1- "Nakimushi Usagi no karei naru henshin" ("Crybaby Usagi's Magnificent Transformation")

(泣き虫うさぎの華麗なる変身) ("A Moon Star Is Born")
Sailor Moon - Episode 01

Sailor Moon - Episode 01

Airdate: March 7, 1992

Usagi Tsukino is a clumsy, below-average junior high student who encounters a black cat on her way to school one morning. She rescues the cat from some children and removes some band-aids from its forehead, revealing a crescent bald spot. Realizing she is going to be late, Usagi leaves the cat and runs to school.

Usagi is late anyway, and is further berated for achieving yet another low test score. Her friends, Naru Osaka and Umino Gurio, mention that the mysterious heroine Sailor V has been in the news, having thwarted a jewelery store robbery. Naru says that her mother's jewellery store, OSA-P, is having a sale, so she and Usagi decide to visit it on the way home.

Meanwhile, in the domain of the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl demands that her minions bring her the legendary Silver Crystal as an energy source for their great ruler. Queen Metalia. With the crystal still hidden, Beryl's general Jadeite reveals that he has a plan in motion to gather human energy as a substitute.

Usagi and Naru go to the jewelry store and find Naru's mother, Mayumi in a state of excited salesmanship. Unbeknownst to them, Mayumi has been replaced by a double from the Dark Kingdom, a Youma named Morga who is using the discounted gems to transmit the humans' energy to Jadeite. She offers Usagi a discounted diamond, but Usagi realizes she has no money, and her father is unlikely to buy it for her considering her poor test result. Dejected, she leaves the shop and throws her test paper away. It hits a boy behind her on the head. He too mocks her for her poor result,calls her meatball head, and she storms off. As she heads home, dreading revealing her score to her parents, the black cat from earlier is watching her.

When Usagi arrives home, her mother immediately asks her about the test. She reluctantly hands it over, and is promptly kicked out of the house. Back at the jeweler's, the effects of the gems cause the customers to faint. Naru asks her mother what's happening, only to be confronted by the Youma.

Finally back inside, Usagi decides to take a nap. The black cat comes in through the window and speaks to her. She says her name is Luna, and thanks Usagi for removing the band-aid which was suppressing her powers. Luna gives Usagi a brooch and tells her that she must fight a mysterious enemy that is attacking the town, and assist in the search for their princess. Usagi doesn't really believe her, so Luna gets her to recite the transformation phrase: "Moon Prism Power, Make Up" The brooch transforms Usagi into Sailor Moon. She is shocked at first, but then she is able to hear Naru's cries for help through her barrettes. Luna tells her that it is her job to save Naru. Sailor Moon starts to cry when realizing that her friend is in trouble. She flies off to fight.

As Naru wrestles against Morga, Sailor Moon appears. Morga awakens the comatose customers and sends them after Sailor Moon, who panics, not knowing what to do. Morga moves in for the kill, but is distracted by the momentary intervention of the mysterious Tuxedo Mask. Luna advises Sailor Moon to do something, rather than just sit there. Sailor Moon continues to cry, and her amplified wailing starts to incapacitate the customers. Luna instructs her to use her tiara against Morga. Sailor Moon complies, removing the tiara and using the Moon Tiara Action attack, which destroys Morga. Tuxedo Mask congratulates Sailor Moon, who is instantly smitten.

The next day, Naru recounts her strange dream, in which she was saved from a monster by someone called Sailor Moon. Usagi, however, is too tired to listen.

2- "Oshioki yo! Uranai house wa yōma no yakata" ("Punish Them! The House of Fortune is the Monster Mansion")

Sailor Moon - Episode 02

Sailor Moon - Episode 02

Airdate: March 14, 1992

Jadeite is summoned to Queen Beryl. He has been investigating a fortune teller, and claims to have another energy-gathering plan in motion.

The following morning, Usagi is once again late for school. Today, Umino seems to be paying a lot of attention to her. Umino later confesses to Naru that he wants to go on a date with Usagi. Trying and failing to supress her amusement, Naru advises Umino to consult a fortune teller, since a new fortune telling house has recently opened in the area.

Usagi meets her usual fortune teller on the way home, and finds that there are no customers. The old man points out the new fortune telling house located opposite, and says the competition is too great. Nevertheless, she asks for a palm reading. The old man tells her that somebody she sees every day likes her. Across the road, Umino enters the House of Fortune.

Pondering the identity of her admirer, Usagi goes to Game Center Crown and sees Motoki, who she has a crush on. He shows her the new Sailor V game, giving her a treasured opportunity to get close to him. Luna interrupts them, and Usagi decides to go back to the old man and check if Motoki is her admirer. She finds that he has finished for the day, and considers going to the House of Fortune instead. To decide, she kicks her shoe over her shoulder. It hits the same boy she hit with her test paper in the previous episode (revealed later in the series to be Mamoru). He berates her again and she storms off.

Inside the House of Fortune, Umino and the other customers are hypnotized with mind-controlling tarot cards that also drain their energy. Outside, Usagi meets her father, who is shopping for her mother. He asks about Luna, and Usagi says she is her friend.

The following day at school, Naru tells Usagi about Umino's crush on her. Suddenly Umino comes in wearing a suit, and asks Usagi on a date. When the teacher objects to his behaviour, he flips up her skirt to her utter horror. Later, Umino and some other students become increasingly rebellious. Naru tells Usagi that some of them visited the House of Fortune. Usagi and Luna go to investigate, and Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon.

Inside, the Youma in charge of the house, Balm, instructs her hypnotized subjects to wreak havoc in the city. Sailor Moon bursts in, and the customers turn on her. Tuxedo Mask briefly distracts the monster, freezing the customers, and tells Sailor Moon to keep fighting. The Youma attacks again, but Sailor Moon destroys her with Moon Tiara Action. The customers return to normal, although Umino is later horrified when he finds out what he did under hypnosis.

3- "Nazo no nemuribyō, mamore otome no koisuru kokoro" ("Mysterious Sleeping Illness, Protect the Girls' Hearts in Love")

(謎のねむり病, 守れ乙女の恋する心) ("Talk Radio")
Sailor Moon - Episode 03

Sailor Moon - Episode 03

Airdate: March 21, 1992

As Jadeite discusses his latest plan with Queen Beryl, Usagi listens to a late night romantic talk show on the radio. A love letter from "Haruna" is read out, and Usagi wonders if it was from her teacher.

The next day, Usagi's father reads about a new illness that sends people into a permanent sleep. Usagi, meanwhile, is late for school again, but still arrives before Ms. Haruna. When Ms. Haruna does arrive, she is tired and quickly falls asleep in the classroom.

Luna, out walking, encounters Motoki. An ambulance drives past and goes to the school to pick up Ms. Haruna, who is still asleep. Naru wonders if she is suffering from the new disease, while Usagi decides she would quite enjoy sleeping forever.

At FM No. 10, the local radio station, more letters arrive for Midnight Zero, a program which the management insists does not exist. A suspicious employee offers to take care of the letters. Usagi and Naru, meanwhile, discuss the show and the fact that they can't send love letters, since neither has a boyfriend. Naru suggests writing to a future boyfriend, an idea which Usagi likes. She then bumps into her nemesis, who Naru thinks is handsome. Usagi heartily disagrees.

Finding little inspiration for her love letter, Usagi decides to seek advice from Midnight Zero's presenter, "J Dite." However, the security guard at FM No. 10 assures her that there is no such program. That night, Usagi hears the program just as always - although, as Luna points out, it does not appear in the radio listings. The program is actually being presented by Jadeite, who reads out Naru's letter.

The next day, Naru receives the program's trademark flower brooch, which is identical to the one Haruna was wearing. But Naru falls asleep as soon as she puts it on, and Usagi also falls asleep when she tries to wake her.

Usagi is roused from her dreams of Tuxedo Mask by Luna. She finds herself in the nurse's office, where Naru is comatose. Luna decides that something suspicious is happening at FM No. 10.

In order to help her sneak in, Luna gives Usagi the Disguise Pen. Usagi transforms into a newscaster and enters the building. Jadeite has incapacitated the staff and is beginning Midnight Zero again. Usagi interrupts the program, warning the listeners to keep away from the flower brooches. Jadeite's assistant transforms into the Youma Flau and attacks, so Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon. Jadeite introduces himself, and sends the Youma after her. Sailor Moon destroys her and turns her attention to Jadeite. Unfortunately, he easily deflects her attacks, but leaves when Tuxedo Mask intervenes.

The following morning, everyone wakes up, cured of the sickness. Usagi tries to write a genuine love letter to Tuxedo Mask, but is foiled by the curiosity of Naru and Haruna.

4- "Usagi ga oshiemasu! Surimu ni naruhō" ("Usagi Will Teach You How to Lose Weight!")

(うさぎが教えます!スリムになる法) ("Slim City")
Sailor Moon - Episode 04

Sailor Moon - Episode 04

Airdate: March 28, 1992

Usagi discovers that she has gained weight. Both her family and Luna agree that she eats too much and doesn't exercise, so she decides to go on a diet. Naru points out that Haruna has recently lost a lot of weight. As luck would have it, Umino has been stalking Haruna and informs the girls that she has been going to a gym called Shapely. Finding out that the gym is offering free membership, the girls sign up immediately. The gym is actually run by Jadeite, disguised as a fitness instructor. The girls are taken in by the ruse, although Usagi quickly sneaks away for a bath. The other girls are given "Shape Ray" treatment, which Jadeite assures them will reduce their weight. They emerge from the Shape Ray pods drained, but Jadeite tells them that they are more beautiful, and that they should come back tomorrow. The pods are, in fact, draining their energy.

Having lost track of Naru and the others, a hungry Usagi wanders the streets and passes out in Motoki's arms. She tells him that she is dieting, and he replies by telling her that she doesn't need to lose weight. Reassured, Usagi buys a large bag of dumplings and returns to her old eating habits. She then encounters Mamoru, who tells her the exact opposite of what Motoki told her. Luna agrees with him, and Usagi realises that all the dumplings she just ate will make it even harder to lose weight. Luna tries to point out that Gym Shapely is suspicious, and that the girls who go there are becoming dangerously thin, but Usagi is more worried about her excess calories.

While Usagi works hard in the gym, Luna sees an emaciated Haruna going into the basement. Jadeite puts her in the Shape Ray pod for another treatment, which will probably kill her. Luna knocks Usagi off an exercise bike, lures her out of the gym, and gets her to transform into Sailor Moon. They confront Jadeite, who sets three hypnotised bodybuilders on Sailor Moon while he escapes. Following Luna's advice that fighting will help her lose weight, Sailor Moon tackles them and indirectly destroys the Shape Ray pods, then removes the hypnosis rings from the bodybuilders' heads. While Queen Beryl congratulates Jadeite on a semi-successful plan, Usagi discovers that despite her hard work, she has gained weight.

5- "Yōma no kaori! Shanēra wa ai wo nusume" ("A Monster's Scent! Chanela Steals Love")

Sailor Moon - Episode 05

Sailor Moon - Episode 05

Airdate: April 11, 1992

Usagi is awakened from her dreams by Shingo, who has discovered Luna sleeping on his bed. Shingo has a fear of cats and demands that Luna be thrown out. Usagi asks her parents if they can keep Luna as a pet and they respond by saying that Usagi and Shingo should work it out between themselves.

Meanwhile in the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite informs Queen Beryl of a plan to gather energy by harnessing and enhancing human desires. Meanwhile, Luna's attempts to get on Shingo's good side backfire. Shingo confesses his fear of cats to his friend Mika, who shows him a new kind of pet called a chanela. Chanelas are fluffy rabbit-like creatures that emit a powerful scent and are only sold at a newly owned pet shop, Pet Shop Perfume. The animals exhibit a hypnotic power over Shingo and Mika and they both buy one. Once with their pets, they lose interest in anything else. When Luna tries again to get Shingo to like her, he kicks her away. Usagi's parents decide that the family will keep both Luna and the chanela, but Shingo is still not satisfied. He goes to his room with it and refuses to come out, even for school.

Many of Usagi's classmates have also bought chanelas. They hide them when Haruna comes into the classroom, but soon cannot resist trying to look at them. When Haruna tries to confiscate the pets, the students turn violent and leave the class in protest. Usagi and Naru are suspicious of the chanelas and Usagi decides to investigate the pet shop.

She enters the shop and meets Luna, who is also investigating. Failing to heed Luna's warnings, she falls under the spell of a chanela and takes it home. Seeing the effect it has on Usagi, Luna takes the animal away and Usagi is returned to normal. They try to take Shingo's chanela too, but he runs away. Usagi becomes Sailor Moon and follows him back to the pet shop. There, the assembled chanela owners come under the influence of Jadeite's Youma, Iguara, and prepare to spread chanelas across Azuabu-Juuban. Sailor Moon returns Shingo and the others back to normal using Moon Tiara Stardust and destroys the Youma with Moon Tiara Action. After the battle, Shingo follows her, believing that she Usagi is Sailor Moon. Hiding from her brother, Sailor Moon introduces herself and tells Shingo to be nice to a cat he knows called Luna. Shingo complies and completely spoils Luna from that moment on.

6- "Mamore koi no merodi! Usagi wa Kyūpiddo" ("Protect the Melody of Love! Usagi is a Cupid")

Sailor Moon - Episode 06

Sailor Moon - Episode 06

Airdate: April 18, 1992

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl is listening to a cassette that Jadeite brought and watches as it drains the energy out of roses. Jadeite says the frequency in the tape will do the same to humans, draining energy from them for Queen Metalia. Jadeite then summons a Youma Kyurene telling to place the tape into the human's music.

At OSA-P Usagi, Naru, and Luna are in Naru's room listening to music, and Usagi comments on how nice the jazz music is. They talk about the man behind the music as Usagi looks over the CD cover, which is a picture of a man carrying a bouquet of roses.

Outside the Jam Records building, the musician, Amade Yusuke, is standing in the rain is seen carrying a bouquet of roses and telling himself that today he will confess, while looking to the recording building. Inside the same building Kyurene implants the virus tape into a stereo and a woman working for the company named Akiko comes in and retrieves the tape. Kyurene is ready to attack the woman until a man arrives, telling her Amade, the musician, is waiting for her. Downstairs Akiko meets with Yusuke to talk about recording before they are interrupted by the man from earlier, who tells Akiko they made a mistake in mixing. Akiko leaves the tape with Yusuke and leaves, unknowingly being watched by Kyurene.

On her way home from Naru's, Usagi stops at the Game Center Crown and Yusuke collides with her, after running down the sidewalk. Usagi and Luna walk with him and Yusuke explains he's being targeted by a monster and tells them about meeting Kyurene. While walking down an alley he saw her being surrounded by more and more bats, before her form changed. Yusuke splits up from Usagi, leaving his card behind and Luna tells her the thing targeting him is a Youma.

In an electronic junkyard Kyurene is communicating with Jadeite through a pile of televisions and tells her to retrieve the tape, or the price is her life. She then fades into a collection of bats and flies into the city.

Outside the music club Yusuke works in Luna teases Usagi about them not lettings kids inside and Usagi uses the Disguise Pen to transform herself. After she transforms she teases Luna about cats not being let inside the club. Inside Yusuke is playing the piano and Usagi finds a seat, with Luna draped over her shoulder pretending to be an accessory. After his performance Yusuke leaves and waits in the basement parking garage where he sees bats flying around. Soon after the elevator door opens and Kyurene emerges. She attacks Yusuke, steals the tape and plans to kill him for wasting her time before Usagi arrives. Kyurene transforms into her true state, fro a distance all that is seen are large wings and flies off.

Yusuke and Usagi take off in his car to find the monster and the tape. They follow it in the car and stop at the Jam Records building, where Usagi is sure she saw it land. Inside, all of the workers are asleep and as Kyurene places the tape in Yusuke bursts into the room, Luna knocks the tape form her hand and Usagi grabs it. Kyurene then transforms into her true form, a humanoid-bat creature and demands the tape back. Yusuke finally realizes the tape they've been chasing isn't his and Kyurene attacks with her extendible nails. She then holds Akiko hostage, demanding the tape for her life and Usagi agree, by throwing the tape into the air. Yusuke rushes and saves Akiko while Luna gets hold of the tape before Kyurene and instantly smashes it.

Kyurene escapes through a window and Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon to follow her. Kyurene lands and is confronted by Sailor Moon who messes her up speech and Kyurene attacks with supersonic waves from her wings. Sailor Moon retaliated by hurling a microphone at Kyurene as she made her second attack. The microphone amplified the sound waves from her attack causing large subwoofer speakers to blast the attack back at the Youma. The attack which backfired on Kyurene incapacitated her long enough for Sailor Moon to finally destroy her with her Moon Tiara Action.

Back in the studio Akiko is taking care of Yusuke's wounds, chiding him for being so reckless because of he could have hurt his hands. Listening in the hallway Sailor Moon mentions she's envious of their relationship.

At OSA-P Naru is distraught because Yusuke and Akiko have gotten married. Usagi talks about what a great guy he is and Naru says it soundsl ike they know each other. Usagi responds by saying they do while waving around a new CD of his titled "Moonlight Lady", the cover design is of a girl, in the shape of Sailor Moon. standing on the crescent moon.

7- "Usagi hansei! Sutā no michi wa kibishii" ("Usagi Learns a Lesson! The Road to Stardom is Tough")

(うさぎ反省!スターの道はきびしい) ("So You Want to Be a Superstar")
Sailor Moon - Episode 07

Sailor Moon - Episode 07

Airdate: April 25, 1992

While Usagi, Naru, and Umino discuss the local celebrity Mikan Shiratori, Jadeite is spying on her. Naru decides she and Usagi should follow in Mikan's footsteps and become celebrities, but quickly fall out and decide to become rivals instead. Unfortunately, Usagi is soon stuck for ideas and is reduced to attempting a comedy act with Luna. Naru enlists Umino for her singing act, and dresses him as a girl.

Mikan is showering when she is attacked by a Youma, Derella. It freezes her and steals her identity. The following day the fake Mikan assists Jadeite with the "Cinderella Caravan," an audition for new celebrities. They send out a beam which hypnotizes everyone nearby into wanting to take part. At school, Naru says she will be auditioning, and Usagi is desperate to beat her. However, Luna refuses to be part of Usagi's act, reminding her that she has more important things to be concerned with. Usagi is upset, and becomes even more so when she bumps into her nemesis.

At the Cinderella Caravan, all of the acts pass, even Naru and Umino. With the prospect of performing in front of an audience, Usagi's fixated classmates begin to behave like stars, and soon start to squabble. Usagi and Luna are suspicious of their behavior, and suspect something sinister is behind the Cinderella Caravan.

Usagi and Luna sneak into the Shan Shan Plaza before the show, but find there is no audience. The Mikan clone creates a fake audience, and the hypnotized wannabes all begin to perform their acts at the same time. The "pass" stamps on their hands start to absorb their energy, and Usagi watches as they gradually faint. The fake Mikan spots her, and seeing her Youma form, Usagi runs away. Realizing that Naru and the others are in danger, she transforms into Sailor Moon.

When she returns, everyone is unconscious. She challenges the fake Mikan, who chases her around the theater and encases her in slime that sets around her. Fortunately, Tuxedo Mask throws a rose that shatters the substance, allowing Sailor Moon to break free and destroy the Youma. Everyone, including the real Mikan, wakes up, and Luna manages to (almost) get an apology from Usagi for her goofing off.

8- "Tensai shōjo wa yōma na no? Kyōfu no sennōjuku" ("Is the Genius Girl a Monster? Brainwashing School of Terror")

(天才少女は妖魔なの?恐怖の洗脳塾) ("Computer School Blues")
Sailor Moon - Episode 08

Sailor Moon - Episode 08

Airdate: May 2, 1992

In the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite informs Queen Beryl of his research into the Japanese education system. However, the system in question seems to be making little impact on Usagi, who is dreading her latest test results. While her mother despairs over her poor grades, Luna is frustrated by her lack of commitment in finding the princess.

That night, Luna goes into the Game Center Crown and uses the Sailor V game to speak to an unseen contact. She reports sensing a strange aura around a girl she recently encountered, and suspects she could be one of the enemy. The girl in question is Ami Mizuno, a student in Usagi's school.

When the mock exam results are published the next day, Ami is placed first — not just in the school, but in the whole country. Naru, Umino, Kuri, and other students are loud in their disapproval of her, thinking Ami is stuck-up and arrogant, but Usagi is not so sure. They lower their voices when they see Ami staring at them sadly.

After school, Luna follows Ami and jumps onto her shoulder, still sensing the strange aura. Usagi apologizes to Ami, and wonders if Ami might be able to teach her the secret of her genius. Despite Luna's protests, she decides to befriend her, and takes her to the game center. Ami tries the Sailor V game and is incredibly good at it, even though she has never played it before. She gets the highest score, but hurries away when she realizes she is late for cram school. After she has gone, Motoki finds a floppy disk she dropped, and asks Usagi to return it.Usagi and Luna arrive at the cram school, and discover that the disk is actually the "Crystal Disk" produced by the school, allegedly to boost intelligence. They are about to go inside when Mamoru appears, and asks her if Luna was just talking. Usagi denies it and runs away, but still hasn't returned the disk.

Luna decides to use this opportunity to investigate Ami, and takes the disk to the computer labs at school. There they discover the disk's true purpose: it's a brainwashing program from the Dark Kingdom. Luna declares that there is no doubt about it — Ami must be one of the enemy. They return to the cram school, Crystal Seminar, and Usagi gets inside after using the Disguise Pen to disguise herself as a doctor. She warns the students to get away from the computers, and seeing Ami, transforms into Sailor Moon. But it transpires that Ami's teacher is actually the Youma Garoben, who takes Ami hostage and attacks Sailor Moon, first with razor-sharp test papers and then with the brainwashed students.

Meanwhile, she finds that the brainwashing program has no effect on Ami, and decides to kill her. At the same time, Luna sees a symbol appear on Ami's forehead, and recognizes it as the symbol of a Sailor Senshi. She gives Ami a transformation pen and Ami runs from the Youma, transforming into Sailor Mercury . Sailor Mercury uses her signature attack, Sabão Spray, to create a mist that confuses the Youma. Sailor Moon is then able to destroy the monster using Moon Tiara Action. Usagi is relieved to have Ami as her partner, but alas, she is still not forthcoming with the secret of her genius.

9- "Usagi no sainan! Awate tokei ni goyōjin" ("Usagi's Misfortune! Watch Out for the Rushing Clocks")

(うさぎの災難!あわて時計にご用心) ("Time Bomb")
Sailor Moon - Episode 09

Sailor Moon - Episode 09

Airdate: May 9, 1992

Jadeite tells Queen Beryl that people expend a lot of energy while under stress or pressed for time, and uses this to gather energy by speeding time up.

While going window shopping, Usagi and Ami check out a clock store which is having a big sale. Usagi wants to buy a clock that resembles Luna, but doesn't have enough money for it since she spent most of it at the arcade. Ami says she can pick up Usagi and take her to school. When Usagi gets home, her mother has gotten her the clock that looks like Luna, though Luna says it looks nothing like her. She has also gotten one for Usagi's father to get him to work on time.

At nighttime, the clocks activate, as they have been charged with dark energy as part of Jadeite's plan. Luna discovers this. The next day, when Ami comes to pick up Usagi, she discovers that Usagi has already gone to school. Tsukino Usagi's father rushes off to work.

Everyone is in a rush to get things done. Umino saying he'll miss his snail-watching club, and he's the only member. Ms. Haruna has four dates planned so she cancels the class.

Luna runs up to Ami with the alarm clock and creates a mini-supercomputer for her. They realize that the clocks are affecting the flow of time. In the meantime, cars are crashing into each other and people are getting injured, and Jadeite is collecting a lot of energy. The woman who sells the clocks is actually Jadeite's Youma Ramua.

After a bus driver crashes a bus that Usagi is on, Ami and Luna tell Usagi about what the Dark Kingdom is doing. Usagi and Ami transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury. Sailor Moon uses Moon Tiara Action to make a hole in the door, then she and Sailor Mercury enter. Unfortunately the opening closes before Luna can enter. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury confront Ramua, and follow her into a time warp.

Ramua temporarily shrinks Sailor Moon down to a younger version of herself. Once they find Ramua, she freezes them in time. Just then, Tuxedo Mask, who has already entered the clock store, throws a rose at the main clock (that is the entrance to the time warp), damaging it and causing Ramua's spell to wear off. Sailor Mercury uses her Sabão Spray attack and Sailor Moon destroys Ramua with Moon Tiara Action. The entire clock store disappears, and Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury appear where it was. Later, Usagi and Naru head for a 2 for 1 sale at the shoe store.

10- "Norowareta basu! Honō no senshi Māzu tōjō" ("Cursed Buses! Fire Warrior Mars Appears")

(呪われたバス!炎の戦士マーズ登場) ("An Uncharmed Life")
Sailor Moon - Episode 10

Sailor Moon - Episode 10

Airdate: May 16, 1992

With the Silver Crystal still not found, Queen Beryl is becoming angry with Jadeite. She gives him a chance to redeem himself.

While Ami waits for the bus to cram school, Naru tells Usagi about a bus that apparently disappeared near the Hikawa Shrine. Usagi and Naru recall that the shrine is famous for its amulets that ward off evil, and decide to visit it.

Rei Hino, the resident shrine maiden at Hikawa Shrine, is troubled by an evil presence. The source of this aura is none other than Jadeite, working undercover at the shrine. When Usagi arrives, Rei's sixth sense goes haywire, and she mistakes Usagi for an evil spirit, knocking her over.

Rei apologises and explains that her predictions have been inaccurate recently. As Luna wonders if Rei could be the princess, an angry woman bursts in and accuses Rei of being responsible for the dissappearances. Luna suspects there might be a connection, and calls Ami to the bus stop. She, Usagi and Ami watch a large group of girls, all with amulets from the shrine, boarding the 6pm bus. They go to get on as well, but Usagi freaks out at the last minute, and the bus leaves without them. The bus then disappears into another dimension. The driver is a Youma, and she has been sent to collect energy from the girls who bought love amulets from the shrine.

Usagi goes back to the shrine the next day, and tells Rei that another bus has disappeared. Rei gets angry and repeats that she has nothing to do with it. Usagi leaves, but Luna leaves a pen behind. Rei becomes suspicious of Jadeite, and consults the flames for a prediction.

Usagi and Luna wait at the bus stop again. Ami is late, and the 6pm bus arrives before she does. Usagi is scared, but this time disguises herself as a bus attendant to boost her confidence. She and Luna get on, and Ami arrives just in time to see the bus disappear. Rei's fire reveals Jadeite as the source of evil, and she confronts him. He sends her into the same dimension as the buses, where she is captured by the Youma.

Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon, and Luna sees the symbol of Mars appear on Rei's forehead. With the help of Rei's crows, Sailor Moon traps the Youma, and Luna instructs Rei to use the transformation pen she left for her. She becomes Sailor Mars and finishes off the Youma, but they are now trapped inside the alternate dimension. Fortunately, Tuxedo Mask is also there, and guided by Ami, he drives the buses back through the portal. As he disappears again, Sailor Moon wonders if Sailor Mars could be a rival for his affections...

