Fourth Season

1 (40)- "Film Flam"

Airdate: April 20, 2001

The Powerpuff Girls are promised a part in a film of a false motion picture called the Powerpuff Girls Movie, but little does everybody know is that there isn't really a movie coming out and the entire production is just a fake. When the Professor finds out about this, he feels sad and traumatized by this. He goes to find policemen for help, but there is only officers that are portrayed by actors and none who are really cops are seen. He trys several futile attempts to succeed yet he finally gets in as a leading lady for the movie. The film production is interrupted several times and the Professor claims that the film director Bernstain is just a fraud and a person trying to take all of Towsville's money.The entire cast finds this hard to believe until he accuses Bernstain of not having a film in the camera or having an actual script. This leads to Bernstain hijacking the studio and taking the mayor along with him leading to a huge car chase in the process.

At the end of the chase, Bernstain crashes into a fire hydrant on the way and loses his chance of victory. The professor beats him up for making his girls become exploited and done all the acting for nothing. The Powerpuff Girls thank Utonium however when Utonium realises that he has saved the day he gets hooked on making another movie called (The making of the powerpuff girls movie). which leads to him thinking about money and fame and women. This ends the episode as professor is shown who saved the day with a handbag around his left shoulder which the narrator responds negatively by saying he looks just like his mother.

2 (41)- "All Chalked Up"

Airdate: April 27, 2001

The episode starts at Pokey Oaks, with kids playing, Buttercup and Mitch playing dodgeball and Bubbles drawing chalk on the ground. While playing with Mitch, the ball rolls over on Bubbles' drawing, and Buttercup scolds her that this is a playground, not a "drawing ground," much to Bubbles' dismay, but continues. Buttercup and Mitch play off, with Mitch getting hit by the ball and erasing Bubbles' drawing. Buttercup appears and scolds Bubbles again, causing the two argue. All of the kids, except Blossom are entertained by the quarrel, until Blossom breaks it up, asking for an explanation. Bubbles then tells her that Buttercup should share the playground, which Buttercup bluntly refuses. In a fit of irritation, Buttercup then stomps on some of Bubbles' chalk destroying it in the process, visibly upsetting Bubbles. An enraged Bubbles gets up and tries to get enough energy to punch her, however, she instead bursts into tears and flies away to a forest. At the forest, she discovers a new set of chalk on the tree stump, however there wasn't any chalk inside, but then the forest transforms into a magical place, full of flowers, toadstools and woodland creatures, who individually give Bubbles a piece of chalk, each, until the chalk box was full. Then a talking butterfly appears, welcomes and gives Bubbles the ability to draw things and have the drawings come to life, so the forest can be made even more beautiful, to which she draws different things that make her happy (After transporting from the forest to a blank, lifeless looking area). He then tells Bubbles to express her anger towards Buttercup for destroying her chalk, to which she then draws monsters, coming to life, once they were complete. Eventually, Blossom and Buttercup appear and asks where Bubbles has been, and they look behind them, and the drawing monsters came to life.

The drawing monsters go away and destroy the school, and nearly hurt all the children, but the girls manage to save them. Then the girls except Bubbles fight the monsters, but they are no match for them and they easily defeat Blossom and Buttercup. Then they use ice breath, heat ray sonic scream and cherry bomb against them, but to no avail. Knowing they can't beat them, they ask Bubbles for help, and she has an idea, erasers. Then they easily erases the monsters apart, but then they draw themselves back to life. Then the talking butterfly appears, and reveals himself to be Him, and that it was him who tricked Bubbles into expressing her anger and drawing the monsters to life. Then Bubbles draws the monsters angry into happy ways, much to Him's dismay. Him angrily tells her that she can't do that, and was supposed to express her anger, but Bubbles tells him that she is, in a positive way, so she draws Him into a butterfly, just like the way he was when he tricked Bubbles. Him, defeated again, then escapes. The drawing monsters then turns back into fake drawing. The girls then cheer for Bubbles, and Buttercup apologizes to her for destroying her chalks and making her cry, and Bubbles forgives her. Then the episode ends with drawing hearts dropping on the girls.

3 (42)- "Get Back Jojo"

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 42

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 42

Airdate: May 4, 2001

It's Career Day at Pokey Oaks and the girls have brought the Professor with them.When it is Professor Utonium's turn to speak he tells the class that he was never interested in science but eventually became a scientist. Professor Utonium then unveils his newest invention the Time Portal. Mojo Jojo overhears this through the window on his way from the grocery store and disguises himself as a student to question the Professor about this invention. Mojo Jojo formulates the plan to kidnap the Professor in the past and convince to hate science. He runs into the portal alone while the girls wait for his invention to be vacant so they can run after him. While they wait, Professor Utonium explains the concept of different dimensions using a mouse in a maze. Once the portal is vacant the girls use it to travel to the past. Meanwhile Mojo found the classroom with the child version of the Professor. Mojo soon learns that the Professor was huge brat that was a troublemaker and enjoyed pranking. The class Prof. Utonium is in makes model volcanoes after watching a video about the dangers of volcanoes. Professor Utonium makes the whole classroom go up in smoke and Mojo uses this as his chance to steal him. As he leaves the school, the girls appear and interview various students to find out what happened to the Professor. It is reavealed that Mojo goes to the volcano (which has no house on it yet) and tries to convince him to quit science. After Professor kicks,punches and uses sarcastic remarks to Mojo, Mojo decides to throw him in the volcano to get rid of the problem all together. Just as he throws Professor into the volcano the girls grab the falling Professor (who has fainted). Just as he wakes up he sees the girls and whispers, "Girls!" and faints again. The girls beat up Mojo and reluctantly take him back to the future. As the girls fly back to the present they crash into the Professor. The Professor goes on to explain that he became so obsessed with those 3 little girls after they saved him that he went on to become a scientist. In the midst of all this love, Ms. Keane interrupts the Professor and talks about the next career of professional cartooning. In the end Mojo gets credit for saving the day.

4 (43)- "Him Diddle Riddle"

Airdate: May 11, 2001

The episode starts with the girls trying to answer a riddle, which was set for 2 minutes. After they have solve the riddle, HIM appears, congratulating the girls for solving the first riddle, and tells them that they have eight more to go. HIM then gives them the second riddle which mentions tears. After The Powerpuff Girls solve the problem, HIM orders them to run to a street in the corner which is called Ching and Chang without flying. The girls tried to split up and attempted to use the subway. Blossom arrived and Him gave them the next quiz about two trains, one came from Pokey Oaks and the other from Norwalk and asked them where the train will collide. Bubbles hates math and even Blossom, the smartest of them all, can't solve the problem. So they went to the station and found the trains, succeeding in stopping them from colliding. Another puzzle involves Ms. Keane. Him told them that the true Ms. Keane would tell the girls the truth and the false, a lie. Blossom deduces and solves the riddle. (Unfortunately she takes fifteen seconds too long and answers incorrectly, but this goes unnoticed by the other characters, see here.)

Next, HIM gave them SATs and told them that they must get over 100 to pass the test, or the Professor will "pay." Him and the girls arrive at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten and Him told them to begin. After the time's up, Him checked their test papers with the scanner. Buttercup got 25 (much to her irritation and Blossom's amusement), Blossom got an even lower score of 10 (much to her shock and Buttercup's triumph), and Bubbles receives an unexpected 1075. HIM says "Well,I'll be darned." Bubbles won the test so Him created a lizard, small at first, but suddenly it grows into a huge monster. The girls then must defeat him without superpowers. Buttercup and Blossom uses a variety of different weapons, such as a helicopter and a mounted gunner used by Buttercup. Bubbles uses fruits to attack the monster. They eventually defeat the monster by jumping on its head an pulling off its hair. HIM asked "Where is boiling and freezing at the same time." The Mayor assists the girls and tells them the coordinates of where they were supposed to go. However, they went to the wrong building while their real destination was across the road. The girls do not make it in time and HIM declares that the "Professor must pay." What he actually means is that he had made a deal with the Professor that if the girls solve all his riddles in time, the Professor could have free breakfast in Otto Diner. Professor gives the money, frustrated, to HIM and decides that he'll go to another diner as HIM tries to bargain desperately. The narrator ends the episode, sounding just as confused as the girls.

5 (44)- "Super Friends"

Airdate: May 18, 2001

It's morning. The Powerpuff Girls hear a noise from outside, so they go check what's going on. When they notice a truck from Moving Company, they hide behind the bush and watch the crew from business. Then girls see a box with toys and the girl behind this, so Bubbles calls the girl and jumps from the bush. Bubbles asks girl what her name is, if she likes drawing and what her favorite color is. The girl says that she's Robin Snyder, likes drawing elephants and will go to Pokey Oaks starting next week. Then Bubbles introduces her sisters and all girls go to Powerpuff's House, where they meet Professor Utonium.

The girls go to their room, where they play for long time. Professor Utonium enters the room and informs the girls that Robin's mom called and she has to return to home, then Robin suddenly discovers that girls are floating and they have superpowers. The next day, the girls are still playing. Meanwhile, The Mayor of Townsville eats a lot of pies and Ms. Bellum says that monster attacks the Townsville and his prized rosebushes are gone. Aghast, the mayor calls the girls, but they don't take the phone.

Ms. Bellum guides the mayor to the roof and shows a pink spotlight. When Robin tells the girls that her mom made sandwiches, they notice a heart signal and the Powerpuffs have to save the day. The girls' fun is constantly interrupted by crime fighting.

When it's time for first day of school, the girls meet Princess Morbucks, who asks them to let her be a Powerpuff Girl for a day and ride in Daddy's limo with her to school. Blossom says that she wants to walk to school with Robin and sisters. Princess leaves the girls and when the Powerpuffs and Robin are reaching to school, Ms. Keane says that the Mayor called and girls must save the day. The girls again leave Robin. Then Princess comes to Robin and tells the story about herself, enjoying their time with expensive games.

When Princess and Robin watch an action movie, Robin complains that Powerpuffs are still fighting with villains, neglecting her. Princess says that The Powerpuff Girls don't have time for friends and then both drive to Mini-Mart by limo. Princess commands Robin that she has to steal some sweets, then calls to Mayor and says that he must call the Powerpuff Girls. When the girls are reaching to shop, they get a shock, because Princess and now tied up Robin were cooperated together. Robin admits and accuses girls that they neglected her.

Princess calls Robin stealer, liar and both are arguing face to face. Princess states that she doesn't need friends and when gets mad, Powerpuffs and Robin leave Mini-Mart and go to Robin's playground. The Powerpuff Girls apologize Robin, but she doesn't feel pain anymore and understands the girls' situation. When the girls have a nice time together, the Mayor calls to Professor and says that he can't open the Pickle Jar. Professor says that the girls are pretty busy.

6 (45)- "Members Only"

Airdate: May 25, 2001

The Powerpuff Girls rush home to watch the live coverage of the Association of World Super Men Super Summit 2000. Heroes attending the summit are such legends as England's Big Ben, Jamaica's Ya-Mon, Africa's Mandingo, Australia's Down Unda Mate, Japan's E-Male, China's Mushu Gai Man, Mexico's Mucho Muchacho, and America's Major Glory, the founder/head of the AWSM. Being starstruck at seeing their favorite superheroes, Bubbles wishes one day to be good enough to join the AWSM. Professor Utonium, however, points out to his daughters that they've saved the world multiple times and have defeated a number of different villains, even humbling HIM. The girls then ask to go to AWSM's Rotunda of Seclusion and audition to join their ranks, to which he agrees. They rush to the Association and introduce themselves. However, Major Glory isn't convinced, and says they have to go through a series of tests in order to join AWSM, to which the girls are only too happy to accept.

1- Test of Strength: Buttercup's tested against Big Ben, the strongest of the AWSM. Big Ben starts by lifting a large car, to which Buttercup responds by lifting a school bus. Big Ben retaliates by lifting an elephant, but Buttercup one ups him by lifting a blue whale. Big Ben tries to win by lifting a castle, but Buttercup, not to be outdone, retaliates by lifting a skyscraper! Big Ben, now fully fed up, goes as far as to lift the entirety of Mount Neverest! The AWSM cheers, but then Buttercup beats Big Ben effortlessly by lifting both him and the mountain!

  • Big Ben's then subsequently squashed by the Mountain, and upon reentry in the Rotunda, he's ridiculed by Down Unda Mate, Ya-Mon and Valhallen (in that order).

2- Test of Speed: Bubbles is tested against E-Male, the fastest of the AWSM. They had to run around the globe in a foot race. At first, it seemed like E-Male was winning, but Bubbles ends up blowing past him with her super speed, even beating E-Male's own record of seven seconds around the globe.

  • Like Big Ben, E-Male's ridiculed upon reentry in the Rotuna by Down Unda Mate, Ya-Mon and Vallhallen (also in that same order).

