1- "Samī Daichi ni Tatsu!" ("First Contact")

Magical Project S - Episode 01

Magical Project S - Episode 01


Airdate: 4 October, 1996

It is a very special day in the magical kingdom of Juraihelm; the 208th queen is about to be chosen at the ascension ceremony. However, the ceremony is late to start — one of the three candidates has not arrived, and candidate Ramia is losing her patience. When the missing candidate, Tsunami, finally arrives, Ramia is positively outraged to discover that she was late because she had to water her flowers.

The ceremony begins, and each of the candidates must present their case for leadership to the royal council. Romio, the first candidate, proposes to continue the work of the previous queen. Ramia presents a comprehensive plan to reverse Juraihelm's declining population, increase public order, employ more armies and put a complaints box in the palace. Finally, Tsunami reveals her proposal; quite simply, to plant flowers throughout the whole kingdom. Ramia thinks she is a shoe-in for the crown, until the council decides that Tsunami is the best candidate for the queen of Juraihelm! Ramia and Romio are sent packing via convenient trapdoors beneath their feet, and Tsunami is presented with the crown. The council now explains that Tsunami must carry out an important task before she can be declared ruler. The balance of Gemini (a pair of scales that measure the flow of good and evil in the kingdom) has shifted towards evil since the death of the previous queen one year earlier, and Tsunami must choose a kindred spirit from planet Earth to do good deeds, ultimately restoring balance to Juraihelm. Tsunami has already selected a young girl by the name of Sasami Kawai...

Ramia returns home in a foul temper. After taking out her initial frustrations on the furniture and her unfortunate younger brother Rumiya, she calms down enough to concoct a wicked plan to ensure Tsunami fails in her task. She plans to choose her own kindred spirit as her representative on Earth to do her bidding. She sets off for Earth, dragging her reluctant brother with her.

Meanwhile, Tsunami is also headed for Earth to recruit her kindred spirit. To help her on this quest, she has enlisted the aid of Ryo-Ohki, a creature that looks like a cross between a rabbit and a cat (although this is what Tsunami thinks Earth cats look like). Ryo-Ohki is assigned to live with and assist Sasami on Tsunami's behalf, so Tsunami sends him ahead to meet her kindred spirit.

Morning arrives in the town of Umi no Hoshi (Sea Star), and Sasami is late for school. After a hasty breakfast, she catches a lift part-way to school with her father in his motorbike and sidecar. On the way there, she meets her best friend Misao Amano to walk the rest of the way to school. However, Eimi, the class president has spotted Sasami, and gives her a stern warning about riding motorbikes to school. Just as she is dragging Sasami off to report her, Ryo-Ohki drops out of the sky and lands right on her. In the ensuing panic and confusion, Sasami and Misao make a dash for it, with Eimi chasing them all the way to school!

During homeroom, the teacher, Mihoshi Mizutani, asks each pupil to stand up and tell the class what they want to do when they leave school. Sasami encourages the bashful Misao to take her turn, and she eventually mutters that she would like to be a pianist. Finally, it is Sasami's turn, and she tells the class that she would like to grow up to be as kind as her mother and marry a man as cool as her father. Watching from a distance, Tsunami utters an apology to Sasami; as much as she wants it, young Sasami's life is about to become anything but normal.

As Sasami and Misao walk home from school that afternoon, Misao thanks Sasami for helping her in class. Just then, they come across Ryo-Ohki waiting in the road for them (although they can't agree on whether he is a rabbit or cat). Sasami recognises her as the creature that fell on the class president that morning, so she decides to take him home and give him a saucer of milk as a reward for getting her out of trouble.

Misao returns to her apartment to find it empty, with a message from her mother on the answerphone. Once again, she is working late, meaning Misao will be alone until the next morning. However, there is someone waiting in the apartment for her. Ramia appears through the wall, with Rumiya (currently transformed into his bird form) perched on her shoulder. Misao tries to run, but Ramia locks the door. Staring hypnotically into Misao's eyes, she tells her that she came for her from a magical kingdom...

Back at the shop (Sasami's mother runs a music shop, CD Vision), Sasami is surprised to find a visitor waiting for her. The visitor introduces herself as Tsunami, and explains that Sasami has been chosen to become a magical girl with a mission to restore world peace. As if this strange request were not shocking enough, Sasami now discovers that Ryo-Ohki can talk, and he assures Sasami that she is the only one that can do the job. Tsunami hands over the magical baton that can transform Sasami into Pretty Sammy. Sasami considers the situation; with magical powers, she could get all the clothes and video games she wanted, so she agrees to give it a try. Using the magic incantation "pretty mutation magical recall", she transforms into Pretty Sammy, and takes a look at herself in the mirror. Suddenly, she begins to have second thoughts; the costume is pretty crummy, and since it doesn't do anything to disguise her, it's more likely to make her a laughing stock than a heroine. However, Tsunami says she is running late, and rushes off before Sasami can protest any further.

Meanwhile, Sasami's mother receives an order for a CD to be delivered. Little does she know that Ramia has placed the order, and she sends her new creation, a magical girl of her own, to meet Sasami at the delivery address. Her brother Rumiya, still in his bird form, accompanies her.

When Sasami arrives at the address, she finds it is just a deserted lot, but suddenly Ramia's magical girl appears with a wicked laugh and confronts her...

2- "Samī Jigoku Tokkun" ("The Crash Course")

Magical Project S - Episode 02

Magical Project S - Episode 02


Airdate: 11 October, 1996

Sasami confronts the strange and flamboyantly-dressed magical girl at the empty lot she was sent to. The girl introduces herself as Pixy Misa, and explains that getting Sasami to deliver a CD was just a ruse to confront her and, more importantly, to give her something to cry over (although she's not as forthcoming about her motives). With a wave of her hand, Misa summons up a glowing wing-shaped fan and uses it to cast a spell on the CD, transforming it into a "Love-Love Monster"; a woman with punk hair and an electric guitar. As Ryo-Ohki explains, a Love-Love Monster is a monster created by focussing evil magic on an object. At Misa's command, CD Girl attacks, firing razor-sharp CDs from her breast-mounted twin CD player. When CD Girl runs out of ammo, Sasami takes advantage of the delay by transforming into Pretty Sammy, ready to take on the Love-Love Monster. However, when the attack resumes, Sammy realises that she really hasn't gained much of an advantage. As Ryo-Ohki points out, she hasn't learnt any magical attacks yet, but her magical girl form makes her stronger, so a direct attack is called for. Sammy tries a shoulder barge, but she simply bounces off — CD Girl is too strong for her! Just as Sammy is about to be crushed by a blow from CD Girl's electric guitar, Misa calls off the attack. Rather than allow Sammy to be finished off in such a one-sided fight, she gives her three hours to train up before the rematch, and a threat to lay waste to the whole town if she doesn't show up! And with that, Pixy Misa and CD Girl disappear.

Tsunami watches the scene with interest from her home in Juraihelm. She is pleased that Sasami chose to transform into Pretty Sammy, but wonders where another magical girl could have come from. She asks Ramia if she knows anything about it, but Ramia assures her that is must be a coincidence.

Sammy and Ryo-Ohki arrive at the school to start training. Sammy is worried that she will be seen and recognised, but Ryo-Ohki plays down her concerns and suggests a few laps of the athletics track to warm up. Two of Sasami's classmates, Hiroto and Kenji, are playing soccer, but before long they spot Sammy on the running track. They run alongside her, and Sasami is somewhat relieved to discover that, against all logic, they cannot recognise her!

While Sammy sweats it out on the track, Pixy Misa is taking it easy, relaxing with CD Girl beside a swimming pool. She receives a phone call from Ramia demanding to know why she hasn't wiped Pretty Sammy out yet. Misa assures her that Sammy will be a pushover.

When the three hours are almost up, Rumiya wakes the dozing Misa to remind her about the fight. Misa decides that she would rather spend her time relaxing, so sends CD Girl off alone to face Sammy. Rumiya is despondent; Misa is acting exactly like his sister Ramia...

Meanwhile, Sammy is trying to improve her courage by standing on the very edge of the school roof. Kenji and Hiroto, who have been watching her train, are puzzled; none of her training has been particularly magical so far. Just as bossy class president Eimi is reprimanding Sammy for breaking school rules, she remembers that her three hours are up, and dashes off to the rematch.

Back at the empty lot, Ryo-Ohki assures Sammy that her training was worthwhile; it should increase her resistance to magic attacks, and has allowed her to cast the Pretty Coquettish Bomber spell. Right on time, CD Girl appears and explains that Pixy Misa is on vacation. Her confidence bolstered by Misa's absence, Sammy squares up to face CD Girl alone. With a strum on her electric guitar, CD Girl shoots exploding fireballs; Sammy is caught off-guard by this new attack, and resorts to dodging again. Ryo-Ohki urges her to concentrate her magic on her baton to allow her to cast her newest spell, but Sammy is too occupied dodging fireballs. As the fight continues, Kenji and Hiroto pass the lot and are surprised to see that Pretty Sammy is indeed a magical girl. CD Girl turns to fire at them, but Sammy leaps in front of the fireball. Her determination to protect her classmates finally concentrates her magic powers and the fireball is deflected. Sammy raises her magical baton, and a bright glowing heart shape appears, opening the gateway to Pretty Space, a magical alternative dimension. CD Girl is too shocked to attack, and Sammy launches her final attack, the Pretty Coquettish Bomber. CD Girl is sent flying by a huge pink heart-shaped beam of energy, finally landing on the moon and leaving a heart-shaped crater!

As Pretty Space fades away to normality again, Ryo-Ohki explains to Sammy that she has used up all her magical energy, and she must learn to control it better. The only remains of CD Girl is the CD she was conjured from, now scratched beyond repair. Kenji and Hiroto are in awe of Pretty Sammy's power, and Hiroto tells her that he hopes she will keep on protecting the town.

On a sun-bed beside a swimming pool, Misao wakes up, with no memory of how she got there. Rumiya, in his bird form, flaps away through a window.

In the kingdom of Juraihelm, the balance of Gemini shifts a little way back towards good. Ramia is furious that her plan has failed, and storms out of the palace in a rage. Luckily for her, the perfect target for her aggression, her luckless brother Rumiya, has just arrived back...

The next morning, Misao meets Sasami for their usual walk to school. Sasami is exhausted after her battle, and has decided to avoid using magic in future. As she and Misao start to walk, they spot Ryo-Ohki waiting on a wall. With a meow, he leaps into Sasami's arms. He whispers to Sasami that her job as a magical girl is only just beginning, and with a resigned sigh, Sasami accepts that life is going to be a lot tougher from now on!

3- "Hyaku-ten Totte Sukiyaki!" ("Test! Test! Test!")

Magical Project S - Episode 03

Magical Project S - Episode 03


Airdate: 18 October, 1996

It is the day after Sasami's first confrontation with Pixy Misa, and word of Pretty Sammy is spreading throughout the school thanks to Kenji and Hiroto's eyewitness accounts of her performance. Sasami is still terrified that everyone will find out her secret identity. When class begins, their teacher, Mihoshi, has some test results to give out. Two students have scored 100% - Kenji and Misao. Misao is embarrassed to stand up and be congratulated by the class, but Sasami encourages her.

On the way home after school, Sasami and Misao stop to buy ice creams and a copy Sasami's favourite manga (comic book) anthology, Dragon A magazine. Ramia, watching from her home on Juraihelm, is vexed to see them both so carefree, and sends her reluctant brother Rumiya to interfere again.

Misao arrives home and is pleasantly surprised to find the door is not locked, meaning her mother is home for once. Misao is eager to show her mother her perfect test score, but she barely acknowledges her, merely giving her reprimand for being late and a reminder to go to her prep school class that evening. Her mother then rushes off to work, leaving Misao home alone once again. As Misao gazes forlornly at her test report, Rumiya, in his bird form, lands on the tree outside her window and hypnotises her in the same way Ramia did when they first met.

Meanwhile, Sasami walks home reading her magazine. Ryo-Ohki has met her on the way and tells her that her parents have agreed to let her keep him as a pet. Sasami, who is not keen on carrying on her magical girl role, runs home to demand an explanation. When she gets there, she finds her parents have been waiting for her to congratulate her on the results of her test.

Across town, Pixy Misa has arrived at the Success Preparatory School, her next target for her own brand of magical chaos. Rumiya asks her why she chose the school, to which Misa replies that she simply feels it is the right thing to do.

Sasami's parents have discovered that Sasami scored just 60% on the test. For a moment, Sasami is worried that they will be angry, but they are quite pleased. However, they suggest that with a bit more studying, she could score even higher, so Ginji, Sasami's dad, suggests she go along to the free trial class at the Success Preparatory School. Honoka, Sasami's mum, gives her some extra encouragement by promising to cook a sukiyaki dinner if she does well.

At the cram school, Pixy Misa is already causing trouble. She has taken over as teacher of the class, and none of the students are too happy. Konoha, a girl from Sasami's class, makes a particularly vocal protest, but Misa discovers a copy of Dragon A magazine in her desk and, with a wave of her magic wand, transforms it into a Love-Love Monster, Comic Girl, a woman with a comic book for a head and another for her body! Misa amuses herself by getting Comic Girl to flip the pages of her head comic, changing her face each time. The class are stunned into silence, so Misa turns Comic Girl on them, using a magic beam to absorb the students into the comic pages and turn them into living comic strips!

Just then, Sasami and her father arrive. Her dad thinks the chaos in the classroom is all part of the lesson and leaves her to it. Misa's attack becomes even more intense, and almost the whole class gets absorbed into Comic Girl's pages. Sasami beats a hasty retreat from the classroom and finds Ryo-Ohki waiting for her outside. He gives her the magical baton and she transforms into Pretty Sammy.

Back in the classroom, Comic Girl is trying to turn the last few students into comics when Pretty Sammy steps in. Unable to hit her with the regular absorption beam, Comic Girl creates a huge comic book which snaps shut on Sammy, trapping her. She flips her pages again, becoming a monster with a huge blade for a nose. It seems that Sammy is done for, but Konoha saves her by barging Comic Girl aside, and the giant comic disappears. Sammy raises her baton and opens up the gateway to Pretty Space ("The same as last week", Misa observes). As Misa beats a hasty retreat, Sammy's Pretty Coquettish Bomber spell vaporises Comic Girl and frees the trapped students.

