First Season: Kämpfer

1- "Schicksal ~Erabareshimono~" ("Destiny: The Chosen Ones")

(Schicksal ~選ばれし者~)
Kämpfer - Episode 01

Kämpfer - Episode 01

Airdate: October 2, 2009

The episode starts off with a blue-haired girl running from a red-haired girl chasing her and firing with a loaded pistol. Later, the same blue-haired girl wakes up in bed shocked to discover her own body, and even weirder sees a tiger doll thing that looks as if it's entails are sticking out of its gut. The doll's name is Harakiri Tora, and it tells the girl, Natsuru Senō, that she was chosen to become a Kämpfer. After freaking out for a bit, Natsuru wants to go back to sleep, and the doll helps by kicking her in the face knocking her out. When Natsuru wakes up, he's a boy again.

On his way to school, Natsuru tries to catch the bus to school but it drives past before he gets to the bus stop, but luckily his crush, Kaede Sakura, also misses it and they decide to wait for the next one together. Unfortunately mid-conversation with Kaede the bracelet starts to glow so Natsuru tries to leave before transforming in front of Kaede but before he gets away the same red-haired girl with the pistol from his nightmare appears. A bus drives past and Natsuru takes the chance to run away from the scene and turns back into a girl with a brief magical girl transformation sequence. After a brief fight Kaede comes over to find Natsuru but instead the red-haired girl turns and points the gun at Kaede prompting Natsuru to throw a fireball to his/her surprise, the resulting explosion stopped the red-haired girl from shooting but also damaged a near-by lamppost which was about to fall on the red-haired girl until Natsuru leaps across to push her out the way. The red-haired girl realizes what happened then decides to leave. Kaede then checks to see if Kämpfer Natsuru is ok but he runs off.

Eventually arriving at school as a guy, Natsuru's friend, Kanji Higashida, tells him there's a girl outside wanting to see him who introduces herself as Akane Mishima. Akane reveals that she is that red-haired girl that attacked him earlier, except this time she's a shy, bespectacled librarian who seems to apologetically find lewd double-entendres in everything that is said. She explains that there are 2 types of Kämpfer, Blue and Red. Also it is explained is that each Kämpfer carry one of three weapons: Schwert (sword), Gewehr (gun) or Zauber (magic), kind of like rock-paper-scissors, except no weapon type appears to have a natural advantage over another. Also it is hinted that Akane may have gained a crush on Natsuru after saving her from the falling lamppost. After a bit more conversing Akane goes to grab a German dictionary but it's to high for her to reach so Natsuru grabs it for her but as he pulls it out a bunch of books falls making them both fall as well and Natsuru landing on top of Akane. After a bit of confusion and misunderstanding they are interrupted by the Student Council President and as she walks away Natsuru bracelet begins to flash. Akane then escorts Natsuru to the roof of the female side of the school where they hide and talk about why they turn into Kämpfers.

On the way home after school, Natsuru, who has now changed back to a boy, is wanted by Kaede and he thinks that she finally wants to confess her love to him. Instead, she asks Natsuru to introduce her to the female version of himself, without knowing that they are actually the same person. He decides to ask Akane for advice the next day, but as the two of them are talking in the school's library they find themselves under attack by another Kämpfer with a chain-blade weapon that cuts through the bookshelves like paper. After one attack, Kaede is shown standing in the rubble. Thinking she's the attacker, the transformed Akane points her gun in Kaede's direction and fires as the episode ends.

2- "Glühen ~Shitō no Kaimaku~" ("Glow: The Fight of Death Starts")

(Glühen ~死闘の開幕~)
Kämpfer - Episode 02

Kämpfer - Episode 02

Airdate: October 9, 2009

After Natsuru Senō saves Kaede Sakura from Akane Mishima again by leaping over and grabbing Akane making the bullet just miss Kaede but she faints as a result. The attack then still continues from the mysterious Kämpfer, proving Kaede's innocence, the school bell then goes off and the attacks stop. Akane then leaves to go to class leaving Natsuru to deal with the passed out Kaede. So Natsuru lifts her up and takes her to the nurses office on the girls side and lays her down in the bed. At the end of the day Natsuru returns home, as a guy, and has a new postcard from Mikoto Kondō in Suriname, after reading it he has a little talk with Harakiri Tora about the new enemy Kämpfer.

The next day Natsuru is summoned to see the Student Council President, along with Akane, about the attack in the library. After the meeting Natsuru is approached by Kaede about when will she be able too meet the female Natsuru, which Natsuru says tomorrow after school after being unable to say no to his crush. Natsuru then invites Akane over to his house to discuss what he should do about that situation but Akane originally misunderstands Natsuru's intentions. It was decided that he would try get Kaede to hate the Female Natsuru, but it goes wrong when Kaede confesses to Natsuru. Natsuru runs away unsure what to do but as when he returns Shizuku Sangō is there instead and reveals herself as the enemy Kämpfer and after a few exchanged words Natsuru and Akane both start to run. They eventually come to a blocked end so have no choice but to fight. Akane uses herself as a decoy so Natsuru could concentrate to fire her Zauber at Shizuku but she easily cuts it in half. Natsuru then comes up with a plan, to set off the fire sprinklers, which succeeds but Natsuru stops Akane from shooting Shizuku and strikes a deal with her instead, to leave Keade alone. The morning after Natsuru is told by the Student Council President that due to Kaede becoming more determined to meet up with Female Natsuru by asking around the school if they have seen her, he has to transfer to the girl's side of the school to stop all the rumors that have been going around so they don't learn about the existence of Kämpfers.

