First Season

1- "Insect Inside / Powerpuff Bluff"

Airdate: November 25, 1998

Insect Inside Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 01

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 01.1

Bug-loving loser Roach Coach has devised a plan to take over Townsville - and eventually the world - with his army of cockroaches. However, the girls, despite their fear, feel that it's wrong to kill bugs just because The Girls are at first reluctant to fight the roaches, feeling that it's wrong to kill a bug just because you think it's gross, but eventually get over their fears and battle the roaches and win, only to discover that Roach Coach is really a robot---controlled by a roach. So, the true Roach Coach ends up jarred and jailed.

Powerpuff Bluff Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 01

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 01.2

A gang of violent crooks use every resource in the Townsville Jail - including grown-up-sized Powerpuff costumes - to walk right out of captivity and into the local bank, using their Powerpuff privileges to clean out the vault, rip off the jewelry store, and trash the Mayor and his mansion. When Ms. Bellum's suspicion is raised, she tells the Mayor, who misunderstands and has the real Powerpuffs arrested. Ms. Bellum clues the Girls in about the imposters and she tells them that the mayor made a big mistake, and the superheroes bust out to attack the bad guys - as good girls.

2- "Monkey See, Doggie Do / Mommy Fearest"

Airdate: November 18, 1998

Monkey See, Doggie Do Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 02

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 02.1

It's night time in the city of Townsville, and every one is sleeping, getting ready for tomorrow. However, someone isn't sleeping, and that someone has cleverly stolen a dog-headed bust, along with a pair of rubies, from the Townsville Museum.

The next day, the girls investigated the crime scene, and they thought they couldn't find any clues, until the stolen rubies (the Anubial Jewels) would qualify. Fade to an observatory atop an inactive volcano, where the thief, Mojo Jojo, a talking monkey wearing a tunic, a metal turban that covers his mutated brain, and talks with a Japanese accent, combines both the bust, the Anubis Dog Head, with the Jewels, for his plan to make the world bow down to him. Around the same time, the girls flew out of the Museum to look for a trail, until they found a dog trapped in a car parked at Malph's. They freed the dog, who later asked for help. When asked who trapped him in there, the dog trails off into barking. The girls think this is weird, then they look to see the entire city populated by dogs. "Something funny's going on around here," as pointed out by Blossom. Then, Buttercup notices the signal in the sky, and head over to Townsville Hall, where the girls find that the Mayor and Ms. Sara Bellum have been turned into dogs. The Mayor tries to inform the girls who is behind all this, before he trails off into barking. The girls fly out of the office over to their house.

Mojo is busy turning all of Townsville into dogs, and after doing so, he hypnotizes everyone into obeying his every command. Later, the girls arrive too late, and find the Professor as a dalmatian. He tries to tell them, but all he could do is bark. The girls think he was asking for water. They do so, and he barks again. Buttercup, irked, thinks he wants to play fetch. Around the same time, a group of hypnotized dobermans steal enough Jewels for Mojo to turn the entire world into dogs. Back home, the Professor fetches his pipe, and tells them who did it: "Bow-wow Wow-wow." Blossom thinks he said it was Mojo Jojo, and the girls fly on over to the observatory. While they fly, Mojo has finally turned the entire world into dogs. While the girls arrive, he turns them, too, into dogs. He asks them to stay, but Blossom then notices the bust is responsible for this mess, and the only way to break the spell is to break the bust. They attempt to throw the head off the dome, but Mojo catches it before it could break. He orders his dobermans to fight the girls, and with them taken care of, the girls gang up on Mojo. Mojo jumps on his controls to keep out of the girls reach. Buttercup then notices, and she runs around the machine to bite Mojo in the butt. Yelling in pain, Mojo lets go of the bust, which breaks on his turban, thus resulting the spell to be broken, but at a price—turning Mojo into a dog himself.

Back home, they ask the Professor if they could keep him. But he answers, "It’s a big responsibility keeping an evil villain in the house. You’ve got to feed him, water him, take him for walks, keep him from causing mayhem and chaos. And chewing the furniture."

And the day is saved.

Mommy Fearest Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 02

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 02.2

When the girls are asleep, the Professor sadly slouches off to bed. Lying down he glances next to him in the bed for two, it is made clear that he feels sad to be a single parent....

The next day at the super market the Professor meets Ima Goodlady, a seemingly sweet and beautiful young woman who was shopping and just happen to cross their path. The girls set the to pair together and set a date with the lady for the professor since he's still too much in awe to say anything other than "I-I-I…."

That night after much primping the Professor sets off on his date leaving the mayor as the babysitter. When he returns home he finds all of them asleep on the couch. Waking the Mayor up and thanking him, he sends him home & the girls find Ms. Ima Goodlady standing propped behind the Professor. He explains she is going to move in to “help out” and leaves the four alone with each other. Once they are alone without the professor, however, Ima turns very mean, strict, and slightly abusive to the girls.

The next day, Ima makes them clean like normal little girls, declaring that they will no longer be allowed to use their powers or fight crime. She and the professor also put them to bed early. The Powerpuff Hotline rings and the girls sneak off past their curfew to answer its call. They almost silently arrive back much later to sneak back in bed, but then the lights flick on and they are caught in the act by Ima. After waking the Professor, Ima pities him into grounding them for the first time ever!

Later that night, Ima sneaks out of the house and the girls receive a call that the Mayor's priceless jewels have been robbed by the mysterious Sedusa not long after Ima left the house.

The connections are quickly made...

Carrying a bag, Ima Goodlady sneaks back into the Utonium household seemingly unnoticed. The light then flicks on and the girls confront her in the act and unmask her as Sedusa, enraging her.

After a quick fight, the professor finds the living room in a mess and priceless jewels sprawled all over the carpet from the bag Sedusa had brought back with her. Despite being unmasked, she attempts to pity the professor again, but is unsuccessful and the professor tells the girls to call the police, vowing that Sedusa will never deceive them again. The next morning, when the door bell rings, a beautiful young woman from down the street came to see the professor for catching Sedusa and she made him a pie.

3- "Octi Evil / Geshundfight"

Airdate: December 2, 1998

Octi Evil Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 03

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 03.1

In this episode, the relationship of the girls are being strained from the stress of being superheroes. Blossom and Buttercup bicker, which, in turn, upsets Bubbles. She shelters herself away in her room... not knowing the evil watching her. Him, upset at the girls' knack for winning against evil, their passion to oppose evil, sickens and disheartens him. Upset, he hatches his own scheme. Taking advantage of Bubble's sadness, he grabs his microphone, and pretends to be the voice of Octi, Bubbles' stuffed octopus doll. After earning her trust, he turns the girls against each other, forcing his opinions over Bubbles'. This snowballs into Him controlling Bubbles' small toy, destroying Townsville. He is defeated when the peace between Blossom and Buttercup is restored.

Geshundfight Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 03

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 03.2

The Amoeba Boys are trying to steal an orange. They note The Powerpuff Girls and call them to land and see the real crime, but they just drop a card on the floor. The Girls want to leave the boys, but Bossman asks Blossom to see the really real crime, but again drops the card. Bored and slightly confused, the Girls fly away from them. Some time passa until the boys get to a warning sign that says Keep off the Grass. Bossman gets an idea for real crime (which is standing on the grass near the sign all night). During the Crime, it's raining, so The Amoeba Boys get sick in the morning. They infect all the people of Townsville, including the Mayor, who's call to Kindergarten Hot Line, but receives the denial. A moment later, an ice cream truck arrives to Pokey Oaks with ill driver, who causes an accident. The girls, sensing danger, fly to Townsville and find the sick people. The Powerpuff Girls try to help them and meet the importunate boys. Buttercup gets nervous and yells at them, causing them escape. The girls then get the first symptoms of the disease and fly to their house. Now, the sick Girls meet an even sicker Professor, who was to observate the virus, which looks like Bossman. Professor explains, how the virus gets formed and tells the Girls that they have to find The Amoeba Boys, because the antidote is within them. During mid-flight the Girls faint, resulting in the Amoeba Boys showing some concern and wake them up. Blossom tells the boys that they have to return to Townsville, but Bossman says that they'll return, but it won't be for free and asks for a fight. The Girls finally bring the boys to their house and receive the antidote. The Professor cures all the Townsville citizens, thanks to The Amoeba Boys, who left the house after their services were no longer needed.

4- "Buttercrush / Fuzzy Logic"

Airdate: December 9, 1998

Buttercrush Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 04

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 04.1

One day, the Gangreen Gang is causing trouble for a group of kids at the park when The Powerpuff Girls show up. Ace pretends to claim that Snake (whom the girls had caught being nasty to a boy and giving him a wedgie) didn't know what he was doing. Buttercup is developing a crush on Ace and feels sorry for his words.

The next day, the girls are on a field trip to the museum with their class when they see the gang smashing exhibits to get into a soda machine.

Then Blossom and Bubbles flew straight away to beat them up, Ace, who had escaped from the girls' sight, made his way close to Buttercup (who had stepped back at the fight) and convinced her that the gang just wanted a soda and that the girls were being too rough with them. Buttercup flew and saved the other Gangreen Gang members from her sisters by droping a carped over the fight so they could not see that the gang had left. When the gang is leaving, Buttercup gave Ace a soda and he told her that she could hang out with the gang anytime.

That evening when her sisters were asleep, Buttercup flew to the dumpyard where is the gang´s shack and (after an awkward silence) Snake screamed saying that she should not be in there, then Buttercup punched his nose (just like Ace does often when Snake speaks out of line) and then the gang starts to hang out with her.

That morning, when the sun starts rising, Buttercup leaves after accepting to come back again that night.

The gang (except Ace) spend a long time blowing goodbyes at her, when she was totally out of sight Ace screamed at the gang to shut up and told them that she was not their friend. Buttercup was going to be a tool to control Townsville.

That night Buttercup came into the gang's hideout as promised before and (to her surprise) she found that the rest of the gang had left her alone with her crush (Ace told her that the guys where going to get some pizza); but the four remaining gangreens were actually going to call the Powerpuff Girls. Grubber imitated Buttercup's voice to fool Blossom and Bubbles into believing that Buttercup was stuck at the City Dump. Things looked pretty dim for these two until Buttercup punched the shack's wall accidentally and blew it down to find her sisters about to be dropped into a big lava container.

Scorned, Buttercup quickly saved her sisters and beat up Snake, Arturo, Grubber and Billy, saving Ace for last and (ignoring his excuses) she kicked, punched, gave him a bloody nose, and beat him up with much more rage and ferocity than the rest of the gang.

Then Blossom asked her sister what was going on and Buttercup hugged both of the sisters (who were still stuck on the metal containers on which the gangreen gang had inprisoned them) and only told them that she was sorry.

Fuzzy Logic Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 04

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 04.2

Fuzzy Lumpkins, a strange pink, hillbilly-like monster obsessed with keeping "his property" goes completely insane after a squirrel tresspasses on his home and after following it to Townsvile, causes a massive rampage after everyone touches his stuff. It's up to The Powerpuff Girls to stop him, with some help from the squirrel that caused the whole mess.

5- "Boogie Frights / Abracadaver"

Airdate: December 16, 1998

Boogie Frights Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 05

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 05.1

The girls are getting ready for bed, and Blossom reminds them of the benefits of going to bed early. Buttercup (who's in a good mood) says that she can't wait to be old enough to party, but Bubbles is afraid of the dark, and Buttercup torments her sisters with the story of the Boogie Man and says that he only comes out after DARK and everybody cowers. Professor Utonium breaks up the horror, and assures them that Buttercup's being an instigator. Bubbles wishes she were brave, and the Professor explains that in order to master your fears, you must face them. The girls finally fall asleep.

However, in the dark world underneath their bed, the Boogie Man is working on some sort of ball-shaped machine, and he tells his right-hand man, Jerome, to inform the other monsters and frackles that are partying out in the Boogie Man's nightclub. The Boogie Man is apparently the leader of the monsters, with a penchant for 70's fashion, and a Barry White-ish song in his voice. When he shows up, The Boogie Man says that it has been too long that they have been vulnerable to the street lights, night lights, and most importantly the sun. He makes a promise to his fun-loving minions to destroy the sun, so they can party on the surface forever. He asks Jerome to make a call Scissors, a monster at the city's power plant, who severs the main power line, leaving the city in darkness.

Monsters and frackles from under beds everywhere in Townsville emerge to join the Boogie Man's midnight bash, and the host himself shows up in his white stretch, dressed to kill, just before sunrise. He reminds them of his plan, and launches a giant discoball that ascends to the atmosphere and blocks out the sun.

The girls have been awakened by the loud disco-music and fly into town, where Buttercup and Bubbles are immediately swept off their feet by the music just like Buttercup imagined. However, the frackles and monsters do not approve of there gatecrashers and fight them. Just as the girls realize there are too many of them, The Boogie Man appears and explains his masterpiece to them, gloating that the frackles and monsters are "Gonna make this night last forever."

The girls immediately set course for the disco ball with the Boogie Man in pursuit. He shoots laser beams at them from his limo spacecraft. Blossom and Buttercup retreat, and the Boogie Man closes in on Bubbles, who cowers and cries at first, but then remembers the Professor's words, that she must face her fears in order to triumph over them, and continues straight to the disco ball's core. The Boogie Man prepares to destroy Bubbles, but Blossom and Buttercup come back at the last moment, firing lasers that damage the Boogie Man's spacecraft and send him flinging into space. Bubbles successfully shoots eye beams into the core of the disco ball, destroying it, and the sun again rises. The Powerpuff Girls head home to sleep as the nightmarish clubbers disintegrate in the sunlight.

