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1 (52)- "Doremi Mama ni Naru!?" ("Doremi Becomes a Mama!?")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 123:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 1

Airdate: February 6, 2000

It's the final day of the school year and the ojamajo are going over their report cards. Doremi is upset to see how badly she did, while Aiko and Onpu gently tease her. Hazuki begins to panic, which they sympathize with until seeing the rest of her marks were outstanding, making them tell her off for complaining over grades like this. That evening the girls head over to the Maho-do, as it was the night they had come to say goodbye to Majorika. Doremi informs the others that Pop couldn't stand to say goodbye so she stayed home and cried herself to sleep, which makes them feel badly onto Onpu reminds them they have to remain strong. They don't want to make this a sad time...

The girls force themselves to go inside but they find the Maho-do very dark, and empty!

They look around and are unable to find anything when they notice the magical door is shut tight. At that moment, Doremi finds a note and reads it to the others. Majorika couldn't bare to face the girls before leaving, so to her it was just easier to leave before they came. So she grabbed the yousei and Majoruka, and with Lala they left. She feels very lucky to have met them and will miss them deeply.

While it was a touching letter, the ojamajo feel badly for the fact they missed Majorika and couldn't say goodbye to everyone. But unknown to them, someone happens to be watching...

The figure summons two items, dropping one near a small table behind the girls, and using the other one, a key, to unlock the magical world door. Onpu notices the item and after they realize it belongs to Majorika, the girls decide to go and return it to her. She mentions that the door was locked, but when Doremi finds a key in the door handle, she easily manages to open it. While the girls are happy, this suspicious behavior is obvious to Onpu and she tries pointing it out to them. But it doesn't go noticed and the four girls head inside.

Meanwhile, in the magical world many witch are making discussion regarding the fact that a baby will be born from the Queen's rose very soon, since it's been 100 years since the last baby's birth. This baby will have a huge amount of magical power and the witch to take care of it hasn't been decided just yet. Some are flat-out ready to refuse the job if they get asked.

Majorin heads into the Queen's room to inform her that Majoheart, the doctor of the witch world reports that this baby will be born in a couple of days. She suggests that the Queen decides who the guardian of the baby will be before it gets too late, but the Queen informs her she has already made up her mind...

Back with the ojamajo, they struggle to find the village of magic frogs when they happen to come by a strange map. Onpu is able to make sense of it and explains that Majoruka taught her to read the magic worlds writing system. Since it's so far away, Doremi suggests they just take a shortcut through the Queen's Garden.

Upon arrival, the girls find that the main entrance is blocked by two guard witches. So with no choice they have to just walk around the entire way like the map said. But suddenly, Doremi sees a big hole in one of the walls of bush and they run through it, with Onpu pointing out it wasn't there originally.

On the other side is a very big, colorful, beautiful garden!

They observe the thousands of roses surrounding them while Hazuki mentions that Blue roses may or may not be real, as they can be super hard to cultivate. They come to a block in the pathway when they find a thorny plant covered in shut blue roses. But suddenly, one of them begins glowing and opens up to reveal a small baby in it!

Before the girls have a chance to react, the baby begins to cry and is tossed from the flower. Doremi catches the small baby and it quiets down momentarily before bursting into tears again. The girls question why a baby would be in a flower as Onpu asks to hold her after she explains that a witch baby is born from flowers. Majoruka taught her this.

The moment the baby starts peeing all over Doremi though, she changes her mind as the guards of the Queen's Garden interfere and take them to see the witch queen.

The girls go to wait for the Witch Queen to come and speak to them as Majoheart checks over the baby. She reveals it is healthy but as they figured, it also has a huge amount of magical power, if it isn't raised right then it will have dire consequences on both worlds...

The ojamajo try to explain what happened to the Queen before she mentions that she will be making the ojamajo the baby's mother. Whenever a witch child is born the one who witnesses it will be the childs mother for one year. Doremi reacts as expected and begins to panic, however, the Queen believes the girls can do it and that she's watched them this entire time. She has faith in them and thats all there is to it. And they will become witch apprentice again in order to use magic.

As they are given their brand new taps, it's explained how it works and the girls use this chance to try them out!

After they try out their taps and observe their new uniforms, Majorika, Majoruka, and all of the yousei appear. Majorika scolds Doremi for returning but before she can finish what she happened to say, she instead smiles and grows happy that they can return to the Maho-do to do some business. The yousei fly to the ojamajo when they hear an unknown fourth voice and look to finally see Onpu's, Roro.

The witch Queen steps down from her throne and announces that if the girls can take care of this baby for one entire year, they will be given their crystal balls back. While it's early to tell how things will go, everything is riding on how well the baby is taken care of. Even using magic doesn't make raising a baby any easier...

With this being said, the queen brings them back to the human world using her carriage and explains to the girls how they can use their magic, as well as explaining that instead of Magic Spheres, they will be using Magic Seeds instead. So each girl puts one into her wand and they all cast a spell to transform the Maho-do into a bigger building, with the Witch Queen's aid.

The girls observe their brand new floral themed shop as the Queen takes them to the side to show them a greenhouse that has a tree of life located throughout the entire structure. She places the baby down while explaining it is an ideal spot for baby witches. With her magic she summons scarves onto the girls that contain the mark of the magical world. She asks them to wear it whenever they need to come see her. She then gives them some baby items that they can use until Dela comes by again.

Before she takes her leave, Doremi asks if Pop can become an apprentice again. She compliments Doremi for caring about Pop and gives her the tap before she and Majorin leave. The girls take this time to observe the baby again and Onpu asks to try holding her now... only for the baby to start peeing on Doremi again...

2 (53)- "Akachan Sodate wa, mō Taihen!" ("Raising a Baby, is a Lot of Trouble!")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 223:25

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 2

Airdate: February 13, 2000

Doremi and Pop are busy explaining the baby to their parents one morning at breakfast. Keisuke is beyond stunned and he worries they won't be able to handle the responsibility, but Haruka is sure it will be fine. With that said, the sisters get up and run right over to the Maho-do in order to start the day, but as they come in they are quickly silenced by Hazuki, Aiko, and Majorika. They finally got the baby to fall asleep and they need to be careful in order to avoid waking her up. They begin to argue over Doremi's decision to name the baby "Hana" but are interupted when she starts crying!

Doremi picks her up, which seems to cheer Hana-chan up for a moment, surprising everyone and after she drifts off to sleep, they take her to the Greenhouse with the Tree Of Life growing in it. After doing so, Pop observes the brand new uniform and poron and deems them to be cool. But she and Doremi begin to bicker until Pop leaves for a "date" with one of her boyfriends.

It's then the girls hear a familiar voice and run outside to see Dela with a lot of gardening items. Like plants, pots, shovels, gloves, and many many more. She begins to explain that because of the brand new shop she will give them a special promotion, and she mentions that the flowers even have the same magical properties as the magical goods did. With a wave of her hand she is able to summon a special tree, one that grows magical seeds, but only if the girls take good care of them. She then leaves afterwards to let them get everything situated and get the trees planted. Since Onpu is away working, they make sure to plant one for her also. After finishing, Doremi gets up to get some water. But unaware to them, Hana-chan has woken up and after she begins to cry, the hose the water came from goes nuts and sprays them!

After Hazuki is able to shut it off with her magic they run inside to check on Hana. Majorika points out that she must have wet her diapers, but because she herself is too tired, she leaves this for the girls to fix. But not before pointing out they still have to bring in everything from outside...

This angers the ojamajo, but they do not have the time to argue against it. They get straight to Hana-chan and surprisingly, Doremi seems to be doing very well... until revealed she put the diaper on backwards...

She keeps attempting while Aiko goes to answer the door. Seki-sensei and Yuki-sensei have come to see what the new shop was like and Aiko invites them in. She explains how they will now be working in a Gardening shop but just then, Doremi and Hazuki walk in while holding Hana!

Quickly, Hazuki claims that Hana is actually the owners grandchild and they will be watching her while her parents are away and once school starts back up in April she will be watched by someone else. Yuki-sensei goes on to say that she may stop by sometime, since she really likes gardening. But when Hana begins to cry again the two adults decide they should probably get going and they take off to let the girls work.

With that said and done, Aiko uses her magic to transfer all of the new tools and plants into the store. But because of Hana-chan's own magic all of the items get thrown around all over the place!

When Hana-chan calms down all of the items float back down as if nothing happened. The ojamajo have no idea what could have caused such problems suddenly, but they don't say much of it and get to work. Until Hana begins to cry, they run in and try to find out whats wrong when Majorika is awoken. They ask her about preparing milk and she uses her own magic to summon the proper items. So the girls feed Hana and continue discussing how magically prepared items without love isn't very good. Which results in Hana crying...

It's then they begin to smell something foul and realize Hana-chan needs another diaper change!

The girls scramble around trying to figure out what to do when they hear someone else come to the door. Much to their relief, it's Haruka. Doremi brings her mother in and she shows them how to properly change a diaper and how to prepare milk. As Haruka gives them more tips, they tuck Hana-chan in for her nap and she wishes them luck. As Haruka takes her leave the girls decide they will not rely on magic to take care of Hana, then they resume working until closing time soon arrives...

Doremi is so worn out that she skips dinner, which ironically happens to be her most favorite food in the entire world, Steak. While it surprises Pop and her dad, Haruka thinks it makes a lot of sense since she spent the entire day practicing how to be a mother. While soaking in the bath, Haruka asks to join Doremi and the two share the bath.

Doremi begins to ask Haruka if she ever had a hard time raising Doremi and she claims she never got tired of it, Doremi actually saved her as well and she begins to explain about the incident that resulted in her having to temporarily quit playing the piano. Which meant giving up her dreams of becoming a pianist, which she's wanted since she was a child. Many times she wanted to just kill herself but she realized she would also be killing Doremi. So she couldn't bring herself to do it...

The girls finish the bath and Haruka puts Doremi's hair into her odango style before she goes on to say that to become a mother, a woman has to learn through experience. It isn't just about giving birth to a child. Once she's finished, Doremi promises to do her very best before she goes on to say that she's very hungry. But when she goes to eat she sees that everyone else went ahead and finished the dinner. She then cries as the episode ends.

3 (54)- "Nemuccha Dame! Poppu no Minarai Shiken" ("Don't Fall Asleep! Pop's Witch Apprentice Exam")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 323:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 3

Airdate: February 20, 2000

The episode begins with the ojamajo observing the new portal that will take them to the magic world. After Majorika yells at them, the girls run inside to hurry up and prepare for opening the shop that day. They're all excited but Onpu points out she won't be able to do much work sometimes since she has her own job to do.

Meanwhile, Pop is trying to play with Hana-chan but she accidentally wakes her up, causing her to start crying. The ojamajo run in to calm things down while Doremi scolds Pop and after she leaves, Onpu takes note of how harsh Doremi is acting. But they don't have time to dwell on it since they need to finish opening the shop!

The girls take a group picture with their classmates and bring them inside to check everything out. Doremi is teased by Kotake, Marina bonds with Hazuki, Onpu inadvertently steals attention from Tamaki...

As this goes on, Pop watches over the others and mentions that she should have brought her friends along. After seeing Hana-chan still awake, she goes to get her and brings her out onto the bridge over the shop. When Hana begins to cry the girls rush to the area while Doremi scolds, yells, and berates Pop for her careless behavior, citing that she has to be harsh with Pop to make her learn. Onpu then takes her leave for some work she has to go and as the day goes on, a sad Doremi can't figure out why Hana doesn't like to be held by her now.

Majorika claims it's because Doremi wasn't taking care of her, but Doremi can't understand this. She does however, promise that she will just keep trying her best, but when Pop does the same Doremi yells at her again...

It's then Dela appears, who explains that she came because she thinks Hana-chan's items will be running out soon, so she had gone ahead to bring some more. She shows them the price and Majorika seems surprised by the expensive cost. Dela then leaves, after informing Pop that she can come to the Magic world tomorrow night for her apprentice exam. Pop is happy but Doremi manages to bring her mood down. Lala and Majorika tell the girls they can leave and she takes the time to complain about her lack of sleep since they got Hana. Which gives Pop a great idea! She will watch Hana-chan that night in order to stay up!

Everyone voices their concerns and Doremi even tries to tell her that she shouldn't bother, but Pop refuses to listen. She is sure she'll manage to stay up and this will prove she can take her exams. So Doremi wishes her luck despite how she feels.

That evening, Pop struggles to take care of Hana-chan greatly. She scolds Hana, causing the baby to start crying and eventually begins to feel herself feeling sleepy. Then Hana begins to cry because she is hungry. Pop accidentally gets her milk that is too hot, but manages to fix it pretty quickly. Majorika and Lala watch her, but they find themselves growing even more tired at this point and eventually pass out. As Pop tries to take care of Hana, Doremi and Dodo keep anyone from suspecting anything strange by filling her bed with something else and making it move. It seems to work but Doremi is growing tired staying up all night worrying over everything...

Pop takes Hana out of her bed, thinking she may have just wanted to be held but she struggles to do this until Onpu shows up. Onpu explains that she has just returned from a photo shoot and usually every night she comes by to help with Hana-chan. Pop explains why she is there and Onpu suggests that they sing to Hana, since it will make her happy and maybe even sleepy. This works until Onpu realizes she's putting Pop to sleep, along with Hana. So after she helps Pop they begin to sing together until things calm down, in which Pop assures Onpu that she can handle the rest of the evening.

After Onpu leaves, Pop begins to drift off to sleep until Hana begins to cry again. Throughout the evening she tends to every one of Hana-chan's needs until morning slowly begins to drift by and she realizes she has stayed up for the entire evening. She then thanks Hana before noticing she is in a very good mood and laughing. With this in mind, Pop takes her leave after she promises Hana that she'll definitely be able to stay up come the following evening in order to take her exam.

Which proves to be quite the task...

The next evening, Pop assures Doremi she is fine and she heads into the magic world through the new portal out back. But since the ojamajo worry about her, they decide to follow along and bring Hana-chan with them, in hopes of giving Pop the extra support she'll need. When they arrive at the exam booth, Mota Mota, and Mota inform the girls that Pop never showed up. As the girls discuss going to locate Pop, Hana begins to cry but they can't tell what the problem is. Onpu mentions it may be milk, much to the others surprise but when Doremi tells them she forgot to grab it, Onpu points out that if Dela brought some to the human world then there has to be some here. But they still have to find Pop, but in the end decide that Hana-chan's milk is more important. So the girls split up to locate some.

As the girls search, Hana indirectly uses her magic to summon a strange liquid mass up in the sky. But when she suddenly starts to cry, it releases it, causing a huge tidal wave of milk to wash over the location.

As Hana-chan is washed away her cries of alarm snap Pop out of her sleep and she flies over to the scene and casts a spell to help everyone. This summons a giant jar and the milk forms into bubbles that fill it. Unknowingly however, the ojamajo wind up in the jar also...

After the girls get out, Pop recieves her upgraded wand, fusing her toy trumpet with her poron because she was allowed to skip to level 6. She also recieves her own yousei, Fafa!

That night, everyone is back at the human world where Hana is peacefully sleeping. Everyone is complimenting Pop for doing such a good job until she passes out from lack of sleep. Doremi worries while listening to her, unable to comprehend what she's talking about as the episode comes to an end...

4 (55)- "Doremi wa Mama Shikkaku!?" ("Doremi Fails as a Mama!?")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 423:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 4

Airdate: February 27, 2000

One late evening, Onpu is singing Hana-chan to sleep. After Majorika and Lala awaken with a start, they panic as they find Hana missing until they see Onpu walk by while holding her. Onpu critisizes Majorika for waking Hana, then goes on to explain that she didn't have work the following morning and because she can't always be there to help during the day she doesn't mind coming in at night to help get Hana to sleep. Majorika is very pleased with this and comments on how nice Onpu is.

The next morning everyone is working hard to clean up and prepare to open the shop for the day. Doremi feeds Hana-chan while Pop comes in to introduce her fairy to everyone. The ojamajo's own fairy's take this time to get to know Fafa and Dodo attempts to show her around. As she "plays" with Hana, a customer comes in, who the girls recognize as an upperclassman who graduated the previous year. The girls explain that they are busy remodeling the shop at the time after she mentions that she had come to purchase a magic good. Doremi explains that their brand new goods work the same way as previously and she leads her to their flowers while Hazuki catches Aiko up on who Maki is.

Hearing the comments Maki makes, Doremi asks her if something happened between Igarashi and herself, then asks Maki to confine in her reguarding what happened. Maki starts to explain that he got into a private school that has a famous soccer team and because of that she rarely ever sees him anymore. She has tried calling him multiple time, but it doesn't even help. As Doremi realizes she may have the perfect item in store, she picks up a nearby plant and explains it's magical properties to her. Maki deems it a good choice and makes the purchase, going on to say that she was actually going to meet with Igarashi around two PM and takes off.

With this in mind, Majorika suggests that someone should take Hana-chan outside. The girls are a little worried but she assures them that magical babies adjust to the surroundings quicker then human babies would. So Doremi offers, though Majorika warns her to keep in the shade and take no longer then thirty minutes.....

Around three-fifteen, Doremi decides she should be heading back to the shop now but stops upon seeing Maki sitting in the park. She feels badly and decides she has to do something to fix things but quickly hides for a closer look after seeing Igarashi. Who explains that practice had been extended by an hour so he couldn't help but be late. But Maki doesn't want to hear this and attempts to leave. When he gets her to stop, she explains that he only talks about Soccer now and doesn't care about her. But he claims he can't help it since he has to put a lot of focus into the sport if he wants to be put on the team, and those who happen to make it on the team have to work twice as hard in comparison to everyone else. He thought Maki could understand how much he wanted this and she claims she does, but she hates that they can barely be together anymore.

As this goes on, Doremi follows the feuding couple. She wants to help but has no idea what she can do to fix it, since she can't just use her magic to interfere with feelings. It's then she suddenly gets inspiration and hides to change into her witch form. Doremi hides Hana and she flies over the couple and casts a spell to make a storm. After she puts Hana-chan in a safe spot, she flies high above them and casts a spell to make a storm. The couple try to avoid the rain and when they can find a spot, Igarashi uses his jacket to shield them from the rain. Doremi is happy by the turn of events but she is unaware that Hana is beginning to get upset, causing lightning to suddenly strike. This turn of event seems to make the couple stop fighting but Doremi doesn't understand where the lightning came from...

After a few more strikes, the storm ends, along with the spell. Maki and Igarashi reconcile while the flower mysteriously blooms. Doremi is happy for them but since she forgot Hana, she has to quickly return to the shop and comfort her so that she stops crying. Upon arrival, Doremi is yelled at for taking so long, but she doesn't understand what the problem is until hearing Hana begin to cough!

They get her to the tree of life upon noticing she has a fever and Majorika sends Aiko and Hazuki to make her an ice pack. Doremi feels badly, but Lala tries to keep her calmed and Pop suggests they go to the doctors, but a human doctor can't cure a magical being. Majorika also mentions that they can't go to the magical world at the time, but she has had experience with sick witch babies before. So she tells Doremi to grab the honey blossoms from the other room to make medication.

After they make it, they struggle to get Hana to take it while checking the ice pack every so often. Pop then proceeds to scold Doremi and tell her off for what she did to Hana, while Majorika agrees with her and goes on to say that while Onpu isn't there as much as everyone else, she still comes every night to tend to Hana-chan. But she can't think of a single thing that Doremi can do that actually helps Hana. These harsh words are more then Doremi can handle and she runs off for home, in hopes of seeking comfort. After she tells her mother what happened, she responds by hitting Doremi. Doremi is shocked, but Haruka explains to her that while she may feel badly and hurt, Hana-chan is in much more pain right now and Doremi should be by her side instead of running away. So before Doremi leaves to go back to Hana, her mother decides to explain some things she can do in order to help Hana-chan.

