1- "Watashi Doremi! Majo Minarai ni Naru" ("I'm Doremi! I'm a Witch Apprentice")

(私どれみ! 魔女見習いになる) ("Now I Am a Witchling")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 01

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 01

Airdate: February 7, 1999

The camera pans around the town of Misora, slowly reaching a strange magic shop where a school girl is being welcomed by the creepy owner. As the girl looks over the many magical charms, the strange woman informs her that while they will grant her wish it is unknown what will happen to the user...

Meanwhile, it's just an average morning at the Harukaze household. Doremi is making an attempt to give herself courage and takes a moment to overlook the witch book nearby to see if she cast the spell right. She prepares to leave for school when her little sister, Pop Harukaze, suddenly questions her motives for leaving so early. Doremi tries to lie but Pop sees right through it and tells her it's just useless to try again. Before Doremi can make a good comeback, they're interrupted by their feuding parents. The fight soon turns violent as Haruka yanks Keisuke into another room, giving Doremi the perfect opportunity to take off.

On her way to school, Doremi takes the time to introduce herself formally to the audience and hides upon arrival to school. She then hides while observing Igarashi-Senpai, but fails to witness the chat between himself and Maki, the girl from earlier. Maki has come by to make a promise with Igarashi, saying that if he wins she will tell him a secret. Igarashi is rather confused, but he agrees and takes his leave. As he walks past Doremi, she finds herself too nervous and ends up not saying anything and heads straight to class after a moment of loathing and self-pity. In class, Doremi reads over her witch book again, trying to find out what she did wrong until her friend Hazuki, tries to tell her it's her turn to read.

Unfortunately, she didn't pay attention to the book she grabbed and starts to read out of her witch book. Only stopping the moment it dons on her and everyone starts to laugh at her!

A nearby classmate, Kotake Tetsuya, begins to tease Doremi until it winds out of control and both of them are sent into the hall as punishment. Later on when school comes to an end, Hazuki asks Doremi if she plans to attend soccer practice now. But Doremi runs away after asking Hazuki to instead take her place. But in her rush she fails to notice that she accidentally put her backpack on upside-down and everything falls out of it as she flees the classroom.

Once again Kotake insults her...

While on her way home, Doremi contemplates why everyone thinks magic is weird. But stops as she reachees a road and notices that she's never been around this area before. After she spots a nearby, creepy building, Doremi decides to investigate it. Inside, she greets the old woman who runs it and happens to notice a lot of similarities between her and a witch. As the woman slowly realizes that Doremi has recognized her, Doremi calls her out on it before she can stop her from saying it!

In a puff of smoke, the gooey green object deflates and quickly forms into a Witch Frog!

The cat from before transforms into her true fairy form and explains that since Doremi caught Majorika, she's now being punished for it. Doremi tries to leave the shop but Majorika has other plans and they take a moment to introduce themselves once Majorika reveals her plan of making Doremi become a witch apprentice. At first, Doremi is scared out of her mind until she realizes what this means and eagerly agrees!

Majorika then asks Lala to get a box from the other room and they go outside, where Majorika has Doremi reach into the box to pull out one of the taps. But Doremi doesn't listen to Majorika's explanation and begins to press the buttons causing the witch uniform to appear while Majorika yells at her for not listening. She then goes on to explain that an apprentice witch must put on the outfit before the music ends. Eventually Doremi gets it right, but Majorika questions her silly little dance. Doremi then attempts to cast her first magic spell but sadly learns that because she's so new to magic, it isn't going to last very long so she shouldn't waste her magic spheres so carelessly. Lala refills Doremi's wand before Doremi suddenly finds herself up in the sky!

Because she can't control her broom and didn't listen to Majorika first, Lala comes by to help out by simply landing on it. As she begins to talk, Doremi spots the soccer game going on and flies down with Lala to take a peak.

Meanwhile, Hazuki wonders why Doremi didn't come when suddenly the soccer ball flies straight towards Igarashi. In a minute of panic, Doremi casts magic to try to save him from getting hurt by stopping time. She moves Igarashi and quickly goes to leave before seeing Maki and the charm from Majorika's shop. Before she can leave, time unfreezes and Maki gets a momentary look at her but Doremi dives into a nearby bush to hide.

Unfortunately, because Doremi interfered, the rival team scores a point...

Lala lectures Doremi before mentioning forbidden magic, explaining that using magic to heal wounds is very bad. Suddenly Igarashi gets hurt and may not be able to play. But before anything is finalized, Maki unknowingly wishes to heal him and she receives his injury as the charm shatters. Lala then teases Doremi, pointing out that she probably had a crush on Igarashi too. Since she feels badly for what has happened, Doremi tries to freeze time again in order to help out the team but the spell ends and she's hit right in the face by the ball. But Majorika happens to be nearby and she uses her own magic to revert Doremi back to her normal form.

Eventually Doremi wakes up to find herself in the nurses office. She and Hazuki begin to chat until they hear Igarashi and Maki in the other part of the room. They rush outside to spy on them as Igarashi asks Maki to go out with him. While Doremi laments over this, claiming to be fine, Majorika and Lala watch the scene before Majorika claims she thinks Doremi is going to be a pain to deal with, but Lala thinks it'll be fun!

As Doremi comments on how nice they look, Hazuki points out that she thinks Doremi may be giving up on Igrashi. A comment that makes Doremi start to cry as the episode ends.

2- "Watashi, Hazuki-chan ni Naru!" ("I, Become Hazuki-chan!")

(私、はづきちゃんになる!) ("Being Dorie, Being Reanne")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 02

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 02

Airdate: February 14, 1999

While Doremi admires herself in front of her mirror, Majorika appears, fussy that Doremi isn't focusing on the important details of being a witch apprentice. Lala tries to tell Doremi why it would be bad for her to get caught, but Doremi barely listens and asks for more magic spheres. Majorika decides to explain to her that Magic Spheres can only be bought, so in order to pay for them Doremi has to work in the store starting the day after.

Suddenly someone begins to knock!

Doremi panics while Lala hits her tap, turning her back to normal just in time for Poppu to suddenly come in and inform Doremi that she can use the bath. She takes her leave and Majorika decides it is best to do the same, informing Doremi she'll have to wake up early and come to the shop. Doremi is very upset, but Majorika leaves before she can argue...

The next day at the shop, Majorika complains about how late Doremi is when they hear a loud crash in the backyard. They come outside to find that Doremi is still struggling with her broom. She asks for more Magic Spheres and while she puts them into her wand, Majorika and Lala begin to discuss the exams she will have to take. For a moment, Doremi prepares to just quit until Lala brings up the reward for passing the exam, a fairy. While this perks Doremi up, she realizes she is late and takes off.

While she reaches school, Doremi spots Hazuki up ahead and they begin to talk. Unfortuantly, Doremi indirectly offends Hazuki and she runs off in a huff before Doremi can figure out what happened. After getting some advice from Yuki-sensei, she confronts Hazuki later during break to apologize for what happened. After they make up, Doremi gets an idea after Hazuki mentions that she would like to have her life instead. She reveals she is a witch to Hazuki by dubbing herself a fairy, then explains her idea and casts the spell to change their bodies. They then both head for home while discussing some important details.

First to arrive is Hazuki at the Harukaze household. At first nobody seems to be home until she hears Pop in the other room and she finds her making oragami shapes. Hazuki asks to join Pop and incidentally begins to anger her because she keeps calling her "Pop-chan", while showing her how to fold the perfect crane. But this only freaks Pop out and she goes to show a surprised Haruka the results while noting how bad Doremi's cranes usually turn out.

A mini-montage is soon to follow while everyone notes how strange Doremi is all of the sudden, but they can't really figure out what the problem really is...

Meanwhile at the Fujiwara household, Doremi is forced to try on some girly outfit, but is scolded for swearing before she attempts to give her true opinion about the outfit. That is, until seeing how sad this makes Reiko in which she claims to really like it instead.

Back at the Harukaze household, Pop and "Doremi" are watching television when asked to get their father and inform him that it's time for dinner. Hazuki volunteers and becomes interested in the fly's and fishing lures he's busy preparing.

Back at Hazuki's, Doremi struggles to play the violin, as Hazuki is to be having a lesson right now...

Things are going fine with Hazuki and Keisuke until Doremi's mother comes in and scolds him for getting distracted and almost getting "Doremi" into the hobby. They argue, which Hazuki doesn't like and during dinner she tries to figure out how they can be on good terms so quickly.

Doremi comes up with the idea to fake an illness in order to get out of the violin lesson, but she is rushed and thrown into bed!

When Hazuki refuses to eat the steak Haruka made, Doremi's family puts her to bed also...

Hazuki's father arrives while a doctor is checking on "her" and deems her to be fine, so "Hazuki" claims that she must have just imagined it.

Eventually later into the night Hazuki thinks about how nice Doremi's family is, but they do argue a lot. While Doremi meanwhile thinks about how hard it is to be mature and grown up.

By the time Hazuki realizes she has changed back to normal, Majorika has arrived at her house to get Doremi, forcing her to wake up after she cuts off her air supply. Doremi flies back to home and offers to re-cast the spell, but Hazuki tells her that it isn't necessary since she misses her own family and is ready to go home now. So Doremi flies her back home.

The next morning, Doremi is upset when she discovers her family ate the steak Hazuki hadn't eaten the previous night. But they're just glad to see she's back to normal and the episode slowly comes to a end...

3- "Tenkōsei wa Naniwa-ko! Aiko Tōjō" ("The Transfer Student from Naniwa! Aiko Debuts")

(転校生はナニワっこ! あいこ登場) ("The Spit Curl Girl")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 03

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 03

Airdate: February 21, 1999

Doremi and Hazuki are on their way to school while discussing the previous days events. She had a lot of fun, but Doremi is still mourning the loss of the steak she hadn't gotten to eat. Hazuki tries to cover a laugh when suddenly someone runs by while teasing that she can see Doremi's underwear!

Doremi and Hazuki panic until the girl calls Doremi stupid and explains that she wouldn't see her underwear because she wears shorts. The girl then leaves while Doremi and Hazuki note that neither of them have ever seen this girl before, but find out that she is a new student in their class. As a frustrated Doremi sits down, Kotake begins to tease her, despite Hazuki's warnings not to. Because Doremi happens to point out that she's met this girl, Seki-sensei makes Aiko sit by Doremi and Hazuki.

Later on during class, Aiko talks with Hazuki and Doremi, but she incidentally upsets them after she mentions that she couldn't remember Hazuki, due to thinking she wasn't very impressive or even noticeable. Upon hearing the trio speaking, Seki-sensei throws her killer chalk at them. But as Doremi manages to dodge it, Aiko catches it. Which impresses everyone, including Seki-sensei.

Throughout the day Doremi grows more annoyed, while Hazuki shows concern for how open Aiko is about everything. Although both of them are surprised to see how jealous Tamaki is when she claims that Aiko isn't very impressive and girls that are popular with boys are better.

At the end of school Aiko is asked to join the SOS group but she declines after pointing out that the trio wouldn't be, unless they kicked out one of the previous members, teasing of course. Doremi and Hazuki are still having trouble getting along with Aiko however, since Hazuki is worried that Aiko will run into trouble eventually due to caring when she hurts others feelings. So Doremi ends up trailing behind Aiko until realizing she would be better off using magic. She attempts to change into a butterfly, but due to the spell it turns out she can't fly and it's only a costume, but she did shrink, so she just flies on her broom.

After running from the Mean Cat, Doremi comes by the market and finds Aiko complimenting the fish seller in hopes of being able to get some fish for cheaper. The woman lowers the cost of two mackerels Aiko needs, so she purchases them and is picked up in a Taxi to take her home. Something that surprises Doremi. She begins to fly once more, but accidentally runs into the Senoo's front door!

Aiko hears the noise, so she gets up to check and invites Doremi inside and has he stay for dinner, where she meets Kouji, Aiko's father. He is very excited to see Aiko has made a friend already and even offers to make them dinner, but Aiko insists of doing it herself since she does it all of the time anyway. So she makes them takoyaki. Once it finishes, everyone begins to eat until they notice that Aiko's dad has fallen asleep. They decide to go eat by the nearby riverbank to avoid waking him up. Aiko explains that her father is a taxi driver and because of them having just moved there, he's been working extra hard the past few days. Doremi feels badly for missjuding Aiko earlier, but Aiko claims that she and her dad are fine. Doremi then admits that she admires Aiko for being so helpful and strong and they continue to bond as they finish eating...

The next day the three girls meet up. Aiko and Hazuki apologize to each other for how they acted and Doremi tells Hazuki about Aiko's dad, then mentions how she will get to meet him at the upcoming Parents Day. But unfortuantly Aiko tells them he has to work and couldn't make it. They point out that their parents worked too, but they were able to take off to show up today. Aiko goes along to say that she didn't even bother to show him the papers for Parents Day and seems just fine with it. But Doremi wants to make things better after Aiko points out that he's always been too busy to come.

In order to fix this, Doremi decides to use magic until she realizes she is outof Magic Spheres. Later in the day she is able to get some after Lala convinces Majorika that it would be good to have them, since this counts as practice.

Meanwhile at the Senoo household, Aiko sees her dad off to work while noticing that it's raining outside. She stops him for a moment, but then changes her mind and waves him off. While she seems happy, she attempts to brush off how upset she really feels...

Doremi however, attempts to speak to Kouji in hopes of convincing him to show up. He is very surprised since Aiko has never brought up Parents Day at school before, so he had no idea. Doremi assumes this fixes things, but he mentions that because he is new tot his Taxi Company, he can't just ask for a day off already. Then he bids Doremi a good day realizing that heh as to go. As he leaves, Doremi uses her magic to make a clone of him, but she quickly notices that he lacks the Kansai dialect, though she decides not to dwell on it very much and informs him of her plans.

The next day at school, Hazuki notices that Aiko's dad didn't show up. But Doremi remains hopeful that he will show up, despite how late it is...

The clone does show up to the school, but she had forgotten to tell him which class it was.

Meanwhile, the real Kouji happens to notice the time and thinks he may be able to make it to the school before Parents Day comes to an end.

Back in class, Hazuki mentions that they only have two minutes before the school day ends when suddenly, Kouji shows up and asks Aiko why she never bothered to tell him about Parents Day. Aiko is shocked, but she mentions that she was worried because he has to work all the time. But they reconcile with everyone watching and to end the class, Seki-sensei suggests that Aiko does the final math problem on the black board... which goes about as well as expected...

Doremi is very happy that her plan worked, but as they say goodbye to Aiko's dad, the clone shows up right after he leaves!

The clone is very warn out and upset that Doremi never told him what class to come to. But while Aiko and Hazuki are panicking, Doremi realizes that the dad who showed up was really Aiko's dad. The fake suddenly vanishes, causing even more panic amongst the girls until Doremi hurriedly attempts to shut them up while the episode comes to an end...

4- "Minna Majo Nara Kowakunai" ("It's Not Scary If We're All Witches")

(みんな魔女なら怖くない) ("Dustin' the Old Rusty Broom")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 04

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 04

Airdate: February 28, 1999

Doremi is forcing Aiko and Hazuki in an unknown directon while trying to determine if she's making the smart choice or not. They try to get questions from her, but she promises to explain everything later.

Coming to the shop, neither Aiko or Hazuki have seen it before. She runs inside after telling them to just stay there. As expected, Lala and Majorika freak out while Doremi tries to calm them down. But this is cut short when they spot the two girls spying on them and they go into hiding in hopes of avoiding detection. Doremi attempts to play stupid but they dismiss it, since they know they had seen them.

Lala pops out of her hiding spot in order to observe them, but is yanked back into hiding. Before they can do anything else Hazuki puts two and two together and calls Doremi a witch!

...But nothing happens...

Majorika and Lala quickly inform Doremi that she cannot change into a witch frog yet because she's only an apprentice. Majorika then proceeds to scold Doremi since she got herself exposed to begin with. But Doremi only goes on to introduce them to her friends, and explains to them what happened to Majorika.

Hazuki and Aiko promise not to tell anyone what they have witnessed, but Majorika is doubtful and threatens to do something to make sure they stay silent... But apparently was just joking and thinks the best idea would be to make them apprentice too. With some convincing from Doremi, Aiko and Hazuki agree to it and they set their school items aside to get their taps and Doremi shows them how to transform. After Doremi gloats over their wonderful comments regarding her, Majorika calls her an Ojamajo before the meaning is explained to Aiko and Hazuki. FailAw, Try again Hazuki...

Aiko volunteers to go first and manages to get it right on her first try. Hazuki struggles but with some help she manages to get it. But not without a scolding. Doremi then interrupts Majorika to show them how magic works as Hazuki and Aiko summon their wands and right away Doremi notices the difference in shape. Aiko goes first but kind of messed up, though the object she got was close to the object she wanted. But it's deemed not good enough and she tries again until Majorika tells her to quit wasting Magic Spheres.

After Hazuki asks to try, Lala suggest she tries her magic on something else since the other two had trouble making something out of thin air. Hazuki sees a cute toy mouse and tries to make it move, which successfully works. Out of jealousy, Doremi tries the same spell but accidentally brings a suit of armor to life. Which proceeds to chase them and destroys the shop!

After they get it to stop and they attempt to clean up, Lala mentions that they should learn about Forbidden Magic now. So Majorika explains the three types: healing, bringing the dead back to life, and changing people's feelings. She then explains how the exams work and that the Ojamjo need to do a lot of practicing before they're even ready for them. But first, they need more Magic Spheres. Lala reveals that the bag is empty though, so they will have to go to the Magic World tomorrow to get more. Majorika tells them to come back then to do some work around the shop.

At first Hazuki and Aiko are all for it but they struggle to convince Doremi, who doesn't enjoy working. On their way home, they begin to discuss how ugly and old fashioned the shop is. And so, the very next day they come to the shop with new supplies, explaining how the shop is rather unappealing to humans in general, so they believe a make over is needed.

It's then Aiko shows up, flying flawlessly on her broom. Aiko explains that it just took a little bit of "convincing" to make it fly right. Then they all get ready to start the remodel. They clean the shop, paint things, make new items, re-name the shop...

After they do this the Ojamajo go pass out fliers telling people about the grand new opening just as Majorika is returning. But she isn't happy at all to see what they've done. But she is out-voted, so they all get to work making accessories and brand new charms and decorations. Aiko makes a pretty heart shaped bracelet, Hazuki makes a multi-beaded necklace, and Doremi makes... very weird rings...

As the day comes to a end, the Ojamajo stand outside admiring their hard work. Ready to give it their all the Ojamajo then jump up into the air and proclaim how great their going to be as the episode comes to a end...

5- "Shinsō Kaiten! Mahōdō" ("Grand Opening! House Of Magic")

(新装開店! MΑHO堂) ("Witch Conya of the Lunaverse")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 05

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 05

Airdate: March 7, 1999

One noisy morning at the Harukaze household, Doremi and Pop awaken to their feuding parents. Haruka is angry that Keisuke was trying to sneak out instead of cleaning out the gutters like he was supposed to. But before it gets very far, they get distracted when Doremi runs past them in a hurry.

How very strange of Doremi...

At the Maho-do everyone is just finishing up and checking over the inventory. Everyone congratulates the stores opening, but Majorika angrily interupts to lecture them on how they changed the store without permission. But everyone assumes she was just jealous and laugh it off.

Meanwhile, a frustrated Kotake is walking through town when he happens to notice a flier for the shop's opening, but he pays it no attention and discards it into the nearby trash. Come one pm, the girls have yet to get any customers in the shop. They worry that nobody will come on such a special day, which Majorika claims to be their own fault since the shop has lost it's mysterious vibes that made it popular before. But Aiko still believes their shop is much more attractive. Suddenly, everyone stops as they begin to hear singing coming from the nearby closet. The strange woman introduces herself as Dela, but is cut off by Majorika, who only grows aggravated when Dela compliments the new store design. Majorika is highly suspicious as to why she showed up today, since it isn't the day she normally collects rent. Dela goes on to explain that she brought them a gift, as she heard they were modifying the shop. She shows them a very chic, cute cash register and the girls immediately become smitten with it... until she reveals she wasn't giving it to them for free. Despite being a gift. This leaves them sad, although Majorika claims they don't even need it since the old one is good enough.

But she is quick to give in upon seeing their faces moments after...

And with that Dela leaves before Majorika can stop her from adding the new register to the current bill. It's then Aiko suddenly becomes inspired on how they can attract some customers. They rush outside in hopes of finding some people walking nearby. Doremi surprises a couple while Doremi and Hazuki run into some older girls. With some convincing they manage to get people to start showing up and Aiko manages to convince the couple to buy a charm. As Doremi laments how badly she is doing, as she hasn't sold anything yet, Hazuki tends to the register.

Doremi's upset only worsens when Kotake suddenly walks in and asks them why they're working there. But they quickly cover it by claiming they have been helping Aiko's cousins grandmother. Kotake proceeds to insult Doremi, but before she can make much fuss, Hauzki yanks him aside to show him around. He eventually finds something that picks his curiosity, but claims he is only purchasing it to mock Doremi later on. After he leaves Majorika informs them that Kotake must have had a problem if he came there. Usually only people with a problem or desire wind up at the Maho-do. This upsets Doremi, so she sets out to find Kotake and inform him that the item may not work, since she's still an apprentice. She manages to find him pretty quickly, but he tells her off instead of listening to her. So Doremi attempts to spy on him, then when caught again she claims

she only came out to get juice. But Kotake finds this hard to believe since there was a convience store nearby that she could have stopped at to get it. But Doremi claims she only likes the juice from the store that's further up the street anyway.

So Kotake begins to tease Doremi by wondering if she has a crush on him. But Doremi denies it and begins to yell at him. She then calmly asks if he is worried about something, but he leaves and doesn't answer her. So she transforms in order to keep following him. She flys to where he headed and finds out that he's been watching a little puppy there. Kotake would like to have Pal be his own pet and live somewhere safe, but he lacks the courage to ask his parents if he can keep Pal, since they don't believe he's responsible enough for a pet yet.

Unknown to them, the Mean Cat is looming over head. It swipes Pal's food and runs right into the factory while Pal and Kotake give chase. But by the time Doremi and Kotake spot Pal, they see he has fallen into a hole. Kotake locates a ladder and attempts to get Pal himself, but after he attempts to get back up, one of the ladders bars break, causing him to fall to the ground and temporarily lose consiousness. Doremi runs over to the hole in hopes of saving them and tries contacting help. But when she realizes that sand is beginning to fill the hole, she has to hurry up and get an idea to save her classmate and the puppy before its too late!

Doremi attempts to use magic to freeze the sand, but she incidentally covers them in ice. This wakes up Kotake but Doremi has to hurry up before they freeze to death in all of the ice. She attempts to use magic on a rope in order to pull them up, but this only yanks her into the air instead...

Another attempt at magic is used and she scares the mean cat, which knocks some old tires and empty crates into the hole, allowing Kotake and Pal to climb out and make an escape!

As he leaves, Kotake decides he can't risk letting Pal live in a dangerous place like this for any longer. So he goes back home to talk to his parents.

Doremi is very happy by the turn of events... until realizing she's still dangling from the ceiling!

She attempts to cast a spell, but happens to notice that she has also ran out of magic spheres. But as she worries that she may never be free, the rope suddenly gives out and she falls to the ground in a dizzy haze...

The following day, the ojamajo happen to see Kotake walking Pal outside. They begin to wonder why Doremi helped Kotake, but she claims it wasn't important and they rush off to work to begin their brand new day as the episode ends!

6- "Usotsuki wa Yūjō no Hajimari" ("A Liar's First Friendship")

(ウソつきは友情の始まり) ("Believing Belinda")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 06

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 06

Airdate: March 14, 1999

Hazuki and Doremi are on their way to school when Hazuki notices Doremi seems happier lately. Doremi mentions

how happy she is to be a witch when they greet a student rushing by. Suddenly Nobuko informs them its against the law now to say Good morning to others. At first Hazuki believes her, but Doremi already can see it's a lie, which Nobuko reveals is true. Right before she does the same thing to Doremi...

During math class, Doremi shows Aiko the picture she drew of an angered Majorika. Soon comes break and the trio are discussing a boy band/idol group. Aiko doesn't seem to understand until Hazuki explains how they watched them on television the previous night. The Ojamajo tell each other who they prefer then Nobuko shows up once more, telling them they barely know anything about the group. Aiko ask how she knows this when Nobuko claims to be a relative. This pleases Aiko, especially when Nobuko mentions she can get a autograph for her. So the two girls decide to be friends!

During lunch, Aiko is informed of Nobuko's lies. Hazuki and Doremi tell her that she's a show-off who often lies and claims things to be true when their really not. Aiko isn't too happy for a moment, but she then comments on how funny they are and cheers up regarding it.

A fellow classmate notices Nobuko not eating her carrots and ask her about it, causing her to tell a dramatic story about a woman that shows up at a man's doorstep. He invites her in and made Carrot strew for her but she revealed herself to be a actual carrot, who's destiny was to be eaten by a kind man. But the man couldn't eat her. So the boy ask if Nobuko's grandmother was a carrot and she decides to run with it. After class Tamaki is cleaning the board, Nobuko was supposed to help her but she claims to be feeling ill to get out of it. Tamaki doesn't buy it, but somehow she gets out of it anyway. Aiko approaches her to see what she's doing, it takes Nobuko a moment to realize this but when she does she isn't happy. Aiko chooses to play with her by asking if she's writing a love letter before changing the subject and telling Nobuko she doesn't mind waiting for the autograph. After Aiko plays along with Nobuko's story, she then mentions how she doesn't have a mother, upon being asked. So to make Aiko feel better Nobuko lies and claims her father has been dead/missing for some years now.

At first it works... until Hazuki and Doremi confront Aiko again and tell her Nobuko's father was there on Parents Day.This pisses Aiko off due to the fact she never knew Nobuko would lie about something so massive and serious. She then chases Nobuko down in hopes of confronting her while Hazuki and Aiko try to catch her. But just when she almost had her, she runs straight into the nurse. Yuki-sensei brings Aiko back to the office to discuss things and points out that Nobuko likes Aiko a lot, so she was probably trying to relate to her.

At the Maho-dou, everyone watches a ticked off Aiko vent while throwing around the magic clay. Even Majorika and Lala are surprised by this and Majorika claims that Aiko shouldn't have been tricked to begin with but this only enrages the blue ojamajo more!

Outside, Nobuko is taking a walk while trying to figure out what she should do. She didn't mean to make Aiko angry and honestly had no idea she would get so upset. She tries to think of something funny and soon realizes it wont work when she happens to stumble by the Maho-Dou.

Aiko is too angry and decides to leave work, so she storms out. Only to see Nobuko there outside the door. After glaring at her Nobuko tries to run but ends up tripping on the steps. All of her books spill out from her backpack and she hurriedly picks them up and runs off. She drops a couple, which Doremi and Co. Pick up the forgotten books. One of the books is of a story Nobuko was writing of a male who resembles her somewhat, a elementary student detective.

Now reading the story, the episode goes into it and explains how the detective has fallen into the evil clutches of the Bone Bone Army. With the detective is Professor Hazuki! After the comments of a bomb going off, Doremi stops for a minute to point out the Professor is Hazuki. Suddenly back into the story, Aiko and her assistant, a puppy Doremi burst in. Doremi gets very upset that she's the dog, which cause Hazuki and Aiko to laugh before they continued to read. Just in time the group manage to escape the hideout right when it explodes. It is then they put the connection together and this part of the story is about Nobuko and Aiko's friendship.

This seems to hit Doremi and she begins to cry... only to reveal she's still upset she was the dog.

Its then Hazuki gets a idea on how they can talk to Nobuko. Transforming into their witch forms the Ojamajo fly up to go find her. It doesn't take long and they locate the sad female walking down a pathway. Aiko uses her magic to turn everyone into Nobuko's story book characters, with her being the detective. Going to meet up with her, Aiko introduces thems as Nobuko's creations. But Hazuki cuts to the point and explains that Aiko is upset and they don't know what to do. She tells them what she did, so the detective tells Nobuko to go explain to Aiko why she said what she did. Convinced this will fix everything, Nobuko thanks her book characters and runs back to the Maho-dou. Aiko sees Nobuko at the door and the to female go outside to talk. Nobuko confesses to lying because she

wanted her and Aiko to be closer, as she has no friends. Aiko tells Nobuko that she doesn't want her friend to lie to her like that again and that doing so wont solve anything. The other girl promises and Aiko reveals she read the book. Nobuko seems surprised until Aiko mentions how much she likes Doremi the dog.

About to make a rude comment, she suddenly stops as Doremi is giving them a look. Doremi then begs that the dog isn't really just a dog and must be cursed. But Nobuko reveals Doremi isn't a ordinary dog and that she can do all sorts of neat things as the episodes draws to a end...

7- "Mezase Kyu-kyū! Majo Shiken" ("Aim For Level 9! Witch Exam")

(めざせ9級! 魔女試験) ("Caitlyn's Day Out")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 07

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 07

Airdate: March 21, 1999

The ojamajo are training for their very first exam! So far Hazuki and Aiko are doing wonderful. But Majorika thinks Doremi needs to also practice, given how bad she's been doing especially. She then mentions the other exams but Doremi doesn't want to practice and asks why they even need to take the exams anyway. Hazuki seems nervous but Aiko reassures her and thinks she'll be fine. Majorika however is very upset and worries they'll mess up.

Doremi asks for more magic spheres as Majorika admits she isn't very worried about Aiko or Hazuki, just Doremi. Since it's all up to Doremi to pass in order to transform her back to normal. If Doremi fails then she'll never return back...

Majorika mentions its very rare for anyone to fail, which makes Doremi believe that she wont need to practice. Having no choice, Majorika hands over all the Magic Spheres to the three witches and tells them to make sure they save a couple for the exam. Lala then mentions that they will all receive fairies for passing and they begin to stop and question the possibilities as Majorika nags them. Doremi reassures her it'll be easy, only for her to suddenly notice her bad grade...

Now at home, Doremi is going over the problem when Pop appears to question Doremi's method of thinking. However, just as Doremi is about to cry, Pop vaccums her out of the room while lecturing her. Haruka then comes in to compare Doremi to Pop when she was little. That night, Doremi puts some serious thinking into everything now when Pop suddenly enters her room and begins to explain why Doremi will always be a failer while she's always successful in life. But this only makes Doremi tired... The following morning, Doremi notices Haruka and Poppu nearby. Pop is to go on a trip all by herself to go and see their grandmother. Haruka is worried that Pop will run into trouble or that she may need assistance sooner or later, so she asks Doremi to secretly follow Pop. Doremi isn't very happy about this until she realizes that she can still practice and she transforms into her apprentice form to fly after Pop. She then transforms into Aiko and talks to Pop, unsure of why she scared Pop until remembering that she's never met Aiko!

She claims to be friends with Doremi and Pop then leaves as "Aiko" runs into both Hazuki and Aiko. Aiko scolds her about the lowsy job as Doremi explains the situation. Realizing she lost Pop she then leaves the other two behind and quickly finds a lost Poppu. Doremi uses her magic to show her a way by making a brightly noticeable sign. But it goes to waste as Pop just ignored it and managed to find her own way. So Doremi decides to not waste anymore magic spheres until it seems Pop lacks the proper funds to purchase the daifuku their grandmother likes. So Doremi casts her magic to make more money in her change purse. However Pop ends up bargaining with the shop keeper and manages to get a discount.

Back at the Maho-do, Hazuki and Aiko are practicing yet again.

Doremi seems fine now until she realizes that Pop needs to use the bathroom. As both females panic, Pop finds one but ends up wetting herself...

Doremi chooses to use her magic a final time by summoning a strange machine for Pop to wash her panties for her, since she feels sympathy for Pop. Upon finishing, Pop leaves and eventually evening comes where everyone is sitting down for dinner. They talk about how well Pop did and Doremi leaves for the Maho-do. Majorika gets upset after it's revealed Doremi has no Magic Spheres. But suddenly a single orb falls out!

With this in mind, they don't question the luck and head straight for the witch world. Inside, they locate a small stand in the middle of nowhere to find both Mota and Motamota waiting for them. They then have some introductions before getting onto the test. Aiko and Hazuki pass easily, but when it comes to Doremi, she is given a very hard item to make and struggles trying to figure it out. She's never had to deal with this before, so instead of making what was requested, she ends up making a steak...

As Aiko and Hazuki celebrate, Doremi and Majorika are very upset.....

8- "Majo no Sekai he Go!!" ("Go to the Witch World!!")

(魔女の世界へGO!!) ("Finally a Fairy!")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 08

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 08

Airdate: March 28, 1999

While Aiko and Hazuki are tending to the Maho-do, Doremi and Majorika are moping over the fact Doremi happened to fail her exam. The nearby chest pops open to reveal Dela, who has come by to collect her payment. Majorika admits that they do not have the money and points out that Doremi happened to fail her exam.

Dela is honestly surprised by this, but believes she may have information that will make them feel better. But as usual she refuses to give it to them for free and waits until Majorika is willing to pay for it to reveal what's going on. Motamota will be turning nine hundred ninety-nine years old and since it's her birthday, a special one at that, they have decided to make it a make-up exam for any witches who failed their most recent one.

While Doremi is really happy, Majorika isn't very convinced that she will be able to pass this make-up exam. But they choose to go for it realizing that they don't have much of an option right now. So Dela hands over some extra magic spheres and takes her leave.

Everyone goes to the backyard in order to have Doremi practice. She doesn't do very well however and it makes everyone worry. But Doremi claims she will pass it no matter what and they decide to quit for the day. Come evening, Doremi proclaims she will pass the exam, only for Pop bust into the room, but only because she as sleep walking... Aiko and Hazuki think about Doremi, worrying if she will pass or not. They decide to go and spy on her and ask their yousei to cover for them in the mean time and quickly head to the Maho-do, where they find Majorika and Doremi going into the portal.

As Doremi and Majorika begin to bicker, they happen to notice that nobody is at the exams stand upon arrival. Since Mota and Motamota's home is nearby they decide to go over to investigate what is going on. Mota reveals that MotaMota has gotten sick, since they should just come back in one hundred years for the exam. Majorika then suggests that instead of waiting, they just have Doremi get the herb Motamota will need. Mota agrees and she gives Doremi a map while Majorika and Lala stay back for some tea.

As Doremi attempts to locate where she ha to go, she is joined by Hazuki and Aiko, who explain that they came to make sure she passes. Doremi is very eager to have them along and she informs them of her task after handing the guide book to Hazuki.