11- "Usagi to Rei taiketsu? Yume rando no akumu" ("Usagi vs. Rei? A Nightmare in Dreamland")

(うさぎとレイ対決?夢ランドの悪夢) ("Nightmare in Dreamland")
Sailor Moon - Episode 11

Sailor Moon - Episode 11

Airdate: May 23, 1992

Usagi, Ami and Rei meet at the Hikawa Shrine to discuss strategy, but all they can do is argue. Luna pleads with them to concentrate on finding the princess, but has no new information regarding her location. Ami suggests that in the meantime they should look into other strange events, pointing out the alleged disappearance of fifty people at a new theme park called Dreamland.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl is furious at Jadeite for letting the third Senshi appear. Jadeite promises to redeem himself with a new plan to harvest energy.

The press are demanding answers at Dreamland, but a spokesman (actually Jadeite) denies there have been any disappearances. Usagi, Ami, Rei and Luna visit the park to investigate, but Usagi quickly gets bored and starts trying the rides. After a ticking off from Rei and Luna, Usagi meets the park's mascot, Dream Princess, and her array of remote controlled animals. Rei senses a strange aura from her, but Usagi is more interested in the prospect of a show in the park’s candy house.

Having found nothing, the group splits in two: Luna goes with Ami and Usagi reluctantly accompanies Rei. Still suspicious of the Dream Princess, Rei tries to warn children away from her, but Usagi objects, seeing nothing wrong with her. On a train ride around the park, Usagi and Rei encounter Usagi's nemesis, who gets into the usual verbal match with Usagi. Rei notes the resemblance between him and Tuxedo Mask, but Usagi denies it, horrified at the very idea.

Usagi and Rei meet Luna outside the candy house: Ami has already gone inside. Rei feels an evil aura once more. Inside, the Dream Princess exposes the guests to a gas or mist that induces dreaming. This causes the guests to believe that are in a dreamy field of flowers. As even Ami is incapacitated, the mascot begins to drain energy from her now-dreaming victims.

Fearing the worst, Rei tries to break in but finds the doors locked. Usagi and Rei transform, and Sailor Mars uses her Fire Soul to destroy the door. But Jadeite is watching, and sends the Dream Princess to intercept them. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars are also exposed to the gas and are trapped in a dream - causing them to think they are in a field of flowers just like the guests that were drained of their energy earlier. Sailor Mars rescues Sailor Moon from a snake, but it then bites her and injects poison, threatening to turn her to stone. Fortunately, she quickly lifts the curse by exorcising the evil spirit from herself. The Dream Princess reveals her true form, a Youma called Murido, and subjects the Senshi to another dream. This time, both Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars are fooled by the image of Tuxedo Mask riding on a horse in the forest, and are only saved when the real Tuxedo Mask intervenes, disrupting the illusion. He quickly leaves, and Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars run from Murido. They find Ami, who has discovered that Murido's remote control is also absorbing the energy. Ami becomes Sailor Mercury, and all three combine their attacks and concentrate on the remote control. The Youma is destroyed, the energy returns to the victims, and the candy house disappears, releasing its prisoners. While Luna assures the Senshi that their victory was only possible due to their co-operation, Usagi and Rei continue to squabble.

12- "Watashi datte kare ga hoshii! Gōkasen no wana" ("I Want a Boyfriend, Too! A Trap on a Luxury Cruise Ship")

(私だって彼が欲しい!豪華船のワナ) ("Cruise Blues")
Sailor Moon - Episode 12

Sailor Moon - Episode 12

Airdate: May 30, 1992

Jadeite is approached by Thetis, whom he dislikes and does not want to work with, but she says she has the perfect plan to steal energy. They set up a love cruise to steal energy from anyone who goes aboard.

Usagi wants to go on the cruise, and Umino tells her of a contest in which the winner gets two tickets. Rei uses her power to cheat and win the contest. Usagi asks Rei to take her, but she refuses, eventually choosing Ami to go with her instead. Using the Disguise Pen to transform into a photographer, Usagi gets on board the ship before it takes off. However, it is really an illusion by Jadeite and Thetis.

Ami and Rei notice they are the only ones on the ship without dates, so all the guys are taken. Usagi runs into Jadeite, and fawns over him (and he acts nice towards her). Later, Usagi and Luna spy on Jadeite and Thetis, and discover that they are from the Dark Kingdom.

Thetis uses a disco ball to steal energy from everyone, however, it only drains energy from those in love, therefore Ami and Rei are not drained. Jadeite and Thetis reveal their true forms, and the crew members turn out to be water monsters working for Thetis. Rei chops one in two, but this only causes it to multiply. As the water monsters attack Ami and Rei, Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and confronts Jadeite just as he is about to leave.

Thetis fights Sailor Moon and shoots deadly water from the ocean at her in an attempt to pulverise her. Sailor Mars destroyed the crew members with her Fire Soul attack, and then goes with Sailor Mercury to help Sailor Moon. Sailor Mercury used her Sabão Spray attack to confuse Thetis and Sailor Mars used her Fire Soul attack to incapacitate Thetis. The Fire Soul attack gave Sailor Moon the opportunity to finally defeat the youma with her Moon Tiara Magic attack.

The Sailor Senshi demand to know who Jadeite works for and why he steals energy, but he returns to the Dark Kingdom. Meanwhile, the ship returns to the ruins of a ship, and another boat comes to pick up everyone, and they have regained their energy.

Meanwhile, Jadeite has received a transmission from Queen Beryl who chastises him for having another plan foiled, and for the unsuccessful use of her best youma, Thetis. She instructs Jadeite to remain in his quarters until she can think of what to do with him. After the transmission ended, Jadeite vows to make Sailor Moon pay for this.... if Queen Beryl doesn't do away with him first.

13- "Onna no ko wa danketsu yo! Jedaito no saigo" ("Girl Power! The End of Jadeite")

(女の子は団結よ!ジェダイトの最期) ("Fight to the Finish")
Sailor Moon - Episode 13

Sailor Moon - Episode 13

Airdate: June 6, 1992

Jadeite is called before Queen Beryl and given an ultimatum. He must kill the Sailor Senshi or be placed into Eternal Sleep.

Usagi is stargazing, thinking about Motoki and Tuxedo Mask. Suddenly, Jadeite's image appears in the sky. He demads that Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars come to Haneda Airport the following night, or he will burn Tokyo to the ground. Ami and Rei acknowledge that it is a trap, but see that they have no choice but to comply. Usagi is much less keen.

Jadeite's appearance causes a stir across Tokyo. While it is widely believed to be a prank, the police are alerted just in case. Usagi's classmates are curious, and want to go to the airport to see what happens. Aware of the genuine danger, Usagi warns them not to go, stunning everyone with her uncharacteristically responsible outburst.

Usagi visits the Game Center Crown on the way home, and is ecstatic after Motoki compliments her. Outside, her shoe flies off and hits Mamoru. They get into another argument, and Usagi starts crying, thoroughly embarrassing Mamoru.

The strong police presence at the airport is wasted when Jadeite instantly puts them to sleep. Usagi, Ami, Rei, and Luna arrive at the deserted subway station to find a train waiting to take them to the airport. As they arrive, they are attacked by a swarm of police officers under Jadeite's control.

The Senshi transform, and Mercury discovers that the police are actually fake automatons created by Jadeite. Sailor Mars destroys them, and Jadeite himself appears, claiming he saw the Senshi transforming and thus knows their true identities. He uses his powers to send two airplanes after them, chasing them to the edge of the runway. He is distracted by the timely appearance of Tuxedo Mask. Jadeite tackles Tuxedo Mask and knocks him into the sea, apparently drowning him. As he emerges from the water he mocks the Senshi, saying that they're useless and unable to do anything without a man, and his attitude angers them.

Jadeite continues to send the jets after the Senshi, but Luna advises them to ignore them and concentrate on the real enemy. With Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury acting as a distraction, Sailor Mars attaches an ofuda to Jadeite's back. The planes change direction and head towards him. Cornered by the Senshi, and with one final distraction from Sailor Moon's tiara, he barely manages to dematerialize before the planes catch him.

Appearing before Beryl, Jadeite pleads for mercy, claiming to know the true identities of the Sailor Senshi. Beryl refuses to listen, however, and seals him into Eternal Sleep. She appoints Nephrite as his replacement.

Meanwhile, the Senshi are relieved to discover that Tuxedo Mask is still alive. He advises the Senshi to treasure their friendship, then leaves.

14- "Arata naru kyōteki, Nefuraito ma no monshō" ("A Powerful New Enemy! Nephrite's Evil Crest")

(新たなる強敵, ネフライト魔の紋章) ("Match Point for Sailor Moon")
Sailor Moon - Episode 14

Sailor Moon - Episode 14

Airdate: June 13, 1992

Nephrite, now in charge of collecting energy, informs Queen Beryl of his new strategy. He plans to take energy from specific individuals at a point when their energy peaks. He is mocked by another general, Zoisite, but assures Beryl he will be successful. He consults the stars and chooses Rui Saionji, a tennis player from Juuban Junior High, as his first target.

Rui is actually a close friend of Naru's - Naru refers to her as "big sister" - and she is hugely popluar. She is approached by Nephrite, who is posing as a tennis coach named Masato Sainjoin. He surreptitiously infects Rui's racquet with a Youma, then advises her on improving her technique. She immediately becomes much more powerful as the Youma causes her energy to increase. Soon, she has defeated everybody at the tennis court. Usagi is impressed, but Naru worries that Rui is acting differently.

Luna is informed by her mysterious contact that the enemy is the Dark Kingdom, an organization that steals human energy. She advises Usagi, Ami, and Rei to train harder. Usagi suggests taking up tennis, having become infatuated with "Sanjoin." Rei and Luna bemoan Usagi's attitude, telling her to take her position more seriously. Meanwhile, the Youma's sinister influence on Rui continues to grow.

Naru confides in Usagi that she is worried about Rui, who has become cold and unfriendly. The pair visit Rui's tennis school and find her in the midst of terrorising two male tennis pros. As Usagi and Naru confront her, Rui's energy level peaks, and the Youma Tensuni comes out of her racquet, taking her energy. With Naru unconscious, Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and takes on the Youma. Without the other Senshi to help, she is vulnerable to attack, and finds herself trapped in a giant tennis ball. Tuxedo Mask steps in to help, and briefly incapacitates the Youma, allowing Sailor Moon to escape with him. They prepare to attack Tesuni together, and Tuxedo Mask blinds the monster with one of his roses. He suddenly falls down in pain, but urges Sailor Moon to finish the job. She defeats the Youma just as Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars arrive. Tuxedo Mask, meanwhile, has gone. To Naru's relief, Rui returns to normal, with no memory of what happened.

15- "Usagi aseru! Rei-chan hatsu dēto" ("Usagi is Frantic! Rei's First Date")

(うさぎアセる!レイちゃん初デート) ("An Unnatural Phenomena")
Sailor Moon - Episode 15

Sailor Moon - Episode 15

Airdate: June 20, 1992

The episode begins with Ami taking Rei and Usagi to one of her favorite parks. Rei says it is nice and quiet, while Usagi decides that it would be perfect for a date. Ami says that she enjoys reading at the park on days when she doesn't have to attend cram school. The girls soon meet the park's caretaker, Kunitachi, who is a friend of Ami's. He takes care of the entire park himself, though he says that that will soon be coming to an end: the owner of the park sold the land, and it will soon be turned into a business district. Nearby demolition equipment attests to this fact. Kunitachi laments that when the park is gone, the birds and animals will have nowhere to go. He goes back to work, saying that there is nothing he can do about it. Rei thinks to herself that she will definitely bring a boyfriend to the park before it is gone.

Later, at night, Luna is searching for the girls near Game Center Crown in the Juuban Shopping District, when she is almost hit by a large truck! Luckily, Mamoru leaps in to save her just in time. Usagi runs up, screaming at Mamoru, "What are you doing to my Luna?!" Mamoru counters, "If it's your cat, you should keep a better eye on her! She almost got run over!" Usagi snatches Luna away, saying that she's no ordinary cat. Rei and Ami step in to stop Usagi's yelling, telling her that she should thank Mamoru for saving Luna.

As the scene unfolds, Motoki Furuhata steps out of Game Center Crown in his work uniform and greets Mamoru. It is apparent that the two know each other very well. He tells the girls that he and Mamoru both attend the same college. Usagi is quite surprised that Mamoru is a college student!

Meanwhile, in his large mansion deep in the forest, Nephrite consults the stars to determine that his target will be Kunitachi, who will be influenced by the power of the star, Albireo.

Back at Game Center Crown, Usagi plays the Sailor V arcade game while Ami looks on. Rei discusses Mamoru with Motoki... she finds out that Mamoru lives alone in an expensive high-rise apartment, and that he is the son of a wealthy family. Motoki asks Rei why she is asking so many questions about Mamoru, but blushes and says, "No reason!" She then thinks to herself, "Mamoru Chiba. He and I would be a perfect match for each other." She decides that she will go on a date with Mamoru in the park. Embarrassingly, her foot then slips off a chair, and she falls to the ground!

At the park, Kunitachi looks on as a demolition crew works to destroy the park. Thinking aloud, he wishes that there was a way to protect it. Just then, Nephrite appears behind him in his Masato Sanjoin disguise. Nephrite tells Kunitachi, "It is time for you to teach those conceited humans the wrath of nature." He then places his evil crest on Kunitachi's hat, causing it to become possessed by a youma.

Afterwards, Kunitachi is completely under the control of the youma. He becomes very angry about the demolition of the park. He remembers Nephrite's words, and sends a swarm of butterflies to break the demolition team's equipment and harass the employees. Nephrite notes that due to the youma's influence, Kunitachi can now control animals... but the more he uses this power, the more his energy will increase towards its peak.

Later, Rei attempts to ambush Mamoru on his way home from school. Her plan is to rush from behind a corner as Mamoru walks by, running directly into her unsuspecting target and making it look like an accident. She will coyly blush and apologize, and he will ask her out on a date for tea to apologize for bumping into her. This plan fails miserably. Usagi and Luna look on from afar. Just as Mamoru walks by, Rei rushes out... and trips on a stone. She falls flat on her face, and Mamoru steps on her head! Usagi says to Luna, "I don't know what she was doing, but Rei-chan is pretty clumsy." Rei meekly says that she's ok. Mamoru simply says, "Glad to hear it." and keeps walking.

Although her plan has failed, Rei doesn't give up easily. She runs after Mamoru, and he recognizes her as "that dumpling head's friend." She introduces herself and asks if he's ok, then offers to take him out for tea to apologize. He asks why she's apologizing, and she thinks for a moment, then says, "For making you step on my head!" He finally agrees to have tea with her. As they walk away, Usagi is infuriated that a college student like Mamoru is with Rei. Luna says that Mamoru isn't such a bad person, but Usagi insists that it's "impure fraternization." She decides that Rei is in danger, so she must follow them. Luna, however, perceives the truth: Usagi is jealous.

For their first "date," Rei takes Mamoru to a local cafe called Cafe Amigo. As they sit drinking tea, Usagi spies on them from the bushes outside the window. Usagi decides to use her disguise pen to transform herself into a waitress and spy on them, but Luna stops her, saying that she's only supposed to use that for justice.

Gurio Umino suddenly appears, crouching behind Usagi. Usagi has an idea... she asks Umino if he has any money. He replies that he does, so she asks him to go on a "date" with her right now. Inside the cafe, Rei tells Mamoru that she knows of a nice place, and asks him if he'd like to go there with her. He nonchalantly agrees to go, and Rei is thrilled, thinking that everything is going as planned. Meanwhile, Usagi and Umino seat themselves in a nearby booth, and Usagi attempts to listen in on their conversation.

Later, Luna approaches Ami and sits on her shoulder. Ami is very worried about Kunitachi... although the demolition crew working in the park left and Kunitachi will continue to be the park's caretaker, he is still in a very angry mood. Ami tells Luna that he even warned her that she should no longer come to the park "without good reason," saying that people don't deserve "to enjoy the boons of nature."

Ami and Luna approach the park, where they see an infuriated council representative. He angrily says that he doesn't believe that the demolition crew was attacked by butterflies, and throws a lit cigarette to the ground. A squirrel witnesses this action, and soon several squirrels attack the man! As he runs away, dozens of squirrels with glowing red eyes remain crowded in the park. Ami and Luna witness the entire scene, and Luna speculates that this is the work of the Dark Kingdom. Ami figures out that this must also be what is causing Kunitachi's anger.

Elsewhere in the park, Mamoru and Rei enjoy a boat ride together. He says that the park is quite nice, and Rei tells him that it will be soon be demolished in order to build a business district. The two agree that the park is very beautiful, and Mamoru says that people should take better care of nature.

Usagi spies on the two from behind a nearby tree, thinking that she'll have to get closer to them in order to hear their conversation. Umino hopes to kiss Usagi, but when he turns around, she has disappeared. Usagi has left to find a way to be closer to Rei and Mamoru, but she soon meets Ami and Luna. She says it's a good thing that all three of them are there, because they shouldn't leave Rei and Mamoru alone. Luna tells her not to be ridiculous.

Ami warns Usagi that something terrible is happening in the park. Just then, the very angry Kunitachi spots them in the park. He says, "Foolish humans! You people forgot the boon that nature provided you with, and the only way you can atone for it is with your deaths!" At this moment, Kunitachi has reached his peak energy. The youma Petasos emerges from the crest Nephrite placed on Kunitachi's hat, and Kunitachi falls to the ground, unconscious.

Petasos orders all of the animals in the park to kill all of the humans in the park. Ami and Usagi quickly transform into Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon. Meanwhile, as Rei and Mamoru are sitting the rowboat, Mamoru suddenly gets a painful headache. Dozens of birds fly across the lake to attack them, causing the boat to capsize. Butterflies attack Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury, and several squirrels attack Luna.

Sailor Mercury uses her Sabão Spray attack to weaken all of the animals, so that they do not attack so fiercely. Petasos then uses her "Hand Flower" attack: her hand turns into a giant flower which shoots a net and ensnares Sailor Moon. Next, she uses her "Petasos rope" attack to transform her hair into vines which wrap themselves around Sailor Mercury.

Meanwhile, Rei and Mamoru crawl out of the water after their boat capsized. Rei senses a powerful evil aura in the air, so she tells Mamoru that she will be right back. Sailor Mercury is being crushed by Petasos's hair, and Petasos tells her that she intends to squeeze her to death. Suddenly, Sailor Mars appears and uses her Fire Soul attack to free Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon gets angry with Sailor Mars for burning her with the attack, but Sailor Mars says, "Is that any way to talk to someone who just rescued you?" She then sees Petasos - the one who interrupted her date.

Sailor Mercury says to Petasos, "I can't forgive you for taking advantage of Mr. Kunitachi's feelings!" Sailor Mars says, "You'll pay a heavy price for staining everyone's favorite hangout with evil!" Together, they both say, "In the name of the moon, we'll punish you!" Sailor Moon gets angry... that's supposed to be her line! Just as Petasos moves to attack the three girls, a red rose flies through the air and hits her face, stopping the attack. Tuxedo Mask appears on a tree branch and tells Sailor Moon that this is her chance. Sailor Moon takes the opportunity to use her Moon Tiara Action attack and destroy Petasos. Tuxedo Mask then disappears; Sailor Moon says, "He's so dreamy!"

Kunitachi wakes up, and the girls are back in their civilian forms. Ami tells him that he was just having a bad dream. Mamoru soon walks up to the group, and Rei asks him if it's ok for him to get up. He says that he is fine now. Rei whispers to Usagi that perhaps Mamoru is really Tuxedo Mask, and Usagi screams that there is no way it's possible! Mamoru asks, "Huh? What's this Tuxedo Mask?" The girls blush and says that it's nothing, but Rei thinks to herself that he is definitely Tuxedo Mask.

Umino suddenly spots the group and says that he and Usagi should continue their date, much to Usagi's embarrassment. She tells him not to make up stories, but he insists that she is the one who asked him out. Mamoru teasingly says, "Oh, good going..." The episode ends with Usagi yelling that it isn't true.

16- "Junpaku doresu no yume! Usagi hanayome ni naru" ("Dream of a White Dress! Usagi Becomes a Bride")

(純白ドレスの夢!うさぎ花嫁になる) ("Wedding Day Blues")
Sailor Moon - Episode 16

Sailor Moon - Episode 16

Airdate: June 27, 1992

The episode begins in Higure Akiyama's home economics class at Juuban Municipal Junior High School. She is teaching the class on how to make darts in fabric, although they are quite bored: Usagi Tsukino is actually sleeping!

Later, Usagi and Naru have ice cream together, while Usagi complains to her friend how sleepy the home economics class makes her. Naru says that Akiyama used to be so enthusiastic about sewing. Suddenly, Umino pops up out of nowhere (surprising and angering the girls) and flips through his memo book. He says that Akiyama has been acting weird lately because she is engaged. The girls are quite surprised to learn of their teacher's engagement. Umino matter-of-factly says, "Yes! Higure Akiyama, thirty-four years old and still single. Akiyama-sensei has wished with all her heart to get married and the greatest dream of her life is to have a luxurious wedding in a wedding dress that she made herself."

A scene is shown when Akiyama's fiance is proposing to her. Down on one knee, he hands her large bouquet of red flowers. He says, "Higure, I'm a dull business man with no status or savings... and I'm not that tall, either. I cannot give you a very big wedding reception, but will you... will you marry me?" She takes the flowers and says, "Yes!"

Back at the cafe where the students are having ice cream, Umino says, "He may not be what you'd call ideal, but as long as there's love..." Usagi disagrees, saying, "That's being soft! Always have high, limitless ideals! If there's a handsome guy, I'll go after him and catch him! My goal is to get married before I turn 25!" She has been waving her ice cream cone around, and it ultimately falls on her head after her triumphant speech. Naru sighs, but Umino seems very upset!

Meanwhile, Akiyama is seen leaving the Azabu Juuban Dressmaker shop. Haruna Sakurada sees her and stops to talk to her. She asks if Akiyama is thinking of her fiance, and comments on the beautiful silk in the store's window. Haruna asks Akiyama if she is going to sew her own dress for the ceremony, and Akiyama says that she plans to, but hasn't been able to find a silk cloth that she likes, although she already has the design for it. Haruna tells her to hang in there; she absolutely must complete her fabulous wedding dress. After all, Haruna says she is counting on meeting her future husband at the wedding reception. Haruna gleefully leaves.

Nephrite has been sitting in his car near the scene, watching the two women talk. This is the first time he sees Akiyama. Later, at his hidden mansion in the forest, he consults the stars for his next victim: "The woman about to shine her brightest under the light of Vega," who is Higure Akiyama.

Walking home from school, Usagi walks past Juuban Hall and sees that a wedding is taking place there. She sighs and thinks to herself, "That's got to be the dream of every girl in love. One day, I'll also..." Just then, three men interrupt her thoughts by setting up a large sign near the entrance of the Hall. The sign is for "Your Handmade Wedding Dress Contest," and says that the grand prize is a free wedding reception, while the first prize is a VCR deck. Usagi becomes very excited about the competition, and dreams of a big wedding reception. She can't decide whether her groom will be Tuxedo Mask or Motoki Furuhata. When she snaps back to reality, she realizes that unfortunately, she isn't very good at sewing and could never make a dress.

Meanwhile, Rei has walked up and is arguing with a man who appears to be in charge of the contest. She demands to know if a woman without a fiance wins the contest, and has no date for a wedding reception. He tells her that the ceremony can be held whenever the grand prize winner wishes, "no matter how many years in the future that may be." Rei is excited and walks away happily, only to bump into Usagi. Rei asks to meet Usagi's mom, who is a full-time housewife. Meanwhile, Akiyama also sees the sign for the wedding dress contest.

At Usagi's house, Usagi's mother, Ikuko, meets Rei. Rei tells her that she and Usagi go to different schools, but they are very good friends. Ikuko offers Rei cake, which angers Usagi because she feels that it is her cake. Rei compliments her on her homemade cake, much to Ikuko's embarrassment. Usagi leans over and says to Rei, "You goody two-shoes, one look at that cake and you can tell it's from the cake store in front of the train station!" This comment prompts Ikuko to hit her daughter on the head with a serving platter and laugh. Rei asks Ikuko if she's good at sewing, saying, "It's always been my dream to learn sewing from someone wonderful like you! For example, sewing a wedding dress!" Usagi and Ikuko burst out laughing... evidently, Ikuko is not good at sewing.

Rei angrily leaves the Tsukino home, asking Usagi why she didn't say her mother was bad at sewing earlier. By now, Usagi is also angry because she has figured out that Rei planned to have her mother help her for the wedding dress competition. Rei makes a face at Usagi and leaves. Luna tells Rei that if she has time for a contest like that, she wishes that she'd train herself more in preparation for battle. When Luna turns to say the same to Usagi, the girl has disappeared.

Usagi goes to her friend Ami's house to talk to her about the contest and ask for help. Ami says Rei's entrance into the contest doesn't bother her, because she has no plans to get married anyway. Usagi says, "Don't you get it? It's a dream! It's every girl's dream!" Because Ami gets good grades in home economics, Usagi asks her to teach her how to sew. Ami says that she will... and gives her a stack of sewing books. She says that Usagi must read the books to learn the basics, and the actual lessons will come later.

Meanwhile, the customers of the fabric store Cloth Azabu Juuban viciously fight against each other over fabrics to make wedding dresses. Among the women there are Haruna Sakurada and Higure Akiyama. Akiyama picks up a stretch of fabric which she find to be particularly beautiful. Nephrite, disguised as Masato Sanjoin, approaches her and agrees that the silk is very beautiful, and worthy of becoming a wedding dress. He wraps it around his shoulders and continues to compliment her and the fabric. He then places his evil crest on the fabric, causing it to become possessed by a youma and increase Akiyama's energy output. He leaves and wishes the woman happiness.

Usagi walks with her friend Naru to Akiyama's house, carrying bridal magazines and discussing the upcoming contest. Naru scolds Usagi for nodding off all the time in home economics class, but visiting Akiyama-sensei's home to ask her about sewing. Naru says that making a dress isn't easy, and Usagi's short attention span won't help. Usagi replies with, "After all, they say, 'a woman's conviction can crack a rock!'" Luna jumps onto a wall and sees the girls talking with each other.

As the girls approach the Juuban Heights apartment building, they see a man walking up the stairs holding a bouquet. Usagi says he looks like a loser, and Naru laughs. They then see that he is knocking on Akiyama's door. He calls through the door, "What's wrong? You won't even answer my calls! Are you feeling ok?" She suddenly opens the door and almost knocks him over. Because she is under the influence of the youma and Nephrite's evil crest, her personality has changed. She is wearing very little clothing, and her hair is down. Her fiance gives her the bouquet, but she knocks it out of his hand and says, "Don't come near my place until the dress contest at Juuban Hall is over! If you do, I'll break off our engagement. Got that?!" She has become obsessed with completing her dress, so she slams the door on her fiance.

Usagi, Luna, and Naru witnessed the entire scene and are shocked. Usagi thinks the competition will be really tough against Akiyama, and Luna correctly senses that something is definitely wrong with the teacher. Inside the apartment, Akiyama furiously sews, and Nephrite's evil crest becomes more visible.

Later, Luna tells Ami that she senses the aura of a youma around Akiyama. Ami says that the teacher has been gone for some time, and Luna suggests that they seek Rei's help. The two walk towards the Hikawa Shrine.

At the shrine, Grandpa Hino is chasing Rei, who has the only rental wedding kimono the shrine has. While running, Rei bumps into Luna and Ami, who fall to the ground. Grandpa Hino appears to look up Ami's skirt! He then takes back the wedding Kimono and says, "Honestly! I thought you were going to elope with some guy!" Rei yells at her grandfather because he doesn't trust her. She says that there's no way she's going to participate in the Juuban Hall contest. He tells her that it is unforgivable to use a sacred wedding dress for a promotion. Luna asks Ami why he's so mad.

