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Mahou Tsukai

Nara Miso wo Kue!

General Information
Type Anime
Created by AIC
Years on Air 2012
Episodes 1

Japanese Title: 魔法使いなら味噌を喰え!

English Title: Eat miso if you are sorcerer!

Airdate: June 15, 2012


A world where the existence of magic has been known for a century as a mysterious power to rival science. However, the discovery of MISO — the Material of an Impediment to the Sorcerer's Orders — made magic into not a special power, but a technique that can be raised. One morning, while Shōta Hacchōya (a high school boy attending a magic academy) was tasting miso soup, a princess of Majieeru suddenly breaks in. Majieeru happens to be the birthplace of magic.

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