Petit Petit Muse
C7 DF(1)
General Information
Type Cartoon
Created by Seoul Movie

KBS Productions

Years on Air 2008
Episodes 26

Petit Petit Muse logo

Korean Title: 쁘띠쁘띠뮤즈

Chinese Title: 百變雙子星 (Hong Kong)/雙胞胎姐妹花 (Taiwan)


580x428 1
There are twins Ara and Ari. Ara wants to be a fashion model and Ari wants to be a fashion designer. They meet Yorang who is the fashion designer in heaven.

Video Gallery


Petit Petit Muse - Opening 101:25

Petit Petit Muse - Opening 1

Petit Petit Muse - Opening 201:25

Petit Petit Muse - Opening 2


Petit Petit Muse - Single Transformations01:44

Petit Petit Muse - Single Transformations

Petit Petit Muse - Duet Transformations01:55

Petit Petit Muse - Duet Transformations

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