Omishi Mahou Gekijou:

Risky Safety
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Rei Omishi
Years on Air 1999-2000
Episodes 24

Japanese Title: 臣士魔法劇場リスキー☆セイフティ

English Title: Omishi Magical Theater Risky Safety

Russian Title: Волшебный театр Омиси: Риски и Сэйфти


An apprentice shinigami (Japanese Death God), Risky, is determined to take Moe's life. However, Risky is magically joined with an apprentice angel, Safety, so Risky turns into Safety whenever someone says something nice. As an apprentice shinigami can only take someone's life when that person is really depressed, Risky has quite a problem taking Moe's soul, while dealing with Safety, who often cheers Moe up.

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