Kirari Super Live (The Musical)

Airdate: May 2, 2004
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Kirari Super Live part 1

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Kirari Super Live part 1

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Kirari Super Live part 2

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Kirari Super Live part 2


A narrator says that the Dark Kingdom works to steal energy from humans and take over the Earth; their only opposition is the Sailor Senshi. As an instrumental version of "Kirari*Sailor Dream!" plays, five dancers dressed as the Senshi perform amidst colored lights, lasers, and fog.

Usagi comes out on stage against a backdrop of the Azabu-Juuban subway station, calling Luna's name. Her phone rings, and when she answers it, Ami is on the other end to chide her for being late. Usagi rushes off frantically.

Rei, Makoto, and Ami come out on stage against the backdrop of the Ginza station, as Ami tells them Usagi got the time mixed up and is on her way. The three of them discuss whether or not they should just go on without her, to teach her a lesson. Minako comes out and wonders why they're standing around; when they tell her Usagi is late, she says they can't keep the fans waiting, so they need to get started.

Usagi finally arrives and finds the others gone. She tries to call them, but for one reason or another her call won't go through. She finally notices the audience and greets them, asking if they saw her friends. She shows off her pink-and-white outfit, telling them that she got it especially to wear to Yomiuri Hall, where she will be performing a live concert. After getting directions from the audience, she rushes off again.

Usagi wanders back out onto the stage (which now has the scenery for the show) but still doesn't see her friends. When they join her on the stage, she is relieved that she didn't end up in the wrong place. Rei chides her for being late, but Usagi shushes her and pulls out special microphones from her basket and hands them to each girl; each microphone has a bow the same color as the bow on their sailor fuku. When Usagi reaches Minako, she is especially delighted to see her, and provides a microphone for her as well. Ami asks the others if they've noticed they're in front of an audience, and the girls wave. Minako announces that they're now ready and orders the music to start.

As a group, the girls all perform "C'est la Vie." When the song is over, they greet the audience and thank them for coming, and all the children in the audience excitedly respond. The girls then introduce themselves one by one, and announce the official start of the show.

Next, Ami and Rei perform "Sakura Fubuki," followed by Makoto and Usagi performing "Here We Go!." Makoto, Minako, and Rei sing "Katagoshi ni Kinsei," then Minako, Ami, and Usagi perform "Romance."

After the girls leave the stage, Kunzite emerges in front of the stage, saying that he can feel a large amount of energy in the theater today. He orders Jadeite and Nephrite to come out, and they appear in the back of the theater, though annoyed at being ordered around by him. The three Shitennou think that if they gather all the energy in the theater, Queen Beryl will be pleased. Nephrite senses something unusual, though, and wonders if the Silver Crystal is present. Kunzite suggests that Sailor Moon might be there, and the three Shitennou start asking various audience members if they know where she is. They are interrupted by the sound of Zoisite's piano, and he appears on stage with a small red toy piano. He rises to his feet, saying that the Princess is a threat to their Master, and therefore he must destroy her. He introduces the four of them to the audience, and orders everyone to obey.

Kunzite says that the Sailor Senshi are somewhere in the theater, so they will hide and wait for them to show up. He tells the audience not to warn the Senshi that they are there, and the children yell out their refusal. Kunzite becomes angry and orders Nephrite to take one of the audience members hostage. Nephrite's first target bursts into tears and refuses to go with him, so he grabs another little girl; as he does, though, Tuxedo Mask arrives and tells him to stop. Tuxedo Mask says that he will protect the people in the theater, and fights the Shitennou, even using an unnamed energy attack against them. The Shitennou retreat, and Tuxedo Mask announces that he will watch over all the fans who have collected to watch the special live event, then departs again.

Human Luna wanders out on stage, wondering where the girls are, because they were supposed to be practicing their Senshi skills. She is briefly distracted by a ball bouncing past, then pauses to greet the audience. Luna then orders the music to start, and she and a group of children dressed in Senshi costumes and carrying Sailor Star Tambourines perform "Sweet Little Resistance." After the song ends, Luna waves good-bye to her new friends, unaware that Jadeite is sneaking up on her. Despite the audience yelling out a warning, she is caught by surprise and captured by the Shitennou.