The fight over, Sammy leaves and changes back into Sasami. She meets Misao in the corridor and explains that she was supposed to have a free trial lesson at the school, but as the newly-opened hole in the roof is testament, there was a little trouble in class!

As Sasami and Misao ride home in his motorbike and sidecar, Sasami tells her dad about Misao's 100% score on her test. To congratulate her, he invites Misao to join the family for the sukiyaki dinner they promised, and they ride home together cheering "Sukiyaki! Party!".

4- "Ano Hako o Tobe" ("Jump Over the Top!")

Magical Project S - Episode 04

Magical Project S - Episode 04


Airdate: 25 October, 1996

The students of class 4-3 are in the middle of a PE lesson, and their teacher Mihoshi demonstrates their challenge; to jump the vaulting box. They are to be tested the next day, so they are split into two groups to practice. The loudmouthed Konoha is annoyed that she is not placed in the same group as her beloved Hiroto, and even more upset that he is next to Misao, who she describes as a "shy bimbo". Hiroto steps up first to demonstrate his athletic ability, and his perfect vault is rewarded with admiration all round. Kenji tries next, but jumps incorrectly and lands right on top of the box! Sasami tries next, and pulls off a fine jump. Then Misao's turn comes. She takes her run-up, but stops short of the springboard, too nervous to jump. Konoha mocks her for being unable to jump the box, but Sasami defends Misao and tells her she will help her practice later.

After school, Sasami and Misao arrive at the gym to practice their vaulting. Hiroto is there as well, helping Kenji train for the test as well. Neither pair's training is going too well, and before long Hiroto gives up on Kenji and encourages Misao instead. On her first jump under Hiroto's instruction, Misao manages to clear the box. She thanks Hiroto bashfully for his help. Little do they know that Konoha is watching them, jealously planning to drive a wedge between them all.

At dinner that evening, Sasami tells her parents about how well Misao is doing in PE, and her mother assures her that she always knew Misao was a winner. As Ryo-Ohki eats with them from a bowl under the table, Sasami muses that he is like a part of the family now.

Rumiya arrives back at Ramia's house on Juraihelm with news of Misao's progress. Ramia is pleased that she has mastered this task, but decides to teach Konoha a lesson for daring to insult her representative. Of course, she still plans to cause trouble for Pretty Sammy at the same time...

The next morning, the students of 4-3 line up for their PE test, and everyone's confidence is high. However, Konoha is eager to throw a spanner in the works for Misao by telling the teacher that the box is too low for fourth-graders, and that it should be raised by adding another block. Misao's confidence disappears as Konoha suggests she is too scared to jump the box.

The test begins, and Kenji is up first. Despite having failed to master it the previous day, he manages to vault the box successfully. Misao is called up next, and she stands daunted before the vaulting box. Konoha begins heckling her and she becomes too frightened to jump. She turns and runs from the gymnasium. As she closes the door behind her, there is a bright flash of light and Pixy Misa appears. Most of the class, recognising her from her previous appearance at the prep school, are thrown into a panic. She summons her latest Love-Love Monster by casting a spell on the vaulting box, turning it into PE Girl; a huge, muscle-bound woman with an array of sporting weapons. On Misa's command, PE Girl flings vaulting box blocks around the room and fires shot-put shot from a cannon. Misa turns to brag to Sasami only to find she has sneaked away.

Outside the gymnasium, Sasami meets Ryo-Ohki, who has already brought her the magical baton. Sasami wants to go and look for Misao, but duty calls and she transforms into Pretty Sammy.

Back in the gym, the attack goes on, and Konoha is about to get clouted when Sammy steps in to rescue her. PE Girl turns on Sammy, firing shots at her, but Sammy hits them back with her baton. Misa conjures up a magic whistle, each blast of which causes Sammy's body to move on its own. With Sammy unable to move, Misa waves her wand again and transforms PE Girl into an enormous monster made of vaulting boxes. As PE Girl bears down on Sammy ready to flatten her, Misa is struck from behind by a piece of vaulting box that PE Girl fired earlier (still carrying the unconscious Mihoshi) and the whistle is knocked from her mouth. Freed from the spell, Sammy can move again, but it seems too late as PE Girl's huge foot comes down on her. Luckily for Sammy, PE Girl has forgotten that vaulting boxes are hollow, so she can't stamp on her enemies! Using her Pretty Jump move, Sammy leaps into the air and vaults over PE Girl's head, toppling the monster over. With a wave of her baton, Sammy opens up Pretty Space and casts the Pretty Coquettish Bomber spell, blasting PE Girl through the gymnasium wall. Alas, the battle has left the gym in a terrible mess!

Misao awakes underneath a tree in the school grounds. Sasami rushes over to meet her, and tells her that she need not be afraid of something she hasn't tried, and that if she just has courage she will be able to jump the box. They return to the gymnasium where the vaulting box, now looking slightly battered, has been reassembled. With Sasami's encouraging words in mind, Misao steps up to the box, takes her run-up and vaults over perfectly. Konoha is devastated that her plan didn't work, but Misao simply smiles at Sasami, delighted to have such a helpful friend.

5- "Konseiki Saigo no Aidoru Debyū" ("Debut! The Star Sammy")

Magical Project S - Episode 05

Magical Project S - Episode 05


Airdate: 1 November, 1996

Pretty Sammy and Pixy Misa are once again waging magical war. This time, Misa has created a Love-Love Monster out of a karaoke machine, who has Sammy paralysed with her terrible singing. The song ends and Karaoke Girl asks for another selection, giving Sammy time to uncover her ears, cast the Pretty Coquettish Bomber spell and blast Karaoke Girl out of existence. Little do Sammy and Misa know that their latest battle is being recorded by Ginji, Sasami's father.

After the battle, Sasami heads home, wishing that she could at least be Pretty Sammy where no-one would recognise her. When she meets her father she thinks she has been rumbled as he tells her that he saw Pretty Sammy in action. However, he is as clueless about Sammy's identity as everyone else in town, and Sasami denies even seeing this mysterious magical girl!

At home that evening, Sasami's mother Honoka is working on the accounts of their music shop, CD Vision. She is worried that sales are too low, but Ginji comes up with an idea. Inspired by Sammy's battle that afternoon, he suggests putting on a show at the shop, with Pretty Sammy as the star! Sasami is, naturally, horrified, and asks her parents if they should have consulted Sammy first. Ginji explains that, since Sammy helps people who are in trouble, she is bound to turn up. Before long, Ginji is handing out flyers promoting "Sammy's Idol Debut" show, and the situation is way out of poor Sasami's control!

Rumiya returns to Juraihelm to bring Ramia news of the show. Ramia is puzzled; the show doesn't seem to have anything to do with restoring the balance of Gemini. Nevertheless, she decides to interfere, and sends Rumiya off to give Misa her orders.

The day of the Pretty Sammy Show arrives, and Sasami is so worried she can't even sleep! As she leaves for school, she sees her parents building a stage outside the shop and wishes that the whole thing is just a dream. At school, all her classmates are talking about the show, and by the end of the day, she realises that her chances of backing out now are slim to say the least. Before she gets home, she prays that the stage will have disappeared so she doesn't have to perform. When she turns the corner, to her amazement the stage has indeed gone. Alas, this is no miracle; an even bigger arena has been constructed nearby, and worse still, the event is going to be televised!

Backstage, Ginji and Honoka are ecstatic about the publicity they will get from the event. Sasami arrives and, hoping to find some way of backing out of the show, asks them what would happen if Pretty Sammy didn't turn up. Honoka paints a rather vivid picture of the family losing their business and home and having to live in a tiny run-down apartment, making paper flowers to sell on the streets. Sasami cannot get out of performing now!

Before long, the arena fills with spectators, and the show begins. The emcee steps out and gets the audience to count down Sammy's appearance on stage. However, another magical girl has put in her appearance first; Pixy Misa, come to stop Sammy's debut. She brings out her latest creation, an advanced version of Karaoke Girl. As Karaoke Girl terrorises the audience with her singing, Sasami realises she has no choice but to transform into Pretty Sammy and put a stop to her.

As Misa continues wrecking the show, Pretty Sammy steps out to face her. The audience cheers for her, and Sammy laps up the adoration. However, Misa isn't going to be upstaged so easily. Karaoke Girl has been programmed with a huge playlist of music, and she lets rip with her ear-piercing singing. Sammy cannot fight back because she has to cover her ears! Luckily, Ginji comes to the rescue by playing his electric guitar to drown out Karaoke Girl's music. The audience calls for Sammy to sing, and she obliges. Karaoke Girl tries to ruin the song with microphone feedback, but the audience are too absorbed in Sammy's singing to notice, and she overloads. As Sammy's song reaches its climax, she casts the Pretty Coquettish Bomber spell to finish off Karaoke Girl once and for all.

After the show, Honoka is pleased to report that the publicity has doubled sales at the shop, and she launches into a celebratory duet of Sammy's song with Ginji. Sasami, however, has had enough singing to last her a lifetime!

6- "Yatsu ni Bōru o Mota Seru na!" ("Dodge Ball Battle!")

Magical Project S - Episode 06

Magical Project S - Episode 06


Airdate: 8 November, 1996

Lunchtime at the Umi no Hoshi elementary school, and the well-behaved would-be intellectuals of class 4-2 are settling down to their lunches. Once again, their peaceful lunch hour is interrupted by the racket caused by the noisy students of class 4-3 (Sasami's class) in the next room, and Kiyone Amayuri, the teacher of 4-2, has had enough. She storms into the classroom and launches into a furious tirade directed at Mihoshi and her rowdy charges, although simply Mihoshi brushes it off with her characteristically blameless attitude. As Kiyone is busy laying into Mihoshi, the students quickly finish their lunches and sneak out to the games courts for their regular game of dodge ball. Kenji spots a ball on the court and, thinking it has been left behind, kicks it out of the way. However, the ball belongs to class 4-2...

As Hiroto starts dividing up the class into two teams, Sasami notices that Misao has been left behind. She goes back inside to find her preparing her books for the next class. Misao is reluctant to play because she says she is always the first to be knocked out of the game, but Sasami convinces her to join in.

Just as the dodge ball game is about to start, class 4-2 troop out onto the playground and demand use of the court. They insist that they left their ball there to reserve the court, but, as Konoha points out, it is no longer there. Kenji admits that he moved the ball, but Hiroto insists that there is no rule about using a ball to reserve the court. Neither class can come to an agreement about who has the right to use the court, but fortunately, the school principal arrives on the scene and proposes a solution; both classes should play each other, and the winners get to use the court.

The game starts, and 4-2 quickly get possession of the ball. Using their dreaded triangle formation technique, they pick off four of 4-3's players. Hiroto catches the ball, putting 4-3 back in control, and resorts to his special "Magic Ball" throw; a slow ball that drops to the ground at the last second to prevent the opponent from catching it. However, Hiroto's technique is a pretty poor one, since it still means the opponents get possession of the ball, and class 4-2 are back on the offensive again! Before long only Hiroto, Konoha, Sasami and Misao remain. Sasami fears that they will lose without getting to attack even once. Misao, however, suspects that Sasami is trying to cover her and keep her in the game, which is ruining their chances. She offers to drop out of the game to give Sasami a chance of turning the game around, but Hiroto dives in front of the incoming ball to protect her. Hiroto is out, but 4-3 are in possession again. As Sasami prepares to attack, Rumiya swoops towards the court and hypnotises Misao, who stumbles away in a daze. With 4-3 down to two players, Kiyone thinks that her students have an easy victory, but Sasami pulls out all the stops and uses her special dodge ball attacks, managing to knock out all but three of 4-2's players. Suddenly, the sky darkens and out steps Pixy Misa, ready to see class 4-3 gets a sound thrashing. She uses her magic to bring the ball and the lines of the dodge ball court to life. Ball Girl, a huge ball with arms and legs, tries to knock Sasami and Konoha out, but they keep dodging, so Line Girl causes the court to shrink to keep them in one place. Ryo-Ohki rushes onto the scene and suggests that Pretty Sammy should sort this situation out. Sasami makes her excuses and dashes off to transform. By the time she returns, 4-3's side of the court has shrunk to just a few square feet and Konoha has been crushed by Ball Girl. Sammy steps in to take her place and after dodging several attacks by Ball Girl, casts her Pretty Coquettish Bomber spell. Ball Girl and Line Girl are blasted away, and Pixy Misa makes a speedy escape. However, the ball falls onto Sammy's head, meaning she is out of the game! Just as Kiyone and class 4-2 think they are victorious, Misao steps back onto the court and tosses the ball at 4-2's last remaining team member. Class 4-3 have won!

The next day, Kiyone waits on the dodge ball court, determined to see her class win in a rematch. However, class 4-3 have gathered on the school roof, having found a new game to play at lunchtime - cat's cradle!

7- "tensai no sainô" ("Talent for Trouble!")

Magical Project S - Episode 07

Magical Project S - Episode 07


Airdate: 15 November, 1996

In Washington DC, Professor Washu, a brilliant young scientist, is carrying out a demonstration of her ultra-powerful spy satellite for the President of the USA. The President and his assistants are impressed; the camera on the satellite can even make out the individual hairs on Washu's head. However, they let it slip that they intend to use the satellite for military purposes, and rather than see her invention misused, Washu hits the self-destruct button to destroy the satellite. As the President is reeling from the shock of his six billion dollar project going up in smoke, Washu's newspaper arrives. The front page features a story about the magical girls that have appeared in Tokyo recently (Pretty Sammy and Pixy Misa, of course), and Washu decides to make them her next research project. She sets off for Japan aboard her rocket (which launches, Thunderbirds-style, from inside the White House) before the President and his assistants can stop her!

At Umi no Hoshi elementary school, Mihoshi has an announcement to make to her class. A young American scientist named Washu Fitzgerald Kobayashi is to become their new science teacher. As the students discuss this news, Sasami spots a distant gleam in the sky. Within seconds, Washu's rocket thunders into view and crashes into the school playground. Washu steps out and introduces herself in her usual flamboyant manner.

After meeting with the school principal, Washu strides into Mihoshi's class, boots her out and takes over. She presents herself to the students, proclaiming to be a super-genius, and reveals that her true purpose here is to find Pretty Sammy. She picks on Sasami first and asks her if she knows how to find Sammy. Sasami, naturally, denies all knowledge of Pretty Sammy, and Washu flies into a rage, annoyed that nobody seems to know anything about her quarry.

