1 (47)- "Mūn fukkatsu! Nazo no eirian shutsugen" ("Moon Revived! The Mysterious Aliens Appear")

(ムーン復活!謎のエイリアン出現) ("The Return Of Sailor Moon")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 1

Sailor Moon R - Episode 1

Airdate: March 6, 1993

Usagi was late for school and ran out of the house. Usagi fell down and started crying. Then Shingo came out and told her that she had forgotten her bag.

Luna and Artemis were on the roof of Usagi's house. It had already been two months since the final battle against the dark kingdom. All of the girls were living normal lives now, without any memory of the Sailor Senshi. So Artemis said to Luna, "We should get together.." and started leaning toward her. Then Luna scratched Artemis' face.

Since Usagi was late for school, Haruna made her stand outside of the classroom with a bucket full of water on her head. Then Ami came out of the next class to run an errand for the teacher. Ami saw Usagi standing outside, and said hi to her. (They didn't know each other at this time.) When Usagi said that she hoped that cold woman (Haruna) would be nice, Haruna came out. Haruna told Ami that she shouldn't get involved with Usagi for her own good. Usagi got mad, and accidentally spilled the water from the bucket on Haruna.

That night when Usagi was sleeping, a bright light flashed outside. Usagi woke up and thought it was morning already. But it was a meteor, which crashed nearby. After crashing, the meteor floated up by itself and went to a nearby mansion. Luna and Artemis went to investigate the crash. Luna said that she felt something bad was going to happen. A crowd had gathered around the crater. Rei was there. Minako was there too. Ami was next to Usagi, and said hi to Usagi again. Makoto bumped into Usagi. Then Usagi said, "When the three of us are together if feels like we've been together before."

Then Usagi spotted an advertisement for food. She said that she was going to go for sure. Then Mamoru came and called Usagi "odango atama". They started arguing when Mamoru said that Usagi's body would turn into an odango too, if she ate so much. Two aliens that came in the meteor (spaceship) were in the mansion. They were boy and girl aliens called Ail and Ann. They said that they only loved each other. The next day two transfer students came to Usagi's school: Seijuurou Ginga (3rd year student) and his sister Natsumi (2nd year student). Usagi and Naru had hearts in their eyes when they saw Seijuurou.

Natsumi was in Usagi's class. Natsumi said that they had lived in a foreign country for a long time, so Usagi asked her to say something in English. Then they heard a flute. Naru and Usagi thought it was beautiful music. All of the girls went to see Seijuurou. Umino got upset and started playing his flute too. But Naru took it away and hit him. Then Seijuurou spotted Usagi. He went to her and said that he would play a song just for her. In the back, Natsumi was burning up in anger. The new transfer students were Ail and Ann in disguise.

On the way home, Ail and Ann argued. Ail said that they were brother and sister at school, so Ann should forgive his actions. But Ann said that Ail always looked at other girls. Then Mamoru walked by them. Ann spotted him and instantaneously followed him, saying that he was the ideal person. Then Ann started to feel sick. She fell down and said that she needed energy.

That night Usagi and Naru were talking on the phone. Naru said that Seijuurou must have fallen in love with Usagi. Usagi was very happy, saying that she was too beautiful and couldn't do anything about it. Luna said to herself that Usagi's sickness had started again. But she felt something was about to happen.

Ail and Ann were in space, a different dimension which had a giant tree. Ail was playing his flute. The tree gave some energy to Ann.

After Ann recovered, the tree began to shrivel up. Ail said that they needed life energy to live. Ann said earth had a lot of energy. Ann picked out a card from Ail's set of cards. Ail played his flute and turned the card into a monster called a Cardian. Ann said that human girls had a lot of energy.

The Cardian went out and started stealing energy from girls. Luna and Artemis heard the girls scream out. They went to a girl who was on the ground and found out that the energy had been stolen. Artemis wondered if they should revive the Sailor Senshi. But Luna said that they couldn't because they were living peaceful lives.

Then the Cardian sucked another girl just outside of Naru's house. Naru opened the window and looked outside. She was still on the phone talking to Usagi. Then the Cardian spotted Naru and went to her room. The Cardian started sucking Naru's energy, and Naru asked Usagi for help. Luna and Artemis went to Naru's room. They saw the Cardian and thought it was a different type of youma. Luna said about Naru, "This is a girl who gets attacked a lot." Artemis and Luna started attacking the Cardian. But the monster was too strong for them.

Then Usagi came to Naru's house. Usagi told Naru's mother that there seemed to be something going on in Naru's room. They opened the door and saw the monster. Naru's mother fainted. Usagi thought it was a dream. Luna told Usagi to escape. Usagi was surprised that a cat talked. Then Usagi thought for sure that it was a dream. "I'm the strongest in my dream," Usagi said and went to attack the monster. But the Cardian started sucking Usagi's energy. Artemis then attacked the Cardian. Artemis went outside the window and told the Cardian to follow him.

Usagi couldn't believe it. Luna didn't know what to do. But she knew that the town would be in trouble. So Luna restored Usagi's memory. Usagi remembered about the fight against Queen Beryl and the other Sailor Senshi. "Who am I? I don't want to fight any more! I want to remain normal!" But Usagi's memory came back. Luna told Usagi to transform.

The Cardian caught up with Artemis and started sucking his energy. Then Sailor Moon appeared. The Cardian attacked Sailor Moon, and Sailor Moon just tried to get away. But the Cardian caught Sailor Moon and started sucking her energy. Sailor Moon didn't have enough energy left to fight back. Then Luna bit the Cardian. Sailor Moon got up and used her moon tiara action attack. The Cardian got blasted, and turned back into a card.

Images of Ail and Ann appeared in the sky. They said that they would be back.

Sailor Moon had tears in her eyes. "To the normal Usagi. Bye-bye."

2 (48)- "Ai to seigi yue! Sērā Senshi futatabi" ("For Love and Justice! A Sailor Warrior Once Again")

(愛と正義ゆえ!セーラー戦士再び) ("So You Want To Be In Pictures")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 2

Sailor Moon R - Episode 2

Airdate: March 13, 1993

Usagi encounters Mamoru Chiba on a street corner and begins to flirt with him, she soon realizes however that his memory of their past hasn't returned like hers has. From across the street Natsumi (An) spots Mamoru and crosses over to greet him, but he escapes from Usagi's grasp and leaves. Usagi goes to chase after him but Natsumi holds her in place and begins to talk to her. She then begins to fantasize about being in love with Mamoru and Usagi watches her, believing her to be weird.

In Usagi's house Luna and Artemis are discussing the attack which An and Ail organized and whether or not to awaken the rest of the Senshi . Usagi comes home, depressed about Mamoru not paying attention to her and Luna suggests awakening everyone. To which Usagi becomes excited about thinking Mamoru will hers again, but Luna says she is only interested in awakening Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako. Usagi tells her not to and that she can protect the world on her own. Although she sounds confident, her childish actions make Luna and Artemis worry if she is serious.

In An and Ail's apartment the two discuss the lack of energy remaining in their Doom Tree and that taking human energy is what they must do to retrieve more energy. At Ail 's suggestion An selects another Cardian for them to use and selects Minotauron. The pair then appears in a room where a group of men are looking at snapshots of various girls like Naru, Makoto, Minako, Ami and Rei to decide which will be cast in a role. Ail and An appear and select the girls being viewed as targets for Mintauron. The men in the room then notice Ail and An and then are knock unconscious by the latter; however, Ail says they do not need to fill up on their energy because they have planned to gather high quality energy from the girls in the slideshow.

In school the next day Usagi is shocked to find out Naru was chosen to audition for a role in a television drama. However Naru seems to be discouraged from going due to the belief that bad things always happen to her. Usagi assures her those incidients are rare and that she'll accompany Naru to her audition. Naru is elated and Usagi daydreams about being made to audition, being cast, and becoming a star overnight.

Outside the television station Ami meets with Makoto who talk about going to the auditions. While outside Minako appears followed by Rei. The girls chat for a moment about all being there for the auditions and after introducing themselves each of the girls have a moment where they question if they've met one another before. They all seem to agree that this is the first time, but they all feel as if that isn't true. Inside the station Usagi is prohibitied from entering the audition room. After being denied access Naru heads inside and the other four girls approach and enter after her. Usagi is pleased to see everyone else is doing fine.

Inside the audition room the girls wait until someone comes to speak with them. At that point Ami declares she's considering turning down the audition because she doesn't have time. The curtain is then drawn which reveals a stage that Ail and An are a part of. Ami decides to leave but Ail begins to play his flute which causes her to stop and An summons Mintauron. The girls all run from Mintauron and Ail and An disagree about stealing their energy which causes An to revert to her human form and leave, claiming she would steal energy elsewhere. Outside Usagi and Luna have been wandering around the station for a while and managed to end up back outside the audition room.

When Natusmi emerges from within she begins talking with Usagi until they see Mamoru run by and decide to follow him. Left behind Luna senses something erie and peeks into the audition room where the girls are running for their lives. After Naru collapses Rei and Makoto decide its time to fight, Rei hurls her purse at Minotauron before using Akuryo Taisan which gives Makoto any opportunity to attack. After chasing Mamoru An becomes weak and requires energy which she steals from an actress named Mikan Shiratori while back in the auditioning room Minotauron attacks Naru. After draining a bit of her energy Minotauron gets attacked by Luna and Usagi sneaks into the auditioning room. While girls try to get Naru to safety Ail becomes frustrated and leaves and tells Minotauron that the rest is up to her. Luna watches as the girls run and tries to decide if its best to transform them and then Usagi appears and transforms into Sailor Moon at Luna's request.

When the girls reach a dead end after running from Minotauron Sailor Moon appears and is attacked. After avoiding the attack she announces she will turn Minotauron into a good girl and proceeds to use her Moon Healing Escalation but realizes she no longer has the Moon Stick after her fight with Queen Beryl. After avoiding attacks Sailor Moon is eventually caught between Minotauron's horns and has her energy drained. Luna decides she has to awaken the other girls and shoots a beam at their foreheads which causes their planetary symbols to appear and their memories to return. After realizing who they are each of the girls transforms using their Transformation Pen's and begin attacking Minotauron in teams, first Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter followed by Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus. Thanks to their combined efforts they manage to destroy Minotauron and Ail and An appear for a moment before fading away, telling them they 'won't forget this'.

At Hikawa Shrine the girls are discussing the drama they were auditioning for being cancelled and about coming back together as Sailor Senshi. Usagi says that all they have to do now is bring back Mamoru's memories.

3 (49)- "Shiroi bara wa dare ni? Tsukikage no Naito tōjō" ("For Whom is the White Rose? The Moonlight Knight Appears")

(白いバラは誰に?月影の騎士登場) ("A Knight To Remember")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 3

Sailor Moon R - Episode 3

Airdate: March 20, 1993

Usagi and Makoto meet Ami outside her cram school to ask about what will be on their test the following day. As Ami chides them for being irresponsible the Cardian Falion appears down the hill from them. Makoto approaches and immediately recognizes the Cardian's victim as Shinozaki before she is attacked by the Cardian in turn. Shinozaki manages to knock Makoto out of the way just in time, but goes flying over the edge of the hill. Falion disappears, and Makoto rushes down to find an injured and unconscious Shinozaki. An ambulance takes them to the hospital, but they run out of type O blood to give him, so Makoto volunteers to give hers.

Meanwhile, at Ail and An's apartment, Ail summons Falion with his flute, and the energy she has stolen rejuvenates the Makaiju. Ail puts Falion back into her card, and the two aliens discuss their victory and the care they should take in keeping their existence on earth secret. They kiss.

Back at the hospital, Makoto lies next to Shinozaki with IVs connecting them. Usagi and Ami reassure Makoto that they'll stay with her for a while and Ami asks who Shinozaki is. Makoto describes him as someone special that is always there for her. In a flashback, Makoto and a boy, identified as her boyfriend at the time, stand in a gazebo on a rainy day. He breaks up with her, despite her objections, and runs off into the rain. Shinozaki appears and puts an umbrella over Makoto. Makoto goes on to say that he's been there for her in difficult moments since she was little. Usagi assumes they must be in love. Makoto denies it, saying that their relationship may be more important than just lovers.

Later, at Usagi's house, Luna tells her that the Sailor Senshi will meet the next day at Hikawa Shrine to talk about the Cardian sighting. Usagi, however, is too busy drawing pictures of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion in a plan to restore Mamoru's memory to really pay attention.

The next day at Hikawa Shrine, Luna, Artemis, and the Senshi discuss the new evil that has arisen and is targeting human energy. Ami speculates that it may be related to the meteor event a week ago. Makoto also mentions that Shinozaki is still bedridden.

Late as usual, Usagi rushes to the meeting, but on the way sees Natsumi and Mamoru standing in her path. Natsumi is trying to get Mamoru to take her on a date when Usagi butts in. She starts to tell Mamoru the story of their past lives, using the pictures she drew. Natsumi interrupts her just as she's finishing, and makes fun of her for being juvenile, and then they realize that Mamoru has slipped away while they were arguing. An runs after him, but Usagi stays back, feeling disappointed. Suddenly, Seijuurou shows up with red roses and pronounces his love for Usagi. She's flattered but drops her drawings, becomes flustered, and runs off. This just makes Seijuurou more determined to woo her.

Back at the Shrine, Rei conducts a fire reading. They see a vision of Falion in the fire, and Rei determines that she's looking for her next victim. Usagi finally arrives while the other four Senshi are rushing out in their uniforms. They tell her to hurry and transform but won't explain why, and Usagi transforms after some pouting. As they run toward the Cardian's location, however, Sailor Jupiter almost faints. Sailor Moon becomes very concerned, but Sailor Jupiter convinces Sailor Moon that she needs to get revenge for Shinozaki.

When the Senshi arrive they find that Falion is just about to attack a couple in a park. Sailor Jupiter attempts to use Supreme Thunder and is knocked out by an energy attack from Falion. Sailor Mars then tries to use Akuryo Taisan, but the Cardian shreds the ofuda to pieces. Finally Sailor Venus aims her Crescent Beam, but before her attack can be released Falion blasts Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Mercury. Sailor Moon manages to dodge Falion's next attack and suddenly sees a white rose strike the ground. The Moonlight Knight appears in a tree for the first time and introduces himself. Falion tries to attack him, but he dodges quickly and destroys her energy wheel. He tells Sailor Moon he looks forward to talking with her in future, and disappears. Sailor Jupiter then recovers just in time to see Falion pounce on Sailor Moon. This puts Sailor Jupiter into a rage and she defeats the Cardian with a Supreme Thunder attack. Sailor Moon thanks Sailor Jupiter and the other three Senshi recover.

The next day, Shinozaki and his mother leave the hospital, with Makoto, Ami, and Usagi looking on from some ways away. Usagi suggests that Makoto go and say hello to him, but Makoto decides to be the one watching him from a distance this time. Usagi later thinks about the type of relationship between Makoto and Shinozaki. She also speculates that Moonlight Knight is Endymion, but is not sure how it's possible. Luna interrupts with Usagi's math textbook, reminding her of the test tomorrow. Usagi complains that school is so much more difficult than relationships.

4 (50)- "Usagi no kiki! Tiara sadō sezu" ("Usagi's Crisis! The Tiara Doesn't Work")

(うさぎの危機!ティアラ作動せず) ("VR Madness")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 4

Sailor Moon R - Episode 4

Airdate: April 10, 1993

Usagi's mother is trying to wake her daughter, who insists she just wants to sleep late on her day off. Ikuko declares that it is a beautiful day and pulls off the covers, but Usagi just buries her head in a pillow.

At the Juuban Odyssey, Ail and An examine the Makaiju and observe that it still needs energy. Ail says that if the Makaiju dies, so will they. He sees an advertisement for a new virtual reality theatre in Juuban, and says it will be a good place to harvest energy.

Meanwhile, Usagi is at the virtual reality theatre with Luna, who invited the other Sailor Senshi with the idea it would be a good place to train as Senshi. When Usagi sees the line is mostly couples, she refuses to go unless she is accompanied by Mamoru. She begins shaking Luna, demanding that she tell her how to restore Mamoru's memory. Mamoru, however, is standing behind Usagi and chides her for taking her anger out on her cat, suggesting that she go study at the library if she doesn't have a date, then goes to stand in line.

Meanwhile, Ail hypnotizes the usher into letting him skip the line and enter the theater.

A high school student attempts to flirt with An, but she gets irritated at him and slaps him. He starts toward her but Mamoru arrives and scares him off. An declares that as thanks she will spend the day with Mamoru. Usagi gets jealous and announces she will also go with Mamoru. Ail sees this and is not pleased, but is convinced by An that it is easier to remain unnoticed if they go as part of a group, and the hypnotized attendant lets them in.

After they've gone inside, the Inner Senshi appear and join the line to enter the theater.

Inside the theater, attendees are seated in small cars with a joystick used for firing at virtual monsters. Each cat seats two people, but Usagi and An pile into one car still clinging to Mamoru, leaving Ail to sit alone. Usagi is surprised to find her father and brother in the car in front of her. As she argues with Shingo one of the monsters startles her and she falls out of the car and into the car with Ail. Usagi's father looks on with disapproval and tells her that he trusts her.

Meanwhile, the other girls and Luna still standing in line outside, complaining at how long they have to wait as Ami reads a book.

Inside the theater, the attendees have now been equipped with suits and laser guns so that they can walk around and shoot monsters. Ail and Mamoru turn out to be very good at hitting the virtual monsters, but Usagi definitely is not. As An shows off her own skills Usagi declares that she dislikes this game, and An disagrees, saying that winning is the only thing that matters. She tries to embrace Mamoru again, but he pushes her away. Usagi gets scared by a monster and runs away, and Mamoru chases after her to protect her. An uses her magic to banish the monster, but becomes faint from lack of energy, so Ail and An drop their disguises and summon the Cardian Hell Ant.

The girls are still waiting outside, though the line is down to only ten people ahead of them.

As Kenji and Shingo wonder where Usagi is, they happen upon Hell Ant, who is sucking energy from other players with her tentacles. They wonder if this monster doesn't look a little too real.

Mamoru and Usagi are going through the game together, and Mamoru declares that he's going to get the highest score. He grabs Usagi by the hand and chases after the monsters, and Usagi imagines she is holding hands with Tuxedo Mask and the Moonlight Knight... only to realize that it is actually Shingo grabbing her other hand. He asks for Mamoru's help because Kenji is being attacked by a real monster. Mamoru tells Shingo and Usagi to stay where they are, but Shingo says he's coming as well and orders Usagi to stay there.

Outside, the girls are still waiting in line, with only three people ahead of them.

Hell Ant is attacking Kenji when Mamoru and Shingo arrive and distract her. Kenji does not want Shingo to be involved in the fight, so he attacks Hell Ant with a fire extinguisher, but it proves useless. Hell Ant grabs them all by her tentacles and throws them to the floor. Ail and An appear, and An orders Hell Ant to go easy with Mamoru, who is still trying to put up a fight. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and runs in to give her speech. She attacks Hell Ant with Moon Tiara Action, but her tiara drops down in mid-air, leaving Hell Ant unharmed. The Cardian lashes out at Sailor Moon and Mamoru with her tentacles. The Moonlight Knight appears and throws a white rose. Usagi is confused because she thought Mamoru was the Moonlight Knight, but now they're both there at the same time. The Moonlight Knight orders them to stay back, and fights Hell Ant with his sword. The Cardian grabs him with her tentacles.

Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars arrive and join the fray, and they combine Sabão Spray and Fire Soul to make Hell Ant release the Moonlight Knight. Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, and Luna also appear. A distraught Sailor Moon tells them that her tiara no longer works, and the Sailor Senshi assure her that they will fight instead of her. Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter destroy Hell Ant with a combined attack of Crescent Beam and Supreme Thunder, so Ail and An teleport away. The Moonlight Knight congratulates the Sailor Senshi on their friendship and departs, leaving Mamoru to stare at the Sailor Senshi in confusion and ask who they are. The crowd of other players shows up, though, and the Senshi quickly leave.

At the Tsukino house, Ikuko bandages Kenji and Shingo's wounds. Kenji says that he doesn't believe the official explanation that the trouble was caused by computer problems. Usagi worries because her tiara is failing her, and wonders again who the Moonlight Knight is.