Sae comes out on stage, saying that Luna was just captured and wondering where the Sailor Senshi are. She introduces herself and tries to call to the Senshi, but they don't answer, so she says she will need to sing to get their attention. After she sings "Kirari*Sailor Dream!," Luna transforms into Sailor Luna and tries to fight off the Shitennou with her fan until Tuxedo Mask arrives to save her. He is overwhelmed by Kunzite's attack, though, and only saved when the girls finally appear and transform into their Senshi forms.

The Senshi and the Shitennou fight, and the Shitennou mock their opponents' weak powers. The Senshi then combine their powers and use Moonlight Attractive Attack to drive their enemies away, then thank the audience, saying that their cheering voices were what let them win the fight. The five of them perform "Friend" as thanks, then bid farewell to the audience, thanking them for coming.

The Senshi start to sing "Kirari*Sailor Dream!" along with the audience, and partway through the song they are joined on stage by Sae and Sailor Luna. Tuxedo Mask and the Shitennou then come out as well, and with the entire cast lined up on the stage, they wave their farewells to the audience until the curtain falls.

Played Songs

  1. C'est la Vie ~ Watashi no Naka no Koi Suru Bubun - performed by Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako
  2. Sakura Fubuki - performed by Ami and Rei
  3. Here We Go! -Shinjiru Chikara- - performed by Usagi and Makoto
  4. Katagoshi ni Kinsei - performed by Minako, Rei, and Makoto
  5. Romance - performed by Minako, Usagi, and Ami
  6. Sweet Little Resistance - performed by Luna Tsukino
  7. Kirari*Sailor Dream! - performed by Sae
  8. Friend - performed by Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus
  9. Kirari*Sailor Dream! - performed by the five Inner Senshi and Sae

Let's Dance Together! Sailor Moon Super Dance Lesson

Airdate: July 2004
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Super Dance Lesson

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Super Dance Lesson

Super Dance Lesson was an instructional video created in conjunction with Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon's Kirari Super Live performance, and released in VHS format. It was available only through special order forms included in the magazines Youchien, Mebae, and Shougaku Ichinensei in July 2004.

In this video, Usagi, Makoto, and Luna taught how to perform two dances for the image songs "Here We Go!" and "Romance." The dances for "C'est La Vie" and "Kirari*Sailor Dream!" were also performed but not taught.

Here We Go!

The dance for "Here We Go!" is primarily leg movements. The dancer changes direction with a criss-crossing stomp. The rest of the movements are not explained in the lesson but are fairly simple and easy to pick up.


The dance for "Romance" is primarily a series of hand movements. With fingers splayed and palms together, the dancer moves them in alternating directions to create a "sparkle" effect. This is done during all of the "baby baby" sections of the chorus. Other movements include "turning off an overhead light," cheek tapping, a peace sign, a heart, cradling the head, and finger twirling.

Special Act: "Watashi-tachi Kekkonshimasu!!" ("Usagi and Mamoru are finally married")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Special Act

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Special Act

Airdate: October 26, 2004

It is morning at the Tsukino residence, and Usagi is busily making breakfast when her mother and Luna enter. She thinks about how it has been four years since their last battle, and now the former Sailor Senshi are just normal girls. Ami is now studying medicine in America. Rei is in Kyoto, training her miko powers. As Usagi thinks about Minako, she appears on the tv in the dining room, accepting a special award in England. She is experiencing worldwide popularity, and is currently in London with Artemis. Makoto calls, and as they talk, Usagi thinks about how her friend is studying to realize her dream to work in floral arrangement. Just then, Usagi notices the time and rushes off, leaving her mother and Luna to dubiously examine her unappetizing-looking cooking efforts.

Pretty guardian special act
Usagi runs down the sidewalk to meet up with Mamoru, who is waiting patiently on his motorcycle. As the two of them ride off, Usagi thinks happily about how they are to be married the next week. Usagi and Mamoru go shopping for a dress and other things, and after some time Mamoru starts to look tired, even though Usagi still excitedly talks about plans and how happy she is to see her friends again. She finally notices that he doesn't seem to be paying attention, but he tells her he is fine with whatever she wants; she isn't pleased, but he reminds her that they aren't getting married just for the wedding.