Abracadaver Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 05

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 05.2

The episode begins with the Mayor, Ms. Sara Bellum and The Powerpuff Girls at an old magic theater. Taking notice of an old magic poster, the Mayor tells the girls of an old magician named Al Lusion. When the mayor was a boy, he went to one of his performances. When the magician asked for an assistant from the audience, he chose a little girl who was as sweet and charming as the Puffs (and somewhat resembled Blossom). The magician did an incredible trick by making the girl's teddy bear disappear. Heartbroken by the loss of her bear, the girl revealed that Al was nothing but a phony and everyone began to laugh at him. Al tried to retain his magic and show but ended up being tragically killed by a coffin filled with spikes that slammed shut on him after falling inside it.

After a moment of respect the Mayor begins the demolition of the theater, only to have one of the wreaking balls hit the old coffin that Al Lusion was in. Back at the Powerpuff house, the girls are watching a horror movie filled with zombies when they hear noises. Al Lusion has returned from the dead as the magical zombie, Abracadaver, and gets revenge by using his now evil magic to destroy the town. The Mayor calls the girls to come to their rescue.

Even though they are terrified, the girls fly to where Abracadaver is. He immediately mistakes Blossom for the little girl who humiliated him and he puts her under his spell. Buttercup tries to rescue her sister by punching Abracadaver to pieces, but because he is a zombie, he is easily put back together and traps the girls in separate magic traps. Abracadaver then puts Blossom in the same coffin that killed him, but it turns out that they had switched places with Blossom in place of Abracadaver and Abracadaver in place of Blossom. Blossom then proceeds to rescue Buttercup and Bubbles. They soon show that Abracadaver is the one in the coffin, and the narrator laughs, saying he loves the "voodoo that the Girls do."

6- "Telephonies / Tough Love"

Airdate: December 23, 1998

Telephonies Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 06

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 06.1

The Gangreen Gang, with their juvenile activities, decide to pull some prank calls on random citizens of Townsville, including the Narrator, thus interrupting the usual intro. After Aturo tricks the Professor into thinking he's won ten million dollars, and Big Billy botches up a bad joke about his name, an inspired Ace hatches a scheme - to get the Mayor to leave City Hall, leaving the Powerpuff Hotline unguarded. With Grubber's help imperonating Ms. Bellum the crew manage to sneak in. They call the girls, first saying that Mojo Jojo is hatching an evil scheme. But as they crash in through his roof, they find him confused (after a quick beating) - he was simply taking a nap after reading the paper. Confused and embarrassed, they head back home. The phone rings a second time, exclaiming that Fuzzy Lumpkins has "gone plum crazy." But again (and after another quick beating) they find Fuzzy to be innocent - he had been taking a bath. Still a bit confused, and a tad upset as they think that the Mayor is pulling their legs, the girls sheepishly leave an enraged Fuzzy and race home again. Soon, the hotline rings again. Still pranking the girls for laughs, they convince them, despise Blossom's initial suspicion, that HIM is up to something as well.

Rushing over to Him's living space, they find that the demon simply exercising. The girls act very cautiously and question HIM about what's going on but HIM assures them he doesn't know anything and politely brushes the girls off.

As they leave, however, he angrily calls Mojo, who is already speaking to Fuzzy about their incidents with the girls. Mojo connects Him to the converstation, and they all agree they should complain. Him eventually dials City Hall, where the phone rings. The Gangreen Gang have all fallen asleep, after trashing the place and ordering a ton of pizzas. Billy, who's awakened by the chiming of the phone, answers it, and slips to Him that it was he and the Gangreen Gang who had been making prank calls to the girls all day, via the Powerpuff Hotline, after tricking the mayor to leave. Mojo, Him, and Fuzzy all rush over, and give the gang a senseless beating. The Mayor then returns and finds them fighting in his office and he calls the girls, but they don't listen to him, thinking it's just another joke. The Mayor calls again, but Buttercup melts the hotline with her eye lasers. The episode ends with the trio saying goodnight to the Professor, who is still on hold on another phone, still thinking he's won ten million dollars.

And so, the day is saved thanks to...Mojo, Fuzzy and HIM?

Tough Love Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 06

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 06.2

When HIM gets jealous of The Powerpuff Girls' constant attention, he invents an evil gas that spreads around Townsville and causes the citizens to turn against the Girls. The Powerpuff Girls eventually realize they have to fight their friends and loved ones to revert them back to their normal selves.

7- "Major Competition / Mr. Mojo's Rising"

Airdate: January 6, 1999

Major Competition Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 07

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 07.1

There's a new man in town: Major Man, an impossibly perfect superhero who cuts in on the Girls' turf. But in Townsville's time of need, the Girls prove that though they're minors, they're still the major force when it comes to saving the day.

Mr. Mojo's Rising Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 07

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 07.2

When Mojo Jojo kidnaps the Professor, it's a blast from the past—a blast of Chemical X, that is. After Mojo Jojo reveals he was once the Professor's beloved assistant the Professor is coerced into giving Mojo the same superpowers as the Girls. But once empowered, the true evolution of this super-villain chimp comes to light, a fact Mojo Jojo will certainly regret (he caused Professor to add Chemical X to the perfect little girl formula, creating the Powerpuff Girls).

Note: This episode plays a pretext to The Powerpuff Girls Movie (2002), which gives a fuller explanation to the origin of the Powerpuff Girls.

8- "Paste Makes Waste / Ice Sore"

Airdate: January 13, 1999

Paste Makes Waste Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 08

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 08.1-0

The episode begins at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, where Ms. Keane and the kindergarteners are making crafts with popsicle sticks and glue. As he takes role, he notices Elmer Sglue is not responsing. The camera zooms to him sticking his hand into a tub of glue and putting it in his mouth. Mitch Mitchelson calls him a "paste-eater", and eventually the rest of the class does too, eventually ending with Buttercup throwing a glob of glue on Elmer's head. Meanwhile, at recess, Elmer is seen on a bench eating glue. The scene cuts to a nuclear waste factory, where someone accidentally drops nuclear waste. He uses a rag to clean it up, but sees green glowing material on it. Another person wipes his face with it, and tentacles grow from his cheeks. The rag is eventually discarded, where a fly finds it and eats the nuclear product, causing him to mutate. It eventually makes its way to the glue jar, where Elmer eats glue infected with the fly. Elmer then turns into a glue monster, as the Girls begin to try to fight the monster. Blossom and Bubbles are attached into the monster, and until Buttercup apologizes, they will be stuck in the monster's body. Buttercup then realizes that apologizing is the only way to stop the monster, and as she says she's sorry, the monster becomes nice as Blossom and Bubbles become detached.

Ice Sore Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 08

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 08.2

On a very hot day, Blossom discovers that she has a new power: ice breath. Bubbles and Buttercup get annoyed by it because they don't have that power. So, they try to do something to stop her. Blossom said at the end of the episode that her Ice Breath was used up, but she continues to use it in other episodes. When the ice breath ran out, she used fire breath as a replacement because it is now chilly and cold.

9- "Bubblevicious / The Bare Facts"

Airdate: January 20, 1999

Bubblevicious Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 09

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 09.1

After a simulation test passed by Buttercup, Professor Utonium tells Bubbles to go next. However, the Professor lowers it down to Level 2 because he thought it was "too much" for her. In this test, she had to fight a robot that was too small and seemingly harmless. Bubbles tells the Professor that she is as tough as Buttercup and Blossom. However, the robot zaps her and she fails the test. The Professor then tells her that she's "not ready" for the higher levels yet. This upsets her and leaves. Then, at bedtime, Blossom tells the Professor to leave the hall-light on for Bubbles. Bubbles claims to has faced her fear of the dark, but the Professor just dismiss it as her "acting brave." After Buttercup teases her for "being the scarediest," the Professor says goodnight and leaves, leaving the door open once again. This has finally proven to be the last straw for Bubbles, as she sneaks down the lab and takes another test this time at Level 11, which is the maximum level.

In her test, Bubbles has to fight a huge army of monsters. At first, it seems she was going to fail once again. However, tired of being dismissed as "cute," Bubbles soon defeats all of the monsters and becomes more aggressive than she ever was before, even declaring herself "hard-core." During recess, the girls play duck-duck-goose, and Blossom tags Bubbles and teases her for being slow, but Bubbles catches her off ground, and then the hotline rings. The Mayor is stuck on a huge traffic by Talking Dog, and Bubbles brutally beats him. Then her sisters appear and are surprised and not happy about Bubbles' new behavior and tries to cool her down, but Bubbles does not listen and leaves them.

Soon, she goes on a destructive rage in Townsville, senselessly beating up people for mainly minor crimes (e.g. Littering, stepping on the grass) Later, Mojo Jojo kidnaps her and makes her part of his plan: to get Bubbles to cry for her sisters and trap and destroy them. By doing the former, Mojo straps her in front of a laser. He turns on the laser, but has no effect. Then, he tries Level 11. At first, it seems it was finally going to work, but Bubbles breaks free and brutally beats up Mojo. With Mojo down, Blossom and Buttercup come to her rescue, but are amazed to see that Bubbles defeated Mojo all by herself and take on the laser at Level 11. They realize that they have underestimated her and finally calls her "hard-core." After that, Bubbles apologizes and returns to her cheery self again, However, Mojo regains consciousness, and zaps Bubbles and the girls and Bubbles fights back by repeatedly beating up Mojo as the episode ends.

The Bare Facts Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 09

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 09.2

Mojo Jojo takes the Mayor of Townsville hostage, but The Powerpuff Girls manage to track him down and defeat him. The Mayor asks what happened, since he was blindfolded the whole time, and could only hear them fighting. The Mayor first thought he saw a ghost with pink eyes but only seen Blossom laughing and wanted to know what was so funny. The girls tell their own stories about what happened, arguing along the way. At the end, the Mayor says he just wanted to know what was so funny, but the Powerpuff Girls take off without leaving him answers. At the end of the episode the camera pulls away and reveals that Mojo has definitely "stripped more than his power" as the Mayor is naked, save for his hat and monocle, asking the Powerpuff Girls to tell him what was so funny.

10- "Cat Man Do / Impeach Fuzz"

Airdate: January 27, 1999

Cat Man Do Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 10

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 10.1

After arresting a man about to use a jewel to power a ray (and saving the jewel), Bubbles takes his cat away from the crumbling building, ultimately deciding to take it home with the Powerpuff Girls. Blossom and Bubbles like the cat, but Buttercup doesn't. Yet after taking her yo-yo away and playing with it like it's a rubber mouse, the girls fuss over it. With a consent for the cat to spend the night with the girls, Professor Utonium goes to his lab and leaves the sleeping girls. However, the cat finds its way into the Professor's lab and playfully swipes at the air.

Next morning, the girls make breakfast for the Professor on terms that the bribe will convince him to keep the cat. But to their surprise (and initially anger, unexpecting the answer), they are allowed to keep him- but they are shocked when the Professor doesn't allow Bubbles to hold the cat and runs into his lab. With him making some kind of invention under the cat's watch, the girls sadfully watch and are banned from the laboratory.

That night, the Prof. and 'Kitty' steal exactly the same jewel as in the previous charade, called the 'Cat's Eye' jewel. When the Powerpuff Girls get news of this, they are upset. Buttercup states 'they took care of the guy', but Bubbles thinks that the cat hypnotizes people; the man wasn't the real criminal, but the cat was (which means the cat has hypnotized the Prof). However, Buttercup shoots down the theory. At the exact moment, the cat tells us his evil plan- to make the household feline the ruler of the houses in a 15 mile radius. With the beam working perfectly, Townsville cats are soon dining on turkey, sleeping on beds, and allowed to scratch furniture (and even having the Mayor lick his own cat).

The girls find the beam, to Bubbles delight, as her theory was right. With the Professor acting like a very angry cat, the girls are sad to know that their dad is trying to destroy them (alebit under hypnosis). The professor accidentally knocks over his 'master' and jumps off a high building roof to retrieve it, to the girls' horror. Blossom catches him, and the prof. watches his cat disappear. Blossom punches him, which snaps him out of his trance. He thinks the whole episode was a dream, and the girls take him home, while the cat cries out from a tree.

Impeach Fuzz Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 10

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 10.2

It's campaign time - and this time the Mayor will have to fight for his title. When Fuzzy Lumpkins tells the Mayor to shut up, he touches a nerve with the citizens of The City of Townsville, minus the worried Mayor. Pretty soon, despite the Mayor's hardest attempts at winning popularity vs Fuzzy's...doing absolutely nothing, it's Lumpkin's turn in City Hall, and the Mayor's out on his head (literally).

Fuzzy turns city hall into a 'literal' pig sty, as well as forcing Ms. Bellum into a country girl routine and forcing the girls to follow his every idiotic desire, such as catching his pigs. Eventually, the Girls conclude that Fuzzy is even more incompetent at his job than the Mayor is. Soon, Girls and Miss Bellum find the mayor, and try to convince him that the city needs him, though he doesn't care. It isn't until Miss Bellum mentions Fuzzy wearing his hat that makes him snap out of it. The Mayor, after agreeing, arrives to the hall, complimenting about not minding the things Fuzzy did to his office, challenges Fuzzy for his hat through wrestling.

When the match is about to begin, Fuzzy brings out his relatives (according to Fuzzy "If'n ya rassles one of us, ya rassles us all!"). The mayor chooses, unexpectedly by everyone, Professor Utonium to help, though he easily gets knocked out by Fuzzy. Then, after the bell had sounded, the Mayor takes a hillbilly beating from Fuzzy and his cousins and even with some lightning-quick help form the Girls, things look bleak when Fuzzy squishes him underneath the hillbilly's rear. However, as the countdown is almost to "3," until Fuzzy dons the Mayor's hat, making the Mayor berserk! Then, he shows few wrestling moves of his own, tackling and hitting Fuzzy. Finally, after landing a belly flop to knock Fuzzy down and out (for a few seconds), the Mayor wins, takes back his precious hat from Fuzzy, and regains his rule of Townsville. And starting out, he asks the girls to "help me catch my pig" as the episode is about to come to an end.