5 (51)- "Atarashiki henshin! Usagi pawā appu" ("A New Transformation! Usagi Powers Up")

(新しき変身!うさぎパワーアップ) ("Cherry Blossom Time")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 5

Sailor Moon R - Episode 5

Airdate: April 17, 1993

In the shelter of the Makaiju, An tells Ail about the custom of flower gazing. An explains that it is a festival held at this time of year by the inhabitants of the planet, and that she heard they spent a lot of energy. Ail observes that flowers used to blossom on the Makaiju while their clan was in power, and, after thinking about it, smiles and says they will obtain plenty of human energy.

Usagi, Ami, Makoto, Minako, Rei, Naru, and Natsumi walk through the park with their teacher, going flower gazing as a group. They meet up with Umino, who has been saving them a good spot since the night before. Everyone sits down for a picnic lunch, with Usagi and Rei bickering as usual.

As the group splits up after lunch, Seijuurou watches from a short distance away and is entranced by Usagi's beauty. Natsumi arrives and is jealous, but he claims to have been looking at the cherry blossoms. The two of them return to their normal forms, intending to implement their plan to steal energy. An picks one of the Cardians, which Ail summons with his flute.

Naru and Umino are talking when they see a black and flowerless tree emitting a strange energy. As they step back, they are engulfed by the same energy. Their teacher returns to find the couple on the ground, unconscious, and as she tries to wake them a mysterious woman appears behind her. Sakurada-sensei asks the woman to call for help, but is instead attacked in turn by the Cardian.

The unconscious Umino, Naru, and Sakurada-sensei are taken to an office, where a doctor says they should be all right after they get some rest. He is puzzled, though, by the fact that many other people are falling prey to the same illness. Luna and Artemis become suspicious, and once outside, they tell Usagi that the people might have had their energy stolen. They then hurry off to join the other Sailor Senshi who are investigating the area.

Ami, Minako, Makoto, and Rei arrive in the area where the three were attacked. Rei feels an evil aura, and as the Senshi look, they see the black tree and the Cardian. As the Cardian opens its eyes, all the girls are engulfed in the blast of energy. Usagi and the cats hear them cry out, and Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon arrives to see the girls's energy being drained. The Cardian emerges from the tree and attacks the newly-arrived Senshi, who barely manages to dodge. Sailor Moon attempts to use Moon Tiara Action, but the tiara stops spinning in mid-air and the Cardian easily bats it away. The girls warn Sailor Moon not to look into the Cardian's eyes, but this distracts the Senshi enough that she can't avoid Reci's next attack. As she is pinned down by the Cardian, Sailor Moon's brooch shatters and she turns back into Usagi. Usagi struggles to escape Reci's energy field, trying to save her friends, but is drawn into it as if the earth was water. Luna runs to her and tries to pull her out, but both the cat and the girl are sucked into the Cardian's power.

The Makaiju flares with energy and its crumbling leaves return to life. Pleased with their success, Ail and An tell Reci to get more energy.

Usagi and Luna slowly fall through a vast light as Usagi wonders why she can't transform. Luna tells her she won't be able to transform or use her powers while she wishes to be a normal girl. Usagi opens her eyes to find herself floating in an empty space with the unconscious Luna in her arms, and wonders if they are both dead. Queen Serenity appears before them, and Usagi pleads for the power to save everyone. As she lifts her shattered Transformation Brooch, light flares, leaving Queen Serenity and Princess Serenity standing in the ancient Moon Castle.

The Silver Crystal appears, and Queen Serenity tells her that her desire to save her friends protected it. The Crystal then merges with the brooch, becoming the Crystal Star, The queen warns her that the power of the Crystal is not as strong as before, but that someday Usagi's desire to protect everyone will bring back the true power of the Crystal. As instructed, Princess Serenity calls out, "Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!" and transforms into Sailor Moon.

Back in the park, Usagi's friends are all trapped in the tree while Artemis fights alone against Reci, when the moonlight suddenly flares brighter and Sailor Moon emerges from the ground. The Cardian attacks the Senshi, who ends up backed up against a tree and defenseless. As Reci lunges at Sailor Moon, it is struck by a white rose, and the Moonlight Knight appears. As he encourages Sailor Moon to fight, she hears Queen Serenity's voice, and the Cutie Moon Rod falls from the Moon. Reci attacks again, and Sailor Moon uses Moon Princess Halation to destroy the Cardian.

Sailor Moon rejoins to her friends, glad to see they are all right. She gives a last glance at the moon and thanks Queen Serenity.

6 (52)- "Nerawareta enji! Vīnasu daikatsuyaku" ("Targeted Kindergarten Kids! Venus' Great Performance")

(狙われた園児!ヴィーナス大活躍) ("Kindergarten Chaos")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 6

Sailor Moon R - Episode 6

Airdate: April 24, 1993

Minako Aino is about to wake up in her bed and hugs Artemis who is sleeping next to her while she is mumbling about Alan. When Artemis shows her a clock, she realizes she is late for school again and starts getting dressed. Artemis begins an internal monologue which is an introductory speech about himself and Minako. He wishes she would be more dependable. He continues while he runs next to Minako on her way to her school. She takes a shortcut by jumping over a wall, but lands on top of Artemis.

Nearby, two small boys are bullying a small girl by threatening to take a badge from her. Minako chases the boys away, and consoles the crying girl. When she tells the girl she does not have the time to follow her to her bus to Shiba Kindergarten, she starts crying again, so Minako runs with her and gets her on the bus. Minako continues running and briefly runs next to Usagi Tsukino who is also late. Neither Minako nor Usagi make it on time. Artemis finishes his monologue by telling the viewers Minako used to be worse, but she is still too much for him.

At her school, Usagi is forced to stand wearing a sign around her neck, telling she is always late. Seijuurou Ginga flirts with her, closing his eyes and stretching out his arms to embrace Usagi. Natsumi Ginga appears and asks what he is doing, so he pretends he is doing exercises. The Ginga siblings go to talk in a secluded part of the school. Natsumi is angry with Seijuurou for his flirting, which he claims is part of his plan.

At a playground, the small girl is teased by three boys because she believes Sailor Moon is real. They are overheard by Minako and Artemis who are walking by, and Minako makes the boys run away. The small girl tells Minako her name is Mie, and Minako introduces herself and Artemis. Minako sees Mie is wearing a Sailor Moon badge, but when asked, Mie does not know who Sailor Venus is. They sit on a bench and chat. Mie asks Minako whether Sailor Moon is real, and she replies that the most important thing is believing. But when she admits that she has met Sailor Moon, Mie makes her come to her kindergarten the next day so she can tell the other kids about Sailor Moon.

At the Makaiju shelter, Ail and An observe that they still need energy. This time, An wants to target small kids. Ail plays his flute to summon the Cardian Gigaros. She appears flying above a bus to Kari Kindergarten and makes it stop by punching a hole in the roof before she steals energy from the scared kids.

Inside the Hikawa Shrine, the Inner Senshi and Luna read a newspaper article about the attack. Ami Mizuno calculates on her supercomputer that the next target probably will be the Shiba Kindergarten. Usagi is having fun reading a manga, but stops laughing when the other Sailor Senshi tell her they rely on her.

Next day at Shiba Kindergarten, Minako is telling the kids about Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus, but they refuse to believe her until they actually see them. The kindergarten teacher tells the kids she can't go with them on the bus today, and Mie convinces Minako to go with them on the bus instead. Usagi and Luna are waiting outside the kindergarten. Usagi uses the Disguise Pen to turn herself into a teacher, and gets on the bus. She is surprised to find Minako there with Artemis. They entertain the kids in the bus by singing Moonlight Densetsu.

When the bus drives into a tunnel, Gigaros appears and stops the bus by breaking its front window. Mie is scared when Gigaros jumps into the bus, but Minako assures her that Sailor Moon will come to rescue the kids. Artemis and the disguised Usagi attack Gigaros physically, but Gigaros throws Artemis back to Minako and punches Usagi out of the bus. Usagi can now transform into Sailor Moon and gives her speech, but when Gigaros attacks her, she must jump quickly to dodge her attacks. The kids are excited to see that she really exists. While they gather in one side of the bus to watch the fight, Minako jumps out of the window on the other side. She reappears as Sailor Venus and uses her Crescent Beam attack to hurl Gigaros backwards, but she is unaffected and retaliates by sending a spiral of dark energy towards the two Sailor Senshi, hurting them. She easily parries a second Crescent Beam attack, and Sailor Venus gets desperate because her attack is not working. Mie and the kids shout to the Sailor Senshi that they should not give up.

Gigaros extends her nails and runs towards Sailor Venus, but is stopped by a rose thrown by the Moonlight Knight. He says they should not give up as long as they have anyone believing in them, pointing to the shouting kids. Sailor Venus gets encouraged by the kids, and when Gigaros prepares for another attack, she comes up with Crescent Beam Shower which hurts Gigaros badly. Sailor Moon finishes Gigaros off with Moon Princess Halation. The kids scream the names of Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus, and the Moonlight Knight congratulates them on finding the power of believing before he says adieu. Artemis says it is because of the support from the kids that Sailor Venus found a hidden power in herself. Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus wave goodbye to the kids as they leave.

The next time Minako and Mie sit on the bench and talk, Mie says that both Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus were great.

7 (53)- "Mamoru to Usagi no bebīshittā sōdō" ("Mamoru and Usagi's Babysitting Mayhem")

(衛とうさぎのベビーシッター騒動) ("Much Ado About Babysitting")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 7

Sailor Moon R - Episode 7

Airdate: May 1, 1993

Ail and An have decided that babies will be their next target, as they are full of fresh energy. An chooses the Cardian Amaderasu for the job, and Ail then summons it using his flute.

As Usagi and Ami walk by the Nakayoshi Koyoshi Nursery School, they stop to admire a small baby and speak to the baby's mother. Suddenly, Amaderasu appears and attacks the babies and teachers present in order to steal their energy. The Cardian disappears once finished, leaving behind the unconscious children and a distressed Usagi and Ami. Mamoru arrives and tells them to call an ambulance immediately.

Back at the Makaiju, Ail and An are pleased with the results, and plan to send the Cardian to another nursery school. However, they are concerned that the Sailor Senshi could strike back at any time.

Usagi, Ami, and Mamoru find that the victims of the Cardian's attack will be all right within a week, but since Manami's mother protected her during the attack, she was left healthy but without a guardian until her mother recovers. Mamoru and Usagi resolve to watch after the child until her mother can leave the hospital.

The two of them take Manami back to Mamoru's apartment, and despite the difficulties they encounter, Usagi still takes the opportunity to flirt. When they try to change Manami's diaper, they realize that the baby is actually a boy. Mamoru tries to get the child to speak, but Usagi insists that he is too young. She then tries to teach him to walk, but Mamoru scolds her, so she leaves. She begins to wonder if she and Mamoru are really compatible.

The next day, Usagi and Mamoru go shopping with the baby in tow. Natsumi sees them from across the street and and mistakenly believes they have gotten married. Makoto, Minako, and Ami arrive as well, and begin to tease Usagi. Afterward, they inform her that they will be meeting up at Rei's house to find out about the next Cardian. Natsumi watches from afar, growing suspicious.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Rei uses her psychic abilities to discover more about the Cardian. She finds that its particular card, the Sun, can bring good or bad luck in marriages. She recognizes the Cardian's evil aura, so once it attacks again, she can pinpoint the location.

Meanwhile, Natsumi shows up at Mamoru's house to flirt and help with the baby. Manami dislikes Natsumi immediately, and cries in her presence. She tries to change the child's diaper, but Manami urinates on her. Natsumi leaves in anger just as Usagi walks in. Usagi grows jealous that Natsumi was there, and starts to leave. However, Usagi sees Manami taking his first steps. As she and Mamoru celebrate, however, Ami walks in and whispers that the Cardian is back, so the girls leave.

Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Jupiter arrive on the scene first, and fight the Cardian Amaderasu, who has trapped the children in giant bubbles to shield herself from the Senshi's attacks. Usagi and Ami reach the Nursery School and transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury. Amaderasu begins to drain their energy, but is stopped by the Moonlight Knight. Sailor Mercury, who is angered at the Cardian for using babies as a shield, uses her Sabão Spray Freezing attack for the first time. It freezes the Cardian in a block of ice, giving Sailor Moon just enough time to use Moon Princess Halation and win the battle.

Once Manami's mother is fully healed and can leave the hospital, Usagi and Mamoru return the baby to her. She thanks the two of them for their help. Usagi and Mamoru say goodbye to the child, who speaks his first words: "Mamoru, Usagi, bye-bye."

8 (54)- "Bunkasai wa watashi no tame?! Rei joō nesshō" ("The Culture Fest is for Me?! Queen Rei Sings with Passion")

(文化祭は私のため?!レイ女王熱唱) ("Raye's Day In The Spotlight")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 8

Sailor Moon R - Episode 8

Airdate: May 8, 1993

At the Hikawa Shrine, Makoto and Minako are selling charms while dressed as miko, supervised by Rei's grandfather. Makoto praises the charms sold by the shrine to a crowd of school girls, claiming that they can cure a broken heart. After they have sold quite a few charms, Usagi and Ami come by and ask about Rei. Her grandfather tells them that Rei has been working hard lately on her new assignment as leader of the Culture Festival.

Inside of T·A Academy for Girls, Rei is busy setting up a stage for the festival in an auditorium, ordering her fellow students around while being annoyed by their relaxed attitudes. Usagi, Ami, Artemis, and Luna come to see Rei rehearse, bringing with them a bento Makoto made. Rei begins singing on stage, but stops when she is unsatisfied with the spotlights. She orders the two students operating the spotlight to take a break. Usagi and Ami talk to Rei about the song she was singing and are amazed to hear that she wrote the song herself; Rei also comments that she is running this festival partly to promote herself as a singer. In the meantime, Seijuurou and Natsumi sit in a tree outside the school, planning to steal energy from the participants of the festival.

The evening before the festival, the Sailor Senshi meet at the Hikawa Shrine. Since they all plan to attend the festival together with Rei's grandfather, they are leaving Yuuichirou to take care of the shrine in the meantime. Minako compliments Rei on writing the songs for the festival, and when Ami asks if it was difficult Rei brags about how easy it was (though in truth it wasn't, as she privately recalls all the difficulties she had).

At the festival, Rei's grandfather happily chats with the school girls in the audience, while Usagi, Makoto, and Minako have fun trying out different attractions of the festival, and Ami and Rei wander the festival together. The Ginga siblings arrive and are about to set their plans in motion, but are stopped by three students. The students quickly measure the two siblings, then announce they are members of a fashion design club, and Natsumi and Seijuurou are the perfect models for their costumes. The costumes are based on the theme of aliens, which makes the pair think their identities have been discovered before they are dragged off by the club members.

Before Rei's concert begins the Ginga siblings are on stage in the "alien" costumes that the fashion club designed, and though at first they feel it is stupid they are delighted to see the audience is full of energy. They decide that all of the girls in the auditorium will be a good target for their energy-gathering efforts.

Rei goes on stage and introduces herself and the crowd cheers wildly, while Usagi sits in the audience and becomes nervous on her friend's behalf. As Rei begins to sing Ail and An appear on top of the auditorium, and Ail plays his flute to summon the Cardian Seiren. Seiren interrupts Rei's performance by flying into the auditorium and spraying gold flakes over the crowd, which causes them to faint. The Senshi in the audience, however, hide under their chairs to avoid the Cardian's attack. Ail and An are satisfied and teleport back to their apartment.

Seiren attacks Rei on stage, and the other Senshi quickly transform. Seiren wraps her long hair around Rei, attempting to strangle her. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury combine Supreme Thunder and Sabão Spray into one attack, which cuts off Seiren's hair. She responds by wrapping her hair around the throats of Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter. Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus try to revive Rei, but are also grabbed by Seiren's hair. Seiren begins draining energy from the Senshi, who can't break the stranglehold.

Rei wakes up and transforms into Sailor Mars, angry at the Cardian for interrupting and stealing energy from her audience. She uses Fire Soul to cut off Seiren's hair and free the other Senshi, who collapse from having their energy drained. Seiren douses the flames of Sailor Mars' attack with water then attacks in turn, leaving Sailor Mars alarmed that her attack did not work.

Her charge is stopped by a rose thrown by the Moonlight Knight, who appears above the stage. He gives a speech, saying he wants to hear the beautiful voice of Sailor Mars again, then jumps down, attacking Seiren with his sword. She dodges his attack but crashes into the music stand, ripping Rei's music sheets. Sailor Mars becomes angry, remembering all the hard work she put into that music, and in her fury she uses an ofuda as she attacks again with Fire Soul Bird. Seiren tries to repel the attack by throwing large amounts of water against the fire bird, but fails and is struck by the attack. Artemis observes that Sailor Mars has awakened her true powers.

The drained energy returns to the other Senshi who wake up, and Sailor Moon uses Moon Princess Halation to destroy Seiren. The Moonlight Knight congratulates the Senshi before he disappears.

The audience wakes up again and the interrupted concert resumes. Rei announces her last song, "Eien no Melody," and the audience listens while she sings. Later that evening, the students gather round a fire outside the school. Usagi tells Rei she is impressed with her hard work, but when Rei suggests she could teach that to Usagi, the two start bickering.

9 (55)- "Tsukikage wa Seijūrō? Moeru Mako-chan" ("Is Seijuro the Moonlight Knight? Mako-chan Falls in Love")

(月影は星十郎?もえるまこちゃん) ("Food Fetish")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 9

Sailor Moon R - Episode 9

Airdate: May 22, 1993

Makoto is daydreaming about the Moonlight Knight. She discusses with Ami how he is like her sempai, then they watch Umino give Naru a lunch he made for her. Ami tells Makoto that making lunch for your boyfriend is popular at the moment. They wait a little longer for Usagi so they can discuss the Moonlight Knight, but she does not turn up.

Usagi is running to school because she is late. Luna runs after her with her lunch bag, but trips and it flies through the air.

The teacher scolds Usagi for being late, forgetting her homework, and falling asleep in class, but lets her go eat her lunch (which Luna wasn't able to give her). Usagi watches Umino give Naru her lunch, but decides not to bother them to give her food. Then she has a bright idea to ask Makoto for lunch. She heads off, but Makoto arrives in her place after she leaves.

Makoto and Ami notice Seijuurou playing the flute, and go over to watch. They note that Seijuurou showed up around the same time as the Moonlight Knight and wonder if they might be the same person. After Seijuurou finishes playing, the girls surrounding him try to get him to eat their lunch, but he says that he does not eat lunch and leaves, followed by his fans. Makoto daydreams about him eating her lunch with her, but Ami brings her back to Earth. Makoto tells Ami she will investigate whether Seijuurou is the Moonlight Knight or not.

Seijuurou eventually avoids his fangirls by jumping atop a building. Makoto sees him up there after arriving after the other girls leave. Seijuurou wonders aloud why girls keep offering him lunch, and Makoto tells him it is because they like him.

Meanwhile, Ami calculates the chances of Seijuurou being the Moonlight Knight on her computer and gets 0.2%. Usagi appears behind Ami and cries because Ami had already eaten her lunch.

Makoto offers Seijuurou some of her lunch and tries to subtly ask if he is the Moonlight Knight, but he does not answer, as he is trying out the food she made. Natsumi watches from the shadows, jealous and angry. Makoto discusses eating lunch with her old sempai. Seijuro asks her why they offer lunch when they like someone; Makoto says that if it is for someone they like, they try to do something for them, and that sometimes they feel like they could die for them.

Natsumi comes up to them and gets into an argument with Makoto. Seijuurou starts choking on some of the food and the girls rush over to him. Natsumi and Makoto glare at each other, while beneath them Seijuurou changes to Ail and back while they do not notice.

Back at school, Miss Haruna scolds Usagi again before letting her go home. Usagi bumps into Ami, and then Luna arrives with her food, much to Usagi's delight.