Makoto busily works on a design for Usagi's wedding bouquet as Motoki watches and makes comments on the design and the wedding cake which she is also making. The two of them wonder at how fast the two of them are getting married. Just then Usagi calls and tells Makoto that the wedding has been cancelled.

Makoto meets with Usagi in a restaurant, where she is busily stuffing her face now that she doesn't have to diet to fit in the dress. Makoto demands to know why she and Mamoru are fighting and why they can't just work it out, but Usagi quickly excuses herself to run to the bathroom. In another part of the restaurant, Motoki chides Mamoru and tells him to just apologize. Mamoru is annoyed and says that if she wants to call off the wedding she can. Usagi, returning from the bathroom, overhears this and angrily returns Mamoru's ring, declaring that she won't marry him.

Later that night, as Usagi sleeps, Luna looks up at the moon and calls to Queen Serenity. An image of Queen Serenity appears before her, and Luna tells her how upset she is that Usagi and Mamoru broke off their engagement after finally overcoming the past. Queen Serenity tells her not to worry because things will work out eventually, and conveys a warning that an evil power is about to awaken. Luna is worried; because the Silver Crystal was destroyed, the Senshi can no longer transform. Usagi awakens then and Queen Serenity disappears.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, a bright purple light flares ominously in a cluttered junkyard.

The next day, human Luna enters an abandoned building, sensing the power Queen Serenity spoke of, and wonders what it could be, since Queen Metalia is long gone. Rei arrives then, drawn by the same feeling of evil power. The purple light appears again, then explodes in a bright flash which throws Rei backwards. When the light fades, a mysterious figure is left standing in the building, its face in shadow.

At an abandoned amusement park, the mysterious figure enters a building and observes that it will do until she can build a new Dark Kingdom. She picks up an old, torn stuffed dog, names it Choppi, then turns and is revealed to be Mio Kuroki. With a flare of power, she redecorates the building, restores the plush dog, and summons a horde of clown Youma who dance for her amusement. Mio nods approvingly, then summons two more Youma, who call themselves Sword and Shield. Last of all, she gives herself a new costume and strikes a pose, smiling happily.

At the Minato-ku Municipal Juuban Hospital, Rei lies in a bed, badly injured.

As Usagi runs to the hospital, she passes an open plaza with a large television screen. Queen Mio suddenly appears on the screen, singing "Change of Pace." Usagi recognizes the song and stops, stunned to see Mio again. Queen Mio greets everyone, introducing herself as the Queen of Earth, and says that she needs everyone's energy. She announces that her Pierrot are about to come gather it, and tells the people not to resist. Queen Mio's clown Youma arrive and begin gathering energy from people and collecting it into balloons; Usagi's first instinct is to transform, but she no longer has her powers. She rushes in anyway to save a little girl, and when one of the Youma tries to attack her, Tuxedo Mask arrives and saves her. He tells her to run away, but she angrily insists that she can help; their argument is interrupted by the arrival of the Shitennou, who surround the pair. Kunzite invites them to meet their new Queen, and they teleport away with Usagi and Mamoru. Sailor Luna runs into the plaza then, but too late to stop them. Luna alerts the others, and Ami and Minako cancel their plans and quickly return to Japan.

Queen Mio stands before her throne, surrounded by energy-filled balloons, and cheerfully greets Usagi and Mamoru. She tells them that she, as the Queen, is missing something: a king. Queen Mio says that she has chosen Mamoru for that role, and so is going to marry him. When Usagi objects, Mio happily informs the girl that she will take her energy after the wedding, as a gift to them. Queen Mio then teleports the pair into a waiting cell so she can make wedding preparations.

In the cell, Usagi thinks that Mamoru must be upset that the Shitennou are his enemy again, but when he finally speaks it is only to complain that all women are the same and just want a wedding. Usagi gets upset and tells him that he might as well marry Mio, since he isn't marrying her, and he only sighs in response before the two of them resume bickering.

At Makoto's home, Luna again contacts Queen Serenity, who tells the two of them that the Senshi must do their best. Makoto points out that they can't transform, and Queen Serenity says that she will take care of that. She will send the Legendary Sword down from the Moon Palace, and it will aid the Senshi as long as their hearts are one. Makoto and Luna rush off.