3- Test of Heroism in the Field: Specifically to destroy a swarm of meteorites before they smashed into the earth. Blossom was the last one to be tested, and Major Glory supervised the test personally. Blossom originally had trouble with stopping the meteorites, but upon seeing the largest one, she gets an idea. Using her ice breath, she freezes the meteorite, and smashes it in the perfect place to cause the shards to destroy the other meteors, and in a surprised stupor, Major Glory's struck by the remaining ice shard.

  • Of course, just like Big Ben and E-Male, Major Glory's ridiculed upon reentry in the Rotunda, by Vallhallen, Ya-Mon and Down Unda Mate repectively.

The girls await the grades they got in the tests, which were exemplary across the board, but then Valhallen speaks up in protest, and the other members agree with him. Major Glory's only too happy to deny the girls membership after this. Upon asking why, Major Glory basically tells them that men are superior to women, even when it comes to superheroism. But after asking what the girls' family is like, the girls explain that they don't actually have a mom and that their dad, Professor Utonium, does the job both men and women traditionally do---with the exception of mowing the lawn and washing the car, which Bubbles does. The girls are saddened about being denied their dream of joining the AWSM. But after they leave, a space hotrod flies down through the Rotunda, and transforms into a large, muscular mechanized alien being known as Mascumax, who promptly challenges the AWSM to a battle.

At home, the girls are told by the Professor that their humiliation was televised live, as well as the beating that Mascumax was currently giving the AWSM. At first, the girls don't want to save them, but a pep talk from the Professor, basically on how just because the AWSM-members were mean to them doesn't give them the right to abuse them when they're helpless, has them flying back to the Rotunda to (somewhat reluctantly) save the sexist superheroes. Mascumax seemed to be victorious, but when the Powerpuff Girls arrived, they beat Mascumax and finished him off with the Furious Flaming Feline, sending Mascumax crying home to his mommy (LITERALLY!).

The AWSM members are extremely grateful to the sisters for saving their lives from Mascumax, and (rather sheepishly) ask if they can join their superhero club. At first, Blossom and Bubbles deny them, but Buttercup gets an idea and indicates it to her sisters by saying, "Now girls, just because they were mean and insenstive, that doesn't mean we shouldn't turn the other cheek." At the end, with the standard hearts ending from the series, we zoom out and see the AWSM dressed in Powerpuff-style dresses!

7 (46)- "Nano of the North"

Airdate: June 1, 2001

The Narrator panics over the appearance of black clouds over Townsville, yet these clouds are but rain clouds. The rain itself, however, is a problem, as it causes cities, objects, and clothing to erode into mush. The Professor explains to the Girls that this is because of tiny robots in the rain called Nanobots, which steal carbon from the environment. To make matters worse, the nanobots are eating everyone's clothes! After a failed attempt to stop the Nanobots, the Girls use one of the Professor's inventions - the Micro-Stabilizer - to shrink down to the Nanobots' size.

As the Girls take on the Nanobots, the Professor attempts to direct the townspeople away from them. The Nanobots step up on their resistance, focusing their attacks on the girls and combining into a 6-inch tall Monobot. Though it overwhelms the Girls, the Professor is able to squash it flat, ending the invasion.

8 (47)- "Stray Bullet"

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 47

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 47

Airdate: June 8, 2001

While enjoying some family time in Townsvile's local forest, Bubbles saves a helpless little squirrel from a hawk. As her and her sisters stare at it, the squirrel loses its consciousness. It wakes up again with the girls still gazing over it, only this time the squirrel is in a box in the girls' room. Buttercup then asks what they should name it. Blossom and Bubbles suggest girl names while Buttercup suggests a boy name. They then get into an argument on declaring if it's a boy or girl when the Professor enters their room. He tells them that the squirrel may not make it and there's nothing he can do. Some time after the lights are out, Bubbles gains an idea. She races to the lab and gives the squirrel three drops of Chemical X before getting into bed. The next morning, the Professor awakens the girls and tells them the squirrel is sleeping. Instantly the girl receive a call from the Mayor. Blossom and Buttercup dash away, but Bubbles stays. With a little support from her father, Bubbles chases after her sisters. When the girls arrive at the Mayor's office, they find evidence that Mojo Jojo has been there and they fly to his lab only to discover they've fallen into his trap. Before he can destroy them, a figure surrounded in orange light defeats Mojo and frees the girls. The orange light is shown to be the squirrel and Bubbles tells her sisters she gave the squirrel Chemical X in order to save it. Instead of being mad, Buttercup says it should fight crime with them, but before it can they have to do something first.

Now at home, the girls hold a ceremony and welcome the squirrel into the family. They name him Bullet the Powerpuff Squirrel and he begins to fight crime alongside the girls. A few days later, Bullet hears the cries of a baby mouse in trouble and races to save it. The girls follow and watch him battle with the same hawk that nearly killed him. Bullet defeats the hawk and is thanked by the woodland creatures, but him fame is short lived when the girls call him to come home. On the way back, the girls notice Bullet looking back toward the forest only to see him fly back. Once caught up to him, Bubbles talks to Bullet. Bullet tells her that he's worried about the animals in to forest and wants to stay and protect them. Blossom and Buttercup tell Bubbles to tell Bullet they need him and he should stay with them, but Bubbles tells Bullet to stay in the forest. At first when they hear this, Blosom and Buttercup are in total shock but after laying some ground, they finally understand and say their fair-wells to Bullet.

Once the girls have left, Bullet rescues a baby rabbit and the animals welcome him as their protector.

9 (48)- "Forced Kin"

Airdate: June 28, 2002

Townsville is being invaded by an alien, and the Powerpuff Girls go to inspect. When they see the alien Mothership they first tried their Starburst Ray attack, only for the alien ship to copy the move, and defeat them once. Next, Blossom suggested Wing Attack Plan R, only for the ship to once again copy the move and defeat them again. Finally, Blossom decided to use Plan X-Q, much to the girls' shock, seeing it hasn't been tested. However, with no other choice, they performed the maneuver, only to once again be defeated by their own technique, and this time be sent spiraling down to Earth. Blossom realizes that they may need help (much to the girls chagrin), and decided that in order to beat this evil, they have to think the way IT thinks, evil, and the only way to do that is to recruit the most evil of evil minds in Townsville: Mojo Jojo!

Mojo, however, is preoccupied at a grocery store, complaining about the quality of the bruised fruit, a single egg, and a loaf of french bread that is too firm. When he says he won't pay, the store owner gets angry, only to get bonked on the head twice by the french bread, and getting laughed at by Mojo with each strike. When Mojo accepts the "compliment" of him being an "evil man-like creature", the girls show up, to try and recruit him. However, Mojo is unconvinced at first, until Buttercup explains there's an evil alien force coming to Earth, followed by Bubbles saying it'll destroy the world. When Mojo asks where the bad is in that, Blossom says, matter-of-factly, that if EARTH is destroyed then HE'S destroyed as well, to which Mojo says a simple, "Oh." Even after this fact, however, Mojo says he CANNOT help them, until the girls threaten him with the possibility that the alien force would replace him as the most evil villain. Mojo then decided to help the girls, then and there. But in order to think evil, according to Mojo, they first had to LOOK evil (i.e. wear copies of Mojo's braincap) and be mean (stomp on a bunny squeaky toy). Upon inspection of the alien forces actions in blowing a dam causing a nearby powerplant to melt down, he compliments the alien, but is focused back on STOPPING the alien thanks to the girls. Upon further inspection, the girls are told to gather smelly cheese. As it turns out, the Alien created a magnetic pole shift using two magnets, causing the polar icecaps to melt, and release a "wooly big problem" in the shape of a formerly extinct mammoth.

The girls soon return with the cheese, and are told to plant the cheese on the mammoth, much to the confusion of the girls. They do so, and ask why shortly after, to which Mojo reveals that mice would be drawn in by the cheese, and since elephants are the decendantrs of mammoths, the mammoth would run away from the mice, smashing the magnet at Townsville, therefore returning the Earth to it's original position. The girls celebrate till Mojo tells them to be silent, and listen for "the sound of evil." To be precise, evil brainwashing waves which brainwash a postal worker which switches the labels of two packages, one containing a video game, and one containing a missile control chip. Eventually, the two are delivered, a pair of kids get the chip, mistaking it for their videogame and inadvertantly causing a missile launch. Mojo tells Blossom to freeze the cap of an active volcano, and Bubbles and Buttercup to heat the surface of the alien ship. They do so, just as the missile, which happen to be a heat seeker is released! However, instead of heading for the volcano, like the alien intended, it heads for the surface of the ship, blowing it out of the sky. However, when the girls and Mojo leap out to celebrate, the ship releases it's passenger, a massive robotic collosus (which bares some resemblance to Galactus) and in one swift move, an entire city block is destroyed, much to Mojo's displeasure, since he always wanted to do that. Next, the Collosus creates a twister, and moves it near an oil tanker, afterwhich, Mojo whispers a counterplan to the girls. However, all aspects of the plan fail: The alien removes the main shut off valve to the Townsville Refinery, causing the tornado to ignite and become a whirlwind of fire, and the alien replaces a water cannon's payload with gasoline, causing the tornado to become larger. Mojo is distraught at this and the girls try once more to face the alien head on, only to fail.

The alien then reaches City Hall, scaring off the Mayor and Miss Bellum, before destroying it and then the Townsville museum, which Mojo, again wanted to do, and Mojo becomes even angrier when the Alien begins using it's version of Mojo's future weapons, the Star Ray and Transmogrifying Omnilateral Seismic Destructotron, and then destroys Mojo's Observatory. In satisfaction the alien says "Earth Creatures, the destruction of your dwelling area is now complete. I am now your new leader. And you will all bow down to me."

THAT was the final straw for Mojo. After a brief feral episode, he shouts at the alien, accusing it of breaking his dreams and begins pounding the alien senseless! And with a finishing blow from an all too familiar loaf of french bread, the Alien falls to the ground, in time for Mojo to pull back it's leg, causing it to pound the ground in pain! Mojo demands the alien "say it" and eventually the alien finally shouts, "YOU ARE THE MOST EVIL!!" to which Mojo replies, "AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT!!"

With that, the Alien retreats, as the townspeople praise Mojo, especially the girls, telling him he did good, and saved them, meaning he was their hero, and as you can guess, Mojo is NOT happy about this, complaining and shouting that he is NOT good, but rather Evil! And when the normal out for the PPG episode plays, instead it is, much to his displeasure, MOJO JOJO!

10 (49)- "Knock It Off"

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 49

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 49

Airdate: July 12, 2002

The Professor gets a call from his old friend, Dick Hardley, who tells him that he's coming for a visit. The Professor thinks of the times that he and Dick had together at the University they attended (where Dick secretly cheated on his work and slacked off when he wasn't looking. Dick soon arrives, and gets a tour of the household. Just when Dick gets a first glance at the girls and discusses a way to make money off of them, the Professor gets suspicious and asks Dick to leave.

Now feeling betrayed, Dick thinks of a way to get revenge and get rich on his own. Later that day, the girls are about to come home from school when Dick's car pulled up in the drive way, and he offers them a ride home. While riding, he thinks that not having more Powerpuff Girls wouldn't save the world, and asks the girls what they are made of. The girls quickly answer: "Sugar, spice, and everything nice, and an accidental dose of Chemical X." Now at the household, he asks them for a flask of Chemical X, and they zip to the Professor's lab and back, giving him the flask. Now eager, he rushes into an abandoned factory, which he now owns, and uses the ingredients the girls told him earlier to make his own creation—The Powerpuff Girls with Chemical X-treme (which are actually knock-offs of the originals). The next day, he shows off his creations to the New York city public. Sometime later, the creations rush a giant alligator monster (who bares a striking resemblance to Wally Gator) to safety while on its way to work. This footage is publicly broadcast, and the Utonium family is watching. The Professor acts a little suspicious at the real girls, thinking that they went to New York, and asks them when they went. The girls lie to him, saying that they went earlier today. In bed, they feel really bad about lying to him, but think it will all turn out good. During the following days, Dick's factory started expanding, and he was making more knock-off girls all over the world: Japan, France, India, Germany, just everywhere. However, there were some knock-offs that he rejected, and they stayed at his factory for repairs. Some of the rejects are so disfigured, they end up as horrible, strange looking mutants. The Professor is starting to act more and more suspicious.