Seijuurou tries to explain things to Natsumi, who is disgusted with him for eating human food. Makoto appears and offers to walk home with Seijuurou. Seijuurou refuses, but Natsumi gets angry and walks away from them. Makoto feels a little guilty, but wants to talk with Seijuurou more. They talk under a bridge, but Seijuurou does not seem to be listening. Makoto says she thinks Natsumi hates her, but Seijuurou denies it. Seijuurou asks Mako about the lunch and liking someone. Natsumi watches from the bushes, and gets really mad at them. She changes back into An.

While she is eating, Usagi asks about Makoto and Seijuurou "going out on a date", and Ami says that Makoto said she was investigating whether Seijuurou was Moonlight Knight. Usagi finishes her meal and runs off to find out if Makoto and Seijuurou are really dating.

Seijuurou and Makoto are still talking about food and love. Seijuurou argues that love is something you should take by force, but Makoto does not agree with him. Then An appears and blasts Makoto, and she falls to the ground. An steps on Makoto's lunch, and Makoto gasps. When An raises her hand to blast Mako again, Seijuurou tries to stand up to protect her, but An just blasts both of them.

Usagi, Ami, and Luna arrive; Luna tells Ami to get Makoto and orders Usagi to transform into Sailor Moon and fight.

Makoto gets angry about An destroying her lunch box, and An is just about to finish her off when Sailor Moon interrupts. Seijuurou becomes Ail, and suddenly Sailor Moon cannot see anything and everyone cannot move. Ail appears behind An and An tells him to not interfere, but then Ail kisses her on the cheek and she blushes. He tells her to pick a Cardian; she picks the Cardian Utonberino and Ail summons it with his flute. The Cardian then attacks Sailor Moon, but she dodges its attacks.

Makoto transforms into Sailor Jupiter and stands with Sailor Mercury to fight. Ail tells Utonberino to get the Sailor Senshi. It traps the three Senshi in individual ropes, then ties Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury together. A white rose breaks through the rope holding Sailor Jupiter, allowing her to fight again. She then uses Supreme Thunder Dragon on the Cardian and weakens it.

Sailor Venus appears and uses Crescent Beam Shower, but Ail pushes An out of the way. Sailor Mars arrives and uses Fire Soul to free Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon then uses Moon Princess Halation and destroys the Cardian, after which Ail and An disappear.

The Moonlight Knight congratulates the Sailor Senshi, and Jupiter takes the chance to ask him who he is; he simply replies that one day they will find out his identity and leaves. Sailor Jupiter realizes that he is not Seijuurou Ginga. She promises that she will bring Moonlight Knight her lunch next time.

At their apartment, Ail gives An some food he made as an expression of his love, but she is confused about what to do with it.

10 (56)- "Mamoru no kisu ubae! An no Shirayuki-hime sakusen" ("Steal Mamoru's Kiss! Ann's Snow White Strategy")

(衛のキス奪え!アンの白雪姫作戦) ("Mirror, Mirror On The Wall")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 10

Sailor Moon R - Episode 10

Airdate: May 29, 1993

Luna finds Usagi in her room, sleeping on her English textbook, which is open to the story of Snow White. Luna sees a picture in the book showing the prince kissing Snow White, and is momentarily lost in a romantic daydream. In her distraction, she accidentally wakes up Usagi, who is upset about being disturbed from her dream of eating a large nikuman.

Meanwhile, An is at her apartment reading the same book. Ail comments that she should not bother to study, and that she should spend her time gathering energy. An doesn't pay attention to him and dreams about kissing Mamoru to steal his love.

The Inner Senshi meet at the Hikawa Shrine because Rei asked them to come. Rei tells them Mamoru is organizing a play to be performed at Juuban Hall, but the people who were supposed to act in the play have left after an argument. The girls go to find Mamoru and tell him they will all act in his play. At Rei's suggestion, they decide to perform "Snow White" with Mamoru as the prince, but the girls immediately begin to argue over which of them should have the title role. Mamoru, Umino and Naru try to intervene, but to no avail. Natsumi appears and says she will participate too. She offers to draw lots to decide the casting, using paper pieces colored according to the roles. Natsumi cheats and gets the role as Snow White, while Usagi gets the role as the Evil Queen and the other girls and Umino get the other roles.

At the Makaiju, An tries in vain to convince Al that he should participate in the play since they need another actor. After she leaves, Ail plays his flute to summon the Cardian Bipierrot, then tells her she must steal energy from the people attending the play next week.

Inside the Juuban Community Center, the rehearsals begin. Natsumi insists on repeated rehearsals of the scene where the prince kisses the sleeping Snow White, which upsets Usagi and angers the others involved. When Natsumi attempts to embrace Mamoru and kiss him for real, he stops her and points out that she is supposed to be sleeping.

When the rehearsals is over for the day, Umino and Naru leave together, and Natsumi forces Mamoru to follow her on her walk home. The others are all are annoyed about Natsumi's behavior, and Usagi is surprised to learn from Minako and Makoto that Natsumi had cheated to get the Snow White role and everyone else had known about it. They tell Usagi that it would have just created more tension of one of them had the role, and since Natsumi looked so lonely and clearly wanted it, they just let her play Snow White. They do agree they should talk to Natsumi, though, and Usagi says she will do it tomorrow.

When the girls walk home in the evening, they see Natsumi on the stairs leading to the Hikawa Shrine. They see her praying for the play to be a success, but in her thoughts, she asks for a kiss from Mamoru. After Natsumi leaves the girls agree to let her keep the role.

The next day at dress rehearsals, all of the extras are dressed in animal costumes and sing a song about Snow White having eaten the poisoned apple. Usagi, who is dressed like an ugly witch, is jealous of Natsumi's elegant dress. The girls are angry with Umino who rented the costumes, but he says he intended them to be original and cute. Natsumi mockingly tells them that they look good.

The night before the play opens, An lies in her bed, thinking over the play and pretending she is kissing Mamoru. When Ail checks on her she tells him she is rehearsing. Ail notices the script lying on a table, and imagines himself playing the prince and kissing Usagi.

In the meantime, Usagi is practicing the scene where the magic mirror tells the queen that Snow White is the fairest person. Shingo comes in to tell Usagi that she should act better the next day, because he's going to come and watch her in the play.

When the play is about to begin, the audience seats in Juuban Hall are nearly full. As soon as the curtain rises, however, Bipierrot appears. She rides her unicycle violently around the stage, wrecking the set. Natsumi runs onto the stage to stop her, but Bipierrot hits her with a huge ball. She is knocked off stage and into Mamoru, who was running to her rescue, making them both fall to the floor. Natsumi tries to take the opportunity to kiss him, but before she can the Cardian hits her again and she faints.

Umino tries to pull Naru out of danger but stumbles, causing Naru and the girls to fall into an entangled heap. Bipierrot pulls out an umbrella and spins it to drain energy from the audience.

Usagi pulls herself out of the heap and transforms into Sailor Moon, then goes on stage to give her speech. Bipierrot makes a rope appear and binds Sailor Moon, then starts to drain her energy, but the rope is cut by a rose thrown by the Moonlight Knight.

The four other Sailor Senshi jump onto the stage and introduce themselves. When Bipierrot attacks them, Sailor Mars counters with Akuryo Taisan, attaching an Ofuda to Bipierrot's forehead. Sailor Mercury hits her with Sabão Spray Freezing, then Sailor Moon destroys the Cardian with Moon Princess Halation. The Moonlight Knight announces this is a happy ending, then he vanishes and the curtain drops. The Senshi wave to the applauding audience, including Shingo.

Back in her room, An is angry with Ail because he ruined the play and her chance to kiss Mamoru. He tells her off before he leaves, making her cry. Ail secretly wishes he could have played the prince.

11 (57)- "Hōkago ni goyōjin! Nerawareta Usagi" ("Be Careful After School! Usagi is a Target")

(放課後にご用心!狙われたうさぎ) ("Detention Doldrums")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 11

Sailor Moon R - Episode 11

Airdate: June 5, 1993

It is early morning in Tokyo and the Sailor Senshi are fighting an unnamed Cardian atop a building. On Luna's command, Sailor Moon uses Moon Princess Halation to destroy the Cardian, and Ail and An curse the Senshi before they teleport away.

Usagi, Ami, and Makoto run to school later that morning. Usagi falls behind the other two and does not make it to class in time. Just as Haruna asks where Usagi is, she runs through the door, puts her foot in a bucket, crashes into a closet and creates a mess on the floor. Usagi is surprised when Haruna only asks her to be more careful.

At the school office, Haruna receives a call from a man she has a date with after school. However, he tells her that he has to cancel the date because he has urgent business. Back in the classroom Usagi whines to herself about how hungry she is, while Natsumi feels weak from lack of energy. Once Haruna returns to the classroom her good mood is completely ruined, and when she catches Usagi secretly eating her lunch she yells at the girl and gives her detention. When Haruna gives the task to Natsumi, she translates the sentence into her planet's language, which the rest of the class believe is a joke, and she is given detention as well.

Natsumi and Seijuurou meet on the roof of the school after class. Seijuurou scolds Natsumi because she almost let her secret slip, and says he must now do the next energy harvesting operation alone. He asks Natsumi to pick a Cardian, but they are interrupted by Usagi who drags Natsumi with her, saying they have to go to detention now. Seijuurou thinks he must win the heart of Usagi.

Minako, Rei, Makoto, Luna, and Artemis meet up at a park after school, and Minako tells the others that Usagi had to stay after and Ami is in cram school. The three girls agree that they should go to see a movie. When the cats protest, Minako puts them in her bag.

Back in the classroom, Haruna gives Usagi and Natsumi a worksheet and tells them they cannot leave until they have answered all the questions. One of the other teachers comes in to say there is telephone call for Haruna, who tells her students to keep studying while she answers the call. The call turns out to be from her date, who says he can go out with her right now. Haruna is thrilled and leaves, forgetting all about her students.

Usagi gets impatient and says she will leave so she can see Mamoru. Natsumi gets angry and proposes a game: the one who finishes the test last has to give up on Mamoru. Usagi agrees, and they begin working again.

Ail appears on the tower of a high building and plays his flute to summon the Cardian Amanju. He sees Mamoru walking on the street and orders Amanju to steal his energy, but Amanju disobeys and jumps away.

Usagi is working hard, but Natsumi feels dizzy and cannot answer the questions. She transforms into An so she can steal Usagi's energy.

Amanju smashes the roof of Ami's cram school and steals energy from two students before jumping away. Ami uses her supercomputer to call up Minako's communicator and asks for help from the other Senshi, who are in the movie theater.

An sneaks up behind Usagi and leaps at her just as Usagi bends down to retrieve a pencil she had dropped on the floor, making An miss and overturn her desk. She quickly turns back into Natsumi and claims that she was exercising. She tries to sneak up behind Usagi again, but this time Usagi stretches and accidentally sticks a pencil in her nose.

As Haruna and her date walk through the park she wonders if there is something that she has forgotten. Before she can remember what it was Amanju appears and steals their energy, leaving both Haruna and her date unconscious. Ail orders Amanju to steal energy from the humans, but she grabs the ducks in the pond instead. They are interrupted when the four Sailor Senshi appear and give a speech in the name of Sailor Moon. Ail orders Amanju to attack, but she jumps away, and Ail follows her.

Night has fallen by the time Usagi is down to her last question, but Natsumi still has not answered any. Noticing how tired Natsumi looks, Usagi asks her if there is any way she can help. Natsumi tells her to close her eyes and stay still for ten seconds, and when Usagi agrees Natsumi changes back to An and starts to drain her energy. Before she can do very much, however, Amanju charges into the room and jumps through the window. While Usagi is distracted by the Cardian, Ail appears and telepathically tells An about his problems. The two of them teleport to the roof where they watch Amanju once more confront the Sailor Senshi in the schoolyard below.

Sailor Mars uses Fire Soul, Sailor Jupiter uses Supreme Thunder, Sailor Venus uses Crescent Beam Shower, and Sailor Mercury uses Sabão Spray Freezing, but none of the attacks seem to affect Amanju, as the Cardian merely lunges at the Senshi and knocks them over. Luna runs into the classroom and tells Usagi to transform, and she does. Sailor Moon jumps down into the yard with the others, but is too tired to attack, and while she is standing there Amanju grabs her by the neck. The Moonlight Knight appears and hits Amanju with his rose, then tells Sailor Moon that she must act now. Sailor Moon then destroys Amanju with Moon Princess Halation.

The Moonlight Knight disappears, and Sailor Moon says she must return to the class room as Usagi so Natsumi will not suspect anything. Up on the roof, An tells Ail the same, then finishes the test now that she is revived by the stolen energy. As they have both finished the test at the same time, the two girls agree that it is up to Mamoru to choose between them.

Inside the dimension of the Makaiju, its light is flickering dangerously.

12 (58)- "Surechigau ai no kokoro! Ikari no Makaiju" ("The Lovers' Hearts Disagree! The Angry Doom Tree")

(すれちがう愛の心!怒りの魔界樹) ("Secret Garden")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 12

Sailor Moon R - Episode 12

Airdate: June 12, 1993

Usagi has a day off and spends it looking at shop windows, being secretly followed by Seijuurou. She daydreams about going on a date, and Seijuurou is ready to fulfill her wish. Mamoru is in a bookstore where Natsumi finds him, and asks him out. Both couples happen to go to the same café. Seijuuro and Natsumi get angry with each other because none of them knew that the other one was dating. They leave their dates and return to their apartment, where they are shocked to see that the Makaiju is losing its leaves. Desperate to keep the tree alive, they decide to gather more energy.

Usagi and Luna see a sign advertising a Sailor Moon live action show, and Usagi is happy about her new fame. Umino and Naru are in the audience when the show begins. The show is interrupted by the Cardian Yamandakka who throws huge leaves at the audience to steal their energy. When Usagi and Luna appear, Yamandakka has vanished, and the entire audience lie unconscious.

Yamandakka gives the stolen energy to the Makaiju, but the tree is not responding. Ail and An wonder why this is happening, and what they should do now.

Umino, Naru, Natsumi, and Seijuurou are all absent from school the next day. Usagi brings Ami and Makoto with her to visit the Ginga siblings. Usagi says that this time, it will be a while before Umino and Naru recover, as so much of their energy was stolen. When they ring the bell to the apartment, the door is opened by Seijuurou and Natsumi, wearing similar clothes, so Makoto remarks that they look live lovers. Natsumi is not happy to see them, but Seijuurou invites them to come in.

Seijuurou is making coffee while the three Sailor Senshi sit and talk with Natsumi. While Usagi says they just wanted to see whether she was ill, Natsumi does not understand their concern and says it was impolite for them to come without an invitation. Makoto gets angry and is about to leave, when Usagi finds the automatic door to the Makaiju's dimension. She is about to open it when Seijuurou stops her, claiming that the room behind the door is too messy to be shown. Natsumi tells them to leave, and they do, despite Seijuurou's attempt to serve coffee for Usagi. Seijuurou tells Natsumi that for the first time is his life, he feels something warm and nice inside, and is surprised that Natsumi cannot feel it.

Usagi rises early the next morning, and goes to Natsumi's apartment to follow her to school. Seijuurou invites her in for cake, much to Natsumi's annoyance. Unwatched, Usagi opens the door to the Makaiju, and is attacked by the tree. Seijuurou pushes the button to close the door and save her. He convinces Usagi that he conducts a botanic experiment behind the door. Natsumi asks her to leave again, and as she waves goodbye to Seijuurou, he feels warm again.

The Makaiju has sprouted a new bud. An theorizes that the sprout was formed with the energy the tree stole from Usagi, and suggests that they steal all of her energy. Ail summons Yamandakka and asks her to feed energy to the sprout, but this makes it wither and die, while the tree emits a strange sound. An believes that the tree is speaking to them. Ail doubts this, and tells what he thinks the Makaiju is: A tree, handed to them from their ancestors, that stores and distills the energy they consume.

Usagi, Ami, and Makoto sit and talk in their schoolyard. Makoto picks a twig out of Usagi's hair, and they all get scared when it moves. The Sailor Senshi, Luna, and Artemis meet at Hikawa Shrine to examine the twig. When Luna touches the twig, it wraps itself around her paw to steal her energy, so Luna removes it quickly. She tells the Senshi that it comes from a Makaiju, a cosmic energy-stealing tree. They realize that Natsumi and Seijuurou might be Ail and An, though Usagi does not believe it.

Usagi goes to check out the Gingas for herself, but stops outside their apartment when Luna warns her. Mamoru appears, holding a bouquet of flowers. He ignores Usagi's warnings about the Makaiju, and goes up to the apartment to give the flowers to Natsumi. She is surprised as she feels warm inside, but her good mood vanishes when Usagi appears in the doorway. The Gingas invite them both in. While they are having cake, Natsumi asks Seijuurou to show Mamoru the view from the balcony, so she can be alone with Usagi. She pushes Usagi into the Makaiju's room and closes the door behind her. Yamandakka attacks Usagi, but the tree speaks, and says it has had enough.

Natsumi, Seijuurou, and Mamoru are shocked as the Makaiju begins moving, which shakes the entire building. The Makaiju breaks the door and captures Usagi and Yamandakka with its roots, making Yamandakka fall unconscious. The four other Senshi arrive to find the building covered in branches and roots, and they all transform. Sailor Jupiter uses Supreme Thunder against the Makaiju, but it has no effect. They listen with fright as Usagi screams.

13 (59)- "Mezameru shinjitsu no ai! Makaiju no himitsu" ("True Love Awakens! The Doom Tree's Secret")

(めざめる真実の愛!魔界樹の秘密) ("Treed")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 13

Sailor Moon R - Episode 13

Airdate: June 19, 1993

Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Luna, and Artemis stand outside the Juuban Odyssey complex that is covered by the Makaiju's roots. Sailor Venus begins to attack the tree with Crescent Beam Shower, but Sailor Mars stops her, as she senses that the Makaiju is sentient. When she touches a root, the Makaiju moves to let the Sailor Senshi in. When they enter the building, the tree traps them and spits acid after them, hurting Luna. Sailor Mercury uses Sabão Spray to defend them, and Sailor Mars blasts a hole in the walls with Fire Soul. They flee through the hole into an elevator that will not move, so they climb though the hatch on top of the elevator to escape the roots.

Usagi and Mamoru are held by the roots on top of the building, and try to touch hands. Ail stops them and confesses his love for Usagi, so An gets jealous and confesses her love for Mamoru. They both order the Makaiju only to steal energy from their respective rival, but when it obeys them both, they get schocked and scream to it to stop. The Makaiju releases its grip, so Ail and An must catch Usagi and Mamoru in midair, before they lay them down on the roof top.

The other Senshi and the cats appear on the roof, and are immediately attacked by Ail and An who easily stop Sailor Mars's attack Fire Soul Bird. The attacks by the other Senshi have no effect either, and Ail and An laugh as their energy attack makes the Senshi and the cats squirm in pain. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon, and gives her speech to Ail and An who discover her identity. She kneels down besides Mamoru and takes his hand, but Mamoru does not recognize her. Ail and An realize that their love is not returned by Usagi or Mamoru, and attack them in their anger before they order the Makaiju to destroy the entire Earth. The Senshi's attempt to fight back fail, and Sailor Moon desperately tells Mamoru about their past to make him remember.

Ail and An's charge sends Sailor Moon and Mamoru flying along the roof but Sailor Moon shields Mamoru, and says she will give her life to protect him. While An continues her attack, Ail is touched by seeing how Sailor Moon and Mamoru care for each other. He and Sailor Jupiter tell An that love cannot be won by force, only by caring. The Moonlight Knight appears and also tries to argue with An who replies that she and Ail only survived their travels of the universe because they stole energy whenever they could. She attacks the Moonlight Knight, hurting him badly. The Makaiju moves and begins attacking Ail and An with its roots, and knocks Ail down. When An jumps in to protect him, the tree gives her a lethal blow. She tells Ail that she has loves him before she dies in his arms, and Ail cries out her name as he waits for the Makaiju to kill him too. The tree stops its attack, and begins speaking.