Jadeite and Nephrite arrive at the cell to fetch Mamoru. Usagi takes Jadeite by surprise and knocks him down, then turns to tell Mamoru to run away, only to find that he had the same idea. They argue briefly, but Mamoru finally forces Usagi to escape while he stays behind.

Makoto and Luna run toward the hill to which Queen Serenity will be sending the sword, and Luna observes that Ami and Minako are on their way as well.

The taxi in which Ami is riding comes to a sudden halt as a group of Pierrot show up in the middle of the road. The driver runs away, screaming, so Ami gets in the driver's seat and makes it through the crowd. Her road is soon blocked again, though, as Sword steps out and forces her to stop.

As Minako hurries through a parking garage with her two bodyguards, they are also attacked by a group of Pierrot. When a sword-wielding Pierrot comes at her, however, Minako kicks it into a cement wall; when she orders the rest to get out of her way, they quickly comply. As she walks away, though, Shield appears and blocks her path.

Sailor Luna and Makoto are also beset by Pierrot, but manage to fight them off. They run onward and find the Legendary Sword at the top of a hill, but when they try to pull it out of its base, they find it impossible. Remembering Queen Serenity's words, Sailor Luna suggests that they need to have all the Senshi there together. Just then, another group of Pierrot arrive and surround the pair.

Nephrite and Jadeite drag a tuxedo-clad Mamoru into Queen Mio's throne room, which has been redecorated for a wedding. He complains that he is already tired of weddings, but with a wave of her scepter, she casts a spell on him to make him obey.

Meanwhile, Usagi tries to figure out what she's supposed to do now that she has escaped. She finds her engagement ring in her pocket and realizes that Mamoru slipped it in there when he pushed her out of the cell. This makes her remember when he proposed, and she wonders if maybe she forgot about the way they used to be.

Makoto and Sailor Luna are still fighting against the Pierrot, but are nearly exhausted, only sustained by the thought that the others will be there soon. Suddenly, another Pierrot arrives and sprays the others with a fire extinguisher, then takes off its mask to reveal it is really Ami. Just then Minako also arrives on a motorcycle and disposes of the rest of the Pierrot, then apologizes for being late.

Makoto, Minako, and Ami gather around the sword and Sailor Luna wonders if this will work without Rei. Minako says that Rei's heart is with them, and therefore she is there, and Ami adds that Usagi's heart is there as well. As the three of them take hold of the sword, it begins to glow. In her hospital room, Rei sees a vision of this and reaches out as well. Elsewhere, Usagi pauses, seeming to sense something, then touches her ring and declares that she will save him. The three girls pull the sword out of its base and hold it up; a bolt of golden lightning strikes the tip and all three of them begin to glow.

Usagi runs in and interrupts the wedding just as Mamoru is about to kiss Queen Mio. Annoyed, Mio hands Mamoru a sword and tells him to kill Usagi. He obediently takes the sword and throws it at her, but she doesn't even flinch as it flies past her head and sinks into the wall behind her. The sword slices through a rope, dropping a heavy drapery onto the Shitennou. Queen Mio is dismayed, but Mamoru only turns away from her and chides Usagi for not even dodging, because she scared him a little. Usagi replies that she can tell if he's serious or not, and he replies that he knew she would do anything to get there in time. The two of them run off, and, after they manage to extricate themselves from the drapery, the Shitennou follow. Queen Mio declares that she cannot forgive them, almost tearing Choppi in two in her anger.

9925015 800
Usagi and Mamoru run out of the amusement park and into the forest, where they are confronted by the Shitennou. The four of them are then attacked by the real Shitennou, however, and are revealed to be Pierrot in disguise. Mamoru chides the Shitennou for being late, and says he knew those were imposters because the real Shitennou aren't that stupid. Shield and Sword appear, along with more Pierrot, and Mamoru transforms into Prince Endymion to join the Shitennou in battle. After they dispose of the Pierrot, Endymion faces off against the two Youma and orders the Shitennou not to interfere; he manages to trick Sword into destroying Shield, then takes care of the remaining Youma. Though Jadeite is excited at their victory, the others realize that the battle isn't over yet.