Rumiya watches the scene from afar, puzzled about the noise coming from 4-3's classroom. He telephones Ramia to ask her advice, but she is half asleep and only mumbles "do it" — once again, it's up to poor, reluctant Rumiya to run the show.

Later that day, Washu's first science lesson gets underway. She is shocked to discover that her students have been doing such basic experiments as extracting starch from potatoes, and decides to change the lesson plan. Before long the class are mixing up a whole range of dangerous, explosive and corrosive chemicals, and Washu couldn't be more pleased. Misao opens a window to clear away the smoke and finds Rumiya waiting for her outside. He uses a five yen coin on a string to hypnotise her, and she staggers out of the class. As the chaos continues in the classroom, Washu reveals the reason for letting the students perform such dangerous experiments. She believes that causing a disturbance at the school is the most reliable way to get Pretty Sammy to appear. Suddenly, the classroom door bursts open and in walks Pixy Misa. Washu is delighted; she may not have found Pretty Sammy, but she still has a magical girl to research. Misa, however, doesn't want to be Washu's guinea pig, and with a wave of her wand turns one of the student's flasks into her latest Love-Love Monster, Chemistry Girl. Despite this, Washu is still preoccupied collecting data, so at Misa's command Chemistry Girl creates a gigantic version of the potato experiment, trapping Washu in the beaker as it steadily fills with starch. While the class is distracted, Ryo-Ohki pops out of his hiding place (inside an anatomical dummy, which startles Sasami when it speaks to her!) and tells Sasami to transform into Pretty Sammy.

Just as Washu seems in danger of drowning in the starch, Pretty Sammy arrives to put a stop to Misa's misdeeds. Misa, however, is so confident of beating Sammy this week that she will replace her in hosting her own TV show next week. She commands Chemistry Girl to attack, but alas, Chemistry Girl has no legs, so she can't even move! Rather than face another defeat, Misa walks out to leave Sammy defeat her creation. As Sammy blasts Chemistry Girl away the giant starch experiment disappears, freeing Washu. However, she drops her portable computer, losing all her precious data. Sammy makes her getaway while Washu is still in shock!

On Juraihelm, Ramia wakes up just in time to see the Gemini scales tip a little further in Tsunami's favour. Rumiya telephones her to report Misa's latest failure, but finds the Ramia can't remember giving him any orders, and blames him completely for it!

As Sasami walks home after school, Ryo-Ohki warns her that Professor Washu is bound to keep hounding her to discover more about Pretty Sammy. Ryo-Ohki's suspicions are confirmed as when Sasami walks through the door she finds Washu has paid them a visit. As Honoka tucks into the noodles she brought as a gift, she explains that Washu has just moved in next door. Sasami won't be able to let her guard down for an instant!

8- "manatsu no SANTA" ("Mid Summer Santa")

Magical Project S - Episode 08

Magical Project S - Episode 08


Airdate: 22 November, 1996

It's Sunday, and Sasami has invited Misao over to play. In actual fact, it's the ever-energetic Sasami that does most of the playing, and Misao is content to watch and enjoy being in Sasami's company. They take a break for tea and cakes, and Professor Washu pays an uninvited visit, no doubt still keeping a close eye on Sasami in her quest to investigate Pretty Sammy.

That evening, Misao returns home alone. As she finishes her piano practise, she looks around her darkened, empty apartment and realises how just a short while ago she was having such fun with her best friend. Misao begins to feel lonely, and starts getting jumpy at every little noise, so she decides to call Sasami for some emotional support. Sasami offers to sleep over, for which Misao is very grateful. Sasami's helpful parents even have an overnight bag and Sasami's satchel packed ready. As Sasami rushes off to Misao's, Washu watches her leave, curious about where she is going so late at night.

From her usual spot in front of her view screen, Tsunami watches as Misao and Sasami play cards before bed. Tsunami is impressed by Sasami's kindness, and believes that she could even protect Misao if a ghost showed up. This simple comment, however, gives Ramia a wicked idea, and she sends Rumiya off once again to give Pixy Misa her next orders.

Later that night, as she and Sasami are sleeping, Misao turns over and finds Misa's magical baton in her bed. She hears a tapping at the window and turns to see Rumiya waiting for her. Once again, he places her into an hypnotic trance...

A little while later, Sasami wakes up to discover Misao is not in her bed. Worried if she is okay, Sasami gets up to look for Misao, but finds that the lights are not working. She hears a moaning coming from the toilet and goes to investigate, but when she opens the door she is greeted by a ghost! She rushes back to the bedroom to tell Ryo-Ohki, who sleepily suggests that she should just transform and use some magic to get rid of it. For once, Sasami is glad to have magical powers! However, even being Pretty Sammy doesn't stop her from being scared, and when the ghost pops through the bedroom wall, she panics and runs up to the apartment block roof. Pixy Misa is waiting for her there, although she is about the only thing Sammy isn't surprised to see. Putting two and two together, Sammy correctly guesses that Misa is responsible for creating the ghost, but then goes on to accuse her of kidnapping Misao. Misa manages to convince Sammy that this is also true by ducking behind a screen and rapidly changing back and forth between Misa and Misao, carrying out a crafty one-woman dialogue. Misa then tells Sammy that if she wants to rescue Misao, she must fight her latest Love-Love Monster, Ghost Girl. Right on cue, Ghost Girl appears, and Misa commands her to possess Sammy. Sammy backs away swinging her baton at the ghost, but without a physical body there is nothing to hit! Just as Ghost Girl has Sammy cornered, a jet-powered sleigh pulled by mechanical reindeer swoops out of the sky and touches down on the roof. Its pilot jumps out and, despite the unseasonable Santa disguise, Sammy has no trouble recognising Professor Washu. Nevertheless, Washu has a gift for Sammy; a device that can give ghosts a physical form. Washu then steps back to collect some data and lets Sammy get on with the fight. A press of the button on top of Washu's device engulfs Ghost Girl in an energy beam, and she emerges with a normal humanoid body. Sammy casts her Pretty Coquettish Bomber spell and obliterates Ghost Girl. Her job done, "Santa" thanks Sammy for all the data she was able to collect, then flies off into the night. Misao reappears from behind Misa's screen, and has no memory of that night's events.

As Sasami and Misao set off for school the next morning, Sasami is alarmed to see Washu's jet sleigh and robot reindeer lying amongst the garbage. Sasami decides not to make a big deal of it, and she and Misao rush off to school hand in hand.

9- "RABU RABU MONSUTÂ no shima" ("The Island of Love-love Monsters")

Magical Project S - Episode 09

Magical Project S - Episode 09


Airdate: 29 November, 1996

On an isolated little island off the coast of Japan, a young man named Peter is hard at work. His job is to train Love-Love Monsters, and today Pixy Misa is visiting to oversee the operation. Almost all the monsters on the island are those that have already faced and been defeated by Pretty Sammy. As the group set off on a training run, one member gets left behind; Fake Sick Girl, a Love-Love Monster who is a permanently bedridden young girl. Peter rushes to her aid as she staggers and collapses under the weight of her sickbed, which she carries everywhere with her. She points to a nearby tree and tells the concerned Peter that when the last leaf falls, her life will end. Peter insists that she will be fine because the tree is so green and healthy, but at that moment it explodes. Fake Sick Girl starts complaining of a headache (as she surreptitiously stashes a rocket launcher under her bed). Pixy Misa is impressed; even Pretty Sammy should fold before the mighty power of Fake Sick Girl's fake sickness!

Sasami and her father Ginji are off on a summer road trip together. Unfortunately, they have been on the road so long that Ginji has fallen asleep. His motorbike and sidecar career off the road and into the sea.

Meanwhile, the students of class 4-3, along with Mihoshi, Kiyone and Washu, are on a summer trip of their own. As it transpires, Washu has funded the whole excursion as a means of following Sasami, but everyone (except Kiyone) is enjoying the trip nonetheless.

Sasami, Ryo-Ohki and Ginji awake having washed up on the shore of an apparently deserted island. Sasami hits on the idea of using her magic to get them home again, but Ryo-Ohki explains that Sammy can't perform that kind of magic yet. Resigned to being stuck on the island for the duration, the trio decide to make the best of the situation by playing on the beach. However, Rumiya has spotted them and reports their arrival to Misa. Determined to catch Sammy off her guard, Misa orders the Love-Love Monsters to attack. Unfortunately, the monsters have become accustomed to Peter and don't even listen to Misa any more! Fake Sick Girl becomes distressed that her beloved Peter is nowhere to be seen, and staggers off to find him.

Elsewhere on the island, Sasami, Ryo-Ohki and Ginji have met Peter and are sharing a lunch of fruit picked from the island's tree. Peter tells them that there is a point on the island that is only two kilometres from the mainland, so they should be able to swim the distance. Ryo-Ohki, with his sensitive nose, notices the smell of magic coming from Peter, and tells Sasami his suspicions.

On a beach elsewhere on the island, Washu's party has landed and are exploring the area. Before long, they come across Ginji's motorcycle, and Washu knows they are on the right trail. Suddenly, Konoha and Eimi, who were left behind, come running towards them pursued by Fake Sick Girl, who is still looking for Peter. Mihoshi and the other students panic and run away, with Washu tailing the Love-Love Monster, Mihoshi carrying Kiyone who is too shocked to run, and Fake Sick Girl chasing all of them!

Meanwhile, Ryo-Ohki has caught the scent of Love-Love Monsters, and advises Sasami to transform into Pretty Sammy in readiness. Sasami makes her excuse and disappears into the woods to change.

Washu's party, still running from Fake Sick Girl, encounter Peter's entire herd of Love-Love Monsters, all of whom are searching for their trainer. Washu employs her secret weapon, a heat-seeking rocket hidden inside her inflatable toy whale, but it misses its target and destroys their pedal boat instead, meaning they are now stranded on the island. Misa enters, having finally caught up with the Love-Love Monsters, but before she can get up to any more mischief, Pretty Sammy arrives. Misa tries to command the monsters to attack, but they still won't listen to her. Sammy is about to blast Misa and the monsters away with her magic when Peter arrives and stops her. He points out that the monsters haven't actually done anything bad, and Sammy has to concede. However, Misa is not beaten yet. She points out that the island is volcanic, and about to erupt at any moment. Misa spirits herself away, leaving everyone else behind as the island begins to erupt. Luckily, Ginji has already come up with an escape plan, and built a huge raft large enough to carry everyone off the island. However, Sammy cannot bear to leave Peter and his Love-Love Monsters on the island, so she uses the benevolent powers of the Pretty Coquettish Bomber spell to transport them to safety. As the group sail away on the raft, the island sinks beneath the waves.

Many miles away, high in the mountains, young Peter and his band of Love-Love Monsters have found an isolated ranch where they can live out their days in peace, all thanks to the power of Pretty Sammy.

10- "East vs. West"

Magical Project S - Episode 10

Magical Project S - Episode 10

Airdate: 6 December, 1996

Sasami and Ginji's summer vacation continues in style as they cross the countryside on horseback. They pass a wild west theme tourist village and decide to take a look. They find a young ninja girl tied up and suspended from the entrance, and Ginji helps her down. The ninja introduces herself as Shinobi, the granddaughter of the village mayor. As she leads them to her home, she explains that a gang led by a man named Oni Jigoku is trying to take over the town, and they are the ones responsible for tying her up. They arrive at Shinobi's house, the only Japanese-style building in the town, and as she opens the door a pair of shuriken (throwing stars) hurtle towards her. Shinobi jumps to avoid them, stumbles and crashes to the floor, and Ginji catches both stars with one hand. The shuriken were thrown by Shinobi's bedridden grandfather, Genjuro, ever eager to test his granddaughter's skills.

A little while later, Genjuro tells Ginji and Sasami the story of the village. Originally, it was constructed as a ninja-themed village, but few tourists came, and before long Genjuro's lifelong rivals the Onijigoku family invaded, destroying the Japanese buildings and putting up western ones. Even Genjuro's grandson, Binpachi, eschewed the life of the ninja in favour of becoming a cowboy. Shinobi is lamenting the decision of her beloved brother when suddenly a panel in the wall opens and Binpachi himself steps out, six-shooters blazing. He is joined by Nobuyuki Onijigoku himself, who has come to order Genjuro out of his home so the western village can be completed. When Genjuro refuses, Onijigoku orders his sidekick to shoot him, but Ginji steps in and tells Onijigoku that his methods are cowardly. He suggests that the matter should be settled with a traditional western duel, with three people on each team, the winner retaining final control of the village. Shinobi, Ginji and Sasami will represent the ninja team, and Onijigoku and Binpachi the western team. Onijigoku then introduces his "hired gun" as his third team member; Pixy Misa!

The duel, which for safety's sake will use paint ball guns for the western team and rubber shuriken for the ninja team, gets underway on the western village's main street. The first match is Sasami versus Pixy Misa. They stand back-to-back and take three paces, but naturally, Misa cheats and follows Sasami, shooting her with a paint ball the moment she turns around! The second duel is Ginji versus Nobuyuki Onijigoku in a quick-draw contest. Onijigoku draws to fire, but Ginji is just as fast with the shuriken, and he manages to knock the paint ball out of the air with a well-aimed throw. Onijigoku fires again, but each time Ginji stops the shot until they run out of ammo. Ginji is declared the winner. The tiebreaker duel is between Shinobi and Binpachi. Before the duel begins, Shinobi asks her brother why he chose the western life over that of the ninja. He says that ninjas are out of style, but Shinobi retorts by telling him that dressing like a cowboy is just as outdated. Just as Binpachi is beginning to see the error of his ways, Nobuyuki Onijigoku calls Misa and asks her to summon their backup. Using her magic wand, Misa summons Gunman Girl, her latest Love-Love Monster. Gunman Girl steps onto the scene dragging a coffin behind her from which she produces an array of deadly weapons and begins shooting up the town. Everyone runs for cover, but Binpachi is trapped in front of a locked door. Gunman Girl turns her musket towards him and fires, but Genjuro throws himself into the path of the bullet. Misa is shocked; she never expected her creation to try and actually kill someone, and commands her to stop, but Gunman Girl is out of control! Ryo-Ohki suggests that it's time for Pretty Sammy to put in an appearance.