The Makaiju opens its mind to Ail and the Senshi to show them the story of Ail and An. The Makaiju grew on a desolate planet for eons, and to give itself complany, it gave birth to a race of aliens who, in the beginning, lived happily with each other. But they began fighting among themselves and destroyed their planet, so they had to wander to universe. The only survivors left now are Ail and An, and they have never known love. As they leave the mind of the Makaiju, it tells Ail that it needs love, not energy, and this was why it seemed to be dying earlier. The Makaiju asks Sailor Moon to purify it, and it disappears when she casts Moon Princess Halation.

The Moonlight Knight appears and explains his real identity to Sailor Moon: Though Mamoru's memory of the Sailor Senshi was lost after the battle at D Point, his subconscious desire to protect Sailor Moon was so strong that it manifested itself in form of the Moonlight Knight. He says that since the memory of Mamoru is now coming back, his work is done. He merges with Mamoru who wakes up and recognizes Sailor Moon who embraces him. They see An come back to life in Ail's arms, and the Makaiju returns as a small sprout. Ail and An fly away to find a new planet where they can plant the Makaiju. Mamoru and Sailor Moon get embarassed when the other Senshi pop up as they are about to embrace.

14 (60)- "Tenshi? Akuma? Sora kara kita nazo no shōjo" ("An Angel? A Devil? Mysterious Girl from the Sky")

(天使?悪魔?空からきた謎の少女) ("Serena Times Two")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 14

Sailor Moon R - Episode 14

Airdate: June 26, 1993

Rubeus and four females, who had upside-down crescent moons on their foreheads, appeared in the sky above Tokyo in a strange vessel.

Usagi and Mamoru were on a date in a park (in a row boat). Usagi asked, "Are we going to stay together forever?" Mamoru said, "Yes." Usagi said, "This is the happiest moment of my life." Usagi was getting out of the boat and slipped. Mamoru caught her. Then they kissed.

After a few seconds while they were kissing, a ball with a cat's face on it came out of the sky and hit Mamoru's head. Then a little girl with pink odango hair appeared out of the sky and landed on top of Usagi's head. Usagi fell away and the girl kissed Mamoru. When Usagi recovered she got mad at the girl. "Hey, get away from Mamo-chan!" The little girl turned and gave a very mean look to Usagi. Usagi asked the girl who she was. The girl answered that she was Usagi.

The little girl said, "Who are you? Why do you have the same odango atama as me?" Usagi got mad and said, "The odango atama is my trademark. I'm Usagi Tsukino." Then the little girl pulled out a gun and pointed it at Usagi. She said, "If you're Usagi Tsukino, you must have the Silver Crystal. Hurry up and give it to me." Mamoru thought the girl was playing and told her to stop. But the girl said, "Don't move. If you move I'll kill her." Usagi tried to pretend like she didn't know what was going on. But the girl said, "Don't act stupid. I know you have the Silver Crystal."

Then Chibi Usa fired the gun, and Usagi fell over. Mamoru was shocked and immediately ran to Usagi. He saw that there was a tiny toy dart on Usagi's forehead. When Mamoru turned around to scold the little girl, she was nowhere to be seen.

Usagi, who was totally exhausted, struggled home and went up to her room. Then she immediately zoomed down to the living room and yelled at Shingo. Usagi's room was all messed up. Shingo had no idea what Usagi was talking about. Then Usagi saw Chibi Usa.

Ikuko said that their cousin Usagi was going to stay with them. Usagi shouted, "Don't get tricked! She's not a real human!" Usagi also said that they didn't have any cousins. But Shingo called Usagi stupid and said that Chibi Usa had come over before. There was a lot of pictures from the time that Chibi Usa had come over to their house on New Years. Usagi was shocked and yelled out.

Usagi went to take a bath. Luna said that this all happened while she was away. Usagi said that it must be fake pictures. Luna said that Chibi Usa must be doing something to hypnotize the others. When Usagi asked what they should do, Luna said that they should just wait until Chibi Usa makes her next move. Then Chibi Usa appeared from inside the bath. She asked for the Silver Crystal and started fighting with Usagi. Luna noticed that Usagi's life wasn't in immediate danger.

That night when Usagi was in her bed, Usagi was thinking about Mamoru. Then Chibi Usa appeared in Usagi's pajamas and asked about the Silver Crystal. Usagi screamed out loud and threw Chibi Usa onto the bed. Usagi's family heard the noise and came to Usagi's room.

Usagi yelled, "Get out of my room!" But mother yelled at Usagi, that she shouldn't pick on a little girl. Usagi tried to say that she wasn't picking on her, but Chibi Usa was on the bed, and sadly said, "Oneechan, please don't tease me." Father, mother, and Shingo scolded Usagi.

Meanwhile, one of the four sisters (maybe Berthier?) said that she couldn't find the Rabbit. Then an old man called Wiseman appeared. He said that as long as the Silver Crystal existed, they couldn't destroy Crystal Tokyo. He said that the Silver Crystal was somewhere in Juubangai for sure. Rubeus was determined to find it and defeat the Rabbit.

The girls were at Rei's shrine. Rei was concentrating by the fire and tried to find out something from one of the pictures containing Chibi Usa. But Rei couldn't feel anything from it. Chibi Usa saw the girls and thought that Usagi had given the Silver Crystal to one of her friends.

Rei's grandfather was walking towards Rei's room with a tray full of tea and manju. [manju = Japanese cake] Chibi Usa was sitting on the hall. When Rei's grandfather stopped, Chibi Usa used her magic (by bouncing her Luna-P doll and saying "Luna-P henge!") to create a milk bottle. Then Chibi Usa put some drops of milk into the tea. Grandfather said that she shouldn't put milk into Japanese tea. But Chibi Usa stuck the bottle into grandfather's mouth, and grandfather fell over asleep. Chibi Usa said that it wasn't milk. It was sleeping potion.

The girls were in Rei's room. Usagi said that Rei's spiritual power wasn't very good, because Rei couldn't feel anything. But all the girls said that maybe Usagi was getting too worried because everything was going too well, especially with Mamoru. Then Ami said that they should do their "real motive", which was to study for the exams. Minako quickly told Ami not to bring everything back to reality.

Rei's grandfather came to Rei's room with the tray of tea and manju. He tried to pick up the girls, but Rei told him to leave it and go away. Grandfather went away complaining. When Rei put the tray on the table, Usagi started eating the manju right away. The other girls were surprised at Usagi, then they started drinking the tea. Then one by one, they collapsed.

Usagi had no idea what was happening. Then Chibi Usa came into the room. She was going to start looking for the Silver Crystal, but Usagi picked her up. "I didn't drink any tea. Tell me who you are, why you came, why you're after the Silver Crystal." When Usagi started spanking Chibi Usa, Chibi Usa started crying. Then Chibi Usa cried out very loudly, and a crescent moon mark appeared on her forehead.

Meanwhile, Kōan was with a bunch of little kids. She was checking their foreheads. Then they all saw a bright light in the distance. Kōan appeared in Rei's room. She said that she would kill the "Rabbit" and looked at Chibi Usa. When Usagi asked what was up, Kōan said that she was the fourth daughter of the evil sisters. She also said that she would kill Usagi first. Then Kōan fired at Usagi with her blue flame attack. Usagi ducked, but got worried as it started burning Rei's manga.

Chibi Usa ran out of the room and Kōan went after her. Usagi didn't know what was going on, but she transformed into Sailor Moon. Chibi Usa was lying on the ground, and Kōan was going to finish her off. Chibi Usa muttered, "Help," and the crescent mark on her forehead faded. Then Sailor Moon appeared.

Kōan fired her blue flames at Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon just tried to escape, but got surrounded by the flames. Kōan walked away toward Chibi Usa. Sailor Moon jumped up onto the wall to escape from the flames. Then she ran on top of the wall toward Kōan. Sailor Moon used her "Sailor Body Attack" and threw herself at Kōan. The attack knocked Kōan down and she got very mad because her face got dirtied.

When Kōan was about to blast Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask appeared and threw a rose at Kōan. He said, "A burning flame of passion is beautiful. But an evil flame to burn someone is ugly." Then Sailor Moon used her Moon Princess Halation. She thought that she had finished Kōan off, but Kōan had jumped to the roof. Then Kōan disappeared, saying that she will get back at Sailor Moon.

Tuxedo Mask was holding Chibi Usa, and saw a vision. He saw a crystal tower. Chibi Usa muttered, "It feels warm, just like father."

Kōan went back to the ship. While she was putting make up on her face, she told Rubeus about Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

Later Chibi Usa was sleeping on Usagi's bed. Usagi was watching over her and said, "Little Usagi-chan, if you would tell me what was up, I would have listened."

15 (61)- "Usagi daishokku! Mamoru no zekkō sengen" ("Huge Shock for Usagi! Mamoru Declares a Break Up")

(うさぎ大ショック!衛の絶交宣言) ("The Cosmetic Caper")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 15

Sailor Moon R - Episode 15

Airdate: July 3, 1993

Usagi races down the street and runs into Mamoru, who is out for a morning jog. They are delighted by the coincidental meeting, but Luna interrupts them and points out that Usagi has other things to worry about, and Usagi remembers that she was out looking for Chibiusa, who has gone missing. Concerned, Mamoru joins them in their search.

The three of them find Chibiusa sitting alone on the swings at the park, looking sad. She at first refuses to talk to them, but relents when Mamoru offers to take her home. When she takes his hand, though, he has a sudden vision of a crystal city, but when Usagi asks what the matter is, he insists it is nothing.

Mamoru gives Chibiusa a piggyback ride home, which makes Usagi jealous, and she and Chibiusa bicker over Mamoru as they walk. When Mamoru appears to take the little girl's side, Usagi becomes annoyed and walks on ahead of them, suggesting that if he likes her so much, he should marry her.

The rest of the Tsukino family makes a fuss over Chibiusa when she returns, then realize they haven't met Mamoru before. Usagi's father becomes upset when he realizes he is Usagi's boyfriend, and Mamoru quickly leaves. Her mother, however, thinks he is handsome and quietly suggests that her daughter bring him over some time.

When Chibiusa speaks up, though, the Tsukino family stares at her blankly and wonders who she is. The little girl uses Luna P Henge to make an umbrella, which she uses to hypnotize them, but Luna bites Usagi and snaps her out of it. Usagi angrily confronts Chibiusa, but her family becomes annoyed at her for being mean to the girl. Shingo notices that Luna P looks a lot like Luna, much to the cat's annoyance.

Berthier arrives on the UFO to speak to Rubeus, who tells her that even if they can't find the Rabbit, they can find the Crystal Points and infuse them with their power to prevent Crystal Tokyo from being built. He identifies Otafukuya as the first one they will go after.

As Mamoru walks down the street, he has a sudden vision of the crystal city and Princess Serenity amidst great destruction. He staggers to a halt and grabs the wall for support. Usagi sees him as she walks home from school and runs up to give him a hug, but he pushes her away. He gets annoyed and tells her that he doesn't love her anymore and their relationship is over.

Usagi meets with her friends at the Hikawa Shrine and tells them that Mamoru broke up with her. They are all surprised, but assure her he can't really mean it; he was probably in a bad mood, or just thought she didn't need to be distracted while studying for exams.

Mamoru is helping Chibiusa with her homework at his apartment when Usagi arrives. She apologizes to him for bothering him while he was in a bad mood earlier, but he says she doesn't understand: he doesn't love her and really wants to end their relationship. Usagi refuses to believe him, because they were once Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion and lovers in the past. He angrily tells her that he shouldn't have to love someone based on who he was in a previous life, but stops when he sees her forcing a smile with tears welling up in her eyes.

Usagi glances down at Chibiusa's shoes in the doorway, and wonders aloud if he likes Chibiusa more than her. She apologizes for forcing him to be with her and lets herself out the door. Mamoru stares after her with an anguished expression and silently apologizes.

Usagi walks slowly along the street, then pauses when she reaches a phone booth. She goes inside and slowly sinks to the ground, leaning against the wall of the booth as she sobs.

Meanwhile, Berthier takes over Otafukuya and sets her Droid, Atsugessho, in charge of selling her special cosmetics. She releases a pile of advertising flyers into the air from atop a tall building, and one drifts to the ground outside Usagi's phone booth.

Usagi arrives at the store with the flyer in hand, and Luna happens to be wandering by and sees her go inside. The disguised-Droid clerk starts telling Usagi all the products she needs to use, and the two of them get into an argument over whether or not she needs to use all those cosmetics in order to make Mamoru love her. As their fight grows louder all the customers are scared away, and the Droid becomes angry and reveals her true form.

Luna arrives and distracts the Droid long enough for Usagi to transform into Sailor Moon. The Droid declares that anyone who interferes with their plan to destroy the future city must be destroyed, and attacks. Sailor Moon slips on a loose cosmetics bottle and falls, and when Luna lunges at Atsugessho, the Droid slaps the cat away with a cosmetic puff. Tuxedo Mask arrives and the Droid attacks him, but he uses his cane to deflect the attack and send it back at her. While she is distracted, he prompts Sailor Moon to act, and she uses Moon Princess Halation to destroy the Droid.

Tuxedo Mask starts to leave, but Sailor Moon stops him and says that she knows he wasn't telling the truth, because he came to save her, but he says the two things have nothing to do with each other. She asks him why he no longer loves her and he tells her that he cannot love a weak girl. He walks away from the weeping girl and again silently apologizes to her as he goes.

Luna comes up and tells Sailor Moon that she found the store clerks unconscious in the basement, and asks for her help, but the Senshi doesn't seem to hear. She stares after Tuxedo Mask and swears to become stronger and win his heart back again.

16 (62)- "Senshi no yūjō! Sayonara Ami-chan" ("The Friendship of Sailor Warriors! Good-bye Ami")

(戦士の友情!さよなら亜美ちゃん) ("Sailor Mercury Moving On?")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 16

Sailor Moon R - Episode 16

Airdate: July 10, 1993

Chibiusa is out walking with Luna P when she sees a new ice cream shop called Bob-Floy. She is momentarily tempted by thoughts of ice cream, but sternly tells herself she has to look for the Silver Crystal. When Ami comes by and offers to buy Chibiusa some ice cream, however, the girl accepts the offer happily.

Outside the Hikawa Shrine, the other Sailor Senshi meet with Luna and Artemis to discuss the fact that Ami has been offered a scholarship to study medicine in Germany, so she can become a doctor like her mother. Usagi is upset and doesn't want Ami to leave their team, but Rei argues that Ami has worked hard for her grades, and Germany is the best place for her to study. The Senshi agree that Ami should follow her own wishes, and if she leaves, they must all work harder to fight the enemy. They decide to hold a party for Ami. The cats give all the Senshi new transformation items and communicators.

Once they've finished their ice cream, Ami says goodbye to Chibiusa and leaves for cram school. Chibiusa wonders if Ami might be the person who holds the Silver Crystal.

In the UFO, Rubeus calls for Berthier. He has discovered that Bob-Floy lies at a Crystal Point, and wants it filled with Dark Power.

When Ami gets out of her cram school she finds Chibiusa waiting outside. Chibiusa asks if she can stay the night at Ami's home and study, because she can't concentrate at Usagi's place. Ami says yes, but because she keeps studying until late, Chibiusa doesn't have a chance to look around for the Silver Crystal. Ami asks Chibiusa who she really is and where she's really from, and offers to let the girl live there to keep her mother company when she leaves. However, she regrets her offer immediately, and says that she cannot leave Usagi behind.

Later that night, Usagi dreams about being left behind by both Ami and Mamoru. Outside Bob-Floy, Berthier summons the Droid Nipasu, who uses her snow breath to freeze the shop in solid ice.

The next day, Ami is walking with Usagi and Chibiusa. Usagi encourages Ami to go to Germany. Ami decides that she will go, but she does not want a going-away party, because she is afraid she is not able to say goodbye to her friends. When Usagi passes this on to the other Senshi later, they discuss it and finally agree that they will say goodbye to her at the airport instead.

At Bob-Floy, Nipasu has disguised herself as an employee and works with the also-disguised Berthier. All customers who eat their ice cream become unable to withstand the heat outside, and will thus crave even more ice cream. Artemis, who had been sneaking around in the back of the store, overhears their conversation, but is discovered before he can get away to warn the Senshi. He tries to pretend he is an ordinary cat, but is frozen solid by Nipasu's breath.

Back at the Hikawa Shrine, Rei reads the flames to try to find Artemis' location, but cannot see him.

On Ami's last day in Tokyo, as Chibiusa is over at her apartment watching her pack she finally decides that Ami cannot be the one with the Silver Crystal.

Minako is standing on a bridge, watching the ice cream shop thoughtfully, when Luna comes up to tell her it's time to say goodbye to Ami.

When the shop closes, Berthier arrives and tells Nipasu to take care of the frozen customers in the back room, ordering the Droid to work harder, then disappears again. When Nipasu opens the door to the back room, however, she is greeted by Minako and Luna. She freezes Luna, and Minako uses her communicator to call for help from Usagi, Rei, and Makoto, who were waiting for Minako at the bus stop so they could go to the airport together. Usagi hesitates to go because she has a gift for Ami, but Chibiusa and Mamoru arrive and offer to deliver for her. The two of them leave for the airport in Mamoru's car while the Senshi rush to help Minako.

The Senshi arrive at Bob-Floy, and Nipasu immediately attacks, making it so cold that the Senshi can't attack.

Ami arrives in a taxi at the New Tokyo International Airport where Mamoru and Chibiusa find her. Chibiusa uses Luna P Magic to create a flower bouquet she gives to Ami, and says that the others must not have been good friends after all since they didn't come to see her off. Ami disagrees, saying it was only because she asked them not to come. Mamoru gives her the gift from Usagi, and Ami sees it contains her new transformation stick and communicator. She realizes that the others must not have come because they were fighting the enemy, and decides that she cannot simply think about herself. Ami asks Mamoru to drive her back.

Ami arrives at Bob-Floy just in time and transforms into Sailor Mercury, confronting Nipasu before she can finish off the other Senshi. Sailor Mercury uses Shine Aqua Illusion to confuse the Droid, allowing Sailor Moon can destroy her with Moon Princess Halation and thus free Luna and Artemis.

As the Senshi are reunited, Ami says that she wants to stay with everyone. Mamoru agrees with Chibiusa that this is because of her. Usagi asks Ami if she regrets the decision, but she says that she can study no matter where she is.

17 (63)- "Onna wa tsuyoku utsukushiku! Rei no shin hissatsu waza" ("Women Should Be Strong and Beautiful! Rei's New Killer Move")

(女は強く美しく!レイの新必殺技) ("Gramps In A Pickle")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 17

Sailor Moon R - Episode 17

Airdate: July 24, 1993

Rei's grandfather is wondering why girls are not coming to the Hikawa Shrine. Rei points out an article in a magazine that warns of a perverted old man who lives there. Rei's grandfather gets flustered, and states that he should retire to let Rei handle the Shrine duties.

Luna sees Usagi sitting at the table, believing that she is studying. She soon discovers that Usagi is sleeping. Usagi wakes up when Chibiusa shows up, reaching around her body for the Silver Crystal. Usagi picks up Chibiusa and begins to spank her. She then realizes that she is supposed to be at the Hikawa Shrine, helping Rei.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Usagi and her friends are wearing temple robes. Rei states to her friends that Grandpa has started a strange new job called "Protect Esthe." Rei, Usagi, and Chibiusa decide to spy on Grandpa and Yuuichirou, who are working out. Rei begins to argue with Grandpa, alleging that his motivation for starting Protect Esthe was to attract young girls to the Shrine.

In the meantime, Rubeus sends Koan out on an assignment. A Crystal Point has been discovered, this one being in the building where Rei's grandfather is holding Protect Esthe.

Rei's grandfather is having trouble attracting girls to participate in his new project, due to his reputation as a pervert. Chibiusa then approaches him, asking to join so she can become strong and spank Usagi in return. Yuuichirou soon arrives with his recruits, all young girls. Grandpa becomes very excited at the sight of the beautiful young women that Yuuichirou has grouped together. Later that night Koan arrives and fills the building with Dark Power.

The next day Usagi and Rei decide to watch Protect Esthe. There, women in tight spandex clothing cheer Grandpa and Yuuichirou on as they enter the building. Koan approaches Grandpa about a job as an assistant, with a Droid disguised as a girl. The disguised Droid picks out one of the contestants and begins to throw her around the ring. Rei feels an evil force, then Chibiusa shows up, wearing a cute looking outfit. After watching the disguised Droid beat up the contestant, Chibiusa becomes scared and runs away.

