Akt 1- "ahiruto ōji sama" ("The Duck and the Prince ~ Der Nußknacker: Blumenwalzer")

Princess Tutu - Episode 01

Princess Tutu - Episode 01


Airdate: August 16, 2002

Duck awakes from a dream in which she is a duck watching a handsome prince dance ballet. Later, she walks early into class and discovers Mytho, a student in the advanced class, dancing alone. She has a nerve-racking conversation with him before Fakir, another student, walks in. Fakir is revealed to be domineering and condescending towards Mytho. In ballet class, we learn that Mytho is dating a girl named Rue. The teacher is a cat, yet Duck is the only one in the class to find this strange.

Rue is revealed to be a talented girl in the advanced class, who most of the students look up to. After class, Duck goes to the boy’s dorm to apologize to Mytho for accidentally causing him to injure his leg. Before she can work up the courage to go in, Fakir stops her and turns her away.

Later that night, Duck regrets not being able to apologize to Mytho, and ponders his lonely eyes. She wishes to help him, catching the attention of the mysterious Drosselmeyer, who says to himself: “As the water flows, time has begun to move. Now, let me listen to your story!” The next morning, Fakir goes to the library. As Duck resolves to apologize to Mytho, she spies canary chicks on the dorm roof beginning to fly. One of the fledglings hesitates, and is forced to jump when a raven attacks it. Mytho leaps to catch the bird, and falls as well. To save him, Duck transforms into Princess Tutu. The bird flies away, and Mytho asks who she is. Tutu/Duck remembers that she is a duck, and runs away. The story has begun.

Akt 2- "kokoro nokakera" ("Pieces of the Heart ~ Schwanensee: Scène finale")

Princess Tutu - Episode 02

Princess Tutu - Episode 02


Airdate: August 23, 2002

Now in duck form, Duck comes across Drosselmeyer, the old man who turned her into a girl to begin with. There he tells her of the story The Prince and the Raven and how the two characters escaped from his story with the prince shattering his heart to seal the raven. In return for searching for the shattered heart pieces, Drosselmeyer turns Duck into a girl once more with a pendant. However if she says “quack” she will turn into a duck once more until she is wearing the pendent whilst in water – in which case she’ll become a girl again. On her way back to school, Duck meets and speaks with a woman named Edel who offers advice.

Afterwards she meets Mytho back at school. However a girl who appears as an anteater comes along and asks Mytho out. Mytho agrees because he can’t understand feelings and why it is wrong when he is already dating Rue. In class, Anteaterina challenges Rue for her place in the Advanced class, doing a dance pas de deux with Mytho. In return, Rue chooses Duck to dance with her, the two performing and winning.

Later Duck comes across Anteaterina and realizes she is being influenced by a heart shard – the shards belong to Mytho who is actually the prince from the story. Turning into Princess Tutu, the two dance. Tutu calms Anteaterina and returns the shard. Later when Fakir notices Mytho beginning to “feel,” he looks on worried. The next day, Mr. Cat drops Duck to the Probationary class, much to her dismay.

Akt 3- "purinsesu no chikai" ("A Princess's Oath ~ Dornröschen: Panorama")

Princess Tutu - Episode 03

Princess Tutu - Episode 03


Airdate: August 30, 2002

After being placed in the Probationary Class for her terrible dancing, Duck is practicing in school to get back into the Beginner’s Class with her two friends Pike and Lilie helping. When Duck tells them of the story of The Prince and the Raven, Pike and Lilie say they already know the story and Pike gives her a book of which the story is written in. When Duck learns that the author of the story named Drosselmeyer died years ago, she nervously recalls speaking to him despite that.

Later, Duck comes across Mytho and Rue having a picnic outside. When Mytho leaves to collect water for Rue, Duck bumps into him. The two come across a restaurant owned by a lady named Ebine, where Duck learns the owner is being influenced by a heart shard. Transforming into Princess Tutu, she heals Ebine's heart, who is lonely due the death of her husband, and returns the heart shard to Mytho. She then leaves, leaving Mytho to be found by Rue and Fakir who came looking for him.

After de-transforming, Duck watches on from behind the restaurant as Mytho mentions Princess Tutu and Rue states she is just a story, a girl who is to disappear when she confesses her love to the prince. Duck quacks in horror upon learning this and runs away where she transforms into a duck.

Akt 4- "jizeru" ("Giselle")

Princess Tutu - Episode 04

Princess Tutu - Episode 04


Airdate: September 6, 2002

Duck and her friends are watching Rue dancing with the Advanced Class. Duck notices Rue struggling in her dancing and shouts out in panic. Moments later Rue falls to the floor upon tripping. Elsewhere Fakir realizes Mytho is somehow getting his heart back. Back at the school, Duck is punished for disturbing the Advanced Class by having to practice alone, however when Mr. Cat sees her trying so hard as she dances with her friends who have joined in, she is moved up to the Beginner’s Class once again.

Later, Duck sees Mytho only for him to disappear a moment later. Running to try and find him, she comes across Rue who joins her in trying to find Mytho. The two walk together until night comes, where they see Mytho crossing a bridge. However upon following him they find a dead end, it’s then Edel appears who tells them of how reality and stories meet in this town and how a Wili Maiden is trying to bring Mytho to the world of the dead.

It's then the dead end suddenly disappears to become a pathway. Rue and Duck both go after Mytho and find him with the Wili Maiden. After Rue fails to prevent this, Duck transforms into Princess Tutu and stops it, also helping the Wili Maiden who is being influenced by a heart shard. After returning the heart shard, Tutu leaves.

