First Season

1- "Densetsu no Majikku Naito Shidō" ("The Birth of the Legendary Magic Knights!")

Rayearth - Episode 01

Rayearth - Episode 01

Airdate: October 17, 1994

During a field trip at Tokyo Tower, three girls from three different schools are transported to a medieval-like land named Cephiro. The girls introduce themselves as Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki and Fuu Hououji, who are all in the 8th grade regardless of how they look. They are then greeted by a wizard named Clef.

Clef explains that their ruler, Princess Emeraude, was imprisoned by the High Priest, Zagato, high above the skies of Cephiro. Clef explains that their world was never like this before, that it's stable with Princess Emeraude's prayers holding everything together. He then explains that Princess Emeraude made it clear they are Legendary Magic Knights, who are destined to save their world. He then explains that they cannot leave until they fulfill the Princess's wish. Clef asks if they can use magic; when they say they can't, he grants it to them and begins teaching them.

Watching from his fortress, Zagato sends Alcyone to stop the Magic Knights. Clef sees Alcyone, and she attacks. He blocks the attack and fends off Alcyone as he sends the girls away on a griffin. His last command is for them to go west to the Forest of Silence, to Presea's home.

Alcyone goes after them, while Clef thinks about how they would do against Zagato. At that moment, Zagato shows up and fires a spell at Clef. Clef is turned into stone, and Zagato's spell manages to break the ground around him. Clef begins to fall off the cliff.

Alcyone charges towards the three. After a few attacks, Hikaru finally stands up and uses her "Fire Arrow" spell to defeat Alcyone.

2- "Chimmoku no Mori no Sōshi Puresea" ("Presea, The Master Smith In The Forest Of Silence")

(沈黙の森の創師 プレセア)
Rayearth - Episode 02

Rayearth - Episode 02

Airdate: October 24, 1994

Guided by Clef's words stuck in their head, they reach the Forest of Silence. They are dropped off by the griffin, and wonder how they'll get into the mansion, because it is surrounded by a wall with no doors.

Fuu suggests knocking. Umi is very skeptical, but when Hikaru starts to knock on the wall, a door opens. They try to call for someone, but no one greets them. They have small argument about not being rude, and decide to enter without permission. They don't know it, but a monster crawling in the ground manages to get in behind them.

The door shuts and they enter the mansion. They wander around a bit, until they hear noise coming from a room. It turns out to be a library, and they see a mess coming from someone behind the chair. They ask if the person is Presea, but when the chair turns around, it turns out that the "person" is a small rabbit-like creature called Mokona.

Suddenly a cage drops on them, and a woman comes forward. The woman is extremely happy, thinking she's captured Mokona, the creature that has been always messing up her study. After thinking of ways to punish Mokona, she looks in the cage and is surprised to see three girls in it.

Umi starts to complain about how it's not their fault they were captured since the women, who they have figured out is Presea, didn't answer the door. She explains how Hikaru just knocked and the door opened by itself. Presea is surprised, and tells them only the Legendary Magic Knights could have done that.

The monster soon finds them and starts to attack them. Presea manages to let them escape from the cage, and Hikaru tries using her magic to kill it. But the magic doesn't work and they scream in fear. Presea then draws out her sword and slices the monster's head off.

Presea then brings them to a room filled with weapons, since they obviously need them to fight back. When the Knights think they had to pay for them, Presea reveals she is just "loaning" the weapons to them... no charge. She then explains that for the to become true Magic Knights, they need to go to the Spring of Eterna to pick up the legendary ore, Escudo.

What they didn't know is that the monster wasn't killed, and it comes for them again. Presea closes the huge door and tells them to pick a weapon. The girls close their eyes, and they successfully choose their weapons. Both Hikaru and Umi gets swords (Hikaru's is a broadsword and Umi's is a rapier), while Fuu get a bow and arrows.

The monster then breaks through the door. They try to kill it and manage to break it up into pieces. It then reassembles itself, and Fuu tells them it's probably made of mud. Hikaru then gets an idea for how to kill it. She asks Presea if they have a pond. Presea says there's one in the back, and the four of them head for it. Hikaru asks if she can use the table cloth as they pass through the kitchen. Presea tells her yes, as they head for the back.

Outside Hikaru tells them to distract the monster as she hides behind a pillar. Umi and Fuu does so and Hikaru throws the cloth over the monster's head. Hikaru charges forward, knocking the monster in the pond, where it proceeds to die.

They then get another surprise when the weapons suddenly disappear into their jewels on their gloves. Presea then tells them that the weapons will only appear when they are needed.

Outside the wall, Presea tells them to go to Eterna. She then tells them they will be guided by Mokona, who knows they way. They part ways for now, and Presea hopes the Legendary Magic Knights save their land.

3- "Nazo no Bishōnen Kenshi Ferio" ("Ferio, the Handsome, Mysterious Swordsman")

(謎の美少年剣士 フェリオ)
Rayearth - Episode 03

Rayearth - Episode 03

Airdate: October 31, 1994

While travelling to the Spring of Eterna, the girls run into a young man named Ferio who saves them from a monster. Ferio then offers to be their guide to get out of the Forest of Silence. They say no, and try to lose him, but he still follows them.

The girls then discuss about him being their guide, but they can't trust him, due to the fact he is still a stranger. They let him be their guide and use their food as payment since they have no money.

We then find out that Ferio was an entertainer, and Princess Emeraude saved his life when guards thought he stole something in the castle. Princess Emeraude then told the guards that it was a gift to him. That's why he is on the quest to save Princess Emeraude.

They then take rest in a large tent/room, thanks to Mokona. Hikaru wants to give Ferio food, who is outside, but Fuu tells Hikaru she'll do it. The reason is, Hikaru is too kind, and might invite him in to stay with them.

Outside, Fuu gives him the food, and Ferio asks her to stay with him while he eats. She blushes and rushes back in.

The next day, they look upon a lot of monsters surrounding a rock. They come up with a plan for Hikaru and Umi kill the monsters while Ferio and Fuu destroy the rock.

Hikaru and Umi kill a lot of monsters, and Ferio charges forward to the rock. Suddenly he is frozen. He tells Fuu to not come closer, because the rock creates monsters. Fuu stands afar, and manages to get a clear shot, hitting and breaking the rock.

