1- "Tōjō! Kyūto na Daidorobō!? Anata no Hāto Nusumimasu" ("The Cutest Little Thief! She Will Steal Your Heart!")

(登場! キュートな大泥棒!? あなたのハート盗みます)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 01

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 01

Airdate: October 12, 1995

Saint Tail may be a popular modern-day Robin Hood, but in the daytime she is just Meimi Haneoka, a 14-year old student at St. Paulia’s Academy. Her classmates think Saint Tail is heroic, but Asuka, Jr. disagrees, and implicates Saint Tail in some recent gemstone robberies. Saint Tail’s newest mission is to exchange a pair of sapphires that were wrongly appraised by a classmate’s grandfather. As she attempts to replace the fake one with a real one, she uncovers a plot by the gem dealer to sell and steal back the gems.

2- "Suteki na Raibaru! Asuka Jr." ("Wonderful Rival: Asuka Jr.)"

(素敵なライバル! アスカJr.)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 02

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 02

Airdate: October 12, 1995

Asuka Jr. has received a new badge from the mayor for solving the jewelry robberies from the previous episodes. Meimi gets offended when his friends hype up what a great detective Asuka Jr. is when she gets her next assignment, a tiara called Electra. The corrupt owner thinks that Asuka Jr. and Saint Tail are conspiring to steal the tiara, and devises a plan to frame them both.

3- "Meimi no Koibito wa Harinezumi!?" ("Meimi's Love!?")

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 03

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 03

Airdate: October 19, 1995

Meimi almost gets run over by a truck on her way to school. A hedgehog at the window laughs at her, but after she helps a store owner watch the place while he chases the cat, she takes a liking to the hedgehog, and goes home to ask her parents to buy it for her. But the hedgehog is sold during that time. Meanwhile, a guy visits Seira and tells her the story of how he and his brother (or friend in the Japanese version) had this arrangement where they were to share possession of a diamond, but the brother had hidden the diamond and planned to blame the guy for stealing it and losing it. So not only would the brother get the insurance money but also the diamond itself. Meimi must transform to Saint Tail to make things right, and then discovers who bought the hedgehog!

4- "Uedingu Vēru wa Daikirai" ("I Hate Wedding Veils")

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 04

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 04

Airdate: October 26, 1995

Sayaka, a young girl in Meimi's school, takes a liking to Asuka Jr. after he bumps into her outside an ice cream shop. But Sayaka's parents show her bridal veil from Sayaka's fiancé, and look forward to her arranged marriage, which Sayaka doesn't want! Meimi must put aside her sense of jealousy to become Saint Tail to steal away the veil. But that would mean Sayaka can be free to choose who she wants, even if it means a new rival for Asuka Jr's affections!

5- "Shiawase Densetsu!? Tokeidai no Daisōdō!" ("Legend of Happiness?! The Clock Tower Commotion")

(幸せ伝説!? 時計台の大騒動!)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 05

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 05

Airdate: November 2, 1995

A little girl had lost her friend's doll at an amusement park when it got caught in her balloons and sailed into a special clock tower whose statues come out every hour. Meimi wants to help retrieve the doll but discovers a plot by some guys to steal the priceless statues and replace them with fake ones. Saint Tail must recover the doll without damaging her reputation.

6- "Kyōteki Arawaru! Uwasa no Tenkōsei Rina" ("New Student Rina. A Formidable Enemy")

(強敵現わる! 噂の転校生リナ)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 06

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 06

Airdate: November 9, 1995

It's a whole episode of Cherry Blossoms as a famous Sakura painting has gone on display at the local museum, but Seira learns from the painter that the museum owner scammed him into giving up the painting. Saint Tail plans to recover the painting, however, a new girl, Rina Takamiya, arrives at the scene, hoping to catch Saint Tail.

7- "Namida! Namida no Hatsu Randebū!?" ("A First Rendezvous of Tears?!")

(涙! なみだの初ランデブー!?)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 07

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 07

Airdate: November 16, 1995

Rina Takamiya becomes Meimi and Asuka’s new classmate! Rina hopes to be a policewoman in the future. Seira learns from a guy that he created a replica of the Dagger of Yatto, but that the museum owner is trying to pass that replica off as the real thing. Saint Tail will steal the replica back, but this time Rina has been authorized by her uncle, the Mayor, to join Asuka Jr. in preventing the theft.

8- "Pinchi! Otoshimono ni Goyōshin" ("Danger! Beware of Lost Objects!")

(ピンチ! 落し物にご用心)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 08

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 08

Airdate: November 23, 1995

On Saint Tail's latest caper, Rina founds that Saint Tail had dropped a pair of tickets to a baseball game. Rain suspects Meimi is Saint Tail, especially when she sees that Meimi has been scrambling around looking for her tickets. Meimi had bought some tickets when Asuka Jr. made a deal with her to tutor her so she could pass her math class. Meanwhile, Dolphins pitcher Oikawa tells Seira about how he lost his lucky glove when he was signing an autograph for the daughter of the Dolphins' owner's friend. Without it, he will not be able to pitch well in the Championship game. Saint Tail must recover the glove and find those tickets!

9- "Kontesuto Kaijō wa Daikonran" ("Contest Hall in Chaos!")

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 09

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 09

Airdate: November 30, 1995

Meimi gets to be a model for her classmate, Miki Kohno, who is participating in a bridal dressmaking contest. But the drawings from Miki were stolen! Miki suspects her rival, Mami Suzushiro, is behind the theft, and in fact, Mami happened to copy the design and will be showing the dress in the contest before she does! Oh no! Saint Tail must steal not only the drawings but also the dress, but it will be very difficult since Rina Takamiya has been tailing her the entire time up to the contest.

10- "Kokuhaku . . . Shichatta!?" ("You... Confessed??")

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 10

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 10

Airdate: December 7, 1995

Rina has challenged Asuka Jr. with a bet. If she cannot prove that Meimi is Saint Tail, then she promises to not bother Meimi anymore, but if she proves that Meimi is Saint Tail then Rina and Asuka Jr. become a couple. Meimi learns of the bet, and must be extra careful on her next caper where she must recover another gem that was unrightfully taken.