Akt 5- "himatsuri rino yoru ni" ("On the Eve of the Fire Festival ~ Bilder einer Ausste")

Princess Tutu - Episode 05

Princess Tutu - Episode 05


Airdate: September 13, 2002

Rue looks through The Prince and the Raven, and is confronted by Fakir. She hints that Princess Tutu may be real. Meanwhile, Duck learns about the Fire Festival. Duck has been charged with cleaning the room of the advanced class. She arrives at the classroom and finds Mytho, dressed in Festival garb, awaiting Rue to practice together. Since she is absent, he decides to dance with Duck instead, to her joy. Fakir sees the two and confronts Mytho, telling him to just listen to him. The two leave and Rue appears. The two talk for a few moments, and Duck goes out in search of Mytho. As punishment for not listening to him, Fakir locks Mytho in a closet. Outraged, Duck tries to open the locked door, and lets slip that she knows that Mytho is regaining the pieces of his heart. Fakir becomes suspicious and questions her. Duck discovers that both Rue and Fakir know about Mytho being the Prince from the story. Fakir aggressively tells Duck that Mytho does not need a heart. In the closet, Mytho hears a voice talking to him from a strange glowing panel in the floor. Edel appears once more, and points out an open window that Duck can go through. She does and she falls onto the glowing panel, which opens and causes her to tumble down into some catacombs. She goes in search of Mytho, and a voice begins telling her riddles. She gets them all wrong, but finds the room Mytho is in, regardless, and gets locked in the room. She transforms into Princess Tutu, and finally gets that the answer to the riddles, revealing the voice as a lamp with a piece of heart. Tutu dances while the lamp spotlights her. The lamp reveals that she once shone for people, but was cast aside. She now wants Mytho so that she can shine for him. Tutu talks the lamp into releasing Mytho, and promises to take the lamp with her. Mytho’s feeling of affection is returned to him. Rue, waiting for Mytho at the plaza even after the festival ends, finally turns to leave but finds Mytho in her path. They dance while Duck looks on, lamp in hand. Smiling, Rue looks up at Mytho, to find him looking at her with gentle eyes. His emotion surprises her, and she runs away. Fakir is seen glaring, and Duck looks unhappily after Rue.

Akt 6- "yumemi ru orora" ("Aurora Dreaming ~ Dornröschen: Prolog")

Princess Tutu - Episode 06

Princess Tutu - Episode 06


Airdate: September 20, 2002

Fakir is trying to persuade Mytho not to wish for his emotions back despite Duck’s determination to return his heart. Meanwhile, a ballet company called Eleki Troupe has arrived in town to perform Sleeping Beauty of which the ballet school goes to watch practice later that day. During practice, Paulamoni who is the lead in the play asks to see one of the students dance and picks Duck however she refuses in panic and runs away.

Later, Paulamoni is worried and feels she cannot act as Aurora in the performance well. She is encouraged by her husband Paulo later that night. The next day whilst the school watches her practice, she does so with renewed enjoyment. She then wishes for Duck to dance who is forced onto the stage by Mr. Cat, where Rue then suggests Mytho dancing with her. However Fakir refuses and takes the place instead, both Duck and Fakir perform a pas de deux together on stage and Paulamoni admires Duck’s dancing from offstage.

After dancing, Duck sees a shard of Mytho’s heart and chases after it only for it to run away from her. Becoming Princess Tutu, Duck runs after the shard only to find it doesn’t wish to return and is afraid. In fear it tries to attack her with a sword however she returns the shard to Mytho who begins screaming upon it returning to him causing Fakir and Rue to panic. Fakir takes Mytho away where Mytho admits he is scared of Princess Tutu. Duck who is looking after transforming into a duck overhears this and runs away. Coming across water she turns into a girl and cries upon knowing Mytho is in pain, wondering if she should have returned his heart or not.

Akt 7- "karasu hime" ("Raven Princess ~ An der schönen blauen Donau")

Princess Tutu - Episode 07

Princess Tutu - Episode 07


Airdate: September 27, 2002

Duck is still grieving over how returning the Prince’s heart is causing him pain and Mytho has yet to return to school since the day his Heart Shard was returned. After speaking with her friends, Duck sets out for a bridge where it is said you can sort out your feelings when troubled. There she meets Rue who Duck asks her opinion on Mytho having a heart, Rue replies she loves him however he is before leaving. Meanwhile, Mytho who is still scared is with Fakir whose looking after him in a hidden room.

Duck speaks of her troubles on the bridge, removes her pendant and decides to rid of it and turn back into a duck to avoid causing more pain to Mytho. In an alternative dimension, Drosselmeyer, the deceased author who is watching the story, becomes frustrated at this. Refusing to let the story end so suddenly, he uses a loophole in time to go to Duck’s world. There, time stops as Drosselmeyer appears before Duck on the bridge and tells her to continue as Princess Tutu and returning the Prince’s heart. However Duck ignores his words and throws the pendant away, causing her to transform into a duck once more much to a panicked Drosselmeyer who returns to his own dimension.

Mytho meanwhile leaves to search for Tutu whilst Duck now in duck form who comes across Edel. When Edel tries to return her pendant and clothes however, Duck turns away and swims down the river where she comes across Mytho floating to beneath the water of the river. Duck swims after him, wishing to be Princess Tutu once more so she could save him. Edel drops the pendant in the river which Duck finds causing her to be able to transform into Princess Tutu, dancing with the Heart Shard that was in the river, she tells how she didn’t want to cause Mytho pain which causes Mytho to assure her and follow her out of the river. There he asks her to return his heart but before she can, Rue who is watching from within the trees transforms into Princess Kraehe – a crow princess who appears before them with the shard in her own hands now. Kraehe then leaves with the shard and Mytho, Fakir elsewhere finds Mytho unconscious on the floor with a black feather besides him causing Fakir to narrow his eyes upon thinking “so she has arrived…”

Akt 8- "senshi no izumi" ("The Fountain of Warriors ~ Fantasie-Overtüre zu")

Princess Tutu - Episode 08

Princess Tutu - Episode 08


Airdate: October 4, 2002

Duck hasn’t seen Mytho since their last encounter; Mytho is still in his room with Fakir watching over him. Meanwhile, Rue who is in her room finds a box glowing a red color. Upon opening it, the shard of curiosity speaks to her of becoming Kraehe. Rue who can’t remember anything of her being Kraehe hides the box containing the shard in a drawer out of fear. Duck’s friends meanwhile take her to school and force her into meeting Mytho who has finally come into school once more, but the two are interrupted by Fakir who once again warns her to stay away.

