just tells her she wouldn't understand.

At the musical practice, the room is empty. Only Akane is present, but she's sort of sleeping. Suddenly, Seiya appears in practice clothes, ready to start practicing. Usagi has followed him and sees the whole practice until Rei appears from nowhere and reprends her for not being at home, studying for the exam. Rei pulls from Usagi's ear, and the two girls leave the facility.

It's almost night time and Akane is very satisfied with Seiya's acting. She realizes how late already, so she tells Seiya to stop practicing, but he refuses to. Akane smiles and go downstairs to get two beverages from a nearby vending machine. Before she could reach the stairs, Chuuko Nezu shows up and introduces herself to Akane. However, the musical director is not interested in doing any interviews: She says that all Nezu's questions can be answered by watching the musical. Akane's answer irritates Nezu, who just takes off her disguise and attack the defenceless woman. Seiya hears Akane's scream, but when he attempts to help her, Sailor Iron Mouse makes him to step back shooting him with her bracelets. Finally, the evil senshi extract Akane' Star Seed, but it soon loses its shining, which indicates that's not the wanted Star Seed. As a result a new phage emerges: Sailor Director. Iron Mouse instructs it to kill Seiya and then she vanishes in a telephone box.

Seiya doesn't know what he should do and the phage takes advantage of this by attacking the young man with a film's tape fired off at high speed. He doesn't want wait anymore, so a ear microphone appears on his head and he yells the phrase "Fighter Star Power, Make Up ". A transformation sequence begins: his male body slowly changes to the one of a woman, and her identity is revealed: Seiya Kou is in fact Sailor Star Fighter. She quickly attacks the monster with Star Serious Laser, easily knocking it down, but when she's about to deliver the final blow, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars stop her cold. However, Fighter is determined to kill Sailor Director and the presence of the two other senshi doesn't change her mind, so she attempts to strike once again at the monster, but Mars stops her completely by aiming her Mars Flame Sniper attack at Fighter's body: If she touches the phage, she will shoot her; and Sailor Moon is free to perform Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss and heal Akane.

By the end, Fighter farewells Sailor Moon and Mars hoping that they are not enemies.

The next day at school, Seiya gets a 98 score at the make-up exam. Neither Minako nor Usagi can't believe it, but he says that he always gives everything in order to suceed. The scene ends with an image of a galaxy with a unknown woman' silhoutte and Seiya's voice in the back saying that he's to do his best until their message reaches her. Slowly, the woman' silhouette changes to take the form of Sailor Moon.

11 (177)- "Hoshi ni takusu yume to roman! Taiki no henshin" ("Entrusting Dreams and Romance to the Stars! Taiki's Transformation")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 11

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 11

Airdate: June 15, 1996

The new exams scores are released and surprisingly Ami came in second place, behind Taiki who came in first. This makes both Usagi and Minako rush to him so they can ask for help for math's homework. He accepts and gives them his own notebook to study, but they start fighting over it and accidentally they tear it apart.

In the meantime, Ami runs into professor Amanogawa, from the astronomy department, in the school's corridor and she asks him about a certain comet he found several years ago. He calls it "Francois" and adds he haven't see it in fifteen years, but Ami doesn't understand why the comet has a woman's name. Instead she just giggles and says that "Francois" must be his girlfriend's name, but the professor blushes at this. At that moment, Taiki joins them with information related to the comet's sight seeing. Amanogawa is surprised of two studentes knowing about the comet, and then Taiki says that he knows him because the both of them are going to attend the same kid's show filming that day (the professor as a guest and Taiki as the show's host). As they talk, Taiki notes that the professor rejected an invitation from Cambridge University just to stay in Japan, so he asks him why he did that. Amanogawa says that he just likes looking at the stars. Ami seems very delighted with professor's words, calling him "a romantic person". However Taiki replies that dreams and romance are not useful in science, but Ami explain that the reason the professor found the comet is because he had dreams and romance. Taiki remains sceptical at Ami's answer and says he expected much more from a smart student. Now, both Ami and Taiki seem angry and the professor tries to calm them down inviting them tomorrow night to come over to his house to see the comet; Ami gladly accepts the offer, but Taiki doesn't give an answer, he just leaves without saying a word.

Chuuko Nezu is at Ginga TV reading a magazine. She reads an article about the comet discovered by professor Amanogawa fifteeen years ago. A picture of the scientist convinces her that he'll be her next target.

At the show's filming, the five girls are present (because their condition of Amanogawa's students). The filming is almost over, all that's left is a few questions from the audience. A kid asks if when people die their souls become stars. The professor says it might be true, as in many legends there are people who passed away to become stars. The answer seems to satisfy the little boy, and so Ami and Usagi, but Taiki doesn't feel that way: In front of everyone, he tells the professor that he's wrong, stars are made by the power of living people, not dead people. Amanogawa attempts to reply something, but he doesn't; he only stares at Taiki with sorrow. Ami is very upset at Taiki's response.

When the filming is over, Taiki meets with the girls at their request. Ami asks him if he's going to Amanogawa's house to see the comet. Taiki mocks her saying that she should be more realistic. Ami doesn't understand his words, so he clarifies that the weather forecast for tomorrow is 100% of rain, but Ami still believes the comet might be seen, as it's a reality born from dreams and romance. Taiki replies her if dreams and romance can stop the rain he'll go.

The next day is, in fact, raining and Ami looks a little sad for this. Her friends try to cheer her up, which makes her feel better. In another place, Taiki is also thinking about the rain when Ami's words come to his head. He seems very surprised.

It's night time and the sky hasn't cleared yet, however Ami is at Amanogawa's house. The house's main ring bells and the professor answers. Outside is Nezu and she asks for an interview with Wataru Amanogawa, so he says that he agrees to one, as long as she can keep it short. But Nezu doesn't recognize him as the man of her picture, so he tells her that picture is from 15 years ago. She is disappointed but because she's already there, she should extract his Star Seed; she takes off her disguise and attacks him.

Ami witnesess how the professor is attacked. Sailor Iron Mouse succesfully extracts his seed, but it loses its light quickly, which reveals that is a regular seed. Because of this the professor is turned into a phage: Sailor Teacher. The monster quickly starts throwing pieces of chalk to Ami, but she's defendless because she could hurt the professor if she used her powers.

Down the corner, Taiki gets off a taxi cab and he hears Ami screaming. He rush to Amanogawa's house and starts transforming into Sailor Star Maker. She quickly attacks the phage with Star Gentle Uterus but Ami pushes the monster aside to avoid him from being hit. She begs her not to kill because he's the teacher she respect the most, as he's the one who taught her about dreams and romance; this only makes Star Maker to wonder why are those things so important, so Ami tells her that dreams and romance are the things that give people the will to work, that's why they are important. Sailor Star Maker finally comprehends Ami's words.

Usagi is heading to professor Amanogawa's house too when she hears noises of fight, so she trasnforms into Sailor Moon. As she appears at the house, Sailor Teacher attacks her. The constant offensive pressure doesn't let her heal the phage, so Star Maker uses her signature attack on the phage, but half-powered, the right amount to weaken the monster. Sailor Moon sees her opportunity and performs Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss to heal the professor. When the battle ends, the two girls realize Sailor Star Maker has left the place.

The sky has cleared up and Ami, Usagi, Makoto, Minako and Rei will see the comet without any problems using the professor's telescope. Taiki also shows up at the house, to Usagi and Minako's excitement, but also for Ami's. When Taiki sees the comet, he tells her that he can see the dreams and romance she was talking about, and that he'll use the most of those he has.

12 (178)- "Luna wa mita!? Aidoru Yaten no sugao" ("Luna Saw It!? Idol Yaten's True Face")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 12

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 12

Airdate: June 22, 1996

Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako are walking down the street together, talking about Luna has been missing for a week. As they pass by a store window they see Yaten on the television and realize that he's holding Luna.

Once back at school they decide to speak to Yaten about Luna. A girl comes up to them and gives Usagi a love letter and, after some misunderstanding, asks her to give it to Yaten. When they find Yaten, he is reading a book and does not want to be interrupted, but Usagi hands over the letter anyway. Yaten throws it away without reading it, and Usagi becomes very upset.

Later, the girls have gathered at the Hikawa Shrine, and Artemis is upset because he misses Luna. Luna suddenly arrives and says that she was with Yaten all this time, and explains what had happened. The Three Lights were going to be on a television show about pets, and Yaten had bought a chameleon. It escaped, however, and as Seiya and Taiki helped him look for it they spotted Luna and decided she should be their pet for the show. Luna was not interested at first, but when Yaten smiled at her she changed her mind.

At Ginga TV Yaten is preparing to leave when the idol Noriko Okamachi arrives and invites him to her home. Yaten coldly turns her down, and Noriko cries and leaves.

Later, as the Three Lights and Luna are riding in the car Taiki and Seiya chide Yaten for being so unfriendly to Noriko as well as to his fans, as he throws out every love letter he receives without reading it. Yaten replies that he can't understand how people of this world could love them, because they don't know anything about the three of them. He adds that he is only thinking about one person, which puzzles Luna.

Yaten takes Luna to a pet shop to be groomed, as Usagi and her friends spy on them. Noriko also arrives with her cat and after sweetly insulting Luna, apologizes for asking him over the other day because she didn't realize that he was a homosexual. Luna becomes angry and scratches Noriko, but before Noriko can retaliate Chuuko Nezu suddenly arrives. Nezu announces that she is a reporter and wants to speak with Noriko and Yaten, but Yaten just walks away. Nezu transforms into Sailor Iron Mouse and attacks Noriko.

Yaten and Luna see Noriko's Star Seed being removed, but Yaten doesn't interfere; he is upset because no matter what they do, it doesn't matter if they can't find their Princess. Luna, however, charges into the room and attacks Sailor Iron Mouse, but is blasted through a glass window for her efforts. Yaten is surprised at Luna's actions, and rushes over to check on her.

In the meantime Noriko's Star Seed turns black, and Sailor Iron Mouse is about to leave when the Inner Senshi appear. She ignores their speeches, however, and leaves the Senshi with the newly-transformed Phage Sailor Ojou.

Elsewhere in the shop, Yaten cradles an unconscious Luna before finally making a decision. He sets her down and, as Artemis arrives, tells him to watch over her. Yaten then runs back toward the battle and transforms into Sailor Star Healer. She uses Star Sensitive Inferno against Sailor Ojou, knocking the Phage down, and tells the Senshi she is helping them only for Luna's sake. Sailor Moon uses Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss and turns Noriko back to normal, after which Sailor Star Healer disappears.

Later, at school, Yaten opens his shoe locker and a pile of love letters falls out. Usagi watches and complains that he's just going to throw them out again, and Luna says it's all right because he already has someone that he loves. Yaten gathers up the letters and sees the two of them, and invites Luna to come see him again any time. As he walks off with the letters, Usagi is startled by his change in attitude, and Luna hopes that Yaten finds "her" soon.

13 (179)- "Teki? Mikata? Sutāraitsu to Sērā Senshi" ("Enemies? Allies? Starlights and Sailor Soldiers")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 13

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 13

Airdate: June 29, 1996

Taiki runs into Makoto in the school greenhouse and asks her to come and cook with him on a TV program. Usagi volunteers to serve as Makoto's assistant and makes a mess of things, while the head chef of the program turns into a Phage. Taiki laughs for the very first time in years.

14 (180)- "Yobiau hoshi no kagayaki! Haruka-tachi sansen" ("The Brightness of the Calling Stars! Haruka and Company into the War")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 14

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 14

Airdate: July 13, 1996

The girls all gather at a bank of pay phones and attempt to call to buy tickets for the Fantastic International Music Festival, but keep getting busy signals every time they try. Minako finally gets through, only to discover that the show is sold out. The girls mourn the fact that they will not be able to see the Three Lights in concert. Haruka and Michiru approach the group and, holding up some tickets, ask if they are what the girls were trying to get.

At the Fruits Parlor Crown, the girls admire their new tickets, and ask why Michiru had them in the first place. Usagi teases her about being a closet Three Lights fan. Haruka tells them that the festival includes a joint concert between the Three Lights and Michiru, and the girls are suitably impressed.

In her throne room, Sailor Galaxia blasts Sailor Iron Mouse with an energy attack as a punishment for her repeated failures. She tells the Animamate that she only has one more chance, and failure is not an option. As she speaks, the two shadowed figures appear again, laughing mockingly at Sailor Iron Mouse, and are revealed as Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Aluminum Seiren. Sailor Iron Mouse vows to succeed this time.

Chuuko Nezu stalks the streets of Tokyo, worrying about finding a Star Seed. She spies a poster for the music festival and decides to target Albert pon Garajan, the conductor of the New Tokyo Orchestra.