The girls trust in Dick quickly fade when they see an infomercial that starred him, advertising "The Powerpuff Girls with Chemical Xtreme." Now knowing that Dick lied to them, the girls fly to his factory, confront him, and ask for the Chemical X they gave him, back. But rather than give it back to them, he psychotically swallows it whole (flask and all), and the effects of the Chemical X he swallowed turns him into a radioactive monster. The girls fight him, but they are no match for him, and he knocks them unconscious. Meanwhile, the Professor, whose suspicions lead him to thinking Dick was behind all of this, drives all the way to the factory. Noticing the fight inside, he rushes inside, but arrives too late, as Dick has quickly extracted all of the girls' Chemical X out of them, using a machine he invented. He begs Dick to stop, as he is destroying them, but Dick asks all the rejects to take him away. While they do so, the Professor, anguished, expresses his strong and deep fatherly love towards the real girls. This sparks the reject girls minds into knowing that Dick never gave them love, and the rejects turn against him, cling themselves to him, and sacrifice themselves to seemingly destroy him in an explosion. However, a few of the rejects that survive release the girls, now passed out and completely drained of their Chemical X, and they ask the Professor to take the girls and get out before it's too late. He does so, leaving Dick behind, and, now far away from the exploding factory, is grief-stricken over the loss of the girls. However, his love quickly revives them, and the Professor, now happy, tells the girls, "Old Dick may have gotten the formula right, but the one ingredient he forgot, was LOVE." As the girls and the Professor leave, Dick Hardley screams one last time before the factory is completely destroyed and the narrarator says "Guess like the love you take is equal to the love you make."

11 (50)- "Keen on Keane / Not So Awesome Blossom"

Airdate: December 6, 2002

Keen on Keane Plot

The episode starts at Valentine's Day in Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. Ms. Keane is looking at Blossom's card, which appears to be a heart-shaped, colorful city skyline. A moment later, Bubbles comes running with her smaller card with Cupid’s arrow. Buttercup shows her next card with plenty of glue, then returns to play with Mitch Mitchelson and black-haired girl. Three other girls are talking about dates, which causes on Mitch, Buttercup and girl a stupid actions, especially on Mitch, but Ms. Keane puts a stop to it when she steps up. Blossom asks her that who's her "sweetheart", but says that she doesn't have time for dates. The girls trade a bit worried.

The Powerpuff Girls are watching a romantic movie with scene of engagement of Derek and Gabrielle. Professor Utonium calls the girls for dinner and shows a special dish which he made: a large, heart-shaped meatloaf with a caption "Be Mine". Blossom asks Professor where he goes out for a dinner. Professor doesn't understand a question and Buttercup begins to poke fun. Bubbles asks him who's his "sweetheart", but Professor says that he doesn't have time for dates. It turns out that Professor and Ms. Keane are singles and the girls get an idea.

At Ms. Keane's house, Ms. Keane is writing something in her notebook and her cat named Valentino is peacefully lying next to her. The doorbell rings, and she goes to answer. Her cat trails behind her. She opens the door, looks out at the welcome mat and notises a pink rose and a note addressed to Ms. Keane. Quickly starts to read a note, which is written in a neat hand. The same thing Professor does. The note says that Professor Utonium and Ms. Keane have to meet each other "at the finest restaurant in Townsville, at the corner of Amore Avenue and Passion Parkway", which reveals to be "Pete’s-A Pizza".

Not So Awesome Blossom Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 50

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 50.2

Robot - Henchmans of Mojo Jojo attack the Townsville. The Powerpuff Girls have a hope to Blossom, but instead of attack the robots, she does a raspberry and avoids the shots, which there are destroy the shop, museum and opera. A moment later, Buttercup helps Blossom win with robots. At home, the bad luck of Blossom has no end. After damage the doll, overturning the castle of blocks, injuring Bubbles and Professor, broken Blossom runs away from home to an unknown place. She left a note, which explains a reason, why she left home. After she left, Mojo Jojo puts up a ransom note on the door (in place of a note that Blossom left). Professor Utonium goes outside and reads Blossom's and Mojo Jojo's notes, but follows the Mojo's note (which describes a fake fact that Blossom was kidnapped) and Professor gets kidnapped yourself. Bubbles and Buttercup (as the leader now) get in contact with Professor and Mojo Jojo, then girls try to go and find Professor. Meanwhile, Blossom gets a job in Hot Dog on a Skewer, but even here the bad luck doesn't leave her. Mojo calls to Blossom, who says that he has her sisters and dad. Blossom flies to Mojo Jojo's Lair, but Mojo put Bubbles, Buttercup and the Professor at ransom. After a short conversation, Blossom thinks of plan, how to help her sisters, Professor and how to beat Mojo. Fortunately, Blossom regains her confidence, saves her dad and sisters, while she takes Mojo Jojo to Jail. After the events, Professor, together with Buttercup and Bubbles enjoys the meal at Hot Dog on a Skewer and congratulate Blossom.

12 (51)- "Power-Noia"

Airdate: December 13, 2002

The girls fly in, and the monster zaps them and Buttercup screams. In return, the girls drill into the ground and burst open his head. He is gone, and the trio land by the Mayor and Ms. Bellum, who is holding the key to the city. The mayor tells them they sure are brave, and offers them the city. The girls return home, and brush their teeth. Buttercup starts to brag on how great she was. Bubbles mentions she got worried when she screamed in fear. The two start to argue about if she had been scared. Bubbles agrees, then sees a spider on Buttercup's dress. Buttercup freaks, then finds it was only a spot. Bubbles laughs and says how she freaked, and Buttercup tells her that she is scared of everything. They start to bicker. Blossom says that it didn't matter if anybody was scared, and they shouldn't be scared as long as they had powers and each other. But Buttercup disregards the comment, and starts up the fighting again. Professor comes in and tells them it was bedtime.

The three are in bed, propped up by pillows. Professor tells them to get plenty of rest for their test the next morning. Blossom realizes she had not studied, and gets upset. Bubbles tries to asure her by telling her she was the smartest girl in Towsville. But Blossom doesn't relax. Professor tells them good-night, then shuts the door. The nightlight is on, until Professor remembers a power shortage and switches it off. It's too dark for Bubbles. She notices a big stuffed creepy clown near her, and whimpers and pulls her covers over her head. HIM notices and casts a nighmare spell for the girls' dreams.

Blossom is walking into the school classroom. Ms. Keane is standing in front of the class, and the class seems hypnotized onto Blossom. She sits down, and all silently stare at her. It is revealed it is report card day, and that their report cards are the single most important factor to consider when judging the value of an ones life. The class talks in a unison and blank tone. Blossom gets her report card and is shocked to find out that has all F's. When Ms. K shows that to the class, they all chant "a test" for her. Blossom is confused and scared, and runs for the door. The class, with red eyes, comes close to her.... Blossom, in the bed, whimpers and holds onto Buttercup. Buttercups opens her eyes, sighs, and gets up for water. After drinking, she heads for bed. But a huge spider comes toward her and she screams. More huge spiders. She screams and runs for the door. But instead of the bedroom, it opens into a creepy world of squares and random objects. The spiders are almost to her, so she jumps in. She can't fly, though, so she falls: Right toward a HUGE spider! She screams, and lands onto a square. Many big spiders are coming for her now, and she starts to run. Bubbles, back in the bed, gasps and sits up. She sees nothing, and lays back down. That clown is really creepy. She turns around, and sees shelves of staring, creepy eyed animals laughing in a falsetto pitched voice. She tries to wake up her sisters, but they don't rise. She looks down their bed. A little stuffed bear is standing there, staring. She asks what he's doing there, and all of a sudden, he turns red, grins evilly, and laughs evilly. She gasps as all these creepy stuffed animals come out of everywhere and surround her. A long snake comes out and wraps around her. Its hard to breath, and she tries to rise up her sisters. Blossom asks what was it, and she says everything is trying to eat her. Blossom tells her to tell herself it was not real, and falls asleep, Bubbles tries, but it doesn't work.

Blossom is now in front of class on a chair wearing a DUNCE hat. The class is staring at her with red eyes and Ms. K holds cards. While she is sitting there, she notices that she could leave anyway. Blossom was running towards the door and the door falls off. Ms. K asked her questions and Blossom answered them wrong. When she got to her 4th question, the whole wall fell off and she almost fell down. She then notices something odd: everyone in the class turns lobster red, grows claws, their eyes turn bright yellowish green and everyone starts laughing in a falsetto pitched voice. She comes to the conclusion of who is behind this. So she decided to say the right answer then jumped off the school and searched for Buttercup.

Buttercup was escaping the ugly big spider that wanted to eat her. Blossom talks to her and says that she can't fight a little bug. Blossom flies then Buttercup tells her the bad news. They jump from square to square then lands. Blossom was encouraging her to fight the ugly bug.

A cry for help leads to Bubbles. Meanwhile, the evil dolls are getting ready to do bad things to Bubbles when Blossom flies in and recuses her. Then, one of the dolls throws a toy at Blossom and she falls down. Blossom tries to tell Bubbles it's not real by telling her to look at the familiar looking eyes and claws until the dolls cover her up. Bubbles is now angry at the dolls and defeats them and recuses Blossom. The Girls are now on a platform and are wondering when they will wake up when HIM appears in a giant monster form. The Girls destroy the form. HIM in his regular form, begs the Girls to stop and says he thought they should be afraid. Blossom and Bubbles explain how they are not afraid as long as they have each other. Buttercup gets annoyed and asks to toss him. They say she can and Buttercup punches HIM and he falls in the nightmare. The Girls lay down and wonder when they will wake up again. Then, they do wake up and the dream is over. They find Professor on their bed who had a nightmare and got scared. The Girls said they would protect him. The day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls!

13 (52)- "Nuthin' Special / Neighbor Hood"

Airdate: March 25, 2003

Nuthin' Special Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 52

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 52.1

Buttercup tries to find her own unique and special ability, after Blossom and Bubbles saved a giant squirrel on fire with Bubbles' multilingialism and Blossom's ice breath abilities. The girls try to help Buttercup find her special ability, but they are seen with the very same super-abilities like tornadoes, supersonic screams and teleporting no matter how hard Buttercup tries. Evenetually, Buttercup realizes that her so-called "special ability" is that she can curl her tongue.

Neighbor Hood Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 52

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 52.2

The children can't wait to watch their favorite TV show, including Bubbles. It's called The Wondrous World of Whimsical Willy. Mr Willy shows the children a mask of a happy face and a mask of a sad face. He then wonders where happiness comes from. The flower on his hat, Miss Happy Flower whispers to his ear. Mr Willy is delighted by the idea. He then goes to the magical world of Daydream Lane by using his magic satchel. The characters who live there are Maid Mary, Kitty the Elephant, Duke Monday, Dynamite Dog and Crazy Horse. Maid Mary asks of Mr Willy to Kitty the Elephant. Kitty says he doesn't know where Mr Willy is and starts to look for him. Unknown to him, Mr Willy has arrive and greets Maid Mary. Mr Willy asks what she is making. She says that they are making a Happy Stew. Duke Monday is helping her finding the ingredients. Maid Mary then asks Mr Willy of what makes him happy. Before Mr. Willy could answer, Dynamite Dog runs to them bringing terrible news. He informs that a Dark Cloud of Sadness has covered Daydream Lane and it causes Crazy Horse to lose his happiness. All of them are shocked. Maid Mary says to Mr Willy that if nothing is done fast, all of them may lose their happiness!

It makes the children shocked as well. Mr. Willy admits that he does not know where to turn to. He then tells the children that there is only one thing that can get rid the Sadness Cloud: Happy Paper! Holding a 100 dollars note, he pleads to the children to send them as many "Happy Paper" as they can, or Daydream Lane will be doomed! The Dark Cloud of Sadness is then shown on Daydream Lane: A monstrous, red cloud with a pair of evil, glowing crimson eyes. Lightning flash around the Cloud. This terrifies the children and they run away from their TV, except Bubbles, who is very upset and scares. Bubbles, believes that the show is real, says that something has to be done. At Mayor's office, it is shown that even The Mayor watches Whimsical Willy as well. Terrified and like Bubbles, believes the show is real, he then runs to a vault in his office, gets some coins out of his piggy bank and when he enters the vault to put his piggy bank back, he realizes all the money of Townsville are gone, leaving a large hole on the wall. The Mayor yells in fright.

At home, Blossom and Buttercup are looking for Bubbles. They then receive a call from the Mayor that all the money of Townsville has been stolen. When they wonder where Bubbles is, they unintentionally see on the TV that Bubbles is giving all the money of Townsville that she has stolen to Mr Willy. Her sisters are shocked and fly away to see Bubbles. Mr Willy thanks Bubbles for her "wonderful gifts" and then shows her that the Sadness Cloud has gone away and all their friends get their happiness back (the characters are shown to be very happy and the Daydream Lane becomes beautiful once more).

