Act.1- "Watashi wa Sērā Mūn!" ("I am Sailor Moon!")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 1

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 1

Airdate: October 4, 2003

Toei 01

The night is lit by a full moon as an alarm sounds. A jewelry store has been burglarized, the cases smashed and the contents taken. A mysterious man in a tuxedo runs away from the scene, dropping a few pieces of loot as he goes, but then stops as he is confronted by Sailor V.

The two clash, then break away again, and Sailor V shakes her finger chidingly at her opponent. He charges at her again, but she cartwheels, slashing across his bag with her Crescent Moon Cutter as she passes him. The jewelry falls out of the new opening in the bag and he throws it down with a disgusted sneer, then runs off into the night with Sailor V close behind.

The next morning, "C'est la Vie" plays on Usagi's alarm. Shingo comes in to make her get up, and she insists that she'll get up as soon as the song is over - but as it turns out, it's been on repeat and now she's very late. In a panic, she runs off to get ready. She pauses before the TV to watch the news and discuss Sailor V's escapades with her mother, but Shingo reminds her of how late she is and she charges out the door.

Usagi is running as fast as she can toward school when a plush cat with a crescent moon on its forehead suddenly falls out of the sky and lands on her head. She sets the cat on a railing and runs off again, at which point it stands up and observes that it has finally found "her".

Annoyed at her tardiness, the teacher assigns Usagi to clean-up duty after school, but Naru stays as well to help her. Afterwards, the two of them go to Karaoke Crown as they now have the new Minako Aino album. Naru mentions that her mother is having a jewelry show, so they decide to head over to the hall and see it being set up. While the girls exclaim over the models, the plush cat appears once more, and the moon on its forehead glows red.

Usagi sneaks backstage and admires the models' dresses, and while there she bumps into a young man. She assures him that she's not really a model, to which he replies that nobody would make that mistake. Annoyed, she stomps off and deliberately bumps him again as she leaves. He hardly notices, though, as he eyes the jewelry being laid out for the show. He observes that he might just find the Silver Crystal here.

In the main hall, the cat searches about, its crescent moon still glowing red as it observes that there's something there. Up on the ceiling a Youma reaches down through a hole.

Mayumi talks to her daughter on the phone about how she's going to be working all night. She wishes Naru a good night and starts to go back to work, but the youma reaches for her. She turns around and sees it, her eyes growing wide with fear.

Back at the Tsukino residence, Usagi goes to bed, only to find the plush cat in her room waiting for her. She is startled when it moves and talks to her, but it introduces itself as Luna and asks her to listen. Luna tells her that there is a great evil that can only be destroyed by the Princess and Sailor Senshi, and she is one of those Senshi. Usagi, however, decides it's all just a dream and goes back to bed. Luna gives up for the time being, leaving behind a cell phone and a warning that Usagi should avoid the jewelry show.

Naru arrives at the hall to bring her mother the sandwiches she'd requested, but is surprised when her mother doesn't recognize her or remember the request.

In the meantime, Usagi wakes up, decides everything from the night before was just a dream after all, and heads off to go shopping.

Naru becomes increasingly disturbed by her mother's odd behavior and finally declares that she's not her mother, pushes her away, and runs out the door. As she flees she bumps into a young man and begs him for help, but he only smirks and reveals himself to be Jadeite. He knocks Naru unconscious, then orders the youma possessing Naru's mother to prepare to take the energy of everyone watching the jewelry show.

Luna sees the youma and wonders what to do, when she encounters Usagi trying to sneak into the hall, because she somehow knew Naru was in danger. Luna observes that she's starting to understand why this girl is a Senshi and gives Usagi her Heart Moon Brooch.

As instructed by Luna, Usagi takes a picture of one of the models using her new cell phone, which disguises her as that model. Using her new disguise, she goes in through the back entrance to the hall.

In the meantime, the show finishes and Mayumi Osaka comes out on stage to steal the energy of everyone there. Usagi appears and demands that she stop, but the youma just attacks her. At Luna's encouragement, she uses her new brooch to transform into Sailor Moon. Jadeite watches and wonders who Sailor Moon is.

The youma attacks and Sailor Moon panicks, not knowing what to do. Luna assures her that she should already know how to fight, at which point the gem on her tiara gleams and she stands up and begins to fight back. She pulls the Moonlight Stick out of her brooch and uses Moon Healing Escalation to exorcise the youma from Mayumi.

Excited by her victory, Sailor Moon doesn't notice as Jadeite throws a dagger at her, but the mysterious man in a tuxedo suddenly appears and pushes her out of the way. As he helps her back up, he observes that he may not have found what he was looking for, but he certainly found something interesting. Sailor Moon thanks him for saving her and asks his name, and he tells her he is Tuxedo Mask.

Naru wakes up in the back room and wonders at the strange dream she had.

Back at the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl is annoyed that someone dares to stand in her way.

Luna observes that the battle is just beginning. Sailor Moon replies that, somehow, she's kind of excited.

Act.2- "Ami-chan ga Nakama ni Natta wa" ("Ami Becomes a Friend")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 2

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 2

Airdate: October 11, 2003

Toei 02

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl and Jadeite discuss the appearance of Sailor Moon, and Beryl orders Jadeite to continue gathering energy despite her interference.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki is distracted from admiring Kamekichi by Usagi, who shows him a one-year pass. He lets her in, but is puzzled about when they started issuing one-year passes.

Usagi enters a hidden door and finds a secret room, complete with snacks and a karaoke machine. Luna explains that it's a place that only the Senshi can enter, and tries to start talking about their mission, but has a hard time distracting Usagi from playing with the disguise feature of her Teletia S and the karaoke machine. Usagi suddenly remembers that she has a test the next day and gets her notes out of her bag as Luna sighs, hoping the other Senshi appear soon.

As Usagi and Naru look at the class scores, they notice that Ami is once again at the top. Some of their classmates join them and they talk about how she's the class genius, has a famous doctor for a mother, and is very standoffish with the rest of the people in the class. Usagi shushes them, because Ami might hear.

At lunchtime, Ami goes by herself to the roof of the school to eat and read her book. Luna peeks out at her and observes that she's getting a reaction, even though Usagi isn't nearby.

As she walks home, Ami encounters Luna sitting on the ground, and politely picks her up, dusts her off, and sets her on the railing. Usagi sees this and teases Ami about how she speaks to stuffed animals using formal language. Ami explains that she did so because she didn't know it, to Usagi's great amusement.

Usagi tags along with Ami until she says that she needs to go to cram school - but as she leaves, she pauses before a store with a display of Minako Aino's new CD. Usagi, thrilled to learn that her new friend is also a Minako fan, loans her a copy of the new CD and, as she bids Ami farewell, asks her if they can eat lunch together the next day. Ami doesn't reply and just leaves, and Usagi observes that she's not like everyone thinks she is. Luna replies that she's also the second Sailor Senshi, which news Usagi greets with delight.

At the cram school, Ami's teacher informs her that her scores are high enough she could consider university exams, but Ami brushes that off by saying she's far too young to become a doctor anyway. As she explains to the teacher, she wants to become a doctor because her mother expects it, and her only ability is studying anyway. When she notices the copy of Minako Aino's album in her bag, though, she starts to smile.

Usagi is excited that Ami is the next Senshi. Luna agrees, because the team was short on intelligence before; this comment earns her a pillow to the face.

That night after all the students have left the cram school, Jadeite transforms a statue of a man and dog into Youma. The teacher sees them and runs away in fear.

The next morning, before school, Usagi pulls Ami to one side and excitedly tells her about how she is the next Senshi. Ami decides that this means Usagi only wanted to be her friend because she needed something from her, and so she refuses, claiming that her studies keep her far too busy.

At lunchtime, Usagi sadly observes Ami's empty desk; Ami, alone on the roof with her lunch, looks at the box of treats she'd brought to share with Usagi and tells herself that she's "used to it."

Usagi, now back at home, tells Luna that she's disappointed that Ami doesn't want to be a Senshi. Luna offers to persuade her, but Usagi insists that it's not fair to force her. Usagi's mother enters, interrupting the conversation, and gives Usagi a map to cram school; she's concerned for her daughter's grades and tells her she needs to go.

At the cram school, the teacher interrupts her lesson and, revealing herself to be possessed by Jadeite's Youma, begins to drain the energy of the students. Ami, however, is listening to Minako Aino's album which Usagi lent her and does not notice.

Usagi, following the map that her mother gave her, reaches Ami's cram school. As she walks closer, though, she bumps into the rude young man she encountered at the jewelry show. He chides her for not watching where she's going, and, picking up the map she'd dropped, notes that she's walking the wrong direction. Usagi looks more closely at the map and realizes she's supposed to be going across the street, to the "Good Kid's Friendly School." She exclaims that it's far too basic, but the man disagrees, saying that it's perfect for her. Usagi stamps in annoyance as he walks away, but forgets about him as Luna detects a Youma at Ami's school.

All around Ami the students collapse as their energy is taken. The teacher appears at her side and pulls out her headphones, rebuking her for wearing them in class. She transforms into the youma, declaring that she'll just have to take Ami's energy as well.

The youma attacks and Ami dodges, causing it to fall down a flight of stairs. When it hits bottom, it separates from the teacher's body and comes after Ami once again.

Usagi sees Ami running from the youma and transforms into Sailor Moon, then uses Moon Tiara Boomerang to knock the youma back. As it falls off the balcony, though, it grabs Ami and takes her with it. Sailor Moon quickly leaps after them and grabs Ami's arm, but only barely manages to keep hold of the railing with her other hand.

Ami suggests that she might become a Senshi to help, but Sailor Moon once again insists that she doesn't have to if she doesn't want to; she's sure everything will work out somehow. Ami replies that she didn't mean that she didn't want to do it, and she really did want to be a Senshi. As she hears this, Luna calls for Ami to "catch." Her crescent moon glows and a bright spot of light flies toward Ami, which, when she catches it, turns into a bracelet around her wrist.

Sailor Moon loses her grip on Ami's hand, but as she falls, Ami transforms into Sailor Mercury and lands safely on the shallow pool below. Sailor Moon joins her just in time for the two youma to reappear, and both girls fight together; one youma is destroyed with Moon Twilight Flash and the other with Mercury Aqua Mist.

Sailor Moon asks Sailor Mercury if it's really okay with her to be a Senshi, and Mercury insists that it is; she's happy to be able to fight alongside Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon replies that she's happy, too, because she really did want to be Ami's friend.

Tuxedo Mask watches from higher up, observing that now there are two Senshi.

Jadeite creates a youma in a pile of dead leaves.

A miko stares intently into a fire and observes that something bad is coming.

Act.3- "Sanninme no Senshi wa Miko no Rei-chan" ("The Third Senshi is Miko Rei")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 3

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 3

Airdate: October 18, 2003

Toei 03

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki is once again admiring Kamekichi. Usagi and Ami enter and show their one-year passports, but Ami seems uncertain about using it. Usagi assures her that it's okay, and Motoki and Kamekichi both agree.

Down in the Secret Base, Luna has set up a quiz show for Usagi and Ami to review their mission and goals. Usagi seems confused by mention of the Silver Crystal, and Luna explains that it has great power and could destroy the Earth if it fell into the wrong hands. She changes the subject to Sailor V, and she and the girls wonder if she's another one of their companions - possibly even the Princess herself. Luna gives Ami her own Teletia S and encourages the girls to find the other Sailor Senshi.

At the Hikawa Shrine, a miko sits before a fire. Outside, a schoolgirl walking along a path is attacked by a Youma that pulls her through a door to another dimension; the doorway vanishes and two crows circle the spot where the girl had been. The Miko looks up, her hands clenching, and the flames before her swirl.

It's lunchtime at the junior high and Usagi and her friends discuss how girls have been mysteriously disappearing lately. One of them starts telling scary stories about an evil Miko at the shrine, which scares Usagi, though Naru assures her it's just a rumor. Usagi then sees Ami walking by and invites her to eat lunch with them, to the astonishment of her friends, but Ami declines in favor of studying.

After school, Usagi meets up with Ami and wonders why she refused to eat lunch together. Ami tells her it'd be suspicious if they were suddenly friends, since they need to keep it secret that they're Senshi. Moving on to the rumored disappearances, she suggests that it could be the work of a Youma, and Usagi enthusiastically suggests that they track it down. As they talk, however, Usagi accidentally bumps into a strange girl (who happens to be the same person as the Miko from earlier). She apologizes and the girl walks off, but then they notice the stranger dropped her bracelet. Usagi picks it up and runs off after the stranger, leaving Ami behind.

The strange girl continues down the path toward the Hikawa Shrine.

In its strange blue-lit dimension, the Youma dances amidst the unconscious bodies of its victims, as Jadeite reports to Queen Beryl. Beryl tells Jadeite that she will not accept failure.

Usagi follows the path that the strange girl had taken, heading into the shrine as the stories her friends told her echo in her head. She grows increasingly nervous until the Miko appears in front of her, at which point she screams and runs away. As she leaves the shrine, she passes a girl with the same school uniform the Miko was wearing earlier.

Later that evening, Usagi tells Ami that she'll try to return the bracelet again tomorrow. Ami tells her that she's been compiling information on the missing girls in the hope that she'll find something useful. Usagi's mother brings in some drinks for the girls and begins a teasing wrestling match with her daughter, much to Ami's bemusement.

Luna attempts to catch up with Sailor V as she leaps from roof to roof through the city, but finally has to give up. As she stops, she wonders to herself if Sailor V could be the Princess.

The next day, Usagi returns to the shrine to find the strange girl being threatened by a group of other girls who seem to think she's the reason for the disappearences. One of them adds that she'd seen a girl running away from the shrine the day before; Usagi walks up and tells them it's all right, it was her running and she was just startled, so everything is okay. Somehow, she manages to defuse the situation and everyone departs.

As the girl walks away, Usagi comes up behind her and calls her "Rei." Surprised, Rei turns around, and Usagi hands her the bracelet, explaining that the beads on it spelled out her name. Usagi also apologizes because she feels it was her fault the girls were bothering her; Rei disagrees and says that it happens all the time.

Once more in her Miko robes, Rei kneels before the fire and concentrates.

As Usagi leaves the shrine, Ami calls and tells her to come quickly, because she thinks she knows where the next target will be.

When Usagi joins her, Ami explains that the previous six targets were Miko at a festival, but there was a seventh one. She's found that one, so all they need to do is watch her. Using their phones, Usagi and Ami disguise themselves as Miko and go to follow the girl.

Usagi tells Ami about her visit to the shrine as they walk through the halls in search of the girl, but is surprised to see Rei up ahead of them. The two girls hear a scream and start to run toward its source, but find Rei crouched by the unconscious girl. When she hears them approach, Rei pulls out an ofuda, which makes Usagi wonder if she's an enemy - but Rei calls out, "Akuryo Taisan!" and throws it at a floating pile of leaves that was behind them. As it collapses, she observes that she has finally found what was behind the girls' disappearance. Usagi's relief that Rei isn't an enemy after all is short-lived, as the Youma's dimensional door opens and it pulls Rei in. Usagi quickly grabs Rei's waist and is sucked in as well. Left behind, Ami makes a frantic phone call to Luna.

Usagi and Rei find themselves in the blue-lit dimension with the Youma approaching, threateningly. Usagi tells Rei to run away and then transforms into Sailor Moon. The battle doesn't go well for Sailor Moon, and the Youma traps her with some vines, but she still tries to encourage Rei to run to safety. Rei starts to go, but her bracelet begins to glow red.

Luna tells Ami to transform and open a gateway to the Youma's dimension, which she does using Mercury Aqua Mist.

Rei's bracelet changes into a transformation bracelet like Ami's, making Sailor Moon realize that she's also a Senshi. She calls for Rei to transform, but before she can the Youma attacks and buries her in leaves. Rei breaks free of the attack, though, and transforms into Sailor Mars. After a brief fight, she destroys the Youma using Youma Taisan. The Youma's victims begin to wake up just as the portal Sailor Mercury created opens, and Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars help them escape. Once they're out, Sailor Mars follows, but Sailor Moon is grabbed by another one of the vines and pulled away. Tuxedo Mask saves her, though, and helps her get through the portal just as it closes.

Tuxedo Mask quickly departs, leaving Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury wondering who he is. Luna tells Sailor Mars that she's the third Senshi, to which she replies that she now understands why she has the powers she does.

Queen Beryl reprimands Jadeite for his failure and curses the interference of the Sailor Senshi.

Now that they've found the third Senshi, Usagi declares that they need to have a party. Rei, however, doesn't like this idea; she says that she hates karaoke, and has no interest in being friendly with the other two girls, anyway. She walks off alone, leaving a very disappointed-looking Usagi.

Act.4- "Pātī ni Sennyū yo!" ("Sneaking Into the Party!")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 4

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 4

Airdate: October 25, 2003

Toei 04

Usagi, Ami, and Luna are all in the Secret Base while Usagi mourns the fact that Rei doesn't want to be their friend, and more, she hates karaoke. The three of them want to persuade her to join them, but don't want to force her. Luna points out that they also need to make plans to find the Silver Crystal.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl wonders if the Sailor Senshi are planning to awaken the Moon Princess, but realizes that if the Princess does appear, she might have the Silver Crystal. Jadeite tries to volunteer to search for the Crystal, but Beryl is annoyed at his failures and calls for Nephrite instead.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Rei stares into her fire and realizes that something bad is coming.

A news broadcaster announces that at her birthday party the next day, Yuka Sakuragi will be displaying her Blue Crystal. Luna thinks that it might really be the Silver Crystal, so Usagi excitedly suggests that they go to the party to investigate. Ami notes that she doesn't have an invitation, but Usagi tells her that for times like this, they need to use their Teletia S - and as she pulls hers out, she accidentally hits Mamoru in the chest. The two bicker, as usual, and he stalks off, wondering aloud if this Blue Crystal might be the Silver Crystal. In the background, a disguised Nephrite watches the news broadcast as well. Rei senses his presence, but before she can do anything about it Usagi and Ami find her and suggest she go to the party with them. She declines, saying that she doesn't need friends and she can do it on her own, because that's how she prefers to do things. Usagi is upset by this, but is quickly distracted by her need to find something to wear to the party, and starts taking pictures of pretty dresses in shop windows.

As it turns out, though, she doesn't need the dresses - it's a Halloween costume party. Ami is there, dressed in a French maid-style costume with cat ears and whiskers, accompanied by Luna, who observes that Usagi is late. Usagi appears in a mascot-style bear costume, and as she and Ami walk away, Rei also shows up, dressed in her miko robes with the addition of a mask. Yuka, the birthday girl, appears on stage and thanks everyone for coming to the party, and music starts to play. Usagi runs off excitedly, and Ami and Luna split up to search.

Backstage, Yuka tells a guard that the jewel will be unveiled in an hour. Nephrite, watching, turns a plant into a Youma and sends it after the two of them.

As Usagi wanders the party, she bumps into Tuxedo Mask and thinks that he smells nice, as he wonders what this strange bear is doing.

Ami searches the back hallways and encounters Rei, who informs her that she senses a Youma somewhere nearby. Ami suggests that they work together as Senshi, if not as friends, and asks if Rei is afraid of friends; if so, she says she understands. Rei replies that friends and family always disappear.

Tuxedo Mask manages to extricate himself from the bear's embrace and leaves. Usagi mourns the fact that she couldn't think of anything to say and wanders off, then bumps into the DJ station and gets an idea.

Ami and Rei hear a scream and run toward it; they find the guard unconscious and the jewel's owner possessed by Nephrite's Youma. Ami snatches the jewel case away and the Youma abandons the girl's body. The girls transform into Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars. Sailor Mars tells Sailor Mercury to run with the jewel while she delays the Youma. She uses Youma Taisan, but the Youma splits into two and one half attacks her while the other runs after Mercury.

Usagi hands her request to the DJ just as her phone rings; when she answers it, Luna tells her about the Youma, and she runs off to help.

Usagi finds Sailor Mars trapped by the Youma and goes to transform - but realizes that she's stuck in her costume and can't get at her Heart Moon Brooch. While she struggles with the zipper, the Youma traps her as well. Seeing this, Sailor Mars breaks free, rescues Usagi, and helps her get out of the bear suit. Usagi thanks her, observing that it's nice to have friends, and the two of them run off to help Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Mercury, up on the roof, runs away from the Youma. As they corner her, Sailor Mars and Usagi arrive, and Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon. The two Youma split again, creating a third one, much to the dismay of the Senshi. Sailor Mars uses Akuryo Taisan on one, but the other two revive it again. Sailor Mercury tries Mercury Aqua Mist, but once again the other two revive the injured Youma. Once again the Senshi are confounded, but Sailor Mercury suggests that they attack all three at once. Sailor Moon summons her Moonlight Stick and uses Moon Twilight Flash as the other two attack once again. However, their timing was off, and all three Youma get up again. They try again, with the same result, and the three Youma attack.

The Senshi's ballet-fu is no match for the three Youma, and they fall back and regroup. Sailor Moon hears "C'est la Vie" playing and begins to sing along; Sailor Mercury realizes that they can attack in time to the song. Even though she hates singing, Sailor Mars agrees to the plan and the girls get ready to attack.

Downstairs, the DJ announces that the song was requested by a "Moon Girl" as a message to a "Masked Man."

On the roof, the Senshi circle, singing along with the song, and attack. This time, all three attacks strike the Youma at the same time and they are destroyed. The girls' triumph is short-lived, as Nephrite appears with the jewel case in hand. Sailor Moon tells him to give it back, but Tuxedo Mask appears and also demands it. He and Nephrite battle, and the jewel case gets knocked away. Sailor Moon lunges after the case and catches it at the edge of the roof, but loses her balance and falls. Tuxedo Mask grabs her hand, but he also slips and they both fall over the side of the building.

As they fall, the Moonlight Stick begins to glow, and the two of them are surrounded in a bubble of energy that slowly drifts to the ground. Tuxedo Mask is surprised, but Sailor Moon is delighted and begins to sing "C'est la Vie" again. Once they land, Tuxedo Mask thanks Sailor Moon for saving him; she insists that it was her fault anyway, and she thanks him for saving her previously. He tells her that she has a nice voice, which makes her blush.

Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury appear and distract Sailor Moon, who tells them about what happened. In the meantime, Tuxedo Mask opens the jewel case and observes that this isn't the Silver Crystal. Luna asks him if he's also searching for the Silver Crystal, and asks who he is. He replies that while they're looking for the same thing, he might be an enemy.

Usagi, Ami, and Rei walk home, with Usagi singing again. She suggests that next time they have a karaoke party, and Rei replies that she said she doesn't like karaoke... but if they remove the karaoke part she'll come.

Usagi thinks about her encounter with Tuxedo Mask, smiling happily. At the same time, Luna remembers his comment that he might be an enemy and is concerned.

Act.5- "Usagi-chan wa Hontō no Tomodachi?" ("Is Usagi a True Friend?")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 5

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 5

Airdate: November 1, 2003

Toei 05

It is morning at Ami's house, and she thinks about how she finally has friends. However, her happy feeling doesn't last; as she makes her breakfast (alone, as her mother has already gone to work), her horoscope on the radio indicates that her friendships might be as strong as she thought, and as she walks, she overhears girls talking about other annoying girls who think they are friends. When she gets to Karaoke Crown, Motoki asks where her friends are, and she replies that she's going to meet them there, but she is starting to have doubts about the sincerity of their friendship.

Alone in the Secret Base, Ami pensively looks at photographs on the wall of her, Usagi, and Rei. The other two girls enter, with Usagi trying to persuade Rei to listen to Minako Aino's CD. When Ami tries to join in the conversation, Usagi chides her for calling her "Tsukino-san" because it makes it sound like they are not friends.

Ami walks by a store display where a TV drama involving false friends and betrayal is playing, and briefly imagines herself into the story with Usagi as the other party, who is solemnly pointing a pistol at her. She decides that her imagination is getting away with her and leaves, but she stops at the store to pick up a book on how to be a true friend. Back in her room, she reads the book and wonders if Usagi is going to leave her.

When Usagi arrives at school the next morning, Ami greets her with artificial cheerfulness and calls her "Usagi-chan." Usagi is delighted and gives her a big hug before they head to class. When they reach the classroom, Usagi loudly greets her classmates and they respond in kind, and when Ami follows she does the same, much to the astonishment of everyone else in the room. The teacher announces a surprise quiz, which the class greets with boos; Ami glances around and joins in, remembering what she read in her book. She joins Usagi and her friends for lunch, then ends up having to clean after school because she failed the quiz. When Usagi invites her to a pajama party, she agrees, still thinking about the book's advice.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Usagi tells Rei about Ami's changed attitude and attempts to persuade Rei to come to the party as well. Rei refuses, saying she should not try to force things, but Usagi replies that Ami changed herself and she is excited that Ami might become friends with Naru as well.

Back at her apartment, Ami reads the whiteboard message telling her that her mother is working late again. She erases it, puts on her glasses, practices a smile in the mirror, and leaves.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite tells Queen Beryl that he has a lead on the Silver Crystal. She tells him that if he succeeds he will get everything he has ever desired, to which he replies that all he desires is her.

At Usagi's house, Usagi and Naru sing karaoke and play around while Ami watches and claps. Ami glances at the clock and thinks that she could make it to cram school if she hurries, but Usagi hands her the microphone and she joins in on the song. Naru is surprised to see Ami acting this way, and Usagi tells Ami that she is very cute, but as she sings Ami holds the microphone in a white-knuckled grip. The girls decide to play with make-up, and while Ami is applying mascara Usagi picks up her glasses and notices that they are just plain glass. Ami agrees that she does not need them, but would feel awkward without them. After they are finished, Naru and Usagi laugh because Ami has overdone her make-up; Ami joins in after a minute but her laughter is forced. When Ami goes to wash the makeup off, she looks at her reflection in the mirror, observes that this is more tiring than studying and suddenly collapses.

Usagi sits by the bed, worriedly watching the sleeping Ami. Her mother comes in to say that she is taking Naru home. Ami opens her eyes and apologizes for spoiling the party, and Usagi chides her for trying to force herself, showing the copy of the "how to be friends" book that fell out of Ami's bag. Ami points out that it made her happy to be called "Usagi-chan" and Usagi replies that it did, but it does not make her happy if it was a lie, because lying is something that friends never do.

In the Secret Base, Usagi sadly looks at the wall of photographs. Rei observes that she thought Ami's behavior was strange, and Usagi insists that she really did think Ami wanted to be friends with Naru. Rei tells her that not everyone can change suddenly. Just then Luna calls, telling them to come to the art show because she thinks she may have found the Silver Crystal.

At the art show, Usagi wonders if Ami will come. She and Rei split up to search, while up on a balcony Nephrite tells a Youma to search for the Crystal.

Usagi happens upon someone's dropped nametag and, when she picks it up, incorrectly reads it as "Chijou Ei" (an incorrect rendition of the name "Chiba Mamoru"). Mamoru appears and irritably corrects her, the two bicker as usual, and he mispronounces her name as "Kobuta" (piglet). She stomps away, and he wonders where the Crystal is.

Ami arrives just in time to see the Youma attacking a woman with the unusual pendant. She transforms into Sailor Mercury and chases the Youma into some trees, but once there it moves too quickly for her to see. She stops to concentrate and call upon her element of water, which directs her toward the Youma. She attacks and attempts to use Mercury Aqua Mist, but the Youma knocks a tree over onto her first. Sailor Mercury pulls out her Teletia S to call Usagi, but remembers what Usagi had said the night before and just braces herself for the Youma's attack. Just then, however, the Youma is hit by Moon Tiara Boomerang and is knocked away. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars are angry at the Youma for attacking their friend, and they use Moon Twilight Flash and Youma Taisan to destroy it.

When the Youma is destroyed the pendant goes flying, and Tuxedo Mask catches it. He declares that it is not the Silver Crystal and gives it to Sailor Moon, then departs. Sailor Mars helps Sailor Mercury to stand, and Sailor Moon demands to know why she did not call for help. Mercury looks uncomfortable, but when she starts to explain, she only gets as far as "Usagi-chan" before Sailor Moon happily observes that really sounded like her, and Sailor Mars puts a friendly hand on her shoulder. Mercury practices saying "Usagi-chan" and "Rei-chan" again, and the girls laugh and join in a group hug.

The next day, Naru notices that Ami went back to her old habits and is not eating lunch with them. Usagi's friends laugh that a genius would tire of her quickly. As they continue to talk about Ami, Usagi realizes that they are referring to her as "Ami-chan" now.

Up on the roof of the school, Ami is eating her lunch when she suddenly realizes that she forgot her glasses. She thinks about it for a moment, but just smiles and goes back to eating.

Usagi thinks that Rei was right, Ami might not change suddenly, but she could change gradually.

Luna watches the girls and thinks that the day is soon coming that the fourth Senshi will appear.

On a stormy night, a tall girl with a ponytail walks down the street, then glances back over her shoulder just as lightning flashes...

Act.6- "Tenkōsei wa Sērā Jupitā" ("The Transfer Student is Sailor Jupiter")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 6

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 6

Airdate: November 8, 2003

Toei 06

Several young men are playing basketball on an outside court. Naru, Momoko, Kanami, and Usagi excitedly watch one of them, Takeru, exclaiming over how cool he is. They notice that he has been attracting a lot of girls lately when he plays, and decide to get closer. Usagi does not notice them leaving at first and thus lags behind; when she goes to follow three guys come up and harass her. A tall girl in an unfamiliar school uniform appears and takes the boys down; Usagi tries to thank her but she just walks away.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl remarks that it seems to be harder than expected to find the Silver Crystal. Nephrite replies that he will do anything to find it for her. She smiles and tells him to keep searching while Jadeite collects human energy. Elsewhere, in a strange room filled with odd sculptures, Jadeite tells himself that he will not fail again.

It's lunchtime at the junior high, and Usagi's friends are planning to watch Takeru again after school. She thinks to herself that he's not nearly as interesting as Tuxedo Mask. She notices the stranger in the unfamiliar school uniform walk past, and one of her friends observes that she is a transfer student who was kicked out of her old school for fighting. The girl walks out onto the roof and nods at Ami, who is up there eating lunch and reading a book as usual. As the girl walks down the hall later, all the students stare at her apprehensively and whisper amongst themselves.

After school Usagi finds the stranger and thanks her for her help. The girl notes that Usagi is the first person to talk to her, and Usagi replies that she does not believe the rumors. The girl introduces herself as Makoto Kino, and Usagi immediately calls her "Mako-chan" and drags her off to go shopping and familiarize herself with the area.

While they talk, Usagi learns that Makoto lives by herself, because her parents died when she was ten. She gets an idea and drags her off to another place.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Rei and Luna are discussing Sailor V when Usagi shows up. She introduces Rei and Makoto, and Rei stares oddly at the other girl, prompting her to ask if something is wrong. Rei replies in the negative, and Makoto notices the time and says that she has to leave. After she's gone Luna asks Rei if she sensed something as well, and Rei agrees that she might be the fourth Senshi.

Takeru and his friends are once again playing basketball, accompanied by the adoring cheers of his female admirers standing at the sidelines. A little farther away, partially hidden by the trees, Makoto also watches. Takeru suddenly begins to glow red, and the glow spreads to the watching girls; it only lasts for a moment, though, and after it is gone everyone keeps going like nothing happened. In the background, the three guys who had been harassing Usagi look at Makoto, then each other, and nod.

At school, Usagi's friends sigh over photos of Takeru. Haruna Sakurada grabs the photos from them and tells them to save it for break time, but when she looks at them she exclaims over how cool Takeru is. While she is waving the photos around, Usagi notices what looks like Makoto in the background.

When Usagi confronts Makoto about it, she laughs at the idea of her liking Takeru. Usagi insists that she had a sad look on her face while looking at him, and offers to help if Makoto needs anything, because she has some experience in this field. Makoto once again insists that Usagi is mistaken, and says she just likes basketball. Usagi is not convinced.

When Makoto gets home, she finds a letter in her mailbox from Takeru, in which he says that he thinks about her all the time and asks her to meet him the next morning by the fountain. She smiles a little, thoughtfully, and begins to make cookies as Luna watches her from the window.

The next morning, Takeru stands on the basketball court, dribbling the basketball. He sees his female admirers approaching and drops the ball, raising his arms to greet them with an evil smile. In the meantime, Makoto stands at the fountain, holding a bag of cookies and waiting for Takeru.

In the Secret Base, Usagi, Rei, and Ami discuss Makoto. Rei and Ami wonder if she's the fourth Senshi, but Usagi is more interested in the idea that she has a crush on Takeru. Rei says that falling in love with guys is a waste of time, and Makoto doesn't seem like the type. Ami observes that Makoto brings a homemade lunch that's very cute and feminine, which convinces Usagi that she was right.

Makoto waits by the fountain for several hours with no sign of Takeru; even when it begins to rain, she still stays. The three guys show up and thank her for waiting, mocking her for actually believing the letter. Luna sees this and calls Usagi.

Usagi, Ami, and Rei run to the fountain and find Makoto sitting nearby, still soaking wet. Makoto admits that at her old school, her heart was broken by her sempai, and Takeru looked kind of like him. Disgusted at herself, she throws the now-sodden bag of cookies into the garbage and walks away. Usagi apologizes for calling her tomboyish, but Makoto just waves her off and keeps going. Determined, Usagi pulls out her Teletia S and tells the others not to stop her; Ami just smiles and says she'll help, and Rei agrees, saying that she hates guys who deceive girls.

The three guys are playing basketball at the outdoor court when Usagi, Ami, and Rei appear, having used their phones to transform into street basketball players. The girls challenge them to a match, and the guys agree.

Makoto walks home and pauses in front of her mailbox as a tear runs down her cheek. Takeru appears and tells her that she's the only one who didn't show up, so he came to get her. He holds out a hand and tells her to come with him; she stares at him for a moment before taking it. When her hand touches his, they begin to glow with a red light and Makoto finds herself surrounded by Takeru's other female fans, all still and silent in a strange black-and-white world that looks like the room where Jadeite had been earlier. Takeru gloats over the stupid women whose energy he will now take, but Makoto suddenly grabs his hand. He demands to know why the spell didn't work on her, and she gets angry with him for deceiving the others and playing with their feelings. Makoto punches him in the face, and when he flies back all the girls glow red and reappear in the park, wondering how they got there.

Back at the basketball court, the guys collapse in exhaustion. The girls taunt them, and they whisper to each other to win at any cost. Two of the guys grab Rei and Ami, but the girls fight back and knock them down, leaving only one to oppose Usagi. He backs away from her apprehensively, and Usagi takes a flying leap, jumps off the guy's forehead, and slam-dunks the ball. The guys all collapse again, moaning, while the girls look triumphant.

Makoto is once again in front of the fountain, backing away from Takeru as he approaches. Enraged, he declares that he won't let her get away and transforms; the Youma emerges from his body and the real Takeru drops to the ground. The Youma starts to go after him and Makoto shoves him away, but at that the Youma turns on her and wraps its snake-like whip around her neck. She reaches out toward Takeru but he screams and runs away.

Makoto finds herself in a misty place, remembering her parents leaving, then her sempai, and her friends, all as she begs them not to go. She thinks to herself that, in the end, she's always alone. Just then she hears someone call her name, and Sailor Moon appears out of the mists, telling her that she's not alone. She takes Makoto's wrist and a Jewelry Star Bracelet appears there. Sailor Moon tells her to transform, and Makoto nods, then transforms into Sailor Jupiter.

In the real world, the Youma is thrown back as Sailor Jupiter appears; she uses Supreme Thunder and destroys it. She glances down at her sailor fuku, disbelieving, and Sailor Moon walks up to her. Jupiter recognizes her as Usagi, and she smiles and tells Jupiter that they're companions. Sailor Mars walks up and says that she had thought Makoto was a Senshi, but was not sure because of the Youma's spell. Sailor Mercury comes up to them and observes that as Senshi they all have powers, and Jupiter is one of them.

Sailor Jupiter says that she now knows why she was always alone; it wasn't her fault, but it was so she could meet her companions. Luna sees the four of them standing together and declares that, now that the four Senshi are united, they can combine their powers to find the Princess and the Silver Crystal. Sailor Mars counters that they first need to find out Sailor V's identity, but Sailor Moon is sure that with all four of them together, they can do anything. In the meantime, Zoisite watches them from the distance...

Act.7- "Henshin suru no o Mirare chatta!" ("He Saw Me Transforming!")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 7

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 7

Airdate: November 15, 2003

Toei 07

It's night, and Sailor Moon is fighting a straw-like Youma inside of a large building. She uses Moon Tiara Boomerang, but finds she only hit a decoy; the real Youma is behind her. It launches a number of large spikes at her and she can only wait for the attack to hit, but just in time Tuxedo Mask arrives and knocks them away. Sailor Moon calls his name and he looks back at her, distracted just long enough for the Youma to throw another spike which grazes his arm. Sailor Moon grabs the spike and throws it back, and the Youma runs away, too fast for her to follow. Disappointed, Sailor Moon turns away to find that Tuxedo Mask has left; she hears his footsteps and chases after. As she follows, though, Sailor V appears and sternly orders her to stay away from him. Luna appears and asks Sailor V if she is the Princess, but the mysterious Sailor Senshi vanishes without answering, leaving Sailor Moon behind to wonder how Tuxedo Mask can be her enemy.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite sits at his piano and plays. In the meantime, Nephrite and Jadeite report to Queen Beryl; they tell her that Zoisite thinks Sailor V is the Princess, and she immediately orders that Sailor V be killed. Nephrite expresses his doubts as to Zoisite's ability, but Beryl tells him to worry about his own mission to find the Silver Crystal. As the two Shitennou leave, Nephrite taunts Jadeite, who insists he will find energy as ordered. Zoisite continues to play, concentrating on Sailor V.

Usagi wanders distractedly into Karaoke Crown, still thinking about the possibility that Tuxedo Mask is an enemy. As she enters, she sees Motoki holding a tuxedo jacket with a rip in the same place Tuxedo Mask had been hit by the Youma's attack. She stares at Motoki, wondering if he could really be Tuxedo Mask.

In the Secret Base, Usagi discusses the previous night's events with Makoto, Rei, Ami, and Luna. They think that Sailor V might be the Princess, and Luna tells them that when the Princess appears, she will tell them something very important. Usagi thinks to herself that she can't tell the others who Tuxedo Mask really is.

Later that night, Luna asks Usagi if she has fallen in love with Tuxedo Mask, but Usagi immediately denies it, insisting that she's just curious because he's saved her so many times. Luna reminds her what Sailor V says, and with those remembered words in her mind, Usagi thinks to herself that she's sure he isn't an enemy...but as for whether or not she's fallen in love with him, she's not sure.

Usagi enters Karaoke Crown and stops at the front counter to give Motoki some turtle food for Kamekichi. They introduce themselves, and as thanks for the food, Motoki offers her a ticket to an amusement park, and suggests that she bring some friends along as well. Usagi thinks for a moment, then happily accepts.

Rei is grumpy about being dragged along, but Usagi says she needed three people and Ami was busy. Makoto teases her about Motoki, which seems to annoy Rei even more. Usagi spots Mamoru nearby and the two of them exchange disgusted looks; just then Motoki arrives and is surprised that they already know each other. It turns out that Mamoru is Motoki's classmate, who he invited to the park as well. As Usagi assures Makoto that the two of them really aren't friends, Motoki hands Mamoru a bag with the now-mended tuxedo jacket inside. Motoki's other friend arrives, and turns out to be Takai, another turtle lover (who is wearing a plushie-turtle backpack). The group splits into pairs and Makoto ends up with Motoki, Rei with Takai, and Usagi with Mamoru; seeing Usagi's obvious displeasure, Makoto trades partners and they head off to the rides. Takai, however, develops hiccups as soon as Rei tries to speak to him, and she only looks even more disgusted.

As they go on the rides, Usagi thinks to herself that it's fun to be with Tuxedo Mask, but he seems different, somehow, and she wonders if he's trying to hide his identity. Rei, however, is stuck on the sidelines, watching the others and dealing with Takai's hiccups.

Motoki and Usagi are out in a rowboat on the lake (and are passed by a boat being rowed by Makoto, as Mamoru watches in vague bemusement), and Usagi thinks to herself that, even though she's with Tuxedo Mask, she doesn't feel very excited. She decides that she just needs to make it more fun.

The four of them walk by a mirror maze and Usagi happily leads the way inside. Motoki has Usagi hold one end of a handkerchief while he takes the other, so they don't get separated in the maze. Despite the precaution they get split up, and the four of them wander the mirrored corridors.

Outside, Takai is still trying to stop his hiccups, using stranger and stranger methods. Rei suddenly senses something and, looking around, spots the straw-Youma from before. She runs after it, followed by a confused Takai.

Usagi finally finds someone she knows: Mamoru. He chides her for leaving Motoki alone because he doesn't do well in this kind of place. Out in one of the corridors Motoki is in obvious distress when Makoto finds him. Usagi and Mamoru bicker with each other, then Mamoru grabs her hand, telling her he doesn't want to get separated again, and leads the way back into the maze. Usagi wonders why her heart is suddenly beating so fast.

Rei stands at the top of an amphitheater looking around, but the Youma is nowhere in sight. She decides that she must have imagined it and starts to walk away. As Takai follows, the straw-Youma grabs his shoulder.

Rei spots a bunch of balloons floating away and returns to the amphitheater to find Takai draining the energy of the people there. She tries to transform but the Youma-possessed young man gets to her first; he takes her energy, too, storing it in his plushie turtle backpack. Rei collapses and can only watch him as he goes after more victims, but she manages to pull out her phone and alert the others.

Upon receiving the call, Makoto leaves a distinctly sick-looking Motoki sitting on some stairs and runs off.

Usagi hangs up her phone and glances around, noting that Mamoru has disappeared again. She takes advantage of the opportunity to transform into Sailor Moon, but unfortunately for her, Mamoru hasn't gone very far and sees her reflection in the mirrors. As she runs off, he expresses his shock that she is Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter find Rei, who directs them toward Takai's backpack. As the Youma notices them, he abandons Takai's body, grabs the backpack, and tries to escape. The two Senshi stop him and, after a brief fight, Sailor Jupiter uses Supreme Thunder. Sailor Moon starts to use Moon Twilight Flash, but remembering her previous fight with this Youma, waits until Jupiter has destroyed the decoy and then turns and sends her attack at the real Youma behind them.

Now that the Youma has been destroyed, the two Senshi go after the backpack but are stopped by Jadeite. Sailor Jupiter thinks he might be a Youma, but he introduces himself as a Shitennou and one of Queen Beryl's followers. He throws an energy attack at the Senshi, but Tuxedo Mask appears and blocks it with his cane. Jadeite increases the power and it knocks Tuxedo Mask back, injuring one of his hands. When Sailor Moon goes to him, he yells at her to go after the backpack instead. Jadeite grabs it and tries to run away, but Sailor Moon uses Moon Tiara Boomerang to rip it open and release the stored energy, which then returns to those from whom it was stolen.

Jadeite throws the now-useless backpack down in disgust and, with a curse in the Senshi's direction, disappears. Tuxedo Mask starts to leave, but Sailor Moon runs after him and wraps his injured hand in her handkerchief. He thanks her, but she insists it was her fault, and asks why he always saves her; he admits that he doesn't even know himself. As he leaves, Sailor Moon wonders why she also feels the way she does about him. She looks up and sees Sailor V watching her. Sailor V asks if she forgot her warning, and Sailor Moon replies that she doesn't know why, but she can't stay away from him. Sailor V looks sad and wonders if fate can't be changed.

Takai sits up and realizes that his hiccups have finally stopped.