11- Sukūpu Shashin de Gakuin Matsuri Daisōdō" ("The Big Scoop! An Uproar at the School Festival")

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 11

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 11

Airdate: December 14, 1995

There is a traditional fortune going around that if you get or steal the combination lock from a boy and put it on a chain fence, then he will ask you out at the school dance during the festival. One of the schoolgirls is mistakenly shot on film with another boy by Sawatari, the editor for the school newspaper. She is worried that her boyfriend will see it in the paper. Sawatari tries to hide the film in Asuka Jr's locker when Saint Tail announces she will steal it back. Saint Tail must get the film without getting caught by Sawatari, Asuka Jr. and Rina, and she might have a chance with everyone cosplaying and some of whom are cosplaying as Saint Tail.

12- "Gyōten! Daitokage no Santa?!" ("Surprise! The Large Lizard Santa Claus?!")

(仰天! 大トカゲのサンタ?!)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 12

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 12

Airdate: December 14, 1995

A lost pet must be returned before its young owner moves away. An easy task for Saint Tail, until she learns the secret of Tama: it's a giant pet lizard, and Saint Tail is too afraid to steal it.

13- "Shimpi! Rōza Ōjo no Kagami" ("Mystical Princess Rosa's Mirror")

(神秘! ローザ王女の鏡)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 13

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 13

Airdate: January 1, 1996

A valuable mirror has been stolen and placed in an auction. Saint Tail intends to steal back this mirror which reflects ones true self.

14- "Ai to Namida no Purattohōmu" ("The Platform of Love and Tears")

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 14

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 14

Airdate: January 18, 1996

Meimi and her school friends went to see a movie. (It was a romantic story where the lovers had to part at the end.)

The next day at school, Meimi and her friends (except for Seira) talked about the the adult love that they saw in the movie. Then Asuka Jr. came into the class and heard Meimi talking. He said that such things were stupid, and started arguing with Meimi.

That day after school, John and Minako went to see Sister Seira. John was an American who had come to Japan to ride his bike all over Japan. He had just completed his bike tour, when he met Minako. While John and Minako were talking in a park, a young boy spotted John's cool bicycle and stole it. John ran after the boy and tried to get the bike back, but the boy returned to his home (he was a very rich boy), and the guard kept John out. John tried to talk to the mother about the bicycle, but the mother wouldn't believe that her son would steal a bicycle.

John told Seira that he didn't want to go to the police, because it was just a little boy. But he also said that his bicycle was his best friend who had gone all over Japan with him. John was planning on returning to the US that evening, so he didn't have much time. Seira said that they should pray and god would help them.

Later Seira told Meimi about John's problem. Meimi said that John and Minako were in love, and felt very good about it. But when Seira said that John was going to leave that day, Meimi got psyched up and said that she would help out.

Asuka Jr. got a message from Saint Tail telling him that she would steal the bicycle from the rich boy's house.

[the following scene might be too cute for most people to handle..]

When Meimi got home, she saw that Ruby was able to ride a bicycle. Meimi was very happy. Then Meimi's mother called her for dinner. The door opened and Ruby went flying out of Meimi's room. Ruby (and the bicycle that she was riding) crashed into Meimi's father's face. Then father used his magic to make Ruby fload in the air. Ruby pedalled around in the air.

[that magic was done by balloons holding up the bicycle.]

Asuka Jr. went to the Ninomiya mansion and went to Tatsuo's room. The boy had a huge room that was full of toys. Asuka Jr. was shocked. Then he spotted the bicycle in the corner of the room. There was a name tag on the bicycle that said Ninomiya Tatsuo.

Meanwhile Meimi transformed.

"Shu yo, tane mo shikake mo naikoto wo yurushi kudasai." [God, please forgive me that I don't have any tricks in this.]

Seira told Meimi that John's train was going to leave at 9 PM.

Seira and Saint Tail both prayed.

"Douka watashitachi ni kami no gokago ga arimasu youni." [Please give us the divine protection of god.]

Then Saint Tail went off.

There were lots of guards all over the Ninomiya mansion, and Asuka Jr. told them to watch out for Saint Tail. Tatsuo was playing a TV game in his room. Suddenly a little Saint Tail appeared in the TV! Then Saint Tail said, "It's show time!"

A lot of balloons appeared all over Tatsuo's room. Then the balloons caught Tatsuo.

Saint Tail said, "Don't take people's things."

Tatsuo said, "What do you mean?"

Saint Tail said, "Really? Do you remember?"

Then Saint Tail made the balloons expand and carry Tatsuo up into the air.

Tatsuo quickly said, "I'm sorry. It was such a cool bike." Saint Tail said, "Ok, I'll forgive you."

Then as the lights went out, Saint Tail said, "It's the real show time!"

The real Saint Tail was on the balcony riding the bicycle.

"One, two, three!"

Saint Tail went off the balcony, and rode the bicycle in mid air! Asuka Junior couldn't believe it, but he saw that the bicycle was held up by balloons.

Saint Tail headed for the train station on the bicycle.

Asuka Jr. went after Saint Tail in a police car. As the police car caught up with Saint Tail, Asuka Jr. climbed out onto the roof of the car and jumped for Saint Tail's bicycle. He caught the back end and he hung onto the bicycle.

Asuka Jr. tried to climb up the bicycle to catch Saint Tail, but Saint Tail bumped him off on a billboard. Then Asuka Jr. borrowed a bicycle and went after Saint Tail on the ground.

Asuka Jr. shouted, "Saint Tail I won't let you escape!" Saint Tail smiled, and thought to herself, "This is fun."

Saint Tail was happy, but then she realized that it was five minutes to nine, so she had to hurry.

As Saint Tail arrived at the train station, Asuka Jr.'s bike broke down and he crashed into the garbage.

John and Minako were at the station. John was in the train saying good bye to Minako. He asked Minako to go with him to the airport, but Minako said that it would be even harder for her to say good-bye.

The train bell started to ring. Just as the door was about to close, John's bike floated down from the sky in front of John and Minako. They were both very happy to see the bike. Then just as the door closed, Minako jumped into the train.

The train took off, and Saint Tail was watching the scene. Asuka Jr. arrived on a different platform and saw Saint Tail. Just as he was going to take a closer look, as Saint Tail had turned to face him, a train went by on the tracks between them. When the train had gone by, Saint Tail was gone.

The next day on the way to school, Meimi saw Asuka Jr. Meimi asked, "What happened. You don't look too happy."

Asuka Jr. said, "It doesn't have anything to do with you."

Meimi said, "Why can't you tell me?"

Asuka Jr. said, "It's an adult's love."

