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Nekogami Yaoyorozu
General Information
Type Anime
Created by FLIPFLOPs
Years on Air 2011
Episodes 12
Others 1 OVA

Japanese Title: 猫神やおよろず

English Title: The Everyday Tales of a Cat God


Nekogami Yaoyorozu is a story about a Cat God (nekogami) named Mayu who has been stripped of her rank and powers and banished from Takamagahara to live on Earth for illegal gambling. Koyama Yuzu is running an antique shop. Mayu ends up living in the antique shop called Yaoyorozudou with the girl called Yuzu. Mayu, is living off Yuzu and leads an idle life playing games. Lots of other gods visit Mayu and enjoy merrymaking.

The story revolves around the various antics the two get up to as they meet with various other gods and creatures from Japanese Mythology.

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