Hikaru and Umi stop attacking the monsters when they turn back into their true forms.

At the end of the day, they are out of the forest, and thank Ferio for his help. Ferio then gives Fuu the gift that Princess Emeraude gave him. Umi is excited about the gift, but Ferio reveals Fuu gets a gift because he loves her and runs off.

4- "Shūnen no Masōshi Arushiōne" ("Alcyone, the Vengeful Sorceress")

(執念の魔操士 アルシオーネ)
Rayearth - Episode 04

Rayearth - Episode 04

Airdate: November 7, 1994

The girls run into what seems to be a deserted village. They are captured in a net, and find out that the villagers were hiding from the monsters corrupting their land.

A monster then appears, forcing the villagers to go back into hiding. The girls get the monster's attention by hitting it when it goes after a little girl. The monster attacks them, accidentally setting them free and Hikaru defeats it with her magic.

Umi is happy, and suggests hurrying to get to Eterna to get Escudo, but is suddenly attacked out of nowhere and falls to the ground. Hikaru runs to Umi, only to be challenge by Alcyone, who was the one who injured Umi with her Ice Arrows. Alcyone is confident of beating them, but Hikaru's anger only makes her stronger.

In the middle of the fight, Umi slowly wakes up, and sees Hikaru battling for her sake. Umi turns to Mokona and wishes for magic, which Clef proceeds to teach her, communicating through Mokona. Umi stands up, and casts a "Water Dragon" spell that blasts Alcyone, who retreats. Umi once again falls down, and Hikaru goes to her. Hikaru thanks Umi for saving her. Fuu then wishes for magic to save Umi and, as with Umi, Clef teaches her through Mokona. She then casts a "Wind of Healing" spell that heals Umi.

5- "Densetsu no Kōbutsu Esukūdo" ("Escudo, the Legendary Ore")

(伝説の鉱物 エスクード)
Rayearth - Episode 05

Rayearth - Episode 05

Airdate: November 14, 1994

Alcyone begs Zagato for another chance, to kill the Magic Knights, saying she has a plan.

The girls reach a lake and think it's Eterna, but Mokona tells them it's not Eterna. A water monster then attacks them from the lake and Umi destroys it with her Water Dragon. The water that formed the monster rains on them as it falls apart, making them glow, and they brush off the glowing as they dry off. They head for Eterna, as Alcyone watches from afar, laughing to herself.

They arrive at the place that Mokona says is Eterna, but they do not see anything other than a line floating in midair. Mokona wanders off to climb a pillar of rock and Hikaru follows. Hikaru calls to Umi and Fuu from the top of the rock pillar, saying that they have to see something. Umi and Fuu join her and are surprised to see a spring from the top of the rock. Fuu realizes that Eterna is a two-dimensional spring--you can see the spring from above, but from the side, it looks like a line. Mokona jumps into the spring and they follow him to get the Escudo.

The girls are separated as they fall further into the spring, and each of them sees someone they care about greatly. Hikaru sees her dog, Hikari; Umi sees her parents; and Fuu sees herself. The girls are attacked by their loved ones, and won't fight back. They then hear Princess Emeraude's voice, asking them to consider if they are truly facing their loved ones.

The girls all figure out that it is not actually their loved ones in front of them, and destroy the images with new spells. Hikaru gains the spell Red Lighting, Umi gains the spell Blue Tornado, and Fuu gains the spell Green Gale.

As the images disappear, each girl has a piece of Escudo appear in front of her. They are excited, but they get an unexpected visitor... Alcyone. The girls then abruptly drop to the floor.

Alcyone explains her water monster had a slow-acting poison in it. She then says that she's come for the Escudo, because only the Magic Knights would have been able to get it.

The Escudo then rushes into their glove jewels and their armor gets upgraded. They then use their new spells to send Alcyone back. Then they head back to Presea, as she will make their new weapons to awaken the legendary Rune Gods.

Alcyone begs for another chance, but Zagato sends her off, and sends Ascot off for his chance to kill the Magic Knights.

6- "Inochi o Kaketa Puresea no Buki" ("Lives at Stake - Presea's Weapons")

Rayearth - Episode 06

Rayearth - Episode 06

Airdate: November 21, 1994

Ascot sends a caterpillar-like creature off to kill the Magic Knights. He then decides to take a nap while his creature kills them.

The girls arrive at Presea's house in the Forest of Silence and give her the Escudo, along with their weapons. Presea starts to make their new weapons in another room when they hear the monster. The girls tells Presea to take care of making the Escudo weapons, while they handle the monster.

The caterpillar attacks the Magic Knights, who are somewhat successful in defending themselves, but it then turns and heads into the house, going after Presea.

Weakened by the effort she exerted, Presea finally completes the Escudo weapons, but the monster breaks into the room immediately after. The building starts to crumble because of the damage done by the monster and the ceiling falls on Presea. The girls enter the room right on the monster's heels and see Presea under a piece of the ceiling. The girls call for their new weapons and use them to kill the monster. They all rush to Presea who is at her last breath. She dies and Hikaru swears to avenge her.

Ascot wakes up from his nap and calls for his creature, only to find its remains in the ruins of Presea's house. He swears he'll avenge the creature's death as well.

7- "Sutemi no Ferio Sabaku no Koi" ("Ferio in Desperation - A Romance in the Desert")

Rayearth - Episode 07

Rayearth - Episode 07

Airdate: November 28, 1994

Clef calls out to the girls and tells them that each earthquake that happens in Cephiro means that Cephiro is falling. If Cephiro falls completely, they cannot go back to their world.

He then tells then to become a Magic Knight, they would need to awaken the Rune God. Mokona knows the way to each one.

Ferio sees Ascot, planning an attack on the girls, and he tricks Ascot by saying he would want to help. Ascot doesn't fall for it, and tells him if he could, bring the girls to him in the desert, where the monster would hopefully kill them.

Ferio meets the girls, and lures them into the desert. The monster attacks, but Ferio finds out from Ascot that the monster can attack by sound. Using the orbs, the magical walkie-talkie like devices, Ferio calls the monster and lures it away from the girls.

A small monster then gives the message to the girls, saying that Ascot has taken Ferio. If they want to save him, they need to go to the desert.

They decide to sleep on it, thinking he would be safe. Fuu doesn't think so, and sneaks out in the middle of the night/early morning to save Ferio.

