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Koi Kyuu
General Information
Type Manga
Created by Mia Ikumi
Years on Air 2005-2008
Episodes 20 (5 Volumes)

Japanese Title: 恋きゅー♥

English Title: Koi Cupid

Chinese Title: 愛神Q比特


Ai, Koi and Ren are three cupids-in-training with utterly different personalities: Koi is a shy, clumsy girl who practices archery every day, Ai is a cheerful girl that wants to be everyone's friend and Ren is a snobby show-off who is intelligent and usually completes her missions faster than everyone else.

The girls want to get the stamps that will allow them to become full-fledged cupids. In order to accomplish this, they must complete missions by going to Earth and making their targets fall in love.

They must complete their mission or their target's baby will not be born, and they are not allowed to leave Earth until they complete their mission.The girls try to finish their missions by the book, but something always gets in the way.

The cupids have three very important rules:

1- No socializing with your targets,
2-Don't consort with the enemy, and
3-Practice archery every day.

All three use different strategies to help humans find their soul mates, from the old-fashioned bow and arrow (Koi’s M.O.) to a magic notepad (Ai’s M.O.). When a demon named Lizette sabotages one of Ai’s missions, however, the three cupids try combatting Lizette’s schemes through the power of friendship.

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