Grandpa Hino then approaches Ami and says, "Excuse me, miss... How about having your wedding ceremony at our shrine? It's much cheaper than having it at Juuban Hall." She says that she doesn't have anyone right now. He tells her that he's single, and Rei hits him on the head.

At Usagi's house, Usagi tip-toes down the hallway to her mother's bedroom. She has a handkerchief tied around her head and thinks to herself, "Here I am... the beautiful Usagi Hood." She grabs her mother's curtains and rubs her face against them, thinking that they are perfect. Unfortunately, her mother catches her and says, "I hope you're not planning on using my favorite curtains to make a dress!" Usagi begs her mother for mercy, saying that she'd love to buy the cloth for a dress, but her allowance isn't enough. Ikuko proposes that to pay for the price of new curtains, she will suspend Usagi's allowance for the next three months. She also remind her daughter that the contest is very soon, and Usagi may not have enough time to complete a dress. Of course, Usagi begins to cry.

Back at Akiyama's apartment, Nephrite's crest has grown increasingly powerful as she reaches her peak energy output. She twirls the fabric in the air and the crest glows brightly, then she falls to the floor, unconscious. Meanwhile, her fiance has left flowers by her door.

Later, at Juuban Hall, the contest is underway. A man greets the participants and thanks them as they wait in line to enter. Ami, Rei, and Usagi stand outside. Usagi's fingers are bandaged up from cuts. Ami tells her that she did her best, and Rei says, "Well, I'll acknowledge the effort you put into stabbing your fingers with a needle over and over again!" Usagi begins to cry, and Luna tells everyone that they should watch to see if anything suspicious happens. She then says that Usagi will be infiltrating the hall as a contestant. Usagi says that Luna is being mean; she knows the girl doesn't have a dress. Rei reminds her of her transformation pen.

Usagi uses her transformation pen to turn into a "beautiful bride." She says that she could definitely win in the outfit, and asks Rei if she's jealous. Ami reminds her that she wouldn't win fairly.

Inside Juuban Hall, the handmade wedding dress contest begins. Usagi is a contestant, while Rei, Luna, and Ami search for Akiyama, who is not among the participants onstage. Suddenly, Akiyama appears at the top of the stairs in her extravagant gown and make up. The host of the shows runs to tell her that she cannot make such an unplanned entrance, but she tells him to shut up. She then hypnotizes him so that he falls in love with her and asks her to marry him. She tells him that he is not good enough for her... then says that all the men in the world should fall to their knees for her, and all the women should surrender to her beauty. She asserts that she is the winner of the contest, and Nephrite's evil crest glows brightly on her dress: her energy level has reached its peak.

All of the audience members and participants weakly fall to the ground, unconscious. Luna thinks quickly and tells Usagi not to look into Akiyama's eyes. By following Luna's advice, Usagi manages to stay awake.

The youma Widow emerges from Nephrite's crest, and Akiyama is left unconscious on the stairs. Usagi faces the youma, who demands to know who she is. Ami and Rei then burst onto the scene, telling the youma that since the wedding dress is the dream of innocent girls, no one will get away with tainting a pure white dress! Usagi says, "That's not fair! You two get all the cool parts!" She then addresses the youma, saying, "Since I lost the chance to win a free grand wedding reception..." Usagi then transforms into Sailor Moon. Meanwhile, Ami and Rei transform into Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars.

Widow rushes towards the three girls and spits out a web which wraps around Sailor Moon. As Widow folds the silk of the web, she says, "I will weave a beautiful shroud for you! But of course, I have to weave you into it!" Sailor Mercury uses her Sabão Spray attack to fill the air with mist and disorient the youma. Sailor Mars uses her Fire Soul attack to destroy the web which is encasing Sailor Moon.

Widow rushes through the mist, confused about where the girls are. Sailor Moon uses this opportunity to utilize her Moon Tiara Action attack, destroying the youma once and for all. Akiyama and the other people left unconscious in the auditorium awaken with no recollection of what happened.

The next scene shows Akiyama's wedding day. She and her fiance have finally gotten married, despite all of the mean things Akiyama said to him when she was possessed. Ami reminds everyone of the tradition that whoever catches the bride's bouquet will become a bride next. Akiyama throws the bouquet into the air and Haruna, Usagi, and Rei fight over it. However, it is Ami who ultimately catches it.

17- "Moderu wa Usagi? Yōma kamera no nessha" ("Is Usagi a Model? The Focus of the Monster Camera")

(モデルはうさぎ?妖魔カメラの熱写) ("Shutter Bugged")
Sailor Moon - Episode 17

Sailor Moon - Episode 17

Airdate: July 4, 1992

Usagi and Naru see an article about Kijin Shinokawa, a junior high student who has won a photography award. Realising he goes to school near Rei, Usagi goes to look for him, hoping to get an autograph. Rei scolds her, reminding Usagi that she has no real interest in photography.

Kijin is approached by Nephrite, who infects his camera with a Youma. The shy Kijin is suddenly transformed into an artistic obsessive who only wants to photograph girls.

Usagi sees that Kijin is advertising for models, and decides to apply. Her family aren't especially supportive, but Motoki encourages her. Mamoru has less confidence in her chances, but says that she might as well enter anyway.

A few days later, Usagi is delighted to find she has been selected, and equally dismayed to find that her only swimsuit is full of mothholes. She and Luna go to the photo shoot and find hundreds of girls there - even Naru and Haruna have been selected. While she changes into her swimsuit (with bows strategically placed over the holes), Luna goes to watch Kijin, and is shocked when all the girls he photographs disappear.

Luna tries to tell Usagi, but she is more interested in getting ready for the photo shoot. She calls Ami, telling her to come and watch, but Usagi cuts her off before Luna can tell her about the emergency. Angry, Luna takes one of the bows from Usagi's swimsuit and runs. Usagi has no choice but to chase after her. She misses her photo shoot, but sees Naru and Haruna disappear when Kijin takes their picture. She and Luna confront Kijin, but find him to be violent and incoherent. Usagi transforms and berates him for failing to understand beauty, then kicks his camera into the pool. Kijin collapses, and the Youma Cameran emerges from the water. She shoots photographic beams from her hands, trapping both Kijin and Luna inside photographs. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars join the battle, but are also trapped by the Youma. Sailor Moon finds herself cornered in front of a mirror but leaps away at the last minute, tricking Cameran into photographing herself. With the Youma crippled, Sailor Moon destroys her, and everyone reappears.

Zoisite appears before Nephrite, mocking his failure. Kijin, for his part, decides to temporarily withdraw from the public eye until he can properly understand beauty.

18- "Shingo no junjō! Kanashimi no Furansu ningyō" ("Shingo's Innocent Love! A Sorrowful French Doll")

(進悟の純情!哀しみのフランス人形) ("Dangerous Dollies")
Sailor Moon - Episode 18

Sailor Moon - Episode 18

Airdate: July 11, 1992

Once again, Nephrite must admit to Queen Beryl that he has made no progress in finding the Sailor Senshi. When Zoisite appears and offers his assistance, Queen Beryl approves the idea, but Nephrite refuses, insisting he will do the job alone. Beryl is furious at his disobedience, while Zoisite is pleased at the prospect of becoming Beryl's new favourite.

Shingo's friend Mika wins a competition with a French doll she made. She wants Shingo to have the doll, but he gets embarrassed when his friends start teasing them and accidentally breaks it, which upsets Mika. Mika's friends tell Usagi, who promises to make her brother apologise.

The devastated Mika starts work on another doll, but doesn't tell her mother what happened to the prizewinning one. Meanwhile, Nephrite selects her as a target.

Shingo tries and fails to write a letter of apology to Mika. Usagi confronts him and demands that he apologize in person, or else she'll tell their parents. But as Shingo approaches Mika's house, Nephrite arrives in his Masato Sanjoin disguise, and Shingo decides to come back later. Nephrite implants a Youma into the doll Mika is working on, and commissions her to make more dolls. Mika's mother invites him to an exhibition of their work. Mika is soon working faster than ever before, and becomes angry when her mother asks her to stop.

Unable to get through to her daughter, Mika's mother asks Shingo for help. But Shingo also fails, mistakenly believing she is still angry with him. Usagi advises Shingo to get Mika a present, but tells Luna that she is concerned by Mika's behaviour. Usagi, Ami, and Luna decide to go to the doll exhibition to investigate.

Meanwhile, Shingo remembers that Mika likes Sailor Moon, and decides to make a Sailor Moon model. Ami and Luna sneak into the exhibition, and find Rei and Mamoru already there. When Nephrite passes by Mamoru and Rei a bit later, he and Mamoru look at each other for a moment as though they think the other looks familiar, but they can't understand why. Nephrite quickly says he mistook Mamoru for someone else and leaves.

Usagi takes Shingo to see Mika, who has just finished her last doll. As they enter the room, Mika's energy peaks, and a Youma, Jumeau, is released from the infected doll. Shingo tries to protect Mika, but the Youma attacks him and destroys the model of Sailor Moon. While the others are distracted, Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon. The Youma chases her, and Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars join the fight, but the Youma has an ability to rebuild itself, making it virtually invulnerable. Tuxedo Mask intervenes to release Sailor Moon from the monster's grip, and she is then able to take advantage of a vulnerability spotted by Mercury. She destroys the monster, and stops to check on Shingo and Mika. Mika has recovered, and thanks Shingo for coming to her rescue. He is disappointed that his present was destroyed, but Mika later returns the favour, making a (much better) model of Sailor Moon for Shingo.

19- "Usagi kangeki! Takishīdo Kamen no rabu retā" ("Usagi is Thrilled! Tuxedo Mask's Love Letter")

(うさぎ感激!タキシード仮面の恋文) ("Who Is That Masked Man?")
Sailor Moon - Episode 19

Sailor Moon - Episode 19

Airdate: July 25, 1992

Nephrite looked into the stars and discovered Sailor Moon's weakness. It was Tuxedo Mask.

When Usagi came back from school and looked in the mail box, she found a letter from Tuxedo Mask. Usagi was very surprised. When Usagi opened the letter, she found out that it said, "I love you more than anyone else. Please come to MS department store in Shinjuku tomorrow night." Usagi was very happy. But Luna was suspicious. She wondered how Tuxedo Mask knew that Usagi was Sailor Moon. Usagi said that Tuxedo Mask's love for her figured out the secret. Then Luna said that although Tuxedo Mask always helped Sailor Moon, they didn't know if he was an ally or an enemy. She told Usagi to be careful. But Usagi wasn't listening.

The next day at school Usagi found out that all of the girls had received a love letter from Tuxedo Mask. Usagi was very disappointed, but none of the girls knew who Tuxedo Mask was. Naru thought that it would be great if the one who gave her the love letter was Sanjouin Masato. Then Haruna came in and said that everyone shouldn't be tricked by a prank love letter. She told everyone not to go to MS department store. But Haruna was really very upset that she didn't get one herself. At school Luna told Ami that she was very suspicious about the love letter. Ami said that she would discuss it with Rei.

Motoki and Mamoru were at the game center. They were talking about the love letter incident. Mamoru thought that it was some advertisement stunt. Then a very disappointed Usagi walked in. Mamoru thought that Usagi was sad because she didn't receive a love letter. But Usagi yelled back, "I got one. What are you doing here?" Motoki told Usagi that Mamoru went to the came college as him. Then Usagi cried out, "How could Tuxedo Mask do that? Instead of just me, he gave love letters to everybody."

Ami was at Rei's house. Rei was in bed because she caught a cold. Rei was disappointed because she could not go see Tuxedo Mask. Ami said that she would take care of Rei. Sanjouin Masato was at MS department store. He was thinking that Sailor Moon would definitely come because she loved Tuxedo Mask. Then Naru walked up to him. Naru introduced herself. Then she asked if Sanjouin was Tuxedo Mask.

Sanjouin was surprised. He wondered how Naru knew that he had sent the love letters. Sanjouin thought that Naru must be Sailor Moon. Then Sanjouin said, "Naru-chan, you're very cute. I'm glad that someone as cute as you remembered my name. See you tonight," and left. Naru was very happy and thought that Sanjouin was definitely the one who had sent her the love letter.

Usagi was at home wondering why Tuxedo Mask had sent the love letters to everybody. Usagi decided that she would ask Tuxedo Mask in person. So Usagi got ready to go out to see him. Usagi picked out clean underwear, clean clothes, brushed her teeth, and put on lipstick.

That night Naru went to the MS department store. It was closed, but suddenly the door opened. Naru went in and called out for Tuxedo Mask and Sanjouin Masato. Then Tuxedo Mask replied from the top of the escalators. Naru recognized the voice and said that it was Sanjouin. Sanjouin was surprised that Naru knew his identity from just his voice. So Sanjouin thought that Naru was Sailor Moon. Sanjouin went to Naru and told her to transform into Sailor Moon.

Usagi was walking in Shinjuku when her communicator rang. Ami asked Usagi where she was, and Usagi told her. Rei got upset that Usagi was going to meet Tuxedo Mask. Sanjouin was trying to get Naru to transform into Sailor Moon. But Naru didn't know what he was talking about. She just said that she liked him. Then Sanjouin pulled out Naru's enormous energy.

Usagi arrived at MS department store. She saw Tuxedo Mask with Naru. But Usagi knew right away that it wasn't the real Tuxedo Mask. Then Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon. Meanwhile Mamoru was walking outside a bookstore. A sudden pain hit him, and he transformed into Tuxedo Mask. Sanjouin figured out that Naru was not Sailor Moon. But he had gathered a lot of unexpected energy. Then Sailor Moon went to face Sanjouin. Sailor Moon called Sanjouin a youma. Sanjouin was surprised that Sailor Moon figured out that he wasn't the real Tuxedo Mask. Then Sanjouin took off the Tuxedo Mask costume. He introduced himself as Nephrite, one of the dark kingdom.

Nephrite called out to the stars and created a lion youma. The lion attacked Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon tried to run away, but she fell down. Then a red rose came flying by and hit the lion. The real Tuxedo Mask appeared. Tuxedo Mask got in front of Sailor Moon and told her to escape. So Sailor Moon turned around and ran away. But Nephrite sent the lion after her. Sailor Moon used her moon tiara action and hit the lion. It stopped the lion momentarily. Sailor Moon was surprised that it didn't finish it off, like usual. Then Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask escaped into an elevator. But Nephrite laughed as it was his trap. The elevator was going to go to the top floor and then fall to the bottom.

Instead of panicking Sailor Moon was thinking about getting a kiss from Tuxedo Mask. Then Tuxedo Mask told Sailor Moon that they had to escape. Tuxedo Mask opened the little door at the top of the elevator and they climbed out. When the elevator reached the top floor Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon jumped to catch the ledge. But Sailor Moon slipped and Tuxedo Mask caught her hand. The elevator crashed at the bottom and Nephrite thought that he had won.

Sailor Moon was hanging on, but she couldn't take it anymore. Then Tuxedo Mask told her not to give up, and told her to think of something to talk about. Sailor Moon thought and said, "Why do you always help me?" Tuxedo Mask said, "My blood starts rushing and I feel like I want to protect you." Then Tuxedo Mask found a place to put his feet. He told Sailor Moon to climb onto his back. After Sailor Moon happily climbed onto Tuxedo Mask, Tuxedo Mask said, "A long time ago.. I feel like I knew you. It's in the corner of my memory, but I can't remember." Then the sign that Tuxedo Mask was resting his feet on came loose and fell to the bottom.

When Sailor Moon started panicking, Tuxedo Mask told her to start talking again. Then Sailor Moon asked, "What's your hobby? What do you like to eat?" Sailor Moon quickly thought that she was stupid for asking such questions. Then just as Tuxedo Mask's fingers slipped, the elevator door opened and Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars appeared to catch Tuxedo Mask's arms. They pulled Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon up to safety. The Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask went up to the roof. Luna scolded Sailor Moon for going off on her own. Sailor Mars yelled at Sailor Moon for going off and holding Tuxedo Mask by herself. Sailor Mercury told Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon to stop fighting. She was carrying Naru on her back and she said that they had to hurry to the hospital. Then Tuxedo Mask said, "Please be friends with each other," and left.

Nephrite said, "I couldn't defeat Sailor Moon, but I got a lot of unexpected energy. Everyone has one time when they are very engrossed in something and they create a lot of energy. This girl Naru. It seems she really fell in love with Sanjouin Masato. Foolish girl."

20- "Natsu yo Umi yo Seishun yo! Omake ni yūrei mo yo!" ("The Summer! The Ocean! Our Youth! And a Ghost, Too")

Sailor Moon - Episode 20

Sailor Moon - Episode 20

Airdate: : August 1, 1992

Usagi, Ami, and Rei went to the ocean. It was supposed to be for their sailor senshi training, but the girls just wanted to have fun.

Rei had made a reservation at a seaside house with a private beach. Usagi was looking forward to the fun. She imagined that there would be lots of cool guys around her, including Tuxedo Mask, so Usagi couldn't wait to get to the house.

They walked for a long time through the forest. Usagi got mad because Rei didn't confirm the directions earlier. Then it started to rain and then thunder. Because she is afraid of the thunder Usagi ran off and screamed when she spotted a little girl in a hood. The little girl led the three girls to a very scary, old mansion on a cliff. It happened to be the "Pension Adams" where Rei had made the reservations.

When they opened the door, three people greeted them, each of them looking like a monster; Frankenstein, a Werewolf, and a scary woman. The little girl's name was revealed to be Sakiko and Sakiko's father, a very tall, mean-looking man, told Sakiko not to play around with the girls.

During dinner when the Frankenstein man came and asked if they wanted more food, Usagi became very scared, then the Werewolf man came with desserts and Usagi screamed out again. Usagi asked Rei why she had made the reservation at this place. Rei said it was very cheap. Then Ami said that the food was delicious, and the costumes were very funny. Then a ghost appeared. The three helpers became very scared. They said it was the ghost of the house. Rei felt some strong power behind it, but didn't think it was a youma.

The next day the three girls went to the beach. Usagi was very happy and wore a cute pink swimsuit. It was a private beach, as advertised. It was a little beach underneath the cliff. Usagi was getting sad because there was nobody else nearby. Ami had brought her school book and started studying. Usagi got mad at Ami and said that they had to play. Then Ami put the book down and they all played together. Ami and Rei both threw the ball and hit Usagi.

That night everyone was scared again. Rei put her anti-ghost signs all over the place so they could eat in peace. Ami spotted Sakiko by herself outside on the cliff, and went to talk to her. Sakiko had watched the three girls playing during the day. Ami asked Sakiko if she was lonely. She said that Sakiko was very much like her old self. Ami said that Sakiko should become friends with Usagi to cheer her up. Then Sakiko's father came and said, "Leave, if you don't want to be scared again," to Ami. Sakiko's father dragged Sakiko back into the house.

Back in the house, Sakiko's father used hypnosis to draw out Sakiko's power. Sakiko's father wanted to show the world that they had the power because they had been ridiculed in the past.

Usagi was very scared and wondered around the house looking for her friends. Usagi then found the three house helpers, who were going through some ghostual ceremony. Usagi thought they were ghosts or something, but Rei came and said that they were regular people.

Ami went into the room where Sakiko's father was trying to draw out Sakiko's power. The ghost came out and attacked Ami. Then the ghost attacked Sakiko's father, and sent him flying outside. Sakiko was still in her trance. Rei and Usagi saw the ghost too. Rei said that they had to transform to help Sakiko's father.

Sailor Mercury tried to wake up Sakiko. Sailor Moon tried to fight, but the ghost was too strong and blasted her. The ghost was still attacking Sakiko's father. Sakiko woke up, but the ghost didn't vanish. Sakiko went to her father. Sakiko's father said that the ghost was now uncontrollable and told Sakiko to escape. But Sakiko stayed by her father. The ghost came around to attack again. Then Sakiko turned around and blasted the ghost away. Sakiko's father said that he had used the guests for testing Sakiko's power.

The next day Sakiko played with three girls on the beach. Sakiko was very happy and Sakiko's father just watched them. The three helpers came and asked Sakiko's father about the ghosts. He said that there wouldn't be any more ghosts.

21- "Kodomotachi no yume mamore! Anime ni musubu yūjō" ("Protect the Children's Dreams! Friendship Linked by Anime")

(子供達の夢守れ!アニメに結ぶ友情) ("An Animated Mess")
Sailor Moon - Episode 21

Sailor Moon - Episode 21

Airdate: August 8, 1992

Usagi saw the Sailor V anime on TV. After it ended, she said, "I wish someone would make an anime of me." Luna said that nobody would be interested.

Two animators were talking to the producer of Sailor V. The producer said that their sketches weren't good enough.

After the meeting, Hiromi and Kazuko were disappointed. When Hiromi said that she wanted to stop being an animator, Kazuko got upset. Hiromi said that she was just joking, and they ran back to Studio Dive. Hiromi dropped one of her sketchbooks just as Ami came out of a bookstore. Ami picked it up, but she had to go to a juku (cram school). So Ami decided to return it later.

Nephrite decided that he was going to use his strongest youma on Hiromi. That night when Ami was looking for the studio, she saw Sanjouin Masato driving in a speeding car. She knew it was Nephrite.

In the studio, Hiromi was drawing Sailor V. But she couldn't draw it the way she wanted. Then she took a peek at Kazuko's drawings. It was very good and Hiromi thought that she wasn't as good as her. So she took out some special pencils. When they were still in school, Hiromi and Kazuko went and bought a set of special drawing pencils for professionals. It was very expensive, so they split it. They promised that they would use it only in special cases, and that they would let each other know when they were going to use it.

Hiromi opened up her pencil case and all of the pencils were gone except for one little one. She had been using it a lot without telling Kazuko.

Then Sanjouin came to the studio. He said that he was a fan. He picked up the pencil and put some youma in it. Just as he was leaving, Sailor Mercury came and met him at the door. She said, "What are you up to? I won't let you go." But Sanjouin jumped over to her and hit her off of his car. Then he drove off saying that he had left a strong youma for them.

Kazuko came back with some dinner for Hiromi. Hiromi turned around and gave a very mean look to Kazuko. Then Ami came and returned the sketch book to Kazuko. Kazuko thanked Ami and asked Hiromi to thank her too. But Hiromi just got up and walked into another room. Kazuko asked Ami to come back again later. Ami tried to see what Nephrite had done, but she couldn't find anything.

The next day at school, Ami told Usagi about what happened. Usagi said that Ami should have called her too. Usagi said, "I would have gone." But Usagi really wanted to get some Sailor V cells. Then Ami said that they should go to Studio Dive later to check up on what Nephrite had done. Usagi was so happy and agreed. Usagi said, "If Nephrite appeared we can't just leave it alone."

Kazuko was surprised at how much work Hiromi had done overnight. Then Hiromi said that she would use the room by herself again. Hiromi was thinking that she would not lose to Kazuko with her pencil.

When Usagi called Rei and told her about going to Studio Dive, Rei said, "An anime studio! Anime is something for kids, right. I'm not interested." That day, Usagi had to stay after school to do some extra school work. When Usagi and Ami came out of the school, Rei yelled that they were late. Rei had been waiting for a long time. Rei was really interested in going to Studio Dive. Ami was surprised and said, "Earlier you said you weren't interested." Then Rei replied, "If Nephrite appeared we can't just leave it alone." When Rei turned around, Rei's bag ripped open and a lot of white boards to get signatures dropped out. She quickly said that it was for her friends.

Nephrite and Zoisite were waiting, and Nephrite was full of confidence.

At the anime studio, Rei and Usagi were having a lot of fun looking at the sketches. They were screaming loudly. Ami was talking to Kazuko, asking if something strange had happened recently. Then Hiromi came out and yelled at Rei and Usagi. Kazuko got mad at Hiromi for getting mad, saying that they were their fans. Then Hiromi got a phone call from the producer. The producer liked the drawings that he had seen. Then Hiromi shocked everyone by saying that she would kill off Sailor V in the last scene. Kazuko asked Hiromi what had happened. But Hiromi went off by herself. Rei said that she felt the presence of a youma.

Hiromi went to the roof. Kazuko and three girls went after her. Hiromi had been possessed by the youma. Then the youma appeared. It was a pair of girls. Kazuko passed out. Luna told the sailor girls to transform. "Moon prism power.. Mercury power.. Mars power.. Make up!"

Nephrite told Zoisite that it was a twin youma with a strong friendship. He said that it would be the end of the Sailor Senshi. The youma were tied together by a ribbon (friendship). The youma said, "You can't beat us." They blasted the girls with the same techniques that the Sailor Senshi used. Then as the Sailor Senshi were on the ground, the youma started arguing who would give the final blow. They got mad at each other and untied the ribbon.

Sailor Moon said, "We'll show you some real teamwork." Then the Sailor Senshi blasted them. Nephrite couldn't believe it.

22- "Gekka no romansu! Usagi no hatsu kissu" ("Romance Under the Moon! Usagi's First Kiss")

(月下のロマンス!うさぎの初キッス) ("Worth a Princess's Ransom")
Sailor Moon - Episode 22

Sailor Moon - Episode 22

Airdate: August 15, 1992

Usagi was running to school as she was late. Usagi noticed a lot of automobile inspections on the roads. Usagi ran into Naru, who was just wandering down the street. Naru was spaced out. She was thinking about Sanjouin.

At school Umino told Usagi that the Princess Diamond was in Japan. That night there was going to be a party where the treasure of Dia Kingdom was going to be shown for the first time. Usagi wanted to go see it. Then Naru said that she had one ticket, and would go look at it for her. She had the ticket because her mother owned a jewelry store.

Queen Beryl was thinking that the treasure might be the Silver Crystal. Then Nephrite and Zoisite appeared. Nephrite said that he would investigate it. Zoisite got mad because getting the Silver Crystal was his task. But Nephrite said that the earth was his. Queen asked about Nephrite's plans. Nephrite said, "I'll do it my way. Just shut up and watch."

Luna told the three girls that the princess of the Dia Kingdom might be their princess. Ami said that they should investigate. But since they couldn't go into the party, Ami said that they should just go around there and wait for a chance.

When Usagi got home, she saw her father getting dressed up. He was going to the party at the Dia Kingdom Consulate for his work. Usagi cried that she wanted go in too. Her father said that he would take pictures for her.

Then Usagi used her transformation pen to turn into a beautiful princess. Luna said that she shouldn't use the pen for fun. But Usagi said that she was just going to check out if the princess was their princess that they were looking for.

Mamoru woke up in the middle of the night. He had a reoccurring dream. He was looking for the Silver Crystal too, although he didn't know what it was.

Usagi went to the party dressed as a princess. She just walked by the man at the reception booth saying that she was the princess of the Ivanovich Kingdom. (She just made up the name.) When Usagi got in, she saw that everyone was dancing around in masks. She was very happy.

Naru was standing around by herself. Then Sanjouin went up to her and asked her to dance.

Usagi's father was going around taking pictures. He spotted Usagi, but didn't recognize her as his daughter. He just thought that she looked like Usagi. He also wondered if Usagi would turn out that beautiful when she grows up.

Then Usagi leaned into some women, and they spilled some drinks on her dress. Usagi ran out of the ballroom looking for a washroom.

Tuxedo Mask was also sneaking around. He caught a glimpse of Usagi. When he saw her it brought back some memories. But he couldn't fully remember anything.