Usagi admits to her friends that she'd thought Motoki might be Tuxedo Mask, but she now realizes that she was wrong. Rei and Makoto argue over whether or not it was a stupid idea, while Usagi wonders just who Tuxedo Mask really is.

As he walks away, Mamoru looks down at the pink handkerchief wrapped around his hand. "She is Sailor Moon?" he says to himself, thinking about his memories of Sailor Moon and Usagi. He pulls the handkerchief off and shoves it in his pocket.

Act.8- "Rei to Otōsan" ("Rei and Her Father")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 8

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 8

Airdate: November 22, 2003

Toei 08

Down in the Secret Base, Rei, Makoto, and Ami wait for Usagi, who is late once again. Makoto volunteers to go look for her, but Rei insists that's being too nosy. Makoto replies that she doesn't see anything wrong with it.

In the front room of the Karaoke Crown, Motoki is busy taking pictures of himself with Kamekichi when Usagi rushes in and flashes her pass at him. He tries to apologize for being a bother at the amusement park, but she's gone too fast to hear.

Once Usagi gets to the Secret Base, she happily displays the reason she called everyone together: there is an upcoming look-alike contest for Minako's mascot, Nako Nako, and Usagi suggests that everyone enter. Rei refuses, which doesn't surprise Usagi very much; Ami insists she's too busy researching Sailor V; and Makoto isn't interested in the prize. Since the others aren't going to enter, Usagi asks them to help her out.

As it turns out, Usagi accidentally did the wrong homework the other day, and she doesn't have time to catch up and work on her entry for the costume contest, and she wants the others to help out. Makoto seems agreeable, but Rei sternly insists that Usagi needs to take care of this herself. The two of them bicker until Usagi, looking distressed, breaks up the fight and says that it's okay, she'll do it herself. Rei and Makoto glare at each other, and Makoto accuses her of being too cold.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite once again plays his piano, trying to find Sailor V. He is interrupted by Jadeite, who asks for his help against the Sailor Senshi. Zoisite only smiles. Elsewhere, Nephrite reports to Queen Beryl on Jadeite's failures. Beryl counters by telling him it's better to try than to just talk, much to Nephrite's dismay.

Makoto walks toward the Hikawa Shrine holding a wooden plaque with Usagi's wish to win the Nako Nako look-alike contest; she remembers how Usagi begged her to hang it for her, and to please talk things out with Rei. As she arrives at the shrine, she finds Rei talking on her cell phone about how it's too late to have a good family relationship with "him," and how she doesn't want to see him. As Rei hangs up, she notices Makoto's presence, and the two of them resume bickering. Makoto starts to stomp away but pauses, remembering her promise to Usagi, but after a glance back at Rei she keeps going anyway.

At the Tsukino residence, Usagi is distracted from her homework by her concerns for Rei and Makoto. After a moment, though, she declares that she must do her best and resumes studying. Shingo sees her hard at work and, amazed, reports to his mother that she's really focused. Ikuko is a little worried, but decides that it can't be a bad thing - until Shingo points out that her mind might suddenly snap.

Up in her room, Usagi has finally finished her workbook. She's tired, but still determined to work on her costume for the contest. Ikuko comes upstairs to bring her a snack, but finds Usagi practicing Nako Nako's trademark "kupi" noise in a self-made Nako Nako costume, and immediately panics, thinking that Usagi has finally gone crazy. She pulls Usagi's hat off and wails that it's okay, she doesn't have to study anymore.

The next morning at Juuban Municipal Junior High School, Usagi and her friends are all dressed in their Nako Nako costumes, practicing poses. Usagi, however, is so tired that she can barely focus on what they're doing. Ami and Makoto watch nearby, both pleased that Usagi managed to finish. Ami is disappointed that she can't go to the contest because of cram school, but at least Makoto can support their friend. Makoto looks guilty, putting a hand in her pocket to feel the wish plaque that is still there.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite tells Jadeite that he will send his spirit to wherever Sailor Moon is. Jadeite closes his eyes, and Zoisite begins to play his piano.

Makoto walks across the Hikawa Shrine, carrying Usagi's wish plaque. As she goes, she spots Rei being forced into a car by several people in suits. She wonders if it could be a kidnapping and, alarmed, runs after the car. The car finally pulls up at a tall building, and the woman sitting next to Rei tells her to get out.

Elsewhere, a large crowd of costumed people gather for the Nako Nako contest, and Usagi eyes her competition with some dismay. One of her friends wonders where Minako is.

Inside the building, Makoto follows the woman who had been with Rei. The woman goes inside of a room, and Makoto tries to enter but finds the door locked. A large man in a dark suit stops her, and is soon joined by another, but when they try to lead Makoto away she throws them both down. The woman opens the door to investigate the noise, and when she sees Makoto she tries to call for help, but Rei stops her, saying that it's just her friend. Makoto enters the room and finds Rei all dressed up, a very large change from her usual miko robes. Rei tells Ms. Kurata, the woman, to leave them alone; Ms. Kurata reminds her that Rei's father will be there shortly and then departs.

Makoto is surprised to hear Rei's father mentioned. Rei replies that, although he is a busy politician, they meet for lunch once a month. Makoto looks briefly relieves, then hastily reassures Rei that she wasn't trying to eavesdrop, but she'd thought Rei was in trouble. Rei is surprised that Makoto came to save her, but says that Makoto wasn't very wrong, and she really doesn't want to be there.

Zoisite continues to play his piano, and Jadeite suddenly jerks upright, his eyes flying open. In the hall where the Nako Nako contest is being held, the music in the background changes from "C'est la Vie" to the piano's music.

Ms. Kurata returns to tell Rei that her father is on his way. She mentions that he's trying to get material for an article on ideal family relationships; when she hears this Rei tears herself away, eyes filling with tears as she demands to know how their relationship is "ideal" in any way. She declares that ever since her mother died he has just wanted to make himself look good as a politician, and when Ms. Kurata tries to protest, Rei angrily tries to shove her out of the room. Ms. Kurata tries to struggle, but Makoto rushes over and forces her out, locking the door behind her. When the girls refuse to open the door again, Ms. Kurata finally gives up and tells the men in dark suits that they're going to give Rei a few minutes.

Back in the room, Rei tells Makoto that it's all just a pretense her father puts on; he actually hates her abilities, and that's why he left her at the shrine. She insists that she's glad, because it forced her to become stronger on her own, but she's tired of his pretenses. Makoto thinks for a moment, then suggests that, if she's so tired of it, maybe she should run away.

A while later, a woman with room service arrives with a cart and is admitted to the room; when the men in suits try to follow the door is promptly slammed in their faces. Time passes, and the cart once again emerges - but this time Makoto is wearing the girl's uniform and Rei is hidden under the cart. Rei mentions that she's surprised that Makoto went along with this plan, because she'd expected to be told to get along with her family. Makoto replies that she'd thought about it, but since she doesn't have a family, she doesn't know anything about it. With a grin, she grabs the cart's handle and starts to run. Rei throws off the cart's cover, revealing herself to be once more in her Miko robes, and laughs delightedly as hotel staff dive out of the way of the cart.

Once they stop, Makoto goes to get her bag off the cart, but she drops it and some of the contents spill out. Rei spots a handmade Nako Nako keychain and starts to tease Makoto about her love of cute things. The two of them laugh together, but are interrupted as their cell phones ring and Luna informs them that there's trouble.

At the Nako Nako contest, all of the entrants have had their energy drained and lie helpless on the ground - except for Usagi, who tries vainly to wake her friends. The piano music still echoes through the room. Back at the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite tells Jadeite to "fly," and Jadeite opens his eyes... then appears on the stage at the contest hall. He charges at Usagi, who ducks out of his way and transforms into Sailor Moon. While she transforms, though, he sneaks behind her and grabs her by the neck. The two fight briefly and he throws her into the hall, and she backs away as he approaches menacingly.

As Minako arrives at the hall where the contest is being held, the radio in her limo suddenly starts to play Zoisite's piano music. She glances around and finds him standing outside the window, pointing at her as he smiles triumphantly. She covers her ears and yells for the driver to stop the music; when he turns off the radio Zoisite vanishes once more, leaving her handlers concerned about her odd behavior.

Jadeite hits Sailor Moon with an energy attack which knocks her down, but as he's about to finish her off, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars arrive. After a brief bout of ballet-fu, the two Sailor Senshi use Flower Hurricane and Akuryo Taisan against Jadeite, but he just absorbs the attacks into a glowing green ball of energy. He triumphantly declares that he'll send them to Hell, too, but he suddenly grimaces in pain and begins to glow red, then disappears, leaving the Senshi baffled as to what just happened.

They run back to check on Sailor Moon, who insists she's fine and expresses delight that the two of them have made up. She proudly tells Sailor Mars that she took care of everything on her own, and she's going to win the Nako Nako contest - but she's so tired that she promptly falls asleep.

The contest has resumed, and the MC announces that, due to scheduling problems, Minako will not be appearing, but she signed the stuffed Nako Nako toy that is to be the grand prize for the contest. Makoto and Rei spot each other preparing to compete, and declare their intentions to win. After their turns on stage, however, they only end up with consolation prizes. Both of them agree that they can't tell Usagi about this.

Back in her room, Usagi is in bed, still dreaming about Nako Nako and muttering "kupi" in her sleep. Luna frets that if she and the other Senshi don't fully awaken soon, they're going to be in great danger, because the enemy is only getting stronger.

In the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite lies on the floor, gasping in pain. Zoisite observes that he didn't do too bad, for his first try, but triumphantly declares that he felt Sailor V's presence. He sits back down at the piano and resumes playing.

Act.9- "Mamore! Maboroshi no Ginzuishō" ("I'll Protect the Illusion Silver Crystal")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 9

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 9

Airdate: November 29, 2003

In the lobby of a large hotel, there is a glass case containing a massive, clear jewel. A small boy stops to look at the display just as the lights go out. They come back on a moment later, but now the jewel is gone, and outside Tuxedo Mask runs away with it in his hand.

It's morning at the Tsukino residence, and Ikuko is washing dishes in the kitchen. Usagi sleepily wanders in and requests some eggs, but her mother replies that "morning service" is over, and asks just how long she was planning to sleep. Usagi whines that it's the weekend and turns on the tv. She is quickly distracted by a commercial featuring Minako Aino announcing that she's in London recording a brand-new single, and excitedly declares that she can't wait to hear the new song. As she's thinking about that, though, on the tv a news broadcaster starts talking about the jewel thief Tuxedo Mask. Apparently, he has informed the news media that he is looking for a very valuable gem called the Silver Crystal, and that's the reason behind his thefts. Ikuko, excited, goes to search for the jewels her grandma left her, but Usagi and Luna are concerned by this news.

At Karaoke Crown, Usagi, Ami, Makoto, and Rei have gathered in the Secret Base to watch the news. The broadcasters announce that the gem in question is full of rainbow light, and show a drawing of what they think it might look like. Luna turns the tv off, annoyed that Tuxedo Mask has told everyone about the Silver Crystal. Makoto comments that everyone is now going crazy over the news and are searching for the jewel, but Ami thinks that might be his point; if everyone is searching, then it's more likely information on it will be found. Luna is upset, though, that there's more competition in their search, and she's concerned that the Princess might get hurt. Rei is of the opinion that this is the reason why Sailor V thought he was their enemy, and Makoto agrees, adding that he's also a thief. Usagi defends him, though, and in the ensuing argument Makoto asks if she likes Tuxedo Mask. She's unable to answer them, but after everyone has left she admits that she really does like him. She's certain that he must have a good reason for doing what he does.

Mamoru, back at his apartment, dreams about a female figure, dressed in white and surrounded by bright white light, who begs for the Silver Crystal. When he wakes, he sits up and looks at his Tuxedo Mask costume, telling himself that he will find the Crystal no matter what. He goes to pick up the jacket and Usagi's handkerchief falls out, making him remember when Sailor Moon wrapped it around his injured hand.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl contemplates Jadeite's unconscious body, observing that even though he always failed, she admired his faithful heart. She waves her hands over him and he shrinks, turning into a stone; she tells him to conserve his power for a while, for her sake, then blows gently on the stone so that it turns black. Nephrite watches the proceedings jealously, then storms away more determined to find the Silver Crystal before anyone else. He considers Tuxedo Mask's current plan, then decides to follow him and take away the Crystal once he finds it.

In the meanwhile, public furor over the search for the Silver Crystal has grown intense - all the newspapers have headlines about it, people flood jewelry stores demanding to know if what they have is the Crystal, and even Ikuko has found her heirloom jewelry that she thinks might be it. Ikuko and Usagi watch the news as an expert named Teruaki Aoi appears to give his opinion on the matter. He talks about how valuable the Crystal is, then gives his phone number for those who think they have found it. Following his segment, the broadcaster talks about a recent rash of jewelry thefts by impostor Tuxedo Masks, and tells people to be careful with their valuables, which makes Ikuko frantically search for a place to hide her necklace.

Masanobu Narita comes to the Hikawa Shrine in search of Rei, and begs her to use her powers to guard his Silver Crystal.

At the junior high, Usagi's classmates clean the room as she absently cleans a window, wondering how Tuxedo Mask is doing. Naru shows up and teases Usagi for dreaming about the boy she likes, and is thrilled when she gets a reaction indicating that she was on the mark. Usagi tells Naru that he's not anyone she knows - and, honestly, she doesn't really know him either because he just appears and disappears. Naru is confused, and Usagi tells her that it's complicated, but Naru insists that Usagi needs to be aggressive and talk to him the next time he appears, because otherwise she'll regret it. Just then, Usagi's cell phone rings, and Luna tells her to meet at the Crown.

The girls all gather at the Secret Base to discuss the request from Narita. Rei says that he hasn't had his gem appraised yet, but is worried that Tuxedo Mask will steal it. She also thinks that his request for her to guard it is silly and doesn't want to use her powers in that way. Luna, however, thinks that they should at least check and see if it's the real thing. Ami volunteers to pretend to be a miko and go in Rei's place; Makoto likes that idea and announces that she'll go as well, just in case Tuxedo Mask does show up. Upon hearing that, Usagi immediately jumps up and says she'll go, but Luna sternly admonishes her to remember that Tuxedo Mask is an enemy.

The Narita residence is guarded by a number of police as Ami arrives, dressed in miko robes. Narita welcomes her warmly and tells her that Aoi, the expert, will be there soon. Outside, Usagi and Makoto survey the situation, then pull out their phones. Makoto disguises herself as a policewoman and joins those already on guard, while Usagi pretends to be a maintenance worker there to prune the trees. From her vantage point, Usagi thinks that, with this many policemen around, if Tuxedo Mask does show up he's likely to get caught; she hopes that he decides not to come.

Elsewhere, Tuxedo Mask strides through a grove of trees.

Aoi arrives and is greeted by Narita, but doesn't seem very pleased to see Ami there. He gets down to business, though, asking to see the gem. Narita removes the case from his pocket and displays the gem, which sparkles in the light. As Aoi leans down to inspect it, he glances at Ami, and she looks away.

Out on the grounds, Usagi wonders what's going on, because she can't see anything from where she is. Just then a tuxedo-clad figure appears from the underbrush below her. Usagi frets that Tuxedo Mask will be seen by the police; she remembers Luna telling her to remember that he's an enemy, and Naru telling her to be aggressive. She watches a moment longer, indecisive, then her memory of Naru tells her that she'll regret it if she doesn't do anything. She nods once, decision made.

After Aoi has inspected the gem, he declares that it does fit the characteristics of the Silver Crystal. Narita is thrilled to hear that, but just then someone outside shouts the alarm that Tuxedo Mask has been sighted. Out on the grounds, Usagi has disguised herself as Tuxedo Mask and is trying to get the attention of the police guards. Makoto recognizes her and is confused about what she's doing. Usagi runs off into the bushes, bringing the other Tuxedo Mask along with her.

Inside, Aoi takes advantage of the ruckus to grab the crystal, but Ami spots him and says that she knew he was suspicious. He runs off with the crystal with Ami in pursuit, and Narita collapses, wailing in despair. Once outside, Aoi hands the gem to Nephrite, who congratulates him and then snaps his fingers, rendering the man unconscious. Makoto and Ami arrive and demand that he return the Silver Crystal; Nephrite recognizes them and tries to escape, but they transform into Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury, and stop him. Nephrite, frustrated, fires an attack at them.

Usagi and "Tuxedo Mask" hide behind a wall as the police run past, and Usagi breathes a sigh of relief. "Tuxedo Mask" speaks up then and she suddenly realizes that it's not the real Tuxedo Mask. He takes his mask off and asks why she helped him, then realizes she's female and starts to stroke her hand in a creepy manner. Usagi screams and shoves him back, attracting the attention of the police; some of them grab hold of the fake Tuxedo Mask while others spot Usagi and chase after her. She finds herself trapped in a dead end and wonders what to do next, when she hears the real Tuxedo Mask tell her to transform. She takes his advice and transforms into Sailor Moon, leaving behind her hat and mask for the police to find.

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury continue to battle against Nephrite. His main objective seems to be to escape with the Silver Crystal, but they won't let him get away. They finally attack with Shine Aqua Illusion and Flower Hurricane, but he blocks their attacks and returns them with a blast of energy that throws both Sailor Senshi back. As he does so, though, he drops the supposed Silver Crystal and it shatters against the ground, making him realize that it's a fake. He disappears again with a swirl of his cape.

After nightfall, the police are still out searching, but Sailor Moon and the real Tuxedo Mask are safely hidden. He observes that she saved an impostor, and she replies that she'd thought it was the real one, admitting that it was stupid of her. He, however, only smiles in response. Sailor Moon asks why he told everyone about the Silver Crystal, and he says that he doesn't have powers like the Senshi do, but he also needs to find the Crystal. When Sailor Moon asks why, he replies that he needs to find out who he is. She asks what that means, and he is silent, remembering his dream. A police siren suddenly sounds and Tuxedo Mask starts to leave, but Sailor Moon stops him, saying that even though he's saved her so often she doesn't even know his name or his face. He replies that he thinks it's better this way, and leaves.

Back at the Secret Base, Ami reports on the day's events, and points out that Rei didn't really need to go after all. Rei thanks her, but Ami just smiles and shakes her head. Meanwhile, Makoto and Usagi argue about Tuxedo Mask, and Usagi finally slouches down in her chair to sulk. Ami walks over and sets her hand on Usagi's shoulder, and in response Usagi happily gives Ami a hug. Luna is glad that the fuss over the Silver Crystal has finally died down, and Ami points out that even with everyone searching it still wasn't found. Luna suggests that it might be with the Princess.

Zoisite sits at his piano, composing a song that he has titled "Requiem for a Princess."

Act.10- "Warawa wa Yami no Joō Kuin Beriru" ("I am Queen Beryl, Queen of Darkness")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 10

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 10

Airdate: December 6, 2003

Toei 10

It's night at the Hikawa Shrine, and Rei is busy drawing a picture. She sets down her pencil and stares into space, remembering when she was a child and read the Princess Kaguya story as a child. She then gets up and opens a sliding door, looking out at the full moon, and smiles.

At the Tsukino residence, Usagi and her mother bicker with each other in the dining room, while Shingo sits under the table and eats his breakfast. Usagi finally declares that she's fed up with her mother, and Ikuko replies that she guesses she no longer has to cook or clean for Usagi. Usagi can't come up with a good response to that, and just storms out of the room.

Up in her room, Usagi angrily packs a bag, declaring that she no longer needs a mother like that. Luna, curious, asks what the fight was about, and Usagi tells her that it was over whether or not to put cheese on her omelet. Luna is speechless for a moment, then asks where Usagi plans to go. That, however, was something she hadn't yet considered.

Usagi wanders into Karaoke Crown with her bag over her shoulder, and is shocked to find Mamoru behind the counter instead of Motoki. She remembers the time she and Mamoru were at the amusement park and were lost in the mirror maze together. Motoki emerges from the back room and tells her that he has something to do, so Mamoru is filling in for him. He then tells Mamoru that Usagi has a year pass and doesn't have to pay, but Usagi says it's okay, she decided not to go after all. As she leaves, she wonders why she didn't want to go in.

Usagi next tries Naru's apartment, but there's no answer at the door. She goes to Ami's apartment just as Ami is leaving; she's on her way to the library, because her mother got a day off and is sleeping, and she wanted to look for Sailor V anyway. Ami notices Usagi's bag and asks if she's going somewhere, but Usagi shrugs it off. Next, Usagi vists Makoto's apartment, but finds her in the midst of remodelling work, so she just leaves her a box of treats before departing again with a cheerful grin. Makoto peeks out the door after her as Usagi's shoulders slump and she wonders where she can go now.

As Usagi walks down the street, Luna suggests that she try Rei's place, but Usagi is worried that Rei will be mad at her for running away. She cautiously enters the Hikawa Shrine and finds Rei giving drawing paper to Erika, who runs off with it. Rei spots Usagi and Usagi asks if she's busy. Rei replies in the affirmative and Usagi starts to leave, but Rei stops her, asking if she fought with her parents and is running away. Usagi is amazed and asks Rei if she knew that because of her psychic powers, but Rei just laughs and says she can tell from personal experience. She turns away then, but pauses and asks Usagi if she would like to help out at the shrine. Usagi, delighted, agrees.

Inside, Rei shows Usagi drawings that she and some local children have done for a picture story show, and asks her to help color them. Usagi recognizes the Princess Kaguya story, but Luna has never heard it before, so Usagi gives her the basic summary. Luna is surprised that a legend about a princess of the moon exists, and Usagi replies that if there really was a moon kingdom she would like to visit it, because it would have to be better than living with her mother, who, she considers, maybe isn't actually her real mother after all. Luna suggests that maybe it isn't just a story, and Usagi teases her for believing the story. Rei replies that she's always believed that there was a kingdom on the moon - her mother used to read her that story because she loved it. She gets a stern look then, and tells Usagi not to ruin the childrens' dreams by saying things like that in front of them.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite apologizes to Queen Beryl for his failure in finding the Silver Crystal. She tells him that it's good that he's trying so hard for her sake, and he declares that he will definitely find it for her. She smiles slightly, then asks what Zoisite is doing. Nephrite tells her that he's writing the Requiem that will kill the Princess, and adds that Zoisite is a little creepy. Beryl observes that he's using a power that sends his soul to people, and considers trying it herself.

In the meantime, Zoisite adds notes to his Requiem, but then rips off the page and throws it to the floor to join the other rejected efforts. He sets back to work, concentrating on the music.

Usagi rambles on to Rei about the fight with her mother regarding the cheese omelet, as she sorts through the pictures. She pauses, wondering if they're missing the page where Princess Kaguya returns to the moon. Rei replies that one of the girls wanted to draw it, so she's working on it now. Usagi asks if she likes Princess Kaguya, and Rei replies that no, she wants to be Princess Kaguya, because she thinks that her late mother is on the moon. Rei once again remembers the Princess Kaguya book from her childhood, and her younger self declared that her mother wasn't really dead, she had just gone back to the moon. Just then, the little girl in question (Erika) entered the room, saying that she messed up the drawing. Rei helps her fix it, then observes that the Princess Kaguya in the picture looks like Erika, and asks if she's returning to her mother. Erika smiles and nods, and Rei replies that her mother is also on the moon. Usagi listens to them talking and realizes that Rei's mother is also dead; she gets up and goes outside and guiltily scolds herself for talking about her mother the way she did when Rei doesn't have a mother. Luna tells her that it's not her fault because she didn't know, but it doesn't make Usagi feel any better.

Zoisite scribbles the last note on his paper, then admires it and declares his Requiem to be a masterpiece. He closes his eyes and begins to play his piano, and a breeze starts to ruffle the papers scattered about the room. After a moment, the papers all swirl together and form a Youma which begins to sing an accompaniment to his music.

Back in Tokyo, the Youma's song echoes through the air. At the Hikawa Shrine, one of the pictures of Princess Kaguya catches on fire; Rei sees it and gasps. In Makoto's apartment, a news broadcast on the tv shows the arrival of the Princess of Estoa, but as the Youma's song grows stronger the princess suddenly faints. In a park, two little girls play with their dolls, and as one of the girls says her doll's name is Princess Kirakira it abruptly bursts into flame. In the library, a little girl reads a fairy tale, but one of the illustrations of the princess starts to burn; Ami, sitting nearby, looks over with alarm. Back at the shrine Erika suddenly looks ill and is groaning in pain. Usagi rushes in to ask what's going on, and Rei asks if she can't hear the Youma's voice. Usagi looks at the ruined pictures on the table and asks if someone is after Princess Kaguya, but Luna replies that, more accurately, someone is after a princess. Rei thinks that Erika is affected because she associates herself with Princess Kaguya, and Usagi declares that they need to hurry and defeat the Youma.

The two of them run outside and transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars, then follow the sound of the Youma's voice. They find it standing on top of a building, and Sailor Moon uses Moon Tiara Boomerang to knock it down. The Youma attacks by singing multicolored musical notes at them, and they dance around to avoid being hit; the Youma manages to get behind them and fires off a note at Sailor Moon, but Sailor Mars jumps in the way and takes the hit. Sailor Moon drops to her knees by her fallen comrade, concerned, and the Youma starts to run away, but is stopped by Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter. Despite their ballet-fu moves, though, both of them are hit by the Youma's attacks and collapse to the ground, unconscious.

Sailor Moon looks around at her fallen friends and Luna rushes up, telling her to focus her desire to save everyone into her Moonlight Stick. Sailor Moon nods, then holds the Stick out and concentrates; it begins to glow with a pink light that blocks the Youma's musical-note attack and, finally, destroys the Youma completely. She then holds the Stick up again and concentrates, and as it glows it revives the other Sailor Senshi. Sailor Moon still concentrates, though, and all the various princesses affected by Zoisite's spell are healed. Once finished, Sailor Moon drops to her knees, tired but triumphant. The other Senshi rush up and congratulate her. Just then, the notes of Zoisite's piano ring out and the Senshi look around, dismayed.

Queen Beryl appears behind them, laughing evilly. She tells them that she's not surprised they don't recognize her, because they all were different in the past, and she introduces herself as the Queen of the Dark Kingdom. She goes on to tell them that they're just the remnants of the fallen Moon Kingdom, and should have gone on sleeping with the Princess - but now that it's too late, she plans to bring destruction to their precious Princess. She begins to laugh again and disappears in a swirl of red light.

Confused, the Senshi ask Luna what Beryl was talking about. Luna replies that their Princess is actually the Princess of the Moon Kingdom, that she herself is actually from the moon, and that the Senshi are the four guardians of the Princess, the Sailor Senshi of the moon. Stunned, the girls all look up at the moon in the sky.

At the shrine, Erika tells the story of Princess Kaguya using the drawings. The girls watch from the back of the room and quietly discuss this new revelation. Usagi suddenly begins to cry; she says that, if they're really from the moon, is her mother not really her mother? Luna, distressed, apologizes for springing the news on them suddenly, and insists that Usagi's mother is her mother. She suggests that the two of them go home, because her mother is waiting. Rei looks on sadly.

Upon arriving at home, Usagi runs into the kitchen and gives her mother a big hug. Shingo watches briefly, but turns back to his television program as Usagi tries to help her mother cook. Luna watches, but expresses concerns to herself that the Princess will be okay, with the enemy getting so near.

Minako arrives at the airport and is immediately swarmed by the media. In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite suddenly opens his eyes, declaring that it's time for the "climax," and begins to play. Outside the airport, Minako starts to get into her car, but pauses as she hears the piano music. One of her handlers, unable to hear it, asks her what's wrong. Before she can answer, a large truck comes careening around the corner and heads right for her; the driver is glowing with a red light and seems unaware of what he's doing. Without time to move, Minako can only stare at the truck as it's about to hit.

Act.11- "Honmono no Minako-chan ni Acchatta!" ("We Got to Meet the Real Minako!")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 11

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 11

Airdate: December 13, 2003

Toei 11

In Karaoke Crown, Motoki is watching Kamekichi when he notices Usagi cautiously peeking into the lobby. He quickly grabs a mirror and adjusts his hair before giving her a cheerful greeting. She, however, asks if Mamoru is there today. Motoki looks dejected and replies that Mamoru only filled in for him temporarily, but this news cheers Usagi up. She tells Motoki that he always annoys her, and Motoki replies that he may be a little rude, but he's a good guy. Changing the subject, Motoki asks her if she'd heard that Minako Aino was in the hospital, and Usagi is shocked.

Down in the Secret Base, Rei, Makoto, and Ami talk to Luna about the Moon Kingdom. Luna tells them that the memories of their past lives are buried within their hearts, and they will someday remember, as long as they keep searching for the Princess and the Silver Crystal, and protect the Earth from its enemies. Just then Usagi rushes in with the news about Minako, but the others have already heard; Ami points out that Minako only received minor injuries. Usagi wants to meet Minako and wish her well, but Rei observes that fans like her are the reason the hospitals don't publicize the location of celebrities.

At the Minato-ku Municipal Juuban Hospital, Minako sits in a room filled with gifts and flowers as a man hands her a suitcase. He tells her that they finally got it out of the wrecked car, and assures her that they didn't look at her special belongings. The man also adds that the police are amazed she got away from the accident with such minor injuries. Minako's manager enters then, and Minako asks if she can leave the hospital, because she isn't badly hurt. He refuses, though, telling her that she needs to behave and stay there, and stop disappearing so often. He then goes over her schedule and list of things she needs to do, and adds "rest" to the end. Minako smiles and says she'll take care of it, and her manager prances off again with the first man in tow. As soon as they're gone, Minako opens her bag to check the contents, and inside is her Sailor V uniform. She remembers her previous deeds as Sailor V, and she hears Artemis's voice telling her that the real battle is starting now, and she needs to be strong. She replies that she'll be okay: she's always been alone, and it was her decision to become Sailor V - and the Princess.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite sits at his piano, pondering why Sailor V is still alive, when his Requiem should have been perfect. He dismisses it from his thoughts, though, observing that he still has plenty of tricks left, and begins to play. Elsewhere, Queen Beryl and Nephrite hear him, and Nephrite says that he also wants to search for the Princess, because if he hasn't found the Silver Crystal after all his searching, it must be with her. Queen Beryl asks him why the Princess hasn't acted against them if she has the Crystal, and Nephrite suggests that she might not be able to use it yet. Beryl considers that, and agrees to let Nephrite do as he wishes. After he leaves, though, she wonders to herself about Zoisite's true motives.

Mamoru once again dreams about the woman begging for the Silver Crystal. He awakes, gasping, and wonders who it is that he sees in his dreams.

Usagi turns on the tv and begins flipping channels until Shingo gets annoyed and tells her to stop. Ikuko agrees with him, but Usagi protests that there might be something about Minako. Her mother replies that Minako is at the Juuban Hospital - her father, the reporter, found that out, but it's supposed to be a secret and Usagi can't go there. Usagi agrees, but casually asks if the hospital is near the South Juuban subway station. Ikuko replies that it is, and Usagi rushes out the door. Shingo is disgusted with both of them.

Usagi appears next at the Secret Base, where she tries to convince the others to visit the hospital with her. Luna, annoyed, says that today they're looking for Sailor V, because she might be the Princess. Makoto seems interested in the idea, but insists that she just doesn't want Usagi wandering around by herself. Rei scolds the both of them, but they just grab their coats and run off, much to her annoyance. Ami observes that she's glad to see Usagi acting like herself, but Rei thinks she's being too much like herself.

Makoto and Usagi stand outside the hospital and observe that it's so large they'd never be able to find Minako in there. Usagi clasps her hands together and wishes Minako well. After a moment of silence, they decide to head on inside. After eyeing a map of the hospital, they disguise themselves as nurses and go in search of Minako's room, arguing quietly all the while whose idea it was to go that far in their search efforts.

In the Secret Base, Ami searches online for articles on Sailor V while Rei reads printouts. While searching, Ami finds a website about a "Star Festival," a gathering of Moon, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter, where the special guest is "V." Luna thinks that this can't be just a coincidence, and Ami suggests that, since the meeting is that day, they should go check it out.

In her hospital room, Minako works on a new Nako Nako design on her laptop while her manager paints his nails. Artemis appears in silhouette behind the blinds and tells Minako that she needs to go. She nods and gets up quietly, but her manager speaks up and tells her not to let anyone know who she is if she leaves. She agrees and gives herself a "disguise" consisting of a baseball cap.

Ami and Rei arrive at the hall where the Festival is being held and find the place empty. Rei says that she has a bad feeling.

Minako's manager suddenly notices that when Minako left, she took her shoes with her, and gives a cry of dismay. Elsewhere in the hospital, Minako hurries down the hallway; as she passes Usagi and Makoto (now out of disguise), Usagi thinks she recognizes her and her guess is proven correct when a man (the manager) rushes after calling Minako's name. Makoto and Usagi, not knowing who he is, think that perhaps he's a Youma chasing after Minako and hurry after him. In the stairway, Minako hears him cry out and rushes back to find him being restrained by the two girls. She recognizes Usagi as Sailor Moon and wonders what she's doing there; just then Usagi sees her and calls out her name, attracting the attention of everyone else in the area. As fans begin to collect, one of the manager's assistants arrives and rushes Saitou, Minako, Usagi, and Makoto back to the relative safety of the hospital room.

Once inside, Saitou, Usagi, and Makoto sink into chairs and sigh about all the trouble. After a moment, Saitou realizes he doesn't know them and demands to know why they're there; Makoto apologizes and explains that they were pushed in by the crowd. Minako is annoyed that now she can't get out, but then notices Usagi is looking at her and wonders if she realizes that Minako is Sailor V. Usagi, however, pulls out a book and begs for an autograph, then bounces around the room squealing like the crazed fangirl that she is. Makoto calms her down and the manager grabs the book and says she can have a signature as long as she'll leave. As Minako signs Usagi's book and a card for Makoto, Usagi tells her that she's definitely going to be there for her new CD release, but Minako asks if she doesn't have something more important to do. Usagi replies that, no, Minako Aino is more important than even the Princess or Sailor V; Makoto pushes her to get her to shut up but she keeps going. Minako just gives her a disgusted look before the manager begins to shove the two girls out the door. Their cell phones begin to ring and Usagi vainly searches her bag for her phone, but Makoto picks up the call, talks to Ami, and drags Usagi out the door with Saitou's help.

Once they've left, Artemis says that he didn't expect Sailor Moon to show up there. Minako expresses her disappointment in the girl, saying that it's like she doesn't have any concern about the Dark Kingdom or her duties. Artemis suggests that it's just because she hasn't fully awakened, but Minako doesn't appear reassured. She notices that Usagi dropped her book and picks it up, looking at the photos of the other girls on the cover. Artemis tells her they need to hurry and get to the Star Festival, but Minako is still stunned by the fact that this girl could be Sailor Moon.

Makoto and Usagi arrive at the hall, and Usagi is still babbling about how excited she is to have met Minako. Makoto thinks it's strange that the others aren't there, and Usagi suggests that maybe they're angry the other two went off in search of Minako while they were working. Just then, Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury appear and attack them. Makoto and Usagi dodge the attacks while Usagi apologizes profusely for not helping out. As Sailor Mars approaches Usagi for another attack, a tied-up Luna can be seen over her shoulder; Luna rips tape off her mouth and calls for the girls to be careful - the two Sailor Senshi are being controlled by the enemy after they were lured into a trap. Makoto and Usagi transform into Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon and a ballet-fu battle ensues.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite plays his piano, observing that the last two have fallen into his hands. The music from his piano echoes through the piano in the hall, and he appears at the bench there. As he approaches Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury form up behind him. He reaches out toward Sailor Jupiter with his hand glowing purple and the light transfers to her eyes, then she moves to join the others. He then tells Sailor Moon that the four of them are going to kill the Princess, Sailor V, for him. Luna is concerned because he knows that Sailor V is probably the Princess.

Sailor Jupiter grabs Sailor Moon and holds her in place as Zoisite extends his glowing hand toward her, but before he can try to take over her mind as well, Tuxedo Mask appears and grabs his arm. Zoisite demands to know who he is, and the glow from his hand suddenly intensifies. The two of them see the figure of the woman from Mamoru's dreams, but this time a shadowy figure who looks like Tuxedo Mask throws back his cape and moves to stand next to her. The purple light explodes, throwing both men back. Tuxedo Mask, stunned, asks if she was the Princess, and Sailor Moon asks if he means Sailor V. Zoicite once again wonders who the other man is, but disappears without waiting for an answer. The three Senshi who were being controlled then collapse, then awaken again, back to normal. Tuxedo Mask slowly gets to his feet and staggers away without another word. Luna frees herself from the ropes and wonders what was going on between him and the enemy.

Zoisite sits at his piano, staring into space and wondering how he knows that man.

In the hospital, Minako drops her Sailor V mask onto her bed as Artemis demands to know why she didn't go, since she's the Princess. Minako says that she knows, but, why is that girl Sailor Moon? She stares at Usagi's book and the pictures on the cover.

As Saitou walks down the hallway of the hospital, a Youma sneaks up behind him and stops him in his tracks. The Youma begins to glow and disappears into his body; Saitou grins evilly and starts to walk again.

Minako sits on her bed, staring at the book.

Act.12- "Sērā Bui no Shōtai wa Purinsesu datta no!" ("Sailor V's True Identity was the Princess!")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 12

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 12

Airdate: December 20, 2003

Toei 12

At the Minato-ku Municipal Juuban Hospital, Minako sits at her computer, idly working on Nako Nako designs when she hears Artemis ask her if she wants to stop fighting. He reminds her that, no matter what kind of person Sailor Moon is, she still has a mission as the Princess. Minako asks him to just leave her alone, and his silhouette behind the blinds disappears.

Sugao Saitou walks down the hall, his shadow that of the Youma possessing him, and smiles in a sinister manner.

At the Karaoke Crown the girls have gathered in the Secret Base to discuss the fact that the enemy is after Sailor V, thinking that she is the Princess. Usagi points out that Tuxedo Mask seems to know something about the Princess as well, but Makoto calls him a thief and says she doesn't care. While Makoto and Usagi fight it out, Luna tells Rei and Ami that they need to protect Sailor V, and the two of them discuss how they can when she hasn't showed herself to them yet, and wonder why that is. Usagi suddenly notices that the book Minako autographed for her isn't in her bag and cries out in dismay. The other three just roll their eyes, but Usagi declares that she's going to go back to get it. Rei sighs over Usagi's carefree nature, but the others suggest that's why they like her.

Minako is still sitting at her computer, but rises when her manager enters. Saitou, however, raises a glowing-red hand and traps her with an attack. He demands to know where the Silver Crystal is and she insists she doesn't know, but he tells her that if she's the Princess she should know. Minako frees one hand and summons her Crescent Moon Cutter, then uses it to free herself from the Youma's binding. After a brief fight she kicks him back into the wall hard enough to crack it, but it only stuns him for a very short moment. She runs away then, racing through the hospital hallway as those she passes recognize her and call her name.

Usagi arrives at the hospital to find crowds of fans being held back by security guards. She is briefly dismayed that she can't get back in to see Minako, but then grins, pulls out her Teletia S, and disguses herself as a doctor. As she walks down the hall Minako runs past, pursued by her manager; Usagi observes that the same thing happened the day before, and runs after the pair.

As Minako runs past an open doorway Usagi grabs her and pulls her inside; when Saitou comes down the hall in pursuit, Usagi emerges dressed as Santa, pulling a sleigh in which Minako is hiding. At first it seems that the plan has succeeded, but then Saitou comes back and chases her. The two girls get outside and summon a taxi, finally getting away.

Inside the taxi, Minako wonders what Usagi was doing at the hospital, and Usagi explains that she'd forgotten her book and wanted to get it back. Minako is dismayed that Usagi didn't sense the Youma presence, even though it was so strong; in fact, Usagi believes that Minako was just running away from her manager to get some time to herself, like idols do in manga.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite demands to know why Zoisite retreated just when he had the Sailor Senshi cornered. Zoisite replies that he suddenly remembered something, and thinks about the image he saw of Tuxedo Mask standing next to the shadowy female figure. Nephrite mocks him, suggesting that the mission might be too difficult, but Zoisite merely says that if he thinks he can do it, he's welcome to try. After Nephrite storms out angrily, Zoisite poises his hands as though to play, but lowers them again without touching a key.

In his apartment, Mamoru thinks about his encounter with Zoisite, and observes that he thinks the woman he sees is the Princess, and wonders why this is happening. He starts to stand but grimaces and clutches at his head in apparent pain.

Minako and Usagi get out of the taxi and Minako immediately says her farewells and starts to leave. Usagi, disappointed, tells herself she should've known Minako would want time to herself, but still finds herself following the other girl. Minako, still annoyed and dismayed by Usagi's behavior, tries to get rid of her, but while trying to shoo her off accidentally bumps into a freshly-painted sign. Minako eyes her now-ruined shirt and asks Usagi if there's a clothing shop nearby, and Usagi is only too happy to show her one.

Minako tries on several outfits with Usagi as a cheerful audience, and finally picks one out; when the salesgirl tries to return her old, ruined clothing, she says to throw them out, but Usagi intervenes and takes the bag for herself. Another store employee informs Minako that a large crowd of her fans has gathered at the front of the store, so Usagi takes out her ponytails, puts on Minako's old jacket and hat, and goes off to play decoy, telling Minako to meet her at the river. Once the crowd has cleared in pursuit of the fake Minako, the real Minako notes that there is a back door, and Usagi really is an idiot - but despite herself, she smiles.

After leading the crowd on a merry chase, Usagi is finally cornered and begged for her autograph, at which point she "signs" her name "Usagi" in large writing, then pulls off her hat and reveals her true identity. The fans quickly disperse in a disgruntled mass, and Usagi heads off, after a pause at a kiosk selling Christmas treats. Once she meets up with Minako again, the two of them go for a ride on a Ferris wheel.

As they sit in the car above the city, Minako points out the fact that the store had a back door and Usagi is momentarily abashed, but admits that it was fun to play an idol for a while - though she wouldn't want to do it for real. Suddenly remembering, Usagi pulls out her box of treats and offers Minako a piece of cake. Minako accepts, and tells Usagi that she doesn't need to speak to her so politely all the time, but Usagi replies that she looks up to her too much to do that. Once again Minako asks if she doesn't have anything more important, but Usagi remains oblivious and insists that Aino Minako is her most important thing. The two of them chat and eat their cake, and when both discover that they've the same habit of saving the strawberry of their cake for last, they laugh together. Minako thinks to herself that while it's been a while since she's laughed, and it is fun, she's still a Senshi and the Princess. Minako then sings a small part of her new song, to Usagi's delight.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite reports to Queen Beryl that Zoisite says he has remembered something. Beryl is highly displeased by this news and forbids Nephrite from going near Zoisite again. In his room, Zoisite plays his piano and thinks about his newly-regained memories, but as he does Beryl's voice breaks into his thoughts, ordering him to forget about the past and only think about her; he grabs his head and groans, but after a moment his head falls back and his arms drop to his sides. Nephrite storms down the corridor, vowing to find the Princess and the Silver Crystal, and win Beryl's heart.

Nephrite contacts the Youma inside of Saitou and orders it to start attacking people in order to get Sailor V's attention. Rei and Ami come running, and alert the others of the Youma's presence.

Elsewhere, Usagi makes her apologies to Minako and hurries off. Once she's gone, Minako tells Artemis that she's tired of playing; if the enemy is looking for the Princess, they're going to find her. She takes off running and transforms into Sailor V without breaking her stride.

Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury are pursuing the Saitou-Youma when Usagi appears. Still not sensing the Youma's presence, she asks where it is and is dismayed to find out that it's "manager-san." She transforms into Sailor Moon while the other two distract him. The Youma then separates itself from Saitou's body and, after a brief ballet-fu battle, Sailor Moon tries to use Moon Tiara Boomerang, but the Youma just knocks it aside.