In the meantime, Koan is trying to impress Rei's grandfather, much to the chagrin of Yuuichirou. Rei attempts to step in to Yuuichirou's defense. Koan gives Rei's grandfather the choice between Yuuichirou or her as the coach. Grandpa decides on Koan, and Yuuichirou walks away dejected.

The Dark Power begins to spread and everyone begins to fight. One of the girls attacks Rei's grandfather, but he dodges the attack and knocks all the girls out. Koan's assistant changes into the Droid Dumble and begins to attack Rei's grandfather. Rei jumps in to the ring to defend him, getting injured in the process. Dumble then tries to kick Rei's grandfather, but Rei intervenes again, getting kicked in the back repeatedly. Usagi soon arrives and transforms into Sailor Moon.

As Dumble begins to attack Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask appears. He attacks Dumble with a kick, then Sailor Moon uses Moon Princess Halation to finish Dumble off. Koan gets upset, and she begins to attack Sailor Moon. In the meantime, Rei vows to avenge her Grandpa's injuries, so she transforms into Sailor Mars. As Koan is about to attack Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars arrives to push Sailor Moon out of harm's way. A battle ensues between Sailor Mars and Koan. At first, Koan resists Sailor Mars' attack. Sailor Moon tries to intervene, but Tuxedo Mask holds her back. Sailor Mars then develops her Burning Mandala attack to blast Koan, setting her outfit on fire in the process. Koan disappears, trying to stop her clothes from burning.

Sailor Moon suggests that she should join Protect Esthe to become an elegant woman. Tuxedo Mask sees the image of Princess Serenity crumbling in ruins, so he walks away coldly. Sailor Mars comforts Sailor Moon, stating that Tuxedo Mask still cares for her.

The next day, Rei's grandfather starts a new program called Project Jazz Dance. Usagi and Rei watch as her grandfather, Yuuichirou, and Chibiusa dance inside the wrestling ring.

18 (64)- "Ginzuishou motomete! Chibiusa no himitsu" ("In Search of the Silver Crystal! Chibiusa's Secret")

(銀水晶を求めて!ちびうさの秘密) ("Trouble Comes Thundering Down")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 18

Sailor Moon R - Episode 18

Airdate: July 31, 1993

Aboard Rubeus' UFO, the Spectre Sisters argue over their appearances. Rubeus puts an end to the sisterly quarrel when he appears to tell them he has an idea to capture Chibiusa. He recalls that she is afraid of thunder, and Petz infers that if they cause a storm, Chibiusa will release her energy in her fear, allowing them to pinpoint her location.

Petz commands her Droid Furaiki to cause a storm. The monster begins banging her drum, causing thunder and lightning, and using a handheld hairdryer to cause a strong wind.

Usagi is caught in the rain and rather unsatisfied. Apparently, she is also quite afraid of thunder and lightning. When she arrives home, Luna reminds Usagi that her mother is out shopping with friends and will be home late. Usagi asks Luna to get her a towel and makes a really bad joke about being a 'drenching beauty.' Luna is not impressed. She reminds Usagi that Chibiusa needs to be picked up from school, but Usagi refuses to go outside again because she is afraid of the storm. A small tantrum follows.

At the side gate of the Juuban Municipal Primary School, young children go off with their parents while three children, Chibiusa, another little girl, and a young boy named Yoshiro wait for their late parents. They are all very frightened by the thunder and lightning. The other young girl begins to cry but Chibiusa tells her to be strong. Then the young girl’s mother arrives and she leaves. Yoshiro is crying on the stairs and Chibiusa tries to get him to toughen up. Then his father finally shows up and he runs off. Chibiusa is left alone with Luna P. She sees a small child walk by with their mother and she reflects of memories of her own parents when they once went for a walk in the rain with umbrellas. Coming out of the memory, Chibiusa runs away from the school.

Usagi makes her way over the bridge, begging the storm not to strike and scare her. Of course, it does. Usagi arrives at the school to find it empty. Back home, the phone rings but Shingo is too busy playing Sailor Moon video games to answer it. When he finally does, Usagi asks him if Chibiusa is home. Shingo tells her that she is not, and Usagi becomes a little worried.

She runs off in search of her but accidentally bumps - literally - into Mamoru. He asks her why she is in such a hurry and Usagi explains that Chibiusa is missing. Then thunder strikes and Usagi instinctively leaps into Mamoru for protection. They have a touching moment in which he calls her "Usako," before he steps away from her much to Usagi's dismay. He reminds her that their relationship is over but tells her that right now it is more important to find Chibiusa. Usagi asks if he will help her look and he states that he will of course help. Usagi observes that he is so cold to her but was very serious about Chibiusa. Mamoru tells her that she is just a child and must be scared and alone in the storm. As they go in search of her, Usagi thinks to herself that Mamoru is sweet, and that no matter how cold he is towards her, she still loves him.

Ami and Makoto see them running from a cafe, and Makoto states that they seem to be getting along. Ami feels that if Usagi has time to be running around in the rain, then she should be studying. Rei and Minako arrive and they all talk about how they've met up accidentally. Minako mentions that they all think alike, but that someone is missing. Rei states that Usagi is the exception to the rule.

The girls sit and chat in the second floor shop, but right below them, in the shelter of the building, Chibiusa crouches with Luna P. She sees another mother and child walk by talking about the snacks they are going to have. Chibiusa then pushes the nose on Luna P, causing the eyes to change into display screens. She tells 'Puu' that she wants to go home to her mother. A static voice tells her that she has to be stronger. Chibiusa states that she would like to use the key on a chain around her neck to return home. Puu tells her that the key will allow her to travel through time, but it is dangerous to use it thoughtlessly. Chibiusa still wants to go home, but Puu tells her that she must stay there and find the Silver Crystal to save her mother. She asks her to hang on a little longer until the bad guys are destroyed. Puu then disappears and Chibiusa is alone again.

Running from the storm into the building, Chibiusa clutches the key and holds it up shouting that she wants to go home. A burst of energy comes from the key and gravity seems to release the surrounding objects as they lift off the ground. Chibiusa is a bit shocked and as the key emits more power, she screams out. Rays of light start crisscrossing all over the place. The girls inside the cafe see them and are taken aback. Rei and Makoto frantically discuss what it could be while Ami frets that her books will get damaged. Suddenly, there is no gravity and they are all floating around inside the cafe. Rei's head floats up under Minako's skirt and Minako calls her a pervert. Ami makes a critical analysis of the 'strange physical phenomenon' and states that they appear to have lost gravity, but notices everything outside seems all right. She seems excited that it is getting more and more serious.

Minako informs her that this is not the time for complicated subjects and Rei states that she is embarrassed to be this way. Makoto is doing just fine adjusting to her new environment and swims through the air determined to reach the ground. Chibiusa is floating as well, and is very disappointed that she cannot seem to get home. In her frustration, she cries out and a golden crescent moon appears on her forehead. This emits a strong beam of vertical light that alerts the Black Moon to her location. Usagi and Mamoru see it as well.

When her crying dies down, Chibiusa is confronted with the Droid Furaiki as it enters the building. Furaiki begins to attack her immediately, sending shocks of lightning at her from the drum. Chibiusa fleas and Usagi arrives, running into the building and immediately becoming weightless and floating up off the ground. Chibiusa makes her way to the cafe where the other girls are. They are all shocked to see her and the Droid following her. Furaiki blows them all away with her hairdryer and they slam into a wall. Usagi takes this as her signal to transform.

The unconscious girls float helplessly as Furaiki builds another charge on her drum. Sailor Moon arrives, and Chibiusa wakes up and asks who she is. Sailor Moon gives her introduction speech while Chibiusa watches in amazment and the other girls wake up. Furaiki blows Sailor Moon against a wall and Chibiusa tells her to hang in there. The Droid attacks again and electrocutes Sailor Moon. Furaiki then prepares for another attack and Minako worries she will be killed. A rose pierces the drum, shocking Furaiki with her own electricity. Sailor Moon is happy to see Tuxedo Mask, and Chibiusa is amazed by him. Tuxedo Mask then throws four more roses at Furaiki and tells Sailor Moon to attack.

Sailor Moon uses her Moon Princess Halation attack to destroy the Droid. Its body disintegrates and the jewel within it flies right into the hands of Petz, who is standing on the building next door. Berthier appears to inform Petz that it seems she has failed. Petz doesn’t want to hear it but she doesn’t want to fight in the gravity-less building either so she retreats. Berthier follows.

Tuxedo Mask praises Sailor Moon for a job well done as he floats towards the ground. Unfortunately, as he reaches the ground, he lands on a can and slips, but because there is still no gravity, he just floats up. Sailor Moon asks what’s going on and Chibiusa says that it's her fault, and apologizes. She then places her hand on the key and returns safely to the ground. The other girls just fall unceremoniously as gravity returns, with Makoto falling on top of Minako.

The girls demand to know what the key is, and where Chibiusa comes from, but she refuses to tell them. Sailor Moon tells Chibiusa that if she honestly tells her what's going on, she will help her. While Sailor Moon is talking to her, Chibiusa recalls what Puu told her about needing the Silver Crystal to save her mother. Minako tries to talk more sweetly to Chibiusa to get her to tell them what is going on. She tells Chibiusa that they will protect her. However, Tuxedo Mask interrupts her and says that everyone has things they don't want to talk about. Chibiusa runs to Tuxedo Mask happily. He folds her up in his cape and picks her up, much to Usagi's dismay. Chibiusa is happily escorted away by Tuxedo Kamen while Usagi watches with concern. Nevertheless, she decides that it is not that bad. As the rain stops, Chibiusa sees a rainbow and everyone takes a look at it from the bridge.

19 (65)- "Koi no ronsō! Minako to Makoto ga tairitsu" ("Dispute Over Love! Minako and Makoto Face Off")

(恋の論争!美奈子とまことが対立) ("A Charmed Life")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 19

Sailor Moon R - Episode 19

Airdate: August 14, 1993

Minako is sitting in the park on a hot summer day when Makoto arrives, apologizing for being late. Makoto tells Minako that Ami cannot visit because she has cram school, while Minako replies that Rei has to work at the shrine. The two of them joke that Usagi is unlikely to arrive on time.

Minako and Makoto see Chibiusa walking in the park, while two little boys follow her. The boys get angry at Chibiusa, but Minako and Makoto chase them away. Minako and Makoto start to argue in front of Chibiusa about their love interests. Just as Usagi shows up, Chibiusa says that she is going to marry Mamoru. Usagi gets upset over Chibiusa’s statement. Minako and Makoto continue to argue, while Chibiusa pulls on Usagi’s hair.

In the meantime, Rubeus assigns the Spectre Sisters another Crystal Point. This time, it is a store that sells jewelry and fortune telling items. Rubeus assigns Calaveras to the task, but she resists due to the fact the store sells cheap jewelry. While Calaveras is alone she summons the Droid Jamanen. Berthier arrives and tells Calaveras that Petz has left to perform the task. Calaveras gets upset and leaves to follow Petz.

Usagi is waking down the street with Minako and Makoto, trying to convince the two of them to settle their differences. Usagi is waking backwards while talking, and she bumps into a sign advertising the Lucky Charms House. Usagi immediately goes into the shop, while Minako and Makoto follow her. Petz and Calaveras are inside, selling their gems. Two girls want to buy gems, wishing for good luck with their boyfriends. The gems instead made the girls hate the boys. Usagi is looking at the merchandise when she spots a large jar containing a good luck juice in which one has to drink it all at once. Luna says that the juice is stupid and only kids would fall for it, so naturally Usagi pulls out some money and begins to drink it. Makoto jokes to Usagi that she will die if she drinks it all in one shot. Petz and Calaveras then welcome Usagi, Makoto and Minako, saying that they had some charms for the girls.

Usagi asks Calaveras and Petz if they have any charms to win back a past love. Petz pulls out a gem for Usagi, and Minako and Makoto both reach out for it behind her. Both of them pull back, saying that they were not worrying about their past boyfriends. Chibiusa is standing outside the store, trying to peek in, when Mamoru sneaks up behind her.

Usagi is frantically looking around the store, while Minako and Makoto watch. Minako and Makoto decide to make up, saying that they would find better boyfriends than the one they used to have. Chibiusa then shows up inside the store with Mamoru. Usagi sees Mamoru, thinking that the charm worked, but Mamoru suddenly leaves the store. As Mamoru departs, Rei and Ami are outside, looking for their friends.

Chibiusa and Usagi begins to argue, which upsets Calaveras and Petz. Minako and Makoto begin to get suspicious of the two ladies. Calaveras decides to summon the droid, trapping the four girls in the process. Usagi tries to leave the store with Chibiusa, but Petz intervenes. Minako then grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays Petz, Calaveras, and the droid. Minako and Makoto then transform into Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter.

When the mist goes away, the two Sailor Senshi introduce themselves to Petz and Calaveras. The two sisters try to outdo themselves while performing their introductions, surprising Venus and Jupiter over their rivalry. Calaveras catches Sailor Venus with a whip, while Jupiter gets caught by Jamanen and is repeatedly attacked by Petz. Sailor Mars arrives with Sailor Mercury, using her Burning Mandala attack to rescue Venus and Jupiter. Sailor Venus then attacks with the Venus Love-Me Chain, while Jupiter uses Sparkling Wide Pressure. Calaveras and Petz fight back with their powers, canceling out the attacks by Jupiter and Venus. The two sisters escape, instructing Jamanen to fight the Senshi.

Usagi hides Chibiusa in a closet and transforms into Sailor Moon. She enters the shop to see the other four Senshi trapped by the droid. Sailor Moon is surprised to see Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars in the store. Sailor Mars instructs Sailor Moon to hurry up. Jamanen attacks Sailor Moon, but she quickly uses Moon Princess Halation to defeat the enemy.

All of the girls decide to go for coffee after the battle. While at the coffee shop, Usagi begins to drink the good luck juice again, while Ami and Rei watch. Usagi gets upset over some of Rei’s comments, then she spits the juice all over Rei’s face, and the two begin to quarrel.

20 (66)- "Usagi no oyagokoro!? Karē na sankaku kankei" ("Usagi's Parental Love? A Curry Triangle Relationship")

(うさぎの親心?カレーな三角関係) ("A Curried Favor")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 20

Sailor Moon R - Episode 20

Airdate: August 21, 1993

At the Tsukino household, Chibiusa is upset because Ikuko and Kenji cannot come to her class activity even though they promised they would, and Shingo agrees with her. Usagi arrives in search of dinner, and Ikuko suggests that she go instead, explaining that Chibiusa's class is having a party where they will make curry together with their parents. Chibiusa immediately rejects the idea, and Usagi storms off angrily.

Later that night Chibiusa stands on the balcony, insisting that she's fine with going by herself. As she remembers a dinner back at home with her parents her facade crumbles and she begins to cry, saying that she wants to have dinner with her Papa and Mama. In the meantime, Luna tries to convince Usagi to be nicer to Chibiusa, but Usagi just wanders off in search of a snack. When she enters the kitchen she finds Chibiusa making a clumsy effort at cooking rice and is about to make fun of her when Chibiusa begins to cry, calling out to her parents. Usagi hesitates, then approaches and suggests that they invite Mamoru to go with them. Chibiusa accuses Usagi of just using her as an excuse to go visit Mamoru, but agrees nonetheless.

Bright and early the next morning Usagi and Chibiusa show up at Mamoru's apartment and invite him to the curry party, but he says he has to work. Chibiusa is disappointed but still says that it's all right, and Mamoru relents and says he'll manage it somehow, though he doesn't know how to make curry. Chibiusa starts to suggest that they can ask Usagi to do it, but realizes what she's saying and stops. Usagi insists that she can make curry, but when Chibiusa and Mamoru suggest that they practice she says she has a lot of things to do and they can go shopping for ingredients later that night.

In the UFO, Petz disdainfully comments on Calaveras' beauty treatments, saying that men who are concerned with appearance aren't worth it. Calaveras taunts Petz about being dumped, but the argument is interrupted when Rubeus appears to say he has located a Crystal Point in the Juuban Supermarket. Petz immediately volunteers, leaving Calaveras to run after her.

The Sailor Senshi gather to teach Usagi how to make curry. Ami lectures Usagi on curry spices, but Rei suggests just using a package of instant curry. Makoto takes over and shows them how to chop vegetables, but when Minako decides to try for herself she cuts her finger, causing momentary alarm as Usagi mistakes a piece of carrot for the tip of Minako's finger.

As Usagi, Mamoru, Luna, and Chibiusa walk to the supermarket to buy ingredients for curry, Chibusa remembers walking in Crystal Tokyo with her mother and father. Without thinking she reaches out to take both Usagi's and Mamoru's hands, and for a moment the three of them all feel at peace. It lasts only for a moment, though, as Chibiusa realizes what she was doing and starts an argument with Usagi.

Inside the supermarket, Petz, Calaveras, and Avogadora are disguised as saleswomen selling "Dark Fruit." All customers who eat the fruit become infected with Dark Power, and when they walk around in the supermarket and touch other products, the entire building becomes contaminated. By the time Chibiusa and the others arrive, they find that all meat in the supermarket is rotten, and Mamoru and Chibiusa leave to buy the ingredients elsewhere. Luna, however, stops Usagi from leaving, saying that there is something strange in the store.

As Mamoru and Chibiusa are shopping they encounter Rei, who is surprised that Usagi isn't with them. Chibiusa insists that she doesn't care about Usagi and asks Rei about how she makes curry. Rei replies that she buys the ready-made packets of curry and pours them over rice. Mamoru mentions the curry party the next day, and Chibiusa asks if Rei is going to be busy.

Back at the store, Usagi and Luna discover that everything they touch turns into dust, which upsets Usagi because she can't use any of the food in the store for her curry rice.

Chibiusa starts to feel guilty, wondering about the feeling she had when she was with Usagi earlier, then finally announces she's going to go back and find Usagi. The others go with her, and ask they approach the supermarket Rei senses an evil aura. She tells Mamoru and Chibiusa to wait there and she runs toward the store.

Inside, the sisters and Avogadora drop their disguises. The customers drop unconscious while Avogadora fills the supermarket with Dark Power, so Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon. Luna jumps on top of Avogadora, who easily knocks the cat away and shouts "Banaknife!" as a blade pops out of a banana she's holding. Sailor Moon appears and gives her speech, while Sailor Mars appears, charging in on a rolling shopping cart. Avogadora destroys the cart by slinging a fruit at it, and the Senshi jump away quickly to avoid her attacks. When Avogadora throws a peeled lichee, her bomb is stopped by a rose thrown by Tuxedo Mask, who appears in a window and repeats Sailor Moon's speech.

Tuxedo Mask jumps down to duel Avogadora, using his cane against her Banaknife. Sailor Mars attacks with Burning Mandala, but it is easily blocked by Petz. The two sisters argue about who should attack the Senshi, but Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Venus arrive and surround them. Tuxedo Mask knocks Avogadora down, giving Sailor Moon the chance to finish her off with Moon Princess Halation. The sisters teleport away, and the customers wake up as the Dark Power fades and the products in the supermarket return to normal.

Back in Mamoru's kitchen, Usagi makes curry while Mamoru and Chibiusa look on nervously. The curry she makes looks bad, but they are surprised to find that it tastes good, and Chibiusa is pleased that she'll be able to make good curry rice at the party the next day.

21 (67)- "Umi yo Shima yo Bakansu yo! Senshi no kyūsoku" ("The Ocean! The Island! A Vacation! A Break for the Sailor Warriors")

Sailor Moon R - Episode 21

Sailor Moon R - Episode 21

Airdate: August 28, 1993

Usagi, Makoto and Minako walk up the steps to the Hikawa Shrine, finding only Chibiusa minding the grounds. When they ask where Rei has gone, she says that Rei has left to a deserted island to train. They convince Chibiusa to tell them where Rei has gone off to.

Rei is practicing on the beach when the others arrive, surprising her. Although she chastises them, complaining that she had come for training, the moon cats pull out a bathing suit from her luggage.