Queen Mio arrives and transforms into a giant plant monster, then attacks. After wounding the Shitennou, she moves to finish off Endymion, but Usagi runs in and orders her to stay away from him. Mio asks Usagi what she plans to do, since she can't transform, but Usagi stands firm; Mio gets upset and, saying that she can't let Usagi be happy, attacks. Minako, Makoto, and Ami arrive just in time and Minako fends Mio off with the Legendary Sword. Using the power of the sword, the four girls transform into their Senshi forms. Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Jupiter fight with the weapons created from their Sailor Star Tambourines, and Sailor Moon with her Moonlight Stick. Then they combine their powers and use Sailor Planet Attack to destroy the flower monster.

As the girls watch, the energy contained within the balloons escapes and returns to the people it originally came from. Their transformation items disappear once more, and the four of them look sad. Makoto quickly changes the mood as she asks Usagi about the wedding, and Usagi reluctantly admits that she's going through with it. The girls cheer and drag Mamoru into their celebration, and even the watching Shitennou applaud.

On the wedding day, Usagi and Mamoru emerge from the church and are greeted by their friends and family, who applaud and enthusiastically throw flower petals. Off to one side, the Shitennou watch and nod in greeting as the couple looks their direction.

After the wedding, Usagi tosses the bouquet, and the women in the party are upset when Motoki catches it. Nervously, he turns to Makoto and asks if they might be the next ones to be married, and though a little stunned, she agrees. The party gathers around them, cheering, and Usagi and Mamoru call their congratulations to their friends. As Usagi watches, she thinks that everyone has changed, including herself. She thinks back to all her memories with her friends, back when they fought together as Senshi, and realizes that time is over. Mamoru glances over and notices her pensive mood, and puts his arm around her shoulders.

Later, Mamoru starts up his motorcycle and prepares to leave. Usagi pulls off the fluffy part of her skirt, leaving herself wearing a much shorter one, and climbs up behind him. She calls a farewell to everyone and the two of them ride off as their friends wave good-bye.

As Usagi and Mamoru drive down the street, they pass Ami, Makoto and Motoki, Rei, and Minako before riding off into the sunset.

Act Zero: "SEERAA V Tanjyou!" ("The Birth of Sailor V!")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act Zero

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act Zero

Airdate: March 25, 2005


It is Christmas time in Tokyo, and shoppers walk past a large TV screen advertising the latest CD by the popular idol, Minako Aino.

Minako stands on the roof of a building, softly singing "Silent Night" as she looks out over the city.

A robber charges out of a store and down the street as cries of "thief!" follow him.

As Minako lies on the roof, she sees a shape silhouetted against the full moon, and shortly afterwards Artemis falls out of the sky and lands on her head. She drops him to the ground and is surprised when he begins to speak. As they talk, they hear the sound of sirens from the street below, and see the robber run past. Artemis says this is the perfect opportunity, and he would rather demonstrate than try to explain things to her; he pulls out a Teletia S and pushes a button on it, transforming Minako into Sailor V. When she is again startled, he asks her to just do as he says, and she nods.

The robber stops to catch his breath but finds Sailor V waiting for him. She introduces herself, and he pulls out a knife and lunges at her. As Sailor V dodges his blows, Artemis tells her to use the weapon in her pocket. She reaches into her pocket and finds the Crescent Moon Cutter, which she then throws at the robber; the weapon misses him completely, but cuts through a tree branch which falls and lands on his head, knocking him out. Sailor V is thrilled, and Artemis tells her that her mission as a Sailor Senshi starts today. She thanks him for the best Christmas present she has ever received.

At the Tsukino household, Ikuko calls for Usagi to wake up, but to her mother's surprise, she is already up. Shingo observes that it's only because Minako's new CD came out today. Usagi is annoyed at him, but is soon distracted by a tv news report about a jewelry store robbery that was foiled by Sailor V. Ikuko wonders at the amount of jewelry thefts in the Azabu-Juuban area lately, and observes that the police station on the corner didn't even manage to stop the robbery that happened right in front of them.