Zoisite suddenly sits up, declaring that he will destroy the Princess for Beryl's sake, and begins to play his piano.

The Youma manages to trap the three Senshi, and Nephrite appears, demanding to know the location of the Princess. Sailor Moon insists that she doesn't know, and Nephrite, not believing her, grabs her by the neck and begins to squeeze. Just in time, though, they hear Sailor V announce her presence, and her Compact flies through the air, severing the bonds holding the Senshi. Sailor V smiles at the other three Senshi and says that it appears she can't hide anymore; she throws her mask into the air and with a flash of golden light, transforms into Sailor Venus. Luna runs up and, seeing the crescent moon on Venus' forehead and the crown on her head, declares her to be the Princess.

Nephrite sees the tiara and the possible Silver Crystal on it, and moves to attack, but Artemis jumps out and stops him. He declares this to be the Princess of the Silver Millennium and heir to the Silver Crystal, Sailor Venus, and the Senshi watch in awe. Unimpressed, Nephrite orders his Youma to take the Crystal. Luna tells the girls to protect the Princess and they rush over to stand between her and the Youma. Sailor Moon destroys the Youma with Moon Twilight Flash and Nephrite, dismayed, disappears. While they're looking the other direction, though, Zoisite suddenly appears and rushes at Sailor Venus with a crystal dagger; Sailor Mercury notices and shouts a warning, too late for them to do anything, but Tuxedo Mask suddenly appears. When Zoisite sees him he lowers the dagger and steps back, distracted enough for Venus to hit him with a Venus Beam. As he fades, he reaches out to Tuxedo Mask, calling him "Master Endymion." Tuxedo Mask repeats the name, remembering his dreams once again.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite fades away, leaving a chunk of stone lying on his keyboard.

The Princess, Sailor Venus, turns to face her Senshi and Luna, who can only stare at her, speechless.

Act.13- "Shitennō Saigo no Hitori Kuntsaito Arawaru" ("The Last of the Shitennou, Kunzite, Appears")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 13

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 13

Airdate: December 27, 2003

Toei 13

In the Secret Base at Karaoke Crown, the girls and Luna talk about Sailor Venus being the Princess. Makoto is disappointed that she missed her, but says that's okay because she's sure they'll see each other often. However, as Luna tells her, Artemis and Sailor Venus insisted that it wouldn't work because she had things to do on her own, and the Inner Senshi needed to just protect the Earth from its enemies without worrying about her. Ami wonders what the Princess needs to do by herself, and Luna replies that it doesn't matter, they just need to concern themselves with their orders from the Princess.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl contemplates the stone that Zoisite became and observes that she should have expected the Princess to be so powerful. Nephrite tells her that Zoisite's final word was "Endymion," and wonders if he and Tuxedo Mask knew each other. Queen Beryl is very displeased, and orders Nephrite to never speak that name again, backing up her command with a flare of power from the crystal beside her. She once again commands him to find the Princess and Silver Crystal, and he departs. Once he has left, Beryl summons a white rose to her hand and observes that she must use the last Shitennou; she breathes on the rose and it turns black for a moment.

In his apartment, Mamoru remembers Zoisite's final words, and his visions of the Princess. He thinks that he almost remembers something connected to those, but can't figure it out. Just then, Motoki calls, sounding depressed, and says he doesn't know what he's going to do.

Usagi enters Karaoke Crown and finds the place in complete disarray. As she picks her way through the mess, Motoki stands up behind the counter, looking pale and dejected. He tells Usagi that Kamekichi has disappeared - he was cleaning and put his turtle in a bucket, but somehow the bucket fell over and his turtle disappeared. Now, he wails, he has no reason left to live. Usagi offers to help look for Kamekichi, but it doesn't seem to have much effect. Mamoru rushes in the front door then and tells Motoki that someone found a turtle that might be his, which makes him perk up immediately.

Usagi, Motoki, and Mamoru reach a house surrounded by a fence covered in dead vines. Usagi and Motoki think the place is creepy, and approach the house uneasily. They hear a noise and, looking toward the house, spot a man looking at them through the window. Both of them scream and run, trying to climb back over the fence. Mamoru calls after them, sounding disgusted, and when they look back at the window they see the man is holding Kamekichi.

Inside the house, Shin returns Kamekichi to Motoki, who happily places his turtle in a carrier and hurries off. When Mamoru and Usagi also turn to go, Shin stops them and asks their names, saying that he thinks he's met them before. When they sit down to talk, Shin tells them that he has lost his memory and doesn't know who he is. Usagi thinks that's similar to Tuxedo Mask's situation, and asks questions in an effort to help Shin find clues to recover his memory, in the process discovering that he likes white flowers, greenery, and the ocean. Shin then tells her it's okay, she doesn't need to worry, and apologizes for delaying the two of them. Usagi tries to take him to someone who can help, but he refuses to leave the house, so she instead pulls out her cell phone and calls Rei.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Rei answers the phone and tells Usagi that if she doesn't get there soon the others will be mad. In the background, Ami and Makoto are making New Year's preparations, which Usagi was supposed to have helped with, and Makoto angrily tells Usagi that she's had to do all this work by herself. Makoto gives the rope she's twisting a jerk, knocking it down, which knocks over Ami and everything she's been working on, dumping it on Rei's head. Rei tells Usagi to never mind, she's done enough, and hangs up.

Usagi puts her phone away, looking a bit embarrassed, and tells Shin that she'll find another way to help, and takes off before he can stop her. Shin tells Mamoru that it's okay, he really doesn't need to remember. Mamoru thinks that Shin is just like him.

Usagi walks down the street with Mamoru just behind her. She finally turns around and demands to know why he's following her. Mamoru says that he's worried she'll bother Shin. Annoyed, she insists that she won't, and he asks what she's planning to do, then. Usagi spots a display of flowers and, remembering what Shin had said, buys a white rose. Mamoru asks if she's going to show that to him, and she replies that he also liked forests and the ocean. When Mamoru points out that Shin also doesn't want to go outside, Usagi gets annoyed and tells him she'll find a way, because it's a good idea. She then goes from store to store in search of something (as Mamoru follows), looking at a painting, a book of nature photographs, and a DVD of nature scenes, but finding all of them far too expensive. She finally picks up a couple of postcards.

Usagi sits in the park, looking at her flower and two postcards, and sighs. Mamoru watches her for a moment, then walks over and picks up the flower. When she gets annoyed at him, he observes that the scent of a flower might actually be useful, and walks away, with Usagi chasing after.

Mamoru gets on his motorcycle and offers Usagi a helmet, telling her that it's the sea that Shin likes. Usagi eyes him for a moment, then gets on the bike, and the two of them take off. They ride along the coast, and Usagi is uncomfortable at first but after a bit tightens her hold on Mamoru's waist.

They reach an empty beach and Usagi gathers some sand, water, and shells in a jar. She says that she hopes Shin will be able to remember, but Mamoru observes that it isn't so easy, and Shin is probably afraid to find out who he is. He tells her not to be disappointed if she doesn't succeed.

The two of them walk back toward the motorcycle and Mamoru points out that by the time they get back it'll be late, so they should probably give the items to Shin in the morning. Usagi agrees, then notices something else she should buy; Mamoru replies that it has nothing to do with the sea, but she says she doesn't mind and rushes off. She returns, meat bun in hand, and finds Mamoru sitting on the wall by the beach. She tears the bun in half and offers him a piece, as thanks for helping her.

Late that night, Shin sits alone in his house. In the Dark Kingdom, Beryl blows on the white rose again, turning it black, and Shin disappears from his chair.

A schoolgirl walks down the street, talking on her phone with a friend, when a strange figure appears before her. The man takes a lock of his hair and lays it across his palm, where it glows purple and vanishes. The hair reappears around the girl's neck and tightens, then vanishes into her skin. On the phone, her friend calls her name, Ayumi. Ayumi collapses, breathing hard and digging her nails into the road; when she looks up again, her eyes glow purple.

Mamoru returns to Shin's house and finds him wandering absently through his yard. Back inside, Mamoru removes the items Usagi collected from his bags and sets them on the table for Shin to look at, suggesting that he might remember something. Mamoru observes that he knows what it's like to be afraid to remember, because he was the same way, but he learned that he can't run from himself. Shin agrees, but replies that what he's afraid of is losing the part of him that likes these things. With a distressed look on his face, he admits to Mamoru that the night before he'd dreamed about attacking people, and now he's not sure it was a dream. He asks if Mamoru would believe him if he said he wasn't human, but Mamoru doesn't get a chance to answer; Shin drops the rose he's holding and clutches at his midsection in pain. A strong wind blows and knocks Mamoru back, and black rose petals fly wildly through the air.

A group of students, including Ayumi, sit in an auditorium listening to an orchestra perform. Suddenly, Ayumi doubles over, groaning in pain; a moment later the audience runs screaming out the door as Ayumi stalks behind them, large golden claws sprouting from her fingertips. Luna comes around the corner and sees this.

The black rose in Beryl's hand blooms, and she observes that it's finally time.

Usagi enters the gate to Shin's house and finds Mamoru in the garden. She apologizes for being late and asks how Shin is; Mamoru replies that he regained his memories and went out, and said to thank her. Usagi is thrilled, but just then Luna calls her and tells her to hurry, so she makes her excuses and leaves. As soon as she's gone, Mamoru clutches at his shoulder in pain and looks back at the house. Inside, the wind full of black flower petals still whirls around Shin. He tries to reach the white rose but can't; he clenches his fist and throws back his head, screaming.

At the same time, Ayumi echoes his movement, and people around her scream in fear and run away. Sailor Moon arrives to find the girl hunched over; Ayumi looks over at her, tears streaming from her eyes, and begs Sailor Moon to help her. The girl then falls to the ground, her eyes glowing purple and claws lengthening. Luna arrives and tells Sailor Moon that Ayumi isn't possessed by a Youma, she's turning into one - but tells Sailor Moon that she should be able to use her power to destroy the Youma without hurting the human. Sailor Moon looks doubtfully at the Youma that Ayumi has become.

Mamoru enters Shin's house to find a stranger standing there, slowly crushing the white rose in his hand. In the Dark Kingdom, Beryl looks at the black rose and declares that the final Shitennou, Kunzite, has awakened. Kunzite turns around and glares at Mamoru, who calls him Shin. Angered, Kunzite pulls out his sword and attacks Mamoru, throwing him back against the wall. When he looks up again, Kunzite has disappeared.

The Youma and Sailor Moon fight, but Sailor Moon is reluctant to attack because she might harm the innocent person inside. Luna tells her to believe in her power, because she has no choice. Sailor Moon apologizes to the Youma, then pulls out her Moonlight Stick and uses Moon Healing Escalation to turn Ayumi back to normal. Sailor Moon rushes over to check on the girl and finds the lock of hair wrapped around her neck. Luna suggests that may be what turned her into a Youma. As Sailor Moon looks at it, the hair suddenly disappears from her hands, and she looks up to find Kunzite approaching.

He introduces himself and then attacks, momentarily stunning Sailor Moon, and pulls out another lock of hair. Tuxedo Mask appears and runs toward him, but is too late - Kunzite blows on the hair and it wraps around Sailor Moon's neck. Tuxedo Mask rushes over to see if she's all right; she stands up, appearing uninjured, but when she opens her eyes they flash purple for a brief second. Dismayed, Luna wails that Sailor Moon is going to become a Youma.

Act.14- "Usagi wa Yōma ni?" ("Usagi is Turning into a Youma?")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 14

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 14

Airdate: January 10, 2004

Toei 14

Sailor Moon stands, staring at nothing, after Kunzite's attack. Concerned, Tuxedo Mask reaches for her, but she knocks his hand away and reaches for his neck. He backs away but she keeps walking forward until, suddenly, the gem in her tiara flashes and the purple gleam disappears from her eyes. Sailor Moon looks around, confused, wondering why Tuxedo Mask is there. Luna suggests that the power of a Sailor Senshi inside of Sailor Moon defeated the Youma's power. When Luna and Tuxedo Mask ask her if she's really okay, Sailor Moon insists that she is, but the hair briefly appears around her neck before being absorbed again.

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite strides toward Queen Beryl's platform, where Nephrite already waits. He announces himself, observing that he can see Beryl needs his help, as she's left with only Nephrite. Nephrite becomes angry with Kunzite, but subsides abruptly when he finds Kunzite's sword against his neck. Kunzite steps up onto Beryl's platform and suggests that he give the energy of a Sailor Senshi to awaken Queen Metalia, then tells Beryl that he'll take over and she can rest. Angered by his insolence, Beryl and Nephrite both snap at him, and he stalks off again with a smirk.

The girls gather at the Secret Base under Karaoke Crown to celebrate the New Year. Usagi, Ami, and Makoto sing karaoke while Rei pretends to look bored, but under the table waves a straw in time with the music. Usagi tries to get Rei to take a turn, but she refuses, and when the two of them begin arguing, Makoto yells into the microphone to get them to stop. The girls play around, pose in Nako Nako costumes for a group photo, and eat treats that Ami brought. Usagi runs up onto the stage, grabbing the microphone to tell everyone that she loves them, but as she goes on there is loud feedback on the microphone, causing everyone to cover their ears; while they cringe, Usagi abruptly collapses. The other three girls rush up to her and notice Kunzite's lock of hair appear and then vanish again on her neck, and Luna is upset that it didn't completely disappear after all.

Usagi sleeps on the couch, covered with her jacket, while Luna fills the other Senshi in on what happened before. Luna says that inside of Usagi the Youma's power is battling against her Senshi power, and if her Senshi power loses she'll turn into a Youma. Makoto asks what they can do, and Luna replies that only Sailor Moon can turn a Youma back into a human, so they need to believe in her power. A purple mark appears at the base of Usagi's throat in the same design as the pendant Kunzite wears, much to the dismay of the other girls. Makoto suggests that if she defeats Kunzite that might help, and she goes off to find him, saying that she can't just sit and watch. Rei says she'll do the same thing and goes after Makoto, telling Ami to take care of Usagi. Ami takes Usagi's hand and notices that her skin is cold and her pulse slow, and wonders what she should do.

Mamoru enters the karaoke parlor and is greeted by Motoki at the front desk. As he makes excuses about being in the neighborhood, Mamoru remembers Sailor Moon being attacked by Kunzite, and wonders if she really is okay. Ami emerges from the Secret Base, supporting Usagi, who can barely move. She tells Motoki and Mamoru that Usagi fell ill, but as Mamoru rushes over to help he notices the hair around her neck appear and disappear again. Mamoru tells Ami that he'll carry Usagi for her, and follows Ami to her apartment with the unconscious girl on his back. They put Usagi in bed and Ami covers her with a blanket, then rushes off to get another one. In the meantime, Mamoru watches Usagi thoughtfully. When Ami returns he excuses himself, thinking to himself as he goes that Usagi is becoming a Youma.

Ami sets up a program on her computer to monitor Usagi's vitals, and when she goes to the pulse meter on, discovers that Usagi's fingernails are growing into claws. Luna says this is a sign that the Youma is making progress. The program shows that Usagi's temperature is dangerously low, another bad sign.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Rei stares into her flames, determined to seal the Youma's power.

Makoto runs down the street, silently telling Usagi to not become a Youma.

Ami gathers several heaters around the bed in an attempt to keep Usagi warm. She notices that it's getting dark outside and realizes that she'd better call Usagi's home so they don't worry. At the Tsukino residence, Ikuko is busy doing aerobics with hand weights when she hears the phone ring. Ami tells her that Usagi sang too much karaoke and lost her voice, and asks if it's okay if she stays at Ami's house. Ikuko says that she'd warned Usagi, and cheerfully tells Ami to take care of her. Ami agrees, then sets the phone down again, looking sad.

Ikuko goes to resume her workout, but the phone rings again, and this time Naru is on the line.

Ami returns to Usagi's side, feeling bad about having to lie to Ikuko - but then she notices that the claws have disappeared and Usagi's temperature has returned to normal, and declares that since Usagi is fighting so hard, she will too. The doorbell rings and Ami sees Naru outside; when she answers the door, Naru apologizes for coming over so late, but Usagi's mother told her that Usagi was there, and she wants to get her CD back because she needs it the next day. Ami tells her to wait and closes the door, leaving her outside. She returns a moment later with the CD and Naru asks, suspicious, why Usagi didn't come to the door. She tries to push her way in to find Usagi, but Ami shoves her outside, closing the door behind the both of them. She tells Naru that Usagi is asleep, and she doesn't care if Naru thinks she's lying or being malicious. A few minutes later Naru walks out of the building, glancing back up as she goes and wondering about this new side of Ami's personality. As Naru leaves, Mamoru is shown leaning against a wall and also looking up toward Ami's apartment.

In the Dark Kingdom, Beryl demands to know the status of Kunzite's efforts. Kunzite reports that he'd planned to turn Sailor Moon into a Youma and steal her energy, but she's resisting, so he's about to go take care of it himself. With a swirl of his cape, he departs.

Ami sleeps at Usagi's bedside, but looks up when the alarm on her computer program sounds a warning. Usagi's eyes open, glowing purple, and she suddenly transforms into a Youma. Ami then wakes up for real to find Usagi still asleep and smiles with relief, but Luna tells her that she can feel an enemy presence. When Ami looks at the computer program she finds Usagi's temperature dropping rapidly, and indeed the girl is now surrounded by a cold mist, her breath emerging as vapor.

Rei looks up from her fire and says Usagi's name, worried.

Wind blows into Ami's room, swirling black rose petals over Usagi's still form. Ami tries to protect her friend but is thrown back by the force of the wind. Kunzite's voice commands Sailor Moon to awaken, and the petals cover her, then she disappears. Ami charges out of her apartment building past a startled Mamoru, and transforms into Sailor Mercury as she runs, declaring that she'll protect Usagi.

Inside a cave somewhere, Usagi lies on a bier dressed all in white. Kunzite stands over her and remarks that he'd expected a Senshi to resist for so long, but now that will end. He stands above her head and holds out his hands, commanding her to become his follower. The pendant on his forehead gleams, awakening an answering glow in the mark at Usagi's throat, and her fingernails lengthen into claws. Sailor Mercury appears and demands that he give Usagi back. He replies that he'll give her back as soon as she's become a Youma. Sailor Mercury attacks with Mercury Aqua Mist, but he only absorbs it with his sword and then retaliates with a powerful energy attack from his sword.

Overpowered, Sailor Mercury watches him approach to finish her off, then closes her eyes and listens to the water dripping in the cave, begging it to help her. Kunzite observes that Senshi are certainly weak, then brings down his sword in a blow - which Sailor Mercury blocks with a sword made from water. She stands up and lets the sword dissolve again, then once more demands that he give Usagi back. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars appear then and attack with Supreme Thunder and Akuryo Taisan, but Kunzite only absorbs their attacks with his sword. He knocks them back with an attack of his own, then tells them to sit there and wait, as they'll be Sailor Moon's first victims when she awakens as a Youma.

Kunzite waves his sword over Usagi, commanding her to awaken; the mark at her throat glows and her fingernails lengthen into golden claws. The Senshi cry out, but Usagi opens glowing purple eyes and smiles evilly. Her whole body begins to glow and the Youma's form appears superimposed over her own. Sailor Mercury stares at her with tears welling up in her eyes, remembering all the time she spent with Usagi, and silently calls her friend's name. Suddenly Usagi's voice can be heard, telling everyone to be quiet.

With a bright flash of light, Usagi sits up, yawning and stretching. Kunzite stares in disbelief. Usagi looks around and sees him, then scrambles off the bier and transforms into Sailor Moon. Kunzite demands to know why it didn't work and attacks her, but Tuxedo Mask is suddenly there to block Kunzite's sword with his cane. The two of them struggle, and Tuxedo Mask says that it looks like Shin is completely gone, to which Kunzite replies that Shin never existed in the first place. Tuxedo Mask calls out to Sailor Moon, and she attacks with Moon Twilight Flash. Kunzite absorbs the attack and vanishes with a swirl of his cape. Sailor Moon glances at Tuxedo Mask, who smiles slightly and nods in approval. Sailor Moon smiles happily in return and runs over to check on the other Senshi, who are all relieved that she's okay. Tuxedo Mask smiles, then departs with a dramatic flourish of his cape.

The girls walk down the street and ask Usagi if she remembered what happened. She replies that she heard everyone calling to her, and it was noisy and woke her up. Makoto asks if "everyone" is referring to them, and Usagi says that it does, but Ami's voice was especially loud. Luna remarks that everyone's feelings reached Usagi. Usagi thanks the three of them, and the girls all smile at each other. Suddenly, Usagi remembers that she forgot to do her homework and begs her friends to help her; laughing, the girls run away.

Act.15- "Dorobō o Oshioki yo!" ("I'll Punish the Thief!")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 15

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 15

Airdate: January 17, 2004

Toei 15

In the Secret Base under Karaoke Crown, the girls talk about Tuxedo Mask. Usagi had hoped that, since he helped them once again, the others would have changed their minds, but they haven't. Even Luna agrees that it would be best to stay away from him. Usagi looks disappointed.

At the Aino residence, Minako enters her room and, looking out the window, spots the shadow of a Youma outside. She remarks on this and Artemis looks over her shoulder, noting that they're looking for the Princess and the Silver Crystal. Minako says that she needs to do something, because it's not good to be followed around like this, and Artemis nods in agreement.

It's morning at the Tsukino residence, and Usagi enters the dining room, where her brother is already watching tv as he eats breakfast. Her mother hands Usagi her breakfast and she settles down to eat, but Shingo points out that on the news they're talking about a burglary at Minako's house the night before. On the tv, a reporter talks about how jewelry with personal sentimental value was taken. Usagi feels bad for her, and Shingo observes that Minako might be an idol but she has bad security.

In his apartment, Mamoru watches the same broadcast. The reporter goes on to note that, even though Sailor V used to appear in situations like this, nobody has seen her lately. He turns off the tv and thinks back to when Sailor V revealed herself to be Princess Sailor Venus, wondering if she's related to the Princess in his dreams. He thinks about asking Sailor Moon if she knows, but, remembering Usagi and looking at her handkerchief, he isn't sure that he should be thinking about her anymore. His phone rings and he answers it, looking less than pleased as he tells the person on the other end that the promise was for graduation time.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl asks Kunzite why he didn't gather the Sailor Senshi's energy. Kunzite replies that he'll target them again, someday, and Nephrite mocks him for bragging without being able to deliver. The two of them verbally spar until Beryl makes them stop; she orders Kunzite to gather energy and he starts to leave. As he goes, however, he pauses to inform Nephrite that the Princess' jewelry was stolen, and mocks him with the suggestion that someone else stole the Silver Crystal before he was able to do it. Nephrite declares that it's impossible, because he had a Youma watching her, but he doesn't look confident.

Usagi wanders sleepily into the junior high and is greeted by Naru at her shoe locker. They discuss the theft of Minako's jewelry, and Naru says that her mother thinks the stolen items might be sold at an auction the next day. She suggests that the two of them go, since they can get in by using Naru's mother's name. As the two of them talk, Ami walks up to her locker and Usagi greets her cheerfully, but Naru remembers their last encounter and isn't so friendly; she starts to drag Usagi away, asking if she wants to go to the karaoke parlor after school. Usagi agrees and asks Ami to come along, but Ami notices Naru's attitude toward her and politely refuses.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki displays pictures of female turtles for Kamekichi, trying to find him a date. Mamoru watches with some disgust and suggests he worry about himself before the turtle. Motoki insists that he's fine, and Mamoru asks about Usagi. Motoki, however, doesn't think Usagi feels anything for him, despite the trip to the amusement park. Just then, Usagi, Naru, Momoko, and Kanami enter, giggling and talking amongst themselves. Naru asks Usagi about the guy she liked who would appear and disappear; her other friends are immediately interested, as they hadn't heard about him before. Usagi spots Mamoru, though, and falls silent. Motoki asks if she's feeling better now, and she says she is, explaining to her friends that she'd caught a cold and fell asleep there. Motoki is glad to hear it, and says it was a good thing that Mamoru carried her home, which prompts Mamoru to slouch down and try to look inconspicuous. Usagi is surprised to find that out, and her friends tease her, but she shyly thanks Mamoru for helping her. Naru watches with a satisfied grin.

Luna works on the computer in the Secret Base while Rei practices mystical gestures and Makoto drinks tea. Ami enters the room, and Makoto says she'd wondered if everyone would show up. Ami replies that it appears to be becoming a habit. Rei asks where Usagi is, and Ami says she's singing with her classmates, but looks downcast enough that Rei asks if she's okay. Ami observes that, while the three of them always come there, Usagi isn't the same way. Luna makes a thoughtful noise as she stares at the computer monitor.

Usagi and her friends enthusiastically sing "C'est la Vie" in one of the karaoke rooms.

While Motoki shows another picture to Kamekichi, Naru suddenly appears. She asks him if he could do something for her, and Motoki looks at her expectantly.

Usagi approaches a tall building and looks at a sign advertising a jewelry auction. Naru runs up and apologizes for being late, and the two of them enter the building together. Usagi asks where the other two girls are, and Naru says they couldn't come, and actually she's leaving as well - but someone should be there to go with Usagi. Naru glances around and spots Mamoru standing across the lobby; Usagi doesn't look terribly thrilled, but Naru keeps talking and hands her papers with Mamoru's cell number, address, birthday, and blood type. She grins, wishes Usagi luck, and takes off.

Usagi sighs about Naru misunderstanding, and goes to talk to Mamoru. He sees her and asks what she needed to talk to him about, because that's what her friend told him, and Usagi tells him that was all just Naru, she had nothing to do with it. She starts to leave, but the elevator doors open and she bumps into three men in suits, one of whom drops a briefcase full of jewelry, and some falls out. As Usagi helps pick it up, she notices a pair of earrings that she remembered seeing Minako wearing as she sang her new single on tv. She exclaims over them, and the three men grab the jewelry from her and run off. Mamoru asks her if she's okay, and she says that the jewelry was Minako's, and those men were probably going to auction it off. She starts to go after them, but Mamoru stops her and asks what she plans to do now; she replies that she's going to get the jewelry back, but he says that's a policeman's job.

A policeman conveniently walks by outside just then, so Usagi runs out to tell him what she saw. The policeman, though, doesn't believe her and tells her to go back to her mother. Usagi declares that she'll just have to do it herself, and when Mamoru asks her how, she says she'll transform into Sailor Moon. He looks at her sharply and she realizes what she said; the two of them look around awkwardly for a moment, pointing out a bird and some grass.

Down in an underground parking garage, Usagi peeks around a pillar, and Mamoru looks out the other side. She tells him that he doesn't have to help, and he replies that the policeman annoyed him, and besides, it might be fun if they actually get the jewelry back. Mamoru notes that the elevator the men got out of earlier led from the parking garage, so they came in a car, and if the two of them wait they'll have to return; he already checked and they weren't selling the jewels today, so they should still have them when they returned. Usagi nods thoughtfully, but Mamoru suddenly grabs her and pulls her down as a policeman walks by, chiding her for not paying attention.

At the Secret Base, Makoto sits at the table with the other two and wonders where Usagi is. Ami replies that she thinks she's out with her classmates again. Luna, still looking at the computer, says that she's worried about something - there have been a lot of disappearances lately, and she wonders if it's the enemy's doing.

The three men enter the parking garage, and Usagi and Mamoru duck behind the pillar. Mamoru tells her to remember the plan, and she nods. The men get into their car and Mamoru wanders over and knocks on the window; when they roll it down, he leans over and starts talking to them about the auction, but then throws a couple of flares into the car. The car fills with smoke and the men, choking, open the doors and climb out, going in search of Mamoru. While they're distracted, Usagi, wearing a motorcycle helmet, runs up and grabs the briefcase, but one of the men spots her and alerts the others. They chase after her and she trips over her own feet and falls down. Just as the thieves are about to reach her, Mamoru roars up on his motorcycle and tells Usagi to get on, and the two of them speed off.

Mamoru stops the motorcycle at a waterfront park and Usagi gets off, laughing happily, and declares that Minako will be happy to get her jewelry back. Despite himself, Mamoru grins in response. Usagi notices him looking at her and both of them look away; she remembers how he called her by name back in the garage and glances back over at him again.

Makoto, Rei, and Ami arrive at an open area where the people have been disappearing from, and Rei says she doesn't sense anything in particular.

Mamoru suggests that it's time to go home and Usagi agrees, but as they go to get back on the motorcycle, the policeman from earlier arrives and demands the briefcase. He suddenly begins to glow and a Youma separates from his body. The Youma draws a sword and moves to attack Usagi, and Mamoru calls her name and runs up to protect her. He and the Youma struggle for a moment, but it slashes Mamoru's arm with the sword and knocks him over the railing to the ground below. It then grabs the case and runs off. Usagi wonders why a Youma would want the jewelry, but transforms into Sailor Moon and follows it.

The Youma runs through a building but is stopped by Sailor Moon. She uses Moon Tiara Boomerang, but the Youma deflects it with its sword and sends it back at her. The two of them fight again briefly, with Sailor Moon using her Moonlight Stick to block its sword, and then Sailor Moon uses Moon Twilight Flash to destroy it. Sailor Moon opens the briefcase and notes that nothing in there is the Silver Crystal, and wonders why the Youma would want it.

Minako hurries through a hallway with a hat pulled low over her face. Artemis peeks out of her jacket and says that their plan was a success; distracting the enemy with the jewelry theft will buy them some time. Minako is concerned that Sailor Moon got involved, though, because if she gets hurt there's no point in playing the decoy. The two of them think she's a good Senshi, though, and should be fine.

Usagi wraps her handkerchief around Mamoru's arm and asks if he's okay. He says that he is, and goes to climb back on his motorcycle, but Usagi stays where she is. He glances over at her and tells her to get on; they'll take the briefcase to the police and turn it in. Usagi grins and nods, then climbs on the bike behind him.

The three girls are still hanging out at the open plaza; Makoto sneezes loudly and suggests that they go home, since it's getting cold. Rei asks Ami if something happened between her and Usagi and Ami says no, everything's fine, but Rei still looks doubtful. Suddenly, Rei's head snaps up and she tells the others to be careful. The ground fades away from beneath Makoto's feet and she starts to slide down the side of the pit that just appeared. Ami and Rei rush over and grab her arms and find that the pit slopes down to a hole at the center where a Youma awaits. The Youma shoots out a tendril that wraps around Makoto's ankle and pulls her down, and Rei and Ami prepare to transform.

Act.16- "Ōsaka-san o Tasuke nakya!" ("I Must Save Osaka!")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 16

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 16

Airdate: January 24, 2004

Toei 16

Rei, Ami, and Makoto are standing in an open plaza when the ground fades away from beneath Makoto's feet, and she starts to slide down the side of the pit that just appeared. Ami and Rei rush over and grab her arms, finding when they arrive that the pit slopes down to a hole at the center where a Youma awaits. Rei and Ami transform into Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury, respectively, and Sailor Mercury grabs Makoto's hand again while Sailor Mars uses Youma Taisan against the Youma. The Youma disappears before the attack can hit, and Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury pull Makoto back out of the pit. Once Makoto is free, the pit disappears, and she observes that they now know why people have been disappearing.

At the Secret Base under Karaoke Crown, the girls update Usagi and Luna on what happened. Rei tells them that she thinks the Youma kidnapped the missing people, and Luna agrees that it probably took them in order to steal their energy, so what they need to do is to find the place where the people are being kept. Makoto asks Usagi where she was while this was going on, and she doesn't want to tell them she was with Mamoru and instead makes up a story about how she was with Naru and was attacked by a Youma, which she fought off by herself. Ami, concerned, asks if Naru was injured by the Youma, but Usagi assures her that Naru is fine, and is pleased that Ami was concerned about her friend. In the meantime, Makoto sneezes once and assures Rei that she's fine, she's just getting a cold.

At the Tsukino residence, Usagi lies in bed and wonders if Mamoru is all right, then suddenly sits up and asks herself why she's thinking about him. She decides to instead think about Tuxedo Mask, but finds it difficult to get Mamoru out of her head.

The next morning Usagi is still thinking about him as she walks to school, and decides that because it's her fault he was injured, it's perfectly normal for her to be concerned for him. Ami walks up behind her, sees Usagi, and with a smile goes to join her friend - but Naru suddenly appears and proceeds to tease Usagi about Mamoru. As Usagi insists that Naru is wrong and she doesn't really like him, she notices Ami and asks her to walk together. Naru watches this and frowns, remembering her last encounter with Ami. Usagi tells Naru that Ami had been concerned about her, but Naru, sounding offended, demands to know why. Dismayed, Usagi grabs Naru's arm and walks off with her, throwing an apologetic glance back at Ami.

At school, the teacher gives the class an assignment to practice an English conversation in pairs. Ami glances over at Usagi, but Naru asks her to be her partner first. Usagi agrees, but sees Ami sitting alone and invites her to join them. Ami politely refuses and says she'll just wait until someone else finishes, because it's only a two-person conversation. Naru gets angry at that, telling Ami that she should just honestly say that she wants to work with Usagi, and tells Ami that she's just trying to make herself look good. Usagi tries to intervene, but Naru accuses her of taking Ami's side. The teacher appears and tells them that if they're going to fight, she'll assign partners. Usagi starts her conversation, but pauses to reassure Ami that Naru really didn't mean what she'd said.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite apologizes for his failures and promises that he'll find the Princess and Silver Crystal, but Kunzite mocks him and says he can do it better. As an example of his success, Kunzite mentions his "energy farm," which is the pit Makoto almost fell into earlier: with this, humans are caught in the Youma's trap and kept alive so that their energy continually feeds into the Dark Kingdom to awaken Queen Metalia. He suggests that Nephrite can serve as his assistant, which infuriates the other Shitennou. Queen Beryl intervenes and tells Kunzite that she'll use his energy farm, but he needs to remember that he and Nephrite are the same rank and both serve her. Kunzite, after a pause, reluctantly bows.

Ami walks down the street and notices Naru heading her direction. She glances about, wondering if she should leave, but hears Naru scream as the Youma's pit opens under her feet. Ami runs over and tries to grab her hand, but she can't quite reach and Naru slides into the Youma's trap. Rei and Usagi come running and find Ami staring at the ground in disbelief, and they confirm it was the same as the pit Makoto saw. Usagi kneels on the ground, looking for any sign of it as Ami looks on and Rei watches Ami, concerned. Just then their cell phones ring and Luna tells them that she's found the place where the people are being kept.

The three girls run into a large, open building, and Luna meets them. Rei senses that a barrier is in place. Usagi spots Naru walking by on the next floor up and charges toward her; Rei shouts a warning but Usagi runs headlong into the invisible barrier and bounces off. Ami reaches out her hands and feels the barrier, and Luna explains that the captured people are behind it, their energy being slowly siphoned off. She suggests that if the three Senshi combine their powers, they might be able to break the barrier, so they transform into Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Mercury.

On the count of three they send their power at the barrier, but it explodes in their faces and throws them back. Sailor Mercury tells them to try again, but it has the same result. Determined, Sailor Mercury tries it one more time by herself, but her power once again rebounds. Another attempt has the same result, and Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon try to get her to stop, asking why she's so determined. Sailor Mercury declares that she has to save Naru and stands up to prepare for another try. Sailor Moon is surprised that Sailor Mercury is so determined to save Naru even after they fought; she doesn't think that she's nice enough to be able to do such a thing. Suddenly, Sailor Moon gets an idea and charges off.

While she's gone, Sailor Mercury admits that she's not really nice; she just wants to save Naru because she thinks it's her fault that Naru was captured. She's actually jealous of Naru's friendship with Usagi, and thinks that if it weren't so she might have been able to help her before. Sailor Mercury sinks to her knees, declaring that she's a horrible person for making Usagi think that she's a nice person when she really isn't. Sailor Mars angrily tells her that everyone has a dark side, and it's not that strange or bad to be jealous; she also declares that it's definitely not her fault that she couldn't save Naru from the Youma before.

Sailor Moon returns then with Sailor Jupiter in tow; Jupiter insists that her cold is fine, and says that they should have called her earlier. Sailor Mars notices a crack in the barrier then, and Sailor Moon declares that they can break it with one more shot. The four of them together send their power at the barrier, and it shatters. The Senshi charge in just in time to see the trapped people collapse as their energy is drained.

The four Senshi search for the Youma and encounter it in a hallway in the building. After a brief fight, Sailor Mercury destroys it with Mercury Aqua Mist. The others congratulate her, and Sailor Jupiter sneezes, earning her an apology from Sailor Moon for involving her in the fight while she was still sick. Luna arrives and tells Sailor Moon to give energy back to the people who had theirs stolen. Sailor Moon nods and summons her Moonlight Stick, then holds it out and concentrates. It begins to glow pink, and as the light shines on the Youma's victims, they revive.

The next day at school, Usagi's class is baking cookies, and the teacher tells them to split into groups of two. Usagi wonders what she should do about Ami and Naru, but before she can say anything Ami walks up to Naru. Ami tells Naru that she doesn't want to fight, but isn't going to just give up on wanting to work with Usagi, because she's not that nice of a person. Naru looks surprised for a moment, then smiles and agrees, and the two of them decide to work together. Usagi is happy for her friends, until she realizes that this leaves her without a partner, and she ends up having to work with the teacher.

Once the cookies are done, the girls write cards to show who they're giving them to. Ami's cookies are for her mother, and Naru teases Usagi that she's giving cookies to her boyfriend; Usagi indignantly denies this, but her card is addressed to Mamoru. She thinks that they're just a thank-you gift, for his help the other day. The girls start bickering in a friendly manner over who gets the leftover cookies, while in the background purple lightning flashes in the sky.

In the Dark Kingdom the lightning strikes Beryl's palace, and she wonders what it is. Kunzite smirks and replies that it's a sign of Queen Metalia's revival. The ground begins to shake and Nephrite moves to shield Queen Beryl. A bright purple light begins to pulsate as Metalia moans. In another part of the Dark Kingdom there is a wall with four crevices; one of them glows with a yellow light, and a stone falls out of it. The stone begins to glow, then expands and becomes Jadeite.

Usagi walks down the street holding her bag of cookies in one hand and a piece of paper in another. She arrives at a large apartment complex and compares it to the paper, then observes that if he lives here, he must be rich. She pauses and wonders why her heart is beating so fast, because the one that she loves is Tuxedo Mask. Usagi sees Mamoru emerges from the building, and she smiles and hides the cookies behind her back - but then an unfamiliar woman follows after and takes Mamoru's arm. Mamoru sees Usagi standing there and pauses for a moment, looking somewhat uncomfortable, but when the woman asks what's wrong, he insists it's nothing and keeps walking. Usagi thinks to herself that he has a girlfriend, so obviously there's nothing between them. She turns away and starts walking, looking sad.

Act.17- "Rei no Me no Maede Minako wa Henshin!" ("Minako Transforms in Front of Rei's Eyes!")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 17

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 17

Airdate: January 31, 2004

Toei 17

Hina Kusaka and Mamoru are walking to his motorcycle and Hina asks him about the girl they had just seen. If Mamoru knew her, Hina suggested, maybe she had come to see him. Mamoru tells Hina that if Usagi had come to see him, she would have said something. Hina is satisfied with this answer, but Mamoru is struck by the thought Usagi might have come to visit him. They mount the motorcycle, Hina wraps her arms around Mamoru, and they fly off.

Usagi is walking down the street with a bag of cookies meant for Mamoru when she hears the sound of a motorcycle and turns to see Mamoru and Hina racing past her. She turns and walks in another direction, through crowds, reassuring herself that there is nothing between her and Mamoru. She opens the bag of cookies and takes a bite. Then, running, she makes her way to a busy street crossing where she pauses. Hearing an announcement about Minako Aino, she turns to listen, then continues on her way.

Meanwhile, Minako Aino is drinking a glass of water in her hotel while listening to the announcement on TV about her upcoming album. Artemis tells her that the enemy does not seem to be able to find out where they are and that will give them some time. He asks her how she is doing and she begins to tell him that she is doing well when a pain in her head causes her to drop the magazine she had been carrying and pass out on the couch beside her.

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite announces that they have made gains in awakening Queen Metalia. Queen Beryl commands Kunzite to continue to gather energy to fully awaken Metalia. Kunzite says that he will do so, but only in the name of Metalia. Outraged, Nephrite asks if that means Kunzite refuses to be loyal to Beryl. Kunzite states that Beryl has him and suggests that he be useful to her.

Jadeite enters the throne room and addresses Beryl, apologizing for being away. She welcomes him back to work for her and he gratefully accepts with his life.

Class 1 is ending. The assignment is to make a muffler or a one-piece dress for the final. The teacher suggests that they think of someone, like a sweetheart, to give it to because it is such a big project. Naru suggests that Usagi is going to give her muffler to Mamoru, and Usagi remembers seeing him with Hina.

Back at Karaoke Crown, Ami is working on her muffler and Makoto asks about the project. Ami tells her that she is making the muffler for her mother and Makoto wonders for whom she should make her muffler. She asks Usagi if she has thought of someone yet. Usagi pictures Mamoru and seems sad, but then smiles and shouts out that she has decided to give the muffler to Tuxedo Mask. Makoto and Ami are a little shocked and they ask why. Usagi tells them it’s because he is not Mamoru and Tuxedo Mask is the one she likes most after all. Makoto asks what she’s talking about, but Usagi decides that it’s time to go shopping for her project. She grabs her things and runs out the door as Makoto is calling after her. Makoto asks Ami if something is wrong, but Ami does not know either. Makoto decides to go talk to Rei, but Ami reminds her that it is the anniversary of Rei’s mother’s death, so she is at the church.

Rei kneels in front of a gravestone which reads, "Risa Hino 1963-1995". She lays a bouquet of white flowers on the stone and clasps her hands in prayer. A priest approaches her and tells her that her mother must be pleased. He suggests that if she came with her father, she might be more pleased. Rei tells the priest that her father has been a workaholic since her mother died. She adds that she doesn’t think her mother wanted it this way. The priest gives her a reassuring pat on the shoulder as the church bells ring.

Inside the church, a figure kneels in front of the tabernacle. It is Minako Aino.

Meanwhile, Nephrite tells Jadeite that Sailor Venus is the Princess and has the Silver Crystal. With that power, he says, they could awaken Queen Metalia instantly. However, they are unable to find Sailor Venus. Nephrite complains about being stuck with Kunzite and tells Jadeite of Kunzite’s blatant disrespect for Beryl. Kunzite is shown practicing his sword fighting in a dark stairwell. Nephrite suggests to Jadeite that Kunzite might be after Metalia’s power for himself. Jadeite says that is impossible, and that he will gather the energy needed to awaken Metalia for Beryl.

Usagi is feigning happiness when Makoto catches up with her on the street. Makoto grabs her arm, forcing her to stop, and tells her that Tuxedo Mask is their enemy. Usagi tells her that she has said already that he has saved them many times, and walks away from Makoto. Makoto insists that he is a thief. At the yarn store, Usagi examines various colors and compares them to her image of Tuxedo Mask with difficulty. Makoto continues to insist that she should see him as a thief. Usagi is distracted by the yarn and runs off to the other side of the store. Makoto grabs her arm and asks her if she is listening. Usagi replies that she is, and with a big smile races towards her prize. Outside the store, Usagi tosses the white yarn up in the air with excitement. Makoto tells her to stop thinking of Tuxedo Mask because she might regret it, but Usagi interrupts her by saying she is very hungry and runs ahead. Makoto chases after her.

Back at the church, Minako finishes her time in the chapel and makes her way outside. Rei, leaving the graveyard, passes Minako at the foot of an outdoor staircase without recognition.