Her sword grows in the process, and she manages to kill the monster, called Pajero. Ferio tells Fuu, if she hadn't noticed by now, that the orb is a communicator, and if she needs to talk to him, call him.

8- "Shōkanshi Asukotto no Kyōfu no Wana" ("The Horrible Trap of Summoner Ascot")

Rayearth - Episode 08

Rayearth - Episode 08

Airdate: December 5, 1994

Hikaru takes comes across a strange little creature and starts caring for it. She names it Hikari, after her dog. It is then revealed that "Hikari" is actually another of Ascot's monster allies.

Hikaru spends so much time with Hikari that Fuu and Umi assume she'd been attacked by a monster or perhaps something worse. So they go out looking for her, and find Hikari with Hikaru.

They are ready to attack it in order to defend her, but Hikaru tells them it's safe because it's her new friend Hikari. They don't fight it, but Hikari transforms and runs amok in the forest, setting fires, and causing damage. Hikari also knocks Fuu unconscious, and gets a hold Umi.

Hikaru at first tries to reason with her new friend, and this works momentarily. However Ascot becomes angry and insists Hikari finish Hikaru and her friends off---which it tires to do, though reluctantly. Despite her affection for the creature, Hikaru fights and eventually kills Hikari.

The girls bury Hikari, and experience another earthquake. So they hurry off to find the Rune Gods.

9- "Majikku Naito Saidai no Kiki" ("The Magic Knights' Greatest Crisis")

Rayearth - Episode 09

Rayearth - Episode 09

Airdate: December 12, 1994

Alcyone manages to trick Ascot into freeing her from a barrier that was holding her against her will. She makes a promise that she would give power to one of his monsters so it would be strong enough to kill the Magic Knights.

In an open field, Umi is still obsessed with her fencing competition that would have been a week away at the time they arrived in Cephiro, even though days, or maybe even weeks have already passed by.

Hikaru suggests if you wish hard enough, maybe you can still make it to the competition, since Cephiro is a land of power. Both Hikaru and Fuu would wish for Umi too.

A few yards away, Alcyone gives Ascot the power she promised to his monster, "Luci", which not only overpowers it, but freezes itself, as well as Ascot. Hikaru, Umi and Fuu see the snow storm blasting their way, and Umi makes a wish before getting hit: She wants to return to Tokyo.

Hikaru and Fuu suffer from hypothermia, and fall to the ground. Then Alcyone stops the weather and hopes that her plan on killing the Magic Knights worked, until she realizes only two of them are present.

Umi wakes up back in the Tokyo, and notices no one is moving. She rushes to a familiar face, her fencing captain, but as she soon realizes, she is actually not in the real Tokyo. Things start to dissolve around her, as reality sinks in: She's still in Cephiro.

She appears before Alcyone, and the pair face off in a sword fight. Alcyone overpowers her, but Umi is determined not to lose. She wishes to win, and her sword grows in the process. Umi uses her upgraded sword against Alcyone, which sends her running off. The sword manages to break the ice storm, as well as killing the monster.

After Hikaru and Fuu finally regain consciousness, they are relived Umi is unharmed. Umi then reminds them that until they save Cephiro, they cannot return home.

10- "Yomigaeru Densetsu no Mashin Seresu" ("Revival of Selece, the Legendary Rune-God")

Rayearth - Episode 10

Rayearth - Episode 10

Airdate: January 9, 1995

The girls reach a lake, and Mokona reveals that a Rune God rests within it. They travel underneath the water, to a place with air, thanks to Mokona's magic.

Umi doesn't feel good, and starts to glow. She wanders off, and suddenly they notice a painting of a blue dragon, and Umi is cut off from Hikaru and Fuu behind when two large doors appear.

Ascot then arrives with another one of his monsters, and they battle Hikaru and Fuu. They don't injure it much, but Fuu points out the glowing jewel on its head, and Hikaru breaks it. The monster becomes stunned, and Ascot comes out.

He then goes on a tirade about how they all killed his monster friends. Hikaru tells him if they were his true friends, he would not hurt them or harm them by sending them into fights they couldn't win. The monster wakes up, and starts to go berserk on them. Ascot runs away, while Hikaru and Fuu fight it off.

Meanwhile with Umi, the dragon tests her, by telling her to show her courage of the heart. She hear the screams of Hikaru and Fuu, and suddenly the doors disappear. It tells her to run away, but she doesn't. She wants to help them, she charges for the monster, but it fires back.

Fuu then casts a new spell, "Protecting Wind" to protect Umi. Fuu then collapses, and the monster goes for Umi. The monster then goes for Hikaru after she draws its attention when hitting it with her "Red Lighting."

Hikaru collapses, and Umi is crushed. She tells the dragon, if acquiring the dragons power means running away, she doesn't want it. She wants to help her friends and rather die in the process of helping them.

Suddenly the dragon turns into what looks like a robot, which defeats the monster. The machine then reveals the truth to Umi, she showed her true courage, and tells her she is not yet strong enough to wear him. Only when she becomes a true Magic Knights, will she be ready to don him in battle.

He then turns into a ball of light and proceeds to enter Umi's armor, where it starts to grow. Hikaru and Fuu's armor proceed to do the same. The girls are only one step closer on saving Cephiro.

11- "Isekai Sefīro no Mashin Densetsu" ("The Legend of the Rune-Gods - In Cephiro, Another World")

Rayearth - Episode 11

Rayearth - Episode 11

Airdate: January 16, 1995

The girls are flying off to the flying mountain, the very same mountain they first saw when they arrived in Cephiro. Inside the mountain holds the castle where Princess Emeraude is being held. When they almost reach it, they are attacked by Zagato, but then saved by Princess Emeraude.

Ferio, while resting, pulls out his communicator. He then gets a message from Princess Emeraude to save the girls by the lake of Piraus Village. He does so, and they take rest there for a bit.

Meanwhile, the villagers are being interrogated by a servant of Zagato's named Caldina, who then demands money in exchange for leaving them alone. However, Caldina changes her mind upon seeing the girls and Ferio when they enter the village.