When they happily celebrate, Blossom and Buttercup barge in, angrily. Blossom tells Mr Willy to drop his act, even it is really even his real name. Bubbles asks Mr Willy about what Blossom has said, and Mr Willy tells her that he doesn't know and his name is indeed Willy. He suddenly becomes frightened and sweaty, and smiles anxiously at Bubbles. Blossom and Buttercup are not tricked by his pathetic attempts at lying and reveals his plans to steal all the money of Townsville. Bubbles demand an explanation and tells them that Mr Willy is just trying to save Daydream Lane and all of his friends from losing their happy. Blossom tells Bubbles that none of those are real and Buttercup also tells Bubble that it's all fake. Pulling a rope, the canvas that serves as Daydream Lane surroundings are raised up, reveals nothing behind but a gray wall. The characters are actually real escaped criminals in costumes and Whimsical Willy is a crook! His plans revealed, he then shows his true color, completely different from his show, insanely and sinister tells them that all the money of Townsville are his! Bubbles is shocked of her favorite TV show icon's madness. Mr Willy tells his criminal goons to attack the girls. Blossom and Buttercup start to fight them, but Bubbles stops them and angrily beats all the criminals, for her own happiness, dream and hope are shattered by the truth of the show. Before Mr Willy could escape on his hot air balloon that he uses in his show, Bubbles throws a happy face mask from his satchel on the floor, dropping him from the balloon. Bubbles, angry at Mr Willy, refuses to catch him and just lets him land, painfully. Mr Willy is then arrested and his show is cancelled permanently. In the jail, his fellow criminals that act as characters of his show, angrily glare at him, while Mr Willy gives them a frightened grin.

The girls return all the money and Bubbles, apologizes and regretfully tells Mayor that she shouldn't believe on what she sees on TV. Shockingly, Mayor tells Bubbles not to say such things. He tells her, the other two Powerpuff Girls, the viewers, and possibly the narrator that television are friends, and it is never wrong, and they should always listen to it and do whatever it says! And before the episode ends, The Powerpuffs surprisingly learned their lesson in a hypnosis-like effect. Mission accomplished!

Fifth Season

1 (53)- "Monstra-City / Shut the Pup Up"

Airdate: September 5, 2003

Monstra-City Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 53

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 53.1

When the Mayor finds the deed to Monster Isle, the monsters move to Townsville causing havoc between monsters and humans. The girls try to keep the peace and let everyone in Townsville live in harmony, but when Townsville gets way too crowded, the girls trick the Mayor into giving back Monster Isle to all the monsters.

Shut the Pup Up Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 53

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 53.2

After witnessing a crime, Talking Dog stays at the Powerpuff Girls house for a while as part of a witness protection program. The girls try to get him to tell them about the crime he witnessed, but find he cannot stomach talking about it. However, they find he talks in his sleep and learn a bit about the crime. Listening all night, the hear nothing else, only insults about them. The dog insults everyone by mistake saying hurtful things. Eventually, Bubbles is broken by the Talking Dog's insults and reduced to chanting that she is not what he's called her; this oddly makes Buttercup compassionaite towards her sister. After several nights, the girls get all the information about the crime and take off to solve it. It turns out that restaurant owners had dumped a bag of used bones into the river; the dog considered losing good chewing material criminal.

2 (54)- "I See a Funny Cartoon in Your Future / Octi-Gone"

Airdate: September 8, 2003

I See a Funny Cartoon in Your Future Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 54

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 54.1

A fortune-teller named Madame Argentina and her goose side-kick Fred start causing trouble around Townsville. First, they set their tent on the outskirts of town and invite the Mayor to an appointment. They then manage to steal the key to the city from him. The girls find out about this and try to stop them. Argentina and Fred flee to a remote island on a plane, pursued by the girls. On the island, Argentina purchases voodoo dolls of the girls. The voodoo dolls are hung from a tree, which leaves the girls suspended in midair (above a cliff) ending the first act in an obvious cliffhanger.

After a fictional commercial for the Pickle Patch, featuring the Mayor and Ms. Bellum, we return to the second act, where the voodoo dolls are stolen by a fan to be put up for auction on eBay. This frees the girls, who buy a voodoo doll of Fred. The girls, now in their backyard, put the voodoo doll version of Fred on a platter and announce their intention to cook him. This draws the attention of Argentina and Fred, who are coincidentally flying directly overhead in a plane. This causes Argentina to crash land her plane in an effort to retrieve the Fred doll before it is cooked (which would cause the real Fred to be cooked as well). Unfortunately for Argentina and Fred, they both go flying out of the plane in the wake of the crash and are sent flying directly into the grill. The girls close the lid of the grill, return the recovered goods and let the Mayor back into Townsville while the two villains are charred and sent to prison.

And the day is saved, thanks to "The Powerpuff Grill".

Octi-Gone Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 54

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 54.2

Professor Utonium is planning a party and he is excited. Buttercup isn't, however, because she has to wear a dress which she hates. Professor then asks where Bubbles is, and Buttercup says that she's probably upstairs combing her hair so she will be "The Prettiest Girl at the Party." While, indeed, combing her hair and saying she's going to be the prettiest girl at the party (according to Buttercup's guess, which turned out to be intuition), Bubbles finds Octi's leg under her bed, but can't find the rest of him. She screams that he's been mutilated, and she then faints. When the Professor goes to check on her, he asks if she's okay, to which she replies yes.

Bubbles then cries and angrily says that she will find the person who killed Octi and make them pay. While the party has started, Bubbles thinking in her mind, says that Buttercup might have done it, because she has always hated Octi and she remembers one time what she was gonna do to Octi. In her flashback, Blossom and Buttercup are fighting an Octopus while Bubbles is playing with Octi, this angers Buttercup who tells her that someday she's gonna wreck Octi to pieces. Then Bubbles thinks that Blossom might have done it. Then another flashback appears with Blossom telling Bubbles that she needs to get some sleep, while Bubbles needs to find Octi. This causes Blossom to tell her that she doesn't need him, but that she wants him because she's insecure, and tells her that she needs to grow up, but Bubbles finds Octi and Blossom says that she found him this time, but maybe someday she won't. Then she thinks that Ms. Keane did it and another flashback appears with Bubbles playing with Octi and not paying attention, then Ms. Keane takes Octi away from her and everyone laughs at her. Then she thinks that The Mayor did it, and then another flashback appears with The Mayor trying to take Octi away from Bubbles.

Then everyone laughs. Bubbles, furious, then locks the door, and say that no one is leaving until she finds the person who took Octi. She then counts from 1 to 5 so the one who took Octi fesses up, then she turns the light off and back on, but it looks like no one has Octi. Then the phone rings and Bubbles picks it up and gets a call from Mojo Jojo saying that he has Octi and says that he wants 1000 gallons of Chemical X or Octi dies. Bubbles begs the Professor to do it, but he refuses and she asks why, he says that it's because he killed Octi. Bubbles is confused why as she says that Buttercup is mean, Blossom is bossy, Ms. Keane wants her to pay attention (which like the other girls, denies, but then she admits that) and The Mayor is a big baby (who denies being a baby and blows a raspberry), but, never having thought the Professor would do anything to hurt her, she asks why he didn't tell her. He says that he was gonna, but he didn't had the chance to, then earlier this evening. The Professor was cleaning the room and he accidentally ran over Octi with his vacuum. He then feels bad about it and decides to fix it before Bubbles finds out, he successfully fixes Octi but he was missing a leg, he then returns to the room to find his legs, but was too late as Bubbles already found out, that was what happened. Bubbles then ask if he has Octi, he replies that he does and he can fix it. Octi is fixed fully, and Bubbles gets excited and happy and tells herself that she'll never let Octi out of her sight again ever. Everyone then cheers for her, and Buttercup asks who is on the phone. Professor picks up and ask who is it, but he doesn't answer and still demands him 1000 gallons of Chemical X or he'll kill Octi, but Professor refuses and calls the Operater that where he got the last call, and she tells him that it is inside his house. Then Bubbles distracts Mojo while they find him, and it turns out that he doesn't have Octi, and he's eating a banana cream pie (which the discount cattorate made himself for dessert during the party), and then the Townsville discount cattorate calls him, telling him not to eat the banana cream pie because it's contaminated, then Mojo feels sick and goes to the bathroom while Bubbles, Blossom, Buttercup and the rest of the people find him in the bathroom, and Bubbles tells him he's nothing but a "big party pooper," to which Mojo asks her how she knows. The episode ends there, saying the trademark ending with not only the girls, but also the slice of the contaminated pie.

3 (55)- "Toast of the Town / Divide and Conquer"

Airdate: September 12, 2003

Toast of the Town Plot

When the Mayor gets a craving for toast, he discovers his toaster is broken. He gives it to the Professor to fix, but he accidentally discovers the Professor's secret stash of Chemical X, which the Mayor uses as a hair growth formula. The Chemical X instead makes the Mayor grow huge and it is up to the Powerpuff Girls to calm him down and return him down to size.

Divide and Conquer Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 55

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 55.2

The Amoeba Boys manage to get away with stealing an orange from a local store. Meanwhile, the Powerpuff Girls are learning math at their school. Buttercup starts to complain about how they should be fighting crime instead, and Blossom tells her sister how important it is to learn how to count. At the Amoeba Boys' hideout, they soon learn how to multiply after seening the orange split into more pieces. Soon a whole army of Amoebas are going about Townsville stealing all the oranges and infecting people with scurvy. The girls quickly come to the rescue using the math skills they learned at school to defeat the Amoeba Boys.

4 (56)- "Burglar Alarmed / Shotgun Wedding"

Airdate: September 19, 2003

Burglar Alarmed Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 56

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 56.1

It's almost bedtime. The girls are waiting in bed for Professor Utonium to tuck them in, but for some reason he doesn't come. They're looking for Professor around the house and finally found him asleep (because he was tired after prepared for dissertation) in his office, then Blossom gets an idea to tuck in the Professor for a change. He gets carried to bed, the girls are saying Good Night to him and they also go to bed. In the meantime, the Burglar Man enters into the House and Bubbles wakes up and goes to the kitchen to take a bottle of milk from fridge. Mr. Burglar (named by the girls) helps her, Bubbles notes a burglar, but she doesn't pay attention on him, walks back to the room, drinks milk and goes to sleep again. Bubbles, answering the question of Blossom, at first makes a restless atmosphere and then Blossom and Buttercup ridicule Bubbles, thinking that she jokes. Mr. Burglar kicked accidentally the trash can and makes a noise. The girls are momentarily scared, devise a plan and meet the burglar. It turns out that burglar treats Powerpuffs like a normal, sweet girls, then brought them into their room and says goodbye. Mr. Burglar, taking the more stuff of Professor's Office, discovers that sweet girls which he met, are The Powerpuff Girls with power and unusual abilities. Burglar Man gets very nervous and tries to sneak away with various methods. At least, begins to be afraid and runs away from them, hiding in Professor's bedroom. Buttercup finds him leaned over the Professor’s bed with his mouth wide open near his ear. Mr. Burglar blackmails girls that if they come closer to Burglar and Professor, he'll shout at his ear and Professor will get scared. Suddenly, Professor, still asleep, punches burglar in his face and gets thrown out by Bubbles. Unlucky, Mr. Burglar's face brightens, when he's looking at Mojo's Lair.

Shotgun Wedding Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 56

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 56.2

The episode begins in the Utonium household where Professor Utonium is studying each villain, (The Amoeba Boys, Mojo Jojo HIM Gangreen Gang and Sedusa) but has trouble determining what species Fuzzy Lumpkins is. He decides to journey to Townsville Forest to find out himself. However, as he tries to study him, Fuzzy finds him and the chase is on before the lost professor finds himself going in circles when finding Fuzzy's cabin, thinking it was a campsite. The professor stumbles as he tries to escape, landing on mud, and hay, with a cloth and flowers from a pot falling onto him, making him look almost like Fuzzy's species. Fuzzy smells the professor, though falls for (or in love with) his disguise and planning on getting hitched. Before that happens, however, the Powerpuff Girls arrive and beat up many of his kin which girls cosider to such anger they said crap had arrived when Fuzzy announced the wedding, including the professor whom the girls could not recognize until he was beaten out of the disguise. After apologizing to the professor, the girls spot a furious Fuzzy claiming to have almost ruined their wedding. Though it seems Fuzzy was about to go after the professor, he scoops up the remains of the costume instead, telling the four that they "couldn't stop true love" before heading in his cabin. As Fuzzy makes out with his "wife," the professor, disgusted about what Fuzzy really wanted, writes his final notes before eating them, saying to "never speak of this incident again" before heading home with the Girls.