Later at the Maho-do, everyone is trying to get Hana to sneeze but she refuses. Doremi returns, much to some relief, and she explains that since Hana has to sneeze then the most painful part of her sickness is over. Aiko is worried and points out that she can't breath properly since her nose is stuffy but Doremi knows how she can fix it. Doremi informs them that they can help Hana if someone sucks on her nose through their mouth. But this grosses everyone out so she does it herself. After she finishes, Doremi tells Aiko to get some cold towels for Hana and they get her to suck on them, which makes her stop crying.

Eventually, Doremi remembers her mom was going to come by to see how everything was going. So Aiko and Hazuki transform and pretend to be Hana-chan's parents. They easily trick Haruka into thinking they are Hana's parents and she decides to take her leave, bringing Pop with her.

And so, Doremi informs Aiko and Hazuki that they can leave now since it's so late, and she also tells Lala and Majorika they don't need to hang around either. So they decide to go to bed. She spends the rest of the night taking care of Hana-chan and falls asleep until the morning light begins to shine. She is woken up when Hana suddenly yanks on her hair. Majorika checks and announces that her fever has vanished now. Much to everyones relief.

As Doremi runs to get Hana-chan some milk, her mother shows up again and mentions that she brought breakfast for her. The episode comes to an end as Doremi runs over to Haruka and announces that Hana is better.

5 (56)- "Sayonara Oyajīde" ("Good Bye Oyajide")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 523:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 5

Airdate: March 5, 2000

The ojamajo are busily working away putting potting soil and dirt into some of the merchandise as Doremi observes Hana. While discussing a baby's growth, Seki-sensei comes in to ask for some fertilizer and mentions that the all girls school she graduated from has a garden of ivy that surrounds the chapel as it's symbol. But lately all of the plants are beginning to wilt, so she was hoping if they buy some good fertilizer that would fix everything. But because it's so much she will have to make multiple trips, but with nothing better to do, the ojamajo offer to help.

Before they go, Doremi tells Pop to watch after the shop and Hana for them and as they prepare, Onpu walks in and they leave. Seki-sensei discusses the old times she's had, such as running up the steep hill when she was late, the uniforms they had to wear, and so on. While everyone observes the wilted shrubbery, the Sister that taught Seki-sensei growing up appears and she greets them. Seki-sensei introduces the ojamajo to her and explains that they help out at a Gardening Shop and she brought them along for some help, having heard what happened to all of the plants. As a student of Karen Girls' Academy she wanted to do something to save it. The Sister takes a momoment to critisize Seki-sensei, pointing out that she was pretty violent as a school girl... but she is also happy with her blunt honesty as an adult.

Everyone quickly gets to work while they discuss Seki-sensei's life as a school girl some more. She mentions that the reason she wanted to become a teacher was actually because of the Sister who taught her and helped her with many things throughout her life. Eventually when everyone hears the evening bells, they decide it's time to leave, glad that they managed to finish the work in time.

The following day, the girls are kind of tired from all of the heavy lifting they had did. While they walk, Onpu notices the Sister from the school and they ask her how the flowers and ivy are growing. Unfortuantly she has to inform them that everything has gotten worse!

The ojamajo can't determine what went wrong and they feel bad since they put all of that hard work into fixing it. The sister assures them that they have no need to feel upset and she stops to greet one of the school students before resuming by saying that while the ivy may have wilted, as long as the school stands everything will be fine.

Meanwhile, back at the Maho-do, the yousei are trying to play with Hana while the girls mope. However, they are distracted as they hear strange sounds coming from upstairs. The girls take a peek and find a packed up box, which Majorika informs them that it was simply left from when they were remodeling. Lala decides to check for everyone to see what is inside. It's the Pureleine computer! After they get it turned on, Oyajide angrily tells the girls off for forgetting about him. Doremi threatens to just shut him off again when Oyajide points out there is a cursed card at the all girls school. So with little convincing, they bring Oyajide back to the all girls school and ask permission to search and find the cause of the ivy wilting. The sister gives them permission, so begin walking around the inside of the building, checking every nook, cranny, and room they can find.

As they sit down for a break Oyajide is accused of being a liar. The sister comes by to speak with them and mentions that the wilting ivy began exactly three years ago. She had been hoping to have it restored before the graduating students had to leave, so that they could see it as it usually was...

In the end, the ojamajo take off since it's getting late. But later that night the ojamajo meet up in witch form, along with Onpu and they begin to re-search the school. The girls all attempt to use their magic to fix the school, but after a second of it seemingly working so the girls take off.

The following day it ended up reverting back to its ugly state, again!

The ojamajo return to the maho-do, worried they may have actually missed a cursed card. Oyajide claims it's just because they didn't believe him, and he seeks comfort in Onpu... Who thinks it's suspicious he would want to go to an all girls' school. While this shocks him, he claims he could never be angry with her as Hana-chan plays with the keyboard keys of the computer. Incidentally, she causes something to burst out of the computer and it turns out to be Oyajide himself!

The girls can't understand what happened since they still had a bunch of cursed cards they had to get still, but Majorika believes this to be because of Hana-chan's magic. The old man grows annoyed by the girls' reactions to him and claims his true form is much cooler, so he'll just go and track down the final cursed cards himself. Doremi and the others go to put Hana-chan back into her traveling bed/carrier so that they can go back to the school to check for the cursed card one final time. But much to their shock, by the time they turn around they find Oyajide flirting with Onpu...

After so many hours of searching the girls wind up empty once again. Hazuki is suddenly inspired and she has the others follow her to point out that since the wilting begun from the center, maybe the cursed card is NEAR the school but not IN it. The girls send Oyajide into a nearby drain/sewer, then eventually they make him dig a huge hole. But then Seki-sensei and the Sister come by, having brought the girls a snack. The sister explains that after they finish, they can go home since it's getting really late. The ojamajo feel badly since they haven't been able to help yet, but she is happy because of all their hard work.

The adults take off as the bell is going to be ringing any second, signaling that it will be time to leave. Seki-sensei mentions that the bell sounds differently from before and the Sister mentions they got them from another school about three years ago. The ojamajo happen to overhear this as they finish their snacks, causing them to wonder if perhaps it's the bell that contains the cursed card!

So after they finish and transform, the girls get up to the giant bell tower. Oyajide senses something and they cast magical stage in order to try removing it. Four cards suddenly form and Oyajide catches them all before they can get away and they are put into the computer. The ojamajo point out that it's all of them and suddenly a huge puff of smoke appears!

But... nobody is there by the time it vanishes...

The figure is seen taking off into the distance, much to the girls' surprise. They go to see the witch queen to return the computer to her and explain what happened. The Queen isn't very worried and she thanks them before taking the computer back.

The following day, all of the graduate students are leaving the school while the ojamajo and Seki-sensei watch. They notice how happy the Sister looks, which makes them feel happy too!

At the Maho-do, Doremi playfully scolds Hana for releasing Oyajide. They wonder what he may be up to when a strange man walks into the maho-do and requests some roses. The girls are weirded out by him and by the time he is near the exit, Hazuki notices a small card on the floor. She picks it up to see it's member 7's Onpu fanclub card...

The same as Oyajide's...

The man grabs the card and takes off for the hills! The girls run outside to check but he's gone by the time they get off of the property. This makes the girls burst into laughter while Oyajide is shown to the audience as the episode ends.

6 (57)- "Ijippari to Deijī no Hanakotoba" ("Stubbornness and the Daisy in Flower Language")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 623:22

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 6

Airdate: March 12, 2000

The boys are playing soccer when Kimura stops to greet Marina.

He thinks that tending to flowers on a daily basis must be tough, but she claims he probably goes through the same thing when it comes to soccer practice. After he comments on the flowers, she happily reminds him of what happened a year ago. She goes on to begin discussing flower language, and what the meaning for daisies is when suddenly they are interupted by the SOS.

The trio begin to tease Marina and Kimura by claiming they are a couple, something that highly offends Kimura, but flusters Marina. But this is soon turned bad as he calls her ugly and storms off while claiming to hate her!

Meanwhile, at the Maho-do the girls are busy working when Marina stops over for a visit an to look at the flowers. As Hazuki is explaining what each is, Doremi asks her for help reguarding the millions of seed packets she has. Marina quickly deciphers each pack and tells Doremi what is in each one, but as they try to remember what each pack is, they struggle to do so and happen to notice Marina looking upset. They ask her about it, but she claims to be fine and soon takes her leave after Doremi tells her she can come back whenever she wants.

Still concerned, Hazuki follows Marina and tries to get her to open up to her. They come to a bench and sit down to begin their discussion, but Hazuki is quick to determine it was probably Kimura again. After being informed of that happened, she grows angry while Doremi and Aiko listen from the nearby bushes.

That following day, Kimura is leaving when he runs into three very angry girls. He asks them why they have come and they demand he apologizes, but he refuses and leaves. He sees that Marina hasn't shown up yet and continues to watch during practice. But as he goes to leave, he runs into her, to see her holding a watering can. Marina tries to be nice and greet him when the SOS show up again, and when they resume teasing him, Kimura simply turns his back to Marina while the ojamajo watch from overhead.

This makes Hazuki wonder if maybe Kimura is just too embaressed to admit how he feels to Marina with so many people around, so they begin to plan something using magic in order to get them alone. She casts a spell in order to get Marina and Kimura in the same location while Doremi uses her magic to summon cows, much to Aiko's surprise until she explains that cows often block passageways on television, but Aiko points out that Doremi only summoned three cows...

But, before they can do anything the girls spot Kimura and they run into the nearby bush to hide. Upon seeing the cows, Kimura simply turns away to go and head another direction, so Doremi summons even more cows. Eventually in his panic to get the heck away from all of the cows, Kimura runs through a big bush and bumps into Marina. He tries to tell her about what is going on with all of the cows but she doesn't say anything and instead leaves...

The ojamajo head back to the Maho-do for advice but Majorika doesn't care about it. Onpu, who happens to be back points out that this isn't something they can use magic to solve. Even if they feel badly for it, Kimura and Marina have to work it out for themselves. The chat is interupted soon enough when a customer comes.

Kimura is on his way home when he sees Yada-kun practicing his trumpet and tries to talk to him. But after a while of awkward silence, Yada decides to leave until Kimura stops him and forces himself to talk about his problem. Yada manages to guess the problem and Kimura goes on to say how ugly Marina is. With his blunt behavior, Yada convinces Kimura to just go and apologize already. Kimura takes this to heart, but he has no idea how to apologize...

Meanwhile, Hazuki cannot work right at the time, as she's too concerned and worried over Marina. Kimura runs to Misora City's flower shop but notices it is closed for the day, much to his annoyance. He tries another shop but they are out of daisies and will not get another stock of them for two weeks. While Kimura runs around town he thinks about earlier and a year ago when he and Marina had officially befriended one-another.

Unknowingly, Hana-chan floats outside of the greenhouse and she comes by a field of closed up yellow flowers. Doremi runs in and panics when she sees Hana-chan is missing, much to Hazuki's alarm. While they search for the baby, Kimura comes across the flower shop. He tries to get someone to pay him attention, but Doremi rushes away when someone finds Hana-chan. He tries to tell them it's important and follows the girls outside to see a huge field of flowers.

Amongst it is a single daisy!

Sometime later, Kimura goes to Marina's house and tries to get her to talk to him, but she simply shuts the door on him instead. Only opening it with hesitation to see a daisy inside of a decorated pot being held by him as he apologizes. Marina accepts the gift and explains to him the true meaning of daisies: truth...

7 (58)- "Hana-chan no Kenkōshinda" ("Hana's Health Examination")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 723:25

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 7

Airdate: March 19, 2000

One day at the Maho-do, Aiko goes to work the shop while Hazuki is watering their magic seed plants outside in the backyard. Doremi brings a man in in hopes of getting some advice when she sees Hana-chan floating. Quickly the girls try to get her down before he notices and she leads him away, coming back to warn Aiko about the situation at hand.

Eventually, she lays back down but Doremi tries to lecture her on what she did. Hana-chan however, doesn't want to listen. Lala points out that newborn magical babies usually just float about 5 centimeters, but Hana-chan can actually float around anywhere, and way higher then that. She may actually be a genius.

Before they can discuss more, Dela suddenly shows up to ask Majorika if she's made any money yet. But she also came to remind them of the the health exam Hana-chan has to take. When the girls act displeased by the news and point out they never heard of it, Dela tells them she wrote it down in the health manual, but they claim they never got this either. She is sure she did, and she even checks to see she actually forgot to give it to them...

Dela hands the girls the book before she takes off and they begin to examine it. Majorika comments that whenever she had to take care of a baby, they measured her weight, height and other health related things. Then she had to give it milk. The ojamajo are relieved... until Majorika points out the doctor is very strict...

With this in mind, Lala goes to find Onpu in order to get her over so that they can go into the magic world and take the examination. After Onpu arrives they prepare to take off. Majorika refuses to go with them since Majoheart has yelled at her quite a bit, so she doesn't want to see her.

In no time at all the girls arrive to find a bunch of witches with their own babies. They see Mota and Motamota with their own babies, much to their surprise. As everyone is being given their numbers, the ojamajo see another old friend, Hachitaro and Surumeko. With their own baby, Atarimeko. The ojamajo are kind of confused, since neither the squid or octopus posess magic powers. They explain that the Witch Queen gave Atarimeko permission to be in these exams, as she is the first and only baby octo-squid.

While everyone is catching up, they don't notice that the exams are about to begin until Majoheart comes out to yell at them for not paying attention. She then tells the girls that right away she doesn't trust them, nor does she think a human could ever raise a magical baby. But since the Queen has made it happen she is forced to let Hana-chan take the exam too. So with this in mind, Hana-chan is weighed in the examination room. But she is a few grams and centimeters too little. The other witches begin to talk down to the ojamajo until Majoheart shuts them up by saying the worst thing parents can do is comparing their own child to others. Hana is on the low side but she is completely fine, so it isn't a big deal.

Majoheart decides it's now time to test each of the babies floating ability. Mota and Motamota manage to pass, but the girls struggle when it comes time to get Hana-chan to float. They beg her to float, then they ask to try using a toy as Majoheart decides to fail them, since she can't even learn basic magic. Onpu is quick to notice that Hana-chan is watching a butterfly that floated into the room and she casts a spell to catch the butterfly, knowing Hana would have to float up to reach it. It works and everyone watches in amazement to see how high Hana-chan was floating around in order to reach the butterfly. Upon grabbing it, she releases it and begins to fly around with it inside of the basket.

Trying to cover up her surprise, Majoheart decides everyone should try to feed the baby. Much to the witches surprise, the girls do not use their magic for this and they explain that they decided not to use magic when it came to raising Hana, since it isn't the same as showing true love for her. However, Hana and Atarimeko still have some left and they have to finish it in two minutes left. Majopi and Majopon point out that Majoheart doesn't mind if one part of the test is failed, since everyone has their weaknesses. However, the squid and octopus worry that their elder will not accept even one section of the exam failed. Hana-chan, who happens to feel concerned for them uses her magic to suddenly drain the bottle of milk...

Because it suddenly transfered into her own bottle!

Luckily, just as time ends, Hana-chan managed to finish drinking all of her milk. So now it is time for the final exam, getting the babies to sleep. Everyone has an easy time but Hana-chan is wide awake. Aiko uses her magic to summon a mobile but Hana-chan is much more used to non-normal baby toys, so it wouldn't work. After Aiko incidentally gets upset with Hana, Hazuki tries to rock her to sleep. It's then Hana-chan's magic makes the mobile toy giant, causing an unpleasent sound to resonate across the huge room and wake up all of the babies. Doremi is quick to rid of it with her magic but now all of the babies refuse to sleep. Hazuki tries to get Hana-chan to listen, but it's just no use.

With no other ideas, Onpu opts to singing to Hana, which seems to start getting her tired. After everyone sings, they manage to get Hana, the other babies, and even Majoheart to sleep...

And so, upon being awoken by Majopon, Majoheart announces that everyone has passed the exam. She stamps Hana-chan's health book and claims to be twice as strict next time. Suddenly, Majorin comes in to ask for the girls and explains that the Queen summoned them. So they head over to see the Queen, who wishes to give them each a special magical phone that will allow them to connect to each other whenever they may be seperated from one-another. She then tells them to continue working hard as the episode comes to an end!

8 (59)- "Jikan wo Koete, Onpu Mama no Himitsu Sagase!" ("Through Time, in Search of Onpu's Mother's Secret!")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 823:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 8

Airdate: March 26, 2000

The girls are busily taking a bunch of potted plants and taking them outside to play on a stand while Hazuki waters them and other flowers. Doremi comments on how hard it is to raise plants, given how sensitive they are. When Onpu mentions Hana-chan, Doremi uses her brand new magic phone to call Pop, who has another phone where she is with Hana. After being told, Majorika scolds Doremi and Pop for using the phone so carelessly, as it takes a magic seed to use so they shouldn't use it for simple things they could do themselves.

Sometime later, Onpu and her mother are in the middle of a meeting with someone who offers Onpu a change to take part in a special concert that will be held at the Takanomon Hall. While Onpu is very excited, Miho is rather concerned and goes quiet suddenly.

As the man informs them that he will give them a call in a few days, Onpu and her mother take their leave. Onpu continues to excitedly discuss it until hearing her mom tell her that she doesn't think she should go and do this, claiming that school will be starting soon and Onpu probably isn't ready for a big job like this. Onpu isn't worried about school and points out that nothing is changing that school year, but Miho counters this by mentioning that she has a bunch of other jobs to do too. This angers Onpu, who claims this may be her only chance to get to do something like this and she'll do her best, but Miho claims Onpu probably can't do it and she wants her to just quit now.

This is enough to upset Onpu and she tells their driver to stop. She then runs the rest of the way to the Maho-do after telling her mother she hates her. She spends the next few hours venting her feelings but eventually calms down as it gets late. However, she is now very depressed, only snapping out of it after Hana-chan wakes up crying suddenly.

Even later in the evening, Onpu comes home while Miho is overlooking some very old items. She tries to get Onpu to talk to her, but Onpu simply ignores her and goes to bed. That night proves difficult however and Onpu struggles to get any decent sleep. Which effects her work the following day while at the Maho-do. After she drops a plant the others realize something is wrong with her and try to ask about it, though she waits sometime before finally revealing what happened to her. The others are shocked when she reveals it, as she and her mother usually always had a good relationship.

Onpu points out that it may have to do with back when her mother was an idol, which surprises the girls as they had no idea her mom used to be an idol. The ojamajo transform and use magical stage in hopes if finding out what's wrong and are taken to a strange location and land somewhere else. Pop, Majorika, Lala, and Hana-chan were left behind however...

After they put a new magical seed into their wands, the ojamajo change back to normal and begin to explore the strange town. None of the four can figure out where they are so they try to call Majorika. But the girls can't figure out how to work the strange phone until a man tells them it takes money. Doremi calls Majorika, but she doesn't know Doremi and yells at her before hanging up. It's then Hazuki points out a sign, informing them they are in Misora City, their home...

As they try to recognize something, Aiko points out that the location they are standing at would be where the General store is, as they sit on the steps behind it to eat the snacks they buy from there. They even see where the post office without the automatic doors they are used to seeing. After Doremi claims a man nearby is reading a super old paper, he informs them the year really is 1980!