The Three Lights sit in their dressing room, talking about their fellow performer. They resolve to do their best to send a message to their princess, even if they are playing with a stranger.

Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako wait outside the festival, wondering where Usagi could be. In the meantime, Usagi gets off the wrong bus and, finding herself on a lonely road surrounded by trees, wails in dismay.

As the Three Lights and Michiru perform at the festival, Michiru and Seiya each feel a strange aura from the other, and wonder who the other really is.

Usagi finally arrives at the stadium long after the concert has ended; when Haruka joins her and acknowledges that she has missed the concert, Usagi promptly bursts into tears. Haruka offers to let the other girl visit Michiru's dressing room backstage, which calms her down.

Seiya enters Michiru's dressing room and the two of them congratulate each other on their performances. Seiya admits that he is a fan of Michiru's, and says that he would like to get to know her better. Michiru offers to let him help her change, in that case, and just then Haruka and Usagi arrive. Haruka is instantly suspicious of Seiya, and when the two of them go to shake hands it instead turns into a small arm-wrestling contest. Seiya leaves, greeting Usagi familiarly as he goes, and Haruka chides Michiru for letting someone like that in her dressing room. Usagi apologizes for Seiya and goes to follow him, and Michiru teasingly offers to let Haruka help her undress.

As Seiya walks down the hall, he thinks that he felt the same aura from Haruka as from Michiru, and wonders about the two of them. Usagi comes up behind him and teases him about his presence in Michiru's dressing room. Seiya asks her how she knows those two in the first place, and she replies that they are special people to her. She then trips on a flight of stairs and crashes into Garajan, who was coming up, and they both end up on the floor below. Seiya quickly helps the other man to his feet, then introduces him to Usagi. Garajan compliments Seiya on the performance and mentions the emotions he felt in the music, like a message to a beloved person. Garajan then leaves to go get some fresh air, and after a moment Usagi follows to make sure he really is all right.

Once out on the stage, Garajan is confronted by Chuuko Nezu. When she tries to make her usual introduction, she discovers her business card is missing and, frustrated, simply reveals her true identity and removes the man's Star Seed. Usagi sees what is happening and transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon.

When the Star Seed turns black, Sailor Iron Mouse turns to go, impatient to move on to the next target. When Sailor Moon interrupts her, the Animamate keeps going without bothering to listen to the Sailor Senshi's introductory speech, and disappears, leaving behind the Phage Sailor Conductor.

Sailor Conductor uses a series of attacks against Sailor Moon in which he throws handfuls of sharpened batons at her; she dodges the first few batches, but ends up pinned to the wall by the next. As he prepares to finish her off, the Sailor Starlights arrive. While Sailor Star Fighter uses Star Serious Laser to stun the Phage, the other two Starlights free Sailor Moon so that she can use Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss to turn Garajan back to normal.

After the battle is over, Sailor Moon thanks the other Senshi for helping her, and suggests that they be allies. The Starlights have no objection, but Sailor Star Fighter steps up to shake Sailor Moon's hand, she is forced to dodge an incoming World Shaking. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune arrive and order the newcomers to stay away from Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon defends them and refuses to allow her friends to fight, but the Starlights have already changed their minds about the alliance and depart. Sailor Moon is upset and asks why they cannot get along, and Sailor Neptune replies that their duty is to protect her from outsiders.

Later, Seiya finds Usagi looking sadly up at the sky and wonders why she is still there. Usagi asks him if it is possible to be friends with someone from far away, and he replies that he is a transfer student from a far away city, and yet he thinks he is her friend. Usagi is immensely cheered by this thought.

15 (181)- "Seiya to Usagi no doki-doki dēto" ("Seiya and Usagi's Heart-Pounding Date")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 15

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 15

Airdate: July 20, 1996

Seiya and Usagi go on a romantic date. They spend the day at an amusement park and go dancing, which causes Usagi some discomfort. Sailor Iron Mouse targets Seiya, forcing him to transform into Sailor Star Fighter. Usagi, having transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon, arrives on the scene and notices the pin Seiya won as a prize on the ground. She questions the Starlights about his disappearance. Iron Mouse, having seen the transformation, threatens to reveal Seiya's identity. Before she can do so, however, Galaxia appears and removes Iron Mouse's magical bracelets, causing her death.

16 (182)- "Uchū kara no shinryaku! Seirēn hirai" ("Invasion from Space! Seiren Comes Flying In")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 16

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 16

Airdate: August 3, 1996

Usagi drops her latest letter to Mamoru into the mailbox and wonders how he is doing. She thinks about everything that has been going on lately, and is embarassed when Seiya immediately comes to mind. She looks up at the sky and thinks about how much she misses Mamoru.

In the meantime, a small figure floats down to the ground with an umbrella, accompanied by swirls of white feathers.

Sailor Galaxia sits on her throne, holding three Star Seeds, and addresses the Sailor Animamates. She tells them that they control almost all of the galaxy, and they need to continue their work. Galaxia orders Sailor Aluminum Seiren to continue work on Earth, saying that she won't allow more failures like Sailor Iron Mouse.

The Inner Senshi meet at the park and discuss their new enemy, Galaxia. They wonder if the Sailor Starlights are also enemies, since they come from outside the solar system, but Usagi insists that they are not. Setsuna appears and tells them not to let their guard down, because this enemy is worse than any they have faced.

Later, Usagi sits on a park bench and wonders why everyone keeps warning her about the Starlights. Luna says that it is because they are worried about her, but Usagi tunes her out, lost in her own thoughts. Usagi's attention is suddenly caught by a small girl with an umbrella; when the umbrella is blown away by a sudden gust of wind, Usagi jumps up and grabs it, returning it to the child. She then heads off, followed by Luna, as the girl watches her.

As Usagi and Luna head home, they realize that the girl is following them. Usagi tries to talk to her, but the only thing the girl will say is "chibi." Luna suggests that they take her to the police station, but when they look away for a second the child has vanished.

At Ginga TV, Reiko Aya throws out all of Chuuko Nezu's things, then pauses for a snack. Akane Karasuma arrives and chides her for not taking her job seriously, and wonders about the fact that her rival is a complete airhead. Akane tells her to go off and find a target, but Reiko says she needs to eat her lunch first.

Usagi arrives home and is shocked to find the little red-haired girl there. Her mother tells her that she was mean to go out without taking her little sister, "Chibi Chibi," along. Usagi and Luna exchange baffled looks.

Usagi and her friends stand outside the store, watching Ikuko and Chibi Chibi shopping inside, and wonder about the identity of the strange little girl. They wonder if she could be Chibiusa's little sister, but Setsuna appears again and tells them that Neo-Queen Serenity only has the one daughter. She adds that the girls need to be careful, because even though Chibi Chibi is small, she could still be dangerous. Just then, Ikuko emerges from the store calling for Chibi Chibi, who has wandered off. The girls split up to search for her.

As Usagi walks down the street, she spots a policeman attempting to talk to Chibi Chibi, but the little girl will only repeat the end of his sentences. As she gets closer, Usagi is startled to find the "policeman" is really Seiya, who is honorary police chief for the day. The three of them head back to the police station, and Seiya comments that Chibi Chibi looks enough like Usagi to be her daughter. When Usagi is unexpectedly embarassed by the comment, he asks her if she's keeping a secret. She says that she isn't, but then corrects herself and says that she is about a few things, and he tells her they shouldn't keep secrets from each other.

At the police station, Taiki and Yaten are waiting there with Ikuko, who is pleased to be reunited with Chibi Chibi. The actual Police Chief congratulates the idol for doing a good job as a policeman. As they talk, Akane and Reiko watch the chief from a distance, marking him as a potential target. The chief walks past them on his way out, and Akane has to push Reiko into going after him.

Usagi suddenly realizes that Rei and the others are still searching and runs off. Outside, she runs into Setsuna, who tells her that the others went to watch a Three Lights parade.

Reiko approaches the chief as he goes to his car, then reveals herself as Sailor Aluminum Seiren and removes his Star Seed. She is disappointed when it turns out to be a blank, and calls Akane a liar for choosing a bad target. Usagi and Setsuna hear him scream and, after transforming into Sailor Moon and Sailor Pluto, confront the Animamate. Sailor Lead Crow reveals herself as well, and Sailor Pluto attacks, but they easily dodge and mock the Sailor Senshi. The two Animamates then depart, leaving the Senshi to deal with the newest Phage, Sailor Cop.

Sailor Cop attacks, but Sailor Star Fighter appears with the other Starlights and stuns the Phage with Star Serious Laser. Sailor Moon then returns him to normal with Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss. The Starlights observe that new enemies have arrived, and Sailor Moon must be strong to destroy them. Chibi Chibi watches from a hiding place a short distance away.

Later that night, Usagi attempts to write a letter to Mamoru about what has been happening, but every attempt ends up in the garbage. When she finally gives up, Chibi Chibi arrives at her room, upset because she wet the bed. Usagi offers to let the girl sleep with her, and as she tucks her in, thinks that the child doesn't seem dangerous at all.

17 (183)- "Shiryō no sakebi? Kyōfu kyampu no kaijin" ("The Scream of Dead Souls? The Mystery of Terror Camp")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 17

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 17

Airdate: August 10, 1996

Kengo Ibuki is in his cabin on a windy night, inspecting his various pottery creations. Disappointed in their quality, he begins furiously smashing them, but Sailor Aluminum Seiren interrupts him to take his Star Seed.

Rei, Minako, Ami, Makoto, Usagi, and Chibi Chibi are taking the train to the lake to go camping. They have great hopes of finding romance and love on the trip (despite Usagi having to baby-sit). It turns out that the site they chose is near the home of Rei's cousin, a temperamental ceramic artist who destroys any of his creations that is not absolutely perfect; Rei shows the others a ceramic bird pendant that he made and she rescued from one of his rampages when she was younger.

When the girls arrive at the lake, they're warned to be careful, because lately someone has been going around destroying campsites.

Elsewhere near the lake, the Three Lights are busy making a sentai-style movie where they, as Chou Blue (Taiki), Chou Red (Seiya), and Chou Yellow (Yaten), save people from an evil undead lake monster with a chainsaw. During a break in filming, the three decide that since it is so hot, they should take a swim in the lake to cool off.

Rei goes to visit her cousin, but when she arrives at the cabin she finds it deserted and in complete disarray. She begins to feel concerned about Kengo.

In the meantime, Usagi, Minako, Makoto, Ami, and Chibi Chibi go swimming in the lake. While Usagi and Minako engage in a furious water fight, Ami spots shadowy figures approaching them under the water. As it turns out, though, it is just the Three Lights. Seiya tells the girls about the movie that they are making, with its scary lake monster, and the girls mention there's something destroying camps around this lake, too. In an attempt to scare Usagi, Seiya suggests that there could very well be an actual monster there.

Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten get called back to filming, and Usagi and Chibi Chibi go to gather firewood. While they are out in the forest, Usagi, already jumpy from the stories earlier, is startled when Rei suddenly appears. Rei tells Usagi that her cousin wasn't there, even though she had told him she was coming.

The Three Lights finish filming for the day, and Seiya sneaks into the props truck and takes the monster costume. Taiki and Yaten tell him he will get in trouble if he gets caught, but he insists that he has an idea.

As the girls set up camp and prepare dinner, Taiki and Yaten come running in, saying that they saw a monster destroying someone's camp. Rei wonders aloud if her cousin was attacked by the same person destroying the camps, while Taiki and Yaten exchange knowing winks. As they hear screams from other campers, Sailor Artist appears and begins wrecking their campsite with a large hammer. The girls run away, screaming.

Taiki and Yaten watch the goings-on, commenting on how Seiya is getting carried away, and wondering why he has the hammer when he had a chainsaw earlier. Right about then Seiya finally appears wearing the lake-monster costume. When the other two chide him for taking so long and ask if he has done enough yet, he only gets confused and says he has yet to do anything. When he notices the wrecked campground, they suddenly realize that the other monster was real.

The girls run away from the Phage, but Rei trips and falls, narrowly missing a blow from his hammer and dropping her bird pendant on the ground. Sailor Artist seems distracted by the pendant, and Usagi and Rei take advantage of that to transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars. The Phage begins to fight them by hurling ceramic pots formed out of his stomach, then picks up Rei's pendant. Sailor Mars realizes that the monster is Kengo; when she says his name he stops and clutches at his head momentarily before attacking again.

Sailor Mars uses Mars Flame Sniper to stop the Phage from attacking, giving Sailor Moon the chance to heal him with Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss, which turns him back into Kengo. Sailor Mars rushes up to catch him as he collapses and notices that he is still holding the bird pendant in his hand. The Sailor Starlights watch this from up in the trees and observe that the Sailor Senshi actually can fight when they need to.

