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Mirai Onna Ninja Ryan
Pac lninja ryan
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Masaru Okada
Years on Air 2005
Movies 1

Japanese Title: 未来女忍者ライアン

English Title: Future Ninja Girl Ryan

Airdate: July 22, 2005


The Fangs of Darkness, an international guerilla organization, attack people one after the other and change them into murderous ninjas. High School student Marika is also re-made into a blood-thirsty ninja called Lian. However, she escapes before a brainwashing chip is buried inside her, and is saved by Minako Honjo, an investigation agent of the National Security Organization. In order to exterminate the Fangs of Darkness, to get her body back to normal,she goes off to their hide-out, along with Minako... To her surprise, she finds that her best friend, Hidemi has also been changed and brainwashed into a killer ninja, Milian. The two girls stand confronting each other. Will Lian be able to wipe out the Fangs of Darkness and get her original body back?!

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