The girls then tell the story of finding the first Rune God, and they are ready to save Cephiro. He then reveals that they need to acquire two more Rune Gods to complete their journey before they can save Cephiro. They are then attacked by villagers, and Ferio takes one hostage. The villagers then explain that a servant of Zagato was forcing them to do so. Ferio then comes up with a plan for her to leave them alone, so that the girls can escape quietly.

Ferio goes to Caldina and offers her money. She isn't fooled by his offer, but he reveals he wants to play cards. Caldina can't resist such an offer, and agrees to play. She ends up winning all of his money, and they are interrupted by the villagers. They reveal the girls' escape, and blame Ferio. One of the villagers then takes a knife and stabs him. Caldina is shocked by this; she takes the money and runs off. Ferrio then stands up as the villagers thank him.

Back at home, Ascot passes Caldina's room, and he reveals to her that he doesn't wish to kill the girls anymore. She then tell him to not let his troubles get him down.

Back with the girls, they rush off to find the other Rune Gods, as they exit the village. Fuu stops, and pulls out her communicator. She then gets a message from Ferio, saying their plan was successful and to call him once in a while, or he'd miss her.

Fuu starts to blush, and Hikaru and Umi notices it. Fuu then starts to walk the wrong way but Hikaru corrects her as Fuu laughs at her mistake.

12- "Osorubeki Genwakushi Karudina" ("The Fearsome Illusionist Caldina")

(恐るべき幻惑士 カルディナ)
Rayearth - Episode 12

Rayearth - Episode 12

Airdate: January 23, 1995

The girls are walking, when Mokona tells them to go up. Mokona then reveals a Rune God is up in one of the flying mountains.

Caldina and Ascot manages to catch up with them. Caldina tells Ascot, she'll take care of everything, and tells him to wait for her. Caldina uses a spell to make the girls think the ground is soft and shaky, and that large rocks are falling on them.

The girls panic, and fall to the bottom. They wake up and see a cave, when the ground continues to shake. Once inside, they see Clef, where he tells them he has saved Princess Emeraude, and she wants to talk to them. Fuu isn't convinced, and warns the others.

They cautiously enter another room, where they see Princess Emeraude, and two guards with her. Fuu then questions how they could defeat Zagato. Princess Emeraude and her two guards then turn into monsters, and proceed to attack them.

Although the girls cannot hurt the monsters, the monsters can hurt them. Hikaru, Umi and Fuu know it's only an illusion, and try to concentrate hard enough that they won't get hurt. The monsters slowly disappear, but Umi is taken off guard as she opens her eye. A monster proceeds to attack her, she screams, and runs to the door they came from.

Reality sinks in as they realize they are outside, high in the air, and fall to the ground. Outside, Caldina then breaks a piece of the ledge, and the rock proceeds to fall on them. Mokona awakens from being dizzy, and wakes up Umi just in time. She breaks the rock, and pieces start to fly towards Caldina, knocking her unconscious.

Ascot finds Caldina, and vows to kill the Magic Knights. He finds Umi and calls forth his monsters, who proceeds to grab the unconscious Hikaru and Fuu. Umi gets upset and draws her sword right onto Ascot's neck. She tells him to put them down. Ascot angrily shouts about how they killed his monster friends, and Umi proceeds to slap him. She start to explain that he can't keep treating them the way he has or more of them might get hurt.

The other girl wake up in the middle of her talk as Umi starts to explain how the girls are her friends too, and she would do anything to protect them. Umi then asks if they could be friends, and he agrees. She asks his name, and he introduces himself.

Caldina wakes up and sees Ascot. She notes that he's acting very strangely, and she wonders what happened to him.

13- "Kono Sekai de Ichiban Taisetsuna Mono" ("The Most Valuable Thing in this World")

Rayearth - Episode 13

Rayearth - Episode 13

Airdate: January 30, 1995 Caldina is determined to kill the girls in order to receive the pile of money she'd been promised by Zagato. Ascot doesn't wish to harm the girls anymore, and tries to convince Caldina not to attack them but fails.

Caldina uses her "bells" to hypnotize Hikaru and Umi against Fuu. Fuu uses her magic to hold them back, but does not know that Caldina is only a few steps away. Caldina reveals herself, and forces Fuu to attack Hikaru and Umi.

Ascot blocks an attack, and Caldina stops and freezes him. Fuu manages to break through, and hits Caldina with a spell. A moment after, Caldina and Fuu start to talk. Fuu explains that, even though they don't know each other well enough, she cares for them. Fuu uses Ascot as an example, and Caldina seems to understand.

Caldina unfreezes Ascot, and Hikaru and Umi wake up. They want to attack her, but Fuu stops them. She then explains everything about what just happened with Caldina. Caldina and Ascot then proclaim that they are not going back to the castle and run off.

Fuu then uses her spell to heal each other, and it's one closer step to bringing Zagato and his servants down.

14- "Hikaru, Umi, Fū no Yuzurenai Negai" ("Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu's Unyielding Wish")

Rayearth - Episode 14

Rayearth - Episode 14

Airdate: February 6, 1995

After battling a fierce monster, the girls discover that Mokona is able to project a map of the land of Cephiro. They soon find out that they need to head for the skies for the other Rune Gods.

Soon thereafter a bright light appears, kidnapping Umi and Fuu. A projection of Clef appears and tells Hikaru how there are unusual monsters in the world, and the flash of light may be one of them.

Hikaru remembers the map, and Mokona projects it again. She heads towards Umi and Fuu's way and manages to get cut along the way due to thorns.

Mokona catches up with her, and notices the blood. Soon after the light is after Hikaru, but Mokona pushes Hikaru out of the way and he goes into the light, while Hikaru falls into a ravine. Hikaru climbs up, and falls down, and manages to get hit in the head by some rocks. She slowly figures out how the light monster works, and remembers that Umi and Fuu were bleeding at the time they were kidnapped.

Injured but still determined, she reaches the top. The light then comes after her, and with her sword she kills the monster. She faints, as Umi and Fuu awake from their sleep like state.

Hikaru slowly wakes up, and Umi and Fuu are extremely happy she is not dead. Hikaru then explains about the monster and its attraction to blood. Fuu then heals all of them, and they look onto the mountain holding the next Rune God they need to get.

15- "Dai Ni no Mashin—Kūjin Windamu" ("The Second Rune-God: Windam, the Lord of the Skies")

(第二の魔神·空神 ウィンダム)
Rayearth - Episode 15

Rayearth - Episode 15

Airdate: February 13, 1995

Innova asks Zagato if he can his turn at trying to kill the girls, and Zagato agrees.