Naru was with Sanjouin on the balcony. Naru stared at Sanjouin, waiting for his kiss. But Sanjouin transferred some of his evil force into her body.

Usagi was standing by herself, and was disappointed because it was no fun being alone. Then Tuxedo Mask went up to her and asked her to dance. Usagi danced with Tuxedo Mask. It brought back some deep memories. Usagi felt that she had danced with Tuxedo Mask before.

Naru (under Nephrite's spell) went to Princess Diamond's room. She said that she was a friend and went by the guards. The princess was in her room feeling sad. Since she was not very beautiful (she had very thick glasses), she thought that people only cared for the treasure and not about her. Then Naru went to the princess. The evil force moved out of Naru's body and into the princess. Then Princess Diamond grabbed the treasure and ran out to the balcony.

Luna informed Usagi about the crisis. Usagi ran to the princess. The princess hit Usagi over the edge of the balcony. Tuxedo Mask came just in time to grab Usagi's arm. The princess hit Tuxedo Mask. Then Luna attacked the princess.

Nephrite was waiting on the ground below the balcony. He was going to blast Usagi and Tuxedo Mask saying, "I'll give you the pleasure of dying with a beautiful princess."

But Sailor Mars came and blasted him. Sailor Mars said, "My Tuxedo Mask has eternal life."

Usagi's hand slipped out from Tuxedo Mask's grasp. Tuxedo Mask dove to grab Usagi, and Luna threw an umbrella to save them. When Tuxedo Mask and Usagi landed on the ground, Nephrite ran off. Tuxedo Mask tried to go after him, but Ami stopped him and asked who he was.

Tuxedo Mask said, "I want to know who I am too. To find out I need to solve the mystery of the Silver Crystal." Ami asked, "Are you an enemy or friend?" "We're after the same thing. We could be enemies." Then Tuxedo Mask went off after Nephrite.

Since the youma stayed with Princess Diamond, Usagi transformed. "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!"

The princess (youma) regained consciousness in the ballroom. The Sailor Senshi went to her. The youma said that she would take the Silver Crystal. Sailor Mars used Akuryo Taisan and threw it on the princess. The youma came out and attacked them. Sailor Mercury used the Sabão Spray and Sailor Moon used the Moon Tiara Action to destroy the youma.

The princess woke up. She was very beautiful without her glasses. Luna came and asked if she was their princess. The princess then grabbed her glasses and saw Luna. The princess yelled, "A talking cat!" and freaked out.

Later Princess Diamond unveiled the treasure, which was a 2000 carat diamond statue.

Usagi became thirsty and drank some cocktail. Usagi immediately got drunk. Tuxedo Mask carried her to the balcony, and kissed her. He said, "A long time ago, I feel like I did something like this. I feel my memory is coming back."

Usagi thought, "This soft warmth. Sometime before, somewhere. It feels dear to me."

23- "Nagareboshi ni negai wo! Naru-chan no jun'ai" ("Wish Upon a Shooting Star! Naru's Pure Love")

(流れ星に願いを!なるちゃんの純愛) ("Molly's Folly")
Sailor Moon - Episode 23

Sailor Moon - Episode 23

Airdate: August 22, 1992

Usagi and Naru were at a swimming pool. Naru was sitting at the side of the pool thinking about Sanjouin Masato. Usagi came up to her from the water, and splashed water on her. Naru said, "Usagi, you're so childish." Usagi then asked, "Are you an adult?" Naru answered that she was and said, "I've fallen in love."

Usagi laughed and said, "You need a partner for love." Naru said, "Of course." Usagi got worried and said, "You can't have Tuxedo Mask or Motoki." Then Naru said that she had fallen in love with Sanjouin Masato. Usagi tried to tell Naru that Sanjouin was a bad one, but Naru just walked away.

Usagi was discussing Naru with Ami and Rei. They said that Usagi should tell Naru about Sanjouin.

Queen Beryl couldn't find Nephrite, and she was getting upset.

Nephrite decided to get the Silver Crystal, since his other attempts to get power had failed. Then Zoisite appeared and argued with Nephrite, saying that getting the Silver Crystal was his assignment. After Zoisite left, Nephrite used his power and found out that Naru had the secret behind the Silver Crystal. Nephrite got a Black Crystal which would lead him to the Silver Crystal.

Zoisite went to Kunzite. Kunzite told Zoisite that he should just take it away from Nephrite. Then Zoisite sent his youma (an old woman) to get the Silver Crystal from Nephrite.

Usagi went with Luna to Naru's house. But she couldn't build up the courage to go in. Usagi decided that she was going to go ask Motoki for advice. Usagi went to the game center where Motoki worked. Motoki was helping out another girl at a game, and Usagi got a little jealous.

Motoki, Mamoru, and Usagi went to a coffee shop, and Usagi explained the situation. Motoki said that she should just let it go for a while. But Mamoru said that Usagi should tell Naru right away, to show the real friendship. Motoki agreed. Then Usagi became happy and ordered a lot of food. Mamoru and Motoki got worried because they didn't have much money. But Usagi said that she would pay for it.

Usagi went to Naru's house. When Naru opened the door, Usagi told Naru that Masato was a bad one and that she should give up on him. Then Usagi ran off before Naru could say anything. That night Naru was thinking about Sanjouin. Then she got a phone call from him. After the phone call, Naru left immediately for the park.

At the park, Naru and Sanjouin were sitting on a bench. Sanjouin said, "I have to say good-bye. I'm being chased by some bad ones, and I don't want to get you mixed up in it." Then Naru asked if there was anything that she could do to help. Sanjouin said that he needed the Silver Crystal. Naru didn't know what the Silver Crystal was. Then she remembered one crystal that her mother showed her, which sparkled with a silver color. Naru asked Sanjouin to wait and ran back home. Naru stole the crystal from the safe in her mother's store and ran out.

Usagi and Luna were on their way to Naru's house. Luna told Usagi to go see Naru, but Usagi really didn't want to go. Then they ran into Naru's mother. Usagi and Luna ran to the park.

Naru gave the crystal to Sanjouin. Sanjouin tested the crystal, but his Black Crystal didn't respond. Naru became happy that she did something to help out Sanjouin. Then the Black Crystal started responding, as Naru started glowing. Sanjouin thought that he had to investigate Naru some more and was going to take her somewhere.

Then Sailor Moon appeared. Sailor Moon told Naru that Sanjouin was Nephrite, and from the Dark Kingdom. Naru couldn't believe it. Then Sanjouin blasted Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon started crying, as she fell down and tried to avoid the attacks. Sanjouin used his "starlight attack". But Sailor Moon escaped.

Just as Sanjouin was going to attack again, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars came. They attacked Sanjouin with Sabão Spray and Fire Soul. But Sanjouin jumped out of the way. Then Sailor Moon used Moon Tiara Action". It was heading right toward Sanjouin. Then Naru ran in front of Sanjouin to protect him. Naru said, "I'll protect him."

Then Sailor Moon quickly said, "Please stop," and the tiara stopped just before Naru. The Sailor Senshi told Naru to get out of the way. But Naru didn't and said, "I'll give my life to protect him. Because I love him."

Then the Black Crystal started flashing. The youma appeared and tried to steal the Black Crystal, thinking it was the Silver Crystal. Sanjouin blasted the youma to protect Naru. Then the youma and Sanjouin fought. Sailor Moon used the moon tiara action and killed the youma.

Sanjouin gave back the crystal that Naru had brought, as it wasn't the Silver Crystal. The Sailor Senshi tried to make Sanjouin think more about Naru, and not use her. But Sanjouin said, "The world will be in the hands of the Dark Kingdom if they get the Silver Crystal," and left.

24- "Naru-chan gōkyū! Nefuraito ai no shi" ("Naru's Cry! Nephrite Dies for Love")

(なるちゃん号泣!ネフライト愛の死) ("A Friend in Wolf's Clothing")
Sailor Moon - Episode 24

Sailor Moon - Episode 24

Airdate: August 29, 1992

After school Naru was with Usagi in a park. Naru was feeling sad. Usagi told Naru to forget about Sanjouin. But Naru said, "I can't. No matter how bad he is. Usagi, is there someone you like?" "Well.. Yeah." "Then you must know how I feel."

Nephrite was wondering why the Black Crystal was responding to Naru. He was thinking if it was "the energy of love". Then Nephrite recalled that Sailor Moon knew Naru. So Nephrite thought that Naru must know the identity of Sailor Moon. Zoisite was sneaking around and saw the Black Crystal.

At night when Naru was sleeping, Nephrite went to her room. The Black Crystal responded to her. Nephrite thought that the Silver Crystal could be inside one's body. Nephrite used the Black Crystal and his power to look through Naru's body.

Nephrite discovered that the Silver Crystal was not there. Then Naru woke up. She saw Sanjouin's shadow. Nephrite told her the truth about his identity. Nephrite said, "I learned about love from you." He continued a little bit about his evil group. Then Nephrite said, "Your love made me wake up. I want to fight against the evil forces with Sailor Moon. If you know who Sailor Moon is can you tell me?" But since Naru didn't know, she answered, "I'm sorry I don't know." Nephrite said, "You don't believe me." "I do believe you. I really don't know." Naru had tears going down her face. Then Nephrite disappeared. He was thinking that Naru might contact Sailor Moon if she knew who she was.

Zoisite was plotting against Nephrite. Zoisite's three youma wanted to attack Nephrite, but Zoisite said that Nephrite was too strong. Zoisite wanted to get Naru as a hostage. Usagi got a phone call in the middle of the night. Naru wanted to discuss it with Usagi. She said that Usagi was the only one she could talk to. Naru said, "Sanjouin wanted to know where Sailor Moon is." Usagi tried to find out more, but Naru started crying. Naru said that she felt better and hung up.

Luna and Usagi ran toward Naru's house because they thought Nephrite was up to something. Usagi was running too slow, so Luna went ahead by herself. Then the world started to distort around Usagi. Usagi thought it was the youma, and turned into Sailor Moon. Then Nephrite appeared and said that he found out Sailor Moon's identity. Sailor Moon asked Nephrite not to tell anyone. Nephrite said it didn't matter because he would kill her now, and started blasting Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon just tried to get away. Then Tuxedo Mask came. He said that he would fight Nephrite.

Then Nephrite felt that Naru was in trouble. He heard Naru calling him, "Please help, Nephrite-sama." Nephrite said, "Sailor Moon, I know who you are. I can attack you any time. You better be waiting." Then Nephrite disappeared. Sailor Moon was worried because her identity had been discovered. But Tuxedo Mask said, "Don't worry if he found out about your identity." Tuxedo Mask also left.

When Luna arrived at Naru apartment, she saw Naru being taken away by some youma. Nephrite arrived in Naru's room. There was a message from Zoisite saying that he would exchange Naru for the Black Crystal. Nephrite said that he didn't care about Naru, and burned the message.

Nephrite went to where the three youma were keeping Naru. Naru was tied up against the wall. The youma attacked Nephrite, but he easily defeated them. Nephrite didn't finish them off and said, "I won't give you the Black Crystal! Tell that to Zoisite." Then Nephrite carried Naru outside.

While she was in Nephrite's arms, Naru thanked him. Nephrite said, "I didn't know why I saved you myself. I've been tricking you until now." But Naru said that she didn't mind, as long as he was near.

Then Naru noticed that Nephrite's arm was injured. She led him to a park. Nephrite sat down against a tree and Naru ripped her pajama shirt to tie Nephrite's arm. Naru said that she wanted to go eat chocolate parfait with Nephrite. She said that it was her little dream. Nephrite said, "Okay. Let's go." Naru asked if Sunday was a holiday for evil people too. Nephrite laughed. Naru was very happy to see Nephrite laugh.

Then the youma appeared. One of them stabbed Nephrite in his shoulder with a large thorn. The youma said, "That thorn will suck your energy until you die." Nephrite told Naru to escape, but she didn't want to. Naru started trying to pull out the thorns from Nephrite's shoulder. The youma said that a human couldn't pull it out. Nephrite told Naru to escape again. But Naru kept trying to pull it out. Naru was crying and said, "Don't die." Then the thorns started coming out a little.

Youma was surprised and blasted them again. Nephrite grabbed Naru and covered her from the explosion. Naru was all right, but Nephrite was badly injured. Then Zoisite appeared and grabbed the Black Crystal. Zoisite told Nephrite that he should be happy to die with the one that he loved and left.

The youma was going to finish Nephrite off. Nephrite told Naru to escape. But Naru said "No" again. Then the Sailor Senshi appeared. Sailor Mercury used the "Sabao Spray" and the youma couldn't move. Then Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars used their "Moon Tiara Action" and "Fire Soul" to kill the youma.

Nephrite said to Sailor Moon, "Your identity won't leak out." Then Nephrite said to Naru, "I'm sorry. I can't go eat chocolate parfait. I lied to you till the end. Please forgive me. I'm glad I met you." Then Nephrite disappeared. Only the piece of cloth from Naru's pajamas remained. Naru cried. The Sailor Senshi were also in tears.

25- "Koisuru kairiki shōjo, Jupitā-chan" ("Jupiter, the Brawny Girl in Love")

(恋する怪力少女, ジュピターちゃん) ("Jupiter Comes Thundering In")
Sailor Moon - Episode 25

Sailor Moon - Episode 25

Airdate: September 5, 1992

Queen Beryl was using some power to revive and talk to Queen Metalia. Metalia told Beryl that she needed the Silver Crystal to appear. But Queen Beryl said that she didn't know where it was.

Usagi was running to school. She was late again. Luna was following her carrying the lunch that Usagi had forgotten. When Usagi ran around a corner, she ran into three punks. The guys got mad at Usagi. One of them said that his leg was broken. Usagi became very scared. Then a large girl came and beat up the guys for picking on a helpless girl. The girl had a small rose ear ring, and Usagi thought she was great.

Queen Beryl was with Zoisite and Kunzite. She said that there used to be a group of Seven Great Youma who were the strongest. But they got caught and were now trapped in the Silver Crystal fragments called the Rainbow Crystals. Queen Beryl said that the Rainbow Crystals was inside some human now. She gave Zoisite a Black Crystal that would only respond to the Rainbow Crystals. Zoisite saw an image of a boy with glasses.

During lunch, Usagi went outside and spotted the large girl sitting by herself. Then Umino came up to Usagi. Umino told Usagi that the girl was Makoto Kino, a very strong girl who got thrown out of her previous school for fighting. He told Usagi that she should stay away from her. But Usagi went up behind Makoto and hid in the bushes. Makoto's lunch looked very good and Usagi was admiring her lunch. Then Makoto spotted Usagi. Makoto offered Usagi some of her lunch, so Usagi ate one onigiri (rice ball). Makoto said most of the students at this school were not approaching her. Usagi said Makoto's mother was good at cooking. Then Makoto said that she had made it herself.

After school, Usagi and Makoto went to Game Center Crown. Usagi said that Motoki wasn't there. Makoto asked if Motoki was Usagi's brother. Then Makoto went to play the Sailor V game. Ami and Rei came. Luna had felt something about Makoto. Usagi introduced them as "the smart Ami and the mean Rei". Then Usagi and Rei started arguing. Luna pretended to be a cute cat. Then they noticed that there was a crowd around a boy in glasses who was playing the crane game. The boy kept getting all of the stuffed animals. He used some power to float the stuffed animal into the crane's arms. One of Usagi's friends said that it was "Game Machine Joe". It was said that he always got all of the stuffed animals at game centers. Makoto blushed and said that the boy looked like someone she knew.

Joe left carrying a bag of the stuffed animals. Makoto followed him. When Joe was walking down the street, Zoisite appeared. Zoisite took out his Black Crystal, and the power caused the Rainbow Crystal in Joe's body to respond. Joe started to yell out in pain. Then Makoto appeared. Makoto got in front of Joe to protect him. Makoto attacked Zoisite. Zoisite dodged Makoto's strikes. Then Makoto threw her rose ear ring. When Zoisite dodged it, Makoto hit Zoisite. Zoisite got mad that someone hit his pretty face. Then Usagi appeared and Zoisite vanished. Makoto and Usagi went to Joe. Joe got up and left, saying that he didn't want any help. Makoto went after Joe. Luna said that she felt something bad. She said that it could be the Dark Kingdom.

Makoto followed Joe down the street. Joe told Makoto to stop following him. Makoto said that she would be his body guard. Then she asked Joe how he could get all of the stuffed animals. Joe just said that she couldn't copy his method. Joe went into a coffee shop, alone. Makoto waited outside. Usagi came and waited with Makoto. Makoto told Usagi that Joe was like someone she knew before. Joe's body was still responding to the Black Crystal. He was in pain. Joe finally asked Makoto to come in. He said that he didn't want her to stare at him from outside. Then Joe said that he had super powers for the crane game. Joe demonstrated by lifting up the ash tray with some strange powers. Then Makoto said that it was cheating. But Joe said that it didn't matter.

Then Zoisite appeared. Zoisite blasted Makoto, and Joe started to run away. Usagi went in and said, "Are you going to leave the girl and run away!" Usagi said Joe wasn't a boy. But Joe answered, "That big girl isn't my type." Then Joe ran off. Usagi went to Makoto. Makoto sadly said, "He said the same thing to me.."

Zoisite caught up with Joe in the park. Zoisite got the Rainbow Crystal from Joe's body. Then Sailor Moon appeared. Zoisite introduced himself to Sailor Moon and disappeared. He turned Joe into a youma, Gesen, and made him fight Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon became scared. Gesen attacked Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon just tried to escape. Makoto picked up Gesen and threw him. A mark appeared on Makoto's forehead. It was the mark of Jupiter. Then Gesen grabbed Sailor Moon with one of his extending arms. Luna told Makoto that she was one of the Sailor Senshi. She told Makoto to say, "Jupiter Power, Make Up!" Then Makoto said those words and transformed into Sailor Jupiter.

Gesen attacked Sailor Jupiter, but she avoided him. Then Sailor Jupiter used her "Supreme Thunder" attack and blasted Gesen. She was going to do it again, but Luna stopped her. Luna said that Gesen still was human inside. Luna gave Sailor Moon a new item. It was the Moon Stick. Luna told Sailor Moon to say, "Moon Healing Escalation." Sailor Moon's Moon Stick caused Gesen to disappear. Then Joe appeared. Luna said that the fourth Sailor Senshi had appeared. Sailor Moon had to be the leader to protect the princess.

The next day Makoto was playing the Sailor V game. Usagi was also there. Then Motoki came. Usagi introduced him to Makoto. Makoto said that Motoki was just like someone she knew. When Usagi mentioned Joe, Makoto said that Motoki's voice was similar.

26- "Naru-chan ni egao wo! Usagi no yūjō" ("Bring a Smile to Naru's Face! Usagi's Friendship")

(なるちゃんに笑顔を!うさぎの友情) ("The Power of Friendship")
Sailor Moon - Episode 26

Sailor Moon - Episode 26

Airdate: September 12, 1992

Tuxedo Mask had a dream. He saw a princess with very long pony tails telling him to find the Silver Crystal. Tuxedo Mask asked what the Silver Crystal was. But the princess just said that the Silver Crystal would answer all questions. Then Mamoru woke up. He said that it was the same dream again. He wondered, "Am I Tuxedo Mask? If I get the Silver Crystal, would it solve all of the mysteries?"

Zoisite told Queen Beryl that he found the location of the second Rainbow Crystal. It was a minister.

During class Usagi noticed that Naru was absent. She had not come to school since Nephrite died. After school, Usagi told Umino to go to Naru's house with her. She said that Naru had not come to school for one week. Umino thought that Naru had been sick with the cold. Usagi told him to make her happy. Umino said that he would.

Usagi and Umino went to Naru's room. Umino said, "I thought you were sick. But maybe you just had a broken heart." Usagi quickly hit Umino and said, "Can't you think of anything else to say?" Umino then said, "Let's go eat chocolate parfait." Usagi hit Umino again. Naru then said, "Let's go play somewhere. Let's go eat something good." Luna told Ami, Rei, and Makoto that the Silver Crystal could destroy a planet. Also that nobody knew where it was. But Luna said that the Rainbow Crystal were the chips of the Silver Crystal. Luna told everyone about the seven youma's of the dark kingdom. Somebody had put them into the Rainbow Crystals. They became humans and lived peacefully. But Zoisite was now trying to get the Rainbow Crystals. If they got the seven Rainbow Crystals, they can get the Silver Crystal.

Makoto then said that with her there it would be okay. Rei got a little upset as that was supposed to be her line. Ami asked Luna how they could find the Rainbow Crystals. Luna said that the stick that she had given Usagi would respond to it. Rei said that she didn't think Usagi should have it. She said that Usagi would just use it as her daily tool. (Just then at home, Usagi cracked open her piggy bank with the stick.) Luna asked everyone to let Usagi be leader. Rei immediately opposed. Ami was going to say that Usagi could do it, but Rei pinched her leg. Makoto said that she didn't know Usagi well enough to decide yet.

Then Makoto called Usagi. She asked her to come because they were discussing something important. But Usagi said that she had to go to Chinatown in Yokohama to eat a lot of good food with Naru. Luna began to cry (as she was very disappointed in Usagi). Usagi, Umino, and Naru went to Yokohama. They were at the gaijin cemetery. Umino said that he wanted to go eat. But Naru said, "There's so many tombs here. But Nephrite doesn't have one."

Naru went to a gaijin minister and talked to him about Nephrite. Naru was holding the cloth that she had used to tie Nephrite's arm. The minister said that Naru had cared for him enough. Naru said that she had nothing left. Just when the minister said that someone will appear, Zoisite appeared. Naru remembered that it was the one who had killed Nephrite.

Umino and Usagi were looking around for Naru. Then Usagi's stick began to respond. Luna appeared. She told Usagi that the stick would respond to the Rainbow Crystals. She said that a youma would appear. Usagi called Makoto. Makoto was in Chinatown, and said that she would go right away. Usagi and Luna ran toward the Rainbow Crystal.

The minister asked Zoisite who he was. Zoisite said that it didn't matter, but that he would show the minister his own identity. Then Zoisite took out the Black Crystal. Naru recognized it as Nephrite's and tried to take it away from Zoisite. Usagi and Luna spotted Zoisite, the minister, and Naru. Luna said that Usagi should wait for Makoto. But Usagi said that Naru was in danger, and transformed. "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!" Sailor Moon appeared. But Zoisite used his Black Crystal to get the Rainbow Crystal from inside the minister. Then the Rainbow Crystal went flying. Zoisite couldn't find it. The minister turned into a boxer youma, Boxy.

Zoisite told the boxer to knock out Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon said that she wasn't a boxer, but boxy attacked. Sailor Moon just tried to escape. When Naru called out for the minister, boxy attacked Naru. But Umino dove to save Naru. Then boxy attacked Sailor Moon. But Tuxedo Mask came to save Usagi. He said, "A minister shouldn't hit girls. You should hold them softly."

Boxy attacked Tuxedo Mask. Tuxedo Mask put Sailor Moon down and went to fight boxy. Usagi noticed Tuxedo Mask dropped a star shaped accessory. Then Makoto arrived and transformed. "Jupiter Power, Make Up!" Boxy attacked Sailor Jupiter. Sailor Jupiter used her "Supreme Thunder" attack and blasted the boxer. Then Sailor Moon took out her stick and used the "Moon Healing Escalation". The boxer turned back into a normal minister.

Tuxedo Mask found the Rainbow Crystal on the ground and disappeared. Zoisite said, "I'll get if from you," and left. Luna told Sailor Moon to get the Rainbow Crystals, but Usagi just looked in the direction where Tuxedo Mask had disappeared. Luna started crying again. Tuxedo Mask was looking at the Rainbow Crystals. Then he transformed back to Mamoru. He said he finally realized that he was Tuxedo Mask.

Naru wrapped Umino's arm with the cloth. Usagi was sitting with them on a park bench. Naru said, "I'm sorry I made you worry. I'll go to school from tomorrow." Usagi opened up the accessory. There was a little crescent moon inside, which turned around in the center. Some soft music came out from it.

27- "Ami-chan e no koi!? Mirai yochi no shōnen" ("Love for Ami?! A Boy Who Can Predict the Future")

(亜美ちゃんへの恋!?未来予知の少年) ("Mercury's Mental Match")
Sailor Moon - Episode 27

Sailor Moon - Episode 27

Airdate: October 10, 1992

Queen Beryl was with Zoisite and Kunzite. She said that they needed all seven of the Rainbow Crystals to get the Silver Crystal. She was upset that Tuxedo Mask had gotten one of the Rainbow Crystals. Zoisite apologized. Kunzite said that Tuxedo Mask would eventually come for the Rainbow Crystals. He would be able to get it then. Then the queen told Zoisite to go get the other five Rainbow Crystals.

Ami was walking to school. Ryo Urawa came up to her and stopped her by a construction site. Just when Ami asked what he wanted, a large beam fell and smashed a truck right in front of Ami. When Ami turned around, Urawa had already gone somewhere.

At school, they had posted the scores of the test. Usagi was 203rd with a score of 586. She said that her mother would scold her. Makoto hadn't done much better, as she was 201st with a score of 601. They saw that Ami was 2nd with a score of 899. Usagi was surprised. Ami said that she needed to study more because she didn't get a perfect score. Ryo Urawa was 1st with a perfect score of 900. Urawa was a boy Ami's class, who had just transferred to this school. Urawa walked by, but he blushed when Ami called for him, and ran off.

Later Urawa was at the roof of the school. He was looking at an old newspaper cutout of an article on Ami. Urawa remembered what happened during the test. He sat next to Ami. Urawa was panicing, but Ami told him to relax.

Usagi went up to Urawa. She saw the picture of Ami that he was holding and said that Urawa must like Ami. Urawa said that it wasn't that way. He said that he just wanted to reach Ami's test scores. When Usagi said that Urawa had beaten Ami on the last test, Urawa said that he had just gotten lucky. He said that Ami was still much smarter than him. Then Usagi said that she would help him, and ran off. Urawa stopped Usagi to tell her to be careful of water. Then a guy who was on top of the door threw some water and it splashed on Usagi.

Mamoru and Rei were walking down the street together on a date. Rei was hanging on to Mamoru's arm. Mamoru was thinking to himself that he was finding out more about his past. He knew that he had to get the Silver Crystal to find out more. Rei asked Mamoru if something happened. Mamoru said that it was nothing.

Usagi and Urawa were at a coffee shop. Usagi gave Urawa a snapshot of Ami eating a hamburger. Urawa said that he would make it his treasure. Luna saw that the moon stick was responding to Urawa. Usagi asked Urawa if he was going to tell Ami how he felt. He said that he was going to when he reached Ami's score. So Usagi said that she would bring Ami to him later, and ran off.

Zoisite saw that Urawa had the Rainbow Crystal. Usagi was waiting at the cram school for Ami. Luna tried to tell Usagi something. But Ami came out, and Usagi went to drag Ami away.

When Urawa was walking home, Zoisite was waiting for him. Urawa knew that it was Zoisite. Zoisite got upset that Urawa knew his name. When he asked how he knew, Urawa said that he had some future predicting powers ever since he was little. He said that he discovered the truth about his other self (youma). When Zoisite told him to turn into a youma, Urawa said that he would rather die, and went to attack Zoisite. But Zoisite blasted him. Then Zoisite started to use the Black Crystal to get the Rainbow Crystal from Urawa's body. Just then Ami and Usagi appeared. They saw Zoisite attacking Urawa. Usagi and Ami transformed.