The priest calls out to Minako and Rei overhears. He asks for her help with something and directs her towards the outside gates. Curious, Rei follows. There is a golden retriever lying on the ground outside the church gates; the priest tells Minako that it is fatigued. Rei comes out and kneels down beside them. Minako recognizes her as Sailor Mars and wonders why she is there. They bring the dog inside and make it comfortable. The priest tells Minako and Rei that the dog probably has a cold and will be better once it has rested. The girls are relieved. A nun comes in and tells the priest that they have to go. Rei offers to watch the dog and then Minako says she will as well. The priest thanks them and leaves. Minako pets the dog telling it it will be all right, as Rei watches from a distance.

Usagi and Makoto munch on their snacks in a sea of pigeons, and Usagi asks Makoto to help her with her homework for class, because she didn’t understand the lesson. Makoto says she will but only for school, not for Tuxedo Mask. Usagi agrees wholeheartedly, then Makoto asks her if she is serious about Tuxedo Mask. Usagi says she is and asks why, to which Makoto suggests that she wasn’t clear about it before. Usagi pretends to not know what she’s talking about, but she has a clear and melancholy memory of her sharing her dumpling with Mamoru on their trip to find gifts for Shin.

Usagi shakes herself from the memory, then jumps up, shouting that it is time to go to Crown, and runs off. Makoto is a bit stunned, and is left to carry everything they had bought.

Back at the church, Rei and Minako are tending to the dog. Rei looks up across the room and sees something that catches her eye. She then looks at Minako who is busily patting the dog. "Oh," Rei says, "I finally know!" After seeing a magazine with Minako on it, Rei had made the connection to why she recognized the girl with her. Minako laughs a little and says Rei is the first girl she has met that does not know her. Rei tells her that she doesn’t watch TV much, but her friend is a big fan. Minako says that she remembers her from the visit at the hospital.

At the Crown, Usagi is singing karaoke to "C'est la Vie." Ami and Makoto watch her as if she has totally lost her mind.

Rei and Minako’s conversation continues, and Minako tells her that she likes to go to church alone to think about ‘various things.’ “Various things?” Rei asks, but Minako does not elaborate. The dog’s stomach growls and the girls laugh, noting that if it is hungry then it’s probably feeling better. Minako says that she only has candy, and Rei suggests that it might not be good for it, so Minako gives some of the candy to Rei and Rei thanks her.

Outside, the priest is attacked by a Youma. Rei senses it and jumps up to run out. At the door, she pauses and turns to excuse herself to Minako. Rei runs out and confronts the Youma, then transforms into Sailor Mars. She uses Youma Taisan, but the Youma dodges the attack. Sailor Mars pursues it and Minako runs out. Artemis is there and tells her that she shouldn’t fight, but Minako is conflicted.

Usagi is walking with Ami and Makoto and talking about how her muffler fits Tuxedo Mask perfectly. Makoto tells her it’s not even close to finished yet, but Usagi says it doesn’t matter. They get an alert on their phones from Luna telling them about the Youma at the church. The three of them run off.

As they are scaling stairs to a pedestrian overpass, Usagi runs ahead. When she gets to the top, she turns to tell the others to hurry, but then accidentally runs into Mamoru and Hina, dropping her partially finished muffler on the ground. They are shocked to see one another, and there is a long awkward silence. Hina is the first to speak and she is very concerned about Usagi’s muffler, because she is still working on it and it is in a delicate state. She is apologetic and picks the muffler up for Usagi. Handing it to her, she asks, “It’s important to you, right?” Usagi considers this and looks at Mamoru, then at Hina. Makoto and Ami look on, waiting. Then Usagi grabs the muffler from Hina, apologizes, and runs off as quickly as she had come. Makoto calls after her and apologizes to Mamoru and Hina, explaining that they are in a hurry. Then Makoto and Ami run after Usagi. Makoto chases after Usagi, telling her she’s going the wrong way. Ami stops running, but Makoto catches up to her and asks her what is wrong. Usagi stops and tells Makoto that Mamoru’s girlfriend is very nice. She says that she did her best, but she can’t fight it anymore. “The one I like....” she begins, thinking of Mamoru – but she never finishes the sentence.

Back at the church, Sailor Mars is fighting the Youma in the gymnasium. They exchange blows and dodges, and finally the Youma lands a direct attack. Sailor Mars is knocked to the floor as Minako comes running in. Artemis tells her to stop, but Minako is reluctant to back down. She tells the Youma to stop, and Sailor Mars yells for her to run away. With a cry of "Venus Power, Make Up!" Minako transforms on the stage, much to Sailor Mars’ surprise.

Sailor Venus taunts the Youma by showing off her tiara and mentioning the Silver Crystal. Sailor Mars is still in a state of shock as Venus prepares to attack.

Usagi is sitting on a staircase outside staring at her muffler while Makoto watches from a few steps above her. Church bells ring in the distance.

Back at the gymnasium, Venus and Mars exchange blows with the Youma. Sailor Venus throws her moon shaped compact at the Youma, but it is deflected.

By now, it is night and Usagi is walking along the street alone, tearful.

Jadeite arrives at the gymnasium, and says that it is an unexpected catch to find the Princess there. Sailor Venus maneuvers around the Youma and uses her Venus Beam attack against it. The Youma counters with a weapon attack that narrowly misses Venus, but hits the wall behind her and explodes. Venus is thrown to the ground, and Mars rushes to her side to see if she is okay. Venus tells Mars to go after the Youma, but Mars insists on making sure the Princess is okay before she goes. Venus, quite angry, scolds Mars for letting the Youma get away. She tells Mars she is disappointed with her and says that she may be a Senshi but she has a lot to learn. Mars looks down briefly but then a look of defiance crosses her face as she stands up to face Sailor Venus.

Act.18- "Tsuini Sorotta Gonin no Sērā Senshi" ("At Last, All Five Sailor Senshi are Together")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 18

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 18

Airdate: February 7, 2004

Toei 18

Princess Sailor Venus chides Sailor Mars for letting the Youma get away, because it will return again later, and tells her that she isn't a strong enough Senshi as she is. Sailor Mars retorts that if Sailor Venus had been a better fighter, the Youma wouldn't have escaped in the first place, and adds that even though she's supposed to protect the Princess, she didn't know she had to be her babysitter as well. Sailor Venus replies that she doesn't need them to protect her, and storms off.

Later, Minako is sitting in a taxi when Artemis peeks out of her bag and points out that even though she's been hiding her identity, one of the Senshi now knows who she is. Minako admits that she didn't use her best judgement in that situation, and thinks about what she'd said to Sailor Mars. Artemis tells her that in this circumstances they have to be strict, but Minako looks regretful as she remarks on how she treated Sailor Mars, and the things Mars had said to her in return. Suddenly, her vision blurs, and she puts a hand to her head while Artemis calls out her name in concern.

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite tells Jadeite that he was supposed to gather energy, but has always lost to the Sailor Senshi. Jadeite replies that he isn't finished yet, and will definitely collect a lot of energy. Nephrite points out that they've found the Moon Princess and her Silver Crystal, all for Queen Beryl's sake. Beryl smiles at them and tells them that if they work together, they're sure to succeed. Nephrite and Jadeite bow, but Kunzite snidely remarks on how weak they are. Beryl angrily tells Kunzite to keep quiet.

At the school, the teacher returns Usagi's knitting project with the comment that it isn't a muffler, it's just a handkerchief. Usagi dejectedly walks back toward her seat with the "muffler" in hand, and Naru stops her to ask if she's planning to give it to Mamoru. Usagi shakes her head and says that he has a girlfriend. Naru makes sympathetic noises as Ami looks on from a short distance away.

In the Secret Base, Usagi sits on the couch and looks at her knitting project, while Ami observes that now she understands why Usagi couldn't finish. Usagi replies that when she bought the yarn, she wasn't really thinking about Tuxedo Mask, but rather about Mamoru. She imagines herself wrapping the finished muffler about Mamoru's neck, then sadly looks down at the basket of yarn in her hands and says that every time she tried to work on it she thought of him and just couldn't. Makoto says that she's surprised, because she always thought that Usagi hated Mamoru, and Usagi replies that she'd thought she had - but once she realized her feelings she discovered that he had a girlfriend. Makoto asks her if she plans to give up, and Usagi talks about how pretty and nice Hina is, but Makoto insists that doesn't matter, especially since liking him is better than liking Tuxedo Mask. Over Usagi's protests, Makoto says she'll go get some information, because if Usagi doesn't try she'll always regret it.

Rei rides up to the church on her bicycle and removes a bag of dog food from the front basket. Just then, however, a taxi pulls up and Minako gets out - but when she sees Rei standing there with the dog food, Minako gets back in the car and leaves. Rei gives a somewhat confused look after the taxi, but goes inside.

Rei pours a bowl of food for the dog (which she calls Taro) and it begins to eat, as the priest comments that it definitely seems to be feeling better. The door opens then and Minako enters, carrying several boxes of expensive canned dog food, which she says is for "Riki." The priest thanks her, and she smirks briefly at Rei. The priest observes that they need to find the owner, and he thought he would try asking the people who come to the morning Mass. Rei volunteers to make a poster, and smirks back at Minako when the priest agrees that's a good idea.

As they leave the church, Rei tells Minako that she might be the Princess, but she's definitely childish. Minako replies that she hates to lose, and asks about the Youma, but Rei hasn't found it. They pause, and Rei asks why Minako won't work with the other Senshi, because they've been searching for her. Minako says that she had to, but Rei tells her to just hide and leave the Youma to them. Minako retorts that she would, if she could trust them to take care of things, and walks off as Rei glares at her.

Elsewhere, the Youma stands atop a tall building as the sun sets.

Makoto meets with Motoki at a cafe and asks him about Mamoru's girlfriend. He realizes that the only reason she asked him there is for information and looks dejected, but Makoto bribes him with food, both for Kamekichi and for himself. He starts to eat, looking happy again, but pauses and asks if she likes Mamoru. Makoto quickly tells him no, she's doing it for someone else; Motoki replies that whoever it is should give up, because Mamoru and Hina are engaged. Makoto is surprised.

Later that night, Mamoru and Hina stand together by the waterfront. Hina tells Mamoru that she wants him to go to church with her tomorrow, then adds, looking a little embarassed, that she always wanted to get married at that church. She says that ever since they were kids and decided to get married, she'd decided on a church, even though that must sound silly. Mamoru remembers when they were children together, and thinks that he could never betray Hina.

In her bedroom, Usagi slowly works on her unfinished muffler. She pauses, remembering her interactions with Mamoru in the past, and wonders why she likes him. She sighs, drops her knitting, and flops over onto the pillow next to her.

Minako works on a poster, declaring that she's going to be the one who takes care of the dog. Artemis points out that she's been spending a lot of time with Sailor Mars lately, but Minako insists that it's definitely not friendship; if anything, it's the opposite. Artemis sighs that Minako can be awfully stubborn. Minako pauses, wondering aloud why the Youma attacked the priest; Artemis thinks that it could just be coincidence, but Minako doesn't agree. She looks at the word "Mass" on her poster and suddenly realizes something.

The church bells ring as people file in for Mass, including Hina and Mamoru. Rei puts up posters for the lost dog, and discusses the missing Youma with Luna, who is riding in her bicycle basket. Rei goes to get another piece of tape and notices Minako putting up her poster (which is much, much larger than Rei's). When she angrily asks what Minako is doing, Minako asks her why the Youma would attack the priest. Luna exclaims that it had another purpose, and Minako points at "Mass" on her poster. Rei realizes what's going on and turns to Luna.

As people fill the chapel, Hina and Mamoru pause briefly at the entrance, and Hina remarks on how nice the church is.

In the Secret Base, Ami reacts with surprise as Makoto tells her about Mamoru's fiancee. Makoto replies that she'd told Usagi not to give up. Usagi, however, is currently lying on her bed and looking depressed as she thinks about Mamoru. Her phone vibrates several times before she realizes that it's ringing, but she picks it up to hear Luna telling her to hurry to the church; in the Secret Base, Makoto and Ami get the same call and quickly leave.

The priest gives his sermon in the chapel, then as the congregation bows their heads to pray, the Youma emerges from his body and gathers everyone's energy. Mamoru realizes what's going on, and manages to get Hina out of there, but they're pursued by the Youma.

Usagi races toward the church and meets up with Ami, Makoto, and Rei along the way. They see purple energy emerging from the church's spire and transform as they run.

Mamoru and Hina run into the gymnasium, but the Youma attacks and Hina collapses. Mamoru watches its approach with a grimace, but then the Sailor Senshi appear and Sailor Moon orders the Youma to stop. She and Mamoru meet each others' eyes for a moment, then Mamoru also faints. Sailor Moon is briefly immobilized by shock, and Sailor Jupiter, noticing this, runs in front of her and attacks the Youma with Flower Hurricane. The Youma just shrugs off the attack, and the Senshi prepare for battle - but Jadeite suddenly appears and attacks. He declares that he was revived just to fight them. Nephrite also appears, and demands to know why the Princess isn't with them. The Youma joins the two Shitennou as the Senshi back away slowly.

After a brief scuffle, the Senshi are knocked down, but when their opponents start to move forward, Princess Sailor Venus appears and asks if they're looking for her. Sailor Venus joins the other Senshi, looking them over in turn; Sailor Mars returns her look with a glare. All five Senshi assume their poses in preparation for battle. Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars move off together, attracting the attention of the Youma, then Venus runs off; at Jadeite's command the Youma follows, and Mars tells the others to take care of the rest. Jadeite and Nephrite try to follow, but Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury intercept them and declare they're not going anywhere.

The Youma chases Sailor Venus, countering her attacks with one of its own that knocks the Senshi down. Sailor Mars arrives and cartwheels in to the rescue. The two of them position themselves on either side of the Youma and, at the same time, use Youma Taisan and Venus Love-Me Chain to destroy it.

Back in the gymnasium, the three Senshi are faring poorly in the fight against Jadeite and Nephrite. Sailor Mercury suggests that they all combine their powers, and the others agree. Sailor Mercury uses Mercury Aqua Mist, Sailor Jupiter uses Supreme Thunder, and Sailor Moon uses Moon Twilight Flash, but Nephrite manages to shake off the attacks. Shocked, the three Senshi discuss amongst themselves and realize that Sailor Moon was aiming in a different place than the other two, so they try it again, all aiming for Nephrite's shoulder. This time, they manage to knock Nephrite down as Jadeite looks on with some dismay. Nephrite curses them, but Jadeite says it's okay because they still got the energy, and the two of them disappear. Sailor Moon slowly turns and looks toward Mamoru and Hina.

Sailor Mars angrily confronts Sailor Venus, and the two of them argue about the Princess' need for a protector. Sailor Venus tells her that her order as the Princess is for her to not leave Sailor Moon's side.

The three Senshi approach the unconscious Mamoru and Hina, and find Mamoru clinging to Hina's hand. Sailor Moon manages to smile, and says that loving someone is always a good thing. She kneels down beside the couple and reaches out her hands, which begin to glow with a golden light, and as the light fades Mamoru and Hina begin to open their eyes. Sailor Moon looks on with a smile. As soon as Mamoru wakes he immediately turns to Hina, then looks back, but the Senshi are gone. Mamoru and Hina rush back to the chapel and find the congregation getting back to their feet again.

Outside the church that night, an older gentleman is reunited with the lost dog as the priest and Rei look on. Rei remembers Minako's parting words and wonders why, if she's the Princess, she needs to be acting like that, almost as though she wants to be caught.

Minako busily packs a suitcase as Artemis sighs about having to move again. He observes that attracting the enemy's attention and fleeing from them is a lot of work. Minako replies that, from looking at Sailor Moon, they might not have to do it for much longer, which makes Artemis pleased. Minako smiles a little and says that she can't wait to see Mars' reaction, to which Artemis points out that she can't make friends with the other girls because she doesn't want anyone to be sad. Minako looks down and says that there's only about half a year left.

Usagi busily works on her muffler, which has grown significantly longer. She remembers her words about it being a good thing to love someone, and smiles a little.

Back at the Dark Kingdom, Beryl and the three Shitennou are gathered together. Beryl declares that she can feel the power of Queen Metalia. The light behind her glows slightly brighter and a strong wind starts to blow, bringing with it black particles of energy. Kunzite says that it's the door of darkness, and Beryl replies that the door will lead to Metalia.

Act.19- "Usagi no Dokidoki Barentain" ("Usagi's Nervous Valentine")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 19

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 19

Airdate: February 14, 2004

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl walks through the newly-opened portal and finds a glowing red tower. She declares that to be the sign of Queen Metalia, and congratulates Jadeite and Nephrite for their work. The two of them bow, and Jadeite says that he will continue gathering energy, while Nephrite says he will keep hunting the Princess. They depart, leaving Kunzite alone with Beryl. Kunzite comments on the Princess' success thus far, and says that she will fall...again. Beryl looks startled and asks him if he has his memories. He seems not to know what she's talking about, and simply says that he'll pull back and allow the other two Shitennou to work. Beryl stares intently at him as he turns to leave, then once he's gone, declares that she will not allow the Princess to get in the way this time.

Minako takes hold of her suitcase, but grows faint and drops to her knees beside the bed. Artemis asks her if she's okay, sounding concerned, but she only says that they have to move again.

Rei stares at her fire, wondering why the Princess has to fight alone and give the enemy the chance to go after her. She remembers Princess Sailor Venus's order not to leave Sailor Moon's side, then her declaration that Sailor Mars has a lot of growing to do as a Sailor Senshi, and her hands clench tightly into fists.

In her room, Usagi carefully adds the fringe at the end of the muffler, then gathers the finished project up to admire it proudly. Her smile slowly fades, though, as she looks at it.

Ami busily works on her knitting in the Secret Base. Makoto observes that she'd thought Ami was finished with her school project, and Ami replies that she is, but she still likes knitting, and now she's making mittens. Makoto asks if they're also for her mother, but Ami doesn't answer; Makoto doesn't seem to notice, though, and goes on to wonder to whom she will give her project, because she doesn't like the color very much. The girls talk about Usagi, the muffler she wanted to give to Mamoru, and how she doesn't know that Hina and Mamoru are engaged to be married. As they talk, Usagi wanders up to her house, looking sad. Ami observes that Usagi told them not to let Rei know about the situation with Mamoru, and Makoto agrees that Rei doesn't like men very much. When Makoto wonders just where Rei is, Ami replies that she's talking to Luna, but she doesn't know what they're talking about.

In the meantime, Rei and Luna are at the Hikawa Shrine. Rei asks about the mission of the Sailor Senshi, because the Princess insists that she doesn't need them to protect her after all. Luna replies that she's been having a hard time getting in touch with Artemis, so in the meantime they should just do what the Princess says. Rei is unhappy with the situation and wants to talk to the Princess again about it, but Luna points out that they can't because they don't know who she is, and Rei looks away almost guiltily.

Minako works on a picture of herself to put on her webpage, which she thinks will get the attention of the enemy. Artemis is concerned about her health and suggests that she take a break, but Minako says that if the enemy doesn't find her they will attack Sailor Moon instead. Artemis reluctantly agrees. Minako then hands him a box with his Valentine's Day present, which when opened turns out to be a spring-loaded stuffed toy which startles the plushie cat. Minako laughs and says that she lied, handing him the real present.

Usagi enters her room and pauses before her table, then pulls the muffler out of its bag. She thinks about Valentine's Day, and about Mamoru. She tells herself that Hina fits him perfectly, then stuffs the muffler back into the bag.

The next morning Usagi is surprised to find a strange girl sitting at the dining room table, but her mother introduces the child as her friend's daughter, Hikari Nozaki. She says that they're taking care of Hikari for the day, and since Shingo was shy and ran off, Usagi needs to entertain the girl. After breakfast, the two of them go up to Usagi's room, and Usagi suggests playing various games. Hikari isn't interested, though, and says she wants some advice. Hikari asks if Usagi has been in love, because she's suffering through Valentine's Day.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki gives Kamekichi a gift from his girlfriend, then pauses and wonders why his turtle got a present when he didn't get anything. He looks momentarily hopeful when Ami comes inside and pauses at the counter to dig around in her bag, but she only pulls out her passport and shows it to him.

Ami enters the Secret Base to find Rei and Makoto arguing. As Rei storms past her out the door, she asks Makoto what's going on. Makoto replies that Rei knows something about the Princess she won't tell the others, and she thinks that keeping secrets is a bad thing. Ami points out that they're keeping a secret from Usagi, but Makoto insists that's different. Makoto then sighs, saying that thinking about Usagi makes her depressed, and gathers her things to leave. Ami watches her go, looking unhappy.

Motoki mournfully feeds Kamekichi, telling his turtle how jealous he is, then suddenly sneezes. Makoto walks by just then, and pauses to pull her muffler out of her bag and offer it to Motoki. She says that she made it for class but doesn't like the color, and would like him to have it. Motoki is thrilled that he got something for Valentine's Day, and excitedly wraps the muffler around his neck.

As they walk down the street, Hikari tells Usagi that she's in love with Daichi Shimizu, a boy in her class. She says that they need to buy him some chocolates that will make him like her, because he already likes a girl. Hikari suddenly pauses and points out a couple inside a nearby store; Usagi turns to see what she's looking at and sees Mamoru and Hina looking at clothes, and immediately tries to leave. Hikari doesn't budge, though, and says that's Daichi's tutor, the girl he likes. Hina and Mamoru come out of the store, and Hina cheerfully greets Hikari, then does the same to Usagi. Usagi looks momentarily uncomfortable, but politely says that she's watching Hikari for her mother. Hina smiles and gives the two girls some candy; Mamoru laughs a little as Usagi takes hers, and she makes a face at him. The couple then walks off and Usagi watches them, then sighs and unwraps her candy. Hikari hands her candy to a random girl walking past, then sternly declares that she will not lose to "that woman." Usagi stares at her in disbelief, then quickly shoves her candy back in the wrapper.

In the store, Usagi looks at a display of chocolates and suggests the smallest, cheapest one to Hikari. She, however, has gone to a very large and expensive chocolate heart and asks the saleslady for it. When Usagi wonders if she can afford it, Hikari says it's okay, because she saved all her New Year's money for it.

As they walk down the street, Usagi tells Hikari that she admires her for her determination. Hikari replies that it's because she really loves Daichi. Usagi thinks about it, then wonders if she should give a present, too, and suggests the muffler she'd knitted. Hikari, however, says that she heard on TV that giving something handmade as a first present is a bad idea. Usagi decides to go back to the store to get some chocolate, and Hikari says she doesn't mind.

Across the street, Rei watches a store display showing a TV broadcast about idol websites, giving Minako's site as an example. Her website prominently displays a photo of Minako with distinctive buildings behind her, and Rei wonders why she seems to be asking the enemy to come attack her. She hurries off, declaring that she needs to find the location in that photo.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite tells Jadeite that he knows where the Princess is, and asks if he wants to help.

Hikari and Usagi walk down the street, chocolates in hand, and offer encouragement to each other. Usagi's cheerful determination fades, however, as she turns the corner and sees Mamoru sitting on his motorcycle outside Daichi's house. Hina comes out of the house with Daichi, who is holding a present, and admonishes her pupil not to play games all day. She then climbs into the motorcycle behind Mamoru, and the two of them leave. Usagi stares after them, then realizes that Hikari has started to cry. She crouches down and tries to encourage the girl, but it doesn't seem to help. Daichi sees them and hurries over, asking Hikari what's wrong, but she starts to back away. Usagi tells her that if she loves Daichi that much, she can't give up, and Hikari stops crying and holds the bag out to Daichi. Daichi is happy to receive the chocolate, and asks Hikari to come inside and play his new game. Usagi smiles as the two kids run inside together - then looks down at the chocolate in her hands, disappointed with herself.

Rei sits in a park, flipping through a book of photos, then pauses as she finds the one in the picture on Minako's website.

Usagi walks down the street, looking dejected, when she suddenly hears a woman scream and starts to run toward the source of the sound. In an open plaza, a Youma has appeared and is attacking the people passing by. Usagi arrives and notes that she's never seen one go after this many people at once before, but doesn't stop too long to think about it before transforming into Sailor Moon.

Not too far away, Mamoru hears the sounds of the fight and looks toward the source, but then Hina arrives and wonders aloud about the noise.

Sailor Moon and the Youma have moved their fight into a large, open building. Using Moon Tiara Boomerang, Sailor Moon wounds the Youma's arm, but that only seems to infuriate it. After some ballet-fu, Sailor Moon does a flip to escape an attack - but when she lands the Youma has disappeared. She looks around in confusion, and suddenly Tuxedo Mask yells for her to look up and throws his cane, intercepting the Youma in mid-air so she can escape. Sailor Moon summons the Moonlight Stick and uses Moon Twilight Flash to destroy the Youma. Jadeite, hidden behind a nearby pillar, smiles evilly and vanishes.

Sailor Moon runs after Tuxedo Mask as he leaves, then gives him the Valentine's Day chocolates as thanks for helping her so much. He asks if she doesn't have anyone else to give them to, and she replies that she made a muffler for that person, though she doesn't think she'll give it to him. When he asks why, she says that he already has a girlfriend and she can't compete, but then pauses and wonders, embarassed, why she's telling him these things. In the meantime, he thinks to himself that she has someone else that she likes. Sailor Moon thanks him again and starts to leave, but he stops her and says that if she likes this person that much, she shouldn't give up so easily - she might be able to give him that muffler someday. As he leaves, she wonders to herself why it's so much easier to talk to him now.

First as Tuxedo Mask, then as Mamoru, he thinks to himself about what he'd just told Sailor Moon, but observes that he can only continue to protect her from the shadows. He approaches Hina, who smiles at him in greeting.

Usagi walks off, thinking about his words, and wonders if the day might really come when she can give Mamoru the muffler.

Rei arrives at the building, but once she's inside it seems to be empty. She wonders to herself if she's overthinking things, but suddenly senses the enemy presence; she transforms into Sailor Mars and runs off. Sailor Mars finds Princess Sailor Venus trapped by Nephrite, who smirks and tells her that she's too late, then grabs the False Tiara from Venus' head.

Act.20- "Hina-san wa Mamoru no Konyakusha datta no..." ("Hina was Mamoru's Fiancée...")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 20

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 20

Airdate: February 21, 2004

Toei 20

Nephrite takes the false tiara from Princess Sailor Venus's head and declares that he now has the Silver Crystal. Sailor Mars attacks and tries to use Akuryo Taisan, but he blocks it with his cape. Nephrite triumphantly says that this will give Queen Beryl control over Queen Metalia, but Sailor Venus suddenly leaps to her feet, ordering Sailor Mars to duck, and points at the tiara. The tiara glows gold and suddenly explodes, burning Nephrite's hand. Shocked, he glares at Sailor Venus, who only smiles, asks if he really thought she'd give him the real one, and opens a case, from which spills a number of other tiaras. Nephrite departs in a swirl of his cape. Kunzite watches from the shadows, observing that the Princess seemed suspicious, then adds that he thinks he wants a Sailor Senshi.

In the Secret Base, Ami busily works on knitting her mittens. She looks at the empty chairs at the table and thinks that everyone has been going their own ways lately, but she believes that everyone will soon be together again.

Now un-transformed, Minako demands to know why Rei was there, because she'd already told Rei not to worry about what she was doing. Rei says she wanted to talk to Minako because she was concerned, and it seemed to her like the Princess was trying to get caught. Minako replies that Rei needs to awaken as a Senshi so that she can remember it for herself, and starts to leave. Rei tries to stop her, but Minako sharply tells Rei that she could be the leader of the Senshi, and should know what she needs to do.

Once outside, Minako has to stop and hold onto the stair railing as she puts one hand to her head. Artemis appears and asks if she's all right, and she nods, but still doesn't look well.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite reports to Queen Beryl about his failure. Beryl berates him, angry, but Jadeite says that they couldn't have known the Princess would be prepared with false Silver Crystals. Kunzite, in the background, suggests that perhaps all she has are fakes. Nephrite snaps at him for just watching and not helping, and Kunzite replies with a smirk that he's working on something interesting. Beryl looks after him and wonders aloud what he could be planning.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki gleefully tells Kamekichi that he's not the only one in love. He immediately perks up as Makoto enters, and thanks her again for the muffler, saying that it's very warm. She throws an absent wave over her shoulder as she heads inside, barely noticing him as he almost climbs over the counter in his excitement.

Luna plays with a ball of yarn, then apologizes to Ami when it rolls away. Ami, still knitting, says to not worry about it. Makoto enters then and Ami tries to show her what she's knitting, but Makoto brushes it off and says she thinks she needs to tell Usagi about Mamoru's fiancee. When Ami gives a halfhearted sort of agreement in response, Makoto charges off again, and Luna wonders if Usagi will be okay with that news.

Rei enters then and wonders where Makoto and Usagi are, and Ami tells her they haven't forgotten about what they need to be doing. Rei replies that it's okay if they did, because she's on guard, and needs to fight alone to become a better Senshi. Luna points out that they've been fighting together up to now, but Rei replies that it's not enough, because the Princess is fighting alone. Just as Ami goes to get her a cup of tea, Rei jumps up and leaves, saying that nothing will get done if she stays there. Luna worries that it's a bad trend that everyone is going off in different directions, but Ami says that she thinks everything will work out.

Usagi sits in her room, looking at the muffler she made and thinking about Tuxedo Mask's encouraging words. Her mother knocks on the door and announces that a "friend" is there, and Usagi quickly shoves the muffler into a hiding place before she answers. Ikuko opens the door and Hikari enters. Once Ikuko leaves, Hikari tells Usagi that she has a date with Daichi, but since they're kids they can't go places on their own, and she asks Usagi to come along. Usagi wonders if she won't be in the way, but Hikari says it's okay because Daichi got Hina's boyfriend Mamoru to come as well, so it'll be a double date. Usagi thinks about it, then glances over at where the muffler is hidden.

Daichi and Mamoru are waiting together at a bus stop when Hikari and Usagi arrive. Mamoru tells Usagi to not get lost, and Hikari pipes up that it'll be okay because she'll take care of Usagi, and Daichi adds that he'll help look for her too. As the four of them talk, Makoto approaches, "disguised" with a coat and hat, and puts on a pair of sunglasses.

On the bus, Daichi and Hikari talk happily about the Valentine's chocolate and Daichi's new game while Usagi and Mamoru sneak surreptitious glances at each other. In the meantime, Makoto sits at the front of the bus, all bundled up in her "disguise."

When they get to the park, Daichi and Hikari take their tickets and hurry off as Mamoru calls after them to not go too far away. Usagi tells herself to not think too hard about it and act normal, but she's so nervous that she walks stiffly. Mamoru points that out, looking amused, and Usagi gives him a nervous smile. Daichi and Hikari call for them to catch up, and the two of them hurry to follow the children. In the background, Makoto drops some coins and pauses to pick them up.

Usagi, Mamoru, Daichi, and Hikaru enjoy themselves at the park and enjoy a picnic on the lawn. As they walk down the path all holding hands in a row, Makoto ducks behind a tree and asks herself what she's doing. She says that she meant to tell Usagi about Mamoru being engaged, but...

Rei sits before her fire, concentrating, then opens her eyes and comments that it's not so easy to see, but the flame suddenly flares up and swirls.

Out in an open plaza, various Youma appear and disappear, terrifying the passers-by. Rei runs up and sees this, but the Youma all vanish before she can catch them. She observes that they're illusions of Youma, but wonders why it's happening.

Kunzite is striding down a hallway in the Dark Kingdom when Jadeite comes up behind him, demanding to know what he's doing, because his illusions will make it harder for him to gather energy. Kunzite cuts him off and asks if he's never had any doubts about the Princess, but Jadeite only looks confused.

Artemis wrings out a washcloth and sets it on Minako's forehead as she lies in bed, telling her that she needs to rest. Minako starts to say that if she can just awaken Sailor Mars, but Artemis interrupts her and says that she needs to not overdo things.

Rei chases the Youma illusions through Tokyo, as Kunzite's voice continues to explain to Jadeite that he wants to see if the Princess is real, and to do that he's using the Sailor Senshi.

Ami continues to knit, all alone in the Secret Base.

At the park, Usagi drops onto a bench and says that she needs to rest. Hikari sees a ride she wants to go on, but Usagi refuses; Mamoru tells Hikari and Daichi to go together, and he'll wait with Usagi. After the children leave, Mamoru goes to get Usagi a drink. Makoto, watching, thinks that this may be the chance. Mamoru sits on the bench beside Usagi, and she glances at the muffler in her bag, thinking that she can give it to him now. Just as she turns to talk to him, though, Hikari and Daichi return with Hina in tow. Usagi stands to make room for Hina on the bench, and Daichi leads her to sit, saying that the bride needs to be with her fiance. Usagi is startled, but Hina modestly says that they're waiting until they both graduate from college. Makoto, still watching in the distance, cringes as she sees this. Usagi looks distinctly uncomfortable, but suddenly spots two of the Youma illusions and, claiming she remembered something she had to do, runs off. Makoto looks upset and tells herself that she should have told Usagi before.

Usagi slows and finally stops on the path, thinking to herself that it was stupid of her to hope. The Youma illusions suddenly appear around her once more, and she transforms into Sailor Moon.

Mamoru starts to walk away from the group and tells Hina, when she asks where he's going, that he'll be right back. Makoto watches him leave.

Rei watches three Youma illusions, wondering aloud what their purpose could be.

Luna naps on a pillow on the table at the Secret Base. Ami smiles and declares her knitting finally finished, then stretches and leaves, not wanting to bother the sleeping Luna. She walks along the road, smiling happily to herself.

Usagi uneasily watches the Youma circling her. Tuxedo Mask comes running, but stops as Makoto abruptly steps into his path. She glares at him and asks if he's really Mamoru Chiba.

As Ami walks down the road, Kunzite appears before her in a swirl of black rose petals. He says that he's pleased to see she's the one he caught, and tells her that it's no use to call her friends, as they're busy elsewhere and won't make it in time. Ami transforms into Sailor Mercury and uses Shine Aqua Illusion, but Kunzite deflects it with his sword, then does the same thing when she tries Mercury Aqua Mist. He declares that from now on, she belongs to him, and sends a blast of purple-black energy that envelops her and leaves her unconscious.

The various Youma illusions disappear, leaving Rei and Sailor Moon confused.

Tuxedo Mask and Makoto glare at each other, unmoving.

The place where Ami and Kunzite were standing is now empty except for a few black petals littering the ground.

In the Secret Base, the sleeping Luna now has a scarf of alternating green, red, blue, and pink bands wrapped around her, and matching green, red, blue, and pink mittens sit in a neat row on the table nearby.

Act.21- "Ami-chan ni Nani o Shita!" ("What Did You Do to Ami!?")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 21

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 21

Airdate: February 28, 2004

Toei 21

Luna awakens from her nap to find that Ami has gone, leaving her alone in the Secret Base.

Elsewhere, a handful of black rose petals drift with the wind across an empty street.

Makoto walks down the street, looking uncomfortable as she remembers the moment when Usagi found out that Hina and Mamoru are engaged. Thinking about Usagi's expression at that time, she berates herself for not saying something sooner.

At the Tsukino residence, Shingo enters his sister's room and finds her buried beneath the covers on her bed. He demands to know why she's skipping school, but after he gets no answer, he gives up and just leaves.

Outside, Makoto rings the doorbell and is greeted by an enthusiastic Ikuko, who immediately recognizes her and asks if she has come to get Usagi. Makoto replies in the affirmative, and says that she'd hoped they could walk together. Ikuko apologizes, but says that Usagi seems to have a cold, and tries to drag Makoto inside to feed her breakfast, despite her protestations that she's already eaten.

Makoto slowly walks across a bridge, thinking that of course Usagi would be upset. A flashback shows her confrontation with Tuxedo Mask in the park. She asks him why he's doing this, and he replies that he needs to find out about the Silver Crystal and the Princess; when she asks who he is, he says that he's trying to find that out. He starts to walk away, but Makoto stops him and demands to know if he's just using Usagi for that purpose. Tuxedo Mask looks back at her and indifferently asks, "What if I am?" Makoto replies with a punch in the face which knocks him to the ground. She angrily tells him that he's horrible, and though she won't tell Usagi his identity he needs to stay far away from her.

Back in the present, Makoto punches her palm and declares that she should have hit him again. She pauses, then decides to talk to Ami about a way to cheer Usagi up. Makoto walks onward, punching at the air.

Minako talks to someone on the phone about her new song, and says she'll send it to her manager the next day. Once she hangs up, Artemis jumps up onto the table and tells her he's worried about the enemy's movements.

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite holds up a black rose and smiles evilly.

At the junior high, Makoto peeks into the classroom but notices that Ami isn't there. She stops Naru in the hallway and asks if she's seen Ami; Naru replies that Ami isn't in that day, but nobody has talked to her to find out why.

Makoto rings the doorbell at the Mizuno residence, but there is no answer and Ami's room is shown to be empty. Makoto tries the handle and is surprised to find it unlocked, but peeks inside and calls Ami's name. She hears a noise from inside the apartment and goes inside, and finds Ami lying fully-dressed on her bed. Makoto rushes over and Ami, not sounding quite awake, tries to say that she's all right. Makoto asks where her mother is, to which Ami replies that she's on a business trip in Europe, and Makoto, concerned that she was alone while sick, asks why she didn't call.

Makoto goes to the kitchen and busily makes some food, then brings it in to Ami, who starts eating without much apparent appetite. She does, however, manage to devour every morsel of food on the tray, and when Makoto asks if she needs anything else, Ami replies that she wants to go to the amusement park. Makoto looks startled, but goes along with it.

The two girls go to the amusement park and Ami seems to enjoy herself immensely; Makoto isn't quite as thrilled, but when she sees how happy Ami is, she cheers up a bit. When Ami goes to ride the carousel Makoto waits to one side, and there encouters Motoki, who has brought Kamekichi on an outing. When Makoto glances back at the carousel she sees that Ami has passed out.

Motoki drives the two of them to the hospital (in his green turtle-decorated car), insisting that it's not too much trouble. He thanks Makoto again for the only Valentine's Day present he received, and Makoto replies that it wasn't supposed to mean anything. He says that he knows, but he wanted to pay her back.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Makoto that he can't tell what's wrong with Ami, so he would like to keep her there for observation. Makoto thanks him, then goes out to the pay phone. She pauses there, though, thinking that Usagi has her own problems, and Rei is busy with her own concerns, and she hangs up the phone without calling anyone.

Rei walks down the road, worrying about the enemy's recent actions. She wonders if they're after the Princess again, or if they have some other plans. At the moment when all the Youma illusions disappeared, she'd thought that she felt something - but she looks up suddenly, as though she'd sensed evil.

Usagi sits in her room and stares at the muffler she'd made. Luna comes up and tries to suggest that she go outside for some fresh air, but Usagi just shakes her head. Shingo suddenly barges into the room and, with a grin, leaves a white bag on her table and tells her she should be grateful. After he leaves, Usagi opens up the bag, then smiles when she finds a meat bun inside. But then she remembers when she shared a meat bun with Mamoru during their trip to the beach and tears fill her eyes. Usagi firmly tells herself that she needs to be cheerful and forces herself, still crying, to eat.

Mamoru throws his tuxedo and mask onto the couch at his apartment and stares at them, remembering his encounter with Makoto. He flops down onto the couch and thinks that he'd been protecting Sailor Moon, but wonders if it was just an excuse to stay near her. As he looks at a pamphlet for the University of Saintford in England, he tells himself that it's only one more month.

As Makoto sits in the waiting room, looking worried, Motoki appears and offers her a cup of coffee. He tries to assure her that Ami will be okay, because Kamekichi thinks so and Kamekichi is always right. Motoki proceeds to count the sections of the turtle's shell and Makoto laughs a little; Motoki grins triumphantly at her and observes that he finally got her to smile. Motoki then says that he needs to go to work, but loads Makoto's arms with magazines and assorted snacks, saying that she might be there a while. After some awkwardness, he finally leaves, and as Makoto watches him go some black rose petals drift down from the ceiling.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl asks Kunzite about his progress on his current project. He calmly tells her that he'll be ready to show it to her soon, but she wonders what his true goal is. Kunzite replies that he has the same goal as the others: to revive Queen Metalia. Beryl seems doubtful, though, and after Kunzite leaves, Nephrite declares that he can't be trusted and is certainly plotting against her. Jadeite says that if Nephrite isn't careful, Kunzite will get to the Princess first, but Nephrite dismisses that idea disdainfully. Elsewhere, Kunzite pauses and examines the black rose, then declares that it's time and crushes the flower in his hand.

Makoto is sitting in the waiting room, absently eating some of the pile of snacks Motoki had left, when she hears a noise. She rushes down to Ami's room and opens the door to find it in disarray, with black rose petals covering the empty bed. Makoto grabs one of the petals, wondering what could be happening, and then rushes off in search of Ami.

As Ami walks down the street she deliberately bumps into a couple of teenage boys going the other direction, and when they get angry at her she turns slightly and looks at them. When Makoto arrives in the area a few minutes later, she finds the two boys on the ground, terrified and covered with black rose petals. She calls Rei and Usagi on their cell phones and lets them know what's going on.

Kunzite and Ami face each other silently across a large, open room full of pillars and statues, as water drips from the ceiling.

Makoto runs onward in search of Ami, but finally stops and leans against a tree to catch her breath. As she stands there, she pauses and listens to the wind blowing through the leaves, seeming to hear something. After a few moments, she nods and heads off again. As she's heading down a path she suddenly stops and glances toward a building nearby, noticing black rose petals swirling around near the entrance.

Kunzite slowly starts to walk toward Ami when Makoto arrives and yells for him to stop. Ami barely seems to realize that her friend has arrived. Makoto rushes over and puts herself between Ami and Kunzite, and he asks what she's doing there. Makoto tells him not to mess with her, then transforms into Sailor Jupiter and guides Ami into an out of the way spot. She and Kunzite engage in a brief ballet-fu battle, then Sailor Jupiter uses Supreme Thunder. Kunzite deflects the attack with his sword and it hits one of the pillars in the room - which starts to topple over onto Ami's hiding place.

Sailor Jupiter rushes over and catches it just in time, then throws it to one side and tells Kunzite that she won't let him have Ami. Sailor Jupiter tells Ami to run away, that she'll be fine there, but Ami doesn't move. Sailor Jupiter grabs Ami's arm to pull her up, but she throws off Jupiter's hand and slowly rises to her feet, then walks toward Kunzite. Once Ami reaches him, she turns back to face Jupiter and gives her a malicious smile.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars arrive just as Sailor Jupiter demands to know what Kunzite did to Ami. Kunzite only smiles and tells Ami to show them. She nods, then steps forward and assumes her transformation pose, but her bracelet turns black and she transforms using Dark Power, Make Up. As Dark Mercury stands before the Sailor Senshi, Kunzite smirks approvingly at her. Luna and the three Senshi are shocked. Dark Mercury demands to know who wants to fight her first, or if they all want to go together; either way, she says, they cannot escape.

Act.22- "Ami-chan wa Teki no te ni..." ("Ami Becomes an Enemy...")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 22

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 22

Airdate: March 6, 2004

Toei 22

Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Mars face Dark Mercury while Kunzite looks on with a smirk. Dark Mercury looks over at water dripping onto a nearby statue, and the water freezes and forms icicles. She breaks off one icicle, whereupon it reshapes itself into a sword, and she strikes a pose. The Senshi beg her to remember them, and she replies that she does remember, but now plans to defeat them and become stronger. Dark Mercury uses the sword to send an energy attack at her former friends, and Sailor Jupiter manages to block most of it, although it burns a hole through her gloves.