As Gunman Girl continues running wild, Pretty Sammy arrives to face her. Gunman Girl opens fire on her, but Binpachi throws a shuriken at her gun. Gunman Girl fires on Binpachi again, this time appearing to hit him, but Binpachi has used the ninja kawari no jutsu technique, substituting a log in place of himself. As Gunman Girl is confused, Sammy spots her opportunity and casts the Pretty Coquettish Bomber, sending the Love-Love Monster into orbit.

The battle over, Binpachi, now dressed in ninja garb, carries his stricken grandfather from the scene. Genjuro opens his eyes and reaches into his robe; a shuriken in his pocket stopped the bullet, saving his life! With tears of joy pouring down his face, Binpachi admits that ninjas really are cool. Nobuyuki, sitting amongst the wreckage of his western town, finally admits defeat. Genjuro, however, is not about to let him give up so easily, and proposes that they put their differences aside and build a ninja-western village, favouring tourist-pleasing action and entertainment over authenticity. Their feud may be over, but Genjuro still has a score to settle with Nobuyuki Onijigoku, and leaves his lifelong enemy trussed up at the village entrance to teach him a lesson! The world a slightly better place for their help, Sasami and Ginji ride off into the sunset.

11- "BATON sôshitsu" ("The Lost Baton")

Magical Project S - Episode 11

Magical Project S - Episode 11


Airdate: 13 December, 1996

We join Sammy in the heat of battle against a Love-Love Monster, Chicken Girl, whose main attack is to throw eggs at people. A swift attack by Sammy sends Chicken Girl hurtling skywards, and handful of eggs plummet down in her wake. Not wanting to waste them, Sammy juggles and catches them, but suddenly realises that her baton, which she tossed aside to catch the eggs, is nowhere to be seen!

The baton, which was sent flying across town, finally lands on the head of Konoha Haida, the bossy green-haired girl from Sasami's class. She instantly recognises it and, realising its potential, raises it aloft, declaring that she will use it to take over the world. However, Konoha gets the shock of her life when the baton speaks in response, asking her not to do any such thing. The baton (which sounds exactly like Tsunami) says that it should only be used for peaceful purposes, so Konoha agrees to become a magical girl and fight for justice.

Ramia, watching from Juraihelm, cannot believe her luck. With Pretty Sammy out of the picture, she can cause some real chaos, and dispatches Rumiya to go and give Pixy Misa her orders.

Later that day, Sasami sets out to find her baton. However, she has forgotten that she had planned to meet Misao. Misao arrives at Sasami's house with a home-baked cheesecake just in time to see her leave. Poor Misao thinks that Sasami has rejected her, but just at that moment, Rumiya arrives...

Meanwhile, Konoha strides through the town centre as chaos breaks out around her, from a bank robbery to a fire at the gas station. However, despite the baton's protestations, Konoha considers such trifling matters below a magical girl of her calibre. Eventually, a real disaster looms in the form of a gigantic meteorite on a collision course, and Konoha finally transforms into her new magical girl guise, Funky Connie. Using her baton like a pool cue, she pots the meteorite off course. Alas, her inexperience in all matters magical is evident, as she only manages to make the meteorite land outside the city. However, she seems satisfied enough. She spots her beloved Hiroto in the dumbstruck crowd and accosts him in the hope of gaining some admiration, but Konoha experiences the same effect as Sasami, namely that nobody can see through her magical girl disguise, and he doesn't recognise her. She decides that she needs to become happier if she is to gain Hiroto's love, and drags him off to work on him.

Sasami's search for her baton continues. Having scoured the area where it should have landed and discovered nothing, she hits on a different approach, getting Ryo-Ohki to follow her scent and sniff it out.

Meanwhile, Funky Connie works on building a perfect romantic scenario for Hiroto, using her magic to appropriate a fancy chāteau and land it on the school games court. Hiroto protests, so Connie tries to use her love magic on him, resulting only in Hiroto getting blasted with magical energy. Eventually, she manages to get through to him, and he becomes utterly smitten with Connie.

In the park, Misao sits forlornly on one of the swings, still carrying the cheesecake she wanted to share with Sasami. For once, Rumiya hasn't transformed her immediately, and Misao has given him a slice of the cake to eat.

A little while later, Sasami arrives back home, her plan to have Ryo-Ohki sniff out the baton having failed (he just followed her scent back home again!). Suddenly, a Love-Love Monster — a giant cheesecake on legs — appears, closely followed by Pixy Misa. Misa knows about Sasami's missing baton, and is ashamed that her rival should lose something so important. Misa hands back what appears to be Sasami's baton, but when Sasami tries to transform it turns out to be a fake, and just clads Sasami in a giant foam Pretty Sammy costume! Pixy Misa instructs Cheesecake Girl to attack, and she obliges by unleashing a torrent of cream cheese which carries Sasami and Ryo-Ohki away. Washu passes by on her hovering jetbike and spots Sasami in trouble, so she plucks her clear of the torrent of cheese. Sasami explains that she has lost "something important" (although Ryo-Ohki has to stop her from revealing what), and Washu uses the oh-so-technical method of balancing a pencil on its tip and seeing which way it falls to point her in the right direction.

Sasami rushes towards the school and her missing baton, still in the hands of Funky Connie, while Cheesecake Girl continues to flood the town with cream cheese. Connie, however, is too occupied with Hiroto to notice. It is clear that he is in love with Connie, so she decides it is time to reveal her true identity. She transforms back into Konoha, but finds that Hiroto cannot even remember her! Switching quickly back and forth between her Konoha and Connie forms makes it apparent that Hiroto now only thinks of Funky Connie. Her plan has gone horribly wrong! Konoha is so upset that when the baton asks her to do something about the cream cheese flood she angrily hurls it off into the distance. Against all odds, the baton lands on Sasami. Sasami is just as shocked as Konoha was to discover that the baton can talk, but it explains that it has a built-in intelligence circuit in case it gets lost. With the baton finally back in the right hands, Sasami transforms into Pretty Sammy.

As Pixy Misa gloats over the chaos she and Cheesecake Girl have wrought, Pretty Sammy steps onto the scene, much to Misa's disbelief. Sammy attacks, and Misa orders Cheesecake Girl to turn her cheese cannons on her. Sammy dodges and casts the Pretty Coquettish Bomber, blasting Cheesecake Girl into the stratosphere, but Misa surfs away to safety on the tide of cream cheese.

Walking back home, Ryo-Ohki warns Sasami never to lose her baton again. On the way, Sasami bumps into Misao and with a guilty start realises that she forgot to meet her as she promised. Sasami apologises, and Misao forgives her. She still has her cake to share, and they sit down in the park to eat it. Of course, Sasami and Ryo-Ohki have had enough of cheesecake for one day, but they eat with Misao nonetheless.

12- "kokoro wa istumo aozora senta [The Heart is Always With the Blue Sky Rangers]" ("The Blue Sky Rangers")

Magical Project S - Episode 12

Magical Project S - Episode 12


Airdate: 20 December, 1996

As Sasami returns home with the groceries one day she accidentally bumps into a young man. She twists her ankle as she falls, so the kindly young man carries her the rest of the way home.

Back at Sasami's house, the man introduces himself to the family as Tenchi Masaki. As he takes tea with the family, he asks how well the Blue Sky Cool Rangers CDs are selling. He explains that he is the assistant director on the Cool Rangers TV show (a sci-fi action series), and is about to try his hand at directing, so he is keen to find out about his audience. Sasami, who is obviously quite taken with Tenchi, decides to start watching the show from now on...

That evening, the family watch the latest episode of the Blue Sky Cool Rangers. Sasami's parents explain that the show has been running for over 20 years, and is considered one of Japanese television's "legendary" programmes. Sasami's dad Ginji even appeared in it as a bad guy in one of the earlier episodes. Sasami is impressed that Tenchi is working on such a long-running and respected TV show.

After school the next day, Sasami arrives at the TV studio to deliver a CD to Tenchi. After a long hunt through the endless corridors and rooms, Sasami is directed to the staff room by a young woman she meets in the editing suite. On the way there, another studio worker tells Sasami that Tenchi often works into the night, but Sasami decides to wait for him to finish so she can give him the CD personally. As she waits, she overhears him discussing his directing debut script with the show's producers. He wants to keep an element of romance in the story, but he is having trouble convincing the producers of his vision. Sasami waits until sunset, but still doesn't get the chance to see Tenchi.

At school the following day, Sasami spends much of the lesson daydreaming about Tenchi. When school finishes, Sasami rushes off to the studio again instead of walking home with Misao, hoping to be able to deliver Tenchi's CD. On the way there, she sees him cycling along the road and calls out to him. In surprise, Tenchi careers off the road and lands on the grassy roadside bank, fortunately unhurt. Sasami notices the preoccupied look on Tenchi's face and asks him what is wrong. Tenchi remembers his script reading the previous day and how he failed to convince the producer about his vision of the show, but he tells Sasami not to worry, and that it's just "boring adult stuff".

At home that evening, Sasami is troubled by Tenchi's earlier comment. She begins to wonder when she will be old enough to be concerned about grown-up stuff too. She turns to her parents for help, asking when she will be adult too. Ginji and Honoka reassure her that wanting to be an adult is the first step to becoming one, and say that she should just be herself, and adulthood will arrive in good time. Feeling much better about herself, Sasami goes to bed, and promises herself that she will see Tenchi the next day and wish him luck.

The next day, Sasami arrives at the studio to watch Tenchi shooting his first episode of Cool Rangers. Little does she know that Misao has followed her to the studio. Misao is upset that Sasami has been hanging around the studio without telling her, and wonders if it means that Sasami doesn't like her any more. Just like every time Misao has felt lonely before, Rumiya makes his appearance...

On the Cool Rangers sound stage, Tenchi is having trouble. One of the actresses has grown impatient with his repeated retakes of the same scene, and she storms out in a temper. With their guest star out of the picture, the shoot has to be called off. However, Sasami has an idea. She transforms into Pretty Sammy and offers to take the place of the absent actress. Tenchi agrees, and the shoot goes ahead with Sammy playing the guest role for the episode. The producers are, for once, pleased with Tenchi; getting the talk-of-the-town magical girl to appear in their show is bound to be good for the ratings. However, there is one person who wants to mess up the shoot. Pixy Misa waits in the rafters with her latest Love-Love Monster, Special Effects Girl (a woman with a camera for a head and a cloak made from strips of film). She plans to interrupt Sammy during her final scene to maximise the chaos she can cause.

Sammy's final scene arrives, and she is called upon to deliver a line about using herself as a decoy so that the Cool Rangers can summon their Cool Robot for their final attack. However, Sammy's confidence flounders, and she fumbles the line. They try for another take, but this time Pixy Misa and Special Effects Girl interrupt and threaten to destroy the set. Special Effects Girl kicks off the chaos by transforming the production crew and other actors into comical multicoloured dinosaurs. Misa says she will only change them back if Sammy sacrifices herself and says the line she was supposed to in the scene. Sammy obligingly delivers her line, but as Misa lets out a victorious cackle, Sammy shouts that sacrificing herself is not what she wants to do. She prepares to cast the Pretty Coquettish Bomber, and Misa decides that it's better for her Love-Love Monster to be the decoy this time. Misa vanishes before the spell blasts Special Effects Girl out of the studio and off into the distance.

With the shoot saved and the crew returned to normal, Sammy asks Tenchi if she can change her final line to one about fighting as a team. Tenchi agrees, and the whole episode's script is changed so Sammy can continue to fight alongside the Cool Rangers.

Alas, after all her hard work on the TV show, a great disappointment lies ahead for Sasami. Tenchi calls her one afternoon to tell her that he has lost the directing job because of his decision to change the script so drastically, and he will be moving to Kyoto to work as a theatrical director. Sasami is even more upset when she discovers that Keiko, the woman she met at the TV studio, was living with Tenchi and is moving to Kyoto with him. As Tenchi and Keiko finish packing their belongings into the removals van, Tenchi asks Sasami to thank Sammy the next time she sees her. As she watches Tenchi drive away, her eyes fill with tears. However, Misao has come to see if Sasami is all right, and offers the heartbroken Sasami a friendly shoulder to cry on.

"It wasn't until a long time later," Sasami's voice-over recounts, "that I started to think that maybe this is what love felt like."

13- "KIMI ga hoshî [I Want You]" ("All I Want is You")

Magical Project S - Episode 13

Magical Project S - Episode 13


Airdate: 27 December 1996

A fire is raging in an apartment building in Umi no Hoshi town. The fire crew arrives on the scene, only to discover that the ever-resourceful Ginji Kawai is already tackling the fire, doing the work of six firemen. Within minutes the fire is out, and the apartment's sole occupant, Mihoshi Mizutani (Sasami's teacher) is still sitting unharmed at her table!

Sunday morning, and beleaguered fourth-grade teacher Kiyone Amayuri's breakfast is interrupted when her colleague Mihoshi arrives unannounced and begs her to let her stay. Kiyone, however, refuses to live under the same roof as her irresponsible colleague, and tries to kick her out. However, Mihoshi soon manages to find her way back in. When Kiyone receives a phone call from her mother, Mihoshi listens in on the speakerphone. Kiyone's mother has grown impatient with her daughter's inability to find a husband and has sorted out an arranged marriage for her. Kiyone is reluctant to get involved in any marriage arrangement, but a parcel arrives with the details of her chosen husband-to-be. The man, a handsome fellow by the name of Ando Toyokawa, is a rich, successful Harvard graduate, and Kiyone begins to warm to the idea.

By the next morning, and thanks to Mihoshi's gossiping, the entire school knows about Kiyone's arranged marriage. This only adds to Kiyone's nervousness, and by the time she takes her first class she is so agitated she can't even remember what she is supposed to be teaching! Mihoshi and her class are so concerned about Kiyone's welfare that they decide to help her in any way they can.

That night, Sasami explains the situation to her parents. They are pleased that Sasami wants to help, and decide to do their bit as well. Meanwhile, Kiyone fantasises about her meeting with Ando while she chooses her outfit. Mihoshi can't help but notice that she picks the same suit she wears to all her most important occasions.