3- "Lilie ~Himitsu no Hanazono~" ("Her Lily: The Secret Flower Garden")

(Lilie ~秘密の花園~)
Kämpfer - Episode 03

Kämpfer - Episode 03

Airdate: October 16, 2009

It is the first day of school for Natsuru as a girl after being transferred. After introducing herself to the class she soon spots Akane in the class. When the teacher is deciding where Natsuru would sit, Akane offers the spot next to her but is then trampled to the ground as the other girls mob around Natsuru. The Class Rep then states that Natsuru will be sitting next to her. Then Kaede bursts in and pulls Natsuru away from the crowd saying the student council president, Shizuku, has asked her too look after Natsuru. Walking down the corridor alone Kaede admits that she lied so they could be alone together where she then confesses her love for female Natsuru. At this point Natsuru's bracelet begins to flash and once again runs from Kaede without giving an answer. Natsuru runs to the roof and starts panicking about being found as a guy on the girl side but then the bracelet suddenly stops flashing as Akane shows up in Kämpfer form. Akane then tells Natsuru to go to the library if the bracelet ever starts reacting again.

Back in the classroom now all the other girls are staring and admiring female Natsuru and even during the lunch break girls from other classes crowded around the door to stare, apart from Akane whose doing her best to keeps eyes to the front. Then Masumi Nishino from the Newspaper Club squeezes past the girls at the door wanting an interview with the new student, female Natsuru. Masumi then interrogate Natsuru to try get some dirt, even by shining a light in Natsuru's face a couple times to intimidate her. The paper was then released claiming that female Natsuru is a lesbian and as a result Natsuru gets even more girls crowding her. The Chairman and co. then used this to there advantage to make some money by charging money to see Natsuru. As they counted the money Natsuru tries to escape thinking that she's done but the Chairman tells her she still has various activities to participate in including a photo shoot, autograph session and a tea party. Which Natsuru then just runs out the class and around to the back of the gym where there are 3 more female students, presumably the Gymnastics Club, tie up Natsuru with a ribbon and start to harass her. At the end of the day when Natsuru returns home, still in Kämpfer form, there is yet another postcard sent by Mikoto this time from Antigua & Barbuda. After collapsing on the bed and wondering when he will turn back into a guy the doorbell goes off. It turns out to be Akane at the door who has come to give Natsuru some cake and then subtly invites herself in. While eating the cake Natsuru leans in towards Akane, which Akane thinks it's for a kiss but instead Natsuru just tells her that she has cream on her face. Natsuru then starts talking about Kaede at which point Akane then leaves feeling slightly embarrassed.

The next day begins and the Chairman & co ambush Natsuru and tell her the schedule they have planned to make a profit of her again but Kaede steps in to save Natsuru again claiming Natsuru only loves one girl and only one. Natsuru than has lunch with Kaede, with Kaede even giving Natsuru a spoonful of her lunch to try. At which point Shizuku decides to join them with the intentions of only making it more complicated for Natsuru by saying the female Natsuru is dating the male Natsuru, loud enough so everyone heard, Kaede then stands up and runs off. Shizuku then tells Natsuru that she is doing it for his sake. The rumor spread like wildfire and all the girls get upset surrounding her asking if its true which then the bracelet begins to flash of all times. This prompts Natsuru to leap out of the crowd and race towards the library, leaping into one of the aisles where he changes back to a guy to his relief. Akane then appears and also confronts him about male & female Natsuru dating, unaware of Shizuku's hand in the rumor. While ranting at him she accidentally falls on him. Natsuru looks up and sees Kaede standing there giving her the impression that he was cheating on his female self and vows to make the female Natsuru hers in front of Akane and Natsuru, deeping the complications even more.

4- "Kriegserklärung ~Tatakau Otometachi~" ("Her Declaration of War: The Fighting Maidens")

(Kriegserklärung ~戦う乙女たち~)
Kämpfer - Episode 04

Kämpfer - Episode 04

Airdate: October 22, 2009

Natsuru is sat alone thinking to himself about what Kaede said too him, about going to make Female Natsuru hers, while the other guys are getting excited about the upcoming festival and the Miss Seitetsu Beauty Contest. None more so than Higashida as its rumored one of the Three Beauties of Seitetsu would be competing and with him being the self-acclaimed 'special adviser of the Hottie Research Club' has found out its none other than Natsuru. Natsuru then runs off to confront the Student Council President (along the way turning into Kämpfer form) about why he's got to compete. Shizuku simply explains it's for the best interest for the school. Natsuru understands Shizuku's point but would still prefer not to enter, so Shizuku withdraws him but with a catch, Shizuku gets Natsuru to give her a shoulder massage during which she keeps complaining at how poor Natsuru is at it. Natsuru then stops thinking shes done but when Shizuku demanded more Natsuru rushed too it without thinking and ended up rubbing Shizuku's breasts instead. After Natsuru final realizes and pulls away in horror, Shizuku thanks him prompting Natsuru to believe the deed has been done so he didn't have to enter the contest. Shizuku then tells Natsuru to close his eyes, which Natsuru obeys. He opens his eyes to see Shizuku leaning in for a kiss at which point Akane bursts through the door guns a blazing but as a result of Akane's actions Natsuru is told he still has to compete in the Beauty Contest.