Meimi asked, "Asuka Jr., you're in love with someone?"

Then the school bell rang and they ran for the gates.

15- "Hōseki Dorobō wo Oe! Meiken Ritoru" ("Run After a Jewel Thief! Litte, the Naughty Dog")

(宝石泥棒を追え! 迷犬リトル)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 15

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 15

Airdate: January 25, 1996

A stuffed toy with a jewel hidden inside is accidentally sold, then taken by a homeless dog in the park. It's up to Saint Tail to retrieve the doll before the jewel thieves can complete their task.

16- "Chūka no Tetsujin wo Nusume!" ("Steal the Chinese Iron Chef!")

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 16

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 16

Airdate: February 1, 1996

Meimi’s family visit the Tsujimoto Mansion Chinese restaurant only to find out it had been taken over by a new owner, Ohkura, who has an exclusive clientele. A girl, Miss Sato, asks Seira for help as her grandmother is in the hospital, and her wish is to eat a bowl of rice gruel (porridge) from Chef Tsujimoto. Saint Tail declares she still steal back Chef Tsujimoto from the restaurant. While Junior tries to stop that from happening, Asuka Sr. works undercover at the restaurant to find evidence of an animal smuggling ring.

17- "Barentain no Hāto Dorobō!?" ("The Heart Thief on St. Valentine's Day??")

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 17

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 17

Airdate: February 8, 1996

Meimi, Seira, Kyoko, and Ryoko were walking to school. It was almost Valentine's Day, so they were talking about giving chocolate to boys (about obligatory and real). Then Kyoko asked if Meimi was going to give a real chocolate to Asuka Jr.

Just at that time, Asuka Jr. came by and said that he would rather get some nikuman or takoyaki instead of chocolate. Meimi got upset and they started arguing again.

Then Ijuuin Tohru, a first year student who was a childhood friend of Asuka Jr., came by. Ijuuin was very popular with the girls, as he was a model and appeared in many magazines and such. Kyoko and Ryoko got hearts in their eyes. Asuka Jr. didn't want Ijuuin hanging around him, but Ijuuin stuck close to Asuka Jr. Asuka Jr. also commented that Ijuuin was taller than him, even if he was younger.

Some girl from a different school came by, and gave a cookie to Ijuuin. Then she asked him if she could take a picture of him. Ijuuin said that she could, then arrogantly said that he looks best when he is looking to the right at a 35 degree angle. Asuka Jr. and the four girls left Ijuuin to go to school.

Ijuuin was in class 1-A. But he wasn't paying much attention during class..

After school, Ijuuin went to a girl with glasses (Shimamura Kanako), and asked to borrow her English notebook because he wasn't taking notes. Kanako was very nervous (and shy) and said that she would let him borrow her notes. Kanako took out a notebook from her bag, and handed it to Ijuuin. But after Ijuuin ran off, Kanako regained her composure and realized that she had given Ijuuin the wrong notebook!

Kyoko bought a lot of chocolates. She said that it was all obligatory chocolates. When Meimi and Ryoko asked who she was going to give her real one to, Kyoko said that it was a secret. Ryoko asked Meimi too, but Meimi also said that it was secret. Ryoko complained that Kyoko and Meimi were keeping it a secret, but she said that her real target was a secret too.

Meanwhile Kanako went to sister Seira. Kanako told her that she had written a lot of poems in her notebook, and that some of her poems were about Ijuuin, whom she liked. She said that she would die of embarrassment if Ijuuin read her notebook.

Later on, Seira told Meimi about Kanako's problem. Meimi said that Kanako should just confess her love to Ijuuin. But Seira said that Kanako couldn't confess as she wasn't confident enough, and also that she was just happy to see Ijuuin. Seira: There are lots of girls who can't express their feelings truly. Even you Meimi..

Then Meimi said that she would do it.

After school, Asuka Jr. was getting ready to go home. But he spotted a message from Saint Tail. Asuka Jr. got excited, and fell down, knocking the pens around. One of the pens flew in the air, and wrote a mark on Saint Tail's message.

Asuka Jr. read the message and was shocked. It said that Saint Tail was going to steal Ijuuin's heart. [actually is should be note (ノート), but the pen wrote an extra mark to make it heart (ハート).]

Then Ijuuin came into the room. Asuka Jr. showed Ijuuin the message, but Ijuuin didn't know what it was. He got scared, thinking that Saint Tail was going to take his heart (for a transplant or something). But Asuka Jr. quickly said that she wouldn't do something like that.

Ijuuin thought about it, and then said that he figured it out. He said that Saint Tail was going to steal his heart, meaning that she was going to make him like her, because she liked him. Asuka Jr. couldn't believe it.

On the way home, Ijuuin wanted to buy a present for Saint Tail. But Asuka Jr. got upset. Ijuuin asked Asuka Jr. what Saint Tail would like, but Asuka Jr. just yelled at Ijuuin.

At home Meimi's mother was making some chocolate. She still hadn't added the final ingredient, but Meimi's father came and tasted it. He said that it was delicious. Then Eimi added the final ingredient, which was her love. Gen'ichirou tasted the chocolate again, and said that it was much better. Meimi was watching her parents and said that it was embarrassing to listen to her parents.

Asuka Jr. went to Ijuuin's house, and was shocked when Ijuuin opened the door. Ijuuin was wearing a tuxedo.

Meanwhile Meimi transformed into Saint Tail.

"Shu yo, tane mo shikake mo naikoto wo yurushi kudasai." [God, please forgive me that I don't have any tricks in this.]

"One, two, three."

Seira: Be careful Meimi-chan.

Then Saint Tail and sister Seira both prayed.

"Douka watashitachi ni kami no gokago ga arimasu youni." [Please give us the divine protection of god.]

Asuka Jr. didn't want to give Saint Tail to Ijuuin.

While Asuka Jr. and Ijuuin were waiting inside Ijuuin's room, a large box arrived for Ijuuin. Ijuuin was very happy and brought it into his room. Asuka Jr. quickly said, "Don't bring it in!" But it was too late. The box exploded.

While the room was filled with smoke, Saint Tail came in through the window and took the notebook. Ijuuin spotted Saint Tail and rushed for her with a large bouquet. Ijuuin shouted, "Please take my heart!"