5 (57)- "Save Mojo / Substitute Creature"

Airdate: September 26, 2003

Save Mojo Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 57

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 57.1

The girls are now once again trying to stop Mojo from trying to commit a crime in a grocery shop, but before they can beat him up some more as punishment they are stopped by an animal activist group who go protect Mojo because they believe he's an endangered animal. The actvist leader claims to the girls they are violating a law in Townsville which is cruelty to animals. The girls try to explain to the activists that Mojo is really an evil villain, but they don't believe the girls. When Buttercup tries to get past them with violence they just wack her away. They then begin a riot protesting on the girls trying to hurt Mojo who they believe is an endangered species. Mojo overhearing all of this decides to use this to his advantage. The girls have no choice but to leave Mojo alone since he is now protected by the law

Mojo now begins his plan to create a Townsville destruction device by stealing stuff around Townsville that are needed to build the device (He requires raw materials, weapons, power and computers). The process goes the same way. Mojo comes to a certain part of Townsville to steal one of the things he needs to build his device The activists witness what Mojo is doing, but they assume that he is doing something that is part of his animal nature. When the girls arrive to stop Mojo from stealing, he falsely declares "I'm being oppressed." which causes the activists to take action. The two groups then argue against each other, allowing Mojo to get away with his crime.

The last thing that Mojo needs for his device is a computer, so he steals the one that the Professor has. The girls try to stop him from stealing their computer, but Mojo just declares "I'm being oppressed." causing the activists to appear. They are about to declare what they usually say when they are about to stop the girls when Buttercup tells to be quiet as they get it. The girls are then forced to let Mojo get away. Blossom is so sick of not being able to stop Mojo that she declares that they are going to the mayor.

The girls arrive at the mayor's office and Blossom tries to explain the big situation before the Mayor cuts her off. He notes something has to be done because it is blocking his view so he tells the girls to leave and stop Mojo's plans. Buttercup states they cannot and Bubbles explains it is because Mojo is protected by the law. Mayor questions who would create a law like that and says that person should be kicked out of office. Buttercup tells Mayor he passed it and Blossom states that is why they are here. Bubbles asks Mayor to change the law that is preventing them from stopping Mojo. The Mayor then declares he is going to do something about the shoplifting law, but Blossom tired of the Mayor of not seeing the point shows a paper for Mayor to read. The mayor reads the law which says that nobody is allowed to harass, mistreat, or hurt an animal that is raised by others or any animal living in the wild. The mayor then questions what does that have to do with stealing pretty dresses. Blossom having heard what the mayor asks what did he say, but mayor says nothing. Blossom realizes that the law that is stopping them from stopping Mojo only applies to animals raised by others or animals living in the wild. She then figures out a plan that will stop Mojo from destroying Townsville, but without provoking the activists' wrath.

Elsewhere Mojo has just built the destruction device onto his lair, but the activists believe it is an addition to his nest. The girls approach the activists with the leader assuming they are here to cause more problems. She yells out through her megaphone "Not so fast...," but Blossom makes it clear that they are not here for fighting or violence and asks if they can hear them out. After a moment's pause the activist leader reluctantly lowers her megaphone and says a reluctant "Ok."

Meanwhile Mojo is preparing his destruction device noting his day of greatness will finally come and that he will rule Townsville. He notes he is going to smash the activist hippies first when he enacts his plan on taking over Townsville. He then hears his doorbell ring and answers it. It is the activists. The leader claims they have something that will make Mojo very happy. Mojo claims they've already made him happy and orders them to go away. The girls appear and Mojo tries to falsely say that he is being oppressed again, but it doesn't work. The other female activist explains that both groups have made peace with each other and are now working together which Blossom confirms as true. Mojo still doesn't get what they are saying. One of the male activists explains that both groups agreed that Mojo should be able to run wild. Blossom states that is why they are going to take him home. Mojo claims that he finds their ramblings nonsensical because he is already home. However the girls put him in a cage and take him to his "home." The activists then wave goodbye to Mojo with the activist tearfully saying to him "Enjoy your freedom!."

The girls then drop Mojo to an island inhabited by other monkeys. The girls then giggle to themselves at where they left Mojo. Blossom notes this is better than leaving him to jail as the girls head back to Townsville. Mojo yells that this is not a proper home for him. He notes he feels so unnatural. A monkey then offers him a stick with ants on it, but Mojo declines and claims he has standards. Another monkey then scratches his head, but Mojo throws him off yelling "Get away from me!." This causes the monkey to collide with the other monkey which causes them both to cry. This angers an even bigger primate and she starts to approach angrily at Mojo. The primate then does something off-screen with Mojo. The narrator then declares that once again the day is saved thanks to the Powerpuff Girls.

Substitute Creature Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 57

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 57.2

All the children at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten love Ms. Keane, their teacher. But one day, Ms. Keane falls ill. A substitute teacher is called to replace her for the day. The substitute, called Mr.Green. Though he may look rather evil, he is proven to be a nice man who loves children. However, the Powerpuffs are not convinced that he's nice, and finally come the conclusion that Mr. Green ate Ms. Keane. Many attempts to "foil" his "evil ways" fail, and their behavior only gets them time-outs. While sitting inside as the other children are playing, the girls believe that they hear the other children screaming in fear. Taking action, the girls fly into space, performing a spinning-like attack. Luckily, the other kids catch them and successfully stop the girls by crying out that Mr. green is a good guy. After sheepishly landing, the girls receive a stern lesson from him, agreeing that it's wrong to judge people by their looks.

6 (58)- "The Boys Are Back in Town"

Airdate: November 6, 2003

HIM is watching videos of The Powerpuff Girls defeating different villains. He gets angry when he sees something on one of the videos. The next day, the girls are fighting monsters and have just defeated them when a large outcropping emerges from the ground and on it are The Rowdyruff Boys! The girls are shocked to see that they are alive but they mock the boys' new hairstyles. They then start to fight, but the boys are too well matched so they try what they did to destroy them last time: be nice and kiss them. However, to their horror they discover that the boys are immune to them and they only make them bigger and more powerful. HIM then appears and tells them about how he gave the boys a cootie vaccination and he then leaves the girls intimidated by the boys, now 10 times their normal size.

The boys start to try and gross out Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup by cracking their knuckles, picking scabs and spitting. They then attack them leaving them battered and bruised and they squash them into a hockey puck. They play hockey with them until Boomer hits them into an indoor car park. The girls go up to the top of the building, but the boys find them and use them to play a game called Ultimate Fight. They then stick a slug up Bubbles' back which causes Buttercup to attack Butch and make him bite his tongue, and then Blossom gives her sisters the idea of embarrassing the Boys to make them shrink. Under the other's laughter and embarrassment he shrinks. When the girls see this they do all kinds of things to embarrass the boys and make them shrink down so they are smaller than the buckles of the girls shoes. HIM then appears again and shouts at the boys for not defeating the girls and he makes them disappear. He then tells the girls to watch their backs because they are back in town.

7 (59)- "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey"

Airdate: November 21, 2003

The Powerpuff Girls are once again fighting all of the villains (except for The Rowdyruff Boys) of Townsville. There are too many villains to fight (Mojo Jojo, HIM, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Princess Morbucks, Sedusa, The Amoeba Boys, and The Gangreen Gang are all present), and the Powerpuff Girls are defeated. They become deeply depressed with the way things are in this world and wish for a day of peace, love and understanding. Just then, a drop of rain falls into a crack in the ground, and a rose blooms. A gnome emerges from within the rose's petals. The gnome tells the girls that he can get rid of all the evils of the world, but to do so, the girls must give him their powers. At first Buttercup thinks it is insane to give up their powers, but Bubbles persuades the girls that with this, they can finally become normal girls. The girls agree and the gnome casts a spell to end all evil. Townsville is now seemingly a peaceful and harmonic utopia, and the townspeople worship this gnome forming a cult devoted to him. The Professor convinces the girls even though the gnome has provided safety he has robbed the town of its freewill. Since the gnome has become evil, the deal he made with the Powerpuff Girls is broken and the girls regain their powers. The girls travel to the gnome's headquarters (atop a giant rose) and confront him. During the confrontation the gnome falls from the top of the rose. As he falls into oblivion, he realizes that he ultimately became the evil he sought to destroy and therefore cannot exist in his utopia. The world goes back to the way it formerly was. The Townspeople now worship the girls. But the girls tell the townspeople that evil and good make the world go round and that we must not wish for peace, but we must make peace.

8 (60)- "Pee Pee G's / Boy Toys"

Airdate: November 13, 2003

Pee Pee G's Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 60

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 60.1

It is the start of another beautiful day in Townsville, and everything is going dry, except for the Powerpuff Girls. They wake

Pee Pee G's screengrabWow, even they have accidents! LDEJRuffAdded by LDEJRuff up to discover wet bed sheets, and try to come up with an explaintion. Blossom suggests that rain blew in through the window, but it's sunny. Buttercup suggests the pipes leaked through the ceiling, but they're dry. Bubbles thinks Blossom spilled her glass of water, but Blossom hadn't gotten up for water. Blossom thinks Bubbles slept upside down and drooled in the bed, but Bubbles says she didn't. Bubbles suggests that the water bed leaked, but they don't have a water bed. Buttercup points out, with an accusing look, that someone "whizzed in the bed last night." Their inspection is put on hold when they receive an emergency call from the Mayor, informing them that a giant squid monster is terrorizing the town. As the girls prepare to battle the monster, they start to accuse each other of the wet sheets. Blossom suspects Buttercup because she was acting defensive and was the first one to point the finger, Bubbles suspects Blossom because she is a heavy sleeper, and Buttercup suspects Bubbles because she acts like a baby. Due to their mulling over the situation, it takes them a long time to finish off the monster. Later that night, dejected and soaking in squid oil, they head home. Blossom assures them it was probably a one-time thing and they to go to sleep.

The next day, their sheets are wet again. The girls begin to argue over which one of them did it, still holding on to their beliefs from the day before. As the argument continues, Buttercup blames Blossom instead since she was the most distracted when fighting the monster. Blossom blames Bubbles because she has"more problems then the two of us combined." Bubbles retorts that she still thinks it's Blossom since she sleeps in the middle of the bed where the stain is. Meanwhile, Professor Utonium turns up the volume on the TV to drown the girl's shouting. The news shows a giant duck monster is terrorizing the city. It is unclear whether the girls took care of the monster or not. The next day, they find their bed sheets wet again! During class, the girls take no part in doing the addition table in mathematics, each beginning to worry that they might have done it. After class they try to get some help. Buttercup goes home and tells the problem to the Professor, but he isn't much help and simply explains nocturnal enuresis and its side effects. Blossom stayed over at the school to talk to Ms. Keane, who gives her a giant stack of pamphlets about bed wetting to read up on. Bubbles talks with the Mayor at Townsville Hall, who tells her that everyone has accidents once in a while and suggests she wear diapers like he does. The girls feel even worse.

After a montage of events involving water throughout most of the day, the girls, are too scared to fall asleep for fear of the accident happening again. Three hours later, they hear someone breaking into their home. Their attacker sneaks into their room and pours water on the bed sheets. Bubbles turns on the lights to see who it is and it is revealed to be Mojo Jojo with a bottle of water. Before Mojo can explain himself, the girls assume he did it to have the girls' confidence ruined, leave them deprived of their sleep and trash their teamwork so he could take over the world. But Mojo explains that the real reason why he did it is because he just doesn't like them and wanted to pull a prank on them. Soon after, he starts laughing hysterically at the success of his prank, until he wets himself. Now, it's the girls' turn to laugh, with Mojo blushing with embarrassment.

Boy Toys Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 60

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 60.2

Princess Morbucks is held up in a traffic jam. She goes to see what the hold-up and sees The Powerpuff Girls fighting someone. Then three figures are ploughed into Princess' limo - The Rowdyruff Boys. They fly off again and Princess has an idea. Dressing into her evil gear, she stops the Powerpuff Girls from attacking the boys and excitedly asks the boys to let her join them. They reject her, saying that she is a "lame sissy baby girl" and that "boys can do better than girls." Brick then kicks her over to where the girls were knocked by her and the Rowdyruff Boys take off.

The girls get ready to beat up Princess, but she forges crying and tells the girls what the boys said. She makes the girls angry and she then makes up stuff that the boys said about them. She then asks the girls to be a Powerpuff Girl and says that she has a plan. She takes them to a deserted location where she has a hidden warehouse of weapons used to destroy the girls. There she shows them an army tank with a super ionic blast gun, a plane with multiple scatter bombs and a boat with a molecular electronic destructor. Princess then says that the weapons are the girls's, if she makes the girls one of them. Buttercup and Bubbles are against this, but Blossom, who is fascinated by the plane, lets Princess be a Powerpuff Girl, but only until they beat the Rowdyruffs. Princess tells the girls that they won't be disappointed.

Later, the Rowdyruff Boys have robbed a Fish Market on the pier for burgers. They are about to rob a video games store when they are attracted by Princess and the Powerpuff Girls: Blossom piloting the plane, Buttercup piloting the tank and Bubbles piloting the boat. They all fire on Princess' command, but they all miss the boys. Now excited, the boys shoot over to their counterparts' vehicles and kick their counterparts out of the controls, taking over the vehicles themselves. They then start firing at each other, until finally all three boys are lying in wreckage of the vehicles on the pier, laughing fit to burst. Princess, cross at how the girls acted in the battle, yells at them and amid it all, the Powerpuff Girls fly away.