Back at Natsuru's house both Harakiri Tora & Seppuku Kuro Usagi mock Natsuru for having to compete in the beauty contest while Akane apologizes for her actions. They then begin to talk about what Natsuru can do for the contest as he says hes got no special talent, which Akane suggests singing. Harakiri Tora then brings up about what clothes he should wear and goes on about underwear most. Which then Natsuru asks Akane if she would help him pick out a bra. So the next day Akane & Natsuru meet up to go shopping and then head to a karaoke bar. At the underwear store, Natsuru seems to be embarrassed to be there and istantly dismisses the bra Akane picks out. Shizuku then shows up, to their dismay. Natsuru then tells Shizuku that it's her fault he has to spend money on a bra to which Shizuku offers to help (being a closer size to Natsuru), which Akane didn't want so drags Natsuru away to try on a bra that she picked. In the changing room as Akane does her best trying to squeeze the bra on Natsuru but to no avail as its just to small, which then Shizuku just bursts in holding up a bra saying this would fit Natsuru better and offers to help put it on. Natsuru claims he will be fine but Shizuku still decides to show hers as an example which Akane quickly does the same.

Afterwards, Kaede shows up having been invited by Shizuku and they head of to the karaoke bar. Kaede and Akane then fight over who gets to sing a duet with Natsuru so Shizuku makes the suggestion of a little competition and Natsuru picks the winner to sing with. Shizuku, Natsuru, Akane, and Kaede hanging out in a karaoke barShizuku, Natsuru, Akane and Shizuku then offers to go first, to the surprise of everyone, followed by Kaede and then Akane. While Akane was singing Natsuru remembers about the latest postcard he had received from Mikoto in the Repulic of Chad now. After the thought he finds himself surrounded but all three and told to pick a winner, which he calls it a draw getting out of the stick situation. Shizuku then leaves saying shes got to make a call and Akane goes to the bathroom leaving Natsuru and Kaede together alone to the joy of Kaede. Kaede then tries to get an answer from Natsuru but once again his bracelet begins to flash so he quickly leaves the room and holds the door shut meaning Kaede couldn't get out. Natsuru then begins to glow blue as Shizuku shows up so Natsuru begs Shizuku to transform so he can remain in Kämpfer form. Kaede and Akane then begin to argue over Natsuru which results in Kaede entering herself into the Beauty Contest to confess her love in front of everyone prompting Akane to enter as well to, as she says, protect Natsuru. Which to every ones surprise again Shizuku also decides to partake in the contest claiming she can't allow 2 of the 3 beauties of the school enter without doing so herself.

5- "Komödie ~Fāsuto Kisu~" ("Her Comedy: First Kiss")

(Komödie ~ファーストキス~)
Kämpfer - Episode 05

Kämpfer - Episode 05

Airdate: October 29, 2009

The Seitetsu High cultural festival is about to begin with preparations underway. The girls are busy working hard, while the boys are dressing up as girls and trying to get on the girls side. In Natsuru and Akane's class the other students are surrounding them to support and help prepare them for the Miss Seitetsu Beauty Contest. Natsuru then asks about the class project but the Assistant Committee Chairperson says they already finished with that. The class then get Natsuru & Akane to try on various outfits and the Treasurer takes photos of them. After 8 outfits they both seem to not be able to take any more of this which luckily they were finished anyway and tells them to get changed in the changing room. But without them knowing the other students could see their shadows through the curtain as was being recorded. Kaede then bursts in hoping to see Natsuru in cosplay only to find shes already finished getting dressed. Kaede and Akane then bicker over Natsuru, as she just stands there unknowing what to do, and finally comes to an end when Kaede runs off upset. At the end of the day Natsuru is walking home, as a guy, when he runs into Kaede as they walk home, but not together. Natsuru takes this chance to try and mend his relationship with Kaede. Kaede tells him Akane was mean to her and suspects that she may also like Natsuru but Natsuru (clueless like always) just says they're friends but then accidentally encourages Kaede to go for the female Natsuru which cheers up Kaede but still regards male Natsuru as a rival. Shizuku then appears sat on the wall having heard the whole conversation between the two and thanks Natsuru for cheering Kaede up.

The next day and the festival has begun, and as Natsuru walks into the changing room Kaede is there in a wedding dress which makes Natsuru have a fantasy of what it would look like marrying Kaede. Akane then interrupts telling Kaede to go to the waiting area as she is dressed, Akane follows her into the waiting room as she is also dressed. Natsuru sits down in relief that the situation has passed when Shizuku appears sat next to her out of no where making Natsuru jump, she expresses her concern over the Kaede and Akane situation before suggest they should get dressed. Shizuku asks to see if Natsuru wants to see her change but he says no and walks into a separate room to change.

The contest then begins with Masumi Nishino playing host. Natsuru comes out first with a rapture of screams and applause. She is then told to do her appeal, she thinks about using her zauber as magic but unfortunately told to refrain from use of fire so she just stands on stage not knowing what to do as the crowd just stares in silence. At which point some Entrial plushies are thrown into the crowd as you see some people catch them. Kaede then walks onto the stage with the audience screaming for her too. She then recites "The Entrails Princess in Love" to confess her love for Natsuru in front of everyone. She throws her bouquet into the crowd and turns towards Natsuru to kiss her, the crowd go wild, but just before they kiss a gun goes off and Akane is standing there in Kämpfer from. After a few exchange of words Akane begins to shoot at Natsuru and Kaede but Natsuru grabs Kaede and dodges the bullets as they come out unharmed apart from Natsuru ripping a sleeve. Akane angry at Natsuru for helping Kaede then shoots at Natsuru's feet which causes her to loose balance and fall on top of Akane, the audience begin to chant "kiss her" towards Natsuru but Akane pushes Natsuru off her and as Natsuru lands on her bum her tops stitching comes undone and she grabs hold of it to keep herself covered up. The crowd goes berserk with a massive cheer and loads of pictures being taken. With Natsuru now preoccupied by holding onto her clothes Akane takes advantage and sticks her gun right to the back of Kaede's head, but as she goes to pull the trigger the gun is knocked out her hands. Shizuku then makes her entrance on stage, she throws her cape onto Natsuru helping to cover her up. Akane picks her gun up and shoots at Shizuku who throws her knife cutting the bullets in half. She then throws her knife at everyone grazing them enough to knock them out for the count and gets announced as the winner.