The next day, Kiyone heads for the café where she is supposed to meet Ando, and Mihoshi has invited herself along too. Kiyone feels that Mihoshi's talent for messing things up is not welcome, and sends her home again. By the time she reaches the café Kiyone starts having second thoughts, and she is just about to leave when Honoka "accidentally" trips and pushes Kiyone through the doors. Ginji, dressed as a Maītre-d', welcomes her in. As Kiyone sits at the bar, she suspects that there is some interfering going on. In fact, not only have Sasami and her parents turned up, but Mihoshi and several of her students have too, and they are all seated around the café wearing dark glasses to disguise themselves. Just as Kiyone is getting even more suspicious (Ginji is acting as the barman as well), the lights go out and Ando Toyokawa makes a distinctly dramatic entrance, producing rainbows from each hand.

With the date underway, Kiyone and Ando seem to be hitting it off quite well. Kiyone finds she has so much in common with Ando that she even entertains thoughts of marriage. However, the course of true love never runs smoothly, at least not if Pixy Misa has anything to do with it. After materialising on the table in front Ando, she accuses him of being the enemy of all women, indicating the young lady in a wedding dress banging on the window. Ando protests his innocence, even when she is joined by a second, a third and a fourth apparently jilted bride. Before long there are dozens of wedding gowned women hammering at the window, and poor Kiyone passes out in shock! Ando continues to deny any knowledge of these women, so Misa steps her tactics up a notch by summoning Break-up Girl, a Love-Love Monster that embodies the spirit of every woman who has ever been left at the altar. Ando tries to force her away using his rainbow love ribbons, but Break-up Girl puts up a magical barrier to protect herself. Time, Ryo-Ohki suggests, for Pretty Sammy to put in an appearance.

By the time Sammy arrives on the scene, Break-up Girl has Ando in a bone-crushing bear hug and is demanding back all the years she gave him. Sammy tries to attack, but Break-up Girl's magical shield is too strong. However, Ginji comes to the rescue, side-stepping Break-up Girl's barrier and suggesting that she should seek a wonderful future with him. Touched by his heart-melting line, Break-up Girl falls at his feet. However, Honoka is angered by Ginji flirting with another woman and gives him a ferocious uppercut. Spotting her opportunity, Sammy fires off her Pretty Coquettish Bomber move at Break-up Girl, sending her flying. Ginji, still sprawled on the floor, is so impressed by his beloved wife's punch that they fall in love all over again. Kiyone, however, is not so lucky. She regains consciousness just in time to see Ando confessing his love for Pretty Sammy! Kiyone is devastated, but Mihoshi teaches Ando a lesson by giving him a Honoka-style uppercut that sends him flying through the same hole in the roof left by Break-up Girl's exit.

Back at Kiyone's apartment that night, Mihoshi apologises for punching Kiyone's date, but Kiyone is grateful; she decides that she was rushing into things, and should wait for someone she wants to marry instead. However, her love life is still the subject of much interference, as the school principal has already found another man for Kiyone to meet!

14- "banchô to yobareta otoko [The Man Who Was Called 'School Gang Leader']" ("The Fellow Called Boss")

Magical Project S - Episode 14

Magical Project S - Episode 14


Airdate: 3 January, 1997

It is a day much like any other in Umi no Hoshi town, but today a new threat to the town's peace has arrived. A tough-looking gang of leather jacketed youths has transferred to Sasami's class under the preposterous excuse of being elementary school students. The leader is a beefy fellow known only as "Boss" (Banchō - literally "school gang leader"), and his sidekicks are the monkey-like Chibiroku, lanky knife-juggler Dosumasa and the bespectacled Gariko. No sooner has Boss and his gang been introduced to the class than he declares his intention to take over the school. He asks to meet the strongest person in the school, and when he is met is with blank looks all around, he shakes down Konoha for the answer. The dazed Konoha randomly points to another classmate, who in turn points to another, until the only person left is Sasami. Boss advances on her menacingly. Fortunately, Sasami is quite literally saved by the bell as homeroom ends and Mihoshi asks Boss and his gang to find seats for the first lesson. Strangely, Boss and his gang mistake Sasami for a boy!

Tsunami and Ramia watch the scene with interest, unable to decide if the gargantuan Boss is really a human or not. Tsunami decides to look him up in her magical dictionary and finds him described as "generally a large being that inhabits schools; increases subordinates with brute force; reigns over all using a school as his haunt; likes include fighting, weaklings, friendship, duty, humanity, manhood, etc.". Tsunami remains puzzled, but Ramia finds inspiration for another of her devious plans.

Lunch time arrives, and Sasami is profoundly relieved that Boss is nowhere to be seen. As Misao takes the lid off her bentō (box lunch), she discovers the word "transform" written on her portion of rice. Her eyes glaze over and she walks out of the classroom in a daze. Outside the window, Rumiya watches...

Meanwhile, Boss and his gang sit on the school roof, plotting their showdown with Sasami. As they are writing a letter of challenge, Pixy Misa appears and tells them that the strongest person in the school is not Sasami but in fact Pretty Sammy. Gariko looks up Pretty Sammy in his dictionary, where she is described as "rescues the weak, crushes the strong; a pretty cute fighter for justice". Boss decides to write a new challenge letter.

At the end of the school day, Sasami goes to her locker and finds Ryo-Ohki waiting inside clutching the challenge letter from Boss. The letter claims that Boss and his gang have abducted Misao and instructs Sasami to send Pretty Sammy to the roof to get her back. Sasami has no choice but to transform and face Boss and his cronies.

Sammy heads for the school roof, but her route there is patrolled by Boss' gang members. First she meets Chibiroku, who tells her she must fight the entire gang before she can face Boss himself. Chibiroku's strength lies in his speed, and he leaps around the room too quickly for Sammy to fight back. Ryo-Ohki, however, has a suggestion; just let him wear himself out running around! The plan works, and before long Chibiroku is too puffed out to fight on. A swift clout on the head with Sammy's baton is all it takes to defeat him.

Sammy's second obstacle is Dosumasa, who juggles his knives in a most dangerous fashion. In fact, he manages to cut his own hand before he can pose any real threat, and Sammy knocks him out while he is rolling around in pain.

The third and final member of Boss' gang, Gariko, awaits Sammy on the third floor. However, his boastful introductory speech is so long-winded that it gives Sammy plenty of time to rush up to him and clobber him with her baton!

Sammy finally reaches the roof, where Boss and Pixy Misa are waiting. Boss squares up to fight Sammy, but she sees no reason to fight him, so simply dodges each punch he throws. Boss soon has Sammy cornered against the railings and throws his finishing punch, but Sammy dodges and Boss crashes through the barrier. As he plummets to the ground, Misa uses her magic to increase his size tenfold. Grasping Sammy in one gigantic hand, Boss threatens to crush her. However, his gang members, having regained consciousness, arrive on the roof and stop him. They tearfully explain that the only reason they looked up to him was because he could fight unaided, and that using magic to win would be dishonourable. Boss is so touched by their speech that he bursts into tears and releases Sammy. Free from Boss' grip, Sammy casts the Pretty Coquettish Bomber spell to return him to his original size. He apologises to Pretty Sammy for all the the trouble he caused.

The next day, Mihoshi announces that Boss and his gang have transferred again. However, Boss has left a message for Sammy; he promises that after he has trained some more, he will return and fight her again.

15- "akachan SAMÎ de BABÛ [Baby Sammy, Goo Goo!]" ("Baby Sammy")


Airdate: 10 January, 1997

Class 4-3 are in the middle of a science lesson, and Professor Washu has a particularly dangerous experiment to perform. She picks on Sasami to come and mix some chemicals, then retreats to a safe distance (outside the classroom) while Sasami adds a drop of glycerine to the mixture. The result is an explosion that lays waste to much of the classroom, and Washu tells Sasami that she must clean up the mess after school. Of course, this is just Washu's not-so-subtle ruse to get Sasami alone.

Washu puts stage two of her cunning plan into action while Sasami is cleaning up the classroom. She complains that because "someone" destroyed all the lab equipment, she cannot test her experimental growth accelerator potion. She asks Sasami to test the growth formula instead, and forces her to agree by presenting her with the bill for all the broken lab equipment! Sasami knows that she has no choice in the matter and reluctantly agrees. Once connected up to Washu's monitoring equipment, she drinks the potion and within moments it begins to take effect. In seconds, Sasami's body grows into that of an adult. Sasami is impressed, but suddenly realises that her parents are likely to freak out at the sight of her and begs Washu to change her back. Luckily, the effects of the growth formula are temporary, and few seconds later Sasami reverts to normal again. Washu is peeved that her experiment was only a partial success, and Sasami tries to make her escape before Washu tries anything else on her.

The next morning, Sasami wakes up to discover that Washu's growth formula has had an unexpected side-effect; she has changed into a baby! She heads next door to try and see Washu, but there is no answer, meaning Washu must already be at the school. Sasami has no choice but to walk (or rather, crawl) to school to find Washu and get her to change her back.

At school, Washu is astonished to discover the side-effect of her growth formula, but assures Sasami that she should change back to normal soon - or if she doesn't she will look after her! Washu sends Mihoshi a note excusing Sasami from lessons and confines Sasami to the sick bay.

Later that day, Misao, Hiroto and Kenji drop by to visit Sasami. Sasami panics and hides under the bed covers so her friends cannot see her properly, and tells them that she has "an owie in her head". Washu quickly covers up Sasami's baby talk by explaining that Sasami's headache has made her act childish. She then quickly shoos everyone out of the sick bay before they discover what has happened to Sasami. However, when Washu returns, Sasami has gone, leaving a note telling Washu that her help is not appreciated. Washu dashes off to find Sasami, but for once Sasami has outwitted the self-proclaimed genius by hiding inside the pillow!

As Sasami's friends walk back to class, puzzled about Sasami's condition, Rumiya lands in a tree outside the window and hypnotises Misao once again.

Meanwhile, Sasami decides it would be best to hide until the growth formula wears off. She crawls to her shoe locker, hoping to hide there, but Pixy Misa suddenly turns up. As Sasami tries to hide, Ryo-Ohki pops out of a shoe locker carrying Sammy's baton and tells Sasami to transform. Sasami is worried about facing Misa in her current state, but Ryo-Ohki assures her that since she has won every week so far, this week should be no different.

Sammy steps out to face Misa, but her diminutive stature means that Misa can knock her down easily. Sammy suggests that they forget about fighting for once, but Misa is never one to play fair, and summons Baby Goods Girl, her newest Love-Love Monster. Baby Goods Girl manages to pin Sammy down and subdue her with a baby bottle. For once it seems that Misa has got her rival beaten, but luckily help is at hand. Washu turns up and gives Pixy Misa some of her growth formula. Just as Sasami did, Misa grows to adult size, but once again the effects are temporary and seconds later she also turns into a baby. Not only has Misa shrunk, but her Love-Love Monster has as well! Freed from Baby Goods Girl's attack, Sammy can fight back. Alas, her baton is too heavy to wield, but Ryo-Ohki has already come up with a plan. He has borrowed the line marker trolley from the school sports field so Sammy can use it to support her baton. Misa and her Monster make a run for it, but Sammy pursues and casts the Baby Coquettish Bomber spell, wiping out Baby Goods Girl. Misa is carried away from the school by Rumiya.

After school, Sasami waits at Washu's house for the growth formula's side effects to wear off. Night has already fallen and Sasami is still a baby, but Washu assures her that she should be returning to normal very soon!

16- "senretsu! hitozumatai [Vividness! The Married Women Squad]" ("The Team, 'Lovely Madams'")

Magical Project S - Episode 16

Magical Project S - Episode 16


Airdate: 17 January, 1997

After school one day, Sasami goes to Misao's apartment to listen to her practice her piano playing. She plays a piece of music named "Misao", which was composed by her father. However, her father has been working overseas since she was little, and the composition is incomplete. Misao doesn't know when she will see her father again. After Misao finishes practising, her next-door neighbour Miyuki drops by with some of her cooking for them.

Meanwhile, on Juraihelm, Ramia is in a particularly bad mood. She is sick of Pixy Misa's failed attempts to defeat Pretty Sammy, and has decided to cut out the middle-monsters and get Misa to fight Sammy one-on-one. She heads for Earth to organise the showdown, dragging Rumiya with her once again. Once there, she sends Rumiya off to fetch Misa while she organises a backup team in case Misa fails again. Ramia visits several of Umi no Hoshi town's most devoted wives, including Misao's neighbour Miyuki, a married college student named Yumi, a rambunctious cooking enthusiast named Yukie, and a karaoke fanatic named Chihiro. Once she has collected enough candidates, Ramia places a spell on them, a spell designed to channel the energy they usually expend on their husbands and children into fighting for Pixy Misa.

That evening, Ginji collects Sasami from Misao's place. As Misao waves goodbye, Rumiya lands nearby. Misao recognises him as the bird that keeps visiting her, and she talks to him about her day. She tells him that even though her father is overseas and her mother works long hours, she isn't lonely because she has Sasami as a friend. Rumiya, however, can tell that Misao is covering up the feelings of loneliness she so often has, and he feels sorry for her. His sympathy means nothing to Ramia, though, and she orders him to transform Misao into Pixy Misa.

After her dinner, bath and a karaoke session with her parents, Sasami heads for bed, but finds someone waiting under the covers for her — Pixy Misa! She has come not to fight but to deliver a letter of challenge (and an insulting one at that!).

The next morning, Ramia and Pixy Misa drive through the town using loudspeakers to announce the upcoming fight, and inviting the townspeople to attend and witness Pretty Sammy's downfall. By the afternoon, a crowd has gathered outside the elementary school where the battle is to take place. Misa arrives to a chorus of booing, and she calls out Pretty Sammy. Sasami, waiting in the classroom, is anxious to avoid fighting and wants to go and see Misao, who has been absent all day, but Ryo-Ohki convinces her to transform by assuring her that she has the chance to beat Misa once and for all.

Pretty Sammy is carried out to the battleground by her supporters, and the crowd cheers wildly. Before the fight begins, Sammy gets Misa to promise that if she loses she will never bother people again. Misa agrees, and lunges at Sammy with her magical baton. Sammy blocks the attack with her own baton, and the two magical weapons clash in a blaze of light. There is a loud crack as Misa dislocates her wrist, and she leaps about in agony. In desperation, Misa summons two Love-Love Monsters, but they are so tiny that Sammy simply bats them away. Just as Misa seems beaten, her reinforcements arrive - the six members of Ramia's magical married women squad, Team Sexy Mrs!