Duck proceeds to skip all her morning class, meeting Edel in the process who suggests teaming up with someone to return the Prince’s heart causing her to wonder about opening up to Mytho about her identity as Tutu. In duck form she sneaks into the boys locker room and drops a letter in Mytho’s locker, however when somebody comes in she hides in a locker which turns out to be Fakir’s. Fakir finds her and takes her outside, feeding her bread and surprising her by being gentle with her. Later, Mytho is reading the letter Duck gave him. Fakir comes towards Mytho and reads the letter which asks Mytho to meet Duck after school, despite Fakir’s demands Mytho insists he’ll go. When Mytho continues to disobey Fakir, he slaps Mytho causing him to turn and walk out of the room. Elsewhere, Rue who is unsure of who she is now runs outside whilst Fakir places a cloak over himself and goes to a hidden place underground where he finds the sword that was originally used to break the Prince’s heart.

Rue comes across Mytho and follows him to where he meets Duck asking to see Tutu since he believes Duck knows about her. Rue meanwhile transforms into Kraehe who throws Duck aside and confronts the Prince stating he is hers. Duck transforms into Princess Tutu whilst Kraehe is speaking to Mytho and confronts her. Kraehe dances with the prince, persuading him to forget Tutu and stay with her instead. It’s then a cloaked swordsman appears to take on Kraehe, in the process taking the shard away from her. Kraehe disappears and the cloaked man is revealed to be Fakir who tries to break the Prince’s heart only to be stopped by Tutu. Mytho who’s looking on tells Fakir to stop for fear of Tutu being hurt and decides to pierce his heart himself as Fakir restrains Princess Tutu who tries to persuade Mytho to think otherwise. In the end, Mytho decides that he wishes for his heart back causing Fakir to release her and walk away upon realizing Mytho has made his choice. Tutu returns the shard of curiosity to Mytho who in exchange kisses her hand before she escapes and runs away.

Akt 9- "kuroi kutsu" ("Black Shoes ~ Bilder einer Ausstellung: Alten Schloß")

Princess Tutu - Episode 09

Princess Tutu - Episode 09


Airdate: October 11, 2002

Rue is wondering herself what she has become and Duck is worried because all Mytho sees is Tutu – not the real her. In school Mytho comes to Rue who is wondering if he likes her or Tutu which causes her to snap at him which leads to the school to watch as Rue turns and walks away from Mytho. Fakir meanwhile wonders what he is to do now if he can’t stop Mytho from wanting his heart any longer and walks to a book store where he meets Edel who shows him the knight within the story of the Prince and the Raven and how he was killed.

In school, Duck watches Rue and Mytho dancing together and admits that Rue is the one for Mytho and that she can never be that good. Afterwards, Duck speaks with Rue in a friendly manner, saying the two of them are friends which causes Rue to ponder on the meaning of friends when she walks home just as Fakir wonders of how Mytho is changing as he walks home. Rue thinks on how Tutu may steal Mytho from her and at that moment Drosselmeyer’s voice speaks to her, later a crow comes and tells her of Princess Tutu’s actions. Two crows transform into black shoes of which she steps into and transforms into Princess Kraehe.

Back at school, Duck has been assigned to stay after class and clean up; there she comes across a girl called Malen who has several sketches of Rue. She realizes Malen is being influenced by a shard and becomes Tutu. She retrieves the Heart Shard but before she can return it, Kraehe appears and takes a hold of the shard. Mytho enters the room to find the two where Kraehe falls to the ground when Mytho looks at her, Tutu returns the shard to the Prince. Fakir breaks into the room and calls Kraehe a crow monster. Kraehe finally acknowledges she is a crow, smiles slyly in response and disappears.

Akt 10- "shinderera" ("Cinderella ~ Aschenbrödel: Walzer-Coda")

Princess Tutu - Episode 10

Princess Tutu - Episode 10


Airdate: October 18, 2002

Princess Tutu tells Fakir she doesn’t intend to stop returning Mytho's heart. Fakir attacks her with a shard of glass causing Mytho to run forward and restrain him. Fakir shouts at Tutu that she can’t protect Mytho if she lets Kraehe so easily interfere causing Tutu to run away. Upon leaving the building Fakir finds Tutu’s pendant on the floor which was left behind. Duck in duck form, meanwhile, realizes she lost it (due to Fakir breaking the chain and causing it to fall) and has to retrieve it if she wishes to turn back into a girl. Duck sets out to find it whilst Fakir keeps a hold of it, finally bumping into him the next day in her duck form. She notices he has her pendant and tries to take it off him however he pets her before walking away without her having her pendant returned to her. In school, Fakir wonders if Tutu could be one of the girls in the school whilst the class watches Mytho dance.

After school, Duck follows Fakir to his dorm room to try and retrieve the pendant. Whilst there, a crow brings an invitation to Fakir’s window to Mytho and Kraehe’s wedding that night. Duck follows Fakir to an antique shop where he meets the owner Karon who is his adoptive father and asks for the Lohengrin sword to protect Mytho but is refused since only a knight can wield it. He states that all the stories Karon told him as a child have come true – the Raven being reborn, Tutu appearing, Mytho regaining his heart – and that since he is the knight reborn from within the story, he should be given the sword.

In a flashback of Fakir’s where he is first brought to Karon after losing his parents, Karon tells him that the scar present on his upper body is proof he is the reincarnation of the knight in the story who tried to protect the prince. The younger Fakir came across Mytho whose heart was missing and Karon realized he was the prince, Fakir and Mytho grew up together – Mytho never growing up in appearance. Fakir had Mytho do as Fakir said to try and protect Mytho from getting into danger.

Karon tells Fakir he cannot protect Mytho and slaps him causing Fakir to realize he is afraid but that he wishes to protect Mytho. Duck follows after him and later comes across a crying Fakir and realizes he really does care about Mytho; Fakir gives Duck the pendant before leaving allowing Duck to turn into a girl once more. Returning to Karon’s, Duck finds Karon is being influenced by a shard and transforms into Princess Tutu and tells Karon to believe in Fakir before leaving with the shard.