As Makoto fishes, Minako, Usagi, and Ami play volleyball, while Chibiusa and Rei build a sand castle. When Chibiusa looks through a hole in the castle, she spies a long-necked creature in the ocean. Rei asks Chibiusa what she is looking at, but the creature has dissapeared.

The other girls comment that Rei and Chibiusa seem to get along well, but in the next scene, where Chibiusa becomes finicky over fish, the pink-haired girl stomps off in a huff about Rei having criticized her. She takes to the ocean in an inner tube, with Luna P nearby. She soon finds herself far from the beach, and circled by sharks. She falls out of her tube, and catches hold of the creature she saw earlier, a grey plesiosaur.

The others note that Chibiusa is missing and go off to find her. The plesiosaur, being chased by sharks with Chibiusa on board, heads toward an island with a volcano. As the sharks are gaining on them, Chibiusa uses Luna P to help speed the dinosaur along. They enter a cave, where Chibiusa discovers that the young plesiosaur is injured, and uses Luna P to heal it. She names the animal Kirin (Giraffe) due to its long neck.

On the boat, the others are unable to find Chibiusa, despite that they have been searching for hours. Smoke can be seen coming from the island. In the cave, Chibiusa cooks fish caught by Kirin on a hibachi grill. After they fall asleep, Kirin's mother comes and wakes the baby, urging it to go with her, but it refuses.

The volcano on the island erupts and Rei, apparently through the power of her fire ritual training, sees Chibiusa's face in the eruption. The girls transform.

In the meantime, a rockslide from the eruption has trapped the mother dinosaur and her baby in the cave. Chibiusa escapes, and the Sailor Senshi find her. They try to stop the approaching lava stream with their attacks. Sailor Mars uses Burning Mandala, Sailor Jupiter uses Sparkling Wide Pressure, Sailor Venus uses Venus Love-Me Chain, Sailor Mercury uses Shine Aqua Illusion, but nothing can stop the lava. Chibiusa requests that the Senshi save the plesiosaurs, so Sailor Moon uses Moon Princess Halation on the rockslide to free them just in time before the lava stream reaches the cave.

Waking up on the boat later, Chibiusa (not knowing yet that the five girls are in fact the Sailor Senshi) asks what has happened to Kirin. Usagi says that the Senshi saved them. The two dinosaurs appear swimming alongside the boat, Chibiusa waves, and they leave.

The episode ends with Chibiusa telling the girls that she's now willing to eat fish.

22 (68)- "Chibiusa wo mamore! Jū senshi no daigekisen" ("Protect Chibiusa! Clash of the 10 Warriors")

(ちびうさを守れ!10戦士の大激戦) ("Naughty 'N' Nice")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 22

Sailor Moon R - Episode 22

Airdate: September 11, 1993

Usagi dreams she is in a chapel, at her wedding with Mamoru, as the guests pop open bottles of champagne in celebration and she exclaims at how cold the spray is. She wakes up and realizes that she's still cold, and that her futon is wet. Usagi and Luna are shocked, until Usagi finds Chibiusa under the blanket, realizing that the girl snuck into her bed and then wet herself in her sleep. Angry, Usagi yells at Chibiusa.

In the UFO, Wiseman's projected image appears before Rubeus. Wiseman predicts that the Rabbit's moonbeam will appear near a pedestrian bridge in Juuban the next day, and Rubeus says he will order the Spectre Sisters to watch the area. He asks how the invasion of Crystal Tokyo is going, saying that the Black Moon Clan should be in control of the city by now, but Wiseman informs him that four Sailor Senshi are protecting the city from the Crystal Points. Rubeus muses on whether those four Senshi are connected to the ones he has encountered, but Wiseman simply orders him to find the Silver Crystal and vanishes.

The next morning at the Tsukino house, Usagi has hung her wet futon outside in order to clean it. Shingo taunts her for having wet her bed, not believing Usagi when she insists it was Chibiusa's fault. Usagi sees Chibiusa leaving the house and calls after her, but the girl just runs away. Later, Luna chides Usagi for being mean to Chibiusa, saying that she must have been lonely to sneak into bed with her, and insists that she go find her. Usagi is reluctant to go because she promised her friends she would go shopping with them, but Luna points out that they can't leave Chibiusa alone because she might release her energy beam again. Reluctantly, Usagi agrees.

Chibiusa sits on the steps of a pedestrian bridge near Juuban Park, holding Luna P and telling herself that it's normal for a kid to wet the bed. She remembers a time in the past when she had wet her bed at home, and how her mother had comforted her. She pulls out her Key of Space-Time, looking at it as she remembers that she was advised not to use the key unwisely, but tearfully declares that she wants to go home anyway. A portal opens above her and she begins to rise into the air, but she's only halfway to the portal when it closes again and she falls to the ground. She begins to cry, making the crescent moon appear on her forehead, and the ensuing moonbeam attracts Luna's attention, but also draws Berthier and Koan. The two sisters approach Chibiusa from opposite directions, blocking her escape until Luna P rolls under Berthier's foot and makes her fall. Chibiusa runs but Koan blocks her path, knocking Luna P away when it flies at her. As soon as she does, though, Luna leaps at her with claws extended and Chibiusa flees. Koan and Berthier soon follow after, leaving behind the injured Luna.

Minako, Makoto, Rei, and Ami are waiting for Usagi, wondering why she's so late meeting them. Minako suggests that they wait a little bit longer, but Artemis spots Luna limping toward them and the four girls rush over to her. She tells them that Chibiusa is in danger, and they leave Artemis to tend to Luna while they go to find Chibiusa.

Usagi spots Chibiusa as the girl runs into a construction site and follows after her. She pauses behind a barrier, wondering if she should apologize to Chibiusa, when the girl pushes the nose on Luna P; the distorted image of a woman Chibiusa refers to as "Puu" appears in Luna P's eye, and she tells Chibiusa to be strong and trust in the Sailor Senshi who are her allies. Chibiusa says that she is frightened because of what happened to her mother, and Puu reminds the girl of the Senshi who protected her since she was small, saying that they are still fighting to protect both Crystal Tokyo and the world she is in now. The image then disappears and Chibiusa hugs Luna P, crying, as Usagi wonders at the conversation she just overheard. Before Usagi can decide how to react, however, Koan appears and confronts Chibiusa.

Usagi sneaks away to transform into Sailor Moon, then confronts Koan, but the other three sisters appear and introduce themselves. The other four Sailor Senshi arrive as well and begin to do battle against the Spectre Sisters, and as Sailor Moon shields Chibiusa protectively she is struck by an attack from nowhere. Rubeus appears and introduces himself, saying that his mission is to destroy Crystal Tokyo of the future, and for that Chibiusa must die. He attacks again and again, and as Sailor Moon is injured and falls to the ground Chibiusa calls out her name, crying. Sailor Moon thinks back over her memories of Chibiusa and forces herself to stand, declaring that she will protect the girl no matter what. A rose strikes the ground in front of Rubeus, and Tuxedo Mask joins the fight. He counters Rubeus' attack with a volley of roses, giving Sailor Moon time to attack with Moon Princess Halation, and the injured Rubeus orders the Spectre Sisters to retreat.

After the battle, Sailor Moon asks Chibiusa if she really came from the future, and if she can tell the Senshi about the Black Moon and what they want. Chibiusa clings to Sailor Moon and begins to weep, begging the Senshi to protect her mother.

Wiseman sits alone in his stronghold, smugly assuring himself that no matter how proud they are, Crystal Tokyo and the Rabbit's mother cannot avoid their fate. An image of Neo-Queen Serenity appears before him.

23 (69)- "Mezame yo nemureru bishōjo! Mamoru no kunō" ("Awaken, Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru's Distress")

(目覚めよ眠れる美少女!衛の苦悩) ("Prediction Of Doom")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 23

Sailor Moon R - Episode 23

Airdate: September 25,1993

Usagi is reading "Sleeping Beauty" to Chibiusa as a bedtime story, but Chibiusa thinks it's boring because she's already heard it. Usagi chides her for being ungrateful and continues. Once finished, Usagi asks Chibiusa if she thinks it's romantic, but Chibiusa has fallen asleep. Usagi is annoyed, but Luna tells her to let the girl sleep.

Mamoru is dreaming that he and Usagi are getting married, but the dream turns to a nightmare as Usagi turns into Princess Serenity and the world crumbles around her. A mysterious voice tells him that if he ever gets close to Usagi, the world will crumble and Princess Serenity will be struck by misfortune. Mamoru demands to know who is making him see this dream over and over, and thinks it might be a trick.

After Mamoru wakes, he looks at a photo of himself and Usagi, wondering if the dream is a lie. Suddenly, the glass in the frame shatters and the Usagi of the photo slumps over lifelessly. When he looks again, the picture is back to normal, but the glass is still broken. The next morning, Mamoru stands on a bridge looking into the water below, in which he sees Usagi's smiling face. Usagi appears and tries to talk to him, but Mamoru brushes her off and continues with his morning jog, apologizing to Usagi in his mind as he jogs away.

Later, Mamoru meets Motoki at the Fruits Parlor Crown. Motoki asks what's wrong, and Mamoru asks Motoki how can he get a girl to hate him. Motoki is confused by this question, but then a pretty waitress appears with Mamoru's order.

Usagi and the other Senshi have gathered in Juuban Park, and there discuss Chibiusa and Crystal Tokyo. Usagi isn't really paying attention, and wonders why Mamoru is avoiding her. Luna and Artemis scold her, saying that they need to be worrying about the enemy. Usagi gets annoyed when she hears a motorcyclist revving his engine and making lots of noise, but the motorcyclist turns out to be Mamoru, with the pretty waitress on the back of his bike. Usagi confronts Mamoru and demands to know who the girl is, but Mamoru tells her it's none of her business. The waitress asks Mamoru who Usagi is, and Mamoru says that she is just someone he knows. He drives off, leaving Usagi in tears. As he drives away, he remembers his nightmare; he again mentally apologizes to Usagi, thinking that he needs to avoid her until he can figure out what the dream means.

That night, at the Tsukino residence, Luna comes across Usagi stuffing herself in front of the fridge. When Luna asks why Usagi isn't worried about putting on weight, Usagi replies she doesn't care now that Mamoru has a new girlfriend.

Chibiusa overhears and is upset by this new information. She runs outside, and is so upset that she runs into the street and is nearly hit by a truck; this scares her enough that she releases a moonbeam. Usagi notices, and Luna tells her that Chibiusa isn't in the house. The Black Moon Clan also notice, and Petz and Calaveras track Chibiusa down to Juuban Park. The pair attack Chibiusa, but Usagi and Luna find her in time, and Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon. Luna and Sailor Moon get Chibiusa away from Petz and Calaveras, but the two villainesses unleash the Droid Akumuda, who sends Sailor Moon into a hypnotic sleep.

The two sisters continue their attack on Chibiusa but are interrupted by the Sailor Team. Realizing the odds are against them, Petz and Calaveras depart, leaving Akumuda to fight the Senshi. Akumuda tries to put the other Senshi to sleep as well, but Sailor Mars stops her attack with Akuryo Taisan. Akumuda is not destroyed, however, and says that as Sailor Moon continues to dream, she will use up all her energy and die. The Droid disappears into Sailor Moon's dream, and the Senshi begins to glow.

In her dream, Sailor Moon desperately tries to get to Mamoru, begging him not to leave, but he is always just out of reach. In the real world, the other Senshi try to wake her up with no success; Sailor Mars finally slaps Sailor Moon, but all it does is cause Sailor Moon to murmur Mamoru's name in her sleep.

Luna sees this, and remembering Usagi's despair earlier that night, dashes off toward Mamoru's apartment. Luna wakes Mamoru by jumping upon him, then tearfully begs him to help; she can't understand why he is suddenly being so cruel to the one he loves, and Mamoru can't answer. He is reluctant to help, until Luna tells him that Sailor Moon is about to die.

Mamoru drives toward Juuban Park on his motorcycle, transforming into Tuxedo Mask as he goes, and begs Usagi to stay alive till he gets there.

Usagi is still trapped in her dream, despite her friends' efforts to wake her. They are becoming increasingly alarmed by the time Tuxedo Mask arrives. He tries to wake Sailor Moon, but can't. He thinks of the nightmare again, but when he hears Sailor Moon call out for him in her sleep, he realizes that only one thing will awaken her; he asks for her forgiveness, then kisses her. Inside the dream, Sailor Moon finally reaches Mamoru, and Akumuda's power is broken. Sailor Moon awakens, and Sailor Mercury says her energy has been revived by the power of love. Everyone is relieved and Chibiusa, remembering her bedtime story, comments that the fairytale came true.

Akumuda reappears and attacks Tuxedo Mask, but Sailor Moon uses Moon Princess Halation to destroy her. He congratulates her on her victory, making her exclaim happily that he does love her after all. Tuxedo Mask remembers his vision, however, and insists that he does not. He crushes a rose in his hand, then drops it on the ground and leaves. Sailor Moon drops to her knees, devastated. Mamoru goes down to the waterfront, where he whispers an apology to Usagi and starts to cry.

The next day, Usagi meets the waitress who turns out to be Unazuki Furuhata, Motoki's younger sister. Unazuki also already has a boyfriend, and says that Mamoru was just giving her a ride so she wouldn't be late for a date with him. Usagi is delighted at this news, and while she doesn't understand why Mamoru is avoiding her, she resolves to win his love back no matter what.

24 (70)- "Ai no honō no taiketsu! Māzu tai Kōan" ("A Battle of the Flames of Love! Mars vs. Koan")

(愛の炎の対決!マーズVSコーアン) ("Enemies No More")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 24

Sailor Moon R - Episode 24

Airdate: October 2, 1993

Wiseman tells Rubeus that Prince Dimande is furious about his repeated failures, and warns that he does not have much time left in which to complete his mission. Rubeus angrily says that he doesn't need to be told that, and Wiseman suggests that he go to the Hikawa Shrine, one of the former Crystal Points, in search of the Rabbit. Rubeus agrees to send Koan, but the Wiseman tells him something bad is going to happen to her if he does. Rubeus merely shrugs and says that he doesn't care; she is merely one of his subordinates.

While Rei and Yuuichirou are shopping, Yuuichirou bumps into Koan, who angrily tells him to watch where he's going. While he is picking everything up, Koan recognizes him from Protect Esthe, and quickly takes her things from him and leaves. Yuuichirou stares after her, and when Rei yells at him for it, he says he knows her from somewhere.

When she returns to the UFO, Rubeus is waiting for her. He embraces her affectionately and says she must go back to the Hikawa Shrine, because the Rabbit will appear there. She promises that she will kill the Rabbit, even if it costs her life, and he smiles and tells her to be certain to succeed. As he starts to leave Koan gives him a bottle of cologne, but he "accidentally" crushes it in his hand and departs.

Koan arrives at the Hikawa Shrine to be greeted by an overenthusiastic Yuuichirou, and escapes him by purchasing a fortune. She exults over its promise of "great luck" but her excitement is dampened when Rubeus contacts her and chides her for not finding the Rabbit yet. He tells her to kill any girls who look like the Rabbit and cuts off the transmission with a fond farewell, and Koan blushes as she declares that she knew Rubeus loved her. As she starts to walk away she spots Rei chasing Yuuichirou around with a broom and sniffs disdainfully at them.

Minako and Makoto sit together at a cafe with Luna and Artemis, complaining about how all their friends are all busy and they're stuck with the cats. Artemis observes that they're the only ones with nothing to do, which earns him a smack from Minako.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Usagi is reading manga while Rei complains about Yuuichirou. They are interrupted by Koan, who is disguised as a cosmetics saleswoman. The sales pitch turns into a discussion of Usagi and Mamoru's relationship, and Koan declares that she shouldn't pursue someone who treats her coldly. Rei decides she doesn't want to buy anything, and when Koan suggests that they also have products for younger girls, says that there aren't any there. Koan departs again, telling herself that she just needs to wait for the Rabbit to show up.

As Usagi leaves the shrine she passes Chibiusa on her way up the stairs, and after a brief exchange has to run to try to catch her departing bus. When Chibiusa reaches the shrine she is immediately attacked by Koan and almost captured, but Yuuchiru arrives and hits Koan with his broom. Furious, she launches her Dark Fire attack at him. Rei hears the commotion and comes to investigate, and is in turn attacked as well. Yuuichirou defends her from the blast of fire, though, and is wounded.

Now furious, Rei transforms into Sailor Mars and attacks Koan. As the two of them fight, Sailor Mars realizes that one of Koan's attacks is about to strike the unconscious Yuuichirou, and she is wounded as she pulls him to safety. Koan mocks the two of them, but Sailor Mars's reply manages to make her momentarily doubt that Rubeus does love her. Koan refuses to think about it and goes to attack Chibiusa, but Tuxedo Mask arrives and takes the girl away. As she is distracted, Koan is struck by Sailor Mars' Burning Mandala attack.

Rubeus arrives and expresses disappointment in Koan's continued failures. He disdainfully tells her that he never loved her and that she was merely a pawn for him. He then gives her a space-time bomb, saying that it is a far more useful present than the cosmetics she gave him, and tells her to use it to destroy Sailor Mars. Koan tearfully accepts the "gift" and is about to perform a suicide attack but is stopped by the Sailor Senshi. Koan, feeling she has nothing left, goes on a rampage and begins attacking the Senshi, all the while screaming that she has lost everything.

Sailor Mars becomes sympathetic to her plight and blocks Sailor Jupiter's attack with her own body, much to everyone's shock. She then asks Sailor Moon if Koan can be helped. Luna and Artemis tell her to use the Silver Crystal, and Sailor Moon then heals Koan.

Later, Koan pays a visit to the Hikawa Shrine to see Rei again. She has become a cosmetics saleswoman for real, and Rei is glad to see that she is happy now.

25 (71)- "Yūjō no tame! Ami to Beruche gekitotsu" ("For Friendship! Ami and Berthier Clash")

(友情のため!亜美とベルチェ激突) ("Checkmate")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 25

Sailor Moon R - Episode 25

Airdate: October 16, 1993

Usagi and Ami are playing a game of chess in Usagi's room as Makoto, Chibiusa, and Luna watch. Usagi loses, and Ami tells her that you need to be calm and accurate to play chess. Chibusa teases Usagi about her loss and Usagi challenges her to a game, but is defeated again.

In the Black Moon Clan's UFO, Rubeus and the three eldest Spectre Sisters watch an image of Koan working in a beauty shop. Berthier wonders why Koan wanted to become a normal human, and the others condemn her as a traitor. Rubeus reveals the next Crystal Point: the Chess Tower. Berthier volunteers to contaminate it with Dark Power, but she is the only one currently focused on the mission, as Petz and Calaveras are plotting against her and Rubeus secretly wants to get rid of all four sisters.

Outside the Chess Tower, Ami, Usagi, and Makoto talk about the upcoming chess tournament that Ami is going to enter. Ami says that she only plays chess because she likes it, but a disguised Berthier arrives and gets into an argument with the girls when she insists that only winning is important. Ami goes inside and meets with her grandfather's friend, the owner of the tower. As the two of them are playing chess together, Ami notices the now-undisguised Berthier running by.

Berthier reaches the center of the Crystal Point and uses her Dark Water attack to release the Dark Power. Ami finds her and tries to stop her, but Berthier turns and attacks her. Ami is forced to transform into Sailor Mercury in front of Berthier, and uses Shine Aqua Illusion to defend herself. Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter arrive and come to the rescue, and after being hit by Sailor Jupiter's Sparkling Wide Pressure attack Berthier withdraws. Sailor Mercury tells the others that her identity was just revealed to their enemy.

Back at the UFO, Petz and Calaveras mock Berthier for her failure, and she resolves that she would rather die than get humiliated again. Insisting that she doesn't need anyone's help, she returns to the Chess Tower and hypnotizes the receptionist to enter the chess tournament.

On the day of the tournament, Usagi, Rei, Makoto, Minako, and Koan sit in the stands to cheer their friend on, and there meet the owner of the Chess Tower. They watch the competitors on a large screen as Ami and Berthier defeat all of their opponents one by one, and Koan sees through Berthier's disguise.