As Usagi walks to school, she runs into Naru, who is on her way to the police station; she wants to talk to them because her mother's jewelry store is the only one in the district that hasn't been robbed yet. The two of them reach the station (which has a sign on the door asking people not to throw things at them) and there find Akai being restrained by Kuroi as he throws a temper tantrum about comments the civilians are making about them. Shiroi staggers into the room, telling Akai to remember that they, the "Shitennou" of the Juuban Police Station, serve the public. Hanako follows him in, telling him not to overexert himself, and begins to cry when he collapses against a desk. Kuroi gives Hanako a handkerchief and Akai a bottle of pills to calm him down, then notices the two girls standing in the doorway. When he asks what they can do to help, Naru and Usagi insist they are fine and run away quickly. Kuroi becomes angry because that jewel thief is ruining their reputation, and declares that he will get his revenge.

As Usagi walks to school with her friends, Naru wonders who can help her protect her mother's jewelry store if the police can't and she can't get in touch with Sailor V. Usagi gets an idea, and tells the others that they will become Sailor V and protect the store. The girls imagine themselves dressed in Sailor V's costume, and excitedly agree. Ami, walking behind the group, overhears and starts imagining herself as "Sailor A," but when she sees Usagi looking back at her quickly pretends she wasn't listening.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki is putting his new turtle in its tank when he gets a phone call from Hina. The two of them discuss Mamoru and why he seems to be so busy and distracted lately. In his apartment, Mamoru picks up a mask and puts it on.

Later, as Tuxedo Mask, Mamoru stands on a rooftop watching Naru's mother's store. Naru and the girls arrive at the jewelry store carrying their costumes and excitedly go inside. Across the street, Makoto emerges from a real estate office as an agent refuses to rent an apartment to her. Nearby, two women dressed in black and wearing sunglasses watch the shop, then head off to report to their boss. Sailor V is standing on a rooftop watching the two women, and declares that she will catch them this time. Usagi rushes out of the store then and screams Minako's name, and Sailor V panics that someone has discovered her identity, then runs away. Tuxedo Mask sees her and is surprised to find out that she is Minako. Meanwhile, Usagi tells her friends that she forgot to buy Minako's new CD and runs off.

The two mysterious women wait in an empty warehouse, and when their boss arrives with a third woman, declare themselves as "One" and "Two," ready to serve Cutie Kenko. Cutie Kenko asks them about the plans for tonight, and when the three of them confirm that they are ready, he orders them to start.

The two guards standing at the entrance to the jewelry store are overcome by a strange mist and collapse, unconscious. In the meantime, Usagi emerges from the CD store, triumphantly holding Minako's new CD.

As Cutie Kenko's minions enter the jewelry store, they are confronted by "Sailor N," "Sailor K," and "Sailor M," who introduce themselves as Sailor V's comrades. The three women only laugh and attack the false Senshi, trapping them in a web-like material. Cutie Kenko arrives and tells the girls that he has a grudge against Sailor V, so if they are her friends, he will just take his revenge on them instead. Just then, "Sailor Rabbit" arrives and sprays the four villains with a fire extinguisher; when Cutie Kenko only smirks at her, she throws the extinguisher at him, and he becomes annoyed and sends his three minions after her.

Leaving Momoko and Kanami tied up in the store, the villains take Naru and Usagi into the vault. As his minions gather all the jewels, Cutie Kenko finds out from the terrified Naru where the most valuable gems are. As he retrieves the case, though, Usagi grabs the key attached to the case and swallows it. Irritated, Cutie Kenko says that they will just have to cut her open back at the hideout and retrieve the key; one of his minions drops a smoke bomb and the four of them disappear. Back at the hideout, the three minions lock Usagi into a magician's cabinet and Cutie Kenko pulls out a sword, approaching the cabinet menacingly.

Naru, Momoko, and Kanami run frantically to the police station to get help.

Cutie Kenko slices through a daikon held by one of his minions to demonstrate how sharp his sword is. As he prepares to use it on Usagi, however, it is knocked out of his hands by Sailor V's Crescent Moon Cutter. Sailor V leaps in and frees Usagi from the cabinet, then tells Cutie Kenko that she attached a tracking device to the jewelry case. She says that nothing is impossible for a fighter for justice, and Artemis, in the background, is annoyed because he was actually the one who did it. Sailor V tells Cutie Kenko that this time she will definitely capture him, and he orders his minions to fight her.