Team Sexy Mrs attack using their range of special skills, and they soon have the upper hand. Sammy takes advantage of a moment's hiatus in the fighting to open up her magical dimension, Pretty Space. The Sexy Mrs are not fazed, however, and they use their own magic to cancel out Pretty Space and replace it with their own dimension of magic, Sexy Space. Sammy charges at Mrs One, the team leader, but she is sent flying backwards by a magical blast. Weakened by the ferocity of the Team Sexy Mrs assault, Sammy is forced to admit defeat.

Watching from Juraihelm, Tsunami is devastated as the balance of Gemini tips back towards evil. Watching from atop the school building, Ramia is delighted as at last her dream of beating Pretty Sammy has come true!

17- "naku na MISA! saraba hitozumatai [Cry, Misa! Farewell, Married Women Squad]" ("Farewell, The Team, 'Lovely Madams'!")

Magical Project S - Episode 17

Magical Project S - Episode 17


Airdate: 24 January, 1997

The situation seems dire for poor Pretty Sammy. Defeated by Ramia's magical married women squad, Team Sexy Mrs, Sammy is held in a glass casket floating above the school grounds. With no means of escape and no way to use her magic, it seems that Umi no Hoshi town's favourite magical girl has finally been beaten!

However, help is at hand. The police and the JSDF (Japan Self-Defence Force) have been mobilized to mount a rescue operation. The JSDF awaits reinforcements before commencing their operation, but Team Sexy Mrs have already taken up the offensive. Kaori, the sexy career woman of the group, has intercepted the ground troops, using her devastating Mrs Kiss attack to destroy their armoured personnel carriers. Kae, the youngest member of the team, has tangled up the air troops in her huge cats' cradle, and a whole fleet of battleships are sunk by Chihiro's killer karaoke singing. Even Professor Washu has to admit that her technology is no match for the might of Team Sexy Mrs.

Meanwhile, Misa and the remaining team members torment Sammy. Knowing that Sammy is getting hungry, Misa scoffs Miyuki's delicious home-made cake in front of her. Yumi follows up this devious act of gastronomic torture by tickling Sammy under the arms. Even the JSDF is powerless to put a stop this indignity, especially after Team Sexy Mrs regroup for their next assault. However, they are offered assistance by Ginji Kawai, Sasami's dad. He presents the captain with his ID, confirming him as a member of the elite SWAT team, and explains his plan. He knows that Sammy's Pretty Power is no match for the Sexy Power of Team Sexy Mrs, but that the answer may lie in Dandy Power, which he has in spades. Before he enters the fray, Washu warns Ginji that while countering Sexy Power with Dandy Power may work, it will still take more than just Sammy's magic to defeat them.

Team Sexy Mrs' diabolical torment continues, now telling Sammy terrible jokes that quite literally leave everyone cold - their so-called "Mrs Love-Love Blizzard" attack, which covers the school in several inches of snow. However, this gives the JSDF and Sasami's classmates the chance to counterattack by throwing snowballs at Misa and her cronies. Miyuki puts a stop to them by turning everyone into snowmen. Misa launches into her final attack on Pretty Sammy when Ginji, cunningly disguised as a snowman, springs onto the scene and catches the blade of her magical baton between his hands. Misa's wrist, still injured from her first assault on Sammy (see previous episode), dislocates again, and she hops around in pain. She orders Team Sexy Mrs to attack, and they turn on their Sexy Power to the maximum. Ginji counters with a Dandy look that sets the Sexy Mrs' hearts aflutter and stops them in their tracks.

Washu takes advantage of the temporary respite to explain to Sammy that while her Pretty Power may be adorable, adorability is no match for Sexy Power. Instead, she suggests, the power of love is needed. Sammy protests, saying the she doesn't know anything about love, but Washu tells her just to fake it and confess her love for Ryo-Ohki — it may just be enough to outdo Team Sexy Mrs. As Sexy Space closes in around them, Sasami and Ryo-Ohki bashfully try to confess their love for each other. This tactic seems to be working — the Sexy Mrs refuse to attack because they would be interfering with the course of love. As Sammy and Ryo-Ohki's romantic dialogue continues, their love power grows and Pretty Space reappears. The glass casket shatters, freeing them at last, and Sammy casts her Pretty Coquettish Bomber spell at Misa. However, the members of Team Sexy Mrs, touched by Sammy's Love Power, step in front of the magical beam to protect her. As the Coquettish Bomber attack hits, they tell Misa that if she can be affectionate and sympathetic, she too can learn to use Sexy Power. With that, the six Sexy Mrs are carried out of Pretty Space and returned to their normal lives.

The next day, Sasami visits Misao, who has been off school with an injury to her wrist. Her neighbour Miyuki drops by with some of her delicious home-made cake, proof that the spirit of the Sexy Mrs is still very much alive in the hearts and minds of the devoted wives of Umi no Hoshi town.

18- "KIMI wa kôkiatsu shôjo [You're a High-pressure Girl]" ("You are the Sunshine Girl")

Magical Project S - Episode 18

Magical Project S - Episode 18


Airdate: 31 January, 1997

Miss Mihoshi enters class 4-3 one morning with an announcement - a new transfer student is arriving today. Sasami is worried for a moment, remembering her earlier experience with Boss (episode 14), but this time it seems to be a relatively normal student. The new student, a girl named Hikari Asahina, introduces herself to the class and takes the seat next to Sasami. Sasami greets her and tries to introduce Misao to the new arrival, but Hikari only seems interested in talking to Sasami.

Later that day, the class have their music lesson. Mihoshi invites class members to give a performance on the piano, and Sasami is eager to hear Misao play again. Hikari volunteers before Sasami can persuade the shy Misao otherwise, and as she plays, the whole class is entranced by her music. After the lesson, she tells everyone that she composed the tune for a special friend. She then addresses Sasami, telling her that she can't wait to play against her in dodgeball in gym class.

Sure enough, Sasami's dodgeball prowess is exhibited to its full in gym class, and only she and Hikari are left on opposing teams. Hikari is easily as skilled as Sasami, catching her best serve with no trouble and sending back an incredibly powerful return. Amid Sasami and Hikari's ever-increasing group of admirers, Misao begins to feel left out.

At lunch, Sasami meets Ryo-Ohki in the woods behind the school. Ryo-Ohki is surprised to hear of a new transfer student named Hikari, but he brushes it off. He reminds Sasami that she is supposed to be training after school so they can hopefully avoid another Team Sexy Mrs incident (episodes 16-17). As Ryo-Ohki leaves, Sasami turns around to discover that Hikari has been eavesdropping. Hikari asks Sasami who she was talking to, but she quickly changes the subject and walks back to school with Hikari.

After school, as they are cleaning the classroom, Hikari asks Sasami about Ryo-Ohki, and is very keen to meet him. She asks Misao what Ryo-Ohki is like, and Misao tells her that he is very cute and gentle. Hikari protests and says that she thinks Ryo-Ohki is cool and nice. Sasami is rather taken aback by Hikari's persistence, and finally tells her that can come over and see him.

A short while later Hikari reports in to Ramia, who sent her on this mission. Hikari is surprised that Sasami is such a nice girl, and nothing at all like Ramia has told her. However, Ramia convinces Hikari that Sasami's behaviour is really a front by showing Sasami and Ryo-Ohki training together, replacing the voices with her own to make it look as though Sasami is beating Ryo-Ohki up. Ramia tells Hikari that she must use her magical powers to save her beloved childhood friend from such brutal treatment.

Sasami finishes her training for the day, and Ryo-Ohki is impressed with her progress — another month, he says, and she will be at the peak of magical fitness. Sasami protests about having to train every day, then rushes off, leaving Ryo-Ohki wondering if he is pushing Sasami too hard. As he walks home alone, Ryo-Ohki bumps into Hikari. She picks him up and tells him that everything will be all right.

At school the next day, Sasami is worried about Ryo-Ohki, who has been missing since she ran off the previous evening. Hikari is absent as well. However, both of them are on the school roof. Hikari tells Ryo-Ohki that she has come to bring him back to Juraihelm so he will be free of Sammy's mistreatment. Ryo-Ohki assures Hikari that Sasami is a good person, but Hikari just assumes that he is lying because he is so scared of her! She picks him up and uses her magic to drain Ryo-Ohki of his strength and prevent him running away. She tries to call Ramia to get her to transport them both back to Juraihelm, but Ramia is too busy reading comics to notice!

Throughout the day, Sasami searches in vain for Ryo-Ohki. She even returns to their usual training spot after school, but there is no sign of him. Just as she starts thinking that Ryo-Ohki has gone for good, she hears his voice, transmitted to her telepathically. She rushes to the school roof, where Hikari is still trying to raise Ramia. After Sasami frees him from the ribbons Hikari tied him up with, Ryo-Ohki explains that Hikari is actually a childhood friend of his. Hikari, however, won't be convinced that Sasami and Ryo-Ohki are allies, and dons her combat outfit for a showdown with Sasami. Ryo-Ohki notices the red glow in her eyes - the sure sign that she is being manipulated by evil magic. Sasami reluctantly faces her and transforms into Pretty Sammy. She fires her minimum-power Pretty Coquettish Bomber at Hikari, but she repels it with ease and knocks Sammy to the ground. Hikari stands over Sammy, telling her she will repay her for the suffering she has caused her beloved Ryo-Ohki. Sammy insists that Ryo-Ohki is truly important to her, and the strength of her feelings spontaneously opens up Pretty Space around them. Hikari tries to attack first, firing a bolt of magic at Sammy, but Ryo-Ohki leaps in front of it to protect her. Hikari is stunned; she finally realises that her impression of Sammy was wrong. Sammy casts the Pretty Coquettish Bomber once more, and it blasts the evil magic out of Hikari's body, returning her to normal.

The battle over, Hikari apologises to Sammy and Ryo-Ohki for misjudging them both. Ryo-Ohki asks Hikari who cast the spell on her in the first place. Before Hikari can answer, she begins to drift away, her time on Earth at an end. Before she disappears, she kisses Ryo-Ohki on the forehead, tells him that she will be waiting on Juraihelm for him, and asks Sasami to look after him until they meet again.

At school the next day, the class are disappointed to learn that Hikari has transferred again. Sasami tells Misao that she will miss their new friend, but they will remain friends despite being apart. Misao agrees; she too will be Sasami's friend no matter what.

19- "bara no hanabira ga maochita toki, shizuka ni mahô wa kieru [When the Rose Petal Falls, the Magic Will Vanish]" ("The Magic Fades Away")

Magical Project S - Episode 19

Magical Project S - Episode 19


Airdate: 7 February, 1997

One evening, Misao stays behind late at school to practice her piano playing. She is eager to play the piece composed by her father, Shigeki Amano, because he is due to return home after working overseas for several years. Rumiya watches from his room in Ramia's house, glad to see that Misao will have some much-deserved happiness in her life. Ramia, however, is more determined than ever to beat Pretty Sammy — the scales of Gemini are almost balanced, so this is her last chance. Rumiya wants to give up and leave Misao to enjoy the weekend with her father. Ramia, naturally, isn't interested in Rumiya's feelings, and sends him off to summon Pixy Misa once more.

At school the next day, Class 4-3 discuss what to do for the upcoming school festival. Several ideas are suggested, but nobody can agree and the bell rings before any decision is reached, so Miss Mihoshi suggests they all think about it over the weekend. As Misao and Sasami walk home together, Kotoe Amano, Misao's mother, pulls up alongside in her car. She tells Misao that her father's flight has just landed. She has even bought plenty of food for a special family meal, but seems annoyed about having to take time off work. Suddenly she realises that she forgot to buy some roses, Shigeki's favourite flower, and asks Misao to pick some up on the way home.

As Misao leaves the florist with a bouquet of red roses, she meets Rumiya outside. He hypnotise her once again, promising that this will be the last time he turns her into Pixy Misa. He tells Misa to use her maximum magical power to create utter chaos in this, her final battle. She picks up the bouquet of roses and uses her magical baton on them to create an extra-powerful "Hyper Love-Love Monster".

Sasami and her family are eating dinner when Ryo-Ohki senses a massive magical reaction. Washu also spots it, picked up on her magic-sensing radar. Sasami, Ryo-Ohki and Washu all rush outside to see a huge rose monster laying waste to the town! The enormous bloom unleashes a cloud of pollen over the entire town. Sasami covers her mouth and nose to avoid breathing the pollen and rushes back indoors. Inside, she finds her parents, normally completely devoted to one another, arguing fiercely. The same sort of thing is happening all over town — the cloud of pollen is filling everyone with hatred! Looks like a job for Pretty Sammy...

On the road into town, Shigeki's taxi is caught in a traffic jam, the police having closed the roads. On hearing about the massive flower attacking the town, he jumps out of the taxi and heads for the town on foot, worried about his wife and daughter. Misao's mother also hears the news and sets out to find Misao.

Meanwhile, Sammy arrives at the disaster area to confront Pixy Misa. Misa attacks using the giant flower's stems to wrap Sammy up. Washu, who is monitoring the fight, is astonished to see that Misa's magical power is three times stronger than usual. It seems that Pixy Misa is finally going to fulfil her mission and crush Pretty Sammy once and for all. As Misa goes to deliver her final blow, Shigeki runs onto the scene calling out for Misao, and she stops in her tracks. Sammy notices Kotoe running towards him as well, and worries that under the influence of the magic pollen Misao's parents will fight with each other. With Misa distracted, the bonds holding Sammy loosen enough for her to break free, and they launch into one-on-one combat. Shikegi calls Misao's name again, and once again Misa freezes. The emotion caused by seeing both her parents is enough for Misao's memories to break through into her Pixy Misa persona. Spotting her opportunity, Sammy casts the Pretty Coquettish Bomber spell, destroying the giant rose. As Misa floats defeated to the ground, she reflects that roses should not be used to make people unhappy because roses are her father's favourite flower. Sammy flies to the point where Misa landed and finds Misao there clutching Pixy Misa's magical baton. She finally realises that Misao and Misa are one and the same. She drops her own baton in shock and changes back into Sasami. Misao is devastated to discover that all this time she has been fighting with her best friend, and with a cry of anguish she disappears.