Meanwhile Fakir who is reading of the knight who was killed by being split in two by ravens vows he will not serve the same fate. Returning to Karon, Karon gives him the Lohengrin sword and Fakir sets out. Elsewhere, Duck comes across Mytho who has also recieved an invitation from Kraehe and is heading there, and returns the shard. It’s then Kraehe appears and takes Mytho into her arms whilst crows cage Duck. Kraehe forces Mytho into a dance as Duck watches helplessly. At that moment however, Fakir bursts in on a horse and attacks Kraehe with a sword. Kraehe is caught off guard by Mytho who looks at her with eyes full of emotions and disappears, leaving Fakir to notice Tutu has her pendant back. She leaves and transforms back into the normal Duck, leaving the church yard and hiding in some bushes whilst Fakir and Mytho come out. Fakir notices her however and as Mytho walks on, he recognizes the pendant she is wearing and as Duck runs off he realizes she is Princess Tutu much to Duck's horror.

Akt 11- "ra. shirufido" ("La Sylphide")

Princess Tutu - Episode 11

Princess Tutu - Episode 11


Airdate: October 25, 2002

Drosselmeyer revels in the fact all the main characters are now present in the story whilst a dancing Fakir promises to protect Mytho. That day at school Duck is with her friends who say she should give a present to the one she likes, Mytho and Fakir who are nearby overhear this and Mytho asks if it’s true about giving a present to the one you like. Mr. Cat comes and takes Mytho away for a “lesson of love” while Duck is taken by Fakir to a room where he confronts her about being Princess Tutu. Fakir states the story can no longer be stopped and that if she is to return the heart, she should get it over with. However when Duck tries to gain his help, he refuses and leaves.

Elsewhere, Rue and Mytho are walking throughout the town. Rue tried her best to forget her memories of being Kraehe but now they have returned and she can no longer resist it. The two come across Edel who offers them a jewel called “love.” Mytho takes it but when Rue asks if it is for her, Mytho denies it. Rue offers to take it for one night to make it even prettier for him to give to the receiver and Mytho agrees, that night however Rue becomes Kraehe and taints the jewel with a black feather to give back to Mytho the next day as a necklace.

After school, Duck spots Mytho and goes after him whilst he searches for Princess Tutu – all the while, crows watching from the rooftops. Upon bumping into Edel, Duck learns Mytho is looking for the person to give his present too. Continuing on, she comes across Mytho who says he wishes to meet Princess Tutu. Duck leaves, transforming into Princess Tutu and returning. Mytho puts the necklace on Tutu and a piece of Mytho’s heart comes from the necklace jewel however before it can be completely given to Mytho, black feathers burst out of the necklace binding Tutu. Kraehe appears however before she can do anything else Fakir appears with a sword. Attacking Kraehe, the two fight, however Fakir is haunted by his fate when a crow rushes at him. Kraehe then proceeds to kiss the Prince whilst ripping out the shard yet to be absorbed completely out of his chest before disappearing with him and leaving a despaired Tutu and Fakir.

Akt 12- "yami no utage" ("Banquet of Darkness ~ Scheherazade")

Princess Tutu - Episode 12

Princess Tutu - Episode 12


Airdate: November 1, 2002

Fakir awakes in his bed to recall Duck as Tutu returning him to his room, sitting up he finds Princess Tutu still in his room who he wakes up. The two decide to cooperate to look for Mytho whilst elsewhere Kraehe lies upon a bed of feathers with a Mytho who has been rendered emotionless upon having his heart shard ripped out and had all his other feelings shut off. Kraehe blames Tutu for everything that has happened so far and speaks directly to Drosselmeyer much to his surprise. Kraehe promises the best story in return for the best stage and Drosselmeyer agrees.

Meanwhile, Duck and Fakir search for Mytho. Eventually they find Mytho on a stand in the woods however he appears more malicious that the Mytho they know who goes on to explain how he tore his own heart out to defeat the raven much to Duck’s surprise who had thought Fakir had been behind it. Rue then appears and proceeds to dance with Mytho and before a surprised Duck and Fakir’s eyes, she transforms into Kraehe whilst Mytho turns into a crow and disappears – being a puppet of Kraehe all along. Kraehe states she knows Duck's true identity and leaves with Fakir’s sword suddenly in her grasp and Duck and Fakir are left who upon seeing Edel are asked to follow her. Edel takes the two to a secret passage which will take them to Mytho and Kraehe where Edel admits she is a puppet with no heart and feelings and that all her actions have been orders. In his dimension, Drosselmeyer notes how his puppet Edel has taken too much interest in human hearts.

Duck and Fakir follow the secret passage, eventually coming to a body of water that might take them to Mytho if they go underwater. In order to check it out, Duck removes her pendent and transforms into a duck much to Fakir’s surprise upon recalling how as a duck she must have seen him cry. Duck in duck form goes under the water, to reappear moments later and take the pendent and transform to a girl once more causing Fakir to blush madly since she is naked. After redressing, the two swim through the water filled passage, coming out on the other side. The two continue on, eventually coming across Kraehe and a sleeping Mytho where Duck transforms into Tutu. Kraehe states she'll return the prince and his heart shard if Tutu can persuade him to her with her words of love.

Akt 13- "hakuchō no mizūmi" ("Swan Lake ~ Schwanensee")

Princess Tutu - Episode 13

Princess Tutu - Episode 13


Airdate: November 8, 2002

To save the prince and defeat Kraehe, Tutu must confess her love but if she does she will disappear, something Kraehe knows. Kraehe reveals Fakir only tried to shatter Mytho’s heart so as to stop the story which would lead them here; however Fakir states he now wishes to restore the prince’s heart since it was Mytho wishes. Kraehe reveals Mytho has lost all his feelings once more and has the prince unsheathe Fakir’s sword and aim to smash the shard she stole, only stopping him at the last second.

Kraehe asks for Tutu to confess who agrees if Kraehe promises to do no ill things to Mytho from now on however before she can confess, Fakir unsheathes the sword he brought with him, stopping her from speaking and vows to change their fate. Kraehe unleashes her crows who Fakir battles against, however he eventually succumbs to them, falling into the lake. Reappearing moments later besides Mytho however, he breaks Mytho’s sword with own so Mytho cannot break the heart shard before finally falling back into the water and leaving Mytho’s future in Tutu’s hands.

