Kotonoha no Miko to Kotodama no Majo to
General Information
Type Manga
Created by Miyabi Fujieda
Years on Air 2006
Episodes 6 (1 Volume)

Japanese Title: ことのはの巫女とことだまの魔女と

English Title: The Miko's Words and the Witch's Incantations


A witch named Reti, an architecture enthusiast, happens upon a hidden shrine surrounded by a barrier, and when she undoes the barrier she meets a sheltered miko named Tsumugi. Tsumugi has never left the shrine, and she then decides she wants to travel with Reti. Over the course of the series the two of them fall in love. The Caged Miko and the Whimsical Witch depicts a romance between-- you guessed it-- a miko and a witch. In the first chapter, Letty, the witch, ends up playing the knight in shining armor to Tsumugi, a young woman magically bound to her family's shrine. Over the course of the series the two of them fall in love.

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