After the contest Natsuru wakes up as a boy with Shizuku sat there waiting. They talk a bit about the contest with Natsuru thinking this was Shizuku plan all along but she just says she had to step in before it got out of hand. Natsuru thanks her for doing so but that isn't enough for Shizuku as she then kisses Natsuru. Shizuku then leaves saying that's enough leaving Natsuru in a state of shock as she stole his first kiss. Mikoto is then seen walking out the front of the school upset she couldn't find male Natsuru anywhere and shakes the bouquet she caught in anger and a Entrails Animal drops out and appears to have spoke to her.

6- "Heimkehr ~Teki ka Mikata ka~" ("Her Homecoming: Friend or Foe?")

(Heimkehr ~敵か味方か~)
Kämpfer - Episode 06

Kämpfer - Episode 06

Airdate: November 5, 2009

Natsuru is dreaming about being alone with Kaede, and about to kiss her but then she turns into Shizuku and he screams himself awake. Natusuru is then surprised to find his childhood friend Mikoto has returned and cooked him breakfast. While waiting for the bus to school Mikoto asks Natsuru all sorts of questions, mainly about girls, but they get interrupted when Akane wonders over, but not long after arriving Akane leaves feeling at unease finding out the Natsuru and Mikoto have been friends since they were little. Then Natsuru's bracelet then starts to flash prompting Natsuru to flee away from Mikoto before he transformed.

While Natsuru, now in Kämpfer form, heads to school, she is ambushed by The Committee Chairperson & Companions and forced to participate in a 'quasi-maid café' which she is the star attraction in the cafe. When Kanji Higashida is served, he is given trick spicy tea that sent him running. Natsuru is then told that the VIP guest will be coming soon and has requested that she would be the maid to serve them, the VIP guest turns out to be Shizuku. Shizuku is given any service from Naturu since she paid the cafe very well, so she gets Natsuru to sit with her where she warns Natsuru that a new Kämpfer will be coming soon. Kaede later joins them, and Shizuku subtly probes her to see if she has any knowledge concerning the Kämpfers and the Entrails animals that spawn them. Shizuku then slyly gets Kaede to ask Natsuru for a kiss, but she declines and settles for a date around the festival instead. As they enter into a haunted house, Natsuru is attacked by a new Red Kämpfer, whom Natsuru eventually figures out that it is Mikoto. Akane later intervenes and the fight is stopped by Shizuku, who asks Natsuru and Akane to reveal their true identities to her. After everyone gets on the same level, Shizuku agrees on a truce, as she wants to find out something. As Natsuru apologizes to Kaede for abandoning her, Kaede asks her to spend the night at her house.

7- "Einladen ~Manekarezaru Kyakutachi~" ("Invite: The Uninvited Guests")

(Einladen ~招かれざる客たち~)
Kämpfer - Episode 07

Kämpfer - Episode 07

Airdate: November 12, 2009

Natsuru is getting ready, happy that he has finally been invited to Kaede's house. Unfortunately, the invite is for his Kampfer form but he has gained better control of his transformations now. When he leaves his house, he is confronted by Shizuku and Akane who learned of the invite from Kaede. Shizuku and Akane facing Natsuru upon leaving to go to Kaede's houseShizuku and Akane facing Akane rebukes him for not telling her and tells him that they are joining him to Kaede's house. Natsuru then expects Shizuku has some devious plan up her sleeve like always.

They arrive at Kaede's house where she lives alone as her parents are overseas working as diplomats. Kaede opens the door and is glad to see Natsuru standing there alone but then is joined by Shizuku & Akane which Kaede seems rather unfazed by their appearance and invites them in. They walk in and see her house littered with Entrails Animals plushies & decorations. Kaede goes off and gets everyone drinks, when she returns she suggests they play the 'stick kissing' game. Kaede offers to demonstrate with Natsuru with Akane stopping her saying they don't need one. Kaede then tries to fix the draw so she would end up with Natsuru but again is stopped by Akane which the result of the first draw put Akane with Shizuku. Akane tries forfeiting which Kaede tells her shes not allowed to. So they begin to eat the sticks and as they get towards the end Shizuku pushes Akane down on her back and has her way with Akane, sits up and declares herself the winner. Kaede then tries some more underhanded tricks to pair up with Natsuru by saying that it's only fair with Akane and Shizuku already having been. Akane obviously doesn't like the sound of that and demands its done by random draw again but Kaede says she has no more paper left to do a draw. But Akane then pulls out some paper and says they can use this, which Kaede reluctantly agrees. The result of the draw pairs Akane with Natsuru, Kaede offers a redo which Akane revokes the ideas. They put the stick in their mouths but only Akane starts biting through it more quicker than what she did with Shizuku, as it gets towards the end Natsuru breaks the stick and then asks if she lost because of this. Kaede then draws up the next draw which she keeps redoing in hopes of being paired with Natsuru but it never happens so she decides to stop playing the game.