Sailor Moon summons her Moonlight Stick and attempts to heal her, but although Dark Mercury flinches momentarily, she scatters the power with a swing of her sword. Luna is dismayed that not even Sailor Moon's power can heal her. Kunzite steps forward and says that Sailor Mercury has received the power of darkness and has been reborn; his words are accompanied by an image of Ami standing before Queen Metalia, being flooded by dark energy. Kunzite adds that there is no chance she can return. Sailor Moon refuses to believe it, but Dark Mercury tells her farewell and prepares to attack. Before she can, however, Kunzite stops her, saying that's enough for one day, and the two of them vanish. The three Senshi stare at the place where she had been standing as Artemis looks on and expresses his dismay.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl is standing before Queen Metalia's pillar when Kunzite and Dark Mercury arrive. Beryl is displeased to see a Sailor Senshi, and asks how she can help them. Kunzite replies that, since Zoisite has not awoken, she can help them revive the great evil. Beryl is doubtful that Dark Mercury can replace Zoisite, but Dark Mercury arrogantly tells her to reserve judgement until she has defeated the Sailor Senshi. Dark Mercury adds that she refuses to be anyone's subordinate, then turns and walks off. Beryl glares at Kunzite, who only smiles and bows to her. In the background, Jadeite watches, wondering what Kunzite is planning.

In the Secret Base, Rei, Usagi, and Makoto look at the mittens Ami had knitted and left for them. Luna tries to take the blame for what happened, but Rei says that it's not her fault. Usagi wonders why Ami didn't call them for help. Luna points out that they have been falling apart as a group lately, and says that Ami believed they would be back together soon.

Makoto sits alone in her apartment, looking at her pair of green mittens, and remembers brushing off Ami's attempt to talk to her about them. She thinks about how happy she was to have made a friend, and wonders when she started taking her for granted.

Rei lies on the floor in her room, remembering the last time she saw Ami in the Secret Base. She sets one hand on her pair of red mittens, and wonders what she was thinking when she decided to work alone.

Usagi sits in her room, thinking about how she hasn't talked to Ami much lately because she's been thinking about Mamoru. She glances down at the muffler sitting on the bed beside her.

At Mamoru's apartment, he and Hina are eating dinner. Hina talks about the food and her cooking class, but after a moment realizes that Mamoru is just staring at his plate and not eating. She waves a hand in front of his face, and he returns to himself and apologizes. Looking serious, Hina asks him if he's really okay with keeping the promise he'd made to her father, to study abroad and marry her, if he doesn't remember his past. He doesn't answer for a moment, and Hina says that's what she thought, but he insists that he will not break his promise. He adds that it's probably better not to chase the past, then thinks to himself that if he does, he'll probably see "her."

In her room, Usagi firmly tells herself that she has to forget, and shoves the muffler into a drawer. She sees her pair of pink mittens, picks them up, and sadly says Ami's name.

The next morning, Usagi arrives at school and is shocked to find the entire class gathered around Ami's desk. Usagi enthusiastically goes to greet her friend, but her classmates all fall silent and regard her coldly. Naru steps forward and sternly tells Usagi not to be so familiar with "Mizuno-san." Ami smiles and rises to her feet, telling Usagi that she didn't want to miss school, and therefore brainwashed their classmates; she says that she doesn't want to fight at school, but tells Usagi to not let her guard down. Usagi is stunned. Ami just gives her a malicious smile.

Jadeite approaches Kunzite as he walks down a hallway in the Dark Kingdom, and asks if the Princess is real. Kunzite replies that he learned from Mercury that the Sailor Senshi, at least, believe her to be real. He adds that Jadeite is just like he was in the past, which comment confuses the other Shitennou. Kunzite starts to walk past, but pauses and tells Jadeite that Nephrite is too concerned about what's in front of his eyes, and offers to help Jadeite to achieve something.

At lunchtime, all the girls in the class gather around Ami's desk, leaving Usagi alone. Usagi goes up to the roof to sit in Ami's usual spot, and is joined there by Luna. Luna is surprised that Ami came to school, as she didn't expect that. Usagi wonders if they always left Ami alone, and says that rather than fight against her friend, she'll give up being Sailor Moon. Artemis arrives and firmly tells her that she can't do that; he says that orders from the Princess say that they have to fight her. Luna protests that Mercury is their friend, but Artemis says that they have to fight, for the sake of the Earth. Usagi looks unhappy.

In the Secret Base, Rei and Makoto express their unwillingness to fight against their friend. Luna tells them that the Princess's orders make sense, but sounds doubtful. Usagi sits slumped in her chair, not saying anything. A Youma suddenly appears at an amusement park and Luna, sensing its presence, alerts the Senshi.

The three girls arrive at the park to find the Youma's victims strewn across the ground, as it attacks another civilian. Usagi tells the others that for now they need to focus on fighting this Youma; they agree, and all transform. The Youma sees this and runs away, so Sailor Mars suggests that they split up and go after it.

As Sailor Moon runs past the carousel, she hears someone call her name. When she turns around, she sees Ami sitting on one of the horses. Ami challenges her to a fight, then transforms with Dark Power, Make Up.

The Youma runs through an aquarium, pursued by Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter. They follow it through a doorway and find themselves in a large, dark room, then split up in search of the Youma. As they walk through the room it appears and disappears behind them, as though mocking them. The two Senshi finally bump into each other, then a light switches on and illuminates the Youma; the two run after it but by the time they reach the light it's gone. Another light switches on and shows Sailor Moon being thrown violently onto a stage. Dark Mercury slowly approaches her. Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter try to go to her rescue, but the Youma reappears and grabs the two of them by their throats, draining their energy.

Dark Mercury approaches the prone Sailor Moon and attacks - but her sword is suddenly blocked by Sailor Venus's chain. Venus orders Sailor Moon to pull herself together as she deals with Dark Mercury. The two of them trade blows, after which Sailor Venus collapses and Dark Mercury mocks her for being so weak. Dark Mercury then approaches Sailor Moon; Sailor Venus orders Sailor Moon to fight, telling her that it's her duty, but Sailor Moon is still reluctant. As Dark Mercury continues to approach, Sailor Moon closes her eyes and stands, transforming back into Usagi. Usagi apologizes to her friend, and thanks her for the mittens, saying that she was only thinking about herself, and she won't do it anymore. Dark Mercury only stares at the mittens, as Usagi asks her to come back to the Crown with her.

Dark Mercury suddenly looks up again, bringing up her sword in a blow that slices the mittens in half, and asks Usagi if she's done with her speech. Usagi stares down at the mittens, silent, as tears well up in her eyes. One tear falls and strikes her brooch, which starts to glow pink. The light expands and Dark Mercury flinches back from it as though in pain, and as the light hits the Youma it quickly flees. The pink light fades, then Usagi is surrounded by a golden light which transforms her back into Sailor Moon, then expands from her brooch outwards. Sailor Venus, watching this, smiles approvingly. Dark Mercury draws back, moaning in pain while she tries to shield her eyes, as the Youma is destroyed by the light. For a moment Dark Mercury starts to turn back to Ami, but Kunzite rushes in and takes her away.

The light fades away and Sailor Moon sinks to her knees. Sailor Venus tells her that she's found her real power and has started to awaken; she only needs a little bit more to remember all her powers. Sailor Moon hardly seems to notice, though, and only stares at the spot where Ami had been. Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter join her, and Jupiter notices that the mittens are back in one piece. She suggests that the light must have repaired them. Sailor Moon clutches the mittens close to her and begins to cry. Sailor Mars, with tears in her own eyes, says that Ami has taught them they need to stick together. Sailor Jupiter nods in agreement, and says that they need to hurry and get Ami back, so she can be with them. Luna climbs onto Sailor Moon's shoulder and encourages them, saying that the real Ami is waiting for them.

Queen Beryl stands amid a rush of dark power, saying that Queen Metalia's power has once again increased. She declares that this time she will succeed and rule the Earth. Elsewhere, in a wall with four crevices, a stone begins to glow green.

Hina and Mamoru get out of the elevator at his apartment building, but as they approach his door they can hear piano music coming from inside the apartment. Hina asks if it could be a CD, then worries that there might be someone inside. Mamoru tells her to wait there for a moment, then goes inside. When he reaches the living room, he finds the insubstantial form of Zoisite and his piano. Zoisite rises to his feet and reaches out to Mamoru, calling him "Master Endymion." Mamoru stares at him, stunned.

Act.23- "Senshi no Chikara o Mezamesaserutame, Utau Rei" ("In Order to Awaken Her Senshi Powers, Rei Sings")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 23

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 23

Airdate: March 13, 2004

Toei 23

The image of Zoisite tells Mamoru that he knew who he was. Mamoru is shocked and remembers when he first saw Zoisite, who called him "Master Endymion." Zoisite says that he wants Mamoru to remember back when he was called Endymion. Mamoru demands to know his visitor's name, and asks if Zoisite knows him. Zoisite replies that he did, long ago, and continues to play his piano while Mamoru watches him intently. Hina sudddenly calls to Mamoru from down the hall, and starts to enter. Mamoru tells her to wait a minute and hurries out to meet her, closing the door to the living room behind him. He suggests that they go out for coffee, and doesn't give her answer when she asks what the noise was.

At the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite plays his piano. Queen Beryl, Kunzite, Jadeite, and Nephrite hear it, and comment that he has finally revived. Beryl says that it's because Queen Metalia is growing stronger, and congratulates Jadeite on his efforts to collect energy. She then turns to Nephrite and asks if he is going to do anything worthwhile soon. Nephrite insists that he will retrieve the Silver Crystal soon and just needs time, but Jadeite mocks him as Kunzite looks on with a smirk.

Nephrite stalks down a hallway, cursing Jadeite, and runs into Dark Mercury. She offers to help him out, but he angrily refuses. She shrugs it off and warns him not to touch the Sailor Senshi, because they're hers. Nephrite glares at her as she walks away.

In the Secret Base, Luna theorizes that it will take everyone's combined power to turn Ami back to normal, because when Sailor Moon used her power, for a second she almost turned back. Rei says that they need to awaken their powers, like Usagi did, and Makoto nods in agreement. Luna tells them that their powers as Senshi should be much stronger, and they remember what Sailor Venus said about remembering their real powers.

Rei walks up the steps to the Hikawa Shrine, thinking about how exactly she should try to awaken her powers. Once at the shrine, she is greeted by a woman and her daughter, Nana, who has just gotten out of the hospital. Nana tells Rei that while she was there, Minako Aino paid a visit, and Rei looks thoughtful.

Rei arrives at the hospital, and there finds Minako just finishing a small concert, after which she is mobbed by small children requesting autographs. As Rei watches, she is approached by a small girl requesting her autograph as well. Rei says that Minako is over there, but the girl's mother informs her that Minako told them she was also an idol, named Reiko Mars.

As Minako leaves she find Rei waiting for her. Rei angrily demands to know why Minako was telling people she was an idol, and Minako retorts that she'd told Rei not to follow her around. Rei says that she'd heard Minako came to the hospital every month and wondered if something was wrong, but Minako says she just gets a checkup and encourages the children. Minako observes that she was surprised Sailor Moon had awakened first, because she'd thought it would be Rei. She thinks that being unable to awaken her powers means that Rei is lacking something and isn't good enough to be the leader of the Senshi.

A nurse then leads a small group of children out and says that Minako told her Rei would be singing for the children, and thanks her, saying the children are very excited; Minako looks away with a mischievous grin on her face. Rei drags Minako to one side and demands to know what's going on, and Minako replies that it's her punishment. When the nurse asks if Rei needs anything for the performance, she insists that she's not famous at all, but the nurse tells her that it doesn't matter, it will still cheer up the children, and they're all looking forward to it. Rei turns to Minako, looking very angry, but Minako says that the power of the leader requires cooperation. She excuses herself, wishing "Reiko Mars" luck as she goes. Rei glares after her, furious.

Back at the Secret Base, Rei pulls out karaoke books and, looking determined, tells herself she can do this. She tries to figure out the karaoke machine on the stage, but cannot prevail against it.

Minako emerges from a machine at the hospital and turns to Artemis, admitting that she might have gone a little too far with Rei, and he sighs in response. In the next room, doctors discuss Minako's test results, saying that she only has six months left to live. Minako starts to get up off the table, but has to sit back down again, clutching at her head.

Mamoru arrives at his apartment and enters cautiously, but finds it empty. He sets his things down on the table and flops onto the couch. In his room in the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite begins to play his piano, saying that he wants Mamoru to remember when he was called Endymion. Mamoru says that he knows that man, Zoisite, and wonders that Endymion used to be his name. After a moment he stands, and wonders what he should do.

Usagi is in her room, working on her homework. She suddenly drops her pencil and looks up, as Zoisite's music continues to play in the background.

Mamoru picks up his passport and looks at it, thinking that it's already decided.

Usagi nods slightly and picks up her pencil to resume working on her homework, but her cell phone rings. Rei is on the phone, and sounding distinctly uncomfortable, asks for some help. Usagi looks at her phone in disbelief.

Usagi excitedly rushes into Karaoke Crown, pausing at the front desk to show her passport to Kamekichi, and bursts into the Secret Base while excitedly calling Rei's name. She pulls books and CDs from her bag while talking happily about Rei's live performance. Luna hops onto the table and remarks that Rei has never shown this ability before. Rei tries to dismiss it as nothing, and in the face of Usagi's enthusiasm looks rather uncomfortable.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite creates a new Youma using a stone.

Minako lies in a hospital bed with an IV in her arm. Artemis watches her, concerned.

Rei sings on the karaoke stage as Luna and Usagi watch her. When the song is over, Rei notices that her audience doesn't look very enthusiastic, and asks if she did okay. Usagi replies that she sang well, but her expression is kind of scary. Rei nods a little and walks off the stage, and Usagi asks her if she really hates the idea of performing this much. Rei says that's not it, she's disgusted with herself for needing to ask for help. Usagi purses her lips thoughtfully as Rei continues, saying that she'll never awaken her Senshi powers if she's like this. Luna speaks up and tells them that it's almost time, and Usagi scrambles to gather her things together.

Usagi and Rei arrive at the hospital, where a crowd of children is already starting to gather. In the back room, Rei uses her Teletia S to change into a new outfit, and Usagi enthuses over how cute it is. The music starts to play and Rei steels herself to go out. Before she leaves, though, Usagi tells her that she's glad Rei asked for her help, because it made her feel like Rei trusted her. Rei is surprised, and Usagi says that when you rely on someone, you have to trust them. She smiles and gets behind Rei, giving her a little push toward the performance room.

As Rei gets out onto the stage, she remembers Minako telling her that she lacked something. She takes hold of the microphone and starts to sing, looking uncomfortable at first. Usagi looks on with a happy smile. Luna suddenly senses a Youma and alerts Usagi; Rei, sensing the same thing, glances over as she keeps singing. Usagi gestures and exaggeratedly mouths to Rei that she'll go take care of it, and Rei needs to keep singing. Rei nods and continues her song, starting to look less awkward on stage.

The Youma stalks the hallway of the hospital, and Artemis alerts Minako to its presence. Minako leaps out of bed and transforms into Sailor Venus. She goes out into the hall and uses her beam attack on the Youma, but it deflects the attack. Sailor Venus looks dismayed, but just then Usagi arrives and transforms into Sailor Moon.

The two Senshi chase the Youma down a stairwell and into an open lobby area. Some ballet-fu ensues, then the girls position themselves to either side of the Youma, and Venus uses Venus Love-Me Chain at the same time Sailor Moon uses Moon Twilight Flash. They destroy the Youma, however it left behind a messy goo that firmly sticks the Senshi's feet to the floor. As they realize that they can't move, Nephrite appears, looking pleased with himself.

Nephrite stalks toward Sailor Venus, accusing her of being behind all his troubles, and reaches out toward her. He is suddenly interrupted by a blast of fire; when he looks toward the source Sailor Mars sends another blast of fire, then flips over his head and strikes a pose. The two of them face off. Nephrite concentrates on summoning a large ball of energy, but Mars creates swirls of flame, then sends a powered-up version of Youma Taisan at him which easily breaks through his attack. Nephrite, injured, then disappears.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus, now freed, come up to join Sailor Mars. Sailor Venus observes that Sailor Mars found what it was she was lacking, and Sailor Mars glances at Sailor Moon, remembering Usagi's earlier words about trusting someone. Sailor Mars thinks that she needs to trust her companions. Sailor Venus interrupts her thoughts, though, and says she hasn't fully awakened - there's still more to remember. She then picks up Artemis and leaves.

Sailor Moon congratulates Sailor Mars, and says that they now just need Makoto to awaken, and then they'll be sure to get Ami back. She excitedly adds that now they can sing karaoke together, but Mars replies that she still hates karaoke. Shocked, Sailor Moon points out that she just sang a song, and Sailor Mars says it was a special occasion and isn't going to happen again. She walks off as Sailor Moon calls after her, dismayed.

Nephrite staggers down a hallway in the Dark Kingdom before finally collapsing. Dark Mercury arrives and looks down at him, dismissing him as pathetic before she turns and walks away. Furious, Nephrite summons a weapon and attacks her from behind.

Act.24- "Yappari Chiba Mamoru no Koto wa Wasurerarenai no" ("I Can't Forget About Mamoru Chiba After All")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 24

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 24

Airdate: March 20, 2004

Toei 24

Angered by her scornful comments, Nephrite attacks Dark Mercury from behind. She easily dodges the blow, however, and mocks him; his subsequent attacks have the same effect. Kunzite suddenly appears and blocks Nephrite's blow, telling him not to be stupid. Kunzite draws his sword and the two begin to fight, as Zoisite's piano plays in the background. Meanwhile, Mamoru, in his apartment, thinks about his former life that he can't remember. Kunzite and Nephrite's fight ends when Kunzite slashes his opponent's cape; Dark Mercury smirks, then turns and walks away. Zoisite, in his chambers, concentrates on awakening Mamoru's memories.

Queen Beryl confronts the Shitennou in her throne room and angrily orders Nephrite to get out of her sight. When he doesn't move to leave, Jadeite chides him for not obeying Beryl's orders. Beryl looks disgusted and turns her back on Nephrite.

Hina works on packing books in Mamoru's apartment. Mamoru picks up a bag and moves toward the door, saying that he's going to visit Motoki, and tells Hina she doesn't have to hurry because they have two more weeks.

Queen Beryl stands before Queen Metalia's pillar and, addressing the absent Prince Endymion, muses that they will certainly meet soon.

Kunzite bursts into Zoisite's chamber and stops him from playing, saying that there's no need for Endymion to be awakened. Zoisite realizes that Kunzite has regained his memories, and asks why he doesn't want to help their former Master. Kunzite replies that it was the past, and tells Zoisite not to do anything unneccessary.

Mamoru, walking down the street, arrives at a crosswalk where Usagi is also waiting to cross. They awkwardly greet each other and Usagi frets that she'd been trying to forget about him. Lost in her thoughts, she starts to walk into the street without noticing the signal hasn't changed yet. Mamoru dashes out and shoves her out of the way of an oncoming car, then yells at her for being stupid. She snaps back, then suddenly realizes who she's talking to and the awkwardness returns.

Behind the counter at Karaoke Crown, Motoki busily cleans Kamekichi's shell in preparation for the turtle's "date." He sees Mamoru and Usagi walk in at the same time and suggests that they invite Usagi to Mamoru's farewell party. Usagi is surprised, and Motoki tells her about Mamoru going to study in London. Makoto enters then and Motoki rushes over to the door, excitedly trying to get her attention and ask about how good the muffler looks on him, but she locks glares with Mamoru and doesn't notice. Usagi silently walks away, ignoring Motoki as he calls after her.

Usagi sits on the couch in the Secret Base, thinking about this new bit of news, as Luna watches her in concern. As soon as Makoto enters, though, Usagi pretends to be excited for Mamoru, and claims she's forgotten about him and is more worried about getting Ami back. Makoto watches her friend, remembering her encounter with Tuxedo Mask, and thinks it's for the best that he's leaving.

Nephrite is sulking in a back corridor when Dark Mercury walks up to him and throws him his cape, which she has repaired. He looks surprised, but she just replies that she doesn't like it when someone is alone.

As Mamoru returns to his apartment, he stops at the trash heap and moves to throw away his tuxedo and mask, but is interrupted by Zoisite's voice calling him. He closes his eyes, then opens them to find himself inside a planetarium with Zoisite standing nearby. The Shitennou gestures toward the star display on the ceiling and tells Mamoru about his past and the moon that he loved. Mamoru sees blurred images of fire and destruction as Zoisite tells him about how he had once fought to save the planet. As Zoisite keeps talking, though, Mamoru abruptly rises and shouts that he is Mamoru Chiba and doesn't need any other memories.

As Mamoru runs out of the building, his phone rings. He tells Hina that he's on his way home, but Kunzite appears behind him and suddenly attacks. On her end, Hina hears him say Kunzite's name and suddenly hang up. Concerned, she runs to find Motoki. As she tells Motoki about the call Usagi and Makoto overhear it; Usagi confirms the location he was calling from and runs off. Makoto chases after Usagi and they argue over whether or not she needs to help Mamoru, as she was going to forget him, but Usagi says it's a special situation and runs onward.

Kunzite attacks Mamoru, who dodges the sword blows; in the meantime Makoto and Usagi race toward the planetarium. Mamoru tries to run away into the building but Kunzite follows, saying that if Zoisite hadn't returned Mamoru's memories, Kunzite wouldn't have had to kill him so soon. Mamoru manages to duck past him and run upstairs; Kunzite follows but doesn't find him at first. Tuxedo Mask jumps out of a room at him and the two fight, with Tuxedo Mask wielding his cane like a sword. Kunzite mocks his former Master and, with a powerful energy blast, knocks him off a balcony. Tuxedo Mask lands admid a television studio setup, and a Youma appears to chase off the crew members.

Makoto and Usagi arrive at the building, but don't see anyone, though there are signs of a fight present. Luna warns them to be careful because she senses the enemy's presence. The Youma suddenly arrives, and Usagi and Makoto transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter. After a brief scuffle, Sailor Jupiter glances at Sailor Moon, then charges in and takes the Youma on by herself, yelling for Sailor Moon to go on ahead and help Mamoru. When Sailor Moon goes upstairs she finds a number of people lying on the ground after their energy was stolen, but Mamoru isn't among them.

Kunzite confronts Tuxedo Mask with words he'd said in the past, then accuses him of being the cause of the planet's destruction. He says that he will get his revenge, and the first victim will be his former Master. He viciously attacks Tuxedo Mask again and again, until Sailor Moon arrives and screams for him to stop. Kunzite looks at her but turns back toward Tuxedo Mask, and this time is stopped by Zoisite; after a brief exchange he slashes at Zoisite, who disappears in a flash of green energy.

Kunzite resumes his attack on Tuxedo Mask, sending a bolt of blue energy from his sword, but Sailor Moon blocks it. The force drives her to her knees, but she forces herself back up again and begins to glow with a golden light. The light forces Kunzite back and he shields his eyes with his cape. Sailor Moon summons her Moonlight Stick and, still glowing, uses a powered-up version of Moon Twilight Flash. Kunzite tries to block the attack, but seems to realize something about Sailor Moon and vanishes. Sailor Moon's glow fades and she drops to her knees in exhaustion as Tuxedo Mask watches her, stunned.

The Youma and Sailor Jupiter fight, and it knocks the Senshi to the ground. As the Youma moves in to strike another blow, though, it is struck by bolts of fire: Sailor Mars has arrived. The two Senshi attack at the same time with a combination of Supreme Thunder and Youma Taisan, which destroys the Youma.

Tuxedo Mask apologizes to Sailor Moon, saying that it was his fault she got hurt while protecting him. She shrugs it off and, worried, asks if he's seen Mamoru, saying that this man might have been attacked by the enemy. Tuxedo Mask looks uneasy, but says he hasn't seen him. Sailor Moon struggles to her feet, insisting that she needs to go save him; Tuxedo Mask tries to stop her and wants to know why she's so worried, and Sailor Moon replies that this was the person she wanted to give the muffler to. Tuxedo Mask stares at her in disbelief, then follows as she drags herself up the stairs back toward the main part of the building.

In the lobby area, Sailor Moon struggles down the stairs but loses her balance and falls down the last few steps. Tuxedo Mask rushes up to her and yells at her for being stupid. She snaps back, then suddenly freezes, realizing it was a replay of her earlier conversation with Mamoru in the crosswalk. Wondering why she didn't realize before, she slowly reaches up and removes Tuxedo Mask's mask, and reveals him to be Mamoru. The two of them stare at each other silently, seemingly frozen in place.

Act.25- "Takishīdo Kamen no Shōtai wa Chiba Mamoru datta nante..." ("So Tuxedo Mask's True Identity was Mamoru Chiba...")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 25

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 25

Airdate: March 27, 2004

Toei 25

Sailor Moon and the now-unmasked Tuxedo Mask stare at each other in silence for a long moment. Remembering what she'd said to Tuxedo Mask about Mamoru, Sailor Moon suddenly jumps up and tries to leave, but Tuxedo Mask grabs her arm, calling her Usagi. She is surprised that he knew, then quickly apologizes and tries to leave again, but stops when he says, "I also..." He doesn't finish the sentence, then drops her hand and puts his mask back on and leaves with a dramatic swirl of his cape. Sailor Moon watches him go, pondering his final words.

Kunzite arrives in Zoisite's chamber in the Dark Kingdom and threatens his fellow Shitennou, telling him to leave the Master alone. The two of them argue, with Kunzite saying that it was the Master's fault the world was destroyed, and Zoisite of the opinion that it was all the Princess's fault. Kunzite says that he will take care of everything, warning Zoisite to stay out of it, and threatens to kill Zoisite if he should interfere.

Elsewhere, Jadeite kneels before Queen Beryl and reports that Kunzite believes that Princess Sailor Venus is a decoy, and is going after the true Princess, but will not give details of his plan.

Minako sits in her dressing room, talking to Artemis about how the Sailor Senshi are finally beginning to awaken. She says that she thinks the time is near.

Hina continues to work on packing in Mamoru's apartment, and when she opens a drawer in his bedside table she finds Usagi's handkerchief and looks at it curiously, wondering what it could be.

Usagi sits at the desk in her room, still pondering what Tuxedo Mask said to her. She expresses her frustration that she's thinking only about Mamoru once more, but at the same time is hopeful that he might feel the same way.

Mamoru, in his apartment, answers a phone call from Motoki, who mentions the farewell party that day and says that Hina came by and seemed worried about something.

Mamoru arrives at Karaoke Crown and finds Motoki dressed up in a full-body turtle costume, including plushie turtle accessories (but still including the muffler Makoto gave him). Motoki asks Mamoru if he and Hina had had a fight; she had said that she found a woman's handkerchief in Mamoru's apartment. Motoki gets serious, then, and tells Mamoru that he's concerned; he knows that Hina's father took Mamoru in and cared for him and Mamoru is grateful, but he doesn't want Mamoru to marry Hina if he doesn't love her. As he speaks, though, Hina emerges from a back room and hears his words, then flees the building. Mamoru runs after her as Motoki lets out a despairing wail and begs Kamekichi to punish him.

Kunzite is standing atop a building, surveying the city, when Jadeite arrives and asks why he was called there. He says that he isn't anyone's servant, and suggests that Kunzite use his Senshi instead. Kunzite replies that she's capricious and comes and goes when she wants, and asks Jadeite what he has to lose by giving it a try. Jadeite considers a moment, then summons a Youma; Kunzite smiles in approval and observes that Jadeite is smarter than Nephrite.

Nephrite contemplates the cape that Dark Mercury had made for him and declares that he must succeed and regain Beryl's favor. He says that he's in a very low state to endure pity from a Sailor Senshi.

Usagi walks purposefully down the street, firmly declaring that she needs to just ask Mamoru outright, because she doesn't have time to deal with this.

Mamoru is still out searching for Hina when he hears a woman scream; in a plaza nearby people are being attacked by a Youma and having their energy stolen.

Usagi sees the Youma atop a building and pulls out her Teletia S, alerting Luna about the situation. Rei and Makoto subsequently receive calls on their phones and race toward Usagi's location.

As people run away from the Youma, Mamoru sees Hina standing obliviously in the middle of the plaza. He runs up to her, but she pulls away, telling him not to touch her. She says that she's been stupid, and since they've always been together she thought that was how it would always be, but no longer. Hina runs off, telling him to go be with the one he likes.

Usagi heads toward the Youma's location and suddenly comes face-to-face with Mamoru as he rounds a corner. The two of them freeze in place and just look at each other.

Rei and Makoto arrive at the building and go inside, only to encounter Jadeite and Kunzite. Makoto asks if the two of them were trying to lure the Senshi there, and Kunzite only smirks before telling Jadeite he can take care of them. Rei and Makoto transform into Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter and attack Jadeite, while Kunzite looks on.

Mamoru and Usagi slowly start to approach each other, but Mamoru abruptly veers to one side and rushes over to Hina, who has fallen to the ground. She asks him to always be with her, if only because of the gratitude he has for her father. Mamoru tells her that he does treasure her and will stay with her until she tells him to go. He glances over his shoulder at Usagi, looking upset, but she forces a smile and tells him to hurry and run away. He calls her name without a suffix attached, which makes Hina's eyes widen, but she tells him more firmly to run away and heads toward the Youma. Usagi tells herself that she was stupid and didn't think about how Hina would be hurt. She transforms into Sailor Moon and runs inside to join the battle.

Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter are fighting Jadeite and his Youma, and don't seem to be doing very well, when Sailor Moon arrives on the scene. As she enters, though, she is stopped by Kunzite, who declares that he is her opponent. He draws his sword and the two of them face off.

Mamoru gently lays Hina down on a park bench, then covers her with his jacket, telling her that he'll be back. Hina watches him go and sadly observes that it was Usagi.

Now costumed as Tuxedo Mask, he contemplates his mask before putting it on, then declares that it's the last time before he heads into the fight.

Kunzite and Sailor Moon fight, with Sailor Moon parrying his sword blows with her Moonlight Stick. She is thrown off balance and can't block his next blow, when suddenly it's stopped by Sailor Venus and her chain. Kunzite notes that the Princess has arrived and tells Jadeite to greet her. Sailor Venus orders Sailor Moon to help the people outside, then forms up with Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter to fight. Sailor Mars stares at Sailor Venus and thinks that she was right about her.

Before Sailor Moon can leave, though, Kunzite closes the doors to the room and the Youma breathes an icy attack that freezes Sailor Mars', Sailor Jupiter's, and Sailor Venus' feet in place. Akumi arrives and greets Sailor Moon, then transforms with Dark Power, Make Up. Sailor Venus, dismayed, exclaims that they were after Sailor Moon all along. The Youma freezes Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus completely, but Sailor Mars counters its icy breath with fire. The two moon cats arrive, calling Sailor Moon's name, as Dark Mercury and Kunzite both attack.

The Youma finally prevails against Sailor Mars' fire and freezes her as well, and Jadeite smirks. Kunzite knocks Sailor Moon down and moves in for the final blow; Dark Mercury objects that Sailor Moon is her prey, but he says that today is different, and brings his sword down. Tuxedo Mask, however, jumps in front of Sailor Moon and takes the blow himself as Sailor Moon screams.

Kunzite and Dark Mercury argue with each other briefly. In the meantime, Sailor Moon cradles Tuxedo Mask's head as he apologizes for not being able to return her feelings, but says that at least.... His voice trails off and he goes still, his hand sliding off her shoulder and falling limply to the floor. Sailor Moon stares at him in horror and calls his name.

As she does, an image of the Princess appears, glowing golden, and calls, "Endymion!" There is a brief flash of her kneeling next to Prince Endymion's body, mirroring Sailor Moon's pose over Tuxedo Mask. The gem in Sailor Moon's tiara also begins to glow with a golden light which spreads, causing the minions of the Dark Kingdom to fall back and cover their eyes, destroying the Youma, and un-freezing the Senshi. The crescent moon on Sailor Venus' forehead disappears, replaced by her tiara, and she observes that "she" is awakening. Kunzite declares that he was right.

The Senshi stare at the bright glow around Sailor Moon, and Artemis calls for them to remember. Luna exclaims that she remembers, Sailor Venus was actually the leader of the Sailor Senshi. The glow slowly fades, revealing Princess Serenity now kneeling next to Tuxedo Mask. Crying, she begs him to open his eyes. One of her tears halts in midair and begins to glow brightly, shining through the windows of the building onto the city and reviving the people outside. The light even reaches the Dark Kingdom, and Beryl spreads her arms wide, declaring it is the power of the Silver Crystal.

The Crystal floats in the air before Princess Serenity, still radiating its bright light, before which Kunzite, Dark Mercury, and Jadeite retreat and return to the Dark Kingdom. Tuxedo Mask slowly opens his eyes and recognizes the tearful face of the Princess before him as the woman from his dreams. He sits up slowly, still gazing intently at her; unnoticed, the Crystal disappears once more.

Sailor Venus moves forward and kneels before the Princess, followed by the other two Senshi. The Princess slowly rises to her feet, looking stunned.

Act.26- "Usagi-chan wa Hontō no Purinsesu!" ("Usagi is the Real Princess!")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 26

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 26

Airdate: April 3, 2004

Toei 26a

Luna talks about the long-ago kingdoms on the Earth and the Moon, and says it was there that the Prince of the Earth and the Princess of the Moon fell in love.

The Princess stands before Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Mars in a brightly lit white room. Sailor Venus apologizes for acting in the Princess' place, and says she will return to being a Sailor Senshi. As it turns out, though, even though Usagi transformed into the Princess and the Silver Crystal appeared, her memories of the past did not return. Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter are the same; they have some faint memories, but nothing solid. Sailor Venus and Artemis are disappointed by this, and Artemis tells Luna to instruct the Princess and help the others regain their memories. He apologizes for suppressing her memory up until now, then he and Sailor Venus start to leave.

Sailor Mars asks why Sailor Venus won't work with them, now that they don't need her to act as a decoy, and Sailor Venus replies that as the leader she has her own way of doing things. She and Sailor Mars argue briefly until Sailor Jupiter intervenes, and Sailor Venus tells the others that they need to hurry and get Sailor Mercury back. Artemis tells the Senshi that he is going to leave them presents, then he and Sailor Venus depart.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl exclaims over how much stronger Queen Metalia has become since the Silver Crystal's brief appearance. She discusses with Jadeite how the Silver Crystal must be inside of the Princess's body. Beryl tells Jadeite that he is the only one she can trust, and she is counting on him to get it.

Kunzite finds Nephrite sulking in a back corridor and taunts him with the fact that Sailor Moon is the real princess, and Nephrite has been chasing a decoy. After a couple more insults, Kunzite walks away, laughing, and Nephrite angrily punches the wall, declaring that the Silver Crystal will be his.

As Kunzite walks on, he hears Zoisite's piano playing, and realizes that it's awakening his memories. He has a flashback to the destruction of the Moon Kingdom; as his fellow Shitennou lie dead beneath piles of rubble, Kunzite screams in rage and grief. In the present, Kunzite shakes off the memories and stalks away. Inside his chambers, Zoisite observes that being with the Princess really is a danger to the Master.

Mamoru lies in a hospital bed, remembering the appearance of the Princess; he has finally found what he was searching for, and it turns out the Princess was Usagi. Zoisite appears in the room and tells Mamoru that he was indeed connected with the Princess in his past life, but if he breaks it off then this time perhaps it will not result in tragedy. As someone knocks on the door, Zoisite disappears again, and Hina enters with a bouquet of flowers.

Luna continues her story of how Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity fell in love, but their love was forbidden. War broke out between the Earth and the Moon, and in the end both were destroyed, and the Prince and Princess both lost their lives. Usagi, Rei, and Makoto discuss their past lives with Luna, and say that if they all have the same past memories then it must not be a coincidence that they met now. Usagi wonders if Ami has also regained her memories. In an attempt to lighten the mood, Rei teases Usagi, saying that Venus seemed like a more appropriate princess. Makoto observes that it's because of Usagi that Mamoru is alive.

In the hospital room, Hina talks to Mamoru about how he'll be out again soon. She hands him his airplane ticket and says that his luggage is all ready to go. He thanks her and looks at the ticket, while she watches him pensively.

Luna says that Sailor Venus was correct in telling Sailor Moon to stay away from Tuxedo Mask, as the love of the Prince and Princess is cursed and is said to be the reason the Earth and Moon kingdoms were destroyed. Makoto wonders how that happened, and Luna says the only way they'll know is if Usagi or Mamoru regain their memories - but for now they need to stay apart. Usagi agrees, remembering Mamoru's conversation with Hina after the Youma attack.

As the girls leave Karaoke Crown, Motoki bids them farewell in a depressed tone of voice, as he sits draped over the counter. When Usagi and Makoto ask what's wrong, he wails in despair and tells them that he said something awful to Hina, and now that's going to be what she remembers as she goes to London in two days. Usagi looks sad as she realizes that Mamoru will be leaving then as well, and Makoto looks at her with concern.

Mamoru asks Hina if something is wrong, but she insists there isn't, and gets up to go home.

Usagi pauses outside of her house, thinking about Mamoru leaving, then shakes off her mood and enters with a cheerful greeting to her family. Her mother greets her in return and tells her to wash her hands, to which Usagi replies that she should be treated better because she's a princess. Ikuko, amused, gives "Princess" Usagi a taste of her cooking, and Shingo observes that there's no country on the Earth that would have Usagi as a princess. Usagi replies that her kingdom is on the moon, and Shingo asks if she's supposed to be making mochi, then, prompting his sister to take away his video game.

In the Secret Base, three Sailor Star Tambourines appear on the counter.

Nephrite creates a Youma in the Dark Kingdom, vowing that he will destroy the Princess.

Makoto enters Karaoke Crown to find Kouta Takai at the counter instead of Motoki. When questioned, Takai immediately broke out into hiccups, but managed to tell Makoto that Motoki was at the airport to bid Mamoru farewell - apparently he'd had the date wrong before. Makoto quickly flashed her passport and ran down the hall.

Inside the Secret Base, Usagi is curiously examining one of the Sailor Star Tambourines; this one has a green gem with the Jupiter sign. When Makoto comes in, Usagi suggests that they use it for karaoke, but Makoto just grabs it and uses it to drag Usagi out the door. Once outside, Makoto hails a cab with the Tambourine and tells the driver to take them to the airport. Usagi doesn't want to go, but Makoto tells her that if she has something to say, she needs to say it.

Hina arrives at the airport without suitcases, and when Mamoru questions her about it, she rips her ticket in half and tells him she's not going. Hina says that she realized he doesn't really love her, and it wasn't right to make him marry her; she still wants him to study abroad, and her father is fine with it. Mamoru tries to argue, but she points out that he said he would stay with her until she said "no", and now she's saying no. She forces a smile and walks away, and Mamoru calls after her that he really does treasure her. Hina waves without turning around and says that she knows, but as she walks she's fighting back tears.

As Makoto and Usagi's taxi gets stuck in traffic, they hear a Youma attack nearby. Makoto tries to make Usagi go on without her, but Usagi refuses and they both go in search of the Youma.

Motoki arrives at the airport with a bouquet of flowers for Hina, but Mamoru tells him that she's gone home and isn't going abroad. Motoki is concerned that it's his fault, but Mamoru assures him that it isn't. When Motoki asks what he's going to do now, Mamoru pauses thoughtfully.

Civilians run screaming from the Youma as Makoto and Usagi arrive and transform into Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon.

Mamoru stares at his ticket, thinking about the Princess and Zoisite's words, and finally declares that he's going. He says that no matter what was decided long ago, he wants to find himself.

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon fight with the Youma, then Jupiter orders her friend to go on ahead to the airport. Sailor Moon looks reluctant, but finally turns to go - only to find Nephrite ready to attack the Princess. After a brief scuffle, Nephrite grabs Sailor Moon by the throat; Sailor Jupiter sees this and the gem on her Sailor Star Tambourine suddenly glows brightly. She remembers Artemis saying he was going to leave a "present", then uses the Tambourine to send a star-shaped energy attack at Nephrite, which throws him back. Sailor Jupiter yells for Sailor Moon to go now, but she refuses, saying that she can't, because she's the Princess.

Mamoru finally bids his friend farewell and starts to head toward the plane. He pauses briefly, starting to give Motoki a message for Usagi, but changes his mind and leaves.

Sailor Jupiter rejoins Sailor Moon, and the two of them prepare to attack together; Sailor Moon summons the Moonlight Stick and uses Moon Twilight Flash as Sailor Jupiter uses Jupiter Thunderbolt. The two attacks together destroy the Youma, and Nephrite retreats back to the Dark Kingdom. Sailor Jupiter looks at her friend with concern, but Sailor Moon only smiles and says it's time to go home.

Mamoru's plane takes off and flies past as Usagi walks down the street, singing "C'est la Vie" to herself. She pauses to watch the plane for a moment, then smiles and goes home.

Dark Mercury stands atop a high building, then suddenly turns and points her sword at a strange Sailor Senshi who holds a weapon that looks like Sailor Moon's Moonlight Stick. The two strike fighting poses and face off.

Act.27- "Runa wa Sērā Senshi ni Natchatta!" ("Luna Became a Sailor Senshi!")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 27

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 27

Airdate: April 17, 2004

Toei 27

Dark Mercury and an unfamiliar Sailor Senshi face off atop a tall building. Dark Mercury suddenly falters, lowering her sword, and the stranger Senshi triumphantly notes that she was right: ever since the Silver Crystal appeared and Dark Mercury was bathed in its light, the spell placed on her was weakened. The Senshi holds up her Moonlight Stick, which gives off a bright pink light. Dark Mercury shields her eyes, and once the light fades, the Senshi has vanished; her voice echoes, though, saying that she knows Mercury will return soon.

The Sailor Senshi walks down the street, then pauses, exclaims with delight, and skips off again - transforming into Luna mid-stride.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl and Jadeite discuss the Silver Crystal; she wonders how to get it away from the Princess, and Jadeite says to leave it to him. She asks about Nephrite, but Jadeite says he hasn't seen his fellow Shitennou since his last unsuccessful mission. Beryl doesn't seem to care if she sees him again.

Zoisite finds Nephrite in a dark cavern, moping about his failures. Zoisite encourages him to remember his true self, but Nephrite angrily insists that this is his true self, and he can't please Queen Beryl. Zoisite leaves then, telling Nephrite to find him, should he change his mind. Nephrite remembers when Dark Mercury fixed his cape, then pulls it over his head and goes back to sulking.

In the Secret Base, Rei examines her Sailor Star Tambourine as Makoto describes how it boosted her power even though she hadn't awoken yet. They resolve to protect their Princess no matter what, now that she is with them. Usagi comes charging into the room and is disappointed that Luna isn't there - apparently she had a big announcement. Usagi tries to come up with ideas for what the "announcement" might be, but they're all quite silly. She sees the Sailor Star Tambourines on the table and is disappointed that she didn't get one, but then picks up the one with the Mercury symbol and says she wants to give it to Ami as soon as possible. The other two agree, observing that having all four of them together was Ami's wish.

Dark Mercury stands atop the building once more, staring into the distance, when she suddenly remembers herself as Ami. Confused, she wonders just who she really is.

In the meantime, Usagi walks down the street, thinking about her friends, and wonders if Ami remembers them. A crumpled ball of paper suddenly strikes her in the back of the head, and she turns to find a strange girl sitting on a railing nearby. The girl chides her, saying that if that had been an enemy attack Usagi would be finished, then adds that Ami is starting to return to normal thanks to the Silver Crystal. Usagi is excited, but wonders who this person is. The girl starts to tell her, but is scared off by a barking dog.