11- "Just Another Manic Mojo / Mime for a Change"

Airdate: February 3, 1999

Just Another Manic Mojo Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 11

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 11.1

A beautiful day in Townsville is a bad day for a people-hater like Mojo. But things start to look up when the Powerpuff Girls accidentally send their baseball through Mojo's window. While trying to aim the Giganto Destructo Powerpuffo Ray at the Girls, Mojo is forced to engage in a game of hide-and-seek. Looking for their ball, the Girls destroy Mojo's lab, except for the all-important ray. Mojo aims and locks the ray, only to discover that Bubbles is about to touch his favorite possession: the ming vase, stolen during the very first crime he ever committed. Of course, Mojo ends up in the line of fire as he tells them off, destroying the vase and making him finally give up. Fed up with the Girls he gives them their ball back and throws them out, only to find out the next day that he "saved the day" by giving the Girls their ball back and he screams in frustration.

Mime for a Change Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 11

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 11.2

In the beginning of the episode, happy and ever-colorful Rainbow the Clown is entertaining a group of kids for a birthday party (which is hosted for a boy named Jim). He sings a song, making the kids laugh and cheer. At the end, he dances to the road, only to hear a bleach truck approach! The bleach truck notices Rainbow and flops on its side, and safely goes around Rainbow. Rainbow says that was close, but the bleach truck breaks apart, spilling bleach out all over him. The bleach makes Rainbow's colors disappear and the joy drain out, replacing everything with hate and greyscale. The truck driver asks if he is okay, and, horrified by the color, Rainbow drains the color from him. A boy tries to speak, but Rainbow drains his color, too. Rainbow then stomps on the ground, turning Townsville black and white. Of course, Rainbow the Clown has turned into the evil Mr. Mime, who takes away color and joy! He then moves onto the rest of Townsville.

Meanwhile, the Powerpuff Girls are heading to school on a bus. Bubbles is singing and coloring. When she is done, she holds up a picture of them. Blossom nods, and Buttercup stares. She complanes to the bus driver about how close they are, and he says they have one more stoplight to pass. But the stoplight has no color and the bus almost collides with a car. But the girls save them both. Once they hug each other, Bubbles yells, "WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE COLOOOOORR?!?!?!" Sure enough, Townsville is two-toned, looking somewhat like an old-time movie! Bubbles frantically starts to color Townsville as Blossom and Buttercup search for clues. They finally find Mr. Mime and chase him into an alley. But when they don't see him, he goes behind them and drains their color and movement. Meanwhile, Bubbles just now notices her sisters' absence. She looks for them, and is so horrified at their lack of color she starts to cry...until she gets the idea to recolor them with her crayons.

She tries the approach, but to no avail; Blossom and Buttercup are still black and white and comatose. Realizing her crayons can't help, she drops them to the ground and screams "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" until she gets another idea.

Bubbles sets up drums on a big stage, and Buttercup and Blossom up as well holding a Hofner bass guitar and V-shaped electric guitar, respectively. She begans to play, and the second she starts drumming color starts returning. Her sisters wake up and start playing their guitars and then Bubbles starts singing lead. Yes, the song Love Makes The World Go Round shows everyone that happiness is all in the color. All the color returns, and with it the happiness and life of the people of Townsville. During the song, Mean Mr. Mime, furious at this turn of events, attempts to turn the girls black and white again. Blossom begins her guitar solo and notices Mr. Mime approaching. Blossom shoots magic waves from her guitar and zaps Mr. Mime, changing him back into his normal, colorful, cheerful self as Rainbow.

At the end of the song, Rainbow sings his gratitude to the girls, who, in return, beat him up and throw him in jail, most likely for draining their color as Mr. Mime. The narrator announces the day is saved once again, and the girls continue performing from there.

12- "The Rowdyruff Boys"

Airdate: April 7, 1999

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 12

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 12

After suffering numerous defeats at the hands of the Powerpuff Girls, Mojo Jojo is at the end of his rope. During his most recent stay in prison, he realizes he needs to "fight fire with fire", using his phone call to ask Professor Utonium what the girls are made of.

Deciding that "sugar, spice, and everything nice" is "too girly", Mojo decides to make male equivalents of the Powerpuff Girls, collecting snips, snails and a puppy dog's tail. For the final ingredient -Chemical X- he uses the digustingly filthy toilet in his cell. One flush and explosion of toilet water later, Mojo discovers that his "seeds of evil" have indeed borne fruit; floating before him are Brick, Boomer and Butch - the Rowdyruff Boys. At first, Mojo is filled with the joy every new father receives, and embraces the boys. Although they immediately threaten to beat Mojo up, the evil simian directs their aggression towards the Powerpuff Girls instead. He offers to lead the Rowdyruff Boys to their foes, and they bust him out of prison.

The next day, the Rowdyruff Boys challenge the Powerpuff Girls to a battle just after the latter bring down a giant octopus monster attacking Townsville. Both trios deliver furious strikes to their opposite numbers, but the Rowdyruff Boys gradually gain the upper hand - in no small part due to their disregard for property damage and the safety of Townsville's citizens. Desperate to protect the people, the Powerpuff Girls try to lure their evil counterparts out of the city, but the Rowdyruff Boys "kick in the afterburners", overtaking the girls and knocking them out with toxic fumes. Before the girls can recover, the boys deliver a brutal blow that sends them hurtling into the street below, seemingly defeating them once and for all.

With his perennial enemies down and out, Mojo gloats at his fortress while celebrating with his creations. Back in the street, the tears of Townsville's grief-stricken citizens fall on the Powerpuff Girls, bringing them back to life. Ashamed by their defeat, the girls prepare to leave Townsville, but Ms. Bellum calls them back, insisting that the citizens love them too much to let them go. The brainy secretary also offers an alternate means of battling the Rowdyruff Boys; instead of violence, "try being nice".

With Ms. Bellum's advice. the girls head to Mojo's lair, drawing out the Rowdyruffs for another round. This time, however, the girls forgo their fists in favor of flirtatious looks, confusing their foes long enough for them to each plant a kiss on their opposite number's cheek. Overcome with disgust and horror, the Rowdyruff Boys explode into their base components, leaving Mojo to be arrested once again. In the wake of their victory, the girls discuss the fun of kissing, although Buttercup strongly disagrees.

13- "Uh Oh Dynamo"

Airdate: May 28, 1999

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 13

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 13

The City of Townsville is home to many landmarks, except for Mount Rushmore. It's most famous landmark is little Tokyo Townsville, a Japanese-like addition to Townsville where the Utonium family is having a family outing. However, all is not fun and games when a giant fish balloon interrupts their fun. The girls take on the monster, with the Professor worried that they're going to get hurt.Buttercup says that they're supposed to fight crime and giant monsters.

That night, at the Utonium chateau, the Professor builds a giant robot and shows it to the girls. The robot is called the Dynamic Nanotechtronic Monobot (or "Dynamo" for short). It is equipped with state-of-the-art, internal tele-operated, intelligent protection, with multi-layered titanium reflux-chambered shielding, and a fully loaded, defensive smart strategic combat arsenal, all megalith-martial-combat ready with an anti-aggressor exo-deflector array. The Professor urges the girls to use it. Blossom agrees, but only if the girls really need it.

However, after a week of crime-fighting, monster-mashing and disaster-dealing, the Dynamo gets neglected. Then, on Saturday, as the family enjoys the evening paper boat race in Tokyo Townsville's Bonsai Gardens Park, the monster from before shows up, calling forth its even bigger cousin. The girls try to stop this giant fish, only to get injured and beat up.

As the monster goes off destroying Tokyo Townsville, the Professor begs the girls to use the Dynamo, but the girls refuse. Finally, the Professor has had enough of this negligence, and he threatens to ground the girls if they don't use Dynamo. Having no choice, the girls accept. The girls ready the Dynamo to fight this beast.

The monster is still destroying Tokyo Townsville until the Dynamo shows up. The Dynamo tries to fight, but its protective safety shield activates, with the monster sending the robot flying through numerous buildings. Blossom turns off the safety switch that the Professor left on all week.

The Dynamo gives the monster what for, by attempting to throw darts and cutting it with its bow. However, the monster still stands. Having no other option, the Dynamo grabs the sign from the bowling alley and grabs the three stars from the sign, throwing them like shurikens at the monster. They end up on the monster's lip, and it pops like an actual balloon, deflating all the way to Mount Rushmore. With the monster defeated, the Dynamo does a victory dance.

The Mayor not only thanks the girls, but he also berates them on destroying Tokyo Townsville with the Dynamo, and says that they shouldn't use the Dynamo again, calling it a "Bot-strosity." The girls point to the Professor, telling the Mayor that he made them use it. The Professor, nervous, flies away on his chopper.

And so, as the Narrator says, the day is saved...uh, destroyed, by the girls...well, actually, the Professor. The Narrator adds that just because the Professor's a genius doesn't make him a smart guy.

Second Season

1 (14)- "Stuck Up, Up and Away / Schoolhouse Rocked"

Airdate: June 25, 1999

Stuck Up, Up and Away Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 14

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 14.1

A new student named Princess Morbucks arrives at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. Everyone treats her nicely but, she acts rude and stuck-up to her peers. Finally, she came upon a class hamster and says it is ugly. After hearing the insult, the hamster runs so fast on its treadmill that the glass breaks up. The Powerpuff Girls save it and everyone cheers for their heroes. But, Princess is not cheering. She thinks about how nice it would be to become a Powerpuff Girl. She goes and begs the girls to be a new member. However, the girls laugh and refuse her offer, because Princess doesn't have any super powers and they don't want her to get hurt. This causes Princess to cry to her father. In order to get his daughter silenced, her father gives her a giant wad of cash.

One morning, when the Powerpuff Girls went away to save the people from the robbery in the bank, Princess follows them, but she only messes everything up, causing the robbers to escape, so Blossom tells her that what they are doing is very dangerous and that she doesn't have any superpowers or any crime-fighting experience to become a Powerpuff girl. Naturally, Princess becomes very angry and runs off to her father and whines to him about the ordeal, and then blames him for not giving her enough money to buy her good gadgets. Her dad then give her a big silver briefcase and she becomes happy.

At the next day, Princess arrives at the school. She is angry at the Powerpuff Girls and gives a speech about how they humiliated her and turned everyone against her. Ms. Keane tells her that fighting isn't allowed in the building. This causes her to blow up the school wall, attacking the girls in the process. Buttercup then rushes into battle, but is defeated. Bubbles then rushes, but is blasted by a powerful ray from Princess. Blossom then battles her and then effortlessly beat her with her sisters. She finally defeats Princess by using her ice breath. Princess, in tears, eventually asks them why they won't let her be a Powerpuff Girl. Blossom tells her it's because she's just a spoiled brat. She continues by saying that being a Powerpuff Girl is not about getting one's way, having the best stuff, being popular or being powerful, but about using one's own unique abilities to help people and the world they all live in. Then she concludes that Princess has done nothing worthy of the name Powerpuff. Finally, Princess is then sent to jail and the episode ends.

Schoolhouse Rocked Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 14

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 14.2

The Gangreen Gang meet a truant officer named Jack Wednesday at an arcade and he told them that they need to go to school, since they never went. They are sent to Pokey Oaks Kindergarten and bully all the kids there.The Powerpuff girls try to stop them but Ms. Keane reminds them they are not allowed to fight in the classroom and give them a time out during recess. At recess time The Gangreen gang hurts all the kids by throwing dodgeballs to their faces. Ms.Keane finally tells them that they can "play dodgeball with them" (meaning "defeat them").The Powerpuff Girls then smash The Gangreen Gang's faces with dodgeballs.

2 (15)- "Collect Her / Supper Villain"

Airdate: August 6, 1999

Collect Her Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 15

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 15.1

The tables have turned when a comic book geek named Lenny Baxter goes too far when he kidnaps the girls and traps them inside his power packages to complete his collection of Powerpuff toys. This causes the whole of Townsvile to rise up against him to rescue their heroes. They convince him to let the heroes go when the Professor allows the children of Townsville to unwrap Baxter's toy collection. Baxter later is put in a larger collection...for criminals.

Supper Villain Plot

The Powerpuff Girls' next door neighbors all seem very nice until Harold Smith keeps on hearing reports about the Powerpuff Girls helping the held-hostage Mayor escape the clutches of Mojo Jojo. Then when the Powerpuff Girls go to Harold and Maryanne's house, Harold goes practically insane and says that when the meal is done, he'll melt the Professor's head off his shoulders. It all comes to a head when Maryanne serves coconut cream pies for dessert and Blossom throws the first pie at Harold, leading to a pie fight. At this point, the police show up to take Harold away and Professor and the Girls leave in a haste. Maryanne blames the girls for ruining her dinner - apparently, evil runs in the family.

So, once again, the day is saved - and dinner ruined - thanks to the Powerpuff Girls.

3 (16)- "Birthday Bash / Too Pooped to Puff"

Airdate: August 20, 1999

Birthday Bash Plot

While in prison, Mojo Jojo, Princess Morbucks, and the Amoeba Boys all come up with their own plans to destroy the Girls. In the morning, the Girls are dying to open the presents when the time has come for, the Girls to open their gifts they rush to choose a present, and, not realizing that gift is from Mojo, they open it and a giant robot comes out. It destroys everything, but the girls get rid of it and Mojo's plan fails. Afterwards, they choose another gift and it's from Princess Morbucks, but there is nothing in it but a target. The girls see a giant rocket flying toward it and the girls destroy it at once! The Princess's plans fails. Next, the Amoeba Boys present is chosen by the girls and there are dolls in it. Later HIM tries a plan of his own.