Later, everyone gathers in Kengo's cleaned-up cabin. Minako attempts to throw a pot and fails miserably. Rei sadly observes that all of Kengo's works have been destroyed, but he says that it is all right; he was trying so hard that he had lost sight of what he was doing, and could use a fresh start.

Outside, Usagi makes fun of Seiya for getting scared and running away when the camp vandal appeared and says that his fans would never forgive him. While they talk, Chibi Chibi suddenly opens the door into him so that he falls over and takes Usagi to the ground with him. As everyone stares at them in their somewhat compromising position, Usagi screams that he is a pervert and throws him, despite his protestations that it was an accident.

18 (184)- "Futarikiri no yoru! Usagi no pinchi" ("A Night for Just Us! Usagi's Pinch")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 18

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 18

Airdate: August 17, 1996

Minako, Makoto, Ami, and Usagi talk about recent burglaries and other crimes in the area, which scares Usagi as she is going to be home alone that evening. Seiya appears and offers to be Usagi's bodyguard that night.

At the Tsukino residence, Luna tells Usagi that she is not certain how good an idea it is to have Seiya there that night, because men can be wild animals. Seiya arrives and Usagi shows him to her room; while she goes to get snacks he spots the photograph of Usagi and Mamoru and puts it face-down, chiding Mamoru for making Usagi sad.

Usagi brings in two pieces of cake and Seiya tries to take both; when Usagi tells him not to be mean because then girls will not like him, he replies that it does not matter to him because he is only singing for one girl. Seiya then tells Usagi that he has a secret to confess to her, but while he tries to work up the courage (and, in his pocket, grips his Sailor Change Star), Chibi Chibi appears and smashes a piece of cake into his face.

While Seiya is in the shower cleaning off the cake, Minako, Artemis, Makoto, Ami, and Rei appear, explaining that they did not think it was a good idea to leave Usagi alone with Seiya. Just then, Seiya emerges from the bathroom wearing only a small towel, which Chibi Chibi promptly tries to pull away from him, protesting that it is hers.

The girls go to the kitchen to make dinner while Chibi Chibi watches TV in the living room. While they are in there, though, they spot a cockroach on the wall. Seiya tries to save them by killing it, but it takes flight, sending everyone into a panic that leaves the kitchen and everyone in it a huge mess. Taiki and Yaten arrive amidst the chaos, and after everything is cleaned up again, all of them sit down for a game of cards.

Haruka and Michiru are driving nearby when the fan belt on their car breaks. Haruka calls for repairs, but since they are right by Usagi's house, they decide to stop by to kill some time. They are, however, somewhat surprised to see Usagi's guests, and Haruka and the Three Lights set to sniping at each other.

The doorbell rings again, and Usagi opens the door to find Jun Godai and his TV film crew outside wanting to interview them about what they are having for dinner (takeout pizza). The Three Lights do not want to end up on the show because of the potential for negative publicity, so Minako is delegated to stall the crew while the others hide.

Seiya, Usagi, and Chibi Chibi find a cupboard to hide in. While there, Seiya tries again to tell Usagi his secret, but of course she misunderstands. When she hears someone scream, she leaves the other two behind and goes to investigate.

Out in the dining room, Sailor Lead Crow has trapped Minako and knocked out most of the TV crew, leaving Jun Godai so Sailor Aluminum Seiren can take his Star Seed. His Star Seed turns out to be a blank, however.

Usagi tries to find a place to transform into Sailor Moon, but everywhere she looks there is someone hiding. In the meantime, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune appear, interrupting Crow and Seiren's squabbling. Seiren, shocked, points out that they are wearing their shoes on the table, and while Uranus and Neptune look embarassed, the two Sailor Animamates take advantage of the opportunity to leave. Behind them, Jun turns into Sailor Sommelier.

Usagi finally goes to the attic and transforms, while Neptune and Uranus fight the Phage. When Neptune tries to use Deep Submerge, he just sucks the attack into his wine bottle and declares that it would go well with hors d'oeuvres, at which point he lunges at Minako with the apparent intention of eating her. Sailor Moon appears, though, and with a cry of "Moon Tiara Action", she throws a pizza at him and stops his attack. While she makes her intro speech, her wings knock over some dishes and she has to turn sideways to creep into the room. The other Sailor Senshi appear, followed soon after by the Sailor Starlights, making Sailor Uranus and Sailor Moon wonder if there is enough room for all of them.

Sailor Star Maker attempts to use Star Gentle Uterus on the Phage, but the other Senshi stop her, saying not to use that attack there. Sailor Sommelier tries to get their attention as they struggle, but Sailor Star Fighter just punches him to knock him away. At Sailor Mercury's call, Sailor Moon finally uses Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss to turn the Phage back into Jun. The various Senshi start to leave, and Sailor Moon demands to know who is going to help her clean up the mess.

Makoto, Seiya, Usagi, Ami, Rei, and Minako relax in the living room after cleaning up the house, but are surprised by a strange noise out in the hallway. They creep over to the door to see what it is and spy a creepy-looking shadowy figure. They sneak up on it carefully, only to find it was just Chibi Chibi eating some snacks and making another mess for Usagi to clean up.

19 (185)- "Taiki zesshō! Shinjiru kokoro wo uta ni komete" ("Taiki Sings With Excellence! A Believing Heart Carried by a Song")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 19

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 19

Airdate: August 31, 1996

The Three Lights perform Nagareboshi He at a concert, and as they sing Taiki wonders if their princess can hear their message. At the same time, a little girl named Misa watches a live feed of the concert on TV as she draws in her sketchbook. Ami stops by to visit, and notes that Misa is watching them again.

At the Fruits Parlor Crown Ami meets with Usagi, Makoto, Rei, and Minako, and tells them that Misa's condition is so bad that no doctors in Japan can cure it. Her only hope is a specialist from America who is coming to perform her surgery. Usagi wants to know who Misa is, and Makoto explains that she's a patient at Ami's mother's hospital. Minako adds that Misa is a big fan of the Three Lights. Ami explains that Misa is afraid of having surgery, because she doesn't think she'll survive, so she wanted to give her a present to cheer her up. Usagi comes up with an idea for her...

The Three Lights are harassed by autograph-seeking fans after school until Taiki loses his patience and leaves, followed by the others. He expresses his frustration at fans who know nothing about them and are only interested in their looks, and as he walks away, wonders to himself if anyone hears and understands their message. Usagi finds the three of them together and begs them to come help her after school.

That afternoon, Usagi and Ami arrive at the hospital with Taiki, who has a bow on his head. They bring Taiki into Misa's room as a surprise for her, and he thanks her for always listening to the Three Lights. Usagi observes that she was trying to get a set of three, but the other two got away. She suggests that Taiki give Misa an autograph or sing a song, but Taiki only gets annoyed and says that he's only there as himself, not as an idol. Ami suggests that Misa show Taiki her drawing, but Misa gets embarassed and insists that it's not finished yet. Taiki tells her she can show it to him after her surgery, and she agrees.

As they leave the hospital, Usagi apologizes to Taiki for asking too much. He replies that he'd thought she was different from the other fans, but was obviously mistaken. Later that night Misa works on coloring her drawing as she listens to the Three Lights singing.

In the studio, the Three Lights sing and Taiki wonders why their singing isn't getting a response from their princess yet. Seiya and Yaten stop him as he's leaving and ask what's wrong with him. He replies that he must just be tired, and Seiya tells him to get some rest, since their concert is the next night.

Back at the hospital, Misa finds herself unable to work on her drawing; she apologizes to Taiki and abruptly collapses.

Taiki tells the others that he wants to cancel the concert, because even if he sings their message won't reach their princess. Seiya and Yaten are extremely displeased with him, saying that if they believed it would happen, but he excuses himself and leaves. As he wonders where the princess is, Usagi runs up to him to say that Misa has gotten worse.

Taiki and Usagi arrive at the hospital to find Misa looking much worse. She tells Taiki that she can't work on the drawing anymore, and Taiki opens the sketchbook to find a picture of his princess. Misa tells him that whenever she listened to a Three Lights song she could see that woman in her head, and it made her heart feel warm, but lately she couldn't see her anymore. Taiki realizes that their message has reached at least one person, and Seiya and Yaten were right. Misa says that she's afraid that she'll die, and Taiki tells her that she needs to believe that she'll recover. The nurses take Misa into surgery, and Taiki rushes off to make it to the concert.

On stage, only two of the microphones are occupied. Seiya starts to tell everyone that Taiki won't be there, but he arrives just in time. Seiya changes his statement to observe that Taiki takes too long in the bathroom, and Taiki chides him for not saying something more witty and ruining his image. As the concert starts, Taiki thinks that this night, he's singing to encourage Misa.

At the hospital, Misa is being prepped for surgery, but the doctor hasn't arrived yet. His cab pulls up to the hospital, and he's greeted by Sailor Aluminum Seiren in disguise as a nurse. She leads him around back and takes his Star Seed; Usagi and Ami hear him scream and transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury.

Doctor Gia's Star Seed turns out to be a blank. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury arrive, whereupon he transforms into Sailor Doctor while Seiren makes her escape. Sailor Doctor chases Sailor Moon with the giant hypodermic needle on his arm, which scares her into hiding behind Sailor Mercury. Sailor Mercury uses Mercury Aqua Rhapsody on him, giving Sailor Moon the chance to use Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss to heal him.

Now back to normal, Doctor Gia performs Misa's surgery while Usagi, Ami, and Misa's mother wait outside. The Three Lights join them shortly before the doctor emerges from the operating theater and gives them the thumbs-up. He says that Misa did very well, and it was her will to live that made the operation a success.

After the surgery, Misa sits outside the hospital in a wheelchair, accompanied by Usagi, Ami, and the Three Lights. Usagi tells Taiki that it was his encouragement that helped Misa, and he counters that no, she was the one who helped him. Misa tells Taiki that the picture is done, and asks if he would like to see it next time. He replies that he would. Up in the hospital room, the finished picture of the princess sits on Misa's bed.

20 (186)- "Chibichibi no nazo! Osawagase daitsuiseki" ("The Mystery of Chibi Chibi! The Big Noisy Chase")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 20

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 20

Airdate: September 7, 1996

As Usagi walks home from school, she passes a pizza parlor and realizes that she's hungry. She hurries home and calls to her mother asking where the snacks are, but Luna tells her that her mother has gone grocery shopping. She goes into the living room to find Chibi Chibi holding a strange doll and eating snacks. Usagi wonders where she got the food and watches her plaintively. Chibi Chibi offers to share, much to Usagi's delight.

When Ikuko gets home, she is greeted by Usagi, who begs for snacks. Ikuko admits that she forgot some, and Usagi declares that she is being unfair, because she gave Chibi Chibi so much to eat. Confused, Ikuko says that she didn't give Chibi Chibi any snacks, and when Usagi goes to show her, Chibi Chibi and her snacks have vanished.

In her room, Usagi wonders about how Chibi Chibi sometimes goes off by herself. She and Luna discuss how they don't really know anything about her, and wonder if she might be Chibiusa's daughter or little sister. Usagi starts to whine again about how hungry she is, and Chibi Chibi reappears, still holding her doll. When Usagi asks where she'd been, Chibi Chibi hands her some candy.

When Chibi Chibi leaves the house again, Usagi and Luna follow her. Usagi declares that there must be a world of sweets somewhere. Luna just bows her head in despair, wondering how a high school student could believe that. They lose sight of Chibi Chibi and keep walking in hope of finding her, and Usagi bumps into Rei and Makoto. They notice Chibi Chibi walking on top of a wall, and they become concerned for her safety - but as she slips off the wall she opens her umbrella and floats down safely.

The girls continue following her and along the way encounter Artemis, Minako, and Ami, who join in. They spot Chibi Chibi crossing a busy street, and despite heavy traffic she gets across unscathed. She then walks by a large dog, which greets her in a friendly manner, but when the girls try to follow the dog chases them up a pole. The Three Lights arrive and wonder what they're doing up there.

Chibi Chibi wanders along, greeted by various people that she passes. She finds some money on the ground and promptly turns it in to the police. Rei and Minako think that she's a lot like Chibiusa, making them wonder if she was Chibiusa's daughter (to the confusion of Seiya, who thought she was Usagi's little sister). Chibi Chibi arrives at a large mansion and enters the front gate; as the others follow after her, Taiki notices that the name on the gate says "Kiriyama".

Inside the gates, the mansion is surrounded by many expensive objects and there are even more inside. They hear Chibi Chibi's voice and follow it to an open window. They see her inside with an older gentleman, and Yaten realizes that her doll is a very expensive antique doll. Other items in the room, including the tea cup Chibi Chibi is holding, are also very rare and expensive. The older gentleman turns around and the Three Lights recognize him as Jotaro Kiriyama, the head of the Kiriyama Group and a sponsor for their next concert.