Zoisite stopped using his Black Crystal. Sailor Mercury helped Urawa and escaped. Sailor Moon faced Zoisite, but Zoisite vanished. Sailor Mercury took Urawa to a park and set him down on a bench. Urawa called her "Mizuno-san". Sailor Mercury wondered why Urawa knew about her identity.

Sailor Moon went after Sailor Mercury. But she couldn't find her. Luna told Sailor Moon that she should use the Moon Stick. Sailor Moon said that that would mean that Urawa was a youma with the Rainbow Crystal. Luna said that he was, and told Usagi to hurry. Sailor Moon wasn't sure if Luna was right about Urawa.

Urawa was seeing a flash of the future when he (as the youma Bunbo) would be attacking Sailor Mercury. The youma tried to chop up Sailor Mercury with its scissor hands. Sailor Mercury found a picture of Ami in Urawa's pocket.

When Urawa woke up, he called Sailor Mercury “Mizuno-san”. Urawa told Sailor Mercury that he had the powers to see the future. Sailor Mercury tried to pretend that she was not Ami. Then Urawa told Sailor Mercury to kill him if he turned into a youma. But Sailor Mercury said, "A future is something that you make yourself. You have to believe in it."

Zoisite appeared and turned Urawa into a youma. The youma was facing Sailor Mercury. But he remembered the words that Sailor Mercury had said, and attacked Zoisite. The Rainbow Crystal fell from Zoisite's grasp and fell into Sailor Mercury's hands. Zoisite figured that the youma still had some human feelings left. So he used his power to turn the youma into a bigger youma. Then Sailor Moon appeared. She said, "You shouldn't turn a boy's feelings around!"

The youma was running after Sailor Mercury. Sailor Moon tried to use her moon stick to turn the youma back into Urawa. But it didn't work. Luna said that the youma had too much power. The youma was now chasing Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon.

The youma attacked and got Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury trapped. Then the youma attacked again. Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter appeared in time to stop the youma's weapons with the "fire soul" and "supreme thunder" attacks. Then Sailor Mercury used the "Sabão Spray" attack to freeze the youma. Sailor Moon used her "Moon Tiara Action", and the youma's power was reduced. Then Sailor Moon used her "Moon Healing Escalation" with the Moon Stick, and Urawa returned to his normal self. Tuxedo Mask was watching. He just left after the battle ended.

Later Urawa had to go away to transfer to another school again, because of his father's work. Usagi, Ami, and Makoto went to the train station to see him off. Urawa returned the picture that Usagi had given him. He said, "I'll come back for it when I pass you with my own powers."

Then Ami gave Urawa another picture. She said, "I like this one better." After the train left, Ami said to herself, "Don't worry about the scores and come any time, Ryo-kun." The picture Ami gave was a cute one of her smiling.

28- "Koi no irasuto, Usagi to Mamoru ga sekkin?" ("Illustrations of Love, Are Usagi and Mamoru Getting Closer?")

(恋のイラスト, うさぎと衛が接近?) ("An Artful Attack")
Sailor Moon - Episode 28

Sailor Moon - Episode 28

Airdate: October 17, 1992

Queen Beryl was upset because she had lost two out of the three Rainbow Crystals. Also two of her four men had been killed already. Zoisite apologized. He said that he would get the next Rainbow Crystal. Zoisite discovered that the next one belonged to girl with glasses. He said that he would get it even if it costs him his life.

Usagi was in a park. It was autumn and there were a lot of couples around her in the park. Usagi was depressed. She was wondering if Tuxedo Mask was her enemy. Luna said that he was an enemy because he was after the Silver Crystal too. Usagi started to argue. Then Naru came and pulled Usagi away. When she was leaving, Usagi dropped the moon stick. Usagi didn't even notice. A very shocked Luna grabbed the moon stick before it fell into the pond. Luna was disappointed in Usagi.

Usagi and Naru went to an art gallery. It had illustrations by an artist called Yumemi Yumeno. Usagi liked the illustrations. There were couples all over. Umino appeared. He said that it was said that if one has her illustrations, a dream would come true. Then Usagi said that she would buy one of the posters.

There was a self illustration of Yumemi. She was a very pretty girl. But Umino said that Yumemi never went out in public. Then Usagi said that Yumemi might be an ugly girl. Yumemi was sneaking around in the gallery. She was looking for the right image for her illustrations, but she couldn't find the right image. Then Usagi spotted an illustration and stopped. It was a picture of a couple (man in a tuxedo and girl with long hair). Usagi said, "I thought I've seen it somewhere before."

Mamoru walked by the gallery and saw the same picture on a poster outside. He said that it was like the dream that he always saw. Yumemi went out of the gallery and ran into Mamoru. Yumemi fell down. When she got up and put on her glasses, she saw Mamoru. She said he was just the image that she had been looking for. Naru spotted Mamoru and said to Usagi that it was Motoki's friend. Usagi saw Mamoru with a girl besides Rei, so she ran out as she saw a chance to tease him.

Yumemi was holding on the Mamoru's arm. She said, "Please be my model." Usagi ran out to them and said, "I'm going to tell Rei-chan on you!" Mamoru said, "Don't make a mistake." But Usagi said, "It's no mistake. You're holding hands." Then Yumemi saw Usagi and grabbed her. Yumemi didn't let go of Usagi and said, "My perfect image. Please be my model."

Mamoru and Usagi went with Yumemi. They still did now know who this girl was. Mamoru said that he was busy. When they got to her house, Usagi found out about Yumemi's identity. Yumemi said that she kept her identity a secret, so that everyone would think she was pretty.

Yumemi told Usagi to sit next to Mamoru. Usagi was shocked. Mamoru said that he didn't want to do it. But Yumemi begged them. She said that she needed a model for her image. So Usagi sat next to Mamoru. Usagi thought that Rei would kill her if she found out. When Usagi looked closely at Mamoru, she thought he was handsome. But then she hit herself for thinking about someone other than Tuxedo Mask.

Yumemi drew some sketches. She said that she felt like she could draw some good illustrations. Usagi looked at Yumemi's sketch. She said it was very good. Yumemi said that when she draws, she thinks, "Please become happy. Please be able to meet someone nice." Usagi was disappointed that Yumemi didn't have any friends. Yumemi said that it was ok as long as she made other people happy. Then Mamoru said, "If you can't make yourself happy, how can you make others happy?"

Usagi then found a nice picture of a couple. Usagi got mad at Mamoru and said that Yumemi's illustrations were very good. Mamoru saw the picture and gasped. The illustration was one of a girl giving a pendant as a present to a guy. Yumemi said, "I always feel very painful when I draw that couple."

At night Usagi walked home with Yumemi. When Yumemi said that Usagi probably wanted to walk home with Mamoru, Usagi said that it wasn't so. Then they saw one of Yumemi's illustrations on a poster. Some girls walked by it and said that Yumemi must be pretty. Yumemi quickly hid behind Usagi. Usagi told Yumemi not to worry too much. Usagi said that Yumemi was a very nice person, and ran off.

Usagi ran into Luna. Luna gave the moon stick back to Usagi. Luna said that she would give the stick to someone else. But Usagi said that she wanted it. She said that she had been thinking about Tuxedo Mask when she dropped it. Then Luna insulted Usagi by saying that she was very simple-minded, and Usagi ran off.

The Moon Stick responded. It was in the direction of Yumemi's house. Yumemi saw Zoisite and thought he was very pretty. But Zoisite used his Black Crystal and turned Yumemi into a youma. Usagi went to Yumemi's house and looked inside. She found out that Yumemi was a youma. Usagi was scared. But she called the others, and transformed. Zoisite and the youma went off. Zoisite thought that they got away. But Sailor Moon caught them at a construction site. Zoisite told the youma to attack Sailor Moon. The youma drew rocks with a pen and dropped them on Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon ran around trying to avoid the rocks. When Sailor Moon fell down, the youma drew a large rock on top of her and dropped it. The rock was heading for Sailor Moon, but Tuxedo Mask came at the last minute to save her. When Zoisite tried to escape, Tuxedo Mask went after him.

Sailor Moon was fighting the youma. She said, "Return to Yumemi. Please remember your kind heart." Then the youma attacked again. But the other Sailor Senshi appeared and saved Sailor Moon. When the youma attacked again, Sailor Mercury used Sabão Spray. Sailor Moon left the other girls to fight against the youma, and went to Tuxedo Mask. Tuxedo Mask was fighting Zoisite. Tuxedo Mask wanted the Rainbow Crystals. Zoisite blasted Tuxedo Mask. But Sailor Moon came, and used the moon tiara to protect Tuxedo Mask. Then Zoisite disappeared.

Sailor Moon went to Tuxedo Mask. Sailor Moon dropped the pendant that she had picked up before. Tuxedo Mask said, "Princess." Sailor Moon asked if Tuxedo Mask knew about the princess. Tuxedo Mask said that he didn't know. He also said that Sailor Moon could keep the pendant. Then Sailor Moon asked for the Rainbow Crystals back. But Tuxedo Mask said that he couldn't give it to her. He said that he would even come for the one that the Sailor Senshi had. When Sailor Moon asked if he was the enemy, Tuxedo Mask said, "In the case of the Rainbow Crystals, yes." Then Tuxedo Mask left.

Sailor Moon realized that the battle against the youma was still going on. "Oh no, the battle's not over yet!" When Sailor Moon returned, the youma was very weak. Sailor Moon used the Moon Healing Escalation, and the youma went back to Yumemi. Then the Sailor Senshi went off.

Yumemi invited Mamoru and Usagi to her gallery. Yumemi showed the illustration that she had completed. Usagi and Mamoru both liked it. Then Usagi noticed that Yumemi's self illustration had been taken down. She had replaced it with a more realistic one. Yumemi thanked Usagi for convincing her that she should be herself more.

29- "Daikonsen! Guchagucha koi no shikaku kankei" ("Total Chaos! The Messy Square Relationship")

(大混戦!グチャグチャ恋の四角関係) ("Too Many Girlfriends")
Sailor Moon - Episode 29

Sailor Moon - Episode 29

Airdate: October 24, 1992

The radio said that the probability of rain was only 10%, but it started raining. Makoto was running home because she didn't have an umbrella. Then she ran into someone, and fell down. Makoto got up and yelled out, "What are you looking at." The person said, "Sorry." Makoto was very mad and said, "If you can get away with saying sorry, we won't need policemen." Then Makoto found out that the person was Motoki. Makoto quickly changed. She noticed that Motoki's voice sounded just like the person she liked before.

Makoto and Motoki walked back together under one umbrella. Motoki said that he heard Makoto was good at cooking. He asked her to cook for him someday. Then Makoto said, "Ok, any time. I can clean your house too." Then Motoki wrote down his address and favorite food in Makoto's book. Motoki's favorite food was hayashi rice. It stopped raining. Makoto was disappointed, and said that she wanted it to rain some more. Then Motoki said that he had to stop by at school, so Makoto left by herself. Makoto said, "I'll go over to your place this Sunday."

Right after Makoto left, a girl came from the college. It was Reika, Motoki's girl friend. Reika teased Motoki by saying that Makoto was his new girl friend. Motoki said that Makoto was just a kid. Reika said that she couldn't go out with that day because she had some more work to do. Motoki asked if Reika had decided on that important thing. Then Mamoru came. Before Reika returned to the school, she asked Mamoru to accompany Motoki.

Motoki and Mamoru went to a coffee shop. Motoki said that Reika might have to go to Africa, but she didn't know what to do. Motoki said that he wanted her to stay close, but he didn't want to tie her down. Motoki then asked Mamoru if he liked Hayashi rice. Mamoru said that he didn't. Motoki told Mamoru that Makoto was going to cook for him. Then Mamoru remembered that Makoto was Usagi's friend and asked, "Don't you know how Usagi feels?" Motoki answered, "Yeah, they're both cute." "Cute?" Mamoru thought that Motoki was very dense. Motoki answered, "Come on, they're only junior high school kids." Mamoru quickly thought about Rei, who was in junior high school. Motoki said, "They're like younger sisters."

The next day Makoto went to Motoki's house in the morning before school. She discovered that it was a real mess. Makoto started cleaning up the room. Then Makoto found a picture of Motoki and Reika. Makoto became shocked.

At school Makoto was with Luna and was feeling very depressed. Then Usagi came, and guessed that Makoto must have a broken heart. Usagi said that she would help out, and asked who it was that Makoto liked. Makoto told Usagi that it was Motoki. Usagi was shocked and started crying, saying she liked Motoki. When Makoto said that she thought Usagi liked Tuxedo Mask, Usagi said that she liked both. Usagi was still crying and Makoto said, "Decide on one or the other!"

Usagi then became happy as she thought that Motoki's girl friend was her. But Makoto told her that it was a person called Reika. Usagi became more shocked. Then Makoto said that they should just attack, even if there wasn't much hope.

Usagi and Makoto went to the game center to see Motoki. But they ran into Mamoru. Mamoru told them that Motoki only thought of them as younger sisters. Usagi got mad. She also told Mamoru that her name was not "odango atama". Then Usagi went inside. But Motoki was not there that day.

While they were waiting outside, Mamoru then told Makoto about Reika going to study abroad. Makoto choked Mamoru to try to get more information out of him. At dark kingdom, Zoisite found the next target. It was Reika. Kunzite came and said that she was pretty. Zoisite got very jealous, saying that she was really an ugly youma. But Kunzite told him not to get jealous, and gave him a rose.

That night Makoto went to the University to talk to Reika. Makoto was going to talk her into going to study abroad. When Makoto asked about it, Reika said that she wanted to go, but if Motoki stopped her she wouldn't go. Then Makoto got upset. "If you feel that way, don't go. Make your choice, love or study!" Then Makoto remembered that she had come to try to make Reika go, not stay.

On Sunday, Usagi and Makoto were going to Motoki's place. Usagi was carrying the bag of groceries and was very happy. When they got close to Motoki's apartment, Usagi imagined that Motoki was going to ask her to marry him. She imagined him going to kiss her. But Usagi had her eyes closed and was puckering up to Makoto. Luna said that she didn't have to worry about that.

Usagi and Makoto arrived at Motoki's place. They started cooking. Usagi said that she would help out. Makoto asked her to peel the carrots. But Usagi said that she was no good at it. Then Makoto asked her to cut the onions. Usagi said, "I don't like it because my tears would come out." Makoto asked, "Then please cook the rice." Usagi said, while almost crying, "I don't know how to clean the rice." Then Makoto hit Usagi.

Motoki got a call from Reika, who had made up her mind. Reika said that she had decided that she was going to go, but Motoki couldn't hear because it was too loud. Then Motoki left to meet Reika. Usagi and Makoto fell asleep waiting for Motoki. Luna spotted the moon stick responding. Usagi and Makoto woke up. Luna told them to transform. Usagi and Makoto transformed. "Moon prism power make up!" "Jupiter power make up!"

Zoisite was with Motoki and Reika. Motoki attacked Zoisite, but Zoisite blasted him and knocked him out. Zoisite then got the Rainbow Crystal from Reika and turned her into a youma. Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter appeared. The youma attacked Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter. Zoisite was going to leave. But Tuxedo Mask came and knocked the Rainbow Crystal away.

Sailor Moon saw Tuxedo Mask and became very happy. When Sailor Jupiter asked about Motoki, Sailor Moon said that she was now only going after Tuxedo Mask. The youma attacked the Sailor Senshi. She threw a bottle of strange chemicals. A bunch of bugs started crawling up Sailor Moon's legs. Sailor Jupiter used the Supreme Thunder to get rid of the bugs. But the youma caught the thunder in her flask.

Just then Sailor Mercury came and used the Sabao Spray to immobilize the youma. Sailor Mars used the fire soul to blast the youma's flask. Sailor Mars then told Sailor Moon to used her Moon Stick. Then they argued a little before Sailor Moon used the Moon Stick to turn the youma back into Reika.

Meanwhile Zoisite and Tuxedo Mask were fighting. Then Zoisite admitted defeat and said that he would give the Rainbow Crystal to Tuxedo Mask. When Tuxedo Mask relaxed, Zoisite blasted him, took the Rainbow Crystal and left.

Motoki went to see Reika off at the airport. Makoto and Usagi were there, too. Usagi was very sad and said that she was going to give up on Motoki. But Makoto said that Reika might find someone nice in Africa. When Makoto said that she was now the only one after Motoki, Usagi said that she still wanted him, too.

30- "Ojī-chan ranshin, Rei-chan no kiki" ("Grandpa Goes Crazy, Rei's in Jeopardy")

(お爺ちゃん乱心, レイちゃんの危機) ("Grandpa's Follies")
Sailor Moon - Episode 30

Sailor Moon - Episode 30

Airdate: October 31, 1992

Grandpa Hino was outside on the roof of the shrine looking at the moon when Zoisite appeared and tried to extract a Rainbow Crystal from him. However, Grandpa Hino blasted Zoisite, who was unprepared, and knocked him off the roof where he was quickly attacked by crows. When Rei went to her grandfather's aid, Zoisite vanished.

Meanwhile, a drunk man, who had been sleeping on the shrine steps, awoke to an irritated Rei who demanded to know his identity. He revealed himself as Yuuichirou Kumada, and asked to become Grandfather Hino's apprentice, as he had instantly fallen in love with Rei.

Later, Rei told everyone that her grandfather had become a little strange. Her was going around trying to train Yuuichirou doing stupid things like swinging from trees. Yuuichirou was seriously trying to follow his training, but to no avail. Because of his actions, Rei told her grandfather to act more seriously because they would lose the trust in their shrine.

Later Yuuichirou told Rei that it was autumn, so it might be just the season causing the weirdness in her grandfather. Rei laughed and thanked Yuuichirou. Usagi was watching Rei and Yuuichirou from behind a tree. She wanted to make Rei and Yuuichirou closer. Luna told her that it might make things worse. Then Usagi transformed herself into a fortune teller. Luna got very disappointed in Usagi for using the transformation pen for that purpose. Usagi (as the fortune teller) went to Rei and Yuuichirou and said that if they kissed each other right there, they would fall in love with each other. Rei go mad and said, "Let's go," to Yuuichirou. Then Rei went to Usagi, and got mad. She said, "What are you doing? I already have Mamoru." Then as she was leaving, Rei also said, "I'll have nothing to do with you again!"

At home Usagi was very sad. Usagi was crying on her bed, "Oh no. Rei got mad at me again." Luna said, "Don't worry about it. Rei always gets mad, but she also always forgets pretty quickly. You can make up tomorrow." Usagi said, "But she said that she will have nothing to do with me anymore." Luna replied, "Rei just said that because you did a stupid thing."

Then Luna ate a daifuku mochi. Luna said, "Usagi, this daifuku is very good." [daifuku = Japanese dessert with soft mochi on outside and anko, sweet bean paste, on the inside] Usagi said, "I can't eat daifuku at a time like this." "But it's very good," Luna said again. Usagi saw Luna eating the daifuku and got drawn toward it. Usagi then ate one too. Usagi said, "Yeah, it is very good." Luna said, "I told you so." Usagi then came up with an idea. "I think I'll bring this to Rei. I'll make up with her with this delicious daifuku. What a good idea." Luna said, "I think you'll just get her angry again." But Usagi said, "It'll be okay." Luna warned Usagi again, "I don't think you should." But Usagi went off.

Yuuichirou was thinking about Rei and training hard. Rei was in the bath, thinking about her grandfather. Grandpa Hino was at a fire. Then Zoisite appeared, and blasted Grandpa Hino outside. Rei was still in the bath when she felt some bad feelings. Zoisite used the Black Crystal to get the Rainbow Crystal. Tuxedo Mask appeared and knocked the Rainbow Crystal away. Zoisite then turned Grandpa Hino into a youma. The youma attacked Tuxedo Mask. Zoisite grabbed the Rainbow Crystal and went into the forest. Tuxedo Mask went after Zoisite. But Zoisite had vanished.

Yuuichirou appeared and saw the youma. Yuuichirou ran to Rei's room. Rei was still dressing, and Yuuichirou got a peek of Rei from behind. Yuuichirou and Rei ran away as the youma appeared. Then they got cornered. Yuuichirou got in front of Rei. He said, "Hurry up and escape. I can die for you." Then Yuuichirou attacked youma, but the youma hit him away. Yuuichirou passed out.

Rei found out that the youma was her grandfather. Rei tried to run away. But the youma caught Rei by the neck. Rei told it that if there were some human feelings left, it shouldn't attack her. But it sharpened its claws and tried to punch Rei. Rei ducked in time to avoid getting killed.

Before he could stab Rei again, Usagi appeared. Usagi said, "Don't pick on my cute friend Rei." Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon. Then Sailor Moon brought out the daifuku. She told Rei that it was very good. Then Luna said, "Stupid! It's not a time to be eating daifuku." Sailor Moon was going to blast the youma with her tiara. But Rei told Sailor Moon that it was her grandfather. When Sailor Moon hesitated, the youma started chasing them. They ran away. Then Luna told Rei to stop the youma with her anti-ghost sign. When Rei used it the youma stopped. Then Sailor Moon used the Moon Stick, "Moon Healing Escalation". The youma returned to Grandpa Hino.

Makoto and Ami came back to the shrine and met at the bottom of the stairs. Since the danger was now over, they were all eating daifuku. Yuuichirou wondered where the youma went. Rei and Usagi tried to pretend that there was no youma. "Maybe you were dreaming." Yuuichirou said, "I don't think it was a dream."

Rei then kissed Yuuichirou, saying Yuuichirou was very strong and had a lot of courage. Usagi said that Rei must like Yuuichirou. Rei tried to say that she was just trying to be nice because Yuuichirou always got scolded by her grandfather. Grandpa Hino said that he wouldn't let Rei marry Yuuichirou. They started chasing each other around. Makoto and Ami saw that Usagi and Rei had made up.

31- "Koisarete owarete! Runa no saiaku no hi" ("Loved and Chased! Luna's Worst Day Ever")

(恋されて追われて!ルナの最悪の日) ("Kitty Chaos")
Sailor Moon - Episode 31

Sailor Moon - Episode 31

Airdate: November 7, 1992

Luna was surrounded by a bunch of cats. Luna tried running away, but hundreds of cats chased her. Then Luna got cornered. There was a little baby cat biting her tail. When one cat went up to Luna, someone threw a fish bone right in front of it, in a similar fashion when Tuxedo Mask throws a rose to help Sailor Moon.

It was a very large, fat blue cat. All of the cats got scared and ran away. The little baby cat that was eating Luna's tail also walked away. Then the big blue cat came and licked Luna's tail. Luna was shocked. A little girl called out for Rhett Butler. The blue cat went to the little girl. Luna couldn't believe that the cat's name was Rhett Butler. Zoisite spotted the seventh Rainbow Crystal and thought it was the little girl with Rhett Butler.

Ami and Luna were waiting at a park. Ami had her pocket computer out and was doing something with it. Then Usagi and Makoto came. Makoto asked about Rei. Ami answered that Rei said that since it was Sunday, she wanted to go out on a date. Usagi got upset.

Rei called Mamoru. But she just got Mamoru's answering machine. Rei put in a message and asked Mamoru to go eat some dessert with her. But Mamoru was actually home, and thinking about the Silver Crystal by himself.

Makoto asked what Ami was doing with the computer. Ami said that she was looking for the seventh Rainbow Crystal. Usagi looked into her backpack and saw that the moon stick wasn't responding. When Usagi said that the moon stick wasn't responding, Luna said that that was the reason why they were looking for it with the computer. Then Ami finished typing in all of the data. When she ran some program, the small screen gave displays of some maps. Luna said that that must be where the seventh Rainbow Crystal was.

Usagi, Ami, Makoto, and Luna went to the location given by the computer. When Luna looked into the second story window, she saw Rhett Butler. Makoto said, "Let's go. Luna said, "I… I'll wait here." Ami asked, "What happened?" Luna said, "I don't want to go...” Then Usagi tried to scold Luna. Usagi pulled hers eyes like a cat and said, "Luna, this is a very important mission. You should be more aware of your responsibility!" Luna got upset and said, "I'm not that ugly." Ami said, "It's all right. There are times when even Luna doesn't feel like it." The Usagi made a very cat-like face and said, "Ok. Have it your way."

After the girls went to the house, a lot of the stay cats gathered around Luna. Luna got very scared. The little girl answered the door. She said that her parents weren't home. But the moon stick was responding. Then Rhett Butler ran away from the girl's grasp and ran outside. The girl went after her cat. The girl went into an alley after Rhett Butler. But Rhett Butler was gone. Then Zoisite appeared.

Luna was surrounded by the cats. Then one cat attacked. But Rhett Butler came and saved Luna. Rhett Butler had Luna in his mouth. But then Rhett Butler fell off of the fence and fell into a manhole with Luna.

Zoisite appeared and the girl got knocked out in a skinny alley. Zoisite used the Black Crystal, but the girl wasn't the youma. Zoisite then thought that it must be the cat. Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Jupiter tried to squeeze into the alley. But they couldn't fit. Sailor Moon ended up hitting Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter when she went in her pose of "I’ll punish you!"

Then Sailor Mercury tried to use her Sabão Spray, but she lost her balance and almost fell down. Her foot was kicking Sailor Moon. Sailor Jupiter was blushing as her eyes were staring at under Sailor Mercury's skirt, which was in front of her face. Then Sailor Jupiter started to raise her antenna and use her Supreme Thunder. But Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury said that they would all get electrocuted.

Then Zoisite just vanished. Zoisite went after Rhett Butler into the sewer system. He hated the smell, and said that he hated dirty animals.

The three girls carried the girl back to her home and put her in her bed. They were in the girl's room, and Makoto wondered where Luna had gone to. Usagi said that Luna must be playing around somewhere. But Ami said that Luna wouldn't do that. Ami thought Luna must be in trouble or something. Then Usagi spotted a Sailor V game cartridge in the girl's room. Makoto said that Zoisite might come at any moment, but Usagi started playing the game.

Zoisite felt that the Rainbow Crystal was near. He put his hand on the wall. But it was very soft. It was all mice! Zoisite ran off and the mice chased him. Rei was walking down the street. Rei was thinking about Mamoru. Then Rei ran into Yuuichirou. Yuuichirou asked Rei to go out with him. But before Rei could give an answer, Yuuichirou said that a pretty girl like Rei probably didn't have any time to spend with him. Then Yuuichirou went away.

Luna and Rhett Butler were wandering down the sewer system. Then Luna noticed that Rhett Butler's leg was injured. Zoisite came running down the sewer system, with the mice chasing him. When Zoisite spotted Rhett Butler, he said that he had found the seventh Rainbow Crystal. Then Luna pushed Rhett Butler into a small tunnel. They tried to escape. Zoisite crawled after the cats. But the mice caught up, just as they all got to the exit.

Rei was walking around. She was thinking that she should have gone out with Yuuichirou. Then she spotted Luna and Rhett Butler. She thought that they were on a date. After a while, Ami looked at the moon stick in Usagi's backpack. Then Ami shouted out, "Oh no, the Moon Stick isn't responding. Why didn't I notice it earlier?" Makoto said, "Then this girl isn't the youma? But it was responding before." Ami and Makoto both realized that it was the cat. Usagi was still busy playing the Sailor V game. Then she got killed.

Zoisite came out of the tunnel and stood in front of Luna and Rhett Butler. Rei turned into Sailor Mars. She said that she wouldn't let Zoisite interfere between lovers, even if they were cats. Luna said that it wasn't that way. Then Zoisite took out the Black Crystal and turned Rhett Butler into a youma.