Too Pooped to Puff Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 16

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 16.2

The usual thing occurs in the City of Townsville: something bad happens and the Powerpuff Girls come to save the day. However, after so many years of the Girls saving the day, the people start selfishly using them to do meinal duties (like replacing a lightbulb, cleaning up a litter box, etc.) Even the Professor is using them to give him the TV remote just because he can't reach it himself. Tired of them doing pretty much everything for Townsville, the girls leave the Professor (save for Bubbles, who grabs the remote to give it to him, only to throw it on the floor and following after her sisters).

The Girls reside on a cloud, while Townsville has another giant monster attacking. The people find them and, to their surprise, the girls want them to handle it! Due to them having the Girls doing everything for them, it's pretty much typical that the citizens have absolutely have no clue on how to handle a giant monster. And when they finally do, it's stuck on electrical wires and they spray it with water, effectively blowing it up. Thus, the citizens finally learn how to take care of themselves, except for the Mayor who asks the Girls to clean up the whole city.

So, once again, the day is saved, with no thanks to the Powerpuff Girls.

4 (17)- "Beat Your Greens / Down n' Dirty"

Airdate: September 10, 1999

Beat Your Greens Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 17

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 17.1

The episode begins with a strange UFO hovering over earth. Inside are broccoli beings, who plan on complete world domination. Meanwhile, the girls and every kid in town are eating dinner. They are all served broccoli, but refuse to eat it. Professor Utonium shows the girls how to eat broccoli, but in the process, the broccoli had been planted with a mind control device that knocks the professor and every parent in town to the ground. The girls head to the Townsville Harvest Field to find out what is causing this. They find a weird, pea-pod like plant. Just as they are discovering it, the broccoli aliens land on earth. The girls first try to fight them by beating them up, but it causes them to regenerate their body parts in the process after each hit. Blossom begins to realize that the girls must defeat the broccoli by eating the broccoli, and with the help of the professor's advice, Blossom and the girls eat a bunch of the alien broccoli. The broccoli king declares war against the girls and Townsville, and begins to invade the city. The girls manage to convince all the kids in Townsville to eat for their parents. The war begins and the kids and girls attack the broccoli with any weapon that they can use against them, including cheese, pepper, rabbits and even goats. The kids end up surrounding the broccoli king and all 3 girls take a giant chomp out of him. The kids had become the victor of this battle and reunite with their parents. The next day, the professor and the girls go food shopping, the girls end up in the produce aisle along with other kids as they attack any veggie that they could find.

The narrator credits not only the three girls for saving the day, but the "hungry little tykes of Townsville," too.

Down n' Dirty Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 17

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 17.2

The girls get dirty from fighting an oil monster, so the Professor runs a bath for them, which Buttercup detests, because she believes only big, fat sissies take baths. The next day, Buttercup gets stinky when the girls fight a booger monster and doesn't see the point of her sisters taking a bath since they'll just get dirty again the next day. The Professor orders Buttercup to take a bath and she refuses, so she gets thrown out the house. The following day, Buttercup fights another monster and gets even dirtier while her sisters head to school. When Buttercup comes to school late, her stink leads to Ms. Keane starting the fire alarm and everyone leaves her. All around Townsville, Buttercup offends everyone with her stench to the point of an angry mob chasing her away. As Buttercup vows to never come clean, another monster rises from the water and sucks her in his nose, then blows her out upon smelling her. At this point, Buttercup finally agrees to take a bath, to her sisters' satisfaction. Although Buttercup is now all squeaky clean, she tells Bubbles to shut up, claiming she only took the bath to resume fighting monsters, then Blossom declares that Buttercup's attitude still stinks.

And so the day is bathed, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls.

5 (18)- "Dream Scheme / You Snooze You Lose"

Airdate: September 24, 1999

Dream Scheme Plot

Putting everyone in the world asleep can be a hard job and the Sandman has been wanting to get some sleep, so to make it easier, The Sandman builds a machine that puts everybody to sleep forever. Suddenly, the Powerpuff Girls crash his good dreams. Then, the Sandman promises that he will never sleep again and finally, he wakes everybody up. However, the Girls go to bed and sleep in late anyway.

You Snooze You Lose Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 18

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 18.2

Mojo Jojo creates the perfect plan to destroying The Powerpuff Girls ever, but because wind blew in from an open window, Mojo's plans fall into the Amoeba Boys' hands. When the Girls see the plan, they think that it is a scavenger hunt for a ride. They collect all the pieces to make the machine and the Girls ride it to find out that the "ride" was actually a trap. Mojo Jojo then sees that the Amoeba Boys are using the machine so Mojo Jojo kicks them out and takes control. The Girls then find out that they were trapped in gum so they chew as much gum as they can hold and beat up Mojo Jojo.

6 (19)- "Slave the Day / Los Dos Mojos"

Airdate: October 8, 1999

Slave the Day Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 19

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 19.1

The Gangreen Gang is at an underground subway, where all of the Gang soon get up after seeing an oncoming train, except for Big Billy. Due to his weight, he is unable to get up. Suddenly, the Powerpuff Girls come and rescue Billy from sudden death. The next day, Professor Utonium announces that the Girls have a visitor---Big Billy, who has switched sides following the incident. Suddenly, the phone rings, and the Mayor has a call stating a bank robbery is in place. Thanks to Big Billy's weight, the robbers get away. The phone rings again, this time to explain an art theft at the Townsville Museum. Big Billy destroys valuable and irreplaceable art to avoid the thief from escaping. However, at the third call, a giant monster is attacking Townsville. However, when Big Billy tries to destroy the monster, he ends up destroying Townsville. Blossom is furious, and demands that Big Billy "caused much less collateral damage as a member of the Gangreen Gang". Saddened by the message, Big Billy returns to the Gangreen Gang, where they stage a plot to get revenge. The Gang are back at the underground station, where they try to trick the Powerpuff Girls into going down there. Suddenly, Big Billy traps all of them in a steel bar, but comes later and rescues them upon hearing the word "choo-choo". However, the Powerpuff Girls then give each Gangreen Gang member a beating, indicating that "crime doesn't pay".

Los Dos Mojos Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 19

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 19.2

The girls are fighting Mojo again when Bubbles gets bonked on the head leading her to think she's Mojo Jojo, so she wears his clothes and proceeds to destroy Townsville with the Robo Jojo. Since Blossom and Buttercup are unable to fight back, she easily defeats them. With this, Mojo thinks he and Bubbles can rule the world together, but Bubbles intends to rule the world alone so Mojo knocks her out again, declaring that there's only enough room in the world for one Mojo Jojo - himself. Regaining consciousness, Bubbles returns to normal and upon seeing the damage done to Townsville, she assumes Mojo is responsible and proceeds to beat him up just as her sister come to, relieved that their sister is herself again.

7 (20)- "A Very Special Blossom / Daylight Savings"

Airdate: November 26, 1999

A Very Special Blossom Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 20

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 20.1

It's near Father's Day, and the Girls are doing everything that they can to make the Professor happy. What he really admires is a golf set worth $2,000, but he knows that it costs too much. Blossom, on the other hand, decides to do something with it so while they're stopping a crime, Blossom notices that the window to the golf set is broken, so she steals it. The Professor gets arrested and to get him out of jail, she blames Mojo Jojo for her crime, but Buttercup and Bubbles remember that Blossom said she found the golf set. When Blossom attempts escape, Butercup and Bubbles corner her and Blossom admits that she stole them. Blossom is then made to do 200 hours community service as punishment.

Daylight Savings Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 20

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 20.2

After saving Townsville day and night, the Girls become so exhausted from all the fighting that they fall asleep in school.

Despite the fact that they're heroes, Ms. Keane tells the Professor to give them a curfew, banning the Girls from saving the world after 7:30PM. It wasn't long until the Professor realized that it's Daylight Savings Time and all the clocks are set back to the one hour. As a result, the Girls are free to save Townsville again.

8 (21)- "Mo Job / Pet Feud"

Airdate: February 18, 2000

Mo Job Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 21

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 21

Princess Morbucks is tired of failing to come up with a good plot to destroy the Powerpuff Girls, so she bribes Mojo Jojo to create a brilliant plan. After a bit of thinking, experimenting, and developing, Mojo Jojo unveils his plan - a gun, with both chemical X and the antidote to the chemical. They both put their plan into action, and Mojo shoots Princess with the gun, giving her powers like the girls. The next day, at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, the girls hear a distant plea of princess (and, missing the fact Princess was no brilliant actor), rushes to her aid. They stumble upon her being tied up in Mojo Jojo's lair, and the fight begins. She reveals her new-founded powers, attacking the girls, and egging Mojo on to blast the Powerpuffs with the antidote X. Blossom, observing around her, noticed a written sticker on Mojo Jojo's gun:

"Special Liquid Electron gun for shooting the antidote of chemical X at the Powerpuff Girls and eliminating their powers."

Blossom warns her sister as the gun is shot, but manages to grab her out of harms way before she is hit. She quickly nabs tiles from Mojo's bathroom, and hands them to the girls, to reflect the beam away. With another shot, just as that happens, the beam reflects against the tiles, and hits Princess. The episode ends with the two villains in jail. Though they think that Princess losing her powers was punishment enough they make her do time anyway just for the spite of it.

Pet Feud Plot

The Professor creates a pet called BEEBO, but he told The Powerpuff Girls they must only feed him once. The Girls each feed him once, not knowing that he has already been fed by Blossom first. In result has turned him into a giant monster and begins eating everything in Townsville. He then exploded because he over ate, turning into a bunch of small, cute, little BEEBO's for everyone (except for the Mayor because he doesn't understand the limits of feeding it, and the Narrator for reasons unknown).

9 (22)- "Imaginary Fiend / Cootie Gras"

Airdate: March 17, 2000

Imaginary Fiend Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 22

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 22.1

The episode starts with the Narrator saying it's famous line: "The city of Townsville..." Then adding: " A Friendly place that awakens every morn, with the friendly sound of friendly children, heading of to a friendly day of education"

In a panorama of Townsville we can see how kids from every house join in the street and head to Pokey Oaks Kindergarten except one who lethargically follow slowly. The kids rush to the entrance of the Kindergarten just as the bell rings, but the one who walks slowly stops at the entrance and stare at the door. Ms. Keane opens the door and greets him by saying: "Well, hi there! We been expecting you... Come on in! Don't be shy..."

In the classroom Ms. Keane addresses the class room saying that she has a "little surprise." Blossom suggest that she is getting a "nose job," Bubbles says she is getting married while Buttercup says that she is getting fired. Though Ms. Keane seems some what irritated by their comments she says: "No, not that kind of surprise" and introduces the new student Mike Believe, but Mike shyly hides behind Ms. Keane's legs in fear of the other students. Ms. Keane tells Mike to take a sit and he sadly walk to his chair in the back of the room. Bubbles greets Mike on his way, but he doesn't respondent and keeps walking as the other students watch. In recess Mike sits alone in the sand box when a mysterious noise is heard. Then Mike looks around as if he heard someone called him. His eyes fix at some point in space above him and he stars talking to himself while girls watch him. Buttercup insist that Mike is weir, but bubbles defend him saying that there is nothing wrong with talking to yourself and she herself starts to talk to herself.

Back in class Mike starts laughing alone and says: "That's funny. Yeah, I think girls are gross too" When Ms. Keane asked; "Mike, who are you talking to?" Mike responds: "My new friend,Patches" Everybody, except Bubbles, starts to laugh. In the following of the class, Mike is found guilty of several mischievous action, as trowing a paper ball at Bubbles, dipping a girl's hair in green paint, and drawing a line in the "c" of Blossom's spelling bee so that the word "cookie" reads as "dookie." Because of this Mike is punished by Ms. Keane saying that she think he need a "time out" and he sat in a chair in the corner of the room. In story time, Ms. Keane is about to read the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, when Bubbles notice the chair behind Ms. Keane move by itself. Ms. Keane fall to the floor and, naturally, blames Mike, who was behind her, for the movement of the chair. Bubbles defends Mike saying that she the chair move by itself, but Patches Blossom is skeptical when Ms. Keane's apple flies in the air and land on Blossom's head. Then a chair and a can of paint are thrown trough the air, and Bubbles come to the conclusion that Patches must be the one behind this. Then the words "Ha Ha Ha Ha you can't stop me!!" are written on the board. The Girls try to stop Patches, but Buttercup, speeding towards a can flying in the air, smashes into the wall. Blossom trip's while flying and smash in a pile of clothes. And Bubbles flies to the board Patches is erasing, but is top by a cloud of charcle dust. The Girls then are knocked out by Patches who then write on the Board: "Poor little powerpuffs! can't you be more creative than that? Im waiting" The girls feel defeated when Bubbles says she images they finally met their match, immediately Blossom has the idea of imagining their own imaginary friend to combat the evil Patches. The Powerpuff Girl's Imaginary friend is a mixture of the Blossom,Bubbles and Buttercup favorite qualities, being strong, smart, and a bunny. Powerpuff Girls's Imaginary friend is a female bunny scientist, with glasses, a red ribbon on her head, a "pretty dress" and combat boots. She Beat up Patches, who was eating, breaking Patches and Ms. Keane's desk in a looney-tune style. When Powerpuff Girls's Imaginary friend is ready to go Blossom says "Thanks!,"Buttercup says "Your cool!," but Bubbles says: "Wait! Im going to miss you!" assure Bubbles that she will be in her imagination, "Hanging out with her other imaginary friends," but when Bubbles suggest kooz as a friend she says: "You mean that Kooz jerk? No, thanks"

At the end of this episode the Narrator finished with it usual line; "Once again the day is save thanks to the Powerpuff Girls...," but adds "At least I think so..." referring to the way Powerpuff Girls's Imaginary friend actually defeated Patches.