Kraehe asks Tutu once again to speak her love to persuade the shard which takes on human form, but instead of speaking it and disappearing; Tutu walks out onto the lake and begins to dance to show her love. Kraehe challenges her and begins to dance on the lake as well, Kraehe taunts Tutu about her real identity which leads her to fall in her steps and the heart shard to choose Kraehe to dance with.

She refuses to give up however and recalling Fakir’s words and how he entrusted Mytho’s fate into her hands, she proceeds to do a pas de deux by herself to Kraehe’s surprise. Kraehe performs the pas de deux with the heart shard but Tutu continues by herself, eventually causing Mytho to break out of his emotionless state and hold his hand out for her. She runs into his arms and returns the heart shard much to Kraehe’s despair who leaves defeated.

The scenery turns out to be an illusion and breaks away, Tutu and Mytho leave through the tunnels, eventually coming to a light which leads them outside. There they find an injured but alive Fakir and a small fire besides him keeping him warm which is revealed to be Edel who gave up her puppet body as firewood. Her spirit appears within the flames and speaks to Tutu one last time, wishing to see the prince and Tutu do a pas de deux. Mytho and Tutu grant her wish and do so in front of the flames and Fakir.

Akt 14- "dai karasu" ("Monster Raven ~ Blumenwalzer")

Princess Tutu - Episode 14

Princess Tutu - Episode 14


Airdate: January 17, 2003

Duck dreams she is dancing a pas de deux with the Prince as herself; however when the prince does the posture of death and becomes Fakir, Duck cries out to him before waking up... It’s been a week since she saved the prince and upon walking to school comes across Fakir and Mytho. Duck wonders if she should confess about being Princess Tutu but before she can admit the truth, Fakir who is watching surprises her causing her to transform into a duck before she can do so whilst he turns Mytho away and has Duck in duck form escape. Mytho meanwhile admits he wishes to know Princess Tutu’s true identity but will wait until she’s ready with Duck listening in. Fakir and Mytho leave and Duck transforms into a girl again and heads on to school. Meanwhile, Drosselmeyer watches on and promises that not all will remain well.

Mr. Cat tells the class of his past and shows to them shoes given to him by the great dancer Meowzinsky whilst Duck notes how something seems wrong with Mytho. Later Duck and her friends find the shoes ripped to shreds by scissors much to Mr. Cat’s distraught form. Duck goes to see Mytho who is currently elsewhere in his room speaking with Fakir, admitting what he did to the shoes much to Fakir’s shock. Meanwhile, Princess Kraehe meets with the Raven who is her father and tells of how the Heart Shard of love she bathed in raven blood has begun to take effect. The two plot to make Mytho tied to Princess Kraehe and to have him come to love ravens.

Duck who has gone to her room, climbs out of the window and onto the roof to try and see into Mytho’s room better to see if he is truly there. Fakir who is speaking with Mytho asks who he really is since he is not the Mytho he knows, Mytho cries out in pain from the shard before slapping Fakir away and backing up until he leaps out the window to Fakir’s shock who fails to save him. As students look on in panic, Duck transforms into Princess Tutu and leaps off the roof to save Mytho from his fall.

Akt 15- "kopperia" ("Kapitel des Junges: Coppelia")

Princess Tutu - Episode 15

Princess Tutu - Episode 15


Airdate: January 17, 2003

Duck wonders why Mytho jumped out of the window by himself the next morning and upon arriving at school finds Fakir and Mytho have been called in to Mr. Cat’s office due to the window incident the previous day. Due to everyone else believing Fakir pushed Mytho out the window and Mr. Cat also wary, he has the two live separately from now on with Fakir moving out.

In duck form, Duck follows Mytho afterwards to find him painfully wondering what is happening to him when Pike appears before him. After speaking, Pike leaves and Duck follows Mytho only to turn a corner and find him gone with a black feather in its place. Deciding to speak to Fakir, she goes and transforms into a girl. Wondering if he is at the library, she goes and finds him there. The two wonder what’s happening to Mytho and upon recalling the black feather incident, the two leave only to come across Rue. Fakir confronts Rue only to have Mytho interfere which causes Fakir to accidentally slap him leading onlookers to see Fakir as the bad guy.

Princess Kraehe meets with her father the Raven who wishes to escape the place he has been sealed too. The Raven says that in order to unseal him, Princess Tutu must return the final shards to the Prince and that Princess Kraehe must not try to try and rid of Princess Tutu any longer. Meanwhile, Fakir has been suspended from school for a week and confined to his room whilst Lilie has seen Pike following Mytho. Duck and Lilie follow and Lilie forces Duck forward where Pike declares to Duck she is dating Mytho. Duck notices Mytho’s eyes and how he is acting strange, and as Mytho struggles with the shard he leaves. Later in her room, Pike sees Mytho from her bedroom window and goes after him whilst Princess Kraehe appears before Fakir researching through books. Princess Kraehe states how she tainted the shard and is the daughter of the Monster Raven much to a frustrated Fakir before leaving.

In her room, Duck sees Pike from her window and follows her through the town where she and Mytho meet. Mytho asks for her love and asks for her heart as they are needed as sacrifices for the Monster Raven. As Pike who is a hypnotized state prepares to do so, Duck transforms into Princess Tutu and from dancing, manages to break Pikee from the trance she was in and free her from Mytho’s grasp. Meanwhile Mytho manages to become normal long enough to ask what is happening to him to Princess Tutu.

Akt 16- "otome no inori" ("Prayers of a Maiden ~ Gebet einer Jungfrau")

Princess Tutu - Episode 16

Princess Tutu - Episode 16


Airdate: January 31, 2003

Duck tries to speak to Rue in the girls dorm but there is no answer at her door even though she came back to school and Duck still has yet to find out what happened to Mytho. The next day at school, Mytho appears carrying an injured Rue in his arms. Mr. Cat then announces the winner of the upcoming ballet competition will take the place of Rue who cannot dance and become Mytho’s partner for the exhibition. Duck chases after them to find Rue was pretending to be hurt and that her bandaged leg is fine and the two then disappear before Duck can hear any more.