Ami and Berthier meet again in the final match of the tournament, and Berthier asks if she can use her own chess pieces. Ami agrees, commenting on how pretty the pieces are, and the two of them shake hands. As the game progresses, Ami seems to be losing at first but turns it around and puts Berthier's king in check. Berthier becomes angry and freezes the camera in the playing hall, dropping her disguise. As she finally realizes who her opponent truly was, Ami transforms into Sailor Mercury.

The other four Inner Senshi realize something is wrong and transform together, rushing to join Mercury. When they burst into the playing hall, though, Berthier traps them in a ice bubble so strong that not even Sailor Mars' Burning Mandala attack can break it. Berthier demands that they finish the match, but with her own conditions; she rearranges the pieces to give herself an advantage, then says that every time Sailor Mercury loses a piece, part of her body will be frozen. Though Berthier offers to let her go free if she gives up, Sailor Mercury insists on playing to save the life of the other Sailor Senshi, saying that they are important people to her and she must protect them.

Petz and Calaveras also arrive, wanting to take part in the defeat of the Senshi. As Berthier moves to take another one of Sailor Mercury's chess pieces, however, Tuxedo Mask throws a rose which shatters Berthier's chess piece, cancelling her magic and freeing the Senshi. The two sisters tell Berthier that she must pay for her failure with her life; she complies and uses her attack Dark Water Full Power which will kill both the Senshi and herself. She is willing to die because she is convinced that trust and love are foolish ideas. Koan rushes in and finally manages to convince Berthier that she too can feel love. Koan and Berthier embrace, and Sailor Moon uses Moon Crystal Power to heal Berthier.

Later, Berthier and Koan play chess together in Usagi's room. Berthier still cheats, but the two sisters obviously love each other.

26 (72)- "Hijō no Rubeasu! Kanashimi no yon shimai" ("Cold-Hearted Rubeus! The Four Sisters of Sorrow")

(非情のルベウス!悲しみの四姉妹) (Sibling Rivalry")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 26

Sailor Moon R - Episode 26

Airdate: October 30, 1993

Koan and Berthier are at the Hikawa Shrine, raking leaves and cooking sweet potatoes with the Inner Senshi and Chibiusa. Berthier comments that it is nice to have friends, since the two of them didn’t have any before. Chibiusa begins to eat a potato, and Usagi asks if she could have half. When Chibiusa eats the whole potato, Usagi gets angry and begins to chase her.

Petz and Calaveras watch their newly healed sisters from the UFO. Rubeus soon arrives, and gives Petz a wand that will increase her power. Rubeus then gives the remaining sisters an ultimatum: kill the Sailor Senshi, the "rabbit", and their two traitor sisters, or they will not be allowed to return.

Back at the Hikawa Shrine, Usagi begins to pig out on sweet potatoes. Makoto comments that Usagi will get fat from eating so much, and Rei suggests that Mamoru rejected Usagi because she was like that. A bright light shines in the sky, and some light beams shoot at Chibiusa. Koan pushes Chibiusa out of the way, but gets captured in the process, along with Berthier.

Usagi moves Chibiusa to the closet and tells her to stay there. Chibiusa instead runs to a window after Usagi leaves, and there sees Usagi and her friends transform into the Sailor Senshi, unknowingly revealing their secret identities to Chibiusa. Sailor Mercury uses her computer to locate the evil energy and the Senshi run off. Chibiusa chases after them.

Koan and Berthier are being held near a bridge that is under construction, trapped in a ball of energy by Petz and Calaveras. Calaveras asks Petz if she could use the Stick, but Petz refuses, as she is enjoying her newfound power. Koan and Berthier try to reason with Petz, asking her and Calaveras to quit fighting the Sailor Senshi, but Petz disagrees with them.

The Sailor Senshi arrive and Petz immediately begins using her power. Petz deflects Sailor Jupiter’s Sparkling Wide Pressure attack and blasts her back. Mercury uses her computer to find out that Petz is powered up from the Stick. Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars use their attacks, but Petz is able to defend herself from them, and she blasts the Senshi back with her Dark Thunder attack amplified by the power of the Black Moon Stick. Koan and Berthier plead with Petz not to hurt the Sailor Senshi, but Petz refuses to listen. Petz then blasts Koan and Berthier along with Calaveras. The energy ball dissolves and Berthier and Koan fall, but Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars catch them. Sailor Moon goes up to Calaveras and asks if she is all right. Calaveras is shocked to find out that Sailor Moon cares about her.

Petz begins to prepare for another attack. Sailor Mercury uses her Sabão Spray to create a fog, then Sailor Venus uses her Venus Love-Me Chain attack to knock the rod out of Petz’s hand. Sailor Jupiter then blasts Petz. The other three Spectre Sisters gather around Petz, then Rubeus appears. Rubeus states that he hadn't expected the Black Moon sisters to beat the Sailor Senshi, but he will use the power of the Stick so that everyone will die together.

The Stick creates a hole to another dimension which begins to draw everything into it. Petz tries to use her remaining Dark Power, but it doesn't work and she almost gets sucked into the hole. The other three sisters then rescue Petz. After a brief appearance by Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon suggests that the Senshi go into the hole to destroy the Stick. The Sailor Senshi jump into the hole, find the Stick, and then use the Sailor Planet Power to destroy it.

After the dimension hole closes, Sailor Moon uses the Silver Crystal to turn Petz and Calaveras into humans. Chibiusa shows up and watches the transformation, discovering the Silver Crystal in the process. Back in the UFO, Rubeus is furious over the defeat by the Sailor Senshi and punches one of his mirrors.

The next day, the four sisters open up a cosmetics shop together. Petz begins to get upset at Berthier, who is trying on the makeup. Usagi and Rei then begin to squabble with each other, much to the dismay of the other three Senshi.

27 (73)- "Yūfō shutsugen! Sarawareta Sērā Senshi-tachi" ("A UFO Appears! The Sailor Warriors are Abducted")

(UFO出現!さらわれたセーラー戦士たち) ("Rubeus Evens The Score")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 27

Sailor Moon R - Episode 27

Airdate: November 6, 1993

Rubeus is trying to think of a way to capture Chibiusa when another member of the Black Moon family, Esmeraude, appears. She tells him that he is going to be relieved of his duty the next day and she will be in command. Rubeus is determined to find Chibiusa. Chibiusa can't accept the fact that Usagi is Sailor Moon and steals the locket with the Silver Crystal. However, when she tries to go home Rubeus appears and a battle ensues between him and the Sailor Scouts. Will they be able to finally stop Rubeus?

28 (74)- "Rubeasu wo taose! Uchūkūkan no kessen" ("Defeat Rubeus! The Battle in Space")

(ルベウスを倒せ!宇宙空間の決戦) ("Rubeus Strikes Out")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 28

Sailor Moon R - Episode 28

Airdate: November 13, 1993

With the other Sailors imprisoned in Rubeus' ship, Sailor Moon has to make a big decision, save them by giving Chibiusa and the Silver Crystal up, or keep Chibiusa safe at all costs. Usagi goes to fight Rubeus alone, but Chibiusa tags along and they both end up trapped on Rubeus' ship. It is now up to Sailor Moon to save both Chibiusa and the Sailor Scouts and stop Rubeus once and for all.

29 (75)- "Nazo no shin Senshi Sailor Pluto tōjō" ("A Mysterious New Warrior, Sailor Pluto Appears")

(謎の新戦士セーラープルート登場) ("The Secret Of The Luna Sphere")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 29

Sailor Moon R - Episode 29

Airdate: November 20, 1993

Chibiusa runs through the darkness, fleeing something that terrifies her. Suddenly she is confronted by an ominous male Droid. Chibiusa asks who he is, and the Droid says that she should know that, and he will take her to her mother; he then opens his cloak, revealing a black crystal against a starry field. Chibiusa falls into darkness, then cries out to her mother as a crystal covered city is destroyed with explosions of bright light.

In the Black Moon Clan's Headquarters, Esmeraude and Saphir bow before Prince Dimande, who comments on the Evil Black Crystal. Saphir doesn't understand why they are bothering with the twentieth century. Esmeraude says she will take over where Rubeus left off and promises she won't fail like him. Saphir seems unconvinced, and says he doesn't think they need to go after the Silver Crystal or "the rabbit" at all; he thinks the Evil Black Crystal is invincible. Dimande summons Wiseman, who tells Saphir that until the Silver Crystal is destroyed their own crystal will not be invincible. Dimande says their ambitions follow the enegry of the crystal.

All the girls and the cats have gathered in Usagi's bedroom, where Chibiusa lies unconscious in Usagi's bed. Usagi is in tears because even the doctor does not know what is wrong with Chibiusa, and she is afraid for the girl. As Usagi's friends try to calm her down, Chibiusa begins to talk in her sleep. She speaks of the Evil Black Crystal and "those people," then as she cries out to "Puu," Luna P's eyes light up and it lifts into the air to hover over the unconscious girl. Luna P changes into a translucent orb in which appears the image of a woman who introduces herself as Sailor Pluto. Pluto says that the Evil Black Crystal is invading the mind of the girl who she refers to as "Small Lady," and will destroy her if they don't do anything. Sailor Pluto asks the girls to enter Chibiusa's mind so that they can save her, and they agree readily.

The girls, along with Luna and Artemis, awaken to find themselves in the ruins of a city which Ami guesses to be Crystal Tokyo. Rei says that this could just be what Crystal Tokyo looks like in Chibiusa's mind, and not in the real future. The girls then hear Chibiusa's cries, and follow them to find the girl cowering in fear and crying for her mother. She does not recognize them, though, and Ami surmises that the Chibiusa they see is dreaming of a time before she came to the 20th Century and met them. Believing the girls to be more enemies, Chibiusa runs off, and is attacked by the Droid she was running from before.

The girls catch up with her, and transform when they see what is happening. They confront the Droid, who is unimpressed and attacks them with his scythe. Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus combine Burning Mandala and Venus Love-Me Chain against him but it is ineffective. When they question him he replies that Chibiusa knows the reason, and Chibiusa runs away again. The others tell Sailor Moon to protect Chibiusa and, after she follows, stay behind to fight the Droid.

When Sailor Moon catches up to and confronts Chibiusa, the child accuses the Sailor Senshi of being allies of the Black Moon Clan who ravaged Crystal Tokyo and harmed her mother. Sailor Moon tells Chibiusa that she has come to help her and is not a friend of the Clan, but Chibiusa doesn't believe her. Finally, Chibiusa tells Sailor Moon she will trust her if the Senshi can save Chibiusa's mother.

Chibiusa takes Sailor Moon to the Crystal Palace, where her mother sleeps. Sailor Moon tries to get inside, but Chibiusa shows her that the Palace is surrounded by an energy barrier powered by the Evil Black Crystal. The cats arrive to tell Sailor Moon that the other Senshi are in trouble, and she tells them to watch Chibiusa while she returns to help her friends, but before she leaves she promises Chibiusa that she will help save the girl's mother. Sailor Moon returns to find the Senshi and the Droid in a stand-off, and tells the other girls about Chibiusa's mother being trapped in the Palace. Sailor Venus suggests that if they save Chibiusa's mother, perhaps that will cure her illness. Sailor Moon agrees but informs them of the problem of the barrier.

The Senshi decide to kill the Droid, but Sailor Venus warns Sailor Moon that he is difficult, as thus far none of their attacks have worked against him. Chibiusa approaches and sees the Sailor Senshi being attacked by the Droid, and all but Sailor Moon are knocked out. Luna begs Chibiusa to open her heart to everyone, as Sailor Moon valiantly tries to attack the Droid with her Cutie Moon Rod and is overpowered. The Droid catches sight of Chibiusa when the girl cries out after seeing Sailor Moon get hurt. He threatens her and Sailor Moon tells her to run. The Droid strikes the ground with his scythe, creating a crevasse, and as Chibiusa falls in Sailor Moon manages to grab onto her hand. Chibiusa asks her why she did this, and Sailor Moon tells her it is because they are friends. Sailor Moon struggles to keep a hold on Chibiusa, who tells her to let go before she falls into the crevasse herself, but Sailor Moon says she can't do this because the Sailor Senshi came to save her.

Chibiusa is moved by this, and remembers Sailor Pluto telling her about the Sailor Senshi, as well as the time Mamoru used a Tuxedo Mask puppet to tell her that Sailor Moon was invincible. Chibiusa asks Sailor Moon if this is true, and she replies that it will be if Chibiusa would open her heart and trust the Sailor Senshi. The Droid appears behind Sailor Moon, but Chibiusa tells the Senshi to kill him, and when attacks Sailor Moon she defends herself with her Cutie Moon Rod. As he struggles against her, a pink aura appears around her and she creates an energy surge which blasts the Droid away. The pink aura lifts Chibiusa to safety as Sailor Moon destroys the Droid with her Moon Princess Halation attack.

The Sailor Senshi, cats, and Chibiusa enter the Crystal Palace and find Chibiusa's mother resting within a glowing crystal. Chibiusa thanks Sailor Moon and the rest of the Senshi, reassuring them that she is okay now. As the room fills with rainbow colored light, Sailor Moon says that they are always with her, and Chibiusa agrees. Usagi and her friends awaken in her bedroom and are thanked by Sailor Pluto, who says that Chibiusa will be okay now.

Chibiusa awakens, and seeing the image of Sailor Pluto, tells her she wants to return to the future. Pluto, however, says she isn't ready and that the enemy is sure to return to the 20th Century with a new plot, so she should help protect that era instead of the future. Sailor Pluto then asks the Sailor Senshi to look after Chibiusa and not let go of the Silver Crystal. As Chibiusa hugs Usagi and begins to weep, Usagi makes a mental promise to protect her, the Silver Crystal, and the future.

30 (76)- "Ankoku no maryoku! Esmerōdo no shinryaku" ("Magical Power of Darkness! Esmeraude's Invasion")

Sailor Moon R - Episode 30

Sailor Moon R - Episode 30

(暗黒の魔力!エスメロードの侵略) ("Emerald Takes Over" ("Emerald Bakes Up Trouble"))

Airdate: December 4, 1993

As Usagi and Chibiusa walk down the street, Usagi tells Chibiusa that she will treat her to anything she wants for the day to celebrate her recovery - but then takes it back, because she doesn't have any money. Chibiusa is annoyed by this, and demands that Usagi keep her word. They then run into Mamoru, who promises to treat her to something affordable. Usagi agrees to this plan with false cheer and runs away, leaving the two of them alone. Once out of sight, she tells Luna that she wants Chibiusa to spend time with Mamoru to make her feel better, but Usagi refuses to join them because she would be too jealous seeing them together.

In the 30th Century, Prince Dimande, Saphir, and Esmeraude discuss the failures of Rubeus and the Spectre Sisters. Esmeraude proposes that they transfer the power of the Evil Black Crystal to the twentieth century and fill it with Dark Power. In order to do this, she says, she will locate Negative Points and use the Dark Henge that Saphir has constructed for her to drive wedges into them, filling them with Dark Power until they grow sufficiently to open a Dark Gate. With the Dark Gate, they can transfer the power of the Black Crystal and cover the entire Earth with darkness. Prince Dimande agrees to the plan, and Esmeraude gleefully promises to be successful.

Back in the present, Rei, Ami, Makoto, and Minako go to the newly opened Maxi-5 cake shop, which is having an "all you can eat" grand opening special. As the four girls enter the shop, the newly-arrived Esmeraude walks by and discovers that the shop is a Negative Point. Usagi walks by shortly thereafter and immediately declares that she will binge on cake to forget about her troubles.

As the patrons of the cake shop enjoy themselves, they notice Usagi and Esmeraude at the serving table shoving cakes into their mouths. When her friends come over to try to stop Usagi from pigging out, Usagi throws a fit. Esmeraude then notices the other patrons of the shop staring at her and murmuring about her rude behavior. Suddenly embarassed, she quickly leaves, then vows revenge on those who looked down on her.

Now sitting with her friends at their table, Usagi continues to gorge herself on cake while crying to Rei and Minako about the situation with Mamoru and Chibiusa. In the meantime, Esmeraude has taken out the staff in the back of the restaurant, and plants a Dark Henge on the Negative Point. While the Henge grows, Esmeraude summons the Droid Marzipan to protect it; the Droid takes on the appearance of a waitress at the shop while Esmeraude bespells the cakes.

Mamoru and Chibiusa arrive at the shop and find Usagi and her friends there. When Usagi and Chibiusa begin to bicker, Mamoru starts to back away, but then notices the other patrons of the shop are suddenly frozen in place. He senses something about the "waitress" and hurls a platter at her, and Marzipan drops her disguise. The Droid attacks by firing frosting from tubes on her arms, and when it strikes objects in the shop it turns them into sweets. Mamoru orders the girls to get Chibiusa away, saying that he will take care of the situation, and they hurry off.

Once out of the way, the girls comment that this will be good exercise after eating all those cakes. They put Chibiusa into the care of Luna and Artemis, then transform into their Senshi forms. When they confront the Droid, though, Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus are surprised by how fast she is and are caught by her attack. Sailor Mercury realizes that the Droid's power has made the girls' bodies fragile, like sugar candy, and says that if the Senshi aren't careful they could shatter.

Marzipan turns her attack on Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon again, then as she is about to finish them off, Tuxedo Mask hurls a rose at her and stops her attack. He makes a speech about how sugar candies can melt, and Sailor Mercury realizes that he was hinting at what Marzipan's body was made of. She uses Shine Aqua Illusion, which overwhelms the Droid's attacks and releases the other Senshi. Now freed, Sailor Moon uses Moon Princess Halation on the stunned Droid and destroys her, which also shatters the Dark Henge.

Esmeraude realizes that her plan has failed, and is dismayed to find the cake shop back to normal. The Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask confront her, and after an exchange of insults, Esmeraude introduces herself. As the Senshi cover their ears in pain inflicted by Esmeraude's laugh, she disappears, and they observe that this is their new enemy.

31 (77)- "Omoi wa onaji! Usagi to Mamoru no ai futatabi" ("Our Feelings are the Same! Usagi and Mamoru in Love Once Again")

(想いは同じ!うさぎと衛の愛再び) ("Promises Fulfilled")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 31

Sailor Moon R - Episode 31

Airdate: December 11, 1993

Usagi runs into school late again, and crashes into Umino just as she is about to enter the classroom. Naru arrives and says that Sakurada-sensei will be there later, which prompts Usagi to complain about how she could've eaten more breakfast. Naru and Umino start talking about something called "promise rings," which puzzles Usagi; they explain these are handmade bracelets that supposedly grant you wishes, and start showing her how to make them.

After school and a brief conversation with Ami and Makoto, Usagi bumps into Mamoru on her way to the store to look at promise rings. Usagi tries calling out to him but he ignores her until she trips and falls to the ground, at which point he stops to help her. Usagi asks why is he mad at her, but Mamoru says it's no one's fault but his own, and leaves her alone and crying.

In the meantime, Esmeraude has found another Negative Point located on the roof of the store above where the promise ring class is being held. She summons a Droid named Udering to keep surveillance and leaves, dreaming about Prince Dimande.

Ami and Makoto decide to cheer her Usagi up by helping her make promise rings. After getting the supplies they need, they go to class and meet up with Naru and Umino. Despite all the help from the young woman teaching the class, Usagi simply doesn't understand the instructions and can't make a promise ring. She leaves with the others once the class is over, and once the room is empty the teacher is revealed to be Udering in disguise. She reports in to Esmeraude on her progress, saying that the promise rings people are making will taint their wearers with Dark Power.

Back at her house, Usagi tries to make a promise ring by herself and falls asleep on her table, while Luna and Chibiusa watch her with concern. While she sleeps she has a dream about her and Mamoru's wedding, but the dream turns into a nightmare in which an explosion separates them, then she hears a voice ordering Mamoru to get away from the Princess. Usagi wakes with a start and picks up a framed photo of Mamoru and herself, but to her horror the glass cracks.

Usagi goes to Mamoru's apartment while Chibiusa and Luna wait for her outside. She pounds in vain on Mamoru's door while he tries to get her to leave, but when she finally mentions her nightmare he allows her inside. Downstairs, Chibiusa observes that Usagi has been in there for a while, and although even Chibiusa is wearing one of the promise rings, she notes that Usagi still hasn't finished the one she was making.