In Cephiro's very first storm, the girls take refuge in a cave, near the sky shrine, where another Rune God is waiting. When Fuu starts to worry about Ferio, she brings out her communicator, only to be called by him. He tells them that he's nearby and wishes to take refuge with them. Just before entering the cave, Ferio notices a girl lying on the ground, holding an herb. Fuu is excited when she sees Ferio's silhouette, but is crushed when he sees him carrying a girl.

The girl then wakes up, and introduces herself as Selah. She starts to explain that she lives on the bottom of the mountain, and needed the herb in order to cure her brother's fever.

They then all take rest, but Fuu can't sleep. When she is about to talk to Ferio, Selah beats her to it. Ferio offers her some soup; she not only says yes, but offers to put the herb in it. She then gives it to Ferio to taste. He makes a comment on how delicious the soup is, and would save her lots of times just to have this dish.

The next day, Ferio comes down with a fever, and the group believes that it must have been caused by the storm. Fuu is angry at Ferio, but tires to see past it, and tells Selah to watch him while they go to the mountain.

Ferio then falls to the ground, and Selah reveals her true intentions. Selah reveals herself to be Innova in disguise. Innova then captures Ferio, and holds him hostage in the cave. He then reveals, the herb was actually was a toxic plant. He then leaves to kill the girls.

The girls manage to get onto the flying shire, thanks to Mokona's flying. Fuu start to act strangely around them, and soon starts to disappear. Hikaru explains to Umi that she was acting the same way when she acquired her Rune God, so they shouldn't worry. They start to run to the other side of shrine, only to be greeted by Innova.

A great winged creature appears before Fuu and tells her she must be tested before he can except her as a Magic Knight, calling himself "Windam". She is then transported back to the shrine grounds, only to see Hikaru and Umi falling as they try to defend themselves.

Fuu manages to show her true self, and the giant bird turns into the Rune God. With its great power, Windam sends Innova crawling back to Zagato. When Hikaru and Umi finally awaken, they all notice that their swords and armor have changed and grown. They return to the cave, where Ferio tells Fuu to forget about him, saying that he was the one who caused all of this. He runs away, and Fuu can't help but cry. Hikaru tells Fuu to not forget Ferio, but always keep him in her heart.

Back with Innova, he begs Zagato to use his power to change him into his true form. Zagato not only refuses, but calls forward on a stronger looking warrior, named Lafarga.

16- "Kyōteki! Kentōshi Rafāga" ("A Powerful Foe! Lafarga the Swordmaster")

(強敵! 剣闘士ラファーガ)
Rayearth - Episode 16

Rayearth - Episode 16

Airdate: February 20, 1995

Zagato informs Princess Emeraude that he is using mind control to send one of the Princess's own swordsmen to kill the girls. She begs Zagato to stop, but he doesn't listen.

Meanwhile, the girls are traveling to the volcano-like shrine to revive Hikaru's Rune God, only to be attacked by a large flying bird. They try to fight it off with their swords, but it's no use. It then takes a hold of Umi, who loses her swords, and flies off with her.

Fuu tries to return Umi her sword, but Umi's sword turns into water when Fuu tries to pick it up. Fuu only has one choice, and throws her own sword to Umi. Umi catches it, but it's too heavy. She tries to hold onto it, but drops it instead.

The bird continues to fly, and a man appears and kills the bird. Hikaru and Fuu catch Umi, and she comments on how heavy Fuu's sword is. Fuu then holds it, noting it's light as a feather to her. They quickly realize that the swords have been made specially for each other, and them alone. Anyone else who tries to use them won't be able to.

Once she's recovered Umi wishes to thank the man who rescued her, and they see Lafarga standing before them. He then proceeds to attack them, and manages to trap Umi and Fuu.

Hikaru and Lafarga battle, and Hikaru manages to hit his sword far away. Lafarga overpowers Hikaru, and tries to use her sword against her, but gets burned in the process.

Lafarga's memories slowly come back to him, and he asks them who are they. They respond that they are the Magic Knights, and he is amazed. He too, being the Captain of the Royal Guard, tells them he will find a way to help them save Princess Emeraude, and wanders off, while the girls head to revive Hikaru's Rune God.

17- "Inōba no Shōtai to Yomigaeru Kioku" ("The Truth About Innova, and the Return of Memories")

Rayearth - Episode 17

Rayearth - Episode 17

Airdate: February 27, 1995

Again Innova approaches Zagato and begs him to return him to his true form. To his surprise and much deliberation Zagato does, and Innova transforms into a large wolf-like creature. Innova then leaves to go after the girls.

Meanwhile Ferio has been experiencing previously unknown memories slowly come back to him, and remembers that he is Princess Emeraude's younger brother. He then runs to find the girls.

The girls are surprised when they encounter Beast-Innova and he reveals his true nature to them before attacking. The girls are not doing well, and when all seem lost, Ferio communicates through the orb, and tells them that Innova's weak spot is the jewel on his head. Hikaru manages to hit the jewel on Beast-Innova's head, killing him. Ferio finally reaches them, sees the girls triumph over Innova, and tells them to save Cephiro.

With everyone gone, Alcyone begs Zagato to let her try to kill the girls one last time, but he just leaves her begging.

18- "Saigo no Mashin—Enjin Reiāsu" ("The Last Rune-God: Rayearth, the Lord of Fire")

(最後の魔神·炎神 レイアース)
Rayearth - Episode 18

Rayearth - Episode 18

Airdate: March 6, 1995

Alcyone spies upon Zagato, as he talks with Princess Emeraude. She notices that not once does he harm her during their talk; they merely talk. Alcyone starts having doubts about Zagato's reason for his "kidnapping" of the princess.

Mokona leads the girls into a hot volcano where the last Rune God is waiting. Umi and Fuu start to get worried about Hikaru when she begins acting strangely, and disappears before their eyes.

She wakes up in a room full of fire, then out of the flames appears a wolf made of fire. It speaks to Hikaru, telling her he wishes to test her "courage of heart".

While this happening, Zagato manages to get inside the Volcano. He then follows where Hikaru had just went in. He strips Umi and Fuu's powers, just in time for Hikaru to return.