Zoisite got the Rainbow Crystal. But Tuxedo Mask came and hit it away from him. Then Tuxedo Mask just grabbed the Rainbow Crystal and ran away with it. (So now Zoisite had four, Tuxedo Mask had two, and the Sailor Senshi had one.)

The youma didn't attack. He just walked away toward the city. Luna went to try to stop him. Then Luna slipped down, but the youma caught Luna in his paws. Luna told him to wait because Sailor Moon would return him to his normal form. Then Sailor Mercury came and used the shabon spray. The youma became immobilized and Sailor Jupiter jumped to grab Luna.

Then Sailor Moon said, "Sorry for making you wait!” Sailor Mars said, "What were you doing? You're so late." Sailor Mercury replied, "I'm sorry. I was so absent minded." Sailor Jupiter said, "It's not because Usagi was playing the video game." Sailor Mercury then added, "Yeah, it's not Usagi's fault at all." Luna yelled at the girls.

Then Sailor Moon used Moon Healing Escalation to turn the youma back into Rhett Butler. Later after Rhett Butler went home, Rei asked Luna, "Don't you have to say good-bye to your boyfriend?" Luna tried to deny it.

32- "Umino no kesshin! Naru-chan wa boku ga mamoru" ("Umino's Resolve! I'll Protect Naru")

(海野の決心!なるちゃんは僕が守る) ("Tuxedo Melvin")
Sailor Moon - Episode 32

Sailor Moon - Episode 32

Airdate: November 14, 1992

Luna is seen talking to a computer screen and is told that all the Sailor Senshi would soon appear. It goes on to say that it was time to tell them the truth, despite Luna's misgivings.

Luna called everyone out in the middle of night to meet at the Hikawa Shrine. She then proceeds to tell them where she comes from, and that they all must wake up and remember their past selves. At firs they were in disbelief, but Ami proclaims that it must be true if Luna says it is. Luna continues to explain their past and how there used to be a kingdom on the moon, and that the princess they were searching for was the princess of the Moon Kingdom.

Kunzite and Zoisite were looking at their four Rainbow Crystals. Kunzite said that it was beautiful, but it would be more beautiful if all seven were together. Zoisite said that he would get it for Kunzite. Then Kunzite said that he wanted to see Queen Beryl's pretty smile when she gets the Silver Crystal. Zoisite became a little jealous.

At school Umino and Naru were eating lunch together. Naru asked for one fried shrimp from Umino. Umino gladly gave it to her. Then Usagi came and asked if they were boy friend and girl friend. Umino was very happy, but Naru quickly said that they were just friends. A very dejected Umino walked away.

Later Usagi told Umino to become cool. Usagi said that he should try to be like Tuxedo Mask. Umino said that he would do it. He said that he would transform into Tuxedo Umino Mask. That day Usagi and Naru walked home together. Naru thought that someone was following them. Then a little dog came up and barked at Usagi. Usagi became very scared. Then Tuxedo Umino Mask (Umino dressed up like Tuxedo Mask) appeared, and was going to pound the little dog with a toy hammer. But the owner of the dog (middle aged woman) got mad and hit Umino with the hammer. Naru asked, "What are you doing Umino?" Umino replied, "I'm Tuxedo Umino Mask."

Usagi and Naru went to the game center. They were about to go inside when Tuxedo Umino Mask came and tried to stop them. He lay down by the door and told them to step over him if they wanted to go in. Usagi and Naru stepped on Umino and went into the game center.

Motoki spotted Usagi and took out a pair of tickets. Usagi thought that Motoki was going to ask her out on a date. But Motoki said that the tickets were for the Redman show. He said that he was too old for that stuff. Usagi and Naru said that they were too old for it too. But Usagi said that she would take the tickets. She told Naru to go out with Umino because he was trying very hard. Then Umino appeared. Usagi said that Umino was trying very hard, while Umino was crying. So Naru finally agreed. Umino became very happy.

Zoisite modified the Black Crystal to turn humans into youma.

That night Zoisite went to Naru's house. He was going to turn Naru into a youma to try to draw out Sailor Moon. But saw Tuxedo Umino Mask at the door, and thought it was Tuxedo Mask. So Zoisite gave up and vanished. Umino was very scared, but he just stood there.

Naru opened the door. When she saw Umino in his stupid costume, Naru slammed the door. Then Umino asked Naru when they should meet the next day. Naru was upset that Umino had come to her house so late, but she told him to meet her at noon.

Usagi went to the amusement park. Luna asked if she had listened to the story about the princess. Usagi said that she did, but she also had to worry about her friend's love life. Usagi spotted Naru and went into the park. Luna said that she had to keep an eye on one of the Sailor Senshi who still wasn't very good.

Naru and Umino went to the Redman show. Umino was wearing his "normal" clothes instead of the Tuxedo Umino Mask costume. Umino said that his costume was in his backpack, and that he would change if something happened.

Zoisite was also at the amusement park. He had his Black Crystal and was going to turn Naru into a youma. Zoisite blasted his Black Crystal ray at Naru. But Naru dropped her purse and bent over to pick it up. The beam went over Naru and hit Redman. Redman turned into a youma.

The youma went around throwing marimo [little green moss-like stuff] at the people. Tuxedo Umino Mask appeared and tried to fight the youma. He threw fried shrimp at the youma. But the youma easily pounded him. Usagi told Naru to run away, but Naru was worried about Umino. Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon. Umino fought the youma and told Naru to run away. Umino was getting pounded. Naru ran toward Umino. But the youma threw some marimo and caught Naru.

Sailor Moon appeared and faced the youma. But Zoisite went to Sailor Moon. Zoisite asked Sailor Moon to give him the Rainbow Crystal. Sailor Moon didn't want to, but Zoisite said that all of the people, including Naru, would suffocate if she didn't give it to him. So Sailor Moon put her hand into her costume and took out the Rainbow Crystal. Just when she gave it to Zoisite, Tuxedo Mask came and knocked the Rainbow Crystal away. Sailor Moon tried to get the Rainbow Crystal, but the youma threw the marimo at her. Zoisite was fighting Tuxedo Mask. When Tuxedo Mask attacked, Zoisite vanished.

Sailor Moon used her "Moon Tiara Action!" and beat up the youma. Then she used "Moon Healing Escalation" to turn the youma back into Redman. All of the evil marimo disappeared and everyone was saved.

Luna was impressed by Usagi. Then Zoisite appeared. Zoisite swatted Luna away and picked up the Rainbow Crystal. Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon tried to get him, but it was too late. After Zoisite left, Tuxedo Mask said that he would get the Rainbow Crystal back. Sailor Moon thanked him, but Tuxedo Mask said that he would keep it himself. Later Naru and Umino were watching the Redman show. Naru thanked Umino. She said that he looked "cool". Then Umino said, "Please call me Tuxedo Umino Mask." Naru blushed and slowly said, "Tuxedo Umino Mask.."

That night Usagi was at home feeling a little depressed. She didn't understand Tuxedo Mask.

33- "Saigo no Sērā Senshi, Vīnasu tōjō" ("The Last Sailor Warrior, Sailor Venus Appears")

(最後のセーラー戦士, ヴィーナス登場) ("Sailor V Makes the Scene")
Sailor Moon - Episode 33

Sailor Moon - Episode 33

Airdate: November 21, 1992

Queen Beryl was watching the scene where Nephrite died. Queen Beryl was very upset. Zoisite said that Tuxedo Mask had always appeared to save the Sailor Senshi. Zoisite wanted to draw him out. Zoisite wanted to get the two Rainbow Crystals that Tuxedo Mask had. Queen Beryl said that it was his last chance. Then Kunzite came and said that he would get Tuxedo Mask apart from the Sailor Senshi. Queen Beryl told him to do it. Zoisite said that he would throw his life away for Kunzite.

A bank robber was holding up a bank with a gun. Then Sailor Moon came and hit the bank robber. But it wasn't the real Sailor Moon. This made the news. Luna saw it and thought it was Usagi. She couldn't believe Usagi would do something that great.

Meanwhile Usagi and Makoto were out in the city having fun. Usagi was eating a lot of crepes. Two window washers were outside on a platform washing the windows of a large department store nearby. Mamoru was inside looking at some books and saw the ropes holding the window washers get cut by something. One of the window washers was holding on to the rope. But the rope got cut and he fell. Then Sailor Moon (the fake one) came and saved the guy. All of the people on the crowded street below saw it and thought that it was great. But Mamoru couldn't believe that Sailor Moon would cut the rope on purpose. Usagi started crying. She couldn't believe someone was using her name. Makoto said that they should contact Luna and the others. The fake Sailor Moon escaped.

Kunzite was waiting at a dock. He had set up the trap. Kunzite said that only Tuxedo Mask or the Sailor Senshi could follow the speed of his fake Sailor Moon.

All four girls gathered at the dock. Rei said she saw the news about Sailor Moon catching the bank robber. She didn't think that the real Sailor Moon could do it. Makoto said that she wished the real Sailor Moon was that good. Usagi was disappointed. Then Ami said that they should find out what the fake Sailor Moon is up to. They didn't know if it was a friend or foe. Usagi said, "How can she use my name without my permission! I'll have to get some money out of it!"

Then they heard the scream of a girl. They found the fake Sailor Moon hanging on a rope. They also saw Kunzite. Usagi wanted to save her. But Ami said that it might be a trap. Usagi said that she couldn't stand seeing Sailor Moon that way. So they transformed.

Kunzite was watching the lights of the city. He said, "What a waste of light. I want to see the darkness." Sailor Moon said, "I won't let you. That's a bad hobby to tie up girls like that." Then the Sailor Senshi appeared in front of Kunzite. But Kunzite trapped the Sailor Senshi in a large dome. Sailor Mars tried her Fire soul, but the energy was sucked by the barrier. Then Kunzite attacked them. The Sailor Senshi scattered away. Sailor Jupiter tried her Supreme Thunder. Again the energy was sucked by the barrier. Then Kunzite said, "Is that the strength of the Sailor Senshi?" Kunzite made the dome smaller and smaller, trapping the Sailor Senshi closer together.

Tuxedo Mask arrived at the dock. He thought it was a trap. But he spotted the fake Sailor Moon tied up and saved her. When he carried the fake Sailor Moon into a nearby building, Sailor Moon stabbed Tuxedo Mask in the back. Then Zoisite took off the Sailor Moon costume. Zoisite attacked, but Tuxedo Mask ran away. Since his shoulder was injured, Tuxedo Mask tried to hide.

The barrier surrounding the Sailor Senshi was very small. Sailor Jupiter tried her supreme thunder again. It was no good again as the barrier sucked the energy. Kunzite said that it was impossible for them to break the barrier.

Zoisite went around trying to draw out Tuxedo Mask. When Tuxedo Mask came running out of hiding, Zoisite attacked. Tuxedo Mask blocked Zoisite's sword, but Tuxedo Mask's mask came off. Queen Beryl saw Tuxedo Mask's real face, and was surprised. Zoisite was going to finish off Tuxedo Mask. Then a girl's voice said, "Crescent Beam!" and something blasted Zoisite's hand. Zoisite got mad as Tuxedo Mask escaped.

Zoisite went to Kunzite. Kunzite was disappointed in Zoisite when Zoisite told him that Tuxedo Mask had gotten away. Kunzite had the Sailor Senshi in the dome, and the Sailor Senshi couldn't breathe any more. Zoisite called out for Tuxedo Mask. "If you want to save them, bring the Rainbow Crystals and come out." Then Sailor Moon yelled out for Tuxedo Mask not to come. But Tuxedo Mask came out. Zoisite said to Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Senshi, "There's no hope. You should give up now." But a girl's voice said, "No matter how hard it is, you shouldn't give up." Then Sailor Venus appeared. It was Sailor V, but she took off the mask and became Sailor Venus. Sailor Venus used her Crescent Beam attack and blasted Kunzite and Zoisite's hands. Then the barrier broke.

Sailor Moon got out and looked at Sailor Venus. She asked, "Sailor V. You're Sailor V-chan right?" Then a white cat came out and said, "Sailor V is Sailor Venus." Luna recognized the cat as Artemis. Zoisite was going to fight them and told Kunzite to go. But Queen Beryl appeared and told them both to retreat. Sailor Moon looked for Tuxedo Mask, but he was gone.

Later Artemis said, "The five Sailor Senshi and two cats have gathered. Everything is ready." Sailor Moon asked Sailor Venus, "Are you the princess?" Sailor Venus just smiled at her.

34- "Hikari kagayaku ginzuishō! Tsuki no purinsesu tōjō" ("The Sparkling Silver Crystal! The Moon Princess Appears")

(光輝く銀水晶!月のプリンセス登場) ("A Crystal Clear Destiny")
Sailor Moon - Episode 34

Sailor Moon - Episode 34

Airdate: November 28, 1992

Sailor Moon asked Sailor Venus if she was the princess. Sailor Venus answered, "No, I'm just a senshi like you, to protect the princess." Usagi became very happy as her idol Sailor V was a Sailor Senshi. They all shook hands. Then Artemis said that Sailor Venus and he were busy tracking down a lead, so he set up a meeting with all of the five Sailor Senshi for the next day.

Zoisite and Kunzite were with Queen Beryl. Zoisite asked why she made him retreat when he fought against the Sailor Senshi. Queen Beryl said that her master told her not to kill Tuxedo Mask.

Mamoru struggled back home after getting injured in the battle against Zoisite. There was blood coming out of his shoulder. When he sat down to rest on his sofa, Zoisite appeared on the large screen TV. Zoisite said that it was easy to trace Tuxedo Mask down since he discovered his identity. So Zoisite then challenged Tuxedo Mask to a battle in which they put up their respective Rainbow Crystals's. Mamoru accepted the challenge.

Usagi had to stay after school because of her bad school work. Usagi tried to run to Hikawa shrine for the meeting. Usagi thought that Rei would yell at her again. Then Usagi spotted Mamoru struggling down the street. Usagi went up to him and hit him on the back. Mamoru didn't look like he was doing too well. Mamoru smiled and said, "You're always very energetic." Usagi got mad, thinking Mamoru was trying to insult her again. But Mamoru just said, "Stay that way forever. Bye.." Usagi felt strange because it was not the Mamoru that she had always fought against.

Mamoru went down the street by himself. Then Usagi noticed that she had blood on her hand. It was from the time when she hit Mamoru on the back. Usagi thought that Mamoru was injured. So Usagi followed Mamoru.

When Mamoru was in an alley, Usagi went up close to him. Mamoru noticed someone behind him and swung around. Usagi cried out. Mamoru told Usagi not to follow him. But Usagi said was worried about Mamoru. Usagi said that Mamoru's injury wouldn't recover unless he rested at home. Mamoru just told Usagi to go home. When Mamoru started walking toward the tower, Usagi yelled at him and followed him. Then they both got caught in some strange force field. They were carried into the tower to where Zoisite was waiting.

At Hikawa Shrine, Rei, Ami, Makoto, and Luna were waiting for Usagi. They found out that Usagi wasn't at school or home. Luna couldn't reach her with the communicator either. Then a junior high school girl with blond hair came by. They didn't recognize her. But it was Sailor Venus in her normal identity as Aino Minako. Minako said that Usagi must have gone to Starlight Tower by herself. Luna, Rei, Makoto, and Ami immediately said that Usagi wasn't that kind of girl.

Usagi had fainted and was lying on the ground. Mamoru asked Zoisite to return Usagi to a safe place. Zoisite said that he would after Mamoru put down his Rainbow Crystals. After Zoisite put his five Rainbow Crystals down, Mamoru put his two down. Then after they both got away from it, Kunzite appeared and took all of them. Mamoru had been tricked. Mamoru threw a rose at Kunzite, but he vanished. The rose hit Zoisite's cheek and cut it.

Zoisite got very upset. Then Usagi recovered and saw Zoisite. She wondered what was going on. Zoisite vanished and told Mamoru to come meet him at the top floor. Then the ceiling started to collapse. Mamoru and Usagi tried to run away. They both made it to the elevator, just before the floor caved in. But the elevator was also a trap. It slowly carried them up towards the top floor.

The Sailor Senshi arrived at the tower. Sailor Mercury used her computer visor and spotted Usagi and Mamoru inside. She also noticed that all of the entrances were locked up. Then Sailor Jupiter blasted a hole in the door.

Inside the elevator, Usagi asked Mamoru why he needed the Rainbow Crystals. Mamoru told Usagi that he needed the Rainbow Crystals to get the Silver Crystal. Mamoru said that his parents died in a car accident when he was six years old. Mamoru was hurt and lost his memory. He still didn't know who he really was. But he had a reoccurring dream. A princess with long hair asked him for the Silver Crystal, which would solve all of his problems. Usagi said that she had hated Mamoru more than anyone else in the world. She said that she would put him second now. Mamoru said thanks. Then Usagi noticed that Mamoru looked a lot like Tuxedo Mask. But she quickly thought that that could never be true.

Kunzite turned out all of the lights in Tokyo. The tower turned into the Dark Kingdom's hideout.

Zoisite was above the elevator. He created a fireball and sent it down toward Mamoru and Usagi. Mamoru and Usagi saw the fireball coming at them. Usagi thought, "If I turn into Sailor Moon, they will know my identity. But if I don't, we will both die." Then Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon. Mamoru saw the transformation and couldn't believe it.

When the fire reached the elevator and created an explosion, Zoisite thought that Mamoru had died. He said, "I will have to tell Queen Beryl that Mamoru died in an accident." But Sailor Moon appeared and said that he didn't. When Zoisite mentioned Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon said that Tuxedo Mask wasn't anywhere around. Then Mamoru said that he was. To Sailor Moon's shock, Mamoru turned himself into Tuxedo Mask. Then Sailor Moon remembered about some of her past encounters with Mamoru.

Tuxedo Mask said, "Leave the rest to me." Tuxedo Mask said that he would protect Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Mask went to face Zoisite. Zoisite said, "Let's settle it." Tuxedo Mask said, "Ok, but leave Sailor Moon alone." Zoisite agreed and laughed.

Zoisite released a crystal spear at Sailor Moon from behind her. He thought that he had finally killed Sailor Moon. But just at the last instant, Tuxedo Mask came and put himself between the spear and Sailor Moon. The spear hit Tuxedo Mask and he fell to the ground right before Sailor Moon.

The Sailor Senshi arrived at the scene. Sailor Moon began to cry. When her tear came out, the Rainbow Crystals that Kunzite was looking at floated off toward Sailor Moon. The Rainbow Crystals gathered at Sailor Moon's tear. It finally formed the Silver Crystal. The Silver Crystal took its place in the Moon Stick.

The Sailor Senshi just watched. They didn't know what was going on. Then Sailor Moon turned into the princess.

35- "Yomigaeru kioku! Usagi to Mamoru no kako" ("Memories Return! Usagi and Mamoru's Past")

(よみがえる記憶!うさぎと衛の過去) ("A Reluctant Princess")
Sailor Moon - Episode 35

Sailor Moon - Episode 35

Airdate: December 5, 1992

Sailor Moon had turned into the princess. All of the Sailor Senshi were shocked. Luna said that it was Princess Serenity. Zoisite tried to kill the princess, but Serenity blasted him.

The badly injured Tuxedo Mask was on Serenity's lap. Serenity called him Endymion. Some of her memory came back to her. She remembered the distant past. There was a kingdom on the moon. Princess Serenity and Endymion used to be lovers. But Endymion went to fight in a battle. Then the princess fainted, and she turned back into Sailor Moon. Artemis said that it must be the overload of power making her exhausted. The Sailor Senshi went to Sailor Moon. She was ok, but Tuxedo Mask was badly injured.

Kunzite appeared and went to Zoisite. Kunzite used his power to teleport Tuxedo Mask away. Kunzite and Zoisite went to Queen Beryl. Queen Beryl was upset. Kunzite said that the princess had just awakened, so she was still weak. Queen Beryl said that she would leave it up to Kunzite. Then Queen Beryl got mad at Zoisite. She said that she knew Zoisite was planning to kill Tuxedo Mask. Kunzite tried to tell her to stop, but Queen Beryl blasted Zoisite.

Queen Beryl went to Queen Metalia. She said that Endymion used to be a prince of Earth. Kunzite carried Zoisite away. Zoisite said, "I'm happy to die with you. My last wish is.. I want to die pretty." Then Kunzite made a lot of flowers around Zoisite. Zoisite died.

Sailor Jupiter was carrying Sailor Moon. The Sailor Senshi tried to look for way out. Sailor Mercury used her computer. She said that the place they were in was not connected to their real world by three dimensions. She said that only two dimensions were connected. It was going to be very difficult to find a way to return.

Sailor Moon started to regain her consciousness. Sailor Moon couldn't find Tuxedo Mask. She asked, "Did he die?" "He's alive." Sailor Mars replied. "But the enemy got him." Artemis said that he will tell them everything. Luna said that she got her memory back to Artemis and Luna told them the story. They used to live on the moon in the very peaceful kingdom called Silver Millennium. Princess Serenity played in the garden. Then the Earth got taken over by evil forces. They tried to steal the Silver Crystal from the Silver Millennium. There was a fierce battle. But the Silver Crystal sealed the evil power. The four senshi that fought were the Sailor Senshi.

Now the four Sailor Senshi were real humans and lived on Earth. But someone released the evil force again. So the Sailor Senshi had to fight.

Sailor Moon said, "I don't want to fight." She started crying. "I don't want to be a princess. I don't care about my destiny. I don't want to fight any more. I don't want to see everyone get hurt like Mamoru. It's too sad." Then Sailor Mars slapped Sailor Moon's in the face. "Weakling! Wimp!" Sailor Moon said, "I am weak. I'm not strong like you, Rei-chan."

Rei started crying. "Mamoru tried to save a weakling like you." Artemis said that Sailor Moon wasn't ready yet. Then Sailor Mercury said that she found the exit. Kunzite appeared. Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter went to fight him. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus attacked Kunzite with their attacks. But the energy got absorbed. Kunzite blasted Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. They both fell to the ground unconscious.

Sailor Mars went next. "I'll leave the rest to you Mercury. Usagi, be strong. You can do it." Sailor Mars used her fire soul. But Kunzite blocked it. Kunzite blasted Sailor Mars, and Sailor Mars also fell. Sailor Mercury got in front of Sailor Moon to protect her. Kunzite blasted both of them. Sailor Mercury fell down.

Sailor Moon was by herself, but she heard the voices of everyone. She even heard the voice of Tuxedo Mask. "Fight, Sailor Moon. You have to use the Silver Crystal." Then Sailor Moon used her Moon Stick with the Silver Crystal on it. Kunzite said, "This is revenge for Zoisite," and blasted Sailor Moon. But the Silver Crystal protected Sailor Moon. The energy reflected back at Kunzite. There was a big explosion and the tower got destroyed.

Queen Beryl was at some machine making Endymion recover. Endymion was still muttering something about Serenity.

The explosion sent all of the Sailor Senshi back to the Earth, and they were all right. Sailor Moon said that she would fight with them.

36- "Usagi konran! Takishīdo Kamen wa aku?" ("Usagi is Confused! Is Tuxedo Mask Evil?")

(うさぎ混乱!タキシード仮面は悪?) ("Bad Hair Day")
Sailor Moon - Episode 36

Sailor Moon - Episode 36

Airdate: December 12, 1992

Usagi had a nightmare. The princess and Endymion were in the kingdom on the moon. Then Endymion left for battle. Usagi couldn't sleep well at night. Usagi was saying, "I want to be normal. Where are you Tuxedo Mask?"

At school Naru and other girls were looking at an advertisement for a new hair salon put out by the famous hair designer Kariko Tokoyama. There was a free hair cut for the store's opening celebration. The girls were very happy. But Usagi was just feeling very sad and very quiet. She put her head down on her desk and ignored her friends. Naru was worried about Usagi.

The other girls (Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako) met at park to discuss Usagi. Luna and Artemis said that Usagi had to recover fast. Then Rei said that it couldn't be helped because her loved one had disappeared.

Usagi was at home listening to the music from Tuxedo Mask's pendant. Usagi remembered Tuxedo Mask and became more saddened. Minako came up to Usagi's room. Since Usagi didn't answer her, she let herself in. She said that Usagi should change hair style to give herself a change in feeling. Usagi undid her odango, and Minako brushed Usagi's hair. Minako suggested some hair styles for Usagi.

At the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl said they had to get the Silver Crystal quickly. She wanted to find out the true identity of Sailor Moon. Then Kunzite said that he had a strand of Sailor Moon's hair, taken from the previous battle. He said that he would find out Sailor Moon's identity.

Minako and Usagi went to the new hair salon. Minako asked Kariko to look at Usagi's hair. Kariko said that it was a beautiful hair, and led Usagi to the chair. Kariko was washing Usagi's hair. The other girls were getting hair treatments. But it was actually a machine that checked their hair to try to identify Sailor Moon by using a computer. Kariko still hadn't found a match to Sailor Moon's hair.

Minako was sitting and waiting for Usagi. Then one of the assistants asked Minako to go to a hair steamer. Minako said that she just came with her friend, but the assistant encouraged her to try it out because it was free. So Minako went. The machine checked Minako's hair. Kariko found out that it matched Sailor Moon's hair. So she thought that Minako was Sailor Moon.

Usagi was in the middle of her shampoo, but Kariko left to go to Minako. Then the other assistants sprayed something in the air, and all of the girls went to sleep. Kariko choked Minako and asked for the Silver Crystal. Minako didn't know what was happening. Kariko said that the computer matched her hair to Sailor Moon's hair. Then Minako thought that Usagi's hair got caught with hers when she was brushing it. Kariko asked for the Silver Crystal again. But since Minako didn't do anything, Kariko and her assistants turned into a youma.

Usagi crawled away. When she saw the youma, she transformed. Sailor Moon went out to face the youma. She said, "Let go of her! She isn't Sailor Moon." The youma attacked Sailor Moon, and Minako passed out. Sailor Moon just tried crawling away. The youma kept attacking. Then Sailor Moon threw a small bottle of powder at the youma. While the youma was distracted, Sailor Moon tried to use her Moon Stick. When she said, "Moon Healing.." a rose came and hit the Moon Stick away. Sailor Moon turned around and saw Tuxedo Mask sitting in the chair. Sailor Moon was very happy, and there were tears in her eyes. But when she called out to him, Tuxedo Mask said, "I'm not something like that. I'm Endymion from the Dark Kingdom. Sailor Moon, give me the Silver Crystal!"

The youma got ready to attack again. After Sailor Moon dodged the attack, Tuxedo Mask ordered the youma to get the Silver Crystal. Sailor Moon couldn't believe Tuxedo Mask had become bad. Sailor Moon ran outside away from the youma. The youma and Tuxedo Mask followed her.

Minako woke up, and transformed into Sailor Venus. Sailor Moon was still running away through the town. Tuxedo Mask told the youma to hurry. Then Sailor Moon fell down and the youma was almost up to her. But the other Sailor Senshi came. Sailor Mars used the fire soul attack and Sailor Jupiter used the supreme thunder attack to destroy the youma's weapons. Then Sailor Mercury used the shabon spray attack, and Sailor Moon used Moon Healing Escalation to turn the youma back into Kariko and her assistants.

Sailor Mars also started crying because she saw Tuxedo Mask. But Sailor Venus said that it was the commander of the Dark Kingdom, Endymion. Sailor Mars couldn't believe it. Then Sailor Mercury asked, "Are you really going to fight us?" Endymion said, "I don't like to fight girls, but I need to get the Silver Crystal." Then Queen Beryl told Endymion to back off. So Endymion left.