Cootie Gras Plot

During a romantic day in Townsville, Harry Pitt (the boy who had "cooties" at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten) starts chasing girls around, trying to kiss them. It just so happens that Mojo Jojo is stumped to find a perfect weapon for his crimes, he meets Harry and they both team up to terrorize Townsville, later gaining the help of the Mafia. Their crimes end up so successful, that they are able to hold the mayor hostage. When the girls arrive at the scene, Mojo lets open a trap door of which they fall into and then Mojo drops Harry down through the trap door. Harry once again starts chasing the girls, trying to kiss them. He ends up kissing Blossom on the cheek, yet, nothing bad happened and Blossom seemed to enjoy it. The Girls realized cooties didn't exist. They then start kissing Harry all over, fly out of the trap door and beat up Mojo. Mojo goes to jail, but this time, his prison mate is smiling creepily at him. This can only mean really bad news for Mojo.

10 (23)- "The Powerpuff Girls Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever / Just Desserts"

Airdate: April 28, 2000

The Powerpuff Girls Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 23

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 23.1

It's a rainy day in Townsville so there's no crime fighting for the girls. Instead they make up their own adventure where the girls fight a giant alligator unleashed by Mojo Jojo. Ironically, when the sun comes out, it actually happens, so once again, the girls have to save the day because playtime is over.

Just Desserts Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 23

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 23.2

The Smiths unite to destroy The Powerpuff girls after Harold Smith is revealed to be a supervillain and Marianne Smith complains that her dinner was ruined. It is a sequel to "Supper Villain."

11 (24)-"Twisted Sister / Cover Up"

Airdate: May 26, 2000

Twisted Sister Plot

The Powerpuff Girls are getting tired of having to save the day all the time, so they decide to create a new Powerpuff Girl. Unfortunately, they do not have the right ingredients so they use artificial sweetener instead of sugar, dirt and twigs instead of spices and they put in what they think is nice such as;

  • Crayons, books, lizards, flowers, computers, footballs, stuffed animals, calculators, a mackerel, more flowers, a compass, boxing gloves, a ribbon, art, bandaids, a smiley face, a globe and a knuckle sandwich (Buttercup punches the mixture).

Finally they add the accidental dose of Chemical X. The mixture explodes like the mixture in the opening sequence and it creates a hideously oversized girl. The girls introduce themselves and try to think of a name since the girl can't speak very well. Bubbles finally comes up with Bunny. The girls tell Bunny what she has to do and they send her off to fight crime while they try and relax.

However, Bunny misunderstands what she needs to do when being told to throw away criminals (anyone who has a gun) and ends up throwing the police officers in jail and letting the criminals run free. The girls see her on the news and when they find her, they tell her that she has been bad and is not cut out to be a Powerpuff Girl. Upset, Bunny flies away.

Straight away, the girls are surrounded by all the criminals and they are beaten up by them. Up on a ledge out at sea, Bunny hears their cries and flies to the rescue, attacking all of the criminals and shouting that she has done good. But just then, her body starts to wobble and white light streaks out of her. Due to her unstability, she explodes, leaving behind a part of her dress. The Powerpuff Girls mourn their loss, knowing that Bunny was good and on this one occasion, they were the ones that were bad.

And so, for the first and only time the day is saved by Bunny... at which point the emotional Narrator can't continue asks to go to commercial.

Cover Up Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 24

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 24.2

When the Mayor calls the girls, Blossom & Bubbles looks for their sister but there wasn't any time left and Buttercup arrives late. The next time the Mayor calls them, they do not find Buttercup once again, until they discover her cuddling with a green blanket in the close, chanting, "I am a good fighter." Her sisters are hysterical, and suddenly the blanket is lost. Another monster appears, and Buttercup does not have the confidence to defeat it, until Blossom shows up with her blanket. Later that evening at home, Buttercup discovers that it wasn't really her blanket, just a fake one that Blossom found. Then the Professor turns up with the blanket, which Buttercup, surprisingly, lets him keep. Like Buttercup earlier, the Professor repeatedly chants, "I am a good scientist." Soon, after the Narrator says the usual tagline, he repeatedly (like Buttercup) chants, "I am a good narrator."

12 (25)- "Speed Demon / Mojo Jonesin'"

Airdate: June 2, 2000

Speed Demon Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 25

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 25.1

Buttercup is impatiently looking at the clock at school, waiting to go on vacation to the Bahamas. Ms. Keane gets her back to reality by calling Buttercup's name and insisting that the young Powerpuff pay attention.

For the next few minutes, Keane begins talking to herself while scribbling some complicated form of Maths on the board as her young charges look on. She gets so distracted she loses attention before realizing that her class are staring at her, puzzled.

She snaps back to herself and as the bell rings, bids the kids a goodbye. The group races past her, waving goodbye.

Outside, the door springs open with Buttercup announcing that they're free at last just as her classmates come out the door. It's soon revealed that the girls are all excited as they're going to the Bahamas.

Bubbles even announces that she's going to work on her tan with Blossom stating that they've got a whole week away from the people of Townsville and Buttercup agrees, telling them that they'll be free from the Hotline too.

"Hello, Powerpuff Girls," Bubbles says, pretending to be the Mayor. "This is the Mayor. Get over here right away. I seem to have accidentally flushed myself down the toilet."

This has both her and Blossom laughing and embracing one another. Buttercup then arrives, telling them which one of her sisters aka the slowpokes wants to race her home.

"Who you calling a slowpoke, Fathead?," Bubbles snaps.

The three girls then line up and after taking turns to count down, race off at the speed of light with Ms. Keane biding them goodbye while on the street, with their sheer power having destroyed a car, a passer-by, a man with a mustache urges them to slow down.

Soon, the race gets very intense. Blossom and Bubbles are evenly matched but Buttercup sails past them, forcing her two other sisters to increase their speed until they're all level again and then suddenly, everything just stops with the three girls themselves having frozen.

It then cuts to a close-up of the girls as Buttercup's voice is heard echoing as she says, "I told you I'd win!."

Finally, the whole thing begins moving slowly at first before returning to normal speed and the girls all land outside their house. Buttercup's thrilled about her victory but Bubbles isn't so happy, convinced that Buttercup cheated, causing Buttercup to make fun of her by pulling her pigtails.

Bubbles starts crying, calling for the Professor but he's not there. They then head into the lab where they discover an aged and miserable Professor apparently struggling to recreate the Powerpuff Girls but his ingredients don't work nor do they match whatsoever.

Upon seeing the girls, he chases them out of the lab, convinced that they're nothing more than an hallucination.

Frightened, the Powerpuff Girls flee and head outside but are shocked to discover that Townsville has been reduced to nothing but a barren wasteland. The girls then fly through the decimated city, eventually reaching City Hall where inside, they find Ms. Sara Bellum who has gone old and insane. She's mourning the death of The Mayor of Townsville.

Upon seeing the girls, she then orders them to get out, saying that the Mayor is "hers."

The Girls flee and soon reach Pokey Oaks Kindergarten which has been destroyed as well. They soon find Ms. Keane who has now aged and is also senile, endlessly waving over and again while repeating the same sentence. Blossom tries to talk to Ms. Keane but she isn't listening, instead stating that she stood waving after the girls went missing for fifty years.

The girls are stunned at the revelation just as HIM's laughter emerges. As he explains what happened, wisps of smoke begin emerging as Blossom sweats, obviously under pressure.

"I know that voice," Blossom whispers, turning around with Buttercup and Bubbles doing so too.

As they glance around, the smoke appears from behind Blossom while Him soon emerges, telling them that seconds, minutes, hours, days and nights crawled by on hands and knees as they raced the speed of light. Him then appears and floats up past them.

Sensing something behind them, Blossom and Buttercup turn around while Bubbles points at Him who is now sitting on the edge of a cliff, asking Buttercup if she remembers.

Suddenly, Buttercup hears herself arrogantly challenging her sisters to a race and as this happen, she clutches her head in dismay, saying, "No!".

Him gleefully agrees and soon gets up from where he was sitting before stating that as the girls traveled through time, the whole world went to Heck.

Blossom urges her sisters not to believe the lie and they all take off, approaching Him who simply cackles.

For the next few minutes, the girls channeling all their anger, rage and grief into their attacks proceed to beat Him. After silently crying, they give one final punch which sends Him crashing to the ground.

Him, however recovers quickly and snaps his claws just as the girls descend on him again. As they continue fighting Him, it then shows various newspaper headings with some detailing the Powerpuff Girls's disappearance, the Professor being exposed as a fraud and even the Mayor presumably dying at the age of 83.

Once the fight's ended, Him then asks the Girls if they're finished but Buttercup assures Him that he is while Blossom tells him that he can never beat them. It's soon clear that the usual fighting has taken its toll on the girls as they're all breathing rather heavily and sweating too.

Him then states, "Beat you? But, girls, don't you see? I've already WON!" before launching himself into the air with his eyes glowing green. His whole body soon grows bigger and more muscular than ever before a jolt of lighting erupts.

As the lighting ends, it's shown that Him has now grown into a powerful demonic nearly hundred times the size he normally is and he's dwarfing the girls. He then gleefully remarks that the beauty lies in the pain because it's their fault for leaving, before stating, "Just ask your friends!".

At Him's request, one of the aged and broken children of the girls's school pointed to the girls and asked them that they did this, which the others repeated.

While Bubbles puts her hands to her mouth, stunned, and distressedly, Blossom says "No...", but the demonic Him states to the girls that all he did was take over and that it was easy.

Then, now, in unison, along with the aged children's families and citizens of Townsville, while descending on the girls, they ask them to know why they did left them (then asked again by just saying "Why?"), then tell them that they weren't here to protect them (then tell them again by just saying "You weren't here", with the one that asked that they did this pointing to them), then tell that it's their fault (with the rest pointing to them), then begin chanting, "...Your fault...", while pointing to them, with the accusations leaving the girls deeply guilt-ridden and distressed.

As the chanting goes on, Blossom brokenly states, "What have we done?".

The demonic Him just cackles evilly.

The chanting continues as both Buttercup and Bubbles struggle to cope with Buttercup yelling "No. No... No!" while Bubbles starts crying and pulling her pigtails in distress.

As the townspeople continue chanting, the girls soon rush up into space, screaming "AAAAAH!" before making a circle for a few seconds. Then, as one, they then fly down to the planet, going back the way they came as they head back into the present, having seen the horrific future.

Once they've emerged, the girls then crash-land into some grass and after recovering, realize with joy that Townsville and its people are all intact and alive.

As they head home, the girls say hi to the male passerby who's now walking his dog, Ms. Keane, the Mayor and Ms. Bellum. Once they see the Professor, they crash into him and while embracing him, begin talking about what happened.

The Professor's stunned but tells the girls they've got to get ready for their vacation but after realizing what would happen in their absence, they tell the Professor that they can't leave Townsville, not even for a weekend away in the Bahamas.

Mojo Jonesin' Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 25

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 25.2

A quarter of kids from the Powerpuff Girls school discuss their thoughts on having superpowers like the Girls, when they are approached by Mojo Jojo in disguise who offers them Chemical X. Unfortunately these kids didn't learn to just say "No!" After having fun, the Chemical X wears off, and then asks Mojo for more, but Mojo asks them to destroy the Powerpuff Girls. Despite this, the kids agree, and goes to find them. While flying, the girls notices the kids somehow flying, and they destroy the girls easily. With the girls defeated, Mojo takes off his disguise, and tricked the kids into destroying the girls so he can take over Townsville, he then escapes. The kids, shocked at Mojo's betrayal, goes after him, but the Chemical X wears off again, and uses the last of it to revive the Powerpuff Girls. Then they go after Mojo, who is at The Mayor's office, telling him that he destroyed the girls, and he can take over the city, but the girls arrive. Mojo is shocked at the girls' arrival. Then the girls gives Mojo a beating of what Chemical X really can do, with that, Mojo gets sent to jail, as usual. Then at school, Blossom tells all the kids to never talk to strangers, with the quarter of kids apologizing to them for destroying them, then Mitch asks what was it like having superpowers. The kids say that it was cool, which Blossom agrees. Then the episode ends here.

13 (26)- "Something's a Ms. / Slumbering with the Enemy"

Airdate: June 30, 2000

Something's a Ms. Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 26

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 26.1

Each day, Ms. Bellum takes the rest of the afternoon off and each night she calls the girls whenever a crime is committed, but the girls are unable to find any clues.

One day, Ms. Bellum fails to show up at the office when the Mayor receives a ransom note from his fax machine - Sedusa is holding Ms. Bellum for ransom and wants a million dollars.

The Powerpuff Girls take the ransom to Ms. Bellum's house where they find she somehow single-handedly subdued Sedusa, but of course it's actually Sedusa in disguise and she easily takes the girls out with her new hair gel. At this point, Ms. Bellum steps up to fight Sedusa and beats her in the swimming pool. Sedusa tries to retaliate, but the water has broken her hair, so Ms. Bellum uses water to free the girls. Sedusa tries to beat Ms. Bellum and the girls without her hair, but Ms. Bellum and the girls defeat her by cutting off her hair. The Mayor of Townsville is glad to have Ms. Bellum back and the girls reveal that the ransom was just the Mayor's dirty laundry - the whites. At this point, the Mayor heads off to the prison before visiting hours are over, to everyone else's confusion.

And so, the day is saved, thanks to Ms. Bellum and the Powerpuff Girls - the Cuties of Townsville.

Slumbering with the Enemy Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 26

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 26.2

The girls invite their friends from Pokey Oaks Kindergarten to their house for a slumber party. There Mojo Jojo sneaks in as Mojesha, so he can finally defeat them. He does so using Antidote X on them, knocking them out and removing their powers. At this point, Mojo reveals himself to the guests and gives a gloating rant about how the Powerpuff Girls are now normal little girls, only for the guests to beat him up with their pillows as the girls regain consciousness to see Mojo getting what he deserves for being a party pooper.

So, for the very first time, the day is saved - thanks to the normal little girls.

