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Otomegamachi Bouei


Pac lOtome ~ke machi bōei shōjo-tai
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Osamu Akiba
Years on Air 2015
Movies 1

Japanese Title: 乙女ヶ町防衛少女隊

Airdate: March 13, 2015


The good and old town, Otomegamachi. Blue and Yellow are on a mission to find Petipeti Tomato. But Blue, who is very serious, and Yellow, who is very rough, do not get along. The two heroines go to the place where Petipeti Tomato is imprisoned. The girls defeat the enemy and release the Tomato but for some reason, Petipeti Tomato attacks them! It falls to the dark side because of the Dark Energy and attacks the two girls… Then Yellow chases after Petipeti Tomato even though Blue had stopped her. The two girls are separated now… Can Blue and Yellow find Petipeti Tomato and preserve the peace of the town!?

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