The ojamajo have traveled back in time!

As they sit on the steps to try to figure things out, Doremi comments that it makes a lot more sense as to why Majorika claimed not to know them. There has to be some clues involving Onpu's mother here, so they decide to investigate the city. They walk around and come by some places they recognize, and some they don't. Doremi points out that her home hasn't even been built yet, and they even find the Maho-do.

The girls want to go in and see, but it's pointed out that if they do anything too weird it will affect the future. While discussing this, Hazuki sees her mother walk by but the others remind her that she can't just walk up to see her. This disappoints Hazuki, though her mood soon changes as they comment on how Baaya seems to be the same as usual. When the ojamajo come by a Music store, they go inside to check it out and Onpu finds a picture of her mother. They read over the poster to see that a special idol event will be taking place at the same location Onpu was to be performing at. So the ojamajo transform again and fly right over, making it just as Onpu's mother is set to perform.

As she walks up the stage steps, Miho's foot hits a step, causing her to trip!

The ojamajo panic and Onpu wants to help her mother, but the others wont let her and try to remind her that she's safe and fine currently, and that it would also mess up the future.

As Miho is found by the stage workers, the ojamajo's magic gives out and transferes them back to currently. As this goes on, the ojamajo hear other things related to Onpu's mother. Such as how she only fractured her leg, but the shock from the fall was enough to make her quit being an idol and despite her attempts to get back into it, she just couldn't and so she gave up.

The ojamajo explain what happened to Majorika while Hazuki points out that Onpu's mother just remembered that accident when she heard Onpu would be performing at the same place. She's probably just worried Onpu would end up the same way.

Onpu takes this into consideration while trying to figure out why she can't just tell her this as she watches over Hana-chan. She then goes home for bed and begins to dream of the incident, although this time she's able to her magic to save her mom and let her perform. Miho seems to be having the same dream and begins to feel better as she imagines her younger self being able to sing on that wonderful stage...

Sometime later Onpu wakes up and she goes to visit her mother. As she goes to leave the room, her mother suddenly wakes up and tells her to do her best at the concert. This makes Onpu feel happy and she thanks her mother before asking if she could sleep with her.

Together they fall asleep...

Sometime later, the ojamajo have shown up to see Onpu perform. They reveal the special banner they made for her while Miho is waiting for Onpu to finish preparing. A woman and her daughter come backstage to give Onpu a special basket of flowers, but to Miho's surprise, the woman recognizes her as her idol self, Kurara Sakurai. The woman admits she felt sad when Miho retired, but she will give Onpu as much support as she used to give for her.

As the ojamajo cheer for Onpu, Onpu begins to sing for everyone as the episode comes to an end...

9 (60)- "Hābu wo Sagase! Mahodō Basu no Tabi" ("Search for the Herb! The House of Magic's Bus Trip")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 923:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 9

Airdate: April 2, 2000

One day, the ojamajo are feeding Hana-chan while Onpu moves some potted plants. As they discuss how much more she can drink now, Majorika claims it may be time for Hana-chan to be given some special magic herbs, which happen to be lavender and mint. Suddenly, Dela appears and she happens to have many plants on a tray, offering them for sale. The girls really don't want to buy them from someone like her, but they have to for Hana's sake. Suddenly, after Onpu asks if they could get them elsewhere, Majorika recalls that there is a witch at Izu Plateau that takes care of those herbs. It would be a lot cheaper then buying them from Dela and everyone begins to cheer for this road trip while Dela tries to get them to purchase the herbs from her. When Onpu points out they don't have anyone to take care of Hana, they decide to bring her along and they go outside to observe the bus they're going to use. Onpu asks about it and they explain how they were forced to use it as a temporary Maho-do when Majoruka took over the shop.

And so, using their magic the Ojamajo transform the bus. Majorika even uses her own magic to summon a puppet/doll to use as a driver. Onpu uses her magic to summon a special seat for babies while Aiko uses her magic to summon a microphone so that they can have some karaoke while on the bus trip. Majorika brings in a banner and informs the girls that they should try to do some business during their travels. This makes the ojamajo annoyed, though they don't argue against it and head on out!

While Aiko and Doremi sing, Hana-chan wakes up and begins to cry. So everyone stops to check on her to find she has to be changed, but Majorika informs them that a rest area is coming up, so they can change her there. After their arrival, the trio go back to change Hana while Onpu stays with the bus. When they return, they find Majorika has made Onpu attract a massive crowd to their "traveling shop" and leave after she manages to sell a whole bunch of plants...

As Majorika counts the money, the girls find themselves growing annoyed while they wait. Majorika checks and within a few minutes they come to their destination, a herb house. As the girls get off of the bus, they accuse Majorika of just lying to them in order to get extra money by using Onpu, but she insists she was telling the truth. As they bicker, an elderly woman leaves the house and attempts to greet the ojamajo as Majorika hides behind Doremi's head. That is, until the woman is about to trip...

Majorika comes out of hiding and softens the landing for the woman while trying to hold her up. Said woman apologizes and claims to have always been clumsy before she calls Majorika a "magical caterpillar". Majorika tells her she is really a Magic frog and the woman worries she will transform into one too, since the girls caught her. However, Majorika informs her that they are witch apprentice.

She brings the ojamajo inside and gives everyone some tea while introducing herself as Majoririka. Doremi thinks the name sounds a lot like Majorika's but Majorika quickly points out they need to feed Hana. The woman offers to feed her and mentions that she doesn't mind since she's taken care of a magic baby before. Majorika takes this chance to explain why they came but Majoririka explains that a hot spring was found beneath the garden so it's become a vacation home now...

The girls are disappointed, but she suggests they go and relax in the hot springs before they leave. But unfortunately it turns out it isn't one, it's a jungle surrounding a small heated pool. The woman is quite surprised when she finds the girls cleaning this strange room and she comes inside, only to trip and land on Majorika again!

After finishing, everyone prepares to hand inside when suddenly Hana-chan hiccups and strange things begin to form. Like red flowers, bananas, some duck toys in the water. This causes concern until Majoririka explains that some magic babies tend to get a case of the magical hiccups. Majoririka reveals that if they can find the mint then they can make something that cures magic hiccups. So she transforms and decides to go and search for the mint herbs, while the ojamajo offer to go instead since they worry she may get hurt. They show her their special magic phones they can use to contact her with, and she summons a green crystal ball to keep an eye on them while giving them directions to the mint plants.

After she hangs up to think about the directions, Majorika saves her from the multiple items Hana-chan incidentally summons out of nowhere. As Lala calls her, Majoririka suddenly realizes this witch frog is Majorika...

By the time she realizes the witch frog that has now caught the magic hicups is really her daughter, Majoririka leaves Hana-chan behind to search for the mint plants herself. Majorika asks Doremi and Aiko to follow her to keep her mother safe but Majoririka refuses to give in now, she has to do this herself or else they'll never find the plants!

As she is about to fall into the ocean the ojamajo use magical stage to save her. After they get her back to them, Majoririka reveals she remembered the location. It's behind a japanese bun shop sign!

The girls go behind the giant sign and much to their surprise, there are all of the herbs they need and Majoririka tells Doremi to move her poron close to the plants. If they glow, then it's a magical one.

And so, they head back and she makes the mixture for Hana-chan and Majorika. As she explains how to make it, she holds the little stick out for Hana to try it. At first Hana hesitates, but she licks the gooey substance and the girls realize her hiccups have stopped!

Majoririka then gives some to a very reluctant Majorika. As she is sucking on the stick, the ojamajo ask Majorika why she never told them, or even mentioned it to Majoririka. Majorika sadly explains that she didn't want her mother to see her like this after she worked so hard to raise her. Majoririka explains that no matter what happens to Majorika, or no matter how she looks, she would always love her. While she comforts Majorika, she shows the girls a baby photo of Majorika.

When Doremi notices a photo tucked behind this one, she pulls it out to see that Majoririka fell off of her chair while holding Majorika. The ojamajo then tease Majorika, asking her how she turned out to be so greedy and cold, but she just yells at them before smiling again and glancing up to her mother. A flashback then plays while the episode comes to an end...

10 (61)- "Kōkōsei Aiko wa "hashiru shōjo"!?" ("High School Student Aiko is "The Running Girl"!?")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 1023:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 10

Airdate: April 9, 2000

It's a lovely sunny day at the Harukaze household... that is, until Doremi flies down the steps and demands to know why nobody bothered to wake her up. Haruka claims she did try to wake Doremi, but she refused to get up. Doremi doesn't buy this however and Pop tells her she just wakes up badly, causing Doremi to yell at her.

On her way to school now, Doremi, Aiko, and Hazuki discuss how everything feels the same, though Aiko points out the girls have been witch apprentice, and friends for an entire year now. They are momentarily joined by Onpu, who teases them before she drives off. As they keep walking, Aiko notices Nobuko further up ahead, talking to some little children and once again spreading her lies. Aiko greets her, much to her shock and she joins the trio in heading to school.

Hazuki decides to ask Nobuko how her latest story is going and she informs them that she finished it and has already showed it to Aiko, but now she's busy working on a brand new story so they have to wait.

Upon arrival to school, the principal gives a lecture, then class begins once everyone is situated. Later in the day Nobuko comes to Aiko with her newest story and asks her to read it. Before she takes off for home, Nobuko asks her not to show or tell anyone else about it. With that said and done, Aiko takes this book home with her and stops to begin reading it. Much to her shock, she learns the story is about her, an older her...

Aiko introduces herself in this story while rushing to school. A boy manages to pass her, much to her anger and she chases after him for being so rude. The boy introduces himself as Nobuhiko and offers Aiko a hand, though she's quick to refuse it and storm off. She is joined by her best friend, Doremi.

It's then Aiko snaps out of it to realize Doremi really is standing right there. So the two girls head home and Aiko begins to ask Doremi about high school, and what they think will happen by that time. After she points out that Doremi will always be the same, Aiko goes back to the story...

Angrily Aiko tells Doremi how frustrated she is with that boy she ran into earlier. As she promises to get back at this boy, Doremi teases her by claiming that maybe Aiko likes the boy. It's then they walk right into him and Aiko angrily tries ignoring him until he tells her he wants to tell her something. But Doremi angrily pushes Aiko away while explaining that Aiko doesn't want anything to do with Nobuhiko.

At this point, Aiko and Doremi break out of the story again while discussing how some people break up relationships because of jealousy. As Aiko begins to imagine and read of the date between Nobuhiko and herself in the story, Majorika suddenly snaps them out of it and demands they get back to work!

Due to her yelling, the ojamajo imagine Nobuhiko talking to his grandmother, who happens to resemble Majorika. She insists that he can't do something so shameful to the family name, liking a commoner instead of someone royal or wealthy like themselves. He promises to stop seeing Aiko but she has security come in to lock him up!

Unknown to them his older sister Hazuki happens to be watching...

At this point in time, Doremi and Aiko see Hazuki behind a wall, right behind them in the shop. Hazuki sadly asks if they purposely left her behind, though they claim it had been just an accident and she calms down immediatly upon seeing the story and resumes reading it. They begin to imagine it again after they compare the grumpy old lady to Majorika.

Nobuhiko tries to get out of the locked up cell but it's no use. Nobody can hear him...

Just then, his sister shows up. She tries to pull and open the lock but it's no use. So she asks him to step back and transforms into her witch form and makes an explosion open the cell for Nobuhiko, she then tells him to hurry up.

Back at the Maho-do, Hazuki begins to discuss Aiko and Nobuhiko's wedding until Onpu interupts. She informs the others that work was cancled since the script for the drama she's to be recording just wasn't ready yet. When they question what she meant, Onpu explains that a story would get boring if it just ended like that, usually there is a much bigger climax. To demonstrate her point, she clings onto Doremi before resuming what she thinks would happen.

Onpu (in story) admitss that she likes Nobuhiko, but he tells her that he's with Aiko and likes her. But before they can finish, Aiko shows up and is very shocked by this. Onpu takes advantage of the situation and claims that they are in a relationship, causing Aiko to run away after she tells Nobuhiko she hates him. Onpu then stops the story while Aiko compliments her for making the story more exciting. They ask her to tell them more, but Hana starts to cry so they stop with the story to go and see what the problem is.

As she cries the story resumes while the rain pours down that following day. Aiko refuses to speak or even look at Nobuhiko for his betrayel, but he asks her to meet with him later at the clock tower before she runs away from him again and walks through town and heads home after a young child runs into her. She stays home the rest of the evening until the following day. It's much nicer out, so she heads to Misora's Library and searches for something.

As she notices the time, she gets up to leave and arrives while noticing the time is almost 3:00 pm. She stands around to wait for Nobuhiko, but finds that her friends have shown up instead....

It's then revealed Aiko was trying to finish reading the story by herself again that day in school!

They confront her on it and Onpu points out she made a promise the day before that they would finish reading it together. So with this said, the four girls resume reading the story...

Doremi, Onpu, and Hazuki tell Aiko that she has to realize she isn't being honest about her feelings. They ask her why she isn't honest about her feelings and tell her that she'll regret it if she doesn't go to see Nobuhiko. After Aiko points out it's too late to meet at the Clock Tower, the ojamajo transform and help her by summoning a strange pair of shoes. Aiko is less then willing to use these bizarre shoes, so the ojamajo push her off of the hill in order to make her leave. They begin to cheer for Aiko until Nobuko claims that those events would never happen, since magic doesn't exist. This annoys the ojamajo, but when she claims there is a happy ending, they grow curious to find out what happens.

Nobuko explains to them that Aiko makes it to the clock tower, but she decides to leave thinking she may be too late or that he won't show up. But as she does go to leave, Nobuhiko shows up and the story comes to an end...

After school Aiko and Nobuko walk home together. Nobuko asks Aiko if they would still be friends by the time they are in highschool and Aiko claims they would be, much to her pleasure. The episode comes to an end while Nobuko hugs Aiko.

11 (62)- "Hazuki-chan Odori wo Narau!?" ("Hazuki Learns How to Dance!?")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 1123:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 11

Airdate: April 16, 2000

One average afternoon, Hazuki is busy making something. She stops her sewing when her mother comes in with a bag, she got Hazuki a new outfit and has her try it on while explaining that her father is having a business party soon and she would like her to wear this poofy, frilly dress. Hazuki doesn't like it at all, but she claims she does after Reiko asks about it. Unknown to either of them, Baaya happens to be watching...

At the Maho-do, Majorika is pigging out on a plate of cookies. As the ojamajo come in to inform Majorika that they finished work, she and Lala have the girls sit down to relax. Majorika refuses to share her cookies, though the girls easily manage to steal some as Pop grabs onto her and tries to force-feed her the cookies.

As Onpu walks away she notices Hazuki sewing away while she watches Hana-chan. Onpu comes into the room and offers to watch Hana, though Hazuki claims it's okay and she shows her the bib she's been working on for Hana-chan. Onpu has the others come to see and everyone congratulates her on how cute it looks. When the girls mention that her clothing are usually flowery and full of lace, Hazuki admits that she really hates those types of outfits. But she's only wearing them for her mothers sake since she likes them so much.

Hazuki leaves after she admits to being kind of worn out, and much to her shock she sees that her mother has picked up a traditional kimono for her while explaining she met a Japanese dance teacher earlier, and she set Hazuki up for some lessons. She thinks she and Hazuki will get along fine. But when Hazuki tries to refuse, she's close to crying. However Hazuki diffuses the situation while Reiko explains that she always wanted to learn traditional Japanese dancing when she was little, and tomorrow the class will begin.

Unknown to them, Baaya happens to be watching again...

After school the following day, Hazuki explains the situation while saying she doesn't really want to do it, but her mom will start crying if she admits how she feels. Doremi calls her too kind while Onpu suggests they just try to use their magic in order to help Hazuki out. Hazuki tries to tell them not to bother, but the others lack any faith that she will actually do the right thing and admit the problem. Hazuki claims that she's going to try it anyway, since she'll probably like it afterwards...

But this proves difficult when she struggles to even move, more or less breath wearing the super-tight and uncomfortable kimono. Soon the lessons begin. The teacher compliments Hazuki and says that she's been doing very well, although nobody seems to notice how flustered and tired Hazuki is getting...

Back at the Maho-do, Pop is playing with Hana-chan while the others are outside tending to the plants once again. They are concerned for Hazuki, though she did say she would deal with it herself...

Back at the Fujiwara household, Hazuki is tiredly laying on her bed when Reiko comes inside to talk to her about how well her class went. She happily embraces Hazuki, making it clear that now she deffinitely cannot tell her mother how she truly feels.

The following day, Pop is beginning to annoy Hana-chan with the toys but doesn't notice it until Onpu gets up to tend to Hana-chan when she begins to cry. Onpu mentions that Hana clearly expresses her feelings, something Hazuki laments about. So the ojamajo decide they have to help her even if she doesn't exactly agree to it...

And so, the next time Hazuki has a class, Onpu, Aiko, and Doremi transform and begin to make all sorts of incidents happen. Like making the bag bounce along the pathway until the teacher is worn out, making her wait a very long time at a crossing road, and finally make the steps of Hazuki's house really long. All of this plan works and the teacher is too tired to teach Hazuki today and she takes off after she informs Reiko of what happened.

The plan has worked sucessfully, which makes the ojamajo happy. But Hazuki feels really bad for how sick and tired the dance teacher is now because of the four of them. She goes into the other room to find her mother now overlooking fabric for a brand new kimono but she can't make up her mind of which one to pick. Hazuki feels very stressed out but when she struggles to make a decision, Reiko realizes Hazuki doesn't look happy or even enjoying herself in the least bit.

Hazuki tries to clarify that she is fine despite not being it and Reiko runs off while crying. Hazuki falls over trying to prevent this but as she tries to figure out what went wrong, Baaya comes in and begins to re-roll the fabrics while she explains why Reiko is always pushing these things onto Hazuki. When she was little her mother was very strict and didn't like to spend money on unecessary things, so as a result Reiko didn't have a very happy childhood. Dolls that could talk and change outfits were very popular then and Reiko really wanted one, but she never had the courage to ask her mother if she could. And since Baaya didn't like to see her so sad, she showed Reiko that she could make the doll talk herself. And in the end, this actually impressed all of the other girls, and Reiko's mother even made Lily a new outfit.

As a result, Reiko learned the value of saving things, but Hazuki questions what this has to do with why her mother is so forceful with her and Baaya explains that Reiko had to suppress her own wants when she was little, and she doesn't want Hazuki to feel like that, but she doesn't know that Hazuki doesn't like these things.

Hazuki asks about the doll and Baaya shows her how worn out and dirty it is now, as a result of being stored away for so long. She asks to borrow Lily and transforms after running back to her bedroom. Then with her magic, Hazuki fixes Lily up and changes back to normal, taking the doll to her mother. Hazuki uses Lily to express how she feels to her mother, allowing the two of them to reconcile and embrace...

At the Maho-do the other day, Hazuki mentions what happened and she explains that she plans to keep on trying traditional dance, much to the annoyance of the others. However she is thankful that they tried to fix the situation anyway. She then reveals the cute, flowery bib she made for Hana, which everyone, including Hana-chan find a bit too... much.

That is, except for Hazuki who thinks it is very cute and nice...

12 (63)- "Kenkōshinda de Ierō Kādo!" ("The Health Examination's Yellow Cards!")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 1223:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 12

Airdate: April 23, 2000

It's a late evening at the Maho-do, the ojamajo are preparing Hana-chan for her next exam. They feed her milk, change her diaper, and pack up the items before they prepare to leave. Majorika warns them to always take Mahoheart seriously and she still refuses to go with them.