Duck then comes across a beautiful girl called Freya who is watering flowers which she loves. Upon walking back she comes across a little girl who asks where her duck tail is and pulls at her underwear to Duck’s panic who cries “quack” and turns into a duck. Running away, she turns back into a girl and the girl who was watching leaves.

Meanwhile, Mytho comes across a practicing Freya and as Duck passes by their room she overhears him as he trances her as he did with Pike. Turning into Princess Tutu, she interrupts the two in the room only to find the room engulfed with flowers. Dancing, she tries to heal both Mytho and Freya however Mytho is taken in a flurry of black feathers leaving Princess Tutu and Freya in the room alone. The ballet competition is starting and all the girls perform their dances. Duck meanwhile goes to see Fakir only to meet the young girl from before who seems to know Fakir who appears. When Duck turns into a duck in panic, the girl brings water to turn her into a girl causing a flustered Fakir to hide behind a corner due to her nakedness.

Later the two sit down inside and the girl is introduced as Uzura who was made from Edel’s embers by Karon, Fakir has told Uzura of everything so far since she retains no memories of Edel. Duck then tells Fakir of Mytho trying to take the hearts of people and recalling his conversation with Princess Kraehe, Fakir decides to remain silent to avoid her suffering. Duck leaves with Fakir tagging along and the two return to the competition.

Freya performs her dance and is assigned as the winner, Fakir and Duck go after the two of them where Mytho once again tries to take Freya’s heart. Princess Tutu and Fakir go forth and stop Freya’s heart from becoming a sacrifice for the Raven but before they can go to Mytho, Princess Kraehe appears and tells Princess Tutu how she made Mytho how he is by returning the shard.

Akt 17- "tsumi to batsu" ("Crime and Punishment ~ Carmen Aragonaise")

Princess Tutu - Episode 17

Princess Tutu - Episode 17

(罪と罰~ Carmen:Aragonaise ~)

Airdate: February 7, 2003

Kraehe’s father is impatient and wishes for a heart as a sacrifice. Meanwhile in school, a new student named Femio has appeared. In ballet class, Femio who is in the Probationary Class interrupts to perform a dance that is far from desirable. However in the middle, Mytho stands and strikes the pose of love.

After Mytho faints and is placed in the nurse’s office, Rue tells Mytho she will be the one to find a heart sacrifice instead. Finding Femio, Rue takes him along with her. Upon seeing this, Duck runs after them worried. Rue transforms into Kraehe and asks him to sacrifice his heart. However in the end Femio says he cannot give all his love to one person and breaks out of the spell much to a surprised Kraehe who leaves. Upon seeing this, Duck who came to help and is now Tutu, leaves also and becomes her normal self again and meets Fakir. Duck says the Mytho who did the love pose was the real Mytho and the not the false Mytho which seems to have taken over his body. Later, Rue returns to her room where Mytho resides who states he knew she could never bring a sacrifice all along as he taunts her much to Rue's despair.

Akt 18- "hōkō eru kishi" ("Wandering Knight ~ Egmont Ouvertüre")

Princess Tutu - Episode 18

Princess Tutu - Episode 18


Airdate: February 14, 2003

Fakir is having strange dreams involving himself and a ghost knight of which rumors are currently spreading in the town. At school Duck comes across students doing a play who wish for a boy to perform ballet in the play and ask for Mytho, however Duck knows Mytho isn’t himself and so she suggests Fakir instead who is returning to school that day after suspension. The students accept and Duck takes the script to Fakir and leaves it with him. Fakir later finds Duck and asking of how the script is unfinished much to her confusion, he explains the story is about a ghost knight who is also the knight Fakir is currently dreaming about.

Upon telling her father that she tried to get a sacrifice, the Raven tells her that nobody besides himself and the prince will love her – especially not enough to throw them life away – and asks for the prince to bring a heart. At school, Fakir is practicing for his role in front of the students and performing his dance. When he notices Duck’s absence who has gone shopping during his practice, he gets a weird feeling and goes after her. Duck meanwhile who has found her way into a forest sees the ghost knight who she hides from as he passes whilst noticing how her pendent glows at the time, Fakir comes by on a horse next and after hearing Duck who says the knight may have a shard, he goes after him.

Mytho is trying to control the ghost knight and gain him as an ally and therefore tells him to attack Fakir. The two fight much to Duck’s horror who becomes Tutu and interferes. Forcing Fakir out of the fight, Tutu dances with the knight and allows him to be in peace whilst returning the shard. When Fakir finally comes across her, she has transformed into a duck due to her necklace breaking and falling off. Picking up her battered form he takes her home.

Akt 19- "manatsu no yoru no yume" ("A Midsummer Night's Dream ~ Ein Sommernachtstraum")

Princess Tutu - Episode 19

Princess Tutu - Episode 19


Airdate: February 21, 2003

Drosselmeyer tells Duck that all the shards that were residing in hearts have been returned but some still remain and are the ones currently sealing the raven - Duck relies this information to Fakir who had her rest at his house for the night due to her injuries.

The next day at school, Duck comes across a girl called Hermia who goes about in a donkey costume calling herself Miss Bottom. She tells Duck how she takes girls love letters and gives them to the receiver, when Duck asks if she loves Mytho however, Hermia denies it in a flustered way and admits she likes a boy named Lysander. Meanwhile, a struggling Mytho fighting to stay himself and overpower the “dark” Mytho inside of him is found by Kraehe.

Kraehe dances with Mytho who eventually loses to the raven blood and becomes “dark” Mytho once more. Later Duck hears of Hermia and Mytho being together and becoming Tutu, she comes across the two with Mytho having hypnotized her. Persuading Hermia to break out of it, Hermia later goes to meet Lysander who she confesses too. In return, she finds a statue he used her as a model for and he admits he wished to confess to her too.