While exploring the witch town, the trio realize how hungry they are. Hazuki is concerned that they may be wasting time, but she is roped into it as they point out it would be better for them to work with a full stomach. Inside the ramen shop they begin to worry about the pricing until the Ramen Witch recognizes Doremi as the apprentice that failed her exam. So if Doremi signs an autograph they can have free ramen...

An upset Doremi is frustrated by the fact her failure has gotten them a bunch of free food so far. They stop by a Takoyaki shop, and also a cake shop. They ask the witch working at the cafe where the Meadows are. When they realize that they don't have very much time left, they take their leaves and come to the meadow full of broom-like trees. Doremi considers taking one of the brooms but it stopped by a witch, who demands to know what they are doing and then refuses to let them pass if they can't answer her riddle, which is as follows: "Thin in day, thick at night, disappears when it sleeps, what is it?"

Surprisingly, Doremi manages to solve it, the answer being a Cat's Eye. They continue on their way and come across a very small door way. They cast magic to shrink themselves and head into the dark area and are almost run over by a pack of rodents!

After they get outside and turn back to normal, the ojamajo happen to spot the Sneeze Grass furhter up ahead. As they go to grab it, it hops up and runs away!

Doremi attempts to chase it until she realizes that she has little to no chance at getting it like this. So she uses some material to make a lasso and capture the grass the old fashioned way. Hazuki and Aiko congradulate her and they head the entire way back to Mota and Motamota's place!

Only to find out that the sneeze grass was right behind the house...

Majorika asks Doremi how she could have possibly missed it, so she explains that she didn't bother to actually look and had just headed straight to the town. After she recieves her yousei, Dodo, Aiko and Hazuki are caught after they hear the two ojamajo cheering just outside the window. Soon everyone returns to the Maho-do and they decide to celebrate by throwing a little party, and Majorika also scolds Doremi for this entire event. Meanwhile, Dodo flies by just to hit her head on the nearby wall and everybody begins to muse how she's a lot like Doremi. Causing Doremi to complain as everyone else laughs and the episode draws to an end...

9- "Doko Ittano!? Yōsei Dodo" ("Where Did You Go!? Fairy Dodo")

(どこ行ったの!? 妖精ドド) ("A Runaway Fairy")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 09

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 09

Airdate: April 4, 1999

Everyone is celebrating Doremi's successful passing of the exam. She is happy, but disappointed by the fact that this party is severly lacking.... well anything. Majorika admits that she had intended to show the ojamajo how to cast Magical Stage, since they have all gained a little experience.

As they go out to the backyard, Majorika explains the brand new magic ability. She also points out that in order to cast it right, the apprentice has to have a clear mind and complete focus. And so, the ojamajo attempt to use their brand new Magical Stage by summoning a table full of party foods. Considering what happened previously, Doremi has to check the foods very closely. But Dodo ends up eating everything she is about to eat! While this goes on, Aiko and Hazuki notice that Magical Stage takes more Magic spheres, so Majorika warns them not use it unless its very important. They return inside to find Lala attempting to teach the three yousei how to hide, to avoid being seen by humans. Rere and Mimi are given support and they manage to do very well. But Dodo becomes upset because Doremi doesn't give her any support, given how sore she feels about the food she didn't get to eat...

Back at the Harukaze household, Doremi continues to try to practice with Dodo. But Dodo becomes fed up with Doremi's bad behavior and refuses to cooperate anymore. Doremi tries to figure out why Dodo is upset when Pop comes in to tell her that dinner is ready. She happens to see the crystal ball and grabs it, but she carelessly tosses it aside after realizing that it isn't anything very important.

Doremi can't help but wonder why Pop didn't see Dodo inside...

The following day, Doremi worriedly points out that Aiko and Hazuki both have Mimi and Rere with them. But they explain that only people with magic can see the yousei, then they remind her that they were supposed to bring them back to the Maho-do after school for more training.

Back at home, Dodo is watching Haruka exercise and panic as she realizes she's not losing any weight. She begins to do a lot of other things as Dodo accidentally knocks the laundry detergent into the washing machine. As Haruka opens the door moments later, the soap suddenly explodes out of the machine and floods the room! As Doremi returns home, she sees the mess. Haruka explains what happened and Doremi already has a theory that it may have been Dodo and rushes to her bedroom to grab the crystal ball and take off. But Haruka intercepts her, not allowing Doremi to leave unless she does her homework and cleans her bedroom first. Doremi tries to claim that she did do it already, and even attempts to tell her mother that it was Dodo that did it. But of course, this does not pass and she leaves Doremi a snack before leaving to attend to some errands. So with no other choice Doremi struggles to do her homework, eventually telling Dodo off when she offers to help her out.

While she continues to do her work, Doremi points out where their snack is when Pop comes to her bedroom. But when Doremi looks, she sees that both snacks are gone. Pop calls her mean before she runs off to tell their mother what Doremi did. So once again Doremi yells at Dodo and claims not to care about her, especially since all she does is cause problems.

Dodo, who is very hurt by this flees from the Harukaze House.

When Doremi goes to the Maho-do, Majorika gives her a big scolding for what she did to Dodo. Lala begins to explain that because she is still a baby, she has to be properly raised and trained. It will take time for her to grow up. Doremi begins to realize that she lost her patience way too soon and she leaves in hopes of finding her fairy. Hazuki and Aiko join her, but Majorika makes Mimi and Rere stay behind, not wanting them to get lost either.

In order to seach quicker, the ojamajo split up!

Dodo meanwhile is wandering around town and comes across a birds nest. She gets inside, surprising the bird who brought the meal to her babies and she is soon tossed out. Only to be found by the Mean Cat right after. The chase doesn't last very long though, since she manages to find a hiding spot.

Later in the day, the ojamajo have met up and none of them have had any sign of Dodo yet. While Majorika and Lala search town, they happen to spot Dodo. But when she realizes they found her, she quickly flees!

Only to run right into a metal bridge and fall onto a passing red van while temporarily unconcious...

The girls meet up even later and decide to cast magical stage. But out of confusion, they get a baked sweet potato. Right away Hazuki and Aiko accuse Doremi of not focusing enough, but she insists she did and believes that maybe Dodo likes baked sweet potatoes. So with it being their only lead, the ojamajo resume walking around town to see if anything happens...

Suddenly Kotake comes by and steals it, leaving behind chocolate for Doremi instead. Doremi then says Dodo must like chocolate more then a potato and once more they resume to follow it.

While this goes on, Dodo then rolls off of the truck and lands in Haruka's shopping bag!

The Ojamajo pass a crying boy who wants chocolate while on the way home, so they give him the chocolate for the lollipop. But upon seeing how late it is, they have no choice but to go home now. At the Harukaze house, Pop suddenly steals the Lollipop as revenge for earlier and everyone chases her into another room, where she proceeds to devour the lollipop in about two seconds. In defeat, everyone retreats to Doremi's bedroom. Where Doremi sadly collaps onto her bed.

Suddenly, Lala points out that Dodo is sitting in her crystal ball on the desk! Dodo is still upset but when she notices Doremi cry she comforts the Ojamajo.

Doremi apologizes for being so mean and unfair to Dodo, not having any idea that it'd be a lot of responsibility to raise her and they reconcile with a hug before Dodo shows that she did Doremi's math work for her and Doremi thanks the yousei and offers to let her sleep in bed with her...

Unfortunately the following morning Pop and Haruka hear yelling from Doremi's room and stare in shock as they notice the pee in her bed. Doremi cries and panics while trying to say its unfair that she can't tell them the truth as the episode ends...

10- "Pinchi! Sensei ni Barechatta!!" ("Pinch! The Teacher Found Out!!")

(ピンチ! 先生にバレちゃった!!) ("Trouble in Store")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 10

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 10

Airdate: April 11, 1999

Someone takes pictures of random things at the Maho-do, including: The weather vein, inside the shop, girls walking out of the shop, Items, Aiko closing a door, Hazuki at the cash register, the wall, a big group shot, and customers standing outside.

That following day, the ojamajo are on their way to school when Hazuki notes that Doremi seems to be in a much better mood then usual. She explains that this is because now that they have gained new magic and fairy's, they can continue to work and improve their magic.

At school meanwhile, is Shimakura showing pictures she had recently taken. When asked why she took them, she claims they were for a report their doing on the journalist team. One of the girls happens to see Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko in some pictures when Tamaki comes by and takes the picture, confirming that it is them. It's then Doremi, Aiko, and Hazuki enter the class and happen to see everyone staring at them!

They think nothing of it until seeing how Tamaki acts while she leaves the room. Followed by Nanako and Kanae running over to ask them about the situation once Tamaki is gone.

Later on during Study Hall, Seki-Sensei calls for the three of them and informs them they have to see the principal. While heading down the hallway, Doremi asks why the principal wanted to see them. Seki-sensei stops to explain that someone showed the principal photographs of the trio working at a shop. This makes Doremi realize that is why Tamaki acted smugly earlier, then she tries denying it.

As Seki-sensei asks them about it, Hazuki hurriedly comes up with a excuse while Aiko adds that they don't get paid for the work they do either, they are only helping out for a little while.

In the principals office, the ojamajo attempt to make claims that they aren't really working, and Seki-sensei tries helping them. Hazuki adds on that since the grandma is ill, they were only helping her out until she feels better. While the Principal doesn't mind, the Vice Principal is very uncertain and doesn't believe them. But they do agree that the girls really aren't doing anything wrong...

Meanwhile in Class, the boys are playing with a ball while the girls are discussing among themselves. Tamaki seems pleased but all the other girls are unsure and upset by what happened, so they do not really want to talk to her. It's then the ball is thrown and hits Tamaki, who threatens to tell on them despite the guys not doing it purposely. As Kotake catches it, he calls her a blabber-mouth, causing Tamaki to ask him just whose side he is really on. But he just blushes and insults her. Once they return to class, the Ojamajo confirm that they are alright after

everyone ask. Tamaki is not at all happy though and Kotake seems to be secretly happy for them...

Once school ends the ojamajo rush off to the Maho-do while Tamaki and Shimakura watch. While Shimakura doesn't really want to keep doing this, Tamaki convinces her that she has to and just ignores her.

The ojamajo aren't able to get very far before Seki-sensei stops them to inform them that she, the Principal, and the Vice Principal will be stopping by the Maho-do in order to check things out and make sure they're not lying. The ojamajo do not have a choice, so they quickly run back before the adults can show up!

Tamaki meanwhile, is stopped right in the middle of her plotting by Seki-sensei, who lectures her for acting so sneaky, being rude, and inapropriate. She also doesn't like that Tamaki went to the Principal instead. After scolding Shimakura, she then takes her leave. This makes both girls terribly angry and they blame each other before deciding it's Doremi's fault.

After each girl runs back home to drop off her school items they meet up just outside of the Maho-do and begin to discuss the problem. They hope for some help from Majorika, but find a strange letter from her announcing that she and Lala had won a trip to the Hot Springs, so she left the shop for them to watch. This makes the apprentice trio worry more-so then before, until noticing a flower pot shaking to reveal Dela. While singing she realizes she is stuck and manages to yank herself out of it quickly. The ojamajo dress her up very quick and explain the plan, which she is initially against until they convince her that she would be losing money if they were exposed as witches.

She agrees shortly after, but ONLY of they pay her extra...

Now that they have found the place, Seki-Sensei and the Vice Principal stand outside the Maho-Dou. Examining it for a moment before they proceed to enter. The three girls greet the adults before they allow them to look around and explore as much as they want/need to while explaining they made all of the items there, then sell them to the customers while thinking of happy things. Aiko even tries to convince Seki-sensei to buy a ring that will help her meet the guy she's destined to be with and she almost is convinced until she tells Aiko not to lie to adults before all of the girls share a laugh.

The vice principal comes across Dela, the "Grandma" that owns the shop. But the ojamajo quickly explain that she has a cold and cant really speak in order to avoid contanimating others. After some questions they decide its enough when the women suddenly gets up and runs into the nearby room. Aiko explains she has to use the bathroom a lot while Hazuki and Doremi follow after her to ask why she got up like that. Dela explains that she has to see her other customers and leaves down the drain before Doremi or Hazuki can stop her, also incidentally taking the clothing with her!

With this in mind, Hazuki transforms Doremi into the Grandma while Aiko is trying to keep the adults from going to look inside. Doremi, as the grandma rushes out and is asked where Doremi went. Hazuki claims she is in the bathroom now, then explains to Aiko what happened. Seki-sensei is suspicious but tells them that all the Grandma needs to do is sign the paper claiming the girls aren't in a part time job and that their work is to help someone. But suddenly Doremi notices the magic is fading and is forced to leave!

This time they decide to turn Hazuki into grandma... however, Doremi messes up and instead turns Hazki into a old man... then into a heavy weight man...

Aiko goes to see whats wrong, questioning the sumo getup before she changes into a witch and turns them both into Grandma. One goes out to sign the booklet and the ojamajo are good to go!

However the magic is fading and once again the Grandma rushes to the bathroom. This time, Seki-Sensei makes the Vice Principal leave and she decides to handle it for herself. As she confronts the ojamajo and insists they come out of the restroom the trio fall out and explain to her what is really going on. Seki-Sensei decides it is okay and that she wont tell on them, but she reveals that she called their mothers (and in Aiko's case dad) to come and check out the shop so that they know what's been going on. The adults are shown around and Seki-sensei explains everything to them. After she asks them if its okay for them to keep working. The parents decide it's okay because they girls are being very nice by donating their time like this to help out, as well as how responsible they have been acting.

As everyone cheers and laughs, Majorka flies in with Lala and they see everyone celebrating as the episode draws to a end...

11- "Hayaoki Shōjo Marina to Kokoro no Hanataba" ("Early Riser Girl Marina and a Bouquet from the Heart")

(早起き少女まりなと心の花たば) ("You Don't Bring Me Flowers")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 11

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 11

Airdate: April 11, 1999

Hazuki has chose to come to school early so that she may practice her violin playing in private. She changes shoes and heads to class, stopping as she notices someone else inside the room. She watches Marina open the windows, put out a vase filled with fresh flowers, then cleans off the desk when she notices Hazuki there.

Soon the scene skips to everyone in class. Hazuki is telling Doremi and Aiko of what she saw and she looks to Marina, who smiles back in response.

The next morning Hazuki comes in once again to see Marina doing the same things as yesterday. Hazuki explains that since a recital is on Sunday, she wanted to practice more. They discuss how much they've been learning about each other before Hazuki heads to the music room and changes into her witch form in order to make a audience.

After some playing, it skips to class where everyone is currently reading. Seki-Sensei silently thanks Marina for the flowers after she comments on them. During recess/break, Marina is pulling weeds from the flowers as Doremi and Co. come to see her. Marina mentions tending to her favorite flowers, the Daisies when suddenly a soccer ball comes flying by and hits the flowers! The four stare in shock while Kimura and the guys come to get it back. Doremi yells at them for allowing the ball to ruin the flowers but is only angered further as the guys question where she gets off telling them this. When Doremi and Aiko demand a apology, Kimura refuses to give one. Claiming he shouldn't have to apologize to a girl like Marina. Which greatly upsets her and she runs away from everyone.

Hazuki tried to chase after her but it's of no use and she's forced to stop running until finally catching up with her. She tries to speak with Marina but she doesn't want to hear it...

The next day, Hazuki is sad to see Marina isn't there early like she usually is. She continues to wait and around ten after eight, Aiko and Doremi show up. Hazuki sees Marina and goes to talk to her once more. But Marina tells Hazuki she quit and that she doesn't want to be the first to class anymore.

During recess Doremi yells at Kimura, blaming him for what happened to Marina. Aiko too yells but Kimura doesn't seem to get it. Marina is shown to be spying on them from behind the wall and Hazuki sneaks up on her to try to speak to her again, but Marina then cast blame onto her mother, who suggested Marina could come into class early and brighten up the room, since she liked flowers. Marina then claims to hate it before running away again. At the Maho-do, everyone continues to discuss the dramatic problem going on back at School. Hazuki points out that she has a lot in common with Marina. At first she was forced to do something she didn't want to do, but now she likes it. She believes that Marina feels the same way. While continuing to chat, a customer suddenly arrives and the Ojamajo hurriedly go down to greet them. They stare in shock upon the reveal that its Kimura. Doremi immediately gets angry with him but he claims he's just checking out the store and he comes by a strange charm and decides to purchase it.

Now it's evening at Hazuki's place. Before bed she practices her violin until Rere seems to notice something is wrong. The two try to figure out if there's a way to make Marina come back to the flowers when Hazuki gets the idea to go talk to her the next morning...

However, Marina just tells Hazuki to mind her business and heads back inside. Later in the day, its gotten very dark out and windy. Its during class when Hazuki notices how bad it is outside. During break everyone is noticing this now and Kimura notices Marina is once again hiding while staring at the flowers. He becomes concerned, hearing its supposed to rain today and can see how bad the flowers are handling already.

Its the end of the day and the rain is pouring down rapidly! Aiko suggest everyone heads home quickly but Hazuki tells them she's going home with Marina and leaves to see Kimura trying to help the flowers by covering them with a tarp. Marina tries to tell him he doesn't need to do this but he wont listen to her and she insist that she has nothing to do with the garden anymore and leaves.

Suddenly the tarp blows away and to make matters worse, Kimura is getting very feverish! Hazuki takes him to the nurses office and once she leaves, she knows she has to do something to show Marina that it's okay to be the way she is, and also mend their broken bonds.

At home, Marina is taking flowers inside when she thinks about Kimura trying to protect them. She quickly runs inside as Hazuki transforms and uses her magic to try to save the flowers by summoning a miniature Greenhouse but it only last for a few seconds.

Meanwhile, Marina tries to leave home, now worried about the flowers but her mother thinks its too dangerous for her to go out in this storm. Hazuki has no clue what to do when suddenly Rere appears with Doremi and Aiko. They explain that Doremi tried to call Hazuki but she wasn't home yet so they figured she was still at the school and came to find her. As Hazuki's magic isn't enough, the Ojamajo cast magical Stage to summon mini-umbrella's that cover the flowers to keep them safe from the stormy weather and they watch them to make sure they're okay...

The next day its very damp out with a bunch of puddles around Misora. Marina leaves early and heads to school as the mini umbrella's begin to disappear. She is very shocked to find the flowers have bloomed as Hazuki explains that the flowers survived because of Kimura's protection. Once again Marina begins to explain that at first her mom had her come early, since Marina never felt very confident or seemed to have many talents but eventually Marina began to have fun and enjoy doing it.

After school has ended Marina goes to see Kimura after she was informed he had a cold and missed school today. She hesitates before handing him the flower, as thanks for what he did for her. The two share a small laugh while Doremi and Co spy on them from behind a wall, only to fall over and run out in a panic to avoid being caught as the episode draws to a close....

12- "A Wish For A Precious Shirt" ("Taisetsu na Shatsu no Negaigoto")

(大切なシャツの願い事) ("He Ain't Pelé, He's My Brother")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 12

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 12

Airdate: April 25, 1999

The ojamajo are hard at work at the Maho-do while trying to figure out why lately they haven't had too many customers. Aiko mentions they cant help it since there's a recession going on now. Suddenly they get a customer and go to greet them only to see a little boy standing there. He hands the ojamajo a flier they had handed out a few days back and ask them if what they say on it is true. Doremi tries to explain that its a fifty/fifty thing but she goes ignored as the boy locates a cute little charm he purchases.

Misaki leaves after doing so and instead of paying, he tries to trade the charm from his old, worn out shirt. Majorika is very upset and yells at the girls but they explain how Misaki just took it off and ran before they could give it back and Majorika points out that it may be worth a magic Sphere or two when suddenly Dela arrives!

To find out how much the shirt is worth, she brings out a magic scale to weigh the value. This very precious shirt is worth a lot! 20 magic spheres! After Dela takes it, Doremi collects said spheres before she ask why its worth so much. Dela explains that the more attachment to said object, the more its worth. So now the girls have to decide: Sell the shirt for the magic spheres, or keep the shirt and find out what the problem is. Majorika seems all for selling it, but after they throw the magic spheres at her, they tell Dela their going to keep it.

While they overlook the shirt, the ojamajo try to figure out what the attachment is to it when suddenly Dodo notices something on the tag. A name below a crossed out name, the girls try to figure it out. But Doremi seems to know! She explains that this shirt is a what siblings often do to one another. When the older sibling no longer wears something, they usually hand it to the younger one. A lot of families on budgets have to do this also.

At Soccer practice, Misaki's brother seems to still be having trouble. He approaches his brother who instantly notices the missing shirt but after he says its nothing he makes his brother accept the Panda charm he bought, saying with this he will definitely score a goal.

Now at Doremi's house, Doremi eavesdrop on Poppu and her friends. Misaki explains how he sold his shirt in order to help his brother and Pop ask him that since its a special shirt, was it really smart to just trade it? Doremi listens and learns his brother plays soccer at their school and figures out that this is why Misaki wanted the charm. He soon leaves after this, after being teased. Later the Ojamajo watch how terrible his brother just.. happens to be. Its not pretty to say the least.

Doremi just cant figure out what to do. Misaki really wants his brother to be in the game and at this rate there is no way that's going to happen. She also feels bad, as they technically lied to a little boy!

Later they continue to spy on them when the two brothers get into a big fight. Doremi is very angry the way he hurt Misaki's feelings and she is very hell bent to set things straight.

The Ojamajo try to figure out if there's a way to help Misaki's brother get better and train harder but only end up causing trouble. Including rabid dogs chasing after the soccer Team!

It seems after all of his training, a while later. Misaki's brother is finally improving! The next day in school Doremi is busy thinking about Igarashi once more, much to the annoyance of Hazuki and Aiko. As they wait for it to begin, The ojamajo panic when they realize that Misaki's brother is playing today! They have to hurry up and find Misaki!

Dashing off the girls search and have trouble locating the small boy when Doremi manages to find him. However, she flies down while still in her witch form.

Thankfully after she tells Misaki she is a Genie of the Pendant he bought, she explains how his brother is actually playing in the game and he must hurry before its too late. Taking Misaki to the game, he arrives just in time to see his brother score the game winning goal!

The two brothers reconcile with each other, and even hug when Doremi and Co show up. Everyone embarrasses Misaki's brother and Doremi gives the small boy his shirt back. Saying he could have it and keep the charm before they leave.

The two brothers continue to play and run around as Misaki keeps embarking his older brother and the episode comes to a end...

13- "Minna Fugōkaku!? Yattsu-kyū Shiken" ("Everyone Fails!? The Level 8 Exam")

(みんな不合格!? 8級試験) ("Parsley and Rosemary")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 13

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 13

Airdate: May 2, 1999

The episode begins with Doremi in the middle of a nightmare. She rushes to the end of a pathway only to fall inside a giant pipe and slide down it. She soon wakes up and heads downstairs and half asleep, she falls down the bottom steps. Haruka and Pop peak in on her, then Doremi's family go on about how Doremi Tripped, along with painful words reminding her of her nightmare.

Doremi is upset the entire walk towards school, being reminded of her own exam later that night. Such as a boy sliding down a slide, a paper plane falling down, and a woman who drops her blanket/carpet. At School Hazuki and Aiko try to comfort Doremi but she is still not convinced...

During class, Seki-Sensei reveals Doremi's test score and jokes about Doremi having to repeat the third grade. It's all poor Doremi can take before she faints! Rushing to her aid, Hazuki and Aiko explain Doremi is overworked from the abacus they were all taking and they take her to the nurses office where she is seen holding her test paper from earlier.

Doremi wakes up soon after and begins to wonder if it was just another nightmare, but she suddenly sees the paper and realizes it wasn't. Yuki-Sensei arrives to comfort her and tries to give Doremi some advice by stating that Dreams and reality are opposite to one another. So if you have a bad dream, then good things will happen. With that in mind, Doremi promises to ace the exam.

That following evening, Doremi changes into her witch form and gets Dodo to pretend to be her after hearing her family wake up and check on her. After they leave, Doremi heads to the maho-Dou where she meets up with the others and they head inside to see Mota and MotaMota waiting for them. Upon arrival, they are seated at a group of desk and its explained that this is part of the 8th exam and is vital. So the girls cannot continue until they complete it. After being asked what they hate, Doremi writes down Math, Hazuki writes down ghost, and Aiko, who seems to be aware of the trick then write down Takoyaki. After they finish, it is explained that the ojamajo have three hours to run to their destination and stick a flag by or on the object they describe. None of them seem to know what this, Ten-legged thing is however. They also warn not to mistake it for an eight-legged. The ojamajo fly off, heading to a dark and creepy forest area, leading them to believe they may have gotten lost. As they fly through, Hazuki becomes increasingly nervous and falls off her broom when Aiko mentions she thinks a ghost will appear next. Hazuki reveals she is terrified of ghost and that she wrote that down on her exam paper. But Aiko and Doremi think it's funny until noticing she looks very freaked out, in which they turn to find about of ghost!

Eventually they use magic to scare the ghost and Aiko seems suspicious, asking Hazuki if she wrote ghosts down on the Questionnaire. They continue along their way as Aiko discusses her theory. This makes Doremi very nervous as they soon arrive to the next challenge and see a young witch girl standing there. She explains you need at least 70 points to continue the exam. This makes Aiko and Doremi very upset but Hazuki is very confident that she will pass, considering how smart she is. It seems all hope is lost until they think if they turn into Hazuki, they will be able to pass the exam...

But Majopon reveals that despite changing their appearances, they still have their own brains. It's then Hazuki gets a idea to switch with each girl, as they look like her now. They easily manage to distract Majopon long enough to switch places so that Hazuki can hurry up and write down all of the answers.

Motamota and Mota feel this is cheating, but Majorika claims that since it IS a magic exam, anything goes. After she examines the papers to see their all three 100% the ojamajo fly off. Leaving a very surprised Majopon as they continue to discuss what Aiko had wrote down. She refuses to tell them though, as to act as if she is upset about this and they soon find themselves by a stand. Majopon tells them that the 10-legged wont appear if they don't eat the Takoyaki. She then tells them that she will leave this next part to the octopus that runs the stand. Said octopus then comes over and hands the ojamajo a plate filled to the very top with Takoyaki.

The ojamajo, being hungry, dig right in while making comments about how they "Hate" it. Then they ask for more and while he is confused, the octopus doesn't question it and soon the ojamajo are finishing their second plate when the octopus tells them that there aren't anymore and noticing his strange behavior, they decide to help whatever his problem may be. He tells them the story of his love and how the two of them cannot be together. As they were forbidden, and now he cant swim due to the leader octopus' magic. His love. the squid is beyond the lake now. As he cannot reach her. Everyone thinks this is a touching story and the ojamajo don't have any idea on what to do. As it seems they don't have much time left but they would feel very bad to leave this sad octopus with his problem.

The ojamajo soon cast magical stage in hopes to let the two lovers reunite. However, only a small floaty and a big red string appear through the water. The Octopus gets onto the floaty and as he pulls to the center of the lake, he sees the squid there and the two meet up and confess their feelings. Its then the ojamajo realize that the octopus is the 10-legged they were to find and put the flag onto the squids head before they leave. As they do, the witch queens carriage is seen high in the sky. Having watched the girls act of kindness.

Heading back, its revealed they failed the exam! They took too long and now Majorika is very upset. She yells at Doremi, telling her she should have just thought of herself and not others. But suddenly in a bright light the carriage once more appears. The queen talks to the girls and seems very pleased with their selfless act. She tells Motamota and Mota, to let them pass for this and soon leaves while the girls celebrate as the episode comes to a end...

14- "Waratte Yurushite!?" ("Laugh and Forgive Me!?")

(笑って許して!?) ("A Tall Order")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 14

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 14

Airdate: May 9, 1999

In Gym class it's girls versus guys in a game of basketball. The boys are doing much better then the girls until the tallest girl in class comes by and easily steals the ball away from them, just as they are about to score. With some aid from Marina the girls manage to win the game!

The ojamajo begin to discuss how cool and talented Okuyama is but Tamaki once again remains unimpressed and claims that girls are only cool if they are popular with boys. The SOS go into the equipment room to clean up while Sagawa is getting an earful from the other two members. They continue until the Ojamajo and Okuyama come to see them. In response to how angry they are, the boys begin to tease Okuyama, which ends up with them being getting strangled until they give up. They then take off and Okuyama gives chase while the Ojamajo comment on how this seems to happen a lot... Later on everyone is on their way home while discussing how cool they think Okuyama is. She doesn't seem to think so but Doremi tries to explain how her height is a good thing. Okuyama meanwhile wishes she could be more normal, due to outgrowing her clothing really quickly. Her birthday is coming up, but she doesn't even have anything special for it. It's them the ojamajo are inspired by this and come up with an idea, she can borrow something of Hazuki's since she has so many unique outfits.

But finding the right outfit takes some time...

Eventually they ask Okuyama what she would like to wear and she reveals that she had a dress she used to love as a little girl, and once asked what it looked like, she draws them a picture. Doremi gets an idea and claims that she thinks she saw one like that in Hazuki's closet. Everyone runs back inside of it and after she explains her idea to Hazuki and Aiko, Hazuki casts a spell to make this dress!

Days later the girls are all at Okuyama's party. Everyone is surprised by how different she looks wearing a pretty dress, but they think she looks nice in it. Once the party ends, Okuyama has said farewell to everyone and offered to walk with the ojamajo to their homes, but they claim they will be fine. But it's then the SOS trio appear and quickly begin to criticize the dress and harass her.

This upsets the ojamajo and they quickly start to yell at them until everyone sees that Okuyama has begun to cry. She takes off in another direction as Doremi and Aiko begin to scold Sagawa for his rude comments. But after claiming that he didn't do anything wrong, the girls chase after them trying to force them to apologize to Okuyama. But they manage to lose the girls pretty easily. The next day in school comes along and Okuyama is running late. But when she finally shows up they assume she's just fine and begins to speak to the ojamajo. As the SOS attempt to put on their usual act, none of the girls are amused and Okuyama leaves. Hazuki tries to suggest that they apologize, and this time Sagawa is willing to attempt that much. But Okuyama ignores it. She mentions how hurt they made her feel, so she can't forgive them unless they can make her truly laugh. They assume this to be easy but it proves not to be easy at all...

The ojamajo go to the Maho-do and attempt to think up a good idea with Lala as they make crafts. They get inspired and attempt to cast magic in hopes of fixing things and leave to find the SOS once again trying to put on a funny act. They try to make them funny, but their magic just can't fix their terrible jokes! Suddenly, a bunch of frogs begin to appear. They begin to circle the SOS when Sagawa takes off the frogs follow him. He runs into the school and up the nearby set of steps only to bump into Okuyama and hide behind her.

Unfortunately... Okuyama is afraid of frogs too and theyr'e forced to flee!

During this, the two run through janitorial equipment, a skeleton, and other objects until the two of them are cornered at the top of the school building. They see a ladder and climb up it while the frogs begin to vanish. On the nearby roof, Doremi and Co are watching the scene from nearby as the other two SOS members show up. Okuyama and Sagawa take a moment while trying to figure out just what the heck happened, but when Okuyama sees how Sagawa looks, she can't help but laugh!

He starts to laugh as well, all though the ojamajo still do not understand they are happy the problem has been solved anyway.

The next day at school the SOS trio begin to once again try to be funny. Resulting in Okuyama chasing after them. The ojamajo are happy everything is fixed, but note how everything is exactly the same as it was as the episode draws to an end...

15- "Majorika Yōchien ni Iku" ("Majorika Goes to Kindergarten")

(マジョリカ幼稚園に行く) ("Patina Goes to Kindergarten")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 15

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 15

Airdate: May 16, 1999

Poppu rushes home one day when she manages to sneak inside upon realizing how late she is. Carefully she tries to sneak upstairs, only to be caught by Haruka! Her mother asks to know where she was, to which Pop tries to explain that she stayed back to help Mika-chan since everybody else left but Haruka doesn't believe her and gives her a week of trash duty for punishment.

Pop asks why Doremi is never punished for staying out so late when Haruka explains that Doremi is always out helping an elderly woman with her shop when Doremi suddenly shows up. This makes Pop rather angry with Doremi, who casually walks inside and is told to go and wash her hands.

Later at the Maho-do the Ojamajo are sitting around and tell Majorika that since nobody is there, they shouldn't have to show up to work on days like this. Majorika does not listen and continues to demand they get back to work instead when suddenly Pop shows up! Doremi asks her why she suddenly came, but Pop simply ignores her and looks around curiously to see what type of work they do.

Examining the work, Pop compliments both of Hazuki and Aiko's crafts before locating Doremi's "raw" crafts. She taunts Doremi repeatedly until Doremi becomes so angry she begins to chase Pop around the shop. The two sisters run up the steps where Majorika and Lala were hiding and they hurriedly relocate to hang onto the outer side of the wall they were by as Pop runs back down, just as Majorika slips!

She falls onto the floor and bounces into the air as her Crystal Ball flies off and rolls away...

The Ojamajo and Lala panic as Pop stares at Majorika, she then picks her up and asks if Majorika is for sell before asking how much. Doremi, Aiko, and Hazuki try to talk her out of it but its no use, so Doremi makes a random price. "1000 yen!" Pop reminds Doremi of her 200 yen allowance and easily has saved up for such a time and she leaves while telling Doremi to continue working hard.

Everyone begins to discuss how they can get Majorika back when Lala points out that if she should get into trouble, her crystal ball can aid her. Unknown that it fell off and rolled underneath a nearby table...

With this positive factor in mind, they take the day off and leave to go and have fun like they wished to have in the beginning!

That night Doremi heads to her bedroom when she hears noise coming from Pop's room and investigates to see Pop tossing Majorika up and down in the air while she lays on her bed while trying to determine a name for Majorika. She decides to rename Majorika to Plush-chan, to which Doremi silently mocks as Majorika tries to subtly tell her that her Crystal Ball fell off.

Back in her own room now, Doremi opens the window to talk with Dodo and asks her if Majorika actually likes Poppu, unaware that Majorika actually needed her help. Back in Pop's room, Majorika is very wide awake as Pop is fast asleep. She tries to sneak to Doremi's room when Pop grabs her in a choke hold with her legs until she eventually passes out until the proceeding morning...

The next morning, the Ojamajo are heading to school while they discuss whats going on with Majorika. The ojamajo still see nothing wrong with it and it soon skips to Poppu's kindergarten. Where Majorika is having a very bad time! A slide, swinging, jump rope! As she plays in the sand she lets her friends see "plush-chan".

