Kamen Tenshi Rosetta
General Information
Type Japanese Live Action
Created by Atusi Simizu
Years on Air 1998-1999
Episodes 13
Movies 1

Japanese Title: 仮面天使ロゼッタ

English Title: Rosetta: The Masked Angel

Portuguese Title: Anjo Mascarado Rosetta


It featured the adventures of a young girl named Asuka Jin who follows in her father's footsteps as Rosetta to battle evil monsters called Duats. The series' motif was that of Ancient Egypt.

Movie: Kamen Tenshi Rosetta: Shikkoku no Freia

Japanese Title: 仮面天使ロゼッタ 漆黒のフレイア

English Title: Rosetta: The Masked Angel: Rosetta vs. Freia

Kamen Tenshi Rosetta has to fight to the Kamen Tenshi Freya (Evil Masked Angel), a bad girl called Mae Yoshikawa.

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