Rei is at a toy store with Erika, and tells the younger girl to pick out a good game. As Erika runs off, Rei suddenly senses something and looks around, spotting the same strange girl half-hidden amongst a display of stuffed toys. The girl congratulates her, calling her Sailor Mars, and upon being questioned, starts to tell Rei who she is - but is suddenly distracted as some kids knock over a display of balls, and she rushes off to chase them as Rei looks after her in confusion.

Makoto is busily cooking at her apartment; she reaches for the pepper and the strange girl hands it to her, saying that Makoto is impressive as both a cook and a Senshi. Confused, Makoto asks if the girl is a zashiki-warashi. The girl denies that and starts to reveal her identity, but Makoto drops the pepper and the girl sneezes, then vanishes.

The girls discuss these strange appearances over the phone, and make arrangements to meet at the Crown the next day. After Usagi hangs up, she wonders where Luna has gone.

Dark Mercury stands by a pond, watching the moon reflected in the water, when she suddenly grabs her head as memories of her friends return. Kunzite appears and throws a rock into the water to disrupt the reflection, then orders her not to look, as she's already part of the darkness.

The girls arrive at the Secret Base to find the strange girl already there, eating all their snacks. They demand to know who she is, how she knows them, and how she knows that Ami is getting better. The stranger tells them she's always been there, and as Artemis said, she's going to train them hard. The girls are still confused, and the stranger is about to tell them who she is when Usagi's phone rings - and it's Ami calling. After she hangs up, Usagi says Ami said for Rei and Makoto only to come to the carousel at the amusement park. She thinks that it's probably a trap, but the others say it's all right, they'll go and bring Ami home. As they leave, the stranger stares at Usagi thoughtfully.

As Dark Mercury hangs up the phone, Kunzite encourages her to continue to fight to stay as she is. She retorts that she'd planned to do so anyway, and if he tries to interfere he'll get hurt. Kunzite smiles and tells her that she's interesting, then reaches out toward her, but she slaps his hand away and stalks off.

Rei and Makoto arrive at the carousel but there's no sign of Dark Mercury. Rei says she doesn't sense anything, but they still need to keep their guard up.

Usagi races toward a large building and enters the empty lobby, calling out for Ami, saying that she did as she was told and came alone. After a moment, "Akumi" emerges and observes that nobody will interfere this time, and Usagi had better be ready to fight. Usagi hesitates, but then firmly declares that she will bring Ami home. Akumi smirks and transforms with Dark Power, Make Up.

Sailor Moon is thrown through a set of doors into a large, empty room, followed shortly thereafter by Dark Mercury. The two of them fight briefly before Sailor Moon is knocked down and Dark Mercury raises her sword to strike a blow, but she is stopped as the strange girl arrives and interrupts. Sailor Moon tries to get her to run away, wondering why she's there in the first place, but the girl replies that she overheard the phone conversation. She pulls out a phone and uses Luna Prism Power, Make Up to transform into Sailor Luna.

Sailor Luna leaps into the fray and challenges Dark Mercury, but Kunzite steps out and announces that he will be her opponent. He draws his sword and goes to attack, but Sailor Luna has disappeared. She reappears behind him, then, moving too quickly for him to follow, taunts him with his inability to attack her. Finally, she hits him in the head with a large fan, which then turns back into her Moonlight Stick. Kunzite, quite angry by now, sends an attack that knocks her away and causes her to transform back into her cat form.

In the meantime, Sailor Moon and Dark Mercury continue their fight. After being cornered by her opponent, Sailor Moon calls her "Ami-chan", which causes Dark Mercury to falter as more memories return. Dark Mercury backs away several steps, then abruptly resumes her attack with even more fury. Sailor Moon is thrown back into the lobby of the building and the two continue their fight, but Sailor Moon is realizing that Ami is returning to normal, and is in pain. Sailor Moon calls her friend's name, and her brooch begins to glow with a brilliant golden light; Dark Mercury shields her eyes, but the image of Ami appears and calls out to Usagi. Kunzite appears and, telling Mercury to stand firm, blasts her with dark energy and the faint Ami image disappears again. Dark Mercury stands up straight again and turns to attack; Sailor Moon moves to block the sword blow with her Moonlight Stick, but the stick shatters with the blow.

Rei and Makoto return to the Secret Base looking for Usagi, but instead find a note sitting on the table. In the note, Usagi apologizes for lying to them, and says that she's going to bring Ami back.

Sailor Moon collapses as Dark Mercury watches with a satisfied smirk. Her smile abruptly fades, though, as the spell breaks and her memories return. Mercury hesitantly kneels beside her friend, calling her name, but there is no response. Realizing what she's done, Mercury throws the sword from her and lifts Sailor Moon's head into her lap. Sailor Moon's tiara slides from her forehead and breaks in two as it hits the ground; Mercury stares down at her friend in horror, then throws her head back and screams.

Act.28- "Ami-chan Okaeri!" ("Welcome Back, Ami!")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 28

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 28

Airdate: April 24, 2004

Toei 28

Sailor Mercury, still wearing her Dark Mercury costume, kneels on the floor, cradling Sailor Moon's still form and staring blankly into space. Kunzite tries to drag her away but she stays limp; when he lets go she tries to crawl back toward her friend. Kunzite flips his cape around the three of them and they vanish in a swirl of black rose petals. Luna arrives on the scene, calling Usagi's name, but is too late to stop them.

Kunzite reappears in the Dark Kingdom, alone, and wonders where Mercury is.

Ami and Usagi are in an unfamiliar forest, near a waterfall. Usagi opens her eyes and is delighted to see Ami back to normal; Ami bursts into tears and embraces her friend so fiercely that Usagi protests that it hurts.

Kunzite locates the pair and is annoyed that Mercury has broken the spell, but comments that the forest they're in is the Dark Kingdom's garden and he is now free to amuse himself with them.

The girls wander through the forest, finding strange and overgrown statues. Usagi notices Ami is very quiet and tries to cheer her up, but to no avail - Ami is still upset about what she did. Although she admits that she doesn't remember any of it, Ami knows that she did very bad things and blames herself for it, even though Usagi does not hold a grudge and assures her that it was the enemy's fault.

Kunzite stands next to a glowing chessboard with two white pawns on it, then smiles evilly and adds a black piece in front of them.

A Youma suddenly confronts the girls in the forest, but when Usagi tries to transform she finds that she cannot. Ami hardly seems to realize what is happening, but Usagi grabs her friend's arm and drags her along as she runs off.

Kunzite watches as the two pawns move away from the black piece, and comments that he will forgive Mercury - if she manages to survive this.

Luna Tsukino arrives in the Secret Base and to talk to Rei and Makoto, but Makoto tries to brush her off. Rei stops her, though, realizing the girl's identity. After finding out what has happened, the two girls discuss what they can do next, and turn to Luna for advice - but she has fallen asleep and shortly reverts to cat form. Rei declares that they have no choice and must get help from Sailor Venus and Artemis, and when Makoto points out that they don't even know where she is, Rei reluctantly admits that she does.

Usagi and Ami continue to run from the Youma, and when they pause for breath, realize that they've been running in circles and are back where they started.

Kunzite, watching the pawns run from the black piece on the chessboard, adds another piece in front of them. Back in the forest, the ground shakes and crumbles beneath Usagi's feet, and the two girls fall down the slope.

Queen Beryl demands to know what Kunzite is up to, and Jadeite informs her that the other Shitennou is playing children's games with some Sailor Senshi. Queen Beryl does not care, just so long as someone brings her the Silver Crystal soon.

A crowd of fans stand outside a radio studio, watching through the window as Minako Aino appears in an interview with the DJ. Makoto and Rei watch, and Makoto expresses her shock that Minako is Sailor Venus. Rei grudgingly apologizes for keeping the secret, and though Makoto pretends to be annoyed, as Rei walks away she suddenly grins and notes that Luna isn't the only one who has changed. Minako sees the pair outside the studio window and nudges her bag, underneath the desk, and Artemis emerges.

Rei and Makoto race toward the building that was the site of Sailor Moon and Dark Mercury's last battle, as Artemis tells them that the gateway Kunzite used to travel through dimensions should still be open, and they can use it. Once inside the building, though, the girls find themselves in concrete room with machinery. The door leading out shows them a distorted hallway; Artemis says that the space is becoming distorted, and they need to check each door one by one to find the one that leads back to the lobby - and they need to hurry before the gateway closes.

Usagi and Ami roll down the incline and finally land in a clearing with statues, as well as Mercury's discarded Dark Jewelry Star Bracelet. Usagi gets up and starts to resume the search for a way out, but notices Ami is acting peculiar. When questioned, Ami says that she does not deserve to go back because of the horrible things she did. Usagi protests that it wasn't her fault and they are still friends, but Ami is not convinced. She tells Usagi to go on without her, but Usagi, upset, drags Ami to her feet and slaps her rear end, telling her not to be an idiot. Ami, shocked by this outburst, tells Usagi that she is being mean. Usagi retorts that Ami is the mean one, for saying they are no longer friends and not believing in them. After a moment, Ami closes her hand into a fist and raps Usagi on the head. She says that she cannot trust them, because they were all splitting up and going different directions and not acting like friends at all. Usagi stares at her, speechless. Before she can say anything, the Youma reappears and the two girls run away.

Kunzite observes that the girls are still persisting, and adds another black piece in front of the pawns. In the meantime, Nephrite watches him from a short distance away.

Usagi and Ami climb up a steep slope, while at the same time Makoto and Rei race through the building, checking each door one by one. As Usagi reaches a hand out to help Ami to the top, she thinks that they are all changing little by little, and even though they might not be quite so close as Ami was hoping, they all worked together with a real hope to get her back. Once at the top of the slope, Usagi and Ami are dismayed to find themselves back at the clearing with the statues. Usagi wails that if they got in, they should be able to get out, and Ami suddenly realizes that their way in is their way out. Although Usagi only looks confused, she follows as Ami hurries back to where they started.

Kunzite realizes that the girls have figured it out and turns away from the chessboard with a sweep of his cape.

Usagi and Ami race back toward the waterfall, pursued by the Youma, as Rei and Makoto run through the hallways of the building with Artemis urging them on. The two groups reach their respective targets and the gateway becomes visible. The four girls see each other and reach out their hands, and with a flash of golden light Usagi and Ami emerge back in the lobby. Their joyful reunion is cut short, however, as Kunzite and his Youma appear. Usagi, Rei, Makoto, and Ami all transform into Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Mercury, respectively, and prepare for battle.

As they fight, they are joined by Sailor Venus, who orders the Senshi to combine the powers of their Sailor Star Tambourines around Sailor Moon. They nod and pull out their Tambourines, and Sailor Luna appears with one for Sailor Mercury. Sailor Moon calls up the Moonlight Stick and the Senshi form up around her to perform Moonlight Attractive Attack. The attack destroys the Youma, and Kunzite shields himself with his cape and vanishes.

As the Senshi lower their weapons, thinking themselves triumphant, Kunzite suddenly appears behind Mercury and attempts a sneak attack - but finds his blow blocked by Nephrite. The two Shitennou glare at each other, then vanish, but not before Nephrite gives a last long look in Mercury's direction. Sailor Mercury stares after him for a long moment before Sailor Moon calls her name.

Mercury pauses, then slowly turns to face the others. The three Senshi smile happily at her and welcome her back, and Luna chimes in. With her eyes full of tears, Mercury thanks them, declaring that she has returned home, and the four of them throw their arms around each other.

Sailor Venus and Artemis watch the others from a short distance away, smiling but not joining in.

Act.29- "Minako no Raibaru, Kuroki Mio wa Tenkōsei?" ("Minako's Rival, Mio Kuroki, is a Transfer Student?")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 29

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 29

Airdate: May 1, 2004

Toei 29

Usagi, Rei, Makoto, and Luna are down in the Secret Base with Ami, holding a welcome-back party for their friend. Usagi decides to celebrate with some karaoke, and Ami cheerfully accompanies her up onto the stage.

In the meantime, Minako receives the bad news that she didn't get the part in a commercial; it was instead given to a new idol, Mio Kuroki. Minako becomes concerned upon hearing this, as the time she met the girl, she thought she felt something strange about her.

At the Tsukino residence, the family is sitting down to dinner when Shingo notices Mio on the tv, and he and Usagi start to argue over who is better: Minako or Mio. Ikuko agrees with her daughter that Minako is better, but Shingo points out that Mio has more commercials. Usagi gets upset at that and changes the channel. The new show has a reporter on location in London, which makes Ikuko nostalgic for her honeymoon, and makes Usagi think about Mamoru.

In London, Mamoru is awakened by a classmate inviting him to breakfast. As he starts to get dressed, he hears the sound of Zoisite's piano and sees the Shitennou's image in his mirror. Zoisite encourages him to remember his past, but Mamoru wonders what he is now, if everything was decided by his past life. Kunzite arrives in Zoisite's room and suggests that Mamoru's memories might be too much for him. Zoisite counters that Kunzite was once the most loyal of the Shitennou and asks if he can really kill his former Master. Kunzite counters by suggesting that killing him could also be considered a kind of loyalty.

Elsewhere in the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl dreams of the time when she will rule the world, and when she meet Endymion. When Jadeite arrives, he promises that he will have the Silver Crystal soon, which pleases Beryl.

Usagi and her friends are walking to school when they encounter ads with Mio's face on them, and they all declare that they like Minako better. They are all shocked when they arrive at school and find that Mio is a new transfer student in their class. As the new student introduces herself, the class erupts into excited screaming. Later in the day, the girls all crowd around Mio asking for autographs, and the teacher even joins in. When Naru goes to join the crowd Usagi is upset, but Naru admits that an idol up close is better than one far away.

Later that day in gym class they divide up into teams for volleyball, and Mio turns out to be the star player. Although Usagi is determined not to lose to Minako's rival, she is no match for Mio in volleyball. At one point in the game, though, as they are facing each other across the net, Mio suddenly kicks Usagi in the shin. Nobody sees this but Ami, and Mio immediately acts apologetic.

Luna Tsukino arrives at Karaoke Crown and tries to gain admittance with her own Karaoke Crown Passport, but Motoki refuses to let her in without her mother or father. Ami and Makoto arrive and say Luna is with them, and Motoki finally relents, with a smile for Makoto.

Usagi staggers out of the school that afternoon, still sore from the volleyball match, and is approached by Mio. Mio asks if Usagi hates her, and looks upset when Usagi does not answer. Usagi is quick to reassure the other girl, but is surprised when Mio asks if they can be friends. Usagi admits that she is a Minako fan, but says that since they are classmates she supposes they can be friends as well. Mio seems excited to hear that, though Usagi feels as though she is betraying her favorite idol.

In the meantime, Minako finds out that Mio has transferred to Juuban Middle School, and looks concerned.

Rei arrives at the Secret Base to find Ami and Makoto attempting to catch floating bits of paper with chopsticks. Luna says that it is special training intended to awaken their Senshi powers by teaching them focus and concentration. Rei reluctantly joins the others and immediately catches a bit of paper, much to Luna's delight. Just then Artemis arrives with a message from Sailor Venus: she is suspicious of Mio, and concerned that the girl has transferred into the same school as the Princess.

As Mio and Usagi walk together, eating ice cream cones, Mio quizzes the other girl about whether or not she has a boy she likes. Usagi reluctantly admits that she does, and with Mio's prompting, starts to describe Mamoru. As Usagi talks, Mio suddenly crushes her ice cream in her hands and tries to laugh it off as a strange accident. Mio goes to wash her hands off and Usagi hears a scream; she runs toward the source and finds a Youma chasing a crowd of terrified people. Before she can transform, though, Mio arrives and grabs her arm, pretending to be afraid. The Youma attacks the pair and they dodge, but after they fall to the ground Mio grabs her wrist in pain. Usagi, concerned for the other girl, leads her away into a hiding place before going back after the Youma.

As the Youma chases after fleeing people, it encounters Sailor Mars, and shrugs off the Senshi's fire attack. Sailor Mercury and then Sailor Jupiter try in turn, but again there is no effect. After a brief ballet-fu battle, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars use their Sailor Star Tambourines to attack, but the Youma blocks both attacks with its cape. Realizing why their attacks are failing, Sailor Mars says that they need to get rid of the Youma's cape, but before they can act on that suggestion the Youma traps the three Senshi in webs emitted from its hands. Usagi arrives just in time and transforms into Sailor Moon, then uses Moon Tiara Boomerang to free her friends. Sailor Mercury tells her that they need to combine powers to destroy the Youma's cape. Sailor Moon summons the Moonlight Stick and the Senshi prepare to attack, but the Youma shoots a bolt of energy at them that knocks away Sailor Mercury's Tambourine. The Youma leaps to grab it, but Sailor Mercury discovers a new power and holds it in place with a stream of bubbles, allowing the newly-arrived Sailor Luna to catch it with a net. Sailor Luna congratulates Sailor Mercury for her newly awakened power and returns the Tambourine, then uses Luna Sucre Candy to knock the Youma back. With the Youma distracted, the Senshi combine their powers and attempt to destroy it with Moonlight Attractive Attack, but it, laughing, disappears.

Usagi returns to Mio's hiding place and carefully wraps the girl's injured wrist with her handkerchief as Ami, Makoto, and Rei look on. Makoto says that it looks like they don't have to worry after all, because Mio doesn't seem at all suspicious. Mio assures Usagi that she's fine, and it doesn't hurt at all.

When Usagi arrives at school the next morning, she finds Mio there with her arm wrapped in bandages, looking upset. Usagi's classmates are all hostile toward her for injuring Mio, and even Kanami and Momoko join in the accusations.

Act.30- "Usagi o Damasō to suru Mio" ("Mio Deceives Usagi")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 30

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 30

Airdate: May 8, 2004

Toei 30

Usagi arrives in her classroom to find the students crowded around Mio Kuroki, who is cradling her bandaged arm. They tell her that she is to blame for Mio being injured, and that she left the injured girl alone and ran away from the Youma when it appeared. Mio attempts to soothe the students, but everything she says only makes things worse. Finally, Mio suggests that it happened because she is the rival of Usagi's favorite idol, Minako Aino, and says that she will quit the entertainment business if Usagi doesn't like her being there. This makes the students even more angry, except for Ami and Naru, who still defend their friend.

Motoki stands outside of Karaoke Crown, holding two movie tickets and enthusiastically planning a date. When he sees Makoto coming, he quickly rushes inside and straightens his hair. As she enters the building, he dramatically shows off his tickets and wonders aloud whom he should take along to the movie with the special reserved seats. Makoto doesn't seem to notice, though, as she simply flashes her passport and walks past.

Makoto enters the Secret Base, where Ami, Rei, and Luna are comforting Usagi. Luna suggests that some special training will cheer them up, and points out that it helped Ami in awakening her Senshi power. Makoto admits that she should definitely do it, then, because she is the only one who hasn't awakened. The girls then return to trying to catch floating bits of paper with chopsticks.

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite confronts Jadeite about his recent confident attitude, and Jadeite smirks and points out that he is Queen Beryl's favorite. Kunzite draws his sword in anger, but before he can do anything, Beryl summons him.

Queen Beryl tells Kunzite that she knows he has his memories, but she allows him to keep them because it suits her purposes. She does, however, demonstrate that she has access to stronger powers now that Queen Metalia is also growing stronger, and warns him not to interfere with Zoisite again. Kunzite realizes that she is also waiting for Prince Endymion to awaken, and when he says as much, Beryl grows angry and dismisses him.

In London, Mamoru sits in his apartment, remembering Kunzite's declaration that it was his fault the Earth was destroyed in the past. Zoisite's image appears in the mirror, and Mamoru tells him that because everything in his life had been decided by either by other people or by what had happened in his past life, and he wanted to be someone who would decide his own fate. Zoisite tells him that he will not be able to do that where he is.

At the junior high, most of Usagi's classmates barely acknowledge her presence and walk away without speaking. Naru and Ami, however, are quick to come up and greet her. A short distance away, Mio watches, frowning.

At lunchtime, Usagi and Ami eat their lunch on the roof, while in the meantime Naru confronts Mio and says that she doesn't believe the story about Usagi hurting her. Naru asks for the truth, saying that she believes in Usagi. Mio observes that Naru has always stood by Usagi, and glares fiercely at the other girl. As soon as she does, Naru suddenly doubles over with an exclamation of pain.

Later that day at the recording studio, Mio is recording a song when she notices Minako standing outside the booth and watching her. She asks to take a break and excitedly rushes out to greet Minako, saying that it's a great honor for the other idol to visit. Minako asks why Mio decided to transfer to Juuban Junior High, and wonders where she went to school before that, but instead of answering Mio bursts into tears and drops to her knees. When others come rushing up Mio tells them that Minako didn't mean to be cruel, and the others accuse Minako of bullying the new girl.

Usagi walks to school, looking sad as she is once again snubbed by her classmates. Mio comes rushing up and apologizes, saying that it's her fault everyone is being mean. She admits that she probably misspoke, and also accidentally made Minako Aino look bad as well. To make it up to Usagi, she says that she arranged a special private concert by Minako for that evening at six, which will also help Minako's public image. Mio even adds that she will let Usagi take the credit for everything, so her classmates will like her again.

That evening, Mio helps Usagi put up a banner for the concert at the theater as a small crowd of students excitedly take their seats. As they finish, she claims that making Minako more popular would make her happy, which leads a delighted Usagi to tell her what a nice person she is. Mio shrugs it off, then, as though suddenly remembering, tells Usagi that Ami and Makoto weren't going to come, because they said they didn't think Usagi could really plan a concert like this. Usagi is a little hurt, but Mio says that at least she is still standing by her friend. She then glances at the clock, noting that it is only ten minutes until six, and wonders why Minako is so late.

6:30 comes and the impatient students set up a chant for Minako. Backstage, Mio borrows Usagi's cell phone and says that Minako isn't answering; she wonders if maybe Minako lied to the new girl and stood them up.

By the time it is almost seven, Mio and Usagi decide that Minako isn't going to show up after all. Mio says that she will go apologize to the students, but Usagi insists and goes out on stage. She apologizes and tells everyone that Minako is not there, and the students all exclaim in dismay and demand that she bring out Minako. Backstage, Mio watches the proceedings while gleefully laughing and gloating over how many friends Usagi is losing now. She says that at least Usagi still has her, the one who hates her the most.

Just then, the lights all go out in the theater, and music can be heard from just outside. The crowd goes in search of it and finds a large mobile stage trailer in the parking lot, with Minako and a band all set up for a concert. Minako apologizes to everyone for being late and starts into a performance of her song "Romance." Mio watches in dismay, and as Minako meets her eyes while pointing at her, realizes that the other girl knows that she tried to set up Usagi.

In the middle of excitedly dancing to the song, Usagi pauses and notices a Youma nearby. She excuses herself and rushes off, then transforms into Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon confronts the Youma, declaring that she won't let it interfere with the concert, and the two begin to fight. Eventually the Youma manages to trap the Senshi in an entangling web, and as Sailor Moon struggles, her determination to not let the Youma interfere suddenly makes her brooch begin to glow. The Moonlight Stick suddenly appears and slices through the webs, freeing her, and Sailor Moon destroys the Youma with Moon Twilight Flash.

After the concert, Usagi rushes up to Minako and thanks her, and is delighted to find that her favorite idol still remembers her. Mio wonders why Minako came, and Minako confronts the other idol, asking why she had deceived everyone and planned a concert without asking her to come. Usagi is shocked, and Minako warns her to be careful; her friends did not show up because they were tricked as well.

In the meantime, Makoto, Ami, and Rei are all gathered together at a restaurant, wondering why Usagi is so late.

Mio bursts into tears, claiming that she wanted Usagi all to herself because she loves her so much. Minako is very doubtful, but Usagi reassures Mio that they are classmates and friends. Minako, surprised, asks Usagi how she can believe her so easily. Usagi only smiles and replies that it is hard when nobody believes you. Just then Usagi's cell phone rings; her friends are wondering where she is. She excuses herself and rushes off, leaving Minako and Mio alone.

Mio observes that Usagi is a good person. Minako agrees, but then adds that she isn't, and warns Mio to leave Usagi alone. Mio only smiles, claiming that she is completely apologetic, and tells Minako that she did a good job that day.

Act.31- "Jupitā wa Senshi no Chikara ni Mezameta!" ("Jupiter Awakens Her Senshi Powers!")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 31

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 31

Airdate: May 15, 2004

Toei 31

Makoto is concerned because she is the only one who has not awakened her Senshi power, and wonders why that is.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki is once again trying to plan a date with Makoto. When she arrives, she notices that his arm is in a sling; he explains that he was moving and injured himself. Makoto offers to bring him some curry, because she always makes plenty, and he excitedly accepts.

Usagi, Ami, and Rei enter the Secret Base to find Makoto eating a large bowl of potatoes. Luna explains that it's special training, because Makoto hates potatoes. The others are dubious that it will work, but Luna says that because they don't know what is holding Makoto back, she's focusing on things that Makoto hates. Makoto insists that she doesn't mind, because she is willing to try anything to awaken her powers. Usagi is so awed by Makoto's determination that she tries to help, but only causes the other girl to choke, and much chaos ensues.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite enters the room where Zoisite is playing his piano. Nephrite thinks that if he regains his memories, Queen Beryl will notice him again, but Zoisite says that his true master is not Beryl, but rather Prince Endymion. Nephrite insists that he will choose his own master. Zoisite says he will understand once he has his memories back, and begins to tell him of when the Shitennou protected the Earth and its Prince.

Minako and Artemis discuss Makoto's lack of progress; Minako believes that she will definitely make it, because they were born carrying their past lives for a reason.

At the Tsukino residence, the family is sitting down for dinner when the phone rings. Ikuko picks it up and discovers that Kenji is calling, and Usagi and Shingo start yelling messages to their father. Ikuko finally gets frustrated and tells them to be quiet because she can't hear Papa's voice.

Alone in her apartment, Makoto works on making a pot of curry.

The next day, Motoki has a plate of rice all ready for curry, and eagerly awaits Makoto's arrival. He offers her the movie tickets as thanks, and she tries to take both, until he awkwardly tells her that one of them is for him. They both laugh nervously.

Down in the Secret Base, Usagi is excited about Makoto's date with Motoki, although Makoto refuses to call it that. Luna declares that the date is also Senshi training. Usagi tells Makoto that she needs a cute outfit to wear, and pulls out her Teletia S. After trying out the various phones, though, Makoto becomes frustrated and says that she will just wear her own clothes.

As she sits in the theater with Motoki, Makoto remembers Usagi saying that Motoki likes her, but doesn't think it could be true.

After the movie, Motoki cries over the program from the movie, declaring that it was "touching," and Makoto offers him a handkerchief. Motoki tells her that she's a very feminine girl, which surprises Makoto, because she had never heard that before. Motoki starts to talk about how he is living on his own because he didn't want to stay with his parents anymore, and asks Makoto about her parents. She tells him that they died when she was small, which makes him uncomfortable, and Makoto stands up to leave. She is interrupted, however, by Luna, who demands that the two of them go on a proper date.

Luna returns to the Secret Base and reports on what was going on, and after the girls engage in some discussion about Makoto and the date, Usagi decides to go follow the two.

Makoto and Motoki walk along the river and, after some awkward conversation, Motoki finally admits that he has liked her ever since she gave him the muffler. Makoto apologizes and says that she doesn't think it would work out, because she's not like he thinks she is. Motoki feels bad about being refused, but says he feels better now for having said it, and repeats that he still thinks Makoto is feminine.

Motoki walks down the street, holding the muffler in his hands, and runs into Usagi, Ami, and Rei. When they ask about the date, he sadly tells them that he was rejected.

Makoto sits by herself on the riverbank, staring thoughtfully at the water. As she rises to her feet again, several Youma suddenly appear. Makoto calls the others for help, then transforms into Sailor Jupiter and begins to fight the Youma. She gets rid of most of them, leaving only the largest one.

Meanwhile, in the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite tells Queen Beryl that Youma have suddenly appeared in the city, and asks if she sent them. She says that she didn't, and wonders if it was because of Queen Metalia's power.

Sailor Jupiter chases the last Youma into a wooded area and they begin to fight. When she tries to use Supreme Thunder, the Youma absorbs the attack and seems unaffected.

As Usagi, Ami, and Rei run through the city with Luna, they are suddenly confronted by several Youma. Usagi is surprised to see so many, and Rei observes that they are fairly weak. The four of them transform and proceed to fight the Youma. When one of them starts to sneak up behind Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus suddenly appears and destroys it.

Sailor Jupiter's fight is not going well, but she realizes that she has to defeat him on her own. She thinks that, for her whole life up until now, she has managed to get by on her own. As the Youma backs her up against a tree, she suddenly seems to hear something in the sound of the wind through the leaves. She closes her eyes and concentrates, and a thunderstorm rolls in. Her friends arrive just then and are concerned, but Sailor Venus tells them that her power is awakening. Sailor Jupiter draws down lightning from the clouds overhead, and uses it for a powered-up version of Supreme Thunder, which this time destroys the Youma.

The other Senshi rush up and congratulate her, and Luna asks what happened. Sailor Jupiter replies that she realized that it was necessary for her to end up alone, that it was decided in her past life. She assures the others that it doesn't mean she won't have friends, and she can't explain it very well, but she has realized that the present is being influenced by their past. Sailor Venus seems to be the only one who understands what she means.

Back in the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite stops Zoisite's playing, angry that he has not yet remembered anything. Zoisite tells him that his attitude is the reason for his failure, which only makes Nephrite more angry. Zoisite starts to play again, saying that he should meet his master, then; he summons up the image of Mamoru's apartment, then draws Mamoru from there into the room with the Shitennou. Kunzite walks into the room then and demands to know what is going on, as Jadeite peeks in from the doorway.

Act.32- "Kaettekita Mamoru" ("Mamoru Came Back")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 32

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 32

Airdate: May 22, 2004

Toei 32

Usagi, thinking about Makoto's words about how their present situation is determined by their past lives, wonders if it is the same for her relationship with Mamoru. Mamoru, in his apartment in London, asks himself if there is anything more to him than his past, and wonders if Usagi feels the same.

As Usagi cleans her room, she finds the muffler she'd made for Mamoru tucked away in a drawer. She remembers Luna telling her that the love between the Prince and Princess was ill-fated, and realizes that it was decided from the beginning that she have a broken heart.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite summons Mamoru for Nephrite to see, and they are soon joined by the other two Shitennou. Kunzite and Zoisite argue over their loyalties and what they need to do to prevent the past from repeating itself. As they argue, Mamoru clutches at his head in apparent pain. The argument grows more heated, with Nephrite joining in and Jadeite wondering, confused, what they mean about a "past life." Mamoru abruptly commands them to stop, addressing the four Shitennou by name, and asks them why they can't break free of their past lives. As he speaks, the form of Prince Endymion superimposes his form for just a brief moment. The Shitennou react with varying degrees of shock, and Kunzite draws his sword, levelling it at his former master.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki is on the phone with someone in London, trying in vain to find someone who speaks Japanese so he can ask about Mamoru. Usagi, Ami, and Rei enter, and Usagi asks about what is going on. Motoki tells her that he just found out that Mamoru has gone missing.

Down in the Secret Base, Usagi's friends restrain her as she frantically insists that she must go to London right away. They tell her that everything that can be done, is, and she needs to forget him so the past will not repeat itself.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl confronts Zoisite about Mamoru's appearance. She asks where Mamoru went after he left, but Zoisite only insists that he does not know. Beryl becomes angry and blasts him with dark energy, but still he insists that he does not know. She continues to bombard him with power even after he has lost consciousness, and only ceases her attack when Jadeite stops her.

Usagi walks down the street holding a travel brochure for London, bemoaning the fact that flights are so expensive. Mio's car pulls up beside her, and Mio offers her a ride. As they drive, Usagi tells Mio why she wants to go to London, and Mio correctly guesses that the friend is the boy Usagi likes. Usagi uncomfortably insists that she is just worried. Mio pauses for a moment, then offers Usagi a way to get to London.

Mio brings Usagi to a tv station, and as they wait in the lobby, they see a male idol, Yuuto, enter through a crowd of screaming fans. The three of them adjourn to Yuuto's dressing room, and Mio explains that he is going to London that night for the filming of a drama he is in, and if Usagi will work as his assistant, he will bring her along. Yuuto pulls out a plane ticket and waves it temptingly, telling Usagi that she has to work hard to earn it, and Usagi readily agrees. Mio excuses herself, and on the way out quietly warns Usagi that Yuuto is very selfish, and not to make him angry or else he won't let her accompany him to London. Behind Usagi's back, Mio and Yuuto exchange significant glances.

Using her Teletia S, Usagi changes into casual clothing in the bathroom. As she looks at herself in the mirror, she mentally apologizes to her friends and Luna, and says that she has to go no matter what might happen. One of the studio employees peeks in and summons Usagi to clean up after Yuuto's dog, and Usagi steels herself, repeating the word "London" over and over.

Makoto arrives at the Secret Base and hears the news from the others, then expresses her sympathy for Usagi. Luna replies that even if she were to go to London, it would only bring pain to both her and Mamoru.

Yuuto is summoned to the set, and Usagi follows, still repeating "London" to herself as encouragement. She is given charge of Yuuto's dog while he's filming a live broadcast, but somehow, the dog manages to escape without her noticing. As she follows it, she accidentally ends up on stage in front of the cameras. It takes her a minute to realize it, and once she does, she spends more time apologizing than getting off the set. Minako sees the broadcast on tv while she's sitting on a set, and realizes that Mio is up to something; Mio claims that she simply introduced Usagi to Yuuto because she was so determined to go to London. Minako tells the crew that she needs to take a break and hurries off. Mio watches her with a smirk.

Usagi apologizes profusely to the film crew, and Yuuto smooths things over with the producer. Everyone goes back to work, and Yuuto tells Usagi to go buy some fancy food for the dog, insisting that she be back in fifteen minutes. She runs off, still repeating "London" to herself, and finds Minako waiting for her in the hallway. Minako encourages her to go home, saying that she can explain things to Yuuto, but Usagi refuses and keeps running. Minako tells Artemis to alert the other Senshi.

As Usagi hurries down the street, she sees a couple that reminds her of herself and Mamoru. With renewed determination, she keeps going, telling herself that she wants to see him.

Artemis arrives at the Secret Base and tells everyone what is going on. They realize that they need to stop her from being with Mamoru, in order to prevent the world from being destroyed.

Yuuto announces that it is time to leave, and Usagi eagerly follows him down to his car. As she gets in, though, Minako appears and orders Usagi not to go. Mio shows up as well and grabs Minako's arm, pulling her away as she tells Usagi to go; she also subtly twists Minako's arm to restrain her. Mio and Yuuto exchange glances before he drives off. Minako shoves Mio away and stares at her, not certain of what she is sensing, then walks away. Mio watches her go and observes that Usagi isn't going to London anyway.

Yuuto pulls up to a dock area and declares that he has changed his mind and is not going to London after all. He waves the ticket around, taunting Usagi, then lets it fly off in the wind. Usagi hops out of the car and runs after it, and finds it caught on the very edge of the dock. She leans over and strains to grab it, and while she is distracted, a Youma emerges from Yuuto's body. Usagi just grabs the ticket just as the Youma attacks her, knocking it out of her hands; she stretches one hand out toward it even as the Youma chokes her. Suddenly, Prince Endymion arrives and drives the Youma back with his sword. Usagi is stunned to see him, but he snaps her out of her reverie by telling her to transform. She transforms into Sailor Moon and, as Endymion distracts the Youma, she destroys it with Moon Twilight Flash. Sailor Moon walks slowly toward Endymion, almost disbelieving that he is really there. He tells her that he came home without telling anyone, and she is relieved that he is okay. He thinks back to his confrontation with Kunzite: the Shitennou tried to attack him, but found that the sword went right through Mamoru's image, and Mamoru declared that he had decided not to run anymore.

Mamoru and Usagi stand on the dock together, and he asks if she remembers her past life. She says that she doesn't at all, and he tells her that he remembers a little bit of his. He tells her that in the past their relationship destroyed the planet, and those who don't want the past to repeat are afraid of them being together. He says that he has decided he won't believe it, and that he came back in order to prove with her that it won't happen. Mamoru pauses then, then asks her if he can have the muffler that she made; Usagi tearfully replies that she can't let him have it - because it's almost summer. He laughs gently, then pulls her into his arms, stating that the planet definitely will not be destroyed.

Minako watches them from a short distance away, sadly observing that fate cannot be changed.

Act.33- "Ami-chan wa Tenkō?" ("Ami is Changing Schools?")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 33

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 33

Airdate: May 29, 2004

Toei 33

Now back at the Secret Base, Usagi tells her friends about her and Mamoru's resolve. Luna remains unconvinced that it is a good idea, but Ami and Makoto say that if Usagi believes so strongly that they can prevent the past from repeating, they will stand with her. Rei is of the opinion that even if she wanted to stop Usagi she couldn't. Luna reluctantly admits that at least their teamwork has improved.

Zoisite is sitting slumped weakly in his room in the Dark Kingdom when Jadeite enters and asks his fellow Shitennou why he defied Queen Beryl. Zoisite suggests that Jadeite is afraid of his past memories, and that's why he clings to his false master; he reminds Jadeite of how he used to look up to Prince Endymion like an older brother. Jadeite becomes angry and insists that Beryl is his only master. Nephrite overhears and wonders why he can't remember anything.

Ami and Rei walk part of the way home together, commenting on how much happier Usagi is now, then cheerfully head their separate ways. Ami returns to an empty apartment, with a note on the white board in the kitchen from her mother, saying that she will be at work for the next two days, and congratulating Ami on her exam scores. Ami leaves another note as her part of the conversation, saying that she will be certain to become a doctor like her mother. Rei also returns to an empty home, greeting a photograph of her mother posing with her younger self.

Luna senses the presence of a Youma and attempts to wake Usagi, but is not very successful. Meanwhile, the Youma takes form and is confronted by Sailor Mars, but after a brief exchange of blows, the Youma is wounded and disappears in a swirl of flower petals. Ami runs up and asks about the Youma; Sailor Mars tells her that it has gone and transforms back into Rei. Just then a policeman appears and asks what they're doing out so late. The two of them claim they were studying and didn't notice the time, and try to convince him there's no need to bother their families.

Queen Beryl observes aloud that Queen Metalia is acting on her own, though she doesn't know why. Kunzite, spying on her, declares that he needs to act before Beryl obtains Metalia's power.

On their way to school the next morning, Usagi apologizes to Ami for not joining them, and adds that Makoto had her own problems as well. Ami is worried that the policeman might talk to her mother. Usagi receives a text message from Mamoru on her her cell phone, and while she is looking at it, Naru appears and asks what she's smiling about. Mio comes up and playfully snatches the cell out of Usagi's hand, then frowns when she sees Mamoru's name. While the three girls are talking (and Mio solicitously asks Naru about her "condition"), Ami receives a message on her phone from her mother, asking her to stop by the hospital after school.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki is shocked to see Mamoru again, and then even more shocked when Usagi comes in and apologizes to Mamoru for making him wait.

As Mamoru and Usagi sit at an outdoor cafe, Usagi finally gives him the muffler that she'd made. He teases her about the quality of the workmanship, and she demands it back. They engage in a playful tug-of-war over it, while in the meantime Mio scowls darkly at them from a short distance away. Back at the Dark Kingdom, Beryl seems to see what Mio is seeing, and is displeased.

Ami arrives at Meiwa University Hospital and waits for her mother. When she arrives, her mother says she is concerned because she received a call from the police station about the night before.

Rei is walking home when she is confronted by a man in business suit, who introduces himself as her father's secretary. The man, Nishizaki, says that he is there to pick her up for dinner with her father; he wants to talk to his daughter about a phone call they received from the police.

As the two of them sit in the hospital cafeteria, Ami's mother confronts her over her poor attendance at cram school, and reminds her of the rule that they have no secrets between them. She admits that it is probably her fault for being so busy and not seeing her daughter often, but says that she thinks it would be best for Ami to change schools. Ami, upset, says that it's not her school that is at fault, but before they can talk further, her mother's pager goes off and she has to leave. As she goes, her mother reminds her that Ami becoming a doctor is both of their dream, and Ami smiles in agreement - but after her mother looks away, Ami's smile fades.

Rei angrily says that her father is just worried about his political image, and refuses to go anywhere. Nishizaki says that his boss is very concerned, and is thinking about having his daughter come back and live with him again, as fathers and daughters should be. Rei becomes very upset and orders Nishizaki to leave, then runs up the stairs to the Hikawa Shrine. Rei does not stop running until she reaches her room and then, looking at the photograph of her mother, declares that she can never forgive her father for not even coming to the hospital when her mother was dying.

Back in the Secret Base, Usagi and Makoto find out that the police did call after all. Rei insists she doesn't care, but Ami admits that her mother wants her to change schools, and has even scheduled an interview with a new school even though she doesn't want to transfer. Rei doesn't understand why Ami doesn't just say no, and the two of them get into an argument. Usagi and Makoto attempt to break the tension by suggesting that they go out for cake, and Luna eagerly agrees, transforming into her human form.

As the girls walk down the street, a car pulls up and Takashi Hino, Rei's father, steps out. The two of them argue quietly for a moment, then Rei glances at her friends and tells them to go on ahead. As they go, Ami wonders to herself that Rei can speak in such a manner to her father.

Rei tells her father that he has no right to call her his daughter anymore, since he abandoned her and her mother. He claims that he had work to do, which only makes her more angry. When he asks her to just come have dinner with him, she refuses and suggests that her mother would have agreed. She adds that her mother was a miserable person, after marrying him and dying that way, which angers her father enough that he slaps her. He tells her not to make her mother sad, and Rei begins to cry and retorts that he was the one who did that. She then senses the aura of the Youma from the night before and, ordering her father not to contact her again, runs off.

The Youma is chasing a crowd of terrified people through the street when Rei arrives and transforms into Sailor Mars. As they fight, Sailor Mars is continually distracted by her memories of her mother and the confrontation with her father. Just as it appears that the Youma has won, Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Luna appear and drive it away. When they check on Sailor Mars, she insists she is fine and stalks away, detransforming as she goes. Sailor Jupiter thinks that the Youma appears to be targeting Rei specifically.

Takashi Hino sits in the back of his car, clenching his fists tightly. He turns to his secretary and orders him to bring Rei back, even if he has to use force.

Saeko Mizuno sits on a bench, waiting impatiently for Ami to arrive. Ami approaches from behind and watches her mother for a long moment, then turns and runs away.

Rei walks alone down the sidewalk, still obviously upset.

Act.34- "Hanashiau Oyako" ("A Mother-and-Daughter Talk")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 34

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 34

Airdate: June 5, 2004

Toei 34

Ami walks alone down the sidewalk, away from the place she was supposed to be meeting her mother.

Rei stands before her mother's grave, remembering when she died, and begins to cry.

Once back at the Hikawa Shrine, Rei packs a bag, adding her photo of her mother last.

At the Secret Base, Usagi, Makoto, and Luna discuss the fact that the latest Youma seems to be targeting Rei specifically as payback for the injury she caused it. They are worried about Rei, especially since she's having problems with her father right now. Luna mentions that she hasn't been able to reach Ami, either, and they wonder if she might have run away. Usagi and Makoto decide to split up, with Usagi going in search of Ami and Makoto finding Rei - but just then Rei enters with her bag over her shoulder. Rei says that she's going to stay there for a while because her father is waiting for her in front of the shrine. Usagi goes to find Ami, and Makoto volunteers to make some food for Rei.

At the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl orders Jadeite to change his target from the Princess to Prince Endymion; he does not seem very pleased by this.