As everybody plays, Lala approaches then and curiously begins to wonder why Majorika isn't using her magic to escape. She runs into a nearby bush when suddenly Kimitaka shows up, demanding everybody's attention. He wishes to see Poppu's new toy but due to his attitude she refuses to let him. Its then Pop's manny "boyfriends" show up to protect her and the others. As they begin to argue, Majorika tries to plot an escape...

Unfortunately, a bunch of ducks suddenly show up and try to take her! She manages to get away from them on the top of a bridge and the ducks gain up on her and try to push her onto the edge. But suddenly Lala shows up and scares them away! Lala asks Majorika why she hasn't tried to run away unless she wants to be Plush-chan when Majorika reveals that she dropped her Crystal Ball! To make matters worse, Kimitaka suddenly grabs Majorika and refuses to give him back to Pop because of her cheeky attitude.

With no other option, Lala runs to Doremi's school and in the window tries to gain their attention. Hazuki manages to solve what Lala tried to say and Doremi feigns illness in order to leave. Aiko and Hazuki help her and they run outside to speak with her. Who explains what happened and how they don't have much time to spare. She then runs back to the Maho-do in order to search for the missing Crystal Ball, while Hazuki and Aiko drop "Doremi" off in the nurses office.

Suddenly its revealed that its really Dodo! Doremi runs outside in order to transform into her apprentice witch costume and take off! Meanwhile, at Sonatine/Sonachine Kindergarten, Pop chases around Kimitaka and his friends around the playground trying to get Plush-chan back. She suddenly falls over and one of her friends threatens to tell the teacher on him. But Pop stands and exclaims that she WILL get Plush-chan back. Something that seems to even surprise Majorika.... Doremi flies over the Pop's Kindergarten to see how Majoria is doing when she summons her wand in order to cast a spell. Unfortunately she drops it! Causing it to slide to the end of the roof she's on. Meanwhile back at the Maho-do, Lala has finally located Majorika's missing Crystal Ball!

Back at school, Pop climbs the tree and follows Kimitaka up as Doremi watches. He refuses to hand over Plush-chan and threatens to drop it into the water as Pop refuses to listen and she instead comes closer. Kimitaka begins to shake the branch which causes it to loosen and crack at the base as the young children watch helplessly! Doremi, with no other choice lets go of the roof and slides to her Poron before she casts a spell.

Doremi uses her magic to make the tree not break and odd ropes/roots form suddenly to tie around the tree and the breaking part. Majorika is thankful that Doremi was there but she then falls off of the roof and into the bush...

Lala shows up with her crystal ball sand Majorika swings herself to it, only to pass it! It bounces off of the tree and into the water, along with Majorika. Grabbing onto it, the witch frog then uses magic to transport herself out of the mini pond as Pop and Kimitaka are scolded for climbing the tree and doing something so dangerous.

As the children wait, Pop's backpack rises back out of the water but Plush-chan isn't attached to it...

With that in mind, all of the children begin to cry at the loss of their new friend while their teacher watches out of confusion and Doremi watches them from a distance. She flies back to school as its going on 2:00 pm but as she makes her way to the nurses office she sees nobody there. Out of surprise she checks in on class and stares in shock as Dodo tries to take the test she was given!

That following afternoon at the Maho-do, Doremi is trying to make a new Plush-chan in hopes to cheer her little sister up. Doremi then blames Majorika for failing her test but Majorika feels she would have just done as badly as Dodo did. She then goes on to say that Pop is more suitable to become a witch apprentice and that she should be one instead of Doremi. They continue to argue as Lala, Aiko, and Hazuki watch helplessly as the episode comes to an end...

16- "Koi wo Tsuriageyou" ("Fishing for Love")

(恋を釣り上げよう) ("Gone Fishin'")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 16

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 16

Airdate: May 23, 1999

The Harukaze women are angrily awaiting for Keisuke to return home one evening for dinner. Just as they decide to begin eating, Keisuke shows up and explains that something had happened, and that he brought home a guest, a boy he was fishing with earlier. Instantly Doremi finds herself smitten by the handsome young man, Something that doesn't surprise Pop in the least... Later on, the ojamajo are making clay objects. Aiko and Hazuki believe something to be wrong with Doremi but they just don't really know what it is, until she admits that she has a new crush!

Neither of them are surprised either...

Doremi begins to argue with Aiko over it and becomes increasingly upset, since she never has luck with any of her crushes. But she brings up that her dad will be going on a camping trip soon, and since Shingo will be there, she had agreed to go and hopes Hazuki and Aiko will come for support too. She then asks them for some tips on how to get Shingo to like her and Aiko suggests that they would have an easier time with common interest.

Doremi points out that he fishes a lot, so they use their magic to summon a glass fishing tank in order to let Doremi practice. But after a fish taps the glass one too many times it bursts open!

Its then Majorika arrives back and the girls inform her of their sudden plans, which she seems fine with because she and Lala want to come. But the girls aren't very sure if she can be trusted to come without causing a problem so they choose to just leave instead of telling her.

Come morning, Doremi has gotten up bright and early in order to pack everyone meals for the day. Keisuke is also preparing, while Pop and Haruka discuss what exactly is going on. Pop thinks it's really obvious that Doremi is only going because of a crush, assuring their mother that she wont need to worry about her suddenly developing an interest for the sport/hobby. She then leaves after saying she has a date at the park...

Meanwhile, Majorika is wondering where the ojamajo are as she gets up. She happens to find a note they left her when it falls before her and is very angry whenever she reads it!

On the ride to the fishing spot Doremi notices one of the lunches moving and looks inside to see Dodo eating an onigiri. She scolds the yousei, but stops short when both Aiko and Hazuki admit that they snuck Mimi and Rere too.

Upon arrival Doremi immediately gushes as Shingo greets her and her father. She then introduces Hazuki and Aiko to him when his father comes out and introduces him to everybody. As his dad rudely comments on fishing and walks away, Shingo explains that he cant fish anymore after this trip because he's going to be taking the junior high entrance exams. He also says his dad does not necessarily like fishing, or consider it a skill so he forced him to come in hopes to get him to change his mind...

Doremi tells the yousei to stay inside the car to avoid trouble when Aiko and Hazuki ask Shingo to teach Doremi to fish, in hopes of breaking the ice. He agrees and Keisuke goes to his father to ask if he would like to fish also, to which he refuses and states he is fine where he is. It's then they think Shingo caught something but unfortunately its just an empty juice can...

The mood begins to worsen when Aiko leaves after excusing herself. She and Hazuki plan to use their magic in order to help them get a lot of fish but before they can, the two ojamajo notice the yousei trying to grab ahold of the fish themselves! Suddenly Shingo accidentally catches Dodo on her dress and she struggles to pull away. It's then Aiko suggest that Hazuki turn Dodo into a fish but Hazuki turns it into a carp flag instead, as Bass wouldn't be in this lake.

After Shingo's father says it'd be better for him to study instead of fish. Shingo gloomily walks away as Doremi tries to console him but its no use...

Suddenly Rere and Mimi come over and show Hazuki and Aiko that Majorika is there! They see she used her magic to make a net area for the fish, so the reason nobody else is catching anything is because Majorika used her magic to get all of them for herself. Majorika thinks they deserve this for leaving her behind but Lala feels bad. It's then Hazuki and Aiko try to apologize for leaving her behind, in hopes to get her to release the fish so that they can catch some and make the mood better. It's then Aiko and Hazuki trick Majorika by promising they have used their magic for a hot spring and will massage her if she comes to another location with them. After they fly away, its then the yousei untie the string that kept the net together for all of the fish, releasing them into the waters.

Soon the sun begins to set, despite the terribly bad luck and gloomy atmosphere Shingo thanks his dad for a fun day anyway. Which shocks the older male until Shingo explains that his father hasn't taken him camping since he was in Kindergarten. Suddenly all three of them begin to catch fish! Shingo's father helps him catch one, then embarrassed by his sudden excitement he states that fishing is "alright". Doremi meanwhile begins to wonder why the fish were all suddenly appearing when Aiko and Hazuki come back and explain what happened to her. That night everybody dines on the meals Doremi packed, along with the fish. Then the adults drink and Doremi notices that Shingo is siting by himself and she forces herself to approach him. Hesitantly she sits with him as he thanks her and the others for coming. Meanwhile, Hazuki and Aiko watch and decide to use their magic to make the mood romantic...

As Doremi is about to confess she suddenly changes the subject and states how the stars look romantic, to which he agrees. It's then she tries to ask when next time is, to which he says after the exams. As Doremi tries to confess, he suddenly states that he will bring his girlfriend next time...

This news horrifies Doremi and she begins to cry in defeat.

Unknown to him of course...

She looks to Aiko and Hazuki, who think its going well as Doremi states she isn't in the mood for fireworks and resumes crying as the episode ends...

17- "Yada-kun wa Furyō Shōgakusei?" ("Yada is a Delinquent!?")

(矢田くんは不良小学生!?) ("Sketches of Pain")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 17

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 17

Airdate: May 30, 1999

The episode begins as Shimakura talks about the recent rumors involving their classmate, Yada Masaru as the other classmates soon join into the conversation and try to learn more. Yada soon comes in and they quickly silence themselves. Later as test are being given out, Seki-Sensei calls for Yada and tells him to at least try next time, considering he didn't answer anything. She then has him stand in the hallway as punishment when he refuses to sing later in the day, then he insults her by calling her an ugly woman.

Later in the day, Seki-sensei asks him to come outside with her and she comments on how nice the air feels that day. Yada asks her if she plans to scold him, but she instead brings up his father and how he will be returning the next day before noting how unhappy he seems.

So she tries to change the subject by mentioning he does not speak too much. Yada only states he's returning to class and she sadly watches the young boy head back inside...

Meanwhile, the students chat amongst themselves while waiting for Seki-sensei to return but once again everyone becomes silent when Yada comes in first, then began to ask if she hit him or anything. He calmly states that nothing happened and they continue to ask him about it.

Later at the Maho-do, while the girls make crafts everybody begins to notice that Hazuki is distracted by something and try to ask her about it. Hazuki begins to explain that Yada is just misunderstood, and that he helped her when she was in Kindergarten and had gotten hurt. So she doesn't believe that he would do something like the rumors are saying. Majorika dismisses this and calls Hazuki naive for thinking that people couldn't change in the course of five years....

The following morning, Shimakura announces that Yada was arrested by the police after he was caught sneaking into the Warehouse by the Pier! A lot of the students are curious and refuse to believe that he did this, especially Hazuki who demands to know why Shimakura would say this before she runs out of the room and runs through the hallway until she hears the Principal, Seki-sensei, and the Vice Principal discussing the situation.

Vice Principal is highly convinced that Yada is just a troublemaker but Seki-sensei tries to say that he didn't actually do anything wrong. Its then Hazuki burst in while saying Yada isn't a delinquent and there must be a reason for why he is acting like this. Seki-sensei agrees with Hazuki but the vice principal keeps arguing with them anyway. However, they managed to convince the principal to give Yada another chance and Seki-sensei puts her career as a teacher on it. Doremi and Aiko get caught spying on the situation and the three young girls are sent away.

In the hallways, the three try to determine whats going on. Aiko and Doremi agree to go with Hazuki, who wants to check at the warehouse where Yada was seen previously, while class is having a break. And so, after transforming the Ojamajo fly high into the air and they search for warehouse #8, where Yada was found. After they make sure nobody is inside, the three girls sneak inside and Aiko asks how they could investigate. Doremi points out they don't have too much time before study hall ends and they decide to quickly cast Magical stage to find an answer.

Suddenly a video remote control device falls onto the ground. Doremi picks it up and presses buttons, trying to make something happen when Hazuki and Aiko notice a strange sight nearby on a window. Doremi aims the remote towards it and they see a flashback to the previous nigh through it. They see Yada's shadow and notice a strange bag, but they can't determine what he is doing until slowly playing the video and noticing a shine. The flashback ends the moment Yada was caught by the police and one of them notices nearby the strange bag Yada had been carrying with him. Open opening it, they see something and take it outside for a better look to find out its a trumpet!

The three ojamajo try to figure out why Yada has a trumpet in the bag and wonder if maybe they should put it back inside of the warehouse. But before they can do anything, Yada finds them and he asks them what they had been doing with the instrument before he approaches and tries to take it back, but the ojamajo refuse to let Yada have it and try to convince him to just talk with Seki-sensei about all of this and mention that she could be fired if he doesn't.

Seki-sensei suddenly shows up and Yada refuses to go with her, asking if she would be fired if he doesn't before accusing her of only coming to get him in order to keep her job. This irritates Seki-sensei however and she tells him not to assume the worst of people like that and he needs to just tell everyone he didn't do anything wrong or else this wont go away. Yada refuses to listen to her and eventually gets angry enough to hit their teacher repeatedly until she hugs him. Much to the shock of all four school students...

Seki-sensei tells Yada that she does care about each of her students, and she just wants to know what Yada has been doing and try to help him if he needs it. She knows she may not understand everything about him, but if he can tell her at least one thing she would feel better. And so, Yada finally confesses that he comes there during the night to practice his trumpet playing in private. He reveals to them that it was a gift from his father before he left in a small flashback.

Before everyone has to head back, Seki-sensei reveals she was the same way when she was working to become a teacher and had to learn how to play the piano for music class. Soon they all begin to realize that since Yada's father was returning the following day, he's been practicing very hard for that day. Yada then tells them he only fought with the junior high students because they would mock him and steal his trumpet away from him. Yada then ends the episode while playing his trumpet...

18- "Tsukuccha Dame! Kinjirareta Mahō" ("Don't Use That! The Forbidden Magic")

(使っちゃダメ! 禁じられた魔法) ("The Flora Test")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 18

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 18

Airdate: June 6, 1999

One late evening the Ojamajo are in the Maho-do with Majorika prepping for the exam they are to go and take. Lala points out that if they pass this exam then they will get to speak to plants. Hazuki is excited, though Doremi really isn't and mentions she would rather speak to animals. Lala informs her that she would be able to if they pass all of their exams. The ojamajo are about to leave when suddenly Majorika tries to make them hide and escape but nobody understands what is going on until Dela appears!

Majorika tries to talk her way out of this predicament but Dela refuses to let her leave, even after making claims that they have to hurry. Dela just tells her to pay the bill since it's late but Majorika doesn't even have enough money for it and admits why they're low on pay and asks for an extension. Dela decides to allow it but only if Majorika does a few things for her. Like serve her a lot of tea and massage her back. With this in mind the ojamajo decide that they will go without Majorika and Lala. They arrive just in time to find Mota and Motamota closing their exams booth and ask about this. They inform the girls that they were just preparing to leave for a trip they won playing lottery earlier. This makes Doremi angry and she points out that they had come to take their next exam before asking what they should do about it. Mota and Motamota have to hurry and get going, but feel bad seeing how dramatic Doremi gets about the situation. So they simply inform the girls that they have passed and use their magic to update the girls status' to level 7 witches.

Once they leave, they tell the girls not to tell anyone what happened. So while they are confused, the ojamajo decide that with some time to spare they can go sight-seeing. Hazuki is concerned since Majorika has warned them about specific locations here, but Aiko and Doremi are too curious to pay that any mind right now.

Soon they come to a large forest and quickly notice how much bigger everything is in comparison to themselves, then happen to see a strange blue flower. Doremi hands her broom to Hazuki before she takes out her Poron. She casts magic onto the blue flower and she greets it. At first it seems to be a polite and gentle flower, but when they ask it why he is named "weak point flower", he springs to life and tries to eat them!

Luckily for the ojamajo, the chase is very short since they have their brooms to fly with. They get too high into the air for the flower to reach them, causing him to fall back to the ground after a moment of distraction.

As they are about to discuss what they would like to go and do next, they notice a coach nearby and the witch queen asks Majorin to pull up near them. She asks them why they are there and the girls explain they have just recently passed their 7th exam. But she gets suspicious when Doremi is about to tell her what Mota and Motamota did, though Hazuki and Aiko manage to stop her just in time and they quickly excuse themselves and fly away. The queen thinks this is very strange and decides to have Majorin follow them on the crystal ball when they get back to see if something is going on.

The following day at school, Aiko and Doremi see Hazuki just exiting from the rabbit cage outside. They greet her but notice she looks upset, so they ask her why this is. Hazuki mentions that her partner never showed up and wonders if she overslept. But when they reveal she's been in class this entire time, Hazuki is very shocked and confronts Nanako for not helping her. Nanako apologizes and claims not to like animals, then she asks Hazuki to just do the work herself. But Hazuki tells her that even if she doesn't like animals it isn't fair to make her do all of the work by herself and tries to get her to see her side of the situation but Nanako refuses and runs back inside the classroom.

Concerned for her, Hazuki points out that Nanako isn't usually like this and that she's known her since the first grade. Something must have happened since then to make her suddenly hate animals...

Around lunch, the ojamajo sneak up to the roof of the school and cast Magical Stage in hopes of solving this strange mystery. Once they do, a paper floats down to Doremi and they see directions on it, leading the Okada household. Aiko calls this stupid since they could have just asked the family themselves without wasting the magic. But before they can argue over it, Hazuki simply hits a button to let them on the property, but they choose to sneak into the backyard at the last second to avoid being seen in their apprentice uniforms.

Seeing that nobody is home, they cast magic on a nearby cherry tree to ask if it could aid them, and thankfully she can. She explains that a few years ago Nanako had gotten a puppy on her birthday and goes into full detailing on how much love and attention she gave to Lulu. But two years ago during summer, Nanako and Lulu had been playing fetch. But when Nanako realizes the stick went onto the road she tries to get Lulu to stop, unaware of the on coming vehicle. After that, Nanako felt so responsible for Lulu's death that she cried and refused to eat or do anything for at least three days. Her parents offered to buy her another dog multiple times but Nanako always refused the offer... But they still arrive late and try to claim they simply fell asleep on the roof top by accident, so they get sent into the hall as punishment. So they put this time to good use by trying to think of a way to help Nanako and consider asking Seki-sensei, but realizing she would be angry with them, they go to ask Yuki-sensei instead. She gets an idea and after school, Hazuki shows up at Nanako's door step with a cute little white rabbit.

In order to make Nanako take the rabbit she makes up a lie by claiming that it may be getting a cold and that she can't watch it since she was going to leave with her dad. She also points out that she's name it Lulu and to make sure it works, Hazuki gives Nanako the rabbit before running off, much to Nanako's annoyance...

Once in her bedroom, Nanako sits the bunny-rabbit down and she begins to do her homework until it knocks over her trashcan. She scolds the rabbit, only to stop upon momentarily being reminded of Lulu. She picks up the rabbit and apologizes for being mean earlier, then sits it back down onto the bed. Nanako then starts to play with it before it's "accident" on her bed. But she finds it hard to stay angry and promises to make it a cardboard house when she isn't playing with her. She gets up to leave her bedroom, unaware that her window is open enough for the rabbit to escape!

The second she returns to her bedroom she calls Hazuki to inform her of what happened, so the four girls split up to locate the missing white rabbit. After some hours and the sun has begun to set, they all regroup but nobody has caught sight of Lulu...

Until they happen to see a nearby bush moving a bit. The girls hear noise that sounds like a fight and Aiko chases the mean cat to find an injured Lulu inside of the bush!

The girls begin to panic until someone comes by to ask them of the problem. They are surprised to find that it's their teacher and quickly get a ride over to the vetenarian office. After a while the doctor comes out to inform the girls that he managed to get the bleeding to stop and the emergency surgery went fine but all they can do is wait to see if she recovers. But he does point out that if she doesn't wake up by morning then chances are, she wont make it. This makes Nanako very angry and she yells at Hazuki for giving her Lulu to begin with. Seki-sensei manages to calm her down by explaining that Hazuki was only trying to help her feel better, but this doesn't work and Nanako continues until she starts crying.

This makes Hazuki feel badly enough that she leaves the office and changes into her witch form. But before she can do anything, Doremi and Aiko stop her by trying to reason with her when they realize she plans to try to heal Lulu. They warn her not to do it since she'll get hurt or sick herself, then try to do it with her by saying it will be easier if they all got punished for using it. Hazuki just continues to refuse and refuse until she manages to pull her broom away from them and flies up to the room where Lulu is before casting a spell.

Meanwhile in the waiting room, Seki-sensei goes to check on Lulu and begins to panic. Causing both the doctor and Nanako to run into the room to see Lulu is okay. The doctor takes Lulu out of the cage and he gently pulls off her bandages to see how well she is healed and expresses surprise to see how gone the wound is, but he hands Lulu over to Nanako who happily embraces the bunny.

Outside they do not notice Hazuki, who is very happy to see that Lulu has been healed. Slowly she floats down to the ground now suddenly feeling faint and very sick. She passes out just as Doremi and Aiko find her and upon realizing how feverish she is, they quickly take Hazuki to Seki-sensei.

Later that evening at Hazuki's home, Hazuki is speaking with Majorika and Lala. Majorika cannot understand why Hazuki isn't in a near-death state right now, as she saved Lulu's life. Just then, a nearby rose begins to speak! It's revealed to be the witch queen, who chose to speak through it. She reveals to them that protected Hazuki using her magic, but she warns her not to do this again and as punishment, she takes Hazuki's magic away from her for the entire day. She then leaves as Majorika and Lala hide behind her pillow as Aiko, Doremi, and Nananko come into the room. Nanako gives her some flowers she picked earlier and apologizes to Hazuki for the problems that day. She promises to help look after the animals now that she has begun to love them again.

This makes Hazuki very happy, as she apologizes for what she said the other day. Nanako then thanks Hazuki and hopes that she gets better soon as the episode comes to an end...

19- "Hazuki-chan Yūkai Sareru!" ("Hazuki is Kidnapped!")

(はづきちゃん誘拐される!) ("Uncle Mick and his Sidekick")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 19

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 19

Airdate: June 13, 1999

It's Hazuki's final day of punishment for using forbidden magic. She marks it off of her calendar while thinking back to how she saved Lulu last week, then attempts to use her Tap to see if it works yet. But alas, nothing happens. She realizes soon after thay she may just have to wait until the following day to actually use magic, since it wasn't clarified before-hand.

Meanwhile, outside of the Fujiwara home the Papaya Brothers are busy watching when they decide to steal the owners child to make the money they desperately need. When they see Hazuki leave, they quickly get into their car and follow her until she happens to catch them. They make up an excuse and ask where the doctors office is. Hazuki points them in the direction, so the man attempts to ask for the Dentist instead, since it's further in town. He asks Hazuki to get into the car, in order to point out the direction and seeing no harm in it, Hazuki agrees. As they happen to drive past it however, Hazuki slowly begins to realize they never planned on going to the dentist at all. Their intentions were kidnap!

Meanwhile, a very late Aiko has just made it to the Maho-do to find out that Hazuki hasn't showed up yet. This makes them worry, since she's never late but because Doremi is never on time, nobody worries over her.

Back at the Harukaze household, Doremi is in the middle of eating breakfast and Pop points out that it's noon and she slept in too late...

At the Papaya brothers messy home, the brothers are discussing what they should use to tie Hazuki up. But she points out that because of how messy the place is, she couldn't really move around anyway. So there isn't much point in tying her up to begin with. The taller brother starts writing a ransom note until the shorter one realizes that Hazuki is missing. But they find her fixing up the ransom note by fixing the spelling mistakes. They compliment Hazuki for being very smart and the phone begins to ring and she gives them her number after pointing out it would make more sense to just call her ransom, rather then write it.

Doremi is about to leave home when she happens to hear the phone ring. She doesn't understand it and assumes it to be a prank call until hearing Hazuki's name. She then rushes to the Maho-do to inform Aiko of the news. While concerned they wonder why they called Doremi instead of Hazuki's parents, but they head right over to their hideout in a hurry. They don't have any money to save Hazuki, so for now they hide in the nearby bush to make sure nobody spots them. They try to think up an idea and use their magic to try to summon money, but because they do not know what it looks like, it doesn't work...

Hazuki thinks she heard Doremi and goes to look, but the taller brother grabs her and tries to pull her away from the window. Doremi and Aiko catch sight of this and think Hazuki is in trouble, and accidentally scare the brothers from hiding after trying to turn into the police and accidentally making the sirens go off. So Doremi and Aiko get on their brooms and quickly trail behind the brothers and stop time, thinking they could do it in order to free her without notice. But this fails after realizing they can't get the door open!

They continue to follow them until reaching a forest when Aiko tries to cast magic again. But she struggles to focus, causing a strange chain of events to follow. The Papaya brothers think it may be the work of a strange demon fox, but the taller one refuses to believe it and keeps claiming it to be the younger brothers imagination. ally out of the forest, they come to the road and decide to stop for a lunch break. Hazuki seems surprised by how good the food they make is before she begins to ask them why they kidnapped her. They explain that they want to become stars some day but at the moment their not very popular and they actually come from the country. But as they were ready to give up, the brothers had been visited by someone and they promised to make them famous stars, but only after they could pay for it. So they kidnapped a rich child in hopes of getting 10 million yen and Hazuki points out a flaw in their plans before she asks them to show her their act, out of curiosity.

After they show her, Hazuki begins to laugh as Aiko and Doremi show up! Hazuki tries to warn them not to attack the brothers but they don't listen until they manage to get the brothers stuck at the very top of a tree! Hazuki asks Aiko and Doremi to forgive the brothers, and they promise not to kidnap anybody ever again. Aiko then tells Doremi to get them out of the tree since she used all of her magic spheres. Doremi is out too and Hazuki can't even use her magic yet! Just then, the branch begins to snap! They have to act fast before the brothers fall. With no other option, Aiko and Doremi fly up to try to save the brothers but their too heavy so they can't get them both down at once. But they don't have time to get one down, then get the other one either. Hazuki notices the sun is beginning to set and she transforms into her witch apprentice uniform. If the sun hurries up she may still be able to save them!

Hazuki taps at the buttons on her tap but nothing happens... Hazuki asks for the witch queen to help the poor Papaya Brothers and she notices her tap beginning to glow and play music. Then her poron pops out! Hazuki quickly casts magic onto the brothers to save them and bring them down to safety and she goes to hide.

The Papaya brothers try to figure out what happened when they see two very strange foxes who dive behind a bush to meet with Doremi and Aiko. They're revealed to be Lala and Majorika! Upon reverting back to normal she scolds the ojamajo for being so careless and letting people see them in their apprentice uniforms. But Doremi claims they didn't have a choice since it was an emergency. Aiko questions how Hazuki was able to use her magic when the sun hasn't finished setting just yet. Lala and Majorika mention that the witch queen must have been watching over them and she granted Hazuki's wish to save the brothers...

That evening, the Papaya brothers bring Hazuki home to drop her off. They apologize for kidnapping her, but she doesn't seem to be mad and she hopes they do become famous comedians someway before telling them to take care and saying farewell. The guys, now once again inspired to become great comedians and they leave. Sometime later, the Ojamajo are watching them on a set of televisions and see their not exactly that great, but Hazuki laughs and they seem to be having a lot of fun and come end of the day, that's all it matters...

20- "Raibaru Tōjō! Mahōdō Dai Pīnchi!!" ("The Rival Makes Her Appearance! The House of Magic is in a Pinch!!")

(ライバル登場! MΑHO堂大ピ〜ンチ!!) ("Get on the Bus")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 20

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 20

Airdate: June 20, 1999

One night at the Maho-do, Majorika realizes what time it is and she tries to run for the hills when Dela appears.

She has come to collect the money for the magic spheres Majorika bought earlier on. Majorika attempts to ask for more time by giving Dela tea and cake, then asking her if she brought anything interesting to show them. Dela doesn't seem to think so, but she decides that they can play a card game. She makes a deal with Majorika that if she was to lose, she wants double the pay, but if she loses then she wont make Majorika pay at all.

Of course, Majorika is quick to accept this despite Lala's initial concerns. She wins this round, but when Dela asks for another game, Majorika accepts it. She wins the next ten games, then loses the ten following it and demands a final game. Dela has to leave and Lala thinks Majorika should just quit while she's lost this much, but Majorika's pride gets the better of her and she manages to get Dela to agree to one final game...

This time, if she loses she has to fork over the ownership of the Maho-do. But if she wins she can have a years worth of free magic spheres. Due to her greed she cannot pass up on this offer, no matter how many times Lala begs her to stop.

The following morning, Aiko, Doremi, and Hazuki meet up in front of the Maho-do. But before they can enter Dela stops them to inform them that the shop is no longer theirs since Majorika gave up the ownership. The ojamajo angrily ask Majorika why she did this, and they also ask if this means they're no longer apprentices anymore. Doremi suggests that they just bet Dela again for the shop, but someone has showed up to take it. This makes Majorika panic and she attempts to hide, but the mysterious woman, Majoruka asks her why she's a Witch frog. She goes on to claim ownership of the shop and the Ojamajo, Lala, Majorika, and their fairies are forced to flee.

At the nearby playground they ask Majorika more about Majoruka and her comments reguarding the "next queen". Lala explains that growing up, she and Majoruka were in the same class in school and had become personal rivals. They often caused problems for each other by tampering with her magic items or brooms. Back in the witch world, everyone pays attention to whoever runs and owns the Maho-do and it's a tradition that the owner of it will become the next Witch Queen. The lottery had been run to see who would take ownership of it and Majorika happened to win. But for the time being, she and Majorika will have to return to the Witch World since they don't have anywhere else to live. It's then Majorika points out that as Doremi's magic teacher, being mostly in debt because of her and also a witch frog, she and Lala should be able to live with Doremi.

Meanwhile, back at the maho-do, Majoruka and Hehe discuss how boring and old-fashioned the shop is. She notices a stray mouse/rat and bat and transforms them to look like humans so that she can use them as workers in her shop. Hehe is impressed, but they still need to remodel the shop before they do anything!

Doremi has gone home with Majorika and Lala. She checks to make sure the cost is clear but right before she can get into her room, Pop comes out of her room to inform her that their mother wanted her to clean her room. Doremi goes in her bedroom and dumps the contents out of one of her drawers for Majorika to stay in, but she refuses since it's too small. However, Doremi ends up shoving her inside the drawer as her mom comes into the room to check on her. Doremi claims she accidentally hurt her hand when she was closing the drawer when Haruka notices the mess behind her and questions Doremi as to whether she's actually cleaning up or not.

Before leaving, Haruka mentions that she got some steamed buns for everyone to eat together so when Doremi is done, she can come down to eat. Majorika is quick to test Doremi's nerves soon after...

The following day, Doremi asks Aiko and Hazuki if one of them can take Majorika, but they both refuse...

At school, they quietly discuss amongst themselves how they could possibly deal with this situation when they're interrupted by Tamaki who shows off her new bracelet to them before explaining where she got it. She then assumes they got fired before commenting on how wonderful the new employees are. Before going into the classroom, Tamaki makes sure to say how much better they are then Doremi and co...

After school, the ojamajo head straight over to the "original" Maho-do. The ojamajo sneak into the backyard to transform before they cast magic to transform them into boys. Going inside, they discreetly check out the new shop to see a bunch of older customers inside. They think it's a lot more stylish but they do not like how different their shop is! The new workers greet them but the they refuse the help, but Majoruka is suspicious and asks them if they're looking for something specific. The ojamajo do not like how dark all the items look, but Doremi accidentally implies herself to be a girl while in her boy's diguise and Majoruka happens to find the very item Doremi described, oddly enough. However, nobody seems to make the connection, other then Majoruka thinking Doremi is a very... strange little boy...

The ojamajo go and get ice cream before they talk about what happened at the park. They have a lot of customers, but Aiko claims it's just curiosity since the shops been renovated. It's then revealed in fact that the charm Doremi bought was to make her the most unlucky person in the world after she keeps having mild-incidents. Hehe then flies away, explaining that she saw what they did and told Majoruka before she flies away.

Back at the Harukaze household, Doremi yells at Majorika and blames her for this entire mess but Majorika didn't even hear her. She got drunk and passed out...

Later that evening, Lala wakes Doremi up to inform her that Majorika has gone missing. Lala is sure she knows where Majorika is and she takes Doremi to the location. They find her in front of the "Original" Maho-do, simply staring at it. Lala reveals to Doremi that Majorika loved the shop, and she really wanted to get her original body back, showing up as a witch frog in front of Majoruka really humiliated her. Doremi begins to feel badly but she has no idea how they could fix this problem and she and Lala leave to give Majorika her space.

The following day at school, the Ojamajo see almost everyone (mostly girls) wearing items from the Original Maho-do. As they enter class they find the SOS trio, also wearing those charms. They seem to actually be kind of funny but nobody seems very amused, especially when Aiko and Doremi go to beat them up! Yada tells Hazuki not to bother with it since everyone will get over it soon enough. It's suddenly Doremi gets an idea and she takes Hazuki and Aiko back to the bus she and Lala were hiding by the previous evening. Doremi thinks they can easily clean it up and use it for a shop, as they did with the Maho-do.

That night, a drunken Majorika comments on how lately Doremi hasn't been around so much. But she simply passes out while Lala places a cloth/blanket over her...

The next day the Ojamajo resume working on the bus. Painting it, placing nice items, taking out old and messy items to put in nicer ones and make more room inside. Then they take whatever clay they have and resume work on making charms and items until finally night time rolls around. Majorika is outside the Original Maho-Do once again but as she turns to leave, she notices the Ojamajo standing in front of the now tidied up bus and demands to know where Doremi has been lately. As the clouds move from the moonlight the ojamajo reveal to Majorika what they have been working on for the past few days, then they take her inside to show her all of their hard work. Majorika doesn't say it, but they can tell she is very happy...

The following day they bring Lala back to the sight so that they can show her the new, temporary Maho-do. Majorika goes inside and points out that this used to be a bus, so using her magic she fixes the wheels and then uses a doll dressed up in drivers attire and brings him to life so that they can travel around town selling their items. They drive into town and the ojamajo quickly get to work showing curious town people the brand new flyers they made as the episode draws to an end...

21- "Majoruka Guzzu wa Kiken ga Ippai" ("Majo Ruka's Goods are Filled with Danger")

(マジョルカグッズは危険がいっぱい) ("The Mystery Wind")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 21

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 21

Airdate: June 27, 1999

It's a brand new day and the ojamajo are trying to draw in some customers. They manage to get a nice group, along with Majoruka's workers. The girls are immediatly suspicious and throw them out when they attempt to convince the customers to come to the "Original" Maho-do instead.