Third Season

1 (27)- "Fallen Arches / The Mane Event"

Airdate: July 28, 2000

Fallen Arches Plot

This episode start with the Narrator's famous line: "The city of Townsville..." Whoever instead of being the Narrator saying the phrase we hear the news reporter of Townsville on a new channel. He adds: Was once again on the brink of destruction today. But thanks to the brave efforts of those adorable Powerpuff Girls, the day was saved. Up next, buying soap can-"

Suddenly, the TV where report was being aired is turned off and trough the reflection we can see the figure of an old man frowning. He has a voluminous head, pointy ears and a pointy nose, large cheeks where he has a scar in the left one, he has 4 hair in the left of his head, and wears a monocle in his left eye with a black shirt. Then man refers to the Powerpuff Girls as "stupid kids." In his room, he washes his teeth, sits in his bed and picks up and holds an old picture frame of the Minister of Pain while continually expressing his malcontent with the girls with phrases such as: "No good whipper snappers" and "Little girls even." He then stands up, walks to his closet, and opens it. An evil laugh can be heard has the camera zooms out of Pokey Folks asylum.In the morning, in Pokey Folks asylum we can see two elderly men playing a games of cards in a table, when the old man form before approaches and trows a black belt with a skull as the bucked in the table and says, "Well boys, we're back on business"

Later on the Powerpuff Girls receive a call through the phone as there was a problem in the bank. Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup head out to the bank, but when they arrive Blossom is surprised to find out that the robbers where actually three elderly men.

The three elderly men are dressed in black and with a white skull in the middle of their shirt are leaded by the old man we saw earlier in the episode. When Blossom demanded to know who they where he asked: "you mean you don't recognize the most feared evil doers Townsville's ever known?" and added: "Ooh forgive me, of course not, it was before your time, my child" He then introduces himself as Mastermind, and his commarads; Counterpart being a big and stout and "cohort" being small and short. They compose the Ministry of Pain. Mastermind claims that they have come out of the timeout to continue the rein of evil and do many bad and nasty things. He claim that they will be victorious because Townsville protectors are, he said and I quote, "pathetic little children, little girls even" When Buttercup and Bubbles heard this they became irritated and tried to confront Mastermind, but where stopped by Blossom who can't bring herself to allow the Powerpuff Girls to beat up old-time villains because it would be considered being disrespectful to their elders.

As The Ministry of Pain left the bank, carrying sacks of money, Mastermind thanked Townsville for their riches and the Powerpuff girls for realizing they are no match for the Ministry of Pain. While in the bank everybody, including Bubbles and Buttercup, are resentful at Blossom for letting the Ministry of Pain get away.

When the Girls talk to the Mayor he shows them what the news papers are publishing about their defeat, but encourage them not to be disappointed because they are the Powerpuff Girls who can fly, lift heavy objects and 'laser bean people'. However, when he heard Blossom's reason, particulaly their enemy's name, The Minister of Pain he becomes distraught, running to the window screaming "We are Doomed!" He is not convince by Buttercup's and Bubble's attempts to convince him that The Minister of Pain are easy to defeat. Instead the shows an old video clip featuring what he claims to be the only superheros to have bested the Ministry of pain. The video clip is presented by Cogs-well News called Time Pieces made in 1944 and it seem to be a news clip or a propaganda of some sorts. We can see an old super hero duo,Captain Righteous, and his sidekick, Lefty, defeat and imprison the Minister of Pain. When the video is over the girl have already left.

Before the Powerpuff Girls visit we can see how the former Captain Righteous heats water in his oven, grabs an box of powder tea which it empties in his #1 cup and sits in his couch until the bell is rang. We can see how his apartment in Pokey Folk is a total mess, with pizza slices, soda cans and sock everywhere. When he opens the door he refers to the Powerpuff Girl as Punkin heads, but when they call him Captain Righteous he smiles. The Girls and the old Captain Righteous sit in the sofa as he sits in his couch. At first he believes that the Powerpuff girls want an autograph form him, but when Buttercup tell him that the Minister of Pain has returned he stand up and sated in a heroic pose: "City of Townsville, you will once again be able to safely purches your Frank Sinatra old playing disks, for I Captain Righteous will once again, single-handedly, defeat the Minister of Pain" However, immediately after Bubbles ask about Lefty he screams "GET OUT!." The girls are frightened and leave.

When the girls visit the former Lefty we can see that he complete opposite form Captain Righteous in the decoration of his apparent, where the Captain Righteous is mess and dirty with a prevalence of dark color,Lefty is clean and neat with white and light color decoration. Lefty, instead of making tea is making popcorn, and he also refers to the Powerpuff girls as punkins. When he is told that the Minister of Pain as returned he feel distraught as Captain Righteous hate him and they are not able to confront their enemies together as once they did. But Blossom assures Lefty that Captain Righteous is willing to fight by his side even tough he isn't, and to Captain Righteous she says that Lefty has no intentions of fighting alongside him. So both of the agree to fight the Minister of Pain.

When the Ministry of Pain is coming out of a jewelry they just stole they are confronted by Captain Righteous who comes down flying from above. He orders them to stop, but the Ministry of Pain starts to run with out stopping when they are stop by Lefty who appears in their way. He says that they should stop or slow down whenever Captain Righteous says so, but Captain Righteous is surprise to see Lefty and ask him what is he doing here. Lefty is surprise at the question and states that he is his right hand man. Captain Righteous is mad and claim that Lefty is here for all of the glory and non of the work. Lefty in his turn become infuriated and they begin to argue. Lefty says it fine, where in response Captain Righteous says fine back, and Lefty says fine, again. Until Mastermind get irritated by this an throws Lefty breaking his hip. Seeing this, Captain Righteous rush to help him when Lefty tells him that he has to fight alone. Then he flies and collides with the Minister of Pain, resulting in both villains and heroes having to be sent to the hospital as an emergency.

This episode ends with Stanley Whitfield covering the news on the elderly men having to be sent to the hospital, stating in his opinion that perhaps none of this would have happened if the Powerpuff Girls would have just saved the day.

The Mane Event Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 27

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 27.2

It started off like any other morning: the sun rose up and shone through the girls' windows, awakening them from their slumber. Bubbles is the first to rise, her hair in tangles. Then Buttercup wakes up, her hair equally a mess. But when Blossom wakes up, her hair is absolutely perfect: It's straight, luscious and shiny, the qualities any sane girl would want. Bubbles and Buttercup look at each other and smile as they silently form ideas.

The two of them groom Blossom's beautiful hair, until they end up angering her with their ridiculous styles (a racetrack with hairpin turns, and Fluffy the Hair Bunny). "Give me a real hairdo!" Blossom requests, so they begin combing out the tangles, but when Buttercup finds a knot, she begins to tug on it, subsequently ripping out a large portion of the hair. Shocked at what's befallen them, they casually state that they just have to trim it up a bit, but all that does is worsen the situation. Just then, the hotline rings. Blossom picks it up as per usual, but when she orders the girls to "move out," they can just barely hold in their laughter, but they won't tell her what it is. So she flies out towards downtown, not wanting to deal with the girls, which is when they fall over laughing.

When we finally get to see the results of their work, even the narrator is laughing at her atrocious haircut. They come to a giant, floating monster with eyes on all sides, but as the girls try to fight it, the monster laughs at Blossom's hair. She still doesn't realize what's going on, but as Bubbles, Buttercup and Townsville's citizens look on and laugh, she turns to a glass window and sees her ruined hair revealing the reason why everyone are laughing at her. Blossom gets so humiliated that she flies home, hiding under the Professor's bedsheets and feeling upset. As she watches the live news, she can't help but feel even worse. The reporter says that, since the monster can see everything, the girls just won't be able to defeat it. The professor comes in and comforts her until she's finally comfortable with her hair—when she gets an idea.

She goes back down to downtown, this time acting like the clown she looks like. No only does the monster laugh at her hair, but also at the jokes that she so calmly tells him. The monster laughs so hard that he shuts all his eyes, and the girls end up defeating it easily. The towns people celebrate, and after Bubbles asks if they're even, Blossom zaps their hair into hot messes and said "we're even."

2 (28)- "Town and Out / Child Fearing"

Airdate: August 18, 2000

Town and Out Plot

The Utonium family moves to the town of Citiesville, which is home to the world's top research lab. The Professor was told that it's a great place to live. The girls don't know about the town being great. The family moves into a motel room, which, despite it being so messy, the Professor states looks great. The girls travel to school in a school bus, but all the other kids think that the girls aren't popular. The girls then notice a fire nearby, and ask the teacher if they could save it. The teacher gives a displeasing look, and the girls simply continue studying, leaving the firefighting to the professionals. After school, the girls ask the professor what he thinks of the town. He ecstatically answers that it's great.

Sometime later, they try to patch things up with the mayor of the town. Afterwhich, the mayor receives a call from the chief of police that the bank is being robbed. The girls rush to the scene of the crime, and put a dent into the criminals' car. After the criminals head for the bridge, the girls use their starburst ray to stop them and destroy the bridge. However, when the police arrive, they start to cry over the loss over the bridge.

Later that night, the girls have a serious discussion with the mayor, and he informs them that they cost the city millions in property damage to the bridge to catch some men who only stole $400. He states the bridge is an irreplaceable historical landmark that is the main route in and out of the town. Because of this, he signs a bill that bans all superpowers (including flying) from the town, and forcely tells the girls to leave. Angry and fed up with Citiesville life, the girls walk to their new home and tell the Professor what they really think of the town. The Professor sheds tears of joy, telling the girls that he hates the town so much. Happily, the family moves back to Townsville as the episode ends.

Child Fearing Plot

In the beginning of the episode, Professor is running late for a science presentation and isn't seeing straight. He puts deodorant in his hair and hair spray under his arms by mistake. The girls watch him rush away, then, when he is gone, smirk. Moments later, Professor rushes back in to the phone, having forgotten the babysitter. He calls Mayor, who is busy with a game, and Mayor winds up calling Mojo to babysit them. Mojo comes in, telling the girls, when Professor is gone, to help him destroy Townsville. The girls promised to obey the babysitter to Professor, so they find a loophole by demanding dinner. Mojo agrees, so long as they help him destroy Townsville afterward. After an amazing show of cooking food, it turns out the food is gross.

Instead of living up to their word, the girls demand Mojo find Bubbles in a blindfold. Blossom and Buttercup instruct him into a highway.

Mojo is worn out, and gives up taking over Townsville, but the girls demand to watch TV. Mojo says only if they shut up, so they turn on the TV, just in time for "Blarney the Singing Sea Serpent." The music is soft at first, which amuses Mojo, but the music soon goes high and screechy ("If I were a rabbit I'd HOP HOP HOP! If I were a rhino I'd STOMP STOMP STOMP! If I were a fish I'd... SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM!")

The girls make Mojo do a destructive dance to the show, and finally Mojo has had enough and makes them go to bed ("If I were a dog, I'd ROLL ROLL ROLL! If I were a ball I'd BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE! If I were a rake, I'd RAKE RAKE RAKE! If I were a hammer I'd POUND POUND POUND! If I were a candle, I'd--" "ENOUGH! I HAVE HAD IT! IT'S! TIME! FOR! BED!!!").

They demand a story, and with tears in his eyes from being stressed, he agrees if they will go to sleep. They nod, and he gives them a short story about Napoleon. The girls say it was boring, and then give him real facts about Napoleon and hit him with pillows.

Mojo has had enough. He runs to the phone, calls to police and begs to be saved. The girls hit him, and he rushes into the police car and says, "Free at last." When the car speeds off, the girls say, "Bye, Mojo. Thanks for all the fun!" Professor is back now, asking what the girls were doing outside. "Oh, just saying goodnight to the babysitter," Blossom says. Her sisters nod, and Professor says, "That's my girls. But it's time for bed." The girls high-five, and that's the end ("If I were a narrator I'd END THIS SHOW!")

3 (29)- "Criss Cross Crisis"

Airdate: September 8, 2000

When the professor's inventions go wrong, it causes everyone to switch bodies. Buttercup switches with the Professor, Blossom switches with Miss Bellum and Bubbles switches with the mayor. Buttercup starts to cry at her wrong body and gets pushed by Blossom "Keep it down! I'm trying to sleep!." Later, the professor shows them what he was trying to do. Then, the mayor calls. After he calls, they get dressed in their clothes. Bubbles won't leave because she has a bald spot. Blossom just combs some hair on the bald spot. They go to the bank and see that everyone has switched bodies. Mojo Jojo is there and tells them that it was Fuzzy Lumpkins and they go find him. But when they get to Fuzzy Lumpkins' shack, it is just a gentleman in Fuzzy Lumpkins' body. Bubbles gets a call from the Mayor about another robbery. Once again, the girls find Mojo Jojo at the crime scene. This time, Mojo said it was the Gangreen Gang. The girls rush off and burst into the gang's hangout to find that they had switched bodies with teenage girls, and they are seen reading girly magazines and getting pedicures. The girls in Snake's and Grubber's bodies suggest that it was Mojo Jojo that's been committing the crimes. The girls burst into Mojo's lair and beat up the old lady that he switched bodies with. The girls rush back into town and fight Mojo Jojo. Soon, the professor manages to fix everything and the girls send Mojo Jojo to prison. And once again, the day was saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls!

4 (30)- "Bubblevision / Bought and Scold"

Airdate: September 15, 2000

Bubblevision Plot

Bubbles has trouble seeing while her sisters Blossom and Buttercup are busy battling a giant ant attacking Townsville. Bubbles needed glasses so she could see better, but Blossom and Buttercup laughed at her so she didn't wear them. But then she couldn't see. Her sisters were about to be crushed by the giant ant as they pleaded Bubbles to use her glasses. In response she wore them and destroyed the ant. After that her eyes were accidentally cured by Buttercup's laser vision. At the end of the episode she couldn't hear what the Professor or the narrator were saying.

Bought and Scold Plot

Townsville is home to many villains such as Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins and HIM, but they have all been beaten by The Powerpuff Girls.

