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Revolt Assassin Emeralda
Pac lrevolt assassin emeralda
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Naoki Otsuka
Years on Air 2007
Movies 1

Japanese Title: リボウルトアサシン エメラルダ

Airdate: January 12, 2007


Assassination, that’s Emeralda’s profession... Today, she’s got a job request turned in. But, this time, the job is different in that she has to fell a reinforced girl just like herself. And the girl has the same goal; to fell her. Emeralda sets out on the job. Before her emerges the Reinforced Seirene. To test Emeralda, Seirene sends out her fighters and monsters. Emeralda beats them all and finally faces one on one with Seirene. Suffering from fighting, Emeralda’s moves slow down. She has gotten hypnotised, without her knowing it at all! Emeralda is now on the diffensive. Fainted, she gets carried away to Seirne’s base. A lesbian and sadist, Seirene takes her time to torment Emeralda before killing. Persistently she molests Emeralda.

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