Saint Tail had no idea what was going on, but she just left out the window. When Saint Tail was sitting on the tree outside of the window, Asuka Jr. asked, "Wait! Do you like Tohru that much?" Saint Tail said, "What are you talking about. I took the note."

Then Asuka Jr. realized what had happened with Saint Tail's message.

Saint Tail escaped, but Asuka Jr. and Ijuuin both went after her. Asuka Jr. was on a bicycle, and Ijuuin was running with the bouquet in his hands.

Then while Asuka Jr. was arguing with Ijuuin, Asuka Jr. crashed into a garbage can. Saint Tail was heading for Kanako's house. Ijuuin kept running after Saint Tail.

Kanako was eating with her father and mother. They heard some noise outside, so Kanako went out to take a look.

When Kanako was standing outside of her house, Saint Tail came and jumped over her. Ijuuin came running around the corner, and crashed into Kanako, as he was carrying the large bouquet in front of him. Kanako's glasses went flying.

When Ijuuin and Kanako stood up, Ijuuin stuck out his flowers and gave it to Kanako, thinking it was Saint Tail. But to his surprise, the girl standing in front of him was the very cute Kanako!

Saint Tail kept running away, as Asuka Jr. was still after her. Eventually Saint Tail got away, as she jumped to the other side of a draw bridge, leaving Asuka Jr. behind.

Asuka Jr. said, "Don't forget! I'll catch you for sure next time."

The next day at school, Ryoko asked Meimi why she didn't go shopping with them for chocolates. Then Ijuuin and Kanako came together. Seira noticed that Kanako had taken off her glasses. Kanako said that she was using contact lenses.

Asuka Jr. didn't know what was going on.

Ijuuin: My heart was stolen last night.

Asuka Jr.: Saint Tail!?

Ijuuin: No, Kanako.

Then Ijuuin and Kanako ran to school together.

18- "Sawaru to Kiken! Chōdenryū no Wana" ("Danger, Do Not Touch! Super Electric Trap")

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 18

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 18

Airdate: February 22, 1996

The Tomb Stones rock band is playing a concert, but unfortunately the St. Paulia students miss out on getting tickets. Genichiro manages to surprise Meimi with a pair of tickets, and she attempts to ask Junior to go with her. But Rina Takamiya also manages to score tickets, and front row seats at that. Meanwhile, Seira learns that Daisuke Noguchi, a famous sculptor, had been scammed out of his prized masterpiece by an owner who used false receipts to buy it. Saint Tail announces she will steal the statue, but the owner had set up a fatal electric trap!

19- "Suisei Daisekkin! Chikyū Saigo no Yoru!?" ("A Comet Approaches! The Earth's Final Night??")

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 19

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 19

Airdate: February 29, 1996

A classmate from the St. Paulia elementary school choir is going away soon, and the kids want him to have a chance to see a rare comet that comes by once every fifty years. However, the only way to see the comet is to observe it from a high-powered telescope, but the new manager of the observatory wants to hog it all to himself. Although Saint Tail has announced she will steal the comet, Asuka Jr. will try to stop her but also figure out what his special thing is.

20- "Maboroshi no Kaichō no Tamago wo Torimodose" ("Get Back the Phantom Bird Egg!")

(幻の怪鳥の卵を 取り戻せ)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 20

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 20

Airdate: March 7, 1996

At the stairs of the school, Seira met Meimi. They walked up the stairs together to go to their classroom. Then they saw a crowd of a lot of girls. Meimi wondered what they were doing, and Seira said that maybe it was a crowd of girls around Asuka Jr. Then Meimi rushed to the girls.

[Seira sounds like she has a cold.. Kikuko probably had a cold when they were recording this.]

The girls were all around Mochizuki Yutaka, and they were holding a book and asked him to get an autograph from his father. Meimi didn't know anything about it, but Seira told her that Yutaka's father had written a popular book.

Later Meimi and Seira were sitting outside, and Meimi was looking through the book that Yutaka's father had written. Seira explained about professor Mochizuki, who went on an adventure to search for the mysterious red bird. Meimi said that it was very romantic.

Then a lizard landed on the book that Meimi was looking at. Meimi screamed out. Then Asuka Jr. came and made fun of Meimi. He picked up the lizard and tossed it.. but it landed on their teacher's face! The sister told Asuka Jr. that he had to clean the chicken house, before passing out.

Later Yutaka went to sister Seira. He told her that professor Hyuuga had taken the egg that his father had brought back. When Yutaka told his father about it, his father told him that the egg wasn't real. Yutaka asked if what he wrote in his book was fake, but his father said that it was real. He did find the bird and the egg. But since wild animals are very delicate, it would have died if he had brought the egg back to Japan. So he had left the egg where it was, and created a fake egg to show off.

Professor Mochizuki: But to tell the world about it, I needed something to show. I didn't know it would get this popular. A scientist shouldn't have done something like this.

Professor Mochizuki knew that if professor Hyuuga investigated the egg, he would discover that it was fake.

Later Seira told Meimi about Yutaka's problem. Seira found out that professor Hyuuga was going to tell the world about the egg on a TV program the next day.

After school, Asuka Jr. was cleaning the chicken house. Then one of the eggs exploded, and there was a message by Saint Tail. The message said that she would steal the egg from Hyuuga.

When Meimi got home, her father was watching TV. He had promised Meimi that he would show her some new magic when she got home, but he was too caught up on the TV show. Professor Hyuuga was on TV. He was saying that there wasn't such things as magic and legends and supernatural powers. Hyuuga said that everything can be explained by science. He also said that the red bird doesn't exist.

Hyuuga: Mochizuki's egg isn't real! It's fake. I'll prove it tomorrow.

Meimi's mother then turned off the TV. She said that she hated Hyuuga. On a previous TV show, Hyuuga had revealed a magician's secrets. She said that he was the enemy of a magician, and that people wouldn't have any dreams and such if there weren't any legends and supernatural things.

Meimi transformed into Saint Tail

"Shu yo, tane mo shikake mo naikoto wo yurushi kudasai." [God, please forgive me that I don't have any tricks in this.]

"One, two, three."

Seira: Meimi-chan, please be extra careful this time. Professor Hyuuga has some special devices in his lab to try to catch you.

Then Saint Tail and sister Seira both prayed.

"Douka watashitachi ni kami no gokago ga arimasu youni." [Please give us the divine protection of god.]

There were a lot of TV reporters outside of professor Hyuuga's lab. Hyuuga went out and stated that he would be able to catch Saint Tail.