Majorika believes she may know why customers haven't been making any purchases from this shop lately, pointing out that when one compares items made by little girls and an adult witch, people are more-likely to go for what they know will work. However, the ojamajo are convinced that if that would be the truth then Majorika should just make the charms herself, which she refuses to do until Lala informs them that a witch needs her own hair to make items. Since majorika has been reduced to one single hair, she refuses to part with it.

It's then Tamaki comes by to gloat, taunt, and make fun of the ojamajo for their attempts to re-open shop before heading over to the Original Maho-do to buy something. As she does this, Majorika and Lala spy on them from a window above the shop. Only to be caught by Majorika, along with Hehe before retreating back to the bus. Majorika yells at the ojamajo and refuses to live there any longer, given it's lack of necessities like a bathroom, or a television.

The following day at school, the ojamajo try to think up another plan to help save the Maho-do but are interrupted by a flashy Tamaki, who tells them that her mother purchased the outfit for her. As soon as she walks into the classroom, a lot of students seem to notice her and love her outfit, though the boys like Kotake and Yada-kun don't find it very appealing in the least bit. They also see a classmate eating twice as much fried bread, and the SOS being funny!

At the Harukaze household, Majorika bosses Dodo around by making her grab some food and drink. She is also cranky, because she's been forced to stay in a drawer. Haruka meanwhile, thinks she heard someone in the kitchen, but when she looks nobody is there. When Pop gets home, Haruka begins to question her, assuming she was the one making all of the noise. But Pop is more focused on the bun she saved earlier, noticing it's gone missing, along with some milk. Haruka asks if she was the one to drink it, but Pop denies this and goes into Doremi's room after she thinks she heard something. She looks on to find the empty milk container and confronts Doremi as she arrives home. Doremi didn't do it, but she can't reveal Majorika to them, so she simply takes the blame for it. Pop is quick to point out that Doremi wasn't home, so she couldn't have but Doremi manages to change the subject by begging Pop not to tell their mother. Pop agrees, but she makes Doremi promise to owe her later on.

Doremi begins to yell at Majorika and it blows into an argument that Lala barely manages to calm down. Doremi leaves to go back to the bus and angrily begins to work on more magic charms, hell-bent on hurrying up to get rid of Majorika.

That following day at school the Ojamajo notice that everyone wearing their charms seem twice as intense as they were the day before. Tamaki also passes out during class and she's taken to the nurses office. The same happens to the SOS and Yanagida. They realize that everyone being effected is wearing items they purchased from the "original" Maho-do and rush straight to Doremi's home for answers. Majorika explains that besides Majoruka's charms having strong effects, they also have strong side-effects. She then informs them that they're not strong enough to stop the charms, not even with Magical Stage, even her own magic can't fix this. The person who made the charms have to be the one to dispel them. Lala points out that they may be able to do something if the ojamajo combine their power with Majorika's, but she refuses to help...

The ojamajo decide that all they can do is just try anyway, nobody else can, or will help them so they're on their own. They transform into witch apprentices and begin casting Magical Stage but stare in disbelief as it begins to fade and vanish!

Suddenly, someone arrives to help them and the spell is cast!

Around Misora, those under the charms effects that day begin to return to normal. Tamaki's mother wants to rid of Tamaki's new clothing, Yanagida isn't obsessed with bread rolls or feeling ill anymore, and the SOS are no longer funny. All is well!

Majorika appears with the Ojamajo, revealing that she had lent the Ojamajo her powers so everyone should be back to normal. The Ojamajo are surprised, but they just thank her. Majorika then scolds them for not working and she tells them to go back to work, despite how late in the day it is. Lala claims that while Majorika seems mean, she was honestly worried about everyone. Majorika is a little doubtful, but the ojamajo claim they plan to keep trying to save the Maho-do and keep everyone safe anyway.

Hazuki apologizes for calling Majorika a demon but Doremi and Aiko claim it's fine since she is anyway. Resulting in Majorika running after them as they tease her...

22- "Roku-kyū Majo he no Michi wa Tōi!?" ("The Road to the Level 6 Witch is Long!?"

(6級魔女への道は遠い!?) ("We Need a Wandawhirl")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 22

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 22

Airdate: July 4, 1999

Majorika is trying to figure out why Majoruka has so much business and begins to think that it has something to do with the name. Lala informs her that it isn't why, but it's because of her beautiful employees, as well as the fact she's always having a sale. The ojamajo are trying to make a lot of charms to sell but it isn't good enough for Majorika, even though Doremi points out that the entire mess is her fault to begin with.

It's then Dela shows up to offer the Ojamajo some news and Magic Spheres. However, nobody is really in the mood and they snap at her, so she threatens not to tell them anything until they beg her. So, Dela informs them that a very special exam is being held in the Witch World and anyone who passes it will be leveled up. The ojamajo consider passing, but Majorika convinces them to try anyway. If they can beat this exam then they will gain stronger wands and become level six witches!

But there's still a problem... To get into the witch world, they will have to go through the portal behind the door in the Maho-do. Which they are no longer allowed to enter. So they begin to devise a plan and send Majoruka a letter from a revolving sushi joint, in order to get everyone to leave. But after Doremi realizes how long they had to wait, they peek inside to find

Majoruka has simply used her magic to make a revolving sushi machine.

Next Hazuki attempts to try by short circuiting the power in hopes of running in while they can't see anything. But Majoruka uses her magic again to summon a bunch of candles. Aiko then attempts to flood the Original Maho-do, but Majoruka changes it into bubbles. Seeing how bad the girls are doing, Majorika suddenly tells them that Majoruka hates butterflies so they use magic to send one into the shop.

But nothing happens... until a giant butterfly appears out of the roof top!

Once again Majorika appears, but this time just tells the girls to give up since their level seven magic is too weak to beat a real witch. Everyone retreats and Lala stays back to keep an eye out on things at the Original Maho-do.

Once everyone decides to go to sleep in the shop she witnesses some surprising things. Like the male sleeping upside down, and the woman curled up on the floor with a curly tail. She then freaks out after seeing Lala in her cat form, so she quickly runs back. Lala is quick to report everything and Doremi realizes just what is going on and they head back outside, now that she has an idea. The ojamajo cast magical stage in order to rid of the workers. Distracting them with a fly and some cheese, which changes them back to their normal animal forms.

When Majoruka gets up to investigate all of the noise, she sees everyone in the Maho-do, where Doremi reveals that she recorded the entire event and threatens to show everyone if Majoruka won't let them through the portal. Angry about what happened, Majoruka allows them inside. But when the girls reach the exams booth they find Mota and Motamota leaving and they inform the girls that the test is finished and they missed it. Since it's morning, they take their leave. So with no other choice the girls are forced to head back to the Maho-do bus...

Later at the Harukaze household, Haruka reveals the prizes from the shopping district she won. Pop is happy but she warns their mother to be careful so she doesn't hurt her back again. She seems fine, but a moment later her back gives out on her and she is forced to go to bed early. During dinner, Doremi and Pop complain about how small dinner is, but Keisuke claims that tomorrow they can have Sashimi so he hopes his daughters can just deal with it for the time being. The following day, a cranky Doremi complains about all of the house work she was forced to do previously because of her mom's injury. In class she finds an equally worn out Aiko and Hazuki, who have also dealt with some troubling problems back at home.

Once school ends, Hazuki reveals to them that she can't go to the maho-do because she wants to make sure Baaya doesn't hurt herself trying to bake Hazuki a cake.

Concerned for Baaya, as well as Aiko's curiousity, the girls decide to come with Hazuki to make sure everything will be okay. They are greeted very loudly, though Hazuki insists that Baaya doesn't need to greet her while she's not feeling well, only for Baaya to run into the kitchen and remove the burnt cake from the oven. She apologizes for ruining it, though nobody seems to be upset other then herself...

Hazuki tries to tell Baaya to take it easy, but since she wont listen, Doremi decides to use magic in order to help her. After Hazuki takes her to another room, Doremi uses her magic to make the cake edible. They then show her before Aiko uses her magic to cut the grass in the yard after Baaya passes out and by the time they can hide again, Hazuki reveals she was forced to use magic as well, so everyone is down to only two spheres. They all begin to lose hope in ever retting back the Maho-do when Hazuki notices Baaya trying to clean a high window in a dangerous spot and she begins to fall!

The ojamajo have no choice but to cast magical stage again to save her. But as a result, they now have zero magic spheres left...

They take Baaya to her bedroom and discuss this problem but Baaya begins to awaken. She apologizes for not being able to do her work but Hazuki and the ojamajo inform her it's alright and for right now she just needs to rest and not move around so much. When Baaya mentions a good luck charm she bought recently, the ojamajo go to check it out and in disbelief realize it belongs to Majoruka!

The neighbors house keeper gave it to her and Baaya mentions that she did a lot more work with it, but she's also been feeling extra tired. Doremi and Aiko begin to realize that maybe their parents also got more of Majoruka's charms, since it would explain why they were getting sick/hurt. So after Hazuki asks Baaya to throw the charm away, Doremi and Aiko proceed to rush home in order to do the same.

Unfortunately, At the Maho-do, business is still as normal as ever. If not, better!

The girls have no idea what to do since it seems to no matter what, they just cannot win. They have no more magic spheres and probably don't have any other chances to take the exam they needed to take now, and even if they did they don't have any magic to use.

What are they going to do?!

23- "Ōsagakō!? Ojamajo no Shiken" ("Big Turnaround!? Ojamajo's Training")

(大逆転!? おジャ魔女の試練) ("Mirabelle's Blues")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 23

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 23

Airdate: July 11, 1999

Poppu is drawing when Doremi gets home, just as Haruka announces that since she won the lottery, they could have steak for dinner. Doremi is very happy but she immediately becomes suspicious and asks her mother if she really threw away the charm like she asked her a few days ago. Haruka claims she did, but Doremi doesn't believe her and Haruka dares her to go and look for it. So Doremi drops it for now.

Pop discovers the cake she saved from earlier is gone and immediately blames Doremi for it before going to find evidance to support her theory. Meanwhile, Majorika is indeed eating the cake with Dodo until they hear Pop coming inside, in which they run to hide. As expected, Pop happens to find the evidance and Doremi notices the icing on her drawer where Majorika is hiding. So to get her revenge, she grabs Majorika and offers Pop a present in return. Shee hands her over to a very eager and excited Pop, although Majorika is very angry...

Later during the day, Hazuki is preparing to leave the bus Maho-do as Lala apologizes for keeping her there so long. Hazuki claims not to mind and asks what they have to do for now. Lala mentions they'd stand a better chance if they can pass the next exam when Hazuki reveals that they had to use all of their Magic Spheres to help Baaya. Lala tells her not to feel bad because she believes with everyone's effort they can find a way to solve the problem. Hazuki agrees and she leaves for home, stopping for a moment to ask Yada for advice...

That night at the Senoo household, Aiko is trying to play her harmonica but notices the FA sound acting up. She grows worried over how late her dad is, but the concerns are put to rest when she hears noise from outside. Kouji explains that he's just been sleepy, causing her to ask if he actually threw away the bad luck doll yet. He claims he did, then shows her the present he got for her when she goes to look. At first Aiko is suspicious and even tells him it's not the holiday or her birthday, so she doesn't know why he would have done this. But she accepts the gift anyway to see a gold harmonica inside!

A confused Aiko asks how he could afford this expensive gift, but when he mentions how bad her harmonica is getting he just thought it would be a nice idea. It sounds like a nice gesture, but when he suggests discarding her previous harmonica, Aiko blows a fuse and yells at him until he slaps her. This shocks them both and as he tries to apologize, Aiko storms off and leaves their household while noticing he still has the cursed charm in his car.

At the Harukaze's, Keisuke has just returned home but with an injured leg that he aquired after falling off a small cliff. It is very small and it isn't broken, but he needs time to heal. Majorika casually points out that Doremi's father has one of Majoruka's charms on him, the one their mom claimed to have thrown away days prior. Doremi makes an attempt to rid of it, but her parents refuse to throw it away, calling it wasteful. Before she can argue though, they get a phone call from Hazuki. She explains what happened with Aiko, so Doremi tells her parents before leaving for the Fujiwara's.

Aiko explains to Hazuki and Doremi what happened but they don't really understand the big deal until Aiko tells them how precious her harmonica is. It had been a special present she got before her parents divorced years back. They had been out walking when she noticed a little boy with one. She watched him play, which Kouji seemed to pick up on and asked Aiko if she would like to get one. She claims she didn't want it, but they go to the shop and offer to get her one anyway.

But when they fight over who'll pay for it, Aiko claims not to want it anymore. That is, until they just decide to split the cost instead of arguing. When her mother left, her harmonica had been the only thing left to comfort her and on the night of the divorce, she caught her dad still awake and asked him to play it for her. With that the memory comes to an end. Aiko claims to be alright after seeing how upset the story made Doremi and Hazuki. But when Baaya comes by to inform her that her dad came to get her, she demands that her dad throws the charm away first, and tells Baaya to give him a very angry message. She refuses to leave until he listens to her.

As Doremi wonders about things, everyone realizes that without magic they can't disable the bad magic in the charms. Hazuki informs them of the advice she got from Yada-kun, pointing out that just sitting around wont get anything done. They need to think of a way to get more magic spheres, so Aiko suggests that they just try to get a temporary job at the magic world, but they don't know how to get inside without being thrown out again...

All of the sudden, Dodo and the other yousei come back into the room, where they see Dodo balancing on a little shiny ball. They realize it's a stray magic sphere that Hazuki had accidentally dropped sometime back. Doremi compliments Dodo for the help and they now stand a chance to get to the Magical World.

Meanwhile, Baaya has just delivered Aiko's angry message before she returns to normal. Kouji is very confused by this and Aiko seems pretty happy by the turn of events before they fly away. Doremi uses the magic to transform them into cockroaches, allowing them to quickly sneak in as Hehe lectures the workers to make sure the Ojamajo do not get in. Unknown to her, they already did, which Doremi mocks as they flee into the magical world...

The ojamajo asks Mota and Motamota for help, but they refuse to help as they can't just hand over the magic spheres. But they do suggest trying to get part-time jobs at the Queens' castle since there's always a lot of work to be done there. She gives her permission to let the Ojamajo do some work for Magic Spheres and they are taken to a huge storage shed piled with logs! The witch queen asks them to chop all of it and Aiko offers to do the chopping as Hazuki brings the logs and Doremi sets them up and then puts all of the chopped logs away. To help give her enough energy and strength, Aiko begins insulting her dad as she chops the wood.

This is fine until suddenly she drops the axe, feeling a sharp pain in her hand. Aiko removes her glove to see how bloody her hands are and Doremi switches with her. And so, the Ojamajo work together to finish chopping all of the wood, switching with each other when their hands begin to get bloody and worn out until they eventually finish. They are only given one magic sphere each, but Mota and Motamota reveal they only needed just the one sphere anyway. They pass their exam! At first, the ojamajo can't make any sense of this until they reveal what the exam was. The ojamajo were to try to find a way to get magic spheres after running out. They are then asked to hand over their most precious instruments but the Ojamajo were not told about this...

Later, the ojamajo return with the instruments. Aiko with her childhood harmonica, Doremi with her toy piano, and Hazuki with her very first violin. And so, they are given the new porons, along with the upgraded magic spheres. Doremi comments on how low her magic spheres are in comparison to Hazuki and Aiko's, but they reveal that it depends on the care and dedication, to which Doremi admits she had just put her toy piano in the closet after she couldn't play it anymore. But at any rate, the ojamajo can now take back the Maho-do!

24- "Majoruka Tai Roku-kyū Ojamajo!" ("Majoruka Versus Level 6 Ojamajos!")

(マジョルカ対6級おジャ魔女!) ("Down in the Dumps")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 24

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 24

Airdate: July 18, 1999

Majorika attempts to sneak off and grab her Crystal ball when Poppu catches her in this suspicious act... Meanwhile, on their way to school the ojamajo discuss how a lot of people in town still have the bad charms on them. Aiko's dad threw his away but Doremi cannot convince her parents to do the same. Hazuki questions if maybe they could somehow use their newly required magic to disable the charms but Doremi tells her it isn't possible since they're still too weak to fight against a full-blooded witch. She also points out that Majorika is useless as well right now.

At the "Original" Maho-do, Hehe is being forced to do a bunch of work for Majoruka while she is busy taking a bath. Such as carry around her heavy clothing, putting her witch uniform into the wash, and so fourth. As Hehe does this, a bunch of customers outside are yelling and demanding their money back. A shocked Hehe drops the outfit, along with crystal ball as Majoruka quickly dresses and comes to the door. Majoruka angrily tells the customers to just leave however, as she refuses to give them a refund. Instead of leaving the people angrily run her over and make a mess of the joint...

An angry Majoruka is cursing the humans as Hehe points out she warned Majoruka to tell the humans of the bad side effects. Majoruka doesn't wanna hear it though and she leaves to take another bath. Hehe then resumes doing work, along with the two workers. She tells them to just throw away anything broken as there isn't a point in keeping it. The female finds Majoruka's crystal ball amongst the pile, which she points out has a use but Hehe doesn't really care and tells her to throw it away too. So the workers take the garbage out when a trash collector comes by to collect their trash. As Lala spies on them, she learns that Majoruka's crystal has gone missing and she leaves as Hehe and the workers flee to search for it. At Sonatine Kindergarten, everyone is preparing for swim class. Majorika and her crystall ball are left in the classroom and she tries to get it. It's then Lala comes into the classroom to inform Majorika what happened and they begin to plot about what to do. Lala is about to leave when Pop suddenly returns and she flees, leaving poor Majorika on her own. So Lala goes to find the ojamajo for help instead, stopping momentarily to find the workers and Hehe still searching for the crystal ball. Which means she has a lot of time to spare.

During break she informs the ojamajo about what has happened, but since they still have school they need to wait until after class to go and find it. In class, time fast-forwards throughout the day. Doremi gets into trouble, she and Kotake stand in the hall, Lunch, music class, and finally the windy weather outside. The time then slows down to currently and the ojamajo quickly exit school.

Meanwhile, Majoruka is angrily trying to locate the trio, or the crystal ball. She finds them sitting around for tea...

At the trash location, the ojamajo quickly get to work trying to locate the crystal ball before Majoruka and Co. show up. The ojamajo are concerned however, due to there being mounds and mounds of trash. Lala point out now would be the perfect time to test out their new wands and see the powers. Doremi tries first, but unfortunately she gets everything shaped like a ball to pop out of the piles of garbage. Hazuki manages to spot it as Majoruka and the others are running to the trash dump. They admit to not have thought about searching there but to their shock, Doremi holds it up as they arrive.

The ojamajo make a deal with Majoruka but at first, she seems too nice so Doremi does not let her have it. But when Majoruka does it again, they're generally convinced but unfortunately it was just a trick. She tries to leave but after the ojamajo tick her off, they accept her rules of a magical duel. If they win she'll disable her goods and let them take back the shop but if she wins they have to work for her forever! Doremi uses her magic to summon the object that Majoruka hates the most. Apparently an old man joke book that isn't even funny. It works on Majoruka but she responds by using a bunch of the garbage to form into a giant robotic trash man to deal with the ojamajo.

Lala runs away to go and find Majorika to tell her about what has happened. Given this is an emergency, she completely ignores Pop and tells Majorika, unaware she's watching them. After Majorika reclaims her crystal ball and the two flee the scene, Poppu realizes she wasn't dreaming and she chases after them.

Back at the trash area, the ojamajo are still being chased by the giant robot trash pile. When Majorika arrives she tries to inspire the ojamajo with an idea, telling them to calm down and think about things first. So while they keep running they try to think up an idea and suddenly get one. Majoruka angrily tells her not to interfere but that doesn't mean Majorika can't still use her mouth. They get an idea and use triple magic to make a giant vacuum cleaner that will suck up the robot, as well as Majoruka. They won!

And so, the ojamajo have gotten the deed and business contract for the Maho-do back! Majoruka asks for her crystal ball back and while the ojamajo are suspicious, they hand it back over with a threat of informing everybody in the witch world that Majoruka lost to a bunch of level 6 witch apprentice. She promises revenge before leaving.

Meanwhile, Pop has searched all over town for Majorika but it's no use. She comes across the Maho-do and decides to check there. The ojamajo then proceed to cast magical stage with majorika to remove the evil from all of Majoruka's charms and magical goods. This also reverts the maho-do back to its previous stage and fixes everything...

Unfortunately, they did not consider one little factor... that Poppu was going to show up! Before she can say they are witches, Doremi quickly grabs her mouth and tries to shut her up while everyone begins to panic...

25- "Ojamajo Pop's Arrival!?" ("Ojamajo Poppu Tōjō!?")

(おジャ魔女ぽっぷ登場!?) ("The New Witch on the Block")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 25

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 25

Airdate: July 25, 1999

While still holding onto Pop, Doremi runs into the Maho-do and continues to panic and freak out until Hazuki reminds Doremi they won't change forms since they are just apprentices. Majorika tells them to calm down while Doremi asks her to erase Pop's memory. However, Majorika reminds her that magic like that is forbidden. All the mean while, Poppu is happily going on about how Majorika can talks until she mentions that they have no choice but to make her an apprentice witch too.

While Aiko and Hazuki don't seem to mind, Doremi is very much against it until she realizes she could always manipulate Pop to make her listen to her, because she's the one with experience here. So she gets to work with this and she informs Pop on how to transform by explaining the tap. Unfortunately, they do not have one for Pop just yet since she only had three of them in her case and they went to Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko.

At home, the girls explain to their parents that Pop will be working with Doremi at the Maho-do from now on. Both Keisuke and Haruka seem kind of confused given their affectionate behavior, and they also bring up her classes camping trip, but Pop informs them that the teacher said she could still help out at the shop during vacation. Doremi also promises to take good care of Pop while at work. At the Maho-ho, Majorika explains that they are in a lot of debt, maybe even more since they finallyg ot the shop back. Suddenly, Dela appears!

She is introduced to Pop and after she gives the ojamajo her supplies, she also gives Pop her tap and adds the price to the total cost. But because it's too much, Majorika doesn't think they can afford it right now. Pop, not willing to accept this is able to convince Dela to lower the price after receiving so many compliments from Pop. Majorika happily accepts this offer and Pop gets to keep her tap.

Everyone goes out into the backyard to have Pop attempt to transform, cast magic, and fly on her broom. Pop manages to achieve very well in all three, much to the jealousy of Doremi. They return inside to get to work and Doremi makes Pop clean the shop, instead of making clay objects with them. However, this doesn't take her very long to do so she gets to make things with them. But to their surprise, they find out soon enough that Poppu is just as bad as Doremi is when it comes to making, and selling their items... that is, until some unique artistic man comes by and purchases all of Pop's within a minute...

At home the next morning, Pop is on her way out to school as everyone says farewell. Doremi finds out she took her tap with her and is concerned, but she decides to let it go since Pop refuses to part with it so easily. Haruka then decides she'll see Pop off since she's going that way anyway. For the camping trip at the school, Poppu's friends put her in the middle as both sets want her to sleep near them. The annoying kimitaka arrives and decides to claim the spot Pop wanted for him and his group. Instead of taking up his offer to share the spot, Pop and all ten of her friends instead leave.

Meanwhile, At the Maho-do, The ojamajo kind of find it pointless to keep the shop open on a daily basis during summer since barely anybody will show up. Majorika tells them they can't do this since they need the money at the end of the month. When asked where Pop is, Doremi explains the school trip and mentions her concern regarding magic. However, nobody else seems concerned given how smart and not hasty she is. That night back at the school, Pop and everyone have set down to begin eating. Pop notices one of her friends, Kazuhiro not eating and she asks him about it, but before he could explain the others begin to harass him and Pop gets yelled at while trying to defend her friend. Then when the students play with fireworks Kimitaka gets yelled at for being so careless with them. Then they go into the restroom area to brush their teeth when she notices her friend sitting by himself in the corner. She goes to see him and suggests they go have a pillow fight when he starts crying. Luckily Pop manages to convince him to stay and they run off as Lala, in cat form suddenly appears by the window to spy on them.

Meanwhile, back at the Harukaze household, Doremi is rather unnerved but she honestly doesn't know why that is. After all, she doesn't care that much for Pop and she is a smart little girl with a capable head on her shoulders. So she decides not to worry anymore and go to bed... At the school everyone is currently sleeping when Kimitaka wakes them up and tries to scare everybody. It doesn't work on Pop and she goes to prove there is nothing wrong. They silently quiet themselves for a moment as the teacher comes to check on them, then leaves again. Later that night, Pop wakes up to see Kimitaka go to the bathroom area and she follows him. Then, after transforming she summons a group of demons to scare him for revenge. But unfortunately her scare tactic backfires and the ghost proceed to chase her and everybody else in the school. Lala has gone to get Doremi, Aiko, and Hazuki, and they return to the school to rid of them by using magical stage to make everyone fall asleep.

Pop feels badly for what happened but Doremi manages to calm her down to help her cast a spell to rid of the ghosts. Afterwards, the four ojamajo take turns returning everyone back to their previous locations, still sleeping. Then, after they finish the ojamajo prepare to leave Pop after Doremi promises to have Majorika lecture her for it later on...

The following morning as the children play together, the teachers are discussing the strange "dream" they had, along with the students. As they proceed to talk and play, Majorika and Lala watch as the episode comes to an end...

26- "Watashi-tachi, Pyuarēnu!" ("We are the, Pureleine!")

(わたしたち、ピュアレーヌ!) ("That Darn Evil Cat")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 26

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 26

Airdate: August 1, 1999

One summer day, Doremi is working at the shop, annoyed by the heat and working by herself, since neither Hazuki or Aiko are around. She begs Majorika for air conditioning but she refuses until Dela shows up with a package for the apprentice. Inside are three certificates for witch apprentice with a single sphere of achievement for them. They explain that as an apprentice levels up and completes more tasks, they gain more for the certificate, and once it is filled you become a real witch and gain your crystal ball.

With an excuse to leave, Doremi quickly takes off and checks the Fujiwara household to see if Hazuki is home. But Baya informs her that Hazuki is swimming at the school pool, which reminds Doremi that they had swimming today at school. She rushes to school to find Aiko and Hazuki with Kanae Ilda. Aiko is trying to help them do exercise on the chin up bars but neither of them are doing very well, and they inform her that it ended ten minutes ago. As Doremi explains why she is late, Kanae accidentally falls and hurts her foot. Doremi gets Yuki-sensei for help and she tells them that Kanae's ankle is sprained. She called the IIda household, but nobody answered and Kanae mentions that her mom had to go to the Hospital. So the ojamajo offer to help her home instead.

On their way over, Kanae explains that her mother had been in a car accident the previous week, so Kanae has been filling in for her at the restraunt. The moment Doremi is told of this, she offers to help Kanae since it is a steakhouse... Upon arrival Doremi hears a strange sound and asks if Kanae has a cat, but she informs her that she doesn't as they notice her father is in the other room, where he reveals he accidentally burned his hand, but just a little. He claims it fine before thanking the ojamajo for their help. Aiko mentions how odd it is to have so many accidents when Kanae's father also adds that the business is doing very bad lately and someone tried to rob the place about ten days ago. Hazuki doesn't understand since the food is usually really good. He points out that nobody has really been coming since the theft attempt. And now that Kanae is hurt, chances are they wont be able to keep the restraunt open too much longer.

Doremi offers the ojamajo to help in her place and they go back to the Maho-do to inform the irate Majorika. Doremi claims that as a friend, she just had to help Kanae. It's then Pop comes inside to claim that her boyfriends are rich, so they'll come in and buy a lot of charms from the shop. Doremi gets mad but Majorika seems quite happy with the idea. Which also means the ojamajo will indeed have some free time to help Kanae's family, though Doremi is a bit depressed by how better liked Poppu is...

Back at the steakhouse, the ojamajo finally thought a customer had come but the moment the woman walks by the strange cat statue, she changes her mind and quickly leaves. They follow the woman, who explains that something just felt wrong when she walked inside. Doremi mentions to Aiko and Hazuki that she thought she had heard a cat when they went inside earlier, but Kanae doesn't have a pet cat. They also think it may connect to the strange chill and bad luck, so they head back to try to locate this mysterious sound...

Hazuki finds the source, it belongs to the strange beckoning cat statue!

Aiko tries to convince Hazuki it's just a random statue, but when it slips out of her hands it suddenly starts to float, inches from the ground. Hazuki also points out it didn't make any noises when it fell, as well as its general creepiness. It's not very cute, or welcoming. So they ask Kanae about it when she informs them they got it about ten days ago when someone gave it to her dad. They ask him about it and he mentions getting from an old antique shop that's now out of business called "Limelight". Getting an idea, the ojamajo leave work for a bit and transform in hopes of locating this shop.

They find it but to their shock, it isn't out of business at all. Inside, they ask the owner who informs them that the beckoning cat was brought there by a company going bankrupt. Hazuki then asks why this shop hasn't gone out of business and the man informs them that it had been the plan. But suddenly someone came in and began to purchase a lot of items, then he told all of his friends since they are also into antiques. They didn't need to close down anymore. Aiko asks if this was after he gave away the cat statue and he mentions that it was after and the ojamajo realize that this strange beckoning cat is the reason they keep having problems!

They head back to the Restaurant and inform Kanae's father that its the reason he's been having problems lately. He seems a little surprised, but he allows them to take the statue back with them to study it some more. So the ojamajo head back to the Maho-do with it. They find the Maho-do totally empty where Pop reveals she sold everything, just like she said she would. They earned so much money, Majorika had Dela bring a shaved ice machine over, for the shop. Suddenly, Dela sees the beckoning cat and she hops down for a closer look. She asks to see it, then asks if she could bring it back to the Magic World with her. Something is wrong with it but she just can't pinpoint what it is...

The Ojamajo's yousei then come in, where Hazuki informs them that Kanae's restaurant has suddenly got a huge amount of customers! So they quickly rush over to help work until it's closing time. Kanae's father thanks the ojamajo for their help and asks them to come back tomorrow to continue to help out.

It's then Hazuki notices a bunch of strange glowing petals as the Queen's Carriage comes into view. Majorin steps off to inform the ojamajo that the Witch Queen wishes to speak to them. As they arrive and the queen comes in, she asks Dela to explain what is going on. Dela starts by explaining that 1000 years ago, humans and witch could freely go between the two worlds. But then an evil wizard secretly took an evil sealed cursed card, an evil card that can be sealed into anything and cause misfortune wherever its put. Due to the problems, the witches got blame and the humans began to hate them as time went by until the two worlds were eventually split into two separates.

The witch queen interrupts by explaining that while they have caught the evil wizard, a few items still remain in the human world. Like the beckoning cat, it will grant you the opposite of whatever your wish is. The queen asks to see the ojamajo's certificates and uses her magic to upgrade the sphere of achievement, so now they have earned the title of Pureleine, which they earned because they resisted to use the magical item and they possess pure and kind hearts. Because they're Pureleine now, they can easily extract the magical card from the beckoning cat. And so, they extract it and put it into the Pureleine computer. It then shows how many others there will be to get and Doremi is given the computer.

The following day the Ojamajo meet up with Kanae, who reveals her foot is better, as well as her parents injuries. They even caught the thief and got back their items.

27- "Oyajīde ga Yattekita!?" ("Oyajide Arrives!?")

(オヤジーデがやってきた!?) ("You Ought Not to Be in Pictures")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 27

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 27

Airdate: August 8, 1999

The ojamajo return to the Maho-do with the Pureleine computer, where they try to open it and get it turned on. Majorika tries to turn it on but nothing happens until the ojamajo try, in which it quickly comes on. Leading them to the conclusion that only a Pureleine can turn it on. Inside the computer is a strange yellow skinned creature that resembles a Witch frog appears.

He introduces himself as Oyajide and explains what his purpose is while he is in the computer. Oyajide is more then upset when he is informed he must rely on children apprentices if he ever wants to get out of there, to which he explains he can't leave until they get all of the cursed item cards from the Human World.

He explains that he used to be a handsome fortune telling wizard who grew bored of his job, so he snuck into an area to steal the bad cards as he knew how much money he could get for them. But after he realized they fell out of a hole in his pocket, he was caught and transformed into this strange toad thing...

Majorika and Oyajide momentarily connect over their similar predicaments but right after they end up fighting. So then they try to determine how they could find which left over items are the cursed one's. They soon are inspired to put flyers in the store and pass them out. People can bring any strange items they may have and they can check them with the computer. A while later the ojamajo come back to the Maho-do to find it full of garbage and dirty items, apparently people thought the Maho-do was a garbage dump and looking for old items people may have no longer wanted. However, it is possible that the cursed items may still be inside anyway, so hesitantly they check, but they end up finding nothing. After Aiko points out that some customers wanted to get their items checked up front, the Ojamajo decide they will go see them and bring the Pureleine computer with them.

This plan also fails and they retreat to the Harukaze household to take a break. Doremi suggests they each check their own homes but this doesn't seem to blow over either. So they try to ask Oyajide for some clues and he begins to describe a location, which Doremi notices how it matches the movie commercial being shown on the television as Hazuki points out it's a movie her father is working on currently as the news woman explains that the movie may not be finished in time since the main character, Koyuki Tsuehiro has been injured. Hazuki feels sad for her father, who seems to be struggling so Doremi suggests they go there to investigate.

At location, the ojamajo are found by Akira and Hazuki asks if they have permission to stay there to watch filming. Akira isn't very happy but he decides it's alright and grants permission. As a nearby worker walks by, Doremi asks him a few questions and he discretely tells them that Akira has been like this fo a couple of days. He feels that something is lacking but he has no clue what it is. They spy on the woman who is working for the movie and she believes that Akira is too much of a perfectionist which is beginning to worry Hazuki.

Doremi points out that she personally believes the items he is using are suspicious but when they ask to check on them, he explains that they are very special to him so he refuses to believe they need to be put under investigation. This upsets Hazuki but they have no choice but to let it go for the time being, she even points out that he's never like this. So they decide to check the other items and come end of the day, they've found nothing. Soon the sun will be fully set. Doremi still believes the items are Hazuki's fathers but how could they get to investigate them if he refuses to let them look? And so, they get an idea and Hazuki uses her magic to summon new directors items in hopes of improving the mood and checking the original director items. At first she worries, given how flowery and girly the items look but Aiko is convinced that if his daughter would offer the items then he'd surely accept them, so its worth a try. At first Akira refuses, but seeing as how much it means to Hazuki, he accepts the items and uses them. He's also very impressed that Hazuki is sticking up for something so much. They take the old directors items now and use the Pureleine computer on it to investigate, but it turns out none of them are it...