Hikaru and Zagato talk for a moment, and he manages to take her power as well, then fires a fireball towards Umi and Fuu. Hikaru shields them, and he tries to fire another. This time Lafarga steps in and shields Hikaru. Zagato hits Lafarga once more, and Lafarga starts to fall due to the heat.

Umi and Fuu slowly regain consciousness, and take notice of their surroundings. They both scream when they see Zagato standing before them ready to attack.

Suddenly Rayearth's voice can be heard; he then appears in front of them, attacking Zagato, who retreats. The group's magic is then restored by Rayearth, and the girls get back their powers.

Down bellow, they see Mokona as well as Lafarga, and are happy they are only a few steps away from saving Cephiro and returning home.

19- "Taiketsu! Majikku Naito bāsasu Zagāto" ("Showdown! The Magic Knights Versus Zagato")

(対決! 魔法騎士 vs ザガート)
Rayearth - Episode 19

Rayearth - Episode 19

Airdate: March 13, 1995

The girls start to head towards the flying mountain in the sky along with the Rune Gods Selece, Windam and Rayearth. They remember the good times they'd had, and some of the bad since they'd arrived in Cephiro. They then receive a message from Princess Emeraude, telling them to grant her wish and save Cephiro.

They finally reach the flying mountain, only to find Zagato in his own Rune God, blocking their way and preventing them from going any further. They at first demand he release the princess, but he refuses. He then claims that he will kill them all.

They fight, and Zagato holds firm. He injures them all, but when it looks like they they'll fall, the girls and Rune Gods combine all of their powers into three spells, Red Lighting, Water Dragon, and Green Gale. They fire their super spell at Zagato, and it manages to destroy his Rune God facsimile, killing him.

Meanwhile, in her prison, Princess Emeraude screams in horror as she realizes that Zagato has died.

20- "Densetsu no Majikku Naito! Kyōi no Shinjitsu" ("The Unbelievable Truth About the Legendary Magic Knights!")

(伝説の魔法騎士! 驚異の真実)
Rayearth - Episode 20

Rayearth - Episode 20

Airdate: March 13, 1995

The girls head to the inner sanctum of the castle where a woman looking much like Princess Emeraude stands. After mentioning Zagato's name, she goes berserk, and creates her own Rune God. She starts to attack them, and they fly out of the castle totally confused.

Once outside, they get into a battle with the Rune God, and learn the truth from Princess Emeraude: She is the one attacking them.

She tells them how her falling in love with Zagato was forbidden for the Pillar, who was only supposed to watch over Cephiro, and she imprisoned herself so that her feelings wouldn't get in the way of her duties. Unfortunately, it was too late for that, and she reveals that in order to save the land, and fulfill her wish, they would have to kill her.

She then reveals that no one from Cephiro would be strong enough to kill her, so that's why she summoned the Magic Knights. After being attacked by her, Rayearth, Windam, and Selece combine into one Rune God, and manage to kill Emeraude. Then a great light appears, and the girls see Princess Emeraude and Zagato together.

Back in the Tokyo tower, everyone is now relived that the huge light has passed. Hikaru's friend tries to ask Hikaru her opinion, but to her surprise Hikaru is hugging Umi and Fuu.

As their classmates look on confused, Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu hug each other and cry. They aren't happy that they had to kill Princess Emeraude. Hikaru tells them, it wasn't a dream... and that she wants to go back to Cephiro to set things right.

Second Season

1 (21)- "Tabidachi to Aratana Kizuna" ("A Departure and New Ties")

Rayearth - Episode 21

Rayearth - Episode 21

Airdate: April 10, 1995

Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu have been reunited with their families, but their hearts are still not at ease. The three promise to meet each other at Tokyo Tower, the place where they first met. Suddenly, with another mysterious flash of light, the three girls are whisked back to Cephiro, where Mokona and Clef await them.

2 (22)- "Sefīro to Mittsu no Kuni" ("Cephiro and the Three Countries")

Rayearth - Episode 22

Rayearth - Episode 22

Airdate: April 17, 1995

Now that Cephiro has lost its Pillar, Princess Emeraude, it is under attack from three countries – Autozam, Chizeta, and Fahren! Clef doesn't want the girls to get involved in this new war, but Hikaru Umi, and Fuu agree to it on their own.

3 (23)- "Ōtozamu no Shinkō to Rantisu" ("Autozam's Invasion and Lantis")

Rayearth - Episode 23

Rayearth - Episode 23

Airdate: April 24, 1995

Ferio greets the three girls upon their return to the castle and explains that he is the younger brother of Princess Emeraude. The three girls are reunited with their old friends Caldina, Lafarga, and Ascot. They are introduced to Lantis, the younger brother of High Priest Zagato, who recently returned home from Autozam.

4 (24)- "Majikku Naito to Senkan NSX" ("Magic Knights and the Battleship NSX")

Rayearth - Episode 24

Rayearth - Episode 24

Airdate: May 1, 1995

Late that night, Umi visits Clef, to apologize for originally not wanting to become a Magic Knight. Meanwhile, Fuu and Ferio are talking about Princess Emeraude and Hikaru awakes from a nightmare, and wanders sleeplessly around the castle. She finds Lantis comforting Mira. Suddenly, Autozam's battleship NSX appears above the Cephiro castle.

5 (25)- "Hikaru to Yume no Naka no Nova" ("Hikaru and Nova in the Dream")

Rayearth - Episode 25

Rayearth - Episode 25

Airdate: May 8, 1995

Hikaru and company head out to survey the NSX, but before them stands Alcyone! Hikaru, amidst the attacks from Alcyone, tries to convince her to fight alongside them, but suddenly a change befalls Alcyone! She beings talking with an eerie voice that Hikaru has heard in her nightmares!

6 (26)- "Majikku Naito to Fāren no Asuka" ("The Magic Knights and Aska of Fahren")

Rayearth - Episode 26

Rayearth - Episode 26

Airdate: May 22, 1995

Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu ask Eagle why Autozam is invading Cephiro, when a giant metallic dragon appeared above them! It is the Dome, the mobile fortress of Fahren, led by First Princess Aska, who wishes to become the Pillar of Cephiro. The girls follow Eagle's FTO which flew off to spy on the Dome.

