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Rikujou Bouetai Mao-chan
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Ken Akamatsu
Years on Air 2002
Episodes 26

Rikujou Bouetai Mao-chan logo

Japanese Title: 陸上防衛隊まおちゃん

English Title: Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan

Chinese Title: 陸上防衛隊


Rikujou Bouetai Mao-chan Group
On the edge of an invasion, the world's defense has fallen to unlikely straits due to the aliens being excessively cute. Due to combat engagements being televised: if the forces battling the aliens were not cute themselves the general public would revolt, as it would be seen as "bullying". Consequently, three military leaders chose their granddaughters, Mao, Misora and Sylvia, to be the defenders, fittingly, becoming a team even cuter than the aliens.
Mao Onigawara is a happy 8-year-old grade-schooler and the granddaughter of Chief of Staff of Ground Defense Force. Equipped with her cloverleaf-shaped badge which enables her to transform (but gives her no special power whatsoever), Mao and her best friends (granddaughters of Chief of Staff of Air and Marine Defense Force, respectively) will defend Japan against the invasion from "cute aliens," who are way too cute to be dealt with regular armed forces.

The story follows the three eight-year-old girls as they try to defend the Earth against the invading aliens.

Episode List

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Video Gallery

Rikujou Bouetai Mao-chan - Opening and Ending02:32

Rikujou Bouetai Mao-chan - Opening and Ending

Rikujou Bouetai Mao-chan - Transformations03:31

Rikujou Bouetai Mao-chan - Transformations

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