Asuka Jr. and detective Asuka were already inside the lab. Hyuuga said that he didn't need them, but detective Asuka said that it was his job as a policeman to catch Saint Tail.

Asuka Jr. pointed out that the door wasn't locked. Hyuuga: That's to trap Saint Tail. Then I'll use the secret weapon.

Hyuuga showed Asuka Jr. and his father the secret weapon. Two of his assistants came out holding stun guns. Also Hyuuga had a special light ray that can analyze humans. He turned it on and pointed the light at Asuka Jr. The computer analyzed the data and said that it was Asuka Daiki, born August 12, with blood type AB.

Asuka Jr.: So if you put that light on Saint Tail, you'll know who it is.

Professor Hyuuga also had a video camera running, so he can tape his capture of Saint Tail, and show the world. Hyuuga: If I can't catch Saint Tail, I'll shave my head.

It was getting close to the specified time. Then Saint Tail appeared at the window of the lab. The two assistants fired their stun rays at Saint Tail. But Saint Tail jumped around all over, and the assistants kept missing. Then one of the assistants hit one of the computers instead of Saint Tail.

Saint Tail: It's show time!

Then Saint Tail let out some doves, and the birds attacked professor Hyuuga and the two assistants. Saint Tail threw some little stones at Hyuuga's camera and other devices.

Saint Tail went to get the egg and took it. As she was going to leave, Hyuuga recovered and turned on the light ray. Asuka Jr. shouted out and warned Saint Tail. Saint Tail threw some cards and destroyed the light ray device.

Then Saint Tail jumped out the window and started to float away with her balloons. Asuka Jr. went to the window and shouted out to her. Asuka Jr.: I didn't let you escape you know. I just want to catch you without any help.

After Saint Tail had escaped, Hyuuga recovered and said, "I have her identity in my computer." Hyuuga turned on his computer and tried to see how it analyzed Saint Tail's data. But the screen was all white.

Detective Asuka went to look at the little stones that Saint Tail had thrown at the professor's devices. It was a magnet. So the magnet had defeated professor Hyuuga.

Hyuuga went to look at the video tape, but that had just noise too, as Saint Tail had thrown the magnets at the video camera.

Saint Tail went to the Mochizuki house to return the egg.

Then next day at school, Meimi and Seira met Ryoko and Kyoko. They saw more and more girls around Yutaka, asking for his father's autograph.

Asuka Jr. was in the classroom looking at the newspaper. He was laughing at professor Hyuuga, who had shaved his head.

21- "Omoide no Hāmonika wo Nusume!" ("Steal the Memorable Harmonica!")

(思い出の ハーモニカを盗め!)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 21

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 21

Airdate: March 14, 1996

Saint Tail must retrieve a girl’s harmonica so she can participate in the talent competition. The harmonica had been stolen by a music store owner in a scam. With the talent competition underway, Saint Tail must find the harmonica before it is sold to a famous music guy, and without Junior tracking her down and catching her.

22- "UFO Arawaru!? Machi wa Ōsawagi!" ("The UFO Appears!? A Town in Panic")

(UFO現る!? 街は大さわぎ!)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 22

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 22

Airdate: March 21, 1996

The town is excited as a picture of a UFO has appeared in the local paper. Meimi and friends visit the exhibit that is holding the picture, but it is nowhere to be seen. Seira learns that the picture is a fake, taken by a fifth grader who was hoping to silence his friends’ skepticism, but the trick got out of hand, and his picture is being held by an exhibition promoter. Saint Tail must retrieve the picture before it gets displayed at the big event, but the promoter devises a new plan to get everyone to catch a picture of Saint Tail!

23- "Yurusenai! Ie wo Kowasu Warumonotachi" ("Unforgivable! The Bad Guys Destroy a House")

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 23

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 23

Airdate: March 28, 1996

A little girl's house is being torn down and Saint Tail must get back a jewelry box the little girl left in the house. The loan person hears that Saint Tail might be involved so he tries to order the destruction of the house to happen sooner, with his real motivation being that the girl’s father had co-bought the place with the loan shark’s assistant and driven that family into financial ruin.

24- "Nise Yokokujō!? Himitso no Kōsui no Wana" ("A Fake Calling card? The Secret of the Perfume Trap")

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 24

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 24

Airdate: March 28, 1996

Asuka Jr. receives a note from Saint Tail where she is going to steal the latest perfume creation, but Meimi looks at it, and thinks to herself that this must be a fake since she didn’t write it. But after the perfumer’s daughter confesses to Seira that her brother was going to use this gimmick to release an incomplete version of the perfume, Meimi and Seira try to discover what the missing ingredient really is, and Saint Tail makes an appearance that night to confound the brother and Asuka Jr.

25- "Kyōteki! Erīto Onna Keiji to Taiketsu" ("A Strong Foe! Confronting Elite Detective")

(強敵! エリート女刑事と対決)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 25

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 25

Airdate: April 11, 1996

A supercop is brought in to deal with Saint Tail’s newest target: an angel statue that a museum owner “borrowed” from an artist but didn’t return back. The artist wants it back so his wife could see it one more time as she lies in the hospital, but the detective policewoman has a secret plan; she placed a bug on the statue. Could this mean Saint Tail’s capture?

26- "Meimi ga Daifugō no Musuko to Kon'yaku" ("Meimi is Engaged to a Multi-Millionaire's Son!?")

(芽美が 大富豪の息子と婚約!?)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 26

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 26

Airdate: April 18, 1996

Meimi is hit by a car on her way to school, but fortunately the car stopped just in time as to not do any injuries. A young man with light brown hair steps out and meets Meimi, and he wants to take Meimi out on a date. The man is the son of a multi-millionaire and after meeting her, he has intentions of marrying her! Meimi doesn’t want to go through it, after all, she’s only in Junior High School, but she plays along because Saint Tail will be stealing a necklace from a society party to help someone whose necklace was exchanged for a fake.

27- "Tsuki no Hōseki wo Nusume!" ("Steal the Jewel of the Moon!")

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 27

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 27

Airdate: April 18, 1996

Years ago, a thief had stolen a Jewel of the Moon, a gem that when held in the moonlight, evil spirits will come out of the gem. At present time, the thief had gone to jail and is trying to reform by returning all the stolen items to their original owners, except that the owner of the gem had passed away, and the gem is now in the hands of a greedy museum owner who has the latest security technology. Saint Tail will try to steal the gem back, but that night the original thief attempts to steal it as well and she must stop him from returning to crime.