Chibi Chibi drops the cup she was holding and Usagi cries out, wondering who's going to pay for it, and Kiriyama notices their presence. He invites them inside but doesn't recognize the Three Lights, disappointing Yaten (who thought they were more famous than that). Chibi Chibi breaks another cup, upsetting Usagi, but Kiriyama tells her not to worry about it. He says that she and Chibi Chibi have a strong resemblance, almost identical.

The butler arrives and tells Kiriyama that he has a guest; he goes to leave, but pauses and invites them to take some treats with them when they go. Usagi is pleased to discover that this really is where Chibi Chibi was getting her sweets. As they leave, everyone asks Usagi what they were doing there; she explains her theory about the world of sweets, which everyone greets as completely ridiculous. They are about to head home when Usagi notices that Chibi Chibi has vanished again. She goes back to look for her, but hears a cry and runs toward it. Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Aluminum Seiren confront Kiriyama and take his Star Seed, but it turns out to be a blank.

Just then, Eternal Sailor Moon appears and gives her intro speech, whereupon Kiriyama transforms into Sailor Antique and Crow and Seiren leave. Sailor Antique begins throwing expensive items around, so Sailor Moon begins diving around catching them before they break. Chibi Chibi joins in and throws her doll. Sailor Moon catches the doll, but misses a vase, which shatters, infuriating Sailor Antique. Sailor Moon retorts that the price of the antique isn't important, but rather the hearts of the people who own them.

Sailor Antique summons a horse with which to attack, but Sailor Star Healer uses Star Sensitive Inferno and knocks him back (breaking a chandelier in the process). At the prompting of Sailor Star Maker and Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Moon uses Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss to turn the Phage back to normal. Sailor Star Healer mourns the broken chandelier, and Sailor Star Maker replies that everything breaks down someday. Sailor Moon congratulates Chibi Chibi for keeping the doll safe, and in reply the girl drops the doll and it shatters.

As Usagi and Chibi Chibi walk home, Usagi wonders if the two of them really are related.

21 (187)- "Kagayaku hoshi no pawā! Chibichibi no henshin" ("The Power of a Shining Star! ChibiChibi's Transformation")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 21

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 21

Airdate: September 14, 1996

Makoto, Usagi, and Minako discuss the upcoming class-vs-class ball game at the school. Minako, of course, plans to play volleyball, but is excited to be playing with Taiki. Makoto is going to play basketball, but is quick to note that it is not just because Yaten is also playing. Ami appears and asks Usagi what she is going to play, but it turns out that she was not planning to play anything - until Seiya shows up and announces that she will be playing softball with him. Usagi objects and says she hates softball, and Seiya says that he will give her "special training". The other girls in the class, seeing this, are jealous, and Sonoko Ijuuin says she will deal with it.

After school, Seiya is ready to give Usagi her first lesson, but Rei is displeased about the whole situation. Rei insists that Mamoru is Usagi's boyfriend, but Usagi does not understand what she is talking about. The girls wonder if Seiya really intends to win; the other two Three Lights show up and say he always wants to win, but the girls tell them it is not likely, with Usagi on his team. As the practice progresses, Usagi displays her complete lack of athletic ability, and the others look on with varying degrees of amusement.

Sonoko arrives with the rest of the Three Lights Fan Club and declares that she can not stand to see Seiya with a girl like Usagi. She suggests a wager on the upcoming game: if her team wins, Seiya is no longer allowed to associate with Usagi. If the two of them manage to win, though, the fan club will allow their relationship. Seiya confidently states that they will win, much to Usagi's annoyance and dismay. She tries to point out that they are not dating, but her friends shush her, saying that once she loses and has to stay away from Seiya, that will give them the chance to "comfort" him.

In her throne room, Sailor Galaxia berates Sailor Aluminum Seiren for not delivering a Star Seed yet. Sailor Lead Crow tries to defend her fellow Animamate, but Galaxia is impatient with failure. Sailor Aluminum Seiren promises that she will do her best.

Seiya and Usagi practice for hours, with Chibi Chibi there to cheer them on. They finally stop well after dark, and Usagi comments on how beautiful the stars are. Seiya replies that a legend says that every person has a star shining inside of them, and he does not want to give up on Usagi because he likes the light of her star. Usagi insists that it is no use, because she can never stand up to an athlete like Sonoko, but Seiya tells her that if she gives up she has already lost. He adds that he hates to give up, and Usagi starts to look at least a little hopeful.

The next day, Minako and Rei take over from the announcer as the final game of the softball tournament begins, leaving Seiya's team against Sonoko's. In the meantime, Reiko Aya and Akane Karasuma arrive at the school in search of someone with a true Star Seed. As the game progresses, neither team manages to score, despite many errors made by Usagi; as the ninth inning begins a sudden rainstorm arrives, temporarily halting the game. Usagi is depressed because of how poorly she has been playing, but her friends and Seiya all cheer her on.

Usagi takes Chibi Chibi to use the restroom, and as she waits outside Sonoko stops by to talk to her. Sonoko says that she intends to hit the ball directly to Usagi, and Usagi admits that she might not be able to catch it. Even so, she says, she is determined to do her best because she does not want to lose. Sonoko looks surprised, but wishes her luck. Shortly after Usagi leaves, though, Sailor Lead Crow arrives. Usagi hears Sonoko scream and transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon - but Sailor Aluminum Seiren was nearby and sees her.

Sonoko's Star Seed turns black, and Sailor Lead Crow departs, leaving the newly-transformed Phage Sailor Leaguer to deal with Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon manages to distract Sailor Leaguer briefly, but as she prepares to heal the Phage she is interrupted: Sailor Aluminum Seiren fires an attack from her bracelets, making Sailor Moon drop the Eternal Tiare as she dodges it.

Chibi Chibi sees this and runs out to grab the Tiare, dodging the Phage on the way. As the girl grabs the Tiare, though, a bright pink light emits from it, and the Inner Senshi, Sailor Starlights, and Sailor Galaxia all sense something important has just happened.

Eternal Sailor Moon floats through a field of stars and meets Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon; the two reach toward each other, and when their hands meet, Sailor Moon feels a new power. When the two Sailor Senshi reappear before the Animamate and the Phage, Sailor Moon uses the powered-up Moon Power Tiare and turns Sailor Leaguer back into Sonoko with Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss. Sailor Aluminum Seiren attempts to attack Sailor Moon for her Star Seed again, but the Sailor Starlights arrive and she retreats.

Now that the rain has stopped, the game resumes. Seiya manages to hit a home run, giving his team one point. Then Sonoko's team takes the field, and they fill the bases just before her turn at bat. She hits the ball directly toward Usagi, as promised, and Usagi manages to catch it - winning the game for her team.

22 (188)- "Kyōfu e no shōtai! Usagi no yakan hikō" ("An Invitation to Terror! Usagi's Night Flight")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 22

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 22

Airdate: October 12, 1996

Usagi and her friends are gathered at the Fruits Parlor Crown, discussing the strange energy they felt when Chibi Chibi touched the Eternal Tiare. They wonder if maybe Chibi Chibi came to them to give them that power.

The Three Lights are gathered elsewhere, talking about how they believe they sensed the presence of their Princess.

Sailor Galaxia is also thinking about the strange power that she sensed, but is more concerned with Sailor Aluminum Seiren's failure to find a true Star Seed. Sailor Aluminum Seiren, however, insists that she has found one and will deliver it soon. Sailor Lead Crow stares at her in disbelief, as a shadowed figure watches from a short distance away.

Ami and Makoto discuss plans while on their way to school, but when Usagi arrives uncharacteristically early they immediately stop. Usagi becomes suspicious that they're keeping a secret, and her suspicions are proved correct when Minako arrives, excitedly waving a ticket. After Usagi becomes upset with her friends, they finally admit that they are going to a special preview of the Three Lights' new movie, which will be broadcast on an airplane flight that evening. She wants to go too, but it turns out that it is for members of the Three Lights Fan Club, so Usagi rushes off to find Seiya so she can join the club as well. Seiya tells her that there were only a limited number of tickets, so he does not have any left; Taiki and Yaten tell her the same thing when she goes to them. Ami, Makoto, and Minako feel sorry for her, but not enough to give up one of their tickets.

After school, Usagi's friends head off to the event as she continues home by herself. As she arrives at her house, though, Chibi Chibi presents her with an envelope containing a ticket for the preview - as well as a letter from Sailor Aluminum Seiren. The letter addresses her as Sailor Moon and invites her to the flight, saying that the Animamate has a "special seat" reserved for her. Usagi realizes that her friends are in danger, and rushes for the airport.

On the airplane, the Three Lights arrive and greet their fans, then go up their seats on the upstairs deck. Usagi arrives at the gate and tries to convince the flight attendant to stop the flight, but is escorted to her seat, also upstairs with the Three Lights. Seiya is surprised to see her, and even more surprised when Usagi begs him to stop the flight. It is too late, though, as the plane has already started to depart. Seiya assures her that he will protect her if anything happens. Usagi finally takes her seat, but worries that this must be a trap, and is concerned that someone might be hurt because of her. In the meantime, Sailor Aluminum Seiren removes the flight attendants' Star Seeds and prepares to retrieve a Star Seed for Galaxia.

As the fans watch the movie on the lower deck, Sailor Aluminum Seiren pumps gas through the air circulation system in order to put them all to sleep, and takes her new Phages, the Sailor Stewardess, to the upstairs deck. Usagi's friends, however, are jealous that she gets to watch the movie with the Three Lights, and get up from their seats.

The Sailor Stewardesses trap the Three Lights in their seats as Sailor Aluminum Seiren confronts Usagi, calling her Sailor Moon and demanding her Star Seed in exchange for the airplane's passengers. Usagi's friends burst into the cabin then, but are effectively distracted by the Phages. Sailor Aluminum Seiren tries to grab Usagi's brooch, but it flashes with a bright light and she is forced to let go; she instead prepares to fire a volley from her bracelets. Seiya looks on in dismay and finally, despite Yaten telling him not to, he transforms into Sailor Star Fighter. Yaten and Taiki have no choice but to follow suit, and transform into Sailor Star Healer and Sailor Star Maker. The girls and Sailor Aluminum Seiren are all stunned to find out the Three Lights' true identities, and Seiren orders the Sailor Stewardesses to attack; Sailor Star Fighter knocks them down with Star Serious Laser and orders the supposed civilians to run away. They refuse, however, and transform into their Sailor Senshi forms, surprising the Sailor Starlights.

Sailor Aluminum Seiren, annoyed by the interference of so many Senshi, orders the Sailor Stewardesses to attack. Sailor Star Healer and Sailor Star Maker, however, knock them back with Star Sensitive Inferno and Star Gentle Uterus, allowing Sailor Moon to heal them with Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss. In frustration, Seiren cries "Galactica Tsunami" while hurling food and drink at the Senshi, but the Inner Senshi deflect her "attack" with their own. Finally forced to retreat, Sailor Aluminum Seiren steps back into her phone booth and disappears, leaving the various Senshi to stare at each other in awkward silence.

When Sailor Aluminum Seiren arrives before Sailor Galaxia, she has to admit that she was unable to bring the Star Seed. Tired of her failures, Galaxia removes Seiren's bracelets and the Animamate disappears. Sailor Lead Crow is upset by this, but Sailor Tin Nyanko smugly asserts that the job was too much for Seiren to handle.

Back at the airport, Usagi and her friends face the Three Lights in silence, then the latter group turns and walks away.

23 (189)- "Shimei to yūjō no hazama! Sērā Senshi-tachi no tairitsu" ("Torn Between Duty and Friendship! Confrontation Among the Sailor Soldiers")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 23

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 23

Airdate: October 19, 1996

Usagi sits alone in her classroom at Juuban Municipal High School, brooding about her discovery of Seiya's identity as Sailor Star Fighter.

At the Fruits Parlor Crown, Ami, Minako, Makoto discuss the Three Lights while Usagi stares at nothing, still moody. The girls try to keep the conversation light until Artemis chides them (and gets glared at), and Luna suggests that the three had a reason to keep their identities secret and pretend to be idols. The girls consider that some more, and Minako finally asks Usagi what's wrong. Usagi says that they were friends, and she thought she knew them, but it turns out that she really didn't. Ami points out that they didn't reveal their identities, either.

Elsewhere, Seiya is likewise in deep thought about the same subject. Yaten and Taiki arrive and tell him to shape up, because they still have to find their princess. Taiki and Yaten hope that the fight between the Solar System Senshi and Sailor Galaxia will become fierce enough that they remain unnoticed, but Seiya becomes angry and asks if the other two don't feel ashamed to take advantage of the other Senshi's efforts to protect their planet. Yaten accuses Seiya of confusing Sailor Moon and their princess.