Akt 20- "wasure rareta monogatari" ("A Forgotten Story ~ Die verkaufte Braut")

Princess Tutu - Episode 20

Princess Tutu - Episode 20


Airdate: February 28, 2003

Fakir can’t think why all the books he chooses in the library had their endings ripped out, whilst in the library thinking over this a girl comes up beside him. Duck later bumps into the two in town, the girl introducing herself as Raetsel who took on the role of a mother to Fakir when he was young. The three go to Fakir’s house where Karon and Uzura are before Raetsel has Duck walk her home.

Whilst together, Raetsel tells of how the stories Fakir used to write as a child came true leading Duck to run back to Fakir’s and ask him if he can use that power to save Mytho. In response however, a quivering Fakir yells her to leave and shuts himself in his house, locking her outside. The next day, Mytho comes across Raetsel who tells of her wedding and Mytho begins trying to hypnotize her.

Still upset over how Fakir refused her, Duck goes to see Raetsel and tells her of Fakir’s refusal. A guilty Raetsel then apologizes and says that writing stories would hurt Fakir, when he was younger and the town was attacked by ravens, Fakir tried to write a story to save everyone which ended in his parents dying to protect him.

After Duck filled with guilt leaves, Mytho comes for Raetsel. Duck later notices the ravens and becoming Tutu goes towards them and breaks the trance on Raetsel. Fakir comes and both he and Mytho battle however when Mytho begins to regain himself, he disappears leaving them. Later, Raetsel leaves the town to marry her fiancé Hans whilst Fakir begins to start writing again causing an on looking Drosselmeyer to warn him.

Akt 21- "tsumugu mono tachi" ("The Spinners ~ Lieder ohne Worte")

Princess Tutu - Episode 21

Princess Tutu - Episode 21


Airdate: March 7, 2003

Fakir meets with Autor, a boy who leaves a book for him at the library - as well as the librarian informing Fakir that Autor has also taken out all the books he is now returning which raises Fakir's suspicions.

In the ballet school, the girls are receiving their toe shoes to begin learning en pointe. However Mr. Cat does not give Duck any for thinking she has lost sight of her ambition in becoming a ballerina and so she watches the class instead of participating. Elsewhere Fakir has come across Autor, a musician who offers to tell him everything he needs to know about writing stories and using the power Drosselmeyer had. Fakir agrees and Autor tells him to come to his house the next day. Elsewhere, a group of cloaked men watch the events unfolding and decide to keep watching before acting unnecessarily. Drosselmeyer panics at their appearance.

Fakir goes to Autor’s house where he learns he is a descendent of Drosselmeyer hence the reason for his power. Days later in school, Duck’s class watch Rue and Mytho perform however half way through when Rue hesitates to take his hand, Mytho throws her aside causing Rue to run out of the room. Later, Duck goes to Autor’s to find Fakir who has been standing in the room for three days without food or sleep to sharpen his mind.

That night, Autor takes the two of them to where an Oak Tree used to be where those who could turn stories into reality proved their powers. The tree has been removed however contact can be made through a stone, if the person can hear the oak tree’s voice they have the power however there is the chance they may be sucked into the tree and lose their life. At midnight Fakir makes contact and suddenly changes into the Oak Tree with his body in the center, Duck becomes Tutu and calls out to him. Upon hearing her voice, Fakir turns back to normal after speaking with the Oak Tree.

Akt 22- "ishi no kan" ("Crown of Stone ~ Das große Tor von Kiew")

Princess Tutu - Episode 22

Princess Tutu - Episode 22


Airdate: March 14, 2003

Fakir is once again speaking to the tree through the stone, Duck who is watching him finds she is suddenly late for school and rushes there however upon arriving she finds an upset Rue on one of the high ledges of the building. Duck climbs the stairs to speak to her however Rue becomes Kraehe and leaves. Upon walking through the school, Duck speaks with Mr. Cat who manages to make her realize she can’t run away any more. Deciding to act, Duck begins searching through the town for the remaining heart shards.

Autor meanwhile meets with the Book Men asking to know about how Drosselmeyer’s story is controlling the town however he is turned away. The Book Men leave Autor alone but decide to act against Fakir. Autor who is wandering the town comes across Rue whilst Fakir by the stone finds a group of cloaked people surround him.

Rue has Autor follow her throughout the town whilst Fakir has the Book Men confront him. They admit they are the descendants of those who cut of Drosselmeyer’s hands to prevent him from writing any more stories and so it is their duty to bestow the fate on any else who wish to do so. It was also their doing for removing the conclusions to all the stories to prevent them from becoming real.

Duck who comes across one of the gates of the town finds a heart shard is nearby and soon realizes a heart shard resides in each of the five gate ways into the town. However she cannot reach them since all that remains out the town is a wall. Autor tells Rue of the town being controlled and admits his love to her however she sends him away since his words cause her to doubt her father’s words - him saying nobody else could love her besides the prince.

Upon becoming Tutu in a failed attempt to see beyond the town, Duck sees Fakir currently about to have his hands cut off at Drosselmeyer’s grace. Tutu rushes forward onto the scene and interrupts however she then finds herself sealed in a cog and brought into an alternative dimension due to Drosselmeyer. The Book Men decide to let Fakir keep his power as long as he doesn’t manipulate the story and take their leave.

Akt 23- "marionette" ("Marionettes ~ Ruslan und Ludmilla")

Princess Tutu - Episode 23

Princess Tutu - Episode 23


Airdate: March 21, 2003

The story has stopped due to Tutu no longer being in it. In Drosselmeyer’s dimension, Tutu finds herself controlled like a marionette and unable to escape. Meanwhile Fakir tries to write to bring Tutu back.

Elsewhere in the dimension, Uzura begins turning a crank that causes the story to go backwards, much to Drosselmeyer’s surprise. This causes Kraehe to see her past of how she first met the Prince whilst Fakir continues to write. As both he and Tutu’s thoughts become the same, he calls out “Duck” and calls her back into the story along with Uzura who follows.

However for Kraehe, her story is still turning backwards causing her to discover she was a human baby kidnapped by crows. Distraught, she returns to the present time to turn around and find the prince now transformed into a giant crow.