9 (61)- "Seed No Evil / The City of Clipsville"

Airdate: November 25, 2003

Seed No Evil Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 61

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 61.1

A prehistoric caveman is unfrozen from the museum, and since seeds were the economy in Jurassic times, he steals the Mayor's seeds everywhere he goes.

The City of Clipsville Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 61

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 61.2

The Powerpuff Girls are cleaning out their closet when Buttercup finds her old lucky blanket. The girls remember the time that they had first seen Buttercup with it and how they had chased her around the house to get a better look at it (Cover Up). Then Bubbles remembers the time when Mojo Jojo turned them into dogs (Monkey See, Doggie Do) and Blossom remembers when he tried it again (Monkey See, Doggy Two).

The girls also remember the time when the Professor turned them and everyone else in town into babies and the time when they lost their superpowers.

Buttercup also remembers when they sped up time and became teenagers. The sisters gave up crime fighting and started hanging out at the mall and wearing makeup. It was at the Townsville Mall that they met the teen Rowdyruff Boys and organized a triple date with them. Although the girls are referred to as dumb, they show no real sign of being unintelligent, but merely being nervous and not knowing what to say around boys they have a crush on.

The girls then become aware that the Professor is watching them. The Professor tells them about the time when he renewed his driver's license, which the girls find boring. Then Blossom remembers the time when the Professor got married to Ms. Sara Bellum, but it turned out to be Mojo Jojo under her hair. As the Professor stops them from talking about it, all four of them see Mayor with them, who wonders why it isn't his own house they are at. Then he tells them about when he remembered the thing that was happening now and when the Professor made him a giant pickle (which never happened). Suddenly everyone turns up and remembers things.

Later, the Powerpuff Girls and the Professor are sitting at their kitchen, drinking hot chocolate, remembering all the events that happened in the episode. Also, the narrator ends the show by remembering how at the end of every Powerpuff Girls episode, he'd say "So once again, the day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls."

10 (62)- "Lying Around the House / Bubble Boy"

Airdate: January 9, 2004

Lying Around the House Plot

The Professor wakes the girls up for breakfast, and they are excited as Buttercup requests bacon and eggs, Bubbles requests waffles, and Blossom requests French toast. However, he makes them plates of liver and onions, and sneakily sneaks himself a plate of pancakes (claiming to have a lot of work, causing a white creature to appear), which he later throws away (while claiming to have slaved away making their breakfast). He also claims to have a lot of work to do just so he can watch a TV program. The girls feed their food to stray dogs and lie to make the Professor sound right when he guesses they ate their breakfast, causing the white creature to get bigger.

Next, while Bubbles is coloring on paper, some of the crayon's wax ends up on the wall, which she tries to hide with a plant. But that doesn't work, and she lies about it, causing the creature to get bigger. Buttercup then plays catch alone by throwing a ball to herself, pretending to be against herself (that's right, inside the house) until she misses the ball and it breaks the Professor's nerd award. When the Professor finds out about his award being broken, and asks Buttercup, she lies about it, causing the creature to get bigger.

Later, Blossom loads her own, Bubbles' and Buttercup's dresses and the Professor's uniforms into the washer and overloads it with soap (in fact, she adds the whole box, and it won't all fit in it). She crams it by jumping on top of the washer before starting it. This causes the washer to "dance" around the house and flood the house a bit with soapy water. When the Professor asks Blossom about overloading the washer (again), she denies it, even as he points out that her pants are on fire and hanging from a telephone wire (much to her dismay). This causes the white creature to become a hairy monster.

The girls continue lying around the house, as the Professor finds some of Blossom's hair in the tub drain, the chocolate milk bottle being (almost) empty (Buttercup has a mustache of it), and one of his beakers of potions (the Mutation one) being used (as Bubbles' right arm became a tentacle).

Finally, the creature, being a big monster, causes problems and scares the girls. He messes up the house and denies everything he does. Finally, back in the girls' bedroom, he is running around and destroying things. When Blossom declares that they must stop him, Buttercup says that "to tell you the truth, [she doesn't] know how." Blossom decides telling the truth would work. Blossom starts to stop the monster, and admits to the time she ate Buttercup's chocolate bar, much to the latter's anger, but the monster starts to shrink down a little. Blossom apologizes, promising to buy Buttercup a new chocolate bar, but she decides that the way to defeat the monster is by confessing all lies. Blossom takes the monster with her outside the room where the Professor is. She confesses her lies to him, shrinking the monster, and so do Bubbles, and the Professor congratulates each confession. Buttercup then refuses to do her part, but reluctantly gives in. When the Professor, wanting to be left alone, asks them to keep it down, and says that he is busy, the creature gets bigger again. That is when they find out that the Professor is lying. He is, indeed, not busy doing any work, but watching a TV game show. They question him for his lies, much to his dismay, until Blossom reveals the creature, until the Professor admits his lies, causing the creature to vanish. When the girls commend the Professor for this, they pounce on him, and he hopes they learned that tiny little white lies can cause a big problem. They tell him they did. The Professor then asks to plug the TV back in.

Blossom is then fixing the walls, Bubbles is cleaning her crayon mess, Buttercup is fixing the nerd award, and the Professor is vacuuming... at least until the Mayor rings the doorbell, saying he needs help, as another of those white monsters (manifesting lies) is attacking Townsville.

Bubble Boy Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 62

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 62.2

The Rowdyruff Boys are causing havoc for a man at a soda machine when Brick sends Boomer to steal some candy. Boomer finds a boy and hurts him to steal the candy he is looking for, but he gets caught by The Powerpuff Girls who beat him up and take him to Professor Utonium's laboratory where he is trapped in a containment ray. The Powerpuff Girls realize that Brick and Butch will suspect something when Boomer doesn't show up, so they disguise Bubbles as Boomer and send her to go with The Rowdyruff Boys.

Bubbles has a rough time with The Rowdyruff Boys when Brick punches her in the eye and when the other boys tease her for her rubbish graffiti. At some moments, it seems that Bubbles is going to give herself away and when Brick punches her again after making her eat a cockroach, the radio transmitter being used by The Powerpuff Girls and the Professor breaks. They then see who appears to be Boomer and the other Rowdyruff Boys coming up to the door and they enter the laboratory as The Powerpuff Girls and the Professor hide.

Brick and Butch then see the real Boomer trapped in the containment bubble with only his underwear on. As they turn around to see Bubbles, she turns on the ray, trapping all three Rowdyruff Boys. It seems that they are caught well and good, but when Bubbles spits like the girls made her, it flies across the laboratory and blows up the ray, allowing the boys to escape. Bubbles apologizes to the Professor who apologizes to Bubbles for her eating a cockroach, but Bubbles states that it tasted like chicken.

11 (63)- "A Documentary / Girls Gone Mild"

Airdate: January 16, 2004

A Documentary Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 63

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 63.1

A guy named Brian Larsen wants to make a documentary about the Powerpuff Girls. He talks to all the people and friends who know them to a story, but he's still unsuccessful. After a day of stalking, he finally meets them during a battle with Mojo Jojo and gets their interview.

Girls Gone Mild Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 63

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 63.2

After being complained about by Stanley and Sandra Practice (and their campaign, P.A.P.P. - Parents Against Powerpuffs), the Girls must stop fighting crime by kicks, punches, flying and other superpowers (with the exception of super vision). Day by day, the crime rates in Townsville are becoming more immense. Will they ever be able to use their powers again?

12 (64)- "Curses / Bang for Your Buck"

Airdate; April 2, 2004

Curses Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 64

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 64.1

After losing a game of Rock-Scissors-Paper, as always, Bubbles goes downstairs to the kitchen to see if dinner is ready, and overhears the Professor, who was watching a confusing cooking show, say a foul word in frustration. She pays no attention to Blossom or Buttercup asking her what's for dinner however, and goes back to coloring. After snapping a blue crayon in half, which was her favorite color, Bubbles says the word as Buttercup's block tower collapses, and then chooses the color pink for her unicorn. When asked about the word by her sisters, Bubbles thinks its a pretty word. The girls enjoy the word and try it out.

The next day at school, the girls received their quizzes and, to their surprise, the girls shout the word as the recess bell rings. Ms. Keane, shocked, put the girls in time out during recess, that is, until the Hotline phone rang. The girls zip to the Mayor's office and ask him what the crisis was. He tells them that he can't open his pickle jar for his PB&J sandwich. The girls, angry with him, exclaim to him using the word. The Mayor, shocked, asks Ms. Bellum to come in to his office to wipe the girls' mouths with soap.

Disgusted over the taste, the girls head on out of the office back to school until they hear that the bank was being robbed. They give the robbers what for while using the word and bring them in to the police. After school, they helped out an old lady cross the street and gave advice while saying the word. The old lady was shocked and angry at what the girls said. Bubbles later helped out another girl by getting her cat out of a tree. She, too, gave advice to the girl while saying the word. The girl, shocked, began to weep. The girls think that everyone is acting weird afterwards.

Just then, they hear someone using their new word. The girls discover that it was a toilet-mouthed monster, whose cursing sounds very much like Yosemite Sam's. The girls ask it where it learned all other profanities, and it explains to them. The townspeople are shocked and cover their ears. Eventually, the girls and the monster want to fight each other because of the latter being rude.

The Professor, who is late for his manicure, overhears the girls say the word while punching the monster. Shocked and angry, he asks the girls to come down. The family goes into an explanation, until Bubbles points out that she learned the word from him. Now with his anger replaces with embarrassment, the Professor informs the girls that the word is a very bad word, and apologizes to them for saying it. He whispers in their ears about what it means. The girls, shocked and embarrassed, remorse about what they have done the entire day, then remember the monster. As a way to teach it a lesson, they grab a truckload of soap and shove it in the monster's mouth. The girls inform it that "certain words are inappropriate," especially for them, as Bubbles pointed out, and put the monster in time out. As the monster is grumbling over it, Buttercup uses the word as she tells the monster to do less talking and more ****ing thinking.

And the day is saved, though Buttercup gets her mouth washed out with soap.

Bang for Your Buck Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 64

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 64.2

The girls and the Gangrene Gang (who want more recognition) compete to raise enough money to buy a giant laser from Mojo Jojo.

13 (65)- "Silent Treatment / Sweet 'N' Sour"

Airdate: April 9, 2004

Silent Treatment Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 65

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 65.1

Utonium decides to take the Powerpuff Girls to see a silent movie called For Once He Is Speechless rather than taking them to the state-of-the-art megaplex that everybody else is going to. The girls reluctantly settle into their seats as the Professor goes to get popcorn. The movie, starring Max Von Nitrate, begins. In the film, an evil man carries a kidnapped woman into a room and throws her on a chair, cackling gleefully. Tired with the movie's poor quality, the girls all blow raspberries at the screen. Angry and fed up with the girls' constant heckling, Von Nitrate reveals that his kidnapped damsel is none other than Utonium himself.

Von Nitrate tells the girls he wants to steal Utonium's voice. The girls enter the film through the projector's light. Trying to chase Von Nitrate, they quickly find that their powers don't work. On foot, they chase Von Nitrate out of the building, but he throws Utonium into a car and speeds away. The girls call a police station, and soon, a police wagon picks them up and they continue after Utonium. Von Nitrate arrives at a field with an airplane, which he starts up. However, as he takes off, the girls grab onto the wheel strut and are lifted into the air, with the policemen holding onto them. As the plane flies over Africa, a gorilla jumps on and throws the policemen, the girls, and Von Nitrate off and flies away with the Professor. As they're plummeting to the ground, Bubbles exclaims she doesn't like the movie and tugs at the corner of the screen. She pulls the film off the reel and it snaps; and so, the girls are thrown out onto the floor of the theater.

The trio rush up to the projectionist's booth to corner Max, but find that the projectionist really is the old movie star. Once famous, his career ended when sound became the norm (as he has a ridiculous voice). When he had heard the Professor's voice, he decided that he would steal it. He breaks down, saying he didn't mean to hurt anybody, and, feeling sorry for him, the Powerpuff Girls decide to get him a new voice using computers.

Later, the girls and Max watch a new movie, starring Max with Utonium's voice. The Professor also acts in the movie as a butler with Max's voice. Everybody in the cinema laughs at the Professor's ridiculous voice as he implores the girls to help him.

Sweet 'N' Sour Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 65

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 65.2

After the Powerpuff Girls beat Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and the Gangrene Gang the girls see a new group of criminals, a group of cute little animals, rob Townsville blind. The girls try to stop them, but because of their innocent looks, the animal criminals have the advantage. The girls have to figure out a way to put an end to their crime streak.