28- "Bishōjo Aidoru wo Sukue" ("Save the Pretty Idol Girl!")

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 28

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 28

Airdate: May 2, 1996

An idol girl is blackmailed by a rival producer where she must give up an upcoming acting star role, or her locket that has a picture of her boyfriend will be leaked out to the press. Saint Tail will try to steal the locket back but she’d have to do it while she’s a semifinalist in a local shampoo beauty competition, where the idol girl and the rival producer are the judges.

29- "Shichō no Imbō! Hakuchō wo Nusume (Mae)" ("The Mayor's Ambition! Stealing a Swan (Part 1))"

(市長の陰謀! 白鳥を盗め(前))
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 29

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 29

Airdate: May 16, 1996

The mayor of Meimi's city receives a crystal swan from a neighboring city Sakuraoba for display at their museum, but they receive a note saying that Saint Tail will be stealing it. But the real motivation is that the Sakuraoba mayor has hired a professional burglar to take the statue so he can bilk money from that city, sell off the statue, and place the blame on Saint Tail. Asuka must put his job on the line to catch Saint Tail but discovers there's more to the plot than meets the eye.

30- "Shichō no Imbō! Hakuchō wo Nusume (Ato)" ("The Mayor's Ambition! Stealing a Swan (Part 2)")

(市長の陰謀! 白鳥を盗め(後))
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 30

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 30

Airdate: June 6, 1996

Asuka hands on to the thief’s car top but falls off, but he recognizes the Sakuraoba city license plate. If Asuka doesn’t get the swan back, the mayor will have to resign in shame and Asuka loses his position. Rina, the mayor’s daughter, hopes that will come so she can have Asuka for her own. Saint Tail sends Asuka a card, saying she will take the swan from the bad mayor’s mansion, so that night, Asuka tries to go there, and take it himself, but both of them get captured and locked into a room. Asuka and Saint Tail must work together to recover the statue since it’s on the way to being sold overseas.

31- "Shōtai ga Bareru! Meimi Kiki Ippatsu" ("Her True Character Revealed! Meimi's Critical Moment")

(正体がバレる! 芽美危機一髪)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 31

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 31

Airdate: June 13, 1996

Sawatari, the ever so optimistic student journalist, captures his crush Meimi on film while she’s at home with her furry friend, Ruby, but Asuka suspects that it’s the same porcupine as the one with Saint Tail. In order to prove the porcupine is alive, Sawatari offers to go on a date with Meimi to the toy store. Meanwhile, Seira and Meimi learn about the former owner’s daughter of the little toy shop that was forced to shut down and be replaced by the big toy shop. When she was a girl, she had hidden a jewel box that played a Celtic theme in the big nearby tree. So Meimi has to keep Ruby acting like a stuffed animal while Saint Tail must steal the jewel box. Asuka tags along in disguise, hoping to catch Saint Tail.

32- "Joshi Marason Senshu no Kutsu wo Nusume" ("Steal a Woman's Marathon Running Shoes")

(女子マラソン選手の 靴を盗め)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 32

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 32

Airdate: June 20, 1996

Meimi’s classmate has a good chance of winning the city’s local marathon, and Sawatari enlists Meimi and friends to support her in some photo shoots. But when she loaned her running shoes to a coach, the coach returns her a different set of running shoes with some spiky balls in it. Not good, since she can’t run without the custom fit shoes. The coach’s daughter is also a star runner but she learns that the coach and her father have been exchanging bribes to ensure the daughter’s victory. When Saint Tail goes to steal the shoes, the daughter wants to challenge Saint Tail and risk her own life.

33- "Shōjo Keishi no Onegai! Meitō wo Nusume" ("A Swordswoman's Wish! To Seal the Excellent Sword")

(少女剣士の願い! 名刀を盗め)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 33

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 33

Airdate: June 27, 1996

Meimi’s classmate Noriko has been practicing kendo all her life, but her family's Munemasa sword is lost when rival dojo leader Kumayama bests her grandfather in a match. She arranges another match with Kumayama, with the winner getting to take the sword, and the match is fairly even. But at the last moment, Kumayama uses a flash trick, blinding Noriko and winning the match. Meimi notices the cheating and tries to point it out but Noriko gives up. Kumayama has also been working with another thief called the Mouse Kid, who had been stealing other swords for Kumayama. It’ll be up to Saint Tail to make things right as she tries to steal back the Munemasa sword and deal with Mouse Kid.

34- "Sarabureddo wo Torimodose!" ("Return the Thoroughbred!")

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 34

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 34

Airdate: July 4, 1996

Some of Meimi’s classmates have taken a fancy to a young woman who has been riding horses in a nearby mansion. But she has a different story when she shows up at St. Paulia’s chapel and shares to Seira how this guy had been pestering her to buy Billy, her prized horse, and then Billy had accidentally injured the guy’s horse’s leg. Saint Tail must uncover evidence that the guy scammed the woman. She must also retrieve Billy, who comes from a race horse background, but is bound on a train that’s leaving the area.

35- "'Kōfuku no Ki' wo Torimodose!" ("Get Back the 'Tree of Happiness'")

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 35

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 35

Airdate: July 11, 1996

Meimi’s schoolmates are all excited about visiting the local park, which has a Tree of Happiness. It is rumored that if you carve your wish on its trunk, the tree will grant your wishes. Seira learns from an arborist (tree doctor) that one of the trees that he was caring for is going to replace the Tree of Happiness. Not only will the previous tree be discarded, the new tree will also undergo the same kind of carving that will hurt its health too. The park director refuses to let the arborist touch the trees since they are the big money maker for his venture, but the director has also been hiding the fact that he had been selling rare plants illegally. Saint Tail declares that she will rescue the trees in one of her biggest (size-wise) targets to date.

36- "Shizen no Takara—Utsukushiki Chō wo Mamore" ("A Precious Creature of Nature: Save the Beautiful Butterfly!")

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 36

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 36

Airdate: July 18, 1996

Meimi’s class does a backyard field trip with a school advisor science guy who shows them some of the butterflies in the area. Some of them have an especially pretty violet pattern, and the class learns it’s a species that the science guy discovered and named after himself 30 years ago. After refusing a bribe from some other guys to catch the butterflies, he finds that a truck had smashed through the forest and stolen the butterflies, the last of its kind, to be sold on the black market. Saint Tail declares she will find the butterflies, which are hidden away in the mansion grounds of some butterfly collectors.