Sailor Tin Nyanko and Sailor Lead Crow kneel before Galaxia's throne, and Sailor Tin Nyanko says the two of them will cooperate to find a true Star Seed, although Sailor Lead Crow pretends to know nothing about the arrangement. Galaxia silences them by saying that she has felt a strong power growing on Earth, and orders them to fulfill their mission, because she will tolerate no interference with her plans.

As Nyanko Suzu, Sailor Tin Nyanko arrives at Ginga TV and begins cleaning out Sailor Aluminum Seiren's empty desk. Sailor Lead Crow arrives in her Akane Karasuma guise gets upset, defending her former partner when Nyanko refers to the late Animamate as a failure. Lead Crow storms out again, vowing to defeat the newcomer.

Rei is working as a fortune teller at a local department store after her grandfather signed her up for the job. Seiya enters the booth, not recognizing Rei with her costume and veil, and asks for advice. He says that he told a girl a lie and she found out before he could confess it to her, and his friends don't know why he's so upset. He's concerned that the girl might not forgive him, and he doesn't know what to do. Rei tells him that fortune-telling isn't going to give him an answer, and he needs to be honest with her and apologize. Seiya looks cheered up, and leaves after thanking her for her insightful advice. The next visitor to Rei's booth is another familiar face - Usagi. She tells the "fortune teller" that she is worried about a boy, but not her boyfriend. She wants to talk to him but he is not coming to school and she does not know what to do. Rei tells her that she needs to act - if he is not going to school, she needs to go to him. Usagi is amazed that the fortune teller knows so much about her, and Rei takes off her veil and chides her for making excuses and worrying and not doing something. She tells Usagi to go find him and worry about what he will do once she sees him, and hands her friend a ticket for a Three Lights fan event.

At the FM No. 10 radio station, the Three Lights are appearing on a show hosted by DJ Jack, with a large number of fans in the audience. The DJ asks Seiya to read a fan letter requesting a song, but Seiya sees Usagi in the audience; instead of reading the letter, he plays the song Nagareboshi He and gives a message to Usagi in which he apologizes for deceiving her and says he hopes they can work together in the future.

After the event, Usagi waits to talk to Seiya and thanks him for the message; they both express a wish to have mutual cooperation and trust some time in the future. Taiki and Yaten, however, arrive and berate Seiya for his behavior. Usagi tells them it's her fault for coming, and they get angry at her as well. Their argument is interrupted, however, as DJ Jack screams in the other room. Usagi runs off, transforming into Sailor Moon, and Yaten and Taiki prevent Seiya from going after her.

Sailor Lead Crow is annoyed to discover that DJ Jack's Star Seed has turned black, but before she can leave she is interrupted by Sailor Moon's arrival. She orders the newly transformed Phage, Sailor DJ, to deal with the Sailor Senshi, and he attacks her by hurling sharp-edged CDs at her. When Sailor Moon is cornered, Sailor Mars arrives just in time and uses Mars Flame Sniper to distract the Phage long enough for the other Senshi to use Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss to heal him. Instead of retreating this time, though, Sailor Lead Crow is determined to fight the Inner Senshi as revenge for Seiren's death. As they face off, Sailor Tin Nyanko peeks out from an alleyway behind them, observing that only stupid people attack from the front. She points a gun shaped like a cat's paw at Sailor Moon and fires, but Seiya dashes out and takes the blow for her. As Sailor Moon cradles his unconscious body, the two Sailor Animamates start bickering, but are interrupted as Sailor Star Healer and Sailor Star Maker arrive and fire Star Sensitive Inferno and Star Gentle Uterus at them. They squeeze into their phone booth, still squabbling, and disappear.

Sailor Moon still holds Seiya, begging him to open his eyes. Sailor Star Healer orders her to take her hands off him, and pulls him away as Sailor Star Maker says it's her fault he was injured. The two Kinmoku Senshi tell her to stay away from them and not involve them in their fight, because only bad things have come from associating with her. Sailor Mars gets angry at them on behalf of her friend, but they turn and walk away, carrying Seiya. Sailor Moon stares after them, upset that they can't be close to each other.

24 (190)- "Akasareta shinjitsu! Seiya-tachi no kako" ("Truth Revealed! Seiya and Company's Past")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 24

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 24

Airdate: October 26, 1996

It is nighttime in Tokyo, and Kou Yaten and Kou Taiki stand atop a tall building, opposite Michiru Kaiou, Haruka Tenou, and Setsuna Meiou. Yaten demands to know why they were called there, and the three transform into Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, and Sailor Pluto. Yaten and Taiki are unimpressed, and transform into Sailor Star Healer and Sailor Star Maker. The two groups face off, with the Outer Senshi declaring their mission to protect the Solar System from outsiders and the Starlights retorting that they have no problem with that, and are willing to take advantage of the Solar System Senshi to keep Sailor Galaxia distracted. Before the two groups can fight, however, an injured Kou Seiya stops them, and promises he won't go see Sailor Moon anymore.

At the high school, the Three Lights' desks are empty. As Usagi looks at Seiya's desk, she remembers how he saved her from Sailor Tin Nyanko's ambush and worries about him. Her friends notice and are concerned, but when they try to distract Usagi after school she hardly seems to notice - until Minako arrives and gives Usagi a phone number for a place where the Three Lights are rehearsing, and encourages her to call and find out Seiya's condition. When Usagi calls the number, she speaks to Taiki, who shrugs off her concern. Yaten takes the phone and yells at Usagi that it is her fault Seiya was injured in the first place, and it is too late to apologize. Seiya overhears and looks upset, but does not say anything.

Usagi, once again depressed, meets with her friends at the Hikawa Shrine. Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna arrive and tell her that Seiya agreed not to meet with her anymore. Usagi gets upset with them for deciding everything for her, but after her outburst quickly apologizes. She believes in the Starlights, but the Outer Senshi insist that since their enemies are also Sailor Senshi, they have to be careful who to trust. Usagi insists that if they just talk, they can understand each other; she runs off in tears, pursued by Luna.

At Ginga TV, Akane Karasuma tells Nyanko Suzu not to try to help her again, and the two of them bicker briefly before Nyanko leaves. Akane fumes, declaring that she will find the true Star Seed. She spots a magazine sitting on Nyanko's desk with a story about an amusement park and picks it up, musing that Sailor Aluminum Seiren loved amusement parks. She flips through the pages and, upon finding a picture of Takeo Shiro, decides that he will be her next target.

Luna finds Usagi in her room, crying, and tries to comfort her while gently reminding her about her duty as a Sailor Senshi. Usagi agrees that she is not going to see Seiya again, but then the phone rings and Seiya is on the line. He tells her to come to their live performance that night and listen to his song, then hangs up. Realizing who was on the phone, Luna pauses, then encourages Usagi to go. Seiya rejoins the group on stage, but collapses. Though the others are worried and ask if they should cancel the show that night, Seiya insists he will be fine.

At the amusement park, Usagi finds that the tickets for the show are all sold out. As she turns away from the booth, though, she spots the Ferris wheel nearby. When the show starts, Seiya looks over the audience and doesn't see her, then spots the shine of Usagi's brooch reflecting the light from one of the cars on the Ferris wheel. As he starts to sing, Usagi realizes that the song is different, and as she listens she senses Seiya's message.

Seiya tells her about how Galaxia will destroy all the planets in her effort to collect all the Star Seeds - and if she gets them all, she will control the entire galaxy. She came to the Starlights' planet and destroyed it, but their princess escaped and made it to Earth, and the Starlights followed. After the song is over, Seiya thinks to himself that he hopes Usagi received his message, and then collapses on stage.

Takeo receives a call telling him about what happened at the concert and rushes out the door, but runs into Akane Karasuma. He tries to rush past her, but she reveals herself as Sailor Lead Crow and removes his Star Seed. It promptly turns black, though, and the frustrated Sailor Lead Crow disappears, leaving behind the Phage Sailor Amuse.

Backstage, Taiki and Yaten discover that Seiya has managed to leave while their backs were turned. He staggers through the park, determined to find Usagi, but once they find each other they hear screams as Sailor Amuse attacks park visitors. Seiya pulls out his Sailor Change Star but is too weak to transform; Usagi insists that she will take care of things and transforms into Sailor Moon. Sailor Amuse attacks by hurling exploding balloons at Sailor Moon and Seiya, and Sailor Moon finds it hard to protect her injured friend. The Outer Senshi arrive just in time, and Sailor Neptune uses Deep Submerge to knock away his attack. Sailor Moon thanks the three for saving them, but Sailor Uranus glares at Seiya and says they weren't there to save him. As Sailor Amuse prepares to attack again, Sailor Uranus uses Space Sword Blaster and instead makes the Phage's attack blow up in his face. As he is distracted, it gives Sailor Moon the chance to use Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss to heal him.

After the battle, the Three Lights face off against Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, and Usagi. They argue again and Usagi takes the blame, saying that she was the one who came to see Seiya. When the Three Lights turn to go, Seiya pauses briefly and thanks Usagi for coming; she tries to run after him, but is restrained by Haruka and instead just watches sadly as the three of them leave.

25 (191)- "Hikari no chō ga mau toki! Atarashī nami no yokan" ("When a Light Butterfly Dances in the Air! Premonition of a New Wave")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 25

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 25

Airdate: November 9, 1996

Chibi Chibi wanders down a Tokyo street, following a butterfly made of red light. She steps from sidewalk to forest, following the butterfly until it joins a crowd of others hovering over a lake. The butterflies coalesce into a ball of red light, which then disappears to reveal an incense burner. As a storm of flower petals rushes out of the holes in the burner, Chibi Chibi transforms into Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon.

The Three Lights see some of the red butterflies float past and realize that their Princess is nearby.

Sailor Galaxia in her throne room also senses something, and wonders if her enemies have gathered.

Usagi sits in her room listening to "Nagareboshi He," remembering what Seiya had told her about their past. Chibi Chibi watches her, concerned.

Minako calls Usagi to try to persuade her to come to a game event with her, Makoto, Ami, and Rei. Usagi refuses, saying she just isn't in the mood. Her friends and Luna are concerned for her, noting that she hasn't been the same since she went to the Three Lights show at the amusement park. The girls wonder how they can persuade the Three Lights that Usagi isn't a bad person, and Ami says that she even tried to send Taiki an email through the fan club website but hasn't received a reply. Minako, idly flipping through a magazine, notices an advertisement for the game event that says Taiki will be a guest.

The game event begins, and the idol hosts, Reiko Kanagawa and Taiki, greet the crowd. Minako, Makoto, and Rei, dressed in cosplay outfits, are determined to get Taiki's attention so they can talk to him. Ami is a bit more reluctant to dress up, but upon hearing that Taiki will present the game winner with a prize, decides that she can talk to him that way. Her friends are quickly disqualified, but Ami makes it to the finals, despite never having played fighting games before. With her firm determination to win, Ami soundly defeats her opponent, who is quite depressed to lose to a girl.

Ami and Taiki speak privately in a back room. She begs him to try to understand Usagi, but Taiki stubbornly refuses to listen, saying that Seiya was injured because of her. Ami says that she understands why Seiya tried to protect her, and asks Taiki what he would do if someone important to him was in danger. Ami's speech is interrupted, though, by a scream from outside.

Sailor Lead Crow attacks Reiko for her Star Seed, but is disappointed to learn that it's a blank. When Sailor Mercury arrives, Sailor Lead Crow departs, leaving the newly-transformed Phage, Sailor Gamer, behind. Sailor Mercury attempts to use Mercury Aqua Rhapsody, but the Phage is too strong and knocks her back. As Sailor Mercury flies through the air, she sees Taiki watching her, but instead of helping, he turns and walks away. He thinks that nothing on this planet is any of his business.

Usagi is still staring mournfully out her bedroom window when Chibi Chibi walks in, holding the incense burner. Several butterflies made of red light flutter past and Usagi lifts her head, noting that the burner is giving off a pleasant scent that makes her feel better, somehow. Usagi smiles at Chibi Chibi and asks if she wants to go to the game event Minako invited her to.

Meanwhile, Sailor Mercury is still fighting Sailor Gamer, but isn't doing very well by herself. Just then Sailor Jupiter arrives and uses Jupiter Oak Evolution. Rei and Minako also appear, but they are still in their cosplay outfits instead of their sailor fuku. Sailor Gamer is unimpressed, and attacks the four Senshi.

After hearing that Taiki left Sailor Mercury alone, Seiya becomes angry and demands to know what their Princess would think of what they were doing, then runs off. Taiki remembers Ami's words, then realizes she was right and follows after Seiya. Yaten doesn't understand what is going on, but follows the others.