One day, the girls are at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten when The Gangreen Gang burst in and start causing trouble. The girls get ready to attack them, but Ace shows them a decree claiming that crime is now legal. They fly to the Mayor's office, only to find that Princess Morbucks has taken over after bribing the Mayor with Turkish delight. Princess declares that if the girls try and stop anybody from causing crime, she is going to throw the girls in jail. All over Townsville, people are being robbed by criminals who have been released from prison and the Powerpuff Girls' house is robbed of nearly everything. Later, in bed, the girls are crying about crime being legal, when Blossom has an idea after Bubbles' convincing. When Princess goes to get a glass of water, she gets robbed of everything, and she starts panicking. She calls the girls to her office, and begs the girls to bring back her belongings. But the girls refuse, because Princess made crime legal. Princess, dejected, signs a new decree saying that crime is illegal again and she sends the girls to look for her stuff. They catch every villain in town and return to Princess', claiming that none of them stole her stuff. As Princess starts to panic, Bubbles giggles and Princess realizes that it was the girls who robbed her.

The girls then bribe Princess with her stuff to give back Townsville to the Mayor. They give her the stuff back, but not before her daddy wakes up and sees that the stuff is gone. He sees Princess with the stuff outside and (Not heard, but it is assumed) punishes Princess as she yells and cries at the girls, who have taken off.

5 (31)- "Gettin' Twiggy With It / Cop Out"

Airdate: September 22, 2000

Gettin' Twiggy With It Plot

At Pokey Oaks School, Ms. Keane asks Mitch Michelson to take care of Twiggy, the pet hamster, while Mitch seems to be torturing her. The girls try to convince her not to let him, but when they look at him he looks innocently. Mitch leaves school on bike and returns to home (or trailer). Back at Mitch's house, the girls are looking through the window. Mitch picks Twiggy up, appearing to be cuddling her and offering her some hamster food, so the girls don't need to look at him, but Mitch puts the entire jar of hamster food into Twiggy's mouth. Then, he puts Twiggy into a controller car and drives her all over the room. The Powerpuff Girls stop him when Twiggy is about to fall down from stairs. Mitch again promises to be nice to her. Then they go outside of his room and discretely look through the keyhole. While Mitch initially appears to be stroking her, the girls notice a pair of electrical wires, where it turns out he's about to electrocude her. The girls come right on time, before the clips reach Twiggy. Mitch starts crying and states that he never had a pet. The girls give Twiggy and again appears to take care of her. Then she's strapped to a rocket. The rocket flies all over the house and lands in the toilet. Mitch sadistically flushes Twiggy down the toilet. She went into the sewer, where lands in a drum of radioactive waste. Back in the bathroom, the angry girls are asking, why Mitch flushed her down. He says that it was an accident. Before the girls can interrogate him further, the house shakes and the floor cracks, and mutated Twiggy comes up from the toilet. Mitch quickly escapes from home, while Twiggy follows him. The girls fly behind them Then Twiggy catches up Mitch's bike and the girls grab him. Mitch thanks them for helping him, but the girls are actually helping Twiggy. He says he'll do anything to avoid this fate, so the girls and Ms. Keane punish him for not taking good care of Twiggy by making him run on a hamster wheel with Twiggy chasing after him.

Cop Out Plot

The City of Townsville loves their hard-working police department. However, one cop named Officer Mike Brikowski is the worst ever--he lets everyone else do all the work while he sleeps and eats doughnuts. One day, there's a bank robbery and his partner, Perez, calls for back-up while he's asleep. The rest of the cops arrive to handle it. The Police Chief notices Mike sleeping and yells at him to wake up, but to no avail. Soon, the Powerpuff Girls show up and stop the robber, then Mike and his partner drive away. Mike wakes up to hear his partner tell him how the girls saved the day, but Mike says that the girls are taking all the credit from the police and also tells him to stop for his first doughnut of the day.

Later, the Chief calls Mike to his office and fires him. Mike hands over his badge, sunglasses and doughnut (he gets to keep the gun as a souvenir). Mike thinks the chief fired him because he has to make cutbacks thanks to the Powerpuff Girls. He destroys a picture of the girls before leaving. That night, he watches television in his apartment when he sees the girls on the news. He goes into a rage and throws the TV out the window, planning on getting rid of the girls once and for all.

The next day, Mike tells the Mayor that crooks are planning on taking confiscated weapons and asks what to do. The Mayor suggests calling the Powerpuff Girls, to which Mike agrees. The girls arrive and he tells them where the crooks are. They go in as he warns them to be careful. But his former partner, Perez, follows him and calls the Chief to say that Mike is up to no good.

While the girls are inside, Mike releases a gas to put them to sleep. They wake up to find themselves chained to a large metal block over a tub of acid. They ask why he is doing this and he says that the girls are making the cops look bad. They say that isn't true and that the police are important to Townsville. He ignores them and lowers them into the acid. The other cops arrive to arrest Mike. Perez tries to stop the crane, but is too late. He raises it to find out if the girls are okay. For the first time, Blossom discovers that she and her sisters are immune to corrosive acid, thought it leaves little bruises.

While Mike is being taken to jail, he utters the tale of a good cop gone bad. Blossom responds by telling him that he's not a good cop gone bad, but a bad cop gone worse, much to the narrator's amusement. The narrator then tells Mike that he cannot have any doughnuts in jail before using the end tag, thanking not only the girls, but also the Townsville police force.

6 (32)- "Three Girls and a Monster / Monkey See, Doggy Two"

Airdate: October 6, 2000

Three Girls and a Monster Plot

This episode is about Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, and a monster. While Buttercup and Blossom are arguing which is better in battle the plan or the pure fight, one Giant Orange Monster is destoying Townsville. The Powerpuff girls are not acting like a team and are not able to beat the giant reptile. But then Bubbles just nicely asks the monster to stop demolishing buildings and it agrees and returns back to the sea.

Monkey See, Doggy Two Plot

Mojo decides to repeat past mistakes and brush off his plan from Monkey See, Doggie Do.

The girls of course are on his tail almost instantly, but rather than beat him up they chastise him for his stupidity. Mojo has a plan however, he goes over the last episode he used this plan (Monkey See, Doggie Do) courtesy of a conveniently placed TV and cameras he placed all over the world. He reached the conclusion that his plan fell apart when he turned the girls into dogs were they then bit him. So this time he 'isn't' turning the girls into dogs and equipping himself with a steel butt protector. Confident in his victory he asks what the girls will dare hope to defeat him now.

They whoop him. The curse is lifted and Mojo 'Dog' is back in the pound with a 'very' large bulldog.

7 (33)- "Jewel of the Aisle / Super Zeroes"

Airdate: October 20, 2000

Jewel of the Aisle Plot

A nameless, clusmy crook robs a jewelry store in Townsville, only to be persued by The Powerpuff Girls.

They chase him to the roof of a factory that packages a cereal called Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets. The Girls lose track of him. He then nearly escapes, but the Girls get back on his trail. After another short chase, he falls through a skylight and the jewel he stole falls into a cereal box. After losing it in the factory, he follows the delivery truck to Malph's. He goes through every box in the store except one, which he concludes must contain the jewel. But before he reaches it, Professor Utonium grabs it. Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets happens to be the Girls' favorite cereal.

Not knowing the professor or his relationship to the Girls, he follows him to their house. Upon realizing who lives there, he tries to come up with a plan to get to the jewel without being recognized. After seeing the Girls watching a Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets advertisement, he decides to dress as the cereal's mascot. But it isn't as easy as he thought. The Girls insist that he attempt to trick them, just like in the commercials. He tries many disguises: Lucky Captain Rabbit King's "twin brother" [to which Buttercup denounces as "weak"], a "grandma baby-sitter," Mr. Phan - their gardener, a monster attacking Townsville, and eventually Santa Claus. While all of these plans fail, the last one proves to be the worst as the crook tries to climb a lot of trash cans in order to go down the chimney. A vicious squirrel attacks him after he get off one a helicopter. Afterwards, the crook uses another helicopter and dives into the chimney. He struggles with all his might, but it's no use. He's trapped in the chimney! So he cries hopelessly until the emergency workers come to get him out. After they get him out, he reveals himself as "Lucky Captain Rabbit King" and cries that all he wanted was the cereal. Bubbles sympathetically gives it to him and he completely blowing his cover when he removes the Lucky Captain Rabbit King mask and starts eating the cereal until he gets to the jewel. The girls beat him up and recover the jewel, and the police take him to jail.

So once again, the day is saved, thanks to green Buttercups, blue Bubbles and pink Blossoms - the Powerpuff Girls. (Part of this delicious, nutritious breakfast.)

Super Zeroes Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 33

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 33.2

The Powerpuff Girls want to try and be better heroes. Blossom is Liberty Belle, Bubbles is Harmony Bunny, and Buttercup is Mange. They get their chance when a monster comes to destroy Townsville. However, there are problems now. Blossom as Liberty Belle (based on her favorite comic book heroine, Freedom Gal) drives a car (the Morality Mobile) but due to a traffic jam, she is forced to slow down. Bubbles as Harmony Bunny (based on her favorite manga character Bunny Bunny) hopped towards the monster on a pogo stick, which is as slow as Blossom now stuck in traffic. As for Buttercup, her favorite comic book hero, Spore only comes out at night, and so did she as Mange. By the time the girls finally reached Townsville, the monster already left. This went on for quite some time until the monster told the girls to be themselves and not comic book hero copycats. They thanked him for telling them to be themselves and beat him up. The monster was thankful to be defeated by real heroes.

8 (34)- "Candy is Dandy / Catastrophe"

Airdate: November 10, 2000

Candy is Dandy Plot

The Mayor starts to reward the Girls with candy as a reward for fighting crime, which makes them addicted to it. Then they start to cause mayhem over Townsville when they try to fight crime as much as they can. When Mojo Jojo steals the candy from the Mayor, he gets worried what to give the girls when they fight crime. When the Powerpuff Girls arrive in the Mayor's office, the Mayor responds, "I don't have it!" Then he tells them who stole it: Mojo Jojo, the monkey they bribed with earlier in the episode. If Mojo does crime and willingly allows himself to be defeated, the girls would get candy. When they arrive in Mojo Jojo's jail cell the monkey explains that he stole the candy to steal the most precious thing to the girls and it's more better than destroying Townsville on a daily basis. The Powerpuffs get extremely angry and Blossom say these words to Mojo, "You're a bad monkey, Mojo." in a creepy evil tone and Mojo responds, "I know!" Then the girls start to beat the living daylights out of Mojo, knocking him down and out. Then the girls had realized what they done was extremely wrong and fix everything they've destroyed in Townsville. They confess to the disappointed and saddened Mayor their greed and heartlessness and greatly and hugely apologize for the entire ordeal and their spiteful cruelty. The Mayor easily forgive the girls and rewarded them and himself to all the candy (even though the girls didn't deserve it at all)...resulting in stomach aches; Mojo lies in the background, groaning.

Catastrophe Plot

The city of Townsville is celebrating on behalf of the girls' heroics. The Mayor decrees that this day will be known as "Powerpuff Girls Day," commemorating a statue in their honor. Blossom gives a speech, promising that as long as the girls are in Townsville, evil and wrongdoers will not prevail.

Just then, a slime monster starts terrorizing the city. The girls try using their powers on it, even the Ice Breath, but nothing works. However, they try to perfect their Furious Fiery Feline formation to burn it, but as soon as they descend, the monster catches the formed cat and hugs it--it was looking for its cat the entire time. As soon as the fire gives way, the monster causes more chaos in disappointment.

The girls look all over town for a cat, but they picked the wrong one. Bubbles uses her Supersonic abilities to lure all cats into the girls' current location. They show the cats to the monster, but it soon rejects them after noticing that the cat it's looking for isn't one of them. The girls quickly catch the cats before they plummet. Just then, Blossom notices that the cat it's looking for is in its back. Blossom shows the monster the cat, who looks rather disgruntled, and the monster caresses the cat and returns to Monster Isle with it.

Job well done, girls. Now the only problem is what to do with the rest of the cats.

9 (35)- "Hot Air Buffoon / Ploys R' Us"

Airdate: December 1, 2000

Hot Air Buffoon Plot

After feeling like he has done a good day's work, he notices a maid who he thought was coming in early to start cleaning. The maid tells the Mayor that he isn't doing anything to help Townsville but it's the PowerPuff girls. He becomes enraged and trashes his office. Afterwards, he flies in a hot ballon with Ms Bellum to look over Townsville and stops crime by knocking out criminals with an extended punching glove. However, things start to go astray when the Mayor punishes the wrong people who weren't doing anything wrong (such as a man withdrawing money out of the ATM), much to Ms. Bellum's horror. The Powerpuff Girls notice that the Mayor hasn't called them the entire day and become concerned. Buttercup assures them that nothing is wrong but when they fly to the Mayor's office, they see that it's in ruins (because of his outburst earlier). They fly into town and see everyone running away. One of the Townsville residents informs them that they're running away from him. When they try to confront the Mayor, he tries to punch them with his weapon but misses them. Instead he ended up pushing a button that launches missiles. So the girls do what they can and stop the missiles from exploding. Unfortunately, the one that Blossom stopped the Mayor punches with his extended punching glove which causes a big explosion. With the town in ruins, the girls reassure him that he helps to save Townsville by calling them. The episode ends with a good laugh and the narrator says: "Oh Mayor, what would Townsville do without you? Probably be a lot better off."

Ploys R' Us

The episode starts with the girls awakening from their sleep and are a little irritated by the sun, but then they noticed something in their room that makes their eyes open wide. The room has new toys for them! The girls begin to wonder how they got all these toys. They realize that Professor Utonium must have bought the toys so they go out to thank him, but he is fast asleep. The girls continue to play with the new toys until the phone rings. Blossom answers the phone and the mayor tells them there has been a robbery. When they get to the location, they soon find out it is a toy store that has been robbed. To their horror they learn the toys that were stolen are in their room. Back at home they debate if Professor Utonium is a thief. Suddenly they see him going out; when they try to stop him they notice he is asleep with his eyes open. Bubbles thinks he is a zombie, but the girls realize that he is sleep walking.

