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Onna Choujin Pink Papillon
Pac lpink papillon
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Sosuke Higashimura
Years on Air 2013
Movies 1

Japanese Title: 女蝶人ピンクパピヨン

English Title: Female Butterfly Person Pink Papillon

Airdate: June 28, 2013


When a magazine reporter You Hamura and her younger sister are walking on the street, they’re attacked by a monster, but they’re saved by a female fighter named Justy-Angel. And after You writes up Justy-Angel, she gets grass-root support as a super heroine. But, You suddenly wonders by some incident that Justy-Angel is creating monsters, so she begins the coverage. Reiko who is Justy-Angel finds it out, and now she shows the evil character. She captures You and tortures her. Furthermore, Justy-Angel remodels You into a monster called Pink-Papillon. Reiko (Justy-Angel) orders Pink-Papillon to kill the younger sister Mai, but You recalls memory with a voice of Mai who is crying for help. You gets confused badly, and she disappears without killing Mai. Justy-Angel guesses that You who has recalled memory would be a threat, and she believes that You who has recalled memory should watch Mai, so Justy-Angel creates a new monster and makes it attack Mai. Pink-Papillon appears when Mai falls in the pinch, but right after Mai sees Pink-Papillon, Mai shouts that Pink-Papillon is a freak, and Mai runs away. Pink-Papillon loses her fighting spirit by the word, and is almost killed by the monster, but Mai senses something wrong and comes back and helps Pink-Papillon, and they manage to defeat the monster. But, a little later, Justy-Angel captures and abducts Mai in order to terminate Pink-Papillon. You (Pink-Papillon) goes to Reiko’s site to save Mai.

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