Usagi tells Mamoru that now that she knows about the dream, she's sure it doesn't matter as long as he doesn't push her away. However, Mamoru explains that he's had the dream so often that he's sure it is in truth not just a dream, but a premonition of the future. Usagi keeps insisting that as long as they're together, she doesn't care about danger, but Mamoru insists they can't be together and pushes her back out the door. He leans against the door, obviously upset, listening to her sobbing and pounding on the door from outside.

When Usagi finally goes downstairs, she sees that the promise ring Chibiusa is wearing is acting up. Luna quickly tears it off with her teeth and throws it to the ground. Usagi approaches them and Luna explains what happened. Just then Ami calls on the communicator and informs them that the other students in the promise ring class are showing similar symptoms.

When Usagi, Chibiusa, and Luna arrive at the building, they can see the Dark Henge on the roof, which has by now grown considerably. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and confronts Udering on the roof. The Droid attacks her with its rings, but Sailor Moon avoids the attack, and Tuxedo Mask arrives to distract it. As the Dark Power amplifies the Droid's power, though, Tuxedo Mask is trapped by one of its energy rings.

Sailor Mercury arrives and freezes the rings, and the other Sailor Senshi deflect the attacks. Sailor Moon then takes the chance to destroy Udering, which in turn destroys the Dark Henge and removes the Dark Power's influence on the other students in the promise ring class. Esmeraude greets them and mentions how all of this doesn't matter, since she will still open the Dark Gate and destroy Crystal Tokyo with the power of the Evil Black Crystal.

Tuxedo Mask tells Sailor Moon that they will protect their city and Crystal Tokyo, and promises to fight alongside them before disappearing. Sailor Moon wants to follow him, but she doesn't until the other Senshi, especially Sailor Mars, encourage her to go after him anyway.

Usagi rushes through the streets in search of Mamoru, and finds him waiting for her, apparently having come to terms with the situation. They embrace and Usagi thinks that, even if they can't get married, she doesn't care as long as they can be together right now. Mamoru nods, and they kiss.

32 (78)- "Vīnasu Minako no nāsu daisōdō" ("Venus Minako's Nurse Mayhem")

(ヴィーナス美奈子のナース大騒動) ("No Thanks, Nurse Venus")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 32

Sailor Moon R - Episode 32

Airdate: December 18, 1993

It is almost Christmas, and as people wearing face masks walk the streets of Tokyo a news report plays in a store window talking about the influenza outbreak. Esmeraude pauses to watch the news and gloats about her plan to spread Dark Power through this new strain of influenza. Minako walks past, looking around at all the people, and declares that it is time for her to take action.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Rei receives a phone call from Makoto. Both of them have the flu, and Makoto says that Usagi and Ami are also ill, but there is one Sailor Senshi who is still full of energy. Just then Minako arrives, enthusiastically swinging her cat carrier (as Artemis loudly protests) and announcing that she is there to help. Makoto listens to this over the phone with a wince, then looks around at her apartment that Minako had already destroyed.

Minako makes rice porridge for Rei, saying that she made it right this time, and Artemis observes that Minako had already tried to make it for both Makoto and Ami. This attempt turned out no better than the previous two, however, and everything else that Minako attempts to do to help her sick friend only backfires until Rei finally loses her temper and kicks Minako out. Undaunted, Minako hurries off through the shopping center toward Usagi's house, ignoring Artemis' suggestion that she stop trying to "help" people.

In the meantime, Esmeraude watches her Dark Henge grow, certain that this time her plan will work and she will be able to please Prince Dimande.

Rei calls Usagi to warn her about Minako, but Usagi says they already have someone at her house who is full of energy. The call is interrupted when Chibiusa calls for help, as she was trying to hang the laundry and instead almost fell off the balcony. She is saved by Ikuko, who asks Usagi to take care of her. The two bicker briefly and Usagi says aloud that she wishes there was someone who could play with Chibiusa, whereupon Minako appears and declares that she will take on that duty and every other task that needs to be done, then firmly shoos Usagi off to bed despite her protests.

As Usagi and the sick Luna attempt to get some rest, Minako and Chibiusa appear dressed as nurses and try to tend to their patients. This attempt turns out about as well as Minako's previous ones, and Usagi convinces them to leave her alone. The two girls then try to take care of the household chores, but in the process cause havoc and make a huge mess. Usagi and her mother survey the damage, then Ikuko tiredly says she will clean it up after she has a short nap. Usagi watches her go, then becomes dizzy and passes out.

In a dream, Usagi is on a romantic date with Mamoru when her friends appear and lecture the two of them. Mamoru falls into a void and disappears, then fire appears and surrounds Usagi. She awakens to find Minako changing the cold compress on her forehead as Chibiusa sleeps at the end of the bed. Usagi asks Minako why she's so determined to take care of her, and Minako replies that it is because Usagi is someone very important to her, and that Chibiusa was helping because she also cares about Usagi. Chibiusa wakes up and reminds Minako that they were going to go to the hospital to pick up everyone's medicine, and after making certain Usagi will be all right if left alone, the two of them leave. Usagi watches them go with a smile on her face.

The halls of Juuban Medical University Hospital are full of the slumped forms of unconscious staff members. Esmeraude arrives to check on her Droid, Pharmakon, who is disguised as a nurse and watching over the Dark Henge. Pharmakon says that if they deliver the medication infused with Dark Power to more humans the Dark Gate will be open very soon.

Chibiusa and Minako arrive at the hospital to find the lobby empty and nobody at the window. Upset that there is nobody there to help them, Chibiusa rushes off down a hallway and when she finds the disguised Esmeraude and Pharmakon, demands that they give her their medication. Esmeraude is surprised that there is still a child with that much energy, and offers to give Chibiusa a shot so that she won't get sick. Chibiusa is visibly scared of the needle, and when Pharmakon tries to hold her down so Esmeraude can administer the injection, the girl cries out and triggers a moonbeam.

The Sailor Senshi sense the energy and realize that Chibiusa is in trouble, and Minako transforms into Sailor Venus.

Realizing that they have the Rabbit before them, Esmeraude and Pharmakon abandon their disguises and prepare to attack, but are stopped by Sailor Venus. Esmeraude is surprised that the Sailor Senshi have already found her, and Sailor Venus pretends that she knew all about the Black Moon Clan's plot as Esmeraude explains it. Chibiusa watches in silent shock, amazed that Sailor Venus can play along so calmly.

The other Senshi determinedly make their way toward where Chibiusa is, ignoring how sick they are. Usagi tells a concerned Luna and Artemis that if Chibiusa is in danger then that is where she needs to be, no matter what.

As Sailor Venus and Pharmakon fight, the Droid fires off a series of syringes at the Senshi that pin her to the wall. She then attacks Chibiusa, but a thrown rose shatters the syringe and saves her. Tuxedo Mask appears and announces that he cannot forgive them, but when a furious Esmeraude orders the Droid to keep attacking, the other Senshi appear and join the fray. A dismayed Sailor Venus tells them that they should all be in bed, but they assure her that they're fine because she helped them.

Esmeraude promptly flees and Sailor Mars uses Burning Mandala to knock the Droid down, but when Sailor Moon goes to attack she falters, overcome by illness. Tuxedo Mask calls out encouragement and she finds the strength to use Moon Princess Halation to destroy Pharmakon. Sailor Venus interrupts the moment of triumph to beg the others to get her down from the wall.

The Dark Henge topples over and shatters, and Esmeraude swears revenge on the Sailor Senshi.

Now that the source of Dark Power has been destroyed the flu epidemic ends, but Minako and Artemis end up in bed with a real cold. Usagi and Chibiusa show up to take care of her, but as their attempts at nursing devolve into another argument, Minako plaintively wails that she just wants some rest.

33 (79)- "Arutemisu no bōken! Ma no dōbutsu ōkoku" ("Artemis' Adventure! The Evil Animal Kingdom")

(アルテミスの冒険!魔の動物王国) ("Dog Day For Artemis")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 33

Sailor Moon R - Episode 33

Airdate: December 25, 1993

After Luna teases him one to many times, Artemis runs away to an animal shelter. The shelter just happens to be Emeraude's next target. She plans to use the animals in the shelter and turn them against humans in an attempt to conquer the city for the Black Moon.

34 (80)- "Kyōfu no gen'ei! Hitoribocchi no Ami" ("Terrifying Illusion! Ami All Alone")

(恐怖の幻影!ひとりぼっちの亜美) ("Smart Payoff" ("Lonely Amy"))
Sailor Moon R - Episode 34

Sailor Moon R - Episode 34

Airdate: January 8, 1994

Emeraude's next target is the Albert Einstein school, an extracurricular school. The dark energy she floods into the school causes all of the kids to act weird, and the next day at school they accuse Ami of cheating on her test. Ami tries to brush it off and goes to the school. Once she is there she immediately figures out it is a plot by the Black Moon. The other Sailor Scouts arrive, and the droid uses her powers to make Ami think the other scouts have turned against her, and she begins to attack them. Will the scouts be able to save Ami and stop Emeraude?

35 (81)- "Ankoku gēto kansei? Nerawareta shōgakkō" ("Dark Gate Completed? A Grade School in Danger")

(暗黒ゲート完成?狙われた小学校) ("Child's Play")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 35

Sailor Moon R - Episode 35

Airdate: January 15, 1994

Emeraude puts her servants Doom and Gloom in charge of two negative points. When Chibiusa goes to school, everyone is acting strange. Esmeraude targets Chibiusa's school, forcing Chibiusa to witness her friends and classmates turned against her. Luna and Artemis discover the Negamoon's plan. The Sailor Scouts arrive, but will they be able to help the kids when Doom and Gloom are using the kids to attack them?

After Usagi and the others assist in saving them, Chibiusa finally decides to return to the future to face her problems head-on.

36 (82)- "Mirai he no tabidachi! Jikū kairō no tatakai" ("Journey to the Future! Battle in the Space-Time Corridor")

(未来への旅立ち!時空回廊の戦い) ("Future Shocked")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 36

Sailor Moon R - Episode 36

Airdate: January 22, 1994

Sailor Moon and the rest of the team travel to the future and encounter Sailor Pluto once again. She opens the Gates of Time, and once in the Space-Time Corridor, they find out that Esmeraude has planned a trap for them. Esmeraude sends Droid Ryuax after the team and demands her to bring back Chibiusa and purposely forgets to tell her to bring back Sailor Moon - leaving Ryuax to kill Sailor Moon but after a full-blown battle the Sailor Senshi destroy Ryuax with the Sailor Planet attack and enter the gate of the future.

37 (83)- "Shōgeki no mirai! Demando no kuroki yabō" ("The Shocking Future! Dimande's Dark Ambition")

(衝撃の未来!デマンドの黒き野望) ("Legend Of The Negamoon")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 37

Sailor Moon R - Episode 37

Airdate: January 29, 1994

Everyone arrives in 30th Century Crystal Tokyo, and they are shocked to see the city cast in darkness and in total ruin. When Chibiusa sees this sight she runs off crying. Everyone follows her, and eventually a man walks towards them. He reveals that he is King Endymion, the king of Crystal Tokyo. They follow him back to his hideout where he reveals what happened to the city, the origin of the Black Moon family, and why they have been attacked the present and future. With the scouts in the future, Prince Diamond decides to go and finally get his hands on Sailor Moon. He arrives in the king's hideout and kidnaps Sailor Moon due to her great resemblance to the beautiful Neo-Queen Serenity. Will Tuxedo Kamen and the Sailor Scouts be able to find her and rescue her from Prince Diamond?

38 (84)- "Waizuman no mashu! Chibiusa shōmetsu" ("Wiseman's Evil Hand! Chibiusa Disappears")

(ワイズマンの魔手!ちびうさ消滅) ("Jealousy's Just Reward")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 38

Sailor Moon R - Episode 38

Airdate: February 5, 1994

The Wiseman kidnaps Chibiusa from the Crystal Palace and fills her mind with false thoughts that no one cares for or loves her. Meanwhile, he uses Esmeraude, who has gone to him in order to make her Prince Diamond's queen. Wiseman tricks her, giving her a false crown, which transforms her into a huge dragon, in order to distract Sailor Moon from his real purpose. In the end the Sailor Senshi unleash attacks on the apparently invincible dragon — still not recognizing it as Esmeraude in disguise, and then Sailor Moon unleashes Moon Princess Halation. The dragon disintegrates and becomes Esmeraude, seemingly asleep. Esmeraude disappears, screaming, into a vortex and vanishes into nothing, ending her life. Wiseman laughs and reflects on his gladness at her departure, and then reveals that Sapphire and Prince Diamond will be "joining" Esmeraude. An eerily familiar laugh echoes around the room.

39 (85)- "Ankoku no joō Burakku Redi no tanjō" ("The Birth of Black Lady, The Queen of Darkness")

(暗黒の女王ブラックレディの誕生) ("Birth Of Wicked Lady")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 39

Sailor Moon R - Episode 39

Airdate: February 12, 1994

The Sailor Scouts frantically search for Chibiusa everywhere. Somewhere else, Wiseman continues to brainwash Chibiusa and he turns her into Wicked Lady. Meanwhile, Sapphire talks to Prince Diamond about how he does not trust Wiseman. Diamond brushes it off and the Black Moon Family leaves for the past. Sailor Pluto appears before the Scouts and tells them that Diamond and Chibiusa have returned to the past and that Chibiusa is no longer he old self. They return to the past, and are confronted by Wicked Lady. Can the Sailor Scouts save Rini?

40 (86)- "Safīru zetsumei! Waizuman no wana" ("Saphir Dies! Wiseman's Trap")

(サフィール絶命!ワイズマンの罠) ("Brotherly Love")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 40

Sailor Moon R - Episode 40

Airdate: February 19, 1994

The Black Moon has invaded Earth of the present and created a base in the middle of the city. The Sailor Scouts watch a report on the news and become worried about Chibiusa and the future. Sapphire discovers Wiseman's true intentions and steals the key to the Dark Crystal and flees into the city. However, he is injured by Wiseman. Koan, Berthier, Calaveras, and Petz find him and bring him to there home where Petz tries to heal them. Sapphire knows that he must tell Diamond about Wiseman. However, when he arrives at the Dark Crystal Wicked Lady confronts him and the Sailor Scouts arrive to help. Will they be able to stop Rini and will Sapphire be able to tell Diamond and truth? Or will Wiseman get to him first?

Wiseman tracks Sapphire down and kills him before he can warn his older brother of the true evil.

41 (87)- "Ai to mirai wo shinjite! Usagi no kesshin" ("Believe in Love and the Future! Usagi's Determination")

(愛と未来を信じて!うさぎの決心) ("Diamond In The Rough")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 41

Sailor Moon R - Episode 41

Airdate: February 26, 1994

With the Black Moon inching ever closer to their ultimate goal, the Sailor Scouts decide to take the battle to them and try to defeat them once and for all. They teleport inside the Dark Crystal where Prince Diamond immediately separates Sailor Moon from the others. Sailor Moon tries her best to convince Diamond that Sapphire was right and he must defy Wiseman. But will Sailor Moon be able to convince Diamond, or will he continue to help Wiseman and conquer the world?

After finally helping him realize what is really going on, Diamond ultimately sacrifices himself to allow her to save both the present and future.

42 (88)- "Hikari to yami no saishū kessen! Mirai he chikau ai" ("The Final Battle Between Light and Darkness! Love Sworn to the Future")

(光と闇の最終決戦!未来へ誓う愛) ("Final Battle")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 42

Sailor Moon R - Episode 42

Airdate: March 5, 1994

Luna and Artemis watch from the top of a building as in the distance the energy from the Evil Black Crystal grows stronger. Artemis says that if the Dark Gate opens and Nemesis uses the power of the Evil Black Crystal, the Earth will be destroyed.

In the meantime, the Sailor Senshi, Tuxedo Mask, and Black Lady stand on top of a platform at the peak of the Evil Black Crystal. Black Lady uses her powers open up the Dark Gate, then the power of the Black Crystal surges. Black Lady says that she will use the power of the Crystal to destroy the world, and she is willing to give up her life for it because she does not think she is loved. The Sailor Senshi try to plead with Black Lady, saying that she is not alone, but it only angers her. Black Lady attacks Sailor Moon, but Tuxedo Mask jumps in and takes the blow.

As Tuxedo Mask falls into Sailor Moon's arms, Black Lady is stunned, as she cannot understand why Tuxedo Mask risked his life for another. Everyone tells Black Lady that risking your life is what you do for people who are important to you, and that they are risking their lives for her because they love her. Before they can convince her, though, Wiseman interferes and sends more of the Black Crystal's power to Black Lady, who resumes her attack on the Senshi.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask then remember that King Endymion told them that their love must be strong enough, else they will not be able to win. The two of them join hands, saying that they must unite their power, and Sailor Moon raises the Silver Crystal into the air. The light of the Crystal travels into the future, engulfing Neo-Queen Serenity, and as it fades away in the present Sailor Moon has transformed into her future self. Serenity helps Black Lady remember her past, showing the context of the memories Wiseman had used to torment her. Instead of leaving her alone and ignoring her, Chibiusa's parents were truly trying to raise her to be strong.

Wiseman interferes once again and traps the three of them in a column of dark power. He tells Black Lady that everyone is born alone and dies alone, and removes the image of her parents from her memory to make her believe that she is all alone. Once more convinced by him, Black Lady attacks Tuxedo Mask and Neo-Queen Serenity. Even though her own life is in danger, Neo-Queen Serenity tries to persuade Black Lady to leave this place, as it is causing her both mental and physical injury. Black Lady points out that the same is true of the Queen, but she replies that her own safety does not matter as much as Black Lady's. Once again, Neo-Queen Serenity calls upon the power of the Silver Crystal to revive Black Lady's true memories. This time the dark power finally disappears, leaving the restored Chibiusa in her mother's arms. The two of them rejoin the other Senshi as Neo-Queen Serenity reverts to Sailor Moon once more.

The victory is not yet won, though, as the power of the Black Crystal grows and Wiseman appears to announce the opening of the Dark Gate. Using his newfound power he attacks, pinning down the Senshi even as he begins to destroy the world around them. Sailor Moon calls upon the power of the Silver Crystal and rises to her feet, and when Wiseman directly attacks her she dispels his attack and once more takes the form of Neo-Queen Serenity. She and Wiseman begin to battle, but the power of the Silver Crystal cannot prevail against him.

Chibiusa begins to cry, saying that everything is her fault, but as her tears fall one of them becomes the Silver Crystal of the future. She realizes then that the Crystal merged with her when she picked it up. Even though the others warn her of how dangerous it is, Chibiusa declares that she will use the Crystal to fight and protect those who protected her, even if it means her life. As Chibiusa and Neo-Queen Serenity call upon the powers of the two Silver Crystals of present and future, and the Sailor Senshi add their strength as well, their power overcomes Wiseman and destroys him.

Sailor Moon and Chibiusa find themselves floating within a pink light and wonder if they are dead, but say that if so it is all right, because they saved everyone. They hear Neo-Queen Serenity's voice tell them that they have created a miracle, and both wake to find themselves surrounded by their friends. As the dawn breaks over the city, the Evil Black Crystal fades away completely.

The Senshi gather at the park later, bidding Chibiusa farewell as she returns to the future, but Usagi just stands to one side and watches awkwardly. They finally rush together and embrace, and Chibiusa thanks her. Chibiusa then thanks the others as well, and uses the Key of Space-Time to return home.

Back in a now-restored Crystal Tokyo, Chibiusa races toward her parents and the Sailor Senshi of the future. She stops to curtsey, then tearfully throws herself into her mother's arms, as Neo-Queen Serenity welcomes her home.

43 (89)- "Usagi-tachi no ketsui! Atarashiki tatakai no jokyoku!" ("Usagi and the Girls' Resolve! Prelude to a new Battle")

(うさぎ達の決意新しき戦いの序曲) ("Follow The Leader")
Sailor Moon R - Episode 43

Sailor Moon R - Episode 43

Airdate: March 12, 1994

A recap of the two previous seasons as well as a preview for the third season, Sailor Moon S. During the voice-overs, the Sailor Soldiers' argue over who will become the new main character.