37- "Maboroshi no Meiga! Kaettekita Onna Tantei" ("Phantasmal Masterpiece! A Woman Detective is Back")

(幻の名画! 帰ってきた女探偵)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 37

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 37

Airdate: July 25, 1996

Tomoko, a hotshot detective from America, returns to Japan to visit her hometown. Asuka Sr. immediately takes a liking to Tomoko, but Tomoko has Asuka Jr. escort her to her old school St. Paulia, where she was one of their top students. But later she confesses at the church that her real motivation for coming back is for revenge. Apparently, while she was overseas, her parents, who were art collectors, were conned out of a famous painting, "Wings of Freedom", when they sold it to a guy, but the guy claimed they sold him a fake, and won a lawsuit, even though he had the real painting. Her parents were ruined and had to abandon their house. Saint Tail declares she will try to steal the painting, but Tomoko has plans of her own, as she tries to steal it too while getting Saint Tail out of her way. But the guy has been expecting this, and lays out some traps to catch both of them.

38- "Bakushō! Dotabata Tanteidan Ōkatsuyaku" ("A Burst of Laughter! The Detective Team Does a Great Job")

(爆笑! ドタバタ探偵団大活躍)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 38

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 38

Airdate: August 1, 1996

Asuka Jr. has been hogging much of the spotlight lately when it comes to pursuing St. Tail, so Meimi’s classmates, Kyoko and Ryoko, want to get involved. They form their own detective team to challenge Asuka Jr. for Saint Tail’s next target: an emerald stolen by a guy who has been hiding jewels in the sports center’s dolphin statue.

39- "'Shiroi Iruka' wo Umi e Kaese!" ("'White Dolphin' - Return to the Sea!")

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 39

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 39

Airdate: August 8, 1996

Sawatari has tickets to Aqualand, and plans to invite Meimi and Seira, but ends up inviting Asuka Jr. and Rina as well. On their way there, Meimi and Asuka Jr. get separated from the group and end up with some alone time. Asuka starts pondering whether Meimi resembles a certain thief he’s been trying to pursue. At the aquarium, they notice a little boy who has been hanging around the tank with the white, or pearl dolphin. Apparently, the director of the aquarium had tricked the boy by claiming that the dolphin, Mana, was sick, so they brought Mana into the aquarium. The director tells the boy that if Mana can do a flip trick then Mana is free to go. Saint Tail declares she will return the dolphin to the sea, but when she sees the boy at the aquarium, gives him the chance to show off Mana’s trick.

40- "Haha no Himitsu! Jokaitō no Fukushū" ("Mom's Secret! A Female Thief's Vengeance")

(母の秘密! 女怪盗の復しゅう)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 40

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 40

Airdate: August 19, 1996

Eimi reveals that she used to be the Mysterious Thief Lucifer. But on one of her missions, another thief got in her way and she was about to get caught until Genichiro rescues her and they fell in love. Eimi had returned all her items except for a ruby gem of a crown that has a rainbow of gemstones. Saint Tail must steal the ruby back but after Asuka Jr. misses catching her again, he has a big surprise for Meimi!

41- "Kyōteki!? Kawaii Akuma no Wana!" ("A Formidable Foe!? A Mischievous Pixie's Trap!")

(強敵!? かわいい悪魔のワナ!)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 41

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 41

Airdate: August 22, 1996

Asuka and Meimi receive a flyer from a girl named Maju, who’s been advertising her fortune telling business and they decide to visit after hearing how accurate some of her predictions are. But something is rather strange when as a woman reports she had been conned out of a golden statue of Mary when she visited the fortuneteller. Saint Tail must recover the item, but Maju hypnotizes her into revealing her secret!

42- "Haha no Teki! Rōzumarī no Imbō" ("Mom's Enemy! Rosemary's Conspiracy")

(母の敵! ローズマリーの陰謀)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 42

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 42

Airdate: September 5, 1996

All the kids in school were talking about the articles in the newspaper. Saint Tail had gone on a crime spree, stealing from many people around town. Meimi said to herself that she didn't know anything about these crimes. Then Asuka Jr. shouted out that it wasn't Saint Tail but a fake. He said that Saint Tail promised that she would always leave him a note, but she never left him any. The other students were shocked by his conviction. Meimi was secretly pleased.

Meimi and Seira were talking in the church. Seira said all the victims were hypnotized into thinking that they were fighting Saint Tail. They had investigated the owner of the fortune telling shop "Pandora". They said that Rosemary had a run-in with Saint Lucifer (Meimi's mother, and the predecessor to Saint Tail). Rosemary has had a long grudge against Saint Lucifer.

When Meimi went to Pandora to talk with Rosemary and her daughter Maju. Rosemary quickly hugged her (much to Meimi's surprise) saying that she was cute. But Rosemary said that beauty was only skin deep. Rosemary knew everything about Meimi, even that she was Saint Tail and that her mother was really Saint Lucifer. Years ago, Rosemary stole things from people because she wanted to be the mysterious thief. One day St. Lucifer left an announcement note with Rosemary's real name (her last name sounds like "Hippopotamus"), saying that she was going to steal all the items back. The note was a blimp so the whole town knew her embarrassing name.

Nevertheless, Rosemary denied that she had any stolen things and laughed at Meimi.

Meimi went back to the church and was furious. She launched the blimp that her mother used to say that she was going to steal the items back. Seira mentioned that the blimp still had Rosemary's real name on it. Meimi realized that she might have screwed up.

Rosemary saw the blimp and got furious. She said that she was going to get her revenge.

Asuka Jr. was walking down the street when he was quickly grabbed and pulled into a dark alley. Rosemary had grabbed him, and quickly hugged him saying that he was cute (much to Asuka's surprise). When he asked who she was, she released magic jade dust from a bag. Asuka quickly fell unconscious. Rosemary said that she was going to use St. Tail's weak spot.

Saint Tail appeared at the appropriate time but wondered why Asuka Jr. didn't show up for the crime.

Maju was waiting for her, holding all the stolen items. But she said that she couldn't have them, and tried to use the hypnotic jade dust on her. St. Tail imagined that she was being attacked by skeletons. But St. Tail disbelieved and used her silk hat to create a wind to blow away the dust.