Akt 24- "ōji to karasu" ("The Prince and the Raven ~ Danse Macabre")

Princess Tutu - Episode 24

Princess Tutu - Episode 24


Airdate: April 11, 2003

Upon returning from Drosselmeyer's dimension, Tutu transforms into a girl again and Fakir decides to write in order to protect everyone and takes Duck back to his house to rest. Upon waking she goes down to find Fakir and tells him of the five pieces in the gates that are sealing the raven. However they know upon returning them the raven will be released and the battle will begin.

When walking back to her own place, Duck sees Rue and following her to an abandoned house looks into a window where the prince- now a huge crow - resides. Rue dances with Mytho and Duck notes how sad Rue looks. Rue thinks back on how her father sent her to the human world to gain Mytho’s love and how she sealed her memories due to not wishing to think she was a crow. In her crying, Duck overhears that she isn’t the Raven’s daughter after all and as Rue runs away from the house, Duck follows after her. Duck tells Rue of the five pieces however Rue says if the prince’s heart is returned to normal it will be sacrificed to the Raven. Rue says she won’t allow Tutu to return the prince’s heart.

Fakir tells Autor how he wishes to change the story and asks for Autor’s help whilst Uzura comes across Duck in duck form and hears Edel’s voice in her mind; placing Duck to her chest she lets Duck hear Edel’s voice. Edel tells her that her pendant is the last shard and the reason it responds to other shards is because it is a shard itself. Crow Mytho escapes into the town and upon coming across him, Duck runs after him. Mytho returns to Rue and Duck becomes Tutu and tells Rue of the pendent being the last shard. Believing in the prince, Tutu has all five shards from the gates return to Mytho therefore breaking the seal on the Raven. The Raven has the prince come to him despite Rue and Tutu trying to restrain him. However as Rue shouts her love for the prince, he turns back into his human form. Rue meanwhile is swallowed by the Raven.

Akt 25- "hinshi no hakuchō" ("The Dying Swan ~ Romeo und Julia")

Princess Tutu - Episode 25

Princess Tutu - Episode 25


Airdate: May 2, 2003

The Raven takes Rue – keeping her inside him so as to stop the Prince from sealing him since he will seal Rue also in the process. Mytho and Tutu work together to try and save her, with Mytho asking Tutu to return his last piece of heart and stating how he wishes to save Rue. However when Tutu attempts to remove the pendant she finds she can’t take it off. The Raven gives Tutu till dawn to return the heart shard – encaging the prince until then – whilst she runs off to find a way to remove it.

Meanwhile Fakir tries to write. Drosselmeyer appears in the room and forces him to write about Duck at the Lake of Despair and how she has to sacrifice her life to return the shard – the pendant is unable to be removed since she herself deep down does not wish the story to end. In order to break out of writing, Fakir stabs his hand with the pen – breaking the power Drosselmeyer had over him. Meanwhile Uzura stands at the edge of the lake calling out for an absent Duck.

The entire town has turned into crows. Fakir runs out past the walls of the town and follows Uzura to the Lake of Despair. Diving in, he finds he can breathe underwater and finds Duck at the bottom who is unable to remove the pendant.

Dancing a pas de deux, both eventually decide to work together to save the prince and to stay to their true selves. At this, the pendant finally drops from around Duck’s neck and so the two leave the lake and return to the town. Fakir returns to write a story for Duck whilst she transforms into Tutu and returns the shard to Mytho. Turning into a duck, Duck watches as Mytho transforms into the Prince he once was and the fight begins.

Akt 26- "finare" ("Finale ~ Der Nußknacker")

Princess Tutu - Episode 26

Princess Tutu - Episode 26


Airdate: May 23, 2003

While Fakir writes on in order to protect Mytho and Duck, Mytho wields the sword once broken in episode 13 by Fakir which he has restored together again. Whilst Mytho battles against the crows and townspeople who have become crows, in duck form Duck watches on helplessly despite her attempts to save him. Rushing forward to the Prince, Duck is then beaten by the crows whilst a writing Fakir writes on in horror.

The head Book Man (who is the only Book Man remaining human with the others now crows) goes to Autor’s house where Fakir is writing in an attempt to cut off his hands whilst Autor tries his best to keep him out.

Falling to the ground, Duck despairs whilst Drosselmeyer watches with glee. Mytho raises the sword to his own heart in an attempt to break it in order to seal the raven once again, vowing he will save Rue when he has his heart once again restored to him. At this Duck runs forward crying against it and begins to dance.

Meanwhile, Rue who is locked within the Raven dances sorrowfully in her attempt to dance until she rots away in the depths of despair – much to Drosselmeyer’s delight.

With Fakir lending Duck his power, she dances in order to turn the townsfolk back to normal. Seeing this, Mytho refuses to give up and goes on to battle the Raven. The Raven sends the townsfolk in his control to attack Duck who is thrown about until falling motionless onto the floor. Despite this, she refuses to give up and rises up to begin dancing once again. With Fakir’s written words, Duck begins to glow letting out a bright light and becoming Princess Tutu she allows the light to engulf the entire town. Seeing this and strengthened by it, Mytho calls forth Rue from the Raven and rescues her. The two together wield the sword and slay the Raven whilst Duck who is watching on finally collapses.

Fakir runs out whilst all the towns people return to normal. Later, Uzura leads Duck, Fakir, Mytho and Rue to the inside of one of the five gates. There, a puppet leads them through a door where they walk into a room containing the device that writes Drosselmeyer’s stories. Destroying it, Fakir vows to write the stories of Gold Crown Town instead.

With farewells between all of them, Mytho confesses his love to Rue and the two kiss, transforming Rue’s outfit into a large golden gown. As the two leave on a flying carriage drawn by swans to return to Mytho’s homeland, the town returns to normal – no longer a mix of fairy tales. Duck, Mytho and Rue are forgotten by all of their school friends and the townspeople. There are no longer any animals acting like humans and Fakir remains by Duck’s side with her swimming in the lake and him writing stories.

Drosselmeyer meanwhile wonders how his story got like this and if he himself is a character in a story, then Uzura appears and the two walk off together.