The ojamajo quickly arrival to see that their other witch world friends have already arrived. They help Mota and Motamota when they can't figure out what their own babies want before they comment that Hana-chan has gained some more weight and grew bigger compared to last time. Majoheart comes by to tell them how fast a baby grows within the first few months after birth, but when Doremi acts surprised by this, Majoheart yells at them...

Everyone is brought to a brand new location where Majoheart reveals that is a simple yes or no test for the mothers and babies. Whenever a question is correct you have to stand on the circle, but if it's wrong you stand on the X. With this said, the first question is given: When you bath a baby, should the temperature be around 42 C?

The ojamajo think this is wrong, since the temperature is much lower, but when Hana-chan gets distracted she makes them choose the wrong one!

While Doremi is aggitated, the ojamajo believe they will be alright since it was only one question. The next question involves sterilizing a babies bottle and they get this wrong, which Majopi reveals that a bottle should be boiled for 10 minutes, but a pacifier only needs 3 minutes. When it comes to the final question the ojamajo fail it, but only because they stopped to tend to Hana-chan's needs first...

After everyone is yelled at by Majoheart, Majopi takes a moment to give the ojamajo a yellow card. They are told it's a warning, then Majoheart guids everyone into a new room. Majoheart explains that for this test they have the bathe the baby and dress her up within the time limit. Everyone thinks this will be very easy, so after Majopi reveals they just have ten minutes, she starts the timer and everyone rushes to the bathing area.

Just as time runs out, Hana-chan sneezes. Everyone is told not to move, but they feel the need to help her out. So they rub her nose for her until Majopi claims they are cheating and they are given another yellow card and they are informed that if they recieve just one more card they will fail...

Everyone is taken to the final area, where they will simply have to walk with the baby. The mothers have to follow the road and touch all three checkpoints, then come back. While most of the witches decide to just fly off, the ojamajo decide they will just walk along the path, since they figured Hana-chan will prefer this and it IS a walking test. Onpu soon sees the very first checkpoint and seeing that it is too high, Doremi casts a spell to reach it for them.

But it turns out it's a ghost/demon!

After everyone panics, Aiko quickly casts a spell to make it cute and allow them to pass on. When Mota and Motamota come by and have to deal with the strange demon, they simply use magic to cover their babies eyes and ears so that they can't see or hear it...

When they reach the second spot, it's once again a scary demonic object. Hazuki uses her magic to tend to this, allowing them to move on after she summons a big toothbrush and explains why brushing teeth is important to Hana while brushing the boxes sharp, metal teeth. Eventually they come to check point three, which is on a monster tree and they are surrounded by them!

After Doremi compares them to Majoheart, Onpu uses her magic to make the trees dance. But it doesn't work very long and everyone flees. They head back to the finish line when they happen to notice a poor little baby duck. The ojamajo are unsure of what to do, seeing as they can't afford to get a final yellow card, but it looks so sad they can't help but want to help it. So they have the others go ahead and cast magical stage in order to help find it's mother.

They hold the duck and use it to help guide them back to it's mother. Who seems very happy to be reunited with her baby. The ducks leave to go swim in the lake before the ojamajo and they try to show Hana-chan but she's fallen asleep. With this in mind, they sadly realize they will have recieved a third yellow card for being so late and stopping to help the little duck. However, they feel good about everything they did and they decide to rest for a bit longer...

Back at the starting location, the winning couple recieve their prize of potted magic herbs while the ojamajo are given the last card. Mota and Motamota rudely call them out on it while saying that they aren't fit to be mothers. Majoheart tells them that humans are fit to raise magic babies, but Surumeko informs Majoheart that the ojamajo are very good mothers for Hana-chan.

With this said, Majoheart decides that she won't pass or fail the ojamajo, but if they can pass their next exam then she will count this as a pass also. Surumeko then gives the ojamajo the magical herbs she was given for passing the exam in first place. The ojamajo thank her before they promise to do even better next time, much to Majoheart's happiness as the episode comes to an end.

13 (64)- "Doremi, Oyome-san ni Naru?" ("Doremi, Becomes a Bride?")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 1323:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 13

Airdate: April 30, 2000

As the girls sit with Hana-chan, Majorika informs the girls that she will be taking everyone on a trip to Tohoku during Golden Week. Surprisingly enough, she admits that she would feel bad making the ojamajo do any work so instead they will be taking a fun trip. When asked why she chose that place however, Onpu informs them that she has a concert taking place on May 4th and 5th at a ranch in the Iwate Prefecture. It then turns out Majorika is planning to cash in from Onpu's concert and because there is a hot spring.

If they go there however, they will be away for more then one day so they will have to all get permission from their parents. So with a little bit of magic, they all get permission by pretending to be Hana-chan's parents and explain that they want to award the ojamajo for all of their hard work lately. Pop is kind of sad that she can't come but her kindergarten has a concert they have been working on. So with permission they quickly finish and head on out!

That evening they arrive to the concerts location and the ojamajo get to work setting up their flower stand to see if they can attract any business while they are there. Doremi points out how strange it is that it hasn't begun yet, and Lala calls them to get into the van so that Onpu can inform them that the car with the rest of the band is stuck in traffic, so they won't make it in time for the concert...

Onpu is told that she would be better off just canceling but she doesn't want to disappoint so many people, so she asks the others to help her out and uses magic to summon instruments for them to use. After the concert, the ojamajo do a bit of selling, then they are relax and eat some food while Onpu brings the ranch owners over to them, wanting to introduce them. As they talk the man mentions that his son is a fan of Onpu's also, so he goes to find him.

Doremi meanwhile, is angrily complaining that Majorika ditched them at the last second while lamenting the lack of steak, when she happens to meet the couples son, Shinzou Osawa. He asks Doremi if she would like to stay with him and claims to love her before explaining the ranch has 1,000 cows, though he plans to raise even five times, if not ten times as many!

This is enough for Doremi to fall in love, but when the others show up they misconstrue their movements as a proposal. Doremi claims to be too young for that, though she isn't against dating before then...

Of course, the others lecture her that she shouldn't accept so-called proposals that easily. Doremi thinks it's fine though since he happens to be her type and she hasn't found anything bad about Shinzou. It's then Hana-chan wakes up and Shinzou overhears them discussing her. So they explain that they have been taking care of her for a while, since she's the child of the manager of Maho-do. Shinzou incidentally calls Hana a boy, but apologizes upon being corrected and Hana quickly forgives him.

Shinzou then asks the ojamajo if they would prefer spending the night at the ranch instead of staying in the van all night and the girls are quick to agree!

That following morning, Hazuki wakes up to realize Doremi has gone missing. She wakes Aiko and Onpu, and they notice Hana has gone missing too. But they quickly locate her on the balcony right nearby and grab her before she can fall off!

It's then they find Doremi helping the ranch family out. She explains what she is doing, then explains that as a ranchers future wife, she should learn how to do this kind of work. They comment on how strange it is for someone like her to be up at 5 AM, but before they can continue this any further, Shinzou asks Doremi if she would like to help milk the cows. She eagerly agrees and quickly manages to get used to it. It's then suddenly Hana-chan has an accident, so Hazuki takes her to go clean her up and change the diaper.

Later in the afternoon, Onpu is hosting a very special rodeo event. And eventually after it ends, the ojamajo realize something bad is going on and they confront Doremi about Shinzou. Aiko tells her that she shouldn't waste her time with him, since he's been hitting on all of them. He asked Aiko to be his wife and claims they could ride horses together, which makes her angry. Doremi accuses her of lying until Onpu informs her that he hit on her the day before, claiming that he likes Onpu the most, but she isn't someone he could see helping out on a ranch at all. Then he finally hit on Hazuki when she had been tending to Hana-chan earlier.

Doremi is beyond angry and can't believe this happened to her. Aiko tells her to just forget about him and guys for now, since they'll only make her upset, but before they can do anything, Shinzou's mother comes over and explains that he hadn't meant any harm by this. She always tells him to go after cool and nice girls and he does seem to honestly like Doremi also, and asks her not to be sad.

Doremi finds it hard to stay angry and agrees that she will stay with him anyway. Once again they try to tell Doremi that she's making a mistake agreeing to this so early but she just tells them not to worry. Shinzou comes over and offers Doremi to ride the horse with him, but when she accidentally yells, it causes all of the cows to run around and cause amok!

The ojamajo quickly flee after they see Hana-chan is in the angry cows pathway. With their magic they manage to save her by giving Doremi a red object to make the cows angrily chase her instead!

After Doremi gets the cows back inside the barn and she's able to change and clean the dirt and mud off of her, everyone packs up to leave. Doremi apologizes for deciding that she cannot be Shinzou's wife, mostly because she's simply tired of dealing with cows at the time. As well as the fact she knows none of them will be used for steak!

As they begin to leave, it's then they notice they accidentally left Hana-chan behind and are forced to stop in order to get her. They find her and Shinzou together with one of the happy cows, showing her how one milks it. Shinzou picks her up and asks Hana if she wants to be his future wife, much to the annoyance of the ojamajo...

14 (65)- "Poppu no Hatsukoi? Akogare no Junichi-sensei!" ("Pop's First Love? The Admiration of Mr. Junichi!")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 1423:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 14

Airdate: May 7, 2000

Doremi is yelled at by her mother to get up but it takes some time for her to make her way to the dining room where everyone else is already eating. Pop comments on how sleepy she looks before giving Doremi a lecture involving hot drinks after Doremi accidentally spills her drink on her lap!

Doremi finds herself growing annoyed by how many compliments Pop recieves that morning while Pop shows off her Class President badge. And with this said Pop leaves for school, where her friends begin to argue over her until Pop calms them down and they all run into class. The teachers nearby happen to be watching and comment on how adult-like Pop has been acting.

In class, Kanako-sensei, the main teacher of the school introduces the new P.E. teacher, Jyunichi-sensei. After incidentally smacking his forehead on the television, the man apologizes while Pop introduces herself and tells him to ask her if he has any questions. He picks her up and begins to nuzzle her, surprising Pop, though she seems to enjoy it. Later, during their P.E. class everyone is playing dodgeball until one of Poppu's friends get hurt. Jyunichi isn't sure what to do, so Pop helps until Kimitaka steals her tissue she got for her friend. Pop's friends try to help her out, but she finds it easier trying to get it back on her own, until she almost falls off of the jungle gym!

Luckily, Jyunichi catches her and makes Kimitaka return her hankerchief and then has him apologize before everyone runs off. But when Pop's friends realize she isn't coming back, they watch as she comments on how mature their brand new teacher is and her crush on the new teacher begins!

Meanwhile, in their class Doremi angrily explains to the others how she hates being compared to Pop. She points out how much she's been lecturing her so much lately, only to grow more angry when Hazuki, Aiko, and Onpu side with Pop by saying that she is right and responsible. When she asks Onpu of her opinion she realizes she forgot her art materials. The class was going to the zoo that day. Onpu then explains she usually brings extra just to be safe, so she'll let Doremi use them.

At Pop's school they leave to head out on a class trip. Pop asks Jyunichi-sensei some personal questions, like his age. Nobody seems to notice how annoyed Kimitaka is becoming and eventually they arrive to the Fureal Zoo. With some free time available, the teacher lets them go and explore but she tells everyone not to wander off very far away from everyone else. Pop is asked by all of her friends if she wants to do something with them but she decides to go and pick flowers to give to her teacher.

Kanako sees how tired Jyunichi looks and she offers for him to go and take a break, but he claims he is fine and continues to watch over everyone. He is kind of concerned that the kids may not like him but Kanoko doesn't think it'll be a problem and one of the students asks him to come play with them. Pop sees this and sadly hides, wondering how she could give the flower necklace she made to her teacher now and gets an idea to use magic in order to cause a distraction. So she summons an elephant!

As everyone runs off to see the baby elephant that runs by, Pop gives her teacher the present, which he accepts right away. As Pop fawns over the adult, Kimitaka is discussing the situation with Pop's male friends and all of the boys decide they will get revenge somehow. They watch as Pop and Jyunichi feed a horse some hay. But Pop then leaves after she realizes she has to use the restroom and she asks Jyunichi to wait for her. After she leaves, the boys hand the teacher a note and run off, but he can't understand what it says until Kanoko comes by and reads it for him. The boy students will be waiting for Jyunichi-sensei by the sheep, so they assume they want him to come and play with him.

Meanwhile, on a hill nearby the ojamajo are all working on their art. Doremi is shocked as the others announce how further they are then herself and angrily storms off to find a new location to try drawing at. She sees Pop and accidentally bumps into Jyunichi-sensei, introducing herself as Pop's older sister.

Much like Pop, she is also smitten by the teacher...

The two sisters begin to argue until Jyunichi calms them down and he tells them he has to leave upon realizing the time, since he had been planning to meet up with the boys and play near the sheep. The sisters decide to join, just to see how things go when Kimitaka angrily yells, only to fall backwards and cause a riot in the sheep pen...

As they are chased around, they get outside of the fence and shut the door behind them. However, it isn't enough to keep the sheep away and they hop over it and burst through and resume chasing everyone just as Aiko, Hazuki, and Onpu run by, having found Doremi. After the sheep run by again, everyone transforms in order to stop them from making a huge mess and getting them back into the fence. Doremi summons grass for them to eat but they just ignore it and Pop informs her that they had just been fed recently.

Kanako-sensei and Jyunichi-sensei get all of the children to safety by the bunnies and tell them to stay in there. The ojamajo try to help out during this chaotic mess and soon rely on magical stage in order to just make them go back into the pen... by transforming into puppies!

Eventually everything is fixed, but the boys are all hiding in a big bush nearby, afraid to come out sinc they think they will be in a lot of trouble. But Jyunichi-sensei is just happy to see they are okay while the boys apologize for the mess they incidentally caused...

At school, Doremi is yelled at when she turns in her art project she managed to do earlier, but Seki-sensei believes Doremi barely tried and as a result, has Doremi run outside to run ten laps. Then at the Maho-do, Majorika yells at everyone for using magic in the open like that but they had no other choice. Doremi ignores her and asks Pop to tell her about Jyunichi-sensei, but Pop refuses and they begin to bicker until Majorika finally has enough of being ignored and yells at them... but then gets yelled at in return by Doremi and Pop as the episode comes to an end...

15 (66)- "Haha no Hi to Okā-san no Nigaoe" ("Mother's Day and Mother's Portrait")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 1523:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 15

Airdate: May 14, 2000

In class today, art class is beginning and upon being asked what to make, Tamaki makes the suggestion that since Mother's Day will be coming soon, they should make art that relates to their mothers. Seki-sensei likes the idea, so she agrees to it. Although she is aware that few students may not want to do this, she believes it is for the best anyway. As everyone works, Yada simply refuses to draw anything and happens to notice Shiori isn't working either.

Meanwhile, Hazuki notices how shockingly bad Doremi's picture is as Onpu compliments Aiko's painting. As Seki-sensei begins to walk around class, Yada-kun takes his red paint and makes an offensive gesture by drawing something ugly and then storming off. Seki-sensei follows him to ask why he's leaving and he brings up Shiori's mother before asking Seki-sensei why she was trying to make her draw her mother.

Before she can explain, Yada takes off...

At the maho-do, Hazuki mentions that Yada's mother was killed in a car accident a few years ago while he was in kindergarten and since then his father remarried. She also mentions that his new mother had showed up during parent-teacher day and they also go shopping together. This makes the girls wonder if maybe Yada-kun doesn't get along with her. But before they can say more, Majorika comes to tell the girls that she bought a WHOLE bunch of carnations that they will make big bucks off of, so the girls have to sell them no matter what!

Upon seeing how upset Aiko looks, Doremi questions her but she claims to be fine. After she asks why children without mothers wear white carnations and those with mothers wear the red, Lala explains that it's custom in foreign countries to send the deceased white carnations. Aiko then walks off while commenting on how fine she is with red carnations.

The following day Shiori is dropped off near the Oozumi Hospital sign. Only to run off suddenly to Misora Park, where she happens to run into Yada!

They mention how much they both hate mothers day as Onpu and her own mother drive by to see them. She keeps note of this but says nothing, heading to school by the time second period comes around. Onpu then is informed that both Shiori and Yada are absent and mentions where she saw them. After Hazuki yells at the SOS for acting stupid when they question if maybe they are on a date, she is accused of being jealous but Seki-sensei scolds them for causing a commotion. The ojamajo transform after their yousei change forms to resemble them.

Meanwhile, Yada and Shiori discuss mothers day as Shiori mentions she hates being pitied and comforted by others since it makes her feel sadder then she normally does. Yada also points out that Seki-sensei should have realized how painful this would be, but she didn't. Speaking of their teacher, she shows up suddenly while the ojamajo spy from the nearby bushes...

Seki-sensei apologizes since this was never her intention to hurt their feelings or bring up painful memories. Then she explains she went through this during fathers day, as her dad died when she was really little. Like them she would try to force herself to be fine with it but it was really hard sometimes, and even to this day it can be tough. She then recalls how she was trying to become a private school teacher but didn't get picked becuase she had no father. Shiori and Yada both think this is stupid, and while she agrees it's just how some places are...

While she does understand how they feel, she doesn't think feeling sorry for themselves is the best answer and Mother's Day is a yearly event, so if they get sad every mothers day then wouldn't their mothers in heaven feel the same way? Their mothers would want them to show them how well they are doing now. As Shiori begins to think this over, it's suddenly that her father and Yada-kun's mother show up. They were very worried and Seki-sensei promises to explain everything to them later, only to then call out the ojamajo who come out of their hiding spot.

As Hazuki points out that Yada had acted out the other day to try to help Shiori, Shiori mentions that she hasn't forgotten what her mother looked like, she simply can't remember things from so long ago. She was sad because she realizes that one day she will completely forget her mom. Mr. Nakayama apologizes for not helping Shiori as best as he could, but she isn't angry with him since she knew he was only trying to help her.

Meanwhile, Yada tries (and fails) to deny that he was happy his worried mother came to look for him and he runs off while quite flustered. But this simply makes everyone start laughing.

Eventually sunset comes around. Aiko is busy writing a letter to her mom while she watches Hana-chan. She refuses to show Doremi and Hazuki until eventually Majorika yells at them to get busy preparing for tomorrow. And come mothers day, as she predicted they get a WHOLE lot of customers...

Much to their surprise, Yada shows up. He asks for some flowers but has no idea what to give, since giving a single red one and a single white one seems to be sort of... strange to him. Hazuki then shows him a small pot of petunias and he takes them. After everyone leaves, Shiori comes to ask for a white carnation, but the ojamajo believe they have a more suitable present instead and they run off to fetch it. They go to the Maho-do back yard and transform, casting magical stage on a flower known as Edelweiss, to make something very magical happen. Then they give the flowers to Shiori a moment later.

And so, everyone begins to give their mothers their presents... Yada grows flustered and runs off after his mother thanks him, Aiko uses magic to give her mother her own carnation and the letter, Onpu shares a moment with her mom, Hazuki enjoys dinner with her family, Haruka happily hugs Doremi and Pop, and finally Shiori goes with her father to pray at the cemetary. As they do however, the magic suddenly goes off and Shiori sees her mothers figure as the episode comes to an end...

16 (67)- "Hajimete no Haihai!? Harukaze-ka, Dai Panikku!" ("First Time Crawling!? Big Panic, at the Harukaze's!")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 1623:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 16

Airdate: May 21, 2000

The ojamajo are on their way to the Maho-do to find Hana sleeping. They get to work, deciding to just leave her be when a very tired Lala comes in. After they locate Majorika, everyone sits down and discusses how much sleep she and Lala haven't been getting, and point out it's been a few days. The girls feel bad, but Majorika informs them she couldn't just ask them to help out since they have school. But since the girls are there now, they can go take a nap.