7 (27)- "Sefīro no Hashira no Himitsu" ("The Secret of the Pillar of Cephiro")

Rayearth - Episode 27

Rayearth - Episode 27

Airdate: June 5, 1995

The deterioration of Cephiro gains speed, and the girls must find a new Pillar soon. When asked about the qualifications for someone to become the Pillar, Clef shows the girls Princess Emeraude's crown. He tells them that only the one worthy of becoming the Pillar can touch the crown.

8 (28)- "Hikaru to Rantisu no Kiken na Tabi" ("Hikaru and Lantis's Dangerous Journey")

Rayearth - Episode 28

Rayearth - Episode 28

Airdate: June 12, 1995

Hikaru and Lantis embark on a journey in search of a new Pillar. Before them is a desolate wasteland that is incredibly different from what Cephiro once looked like. In addition, the monsters that roam the land have grown in power. Eagle attacks the traveling pair and captures Hikaru. Lantis tries to follow, but Alcyone stands in his way!

9 (29)- "Īguru to Torawareta Hikaru" ("Eagle and a Captive Hikaru")

Rayearth - Episode 29

Rayearth - Episode 29

Airdate: June 19, 1995

Umi and Fuu, sensing Hikaru is in danger, get into their Rune Gods and fly off. Meanwhile. Hikaru awakens from her dream with Nova and realizes that she is aboard the battleship NSX. She is taken to Eagle, where Eagle explains why Autozam is invading Cephiro.

10 (30)- "Nova to Akuma no Mashin Regaria" ("Nova and Regalia, Rune God of the Devil")

Rayearth - Episode 30

Rayearth - Episode 30

Airdate: June 26, 1995

"I am Nova, the one that will kill Hikaru..." Hikaru defends herself against Nova who ruthlessly attacks. Umi and Fuu arrive, but the three Rune Gods are dragged into an alternative dimension created by Nova. Debonair appears to the three girls.

11 (31)- "Chizēta no Idō Yōsai to Tatakaenai Hikaru" ("Chizeta's Mobile Fortress and a Powerless Hikaru")

Rayearth - Episode 31

Rayearth - Episode 31

Airdate: July 3, 1995

Hikaru returns to the castle, but with her sword broken, she cannot call for her Rune-God. Meanwhile, Clef's group captures Alcyone and interrogates her. Clef, feeling something more behind Alcyone's words, becomes even more concerned. Suddenly, Bravada – the mobile fortress of Chizeta – arrives at Cephiro carrying the two princesses Tarta and Tatra.

12 (32)- "Umi—Fū to Fāren—Chizēta" ("Umi and Fuu and Fahren and Chizeta")

Rayearth - Episode 32

Rayearth - Episode 32

Airdate: July 10, 1995

Umi and Fuu head out to investigate without Hikaru, and encounter the guardian spirits of Chizeta. Aska from Fahren reappears in the skies above Cephiro for a rematch. Aska tries to prevent the Djinn from taking the two Rune Gods...

13 (33)- "Hikaru no Negai to Puresea no Himitsu" ("Hikaru's Wish and Presea's Secret")

Rayearth - Episode 33

Rayearth - Episode 33

Airdate: July 17, 1995

Hikaru sits depressed, unable to help her two kidnapped friends. Seeing Hikaru so sad, Presea is determined to revive the broken sword. Nova appears in Hikaru's heart and tells her that every hardship she has faced is all Emeraude's fault. Hikaru, attacked by Nova's words, slowly falls into the darkness within…

14 (34)- "Hikaru to Hikisakareta Yūjō" ("Hikaru and Friendships Torn Apart")

Rayearth - Episode 34

Rayearth - Episode 34

Airdate: July 24, 1995

Nova skillfully confuses Hikaru her by distorting her memories of Umi and Fuu. Nova uses Hikaru's feelings towards Lantis to break Hikaru's determination. Hikaru's fears and doubts cause her to fall deeper into the darkness. Can Presea help her?

15 (35)- "Umi to Tāta—Tatora no Yabō" ("Umi and the Ambition of Tarta and Tatra")

Rayearth - Episode 35

Rayearth - Episode 35

Airdate: July 31, 1995

Umi, held captive aboard Chizeta's mobile fortress Bravada, is forced into an outfit from Chizeta and then locked into a cage. The younger princess, Tarta, feels deep anger coming from Umi, and challenges Umi to a swordfight.

16 (36)- "Fū tai Asuka! Inochigake no Yumi Shōbu" ("Fuu versus Aska! The Life or Death Archery Match")

(風対アスカ! 命がけの弓勝負)
Rayearth - Episode 36

Rayearth - Episode 36

Airdate: August 7, 1995

Fuu, held captive aboard Fahren's Dome, is brought before Aska. Upon hearing that the Rune God is alive, Aska begs Fuu for one of her own. Fuu gently declines, but Aska doesn't listen. Fuu suggests an archery match, saying that if Aska wins she can have her Rune God, but if Fuu wins, she must be returned to Cephiro.

17 (37)- "Yomigaere! Hikaru no Ken" ("Revive, Hikaru's Sword!")

(甦れ! 光の剣)
Rayearth - Episode 37

Rayearth - Episode 37

Airdate: August 14, 1995

Aska tries to keep Fuu aboard the Dome, but Ferio jumps into the scene and rescues her! However, Hikaru's battle with Nova seems to be all but lost. Can Presea's desperate pleas to Hikaru reach the Magic Knight's heart?

18 (38)- "Īguru—Sefīrojō Sōkōgeki" ("Eagle's All-out Attack on Cephiro Castle!")

Rayearth - Episode 38

Rayearth - Episode 38

Airdate: August 21, 1995

Hikaru has returned after reviving Rayearth's sword, but doesn't remember confessing her love to Lantis! Hikaru later bumps into him in the castle garden en route to seeing Clef. Meanwhile, aboard the bridge of Autozam's battleship NSX, Eagle commands for the launch of the Laguna Cannon to see how Cephiro will react. The attack on Cephiro Castle has finally begun!

19 (39)- "Sefīrojō Daikonran" ("Chaotic War at Cephiro Castle!")