The ojamajo yell at Oyajide who instead blames them for it. They have nothing left to check and soon it'll be too late, they'll need to head back home soon. One of the assistants informs Akira that if they don't start soon, they'll be WAY behind scedule and Akira regretfully agrees to begin filming now. Everyone seems happier this way, except for him. Suddenly, Oyajide suggests they check the kimono the woman is wearing and the ojamajo casts magic to transform into fireflies so that they can shrink down and get a closer look but again they find nothing, Oyajide was just being perverted and wanted to look over the beautiful actresses body! There was never any items here to begin with!

Inadvertently the ojamajo also helped Akira during the filming and he sees the ojamajo still there and informs them that he's got a wonderful take because of the fireflies. He thanks Hazuki for the items she gave him before offering to drive them back home...

Some time later, the ojamajo are amongst the audience members watching Akira's film. They didn't find any cursed items this time but the movie is great and everyone is in a good mood, so perhaps this wasn't for nothing after all. After Doremi loudly says something, she is shushed by the audience members and begins to laugh as the episode comes to an end...

28- "Koi wa Kōgen no Kaze ni Notte" ("Love is a Windy Ride Over a Plateau")

(恋は高原の風に乗って) ("Love Serving Love")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 28

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 28

Airdate: August 15, 1999

Doremi has finished eating and she goes to prepare for her trip to Hazuki's villa. Pop teases the fact she is boyfriend-less after Doremi asks if she plans to come or not. Upset at first, Doremi comes to terms with that factor as she meets with Aiko as Hazuki. It's then revealed that Majorika decided to tag along too, but the ojamajo are quick to flee so that they can go and have some fun without her. Which makes her angry...

After they eat and get their tennis gear, the ojamajo see Tamaki at the court. After seeing them she begins to mock them as Aiko and Doremi angrily try to tell her off. But Hazuki remains polite with her by asking her about her families villa. At first she shows off, but grows angry upon realizing Hazuki's family's villa is much bigger, better, and private. With that she challanges them to a tennis match. The only one brave enough, and willing to put up with her is Aiko, who easily beats Tamaki and they begin to bicker.

It's then both she and Doremi spot a boy nearby and they go to get a closer look. When Hazuki notices the boy she introduces him and explains that he lives around the area, so he often comes to play tennis. Tamaki decides to take this chance to claim the boy for herself, so she asks him to give her a tennis review. Doremi is very angry but Hazuki manages to get her to concentrate on playing tennis now, since she's no longer distracted. They begin to play while Yutaka unwillingly tries to help Tamaki, who keeps playing the clueless, ditzy act. This doesn't appeal to him at all and he decides to approach the ojamajo instead and tries to speak to Doremi.

Both of them seem quiet until Aiko tells him to just spit out whatever he's trying to say. He is about to say what was on his mind when suddenly Doremi cuts in and insists it's okay if he doesn't say it right now. Yutaka agrees to this and he asks Aiko to play with him as an envious Tamaki watches from the other court.

After they play, everyone goes back into the main entrance way of the tennis club. Yutaka thanks Aiko for the practice and Aiko offers to play with him any time. Tamaki suddenly butts in while offering to give Yutaka a ride home the blueberry farm, to which Doremi explains to Aiko. He invites Aiko and the others to come back to his place as thanks for playing with him and after Tamaki's father comes to pick her up, they take off for the blueberry farm....

Upon arrival, Yutaka shows them around his families Blueberry farm and he allows them to try some of the blueberries after insuring them they are perfectly fine to eat. After Doremi comments on how big the sky feels there, Yutaka mentions that he was going to ask the ojamajo to come back during the evening so that they could watch the night sky with him. Doremi is quick to accept this offer and later in the day they go back to Hazuki's villa for the time being to discuss today's events.

During the evening, Majorika and Lala are out playing tennis where Lala provides to be an excellent tennis player!

The ojamajo meanwhile are enjoying the night sky with Yutaka. They end up seeing the little charm he has in his pocket and ask him about it. Yutaka reveals that an upperclassman gave it to him in hopes of giving him the courage to confess to a girl he likes. However, the charm hasn't helped him at all and it's happened multiple times. Hearing this, Aiko and Hazuki comment on how much like Doremi he is and they flee in hopes of giving the two of them some privacy. Unfortunately... nobody's said anything and they have to be leaving. As Aiko comes off of the ladder used to get to the roof, she and Yutaka began to speak when Doremi falls off of the ladder and their chat is cut short.

And so, an upset Doremi is on her way back to the villa and Hazuki and Aiko begin to speak about how they think Yutaka's lucky charm may be cursed. However it's too late to do anything, so they have to wait until tomorrow...

Come tomorrow, Majorika and Lala fly away to visit the hot springs nearby. Lala explains that they played some tennis before she leaves. The ojamajo then take out the pureleine computer and with a little convincing, Oyajide agrees to search for the cursed item with them and requests they take him to the tennis court. At first they worry it may be useless, but they don't have much of a choice since Yutaka would be there. So discretly they check with the computer but in Yutaka's gym bag they can't find anything.

So then they choose to go and look in the lockers and see if maybe the charm is in there. When Aiko opens his locker, the charm falls right out and they show Oyajide, who confirms it is a cursed item. The ojamajo then use their magic to remove the cursed card and they add it to th Pureleine computer. After they hurry up to return the charm, Doremi waits for Yutaka to return in the tennis clubs main room. When he does, she asks him if he has anything he'd like to say to her and he takes this opportunity to ask her to come on a walk with him as Hazuki and Aiko spy on them from a distance... Yutaka asks Doremi if she likes anybody, to which Doremi points out she doesn't and he asks if he could confess to her. Doremi assumes its to her, so she tells him it is fine. Instead of him confessing, she asks what kind of girls he likes. When he admits to liking athletic girls, Doremi is immediately crushed and realizes that Yutaka never liked her, he's been in love with Aiko!

Later, Yutaka and Aiko are out taking a walk until later when Tamaki sees the ojamajo and Doremi yells and asks why Aiko rejected Yutaka. When asked why, Aiko explains that she couldn't like guys who didn't understand her jokes. He just isn't her type. It's then Hazuki points out that Doremi and Yutaka both got dumped, to an angry Doremi's shock, but she also points out that Tamaki was also rejected so it's three people. While Doremi was upset, she's a lot happier knowing that Tamaki got rejected too. Tamaki claims to be fine as she walks away as Aiko and Hazuki are forced to hold her back.

Later that night, Hazuki and Aiko are trying to cheer her up but it's no use. Majorika claims this to be punishment for Doremi having greedy thoughts while she searched for the cursed item. Doremi claims that Majorika didn't do anything to help the situation so she's at fault too. The episode ends as Doremi cries about how unlucky she is...

29- "Natsu Matsuri ni Tappu ga Kieta!" ("The Tap Disappeared at the Festival!")

(夏祭りにタップが消えた!) ("To Catch A Thief")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 29

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 29

Airdate: August 22, 1999

At work, the ojamajo are distracted with thoughts of the Summer Festival that night. Oyajide is quick to claim that there will be a cursed item there, but everybody is already suspicious of him and he ends up admitting why he really wanted to go. He is scolded because of it and Hazuki promises to bring him if they do find anything suspicious before shutting the lid on him.

They resume discussion about their plans to sale the magical goods at the festival when Doremi points out she's already got a good idea. While everyone is curious, they say nothing of it until that night.

They have made a darts game and depending on the spot hit, matters on which magical prize you can pick from. Majorika compliments Doremi on her wonderful idea as they watch from the back, while Poppu claims Doremi got the idea from something else. Meanwhile, the SOS are offered to try the darts game as it's shown the Yousei are spinning the darts board. It's then Tamaki shows up and she watches the attraction and she takes a turn to play. She manages to get the #1 prize and Kotake shows up to play too but he ends up accidentally hitting Majorika and gets a default prize.

It's then Tamaki remembers that a pickpocket is running around and she brings it up with them. At first it sounds innocent but she uses this to mock Doremi, along with Kotake before leaving. They ask Hazuki which spell she put on it and share a laugh once she reveals it. Then after Kotake and the SOS pick a prize, they all take off also. Doremi goes to chase him but after he flees she notices something else and points out Yuki-sensei with some guy nearby. Suddenly Seki-sensei shows up demanding to know what is going on and she goes to see while the others follow behind her.

Meanwhile Pop is left in charge of the stand and her friends come over to see what is going on. Pop asks them if they wish to buy anything but they all get distracted upon seeing Majorika stuck nearby. And so, the Ojamajo and Seki-sensei spy on Yuki-sensei and her "boyfriend".

They notice Yuki-sensei's purse is opened and they plan to warn her since the pickpocket could be nearby. But when they attempt to do-so, someone suddenly runs into Doremi and Seki-sensei, causing Doremi to fall down and unknown to her, her tap to pop out of her pocket. Seki-sensei sees her wallet has been stolen as someone accidentally kicks Doremi's tap into a nearby section away from all of the people.

After Seki leaves to call the police, Doremi reveals her tap has been stolen!

The tap meanwhile, has rolled down a hill where a cute poodle is scratching around in a small forest-like area. She notices the tap and accidentally pokes it a few times until a bright pink flash covers her...

Majorika angrily scolds Doremi for losing her tap and Lala asks why Doremi would have been a target, since she's a child. And so the ojamajo try to look overheard for anything suspicious but so far they don't spot anything. Meanwhile, Yuki-sensei and her date discuss the pickpocket in a discrete manner. She is worried they may not catch him but the man tries to explain that nobody would pass someone like her up. They spot the pickpocket as the ojamajo do too.

Unfortunately this messes up his plan as Aiko casts magic to try to save Yuki-sensei's purse from being stolen. But because Doremi takes too long, trying to find it from the pickpocket, time unfreezes and she is accidentally handcuffed instead. After he manages to uncuff her, the man chases after the pickpocket. Doremi begins to ask about who the guy is and Yuki-sensei is about to tell her but Doremi's screams end up startling her!

Doremi looks to see a poodle next to them wearing Doremi's apprentice uniform!

Doremi excuses herself to go chase after the dog (revealed to be named Mary) when Aiko and Hazuki grab a hold of her and quickly trail the poodle. It's then they realize Doremi's tap was never stolen, it had just fell out of her pocket and somehow Mary found it. Doremi is cut off when she comes to a tube she's too big to fit into. So Hazuki transforms her into a dog so that she can fit and Doremi continues to chase after Mary!

Meanwhile, Seki-sensei has been talking to the police when someone suddenly shouts about the pick-pocket. So she and the police head toward the voice while Doremi continues to chase after Mary. The woman who owns Mary calls for her, causing Mary to run back into the crowd of people and hop into her basket. But then the pickpocket suddenly runs by and steals the bike Mary's owner was using and he makes off with Mary. To help Doremi run faster Hazuki casts magic again and transform her into a horse. It's then the man trying to catch the pickpocket sees Doremi, thinking she's an innocent horse and he uses her to try to catch him.

As the chase continues, Mary hears her owner and as she goes to hop out of the basket she leans against it, causing the tap to reverse the transformation and reunite with her owner. Doremi, still in horse form continues the chase, running so fast she knocks the guy off and grabs a hold of her tap and returns to normal form as she falls down the hill...

Kotake is riding around as Doremi walks out of the back area of the booths and they run into each other. This causes the pickpocket to slide on it and go flying into the air, allowing the man chasing him to grab him. He then introduces himself as Yamamoto, he's a neighbor who lives next to Yuki-sensei, as well as a cop. He had asked Yuki-sensei to act in a couples roleplay to lure the pickpocket to him. However, Seki-sensei also believes it was an excuse to go on a date with her too. Everybody begins to laugh as Majorika complains about the mess tonight was...

That following day, all of the students as Misora Elementary have been lined up for the vice-principal to announce that Summer vacation is almost over. He asks if they have done their homework and after everyone is settled down, they ask Kotake to come to the podium as he had part in stopping the Pickpocket. He is then given a paper from the principal as thanks for the help. He claims not to have done very much but everyone is cheering and applauding him anyway... that is, except for Doremi until she realizes that her charm may just have worked and it'll be good business for the Maho-do. Everyone begins to cheer as the episode comes to an end...

30- "Yūrei ni Aitai!" ("I Want to Meet the Ghost!")

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 30

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 30

Airdate: August 29, 1999

One late summers day, a group of the ojamajo's classmates have gone to the old shrine belonging to the Yamauchi family. Their classmate welcomes them to his home and brings everyone inside. As part of summer tradition, he is going to be telling the last story of summer vacation about a master of a house. Some of them seem nervous and worried, some are anxious and excited, and others don't seem to care at all. Nobuaki begins to tell his story about the master of the home...

The man's daughter has just recently passed away. Everyday he visits his daughters grave when he sees a girl there one day. The next day he came and sees the same girl, standing in the rain without an umbrella and he asks her why she is there. The little girl explains that she promised her father that she would wait there until he finishes working. The little girl refused to answer anymore questions after that and the story takes a break. Hazuki is very nervous, Doremi doesn't understand the story, and Aiko is trying to focus on it. Nobuaki resumes the story and mentions that the man would see the girl every single day with the same expression, so the man tried very hard to try to think of a way to make the girl smile but it never worked. Eventually, the girl thanks the man for what he tried to do and she mentions that she'll be seeing her father tomorrow. Seeing the little girl finally smile had made the older man begin to smile as well and he began to feel much better. At first, everyone thinks Nobuaki finished his story, but he points out there is still an epilogue and he resumes telling it. Many days after the man saw the little girl, he returned to the cemetery. He sees a bunch of people dressed in dark clothing and asks if something happened to the little girl, but none of them seem to know what he is talking about and the woman points out that the person who died was the woman's husband. The man looks to the front of the grave and sees a gray scale picture of the little girl smiling.

The doctor who passed away had a little girl who passed away when she was very young. He had been with her in the hospital when the doctor had an emergency to tend to. The little girl claimed to be fine and told him to go and help the patient and she promises to wait for him until he finishes working. But the little girl died while he was working that day and promised to work even harder to save patients from that day on until he died...

At the end of his story, only a couple of people seemed frightened by it. They notice that the only person who doesn't seem on edge is Yada, whose legs have just fell asleep on him...

That evening, everyone goes outside and they decide to have a courage test. Hazuki doesn't want to participate until Aiko and Doremi manage to calm her down by telling her to think about Majorika when she feels scared. And so, everyone picks strings and they go in numerical order. First, two of the SOS trio go and they return after a couple of minutes while claiming they saw a ghost but at first nobody believes them until Nobuika claims they may have seen his grandfathers ghost. Nobuika explains that he died two years ago but he hasn't come to peace as of yet. He also admits that he himself has never got to see his grandfather since, but a lot of others have.

And so, next Aiko and Nobuko go into the cemetery next, the ghost follows them but they remain blissfully unaware and he vanishes. After they exit, Nobuko claims they saw the ghost but Aiko truthfully claims they didn't and next to go is Yada and Hazuki. They begin to discuss the "spell" Hazuki was told by Aiko when suddenly they feel the presence of the ghost and quickly run out from the cemetery. They seem to be fine and Doremi is set to go next. She's been partnered up with Nobuaki and she's not at all scared since he mentioned the ghosts don't appear.

Nobody seems aware how sad this seems to make him as the two of them head into the cemetery. Doremi asks Nobuaki to slow down since he's walking too fast and notices how sad he seems to be now. He really wants his grandfathers ghost to appear so that he can apologize for the mean and cruel things he said when he passed away. Soon they returned to the group and Doremi asks to use the bathroom with Aiko and Hazuki, where she fills them in and they decide they want to help out, with some hesitant from a very frightened Hazuki...

As they are casting Magical Stage, Shimakura and a very frightened Kotake notice the light and they take off. After casting their magic, a small carved figure appears and they start to make their way back when they notice Nobuaki there. He mentions the strange light everybody else noticed, then sees the small carved horse Doremi is holding and asks her where they found it before he takes the ojamajo to the storage building and find it full of carved objects. Nobuaki explains that he was always very close to his grandfather since his parents were usually very busy for him. One day he was working on a wooden horse and promised to finish it for Nobuaki and give it to him after school. But he didn't get a chance, for when he returned... his grandfather was dead. Nobuaki cried before claiming to hate him and he ran from the room. Nobuaki is very saddened now and he wishes to see his grandfather but since he never does, he assumes this means he has never forgiven him for the mean things he said that day. Nobuaki apologizes for suddenly yelling, then asks for the ojamajo to leave before him so that he can be alone for a while. After they leave he sits by himself when the lights suddenly go out!

Hearing someone, Nobuaki gets up to see a shocking sight: his grandfathers ghost!

After being greeted, Nobuaki asks his grandfather why he hasn't seen him the last two years as he starts crying and explaining that he's been wanting to apologize for the mean things he had said to him. His grandfather believes he was the one to be sorry however, and explains he really wanted to keep his promise to Nobuaki and finish the horse. He had gone around looking for help throughout the cemetery but everyone someone saw him, they took off. Nobuaki claims he wouldn't have been scared and they share a small laugh. Nobuaki asks his grandfather to teach him how to finish the horse. Unaware that Shimakura has noticed him simply talking to himself, not at all seeing the ghost there next to him.

Meanwhile the ojamajo want to help him, so Aiko suggests they can just turn into the ghost to try to cheer him up. But before Doremi can transform to cast magic, Shimakura comes by and reveals that she caught Nobuaki talking to himself and making something, but it looks like someone is there with him. By the time she finishes her explanation, the ojamajo have already fled!

Back with Nobuaki and his grandfather, he has finished making the horse statue. This makes his grandfather very happy since he has now been able to keep his promise... but.. now this means he must go. Nobuaki doesn't want him to leave, but his grandfather assures him he will always be with him. They make a promise on it as he begins to fade away. Doremi comes to a halt suddenly, having heard someone speak. Aiko and Hazuki didn't notice this when the wind suddenly picks up and a sparkling trail floats by. As they watch the sparkles float up to the moon they realize it was Nobuaki's grandfather...

That following morning, Nobuaki is in front of his grandfather's grave in the cemetery. He gets up after he places the wooden horse on it and the episode comes to an end...

31- "Monguru Kara no Okurimono" ("Presents from Mongolia")

(モンゴルからのおくりもの) ("Careful What You Witch For")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 31

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 31

Airdate: September 5, 1999

Pop is prepared to be given her 9th level exam the following evening and must stay away if she wants to be able to take it. While everyone else is confident she'll do fine, Doremi mocks her by claiming that as a child, Pop wont be able to stay awake. But this ends when Majorika claims Poppu to be much more reliable then Doremi... At school, the ojamajo complain about the lack of fun they had during their summer. Sure they had done some things, but most of it was just spent working at the maho-do. In class, Tamaki shows off the purse she got when her family was off at Paris France. Aiko comments on how it looks expensive, to which Tamaki claims in order to get one, you have to reserve it at least half a year in advance. She explains that her dad called through international lines in order to get it for her. As everyone laughs at Kotake's comment, Hazuki notices a student not with the group and she speaks to Shino about the picture she is looking at.

As the ojamajo join them, Shino begins to explain that she went to Mongolia for summer vacation. She explains whre Mongolia is but Hazuki seems to be the only person to know anything about it, other then Shino herself. She then shows them the postcard she was given. This catches everyone's attention and she begins to read the letter to them. They're all very impressed and a jealous Tamaki claims she can speak a foreign language and that she gets letters from friends in other places too.

Later everyone is outside drawing when Doremi mentions that she would like to live in another country. When Shino seems troubled, she invites the ojamajo to come to her place, as well as Tamaki, who was very curious and wanted to see Shino's home. They soon come to a tall apartment complex and Shino explains where she lives. Tamaki makes a small joke but only the ojamajo take it offensively. As they go inside, they see many strange and colorful house decorations, as well as many items they have never seen before. It's then Doremi recognizes the picture of Mongolia from the postcard.

It's then Tamaki spots a horse doll and Shino comments on how easy it is to find one. She even mentions that she had one of her own until she got tired of it and simply threw it away. She then reveals that it was actually got it from her friend in Mongolia. Hazuki guesses that this happened to be what Shino was wishing to discuss with them. She wants to send her friend a return present, but she just doesn't know what to send...

Shino wants to give him something very special in return for giving her his first and only toy. She feels bad that he did this before mentioning that he makes his own toys when he isn't riding horses or wrestling. Hazuki suggests that maybe Shino can make a special toy in return and send to Tamila. Tamaki believes a high-class item would be best, while Aiko points out that she may not have to give Tamila anything other then thanks for his friendship and care. After a while, Shino decides she will just think it over some more and everyone leaves. The ojamajo decide they will try to cast magic to find out what Tamila would want.

After they cast their magic, nothing happens! They wonder if perhaps the magic was too strong to be able to cast this spell and Hazuki points out they're also out of magic spheres. So they rush to the Maho-do to try to get some work done very quickly. They spend the day making lots and lots of magical goods but come evening they have not been able to get any customers. Majorika returns, having left the shop to them seeing as they were working so hard, but she thinks something is wrong and calls them out on it. The ojamajo claim they had planned on perhaps giving Majorika and Lala a present, so they ask them what they would want if they did. Lala would want a coupon to a beauty salon, which they know wouldn't be a good gift for Tamila, and they even ask Oyajide, but this doesn't provide any good....

Late that night, Poppu sees how upset Doremi looks and shows genuine concern until Doremi refuses to tell her. To which Pop angrily snaps at her about the test, then she leaves for her own bedroom. Hazuki and Aiko also seem to be struggling trying to think up possible ideas on what to do regarding their lack of magic spheres. Especially with their next exam coming up any time now!

Before Doremi leaves to go to the Maho-do, she tries to wake up Pop but it's of no use. Pop has tried so hard to stay awake but she ends up passing out instead. They go into the magic world and hesitantly approach, where Mota explains that they must use magic clay to make the items they want right now. So they don't need to use any magic. Lala suddenly suggests they go ahead and use magical stage to find out what they would want, but Majorika informs her that to know that magic like that is a very high level of magic. As the ojamajo realize Aiko was right about the magic, they are then informed of a time limit and have to hurry up and figure it out. Doremi has made magic spheres, while Hazuki made a cute brooch but neither pass.

Doremi asks for a hint and Aiko makes a statue of them, which they like but it's wrong too. Finally Hazuki realizes that maybe they want an item around them. Such as Aiko noticing an umbrella holder and it has a crack in it, so she shoves some of her clay into the hole but she is still wrong. Suddenly, Doremi get it and assumes their vase needed some flowers. After she puts the clay flower into the vase, they are given a pass. But only because it's mis-identified as a back scratcher, the item they really wanted!

And so, Mota and MotaMota upgrade the Ojamajo's certificates by adding a new level piece into it. While they're on their way back home, Doremi is upset they just wanted back scratchers as Majorika claims she would have asked for an expensive item instead. Hazuki then recalls seeing them trying to hard to scratch their backs as Aiko points out that when you want to give someone a gift, you should get to know them first. So if they can get to know Tamila better, they can figure out what he would want.

That morning, a very angry Poppu bursts into Doremi's room demanding to know why Doremi didn't bother to wake her. Doremi claims she did try, but Pop refused to get up. Pop accuses her of lying and claims that Doremi did it on purpose. Doremi heads to school after that and they meet up with Shino. She still hasn't figured out what to give her friend but they have an idea and ask to come to her place again after school.

So after school, the ojamajo are overlooking things and explain that if they get to know Tamila better, maybe they could somehow figure out what kind of gift to give him. They ask Shino to tell them more about Mongolia and Tamila. They talk about the horse she got to ride on, as well as the beautiful grassy hills they saw. When she was leaving, Tamila had come to see her and he gave her his toy horse as a goodbye present. She admits that she became very embaressed, since she didn't treasure the toy as much as he did. He gave it to a friend he may never see it again, making her wonder if she could really do the same thing. Thats why she is going to give him something that is precious to her!

But... she doesn't think her most precious thing wouldn't be worthy of his at all...

As they discuss it, suddenly Aiko notices something strange. In the picture, the grass has suddenly turned an alternate shade about half way throw. Shino admits to being bothered by this before recalling his green colored pencil was too short and he couldn't draw with it anymore. So she wants to give him her precious 12 pack of colored pencils and everyone agrees that as Shino's precious item, it's perfect!

32- "Datō Tamaki! Gakkyūīn Senkyō" ("Defeat Tamaki! The Class President Election")

(打倒玉木! 学級委員選挙) ("Scooter For President")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 32

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 32

Airdate: September 12, 1999

Seki-sensei is explaining that since it's a brand new semester of school, they should hold class elections to decide who the class president will be. Tamaki believes she will be a shoe-in since she always wins, since nobody runs against her. She is elected when suddenly someone else asks to run, which surprises everyone at first. The boy, Masaharu seems a little unsure, especially since Tamaki looks like she's ready to kill him...

At the Maho-do the ojamajo discuss things and begin to think about Masaharu. Aiko points out that he's very nice and she talks about the time he helped her when she first moved to town. He gave her a class seating chart to learn names better, he gave her his notes to help her study, and he also showed her to the class when she got lost. It's then Masaharu comes into the Maho-do and asks for a charm that may help encourage him. While he overlooks their goods, Masaharu explains why he really wants to be class president. He's always been second best at everything he does and he wants to change himself, for the better. The ojamajo feel as if they can agree to his feelings and Aiko assures him that they will definitely be choosing him for class president. The next day at school, the ojamajo find Tamaki passing out flyers to get more votes for herself. Even relying on compliments and pretending to like the SOS trio's jokes in order to get their votes. As Masaharu comes into the room, Tamaki seems to be taking it well but also seems to be covering her meaner tendencies that the ojamajo seem to notice right away.

In the hallway, the ojamajo are concerned about what to do, since Masaharu is very introverted in comparison to someone like Tamaki. They hear noise coming nearby and look to find Masaharu fixing a chair. One of the nails had been coming out of it and he tends to do this when nobody is in the classroom to keep everyone safe from falling in the middle of class. He had also fixed a shelf that broke sometime back. It's this generousity of Masaharu's that makes them decide to become his managers.

After school they go back to the Maho-do to think up some ideas to help Masaharu. They decide to make a banner for him, point out all of his good qualities. Aiko volunteers to make sure everyone gets to know him, and Hazuki is put in charge of putting out a newspaper AD for him. Majorika is unable to catch their attention in comparison to Dela, who suddenly appears and offers more magic spheres. As Majorika tries to speak, Dela cuts her off to mention that Majoruka has been passing out flyers and stuff for a while now because of the witch queen elections coming up really soon. The next day, Aiko and Hazuki meet up to find Doremi passing out flyers. When Masaharu comes by, they show him the pink paper they worked on to get his opinions. But he becomes depressed upon thinking things over, though Doremi doesn't understand why. Aiko then recalls that so far both candidates are head to head right now. Tamaki, who was nearby, seems perfectly fine with this as she goes into their classroom.

When Hazuki suddenly remembers she forgot something, she takes four clay charms from her pocket to show him: a purple diamond, green M, gloved finger in the pointing gesture, and the charm Dodo made. They need to give him an icon and to Doremi's shock he picks the Dodo one. So now they need to remake flyers and add the cute new symbol in, but he assures them that he wishes to do some of the campaigning himself.

Later in the day during recess, everyone has to stay inside due to the stormy weather. Tamaki asks for everyone's attention and she begins to make some campaign promises to win over more of the students. Such as changing cleaning days from every day to once every three days and deciding who does it by playing rock, paper, scissors. She also promises beauty massages for the girls in class, as well as copies of her homework. She then offers cookies to anyone who wants to join her campaign. The ojamajo try to have Masaharu make a speech to make some promises and new rules as well but his only makes the students work harder and the ojamajo fear this will ruin things for him...

Later, the ojamajo are working again and so far it seems now that Tamaki will win for sure. They change back to normal when they hear someone come back inside and greet Masaharu, who has brought them some snacks for working as hard as they have been. They claim it to be fine however, but he seems a little sad knowing that he probably doesn't stand a chance against Tamaki. Aiko claims that they just need to make sure everyone can see his good points, that way nobody would be fooled by Tamaki's cheap words.

The following day during school, the ojamajo pass out their new flyers and what-not, as well as happily thank a few friends who remain loyal to what is important. Tamaki suddenly shows up with her next trick, to give items to people so that they will vote for her. So the ojamajo decide to counter this with their own items for Masaharu, then Tamaki counters this with a gold microphone and even better display, so then the ojamajo give Masaharu cool clothes, then Tamaki counters with a video she made, then the ojamajo make their own tape, but this ends up embarrassing him until the ojamajo and everyone begin to fight and argue. Yada points out they should pick someone who cares about them and the class, but the others try to point out they would have to work harder if he is chosen.

By this point, the class has become almost perfectly divided until Masaharu tells them to quit arguing. He doesn't like what this is turning into so he believes the best choice would be to just give up. So he's willing to settle and just be the vice class president again if it means everyone would be friends again. Everyone seems concerned, and Tamaki tells him she would rather he continue to fight against her for a great election. She seems to generally have a change of heart, but it's just a trick since her pride wont let her win so easily. Masaharu agrees to it anyway, despite how he feels and soon everyone sits back down.

The election is starting, so everyone has to write down the name of the person they think would be the best candidate. So once everyone finishes, she asks two students to come up and announce the results. Masaharu wins, much to the shock of Tamaki, who only got one vote out of the entire class!

And so, Masaharu makes a speech for everyone... and of course he makes true to his word of making everyone do some weeding and cleaning much more... much to the entire classes shock...

33- "Undōkai wa Panikku ga Ippai!" ("Much Panic at the Athletic Meet!")

(運動会はパニックがいっぱい!) ("Born to Run")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 33

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 33

Airdate: September 19, 1999

Doremi and other students are busy practicing for the up coming sports festival, but when it's her turn to run with the baton she quickly begins to fumble with it until she manages to recover. By this point Kotake has been scolding her for how bad she performed, causing her to angrily chases after him with the baton. This continues until their classmate Itoko manages to calm everything down and tell them that they need to concentrate.

Meanwhile in class, Hazuki and other students are busy preparing pretty flower decorations for the sports meet when someone points out that a few of the Hamada siblings that should be here working aren't. Maki just decides someone can tell them later and they resume deciding who works on what. Hazuki and the fourth grade girl begin to discuss the Hamada siblings and to her shock she's surprised to learn Itoko has five other siblings!

At the Maho-do, Pop is doing work making magical goods while Majorika is growing more upset wondering where everybody is. Lala informs her that Dodo had dropped off a note from Doremi explaining that they would be late because of the work and practice they're doing at school. Pop tries to cheer Majorika up by offering to bring her along and promises to secretly give her some of her food, but it does no good and Majorika is quick to lecture them when they get there...

The next day, all of the students in the school are practicing for the sports festival again. Aiko and Itoko are trying to help Doremi learn to hold a baton and Kotake asks Doremi to just drop out if she can't learn to hold onto it. Meanwhile, Hazuki and the upper classman from the previous day are decorating the giant banner for the event when two of the Hamada siblings show up to finish helping. After a while they go to check on everyone else and find Doremi finally fed up and smacking her hand with annoyance. However they do offer her some tips and show her how to do it easier and better.

The next day the sports festival is taking place. While waiting for all of the events to begin, the ojamajo greet their families while the Hamada children see their "old-fashioned" family has arrived too. Itoko is slightly embarrassed over the events taking place but she is overall pleased by this and the events begin. First there's the younger students playing a ball throwing game.

Then a simple cheerleading event with all of the younger girls takes place. Included in this is the youngest Hamada child, Potan. Throughout the rest of the day, the Hamada children struggle to compete well during the events. A lot of the perfectly fine equipment and items are breaking or causing people to get hurt so much, there's an entire line by the nurse.

Soon lunch comes by and everyone stops for break to have lunch with their families. Everyone notices how depressed all of the Hamada seem to be now, given all the freak accidents. Doremi grabs Pop and she asks her to quickly fly back to the maho-do and grab the pureleine computer so they can have Oyajide check everything out and try to find the cursed item. Within a few minutes Pop has grabbed it, Majorika, and Lala and she flies back to make it just as the parents finish their break time event. They quickly begin to try to search for the cursed item but struggle to find it amongst everything at the sports festival.

Pop meanwhile is sitting with Majorika and Lala while wondering if they managed to find anything yet. Just then, when they consider giving up, they hear an announcement for the relay racers to get ready. As they go to leave Doremi trips over the line maker. Oyajide points out that the cursed item is inside of it! The ojamajo have to decide between the race and turning everything around by removing the card, so they choose to remove the card. After doing so, everyone in the relay race has been getting some warm up laps done when Aiko and Doremi return!

The race begins and the red team manages to win each of the relay races! And so, the red team has won the entire sports festival. The ojamajo are very happy by the turn of events and they all say bye to the Hamada family as they take their leave.

Unfortunately... they just happened to forget one thing... Majorika!

34- "Okā-chan ni Aitai!" ("I Want to See My Mother!")

(お母ちゃんに逢いたい!) ("Mo' Mirabelle's Blues")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 34

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 34

Airdate: September 26, 1999

Aiko is on her way out the door one morning, unaware that someone nearby is watching her. Her dad runs out to remind her that she forgot her PE clothing and they joke around before separating. The figure watching then trails some distance behind Aiko while watching her as she heads towards school. She attempts approaching her multiple times, but eventually give up after Hazuki and Doremi come by. The woman decides to stop following them until one of the SOS trio running late ends up running right into her. She checks to make sure he's okay, then when she finds out he has class with Aiko she writes a note for him to give her. But as a result of being late he's forced to run ten laps... Later in the day, he comes to the Maho-do to give Aiko the note. When he describes the woman's accent, Aiko seems to realize who it is and she takes the letter. After reading it, she angrily yells at Sugiyama for giving the letter to her so late and she asks why he did that. He explains that he had to run laps during class and he didn't have any chances to give it to her until now, he also had no idea what was on the letter to begin with.

Aiko looks at the time to see it is quarter until six pm, to which she points out it's way too late to go and see her mother, but Doremi convinces her to go and see, since she may still be waiting and Aiko quickly leaves, trying to get the train station as fast as she can. Hazuki and Doremi decide to trail after her as well...

