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Ragnastrike Angels
General Information
Type Anime
Created by Junichi Wada
Years on Air 2016
Episodes 12

Japanese Title: ラグナストライクエンジェルズ


The year is 2035 E.R. Giant living creatures called Fiarem have suddenly appeared on Earth.

Although mankind tries to oppose them by releasing a large number of Ectis, a type of battle android, they are undeniably inferior to face the Fiarem, which are over 50m tall and overwhelmingly powerful.

In order to overcome this situation, the Japanese Diet makes the decision to use Cell Growth Factor CGF-3 technology, which enlarges living beings, for military motives and send humans into battle as giant weapons.

Six heroines are selected as appropriate subjects for enlargement, and enter the Anti-Fiarem Specialists Unit, Ragna Strikers. These young women, trusting their bonds with the secret government agency, head into battle with their powerful enemies.

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