(セフィーロ城 大混戦!)
Rayearth - Episode 39

Rayearth - Episode 39

Airdate: August 28, 1995

Eagle, in combination with Geo's GTO, manages to break the barrier and enter Cephiro Castle. Inside, Alcyone responds to Debonair's call and allows the dark lady and her monsters to enter the castle! Selece and Windam attempt to block the GTO. Meanwhile Lantis heads for the top floor to confront Debonair at the crown room.

20 (40)- "Majikku Naito to Hitotoki no Yasuragi" ("The Magic Knights and the Calm After the Storm")

Rayearth - Episode 40

Rayearth - Episode 40

Airdate: September 4, 1995

Hikaru dreams of Cephiro from when it was peaceful. There, she sees the conversation between Lantis and Zagato, with princess Emeraude watching from behind the columns. Zagato asks Lantis about the Pillar system, and he answers...

21 (41)- "Nova to no Tatakai to Mamono no Shōtai" ("Nova's Battle and the Monster's Identity")

Rayearth - Episode 41

Rayearth - Episode 41

Airdate: September 11, 1995

Umi and Fuu continue fighting the monsters in the castle's residential quarters. Hikaru chases after Nova, who had threatened to kill Lantis. Nova finds him with Eagle, and promptly attacks! Meanwhile, Umi and Fuu are struggling against the monsters, but they realize that the black sphere is taking in the children's fear to create monsters…

22 (42)- "Kyodai Sanyun vs NSX!" ("Giant Sang Yung versus the NSX!")

(巨大サンユン vs NSX!)
Rayearth - Episode 42

Rayearth - Episode 42

Airdate: September 18, 1995

Hikaru confesses her dreams concerning Nova and Debonair since she got back to Tokyo. Geo, worried by the loss of communication with Eagle, decides to attack. Just then, Aska's Dome reappears! Seeing that the Rune Gods are not out to battle, Aska thinks that Fuu has been defeated and calls giant Sang Yung to protect her!

23 (43)- "Ōkan no Heya to Hashira no Kioku" ("The Crown Room and the Pillar's Memory")

Rayearth - Episode 43

Rayearth - Episode 43

Airdate: October 16, 1995

Eagle escapes from his cell and searches the castle for a way into the crown room. Since Eagle has biological data on Lantis, the intruder searches for him and his sword. Eagle finds Lantis interrogating Alcyone and the two confront each other. Lantis sets to attack when Hikaru suddenly jumps into the battle! Meanwhile, Clef's rig and Lantis's sword start to glimmer...

24 (44)- "Shinken Shōbu! Umi vs Tāta—Tatora" ("A Serious Match - Umi vs. Tarta and Tatra!")

(真剣勝負! 海 vs タータ·タトラ)
Rayearth - Episode 44

Rayearth - Episode 44

Airdate: October 23, 1995

The crown starts to change shape as Hikaru and Eagle both safely enter the crown room. But which one will become the new Pillar of Cephiro? Just then, Tarta and Tatra of Chizeta arrive aboard the Bravada. Umi leaves Ascot to protect the castle and heads out. Tarta and Tatra challenge her to a personal duel. They tell Umi that if she wins they will stop their invasion of Cephiro...

25 (45)- "Zettaizetsumei! Rantisu no Kiki" ("Desperate Situation: Crisis Upon Lantis")

(絶体絶命! ランティスの危機)
Rayearth - Episode 45

Rayearth - Episode 45

Airdate: October 30, 1995

Lantis tells Clef his feelings about the Pillar System, making the sentiment mutual, while new alliances are made with Chizeta and Fahren. And just when Hikaru ponders over the incident back in the Pillar Room, Nova goes on a new rampage and challenges Lantis in a separate dimension. Hikaru wants to help him but has a new problem in the form of a regenerative monster; and Umi, Fuu, and their new allies don't have it any easier. Moreover, Clef makes a new discovery concerning Nova: She's really a piece of Hikaru's heart!

26 (46)- "Hikaru—Shōgeki! Nova no Shinjitsu" ("Hikaru in Shock: The Truth About Nova!")

(光·衝撃! ノヴァの真実)
Rayearth - Episode 46

Rayearth - Episode 46

Airdate: November 6, 1995

It seems that Nova is actually a monster constructed from a piece of Hikaru's heart due to the Magic Knight's guilt over killing Emeraude and Zagato. In the wake of the two new monsters' disposal, Eagle is also thinking about the Pillar Room incident. Having Lantis get hurt and then captured doesn't alleviate Hikaru's anguish. Only Alcyone knows where Debonair is hiding, and Clef is determined to find out.

27 (47)- "Shin no Hashira wa!? Hikaru ka, Īguru ka!?" ("The True Pillar is: Hikaru or Eagle!?")

(真の柱は!? 光か、イーグルか!?)
Rayearth - Episode 47

Rayearth - Episode 47

Airdate: November 13, 1995

Eagle strikes a bargain with Clef: If the leader of Autozam's invasion is indeed deemed the new Pillar, he'll stay in Cephiro provided that Autozam is allowed to analyze the Pillar System. But the attacks on the castle grow worse, and as Eagle aids the Magic Knights in one last fight against Regalia, his final command to his crew is to protect Cephiro.

28 (48)- "Hateshinai Tatakai!" ("An Endless Battle!")

Rayearth - Episode 48

Rayearth - Episode 48

Airdate: November 20, 1995

During the fight with Regalia, Hikaru tries reaching out to Nova who disbelieves what everyone says about Debonair while the new allies help comfort people in the castle. Lantis is trapped inside the rogue Rune God but has a plan to free himself. And after Regalia is eliminated, during which Debonair intercedes and not only disowns her adopted daughter but also claims Eagle's life and the FTO, Hikaru knows she must confront Nova once and for all. In the meantime, Umi and Fuu need to reach out to Alcyone.

29 (49)- "Shōri e no Michi! Shinjiru Kokoro ga Hiraku Ashita!" ("The Road to Victory: The Tomorrow that the Believing Heart Opens!")

(勝利への道! 信じる心が開く明日!)
Rayearth - Episode 49

Rayearth - Episode 49

Airdate: November 27, 1995

Nova is now back in Hikaru's heart where she belongs. With her dying breath, Alcyone unveils Debonair's location: Cephiro's alternate realm. The Magic Knights and their Rune Gods are ready to end the struggle once and for all, but they won't be doing so alone. Furthermore, Hikaru knows just what to do with her privileges as the new Pillar...