Kaede then shows them her Entrails Room, full with a lot of the stuffed animals. She then starts introducing them starting with Bludgeoning Bear, Skewered Mice & Prematurely Buried Hyena. Shizuku then asks her which one she loves the most and she picks out Hiaburi Raion, she goes on to tell them she bought him from a shop while in Middle School and that when she was in Elementary School she wanted to be a comic artist and created a character just like him. Mikoto then bursts in having looked for Natsuru and of course she has a pot of curry with her, so everyone sits down and has a plate. Afterwards Kaede asks Natsuru if shes staying over like promised which she tries to get out of it but Shizuku pours curry over Natsuru meaning shes got to take a shower to Kaede joy. In the bathroom, Kaede tells her what she needs to do so. Natsuru thinks about transforming back as he's to embarrassed to take a shower as a female but unfortunately whenever Natsuru tries to transform back to normal, Kaede keeps popping in hoping to see female Natsuru naked. In the end he decides he showers in his Kämpfer form. Of course Kaede enters yet again hoping to sneak in the shower with Natsuru but Akane is there to stop Kaede and as they argue Mikoto impulsively heads to join Natsuru much to the dismay of both Akane and Kaede who tries to stop her. While this is going on Shizuku is seen taking Hiaburi Raion.

Kaede then provides them all with Entrails Animal pajamas. But Kaede and Akane begin to argue (again) over who will sleep next to Natsuru. This leads to Natsuru having to sleep on her own in Kaede Entrials Room. Natsuru begins to think about Kaede and accidentally returns to normal form by accident. He goes to change back but the door gets open so he tries hiding under the covers. Kaede then sneaks into the bed with him. Getting closer and trying to take advantage of Natsuru, she feels Natsuru's hair but then realizing its got suddenly shorter so she pulls the hood of the pajamas down with Natsuru thinking he's been busted, at which point Akane interrupts in her Kämpfer form firing her gun into the air and gets angry at Kaede & Natsuru, who turns back into Kämpfer form. Akane fires several shots which Natsuru dodges them all and as he checks on Kaede, she is unconscious. Akane was about to confess her love for Natsuru but is then interrupted when the window gets smashed by a unknown Kämpfer, who reveals herself as Rika Uedaand has a white bracelet, not red nor blue. She then begins a fight with Natsuru and Akane easily dodging their attacks and just as she goes to counter attack she is disarmed by Shizuku, so she decides to retreat. Afterwards Natsuru apologizes to an unconscious Kaede for getting her involved which then Shizuku comes in. Natsuru gets embarresed looking at Shizuku as she is only wearing a t-shirt. Shizuku then questions Natsuru about what Kaede was doing in the bed, which she tells her nothing happened. After Natsuru leaves to go clean up the other room, she wonders if she is jealous and in love with Natsuru.

8- "Liebste ~Hajimete no Dēto~" ("Sweetheart: The First Date")

(Liebste ~初めてのデート~)
Kämpfer - Episode 08

Kämpfer - Episode 08

Airdate: November 19, 2009

Standing on the roof, Natsuru is asked out on a date by Shizuku. He, however, thinks she has a alternative motive for a date rather than Shizuku liking him. Then thinking of the attack by the mysterious White Kämpfer, he thinks its a way to lure the White Kämpfers from hiding, so he agrees. Masumi then appears having eavesdropped in their conversation, she seems shocked at first but then runs off happy as she got gossip to report on. Natsuru is unhappy with this thinking he is dead if 'Shizuku Fan Club' finds out about the date. Lucky for Natsuru though Masumi discards the idea of them going on a date saying she must of heard them wrong, thinking there's no way those two would be dating. Back at home Harakiri Tora tries convincing Natsuru its a date but he still believes its just a cover up.

Sunday morning and Shizuku is preparing a bento for her date with Natsuru, Kanden Yamaneko seems curious why she's in a good mood but Shizuku doesn't want to say. At the meeting point Natsuru is sat there and yawns as Shizuku arrives, she's happy to see he arrived early but he simply thinks that it was best for him not to show up late, he also thinks its still a raid on the White Kämpfer's base. Shizuku suggests they go to the aquarium although he seems to enjoy himself he is trying to figure out who the White Kämpfers are. A little into the date Natsuru thinks to himself that he would of preferred to be with Kaede, which Shizuku guesses correctly telling him she prefers zoos. As they walk by the gift shop Shizuku asks Natsuru if he was going to buy her anything as a memento for the date which Natsuru seems reluctant as he doesn't believe it's a date but he buys something anyway.

Walking out of the aquarium Shizuku grabs hold of Natsuru's arm, which surprised at first but then thinks its a trap to lower the defenses of the White Kämpfers. Natsuru's belly then grumbles so they set up a picnic to eat the lunch Shizuku had made. During the picnic, Natsuru thinks about Kaede which Shizuku guesses correctly again. Shizuku then tries to feed Natsuru telling him multiple times to open wide but he doesn't and results in him falling back with Shizuku on top of him, so he finally opens his mouth. After finishing eating Natsuru lets out a big yawn and stretches, Shizuku says he should put his arm around me which Natsuru goes too but then realizes what he is doing, so Shizuku forcefully puts his arm around her and moves in close. They begin to talk starting with Shizuku asking Natsuru why he likes Kaede and then goes on to think about their fight with the White Kampfer and her suspensions about Kaede possibly being a Moderator. Shizuku then starts questioning the existence of the White Kämpfers and then goes on about her reasoning for the defiance to the Moderators, refusing to be a pawn and revenge for her friend that had been killed. After finishing speaking she looks up to see Natsuru who has fallen asleep.

