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Kamen Soldier MIYUKI
Pac lMask Soldier MIYUKI
General Information
Type Live Action
Created by Masaru Okada
Years on Air 2005
Movies 1

Japanese Title: 仮面ソルジャーMIYUKI

English Title: Mask Soldier MIYUKI

Airdate: December 23, 2005


Miyuki Honjo is living the normal life of a graduate student of Jonan University. However, on a certain day one night, by a twist of fate, not only her body, but her way of life is also changed... There is a mysterious dark organization called Crash! Miyuki is abducted by them and is forced to undergo surgery. Whether it is by coincidence or not.....she is spared being brainwashed. However, from this day on, her battles against the half-man, half-machine monsters begin. What awaits Miyuki as a result of her daily battles?!

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