Mamoru returns to his hotel room and hears Zoisite's piano. The Shitennou appears before him and tries to warn him about being with the Princess, but Mamoru refuses to listen. He wants to know everything about his past, and Zoisite tells him that he just needs time. He then warns Mamoru that Queen Beryl is planning something and tells him to be cautious.

Makoto brings a large box full of food for Rei, then heads for home. As she starts to leave, however, she asks Motoki if there is somewhere she can stay for a while. He is concerned that she is out so late, but offers her the use of the back office.

Rei is sitting at the table in the Secret Base, looking bored, when Ami walks in. Ami says that she didn't go to the interview, and is worried because she has never fought with or disobeyed her mother, and is afraid that her mother will be angry with her or hate her. Rei is impressed that Ami is willing to try to speak so honestly with her mother. Ami is in turn surprised, and says she only did it because Rei did; Rei, however, says that all she and her father do is fight. She abruptly changes the topic and suggests they eat the food Makoto brought. They open up the container and admire the food, then Ami suggests that they have a party.

Ami's mother sits in her apartment, reading a text message from Ami that asks her not to be worried, because she will come home as soon as she has time to think. She glances at the whiteboard in the kitchen and remembers a young Ami writing her promise to become a doctor.

Ami and Rei begin playing around with their cell phones, changing outfits and modelling for each other. Their party eventually turns into a pillow fight, and both of them finally collapse happily on the couch, surrounded by floating feathers after the pillows have all burst.

Rei's father sits in his car and pulls out the same photo Rei had framed in her bedroom, with his wife and young Rei posing together - but his version of the picture also has him standing just to one side.

Ami's mother goes into her daughter's bedroom and looks at all the photos of her and her friends together. She then pulls out an old photo book of young Ami, and slowly turns the pages.

In the Secret Base, Rei and Ami have fallen asleep on the couch, still covered with feathers.

In the back office of Karaoke Crown, Makoto discusses the situation with Usagi over the phone. As she talks, Motoki unobtrusively slips in and leaves her some dinner.

Ami and Rei head home the next morning, looking much more cheerful, before heading off their separate ways. As Rei walks, a black car pulls up in front of her, and Nishizaki gets out along with two other men. He apologizes to her and says that he is following her father's orders; she agrees to meet him, but not at a restaurant. She insists that he come to the church.

Ami passes an amusement park and pauses, then heads toward it.

Nishizaki is pleased that Rei agreed to meet with her father, because now his job is safe. Rei replies that all she is going to do is talk to him, and Nishizaki replies that was all he wanted. He adds that her father wanted to talk to her so much that he kept inventing excuses, like interviews and polls. Rei is shocked to hear that, but still wonders why he never came to the hospital.

Makoto wakes up, having fallen asleep in the office of Karaoke Crown, and frantically calls Usagi.

Takashi Hino crouches before his wife's grave, holding his copy of their family photo. As Rei walks up, he quickly hides it again, but not before she sees him holding it. He demands to know why she wanted to meet in such a place. Rei suddenly senses the Youma's aura nearby, but when she glances toward it, it has vanished; Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter arrived and drew it away.

Rei again asks her father why he did not come to the hospital. He tells her that it was because he was just too busy with work, and that is the same reason why he left her in the care of the shrine. When she does not seem pleased with that answer, he tells her that he doesn't expect her to understand. After a long pause, she turns and starts to walk away, but he asks her to come to dinner with him. Rei remembers that day in the hospital, when she called for her Papa but he did not arrive, and tells him that maybe she will after some more time passes.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter fight against the Youma, but seem to be losing.

Ami stands before the carousel at the amusement park, remembering when she rode it as a child. She tells herself that she needs to talk to her mother properly and gives a determined nod, then turns away only to find her mother standing there. She found a photograph of Ami's visit that day years ago and remembered how much her daughter loved the carousel. Ami's phone rings then, and Luna tells her that the others need her help. After Ami hangs up, she tells her mother that there is currently something that she needs to do which is more important than studying, even if it means making her mother hate her. Saeko walks up to her daughter and embraces her, before telling her to go and come back safely. Ami nods, smiles, and rushes off.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter are both knocked down by the Youma and struggling to rise as it approaches. Sailor Mars arrives just in time, and is joined by Sailor Mercury. The four Sailor Senshi all attack in unison, and the Youma is destroyed. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon ask their friends if they are okay, and they reply that everything is fine, and Sailor Mercury adds that she is not changing schools, and will always be with them. The girls cheer and hug each other, laughing.

Ami and her mother walk together before Saeko has to head toward work; she says that she will be at work for two or three days, and Ami tells her to go and come back safely. Ami starts to head toward school, then pauses and calls to her mother that after she is done with what she has to do now, she will then try to become a doctor. Saeko replies that that is fine, as long as it is what Ami has decided.

Rei dresses in her miko robes, then pauses to glance at her mother's photo before heading out for the day. The photograph has been unfolded in its frame now, so that now her father is visible.

Mamoru is driving down the street on his motorcycle when a woman suddenly collapses in the road in front of him. He stops to see if she is all right, and as he turns her over, she is revealed to be Mio.

Act.35- "Sērā Vīnasu to Zoisaito wa Kyōryoku?" ("Sailor Venus and Zoisite are Working Together?")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 35

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 35

Airdate: June 12, 2004

Usagi is getting ready for bed, even though the sun hasn't quite set. Luna is surprised by this, but Usagi explains that she has to be up early the next morning to buy tickets for Minako Aino's concert. Luna is unhappy that Usagi is going with Mamoru even though their relationship is forbidden, and Usagi replies that Luna might as well just approve, since they've already decided.

At the Azabu Public Hospital, Mamoru sits by the bed where Mio lies sleeping. When she wakes, he explains that she fainted in the road and he had her brought there. She expresses her thanks and puts her hand on his, which makes him look uncomfortable. At the same moment, Queen Beryl declares that soon her hand will reach his, and the Princess will not be able to interfere.

Mamoru calls Usagi from the hospital to tell her what happened, and that he will stay at the hospital a little longer since none of Mio's family has arrived. Usagi, having been awakened by the phone call, dozes off in the middle of it. After Mamoru realizes it, he wishes her an amused good night and hangs up. As he heads back to Mio's room, he passes a room in which Minako is a patient.

As Minako lies in the bed with an IV in her arm, Artemis expresses his concern that Minako is still relying on just basic treatment for her condition. She reminds him that they'd already agreed not to waste time on unnecessary things, and that the reason she is alive is to stop the past from repeating itself. Remembering what Mamoru had said to Usagi about proving that wouldn't happen, she observes that the two of them are wrong, and she will need to find a way to stop them.

After a nurse tells him visiting hours are over, Mamoru starts to leave. Mio tries to convince him to let her do something to repay him for his help, but he refuses and leaves. Mio pretends to be hurt by this, until he turns away, at which point she casts a dark scowl his direction.

Queen Beryl observes that even in the past, Endymion never saw her, but this time will be different.

Kunzite mentions Queen Beryl's obsession to Zoisite, who thinks that everyone with memories from their past life drags the past along with them. Kunzite suggests that he could take advantage of it, and gain power over Beryl by controlling Endymion. This idea angers Zoisite, who thinks that he might need help in protecting his Master.

As Minako is leaving the hospital, she sees Mamoru in the hallway. She races after him, but he reaches his motorcycle and leaves before she can stop him. As she stands in the parking garage, Zoisite suddenly appears, noting that the Sailor Senshi are also after his Master. Minako transforms into Sailor Venus and attempts to use her Venus Love-Me Chain, but he dodges it easily and grabs her from behind, holding a knife to her throat. He warns her to stay away from his Master, and she and Artemis are shocked that Zoisite remembers his past life as well. She tells him that he needs to stay away from her Princess, so that the planet won't be destroyed. Zoisite realizes that they have a common goal after all, and suggests that they need to talk.

At the Secret Base, Luna in her human form complains about Usagi going to bed so early. When she explains why, Makoto abruptly begins packing up her things, not really listening as Luna says that Sailor Venus and Artemis will not be happy about Usagi and Mamoru being together. Rei and Ami wonder if Sailor Venus is so strict because she remembers more about her past life. In the meantime, Makoto rushes off out the door.

Zoisite tells Sailor Venus that in the past, they were unable to stop the tragedy caused by Endymion and Serenity, and Sailor Venus agrees that this time they need to do so. Zoisite says that Queen Beryl is after Endymion, but he cannot completely separate himself from her. He asks Sailor Venus to protect Endymion instead, and offers a music box in exchange.

Usagi arrives at the ticket seller's booth to find that Minako's show has completely sold out. She wanders away, dejected, just before Makoto arrives and is in turn disappointed to not get a ticket.

Usagi walks slowly down the street, disappointed that she won't be able to go to the concert after all. A van pulls up beside her and Minako invites her to get in. Usagi is absolutely ecstatic to be with her favorite idol, and Minako is amused by her antics for a moment, until she glances down at the music box on the seat beside her. She remembers Zoisite telling her that once Usagi hears the music box, she will completely forget about the one she loves, but it will only work if used by someone she trusts. Minako turns back to Usagi and invites her to lunch, making her even more excited.

Once at the restaurant, Minako starts to pull out the music box when Usagi suddenly says she has to thank her. Usagi tells her that there was someone she really liked and things weren't going well, but whenever she was depressed or wanted to give up, she would hear Minako's music and it made her happy again. Now things are going well, and she believes it is thanks to Minako's songs. Minako begins to look uncertain and Artemis, watching, is concerned.

Mamoru turns away from his motorcycle and finds Mio standing behind him. She says that she wanted to thank him and reaches out toward him, but he slaps her hand away. Undismayed, she moves in quickly and embraces him before he has time to stop her, and begins to laugh as both of them are surrounded by swirling black flower petals.

Dismayed, Zoisite bangs his hands down on the piano keys as he realizes that Mio was Queen Beryl's shadow.

While Usagi eats, Minako looks down at the music box, telling herself that she has to complete her mission. Usagi abruptly comes up beside her, asking what's wrong, and she drops the box, allowing the lid to fall open so the music plays. When she hears it, Usagi freezes in place.

As Mamoru stares vacantly at nothing, Mio takes his hand and leads him away.

Usagi stands frozen, unseeing, as her memories of Mamoru burn away. Zoisite suddenly appears and warns Minako that Queen Beryl is trying to abduct Endymion, and demands that she honor her end of the deal. As soon as Usagi hears the name "Endymion", she turns and starts to walk away slowly, as though sleepwalking. Minako follows after her, ignoring Zoisite's demands that she help Endymion, and opens the music box again. She apologizes to her princess, saying that it is for the sake of the planet.

As Mio leads Mamoru on, Kunzite suddenly appears and attacks, but is stopped by Jadeite. The two of them fight, and one of Kunzite's blows is deflected and injures Mamoru's arm.

Usagi begins to sing "C'est la Vie", and Minako sadly observes that she also knows how it feels to forget. As she watches Usagi, she realizes that the princess truly does love Endymion that much, and Minako drops the music box, allowing it to shatter on the floor.

The spell on Mamoru is broken and he calls Usagi's name, surprising the Dark Kingdom minions; Sailor Moon arrives and uses Moon Twilight Flash, causing Mio to retreat. The other two find themselves facing both her and Prince Endymion, and the four of them fight. Sailor Venus appears in time to deflect one of Kunzite's attacks, then joins in the fray. Their fight is interrupted by the arrival of a bank of dark clouds, upon which appears the image of Queen Beryl; she orders the Shitennou to stop and teleports them away.

Sailor Venus hands Sailor Moon an envelope, telling her that it is an apology for what happened that day, then leaves. Sailor Moon opens it to find tickets to Minako's concert, and wonders why Sailor Venus had them. Endymion says that it's because that is her own concert, and is startled to find that Sailor Moon didn't know. It takes her a minute to figure out what he means, but once she does, Sailor Moon is stunned.

At the concert, Minako performs her song, "Romance," before an enthusiastic crowd. Usagi and Mamoru rush in late and stand at the back to watch. While singing, Minako suddenly becomes dizzy and collapses on stage; the stage crew rushes in and surrounds her while Usagi watches, distressed.

Act.36- "Purinsesu Sērā Mūn Tōjō!" ("Princess Sailor Moon Appears!")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 36

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 36

Airdate: June 19, 2004

Toei 36

Usagi and her friends try to visit Minako at Azabu Public Hospital, but are told she isn't seeing anyone, because she is exhausted from her anemia. They leave, and Usagi is frustrated that she can't visit Minako now that she knows she is a Senshi. She is also annoyed at her friends for keeping Sailor Venus's identity a secret, although she has to admit she might have taken advantage of it.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl is angry with Kunzite and Zoisite for interfering with her plans. She makes them vanish in a flash of light, and Jadeite is quick to apologize for his failure. Beryl is not angry with him, however, and, with a glance toward Mio, says she has other plans. She calls to Nephrite, who is lurking just around the corner, and he vows that if she will let him be by her side he will be even more loyal than before. She observes that the Shitennou are treasures.

Usagi's mother overhears Usagi making plans to meet Mamoru the next morning, and teases her about her boyfriend. Ikuko begins speculating on the nicknames Usagi must have for him, and Usagi insists she hasn't used any of those. Shingo edges away from his sister, disgusted by the relationship talk. Usagi realizes that she still hasn't called Mamoru by name.

As Usagi heads toward the meeting place the next morning, she wonders what kind of get-well gift to buy for Minako. Then she sees Mamoru and tries to figure out how to call him, remembering what her mother had said the night before. Finally, she just settles for "hey!" and the two of them head off shopping.

Rei arrives at Minako's hospital room, and Minako tells her the truth about her illness, and that she only has a couple months left to live. She tells Rei that she might die before they defeat the enemy, or she might be too sick to fight, which means that Rei will have to take over as the leader. Rei is upset that Minako is forcing herself so hard, refusing even to get treatment for her illness, but Minako says that as long as she has her life she is not going to waste it.

Usagi and Mamoru leave the store with a photobook for Minako, and Usagi is distracted by a watch in a nearby store window. She turns to Mamoru to comment on it but finds that he has kept walking; she tries to get his attention but, uncomfortable about saying his name, has to resort to volume to get him to turn around. He returns to her side and asks why she won't call him by name, and wonders if she has forgotten it, teasing her about how it's possible with her. Usagi gets annoyed and stomps away, leaving him wondering what is going on.

Usagi sits down on a bench to sulk, but Mamoru soon joins her and hands her the watch she was admiring. He says that it is a gift in return for the muffler that she gave him. She is thrilled by the gift and thanks him.

Queen Beryl recalls that in the past Endymion was never hers, no matter how much she wanted him. She remembers watching Prince Endymion meet with Princess Serenity in a garden, and turning away jealously as the two kissed. Beryl declares that this time she will take Endymion right before the princess' eyes.

As Mamoru walks down a sidewalk, Mio appears before him and demands that he come with her, because his precious Shitennou are waiting. Meanwhile, in the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl calls to both the prince and the princess.

At the Secret Base, Usagi abruptly rises to her feet, saying that someone is calling her, and runs out the door. Makoto, Ami, and Luna follow her, and notify Rei on her Teletia S.

Mio and Mamoru face each other in an empty field, and when Mamoru demands to know what they are doing in such a place, Mio disappears in a storm of black flower petals. Queen Beryl appears then, telling Mamoru that she has been watching him all this time. The Sailor Senshi arrive, and Beryl tells Sailor Moon that Endymion is hers now, and they will take Queen Metalia's power and use it to rule the Earth together. Mamoru demands to know why he will do that, and in response, Beryl summons the Shitennou - then forces them to point their own weapons at themselves. She threatens to have Mamoru's former guardians kill themselves if he does not surrender. Sailor Moon cries out that you cannot make someone love you by threatening them, and in response, Beryl has the Shitennou attack her. The four Senshi jump in front of their princess and take the blow for her, and are thrown to the ground. Mamoru finally gives in and starts to walk toward Beryl; Jadeite and Nephrite are stunned that he would want to save them, Zoisite begs him not to give in, and Kunzite angrily tries to attack him, and is stopped by Beryl. Mamoru reaches Queen Beryl and she reaches out to touch him, but just then Sailor Moon's tiara glows and she orders Beryl not to touch him. As the Senshi stare at Sailor Moon in surprise, she is briefly superimposed by the image of Princess Serenity, before she transforms into Princess Sailor Moon in a surge of golden light.

Queen Beryl is displeased by this development and fires a blast of energy at Princess Sailor Moon. As the explosion clears, however, she is still standing there unscathed. Princess Sailor Moon begins to walk toward Queen Beryl, and when the Shitennou attack in an attempt to stop her, she summons the Princess Sword and easily deflects their attacks; she does the same when Queen Beryl also fires an attack at her. Beryl grows angry and uses a stronger attack, but Princess Sailor Moon absorbs it with the Sword and uses that energy for a return attack of her own. Beryl orders Mamoru to stop Princess Sailor Moon, and as a demonstration of what will happen if he refuses, forces Nephrite to impale himself on his sword.

Mamoru slowly walks up to Princess Sailor Moon, and she lowers her sword as he gets close. He pulls her into an embrace and calls to Usagi, begging her to return to normal; after a moment, Princess Sailor Moon detransforms back into Usagi. Queen Beryl calls him, demanding that he return, and he slowly turns from Usagi. As he walks away, she calls his name; he looks back at her and tells her that it is all right, and he will definitely return. Queen Beryl smiles triumphantly and teleports the group away. Usagi stares at the spot where Mamoru stood and says his name again. As she holds the watch he gave her, she suddenly collapses, and the Senshi catch her. Sailor Mercury gently wipes a tear from her cheek, and Sailor Mars tearfully demands to know if this also is a burden from their past lives.

Act.37- "Purinsesu wa Wazawai o Okasu!?" ("The Princess Will Cause a Catastrophe!?")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 37

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 37

Airdate: June 26, 2004

Toei 37

The Senshi bring the unconscious Usagi back to the Secret Base and lay her on the couch. They talk about how Princess Serenity awoke, although with a different appearance. Usagi wakes up and is sad about Mamoru, but Rei sharply tells her that she can't let "that monster" take away the one she loves. Usagi is startled, but smiles, agreeing that she is right.

In the Dark Kingdom, Mamoru sits before a tableful of strange-looking food, as Mio urges him to eat. She says that as soon as he is done, she will take him to see Queen Metalia. He demands that he see the Shitennou first, and she agrees, but observes that one of them is already gone.

Queen Beryl stands in Metalia's chamber, wondering why her power has been growing so strong lately.

As Usagi sleeps, she begins to glow with golden light, then sits up and says Endymion's name. Luna awakens shortly afterwards and finds Usagi's bed empty and the window open. She runs through the street in her human form, frantically searching for Usagi, but only hears the elusive sound of a harp melody.

Jadeite is upset that Queen Beryl even tried to use him, when he has been loyal all along. Zoisite tells him that it is because he should be serving his true Master instead. Just then, Mamoru walks into the room.

The next morning at the Tsukino residence, Ikuko comes into Usagi's room to call her to breakfast, and finds her still in bed. With a muffled voice, she says that she will be down soon. As soon as Ikuko leaves, "Usagi" sits up and is revealed to be Ami in disguise. Luna was concerned about what Ikuko would do if she found Usagi missing; Makoto is supposed to be coming over there later, and Rei went to tell Minako what was going on. As Luna and Ami are talking, Ikuko suddenly bursts into the room again, but doesn't notice the deception because she has lost her contacts.

Ami sits at the breakfast table, warily eyeing Ikuko's version of an omelette, when Shingo enters. He stares at her for a moment, but just wanders away again, looking disgusted. Makoto arrives and Ikuko leads her into the dining room; she stares at "Usagi" in surprise and Ami just smiles.

Minako walks with Rei through a set, saying that Artemis is out searching for the Princess. The two of them discuss why she showed up with such a different appearance, and with such strong power; Artemis thought that she was too powerful. One of the set staff walks by then and asks about Minako's friend, and Minako introduces her as a new girl, Reiko Mars, who is there to help her practice the script.

Up in Usagi's bedroom, Makoto, Ami, and Luna talk about Usagi's disappearance. Luna says that they need to search for the harp music she heard, and the girls play paper-rock-scissors to determine who will stay behind to watch the house. Makoto loses and, when Ikuko comes to check on her, pretends to have a cold to explain why her voice sounds different. Ikuko puts her to bed, then worries that her vision must be getting worse, because Usagi looks bigger than usual.

In the meantime, Ami runs through the streets, frantically searching for Usagi.

Mamoru confronts the three remaining Shitennou. Zoisite wants him to leave, but he refuses. Kunzite is angry with him and says he doesn't intend to thank him for his kindness. He and Mamoru face off, and Kunzite draws his sword, again threatening to kill him.

Minako tells Rei about how the war in the past started with an uprising on Earth, caused by the forbidden love of the Prince and Princess. Queen Metalia was the power behind it, and Queen Beryl used her power to lead the people of Earth into war.

Zoisite chides Kunzite for threatening the Master. They remember a time in the past, when Kunzite taught Endymion sword fighting and declared that his sword was one with which he would die to protect his master. Jadeite clutches at his head as his memories return. Kunzite declares that his past disappeared on the day the world was destroyed, and he intends to likewise destroy all those who had a part in it. Before he can do anything, though, Mio arrives and stops him, then leads Mamoru off to see Metalia.

Ami races through the city, and passes a strange young man dressed all in black who is slumped over against a pillar. He awakens, and is revealed to be a human version of Nephrite. He rises to his feet, laughing evilly, and says Beryl's name as his face twists with anger.

As Mamoru enters Queen Metalia's chamber, he finds Queen Beryl waiting for him there.

Minako continues her story, and says that Beryl invaded the Moon Palace, and then the Earth and Moon were both destroyed. She doesn't know what exactly caused it, though, as only the Prince and Princess were there. As the staff member walks by, the two of them quickly pretend to be rehearsing the script again.

Queen Beryl tells Mamoru that she has been waiting ever since his past life to make him hers, when he was the epitome of everything her heart desired; Mamoru tells her that she is delusional, and he is only human. Beryl changes the subject and motions toward Metalia, saying that this is the source of her power, and once that power is fully awakened they can rule the world.

Ami is still searching when she suddenly hears the harp music. She calls the others on her Teletia S and they come running to join her. They also hear the music, but can't tell where it is coming from.

Queen Beryl talks about how Metalia's power has been increasing, to the point that she has been summoning her own Youma.

A group of Metalia's Youma appear near the girls, and they transform into their Senshi forms. After a brief battle, they surround the Youma and destroy them with their Sailor Star Tambourines. However, as soon as those Youma are gone, even more appear. Sailor Mercury realizes that they seem to be attracted to the sound of the harp, and the Senshi decide to follow them.

Queen Beryl declares that Metalia is being influenced by the Princess, and Mamoru looks stunned.

The Senshi keep chasing the Youma, and finally, hours later, find the source of the harp music. Princess Sailor Moon sits atop a wall, playing a harp, but when the Senshi arrive, she stops and says Endymion's name.

Queen Beryl tells Endymion to destroy the princess, because her very existence will bring about the destruction of the planet.

Princess Sailor Moon declares that she was the one who destroyed the planet, and all the Senshi are stunned.

Act.38- "Shinjite! Zettai, Hoshi wa Horobinai!" ("Believe Me! I Definitely Won't Destroy the Planet!")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 38

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 38

Airdate: July 3, 2004

Toei 38

After admitting that she was the one who destroyed the planet in the past, Princess Sailor Moon resumes playing her harp.

In a flashback, Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion are in the Moon Palace when she is attacked; Endymion jumps in front of his beloved and takes the blow for her. Serenity drops to her knees beside his still form and cries out his name. A massive surge of energy comes from her and engulfs both the Moon and the Earth, destroying everything. The Prince and Princess are left lying hand-and-hand in the ruins of the Moon Palace.

Queen Beryl tells Mamoru that the Princess's power and Queen Metalia's power are the same, and if she is not stopped the planet will be destroyed again. Mamoru is worried, thinking about Usagi.

As the Senshi slowly approach Princess Sailor Moon, she tells them to stay back, and disappears in a flash of golden light. She reappears on a high rooftop and mourns that she and Endymion still cannot be together, no matter how many times they are reborn. As she begins to play the harp again, she disappears once more and ends up in a bright white room, facing Usagi Tsukino.

In the Secret Base, everyone discusses the fact that the Princess was responsible for the world's destruction in the past, and Endymion's death was the reason. Rei says that the Silver Crystal's power flared when Usagi's emotions became powerful, such as when she tried to save Dark Mercury, or when Tuxedo Mask was injured. Makoto says it was easier when she thought she only had to defeat the enemy.

Minako walks back to her set, talking to Artemis about how the Silver Crystal and Queen Metalia have the same power. She says that the past is about to repeat itself, and she needs to protect the Princess and make sure that doesn't happen.

Usagi asks Princess Sailor Moon if her song is sad because she is thinking about Endymion. Princess Sailor Moon replies that she cannot be with him, because what was decided in the past will not change. Usagi thinks about Mamoru and says that she is glad, even though she was told it wasn't allowed. She admits, though, that they didn't exactly get along at first, and remembers their first encounter, and all the other times they ran into each other and promptly began fighting. She then thinks about how she admired Tuxedo Mask, without knowing they were the same person.

Motoki is struggling with a large box full of groceries when human Nephrite bumps into him and makes him drop it. Motoki is upset and demands that the stranger help him out, but he refuses and causes a scene.

At the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl once again asks Mamoru to destroy the Princess before she destroys the world again. He thinks about how it all started with his quest to find his identity, and remembers meeting Sailor Moon and his interactions with her, both in her Senshi form and as Usagi.

Jadeite paces back and forth, and finally declares that he will return to Beryl. Zoisite asks if he didn't get his memories back; he did, but is confused about who his true master should be. Kunzite offers to remove the source of his confusion and stalks off.

Usagi hands the Moon Phase to Princess Sailor Moon, saying it was a gift from Mamoru. Princess Sailor Moon observes that they were together only a short time and then torn apart, just like in the past. Usagi says that there was a time she thought it was hopeless and almost gave up, but her feelings didn't change, and so she made a decision.

Mamoru remembers his agreement with Usagi to prove that the past would not repeat itself, and turns away with a determined expression. Kunzite arrives then and draws his sword; Mamoru tells him that if the Shitennou really wants revenge he can have it, but has to give him some time. He challenges Kunzite to a sword fight, and says that if Kunzite loses, he has to help him for a while. Kunzite agrees, Mamoru changes into Prince Endymion, and the two begin to fight. Zoisite arrives and tries to stop them, but Endymion orders him not to interfere.

Princess Sailor Moon says that if nothing changes, the tragedy will happen all over again. If Endymion is killed, she might do the same thing she did before and the planet will be destroyed. Usagi reappears on the rooftop and, as some of Queen Metalia's Youma appear, Princess Sailor Moon's voice can be heard, saying that the process has even already begun. Usagi remembers her promise with Mamoru, and transforms into Sailor Moon.

Meanwhile, Endymion and Kunzite engage in a fierce sword battle.

Sailor Moon destroys the Youma with Moon Twilight Flash, then looks pensively at the watch Mamoru gave her. Suddenly, Jadeite, Zoisite, and Kunzite appear nearby, with Kunzite clutching an injured arm and with an angry expression on his face. The three of them step to one side and reveal Prince Endymion, who steps toward Sailor Moon and draws his sword. As she faces him, she repeats aloud that the planet definitely will not be destroyed.

Act.39- "Usagi-chan no Mama wa Repōtā ni Chōsen!!" ("Usagi's Mother's Challenge as a Reporter!!")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 39

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 39

Airdate: July 10, 2004

Toei 39

Prince Endymion draws his sword and points it at Sailor Moon, declaring that from now on, he is her enemy. He says that the Silver Crystal will bring destruction to the Earth, and that she cannot think she will be safe if they meet again. After he leaves, Sailor Moon repeats to herself that they cannot let the planet be destroyed.

Back at the Dark Kingdom, Mio is waiting, and wonders if now Usagi is at home crying. Endymion replies that she is stronger than that, but Mio is doubtful.

At the Secret Base, Usagi sits at the table, staring mournfully at a piece of cake while her friends watch with concern. She suddenly announces that her diet is over and starts to eat, and everyone is shocked. Usagi cheerfully tells them that she is fine, and is convinced that Mamoru is just acting. Luna isn't convinced, and is worried that he might really attack Usagi. Usagi just says that everything is okay, and the planet definitely will not be destroyed.

Minako is lying down in her hotel room, and Artemis is concerned about all the fighting she's been doing lately. She says that she needs to manage her time better, because she's been absent a lot and causing trouble for her manager. Artemis says that he doesn't like the manager, because he kissed him the other day. Minako laughs and brings him close to her face as though about to kiss him as well, but she instead congratulates him on his first kiss, and Artemis gets annoyed.

Usagi comes home to find Minako's manager talking to her mother, and it turns out that the two of them knew each other in high school. He recognizes Usagi, and notes that Luna is just like Minako's stuffed toy, just a different color. Delighted, he grabs Luna and gives her a big kiss.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki sits at the front desk, complaining to Kamekichi about being bored. Suddenly something breaks in the back room, and he yells at the person back there to be more careful. The person, whose face is in shadow, clenches his fist in anger.

Sugao tells Usagi that a producer he knows was looking for a housewife to act as a TV reporter, so he thought of his friend Ikuko. He pulls out a video camera and says they need to make a video for an audition, and Ikuko and Usagi are both very excited. In the meantime, human Luna sits in the kitchen, wiping her mouth and whining about her first kiss.

Mamoru summons Kunzite to him and orders him to attack the Princess.

Sugao arrives at a park with Ikuko, Usagi, and Shingo, telling them that the program is about a housewife in action, and they get ready to film. Ikuko eagerly throws herself into the activity and jogs off, and Usagi and Shingo reluctantly follow, wondering why they have to join in. The three of them run through an obstacle course, as Sugao follows them with the camera, enthusiastically cheering Ikuko on. Next, he has them do push-ups, and Usagi imagines herself in the middle of a war movie with Sugao as the drill sergeant. Luna watches, looking bored, then transforms into her human form and wanders off.

A Youma appears on the top of a building, then assembles a sort of sniper rifle with a crystalline "bullet." He takes aim toward the park.

Ikuko stands in front of a mountain backdrop, pretending to be reporting from the top of a high peak as Usagi and Shingo throw snow onto her. Shingo gets sick of the whole thing and announces he is going home. Usagi starts to follow him, but just then the Youma takes aim at her and fires; the bullets miss and fragment against the backdrop, and the fragments hit Ikuko. Usagi takes cover and Luna tells her that she is being targeted by a Youma. She and Luna then run away to draw fire away from her mother.

Usagi and Luna transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Luna, and try to find where the Youma is attacking from. Sailor Luna concentrates for a moment, listening, and declares that she knows where it is. The two of them sneak up on the Youma from behind and get its attention, then it chases after Sailor Moon. Sailor Luna moves to follow, but is stopped by Kunzite; she darts around him quickly to confuse him, then tries to hit him over the head with her fan, but he remembers that she used this technique before and blocks it with his sword.

Sailor Moon draws the Youma off into the woods, then turns around and attacks it. She manages to destroy its rifle with a blast from the Moonlight Stick, at which point it runs away. Sailor Moon chases it into an open meadow, and there finds Endymion; she is happy to see him, but he draws his sword and tells her that he said for her to not think she was safe with him.

Meanwhile, Sailor Luna transforms her Moonlight Stick into a golden fan, but finds it too heavy to wield and falls over. The fan flies out of her hands and strikes the Youma in the head, and when it falls to its knees, Sailor Luna uses Luna Sucre Candy to destroy it.

Sailor Moon faces off against Endymion, wondering if he is just pretending. He attacks her, though, and knocks the Moonlight Stick out of her hands. She asks him if he is really serious, and in response, he slices through the bow on the front of her sailor fuku, which makes the Moon Phase drop to the ground. When Sailor Moon picks it up, she finds the face has cracked. Endymion lifts his sword again and she cries his name, at which point her tiara gleams and she begins to glow with an intense golden light.

Queen Beryl watches Queen Metalia's power increase, and notes that the Princess has emerged again.

The power of the Silver Crystal emits from Sailor Moon, causing a strong earthquake. The force of the quake causes Shingo to slip off the bridge he was walking on, leaving him hanging off the edge; Sailor Moon notices this and begs Endymion to save him, but he orders her to calm down and control her power. She tearfully begs the Silver Crystal to stop, and finally the power subsides. Endymion tells her that he might someday have to fight her; right now, she needs to believe in herself, not him, but he believes that they will eventually be able to be together.

Usagi finds Shingo sitting on the bridge and asks if he is okay; he is, but admits that he was scared. She thinks about what Endymion said, realizing that he is right.

Minako sits in her hotel room, looking at a pile of magazines with her on the cover. A news report comes on the TV, and Ikuko appears on it, talking excitedly about the earthquake while Usagi tries to calm her down. Artemis recognizes the Princess and says that the Silver Crystal is starting to affect the Earth. Minako turns off the TV and says that she has made a decision: she is going to stop singing.

Act.40- "Minako buiesu Rei Baturo no Yukue wa?" ("Minako vs. Rei - Where's the Battle?")

(美奈子VSレイ バトルのゆくえは?)
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 40

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 40

Airdate: July 17, 2004

Toei 40

Minako tells Artemis that she has decided to stop singing. She says that she only has a small amount of time left, and she doesn't want to waste it. Artemis gets upset and says that she needs to have time as Minako and not just Sailor Venus, but Minako insists that she has to fulfill her mission, and there is no longer any room in her life for anything but Sailor Venus.

In the Secret Base, Usagi tells her friends about Mamoru's plans, and expresses concern because she still sometimes uses the Silver Crystal's power without meaning to. Her friends express their support for her.

Jadeite arrives before Queen Beryl, and she congratulates him on his unwavering loyalty. She adds that he is the only one she can trust to deal with Endymion.

Minako meets her manager in a restaurant, but before she can tell him about her decision, he immediately launches into a discussion of her career, and before she knows it, she has agreed to do a commercial and a photobook. She sighs.

Rei is sitting in her room at the Hikawa Shrine when Artemis shows up to talk to her.

As Minako is getting ready in her dressing room, her manager arrives to tell her that her photoshoot has been cancelled; instead, a new idol, Reiko Mars, will be doing it, as well as Minako's scheduled commercial. Minako watches the photoshoot with annoyance, telling herself that it doesn't matter because she was going to quit anyway. She can't help being jealous, though, as her manager enthusiastically praises Reiko.

Mamoru arrives at Karaoke Crown to talk to Motoki, but finds a new employee there: Nephrite in human form, whom Motoki has dubbed "Nefukichi." When Nefukichi gets annoyed at him, Motoki retreats, leaving Mamoru behind. Nefukichi wants to return to Queen Beryl, but Mamoru refuses to take him, saying that it's better this way. He also advises the former Shitennou to ask Motoki if he needs anything, because he's a good person.

As the staff at the photoshoot takes a break, Minako confronts her manager about why her photoshoot was cancelled. He suggests that he should maybe give the new song to Reiko, because Minako hasn't seemed to want to sing lately. Minako strongly disagrees, and her manager is pleased to see her competitive side again. Reiko challenges Minako to a match to determine who will get the song.

Usagi receives a call on her her cell phone inviting her to the match, and she rushes off; her mother hardly seems to notice her go, as she's wondering if there was something wrong with Sugao's video, since she didn't get the reporter job.

At the tv studio, the girls go on a game show-style competition, with Minako's manager as the host. Minako, Usagi, and Luna are one team, while Rei, Makoto, and Ami form the other. The team captains, Minako and Rei, are placed into special booths while their teams compete in various games against each other. When one team scores a point, a balloon over the head of the opposing captain inflates a little more. Minako's team ends up falling behind, and her balloon pops, showering her in flour. Rei teases her, but she looks determined and says that the game isn't over yet.

In the final game, the two team captains are given foam swords and told to pop paper balloons attached to their opponent's clothing. When the rest of the team members join in the game, it becomes a chaotic free-for-all, and the girls all laughing together. As they play around, Sugao unobtrusively shoos the camera crew out of the studio and watches the scene, observing that he will not allow Minako to stop singing. The girls finally collapse in an exhausted heap on the floor, still giggling.

Makoto, Luna, Usagi, and Ami walk home together, talking about how much fun they had; they have never before acted like friends with Minako. Ami pauses, wondering if that is why Rei did what she did.

Minako records her new song, "Kiss!² Bang!²," and as she sings she looks as though she is finally having fun. Outside of the booth, her manager watches with a pleased smile.

As the girls walk home, Luna detects the aura of a Youma, and when they investigate, they discover a group of Queen Metalia's Youma. Using the teamwork they just practiced on the game show, the Sailor Senshi quickly defeat the group of Youma, and excitedly exchange high-fives.

Minako confronts Rei about her actions, and Rei says that it annoys her that Minako focuses completely on her past life. They argue about it, and Rei declares that Minako's problem is that she is afraid of the present; were she in Minako's situation, if there were any hope at all, she would have the surgery. Minako becomes angry and storms off.

As Minako walks angrily across an open plaza, she finds Artemis waiting for her, looking concerned. Minako pauses and thinks about the game show and the fun she had with the other girls; she discovers that she has begun to cry only when the tears drip onto her hands. She crosses her arms across her chest, looking upset and uncertain.

Act.41- "Jitsu wa Senshi nano!" ("Actually, I'm a Senshi!")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 41

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 41

Airdate: July 24, 2004

Toei 41

Queen Metalia's power is growing stronger, spreading over the Earth; in the Dark Kingdom, her power manifests as a light strong enough that Queen Beryl has to shield her eyes.

Ami and Usagi walk home from school at the end of the term and compare grades. Usagi whines that she's trying her best but still isn't doing well, and admires Ami's perfect scores. Naru catches up with them, and they wonder what they're going to do for the required volunteer work over summer vacation.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki interrupts his chat with his turtle to chide "Nefukichi" for getting overenthusiastic in his work. "Nefukichi" gets angry about being called by that name, but their argument is cut off by the arrival of Usagi and Ami. Motoki introduces the new part-time worker with the name "Nefurin," which only sets him off again. As he fights with Motoki, Makoto arrives and throws him across the room, thinking he's a robber. Motoki explains that the man is alone and confused and gets angry easily, and thanks Makoto for helping him.

Down in the Secret Base, Luna and Rei are listening to Minako's new song, and Rei thinks about her last conversation with Minako. When the others arrive, they talk about Minako and their past lives; Rei looks concerned and unhappy, but insists it's nothing when the others ask. Changing the subject, they ask Rei if she has any ideas for volunteer work for their summer vacation homework.

Usagi, Ami, Makoto, and Naru are introduced at a day care center full of rambunctious children. They dress up in animal costumes and play with the children, and Usagi tells Ami that she thinks they need to give Motoki and Makoto a push to get them together.

Ami goes to Karaoke Crown and tells Motoki that a new species of turtle was discovered at the day care center, which sends him rushing off out the door. Ami then tries to help "Nefukichi" with his work, but he looks at her and remembers Dark Mercury giving him a repaired cape, then runs away, ashamed.

As Makoto loads clothing into the washing machine at the back of the center, Usagi suddenly disappears and leaves her alone. Makoto is briefly annoyed, but then sees Motoki walking past; he mentions a new species of turtle, then, glancing at Makoto's turtle costume, starts to laugh awkwardly. Usagi watches, hoping that Motoki will volunteer to help with the wash, but to her extreme disappointment, he instead just leaves.

Back at the Tsukino residence, Luna senses Queen Metalia's presence growing stronger.

Makoto is annoyed at Usagi for trying to set her up, insisting that she's supposed to be alone, as was decided in her past life; she also says that Motoki doesn't like her anyway. Usagi disagrees, insisting that she can see it, since she has more experience in these matters.

Motoki walks down the street, enchanted by Makoto's turtle costume, and the kindness she shows by working with children. A pedestrian suddenly collapses on the sidewalk in front of him, and he rushes up to check on them.

Naru calls the others for help, and they find that the day care staff has all fainted. As the girls take over, they realize that one of the children, Shouta, is missing, and Makoto runs off to look for him. She comes across Motoki helping rescue workers load unconscious people into an ambulance, and he observes that it looks like their souls were sucked out of them. When she tells him that Shouta is missing, he accompanies her to help look for the boy. They finally find Shouta stuck up in a tree; Motoki climbs up to help him down, but slips and falls to the ground.

As Naru and Usagi search for Shouta, they notice the people around them suddenly collapsing, just like the day care workers. Usagi's phone rings, and Makoto lets her know that they found the boy. Motoki and Shouta begin to sing a song about a turtle, and Makoto tells him that her father used to sing that song as well.

Groups of Queen Metalia's Youma appear before both Makoto and Usagi, and they wonder what they can do, reluctant to transform in front of others.

Motoki tells Makoto to take Shouta and run, then attacks the Youma. He is quickly knocked down, though, and Makoto hides Shouta behind a tree before returning.

Usagi realizes that she has no other option, and transforms into Sailor Moon in front of Naru. She uses Moon Tiara Boomerang on the Youma as her friend watches in shock.

Makoto glances down at the injured Motoki and transforms into Sailor Jupiter, and he is stunned by the transformation. She uses Supreme Thunder to destroy the Youma, then turns to face Motoki. She tells him that she has to keep fighting enemies like that, and he smiles and says he understands; they look at each other awkwardly for a moment before Sailor Jupiter turns and runs away, and Motoki's smile fades.

Sailor Moon takes Naru to safety and tells her to hide, before going to confront the Youma. She uses Moon Healing Escalation on them, and they melt and re-form into one, stronger Youma. This Youma is much stronger, too strong for Sailor Moon; when she tries to use Moon Twilight Flash on it, it blocks the attack without any effort. Concerned for Naru, and realizing that she cannot defeat this enemy, Sailor Moon inadvertently activates the power of the Silver Crystal. Remembering Endymion's warning, she tries to contain her power, but the Youma attacks again and she transforms into Princess Sailor Moon, just as Sailor Jupiter arrives. This time she easily deflects the Youma's attacks with her sword and attacks in turn, sending the Youma flying. As Naru watches, even she realizes that something is different about her friend.

Mamoru senses that the Princess has awakened, and calls Usagi's name in concern.

Sailor Jupiter calls out to her friend, but she doesn't hear. As Princess Sailor Moon deflects another of the Youma's attacks, it strikes close to Naru and injures the girl. At that point, the Princess finally pauses and turns back into Usagi, and the Youma makes its escape. Usagi rushes to Naru's side and then notices the destruction that the Princess had caused; she sadly tells Sailor Jupiter that her power will destroy the planet.

Act.42- "Maboroshi no Ginzuishō no Chikara wa Tsukawanai!" ("I Won't Use the Power of the Illusion Silver Crystal!")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 42

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 42

Airdate: July 31, 2004

Toei 42

In the Dark Kingdom, Mio observes that Usagi used her power again, and might just destroy the world after all. Mamoru stubbornly insists that he believes in her, and Mio warns him that he might be in danger, then, and directs his attention toward a painting on the wall.

Queen Beryl gives Jadeite a stone and tells him to bury it in Endymion's body, in order to force his heart to let go of the Princess.

In the Secret Base, the girls discuss Queen Metalia's growing power, which is affecting people on Earth and destroying their hearts. Usagi is upset, because she realizes that Metalia's power is the Silver Crystal's power, and she can't control it.

Usagi goes to the hospital to see Naru and apologize for what happened. Naru teases her about keeping secrets, and says she's more upset about that than being wounded. Now that it's not a secret, though, she asks Usagi to tell her about her Senshi abilities.