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury are battered but not defeated, and still determined to win. As Sailor Gamer launches another attack at them, Sailor Star Maker appears and deflects it with Star Gentle Uterus. Sailor Mercury looks up and sees the Sailor Starlights, and asks them not to kill the Phage. Sailor Star Maker is annoyed, but Sailor Star Fighter understands; she says that the other Senshi have not given up, and are willing to sacrifice everything in order to save lives. Sailor Star Fighter says that when Sailor Galaxia attacked their planet, the three of them fled, but now she isn't sure that was the right decision. Sailor Star Maker demands to know if they should have died with their planet, and Sailor Star Fighter replies that as soon as you give up, everything is over.

Eternal Sailor Moon arrives just in time, and uses Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss to heal the Phage. Sailor Star Maker watches her and realizes that, to the Solar System Senshi, she is their hope who will never give up.

After the battle, the girls and the Three Lights talk; Taiki wants them to understand that he still does not trust them, and Ami says that is all right, because she is sure that they will someday. Usagi anxiously asks Seiya about his injury, and he insists that he's just fine. Chibi Chibi tugs on Usagi's ponytail, reminding her that it's time to go home, and the two of them start to leave. As they walk past Taiki, however, he senses the aura of their Princess, and wonders why it's coming from them.

26 (192)- "Yume icchokusen! Aidoru Minako no tanjō!?" ("Straight to Your Dream! Idol Minako is Born?")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 26

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 26

Airdate: November 16, 1996

Minako receives a letter informing her that she made it to the next round of an idol competition being held by Ginga TV. She is happy for a moment, but then grows serious again, folds up the letter, and puts it in her drawer.

At the Fruits Parlor Crown, the girls discuss the Three Lights and how they're so popular they don't have time to attend school. Minako declares that school and studying is also important, leaving all her friends staring at her in shock. She leaves shortly afterwards, saying that she has to do her homework. After she is gone the others wonder why she's acting so strangely, and Artemis tells them about how she gave up on the idol competition because of her Senshi obligations. The other girls, however, think that Minako should follow her dream.

The Three Lights talk about how they sensed the Princess nearby and wonder if their message has reached her. Seiya wonders if there's a reason why she hasn't appeared yet.

At the school, Ami, Makoto, and Usagi find Minako up on the roof. They tell her she should definitely follow her dream, but Minako says she can't do it at a time like this. Usagi replies that she should because it's a time like this, because dreams, love, hope, and friendship are the things they're fighting to protect.

At Ginga TV, Nyanko Suzu finds Akane Karasuma researching potential Star Seed holders. After the other Animamate leaves, Nyanko looks at the bookmarked page and sees Takuya Moroboshi.

At the idol audition, Minako nervously surveys the crowd, and Artemis encourages her to do her best on behalf of her friends who sent her there. The judges enter and the competitors crowd around Takuya Moroboshi, hardly noticing when Kou Yaten enters. Yaten sees Minako and drags her out of the way, angrily demanding to know why she is there. He thinks she is wasting her time and not taking her duties as a Senshi seriously.

As the competition begins, Nyanko takes Akane's place as a judge, having left her rival tied up in the back of the building. She compliments Moroboshi on how much he shines, making him look uncomfortable.

Minako sings Route Venus; she is nervous at first, but gradually improves as she gains confidence. After her performance, Artemis tells Minako she needs to do better. In the next part of the competition, the girls have to all dance, and Minako remembers Usagi's words and is determined to do the best she can.

In the meantime, Usagi, Chibi Chibi, and Luna wander through Ginga TV, completely lost, trying to find the idol competition so they can watch Minako.

In the next part of the competition, Yaten demands to know why Minako entered the contest, and asks her if she realizes what it means to be an idol, and if she has anything else she needs to do first. Minako replies that she wants to give people dreams. Moroboshi leans over and tells Yaten to give up, because she obviously has a strong will.

As everyone leaves the competition, Yaten confronts Minako again. Minako tells him that her dreams are everyone's dreams, and she wants to protect those dreams. Yaten wonders aloud if they have lost their ability to dream of anything besides their duty, and if that's why "she" doesn't appear. Minako tells him that they haven't lost anything, and the Three Lights shine brighter than anyone.

Nyanko arrives at Moroboshi's dressing room and reveals herself to be Sailor Tin Nyanko. She attacks the idol for his Star Seed; Usagi, nearby, hears his scream and leaves Chibi Chibi with Luna before running off to investigate. The Star Seed turns out to be a blank, so when Sailor Tin Nyanko is confronted by Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus, she is annoyed and about to leave. Sailor Lead Crow arrives then, though, and is angry with her rival. The two Animamates leave, still bickering, leaving the Phage Sailor Musician to deal with the Senshi. Yaten sees what is going on and transforms into Sailor Star Healer, then uses Star Sensitive Inferno on the Phage. Seeing her opportunity, Sailor Venus uses Venus Love and Beauty Shock, stunning the Phage long enough for Sailor Moon to use Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss to turn it back to normal.

Afterwards, Minako and Usagi talk to Yaten while Chibi Chibi chases the two cats around the room. As the little girl runs past, Yaten senses the aura of the Princess.

Later, Minako receives a letter telling her that she passed the final round. She smiles and puts the letter back in the envelope, then slides it into her desk drawer. She says that her ability has been proven and she can become an idol at any time - but right now it's more important for her to be with her friends.

27 (193)- "Ubawareta ginzuishō! Kakyū Purinsesu shutsugen" ("The Silver Crystal is Stolen! The Fireball Princess Appears")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 27

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 27

Airdate: November 30, 1996

It is time for the school festival at Juuban Municipal High School, and Usagi's class is planning to have a coffee shop. As they work on preparations, Minako and Makoto arrive and show off the maid costumes the girls will wear. Usagi tells them she likes getting ready for the festival because everyone is working together with the same goal. Just then "Nagareboshi He" begins playing on a radio nearby, and the girls observe that the Three Lights are still singing.

At Ginga TV, Sailor Lead Crow goes through things on Sailor Aluminum Seiren's desk, vowing that she will find the true Star Seed. She finds Seiren's diary, and as she opens it to the bookmarked page, looks surprised.

Sailor Galaxia sits in her throne room, thinking to herself that she cannot conquer the galaxy as long as "that person" exists. Sailor Tin Nyanko appears and Galaxia berates her for not finding a Star Seed yet. Sailor Lead Crow arrives and declares that she has found the bearer of a Star Seed, and will not fail. After the two Sailor Animamates leave and are back in civilian disguise, Nyanko Suzu confronts Akane Karasuma, annoyed because of her confidence, but Akane just shrugs her off by saying she wouldn't understand.

Seiya plays the drums with frenzied energy, as Yaten and Taiki watch, looking concerned. Seiya then expresses his frustration that the Princess hasn't appeared, even after all their work, and stalks out the door. The other two talk about how they felt the Princess' presence near Chibi Chibi.

Seiya walks down the street, noticing that their song is filling the entire city. He arrives at the Tsukino residence and pauses out front. In her bedroom, Usagi sees a butterfly of red light fly past and disappear out the window; when she follows it, she sees Seiya outside. The two of them talk, and Usagi tells him about the school festival and asks him to come. Chibi Chibi sleepily wanders over and distracts Usagi, and Seiya excuses himself, but says he will come to the festival. As he leaves, though, he sees one of the butterflies go past and disappear into Usagi's room, and senses the Princess's aura.

At the school festival, the girls wonder if the Three Lights will show up, but Usagi tells the others that Seiya promised to come. When he arrives, Makoto realizes that they are out of cake and rushes off to make some more.

Chibi Chibi walks through the festival and, seeing a red butterfly fly past, chases after it. She finally stops and sits by a tree, then pulls the incense burner out; the butterfly lands on top of it and disappears. Yaten and Taiki arrive and demand that she give them the burner, recognizing it as belonging to their Princess, but Chibi Chibi refuses. Makoto and Rei see the confrontation and Makoto hurries off to help while Rei goes to alert the others. When Makoto arrives she gets angry at them for bullying a child and faces off with Yaten. Seiya arrives with the other girls and tells them to stop. The Three Lights exchange some angry words and Usagi gets upset that they can't work together.

After the Three Lights leave, the girls wonder why they were going after Chibi Chibi, but Usagi defends them. Akane Karasuma suddenly appears and announces that she discovered from Seiren's journal that Usagi has a true Star Seed; she reveals herself as Sailor Lead Crow and announces that she will take it. In response, the Sailor Senshi all transform.

Yaten and Taiki tell Seiya about how they'd sensed the Princess's aura around Chibi Chibi, and that she has the Princess's incense burner. As they talk, one of the butterflies arrives and leads them back toward the school.

The Inner Senshi attack Sailor Lead Crow, but she sends them flying with her whip. The Sailor Starlights arrive, and Sailor Lead Crow tells them she knows their identities, too. She pulls out a contained black hole and threatens to let it free to swallow the school unless Sailor Moon gives up her Star Seed. Sailor Moon agrees, refusing to let innocents become involved, and Sailor Lead Crow fires a blast from her bracelets that removes her Star Seed. The Silver Crystal appears and Sailor Lead Crow marvels at its beauty, but she is hit by an energy blast and drops the black hole's container. Sailor Tin Nyanko laughs at her and says she will take the Star Seed. As Sailor Lead Crow is swallowed up by the slowly-growing black hole, she whispers an apology to Seiren, then disappears. Sailor Star Fighter tries to fire Star Serious Laser at Nyanko, but it is instead absorbed by the black hole. Chibi Chibi blocks Sailor Tin Nyanko's path, and both she and Usagi are also pulled into the black hole. Sailor Tin Nyanko starts to leave, but just then the black hole is destroyed by a massive surge of energy from within.

Where the black hole used to be, Chibi Chibi now stands, holding the incense burner in the air with the unconscious Usagi floating above her. The Animamate jumps into her phone booth and disappears. A spiral of red butterflies swirls around Usagi, and the Silver Crystal returns to her body. Princess Kakyuu then appears, holding Usagi up in mid-air.

28 (194)- "Ginga no seisen! Sērā Wōzu densetsu" ("Holy War in the Galaxy! Sailor Wars Legend")

(銀河の聖戦 セーラーウォーズ伝説)
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 28

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 28

Airdate: December 7, 1996

The Sailor Starlights kneel before Princess Kakyuu, overjoyed to see her at last. She tells them she had a mission to fulfill, and thanks Chibi Chibi for helping her. Princess Kakyuu then turns to Usagi and says that she was watching her and the other Senshi from the incense burner. She then tells them the story about the Sailor Wars, how Chaos was sealed by the most powerful legendary Senshi, but has now re-emerged as Sailor Galaxia, who wants to steal all the Star Seeds in the galaxy. Princess Kakyuu says that they still have a chance, as long as the Light of Hope exists, and she came to Earth to search for it. Sailor Star Healer and Sailor Star Maker don't see why they need to look for it, because with their Princess, they can return home and restore their planet. Princess Kakyuu, however, says that they must find it in order to seal Chaos, and turns to Usagi to ask for her help. Just then, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune arrive and tell the Princess that she is selfish for asking them such a thing, and the Sailor Starlights get angry. Princess Kakyuu silences them and tells Usagi that she believes in her.

Sailor Galaxia notes that Sailor Lead Crow has disappeared, and those who fight against her have all gathered on this one planet. Sailor Tin Nyanko appears and says that she did find a true Star Seed, but makes excuses about why she didn't get it. Galaxia orders her to go, and she quickly flees, determined not to fail.

Haruka and Michiru sit in their car outside of the Tsukino residence, concerned that their princess is in danger. Up in her bedroom, Usagi calls Mamoru's apartment repeatedly, just to hear his voice on the answering machine.

Meanwhile, Seiya tries to call Usagi but her line is busy. Princess Kakyuu asks him about the form he is using on Earth, and he says that it seemed like the best way to find a woman. She apologizes and says that she heard their songs, but had to hide from Galaxia. She then asks to hear their music again, and falls asleep while listening to "Nagareboshi He." Seiya leaves and tries to call Usagi again from a pay phone, but she has fallen asleep and doesn't answer.

The next morning, Minako and Rei arrive at the Tsukino residence to accompany Usagi to school, worried that the enemy might attack her. Once she is at school, the others give her some self-protection items; Usagi curiously picks up a whistle from the pile and blows it, and Rei arrives shortly thereafter, having run all the way from her school. During the rest of the school day, Minako, Makoto, and Ami stay close to Usagi's side to protect her. Usagi finally gets tired of the whole thing and asks if they think she's incompetent, and the others are quick to reassure her; Minako adds that they don't want something to happen to her while Mamoru is gone, which makes Usagi sad. The girls leave her there and go to Fruits Parlor Crown, where Rei is waiting. When she hears they left Usagi alone, she gets upset because it's dangerous.