Aiko manages to make it to the train station but it's too late and her mother had no choice but to leave or else she would be late for work. Aiko notices a message left for her on the nearby message board and sadly realizes that her mother still thinks she's mad at her. As Doremi and Hazuki find her, Aiko promises revenge against her dad for never telling her about her mom's wishes to see her. When she gets home that night she is quick to begin yelling at him. Then she storms out after he reveals why he didn't want her to see the letters Atsuko wrote for her.

As she stands on a bridge and evening continues to pass, AIko has no idea what to do now, since she's run away from home and all. But when Mimi suddenly hides, she turns to see Haruka standing nearby and starts crying and seeking her for comfort. Haruka offers to bring her to the Harukaze household and informs Keisuke that Aiko will be staying for the evening. As this goes on, Pop gives Doremi a sign to inform her it's okay for Aiko to stay. In Doremi's room, Aiko is going over all of the letters her mother sent when Doremi asks why Aiko's parents divorced when they both seem to loving and nice. Aiko thinks it may be because of her and she begins to explain of an accident she got into one day one they had both been at work and Aiko had gone to play by herself. In the hospital room, they ended up arguing after Kouji asked Atsuko to stop working so that she could watch Aiko. But she doesn't want to since she needs to help the older residents too. Kouji accuses her of caring more about them then her own child but Atsuko tries to tell him that isn't what she feels. But since then, every time they got together they would fight and argue.

They decided to divorce afterwards and Aiko didn't understand what was going on as her mother attempted to make her leave with her. Because she knew her dad would struggle on his own, Aiko chose to stay with him in the end. This decision really hurt Atsuko and Aiko tried to convince her to stay, but it didn't work and she left. As Aiko finishes her story, Doremi suddenly gets an idea and she decides they should use their magic to fly to Osaka and see her mother, and so the very next morning the ojamajo do just that!

Meanwhile, Kouji came to pick up Aiko but Haruka informs him she left really early with Doremi but she didn't know where to. Pop points out that they probably went to Osaka and Kouji remembers that Aiko had grabbed her money holding cat bank, so it's not entirely impossible...

Back at Osaka now, Aiko informs Hazuki and Doremi that she lives at Hannan city, but she doesn't remember where she works since her mom never mentioned it in any of her letters A bunch falls out of the sky and not really sure what to do, the ojamajo transform back to normal and sit down on it. An older woman comes by to ask for the directions to a retirement home and the ojamajo show her the way after she gives Aiko a small map. As they notice what this place is, they decide to see if Aiko's mother is anywhere nearby. All of the sudden, after they spot her Aiko begins to feel weird and thinks about why her dad didn't give her the letters again. So instead of confronting her mother, she decides she wants to show Hazuki and Doremi around Osaka first, since they came all of this way there.

When they return to the retirement home, Atsuko isn't there anymore and Doremi points out that Aiko is being really weird. Aiko refuses this though and Hazuki points out that since they know where she lives, they can just go and visit her. When they do however, Aiko assumes her mother remarried when she sees her holding a baby and she mentions a father. Aiko runs away from the location as Hazuki and Doremi follow her to the beach.

Aiko cries until she notices Doremi and Hazuki bawling behind her, to which she stops and starts laughing upon seeing their faces. Everyone shares a nice laugh as the day goes on...

Meanwhile, it is revealed that the baby wasn't Atsuko's, but someone she knew there. She was just watching the baby because the man's wife was sick and he had to work.

Back on the beach, Aiko explains that everywhere they had been that day was special to her and contained special memories. She gets up and thanks them for convincing her to come here, since she finally understands. She then tells them about the beach when she sees her dad pulling up and approaches him. Aiko starts scolding him, but then makes it obvious she had just been kidding and she tells Doremi and Hazuki that they'll ride his taxi back home as the episode ends...

35- "Tenkōsei wa Majo Minarai!?" ("The Transfer Student is a Witch Apprentice!?")

(転校生は魔女見習い!?) ("The Lyin' Witch and her Wardrobe")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 35

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 35

Airdate: October 3, 1999

One morning at the Maho-do, Majorika and Lala are discussing the mysterious witch apprentice that is very talented. So talented in fact that she was able to skip three exams! Majorika is very envious and thinks about how she got stuck with an apprentice like Doremi...

At school, Tamaki goes on about how her fathers company is going to be sponsoring an upcoming movie and she is going to be the heroine of it while offering to give everyone her autographed photographs while they are still "cheap". Nobody seems very interested, especially the male students, who would all rather see Onpu as the lead Heroine in this movie. Tamaki and the male students argue just as Seki-sensei comes in to announce the class has a new student. Said student walks in, revealing that it's Onpu Segawa herself, much to everyone's shock. She gives a self introduction before being seated next to Aiko. She then is introduced to Doremi and Hazuki, but she informs them that she already knows them, as well as the fact they work at the Maho-do.

Later in the day, Onpu is signing autographs for the millions of students who have lined up and crowded around her. The ojamajo try to remind them they're supposed to treat her like a normal student but Onpu claims it to be fine. Which annoys them slightly, but they get over it pretty quickly and later on, ask her where she lives. When Onpu informs them it's near Misora Park, they ask if they could come over to play with her on Sunday, but Onpu mentions that she has her auditions that day, which attracts Tamaki's attention right away. She comes over to figure out it's the same one she will be auditioning for as well, and is sure she will win since her dad is sponsoring it.

Onpu then proceeds to burst her superiority balloon by mentioning that since her fathers role in the movie is so little, he isn't the one who decides who gets the role. Tamaki then walks away in a huff as Onpu gets up to leave, only to be reminded that she was assigned cleaning duty that day. But Onpu has an interview and can't stay back to clean the classroom. It's then the SOS itrio come by and they offer to do the cleaning for her, which makes her happy and she takes her leave while the ojamajo compliment on how well she managed to do that...

At the Maho-do, a very angry Oyajide yells at the Ojamajo and he demands they take him with them when they inform him that they want to go and support Onpu. They don't understand why he would want to come, until he reveals himself to be a very big Onpu fan. But they simply find it a bit much and simply turn off the computer before he can keep going. They have also gotten Pop to watch the shop for them on Sunday since they will be gone.

Come Sunday the ojamajo are at the auditions, Aiko points out how many of the viewers are big Onpu fans just like Oyajide and Doremi leaves to go to the restroom. But she manages to get lost after, having attempted to find Onpu in hopes of cheering her on before the auditions began. She manages to find the room but unfortunetely someone mistakens her for one of the girls auditioning and push her into the line. Tamaki and Doremi find each other in the waiting room where Tamaki reveals she is being forced to audition despite being so sure she'd be given the role automatically.

The auditions begin as Aiko and Hazuki begin to grow even more concerned as to where Doremi is when she suddenly walks on stage. Doremi is very nervous but after forgetting to breath, she ends up making the audience laugh and decides to roll with it. She is then asked her name and why she was trying to audition. Doremi continues to make the audience laugh as Tamaki's turn comes up. She performs actions one would pose when they play tennis, having already read through the script to find out the heroine does indeed play tennis during part of the film. Then Onpu's turn comes up where she plays her flute for everyone. After that, it is announced who will be moving onto the second round and all three girls end up making it!

Then for the second and third rounds the girls are asked to sing, and then dance before Tamaki's father announces who would move onto the fourth stage of the audition. These three being Doremi, Onpu, and Tamaki. The auditions go onto break for a moment and they are asked to change into their costumes for the second to last stages of the auditions. Doremi tries to ask Onpu about this but she asks for another room to change in, though she claims she didn't mean any offense when she said the room was too noisy.

After Tamaki reveals that she plans to act as Juliet from Romeo and Juliet, she leaves and Doremi transforms to bring an outfit to her. So she decides to transform into Princess Kaguya, but this action makes her run late and she is quickly forced to run back to the stage with Aiko and Hazuki's help. They sit back down and comment on everyone's performance. Doremi did pretty well but they feel warn out from having to help her lift the outfit. Then Tamaki takes forever to die until she's finally yelled to get off the stage...

It's then Onpu's turn and to everyone's surprise/shock, she comes dressed as a witch apprentice. After being asked, Onpu explains why she chose to dress like a witch.

Meanwhile, Majorika is overlooking a magazine picture of Onpu when she recognizes a witch frog in her arms!

Onpu then proceeds to use her magic to make sure she wins the role, but the audience don't seem to realize that she used real magic to manipulate their minds and she claims that it'd be nice if magic really did exsist, then exits from the stage. It's then announced Onpu won as Aiko and Hazuki try to figure out just what the heck is going on. But after mostly everyone leaves, Lala suddenly appears and tells the ojamajo to get to the roof so that she and Majorika can talk to them.

On the roof, Majorika and Lala reveal that Onpu has a witch frog, but she couldn't tell who it was until they recognize a familiar laugh and look to see Majoruka. The ojamajo don't seem very surprised to see her as a magic frog but Majoruka tries to claim she's done it on purpose, which is a big fat lie. Onpu then takes over by explaining that Majoruka is her company's president, then Majoruka mentions that because of Onpu's popularity she will always have money to use for whatever funds she needs in order to make sure she's chosen as the next witch queen. With that said, Onpu gives a sweet, teasing remark before picking up Majoruka and taking her leave while the episode ends...

36- "Yon-kyū Shiken wa Do-do-do-do-dō!" ("The Level 4 Exam is Do-do-do-do-do!")

(四級試験はドドドドドー!) ("Obstacle Schmob-stacle")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 36

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 36

Airdate: October 10, 1999

After a mini-recap of the last few minutes of the previous episode, the ojamajo are currently discussing the turn of events as the yousei play ball. They are very disappointed to know that Onpu is really a rival witch apprentice when Majorika scolds Doremi when she mentions how she could have performed this magic to win too. They explain that using magic to control other peoples minds is very forbidden and the consequences are very scary. But it's hard to take serious since Majorika doesn't even know what the scary thing is...

However, the ojamajo decide they should warn Onpu anyway, hoping that maybe she didn't know it was forbidden. Majorika tries to inform them regarding the 4th exam but they ignore her.

The following day, the ojamajo try to get ahold of Onpu in private so that they can speak to her about it but they struggle to do so, due to her popularity and class time. As Onpu says goodbye to her followers, the ojamajo take this chance to quickly speak to her but her ride arrives before they get a chance to do so...

Come bed time, Poppu is going to try to stay up even harder. She knows she can't rely on Doremi to wake her up so she decides she is going to try to make some coffee for herself instead. But their mother catches her and forces her back to bed. Doremi transforms into her apprentice outfit and she goes to wake up Pop when she notcies Hazuki and Aiko, who have come to help her... This is easier said then done however, and they arive late and beat up. They explain that they couldn't wake up Pop and Majorika tells them to just stop since she can immagine what happened. They go into the magical world and find Mota and MotaMota waiting for them outside of their exams booth and use their magic to summon the yousei before heading to the testing grounds after the yousei are transformed back into their normal forms to find a massive crowd of witches cheering for the event that is about to begin!

It is explained that the ojamajo have to race against the Tortoise and the Hare, who aren't much like their story counterparts in the least bit. They also can't use magic to mess up other people or their brooms, they can only use magic when at an obstacle. Doremi thinks it'll be easy, but she is in for a real shock when they start and see just how "slow" and "lazy" the tortoise and hare are. Even Majorika and Lala are shocked and they find it unfair, but nothing can be done about it. The ojamajo have to try to figure this out on their own...

They come to the first obstacle, a giant wall and they can't use their brooms to go over it. Aiko informs her that they can use magic to help them though and Hazuki goes first by casting magic to form a hole in the wall. This works until Doremi gets stuck. Before the idea of enlarging the hole gets put to use, Aiko manages to yank Doremi out and they move onto the next obstacle. Next they run into Majopon, who informs them they have to have a three legged race now, with their yousei. Aiko and Hazuki are fine but Doremi struggles greatly until soon they are allowed to change back to normal. As Doremi complains about being tired, Onpu shows up suddenly!

When asked why she is there, Onpu informs them that Majoruka wanted her to come and mess up their exam. It's then Onpu spots their yousei and calls them cute, but when asked of her own she claims Roro isn't there at the time since they just both do what they want and Roro is off watching tv somewhere. They then lecture her about bad magic, but to their shock Onpu already knows and doesn't seem to care very much. She reveals the special bracelet charm Majoruka made for her, which protects her from the bad magic. Before taking off, Onpu reminds them of the exam.

Eventually they come to twin beds and find the turtle and hare asleep! They think they could use this chance to sneak on by, but Majopon stops them to inform them its the final obstacle. They need to go to sleep and in the gardens of their dreams, find the rare butterfly hiding there and catch it. Hazuki struggles but manages to fall asleep when Aiko accidentally knocks her out. They see thousands of butterfly but have no idea which one is the one they need to find. While the ojamajo struggle to try to determine how to catch the butterfly, their yousei sneak up behind the one's sitting on flowers and simply grab them. So now the ojamajo can continue and they're in the lead since the tortuise and hare are struggling to catch their butterflies.

The ojamajo are coming up to the end of the exams race but the tortoise and hare are quickly approaching. They need to run faster!

As the ojamajo run to try to speed up, it's suddenly that Dodo inspires Doremi on how to win! She reminds them of how the yousei played baseball early and with that in mind, they grab their yousei and throw them past the finish line and everyone begins to cheer and congradulate the ojamajo. Onpu flies by once again and comments on this before she leaves as the ojamajo gain another certification sphere for their certificates.

As the ojamajo discuss Pop, she is shown to still be sleeping at home while talking in her sleep...

37- "Majo Gaeru ga Ippai!" ("So Many Magical Frogs!")

(魔女ガエルがいっぱい!) ("The Lost Greenlings")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 37

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 37

Airdate: October 17, 1999

A terrible storm is blowing about and lightning strikes one of the doors of the witch world, causing items and witch frogs to be sucked into the human world. Majorin informs the Witch Queen about this problem but at the moment they can't exactly do anything about it. One of the witch frogs, very drunk from the alchohol it was drinking earlier stumbles into the Maho-do and finds Majorika. However, they don't know her and notice a pair of markers laying nearby and draws on her face.

That morning, Doremi quickly eats breakfast due to accidentally oversleeping again. Pop tells Doremi to come to the television where the woman announces that someone broke into the office used by Onpu Segawa. Later on, Oyajide believes it to be because of a cursed item and Hazuki mentions that the report also said the place was messed up but the robber didn't steal anything. Pop believes it may have been a fan of Onpu's and Doremi comments that Oyajide just wants to go see Onpu instead of focusing on any real work.

It's then Majorika reveals her mustache the other witch frog drew on her face. Lala reveals it to be from an oil-based pen so she just can't wipe it off. Hazuki suggests Majorika use some grease. The ojamajo are doubtful about Oyajide until he claims something bad could happen to Onpu, so they decide to trust him and bring him along. Majorika however, doesn't want to help Onpu since she's her rivals apprentice, but they don't listen and quickly leave. Majorika and Lala begin to argue until they hear someone in the closet and find the drunk, battered witch frog still clinging to her alchohol bottle...

At Onpu's office, the ojamajo go inside to find Onpu. As she plays with Oyajide (until he freezes and locks up) the others explain the cursed items to her, but Onpu claims a cursed item would never be the cause of it. She gets up and reveals to them that they have the criminals right inside Majoruka's office. Inside they see many witch frogs and it's explained that they call came through the magic world door last night and had a wild party. The witch frog are amazed to see Doremi and Co, so they waste no time taking pictures of Onpu and them. When they notice Majoruka's face, the ojamajo realize that one of the witch frog, Majoume must have wound up at the Maho-do too!

And so, the witch frog all wish to be with their friend and Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko are forced to pull them in a big pan all the way back to the Maho-do. They struggle due to the weight and Pop refuses to help since she's too busy talking to Onpu. Meanwhile, one witch frog asks for them to slow down since Mahotake-san is feeling sick.

Eventually they arrive and Majorika goes over what has happened and she points out that the storm ended, so they can return now. But they don't want to, all ten of them want to do some sight-seeing since they rarely ever get to go to the human world. The ojamajo refuse, especially since Onpu leaves and she invites Pop to come with her, but in the end they are forced to agree to it anyway...

And so, the ojamajo dress the witch frogs up when in public and they proceed to do plenty of fun activites! Such as eating crepes, shopping, watching a play, playing on the beach, playing with cows on a farm and they resume flying high in the skies, noticing how late its getting now. Majorika comes by and asks them to leave now since it's going to be dark soon, but the witch frogs refuse until they can visit the hot springs. There isn't any nearby however, so Majorika has no choice but to show them to her secret hot springs.

Doremi takes this opportunity to ask them where their Apprentice's are and it's revealed they all don't have any because they got too scared and ran away, so they live at the village of witch frogs. A village for witch frogs that can return to their normal forms. A sad moment that lasts for just a moment however... One witch frog asks to be taken to the Amusement park and she explains she had never gotten to go to one before because she changed into a witch frog before she could. The ojamajo don't think they could, since it's so late but when they refuse to leave, they decide to go ahead and cast magical stage in hopes of maybe getting to go and have some fun to help get them to leave. But instead of being transported to the amusement park, the ojamajo are instead given a toy amusement park!

At first, they don't understand but the witch frogs use magic to shrink themselves down and play. But nothing happens until they see a small crank and they turn it, allowing the toy amusement park to come alive and let the witch frogs play. Each girl takes turns with the little toy and let the witch frogs play, but unfortunately Doremi arrives home very late and receives a scolding from her mother. She notices Pop in the other room and Pop explains that when Onpu saw what time it was, she sent her home to make sure she didn't arrive late.

The ojamajo take the witch frogs home later that evening and Majorika invites them to come and visit whenever they want, as they do to her too. After they say goodbye, the Witch Queen comes by and thanks the ojamajo for their help and as a reward for what they did, she gives them their next certification sphere and explains how dangerous it could have been had they not gotten the witch frogs to return back to the magical world. She then leaves after telling them to try their best. The episode ends as Doremi thanks the witch queen...

38- "Ryōta to Mayonaka no Kaijū" ("Ryota and the Monster of the Night")

(りょうたと真夜中のかいじゅう) ("Of Monsters and Witchlings")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 38

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 38

Airdate: October 24, 1999

The ojamajo are in the middle of math class when Seki-sensei is forced to punish a student because he isn't paying attention. Aiko and Hazuki meanwhile are trying to wake Doremi up before she gets into trouble too but she doesn't seem to want to get up. As Aiko begins to shake her, a panicked Doremi gets up but she's sent into the hallway as well for screaming the moment she did...

In class, Seki-sensei is now discussing the Fall show coming up. Everyone is to make something for it and she asks if they have all given it any thought and Aiko and Onpu begin to discuss it amongst themselves. Meanwhile, Seki-sensei is interrupted by the yelling in the hallway and she finds Ryota and Doremi screwing around. So she punishes the two of them even further by making them clean the gym room after school is over. Hazuki and Aiko come by to see if she has finished yet but they only find Ryota cleaning, as Doremi is too worn out to do anymore and they find her nearby. Feeling bad, they agree to help Doremi so that she can finish sooner.

It's then Kimura and Kotake show up. The girls assume they have come to help but instead they have just come to inform Ryota it was time for Soccer practice, but he tells them he can't go today since he had other plans. Kotake and Kimura tell him about the upcoming game soon, but he refuses so they have no choice but to let him keep working...

Later at the Maho-do, the girls have been working on their items for the Fall show. Doremi is in the middle of making her witch statue while Aiko has used craft items to make Jumbo Takoyaki, and finally Hazuki has made a very glittery, regal outfit. Later, Doremi reveals that she chose to make a witch statue since she's always loved witches. Suddenly, they notice Ryota and a bunch of younger children playing. Doremi and Aiko get dragged into the game when the little kids keep insulting them. Hazuki tries to help Ryota by digging him out of the sand and they all begin to play together, though Hazuki mainly watches. Unknown to them, Kotake and Kimura walk by to see them. Kimura is pretty frustrated but Kotake thought it looked like fun!

Ryota and the ojamajo say goodbye to the little boys since it's getting late and he invites them back to his place. The ojamajo sit in his room and play with one of his little figurines when he and his mother return with some juice for everybody. They begin to discuss the monsters but his mother angrily leaves the room while saying how bad his test had gone, as well as the fact he's becoming known to children as "Monster nii-chan", and he also got hurt. Doremi tries to make him feel better by informing him she did worse on the test...

The following day at school, Aiko and Hazuki ask Onpu about what she did for the project, but she refuses to tell them now, much to the aggrivation of Aiko. Doremi is going to stay behind so that she can finish her work so Hazuki and Aiko decide to head over to the Maho-do now. Kimura and Kotake suddenly run in and they try to get Ryota to come with them since the game will be starting soon and he claims he will be there. Onpu overhears this and she informs Ryota that she's working on filming Gazamadon 2 at the moment and she leaves after Ryota asks to hear about the movie sometime.

At the Maho-do again, Aiko and Hazuki explain why Doremi isn't there and Majorika lacks a lot of faith in her abilities to make anything good. That is, until they inform her Doremi was trying to make her...

Back at school, Doremi happily compliments Ryota's work when a pissed off Kimura and Kotake show up and angrily yell at him, blaming him for making them lose after all of their hard work. Ryota is hurt by their comments and Doremi tries to force them to apologize as Hazuki and Aiko show up. But Ryota angrily claims he hates monsters and he destroys all of his hard work!

Doremi tries to get him to stop but he refuses and runs out after he claims he hates them again, since it screwed everything up. Doremi chases after Ryota, but it's no use and he runs away from her. Kotake and Kimura seem to feel badly about it but they say nothing. Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko go to the roof and try to think of a way to help Ryota. Doremi suggests they use magic to make him like monsters again but Aiko informs her it's forbidden magic to do that, so they can't. So instead, they cast magical stage in hopes of finding out a true answer.

The ojamajo hear a strange sound in the distance but nothing happens. They go to Ryota's house to find him throwing away all of his Gazamadon items and notice that nothing has changed. This makes the ojamajo worry their magic may have failed, but they can't do anything about it now since it's so late...

That night, Doremi is asleep when she feels strange vibrations and gets up, worried an earthquake may be going on. But she notices a strange figure in the moonlight and transforms to see it for herself. She meets up with Aiko and Hazuki, who also felt and heard the strange noises. Ryota had also heard and he decided to investigate for himself and trails after the large monster upon seeing its Gazamadon!

The ojamajo seemed just as shocked and fear for Ryota's safety, but Hazuki stops them as Gazamadon places Ryota onto his head. Ryota is very happy to have seen Gazamadon and they pass by Kimura, who hides out of fear, and Kotake who believes it to be a dream. Eventually, Gazamadon drops Ryota off by a lonely dock surrounded by the ocean, and he slowly descends into it while Ryota says farewell and says he will always love Gazamadon... The following morning, Kimura and Kotake arrive to see Ryota re-trying to fix his Gazamadon statue. Both of them feel badly for how they acted and they apologize after explaining to him about their dream. After Ryota apologizes for forgetting about the game they offer to help him.

When it's time for the fall show, where Onpu reveals her most favorite thing, which is herself, and she used a standee of herself from Gazamadon 2. She then puts a flier of the movie onto Doremi's face before she is asked to give others some fliers for the movie, which she happily has on hand. It's then revealed that Majorika showed up to see what Doremi made, but Doremi doesn't really want her to see it just yet.

Aiko and Hazuki happily comment on it as the episode ending reveals Ryota had won the fall show!

39- "Doremi no Kare wa Chūgakusei!" ("Doremi's Boyfriend is a Middle School Student!")

(どれみの彼は中学生!) ("Skater Love")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 39

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 39

Airdate: October 31, 1999

Doremi is running late when someone on a pair of skates suddenly shoots on by, causing her to fall over. Instantly Doremi is smitten by the boy and decides to watch him and a girl as they skate around and make conversation. Their joined by a girl Doremi knows from school named Maki Higuchi. Doremi watches them for a moment before she runs off, remembering how late she was to begin with. She runs off, not aware of what else goes on in the mean time...

At school, Onpu is putting away her things to leave for the magazine interview she's to be in. In the classroom Aiko sees that she forgot her textbook and since they have homework, Doremi volunteers to catch up to Onpu and give it back to her. Onpu realizes how late she'll be, so she decides to transform into a witch so that she can fly over to the interview. However, she doesn't notice said boy Doremi had been watching earlier had spotted her on his way home from school. As Doremi runs by, she sees the boy from earlier and stops to look at him for a moment.

After Onpu changes into witch form, he approaches her and questions the sudden change. But he says nothing of it while Onpu mentally scolds herself for being caught so carelessly. Without giving it much thought she flees after distracting him by claiming she saw an UFO. Onpu then casts a spell on him in order to distract him with something else. As the boy goes down the steps, he sees Doremi and instantly becomes attracted to her, telling her to call him by name, Shuzou. He then claims to love Doremi and asks her to go out with him.

Meanwhile, Onpu notices this as she flies away. But she has no time to do anything about it and flies to the company.

At the Maho-do, Doremi tells everyone that she is dating Maki's brother. While it's a little strange, everyone mostly seems happy for her, except Pop. Doremi asks to leave early today since she has plans with him, but Majorika is against it, since she still needs to work and practice her magic.

However, Doremi ignores her and takes off anyway!

At home, Doremi is talking with Dodo about how Shuzou confessed to her. She is busy putting facial items onto her skin while contemplating how or when he could have fallen in love with her, since they never formally spoke to one-another before. She chooses to just not think about it though and leaves the bathroom. Haruka then confronts Doremi about using her beauty mask before Doremi admits to it and asks for tomorrow to come quicker.

The following day, Doremi is talking about things with Hazuki and Aiko when she spots Maki in the hallway and goes to talk to her. Maki is very confused until Doremi admits what happened... only to see practically every other student now surrounding her to learn more. Everyone in class watches Doremi and she informs them about what happened. When Tamaki claims she's just lying, Doremi tells her to not be mad just because she got a boyfriend first. Tamaki turns it into a fight and Kotake angrily tells them to go outside if they want to keep this up. Onpu walks into the classroom and says nothing of this, simply stopping to look momentarily.

During break, Maki contemplates how this is even possible, stating that her brother should like his friend, Mika, not Doremi. She then goes inside, not aware that Shimakura had been eavesdropping on her. She then prints some papers and after school, Tamaki confronts the ojamajo with this updated news with a picture of Doremi in one panel, and a picture of Mika and Shuzou in the others. Tamaki claims that his real girlfriend is Mika, so why is Doremi claiming to be his girlfriend? Aiko and Hazuki claim this doesn't prove anything though and Onpu comes by, claiming she witnessed the event. Tamaki then accuses him of two timing and Maki comes by, stating that her brother would never do anything so mean before she runs off.

Later on, Doremi takes a walk and she notices Maki and approaches her. She claims her brother isn't a liar, so if he did say that it must be true. Doremi then asks about Mika, and Maki explains that her brother and Mika are just close friends who met through inline skating. Doremi then meets up with Shuzou outside and they begin to hold hands while walking home. Doremi is very happy, expecting people to assume they're dating when two older girls walk by, calling them siblings.

Doremi and Shuzou begin to skate with each other, which Doremi struggles to do greatly! She keeps injuring herself but he claims she is doing well. So he holds her hand and they skate with one-another. Mika skates by and curiously watches them out of surprise, seemingly hurt also. They skate until the day is coming to an end and Shuzou mentions that they have the next day off from school, being Saturday. They make plans to meet back up around 10:00 am and Doremi waves him off.

Unaware to her, when he leaves the pathway, the spell wares off....

Shuzou recalls that he claimed to love her, and he questions why he spent the day with her. At home, he goes over it a few more times with Maki. She mentions that he also asked Doremi to go out with him, much to his shock. He suddenly remembers, stating that he had followed Onpu to get her autograph for Mika, then that's all he can remember...

The following morning, Pop mentions that Doremi has been making a nice lunch for her date today with Shuzou. Majorika is angry since Doremi isn't there working like she should be but everyone else tells her to just give Doremi a break since it may never happen again. It's then Onpu comes inside and asks where Doremi is. When they inform her of it, she comments that her magic did well and reveals to them she had cast a spell on Shuzou to make him fall in love with Doremi.

Meanwhile, Doremi is at the skating area with her lunch she's packed for them. Shuzou spies on her, worried about how to solve this problem since he cares for Mika and he doesn't want to hurt Doremi either. So Shuzou sits down and eventually manages to confess to the mistake after he sees Mika run away from them again. A shocked Doremi stays quiet until the others show up and Onpu admits that she had cast the magic in order to rid of him. She doesn't seem to feel bad about it though, stating that Doremi had fun while it lasted anyway. Aiko tells her off for it, but while Doremi feels hurt, she's also happy and explains that she's bad at inline skating and she is sure she'd struggle to deal with training everyday so its probably for the best.

It's then Majoruka shows up with Majorika and Lala. She scolds Onpu for using this magic, but Onpu states that she'll be fine because of her magic charm. Majoruka warns her that it won't work forever, but Onpu pays it no mind and she claims it isn't her problem when the others want to help the broken feelings between Maki, Mika, and Shuzou. So the ojamajo cast Magical Stage in order to repair the relationships!

The three come to the sight, into the strange place the ojamajo made with their magic. Majorika, in a strange suit pretends to be a woman who will extract evil spirits from people. She then claims Shuzou has one in him and as a result it made him confess to random people. He finds this weird, and hard to believe but he also comments on how strange he felt the day before so maybe he really was posessed. While hitting Shuzou with her tassled items, they have a "ghost" appear and she hits it a bunch of times until it vanishes. She then stops, claiming to have chased the ghost away. Mika claims it to be some trick and she leaves while Shuzou gives chase. In a hurry, she doesn't check to make sure one of her straps on her skate was fully attached and she runs off!

While skating away from Shuzou at a very fast rate down the hill, the strap comes loose! But before she can collide with the tree, she runs right into Shuzou instead...

He asks if she is okay, but she claims to be fine and instead asks to check on him, since he got hurt because of her. Shuzou claims it was his own fault however, since he didn't tell her properly. He confesses to liking her, to which Mika asks if the ghost made him say that. They share a small laugh before Doremi comments on how nice of a couple they are before Hazuki makes a comment, reminding Doremi of her single status...

40- "Doremi Rakushō? San-kyū Shiken" ("Doremi Wins Easily? The Level 3 Exam")

(どれみ楽勝? 3級試験) ("The 3-Door Test")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 40

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 40

Airdate: November 14, 1999

The ojamajo find Majorika in the middle of praying for them. She and Lala explain that this test happens to be one of the hardest tests an apprentice can be given. Even if she has passed all previous exams some find it too tough and they give up. She also points out that this is the exam most apprentice fail. The ojamajo plan to try their best but Doremi's confidence in passing ends up frustrating Majorika. It's then Dela shows up with some news for them today, for everyone who passes, they will be given a special tree that grows Magic Spheres when it starts growing. This is because it's a celebration piece due to the queen's 100th year of being the queen.

Majorika thinks about how wonderful it'd be to have a tree that always grows magic spheres. She would never be in debt again...

Dela points out that the ojamajo have to pass to get it however, so she demands they pass and they proceed to make a little joke regarding Majorika's seriousness.

That evening, Pop transforms into her apprentice outfit before casting magic to summon coffee for her to drink, so that she can stay up and take her exam tonight. After she tries the drink she deems it too bitter and decides to add milk and sugar. However, Pop notices she only has four magic spheres left and doesn't want to waste them, so she attempts to sneak into the kitchen to grab sugar and milk. When she gets caught, Pop tries to claim it's fine since it's just milk but her mom doesn't buy it, claiming that she'll end up wetting the bed. When she takes Pop back to her bedroom, she sees the coffee and takes it from her too...

The ojamajo leave after they attempt to wake up Pop but once again they wind up battered and bruised. So they go into the magic world and find Onpu on her way home. She flies over to talk to them and explains that she already finished the exam, and got to skip the following one also. Doremi asks her if it's hard, but Onpu claims it isn't. She then shows them the special seed of the tree that grows magic spheres. After the ojamajo cheer, Onpu decides to take her leave.

On the exam sight, Mota and Motamota explain that the ojamajo have to find and go through 3 doors leading to 3 different worlds before the time runs out on the strange, warped clock they produce with their magic. They can also only use magic twice, and they must do the exam on their own without any help.

So each ojamajo takes a different door, leading to different worlds and the clock begins. Aiko finds herself in a dark, confusing land while Hazuki is put into a creepy region with only a straight and long pathway. Doremi meanwhile, finds herself with a bunch of magic frogs... and the other door right nearby!

Aiko walks along a long and spiral staircase. She sees the door she needs to go through and heads to it until realizing she would fall over the edge! It's in the middle of the room up a strange, non-exsistent staircase. She plans to use magic until she remembers she can only use it twice, so she decides to wait instead. Hazuki meanwhile, walks along the land she's in when she notices something squishy and hears someone speaking. A bunch of strange figures come up from the ground and in a panic Hazuki runs off.

Someone suddenly spots Doremi and she looks to see a group of witch frogs approach. She recognizes the one as Majoume from when she and the others came to the human world.

As Aiko stands, a strange building approaches her and a strange witch appears. She welcomes Aiko to the witch's maze before offering to help her reach the door, as a reward for finding her. But only if she gives her a magic sphere. Aiko refuses, much to her shock. So she asks Aiko to listen to her first, stating that the economy has been bad lately and she's been pretty lonely. So Aiko offers to chat with her. This makes the witch happy and she comments on how much of a good business sense Aiko has.

Hazuki continues to panic, scream, and run around as she tries to locate the door. The inhabitants of this land are getting upset due to how loud Hazuki is. So they use their abilities to phase in and out of places to guide her straight for the door...

Doremi and the witch frogs sit down for some Daifuku and tea. They are very happy and like Doremi's company, given that they never have any visitors. Doremi suddenly remembers she was in the middle of an exam when they ask why she was there to begin with.

Aiko makes it through her door and comes into another land that consists of an overflowing pot and a giant fountain. A witch on top of the pot asks Aiko if she had been looking for a gold door, or the silver door. Aiko claims to already know the story, so she tells the witch she's looking for a normal door, not a gold or silver one. In defeat the witch tells her that the real door is inside the fountain water and she leaves. She casts magic to make the door come out of the water. Hazuki meanwhile is in another world being chased by strange doll-like figures with model themed bodies and light bulbs for heads!