Endymion went back to Dark Kingdom and asked, "Why did you call me back?" Queen Metalia said, "I can't have you die." Queen Beryl was happy to have Endymion on her side.

Later the girls were outside the hair salon. Usagi said, "They are normal people. I don't want to get them involved again." Artemis said that Usagi had grown up. Then Usagi became very happy, and said, "I'm so happy Tuxedo Mask is alive." Usagi also said, "I bet he's being tricked and used by the Dark Kingdom. I'll turn him over with my love."

37- "Mezase purinsesu? Usagi no chintokkun" ("Aim to be a Princess? Usagi's Weird Training")

(めざせプリンセス?うさぎの珍特訓) ("Little Miss Manners")
Sailor Moon - Episode 37

Sailor Moon - Episode 37

Airdate: December 19, 1992

Usagi ran to school because she was late as usual. Usagi met Naru at the school gate before school, and thought she had been running late. Then Naru listed all of their assignments. Usagi didn't know that she had that much homework. She hadn't done anything. Then a fancy car came up. Three very rich and pretty girls came out of the car and walked into the school. Usagi thought they were very cool. Naru told Usagi that they were the girls who were going to the princess seminar at the Rose mansion.

During English class Usagi was sleeping. She dreamt that Princess Serenity was at a party. Everyone thought she was very beautiful and classy. Tuxedo Mask came and asked her to dance. Usagi also dreamt that Haruna came and asked about her homework. Princess Serenity scolded Haruna and said, "What are you saying toward a princess?" Then Haruna quickly apologized. Haruna was standing next to Usagi who was still sleeping. Haruna told Usagi to wake up. Usagi slowly woke up and muttered, "What are you saying toward a princess?" Then Usagi woke up and realized her mistake. Since Usagi hadn't done her homework, Haruna sent Usagi to the hall.

When Usagi was standing in the hall, she decided that she had to act more like a princess. Luna came and said that it was great. But then Usagi said that it was because if she didn't, she wouldn't be able to dance with Tuxedo Mask.

At the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl asked Endymion to team up with Kunzite. But Endymion said that he didn't want to. He said that he would do it alone. Kunzite also said that he wanted to work alone.

Luna was talking to the computer. Luna said that Usagi was still not acting enough like a princess. Then there was a problem with the computer. An image of Artemis wearing a headset appeared. Luna found out that it had been Artemis who had been giving Luna the instructions. Luna got upset, but Artemis said that nobody had asked before.

Usagi and Luna were sneaking around the Rose mansion. They were in a tree and spying inside. There were a lot of rich girls were sitting around while Lady Rose read a poem. Usagi got excited when she spotted a fancy cheesecake inside. Then one of the butlers finally spotted Usagi and Luna.

Usagi and Luna fell out of the tree. When Edward asked what they were doing, Usagi said that she wanted to join the seminar. Edward said that one needed an introduction from one of the members to join. Usagi said that Luna had introduced her. Then Edward said that an introduction from a cat wasn't good enough. Lady Rose came out and laughed. She said that it was all right. But she said that there was one condition. Then Usagi said, "The tea ceremony, arranging flowers, cooking, sewing, cleaning, wearing kimono, and also studying.. I'm bad at all of them."

Lady Rose laughed. Then Edward brought a Frisbee. Lady Rose said that one had to be good at throwing the Frisbee in order to join. Usagi was happy and took the Frisbee. She threw it around, saying that she was very good at it. Then Lady Rose said that Usagi can join.

The other girls were talking about Usagi who had joined the princess seminar. Minako wondered why Usagi couldn't just stay as she was. Artemis said that Usagi had to become like a real princess, otherwise she wouldn't be able to use the power of the Silver Crystal. Then Ami suggested that they join Usagi. They all quickly agreed. Usagi was with the other girls outside throwing the Frisbee. Everyone was throwing it very lightly like an elegant girl. But Usagi threw it very fast, scaring the girl she was playing catch with.

Lady Rose and Kunzite were in the second floor looking at the girls. Kunzite said that Sailor Moon used the moon tiara action technique that was very similar to throwing a frisbee. Kunzite said that Sailor Moon would come and would surely fail the princess course. During the lunch training, Usagi slurped her soup. Edward told Usagi to drink it quietly. Usagi tried again, but slurped it again. During the seminar, Usagi almost fell asleep. She thought it was just as bad as school. Lady Rose came and asked Usagi how she would offer coffee. Usagi tried to come up with some polite words, but all of the other girls laughed as she made a fool of herself.

That night there was a dance lesson. It was the last lesson in the princess seminar. Usagi was dancing with a guy and stepped on his foot. Then Usagi tripped over her own dress. Rei, Ami, Makoto, and Minako were there too. Ami and Makoto were dancing very gracefully. But Rei and Minako were bad at dancing. Rei, Minako, and Usagi stepped on their partner's feet. All of the girls passed the princess seminar except for those three.

The girls who passed were escorted to another room. There were a lot of figures of girls in the room. The figures looked very real. Then Lady Rose appeared and turned into a youma. The youma sprayed wax on the girls and turned them all into wax figures, including Ami and Makoto.

Usagi, Rei, and Minako noticed something wrong in the other room. Then the youma appeared. The youma said that one of them had to be Sailor Moon. She said that Sailor Moon would not be able to pass the princess seminar because she was very clumsy. Rei and Minako agreed, but Usagi was very disappointed. Then the youma tried to spray the wax on them. But they dodged it. Luna and Artemis came and jumped on the youma. While the youma's face was covered by the cats, the girls transformed.

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus fought against the youma. But the fire soul and crescent beam didn't work against the wax. The youma went toward the Sailor Senshi. Then Endymion's black rose came flying by. Endymion appeared and said that he would let the Sailor Senshi live if he got the Silver Crystal. The youma said that that was not Kunzite's plan, but Endymion asked Sailor Moon for the Silver Crystal.

Then Kunzite appeared and argued with Endymion. Kunzite wanted to kill Sailor Moon, but Endymion just wanted the Silver Crystal. The youma didn't know which one to listen to. Sailor Moon went to the youma with some coffee and said (incorrectly), "You must be tired. Here's some coffee." Sailor Moon caught the youma off guard and turned her back into Lady Rose with her Moon Healing Escalation. Sailor Moon tried to use her healing to fix Endymion. But Endymion escaped, saying he would come back later for the Silver Crystal. Then all of the wax girls in the room returned to normal.

The next day Usagi was late for school again. She met Luna and said that she would try to be her own type of princess. Usagi had a piece of toast in her mouth, which fell out when she was running and bit too hard.

38- "Yuki yo Yama yo Yūjō yo! Yappari yōma mo yo!" ("The Snow! The Mountains! Our Friendship! And of Course, a Monster, Too")

(雪よ山よ友情よ!やっぱり妖魔もよ) ("Ski Bunny Blues")
Sailor Moon - Episode 38

Sailor Moon - Episode 38

Airdate: December 26, 1992

The girls were at Hikawa Shrine and Usagi found an advertisement for a moon princess contest and wanted to go. Rei took a look at the ad and she imagined herself skiing in the moonlight. Makoto wondered what Luna would say about it. Minako said that they can tell Luna and Artemis that they will train in the mountains. Usagi was surprised that Minako would say something like that. But they thought that they wouldn't be able to get a hotel.

Then Yuuichirou came and said that he might be able to help out. He said that he came from near those mountains. Yuuichirou wanted to go along too. Rei sounded like she didn't want Yuuichirou to go, but Makoto said that it was all right.

Kunzite had set up the moon princess contest to catch Sailor Moon. But Prince Endymion came and said that Kunzite had been underestimating the Sailor Senshi too much. Kunzite said that he would get the Sailor Senshi. Kunzite looked at the picture of Zoisite that he had, and wanted to get the Sailor Senshi.

The girls went to the mountains, while Luna and Artemis were at home sleeping on the kotatsu (table with heater). The girls stayed at Yuuichirou's mountain lodge since his parents were away. Rei was surprised that someone as rich as Yuuichirou was training at her shrine. When she asked why, Yuuichirou said that it was to improve himself.

Later Rei was skiing with Yuuichirou, both were very good. But Usagi, Makoto, Minako, and Ami were skiing slowly on the flat slopes. Ami had a school book in her hand and she was studying as she skied. Rei and Yuuichirou came and said that they should ski higher up on the mountain. Makoto and Minako didn't want to go Usagi also told them to leave them alone. But Yuuichirou said that the moon princess contest was going to be held much higher up on the mountain. When Usagi looked scared, Rei said that she would enter and win. But Usagi thought about it and said that she would go too.

Usagi, Rei, and Yuuichirou went up to the top of the mountain on the ski lift. While they were going up, Usagi looked down and felt very scared. But Yuuichirou told her that it was much steeper at the top.

At the top of the mountain, Usagi saw a lot of girls gathered for the contest. She couldn't believe that there were so many. The first moon princess Yamamoto Saeko was there. She told everyone that it was a safe course. She said that the one to ski down to the bottom first would be the moon princess. It was night, and the lights were lit up. Then the race started. Everyone quickly went down the mountain. But Usagi was still at the start line, feeling very scared. Then Yuuichirou came and pushed her. A little after Usagi, Saeko went down after all the girls.

Rei was leading the race and skiing very well. There were a lot of girls following her. Then Saeko revealed herself to be a Youma named Blizzar and used her power to create a lot of bumps on the course. All of the girls wiped out except for Rei and Usagi. Rei felt some evil force and she wondered if a Youma was here in the mountains too. Then Rei saw Usagi ski past her. Usagi skied straight down because she couldn't stop.

Rei called out and told Usagi that she should slow down because it was very dangerous. Usagi yelled out that she couldn't do anything about it. Then the youma caused a large snowball to go after the two girls. When Rei saw the snowball, she called out and told Usagi to hurry. Usagi said again that she couldn't do anything about it. Then youma caused part of the mountain to rise up. The walls rose up around the ski course to form a road. Usagi and Rei skied down the road. The Youma's snowball kept rolling after them.

Yuuichirou thought that he heard the sound of an avalanche and went after the girls. When Yuuichirou got to the snowball, he stopped in front of it. But the snowball just went over Yuuichirou. Then the Youma caused the walls to close to try to smash the girls. Usagi couldn't do anything and just kept screaming. Just as the wall closed in front of them, Rei dove to save Usagi. Rei and Usagi crashed and stopped as the walls surrounded them.

Rei tried to climb out, but she kept falling back down. Usagi just sat down and started listening to the pendant. Rei finally gave up and sat next to Usagi. Usagi told Rei that the pendant was from Tuxedo Mask. She said that she listened to it when she wanted to cheer herself up. Rei said, "I gave up on Tuxedo Mask. But you better become happy with him. Otherwise I will punish you. So we have to fight and create a safe world to live in."

Then Usagi said that Rei should turn into Sailor Mars and use the fire soul to get rid of all of the snow. After arguing a little, Rei was about to transform but just then Yuuichirou appeared out of the snow. Yuuichirou was going to lead them out, but Blizzar appeared.

Blizzar said that Rei must be Sailor Moon with her good athletic ability and good looks. Yuuichirou was shocked. Usagi said that it was a mistake. Then the youma blasted them with cold air. Yuuichirou tried to protect the girls and stood in front of them. But Yuuichirou got frozen, leaving Usagi and Rei free to transform.

Sailor Mars said, "For freezing my Yuuichirou," and tried to attack the youma with the Fire Soul, but the Blizzar dodged it. Then the youma was going to throw an ice spear, but Endymion came and grabbed it. Endymion said that he would deal with the Sailor Senshi. Endymion threw a black rose at the Sailor Senshi. He asked for the Silver Crystal and said that he wouldn't miss on purpose the next time. Sailor Mars tried to talk to Tuxedo Mask. She said, "Your most loved one Sailor Moon is here. Please remember."

Then the youma appeared out of the ice wall behind the Sailor Senshi, and attacked with the ice spear. But Endymion threw a red rose and broke the spear. Then Sailor Moon used her Moon Stick to turn the youma back into Saeko. Endymion left and said that he didn't want to defeat the Sailor Senshi now. The red petals of the rose fell off and the black petals remained. Rei went to Yuuichiro and kissed him.

Later Usagi, Rei, and Yuuichirou were by a fire. Yuuichiro finally woke up. Rei told him that the Sailor Senshi came and saved them. Yuuichirou apologized. But Usagi said that he was very cool. Then Makoto, Minako, and Ami came. Rei said that it was all Usagi's fault. When Usagi said that they had just become closer friends, Rei said that she would just crumple up their friendship and toss it away. Usagi started crying because Rei was mean to her.

39- "Yōma to pea!? Hyōjō no joō Mako-chan" ("Paired with a Monster?! Ice Queen Mako")

(妖魔とペア!?氷上の女王まこちゃん) ("Ice Princess")
Sailor Moon - Episode 39

Sailor Moon - Episode 39

Airdate: January 9, 1993

Usagi and Minako were in Usagi's house watching TV. It was a figure skating show featuring the former gold medalists Misha and Janelyn. Both Usagi and Minako were enjoying it a lot. Artemis said that Usagi had become a little like a princess for liking figure skating. Luna said that skating used to be the most popular sport on the moon. Artemis recalled that the princess was very good at skating. Usagi was very happy that her former self was very good.

Kunzite had a plan to use figure skating to trap Sailor Moon and Queen Beryl said that Kunzite better get the Silver Crystal. Endymion came and said that Kunzite was probably going to use some stupid trap again. Endymion said that he should go directly at them and fight. But Kunzite said that if he wins that is all that matters. Endymion and Kunzite argued.

At a skating rink, Misha and Janelyn were practicing. Janelyn fell and they argued. Things were not going well recently. Misha said that he might go look for another partner. But Kunzite appeared and said that he needed them to work for him.

Usagi and Minako talked the other girls into going to the new skating rink because they needed a group of five girls. Misha and Janelyn were going to give special lessons to groups of five girls. The girls were lined up outside of the skating rink. Finally all five girls went to the skating rink. Everyone walked to the side of the rink, but Usagi had a lot of trouble just trying to walk with her skates. Then Misha and Janelyn came and performed. Usagi and Minako had hearts in their eyes, as they finally got to see the real thing. Makoto said that Misha just looked like her old boy friend.

Everyone cheered, but since Usagi and Minako were the loudest, Janelyn chose them to get on the ice first. Rei, Ami, and Minako got on the ice and skated slowly. Usagi had never skated before, but she thought she was going to make a beautiful debut. Makoto told Usagi to hurry and went on the ice. Makoto gracefully skated by the other girls. Then Usagi went on the ice and fell. She tried to stand up, but kept falling. Luna and Artemis were very disappointed in Usagi. Luna said, "I won't expect any great things from Usagi."

Then Makoto skated around and did some great moves. Everyone clapped and Janelyn said that she was very good. Artemis said that he remembered Sailor Jupiter being very good in skating. Then Janelyn invited everyone else onto the ice. Janelyn went into a room and used a computer to try to find Sailor Moon. There were many TV monitors to check the girls skating on the ice. Then Kunzite appeared on the screen and warned her that the Sailor Senshi were very dangerous.

Misha went to Makoto. Makoto said that Misha's hair looked like her old boy friend's. Misha and Makoto skated together. Misha noticed something about Makoto, and thought that she might be Sailor Moon. Makoto just fell in love with her "coach". Misha tried to lift Makoto, but she was too heavy. Then Makoto apologized and lifted Misha. All of the girls on the rink clapped. Ami said that no girl had ever lifted a man in ice skating before.

Janelyn saw Misha with Makoto on the monitor and got upset. Then she announced that the free lesson was over. All of the girls were very disappointed. Makoto was going to leave too. But Misha said, "I won't let you go. You're the number one partner in the world."

Ami, Minako, and Reiwent outside, while Makoto stayed for a special lesson. Usagi had been walking right behind them, but now she was gone. When the girls looked back inside, all of the shutters closed. Ami thought it might be the dark kingdom again. Usagi had stayed to try to get a special lesson. She tried to sneak back to Misha. Janelyn got very mad and left her computer to go to the ice rink. Usagi found the room and saw the computer that Janelyn had been using. She knew that it must be another trap by the dark kingdom.

Janelyn confronted Misha. She said that she would kill them if he was going to get another partner. Misha said that he was just trying to see if Makoto was Sailor Moon. But Janelyn turned into a youma. The youma attacked Makoto and sent her flying. Then the youma asked Misha to stand with her. When Misha went to the youma, he also turned into a youma.

The two youma'sattacked Makoto. Usagi arrived at the ice rink and saw the youma. She immediately transformed into Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon was at the top of the stands and jumped toward the ice. Some ice skates came out of her boots. But when she landed on the ice she still fell down. Sailor Moon was disappointed that she couldn't skate even after transforming. The youma went to attack Sailor Moon who was still down on the ice. But at the last instant, Endymion came and saved Sailor Moon. Endymion said that he just didn't like the way the youma acted, by picking on innocent people. He told Sailor Moon that he would come back for the Silver Crystal later. The youma told Endymion to get out of the way. But Endymion said, "You think you can defeat me," and challenged the youma. Sailor Moon didn't think it was a good idea. They started to fight. When the youma attacked, Endymion threw Sailor Moon into the air. Sailor Moon was scared and didn't want to, but she spun and landed on the ice without falling down. Sailor Moon was able to skate!

Then Sailor Jupiter came and used Supreme Thunder to attack. The other Sailor Senshi came, too. When they faced off against the youma, Kunzite appeared in the air above them. Kunzite used his power to send absolute zero cold wind down at everyone from the ice rink's air conditioners. Then he said he would come back later when everyone was frozen.

After Kunzite vanished, Endymion threw his stick and broke the machine that was causing the cold air. Then Sailor Moon used her moon healing escalation to turn Misha and Janelyn back into normal skaters.

Later outside, Makoto was feeling a little sad. Everyone was worried about her. They wanted her to cheer up. But Makoto said that she was all right. Then a boy walked by. Makoto saw him and said that he reminded her of her old boy friend.

40- "Mizuumi no densetsu yōkai! Usagi kazoku no kizuna" ("The Legendary Lake Monster! Usagi's Family Ties")

(湖の伝説妖怪!うさぎ家族のきずな) ("Last Resort")
Sailor Moon - Episode 40

Sailor Moon - Episode 40

Airdate: January 16, 1993

Luna wakes up to find that not only is Usagi not in her bed, but the entire Tsukino house is empty. A letter from Usagi explains that she and her family are spending the weekend at a hot spring resort.

As the family drives to the resort Usagi and Shingo sit in the back seat and bicker over a handheld video game. During the ensuing scuffle, Usagi almost drops the Orgel. Her father notices it and asks if it was a gift from a boy. When she replies in the affirmative her father gets upset, letting go of the steering wheel to turn and yell at Usagi. He only relaxes when Usagi tells him she is not dating anyone.

When the family arrives at the lake with the hot springs, Kenji tells them that this is where he met his wife. As Usagi walks closer to the lake the Orgel begins playing a quiet melody, and Usagi becomes sad as she remembers Mamoru.

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite and Prince Endymion stand before Queen Beryl. Kunzite says that he has felt a strong energy coming from the bottom of the lake, and Beryl sends Endymion out to investigate. After he has left Kunzite tells Queen Beryl that he remains suspicious of Endymion, and Beryl orders Kunzite to watch Endymion secretly.

The Tsukino family are bathing outside expect Shingo, who is shy of entering a mixed bath. Usagi pushes him into the water, and in revenge he steals her towel and runs away. She chases after him and grabs the towel back when Shingo is distracted, having noticed a strange man standing by the lake. Usagi looks toward the lake and recognizes Mamoru.

She gets dressed and runs after him into the forest, where she finds him by a statue. Endymion does recognize her, however, nor the name "Mamoru." When Usagi's mother comes looking for her, he vanishes in the forest. Ikuko sees her daughter standing by the statue and tells the story of the "legendary lovers" it depicts. A maiden from the Heavens came down to Earth and fell in love with a man, who loved her in turn. Another girl was also in love with the man, and jealousy turned her into a monster. The two lovers used the power of their love to seal the monster in the lake. Ikuko and Usagi go to rejoin the others, and Usagi promises that if she does get a boyfriend she will bring him home to meet her parents.

Having overheard the story, Endymion uses his power to command the Lake Monster to rise again. A huge snake with the torso of a girl rises from the lake and demands "him" back. Though Kunzite has been watching Endymion the whole time, he chooses not to interfere.

The monster spots Usagi, who has now rejoined her family, and flies after her, attacking with poisonous breath, for it has mistaken Endymion and Usagi for the legendary lovers. Kenji tries to defend Usagi with a tree branch, but is pinned down by the monster. He is saved when Tuxedo Mask appears and throws his rose. Tuxedo Mask says he will not allow the monster to harm innocent people, but must now fight alone because Usagi cannot transform in front of her family.

Luckily, the four other Sailor Senshi now come to the rescue. Sailor Mercury uses Sabão Spray to shroud the forest in fog. Usagi seizes the opportunity to transform into Sailor Moon while the rest of her family escapes. She gives her speech and tells Tuxedo Mask she loves him. The monster strikes Usagi with her tail. Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter combine Crescent Beam and Supreme Thunder into one attack, but it does not weaken the monster, and Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action is also useless against it. Sailor Mars discovers that the monster is really a spirit, and performs her Akuryo Taisan attack, followed by Fire Soul. Sailor Moon is then able to heal the spirit with Moon Healing Escalation, whereupon she ascends to the Heavens.

Tuxedo Mask tells Usagi that he is angry with her actions, but that he will not attack her this time, and vanishes. The watching Kunzite is suspicious about his behavior.

Usagi returns to her nervous family with her friends. They all relax in the hot springs together, and Ami tells Usagi that Luna had told the Senshi about her family's vacation, so they came so Usagi wouldn't have all the fun herself.

41- "Mō koi kara nigenai! Ami to Mamoru taiketsu" ("I Won't Run from Love Anymore! Ami and Mamoru's Showdown")

(もう恋から逃げない!亜美と衛対決) ("Tuxedo Unmasked")
Sailor Moon - Episode 41

Sailor Moon - Episode 41

Airdate: January 23, 1993

In a desert in Africa, Reika Nishimura is doing some research. Endymion appears and traps her inside the Black Crystal. Endymion is planning to gather all of the people who were the Seven Great Youma. Endymion has already gathered Game Machine Joe, The Priest, and Rhett Butler.

Ami receives a phone call from Ryo Urawa. Ryo asks Ami to turn on the TV. The news has a picture of Yumemi Yumeno. Yumemi was the fifth person who's been captured by Endymion. Ryo tells Ami that he will be next. Ami asks where he is, and tells him that she come protect him, but Ryo tells her to guard Rei's grandfather.

After Ryo hung up, he said that he had planned to ask Ami for help. But he said that he couldn't keep relying on Ami. Then he left from the phone booth and walked down the street. Makoto was also walking down that street and spotted Ryo. But she got a call on her communicator, and Luna told her to come to Rei's shrine.

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite asked Queen Beryl why they were trying to get the seven super youma again. She told him that they could become youma again if they use the power of the Silver Crystal. But Kunzite said that the seven youma had already been beaten by the Sailor Senshi. Then Queen Beryl said that if they appeared together, they would combine to form the greatest youma, and it would be able to defeat the Sailor Senshi. Kunzite got upset that Queen Beryl had sent Endymion to do the job.

The girls were in Rei's room. Minako asked, "I don't understand very well, but does Urawa's predictions come true that often?" Ami answered, "Yes." Then Makoto grabbed Ami and said that they were going to go protect Ryo. Ami said that they didn't know where he was, but Makoto said that he was somewhere in this town. Then Makoto told the others to look after Rei's grandfather, and left with Ami.

Usagi was reading one of Rei's mangas, and started crying. She was saddened by the story. Then Rei found out and started fighting with Usagi over the manga. Luna and Artemis said that the future of the Sailor Senshi looked very dark.

It was snowing, and Endymion was looking for Ryo outside. He ran into Ryo at a busy intersection. Ryo knew that it was Endymion of the dark kingdom. Since Endymion knew that Ryo had foresight powers, he asked Ryo if he knew what was going to happen. Ryo said that Endymion was going to put him into the Black Crystal. Endymion told Ryo to follow him quietly, but Ryo said, "I'm sorry but someone told me that I should make my own future." Then Ryo yelled out, "A murderer! Help!" and ran away, as a crowd had gathered around Endymion.

Ami and Makoto were walking around town. Ami said, "Mako-chan, let's go back. We can't do anything about Ryo-kun this way." Then Makoto snapped back, "What are you saying! Ryo-kun is your boyfriend." But Ami said, "He's not my boyfriend. We are just friends." Makoto said, "Are you honestly saying that?" "Yes.." Makoto said, "Urawa-kun likes you!" Ami said, "I know. But we have a very important mission. I can't answer to Ryo-kun's feelings." Makoto said, "If you say such things, you will regret your youth! A fighter for justice can fall in love too! She can go on a date with a boy that she likes!" "But.." Makoto continued, "Ami-chan, you're just trying to run away! You're scared of falling in love. Why don't you be more honest with yourself?"

Then Ami spotted Ryo and started running to him. Makoto followed Ami. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter caught up with Ryo in an alley. But then Endymion appeared. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter called him Mamoru, but Endymion said, "Someone called me that before too. But my name is Endymion." Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter got in front of Ryo to protect him. Then Sailor Jupiter told Sailor Mercury to take Ryo to a safe place. Sailor Mercury took Ryo and left. Sailor Jupiter faced Endymion. Sailor Jupiter used her supreme thunder attack, but it didn't have much effect on Endymion. Sailor Mercury called Luna and told her that she had Ryo.

Usagi and Rei were still fighting over the manga. Sailor Mercury said that Sailor Jupiter was fighting Endymion alone. She asked Sailor Moon to come so she can use the moon stick to turn Endymion back to Mamoru. Usagi and Rei stopped fighting, and Usagi agreed to go. Sailor Jupiter was fighting Endymion. But Endymion was much too strong for her. Endymion had Sailor Jupiter against a wall and was going to hit her. Then Sailor Jupiter closed her eyes and screamed. But Endymion stopped his punch in front of her face and said, "As I thought, it's no contest with you alone!" Then Endymion left.

Sailor Mercury and Ryo were running away. Then Ryo spotted a small amusement park and asked Sailor Mercury to go in with him. Usagi was running with Luna, and complaining that it was cold. Then Usagi fell down and started crying. When Luna ran back to Usagi, Sailor Jupiter appeared. Sailor Jupiter told them that Endymion had escaped.

Sailor Mercury asked, "Ryo-kun, why did you want to come here?" Ryo answered, "It was my dream to go to an amusement park with you. Now I have nothing to regret. Let's separate." Sailor Mercury said, "No, we don't know when the dark kingdom will appear!" When Ryo said that it didn't matter what happens to him, Sailor Mercury said, "We are very similar. We're both always running away from things. My friend told me that I should be more honest with myself. It's splendid to sacrifice oneself. But don't you want to be honest to yourself and live on? Aren't you forgetting that there are people who will be very saddened if you die? We both should stop running away. We should go ahead and hit whatever hurdle we face."