Sixth Season

1 (66)- "Prime Mates / Coupe D'Etat"

Airdate: April 16, 2004

Prime Mates Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 66

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 66.1

Back when Mojo tried to take over the world with primates (during the events of The Powerpuff Girls Movie) there was one monkey who didn't get his due: Mopey Popo. Now, Mopey is back to try and be evil just as Mojo intended, if only he could get something right.

Coupe D'Etat Plot

When Professor Utonium tries out to upgrade his car, the girls realize that this K.A.R.R. is taking the Professor away from them, both figuratively and literally.

The Narrator opens the episode with the Professor getting things for his new project, getting some new windscreen wipers for his car from the car repair shop. Just before he leaves he notices some cool car accessories. He thinks that his car needs an upgrade, so he gets the cool accessories and starts to work on his car in the garage. When he finishes, he calls the girls through to check out his new invention, the Kinectly Automatic Robotic Roadster, also known as K.A.R.R. Professor shows the girls what it can do such as transforming into a place or a giant fighting robot. Buttercup is puzzled by this by saying what does he want it for, and then the Professor replies that showing all the other "nerds" out there that he is cool. He also says that K.A.R.R. can talk as well. K.A.R.R. repsonds saying,"Hello Powderpuff Girls. How are you?" Blossom corrects him saying they are The Powerpuff Girls, and K.A.R.R. says that is adorable. Buttercup then says they should go for a ride, but K.A.R.R. says that there are not many seatbelts for the girls. So the Professor says he is taking the first run with K.A.R.R. alone thus leaving the girls behind, rejected.

Later that evening as the girls are in the living room watching television, the Professor enters in a new outfit. As he goes upstairs, Bubbles asks him if he could read a bedtime story to them, but he says no because he needs a rest. Buttercup says that the Professor dosen't care about them anymore since K.A.R.R. came along. Blossom decides that they go into the garage and talk to him. The girls sneak in to the garage but K.A.R.R tries to run them down, but the Professor rushes in and asks what happened. Blossom tries to explain but the Professor sternly sends the girls to bed. Little does the Professor know that K.A.R.R wants him for himself as he wants to take him away from the girls.

The next night, when the Professor and K.A.R.R. arrive from their latest drive, the Professor goes into the house to rest. Then the girls sneak towards the car in black ninja type outfits to try and stop K.A.R.R. once again, by using a bottle of the Engine Stop 2000. But unfortunately, K.A.R.R. is not affected by this, "Very clever, the old Engine Stop 2000. Unfortunately, I'm immune to it. So I won't be going anywhere for a long, long time!!" Just like last time he tries to hurt the girls, but this time, the Professor rushes to the front door, and is shocked by what he sees. Luckily the girls flew out of the way just in time before K.A.R.R. crashes into them. The Professor dosen't understand why his own invention is doing this. The girls respond by explaining to the Professor that he spends time with K.A.R.R. more than them. Blossom said, "All you do anymore is spending more time with that car." Bubbles agrees by saying, "You used to read us bedtime stories, and tuck us in and taking us to the beach and stuff." And Buttercup adds, "You love that car more than you love us. And the worst part is that outfit Girls and the Professor"Girls I want you to know there's nothing more important to me than you wear! You look like some bad 80's TV show or something!" The Professor now realizes how he treated the girls over the past few days and how he spent more time with K.A.R.R than them. He takes off his driving outfit, revealing his normal outfit. He falls to his knees, putting his arms around the girls by saying, "Girls, I want you to know there's nothing more important to me than you. From now on it's just me and the three of you!" And with tears in his eyes, the girls and the Professor have a emotional embrace with a heartwarming family hug.

Later that night, K.A.R.R. decides to have revenge against the family by kidnapping the Professor. The next day the girls have noticed the Professor has vanished. They go into the garage to find him, but K.A.R.R. slams the door behind them. He shows the girls he has the Professor as his hostage. Buttercup wants to fight but Blossom says they only end up hurting their father. K.A.R.R. then transforms into his fighting robot form, and the girls jump into action. The Professor tries to reach the seat ejector button on the control panel but can't reach it as he is tied up. The girls help by kicking on the side of K.A.R.R. and he makes it out just in time. As the girls go in for another attack, K.A.R.R. bursts into tears and crashes into pieces, "All I wanted was the Professor to spend some time with me! To read me a bedtime story, take me to the beach and stuff and to.... love me!!!" The Professor and the girls cry with shame thinking what they can do to fix this. Then wiping his tears, the Professor responds to the problem by creating a robot version of him- P.R.O.F.- Person Replacing Original Father. And they drive off into the sunset, with the girls and the Professor waving goodbye from the house. The Professor knows that this story was going to have a happy ending after all. Then Blossom says,"What are we going to drive now?"

The Narrator ends the episode laughing and by saying, "Better get an expensive car Professor. Hope you enjoy taking the bus."

2 (67)- "Makes Zen to Me / Say Uncle"

Airdate: April 23, 2004

Makes Zen to Me Plot

Buttercup is fighting Fuzzy Lumpkins, but in a reckless way. When Buttercup is done, she says that she's hungry and the girls fly to Suki's to meet the Professor. The family gets fortune cookies. The Girls open their cookies and read them to each other. Blossom and Bubbles tell Buttercup that she needs to stop being so rough. Blossom and Bubbles feel bad for Fuzzy. Buttercup tells them to remember that he's a bad guy!

Blossom tells Buttercup that Fuzzy already gave up, but Buttercup wouldn't listen to him. Blossom and Buttercup start to argue. Suddenly, the girls see Fuzzy under the care of two doctors and a nurse who are most displeased. The doctor tells Buttercup that because of her, Fuzzy can't eat, talk, or think right. Buttercup flies away shouting "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!". She realizes that Blossom and Bubbles are right. A guy helps Buttercup find her inner peace. She practices hard until she gets it right. Soon Mojo Jojo appears and comes to be the master.

Both master and Mojo gets into a fight, but Mojo distracts him by sating "your shoes untied!" and beats him with a single punch, so Buttercup beats up Mojo, sending him out of the tower. After the fight her master is proud of her and she also gives him a kiss on his cheek and the day is saved!

Say Uncle Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 67

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 67.2

The Professor receives a letter from his brother, Eugene, saying he's coming to Townsville, but the Professor is heading for a conference so the Girls go to get him, accidentally bringing home some type of bear, thinking he's their Uncle.

Soon enough the girls send him on the train they found him on, humorously putting him in the seat next to their uncle.

3 (68)- "Reeking Havoc / Live & Let Dynamo"

Airdate: April 30, 2004

Reeking Havoc Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 68

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 68.1

The Professor enters Townsville's 2nd Annual Chilli Cook Off, but the Professor says he is missing something special but he figures out it's Chemical X and so do the girls so each at a different time put a single drop of Chemical X. When everybody eats the Chili, a stink monster is made out of methane and it came out of their butts and the girls have to defeat it.

Live & Let Dynamo Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 68

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 68.2

The Powerpuff Dynamo is on the rampage in the city, destroying everything. The Powerpuff Girls fly to the rescue to stop it, wondering who could be controlling it, but Dynamo counters the girls with a barrage of missiles while the girls barely escapes. Blossom said whoever is controlling Dynamo knows how to use it. Buttercup suspects that The Rowdyruff Boys are behind it, but remembering their craziness when they destroy Princess' machines, she thinks otherwise. The girls continue their battle againist the machine by shooting their laser attacks. When it appeared that the Dynamo was weakened, Dynamo countered by hitting the girls knocking them far back. Bubbles suspects Mojo Jojo, but the others disagree because Mojo would most likely complain about the layout of the control room. Thinking of a plan to stop Dynamo, Buttercup evacuates the citizens (although it takes 3 times for them to understand her). Meanwhile, Bubbles fires the Sonic Scream move only failing to do any damage. Blossom suspects the Gangreen Gang but due to their inability to control a machine they disagree. Dynamo then sends a rain of bee-like bombs that land all over town. Buttercup arrives to the fight but the bombs nuke the town. The Powerpuff girls once again tries to engage combat but only ends being zapped by Dynamo's heat vision and being crushed to the floor. Dynamo crushs the town by cannonballing and the girls run to Dynamo again, firing lasers on Dynamo's body. While in heavy combat they think of more suspects such as Fuzzy Lumpkins but he would normally attack by himself and would use the Dynamo to play the banjo, Him and the Amoeba Boys but they are not at all good criminals. Unfortunately they can't agree on any of them. Dynamo then curls to her defensive ball form and spins over the town knocking many buildings down. Bubbles then accuses Buttercup only wasting time. Blossom then agrees to just stop the robot and catch the culprit. The girls then fire the powerful "Powerpuff Megablast." Hilariously they miss and Dynamo then replies with an enormous beam that cuts through the town. When the situation was bleack Blossom says that their practiced move "Razzle Dazzle" is their trump card. Using "Razzle Dazzle" the girls finally knock Dynamo over and the culprit is revealed to be...The Mayor of Townsville. Mayor claims that he only pressed one button (which seems to be the autopilot), and he presses it again, causing Dynamo to set off destroying Townsville again.

4 (69)- "Mo' Linguish / Oops, I Did It Again"

Airdate: May 7, 2004

Mo' Linguish Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 69

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 69.1

When Mojo agrees to do some community service in lieu of jail-time by teaching at the Townsville Community College, he teaches his repetitive mode of speech to the people of Townsville, putting the city in total standstill unless the girls can find someone with simple enough English to end it.

Oops, I Did It Again Plot

When The Professor makes lunch, it turns out to be sloppy joes when they were supposed to be hamburgers so the girls tell him that he made another accident. So then The Professor goes down to the lab to make some thing on purpose then he accidentally falls asleep he dream's that he had followed the normal recipe and made normal little girls. In his fantasy, the girls went under different names (with Blossom being named Bertha, Bubbles being named Beatrice, and Buttercup being named Betty.) The narrator says, and Bertha, Beatrice and Betty have dedicated their lives to hanging around and being normal!, Townsville was constantly being attacked by hideous monsters and the girls were incapable of doing simple things, e.g. opening the Mayor's jar of pickles. In the end The Professor likes himself just the way he is, an accidental professor.

5 (70)- "A Made Up Story"

Airdate: May 14, 2004

A villain named Mask Scara gives the people of Townsville bad makeovers that are impossible to remove after the "trashy" look was replaced with the "dull" look. She puts it on everyone and everything and they cant get it off. Buttecup is the first one to have it on and she doesn't like it. They try to look for her and get her but they can't find her. Bubbles also gets it on, but she likes it. Mask Scara is going wild make upping everybody whether they're good or evil. The only one who's not getting this is Blossom who is acting stuck up about it. In the end, Professor makes a cream to get it off of them and they use it on themselves. They also use it on Mask Scara and then Blossom acts stuck up and she trips and falls into the mud, the paint, and the foam peanuts. As a result she looks repulsive and everyone begins laughing at how silly she looks.

6 (71)- "Little Miss Interprets / Night Mayor"

Airdate: June 25, 2004

Little Miss Interprets Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 71

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 71.1

The Professor is making cakes, but they turn out wrong. Bubbles is passing by and mishears the Professor talking about the cakes, thinking that he is making new Powerpuff Girls to replace them. She tells Blossom and Buttercup, who at first don't believe her until they mishear the Professor again. They decide to show the Professor that they are perfect, but they hear the Professor talking to the Mayor on the phone. They then attempt to show the Professor, but he doesn't seem to really care. Later, the girls are inside when they hear Ms. Keane on the phone, talking as though she's in on the plot to get rid of them. They then distract the Professor by making him sit down, put his feet up and give him a massage.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work either when they get too carried away. Much later a clown named Roger McDongle arrives and the Professor takes him around the side of the house where he talks about throwing "the old ones" away. Roger decides to "eat them." The girls are listening and think he is referring to them, causing Bubbles to faint from the shock.

They decide to blow up the lab to stop the Professor from making new girls before running away forever, though they destroy the lab, using a unison explosion technique, they also end up destroying the entire house as well. They then discover that the whole thing was actually a surprise party for them and they feel embarrassed. But everyone isn't mad and tells them that they love them and the episode ends.

Night Mayor Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 71

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 71.2

The Mayor keeps having the same dream over and over again, but he never sees the end. Now it's up Girls to go into the Mayor's head and solve this mystery.

7 (72)- "Custody Battle / The City of Nutsville"

Airdate: July 2, 2004

Custody Battle Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 72

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 72.1

It's Father's Day, and Mojo Jojo is at the park. He then sees The Rowdyruff Boys. A shocked Mojo asks the boys how they are alive after The Powerpuff Girls destroyed them. They laugh at him, and HIM appears and brings the boys to him and says that he brought them back, but edited Mojo's mistakes and made them stronger. A shocked (and probably angry) Mojo and an irritated HIM argue about it. They try multiple things the boys find "evil" to make them like them, some of them involving harassing the mayor.