Doremi resumes her exam with the daifuku as a parting gift, given to her by the witch frogs. She opens the next door to see she's interupting two familiar figures wedding. They ask her to be part of the wedding and she agrees, seeing as the door is through the opposite side of the room. Aiko has found herself in her third and final door and is blinded by the light of the desert.

Hazuki has run through her 3rd world door once she accidentally scares the king of this world and he moves out of her way. She finds herself in a dark and strange world but before she can do anything, a giant mask appears and puts it's mouth over her!

As Aiko comes through the desert she sees a poor tired and faint witch in the sand. She asks for water and Aiko thinks about it but wastes no time using her last magic sphere for the exam on the poor witch. After she drinks the water, the witch thanks Aiko and vanishes, leaving the door behind. Aiko goes through the door and they inform her that she passed. They then tell her that Doremi and Hazuki haven't returned yet before Aiko notices there is only about 10-15 minutes left...

Hazuki finds herself in a strange part of the land in a small hut-like object. Hearing a strange wheel, she looks to see a very long haired, elderly witch-wizard figure approach. He claims his jokes to be very cold and proceeds to tell her one. Much to his shock, Hazuki laughs and he allows her to pass onto the next door. Hazuki then is told she passed!

Now to just wait for Doremi...

Doremi leaves the wedding with some more gift items when she notices the third door again. She comments on how easy this was and notices a strange scent wafting through the air. Doremi recognizes it as steak and notices that she only needs one magic sphere to get it. She also looks into the third world door and sees everyone yelling at her. She claims it to be suspicious but gives into the temptation anyway and pays for the steaks and the stand and door vanish. The exam is over...

Aiko and Hazuki are given the spheres of certification, along with the seed to grow the magic sphere trees. Motamota mentions that directions to grow the seeds are in the bag as well.

Back at the Maho-do, Majorika and Doremi lament her failing of the exam as the fairies enjoy the daifuku. Aiko and Doremi meanwhile are watering the seeds while sadly complaining about the fact it'll take 200 years just to grow the seed...

41- "Chichi to Ko: Shōri no Itte!" ("Father and Son: The Move Towards Victory!")

(父と子·勝利への一手!) ("There's no Business like Shogi Business")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 41

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 41

Airdate: November 21, 1999

The ojamajo are on their way to school while Aiko and Hazuki try to cheer up Doremi for failing her 3rd exam. They notice Onpu, who claims Doremi won't pass it next time and because she's telling the truth they shouldn't get worked up over it. Before leaving, she gives Doremi a sarcastic cheer to seem as if she's being supportive. Later on in class, everyone has finished their lunch and they're returning their dirty dishes to the head of the class to clean later. Seki-Sensei asks Doremi, as class Representative to come to the office with her to pick up some handouts before the afternoon class starts.

With frustration she leaves after meeting with Taniyama, the male class represenitive for the day and is a little curious, commenting on how he isn't really an obvious person. But upon seeing how hurt he looks, she claims to only be joking. As they come to the office they find the vice principal and Seki-sensei in the middle of a Shogi game.

With ease, Taniyama points out the moves she can make to beat him. Doremi compliments how good Taniyama played and the vice principal demands he play against him. But since it's time for afternoon classes to begin, there isn't any time right now.

At the Maho-do, Majorika is in the middle of drinking. Lala insists that she stops but Majorika won't listen, already drunk at this point. She rants and complains when Pop yanks the bottle away from her and gives a small lecture, promising to best Doremi so that she can take her place. This makes Majorika happy but she smells like alchohol so Pop doesn't want to touch her right now...

After school the ojamajo are talking to Taniyama about how well he plays Shogi. He claims to not be any good at it though. Aiko points out that he was able to beat the vice principal, so that must mean he is in fact a good Shogi player. Taniyama then claims he doesn't want to play Shogi, and that he hates it before running off. Doremi claims he didn't seem like that earlier and she runs off to follow him.

Taniyama walks by the shogi tournament building while thinking about when he used to play with his dad when he was younger. They used to play together all the time and his dad was so proud of him...

Doremi approaches and claims his lies to be fake, but before she can say anything else he he runs off. Persistant to talk ot him, Doremi quickly gives chase but when he eventually stops, she is unable to stop herself and collides with a pole. Taniyama gets her a wet cloth and he admits he had been lying and he actually loves Shogi. His dad almost became a pro but turned thirty before he could, and he had to quit the league. So he spent the days drinking and fighting with his mother, and she really hates it and forbids it in the home.

Doremi feels jealousy and explains that before elementary school she used to play the piano, but she didn't have any talent. I she did, then she would have kept playing it, and would love it too. She then tries to convince him to keep playing and go for it, since he has the talent and really loves it. Seki-sensei approaches them suddenly and mentions her agreement also. But he tells them his parents wouldn't be supportive if he did. So Doremi and Seki-sensei offer to help him out in hopes of letting them see how much he loves to play Shogi.

It's harder then they assumed however and his mother continues to forbid it anyway. Seki-sensei asks how she could just take away his dreams and talent, being his mother. His dad just tells them to leave, stating that he doesn't want Taniyama to hurt the way he does. Doremi tries to reason with him by saying he hasn't played Shogi is three years and yet he managed to beat someone with a massive amount of skill, and he's also a hard worker. He admits that he hasn't played the game in so long but he's done a lot of studying and he knows how good he is. They agree, but his dad says only if he can win the tournament coming up.

The following day, everyone comes by to watch Taniyama play. Doremi reveals to Hazuki and Aiko that he is at the semifinals round now. They notice his dad nearby and just then, Taniyama is announced to be the winner of this round. So now he just needs one final round. His opponent is really tough, a regular who comes to the dojo a lot. Doremi is sure that Taniyama will really win though and Aiko teases Doremi by asking if she likes-likes Taniyama. She claims she doesn't, but cheering him on just makes her happy.

As Taniyama is about to begin, he suddenly hears a voice and drops the shogi piece out of alarm. Unknown to everyone there, it's a strange magic. The match begins as rules are explained. Taniyama's father goes out for a smoke break and claims Taniyama will win, so there isn't any point.

Taniyama asks to use the restroom for a break. Doremi and Co come to see him and she points out how weird he was acting. He points out that everytime he picks up that piece, he keeps having strange vibes and he takes his leave upon realizing his break is over.

At the idea that a cursed item may be responsible, Doremi quickly transforms and goes to the Maho-do to fetch Oyajide. She brings him back and they sneak by the window for Oyajide to get a better look. He detects a cursed item and Doremi casts a spell to freeze time. They cast Magical Stage to remove the cursed item and return the piece while the time is still frozen. The game continues and Taniyama is close to tears, seeing that he is about to lose when he decides he must use his bishop since he doesn't have any other choice. As he picks it up, he notices the voice he heard is gone now and he wins!

The ojamajo congradulates him as he did approaches. He asks to keep playing and his dad teases him before promising to stop drinking. He offers to teach Taniyama and the two of them embrace as the episode comes to an end...

42- "Ojamajo Seigi no Tatakai!?" ("The Ojamajo's Fight for Justice!?")

(おジャ魔女·正義の戦い!?) ("Morph than a Feeling")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 42

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 42

Airdate: November 28, 1999

Doremi is in the middle of watching one of her favorite programs as an impatient Pop tries to get her to come with her, since they need to get to the Maho-do. She approaches Doremi to yell at her when they recognize the princess on the program however. It's Onpu!

Throughout class everyone watches as two students re-enact the scenes from the episode of battle rangers the previous night. Everyone is happy and having fun, and when Kota mentions that Onpu was the princess the attention goes to her instead.

As Doremi talks about how cute Onpu was, Aiko and Hazuki suspiciously ask her about watching it, but Doremi claims she was only imagining things. Though they do not seem entirely convinced...

At the end of the day while Onpu is at her foot locker with some fans when a bully approaches and asks Onpu for some autographs. Onpu is kind of annoyed but she quickly agrees to it anyway, only to be stopped when Kota shows up to inform them that treating Onpu like an idol is against the schools rules. But as he starts to argue with the bullies, the Vice Principal comes by and busts Onpu for what she was doing and drags her to the office. Kota follows them, trying to tell the Principal that Onpu didn't do anything wrong. But he doesn't listen and pushes right past him. As they go into the office, the ojamajo see them and approach to get a better look. In the office, the vice principal voices his dissaproval of Onpu's career, stating that instead of acting, school should be her only priority. In the middle of lecturing her, he gets a phone call and tells Onpu to stay put before leaving the room. Onpu agrees, then right after takes out her tap with no intentions of staying there for much longer. The ojamajo worry but before they can stop her, Seki-sensei and Kota show up to see what is going on. Unknown to them all, Onpu quickly peaks into the room and casts her spell, then changes back to normal. By the time the door gets opened, she is just exiting with the vice-principal, who insists Onpu isn't in any trouble at all, he was only telling her that she had been an outstanding student and he lets her go.

As Onpu heads home, the ojamajo try to make her realize that she's still using forbidden magic. But Onpu could care less, revealing the magical charm Majoruka made for her, then she tells them that she has already mentioned it. Before they can continue, Kota shows up again to see if Onpu is okay. She insists she is, so they begin to discuss her princess role in Battle Rangers instead. She thanks him before realizing how much her acting really means to him. Much to her surprise. As thanks, Onpu invites Kota to come with her to the battle ranger stage, as she has to get to work now. Unknown to everyone, Hashimoto was watching...

At the Maho-do the ojamajo are too gloomy to do any work at the time. Majorika questions them on this but Dela shows up, demanding the months bill as it is late. She proceeds to have a little cat and mouse with Majorika, until Majorika finally admits she really doesn't have any money. Dela scolds her, then claims Majoruka is never this irresponsible or rude to her, she always pays easily and always has the money. This worries Hazuki and she points out that this mean Onpu has a good supply of Magic Spheres on hand and could use a whole bunch of them whenever she wants...

At the stage, Onpu brings Battler Red to meet Kota before she takes him home that night. He thanks Onpu, who insists she didn't mind, since he was so kind to compliment her acting skills, rather then her cuteness as an idol. Unknown to them, classmate Kaori Shimakura happened to walking her dog and saw them. So she takes this moment to eavesdrop on the two of them. Hashimoto also witnessed this and he confronts her, then asks if she is in his class before handing her a note to give to him.

The following day at school, she rushes into the classroom while gathering everyones attention. She informs them that a fight will be taking place at Misora Park between Hashimoto and Kota! Everyone begins to question Kota about the predictament and they mention how rude Hashimoto is. They can't understand why someone a few grades older then them would even pick a fight with him. Without second thought Kota accepts the challange while Onpu tries to claim that Hashimoto honestly isn't a bad person. Kota insists that he will handle everything and promises to protect Onpu, as everyone else sees just how much he really is into this hero role. Though Doremi seems to be the only person who agrees with it until Hazuki points out that fighting is Cute!

At home, Onpu arrives just as her mother is leaving to get something for dinner. Upon hearing what it is, Onpu can't help but complain due to her hatred of peppers. Her mother doesn't really mind however, and insists that Onpu shouldn't be picky. As she goes to get into the car, Onpu uses her magic to make her mom change her mind and they instead leave to go out to eat.

Later that day, Kota calls out Hashimoto for bringing partners to a one-on-one fight, then calls it unfair. Hashimoto suddenly points out that he also brought a long a lot of partners and Kota turns to see Kotake, Kimura, and the ojamajo there for support. He thanks them, but when Doremi gets into it, Hazuki and Aiko question her once again. It's then the fight begins. Things seem to be alright, but the ojamajo fear this may turn ugly and try to find a way to stop it by using magical stage. As they go to do this, Shimakura, who was spying on the entire event, goes to find a teacher for help before everyone gets really hurt.

After they transform into the Majo Rangers, Aiko and Hazuki begin to panic and react accordingly. Though Doremi is entirely serious for once and she manages to just stop Hashimoto from hurting Kota! The ojamajo introduce themselves, leaving their true identities ambigous. Though Hazuki and Aiko are still embaressed...

When Hazuki suggests they should leave from the embaressement, Doremi scolds her for not addressing her as Pink. Hashimoto then pounces and begins to beat them up until Kota yells at them to stop fighting. As Hashimoto explains he is angry at Kota for stealing away Onpu from him and the fan club, Kota then questions this when Hashimota accuses him of going on a date with her. He denies this and instead explains what really happened and that he isn't into Onpu like everyone else is. He appreciates her other side, her princess role from battle ranger. Kota changes the subject to ask why he's always asking for Onpu's autograph.

To which Hashimoto explains that after he got the one for his little sister, he promised her friends he could get one for them too. But since Onpu is always so busy he can only get them at school. Kota then smiles before offering to give him Onpu's photograph and promises to run copies of it to give to Hashimoto's little sisters friends. As thanks for such a nice gesture, Hashimoto offers to give him the battle ranger plastic model. His family runs a toy shop so he can give him one. As the boys share a laugh, the ojamajo flee the area as Shimakura and Seki-sensei show up to stop the fight.

A little bit later, it's revealed that the ojamajo are laying in a heap on the other side of the hill as the other students and Seki-sensei approach to check on them. They claim to be fine and okay, and the episode comes to an end...

43- "Papa to Hanabi to Namida no Omoide" ("Tearful Memories of Papa and the Fireworks")

(パパと花火と涙の思い出) ("Parental Guidance")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 43

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 43

Airdate: December 5, 1999

On their way to school Aiko angrily tells Hazuki and Doremi how she got into an arguement with her dad again. Doremi claims they only fight so much because they love each other, then they notice a classmate angrily getting out of a vehicle.

They run over to greet her and ask if she's allowed to attend school again, which Shiori confirms by saying she's fine now and they see that her dad is still there. He tries to speak to her, but leaves noticing it isn't really working. The ojamajo assume she's fighting with her dad but Shiori changes subject by saying that Onpu came to visit her while she was in the hospital also, but only for a minute.

In class, Seki-sensei is calling the students up one by one to get their grades test papers. Tamaki assumes she got a perfect score, like usual but it turns out she missed just one. One of the two perfect sores belong to Shiori. Seki-sensei compliments her for doing perfectly after missing so many days off of school. Doremi is then told that she would have gotten a 60 but she forgot to write her name, so it's a zero. During break, everyone compliments Shiori for doing so well and Tamaki accuses her of cheating off of her. The other girls defend her and Hazuki claims that if she did cheat, they would have the exact same score.

Tamaki thinks it's suspicious until Shiori informs them that her dad teaches a cram school, so he catches her up on all of her missed schoolwork at home. It sounds nice but her dad tends to get pretty angry when she gets a question wrong. The other girls mention that they sometimes get lectures from their dads also, much to the annoyance of Tamaki. She gloats by claiming to have never been lectured, stating that he's really nice, so maybe their own dads aren't nice. But the girls are quick to defend their parents. Tamaki then says it doesn't matter since her dad hired private instructors to teach her everything. Hazuki states that maybe Tamaki's dad isn't very considerate then and love can't be bought with money. To which Onpu points out that maybe her dad doesn't really love her at all. Sending Tamaki into a minor state of shock as a result...

Throughout class, Tamaki struggles to understand what Onpu was saying. Her dad always smiles to her, even when she does bad things, and he always gives her whatever she wants. During math, Seki-sensei calls on Tamaki but gets annoyed when she notices that Tamaki wasn't paying any attention, so she sends her out into the hallway. Everyone finds this strange but they say nothing of it until after school when they realize what Onpu had said to her probably hurt her feelings. Shiori admits to being jealous of Tamaki since she gets whatever she wants, then mentions that she really wanted to go and visit her grandmother, but her dad wouldn't allow it. Hazuki points out that this is because he was just worried about her, but Shiori claims to be fine so he doesn't need to worry.

Seeing her dad, she claims she didn't want him to pick her up, but leaves anyway as the others greet her farewell....

At home, Tamaki thinks about the comments everyone said during school that day while staring at a big, fancy looking vase. She then picks it up and throws it to the ground, watching as it shatters into a million pieces. Her mother comes into the room to ask her what the problem is out of concern for her daughter.

She then panics seeing the broken vase as her dad joins them. Instead of concern towards the vase he asks her if she got hurt, to which Tamaki admits she did it on purpose and demands to know why he didn't get mad at her for it, like her mother was about to. He insists that they can always get a new vase but Tamaki claims he doesn't care about her and she runs out of the house.

Later on, Tamaki is standing on one of the towns bridges, staring at the sunset as Shiori approaches to ask her why she's out there so late. Instead of answering, Tamaki changes the subject by asking Shiori if she's really okay to be wandering around with such a weak body. Shiori admits that she got into a fight with her dad and wants to run away to her grandmothers. So Tamaki asks her where that is, before realizing it's near her families villa. She then asks to come with Shiori, which surprises her but she agrees anyway.

That evening, as the ojamajo leave the maho-do, they run into Seki-sensei who informs them that Tamaki has run away from home and she asks them to go and look for Tamaki, but to meet her at the school in an hour with the other students. The ojamajo agree and she takes off and everyone regroups after an hour passes. Nobody has seen any signs of Tamaki and they're all beginning to worry at this point.

Meanwhile, at Shiori's grandmothers. They try to see if anyone is home, but they don't get any response. As Shiori tries to see if anyone is home, an older man comes by and asks them why they are doing. Shiori explains what happened and he explains that she went on a trip to the hot springs. Tamaki suggests that since it's so late, they should just go back to the villa.

Back at school, Tamaki's dad explains that Tamaki ran out after she broke a vase and accused him of not loving her. The ojamajo critisize him for being too nice about things and that he needs to get mad when she missbehaves. He then explains that he spoils Tamaki because of an accident several years back. When she had been a baby she accidentally pulls on a tea cups saucer, causing really hot coffee to fall on her and burn her, so she had to be rushed to the hospital. Since then he promised to never make her cry or get angry with her. Even then, he did get angry with her once when she was four years old and there had been a fireworks festival near their villa. While watching the fireworks, her parents got distracted and found Tamaki about to fall over the edge of the railing. He pulled her off and got angry enough to yell at her for being careless and hits her. Tamaki cried and claimed to hate him, which made him even feel worse regarding his promise to do anything wrong to her.

Doremi points out that Tamaki must have forgot all about that memory while Shiori's dad shows up to inform them that she is missing too. Kotake then informs everyone that some people reported seeing Tamaki and a shorter girl heading towards the train station, which Doremi thinks must mean Shiori is with her. The adults rush off as Seki-sensei tells all of the students to go back home. The ojamajo feel badly however, so using their magic, they trail behind the car on their brooms until they decide to land and cast Magical Stage. A compass appears and Hazuki manages to figure it out and they follow the pointing arrow and come to a dark villa. But before they just leave, Aiko suggests they should investigate first.

Angrily, Tamaki comments that the utilities are shut off since they never come to the villa during winter, and they also don't have any food. She blames Shiori before seeing her acting weirdly. She sees that Shiori has a bad fever and tries to warm her up while the ojamajo watch. They are surprised to see Tamaki like this but they realize they need to do something to save Shiori. Since they can't use magic to heal her, they decide to do other things instead and transform into small bugs and sneak into the villa. Tamaki meanwhile is worrying since the phone doesn't work. She checks on Shiori, unaware of the ojamajo as they use their magic to turn the water and electricity on. Tamaki sees the lights turn on and hears water in the nearby room. With that she manages to get a cold cloth for Shiori. Doremi then uses her magic to make a fire in the fire place but this makes Tamaki worry a ghost may be in the room and she runs off with Shiori.

As she flees the villa, it's then their parents and Seki-sensei arrive! Tamaki telsl them of Shiori's fever and they all rush her over to the hospital while the ojamajo watch. Things seem fine, but they still need to mend things between Tamaki and her dad.

At the hospital, the doctor informs them that Shiori will be fine after a day or so of rest, she only has a small cold. After he leaves, Shiori's dad yells at her before apologizing for this entire ordeal and he offers them to use his car to go back home. Tamaki however, refuses to go back home and flees the room. Her dad follows her outside as the ojamajo watch and Tamaki struggles with her dad, claiming to not want to see him. Doremi uses her magic to summon fireworks in the sky in hopes of reminding Tamaki of what happened years ago. After her dad suddenly smacks her, she starts to remember the incident. Tamaki starts to cry before embracing her dad as the ojamajo make more fireworks in the night sky and they happily watch the fireworks together...

44- "Joshi Puro Resurā ni Naritai!" ("I Want to Be a Female Pro Wrestler!")

(女子プロレスラーになりたい!) ("Candi is Dandy")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 44

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 44

Airdate: December 12, 1999

In class one day, Mutsumi and Kotake are in the middle of a "wrestling match" with each other. Kotake plans to stop Mutsumi's winning streak, but she has no intentions of giving in and manages to grab onto him very easily, releasing him once he surrenders. And so, with her 15 match won, Mutsumi thanks everyone in class for supporting her. After lunch when the ojamajo comment on how much she ate, Mutsumi explains that she has to eat a lot in order to grow bigger and get stronger. The ojamajo think she is fine however, as she is already pretty strong for someone her size and age.

Later that day, at the Kudo household, Mutsumi is watching Candy on tv wrestling a woman named Fumita. Fumita manages to grab ahold of candy and forces her down, but while Mutsumi panics, the wrestling match goes on break. It's then a Candy commercial comes on, offering special action figures if you purchase enough iced candies. As she watches the commercial, her brother comes along and claims that someone like Candy shouldn't be pro-wrestling, given how small she is. As Mutsumi argues with her brother, the television shows returns and she tries to watch. Luckily, Candy wins!

But unfortuantly, her brother claims it to have just been a lucky coincidence, rather then pure skill. As Mutsumi angrily tries to argue with her brother, she claims she will beat him one day. It's then their mother comes into the room. She tells Mutsumi's brother to stop playing roughly and hands Mutsumi her package. It turns out to be the Candy Action Figure she had tried to get and Mutsumi comments that she had gotten a whole bunch of the iced candies in hopes of getting it. Her brother continues to critisize Candy and comments on how she's too weak to be anything important or special.

Mutsumi retreats to her bedroom and sticks the Candy figure into a special compartment while commenting on how she would like to take it to a real Candy fight sometime and imagines what it would be like to actually get to fight alongside Candy someday...

That following day at school, Kotake is challenged to take on Mutsumi again. But he runs away out of fear and Hazuki points out that Mutsumi has battled a lot of the 3rd graders already and there probably isn't anyone left for her to fight. Even the SOS don't want to try, until Mutsumi suggests she simply takes all three of them at once. They think they will win, given the numbers but the ojamajo aren't very convinced they stand a chance at all and in the end, the boys run away. It's then Mutsumi asks Aiko to become her practice partner, as she is very strong and she thinks that would be good for her partner. Aiko isn't very willing, but when Doremi and Hazuki claim they would do it if they could, Aiko eventually agrees and Mutsumi asks them if they would like to come over.

At Mutsumi's house, she shows them the special action figure she received and Doremi and Aiko admit to not knowing who Candy is. Surprisingly however, Hazuki knows who she is and she reveals to them a lot of information, then mentions that she's watched wrestling a couple of times. This makes Mutsumi happy to know as Aiko comments on how small Candy is in comparison to the other female wrestlers. But Mutsumi believes being small has its advantages, as well as her strength. Mutsumi then offers the ojamajo to get some more iced candies, and mentions that there is one more item with Candy Itou on it that she wishes to collect.

So everyone goes to the living room to enjoy the frozen treat. Mutsumi tries to have them eat as many as they possibly could, as shown by how many she happens to have on hand at the time. She points out that Candy will be coming to a nearby gym next week and she asks them if they would like to come with her to see Candy wrestle. They agree, when Mutsumi's brother appears. Once again he insults the action figure and he flees, having not known the ojamajo and Mutsumi had already been in the room. After Mutsumi mentions how much her brother happens to love wrestling, the ojamajo ask her why she didn't ask him to fight with her, but she reveals that he's too strong for her, so she wants to be able to beat him, and he also hates Candy. So she wants to prove to him that Candy isn't a weak wrestler. With this being said, Aiko and Mutsumi get to work!

Afterwards at the Maho-do, Oyajide tries to convince the ojamajo to bring him along, but they refuse since he only wants to go and see the females wrestling, he doesn't sense any of the cursed cards...

Come wrestling day, everyone watches as Candy and Fumita begin to fight. After she sees Candy's shoelace has become loose, everyone tries to tell her but she couldn't hear them and her shoelace gets tangled on one of the ropes surrounding the wrestling arena. This unfortunately seals her fate and she loses the match when Fumita manages to pin her down!

Outside, the four girls sadly try to figure out what happened as Mutsumi sadly mopes. The ojamajo manage to convince her that it was only bad luck that made her lose and she agrees pretty quickly.

However, at home, her day goes from bad to worse when it turns out Mutsumi plans to quit wrestling if she loses her next match, but this is only if she loses, which she has NO intentions of doing. Mutsumi has faith in her, but her brother manages to deflate it with some harsh words...

The following day, the SOS try to challange Mutsumi and they claim she will lose if she doesn't wrestle against them. Mutsumi isn't in the mood at all, but she agrees after they do this. Unfortuantly, Mutsumi is knocked over after the three of them manage to simply jump onto her back. Much to her chock, the others who happaned to be watching all make comments on this until she runs .

Outside, the ojamajo find Mutsumi sadly mourning her loss and Candy's future as a wrestler. Aiko claims that she shouldn't feel bad about losing since the SOS had an unfair advantage anyway, but she claims she doesn't care, she's only concerned with Candy and questions why she would try to bet her wrestling career to such a tough opponent. But when the ojamajo claim she'll probably win, given her strength and talent, they cheer her up and the four agree to go and cheer Candy on again, as they had the previous day.

At the Kudo household, the four girls watch as Candy practices for her next match and ends up injuring her knee. Mutsumi is very worried, while Aiko and the others notice something very strange going on and she thinks it may be a cursed item indeed, so they have to bring Oyajide with them tomorrow...

The following day, the ojamajo run off and ask Mutsumi so save them some seats. They hide from their friend as she tries to find the restroom, but she accidentally finds Candy instead. She tries to get Candy to reconsider, but Candy explains that the reason she chose to go against a hard opponent is because she would rather lose to a stronger opponent then one who is weaker then she is. Since it wouldn't be a real victory that way. And so, Candy asks Mutsumi to continue supporting her and the two girls leave the room while the ojamajo watch.

The ojamajo resume trying to find the cursed item while Mutsumi gets seated and the fight begins. At first, they seemed to be equal and the ojamajo still cannot find anything, until they hear someone yell nearby and go to investigate. They run into the arena and realize where it's coming from, the Candy action figure!

The ojamajo flee and transform in privacy so that they can remove the cursed card from it and give it back to Mutsumi. In the end, Candy wins!

Mutsumi decides that she will one day become a pro-wrestler so that she can fight with Candy. The ojamajo cheer her on and she resumes imagining what it would be like as the episode ends...

45- "Santa-san wo Sukue!" ("Help Santa!")

(サンタさんを救え!) ("Saving Santa")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 45

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 45

Airdate: December 19, 1999

The ojamajo are decorating the Maho-do for Christmas as an angry Doremi asks why they have to do this. Aiko claims that Majorika is just taking advantage of the holiday. Majorika admits to it and points out that they need to do whatever they can in order to get more business. After Doremi accuses her of being greedy, Majorika claims that Doremi should be willing to work harder since it's her fault she is like this anyway. Hazuki calms everyone down by pointing out that Christmas is supposed to be a happy time. Lala then asks where Pop is and Doremi informs them that she'll be busy over the next couple of days, so she wouldn't be coming. Meanwhile, Pop and her friends set off to try to find Santa. They stop at a bench, wondering if they will find him this year as Pop claims to know how he operates. She explains that Santa somehow manages to secretly sneak into town to see everyone and learns about what they want. She then decides their break is over an they set off again!

Almost evening now, the ojamajo leave the maho-do when they noticed a cute display for the holiday. Doremi then notices a banner for a Mini-concert Onpu is going to be holding and Hazuki explains that it was probably set up there to draw more attention to the shopping district. This inspires Doremi to perhaps do the same for the Maho-do, but Hazuki and Aiko deny the idea. They continue on home when Doremi accidentally walks right into an elder man. He claims to be alright, but seems very weak and coughs a lot. He passes them by while Aiko lextures Doremi to be more careful. As the man leaves, Doremi notices that he dropped something and goes to return it.

He thanks Doremi and takes off as Pop and her friends approach. Doremi stops them to scold Pop, since she claimed she would have been busy and couldn't work. Pop and her friends then inform her, Aiko, and Hazuki that they were trying to find the true santa claus since they had to tell him something very important. Doremi calls this foolish while claiming that Santa would never wander on the streets like this, much to their anger and they leave in a huff, even more focused to find Santa Claus now!

The following day, the ojamajo are back at work and have been bored all day. They've not had any business at all.

Meanwhile, Pop and her friends are still on the look out and have no luck. That is, until one of them spots Onpu. They all run over as Pop angrily reminds them about Santa Claus, but her words go unnoticed. Onpu doesn't really know the boys but recognizes Pop and greets her before asking if they came to watch her concert. Pop explains what they're really doing as her friends hide behind her. Then they take off as Onpu questions the idea to herself.

Later that day the ojamajo take off from work and see the old man from the previous day slumped down nearby. They bring him inside to get some water while trying to hide Majorika... who happens to bounce right in front of him when she falls off of the above floor!

They panic until the man points out what Majorika really is, much to everyones shock. Majorika realizess he is truly Santa, and the elderly man explains that he is really skinny because of a severe cold he's gotten recently. But since it's still Christmas he has to work and he spent an entire year gathering the information he needed to find out what every child wants. The book Doremi gave him was a list, so he has to get back to get the presents. He gets up to leave but they notice he's not in any condition to work, so they volunteer to help him out. But since they all have family plans to attend to, and he also waits until everyone is sleeping to deliver presents, he lets them go home first.

Sometime before her concert, the ojamajo confront Onpu and inform her that they need some help delivering presents for Santa. Doremi asks Onpu for help and she agrees... only to inform them that she has too many plans to help. She has to give her concert, then do an interview right after. Someone calls for Onpu and she takes off, leaving the frustrated Ojamajo behind. At the Harukaze household, Doremi critisizes the "steak made out of chicken" dinner her mom prepared for the family when she notices how upset Pop looks. She doesn't say anything until after dinner when she informs Pop that she met Santa, and that they need to help deliver presents. Pop begs to come and at first Doremi scolds her, only to see how upset she looks again and she agrees to it, but warns Pop not to fall asleep... but of course she did and when she tries to wake her little sister up, she recieves quite a beat down for it...

In the maho-do backyard, Santa transforms into his normal gear while summoning his sleigh with a special bell. The ojamajo have also transformed into their apprentice outfits. Everyone gets into the sleigh and he steers them to Santa Land while they admire the evening sky and scenery below them.

Upon arrival, they question the fact there are a whole bunch of Santa's in the building. Santa informs them that these are the only Santa that look over Misora City and prepare the gifts. Plenty of other places like this are also located around the world. He then shows them the present maker and notes that there seems to be a jam in the system. Santa asks about it and the others believe it can't be fixed, it just wont move. While all of the Santa Claus' mope and morn the struggle they had gone through, the ojamajo try to help get the giant present maker to work again by casting magical stage!

It manages to work and everyone cheers and begins to resume working. But as a result of being a little late, they have to work double as fast just to get all of the presents ready. Santa asks the ojamajo for help sorting and organizing all of the presents and they plan to use magic until realizing they ran out of magic spheres...

Meanwhile at home, Onpu finds a note left to her from her mother, explaining that she had some things to do and wouldn't be home until late and her dad wont be home at all. But she left some dinner for Onpu in the microwave and ends the note. Onpu sits down and instead of touching the food, she thinks about the others and how they asked her for help.

Back at Santa Land, the ojamajo work on bagging the toys using their hands with the Santa Claus' while lamenting the fact they can't go any faster. They suddenly hear a new voice, asking what they have to do before realizing it's Onpu!

Onpu casts her magic and makes all of the presents begin to bag themselves while everyone catches the now full present bags while Onpu hops off of her broom. As she comments on the land of Santas, Doremi approaches to thank her for coming to their aid. She explains that she had some free time so she just decided to come and help out. Santa approaches to thank the ojamajo and asks them to help now deliver presents to make sure they can get them all sent out in time. After they agree, the Santa Land units split up to different parts of Misora and begin delivering presents while each ojamajo take one bag of presents and Santa Claus has a couple of his own and they all split up as well.

As Doremi goes to deliver one final present, she comes to see Pop sound asleep and is still kind of angry about what happened. She begins to mock Pop until seeing how sad she still is, since she didn't get to find Santa. The other ojamajo and Santa have all finished and they find Doremi standing outside of the window. She asks Santa if there would be anyway he could meet Pop, given how much she wanted to see him but he tells her it's actually forbidden for Santa to meet children. The ojamajo then try to offer up their own presents, along with Majorika's in hopes of getting him to reconsider. So Santa decides to cast a spell of his own. While he can't meet Pop in his real form, he can allow it in her, and her friends dreams.

In the dream, Pop and her friends run into Santa. He speaks to them and embraces the young children as they talk with him. They thank him for bringing them presents and the dream comes to an end...

Having finished for good now, the Santa's thank the ojamajo for all of their help. As the ojamajo explain how much fun they had, they nose a bunch of glowing petals starting to rain down on them and realize it's from the witch queen and her carriage. She thanks them for helping the Santas and as a reward, she gives them each their next certification sphere. She then takes off after they thank her and she wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

As they claim this Christmas to be the best, it suddenly begins to snow and happily admire it as the entire town of Misora recieves the wonderful white blanket of snow and the episode comes to an end...

46- "Majo no Kakushi Geidaikai!" ("The Witches' Talent Show")

(魔女のかくし芸大会!) ("Just Like Magic")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 46

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 46

Airdate: December 26, 1999

The ojamajo come into the Maho-do to find a very disturbing sight: Majorika and Majoruka in revealing samba outfits!

When the ojamajo laugh at them, Majorika yells and begins to explain that every year a special talent show is held. Lala adds that the winner can ask the Queen to grant one of her wishes. It's then Dela arrives with news of when the next exam will be held. Majorika asks them to wait, but Dela explains that it can't since the exam is part of the Talent Show!

When Doremi tries to ask her about the level three exam, Dela informs her that it will take place at the same time and she leaves. The ojamajo decide to also leave while Majorika yells at them.

