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Manpuku Shoujo Dragonette
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Konaka Kazuya
Years on Air 2010
Episodes 13

Japanese Title: 満福少女ドラゴネット

English Title: Full Health Girl Dragonet


Tsukasagi Maya (17), Tsukasagi Mei (16) and Tsukasa Runa (15) are 3 sisters of a high class. The three work as detectives in their Aunt's (Tuskasagi Tokuko) Detective Agency. At the same time, they help out their parents in a Chinese Restuaurant which they own. Cases for the girls range anywhere from solving mysterious accidents, to tracking down lost puppies.

But why are these 3 High School girls so good at what they do? It is because these 3 have a certain special power. The 3 are actually descendants of the RyuuZoku (Dragon Clan) and have the ability to transform into the "Ryuu Senshi (Dragon Warriors) Dragonette."

The 3 sisters who crack cases by using the maximum power of the RyuuZoku. However, a mysterious shadow has fallen over the 3 sisters...

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