Sailor V battles against the three minions, and Usagi helps by hitting one of them over the head with the daikon and knocking her out; as Artemis sees this, he senses something unusual about Usagi. After defeating the other two women, Sailor V goes up against Cutie Kenko. He injures Sailor V with his initial attack, but as he approaches her is stopped by the four police officers. Though one of the minions manages to distract them briefly, Sailor V kicks Cutie Kenko's weapon out of his hand and the police move in to arrest the villains. In the confusion, Tuxedo Mask steals the jewel case, and Sailor V notices and follows him. Usagi suddenly realizes that everyone has left, leaving her disappointed that she didn't get to talk to the Senshi.

Sailor V stops Tuxedo Mask and demands that he give the case back. The two prepare to fight and then charge at each other, but when they meet they both suddenly see a vision of the Moon Princess begging for the Silver Crystal, as well as the fate of the Moon Kingdom in the past. Tuxedo Mask runs away, and Sailor V tells Artemis that she has remembered the Princess, her mission, and her real name. Artemis observes that he has also found something.

Usagi runs into her friends and assures them that she is all right, and excitedly tells them that she met Sailor V.

Artemis looks up at the moon and calls out to Luna, telling her what he found; Luna flies toward the Earth, on her way to find Sailor Moon.

At home, Usagi is excited about how much fun she had that day. In the meantime, Rei senses something is about to happen, while elsewhere, Ami and Makoto look up at the moon. Luna falls to Earth, and Usagi makes a wish on the "shooting star."

Mini Dramas

There were two short episodes included along with the main Act Zero on the DVD, one about Tuxedo Mask and the other about Hina Kusaka.

"Takishīdo Kamen Tanjō no Himitsu" ("Tuxedo Mask's Secret Birth")

(タキシード仮面 誕生の秘密)
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Tuxedo Kamen Special

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Tuxedo Kamen Special

Usagi asks Mamoru about why he became Tuxedo Mask. He tells her that when he was a child, he had run away from home and as he walked, he tripped and fell. A man wearing a tuxedo and a mask stopped and, seeing little Mamoru's skinned knee, did a magic trick that produced a flower, then turned the flower into some bandages. After putting a bandage on the child's knee, the man used the command "Tuxedo Power" to heal the scrape. He then did flips and cartwheels to entertain little Mamoru until the child completely forgot why he had run away.

Mamoru shows Usagi a bandage and tells her it is the same one, and that from then on he realized his special mission. In a flashback, he pulls out the bandage and turns it into his mask, then holds up the mask and, with the command, "Tuxedo Power," turns into Tuxedo Mask in a sequence similar to the Senshi transformation sequences. Then, using his power as Tuxedo Mask, he began to search for the Silver Crystal.

Usagi thanks him for telling her the story, and he begins to laugh because she believed the story he just made up. As Usagi begins pestering him to tell her the real story, the older "Tuxedo Mask" watches from nearby, holding some bandages.

"Hina... Sonogo" ("Hina Afterward")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Hina Special

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Hina Special

As Hina walks down the street, a Youma appears and begins attacking civilians. One of the fleeing people knocks Hina down and the Youma attacks her, but is stopped by a man in a Tuxedo Mask-like costume. He and the Youma fight for a moment, then he strikes a blow that causes it to retreat. "Tuxedo Mask" returns to Hina's side and helps her to her feet, then after looking at her for a long moment, starts to walk away. She calls after him, thanking him for saving her and asking his name. He glances back and tells her that he is "Tuxedo Knight."

The director calls "cut" on the scene and the film crew enters the plaza, helping "Tuxedo Knight" with his costume and arranging Hina's hair. The director compliments Hina on her work in the scene, and she goes to sit down and read through her script. She thinks about how she was chosen by chance at the audition, and finds her gaze drawn toward the actor playing Tuxedo Knight, thinking about how he has been on her mind lately. Hina sets her script down and, determined, walks back out onto the set, looking happy.