Eventually evening comes along. Doremi asks Majorika if she's sure they should leave, but she and Lala insist they will be fine...

Come morning they finally manage to get her to sleep and they're both dead tired...

As the ojamajo return to see this, they decide to let Lala and Majorika go away to the hot springs in the witch world for a day, in order to relax and catch up on their well needed sleep. And so, Doremi plans to bring Hana-chan to the Harukaze household and with Pop's help, they claim the woman who runs the Maho-do had to leave for vacation and she wanted them to take care of Hana. Haruka agrees and Doremi quickly sits Hana down to play with her. Pop shows Hana-chan the drawing she did and Hana likes it so much that she innocently uses magic to bring the crayon drawing to life. But before either parent sees it the girls hide it from them. Just as they manage to calm the situation, the magic suddenly lifts the notepad and a bunch of crayons!

But thankfully Pop grabs onto them. But suddenly their parents start to panic, causing Doremi and Pop to panic... until they see Hana-chan crawling!

Everyone watches until Doremi decides to inform the others. She calls them to explain what's going on and soon night time rolls along. The three girls are all asleep until Hana-chan starts crying, which gets Doremi up. She leaves the room to grab some milk for her, but upon return she finds Hana missing!

As Doremi frantically looks all over her room in search of Hana, she doesn't notice the baby crawl out using the ceiling. It's then the others show up. They explain that they wanted to come see Hana crawl, and they also know she cries a lot during the evening and wanted to help Doremi out. They then ask Doremi what she's looking for, only to find out she's searching for Hana...

After they yell at her, the four girls get to work searching for Hana. Onpu uses her magic to transform them into small mice, so that they can search the house more freely. Eventually they all regroup with no sign of Hana anywhere. Unfortuantly, while in the middle of searching Doremi happens to run into her mom...

Meanwhile, Majorika and Lala are relaxing at the Hot Springs.

The ojamajo watch as Haruka chews out Doremi for breaking something, then scolds her considering she's a 4th grader and should know better by now. All Doremi can do is let this happen. In another room, Keisuke was busily typing something up when he decides to take a break and leaves the room, unaware that Hana is in there. She begins to play with the keys and Doremi goes in to investigate, thinking she heard something. But by then, her dad comes in to see her, before he returns to his computer he asks Doremi what she was doing, only to then panic and demand to know what she did to his computer. She then looks to see that all of his hard work was just deleted!

Keisuke proceeds to accuse Doremi and once again she is forced to claim she did it. As Majorika is shown eating now, as a stuffed Lala lays next to her, the ojamajo turn back to normal as Doremi comes into her room. Doremi is too tired to keep looking, so they run outside to use magical stage instead. It's then a strange little ball appears and bounces back into the Harukaze Household.

The four girls proceed to run after it and follow it to the bathroom, where it vanishes once they get inside. It's then they notice Hana crawling along the rim of the bath!

Doremi runs over and manages to grab Hana before she can fall in. But in the process she falls in herself... When the girls hear Haruka approaching, Doremi quickly changes to normal while they flee and she comes inside the bathroom to find a fully clothed Doremi holding Hana above the water, while in the bath...

Back in Doremi's room again, all seems well until Hana starts to cry again. It's then Doremi gets a call from Majorika.... who announces she's going to be staying another night!

Doremi tries to get Majorika to listen but she only hangs up on her instead. As the girls react to this, Pop is shown still deep asleep as the episode comes to an end...

17 (68)- "Hana-chan no Haihai Kenshin" ("Hana's Crawling Examination")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 1723:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 17

Airdate: May 24, 2000

One day at the Maho-do, Doremi is overlooking Hana-chan's exams book. She points out that a new one is going to be coming up soon, that evening in fact, but as the girls worry they will fail and lose Hana, Hana begins to cry, much to everyone's surprise!

Come evening, the girls take off after a sleepy Majorika and Lala wish them luck. Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko worry they may fail since they have to get two stamps this time, but when Onpu tells them to stop since it's upsetting Hana and soon they arrive. They put her into the play pen with the other babies as they observe Hana-chan's other baby friends.

When Majopi and Majopon arrive, they have everyone follow them outside and explain the theme of this month's exam: Crawling!

The girls are sure Hana will pass with ease, given how well she can crawl, but Mota and Motamota are concerned since neither of their babies can crawl very well. Not much is said until they start, in which Majoheart explains that the mothers have to guide their babies without moving them, then change them at the second checkpoint. At the third checkpoint they will have to take a nap. As everyone runs off she warns them not to race or force their babies to work too hard and soon they come across the first challange, a bunch of very red tall posts in the middle of the pathway. Hana passes with ease and finds herself in a mini-hedgemaze shortly after, crawling on top of the maze in order to get out.

Eventually coming to the second location, the ojamajo quickly feed Hana-chan. At the next area, the babies have to crawl over a ball pit. After two of the babies run into the walls of the pit, with enough force they accidentally bust a hole into the wall and cause all of the balls to pour out!

Along with most of the parents and babies...

Everyone is a little upset but this clears when they see how happy the babies are. It's then they think they see the third checkpoint and while heading to it, Onpu sees a broken sign and tries to figure it out as Majoheart is informed that several of the entrants of the examinees have wondered off course but seem to find themselves back on the right track as they come by an icy wall.

Eventually in the third area, everyone waits for the babies to take their naps. This proves to be difficult, as Hana is wide awake. Doremi tries to hypnotize her, but this provides little to no use. Onpu and the others manage to get her to sleep when they start singing to her. Then after the nap they resume the exam, getting Hana to a bumpy hill like thing. With a little bit of help, Hana gets herself onto the top of the piece and then uses the long slide to get to the bottom.

Unfortuantly she crawls back up it!

As Hana lands back onto the top of the slide again, they notice Deki and Dekipaki struggling. Somehow they wound up on the same part and got stuck. Mota and Motamota use their magic to widen the gap after Hana and Atarimeko go back down on the slide. And so, the babies come to the next part of the exam, crossing a stone pathway on top of a pond. At this point, Deki and Dekipaki are growing sleepy, since Mota and Motamota didn't make them rest like they should have. Hana is too frightened to cross, but when Atarimeko tries to cross, she proceeds to follow her squid-octopus friend.

Deki and Dekipaki meanwhile, fall asleep at the middle segment of stone, causing it to begin tilting around as the others try to cross and it causes all four of them to fall into the water!

Majoheart attempts to stop this to keep them safe, but the ojamajo beat her by casting magical stage to save the babies. As the girls panic, Onpu points out that the babies are actually swimming, and she saw somewhere that most babies can hold their breath while underwater and swim. After they congradulate their babies, everyone resumes the exam!

At the end of it, Majoheart compliments how well Atarimeko did this time, especially during the end when she had to swim in the water. She then coldly lectures Mota and Motamota on how important sleep is for a baby, but she passes them with a warning. Then, she passes the ojamajo while telling them they have a lot of problems. As the ojamajo cheer, she tells them they still have to past the next exam too, and has Majopi and Majopon bring out some herbs that will help babies sleep.

With everything said and done, the ojamajo pack up and take their leave as the episode ends...

18 (69)- "Dodo ga Iede Shichatta!" ("Dodo Runs Away!")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 1823:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 18

Airdate: June 4, 2000

Aiko and Hazuki are tending to Hana-chan when they notice she's beginning to make little sounds, something she's never done before then. They ask Doremi how the milk is coming and she runs in to give it to Hana, but the lid falls off as Hana drinks. This causes the baby to cry and refuse Doremi's attention. This worries Doremi, but Aiko and Hazuki just try to comfort her by suggesting she stays away for a little bit and push her out of the greenhouse.

Later, the Flower Garden Maho-do is packed with customers. Everyone is working hard to deal with them all. Hazuki handles the cash register as Aiko gives the customers their items and Onpu manipulates boys to purchase some flowers, much to Majorika's happiness.

Meanwhile, Doremi is trying to tend to Hana and change her diaper, but the baby refuses to let Doremi touch her. Doremi wants to try using magic in order to lighten things up, but she's very low on magic seeds and they did decide to not use magic when tending to her. When Majorika comes to see her, Doremi yells at the witch frog while trying to figure out what to do. It's then Dodo comes by to offer assistance. She and the others spin around like a mobile for Hana-chan, allowing her to become distracted and let Doremi change her in peace.

Doremi is very happy and she decides to go on and use her for more help. She makes Dodo push the baby carriage, bring a towel, water bottle, diapers, hat, milk bottles, and wet paper towels...

That night Doremi arrives home to see that her mom isn't home yet. Pop and Keisuke explain that she will be late and if Doremi doesn't help out then she won't get to eat anytime soon. Doremi tosses her backpack down, much to the annoyance of Dodo and goes to help out...

The following day at the Maho-do, Doremi explains that Pop spent the entire evening lecturing her and she's worn out. As she tells off Hazuki and Aiko, Dodo is doing the same outside with Rere and Mimi. Onpu interupts with Roro and has everyone come to check on their magic seed plants outside and they all have sprouted. Except for Doremi's, who is told she probably didn't care over it enough. Doremi decides to water it and she asks Dodo to bring the watering can to her.

Dodo tries to tell her it's too much for her, but Doremi doesn't listen. Dodo struggles to bring the can over and accidentally drops it, causing all of the water to pour onto Doremi's plant. Majorika yells again and Doremi puts blame onto Dodo for it.

In a huff, Dodo writes a letter and takes off!

Doremi is tending to the plants while the others try to tell her she may have taken things too hard on Dodo. But Doremi feels sad and is very worried since she only has one last magic seed in her tap now, if this seed dies then she'll never get to cast magic again...

It's then Roro comes by with the note. She hands it to Onpu, who can barely make it out until Roro explains with some gestures. Roro continues on to say that Rere and Mimi followed after her, but they don't know where she's going. Aiko asks why Roro didn't try to stop them, and she explains that sometimes people just need to be left alone, so she didn't try to do anything. With that said, Onpu and Roro leave once Onpu notices she has to leave for work. Aiko and Hazuki plan to go and look for Dodo, but Doremi refuses.

Meanwhile, in town they find Dodo has taken on a new persona, one of a delinquent. Neither Mimi or Rere approve but they have no choice for now. She's set on running away for good.

Aiko and Hazuki search high and low for their fairies but can't find anything. But suddenly Hazuki sees Rere, Mimi, and Dodo!

Hazuki and Aiko almost manage to convince Dodo to return, but when she sees Doremi isn't there and they mention she didn't come, but because she's worried, Dodo flees when their backs are turned.

Doremi is back trying to feed Hana-chan but she refuses to eat anything. Doremi realizes how much easier this would have been with the yousei to help and she begins to feel remorse for how badly she spoke to Dodo earlier.

Onpu meanwhile, is standing by a window watching the heavy downpour of rain that has just begun. She is then interupted by someone, who tells her it's time to work now, so she takes off.

A soaked and wet Hazuki and Aiko return and inform Doremi of what happened when they found Dodo. Majorika calls this a petty thing once they think about using magic in order to find her. With that said and done, Doremi takes off after she apologizes to the others and asks them to tend to Hana-chan in her place.

Doremi runs around the entire city in the pouring rain in search of her poor, drenched yousei. Eventually she takes to the sky and uses her final magical seed in order to cast a spell to find Dodo. Suddenly she sees a bright light from the clouds and follows it while the rain comes to a slow stop. She sees Dodo sitting on the swing at the park and lands to speak to her. The two quickly reconcile while the others watch from above...

Later on that day, Majorika is busy scolding Doremi until Aiko scolds her in return after Hana-chan wakes up crying. But Dodo and the others get to work spinning around once again in order to calm her down while Doremi happily watches. Only to be interupted when Majorika tells her to stop smiling about the situation.

It's then Onpu runs in and grabs Doremi, bringing her outside to show her the newly sprouted seed!

This makes Doremi so happy she cheerfully celebrates with Dodo as the episode comes to an end...

19 (70)- "Doremi to Hazuki no Ōgenka" ("Doremi and Hazuki's Big Fight")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 1923:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 19

Airdate: June 11, 2000

Doremi is boredly sitting around at the Maho-do. She's by herself and nobody has shown up all day. As she laments this, she sees Hana-chan floating and crawling around all over the place and struggles to get her to calm down. After she's given up, she puts Hana-chan onto a rope-like harness object, so that she can keep a strong hold on her. But when Hazuki comes in, she is quick to untie this device and scold Doremi for doing that to Hana. But Doremi tries to explain she had to look after both the store, and Hana by herself. She apologizes but Hazuki stays angry until Aiko points out it is kind of their own fault for being late, and Doremi does feel bad as it is...

The girls begin to talk about how they can always have someone watch over Hana when Hazuki gets an idea. She summons a cutesy-style crib and they put Hana-chan inside. They like the idea, but Doremi points out that it is kind of like they put her into a cage now and it's worse then her little rope. But Hazuki assertively tells her to get over it when she admits she doesn't have any other ideas on how to fix it. This aggravates Doremi, but Hana begins to bawl so they are forced to ignore it for the time being.

When they see she wants milk Doremi goes to retrieve it, but Hazuki nitpicks the amounts of mixture she puts into it, so she does it herself. Doremi tries to tell her she always puts in the same amount, but it does no good and they start to bicker. She tells Hazuki she should stop worrying and relax more while Hazuki calls her careless. Unfortuantly, it ends after Doremi claims Hazuki will just ruin Hana as she grows up, since she'll become meek and unable to express herself clearly. Which is enough to make Hazuki leave suddenly while Aiko tries to figure out what happened. Majorika and Lala also seem to believe Doremi went too far, given that she told Hazuki off for the one thing she was most concerned over. They, along with Aiko think this arguement was Doremi's fault. Even if Hazuki may have taken things too seriously, there are some things that friends just can't say to each other.

With this said, Doremi decides she will go and apologize right away, before things blow out of proportion. She arrives at Hazuki's to hear Baaya talking meanly about her and she storms off. Unaware that Hazuki thinks Baaya may have said something really mean and tells her it was too much. While Doremi may be clumsy and have bad points, she has a lot of really good points too. She thinks she may have taken things a little too far and decides she should go apologize. The following day, Aiko brings up Doremi going to see Hazuki the previous day. Hazuki claims Doremi never apologized though and when Doremi shows up, she only greets Aiko and snubs Hazuki. Hazuki tries to apologize, but Doremi angrily repeats what Baaya said before she heads into class. This makes Hazuki angry and she claims eavesdropping is worse then what Doremi said, and Doremi claims Hazuki talked behind her back.

During class, they continue to snub each other as Onpu asks Aiko for a recap of events. Hazuki then suddenly asks if she could switch seats, since neither girl wants to sit next to each other. Eventually as break comes along, the classroom is divided. Some students are with Doremi trying to harass her for answers, while Tamaki tries to sway Hazuki to hate Doremi. But the other girls with them think this isn't very nice and scold her for it. But Tamaki insists Hazuki should be her friend instead. While this goes on, there is also most of the male students, and the neutral party consisting of Aiko, Onpu, and Nanako. They really don't like this, and Aiko points out that they're both too stubborn to admit they both messed up...

Later in the day, at the Maho-do it is still raining. Pop has shown up to inform them that Doremi refuses to come anymore, since she never wants to see Hazuki again. Aiko called Hazuki and she said the same thing. Lala comments that it's a good thing Onpu didn't have to work, and Onpu mentions that they both need to deal with this, but at the same time she doesn't think they should just sit around waiting. Majorika however, believes that if the friendship falls apart over something like this then it isn't worth saving. She then leaves the room when Hana starts to cry again. As the ojamajo comfort her, Lala mentions that Hana has been acting strangely since the previous evening, which Onpu mentions that she probably can tell Hazuki and Doremi are fighting.

And so, Aiko and Onpu transform into Hazuki and Doremi, to visit Doremi and Hazuki in hopes of fixing things. Unfortunately, Hazuki and Doremi can easily tell it isn't either one since they aren't acting like they should be. Such as Hazuki speaking with Kansai dialect, and Doremi not saying her spell right...

Later on the storm begins to pass, but Aiko and Onpu are rather depressed that their plan hadn't helped at all. It's suddenly they hear someone and Nanako comes inside. Nanako was hoping to see Doremi and Hazuki, to remind them of an argument they got into when they were really little, back in kindergarten. Neither Aiko or Onpu know about this, as both of them were transfer students.

When they were little, they fought over a bunny they were both taking care of. Hazuki was very upset when she found marker on its face and when Shimakura reveals she saw Doremi do it. Both girls end up in tears since they feel bad and Nanako thought that meant the argument was over. But the following day, Hazuki was gone because of a cold and someone forgot to close the door... a wild dog had killed the poor bunny. They make a grave for it and Doremi suggests they don't tell Hazuki, but the day after she found out it was missing and Doremi claims it's mother came to pick it up, instead of telling her the truth...

But Hazuki happens to come across the make-shift tombstone and demands an explanation. Doremi runs away after she calls her an idiot, and they try to explain that Doremi only lied to keep Hazuki from feeling sad. And so, later on Hazuki comes by to apologize for being so mean and Doremi claims she isn't angry, which makes Hazuki happy. She then brings up the fact that Doremi has been learning to play piano, and since she's learning to play violin, they decide to play together...

And so, Nanako takes off after Onpu and Aiko thank her for helping them, by telling them this story. They then decide, with Pop's help to cast Magical Stage in hopes of getting Hazuki and Doremi to stop fighting. But things prove difficult upon realizing Pop isn't as strong as Aiko or Onpu. Fortunately Hana-chan manages to lend her magic to them as well and together the four make it work. Suddenly, Aiko and Hazuki and transported at the kindergarten. While Doremi looks around she finds Hazuki and asks her about this, but Hazuki tells her to quiet down and points out the younger then playing together in the music room. They begin to realize just how easily they made up in the past in comparison to now, which makes them realize they were both wrong. So Hazuki and Doremi both apologize, only to realize that the scenery suddenly looks different and their younger forms have vanished!

Upon realizing it was magic, Hazuki and Doremi decide it had to have been the others, so they run to the Maho-do hand in hand as the episode comes to an end...

20 (71)- "Okā-chan ni Aeru! Aiko Namida no Saikai" ("I Can Meet Mom! Aiko's Tearful Reunion")

(お母ちゃんに会える! あいこ涙の再会)
Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 2023:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 20

Airdate: June 25, 2000

The episode begins at the Smile Smile Home Geriatric Care Center where Atsuko is looking over the letter Aiko sent her on Mother's Day, asking her how she was and how work had been. It's then an elderly woman approaches with someone and asks Atsuko about the letter. Atsuko shows her a picture of Aiko and she mentions having met her previously during the fall when she got lost. Aiko had been around and helped her out, much to Atsuko's pleasure and surprise...

Meanwhile, at the Senoo household, Kouji has decided to give Aiko his bonus and Aiko serves dinner, some leftover curry. He complains, though she claims it's much better now and she agrees to make a brand new dinner next time. Kouji goes to rest while Aiko does the dishes, stopping when mail comes to see she's recieved a letter from her mom.

The next day at school, Aiko explains to the others what the problem is. Onpu claims that Aiko gets to see her dad on a daily basis, so he would understand. But Aiko is concerned that her dad would be sad if she went to go and see her mother, so she doesn't want to break the promise. Doremi and the others agree to help Aiko out and they go to inform Majorika and Lala of their plans to bring Hana-chan with them to Aiko's place while she goes to visit her mother, as well as keep their parents from worrying. And so the girls each take turns pretending to be Hana-chan's parents in order to get permission from their own parents...