The girls allow him to continue stealing from the store and act as if they cannot figure it out. One day the room is almost filled with toys and Professor Utonium knocks on the door and sees if he can come in. The girls try to hide the toys, but the toys break out. Professor Utonium is unhappy and he asks the girls where they got these toys. Blossom lies to him saying the city gave them the toys. Professor Utonium buys the lie and leaves the room, the girls begin to think they should stop but their love for toys gets in the way of their judgement. One night, the professor is stealing from the store when a toy turns on and awakens the professor. Professor Utonium finally realizes what he has done and takes all the toys back. The girls awaken and are angered to see all of their toys missing and no new ones found, so Blossom tells the girls that they'll keep a close eye on the professor.

That very night, the professor is sleepwalking again and the girls are right behind him. When he opens the front door of the toy store, he stops. Buttercup asks them why he's stopped. Suddenly the mayor jumps out of a group of toys and says "Now hold it right there!" Then, men armed with guns, two tanks, searchlights, and helicopters appear in and around the toy store. When the mayor tells the professor to give up, the professor says "Never!" and to the horror of the girls he grabs the mayor and pulls out a gun. Professor Utonium says "Nobody move, Or the mayor gets it!" A man on a microphone tells the professor to relax and let the mayor go, but the professor refuses.

But the mayor breaks free by punching him and ordering the policemen to open fire. The Powerpuff Girls shout in horror: "NO!!!!" This does not stop the police officers from opening fire and bringing down the professor. When the mayor congratulates the policemen, the girls begin crying and saying it was all their fault. The mayor asks them what they mean and the girls admitted that they knew it was the professor and they couldn't stop him from bringing toys to them. And Blossom says "We knew it was the Professor!" Bubbles says "But all the toys!" Buttercup says "And we couldn't stop!" Bubbles says "And all the toys!" And Blossom Says "And now he's... he's... GONE!" Then a voice says "Not exactly..." The professor reveals that the guns were mere toys and he is alright.

He tells the girls he knew it was them and came up with the sleepwalking ploy to catch them and teach them a lesson. The mayor also reveals that since there was no harm done, the toys are payed for, so the girls can keep them all. Buttercup and Bubbles are delighted, but Blossom says it wouldn't be right, so the Mayor decides to take the toys - for himself, because he always wanted a Beefy Betty.

10 (36)- "The Headsucker's Moxy / Equal Fights"

Airdate: January 5, 2001

The Headsucker's Moxy Plot

A leech-like midget man called the Robbing Leech is stealing important information from people's minds by biting their heads, and it's up to The Powerpuff Girls to get down to the bottom of this before he strikes the again. To stop the Robbing Leech, the Girls use the Mayor as bait.

Equal Fights Plot

The city of Townsville has always been a place where people are satisfied, they get there fair share and help each other out.

While at school, the girls receive a call from the Mayor saying that the bank's being robbed and they dash into action. The narrator asks what kind of MAN is robbing the bank, but the robber turns out to be a WOMAN named Femme Fatale who demands Susan B. Anthony coins (only since other money has men on it). Right before she can escape, the girls appear on the scene and quickly haul her off to jail. Femme Fatale claims to the girls that the city of Townsville belittles their talents, also pointing out that female superheroes aren't looked up to as much as male superheroes are. Realizing this shocks Buttercup, causing her to drop Femme Fatale. Before she hits the ground, her fall's broken by a construction worker and she flees, but the girls quickly apprehend her once more. Femme Fatale somehow convinces the girls that sending her to jail would be a blow for all womankind and that they're on the wrong side. They set her free and return home, allowing her to commit more crimes.

At school, the girls scare the boys when one knocks a girl down playing catch and causes much fear for them. Back at home the Professor is in the middle of cleaning the house and politely asks the girls to clean their room to which he receives a death glare, later while destroying her male dolls, Blossom receives a call from the Mayor asking them to save the day. Blossom denies, tells him to do it himself and hangs up. Ms. Bellum calls them and ask them to meet her in the Mayor's office where they are confronted by her, Ms. Keane and three other women of Townsville. They talk about the girls' new outlook on life and try to correct it. Making them realize that the boy who knocked the girl down was only playing with her, that the Professor only asked them to clean their own room and not do all the chores, and that the mayor couldn't save the city because he doesn't have superpowers.

The three other women then talk when the sisters talk about girls looking out for each other. A female teller at the bank Femme Fatale robbed, a policewoman whose arm she broke, and a teenage girl whose hairstyle she stole (she gets looked at funny, as it was selfish reason anyway). The intervention not only helps the girls see they went overboard with the whole "girl power" thing, but that Femme Fatale doesn't actually practice what she preaches.

At a coin convention, Fatale's confronted by Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, who tell her the story of Susan B. Anthony: in 1872, she broke the law by voting (since American women didn't have the legal right to vote until the 19th-amendment passed in 1920) and even though she was found guilty, the authorities wanted to go easy on her and NOT send her to jail, purely because she was a woman. Susan B. Anthony didn't want any special treatment, she wanted to be treated equally, and demanded that she be sent jail just like any MAN who broke the law, which is what the Powerpuff Girls are going to do to Femme Fatale. They then attack her and send her to prison where she gives a very stereotypical complaint about how the prison uniform makes her look fat. When the narrator closes the episode he states that there are no chick narrators and something's thrown at him.

11 (37)- "Powerprof."

Airdate: February 9, 2001

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 37

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 37

Since the girls are spending too much time saving the day, the Professor has built himself a supersuit to spend more time with them, calling himself Powerprof. During a prison break, however, he starts treating the girls like babies not letting them do anything and embarrasing them. All it takes is another fight with Mojo Jojo for the Professor to realize that the girls are better off protecting Townsville on their own.

12 (38)- "Moral Decay / Meet the Beat Alls"

Airdate: February 9, 2001

Moral Decay Plot

When the girls clean the house for the Professor, he gives them a dollar coin each for their hard work. Buttercup then tends to get excited and accidentally knocks out one of Bubbles' teeth. She apologizes repeatedly and Bubbles officially forgives her the next day when she gets a dollar from the Tooth Fairy and Buttercup realizes the more teeth you lose, the more money you get. Buttercup tries to knock out Bubbles' teeth again and the Professor tells her "I know you’re the toughest fighter and you like to play rough, but under no circumstances are you allowed to knock Bubbles' teeth out -- or Blossom's." After facing disappointment, Buttercup fights a bad guy and his teeth fall out. With a greedy grin, Buttercup beats up every bad guy and steals their teeth for money. Then one day, when no crimes are being committed, Buttercup hunts down the girls' worst enemies (including Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, HIM and the Gangreen Gang), breaks into their homes, knocks out as many of their teeth as she can and takes off with them.

All the villains go to the dentist's office and they all agree that this is not supposed to happen and they have to have revenge. After finding out what Buttercup has been doing behind their backs, Blossom, Bubbles and the Professor trick her into being beaten up by the villains that she had harmed for her comeuppance, resulting in her teeth being knocked out. The Professor uses all of Buttercup's teeth money for her dental bills and Bubbles and Blossom are looking at Buttercup, happy about her punishment.

Bubbles then blows a raspberry at Buttercup as she goes into the operating room. The episode ends with the sound of drilling.

Meet the Beat Alls Plot

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 38

Powerpuff Girls - Episode 38.2

Townsville's top four supervillains have had it with getting crushed by The Powerpuff Girls, so they head to their house with different weapons (Mojo Jojo with a giant robot; Princess with her technological powers; HIM using his demonic superpowers; and Fuzzy carrying a big rock). Their argument disturbs the girls, who fly out to warn them to keep it down, but are blasted by the rays of Mojo, Him, and Princess, while Fuzzy throws a rock onto them. To their shock, the villains realize that they have finally beaten the Girls. They resolve to work together, reasoning that this is the key to their success, and create a team called The Beat-Alls.

The Powerpuff Girls subsequently try to stop them from robbing a bank, but are again defeated by the Beat-Alls' group tactics. The team of villains defeats The Powerpuff Girls repeatedly, until at last the girls stop attempting to save the day, leaving The Beat-Alls free to continue their rampage. Back at The Powerpuff Girls' home, the Professor observes the girls despondency and offers some words of encouragement, suggesting that they break up the villainous supergroup. While robbing another bank, Mojo Jojo sees a ladder, which he climbs to find a magnifying glass through which he can read a tiny note reading "This Is A Stick Up." At first enraged, he then sees the writer—a white-clad chimp named Moko Jono—and falls in love. But The other Beat-Alls become angered when Mojo Jojo is constantly accompanied by Moko and begins wearing white clothes and participating in her odd "performance crimes."

Mojo and Moko's irritating antics soon lead to the breakup of the Beat-Alls. Without Mojo, the remaining Beat-Alls attempt to continue terrorizing Townsville; the Mayor calls the Girls, who try to stop them, but the three alone cannot keep the Girls down. The Beat-Alls are no more. Walking in another part of town, Mojo and Moko see signs reading "Beat-Alls Are Over."

The girls arrive to apprehend Mojo, and with the help of a zookeeper friend, they reveal the shocking truth about Moko: She is a performing chimp called Michelle, who had been recruited to help stop the Beat-Alls. The devastated Mojo is hauled off to jail once again.

13 (39)- "Helter Shelter / Power Lunch"

Airdate: April 6, 2001

Helter Shelter Plot

As the Girls are in space, Professor Utonium yells for Bubbles. At home, Professor shows Bubbles that her pet mice, Mr. and Ms. Squeakers has been living in his old shoes. Soon, Professor tells Bubbles, alongside Buttercup and Blossom, that she must stop bringing animals home. Bubbles replies that she only brought home mice. Professor gives her an even stare and calmly opens the closet door, allowing a horde of animals to rush out. Professor then tells a sad Bubbles that animals need to be free and that she must let them go. Later, as the Girls are done patrolling Townsville, Bubbles locks the room door.

As she does that, Blossom and Buttercup suspiciously asks what animal did she bring this time, only to find out that Bubbles brought home a baby whale! Bubbles than tells them that as she was patrolling the beach, she found him washed up on the beach sad. But, instead of simply bringing it back to sea, she ignores the Professor's rule and brings it home. As Blossom was about to scold Bubbles, they learn that Professor is coming home soon! The Girls try, but to no avail, find a proper hiding spot. Then, the whale is dried up. The Girls then turn the Professor's lab into a water habitat. Now, the Professor is home and he has brought home new sneakers. Feeling that he spends too much time in the Lab, Utonium decided to get a new hobby - jogging.

But, as the Professor gets ready to go, he is intrigued by the shoes ability to light up every time he moves. He decides to go to the lab and study them, then decides to run there. The Girls fail to distract him as he enters the lab to discover both the whale and his lab is wet. The Professor tells Bubbles that even though she deeply loves animals and wants to keep them, but if she really loves them, she must set them free to return to their families. Soon, Bubbles returns the whale to the beach and brings it home to his family. This greatly saddens Bubbles, knowing that she might never see him again. Then, a thought goes into her head and instantly cheers up.

At home, Buttercup and Blossom ask if Bubbles will be punished, or if they are gonna be punished as well, but the Professor says that no one's gonna be punished, and reassures them that everyone makes mistakes. Then, a newsflash says that something is going on at the zoo. The Professor and the Girls go outside to find out, only to realize that Bubbles has set all the zoo animals free. This leads to everyone that it was the Professor who told Bubbles to set the animals free.

Power Lunch Plot

The Gangreen Gang raids a mini-mart by shoving all types of food down their throats as fast as possible. The Powerpuff Girls arrive and chase the Gangreen Gang out into an alley. When the Gangreen Gang realizes that the alley leads to a dead end, the girls use their heat vision on them, which causes a chemical reaction with the foods that the Gangreen Gang had eaten. After the Gangreen Gang drop to the ground, Ace, the leader of the gang, presses his arms around his body, as if he was cold, and complains that he doesn't feel well and begins to shiver. His skin changes from green to blue. All of a sudden, Ace sneezes, and a gust of icy wind blows out of his nose and mouth and completely covers a nearby garbagecan. Little Arturo arrives out of nowhere and says "Bless you, Ace," and tells Ace that he "iced" the garbagecan. As Ace tries to figure everything out, Little Arturo points out that Big Billy has turned into a rock. Snake stretches over and asks if anyone has seen his hat. When Little Arturo points to a flag pole on the side of a large building, Snake stretches up the side of the building and grabs his hat. Ace asks Grubber if he felt any different and Grubber burps so loud that bricks fell off of buildings. Ace tells the rest of the gang that they somehow got super powers and the Gangreen gang attacks the Powerpuff Girls. Ace freezes Blossom, Snake sucker-punches Buttercup in the face, and Snake also drops Big Billy on Bubbles. After the Gangreen Gang leaves, the girls wake up. They find the Gangreen Gang destroying Townsville. Blossom tries to freeze Ace, but he mocks her and breaks free. Ace starts shooting icicles out of his hands and hits Blossom with a giant block of ice. Buttercup tries to attack Snake, but he ends up stepping on her, knocking her unconscious. Little Arturo and Grubber use Bubbles as a punching bag. The Gangreen Gang gather the now unconscious Powerpuff Girls and Ace freezes them. Snake grabs Big Billy and stretches high over the girls, getting ready to drop Big Billy onto the girls. Then the Gangreen Gang's stomachs start to rumble. They rush to the bathrooms but when they come out, they lost their super powers. The Powerpuff Girls break free and beat the Gangreen Gang. And once again, the day is saved thanks to the Powerpuff Girls!