Later, the boys are very tired, but grow aggravated as Mojo and HIM continue to fuss. Finally, Brick (as well as his brothers) gets so aggravated that he yells at the two "fathers" saying they don't care who is more eviler or stupider ("or whateverer!") and tells them the only evil thing they care about is destroying the Powerpuff Girls, since that was the only thing they wanted to do from day one. Mojo and HIM cry with joy over this, dubbing it the most evil thing they can think of. They then have a tear-filled parental pride expressing scene.

"And so with Mojo and HIM happy together, the day is doomed! Thanks to... The Rowdyruff Boys."

Note: This is only episode in the entire series not to feature the Powerpuff Girls.

The City of Nutsville Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 72

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 72.2

At Townsville's park, Professor Utonium and the Powerpuff Girls are admiring the Mayor's new statue. Unknowingly, Bubbles swallows a bee and gets stung in the throat, causing her not to speak for a week. Because she has to wear a cone around her neck, Blossom and Buttercup make fun of her. The next morning, Bubbles receives a call from the Mayor. Once in the main part of town, the Girls discover it's been destroyed by mad squirrels. Soon the Girls meet the mayor in his bathroom. Blossom tells him that they will use Bubbles' squirrel-talking ability to solve the problem, but she forgets that Bubbles can't speak. While Buttercup freaks out over this, Bubbles flies to Townsville forest with Bullet. Once Bullet figures out the problem, Bubbles tries to tell the Mayor and the Girls through a picture. When Bubbles gets irritated by them guessing the wrong answers, she and Bullet soar to the park and destroy the Mayor's statue. Blossom, Buttercup and the Mayor learn that the squirrels were storing their nuts in the hole the statue was covering up. The Mayor (with Bubbles translating in Squirrel) announces the detication of a new statue for the squirrels, while Blossom and Buttercup clean up the mess from the last statue. When Buttercup states "At least it's not raining," rain pours down on the two.

The episode ends with the narrator saying Bubbles saved the day while he tries to guess what is on her chalkboard.

8 (73)- "Aspirations"

Airdate: July 9, 2004

The Powerpuff Girls are faced with the mysterious disappearance of 3 Egyptian Artifacts; little do they know it is the Gangreen Gang under the training of Sedusa. After 2 robberies with no evidence left, the Gangreen Gang is seen stealing the third artifact. Buttercup admits being ignorant for undermining the ability of the Gangreen Gang twice before hand. Sedusa gains power to destroy Townsville and the Powerpuff Girls and they have no way to stop her. Ace tells Blossom that it is the tiara that holds the magic, they were tricked by her and wanted revenge. Sedusa is distracted by Buttercup and Bubbles while Blossom removes the tiara. Sedusa loses all power including her hair once again and is put in jail. The Mayor receives his sceptre back but still believes the sceptre is a large candy cane and it is originally stolen from his "personal candy cane collection." The episode then ends with the Narrator saying "And so once again the day is saved thanks to The Powerpuff Girls and the Gangreen Gang."

9 (74)- "That's Not My Baby / Simian Says"

Airdate: July 16, 2004

That's Not My Baby Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 74

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 74.1

The episode starts with group of escaping citizens of Townsville. They're running away from Dragon-Like Monster, but someone left the baby carriage on sidewalk. The monster nearly catches the carriage, but happily The Powerpuff Girls beat up the monster and save the carriage. Unfortunately, the baby is somewhere gone. The monster catches the little, crying baby and the girls again defeat the creature. Bubbles hugs the baby and gives to the blonde woman, but woman says that the baby isn't her. Bubbles asks two more women and man. Buttercup asks citizens, who belongs the baby, but everybody don't know.

The girls arrive to Malph's Market and ask a few more women, including the woman, who looks similarly like the baby. Then the girls want to just find the babysitter. They fly to Ms. Keane, thinking that if she loves children, she'll gladly take care of the baby, but even she isn't really interested to caring, explaining that she that's why is in the school, because she loves children. The Powerpuff Girls arrive to Ms. Bellum ask her to take care of the baby, but says that she would caring the baby, but she already has the baby. Bubbles is surprised, but the baby turns out to be The Mayor of Townsville. The girls' last hope is shoe-like shelter for kids, but even here the lady doesn't want to have an another baby. Back to the girls' house, Buttercup isn't happy to caring the baby, but Bubbles sees the happy side to do it, because Professor Utonium will probably agree for pet hamster. Blossom and Buttercup approve the challenge and give themselves a high-five, but the baby starts to cry.

Simian Says Plot

The episode begins with the Narrator speaking the introduction. Suddenly he is beatin' up by Mojo Jojo. It is now apparent that the narrator has some sort of God-like power since Mojo turns everything from a regular day into a thundery day just by saying it. After a few minutes, it is back to be normal. The Girls inside their house notice the weather change, but suddenly feel forced to go into the city, not knowing that Mojo has actually forced them to by saying it as the narrator. Else where in the house, the Professor has created a new device, however the girls simply smash it, saying they don't care and continue to the city. Mojo starts to make the girls to steal diamonds and riches. He devises a plan to destroy them by forcing them to "destroy each other", and they simply do attempt with no questions asked. As they fight, one of the laser beams they fire hits the control panel Mojo Jojo is using to control the story. The control panel is actually inside Mojo Jojo's volcano lair, where the girls are fighting. They begin to hear Mojo's voice as the control panel has stopped working, so they stop fighting. They then beat up Mojo for all the trouble he has caused to them and the city. Just as the girls think the episode has ended, they realize there is somethimg missing. They then hear muffling coming from one of Mojo's closets. Inside is the narrator whose voice is restrained with tape. Blossom takes the tape off and the narrator says, "Oh girls, thank goodness you're here! And so once again, the day is saved, thanks to The Powerpuff Girls!". However the episode still has not ended, with the girls saying this while in their end shot:

Buttercup: "I knew there was something missing." Bubbles: "Yep!" *giggles* Blossom: "Goodnight folks". After a moment of silence with The Powerpuff Girls tune in the background, Buttercup finally says: "Now what?", the narrator says, "Can I get a lift home?". The Girls end the episode with "Of course!".

10 (75)- "Sun Scream / The City of Frownsville"

Airdate: July 23, 2004

Sun Scream Plot

The Powerpuff girls are at the beach tanning while their adoring fans surround them and ask questions. Professor Utonium feels left out and asks if the fans want to talk to him, but he is ignored. All of a sudden, their fans begin to panic when they see something heading straight for Earth. Blossom uses her super vision and sees a solar flare. The girls prepare to stop it, but Professor Utonium tells them to put on sun screen first. The girls refuse and complain that sunscreen is too nerdy. Professor Utonium puts sunscreen on himself and tries to impress two women, but they laugh at him and call him a nerd. The girls go toward the sun and defeat the flare using their atomic twister to suck it in. The flare is defeated, but the girls are left with a nasty sunburn all over their bodies (except around their eyes since they were wearing sunglasses). They fly back to the beach expecting praise from their fans, but instead their fans laugh at how ridiculous they look sunburned. They fly home humiliated.

The girls lie in bed moaning; the pain from their burns making it hard to even move. Buttercup wishes there had been a way to prevent getting burnt (not realizing they should have put on sunscreen). Blossom reminds them that they need to keep their image up. They worry about being able to fight crime in their condition. Blossom tells them to remain positive and have faith in the citizens. The hotline rings, but none of them want to get up and answer it until Blossom reluctantly agrees to do it. She has a hard time getting off the bed since even the tiniest movement hurts her, and even falls down in the process. Bubbles and Buttercup quickly sit up to see if she's alright, forgetting their sunburns for a minute, and scream in pain. Blossom finally manages to reach the phone and asks Bubbles for help. Bubbles crawls off the bed and experiences the same pain and also falls off. She reaches the phone and turns the receiver toward Blossom's face since she didn't have the strength to do it herself. The Mayor then yells in her ear to come to downtown right away because of trouble. Buttercup complains that she doesn't want to fight in her bathing suit, so the girls decide to put their dresses on. They have a hard time sliding them up and putting their arms through the sleeves. They abandon the dresses since they're restrictive and wear their bathing suits and bedsheets tied around their necks as capes instead.

When it's some con artists they try to defeat them but the powerpuffs take so much pain they can't defeat them. Professor Utonium comes to the scene and realize the girls have sunburns. They aplogize for not listening to the professer and not putting sunscreen. He show them a can of Aloe Vera, where it peels skin that has been afflicted by sunburns off. Everyone thinks it's disgusting, but once all the red skin is peeled off, they are able to fight again and they defeat the con artists. They punish them by leaving them on an island with sunscreen. But one of them says it's for nerds.

The City of Frownsville Plot

A carnival has arrived in Townsville, and everyone is happy until the tearful Lou Gubrious uses his machine to switch everyone's happiness with his depression and misery. Blossom asks "What's goin on, Professor!" "It was the Professor he knows everything!" Buttercup asks. Blossom cries. "I Dont like it!" Causing the entire town to literally flood with the tears of the citizens and even a nearby monster. But in the end the tables are turned on Gubrious when he slips on a banana peel, causing everyone to laugh at his misfortune.

11 (76)- "West in Pieces"

Airdate: July 30, 2004

In the old West, Mojo the Kid has robbed the first bank ever and forced the sheriff out of Townsville, so it's up to the Steamypuff Girls to save the day at a high-noon showdown.

12 (77)- "Crazy Mixed Up Puffs / Mizzen in Action"

Airdate: August 20, 2004

Crazy Mixed Up Puffs Plot

Mojo Jojo watches his old lost fights with The Powerpuff Girls and discovers that when girls are arguing together, they're completely unable to fighting. Then, because he's hungry, goes to Townsville IceCream and deters the redhead girl. Mojo Jojo orders some ice cream, but redhead girl throws the ball on Mojo and ice creams drop on the floor. They're melt, so Mojo gets an idea. He wants to mix the girls together, make the girls unable to fight and destroy the Townsville. Back in his lair, he makes a machine with a fake girl inside and lures the Girls inside. It then swirls them together, which Mojo Jojo meant to do and goes to destroy the city of Townsville.

They each try flying, but being fused together, they keep falling down. Blossom uses superspinning, which has no affect (except to make them dizzy and make them fall to the ground), Buttercup uses brute force, but she farted, which means it does nothing, and Bubbles tries running, but their limbs have been switched around, which results in them running into a wall.They start to argue, but Blossom makes them stop and work as a team, as they won't be separated by fighting. They manage to walk as a team, and then go to fight Mojo Jojo. Mojo has been blasting holes into buildings, but stops when the Girls attack. He says they won't be able to defeat him, but they dodge the lasers. Then they use a new power - spinning fast and unleashing a powerful blast, which defeats the machine. After that, Professor Utonium tries to separating them, but he can't and starts to cry. The girls try to reassure the Professor that they like this, but the Mayor pulls a thread from their dress, finally separating them. Professor then affectionately hugs the girls and, despite the previous events, they together go to Townsville IceCream.

Mizzen in Action Plot

Pirate Crack McCraigen (an anagram of series creator Craig McCracken) and his crew mistake Chemical X for treasure when they are mysteriously transported to the present, leaving the girls to fight these powered pirates to get the professor back and the pirates back into the past.

13 (78)- "Roughing It Up / What's the Big Idea?"

Airdate: August 27, 2004

Roughing It Up Plot

Professor Utonium takes the Powerpuff Girls on a camping trip, where they run into Fuzzy Lumpkins and his 3 nephews Wuzzy, Cuzzy, and Scuzzy, and not even he can keep peace.

What's the Big Idea? Plot

That day, Mojo Jojo was making the copy of Townsville in his volcano. Then, while he was thinking what to do, he put his figure in front of the Jewel shop. He thinks of another plan and took the figure to the Art Museum. However, he was spiked by the tower and jumped on the electric poles. Then the poles wrapped around him and destroyed his copy. He then has the perfect idea for the Powerpuff Girls.

The Powerpuff Girls were oblivious about Mojo's plans. They were playing near his volcano. When they started arguing, Mojo walked between them. The Girls asked "What's the Big Idea?." Mojo replied "Exactly." He showed his newest creation etc., etc. He used it to make the Powerpuff Girls gigantically huge. At this gigantic size, they stepped on the electric poles, broke the buildings, and cause huge tears. The citizens tell them they are making things worse. Bubbles cried, causing huge tears. Then, they went to their home, flying but cause fires in Townsville.

While they went to Prof. Utonium, Mojo was stealing DVD's, jewels and money. Professor tried to repair the device while the Powerpuff Girls search for Mojo Jojo. The Professor finished the device and shrinks the girls back to normal size. After kicks and Punches, Mojo goes to jail as usual. He then tries to think how the girls got smaller as the device does not work that way. The narrator shows that Townsville actually got big and the girls didn't get small. Narrator shows how the episode ends as "The day is saved by Powerpuff Girls + Don't Step on me!"