Eventually, Aiko is busy preparing dinner when Kouji comes by to see her dressed up strangely. When he comments on it, Aiko claims she dressed up for their nice dinner, only to then refuse him dinner to explain what is going on. Kouji is concerned that Aiko may have too much trouble but she claims they will be fine since Hazuki and Onpu are going to come and help out. And just then, Hazuki and Onpu show up!

After Aiko sees Doremi hiding, she transforms and changes Doremi into herself before she takes off for the train station. After finding her mother and sharing a hug, they leave for a nearby hotel while Atsuko stays for the evening....

Meanwhile, the ojamajo are keeping Kouji busy. Hazuki apologizes for how in timing they came, but he simply tells them it isn't a problem before calling them cute. After accidentally sending everyone into shock, given that "Aiko" doesn't sound round, Onpu distracts Kouji by asking him if he'd want more alchohol. So far Kouji is very impressed by the turn of events, especially his surprise that a child idol is serving him beer.

Back at the hotel, Atsuko asks Aiko to spend the night with her since it's so late already. Aiko agrees before admitting she actually hadn't told her dad about this, but it's okay since her friends are helping out. The two embrace before Aiko's growling stomach ruins the moment, however Atsuko claims to be hungry also so they go out to eat. Aiko is very impressed when her mother admits that she has just started to learn how to use computers, then comments that her dad hasn't learned how to use a VCR yet.

At the Senoo household, Kouji is busy making jokes and so-on and once again, Doremi ends up making an accident much to their surprise. But when Hana starts to cry, it snaps everyone out of this shock and they tend to her quickly.

At dinner, Aiko explains what she's been up to lately. Like helping out at the Maho-do, Majorika's weird name... she keeps going until Atsuko points out that Aiko hasn't started to eat yet.

Back at the house, Kouji suggests they all go to the bath house now. Everyone is excited but Onpu refuses and explains that she's famous and it would be a breeding ground for the media, and Hana-chan is too small to go anyway, so she'll just look over the house.

Aiko is very surprised to see the bath in the hotel. Atsuko asks her if she's ever gone to a hotel before, which Aiko explains they never travel, so it's her first time. After a little while, Aiko asks if she's the reason her mother left. Atsuki then explains that their divorce didn't have to do with Aiko, the real reason they divorced was because he didn't approve of her job, mainly because of her miscarriage that he assumes was caused from it.

Aiko is very surprised by this and asks, to which Atsuko explains that Aiko would have had a younger brother or sister, but they died before they were born and Kouji wasn't able to comfort her, instead he put all of the blame on her working too much and she would get angry because he didn't seem to think she wasn't in any pain because of this...

Later while they are in bed, Atsuko mentions that if she had quit her job then they may have still been together. Aiko asks to share beds with her mother before asking her why she just didn't quit working then. Atsuko mentions that neither of their parents approved of this marriage. When Aiko was born her grandmother died and she wasn't able to see her before she passed away. In order to make up for it, she began to work at the geriatric care home.

With this said, Aiko falls asleep while Atsuko asks her if she would have like to come back to Osaka with her. So she takes this as a sign and falls asleep...

The following morning, the girls are outside talking with Kouji while he prepares to leave for work. He mentions that now he realized how selfish he was in the past by wanting Atsuko to have another child. But he quickly apologizes for talking about such things so early and leaves for work.

At the train station, Aiko and her mother share one last discussion before her train arrives. Before she leaves, she promises to come back during her next vacation to see Aiko again.

Later on, Aiko is talking to the ojamajo and informs them that she was going to ask her mom to reunite with her dad and make up, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. The others comfort Aiko and suddenly, full to the brim with energy Aiko races off to school as the episode comes to an end!

21 (72)- "Ningen-girai no Majodon to Yakusoku no Hābu" ("Misanthropist Majodon and the Promise of the Herb")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 2123:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 21

Airdate: July 2, 2000

Hana-chan has just passed her next exam and the ojamajo are quite thrilled. But as they go on to say how easy it was, Majoheart claims that maybe Hana-chan's success isn't because of them, which angers Doremi, so she gives them a little task to do. As they head to a brand new location, the other three tease Doremi since this was clearly a trick. Majoheart needed someone to do something for her and because of Doremi's anger, they were picked to do it. They aren't really angry or anything though, since it's only a little errand.

The girls decide to take a little while to explore the witch world in the mean time, since it isn't a test. They come to a cake shop and things only become awkward until the girls see Dela and they begin to make talk with her. She explains that the witches inside of this joint are those who are in charge of buying and selling magical goods throughout the witch world. Majodon is their boss and everyone is kind of frightened of her. Dela decides to take her leave but makes a note for the girls that has advice on it. For when the girls need help.

They then take their leave and are given a WHOLE bunch of magic seeds that resemble the magic spheres as change. Eventually the girls arrive to a very dark and tall building and go inside. They come by Majodon and explain why they came, after she makes them some tea really quick. They explain that they were to pick up some magical lavender she keeps in her backyard.

However... Majodon shows them the price for the lavender, then adds on a price for the team spent with her and their chat. The prices are too outrageous, so the girls decide to just leave until Hazuki remembers the letter Dela gave them. Because of this, Majodon accepts the magic seeds they have in their bag and they leave while calling her a scrooge.

Majodon begins to think of the past when the humans and witches could be together. She was to marry her boyfriend, Salvatore. But she points out that it wouldn't work out, since witches have a much longer life span then humans do, she'd have to give up being a witch if she was to marry him. So she asks to think it over first. He allows this while promising to wait forever...

Eventually she worried or waited until it finally hit her. She had to be with him!

Majodon flew back to the human world and tried to find Salvatore. But by the time she did she realizes he's already with another woman...

Majodon confronts Salvatore and asks for an answer regarding this and he explains that she never said anything, or even sent a letter in all this time. He thought she simply moved on after ten years, much to Majodon's shock. She leaves in tears as he asks her to understand while wondering why their promise meant nothing to him...

It's then Majodon realizes Majoheart is nearby. Majoheart has come by to make a bet involving the ojamajo, much to Majodon's surprise since she was one of the witch who was very supportive regarding seperating the two worlds. Majoheart's bet is that the ojamajo will return, while Majodon doesn't think they will because they are just humans. Majoheart takes her leave after she uses her grandmother's heirloom as payment for the bet.

As the ojamajo are angrily flying away they realize that maybe they were a little bit rash, especially since they had been put there to retrieve something anyway. So they head back and ask if they could pay for the lavender a different way. So she asks them to clean her house. The girls agree and ask her to watch Hana-chan for them while they do it. Eventually the ojamajo finish their work and ask for what they need to do next. Without Majodon saying anything they also do her laundry, hang it up, cook dinner for her, and go outside to tend to her garden. Majodon questions Doremi when she doesn't use magic to fetch some water and soon they finish every single possible task, and are a little dirty as a result, but they don't mind at all!

Majodon questions the ojamajo about this and they explain that they did it because they wanted to, and they promised Majoheart that they would get the lavender. This is enough to make Majodon start to laugh before she hands the girls a key to the lavender while telling them she doesn't ever want to see them again. She also gives them the object Mahoheart put up for the bet.

After they thank Majodon, the girls take their leave to go find Majoheart. The girls try to find the lavender when Onpu sees Hana-chan approaching a door covered in big vines. But suddenly Hana's magic summons a bunch of pretty flowers!

Unknown the girls the door begins to slowly open. A strange man shows up and runs down a long, dark hallway in a strange new world, speaking to a mysterious figure who has been watching the ojamajo...

22 (73)- "Mahōtsukai no Wana - Kaettekita Oyajīde!" ("The Sorcerer's Trap - Oyajide Has Returned!")

(魔法使いのワナ 帰ってきたオヤジーデ!)
Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 2223:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 22

Airdate: July 9, 2000

A strange man is speaking to a mysterious figure while they watch the ojamajo through a crystal ball. The man informs him that this baby happens to be the one born from the witch queen rose every 100 years, and even for so young she has an exceptional magic talent. The man hidden speaks to the man before him (Count Philip S. Oyijiide) that he wants Hana-chan so that they can get their revenge on the witch world!

Philip S. Oyajiide goes to speak to Oyajide, since he knows the ojamajo and tells him to capture Hana. Oyajide doesn't want to, since he feels close to the girls, but he doesn't have much choice. The ruler of the Wizard world wants to use Hana-chan as hostage so that they can own the bigger land. All they have now is very useless land and the declining wizard population is also at stake. Philip S. Oyijiide also promises to promote him to Baron, which makes him agree much quicker!

Meanwhile at the Flower Garden Maho-do, the ojamajo have to be on their way for a singing competition and they have Pop watch over the store for them. Majorika and Lala ask Pop if she's sure she could handle it, and she assures them she is fine, she'll also have some friends come over to help just in case.

When her two friends, Misaki and Fumio arrive, they go over the rules, which include:

1- Keep the shop nice and tidy

2- Be kind to all customers, even if they're just looking around.

3- Always smile

Before she can go over any more rules, someone suddenly shows up. Someone who shares the living daylights out of the three children!

The man, Oyajide, realizes that Pop was the only one who hasn't seen his true form yet. So he asks her if the others are absent that day, and Pop explains that they had plans so she and her friends are helping out. When Oyajide asks about Hana-chan, Pop gets suspicious and demands to know who he is. But he manages to throw them off guard when he asks for some flowers.

Unfortuantly... he's forced to buy every single rose in the shop before Pop will give up any information...

At the Singing Contest, Yuki-sensei is concerned as she sees everyone is nervous. Everyone except Onpu though, but Onpu claims sometimes she gets nervous too, though she doesn't really seem any different. Onpu points out that it helps to think about funny things while waiting. So with this said everyone listens to the SOS tell some.... very bad jokes...

Luckily, the mood changes by the ojamajo and Hana-chan's reactions. Yuki-sensei watches over Hana for the girls while she asks everyone to try their best since Seki-sensei couldn't be there today, due to a bad fever. Oyajide happens to see Yuki-sensei and Hana go into another room as he watches from the nearby men's room. So while in there, he is quick to diguise himself as a woman!

With the disguise, Oyajide asks Yuki-sensei if he could sit next to her in the audience and begins to play and comment on Hana-chan, who recognizes him from past events. Eventually he scares Yuki-sensei off, so she changes seats just as the class the ojamajo are in begin to sing. Everyone (minus Onpu) is still nervous, but they manage to perform.

In the end, the class won! As everyone is excitely observing the trophy, Yuki-sensei informs the girls about a strange old man who was very intentive to Hana-chan. The girls can't figure out who this is and Onpu points out that it could have been a kidnapper. So with the event now done the girls quickly transform and fly back to the Maho-do.

Upon arrival the girls discuss the turn of events while Oyajide watches from a nearby window. He transforms into a fly in order to listen to them better. But this plan fails after she uses her magic to transform Oyajide back to normal right in front of them!

After he falls from the beam he was holding onto, Oyajide is quick to greet Onpu... only to remember everyone else is there a moment later. Onpu is surprised by his real form and he takes a moment to flirt with her until the others accuse him of coming by just to see Onpu. Oyajide tries to claim he came to repay them for helping him and wanted to take the girls out to dinner. For proof he shows them a card and while they are a little suspicious, they agree anyway since he hasn't done anything exactly suspicious anyway...

That and Doremi already agreed they would all go...

Oyajide takes his leave after telling the girls to meet him around 6:00 pm. Meanwhile, in the witch world, the Queen has noticed the door to the Wizard World has opened just a teensy bit, so she asks Majorin to go instead and take care of it. Majorin turns into a bird and flies into the portal to handle things...

Later in the day the ojamajo are on their way to meet with Oyajide. They struggle to find the location, but eventually do. Onpu mentions how suspicious this is, since she's come by this place a lot and there has never been a restaurant here before. Doremi claims that it's probobably just knew, but the signs begin to grow more strange as the time passes. The chef looks vaguely familiar, there is nobody else in there dining, and the chef claims Oyajide will be late.

Soon food arrives, but right before the ojamajo can start to eat, the chef sneezes and causes all of his magic to vanish!

After their painful landing, the ojamajo see Oyajide holding Hana-chan. He says he wants to "borrow" her but Aiko instead accuses him of being the strange old man at the contest. He confirms it and is quick to freeze the girls in spot by transforming them to stone!

The episode comes to an end as Oyajide watches the girls and claims he didn't want to do it, but had to for his world before he leaves...

23 (74)- "Arata na Ryoku de Hana-chan wo Torimodose!" ("Take Back Hana With New Power!")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 2323:25

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 23

Airdate: July 17, 2000

Concerned by how late it is, Majorika and Lala head towards the restaurant location in hopes of finding the girls to bring them home. As she berates them for having Hana out so late, Lala quickly spots them. Easily Majorika is able to transform them back, but when they inform her Oyajide kidnapped Hana from them, she explains that Oyajide is evil and a wizard. He had stole the cursed cards years back, so it's anyone's guess as to what he plans to do with Hana-chan...

Back at the Maho-do, everyone is very upset, Doremi seems to be the most saddest, since she believes it was mainly because of her they were put into that situation. Aiko claims that instead of putting the blame on herself, Oyajide should be blamed instead. She then snaps everyone out of their sadness and the ojamajo decide they don't have the time to just cry and mope, they have to take action if they want to get her back.

Doremi points out that Oyajide had taken advantage of her weakness over steak to make her agree to this trick, so they try to think of his most weakest point. Which Hazuki reveals to be Onpu!

The following morning, Oyajide is trying to occupy Hana-chan when he realizes it's about 9:00 am. Which means it's time for Onpu's Sunday Morning Report. Onpu makes an announcement that at 1:00 pm she will be holding a secret, free concert. Since the area is too small, she can only personally invite one person to attend the concert. This person is a member of her fanclub who must have the final three digits on his card: 007. Onpu then tells this person to look at her homepage for the location. With this revealed, Onpu ends the broadcast...

Later on, a huge line of fans has formed outside of the small concert's location. As they spy from a bush, Doremi uses her magic to diguise Aiko, Hazuki, and herself. As everyone watches and listens to Onpu, those three will try to find Oyajide and take back Hana-chan!

The ojamajo watch Oyajide as he comes in diguised in a kangaroo costume with Hana-chan as the baby Kangaroo. When she begins to cry, they approach to see what the commotion is and offer to watch the baby for him while he watches the concert. But when Aiko slips up and says Hana's name he grows suspicious, only to realize it is Aiko and Hazuki when Hana's magic removes Aiko's mustache!

Doremi tries to stop him but it's no use, he just hops right onto her and continues to flee. As they get closer, now transformed into witches, he casts magic to freeze time allowing for a quick getaway...

Back at the Maho-do the ojamajo angrily vent over the turn of events. After they begin to yell at Majorika, they begin hearing music from outside and go to see the Queen's Carriage. They sadly report the news, but the Queen assures them that she knows about it, as she had Majorin go into the Wizard World to get some information. She reveals their plans before going to leave, but when Doremi and the others explain that as Hana's mothers, they want to be the one's to rescue her. They refuse to back down just because they may not be strong enough and seeing their dedication, she decides that they can have the powers of the Royal Patraine, a special class of witches recognized by the Queen.

In order to give them this special upgrade, the Queen asks the ojamajo to perform magical stage. After they gain their upgraded transformations, the queen explains that with this new power the ojamajo do not have to say their full spells. They will just have to say the first part, along with their wish to cast the spell. She then tells each girl to take two royal seeds, which are needed to use the wreath poron. They are very special seeds and contain a lot of magical power in them. As they are very rare, she warns the girls they should only rely on using the royal patraine when it comes to rescuing Hana-chan.

With this in mind, Doremi casts a spell to form an arrow that will lead them to Hana. They are then forced to quickly flee while the queen and Majorin take their leave.

When the girls arrive near the hotel, Arrow-kun confirms it before he vanishes. Much to their surprise, a very giant milk bubble appears in the shape of a bubble and Hazuki quickly rids of it in order to make sure the hotel stays safe from harm. Aiko then uses her magic to take the ojamajo into the right hotel room, much to Oyajide's shock. He quickly tries to rid of them again by transforming the girls into the stone, but it proves useless and when he tries to flee, Onpu and Doremi cast magic to attack him and retrieve Hana!

After he gets the spell gone, Oyajide swears revenge and he takes his leave. But the girls aren't worried, as long as they have royal patraine they will always stop them!

24 (75)- "Agepan Power Osorubeshi!" ("Fried Bread Power is Scary!")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 2423:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 24

Airdate: July 24, 2000

Some day after the Oyajide incident the girls are out taking a walk at the Misora Shopping District. Hana happens to spot some cute stuffed animals and the girls admiringly observe them. Doremi sees Kotake checking out a poster and watches him curiously...

The following day at school, Kotake and Kimura are discussing how they need a final guy to join their sumo team for the upcoming tournament. As he observes the other members of class, Susumu sees that Onpu didn't eat her fried bread. She informs him that as an idol, she is usually watching her calories and she lets him have it.

After school Kotake asks Susumu if he would be interested in joining them. He refuses until they offer to give him their fried bread. Once he agrees, they shoot past down the pathway, nearly running over the ojamajo in the process. The girls are angry, but they decide to forget about it and head to work...

At the maho-do, the ojamajo are tending to the flowers while Majorika and Lala play cards and Pop is occuping Hana-chan. Eventually Onpu realizes the time and she leaves for work elsewhere, only to stop upon seeing the three boys at a nearby park and she sees Kotake throwing Susumu down, which she informs Doremi of the following day at school when she gets to see everyone again. Doremi then recalls a few days ago when she happened to see Kotake observing the childrens sumo poster. He and Kimura wanted to join in order to win a video game, so they got Susumu to join them. This has the girls a little concerned, and unknown to them, Shimakura happened to be listening...

As some students go to tend to some work in the school, Kimura and Kotake are discussing how weak Susumu is. But since they picked him and sorta forced him into this, they would feel bad just ditching him at the least second, so they have to train him even harder then the day before.

Later in the day when it's almost evening, it's busy at the Maho-do and the girls are all at work. When Majorika doesn't see Doremi, they inform her she's at the park observing the boys. As this goes on, someone from school happens to be watching and taking pictures...

The following day at school Doremi informs everyone of how it's going. She is very concerned they will not stand any chance at all of winning and she thinks they may give up on him very soon.

Meanwhile the boys are trying to think of some improving ideas. But nothing comes to them and the girls happen to see the violent photographs upon reaching class. This is quickly put to an end as Kotake takes them all back however, and calls this rude. As Shimakura tries to defend her actions, Tamaki says a very rude comment until they realize Susumu happens to hear it....

And he's actually supportive of the comment. Kotake tells him that if he's actually angry he shouldn't just try to hold it inside himself. He has to express it and demands that Susumu hits him. But Susumu insists he doesn't understand and claims he isn't angry at all.

Eventually lunch comes along and he happily eats lunch while Kotake angrily thinks about Tamaki's behavior earlier. The ojamajo show concern, which turns to panic and worry after school ends and Kotake is more hell-bent then before to help Susumu!

As the girls watch, Onpu compares this training to hell while Susumu begins to beg to stop, practically in tears while Kimura tries to tell Kotake he's being too hard on him. Susumu claims he just wants to quit and Kotake tries to explain that as a man, he should be angry!

In hopes of teaching Kotake a lesson, the ojamajo decide to cast magic in order to help Susumu out and give him hope, and also show Kotake. Unfortuantly they were trandformed into sumo wrestlers...

except for Onpu, who remains as cute as ever!