Usagi stands on the roof of the school, sadly wondering why Mamoru won't answer her letters. Nyanko Suzu appears behind her, dressed as a student, then reveals herself to be Sailor Tin Nyanko. Down in the classroom, Seiya is cleaning out his desk with a feeling of nostalgia, when Rei arrives looking for Usagi.

Up on the roof, Usagi dodges the energy blasts from Sailor Tin Nyanko's bracelets and transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon.

The Inner Senshi and Seiya split up to search the school, and Seiya heads up to the roof.

Sailor Moon is determined to prove that she can fight by herself, but cannot do much more than dodge the Animamate's attacks. Suddenly, a rose flies past and grazes Sailor Tin Nyanko's wrist, making Sailor Moon think that Tuxedo Mask has arrived, but Seiya is standing there instead. He transforms into Sailor Star Fighter and attacks with Star Serious Laser, throwing Sailor Tin Nyanko back. When she then orders Sailor Moon to attack, Sailor Moon stares at her in shock for a long moment before finally gathering her wits. Sailor Moon uses Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss, but Sailor Tin Nyanko dodges at the last minute and the attack only hits half of her, removing one bracelet and turning her costume white on that side. After Sailor Tin Nyanko retreats, Sailor Moon drops to her knees and stares at the rose on the ground.

Usagi and Seiya stand on the roof as it begins to rain, and Usagi admits that she was never very good at doing difficult things. She says that she thought she was fine on her own, but once she saw the rose she thought of Mamoru, and now she can't stand it anymore, and she wants to see him. Usagi falls to her knees again, crying that she wants to see Mamoru. Seiya crouches down, resting his hands on his shoulders, and asks her if he is not good enough.

Meanwhile, Usagi's friends watch the scene from the top of the stairs to the roof.

29 (195)- "Kakyū Purinsesu shōmetsu! Gyarakushia kōrin" ("Fireball Princess Dies Out! Galaxia Descends")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 29

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 29

Airdate: December 14, 1996

Usagi sits in the bathtub, thinking about Mamoru, and about what Seiya had said to her on the school rooftop. When she returns to her room, Rei is waiting there with Chibi Chibi. Rei tells her she needs to decide what she is going to do about Seiya. Usagi looks at the picture of Mamoru on her desk and wonders what he is doing now, and finally admits to Rei that he has never answered any of her letters since he left. Chibi Chibi suddenly interrupts their conversation by turning on the radio, just in time for them to hear an announcement that the Three Lights are breaking up after their next concert.

The Three Lights tell Princess Kakyuu that they will definitely call up the Light of Hope at their concert. Seiya, however, is distracted by thoughts of Usagi.

Rei, Makoto, Ami, and Minako meet at the Fruits Parlor Crown, and Ami tells them that she checked with the university in America and found that Mamoru never arrived. They are concerned for Usagi and wonder that she must have been worried all this time without letting them know.

Usagi and Chibi Chibi walk down the street and run into Haruka and Michiru. They tell her not to see Seiya, because she has Mamoru, and she replies that while she loves Mamoru, she loves everyone else as well. They say that they will go with her while she says good-bye.

Fans begin to gather at the concert hall as the Three Lights prepare for the show backstage. Usagi arrives at the dressing room, closely followed by Haruka and Michiru. Seiya asks for the others to leave, and they reluctantly agree. Once alone, Seiya tells Usagi that he meant what he'd said, but understands that she is in love with her boyfriend. He says that he just had to tell her before "Seiya" went away, and now he can do the final concert with all his energy. Usagi feels sorry for him, but he tells her not to worry, and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

As they wait in the hallway, Yaten and Taiki tell Haruka and Michiru that the battle will begin soon and they won't be able to win. Haruka and Michiru reply that they will not fail, because they have something to protect with their lives.

The Three Lights head out toward the stage, determined to succeed in their search for the Light of Hope. After the Three Lights sing their song, "Todokanu Omoi", they announce that at this, their final concert, they hope their last message will be heard. They start to sing "Nagareboshi He", and the roof of the concert hall opens to show the sky outside. As Chibi Chibi watches from the audience, she begins to glow with a faint pink light. Suddenly, Sailor Tin Nyanko interrupts the concert and the fans run away, screaming.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune arrive, and Sailor Tin Nyanko starts to attack, but seems to be fighting an inner battle. They realize that she is being controlled by Sailor Galaxia's bracelets, and since she was halfway healed by Sailor Moon she is fighting it. The Three Lights transform into the Sailor Starlights, and Sailor Star Fighter blocks the Animamate's attack with Star Serious Laser. The rest of the Solar System Senshi arrive and start to argue with the Sailor Starlights over who will fight Sailor Tin Nyanko, but Princess Kakyuu interrupts them and agrees with Sailor Moon that they should all work together.

Just then, Sailor Galaxia arrives, shrouding the city in red light. She takes Sailor Tin Nyanko's remaining bracelet, and the Animamate disappears. Galaxia then focuses on Princess Kakyuu, recognizing that she was the one who tried to awaken the Light of Hope, and sends a powerful attack at her. Princess Kakyuu blocks the attack, and tells the Sailor Starlights that since they cannot defeat Galaxia, she will hold her there until they escape. Her defenses are worn down quickly, though, and Galaxia takes her Star Seed. Sailor Moon is enraged and uses Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss, but it has no effect at all on Galaxia. She announces that next time she will take everyone else's Star Seed, and vanishes.

As Princess Kakyuu is dying, Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon takes her hand, and she feels a warm energy. She opens her eyes and says, "The Light of Hope..." before fading away. Sailor Star Fighter screams in grief.

Sailor Galaxia begins to bombard the Earth with black lightning, and the collected Senshi look determined.

30 (196)- "Ginga horobiru toki! Sērā Senshi saigo no tatakai" ("When the Galaxy Perishes! The Sailor Soldiers' Final Battle")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 30

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 30

Airdate: January 11, 1997

Black lightning crackles across Tokyo as Sailor Galaxia's power manifests itself. Her image appears on televisions throughout the city, and she declares that the galaxy belongs to her, and she is prepared to destroy the insignificant creatures on this planet. The Sailor Starlights say that it is the same thing that happened on their planet, and the world will soon be destroyed. Sailor Mercury uses her computer to discover that the enemy's headquarters is at Ginga TV, and the Sailor Starlights start to head that direction. The Sailor Senshi tell them not to make a suicidal frontal attack, but they reply that they have nothing to live for, now that their Princess is dead, and they need to avenge her. A bolt of black lightning suddenly lances down through the sky toward Eternal Sailor Moon, but is blocked by Silence Wall; Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto have arrived.

As the Sailor Starlights walk toward Ginga TV, Sailor Galaxia senses their approach; the door opens for them and they enter, but then the trap is sprung. They are brought to Galaxia's throne room, and she gloats that they will never escape.

The Senshi meet at the Hikawa Shrine and talk about what they can do now, against an enemy so vastly powerful. They realize that Galaxia is much stronger than anyone they have fought before, but Usagi is determined to not let the planet be destroyed. Haruka and Michiru slip off by themselves, and as they walk down the street, are met by Setsuna and Hotaru. The Outer Senshi decide as a group to fight against Galaxia.

The Inner Senshi realize that the others are missing, and Ami locates them near Ginga TV. They look out over the destruction in the city and decide that they must fight as well. They leave Chibi Chibi in the care of Luna and Artemis, and transform into their Senshi forms before heading off, swearing that they will not let the planet be destroyed.

When the Inner Senshi arrive at Ginga TV, they discover a deadly barrier around the station. As they try to find a way in, the television at the front of the building displays the scene in Galaxia's throne room: the Sailor Starlights confront her, but their attacks are only deflected back at them. Sailor Galaxia attacks them in turn, and Sailor Moon has to be forcibly restrained by her friends from running to them and getting caught in the barrier.

The Outer Senshi walk into a control room inside the station and see the same scene.

Sailor Moon is upset that they cannot find a way into the station, and are unable to help the Sailor Starlights. A bright pink light appears in front of them, with Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon at its center; as the light engulfs the Senshi, they find themselves transported into the throne room as well. They are surprised to find themselves there, and with the Sailor Starlights. Sailor Moon orders Sailor Galaxia to leave their planet, but Galaxia only laughs at them and fires a volley of blasts from her bracelets at the Sailor Starlights. The Inner Senshi, however, leap in front of them and are hit instead.

The Outer Senshi observe that the shine of the four planets is fading.

Galaxia takes the Star Seeds of Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus, and as they fade away, they ask the Sailor Starlights to protect Sailor Moon in their place. Sailor Moon tearfully begs them not to leave her, and Sailor Mars reassures her before she, in turn, disappears. Sailor Moon screams out her grief, then angrily demands that Sailor Galaxia give her friends back. Sailor Galaxia casually fires a blast at Sailor Moon that knocks her back, then shows her all of the Star Seeds that she has collected thus far. Amid the crowd of Star Seeds, Sailor Moon sees a golden one and realizes that it is Mamoru's. Sailor Galaxia confirms that it is the Star Seed that belongs to this planet. Tears well up in Sailor Moon's eyes as she realizes what that means.

31 (197)- "Ginga no shihaisha! Gyarakushia no kyōi" ("Ruler of the Galaxy! Galaxia's Threat")

(銀河の支配者! ギャラクシアの脅威)
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 31

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 31

Airdate: January 18, 1997

Sailor Galaxia gloats over the Star Seed of Earth, while Sailor Moon mourns her lost friends. Galaxia talks about all the Star Seeds she has collected, and Sailor Moon becomes more upset, asking why she is doing such a thing. Galaxia says that the owner of this Star Seed asked the same thing, and shows Sailor Moon what happened to him.

In a flashback, Mamoru's plane is hit by a bright light and transported to Galaxia's dimension. He appears on the wing as Tuxedo Mask and confronts Sailor Galaxia; she tells him that the entire galaxy belongs to her and she can do as she pleases. He attacks her and she takes his Star Seed, but before he dies, he tells her that the Sailor Senshi on this planet will stop her.

Sailor Moon is left frozen in grief, unable to move even as Sailor Galaxia fires a blast from her bracelets at her. Sailor Star Fighter jumps in front of Sailor Moon to protect her, but before the blow can strike, Sailor Moon and the Sailor Starlights disappear in a surge of pink light.

Galaxia's power surges over the Earth, removing the Star Seeds of all the people there.

Sailor Moon awakens to find herself in the control room with the Outer Senshi, the Sailor Starlights, and an exhausted Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune go to confront Galaxia, refusing to allow the injured Sailor Starlights to accompany them. The Sailor Starlights mourn that they once again have survived without their Princess, and have yet to find the Light of Hope. Sailor Saturn tells them to believe in their Princess, and she and Sailor Pluto go to fight Galaxia as well.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune attack Sailor Galaxia, but their attacks have no effect. As Galaxia is about to finish them off, Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto arrive and join in the fight.

Back in the control room, Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon wakes up as the Sailor Starlights say that they have nothing left to protect. She walks over to them and repeats their words, making it a question. They suddenly remember the Inner Senshi asking them to protect their Princess and their planet, and Sailor Saturn asking them to believe in Sailor Moon. They get to their feet, determined not to waste the lives that were saved by those people, and Sailor Moon joins them.

The Outer Senshi attack Sailor Galaxia, but she mocks them for their weakness. Sailor Saturn declares that she will destroy Galaxia, even if it costs her life, but Galaxia only laughs and says that she was the one who freed Queen Nehellenia so that Sailor Saturn would reawaken. She wanted to obtain all of the Star Seeds, including Sailor Saturn's. Sailor Galaxia attacks the four Senshi, breaking the Silence Glaive and Garnet Rod as they are hit. Sailor Galaxia offers the Senshi the choice of working for her after giving up their Star Seeds; Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn are offended by the offer, but Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune accept.

Sailor Galaxia removes the Star Seeds of the two Senshi, and golden bracelets appear on their wrists. As their first task, the two Senshi remove the Star Seeds of their former allies as Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn just stand there, refusing to fight.

Sailor Star Healer suddenly senses that the shine of more stars has gone out. The Sailor Starlights and Sailor Moon arrive at Sailor Galaxia's throne room just in time to see Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn fade away. The newly-arrived Senshi see that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune have joined forces with Galaxia and are stunned. At Sailor Galaxia's order, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune prepare to take Sailor Moon's Star Seed.