20- "tomodachi - mitsume au hitomi, tsuna ga reta te - [Friends - Eye to Eye, Hand in Hand]" ("Friends")

Magical Project S - Episode 20

Magical Project S - Episode 20


Airdate: 14 February 1997

Having finally learned that she is actually Pixy Misa and she has been unknowingly attacking her best friend Sasami, Misao feels she has nobody to whom she can turn, and runs away from home. She reaches a park outside town and stops at the foot of a tree. As she weeps in guilt and sorrow, Rumiya watches from the branches above, blaming himself for hurting Misao so badly. Suddenly, Misao cries out in pain. Rumiya realises that her forced transformation back into Misao has caused her Pixy Misa side to become uncontrollable, and she could change back any moment. Knowing that saving her is beyond his magical power, Rumiya rushes home to get Ramia's help.

At the site of Sammy and Misa's last battle, Ryo-Ohki explains to Sasami that Misao must have been acting under the influence of an evil magical spell. Sasami suspects that Misa was created only because of the existence of Pretty Sammy, and that if she had never accepted her magical baton, none of it would ever have happened. Ryo-Ohki is forced to admit that that is a possibility. Angry with herself for allowing her best friend to come to harm, Sasami throws down her baton and runs off to find Misao.

On Juraihelm, Tsunami prepares to leave for Earth to sort out the situation. The royal council warns her that she is forbidden to interfere with her chosen representative, and doing so will disqualify her from becoming queen. Tsunami is prepared to give up that chance in order to help Sasami, but changes her mind when reminded that Sasami has found the strength to overcome every challenge so far.

While Sasami searches the town, Misao wanders the streets alone, lost in her grief. Miyuki, her next-door neighbour, spots her and goes to help her. Misao tells her that she has been lying to her best friend without knowing it, and thinks Sasami will never forgive her. Miyuki suggests that Misao talk to Sasami, sure that she will understand. Misao is still uncertain, and continues walking through the moonlit streets. Eventually, she comes to the school gymnasium, and the locker room outside where she and Sasami first met. She opens the door and finds Sasami waiting for her. Still unable to face her, she turns to run, but suddenly begins changing back into Pixy Misa again. Ryo-Ohki appears and tells Sasami that the evil magic in Misao's heart is taking over her, and that good magic alone is not enough to save her. He tells her that because magic responds to a person's feelings, she may be able to reach Misao and erase the evil magic spell. He produces Sasami's baton, and she transforms into Pretty Sammy. The bright glow from her baton engulfs her and Misao, and when Sammy opens her eyes, she finds herself in a strange landscape, the metaphysical representation of Misao's feelings.

Deep in Misao's heart, Sammy encounters both aspects of Misao's personality given form - Pixy Misa, and Misao's original self, imprisoned and unconscious in a glass bubble. Sammy orders Misa to release Misao, but Misa insists that because she is the product of Misao's sadness, she and Misao are one and the same. Misa goes on to tell Sammy that because she is always covering for Misao, she is only making it worse, making Misao envious while she, Sasami, satisfies her own superiority. Sammy protests, and tells Misao that she has always admired her for struggling on in spite of all the problems in her life. She pounds her fists against the glass bubble and begs Misao to wake up, but still she doesn't respond. Sammy tells her that even if she stays as Pixy Misa forever she will still love her. These words finally get through to Misao, and she awakens. Misao tells Sammy how sorry she is for all the suffering she has caused, and Sammy tells her that no matter what they will be friends forever. At last, the glass bubble imprisoning Misao shatters and Pixy Misa disappears. The magic spell that Ramia placed on Misao is freed, and it takes on the form of several wicked-looking white serpents. Sammy and Misao grasp the magical baton and chant the words of the Pretty Coquettish Bomber spell together, wiping out the evil magic once and for all. As the scene fades around them, Misa appears as a last fleeting image, and Misao bids farewell to her "other side".

The next morning, Sasami's parents find Misao and Sasami asleep together, still holding hands, in the locker room. Rumiya, ashamed of himself, flies away. Shigeki, Misao's father, returns to his work overseas, but promises to come back home to see his daughter soon.

Some time later, Sasami goes to visit Misao. When she arrives at her apartment, she is shocked to find Pixy Misa waiting for her, but this time it is only Misao in a blonde wig and a costume she made to cheer herself up! Sasami asks her if she is sad because she missed out on seeing her father, but Misao insists that she is all right.

21- "mahô ga atte yokatta [I'm Glad to be Magical]" ("I'm Glad to Have the Mystic Force")


Airdate: 21 February 1997

With the school festival looming, the students of class 4-3 are still undecided on what to do for the rest of the school. Eventually, the class settles on performing a choral number. Misao stuns the class by volunteering to play the piano for the performance, something she would never have done before; overcoming her Pixy Misa side (episode 20) has obviously had a very positive effect on her life. She even has the ideal piece of music, the piece composed by her father. Misao is delighted to discover that even though she didn't get to see her father during his last visit, he found the time to complete his composition. All that remains is to find the right lyrics. The class decide to let Misao write them, and promise to practice hard so the piece is ready for the festival.

After school, Sasami tells her parents about the choral piece, and how she wishes Misao's dad could be there to see his daughter play. Ginji and Honoka ask if they can do anything, but when Sasami tells them he is working overseas they realise there's nothing they can do. Sasami is disappointed, but soon comes up with the idea of using her magic to bring Misao's father back to Japan. Ryo-Ohki explains to her that while transportation magic does exist, it is hard to use and you need to know exactly where you want to go. With no idea where Shigeki Amano is, other than "overseas", Sasami's plan has hit another snag. She decides to ask Washu if she can help her locate him, and after obliging her by changing into Pretty Sammy first, Washu manages to narrow his location down to Venezuela.

Later that day, Sammy tries teleportation magic for the first time. Ryo-Ohki first warns her that this level of magic is even beyond Tsunami, but Sasami is determined to succeed. Concentrating on her magical baton, Sammy casts the Pretty Teleport spell. Amazingly, it works, although not nearly well enough as she lands in the sea just off the coast of Japan! As a wet and forlorn Sammy makes her way home by the more conventional means of a train, she promises not to give up on learning teleportation magic.

As the festival draws nearer, everyone is busy rehearsing; Misao practices her piano playing, the other students practice their singing, and after school Sasami practices her teleportation magic. Alas, she seems to be getting worse with each attempt, and finally gives up when her 43rd try lands her in the sewers! Luckily, Ryo-Ohki has a better suggestion - her magic might just be strong enough to send a letter direct to Misao's father instead. Sasami pens a heartfelt letter, transforms into Pretty Sammy and sends it on its way using the Pretty Coquettish Bomber spell.

The day of the festival arrives, and class 4-3 take the stage for their performance. Misao's mother, normally busy with her job, has turned up for the show, and even Rumiya watches from up in the rafters. Misao is still a little nervous playing in front of a large audience, and within the first few bars she hits the wrong note. Gathering her courage, she thinks of her father and begins playing again. As she plays, Misao remembers the day her father left to pursue his career as a world-class pianist. Misao's mother remembers how hard it has been to raise her daughter alone. Suddenly, and to her astonishment, she hears a familiar voice beside her - Shigeki has arrived to watch the concert!

After the show, the class leaves the school hall, and Misao is amazed to see her father waiting for her outside. Crying tears of joy she rushes into his arms. As they embrace, he tells her that he is here because of the letter sent by Pretty Sammy. Misao then tells her parents that she wants to become a pianist like her father.

As Sasami watches the happily reunited Amano family, Ryo-Ohki tells her that her feelings for Misao are what made it all possible. However, he continues, magic isn't the solution to everything. Magic cannot make people happy, but it can be used to help people achieve happiness. At last, Sasami admits that she is really glad she became a magical girl.

Sasami has also managed to make another person very happy. Tsunami, watching from her usual place, is delighted that Sasami's latest act of kindness has brought the scales of Gemini into perfect balance, meaning she can be crowned queen of Juraihelm at last.

22- "mahô shôjo kyôshû [Magical Girl Assault]" ("The Third Magical Girl is Coming!")

Magical Project S - Episode 22

Magical Project S - Episode 22


Airdate: 28 February 1997

At long last, Tsunami's task to restore the balance of good and evil in the kingdom of Juraihelm is complete and her coronation can take place. Before the ceremony, the royal council reveals the truth about the connection between Earth and Juraihelm. Long ago, the planets were actually twinned, orbiting around each other. However, while Juraihelm maintained a culture based on magic and spirituality, the Earth developed its own along the paths of technology and materialism, so the two planets were pulled apart into separate dimensions. However, the plan to realign the two worlds has remained in action, and Tsunami has been chosen as the first representative of Juraihelm to contact Earth. Little does the royal council know that beneath the floor of the royal chamber a mysterious figure listens in, and she has her own plans for the realignment of the two worlds.

Meanwhile, Rumiya is relieved that his sister's quest to discredit Tsunami is at an end, as it means he will never have to force Misao to transform into Pixy Misa again. Ramia herself is in a state of shock - her hair has even turned white! However, she has a visit from a new supporter who also wants to see Tsunami stripped of her title. Romio, the third candidate for the crown (see episode 1), has been holed up beneath the royal chamber hatching a plot of her own. She tells Ramia that she wants to help her mount a new bid for leadership. Romio's suggestion is enough to bring Ramia out of her daze, and within moments she is back to her usual self. Romio goes on to tell Ramia that until Tsunami is actually crowned, the balance of Gemini remains unstable, and creating a disturbance on Earth would be enough to tip the scales. Without Pixy Misa at her command, Ramia wonders how she can do anything, but Romio already has that base covered. She has chosen one of Sasami's classmates to become a new magical girl and carry out an attack on Umi no Hoshi elementary school!

At the school, it is lunchtime, and class 4-3 have gathered on the roof for a game of volleyball. Even Misao, who used to avoid playing sports, joins in. Konoha accidentally knocks the ball over the fence, so everyone takes a break while she goes to retrieve it. Kenji and Hiroto remark on how much Misao has changed recently, and how much happier she has become. Just then, Ryo-Ohki drops in with news of Tsunami's imminent coronation. Naturally, he is overjoyed, and thanks Sasami for all she has done. Misao too has plenty to be grateful for - Pretty Sammy has changed her life as well. As lunchtime ends, dark clouds roll in over the town, and Konoha still hasn't returned from looking for the ball. Class president Eimi volunteers to go and find her.

On Juraihelm, Tsunami's coronation ceremony is about to begin. As Tsunami steps forward to receive the crown, the scales of Gemini suddenly tip back towards the evil side. A violent thunderstorm has sprung up around Umi no Hoshi elementary, and out of the centre of a whirling vortex of clouds appear two women, clearly creations of evil magic. They use their long hair, which then can form into the shape of blades, to cut pieces off the school building. Sasami knows her duty is still to protect the peace, and transforms into Pretty Sammy. She rushes to the roof and tries casting the Pretty Coquettish Bomber at them, but it has no effect. Suddenly, their creator appears and introduces herself - a new magical girl called Love Me Eimi! She commands her Lovely Monsters to attack Sammy. As she dodges an attack from their hair whips, Sammy lands on the fence surrounding the school roof, but a second attack cuts the railings under her feet and she plummets towards the ground...

23- "hagai no megami" ("Goddess of Destruction")

Magical Project S - Episode 23

Magical Project S - Episode 23


Airdate: 7 March 1997

As Pretty Sammy plummets from the school roof, it seems her fate is sealed. Fortunately, as Ryo-Ohki reminds her in time, she can save herself with her Pretty Teleport spell. She vanishes before reaching the ground, but because she still hasn't perfected that particular skill, there is no way of knowing where she is going to land! Luckily, a soft landing awaits her as she lands on the sofa in her own home. Strangely enough, Ginji and Honoka (Sasami's parents) seem to have been expecting her, and have even prepared a huge cake in her honour. Sammy tries to make her excuses and return to the battle, but seeing how upset Honoka would be if she turned down her baking, she has no choice but to stay and eat the whole cake!

On Juraihelm, the royal council have been forced to halt Tsunami's coronation until she returns balance to the scales of Gemini. With Sammy occupied eating cake, there is nothing to stop Love Me Eimi's rampage. Luckily, Tsunami's loyal servant Oryo offers to bend the rules slightly and give Sammy a helping hand.

Meanwhile, Romio commands her magical girl creation (via a remote control and an antenna on Eimi's head) to cause even more chaos. Her two Lovely Monsters, Left and Right, join their locks of razor-sharp hair to form one huge saw blade and begin to cut the entire planet in half, starting with the school building!

Having finally finished Honoka's colossal cake, Sammy heads back to the school. Misao and Ryo-Ohki meet her on the way and clue her up to the current situation. Eimi's reign of terror has now taken a musical turn as she treats the class to her dreadful singing. However, just as Love Me Eimi is about to resume her attack she is blasted by plasma beams. Out of the smoke steps Cool Red, one of the Cool Rangers from the famous TV show (see episode 12) - or at least someone disguised as her. She orders Eimi to call off her Lovely Monsters. Eimi refuses and fires back at Cool Red, who dodges quickly. Soon, the whole class is cheering Cool Red on, and poor Sammy, who has just arrived on the scene, is left feeling a little inadequate. Eimi gets her Lovely Monsters to stop sawing the planet in half and attack Cool Red instead. With the Lovely Monsters fighting her mysterious benefactor, Sammy chooses that moment to re-enter the fray, but even Love Me Eimi won't pay her much attention! Cool Red, in a break in the fighting, tells Sammy that Eimi is being remotely controlled. All she has to do is disable the antenna on Eimi's head to stop her. Sammy casts her Pretty Coquettish Bomber spell, breaking the antenna and returning Eimi to normal (and the usually straight-laced class president is horrified to discover the flamboyant outfit she has been wearing!). Without Eimi's magic, the two Lovely Monsters are weakened, and Cool Red dispatches them with ease. As she deals her final blow, her mask breaks and reveals that she is in fact Tsunami's guard and servant Oryo.

With the battle over, the balance of Gemini is restored. Without wasting another moment, the royal council order that the planet of Juraihelm be returned to normal space. Seen from Earth, the moon appears to grow and change, becoming another Earth-like planet in moments - Juraihelm has been restored to its original position. Tsunami's face appears in the sky over every town and city, on every television screen and computer monitor the world over to address the inhabitants of Earth. She brings a message of peace and tells the world of her plan to create a better way of life by joining the cultures of the two planets. However, her broadcast is interrupted by Romio, who reveals her own fiendish plot to destroy Earth.