Asuka Jr. woke up. He wondered where he was. Rosemary was there and said that she was in her house. She showed him a one-way mirror into the other room, where he could see Maju and St. Tail.

Asuka asked, "What are you planning to do with Saint Tail?!"

She said, "Don't look away! Something's coming very soon." She grabbed his head and forced him to watch.

Asuka began screaming for St. Tail to run, but the room was soundproof.

St. Tail used magic to scare Maju instead, and she got the stolen things from her. However, Maju noticed that she was underneath a chandelier. Then she released a switch and the chandelier crashed on the ground.

St. Tail wasn't crushed by it, but the glass shards flew everywhere. One of them cut the ribbon on her hair. Apparently, this is the key to her disguise. Meimi turned and looked at the mirror. Asuka Jr. saw that Saint Tail was really Meimi. He was very shocked.

Rosemary was very smug. She said, "You always wanted to know Saint Tail's true identity. Are you pleased?"

Asuka Jr. was angry and punched the mirror with his fist. The glass broke and Saint Tail heard the noise and ran away. Asuka's hand was bleeding badly, and he looked angrily at Rosemary. Rosemary was surprised.

43- "Saigo no Tatakai! Asuka wo Sukue" ("The Final Battle! Save Asuka Jr.")

(最後の戦い! アスカを救え)
Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 43

Kaitou Saint Tail - Episode 43

Airdate: September 12, 1996

Meimi was dreaming about herself as Saint Tail and Asuka Jr. In her dreams she said, "I don't want anything... Because you're the only treasure that I want."

Asuka Jr. had not returned to school. Nobody knew where he was. His father couldn't be informed because he was working undercover on some case. Meimi was worried, and thought about how he may have been missing since the time she raided Rosemary.

Meimi thought about it, and realized that Maju said the other night that Asuka Jr. wouldn't come for Saint Tail. She also thought about how she barely escaped from being caught. She realized that Rosemary was going to fulfill her revenge by using Asuka Jr. Meimi said that she was going to get him back.

Seira said that if she did that, Asuka Jr. would know who she really was. But Meimi didn't care and transformed without Seira's help. St. Tail said that maybe this was going to be the last theft that she would ever do. But she said that even if Asuka Jr. hated her, all she cared was getting him back. Seira understood, and she prayed to God saying, "God, Meimi has never stolen anything for herself. For this one time, please keep Meimi and Asuka Jr. safe."

Rosemary and Maju were hiding in an abandoned church just outside town.

St. Tail had Ruby deliver the note to Maju saying that Saint Tail would come to steal Asuka Jr. from them. Rosemary read the note. She wasn't nervous at all. She hoped Saint Tail would come for her. When the police came to investigate what the note meant, Maju used the dust on them and told them to go home and forget everything.

Meanwhile, Asuka Jr. was kept locked somewhere. He was treated well, but he kept thinking about how Meimi was really Saint Tail. He wondered if she did it because she had fun screwing with his head. He was very confused about his emotions.

Maju gave Asuka the note. He saw that the note mentioned him as the target. Asuka didn't know what this meant. Maju said very arrogantly, "Are you that stupid? That's not a note, that's a love letter."

Asuka thought about all the notes that Saint Tail had delivered to him. Then he remembered her saying once, "I want to be caught by you".

Saint Tail busted in a window and told Rosemary to give back Asuka Jr. But Rosemary just laughed and asked if she thought if she was going to just hand him to her. Then she released the magic jade dust. Rosemary was better than Maju, and St. Tail was hypnotized. She imagined that she was being strangled by a monster, and then it threw her out the window.

St. Tail was lying on the ground when Rosemary appeared. Rosemary didn't attack and instead made her an offer. She said that Maju wasn't her real daughter, and they were just partners because they had similar goals. She wanted St. Tail to join them, and they could become the greatest thieves that ever lived.

Meimi got mad and said, "What are you talking about?!"

Rosemary then said that it was over for her. She used the dust and Meimi imagined that she was drowning in bottomless water. But Meimi used her silk hat and shot hundreds of butterflies out of it. The illusion vanished while the butterflies flew around the area. Rosemary said that the butterfly powder was interfering with the jade dust, and she couldn't do anything.

At that point, Asuka had decided that he wasn't going to be a victim anymore. He remembered saying to Saint Tail, "Don't get caught by anybody else, because I'll be the one to do it."

He said that he wasn't a princess locked in the castle. Just then, the clock tower's bell (which should have been broken) started to ring. Maju covered her ears because it was so loud. Then Asuka tackled Maju and took away her keys so he could escape.

Meimi heard the bell and realized that this must be God's way of telling her that Asuka Jr. was in the clock tower. She used her balloons from her hat to float up the tower.

Asuka Jr. opened the first doorway that he saw and he stepped out. However, the walkway that used to be there had long since crumbled away. He slipped his footing and started to fall. St. Tail couldn't get there in time, so she used her magic wand to create balloons so it would break his fall.

But Maju was near St. Tail. She yelled, "You should be more concerned about saving yourself!" Then she threw a dagger and it popped the primary balloon that held St. Tail. St. Tail was falling and her silk hat flew out of her hands. On the rooftop below, Asuka Jr. saw this and raised his hands to catch her. He caught her, but the impact caused him to crash through the roof. They landed (somewhat unbelievably) onto one of St. Tail's balloons so they weren't hurt.

Meimi started to cry. She said, "I'm sorry... Asuka Jr., I'm really Saint--"

Asuka Jr. then hugged her tightly and said that he didn't want to know anymore.

Rosemary and Maju were watching. Rosemary said to Maju, "Let's go."

Maju asked, "But what about your revenge?"

"I'm not interested in it anymore." Rosemary turned away. "Back then, if I had a boy that loved me no matter who I was, then maybe I would have..." She stopped in mid-sentence.

"Let's go to another town and make us rich," she said to Maju. Then they left.

Eight years later, Asuka Jr. (who wasn't called "Junior" anymore since he was an adult) was now running his own private detective agency. He was visiting Seira, who was now a full nun at the church. She said that "Saint Tail" was inside.

Asuka went inside and Meimi was at the altar. Meimi, as an adult, now has short hair. Asuka then pulled out a diamond ring and put it on her left hand.

Seira, who was narrating, said that Saint Tail never did appear again. "After all," she said, "she had been caught."