They quickly get to work by claiming Susumu is fine an with proper training he will be very good at this. But this goes horribly as he only runs from them. But with a little luck they manage to get him to win against the "professional sumo wrestlers" and they decide to take their leave. Kotake and Kimura are very impressed by this and they try to convince Susumu to enter with them anyway, since they want him to see all of his hard work. Eventually he agrees, only for everyone to fall over in shock once he points out how hungry he is!

Eventually the tournament approaches. The girls go to show their support. To everyone's surprise they see that besides the video game, another prize is a whole, HUGE pile of fried bread...

With such grand prizes, all three boys put their all into winning and manage to get into the final rounds of the tournament. Unfortuantly, they lose the final round after Kotake is thrown down with ease. As a result, his team wins the second prize, one year's woth of Misora Bakery's fried bread!

As Susumu happily goes on about the prize, Kotake and Kimura wish him luck in becoming a true sumo wrestler. But he informs them that he wants to become a baker while the girls comment on how surprisingly scary the desire of fried bread can be as the episode comes to an end...

25 (76)- "Nazo no Bishōnen · Akatsuki-kun Toujou!" ("The Mysterious Pretty Boy · Akatsuki-kun Appears!")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 2523:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 25

Airdate: July 30, 2000

One early morning the ojamajo are having difficulty getting Hana-chan to stop crying. Hazuki offers her some honey as Lala explains Hana is cranky because they haven't been going on walks lately. Aiko thinks a small walk would be alright, but Majorika insists otherwise out of concern Oyajide will show up. They worry Hana will become even more fussy if they keep her locked up inside all day but Majorika believes in singles they aren't strong enough to keep up with Oyajide's power, they need to stay together at all times. Though the girls quickly point the flaws out in this idea...

As Doremi complains and begins to discuss the romantic summer she was hoping for, they notice a glowing coming through the magic world's portal and Majorin appears, asking them to prepare and come visit the Queen, who wishes to speak to them.

Upon arrival, the Witch Queen talks to the girls about the wizards plans involving Hana-chan. She asks Majorin to give the ojamajo their new phones, Patraine Calls. They work the same as their Kururin calls, but these can only by the royal patrain and as such, are stronger versions. After she reminds the girls how they work and asks them to protect Hana, they leave back to the Maho-do to show Majorika before they decide to practice using their calls to see how well they work.

Aiko happens to see Doremi nearby daydreaming about summer vacation and romance once again. Aiko scolds her when suddenly a customer comes in and Hana starts to cry. Doremi is instantly smitten by the strange boy as he goes on to compliment her for making Hana-chan stop crying.

Meanwhile outside, Oyajide is watching the shop. After he sees Onpu he eagerly decides to come inside to see her, only to be caught by everyone right away. He attempts to make a grab for Hana-chan when the mysterious boy manages to beat him up and send him out of the shop, scaring him off as they yell at him in front of a crowd of people.

As thanks for the help the girls offer some cookies to the mysterious boy, along with some tea. He claims to feel bad since he doesn't think he deserves the attention, though Doremi continues to stand by him while he compliments her. After he incidentally says her name, he introduces himself and claims he's heard the others address her by name. Akatsuki then asks for a bouquet of flowers, which he proceeds to give to Doremi before taking his leave. While Doremi is very smitten by Akatsuki, Aiko calls it cheesy.

As Akatsuki leaves, he is confronted by the beat up Oyajide, who accuses him of betrayal. Akatsuki assures him it's his plan to gain the groups trust. While criticizing Oyajide, Akatsuki takes his leave...

Later that night, Doremi is too busy thinking about Akatsuki to eat much of dinner and she heads to her bedroom while her parents wonder what the problem is. Pop tries to explain it to them, but they don't understand.

The following day, Doremi remains lifeless until Akatsuki appears again and explains that he has some business to attend to, that is, simply asking Doremi out on a date the following day. She claims to be free, only for Aiko to painfully remind her that it was her turn to watch Hana-chan tomorrow. However, Doremi believes it will be alright to bring Hana since it isn't very far from the Maho-do.

Meanwhile, Majorika is convincing Lala that this will be okay since Akatsuki is reliable and managed to rid Oyajide with ease, so with this in mind everyone agrees that it should be okay...

Come the next day, the two have arrived to the Fureai Ranch. Unknown to Doremi, Oyajide has disguised himself and is watching the two of them. Eventually, Doremi wants to feed the sheep and Akatsuki offers to hold Hana-chan for her, but as she goes to hand her to him, she starts to bawl so she decides against it and realizes that Hana is probably just hungry, so they decide to stop for lunch now.

After they eat, they happen to notice a Battle Rangers summer show going on nearby and Doremi goes over to check it out. Akatsuki is immediately hooked to how cool it looks as a stage woman announces that three lucky guests will receive a special limited edition Battle Ranger figure. Doremi happens to be one of the lucky guests, so she gives the prize to Akatsuki since he wanted it much more then her, which makes him very happy!

It's suddenly that Akatsuki sees something else and he flees so that Doremi will give chase. When she loses him, Oyajide surprises her by pouncing and grabbing a hold of Hana-chan, but Doremi quickly tries to use magic on the vines to help her out. She is then pinned to a tree by one of his roses!

Doremi yells at Oyajide as he tells her without the others she simply isn't strong enough. But this inspires Doremi to just call everyone using the royal patraine powers to stop him. So after unpinning herself, Doremi calls them and everyone transforms and together they cast a spell on Oyajide to take Hana back!

As Akatsuki watches the pitiful display, he uses his own magic to release Oyajide as Doremi can't see him. Hana-chan then uses her own magic to protect them from all of the falling wood pieces.

A little later Doremi reunites with Akatsuki, who claims he got lost. They leave to go back to the Maho-do while the two of them exchange farewells for the day. Doremi tries to follow him, only to see he's already gone when she runs into Hazuki instead. Hazuki claims she didn't see him and she's forced to forget about it for the time being since Majorika and Lala want to know what happened.

Nearby, a broken-legged, beaten up Oyajide berates Akatsuki, but he continues to insist their failure is because of Oyajide and he takes his leave. Oyajide angrily tells him to wait, but this pays little use in the end as he's ignored.

That night Doremi is happily taking out the trash. Everyone comments on it when Doremi sees a star and makes her think about Akatsuki, causing her to toss the trash onto the others as the episode ends.

26 (77)- "Kanae-chan no Diet Sakusen" ("Kanae's Diet Strategy")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 2623:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 26

Airdate: August 6, 2000

The ojamajo are discussing Hana-chan's appetite while feeding her one day. They are sure she'll easily pass her next exam while Majorika wonders if she's eating too much... only for them to claim she's the one whose eating too much...

Later at the Misora Store, the girls are purchasing some items when they happen to meet with Kanae. She explains that she came to buy a new swimsuit, but since so many good sales had been going on, she couldn't resist buying some other things along the way. Since there is three of them, they offer assistance so that Kanae has a free hand to check out the swimsuits. At the swimsuit section she explains that her swimsuit from last year doesn't fit anymore when the SOS trio suddenly begin to make fun of her gurth. The girls scold them as Aiko points out what Naomi Okuyama did to them last time after they so rudely insulted her height a year ago.

While the SOS are worried, Kanae doesn't seem to be very upset by their teasings. But they offer to buy her unlimited cake if she can lose a couple of pounds, as they believe it to be impossible and they take their leave. She eagerly agrees and even mentions that she would be able to fit into her old swimsuit if she can lose the weight. Kanae asks Doremi for help and Doremi quickly agrees upon realizing she may get some steak out of it!

Later on, Onpu gives advice and some tips on how to lose weight. She provides as much as she can, given that her summer tour is going to begin soon so she won't be around very much during it. Kanae asks if she really has to do excersise, as she doesn't really enjoy it. Onpu tells her she sorta has to, but she can also take walks if she would rather do that. So with this in mind, Doremi and Kanae go out for a walk.

Eventually the walk goes alright, minus the many tempting foods along the way, and they go head back to the Iida household to do some excersise. Doremi becomes distracted as she begins to smell steak as Kanae explains that since it's now dinner, the customers are coming in. As both girls are hungry, they sit down to a balanced meal as Doremi sadly realizes they don't actually eat any of the steak themselves. Though she happily sees Kanae bond with her mother soon after...

The following day, the girls pick up their training to lose weight by jumping rope. But when Doremi gets hurt, they stop and happen to see Sugiyama, one of the SOS nearby as an icecream stand. He resumes taunting Kanae and then takes his leave, and much to Doremi's shock she sees that Kanae has gotten some too!

Later that day, Majorika weighs herself and comments that she lost a little bit of weight, gloating until the girls move her to weigh Hana-chan. Much to their shock she's gained a lot of weight...

When Doremi and Kanae go on their next walk Doremi explains that Hana-chan will be joining them as she's been eating too much lately and really needs to go onto a diet as well. Kanae thinks Hana-chan is fine the way she is, but she has no qualms about it and they go on their walk. Later on at the maho-do however, everyone scolds Majorika for eating so carelessly and meanly in front of Hana-chan, since it will make her want to eat.

Later that day Kanae calls Doremi over to inform her that she's lost some weight. They are both very happy and Kanae explains that helped her was seeing Hana-chan, so she's going to keep working hard to make sure she keeps losing weight.

That evening the girls are worried that Hana may not have lost enough weight and head over to the exam. Upon arrival, everyone discusses how much weight their babies have gained, as well as mention their appetites and what-not. Majopon and Majopi soon announce that the fifth month health examin shall begin and everyone follows them to the next room.

Majoheart explains how this exam will work and the babies all begin to chow down. Hana-chan finishes first and managed to keep herself clean. But suddenly she uses her magic to take the rest of the food from the other babies and begins eating it!

As Majoheart demands an explaination the ojamajo hesitantly admit that they put her on a diet because she gained too much weight and were concerned about her health. She insults the girls and scolds them for putting Hana on a diet during her peak growing period and she asks Majopi and Majopon to bring the scale in to weigh her.

Upon doing so, she comments that it does seem like a lot, but so did her height... she was perfectly fine and with that noted, she passes the ojamajo for a job well done.

That following day, Kanae is busy running when the others see her. They comment on how sickly she looks and she almost faints before recalling that she didn't eat breakfast that morning. She mentions that she lost weight, but the girls point out she has to actually eat, AND excersise. But the advice doesn't pull through and Kanae leaves...

The ojamajo visit Kanae's mother, who informs them she has only been eating salad during dinner and she refuses to eat properly. They go to find Kanae still excersising and try to make her listen by bringing up how they got yelled at for putting Hana-chan on a diet. Kanae simply refuses though, so the girls confront the SOS trio, who refuse to tell Kanae she is fine the way she is. So back at the Maho-do, they try to think of an idea that will help Kanae stop dieting so wrecklessly.

In hopes of helping them out, the ojamajo cast magic stage, summoning cakes and cupcakes and other desserts all over the shop. They try to lure her inside and dress up as maid-waitresses and introduce her to the "Maho-do Cake Tasting Shop" and offer to let her try as much as she wants.

She really wants the cakes, but scolds Doremi for showing her these things now, since she worries if she eats any of it she'll gain back all of the weight she lost. She then storms out and while the girls sadly realize Magical Stage failed, they find Kanae passed out on the ground!

Back at the Iida household, everyone has come by to visit Kanae. The SOS have even showed up and Sugiyama apologizes for all of the teasing he's done. They then show her the little box of cakes they brought for her and they ask her to stop crash dieting the way she's been, since everyone is really worried. Kanae agrees while Doremi claims when Kanae is happy, she's a much better person.

Suddenly Onpu sees a chart on the wall. Kanae explains that she measures her height every year during her birthday. Realizing that her birthday is coming soon and they measure her to see she's grown by 5 centimeters!

The reason her swimsuit no longer fit was because she had gained height, not weight....

With this happy news, the ojamajo head back to the Maho-do to feed Hana-chan. While piggy Majorika happened to over-eat and everyone teases her for it while the episode comes to an end.

27 (78)- "Kitaguni no Herb to Taisetsu na Omoide" ("The Northern Country Herb and the Important Memory")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 2723:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 27

Airdate: August 13, 2000

The ojamajo are sitting around one day at the Maho-do when Aiko points out someone flying towards them, it's Majoririka!

After they manage to get her to stop, she begins a visit with them and plays with Hana-chan until she begins to scratch herself. They inform Majoririka that she's gained a sweat rash from the warm weather, so she keeps trying to scratch at it. Majoririka tells the ojamajo that Magical Marigolds usually clear up a witches rash and mentions that they could get some at Hokkaido. So the girls, and Majoririka each go from house to house to get permission to allow the ojamamjo to travel so far away. Doremi believes it will be fine since their dad is doing some work at Hitan anyway, though Haruka hesitates until Doremi and Pop manage to convince her otherwise.

And so, that very day everyone is on the Maho-do bus and heading out towards Hokkaido. Near sunset the van gets onto a big boat that will drop them off in the Hokkaido region and eventually they come by the country side filled with lilacs and soon a giant forest area, their destination!

Majorika notices a sign nearby, so she and Lala choose to go and check out the many hotsprings this land has around it. She invites Majoririka, but she claims she can't yet since she's the only one who knows where the marigolds are. Majorika is a little concerned, but the girls claim they will be okay and they let their yousei go along with Majorika so that they can relax too.

As the girls go out and begin to realize how hard it may be to locate the marigolds, they quickly cast magical stage in hopes of finding them faster.... unfortuantly, magical stage just summons a bear!

The bear proceeds to chase after the girls and no matter what they try, nothing works. As they realize they have reached a cliff, Aiko tries to use magic to rid of the bear. The girls move so that the bear falls off of the cliff and Hazuki uses magic to keep the bear safe from harm. As they continue along the way, Doremi happens to spot their father, so she and Pop watch as he comforts a woman he is fishing with after he brings up someone and it begins to make her cry. As he tries to comfort her, all of the girls confront Keisuke and Pop threatens to tell their mother on him. Keisuke tries to tell them there is an explanation for it but nobody listens until he yells at them to quiet down so that he can explain Eiko's (the girl) fiance had passed away a month ago due to sickness.

Eiko introduces herself to Pop and Doremi as Eiko Kataoka. She had wanted to come see the river with her late husband to be and she asked Keisuke to be her guide as she no longer had someone to help her out. Everyone calms down but Doremi is a little upset that keisuke lied to them. But Keisuke informs them that their mother is easily jealous so he had to lie.

Meanwhile, Haruka is hanging out at a Kareoke building with a bunch of people and she plans to sing one of Keisuke's favorite songs while two men subtly flirt with her.

Everyone is invited to join a group of fishermen while Hazuki keeps trying to figure out how their magic went wrong, since nothing they experience happens to have anything to do with marigolds. Everyone else begins to overlook the pictures Eiko has been working on and the grownups discuss how much of a great man Eiko's late-husband to be used to be. But sadly the good mood begins to decrease once more while Eiko explains they had gotten a three day leave from the hospital to come here. The first day he was happy having fun fishing, but by day two he just didn't have the energy anymore. As the two of them were sitting together, he passed away while explaining that he had wished to live happily with Eiko, and also wished to catch the giant fish he once caught but escaped before he could real it in...

The ojamajo feel really bad and they want to help try to bring his dream to life, but it's so late in the day that they don't think there's anytime to get the Sardine now. With a bit of magic from Hana-chan and Majoririka, they manage to bring some fish to the lake and they even momentarily transform Keisuke into the ex-fiance of Eiko's. The sardine they catch happens to be the sardine Atsushi wanted to catch, but when everyone tells her she could take it back in sake of his memory, she refuses and asks them to release it instead...

Keisuke suddenly asks the girls why they have come to Hokkaido, causing everyone to panic upon remembering they never got the marigolds they needed. But Eiko points out she's seen them before and she brings the entire group to the golden flower field where the marigolds await. But with everyone there they can't use a poron to look for the magical marigolds. So Majoririka summons "the bear" again to scare everyone away, revealing it to be Doremi in a costume!

Doremi quickly locates the magic marigold and on the maho-do bus, Majoririka puts the mixture on Hana-chan and everyone happily cheers. Then they all see Eiko off while Keisuke tells her that for Atsushi's sake, she should be happy...

Doremi and Pop happily talk to their dad and comment on how cool he looked today. Doremi asks him to bring them all fishing again next time, which he happily accepts.

28 (79)- "Nerawareta Kenkoushindan" ("The Targeted Physical Examination")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 2823:25

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 28

Airdate: August 20, 2000

It has been six month's since the ojamajo had gotten Hana-chan and as such, her next health exam is coming up. Everyone comments on how much she's grown and how talented she is now while observing the block structure she has put together. It's then someone comes into the Maho-do and they see it's Akatsuki, much to Doremi's pleasure. He's come to ask Doremi if she wanted to come with him to the upcoming Summer festival. Doremi of course agrees, until she's reminded of Hana's health exam...

At first, Doremi tries to get out of it but Aiko and Hazuki refuse to let her skip so Doremi is forced to down him down. However, Akatsuki is very understanding and he leaves after promising to come back and ask her out some other time.

Meanwhile, at a restraunt in town, Oyajide is pestering a waitress while waiting for Akatsuki to meet with him. He informs the waitress that he had called for the restervation and asks for her to bring food out now. After she leaves he is quick to inform Oyajide of the ojamajo's evening plans with Hana-chan, and points out how much of a valuable chance this is. At first Oyajide doesn't understand, but he soon begins to figure it out while Akatsuki explains it to him. Oyajide insists that he does better this time, though Akatsuki claims he has better plans and he refuses to do his work. So for tonight Oyajide is on his own....

As the ojamajo travel to the health exam's location, Oyajide is shown to have snuck along with them in the basket and jumps out before they arrive. The exam quickly begins with Majoheart explaining that this one shall test the baby's intelligence. For their first task they must locate a panda plush doll in a huge pile of dolls and toys within the time limit. In the pile is Oyajide, who has painted himself white and has a black mask on his face. He will kidnap Hana when she gets close enough to him!

Unfortuantly, when she finds him Hana-chan uses her magic to play with him until the time runs out. The ojamajo are disappointed, but Onpu thinks she has seen this strange plush doll before...

In the next exam, the baby's must build something with their blocks. They're sure Hana-chan can do it, but she keeps making a format resembling Doremi, not what Majoheart asks her to build. She attempts to build the right object, and manages to do it until Oyajide, disguised as a block accidentally tips the blocks over and time runs out!

Eventually the baby's take a break to be fed and played with for a little while. But a fussy Oyajide is growing impatient, and even more hungry. He tries to cast magic, but is too weak that he's easily picked up by a heavy breeze, landing in a basket that belongs to a witch that was going to the Queen's Garden to pick some peaches. Oyajide realizes where he is and he quickly gets out to eat some of them, only to realize how much stronger he is all of the sudden!

Back at the exam's location, Majoheart announces that for the final test the baby's will have to put together a jigsaw puzzle. Hana-chan easily puts it together, when suddenly all of the witch baby's are sucked up into a strange bubble!

Oyajide reveals himself as Majoheart realizes he was the one who had been trying to get a hold of Hana. Everyone begins to demand for their baby back, but Oyajide refuses despite only needing Hana-chan. He promises to give them back if the witches hand over their crystal balls, which they all do. However, he had no plans to give the baby's back and he puts them into a bag and takes off after he uses magic to summon a cage over the witches. To get out of the cage, Doremi casts a spell to summon a key and explain that because they're not full grown witches yet, they can cast magic without the need of a crystal ball.