After Natsuru awakes he finds himself led on Shizuku's lap. On the way back from the date Shizuku asks Natsuru to walk her home and even possibly stay over. They are then interrupted as Mikoto comes flying in kicking Natsuru in the face sending him flying. Mikoto then confronts Natsuru and is mad that he out with Shizuku ordering an explanation from him, Natsuru tells her about the delusion that it was a trap to draw out the White Kämpfer, Mikoto takes him to the ground choking him demanding he tells the truth. Natsuru then foolishly asks Shizuku for her help and she tells Mikoto that they were on a date which just fuels Mikoto's anger toward Natsuru and her choking. Shizuku then decides to leave on her own and drops a hint to Mikoto that they may have kissed. Natsuru then begs Shizuku to help him, she agrees but only if he calls her "Shizuku" after a couple attempts Natsuru reluctantly says its but Shizuku just says she enjoyed the date and an enraged Mikoto then sends Natsuru flying by punching him in the face then runs of crying.

Later in his room Akane bursts in, having been informed about the date by Mikoto. He tells her that she tricked him onto it and is devoted to only Kaede. She then ask him who is his type. Obviously he says Kaede. She angrily asks his type besides her, in his mid sprang Akane, which he said. This made her glad and transformed into her Kämpfer form and goes basaltic with her gun frantically firing it everywhere. She then asks to take a vow, which Natsuru agrees too and then Akane forcibly gets him to agree to take her on a date by pointing her gun to his head, then leaves. Led in bed Natsuru tries to figure out himself what happened today but just can't.

9- "Hochsommer ~Koi no Nettaiteikiatsu~" ("His Midsummer: Tropical Cyclone of Romance")

(Hochsommer ~恋の熱帯低気圧~)
Kämpfer - Episode 09

Kämpfer - Episode 09

Airdate: November 26, 2009

The night before their date Akane is getting really excited and can't contain her excitement with even over-thinking what might happen. The next morning Natsuru & Akane have met up and are on the way to the entrance to the water park, and as Akane was telling Natsuru about the hotel they would be staying in Shizuku & Mikoto sneaks up to their side surprising Akane and they reveal they too will be staying in the hotel that night and in the room next to them. They then notice Natsuru is zoned out, Mikoto shows they brought Kaede along as well and Natsuru gets all happy but she's more concerned about where the female Natsuru is which Shizuku tells her she will be along later. Kaede then repeats he vow not to lose to Natsuru for her love for his female self.

By the swimming pool, they all have changed into swimsuits which Akane, Shizuku & Mikoto tries showing theirs off to Natsuru but he looks right pass them and straight at Kaede. She then asks Shizuku about the female Natsuru again which tells her again she will be there soon. Natsuru asks Kaede if she would like to swim with him but she declines saying she can't swim then asks Shizuku if she can teach her which she agrees to help. Mikoto then mocks him getting rejected, Akane then says he can play with herself and Mikoto. They go down a water slide, swimming in the pool where Natsuru looks over to Kaede which Akane isn't impressed and splashes him and Mikoto pushes Akane of a diving board. Natsuru checks up on Akane after being pushed in by Mikoto whcih she says shes fine, Mikoto then gets out the pool and trys to tease Natsuru by saying he though she would have a "nipple-slip" which he doesn't care unless its Kaede. Mikoto then tries making Akane have a "nipple-slip" by undoing her bikini top. Shizuku and Kaede then comes over and Shizuku sits really close to Natsuru which then Akane moves in closer with Mikoto left behind them not knowing what to do. Kaede then shows some support for Shizuku by telling Natsuru not to go for other girls. Then Shizuku whispers to Natsuru that it was about time they went got the female Natsuru. Three girls then walk past and exchange looks with Kaede, which Natsuru questions to himself if they are Kaede's friends.

Shizuku and a embarrassed Natsuru (now in Kämpfer form) return, much too Kaedes delight. Two random guys walk by commenting on Natsuru's appearance only making her more embarrassed. Kaede then goes up to Natsuru and asks if she could teach her to swim, Natsuru then tries to help fix his male-selfs relationship with Kaede by suggesting she should let him help her which Kaede shoots down with in an instant, which Natsuru keeps trying but every time Kaede just hurts Natsuru's feelings more and more until she's led on the floor with his spirit & heart broken. So Natsuru give's up and helps Kaede, as his female-self. While helping, Kaede grabs hold of Natsuru thinking she was going to drown. Akane then comes over to try separate Kaede from Natsuru but Kaede doesn't let go saying she's helping her to swim, Akane responds by clinging onto Natsuru as well asking if she would help her too. Shizuku then pulls Natsuru away saying shes just borrowing her and as those two walk off the 3 girls from earlier are stood in the background watching them.

Shizuku sends Natsuru to go shopping but has given the wrong directions. Natsuru then sees someone else and looks to ask for directions. The person then turns around and shows her white bracelet before firing an attack. Natsuru blocks it but gets sent backwards then another one appears behind her wielding a sword and thrusts it towards Natsuru making her fall over. Natsuru then fires up her hand but then a gun is pointed towards her head as well as a sword. While they have Natsuru checkmated they introduce themselves. Natsuru remembers that they exchanged looks with Kaede earlier and asks why they introduce themselves, they tell Natsuru that she plays an important role in this battle and this was set up by the moderators. They are then interrupted as Akane fires a bullet right between Natsuru's leg which then the two begin to argue in front of the White Kämpfers while they looked dumbfounded. The White Kämpfers try to recompose themselves being at an advantage of 3v2 but then Shizuku shows up. Shizuku then reveals that she knew they would reveal themselves if one of them were alone and Natsuru was used as the bait. Akane and Natsuru begin to exchange words again which gives the White Kämpfers a chance to escape with Hitomi firing her Zauber to the roof to create a blinding light. Shizuku throws her Schwertz hoping to stop them but misses. Shizuku begins to show he suspicions of Kaedes involvement by having Mikoto watch over her the whole time.