As they walk home, the girls try to find of talents they may be able to perform when Hazuki suggests that maybe they could ask their parents for ideas. Keisuke suggests some imitations, such as using an umbrella to be a snail. While Baaya tries to show Hazuki a trick of her own, but Baaya messes up. Hazuki claims it to be fine, then Baaya reveals the special object that's been passed down in the Fujiware family. Meanwhile, Kouji shows Aiko a little dance consisting of shoving sticks up his nose and holding a small basket. When this fails, he shows her some neat tricks with a string but accidentally tangles it...

On the way to school the ojamajo discuss their possible ideas. As they reach class, the ojamajo find some students watching the classes most talented student, Michiaki Watabe as he shows Kimura and Kotake a card trick. He also shows them a coin trick and everyone applauds him. Doremi asks him if he could teach them some magic but he refuses. Kotake and Kimura explain that if he just taught them how to do it, it wouldn't be as special. Kotake also believes Doremi could never do it...

While the ojamajo leave school, Hazuki recalls that she needs some pencils so they stop by a nearby shop full of supplies. At the counter, a man startles the girls but manages to change their shock into amaze as he uses magic to change the pencils into crayons, then colored pencils. As they question it, Michiaki appears to inform his dad that he'll look after the shop while he's injured. Michiaki's father takes his leave and the ojamajo note how much Michiaki is like his dad. In terms of personality and magical tricks. They notice a poster on the nearby wall and Michiaki explains that because he couldn't go this year to perform, so he's going to take his dad's place. Aiko and Doremi see the advantage in this and they volunteer, with Hazuki, to be his assistants.

Michiaki gives in with no other choice and they go outside to see if they can learn his magic. Hazuki isn't able to do it right but she is able to make the little balls all vanish at once.... only because she dropped them...

They then try turning a stick into a set of flowers, pouring water in a hat, then stop to take a break in order to make a nice sign for the magic show while Hazuki sews a costume to help Michiaki. Then they resume learning new tricks. Throughout the course of the next few days, they practice their magic until eventually Michiaki mentions that the following day will be the show. He plans to make Aiko the MC, Hazuki his assistant, and... he actually has no role for Doremi. So he makes her the stage manager. Aiko (speaking momentary english) announces Michiaki to the big audience that has gathered to watch the show. As he starts off doing well, Doremi is in the background lamenting the bad deal she got. Realizing that being a stage manager basically means nothing. It's then she notices something seems wrong with one of the tricks, only to see that the doves that are supposed to be in the hat have escaped!

Doremi tries to warn them but they can't hear her, so she transforms and casts magic in hopes of getting the doves back into the hat. But her magic ends up releasing plenty of doves. Doremi is then forced to use magic in order to make the flags come out of the top hat, and to make water come out of the fan. While the tricks are pleasing everyone, Michiaki isn't very happy knowing how wrong they are and he walks off of the stage. So Aiko calls a break for the moment and the ojamajo go backstage to help him.

While Michiaki laments how bad things have been going, he is very stressed over the fact that he's never had such bad luck before, and he'll also be attempting a trick he's never performed in front of an audience. Doremi manages to convince Michiaki to at least try by pointing out what he and his dad usually say all of the time. The show resumes and they tie Michiaki up and he gets into a giant chest that Hazuki locks. With his magical abilities, he disappears. Only to reveal himself to be in a giant ball. The tricked worked!

When the show ends, the ojamajo leave for the witches talent show with ideas of things they can do. To her surprise, Aiko comments on how all of the witches are drunk and they see Majorika and Majoruka dancing with a bunch of other witches. None of them seem very pleased however...

A few other witches perform, and they also give them a hard time. The ojamajo believe this to be mean, but a witch points out that any witch can do these things, so it isn't very special. As the ojamajo panic, the MC witch announces that its now the ojamajo's turn to perform. They get onto stage and panic over what the do still, until Doremi suggest they just quit. Aiko thinks it'd be better also, since they can re-take the exam another time. That is, until they hear the witches growing annoyed and they throw a fuss. This angers her, so she decides they can't just quit now. She pulls out the rope/string that her father had been playing with the previous night and begins to show the witches the neat trick her dad tried to attempt the previous night.

As they can't perform this talent, the witches are shown being very impressed by Aiko's talent and she walks off of the stage. At first Hazuki is unsure of what she could do, until she remembers the strange "family passed down" item. A box that will allow her to turn her head around once. As Doremi asks how she could do it, Aiko explains how the trick works to her. With both of them having passed, Doremi is even more dedicated to passing this exam and she walks on stage. She then proceeds to show them a very simple trick, making it look as if she's stretching her finger. The witch are very amazed by this, despite it not being very impressive in reality and everyone applauds the ojamajo for a job well done.

As they walk off of stage, Mota and Motamota meet up with them and they inform the ojamajo that they passed the test. They even win the talent show and the Queen thanks them for maming the witches happy. They use their wish to make Doremi a level 2 witch with them and the episode comes to an end as she thanks them!

47- "Otō-chan no Omiai" ("Father's Arranged Marriage Meeting")

(お父ちゃんのお見合い) ("The Date Crasher")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 47

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 47

Airdate: January 2, 2000

Before he leaves for work, Kouji speaks with his boss who wishes for him to meet a young woman he believes Kouji would be perfect for. He heads home, where Aiko comments on his timing and how much busier he tends to be during the New Years. But this is because he drives a lot of people that want to pray at the shrine for the new year. They sit to eat and he compliments on how nice it all looks. To which Aiko points out that she got them on a really big sale and she's sure the food tastes really good. She then goes to get him some wine as he eats, then sits down also.

The breakfast begins to go badly as Aiko notices a photo inside a folder near her dad and she asks about the woman. He tries to tell her but she snaps at him and yells until he claims he was trying to find a way to refuse the woman, since his boss was forcing her onto him. They make jokes until Aiko realizes how late it is. She has to meet Doremi and Hazuki around eleven, so she takes her leave.

And so, the ojamajo pray to the shrine and take their leave. Hazuki and Doremi go to get fortunes as Aiko prays for her dad as well. Doremi is upset since she got a bad fortune, but she is cheered up when Aiko and Hazuki convince her to only believe in good luck. Aiko then discretely reveals to Doremi and Hazuki about her dads arranged marriage meeting, but she informs them that he also wants out of it and since she prayed, they'll be fine.

Pop comes by with her parents, as well as the Fujiwara's. The parents reveal that they came to pick up the girls to take them out to eat for today, but Aiko refuses the invite while saying she didn't want her dad to be alone. So after she leaves, everyone else leaves to go eat. They pass Aiko and don't notice her hiding behind one of the booths. Aiko meanwhile, decides they can go visit Majorika and Lala. At the Maho-do, Majoruka and Majorika are already drunk. Majoruka claims to be envious of Majorika, since Onpu never bothered to wish her a new year and she also refused to work for her that day. Hehe and Lala watch this as Aiko chows down on some food. Lala and Hehe discuss Aiko's problem. Lala believes Aiko should follow her own feelings but Hehe thinks things would be easier if her dad had a new wife, and she also thinks Aiko may be selfish since she's trying to keep her dad to herself. But Lala claims its okay since Aiko is a child and she calls Hehe irresponsible. But when Hehe calls Lala old and Lala insults her revealing attire, they try to kill each other. Majorika and Majoruka have also passed out at this point. So Aiko decides to take her leave.

On her way home, Aiko thinks about how she had caught her mother with a baby, then thinks about what Hehe said while wondering if maybe she has been really selfish. At home, she and her dad are sitting down for dinner when she realizes that the drink is empty, so she makes more for him. As she does so, she suggests that he goes to the meeting, revealing to him that she saw her mom, but hadn't talked to her. She then claims that her mother remarried and had a baby, much to his shock. But he makes a small joke about it, though still seems a little surprised and he instead changes subject...

That night, he comes to Aiko's bedroom to find her still awake. He agrees to go and meet the woman, since there isn't any returning to the past at this rate, given that her mothers remarried. Aiko claims to be fine with it, since he can't really see her and they both go to bed...

The following day, Aiko appears at the Maho-do, dressed up to go with her dad to meet the woman he would be marrying if the meeting goes well. Aiko tries to claim she's fine with it, looking at the advantages of the situation but Hazuki and Doremi aren't really convinced she's okay. It's then Hazuki asks Aiko if she's really sure the baby is her mom's, but Aiko claims it has to be. When Hazuki points out it may have just been the neighbors, Aiko begins to worry. Lala scolds her for not checking this to begin with and Aiko points out they don't have the time to go all the way back to Osaka to check.

Majorika, no longer drunk, comes over and she offers to check using a crystal ball, after scolding the ojamajo for not thinking of her to begin with. The crystal ball reveals that Aiko's mother is alone, about to eat when someone knocks at her door. A neighbor asks to borrow something and the ojamajo recognize the baby she's holding, it isn't Aiko's mothers at all!

Aiko quickly runs away to try to get her dad before he goes into the meeting and Majorika gives Doremi and Hazuki permission to follow her, stating that she'll just call Pop to come to the shop. At the meeting location, Aiko clears everything up with her dad, but he insists that he can't cancel the meeting at the last second, since it would look badly with his boss. He then goes inside to change while Aiko makes a plan to make the woman hate her so much, she wont want to marry into the family. Hazuki and Doremi agree to help and the meeting goes underway...

At the table is Kouji, Aiko, the woman (Midori), her family, his boss, and his wife. At the suggestion to get to know Midori, he asks her about hobbies and so-on as Aiko angrily watches and she begins to act offensively, insisting its okay. But she doesn't realize that Midori actually seems to like how Aiko is acting, as she prefers honesty. This makes Aiko worry and Doremi sees someone carrying a plate nearby and uses magic to spill it. The waitress apologizes and Kouji goes to clean up and comes back wearing a suit. Midori is happy and she mentions that she likes men who wear suits. So Hazuki tries to cast a spell this time to make him tell really bad jokes!

Unfortuantly... Midori likes the jokes too! As Aiko and Doremi panic, Doremi yells at Hazuki since she finds the joke funny also. The wife of Kouji's boss points out that Kouji and Midori may have trouble speaking to one-another with everyone there, so her parents, the boss, and his wife decide to give them a little privacy. Aiko is also asked to stay behind and they walk off. Aiko then excuses herself to go to the bathroom and she scolds Doremi and Hazuki for messing up. So she transforms in order to handle it herself.

Meanwhile, Midori and Kouji discuss his divorce. Midori promises that if they were to marry, she would quit her job in order to stay at home. Aiko finds this mood too difficult, so she casts a spell to make all of the fish in the pond jump out to surprise them. But it has a reverse effect, yet again...

It's then Onpu appears. She reveals to them that she came because of an interview and photoshoot, but they just finished. She then critisizes the location of their magic as Aiko notices her dad and Midori walk off and she explains the problem. Onpu finds it a little funny and she claims Aiko should just change Midori's feelings with magic, then offers to do it for them since Aiko isn't being very honest with her true feelings. Much to Doremi and Hazuki's shock, Aiko agrees to it. BUT she decides she wont use magic to do it, instead she'll use her words and just honestly tell them how she feels about the situation.

Midori and Kouji resume their walk while they now discuss Aiko. Before she can say something, Aiko suddenly arrives and honestly admits that she likes Midori, but she thinks they would be happier with her mom, and she knows that her dad still cares about her anyway. She apologizes for not being honest to begin with and Kouji embaraces Aiko. Midori is a little sad but she understands how they feel and she willingly agrees to step out of the proposal. Aiko thanks her for being so nice and Midori takes her leave. While they're okay with everything, his boss is quite angry with him and storms off. Aiko then points out how perfect Midori was for Kouji, and he admits that he liked her a lot. But they know they both want Aiko's mother back, so they end up laughing about the situation. Aiko then says Midori could find someone better, causing her dad to chase her around as the other three ojamajo watch the scene and the episode comes to an end...

48- "Onpu no Mēru wa Rabu Retā?" ("Onpu's E-Mail was a Love Letter?")

(おんぷのメールはラブレター?) ("Geek Love")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 48

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 48

Airdate: January 9, 2000

Today in school, Seki-sensei is trying to show her class how to send emails and work a computer. But she struggles to do so and the guide book she was given isn't helping at all. She grows more annoyed while trying to figure out if anyone in the class actually knows. Hazuki denies this while Onpu points out they have a computer. But Doremi tells her that Oyajide isn't really a computer, just an old man. It's then one of the classmates, Nakata Goji offers to show everyone after he mentions that he has his own computer that his dad gave to him sometime back. So within a matter of seconds, he shows the class how computers work, and how to send email and what exactly it is. While everyone is impressed, he only cares that Onpu seems to be impressed with this and is very happy when Seki-sensei asks her to try next.

Eventually the class ends. As he prepares to shut off the computer, Kotake asks him about the other things people can do on computers. He takes out a disc that contains pictures and music Onpu has made. He also shows them the feature of providing voices to make a photo album in it. Much to everyone's shock, when they learn Onpu has visited Hawaii before, they go to ask her about it.

Later on, Nakata leaves to head for home when he comes by Onpu. He tries to talk to her but it turns out she didn't even notice him since Kotake ends up intercepting so that he could ask more questions about Hawaii...

At Majoruka's office, Hehe informs onpu that she has gotten a whole bunch of e-mails and Majoruka lectures her that she should respond to them since her fans personally sent them. But Onpu doesn't see the point and points out that she doesn't know how to use a computer, and also that the website was put up by the company. Onpu then leaves and tells Majoruka to do it if she cares so much. Since Majoruka can't do it, Hehe does it instead. But mischevious little Hehe doesn't want to waste time trying to type, so she makes her own message and then copies the letter so that everyone who sent a letter gets the same one.

Meanwhile, Nakata recieves said letter from "Onpu" and becomes very happy, thinking she may wish to meet him in private. The letter asks him to meet with her at Misora Park, so he wastes no time preparing.

Onpu leaves work where plenty of fans have lined up to see her. Onpu is highly confused by something one of the boys mentions and after she gets into the vehicle, she comments on how something seems wrong suddenly...

The following day, Oyajide demands that the ojamajo use today to find every single remaining cursed card before noon. He then reveals why, then shows the Ojamajo the letter he got. They find this very strange and question if its real or not, pointing out that it seems kind of off from how Onpu really is. Oyajide doesn't believe them however, and asks them to bring him to the park instead. The ojamajo decide they will go to investigate when they come across Nakata and question why he's dressed up today. He reveals the letter from Onpu, which only gets them even more suspicious. He talks with them about how much he likes Onpu before taking off when he realizes the time. This makes the Ojamajo think Oyajide was only lying until the Ojamajo find a WHOLE bunch of boys lined up and waiting...

In a fit of anger, the ojamajo rush to Majoruka's office to find Onpu casually drinking tea. They question her about why she's just sitting there, to which Onpu explains it was because of Hehe. But what really upsets the ojamajo is that she doesn't care about the fans, but this is because she can just erase their memories. Majoruka is worried that something bad would happen if Onpu used forbidden magic on that many people but she doesn't really care. Aiko then grabs Onpu and leads her to the park as the ojamajo offer to help her somehow.

As the ojamajo arrive to the park, they see that a lot of the boys are becoming impatient and angry, getting tired of waiting for Onpu to show up. Hazuki suggests Onpu should just apologize, but Onpu doesn't see how it's possible since it wasn't her fault. Suddenly, Doremi gets an idea and she and Hazuki transform in hopes of disbanding all of the boys while Onpu and Aiko watch.

Eventually, the boys end up chasing Doremi and Hazuki around the park, except for Nakata who stands and tries to figure out what the heck is going on. Onpu then attempts to erase their memories and Aiko interupts her and tells her that she shouldn't do this. This gets Onpu angry with Aiko and she demands to know why she's so insisting to help her when it has nothing to do with her at all. After Aiko points out how much her fans care about her, Onpu stops to reconsider when suddenly they hear the boys nearby. But before they get caught, Majoruka shows up and casts a time stopping spell. Onpu decides to just leave before they get caught but the ojamajo yell at her for it and try to convince her to stay while Majoruka tries telling her to leave.

By the time the spell ends, Onpu decides she'll just apologize and hopefully solve the problem at hand. So she changes back to normal before confronting the group of boys. She admits that she never actually read their emails and because she doesn't know how to use a computer, she had asked an employee to respond instead. After she apologizes, Onpu offers to make up to them by holding an autograph session. The boys all seem happy and accept her apology, though Nakata is still deeply hurt by the turn of events, so he takes off.

As the ojamajo watch, they decide to try to find Nakata upon noticing he left. In a fit of anger, he throws the disc of Onpu's photography and music away and walks away, claiming not to care anymore. As the disc oddly lands, the ojamajo realize that the disc has a cursed item in it! That's the reason he never managed to speak to Onpu!

So using magical stage, the ojamajo remove the cursed object from the disc. After removing it, the ojamajo take the disc back to Nakata but he claims that he doesn't like Onpu anymore. But after the ojamajo claim he gives up too easily, and how unfair he's being, Nakata takes the disc back while thinking it over. The ojamajo then take their leave...

The following day at school, Nakata arrives to see Onpu putting her shoes away. She is about to take off as he manages to say something to her. Onpu smiles and greets him good morning before she leaves. The episode comes to an end as Nakata happily cheers that he was able to speak to Onpu.

49- "Papa ni Aeru! Yume wo Noseta Shindai Tokkyū" ("I Want to Meet Papa! The Dream Placed on the Overnight Express")

(パパに会える! 夢を乗せた寝台特急) ("Train a Comin'")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 49

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 49

Airdate: January 16, 2000

One day in class the ojamajo overhear a bunch of their male classmates discussing some trains. Suddenly when Onpu begins to show her vast knowledge regarding this brand new train, the boys are left in awe, while the ojamajo are quite surprised to think their rival may be a total train fanatic. Though Onpu is quick to disarm this by explaining her dad is the driver. On their way home, Onpu is busy reading over the role of a girl she will be trying out for in a new role when her mom mentions the girl is the younger sister of a boy that will be played by a very popular boy actor/idol, Akihiro Matsuzawa. Onpu promises to try her best for the sake of this boy and by the time they get home, she notices a message from her father and sits down to listen to it.

He informs them that he will be the conductor for this brand new trains first ride. He bought tickets for Onpu and her mother, so he hopes they can come. This makes Onpu extra happy for both her father, and the fact she'll finally get to see him but Miho points out she has to work that day so she won't be able to go. But Onpu wants to go no matter what she she claims she will be fine to go by herself.

Later that day, Onpu is by herself while the ojamajo walk by and happen to spot her. They notice she seems sad and approach to ask if anything is wrong. Onpu claims to be fine, then she explains the good news to them. She also mentions that it's been a couple of months since she's last seen her father, and while he makes occasional visits at home, she's usually working and misses him. So this occasion is very important. With this said, she takes off.

Sometime later, Onpu is waiting in the room where all of the girls auditioning are waiting. A girl suddenly drops one of the cups, causing the others to look at her momentarily before she heads outside to practice until her turn comes up. It's there Onpu happens to come by her and begins to speak to Karen and compliments her for how well she's doing so far. Karen introduces herself to Onpu before she admits how nervous she is at the time. However, she really wants to win this role since it's special to her. Onpu leaves the room as she tries to encourage Karen by claiming she'll win the role over her. It's then both girls are called to come in for their turns to audition.

A while later, Onpu receives mention that she has made it to the final auditions and she and her mother happy celebrate!

The following day, the ojamajo come to Onpu to speak to her about passing the first rounds of audition. As Doremi asks if she could get the boys autograph, Onpu explains she has to wait until she wins the final tryout, this Saturday. Hazuki points out that Onpu's dad was supposed to come that day, but Onpu has until 6:00 pm. She's sure she can finish by then and still make it on time.

Because of how much they care about Onpu, the ojamajo decide they will cheer for her. Onpu then decides she will invite them since its going to be a live, broadcasting event. Which means there will be an audience to watch!

Come audition day, the ojamajo arrive and comment on how many people have shown up. But they understand since this role is apparently very popular, as is the boy. Everyone wants to see who the lucky girl will be to play his sister. The ojamajo are sure Onpu will win but they worry she may resort to using magic to cheat and assure her win.

Onpu meanwhile, is about to leave when she's stopping by Karen. She explains that because she listened to Onpu, she managed to make it here. Onpu approaches her and makes it clear that neither girl wants to lose this. But only one of them can win it. As the stage lights begin to go out, they head backstage while Karen talks about her father to Onpu. She explains that he always got nervous before he auditioned and because he always failed he never got any decent roles. He used to take her to watch the sunset on the skybridge when she was little, to which Onpu comments on it before she continues on.

About three years ago he got a chance to appear in the drama version of this thing they had been auditioning for today. But before the shooting could begin, he got very ill and had been bedridden. Then eventually he passed away...

That's why Karen wants to win this role. For the sake of her father and in hopes of making his dream come true. Eventually it's Onpu's turn to try out. She does amazing, like everyone figured. But as she goes back stage she sees her mother, who announces that she has to leave now. She worries momentarily about leaving Onpu on her own but she assures her she would be fine, so she says farewell to her mother before noticing Karen hiding. She is then forced onto stage and Onpu continues to watch her before realizing Karen is struggling to start.

She leaves and goes high up, near the ceiling of the building and transforms. She waits momentary before using magic to cast a spell on Karen to help her audition. With this spell, not noticed by anyone other then the ojamajo, Karen begins her turn, now no longer frightened about making mistakes.

Unknown to Onpu, her magic charm that kept her safe from using forbidden magic has shattered. But she doesn't seem to think much about it as she's more concerned for Karen at the moment. She does notice she's out of magic spheres, but Onpu knows she'll make it to see her dad, so she's okay.

It's announced that only Onpu and Karen shall be going into the finals of the final audition, and only one of them will get to win this role!

As she walks along one of the hallways Onpu notices the time and comments on how late it's getting. She stops for a moment to think about if she will make it in time to see her dad or not, but she's forced to stop when she notices Karen. Karen greets her, then goes on to say how unbelievable it is to go against someone as talented as Onpu. But she's looking forward to it, as is Onpu. After both of the girls finish, it's announced that Karen has won the role. Onpu isn't saddened by it however and she instead quickly leaves to change and tries to run to get to her father on time. But as she does, she accidentally falls down a set of stairs, knocking over a trashcan that sat nearby. As she slowly forces herself up, Onpu knows it's too late. There's less then ten minutes left and she's out of magic spheres.

The ojamajo run by, trying to locate her when they find her in the hallway where she fell. They try to convince her she has time but Onpu reveals the problem to them. The ojamajo get angry with her when she reveals she used magic on Karen, but they cheer up when it's revealed it was to help her out, not cheat. So in order to help Onpu they tell her to leave for the train station and cast magical stage!

Onpu makes it to the train station just as it takes off...

She's missed her dad...

Suddenly, when she turns around Onpu realizes she's on the train! She looks around, then notices the ojamajo outside near one of the windows before she has one of the workers bring her to her dad, who is waiting for her. Onpu thanks the ojamajo for helping her as they fly away from the train, happy they got to help Onpu as the episode comes to an end...

50- "Saigo no Minarai Majo Shiken" ("The Last Witch Apprentice Exam")

(最後の見習い魔女試験) ("The Final Test")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 50

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 50

Airdate: January 23, 2000

One late evening, Lala awakens to find Majorika still awake. She comes to where she is and points out how late it is, asking her why she is still awake. They both begin discussing how the ojamajo finally have their last exam, then Majorika will no longer be a witch frog. Lala points out that they may not pass, but Majorika claims she has faith in them anyway and knows they will pass.

Meanwhile, the ojamajo struggle to fall asleep...

The following day the girls are trying to work but find it difficult as they are all half-asleep. A customer grows flustered by their behavior, but Pop only apologizes for all of the noise as the woman leaves with her bought items. On the upper-floor, Lala worriedly comments on how badly they are doing today. However, Majorika could care less. She's too concentrated on becoming a normal witch again.

Soon lunch comes along and everyone sits down to eat. They seem to feel better, but it shortly lasts as Dela, Mota, and Motamota appear out of Majorika's lunchbox. As they are asked why they are there, the witches explain that today they will be taking their final exam. At first, they think they are okay since it's to be taken tonight, though they are informed it isn't going to be tonight, it has to take place today. Much to everyones shock since Dela didn't tell them like she was supposed to!

They rush outside to close the shop and find Onpu waiting for them. She greets them and it's explained that she is going to be taking her exam with them too. So the girls transform before they go to the Maho-do's backyard to discuss what they will have to do for their level 1 exam. The witches explain that they will have to use magic to commit a good deed for someone, and recieve a thank you. They have to get it before sun down and they cannot use their magic to force someone to thank them.

They are then allowed to start and they think it will be very easy. Onpu splits from the group and they all choose to do the same, in hopes of moving things along faster. Doremi comes by an older man who has left his cap behind as he boards a bus. She uses her magic to bring it to him when he gets off of the bus and she changes back to normal to greet him and show him the cap. But he makes a joke about her casting magic, causing Doremi to panic and begin to leave. So she doesn't get her thanks...

Aiko comes by a woman who has accidentally let go of her carriage her baby is in and she calls for help, in hopes of someone stopping it before the baby is injured or pushed into traffic. She manages to stop the carriage, but recieves no thanks for the deed. Meanwhile, Hazuki offers to help a woman who was trying to pick up all of the trash someone has littered the park with. The woman goes to watch her grandchild play for a while as she does this and Hazuki quickly gets to work. By the time Hazuki finishes, the woman and grandaughter come by to see she's done. They thank her and leave on their way, which makes Hazuki very happy!

Until she realizes she didn't use magic...

Onpu comes by to notice a little boy fussing with his mother. He cries and gripes about wanting some peropero candy, but his mother refuses to let him have any. Onpu uses her magic to summon the lollipop to see if he would want it, and while the woman appreciates the gesture, she doesn't let her son accept it and explains that he can't have the candy because he had to go to the dentist. This agitates Onpu but she decides to have the lollipop herself, until she's swarmed by some fanboys Pop's age...

And so, the girls try hard to pass their final exam but it's no use. Hazuki accidentally burns out a flame a guy was using to grill fish, Aiko and Doremi chase after a bird and Doremi bangs right into a structural piece!

Doremi cries about her scraped knee upon landing on the ground and a young boy brings her a bandage. After he takes off, Aiko shows up in witch form and critisizes Doremi. Doremi transforms and the two girls take off. Unknown to the two of them, a certain classmate happened to see it...

After they leave, the girl, Shimakura runs to the nearest phone boot to call Tamaki, who was out at the villa playing tennis at the time. She finds this hard to believe until she witnesses Hazuki fly by and she quickly passes the message to the schools class represenitive, who comments that he happened to see Onpu fly by. Eventually the message passes along to all of the students, and even some parents. Though for some the message gets a little mixed up...

The ojamajo regroup to reveal that they all have failed so far. They notice it's getting very late in the day, so they don't have very much time left and they're all down to only one magic sphere each. They decide to just fly back into the city since it's getting so late but happen to see a poor baby fox in the river!

Without a second thought Doremi dives down and casts a spell to save it. Hazuki then uses her magic to summon a fire to warm the fox, and Aiko summons a towel for it. After Onpu realizes that something is still wrong with it she summons a bottle of milk. After the little fox has finished the milk, it sees its mother and leaves with it. The girls watch and happily say farewell to it as it makes cute little noises at them as thanks for the help.

The girls leave and realize that now that the sun has set, they failed their exam. Doremi points out they can always try again and Onpu believes they did the right thing despite failing. Suddenly, the four ojamajo are joined by Mota and Motamota, who shockingly reveal they passed!

The girls question this and the two witches explain that the baby fox had thanked them for saving it and tending to it until its mother showed up. Even if it wasn't a human, it did thank them and they saved it. Therefore, they passed. The makes the ojamajo very happy!

The ojamajo, yousei, and their witch frog tutors head to the witch world. Where the witch queen gives them their final certification sphere, which transforms the little bottle into a strange crystal. They have earned their crystal balls. The witch queen informs the girls they will be witches from this day on and congradulates them for all of their hard work and tells them to continue their hard work in order to grow their crystal balls. Majorika is very happy by the turn of events and mentions that she will give them some witch clothing to celebrate.

Meanwhile, Miho, Onpu's mother is on her way home when she runs into Shimakura. She tries to get some information while a lot of the classmates head on over to the Maho-do. It's then Haruka gets a call from Hazuki's mother, Reiko, and she is informed that Doremi has been kidnapped. As more students begin to form, the parents are all forming together, alarmed that their daughters have been kidnapped by some evil person and are being held prisoner in the Maho-do!

As Haruka goes to leave, Pop tries to get information from her mother but she wont tell her anything. So instead of staying home, as told, she chases after her mother in hopes of stopping the adults from finding anything out.

As everyone is rushing over, the ojamajo are on their way back to the Maho-do while discussing how wonderful it feels to be witches now. Doremi and the others are also happy that Onpu didn't cast a forbidden spell in order to make herself pass the exam so easily. They ask her how she feels and she comments that she feels nice, which makes them extra happy!

By now the students, classmates, and parents are all reaching the maho-do. Pop silently prays that they have returned by now, but when the parents manage to get inside, they don't find anything bizarre or strange. But they don't see their daughters either. Pop panics while trying to convince them that everything is okay but it's no use. Haruka and the adults happen to come by a mysterious door and Pop tries to block them from it. As the door opens, she sees the four girls landing onto the ground!

The episode comes to an end while everyone stands still in shock....

51- "Sayōnara Mahōdō" ("Farewell House of Magic")

(さようならMΑHO堂) ("The Hardest Test of All")
Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 51

Ojamajo Doremi - Episode 51

Airdate: January 30, 2000

As everyone continues to stand in shock, Majoruka suggests they use magic in order to erase their memories but Majorika instantly shoots this down since Majoruka would get punished. However, with no other choice Onpu realizes she has no choice and she casts a spell to make everyone forget what they just witnessed. After everyone passes out, Onpu leaves and claims that everything is fine.

As she walks by, Pop notices that her charm that protected her from bad magic had broke. But as Majoruka questions this they hear something and rush into the room to find Onpu unconcious. As Majorika and Lala discuss what happened, they notice everyone is starting to wake up and they quickly change, including Onpu and realize that the spell actually worked. But when their parents realize something is wrong they quickly get Onpu to the hospital. Seki-sensei comes out of the hospital room to inform the ojamajo that the doctors didn't find anything wrong, but Onpu was sleeping right now and they could only wait and see if she would wake up.

And so, the girls and parents decide to leave for the night since it can't be helped. At the maho-do, the ojamajo angrily complain about what has happened, and they're getting upset at the fact Onpu is in danger too. After they are ready to give up, Aiko simply suggests they go to visit the witch queen and talk to her. There must be a way she can help them... right?

The witch Queen informs the ojamajo that if Onpu doesn't wake up within twenty-four hours, she would be put into a coma that would last one hundred years. The ojamajo try to convince her to help Onpu but she can't go against the magical worlds rules. Doremi tries to convince the queen despite this and explains that Onpu only cast the forbidden magic to save everyone. She goes on to say that she has changed for the better since they met her, and when they begin to cry and explain how bad this is, the Queen finally decides that maybe they could do something after all. She tells them that if they use their crystal balls, they may get be able to wake her up, but since their crystal balls are still really weak, they may shatter instead. And if that happens, they don't get a second chance and they will have to just quit then and there.

The ojamajo leave once she informs them that they have only eighteen hours to decide on whether or not they're going to risk it. Majorika is less then happy however at yells at them for this, stating that Onpu only got what she deserved, given her evil intentions originally. But the ojamajo are still going to think about it, but not before Majorika demands she changes them back to normal first.

They agree, though Doremi threatens not to when she gives her an attitude instead of just being quiet. Doremi casts the spell and much to everyone's shock she changes back to normal!

....only to then return back into her witch frog form....

Nobody understands why the spell didn't work until they consider their crystal balls may just be too small to cause her to change back yet. Majorika angrily tells the girls that they can't give up being witches yet, otherwise she's be forced to stay like this. But saying no more, everyone leaves to go back home and think it over. The girls find it hard to make a decision as they tearfully realize if they give up being witches, this means they will have to seperate from everything. Including their yousei...

The following morning at school the girls notice that everyone in class can't seem to remember that previous day at all. But they happen to notice the girls are acting weird. Though they say nothing of it. After school the girls sneak into the hopsital room to see what has been going on so far, before they go back outside to think it over. They discuss why they originally wanted to become witches before realizing they would be okay without magic now, because they had each other to rely on.

So with this in mind, Hazuki casts a spell to freeze time in order to sneak back inside and take Onpu to the magical world. They come to the Maho-do to find Majorika, who informs them that she already knew they would do this. She had no say in it and she can't make them change their mind. So she tells them to hurry up since time is running out.

Meanwhile, Pop happens to see a news report that comments on Onpu's mysterious disappearance and she runs off to go find the others. At the Magical World, the ojamajo set Onpu down and they cast magical stage. At first it sreems to work until they realize their magic is beginning to fade and give out. Suddenly, someone else joins them and Pop appears, clumsily landing and joining the trio. They tell her she would have to give up being a witch apprentice if she does this but Pop doesn't care since she cares more about helping Onpu. So the foursome manage to drag the spell on for another moment until seeing it weaken again. The witch queen warns them to quit since their magic can't go on any longer, but they don't listen.

This proves sucessful as the magic suddenly gains more power and eventually causes Onpu to wake up. After she does, everyone begins to cry, happy that Onpu has woken up and that she is safe but also because they are sad to have to give up being witches...

The Witch Queen explains everything to Onpu before the girls line up so that she can take their crystall balls and taps off of them. Their porons also revert to their original instrucement stage and vanish. The Queen then drives them back to the human world using her carriage, as the girls can't fly anymore. She and Majorin say farewell to them and take off.

As the girls go into the Maho-do they find Majorika, Lala, and the other yousei busily packing up the shop. The girls are shocked by this until Majorika explains that she has no point staying there if she's never going to turn back to normal now, so she's going to leave for the Witch Frog village back in the witch world. When asked of Majoruka, Hehe, and Onpu's yousei, Roro, she explains that Majoruka had been very upset by the turn of events and left.

After everyone says their goodbyes, they leave the Maho-do while the credits start to play. Onpu apologizes fo what happened, but Doremi and the others assure her they would rather have her other magic any day. As the four girls leave, discussing what they will do now that they are no longer witches, the credits finish playing as a small dandelion puff floats around in the air.

Then, a single images pops up to inform all of the viewers to wait for the second season of Ojamajo Doremi to appear very soon!