Then Endymion appeared. He was standing on top of the ferris wheel. Then the lights of the ferris wheel lit up. Sailor Mercury said that she would attack. Endymion was waiting for all of the other Sailor Senshi to appear, but he said that he would fight Sailor Mercury. Sailor Mercury used the Sabão Spray, but Endymion just went to Ryo. "Before I fight you, I have something to do." Endymion used the Black Crystal and captured Ryo. Then Sailor Mercury had tears in her eyes and said that she wouldn't forgive Endymion. Endymion then challenged Sailor Mercury to break the Black Crystal to release Ryo if she could defeat him.

Sailor Mercury and Endymion fought. Sailor Mercury knew that she couldn't win, but attacked with the shabon spray. Endymion blocked it easily. But Sailor Mercury had snuck up to him and taken the Black Crystal away. Then Sailor Mercury threw the Black Crystal down onto the ground and shattered it. The six people who had been captured returned to their normal selves.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter arrived. "If you're going to recycle, make it just an empty can! I won't let you use Urawa-kun and the others who are living peacefully now. I'll punish you for the moon!" Endymion said that he was going to beat up all three girls. But Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury used their supreme thunder and shabon spray attacks. Endymion got surrounded by the bubbles and couldn't move. Sailor Moon then used Moon Healing Escalation to try to turn Endymion back into Mamoru.

Endymion started to recall some of the past events, such as Mamoru fighting with Usagi and Mamoru going out with Rei. Luna told Sailor Moon to raise the energy level. Then the moon stick flashed and Endymion turned back into Mamoru. But before anything else could happen, a black light formed around Mamoru. Then the light disappeared, taking Mamoru away. The Sailor Senshi were shocked.

Queen Beryl put Mamoru into the capsule. She said, "So Endymion's memory hadn't been totally erased. Then I have to get the energy from our master again. But this time I'll turn him into a faithful one of the Dark Kingdom for sure!"

The girls and Ryo were at the amusement park. Ami and Ryo were riding the ferris wheel together. The other girls were watching. Ami said, "Let's come again." Ryo blushed and said, "Okay."

Usagi said,"It's not good this way! If Ami-chan forgets about our important mission, who is going to be our leader?" Minako said, "That's supposed to be your duty." Rei said, "You're jealous of those two." Usagi said, "You too, Rei-chan." They both gave each other angry looks. Makoto said, "Well, let's just let them be for a little while."

42- "Sērā Vīnasu no kako, Minako no higeki" ("Sailor Venus' Past, Minako's Tragic Love")

(Sヴィーナスの過去, 美奈子の悲劇)
Sailor Moon - Episode 42

Sailor Moon - Episode 42

Airdate: January 30, 1993

Ami, Rei, and Makoto were using the computer to find an entrance to the Dark Kingdom. But they weren't very successful. Then Usagi and Luna came back. They said that they hadn't found anything either. Usagi sat down and complained that she was tired and hungry. Luna mentioned that Usagi had just eaten a lot at the odango store. But Usagi said that two anmitsu and three plates of odango were not enough for her. Then Minako and Artemis came back. They didn't have any luck either. They were all going to call it a night when something suddenly appeared on Ami's computer screen. It was caused by the increase in sun spot activity. Artemis said that it was just like before, when the kingdom of the moon was destroyed many, many years ago.

At the Dark Kingdom, Queen Metalia was going to revive soon. Kunzite told Queen Beryl that he would get the Silver Crystal soon. He had some information on someone who knew Sailor V. They thought that Sailor V had something to do with the Sailor Senshi.

In the middle of the night Usagi woke up. She had a bad dream about Mamoru again. Usagi then got up and started eating some manju (Japanese candy), while looking out the window. Then Artemis came in through the window and knocked Usagi down. Usagi started choking on the candy. Artemis told Luna that Minako had disappeared after getting a call from someone called Katarina. He said that Minako would not have gone after the Dark Kingdom by herself.

Minako was with an older woman in a hotel room. Katarina knew that Minako was Sailor V, but she had thought that Minako had died. Katarina said that she wanted to work with Sailor V again. She asked if Minako knew the Sailor Senshi. But Minako was feeling very sad and asked about Alan. Katarina said that Alan was fine. Katarina asked again if she could help out with the Sailor Senshi. But Minako said that she didn't want to get Katarina involved, and ran out of the room.

Before Katarina could go after her, Kunzite appeared. Kunzite turned Katarina into a Youma named Papillon. He told the Youma to go after Minako. Minako was sitting by herself on a bench by the ocean, thinking about Alan. Then Papillon came and attacked her. Minako jumped away to avoid the attack. Then Minako turned into Sailor Venus. They fought, but the crescent beam had no effect on Papillon. Sailor Venus then realized the Youma was actually Katrina.

Then Artemis, Luna, and Usagi appeared. Usagi said, "What should I do, that youma looks strong." Luna said that they should escape in a boat. But Usagi didn't know how to drive a boat. So she transformed herself into a cute sailor girl. Then they all escaped in the boat. But the youma followed them. Usagi increased the speed, and lost the youma. Then they spotted a large luxury cruise ship and went to hide in it. They found that there was nobody else on the ship. Luna asked Sailor Venus about Katarina. Usagi said that maybe she didn't want to talk about it. But Sailor Venus explained.

A half year ago, Minako was in London and fell in love with an older boy called Alan. One day, she ran into a criminal who took a little girl hostage. Then the criminal turned into a youma, and the police woman Katarina was going after him. Sailor V appeared and defeated the youma. Sailor V and Katarina became very good friends. Katarina was like Minako's older sister. They played together, and Minako even introduced Alan. But one say Sailor V got caught in an explosion. Katarina thought that Minako had died. But actually Minako escaped. Then Minako saw Alan and Katarina together. So Minako left quietly to leave Katarina and Alan alone.

After hearing the story, Usagi was very saddened and started crying. Then the youma appeared. Usagi said, "I'm not in a good mood now. You might get hurt!" Then Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon. "I don't care if you find out my identity. For love and justice, I'm the beautiful fighter Sailor Moon. I will punish you for the moon!" Sailor Moon also said, "I'm not going to escape today. I won't let you get away with it." Then Sailor Moon used her moon tiara action. The youma got hit, and the pendant that she was wearing fell off. Sailor Venus picked up the pendant. It was the one that Minako had given to Katarina on her birthday.

Sailor Venus begs Sailor Moon to help save Katarina, but she refuses and believes she should be destroyed. She says that because she stole Alan away from her, Katarina deserves to pay for breaking her heart. Sailor Venus tells Sailor Moon that she's wrong and Katarina is the woman he loves. She also explains that the Dark Kingdom is only using her because they found out her identity as Sailor V and Katarina wasn't at fault. Sailor Moon is finally convinced to save her by healing her from her youma form. Minako and Katarina reconcile.

Later the ship with Katarina was leaving. Minako was staring out by herself. The other girls were staying back watching her and ask if they should help her. Usagi refuses and tells them that they should just leave Minako alone. When asked why by Makoto, she replies that their friend is more mature than they are and have experienced heartbreak. Minako said, "This is all right. The one Alan chose was Katarina. I want them to be happy."

43- "Usagi ga koritsu? Sērā Senshi-tachi no ōgenka" ("Is Usagi Going it Alone? The Sailor Warriors Get Into a Big Fight")

(うさぎが孤立?S戦士達の大ゲンカ) ("Fractious Friends")
Sailor Moon - Episode 43

Sailor Moon - Episode 43

Airdate: February 6, 1993

The Sailor Senshi were training at night and everyone was attacking Sailor Moon. Then Sailor Mars used her Fire Soul and blasted everyone.

At the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl and Kunzite were watching the energy readings and were surprised by the strange patterns. They had felt the Silver Crystal give out strange energy the past several nights. Kunzite called for the Youma, Oniwabandana that had been spying on the Sailor Senshi. The youma told them that Sailor Moon had been fighting against the other Sailor Senshi. Queen Beryl asked Kunzite what he felt about it. "It could be a break-up or a trap."

At night a Youma appeared in OSA-P and stole some jewelry. Oniwabandana threw knives at Naru and her mother, pinning them against the wall. Sailor Moon then appeared and in the middle of her speech, Sailor Mars came and knocked her down. Then the other Sailor Senshi appeared too. Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi started arguing. Oniwabandana turned herself into a camera woman, Nana Asahina, and she started taking pictures of the Sailor Senshi fighting. Then the woman went to interview Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon said that there was no trouble between them, but the other Sailor Senshi just turned the other way. When the woman started to interview the other Sailor Senshi, they all just walked away. Then Naru asked Sailor Moon to help her.

The next day on the way to school, Naru was telling Usagi about what had happened the previous night. Naru said that the Sailor Senshi were fighting among themselves. But Usagi said that that couldn't happen, especially since Sailor Moon was so pretty and nice. Then the camera woman appeared and started asking Naru and Usagi a lot of questions. But Naru and Usagi escaped and ran off to school.

That night Sailor Moon was fighting against the other Sailor Senshi. Then Sailor Moon got kicked down by Sailor Mars. Sailor Moon complained that Sailor Mars kicked too strongly, and with real hatred. But Sailor Mars said that they had to make it look real. This was originally all Sailor Moon's idea. She wanted to make it look like Sailor Moon was going to defect. She wanted to be taken into the dark kingdom so she can save Mamoru. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars started arguing.

The Sailor Senshi had already appeared in a magazine. There was an article about them breaking up. Usagi saw the picture and complained that the picture of her was not very good. Rei said that it was just natural and they almost got into a fight again.

Artemis had investigated the camera woman and said that she had become very popular recently, but too quickly. They thought that she might be a Youma. Usagi said, "Yeah. If the Youma is already that close to us, it means that my strategy worked!" Ami said, "It could be just luck." Luna said that they were nearing the end of the training. She told Usagi that it would be dangerous. The next day Usagi went to the camera woman with a message from Sailor Moon. The message read, "I want to quit fighting for justice as Sailor Moon. I don't want to team up with those Sailor Senshi anymore. I'll tell you more at 10 PM tonight." Oniwabandana showed Kunzite the message. Kunzite said that it was time for him to make an appearance.

That night the camera woman appeared and asked Sailor Moon if she really wanted to quit. Sailor Moon said that she did. Then the camera woman turned into a youma. Kunzite appeared too. When Kunzite asked Sailor Moon if she wanted to join them, Sailor Moon said that she was a fighter for justice. Then Kunzite said that Sailor Moon would always be able to meet Prince Endymion. Kunzite also said that Endymion couldn't move at that moment. Sailor Moon thought that something had happened to Endymion. Kunzite said that he would take Sailor Moon to Endymion if she gave him the Silver Crystal.

Oniwabandana and Kunzite spotted the other Sailor Senshi hiding in the bushes. They knew that it was supposed to be a trap.

Kunzite created a black hole that was the entrance to the dark kingdom. Sailor Moon was a little scared, but said that she would go. When Sailor Moon turned, the youma attacked. The youma choked Sailor Moon. The youma asked for the Silver Crystal, but Sailor Moon said that she would give it only after seeing Tuxedo Mask.

Kunzite and the youma said that they would kill Sailor Moon and then look for the Silver Crystal. Sailor Moon said that she didn't have the Silver Crystal with her at the moment. Then she realized that they were being tested. The other Sailor Senshi knew it too.

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus said that they would go help Sailor Moon. But Sailor Mars blocked their way. Sailor Jupiter asked, "Do you really hate her?" Sailor Mars said, "If I hate her I wouldn't have accepted something so important." Sailor Mars was holding the Moon Stick with the Silver Crystal.

Sailor Moon was getting choked. The Sailor Senshi stayed in the bushes. Sailor Moon was hoping that the other Sailor Senshi wouldn't come help her. But Sailor Mars couldn't take it anymore. Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Jupiter went out to face Kunzite and the youma. "The acting ends here!" Kunzite said, "Stupid. I knew it was an act all along."

Sailor Mars used the fire soul and blasted the youma. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus blasted Kunzite. But Kunzite escaped. He said, "If you want to get me in a trap, study acting a little more." The youma attacked Sailor Moon. But all of the Sailor Senshi fought together to defeat the youma. Sailor Moon finished with the moon healing escalation, to turn her back into the camera woman.

Sailor Moon said, "Why did you come out? I could have done it myself." Sailor Mars said, "Because you were crying so much." Sailor Moon asked, "When was I crying?" Sailor Mars said, "Tonight at 11:16:28." Sailor Moon said, "Your way of talking like that is so mean." Then Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars stuck their tongues out at each other.

44- "Usagi no kakusei! Chōkako no messēji" ("Usagi's Awakening! A Message from the Distant Past")

(うさぎの覚醒!超過去のメッセージ) ("The Past Returns")
Sailor Moon - Episode 44

Sailor Moon - Episode 44

Airdate: February 13, 1993

In the middle of the night, Luna is frantically running home. She finds Usagi in the middle of another Tuxedo Mask nightmare (which ends with a "I love you, Tuxedo Mask!" ). Luna wakes up Usagi with the news that Minako and Artemis have found the entrance to the Dark Kingdom

Beneath the Game Center Crown, a tunnel is opened up. Luna and Artemis lead the way while the Sailor Senshi cautiously followed. They continue to move down the long tunnel until a glob of energy forms in front of them. Kunzite appears to block their way. Kunzite says that they cannot proceed to the Dark Kingdom. He also demands the Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon again. Sailor Jupiter wasn't going to stand for this and she attacks with Supreme Thunder. Kunzite dodged the lightning attack and blasted the Senshi. The attack knocked all of the Senshi off their feet and in panic, Sailor Moon saw that she had lost hold of the Moon Stick, and it was flying at Kunzite. Kunzite grabbed at the Moon Stick and missed as well, but when he touched it, the Silver Crystal erupted in energy. When the glare faded, the Sailor Senshi and the Moon Stick were gone. Falling through a vortex, the Sailor Senshi fall screaming to their destination.

Sailor Moon is the first to wake up. She finds herself among ruins. She notices a glowing sphere coming down in front of her. The sphere forms into the miniature figure of a woman who introduces herself as the spirit of Queen Serenity. Gaping, the other Senshi can only watch as Queen Serenity tells and shows her story to the Princess.

The ruins are all that's left of the Silver Millennium. Once, it was a beautiful place where a peaceful people lived. One night, there was a celebration for the Moon Princess. Princess Serenity is standing on the balcony when she notices Prince Endymion. He warns her that a great invasion force is coming...led by the sorceress Beryl and the evil Metalia. Endymion has to leave before he can say more when he's spotted by guards because Earth people are forbidden on the palace grounds.

Luna and Artemis have reached the end of the tunnel to find snow and storms. Princess Serenity has come down to rejoin the ball. Her hand is taken by a masked stranger in a tuxedo. He asks her to dance. The couple is the center of attention as they regally move around the dance floor.

Plodding through the snow, Luna and Artemis wonder if they're going in the right direction.

Invading hordes of soldiers have come from Earth, driven and lead by the presence of Queen Metalia. The commanding general is Beryl and the armies are lead by four men. Luna and Artemis sound the alarm, and the four Sailor Senshi attack with all of their power. This has no effect on Metalia and with her attack, she kills the Sailor Senshi.

Beryl wants Endymion for herself, and she sees the Moon Princess as an unwanted rival. With a wave of her wand, she breaks the two apart and Metalia takes Endymion away. The Princess leaps forward and gets caught in the same windstorm. Metalia kills Princess Serenity, and Beryl gloats in the death of her rival.

Luna and Artemis have found the entrance to the Dark Kingdom. They turn back to report when Kunzite appears before them.

Queen Serenity has witnessed the death of her daughter and of her kingdom with horror. Against the advice of Luna and Artemis, she pulls out the Silver Crystal and installs it in the Moon Stick. With all her strength, she calls out Moon Healing Escalation, and the invading hordes are destroyed. With her final strength, the Silver Crystal is sent to Earth along with the spirits of Princess Serenity, the Sailor Senshi, and everyone else. Luna and Artemis are put into cold sleep and sent also. Only the body of Queen Serenity remains in the Moon Kingdom.

The Moon Stick reappears in the tunnel and with a flash, the Sailor Senshi appear. Their roles are now defined Sailor Moon is the Princess and the other Sailor Senshi are her protectors. There is a scream for help in the tunnel.

Artemis is vainly trying to protect Luna when the Sailor Senshi come up. Kunzite can't believe his eyes he thought that the Senshi were destroyed. He recovers and forms two energy knives which he throws at Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon tries to block, but the knives slice her. Reacting quickly, the Sailor Senshi invoke their powers and form a barrier to protect Sailor Moon. They can't hold against the knives which come again and again.

Sailor Moon looks at Kunzite with new determination in her eyes. She calls out Moon Healing, Escalation and the power of the Silver Crystal falls on Kunzite. He resists against the power of Sailor Moon, power so strong that she sparkles with it. He sends an energy knife at her. She hits it away with the Moon Stick and it hits him instead. With a call to Zoisite, saying that he's coming, Kunzite dies.

45- "Sērā Senshi shisu! Hisō naru saishūsen" ("The Sailor Warriors Die! The Tragic Final Battle")

(セーラー戦士死す!悲壮なる最終戦) ("Day of Destiny")
Sailor Moon - Episode 45

Sailor Moon - Episode 45

Airdate: February 20, 1993

There are many TV reports of natural disasters. Artemis comments that they're running out of time.

Usagi is cooking dinner for her family, making her Usagi-special! Dubiously, the family watches as she tastes her handiwork and starts crying. Concerned, her mother asks what's wrong. Usagi explodes and says it's too spicy.

That night, the five girls gather at Rei’s temple. They tease each other to help relieve the tension. Makoto reminisces about her boyfriend and Ami says "Me, too". This gets everyone’s attention and Usagi ribs her friend about it. Artemis breaks it up and tells them that it's time to change.

The full moon comes out. The Sailor Senshi hold hands in a ring and concentrate and an energy field forms around them. Artemis calls out "Sailor...Teleport!" and the girls are gone. Artemis wishes them good luck. Luna hopes that the girls are going to be okay. The cats can only wait now.

The entrance to the Dark Kingdom is at the North Pole. Sailor Moon complains that she's cold. Sailor Mars snaps a reply, and the Sailor Senshi move toward the entrance.

Queen Beryl has called five of her most powerful youma together, the DD Girls. It will be their task to stop and destroy the Sailor Senshi before they can enter the Dark Kingdom.

The storm has stopped and the weather has cleared. Sailor Moon sees an image of Tuxedo Mask calling for help and she rushes forward. The other Senshi pile on top of her to stop her. Sailor Mercury tells Sailor Moon that this is really a Youma, but this doesn't stop Sailor Moon from going to him again.

Sailor Jupiter was going to destroy it when the image changed to Motoki. Jupiter hesitates and four tentacles grab her and suspend her 100 feet in the air. The Youma attack with electricity and Jupiter cries out. The youma made a mistake, though. Jupiter invokes her "Supreme Thunder" and attacked electricity with electricity. Two of the Youma are destroyed by the backlash.

Jupiter is left lying on an ice mound. The guilt-ridden Sailor Moon tries to get to her, but Jupiter simply whispers some words of encouragement and dies. Sailor Moon screams and begs Makoto not to die.

Sailor Moon has been defeated. Her resolve has been crushed with Makoto's death. She moves off and yells to the Dark Kingdom that the Silver Crystal is theirs. Mars and Venus grab Sailor Moon, but she doesn't stop struggling. The gentle Mercury slaps the hysterical Sailor Moon (and is as shocked by her action as Sailor Moon is). She apologizes, but reminds Sailor Moon that Makoto died for this job that they all are committed to.

Mercury's computer tells her that the other three Youma have regrouped and are heading their way. She has a plan to lead the youma off by using herself as a decoy. Sailor Moon protests, but Mercury says that it's better this way since she is the least powerful of all of them and maybe she can buy enough time for the others to get in. Firmly gripping her arms, Mars and Venus lead Sailor Moon away. Sailor Moon keeps looking back at Mercury until she can no longer see her.

Beeps announce the arrival of the Youma and Mercury looks up to see an image of Ryo Urawa. She smiles at the gall of the Youma, and at her memories of Urawa and scanned the image. The ground erupted in a lava flow in front of her, and Mercury used her "Sabão Spray" to stop it.

The Youma form a huge energy boulder and proceed to run Mercury over. Using her computer, Mercury finds the source of the illusion power. She uses her Sabão Spray to protect herself and finds herself inside of the boulder. Two of the Youma grab her immediately and fry her with energy, Mercury collapses still suspended in midair. The illusion-Youma floats in front of Mercury to gloat, but Mercury uses her computer to break the illusion-youma's power. The boulder disappears, and the only thing left on the ice mound is the body of Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Moon senses Mercury's death and rails at her 'unfeeling' friends. She collapses and hits the ice in frustration. Venus notices that the ice below is glowing, and pushes Sailor Moon off only to be caught in the trap. The youma take Sailor Venus underground where she is tortured. Sailor Moon screams for them to stop...she'll give them the Silver Crystal, but her cries go unheeded.

Underground, Venus struggles and opens her eyes to see a youma in front of her. With her last strength, she forms her "Crescent Beam" and fires at point blank range. The blast kills both of them and above, the ground explodes into an ice mound and Sailor Venus' body rests on top of it.

Sailor Moon calls out Minako's name as Sailor Mars drags her away. The two remaining Youma appear before them. Sailor Moon begs Mars not to fight them, but Mars cheerfully says that she's not going to die because she's the most powerful of them all. Mars moves ahead, then the Youma dive underground before Mars can attack. The Youma attack and encase Mars in an ice mountain.

One of the youma bursts free and dives to attack Sailor Moon. The shell-shocked Sailor Moon only stares blankly at the approaching Youma. A fireball bursts out of the side of the ice mountain and destroys the attacking youma, the last youma then attacks Mars.

Finally, the ice mountain explodes and the youma is holding Mars' body. Putting Mars down, the youma prepares to finish Sailor Moon, but Sailor Mars grabs one of the youma's tentacles and uses her Fire Soul attack, killing both of them.

All of her friends are gone. Sailor Moon sits on a snow bluff in shock. She wonders about the price that's been paid. The spirits of the Sailor Senshi come to comfort her and remind her that it's not yet over. Sailor Moon gets new determination from this, and takes off running to meet the Dark Kingdom, Endymion and Queen Beryl.

46- "Usagi no omoi wa towa ni! Atarashiki tensei" ("Usagi's Everlasting Wish! A New Reincarnation")

(うさぎの想いは永遠に!新しき転生) ("Day of Destiny")
Sailor Moon - Episode 46

Sailor Moon - Episode 46

Airdate: February 27, 1993

Sailor Moon had reached the entrance to the Dark Kingdom. She was being watched by Queen Beryl who created an energy ball and snatched Sailor Moon from the entrance and brought her to the heart of the Dark Kingdom. The disoriented Sailor Moon watched as a light revealed the presence of Queen Beryl. Beryl welcomed the "Princess" to her kingdom and introduced her to Beryl's loyal servant Prince Endymion.

Endymion attacked and Sailor Moon dodged, then she used the Moon Healing Escalation to restore Mamoru's memory except it didn't work. Queen Beryl gloated that Queen Metalia had completely cleansed Mamoru's memory. Endymion tossed Sailor Moon a black rose with a comment: "Sailor Moon...die.". The rose stem expanded and tied up Sailor Moon and tried to fry her. Sailor Moon screamed and called out for Mamoru. The rose disintegrated and Endymion picked Sailor Moon up by the neck and proceeded to blast her with energy.

Queen Beryl finally called a halt to the torture and Endymion tossed Sailor Moon aside. She landed next to the Moon Stick, but didn't have the strength or will to grab it. Queen Beryl ordered Endymion to deliver the final blow, but Sailor Moon had one more weapon. She used Moon Tiara Action and the tiara caught Endymion in his midsection and he collapsed. Queen Metalia's power forced Endymion to his feet, sword upraised. He was presented with the sight of the kneeling Sailor Moon holding the orgel out to him. Unwillingly, he touched it and a backlash flooded him with energy. Memories flooded him, including a vision of the young Mamoru being comforted by Usagi.

Mamoru said "Usagi...". Sailor Moon realized that he got his memory back and Queen Beryl sent a rock spear to destroy them both. A red rose flashed and the rock spear shattered...the rose hit Queen Beryl and a rock fragment ended up in Mamoru's back. Queen Beryl tried to shrug off the attack, but realized that Mamoru's power was tearing her apart. She retreated.

Mamoru told Sailor Moon to leave before the cavern started falling apart. Then the rose fell apart. Sailor Moon realized that Mamoru was dead and she started sobbing over his body...

Queen Beryl was before Queen Metalia. Queen Metalia was ready to emerge and the cocoon shattered. The essence of Queen Metalia absorbed the body of Queen Beryl and she departed.

Sailor Moon was going to kiss Mamoru, but didn't in the end. She felt that it wasn't right, since the other girls had died without kissing their boyfriends. Sailor Moon left the collapsing cavern.

Queen Metalia formed a copy of Queen Beryl for her new body, only this body was 10 times larger. As she exulted in her power, she noticed the arrival of the only other living person here. Outside of the entrance to the Dark Kingdom, Super Beryl and Sailor Moon got ready for their final confrontation.

Super Beryl attacked with a wave of dark energy and caught Sailor Moon head on. The attack formed an ice mound like those serving as markers for the other Sailor Senshi. The top of the ice tower burst open and Super Beryl was confronted with Princess Serenity and the Silver Crystal.

In Japan, the weather became turbulent and power was draining away. Artemis knew that Queen Metalia had awakened. Luna tried to go to where the Sailor Senshi were, but Artemis stopped her. Luna knew that only the Princess could stop Queen Metalia, but only by using the full power of the Silver Crystal. If she did, the Princess would die as her mother did, and Luna didn't want Usagi to die. Crying, Luna begged the distant Usagi not to do it.

The two combatants faced each other. Then the Princess activated the power of the Silver Crystal. Super Beryl attacked, and the power of the Silver Crystal held her off. Super Beryl intensified her attack and the protective bubble started shrinking. Princess Serenity couldn't hold on by herself, but she got help.

The spirits of the four Sailor Senshi joined Princess Serenity and each invoked their power: "Mercury Power!...Mars Power!...Jupiter Power!...Venus Power!...Moon Prism Power!". The Silver Crystal threw an energy ball at Super Beryl completely consuming her. Serenity faded away and Sailor Moon collapsed. Sailor Moon stared up at the sky and whispered her thanks.

The energy ball thrown off by the Silver Crystal kept expanding. It engulfed Sailor Moon's body and the Moon Stick and kept growing. It absorbed the ice tombs and bodies of the four Sailor Senshi and still kept growing. All of the underground Dark Kingdom and Mamoru was absorbed and continued to grow. It encompassed the entire North Pole region and was easily visible from space and the Moon. Usagi's voice-over says that all she wants is her old life back free of Youma and power-crystals and destinies. In Japan, power was back on, and life was rapidly becoming normal.

Morning. At the Tsukino house, an alarm clock was cheeping. Usagi tried to get back to sleep then she realized that she was going to be late. The family looked up at the mild earthquake and Usagi zoomed out the door.

As she was running to school, Makoto raced past her on her longer legs, she was late too. Rei ignored the crazy schoolgirl racing by the temple and Minako waited for her bus. At school, the scores for the latest test were posted, and Ami Mizuno was #1 (again). Usagi and Naru glared enviously as the quiet girl walked past them. On her way home, a frustrated Usagi threw her test paper over her shoulder, hitting Mamoru. Embarrassed (she got 30/100), she grabs it back and glares at him. Walking home, she tells Naru about a dream, where she met her prince and won him. But it was only a dream, the Sailor Senshi are dead, but five girls have a chance at a normal life.