Before they can go to stop Oyahide, Mahoheart informs them that because of all the magic peaches Oyajide has eaten, he's a lot stronger now so they may not stand a chance. But the ojamajo don't care and they assure her they can still win. They transform into Royal Patraine and quickly make work of Oyajide!

After freeing the baby's, the royal patraine ojamajo confront Oyajide. When Doremi attempts to attack him again, she realizes she's out of magic to use! The others also see they are out, so with his own magic Oyajide grabs one of the magic baby's to use as a hostage. To free Atarimeko, Hana-chan offers herself in exchange and Oyajide releases her.

He begins to make his leave when Hana-chan begins to pester him, causing him to once again fall to the ground. The bag of Crystal Balls busts open and everyone is able to get their crystal back and Majoheart proceeds to attack Oyajide with a thunder cloud and sends him out of the witch world. She then brings the ojamajo right to the Witch Queen in order to discuss the events with the girls. They feel badly for what happened but she tells them everything will be fine since everyone is okay. And because of what the girls did, they pass the health exam and also gain a brand new set of magic seeds.

Majoheart makes it clear that Hana techniqually hadn't passed any exams this time, but it was because of her everyone was safe in the end. Onpu brings up how Oyajide had eaten the Queen's peach and their concern that they may not be able to fight him anymore. But to their relief, she informs them the effects from a peach is only temporary, and as a side-effect he'll end up getting a bad stomach ache, which makes her pretty happy.

Outside of the witch world portal, Akatsuki is standing around when he notes that the exam is probably ending when Oyajide is suddenly flung out at him!

Akatsuki comments on how he failed when Oyajide admits to having a stomach ache and he flees the scene when nature calls. Akatsuki doesn't think much of it and turns his attention to the colorful fireworks going on over his head as the episode draws to an end...

29 (80)- "Kimodameshi de Minna ga Keitai!?" ("Everyone Disappears During the Test of Courage!?")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 2923:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 29

Airdate: August 27, 2000

One hot summer day, the ojamajo are really tired and don't wish to be working in such warm heat. Doremi suddenly recalls that later on they'll get to go to the Yamauchi temple for the annual test of courage, which makes everyone feel much better. Except for Hazuki that is...

Come time to arrive, the three of them, along with Onpu and the others from last year have shown up. While they're all excited that Onpu come, nobody really wanted to see Tamaki again. But she explains that she came to clear up any of the mysterious legends that would stump children not as smart as herself and before anyone can argue against this, it's time to head inside and they all take turns telling scary stories. But for every time someone is about to scare them, Tamaki manages to explain what it truly was by claiming it's only plasma. Shimakura takes her turn to tell a scary story and points out that it's a real story, as well as the fact it happened about five years ago at a school that was supposedly haunted. It was to be turn down but because accidents kept happening, it scared everyone part of the demolition crew away. So nobody dared get close to the buildings. Then the incident happened...

A group of children from that town went onto the property, unaware that it was cursed. Everything seemed to be fine until they realized one of the girls had gone missing, screaming as she was dragged into a mirror she stood by. However, they do not become worried until one of the slower members that chose to stop was also targeted when the ground beneath him evaporated and pulled him into it. At first, the remaining students assumed it to be a prank, but after another student is pulled away they realize it isn't and flee right away!

Unfortunately... only one girl makes it. The final boy was grabbed by a strange shroud of water while a pair of giant scissors brought down another girl. Only one girl was seen to escape...

Suddenly, Tamaki claims this story to be a big lie and while she points out what had gone on to prove it was a hoax, everyone begun to calm down and they decide to go outside for the test of courage now. Tamaki explains that for the story to have made sense, Shimakura would have to have heard it from someone who was at the location. And she said EVERYONE was gone. Therefore, she made it up.

Outside, Sagawa and Sugiyama take off into the woods first. Everyone is beginning to show concern, seeing how long it's taking them to come back. So Kotake and Oota go to investigate. Some time passes and a loud scream sends everyone to the location of it. But all they find is a show, which Yada points out belongs to Oota. Shimakura points out how similiar this is to her story, which freaks out everyone except for Onpu. Who begins to point out how much the same it is to her story, which she seems to find a little exciting. But Tamaki interupts to claim it's just plasma, again, unaware of how much this upsets Shimakura again. She then goes on to suggest they all just stick together in a group. Onpu believes that because of the little time they have left, they should just split up. So one by one, everyone groups up. Onpu with Shimakura and Doremi, Aiko and Nobuko, and finally Yada and Hazuki. With no other options left, Nobuaki offers to go with Tamaki in hopes of making her feel better.

Aiko and Nobuko are rather nervous, despite their claims of thinking it is just a trick until she begins to discuss her brand new story instead. Hazuki tells Yada how to be brave by repeating "Majorika" over and over, but this fails and they run off. Tamaki is too busy clinging to Nobuaki until he asks her to stop, then he walks off after he claims he didn't see any recent spirits. And finally, Onpu wants to hear more of Shimakura's exciting story. She asks who is going to disappear next and continues to point out how much this is just like her story. But everyone begins to worry after Shimakura claims she never planned this. So everyone regroups and they happen to see a puddle, along with footprints from it and a torn cloth that Doremi recognizes as being the same color of Nobuko's dress!

Shimakura is beginning to get upset and she explains that they never actually heard what happened to the last girl. Tamaki points out that she thought the girl vanished too, but Shimakura explains that she had escaped, but three days after the incident she had been found, entirely white from shock. Tamaki asks why she never bothered to tell them and Shimakura explains that she got angry that she was being accused of lying when it was a total truth, so she cut the story short. Suddenly, Yada and Hazuki have vanished too!

Nobuaki decides they should head back to the temple, so he and the four remaining girls proceed to quickly run back. Nobuaki, Tamaki, and Shimakura run inside to try to locate Nobuaki's parents but it's no use. As they do this, Doremi and Onpu try to call Hazuki and Aiko but they recieve no answers either...

After he points out his parents would never leave so suddenly, Tamaki demands they call the police when they find the line is dead. Tamaki suggests they just leave now but this only upsets everyone, so Onpu suggests that just she and Doremi can go look for everyone else, then Tamaki and Shimakura can leave first and Nobuaki can look for his family and get them to safety. Once outside, Onpu and Doremi transform in order to locate the others. Doremi then uses her magic to bring out a karaoke set, thinking it may lure everyone out by calling for them... but this only scares the other three when they think it's a monster screaming.

Shimakura and Nobuaki ditch Tamaki in the cemetary and she pleads for someone to come back. Only this does no good when she suddenly notices something moving nearby. She assumes it to be Doremi, but nothing happens until she notices a big shadow rising up from behind and her screams fade into the night...

The following day at the Maho-do, the ojamajo are going over what entirely happened. It had been Sagawa and Sugiyama's intentions to scare everyone so they had hidden some sheets and jelly. But because they couldn't find it, they had to look around the entire forest. In an ironic twist of luck, Kotake and Oota went to look for them but were knocked unconcious after they fell at the base of a cliff. Aiko had slipped on a puddle due to her interest in Nobuko's newest story, which made her bump into something and rip part of her dress. Hazuki then got frightened and wished to use the restroom, but since nobody had been paying attention to her they didn't notice that Yada offered to take her. Nobuaki's parents had been cutting up watermelon but had to go to the nearby convenience story to purchase salt and the reason the phone didn't work was because in her panic, Tamaki accidentally pulled the cord out of its socket.

As they stop explaining, Doremi points out that both Hazuki and Aiko forgot to bring their Patraine calls. And that mysterious figure that snuck up on Tamaki? That was just Doremi and Onpu, along with everyone else also. Considering the hell she went through, nobody could bring themselves to laugh at her. Onpu points out how much of a coincidence all of those incidents had been when Doremi suddenly remembers that she borrowed Onpu's handkerchief from her during the test when she fell. But Onpu can't remember doing this, which alarms Doremi into screaming while Aiko and Hazuki curiously question what was going on...

Meanwhile, Tamaki is too frightened to sleep by herself and asks to share the bed with her mother. While she doesn't understand, she gladly shifts over so that Tamaki can lay with her, though she makes it clear that tomorrow night, Tamaki will have to sleep in her own bed. This makes Tamaki happy, though she's concerned that the others never should find her in such a vulnerable manner.

30 (81)- "Seki-sensei ni Koibito ga Dekita!?" ("Could That Be Miss Seki's Sweetheart!?"

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 3023:25

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 30

Airdate: September 3, 2000

One day, the Ojamajo are outside of school. Doremi and Aiko are very unhappy that summer vacation has come to an end, while Hazuki asks them if they finished the summer homework. As expected, everyone did except for Doremi, who innocently forgot to do it. She asks to copy one of theirs, but when they inform her she has a day to go, Doremi feels much better and they head inside. At first it seems normal, until a very pretty Seki-sensei walks in, catching the attention of everyone. Though only the ojamajo comment on it.

They get right to work when she asks the class to write about what they all want to accomplish during this second semester. Everyone gets right to work but Doremi struggles to concentrate and shows the others upon seeing Seki-sensei trying to make sense of how to use the laptop she came in with. When school ends, the ojamajo prepare to leave when a few male classmates come by to discuss the changes Seki-sensei has made, having seen it too. After they take note of her laptop and Aiko questions if its possible anything happened over the summer break, Onpu is led to believe she has a boyfriend. They find this surprising, but it's the only theory they have for now and they quit discussing it....

Until they get to the Maho-do where a sad Doremi fears what may happen to the classroom if Seki-sensei was to marry and quit teaching them. However, Onpu points out that instead of fearing something like that, they should be there cheering her on instead. Majorika cuts the discussion short and critisizes them for standing around making conversation.

Eventually they leave work and begin to head home. Doremi complains about the math homework they were given until she happens to see Seki-sensei and a man inside of a cafe. The ojamajo stop to observe this scene, which involves Seki-sensei struggling to use the laptop from earlier. Although the mysterious male she is with helps her out until they share a momentary locked gaze...

The following day, the ojamajo decide to go ask Yuki-sensei about Seki's boyfriend. But upon telling her, she reacts in shock, revealing that she had no idea. She begins to aggresively claim she will get the truth, angry that she broke their promise. But when Seki-sensei walks into the room, the ojamajo quickly take off and attempt to eavesdrop. But this proves difficult so Doremi uses magic in order to sneak into the nurses office so that she can hear them.

Yuki quickly asks why Seki never bothered to tell her about her boyfriend and Seki quickly explains how the two of them happened to meet. Her grandfather's friend kept pushing her to see him, revealing his name is Kitagawa. She had a really nice time with him and mentions what he does for a living. She also explains how nice he is, which makes Yuki very happy for her. After Yuki asks if he may have considered marriage yet, Seki explains that he hasn't, but he doesn't mind if she keeps working as a teacher either. With this info leaked out, Doremi decides to take her leave and she informs them all of what she heard, so the girls decide they want to meet Kitagawa and learn more about him.

Come sunday, when Seki's next date is to be held, Majorika is trying to figure out why the ojamajo haven't shown up for work yet. Lala informs her that they wanted to go investigate something, so they wouldn't be in until later, if at all that day...

The ojamajo follow Seki and Kitagawa into the movie theater after Hazuki uses her magic to transform into an old lady in order to spy on them. She purposely spills her items onto him and instead of getting angry, he nicely tries to ask her if she is alright instead, which makes Hazuki call him a nice boyfriend while the other three watch from a distance. Once the movie ends, they leave to get something to eat. After Hazuki calls Seki in order to get her to seperate from him, Doremi transforms into Seki-sensei and goes to sit with him. Onpu distracts their teacher once she hangs up the phone and explains why she is there, in order to avoid suspicion. Then she asks why Seki is there, despite really knowing.

Doremi meanwhile, is very eager for some steak, but sadly sees that Seki-sensei has decided to order fried shrimp instead. After he sees "seki" drooling over his steak, Kitagawa offers him a piece and in exchange takes one of the shrimp. But before Doremi can even try it, Hazuki calls her to get her away, seeing as Onpu can't distract Seki-sensei forever...

But in her sadness, Doremi almost walks right in front of the real Seki, so Aiko pretends to be Onpu's mom in order to distract her and allow Doremi to make a clean escape. Doremi and the others believe that Kitagawa is a really good man, but they still have one more test left to see if he truly is or not. They find the two of them sitting at the park and they quickly drag Seki away after they try to see her boyfriend and find out why she is there.

Once they do, Onpu transforms herself in order to see if Kitagawa is a faithful man or not. She invites him to attend something with her, but he kindly refuses. So Onpu takes her leave once the others finish distracting Seki-sensei. They all decide that he is trustworthy enough and they leave to let the date finish...

As Kitagawa helps Seki with her laptop some more, he begins to inform her that he has to be leaving. His company called him yesterday to ask him to transfer to New York to continue working for them. He asks Seki to come with him and claims she could get a new teaching job there, but she admits that while she's really happy and likes him a lot, she really has to think it over first...

The following day, Seki is busy with the students in gym class when she sees that it's time for her to leave and see Kitagawa off as he boards the airplane. Yuki takes over for her and the ojamajo switch places with their yousei so that they can follow their teacher to the airport. She quickly arrives to find him but she informs him that she really wants to stay to see her students graduate first, so she can't go with him. Wordlessly he takes his leave as she sadly stays by herself for a moment, only to see that he sent her a text to explain that he will be there to meet her come graduation...

With this in mind, she comes outside as the ojamajo spy on her nearby and she watches the airplane as it takes off...

31 (82)- "Mahoutsukai no Kuni kara FLAT 4 Sanjou!" ("The FLAT 4 from the Sorcerer's Country are Visiting!")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 3123:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 31

Airdate: September 10, 2000

Fujio, Leon, and Tooru, three more young wizards, join Akatsuki (together known as the FLAT 4) and Oyajide in their question to retrieve the magic baby, while the girls prepare for the seventh health examination.

32 (83)- "Tondekepyuu! Dodo-tachi no Dai Henshin" ("Dodo and the Others' Big Transformation")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 3223:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 32

Airdate: September 17, 2000

While Dodo and the other fairies become trapped and transform in the new laptop given to the girls by the Queen, the FLAT 4 successfully kidnap Hana and put the blame on the unknowing Oyajide.

33 (84)- "Ensoku wa Minna de Hai Cheese" ("Everyone Say Cheese on the Class Trip!")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 3323:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 33

Airdate: October 1, 2000

On a school trip, Kaori takes charge of taking pictures, but she goes overboard and produces some embarrassing photos of everyone.

34 (85)- "Takoyaki wa Nakanaori no Aji" ("Takoyaki is the Way to Recover Forgiveness")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 3423:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 34

Airdate: October 8, 2000

Aiko and Onpu argue with each other after Aiko misunderstands the importance of the idol's feelings.

35 (86)- "Undoukai de Teppen wo Mezase!" ("Aim for the Top in the Athletic Meet!")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 3523:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 35

Airdate: October 15, 2000

The kindergarteners are preparing for the athletic meet. During practice, it's revealed that Kimitaka has a few cooperation and balance problems.

36 (87)- "Aiko ga Rival! Sports Shoubu!!" ("Aiko's Rival! Sports Match!!")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 3623:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 36

Airdate: October 22, 2000

The athletic Leon of the FLAT 4 challenges Aiko to all sorts of sports, while Hana wanders off chasing a dragonfly.

37 (88)- "Hana-chan mo Poppu mo Shiken Naka!" ("Hana and Pop Both Take Exams!")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 3723:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 37

Airdate: October 29, 2000

Hana's next health examination and Pop's Level 4 apprentice test occur at the same time. Hana's actions begin to affect Pop's test.

38 (89)- "Hazuki-chan wa Meikantoku!" ("Hazuki is a Great Director!")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 3824:10

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 38

Airdate: November 12, 2000

Hazuki is chosen to direct the class play for the talent show, but encounters difficulties when she is unable to make her own decisions.

39 (90)- "Waga Mamaako to Okotta Kaishuu" ("Angry Monster and Selfish Child")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 3923:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 39

Airdate: November 19, 2000

After Hana passes another health examination, Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko go to see Onpu's filming in Kyoto. The kid who plays Onpu's brother, Chikara, gets jealous of Onpu spending more time with Doremi and the others.

40 (91)- "Harukaze Ke ni Piano ga Yattekuru!" ("The Piano Comes to the Harukaze House!")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 4023:25

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 40

Airdate: November 26, 2000

After the events of the Sharp movie, Pop asks her mother to teach her how to play the piano.

41 (92)- "Onpu ni Oitsuke! Idol He no Michi!" ("Onpu is Overtaken! The Road to Becoming an Idol!")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 4123:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 41

Airdate: December 3, 2000

Tooru tries to become an idol like Onpu, but fails in every way. Oyajide attempts another kidnapping.

42 (93)- "Mahou wo Tsukawanai Majo" ("The Witch That Doesn't Use Magic")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 4223:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 42

Airdate: December 10, 2000

Majo Heart is revealed to have an adopted daughter, Majo Ran. Majo Ran refuses to use magic, and is trying to get to the Queen's castle.

43 (94)- "Hana-chan wa Classmate!?" ("Hana-chan is a Classmate!?")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 4323:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 43

Airdate: December 17, 2000

Because Majo Rika and Lala are ill, the girls take Hana to school.

44 (95)- "Shiawase no White Christmas" ("White Christmas of Happiness")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 4423:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 44

Airdate: December 24, 2000

The girls get to spend time with their families on Christmas Eve. Although there are happy times, there are sad times as well.

45 (96)- "Ojamajo Jidaigeki · Shōjo yo Taishi wo Idake!" ("Bothersome Witch Historical Play: The Girl Harboring Ambition!")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 4523:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 45

Airdate: December 31, 2000

The girls go into a Storybook world, with the characters portrayed by notable people during the season.

46 (97)- "Saigo no Kenkoushindan · Hana-chan wa Mama ga Mamoru!" ("The Final Physical Examination; Hana's Mamas Protect Her!")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 4623:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 46

Airdate: January 7, 2001

It's time for Hana's final health examination, but during it they get transported to a field with flowers with Hana. Unfortunately Akatsuki and the others are there, and Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, and Onpu find out they were trying to kidnap Hana. Akatsuki traps the others and takes Hana. Will he give back Hana or leave Doremi heartbroken?

47 (98)- "Hana-chan wo Kaeshite! Mahou Dai Kessen" ("Give Back Hana! The Great Magic Battle")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 4723:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 47

Airdate: January 14, 2001

Oyajiide kidnaps Hana from Doremi, Akatsuki, and the others so they go into the wizard world to get her back. Hana's magic begins to cause trouble. Doremi is able to follow Oyajiide but runs out of royal seeds. Pop wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to MAHO-dou to see if Doremi and the others are back from the health examination. Pop finds Doremi's plant but royal seeds have grown on it instead. Pop goes into the witch world to find Doremi ans show her but will Pop get to her in time?

48 (99)- "Hana-chan ga Shinjau!?" ("Hana's Dying!?")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 4823:24

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 48

Airdate: January 21, 2001

Picking up from the last episode, the past Queen of the Witch World curses Hana, making her very ill. There is an only thing that can cure her, the Love Supreme flower in a cursed forest, but if she isn't cured, Hana will die.

49 (100)- "Sayonara Hana-chan" ("Good Bye, Hana")

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 4922:54

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp - Episode 49

Airdate: January 28, 2001

The four witch apprentices go in to the forest and retrieve the Love Supreme flower, however the previous queen tries to stop them. Doremi finally gets the flower and Hana is saved, but they fall asleep for 1000 years. Hana calls out to them, which awakens her mothers. When they saved Hana, their crystals break. They can't see Hana again because of this, and they part ways.

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