Jadeite walks slowly through the halls of the Dark Kingdom, thinking about Beryl's orders. In the meantime, Zoisite finds Kunzite practicing sword work and mentions that Jadeite has decided to be loyal to Beryl. Zoisite suggests that Kunzite help him protect their Master, but Kunzite says it is his own will that makes him want to take his revenge. Zoisite asks Kunzite why he hasn't taken his revenge right away, and if that might be because his true self is awake deep down inside.

After hearing the whole story, Naru tells Usagi that she isn't worried. Even if Usagi doesn't do very well when it comes to doing things for herself, like with her test scores, she still does her absolute best when it comes to helping other people, and Naru believes in her.

Back at home, Usagi sits in a hot bath for a couple hours, for endurance training. Luna finally comes to check on her just as Usagi slips under the water; just then Shingo appears and sees her, and she panics. She transforms into her human form and runs past him, pausing for a moment to do the Sailor Moon-style "I'll punish you" pose before disappearing up the stairs. Shingo just stares after her, then says he'll pretend he didn't see anything.

Usagi's mother puts Usagi to bed, chiding her daughter for feeling the need to do strange things for a diet. After she leaves, Luna crawls out from under the bed, worrying because Shingo saw her.

Queen Metalia's latest Youma walks the streets of Tokyo, and where it passes people suddenly collapse.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki worries about "Nefukichi," as he has been acting strangely lately. Nefukichi whines about how pathetic he is, then as Ami enters, the two of them share a look.

Down in the Secret Base, Usagi is undergoing more endurance training, with uncomfortable heat, difficult textbooks supplied by Ami, and her least favorite foods supplied by Makoto. As she approaches the table to get the food, though, she passes out from the heat. After she recovers, she starts in on the food, cringing as she eats, and her friends cheer her on.

As Mamoru is thinking about Usagi, willing her to suppress her powers, Jadeite arrives with the stone given to him by Queen Beryl. Zoisite attempts to interfere and reawaken Jadeite's memories, but is stopped by Beryl. Jadeite resumes his task and presses the stone into Mamoru's chest, declaring that, no matter what happened in the past, Beryl is now his only master.

As Usagi and Ami walk to the hospital to visit Naru, Luna suddenly senses the presence of a Youma. The girls see a number of people collapsed on the ground outside the hospital and rush inside, worried about their friend. Luna tells them that the Youma is no longer in the building, and Usagi promises Naru that she will do her best.

Usagi, Ami, and Luna head off in pursuit of the Youma, and once they find it, transform into their Senshi forms. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury attack in unison, but the Youma absorbs their power and grows stronger; it attacks in turn and wounds Sailor Mercury and Sailor Luna. Sailor Moon desperately tries to suppress the Silver Crystal's power, and seems to be losing the battle in the face of the Youma's continued attacks, when Endymion appears and protects her. He congratulates her on her improved control.

Mio arrives and tells Endymion that she warned him what would happen if he went near Usagi. The stone in his chest begins to glow and he drops to his knees in pain. Mio tells Sailor Moon that the stone buried in him drains his life every time he thinks about her, so it will be her fault if he dies. She smirks and disappears, taking Endymion with her. Stunned, Sailor Moon walks toward where he just was, not noticing that the Youma is attacking, and as the dust clears from its blow, she has transformed into Princess Sailor Moon. As she and the Youma fight, Metalia's power increases; plants wilt, people on the street collapse, and at Karaoke Crown, Nefukichi looks startled as he senses it. Usagi's concern for her friend breaks through Princess Sailor Moon's single-minded focus; she transforms her sword into a harp, and as she plays it, Sailor Mercury's wound is healed and life is brought back to those drained by Metalia. Princess Sailor Moon then prepares to attack the Youma, but Usagi stops her and the attack backfires.

In that flash of light, Usagi confronts Princess Sailor Moon, asking why she doesn't understand that if she uses her power the world and the people on it will be hurt. Princess Sailor Moon, however, refuses to think of anything but Endymion. She says that without him, there is no need for the planet. Usagi is saddened by this, and says there are other things to protect as well. The Princess replies that even so, she is sure that someday Usagi will do the same thing, for Endymion.

When the light fades, Sailor Moon has returned to normal. The three Senshi attack the Youma simultaneously with Luna Sucre Candy, Mercury Aqua Storm, and Moon Twilight Flash, but it blocks the attacks with its sword and retreats. Sailor Luna and Sailor Mercury congratulate Sailor Moon on being able to control her power, but she says that they might need the Silver Crystal to defeat this Youma. The other Senshi tell her that sometimes the power is necessary, and that is why it exists, so someday she will need to use it. Sailor Moon is determined not to use it again until that day comes.

In the Dark Kingdom, Mamoru collapses into a chair, clutching his chest in pain. Meanwhile, a spot of light grows on the painting on the wall behind him.

Act.43- "Usagi to Mamoru no Yakusoku" ("Usagi and Mamoru's Promise")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 43

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 43

Airdate: August 7, 2004

Toei 43

Late at night, Sailor Mercury fights alone against a water-based Youma. She uses Mercury Aqua Cyclone, but it absorbs the attack and fires it back at her, sending her flying into a nearby fountain. Sailor Moon arrives and attacks the Youma, and it dives into the water and disappears. Sailor Mercury thanks Sailor Moon for her help, but Sailor Moon is upset about how the number of Youma have been increasing lately.

Back at the Secret Base, Ami, Makoto, Rei, and human Luna discuss their concern for Usagi, and her efforts to suppress her power. Luna is worried about the number of people being affected by Queen Metalia's power. She says that the Youma which escaped them before seemed linked to Queen Metalia somehow, so they need to find it. Rei agrees, adding that if Queen Metalia were destroyed, they wouldn't have to worry about using the Silver Crystal's power.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite angrily confronts Jadeite about his betrayal of their Master. Jadeite replies that he has decided that his only master is Queen Beryl.

Queen Beryl muses to herself about how this time will be different; if the Princess takes Endymion's heart, then she will take his life, and he will be hers forever.

That night, Luna finds Usagi awake in her room, unable to sleep because she is upset about what Queen Beryl is doing to Mamoru. When she finally does fall asleep, the Princess awakens. Mamoru hears the Princess' harp music and is concerned for Usagi, while Queen Beryl sees Metalia's power increasing.

Princess Sailor Moon sits on the roof of a tall building, playing her harp. Luna finds her and grabs onto the harp while calling Usagi's name; this wakes the girl up and she detransforms.

Queen Metalia's power fades again, and Queen Beryl is concerned that if Metalia's power increases too much, the planet will be destroyed before she will have a chance to rule it. Mamoru staggers in and says that he can stop the Princess, if Beryl is willing to stop the power of the stone. Beryl grows angry at him and sends him back to his chambers.

As Usagi eats dinner with her family, her mother asks about her boyfriend, suggesting that Usagi bring him home for dinner some time. Usagi agrees unenthusiastically, then excuses herself, saying that she didn't get much sleep and wants to take a nap. Her mother notices how little Usagi ate and is worried.

Luna tells the others that when Usagi falls asleep, she turns into the Princess. The others are concerned, and Makoto declares that it is their mission to protect her. Rei becomes upset at this, saying that they aren't protecting her just because she is the Princess, and says she is tired of hearing about their past lives.

Usagi sits on her bed, upset and angry, and finally drifts off to sleep. Once she does, however, she again transforms into the Princess.

Queen Metalia's power increases again, and her Youma reappears on the streets and drains people's lives.

Luna hears the sound of the Princess' harp and alerts the others. Meanwhile, Minako also hears it and leaves her set to find a large number of unconscious people in the hallway.

Mio comes to Mamoru and tells him that she will stop the stone's power and let him see the Princess, but this will be the last time he can see her.

The girls emerge in an open plaza and find the Youma there, surrounded by unconscious people. They transform into their Senshi forms and give their introductory speeches, but the Youma just turns and starts to walk away, unimpressed. When the Senshi pursue it, they are intercepted by several other Youma.

Princess Sailor Moon is sitting at the top of a staircase, playing her harp, when she sees Mamoru approach. She turns back into Usagi and calls his name, but then also sees Mio coming up behind him. Mamoru takes Usagi by the hand and leads her away, telling Mio that she doesn't need to follow; she obligingly waits there, but calls after him to remember his promise. As Mamoru and Usagi ride off on his motorcycle, he remembers his promise: he must return before sunset, and if he does, Beryl will remove the stone.

As the Senshi battle the Youma, they are about to be overwhelmed when Sailor Venus arrives. Sailor Mars expresses concern for her, but Sailor Venus, annoyed, just ignores her.

Mamoru brings Usagi to the beach that they visited before. Usagi is concerned about the stone, but he tells her it is gone. Cheered by this, she tells him she is doing her best not to use her power, but Mamoru counters by pointing out that she just did. He gets a serious look and is about to tell her something when the water Youma emerges from the sea. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and the Youma attacks, knocking her down. Mamoru angrily wonders why the Youma had to attack now and charges it, transforming into Prince Endymion as he runs. When the Youma leaps behind Sailor Moon and grabs her, Endymion throws his sword at it. Sailor Moon then grabs the sword and stabs the Youma, and her fury at Queen Beryl's interference causes the Silver Crystal's power to activate, but Mamoru rushes up to her and manages to calm her down again.

As the Senshi fight the Youma, Sailor Venus suddenly grows dizzy and falls over; Sailor Mars catches her, saying that she knew she was right, but Sailor Venus shakes her off and heads back into the battle. The five Senshi then attack simultaneously and destroy the Youma.

Sailor Moon uses Moon Twilight Flash and destroys the Youma. Endymion glances at the setting sun, but then turns to Sailor Moon. He draws her into an embrace and tells her that today, the Princess wasn't strengthening Metalia, she was. He says that her feelings of anger and hatred fueled the Silver Crystal's power, and tells her to not be like those tied to their past lives. He adds that she needs to just smile and be the idiot she's good at being. Sailor Moon forces a smile, but asks if it's true that he isn't back for good. As the sun sets, Endymion tells her that no matter what, his heart is always with her. He leans down and kisses her in the twilight.

Queen Beryl clenches her fist, furious that Endymion chose to forfeit his life for the Princess.

Zoisite stands on the beach, watching as Usagi and Mamoru play in the water. Kunzite appears and comments that it's the second time he threw away his life for the Princess, and obviously nothing has changed; the Shitennou believes that the Prince will throw away the planet next.

Back at the Dark Kingdom, Mio observes that this was Mamoru's chance to be saved, then glances at the painting on the wall as the light-colored spot slowly grows larger.

As Usagi and Mamoru sit on the beach together, he slowly disappears before her eyes, but Usagi still forces herself to smile.

Minako faces off against the other Senshi as Rei declares that she will not accept Minako as her leader. Rei says that Minako has yet to awaken her Senshi power, and she refuses to fight with someone so immature.

Act.44- "Ishi ni Modotta Zoisaito" ("Zoisite Turned Back into a Stone")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 44

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 44

Airdate: August 14, 2004

Toei 44

Rei tells Minako that she does not accept Minako as her leader, because she has not yet awoken her Senshi power. Minako is upset by the accusation and tries to get Artemis to back her up, but he just stammers uncomfortably. Minako says that it was decided in the past life that she would be the leader, but Rei interrupts her and says that they aren't just fighting because of the past. She tells Minako not to fight until she has awakened her powers, and in the meantime, there is something else she must do. Makoto steps in and tells Rei that Minako is still one of their fellow warriors, but Rei replies that if that were true she would not need to lie to them.

Zoisite finds Mamoru staggering through a corridor in the Dark Kingdom, clutching his chest. The Shitennou helps Mamoru to his bed, asking why he couldn't at least pretend to obey Queen Beryl.

Queen Beryl broods over the fact that she still cannot win Endymion's heart. She notices Jadeite's presence, and he tells her that he wants to be with her, to comfort her, and asks if she wants him to leave. Queen Beryl is indifferent to him, however. Zoisite arrives and begs Beryl to take his life in exchange for Mamoru's, and Beryl suggests that the Princess' life is more valuable.

At the Tsukino residence, Usagi tells Luna about seeing Mamoru again, then asks if she wants to go with her to visit Naru. Luna declines, and thinks to herself that it's good Usagi isn't coming to Karaoke Crown, because things might be interesting there today.

At Karaoke Crown, "Nefukichi" thinks about the time he felt Queen Metalia's power, and wonders if his powers have returned. He experimentally extends his hand, trying to access them.

As Ami enters, she finds the front lobby a complete mess, Motoki upset about the chaos Nefukichi has created, and Nefukichi uncertain how or what he did. Ami offers them some cookies that she baked, which are slightly charred and not very appetizing, and Motoki unenthusiastically takes one. Nefukichi bites into one and says that it's nasty, but keeps shoving more into his mouth. Motoki is confused, but Ami giggles with delight. As this is going on, Minako enters with her hat pulled low to hide her face, and flashes her passport as she walks past. Motoki looks after her, wondering if he just saw who he thinks he saw.

Down in the Secret Base, Rei and Makoto argue about the importance of their past lives. Minako enters then, followed shortly afterwards by Ami and human Luna, who is carrying Artemis.

Usagi arrives at Naru's hospital room and sadly sets a teddy bear beside her comatose friend.

Zoisite paces the corridors of the Dark Kingdom, thinking about taking the Princess' life. He is approached by Kunzite, who tells him that he plans to try to escape Queen Beryl's spell while she is distracted. After Kunzite leaves, Zoisite wonders if he is the only one who will protect their Master. Zoisite returns to his chambers and plays his piano to summon a new Youma.

At the Secret Base, Minako tells Rei to decide if she, as a Senshi, will fulfill her mission. Rei says that she intends to fight, but not because of her past life. Minako tells her that if that is true, she doesn't need to be there. Even though the others get upset at Minako on Rei's behalf, Rei still leaves, telling them to take care of Usagi. Before she goes, though, she observes that if she isn't accepting the past, then Minako is refusing to accept the present.

As Usagi walks down the street, she pauses to admire a display of flowers; in the meantime, Zoisite's Youma watches her from a short distance away.

In Mamoru's chambers in the Dark Kingdom, he asks Zoisite about Kunzite leaving. Zoisite tells him that his fellow Shitennou is attempting to escape from Beryl's spell, and Mamoru wonders if it is for revenge against him. Zoisite replies that he intends to stay with the Master.

Usagi walks along the sidewalk, admiring her bouquet of flowers, and is suddenly attacked by Zoisite's Youma. She pulls out her Teletia S and tries to call for help, but only hears Zoisite's piano music; his image appears beside the Youma and he apologizes, but says he needs to take her life. Despite interference by the Youma, Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and they begin to fight. Metalia's Youma appears then and Sailor Moon looks from one Youma to the other, worried.

Back in the Dark Kingdom, Mamoru talks to Zoisite about his deal with Queen Beryl. He expresses the opinion that if there is something he is willing to sacrifice for something else, then it was not that important to begin with; he does not want to die, of course, but there isn't anything else that he would be willing to sacrifice so that he could live. He adds that he came to the Dark Kingdom in the first place because he didn't want to sacrifice the Shitennou. Zoisite looks thoughtful, and Mamoru asks him if he also has something that he treasures that highly; if so, he should not let it go.

Sailor Moon fights valiantly, but realizes that against two Youma she doesn't have much chance. Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus arrive just in time and join in the fight. The three of them realize that Zoisite's Youma is only after Sailor Moon, so they distract it and order her to run. She instead chases after Metalia's Youma, but when she tries to destroy it with Moon Twilight Flash, it disappears and reappears behind her. When the Youma tries to attack her from behind, its blow is suddenly blocked by Zoisite, and Sailor Moon is shocked to see him. With its sword blocked, the Youma fires crystals from its body and impales Zoisite.

The Senshi destroy their Youma and start to run toward Sailor Moon, but Sailor Venus abruptly becomes dizzy, then staggers and falls to her knees. The other two Senshi run to her, concerned.

The wounded Zoisite falls to his knees, but manages to fire off an energy attack that causes the Youma to retreat. Sailor Moon runs to his side.

Sailor Moon brings Zoisite to rest against a tree, and he asks her to forgive him for trying to kill her, and she points out that he also saved her. He says that he forgot that his dedication to his Master should not be sacrificed for anything else, no matter what. Zoisite stretches out one hand, expressing a wish that his fellow Shitennou would return to their Master, and as his fingers move, his piano back in the Dark Kingdom begins to play.

Jadeite suddenly looks startled, exclaiming Zoisite's name out loud. He remembers his past with the other Shitennou and Endymion.

As Zoisite continues to play, Nefukichi pauses in the middle of his chores at Karaoke Crown, staring off into the distance for a moment, before getting back to work.

Elsewhere, Kunzite is standing before a stone altar. He picks up his sword and abruptly impales himself on it; a flurry of black rose petals rushes from the wound.

Zoisite calls out to his Master, then his hand finally falls limply to his side. Mamoru senses this and calls Zoisite's name, even as the Shitennou fades, leaving behind a lump of stone which then crumbles away.

Act.45- "Metaria Yōma no Hageshii Kōgeki" ("Youma Metalia's Violent Attack")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 45

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 45

Airdate: August 21, 2004

Toei 45

Makoto and Ami stand outside of Minako's room at the hospital, concerned by her fainting spell, especially since they recall that she fainted once before, as well. The two of them decide not to tell Usagi what is going on because she has enough to worry about.

Ami calls Usagi and tells her Minako is just exhausted; when Usagi asks which hospital she's in, Ami quickly adds that she needs to be left alone, so they're going home now anyway. Usagi seems to accept that answer, but when she hangs up, thinks there's something strange going on.

Minako lies unconscious in her room, surrounded by medical equipment. Makoto waits in the hallway outside, staring at the door.

Jadeite is standing before Zoisite's piano in the Dark Kingdom when Mamoru staggers in, clutching at his chest. Mamoru mentions Zoisite's last wish, and observes that Nephrite never regained his memories, and Kunzite destroyed himself to escape Queen Beryl's grasp. He says that the Shitennou are suffering the most. Jadeite says nothing and leaves, and Mamoru collapses to the floor, grimacing in pain.

Back in Mamoru's quarters, Mio watches as the light-colored spot on the painting takes on a vaguely human-shaped form. She whines that things are starting to get boring, but then seems to get an idea.

Queen Metalia's power flares, and Queen Beryl declares that this planet is hers, and she won't allow it to be destroyed.

At the school, classes have started again, but many of the students are absent because they have fallen prey to the same mysterious coma. The students who are still okay are all scared, and Usagi is worried because of how many people have been affected. After class, Usagi tries to suggest going somewhere with Ami, but Ami makes excuses and leaves on her own.

In Minako's hospital room, Artemis suggests that Minako should tell the others the truth, but she refuses. He then begs her to get the surgery, because she needs to value her life in the present as much as her mission from her past life. Minako becomes angry with him, saying that he is just like Rei, and orders him to leave. Artemis tells her to talk to him as Minako and not as Sailor Venus, and she replies that "Minako" may disappear at any time, but Sailor Venus will never die. She again repeats her demand for him to leave, and he reluctantly obeys; as he leaves, though, Makoto is standing in the doorway, and asks Minako if what she just overheard is true.

Ami meets with Rei at the Hikawa Shrine and finds out that Rei already knew Minako was ill. Luna wonders why Artemis didn't say anything to them about it. Rei is upset with Minako for being so stubborn and refusing to see anything but the past life. Artemis arrives then and agrees with Rei, admitting that Minako threw him out. Rei angrily demands to know why Minako can't just ignore the past life, and Ami wonders if they should even do that.

Makoto talks to Minako about her illness, and is in awe of Minako's strength and determination. Minako says that even if she has to throw away her life, she will still fulfill her mission. With tears in her eyes, Makoto admits that up until now she never really comprehended what she had to do.

Motoki and "Nefukichi" walk down the street, returning from a shopping errand for the store. Motoki pauses to buy a lucky turtle charm from a vendor, then after noticing Nefukichi's interest in also buying something, lends him some money until payday. Nefukichi promptly picks up a strange decoration that looks like a pair of horns, declaring that he needs to pay "her" back for the nasty cookies. Motoki doesn't think she needs to be paid back, and points out that Nefukichi doesn't have enough money anyway.

Luna wonders if they should tell Usagi about Minako's condition, but Ami disagrees, saying she already has to worry about Mamoru and the Silver Crystal, and that's enough.

Rei is alarmed as several people collapse at the Hikawa Shrine, leaving their children alarmed. Elsewhere, Metalia's Youma drains the energy of several people; Makoto and Minako sense this and go to find it, even though Makoto is concerned for Minako's health.

As Rei runs toward the Youma's location, she is confronted by a smiling Mio.

When Makoto and Minako find the Youma, Minako finds herself unable to transform, and Sailor Jupiter has to protect her. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Luna arrive, and the three Senshi attack the Youma, but it is not destroyed and instead staggers outside the building. Metalia's power leaves its receptacle in the Dark Kingdom and infuses the Youma's body.

Down in the Secret Base, Usagi senses something strange and wonders if it is the Silver Crystal, even though she hasn't used its power.

The Senshi realize that the Youma has been possessed by Metalia, but are helpless against its power. Minako again tries to transform but still fails. As the Youma continues to attack, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Luna are injured and detransform. Looking determined, Sailor Jupiter charges in and grabs hold of the Youma, drawing lightning down to herself. Minako is alarmed because the attack will also kill Sailor Jupiter, but she just declares that even if she has to throw away her life, she will fulfill the mission from her past life.

Meanwhile, at Karaoke Crown, Motoki takes out the turtle charm he'd bought and it slips out of his hand, falling to the floor. Down in the Secret Base, Usagi calls Makoto's name and the Silver Crystal begins to glow.

Sailor Jupiter begins to glow with an intense light, which then explodes; Minako cries out her fellow Senshi's name, looking distressed.

Act.46- "Senshi no Chikara ni Mezameta Sērā Vīnasu" ("Sailor Venus Awakens Her Senshi Powers")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 46

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 46

Airdate: August 28, 2004

Toei 46

Motoki is dismayed to find that the turtle charm he bought is chipped, and wonders if it can be fixed.

In the Secret Base, Usagi feels a surge of energy from the Silver Crystal and wonders what it was, then realizes something happened to Makoto. She charges off and finds the plaza where the battle recently occurred, the ground still smoking from Sailor Jupiter's energy blast. Human Luna staggers in, then collapses into Usagi's arms.

At the Hikawa Shrine, the children whose mothers were affected by Queen Metalia's powers sniffle mournfully while in the other room, Artemis attempts to fix some dinner for them. The children discover him, and he tells them it's a secret he can talk, then attempts to distract them by offering to play.

In the Dark Kingdom, Mamoru thinks about the life-draining stone within him, and determines to destroy Metalia before it kills him. Just then, Rei appears in his chambers, closely followed by Mio. Mio declares that she was bored and so brought a guest, then flops down onto the bed to watch the other two interact. Mamoru asks about Usagi, and Rei sadly tells him that she is doing as he asked, and trying hard to smile.

Back in her bedroom, Usagi tries to contact the others, but nobody is answering their phones. The wounded Luna wakes up and Usagi tends to her.

Makoto awakens and finds herself in Minako's hotel room. Minako says that the Youma knocked her away at the last moment, and that's why she survived the blast. Makoto is upset that she failed to destroy the Youma, but Minako is upset about Makoto's actions. Makoto says that she will fulfill the mission from her past life, even if she has to sacrifice her life to do it, just like Minako is doing. Makoto thinks that she is supposed to be alone so that when the time came for her to die, nobody would be sad.

Rei encourages Mamoru to leave the Dark Kingdom, for Usagi's sake, but he refuses. Rei tells him that he doesn't need to stay trapped in the past life, and says that she has decided to ignore it. Mamoru says that it cannot be ignored, and Rei is disappointed that he is just like the others.

Medical staff rush a patient through the hallway of the hotel, and Minako says that because there are so many victims of the Youma that the hospital has to house patients there as well. Makoto is disappointed that she didn't destroy the Youma, and says that next time she will do better. Minako tries to forbid her from trying again, but Makoto says she has to; it doesn't matter if she dies, because she will be reborn, and Sailor Jupiter will live on. Minako laughs sadly at hearing her words echoed back at herself, and says she is starting to understand how Rei feels. She asks Makoto who Motoki is, because Makoto said his name in her sleep; Makoto is shocked, but Minako gently points out that she isn't really alone. Artemis arrives then and asks Minako to come with him.

As Usagi tends to the wounded Luna, she asks why they didn't call her to help fight the Youma. She says that she feels like everyone is drifting away from her lately, and asks if they're avoiding her. Luna encourages her to smile, and says that everyone decided to make sure Usagi didn't have to fight, so that she wouldn't be alone in her efforts to suppress the Silver Crystal's power.

Jadeite arrives, demanding to know why a Sailor Senshi is present, and tries to attack Rei. Mamoru comes to her defense, though, telling her that he isn't chained to the past life, but he needs to put an end to it so that they can live in the present. He transforms into Prince Endymion and fights off Jadeite, then sends Rei back. Afterwards, though, he collapses to the ground, clutching at his chest with a cry of pain. The light-colored spot on the painting behind him becomes more defined, and turns into an image of Endymion.

As Metalia's Youma stalks the streets of Tokyo, the people on the sidewalk all collapse. Rei and Ami arrive and transform into Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury.

Minako arrives at the Hikawa Shrine and wonders why they are there. As she walks farther into the grounds, she finds the two children singing C'est la Vie. Artemis tells her about their parents, and says that when he asked what they wanted to do, they told him that they wanted to sing Minako's songs. He says that even if Minako were to die tomorrow, he doesn't think she would just disappear.

Makoto races down the street toward the Youma and finds Motoki collapsed in front of a street vendor's stand. When she kneels beside him, he recognizes her and with the last of his strength, hands her the new turtle-shaped protective charm he'd bought to replace the broken one. She thinks about Minako's words and realizes that her Senshi power awoke because she wasn't alone. Makoto gently rests her hand on Motoki's, then turns in the Youma's direction with a determined look on her face.

Artemis tells Minako that even if she thinks that "Minako Aino" is weak, he does not, and in fact, he really likes her. He says that he wants her to live. As she watches the children singing, she begins to cry silently.

Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars attempt to fight the powerful Youma, but are outmatched. Sailor Jupiter arrives, and the three of them attack at once. The Youma, however, only sends their attack back at them. It then draws in even more energy, causing people to collapse and plants to wither all around the city.

Queen Beryl wonders aloud what she needs to do to keep Metalia's power from destroying the planet.

The Youma prepares to finish off the three Senshi, but Minako arrives. Sailor Jupiter is concerned because she cannot transform and tells her to run away, but as she concentrates, Minako begins to glow with a bright golden light. She then transforms into Sailor Venus, and the others realize that she has awakened her Senshi power.

Sailor Venus draws the Youma outside and uses Rolling Heart Vibration, which hurls it backwards and forces Metalia's influence to depart. Sailor Moon arrives, and all the Senshi combine their powers to perform Moonlight Attractive Attack, which finally destroys the Youma.

Sailor Moon transforms into Princess Sailor Moon, and as the sound of her harp echoes across the city, all those who were affected by Metalia's power finally wake up. Naru comes out of the hospital to find Usagi waiting there. She thanks Usagi, saying that she was right to believe in her friend.

As the girls walk home, Minako tells the others that, even if the probability of success is very low, she has decided to have the surgery. Makoto looks at the turtle charm Motoki gave her and smiles. Ami pauses briefly, glancing back and wondering about Usagi, before catching up with the others again.

Act.47- "Sayōnara, Minako" ("Goodbye, Minako")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 47

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 47

Airdate: September 4, 2004

Toei 47

Minako is in her hotel room, preparing to leave for a medical exam in preparation for her surgery. She tells Artemis that the demo for her new CD has arrived, and sets a box on the table for him. As it turns out, though, the box is really a jack-in-the-box with a stuffed lion inside, which scares Artemis enough that he falls backwards. Minako giggles mischievously and gives him the real CD, then bids him farewell and leaves. As she steps out of the lobby, she squints and shields her eyes from the bright sunlight.

The day before, at the Secret Base below Karaoke Crown, the girls plan a send-off party for Minako, to wish her luck for her surgery. Rei assures her that they are also planning a welcome-back party for afterwards, as well. They schedule it for the day after next, and Minako says that she will play her unreleased CD for them at the party. The girls decide to make the party a surprise for Usagi, and giggle at the thought of the face she'll make when she finds out. Minako heads off to work, and as Rei waves good-bye, she gets a strange premonition.

Usagi emerges from a watch repair shop, disappointed that even though she had the cracked face of the Moon Phase repaired, it still doesn't work. She bumps into Minako, who is on her way to the studio to prepare for the release of her new CD the next week. Minako hints that Usagi might hear the CD before then, and heads off with a cheerful wave good-bye.

Makoto realizes that Usagi still doesn't know about the surgery, and wonders what they are going to tell her. The others don't want to worry her, especially since she has enough concerns. Ami speculates that when Princess Sailor Moon healed Queen Metalia's victims, it was actually Usagi using the power of the Silver Crystal for good, and not the Princess. They wonder if it is possible that she might use the power to destroy, as well, and become Metalia. Finally, they decide to tell Usagi about Minako's surgery after the welcome-back party, when there is nothing more to worry about.

Back in the present day, Minako gives Artemis her new CD and heads off to her exam. As the door closes behind her, Artemis seems to get the same strange feeling as Rei.

Minako walks down a brightly-lit hallway, clad in a white dress, and disappears into the light at the end.

In the Dark Kingdom, Metalia's power surges, and she mutters about her wish to destroy the planet. Queen Beryl is concerned because Metalia has become far stronger than she. She gives Jadeite a stone, telling him to use her Youma to release Metalia's power. Jadeite is reluctant because of the effect that will have on the planet, but Beryl declares it is better than letting the planet be destroyed.

Mio watches Prince Endymion and wonders aloud what he is planning. She glances toward the painting on the wall, which now contains a full portrait of Endymion, and points out that most of his life has been drained and he will be dead soon. Endymion calmly tells her that the Earth will never belong to Beryl, nor will it be destroyed.

At Karaoke Crown, "Nefukichi" muses that he still has power, and has but to wish to return to the Dark Kingdom. He pauses and pulls out the money that Motoki loaned him; Motoki sees him and teases Nefukichi about not having bought a present for Ami yet. Makoto enters then, and as she flashes her Karaoke Crown Passport, Motoki sees that she has the turtle charm he gave her attached to her wallet. As the two of them talk, Makoto notices Artemis standing just outside the doors.

Ami, Rei, and human Luna are decorating the Secret Base for the party when Makoto enters with Artemis. He is looking for Minako, because she never returned from the hospital after her exam. They speculate on what could have delayed her, and Artemis adds that he can't reach her on her cell phone, either. Rei becomes very concerned.

At the Tsukino residence, Luna tells Usagi that everyone is gathering at the Crown the next day, but Usagi is reluctant to go because she feels like everyone has been avoiding her lately. Luna tells her about the party for Minako, and Usagi wonders if that was what Minako was hinting about regarding her CD.

Rei returns to the Hikawa Shrine and finds Artemis waiting for her there. The news he has stuns her, and she staggers back a step, dropping her bag.

Jadeite appears in Tokyo with a Youma, and he orders it to drain Metalia's power. As the Youma does so, plants wither and die and a number of Metalia's black-cloaked Youma appear and start attacking people. Usagi, Makoto, and Ami go in search of the Youma and confront Jadeite, transforming into their Senshi forms. As the three of them begin battling the cloaked Youma, they wonder where Rei could be.

Queen Beryl realizes that Metalia's power is just getting stronger, and it is too late for her to be stopped. Endymion arrives and declares that he is taking Metalia's power. He says that he will surely be able to suppress her so that she doesn't take over his body. Despite Beryl's efforts to stop him, he flies to the pillar that contains Metalia's power and drops inside.

Kunzite staggers through the forest, clutching his self-inflicted wound. As he pauses to rest against a tree, he sees the light in the distance as Metalia's power is released.

As the Senshi battle against the cloaked Youma and Jadeite, Beryl suddenly summons the Shitennou back to the Dark Kingdom. When he tries to leave, he finds his way barred by the three Senshi; Beryl's Youma arrives and distracts them long enough for him to depart. Rei arrives then and just stares at the battle, as though not even seeing it. Sailor Jupiter yells at her to transform, which snaps her out of her daze. She has a flash of memory about Artemis telling her about Minako. Her voice shaking with grief, Rei transforms into Sailor Mars and charges into the battle, recklessly taking on the Youma by herself as she tells herself that it can't be true.

Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Moon destroy the black-cloaked Youma and focus on the main one, but Sailor Mars gets there first. Sailor Mars attacks the Youma with such ferocity that she destroys it by herself. She then begins to cry, remembering that Artemis told her Minako had died. As the other three Senshi watch her with concern, Sailor Mars drops to her knees, tears falling from her eyes as she cries out Minako's name.

In the Secret Base, which is still decorated for the party, Minako has left her new CD and a letter sitting on the table. An image of what might have been shows Minako singing her new song, "Sayonara ~ Sweet Days," at the party while her friends listen happily. In reality, Rei reads aloud Minako's letter and its message to the others, in which Minako thanks them and asks them to carry on now that she cannot fulfill her mission. The girls and cats all break down crying.

Minako, wearing her white dress, walks into the distance and is swallowed up by a bright light.

Act.48- "Mamoru wa Metaria ni Nottorareta!" ("Mamoru is Captured by Metalia!")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 48

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Act 48

Airdate: September 18, 2004

Toei 48

Usagi stares at Minako's new CD in her hands, remembering her friend's encouragement for her to change the fate of the planet. Usagi wonders how she can still smile at a time like this.

At the Secret Base, Rei re-reads Minako's letter, pausing thoughtfully at the part where Minako said that she realized that she had to overcome her past life in order to become who she truly was.

As Usagi walks slowly down the street, Mamoru unexpectedly appears in front of her. He says that he heard about Minako, and Usagi nods and forces a smile. Mamoru steps forward and pulls her into her arms, telling her to go ahead and cry, because when he is with her she doesn't have to hold back. Usagi begins to sob against his chest.

Usagi and Mamoru stand by the waterfront, and Mamoru tells Usagi that he has sealed Queen Metalia within himself, so she no longer has to suppress the power of the Silver Crystal. Usagi is a little stunned, and asks if that means the planet will no longer be destroyed. Mamoru confirms that, and adds that Queen Beryl has lost the power to rule the planet, and now he and Usagi can be together as much as they want.

As Usagi and Mamoru ride on his motorcycle, Mamoru asks Usagi if she would stop anyone who tried to destroy the planet. Usagi confidently replies that now that she can use the Silver Crystal, she would be fine.

As Kunzite sits alone in a forest, he sees Prince Endymion approaching, and promptly draws his sword and attacks. Jadeite lurks behind a tree nearby, with orders from Beryl to kill Endymion no matter what. On the other side of the clearing, Mio is also watching the scene with interest.

Ikuko is making breakfast when the doorbell rings, and she sends Shingo to answer it; he is stunned when he finds Mio at the door. Once inside the house, Mio kidnaps Usagi, injuring Artemis and Luna in the process and leaving her room littered with black rose petals. Luna manages to reach her phone and alerts the other Senshi.

Rei, Ami, and Makoto gather, determined to travel to the Dark Kingdom to save Usagi, and transform into their Senshi forms.

Kunzite disarms his opponent, and as Endymion waits for the blow to land, Metalia's power within him surges. Kunzite realizes that Endymion planned to die with Metalia sealed within him, and, remembering their past life, observes that he hasn't changed.

Sailor Mars declares that she has decided to fulfill the mission from their past life, in order to end its burden. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury agree, and the three Senshi combine their powers to teleport to the Dark Kingdom.

Kunzite is about to fulfill Endymion's deathwish when he suddenly sees something over the other man's shoulder. Instead of striking his blow, he shoves Endymion out of the way and allows Jadeite's attack to strike him instead. Mio arrives with Usagi as Endymion cradles the body of the dying Shitennou. Kunzite observes that the man who once threw away the planet for the Princess now plans to throw away his life for the planet. Mio realizes what Endymion had planned, and Usagi is dismayed. Kunzite glances toward Jadeite and tells him that his master is not Beryl, but rather the man standing before him. His body then fades away and becomes a chunk of stone. Endymion drops to his hands and knees as Metalia's power surges again and swirls around him.

Queen Beryl watches the scene in a crystal and realizes that there is no way to stop Metalia now. The three Senshi arrive and demand the return of their Princess, but Beryl tells them the Princess no longer matters, because the planet is now doomed. She says that Endymion has been swallowed up by Metalia, and there is no way to save him.

Endymion realizes that he has lost the fight against Metalia and reaches for his sword. As he moves to stab himself, though, Usagi screams for him to stop; when he pauses, Metalia's power flares and the forest crumbles around them.

Usagi and Mio find themselves in an open field, and when they look up, see a black-clad Endymion walking toward them. Usagi wonders what has happened, and Mio tells her that he has been taken over by Metalia. Mio gets scared and tries to leave, but Metalia Endymion stops her; Mio runs toward Usagi, begging the girl to help her, but Metalia Endymion strikes her with an energy blast that causes her to dissolve into a flurry of black flower petals.

Metalia Endymion then attacks Usagi, but she transforms into Sailor Moon just in time. She summons the Moonlight Stick and calls upon the power of the Silver Crystal to heal Endymion, but Metalia Endymion absorbs the energy and fires it back at Usagi; the blast strikes the Moonlight Stick and shatters it. The Sailor Senshi arrive, and they tell Sailor Moon that Endymion is already beyond saving, and even the Silver Crystal has no effect on him. The three of them assure Sailor Moon that she does not have to fight, and head off to do battle with Metalia Endymion.

The three Senshi are easily overpowered by Metalia Endymion, and when Sailor Moon rushes in to try to save them, she is also knocked aside. In order to protect Sailor Moon, the Senshi use their strongest attacks on Metalia Endymion, only to have them reflected back. Sailor Moon wonders to herself if Mamoru really is gone. As she pushes herself to her feet, her hand touches Endymion's sword, and she remembers Mamoru asking her if she would stop anyone who tried to destroy the planet. She realizes that Mamoru planned this from the beginning, and tearfully declares that she cannot do it.

As she watches her friends being beaten by Metalia Endymion, Sailor Moon suddenly hears Mamoru's voice telling her that she can. His spirit appears beside her and asks if she forgot her promise to not let the planet be destroyed. As the Senshi are hit by Metalia Endymion's latest attack, they each collapse to the ground and de-transform. Mamoru tells Sailor Moon to protect her friends and this world; he then vanishes again.

Sailor Moon takes the sword in hand and tearfully demands to know why Mamoru lied to her, then slowly walks toward Metalia Endymion with her feet dragging. She lifts the sword slowly, as though it were very heavy. Mamoru appears beside her again and sets his hands atop hers, and together they lift the blade to point at Metalia Endymion. Sailor Venus' spirit tells her to change the planet's fate, and Sailor Moon's tear falls onto the blade of the sword, causing it to sparkle. Sailor Moon cries out Mamoru's name, then charges forward and plunges the sword into Metalia Endymion's body.

Final Act- "Zensei o Norikoeta Gonin no Senshi-tachi" ("The Five Sailor Senshi Surpassed Their Previous Lives")

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Final Act

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Final Act

Airdate: September 25, 2004

Toei 49

Sailor Moon kneels in an open cavern, cradling Prince Endymion's body and staring vacantly at nothing. Makoto, Ami, and Rei enter and watch her with concern, and when Queen Beryl arrives they drag her unresponsive form away protectively. Beryl only looks sadly at Endymion, then demands to know why the Princess had to take everything away from her, calling her the only evil. Makoto angrily says that Sailor Moon saved the planet from Queen Metalia, but Beryl points out that she also killed Endymion.

This wakes Sailor Moon from her lethargy, as she realizes the magnitude of what she has done. She screams Endymion's name, and in a surge of golden light transforms into Princess Sailor Moon. The Princess declares that she will destroy the planet along with Endymion, and the ground begins to shake. Jadeite appears to protect Beryl, and the two of them vanish just as the Princess sends a volley of stones flying toward them. When the dust clears, the three Senshi see the Princess walking away slowly, her sword in her hand; Ami tries to chase after her but is sent flying by a burst of power from the sword. The girls realize that if she would even attack them, she might just destroy the planet, and therefore they have to fight her. Determined, the three transform into their Senshi forms and chase after the Princess.

The Princess summons a group of white-clad Youma to stop the Senshi. Calling upon the power of their respective planets and elements, they transform their Sailor Star Tambourines into weapons: for Sailor Mercury, a sword; for Sailor Mars, a pair of daggers (made from both her Tambourine and Sailor Venus'); for Sailor Jupiter, a spear. The three of them get past the Youma and reach the Princess just before she reaches a low platform. She glances back at them and summons more Youma, then steps up onto the platform. Once there, she begins to glow with golden light, and the ground shakes.

Queen Beryl watches silently as the Dark Kingdom crumbles around her. Jadeite tries to get her to leave, but she refuses and instead takes her spell off of him. Despite that, he still stays by her side, saying that he has chosen her as his master.

Though the Senshi fight valiantly, they cannot prevail against the stronger Youma. Princess Sailor Moon calls upon the power of the Silver Crystal and floats up into the air, glowing with an intense light. The Senshi despair that they cannot stop her, and the past will repeat itself despite their efforts. Sailor Mercury screams out Usagi's name, but the Princess releases her power and sends out a wave of total destruction.

Human Luna and Artemis watch as the wave of destruction approaches them, realizing what is happening. Usagi's friends and family are likewise caught up in the wave which grows to engulf the entire Earth.

Princess Sailor Moon stands alone in an empty desert, and as she surveys her surroundings Usagi realizes what has happened. She drops to her knees and begins to sob. Endymion appears before her and she rushes to him, upset because she was unable to keep her promise not to destroy the world. He tells her that it isn't over yet, and to use the Silver Crystal's power to save the world instead. She gladly agrees, even when he tells her that it might cost her life. He wonders if this is what they need to do in order to bring an end to the past life, then draws her into his arms and apologizes for not being able to save her.

Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion walk across the sand hand-in-hand as she mentally apologizes to her friends for what she has done and for always being with her. The two of them pause in front of some ruins, and Endymion slides a ring onto Serenity's finger, then leans down and kisses her. The Silver Crystal's power flares and restores the world, leaving the Prince and Princess lying lifeless on the sand, their clasped hands holding the Moon Phase.

At Juuban Municipal Junior High School, class begins as normal, except that Usagi is no longer there and Naru and Ami are instead friends. Rei plays hide-and-seek with children at the Hikawa Shrine. Makoto plays street basketball with a group of boys. Minako arrives at her studio and is swarmed by her adoring fans. The four girls go through their lives with complete contentment, but then suddenly realize that something is missing. As they try to remember the important thing they have forgotten, they all envision Usagi's face and start running, calling her name.

Usagi awakens in a dark place, hearing her friends calling her name. The watch in her hand begins to tick, and she sits up to find Mamoru beside her. Princess Sailor Moon appears and tells Usagi that as long as her friends remember her, she can live; although the Silver Crystal shattered, it left her life behind, and at last the past has ended. After the Princess disappears again, Mamoru tells Usagi to go on and forget about him, but she refuses. The Shitennou arrive, carrying the painting into which Beryl had drained his life. They tell him to go as well and live in the present, but if something happens they will surely come to help him. Mamoru takes Usagi's hand and the two of them run forward, into a bright light.

Ami, Makoto, Rei, and Minako all converge in an open plaza, then see Usagi running toward them. Mamoru watches, smiling, from close by as he sits on his motorcycle with Artemis and Luna. The five girls all run toward each other with their hands outstretched, then, with much joyful laughter, start to walk down the street side by side.