Later that day, male Natsuru collapses onto the bed exhausted from what has happened. He mentions that he went to see Kaede but she was more worried about where female Natsuru was and almost cries finding out she went home which then Natsuru gives in to say she will be back for the fireworks to sheer her up which Akane was not impressed. The door is suddenly opened and the messengers all walk in having been to the hot spring. They then ask Natsuru they help dry them which he aggressivly wrings them out and then hangs them on a line upside-down. The phone then rings, Mikoto invites them to their room to hang out before the fireworks begin. Natsuru turns and tells Akane but finds her led on the bed expecting after a misunderstanding so Natsuru goes ahead.

In the room they converse about the normal activities that happened during the day. They all decide they will go outside to watch the fireworks which were starting soon so Kaede gets worried for when the other Natsuru will be showing up, Shizuku looks over to Natsuru confused but figures it out pretty quickly. She then asks Natsuru to hand her the drink and two cups. She pours out the drink in to the cups, picks one up kisses it and hands it over to Natsuru. Everyone surprised but only Kaede is happy about it, they then just keep digging into Natsuru by even bringing up the date he had with Shizuku, Shizuku doesn't help Natsuru in this situation at all by making it worse for him showing of the present he bought her, that he used her as a lap pillow and that they have kissed. Mikoto just gets more and more angry at Natsuru for not telling her, especially about the kiss. Shizuku then kisses Natsuru again right in front of everyone. Shizuku then explains to Kaede that its a one-sided love affair. Mikoto then berates Shizuku for doing it and then turns to Akane for help, but she its too shocked to do anything so Mikoto tries snapping her out of it. Meanwhile Kaede then stands up and takes Natsuru outside. After a little talk outside, Kaede takes a hypnotized Natsuru to watch the fireworks without the others.

10- "Falle ~Hitonatsu no Keiken~" ("Her Trap: A Summer Experience")

(Falle ~ひと夏の経験~)
Kämpfer - Episode 10

Kämpfer - Episode 10

Airdate: December 3, 2009

Natsuru finds himself next to Kaede, who tries to hypnotise him to making Shizuku his. Kaede then disappears when Natsuru, who can't remember anything, is confronted by Akane, Shizuku and Mikoto. They return to the hotel where Kaede doesn't appear to recall either. Afterwards, they all go to the baths, where Natsuru's hypnotism kicks in and he goes over to Shizuku's room to make a move. During his hypnosis, Shizuku kisses him and he snaps out of the hypnotism. From this, Shizuku asks why Natsuru came after her, being displeased by hearing that he was told to go after her by Sakura. She knocks out Natsuru and leaves with giving him a kiss on the cheek, saying that she won't let him have her way with her so easily due to her pride, although feeling a little regret for giving up the chance she had. It is also revealed that Kaede appears to be in command of the White Kämpfers. The next day, Kaede whispers something in Shizuku's ear, basically saying that she should swallow her pride and confirming her suspicions.

11- "Wählen ~Kanki no Uta~" ("Choose: A Song of Joy")

(Wählen ~歓喜の歌~)
Kämpfer - Episode 11

Kämpfer - Episode 11

Airdate: December 10, 2009

Shizuku invites Natsuru over to her house to tell her about Kaede, getting Kaede's Burnt To Death Lion to spill the beans about the Kämpfer system. She recalls that her close friend Tamiko was killed in a Kämpfer battle and has since sworn vengeance against whoever responsible for the establishment of Kämpfer combat. When Natsuru confronts Kaede about this, he once again falls under Kaede's hypnotism. With Natsuru under her control, Kaede and the White Kämpfer trap and capture Shizuku, Akane and Mikoto. When the three of them wake up later chained together, Kaede tries to get Natsuru to finish them herself, but he spots a keychain he previously bought for Shizuku and snaps out of it, declaring that he will not betray his friends despite his love for Kaede. This declaration encourages Shizuku, Akane, and Mikoto to fight with renewed resolve, enabling them to break free and allowing them to easily defeat the White Kämpfer. Kaede tries enticing Natsuru once again, but he transforms back into normal form, putting himself out of the fight (and out of Kaede's disposal) as well as forcing Kaede and the White Kämpfer into retreat. With the battle over, Shizuku, Akane and Mikoto turn their attention to Natsuru, initially jumping him for trying to make out with Kaede in front of them before competing against each other to see who can appeal to Natsuru best with their "qualities" (to the point of kissing him, grabbing his hands and forcing him to touch sensitive areas, and rubbing their breasts onto him).

12- "Weihnachten ~Zōmotsutachi no Kiseki~" ("Their Christmas: The Entrails' Miracle")

Kämpfer - Episode 12

Kämpfer - Episode 12

Airdate: December 17, 2009

Natsuru wakes up on Christmas Eve morning to find out that he and his messenger, Disemboweled Tiger, have swapped bodies! Disemboweled Tiger decides to head on outside to enjoy this occasion and sees Natsuru's friends Mikoto, Shizuku, and Akane on the streets only to notice that they've also been body swapped with their respective messengers, namely Strangled Stray Dog, Electrocuted Wildcat and Black Seppuku Rabbit, as well. The messengers have fun with their new bodies until they are caught sneaking out on a food bill and are forced to perform in a show. Kaede then encounters them and takes them to an amusement park, where they begin to get aroused and play erotic games with her. Kaede goes to a church to confess the sin of committing indecent acts with multiple girls all at once, but she just ends up being punished by the student council (who also happen to be working there). The messengers come to save her, but end up fighting each other instead when they discover (to their delight) that they can feel pain. After saying their goodbyes to Kaede, they ride off on a sleigh, the whole thing being a bizarre Christmas story.