32 (198)- "Kieyuku hoshiboshi! Uranusu-tachi no saigo" ("Disappearing Stars! The End of Uranus and Neptune")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 32

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 32

Airdate: January 25, 1997

Sailor Moon refuses to accept that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune have joined Sailor Galaxia, and says that she still believes in them. Sailor Galaxia laughs at her and orders her new minions to show Sailor Moon reality, then leaves. Sailor Uranus attacks with World Shaking and Sailor Star Fighter attempts to block it with Star Serious Laser, causing a large explosion.

Usagi opens her eyes to find herself in a grassy meadow with all her friends. They tell her that everything was just an act to defeat Sailor Galaxia, and apologize for deceiving her. Usagi laughs at herself for being so gullible, then turns to see Mamoru and Chibiusa, who also reassure her. Usagi wipes tears from her eyes, and when she looks up again, finds herself alone.

Sailor Moon opens her eyes and finds herself alone with Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon. Sailor Uranus appears and Sailor Moon rushes to her, asking about their plan, but Sailor Uranus only slaps her and says this is reality. The Sailor Starlights appear and protect Sailor Moon, and Sailor Neptune joins Sailor Uranus. The Outer Senshi mock the Sailor Starlights for not being able to protect their Princess, which enrages Sailor Star Fighter and causes her to attack Sailor Uranus. Sailor Uranus just knocks her back, and then the two Senshi use Deep Submerge and World Shaking, which throws their targets through the building and outside. As Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune stand nearby and laugh mockingly, Sailor Galaxia rejoins them and asks if Sailor Moon has given up hope yet. Sailor Moon declares that she will not give up, but then notices the extreme destruction around her.

Sailor Galaxia gloats over her power, but the Sailor Starlights still defy her. Sailor Galaxia orders Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune to take their Star Seeds, but instead, they abruptly turn and use the bolts from their bracelets to attack Sailor Galaxia. When she is struck, however, no Star Seed appears, and the two Senshi are stunned. Sailor Galaxia observes that she has never seen Senshi able to resist her control, and congratulates them on their plan, but then takes their bracelets away. Sailor Uranus glances toward the sobbing Sailor Moon and tells Sailor Star Fighter to protect her, then she and Sailor Neptune slowly fade away, reaching for each others' hands as they die.

Sailor Galaxia then turns her attention to the remaining Senshi, and the Sailor Starlights protect Sailor Moon. As they hide, Sailor Moon considers giving up, but Sailor Star Fighter encourages her, telling her that her friends all believed in her, and she does as well; they are not truly gone until Sailor Moon gives up. Sailor Moon's spirit is renewed, and she rises to continue the fight.

Sailor Galaxia begins blasting at the rooftop, searching for them, and mocking them for hiding. The Senshi emerge from their hiding place and confront her, declaring that they will never give up. The Sailor Starlights wonder if Sailor Moon is the Light of Hope left by the legendary strongest Sailor Senshi. Sailor Galaxia hears this and, recalling the story of the Sailor Wars and the legendary Senshi, declares that Senshi to be her. She begins to laugh mockingly, as the Sailor Starlights stare at her in shock.

33 (199)- "Kibō no Hikari! Ginga wo kaketa saishū kessen" ("The Light of Hope! Final Battle for the Galaxy")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 33

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 33

Airdate: February 1, 1997

In the distant past, the Sailor Wars raged through the galaxy until the legendary strongest Sailor Senshi sealed Chaos within herself. Sailor Galaxia declares herself to be that Senshi, as it was the only way to restore peace. She says that she had to rebuild the galaxy after all the destruction, and realizing that she couldn't rely on anyone else to do it, she collected all the Star Seeds in order to gain control of everything. The Sailor Starlights are stunned by this, wondering if the Light of Hope they were searching for was Galaxia herself.

Sailor Moon asks if that was really the only way, and if Galaxia had to do everything by herself; she thinks that if everyone worked together they might have found a better way that would not have sacrificed anyone. She says that since they are Sailor Senshi, they should be able to work together. Sailor Galaxia laughs at her and attacks, but Sailor Star Fighter saves Sailor Moon. Galaxia observes that people betray each other in the face of destruction, and says that the Sailor Starlights are no different. Galaxia then attacks again, causing the building to crumbles, and Sailor Moon dives over the side to catch Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon.

When Galaxia finds them again, she demands to know where they are going to run to now. The Sailor Starlights say that they will no longer run, and will fight on behalf of their Princess and those who put their hope in them. The three of them attack as one, and even though Galaxia mocks them, they manage to wound her. She becomes angry then and blasts them with a powerful energy attack.

The Sailor Starlights collapse to the ground, but Sailor Star Fighter still tries to attack again; Sailor Galaxia, however, stomps hard on the Starlight's hand, shattering her Sailor Star Yell. Sailor Galaxia smirks at them and moves as though to finish them off, but Sailor Moon steps in to shield them. Sailor Moon tries to convince Sailor Galaxia to stop, saying that she knows that they can understand each other. Sailor Galaxia slaps her away angrily, and Sailor Moon summons the Eternal Tiare, saying that she will turn her back to normal.

Sailor Moon calls upon her power, filling the area with a warm golden light; it seems to have some effect on Sailor Galaxia, but she abruptly recovers and attacks, shattering the Tiare with her sword. The Sailor Starlights shield Sailor Moon as Galaxia attacks again, saying that they will protect her shine even if it means their death. Sailor Moon watches in dismay as they fight, then screams as the three Senshi fall back to the ground.

Sailor Galaxia rushes in to strike the final blow, but Sailor Moon leaps in front of the wounded Sailor Starlights, the Silver Crystal glowing. Galaxia admires the shine of the Moon Princess's Star Seed, but then attacks, taking the Crystal. Sailor Moon collapses as her sailor fuku dissolves into pink ribbons. The Sailor Starlights start to cry in despair, but then hear the voice of their Princess telling them to believe.

In a flashback, Sailor Galaxia realizes that Chaos is still gaining power, even though it is sealed within her, and is starting to take her over. She removes her Star Seed and, calling it her Light of Hope, tells it to fly away to where Chaos cannot find it.

Sailor Galaxia declares that everything will end without that power awakening. As she prepares for her final attack, though, a tear drips from Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon's cheek and begins to emit waves of pink light. The Silver Crystal returns to Usagi's body as she is bathed in the light. Sailor Galaxia realizes that this is the power of the Light of Hope.

34 (200)- "Usagi no ai! Gekkō ginga wo terasu" ("Usagi's Love! The Moonlight Lights Up the Galaxy")

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 34

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Episode 34

Airdate: February 8, 1997

Sailor Galaxia watches the light emanating from Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon and angrily wonders if the Light of Hope is going to awaken. The waves of pink light abruptly change direction, and the light coalesces around Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon before exploding in a bright flash.

Usagi finds herself floating in mid-air, facing the silhouette of a winged woman with her hair in heart-shaped odango just like Chibi Chibi's. The woman says that she is the Light of Hope, and has been searching for someone who would take her in. She takes the form of a pink butterfly and flies over to hover above Usagi, revealing herself to be a brightly shining Star Seed. As Usagi reaches up toward its light, she turns into Princess Serenity. The Light of Hope then transforms into the Fuuin no Ken, and asks Princess Serenity to use her to defeat Galaxia, but Serenity is reluctant.

Sailor Galaxia attacks, saying she won't allow that to happen, and Serenity hurtles toward the ground. As she falls, the Light of Hope again orders her to use the sword to fight Galaxia. Serenity is still reluctant, but as Sailor Galaxia dives toward her, finally grabs the sword's hilt. As she does, a pair of wings unfold from her back and her fall is halted; Galaxia is unable to stop and strikes the ground below.

As Sailor Galaxia rises to her feet, her eyes glow red and her bracelets shatter. She declares that she cannot be defeated by that power, because this body belongs to the strongest Sailor Senshi in the galaxy. Her sailor fuku turns from gold to black, her hair from blonde to red, and a pair of black bat-like wings sprout from her back. With a furious cry, she takes to the air and attacks Princess Serenity.

Serenity refuses to fight, only using the Fuuin no Ken to defend herself from Galaxia's attack. She begs the other Senshi to stop, saying that there is no reason to fight, but Galaxia insists that she must end the Sailor Wars by obliterating the light of all the stars. The Light of Hope tells Serenity that Galaxia has been completely taken over by Chaos; in the past, she realized what was happening and released her Star Seed, which made it to Usagi in the form of Chibi Chibi. The Light of Hope says that it is too late to save Galaxia, and now Serenity must use the sword.

Despite the urging of the Light of Hope, Serenity refuses to fight back as Chaos continues to attack, and only dodges the blows. At one point, however, she accidentally stabs Chaos' wing; enraged, Chaos brings her sword down on the Fuuin no Ken and shatters it. Even as Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon's body fades away before her, Princess Serenity continues to insist that there is no reason to fight, because all it does is hurt people. Chaos taunts Serenity, saying that she does not have the courage or pride of a Senshi, but Serenity says that if the pride of a Senshi means hurting people she doesn't want it. She again repeats that there is nothing to be gained by fighting.

Chaos asks her if she has given up, but Serenity replies that she will not give up, because she loves this world. Her dress dissolves into pink ribbons, then disappears completely, leaving her wearing nothing but the wings on her back. Chaos says that the world cannot be protected by someone who will not even fight, and hurls a wave of black energy at Serenity, saying that because of her, her friends are gone. Serenity insists that they are not gone until she gives up, and therefore, she will not give up.

Serenity opens her hands where they were clasped at her chest, revealing the Silver Crystal affixed there. The light of the Crystal flares, and the determined Serenity flies toward Chaos. Chaos uses her sword to send a blast of energy at Serenity which holds her back, and says that she does not have a powerful enough shine to light up the galaxy. Unwavering, Serenity declares that she will light it up, and will save the world. As Serenity is caught in Chaos' dark power, Chaos taunts her for giving up her pride by refusing to fight, and says that she now just needs to give up her Star Seed. Despite her pain, Serenity insists that she will not give up, because she believes in this world and in the small hope left in Galaxia's heart. The Silver Crystal flares with an even brighter light, dispelling Chaos' power.

A woman with long gold and red hair stands in a field of flowers, and the light from the Crystal shines upon her. She hears Serenity's voice and turns, revealing herself to be the true Sailor Galaxia. Serenity reaches out her hand; in the field, Galaxia does the same, and the flowers open to release a multitude of Star Seeds. The Star Seeds appear in the air surrounding Serenity and Chaos, and Chaos is stunned. Serenity says that she loves this world and doesn't want to lose it, or anyone in it, and flies toward Chaos again. Chaos angrily brings down her sword to attack again, but the blade shatters. Galaxia declares that she loves this world, as well, and holds her hand outstretched to meet Serenity's. As Serenity's hand grasps Galaxia's, she takes hold of Chaos' hand in the real world and Chaos is forced out of Galaxia's body.

Now freed, Galaxia thanks Serenity, saying that her shine lit up the entire galaxy. Serenity tells her that Chaos went back to where it belongs, inside everyone's mind. Galaxia is worried about that, but Serenity says to believe in everyone, because the Light of Hope is also in their minds as well. Galaxia leaves to guide the Star Seeds back to where they belong, in an effort to at least partially repair all the harm she has done.

Now alone, Serenity begins to cry because she is alone, but then hears Sailor Mars' voice; the Solar System Senshi appear around her, and Serenity is overjoyed. Endymion appears with Chibi Chibi, saying that she guided him back. Crying, Serenity flies over to embrace him. Chibi Chibi thanks her and departs.

The Sailor Starlights watch from the ground, awed. Another Star Seed appears by them, and to their joy, their princess rejoins them.

Later, the Inner Senshi and Mamoru stand on the roof of the school, facing the Three Lights and the Princess. They say their farewells, and Seiya tells Usagi that he will not forget her. Usagi doesn't realize exactly what he means, and cheerfully replies that they will be friends forever. Seiya is disappointed, and the others giggle at Usagi's obliviousness. The Three Lights transform into the Sailor Starlights, and after everyone says their final farewells, they disappear into the sky.

Elsewhere, the Outer Senshi are looking at the sky when they see the shooting stars streak past. As Hotaru and Setsuna make wishes, Haruka observes that they are no longer shooting stars, but have returned home to be stars that shine brightly in the sky. When Hotaru asks what she wished for, Michiru says that she has nothing to wish for, because she's happy right now.

Mamoru and Usagi stand alone in a park, and Usagi asks Mamoru how much he likes her. He wonders at the sudden question, but tells her that when he is with her he feels full of life. Usagi and Mamoru then kiss against the backdrop of the full moon.

In a voiceover, Usagi says, "I'm Tsukino Usagi, sixteen years old and in the first year of high school. I'm a bit rash and a bit of a crybaby. But actually, I'm the fighter for love and justice, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon."

Note: "Moonlight Densetsu", the opening song used for the first four seasons, plays over a photo-montage and the end-credits.