On Juraihelm, Ramia rushes into Romio's room to demand an explanation. Romio tells her that her true desire is to see planet Earth destroyed. She then activates her NT (new technology) system, designed to drain all the magical powers out of Juraihelm. Across the planet the trees and plants wither and die, the rivers dry up, and everybody collapses as their own magical powers are drawn out of them. Ramia uses the last of her power to open up the portal to Earth, and she tosses Rumiya through, telling him to find Pretty Sammy and get her help.

From Earth, the view of Juraihelm is disturbing, as the planet changes from a beautiful blue and green world to a barren red wasteland. Things seem bad for the magical kingdom of Juraihelm. However, there is hope - Professor Washu's own NT system has just been completed...

24- "tsuki wa jigoku da! [The Moon is Hell!]" ("The Moon Must Be Hell!")

Magical Project S - Episode 24

Magical Project S - Episode 24


Airdate: 14 March 1997

Aggrieved candidate for the crown Romio has drained almost all the magical energy out of Juraihelm using her NT (New Technology) system, turning the planet into a barren desert. Romio now puts the second stage of her plan to destroy the Earth into action. She activates her enormous magical cannon, which fires a beam of pure, concentrated magical energy at Earth. The beam forms into the shape of a hand, which swings around and hits the planet with an almighty slap. After the earthquakes from this blow subside, viewers on the Earth watch as Juraihelm recedes in the sky above. Oryo, watching along with Sammy and the rest of her class, realise that the Earth is moving away from Juraihelm at incredible speed - Romio's magical cannons have set the planet on a collision course with the sun!

Oryo quickly comes up with a plan. She will return to Juraihelm to see if she can do anything from there, while Sammy stays on Earth in case Romio tries to attack again. As Oryo disappears through the portal to Juraihelm, something else falls back through - Rumiya! Ramia has used the last of her magical powers to send him back to Earth to seek Pretty Sammy's help.

Returning to a scene of devastation on Juraihelm, Oryo finds the barely conscious Tsunami on the floor of the royal chamber and realise that Romio is responsible. Right on cue, Romio enters and, as all super-villains do, explains her fiendish plot. Romio wants to destroy the Earth because its inhabitants, so wrapped up in materialism and intent on destroying their environment, are utterly repugnant to her. Oryo rushes to attack Romio, but she is stopped in her tracks by her NT system, which drains her magical powers as well.

Back on Earth, Rumiya has brought Sammy and Ryo-Ohki up to speed on the situation on Juraihelm. He explains that with everyone on Juraihelm left helpless, only Pretty Sammy can face Romio. Alas, the planned counterattack has already hit a snag - there is no way back to Juraihelm! Fortunately, the ever-resourceful Professor Washu has a solution in the form of a rocket cunningly hidden in a bunker beneath the town centre. Washu is still a little worried about the journey, having never flown in space before, but Sasami's father Ginji comes to the rescue. Aside from being an ex-SWAT team member, he also has a NASA astronaut license, meaning he is qualified to pilot the rocket. Soon, the unlikely crew are boarding the rocket, taking some of Honoka's lovingly-prepared box lunches with them. Rumiya, keen to stay with Misao, decides to stay behind.

As Sammy, Ginji, Washu and Ryo-Ohki blast off, Misao remains worried about her friends' safety. She asks Rumiya to bring her Pixy Misa's magical baton so she can transform one last time. For the first time ever, Misao willingly transforms into Pixy Misa, using her magical phrase "pixy mutation magical recall". After her usual flamboyant entrance, Misa is stuck for a way to actually get to Juraihelm, but when she sees a report on the television of how NASA is sending astronauts to Juraihelm to negotiate with Romio, she strikes on the idea of hijacking the space shuttle Endeavor. In a flash, Misa disappears.

Hiroto, who has long had a secret crush on Misao, is devastated to learn that she is really Pixy Misa. In a valiant effort to help her, he runs home and gets his piggy bank, hoping to follow her into space. Konoha chases after him, only catching up with him at his house. At first she ridicules him for chasing after someone who he doesn't know even likes him, but finally admits that by chasing him all the time she has been doing exactly the same thing.

Meanwhile, Washu's rocket nears its destination, its crew unaware that Pixy Misa is following close behind on the hijacked shuttle. As they are tucking into their lunches, Romio has the rocket in her sights, and she unleashes a barrage of bolts from her magic cannon. Ginji fights to keep the damaged rocket under control, but it is a losing battle. A final blast from the cannon slices the rocket clean in two, and the separate halves crash-land on the surface of Juraihelm. After her rough landing Sammy, separated from the others in the crash, staggers to her feet and beholds with disbelief the desolate landscape that Juraihelm has become.

25- "NT {NYÛ TEKUNOROJÎ} [NT {New Technology}]" ("New Technology")

Magical Project S - Episode 25

Magical Project S - Episode 25


Airdate: 21 March 1997

Sammy has landed on the planet of Juraihelm, now transformed into a wasteland by Romio's magic-sucking NT device. She turns to ask Ryo-Ohki about their next course of action, and is shocked to discover that her magical aide has undergone a startling change as well - he is now humanoid! Ryo-Ohki explains that this is his true form. He had to take the form of a cat (or at least a close approximation of one) so that Sasami's family would take him in. As he puts it, what would the neighbours have said if a strange boy just moved in? Putting aside the issue of his identity for the moment, Ryo-Ohki suggests they proceed to the royal palace, where Romio should be waiting.

Romio is indeed waiting for them, and dispatches an army of robotic squid to tackle them. She then turns her attention to Pixy Misa, who is rapidly approaching on a hijacked space shuttle. Firing up her magical cannon once again, Romio blasts the shuttle and sends it into an unstoppable death-dive.

Meanwhile, Sammy and Ryo-Ohki have managed to infiltrate the royal palace. The whole building is dilapidated, a result of the magic used to preserve its structure being sucked out by Romio's NT system. Sammy is having trouble adjusting to Ryo-Ohki being humanoid, and insists on calling him "Ryo-kun" instead of "Ryo-chan".*

Elsewhere on Juraihelm, Washu and Ginji have also survived the crash relatively unscathed. Washu measures the magic levels on Juraihelm and realise that almost all the magic has been sucked out of the planet. This could pose a problem for Sammy, but luckily Washu has brought an invention of hers to help. However, time is running out for the populace of Earth as temperatures soar to unbearable levels.

In the royal chamber, Sammy and Ryo-Ohki find Tsunami and Oryo slumped on the floor. Tsunami is, as usual, pretty clueless, but Oryo fills them both in on Romio's fiendish plot. She urges them, as the last two magical people on the planet, to hurry and destroy Romio's NT system before she can use it again. Unfortunately, they are too late - Romio has discovered them! Her robot squid army arrive on the scene and attack, but Sammy makes short work of them with the Pretty Coquettish Bomber attack. Romio is not beaten yet, and she activates her NT system again, draining Sammy and Ryo-Ohki's magic. Ryo-Ohki collapses and Sammy returns to being Sasami. It seems the heroes are doomed as a second wave of robot squid attack!

Back at the crash site, Washu and Ginji are surprised to see Pixy Misa riding in on the doomed space shuttle. The shuttle crashes nearby and they pull its hapless magical girl pilot from the wreckage. Washu quickly realise that Misa is the only one who can safely deliver her invention, a key component of her own NT system, to Pretty Sammy.

As Sasami flees from the attacking robot squid, Ryo-Ohki uses the last of his magic to hold them off. However, they are both heavily outnumbered. Just as it seems they are about to meet their doom, Pixy Misa enters the fray and blasts the squid to pieces. She hands Sasami the component of Washu's NT system, an attachment for Sammy's magical baton that will trigger the magic absorption device Washu built on Earth. Sasami activates the device and on Earth, Washu's NT system, commanded by a crew of mechanical Washu dolls, powers up. It fires a beam of pure magical energy across space, which surrounds Sasami with a field of magic, enough to wipe out Romio. Sasami transforms back into Pretty Sammy. Using their combined magical attacks, Misa and Sammy quickly wipe out the remaining squid robots.

Romio, watching the scene from her control room, is surprised to discover that someone else has developed a rival NT system. However, she still has the upper hand - she needs only to reactivate her own system to absorb all the magic that Washu's device is channelling. Fortunately, Washu has covered that eventuality, and Misa tells Sammy to press the hidden switch on her baton's NT receiver. This activates a shield, protecting them from Romio's magic-sucking NT system. Misa, Sammy, Rumiya and Ryo-Ohki head towards the Autumn Hall for their final confrontation with Romio, but Romio has one last ace up her sleeve. She launches her huge magical battleship, carrying her and her NT system to safety. Sammy and Misa give chase, and together cast the Pretty Teleport spell to carry everyone up to the ship. Romio, cackling evilly, welcomes them aboard, and shocks everyone with a startling revelation - Sasami, she tells them, is really her little sister!

26- "yattane, taishô! koi mo mahô mo SAMÎ ni omakase [At Last, the Grand Victory! Leave the Love and Magic to Sammy]" ("Magical Victory")


Airdate: 28 March 1997

Romio has taken flight in her magical battleship, and Sammy, Misa, Ryo-Ohki and Rumiya have given chase. As the magical crew finally confront the wicked Romio, she tells Sasami that she is really her sister. For a moment Sammy believes her, but Misa brings her around with a stout kick to the head. Romio goes on to explain why she is hell-bent on destroying the Earth. She reveals that long ago, when Earth and Juraihelm first went their separate ways, she was an ordinary human selected to be a magical girl. Despite her efforts, the planets' cultures drifted apart and, she believes, the evil part of their civilisation went to the Earth. Only by destroying it can she eliminate the influence of Earth's materialistic culture and lay her past demons to rest. Sammy protests, insisting that by bringing Earth and Juraihelm back together both planets can benefit, but Romio is not interested in a compromise. Both Misa and Sammy try to attack Romio, but she has protected herself with a powerful magical field. They quickly realise that the only way to beat her is to find and destroy her NT system. Misa tells Sammy to go and find the NT system, and she and Rumiya attack Romio to keep her from stopping them.

As Sammy and Ryo-Ohki head deep into the bowels of Romio's battleship, they come across Ramia lying in a corridor. She is still weak from having all her magic sucked out by Romio's NT system, but she directs the pair to the control room. She swears revenge on Romio for everything she has done.

Meanwhile, Misa and Rumiya are knocked for six when Romio returns a magical attack. Romio boasts that she still has a little surprise in store for Sammy...

Sammy and Ryo-Ohki reach the core of the NT system to discover that it is protected by a powerful magical barrier. Sammy summons up all her magical energy to pierce the shield, and successfully dispels it. However, the effort of doing so has used up all her magical energy, and her baton goes dead! Not to be beaten, she batters the NT system core with her wand, but it doesn't make a scratch. She is about to give up when Ryo-Ohki offers some encouragement. They grab the baton together and pound on the core. Sammy's baton cracks under the punishment, but they managed to shatter the core. The stored-up magical energy bursts free and spreads across the surface of Juraihelm, restoring the planet's inhabitants to their former selves.

Sammy and Ryo-Ohki return to the ship's bridge to find Romio waiting for them. She tells them that although they have destroyed her NT system, there is still enough charge left in her magical cannons to wipe out the Earth. As Romio prepares the cannon to deal a finishing blast to the Earth, Sammy and Misa teleport themselves in front of the cannon's muzzle. Magical wands held aloft, they brace themselves for the blast. The cannon fires, but Sammy and Misa's magical shield disperses the shot. Romio is speechless. Sammy realises that all the inhabitants of Earth and Juraihelm were praying for them both, and the power of their wishes helped them succeed. Sammy and Misa raise the magical baton and chant their final spell, the Pretty Sexy Final Coquettish Bomber. Before the spell hits, the furious Ramia charges onto the bridge and grabs Romio in a headlock, carrying her off into the distance. The wave of magic from the Final Coquettish Bomber spell strikes Romio's battleship, wiping it out completely, before hitting Juraihelm itself. Sammy's baton, damaged in the attack on the NT system core, begins to break apart under the force of the magic flowing through it. Just as it gives way completely, the wave of magical energy floods out across the solar system, restoring Juraihelm to its former glory and Earth to its correct orbit. Both planets are saved, but there is no sign of Sammy or Misa.

Far from Earth, Sasami and Misao drift in a magical field. The recoil from their final spell sent them hurtling into deep space, and with the power from the shattered remains of Sammy's baton dwindling, it is only a matter of time before their magical field gives out. Sasami apologises to Misao for getting her involved, but Misao tells her she is glad she could help everyone. Sasami realises that her best friend's dream of becoming a concert pianist will never come true now, but Misao decides to give Sasami her last performance. She sings a sweet ballad to their friendship as they drift through space together.

As Misao's song ends, Sasami spots a bright light approaching. Tsunami, Ramia, Ryo-Ohki and Rumiya have found them, and have led Washu and Ginji, aboard their hastily-repaired rocket, to them. Sasami invites Ryo-Ohki back home for a celebratory dinner, but he has some bad news - he cannot go back to Earth with her. It has been decided that Juraihelm will remain in a separate dimension until the two societies are more capable of understanding each other, but he promises to come and visit her when that day comes. Even Rumiya finally tries to confess his feelings for Misao, though it still takes a shove from his sister to get him to plant a kiss on her cheek! Finally, they part company, and Sammy watches her dear friends leave as she and Misao head back to Earth.

Several months later, Sasami's life is returning to normal. In the intervening weeks, Tsunami finally had her coronation, and negotiations between Earth and Juraihelm's governments started. The people of Earth have begun to learn to use magic powers, and the day that Juraihelm can re-enter normal space is fast approaching. On the last day of school, Sasami is surprised when Ryo-Ohki suddenly appears. However, this is not his promised visit - the services of Pretty Sammy are needed once more, this time to bring peace to Mars! Tsunami appears and presents her with a brand new magical baton. At long last the entire class realise that Sasami and Pretty Sammy are one and the same. Once again, Sasami raises her baton and transforms into Pretty Sammy.

On Mars, the Martians are planning an invasion, their armies led by none other than Romio, alive and well and still bent on destroying Earth! Luckily, Pretty Sammy and Pixy Misa are on the case...