Second Season: Für die Libe

1 (13)- "Versuchung ~ nukegake" ("Temptation: Ran through")

Kämpfer - Episode 13

Kämpfer - Episode 13

Airdate: May 25, 2011

At Shizuku’s suggestion to find safety in numbers, Akane and Mikoto bathe together but the latter manages to barge in before Shizuku can ‘get ahead’ any further with Natsuru in the bedroom. The next day in school, Kaede seems her usual harmless self and Shizuku interrogates Hiaburi Raion; she soon becomes convinced that Kaede is either a Moderator or allied to them.

Meanwhile, Akane and Mikoto’s kissing practice becomes the real deal and is observed by Sayaka Nakao. Mikoto’s pursuit of Sayaka leads her to the other White Kämpfer and tsundere Bakuhatsu Penguin; the later then hypnotizes her.

After that Kaede then invites the female Natsuru to see the stars. Kaede then says something aboout "fulfilling her promise to him" and says to her that it is true that Natsuru does loves her. Later on with Kaede lying down, Natsuru turns back to his male form on top of Kaede, Kaede told him to lead. Natsuru then holds her breast for the first time, then Kaede reacts while blushing, Natsuru was aroused. After that Natsuru holds her breast for the second time, Kaede reacted soon enough.

Mikoto then arrived, hypnotized. with Natsuru still in his male form, Kaede stands up and Natsuru is pinned down by Kaede. Mikoto sits on him then Mikoto started licking his chest, she had a lot off different thoughts in her head. one of her thought were is Natsuru turned on.

Shizuku and Akane arrived in their Kampfer form. Akane quickly shoots Kaede, then Kaede falls down. Mikoto stands up and turns to her Kampfer form, then attacks Shizuku. While the two fight, Kaede stands up unharmed saying that it's bad to shoot her like that. Akane tries to shoot her again, then she summoned her sword and her gun running away with Akane chasing her while shooting. Shizuku then tells Natsuru to follow the two and it is the perfect time to escape, Shizuku then said something about "shocking" Mikoto to be no longer hypnotized.

Natsuru escapes, turning to his Kämpfer form and following Kaede and Akane. On his way, he encountered the rest of the White Kämpfers. However, the White Kämpfers, minus Ryōka, begins to argue to each other, but Natsuru quickly burns them with her Zauber. Shizuku, making a gun out of her fingers, shoots it to Mikoto's butt, causing Mikoto to turn back to normal and Shizuku being entertained. Mikoto and Shizuku follow Kaede, Akane and Natsuru. Akane and Kaede end up in a circus, fighting, Kaede pointed her gun to Akane's forehead and Akane did the same, Shizuku then arrives but Kaede's sword pointed to her neck. Mikoto then appears from a statue covered in a purple sheet, with Kaede about to kill the three, Akane and Shizuku were saved, but Mikoto was in danger. Natsuru then arrives, saving Mikoto. Kaede is reunited with the other White Kampfers, escaping.

Shizuku then asked Natsuru how far he went with Kaede, Akane and Mikoto were both curious too. Shizuku and Akane start chasing Natsuru who was still in his Kämpfer form, Mikoto who was left behind trying to catch up with the two, but her butt still hurts.

2 (14)- "Jeden Tag Leben ~ Hisashiburi na node, Kenpufā no chotto iitoko mite mitai" ("Everyday Life: Since it's been a while, I wanna see some good things about Kämpfer")

Kämpfer - Episode 14

Kämpfer - Episode 14


(Jeden Tag Leben 〜ひさしぶりなので, けんぷファーのちょっといいとこ見てみたい〜)

Airdate: April 8, 2011

The starting of the episode is where Natsuru Senō is in his female form, tries on a bathing suit. Unfortunately his breasts could not be contained and they exploded out sending a button hitting Akane in the forehead.

Later, he tells Akane that he can't wear the bras he has because they can't fit him no longer and can't afford to buy new ones. Akane proposes to take a part-time job with her to help him. Unfortunately the Committee Chairperson and company overhears this and tells them to go to a "posh" cafe through blackmail.

Surprisingly, a girl/guy party happens to be in the same cafe with Natsuru's male form invited. After working before the party, He turns back and arrives to the party. The featured girl, who Natsuru thinks is Kaede, is revealed to be the president Shizuku. Of course when Akane sees that Shizuku is there, joins in. Shizuku then plays with Natsuru, using him to transform until it wears him down where he falls on his knees.

Later, when the food is presented, Natsuru figures out that Mikoto was the cook of all people as all the food was curry. Then Shizuku asks Natsuru what is his type, and influenced him by playing footsy under the table. When he switches to his female side, it made no difference. Akane then got into the act too. In the end Akane and Natsuru faints.

After the party, Natsuru and Akane undress. When the door is knocked, Natsuru panics given he is in his male form. Both he and Akane hid in a locker. When he drops his towel, he transforms to calm Akane. Then Akane transforms, making him nervous. Then the locker falls and they are revealed to the Committee Chairperson and company. They take pictures for use off more blackmail later.

That night Akane grows more proud in being more intimate with Natsuru than before. Seppuku Kuro Usagi gives her credit given her record. Natsuru finally gets his new bra that he wants and Shizuku thinks on her acts on Natsuru during the party, acknowledging she had a little too much to drink.